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I29bs        Illinois,      jeneral    Asser.tly.      oenate. 

Bills:   proposed  legislation  introduced  in  the 

Jenate.      35th    ieneral   Assent-ly,   January-r'.ay  1887, 

bill   no.   l-^2t.. 

Each  i^ill  carries  a  short  synopsis  and  credits 
the  ler^islatcrs  introducing  it. 

Senate  resolutions  are  at  end  of  Lilla. 

Sequential  n"u:r, uers  assigned  at  time  of  filing. 
!J'uir.oering  begins  anew  with  each  ^ienni'o:;;, 

Foiiowing  Senate  L'ills  are  ndssing; 


















1  / ',' 























•7  ') 





















































^TJ.;JT;-     ■  .     -Vir'  -■ 

;::.t!    A-.MM.  SKXA'I'F— No.  1.  Jan.  1887 

1.     liitrodiKwl    by    Mr.   ('<H'liraii.    .lanuary   .*>,    1H87,    aud    orderwl    to    first 

•2.     l''irsf    rcuiiJng  January   ■'>.  IS^T.  Hnd   refernnl  to  Ccniniittee  on  Judiciary. 
■  i.     I{t'|><irft il    Itjuk    with    ;iiiuii<litKiits,    |»H,ssatr<'    rwoiitiiiendtHl,   and    ord«>j«'d 

til   second   rcudnit;. 


For  An  Act  to  anuiid  sections  fom  >4'  and  live  lOi  of  an  act  entitled  "Au 
a(;t  Uj  tlie  law  ni  lelatioii  tu  inortga^a's  of  real  and  persoual 
property."   approved  Murcli   A),  1874,  in  force  July  ...  Ib74. 

Section  1.    Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  lUmois,  reprcnenkd 

2  ///    fhe    (rrnmil    Asarviltlji,     That    s(ctio?ih    four    i4>    a^id    five    ('5(    of    an    act 

:i  entitled     •.\ii    act    to   reviwe    tlx      law    in    relation   to   mortgafjeK   of    real    and 

4  |M'rs<jiiiil   iMopcHy."  approved    March   -Ji.    1H74,   in   force  July   1,   1H74,  l)e  and 

5  the   .siinic    is   liereby   aniemh'd    to   read   as   follows: 

(j  -Sec  lion   1.     SmcIi    niortiJ-ayes.  trust   deeds  or  other  conveyance  of  |>erHonal 

7  pro|tert>,   acknowledtred   as  provithtl    in   this   a^T,  shall   l>e  a<irnitte(l  to  record 

8  by  the   recorder  of    the  county    in   which   the   tncjrtgaKor   sball  reside   at  the 
!)  time  wlien   tlie   instrument    is  executed   an<l  recorded,   or  in   case   the  rnort- 

10  •la'ior    is    not    a    resident    of     this    State,    then    in    the    county     where     the 

11  property   is   situated    and    kept,   and    shall   thereupon,  if    hoim  fide,   be  good 

12  and   valid   from   the  time  it    is    tiled    for    record    until  the  maturity  of    the 

13  entire   debt    or   obligation :     I'mruh-d.   such   tine   nball  not  exceed  two  years, 

14  unless   witlnn   thirty   days   nest   preceding    the    expiration   of    the  two  years, 

15  the  TuortL'Hge*'.  hix  agent  or  attorney,  shall  make  ainl  annex  to  the  instru- 
If)  ment  or  uioilgage  or  file  an  affidavit,  setting  forth  particularly  the  interest 
17  whicli    tbe    mortgagee    hah.    by    virtue    of   Buch    mortga<?e,  in    tlie    property 


19  amount   remaining  thu-   and    nni)ai(l  tln-nin.  suxl    flir   \mn-  fdi   wliidi  the  said 

'J*  iii()itf.'Hpt'    is   I'xfendeil,  whicli    siiid    »'\t»iisioii    shall    not   t'\(<'('d   n   tintlifr  tenii 

21  ol    two   years,  iipoji  wliieli    atlidavif     flit-    <li  rk    sjiull    indorse    tin     time   when 

'I'l  tlie     same     was     file  ',    and     the     said    iiiort;;at.'ef     shall    also.    u,iliui     the   said 

2;^  preeedinK    thirty   days,  lile    a    certified    (()|ty    ot    >a  d   aHida\its  with  tlie  justice 

■J4  of    the    peace    heiore   whom  said    liioitL'KUr   was  aciuiowled^cd,   ii    Jus   successor 

'iT)  111    otli (•»■.■ 

2<i  "Section  "j.     A    copy   of   any    sncli    morti/ai-'c   oi    other   instrument.  a<kn<)wi- 

27  eili»ed.     tiled     and     rccoidt'<l     as    afoicsaui,     iiuludinf^    any    aHidaviIs     annexed 

2H  thereto,    in   pursuance   of   tliis  idiaptci.   ctitilicd    li»    the    |>ropfi    ic((irder.   fiom 

2!(  the    records    thcieot.    and    also    any    eo|»i(-    ol     su  -h    atlidaxits    tiled    with    the 

•i<>  justice    of    the    peace     lit  foie    whom    siieli    mort j.'a;;r    oi    other    instrument    was 

■M  aeknowledfZed,    or   liis    successor    in    ottict  .  in    purs  umce   of    this    chapter,    may 

."{2  he   read    in   evidence    in   like   cases,   and    upon    tin     same   conditions   as   eojiies 

38  of  deeds  and  conveyances  of    lands,   so  certitiwl. 

AMENDMENT    TO    SENATE    BILE    NO.    1. 

First — By   striking  out    the   words   "expiration    if  the   two  yeai-s '    in  third 

2  line   from   the  hottom.   on    pa^re   one    'li.   and   ins«  rtin^'   the    words    "maturity 

•S  of    tlie    note  or  obhf,'ation  for  wlii(h   sucli   instrument    or   morfirase   is  ^ven 

4  to   »ecnre." 

5  Second — After  the   word   "the"   and    before    tlif    word    mort^'a^'e.    in   third 

6  line   from   the  bottom    on   ])age  one    (1>   insert   tin     words     '  n..  :t„';\"or   and" 

7  and  after    the    word   "his"    and    iK'fore     the    wor  i   "agent"    on    same  line, 
H  insert   the  words   "or  their". 

t)  Tfiini — Strike    out    the    words    "make    and    annex    to    the    iiistrument   or 

10  mortgagors "   on   tlie   last    and    next   ])reoeding  line   on    first    page,  and    after 

11  the   wonl   "file"   on   said   last    line,   insert    the   worts  "for  record"'. 

12  /•>/«/•///— Add  to  the  end  of  section  four  d'  tlie  following  words  "and 
IH  t]iereii|H)n  |the  mortgage  lien  t>riginally  luijuireil  shall  be  continue*!  and 
14  extended  for  and  during  the  temi  of  such  extension." 

.Sotl.   As.(Mi..  SKNATK—No.  1.  Veh.  1887 

1.     IiitiDilncfil  li\  Ml    (  (X  liniti.  -I.-iiiiinry  ■>.  1HH7.  juhI  orflrn-il  to  first  r»;i>lHit,'.  «•?■:»    ' 
J      I  ir-t  i<!i<liiiu'  Jinmiin   ">.  issT.  jni<l  r«'ft'rrf(l  to  (ninmittw  on  .Finliciarv. 
■  '«      lii)"!! t((|   liHck   With  ,uiii  ii'iiiii-iits,   |i;is,-i!)i.'f   rr<(iri(iiHii.lri|.  mill  onlcri-ii  to 

sf<  olid  rciidnii.'. 
I.     s.(  Mini  !•  .tcliii;.'  I-fdripd >  J 1    Issy,  ;iiii('riii«'il  aiid  onliTt'd  til  tlunl  ?i-M<lii;i/. 


I  111     All    Alt    to    aiiifinl    >•■(  tioii>    ti'Ui      }'    iiiiil     live    '"n    of  ;i!i     iu  t     ciititlfd     "An 

;irt      I'l     ii\i-f     tlic     \:i\\    i!i     ithitioti    t"    iiiorf <.'Hi.'<'s  ol     leal    Hint     |h'1-«oiii(I 

l'ii'l>iit\.      ;i|>|iiio  fi|    Maiili    Jii,    ls74.    Ill    tor(  (■    -liih  1.    1^71. 

Skliio.n  1.    Be  it  enacted  by  ths  People  of  the  State  of  Illinoui,  nj...  ^        / 

■J  III    till    (tint  III!    Assi'tiililii.     J  hut     sections    lour      I'    and    ti\f     <'ti    u\    an    act 

•  >  ciilitlcii  "An  act  to  rcMsc  tin-  law  in  relation  to  inortf.'L.i.'t's  of  real  and 
I  perMiiiiil  |>ro|iert\.  apiiroMil  Manli  Jfi,  1^74.  in  force  •July  1,  1H7J.  In-  and 
■")  the    saiiu     |s    lierele.     aiiieiidtil    to    lead    as    tollows: 

•  i  ■;sieetioii  1.  Such  inortL'iL'e,  trust  deeds  or  otliei  eon\eyance  of  personal 
7  propeit\.  aikiiou  ji'dt'ei!  as  piii\ide<i  in  this  act.  shall  \>v  Hdniifte*!  to  record 
S  li\  tin-  ie<oiilei  lit  the  eo,int\  III  wlueli  tile  inoitjiaj/or  shall  reside  at  the 
il  tiiiic    when    the    itistriiinent     is    e\e<iiteil  and    recorded,  oi     in  ease    the  moit- 

1(1  i.raLliil      Is     not      a      resident      nl      tills      State,      then      III      the      (OlintV      Allele     tlie 

II  piopelt\     Is    situated    and     l\epl  ,     and      shall     tiierellpoli.     it      huiin     fii/t  ,    Itc    tiiiod 
1-J  and    \aliil     from    the    tiim     it    is    tiled     lor    record    until    the     niaturits    ol     the 

|;;  entile     deht     ii|      oiillL'af  loll          I'ltiruliil.     sllch     tlUie    shall     liot     exceed     tWu  years, 

l(  iiiiie~-~    w'tiiiii    tliirtN    iia\s    iH\t    piecediiiL'    the    maturitx    ot     the    note    or    oh- 

|o  h^Mtli'li      ti'l     willrli    sUil;      illst  I  uiiieiit      iil       IIH  at -.'aye      Is     ^_'l\eli      to      secure,      the 

III  iihii  iLi.ejiii    iiiii   iiiortuM'jee.   Ills  ,.i    tieii   aLieiil   or  attorne\'.  shall  file  for  record 
17  all    illilaMl.   setti'ii:   forth    part  ieii|arl\    tin-    interest   wliudi    the    inorte^aL'ee   has, 

is  \>\     \  utile    of   -sIK  ll    1lin|t^ilf.'f.    Ill     fllr    |ir(iptlt  \     llltlCllI      llicllt  iolU'il .    ;ili(l    it     ^li.  !: 

1'.)  iriDit^'Htri-  Is  tor  tlir  |»«\iin'>it   of  iiioiifv.  llu'  miKiiiiit   ii'inaiiiiiij.'  liiic  itiid  iiii)iMi<l 

•J(l  tliciciii.  ;iii<l    tlif  tiiiif    for  wliicli    tlif    Mini    iii<iit"_';i!.'i'    i-    t'xffii.l.d.   uliK  li   s;ti(l 

•J1  cxtciisinii   nIihII   not   <\<»'('(i   H  iiirtliti    tciiii   ol    two   Mil'-,   upon    which    ;itii.i,..;t 

■I'l  tllc    iIitK    s]{h\]    illilorsf    tlif    tllllf    whtll    tllr    •^•,i\ur    \\;i>    IIIimI.  mill    tin     s;il<l    riioii 

■J:i  L'aL'ff   ^liiiil   also,    wifliiii   tlif  said    picctdinL'    tliirt\    davs.    tile   a   (titilicd    ii.px   ,>\ 

"24  said   atiida\its   with   tlic    jiistHc  of    tlif  pcai  <•  hfloir  \>lioiii   s;iid    nioit;.'H'_'f   was 

'2~t  a<KiioN\  lfdi.'f'i.  or    lii>  >>iM(f>.s(i|     m    otliff.   and    tliftfi  pon     tin-    ni'iitt.'a'_'f     Ihii 

•Ji\  oriijinallx    acipiiifd    shall     hf   coiitinind    anil    i Atendfd     Km    aijd   diMiuL'     tin     iinif 

'2~  ol     sllfll     fXtfllsioll. 

•JS         "Sfction    "i.     A   fop\    ot    aii\    >nidi   MicrtL'aL'f    oi   otlin    insti  mn.nt .   arkiM>\\l 

•i^.l  fd-jfd.  tilfd    ind    ifcciidfil  as  aforesaid.  iiK  liidint:   an\    a)hda\  it^  annt\ed    thereto, 

•  {(•  in   puisiianei' of  this  chapter,  certitied    hy  tin     proper   neonlei.  Iiom   the   re(  ends 

',\\  tlieleot.    and      also    hII>     eopio    ot     --lleh    allidavit-     tiled      with    the     pi-~tle(       nj     the 

;i'J  peace    helole    wliolii    ^ihIi    mortL'atJe     or    otiiel     lllst  i  llltlillt     was    acKln  iW  |ed;.'ed.    or 

■  \-\  his  successor  in   otiice.   m   pursuance  o|    this  eha|)fer,     na>    !><■  read   in   e\  ideiice 

■  Vi  in   like  cases,  and    upon   the  same  conditions    a.s  copies  (»t    deeds  and    cunvev- 
;{•")  aticfs  ol   lands,  so  certitied. 

1.  Beoeived  from  Hoose  Apnl  1,  1887,  aaa  «Aansd  lo  fiM4  nmS^mg,  :  :^ 

2.  First;  reading  AjstQ  1,  lm7,  and  referred  to  Comn^ttee  on  Fina&oe.  .^^1 
8.    Reported  back  Sfsy  12,  1887,  with  axaeaimeaia,  pxiwagel  reoommendad^  '«f^ 

and  ordered  to  second  reading.  1:'« 


-■  u>c '."  /;■;;  >--  .v^v-^*- 


Ci" ;>i:i'-^K^ /-^r- .";  ■  r-' -r  *  *.■„ 


A  BILL       -  :^l^:4-  .-.^-^^.^-ri.:;^- 

For  An  Act  to  amend  sections  four  <4),  six  (6),  and  eight  ®,  (rf  an  act  entitled 
"An  act  to  revise  the  law  in  relation  to  the  rate  of  interast,  and  to  npetH 
certain  acts  therein  named,"  ^)proved  May  24,  1879,  in  foroe  July  1, 
1879.  •,_;:^;->^t'r--' ^V^^^ -•••.■--'-■::::.•;- : 


A    -■"-■'' 

Section  1.    Be  it  eMcfud  by  th*  PeopU  of  1ih$  8UUe  of  lUmoit,  repretaUfd 

2  in  the  General  A$aenMy,  That  section  four  (4),  six  (6),  Md  mght  (8)  of  an 

3  act  entitled  "An  act  to  revise  the   law  in  relation   to   the   rate  of   intereat, 

4  and  to  repeal  certain  acts  therein  named,"  ai^jroved  May  24,  1879,  in  foro« 
V         5  July  1,  1879,  be  and  the  same  are  hereby  so  amended  as  to  read  as  fc^ira: 

6  "Section  4.    In  ^  written  contracts  it   shall   be  lawful  for  the  parties  to 

7  stipulate  or  agree  that  seven  (7)  per  cent,  per  annum,  or  any  leas  sum  of 

8  interest   shall   be  taken  and   paid  upon  every  one   hundred  dollars  ($100.00) 

9  of  money  loaned,  or  in  any  manner  due  and  owing  from  any  person  or  cor- 

10  poration,  to  any  other  person  or   corporation   in   this    State,    and   after   that 

11  rate  for  a  greater  or  less  sum  or  for  a  longer  or  shorter  time,  except  as  tmwin 

12  provided." 

13  "Section  6.    If  any  person  or  corporation  in   this  State   shall   c(Mitnict  to 

14  receive  a  greater  rate  of  interest  or  discoont  than  seven  per  cent,  npon 
16  any  contract,  verbal  or  written,  soch  peraon  or  carpontioo  afaail  forfeit  tlie 
16  whole  of  said  interest  so  contracted  to  be  received,  az^  slalt  be  entitled  only 









17  to  recover  the  principal  ram  dtte  to  Booh  penwik  or  oorporation,  and  lA 

18  contracts  executed  after  this  act  shall  take  effedi,  which  shall  provide  for 
)0  interest  or  oompensatiim  at  a  greater  rate  than  herein  specified,  on  account 
do  of  iioD-payment  at  maturity,  shall  be  deemed  usarious,  and  only  the  in-incipal 

21  sum  dae  thereon  shall  be  recoverable." 

22  "Section  8.    When  any  written  contract,  wherevar  payable,  shaU  be  made 

23  in  this  Btate,  or  between  citizens  or  corporations  of  this  State,  or  a  citizen 
JM  or  corporation  of  this  State  and  a  citizen  or  corpotation  of  any  oth»  State, 
25  territory'  or  country,  (or  shall  be  secured  by  mortgage  or  trust  deed  on 
S6  lands  in  this  State,)  such  contract   may  bear  any  rite  cd  interest  allowed  by 

27  law  to  be  taken  or  contracted  for  by  iiersons  or  corporations  in  this  State,  or 

28  which  is  or  may  be  allowe<l  by  law  on  any  contract  for  money  due  or 
20  owing  in  this  State:    Provided,  however,  that  such  rate  of  interest  shall  not 

30  exceed  seven  per  cent,  per  annum,  and  if  any  such  person  or  corporation 

31  shall  contract  to  receive  a  greater  rate  of  interest  or  discount  than  seven  (7) 

32  per  cent,  upon  any  such  contract,  such  person  or  corporation  shall  foi-feit  the 

83  whole  of  said  interest  so  contracted  to  l)e  received,  and  shall  be  entitled  only 

84  to  recover  the  principal  sum  due  to  such  person  ox  <3orporation." 


Amend  section  4  by  striking  out  the  word  'seven  (7)"  after  the  word  "that" 

2  in  third  hne  and  insert  "eight  (8)"  in  lieu  thereof. 

3  Strike  out  section  6.  and  insert  the  following  in  leu  thereof:    "That  who- 

4  ever  shall  receive  or  contract   to  receive  any  greater  rate  of  interest  or  di*- 

5  count  than  is  allowed  by  law  for  the  loan,  use  or  forbearance  of  any  sum  of 

6  money  due  and  payable  by  any  contract,  verbd  or  written,  shall  be  deemed 

7  guilt>'  of  a  misdemeanor,  and   ahall   be  punished  for  each  offense  by  a  fine  of 

8  not  less  than  ten  dollars  nor  more  than  two  hundxed  dollars,  and  shall  ako 

9  forfeit  all  claims  to  interest  upon  saoh  contraet,  acd  if  the  aame  haa  beoM 



^  ♦: 

10  pud,  the  pvty  ptarJBff  AOi  be  mama^  to  ittMMr  Jib  |lri»  >Mk  lif  ii^ 

11  appropnsie  aclion  i&  any  Mmii  of  4x«ip«ieai  jnndidioiL" 

12  Amend  Beotkm  8  by  striking  out  tiie  iravA  "Mvm  (7),"  is  Hm  16,  «li:};J 

13  insert  "eigbt  (^,"  in  liea  theMot.    Alao  rtrike  otrt  flM  imd  "a«v«ii  (7),"  ii^  ^ 

14  line  19,  and  insert  "eight  (^,"  in  hsn  tfaemrf.  ' ^:::^'f^:- ■■^' '.'':;-': :,^\^  i  ^ 

.  .^-^v?                           vr^-.r-::;^^; 

J. ■■-'"*' 

"t-t:  ■>-^m^:- '         -V^-'-^^^*! 

-'     ■  "    .-  >;   .^^)^;■    ...          1  ■       .  Vr'/;. 


-_    -  -.*•   •*,"■     /-.'."v.-    ■,*■■  -"    .    .-"-7    '       ",'"';' '.'(-■ 

*"-*  * 

.-*■'  --'■" 


:  -  .-     ■'•;-    -■■.V;.S  "-'^ ■■•.>.i;.^v,'.'       "■■•/■     ' 

■  ■'^■^. 

""■■•:    "  ^  .   -■           >-'•■'.-•'  .       ",      -     *'"\       \' '•      -''     -  '- 

■      <4>'^^^^^ 

"  \y^* 

/^■:;•v.:■;"'^  ■.:;;■ '-■^r >'>-:>' rt:    .■■■ 


.:;•.. '^i; '.r 


,   '   A,,.^ 

i'\  V   ( 

'■'  -'        ■'■-.;.                                            ■<.;■.''-.'!■"' 


-t^''  -^  -  -        ,        -      -       ■  ■^     ■  "■^  »'.-■" 

-       ■                             ,.,■  .,■■--  c.i    .          .\-  *          ^.>    -  ■      ■  . 


':     ;     >••   V-    ^'-W  ',    '■■:'■';■,    -•.'^.  '^    -.. 


-'.                                   >  ■       r       ■  . , .  *  , 


;.-'^■■■^'■^^^■>■■■-V^-■r••—^■ -'--■■:'  • 

'      . "        -  *  ■;  -*■''             '"         '.    ■     ' 

■  '\.-.- ,..-  >    J-  :V^^''-*^-'-^   '":-     '  "'' 

"'-''       '    k*'  '  ■  .~-.''  .    '    ■■•      ,-■,'■"''                  '    "               .■ 


,■■;;'-'•''  •;'«:'){; ,^^ " -j-."i  '■'-  -  -'":'  ■  •' 

?  .1 

"'      t- 


•  \i  *:. 

'  '  ^:r-     '   '''      '  .  vi;;-;,     ...._^  -^■ 

.  *     ■» ', 



'  \> 


-      -  7 . 



.  .*■ 

■  '--1 

>.■'      ■ 

'  '*  ''■ 

'<  '■ 

■;  .k 


'  >'? 



'^         - 







■/*  • 




'"  viJ-y 


35th  Assem.       HOUSE— No.  2.-~In  Senate.  Feb.  1887 

1.  Receivt'd  from  Houw  February  '2,  1887,  ami  ordered  to  first  reading. 

2.  First  rtiidiijg  February  •],  iss7,  and  ordere<l  to  second  reading. 


For  An  Act  to  provide  for  the  incidental  e.vpenses  of  the  Thirty-fifth  (Jeneral 
.\sseiribly,  and  for  tlie  care  and  custody  of  the  State  House  and  grounds, 
incurred  or  to  be  incurred,  and   now  unprovide<l  for. 

Section  1.     Bf  if  fimcti'(]  htf  the  Peoplf  of  the  fitnte  of  IllinoU,  repreaented 

2  in  the  (h-rtmil  Ansemhli/,    That  the  sum  of  fifteen  thousand  dollars  (^lo.OOOt, 

3  or  s(»  juuch  thereof  as  may  be  required,  is  hereby  appropriated  to  pay  the 

4  incidental  expenses  of  tlie  Thirty-fifth  Cieneral  Assembly,  or  either  branch 
■~)  tliereof,  or  by  the  Secretary  of  State  in  tlie  discharge  of  the  duties  ini|)osed 
f)  on  him  by  law,  or  by  the  direction  of  the(rejieral  Assembly,  or  either  branch 
7  thereof.  All  exi^'iiditurcs  to  be  certified  to  by  the  Secretary  of  State  and 
H     approved   by  tlie  (iovernor. 

!$  2.  i'lic  .\uditor  of  Public  Accounts  is  hereV)y  authorized  ajid  directed  to 
•2  draw  lii>  warrants  upon  tlie  State  Treasurer  for  the  sums  herein  sj»ecirted, 
;5  upon  presentation  of  tiif;  proper  vouchers,  and  the  State  Treasurer  shall  pay 
4     the  same  out  of  any  funds  in  tiit-  State  Treasury  not  otherwise  appr<ii)riated. 

jj  A.     Whereas,    the    ai)propriations    above    recited    are    necessary    for    the 

2  ex|>eiises   incurred,  or  to   be  incurred,  for  the  transaction  of  the  business  of 

3  the    State    and    the    (leneral    .\ssembly,    therefore   an   emergency  exists,  and 

4  this  act  shall  take  effect  from  and  after  its  passage. 

S^i'WKP-'   •  ,'  "■'■•.    ''  •*    -»'  ^■' '    -  •iV->^     — il    U  L     .1  !■ 


liTyiU  AsstMii.  SENATE-No.  3  Jan.  1887 

I.     IiitriMliictil  l)y  Mr.   Hell.  .lamiarv  <i.  1MH7.  and  onh'rol  t»)  first  rtailiii':. 
.1.     Fu>,t  reading,'  •iHimarv  (>,  IsnT,  and  rfffrn-fl  to  Coiinnittef  on  Labor  a)id 

{.     l{ulis   sus|Mii(lfd   Jainiiirv   \I.  l^iH7,  and    ord»'rt'd  to  second    reading'  and 

tti  l)f  printed. 

A  lULL 

For  .\n    .\<  t    to    |Mo\ii|i     for    tli»'    Incorporation    of    Co-opcrativc    Associations   tor 

I'niiniarv  I'rofit. 

Sk(  rioN  1.  }i,- it 'Kiiit,  il  iiij  r/i,  I'l-o/i/,  lit  Ihf  Stiitr  nf  Jlliiiiiis,  rritrtsriitti!  ni 
1  flif  Cult,  I'll  Asai'iiililii.  'I'liat  whenever  any  ninnWer  of  |M'rsoii.s  not  less  than 
:>  tliree  nor  more  than  se\en.  nia\  desire  to  hecoine  incorporated  as  a  ("o-opeia- 
\  ti\e  .\^soeiation  for  the  purpose  of  prose(  iitin;.'  any  hratudi  of  iii(histry.  they 
.")  sliiill  n:ai\e  a  statement  to  that  effect  under  their  hands  an<l  seals,  duly 
(i  a(  kno\sle(li.'ed  hefore  some  olticer  in  the  manner  provided  for  tlie  ackiiowledLTe- 
7  ment  of  dee<ls.  settiniT  forth  the  name  of  the  pro|»osed  cori>oratioii,  its  caf>ital 
H  sfo(  k.  It-,  location,  and  duration  of  the  asso«iHtion,  and  the  particular  hrancli 
".I     of    mdii'-tiy    uhicli    they    intend    to   prosecute,  which  statt'Un-nt  shall  he  tiled 

10  in  the  olli(  e  ot  I  lie  Secretary  ot  State.     The  Secretary  of  State  .shall  thereupon 

11  i-^>ue  to  such  person>  a  license  as  coiiunissiouers,  to  open  lK)oks  for 
\1  siil)s(  riptioii  to  the  capital  stock  of  such  aHsociatioii,  at  such  tiujc  and 
IH  place  as  they  may  rletermiiie.  No  license  shall  be  issued  to  rwo  asso<ia- 
11  tions  of  the  same  name.  The  name  of  the  city,  villaj^e  or  town  in 
1.")     which    the   association   may    lie    located   shall    form   no   pail   of    the   name. 

:;  1.  .No  person  shall  be  permitted  to  sitbs<ribe  more  nor  less  than  one 
1  share  to  the  capital  stock  ol  such  axsixriation,  nor  shall  any  ikthou  be 
;lj^permitte(l  in  any  manner  to  own  or  control  more  or  lews  than  one  share 
4    in  siuh  a8KO<;iatioD. 


§   '■].      \h    s<H»Ii    as    tt'll    sliHIo    or    (iiuic    of     the    CHpitul    stock    sludl    lie    siili- 

•J  -^(rilicil.    flic    (•(iiiinii>^si(iiiris    sliali    coiisciic    :i    ritfct  iiiv.'  ot     flic    ^iilis<  jiliti  ^     tni 

■  i  tile     |>iii|i(isc    (il     clfctm^     director^,     aiioptmj:    liy-hw--    jiihI    transact  iiil"    >iii  Ii 

4  otlitT    liii>iiicss   as    sliiill    pntpcrlx    coiiu'    lu'toic    tlifin.       Xolic*'    tlicifut     --liall 

•'»  III'     ijncii     l>\     ilcpo>if iii<^     III     tlif    postodicf    pi(iprrl\     aildicsscd    to    t'iicli    siili- 

(i  sciiln'i.     at     least     ten     <la\-     licfoit      tijf     tunc     li\f<l.     a     written     or     piinted 

7  notice,    stating'    tlie    olijeet.    time    and    place    of    such    nieetiiiL'.       |)ire(tois    ul 

^  associations    or^'aiii/.e<l     under   this   act    sliall    lie   elei  ted,    cJassitieil    and    hold 

'.>  their    otiice    for    such    period    of    tiine  as  is  presided    l'\  •.'ctieral   law  i;o\ciiiinL' 

|(t  the  election  and  ciassitication  of  ihrectors,  trustees  or  inana^'ers  of  cor|ioiatiotis. 

^    }.      Ihe     <  oiiMiiissioners    shall    inaki     a    full    repc  it     of     their     pro<  eedmiis. 

1  including;  tlierein   a   eop,\    of  the  notice  provided    foi    m   the  loreeoin^i  section. 

;{  a     eopv    ot     tlu^     siihscription     list,    a     copx     of     the     hy  laws     adopted    \<\    the 

1  association,  and  tlie  names  of  the  directors  elected  and  then  respectne 
■')  terms  of  otiice.  which  report  shall  he  sworn  to  In  at  least  a  majorit\  ot 
t)  the  coliiPiissiiHiers.  and  sliall  l)e  tiled  in  tiie  otiice  of  the  Sertctais  ol 
7  State.  The  Se(r«'tai>  shall  tlieieiipon  issue  a  ceititicate  ot  fin  i  nni|)|ete 
H  ortraiii/ation  ol  tlie  associations.  iiiakinj_'  a  jiait  tin  reof  a  c  opv  ot  all  papers 
W  tiled    in    Ills   ottic  (■    in    and     ahout    the    oiiraiii/.ation    of     the   corporation,     .inn 

1(1  duly    autiiciiticatcd     under    ins     hand    and    s«-al    oi     State;    and    the    s,,iii. 

11  sliall    he    recorded    in    tlie   ottice   of   tlie    recorder   of   deeds    in    tlie   countx    in 

I'i  whu  h    the    |)rintipal    otiice   of   sucli   association   is   located.      l'|Min  tin   n-cord 

];>  intr    of    said    copy    tin-    association    shall    \>i-   di  eiiicd    fully  orffaiiized    and   may 

14  proceed    to    liiisiness.      I'nless    sncli    association    shall    he    ori.'ani/ed.  and   siiali 

lo  proceed    to    Itusiness   witlim    tliiec    years   after   tlie   date   of    such    license,  the 

If)  lic-eiise      to     form      such     association      shall     la-     cjeemed      rexoked.     and     all 

17  ])roceedinirs   tliereiiuder    sliall    be    v(»icl. 

§  ").     Associations    formed    under    tliis    act    shall    i»e    hodies   corpmate  am! 

2  |»olitic  for  the  period  for  which  they  are  or<rani/ed.  may  sue  and  hc'  Mied. 
M  may  have  a  common  seal  whidi  they  may  alter  or  renew  at  pleasure;  ma\ 
4  own.  poHsess  and  enjoy  so  much  real  and  personal  estate  as  shall  he  necessarv 
;■)  for  the  transHOtion  of  tlieir  business,  and  may  sell    aid    cliKpose    of    the    same 


♦  )  ulnii.    ill    tlif    <)|Miii()ii    nt  f)i»"  sliiirt'lioldt'is,  it  is  not   it't|iiire(l  for  the  iisen  of 

7  tlu'  !is>,<)<ii(tiiiii.     TIh'V    iiiav    li()rr(i\\    iikdu'V    at    Icirai    rHf«'s    of    iiitcrt-st.    and 

>>  plfdiii      tlifii     |prii|Hrt\.     Iintli     leal    and    ixTsonal.  td  scciiir  |»a\Mniit   flificot, 

'••  and    riia\    lia\c   and   r\<'i(i^^f   all    ixiwci^    iicccssarv    and    it(|nisit<-    tn    caiiv    into 

pi  t'Hict  flu    olijccts  toi  ulnc  li  tlif.v  niav  Itc  toriin-d. 

■   ((.     'I'lif    coilmratf    |)(HS(i>    >liall    Ik-    t-xcrcistMl    hv     a     Ixtaid     ol     diit'<-toi>, 

_'  till      niiiidx'i     ol     whicli    *-liall     i't-    h\fd     li\     tlit-    liy  laws   ol    tlic   association. 

:;  iiiit    ihi     nundni    nia\'    In-    im  leased     or     iliininishfd     lj\     a     nia.|orit>     of     tjic 

i  ^lian  linjilci-.     at     an\     |tro|ifil\    called    incftin;,'.     Tlic    officers    (d    tiic    ass<icia 

.")  tioii    -liall    consist    ol     a     |iicsidfiit .     vicc-|irtsidciit ,     sccrct«r,\      and     Iriasiiicr. 

r.  ti'    1"     ilcct'd    l'\     the    '-liaitlioldcr^    at     tiicir     aiiinnil     inct-tiims     as     riia\      l>c 

7  |)ri>\idi(l      loi      III     the     liy  laus     ol     tjic     association :     inH\      dctctinuic     ulio 

s  -,li;tll    in     clf<  ted    at    some    icMilar    iiieefinij    (d    tiie    sfiaielioideis.    as    ina.v     i>c 

•I  liv      li\    law      proxidcd.       All      li\    laUs     of     tiie    association    sfiall     lie    adopted     l)\' 

1(1  jlie    -^liaielioldeis    of    tiie    association. 

i   7.      No  otiic'-r    or  director  -hall    receive  any  compensation   for   liisser\lces 

-   J  c\c<pt    -^ll(h    a--    ma>     lie     pro\  iilfd     tor     in     tlie     l)y  laws    of     tlie     association. 

'■'}  it    ■'liall    he    the    duty    of    flic    secretary   to   i>e   present    at    all   meetings  of  tlie 

I  directors,     and     iiieetint.'s     ot     the     sfiareholders.     and     faitfifuljy     niafvc    and 

.'i  preserve    a    record    ot    all    tlie    pioceedin^'s    of    sinli     meetings,     wJiich     record 

•  i  •>hall    lie    f^ept    in    a    siiitahlc   place  accessilile   to  tlie  m.spi-ction   of  any  sliare- 

7  lidldei.      lie    shall    he    tlie    hook  keeper    of     the     associhtioti.     siiall     keep     file 

.s  account--    hetween     the     as-,iieiaf  ion    and    the    iii<ii\  idiial     shareholders,    dfiicers 

!>  and    a'jeiits    tliereot,    ami    hetween    the  association   and   all   parties   witli   whom 

|(i  it    nia\     transact    hiisinrss.    jind    sih  h    otiier   duties    as    ma>     he    im|M)sed   ii|>on 

11  hiiii    h\     the    hy  laws    of    the    a->sociat loll. 

:;  ■'-.      i'lie  sliares  of  stoc  k   shall   not   he  less  than   S.-jtl  nor  more  tlian  S"J,(l<lli 

■2  pel    -'hare,  and   siiliscriptions  therefor  sliail   l>e  made  |)ayalde  to  the  assiaiation. 

:;  and     in-^talinieiits     and     al     ~.iich     time    or    times   as   sliail    Ik    determined    liy 

}  tilt     shaielioldeis.    and     an     action     may     he    maintained    in    the    name    of    the 

.">  association    to    recovj-r    any    installnieiit    wlii«di    shall    remain    due   and    unpaid 

()  for   tlie    period    <d    thirty   daVs   after    jiersonal    deiimnd    therefor:   oi,   in   cases 

7  wluTf     iM^rsonal     ileiuHiid     is     not     iiiiult",     witliiii    thiry    diiys    after    a    writtcii 

S  or     priiitctl     notice     lias     la'eii     <lf|>ositf(l    ni    tin-    |)ost  ilHcf.    |)io|><  rl\    liiii ctfii 

W  to     the     |»ostotiice     address     ol     the     siiaieliolder.       The     a-^soeiat  ion     iiriv     hv 

K*  hy-law    |ires(iii)e   other    iieimlties    tor    a    laihire    to    |>av    tlie    mstalhiieiit^  liiat 

11  may     from     tinu'     to    time     l>eeome     liiie.     luit    no    penalty    worKniL'    tmleilure 

12  ol  stock.  Ol'  the  amonnt  |»aid  thereon,  shall  ht  declaied  aLraiiist  an\ 
\'-]  shareliolder  luitil  the  i»ersonal  (hMnaiid  or  written  or  priiited  notiic  ahoxe 
14  provided  for  shall  lia\e  heeii  made.  Whenever  a  >hare  of  sto(  K  shall  he 
1")  forfeited  Mi(di  share  shall  then  iieconie  the  pro|  ert>  ot  flu  isxioution 
]<■)  and  may  he  re-isMied  to  any  person  not  already  holding.'  a  -li.-nc.  Uut 
17  an\  pioceeds    receiscd    from    smcIi    reissue,    o\cr    and    ai>o\e   the   Miihiuiii     Inc 

IH  on       said       share,       ii\        the       associntioil.       slndl         lie       paid       tu       tili-       deillKpielif 

V.I  shareliolder. 

;;  '.».      No    share    of    stock    shall    he    liahle   to   execilt  on.    writ    ot    attachment 

•J  111-    clisfress.    for    rent,    for    an\     of    the    iiidi\idn;ii    ih-lit-    of    tin-    nwini    ul    *iicli 

'■\  sliaic.     noi      shall     any     shareholder     he     peiniiit<'d     lo     pjedL'r     Ins    -ium     ;is 

4  seciiritN     for   an.\'  delit    or   ohlisjatioii    that    nia\'    he   dm     trom    sinii    shaiclioldei 

•")  to    an\     person,    hut    such    shareholder     nia\     pledire     not     to    e\ricd     at     an\ 

(i  one    time    sixty    d;i>s    of     his     dnideluls     to     ali\      iiccilui.     pKUidcd     tin      |;i(t 

7  of    siK  h    phd^'e    sliiill    he    lirst    n'>led    upon    the    hook^    ot    the     issociat  ion 

^    1(1.      l'.\i-i\      assii_Mimciit      III      tiaiislei     nt     sfocl.     mi    wIikIi    llnic    lemains 

■J  any     jiortion     unpaid     shall     he     recorded     on     the    h(  oks   ol    thi'    nssocintion. 

M  and    each    shandiolder   shall    he    jiahle    jointly     svith     'he    associ.ii  mii    m-    w.ll 

4  as    severally    for    the    dehts    ot    the    association    to    the    extent    of    t  h<     iimount 

.')  that    may    he    iin))aid    upon    the    share   held    hv    him.      No  assi'_Mioi    ot    ;i    sJiHre 

<■»  shall    he    released    from    ati.v    such   indehtedness    hv    re»  son    ot    aiiv    assiLiiiiiient 

7  of    his   share,    hut    shall     remain     liahle     therehir    join'ly     with     the     assiirnee 

M  and    the    association,    or    severally,    i.ntil    the    stock    is    fully    paid    up.      I\very 

W  Kssipu'e    ol    a    share     shall     he     liahl"     lor     the     amount    un|)aid    thereon,    the 

10  same    as    i'    he    had    hee?i    aji    <  ii;':nal    sliareholder.      No    assifi^nment    shall    he 

11  mail-    to    any    person    who   already    holds   a    share.      No   assifrin-e   or   transh-ree 

12  of    st<.<k    ^l:dl    have    any    equitahle    or    lepal    title    in    i)ie    sanu';    or   have   th»' 

8  ■  ■   .      ' *  •'■■''  -"- _ ■'. 

13  ri^ht     to    vote    at    any    HliarelioKlerH'    nteetiTif;    until    such    asnfniBient    or 

14  traiisft'r   sliall   be   recordeil   as   above   pro\'i(led  for. 

>;  11.  .\il  (li\  i<ltii<i>  of  profit-.  nia<le  by  any  assfKiatioii  incorjKirated  nnder 
"2  tliis  act,  sbiill  bt'  made  in  projHirtion  to  tlie  amount  of  work  jierfornietl,  or 
■i  prcxluct  piotiiued  by  each  sliaiebolder.  and  tiie  association  Kliall  deci<b>  by  by- 
4  biw  wlictlitr  each  sliarelioj<lfr">  work  or  product  >hall  l>e  measured  by  the 
.■)  pifcc.  oi  liy  tilt'  day  or  limir,  or  may  cliis-'ify  tiic  work,  and  measure 
t)  some  by  the  piece,  some  by  the  ilay.  and  some  liy  the  liour  as  the  exi- 
7  iieiKies  (if  the  ciise  iiiiiv  dernaiid.  'I'he  association  shall  also  provide  by 
H  bv-I;iw  iiow  dJHen  nt  kimis  of  |)ieee-work  sludl  be  rat*^!,  und  how  piece- 
((     work    >li;iil    I'e    rnted    witli     i|;i\    .>r    hour    work,     ^hull     provide    how    ar»d     by 

10  whom    ;dl    kinds    .>!    work    sh;;!!    he    recened    a-^    |>roperly    e\e<Mited     from     the 

11  sharehiilderN  fur  the  as-ocint  inn :  -^IihII  provide  tiie  maimer  of  •.m\uil'  out 
1-2  matcrlMl  to  the  diihrent  shareholders  with  which  to  work,  and  as  to  what 
\'\     iHt>itioii>   or   locations   shall    ite   assiirned   to  ea<li   shnreholder   and    by  whom. 

14  Should  any  shareholder  be  dissHtisfied  witii  tlie  decision  upon  his  work, 
lo  or  witli  the  mateii!  u'lveii  liitu,  or  the  position  or  location  assisnied  hira, 
M)  he  mav  appt  a!  t<>  the  asscx  iation  at  some  re^ridar  meetintr  of  the  wliare- 
17     holders,    whose    decision    shall     lie    tinal.      The   assoemtion    may   provide    by 

15  by  law  how  sucli  appeal  may  be  conducted.  If  m  any  kind  of  industry 
1(»  it  should  be  impossible  to  assiLMi  all  shareliolders  to  equally  advantageous 
•Jtt  position-  or  locations  in  wnrk,  the  asscKMatioii  may  jirovide  that  sliare- 
21  liolders  shall  periodically  (baii«,'e  places,  or  |>rovide  any  iru'th<Hl  t)f  equai- 
■J.2     i/.im.'    sill  h    matters    in    accord:ince    with   jjistice    and    ecplity. 

;;  I'i.  It  shall  he  unlawful  for  the  association  to  hire  any  jhtsoii  to 
I  eiij^at'c  III  the  priiK  ipal  busmess  for  whi(h  the  association  was  ortratii/ed 
:i  to  pros((  lite,  it  h»  in^  the  mtent  of  this  act  that  such  labor  shall  b<'  |)er- 
1     hiiined     bv    shareholders    of    tin-    associatuui    to    |)reserve    the    co-f>perative  >  • 

;")     feature.     It    shall    be   lawful    bir   any   shareholder,    in   case    he    shall    be    de- 
(■>    tained   from   work   l>y   sickness   of  self  or    family,   or    very   urgent    business, 

7  to  employ   and   furjiisli   a  comi>etent    substitute  to    i>erforni    Hueh    lal>or    as 

8  wouhl   be   assi^'ned  to  tlie   absent   shareholder;   and  in   sucli    cane    the    div- 

.l^{l.*  3  4    ..  *J 


^                  9  ideiids  Khali   he  nia^lc   to  hucIi    Hhareholder    the  Hunic  as  if  lu*  whs   prfK«>nt 

^                 10  iMM-foriniii^   his   lahor   hiinsflf.      The   HswMiHtioii    sliall    not    Itc   linhh'   iii    any 

11  manner   for   the   pay   of   such    suhstituti'. 

!;  13.     Whctifver  any  liousehoMer  may  die,  liis  slian'  sliall  ht'conic  a  [xTsonal 

2  asset  of  his  estatf.  and  may  h«' sold  hy  his  h>j,'al  rcpt'sentativc  to  any  person, 

3  or  may  l»e  awarded  as  a   (hvidi-nd   of   the   estate   to   any   })erson    conipetent    to 

4  work  the  share,  or  to  any  (h'Vf)tee  or  le^'atee  competent  to   work   t)ic   share,  not 

5  already  a  slmndioMer.  and   the  same  may  Im-  asKJiJiUMl  or  transferred  in  the  same 

6  manner,    and  suhject  to  the  sanm   refjulations   j)res(  r  hed    in    section    10  of   this 

7  act.     Such   lefial   rejm'sentative   sliall    have   the   ritrlit    to  furnish  a  competent 

8  suhstitute   to    wctrk    (he    share   v.f    such    deceased     person     for    tin    space   of 
U  two  years  after    the   death    of    the    (h(  eased,    uidess    the    same  shall   ha\eiiccn 

10  sooner   sold,   or   awarded    as   ati    estate   di\i(li-nd.  or  devise   or   legacy,    as  this 

11  section    provides,  and  (luring' the   time  such  sulistituti   may    he    furnished.    >ucli 

12  let.'al    re|iresentativc,    for    the    use    of   the    estate,    slid)     he   entitled     to     \ote, 
l'.\  receive   dividends    and    sliall    mure    to     all    the    henelits  to  which  the  dtceast-d 

14  if  livinjr   and   working;   his   share   would    have   heen  entitled.     \\  hene\t  r  such 

15  share    shall    l)e(;ome    a    )tart    of    the    widows    allow  an  e    in    the    course    of   the 
1()  administration    of   the    estate    of   any   deceas«'d    shanholdei,    she    may    furnish 

•                   17  a    competent    suhstitute    to    work    such    share,     an<l      >liall     he     entitled    to    all 

IH  privileges,    dividends,    etc..  to    which    her    hiishand    w  luld    have  heen  entitled, 

p                  19  HO   lonfj;    as    he    may   desire    to    hold     such     share.     S'le    shall     also     ha\e    the 

20  privile<je    to   sell    the    same    wheiR'\i'r    she    iiia\     desire    under    the     proNi-^ions 

21  of  section  10  of  this  a<t. 

■"  §  14.     Any   association   lic'eiised   to  oj)erate    uiuh-r   tliis    act     may    in<  rease 

-                    2  its   memhership   of   shareholders   in    such    manner  as  it  may  hy  hy-law   jtroNide 

3  not    inconsistent    with    any    of   the   provisions   of   this   act. 

^-  ^   IT).     The   (ieiieral    Asseiiihly    herehy   reserve   tlie   power   to  pres<  rihe  such 

2  regulations   and    provisions   {jovernin*;   any    and   all   assocititions    iiicor|)orat»'d 

;                   'A  under  this  act    as   it    may   deem   advisahle,   such   rejj  dations   and  provisions 

;                    4  to   he   hinding   on   associatiojis    incorjiorated   at     the    -ime    Hiicii    regulations 


C                  5  may   he  made   as   well   as  tliose   thi'reaftei    incorporat(;d. 

7-  -         '  ■  ■,         '  ■'"V  y--'-'- 

%  l(j.     All  aKsociations  organized" under  this  at't,  whose  powers  may  have  '■% 

2    «'xpire(l    by   limitation   or   otherwise,   shall  continue    their  corporate  capacity 

A    durinf,'   the   term   of   two   years   for   the   purpose   only   of   coUectintj  del)ts  due  -^ 

4  the   asMiciation.   and   sollinfr   and    convcyinfj   the   j»roperty  and  effects  thereof, 


5  and   duriii},'   such   time   shall    he   capaMe   of   prosccutinff   and   defending   suits 

(■)  in    law   or   ecpiily.     The   dissolution    for  any  cause  wlmtevi-r,  of  any  a+iHociation 

7  iucorporatt-d   under  this  act.   shall    not    take    away    or    ini]>uir    any   remedy 

H  j/i\fn    aj^'ainst    such   association,   its  sliarehohhrs,   orticers,  or  at^ents,   for  any              ; 

y  hai)ilities   incurred   previous   to  dissolution. 

;;  17.     It    shall   he   the   duty   of  the  directors  of    any   aKsociation   to  cause 

2  to   he   kei)t    at    its    |»rinci|ial    oflice,    or   place    of    business,    in    this    State, 

3  correct    books   of   account    u!    all    it-'    business,   and    every  shareholder  of  such 

4  association   shall    have   the    rii/bt    at    all    reaKonaWe   times    by   himstdf  or   his 
T)  attorney,   to   e.vainiiie   tbe    reconls   and   hooks   of   account   of   the  aswH-iation. 

sj    bS.     A    failure    to     elect     <lirectors     or     ollicers.     or     both,     on     the     day  ' 

2     desij^niated    in   the   by-laws,    or   on    the   day    U)\    which   notice    was   f^iven   for  [ 

'.\     election,   shall    not    have   tbe   effect    of   dissolvinj.'   the   aHwxiiation,    but     such 
•1     election   may   b<-   held   at    any   time   after  proper  notice. 

;:;   v.).     .Ml   assessments   or    installments    of    the    unpaid    or    partly    uiijtaid  ■' 

2    shares   of   stock   of  any     association     shall     be    leviitd     by     the    dir<'ctors   in 
;{     ac< ordance    with    th^    iiro\isions    of    the    by-laws,    hut    any    assessment    or  i 

4     iiistalhiient   reijuired   to    Ix     jiaid    shall    la-   levied   pro   rata  upon  all  the  shares 
^>     ol    st(Jck.  ; 

;;  •^).     If  the    indebtedness   of   any   association    shall   exceed   the   amount  of 

2  its    capital    stock,    the    dirtctors    and   officers   of   such   association   assenting  ^ 
A     thereto   shall   be   individually   liable   for   such   access  to  the  creditors  of  such               '^ 

3  associaticm. 

;j  21.     If  the  directors  or  otlicers  or  agents  of  any  association  shall  declare 

2  and  pay  any  dividend,  when  such  a.sBociation  is  insolvent,  or  any  dividend,  the 

3  payi'ent  of  which  would  diminish  the  amount  of  ca))ital  stock,   all  directors, 

4  otlicers  and  agents  assenting  thereto  shall  be  jointly  and  severally  liable  for  all 

,■■  .  u»'-    -■,i.\...r-j 


5  debts  of  such  asHwiation  then  in  existent-e  and  for  ali  whic}i  hIirII  thereafter 

(j  Ik'    contnu'tiMl,    while   thi'V  shall  respeetively   continue    in   oHiee. 

§  22.     'I'he  i)()ar(l    of  directors   shall   liolil  stated  me«'tings  not  less  frecjuent 

2  than   once   ea«h   month,   as   may   he     |)rovided    hy    tlie    l»y-laws,    and     when 

y  such    oUiceis    shall     he    present    at    ajiy    nirctini,',    hmsever   called   or   notified, 

4  or   shall    sij^n    a    written    (consent    on    the    records    of   such    niertiiij.'.    the    acts 

5  of    such     ineetinf^'     sliall     he     as    valid    as    il   le^'uUy    cilled    and    tiotifiid.     All 
0  directors'    nn-etin^js   must    he   held    within    the    limits  of   this   state. 

5;  2.f.     The   shareholders   of    every    association    shall    hold    reirular   tTieetings 

2  not     less     tre(|ueiitly     than     once     each    month,    as    m i\    he    pros  ided    hy    tlu* 

H  hydaws.    ami    shall    h(     presided    o\cr   li\      president     if     the     !ishO<i;if ion,     or 

4  HI     his     ahseiice     the     vice-president     shall     |)re>ide.    a  id    in    liiv    ai)seiice,    tht; 

5  meetinj,'   may   ele<t    a    president    /»/■/»  friti/xitf.  who   shill    preside   durin<r    tliat 

6  meetiiiL'.      It     shall     require     a     majority     of    all    the  i-liHreholder--    eiitith^l    to 

7  vote,    to    he    present,    either    in    |)erson    or    hy    written    proxy,    to  con-^Iitute   a 

8  (juorum    to   transact    husiness,   hut   a  smaller  niind»er  may    a<ljourii  from    time 
\)  to   time    if   they   desire,   or    uiitill    the   next    re<.'ular   meetmtr. 

!;  2-1.      No    hy-law    shall    he    adojtted,    amended    or   repeah'd.     except     hy     an 

2  atiirniative    vot*'    of    a   majority    of    all    the    shareholders  «'ntitled   to    \(>te. 

3  Such   vote   shall    he  taken   hy   a  call   of  the     roll     ol     shareholders     hy     the 

4  secretary    |of     the     meeting',     noting     the     res|Mmse»i     whetlicr     a><'     or    no, 

5  opiK)site    their    respec-tive    nann-s,    and     which    vote  sjiall  he  s|)read   upon   the 
()  records  of  the  proceedintrs.     Votes  upon  other  (pu'stioiis    may    he    rirn     nuf. 

7  showing'  of  handn.  or  a  division   of  the  Jiouse.   unleKs  three  shareliolih  rs    hy 

8  themselves  or  proxy  shall  call  for  the  ayts  and  noes,  when  in  such  case  the  roll 
y  shall  h«'   called,   and   the    aye    and    no    vote    taken.      If     in    callin}.'    the    roll 

10  upon  any   (pn-stion,   less   than   a  «p!orum    votes,   the    jx-ndin^'    <pieslion    shall 

11  still    remain    as    undecided    until  a  quorum  shall  vote  on  the  ipiestion.     .\ny 

12  pro|K)Hition  to  amend,  repeal  or  enact  any  hy-law  must  set  forth  th«-  hy-law 
IH  as  amended,  or  the  one  rej^aled,  or  tlie  new  one  prciposed,  and  he  read  at 
14  large    in    op«'n    meeting,    and    its    consideration    postponeil    until    tJie    next 

15    nicftid^r,  idiIcsh  h  nuijoritv  of  all  tlic  slmnOioMrrs  of  tli«>  Hssociatioii  hliiill,  on 
lit     ail     avi   ami     iiu  vot*-.    I.c    in    fa\nr    of   coiisidtririi,'    tlic    (|iitstioii   at.    oiicc. 

>;   'I').      If    aii>      a■^so(•iati()n     nr     its     antliDri/.cil     a;.'ciits     sIkiII     do     or     rifraiii 

2     from    (]oii!l,'    uny    act     whiili    shall    siilijccf    if.     to    a     foif.>it uii'     of    its    (liaiti-r 

•  >     or    (■■  iijH.r  itc    ]io\\ri>,    or    sli.ill    iiHow     jmy     txcriitioii    or    (Ifcrcr    o(    aiiV    iMiiil 

I     of    ricoid    lor    a    naxinciil    of    id  iinv    aff'i'    ilniiaiid     ina<lf     li\    the    oHii  <-r.    to 

•>     !"■    rttuii,".!,     '■  iio  .  |itoji.i  i\     (otiiid."     or     to     mnaiii     iiiisati-licd     tl)iit\    days 

r>     altir    ^licii    driiiand,    or    shall    djssohr    oi    <  t  asc   uodil'    liusiiitss.    lta\iti^   diiits 

7     iiii|iaid.     siijis     in     ('(|nit\     iriay     hf     hroiiL'lit     airauist     all     |Misons     who     \\t  re 

H     sharf-holdi  rs    at    tin     Iitnc.     and     liaidi-     in     aii>      \\a\,     for     tlf     d<  hts     ot     thi.- 

'•     assiKiaiioii    Ii\     joiiiiiiL.'    till     <(ir|roration    ot     siidi    suil,     and     after     tlic     assets 

!<>      o|     ihi-    I  111  jporat  loll      shiiji      iia\.'      hiili      i\liailst  cd.     rath     sliareholdcl      may     hi' 

[I      ic(|iiii<.l    to    |i,iy    till     /iif   i-'iiti    sliari     ol    siK  li    dfhis     to     tilt-     aiiioiiiit     of     hi-. 

\1      ini|iaid    stock,    or    1o     jin.v     i  \f.  lit     to     uhuh     hi'     may     li,\     law     ha\c     hrcoiiif 

i-'^     mdiMdiiall>     hahlf 

^  JCi.  (oiirts  ot  ic|ini\  shall  Im\c  full  power,  on  ^'ood  cause  sliov^n.  to 
'1  dissolxr  oi  (lose  U|).  or  take  cliarLie  ot  tile  hllSIIH'S.s  o|  aiiv  assoeiatioii 
'■)  for  the  in-iielit  of  the  creditor-,  to  ap|Miiiit  a  reeei\er  therefor  who  shiiil 
I  lia\e  authority.  !>>  Ihe  ijam.  i>l  tJM  ri-eei\<i  ot  siicli  assoeiation.  iL'i^ni!,' 
~)  liis  name  to  siie  m  all  eomis.  and  do  all  thins/s  neeessaiv  to  (lose  up 
(■>  its  affairs,  or  to  make  the  nioiie\  s  ehaiL'id  a^.'aln^t  it  iitid  return  it  ha(k 
7  to  till  shaieholders  of  the  assiaialioii.  as  ma\  he  eoiimiaiided  jiy  \\n* 
s  (leiiee  of  courts.  Said  receiver  shall  lie  a  citizen  of  the  Statf  of  Illinois, 
!)     and  shall    enter    into    iioiids.    |ia\ahle     to    the     people    of  the    Stat>'     ot      Illinois, 

10  hir    tile   nse   of   all   parties  interested.  Ill   siK  h    penalty   and    with   sih  h  sureties 

11  as    the    court    nia\',    in    the    decree    or    order    apitomtiim    the    same,    reijiiire. 

!;  'JTi        The    certitied     copy    ot     any    artules     of     incorporation     and     cliaiiycs 
"2     thereon,    undei     the    ^leat    seal    of     the    State    ot     Illinois,    shall    he    taken    and 

3  recei\ed    in    all    courts     and     places     as     /iriimi      t'urii'    eNideiice     of     the     tacts 

4  tlietiiscjve,-,. 

.V>tli  A«s(Mn.  Sr:\ATE--No.3.         -  Feb.  1887 

1.     liitiiMluc*  (1  li\   Ml.   IW'll,  .l;iiiii)ii\  <).  IHHT,  Hinl  onli'ivd  to  first  n-Hdin^. 
■J      Fust  rcadms.'  •(;iiiiiar\  <>.  IHS7    .iinl  referred  to  Cornniitt*'*-  on  Lnfmr  Hiid 

Miiliiitacf  lilts. 
■  i.     Knits   viiis|ic?jtifil   .Iiiuutirv    \1.  IH^7.  ami   ((rdcrcd  to  Ik-  priiite<l. 
1.      Ill  |ii)itf<l   haik   ItliMiaiv    }.  1H)S7.  w  itii  }iiiifii(iiiif!it.  pHssatrt- r«'COiiiiii»'ii(lf<l, 

and  iHilt'ifd  tti  sfcoiiil    It  adllij:. 


Foi    .\ii    Act    to    piciMdc    loi    tin     Iii(t)r|)orHtioii    tif   Co-oin'rative   Associations   for 

I't'cuiiiarv   Frotit. 

Sf.(  litis   1.     Brit  nidrti-il  hji  ffw  Vcoph   nj'   the  Stnie  of  I/linoi-n,   ri'prescnted 

•J  /A,    (;.i,,i,il  Ass.-inhlii.  Tliat  wlit^iifvcr   any  nnndxT  of  jhtsohs  not   less   than 

■  {  tliifc  imi   iiiorc  than  s("\tii.  nia> dtsin-  to  hcronie  iiu'orjmratf-d  as  a  Co-opera- 

I  n\i-    \-sti(  iMtidn  for  tht    pinpos*'  of  prost'futinjr  any  hrancli  of  industn*,  they 

;")  shall   make    a    stHtciiii'iit    fftliat    i-fffct    iiiiihT    thtMr    hamls    ami    seals,  duly 

♦  )  acknow  lf(|<_'ff|  hchirt'  some  ollicfi  in  t  he  nianntT  pnividcd  for  tht- K<-kno\vlcd!.'t- 
7  iiitiit  (if  (ht  lis.  ^cttiiiL'  forth  the  nanif  of  tht'  proposed  corporation,  its  capital 
M  stiitk.  its  Ideation,  anil  dinatidn  tif  tfie  association,  and  the  particular  hranch 

•  t  111  iii(\  which  theV  itiieiid  to  prosecute,  which  statetnent  shall  he  fih-tl 
Itt  III  till- (itlicf  of  ilif  Secrelarv  ot  Statf.  The  Secretary  of  State  shall  thereupon 
II  issiie  to  siK  h  persinis  a  license  as  coiriinisKioners,  to  open  hooks  for 
1-jI  ^uhscnption  to  the  capital  stuck  nl  siich  asstx-intioji,  at  siudi  time  atitl 
\\  place  as  tlie>  lna\  detilllllllt  .  .No  llcellsf  slialj  lie  issiietl  tn  twti  assoeia- 
1  1  tioiis  lit  till  sMiiM  iiaiiii  Tlif  nanif  nf  the  city,  villaj^e  oi  town  in 
\~)  uIihIi    till     a>s(i(iati(>ii    ina\     hf    itxjited    >hall    h)rin    no    pait    ot    the    name, 

^   1      N'l    peisiiii    shall    he    peniiitteil    tti   sititscriiie   more   Jior    less  than  one 

1  shair    to   the   capital    stuck    ot    such    association,    nor    shall    any    person    l)e 

I)  |)eiiiiitTeil    III    any    manner   to   tiwii    nr   control    more   or   less   than    one   share 

■1  in    snch   asstxiation. 

>i  .■{.     As   soon    as    leu    slian  s   or    iiiuK     df     tlir    (  npifal    stock    sliall    lie    --iili- 

'2  Mlilx'd.     tlu'     COllllllisSlolH  is    ^llllll     (■oll\tl|(      a     lilt  it  lli<.'  of     tllr     siilist  l  llicl  -      Inl 

M  tlic     |Mi!|iost'    oj     tlc(  till!.'    iiii(<  tots,    ailiijitni^'    li\    aws    aihl    Iraii-a(  I  ihl'    ^U(  h 

4  other  luisiiicss  as  sliall  |iio|i(il\  coinc  licloif  tin  in.  Noticr  tin  i(>>t  ~liall 
.")  lit  t:i\fl|  1)\  (lc|iOsitlll!.'  Ill  till'  |iostii|li(r,  |i|ii|irl,\  ai|i||(Nsii|  tn  i:t(li  --llli- 
<)  SCIllitT.  at  least  tell  ila\-^  hefore  the  tllm  li\i.l.  a  Wllltill  111  JMltiii 
7  liotlee,    statilljj    tile    olijcet.    time    alitl     |pltt(  i      ul     •>ii(  h     meet  lli;_'.        hlleet   i|>     n! 

5  associations  or^'aiii/eil  iiiiiler  this  a(  t  shall  he  i  ei  liil.  elasMjieil  aii'l  liolij 
'.*  thtil    olliee    for    sill  li    |»eli('il    iit    time   as   Is   |iio\i(|e(l    hv  L'elii  ral    law  l'i  i\  i  riiiiiL' 

10  the  election  and  classiticatioii  u|  iliiectois.  trust ees  oi  inaiiai/eis  ot  coi|ioiat)nns. 

!;  -4.     'I'he    c<>iiiniissiiiii('rs    shall    iiiai\e    a    lull    ii|i  ni     nt     linn     pii'i  i    .|ii;<js. 

'2  incliiiliiii.'  therein   a   enpx    111    till    iiutiii    |irii\iiiid    to     m   tin    tiiieLjiiiiiL,'  ■.,(tiiiii, 

3  a    coju    ot     the    suhscription     list,    a     enpv     n|     the     h\-la\\s    aiiopteii    l.\    ;  he 

4  association,  ali<l  tin  names  ul  the  iliintois  elccteil  and  their  ns|>i(ti\e 
/5  terms  ot  olliee.  which  report  shall  he  swnrn  tu  hy  at  least  a  majoritv  nt 
(1  the  coiiiiiiissioiieis.  and  shall  he  tiled  in  the  nllice  ut  the  Se(  retarx  ol 
7  State.  The  SfcretaiN  shall  thereupon  is-,iir  a  cert  iticate  of  the  complete 
M  oitiain/atioii  of  the  asv,)(  lutioiis,  makinj:  a  part  tli'icol  a  eop\  ot  all  papers 
IJ  tiled    ill    Ills    oliice    in     and     ahont    the    ort;aiii/atiiiii    nt     the    ei'ipuiat  um.     and 

1(1  diih     authenticated      under     his     iiaiid     and     seal    ut      State,     and     tin      san.,' 

11  shall  he  iccordi'd  in  the  otiice  ol  the  n colder  ot  deeds  in  the  coiintx  in 
\'l  wliiidi  the  |>rin(ij>al  ollice  ot  sik  h  assoeiatioii  is  lo(  ated.  (pon  the  n  eurd- 
l:{  iiiu  oi  said  co))\  the  association  shall  iu-  d<  eiiied  tiill\  ui;.'ani/ed  and  ii;a\' 
14  proceed  to  hiisiiiess.  I  iiless  siich  association  sliall  he  ur;.'aiii/,ed,  and  shall 
lo  proceed  to  biisiness  within  three  years  after  the  ('ate  of  siit  h  Ik  eiisc,  the 
It)  license  to  form  sin  h  association  shall  he  det  iiied  re\iikid.  and  all 
17  iiroceediiiL's    thereunder    shall    he    xuid. 

<;  .").     Associations    formed    under    this    act     shall     he    hodies   cmpoiate  and 

1  politic    lor    the    period    for    which    the\    are  orj-'atiizc  I.  may  siie  and   hi    -iied. 

;{  may   have  a  coiiiimni  st'al   which  tlie\    may  alter  or  n  new     .at     pleasure;    may 

4  own,   possess  and   enjo>'   so  iiiih  h   real   and   personal  estate  as  shall  he  iiecessHry 

6  for  the  traubaction  of  their  biismess,  and  may  sell  aLd   clisposo   uf   the    same 


<■)     wlicTi.    Ill    the    opiiiioi)    of  tijc  sliMn-iidliltTs.  it  Is  Tiot  rc<|iiin'<l  for  tlje  uses  of 

(  the;it  loll.      'I  ht-y    iii'is    !iii|ii)\\     iiii'iii-\     ;<!     lii;.!!     rafts    i>f    iiit<'r(sf.     jiTxl 

s  [iIiiIl'!-    tdiir    |)ro|)tity,    Imtli    iiil    iimi    ixTsoniil,  to  serine  ixiyiiicnt  tlien'of. 

'.'  .ili'l   !i!;!\    liMVr  iitnl   txcicisf  ;ill   |i,.\',tis    iii((ss;t( y  ;i!;ii    it'<|uisit>'    to   cany  into 

In  I   ;]i(t    lilr    ol.j.rt--   till    ulllili   till   \    !:i;i\    In-   liMMIi'il, 

V   (i        rill     coiiioiMti     imwd--    -ii.ill    lie    i\ti(isf(l    |i\      :(     hoaicl     of     liirictors, 

■J  tl:i       l;iiliilif!      1)1      wliicli     sliiill      1„.     tixt'l      li>      tlif    ii\-[,M\\~    ol     the    fissocliltloll. 

:!  |i!il    tij>-    i:ilii:i"  I    ii)a\     Ik     iiHha^rii     oi     iljiiiiiiislicd     li\      a     iiiajoi'it>'     ol     tlii' 

4  -liar.  lioMi  I  >     at      aii\     |iro|(frl\     i  allcl    iiifctllit;       'I'll*'    otli(a'i>.    of    tile    ussocIh- 

•")  tmi)    -li,,ii    (  Mii-i-,!    .if    a    j)if~!  i.  nf.     \  ici'-|)if>iii(iit .    sccrctiiry    aini    titasurcr. 

(')  to    lie    clirt'i]    i.\     till-    siiaii|i<'M'i-    at     tlitir     aiiiiiial     iiicctiiitrs     a.>     may     lie 

7  |iin\i.|(.|      fdi      in     flic     l.y  iav\-     ol      tin-     as-ociaf  ion  ;     ulio    sliall    In-    flt-ctrd 

s  at    --oiii.-    ii;_'Mlai    intrtni.'    o!    ilif   -in  ii  lioldi  ts,  a-  iiiav    In-   liy    liy-lau  jtroN  itlt-d. 

It  \ll     i'V  liv\-     ol     tlir    a-sociat  iM||     -liall    lir    ailoptid    \>\    tllf  sliarclioldfis  of    flit- 

!<•  a-so(iatio)i. 

;;  7.     No  otru  tT   or  dircctoi    -liall   ic(fi\c  any  coiiipfiisation  for  liis  services 

2  e\(  I  |»t    >U(li    a-    may    l»t      jika  idi  d     for    in    the    hydaws    of    the    association. 

;>  It    -liali    lir    tilt     duty    ol    tli>     -tii'tarv    to    hf    jiresiiit    at    all    mectiii;_'s   of   the 

■I  dirt  <  tor-,     and      im  ct  iiii:-     ot      tla       -liait  holder-,     aiiil      faithfidly     makt-     and 

.')  (ire-ii\f    a    record    of   all    th-     prMccidiii'.'s   ol    sUili    nieetiiiu's.    wIihIi     re(a)r(l 

ti  -hall    lit-    ki|it    in    a    -iiilahh     piai  i    act  cs-ihlf   to   till-   iiisiiecf  ion    of   an\    share- 

1  lioldi'i.      I  If    -liall    he    tht     ho.  ■k-kt  tpfi     of     the     a-socjatioli.     -hall     keep     the 

S  a((a)iiiit-    hi'tueeii     the    II— ociatioti    ainl    tie'    iiitli\  id iial     sliareholdcr-,    otiicers 

'.•  and    .iL'iiit-    thtitof.    and    int"i.!i    rhf   a--otiation   and   all    parties   with    whom 

10  It    iiia\     tiaiisact    liiisine--.    aii'i    -ui-h    othi-r   lintifs    as    tiia>    he    imposc.l    upon 

11  him     l'\     ihe    hydau-    ol     the     ;--oi  latioii. 

^  ^,     Thf  shaits  .if  stoi  k   shall   not    hf  le-s  than   SV '  nor  iiitn-c  than   S'^.O^X) 

■J  jifi    -h;ii.  .  ainl   siih-criptioii-  flaTitor  -liall   hf  maile  pavahle  to  the  associHtiun, 

.'!  and     in   in-talhiii  nt-    and    at    -le  h    fiiia-    or  tinif-    as    shall    he    iletcrnninetl    hy 

i  ill'     -hao'lioMf rs.    an. I     an     action     max     I'c    iiiHintaiiied    in    tiie    n.ame    ol    the 

■')  a- -Of    to    rfco\cr    an\    m-t  alliiifiil    ulindi    shall    reniHin    ijue   anti    unpaid 

t)  for  the  period  of  thirty  days  after  personal  demand  therefor;  or,  in  cases 

7  wlu'iT    |wrsoTmI    (IciiihimI     i>    not     iimdc,    within    tliirtv    diixs    Mltci    a    \\iitt(ii 

S  or    priiiti'd    notice    luis     liccn     (it-povjicd    in    tlic    po-toHicr.    pinpi'ily    dii»(  trd 

*.(  to     tlif     ])<)st(>fHc<'     address      of     tile     sliHlclioldef.       'I'li<      Hssociiit  ioti     Jn;i\      liy 

10  liv-ln\v    prcKc-rilx'   other    jx'nalties    ioi'    a    lailuie    to    pas    the    in-taniiieiits  that 

11  may    from    titne    to    tune    l)ecome    dii<'.    Init    no    |ienah\    woikiiiLi    forfeit  me 

12  of     stock,     or     the     amount     paid     theieon.     >liail     Ik-    <h>claicd     a^'anist     any 

13  sliaroJioldtT   until   the   personal   deniaiid.    or  written    or   printed    notice    above 

14  ])rovided  for,  shall   Imvo   la-en   made.      Whenever  a   share   of  stock    shall    he 

15  forfeited    such    tshare     shall     tlieu     become    tho   property   of    the   association 
10  and   may    be    re-issued    to    ajiy    person     not    already    holdin^r   a   sliare.     But 

17  any  proceeds  received   from   sudi   re-issue,   over  and   above  tlie  amount   due 

18  on    said    sliare.     by    the    association,    shall     be     )aid     to    tlie    dehmpient 

19  shareholder. 

§  !♦.     No    share    of   stock    shall    be   liable   to   execi  tioii.   writ    of    atta<liin«iit 

2  or  distress   for   rent,   for  any  of   the    individual  debts  of  the  owner  of  sin  h 

3  share,     nor     shall     any     shareholder    be    pennitteii     to    pled^'e    his   share    as 

4  security  for  any  dei)t  or  oblij/ation  tliat  may  be  due  from  such  shandiolder 
T)  to  an.\  person,  but  such  shareiiolder  nia.\  pledt^e  not  to  e\(  eed  at  any 
(>  one  time  sixty  days  of  his  di\id»'nds  to  an\  cieditoi,  |»id\  ided  tin  fact 
7  of   such    jiled^e   shall    be   first    noted    upon    the   bin  k^   of   the    as->ociat ion, 

I;    \0.     |-",\ei>     Hssiyrninent     or     transtci     ol     stoiK    mi    vvliuh    there    remains 

■J  aii.\      portion     unpaid     sliali     lie     re(  (Hcied     nii     llie    liook--    ut    the    association, 

3  and    eacdi    sliareliojder    shall    be    liable    jointly     with     the    assmiation    a--    ui" 

I  as   severally    foi    the   debts   of   the    associanon    to   the    e\ieiit    ot    the   amount 

o  that    may    lie    unpaid    upon    the    share    ImIu    by   jnm       \o   a-^sii^hni    ol    :i    --bire 

()  shall    be    released    troiii    any  such   indebtedness   b\    ira"-on   ol    an\    as•^lL'lllllent 

7  of    his    share,    init    shall     remain     liai>le     therefor    jointlx      with     liie     as-|o|ii-e 

H  and    the    association,    oi    severally,    until    tin-    stock    is    inllv    paid    up       I'.-,  .rv 

'.♦  assi<rnee   of   a    share    shall     l>e     liable     for    tin     ainount    unpaid    lliettun,    the 

10  same   as   if   he    lia<l    been    ati    original    sliiireliolder      No    assiu'nnient    shall    be 

11  made   to   anj'  person  who  aheady   liolds  a  share.     No  ashitrnee  or  transteree 

12  of  stook  Bhall  have  any  equitable  or  legal  title  m  the  same,  or  have  the 


l->  ripbt     to    v()t«'    at    Hiiv    •^harcJidlfUTs'    iii»'*-tii)<.'    until    siuli    a^si<:llnl^•rlt    or 

11  tiaiisfcr    --liiill    lif    r.ri.nlt-d    !^^    aliovc    pro\  idt-'l    for. 

!;   II.     .Ml  ili\  idfiuK  (tl  prolit^  iiir*<]f    1»\   aii\    a.'^so*  i;itii>ii    im  i>r|w>r>if(  <1    uinii-r 

1  tlii>  ji<t.  -liall   iif  !iia<lf  HI    |iiiiii<«iti(H!    to  tlif    aiiioimt    nf    \\n(k    jki  foriiit<l,    or 

•  )  pioiliK  t  |ti(i<lu(f(l  l>\  c  ach  -Ii:iii'1im|(Ici  .    and   \\'>-   av^ociatii-Ti    ^-Indi   d((id(    }iy  Ity- 

■l  hiw    ulittliir  racli    ^liiiirlipldtr  s    woiK    or    jirodiici    shall    in-   uiiaMirt-d   liy  tlie 

')  piiMc.    or    l>y    t]i»'    day    or    Imiir.    or    may    cla-sitv     tlii-     v\ork.     and     ri!<a>iirt' 

(J  sonif  1)\    tli«'   piecf,    xmif   by   tln'   day.   and   some   liy    tlx-    lioiir    a>   tlit-   e-xi- 

7  ^'OliilfN    of   tlif    casf    ljia\    doMiaiid.      'I'lu'    association    sliall     also     pro\'df     hy 

y  liy-l;t\v    liiiW    difftrt.'nt    kinds    of    pif(t'-\\ork     shall    In-     rattd.     and     how     {>ii'ce- 

\)  work    shall    lu'    rated    with     day    or    hour    work:     shall     ))ro\  idc    how     and     liy 

1(1  whiiin    all    kinds   of   work    >}iall    \>v    rfccixcd    as    properly   cNt'futed     from    the 

11  shareholders    for    tlie   association;   sliall    jtrovide    tlic    iiuinner    o\    ^'ivin<r    out 

Vl  material    to   the  different    shareliohlers   with   which    to  work,   and   as   to  what 

V-\  |iositions    or    locations    shall    he    assiijned    to   each    sliareliolder   and    hy  whom. 

1  1  Shoidd    any    sliart  holder    1m'    dissatislicd    witli     tlie    de<'ision     upon    his    \  ork, 

1")  or    with    tlie   material    tjiven    him,   or   the    |M)siti<)n    or   location   assitrned   him, 

I'i  he    iiia\    appeal    to    the    asso<  lation    at    some    revrular    meetin<,'    of    the    shar<'- 

17  holders,    whose    decision    shall     he    tinal,      'i'he   association    may    jtrovide    by 

In  Ii\  law    how    su«h    appeal    mii\    he   conducted.      If    in    any    kind    of    industry 

l'.»  it    should    he    impossihU     to    assign    all    sharelioiders    to   equally    advantapeous 

•J(i  |i(. -,11  lolls    or    locations    in     work,    the    association     may    pid\  ide    that     share- 

■_'I  lioldeis   >hall  periodically  I  haiii.'e  places,  or  |)ro\  ide   any  other  inetluid  of  etpial- 

I'l  \/.[\\v    siicli    matters    iii    accoidaiice    with   justi( c   and    e<pnt\.  > 

^    !_'.      It    shall     he    unlawtu!     for     th<-     associatioji     to     hire    mii>     p(  rson     to 

'1  >iiL.Mue    111    the    priiK  ipal    hiisiiiess    for'    w  hi(di    tiie     association     was    or</ani/eii 

;{  to    proMMiite,    it    heintr   tlie    intent    o\   this   act   that    sucli   lahor   shall    lie  per- 

d  formed     hy     shareliolihrs     o!     the     association     to     preserve    the     eo-optrative 

o  feature.      It    shall    In-    lawtui    tor    aii\     -haridiolder.    in    case     h.'     >Iih1I     he     dc- 

<)  tained    from    work    hy    sickness   of   self   oi     family,   or    \er.\    iirirent     Imsiness. 

7  to   employ   and    furnish    a    (ompetenf     suhstitute   to    perform    such    lahoi     as 

8  would  be  assigned  to  the  absent  sharehoRier;  and  in  such    case   the   div- 


U  idciuls    sliJill    !•<■    iiiHclc    to    siul)     sliHiflioldcr    <li<-    -^iHiK     :i-    il    li.-    was    pics.tit 

1<»  iHTtoMiiilit.'    liis    liildil     liilii^flf.       'I'lir    iissuil;itl(ii.    ->!  all     tint      In-    liali,-    in    ,iii> 

11  iiiaiiiK  I     ti>r    tlif    |i;t,\    (it    siicli    Milistitult. 

;;    I').      W  liciii'Vcr  aii\   liDiixlidlilci  iiia\  <lif.  ills  sliai  (■  s|i;i||    Imchh,    a    |ii  isniial 

■J  ii^^(  t  III  Ilis  fstatc.  and  ina\   Ik    sold    li\    lii>    |.'L.'al    1 1  j»i  i^int  at  i\  f    U^    aii\     |iii--(iu. 

;>  oinia>   lu'  awarded   a>  a    di\idriid    of    tlic    estate    In    aii\     |M!-un    i  >  iih|itli  nt     'n 

I  Will  k  fill'  >liaic.  Ill  til  aii\  (l(\isf(    III    liuatif   iniiiiM-ti    it    tu    \wp|I\    tlir    -.haii  ,  not 

■'»  aln-ail\  a  sliairlinldn ,  and    the  sainc  iiuiv   In    as>ii_'iiid  m  !  laii-lfind  in  ili--  -ainc 

<>  nianiici.    and  ^uliji-ct  tn  tlif  same    iruulat  inii^    |iii>ri  iln  J    in    -.iiImh    lii(,t    thi-- 

7  a<t.     Sin  li    It-^al    ii|iiiMntatJ\  >■    >liail    IuiM'    tin-    ii^Ml    In  lurnisli  a  cniiilH'ti'iiI 

H  Sldist  itlltc     ti)    \S(ilk     file      >liarr    of     sIkIi      d<(  taMil      Inlsnli      Jul       tin      span      dt 

1*  two    Ntar^  attcl     tilc    dcatll    ol     the    dcccaMd.     unless    tji,-    saliu-  sliall    lias  c  I'lcli 

10  siuiiifi    sold.    HI    awaidcij    as    an    rstatr    di\idtiiil.  or  di  \  is,-    ,i|     li-^jarS'.    as  this 

11  scctnm    proN  idt's,  and  ddiiiit^  tin-   time  sik  li  suiist  it  iiti   nia\    In-   furiiislud.    si;(  li 

12  leyal  rfJtrfSflitatiM'.  fur  llic  use  ut  tlic  estate,  shall  he  entitled  tu  Mile, 
Id  rt'ct'iv<'  dividt'iids  and  shall  inure  to  all  the  Ix'iielits  tu  \\  lii<  h  the  ile<eased 
11  if  living:  and  working'  liis  sluirr  would  have  heeii  entitled.  \\  hene\er  siadi 
1.'^  sliarc  shall  hecoiiie  a  part  ot  the  widow's  allowain  e  m  the  i  uiiise  ui  the 
1(1  adiuinistrat ion  ot  the  estate  of  an>  deceased  share  mlder.  she  inav  liiinish 
17  a  eullipetellt  silhstltllte  tu  w  iilk  siK  h  shale,  and  -liall  In  iiilitleil  tu  ,ill 
IH  prixileL'es.  dividends.  which  her  hl.shalld  Wuulil  ha\e  heeli  entitled. 
1'.)  so  ion^.'  as  she  may  desire  to  hold  siich  share.  She  shall  also  ha\i  the 
1^1  jirivile^'c  to  sell  the  same  wheiie\ei  she  nia\  desiie  imdii  the  pruvisiuns 
'21  of  section  !<•  of  this  act. 

<;    11.      .VllV     association     licensed     to    upelalt       under     this      ait      nia\      Mil  nasi- 

•2  its    ni('nil)ersliip   of   sliareholders    in    siuli    mannei  as    i  may  li\  li\  law    iinividi 

d  not    inconsistent    witli   anv   of  the   provisions   ol    this   act. 

;;    !.">.      I'he    (ienerai    Assemiilv     hereli\     reserve    the    puuei    In  pi  i-i  i  iln    si|,  |; 

■J  re"iihwioiis    and    pru\  isiuns    ^'ovirmny     in\    and    all    a-sui  latiuiis     ii  i  ui  jmi  ite.l 

d  under    this    act     as    it    max     deem    a<l\isalile.    such    leLuiatioiis    and    pnnisiuiis 

1  lu    he    hindiii;.'    on    associations     mcurpurated    at     the     nine     -mli     ie;:ul«tiuns 

5  luav    be   made   as   vsell   as   those   tlifrealter   incorporHted. 

.  fT-T'^     -r™^ 

•  .•■  *«  ••■-t:.  ,:' 

^  ]('<.  All  associations  orffiniizcd  uiiHcr  this  act.  whose  powers  may  luive 
t\|niii|  liy  liiiiitatii)ii  or  ii1liti\vi>M-,  shall  coiitiTiiit'  tlnir  <'or)>(>i'at<'  <  a]>a<  ity 
(liiiitiL'  till-  trriii  (if  two  ><;irs  fur  the  [)iiri>osc  oril>  of  collcctiiiu' (Iclits  diie 
tiic  ,i^>oiialioii.  ami  scijitit.'  and  coiiVfyiji":  the  property  atnl  efTe<ts  thereof, 
ami  diinii^'  siicii  tum-  shall  he  capahh'  of  proser-utiiij.'  and  (U-feii(li?iL'  suits 
in  law  or  f(|iiity.  The  dissolution  for  any  cause  wliattNt-r,  of  any  aHsociafioii 
!!■( dipciiritcd  iiiiili  r  this  a<f.  --hall  not  take  away  (»r  impair  hii\  rtint-dy 
'_M\in  aL'ainst  --in  h  association,  it-  sliareholders,  otHcers.  or  aj/eiits,  for  any 
iiahilitics    ill)  iitrtd    prtvioiis    til  dissolution. 

i  IT.  It  shid!  hf  the  diit\  ut  the  directors  of  any  assocnttion  to  ciinsc 
til  lif  l\i  pt  at  lis  principal  utticc,  or  place  of  hnsiness,  in  this  State, 
cdiiict  ImmiKs  ot  a(count  (it  all  its  hnsiness.  and  cxcry  shareholdei dt  siich 
ass(i(iatiiin  shall  ha^c  tin  ritrlit  at  all  reasonalile  times  hy  himself  (H  his 
att'irnt\.    tn    i.annii'-    the    H'ComJs    aial    limiks    of    account    of    the   association. 

;;  |x.  A  failure  to  <d<(t  directors  or  f)tHcers.  or  lioth,  on  the  day 
de-iL'tiati  d  in  the  hy-laws.  or  on  the  day  for  which  notice  was  (/iven  for 
election  -hall  not  ha\e  the  effect  of  dissolviii'^'  the  association.  Imt  such 
rie(  tion    iiia\'    he    h(d(l    at    an\    tini*'    after    pr(>p»-r    notice. 

:;  I'l.  All  assi'ssiiients  or  installiiieiits  of  the  unpaid  or  partly  unpaid 
•-liiiti  s  o(  stock  ot  any  assoi  lation  shall  he  levied  i»y  the  directors  in 
a( cordaiice  with  the  ]»ro\isions  of  the  hy  laws,  hut  any  assessment  or 
iiistallim  lit    reipiired    to    he    paid    shall    he    le\  ied    pro    rata  upon  all   tlie  sJiares 

of     -lock. 

•;  Jf'  II  the  indehteiiness  of  an>  associatioti  sliall  exceed  tli«'  amount  of 
its  capital  sto(d\.  the  directors  and  officers  of  such  association  asseiitiiif,' 
till  iito  shall  he  individually  liahle  for  siicli  excess  to  the  creditors  of  such 
associat  I'  in. 

^  Jl.  If  the  directors  oi  otiicers  or  ai/ents  of  any  ass(Kiation  shall  declare 
and  pay  aiiv  dividend,  w hen  siich  association  is  insolvent,  or  any  dividend,  the 
payment  of  which  would  diminish  the  amount  of  capital  stock,  all  directors, 
o!}i<(is  and  a^'ents  as-^eiitinj,'  thereto  shall   he  jointly  .and  severally  liahle  fur  all 


5  (l('l)ts  of  such  HssoriHtioii   tliMi    in  cxisfci.  ■«'  aiiil  for  h11   wliicli  h}ihI1  tlicn  aftor 

(')  bf    coiitrmtfd.    wliilc    tJicy  sliail   loprctn  civ    ((Hitiiiiit     in    (itlice. 

•5  2'2.     Tlu'   hoard    of   (lircitors    >}iall   liold   stated   iiii'<'tiiii.'s  not    Itss  fr((|u«'iit 

'2  than    onct-    cadi    month,    as    may    he     |iro\i(h'i|     h\     the     h\   laws,     and     wlicn 

H  such    olliccrs    sluill     Im-   prcsfnl    at    any    mct'tin^.    however   caUed  or   notitied. 

4  or   sliall    sitxii    a    written   eoiisent    ou    the    rec(»rds   of   such    meeting:,    tlic    acts 

5  of    sucli    meeting'    sliall     l>e    as    valid   as    if   lejzally   called   and    notified.     All 
G  directors"    ineetintrs    must    he   held   within    the   limits   of   this   state. 

ii  2;}.     'I'ht'    shareholders   of    every   association    shall    hold   re^^ular    meetinjjs 

'J  not    less    fre()uently    than    once    each    month,   ah.   may    he   |>rovi<U'<l    l)\    the 

:{  liy-laws,    and    shall    l)e    presided    over    i)y  the    jires  dent   of    the   association,  or 

4  111     his    ahsenee    the     \  ice-]»resident     shall    jireside,    and    in    his   ahsence,    the 

•")  meeting  may   elect   a   |)resi(lent  pro  fiiiipori',  who  shall   preside  during    that 

<■)  meeting'.     It     sliall     reipiire    M     majority    of    all   t  le  shareholders   entitled    to 

7  vote,    to   he    present,   either    in   i>erson   or    hy    written   j)r()xy,   to  constitute   a 

■'^  <liioriim    to    tiaiisacl    iiusiin'ss,    hut   a   smaller  niimhei    may    adjourn  from    time 

It  to    finie    if    they    desire,    or    until    the    ne.\t    refiulai    meetin<.'. 

^  lM.     No    liv-law    shall    lie    adopted,    amended    (  r    repcal<Ml,     .xcept     h\     an 

'J.  aliirmative     vote     ot     a    majorit>     of    all     the     shareholders    entitled    ti>    \Mtf. 

'A  Such    vote    shall    he    taken    hy    a    call    cif    the     roll     of     shareholders     h\      llie 

4  secretai>       of      the      meeting,     notnif^r     the     lespoiises     whether     aye     or     no, 

5  op|)osite  their  respective  names,  and  wIikIi  \o;e  shall  he  sprea<l  upon  tiie 
()  records  of  the  pidceedimis.  Votes  upon  other  (piestions  ma\  he  rini  ntcr. 
7  sliowin<:  of  hantls.  or  a  <li\ision  of  the  house,  unless  three  shareholders  h\ 
^*  themselves  or  proxy  shall  call  h)r  the  ayes  and  noes,  when  iti  such  case  the  roll 
\)  shall  he   calle<l.    and    the    a>e    and    no    vote    takei.     If     in    callinj:    th.'    roll 

10  upon  any    (piestion.    less    than    a    ipiorum    votes,    tiie    peiidiiit:    cpiestion     shall 

J]  still    remain    as    undecided    until  a  (pioriim  shall   w)te  on  the  ipiestion.     ,\ii\ 

12  |iroposition  to  amend,  repeal  or  enact  any  hy-law     nust    set    lortli    tht     hy-lau 

I;}  as  aiiu'nded,    or   the   one  rep<'aled,  or   the   n»'w    onf  proposed,    and    he    iea<l  a1 

14  large    in    op»-n     meetinir,    and     its    consideration     |)osti)oned     until    the     next 


15    nicftiiii:,  iinU'ss  h  iniijority  of  nil  tlit'  shHct'lioldt^rH  of  the  association  sluill,  on 
It)    an    ;i\f  ami    no  xofc    !>«■   in    Imnoi    oI    <-onsi<l(Miiis.'   th«'  (piestion  at   onof. 

^  •!■'>  II  any  assoi  iation  or  its  aiitlioii/cd  apeiits  shall  do  or  rr-frain 
■J  iroiii  (loiiiLr  any  act  wliich  shall  sMhj<'<t  it  to  a  htrh'itnrf  of  its  rhartcr 
'■\  or  coriioratt  powers,  or  ■<hall  allow  an\  <\fciition  or  decrt^c  of  any  conrt 
}  of  rc<ord  for  a  paynii'iit  of  money  after  demand  ma<le  hy  the  ollicer,  to 
•1  he  returned,  "no  property  loiiiul  or  to  remain  unsatistied  thirty  day« 
(■>  after  Mich  demand,  or  shall  dissolve  or  cease  doinj.'  hiisiness.  leavintr  dehts 
7  unpaid,  siiits  ii!  ecpiity  may  he  hroimht  ayaiiist  all  persons  who  were 
N  shaieholdeis  at  the  tune,  and  liahle  in  any  WHY.  for  the  dehts  of  the 
U  association  l>\  joining:  the  corporation  in  smli  suit,  and  after  the  assetK 
Id     of   the   corporation    shali     have    heen    exliauste<l.    each    sharehoKler    may    he 

11  recpiired    to    pay    the   /ua  mtn    share    of    such    dehts    to    the    auioiuit     of    his 

12  unpaid   .stock,   or   to    any   extent    to    which    he    may    hy    law    have    hecome 
|M     indix  idnall.v    hahle. 

;;  Jtl.  Courts  of  e<pnty  shall  have  full  power,  on  -jood  cause  shown,  to 
1  dissoKe  or  close  up,  or  take  (hart:*'  of  the  husitiesK  of  atiy  association 
•  {  h)!  the  henetit  of  the  creditors,  to  apftoint  a  receiver  therefor  who  shall 
4  lia\e  authority,  hy  the  name  of  the  receiver  of  such  asso<iation,  ijriving 
"»  his  iiamei  to  sue  in  all  courts,  and  do  all  thnifjs  necessary  to  (lose  Up 
(i  Its  affairs,  or  to  make  the  moneys  (  har^'ed  asrainst  it  and  return  it  hack 
7  to  the  shareholders  of  the  association,  as  may  he  commanded  hy  the 
M  decret  of  courts.  Said  receixer  shall  he  a  citi/en  of  the  State  of  JllinoiK, 
U  and  shall  enter  into  hoiids.  payahle  to  the  |»eople  of  the  State  of  Illinois, 
lit  hir  the  Use  of  all  parties  interest e<|,  in  sii(  h  penalty  and  with  such  siiretiea 
11     as    till     ciHirt    ma>,    in    the   decree   or   order   appointintr   the   same,    ntpiire. 

!;  11.  The  certified  cop.v  ol  aiiv  arti(h's  of  incorporation  and  chanyrt* 
1  tliereon,  under  the  u'reat  seal  nf  the  State  of  Illinois,  shall  he  taken  and 
•  i  if((i\ti|  ill  all  courts  and  places  as  /inum  /inu-  evidence  of  the  factn 
4     thems(4ves. 


Strike  out  Hectiou  W. 

2  Amend  nectiou  10  by  addiiij;  thereto  tli*'  lollowiiif;:     "On   no   <|Uestion  slmll 

3  Hnv  shareholder  have  more  than  one  vote." 

i««»»      ■.'■v       .    ■••>'»'*^« 

■J  •««#» 

1.    Recdved  from  House  May  5,  1887,  aod  arder«4  to  fint  reading. 
2     First    reading  May  13,  1^,  and  ordwed   to  second    reading  without 

A  BILL  ■"'   ■  ■  ^-  II 

"  "■■4 

For  an  act  to  empo*7er   Trustees  of  Schools   to  lay  out  and  dedicate  ctnnmoii  | 

■ "-  ..■^ 

school  lands  for  street  and   highway  poxpoees.  "^  -  ^:^ 

..,*     t- 

Bbotiom  I.    Btit  mtaekd  fty  ik$  PaofU  9f  At  Btatt  vf  lOmpk,  repruenUd 

2  in  the  General  Assembly,  That  the  Trustees  of  Schools  of  any  township  are 

3  hereby  authorized  and  empowered  in  their  corporate  e^rndty,  to  Uy  out  aad 

4  dedicate  to  the  public  use  for  street  and  highway  pnrpowa,  so  much  of  tiie 

5  common  school  lands,  which  is  unimproved  or  unoccupied  witii  buildings,  aa 

6  may  be  necessary  to  open  or  extend  any  street  or  highway  which  may  be  ordered 

7  opened  or  extended  by  the  municipal  authorities,  which  are  by  law  empowered 

8  to  open  or  extend  streets  or  highways  in  the  territoiy  whero  said  aohool  landi 

9  are  located :    Provided,  that  said  Trustees  of  Schools  shall  be   of  the  opinion 

10  that  the  benefits  to  accrue  from  tile  opening  or  extending  of  said  street  or 

11  highway,  to  the  remainder  of  said  c<«mion  school  lands,  will  compensate  for  the 

12  use  of  the  s^p  so  dedicated.    And,  provided  further,  that  it  shall  not  be 

13  lawful  for  any  street  or  other  railroad  to  lay  down  railroad  tracks  on  any  strip 

14  of  the  common  school  land  so  dedicated,  or    use  the  8«ne  or  any  part  oi 

15  the  common  school  lands  for  railroad  or  street  railroad  purposes,  except  upon 

16  the    purchase  or    lease  of  the    same    from  {nroper    authorities  ex  upon  the 

17  pas^ment  to  the  school  fund  of  said  township  of  the  value  of  sueh  use  or 

18  land  taken,  the  same  as  if  no  street  or  highway  had  been  laid  out  theraoai, 

19  to  be  determined  hy  proceedings  undnr  an  act  entitled  "An  act  to  provide 

.'■'•■'  ■'\.,*r,-ii- 

• . .  ■■  ■    '■"' 

■  ,,i--J-.i^ 

:^  •;■-.■. -;^!!rv-'?' 





^-:^.  V    -  -"r.-T 


■'•:|^^t?^?<^if«^.;t:v ♦  >: , ';: ;^  ,^>|tip^7  ^-^.y^^^f :cT?t^:i^-"    ■  -a^ 

do  &»*  tihie  ez6roiBe  of  the  right  of  eminent  domain/'  i^^Hroved  April  10, 1872, 

21  and  all  amendments   tiiereto:     And,  provided,  further,  that  chis    bill    shall 

22  not  in  any  way  affect  existing  leases  or  ocmtracts  for  tiie  lease  or  purchase 

23  of  commcm  school  lands. 






Hi  ■ 



f"  ^--  - 







w-yr;     _- 1^^-^r       '•?.•.  ■'-  <';,»'V.    -   ■^    -, 

.-l.'.tli  A>MM.i.  SKXATE- No.  4.  Jan.  1887 

1.     [iitrotlucfcl  l»y  Mr.  Ciirtiss,  JaiiuHry  0,  1887.  and  onlennl  to  tirst  rcailiiiy. 
•J.     riixt  rrailiiif:  .rammry  (').  ISHT.  Hn<l  rffcm-d  to  Comiiiittfe  on  Jiuiiciary. 
;>.     lit  fniitti]    hack   Kt'liruaiy  J,   lss7.  pa^sai:'-  rtHoiiiiiiriided.  and  ordered  to 
Mcoiid  rcadinj.'. 


ir  An  Act  tu  amend  secfinti  four  >  }■  of  an  act  to  amend  an  act  entitled  '"An  a«'t 
to  e\em|it  tlie  lionuMtead  from  torced  sale,  and  to  |»ro\  ide  for  M-ttinj/  off  tlie 
same,  and  to  e.xeii  |)t  certain  per->onal  pr()[)erty  from  attaclimetit  and  sale  on 
e.\e(  iition.  and  from  distress  for  rent,"  approved  ,\|)ril  ;J(),  ]H7;{,  in  force  Jvdy 
1,  1H7:5. 

Sri'TiuN  1.     Dc  it  enarfrj  hy  the  People  of  the  Stair  of   TUIr.ois,  rei>r,:,rr.',  ' 

•J  ///    ///'■    (rt/i'/ti/   . I. s.s^m />///,  That    section    four  i4i  of   an    act  entitled  an  act  to 

;f  amend   an   act    eiititleii    "'An    act    to    cXfiiipt    the    lioinesteaii    from    forced   sale. 

■1  and  to  |)ro\ide    for    settinj,'    off    the    same,    and     to    exempt    certain     personal 

r>  property  from    aftaclnneiit    and    sale  on  exei  iition  and  from  distress  for  rent,  " 

ti  approNfd    April    •><•,    Is7:t,    in     Ion  i     .Inly     I.    1H7.'5,    he  and  herehy    is  amended 

7  so  as   to  read   as   tollov\>.: 

h  ""Section     I.       No    release,    \sai\er   or   conveyunce    of     the    estate    s(»    exenrpti'(|, 

!)  shall    he    \alid,   iiidess    the    same   i^  in   writiiiL'.  siiliM-rihed   hy  said  household!  r 

|()  afid    lii^  i>r   lnr    wife    or     hiishaiid,    it    he    or    shr    ha\e    on«',    and    acKnow  led;.'ed 

II  ill     the     same    maimer    as    convex  arices    of    real     estate     are    reipiired    to    he 

\2  ackniiwleilLTt  il,  or  possession  is  ahandomd  or  t,'i\ en  pursuant  to  the  conveyance; 

I;}  (ir,  it    the   .-M-mption    i'^   continued    to   a   child    or   children,  witlioiit  the  orrler 

II  of   a    court    of    competent    jurisdiction   direclmu'   a  release  thereof;     I'tomlr,/, 

\',  (hat    III    all    cases    when     siicli     release,    waiver    or    conveyance    shall    he    taken 

It)  hy   way  of  mortjiaee  or  security,  the  baine  shall  oidy  he    ojierative  as  t.o   such 

F--  -;f* 

17  HiHH-ific  release,  waiver  or  f-oveyaiicc ;  and    wlitti    tin-    sairif    iiicluilts    (lifTcn-iit 

IH  j)i('(t's  of  land,  or  the  lioiiicstcad  is  of  f^'natcr  xaliic  than  one  thousand  dollars, 

li)  said  other  lands  sliall  first  he  sold  l«'for»'   resor  nifr  to   tlic    liomcsti'ad.  and  in 

■Jl)  case   of   the    sale   of   such    homestead,  if   any  iialance    shall    remain    afti-r    tiie 

'21  |)ayment   of   the   deht    ami    costs,    such    halanci'   shall,    to    the   extent    of  one 

\i2  thousand    dollars  i^!.(KI().()Oi  he    exempt,  and    he  ajiplied   upon  such   Imiriestcid 

"Z\  exemption  in  the  manner  providtHl  hy  law." 



1.    Beoeived  fieom  Hoaw  An^7,  1887,  Md  orclprvd  to  firrt  tMdiag. 
2     First    reafdiog  M»y  17,  1807,  and  ordered   to  Moond    nmaSag  withoitf 



For  An  Act  to  amend  Motioos  eight  ^,  mne  (?)  and  tw«afy-aM  (?U  ol  ao  mI 
entitled    ''An  act   in  regaid  to  linutationB,"   aftprorad  ApcU  i,  1878,  m 

force  July  1,  1872. 

■  ^l'-  ^-■•*^";  *■■■  ■i*'^>v 

...•^;v    ...  -      . 

<<vW  •  ...j;-.',- -  ivt;'  -''.'    fj'T,     -■■■,• 
^  ■    "  -•  ■'•:i  :   -     -    .     r':'      -■ 

:u  -:- 

Bicnoii  1.  B*  M  MMtM  if  Af  mpif  ^ifti  0M»  V  JWhuTi,  f^prmiUgS 
2  m  the  OtnercU  A*$emblg,  l%«t  aeelkaM  «gkt  ^^  bIm  (B)  and  tweefcjMia* 
S    (21)  of  an  act  entitled    "An  act  in  regwd  *o  MwHatiaM,*'  approydl  Aytfl  i, 

4  1872,  in  force  July  1,  1872,  be    and  the 

5  to  read  as  fdlomi: 

ao  at 

6  ''Section  8.    The    two  preeeding    teotioaa    datt  nok'txHioi  to  .  lands  at 

7  tenamente  owned  fay    the  United    States  or  tfai»   Stale,  near  lo  aeliaa^  aai 

8  seminary  lan^,  near  to  hnda  held  i»  the  dae  «f  vdifiaau  aociefciDB,  mat  t» 

9  ianda  held  for  any  pnblie  purpose,  wx  shaft  thcgr  esksand  to  laada  mt  touMBcnii 

10  where  there  Aall  be  an  advene  tithi  to  akdb  incfai  or  iaBmanita  and  the 

11  holdM  ol  aoeh  advone  title  k  nnd^r  tiie  age  el  twsnty-tfbe  jraan,  naaQa> 

12  aai»iaoned,  oat  of  the  hmits  of  tiie  United  flttatea  and  in  the  wapigymeait 
18  of  tiie  United  States  cr  of  this  StMe:    Piwided,  aadi  pnaon  tkaH  eone 

14  nience  an    action    to    reeorer    sodh  lands   o*    teaeas«iks    so    poasesaad    ia 

15  aforesaid  within  three  years  after  the  sevoral  diaalnlities  ber«u  mmnearated 

16  shall  cease  to    exist  and   shall    proseonte  sneh  acticm   to  indgmoDt,  or,  in 

17  case  of  vacant  and    nnocoupied   hmda,  shaB  witlnn  the  time  last  aloreaaid 

18  pay  to  the  pmacm  ot  pemna  who  h$m  paid  Om  wlm»t  ■&  ^  taxea,ii|lii 

^^la^^'S".  ^^f.  L.^'^A'  A;  '.Jf~ 

.  Zj^^^i 

1^  •' 


i  y,  "      ■  .  .  .  •.  ^  .-.  ••...-._ .  •  '• .      »• ,      '.'■'"  "i.  ^^5 

^i>  19  intoveBt  therMm   at  the  rate    oi  Un  pet  cent,  per  aaniim,  OuU  have  been  '^^ 

&••  -  •  -  .  ■■! 

^      20  paid  on  said  vaoant  and  unimproved  lands,  and :     Provided^  that  in  case  of  '     ■^^ 

'  ■:  -'^ 

^;"   21  any  insane  person,  the  disability  shall   cease  to  east  with  the   appointment  ^. 

^   22  and  qualification  of  a  conservator  of  such  insane  perscm  under  tlie  laws  of  ^t 

h    '  '^ 

l^;,    23  this  State,  and  the    time  herein  limited   shall    ccmmence  to  run   from  the  '^ 

..Vr  -      '-y 

24  time  of  suoh  appointoaent  and  qutdification."  '^ 

flS  "Section  9.    If  at  the  time  when  such  ri^ht  of  entry  or  of  action  upon  - 

96  or  for  landa  first    accrues  the    person    entitled  to  such    raitry  or  action  is  ^^ 

>? ■  .    .          '  '  % 

#   27  within    the  a^  of    twoity-one    years,  or    if    a    female    of   at  the    age  of  % 

I:, '!.  '  •  i 

ki:    2S  eighteen  years,  or  insane,  imprisoned,  or  absent  from  the  United  States  in  -^ 

^   2B  the  service  of  the  United  States  or  of  this  State,  such  person  or  any  one  | 

I?,  .    .  '^ 

90  claiming  from,  by  or  under   him  or  her  may    make  the  entry  or  bring  the  :    'i; 

^  81  action  at  any  time  within  two  years  after  such  disalMlity  ia  removed,  not- 

':    SB  withstanding  the  time  before  limited  in  that  behalf  has  expired:    Provided, 

^  88  that  in  case  d  any  inaane  paiM»    iho  disabiUty  shall  be  ranoved  by  the  j 

^V.  84  i^nwiatanent  of  and  quaJifioatiwx  oi  a  oonsorator  for  suoh  insane  person  ondar  '   ^-^ 

85  the  laws  of  this  State,  and  the  time  in  this  section  limited  shall  begin  to 

^^    SB  nm  from  tiie  time  of  suoh  appoinknent  and  qnalifioatioD."  ';: 

87       "Section  21.    If  the  person  entitled  to  bring  any  action  in  the  nine  iveceding 
86    sections  is  at  the  time  the  cause  of  aoticm  accrued  within  the  age  of  twenty- 

^J.  88  one  yean,  or  if  a  female  within  the  age    of  eighteen  yean,  or  insane,  or 

^^  40  imprisoned  on  a  criminal  diarge,   he   or  she  may  tning  the  action  within 

^•■'.  41  two  yean  after   the    disability  is  removed:     Provided,  Uiat  in  case    dt  an 

I    48  insane    person    the  disability    shall  be  removed    by    the  Hipointment    and 

^.  48  qnalifiioatiim  of  a  eonaervator  under  the  laws  of  this  State  for  such  insane 

^j^"  44  peraon,  and  the  time  in  thia  seotion    limited  shall  oommoioe  to  run  from 

^>>48  the  time  of  sooh  ai^wintment  and  qnaliflfiatitm." 

V-..  ..." 



1.  Beedved  from  House  kjuQ.  1,  1867,  «ul  enicni  lo  iM  tm^ag. 

2.  Krst   reading   May  17, 1887,  and   wdend  to  woond  nttdiag  without 
r  I  .  raEerence. 


-•!■        '►K. 

^'«  . 


■  -  -    V'  >'   ^^*-    ,':  '^     ■        •        „^'  '     "'  '   ■:       ■■'    '• 

A  3EUL 


For  An  Act  to  amend  Motkw  aermaty  (70)  trf  an  aet  Mkiilled  "An  lot  in  nguA 
to  the  administratkni  of  estates,"  approT^  A^  1,  1872,  in  lorot  Jvlj  1, 




SaonoR  1.    £«  tf  tmmeM  hg  ih»  People  of  fib  JTIolv  ^  lOinm,  t^irttcnie>l 

2  tfi  /A«  General  As$emblff,  That  section  sevmty  (70)  of  an  act  entitled  "An  act 

8  in  regard  to  the  adminjstntion  of  estates,"  ^>iiroTed  A|iiil  1,  1872,  in  force 

'4  July  1,  1872,  be  ao^eoded  so  as  to  read  as  feSows: 

5  "Section  70.    All  demands  agatnst  the  estate  of  any  tertator  oar  iatsstato 

6  shall  be  divided  into  classes  in  manner  following,  to-wit:  ■_■,:/).■'- J, "  ■'''S'','^- 
'  "7  Fir$t—Fmxenl  expMises.      ■ 

8  8eeond—Th»  widow's  award  if  there  is  a  widow,  or  ehiliirea  if  thaie  are 

9  children,  and  no  widow.  .           ;            .        -<•    v,';^^/;,. 

10  TA«r<f— All  claims  for  wagea  of  aay  servant  or  lalioref ,  aaed  eaqwnses  attei^- 

11  ing  the  last  illness  of  the  deceased,  not  inolnding  ^yAciaa'«  biU. 

12  Fourth — Debts  due  the  ocmmion  school  or  townshq|>  fond.  <^    .■J'.:_ 

18  Fifth — ^AU  expenses  (rf  pnmng  the  will  and  taking  oat  letters  teatamentary  or 

14  d  administraticm  and  settlMneot  of  the  estate,  and  {dysioum's  bill  in  the  laat 

16  illness  of  the  deoeaaad.                                    v      ;^     , 

16  Sixth— When  the  decedent  has  received  money  m  tnut  for  itny  poiqpesa,  his 

17  ezecutoir  or  administntor  shall  pay  oat  of  his  estate  tiie  amoont  tiias  received 

.^   and  not  aooouiifd  Ibr 

19  Seven^^AJX  otih«r  jj^iad  demvo^B  of  iduitwMTor'IdBd  vithoct  l«pild  jh» 

20  qaalitj  or  dignity  which  shall  be  ezhilxted  to  the  ooait  within  two  years  from 

21  the  granting  of  letters  m  afm-esaid,  and  all  demands  not  exhibited  within  two 

22  years  as  aforesaid,  shall  be  forever  barred,  unless  the  creditors  shall  find  othor 

23  estate  of  ib»  deoeaaed  not  inyentoiied  or  aoooimted  for  by  ttte  ezecotcM'  or 

24  administrator,   in   which   case   their   claims   shall   be  paid  pro  rata  out  of 

26  saoh    subsequent   disoovered    estate,  saving  however,  to   infants,  p«Miis  ci 
9B  unsound  mind,  imprisoned,  or  without  the    United    States   in   the  employe 

27  ment  of  the  United  States  or  of  this  State,  the  term  of  two  years  after  th«r 
2B  respectiye  disabilities  are  rmnoved  to  exhibit  their  claims:      Promded,  that 


29  with  persons  of  unsound  mind  the  disability  shaU  cease  with  the  ^>pointmeBt 

90  and  qnalifioation  of  a  conservator  for  such  persons  under  the  laws  of  ti|i|L 

81  State,  and  the  time  horein  limited  shall  begin  to  nm  from  the  appointeMot 

32  and  qnalifica^n  of  such  oonservator." 

i^-'  ~;'k4 

■  I ; 


.'iotll    A>*««Mil. 

SKN  ATK— No.  «. 

Jan.  1«H7 

I.      Iiitr.idiicfd  l.>   Ml.   Stiftr.  .l;iiiiiKry  7.    IHHT.  ami  i.i.Ici.mI  tci  fii'-t   ica.liii!.'. 
•J.      I'ii-Nt   it'adijitr  .laiiiiHiy  7.   |SK7,    and    rffen«-d    tu   (  umiiiitt*-*'    on    KiIiich- 

tinii    iiiid    KdiicatioJial    instil iitioii^. 
:>.      iJuli-^  >iis|M-n(U-ii.  JaniiMi>    IJ.    1^7.  und  <>idfH-<i  to  ■^t  t  ojid   r.adniL'.   nid 

to  lie  printfd. 


)r  All   Act   to  |iid\idf  tor    the    Jiiiditintr    and    |)a\nn-nt    ot    tin-    i|iiaitcrl\    lnlU    ol 
<   (>lint\     Sil|ir|  llitrlHK'nts   ot    S(  liooK. 

1      ;.-    I 

I       li(      I 

Sn  iio\  1.  Ill  if  iiiiittnl  liii  tif  I'liijili  ,)/  till  Stilt'  III  Illinium.  I  i/ii  I  SI  iiti  il 
HI  Ihi  (iiiiini!  A'^'-iiiihlii.  Tli;i!  tin-  c|iiMi1i'i  i\  liilU  ot  flif  ('oiiiity  Sii|ii'iin- 
ttiidfiil^  il  ScliooU.  loi  iliiMi  <  oiri|).!i>jition  and  c  \|miis(  s  in  \isitini.'  ^rliool-,. 
;i-.  lH'Aldid  \\\  -^iTtloii  ^.■\i-ijI\  i>I!.-  ■71',  ot  file  i.'fncla!  sclioul  law.  wlicli  |i|c 
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Stall-  sili.Mii  tniid,  and  to  transmit  said  warrants  to  tlif  st-Ncral  <  ountv 
Sii|M-nnti  ndciits  nt   Si  liools. 

J   1.      Wiiii-iiis.   (iidrr    tin-    |ni  stilt    liiw    -,Mid    bills    ol    tlic    ('oiintx    SnpiTin 
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itiK    upon    Its   passiiL'i'. 

.^5th  AsfHuii.  ShNA  Ih— rio.  7.  Jan. 

1.      lilt  MxliK  111    l)\     Ml.    ( ■li;i|>miiii,    .Ifiiiiifirv     Jl.    I>vs7,    dud    mdiiiil  to  tirst 


-.       I'i)-I     I.  ;nhiiL'     •l!i!iii:ir\      li.     I^."^?.     ami     iflcili'il     t<'   (  (iiiiiiilf !< '■   I'H    i'ciial 

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•dl  All  \(  !  Ill  |i|(iVhlr  111!  the  t  In  jiii  i\  llllllt  of  CollMct  l.uhor  ill  Illilkillt-'  >(llooI 
iioiik-  ;i!i.i  io!  tllflf  ll.i'  (il -!l  llilltloll  to  tlio^i'  clitltlcd  ttl  iti|llJI->>ioll  111  tin- 
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an     !|ii'!  '   ni  lat  )■  .1!    t  liili  t-   I- 

V|,    n,.-.      1.         /;,       (/     /  l,ll(  /rii     /,:/     /if.       I'.iijJ,      ft       tlh       Sf'l/r    ill       fUllinlS.     I  r  j  I  li  Si  n  1 1  il 

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:;  t.ii  '111  iudiiii-  -^liLioK  ,,;  ill,  Stall'  ot  lllinoi-,  a^  iiiali>  ot  tin-  (■oii\irt> 
I  (iilitllii'i  ill  till-  |>i  nit  lilt  ia  III  ■  at  -loliit  and  ( 'lii-^tcj'  a->  liin\  he  IM'Ctvv:i|-y  to 
■',       (  aM\     "lo     I  111      jM'i\  i-^loll-    o!    t  i,.  -     Hi  . 

:    _',       >'irli    \MilL    ^haii    ill-    (1'  1  toiiiii-d    a;     and    illidi'l     til''    dllrct  ioti  and   ion  tldl 
■_'       ot     ih,       I '.   Iilti-ntial>     (    on,lil!'--i' ■!:■   I  -    ol     .lollrl. 

ll    :ti     iin\    lini''  lliiii'   -iiali   not    \u    ^iilliritnt    iiiiinlu'r  of    i-oinict"-  tlial 

•J  ,-,ii!     I„        id.  anlai'i  o^:-~|\      ii:;  |.i.  ^v  .  d     :n     -ii'li     uork     at    .lollrt     I'diltcllt  la|-\  ,    ill.- 

:;  -aid    I '.  iiinii->:i 'ni  I  -     iiia\     oii     |..  Iilioii     to     li.c    (lovi'iiior   ol    tlii--   Stati     -^ittini." 

I  i.atii   li!i:i    o  a>on-   loi.   ,:nd    !•   j:.'■■^t    \\if   tran--lrr  ot   tin-   tiuniix-r  itM|inir(|  hom 

.-)  I'lii     |i.i..t.  i;t  ;aiA     at    <    iM^l.i    ;       ti.     |i.  nit.  nl  lai  \    at    doi.i  t .  and  it    lia     f  o  r,  riiior 

(i  -I;  ill    [ili'i    liMt    --nil    nilnd'i  !         li'i'l    '.'      !!:•      woiix    ciiii    In  ■  -o  1 1  a  li^ti  ro  ■.  I   w  it  i  a  .iil 

7  d:-  :d  .  ,il:t  il;.       to     l!:-      (i,--!.i      !'>  lilt .  'it  :  1 1  \     In  ■    shidl    d  I  lict     liiat    -,|.  ii    t  i  a  l  i-ti -r 

s  ll,     inadi  ,    alid    I  iait  iijion    ji,,     i   oninii--ioiii  is  ot   tin-   (dic-tii    i'.-nilt'iitiaiv   ~-\iu\l 

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!<•  tlh'    convicts    r('(|iiin'(l    liv  siicli  oiilcr.   iiinl   flic  ( !(i\  .iiior  iiiiiv    \>\    onlci   ilii.  (t 

II  tllMt      ,lli      Ci|ll;il      llUIIllii   r     (pf     (iitlXlct^     lint     -~llltril     tn    till'     Wclk     nt     IIIIIKIIIL'     In^iivs 

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■J  (iilji'lJll       Sll|icriljtcnilt  lit       nt        I'nilIlll'J       ali.j        i'lnnj.        I 'li  1  ii  i  III  iJ .      wlin      >ii:ill      In- 

:i  1  linlnllL'lllv     --killed     111     tlir    i|it:nl    nt       lintli      ■  |i   I  i;i  I  I  II  i«  '  1 1  -      nl      prMitiliL.'      aihi      iiink 

I  lllllilllMJ.    ;llli|     -illlll     ii<-    |)illi|     M     si||:ir\     lint     tn    .   \ .  i  .  m  i     l||.      ^illn     n|     ihiin    tiinll^llhl 

•"»  ilnjj.'il'^    )>(  I      nitlUlli.       Sllcli    Sllpi'l  lliti  lull  lit      -li;iii      nil'   IT     till'     . ill.  I'l  lull     nl      ^:i|,| 

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7  t;il        a-'-         I|ipil1 -I  Ml"-       tn       till         lll'lllllll         III        vll.'l  tlh         wnrli      In     tn     i.t       |>.    I  ln|  lr;i   it  . 

S  S.llil         *     1 'lnlll!''.sln|H'l  s        >ll;lll         .iImi       i'lll(l|n\  --lich         lllllllliil         n]         I  p\  i't'si'1-l  -         ,il|ii 

'.*  Ill^t  rilil  nl  s    ;(v     lii,i\      ill'    lii|llini|,     !in!     !•'    iMiiij     till     II      l.llinliil.    .Il|i|     tn     i ..      |<i|il 

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V     •').       Till       <    nlliliiKsinni'i  •,     -liiiil.      U|inh     ttii-    I:n.lli'j    .ll.'i!     n|     ll'i-      i,t.      il.ii 

■J  tl>c    tni     |i|i|s    tn|    liiniisliiii^'    till     (ii;uit    'II  (  I  N'^:(l  \     In    ;iil  \  a  lit  :i 'ji  ndvl  >      iinjii'V      at 

•  t  least    I\Mi    liiMiiilC'l    alhl    liit\     in|i\|(l-;    -.nek    a' i '•  i  1 1  I'-eiM"!! !      -hil!      i'e      lui.le      ili 

I  till       N,'iii;i       i|iai|lii  I      a-      !■-     '  '  n\     pi'i\:ci..|     ii\     \.i\\     |n|     ,il\i  iIin,iiii  nt     ',■•'     1.1,1^    |ii| 

.       •")  -"li|l|ille-.     'Illil      III     a'ii|l1,nll      ikelltn     sl|(l|      Hellle     -kaii       I'C       |  H  i  i  li  I -,1 1 1     i       ill         l'        li'|-t 

(>  nlle      ilalls       |ia|iel       j  >l ,  1  ij  1--)  i.  •.  I      III     tin      e  1 1  1 1  ■-    n!     iJn-^tnll.     \e\\      \  n|  k      III. I      rililalel 

7  |)lila.    ami    lirn\!i|e.|    lliil     Niieli    inaeliMierx      --liall    Imt    en-^t     tn    e\ei'ei|    tla      -Ulii    nt 

S  |itt\    t  liniiNiiinl    i|n||a|-N.        \tii|    saiil     e.  i!iiliil---lnliil  s     ^liall     ■li-^n     a'l\iiti~i       iii     tlic 

'.'  NMllle       llialllier      tin:ll       llllie      In      tljii'      Inl       j  >  1 1  li   I       al|i|      lliatellal     |.'i|i|iri.i     III     tile 

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II  nii\'  ami  ali  liiiK  :    m  ca^e  t  lie  |nu  ."-t  imi  i  ei  .-is  e,|  k  nni   Inu  ei .  i|iialit  \    lU'l  unaei  it  \ 

\J.  cnllslilel'eil,     tliall    ellirellt     n|     lliaikii      i'ltis.      allii      III      ea -e      lln      lihl       I  •-       iiei|itei|. 

1-i  Siliil      ( 'ollltlllss|i)liel>      llia\       |Ml|■e||a-^.        tlle      ailinllllt      a'l'.  •  1  I  Isi  .1      ei!         ii|i  'll      tile 

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!•>  lie   jtahl   tor  liy  shkI   ( 'oiiiiiiiasinnci--  ai  a  nrijiii'j   to  tlic  t-Tiiis    nf    tins     act.     ami 

17     tl«    \ii.i:t(»r  >li;»]|  draw   ln>-  'Aiuraiit  ui    favor    <•(    -^nifl    ronmiissionj-rs    to  tlip  | 

-  ■  '--I 

l**       .M!,!  ■i;||!     Mi'i'l      :i|>ji!i-|'r  ;:itc.i      T'.      ill.   11      .|->.      i;|io!i     til.-     i"l   lir     "i     fin-      I'l-.tlil     ni  V;^ 

J"     t!..   ^.  i!  •■  -  ti.i  i!i-r:Ti;T,.ii]  :irr:i'  ii.  1.  'i 

^   >•       rii.     >:  it.     >';p.  :  i!it- ',-ii  !■:    .4    I'lii.lir    li)--t  rii<  t  ii'!<,   tl,.'    I'i.--;.i.-)it   ■ -t  tli.'  -i 

_'      ->!ir.     \^!i.;'    I 't;i  .  •t-^i?  \      .'      \''M.n.     ri.-     I'lnrifia!     i.t     t!i.      Nt,it,       N'liiiKil  .  ^^ 

•i        I     'lixi   I  -   ■          ■■:     (    :ill iiii        al:'i     ;!.•     '    '•M-i      ,    I, I-    ;|;    ■itti<f.   Ml'f   llclfl'N    i  i 'h-t  !  t  ii  t  f(|  - ''• 

1        !    (   I  !i  II  ;•;    ,     .'I.     r.  \t     i'..i.Mi-     :■;    '!;•      |i:iii)^.-i     .i!      |'i..\!  !iiil'      tli'     iii.ttti  i    !oi    :i  4 


■')       llliilitlli     -,'    -1.  IM     ..■     :.\t     !...,,i.^     -,1     !|:,      II-,.      ,.!     tl;.      |l.|l,lli      -,1   iiii.iK     ,i|     tlll^    M.lti-,  .^ 

(i       ;ii     !!;■      !ii:!.il!L'     'i'     V>  I!   .   jl    -:|i   i:     ■     .|i\:rl     I'iIm.I     -.ii;!!!     Id-    t||||  ij.  .\  i  ,|  .  .| 

-     ",  'I   !   .     r.^!;;U;iMi  .       -1,     I  •  ■ -. !     1 '..  ..  ir  -   - !  i  ,  i  j  ,      I )  >.  .1 1    I  l|.     t  M  K  I T  rj    < -if.  I'T     ..1     llil-,ict, 

■J      -•  I.  .!-:'!.•!   I  !■•     ^.  .:•-   ii!    ;,i  ;!|,,  |-  ;|i.,i    |,:(,i,  r-     :i-     aii-     Unw      ji;;  iili- !•.  .|     ti;-ir     al'c  1" 

■  '<       !!'    ';   •   ii      :n[|;,.i!;.    -Ili:;i!ri.     : -.  i   lli,     w    :!:'-   dt     Jh-       |p|liiili'     -(   l|."'l-  of      iliK     Slate,    alnl  A 


1      I  ■  ~.  I  :  '  .  .ii  If .  I  • .-.    -!,  .  I  i    '::,  !    '  '■    ; '     !  I:  \   "t    til.     i-i  I,  -  ^i .  -.  !■  .  :  i-.i    ■() '     •)>i'!i  !  I '  tl  ,■(• 

•">        ji^ili.     ;;       •■:            tM'^li'        MI'I-,;.:        '     ■      til.'      1   •    Ii    ''il    I  -■.      "I       Hi     ',  I.  .Ml!      lit      tl;.'  *4 

•  >      i-.;.\'       •;     •;,.  i    ••!,,■;'  ,11  •■  li"    •  i(  i      .,■1;.-..     M.:i.      I     ;!:.      r.iii.n  it  i  .-i      -hall     :i|.ia!| 

I         -;,!',            1'   -      -I  '     ■•■   !■  ^  ;  .  .j      ,    ii '  ,       I '!  '    1  ■  I   ;■  'i      I: '.      '   >  )|IM  i_'l;l        T  il.   \      -.INIi  i        I  !  |i   i .     i  |  n  i!l  "j 
^      t;.  •.!:,.  I.     !.■!    !  il.     ;■';!.  i    i--.    .■!   t  :,■     ••■).;  m;:|:1    i.a    t  li.-  S(  ;,| ,    ,  ,j    iljin..,-,  i.t    .  Mh-  ■  ;|   I  I  !.• 

'■'       -.   I  il    -      .1      .   I,  (   I.  -i           !'■■■''■:.     ■■■!■.!.,      -ii.   !.   1  <i|.\  !  |._'|i|    -hiili     ri,.l      11,,!      |ii.-r,-,-i|  ;J^ 

II          tl'.       -;!!,'■!     I,..         ii|.:,,-l'"i       .i     .l;,|.                  .\'.'l     I-        ,./,/<.//,■'/,.      till"         !l        t|..|!<         .it        till'  '4 


I           in-      -I       -.i-ltil      I   Ml.        !!:      till          .p'Hlnll      :it      -llil      <    olllllllt  f".    ,      il"      |lllri-|i.i-i     1      ilt  '^ 
l'       ■!    I  I  :r  -II!,-:  :    !i-   -Mil      'I       li    -:i     i    (        :,    ii,l)  t.  i      Ii              i-r     -^Ui   i,      |i,i.|i(-\       i    i      t  i|.-     |iM.   i.:l-:• 
■  >      .  •'   iraii  li-i  ;  ii>!    |i  •(    t  ill          ■  1.  '  ■  i  •  ■■ ,  ■ .  1 1 1    I .  a  ' '  i-i    in  -t   'j  I  \  I  ii'j   iti!  i/l  n    ni .( ii  c  i  li  t  in-  -liiii  ■* 


I      I'llili.l     :ii     ■iicli      -i|)iiiiti       i.Ti.i.      Ill     r.    I'i.i-     III     at     I.'ii^t     .iin      ul     tl'i      hinliii"  "    3) 

■'>       Ml   '.'. -|i:ii"   I  -   !!i    :!'    li;i-I    liiill      I't      ''i'       ilt'Ji       ■■llli''-     n!      llil-     St   it.,      .||iii      ili      l)ii-til!l  i. 

ti     iiiiil  riiii  iili'lnhia  ii'i  t  !i.'  -j.  I.  I      t  I  ill! ; ',  i|a\-,rlii-  >f\.ial    ^mn-    tn    In-    |iiiiil    lnr  ''. 


I       t  hi'  !i;al,  M-(  I  l|it  ■>  >i  j.Tti  il     ii\      -lii     '    iiliilii'It'  I  ,     ;il|i|     linl,.      i.i      ;i.-.-.|it  ci ! .     i\ii-|)t  ^'^ 

^     --iiiii  a  -  i  i!i\   Hill  t  t  111     It  i|i:,i  1  II,.  It-     il    t  III-    (  ■niiiiiiitti-i        >.  iiij    -mil    -n    ti.    1..  -j 

',1      p  ihi   t<i  I  ■     II  I  I  III!  il   tl  I    t  i;i      \  i,.!,!i   I    ■;)ii.|i     iiiii-     it     [liirt  iclilal        in    -  i  I'i  <  'mii  In  it  t  i-r.  •'5 

■Jl      .ilal   '111      ^,    iht.ii    -i  all   lira",    h:-    \   hi  iiit   t  la  i.-tnr.  -,.' 
>     "-.      '!  Ill-    imi'ili     -.iiii.ii-    -hali    lii-t    ill-    -il|i|iilrii     With     nail.  Is.     riiliiliicliciiii; 

li      with    thi-   lii-t      .if     I'liiii.i     '.'la.l.  .     iitiil     a-     xmii     as     iiil     thr    <'i>iilit\     Sii|)<Tili-  i 







tciKJciits  of    tills  State    luixc    liccii    Mippiii'tl    with    icM'li  Is    Im    ilistiilmtioii    a^ 

lirK  llliljtti  |)|(i\|(i((l.  sjiid  (  (illlllllttft'  111)  'iC\t  I'xw.l.-.  v|i;i|l  jiiiKiiil  III  l|;r 
siiiiii    iiimiiicr  as  |i|ii\  iiird   lor  sccuimii'j  t  lie  cuiiy  i  iL.'iit    ■•     inanusii  ipi    tui    ii.i.i.i'- 

tti  NCclirf  lliallllsci  Ipt  till  tiif  tolldW  lliL'  ti'\t  ImiuIxs.  lint  !■!  (Acic'i  il.  (.i-.t  111. 
tor  speller.  S.VKI;  wiltlliL'  liUdK.  S:;*!!!;  iMcliIai  an?  Imi'l  li  .  Sl.VlH;  |i|acni;il 
anthiiii  ti<  .   SI, .■)()(».   L'touiaphv .   SJ.iKld.   aihi    l'i  aiimiai    ;,-   niis   imn   Im     i,(piii.-(|. 

s    •'.       'i'iif    ImkiKs.    \^1|(Ii    liiacic,    sliiill      |„       siii'jrci      t'i     !)]<■     n|.l,|      ,.|      tjic     M;itf 

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till'    .lolict     priiitfiitiar>    til    tlif    <'niini\    Sii  pt  riiii .  ti.  I  ■  i  I  -    i  ii     Sci I-,    in    sudi 

lUiiniui.    Mini    at     siidi    iiuio     a^     jif    max    iliicci.       I '.  ,,ii,/, ,/,    n.i    ,i)init\    v|.a|| 

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State    Is    till  llislleil     with    tlie    lilst    iJlade    m     series. 

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leeeipl     III    illlplleate    lor     sailie.      sell(llllL'      iilie      receipt     In    til'       '    i  HI  1 1 1 1  |s-|i  itiel  s     df 

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tliUl,      and    till-    (iilllltN      Sllpel  intendellt      shall     tiirlll\\!lh     dellVel      te     tin       tnUll 

ship  tnasiiiei    ul   s(hi'i>l   fund,     in   e.ieh   tnwiisliip  in    his  eniintx.    -m  ii    priipnr 

tim,     .ll     ;he    hooks    rece|\ed     as    ihi      lilllniiel     '  it     sehdjal-     III      s;ie).      I  i  .W  i .  ,  1 , 1 1 1      iii;|\ 

111  ar    to  the  total   ii'iiiiiiei    ol   sehohiis  m  lln   eoiinlv        >iii  h   I'u'.iisnip  lii  msuii  i 

shall     niai.e    receipts    in    dupheate.    selldllli:     one    t.i    tin      Stall-    Slipi   •  illti   lid-   111     111 

I'lmlic  iiisi  iiK  tioii  and  one  to  the  coiiiit\  superinleiideiit .  and  said  lownshiji 
treasurer  shall  distfilmte  said  hooks  to  liie  (lir<iio|s  uj  Hk  seveia'l  s(!.,io| 
tllstriets  ol  his  toWlisliip.  Hi  tile  sallK  ptoportloii  as  is  111  lllls 
section    tor    (listnhiitioii    hx     the    coiintx     supei  iiiten>  i  nt .      Sail    diieii'iis   -haii 

receipt  in  duplliale  Inr  said  hcnks.  sendlllL'  nlii  tn  tin  tnWIishlp  tieaslllel 
and  one  to  the  colintV  siijiel  intelidelit  ,  I'lh  s,  i  imi  doiel  .|s  ^iiall.  at  Il;e 
coinilieiiceinelit  ol  an>  teiiii  of  sclioul.  dilivei  to  i)e  t  ai  her  sin  jj  Imioi,^  as 
are  held  li>  them  hcloliL'lIlL'  to  tile  State  and  sin  i  t.ail.i-  shall  |.  celpl  ill 
dll|»lieate.  one  ot  uIikIi  sliall  he  'jixeli  In  llie  lillcilois  and  one  sjiali  |<e  s,  nt 
to  tile  State  Silperiliteliilelll  ol  I'lllillc  I  lis!  nut  h  Hi .  and  it  ls  iil.  I.\  made 
the     dlltv     ol     the    teacher    leceivniL;    slliii    liooks    to    dl-!llhll1e    tl'     same    to    1  he 

'20  s<-Ii<>Ihik,   and    at    tht-   md    of   the   fcriii   collt'cf  hikI  n'ttini  siuli  l)<«»ks.  iiinh-r 

'2\  siicli   liilts  as  flif  lioai'l  iif  (liiictois  iiia.N    |>r»'s«rilM'. 

!;    II.      I''(ir  flic  jmrpoNf  nf  |mr(  liasijij/  tin-  in ccssaiy  iiiHcJiiTiciy  and  iiiatcnal 

■2  i>'(|iiircd    and     toi-    payiiiu'    tlic     litlp    as    l»y    tliis    act    |»i()vi<ic<i,    and    fni    tlic 

;?  |>iircliasc    of     ci)|iyMj,'lit     ami     !iianusciij)t .    the    sum    of     i^iV  i,(  *  M  i     is    licit-lty 

i  a|i|ii(>)inafcd,    to    he    paid    out     ot     aii\     riiuiicy    in     the    State     rrcasiiry    not 

•")  otheiNMse     ap|iro|>i'iated.      Till      iimnevN     hcrel)y     a|>|)iiipi'iated   to     lie     paid     as 

()  lieieinhcloie  provide*!. 


1.  Introdneed  1^  Mr.  Cbutnaii,  Jmmry  11,  l9Bf,  mfAlrnkvak  to  ftrrt  rMdiag. 

2.  First  reading  Jannwrsr  11, 1887,  and  letotred  to  Cwamittac  qa  l^eoal  aaft 

Re&mitttOTy  Inrtttntitions. 

3.  Reported  back  Jaonary  12,  1867,  paanige  Mxm^tiaoded,  and  refarred  to 

Committee  ooAmffonriatioas. 

4.  Reported  back  A|nil  15,  1867,  without  reoommendai^Qn,  but  asking  ^at 

it  be  printed  and  placed  tm  the  oalttidar. 


*  ■.r-.-r^->i 

:     A  BIXX^ 

For  An  Act  to  provide  for  the  empbyment  d  CooTiot  Labor  in  mddng  Si^iool 
Books  and  for  tbdr  free  diKtribution  to  those  enttlled  to  admiMton  in  tii* 
PuUic  Sohoois  of  tbe  State  of  IHinoia  and  for  the  appoiotsMot  of  »  Com- 
mittee on  Text  Books  fH-eHcribtng  their  powsra  and  ditties  and  mglrtny  an 
appropriation  thM«for.  -   ...    ,  ,    -■.,;. --- > 

^v    >■  v-;- 



.■_'j;v*C""  ■ 

'    ■U.-'-^/.'-V^:" 

S       •'             .-      t  V    , 

V-.'.*^  '  *:'*'' 

\               i 

.  f: 

SBonoN  1.    B«  «f  «na«<0il  5y  ik»  Ptoph  iif  ikt  Btmla  of  Mimoit,  r<pre*etUed 

2  in\the  General  Auemhly,  That  there  shall  be  ea4>loyed  itt  making  text  books 

3  for  the  public  schools  of  the  State  of  Illinois  as  many  d  the  ooniricts  ooi^ed  is 

4  the  Penitentiaries  at  Joliet  and  Chester  as  may  be  necessary  to  carry  out  the 

5  provisions  of  this  act.  '.;•.—  ,-»,  r  =,,,;. 

§  2.    Sack  work  shall  be  performed  at,  voA  under  tba  ^HaeoiMMi  wd  oflaiteQl, 

■  fey':''-  .    _,     ■■       f ;^  ■'■         ''    ■'^' .     .-' 

2  of  the  Peniteotit^  CommisnonerR  at  Jdiet.  .      :^^. 

§  3.    If  at  any  tame  there  shdl  not  be  sulBcieni  nimibet  of  oooviots  that 

2  can  be  advantageously  employed  in  such  work  at  Johet  Penitentiaiy,  the  said 

3  Coiumissiouers  may,  on  {)etition  to  the  Oovemor  of  tins  State  setting  forth 

4  their  reasons  for,  and  request  the  transfer  of,  the  number  required  from  tlw 

5  Penitentiary  at  Chester  to  the  Penitentiary  at  Joliet,  uid  if  the  €k>Temor  shall 

6  find  that  such  number  suited  to  the  work  can  be  so  transferred  without  di»- 

7  advantage   to  the   Chester  Rnutentiwy  l»   ilM0  4foet  dint  mch  tnaifar 

^  '  9    duJI  eaase  to  be  ^iterect  to  the  pta^eit  officers  of  tiie  J<^^  Penitentiary  the      ,   /f  ;i 

i-<--^  L  -  -  ' .-    * 

?%  K)    convicts  reqnmd  hy  such  order,  and  the  Governor  may,  by  order,  direct  that         ^    | 


■f.  U    an  eqnal  number  of  oonviots  not  snited  to  the  work  of  making  books,  be  trans-  -,    | 

■■  3 

^:    12  fenred  from  Joliet  to  Chester  Penitentiuy,  Mid  thereupon  the  Coiimiituuoiiers 

'    16  of  Joliet  Penitentiary  shall  cause  to  be  delivered  to  the   proper   oflicerH  of 

X:  17  Cheater  FenitentiMy  the  oonviotH  required  by  such  order. 

^'-    '  §  4.    The  Commissioners  shall  upon  the  taking   effect  of  this  act  employ  a 

^    2  general  superintendent  of  printing  and  book  biudin^^,  who  shall  be  thoroughly 

^k'  8    dolled  in  the  detail  of  both  d^EMtrtniMitB  of  printing  and  book  binding,  and         r:>f^ 
g:,    4    shall  be  paid  a  salary  not  to  exceed  three  thousand  dollars  per  annum.     Such  .  .^: 

%     6    superintendent  shall  imder  the  direction  of  said   (^immiNsionerH   have  charge  -j 

6    and  control  of  those  engaged  in  such  work  so  far  an  an>ertaui8  to  the  manner  ;    ' .-   '^ 


:  /  K 

7  in  which  the  work  is  to  be  performed.    Said  Commissioners  shall  also  Muploy      ■     ."    ^ 

-"■..  -'f 

'■.^'^  8  such  number  of  overseen  and  instruotorH  an  may  l)e  retiuired,  not  to  exceed  '   j 

■V-  _ ', 

9  ten  in  numbw,  and  to  be  paid  not  to  exceed  sevoity-five  dollars  per  month. 

i  5.    The  Commiaaioners  shall,  t^mn  the  taking  effect  of  this  ad,  advMiise 

1^    8  far  Inds  for  furnishing  the  i^ant  necessary  to  advantageously  employ  at  least  f  ^^ 

^ff.'  B  two  hundred  and  fifty  convicts ;  such  advertisement  xhiUl  be  mad«  in  tiie  Hame  C' 
f;.                                                                               _                                                           -       ;v* 

i- '   4  manner  as  is  now    provided  by  law  for  advertisement  for  bids  for  Bnmdies,  and  in  -^ 

6  addition   thereto   such  notice  shall  be  puUished  in  at  least  one  daily  paper  --^ 

i.      6  ^blished  in  the  cities  (A  Boston,  New  York  and  Philadelphia,  and  i»t>vided  '^ 

#V    7  that  such  machinery  shall  not  cost  to  exceed  the  sum  of  fifty  thousand  dol- 

f^^'B  Ian.    And  said  Conunianoners  shall  ako  advertise  in  the  same  manner  frtan  r^'"* 

^;  9  amb  to  tiine  for  papa:  and  mttoial  required  in  the  nukinir  of  nudi  bodn.  :> 

to  The  CoauBMBoners  shall  reserve  tiie  ri^  to  ntjeot  any  apd  aQ  bids,  in  oaaa 


'»  ;  11  the  lowest  bid  received,  is  not   Iow«r,  quality  and   quantity  oonsidered,  thaa 

^'  .12  current  m  market  rates,  and  in  case  no  bid  is  accepted,  said  Conunissionen  .  % 

!|   13  may  purchase  ttie  amount  advertised  for,  upon  the  mariiet  at  not  to  exoead 

^y'  14  omrent  rates.    The  material  purchased  and  the  help  nafAajfei  under  this  act,  i-    -I 

,tf  ,•  _7;'i  4. 

f^^slS  by  the  C/ommissioners  oi  JoUet  Penitentiary,  diall  be  paid  i(x  by  said  Con-  -^i^ 

w    ?"'■ 

17  warrant  in  favor  o#  said  CoromiMUMwr  to  ilu»  janotmi  liNvdo  i^rtKopnatod  to 

18  their  own  une,  upon  tlie  <ntler  of  the  Boftrd  ci  CcnatnisHoiiers,  8igii«d  1^  the 

19  president    and    attested    by    the   secretary,    with    the  aeal  of  Mkid  iiHttittttioD 

20  attached.  -+j  .        -i-^^  ^ 

f  6.    The  Btate  Superintendent  of  Pttl)^  I]Mtruolii»/^ie  AMMbot  of  the 

2  State  Noniial  University  at  Nonnal,  the  Prineipid  &t  the  State  Noinud  Uni- 

3  versity  at  Carbondale,  and  their  saceeMors  in  office,  are  hereby  eonstitated  a 

4  coniuiittee  on  text  books  for  the  purpose  oi  providing  tiie  BOatter  for  a  cttuf<»m 

5  8>'8tem  of  text  books,  for  the  use  of  the  public  ticho^  c4  tlus  State,  in  the 
b    making  of  wluch  sudi  c(»vict  labor  shall  be  empk^ed.'^''-^'"' 

§  7.    The  oMBmittee  on  text  books  shall,  upoo  the  iMdoi^^efledt  i)f  thui  aioi  ^ 

2  neleot  sncb  of  tbe  series  (rf  primer  and  rejkden  m  ace  wiem  fUM^tklAt  tliit  an 

3  in  their  o{nnion,  MuitaUe  to  the  wants  td  Ihe  puWe  'tAmU  HX  tida  8li^  aad 

4  if  said  committee  shall  &id  that  any  of  the  seties  so  sileoted  are  apoi  to  free 

5  publication  mthoat  injastiee  to  the  oamf&en,  at  ^  tigtetuna  of  tlie  kw  ol 

6  oopyriffbt,  th*9y  shiJl  aecept  auoh  seiiea,  Ifot  if  Ibb'  eomnittM  abaO  find  afi 

7  such  series  so  selected  fully  protected  by  o<^^rii^,  tiiflgr  sImU  theNvpoa  ne- 

8  gotiate  for  tbe  purchase  of  the  copyright  for  the  State  of  IIliBoia  of  odo  c|  the 

9  series  so  selected:    Provided,  however,  raeh  oopyiiffat  d^  not  eoai  to  exceed 
10    the  sum  ol  five  thousand  dt^lars:    And,  provided  fiiHker,  tiMt  if  none  d  tlie  > 

V         11    series  so  seleofted  cm,  m  the  oprntoo  of  said  eottuoiftae,  b6  ^oitdiaaed  at  a 

12  reasonable  sum,  then  said  committee  may  lue  snoh  smn  of  bmmM^  in  tlw  pw^- 

13  chase  of  manuscript  for  the  readers  required,  aftte  first  giring  pnl^  notice  of 

14  the  sum  offeivd  for  eaeh  sqiarate  gnde  oi  readen  in  at  least  one  of  ihe  lead- 

15  ing  newspi^gera  in  at  least  four  of  tfae  large  eitite  of  ffak  State,  and  k  Bdatoo 

16  and  Philaddphia  for  tiie  space  of  thirty  days;  the  several  raaaa  to  be  ptid 

17  fOT  the  manuscripts  selected  by   said   eoramitlBe,   and  Done  to  be   aoeaptad 
^^          18    except  such  as  fully  OMet  the  requifemeiita  ef  Hkti  eoiiajlittae.    Stiid  aairia  ao  ' 

19  to  be  paid  to  be  certified  to  the  Audttor  Tt^m  UBa  of  ^aitioiiJan   by  said 

20  Committee  and  the  AnditorahidiaMW  Ma  iwi«itttento.;^^v^  ^  ^^  ^ 



^:  >  2  with  the  first,  or  pnmer  grade,  and  as  aoon  as  all  the  county  aupenntendents 

Zi'-'  8  <A  this  Stat^*  have  been  »u|^lied  with  readers   for   distribution   as  hereinafter 

^0  4  jprovided,  said  committee  on  text   books  HhsJl   proc^tni    in   the    Huue  manner 

'^"  6  as  provided    for    securing   tlie  c()p>Tight    or  mamiserijrt  for  readers  to  secure 

i^    6  nianuscript  for  the  following  text  books  not  to  exceed    in  cost  of,  for  speller, 

p  7  fSOO;  writing  book  ^i&X),  mental  arithmetic  $1,^X10,   ivactical   arithmetic  ij51,- 

^'  8  900,  geography  $2,000,  and  firrammar  $1,500,  as  they  uiuy  be  retjuired. 

§  9.     The    books  when    made    Hhall    ))e  Hubject    to  the    order  of   the  State 

^i^  2  Superintendent  of  Public  Instruction,  and  shall  be  packed   and  shipfted  from 

lly  3  the  Jdiet  penitentiary  to  the  oounty  superintendent  of  schools,  in  such  num- 

|;:'  4  ber,  ai^  at  such  times  as  he  may  direct.  Provided,  no  county  shall    be   sup- 

P': .' 

I.:    5  pliod  with  a  seomd  grade  or  series  of  books  until  ev^rv  oounty  in   the  Htate 

M  .. 

^f    6  is  furnished  the  first  grade  or  series. 

i;.  i  10.    The  (Hranty  superintendent  shall    upon  receipt   of  any  school  books 

2  receipt   in   dupUoate  for   same,  sending  one  reoeipt  to  the  Commissioners  (rf 

;  V  3  JoUet  Penitentiary,  and  (me  to  the  State  SuperintMidimt  of  PubUc  Instruction. 

;^     4  And  the  oounty  superintendent  shall  forthwith  deliver  to  the  towni^p  treas- 

e^    5  urer  of  school  fund  in  each  township  in  his  county,  such  proportion  of  the 

^      6  bookt«  received  as  t>h.e  number  of  scholars  in  such  township  may  bear  to  tlie 

'^   7  total  number  of  scholars  in  the  county.    Such  township  treasurer  shall  make 

^     8  r8ce4>ts  in  duplicate  sending  one  to  the  State  SupeiintendMit  of  Public  In- 

9  Amotion  and  one  to  the  county  superintendent,  an<l  said  township  treasurer 

10  shall  dirtribute  said  books  to  the  directors  of-t^e  sevoral  school  districts  of  his 

'  <  11  township,  in  the  same  proportion  as  is  provided  in  this  section  for  distribution  by 

12  the  count)'  sup^atendent.    Said  directors  shall  receipt  in  duplicate  for  said 

13  books  sending  one  to  the  township  treasurer  and  one  to.  the  oounty  supmn- 
.    14  tendent.    The  school  directors  shaU,  at  the  conuuoncement   of  any   terra  of 

16  schopl,  deliver  to  the  teacher  such  books  as  are  held  by  them  belonging  to  the 
;'  16  Stftte,  and  stioh  teachers  shall  reoeipt  in  duplicate,  one  of  which  shall  be  given 

17  to  the  direotozs  and  one  shall  be  sent  to  the  State  Saperinteodent  of  Public 
.  16  XiMtraotipn,  and  it  is  hereby  made  the  duty  of  tlie  teacher  rec«yuif  such 

i-'^  '  '  >    ■    ~  ■  ' 

f .         20  lect  and  retoni  snob  bodes  ttnder  soofa  ndes  m  Uia  bcNvd  of ^reofert  maj 

-^  '        21  prescribe.  -,  •:- ,•     .  ,-  t-     ,,:    .' . 

§  11.    For  the  parpose  of  purc)iagiiig|  the  neoessMry  maehinery  tod  material 

i,-  -  I 

^    '  .      2  required  and  for  paying  the  help  as  by  this  act  ptoTided,  and  for  Ifae  pttrobaw 

I  ^,    '3  of  copyright  and  niano8ori{rt  the  sum  of  fSSD,(X)0,  it  hereby  ^iprbpnated  to 


i~;..         4  be  paid  out  of  any  money  in  the  State  treasury  not  oth^r^viiie  apfxroiBiatod. 

5  The  moneyK  hereby  appropriated  to  be  paid  an  hereinbefot«  provided. 

AMENDMENTS  TO  SENATE  BILL  No.  7.        - 
Amend  by  inserting  after  the  word  "plant,"  n  bne  2,  ptsa^pmphS,  Hub'ffKada: 

2  "Exce)>t  ty|)e  and  eleotrotypng  apparatus,"  and  in  line  3,  paragiapii  6,  stcilni 

3  out  the  words  "two  hundred  and  fifty"  and  insert  the  woa^  "one  hundred." 

4  In  line  7,  paragraph  5,  strike  oat  tiie  word  "fifty"  and  insert  the  word  "tiuity/ 

5  Add  the  following  at  the  end  of  paragraph  4:    "And  said  CooaniMonMa  may 

6  contract  for,  at  not  to  exceed  current  rates,  and  have  the  neceasary  tgrpe  sa^ 

7  ting  and  electrotyping  done  by  free  labor  in  such  nuuuMr  that  the  piatofi  shall 

8  be  ready  for  ihm  press."  '  :     '      -4^jjy  ' 

9  InHert  after  the  word  "direct,"  in  line  4,  paragraph  9,  the  fdlowing:    "And 

10  said  committee  shall  provide  by  proper  rules  that  after  the  schools  have  been 

11  provided  witli  any  books  that  citizens  of  this  State  who  may  desire,  can  pur- 

12  chase  through  the  State  Superintendeut  of  PubJM  Instruction,  such  ho6k»  at  i! 

13  their  cost  price  to  the  State,  including  a  reas(mal»e  oompouMtion  for  the  coo-  "^ 

14  vict  labor."    In  line  3,  paragraph  11,  strike  out  the  figures  "$360,000,"  and  -^ 

15  insert  the  words  "one  hundred  and  seventy-five  thouaand  ddlan,"  (fl75,000.)  ,^ 

■  •••'■■■  •■    ■''■:- :-.^.M-^f-4'--^'''i-'-''-'^  1 

•  ■;     :•   -■•.•  ■     '•"-^:?-  ;•    ^■^,..  '      .>    *    >      t 

-■■•■'1     -'V^ 


_--  .^    .'-J- 

'  •-.'i  .?*    .•■'■1^ i:»S 

iT'A-n.''?  -v\. 

35(11  A ^soin.  SENATE— No.   8.  March  1887 


1.     Iiitro(lu('*'<l  \\\  Mr.  Curtiss.  January  7  ,1887,  and  oniere<i  to  first  rea<ling. 
•1.     I'^irst   rt-iuling   January   7,    1HH7,   and   referred    to   Couimitt**  on   Ajjpro- 

3.     KeiK)rte(l  ba<'k   March   17,   1H87,   passaj^e  recommended,  and  orderetl  to 

secdnd  readin<'. 


For  All  Act  to  aid  the   Illinois   Dairyinans   Association  in  compiling,  publishing 

and   (listriliiitnig  its  rejwrts. 


1.  Be  a  enacted  hy  the  People  of  (he  State  of  lUinoit,  represented 
2  in  ffw  Grnrnil  Assernhli/,  That  the  sum  of  five  hundred  dollars  (l^/XX)!  |)er  annum 
ii  be,  and  the  same  is  hereby  appropriatf*!  to  aid  the  Illinois  l)air>anan's  Assoc-iation 
4    in  com|»ilinf^,  publishing  and  distributing  its  reiwrts. 

§  2.    Tl^e  Auditor  of  Public  Accounts  is  hereby  antlioriijed  to  draw  his  war- 

2  rant  on  the  Stat*»  Treasurer  for  the  sum  in  this  act  sjK'cified,  to  the  order  of  the 

3  president  of  said  association ;  and  the  State  Tr<;asurer  shall   pay  the  same  out 

4  of  any  fumls  in  tlie  State  treasury  not  otherwise  appropriate*!. 

35th  Assem.        HOUSE— No.  S— In  Senate.  Marc!.  1887 

(As  Amended.) 

1.     ll^'ceived  from    H()us<>   Folinmry  0,   1HH7,  and  ordere«l  to  first   reading;. 

'2.  First  rcaditi^,  I''cbruary  W,  1HK7,  and  referred  to  Conimittei'  on  Ap- 

.15.  Reported  back  March  25,  1887,  with  amendments,  paKsage  recom- 
mended,  and   ordered  to  st-cond  reaxling. 


For  An  Act  desi^'nating  rooms  in  the  State  Houhe  for  the  ocfujiancy  of  the 
Illinois  State  Library,  and  designating  rooms  for  the  State  HiHtorical 
Lil)rary  and  Natural  History  Museum  and  making  an  appropriation  for 
the    removal  of    the  said   Librarv   and   Museum. 

Section  1.  Be  U  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  lUinois,  rcpr  srn/fd 
2  ill  the  (hurral  Antieruhly,  Tliat  the  rooms  in  the  v>,.st  wing  of  the  State 
;j    House  on   the   Legislative   floor  designated  on  tlie  original  plans   and  draw- 

4  ings  as     tlie    "Miscellaneous    Library   Kooms,"   and    now    occupied    by  the 

5  State   Historical    Library  and    Natural    History   Museum,   b<*    and    they  are 
()    hereby    set   apart   for  the   use  of    the    Illint»is     State    Library',   as    originally 

7  intended     l)y  the    Commissioners  for    the    construction    of    the  new     State 

8  House. 

§  2.  The  present  Board  of  State  House  Commissioners  are  hereby 
2  authorized  to  finish  the  rooms  hereby  designated,  and  to  furnish  them 
8  with  tlie  necessary  cases,  shelving  and  furniture  suitable  for  the  use  of  the 
4  said  State  Library,  and  when  so  furnishe<l  the  Hoard  of  Commissioners  for 
.5  the  managttncnt  of  the  State  Library  shall  occupy  the  same  in  accordance 
i)    with  the  purpose  of  this  iut. 

§  ;{.  'J'hat  for  the  purpose  of  defraying  the  e.vfw'nses  of  the  removal  of  the 
'2     State  Historical  Library  and   Natural  History   Museiuu  from  the  said  rooms 

r£  -ifcra 

•i  to  looms  sixtt'eii  (Kii  ajid  s«neiit«'eii  (17i  on  tlio   ,o\ver  Hoor  in  tli*-  nortli  wiuf; 

4  of  the  Capitol  which  nrv  hen-hy  Hot  Hi»Hrt  for  the  o(<ii|)aiicy  of   said  iiiiiHeuiii. 

5  the  siuii  of  one  thotisand  dollars,  or  ho  mu<h  the'eof  kh  may  l»t>  necessary,  is 
G  herehy  appropriated  out  of  any  money  in  the  State  Treasury  not  otherwise 
7  appropriated,  and  the  Auditor  of  I'uhlic  Accounts  is  herehy  authori/,e<l  to 
H  draw  liis  warrant  ui)on  the  State  Treasurer  for  t  le  amount  herehy  appropri- 
9  ated,  or  such  part  thereof  as  may  Im'  necessary,  i.pon  the  certiticale   of  a  ma- 

10  jority  of  the  lioard  of  TniKtees  of  the  State   Historical    hihrary  and    Natural 

11  History  Museum. 

S  4.     Wliereas  a    portion   of    the  furniture    and     materials   for     funiisliinp 

2  said  nxmiH  for  the   use  of    the   State     Lihrary   are    now   on     liand.   and   the 

3  present  Board    of    State    House  Commissioners    have  ahout    complettxl   the 

4  work   of  tinisliinp  the   State  House,  except  that   of  finishinp   and  funiisliinfj 

5  these  nnmis,  and  as  it  is  desirahle  that  this  shall  he  done  as  speedily  as 
0  |K>ssihle,  therefore  an  emert^ency  exists,  and  this  act  sliall  take  effect  from 
7  and  after  its  jHissage. 

§  G.     All  acts  or  parts  of  acts  in  conflict  with  this  act  are  herehy  repeahnl. 





...■J.  JMf  ' 

|-H»'     »'  .i4^'- 

Kecoived  froui  HoniM  February  9,  ]B87,  and  flvderad  to  first  raaiibg. 
First    reading   Febmsry  9,    1887,   and   tek^rt^   to  C«itmittee   on  Ap- 

Heported    hack    March    23,    18K7,    with   amendmenta,   paaaage    recotn- 

uieaded,  aiid  ordered  to  Becond  reading. 
HKtoiid  readini;  April  8,  1867,  ainmided  and  ordered  to  third  reading. 


AiJiend  by  iii.'.erting  aft-«r   the  word  "Library,"  in    line  3,   the  words,  "and 

2    deHigiiatin<r   rooms   for   the    State    Historical    Library  and   Natural   History 

:i    MuHeuiii,    ami   making  au  appropriation  for  the  removal   ot  the  said  Litmury 

4    and    Museuio.  "  v        ^  ^. 

■'*■  ': 


&  \■tr^■■.■^^■ 

■  '^ .  ^•"  "i>-^- .  M-  -;' ",'^>'-"\  ' 

,>..-. vr<  .»• 

'.-W  j.^i-iie.   ifS;f 

:r)fli  AvsiMii.  SI:NA'H:— No.    O.  Nfarel!  1887 

1.     Iiitrodiicfil  ]>\    Mr.   S()iitln\<iitli,   .laniiHry    11,  IHHT.   and   onlfictl    to  first 

•J.     I'irst    rfiidiiiL'    JaiiiiarN    II.     l^iST.    ainl    n-ftrrcd    to    ('oiiniiittfi'  on   State 

('liaritiil)lc  ln>titiitions. 
:).     Hfportt'd  i>a<k  Maicli  •{.  issT.  |iassit<,'t'  rtconiim-nded.and  ordered  to  second 



For  .\n  .\it  to  HMiciid  an  a(  t  t  iifit!t<l  An  act  to  revise  tlie  law  in  relation  to  the 
coinnntnitiit  and  dt'teiiti(»n  of  lunatics."  approved  \frtrcli  21,  1874.  in  force 
duly  1.  IHTI,  by  amending'  tlit-  title  thereof,  and  hy  adding  additional 
sections,  to  lie  known  as  sf<ti(iiis  J{,  'J"),  '2f>,  '27.  'J!t<.  'JS)  and  ••^(>. 

Section  1.    Be  U  enacted  hy  the  PeopU  ef  ih*  Biaie  cf  lUmoi*,  represented 

2  in  tlif  (ii  III  ml  A  s.v  in /// if .  I'liat    '.An  act   to   rt?vise   the   law    m   relation   to  the 

;J  conniiitnicnt    and   detention   of   lunatics,"   apjtrovtnl   Marcli  21,   1H74,  in  force 

4  July    1,    l><74,    he   amended    hy    a<ldinfr   a(hiitioiial   8e<-tions,    to   \te  known   as 

5  sections  24,  2.!),  2(i,  27,  2H.  2!>  and  •{<),  and  that  the  title  thereof  l)e  aiuendtHl,  so  a» 
(3  to   read    aN   follows:     An    ud    to    revise    the    law   in    relation    to    the    comniit- 

7  ment  and  detention  of  lunatics,  and   to   pronde   for   the  ap|)ointment  of,   and 

8  remo\  al   of   conservators. 

i>  ''Section  24.     That    when   it   shall  appear  to  tlie  court  upon  any  trial  wherein 

10  any  person  may  l)e  adjud«jed  insane  under  the  act  t«  which  this  is  an  auiendnient, 

11  that    any   >uch  person    is   the   owner   or  possessed   of   Jin.v   proj)erty  either  real 

12  or   personal,    which   m    the  opinion   of  such  court    is  in  danger  of  waste  or 
i;{  depreciation,    it  shall  he  the   duty  of  the   court    to   appoint    some  lit   person  to 

14  be  the  conservator  of  such    insane   person.     Prori/Jtd,   That   the   |)etition   for 

15  an    in<iue^t    shuli    also   apply    for   the   appojlitineilt  of   rt  COnserVHtor,   Hhall  first 
10  be   found    by   the  jury." 

17  "Section  25.    That  said  conservator  when  so  appointed  shall  give  bond,  qualify, 


IvS  have  the  Haine  power  and  (liscliaipc  tlic  sann'  tltitics    as  arc  now   required 

19  by   law   of  conservators   in   otlicr  <iists.  " 

On)  "Section  2*).     When  any  pcrKon  for  wlioiii  a  conservator  has  hocn  apj)oint('(l  as 

21  aforesaid,  shall   he  discharficcl    from    any   hospital   \vhi<  h   he  or  she  niHV  have 

22  heen  confined,  and  sliall  he  restored  to  reason  so  as  to  he  ahle  to  nianajje 
2d  and   control   his  or  her  i)roperty,  such  person    may  tile  his  petition  in  writnig 

24  in   the  county  court  of   tlie  county  in  which  sue  h  conservator  was  ap|Hjinted, 

25  to   have   sTich   conservator   removed     and   the    .'are     and   manapement    of   his 

26  property  restored  to  him.  " 

27  "Section  27.     Notice  of  such  application  shall  De  j^iven  hy  service  of  summons 

28  as  in   other  cases,  ten  days  Wfore  the  conuncnccuient  of  the  term  of  court 

29  to  whidi  apphcation   shall   be  made."' 

;j(t  "Section  28.     It  sliall  l)e  the  duty  of   the  court  to  which  any  sucli  application 

31  is  made  on   proof    tliat    such    conservator   has  heen    duly    notified   of  sui  h 

32  application,  to  cause  a  jury  to  he  summoned  to  try  the  issue  whether  sudi 
i^^  applicant  is  so  far  restored  to  reason  as  to  lie  a  fit  peison  to  have  the 
34  custody  and  contnd  of  his  property,  atid  if  the  jury  returns  in  their  verdict 
H5  that  sudi  person  is  fit  to  have  the  (ustcnly  if  his  property  as  aforesaid, 
;if)  the  court  shall  enter  an  order  removing  such  conservator  and  fully  restorinf^ 
87  such  i>erson  to  all  rights  and  privileges  enjoyed  hy  liirn  iiefore  the  app<jint- 
3K  ment  of    such    conservator,    rrandrd.   That  such    conservator    so  removed 

39  shall   be  allowed    a   reasonable   time    to   s«'ttle    hi-^  accounts   as    such,  and  pay 

40  all  debts   contracti^l   by  him  and  pass  over  the     noney  or  property  remaining 

41  in   luH  hands,  and   such  removal   shall   not    invalidate  any   contracts  made  in 

42  fjood  faith   by   sncli   conservator  wliile  actinj.'   as    such." 

43  "Section  29.     The  costs  of  proceedings  under  this  act  for  tlie  removal  of  con- 

44  servators     including    the    fees    of     the    jury,     slnll    be    taxed     apainst    sui  fi 

45  conservator,  to  be  paid  by  him  out  of  the  mone\  or  property  in  liis  hands." 

46  "Section  iM).     .Appeals  shall  he  allowed  to  the  circuit  court  from  any  order  or 

47  judpnieiit    made    or    reiiderfnl    under  this    act    ui>oii    the    applicant    jriving  si.cfi 

4H  bond   and  security  within  such  time  as  the  court  may   direct." 

1.  Introduced  by  Mr.  Bonthwortli,  iauamf  11,  1867,  uA  (Hrdared  to  fintf 


2.  Fint  reMing  January  11,  1887,  and  referred  to  Cimuiuttee  on   Stake 

Charitable  Institutions. 

3.  Reported  back,  passage   recommended,  and  ordered  to  second  reading. 

4.  Second  reading  May  6,  1887,  amended,  and  ordered  to  third  reading. 



A.  *.>-  /, 

A  BILL  -i 

For  An  Act  to  amend  an  act  entitled  "An  act  to  revise  the  law  in  relation  to  the     ^^ 
commitment  and  detention  of  lonatics,"  approved  March  21,  1874,  in  to^oo     | 
July  1,  1874,    by   amending   the   title   thereof,  and   by   adding   additional 
sections,  to  be  known  as  sections  24,  25,  26,  27,  28,  29  and  30.       ' 



rrr'TJON  1.    Be  it  enaeUd  hy  the  People  of  the  Slate  of  IllinoU^  represenfed 

2  in  the  General  Auembly,  That  "An  act  to  revise  the  law  in   relation   to   the 

3  commitment  and  detention  of  lunatics,"  approved  March  21,  1874,  in  force 

4  July   1,   1874,   be  amended  by  adding  additional    sections,  to    be    known    as 

5  sectioDH  24,  25,  26,  27,  28,  29  and  30,  and  that  the  title  thereof  be  amended  so  as 

6  to  read   as  follows:    An  act  to  revise  the  law    in    relation    to    ^e    commit- 

7  raent   and  detention  of  lunatics,  and  to  provide  for  the  appointment  of,  and 

8  removal  of,  conservators. 

9  "Section  24.    That  when  it  shall  appear  to  the  court  upon  any  trial  wherein 

10  any  person  may  be  adjudged  insane  under  the  act  to  which  this  is  an  amendment, 

11  that  any  such  person  is  the  owner  or  possessed  of   any  property  either   real 

12  or  personal,  which  in  the  opinion  of  such  court  is  in  danga"  of   waste   or 

13  depreciation,  it  shall  be  the  duty  of  the  court  to  iqqwint  some  fit  person  to 

14  be  the  conservator  of  such  insane   person.    Provided,  That  the  petiti(»i  for 


._^i,-i.-',  ^  ^j':.»W 

iSw'V.  ■■'..-■?•  -.ii"*:,  •»r«« 


SFM;;:,,    ";.'.'■-/•■;?;;■', ''^'■•'  '  ■■^■•■.>^:  «'   "         ^t  •_•■,•      •     .  ,   -^.f  .;r  ■  ■■■■    .-     ••-    •■  • 

£    16  '•&  iHqQMi  iImII  idao  «Mily  to*  ^  apiioititmMrt  of  a.eona^nraior^  and    the 

^"    IS  neoessiiy  for  the   appoiiiim«ai  of  such  oonservaior,  aludl  iirst  be  foun J  by 

|/^  17  the  jury,  and  such  trial  shall  be  had  before  a  jury  ooinpoaad  of   twelve 

:f'<  18  jurors." 

^-~    19        "Section  26.    That  said  conservstor  when  bo  appointed  shall  give  bond,  qualify, 

fC:  ^  have  the  (uune  power  and  discharge  the  same  duties  as    are  -  now  required 

>^   21  by  law  of  oonBervators  in  other  oasee." 

:- ;  22       "Section  26.    When  any  person  for  whom  a  conservator  has  been  appointed  as 

23  aforesaid,  shall  be  discharged  from  any  hospital  in  which  he  or  she  may  haw 

24  been  ootifined,  and  shall  be  restored  to  reason  so  as  to  be  able  to  manage 

25  and  control  his  or  her  property,  such  person  may  file  his  petition  in  writing 
^5^  26  in  the  county  court  of  the  county  in  which  such  conservator  was  appointed, 
:;'     27  to  have  snch  conservator    removed    and    the  care    and    management  of    his 

28  property  restored  to  him." 

29  "Section  27.    Notice  of  such  appUcation  shall  be  given  by  service  of  summons 
80  as  in  other  cases,  ten  days  before  the  commencement  of  ilie  term  of  court 
31  to  which  appUcation  shall  be   made." 
92  "Section  28.    It  shall  be  the  duty  of  the  court  to  which  any  such  ^)plication 

33  is  made  on  proof  that  such  conservator   has    been    duly    notified    c^   such 

34  application,  to  cause  a  jury  to  be  sunmioned  to  try  the  issue  whether  such 
86  applicant  is  so  ftur  restored  to  reason  as  to  be  a  fit  person  to  have  the 
-36  custody  and  control  of  his  iprafteriy,  and  if  the  jui-y  returns  in  their  verdict 

■  87  that  such  person  is  fit  to  have  the  custody   of    his    property    as   aforesaid, 

SB  the  court  shall  enter  an  order  removing  such  conservator  and  fully  restoring 

39  such  person   to  all    rights  and  privileges  enjoyed  by  him  before  the  appoint- 

40  ment  of    such  conservator.     Provided,    That   such    conservator  so  removed 

41  shall  be  allowed  a  reasonable  time  to  settle  his  at^counts  as  such,  and  pay 

42  all  debts  contracted  by  him   and  pass  over  the  money  or  property  remaining 
•   43  in  his  hands,  and  such  removal  shall  not  invalidate  any  contracts  made  in 

44    good  faith  by  such  conservator  while  acting  as  such." 

46       "Section  29.    The  costs  of  proceedings  under  this  act  for  the  removal  of  con- 

^      sioi  AsMin.  ■  -^^'f  ^i  ■'-■^wfiuMTw^wwmwm^^. 

1.  Introduced  by  Mr.   Bouthworth,  JaDoary  11,  1867,  and  ordered  to  fizsf 


2.  First  reading  January  11,   1887,  and  referred  to  Committee    on    State 

Charitable   Institutions. 

3.  Reported  back,  passage  recommended,  and  ordered  to  second  reading. 

4.  Second  reading  May  6,  1887,  amended,  and  ordered  to  third  reading. 


For  An  Act  to  amend  an  act  entitled  "An  act  to  revise  the  law  in  relation  to  the 
commitment  and  detention  of  lunatioH,"  approved  March  21,  1874,  in  force 
July  1,  1874,  by  amending  the  title  thereof,  and  by  adding  additional 
sections,  to  be  known  as  sections  24,  26,  26,  27,  28,  29  and  90. 



r-iTTON  1.     Be  it  enacted  hy  the  People  of  the  State  of  Illinois,  rejyresenfcd 

2  in  the  General  Assembly,  That  "An  act  to  revise  the  law  in    relation   to    the 

3  commitment  and  detention  of  lunatics,"  approved  March  21,  1874,  in  force 

4  July   1,   1874,   be  amended  by  adding  additional    sections,  to    be    known    as 

5  sectionK  24,  25,  26,  27,  28,  %)  and  30,  and  that  the  title  thereof  be  amended  so  as 
()  to  rea<I   as  follows:    An  act  to  revise  the  law    in    relation    to   the    commit- 

7  meut   and  detention  of  lunatics,  and  to  provide  for  the  appointmoit  of,  and 

8  removal  of,  conservators. 

9  "St?ction  24.    That  when  it  shall  appear  to  the  court  upon  any  trial  wherein 

10  any  person  may  be  adjudged  insane  under  the  act  to  which  this  is  an  amendment, 

11  that  any  such  person  is  the  oMmer  or  possessed  of   any  property  either   real 

12  or  personal,  which   in  the  opinion  of  such  court  is  in  danger   of    waste   at 

13  depreciation,  it  shall  be  the  duty  of  the  court  to  appoint  some  fit  person  to 

14  be  the  conservator  of  such  insane   person.    Provided,  That  the  petition  for 

flpnr- -A-  : 'V  1  '     '^..■'.1'     5-    .•;—-'-.■,  ■>  .  ■■  .-       — ■  -v  .-   '   .       •■•--).-.' ■MA*^.*'''^sf^' 

a,--.     •• ,  ■        .  .     .  .  •  -,  7^  '  .-1  J^,) 

■*  .1  .  -  •■ 

P  -  16  An  inquest  sball  also  l^>ply  for  the  appointment  oi  a ,  oonservator,  and   the 

^^     16  necessity  for  the    appointment  of  such  oonservatcr,  shall  first  be   founJ  by 

I      17  the  jury,   and  such  trial    shall    be  had    before    a  jury  oompoaed    uf    t^^elve 

'^\  18  jnrors." 

j|*r    19  "Section  26.    Tliat  said  conservator  when  so  appointe<l  shall  give  bond,  quahfy,                 v 

20  have  the  same  power  and  discharge  the  same  duties  as    are    now  required 

21  by  law  of    conservators  in   other  cases." 

22  "Section  26.    When  any  person  for  whom  a  conservator  has  been  appointed  as 

23  aforesaid,  shall  be  dischai^ed  from  ajiy  hospital  in  which  he  or  she  may  have 

24  been  confined,  and  shall  be  restored  to  reason  so  as  to  be  able  to  manage 


26  and  control   his  or  her  property,  such   person  may   file  his  petition  in  writing 

26  in  the  county  court  of  the  county  in  which  such  conservator  waa  appointed, 

27  to  have  such  conservator   removed    and    the  care   and    management  of   bis 

28  property  restored  to  him." 

29  "Section  27.    Notice  of  such  appUcation  shall  be  given  by  service  of  summons 

80  as   in  other  cases,  ten  days  before  the  commencement  of  the  term  of  court  ^ 

31  to  which  apphcation  shall   be   made."  '  ." 

92        "Section  28.     It  shall  be  the  duty  of  the  court  to  >^hich  any  such  apphcation 

33  is  made  on  proof  that  such  conservator    has    been    duly    notified    of    such 

34  application,  to  cause  a  jury  to  be  summoned  to  try  the  issue  whether  such 

35  !4)plicant    is   so  far  restored  to  reason   as  to  be  a  fit    i)erson    to    have    the 
-36  custody  and   control  of  his  proj)erty,  and  if  the  juiy  returns  in  their  verdict 

37  that  such  person  is  fit  to   have  the  custody    of    his    property    as    aforesaid, 

38  the  court  shall  enter  an  order  removing  such  conservator  and  fully  restoring 

39  such  person    to  all    rights   and  privileges  enjoyed  by  him  before  the  appoint- 

40  ment  of    such  conservator.      Prninded,    That   such    conservator  so  removed 

41  shall  be  allowed  a  reasonable  time  to  settle  his  a4^count8  as  sucli,  and  pay 

42  all  debts   contracted  by  him   and  pass  over  the  money  or  property  remaining 

43  in  his  hands,  and  such  removal  shall  not  invahdal^e  any  contracts  made  in 

44  good  faith  by  such  conservator  while  acting  as  such." 



46       "Section  29.    The  costs  of  proceedings  under  this  act  for  the  removal  of  con- 

^  ■'  '.  '  "  '  -■■  -Wl 

'■•'•.  .  .  ■,•...-■...   /*i 

fcfctM.AUi...      •     ?i,-.\-v-..'«Jv^.  .•         .'■■•.  J    ,  "v  ;  ..'>..•■.-•»     ^i«^/.-.,A.i'  ^'fV*,;/.l'i-i  ^JiW'iailL-'j.-'-V   .      j. '  A .  (^iijBil 

1.  Introduced  by  Mr.  Bouthworth,  Jaoiiary  11,  1867,  and  ordered  to  fizsf 


2.  First  reding  January  11,  1887,  and  refened  to  Committee  on   Btate 

Charitable  Institutionn. 

3.  Reported  back,   passage    recommended,   and  ordered  to  second  reading. 

4.  Second  reading  May  6,  1887,  amended,  and  ordered  to  third  reading. 


For  An  Act  to  amend  an  act  entitled  "An  act  to  revise  the  law  in  relation  to  the 
commitment  and  detention  of  lanatioH,"  approved  March  21,  1874,  in  forco 
July  1,  1874,  by  amending  the  title  thereof,  and  by  adding  additional 
sections,  to  be  known  as  sections  24,  25,  26,  27,  28,  29  and  30. 

rrcTJON  1.     Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of   TllinoU,  reprexenfrd 

2  in  the  General  Aaemhly,  That  "An  a<;t  to  revise  the  law  in    relation   to    the 

3  commitment  and  detention  of  lunatics,"  approved  March  21,  1874,  in  force 

4  July    1,    1874,   be  amended  by  adding  additional    sections,   to    be    known    as 

5  sections  24,  25,  26,  27,  28,  2i)  and  30,  and  that  the  title  thereof  be  amended  so  as 
(5  to  read   as  follows:    An  act  to  revise  the  law    in    relation    to   the    comniit- 

7  ment   and  detention  of  lunatics,  and  to  provide  for  the  appointmoit  of,  and 

8  removal  of,  conservators. 

9  "Section  24.    That  when  it  shall  appear  to  the  court  upon  any  trial  wherein 

10  any  pt^son  may  be  adjudged  insane  under  the  act  to  which  this  is  an  amendment, 

11  that  any  such  i>erson  is  the  owner  or  posaessed  of   any  property  either   real 

12  or  personal,  which   in  the  opinion  of  such  court  is  in  danger   of    waste   or 

13  depreciation,  it  shall  be  the  duty  of  the  court  to  appoint  some  fit  person  to 

14  be  the  conservator  of  such  insane   person.    Provided,  That  the  petition  for 

^f  ■    I  ''■■■•'■  ■                    ,       ,•            •                                            •  "                  •     ■  .     ■        .       .  ■..  ,..^ 

16  an   inquest   Bball   alao   iq>ply  for  the  appointment  of  a ,  conservator,  and    the 

16  necessity  for  the    appointment  of  sucli  oonHervatcr,  shall  iirst  be   fouiiJ  by 

17  the  jury,  and  such  trial    shall    be  had    before    a  jury  composed    of    t\^elve 

18  jurors." 

19  "Section  26.    Tlutt  said  conservator  when  ho  appoi]ite<l  shaU  give  bond,  qualify, 

20  have  the  same  power  and  discharge  the  same  duties  as    are    now  required 
%'■:,      21  by  law  of   conservators  in  other  oases." 

f"'        22  "Section  26.     When  any  person  for  whom  a  conservator  has  been  appointed  as 

l;  '      23  aforesaid,  shall  be  discharged  from  any  hospital  in  which  he  or  she  may  have 


^        24  been  confined,  and  shall  be  restored  to  reason  so  as  to  be  able  to  manage 


^ ;        2i  and  control  his  or  her  property,  such  person  may  file  his  petition  in  writmg 


f':-      26  in  the  county  court  of  the  county   in  which  such  conservator  was  appointed, 

b        2f7  to  have  such  conservator    removed    and    the   care    and    management  of    his 

^  '     28  property  restored  to  him." 

?;^        29  "Section  27.    Notice  of  such  application  shall  be  given  by  serWce  ol  summons 

h:       90  as    in  other  cases,   ten   days  before  the  commencement  of  the  term  of  court 


1;        31  to  which  appUcation  shall  be   made." 

Iv.      32  "Section  28.     It  shall  be  the  duty  of  the  court  to  which  any  such  appUcation 

'  •'      33  is  made  on  proof  that  such  conservator    has    been    duly    notified    of    such 

'^:'       34  application,  to  cause  a  jury  to  be  summoned  to  try  the  issue  whether  such 

Z-..,     85  applicant   is   so  far  restored  to  reason  as  tu  be  a  fit    person    to    have   the 

;^:■       -96  custody  and  control  of  liiB  property,  and  if  the  juiy  retuma  in  their  verdict 

-;.    .   37  that  such  person  is  fit  to   have  the  custody    of    his    property    as    aforesaid, 

38  the  court  shall  enter  an  order  removing  such  constrvator  and  fully  restoring 

<?  ■ 

!•■       39  such  person  to  all   rights  and  privileges  enjoyed  by  him  before  the  appoint- 

40  ment  of    such   conservator.      Promded,    That    such    conservator  so  removed 

L> '     41  shall   be  allowed  a   reasonable  time  to  settle  his  at^counts  as  sucli,  and  pay 

k  ■' 

p:     42  all  debts  contracted  by  him   and  pass  over  the  money  or  property  remaining 

^43  in  his  hands,  and  such  removal  shall  not  invalidate  any  contracts  made  in 


&  :     44  good  faith  by  such  conservator  while  acting  as  such." 

i'  '■    46  "Section  29.    The  costs  of  proceedings  under  this  act  for  the  removal  of  con- 

■  -  -  "--    A, 

mh  Assem.  SPN ATt^— Nr    9.         :  May  1887  ''' 

1.     hitrodtucd    by    Mr.    Soutliwnrth,    January    11,    1HH7,  and   ordered  to  firwf 

•J.     I'irst   n'tidiriy   JanuHry   11.    IMH7.   and   referred   to   Couunittee    on    ritate 

(  liantalilf    Institutions. 
<-      h'cported    tiaek,    |»a,ss!i<rf    rccoiiiinendt'd.    and    urdored    to  spcotid  reading. 
4.     Sciond   readiiii!   May  '>,    1^7,   amended,   and   ordered  to   tlurd  reading. 


For  An  Act  ti>  amend  an  act  entitled  "\n  act  to  r^'VlMe  the  law  in  relation  to  the 
comnutmenl  and  detentmn  of  lunatics,  '  apiirovcd  March  -I.  1H74,  in  fdrco 
•Inly  1,  1^74.  by  amt-ndmL'  the  title  thereof,  and  by  adduirr  a<lditi<inal 
sections,   to   be   known  as  se(  tioiis  2L  'J').  'Jfj,   JT.   'js.  ■J'.)  and  -Ul 

r-'iT!:'-;    1.       H-     if   flvnrfrij   7  ?;    fhr>    Pi'()j)Ir   ,'if  fhi    Shifr   (<f     TJhiuita.    rfj>r,\ff',  ij 

•1  in    ///'■    Crfrirnil  Assi'uiiilii .  TliJii    ".\n  act  to    revise   tile    law  in    relation    to    the 

.'5  cotnmitinent    and    detention    (jf    hmatics.      iiii|)ro\eil    March    'Jl ,    1874,  in    force 

1  .iiil\     1.    1.^74.    lie    amended    b>    addiim    addifioiiul    se(  fions.    to    be     known     as 

.■■)  seetioiis  ^4,  •i-">,  I'Ci.  l'7,  'l^.  ■.^•  !itii|.'5".  and  tliat  the  title  thereof  be    amended  so  a,s 

(1  to    read    as    follows       .\n    act    to    revise    the    laN^     in     lelation     to    the    coinmit- 

7  nieiit    and    detention    of    hmatK  s,    and   to   provide    for  the  apjK)intnient  of,  and 

•s  renio\ai   of,  eonservators. 

9  ••Secthni  ^4.     That    when    it    shall  ajipear  to  the  court  ujxin  any  trial  wherein 

in  aiiv  persiiii  juay  be  adjiid.tred  itisane  under  the  a<t  to  whicdi  this  is  an  amendment, 

11  that    anv  such   person  is  the   owner  or  posiessed    of    any    propert>    eitlier    real 

\1  or   persoiial.    which    in    the    opinion    of   such    court    is   in    dant-'er    of    \sastc    or 

l:i  de|ireeiation.    It    shall   lie    the  duty    of    the    court   to  ap(>oint   some  ht   p.-rsun  to 

11  be   tin     (  onscrvator   u{   sinh    insane    person.     Prijiuied,  That    the   jH-tition  for 

'•..,...,:  ...  -     ,  ,-      «  .        ■■;■'■ 

y..  15     an    irn|ueRt    shall    also   ajjply   for   the  appoiiitrnent    of   a    coustTvator,  htkI    tlip 

;.  K)     ncct'ssity    for    the    ai)i)oiiitit]i'iit    of  sijcli    corisirx  Ht<  r,    sIjhII    first    i>«     fnuii.i    hv 

'  ■  17  tlic  jury,   1111(1   siicli   trinl    slmll    !>•■   liiui    hrtorc    h   jiir\    ('t>iii|><iHe'<l    o!     twclv*' 

IH  jurors.  ' 
»'  •, 

^■.  ]!*  "S«'Ctloii  'J,">.      'DiHt    i^Hld  (•OTiSfr\Hl  di    wlirii   s, ,  iipIK  >i;i)i-il   sJijill  u'l  \  I- In  iliii ,  ii:uillf\ 

u  II.. 

t'  '2()  ImVf    the    Nitiiif    jx'wcr    mni    iiis<  liiirui     tin-    siiiiic    ilulit-^    as     ait-     inu     itijiui«-(i 

21  hv    law    of    conservators    in    (stlui    chm's  " 


■*  2".*         "St'ctiiiii  2*1.      W  lull  ;ui\    jxTsdii  Im  wIk'Iii  a  (  oiiscrvatnr  has  hfi  n  Hpimiiitt'd  as 

2.'^  afort'MtKi.  sliail    he    disrliarj:* d    fri'in    an\   liusjutal    in   .siiicli  lif  or    slit     nja\    have 

24  hofii    (■ontin(<i.    and    shall    ht-    rcKtorcd    to   rtason    so    as    tn    lie    ahif  io  manit}/*' 

26  and   control    his   or    her    property,  stu  Ii    person    u\h\    tile  his  petitmn  in  u  ritmjf 

[.  2(t  111    the   county    court    of   tlie   coiint\    ui   \Uii(  h  sik  li  ((luserv  at<ir  was  aoiMnnted, 


t*  27  to    ha\e   siieh    conservator    renio\ed     and     the    i  are    ami     niana};etne!it    of    his 

2f'''  pro)>orty    restorcii    to    hini. 
i'           29         "Section   27.      Notice  of  such  ajipiuation  shall  he  tri^'-n  h>'  ser\ice  ot  scminons 

Ikl  as    in    other    cases,    ten    da>s    l-efore   the    coiniiieiu cinent    of    the  ter'"  of  eoint 

'y         31  to    which    apjiluation    shall    he    iiKule. 
i^"  -       32         "Section  2^i.      It  shall  lie  the  dut\  ot   the(ouit  'o  which   tin\    siK  h  applii  ation 

'i{  is    inaxie    on    proof    that    such    t  i'!iser\ator     has      .iul\      iiotitied     of    such 

y  34  application,    to    cause    a    jury    to    1m     suniinoiied   to  t  >    the  issue   uhethei    such 

^"         35  ap|)licaiit    is    so   far    restored    to    reason    as    to    Ik    a    lit     person     to     ha\>     the 

'<H')  custody    ami    control    of    his    jirop.  rty,    an<i   if   the  jui>    letuins  in   their  \erdut 

37  that    siieh    person    is    tit    to    haxe    the    (  ustod\     of     hs     propert\     as    afotesaid. 

;-5H  the  <'ourt    siiall    enter    an    order  reinovini,'   sic  h  <  urisi  i  \  atoi    and   tull>    restorint: 

39  such    person    to    all     ri^'hts    and    pn\i!eL'es  eiijo\cd   I',    iiini   helore  the  ajipouit- 

■U)  Illellt     of      sUcil     ( ODserN  ator.         Vniiiii,  il ,       That      siH  ll      (  I  inser\  ;it  or     s, .     leliiiAed 

41  shall    lie    allowed    a    reasonahie    time    to    settle    his    ae<  luints    as    sik  h.  and   pa\ 

>  42  all    dehts    contracted    h\    hini    and    pass    over  thciiKiiev  or  properl v  reiiiainintr 

'  43  in    his    hands,    and    siuh    removal    shall    not    invalidaie    an\    (ontracts  maiie  m 

44  tjood    faith    hy    such    conservat<ir   vlule    a(•tln^'  as  sm  h.' 

45  "Section  2^*.      1  he  costs  of  proceedings  uiider  this  net  for  the  renio\al  of  <-on 

4()  servators  inrluding  the  fees  of  the  jury,  shall  be  taxed  a^nst  such  con- 

47  s<r\ftt<)r,    to    he    paid    by    }iiiii    out    of   the    money   or    profierty   in    his    hands. " 

48  ■■Section  '-U).     Appt-ais  sliali   he  allowt'd  to  t)u'  circuit  court  from  any  order  or 

4'.)  jmltniieiit   niiwie  or  rendered   under  thin  act   ii]K)n  the  applicant    friving  such 

•')(•  b(»n(l   itiid    security   within   such   tiine  ah  the  court   may  direct.  " 

*t  - 

3.)tli  Assoni.  IKM'SK— No.  l>-^Iii  Scnato.  April   \HX7 

I;.'-.  1\  .  •!    tmii:     I  i^'i.v.      Mai<  ! 
1   ;l-!     I.' i.iil!..',     \nil!    7      IssT. 

A    BILL 

.r    \h    \i  t    t..    iiiicIkI    -s.itiiii;   .iiic   iiu!:.    .iiii    iii!i'      If-'     "t    ah  ail    rutitiiil       Xh 

\.   t     t,i      .Ntflh!      tile      jlil  i^iJH      ..1      (    iiiiirv       (    .'U|I-~      al:'i      U-  |>t'i\l'li       t"l       riif 

inaitii.     tlii-iiMit.   t'.   Iix    tiif    tirii.      .f    ii' >i.|i(:i.'    tin-    -aim     an!  '•■   f|i<-al    an    act 

thtT.  Ill    tialn.'-l.       ipp|i'\..!    M  If.  '     _'t.     1 -^7  1       1;    ti'Iii'    .lili\     1.  1"^7! 

Sl--rr:.  1.  71r  it  f'tnrff,^  hy  thf  PeopU  of  the  Sf/lfp  nf  JH:,,,.  v.  r.prr-.,  >',•,! 
■J  111  fill  (riini  if  As.-.,  Ill'"' i.  'I  iiat  -M.thiii  i,!ic  all'!  :i!li«'  if-*  "]  a?;  a.  t 
•  i  liilitj.^i  \i,  act  t.i  rxJ.-ii'i  I  ill  ;,!;-..!!(  )  ii  i|i  i.t  voiiiitv  <  .  i  i  i  rl  -  a  ii<  i  t. .  |ii"\  I'jc 
I  till  |iii(tif.>  lli.-ir'it,  to  'ix  tiii  tiiiif  toi  IhiMiiiL'  llif  -aiii.'.  arni  !'■  n  |i'ai 
•")  all  a<  :  til.  I.  Ml  iiaiii..!,  a|.j>i'\.-.i  \|ir.  i.  _'t,.  1-^7).  a.  f-ii.'.'  .Iiil>  1,  l'^7l,  )..■ 
7      -o    alia  li'ii  i|    a-^    t.  i    |.-a'i    a'-    t.  h  I'  i\''  - 

->.■.  Sloh     \'"        \\7:.Ml!..|.i      II.  f,,l,t       I',  i.tliaiv     all.!    .l.llMv" 

:r»(li  A  win.  SENATE— No.  10.  March   1H87 

I.      InrriMJii.  .-.I     i,\    Mr.   Stn  ft- i,    Jmiiiary    IJ,     1>*^7,    arnl    ordt-n-U    to    lifst 

1.      Iir^i    )•  a.  Iiiiu'  .laiiiiai\    I'J.   1>n"^7,   iiinl    rt'tircl   tn    ('iniiiiiitt*-*-   oti   Li(<  list- 

iili^l    Mi--i  .  llaliS  . 
•  >.      li<(>niti'i   l);uk    M  ucli     },  (i.i-^->H.i:i-  r  i  cdiiiiiuikIi  il,  itinl    ordt-'icd   {(.>  >t-(i»i;il 


I'm-    \r;     \(t     fn    i('_'iil!ttf    the    salf   I't    iiituMfHtin?    li(|n(irs    within   two  miles  of 
<in\     UK  ni|iiiiiit«'(l  fiiwn  or  \!lla<:f.    chiirfyi,    school    house  or  fail'  j/roimd. 

Si  (TioN  1.    Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  Illinois,  reprcsfultd 

•1  III   tin-  (i'-it'ial    Assinihhi.  That     w  Iiocmt  not   liH\iiiir  a    licciis*-  to  kff|)  a  tlraiii 

•'f  >ho|),  ui     a.-^    a    (IniiTLn^t     to    ^<ll   fur   iiieilical    |iiir[iosi'S    only,    shall,    within    two 

\  miles   iif  aiiv  it:eor|)orHte(l  town  or  \illat:e,  school  house,  church,  or  fair  L'tounds, 

o  hy    hitnsell    or   at;otlier,    either    a-^    luincipal,    clerk,    or    servant,    directly    or 

(■)  inilirectl\,    sell    any   into.xieatiU'.'   h<jiioi     m    an_,     less    (|uantity  than   fi\e  ^,'allons 

7  and    m     oriLriiial  packai^cs    ;ls    put     up    hy     the     manufacturer,    sliall    for    each 

X  otTeiisc    he   liiu-(l  tiot    less   thati  t!tt\.   nor  more   tluui  oiH'    hundred    doli.irs,  or 

'.*  unprisoiicd    in  the  county  jail  not    less  than    forty  nor   more  than    ninety  days, 

1(1  or  iiotli,  at  the  (Uscretion  of  the  court. 

^j  1.      Thi'  u'lsiiij,'  awa>  of  intoVK  atim:   li(piors  or  other  shift  or  de\is<'  to  e\a<Ie 

'J  the-  pro\isiiiiis    of  this  act,  sliall   If   lukl  to  he  an   iiidawful    scllintj. 

^•«.     .\ii\    person   \iolatiiiu'  the    provisions   of  this  act   nia.\    he  arrested   U|)on 

'1  \u-\\     or    upon     uarraiit     hy  an>     -ii> ntl.    coroner,    coiistahle,  or    other    otiicer 

o  authorized   to  make  arrests,  and    siu  h    ottii  t-r    ma>    also  s«-ize    the    hooth.  tent, 

•1  uaL'oii.   \e-sel  or  lioat   and  artn  It-  to    he    sold    and    convey  the    same    hefore  a 

•'»  justiet    of  the  |Kaee  with    tlie    (dTender,  and  upon    a   judjruient   i>ein<r  rendered 

<■>  ftj^HJiist    tlic    (>fT«'i)il»>r,    it    mIikII    Iw    cnforccNl   in    tlic    shttic    Tiuunicr    (•.•>   oIIkt 

7  jiidjjinpnts    an'    rccdverfil     licforc    jiisticrs    (if    tlif  i><jicc.  except     ;i^     proMiiiii 

H  liort'JTi. 

vi  4.     Any  tine  or  iiiiprisoiiiiient    inentioiietl    in   tins    art   may  In-    enfiiri-ed    liy 

2  indietnient    in    any    couil    of    record    liiivirm    erin.inal    iurisdietion,  or    the  fine 

.'{  ali(i\e    may    l)e   sued    for   and     recovered     l»efore   an\    justice   of    the    pciice    of    tile 

4  |)r()|)er  county  in    the  name  of  the  people  of  the  State  of   Illinois,  and    in  (  ase 

")  of  conviction,  the    otiicer  shall    stiUid  coiuniittiMl  1o    the    county    jail    until    the 

()  costs   and  judgment   are  fully  paid. 

>j  •">.     In     all    ]irosecuf ions    under    thi>    act,  1)\     Hndictmeiil    or    otlieruise,  it 

2  shall  not    he    necessary   to    state  the     kind   of    lupior    sold,  or    to  descrihe    the 

■  i  |)Iace    where    sold,  nor    to  show    tin     knu\\icd;.'e  of    the  principal  to  con\ict   for 

•1  the    a<'ts    of    an    a^rent    or    seixaiit.   nor  to    state  the    name    of    hti\'  person    to 

o  whom     li(pior    is    soM,     and     in    all     ca>e>>    the     person     to     whom    intoxieaf im,' 

(i  licpiors  shall    l>e  sold    in   violation    of    this    att.    slull    he    competent; 

7  Prorii/n/,  i]\\s  a<'t  shall  not   affect  distillers  and  other  manufa<-t urers  e\cr(  ismtJ 

H  their   calliiif;   at   their   places  of  business,  or  in  th  -   delivery  of   their  products 

'.>  to   customers,  or  to  wholesale  dealers,  or  to  bottlers  of  Injuors   when  eni/Rtjed 

10  in  such    business  within   tlie   limits    of  any  iiicorparat^'d  city,  town  or  villajje. 

IliSth  Assoiii.  SENATE—No.  10.  >farcl.  1887 

].     Iiitrodiift'd    liy    Mr.    Stn-ftrr.   JHTiiiary    12,    1HH7.   ami    ordon-.l    to    tir^,t 

•J.      I-'iiNt    ii'iKliiitr   Jaimarv    1_'.    ISHT,  and  rcfcrrt-d   to    ('<iiii!iiitt«*«'    on    LicciiKe 

and    Miscellany. 
:{.      Ixtportcd    iiack     March    4.    1HH7,    passayc    recoiiiinciidcd    and    (»nicrc<i    to 

second    reading'. 
}.     SccoikI    rcatlin^'    Munli     Id.    IHHT.    amended,    and    (trdered    to    a    tliird 



I'or    .\n    .\ct    to   ret,'nlate   the   saU-   of   jntoxicatiiifj   liquors    witliin    two    nules    of 
an.\    Micorjiorated    town    or    \iilai.'e.  church,    school    honse    or    fair   uronnd. 

Skctkjn  1.  Be  it  enarf.  1  hij  the  People  of  the  State  of  Illinnis.  /.  .,  ./  ' 
■J  in  till  (ititrnil  Assenihlii.  I'hat  \\h()e\er  not  havin;,'  a  hcensc  to  keep  ti 
•  >     dram    shop,    or    as    a    drutr^'ist    to  sell  for  medical  purposes  oid> ,  shall,  witinn 

4  two  miles  of  any  incorporated  town  or  villa^'e.  school  iionse.  cjiurch  or  fair 
"J  jironnds.  or  tlie  |>remises  oc(  npied  therehy,  l»y  liimself  or  another,  either  a« 
(■)  principMl.  clerk  or  servant,  ilirectly  or  indirectly,  sell  any  intoxicating  licpior 
7     in    an>     less    (|iuintity    than    ti\e    •.'allons   and    in    ori<;rinal    packa'.'es    as    put    up 

5  hy  the  nianufa<t urer.  shall  for  each  offense  he  fined  not  less  than  fifty  nor 
'.>     more    than    one    liimdred   dollars,    or   imprisoned    in    the   county   jail   not    less 

1<»     than    ten   nor  mote  tliH)i  ninet>    days,  or  hoth.  at  the  discretion  of   tlie  court. 

t;  1.  The  t/ivin^'  away  of  intoxicating:  liquors  or  any  sljift  or  device  to 
'1     evade    the    provisions    of   this    act.    shall    lu-    held    to    l>e    utdawful    s<'lliiitr. 

>;  ;l  Atiy  person  violatinj.'  the  provisions  of  this  act  may  he  arrested 
•1  upon  view,  or  ujion  warrant  hy  any  sheriff,  coroner,  constahle  or  other  officer 
:{     authorized    to    make    arrests,    and     such    officer    may   also   seize   the    booth, 

4  tent,    watron,   vessel   or   hoat    and    articles  to   he  sold   and    convey  the  sajne 

5  JH-fore   a  justice   of   the   i)eHce   with   the   offender,   and   upon   judgment   beiug 


(i  rt'lidcrnl   a^'HJnst    tin-    (ilft'iidt'r   it    sliiill    lie   riifdiccd    in    tlir   same    inaiiiici    as 

7  otliir   ju(lt.'iiM'iits   art'   ifcovt-n'ti    liffoic   jiistut-.   df     Ik-   jwacc,   t\(  t|>t    as  |)i<>- 

K  vidcd    licrt'lii. 

!;  4.     Any   fine  or   i!ii)>ris(n)nH'Pt    int'jitiojit-d    in    tliiv,    a(  t    may    l)i-   cnfon  cd 

2  liy  indicttntiit    in    any   conrt    nf    record    li.ivmi;   cnniinal   jiirisdictKni,   or   tlic 

M  tint'    al)o\t'    may    lie    sued    lor    and    rccMXcrfd    liifcirc    aii\   justice    ol    I  lie    peace 

4  of    the    proper   county    in    the    name    ol     tl;e    l'eo|>le   ol    tlie    State    i.|     llhnois, 

5  and    in    case   of   conviction   tlie   ofleiider   shall  stand  committed  to  the  coiintv 
(')  jail    until    the   costh   and   judgment   are   fully  jniid. 

>;  ■').     In   all  prosecutions  ujuh-r  this  act  Ji.\    Pidictmetit  or  otiierwise.  if  sliall 

2  not    he    necessary    to    state    the    Kind    of    lnploi    sold    or    to    descrihe    the   place 

'■]  where  sold,  nor   to   show    the    kTiowled;.'e   of   the    principal    to   convict   lor  tlii" 

4  acts  of  an   Hfjcnt  or  servant,  nor  to   state   tin    name   of   any  p<'rson  to  whom 

/j  liipior   is   sold,  and    in   all    cases   the    persons    to    vsliom    intoxicatinj.'    luiuors 

0  sliall  1k' sold  in  violation  of  this  act.  shall  Ik-  com|)etent  witnesses:     I'mm/rd, 

7  this   act   shall    not    affect    distillers   and   other   man  ifacturers   exercisinj,'  their 

8  callin^j   at    their   jtlaces   of   husiness.   or   in    the   delivery   of    their   products   to 
".>  customers,   or  to   wholesale  d»'ah'rs,   or   bottlers   of    li(piors   when    enfra<»ed    in 

10  such    husin»'ss    witliin    the    limits    of   an>    iiicoriHiraf'd  city,  town  or  \illat/e. 

a'ith  Assem.  SENATE— No.  11.  Fel>.  1KM7 

1.      hit  r<«lii(»'«l  \)\  Mr.  Stt»«'tt  r.  Jaiiiiarv  12.  IHHT.aiid  ortltT*'*!  to  first  ri-iKliiiy. 
•I.     I'li-t  rca(liii<.'  .iKiiiiary  1'2,  l^^KT.  hikI  n-ft-rn-d  tci  Coiiiuiittct' on  .liuiiciary. 
•'{.      litii(irt«<]  iinck    I'cliriiarv  :t.  I>h7.  wifli  aiiicii(liiit'iit.  passairt'  n  ((iiniiHiKlfd. 
and   onlfi'fd  to  second   n-adimj. 


Fur  \m  Act  to  amend  sc«tion  two  ImndrtMl  ami  tliirty-sevt'ii,  ol  di\ision  nm-,  of 
iiti  act  entitled  "All  a(  1  to  re\i>e  tlie  lnw  iii  rtlHtion  to  triniitial 
jtins|>riidiii(  •■,  "  a|>|)ro\ed   Man  li  21.  1H74.  m  force  .Inly   1.   IH74. 

Si'.iTioN  1.     Bf  it  I  riiirfftJ  by  llic  Peoplf  of  tJie  Sf/itr  of    lUnom,  represented 

•2  in  tlir  (irin-ni/  . I  •(.s> ////;///.  'I'liat  s. ction  two  liiiiidrcd  and  t}urty-s«'Ven,  tif  division 

A  one.  ot    ;in    act  entitled    '.\\i  m\    to    revise    tlic    law  in    relation    to    criiiiinHl 

1  jiirispriiderici  ."  ajtproved    Man  li    J".   JHT-f.  in    force    did,    1.   l^^Tl.   lie.  and    tlie 

~>  smiie  Is  amended  so  as  to   read   a--   follows: 

♦')  "Section  SM.      Kapc  is  tli>'  <  ain.d   knowledu'e  ot  a  female,  torcihly  and  ajrainst 

7  licr  \mII.     Il\»ry  male  person  ol    the  n^t-  of    fourteen  years  and    upward,  wlio 

H  sliall  ha\e  (  arnal  knowlcdv'c  of    aii\    female    in-rson   iindei'  the  Hfit-  of    fourt«'en 

!>  years,  either  with    or  vsitiiout    lier  ((insi-nt.  ^liall    he  a^ijud^e*!    to    Iw    guilty  of 

10  the    <rinie   of   rape.     l',\ery    |MiMin    (onvicted   of   the   crinie   of   ra|H'   sliall    he 

11  itnprisoned    in   t!ie   peniteiitnuy   for  a   tenii   not    less  than    three  yearM.  and 
1"J  niav  extend  to  life.  " 

.\ineiid    hy  striking  out   of    written  hill     in  next    to    the  last  line    the  word- 
'2    "three  vears"'  and  insi-rt  the  words  "one  year." 


^.?■>'^. "  ^s;?" 

35th  Assem.  SENATE— No.  11.  Feb.  1887 

1.  IntnxliKC'l   by  ^fr.    Strcfter,   January    12,    1887,   and    ortered    to   first 


2.  First   n'adinp  January  1-2,  1H>^7,  and  referrwl  to  Coniinittf  on  Judiciary. 
'.\.     Ui'portcil  hack  February  M.  1HH7.  with  amendment,  pasKaf^e  recommended, 

and  ordered  to  second   reading. 
4.     Second   reading?   Fel>ruary  17,    1^87,    amended,    and    ordered  to  a  third 


For  \n  .\ct  to  amend  section  two  hundred  and  thirty-seven,  of  division  one» 
of  an  act  entitled  ''An  act  to  revise  the  law  in  relation  to  criminal 
jurisprudence,"  approved   March  27,  1874,  in  force  July  1,  1874. 

Section  1.    Be  it  enacted  hij  the  People  of  (he  State  of  Illinois,  rcprrxn:!  ■■! 

2  in   the  (ifiuTul  Ansemhhj,      Tliat   section    two    hundred    and    thirty-seven,   of 

:{  division  one,  of  an  act  entitled  "An    act    to    revise    the   lav    in  relation  to 

4  criminal  jurisprudence,"   approved   March   27,  1874,  in  force  July  1,  1874,  be, 

5  and   the   same   is   amended   so   as   to   read   as   follows: 

0        "  Section  237.     Rape  is  the    carnal    knowledge    of    a    female,   forcibly    and 

7  ajjainst    her    will.      Every    male    person    of    the    age    of    sixteen    years    and 

8  upward,  who   shall  have  carnal  knowledge   of  any  person    under  the   age   of 
i)  fourteen  years,  either   with  or  without   her  consent,  shall  b<'  atljudged  to  be 

lU  guilty    of    the    crime    of    rajK'.       K\ery    jH'rson    convicted    of   the    crime   of 

1 1  ra|K'  shall   be   imjirisoned  in   the  penitentiary  for  a  term  not   less  than  one 

12  y«'ar,  and   may   extend   to  life," 

1.  Beoeived  from  Boom  April  14,  1867,  nd  otaitvi  I?  M  vMdiiiff.. 

2.  First  reading  April  27,  1867,  Mid  ortMed  to  It  motmi  iMfiai  mthoiit' 



For  An  Act  to  probibtt  bo^-maUug  and  pooikdfel^. 

- :    i. 

SscnoM  1.    B«  •!  muuiti  If  A*  P«qrfi  ^  Of  AM*  ^  JflBwofc,  r^rwaUeil 

2  m  <A«  General  Attembfy,    That   any   perMm    who  Idb^    aay    tofim,   lib*it 

3  traement,  tont,  booth,  of  bidldiiiff,  or  any  f«iilte«ciCr<»^^Kte  00^4^       ti*^ 

4  upon    any    public  or   privAUi  gtovd^t    w^bin   titk  Btet#  iri^    uiy   hcK^; 

5  iofitrtiinent  or  deviee  for  (he  purpose  oi  neat^of  ot  t^patermg  bali  or 

6  wagers,   or   of  selling  potAi,  or   any  person  who  xeooida  Or  wnisiws  bets  or 

7  wagers,   or  sells   pools,  upon  the  result  of  Msy  trial  ot  oantosl«f  skSl,  speed 

8  or    power    of  endurance  of  man   or  beast,  or  upon  the  result  of  any  politi- 

9  cal  nomination,  appointment  or  election ;  or  beio^  tiie  omier,  leaaoe  or  occa> 

10  pant  of  any  rooni,  shed,  tenement,  tent,  booth,  or  biiildxDg,(vpart  Ihererf,  knov- 

11  iugly  permits  the  same  to  be  used  or  oooapied  fat  any  ot  these  purposes,  or 

12  therein  keeps,  exhilnts  (h*  employs  any  devioe  or  tapputilka  for  ^  pvurpoM  of 

13  recording  or  regisieiing  such  I  ets  or  wagen,  or  selling  xii  such  peoln,  ox  beddswa 

14  the  custodian  or  depository  for  hire,   or  privilege,  ot  any  money,  ptvpetty^ 

15  or  thing  of    value  staked,  wagered  or  pledged  upwi  Miy  such  resaltt  sh^   be 

16  punishable  by  imprisonm«it  in  the  county  jail  fw  a  pariod  not  kmger  than 

17  one  year,  or  by  fine  not  exceeding  $2,000,  or  both. 


,     .-i  .  ■■■; 

^   'v-r. 

I'M-    .'=.    ••  ^-^■•      :w^'^,_  „. 

,. ,  -* 


5:->  ■    ."     ■ 



.«.■■■,     V. 

iV     X- 

"^■'::  ^:;  •'■■'ipr- 

;vV     -.vj   >  •- 

V  u:    i^ 

/  ■    .      ■" 

■•       ■■■•» 

'-•  ■^,'        •, 

•■^*.~.'  V- 

•  C-    0 


:    ^i  -'■:  :*i 

^■.  ■  ,\'  ■ 




-T  *;^-  .>^^,; " 




',  '-? 

1  .♦■ 


*  : 

.  .1  *  V 

(■*.  ' 





p3^v  ■ 

•'-•   r    . 

kf-^'-    .. 

■  - 



ii^^  .^  iri"  .■■.«*.|* 

;.'f.  -; 


''»-J*:^M^1k^:-  '--.    !:^^kM 

I  '■       rrv,        ,  -,■  ■     ■■•I -,     ■■::.■■■■■.,      .,V,       ,     .' , ',  '.■'.tMi,"  li       ruimiii -ii    ,  p 

Being  a  bill  for  an  act  to  |>robibit  book-nii^dng  and  pdol-iwUiog, 
Amend  the  bill  by  adding  to  the  end  of  KO^Uon  erne  after   the  w<nd  "both," 

2  the  foUonin^:    "Provided,  howevrr,  that   the  proTisioos  of  this  aet  d?«U  nol 

3  apply  to  the  actual  enclosare  of  fair  or  race  track  aaaoeiations  Ifewl  are  incor- 

4  porated  under  the  laws  of  this  State,  daring  the  actual  time  of  the  meetings 

5  of  said  associations,  or  within  twenty-foor  houra  belore  any  aoeb  UMetiags." 

..  •  -  ^._■  •.''  •■■-    ":  „  ?■..(.?.-  -■» 

..    *•-    > 






' '    ' '       '■  .■'^" 

-; .-  "vt--*'-:. 

■■  *■      ;y  ,.-  •.  :.     ;-^t    .     ■  - 


'.■^- ri:.  :^?;7e:' ;■■:■ 

•  '     -   •    .■      >     >-.  :>  .-.•  r 

:  ■:■  '•  .A^-!-^v 

;.        ,          "       ■         >■,■-.         .    . 

-^   r-iv."  ,:  ''•"/.       .  .-y 

•-                    •      ^     ■.■;..     f,        .                        ■•     .      J,   "'*'.     ■• 

.-  '^v    --;*  ■  ■.        .  *  ■ "     '•    ' 

•  --r-.i  '■■    ■        ;-■'■.- 

■■■  ■.  ;,'  .'*i^5.f^.'!v  -■■-•■:^-^      •'. 

.■^  V*--^'.  •..'■-t^v  ■    .  : 

.    '.  *:.:  ..■^<'-:-:~  •,  ' 

■■.    ., 

■        .                ■                                          '*■:•'■                    •             '-'.,'     V^,    '■■        /^ 

.-  -  ?  1 

-     '-'         >".■•■■*-:„-    w    .-.  ^-    ■;      ■'^•f^' 



a'\  ..\?:lai:>..- 

^1^^^,                                         ■ 

'  «       "  s  - 

-..---^*-'.--.  •  .  . 

•  J  ■ 

■'^,t:-^:::      ■■IS;--.::  v;:,      .  ■;.._vj?r /l^^^  ^^i^^^CMVli:^?e^^5^^ 



?    J  /^  s 


-..    ■  :  ••-*.. 





»,-•■■    . 



,.  Vr-'  ■- '  - 

nf*    - 

■'¥'  ■:'■     " 


.      ':         ■'   t. 

^  ' 



\f.-  " 



rX  J 

t«  ':, 

■  •->  -  * 

"      » 


J     ^         ^ 





'/     ■ 


*  J".  -"*■  "■ 





35th  A8sein.  IgENATE— No.  13.  mwllSf 

1.      Intrcxliift'*!   Iiy  ^fr.  Bjuoii.  of  IMiiar.  JHiiiiHrv  I'i,  IHK7. 
■J.     Kir-t   rcHiliti!.'  iHiiiiary  IJ,  |HS7.  itixi  referred  to  ('(•iiiiiiittec  on  Judiciary. 
•  >.     l»-|i«irt('il    l>;i(  k    FeliniJiry  2.   1HS7.  and    (irdereii    to   he   printed    for   infor- 


For  All  Act  to  a'lii'ii  1  set^tioiis  seventy  tTOi,  eishty-two  <H"2i,  and  eij;lity-tliree  *Ki), 
4»f  "  An  Act  in  regard  to  elections,  and  t(»  provide  for  tillinfj  VHcancies  in 
elective  ollices,"  ill  foH'e  July  1.  1H7'2.  tilt"  sanif  liein^  clmpt^'r  forty-six  (J4i) 
nf  tlie    Wevised    Statutes  of  tlie  State  of  IllnK»is,  A.   I>.   1H74. 

Section  1.    Be  ii  erutded  hy  Ou  People  of  ike  State  of  Hlmoit,  represenied 

2  in  till-  (ifiifnil  Asscmblif,  That  set-tions  seventy,  eighty-two  and  eighty-three 

;}  <»f    "An    A»;t   in   regard   to  elections   and   to   provide   for   tiUing  va<-ancie8  in 

4  ele<-tive  ofHcH's,"  in   force  July  I.  1H72,  the  same  being  chapter  forty-nix  of 

5  the  Hevise<l  Statutes  of  the  State  of    IllinoiH,  A.  I).,  1H74,  be  and  the  same 
<)  are  hereliy  ainemltnl  so  as  to  reail  as  follows: 

7  "  Section  70.     No  jhtsoti  who  has  l«'en  legally  convicted  of  any  crime,  the 

H  p.liiisliinent  of  which  is  contiiuinent  in  the  jienitentiary,  or  who  shall  Im?  con- 

\}  victed   and  sentences]   under   se<-tiQ(i  eighty-t^ee  of  this   a(;t,  sliall   be  per- 

10  niitti^l  to  vote  at   any  election,  unletis  he  shall  be  retitore^  to  the  right  to 

11  vote  by  panlon,  or   by  the   expiration   of    the  term   of   his  ilisfranchisemrait 

12  under  stiction  eighty-three  of  this  a<rt." 

13  "Section  8-2.    Whoever  aids  or  abets  anyone  not  legally  qualified  to  vote 

14  at  an  eh^-tion,  in  voting  or  attempting  to  vote  at  such  election;  or 

15  .SVrowJ— F'urnishes  an  elector  with  a  ticket  or  ballot  informing  him  that  it 
1()  contains  a  name  different  from  that  which  appears  thereon,  with  intent  to 
17  in<liu!e  liim  to  vote  (contrary  to  his  inclinations:   or 

i>v-..'  ■    ■  ..       ^  ■                                                     2 

>{           IH  77///^'— CliHiifU'h  H  lalltit  of   1111  il((t«i,  NHJtli  ii;t«  lit  f(i  (l<|iii\i    mcli  cNctdi 

'''    '         I'.l  of  \()till^'  for  Niicli   iH'isoii   HS  lir   ititrinli'd  ;  or 

2(>  J''(iinfli — IJy  unlawful    iiu'HIIs    pn-vt-nlN    ci     attciiipts    to     jinxnit    any    \iifti 

'21  Iroiii  Httciulin^  or  votiiijr  at  an  cUction  ,    or 

'2^2  I'iHI, — (ii\ts  (>r  ofTns  to  \>\\\'  any  VHlnailf  tlnnj.'  or  \a\\>v  to  any  iiidyc   or 

'2.{  ( Icrk  of   an  <'l«*(tion.  hs  a  considtMHtion   lor   sonn-  act   to  lie  ilint    ir  (..•♦♦.<l  t^- 

24  l.t'  done  contraiy   to    liis   ( ificial   d)ity   in    relation    to   mkIi  »I((  ti(  h,  si. all   on 

'Jo  (•on^i(•tion  tlu-rt'of.  !)«■  tincd  in  a  sum    not    cxriMMlin"^  S|,(()(>.  or  in.piiMnad  in 

'2(>  tlu-   county   jail    not    excej'ilinj;   one    year,   or    both,   in    llio    diM-rction    ol   llit 

'27  court.        And    any    jud^rc    or   clerk    wlio    sliall    recei\i',  r<'<|Uest    or  dcnwuid  itn\ 

'2H  lirilie  or  reward    forbidden    hy  this  ait.  sliall   u|Min  <on\  ictioii,  lie  lialif  tn  tli. 

*2'.>  same  |H>nalties  as  are  prescrilieil  in  tins  a<  t   t<ir  the  yuin^;  or  of  eiiiif"  to  awv 

JK)  such  hriU-  or  rewanl." 

'.\\  "Section  K{.     An.\    |M>rson    who    shall    solicit,    ie(pn>t,  deman<l    or    r<<ei\i, 

iVl  (hiiH-tly  or  indirectly,  any  money,  int<»\icatin^  litpior  (tr   otli«'r   thint»  ol  \aliu', 

'ii\  or  tlie  promist>  thei-eof,  either  to  influence   his  vote,  (jr  to  Ih'  used,  or   under 

;■          ;+4  tile  |m't<'iiHe  of  beinj{  uwhI  to  pr<Kure   the    \<)t<-  of   any  other  iK-rson  or  jn-r- 

T.           ;Vi  sons,  or  to  Ik*  used  at  any  |k»11   or  other   pIjM-e   jirior  to  or  on  the  day  ol    an 

;«■>  eUntion  for  or  autaiiist  any  candidate  for  otli«e,  or  for  or  against  any  measure 

{              ;{?  or  ijuestion   ti>  Ih-  voted   U|Min   at   such  ele<tion.   shall   he  deemed   yuilty  ol   the 

■;.           IJH  infamous  crime  of   hriltery  in  eU*ctions.  ami    ii|M>n    <oiiviction    tliereof,  in  any 

^           l-i!)  court  of   record,  shall  he  sentence*!  t<»  diHlranchisemeiit  hy  the  judtre  of  such 

r             40  court  f«)r  a    term    of  not    less    than    five     nor    more    than  fifteen  y«'ars,  and 

'i            41  to  pay  the  eowt  of   prosecution,  and  stand  committed  to  the  county  jail  until 


'^'■-           42  KUfh  costs  Khali  l)e  fuUv  paid.      Tliat    for    a    ••on\i(  t)on    of   a    second  otfeuM', 

4;i  under  this  section,  the  lirst    hem^    allejred    and    prcned.  such  se«-ond  oHendi  r 

;              44  shall  1m'  hy  the  s«'nten<e    of     th«-    (oint     forever    thereafter    tlislranchise«l  aial 


P            4r)  deprived  of  *tlie  riv'ht  to  \<)te  at  an  election  in  this  State,  and   he  coininitted 


>:.           4<)  to   jail    in   default    of    payment  of  costs  of   prosecution,  until    su«h  costs  are 

;<            47  fully  paid.       Prosecutions  may  he    had    under   this  section    hy  indi<  tinent    in 

4H  the  circuit  court,  or  hy  information    in    the   county  courts,  and  the  effect    of 

1!»  a  si'iifcncf  of  disfrHiichis«'irn'iit  in  ritliei  of  said  courts,  both  having  jiirisdic- 

")(•  tioii  of   otffiists  luit mult  1.  hlitill  lie  to  lU-privc  sticli  pj'rsous  sentt'ined  of  tlie 

■"»1  riizlif  to  votf  lit    Jiiiy  <^('iitr!il  oi  siicciid  clectio?!  or  town  nicffiiiir  witliin  tins 

V2  Stuff  loi    tlic  |i«iio<l  of    tiiiif    ti\«(l    l»y  the  court  where  such  iwrsoii  shtdl    Ik- 

"v}  (()n\i(tcfl   uixicr  this  section.     Any  ciinihdHte  or  otlicr  jH-rson  imyin^,  furnish- 

■'A  iiiu'  or  promising:  to  pay  or  furnisl)  or  f)rihin»j  su<di  |K'rs«>n  with  money,  intox- 

V)  icatin^'  lupior  or  otlier    tfiin»r    of    vahie.  or   the   pnwnise   thereof  sliall  not  lie 

•  M  lialile   tu    piinisfinieiit    therefor,  hut    sliall    he    a    ctini|x^tent  witness  and  coin- 

;7r  pelled    to    testify    in    prose<iitiojis    iinih^r    tliis    seition.      Sohcitation    hy  any 

.>t  person    of    a    hum    of  money,   or   the    purchaw*  of   anytliinu   of   vahie,  or  of 

r»!»  hquor   liy    the  drink   or  treat,  to  influence   or  effect   liis  vote,  or  any  other 

tXi  siihterfiijic.  shall  lie  (h'enied  n  violation  hereof." 

(il         Srrnn'l — .Any   jH'rs<in    who   shall    have   hi-en    lefjally   convicted   and   ili.^friin- 

(ij  cliised  l>y  a  court  of   competent  jurisdiction  wlio   shall,   l)eh»re  the  expiration 

iti  of   his  term  of  disfranchisement,  vote  or  offer  to  vote  at  any  jreueral  or  K|>e- 

M  cial  election,  or   town  meeting'  within  tluN  State,  Hhall,  n|N)n  iiulictment  and 

Cm  conviction  thereof  in     court  of    coni|H'tent    jurisdiction,   he    confhied  in    the 

(Ml  penitentiary    hir    a    tenn    of    years   not    less   than    one,    nor  more    than    ten 

(57  years." 

>;  2.     All  acts  or  parts  of  acts  inconsistent  herewith,  are  hereby  rej)ealed. 


3S(h  Ass4.m.     ■      '•  SI^ATE-.!lo.  m '^*^    m.  iWf 

1.     l!itro.iiif»(l  Itv  Mr    I5:u  I  n.  nf  Ktk'nr.  Fiiniarv  12.  1HH7.  and  onlert'd  to  fin*! 

1.      l'ir->t  it'aiiiiL'  fiiiiuiirx   12.  1HS7.  hu-I  ifftrrfd  to  Committee  on  Jutluiarv. 
M.     Heportttl  liH«k  I't'liruarv  2-"*.  1<**>7.  |)a>saf{e  recoiuinemlfd,  and    ordert^i   to 

■M-coiid  n-jidiiii'. 


Kor  An  Act  to  anicnd  ■Mctioii^  mmmiIv  Tit',  t•i<;llty-t^\o  iN-Ji  iind  fi^rlity-tlirw^  (8;:^i 
<>t  ""Ai]  Act  in  ici:,ii(I  to  c|((  tion-  aiid  ti)  provide  for  tilling  NHcmicies  in 
flcctivf  otlicc-,.  "  in  force  .)iil\  1.  InT'J.  tlie  sHtrie  U'iiiji  chapter  furty-six 
.  10'  of  the   HeM.sed  Statutes   uf   the    State   of    Ilhiiuis.    A.    D.    1874. 

Rkction  1.    Be  U  enacted  hy  the  People  of  (he  State  of  Illinois,  represented 

•1  in    fill    (i,  II.  nil  Aas'inh/i/,  'I'liaf    sections  Seventy.  ei<?lity  two  and   fi^jlity-three 

:l  i>f   •■.\ti    act     in    rcLrard    to   clccfh'U    and     to    jirovidc    for    fillin?   vacajicies   in 

!  elective    ollici  s.      Ml    loic      lulv     i.    I>>7J.    the    siinie  iieinj.'   chapter    forty-six  of 

.")  flic     lovise,!     Statutes    ot     the    State    ot     lliinois,    A.    ])..    1H74,    he.    and    the 

li  -tine    aie    herein     aiiieii'leii    so    a-    t'l    lead    a-    follows: 

7  ■■^•ecHoii   7*'.      \o    person    wlio    !i;i-     I'een     lei,'all\    coiisicted    ot     any     criijie, 

^  tilt     piniisliiiieiit    lit    'aIiicIi    I-    eoiirineineiit    m    the    |>enitentiar\ .    or    ului    shall 

'.I  iie    eM'i'.Kie.i    aiJ     -.htenceil     HI, ■hi      section    eii,'hty-t hree    of     this    act.    shall 

pi  lie     pellilitte.l     !e     vote     at      ,Oi\      election,     unless      ln'     sl|f(i|      lie     restored      to     the 

11  ii'_'iit    t"    \r,\f    \.\     paidoh.    I'l     l>\    the    e\|)iration    ot    the    term    of    Ins   disfran- 

]'I  clllseniellt      under     -ectlon     el^dltV    three     ot     tills    act. 

l:{  -S.-etion  '^'J       \\hoe\ei    aids     ,ir     ihets    an\     one     nf>t     lesiallx     (jiiahfied     to 

14  vote    at    an    election,    in    votiiiu'  or  at teniptini.'    to  vote    at    such  ei«-etion ;    or 

1.")  ,SV  ■,,;('/ — Furnishes    an    elector    ^vith    a    ticket    or    hallot  informing;    lum    that 

if)  If    coiitHuis    a    name   different    troin    that    wJurdi   ajipears   thereon,  with  intent 

17  to   induce   hirn   to   vote  contrary   to  his   inclinations;  or 

2  .- 

18  T/iiid — ("liHii^'cs  II  litillot  of  Hii  cli'cfoi,  uitli   iiiti'iit   t.i  (Icprivf  Hiicli  <Ioftor 

111  (>1    Mitiiit;    ioi     siicli    iK'isdij    US    lie    iiitj-ixliil  ,    III 

2()  Finirfli — \\\    iiiilawlul     iiifuns    |in\tMits   oi     atttriipts   to    prevent    !iti\    Mttcr 

21  froju    attt'juliii^'    or    Mtfiii*.'    ut    an    tici  f  mn :  or 

'2:1  Fiftli — (iivi's   or  oHeis   to    <2iv«'    any    \alii>tlilf    tliniy    or    hrilx'    to    anv    jiidtrc 

2."{  or    clt-rk    of    an     tlection.    as     a    consicicration    for   >onif     act     to    lie    doiic    or 

"24  t)initt*'(l    to    lif    (loin-   contrarv    to   Ins   olHi  lal    duly    in    niation    to    sui  h    cltM- 

'JT)  lion,    sliall,    on    conMction    tlicicof.   lie    tincil    ni    a    sum    not   fxctcduitr    SI. (Ml. 

2(>  or    imprisoned    in    the    eoiinty    jail     not    cm  ceding'    one    .\i*ar.    or    liotli.    in    tli*- 

27  diKcretion     of     the    court.      And     an,\    .indole    or     clerk    wlio     sliall     re(ii\c.    re- 

'21:^  quest    or    demand    any    hriU'     or     reward    lorlndilcn     liy     tins     act.    shall,    u|)on 

'29  coiivictioii,    he     iiahle     to     the    same    jienalties     as     are    prescnhed     m    this    act 

;^)  for   the    pivinp   or  ofTerinj;   to   ^Mve    smh    lirilte    or    reward. 

31  "Section  8.'i.      .\ny    person    who     shall     solicit,     retpiest,    demand    or    hccivc. 

8'2  directly    or    indirectly,    any     money.     intoMcatiiii,'    liipior    or    other    thin?.'    of 

;W  value,    or   the    promise    thereof,    either    to    inMiience   Ins    vote,    or   to    he    used, 

M  or    under     the     pretense   ol     heiiii:    used     to     procure     the    vote    of    an\    other 

;{<>  person    oi'    persons,    or  to    he    used    at    an\    jioll    or  other  place    pnoi    tn  or    on 

:tt)  the    <la.\     of     an    election     tor     or    airaiiist    an\    <andidate     loi    olliee    or    toi    i>i 

87  ajfainst    any    measure    or   (piestion    to    lie    voted    upon    a!     siieii    ele<tioh,    shall 

;W  he    deemed     }.'Ulh>     ot     the     infamous    eiiiiie    of     hilhei  \      in     elections,    and     upi  ■ 

MU  coiiMction    thereof,    ill     .•iiiv     court     ot    leeord.    shall     he    s.rit<  in-ed     to    ilistrim 

lit  ellisenienl     !>>      the     Jlld^'e    ot      Niich      coiiM      tor      a     teilii      ol      not     lesv     ihall     ti\i 

41  nor    more    than    tifteen    >ears.    and    to    ji;i^    the  (ost   ot    piosec  ution    and    staml 

42  ((Unmitted    to     the    count\     jail     until    sik  h     costs    shall     he    full\     paid       That 
l;i  tor     a      eon\lctlon     ot      a     seinnil      ot1eMs(  .     iindei      tills      section,     the      tiist      heilit; 

44  alleged    and    pid\en.    such    second    otfender  shall     he    li\    the    sentence    ol     the 

4"»  (ciirt    forever    thereafter    he    disfranchised    and    deprived    of   tin-    ritrht    to  vot^ 

4()  at    an    election    m    this    State,    and    he    committed    to    jail    iti    default    of    pay- 

47  inent    of   costs   of    prosecution    until    such    costs   are    fully    paid.     ProKecurions 

4H  may    he    had    under   this   section    hy    indictment    in     the    circuit    court,    or    hy 

49  iiifonnution.  in    the   countv    courts  and    tiie   effect    of    a   sentence   of    dinfran- 

.y)  fhiseiiieiit    in    either    of    said    courts,  both    having    jurisdiction    of    offenses 

'A  herfiiiidtT.   shall    In-   to  deprive   such   person   sentencwl   of  the   ri^ht    to  vote 

5'1  at    any    ".'eneraJ    or   special   election    or    town    nieetinj/   within   this   State   for 

•">•'<  tlic   period   of   time    fixed    li>    the    court   wliere  such    j)erson    shall  be  convicted 

.VI  under  this   si-ction.     Any   can<lidate    or   other    person    payin<;.   furniKhing  or 

'>■')  proinisiiit.'  to   pay  or  furnish   or  hrilnn^   such    person  with   money,  intoxicating 

'A't  ii(|U(>r   or   other   thiiif.'   of    value,    or   the   pronuse   thereof  shall     not    h»-   liable 

■>7  to    punislinient     therefor,    Init    shall     \h-   a   comiM'tent    witness    and    com|)elled 

•>>  to    testify    in  prosecution    under    this   s^ntion.     Solicitation     by    any    |)erson    of 

;">;»  a    loan    of    money,    or   the    purcha**e   of    anything   of    value,   or   of    litpior    by 

♦Ul  the   drink    or   treat,    to   influence   or    effect    his   vote,   or    any    other   subter- 

♦d  fiiire,    shall    be   deemed   a    Molation    hereof. 

♦i'i        Sill, till — .\ny  person   who    shall    have  l»een   lejjally  convicted    and   disfran- 

(■»•'{  cliised   by  a  court   of    competent   jurisdiction   who    shall,   before   the  expira- 

(A  tion    of   his   term   of  disfranchisement,    vote   or   offer   to   vote   at  any   general 

«)-■>  or    s|)e(i;tl    election,    or   town    meeting?    within    tliis    State,    shall,    u|M)n    indict- 

i'*\  iiient    ;tnd    conviction    thereof  m   a   court    of    <(im|)etent   jurimliction,   be   con- 

t'l  lined    in    tlie    penitenti;ii\    for    .i    term    of    \  ears    not    les>  than    one.    nor    more 

l>M  than    ten    years. 

:;  1.     \\\  acts  or  parts  of  acts  niconsistent  lurewitii.  are  hereby  repeaii'd. 

:r>tli  Assem.  SENATE— No.  13.  March  1887 

1.  liitnxliKrd   liy    Mr.    Hficdii.   i>l    Kdjrar,   .huiiiarv  12,    1hm7.  and  (»nl<r»Kl  to 

titst    rtaduiL'. 

2.  First    ivadiiii:  Jaiiuaiv    12.   iJShT,  and  n'ffrn'<l  tu  (  uiiimitl^t'e  on  .ludit  laiy. 
■  i.      l{f|i<(ittMl    IijkK     |-'fliiMHJ\'    2'>.    I'SS".    passatrt'    rt'coinniciidcd,   and    itrdcrrd 

to  second    iradnit:. 
I.     Sfcond    rcadins.'    Man  li  "•.    ISST.   aint'iidcd    and  ordcrtNl  to   third  rcadiiifr. 

A    BILL 

Foi    Ati     \(  t    til  Miijfiid  sections  se\eiit\   iTOi   eitdity-two    i''^'Ji    and   ci^jlity-tliree  (KJ- 
i)t     "An    net    in    rei/ard   ti.   e|e(  ikiHs  ;tnd   tn    provide   for    tilliiiu'    vacancies   in 
electixe  otiiccs,'     in    tip|(e    .liil\     I.    IsT'i.    tile    saiiie    Immiij:    clia|»ter    forty-six 
1(1     of    the    |{evis,d   Statutes   nt    tile    State    of    Illinois,    A.    D.    ls74. 

'  ;i  lies  1.     Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  Btate  of  Illinois,  rcj>i>  s.  !,!■  ^i 

2  III    f/i-    a,':,  ml  Assiiii/ilii:    i'liat  sections  seventy,  fifjlity-two  and    ei<;lity-tlin'e 

:>  of  "An  act   111  retjard    to    elections    aiitl    to    provide    for    hllin^    vacancies    in 

4  elective  offices,"   in   tone  duly    I.    IM7J,  tlie    same    lieiiij;    (diapter    fortx-six  of 

.")  tlie  ixevised  Statutes  of  tlie  State  of    Illinois,  .\ .    ]).,  1H74.  he  and  the    same 

t'l  arc  liendiy  aiiienided  so  as  t<.  read  as  foHovvs: 

7  'Section  7(1.     No  person  who  has  U-eii  legally  convicted  of    any  crime,  tlie 

8  punishment   of  wliu  h  is  contincinent  in  the  iH'iiiteiitittry,  or  who  shall  he  con- 
\i  victed  and  sentenced   under    section    ei^ihty-three  of    this    act,  shall    la-    per- 

](>  mitted    to  vote  at  any  election,   unless  he  shall  l>e  restored  to  the  riyht  to  vote 

11  liy  pardon,  or  li\   the  expiration    of    tlu     term  of    his    disfranchisement   under 

li^  section  ei^lity-tliK-e  of  this  act. 

13  •Section  Si.     \\h(M'ver  wilfully  aids  or  al)ethanyone  not  legally  qiialifitMi  to 

14  vote  at   an  election   in   votiiijr  or  attemptitif.'  to  vote  at  Bucli  election;  or 

1.')  St'iond — I'lirnislies  an  elector  with  a  ticket  or  hallot  informing'    liiin  that  it 


1(>  coiitauis  ii  iiaiii*'  (iiffcieiit   from  that    \vlii(li    ap|>«Hi>.    tlicnoii.  witli     iiitnit    to 

17  iiidiu-c  him   to  vote  coTitraiv   to   his  iiicliiiiitioiis :   oi 

18  Thiril — (")iaT)f;es  a  liallot  of  ati  elector,  with  ititeiit   to   (Icprnc  siicli    eh'(  tor 
11)  of  votiliir   for  such   person   as  he   iliteiiih-d  ;  oi 

21)  l'\iinfli — Hv   imiawfiil   means   prexejits  oi    itllein|its   tn  pn'v  i-nt    ;iii\   vntei   hoin 

'1\  atleinhiij/  or  voting  at   an  eU-ctioii;  oi 

'I'l  Fit'tli — (ii\es,  or  otfejs  to  i:i^<'.   ari>   vahiahli    thiiiv  I'l    ItiIic  tn  aii\    jmi^'e  oi 

■JH  clerk  of  an  election,  as  a  consiih^uitiou  tor  some  act   t'l  h(    ilmie  nr  nmitte'l   •<> 

'24  he  (lone  contrary  to    his  oHicial    (hity   in     rehttio!i    to    siuli  election,  sliall    on 

'l^i  con\ictioii  thereof  he  lined  in  a  sum   not    «\(  ceding'    SI, (Ml.  dr  im|>nsoned   m 

'2(»  tlie  count\    jail    not     exceedintr    one     \ear.  oi     lioth.  in     the    discretion  of   the 

'27  court.     .\nd  any  judjre   or  clerk    who    shall  Kceive.  reijiiest    oi     demand    an.\ 

'2H  hrihe  or  n-ward  forliidden  hy  this  a<t.  shall  upon    con\iction.  he  liahle  *.■■  ili.- 

•2".'  same  iH'iialtics  a.s  are  prescrihed  m  this  act   for  (he  !.'i\ini_'  or  oH<iinL'  to   i.'ne 

:10  sticli  hrila-  or  reward. 

;tl  "SectioTi  K{.     .\ny    person    who    shall     solicit,  reipiest.  demand    or    receixe. 

3'2  directly  or  indirectly,  any  inoiiey.  intoxicalnii/  li<pior  or  otlier  thinti  of   \aliie. 

'M  or  the  promise  thereof,  either  to  influence  his  \ote.  or   to  h'    used,  or  under 

M  the  pretense  of  hein*:  used  to  procure    the    \ot«'  ot    any  other  person  oi     per 

!<0  sons,  or  to  he  ustnl  at   any  poll  or    other  pla< c  jtrior    to  or    on  tlie  da>    oi'    an 

3(i  election  for  or  a^^ainst  any  candidate  for  oltice.  or  for  or  against  any  measure 

'M  or  «piestioii  to  he  voted  U|K)ii  at  such  election,  sliall  he  deemed  jruiity  of    the 

;iH  infamous  crime  of    hrihery  in  elections,  and  ujM>n  coiiviction    then^of    in    any 

'iV.)  court  of  record,  shall  Iw  sentenced  to  disfranchisement  liy  the  judye  of    such 

4<)  court  for  a  term  of  not  less  than  five  nor  more  than  fifteen  years,  and  to  the 

41  county  jail  not  less  than  three    months  nor  more  than  one  year,  and    to    pa.\ 

4'2  the  cost  of  prosecution  and  stand    committJMl  to    the    county  jail     until    such 

4J)  costs  shall  1h'  fully  paitl.     That  h)r  a  conviction    of    a    second    offense    under 

44  this  section,  the  first  heinj?  alleged  and  proven,  such  second  offender  shall  he 

45  by  the  neuteuce  of  the  court  forever  thereafter  disfraiichiHtMl  and  deprived  of 

46  the  rif^^ht  to  vote  at  an  election  in  this  State,  and  be  impriHoned  in  the  county 

47  jail  not  less  than  one  year,  and  he  committe<l  to  jail    in  default    of    payment 

-is     of  ci^t*-  of  |>i(is('<iiti<)ii   miti!  siicli  ('(thts  arc   fully  paid.     Prosft-utioTis  iiihn    Ih- 
49     bail   iiiiiicr  tlii>  ^titHUi   \<y   iikIk  tiiicnt   in  t)ic  cinMif    court,  or     1)\    irilonnHtioii 
•'I'l     111   tlif  (oiiiitN    courts,  and  tiic  ctTcct  of  a  M-iitciK  c  of  (lisfraiicliist'iii«'iit  in  cither 
•M      ot   -^aid  courts,   liotli     iia\in<r    jiiri^dictioii    of    otTcns<-s     hereunder,  sliall     he     to 
•VJ     <le|>ii\e  siuji   persons  sentenced  ol   the  M^dit    to   \()te  at   an>    j,'enerai    or  ^^|lecial 
."ii     ch'(  (loll,  or  town   ntcetini,'  \sifhin  tins  State  h»r    the    period    of    time  tixe<l  hy 
.">■}     the  court    wlicie  >u<h   person  shall   he  c(iiivicte<l   und<'r  this  section.     Aii.\  caii- 
.V>     didatr  ol   oilier  person  pa>iiiL',  furnishint.'  or    ludiiiisint;    to  pa\   oi     fiirnisli  or 
."»<)     hrihiti!.'   ^iich   person,   willi   nioiie\ .   intoxicaf iiif.'  Inpior  or  other  tliiiij;  of    \ajiie, 
"iT     or  the  |uoinise  tlnreof,  shall   not   he  liahie  to    piinisliinent     tlierefor,  hut   shall 
')K      he    a    coliipete'it    \MtJies>   and    coln|)elled     to   testify    111    prosecutions     limler     tills 
.7.1     section.     Solicitation   h\    any   person  of  a   loan  of    nioiiey,  or    the  pun  liase    of 
(K)     anythini:  of  \alue,  or  of  li<|iior  hy  Ihe  drink  or  treat   to  influence  or  etle<t   iiis 
(d      vote,  or  any  other  siihterfuL'e,  sliall   he  de<'ined  a   \iolati(»n   hereof. 
^'^■2         St'itniil — .\riy  person  who  shall   liaM-  la-en   lejrally  convicted  and  disfraiu  hised 
(vJ     l)>    a  court    ot     competent  jurisdiction   nv  ho  shall     hefore    the    t^xpiration  of    his 
(>-l     term  of  disfrancliisement,   vote  or  offer  to  \ote  at  any  <.'eiieral  or  special  elec- 
(>.-)     tion,  or  town  meeting'  within  this  State,  shall,  ui»on  indictment  and  con\iction 
(X)     tliereof  in  a  court   of  comiM'teiit  jurisdiction,  he  confined  in    the    penitentiary 
(i7     for  a  term  of  years  not   less  tlian  one,  nor  more  than  ten  years." 

;i  1.     All  acts  or  jmrts  of  acts  inconsistent  herewith  are  herehy  re])eale<i. 

^^^^#"-9901 '  iUMBou  ■-''-mxMmmf^j^ih^*im'-*'*m^mmmm^ 

.     1 

Seotioh  1.   B«  K  mmekd  ly  fl«  Pdqili  qf  At  8kk  <ti  JWhaft,  wyimttuM 

2  in    the    General  Aetembly,  That    sections   8,  9,  Ifi,  16  Mid  34  erf  an   sol 

S  entitled  "An  act  to  ranedy  the  evils  ocmseQiunt  1900  tbe  dMmdliflo  at 

4  any  public  records  by  fire  or  otherwise,"    i^fwoved    and  i&  force  April  9, 

5  1872,  shall  be  and  are   hereby  amended  so  that   said  ieotions  aa  amwided 
0  shall  read  respectively  as  follows:                      a>  *«v;^.*B^.r^i  .,}.^vv*.  v-    'Sv 

7  "Section  8.    It  shall  be  the  duty  of  the  lodges  ol  Ibe  dnncli  oooft  of 

8  the  county,  or  the  jodgee  of   the   ciron^   and   ra|Miii»   oooiti  of  Cook 

9  coonty,   to  examine  into   the  state  of  the  records  in  such  oovnty,  aad  in 

10  case  they   find  any  abstracts,  copies,  minutes  or  extnota  from  said  reooidp 

11  existing  after  such  destruction  as   aforesaid,  aad   find   tiiat  said  ahaiaola, 

12  minutes  or  extracts  were  fairly  made  before  the  destrofiition  of  the  reooidi 

13  by  any  person  or    persons,  in    the   ordinary  course  <rf  buainees,   and  that 

14  contain  a  matnial  and    substantial  part  (rf  said  teeorda,   the  said  cmndt 
16  judge  of  the  ooimiy,  ot  the    judges  of    the    oirouit  or   8Q|mriiar  courts  of 

16  Cook  county,  shall  certify   the  facts  found  by  abaa.  kk  imptjrt  to  wtuk 

17  Abstracts,  cc^ies,  minutes  and  ei^atc^,  and  the  aaid  ifdgm  of  ttHoqmAf, 

18  or  the  jndgM  of  th«  oirouit '  or   n^esiar  ooai*  of   Oook  wiatiy  AiB 

. .  -■.      .  ;       .■      ;  ■*.•-. >/%; 

1.  Received  from  Honse  May  9,  1867,  and  ofdered  to  find  ratdaf .  "^ 

2.  First  reading  May   9,  1887,    and   ordered   to   ieoo«id   readqig  without 

refermce.  •    ' 

— — — —  •        '■^--i'^:^ 

■    .        ■      -  -  .■       ..^s^  ■  ■'■'    'w:, -v^via,*  ^J^■,.cc^^   ^sS?;- •••.;■  ^y 

A  BILL  .■;•■,;:---■  5:;'^-  ^-'■--■^>'>:^v '^  :■'' 

For  An  Act  to  amend  sections  e^ht  (8),  nine  (9),  fifteen  (1£»),  aixieeD  (liQ,  aad 

twenty-four  (24)  of   an  act  entitled   "An  Act  to  reoMdy  tiie   evils  oomw-        "^ 
quent  upon  the  destruction   of  uiy  public  records  by  fire  or  otherwise," 

i4>proved  and   in  force  April  9,  1872. 

V  ■  '«  ^■^i■  /^;^/',o.  \-r'  "v     vr-'.v     ■; 

^:      |fr  «MUM»  iD   flndStBM  iirodiioed  m  Iko  said  alMtnot  books  to  be  reduced  to 

"^^   90  writiDg,  end  aheQ  caiue  all  socfa  evidence  to  be  qireed  of  record,  as  a 

$\      21  part  of  the  order  dl   said  court.     And  also  (if  they  are  of   that   opinion) 

'it.    22  that  such  abetraot  copies,  minutes  and  extracts  tend  to  show  a  connected 

I      88  chain  of  title  to  the  land  in  said  county,  and  upon  filing  of  a  certificate 

%:  ' 

r^iv    24  of  such  circuit  judge  or  the  Judges  of  the  circuit  and  superior  courts  of 

I*.  _\- 


>4-  >.  25.  Cook  county,  with  tiie  county  clerk  of  the  proper  county,  the  county  board 

26  may,  with  the  ^)proTal  of  the  judge  of  the  circuit  court  of  the  county  or 
^     97  '  judges  of  the  ciromt   Mid  snperior  courts  of  Cook  county,    purchase   from              ^ 

\f-,  2B  the  owners  thereof  such  abstotct  copies,  minutes  or  extracts,  or  such  part 

<-      29  thereof    as  may  tend  to  show  a  connected  chain  of  title    to  tiie   land  in 

■{.      30  such  county,  including  all  such  judgments  and  decrees  as  form  part  of  uiy 

|^    81  such  chain  oi  title,  paying  therefor  such  &ir  and  reasonable  price  as  may 

}:\    92  be  agreed  upon   between  them  and  such  owners,  the  amount  thus  agreed 

U:    88  to  be  paid   for   cnoh   abstracts,  copies,  minntes  or  extracts  shall  be  paid 

'<i^ .  84  by  such  connty  in  money  or   in  bonds,  to   be  issued  l^  such  county,  as 

r  •.    86  the  county  board  may   determine,    or   such    county  board  may,  with  said 

86  approral,  pioonre  a  copy  of  said   abstracts,  copies,  minutes  and  extracts, 

i^    87  instead  of  tiie  original,  to  be  paid  for  in  hke  manner:     And  it  is  further 

^'  -    88  provided,  that  any  owner    of  said    abstracts,    copies   or  minutes  shaH  have 


{:■-■    80  the  light  to  file  a  petition  at   any   regular  term   of   the   drooit   court  \ii 

H;-   40  the  proper  coon^,  in  which  petition  he  or  they  shaH  set  forth  the  man-            ;. 

^      41  ner  ia  whidi  mah   abstracts,  oqiies   or  minutes   were  made   or  procure.), 


;  ':    412  and    if    the    court    shall    fbd    from    the-    eridence    produced      (which 

l^-    49  endenoe     shall     be     presarred     as     hereiabefoie     pmnded)     that     said 

44  abstracts,  copies  or  minutes  were  fairiy  made  in  the  regular 
46  course  of  business  before  such  destruction  of  the  records,  the  court 
46  shall  enter  his  decree  to  that   effect,   and   tbe   evid«ioe   produced  on  the 

45  trial  of  said  cause  entered  of  record  at  large  as  a  part  of  the  decree  of 

^\     46  tiie  court.    And    thereupon    said    abstracts,    copies,    or    minutes,    <rf    said           ^  „ 

%%    40  burnt  reooards  shall  be  takra  as  prinuk  facie  evidnee  d  all  s«oh  matters 

W  mHiej  codMb  (baft  no  guoh  aliflnwti,  «09J«p,  jrii^^ 

61  be  taken  ax  bdd  to  be  prima  /ode  erideooe   of    what    Utey  contaiii  ^bud  ^ 

52  does  not  piurpati  to  recite  all  deeds  and  moiigages  previomly  executed  and 

63  recorded,  and  desoiibing  the  several  tiraote  oi  laada  usd  town  lots  jlo 
54  \irhich  said  abetraots,  copies,  minates  or  eactraots  reier  from  the  date  oi- 
66  entry>:  Provided,  further,  that  all   abstracts    to    sepante    tnets    ol    lands 

66  made  by  iht  ownor  ol  said  abstracts,   eopifls,    nunntet    or    ettnots   idaB  -'A 

67  also  be  taken  and  held  as  prima  facie  evidfflice    oi    what    Ihey    oontiiB 

68  when  they  ahidl   be   accompanied  with   an   affidavit  aigaed  and  sworn  to 

69  by  the  owner  or  owners  of  said  afaBtraott,    copies,   minates   ot   extraoli,  ,>i 

60  showing  that  said  separate  abstraets  oontain  a  fall,  trae  and  pofeot  oo|iy  I 

61  of  all  transfers  on  the  tnct  or  tracts  set  farUi  in  said   sepanle  absteaeta  '^, 

62  as  appears  npaa  said  abetraots,  cqpieB,  minates  or  exftnotii,  as  eataUidwl  '  >^^ 
68  by  the  ciren^  court  ol oonnty,  on  IdM  ......  day  of v  :;j 

64  A.  D ,  and  that  said    separate  abekacti  oontani  all  drnda,  mertgag«s  J 

66  and  other  liens  on  aatd  separate  tracts,  as  shown  by  said  dMtattots,  oepis^  A 


66  minates  or  extracts  established  as  aforesaid.          -  >— -v  ,«;r  •    '/^    •:•  ,   ♦  | 

67  "Section  9.    Said  abstracts,  copies,  minates  sad  eftraots,  mr  said  oopgr 

68  thereof,  if  so  broagfai  as  aforesaid,  shall   ttiefw^oa    be  i^bced  in  tin  i«->  '* 

69  corder's  office  ol  soch  county,  to  be  copied  or  arranged  in  such  form  as 


70  the  county  board  shaD  deem  best  for  the   poUio   interest,    and    in  cast  / 

■  'S 

71  the  originab  have  been  lost  or  destroyed,  or  not    in    the   poww    of    H^  " '"^ 

72  party  asking  to  use  the  same  on  any  trial  car  oih«-  proeeeding,   capun  of  ''l^ 

'  -  --^ 

73  the  same  or  any  pert  thereof,   duly  cotified  by  the  recorder  of  deeds  ol  | 

74  such  county,  bImU  be  admissable  as  eridenee  in    aH    tiie    eomrts    of   fanr  cl 
76  and  equity  in  this  State.    And  it  shall  be  the  duty    of    the    recorder  of  '  ^^ 

76  deeds  of  such  county  to  famish    to    any    and    all    parties   reqoesfang   it  j*^ 

77  (upon  being  paid  the  charges  herein  provided  f<^,  oectifisd  eopies  of  ths  :|^ 

78  same,  or  parts  thereof;  and  for  tiie  porpose  (rf  repaying  the  eost  of   the  '» 

79  same  to  the  county,  the  county    board    may    fix    a    eompwi'sallon,  to  be  1^ 

80  paid  to  the  ooanty,  in  addition  to  tiae  fees    afiowed   l^  taw  to  the  w^.' '  ,c^| 



■;\-  tt  eatdm  for  tnnMrMng  l&e  bum.   Ib  afl  msm   m   whiA  any    abftracti, 

82  cofNes,  minutee  and  extnots,  or  copies  thra^of,  Rfaall  be  receired    in   evi- 

;'     8S  deuce  under  any  of  the  proTisitHiB  of  this  act,    all  deeds  or  other  instm- 

■■  i. 

84  ments  of  writiDg  ^^oring  thereby  to  have  been  executed  by  any  person 

85  or  persons,  or  in  which  they  appear  to  haye  joined,  shall  (except  as 
8(B  against  any  penoa  or  persons  in  the  actual  possession  of  tlie  lands  or 
87  lots  described  therein  at  the  time  of  the  destruction  of  the  records  of 
68  anch  connty,  claiming  titie  thereto  otherwise  than  under  a  sale  for  taxes 
80  or  special  aaseaaments,)  be  presumed  to  have  been  executed  and  admowledged 

'^v   90  according    to    law ;    and    all     sales    under    powers,    and    all  jadgments, 

^n    91  decrees    and    legal    proceedings,    and    all    sales    thereunder     (sales    for 

82  the     taxes      and      assessments,       and       judgments       and       proceedings 

p^    98  for  tiie  enforcement    of   taxes   and    assessments    excepted,)   diall    be   i»e- 


|>    94  sumed  to  be  regular  and   correct,  except  as  against  the  penon  ot  persons  in 

^-    96  thia  sectioa  before  menti<med,  and  any  person  alleging  any  defect  or  irregu- 

96  laxity  in   any  such   conveyance,  acknowledgment,   sale,  jodgment,  decree  or 

^1'  07  legal  pTOoeeding  shall  be  held  bound  to  prove  tiw  same,  and  any  dead  proved 


T' '   98  under  ihe  provisions  of  this  act   purporting  to  be  laMad  upon  the  execution 

99  of  any  power   or  upon  a  judgment  or  decree  shall  be   prima  fade  evidence 

100  of  the  existMioe  of  such  power,  judgment  or  deeree :    Provided,  tiiat  nothing 

101  in  this  act  contained  shall  impair   the   effect  of  said  destroyed  record  aa 

102  notice.  .    ■ 

108  "Section  15.    It  shall  be  competent  for  said  courts^  in  all  such  decrees, 

104  whether  pro  confeno  or  on  the  report  of   any  master   or  q>eoial  commia- 

^    106  doner,  or  otherwise,  to  determine  and  decree  in  whom  the  titie  in    any 

V    106  (nr  all  of  the  lands  described   in   said    petition  is  vested,    whether    i^    t^ 

lOnr  petitioner,  or  in  any  other  of  the  pai-tios  befcNPe  the  court ;    bat  said  de- 

108  cree  shall  not  in  any  wise  affect  any  hen  or  Uois  to  iHiich  aaid  fee  may 

*>  ■ 

100  be  subject,  and  which  have  been  created  sinoe  the   destruction   of    snoh 

110  records,  whether  the    same    be    by    mortgage,    deed    of    trust,    judgment, 

■  lU  statute,  meohanica'  lien,  or  otherwise,  but  shall  leave  all  soeh  lie^a  to  be 

r    "-■■ 

■-      \:  -^•    -■  ..■'    ^"  ''-'■'    '  ■''    ■-  :  ■'     '     •■^'-'^-r----  ''''^-'S  '''■-:':  >^:  j''"    ''"''■'^'■i.^^^Wl 

112  ascertained  or  eatablislied  in  ibi^  (kluer  phweiNding;  or  to'b«  )rai^^ 

113  the  parties  holdinif  them  may  see  Hi.''          V    1  ^:  ^    -r  ^--^  ^     -^  ^ 

114  "Section  16.    Said  decree  of  said  court,  when    entered,  shall   be  forever  1 

115  binding  and  conclusive:    Provided,  that  any  decree  sbi^  be  subject  to  be  ^^ 

116  opened,   modified,  vacated    or    set  aside  on    a(]peal  or  writ  of    «ror,  sued  ii 

117  within  two  years  after  the  entry  of  such  decree:     And,  provided, further,  ■;, 

118  that  iuHane  persons  and   minors  shall  have   two  years  after  thdr  disahiH*  '^ 

119  ties  are  removed  to  prosecute  a  writ  of  ertor  upon  said  decree:   ProntML,  4 

120  further,  that  any  decree  entered  upon  any  petition  or  croas-petition,  which  -% 

121  does  not  make  defendant,  by  name,  all  persons  who  shall  be  in  possessHin 

122  of   such  lands    or    any  part    thweof,  at    the    time    ol   tiie  fifing    of    auch 

123  petition   or  which    does    not    make    defendant,    by    name,    all   perstms  to  1 

124  whom  any  such  lands  shall  have    l>een  conveyed,  and    the  deed  or  deeds 


125  of  such  conveyance  shall  have  been  recorded  in  the  <^oe  of  the  recorder        i 


126  deeds  of  such  county  since  the  time  of  tbe  destruction  of  the  records,  as        >1 

■■  j'^ 

127  as  aforesaid,    and    prior  to    the    time  of  the  filing    of   uiy  such  petition,      i^ 

128  shall    k'  absolutely  void  as    to    such   person   (nnitted,    but  shall   be  final      v| 

129  and  conclusive  as   to  all   others :     And  provided,  furiher,  that  all  defend-        5 
190    ants  who    shall    not  be    actually  served    with  &  snmmoiw   in  the  suit   in 

131  wliich  such  decree  may  be  rendered,  shall  have  allowed  to  them  one  year  \ 

132  after  the  entry  of    such  decree  within    which,  upwi  petiti(m  to  the  court  ij 

133  rendering  the   same,  to  have  the  said  decree  vacated  wad  set  aside  in  the  '^ 

134  same    manner  as  is  now  allowed  to  defendants  under  section  19  of  chap-  ;• 

135  ter  22  of  the  Bevised  Statutes  entitled  "Chancery/*      ^                 .           ;^  '4 

136  "Section   24.     Whenever,  u)ion  the  trial  of  any  suit  or  proceeding  which        ^ 

137  is   now    or  hereafter    may    U'  pending    in    any    court    in    this    State  any        | 

138  party     to      such     proceeding,      or     his      agent,     or     his    attorney,     in        .| 



139  liis  behalf,   shall     orally    in     court,   or  'bj'    adidaAit     to    be    filed     in    such         |^* 

'  si 

140  cause,  testify  and  state  under  oath    that  the    originals    of    any    deeds  or        | 

141  other  instrument  in  writing,  or  records  of  any  court  relating  to  any  lands,         1 
^,1^    the  titie  or  any  interest  therm,   being  m   oimtrovo^  in    soofa   m»I  car^ 

t.  .US  proceeding,  are  kMt  or  deekoyed,  or  not  within  the   power   of  the   party 

144  to  produce  the  same,  and  that  the  records  thereof   are   destroyed  by  fire 

%'  146  or  otiieruise,  it  shall  be  lawfiil  for   such    party    to   offer,   and    the    court 

146  shall  receive,  as  evidence,  any  idxttract  of  title,  or  letter-presH  copy  thereof, 

^^'.147  made  in  the  ordinary  course  of    business    prior    to    such    loss    or  destrnc- 

148  tion,  and  it  shdl  be  lawful  for  any  such  party  to    offer,    aiid    the    court 

149  shall  receive,  as  evidence,  any  copy,  extracts  or  minutes  from  such  de- 
^.  150  stroyed  records,  or  from  the  ori^finals  thereof,  which  were,  'at  the  date 
'     151  of  such  destruction  or  loss,  in  the  possession  (rf  iiersons  then  engaged  in 

16^  the  business  of  making  abstracts   of   title  for    others    for    hire.     A  smoib 

153  copy  of  any  i^ting  admissible  under  this  section  made  by   tlie   person  or 

154  persons  having  possession  of  such  writing,  shall  be  admissible  in  evidence 

^)^  165  in  like  manner,  and  with  like  effect,  as  such  writing,   provided  the  party 

i^  ■ 

166  desiring  to  use  such  sworn  copy   as  evidence  shall   have   given  the  oppos- 

157  ite   party   a   reasonable    opportunity    to    verif>'    the    correctness    of    such 

|rie8  copy.           .     ■       . 

k      .  .    •     /: 

K .  - 


a^tli  Assoin.  SENATE—No.  17.  Feb.  1887 

1.     rTifro(liu't>(i    by    Mr.    Tlionipson    JamiHiy    12.    1H87,   and   ordered    to   first 

•2.     First   readitig  January  I'i.  1^87,  and  referred  to  ('oininitte  on  Judiciary'. 
3.     Reported  back  with  amendments,  jmssage  reeonimended,  and  ordered  to 

second  reading?. 


h\n  Ati  Act  to  amend  section  V.^l  of  "An  act  to  i)rovide  for  the  incorporation  of 
cities  and  villageH,"  approved  April  10,  1H72,  in  force  July  1,  1872. 

RprTiDN  1.     Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of   Tllinnis,  reprcr.riitnl 

•1  III   flu    (ii'iirnil  Assemhlii,  That   section    U>2  of  "An  act   to  provide   for  the 

il  iri( orporittion   of  cities  ami    villafres,"(  approve*!    April  10,  1872,  in  force  July 

4  1.   IhT-J.  be  amended  to  read  as  folhnvs: 

r>         "St'<ii<>n   V.Yl.     There  may  b<'  a  police  iiuipiKtrHtc  elected  at  a  regular  annual 

0  election  in  each  viUatre,  who    shall   give   bonds,   (piahfy    and    have   the   same 

7  jurisdiction    as    other   justices  of  the  peace,  and  hold  his  office  for  fotir  years 

H  an<l   tmti!  his  successor  is  elected  aud    fpialitie<l :     Pnjnded,   that    in    all    suits 

i(  for    the    violation    of   any   ordinance   of   any  villaf?e  whose  incorporated  limits 

10  shall  include  parts  of  two  or  more  counties,  the  jurisdiction  of  all  justices  of 

11  th»'    peace   and  police  magistrates   in   such   village   shall   extend   to   and    l)e 

12  coiuurreut  with  the  incorjujratwl  Umits  of  such  village:  Provided,  that  all 
1:5  appeals  in  such  cases  shall  be  taken  to  the  courts  ot  the  county  in  which  the 
14  otfeiise  was  committe<l." 

F/r«^— Amend  the  title  to  tlie  bill  so  as  to  read  tm  follows: 
2       An  act  to  amend  Heotion  fifteen  of  divigion  eleven  of  m  act  entitled  "An 


-•;  -?w£--V    . 

.'  .\,i~''  f'  "' 

.'i  iict  to  |)n)vi<l('  for  t)ic  iiHi>ri)<)ratioji  of  cities  kikI   \illafrt's.'    h}>})I()aci1  .\|>iil  JO, 

4  1H7-2.  in  fonc  .Inly   1.  1H7-2. 

')  .SVro;/r/— Aiiit'iid  li.v  strikiiijz  out  of  liiu'  mimbcnHl  elevon.  on  ima*'  <"i<'  <'i  tlif 

(5  bill  H.S  written    tin-  words  "s«'(tioti  V.H,"  and  iiist-rt  insteiid  tlicrt'of    tlic  words 

7  "section' fffteeii   of  (li\'ision  eleven." 

35th  Assem.        HOtJSE—No.  18-ln  Henate.        Jan.  1887 

1.  H»'cciv«'(l  JmitiHry  21,  1HK7.  aud  ordered  to  first  reading. 

2.  Rules  susi)eiide(i  Jaimar>'  21,  1HK7,  read  a  first  time  aiKiordered  to  a  seeond 

readinf^  and  to  be  printed. 


For  An  Act  to  ai)|)ro|)riate  fifty  thousand   dollars   (^'5«MI()()t  to  erect  a  nionuuient 
to  John  A.  Lojjan.  and  for  the  apuointnient  of  conmiissioners  therefor. 

Sf.(  Tios  1.    Be  ti  enacted  hy  the  People  of  ihe  Biaie  tf  lOmois,  represented 

1  in  tfw  (inwrnl  Assemhty,  That  Henry  W.  lilodjiett,  William  C.  Goudy, 
:{  Robert  T.  Lincoln,  John  M.  Palmer,  Milton  Hay,  Richard  S.  Tuthill, 
4  William  H.  Hari)er,  Melville  W.  Fuller,  John  R.  Walsh,  OHver  A.  Harker 
/i  and  William  S.  Morris,  be  and  they  are  liereby  constituted  conmiissioners 
(■)  to  ere(<^  a  monument  in  honor  of  John  A.  Lo^'an,  deceased,  at  such  point 
7  in  the  city  of  ('hi(,  or  elsewhere  in  the  State  of  Illinois,  as  may  he 
H  selected  liv  his  widdW,  and  they  are  hereby  authorized  and  empowere<l  to 
U  receive    p)op()-.als   and    to   ct)iitr;t<  t    tor   tlie    completion    of    su<'h    monument, 

1(1  and    lo   ii<civf   subscriptions   tlicit  foi  :      I'mriiirt/,   that    such   connnissioners 

11  shall  not   oblif^'ate  tlie  State  of    Illinois  to  exceed   the  sum  named    in  section 

12  three  of  this  act. 

;•  2.     Such  commissioners  sludl   ic<eivc  no  competisation  for  their  services. 
!;  -i.      For  the  purpose    of    dclrayinL'    the    cost    of    such  monunjeiit.  l)e.\ond 

2  su<  h  amounts  as  nuiy  be  received  by  voluntary  contributions,  the  sum  of 
;{  fifty  thousand  dollars  iJ^ry ).(»)() i  is  hereliy  appropriated  out  ol  the  State 
4  Treasury,  an  1  the  .\u(litor  of  l*ubbc  A<«-ounts  is  hereby  authorized  to  draw 
'}  his  warraTit  on  the  State  Treasury  for  such  anu)unt,  out  of  the  moneys  in 
(■>  the  Treasury  not  otherwise  apj)ropriated,  U|H)n  th<*  certificate  of  a  majority 
7  of  such  connnissioners  from  time  to  time  during  the  progreHs  of  the  work. 

t^  -■-  •K-' 

:35th  Asseni.         HOUSE— No.  18— In  Senate         Jan.  1887 

1.  llrci'ived  Jamiary  21,  1HH7.  and  ordfTfd  to  first  reading. 

2.  Fii>J  icadiiijx  Jaiiuary  21,  1HH7,  and  onlcrtHi  to  a  second  rHuding. 

;}.     Sfcoiid  reading  -liuiiiary  2<i.  1H87,  ainendt*d,  and  ordenMJ  to  a  third  r«adi  iig 

Ain»Mi<i  tlif  hill   \>y  niHt^rtiiif;  aftt-r  the  udrd    "Morns,"  in  line  o,  of  sM-tion   1, 
2    tilt'  words    "and  (reorf^f  VV.  Sniitii,'    and  hy  strikiiif?  out  the  word  "and"  where 
'.i    it  occurs  the  first  time  in  said  line  •'>  ,if  |)rint<Mi  hill. 


For  An  Act  to  appropriate  fifty  thousand   dollars   ()Jfi(>.()()0)  to  erect  a  monurnen 
to  John  A.  Lo(;an,  and  for  the  appointment  of  conirniaflioiierH  therefor. 

Srctton  1 .    Be  it  enacted  hy  the  People  of  the  State  of  IlUnoit,  repreeented 

2  tn    thr    General    Axitemhlif.     That    Henry    \V.    Bhxipett,    William    ('.    Goudy. 

:{  Uohert    T.     I.inctdn.    John    M.     Palmer.    Milton     Hay.     Kichard    S.    Tiithill, 

4  William    H.    Hari^r.  Melville   W.   Fuller.   John    H.  Walsh,  Oliver  A.  Harker 

5  and  William  S.  Morris,  be  and  they  are  hereby  coustitut^l  coniniiHHionerH 
t>  to  erect  a  monumeTit  in  honor  «)f  John  A.  Lo^an.  deceaw^l.  at  such  faiint 
7  in  the  city  of  Chicago,  or  elsewhere  in  the  State  of  (llniois.  as  may  be 
K  sele<te(l  hy  his  widow,  and  the\  are  hereby  authori/e<l  and  erii|M>wered  to 
9  receive    projKisals   and    to  tontract    for   the    completion    of   su<di    monument, 

10  and    to    receive   subscriptions   therefor:      I'ritndnK    that    smdi   commissionerK 

11  shall  not  obligate  the  State  of    Illinois  to  excee<l   the  sum  named    in  section 

12  three  of  this  a<'t. 


!i  '2.     Siu'li  coJiiiiiiRsioiHTs  shull  rcct-ivr  ii<»  (-i)iii)H>iiKatiuii  for  tlnir  services. 

|i  :{.  For  tlif  piirpow  cf  dcfriiyiiij;  flu-  cost  of  siicli  inoniiiiifiit,  Im-voikI 
2  Niicli  Hitioiiiits  as  may  hv  r«H'«'ive<l  l>y  volinitary  coiitribiitioiis.  tlir  sum  (»f 
;{  fifty  tlionsaiid  (lollars  (^'j(),(KK)i  is  litToby  appropriated  out  of  tlie  State 
4  Treasury,  and  the  Autiitor  of  Public  Ac<-ouiits  is  hereliy  autlmn/ed  to  draw 
.')  his  warrant  oji  tlie  State  'I'rt'Hsurv  for  such  amount,  out  of  tin  inoneys  in 
G  tile  Treasury  not  otherwise  appropriated.  u|K)n  the  certificate  ol  a  majority 
7     of  such  commisKionefH  from  time  fo  time  during  tlie  |)ro^ress  of  t}ie  work. 

*.-.,?■  w  - 

:i5thAHsom.  "  SENATE— No.  •  19.   W  ^jBIay  1887 

1.  Introdaced  by  Mr.  Bernhardt,  January  12,  1887,  and  ardnad  to  first 


2.  First  reading,  January  12,  1887,  and  referred  to  Ckxnmittee  on  Appro- 


3.  Reported  back,  May  13,    1887,    passage   recommended,  and   ordered   to 

second  readuig. 


For  An  Act  to  make  an  approjmaiionlfor  the  reU«f  of  Mrs.  Peter  H.  Pnrdie,  Whose 
husband,  priTate  in  Co.  I,  Fourth  Begiment  lUinots  National  Ooard,  was 
woonded  while  in  sham  battle  by  order  of  his  superior  officers,  and  died  in 
consequence  thereof  fifteen  daj^  thereafter. 

Whebbas,    Peter  H.  Purdie,  private   in    Co.    I,    Fourth   Begiment   Illinois 

2  National  Guard,  was  wounded  while  in  sham  battle,  by  order  of  his  superior 

3  officers,  at  Buffalo  Park,  near  Ottawa,  LaSalle  county,  on  the  12th  day  of 

4  August,  1885,  and  died  from  the  effects  of  such  wound  on  the  27th  day  of 

5  the  same  month,  and  left    a   widow    and    four   minor   children   without   any 

6  means  of  support;  therefore, 

Skctiom  1.    Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  lUmois,  repretmted 

2  in  the  Oeneral  A$$emhly,    That  the  sura  of  two  thoosaod  and  five  hundred 

3  dollars  be  and  the  same  is   hereby   appropriated   out   cl   any   money   in   the 

4  Treasury  not  otherwise  appropriated  for  the  relief  <A  said  Mrs.  Prter  H.  Pu> 
6    die. 

$  2.    The  Auditor  of  Public  Accounts  is  hereby  directed  to  draw  his  war- 

2  rant  on  the  State  Treasurer  for  the  sum  of  two  thousand    and   five  hundred 

3  dollars  to  the  order  of  said  Mrs.  Peter  H.  Purdie,  and  tibe  State  Treasurer 

4  is  hereby  authorized  to  pay  the  same  out  <A  any  money  in  the  Sti^  Treasury 

5  not  otherwise  appropriated. 

■  Hj 



ri.t<^  <   • 

V"  ,'      .".f    < 


,  ,"     >  <  ,':  -  \-f'L    \..  ■■ 

■'""'  :^5iii  ahsoih.  senate—No.  22.  Feb.i8gT 

1.     Iiiti(i(liut(l    by    Mr.    Kcklmit.    .iHiiuarv     I'J.    |HH7.    niid    onlfn^il    to    first 


•J.     l'ir>t     rtM(liii^^    .iHiiiiarv     I'i.  •  iMhT.     hiuI     n-ferrt'c}     to     ('oiiiiiiittfe     on 

Miiiiu  ipalitit's. 
;».     i{»|i<>rft'<l    back    Ktliriiar.v    1~>.    JHST,   |mssa<rt'   rccdiiinifntlcti,  ami   onlcnd 

to   M'((iiMi   n-adiii}.'. 


I'or  All  Act  to  autluvrizf  the  corporate  authorities  of  towns  littviii^  an 
iii(l«'lil»  (111*  >^  luTttofoif  crt  at«il.  to  pay  tin-  rost  of  jtrocurinf,'  lands  for 
I'iiIiIh  I'arks  in  siuli  to\siis,  t(.  issue  and  sell  bonds  to  pay  and  refund 
siK  li    iridfl'ffdiu'SN. 

Section  1,    Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  lUinou,  re/fn-<n/if>  ■' 

2  in   flu-  (iiiiriuJ  Assniifilif,   That    in   any  town    wliicli   is  now  includt^   within 

A  tlif    limits    of     any     city    of    tJiis     State    in  which    a    fioard  of    park    roni- 

l  niissioiieis    shall    now    exist,   having,'    authority    by  law  to    acquire    land    and 

5  the     !i|)pMf1ei;jiiices    in    tnist     for    the    inhabitants    of    such    town,    aiid    of    a 

(■)  division   or   par*^  of  such   city,  and  for  such   parties  or  |)erKons  as  may  succewl 

7  ti>  tlie   ritrhls  of  siuh   inhabitants.  ;iiid   for  the  public   as  a  j)nhlic  promenade 

8  and   plea>iiif   lmouikIs  and   ways,  but    not   for  any  other  piir}X)s*',   without   the 
H  coiisciit    iif  ;i    MiHJ<irity,   by   frontaf.'(  .   of    the    ownt-rs  of  the  proj)erty  frontinp 

1(1  the   same,    iiuil    without    the    power    to    sell,   alienate,   niortijrtge   or    encunilK-r 

11  file   saiiif.    Ill    wliicli    town    there    shjill    exist,    at   the   time   of    the   |tassj»^'e   of 

12  this  Jict.  iui  iiKiebte<hiess  iiKurred  lor  the  purpose  of  payui^'  the  |K)i1ion 
l.'i  found  payable  by  the  public,  of  the  <  nst  of  th<  land  a<<iuir*Hl  for  such  parks 
\A  Mini  blluit■v,■(|lI■^.  pleasure  <rrouiid-  jiimI  ways,  the  corporate  authorities  of  such 
15  town,  nieaiiiiii;  flic  town  supervisor,  clerk  and  aKses-sor  thereof,  shall  have 
U)  authority    and    are    henby   em|K>\\<red     to    is>ue    ixinds    for    and    on    behalf    of 

1t'i'<lf,' ■     ■  .         ■  ...-.'.■;    '■:-:-.     .  ■':"•.  .-,.    -v  '  .■A--Ai(i^a-> i 

;  «.c  .,..,1'.  .  I..V?  '.V. 

■     -  .  2 

17  said  towTi,  to  ail   auiotiiit  tiot   oxciHHliiiy  in   tin*  a^{rretrat<'  of    principal,    six 

IH  liiindrHl  tliousand  dollars  (!!^()<)(),<)0()),  wliich   tak«'ii  with  an«l  including  cxistiiiff 

11)  indehtcdnesK   of    said     town,   shall     not.   in     tiic     Hytrrt'tratr',   ('XctH'd    live    per 

iS)  tvntuin   of  the   valiu'  of    thr  taxahh-    |)ro]H:rty   therein,   to  l>e  ascertained   by 

21  the   laxt    assessnieiit    for   State   and    county   taxt's   previous   to   the   issue   from 

2*2  time    to    time    of    said    Itonds.   for    tlir    pnriMtM-  of    fundintz   and   paying  any 

2:1  iKinds  lieretofore  issued   and  isold   hy  such  park  coiiiniissicnuTs  to  raisf  money 

24  to   pay   the   ])ortion    found    payaltlc    hy    the    puhlic.   of    tht    cost    of   jirocuring 

25  the  lands  selected  hy  such  park  commissioners  for  puhlic  parks  and 
2<)  honlevanls  iji  sucdi  towji. 

si  2.     Such    honds   shall    l>e    issued    hy    the    corporate    :  iitiioritii's   of    such 

2  town   as   af(»resaid.   and   shall    Ih'   siirneil    hy   the   siiui    cor|)>rafe   iuithonties  iii 

'.\  the    name   of    said    town.        Said     lionds    nni\    he    of    tlx'    denomination    of 

4  twfnty-tive   dollars  iS2.")i.  and    any  niiilfi|tle   thereof.      'rhe\    shall  hear  mterest 

■)  at   the   rate    of    not     exceedni^'    ti\c    ■■'>>    \k\     ceiit.    |H'r    Jinnum,   to   he   paiil 

(»  semi-annually,   anci   to   he   cvideneed    hy   coupons    tlx-reto    attach«Ml.   and    the 

7  princii>al   shall    he   i)ayahle    af     su<h    tune   as   siich   corporate   authorities   may 

H  determiiH*.   not    exceedijii:    tweiit\    year--    from    the    date    of    their    issue,     'i'hey 

U  shall    he    iniinhered    in    rej^ridar    series,    and    sliall    he    re.'istered     upon    tlii' 

10  records   of   said    town,    which    reL'istry    shall    show    the    niuiilier    ol    the    lionds, 

11  the   amount    of    the   same,    when    ami     to    whom    payalili'.    and    the    rate    of 

12  interest    which    they   l>ear.       Said    houds   may    he    made   pavahle  id   liearer.  or 

13  to   such    person    or    persons    as    may    he    mimed     tiienin.    or   order.       When 

14  jmyahle  t-  hi-arer,  they  shall  pass  h\  (h>liver\.  hut  proMsions  shall  i>e  made 
lit  for  the  sectnid  re^'istry  ot  the  same  in  the  oJJiee  of  -.aiil  town,  at  the 
1()  option    of  the  holder,    and    in    his   name;    aftei     whi(di    second    ret:istry,   they, 

17  tof?ether   with   honds    made    payahle  to  any  paiticular  person  or  jaMsons,  shall 

18  pass  only  hy  iiulorsement  and  delivery:  7/  m  fintfier  iitoridnl.  that  upon 
1*.)  the  expiration  of  one  year  after  the  date  of  any  lands  issiU'd  under 
2l)  authority  of  this  act,  and  upon  the  expiration  of  ea4h  successive  year 
21  tliereafter,   the    said    corporate    authoriti«'s    shall,    at   the   office   of    the   iovrti 

■':  ■^'K^^-  ^ 

i'l^^v^^^p^fwiW^^    P^: 

22  clerk,  M'lect   iiy  lot,  ho  umny  of  Haid  i)mj<lH   as   may  W  rtH]uired  to  a))Horb 

'Zi  tin*   nioiMV   irtiscil    by   taxation    to    pay  and    discliarjfe    the  princiJMil  of    said 

24  bonds,   and    tli*-   piiix-ipHl    of    tli«'    Inwids    S4)    seJ<H'te«l    sliaU    l)e<!onie  due   and 

2")  payalili'  at   tin-    date  of    tlie    nt'xf    installnit^nt    of    intcrt^Ht    niaturin<r  on  the 

2<i  M'Vt'ial    IkiikIs   so  collcctJ'd    from    tunc    to  tiuic   shall    cease   U)   hear   int«Tcst 

27  after    tli<\    -i  \t  nill\     lieconie    due    and     payable    by    siuii    s»deetion :    said    eor- 

2m  poiafe   Miitli'inties.    inimeihately    jitter   niakin;.'   any   sueli    selection,  shall  make 

2<>  and   si'jn    in   diiplicafe   a   statenienf    of  the  result    then-of.   and   shall   file  one 

;{()  copy    thcn'Kl    in    the   otlice   of    tin-    town     clerk     and     'he     other    copy   shall 

;;i  be     liied     in     the    otlice     of     the    ioiMity    clerk     ot     the    county,   and    it    is 

d2  liertliy    made   tlie   dnty   ot   such   corporate    aiithonties    »f    sucdi    town    to   pay 

'■\ii  and    diM-liiirire    the    |)rijici]>al    of    the    IkjikIs    so    selected       at     the    date    of    the 

;M  next    ni^fallnienf    of    interest     matnritif.'    on    the    several    lK)nds    so    selected, 

'.\.')  from    the    fnnds    raised    from    time   to   time   for   that    pu,|»ose    nnder    this    act. 

:{<'i  I'.aeli    Itond    i>siie<l  nnder   anthority  hereby  j^ranted,  sha  1   contain   a   ((jndition 

;{7  that      the     >;uiie     may    l<e     declared     dne     and     j)ayable     at     any     time     bettjfe 

iks  maturity   thereof     by    selection    in    the    manner    last    afoiesaid. 

^  '■}.     l)oiid->  issue<l   under  this  act.   may   la-   issiie<l   in  sid)stitiition   for  the 

2  indeiiti'dui  ss    de^iu'iiHted    in     tlii>     act.    lej/ally    existiii!.'    at      the     time     ot      its 

■  i  passai-'e.    ;oid    ma>     be    sold     b\    said     ( orporat*'    antborili  s    for    siudi    priecs    as 

I  tiiey    sbiill    detiii    expedient.      'I'liex-   shall    not,   howe\er.   la-    si»ld    at    less   than 

.")  par,    nor    imtil    tin-    proeeeils   of    the    same    can    be    made    available    h)r    the 

(\  pnrpt)se   o|    (  ancelintz   such    existn)^'   inilebtedness.  and   the   proceeds  of  b<»nds 

7  sohl    sh;dl    be    used    oidy    for    the    payment    of     such    » xistiiif:    indebte<ln«'ss. 

',>  Any   person  who  shall  knowingly  violat*-  i)r  conirive  at   the   violation  of  any 

10  of   the   provisions   of   tiiis   act,   shall    la-   deemed   K'dlty  of  ♦•iid)e/,/.leinent,  and 

11  shall   he  liable  to  indictment .  trial    and    jumishrnent,  hh   in   other   casew   of 

12  endjezzleiuent. 

;;  4.     I'or   the   purpose  of  providing    for    the    payment    of    tJie   interest   on 

2  such   bonds  as   it   falls  due,   and    also    Ut    pay    and    dis-;harge    the    principal 

3  thereof    at     the    maturity    of    the    same,  8aid    town    is,  and    its    corporate 

r*  ^    '■'■  •.;> 

4  authorities  are  liereby  authorized,  recjuired   and  directed    to    apjtropriate  and 

5  Uny  an  annual  tax  ui)on  the  taxal>le  |»r()|>erty  in  such  town.  suHicient  to 
0  pay  the  interest  on  said  lx»id8  as  the  same  shall  niature  Iroin  tune  to 
7  time,  and   also   pay    an<i   discharfie   tiie   )»rin<ipal    thereof   at   maturity. 



35th  Assem.        HOUSE— No.  22— In  Senate.       May  1887 

1.  lieccived  from  House  A  rail  25,  1887,  and  ordered  to  fint  ZMdin^. 

2.  First  reading  May  81,  1887,   and    ordered  to    second    reading    witiioat 


A  BILL  '       '-■■■"^-"■--^-■•: 

For  An  Act  to  amend  an  act  entitled  "An  act  to  exempt  cotain  posonal 
property  from  attachment  and  sale  on  exeoation,  and  bom  distmnt  l(» 
rent,"  approved  May  24,  1877,  in  force  July  1,  1877,  by  adding  a  seoiion 

thereto  to  be   known  as  section  -ij. 

ri-,  r:o\  1.    Be  U  enacted  ty  the  People  of  Vie  Stale  of  Ittmof;  reprrrimt.,'' 

2  in  iJie  GeruraX    Assembly,  That  an    act    entitled,  '*A.n  aot    to  ^MDflt  Ofiftain 

3  personal  property  from   attachment  and  sale  on   execution,  and  Irora  diatren 

4  for  rent,"  approved  May   24,  1877,  in  force  July  1,  1877,  by  adding  a  section 
6  thereto  to  be  known  as  section  2|.                                                             _ 

6  "Section  2i.     Each   householder   chosen   under  the  sectmd   Motion  ot  this 

7  act  shall  be  entitled  to  the  sum  of  one  dollar  per  day,  aa  ootta,  tsa  emdk  day 

8  necessarily  employed  in  appraising  the  pn^rty  of  the  debtor;  to  be  paid  in 

9  the  first  instance  by  the  party  in  whose   behalf  the  execution,  writ  of  attach- 

10  ment  or  distress  warrant  has  issued,  and  to  be  taxed  aa  other  coats  on  such 

11  execution,  writ  of  attachm^it  or  distress  warrant." 


*  r#.*.'.-,. 


iV-'f-i     -T^^     -    >    '„'•"-•■ 

:^>'V!        r,]-^ 


«  > 

?  I  €?♦'}>■•'  '■    ;   '' 

'      -T- 



.^A    ^v'^ 


.  ■t  .   ,  •    >  •' 

•  •>^  .v. 

>.. .  .-•■.  -if 

s  ■'■  • 

r'  ;   .^■ 

'■  1  . 

•  *■•     .--<» 

>"     ■    '...-v.  J.f_,SD>   ;,^,.-»n,  ,.x.,-.     -  ■■y.v'o;-    ,    .  •■    «..  >■    .!_ 

•■  .-'/T"" ,-     J. 

35th  Aftsem.        HOUSE—No.  24— In  Senate.         April  1887 

1.  K«'<fiv«'(i  from    House   April    1,    1SK7,   and   onlerpd   to  first   remling. 

2.  First  rcadiiif,'  April  7.  onlered   to  swoiid  reading  and  to  be  printed 


For  All  A(  t   to  |>rovid«'  for  an   incrense   of  tlie   nunilier   of   Judf»i's   of   tlie   Cin-uit 

Court  of  Cook  County. 

\VnK.iiK\s,  It  Hp|M'«rs  by  a  cttuvass  of  this  Stat*',  conanonly  known  as  the 
•J  scliool  ceiiMis  taken  in  the  year  lH8<i,  pursuant  to  law,  that  the  number  of 
.'{  iyiliaiiitants  of  the  Miid  county  of  Cook  wan  over  nine  hundred  and  sixteen 
-1  thousand  lUill.OOOi.  and  that  thereby  said  county  is  entitled  by  setttion  'H, 
')    article  six  of  tlie  constitution  of  this  State  to  six  additional  judges,  therefore 

Section  ].  Be  it  enacted  fjy  the  People  of  the  State  of  Illinois,  represented 
■1    in  the  (rcrieni/  Axsenihhf,  That   an   election  be  held  by  the  qualified  electors 

3  of  the  said  county  of  C<x)k  on  the  first  Monday  of  June,  next  after  this    atit 

4  shall  take  effect,  for  six   additional  judges  of    the  circuit    court,  wlioije   tenu 

5  of  office  shall  expire  o!i  the  first  Monday  in   June,  1891,  upon  the  election 
G    and  (jualification  of  thtur  sucessors  in  olfice. 

S  2.  Cpoii  said  first  Monday  in  June,  IHUl,  and  every  six  years  thereafter, 
2  there  shall  be  elected  at  the  same  time  and  in  the  sanie  manner  an  the  other 
i  judges  of  said  circuit  court,  six  judges  successors  in  office  of  the  judges  by 
4     this  act   autliorizetl  to   be  elected. 

!;  '.\.     .If I   iicis    in     eonjiirt    hereirith    are   herelty    repealed,   and    wh^treaa  the 

2  (lockit  (if  siiid  court   heiruj    much     overcrowded,    an    emerqencfi    exists.      This 

3  act  .shall   t/o  info   effect    upon   its  passaqe. 


a5th  Assem.  SENATE— No.  25.  Feb.  1887 

1.  Introduced  by   Mr.  Huniplirey.  January  I'i,  1887,  and   ordered   to   first 


2.  Fii"8t  readiuf-r  January  12,  1887,  and  referred  to  Committee  on  Appropria- 


3.  Reported  hack  February  10,  18H7,  pasgage  recommended,  and  ordered  to 

se<!ond  reading. 


For  An  Act  to  appropriate  the  money  turned  into  the  State  Treasury  by  the 
Board  of  Live  Stock  Commissioners,  the  proceed.**  of  the  sale  of  the  liealthy 
carcasses  of  cattle  slaughtered  in  Chicago,  by  order  of  the  Board  on  account 
of  exposure  to  Pleuro-pneumonia,  for  the  payment  of  damages  for  auimald 
slaughtered  under  the  provisions  of  law. 

Whei{k.\s,  Tlic  IJoard  of  Live  Stook  Coiiiinissioners  of  the  State  of  lUiuois, 

2  in  tin-  dischait;*'  of  their  duties  ms  jnovided  by    law,  have  slaughtered  a  large 

;{  nunibt-r    of    CHttli-    in    tlie    City  ot    Chicago    on  account    of    th«'    e.vistence  of 

1  pleuro -piieunioiiia    therein,    and    the    «'Xitosure    of    cattle    thereto,    and    have 

o  received,  in  addition    to  the  expense  incurred    m  said    slaughter,  the  sum  of 

(■)  §;i3,3yH.78  as  the  net  procetnls  of  the  sales  of  the  carcasses  and  hides  of  such 

7  of  said  animals  as  were  pronounced  healthy  on  post-mortem  e.xamination,  which 

H  amount  has  been  paid  by  the  Board  int(j  the  State  Treasury;  and, 
!>        Wheueas,    The    balance     remaining    of     the     fund     appropriate<l     by    tlie 

10  Thirty-fourth  Ceneral  Assembly  for  the  payment  of  such  slaughtered  animals 

11  is  iusnlHcient  to  pay  all  claims  arising  out  of  the  aforesaid  slaughter,  and  that 
1-2  will  arise  before  another  ap|)ropriation  is  available,  and  said  claims  have 
1;^  accrued  to  thci  owners  and  have  been  certified  to  the  Ooveruor  by  the  Board; 
14  therefore. 


Section"  1.  Be  if  enacted  hi)  fJt^  Peajtie  of  the  State  of  HUnoin,  represented 
'1  in  the  (ietieral  Axartnhli/.  TliHt  there  he.  mid  is  lierehy  Mpitt()j)riate(l,  the  sum 
:\  (if  S:i").Mt>H.7H  iheiii^'  the  iiiiutinit  paid  into  the  State  Treasury  !>>  tlie  said 
4  lioanl  of  I^ive  Stock  Coiniiiissioners,  as  ahovet  for  tlie  paynieiit  of  ilaiiiavfes 
•"i  awanh'd  for  animals  slau^h(er«'d  on  order  of  tlie  lioard  of  Ijve  St(K'k 
fi    ('onuiiissioners,  under  existinjj  laws. 

ij  2.  Whkkkas,  As  set  forth  in  the  preamble  of  this  act.  an  enierpency  now 
•J    exists,  tliis  act  shall  be  in  force  from  and  after  its  passatje. 

35(11  A^jscm.  SFXATF— No.  27.  Jan.  1887 

I.     Tiitr<Mlticf<1  \>\  Mr.  Hi^jrins,  JHimary  12,  1HH7.  and  ordered  to  first  rea<liiifr. 
•2.     First  rc.'tdiiij:  January  I'J.  I'-iKl.  and  referred  to  Coniniittee  on  Mines  and 

:{.     Reported   Ijaek  Feliniary  '-i,  1HH7,  and  orden*d  to  Ik*  printwl. 


For  An  Act  to  aiiH-nd  an  act  «-ntitlwl  "An  aet  providing  for  the  health  and  safety 
of  persons  employed  in  eoal  mines,"  approved  May  '2H,  lHt\i,  in  force  July 
1,  187!»;  as  amended  by  acts  api>rove<l  June  IH,  IHKJ,  and  June  '21,  1HH3,  in 
force  July  1,  IHKJ;  and  by  acts  apj)roved  Jun(>  29,  IHHTj,  and  June  3(),  1HH5,  in 
force  Julv  1,  l.SK'5. 

Rk(  TioN  1.    Be  if  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  Illmois,  rrprescntrtl 

2  m  (he  (renrni/  Anncmhli),  'I'bat  the  above  nainai  aet  be  a?id  it  is  hereby  amended 

:}  by  the  addition  of  the  followiiiir  swtions.  to  l»e  nundx-red   sections  24,  'JJJ  and 

•1  2t),  and  to  read  as  follows: 

r>  "Section  24.     The  mine  inspectors  of  this  State  shall  determine  the  capacity 

()  of  all  mining'   cars    in    use    in    their   respective   districts,   and    the   cHpa<ity    in 

7  bushels  and  fractioiuil  parts  tliereof  sliall  Ix-  plainly  marktil  or  brandtMl  on  ea<h 

H  and  every  car  in  use  in  all  eoal  mines  in  this  State." 

0  "Section  2;').     The    capacity  of    such    inininp    ears,    when    as<ertaine<l    and 

|(>  pro|)erIy  marked  or  brande<l  by  said  mine  inspec-tors,  shall  be  the  only  measure 

11  used  for  irieasuriuf,'  coal  mined  in  this  Stat^?,  and  such  mining  cars,  when  tilled 

12  with  po«Ml,  clean,  marketable  coal,  sball  l»e  credited  to  the  person  mining  it,  for 

13  the  fidl  capacity  of  such  ear  in  bushels  and  fractional  parts  thereof." 

14  "Section  2<'>.  .\ny  [K-rson,  owtier  or  ayent  o|H'ratint.'  a  coal  mine  or  collierj' 
1-5  in  this  State  who  shall  fail  to  cnmply  with  the  provisions  of  this  act,  or  any 
IC)  person  who  >hall  obstruct  or  hinder  the  carrying;  out  of  its  re<|uiremerd.s,  shall 
17  be  tiued  for  the  first  offense  not  less   than   fifty  (50)  dollajs,  for   the   becond 

r>-  .  2 

18  offense  iiot  loss  ilian  two  liuiidred  ('i(J()l  dollnrs,  and  for  the  tliird  offense  not 
IS)  less  than  Hve  Imndred  (/klO)  ilollars,  or  U-  impnsoned  in  tlu'  county  jail  not 
'2()    h'Ks  tlian  six  i()i  njontlis." 

S  2.     All  acts  or  parts  of  a<ts  inconsistent  with  the  jmnisions  of  t^iis  a<'t  are 
2    lierehy  repeahnl. 

35tli  Asseiii.       HOI  SK--No.  27— In  Senate.      April  IW7 

1.      I{«((i\((l   troin    Moiisf    April    '•.    INhT.    ami    (miercd    to    first    r»'H«liiijr. 
'2.     I'irst  rcadiiii.'  Ajiril   !».     ISHT.   ainl    nnhTftl    to    sim-oikI     nfidiiit:    witlioiit 


For    All    Act    to   punish   false   pnfcrisrs   in   ohtaiiiiiif^  (•♦?i1iti(Htcs  of  rcjiistration  of 
cattlf    ami    other    aiiiiiials,    and    to    punish    <,'iviny    false    pcdiyrees. 

Sii  Tins  1.     Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  Sfnte  of   Illinois,  reprrs,i:l,' 

2  ni  tlif  (ii'iii-nil  \ssftiihlii.  That  any  jMTNon,  \Nho  hy  any  false  |»ret«nH«',  siiall  ol>- 

.'J  tain  from  any  ehih,  association,  society  or  company  for  iniproviiif;  tJie  hreed  of 

4  cattle,  horses,  sheep,  swine  or  other  iloniestic  animals,  a  certificate  of  refjistration 

•">  of  any  aniniai  in  the  herd  rej^ister,  or  otin-r  re«;ister  of  any  such  duh,  asstx-iation, 

f)  society  or  comjiany,  or  a  transfer  of  any  such  rejristration,  an<l  every  jierson  who 

7  sliall  kn<iwint.'ly  ^'ive  a  false  jn-di^'ree  of  any  aniiual,  ujKjn  conviction  then'of  sJiall 

H  he  fined  not  exceediiif^  ^1,(KK>,  nor  less  tfiaii  ^'i/i.  or  iniphHonnient  in  the  county 

U  jail  for  a  |ieriod  not  eiceejlinp  one  year,  or  l)oth,  in  the  discretion  of  the  court. 

:i5th  Assom.  SENATE— No.  28.  March  1887 

\.     IntrcKluced  by  Mr.  Higgins,  January  12,  1HH7,  and  ordered  to  first  n-ad- 

•  5.     First  remliiig  January  12,  1887,  aud  referred  to  Coniniittee  on  Judidary. 
4.     Heporred  batk  March  2:$,  passage  recommended  and    ordered   to  second 



I'^or  An  .Vet  to  amend  section  2  of  an  a<!t  entitlinl  "An  act  to  exempt  certain 
personal  properly  from  attachment  and  sale  on  execution  and  from  distress 
for  rent,"  approved  May  24,  1877,  in  force  July  1,  1877. 

Section  1.    Be  it  enacted  hy  the  People  of  the  State  of  Illinois,  represented 

2  iti   tJu  (ieiiernl  Assemhly,  That  section  2  of  "An  act  to  exempt  certain  i)er80ual 

3  proi)erty  from  attachment  and  sale  on  execution  and  from  distress  for  rent," 

4  approved  May  24,  1877,  in  force   July  1,  1877,  l)e   amende<i   so  as  to   reatl   as 
."j    follows: 

<>        "Section  2.     Whenever  any  debtor  against  whom  an   execution,  writ  of  at- 

7  ta<'hnient  or  distress  warrant  has  been  issue<l,  desires  to  avail   himself  or  her- 

8  self  of  the  h»'nefit  of  this  act,  he  or  she  shall  within  ten  days  aft^'r  notice   of 
\)    the  execution,  attatchment  or  distress  warrant  make  a   schedule  of    all  of    his 

10  or  Ijer  ptrsoiiiU    j)roperty  of    every  kind    and    chara<"ter,  including    money  on 

11  hand,  and  debts  due  and    owing  to    the  debtor,  and  deliver  the  same    to    the 

12  officer  having  the  execution,  writ  of  attachment  or  distress  warrant,  which 
\'\  said  schedule  shall  l>e  subscril>ed  and  sworn  to  by  the  debtor,  and  any  projw^rty 
14  owiu'd  by  the  debtor  and  not  includ(Hl  in  said  scduMlule  shall  not  In*  exempt 
ir>  as  aforesaid.  And  thereupon  the  otHcer  having  the  execution,  writ  of  attach- 
1(>    merit   or    distress  warrant  shall  sununun    three  householders,  who,  after  Ix-ing 

17  duly  sworn  to  fairly  and  impartially  appraise  the   proi)erty  of  the  debtor  shall 

18  fix  a  fair  valuation  upon    each    article   contained    in   said   scheiiule,  and   the 


19  debtor  sliall  then  select  from  such  scluHhile  tlic  articles  lie  or  sIm-  may  desire 

20  to  retain,  the  agpreyate  value  of  which  shall  not  exccnvl  the  amount  e^einptH 

21  to  whicli  he  or  she  may  he  entitle»l,  and  deliver  the   remainder  to  the    ofticer 

22  having  the  writ,  and   the    oHicer    having    such    writ    is  hereby  anthori/ed    to 
2;^    atlminister  the  oaths  required  herein  of  the  debtor  and  appraisers. 

3r>ni  Assom.  SI'^NATR— No.  29.  March  1887 

,-  •  n«,"f^  .ri»'.^ 

1.  [titnxliicfd    liy    Mr.     Kvaii-.,    JaniiHry     1'2,     1HH7,    hikI    Dnh'n-d    to    first 


2.  First   reiiding  January    1'2,   1887,    and  refcrreii   to   Committee   on   State 

('liarital)le    Institutions. 
;{.     IJt'ported  back   Marcli  "i-l,  passaye  rwoiuniended,   and   n'ferri'd    to  Corn- 

niittcf  on  Ap|)ro|»riations. 
4.     Kt-portcd    liack   .Nfarch   M    witli   aineuduients,   passajre  rec-omniended  and 

ordcrtnl  to  second   rcatUny. 


Fw  All  Act  niiikini/  appropriations  for  the  ordinary  and    other   cxpcnw'H   of   tho 
Illinois    Northern    liospitaJ    for  the  Insiine  at    Elf^in. 

RFrrtoN  1.    Bf  if  tnadei  by  the  People  of  tht  State  9f  lUmoit,  reprenenfrd 

2  III   fhr   (iniinil  Ass./nhh/.   That   the    following,'    aniotints    he,    and    are  herehy 

3  ai)pro|)riHted  to  the  Illinois  Noi-tJieni    Hosjiital   for  the  Insane,  at    J^Igin,  for 
•1  tlie  |)nrpoMs  liereinafter  nfiiiied,  and  for  no  other: 

5  /7,,y/_|.',,i  defrayiiiLT   tlie  (trdinary   expenses   of  said    hoK|)ital   from   July    1, 

<)  1887,  until  the  expiration  of  the  lirst  fiscal  quarter    after  the  adjournment    of 

7  the  next  (leiieral  Assend)ly,   tlie   suin  of  one  hundred  thousand  di)IIars,  (1|?1U),- 

8  (XW.i    per  aim  inn.  payable  quarterly   in  advance,   (¥2tK),()()(1.) 

(i  S''r„n,/—l-\>r  repairs  and  iniproveUicnts,  the  sum  of  five   thousand  dollarH, 

10  li^rMMJO.)  i)er  annum,  (!?in,()(<(t.i 

11  Third— Vox  care  and  improvement  of  •grounds,  one  thousand  dollars,  (ipi,(KX),) 
VZ  |)er  annum,  iiis2,(K)().i 

l;{  Fourth— Vur  ad(Utit)ns  to  present   building's,    eiilarf^ement    of    bakery,    dining 

II  r(M)m,    et(  ..   the  sum   of   three  tliouvmd,  thre<-  hundred  and  forty-five   dollarH, 

15  (§;;i:i4o.i 

H)  Fifth— VoT  placing'  iron  tire-iiroof  doors  between  the  different  sections  of  the 

17  building;    constructing    fire-proot    waUs,    and    extending     same    through    the 


18    attics  to  the  roof,   tht»  sum  of  cipht  thousand,   cifrht  hundred  and  fifty  dollars, 

IS)     ($8,K5().) 

'20        Sl.rth — For    liost^-lioust'    with    tower,    and    huildinp   for  th»'   nianufaeture    of 

21  soaj),    bla<ksn)itliin{»   and   other  purposes.   inclu<iinfz  tirenvji's  outfit  of  ruhlter 

22  clothing,   and   soap  fixtures,   eight  tliousand,   six    hundred    and    twenfv-seven 
2;{    dollars,    (^,027.) 

?i  2.     The  moneys  herein  a|)i)ropriated    shall    he    due    atid    payalih     to    the 

2  trustees  of  said  lUinois  Nortliern  hospital  for  the    Insane,    at    Klf,'in,    or   their 

3  order,  only  on  the  teriuB  anil  in  the  manner  now  provided  by  law. 


AnR'iid  line  !'•),  jnige  1,  by  strikiufj:  out  the  words  "one  hundred  '  and  insert 

2  the  words  "ninety  eight"   in    litu    tliereuf. 

3  Also  amend  line  13.  j)a«e  1,  by  strikmy;  <fUt  the  li^'un-s  "KKI.lKKl  "  and  insert 

4  the  tigures   "!>H,(K)()"   in    lieu   theieof. 

5  Also  amend  line  1,  page  2,  by  striking  out    the   words    "eight    liundred   and 
()    fifty;"    also    amend    in    same    line    by   striking  otu    the   figures   "M,a5()"    and 

7  insert  tlie  ligures  "8,()(X)""  in  lieu  thereof. 

8  Also  amend  line;  8,  page  2,  by  striking  out  the   words    "eight    thousand,  six 
y    hundred    tuid    twenty-seven,  "    and   insert   llie  words   "six  thmtsand      in    Ueu 

10  tliereof.     Also   amend    iji    same   line    by    striking   out    the   figures    "H,()27  '    atul 

11  insert  tlie  figures  "O.OtXf  in  lieu   thereof. 

35th  Assem.  SENATE— No.  32.  leb.  1 887 

1.  IiifiodiK't'd  liv  Mr.  CrHwfiinl.    Jmiuarv    12.    1NS7.    and    ord«'rHl    to    first 


2.  I'iist   itaditu:  .laiiiiaiv   12,  IssT,  and  referred  to  Co'iiniitto*-  on  Jiidi<iary. 
'■>.     Ft  luiiar.v   K),   ls^^7,   ii|K(rti'd  liack,  j)assa<.'f  rfiomiueiided,  and  ordt-rfd  lO 

si-(()iid  rcadiii*,'. 

A    lUIJ. 

I'm  Am  Act  tn  auKud  Mrtioiis  sixty-oiif  dlb  ami  si.\ty-t\vo  i(j"2i  of  an  act  cntitltd 
"All  act  t(i  rc\i^ic  the  law  in  nlatiori  to  counties."'  approved  March  .$1, 
JsTI.  a--  aiiK  iidcd  iiv  tlu-  act   ot   Mas   'JO.   ISTU.  relative  to  Cook  (ountv. 

^:    ;.  "N  1.    Be  it  enacted  hy  the  Penjilc  of  the  State  of  Illinois,  rrj.:         '    ' 

•J  ///  llirdiiirriil  Assnnfih/,  'I'liaf  sections  Kixty-oiu'  di] '  and  sixty-two  '<yi  of  an 

■  i  act  entitled  "An  act  to  revise  the  law  in  relation  to  cotinties,"   apj)ro\ed  and 

4  in  forei'  March  :!1.   1H7I,  as  snbse,]i!.'ntly  .anim  le  I  hy  the  lu-t  of  May '20,  1n7(), 

■')  he  and  tie-  satne  are  iiereliy  s')  aui  mi  I  •  I    a^  t  »  reil.  r,v-!;> 'ctively,  a<  fi)l!).\s: 

()  ••Section  Id.     'I'll"  said   coinniissi m ts  shall,    s"Vi'ra!lv,    h.-fore    thev    cut  t 

7  upon  the  disclnojie  of  their  duties,  tak<'  the  oath  of  ollice    prescrihed  hy    the 

M  «onstitutioti ;    and  they    shall     he    known    as    the   Hoard  of  Coinniissioni  r-  of 

I>  ( 'ook  (  ount  \ .  atid  a-i  such   i»>>ard    dial!   possess  the  powers,  perlorni  the  duties 

lt>  and   he  -^ui^ject   to  the  rules,  reL'ulations  and   restrictions  hereinafter  sji,  (   tii  d, 

1 1  that   is  to  >;,,  ; 

12  /''//■<.' — Said  Hoard  of  Coniinissioners  shall  hold  reeulai  ni» ftini/s  on  the 
It  .Moiid.iN  ol  !),■(•  'irilitM-.  .hiit'iary,  i*'ele-uavy,  Mircli,  Ju'i  •  a«id  S'pteiiiin'r.  in  each 
11  yeai-;  and  shall,  at  their  tirsf  nieetini,'  in  l)ec(  uiher,  ori.'Hi)ize  said  Hoard  of 
1"»  ("on:?!iissioiiers,  hy  the  election  of  orii'  of  theii;  nuini)er  as  president,  whosliall 
Iti  liold  his  oili,- ■  iiiirii  f'l"  day  n  •  .t  pre,' •  hn/  tie-  first  Monday  in  Decemher 
17  iie\l  aft  .r  hi.  <  1  ■ction.  It  shall  i»e  the  duly  of  th.'  I'resid.-nt  of  the  ]}o-ird  of 
lis  Coiiiinissioners  to  call  special  nieetin^'s  (.f  the  Hoani  whenever  in  Ids  opinion 

V.)  tho   sanir   may   be   tu'tossiiry ;    Htid   lio  sliull   ]»r«'^;i<l('   nt    (ill    of   the    iiKM-tiiif/s 

'JO  <if   mid    Board,    and    p(  lurally    prrforiii    llif    duties    usually     |)«jfi>riiitd    liy  a 

21  pr<'>idiiip  oflicor:     I^rm iih<K  i\uit   in    llu'    abKciicc    of    the    rrcKidnit,    or    of 

21  his   inability   to  act,   a   picsidcnt  juo  d  nijiorr    may    he    elected,     who    s'lall 

2^5  (liiiiiif.'   such    aliKcnce   or  inability   possess   all    the   |)o\vers    Hn<l    perform    all 

2-1  the   duties,    by   law    vested  in    and    retpiircd    of   tlie   president. 

25  Siroutl — The   President    of   the    Board    of    Commissiotiers    shall    \\:i\v    the 

2(»  same  privilef^e  of  votinfr  as  uny  other  Commissioner :    hut    he  shall  not  have  a 

27  castinj;  vote  ujjon  any  question  ujion  which  In-  has  voted  as  Corrunissiotier. 

2-<  Tliird — All    resolutions    or    motions    whereby    :iny    ri:oiiey   shall    he   appro- 

2'.)  priated,  or  I'y   virtue  of  which  any  contract  shall   lie  made,  or  any  act  done 

'{(I  \\hi(  h  may.  directly  or  in<lire(tly,  or  in  any  manner  whatever.  <  nate  any  peeii- 

.'51  iiiny    liability   on   the    part  of   saiil  coiiiity.  shall   le  ;.uiiiiiitte<l  to  sail   Boiid 

1)2  of  Commissioners  in  writiij^',  or  reduced  to  writing,  h  fon'  any  vote  sliidl    U- 

',),)  t;)k(  ti  thereon;  and  if  adopted    by    the  Board  the  same  shall   not  take   efiict 

Ai  until  after  tlie  sami'  shall  have  been  approved  in  writiu}.'  by  the  President  of  said 

.';•")  Board,  except  us  hcreiiaitt  r  [Movithd.     It  shall   le  the  duty  of  the  Clerk  of 

;k')  said  Board  to  deliver  to  the  President   thereof,  upoti  his  retpiest,  tlir  oii<.'inal 

87  (or  a  coj>y),  of  each  resolution  or  motion  so  passed  or  adopted  by  sai  I  lirard  ;is 

lis  aforesaid,   witliin  one  day   after  its  pa^sa^'c  or  adoption :  and  in  ca->- the  Pre-i- 

'AU  dent  approves  thereof  he  shall  si^Mi  the  same  and  it   shall  thereupon   be  in  full 

•10  tone  and  effect.     In  cjikc  the  president  shall  not  approve  an\    sueii  reM)|uti(>n 

4!  or  motion,  he  shall,  within  five  days  after  tlie  rec<'i|»t  of  tlie  same,  jls  aforesaid, 

42  return  it  to  the  clerk  of  said  Board,  witJj   his  objcfticns  thereto  in   writing'. 

4:{  Su(h  veto  by  the  President  may  extend    to  any  one  or  more  items  or  appro- 

44  proi)riations  contained  in  any  resolution  making  aji  appropriation,  or  to  the  «■?!- 

45  tire  resolution ;  and  in  case  the  veto  only  extends  to  a  j)art  of  such  resolution 
4()  making  an  a]>propriation,  tlie  residut'  thereof,  not  embraced  within  the  veto, 

47  slmll  take  effect  and  Iw  in  force  from  the  time  of  the  receipt  by  said  ( lerk  of 

48  such  veto  of  such  part.     Cpon  the  return  of  any  such  resolution  or  motion  by 

49  the  Prettideut,  with  hia  objections  thereto,  as  aforesaid,  tlie  vote  bv   which  the 

.')«•  -ii!!)'-  '.M!-  ivi-scil  ^liill  In- rtidjf-iilcrcd  liy  the  Hoard  f)f  <'on)iiiissji)n<'rs  as  to  M. 

"il  iii'i'lj  tl!>  i<i  f  as  i!:.iy  ]::i\\'  In-  ii  \t  tofil:  uiid  if,  after  such  rtcoiisidcratioii,  foiir- 

•Vi  lift  lis  of  all  till'  iiH'iiilitTs  ♦Icct'MJ  to  tilt'  Hoard  sliali  ajjref  to  j»ass  the  saiii*-  by 

.'}'\  yeas  and  jiays,  to  l»f  ctitt'rt'd  on  the  joiirual,  th»»  same  shall  take  efftft,  notwith- 

~y\  strtiidiiiij  the  I'n'sidi'ut  may  li;i\<-  rgfused  to  approve  thereof.    In  cane  the  Pres- 

.Vj  idi-iil  siiall  fail  or  omit  to  eith'r  sisjfi  and  approve,  or  rtiturn  with  hi.s  objt'<— 

.")<'>  tioris  as  aforesaid,  any  such  motion  or  resolution,  which  shall  have  heen  paHKe*! 

57  or  ado|)t«d  hy  the  Hoard  within  six  days  after  it  shall  havo  been  so  puKsoi  or 

->>  adojited,  tlie  same  shall  take  effect  without  the  approval  of  the  President. 

•7.)  Finiri'i — Said    Hoard  of  ('onuni.ssioners  shall   have   the   nianagenjent  of    the 

(i*>  ail  airs  of  said   Cook  county  in  the  manner  pr()vi<led  by  law,  ajid  may  exercise 

(11  the  sHiiie   powers,  |)erforiii  the  same  duties,   and  shall  be  8ubje<t  to  the  sauie 

Tri  ruls.  reu'ulations  and  penalties  i)rescribe<l  by  law  for  the  Board   ot  Super\isors 

('(.■J  in  other  coujities,  except  its  herein  otherwise   ])rovided ;  and    shall  also  be   sub- 

i'A  ject  to  till  rules,  resrulations  and  restrictions  lien-in  i>rovide<l. 

<■).",  Fii'lh — The   said    Hoard  of  Coujmissioners  sliall  have  no  power  or  author- 

{'*'<  iiv  to  d(  Ii'uate  to  any  committee  or  other  person  or  persons  the  "power  to   act' 

(■»7  when  s;ieli  '*|Mn\er  to  act"  sliall  involve  the  lettin»  of  any  contractor  the  ex- 

()8  penditurc  <;f  ])ul»!ic   money  exceediiiir  the  sum  of  live  hundred  dollars  i^"m)()i, 

Ci'.i  and  any  a(  tion  (;f  said  lioard.  (U"  of  any  committee  thereof,  or  of  any  other  j)er- 

7(1  son  or  persons  in  \iolation  of  this  se,  tion,  shall   be  null  and  void.     No  money 

71  shall  lie  a])prop;i,ited.  or  ord  nd  paid  by  sai  1  County  Commissioners,  beyond 

11  tli<'  sum  of  live  hundred  diliars  isVXIi  unles-i  sinh  appropriation  sliall  have 

73  been  autluci/.ed  by  a  vote  of  at  least  two-thirds  of  the  members  (dected  to  the 

74  Slid  County  Hoard. 

7'>  Si  1 1  It — Said  lioard  of  Commissioners  shall  within  the  first  quarter  of  ea<li 

7()  lineal  year  adopt   a  res(duti(Ui,   to  be  termed  the  Annual   .\pj)ropriation   Hill, 

77  in    and    i>>    wliith    le-olution    saiil    Hoard     shall    aj)propriate    such    sums     of 

7s  iiioni  y   as    may   be  necessary  to  defray  all  necessary  expenses  an»i   liabilities 

7'.>  of  said  Cook  county,  to  be  by  sai  1  county  pai<l  or  incurred  during  and  until  the 

H)  time  oi  the  adoptinii  of  the  next  Annual  Appropriation  Bill  under  thii*  iiectioD: 

81  Prorifhtl,  that  KHJd  I^oaril  sliall  not  ♦•xpond  hiiv  iiionoy  or  incur  any  indclttccl- 

H'i  nt'ss  or  liaiiility  on  bclialt  of  said  county  in  cnccn.s  df  the  pt  i<  «'ntat:c  and  sc^ithI 

K{  amounts  now  limited  liy  law.  and  lias(d  on  tlic  limit  prcscrilud  in  lli<    ('on^ti- 

84  tiitioJi.  vvlioi  a]>plii'd  to  tiic  last  previous  assessment.     Said  Aj>pn)prifttiHii  |)ill 

R")  shall  K|>€'cify  the  s( Acral  objects  an<i  piir|Mis('s  for  wliieli  sudi  apitropriations  are 

W)  made,   and   tli«'   amotnit  appropriated    for   eacii   object   or   purpose.      Tiie  vote 

87  of   said    Board   of   (dmniissionerh  U|>on  said  a^»])roi)riatioii  liill   sball    be  tal.eii 

88  by  yeas  and  nays,  and  the  same  sball  i)e  e?itered  upon  the  journal.  Sai<l 
8!)  ajtpropriation  bill  sludl  !U)t  take  effect  until  alter  it  shall  ha\t'  Inin  once 
iKt  publishe<l  in  a  newspaper  publislied  in  (■hicafio,  and  said  loard  shall 
JH  provide  for  and  cause  said  appropriation  bill  to  be  so  publisbt  <1  as  aioiesaid. 
*.^2  After  tlie  adoption  of  su(li  a)»propriation  liill  or  resolution,  said  l!o;ird  of 
IW  ('ommissioners  shall  not  make  any  further  or  other  a|)propriHtion  prior  to 
!M  the  adoption  or  passajje  of  the  next  succ(»edint;  annual  ai>propriatioii  bill; 
'.)")  and  the  said  Board  of  Commissioners  shall  have  no  power,  eilbi  r  directly 
'.J(i  or  indirectly,  to  make  any  contract  or  do  any  a<t  which  shall  .wM  to  the 
*J7  county  expenditures  or  liahiliticK  in  any  year,  any  thinf.'  or  sum  o\er  ami 
1>8  alKjve  the  ajnount  jmnided  for  in  the  annual  api)ro))iiation  till  *or  tiiat 
iK>  fiscal  year.     No  contmct    shall    hereafter   b«'    made,    or    exjaiise    or    liability 

KX)  incurred  by  the  said  Board  of   Commissioners,  or   any  mendier  or   coMiunfttH' 

1(U  tl)ereof,  or  by  any  ix-rson  or  persoiis  for  or  on  its  behalf,  notwithstaiidint.'  the 

KhJ  ex|H'lidituro   may  have  i>een  ordered  by  said    Board    of   Commissioner^.  uidesH 

Mt\  ati  appropriation  tlieref«»r  sliall    have    been    pre\iously  made    by  said    i'oaitl  in 

It^  nuinner    aforesaid:     I'roridcd,   howt'V<  r,  that   nothiii}.'   lierein   contaimd   shall 

Klij  prevent  the  Board  of  ComniissiouerH.  by  a  concnrrinjj    vot»'   of   four-fifths  of 

1()G  all  the  Commissioners  (said  vot«'  to  1h>  taken    by  yeas  and    nays  an<l  entered 

1()7  upon  the  journab  from    making    any  exjienditures   or   incurring'    any  liability 

1(18  rendered   necessary    by   any   unfon'seen   casualty  by  fire,    flood   or  otherwis*', 

UK)  happening  after  the   annual   approi)riation    bill    shall    ha\«'    been    jtassed    or 

110  adopted.     Nor  shall  aiiythiny  herein  co?itained    be   construe<l    to  <le|iri\e   llu- 

111  board  of  po^er  to  provide  for  and  cause  to  be   paid    from   the   county  funds. 

il2  any  cliiirir*'  upon  siiid   counly    iiupowd   by   law,    >\it]i()iit   the  action   of  tin* 

lis  l'.(  ;inl  (it  (*<)nmii^hii>iMrs,  iiu  liuliiij:  t\\nl    f-silaiiis   of  ollicers  rtqiiirt'd  \>y  law 

114  to   If    I  iiiil    from  tin*    couiity    tit-iiMiry,  and    to    pay    jurors'  hva    and    titli«T 

11")  (  liar^Ts  tixcd  by  law. 

IK)  Siimtl — Tlic  Board  of  (^  iijniissi<  ntrw  shall  t'stahlish  and    providt-   for   the 

117  a|)|)ointiii<  nt  of  a  Coniniittec  on  Finance  and  a  Committee  on  Public  Service. 

1 IH  '111*  re  -hall  I  (•  a  Su|M'rint(  ndent    of    I'uMic  Seivicc   to    he    apjiointed  by  the 

ir.)  Pn  si(U  lit,  byand\\ith  tlie  advice  and  const  nt  of  the  Poard  of  Comniissioners, 

llifl  ul:o  sliiiU  bold  his  office  for  one  year  an<l    until   liis  successor   is   ap)K)intc<l; 

Vl\  111    nay  If  Misjundtd  or  r^ni(<^t(l  by  the  l^rcsideiit ;  he  sliall  pivc  h  sutlicient 

Vl'l  I  (lid  1(  r  the  faithful  perforniaiK  r  of  his  duties,  and  be  subject    to  the   over- 

1J;>  >ij.'iit  and  supervi>ion  of  the  (Oniniittee  on  Public  S«'rvice ;  he    shall    employ 

\'1\  such  assistants  as   may  be    authorized   by  the   Poaid  of   CommisHioners,  and 

\l'i  they  shall  be  subject  to  susjiension    or   removal    by  tiie    President.     It   shall 

ljr>  be  the  duty  of  the    Superintendent,  under    authority  of    tiie  Poard  of    Com- 

\'l~i  mis-ioiiers.  to  purchase,  receive  and  distribute  all    supplies  necessary  for  the 

Vl>'<  the  use  and  service  of  Cook  coiitity  and  its  various  institutions,  of  whatever 

1_".»  natiiie.  e\( cpt  those  which  are  by  law  otherwise  expressly  provided  for;  anil 

bWi  to  kei  ji  a((  urate    accmints  ol    any  vouchers    fo-    the    saii;e,  which  shall    be 

|:il  opt  ri  to    tlic    i?ispectn)n    of    the    President    nnil    the    Conimittee   tin    Public 

V.Vl  Serxice,  aiiil  to  the  publit  ;  he  >liall  also  pi  rft^rni  all  other  duties  relative  to 

l.':i  the  public  ser\  ice  which  may  If  assi^zned  to  iiim  by  tlie  Boartl  of    Commis- 

l-'M  Niotiti-',  who  shall    make    and    maintain    rej^nUations    lor     the    coutluct    and 

\.Ci  t'ovtiniiit  lit   of  the   I 'epaitnieiit   of   Public  Service,  jiot  int  i^nsisteut  with  this 

!:«i  iict. 

\M  l-'.nihlh — All    contnKts   fur   siipiiliis,  material    and   work    ft)r   the   County  of 

l')X  (ixik,  >ii:ill  be  let  to  the  lowest   n  sponsible  biihler,  after  tlue  adverti.sement; 

lo'.*  but    if     III     case   of     any     emeiyiiicy,    it    is   necessary     tt>   pureha>e   supplitw 

1  |(i  not    t\(  t  ( din;,'    in    amount     S.-jOii,    sm  b     juirchase     may    U-    made    by     the 

in  Siip<  rinteiidenl   in    the   ojaii    market,   on    authority    given    to    Ijun    by    the 

\\1  Poanl  of    Commissioners  or  the  Couimittetr  ou  Public  bervite.    All  cuntractti 



itin      _-rf* 


14;{  for  supplies,  rriHterial   or  work   for  C'(M)k   county,  shall   he   upprovcil   hy   the 

144  Hoiml    of   ("oiiiiiiiKsioJieiH   and   sifftied   hy   the    I'resid<'ut   of    tlie    r.oard.    tin' 

li-"}  Sui)erinteiideiit  of    I'uhlic   Service   and   the   ('oni)»troller.       Siipi»lies   sIihII  in' 

14<)  issued    only   on    the   reipiisition     of    tlie    responsihle    oflhei-s   of    the   county 

147  institutions,   now  or  hereafter  estahlished    hy   law,   ap|)rove<l    liy   the   ("oni- 

14H  niittee  of  Puhlic   Service. 

141>        Xinfh — All   rejjular  and  permanent    oftici^rs  r.i  i   employes  of    the   couiity 

lo<)  of  Cook,   except   those  whose  election  or  appointment  is  otherwise  provided 

1/)1  for   hy   law,   shall    he   appoijited    at    the    Decendx-r   mectintr  (if  each   year,  or 

15-2  suhsequently,    if    neceHKar>-,    and    their    term    sh:<ll    not    exceed    one 

l.'>}  ending?   on    I>ecemher   M,   and     UTilil     their     succt's-^ors     are     iippointcd    and 

\^A  (pialitied,  and  they  may  he  removed   I'v  the  Uoarl  at  any  time.      Vacancies 

lih')  may   he  tilled   in   like    manner.        Tinir    salaries    or    rate    of    compensation 

l-'W)  shall   1k>  fixed   hy   the   lioard   of  CoiiiMiissioners  prior  to   their  appoint iiient. 

l-")?  and     shall     not     he     chanj^ed    <lariii<7    their    term    of    offic*';    the    Ho.-ird   of 

liX  CommipsionerH  shall  also  determine   whether  a;iy  and  what   amount  of  hoiid 

1")')  they   sliall   give." 

1(;()        "Section  iVJ.     The   County   ChiK    ol    Cxik    county    sliall    l>e   clerk    oi    tli;- 

1<)1  Hoard    of    County    Co:iimissioners;    a'll    ali    laws    a;)j»Ii(  aM.'    to   th"    Couiitv 

1()J  Cleins   of     (vtlier   comities     iiiid'T    tow:idiip   or<,Mnizaf ion.  shall    he    !'.;i;>li -aMe 

1(>:J  to   lisii.       He    rhall,    also,    rr    nffi-in.    \)  ■    th-     CoiiMf  roller    of    tie     county 

1()4  financial   affairs,   and    as   s;i<  h,   shall    liivc   cirtrt:;'  of    all,    m  irf  ^'ajiiw, 

Km  contracts,   judi/meiits.    notes,    ho'id>,   d"!it  .    and    (dio-i's   in    aeti  in    l"'loJi^'iii^' 

K'C)  to   the   said   county,   <'xcept   such   as   are   directed    hy    law    to    he    deposited 

\iu  elsewhere,    and    shall   carefully    i)reser\e    the    same;    he    shall.  siihje(t    to    tin' 

I'VS  approval     of     the    Hoard     of     Commissioiieis.     revise,    audit     and     settle     all 

l(ii)  accounts   in    which  the   county    is   concerned,   either    as    dehtor   or   (••editor. 

1711  or  where  provision   for  the   settlement    thereof    is    not     otherwise    provided 

171  for   hy    law,    and    the    settlement    of    which     is     not     csi»e,"ially    coinniilted    to 

172  some   other   authority:     Pinridrd,    that     no     payment     of     any      tccount     so 

173  settled  or  adjusted,    sliall    bo    made    except    hy  the  order  of    the    County 

•7    '  ■  ^      -     ''  '  ' 

171  I'ciiid,    jiftcf    iip|)rovHl    \>y  tlic    FiTiaiice    Coniuiitttc.       He    sliall    liavf   \he 

IT"*  [(AMI,    ill    it'iil  ijii.'    Midi    KcttUiiKiits  and   acijustiixiits,  hikI  for  tin*  purpose 

17(1  of  iisct  itaiiiint/  t\',(-  tiiic  statr  of    any  Italaiice   (jr   Imlanccw  bo  din-,  to  r<M]iiir(! 

177  any  claiiiiaut  or  claiiiiaiits  to  deposit  and  lile  v»ifli  iiiui.  Jis  siu-li  Cojiiptroller, 

17s  a  >tat(  nicnt  in  wiitii!^',  under  oath,  as  to  any  fact,  mutter  or  thintr  concerning,' 

i7'.>  tlie     (oiiectufss    of    any     account,  claim    or    demand   preweuttHl.      He  t-liall 

ii'-n  (|tn    and    Ktej*,  in    a    (lear,  metliodif  al    Uianner,    a   complete    set   t)f    l>o(>ks, 

'M  i;ii(l(  r  tl:e  I'lin  ( lien  (i    the    I'lesidint  of   tfie   Board    «nd    the  Finance  Com- 

ISJ  ii:ittie  thei((if.  wju'nin  shall  he  stated,  ainon;.'  otlu-r  thinjis,  the  appropriations 

ISiJ  for   the   liM-al  year   for   each   distiiut   object    and   branch   of  expenditure,  and 

1^4  ako   the   estimated    receipts   from    eacii    and   every   Hource  of   revenue.  h(i  far 

l^-")  n.^    he    can    ascertain    the    same.     Said   hooks,    and   all    papers,    vt)nclicrs.  con- 

!.''»)  tra<ts.    honds,   re(■<■il)f^   and   other   thinj:s   kept   in   said  oflice,   sIjhH   be  ku!)- 

|s7  je(  t    to    the   examination    of   the    I'n  siileiit    of  the    IU)ard   and  of  tin-  JMnance 

J.SS  Coniniittee.     It    shall    lie    his   duty,    at     tlie    close    of    eacli    fiscal    year,    to 

Is'l  place    to    tlie    credit    of    a    ireiieial     fund     >ill     ui>expendcd    appropriations    for 

I'.Hl  siicii   year,    iiut    whicli   shall    not    include   the   amount   rei|Miretl     to   liquidate 

I'.n  (i.iitracts  or   li;il)ilities   entered    into   by    virtue   or   authority  of  such   apiuo- 

\'>2  piiatiiiii.    and    which    remain    unpaid    at    the    clo.-,e   of   the    liscal    year:     I-'m- 

\'.K)  r,!,,i.    tlNtt    iio    :  i;(  li    (hspo>iti(it!    sliall    le    made   of   any    trust    fund  or    funds 

I'.'l    Is    la\     ;:'»■    >|k  cilic    and    iii.ler   the   direi  t    control   of  ofiiciTs   specitdly 

1;'")  iipp(^iiittd   lor  their  (iisbui-M  iiient.     He   sliall   make  out  an  annual  statement 

!'!()  for    pii!  liratioii.   on    or   hefoie   the    first   day   of    February  in  each  year,  uiviii*; 

!'.f7  ;'    full    arni    ditMiied    st:ite!ient    of   all    tin-    r^'ceipts    and    expenditures    during? 

li'S  the   tisi-al    >eai-.     Such    staternt  lit;    ^ha'll   aifo     detail     all     the     iialiiilies   i,i;d 

I'.lil  resoun  es  01    siiid   county,    thn   ciiiidition   of   all     unexpc-nded    apprt  pr:ations 

".(M  and    contracts    iiiitultilled.    and     the     halanc  e    of    money    then     r«'maininK    in 

L'OI  tlie    treasury,    v.ith    all    sums   du"   and    oiitstandiri;.',   and   the   amounts    una<-- 

'JL'  eouuted   for,    and    all   other   thitiirs   necissary   to   exhibit    the    true    financial 

i*(i)  condition   of  the  c  ;uiity.    which   statement,    wjien    e\anjiiie<l    and    approved 

'2(M  by    liie    I'inanci-   Committee,   shall    be   publiHlic*!   by   biui    iiK    aforesHid.     H»> 


'J(io  sIihII,   iilso,   on    or   before    tlie    lirst     Moiitliiy    of     l"\'liniiii\ ,    in     i  .icli    yrar, 

■i(i(t  licfon-   flio    aiiiHiiil    i»|)i>ro|triiiti(His   me    iiiad"   liy    tlic     Coiiiits     l'>nar.|.    '^llIr||lit 

•J()7  to    tlic    Hoard    a    rc|>orf    of    tlic    estiiriatts    iiccisNai.N ,    a>    maily     as     iiia\     It, 

2(1H  to   defray   the   exjH'ii^es   of   the   county    ^'overimieiit    diirim,'  thr  eiirri'iit  tiscal 

'i()'J  year;    Jie    shall,    in    said    report,    elassifs    the    ditfeniit    objects     and     l>raiiclns 

210  of   said    county     exjienditure.     trivin'.'     as     ntariy    as     ;«oshiMe.     the    ainnii'it 

211  retpiired    for   eacii    class,    and    for   this    jniri>ose   il    shall    he   tlie   diit\     of    all 

212  county  otticers  and  heads  of  deinirtnieiits.  to  make  and  furnisli  the  ( dtnp- 
21;{  troller,  on  liis  re(iuest,  statements  of  the  condition  and  expenditure  of 
214  their  res]>ective  departments  and  oflices,  with  any  desind  alterations  or 
21")  improvements  and  the  prolahle  e\|)t  ii^c  llnrtuf.  It  sliall  lie  tie'  duty  of 
21t>  any  Comndttee  of  the  Hoard  ch:UL'ed  with  the  expenditure  of  nioiie;,  for 
217  huildinps  <ir  impi-ovements  to  nudv''  and  fundsli  him  a  similti-  st  itcnieiit . 
21H  and  of  all  contracts  already  nuide  and  utifiiii^  lied,  and  the  amoi.iit  of  an\ 
21'.>  unexp«'nded    ai)pr()priations   of   the   |>re<ttlin!j;   year.     The     (dmptroll.r   shall, 

220  in    su(di    report,    also    sliow    the    ajj^re^'atr     income    of    the     preceding'    iisc:d 

221  \ear    fii)m    all    sources:    the     amount     of    lialiilitics     outstaiidin;/     upon     \\lri<li 

222  int«'rest  is  to  he  paid,  and  of  bonds  and  coiint>  debt^  payabl"  ilui.ii^j  the 
22^5  tis<al  year,  and  when  and  where  jiaval'le.  lb  shall  also  mai^e  and 
224  publish  monthly  statements,  <^i\i?iL'  full  and  <ietidl((l  ac( oiints  ol  di  iuoiie\s 
22'T  recei\<'d  and  ex|)cnded  for  the  juil  lie  Miviee  of  tlie  coiiiii\.  lie  ;  liiil 
22<)  siLMi  all  warrants  drawn  upon  the  Treasin  ,-.  uhidi  shall  in  coiiut'iNi-in.  d 
227  by  the  President  of  the  Hoard,  and  llie  s.m'e  shall  state  therein  thepar- 
22m  ti<-ular  fund  or  appropriation  to  which  the  s;inie  is  (  hai!.'eable.  Nonmiie. 
22'.>  hhrtll  be  jiaid  out  of  the  county  treasui>  except  iiixm  such  warrants  so 
2;K)  drawn;  nor  shall  any  warrant  he  issued  ex<  apt  against  an  apjiropriatioii  thereto 
2;n  fore  made  by  the  County  Heard  in  ae(a)rdanee  with  section  (d  of  this  act. 
2;}2  The  Hresid«nt  of  the  15oard  of  ( ■ominissicHH  rs.  the  County  Clerk  as 
2;5iJ  Comptroller,  the  Treasurer  aial  the  i'inaiice  Committee  shall  nieei  in  the 
2:14  month  of  .iHiiUHry  to  compare  and  revise  all  statements  made  by  the 
QiiT)  Comptroller,    TreaKurer   and    the   otlu-r   accountiiiu'   olii(ers   and    committees. 

2K3  and  the  Comptroller  shall  enilxxly  tho  result  of  Biich  action   in  his  report 

2;J7  to   t\n'    l?oHi{l   of  ConiniissioiKTs.     The   fiwal   year  of  said    rounty    of    Cook  Jj 

•2;5H  shall   roniini'iicf  o)i    tho  lirst   day   of  January   and    end    on    the    thirty-first  ^^ 

■l'.VJ  day  of   December  of  eacli   year,   so  long  as  the  law   re(]uir»'s  the  Boanl  of 

'JIO  Commissioners   to  he    elected    in   the  month  of   Novemlx-r:     Providnl,  hnu- 

•J41  mr.    that    if    at    the    time    this    amendatory    act     takes    effect    there    is    in  " 

■242  force,   or   mav   thereafter  he   in    force,   a  law   re<iiuring  or    authorizing  said  j 


•24-i  (  omnns.sioners  to  he   elected    in    the   tufHith  of  April   instead  of  Ndvendn'r.  .^ 

244  tlieii   and    in   that  case,   the   fiscal  year  of  said  county   shall   iK'gin    on    the 

24o  lirst    (lay    of   Jun*'    in    eaili    year   and   end   on    tlie    thirty-lirst    day    of     May  i; 

244)  iie\t    tli<reafti'r;   and,   also,    in    that    event    the    regular    meetings    of    said  \ 

247  Hoard    of    Conmiissjoners   shall    i>e   held  on   the   first    Mondays  of  May,  .hine,  \ 

24.S  .Inly,   Anu'ust,   Seiitemher  and   February,   instead    of    the    months    specified  1 


24'.*  hir  such   meetijitrs  in   the   |)rfceding  section  Cd  ;   and  corresponding  clianges  '■ 


2")(l  shall    be    made   in    the   other   dates   or   moTiths  s|)eciHed   in   said   section    (il.  =fi 

2">l  as   Well   as   in   the   |)rovisions   of  this  section    preceding  this  j)roviso,   thus:  J 

2.V2  .January   shall    la-   changed   to  .hine.   February   to  July,   and     Decendier    to  1 

2''>-}  May,   and    all   acts  or   things    so    required    to    be    done    or    performed,    or  'j 

2.V1  bei.'in   or  terminat*'.   in   said    months  of  January,   February  and    l)ecend)er,  "^ 

2">.">  respectively,   shall   be   done   and    performed,   or    begin   or  tenninate,   in   the 

Sii  UKUiths  of  June,  July  an<l   May,   reKjKHtively." 

..^^-i£^*^«^i^>^'«»>^J&^!L.,*..^ -v.:  .    ^.2^'>J£<^'•„^/^.^i^^fiia>l.lJJ^^•  ,.;,«■' ...  -^ \; <^:<_  v;>!'T^,^;,^^ v^->^,vJ^i^fi3it^w«^.^ 

liTytU  As^oiii.  SI:N  \'n:— No.  34.  Mard.  1887 

1. .   Introduced  by  Mr.  Hill,  Jaiuiitrv  i;J.  1HK7,  and  ordered  to  first  readiup. 

2.     First  readiiiR  Januar>'  13.  1H87.  and  referred  to  Coriiinitteeon  Horticulture. 

.'{.     Rt'iMii1ed  Imek  Febnmrv    Ki,    1H87,   with   favorable   recoinrnendatio!i,  and 

rcft^rn-d  to  tlu-  ('onnnitt«'e  on  Appropriations. 
I.      lifportt'ij  hack  March  17,   1HK7,  with  amendments,   pansajje  recommended, 

and  ordered  to  second  readiii<j. 


For    .\n  .\<t    making  an  approjtriation    in  aid  of   the  IHiikhs  Horticultural  Society. 

Section  1.    Be  U  enacted  by  the  PwpU  cf  At  Btaie  of  lUmou,  represented 
1     In  tilt-  (iiiiirnl  Axxfinhhi.     That    there    Ite  and    hereby   is   appropriate<l   for   the 

3  us«'   ot     tlie    Illinois   State    Hcrticultural    Society     the   sum   of   four  thouMUid 

4  dollars  'S4,(K»(»i  per  annum  for  the  years  1H87  and  IHHs.  to  be  expende<l  by 
•")  said  society  for  the  purpose  and  in  t!»'  manner  specified  in  '.Vn  act  to 
(i     reor<.'ani/.e  the  Illinois  State  Horticultural  Society,     approved  March  24,  1H74. 


.\mend  i>y  striking  out  in  line  twelve  the  words  "four  thousand"  and  insert 
1     in  lieu    thereof   the   words   "two   thousand.' 

;}        .\lso   amend    by  strikintj  out    in    Ime  thirteen  the  Jij^ures  ■•4,(X)()"  and  insert 
4     in  lieu  thereof   tlie    tiyures    "2,<!(X). ' 

2^kjkc  -..■*■-: 

m)^  \^m.  mKATE-^^^m  im^^t  ^  r  jpp^wfr ^ 

1.  Introduced  by  Mr.  Hill,  Jaauarjr  13,  ^67.  «&d  <ndend  to  first  rMdmg. 

2.  First  reading  Jaaairy  18, 1867,  and  riitima  to  Cbaaaiit^t  an  Boctieidtttfe.     -^^ 
8.    Bepcnrted  back  Fdbrattry  16,  1887,  wiM  Itnonlfe  naeownBlmihrtiww  mi4     '  1 

referred  to  C3ommittee  on  Apptoniaiiam.  --^J^ 

4.  Reported  baok  If  aroh  17,  1867,  wiuk  aaMsteMiis,  piwtiflw  noommottdKl 

and  ordered  to  second  reading. 

5.  Second  reading  Ai»il  20,  1867,  amended,  and  ofdeied  to  tiuid  reading. 



For  An  Act  making  an  ap|gqyiatioo  in  aid  ol  th*  IBtooja  Horlienltezal  Sooisty.        4^ 





r.ATiiw  1.    Be  it  enaettd  bff  the  Pwpk  of  (he  fiMg  0/  Jltutn:*,  *,;#»  .vw-'  f 

2  in  the  General  A$semblp,  That  there  be  uA  hufkf  is  ispgtagaatitA  tag  tte       J.^ 

3  use  of    the  Illinois  State  H(»ticaltiu«l  Sooi^  the  sum  of  two  thowaad 

4  ddlars  (f2,000)  per  annum  for  the  yean  1887  and  1868,  to  be  eipwnded  bf 

5  said  society   for   tiie   pmpoee  and  in  tibe  manner  wfecSAaA  in  ^'Aa  ind  to 

...  .    .  i../  :4 

6  reorganize  the  Illinois  State  Horticultmal  idoiflly,"  aiiprovvd  llan^  9^  1874.       ^H 

-  .    i-    s       '  ;     ■:?■'■•■■ 


^■'  --/■■  ■    ■■'^■^v. 


"''^'^  : 

--.    .  '»/  -  .  J 

J  .- "        >  ' 

'       ■ 

'  ^     "•'    -,  ':,■• 

-•'■           •     ■■?■.'  ''^  ■  ■*  ■ 

''-•-•■-       .  "■'           •'  .■*^  fr." 

^*   '    '   ■    • 

/^»r:.^--    ^;^-'r  ■; 

1'  ■  ■      •    .   •^'  •• 

\  -r  :■:::'■  r>i^' 


T-         ,    -      *  ■         ,  -  ;,          "    -       . 

'  "■  .  •  ■*  ■•■■->..  I-'-   v.-  -f 

■  ':.  \'.\;v..,>r:x'' 

'''     -            ■  1 

.' - ■'-'  ^'  i 

.*-:'■   *"'   ' 

'■     ■,-■'■:      -- 

■  ■  .-  '   --v.  -"           *> 

■  ■  *■     -.■■--■'   ,  >r-v,-- 



'i^-  I  '■•- 




Jit'  f:  <<?.. 


•;- •^;^lili;^;r#l&^s<>^  - -^A^I^^iii^iMiMyMI^^^^ 

■T.  *f^,  f 

»•  -J.r 

^■-P^^  ^-i  >*'---    .-/-:i^-r#i'         ■  ^>''Vi^^--"*KTp'" 



»i-f    .■■.-'. 

>  '        a.  .> 

■  r  -.'•     ;^  "1 

*..  . 



K  0< .  -» 

I;."     " 

y.--  <■)  ^ti 

%,■  »-»  ■ 


•  ••     I-'./   -f-    •'i.    »J        I'J- 


•^        -iMi 






^St!^ft1'..  ^i   '■'ij(*^'  ..^x.  ^ 



'■   '.iJCA&s,*-.. 

1.  Received  from  House  Ajnnl  7,  1867,  and  ordered  to  firii  readinff. 

2.  First  reading  April  15,  ii967,  and  (ndered  to  weond  randiag  witnoat  ref- 


_•¥-,"  ?  \'^:i^ 


For  An  Act  to  amend  section  two  hundred  and  thirty-«even  of  diTiwxi  one  of  an 
act  entitled  "An  act  to  revise  the  law  in  relatioQ  to  Crimi&al  Junqmtdenoe," 

approved  March  27,  1874,  in  force  Jnly  1,  1874. 

■    'v^   ' 

■.  y 

Section  1.    Be  U  enaeUi  b^  ik«  P^pU  <^  tkt  Stait  <^  lOmoU,  r^rtmtied 

2  in  the  General  Aaiembly^  That  section  two  hundred  and  tfakrty-aeven  of  divis-' 

3  ion  one  of  an  act  entitled  "An  act  to  revise  the  law  in  rdation  to  Criminal 

4  Juri^rudence,"  i4)prpved  March  27,  1674,  in  force  July  1,  1874,  be,  and  the 

5  same  is  amended  to  read  as  follows: 

6  "Section  2cl7.  Kf4)e  is  the  carnal  knowledge  of  a  fnnale,  fneibty  and  agaiiMt 

7  her  will.    Every  male  pmuD  of  the  age  ctf  nxteen  yean  and  iqmards,  who 

8  shall  )iave  carnal  knowledge  of  any  female  perspn  under  the  age  of  fourteen 

9  Vears,  either  with  or  without  her  consent,  shall  be  adindged  to  be  guilty  of  the 

10  crime  of  rape :    Provided,  that  every  male  person  oi  the  age  <^  fourteen  years 

11  and  upwards  who  shall  have  c^mial  knowledge  of  a  female  foroibly  and  against 

12  her  will  shall  l>e  guilty  of  the  crime  of  tvfe.  Every  pMMm  eonvioted  (rf  the 
18  crime  of  rape,  shall  be  imprisoned  in  the  penitentiary  for  a  term  not  lees  than 
14  one  year,  and  may  extend  to  life."                                        .:'     •  • 

.  *'  r 

"■'■.■>  C- 




_  jAi^Wv**"'^  I  "-;»<;&,*;  *-"  n ''•v,-**i 

:i5th  Assem.  SENATE— No.  35.  1887 

2.  liitrolncfd  liy  Mr.  IlilJ.  .Tjiuuary,  13,  IJ^HT,  aiid  ordered  to  first 

i.  I'irst  rcadiiit,'  January  LJ.  ISS?,  nnd  referred  to  Coinujittee  on  Kdiua- 
tii)H   iin<l  KdiU'iitional    fustitiitions. 

:\.  llt'ttortcd  Imck  January  '2H,  uiid  roferrcd  to  ConuiiittM'  on  Appropria- 

1.  litportfd  liHck  February  17,  1887.  passage  rcconin)eude<l .  orderinl  to 
■second  readinir. 


For  "An    .\(t   inakiiif,'  an    ap|)ropriation    for  the  ordinary  expenses  of  the  Southern 
llHnois    Ndrnial    Fniversity   at    Carhoydale,   Jackson  county,    IllinoiK." 

•2  ///    ///'■   (rrniiiil   A.ssnn/ilfi,    'J'hat    thert-   he   and    is   herehy   appropriat»'d  to   the 

:\  Si)uthtiii     Illinois     Normal     FniM^rsity    at     ("arhondah-,     Jackson    county,    in 

4  addition    to    tin'    one-half   of     the     interest    on     coUef^e     and     setninary    fund, 

.">  which    is    Ik  rt'hy   appropriated,    the   further  sum    of     fourteen     thousand     five 

♦')  hundred  and    six    dollars   and     forty-four   ci  iits.    (^14,ij()G,44i    jter     annum     for 

7  the    paynunt    of   salaries;   the     sum     of     one     thousand     dollars    (^1,(K)())    per 

8  annum    lor   repairs;   the   sum   of  one   tiiousand    dollars  t^l ,()()()•     \H'r    annum 
'.»  for   fufl;  the   sum   of  one   thtiusatid   dollars   (!!<1, ()()(»»   per  annum   for    lihrary; 

111  the   sum    of   five   hundred   dollars    i.Sldlt*    per   atiinnn   for   api)aratus;  the   sinn 

11  of   tivr    hundred    dollars    (S'lOO)    per  amium     for     museiun;     the     sum   of     six 

12  hull  Ireil  dollars  i!s<)(i()i  per  aii'Mim  for  can-  of  grounds;  the  sum  of  nine 
1:»  hundred  and  sixty  dollars  li^'.Kd'  per  ajiiium  for  en!.rineer  and  janitor;  the 
14  sum  of  live  hundred  dollars  (S-'^iOi  ja-r  atinum  for  trustees'  ex|>en8es;  and 
1")  tliese  >e\enil  sums  shall  he  pay;d>le  (pnirterly,  in  advance,  from  the  first 
l»i  day  of  July,  \X^1.  to  tlie  expiration  of  the  first  fiscal  quarter  after  the 
17  adjouruuient  of  the  next  General   Assembly. 


IJ  2    Tlie   Auditor  of   I'jildic  AcoomitK  is  lien'hy  authorizod    and    ro<iuir»'d 

2  to  draw   liis   warraiitK   ii|)on   the   State    Treasurer    for    Kaid     kuiiis   upon   tlu' 

3  order  of  the   trustees  of  said   Soutliern    Illinois     Normal     rniversity.   si^ne  1 

4  hy  their  president   and   att<'st«>d   hy   tlieir  secretary   with    the    eori>orate  seal 

5  attached:     Provided,   that   8atisfartor>'    voucliers,  in     detail,    approved   hy   the 
G    (lovemor,  shall  he  tiled  quarterly  with   the   Auditor  of    I'ulilic  Accounts   for 

7  all  expenses,  ordinary  and  extraordinary,  of    the  preceding;  (piarter,   and   no 

8  part  of  the  money    hereby    appropriated    shall  he    due    and    payable    until 

9  such  vouchers  have  been  tiled. 

irwi  rti"i  .ir' 


'        I.    Received  fircan  Houm  A»tt  29,  lflS7.  Mid  didervd  lo  fltit  nNtfinff. 

2.  Pirst  reading  April  25,  189^  and  refMnd  lo  Commiitoe  <m  Judwiaiy. 

3.  Reported  tMck  <Msy  19,  18&7,   wifii   reooramendatiao  ibaA   it  do  Md 

pass,  mmority  rraort  recoBomendrngtiial  it  do  pass.    Both  r^[>orti  .'%§) 

made  special  order  for  May  2S,  WSJ.  -^ 

4.  May  25,  1887,  minority  report  wiopML  and  mrdered  to  Moond  raadinff.  rtl 

-  -      -    .':^"'.:>    •;■'':-. f-      '"■''■^/ /  ■■    ^'-' ^..  i& 

' ..  ■•    'r    A  BOX                    -'^y'-^l  m 

For  An  Act  in  relation  to   the  Title  to   Real    Beitste   where  ibe  records  hxn  'i 

been  lost  or  destroyed. 

Ufconoir  1.    Be  If  mmmM  if  Oe  Pe(>pb  cf  A*  Otelt  qf  IISm<»,  rtpmmkd 


2  in  the  General  AuenMy^  WhenevOT  the  paUio  records  rdatiag  to  real  estate 

■"■'■■-•..  *  '  '  >  ■ 

f_  8  titles  have  been  lost  or  destroyed  for  %  pociod  of  more  tiutn  tea  ]W«nv 

;.,  *         4  any  person  claiming  an  interest  in  any  piece  or  paro^  of  real  estate  de- 

,•'/  ,  ._  ■ 

>  6  rived  from  ot  throagh  a  person  who  was  tiw  owner  ihoredl  in  fee  in  Ui 

^.  9  own  right,  or  as  trustee,  at  the  time  of   the   loss  or   destraotion  of  sooli 

^^;.  7  records,  or  who  was  himself   the  owner  tiiereof  at   tiie    ttipe  of   such  lots 

8  or  destruction,  may  make  and  file  of  rec<»d  in   the  offioe  erf  tiis  teootder 

9  of  deeds  of  the  o<»mty  in  which  such  real  estate  is  siteled,  «  detdaratwn 

I.  ■  .  . 

^  -  10  showing  in  whom  tJie  title  to  the  premises  was  at  the  tune  of  sn^  loss 

p-'^\       11  or  destruction :    Provided,  he  can  bring  hioMwlf  within  'the  {mmttOiM  of  this 

r  12i  act  and  make  the  declaration  as  required  by  sectim  three  hentrf. 

S  2.    No  declaration  can  be  made  or  filed  for  record  before  Jnfy  1,  18B7, 

^  2  and  in  case  of  the  k)ss  or  destruction  of   snoh   records  for  more  tfaaa  tea 

S  years  prior  to  the  passage  cA  this  act,  no  deolaratko  ean  be  made  or  filed 

4  after  July  1,  1889.  '  -    '       /      .         ,..  _ 

(3.    The  declaration  shall  show  substantially  as  fo&owti 
fl      Ist.    The  rasideDce  of  the  olaimaBft. 

8  Si.    Whai  pMBiiiM  he  fitimt,  toad  the  iMlure  oC  his  intact  thartin. 

4  dd.     That  he  it  (at  the   time  oi  making   hi«   deohffation)  in  the  actaal 

5  pofisesuon  of  the  pxemisefl  otherwiae  than  as  kesee,  uul  that  he   has  paid 

6  taxee  thereon  at  least  seven  out    of   ten   years   next    prior   to   the  time  of 

7  miydng  the  declaration. 

8  Or,  that  he  or  the   person   through  \ik-hom   he  claims  waa  in  the  posses- 

9  8i<Hi  of  the  premises  on  the  first  day  of  January,  1887,  and  that  he,  or  he 

10  and  the  person    through  whom  he   claims,  have  been  in  such   actual    pos- 

11  session  continuously  since    that   time,  and   that   he,  or  he  and   the  person 

12  through  whom  he  claims,  have  paid  taxes  on  the  premises  for  at  least  two 

13  of  the  five  years  next  prior  to  the  making  of  the  declaration. 

14  Or,  if  the  premiHes  are  vacant  and  unoccupied,  he  shall  state  that  fact, 

15  and  that  he,  or  he   and    the  person    through  whom    he  claims,    have  paid 

16  taxes  upon  the  premises  seven   yetfrs   of    the    ten    years  next   prior   to  the 

17  time  ol  making  the  declaration,  giving  the  yearn. 

18  4th.    The  time  oi  the  loss  or  destruction  of  such  records. 

19  6th.    The  name  of  the  owner  in  fee  of  the  premises  at  the  time  of  the 

20  loss  or  destruction  of   such   records,  giving   the  namts  of   all    the  persons 

21  interested  therein  at  that  time,  and  that  the  claimant  derives  his  title  through 

22  the   perscm   or  persons  named   in  the  declaraticm   as   such    owner  at  that 

23  time,  or  if  the   claimant  was  the  owner  in  fee  at  that  time  it  shall  be  so 

24  stated,  and  if  such  owner  at    the  time  of   such  loss  or  destruction  of  the 

25  records  held  the    title  as  trustee,  such   fact   shall    be   stated,  and   also   the 

26  name  of  the  person  creating  the  trust,  and  oi  the  trastee  and  the  date  of 

27  the  iBstmment  showing  the  trust. 

28  6th.    That  the  person  all^;ed  in  tiie  declaration  to  have  been  the  owner 

29  of  the  premises  at  the  time  of  such  loss  or  destruction  of  rscords  derived 
80  titie  thereto  otherwise   than   under  or   by  virtue   of   any  sale   for  taxes  or 

31  special    assessments  or  under  any  deed    issued   by  virtue    of    such    sale  as 

32  paramount  titie. 

{  4.    The  declaration  shall  the  subscribed   and    sworn   to    by   the   person 

2  makiiig..  tiit  nme  before  a  master  in  ohiBony  of  the  ooonty  where  eaob 


if*^ , 

«   rMl  eslate  is  n^itttea^    Pmided,  lliiii  if  «j»  ^^^  iMii»  W  ^ 

■    i^ 
'      ■    ■ .      -■■^■■^* 

4  or   is   absent   from  tlus  State,  h  may  be  sabaciibed  aod  swmi  to  out  ei  Vt^^ 

5  this  State,  and  beforo  any  officer  halving  power  by  the  lain  of  tfaia  Stat*  '^ 

6  to  take  acknowledgments  vt  deeds  oat  of  the  State,  bat  Hie  reqairemOTitB  ;^ 

7  as  to  showing  identity  of  claimant  and  posaemioB  abd  payment  of  taxes  ot  i 

8  vacancy  of  premises  shall  be  the  same  as  in  the  ease  <^  a  rerident  of  this  State.  :« 

§  5.    Such  declaration  may  contain  any  nnmber  of  |»eoee  of  real   estate, 

2  whether  the  title  is  derived  from  the  s«ne  or  different  persons  or  at  the  sanifr 

3  or  different  times.  ,    i 

■■-■  -,     -  -    .  .■-  ■   y  '-i-.-^ 

§  6.    Any  monicipal  corporation  may  make  and  file  tiw  dedaratitm  of  titb       I 


2  herein  provided  for  by  its  Mayor,  Pletident  of  the  Board  of  Tnutees,  or  aoy     :f^ 

3  officer  thereof,  which  the  corporation  may  direct  to  mdce  the  same.    Any      ;^ 

4  private  corporation  may  make   and  file  snoh  deolaratton   by    its    President,       J 

5  Secretary,  Treasorer,  Manager,  or  any  person  it  may  appoint  for  that  purpose.       '^ 

■  'i 

6  The  guardian  of  an  infant  and  the  c(mservator  of  the  estate  of  any  person  may      -} 

'  t 

7  make  and  file  such  declaration  for  his  ward.    An  infant  of  tafiSoi«at  tmder-      -  ^ 

8  standing  may  make  and  file  such  declaration  for   himself  whether  he   has   a       J 
0    guardian  or  not.    A  counter-claim  as  hereinafter  provided  may  be  made   and       '-^ 

10  filed  on  behalf  of  the  parties  aforesaid  by  the  same  persons.         -       "-      *        u 
§  7.    Before  a  master  in  chancery  shall  give   his   certifidtte   as  hereinafter 

2  provided,  the  claimant  shall  satisfy  him  of  the  good  futh  of  his  declaration,  and,       ^J 

3  if  the  preiniaes  are  in  actual  possession,  shall  satisfy  him  that  the  olaimanf  a       ^ 

4  allegations  in  relation  thereto  are  true,  and  that  he  has  pud  taxes  as  required  by 

5  this  act;    or  if  the  premises  are  claimed   to   be   vacant   and   onooontHed,  the 

6  claimant  shall  satisfy  such  master  that  they  are  so  raouit  and  onoooopied,  and        ^^ 

7  that  payment  of  taxes  has  been  made  as  required  in  soch  case.    And  for  the 

8  purpose  of  satisfying  the  master,  the  claimant,  if  he  be  a  raddent,  and  a  witoeei       f 

9  in  every  case,  shall  appear  before  the  master,  who  may  examine  him  ortiietn        ' 

10  upon  oath,  touching  the  matters  alleged  in  the  deolaratimi,  and  the  witeees  shaQ        i 

11  subscribe  and  swear  to  an  affidavit  substantia^  as  herefaaftar  provided.    Tha 

12  claimant  must  cause  to  be  produced   to   the   noMter   proper   tax   reoeipta  or       < 

^r   18  oettifioatM  tA  vademptian,  oar  wltm  h«  does  not  lutre  them,  tli«r  tilie  offieUl 

n     14  certificate  of  the  connty  clerk,  or  other  proper  officer  having  at  the  time  the 

p^;   16  keeping  of  the  tax  books  showing  such  payments.    If  the  taxes   shall   have 

\     16  been  paid  by  any  person  for  the  claimuit,  that  fact   may   l>e   shown   by  the 

17  testimcmy  of  the  person  who  made  the  payment. 

p  §  8.    The  declaration  may  be  substantially  in  the  foilowiiig  form : 

^i       2  .     naCLABATION   OF  TITLE. 

%  .8  STATE  OF  ILLINOIS,   i 

%■■'  >8S. 

"■'"     4  County.   > 

Y.      6    ,  being  duly  Bworn,  sayg  that  he  resides  at 

6    ,  and  that  he  makes  the  following  deokiration  of  title : 

k"     7  That   he  claims  an  interest   in    the  following    describod   premises   (here 

^      8  insert  description  of  same);   that   he  claims   the   same  as  (here  insert  tiie 

f^-:    9  nature  of   his  interest.)     (If    he  claims  as  trustee,  it  shal   be  sufficient  for 


^;.  10  him   to   say  that    he  makes   his   claim   as   trustee,  giving  the   person  who 

lit  11  created    the  trust,  the    name  of   the    trustee  and    the  diite   ot  instrument 

V    12  creating  the  trust.) 

^>    18  That  he  is  in  actual   possession  of  said  premises  otherwise  than  as  lessee, 

I'    14  and  that  he  has  paid  taxes  thereon  seven  out  of  the  ten  years  next  prior  to 
P    16 .  the  time  of  making  this  declaration. 


r.^  16  (Or,  that  he  is  in  actual  possession  of  said  premises  and  was,  or  the  person 


^,    17  through  whom  he  claims  was,  in  such  possession  on  the  fiist  day  of  January, 

!;     18  1887,  and  has,  or  he  and  the  person  through  whom  he  cltums  have,  been  in 

>-■'■  19  possession  continuously  since  that  time,  and  that  he,  or  be  and  the  person 

20  through  whom  he  claims  have,  paid  taxes  upon  said  premises  for  two  of  the 

21  five  years  next  prior  to  the  time  of  making  this  declaration.) 

^r  22  (Or,  that  the  said  premises  are  vacant!  and  unoccupied  and  he  has,  or  he 

S&  and  the  person  through  whom  he  claims  have,  paid  taxes  upon  the  said  prem- 

i    24  ises  seven  years  out  of  the  ten  years  next  prior  to  the  time  of  making  this 

26  declaration,  to-wit :  the  years , 

^  «    ) 

'"""  ■"»."."■                                     ■            .                     .'.'■'•','                 1 

.r,         .-■-•■*.,<.■  .-T-  ■-  »              •:     ■.             .^'   ■>"    -     ;'            ,-'■'.*»           -                i  f                                       **     **    '                 . ,    ■■   ■ 

»v;    That  the  mm^  Obotfa^  the  «^  W  liia  i^ 

2B    or  about  the day  of .18..  ^■^> 

••^.v^>  • 

29  That  at  the  time  of  Bitch  low  or  deatmctton   he   vas  the   owner  of   said 

30  premises  in  fee  (or  if  sach  ckimant  wm  not  then  sach  owner,  state  who  wai^, 

31  in  his  own  right  -^or  if  claimant  or  auoh  other  person  bdd  the  presniaes  in 
92  tmst,  say :    As  trustee  under  a  certun  deed  or  wiU,  or  whatavor  ^the  instro- 

33  ment  may  be,  giving  the  name  of  the  person  creating  the  traat  and  of  the 

34  trustee,  and  the  date  of  the  instrummt.)  ^  -             .^  .     .  . 

36  That  the  said  (name  of  the  owner  at  ttie  time  of  such  loss  ot  deatmoticMa  of  the 

36  records)  derived  his  title  otherwise  ibaa  throogh  or  nnder  any  sale  k»  any  tax 

37  or  assessment,  either  mediately  or  immediately  as  paramoant  title. 

88       Subscribed  and  sworn  to  befwe  me  this day  of ,  18. .    <  ' 


40^  Master  in  Chancery  of  the Court  . . . ,-. ." : .     County. 

§  9.    Tlie  affidavit  of  the  witness  may  be  subetoitaliy  in  the  foBowmg  fotm ; 

2  and  shall  be  attached  to  the  declaration:  ^.Jv.A;  ■^•jivm:  v         .^ 


4  -      STATE  OF  ILLINOIS, 
6        County, 

6 ,  being  duly  sworn,  sagrs:    That  he  resides  ai 

7     ,  and  is  well  acquainted  witli  (name  of  pefson  making  the 

8  claim,  and  if  the  declaration  is  sworn  to  out  of  the  State,  and  with  his  ngnature, 

9  and  that  the  name  affixed  to  the  foregoing  deolaratitm  as  okimant  is  in  ehumant's 

10  handwriting) ;  that  such  claimant  is  in  the  actual  possesauxi  <rf  the  premises  (car 

11  that  the  same  are  now  in  the  actual  possession  <^  eaid  okimant,  as  sat  forth  in 

12  the  annexed  deolwation  or  if  the  premises  are  in  the  declaration  oiaimed  to  be 

13  vacant  and  unoccuined,  the  affidavit  shall  state  tltit  the  witness  is  acquainted 

14  with  the  said  jvemues  ai^  that  the  same  are  vaiaiit  aad  naooeapiad  as  stated  in 

15  said  declaration.)  "■    '■      '    '  '  -*-  i  ^;;^^  ..r,  ■■.t-  '        ^' 

16  Subscribed  and  sworn  to  before  me  this  ....  di^  at  .1 ,  18. . .     ij^- 

17 '.^"''' 

18  Master  in  Chanoeiy  of  the  ......  Cool  ^., ...:.,,  'Co^iqI^, 


|,  -r  ;'  f  10.    Wh«n  the  muMt  h  wtiatlea  of  ^  troth,  ol  «II  the  8t«tenMnts  oontuned 

p.  2  in  the  declatation,  he  shall  attach  his  certificate  thereto,  which  certificate  may 


t---  3  be  Bttbstantially  in  the  following  form: 


6          STATE  OF  ILLINOIS,  ^ 
6        County,  i 


'^      7       I, ,  Master  in   Clianoery,  of  the  

my      8    Court  of County,  do  hereby  certify  that  I  am  fully  satisfied 

^;       9  that  (name  of  claimant)  is  in  the  actual  possession  of  the  premises  described 

^>    10  in  the  foregoing  declaration,  and  that  the  facts  therein  stated  as    to  poKsension 

^     11  are  true  (or  if  the  premises  are  claimed  to  be  vaowt  and  unoccupied  tliat  the 

\      12  premises  described  in  the  foregoing  declaration  are  vacant  and  unoccupied),  and 

1^.     13  that  the  said  claimant  ha^  paid  taxes  thereon  as  required  by  the  act  under  which 

^^:    14  said  declaration  is  made,  and  that  the  declaration  is  made  in  good  faith  under 

^t    16  a  title  derived  otherwise  than  under  a  sale  for  a  tax  or  special  assessment  as 

^'     16  paramount  title. 

k    n  

r       18  Master  in  Chancery  of  the Court  of County. 

Pi-  §  11.    Any  master  in  chancery  who  shall  draft  such  declaration,  affidavit  and 

^      2  certificate,  and  administer  the  required  oaths  and  make  the  examination   and 

8  certificate  as  above  provided,  shall  be  entitled  for  such  services  to  the  sum  of 

4  three  doUars  (f3)  and  no  more,  and  he  shall  be  entitled  to  such  compensation 

6  whether  he  draft  the  foregoing  papers  as  they  be  drafted   by  other   persons. 

6  Apixopriate  printed  forms  may  be  used,  and  the  necessary  insertions  or  erasures 

Cy     7  be  made  therein.    The  oath  to  the  counter  claim  herein  provided  for  shall  be 

■«•  ■ 


6  administered  by  one  of  the  masters  in  chancery  in  such  county,  and  he  ahall  be 

i^'^     9  entitied  to  a  fee  of  oae  dollar  ($1)  therefor.    If  suoh  Master  sh^U  refuse  to  make 

F"    10  a  certificate  upon  any  such  declaration  because  he  shall  not  be  satisfied  that  the 


^ '    11  claimant  is  entitled  thereto,  he  shall  nevertheless  be  entitled    to    charge    and 

b.^    12  collect  the  sum  of  three  dollars  ($3)  the   same   as   if   he   had    granted    sneh 







■'^-!.V^^        ,,.  .     . 

•  •-'■-'■'.' 

■'•-_■'    '■...•    : 


i:if~f^'ti  Afii    .■'.*. 

■/  ,,     " 

.<  i':!^^:ir*£k'r&rji.:^y 






>:;  }  Vi.    wnen  moik  OKunnm,  wtm 

2  attached,  shall  be  filed  lor  reoocd  in  the  <iffio6<of  tiM  neordar  ol  deedi  in  Hbfi 

3  county  where  the  premuee  are  situated,  .the  Mine  shall  be  reoMded  at  large  in  a 

4  book  or  books  to  be  kept  especially  for  that  porpoae,  and  all  the  promioDs  of  the 
6  act  entitled  "An  act  to  revise  the  law  in  i«lati<m  to  reoordm,"  i^all  ap|dy 

6  thereto  so  far  aa  ^e'same  may  be  applicable.    But  m  addttim  to  ti»  iodioes 

7  now  required  to  be  kept,  the  reootder  diall  kei^  in  mAn  in  whMh  ahall  be 

8  entered  the  description  at  the  real  estate  ia  tiie  ooaa^  in  the  otdor,  as  neariy  as 

9  way  be,  in  which  it  is  required  to  be  listed  ior  tpoes^  and  as  dedarattons  are  filed 

10  he  shall  enter  opposite  the  reqtective  tracts,  eonreoted  aooording  to  thedeolaim- 

11  tion,  in  proper  cdiumns,  the  same  of  the  daioMat  and  the  tiiM  of  filing  the 

12  declaration,  and  the  book  and  page  where  recorded,  whieh  said  index  shall  be 

13  kept  conveniently  for  tlie  inspection  of  any  pwraon  wishtag  to  look  at  the  soma. 

§  13.    In  case  of  loss  or  destraotiMi  or  inabUilgr  1»  pegixbbt  the  Cttiginal 

i  declaration  or  aSSdavit  of  identifying  witness,  or  masK^'i  oeititfieate,  a^ertifiid 

3  copy  thereof,  made  by  tiie  recorder  d  the  i«op«r  ooiot^,  Ailfk  kf  aa  ooaapetsnt 

4  evidence  in  civil  and  in  criminal  oases  and  in  otiier  pmoaoitincs  as  iiw  original 
6  document  wonld  be  if  tiiey  were  produced,  vid  shall  b«  prima  faeii  ov^enee 
6  of  the  identity  of  the  parses  purporting  to  have  signed  tile  same.  ;<>:, 

§  14.    No  informality  in  such  dedaration,  afflcbmt  or  oertifieate  s^U  hare 

2  the  effect  to  injure  or  destroy   the  force  intwded  to  be  givso  tfaMfoto    }fy 

8  this  act,  or  impair  its  operatimi  as  hecdn  pRrddidfoi^  orpfaT«niiaMbd)»dsn- 

4  tion,  affidavit  or  oertifioate,  or  a  certified  copy  th(ir«o£,  froaa  Mag  naad  M 

5  evidence.  "''■■■-'.     '     ■   :•  T^ -v^'r- -Y.-,.;? . 

I  15.    After  the  Uqise  oi  three  years  horn  the  date  ci  fiHng  tndt  deolaia- 

2  tion  of  title,  no  suit  or  action  shall  be  btooght  to  taratt  any  right,  titie,  elaoi, 

8  interest  or  demand,  in  or  to  such  real  estato,  which  disii  aot  be  dsritad  dimotijr 

4  or  indirectly,  from  or  through  the  person  who  dudl  be  staled  in  saeh  daeiaraiion 

5  to  have  been  the  owner  <d  said  praDotaes  at  the  dsto  of  sasii  daatowiUoa  or  loss 

6  of  such  records:  Providad.  however,  tttt*  mit asMoa  haiinp  asy  ri(|^  tMw, iJa^n 

7  or  interest,  whet^or  inchoate,  oootinlfsal  or  Tested,  m  Mil  |iiiiitel,  iriaali  «x- 

8   isted  at  the  tiaae  d  the  flBoUnetiua  <A 

iiiji^it):^.  «'^ . 


■^10  prior  to  the  expiration  of  said  three  years  after  the  filing  of  such  declaration,  file  . 

■|   '   11  a  counter  claim  in  said  recorder's  dffice,  which  shaU  set  forth  such  right,  title, 

5       12  claim  or  interest,  and  how  and  under  wh<Hn  derired,  and  the  character  and 

^^      18  nature  thereof,  and  which  said  counter  claim  shall  be  subscribed  and  sworn  to 

14  befcH^  a  master  in  chancery  in  such  county:  and,  if  such  counter  claim  be  filed. 

^      16  an  action  may  be  brought  to  assert  or  recover  the  right,  title,  claim' or  interest 

f      16  set  forth  in  such  counter  claim  at  any  time  within  one  year  after  the  right  of 

f^'.  17  action  shall  have  accrued  th^eon,  or  at  any  time  within  the  period  of  three 

18  years  after  the  filing  of  such  original  declaration  and  not  afterward.    It  shall 

ff  ^    19  be  the  duty  of  a  life  tenant  or  trustee  to  make  such  counter  claim  in  behalf 

20  of   any  r^uainder  man  or  reversioner  whether  the  remainder  or  reversion  be 

r  ^   21  at  the  time  vested  or  contingent. 
f&  §  16.    If  any  false  statem^it  uhaH  be  made  in  such  declaration  as  to  the 


r        2    ownership  ftt  the  time  of  such  lose  at  destruction  oi  the  records  as  aforesaid, 


^  V    3  such  declarati<Hi  may  be  annulled  and  canceled  by  a  suit  in  chanoety  brought 

^:    .    4  within  seven  years  from  the  time  of  filing  such  declaration,  but  not  afterward, 

^^1.  '5  and  be  declared  to  have  no  force  or  effect  on  the  i^jplication  of  any  penKMo 

^      1 6  injured  or  to  be  affected  thereby,  but  after  the  li^Me  of  three  years  from  the 

7  date  of  filing  such  declaration,  such  declaration  sh^  be  conclusive  as  to  the 

^     8    &ct8  therein  stated  concerning  the  ownership,  at  the  lime  of  the  loss  or  de- 


1^^     9    struotion  (rf  such  records  when  invoked  in  favor  of  a  purchaser  from  or  under 

h'    10    such  claimant,  exoept  in  suits  or  acti<ms  brought  within  said  period  or  within 

!>    11    the  period  allowed  in  section  fifteen  of  this  act  for  the  bringing  of  suits  or 

V    -12    acti(»is  to  aasert  or  recover  any  right,  title,  interest  or  claim  set  forth  in  a 


%"  13  counter  claim  filed  fw  record  as  {wovided  in  said  section  fifteen. 

^^  ;■ :  S  17.    A  claimant,  or   person  acting  on  behalf  of  such  claimant,  who  shall 

2  fakirily  state  that   such  claimant  is   in  the   poaseasien  or  occupation  of   such 

3  [nremises  in  the  declaration  made  by  him,  or  that  the  same  is  vaoaot  and 
^  4  nnoectqned,  or  shall  knowingly  make  any  other-  false  statement  in  said  declara- 
pi^  6  ti<Ni,  sIuU  be  guilty  of  perjury,,  and  upon  conviction  thereof  shall  be  poaiahed  by 
|;v :  €  iiniitpoirtitiiit  Hi  ^  pwuteonaiy  Icnr  not  lev  tiJMn  ttoae  aor  atpfe  Uma  tea  yein. 

^M^u£^fk^^..,m■kJk\^:ii^^vL  j::;^i,\..  -M^iLm^. i^JLtr'^^Q^^t,^ ■'■u^d/^^ ^:^-'.,S'f^i 

7  Any  person  ^^  ihifi  beoom«  an  Idmi^bif  wi&6«v  ii  f'^^iilicl  ift 

8  shall  knowingly  and  falsely  Hwear  to  the  identity  of  the  claimant  to  any  real 

9  estate  as  hereinbefore  provided,  (x  ahail  knemnf^y  and  faladiy   swear  to  the 

10  occupation  of  any  real  estate  by  snoh  clainumt,  or  that  the  tame  is  vAcant  and 

11  unoccupied,  shall,  upon  conviction  thereof,  be  adjudged  guilty  of  peijniy,  ai^ 

12  shall  be  punished  by  imprisonment  in  the  poiitentiary  iot  not  lees  than  three 

13  nor  more  than  ten  years.    Any  prosecution  for  any  offense  wsatod  by  Uus  wbA 

14  may  be   commenced  within   tweuty  years   from  tiie  time  df  oammitting   tfad 

16  offense.  ■•■'  %\  .■^^^^.;■^.'-■■-y.V  *'«i^;~'"  -       .'■■"■- 

I  18.    Words  in  this  act  importing  the  singular  number  may  extend  and  be 

2  applied  to  several  persons  and  things,  and  words  imputing  the  plural  number 

3  may  import  the  singular.     Words  importing  the  masculine  gender  may   be 

4  applied  to  females .     The  worr)  {mm  son  or  persons,  ae  well  as  aQ  words  referring  to 
6  or  importing  persons,  may  extend  und  be  applied  to  males  and  lemales,  and  to 

6  bodies  politic  and  corporate,  as  well  as  individaabt,  and  the  word  ''^KKigh"  shall 

7  include  "under,"  and  any  mode  of  acquiring  title  either  by  porcbaee  or  descent. 

8  Any  person  acquiring  a  lien  by  judgment,  decree  or  otherwise,  a|Mm  tlie  real 

9  estate  so  claimed,  and  any  person  acquiring  title  under  such  lien  by  Tirtne  ai  a 
10  judicial  sale  or  otherwise  shall    \ye   considered   a  pozchaser  under  this  act. 




•!S5i.%^S^£!hJliiSaS^  ifei^i- :ig^:;fc^*':i'^^ 


-■  1^ 

■,:[i      111      Mi     I'r. 

V  •    •■•<        -  , 

i-r'    .■/!'<;.:•?■ 

■  ■.■■iCl    n; 

!•■!.  -i'l  ■ 



S;  :•  '.^Sii^?*^  ^istJf^j^fsi'x'^  ji^'Sfe..;?*!. ...  \^i"-.'  ^>.vi&i;^i*rvJC-5:>:i^ii^^ii^-  *;;;i(L>  i-^ '  ■i-^v''iV/>*aS 

3.)th  Assem.  SENATE— N.    M.  Manli.  1HH7 

1.  hitnidiK  t(i     liy     My.     ('iirti>s.     .laiiiiary    ]:\.    1HK7,    and     onlert'd     to    tirst 


2.  First    rt'fKliii^'    •Jiiiiiiarv    li.    !SH7.    .iini    rtffireil   to    (  (imiiiittf*'    on  l^oads, 

HiL'liWMVs    and    |{ii<t},'t>. 
:>.      Ut'portfil    li;i(  k    Maicli    '1.  iias^aLT'-    ifcoiiiinfiitlfd.  and    ordfifd    to  mm-oihI 


l'"or    All     \(  t    to  aidt'iid    si'ction    niiietf^ii    did  of  "An    act  in    r<'<.'ard    to    ruiids  and 

lirid<,M's  111  coniitics    iMid»i     township    oiirHnizatioii,  and    to   n|M'al     an     a«t 

anil    parts  of  arts  tlicrcin    nanicd.  "  ap|>ro\«'d    .liinc  'I'A.   1HK{.    in    forct-  July 
I.    IHKI 

Section  1.    Be  it  enacted  hy  the  Peopk  of  (he  State  of  lUmoit,  reptrsfni»-il 

2  Jti  tlu    (ifiii-nil  AsKfinl/Ii/.    'I'liat  Ht'ction  nuH'teen   ilt'i    of '"An    art    in    rfpard    to 

0  roads   aiKJ    iiridyt-s    in    coiintH's    imd«'r   township    or^ain/.ation.    and     to    rf|wal 

1  an  a(  t  an<i  parts  of  mts  fhcrcii  nanie<l."  approved  Jnnr  '£i,  IKK},  and  in 
■")  forcf  duly  I.  IHKt.  \h\  and  tin-  sanu-  is  lu'nd.y  amended  so  as  to  read  as 
11  f(dloN\s; 

7  •Scctiori    l'.(.     When    flu-    (dmmissioni'rs     of    Intrliways  of     any   town    d»«'iii 

s  it    iit<  tssar>    to   <(instrn(  t    or   rt-paii     an\     hriilire     ovt-r   a     stream,    or    ari\    ap- 

'■>  proacli    or    approaclu-s    thereto,    hy    means   of    an  t-mhankment  or   trestle  worl., 

(•  on    a    puhh(     road    m    tlieir    town,    or    on.    or    in'ar    to.    or    across    a    town    line. 

I  Ml    wiiicii    work    the    town     is     wiioll\     or    in    part    responsihle.    said     (omniis- 

•J  sioiii  Is    siiall.    it  tlie\    intend   to  petition  the    eoiint\    hoard   for    aid.  if(|iic-.t   in 

'■'<  uiitiiiLi   tlji    lioard   ot   siipei  \  isois  (>|    tlieir    (  <iiint\    to    a|t|ioint    two    persons    to 

I  a' t    jiiiiillv    witii   theiii    in   <  Dii^Khiini;   all   <|iiestions   in    relation   to  said    work   m 

')  mipiowiin  nt  .   and   sjiid    two   person^   shall    report    to  the    lu\t    iiieetini.'  of    the 

(■>  hoard  I'l  si:pcr\isors  attei   siu  h  joint   action  all    the  tacts    or  iletails    in    rejjrard 

7  to    siich     work     <•!     impios ciiicni .      W  h»'n     said      ( 'ominis.sioiicrs    petition     said 


•J  I 




•  L' 

■  V.t 

(■omit>  Imaid  lor  aid  in  sikIi  voik  m  iiu|iri)\i'iiifiit.  tlh'\  sluill  ^cxiijtllv  \t'nl\ 
tli»'  saiiif  1>\  tlu'ir  iifliilnvits  HftH<ln'il  tlificto,  ainl  >^ll(■ll  pctitidti  •^ll;ill  ?  oiitum 
till'  f<»ll(i\Mii>:  fi\«'riMt'iits.  to  Wit:  I'lntt  said  work  or  iiii|ij(ivtiiHiit  l^  iicco- 
Mti.x.  tliat  a  caifliil  and  di'tailt-d  rstiiiiatf  of  the  i  <ist  ot  tlir  saim  liav  licfii 
liiadf  !>>■  a  coliiix'tfiit  |>c!-.oii,  \\iio>.-  i^tiiiiatr  in  .Irtad  i>  tlniitu  attaclitMi, 
a^  t'xinliit.  "A,  tlmt  the  cost  ot  siicli  uoik  or  iniitiovcnicnt  will  in  nion 
than  twenty  <  tiitN  on  cacii  one  liiiiidrcd  doliais  ot  tlic  last  asscssmriit  ot  saiil 
town,  tliat  tlif  lt'\  \  of  tilt'  road  and  lind^f  fax  toi  tiiat  .\tai  in  ^iiid  town 
was  tor  tile  full  amount  on  ratdi  one  liundiid  <lollars  allowrd  li\  law  to  he 
laisfd  loi'  Midi  |»m|»osc  hy  tlir  ( 'oMiniissioiifis.  that  a  major  pait  of  wliiili 
lt\  \  Is  iit'cdfd  in  tills  town  toi  the  onlinarv  ic|iaiis  o|  roads  and  liridi.'f'^ 
diirni!.'  tiir  intM-nt  i'iisiiin<:  .\«ar,  and  tiiat  -in  li  iin|>io\  cnicnt  sh;tll  not  ni 
iiiadt'  inoif  lAptiisi  \  !•  than  is  a<liiall\  ifi|iiiitd  t'in'foi.  '{"lie  <oinit\  hoard 
shall,  wlim  tlir  toic>.'oi  1)1.1  tacts  exist.  ,i|i|iiii|iriate  fiom  the  (oiint\  tre.isiiiv  i 
MINI  siitlicirllt  \u  llicct  nric-lialf  tllf  rxpcliscs  ot  Kiild  liiid^'e  or  other  work,  on 
eon<lition  that  t lie  town«:  aid  shall  turmshthe  other  halt  of  the  l"f(|iiiied 
amount.  The  expenditure  ot  tliese  joint  tnncls  shall  he  nia<ie  hy  sjiid  ('om- 
inihsiont'rs.  and  two  persons  ap|Miinted  li\  the  hoard  of  super\isors.  hut  no 
part  ol  the  inoiiev  appiopriated  li\  said  (omitv  lioaid  shall  lie  expended  for 
said  piiiposes  until  atti  r  the  inoiiex  in  the  town  tieasinx  appiopriateil  tor  sjnd 
piii|>ose  shall  liaxc  heeti  expeiideii  therefor:  and  an\  surplus  tiinds  appio 
priate<l  h\  the  (oiints  iioard.  attei  the  i-oiiipietion  ol  said  work,  shall  lapse 
into  the  eoiintv  treasiirx  and  he  held  to  he  unappropriated  funds  in  theliands 
ot  the  iount\  treasure!;  proxided.  that  m  lase  of  some  i  ineiL'cjics  aiisintr 
fmin  the  sudden  destiiict  ion  or  serious  dama^-e  to  a  hrid<_'e  or  its  ap|iroaehes. 
when  delay  in  re|»airin<:  or  rel.iiildiim  the  same  woiihl  he  detrimental  to  the 
public  interest,  sik  h  |M'titi»in  to  the  countx  hoard  ma\'  he  presented  diiriti}.' 
the  progress  ol  the  work  or  after  its  < ompletion.  and  if  the  facts  appear  as 
('()iit«'mplate(l  hy  tins  section,  then  the  county  hoard  shall  appropriate  oTie- 
iialf  (if  siicli  <()st.  vsitii   like  conihtiotis  that   the  towti    pay  the  otlier  hxlf." 

-i'-J      •    ..  .-■  i 

35tli  Assoin.  SENATE— No.  36.  March  1887 

1.  Iiitroducfil    by    Mr.    Curtiss,    January    13,    1887,    and    ordered    to   first 


2.  First   reading   January   13,  18H7,  and   referred   to   Committee  on   Roads, 

Highways  and  Bridges. 

3.  Reported  back  March  2,  passage  recommended,  and  ordered  to  second 


4.  Second  reading  March  17,  1887,  amended,  and  ordered  to  third  reading. 


For  An  Act  to  amend  section  nineteen  [Id}  of  "An  act  in  regard  to  roads  and 
bridges  in  counties  under  townsliip  organization,  and  to  repefU  an  act  and 
parts  of  acts  tlierein  named,"  approved  June  23,  1883,  in  force  July  1, 

Skctios  1.    Be  it  enacted  hf  tJu  People  of  tht  State  of  lUinou,  reprcsnifff 

2  in  the  General  Assembly,  That  section  nineteen  (19)  of  "An  act  in  regard  to 

3  roads  and  bridges  in  counties  under  township  organization,  and  to  repeal  an 

4  act  and  parts  of  acts  therein   named,"  approved   June  23,  1883,  and  in   force 

5  July  1,  1H8J,  be,  and  the  same  is  hereby  amended  so  as  to  read  as  follows: 

0        "K,'ction    V.K    When  the  commissioners  of   highways  of  any  town  deem  it 

7  necessary   to   construct  or   repair  any  bridge  over  a  stream,  or  any  approach 

8  or  approaches  thereto,  by  means  of  an   embankment  or    trestle   work,  on   a 

9  pubhc  road  in  their  town,  or  on,  or  near  to,  or  across  a  town  line,  in  which 

10  work  the  town   is  wholly  or  in  part   resjwnsible,  said  commissioners  shall,  if 

11  they  intend  to  petition  the  county  board  for  aid,  recpiest  in  writing  the  board 

12  of  sui)erv'isorH  of  their  county  to  appoint  three  C^)  jiersons  to  act  jointly  with 

13  them  in  considering  all  questions  in  relation  to  said  work,  &A  well  as  the  kind 

14  of  work  to  be  done  and  the  cost  thereof  or  improvement;  and  said  three  (3) 

15  persons  shall   report  to  the  next  meeting    of  the  board  of  supervisors  after 

16  such  joint   action  all  the  facts  or  details  in  regard  to  such  work  or  improve- 


17  ment.     WTien  said  conimissionors  petition   said  county   board   for  aid  in  such 

18  work  or  improvement,   they  sliall  severally  verify  the  same  by  tlieir  affidavits 

19  attarhe<l    thereto,   and   siuh   petition   shall  contain    the  foUowinj;  averments, 

20  to-wit:    That    said    work    or   improvement    is   necessary,  that  a  careful  and 

21  detailed    estimate  of  the  cost   of  the   same   has  been   made   by  a  c»)nipetont 

22  i>erson,   whose    estimate    in   detail   is   thereto   attached,   as   exhibit    "A,"   that 

23  the  cost  of  such  work  or  improvenient   will  be  more  than   twenty  cent*  on 

24  each    one    hundred    dollars    of    the    last    assessment   of  said   town,  that    the 

25  levy    of    the    roa<i   an  1    Itridfje    tax   for  that    >t'ar   in   said   town    was   for    the 
2(5  full  amount  on   ea<h  one   hundre<l   dollars  allowed    by   law   to   l>e    raised  for 

27  such    puriHJse    by    the    commissioners,   that    a    major  part    of    w^iuh   levy   is 

28  nee<led  in  this  town  for  the  ordinary  repairs  of  roatis  and  bridf^es  during  the 

29  present   eusuinj?  year,  and  that   such   improvement  shall  not   be  made  more 

30  expensive  than  is  actually   required   tlu'refor.     The   county  boaid   shall,  when 

31  the  foregoing   facts  exist,   appropriate  from  the  county  treasury  a  sum  suffi- 

32  cient  to  meet  one-lialf  the  ex{)enses  of  said  bridge  or  other  work,  on  condition 

33  that  the  town  asking  aid  shall  furnislj  the  other  half  of  the  required  amount. 

34  The   exjwnditure   of   these  joint   funds   shall    be   made   by  said  commissioners, 

35  and  three  (3)  i>erbons  apjwinteil   by  the   board   of  supervisors,  but   no  part   of 
3Hi  the  money  appropriated  by  said  county  board  shall  be  expended  for  said  jjur- 

37  |K)8e8  until  after  the  money  in  the  town  treasury  approi)riat«d  for  said  purpose 

38  shall  have  been  exiK-nded  therefor;  and  any  surplus  funds  appropriateti  by  tlie 

39  county  board,  after   the  (;ompletion   of  said   work,  shall  lapse  into  the  county 

40  treasurj'  and  Ix'  held  to  be  unappropriate<l  funds  in  the  hands  of  the  county 

41  treasurer;  provided,  that  in  case  of  some  emergency  arising  from   the   sudden 

42  destruction  or  serious  damage   to   a  bridge   or  its   aj)proaclies,  when   delay   in 

43  repairing  or  rebuilding  the  same  would  be  detrimental  to  the  pubhc  interest, 

44  such  petition  to  the  county  board  may  be  presented  during  the  progress  of 

45  the  work  or,  after  its  completion,  and  if  the  facts  appear  as  contemplated  by 

46  this   section,  then  the  county  board  shall  ai)propriate  one-half  of  such  cost' 

47  with  like  conditions  that  the  town  pay  the  other  half." 

.?'>fl.  AsMM...  Si:N.\'i'K_\(,.  37.  Fob.  1887 

i.     TiitioiliH  111   -liv    ^fl■.     Sumner.    Jjniiiiiry    17.    1HS7.    ami    orilcred     to    first 

•2.     Fii-st    rcadiiii,'  .Jmiiiarv   17,  1SH7,  and    nffrred    to   ('(»iiiinitte«'  on  JiKliciHl 

'{.     Ktpiirtcd    liack    with    aimiidim'iits,    pHssaye    rc(-oiriiiicii<I(><l,   and   ordertni 

to   second    readintj. 
}.     Second     nadiiii.'     Kehruary    4.    1.HS7,    amencU'd,    and     ordcrwl     to    third 


A  \M\A. 

Vol   An    Act    concerning    \  illaixes  and    Incorporated   Towns. 

Section  1.    De  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  ths  State  of  lOmois,  represented 

2  ///  //;-  (in,,  I'll  Assrinli/i/.  That  the  president  nl  any  vdlajie  or  incorporated 
'■>  town  in  tiii^  State  shall  not  heieafter  he  dieted  h>  tlie  trustees  of  such 
1  vilhiL'e  111  ineiMporated  town,  nor  he  entitled  to  vote  as  a  triiHtee  of  such 
■'>  viilaf,'e  or  town,  hut  tlie  presi(h'nt  of  each  and  every  villii|:«'  and  incorporated 
('»  tov.n  sliall  heirafter  he  eh-cted  annually  hy  the  voters  of  such  village  or 
7  town,  at  tiie  rcLodar  election  of  sii<  h  village  or  town,  commencing  with  the 
H  election  of  such  village  or  town  held  in  the  year  A.  1).  IHST;  and  such 
!i     president    of  any    village   or    incorporated   town    shall   hohl   liis  otlice  for  the 

10  term  of    one    year    and    until     his    successor    is    elected    and    (lualified.     Tlie 

11  president  of   any  village   or   incorporated   town    shall   not    vote   e\cejit    in  case 
I'J     of    a    tie.    when    he    shall    give    tlie    casting   vote. 

>;  '2.  All  acts  and  parts  of  a<ts  iti  conflict  with  the  provisictnt*  of  this 
2     act    an;    hereli>     re|M'aIed. 

I;  :J.  WtiKiiKAs,  there  are  a  nimdier  of  viliag»'K  and  incorporated  towns  in 
2  this  State  in  which  l)usiness  is  delayed,  or  prevente<l,  liy  reason  of  the 
;j  present  law.  anil  the  puhlic  interest  is  jeopardized  therehy,  and  an  emergency 
4    e.viHts,  therefore  tliis  uit  .shall  be  in  force  from  and  after  it8  passage. 

^■-  i'i*5«i  JiJ 


SSthAssem.  SENATE— No.  :^8.  Jan.    1887 

I.     Iiitnuliiccd  liy  Mr.  Ciirtiss,  JjiridHiA    17.   IHH7.  lUid  onlertnl  to  first  reading. 
'1.     I'irst  rciwliii^'  .iHiiiiitrv  17.  1HS7,  and  rcffrrtii  to  roiiujuttt^e on  .\|)|)roprJatioius. 
■  i.     li<'|M)rt»'(i  hack    lanuarv  JCt.    paKsa^rf    rwoniriien(l«'<l,    and  orflennl  to  M-cond 


For  An  .\«  f  to  provide  for  tlir  cxiHiists  of  iii(»vinji  ttimn  and  tniplut-H  to  flic  new 
MfiiKiiiitl  H;dl.  and  to  |m\  lor  tljc  alteration  and  ext<'nsioti  of  rases  and  for 
tli»'  liiniitiire  and  tixtines  of  said  Menional  }lail,  to  pay  the  Illinois  National 
(iiiaid  tor  services  in  St.  (lair  and  (\H)k  coiinties  diiiilig  the  year  IHMI;  to 
|)a.\  t'>i  hiiiiilvets;  anil  t(t  pa\  the  incidental^nses  of  siu-h  services,  iiielud- 
ino  a  clothinjf  allowanc*-  t«i  each  enlisted  man.  and  to  pay  the  ex|M'iise8  of 
the  Illinois  National  (iiiard  for  the  year  endnifr  .lime  :%l  1HK7. 

Sk(  TioN  I.     Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of   lUinois,  represented 

•J  ///  ///(   (irnrtdl  Asxenih/tt,   That  the  follow int:  sums,  or  st)  much  theiiH)f  as  may 

;{  he  re(|iiired.   are  lierehy  appropriat^nl  to  the  Adjutant  (ieiieral.   to   la-  exiH-ndMl 

4  hy  hini  for  the  piir|»os«'s  hereinafter  named,  to-wit : 

r,  /,v,.,(/_'i\)  pay  the  ex|H'nses  of    movin«r    the    tla^s    and    trophies   to   the    new 

(i  Menional   Hall,  and  to  jwy  for   the   alteration    and   extension   of   cases,    and   for 

7  tlu-  furniture  an<l  fixtures  of  said   Memorial   Hall  the  sum  of  si-venteeii  liun«lre«l 

K  dollars  i8l.7<K>.i 

'.»  ,SVx"//'/— To   pay  the  Illinois    National    (luard    for    wrvices    in    St.    Clair    .-uid 

10  Cook  counties  durin}.'  the  year  1HH<1:    to   |wy  for    hknkets.    and    to    pay    for   the 

11  contint-'eiit  exiM-ns<'s  mcurre<l  hy  said  s4-rvne.  iiieludinjf  h  clothinj;  allowance  of 
]1  five  dollars  to  emli  enlist^'d  man  [Hrforminj;  said  service,  the  sum  of  sixty 
i:{  thonsaiKl  seven  hiindre«l  and  four  dollars  and  seven  cents  (f(5().7()4.()7.» 


14  Third — 'Vo  prtv  tlie  oxjhmiws  of  tlic   lllinms  NatiotiHl  (limnl  for  tlic  yenr  cml 

IT)  in;:  •Fiiiic    VWh.    IHS7.  tfic  Mini  of  tt-ii  tlionsaiiii  dollnih   iSl(l.(K)(t.i          v 

'  ;;  "J.     'J'Ik'   Anciitor  of   Puhlir   Accomits  is    litn'liv     ;«Mtlion/.<'<l    hikI    (liii'<tc<l  to 

1  iliHW  Ins  \Mirrmit   m|>oii  t)n'  Stntc  'I'li-Hsnicr  Im   tlic  siiinv  lifitiii  s|if(iii<.l,   ii|)<)ii 

■  \  pii-sj-iifHtioii  ot   |)id|M'r   voiiclicis  (iiilv    <'f|-tjtif<l    til    |p\     flic   Ailjiitiiiit    (it'iicrid   hikI 

4  approve)!    |)\    the  (ioNcnior.  mikI  tlic  State  'I'reaMirei    shnll    pa.\    tlie  sMiiie  out   ot 

.*)  any  funds  ni  tlie  State  'I'reaNiiis    not   otiieiwis*-  appropriated. 

•  Si  '•%.      Wfierea.s.  tlie  appropriations  alM»\e  united  are  iiecessiirx    for  tin    e\|MMM'f. 

'1  in('urr»><l   in  quelling'  riots,  and  !•>     the    use    of    the     Illinois     National    (iiiard    in 

.1  aidiuy    tlie   <i\il    jKiwer   to  e\e<llte    the    laVN  ;    and. 

-1  Whereaw,  no  appropriation  haw  hw^n   made  for  tia    payment  of  the  sums  atore- 

T)  said,  therefore  an    eniertrency    exists,    Hitd    this    a«t    shall    t«ke  etfe<t  and  Im-  in 

7  ft>ree  from  and  aft«'r  itH  paHSH^e. 

^V  •       "•?•■ 

*       -i' 

35th  Aflsem.  SENATE— No.  39.  April  1887 

1.     hitrociiicod  Ity    Mr.  Bell,  JHimary  17.  1HH7.  and  onlercnl  t-o  first  rea<ling. 
•1.     First   nwlitif^  January  17,  1HH7.  and  referred  to  Committee  on  Judiciary. 
^^.     H»'|»orte<l     back     April     U   1HH7,    |)Hssa>:e  recommended!  and    orderwl   to 
second  rertdin*;. 


For  An  .\ct    to  rej^ulate  the  di^cription  of  paper  money  in  canes  of  larceny. 

Srction  1.  Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  tht  Biaie  of  lUmoii,  represented 
2  in  flu-  Genrio!  AnHembbj,  That  m  tlie  cases  of  the  larceny  of  paper  money, 
;5  involviijfr  i)roof  of  the  kind  of  paper  money  taken,  it  sliall  not  be  nec^HHary  to 
4  aver  and  prove  an  exact  descrii)tion  of  the  money  so  taken,  but  it  shall  be 
')    suHicient  to  describe  such  money  as  currency  inoiiey  of  the  United  States. 

1.  Received  from  Home  April  1,  1867,  and  orderod  to  first  mtMng. 

2.  First  reading   May   31,  1887,  and   ordered   to   second   reading   without 


i  1. 

>■ .. 

■';..:       A    BILL    ^-C'iriii'H;t!.jif^ii^4^  ,ir4<t'f^ 
For  An  Act  to  amend  section  fifty-seven  (SI)  of  division  1  of  an  act  entitied,  "Aa 
act  to  revise  the  law  in  relation  to  Criminal  Juriafmid^ioe,"  approved  Marofa 
27,  1874,  in  force  July  1,  1874.  •  c  ^,       i:<^>-    -    ^/ ^iv^^^  m.    r*. 

SscnoK  1.   BsU  maeted  hy  (he  People  ^  0k  8M$  t^  BUttou,  rtprctc.drl 

2  in  the  General  Assembly,  That  sectitm  fifty-seyen   (57)  TAyimoa  I,  (rf  an  act 

3  entitled    "An    act  to   revise  the   law  in  relation   to  Criminid  Juris{Rvdenoe," 

4  approved  March  27,  1874,  in  force  July  1,  1874,  be  amended  so  as  to  read  as 

5  follows: 

6  "Section  57,     [Disorderly  house — ill-fame. J     Whoever  keeps  or  maintatns  a 

7  house  of  ill-fame,  or  a  place  for  the  practice  of  prostitution  or  lewdness,  or 

8  whoever  patronizes  the  same,  or  lets  any  house,  room  or  other  premises  for  any 

9  such  purpose,  or  shall  keep  a  common,  ill-governed  and  discnderly  honse,  to  the 

10  encouragement  of  ^eness,  gaming,  drinking,  fomicatioa  or  otlMr  misbsliavior,  , 

11  shall  be  fined  not  exceeding  two  hundred  ddlars  ($200).    M%«b  tiie  lessee  or 

12  keeper  of  a  dwelling  house  or  other  building  is  convicted  under  this  section, 

13  such  conviction  shall  be  a  sufficient  notice  to  the  lessor  as  to  the  character  of 

14  the  premises  so  used,  and  the  lease  or  o<mtract  tot  the  letting  ai  the  jwemises 

15  shall  at  the  option  of  the  lessor  become  void,  and  the  lessox  may  have  the  like 

16  remedy  to  recover  possesion  as  against  a  t^iant  holding  over  after  the  ex{»m- 

17  tion  of  his  term,  and  for  a  seoond  or  any  subsequent  hike  oooviotum  suoh  lease 

18  ot  oontraot  shall  tiMwenpoo  become  void,  KBenruMF,  heewfiHK,  4^  ^  Isssor  *to 




20  BDoiber  any  house,  room  or  other  premiaeB,  in  whole  or  in  part,  for  any  of  the 

21  ases  or  purposes  finable  under  this  Kectioii,  or  knowingly  permits  the  lianio  to  be 

22  so  used  or  occuiHed,  after  such  conviction,  shall   be  fined  not  exceeding  two 

23  hundred  dollars  ($200),  and  Uie  house  or  premises  so  leased,  occupied  or  used, 

24  shall  be  held  Uable  for  and  may  be  sold  for  any  judgment  obtained  under  this 

25  section,  but  if  such  building  or  premises  belongs  to  a  minor  or  other  person 
96  under  guardiauship,  then  the  guardian  or  conservator  and  his  im>perty  shall 
27  be  liable  instead  of  such  ward,  and  his  prop<>rty  shall  be  subject  to  be  sold 
2B  for  the  payment  of  said  judgment." 

"  -K"> 


''^i  v'v*r-  ti-^^k;'  K  '::•. .  .**,».:. 



35tli  Assem.  SENATK— No.  41.  Feb.  1887 

I.     Iiitr<)4lu<-«'(1    l»y    Mr.    Cocliiiin,    .laiiuHrv    17,    1HH7,    and   ordered   to   tirst 

'>.     First  readiiif?  JuniiHrv  17.  1HS7.  and  referre<i  to  Coininittee  on  Judiciary. 
'•\.     h('|)orted  back,  passant'  n'coiriniended,  and  ordered  to  second  readinnr. 


For  All  .\ct  to  anitiid  section  one  ih  of  an  act  entitle<l  ■■.\n  act  in  rej^ard  to 
evidence  and  de|»ositions  iji  civil  cases."'  approvtvl  March  '2S),  1H72,  in 
force  Jiilv   1,    lH7-i. 

Seiiion   1.     lU    it  ruiirfftl    III/  till-    I'lO/ilr  of  thf   Stntt-  (if  [Uliioin   n'/irt-seuftd 

2  III    thf   (rfiifnil   Asxi'mblii,  That  section  one  \\\  of  an  act  entitled   "An  act  in 

'■^  re<rard  to  evidence  and  depositions  in  civil  caweK,  '   approve<l    March  'AK  lK7'<i, 

4  in  force  July  1.  1H72.  l>e  afid  tlie  same    is    herehy   ainendwl   ko   as  to  read   as 

J  follows: 

f)  '"Sw-tion  1.     That  no  i)erson  shall  la*  <hMiualitied  as  a   witness   in  any  civil 

7  action,  suit  or  proceeding',  except    as    hereinafter    stated,  by    reason  of   his  or 

H  her  interest  in  the  event  thereof,  as  a  party  or  otherwise,  or  by  reason  of  Ids 

!»  or    her    conviction    of    any  crime;   but   sucli  uiterest    or    conviction    may   Ih« 

1(1  shown  for  the  |)ur|H>se  of  affecting  the    credibility    of   such    witness,    and    the 

11  fact  of  such  conviction  may  l>e  proven  like  any  fact   not  of   record,  either    by 

12  the  witness  himself  iwho  shall  be  compelled  to  testify  theretoi  or  by  any 
i:{  other  witness  cofruizant  of  such  conviction,  as  im|>eachin^  testimony,  or  by 
14  any  other  competent  evidence;  and.  e.xcept  where  iiy  law  a  subscribinf;  wit- 
lo  ness  IS  necessary  to  the  validity  of  an  instrument,  it  shall  not  l»e  nect-ssary 
1()  m  civil  or  criminal  trials  to  call  as  a  witness  the  subt>cr!bing  witness  to 
17  an  instrument,  but  such  mstrument  may  l>e  proved  in  the  same  manner 
IH  as  if  there   was  no  subscribiuK   witness  thereto." 



r-    .v-i.<    ..  •   -  .  «,•.•.,  yr?»^jij 

1.  Received  from  Hoose  April  7,  1887,  and  orated  to  ffret  reading. 

2.  First    reading  April    7,    1887,  and    refwred    to  iCommittee  on  Atate 

Charitable  loHtitations. 

;J.  Itepctrted  back  April  22,  1887,  and  Veferrud  to  Conimittee  on  Appro- 

4.     He|K)rted  f)ack  May  5,  1887,   with  amendntehfs,  paam^re  reoommendsA 

and    (jnlered  to   second   reading. 


For  An   Act  to     incorporate  the    Ilhnois    Industrial    Home    for    the  Bhnd,   and 

to  make  an   appropriation  therefor. 

Sbotiom  1.    Ba  U  maeUi  iy  Ik  PecfU  90  *»  8UiU  of  HUnois,  represmlM 

2  in  the  Getwral  Assembly,  That  for  the  manual  traioiQ^  and  furnishing  of 
8  employment  to  the  bhnd,  a  cor{)oration  in  hereby  created,  to  be  known 
4  and  desicrnated  as  the  lUiuoiH  Industrial  Home  for  the  Blind,  and  to  have 
fl    perpetual    succesgion,  with    power    to   contract   and    be  contracted  with,  to 

6  sue  and    be  Hued,  to    plead    and    be    impleaded,    to    receive    by  any  legal 

7  mode  of  trannfer    or  conveyance,  and    to    have,  hold,    and    use  property  of 

8  e^ery  d^-Heription,  but  not  to  sell  or  convey  any  such  property,  and  such 
'J    pro|H-rty   sliull  be   held   in   trust   a8  the  prop^ty  of  the  Htate;    also  to  have 

10  and   to  use  a  conmion  seal,    with  the  power  to  change  the  same;     also  to 

11  adopt    by-laws,    rules  and    regulations   for    tlie  government    of   its  meml>ers, 

12  orticers,  agents,  employes  and  inmates:  Proi^idttd,  such  by-laws  shall  not  be 
18  contrary  to  the  letter  or  spirit  of  the  constitution  of  the  State  of  Illinois, 
M    or  of  the  Uiiited   Btates. 

§  -1.     The  <ibject  of  said  c<jrporation   shall     l»e  to  promote  the   welfare   of 

2  the   blind    by  tea<dung    them   trades  and    afftHtliug  them  a  home  and    such 

3  employment  as  shall   best    tend    to  make    them  self-supportii^,  .  and  eon**- 

4  quently  independent,  using    therefor  the  best  known  means  and  apptianoes. 


9  3.    The  trastees  shall  not  etzoeed  fi^w   m  nranber.     Said  trasteM  ahaU 

2  be  apfwinted  by    the  GoTernor  of    the  State    of   IHinoiB,    with  the  adrioe 

3  and  consent   of   th»  Senate,  shall  aerve  without  compensation;   their  tenn 

4  of  servioe   shall  be  two    years    respectively,  and    until  their    sucoessors    are 
6    ^^Kjinted  and     qualified:      Provided,    that    three    of    said    tmsteeH  shall  be 

6  selected  from    members  of    the    majority    poUtical   party  of  this   State    and 

7  the  remainder  from  the  minority  political   party   or  parties. 

§  4.    Each  of  said  trustees  shall  be  paid  his  or  her  travehng  ezpenHBH  while 

2  in  the  service  of  the  Home,  out  of  the  funds  ^)propriated  for  its  use,  upon  filing 

3  in  the  office  of  the    Auditor  of    Public  Accounts  the  vouchers  of  said  trustee, 

4  stating  in  detail  the  items  of   all  sueh  expenses,  and  the  Auditor  shall  there- 

5  upon  issue  his  warrant  upon  the  State  Treasurer,  in  favor  of  such  trustee  for 

6  the    amount    thereof    and    charge  the    same   to  che    fund  appropriated  to  said 

7  institution. 

5  5.     No  trustee  shall  be  dii«:r'*ly  or  indirectly  interested  in  any  contract  to 

2  be  made  by  said  trustees,  nor  sh^l  any  o^  them  be  appointed  to,  or  employed 

3  in  any  ofiUce  or    i)osition    imder    their  control  or  authority,  to  which  a  salary 

4  is  attached. 

^  6.     The  said    trustees    shall  have    charge  of  the    general    interests  of  the 

*2  Home,  and  shall  annually  by  ballot  elect  a  superintendent  to  serve  during  the 

3  will    and    pleasure  of    said  trustees,    who  shall  fix  his  salary*,  which  shall  not 

4  exceed  fifteen  Innidred  dollars  a  year,  and  he,  witjri   their  consent,  shall  employ 

5  all    neceH8ar>'  assistants,  instructors,    and  other    employes.     The  said  trustees, 

6  or  a   majority   of   them,  when  regularly    convened,    shall    constitute  a  board, 

7  which  shall  possess  and    exert  all  the  powers  of    said  trustees,  and  shall  liave 

8  power  by  ballot  to   elect    a    president,  secretary,  and  treasurer,  the  presidwit 

9  and  secretary  to    be    selected    from    their    own  number,   and  said  boanl  shal 
10  prescribe  the  duties  and  fix  the  terms  of  8«*rvice  of  said  oflBcers  of  said  board. 

§  7.  The  superintendent  shall  exercise  ofiicial  control  over  all  subordinate 
2  officers,  instructors,  assistants,  and  employes,  and  shall  be  held  responsible  for 
8    their  fideUty. 

■"  .     -       -   ,■     -  :"•      ■  ■-'     ..•>■■ 

I  $,    Afpnmlkim  placed  by  their   perante  or  gnatihafm  m  the  Hobm  ahaS 

2    be  required  to  conform  to  its  rules  and  regulalians. 

§  9.    The  board  shall,  annually  before  Deoonber  IQQx,  report  to  the  Oovenior 

2  of  the  State,  the  number  of  applications  reoeiTed,  perwos  admitted,  instructed, 

3  and  discharged;  also  the  progrem  made  and  work  aocomi^Bhed,  and  all  other 

4  matters  of   general    interest   to   the   pe(9le  of  the  State  of  Illuiois  in  regard 

5  thereto,    together    with    a    full,    ejqptioit,  and  detailed  statemoit  of  all  money 

6  received  and  disbursed  during  the  year. 

$  10.    The  said    trustees   shall  meet  monthly  during   the  first   year,  and 

2  at  least  quarterly  thereafter,  to  examine  and  aadit  all  ihe  accounts  of  the 

3  Home,  and  make  requisitions  on  the  Auditor  of  Public  Acootmts  for  funds 

4  required   for  use  during  the  succeeding  month  or  quarter,  from    funds  which 

5  have   been    ai^ropriated    for    the   establishment   and   maintenance   of    the 

6  institution.  .      , 

§  11      The  Auditor  of  Public  Accounts  is  hereby  authorized  and  required 

2  to  draw   iiis  warrantH  on  on   the  Treasurer  of  the  State  for  all  sums  which 

3  shall   or   may  be  appropriated    and  remain  imdrawn  or  unexpended,  for  the 

4  use  of  said     institution    by  the    General  Assembly,   upon    the  order  of   the 

6  Board  of    Trustees    of   the    Illinois   Industrial    Home   for  the  Blind,    when 
fi    8igTie<i  by  the  president  and    attested  by  the  secretary  of    said  board,  with 

7  the  seal   of  said   institution. 

(5  12.    The  sum  of  one  hundred    thousand  dollars    is  hereby  appropriat«d 

2  for   the   purchase    of    lands,  grounds    or   real  estate   in   the   county   of  Cook 

3  and   State   of    Illinois,   and    for    the    purpose    of    erecting  thereon    suitable 

4  buildings,  and  fitting  and  furnishing  the  same  appropriately  for  the  Ilhnms 
6     Industrial    Home   for    the    Blind,   and   also     for  the    purpose   of    conducting 

6  therein  workshops  for  the  manual    training    and  employment    of   the  blind, 

7  defraying   the   expenses    of    iMmrding    the   inmates    while    necessary,   and  the 

8  payment   of    its   superintendent,   instructors,    assistants    and  employes,   which 

9  sum     of    money    is    to    be    expended    under    the    salegoards    hereinbefore 
ID    provided. 



gr.  Amend  written  bill  by  iuKcrting    afttr    the  word    "[)roj)<^rty'"  and  In-fon'  the 

|..         2  word   "and"  in  line  13,  pa^e  1  of  said  bill,  the  tollowinf^  words:    "ixct-pt  the 

8  goods,  wares,  merchandJHe   and   other  |>ers()nal  proinrty  prepareil  by  said  Home 

4  for  Bale." 

f,           5  Also,   amend    section  6,   on  page  4,   bv    inserting   after  the   won!   "salaiT," 

j           6  and     before  the  word  "shall,"   in   line  3,  on   said   page,  the   word   "which." 

7  Also,   amend   by  adding  the  following  to  section    12:      "/VonW«/,   at  least 

8  the  Bimi  of  sixty   thousand  dollars   (lfGO,0(XJi   shall   be  expended   in   the  pur- 

9  chase  of  real  estate  and  buildings  for  the  use  of  said   Industrial  Home  for 

10  Blind:    Promded,  however,  no  real    estat<^  shall    In*   purchased   until  the  title 

11  to  the  same  shall    have   been    examined    by    the    Attorney  (ieneral  of   the 

12  State." 

ififeS*"-'  -  ■•->■>.  CVf^ii      -'ii    '...<'-,     .A^^-.^^^.Y'-j^i^'K  il.\»-~'^]_  ^'u'^  w^jU1^\*:^ 

35th  Aswin.       HOUSB— No.  41— Jii  SwAte.        May  liB«t   -~'i 

AM?:NT)MKNT  adopted  by  SKNATE  to  H.  li.  NO.  41,  ON  MAY 

11,  J887. 
Amend  comniittet'   amendments    l)y    inserting;    after  the   word    "blind"  in 
2    line   10    of    amendmentf*    hm   printetl,    the    words,    "and  no    more  than   one 
:{    tliouHand   dollars   ($1,0()0)   kIihII   be  ex|>ended  in  coustructiuK    and    funiishing 
4    roouiH  for  otticerH." 

:r>th  AsMMii.  SENATF:-N(..  4.1  Foh.  1HH7 

1       liif  roilnccd     by    Vfr.    < '(uliiur:,    •'aiiufiry    17,     1SH7.    ami    oidctcii    Id    tiist 

•J       Fir-'^t    icadiiiL'    ■TaTiuaty    17.    1sm7.   aii<l    iffcncd   to    (  ciniiiittfc  nii    .Indlciul 

I  >i'|iai  tiiifiit. 
;t      K»-|)()rtfd    liack    l''fliriiaiy    l"^   with    ainfiidiiiciits,  |iassHi:<'    rcconitiit'iidf.l, 

aiid    iPldt'lcd    til    sc<i)lid    |.  ;tdlliL'. 

1.     Sfcotid  rcadinj,'  Marrdi    Hi.  jhs7.  auifiidf<|,  atnl  Mrdt-rt-d  to  a  tliird  readiiit,' 


For  ail   Act    to    arufiid    -x-ction    ,'<.'j]\\     n     ot    an   act    nitillcd    •An   act   to    cstiil.lisli 
\|i|H'liatc  ('ourt>.     a|)|>ro\i-d  .liiric  J.   is77.  in  force  .Inly   1.   1S77. 

Sk.tion  1.     Be  it  enarfe^rl  li,  fhe  People  of  the  Staff  of  niinoi.s,  irj,i.s.„i,.l 

•J  ///  ///.     (i,  in  I'll    .\.ss>iit/,f,f.    That     ■-•■(tloii   cl|.'lit    'H,    of    an    act    Tlitltlcd     "An    act    to 

;}  c->taiilisli    Ai>iM'llatc    ('onrts.'    apiwdxcd    .Tunc  '1.   Ih77.    i?     force    .Inly    1.   Is77,  In- 

I  atid   flic  same  is   licrcli\    anicndcd   so  as  to  rcHii   us  folio  vs: 

o         "Section  ■'"'.      riic  said  A|>|Hllate  (  (iiirts  created  hy  tliisa(t   shall  exercise  HpjH-i 

Ti  late  jurisdiction  only,  and   lia\c  juris<li(  fion  of   all  inattt  rs  of  ajiiH-al.  or  urits  of 

7  error  from    the  llnal    judtMncnts.  'tidets    or  decrees   of  any  of   the  circuit  conils, 

fs  or  the    Su)»iioi    (dint    it    ('nok    c(innt>.    <ir    coiint>    c  mrts.    or    from    the    city 

1>  ( oui1s    in    an\    suit    oj-    proceediicj    at   \h\\  .    or    in    chancery    other  thmi    criininal 

10  cases,  and  misdeiiiertnors.  and  cases  in\olvin<:  a  fran<  hise  or  freehold  or  the  validity 
ii  of  a  statute.  \|>|M-als  and  writs  of  error  shall  lie  from  the  final  orders,  jndi:- 
I'J  ineiits  oi  de(  rets  of  the  (iiiiiits  and  cit>  (durts.  and  from  the  Su|>erior  ('oiiit 
l;{  of  (  ooh  I  ounty  directlv  tn  tlie  Sii|ireme  Coiiil,  m  all  cnminal  cases  mvohmt:  a 

11  franchise  nr  freehold  or  the  \alidit\  of  a  statute.  Ii  all  ciiM-s  determined  n 
!•")  said  \|>|>ellatc  ('oiirts.  in  .ictions  •  s-<iiKti<i<  tn .  \\her'-in  the  auiount  in\iil\i(l 
l»(  1^  jess  tlian  one  thousand  dollars  Si,()(K)i,  e.\clll^ive  of  costs,  and  m  ail  caM-s 
17  soiindiiit;?  in  (lainiif^'es.  wherein  flu'  judirinctit  of  tiie  court  l>flow.  is  less  tliHti 
lb  one  thousand  iloUaiH   t^l,(XX)i,  exclusive  of  cost,  and  the  judgment  is  atiinned 



or  otlitrwisf  tiiiiilly  (iis|M)M-(|  of  m  the  ApiK'llntf  ('(Uiit.  the   jiidt'nirnt.  (.kI.t  or 
(Iter.'.-  1)1    tlif   A|)|>tlln1»-    Ciiut    <\m\\     U-    tiiial.    imil    no  a|i|>ciil    sliall     lir   mi    unt 
of  iTI'or   hf    |irosi(llt(il    tliflffldm  :       I'mndnl.    the    tftlil     ,  s-,oril  r,u  f„    as    iis,-l    in 
tills  sc<tio?i  sliall    iiol    l»f  constMicd  to  iiicjinic  arfioiis  involving,'    a  ixiialtv.      In 
all  other  caMs  apjieals  shall   \\v  and   writs  of  <rn  r    may  U-  |irosc»iitfd   troin   the 
final    jiidL'incnts,    (UiUrs    or    dccr.'fs    .if     th.-    App   Hat.'    ('i(iirl-~    to   tli.      SM| 
Court;      l'r<iii<l(  ,1.  Ills,,.  \\i;i\    iti   iiny   case  a    tiiaj'iritv  of   the  jiiilL't-s   o|    thr    \|i|ttl 
late  Court   shall    hr  of   (>|iinion  that   a  case  dfcKici     In    thcin   iiivohiiif:   a    loss  sum 
than    one    thousand    dollars    l?^1.000^  (■\(lusi\c  oi    <  osts.   also    in\o|\.".  .lUfsdons 
of  law   of    su(  h  ,iti|>ortan(  I.  fithfi   oti  ai  <  ount   of   pniK  i|)al  or  <(illHt<'ial   mtorcst. 
as    that    It    should    he    passed    upon    h\     th<'    Sujiifmc    Court,    they    Ma\    in    ^\u\\ 
casts   ^:iant   appeals  and    writs    of    (r,-,,,     t,,    ,1,,,   Su|u.ine    Court,   on     petition    ni 
jiarties   to    the    cause,   in    wliieh    ease  the    said    .Npi)edate   Court    shall    (ertifv   to 
the  Sujireme  court    the  ^-loiinds  of  >:raiitin^'    said    aiipeal       An, I.    j',,.,i,/.,l   un- 
tlnr.   that    in  all    actions    where    there    was  no   on   an   issue    o(    faet    in   the 
lowei    court,  appeals    ajid    writs  of  error    shall   he   from   the    .\p|Kllate   Courts  to 
Supreme  Court  %\here  tlie  amount  (  laiiiied  in  tlie  pleadings  cxt  ecd  one  thousand 
dollrtrs  .^l.OOO'. 

:t)tli  Assfin.  SENA'rK--No.  4,s,  Id.,  tm 

I.      hit loiluccil     liy    Vfr.    <'<>(hr;iTi.    -litiiiuiry    17.     IHH?,    aiul    onlt-rcd  tn    tic'^t 

ITMiilll)-'.  ,11 

I      KiiM  ifJidiiiL'   .Ikuuhiv   17,    ls^7.  ;iii(l    rcft-riMi  ti>   <  cinimttfc  i.n  .Iii.IkihI 

I  )i'|iai  tliiflil. 
:i.      K.-|M.rtt<|    l.Hck    Ffliriuirv    1^   vvifli    lurifinlinriits,  |ihsshu'''    rccoitinit'ihif'i. 

aiiil   iirdcitMi   t(i  sccotid    I'  ailiiii,'. 

1.     Sccoiiii  rfadiiit;   M;ircli    Hi.  IhsT.  :iriu'iiilfd.  mid  ontned  tn  h  tiiini  icadini,' 


For  ati    .\ct    to    iirnriid    ^cctiini    .'iirlit     "^     of    an   act    fiititlf<|    ■■.\ii   act   to    rstaMisli 
.■\|»|H'lliil<'  ('oiirt>.     a|)|»r<i\i-d  .liiiir  J.   iJs77.  iii  forci'  -Iidy   1.   l'^7<. 

Sk.'tion  1.     Be  it  tnarfed  li/  fie  People  of  the  State  of   Illinoi.i,  ir-j.f^- "I-  I 

■1  mill.    (',.„■  r,il    .\ss,,„l,hi.   That    ^.tioii   .■i<_'lit    >H^   ..f    an   a.f    ffiititl.d    'Aii   a.t   to 

:i  .'--tal.lisli    ApiH-llat.'    Courts.     M|.|M..\rd   Jiiih-  1.   1^^77.    it:    fon.'   didv    1.   1«7T.  !»• 

I  and   fiif  ■^aiiic  is  lififliv  aiiifiidcd   -^o  a.-^  t<i  it-ad   us  folio  \s 

.",  ■S.Ttioii  M,      j-Ik-  said  .\|.|Mllat.- .oiirts  (  rvat.-d  l.y  tins  act   hIiuII  .-x.nisr  apjH'! 

r.  late  jurisdiction  oid.v.  and  liaxc  jiins.ii(tion  of   all  matt,  rs  of  a|.|H-al.  or  \'^\\\^  (.f 

7  error  troin    tlic  tiiial    judLMiicnls.  orders    o,   dc.n-cs   of  any  of   tlic  circnit  .  ouils. 

H  or  the    Sii|»r:oi    Couif   of    Cook    county,    or    couiitN     c  .urts.    or    from    the    city 

<>  <-oui1s    in    aiiv    suit    or    pi-oceediii'.'    at   law.    oi    in    (dmncery    other  tlmn    criininal 

1(1  ,as,.s.  and  iiiisd.Miietinors,  and  <ases  mvolviiii.'  a  fnmchise  or  freehold  or  the  validity 

li  ol   a  statut.v      \|.|«'als    aifl  writs  of   error   .>hall  lie  from    the  final    ord.'is. 

\1  meiit-,  .u   ,!.<  r.-es  of  the  (Mciiits  and  cit\    courts,  and    from  the    Su|M-rior  Court 

\.\  of  (  ook   ,,.untv  ,lire<tly  t..  the  Supreme  Court,  iii  all  cnmnuil  ch.m-s  mvohiiii:  a 

14  fraiH  hise  -r    freehold    or   tiie    \alidit\    of  a  statute.      Ii     all    cii.s«-s  determu.ed     n 

15  >,aid  \i.|.ellat.'  Courts,  m  actions  ,s-a<titractii .  vsli.'r.'iu  tlie  amount  uivoUmI 
l»i  ij,  than  on.'  tlloUMUld  dollars  .Si,()(K(>,  ex.lusive  of  costs,  and  m  ail  .a.s.^, 
17  soundiiiK  m  dam!i«es  wherein  the  jud^MlKTit  of  thf  court  Ik^-Iow,  is  less  thati 
1«  out'  thousttud  doUai-8   t?i»l,(XI)i,  exclusive  of  cost,  and  the  judKineut   is  attinned 

]'•  (11   otlicrNMsf  tiiiiilly  (lis|><)sf<l   of  m   flic  A|»|K'lliit«'  ('mirf.  tlic    jiKlfjinnl.  nnlci    or 

'2(l  (Iccri'c  111    tilt'  A|>|it'llatt'    (uiirt    ^-lifill    !•(•    tiiiiil,    aini    im  ii|i|H'iil    sliail    lie  "r    writ 

'JI  of  iTi'iir  he  |tn>si(ii1(il    tlit'rt'friiiii  ;      I'lixidid,  tlic    tcriii    >  j-amtru,  tti   as  uscil   m 

'^2  tills  scctidii  sliiill    iii)t    l)f  coiistnicd  to  iticJinlf  ai-tioTis  mvohiiit,'    a  |HiKilt\       In 

2'A  all  otlirr  (ftM-N  apiM'als  shall   lie  and   writs  nt  cm  r   may  Im-  |irnsc»iitci|   tnnii  tlic 

2A  tiiia!    jii(lt:iiiciits,    nnlcrs    or    liccn-o    of    the    App  Hate    ('oiirt-    to  tin     Siiprcinc 

•jr»  (dint        l'r<iii(l(  (I .  iilsd.  \\{M    ill   aii\    case  a    iiiajorit\    of   thcjniJL'cs   o|   the    Appc! 

•Jt>  late   ( Oiirt    shall    lie  oj    opinion   thai    a  case  (iccidei     li\    thein    in\ol\inc   ,i    les^  ^iini 

27  than    one    thousand    dollars    iSl.(KI()>,  c\(liisi\e  oi    ( osts,   also    in\o|\e-  c|iicsfions 

'2H  of  law    oi    siu  h   iiiipoitani  ••.  cithci   on  ai  <  onnt   of   princi|iHl  or<ollatcial   interest, 

■J'.l  as    that    It    slioidd    lie    |>assed    upon    li\     the    Siipicine    ('oui1,   flicv    nia\    m    ^m  h 

;J(t  cases  c|;(iit   appeals  and  writs    of   crroi    to    the  Siipn  ine    ('oiirt.  on    petition    of 

M  parties  to    the    cause,   in   which    case  the    said    .>|»itellate  ( 'ourt   sliall   (crtiK    to 

■  Vl  the  Suprenie  court     the  eroiinds  ot   t^rantin;.'    said    appeal       Aid.    j'n.rnliil    Un- 

.'<;<  ///</,   that    in  idl    actions    where    there    wa^  no   on   an   issue    o|    tact    in   the 

'.V\  lowei    cmiH,  ;ii)p»'als    and   writs  of  error    shall   he  from  tiie    .KjiiKdiate   Couils  to 

;l.')  .Supr«'iiie  Court   where  tJie  ainoiiiit  (lainie<i  in  the  |)lea<liiigs  ,..\cee(|  one  thousand 

3()  dollars  .ijll.tKK).. 

%'ih  Assoin.  ftENATE—No.  4;>.  Xfarcli   lftft7 

1.      lilt  ii.cliicfd    !i\     Ml,    'rii(ini[>^n!i,    .iHimary    IH,    IHK/,    ami    ordered    to    tirKt 

•J.      I'tv-t     rf  ifliriLT      .lHiiii;ir>      l"^.     1HH7,     mimI      ri'fcrred     Ui     C'oiiiniitti-c     on 

;!      l<t|><)it.(|    liiH  k    Mfirdi   ;>.  witli  Htiiejiilnu'iitM,  passn^e  rcCDmiiit'iided.  arid 
(iriiiitd    t(i    ■^t•(■ltIl(l    rcridiii-j. 

A  I5IIJ. 

I'or    An    Act    iiiiikiiiir    !t|i|>?(ipriiilit>iis    for    tlic    I 'rii\crsity    of    Illinois. 

SkciImN     1.       I'r    it    rilinfi'I    In/    tli,     I','t,fi/r    at'    flir  Sfilfr    of    lllilHiix,   rrprfSftlfrfl 

■_*  in    Iht'    (iriimil  A.'^rrnli/'/.    Tliat    tin  rr'    he,    and  hereby    is  Hpprn|inntod  to  flic 

•  i  CniMTsitv     o|     llliMoi>^.    at     I   rliana.    far    fix-    paytnorif    of    taxos    a/crniiitr    ni 

I  tlir    \<ai^    I-v'^Ci   a  id    ]Hs7.   on    lands   owned    and    lu'ld    by   tlif    State  for  tla' 

o  use    of    the  '..■'hI   mstitutiiin,   in  tln'  <  <)iint>    of  (iajfc,  in  tlic  State  of  Not>rfiska. 

<■>  and     in     (Hi'     (■(Unities    of     l'ii|ic.     Kardiyolii     and     Kenville,    in     the    State    of 

7  MiniKsota.    the    siiin    of    two    tlioiisand    (hdlars    iS-.f^h    jier    ammm. 

■s  I'or   (  iirniit    repairs    and     impinv  <  iiients    m    Imildm^'N   and    {.'rounds   of    the 

'I  said    iiiii\  (  isity.   diinn;.'    the    years    |ss7  and    IHfSH.   the    sum   of    three  tJiousand 

](t  dollars    ,S.'J.(XKi    per    annum. 

Jl  I'dr   the    purchase   of    apparatus    and    tiiatenals    for    the    several    scientific 

1l'  de|iaitnieiits    ,it     the     uiiivtrsity    t<)i    tiie    years    1W7    and    1HH8.    two    thousand 

J:4  (Iciiais    .Sj,(i«Ki.     |),.i-    annum. 

\i  h'or    tile    (  urretit    expenses    of     the    pra(ti(al     education    of    students    in    the 

I.")  niec)iaiii(  ;il    shdps    ol     the    said     Miii\(  isit>'    for    the    N'ears    1HS7    anil    IsSH,    (inf 

\i<  tlioiisaiid    ti\e    hundred    dollars     S1,.VK)'    per    annum. 

17  l''(U  tli(    iiiPiN  eisit\    lihrarv    and    iMUseum   tor    the  years    1>^7  and    iNsh.   to-uit: 

i^  I'or    the    purchase  of    hooks  and    puhhcations    and    for    liindini,'    the    same,  one 

I'J  thousand    l!\e   )iuiidred   dollars    iSl.."Hl(r    jH-r    annum;    for  colleetinfj,  j)re{)arnjj^ 



20  rikI     niouutiiip    Kpeciint'iis,    for    tljc    cHltiiiftH    of    <.'»'oloj?y,    imnt'ialoyy    aii<l 

21  iiatiirHi    hirstoiy.    one    tlioiiKHud    tJollHrh    iSb«1,(KIIi>    (hi    muuuiii. 

22  For  the  <urrent  i-xpt-nseH  of  iiiKtructioii  in  tlir  s»'\fnil  *I.|»HitMn  iit>  of  tlic 
2;J  university  for  the  vcarK  1HH7  and  JHHH.  fij^htecn  tliouHand  dollars  iS^lM.dOdi 
24     jK'r  annum. 

2.^        ?'or  the    purclias*'   of    iiiacliiiicry   for   tin-   ('(iiiipiiit'iit   of    an   ('laboratory   of 

2<)  niiniufj  engineerinj?  and  nutiiliurfry,  two  tliousaiKl  dollars  l!^2.<>ll(tl   per  Hunum. 

ij  2.     The     auditor    of    puhlie    atcouiits    ih     hficliy    authorize*!    hikI     din'<ted 

2  to    draw     his    warrant    on     the     Treasurer    fiw     the    sums    hfrchx     a|t|iropriat»<d. 

3  payahU'    out    of   any  money    in    the    tnasury   not   otlicrwisf  appropnatiil.    upon 

4  the   order   of   the   preHideiit    of   the    hoard    ot    trustees   of    the    said    I  iii\ersity 

5  of    Ilhnois,    attested     hy    its    secretary,    and     with    tlic   corporate'   seal    of    the 

6  university:     I'/urnitd,    That     no    part    of     the    said     sums    shall     he    duf    and 

7  payable   to  the  said  instituti»)ii  until   satisfiutiuy    \oiuhers  m  detail,  approved 

8  by    the    (iovemor,    shall    be    filed    with    the  Auditor    for    all    |)revious    ixpendi 

9  tures  incurred    by  th»'    institution    on    aceount   of    a|)propnat..)iis   heretofore 

10  .made:     And    prondrd    furfJur.    that    vouchers    shall     be    taken     in    duplicate, 

11  and    oriKiual    and    duplicate    vouchers    shall     be    forwarded    to    the    .\udito:    of 

12  Public    Accounts   for   the   e.\|H'nditures   of   tlie   sums   approjmated    under   this 

13  a<-t. 



Amend    by    striking   out     the    word   "eighteen"  in     line    2   on     page    2,    and 

2  insert    the   word   "sixteen."     Also   by  striking   out    the   hgures   "ilHi  '   m   Hm. 

3  3  on  page  2.  and  insert  "dGi." 

n."*!!!  A^MMM.  Si:\ ATF— N,).  4:».  Manli    \M7 

1        [hi  iK.jiK  fii    li\'    Mr.    ■i"hniii|>-'iiii,    .laiiiiaiv     1^,    l^'^'^T.    itii'i    ntdiri.l   Iw  !!i-,t 

t>     I'llIlL'. 

_'.      I'll-:     iiiiiliiiL'    •l,iiiuii>    1^.    I'v^T.    iinl    ?(ti  I  ii-i!    '.'    (  "riiiiiitt.'i     wii    A|i|iio- 

|i|  1:|I  il  III--. 

■  >.      liipi>itii|    li:ii-k    March    •).   with    ,iiiii  iiiinit  iil  >.   |ia-^-a:_'r    ricuiiiiiii  ijiici    ,iiiii 

"I'll   Mtl     til     -iimInI     |i-;iih!i-_' 

1        >.  I'l).'!    icaihliL.'    .Man  il    J'<.    i->'^7.   aii.iii.ifil.    alul    iil.hit-.l    tn   thinl    icaiillit;. 


l'"i    .\i:     \il    iiiikiiiL:    a|>|>ii  ipiiat  lulls   tor  tht-    I   tu\t'i>it\'   til    llliiini- 

Section  1.     Be  it  enarfrd  hi/  the  Pa/plf  of  fhe  SItate  of  Illinois,  ri"y<;v.«  <  i".  7 

■J.  /,    •/.    ^'- /,,,.//  .  I. ^M /// /'///.  That    th.i.'    he.    a!i<l    li.rth\    i>    ai)i>ro))ria1«'<l    \n    flu- 

:;  1 'iii\.i>~it\   III    Illiiini-,  at    I'rliaiia,  hir    thf   |ia\nicrit  of   ta\e'>   iucniirier   in   flif 

1  \iaiv   1>^.S(;  ami    l,ss7.  mi   lami-  nwiiiii   ami  ht-M   hv  fli"  Statr  lor  the  use  of  tlic 

.")  ^ai'l    :ii-i  It  iitiiiii.    Ill   thi-   (  iiiiiitv    lit    (  iaL''-.   in   tin    Mate  nl    .\rliia>l\a,   aiiij   in   tlit- 

Il  iMiiiitii-  lit    i'lipr.    Kaii'iiVdIii   ahii    111  ii\  lilt  ,  111   till-   State  i>t   .Miiinr^ota.  tin    -.iiiii 

7  i.t    .ill.     tliii!!--aliil    sfMii    hllliilliti    alni    titf\    ijdilar--     >«l.7-';(l'    pfi-   aiiiiiini. 

S  I'm    iiiririit    ii'pair-^  aii'l    iiMprnX'-iiifiit^  iii   liinliliiii.''-  aiui    t/Kiuiids  of    the  saii!_ 

'•  iitiU  1  isil>  ,   ihiiiliL.'     till-    \fai-s     I^^7    and    IMW,   the   siiMi   nl    two   tlioilMilul   ilolliirs 

III  .sj.iiiKi     p,  1    aiininri. 

11  l"m  tlic  piinha-f  "I   iippaiatu--  ami   inatrrials  fur  tin-  stxeral  xiciititic  dcjiart- 

I'j  iiMiit-.  nt  till    iiiii\rr->it\  liir  the  \iais   1  ss7  and    lHSs.  ,  m,.  i  hmisaiid  ti  \  c  liundrcd 

j.l  diiilai  -    >>!  .'»<  '*  '■   per  anniiin. 

I-j  I'm    till-   ui!i\fr->it>    liliiarv    and   inii--fniii   Im    tl;r   scai-   I'vsT  and    l■S^s^^,  to-uit  : 

1  ',  I'l.t      th'      pilli  iia-f    1)1    liiiuk--    and    pilMli  atliiliv     aiid      li^l      lillidiliL'     the     ->anie.     mic 

lo  tiiiHi-and    ti\e    liundred    iliillai>     Si,.'kNK   lu  \-     oinMni  .    ii'i    cMneetini.'.   prepaiiiiL' 

17  iiid   iiiiiiiiitiiiL'     speciiii'ii^,  for  the  e.-ihiiii  t'-  ot   ^'enln;.' \ .  p  1 1  lu  •ndoi.'y  a  tid  natural 

l'^  iii-ti'i\,  line  thmisaiid  dollars    Sl.iMi    per  annum. 

\i)  l-'.|,.  til,,  cunfiit  fxiifiist-  (if  nislriictioii  m  tlic  ^i'\rv;il  ilfiiurtinriits  ot  tlu- 
•2<i  iiiiivtTsitx  tor  tlir  ycHi-^  1HS7  aiid  1^**-.  NixtrtMi  tlinii-^uiicl  dMllars  .SKi.oii^  |>.r 
•Jl      iirnriiiii 

±.'  Foi  flic  jiinciiMsc  of  niHrliiiifiN  1<>r  tin-  (•(|iiiitiii.Tit  ot  mh  ciiilioiHtDiy  ol  Tiiiliiii^', 
■2'A     ciiiriiifcinij.'  ami  int'tiilliirtrx     twc  thinisaiid  clulhirs  'S_'.(i(«ii  |k'I   aiiTiiuii 

;;  -J.  The  Aiiilitdi  <if  I'liMii  ,\((cimif-  i--  hfii  liy  aiitliMii/.d  aijil  (iinrtiM'  in 
'J  (iiau  his  warrant  on  tli.'  rrfasiiin  foi  tin  siun^  licirliv  a|i|iio|i!iat.i|  |)a>al>lc 
:>  out  of  any  inoiicN  in  tli.-  ticasiin  ami  \"<\  otlicjAvwc  apjiLipnalfd,  upon  tin- 
\  ordci  of  flic  itrcsldcnt  of  fiif  hoaid  of  f lu-tfts  of  the  ^aid  l'ni\rrsit\  of  Illinois. 
r»  atlfstcd  liv  Its  sccrctan .  and  with  th<  coritoiatf  ol  thf  uni\trMty  I'tmi,!' •! . 
(i  tiiat  no  part  of  the  said  suin^  shall  hi  due  sind  payaiilr  to  the  said  iii-t  it  lit  loii 
iiitil  satisfactun  voiuhtrs  in  drtail.  apjivovt-d  hy  the  (i.iMinoi.  shall  ix-  lilid 
with  tlif  Auditor  for  all  previous  txpindit  uics  inriiritil  hv  the  institution  on 
account  of  iippropnalions  Ju-rctoforc  niad>  Aul  ///(..v-/.  J  y«/VA' / .  that  \oucli- 
crs  shall  he  taken  in  dii|ilicate,  and  ori;.Mhal  or  dupli<ate  \  shall  U- 
fowanlfil  to  the  Auditor  ol  I'lihlic  Anounts  for  the  expenditur.s  ol  tiie  sums 
appro|)nati'(i  under  this  act. 

I     I 



:r>:!»  An^.s  ).  .^-!:\  \'ri:— No.  4(i.  ivb.  issr 

1       Fnf  rciliK  i-.l  liv  Nfr.  (Janifv.  J.itiiiJtrv  Is,  1SS7.  >iu<\  or^rf*!  to  first  n-mlint.'. 
•_'      l-'ir^t    ri  ;t'liii>_'  .Iiuiu;irv   l^.   iss;.  fimi  rcfrrrfi   to  (  I'Himittfr  (in  rMr|«irK- 

'■>.      li-piiftiil    liack    l"ifiriiui\    >>,    1^'~>7,   |ia>>s;t;.'r   irciiiiiriifiiilfii,   aiiii    oriicn-d    to 


I'"i  All  \(  t  Im  inrnhil  MTtimi  f  w . )  _'  ut  aifirlc  tlin'c  ..!i  (if  an  act  ciifitlcd  ■An 
act  til  (niiNi'li-  Jiii  the  nic'iijiiii  itii'ij  of  citio  and  \iILij,'cs,"  aji|iiii\cil  Ajiril 
in,   ls7_'. 

Section  1.    Be  it  ermded  hy  the  People  of  (he  State  of  lUinoii,  reprt  amU-d 

•J     //;  '//'    (iimitil  Axsiitihlii,  'I'liat   ■-c<tiiin    t\\()   '•!<  of  ariiclc   ■'■\\  of    an   act   cntitliMj 

;i     "An  a(  t   to  |iid\i<lc  for  the  incoiporatioii  of  cities  hikI  villn{.'cH,"  a|t|ir(>\c<l  Apiil 

I      H',  isTJ,  li,  .  ;niil   till-  same  i--  Ik  icliv  amended   so  that   it  will   ri-ad  as  follows: 

.-)         ■•S((tiiin  J.      riic    nuuilici-   of    aidcrnjcii  wlun    not    elected    l>y    the    minority 

()  re|)resentation   piHli  shall    he  as  follosss:      Fii  cities  not  exceeding  three  thousand 

7  inhaiiitaiits.  -.iv  aldermen;  exceeding'    three    tliousaild,  hut    not  i'Xceediliji    five 

H  thousand,  eiu'lit    aldermen;    exceeding'    five    thoiisjunl,  hut    not    exceedinfi    ten 

S)  thousand,  ten  aldermen;    exceeding.'    ten    thousand   and    not    exceedinj;    tliirty 

1(1  tlioiisiind.  fourteen    alderineii,  and    two   additional    Hldenneii    for  every  twenty 

I'J  thousand   inhahitants  over  thirty  thousand  :      Prariiln/,  that  in  cities  coiitaininj; 

1;}  over   l(Ki.(i(ii)  inhal)itants,  there  shall  he  elected  fifty  aldennen  and  ii"  more." 

;j  -J.     Hy  ii  a>on  of  elections  oc(  iirrin;,'  m  .\\m\  an  emer>,'eiicy  is  declared  to 

■J  I'Mst,  ;ind  this  law  sliall  U-  iii   lor(  <•  after  its  )mssa<:e. 

3.%n.  A<s<Tn.  SFN  \'?  F--\<..  47.  Feb.  I)^ft7 

1.     Intiniliicrd     liy     Mr.     Mc(  ri;itli,    JHiiunry   s.    ls,s7.    aini    ordered    to   first 

1.      l-'ir-^f    rf;i<li!i'_'    .laiiiiitry    ^S.     T^'^T,     aiid    rtftircd    tn    (  (iintiutt*"*'   uii    .liuii- 

(  lai \ . 
o.      l{f|)<)rtc(l   li-U'k.   pas^a^'f  itMiiiimifii(l(_'<l,   and   (irdcicd   [r.  st'coiid   rt'adii)^:. 

A   BIJ.L 

Ki>r  All    Act    til   aiiii'iid    st-ctiDii    t-mli?    nl'    an    act    cntitlcil    "An    art    to   >'stalilisl! 
ap|>»'llntc   courts,      approved    .liint-   _',  1H77.  iii    toK  i-   July   1,    IHT7. 

Section  1.    Be  it  enaded  by  (he  People  of  (he  SUiie  of  lUinois,  repi>  rented 

•J  in   till    (if  III  ml   Ass,  iiililii .    Tiiiit    ^irtidii    c-iu'iil    III    an    at  t    ciititlfd    "An     act    tu 

'■>  c-^taMl'-li     a|i|Pfliatc    ciMirt-^,        li>      lul'lis    iUiM-lid'-il    tn    iiad    a>    lollnws: 

\  'Si'ctinn    '^.      I  he    said    appillati-   cmiits   ciratcd    bv    'lii>    act    sliall  cxcnisc 

r>  a|i|Md!ati-   jurisdiction    only,  and  ii:i\f    jurisdictinn  ul   all    matters    of   a|)pfal.  or 

(>  writs  of   error  from  the    tinal    ord-r^.     .liidLMiicnts.  a|ipcals  and    writs   of    error 

7  shall   lie    from    the  tinal  orders,   jud'_Mnents  or  decrees  of    tlie    circuit    and    city 

H  courts,  and  from  the  superior  court   ol  ( 'ook  county,  directlv     to    the    sii|trcnic 

'J  court    111    all  crimiiial  cases  and   in  (  ases  in\ol\nii.'  a    frant  hise  or  freeJioM.    or 

1(1  the     \alidil>     of    a     statute,  or    ih  eree-.    ot     an>    ot  the  circuit    courts,  or    the 

II  superior  court   of  ('ook  countw  oi     from    the    cit\    loiiits,    in  any  suit  oi    pro 

\1  ceedinir  :  t   law   or  m  chaticerv.  other  than  criminal  casts,  and  rases  in\(ii\  inj,' 

1:5  a  franchise  or  fre(diold.  or  tiie  validity  of  a  statute,      hi  all  cases   deteriiiined 

14  in  said  appellate    courts    inaction^  < /'f<//////r7//.  w  herein  ffie    amount  invohcd   is 

1.")  less  tlian    one  thousand  dollais.  e\(!usi\e  ot  costs;    and    in  all  cases  sounding 

Hi  m    damau'es.     wherein    the    judt.'nii  nt     of    tlie    < ourt    IkIow    is    less    than  oin- 

17  thousand  dollars  exclusive  of  cost,  and  the  jiidtrmeiit   is  atlirmed  or  otherwise 

18  tiiially  disposed  of  in  the  appellate  court,  except  in  actions  for  personal  injuries, 

19  the  judgment,  order  or  decree  of  the  appellate   court  shall   be  final,  and    no 


'J('  ;(p|n;il    s|i;ill    lif  III    wiil    lit    Mini    !"■    |)|i.~..(  :il.i|    t  In  I  ill  <  mi         /'/.//,-,/,,/.    tlntciUi 

•Jl  ,  n  niiti  III  ti) .    a-     ii-'ImI    III    tl!l>   ■>i'(tliili,    siiall    iidl    III     (  nils!  I  iii'il  til    nil  Imii-    attioiis 

'11  iii\  olsiiiL'   ;i    |)(iiiilt\.       In    all   ntlin    in     •^.    apitial--   -liftll    lit-,     aii'l    wnt^   ,it      iinii 

l-'i  iiia\    lif   priist'ciittii    trnin   the   tnial    juils-'iniiit  ■-.  nriltis  nr  ilcc  iii -- df   tin    n|i|)illatc 

21  cniirts    tn    the    sll|)l  tllH-    iniirt  I  '  i  i  ir ,  ,1 ,  .1 .    ,i'si,.     that     III    case    a      lliajii|lt\     lit      tiir 

l-'i  judtrt's   of   till-   !i|)|n  lliitc   ciiiirt    shall    lie   ot    nplliinn    tluit    a  casf  (It'cidrii    li\    llicili 

■J(i  iii\()l\iii!_'     a     liss     sum     than       ;if     flidusaini     (Inllais,  r\(luM\<'  of    cdsts.     also 

'!('<  iii\(ilv<'s    (|urstidijs   df    law    dt    siicli   nii|tditaii(  <•   •■itlici'    oil    Hc(  iiiitit     nt     |iriti(i|)a] 

'J7  or  cdllatiTal   iiitciists.   as  that    it    sliduM    he   jiassfd  updii    liv  t lie  Miltfi'iiif  coiiit. 

'J*.>  tlifV    liia>     111     such     casts     liiaiit     appeals    and     writs   of    cridr   to   the    ^iiprciiic 

•  U^  cdurt    dii    pililidii   dl     parties    tn    ihi      <  ausc,    in    wliuh    case    tin'   said   appellate 

HI  cdiirt    shall   eeititv  to  the   sujuciiie   (dint    tile   tridunds  df   t/iaiitiTij:   said   a|i|)tal. 

:r)fii  As^ciii.  s!:NATr:—N«).  4k.  ivi,.  ihht 

1.      lilt  rodcicfd    hy    Mr.    iJtiTiiifinlt .     Jariiuiry    Is.    IShT.    ami    (inlcml    to    lirst 

•J.      I'list  rcadini.'  Jiimiary  IH,  ]HH7.  ami  referred  to   ('oiiiniittef  mi   CaiiuN  and 

■i.     Hcporteil  hack   Fehniary  '.».  1HM7,  paKsafrf-  recoTiiiiieiKitMl,  ami  (irdered   t(i 

Nfcoiid  readili''. 


For   An    Act    niakin;.'   a|ipr<)|triations   for   the   necessary    rejiairs    aiui    running.'   ex- 
penses  of  tlie    Illinois   and    Micliitrau    Canal    until    tlie    exjiiration    of    the 

first     fiscal    quarter    after    the    adiniiriiliieiif     (il     flu-    next     (iflieral     As-,,  luhly. 

Skcti.i     1.     Be  il  rnar/id  hij  the  People  of  thf  Stale  of   Illinoin,  iti'i   ^    ./.  / 

■J  /"  III'    <i>iiiiiil  As^ifiihhi,    That,    f(ir   tliu   piir|.o>e   oi'   niakini,'   nece.s>ary   repairs 

■  >  and    |iiii\  idiiii:    iiiiaiis    tn    jiut     nid    kei  p    the    lllinoi-,    an  I     Michi^ran    ('dial    in 

I  iia\  iiral'lc     condition,     until     after     the     adjournment    i>f     the     next     ( ietieral 

.")  Asseiid'I.N.    tliere    Is  liereh\    ai>|ir(ipriat ed     frnin     the     State    'i'reasur\.     for    the 

(i  fir'^t    \eai     the    siiiii    of    thiits     tlmur-and    <iollars  i.^Xl.lNKi..    and    fur  the    -^fciind 

7  year    the    siiiii    of    thirty    th<>u-aiid    dollars    (!<.J<),()()()i.    or    so    niiieli    of    eacli    a.s 

s  may    he    ahsolutely    nee*  >sar\    tor   that    purpose:     I'lmnhd .    that     no    jtortioii 

U  of   the    money    hereh.v    a|i|)ropnafed.    siiall     1h'     used     for    the    purjiose    ahove 

10  speiitied    until    all    tiie   >urj)lu'>  earniiiL's    of    the    canal     have    lieeii     fully     ex- 

11  hausted     in     makint.'     iieede<l     repaiis     and    defraying'     necessary    expens.s    of 
Vl  operatiiij.'    said    canal. 

;j   1.     'i'he    a|tpropriation>    made    hy    this    a<  t     shall     i>e     paid     upon     detailed 

'1  statements     made     hy     the    f'anal     Commissioners,     tiled     with    the    .\uditor, 

'.\  hearing   the   order   of    the    Canal    Commissioners    and    the    appro\al    of    tlie 

4  Governor.- 

!;  •'!.     Sail!    IJii.'ircl    ul     (aim!     ( 'niiirnisshiiMis     shall     kf(|i     an     a((iiiati'     ami 

'J  ilt'talltd    aciiuiiil     III     all     iiMiiir\s     i  ccii  \  cii      li\      tlaiii      limn      i  \i\\      ^i<mti  .     \i< 

;i  fjrtlici-     witlj    tlalt     (JKlniisciiicIils    alal     i\|i(ti(iif  iirc-    i>f    cvciv    kllalalai    natiilr. 

4  aiiii    at    till'   tiiii    (it    fill  li    i|ii!iil(r    tl•all^tlllI    td  tlic  Ainlittiiot    I'iiMk    \((Mmits 

•")  a    full    aiiil    <(iiii|ilctc    stattiiHtil,    sliiiuiiit;    m     detail,    tlir    atiiiiiiiit     nj     iiiiiiif\ 

f)  iTcfiv  cil    diirint.'    said     jmi  (i  ilinir    (|iiaitii.     trmii     txciy    sdiiicc     and     In  w    aiiil    tn 

7  wiidiii    till'    saiiH'    lia.s    lit  ell    disliinscd. 

.S.5t]i  Assem.  SENATE—No.  4ft.  March,  18ft7 

1.  liitroductMl   liy   Mr.    Heinliaidt,    January   IH.    1HH7.   and  ordered   to  first 


2.  First  it-adnii.'   .lauuary    IH.    1.SH7,    and    rt'ferre<i    to   C'onirnittoe   on  (analH 

and    Rivers. 
;i      lie|tortfd    buck    March   ii,    IHHT,     pasKatfc   rcooininHKU'd,   anci   referred   to 

<  dniinittcc    on    .\|)propriations. 
■i.     Kcportrd     hack     .March      '.UK     1HH7.    with     anicnchnfiits,   {m^^sa^e   rwoin- 

nHMKhni,   and   onh'rcd   to  a   second   rea<lin^'. 


•'ur  An  .\ct  niiikm;,'  ap|tropriations  h)r  the  necessary  repairs  and  nnininy  e,\- 
penses  of  the  Ilhnoi.s  an<l  Michif^an  Canal  until  the  exjtiration  of  the 
first   iis<tal    (luarter   after    the    adjournment   of  tlie  next   General   Asnenihly. 

Skcti OS  1.     Be  it  enaeted  bjf  ths  People  of  the  Biate  of  lUmou,  represented 

1  III  tif  (inn  i-'il  .■!.s.s7///i'y///,  Tliat,  h>r  the  purj)ose  of  making  necessary  repairH 
:{  aiKJ  providmi:  means  to  put  ami  keep  tlie  lilinoih  and  MichiiKan  Canal  in 
}  luivi^'aiile  (  uiidition,  until  after  the  adjournment  of  the  next  General  Assem- 
o  hly,  there  is  hereby  appropriated  from  the  State  Treasury,  for  the  fifHt  year 
ti  tli."  sum  "f  thirt>  th(»usand  dollars  (?<:*).0(Mli,  and  for  the  neoond  year  ihesum 
7  of  thirty  thousand  dollars  (:!>;i().OlKli,  or  so  much  of  each,  as  may  be  ahsolute- 
H  Iv  necessary  lor  that  |iur|M)se:  Pnnuh-d,  that  no  }iortion  of  the  money  here- 
!>     by  ap|>r<>priated  shall    be    used    for    the    pnri)Ose    above    s|M*citied,  untd  all  the 

10  surplus    earnint-'s    of    the    catial    have    been    fully  exhausted    in  makinp  nenled 

11  repairs  and  defraying'  necessary  e\pense>,  of  oiH-ratinm'  said  canal. 

;;  -1.  The  ap|)ropriations  made  iiy  this  act  shall  oidy  be  paid  ujx)!!  detailed 
•1  statements  made  by  the  Canal  ( 'ommissioners,  hied  with  th<'  .\uditor,  beariii}.' 
.)     the  order  of  the  Cana'  Conmussioiiers  and  the  approval  of  the  (lovernor. 

5  :!.     Said    Hoard    ol    Canal    Commissioners,    shall    keep  an  accurate  and  de- 

2  tailed  account  of    all    moneys  received    by   them   from    every  source,  together 


;J  witli  tlicir  (lislnirsfinciits  and  cxiK'nditiiics  of  t\(i\  kimi  iiiul  imfiiif.  nix!  at 
4  the  »'Ti(l  (if  ♦'iicli  ((Uiirtcr  trHiisiiiit  to  tlu'  Auditor  of  I'iiMk  A(  (oiiiits  a  lull  ami 
•")  coliiplett'  statMiH'iit.  sliowiiit:  in  detail  the  ariiouiit  of  inoiirN  itM.iMii  iIiiiihl' 
()  said  prccfdiii^'  (jiiarter,  from  cvei-.N'  soiirff.  hihI  Iiou  and  to  wIkiii  llic  saiur 
7     lias  Ix'en  disiiiirst'd. 

AMKNDMKNTS    l'li( )]'( )SK1)    HV    THK    ((  ).MMITTI;K    ON    A  I'lM^oIMMA - 

Aint'ud   liy   insertiii;,'    after    the   word    "'dolhirs"    ui  line    I."i    df    wnfirii    lull 

2  the   fullowiiig: 

3  "I'roi'iilfiJ,    that     the     (.'anal     ("ommissioiicTs    may     use    not    to   tA(  .'f.]    tiv« 

4  thousand    dollars    o|   the    money    a|tpr<'>|>natt'<l    in     this     item    f<ii      the   imrpose 

5  of  paying'  the  expenses  of  the  litif/ation  now  |>endin^'  r  latin;.'  to  thr  Lake 
()  I'roiit  adjacent  to  tin-  citv  of  ('hi(ai:o.  .Ml  funds  used  for  the  purposes  ot 
7     such    litij^ation    siiall     he     expended    as    directe<l    hy    the    Attorney  (ieiieial    ui 

H       llllliOlK." 

9        Also    amend    line    1")  pa^'e    1    of    written    hill     hy    strikiii}.'    out    the   woid 
](>    "thirty"  and   mHertinj;   in    lieu   thereof  the    word   "twenty." 

11  Also   amend   in    same   line    hy    strikinj,'    out    the   litrures   ";}<i,(»(Ki"   and    m- 

12  sert   the   iif^ures   "'J(I,(H)'    in   lieu   thereof. 

13  Also   amend    line    1(1    iiy    striking'    out    the    word    "thirty      and    iiiseit    the 

14  word   'twenty"   in   lieu  thereof. 

16        Also   ninend    line    17    hy    striking.'    out    the   figures   ".'iU.CliKt'    and    msett    the 
Hi     fissures    "2(MX)0. " 

-  .  —-     .-1-  :^-_.  :.-="<;  ■••r;^ rT-;7v      \.       .•■••.V.-J?-;"- .'*JJfi 

:!:i(li  A<s(Mi..  SCNATF— No.    48.  AprillFFT  :i 

1.      Iiitnxluctd    hy    Mr.    lltiiiliHrdt,    .Iiiiiiiarv     ]x.     l^Hl.  and  onlirrd    t(!    tirst 

■J.      I'iist    icatliiii.'   •iHimaiN     iM.    lss7.    and     iffcircd    t)    (oiiimiftt'c    on    Canals 

and    IJiscrs. 
:l.     H»'|)i»itcii    l»ack    Manli   "».    IHM7,   iiassaizc    iccniniiit'iKlcil.   and    rt'ferrtd    to 

Coininittcf  on   Ajipioprmtions. 
4.      I\f(»(iit»'d     iiack     Nl.ircli     'O.     IKsT,     uitli     amen  iin«*nts,     |>hssh{/c     n'<-oni- 

int'ii'ltHl.  and  oiiU-rcd  to  a  sccon<i   rcaiiinj». 
"i.     S.'.ond   ri'adiM'j'  April  U,    IS-sT.  ainfiid  d,  .iml  oid'K-il  to  thud  ifadini,'. 

A  liii.r. 

I'm  \ii  \t  t  iiiakniLT  ajipi  ■  ipi  Kit  i<iii>  tni  th.-  ni(iNsai\  ri'paJis  and  iiinnin^'  ex- 
|lt•n^•^  nt  tlif  illicois  and  MicliiL'aii  Caiiiil  uiitil  tlif  expiration  of  the 
tirst   fiM  ai  ipiartor  afti  r  the  adjoiiriiintiit  of   tlif  next   (icntral  Asscinl  ly. 

Rnrriov  1.     Be  U  enacted  hy  the  People  of  the  Sinfe  nf    Jlliiidi'^.  rf^-irryn,/,  ■! 

2  HI   (III     a,  II,  ml    Ash,  mill II.    'I'liat    lor    ill--    purpose    of    niuKin<'    ni(es^;:i-y    Mpiois 

'■\  and    providiiii:    means    tn    put    and     kcip   the    Ilknois    ;.nd    MnJn^-ari    Canal   m 

\  iiaviLTalde  condition,  until  after  the  aiijouniniei.t    of   the  next    (n-iieral  Asstm- 

■  >  Ills,   tlere  IS  heiehy  appnip;  i:tled    fr  ii;i    the    State  'rieasiiry.  for    the    first   \ear 

(■)  th'    siini    i)f    twenty  thousand    dollars    iSJil.litKh :     Prurn/iii.    that     the    Canal 

7  ( 'omiiussioiieis    may    use    not    to   exeicd    li\e    thousand    dollars   of   the   iiioTjey 

H  a;);»ropri:it 'd  m   thi>  ih":ii  tor  t!i'  purn  k  •  of   pavii,'  t'le  expenses  of  the  litif/a- 

'.)  tion  now    pi  ndiiiL'  relatiiiL'  to  the   Lake   I'"roiit  adjacent   to  the  city  of  Chicago. 

1"  .Ml   luihU    M-^ed    1(11-  the  piiijioses  nf   -,ucli   ii  I  lu'at  loll  shall   he  expended   as  directed 

11  hy    the    Attoiiir\   (leiieial    of    Iliinoi--.      .\nd    for    the    second    year    the    sum    (f 

]■!  tweiitv   tliMiisaiid    dollars    S-_>(),(Ol  ,  i.i    s,,   much  of   eacdi.  as  iiiay  he  ahsoli.telv 

\\  necessary    fnr    that    purpose-     I'lmnl,,!,    that     no    poilion  of    the    inonev    lure 

II  hy  a|)pro|uiateil    shall    he  used    for    the    piirjwise    ahove    specified,  until  all    the 

l.->  surplus    earniiiL's   of    the   canal    have    U'cn    fully    exliausted    in    niakiiiLr    needed 

Hi  rt'puirs  and  defra\iii^'  necessary  ex])enHeK  of  operating  said  canal. 

!)  "J.  Tilt'  a|)i)ropnati()ns  iiiadf  l»y  tins  act  simll  oiil\  Ix-  paii!  ii|>(in  drtHiltil 
'-*  ■•ttiff'iiiciits  iii!i(l<'  Ity  tlif  (hiihI  Coimiiissioiicrs.  filcil  witli  tlu'  Amlitor,  ht-aririf; 
I     ■  III  li-r  (if  tl'i'  (iuial  ( 'oiiiiiiissioiM'rs  itiiii  tin-  a|>))ri)\a]  of  tlif  ( MiNcriinr. 

<;  i.  Said  B(iaiil  of  (ana!  ( 'oirmiiNsioiifis.  sliall  kct-p  mii  ai  <  iitaff  and  dc- 
2  tailci  account  of  all  iiioiievs  rt'ccivcd  liy  tlirtn  from  t-Ncry  muih  c  toL'ftlici 
:i     witli    tlu'ir  disldirst'rnt'nts   and  t'\|)fiidif iircs  of   f\ci\    kiiul    ami    natmc.  ami  at 

4  tilt'  end  of  t'a<'h  (Hiartcr  transmit   to  tht'  Andifor  of  I'uldic  Aceoiints  h  full  and 

5  coiiiplftt^  statt'iiicnt,  sliowin^'  in  detail  the  anioutit  of  moiif\  rfctiM-d  diinnti 
♦)  said  jirt'cedintj  (pmrtcr.  from  every  source,  and  liow  and  to  whom  the  siuin' 
7     iias  lieen  disl)nrHed. 

SSth  Aggem.       HOWS-.iro.  W-2fe  ittiAl.       Apt  «»r 

1.  Received  from  House  April  21,  1887.  ^1 

2.  First   reading  April  21,   1887,   and  ordered  to  second  reading  without  a 

reference.  - 


For  An  Act  to  regidate  the  sale  of  intoxicating  liquors  oatade  the  incorporated 

limits  of  cities,  towns  and  villages. 

f'EiTioN  1.    Be  it  enacted  hy  the  People  of  the  Stale  of  Illinois,  repnaenli  d 

2  in  the  General  Assembly,  That  whoever  uhall,  outside  of  the  incorporated  hniits 

3  of  any  city,  town  or  village,  by  himself  or  another,   either  as  principal,  clerk 

4  or  servant,  directly  or  indirectly,  sell  barter  or  exchange,  or  in  any  manner 

5  dispose  of,  for  money  or  any  thing  of  vriue,  any  intoxicating  liquors  of  any 

6  kind   in  any   leas  quantity   than    five   gallons  and  in  the  original  package   as 

7  put  up  by  the  manufacturer  shall,  for  ea<jh  offense  be  fined  not  less  than  fifty 

8  nor  more  than  one   hundred  dollars,  or  imprisoned  in  the  county  jail  not  less 

9  than  thirty  nor  more  than  ninety  days,  or  lx)th,  in  the  discretion  of  the  court. 

§  •!.    Any  shift  or  device  to  evade  the  provisions  of  this  act  shall  be  held  to 
2    be  an  unlawful  selUng. 

S  ;{.     Any    fine   or   imprisonment   mentioned  in  this  act  must   be  enforced 

2  by  indictment  or  information  in  any  court  of  record  having  criminal  jurisdic- 

3  tion,  or  the   fine  above   may  be  Hued  for  and   recovered   before   any  justice   of 

4  the   |)ea(;e  of  the  proper   county  in   the   name  of  the   People  of  the   State  of 

5  Illinois,  and  in  case  of  conviction  the  offender  shall  stand  cooimitted  to  the 
()  county  jail  until  the  cost  and  judgment  are  fidly  paid  or  until  discharged 
7    by  order  of  the  court  before  wliich  the  conviction  waa  obtained. 

§  4.    In  all  prosecutions  under  this  act  by  indictment  or  otherwise  it  shall 
2    not  be  necessaiy  to  itate  the  kind  of  Uquor  toid,  or  to  deeozibe  the  plaM 


'  ♦.         -  ■ 

3  where  sold  except  as  herein  required,  nor  to  show  the  knowledge  of  the 
^  4  principal  to  convict  for  the  acts  of  an  ft^ent  or  servant,  nor  to  Rtate  the 
^s.  6  name  of  the  person  to  whom  hquor  is  sold,  and  in  all  cases  the  ijernous  to 
t''       6  whom  Uquors  shall  be  sold  hi  vlolfttioii  of  this  aot  sliali  be  ooiiipetent  witness. 

S  5.     Nothing  contained  herein  shall  be  construed  so  tm  to  prevent   county 

2    boards  from  granting  hcense  to  kfe«|)  drrfte  shops,  as  is  now  pro\ide(l  bv  law, 

7       3    and  all  persons  keeping  dram  ihopR  so  licensed  shall  be  exempt  from  the  pro- 

4  x-isions  of  this  act. 

■^■:--     :-v;;"':v?7^-^<F,w'v' 

3.'>tli  Assrni. 

SKNATE— No.  4*>. 

Feb.  1SH7 

I.     Iiit?'i.|ii(  1 1|    li\     Ml.     ('iirti>s.    ■Ihiiumiv    I'^.    1hs7.    .nid     uni'ifil     to    tiist 


'_'.      |■'ll■^t    !ia<lni'_'    •l:iiiii;ir\     1^,    l^'^T.    ainl    iitiiii-ii    tu    < 'oiiiiinttcc    nu     ImIii- 
i:itiMii     alicl     lvlil(ilti)ti;tl     I  li>t  1 1  Ut  inii-,. 

.!.     Ivi  |)(iitt(|    liiK  k    I'flii  ii;ii\  l^'.    hss",   |t;t^-^iii:i'    ifC(>iiiiiMMi(lt'i|.   mid    oiilfri'fl 

tu     ^(■(•oIhI     |i  adlllL'. 

l-',ii  An  \(  t  |>i.i\  idlliL'  t'lr  till'  -tud\  lit  llif  liatnif  mid  i-titrt  dI  alccilmllc 
li(\ti:iL'i  ■-.  ^t  iiiiul.iiil-.  and  natvdtii-,  iipon  tlic  huiiian  >y>.tfiii  liv  tli>-  |>ii|iiU 
1,1    ^iiiia;  !■     ■■!'.!<■    Ill    all    -.rl:n,,U    in    till-    Staff    s'lpji.n  t.-d     I'V    imlilic     iih.ucv 

..|      ilhdi  I      Stall      ■  Milt  I'  il. 

,/■  til,  (i.  I',  I'll  .\  ss.  iii/'h/.  That  till'  |irii|><-i  li'_'al  -(iimil  autlimitit's  nl  llii-> 
Stall'  al'i'  Im'H'Ii\  l'IMII  tlu'  |"A\.'1'.  and  it  l-  licrcliN  Iiiadi'  tllcll'  dutv  to 
hi\i'  all  |ni)p|U  'il  -mtalilf  a;.'c  in  all  -rliools  o|  lllniols.  -llj)|<ort"d  1)\  |)ilMlr 
nioiji'\,    I'l'    MiidiT    Stall'    coiitMil,    iii-^t !  iK'ti'd    m    |di\sioloi.'v    and    liNLrictif.    \s.tli 

-,|ii'i'lal     li'iil'lici'     to     the     cftcl'K    ol     alcoliollr      1 1('\  riai/r'^,     >t  illllllallt  •>     alld     iiai 

iutn">  ii|)oM  till'  hiiiiiati  -vstini.  ulijcli  iirmirlii'-  oj  ^tiidy  shall  hr  ta'iL'ht 
HI  all  ot  -aid  -.(liiKil-,  and  a-  thoioiiLdiK  and  in  till'  -aliir  liialUH'r  a-  iithiT 
hralii'lii'-     "t    --tudx     all'     ri-(|lim'd     to     he     tailL.dit     in     -aid    -('liool>. 

^  'J.  liial  It  !-■  Ill  li'h\  n:ai|i'  thr  dilt\  <<\  tin-  |ii'i-o;i-  ali'i  ollicii-  m 
(iillti'ol  ol  an\  -rhool  drscnhi'd  in  thf  toi'i-j.'oinij'  strtloli  to  I'lifoICi'  thr 
|iio\i-ion-  ol  tills  act;  atid  an\  -mh  |mi-oii.  otiiccr.  srjiool  dii'»<'ti)r.  sii|»<'riii- 
tftidi'iil  ol  tiacluT  who  shall  '>villiill>  nt't-'lict.  ii'tus.'  or  fail  to  ('oiii|ily  uitli 
the  |)io\  isioii-  ol  till-  act,  or  \slio  -hall  wiltuilx  rctiisc.  iictjicci  or  (ail  to  riiKki' 
IPlo|i.|     |iroU-loli-     jol     tlic    lUstnictloii      li(|llllcd      hv     the     lolci.'olIii.'    sfctioi).    for 

ill  ot  said   |)U|>ils  iindiT  his  jurisdiction,  shall   1m-    dfciiiMl  v'i'il'.v    of    a    iiiisdc- 

:i5tli  Assoin.  SENATE— No.  49."  >    - 

1,  IHH7 

1-      IiitiMihiciil     h\      Ml.     (iiiti-,-.     .I;iiiii,ii>     |N.    ]>N^7,    ;(ii(i    Didiii.l    t.i     !ii-,t 

I  :i-'     riii.lniL'    .l;iiiii;u\     1^.     Ins;     ;,,,,]    r.lcn.-(i     to    ('..Kniiit tc     on    l-'.dii- 
i.'.'ii^n    :iri'i     r.ilMciitiiiiiiii     I  ii-~!  !t  lit  iohn. 
•'•      l'''ii"it(i|    l.,i.  k     I'<l.|ii;n\     l.s,     |ss7,    |)a-siii.'>     i  tcdiiiiiii'iHlf.i,   arnl    K.nlciril 

!.i     -(CiUlii     J'.MtllliL;. 

'■     Sr,,,ii,|    i.'MiiinLr    M;ii<  1.    -2.    Iss;     niii.i!.!.  ,1.    m).|,.iv,|    i,,    iliii,|    nininiu. 


•''■"■      \''      A''      '"'i     -.  rtloli     .'mi    .,(     Ml:     ;|.  t     ,l;tlt!.il     'An     ;i(  t     to     .  ^1  a  i '1 1  ^h   ;i  In  I 
!l:'i:i!t:ii!:     ,i     --Vst.'ii,     ,.!        I'l,,       S,lMio|-,."     :i|i|)1,,Mi|        \|i|i|        1.     1  s7_'       m       |, ,,,•,• 

•lil\     I.    l^T-J.  .(-    ■liiMi!.!..!    ii\    ,11;     ,1  I     ippio\,,|     Miiicli     :lo.    Is;.}.    :,,    ton-f 

Si.  MoN  1.     J?,.  ,V  evarfprJ  hj  the  People  of  the  State  nf    TUmu:..  ,y  j,n  >,  ,:tr,i 

-  '■'■      "'  •     '<     '•■"'    A^-'i  ini'lil.     Tli.ll      ->m!!o1,      litt\      ot      ;i!i      ;ic1       ,|,tirl.'«|      ■■,\;,      art      l(j 

■i  i-!:ii'ii-li    .11-1    i.'i.iiiit.iiM    a    -v-iiii     ..I    h,  (     -(  hooi-,.  "    a|)|>ro\c(|     April    1.    lsT_', 

1  I'l     I'l''     -liiix     1.    \^t'l:    ;i'-    :iiii'  ';'i.  il    l.\     an    art    a|i(iro\c.|     Mjuih    .((i.     Is;.).    it| 

■'  lo|,.'    .ii,l\      1,.     1^71,     i,,.      .,11, 1     IS     i.!,i,.|,\     alii.  inlcil     -^o    a^    to    rrail      as    foliou,,: 

*'  ■■^.rlioi;      ,il.       .\ltrl      ih.'     lil^t     .la\      ot       .||,i\.     A.      I  >.       ISSS.     no      tracllfl-     -liall 

I  i'o    :('it  (,.ii  i/,  .1    to    tiiiih    a    lointnoii    -cho,,!    iiiniri'    tin     |ii'o\i>,on-   ot     this  act, 

^  \\!io    i~    Lit    oi    .J...,.!    moral    (iiai.ii  t,  I .    anil     wlio    di^s    not    |ii>ssiss    a     (rititi- 

■'  1  at.     a-    I.  ,|:iii(.i    l.\     tills    s,,l:on        it     shall    In     tin    i|iit\   of    t  lio  canity  suprr- 

"  inf.  imI.  i:!    t'i    L'lint    (iiiiii(at,-    to       inh    p.isoiis    as     may,    upon    iluf    r\anii 

I       liltlon.     i.o     j.iiiiai     i|iiallli.M|  ;     and     crt  l!lcat  rs    shall      ln'     of     i 'a  , ,    i.'ia.i.'s 

-  tho..     o!    lia      !;ist     -i;i.i.     si,,!!     h,      'ah. I    toi     two    v.ais.  ami    shall  i  .it  il>   1  hat 

'  Ih'      p.  |s-.',     to     wimh     sii.  h      I     lliina;.'    IS    '_'l\ili.     !s    <pi;illlici|     to    tt-aill    oitho- 

I  L'ia-i]\.    i.   i^hii-      111       1 '.nuiisji.      p.  limansiiiji.     arilhm.  tn.     JMit'lisJi      L'taiiimai'. 

)  moil-Mi     L'l '•L'laph\  ,    tin       .-l.nniits     oj      th,.    natural      SCI, •lie.  s,    tin-    jiisti.ii^     ,  ,f 





21  > 







>sJ()loj^y.    and    tllc     l;i\\^    nl    In  ,il;  li  ili<lll(lllit.'  t  lie  jiiiv  >in- 
:\  aiiil  li\i:ifiif  <>i    nlcolmlic     >tiniu!;iiit--.  witli  --iiim  ml  iili  icik  <•  to  ihcit  i  'li  it- 

M|>(ill     the     llinnilll     v\Nt.Iii.       ( 'irf  lti<;(t«--     nl        tii'       ■~i-i-.]!|c|     ;.'Ml(|r     >li;(ll       |.i-     \.iii.l 

l<ir  (Uif  Vcai'.  aini  --liall  <.i1ily  that  tin  |ii!-i.!i  in  ulieiii  ^m  h  iiiliKati 
In  !.'i\t'ii.  In  i)iialilifil  Id  tracii  i 'I  t  liiii.'ia  pli  \  .  iiniliiiij  III  Imil'IinIi  I"  nil.  ill 
ship,    arithiiiftic,     I'.iiL'lish    uiaiiiinai.    iimmI,  in     'j<i 'LMMpliv  ,    tin     iii-tMiv     i.|      ;]!,■ 

rtlltci!      Stativ.     |)|i\  N|,il()>_r\  .     ami     tin       laX'.^     ^t     ilial;  h.    inrliiilniL'   1  In      pi:\ -M'i    i'_-\ 

anil  li>v'ii'iii'  "f  alcdhohi  st  iiimlaii!-.  witii  -|i.ii,i|  kI.icimi  U>  tluii  .ti  .t- 
ii|>on  the  hiiiiiaii  Nyst.m.  Tin-  i-u;nit\  siipi  riniin<l' nt  nia>.  at  lii>  "|i;i"n. 
tcnrw  •-iiai  cfi  t  ilicatrs  at  tinil  cxjiii  at  inn.  i.\  hn-  iinior-i  im  nt  iImic.'Ii  alul 
liia\  t(\(iki-  tlir  Naiiif  at  an.\  tiiiii  Ini  iiniiini  alit  \  .  i  Ik  •  iinjic  t(  nia  cr  litlni 
jiist     caiiNi  .      Said    (iitituati-    iiia>     In-    in    tia     hilJi.v.iiiL'    toim.    \i/; 

.  1  I   !   IMllN.  js 

< '  I '  I  i  1 1 1  \  . 

'I'lir     uiiticiNiijiitMl.     having     lAaniint-.l  in    ml  Im  ■._  i ,,  |.|,\  , 

M'iiiliiif.'  Ill  lliiL'liNh.  ptiinian^lii|i.  aiitliiiiitn.  Ijil'IisIi  LMaminai.  niM.iiiii 
(.'(■(  iL't  apli\ .    till-    hiNtiir\    (il    ilif    I  iiit«  li    Siatts.    and     In  iipj    -atisind     il   ,1 

i>     (i|     '^noii     llioial      chalailil.     laliliv     nltltirs 
(piahticat  iiiliN    in    tlif   ahii\f    hiaiK  he--   aii     nimIi     a^   ti.    iiilillc  to 

tliiN  crrtiticatf.   hi  mi.'  <'t   the  L'ladi  .   and    vaini   in    said   i  iMintx    Ini 

\rar  Iriiiii  the  date  hiicdl.  rfn<\\aiili  at  tin  iiptmn  nf  the  (.nini\  si  p,  rintcn- 
dtlit    li>     Ills   t  lidoiscIlK  lit    t  Ikkiiii. 

(iiM'ii    under  iii.\    iiaiid   and  sial   at    tin'   dati-   at'insaid. 

In  aJi\'  (■(»iint>  m  which  a  cniintN  iMnnial  s,hM.i|  is  I'stahlislicd.  undri  the 
(■(iiiti'dl  ol  a  count)  iioard  nl  cducath'H.  the  d  pininas  m|  !.'iadiiatis  m  said 
ndi'liial   s(di(uil   shall,   when     directed     hy    said     hnaid     he      taken    h\    th'      (iiiiiit\ 

slipcrilitelldent  as  siitlicicnt  e\ldence  (it  ipiallticat  mil-,  to  entitle  the  la'ldei  til 
a  first  (daNs  cert  itieate.  i;a<l,  eniintv  supti  mt  eiidi  nt  shall  ajsn  \^.  i  \,  a  iii.'iil. 
in  a  hodk  proxided  inr  that  pill|i(is|.,  ,,1  all  ti  ai  III  Is  fii  xvh'ili.  In  u.'lants 
(•»Ttiti(  atcN.     Said   lecotd   shall   >iinw    tin     date  and     eiade  nt     <  aeh     ceititicatc 

17     triaiittd.  .iinl    the  iiiiii.f,  jiu'f  fimi   iiHti\it\    of  fii<li  truf-hcr :   hu<!  sjml!    give  the 
■J"^     n;inn  -  (if   iiiiili-  Mini   Ii  ii/;ili    t<;ii  licr-   s(|),i!afp!\     Saul   hm  ■  r'i  iii:i\  l-    h-   folliiu-,. 

.     'I'lj>IIl|isl.|; 

.\'_'f.   I      \':(ti\  it  i 





M.iicli  1  |s7t  I       1. 

la^    t:ni'_'lit     )  \  r> 

■  lH> 





\  ic|i\  iif  tr.'iti^i  ript  iif  -,,11(1  iccDcd  sliall  !■(  f r;tn>iiiittci!  bv  flu-  (oinity 
■^uiii  I  ;i;t(  ii.iciit .  with  lii^  iiL'iii.ii  n|i<irt.  to  ilic  Mitti-  Su)>criiitfii(lfiit .  'I'li>''  Sii|"  md.ini.  Ill  i.t  I'iihii(  lii-ti-ihtidii  i-.  licril'V  autli(iri/.fil  f.i  L'laiit 
Stall  (  (  iliticalcs  ti.  ^iicli  Ii'mIhi-,  a>  liia\  lie  foiiiKJ  Wdftliy  f(i  iti<i\f 
liic'N.  '.\Li(l!  ^Jiaii  I'c  (i|  |i'i|i'cUal  \aii(|it\  iii  iNcIN  <(ui)it>  ai;ii  xIi.kiI 
'ii>;M<:  Hi  ilic  Stiitc.  lliil  >t:it,-  (  .-itilicati -,  shall  olilx  In-  ^'lalitcl  il|).i|| 
|inl>!n  (  \  iiiiiiiatii  111.  Ill  which  lim  iintnc  shall  lie  L'ivcii.  in  mkIi  hiaiKht-s 
ami  iijidi!  siK  !i  tciijis.  aii'l  ii\  sijch  .  \aiiiiiifis  a>  tlif  Stale  Sii|)cntilitiiic!it 
all. I    till     |iinici|ials    i<\     the     iinriiial    iiniv  i  isitics    tiia\    |ifis(iihc.     Said    (ciliti- 

(  ati  ■-  llia\  h(  li-\iilvcd  ii\  thf  State  Sll  |ie|l  lltelidelit  I||)1)1|  priMit  nt  inilllnfal  ( ir 
lJli|iri.t'--,i(iii,d    CiilldlKl.        |-!vel>     ■~(hi)(il    estaiillslied     Iflldel'the    pl(.)\  Isli  i||s  .  ;f    tills 

iicl  sjiall  he  hir  the  iiistiiji  timi  ni  the  hraiK  lies  dj  f(iii(  atidii  iu'esciihed  in  tin- 
i|iiaiil;(  alii  ilis  teai  liers.  alid  ill  si],  |i  ntllel  hfatiehes,  lIicilldlliL'  Xocill  IiiUsie 
i;ii  dliVviliL'.  iis  tlie  dlfi"  tills  (i|  the  Mitels  , ,(  t  lie  (list  I  let ,  at  theailllUal  elec- 
tliiti    'i|    dlleetnis    liiaV    Itfesciihe." 

;]:)tl.  AsMMH.  lIOrSE—No.   aO— fn  Senate.         Fob.  1HH7 

— ^T--:  — '^     tj-*=p^-a^i* 

1        l;ii.i\.-.I   lioin    Iloii^r    I'li'i  uiii\    2'-'>.    I'^^T.  iiTi'l    unlcrt-d    to    first    n^adiii^'. 
■J,      lii-l    rr:(ii)i;L'    l'iiini;ii>    "_'•>.    IS'^T,    .iinl   niiii'irii    h>    Mcniiil    r<ft<l)m.'. 


Vi'f    All    Alt    •('    a|ipr<;iti,ttf    the    iiii:iic\    tmiMil    iiifii    till'    Staff    TicusniA    li\  tlic 
r.o'ilil      lit      Lnr      Stock      (  (Hlllii|ss;ii|i(  (s,     tlic     piocftds    of     tllC    salr    of      t)|f 

<  UK  a'>-<«s  111  lualtliv  iHtllf  slaut'litcriii  in  ( 'lii(a;.'o  li\  ordiT  of  the  lioaid 
(i!i  a(((iinif  of  till-  f\|)oMiri  to  pliiifo  piiriiinoiiia.  for  tlic  pa.\liiciit  of 
il.iiii.i':' ^    lor     aiiiinajs    -iaiiL'liti  !•  d    uiidrr    tlic    pr(>\  i-<ioii^    of    law. 



^\ll^!.l^-,  'Idle  lioanl  i4  I,i\i'  SfiMJv  ( 'oiMiiii->^ioiicrs  of  tlic  State  of 
'lliiioi>.  III  the  di'-cliari.'c  o!  theii  liutio  a^  pio\  idcd  liy  law  lia\c  ^laiiu'lifcrcd 
a  liri'i-  iiiiiidii  r  nf  .'.irtlc  in  the  eit\  of  ('liieav'o  oii  account  of  flic  existence 
of  pli  111.1  pneiiiiioiiia  therein,  an.i  the  evposiire  of  caftle  therefd.  atnl  ha\c 
ie(,i\,(|  ni  addilioii  to  the  e\pen->e  incurred  111  said  slaiiL'litt'r  the  simi  of 
S:;."i,.;'. IS  |.s  .i^  the  Met  inoeod--  of  the  sales  of  the  carcasses  aiid  liidis  of 
-IK  h  lit  s.iid  ainiiiaU  a-  were  pionoiinced  In  alth\  on  post-niort.eni  cvainnia- 
tioii.  whiili  amount  ha-  lecti  paid  \>y  the  Hoard  iiito  tlic  State  'Irea-urv  : 

\\  III  1.1  \-.  J  he  halance  reniainiin.'  of  flic  fiiiiil  appropriated  li\  flic 
liiiilN  toiiith  (leiieial  Asscniiii\  lor  the  payment  of  siuli  sl;iii<:htcri  d  animals 
I-  insiiflieieiit  to  pii\  ail  (  iaini-  ansiii'_'  ont  of  the  ahiresaid  slaii'_diter.  and 
that     will     ari-c     heliirc     anoth<r     ap|iropriation    i-    availahlc,    and    -aid    (  lain.'s 

lia^e      a((lilei|     to     the     oUIiel-     and      lia\e     heell     certlllcd     to     tile     (oAellior     liy 

the    Hoard  .    therefore, 

SK(    rios     I.        /)(     //    ,  nuitril    hll     l](i       I'mfih    lit    tJir    Sfilff    iif    Illilluis.     n/iri  ■•■'  1/ h  <i 

III     llr      (irmriil     Asmnilihi.     'Jhat     there     )><■    mid    i>    licrcln    appropruitcd    the 

8  sum  of  )!S;l'),lft)H.7H  (l)t'iiifj;  flic  aiiioiiiit  paid  info  flu-  Statf  'l'it'aMii>  li>  the 
4  said  Hoard  of  I,i\f  Slo<k  ('oiiiiiiissioiicrh.  tis  aliovd  foi  the  piiv  iiiciil  of 
;")  (latiia^'cs  awardi'd  for  animals  slautrlittTcd  on  ordfT  of  the  Hoard  of  liUc 
(■>     Stock    Commissioners,    under   existiu''    laws. 

5;    2.     WiiKKKAs.    As   set    forth    in    the   preandije   of   this   H(t.    an  t  int  r^'eiuy 
'2     now    exists,    this   act    shall    iu-    in    force    from    and    after    its  |)assat:e. 

35th  Asscm.  SENATE— No.  51.  'm^^  April  1887 

1.  Introduced  by  Mr.  Higpns,  January  18, 1887,  and  ordered  to  first  reading. 

2.  First  rea<ling  January  18,  1887,  and  referred  to  Committee  on  Penal  and 

Reforiiiatory  InstitutionK. 

3.  IlejKjrted  back  April  14,  1887,  passage  recommended,  and  referred  to  Com- 

mittee on  Appropriations. 

4.  Reported  back  April  15,  1887,  with  amendments,  and  ordered  to  third 



For  An  Act  njaking  an  api)ropriatiou  for  the  ordinary  and  other  expenses  of  the 

Southern  Ilhnois  Penitentiary. 

Section  1.    Be  it  enacted  bjf  the  People  of  (he  State  of  lUinoit,  rqrretentei 

2  in   (Jie    (ieuernl  Anseinbly,  That  the  following  amounts,  or  so  much  thereof  an 

3  may  be  necesHary.  be  and  the  same  are  hereby  apjiropriated  to  the  Southern 

4  Ilhnois  Penitentiary,  for  the  purposes  hereinafter  named,  and  no  other: 

')  For  ordijiary  expenses  for  the  two  years  ending  June  30,  1889,  one  hundred 

0  and  fifty  thousand  dollars  (fl50,0(X).) 

7  For  one  steam   boiler,  one   thousand    five  hundred   and  seventy-two  dollars 

8  ^a,572.i 

9  For  re])airs,   five  thousand  dollars    ,l8«5,000.) 

10  For  contingent  fund,  ten  thousand  dollars  ($10,000.) 

§  2.     The  moneys  herein  appropriated  shall  be  due  and  payable  to  the  Com- 

2  uiissioners  of  the  Southern  IlUnois  Penitentiary  or  their  order,  only  on  the 

H  t«rms  and  in  tiie  manner  now  provided  by  law. 

<SKi:iiitfasfci5:^.';iii&.-,-fj5ki,  ^»^•i,;iJ^:  jj!»i  _  '    :■  .    .       ^.    i'----.^.xJ.^if4&^'liMiJi2i:ltk^^^ii.i^Ml^^ 

Amend  line  14  by  stnking  out  the  words  "one  hundred  and  fifty"  and  insert 

2  the  words  "seventy-five"  in  lieu  thereof. 

3  Also  amend  line  15  by  striking  out  the  figures  "$15(),00()"  and  insert  the 

4  figures  "$76,000"  in  lieu  thereof;  also  insert  after  the  figures  "$15t\000,  in  line 

5  15,  the  words  "per  annum." 

6  Also  amend  line  16  by  striking  out  the  words  "five  hundred"  and  insert  the 

7  words  "two  hundred"  in  heu  thereof. 

8  Also  amend  line  17  by  striking  out  the  words  "aiid  seventy-two;  '  also  amend 

9  in  same  line  by  striking  out  the  figures  "f  1,672"  and  insert  the  figures  "$1,200" 

10  in  heu  thereof. 

11  Also  amend  line  18  by  striking   out  the  words  "five  thousand"  and  insert 

12  the  words  "two  thousand  five  hundred"  in  Ueu  thereof. 

15  Also  amend  in  same  Une  by  stnking  out  the  figures  "$5,000"  and  insert  the 
11  figures  "$2,500;"  also  insert  after  the  figures  "$5,000"  in  Une  18  the  words  "per 

16  annum." 

16  Also  amend  line  19  by  striking  out  the  word  "ten"  and  insert  the  word  "five" 

17  in  lieu  thereof, 

18  Also  amend  Line  20  by  striking  oat  the  figiires  "$10,000"  and  insert  the 

19  figures  "$6,000"  in  lieu  thereof. 

35th  Assem.        HOUSE— No.  51— In  Senatef      Jiiiie  1887 

1.  lit'Cfivctl   from  House  April  21,   1887,   and  ordered  to  first  readinK.* 

2.  .\pril   2o.    1H87,   referred   to   Coininittee  on  Appropriations. 

;{.     Ht'jMjrted    hack  Junn  !>,  IHHT,   pii8sage  reeouimeiided,  read   first  time  and 
ordered  to  second   reailiiit:. 


For  An  Act  to  make  an  appropriation  to  erect  a  monument  atlJJackjonville, 
Illinois,  over  the  Kfavt-  of  Kichard  Yates,  ex-Governor  of  the  State  of 

S!  PTioN  1.  Be  a  enacted  by  the  People  of  (he  Biaie  of  lUinou,  represented 
2  in  thr  (nnt-nil  Assembly.  That  the  sum  of  twenty  thousand  dollars  be  and 
M     the   same   is    hereh}'   apin-opriat*xl    for   the     pur]»ose   of    erecting   a   monument 

4  at    Jacksomillc,    Illinois,   over   the   trravc   of   Richard   Yates,  Governor  of  the 

5  State  of   Illinois  from   1861  to   1H(m. 

s  2.     Tlie   (iovenior    shall    appoint     three    commissioners,   who  shall  serve 

2  without     compensation,    under     whose     direction     the  work     provided    for  in 

3  section  one  of  this  a<-t   shall  l)e   |)erformed. 

!;  .5.     The   Auditor     of-    Public   Accounta   shall   draw   his   warrant  for   all   or 

2  any   part   of   the   sum    hereby    api)roj)riated,    upon   the   certificate   of    the    said 

3  commissioTicrs,  ap[)roved  by  the  (iovernor  of   the  State  of  Illinois,  as  the  said 

4  sum  or  sums  of  money  shall  be  rtHpiired  in  the  construction  of  said  monument. 

.■"■   '?.*Oi'»;ilj«j';i/ 

:':!l<  A'^  r-1.    '"■''^"    SICNATE-^No.   52.     '  ■' '"'.1%  1887    '  "- 

1.    iDtroduced  Mr.  Higginn  January  18,  1887,  and  ordered  to  first  reading. 
'2.    First  reading  January  18,  1887,  and  referred  to  Coiumittee  on  Penal  and 

Kofontiatory  InstitutionB. 
;J.     Reported   back  April  14,  1H87,  with  amendments,  passage  reeommende<l, 

and  referred  to  Committee  on  Appropriations. 
4.    Rej)ortod  back    May  0,  1887,  with  aniendnjents,  passage  n?comniepded, 

and  ordered  to  second  reading. 


For  All  Act  making  appropriations    for  continuing  the  work    of   constructing  the 

Southern  Illinois  Penitentiary. 

Sectioii  1.    Be  d  tmeUd  By  At  JNojifc  tf  At  MMi  9f  iZKiOM,  represenUd 

2  in  thf  General  Assembly,  That  the  following  amounts,  or  so  much  thereof  as 

3  may  be  nccfssary,  be    and    are    hereby  appropriated  to   the  Southern  Illinois 

4  Penitentiary,  for  the  purposes  hereinafter  mentioned,  and  for  no  other: 

5  For  building  Houth  cell-house,  one  hundred  and  two  thousand,  two  huudrtnl 
0  and  twelvf  dollars  and  seventy  cents,  $102,212.70. 

7  For  .ston(!-cutting  shop,  two  thousand,  three   hundred  and  forty  dollars  and 

8  sixty-three  cents,  $2,;MO.ft3. 

9  For   i)umi)-hou8e,  one   thousand,  seven    hundred    and  thirty-tire  dollars  and 

10  seventy-four  cents,  ^1,7:36.74. 

11  For  vef,'etable    house   and    refrigerator,  four   thousand,  fifteen  dollars  and 

12  twenty-four  cents,  ^,015.24. 

13  For  electric  hgbts,  ten  thousand  dollars,  $10,000.00. 

14  For    comi)leting    sewer,  tliree    hundred    and    eighty-two    dollars   and  thirty 

15  cents,  ^^2.30. 

§  2.    The  moneys  herein  appropriated  shall  be  due   and  payable  to  the 

2  comnuaBioners  of  said  penitentiary  in  sums  not  to  exceed  ten  thousand  dollars 

'■■-:,  ■-'-'-.-  -^ 

,*'■•■  CI 

8  (flO.OOO.OO)  at  one  time      Provided,  that  after  the  sum  of  ten  thousand  dol- 

f  ,  4  lars  (^10,000.00)  shall  have  been  drawii,  no    further    sum    shall  be  drawji  until 


5  said    commissioners  shall  have  filed  with  the  Auditor  proper  vouclieris,  aceoni- 

*  .  6  panied  by  abstracts,  approved  by  the  (rovemor  of  the  State,  showing  in  what 

i;'-  7  manner  the  money  previously  drawn  has  been  expended. 


TO    SENATE    BILL    No   52. 
Amend  by  striking  out  in  hnes  13,  14  and  15  of  written  hill  the  words  and 

2  figures  "one  hundred  two  thousand,  two  hundred  twelve  dollars  and  seventy 

3  cents  (^$102,212.70),"  and  insert  the  words  and  figures   "seventy-five  thousand 

4  dollars  ($75,000)"  in  lieu  thereof;     also 

6       Amend  by  striking  out  lines  IG,  17,  18,  19,  20  and  21 ;    also 
6       Amend  by  striking  out  lines  25  and  26. 

;i5tii  Assem.       huus^k — i«o.  63 — m  senate       ii*y  itstsn 

1.  Keceived  from  House  May  5,  1887,  aiid  ordered  to  first  reading. 

2.  First  reading  May  5,  1687,  and  referred  to  Committee  on  Appropriations. 

3.  Reported    back    May    25,    1H87,    passage    recommended,  and   ordere<i  to 

second  reading. 


For  An  Act  uiakin^?  an  appropriation  for  nhe  relief  of  John  K.  Blackburn,  who 
was  disabled  by  the  premature  discharge  of  a  cannon  while  in  the  service  of 
the  State  and  acting  under  orders  as  a  private  in  Company  F,  13th  Battahon, 
Illinois   National  Guard. 

Where.vs,  The  said   Johu    U.    Blackburn,   a  private    in  company    F,  13th 

2  Illinois  National   Guard,    while  on  duty  and    acting    under   the    orders    of   his 

3  superior  oflicers  at  Flora,  Ilhnois,  on  or  about  the  28th  day  of  October,  A.  D., 

4  188(),    was   seriously   and    permanently    injured   and   disabled  by  the  premature 

5  discharge  of  a  defective  cannon,   owned  and  furnished  by  the  State  for  use  on 

6  the  occasion,  and   without  any   fault  or    negligence  on  liis  part,  or  knowledge 

7  of  the  defect,  therefor. 

Section  1 .     Be  it  enacted  by  tlie  People  of  the  State  of  llUnoig,  represent-ed 

2  in    thf   Genera!  Asuetfibli/,   That  the  sum  of  fifteen  hundred  dollars  (fl50f»i,   be 

3  and    the    same   is   hereby    appropriatt-Hl   out    of    any    money  in    the  trcasurj' 

4  not    otherwise    appropiated    as   compensation    to  the  said    John   R.   Blackburn 

5  in  full   for  all  damages  sustained  by  him  by  reason  of  the  injuries  aforesaid 

6  while  so   in  the  service  of  the  State. 

§  2.    The  Auditor  of  Public  Accounts  is  hereby  authorized  and  directed  t<j  draw 

2  his  warant   upon  the  State  Treasurer  for  the  sum    herein    specifietl,  and   the 

3  State  Treasurer  shall  pay  the  same  out  of  any  funds  ia   the  State  Treasury 

4  not  otherwise  appropriated. 



:{'ili    \-v,.m. 

Si:\ ATI-:— NO.  '>4. 

Feb.  1887 

I.      Intio.iiici  .1    !.\     \Ir.    Smiiliunii  li.   Jaiiinrv    l'^.    lss7.   jhhI   <)r.|>Tril    td    lir->t 


■J       |-'n,i    I,  ;i  liiiL'   -Lniu-HA    1"^.    I'^'^T.iU:!!    n  li-ii-'ii   to  ('uriniiittfi- .m   .lu.liciarN' 
:i.      licjK.rti'.l    l,ii(!..    |i;is^;|._'i-   iiH-iiMiiii'  ikI'.'iI,   ami   nr-'lrii-.l   t^   sfcoinl    ri-ii<li;i_'. 


K,„-     All     Art     tc,    .llnrti,!     -.■(■tlnl!    ,.|1.         1       n!     ,ni     Met     Clltlllr.l     ■•\ll     ;(ct    111    IfL'iH.i     t,.    tllr 

■III    mI    iiiiipntv."   a|i|ii"\' -1    Ai'iii   '■•.    l"^T-_',   III   Inir.-  .hilv    I.   I^TJ. 


Si  :■  ,s  1.  Br  it  enacted  hy  the  Prcplr  of  ihr  St.ifr  of  TU'rioix,  reprr..-l..l 
■2  ,„  //,,  (;,<..,,,/  .l..w///A'/^  'I'll. It  -itiM,,  ,,iH'  \  nl  ail  art  ciititlnl  "An  a.  t  in 
.;  |,.L.'al.i  !■•  th-  ,l.M-,iil  nt  pr.  p.  !;■>.'  appi. .>.•.!  \piil  '•».  IN'J.  in  i-n''  -luls  1. 
I       ls7J,    1.,     ai,.i    tlM     ^iiN.-    h-    li.  l.l,\      iiii.mlf.i    v,>    a--    til    trail    a-    tollnu-^; 

-  ■■S.-.tNUl      1.  /.'■       i'     .l:.l,h.l     f'JI     /''■■       /'-"/'/.      nl     ll,.       SI,, I,      nlll.'n,n,y.     ,  ,  /  ■  f  ■-.  I,  / ,  ,  / 

,;  ,,;  //;,  (,,..  ,:  .1-,,,/,/,/,/.  ■|'i.:ii  ■  ■!it.-,  I.'.tii  nal  ai,.l  p.i>nnal  111  r.-h|.  lit 
7  ami  iMii,  r.-pii'iit  pi.ij.ii.-tnr-.  in  tli-  Slat.-,  ilsnu  in!  i>t  atr.  i  .r  u  Im^f 
s  ;i,i>  pait  t!.iii-f.  -liall  I.I-  .l.-in:i-.i  ami  tak.n  a~.  in!i-,tit.-  rstat.-.  aft.-r  all  jii-t 
,,  ,i,.j,,^  ,,,,]  rhin;-^  a'_'ain-.t  -mii  -Mat.-  ar.-  fnllv  pahi.  -hall  ili'-<-.-ml  tn.  ami  !..- 
ID     il:-t  I  il.i.ti  ll    ill   manmi    lulli  '■>'-  inu'.   !"  -Ait 

\  /-'./s/- T.'   ill-  i.r   1m  I     rlniiln-n    ami    tln-it     .1.  Mi-nijaiils.    in    i-ipial    part-,    tin- 

PJ  ,|,-,  ,-n.|.-in1-  i.t  tin  ill '■' a-..-ii  I  l.iM  m  L'tanililiiM.  takiiii.-  tli.  -liaia  <>[  iii,-ii 
|iii-,-iit-.  in  .-(pial  part-  aliaUiL'  tin-ni. 
N, .  ../,,/-^\\  li,-n  th.i-i-  I-  III"  ch'iil  'it  till  inti-tat,,  nm-  ilf-n-mlanl-  "i  sm-li 
,  liilil,  aini  m,  -vm.Imu  Ml  -i,r.iM!:-j  l.^i-iiaml,  lli.n  \n  tin-  parni!-,  ln'iiiifr-  ainl 
-i-tn-  nt  thi-  ili-ri-a-i-il  aiiil  tlair  il.--(-rmtant-..  in  .-.nial  part-  aimmt.'  tln-ni. 
alli.winv  til  rarli  nt  \\i<-  pal-nt-  ll  llMIlL'.  a  (llllil-  put,  i  if  tn  til.-  -iirM  \  nr  ■  if 
tl„.|„.  It  ni,,.  ii-  il.'ail,  a  .l.iiihl.  pnrtiMii.  ami  it  tli.-n-  m  im  pai.-nt  li\in>.'.  tii.-ii 
U)  the  biutln-r^  ami  sisti-r-  ui   tiir  iiiti-,tiitf  hikI  tlicir  .lescfinlaiits. 

.  I  I  (t  ■'    '  '"I 

I  1 


■Jll  'ihdd — \\lntr    tlitlr     i--     II     WkIiiW      tM      >-ill\l\niL'     1;  H--I  ;!  1 1' I .     iilici     lii>     iliili!     i -I 

•J I  (  lilldli  II,    m    (ii  -.(  cIKl.'iJlt--    iif    ;i    (  llllii     t'l      (  I.lldli  li     ni     tilt'     111!.  -l;iti       I  111  1,,      iitti  r 

•I'l  tlif    |iii\l!itlit     I'l     itll     Jii^-t    (libis,      olK    li;ill     (it      all    till      i.,il     I'-I.iti      and     tin- 

-■'•>  uLmIt    (if     the     |ii  iMilial     1  stati  .     -l;all     di -i  i  lid     tn     ^iii  li     -.  ,di.\\      I'l      vim\i\mi^' 

■_'l  lili^i'iilid.    a^   an    al'^iiiiitc   i-tatt.    li.nVil.    al,d    tin     ntlul    halt     nl     tin    i-ta!r 

•J-'i  -liall     d(  -c  I  lid.    a-     lit     (itlirl     la^i  '-     \'.liili-     llali      1-     liu     ilild      '1      tllMnii.      nr 

■_'(i  d>  -11  lidalil--    111     a    I  1  lid    III    ililldl.  Ii:       l'i<       'l^'i.    that     lli    lia     ra-t     ■  ■!     all    i-taIr-> 

'11  iMfidlll^'     III     \!ili;r    Hill-     iiillidli'd     tlimi-alid     dnllal-.     tl:(      ti-latui     II  a>     IiiiiKi- 

■J^  |irii\  isiiiii    li\   will   that    the   widrw    m    -iii^  i\  iiil'    liii-hfiini    -hall    havi    at    1<  a-I    I'lir 

L*".'  lilllldlid    tliiiiis;iiid    ddllal-iil    -i.iji    i  -tat  t  .  alid  InaV   dl  I  >  i  t   h\    ^^    i  1    tla    dl-|ii  I'-lt  am 

:>il  (i|     all     III     -aid     r-tati-     in     r\(c-s     nf     nm-     hillidi'd     tlaiii-alid     dnllai-.     aliii     no 

:>]  rilillliriat  inn    \\\     tin-    UldcW     m     MirviXin'J     Im-hand.    -hall    in    aIi\\M-.     atlirl    llir 

■  \'l  dlstllhllt  in       (it    the    i>tati      lilldil    tin     will,    in     r\(  i>-     i '1     him      illindl.d    thnU-allil 

•  >•'>  llllUa^^. 

'M  Fnii-fJi — W  hilr    thru      i-   a    widnw    or   a    -illMMIit:    lill>liand.    and    al-n   a    (  lillil 

iC)  (ir  (liiiilifn.  or  drsi  indant-  of    smli    (  iiild    or    (  Inldiin    of    tin     mfc-tatr.    tin- 

:i()  widow    or    siir\i\inL.'    liiishand    ^iiall    niiixi     a-    hi-    m    lni    ah-oliit<     I'li-onal 

;(7  istatc.   olif  ihllil    of   all    till     |M  i>olial    r-tatr   ot    t  h<     intr>iati 

:).s  Filth — It    thfir   !>.   no  thild   ol    tlit    intostati    oi    dc-ci  iidaiit  of   >urli  iliild.  and 

•  i'.l  no  jiarciit.  hrotlici  or  ^ist(  i.  or  d»M cndant  ot  -mh  jiannt.  iirntJiri  or  >i>(i'i, 
•1(1  iiiiil  no  wido\ii  ol  -iii\i\iiii:  hiishaiid.  ihiii  -mil  i-tati  -liall  di-i-nd.  in 
11  (  ipial  |iarts  to  tli(  m  \l  ot  km  to  I  h.  iiit(-tat(  in  ciinal  dc^'ioc.  ■(  oiii|i:,t  iiil'  h.\' 
■I'J  till-  riili-s  ot  ijii-  ii\ii  lavs  .  and  tlnio  shall  he  n  i  rciucM  iil.'it  ion  ainontl 
■lo  I  ollatilal-.  r\(  I  |)t  w  it  h  t  h(  (h  -I  (  ndalit-  lit  hi .  .1  In  I  -  and  -i-t  i  1-  ot  tin  m  1 1 -t  at  c  ; 
41  and  111  no  ra-(  -hail  linn  I  c  aii\  di-I  in.  I  ion  h.  t  u  ci  n  thckindKd  I'l  ;i.i  \vholc 
4.")  and   the   hall    hlood. 

4<i  N,  (//.— II   aii\  iiiti '-tati    lia\(-  a    w  iih  w    oi    -iir\  I \  iii^j  hii^haiid  and  I  o  i',indrc(l. 

4(  hi-    ol     ill  I    (-tal(     -hail    ill  -II  111    to    -i,(h    \\ali'\\    oi    -i;i\i\in<j    jiij-halil 

li's —  It     till     iiit(-Iat(     ii,i\i-    lai    iiiaiito    and    Iio    widow     oi     hu-lalid.    his 

4'.*  ol     her    (Stall     -Jiall    i -i  la  at    to  and   \i-t    in  lla^  loiinty   in   wJikJi   -aid  n-al  or 

.Vi  pnxiiial   rstati  ,  oi    tho  (.'n  ati  r  noition   thioo).  i-  -iliiatid.  ' 

35th  Assem.       HOUSE— No.  55 — In  Senate.         May  1887        1 

1.  Kcct'ivc'd  froui  House,  April  27,  l!*f7,  aiid  ordered  to  first  reading. 

2.  FifHt  reading',  May   17,   1H87,   and    ordered    to    second    reading    without 



For  An  Act  to  amend  section  47  of  an  act  entitled  "An  act  concerning  fees 
and  salaries  and  to  classify  the  Heveral  counties  of  this  State  with  reference 
thereto,"'  approve*!  March  29,  1872,  and  in  force  July  1,  1872,  amended  by 
act  approved  March  28,  1874,  in  force  July  1,  1874. 

Srctiok  1.    Be  a  enacted  Sf  ih»  People  of  (he  Biaie  of  lUmoii,  represmUd 

2  in  ffie  General  Assembly,    That  section  47  of  an  act  entitled  "An  act  con- 

3  ceming  ft^es  and  Halaries,  and  to  classify  the  several  counties  of  this  State  with 

4  reference    thereto,"    ap]iroved    March    29,   1872,  in  force  July  1,  1872,  title  as 

5  amended  by  an  act  a{)proved  March  28,  1874,  in  force  July  1,  1874,  be  and  the 

6  same  i.s  hereby  amended  so  as  to  read  as  follows: 

7  "Section  47.     Every  \^itne8s  attending  in  his  own  county  upon  trials  in  the 

8  courts  of  record  shall  be  entitled  to  receive  the  sum  of  one  dollar  for  e«ch 

9  day's  attendance  and  five  cents  per    mile   each    way    for    necessary  travel, 


10  For  attending  in  a  foreign  county,  going  and  returning,  accounting  twenty 

11  miles  for  each  day's  travel,  for  each  day   one  dollar.     Every  witness  attending 

12  for    the    puriK)s«'    of    having    his    deposition  taken  one    dollar,    and  the  same 
18  mileage  as  provided  in  this  section  for  witnesses  in   courts   of   reconls:     Pro- 

14  tided y  no  allowance  or  change  shall  be  made  for  the  attendance    of    witnesses 

15  aforesaid,  uidess  the  witness  sliidl   make  affidavit  of  the  number  of  days  he 

16  or  she  actually   ittended,  and  that  such  attendance   wa«    at    the    iustuice    of 

17  one  or  both  of    the    parties    or    his    attorney,    in   criminal  cases,  where  a 

18  witness  shall  be  required  to  attend  icom  ft  ftvaipi  amaitg  m  StKfeft,  }m 

1^"'        19  be  allowed  five  cents  per  mile  each  way   in   full    of   all    compensation,  except 

FT*'-          20  the  y>er  diem  for  actual   attendance   ujwn  buch   court,   which    Khali     be    on*^ 

f  ■. 

^■-          21  dollar  jier  day  for  each   day's  necessary  attendance  to  be    i)aid    out  of  the 

22  county  treasury  of  the  county   where  the   crime   was  coniniitt<(l    on    tht;  ( t-r- 

J             23  tifi<;ate  of  the  clerk    of  the  court   where   the   trial   is   beiu^    had .     Prondcd, 

24  he  shall  make  affidavit  of   the   distance    travch^d,    that   it  was  the  usually 

>            25  traveled  and   most  direct  route,   of  the   number  ol   days'   actnal   attendance, 

26  and  that  such  attendance  was  at  the  instance  of  the  State's  Attorney   or   the 

^-             27  accused,  or  his  attorney,  to  which  shall   l>e    added    the    certificate    of    the 

I.           28  judge  that  the  amount  is  reasonable  and  that  he  was  a  material  witness  in 

29  the  court." 

-•    .  >.   :      -f      ..  ■*•  *  •  .'       -        1  .     ■  ^     ■  .   '■  _    •- '-  ■  ■    ,= 

;{.')tli  A>s..m.         IKM'SK— N(..   .')7 — III   Snuitc.  VoU.    1mh7 

_'       I'li-t     ii-.i.|iiiu'     l-'i'linrii\     ]■"..     I^^T,   ml   ..i.|.ii.l    Im  -,.-,Mti'l     r.'M'liir'j 


I'"!'  All  \(t  riiiikiiii.'  ;i|i|Mii|iri:iti(iii^  Im  tlh-  miiiiKirv  am!  utlitr  cxin'ii^i'^  nt  tlif 
llllllMi-  Siili|i.T>  and  Salliii-  II. .1111  at  (,lii)iM\,  iihtil  tlir  tliirtlftli  i|a\  of 
•  Imii.-.    \     |i     issT 

Si .  rioN  1.     Be  ii  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  UUnoii,  reyfienteA 

1  III  til,  lull' I'll  Assiinhhi.  tint  til.  tiiildw  iiil:  Minuiiiit^  Im'  aiitl  art'  lit-relty 
■  >  a|i|)lM).|  lat.-.i  t.i  tlir  lliltini->  Sniijltl-  alnl  Siilliils'  lldlric  iit  <^llltl(\  (nt  I  lie 
I      |iiir|Ki-.-   Iii'i.iiialti  r   iiaiiH'ij   ati.!    Im    n.i  .'tiici: 

•")  l'''H    M|,iiiial\    f\|icli-^rs    till-    ^iilii    ..I    i<)ir\     tiiuii^alid    ilolliils    .  S-H ).( « «  I.  _ 

•'  l'"iil    c.ilitlliL.'flll    cxiiftiscs    tile    --inn    cit    ll\<     tl;iHi>alii|    ddlial-    .  S-").* « « •> , 

N  -  I'iii  Miolirv  iifii'ili  a|i|)l..|ii  iMttd  -liall  I.I-  dm-  and  |ia\aliif  t(i  the 
■J  finite. ■■-  i.t  till-  ->ald  iiiiri'ii-,  Nnl'liil-.  an. I  Salioi--  }liilMf  at  (j)ilini\  or  tili'ir 
•'      I'lilci    iinU    .il;    the    Icttn--    an. I    in    tin-    nianinl     Imw     |i|n\l(|ff|    l.\     lau 

^  -1.  \\li>lia^  flic  >,iilM  aiii.M  a|i|i|ii|i|lat<'d  will  lie  Mffdcd  to  -^ll-^t!liIl  sjlld 
1  lininc  |)ii.)i  tn  till  tirst  dii\  III  .lid\.  JHs;  t  iMittiin-  an  iiihtl''Mi(\  exist-,  mid 
•  !      till-    act    >liall    tiikc    i-rtccf    Irntii    and    alt<l     It-    |ii--Hi.'i' 

.S.-^tl.   AsscMn.  SKNATK— No.   -,7. 

Manli  18S7 

I  iitr  i.liii  .il  |,\    Ml.  Hill.  -l.-iLiiiux    l'^.  ls'^7,  .iii.i  Mrrjirfij  to  tir>t  r.-.-ulmi.'. 
I'lr-t    t.'it.iiiiL:  .i:(tiii;ir\    l->,  1">~^7.  Mrnl  rt  Ifiml  t...  ( '.niuintti-r  .m  J-;i.'c'ti..ii-. 
l.'i|iMl  Icl     |i;ii  L     M:il<li      !,    v.itli    ;i!iii-|iil!Iii-Iir^,    |i;t>--;iL'r    iM't    rt(<iliiliifii(l<-ii. 

MiiiMiity   r.  [I. irt   that    it   ■!..  j.;i--  -iih^t it utcl.  hwA  lull  orilfrtil  I ..  sr(  ni:il 

riitiliiiL,',    iiiiij    Im   1h'   ]iniiti  .1    \sitli   aiiifihltiifiit . 


ir  .\ii  Alt  ;..  aiiMinl  si'ctiwn  tiltv  tlifi-  'lA  n\  an  art  iiititlfij  ".\ii  act  in  iri/aril 
•11  ,  |f<  t  lohv,  ai.ii  t-i  inn\  hji-  t,i|  tllilliL'  \  acalM  K'^  in  rlcctlN  •  nti'Mrs.  "  apini  i\  cd 
April  .!.    Is7_'.   ni   f..iTi'  .!iil\    1.    I--;-'. 

Sr.TMN  1.  r,i'  it  mar/,. J  l./  IJi,  PmpJf  of  thf  Sfitr  nf  I/li>iu,\.  ,,/,r,  ■,  ■  ',.1 
•J  ///  ///.  (i-n.i.ii  .\--^' iiil-li/.  'I'liat  -II  thin  litl\  tiifcr  ■")•>  111  an  a<t  rntitlni  '-.Xn 
.1  a<  t  in  ii'jaiil  til  tli'iiiiin-,  anil  in  |iiii\ii|i>  U>i  tilliiii.'  \;naii(ii'--  in  dictni' 
I  iiltui'-.  a|i|iiii\  I'll  .\|inl  ■«.  I'^TJ.  Ill  tmri  -liilv  I.  J^^TJ.  Ix,  anil  flu'  -ann  i- 
.")      lirli'liN     aliiini|i-ii    Ml    a^    tn    Itai    a-    tnllnw- 

*)  ■Siitmn   •")■!.      ']'])!■    nan,'-  nl    all   i  ainl ulatt-   tm'   wliiili   the  flcctm    inttiiiUtn 

7  \(iti'  -hall  hi  N^littiii  111  |iiiiit.i|  :i|i'in  th'  -ilni'  hallnt.alnl  t  hr  ntlli  i-  ti  i  w  hid! 
s  hr  iir-i|i-  I  aili  til  ill  ilri  I'll  -i;;:ll  hi  i  li -iLMiat  •  ' !  ii|Hin  tin-  hallnt.  I'.ach 
'.I  haiiiit  -hall  hiaf  a  [liain  wnlti'ii  <'\  |iiinti-ii  laptinn  tlifiron,  aiiil  wluii  a  hallnt 
with  a  i.-lialli  i|i'-l'_'nati-.|  hiaihlii.'  inntalli-  |illliti-ij  lln'rcnn.  Ili  Jilaif  nl  aTl- 
iithtr,  a  nanif  licit  fuiinil  nii  tla  rti/nlaf  hallnt  haxiii!.'  -m  h  lu':t<linL'  "unii-ss 
thfii-  -hall  he  pMiitcil  as  a  pall  nt  said  licailiiiL'  mas  laii.'.-  t\  pc  its  said  t  ickft 
iiia\  1  iintain.  a  statriiirnf  tn  thi  ittiit  that  tin-  saiiic  is  a  split  nr  ii  riL'ular 
tn-kit,  sinh  name  shall  in  i''L'arihd  h\  the  jmi'/rs  as  liaNiiii:  hri-n  phufd 
thiTi'iiii   fni    the  piirpnsc  nf   fraud,  and   tiif   hallnt   -hall   iinf   hf  cninitt-d  fnr  the 

liallli-    sn    tnlltld." 

:^:>tl.  Assom.  SK\ATK-.N(».  :u. 

Mnvh  1887 

1.      Inri  ,.lin  .■,!  li\    Mi.  Hill.  .I,ii,u;ii\    Is.  IssT,  .■in.i  Mrii.r.'il  tn  tic^t  r.-.iilDiL'. 
■_'.      I'n--i   i.'U'liiiL'  •l:ttiiiar\   !■>.  i'^'^T,  arid  n  fcirril  to  ( 'uiiiriiittiT  nn  l\l.TtiMiis. 
•i.       Ii'<'|ii 'I  t,-.|     |i;i,  L     Marcli      !.    \'.it)i    alMi-lMlttji-lif--,    pa-^^au'i'    imt    l  rcdliiliH'lidi'ti. 

NIliKiritN    ii|iii!t    lliKt    ir    il.i    |.;i---    ^iili-~tit  liti'il.    ;ilic|   lull  onliTfii  to  •M'Cdiiil 

rciidiiiL'.   atnl   to  \)r  |iriiiti-,l   with  aiiicndrijiiit . 

A    BILL 

,r   .\ii    .\.  t    ;..  aiiHiiil   scrtioii   tiltv   llii''c   '•'»■!    ot   all   act    iiititlnl    •■.\ii  act  in  ict,'anl 

to  .  l.'ctloii-.  Mini    to    |Uo\|i|c    to|    IlillliL'   \  ac;i|icl'-s    |||    i-lcct  1  \  •    otlicc-,      :i|i|>l  >  i\  fii 

.\|)i:l  :>,    1^11.   iij   jorii'  .luly    1.    I'-T-'. 

SiviioN  1.     Be  it  marl,.]  1,:,  lh>    Pmph  of  thf  St-ifr  of    UU>in:^_   r,y,,-, -,,./,  7 
///   //'/'    (i.ii'i'il   .\s>,  iiil-l '1.    That    >iifioti    !ltt\    tlircc     '^1     of    :in   act    ciititli-d    '.\\\ 

;|(    t      III     l.-'_M|-.|     to     I    l.-l    1  loll-^.     Jlnl     I.i       |llo\|i|.>       |of       tililllL'        \acaliClc-,       111       lllctlXc 

olticc^.  apinoM-d  .\|Mil  •>.  l^T'J.  Ill  toK  .  .Iui\  1.  I>^7'J,  lie.  and  tlic  -aiiM  is 
liclcli\     ;ilinlidcd    >.o    a-'    to    |-c:id    a>    tollow,--: 

■'S.ctioii   .").;.      The    naiiic".  ot    ;ili   (  atididatc-^   tor   winch   the  ch-ctoi    iiitcihU  to 
\otf    -hill    he    wiitf'ii    oi    |iii!it.d    'i)>'ai    th>     viim-    hallot.nlid    f  he  otlii  c  ti  i  w  Inch 

he    ih  ■^IIC    I  acll     to     \<i        ileit.d       -li;dl       lie      de-iLMiate.i       ll|IOII       tile       haljot.         I'.acli 

1, allot    --hail    hear  a    |iiaiii    \\riit>'ii   oi    |iriiite(|   e.(|ition   thereon,  and  when  a  liallot 

with  a  ii-liain  ile-,IL'liatei|  JleadillL.'  contain^  |llltltei|  thereo'l.  Ill  plaei-  of  an- 
other, a  name  not  found  on  tip  letoilar  hallof  lia\in!_'  -^ik  h  iM'adiiiL'  ""unless 
there  -,hall  l»e  printed  as  a  patt  ot  said  lieaihiitr  in  as  jart.''-  t>pe  a^  said  ticket 
iiia\  contain,  a  statenieiit  to  tin  et!cct  that  the  same  is  a  split  or  irre^'uiar 
tnlxet.  such  name  shall  i'c  rc/iriied  hv  the  jiidu'es  as  haMim  heeii  plaia'd 
theieoii  for  th<'  purpose  of  fraud,  and  tlie  hiillot  shall  not  he  coiiiited  for  the 
name  so  found. 

:i/>tli  AsM-m.  '        SENATE— -No.    58.  "Hmy   16S*f 

1.  Introducwl  by  Mr.  Hill,  January  18,  1887,  and  ordered  to  first  reading. 

2.  p-irst  rt-ading   January    18,    1887,  and  referred    to  Committee  on    Appro- 


3.  Rej)orted  back  February  10,  18f^,  and  referred  to  Committee  on  State 

Charitable   Institutions. 

4.  Reportwi  back  March  30,  1887,  and  referred  to  Committee  on  Appro- 


3.  lieported   back    April  21,    1887,  passage    recomm^ided,  and  ordered    to 

second  reading. 

4.  Second  reading  May  3, 1887,  amended,  and  ordered  to  third  reading. 


For  An  Act  making  appropriations   for  the    niinoin  Southern   Hospital  for   the 

Insane,  at  Anna. 

Srctton  1.    Be  U  maeUi  flf  ik$  PeopU  af  iJU  BiaU  pf  IUmoi$,  represented 

2  in   the   General    Assembly,    That   the   following  amounts    be  and    are    hereby 

3  appropriatt'il    to    the   Southern    Hospital   for  the    Insane,  at  Anna,    for    the 


4  i)iui)08cs  lierein  nnmed: 

6  P\)r  ordinary  exi)en8e8,  the  sum  of  one  hundred  and  three  thousand  and 
G  five  hundred   dollars  per  annmn,   payable  quarterly  in  advance,  from  July  1, 

7  1887,  until  the  expiration  of   tlie  hrst   fiscal  quarter  after  the  adjournment 

8  of  the  next  General  Assembly. 

y  For    improvements    and    repairs,  the    sum    of    five  thousand  dollars   jier 

10  annum. 

11  For  car*'   and   improvenient  of    grounds,   five  hundred    dollars  per  anntmi. 

12  For  a  new  pump  at  Big  Spring,  nine  hundred  and  seventy-seven  dollars. 

13  For  moving  and  refitting  house  for  engineer,  five  hundred  dollars. 

14  For  fire  escapes,   one  thousand  dollars. 

§  2.     The  money  herein  appropriated  shall  be  due  and  payable  to  the  trustees, 

2  or  their  order,  ooly  oil  tiMtoimi  and  in  the  nnoHVrjBOVpgf^^ 

i-,   .   I'  '.»  .«  "• 

■,7^f^^<W''   >'(-  *ti!T*'VW'  ■■        ■      T^ 

•  ■.i'.i'i.Aiet^riatibaL',.  --vjir-'"  '-X' •/,.'ji^''.^>, ......  'i^ia^as. 

.     *        I    I  -I. .       1     III  l.l 

;i5th  Asseiii.        HOUSE— No.  58— In  Senate.       June  1887 

1.     l!<'<    from    Hotisc  May  '2(J.   1887,   Hiul  ordered  to  first  reading. 

1.  I'irst  naiiiiif/  Mhv  •Jl,  1MS7.  nud  ntferrvd  to  Coriiniittfe  on  Appropria- 

"i.  l{('(>i)itt(i  1)H(  k  •IiiTU'  H.  IShT,  with  aiiieiulnieiits,  piisHage  recomniended, 
iiiitl  ordtTt'd  to  sefond  rca(liii<». 


Fur   All    .\(  t    iiiakinp   approj>riati()ns   for   ihc   ordinary   and   other   exp«n8eB   of  the 
Soldiers'   and   Sailors     lloriic,   at   Qiiincy. 

SrcTioN  1.     Be  it  enacied  hy  the  People  of  (he  State  of  lUinoia,  re/irrs'i'rf 

'2  //(   fill'    Cfwiiil    Asstrnfih/,    That   the   followintf  amounts   1k>  and  are  hereby 

3  appropriated    to   the    Illinois   Soldiers"   and    Sailors'    Honi<!   at   (^uincy,  for  the 

4  purposes    lieieinafter    named,    and    f(»r   no   otlier: 

5  I'or  ordiniirv   expenseK     from    July  first,   A.    1).    1887,   until  the  expiration 
f)  of  tiie  tir^t  fiscal  (putrter  after  the  adjournment  of  the  next  (General  ABsembly, 

7  tli»'   sunj    of    one     hundred   and     twenty-four    thousand   five  Innidrt^d    dollars 

8  (^J-.^l.-'MXi     per   annum,    payable  i|iiart<*rly   in    advance. 

1>  I'or    iKopital     liuiMiiiL'.   tifteeii    thousand    dollars   i!S|.'>,(l(M)i. 

10  For   furui,>hin;:    and   e(pni)pin^'    hospital,   two   thousand   dollars   (!?'2,()(X)i. 

11  For  feiicin'.'  boundary  line  and  railroa^l,  bridpinp  railroad,  niakinj?  roa/1- 
I'i  ways  and  walks  and  iinprovemeid  of  grounds,  twelve  thounaud  dollars, 
l;J  (^l2.(XKh. 

14  For     farm     buildinj^     and    necessary     outbuildiufrs,    Hve    thousand    dollars 

15  i!5o,()(»)i. 

1(»  For   additional   bailers,   thre'    thousand   dollars   {$y,(X)0). 

17  For   adthtional  cottages,  complete   and  furnished,  eighty-seven  thousand  six 

18  hundred  doUars  (#87,600.) 

.,'-■.«..  ^        .           .,.;■■      ■.>,..-'  _i.v 

ft  It)         For  sorviccs    of    Mrcliittcf .    stipcriiilHiiilciit     of    cotistriiction    aii.i  coiitinet'nt 

_-  2(1  fiiTxl,  si\   Uiou^kikI   dollars    iSCi.miO.i 

*y  21         J'oi    llif  piircliasf  of  aiMitioiiul  IhikI.  nine  imii(ln'<l  dollars  i^'.KKI.i 

^  ,i  2.      I'lif    itioiicvs    licniii    a|>)irn|ii  lati  d     shall    lie    due    and  |)a\iililt'  to  the 

;-  '2  tnislics  (if  the  said     !lliiiiii>    Suldio^    and     Sailnis'    limiic.   at    (^)iiin<\.   oi-  tln'ir 

'.  3  older,   oidv   on   tin    teiin-   an.!    in   tin-   iiianner  iiuw    |ii(i\id»'d    iiy   law. 

AM1:NI)M1;N  IS    llinl'o^i.l)     |',V     COMMII  11:1:    ON    AlMMinlMUATlONS 

•jo  linisi-;  r.ii.i,  NO.  .%s. 

Amend  l)y  strikinii  out   all  after  the  tiLrures  "issT"  in  line  ]<)  of  seetion  1   to 

2  and   iiicliidniL'  the  word  "adv;uie«>"  in   line   10   of  the  same  section    ami    insert 

•    ;{  tif   tnil^iuiiiii  : 

4  liilil  tht    first  da>   ol  July  A.    P.   iHss.,  ji,,,  ^i,.,,  ,,f    ,,m.    hundred    thousand 

o  dollars  ,S1(H».(VH»..  and  frnm  the  first  .la\   of  .inly  A.    D.   IHSs    until    the    expi- 

(i  ration  i>f  the  lirst  lisc  al  (|iiarter  nft«  r  the  adjoiirnnieiit  of  tlieiiext  (leneral  Assem- 

7  hly,   the  sum  of  one  huiidred    and    tu<nt\    foui    I  hoiisHiid   five     hundre<l     dollai'b 

H  (?512l,.J<>il',   payahle  ()Uailerl\    in   ad\aiiee. 

y  Also  HintMid  lines   IV  md   1^.    pa^'e   1,   li>   stnkini.'  out   the    words    an.l   li;,'iin's 

10  "fifteen  thousand  dollti-  '?>1Vkm      and   insert   the  words  and  figures  "tweiity- 

11  live  thousand  ddliar-.  :Sj:.,(itKi    '   m   line  tier. of 

12  Also  amend  line  'JO,  pa_'e  1.  l.\  -tiikuiL'  <hiI  the  words  and  tii^ures  "two 
IH     thousand  doliar>    :S_'.()tN)"  and   in^iit    the  woid>    and     li^^'iires       three     fliousaiid 

14  live  hundred  dol'ars  iS.i..'.iiii  '    m   ji,  u  there.if. 

15  Also  amend  line  i.  jiai/e  J.  iiv  stiikiiiL'  out  the  words  and  lij,nires  "twelve 
1()     tliousand  dollars  i.'^lL'.Cdd.  '  and  insert   tin'    words    an<l    figures    "six    tliousand 

17  dollars  I  J^ti.tKKii"  in   heii   thereof. 

18  Also  aineiid   hy    addiiiL'  the  follow  iiej   words    and    fiizuren    after    the    ligureH 

19  "iS,'^7,r)fKti"  in  line  II,  itasje  2:  •■  I'l ,,11, />■(/.  that  the  total  cost  of  etwdi  eottage, 
2n  couiideted  and  furnished  shall  not  exceed  s«'Veii  thousand  tliree  Lundrwl  dol- 
21    law  ^8|i7,;Mn." 


,  •.  ,t      .  lr  J 

^.:^-.  '^t..i,:.iL.-(  l^:A>.^.l,^     .  k^i.^€::„.-hitKt.. 

3.')Mi   V<s<Mn. 

SEN ATK—No.  fil. 

Feb.  1HH7 

1  Fnrnxliiccl   l.y     Mr.      15.  H.     .laiiiiitr>      IH.     IhH/.     and     ()r<lt'r<'<l     to     Hrst 


2  Fir>t     n'Milin^'     .liirimiiv      Is.     IH^T.      and     rcfcircd     to     ( '(Hiiniittcc     on 

.liidiii,ir\ . 
■  i.     I'riiniiirv    Hi,    1SS7,    rcpnrtcd    I»m(  k    mid    ordered    to    Ix'    priiite*!     lor    use 
of    ( 'oiiiiiiittee. 


l-'or    .\ii     .\(t      to    \>'_'n\:\tf    tlif     |)r;t(ti<c     (it     (Hses     of     luistioiiier     III     critiiiiial 


'■       i:.'\   1.     Dr  if  enartr(J  hi/  thf  Ptople  of  the  State  of    TJInmis,  n i,r,.<,  >il.,l 

■-'  ■'■    ''''    <i'i"i'il  .\''^tinhli,.    'I'iiMt     no     nidictiiHiii     -hall     \»-    (|ua^lied     nor    trial 

'  'li-l;i\.f|     i/li     :i((ciiltit      il     llie     li  i  l-^l,•oll|l•)     of    iui\     d.ftliilallt      or     detelidailt -..     lilit 

I  III    '■■I-'     i;     'I  :il!    :i|t|M  ai     to    till-    coint      att.i      tli.'     tiiidiii'.'     ol     ai,     I iiil let iiiciit . 

■'  'li''     ''!'      '''-''i'     iiiii:i-    of    ai:\     .ii'IcinlaMt      i-    iH'f    therein   stated,   tlieeoiiit    may 

''  "idri     -,',.  i'     fart     |,<     I,.     flitir>'d      of      Kcord:      and      all      slli>se(|lielit      |>l-o<-eedini.'s 

'  -!i:iil    t  liiiiiijioii    III'    in    >,ii<-)i    eiiriectrd    naine    Ol     names,    the   same    as   il    sindi 

"^  iiL'lit    iiaiiie    1. 1     names    (iriL'inall\     a|i|ieared    in    tiie    indictment. 



1.  Received  from  Honse,  May  11,  1887,  and  ordered  to  firsl  reading. 

2.  First    reading   May   17,  1887,  and  ordered   to   saoond   reading  without 



For  An  Act  to  regulate  the  Manufacture,   Tranaportation,  nae  and  sale  of  explo- 
sives, and  to  punish  an  improper  use  of  the  same. 

Si.r'TioN  1.    Be  a  enaeMt  hff  (he  People  ef  0ke  BUU  of  HUnois,  repretented 

2  in  the  General  Assembly,  That  any  person,  firm,  company  or  corporation  who 

3  shall  make,  iiianufac-ture,  compound,   buy  or  sell,  or  otherwise  procure  or  dia- 

4  pose  of,  or  bring  within  the  limits  of  this  State,  any  dynamite,  or  any  nitro- 

5  chlorate,  or  other  explosive  compound,  with  the  intent  to  nae  the  same,  or 
(j  that  the  same  may  be  used  for  unlawful  injury  to  or  the  unlawful  destruction 

7  t)f  life  or  property  in  any  place  whatsoever,  shall  be  deemed  guilty  of  felony, 

8  aii<l   uj»oti   conviction  thereof  shall   be  punished  by  imprisonment  for  a  term 

9  of  not  less  than  five  years  nor  more  than  twenty-five  years. 

^  2.    .\ny  person  abetting  or  in  any  way  assisting  in  making,  manufacturing, 

2  compouiKliri<^,    buying,   selling,   procuring,   disposing    of,  storing,    removing  or 

3  transi)orting  any   dynamite,   nitro-chlorate,   or   other   explosive   compound,  aa 

4  above  named,  either  furnishing  the  materials,  ingredients,  skill,  means  or  labor, 

5  or  by  acting  as  agent,  or  in  any  manner  acting  as  accessory  before  the  fact, 
b  knowing  or  having  reason  to  Ijeheve  that  the  same  is  intended  to  be  used  by 
7  any  j)erson  or  |)er8on8  in  any  way  for  the  unlawful  injury  to   or  destruction 

^8  of  life  or  property,  shall    be  deemed   principal,  and   upon   conviction   shall   be 

9  subject  to  the  same  punishment  as  provided  in  section  ona  of  this  act. 

.  v;^:.i?2^-W-*  •  r^.'^i&V^ 


§  3.    Any  person  Bolioitiiig  on  oon^bntingf  money  or  other  iwoperty  for  the 

2  manufacture,  sale,  transportatioD  or  iiBe  of  said  explosive  compounds,  knowing 

3  or  having  reason  to  believe  that  the  same  is  intended  to  be  used  for  any  un- 



|i   '    4  lawful  deHtruction  of  life  or  property,  »hall  be  dot-med   guitv  of  a  felonv,  and 

ii  •                       •            . 

^'      5  upon  conviction,  shall  be  punished  by  iinprisonmeut,  not  Iphh  than  three  nor 

6  more  than  twenty-five  years. 

§  4.     No  person,   firm,  company  or  corporation   shall   make,  manufacture, 

2  com|)ound,  buy,  sell,  procure,  dispose  of,  wtore,  keep,  remove  or  transport,  hy 

3  means  of  any  public  or  private  conveyance,  over  land  or  water,  any  dynamite, 

4  nitro-chlorate  or  other  explosive  oomiiound,  for  any  purpose  whatever,  without 
6  a  penuit  for  such  purpose,  signed  by  the  county  clerk  ot  the  county  in  wliid^ 

f'      6  such   manufacturing,  seUing,  compounding,  and   removal   or   transportation  lo 

r.      7  desired  to  be  done,  and  duly  attested  with  the  seal  of  said  ofReial.      The  per- 

^      8  mit  shall  specify  the  object  for  which  the  permit  is  .mjued,  whether  it  be  to 

f      9  manufacture,  buy,  sell,  or  have  transported,  any  such  compound .  and  the  said 

10  officer   issuing   the   said   i>ermit   shall   keep  a  recor''  of   the  names  and   re^i- 

i     11  dences  of  persons  to  whom  such  permit  is  issued,  and  the  purpose  for  which 

^'    12  such   explosive  compound  is  to  be  used.    '  The   officer  authorised  by  this  act 

13  shall  not  issue  such   permit    unless    Katisfie<l    that  the   puqwse  f(.r  which  such 

;      14  explosive  compound   is  to  be  used  is  a  lawful  one.      Any  perstn,  firm,  com- 

16  pany  or  corporation   making,  procuring,  dis|)08ing  of,  Htoring,  keeping,  reinov- 

^  .  16  ing  or  transporting  any  such  comiwuud  without  such  i)ermit  shall  be  guilty  of 

''     17  a  misdemeanor,  and,  upon   conviction   thereof,  shall    be   subject   to  a  fine   or 

18  imprisonment,  or  both,  in  the  discretion  of  the  court,  such  fine  to  be  not  less 

10  than  two  hundred  nor  more  than  one  thousand  dollars,  and  for  a  s^>cond 

20  offense  shall  be  deemed  guilty  of  a  felony  and  be  subject  to  impj-isonmcnt  for 

21  not  less  than  one  year  nor  more  than  five  years,  and  a  fine  of  aot  less  than 
i^    22  five  hundred  nor  more  than  two  thousand  dollars. 

I  §  5.    Any  person,  firm,  company  or  cor|x>ration  who,  by  fraud,  deception  or 

I-  . 

A,'    2  misrepresentation,  shall  procure  the  transportation  of  any  such  explosive  com- 

C      3    pound  in  any  public  conveyance,  shall  be  deemed  guilty  of  felony,  and,  upon 

•i   •■ 

'4k-*^i^^.-^.^..tV"-.^:>.;r^.^  -  •  •       ■'lti^:tr*ij*Aj-tiw-v.c^  '^^Jv,..;^.^'.^:^^.!, 

\ifj  •  ??i:«*:  • 

1.  Received  from  Hoose,  May  11,  1887,  and  ordered  to  fini  reading. 

2.  First    reading   May   17,  1887,  and  ordered   to   second   reeding  without 



For  An  Act  to  regulate  the  Manufacture,   Transportation,  nee  and  sale  of  explo- 
sives, and  to  punish  an  improper  use  of  the  same. 

Rr.cTioN  1.    Be  it  enaeUd  hy  fkt  PeopU  af  A«  BimU  of  UUnoU,  repretenUi      j 

2  in  the  General  Assembh/,  That  any  person,  firm,  company  or  corporation  who       ' 

3  shall  make,  manufacture,  compound,   buy  or  sell,  or  otherwise  procure  or  dis-       ; 

4  pose  of,  or  bring  within  the  hmits  of  this  State,  any  dynamite,  or  any  nitro-      " 

5  chlorate,  or  other  exploHive  compound,  with  the  intent  to  use  the  same,  or 
(J  tliat  the  same  may  be  used  for  unlawful  injury  to  or  the  unlawful  destruction 

7  of  life  or  property  in  any  place  whatsoever,  shall  be  deemed  guilty  of  felony, 

8  and    upon   con^iction  thereof  shall   be  punished  by  imprisonment  for  a  term 

9  of  not  less  than  five  years  nor  more  than  twenty-five  years.  '"' 

§  2.     Any  i»erson  abetting  or  in  any  way  assisting  in  making,  manufacturing,       - 

2  compounding,   buying,  selling,   procuring,  disposing    of,  storing,   removing  or 

3  transporting  any   dynamite,   nitro-chlorate,   or   other  explosive   compound,  as 

4  above  named,  either  fumishiug  the  materials,  ingredients,  skill,  means  or  labor, 

5  or  by  acting  as  agent,  or  in  any  manner  acting  as  accessory  before  the  fact, 
B  knowing  or  liaving  reason  to  l>eheve  that  the  same  is  intended  to  be  used  by 

7  any  person  or  persons  in  any  way  for  the  unlawful  injury  to   or  destruction    .  i 

"8  of  hfe  or  property,  shall   be  deemed   principal,  and   upon  conviction   shall   be       ' 

9  subject  to  the  game  punishment  as  provided  in  section  one  of  this  act.  ':i 

hhmhiis:.:^MtiJ:ii;:t!,Li:.'.: .  ..  '«v\^aaU..i.»{;';^jii3i:Sfe*jM>'i.i.<i&ii^ 

p'  §  3.    Any  p«non  aolioitisg  on  oonMbnting  money  or  other  i^operty  for  the 

f\      2  manufactare,  sale,  tranBportatioD  or  use  of  said  explosive  compounds,  knowing 

I..  . 

^        3  or  having  reason  to  believe  that  the  same  is  intended  to  be  used  for  any  un- 


k,'-  4  lawful  destruction  of  life  or  property,  shall  be  deemed  guitv  of  a  felonv,  and 

i;^:      5  upon  conviction,  shall  be  punished  by  imprisonment,  not  less  than  three  nor 

^'.  "■' 

6  more  than  twenty-live  years. 

§  4.    No  person,   firm,  company  or  corporation   shall   make,  manufacture, 

1^^.     2  comjwund,  buy,  sell,  procure,  dispose  of,  store,  keep,  remove  or  transport,  Vy 

;'>;     3  means  of  any  public  or  private  conveyance,  over  land  or  water,  any  dynamite, 

i;       4  nitro-chlorate  or  other  explosive  oomiwund,  for  any  purpose  whatever,  without 

6  a  penuit  for  such  purpose,  signed  by  the  county  clerk  ot  liie  county  in  wLid; 

6  such   manufacturing,  seUing,  compounding,  and   removal   or   transportation  Li 

s       7  desired  to  be  done,  and  duly  attested  with  the  seal  of  said  official.     The  pei- 

fy    8  mit  shall  specify  the  object  for  which  the  permit  is  issued,  whether  it  be  to 

'       9  manufacture,  buy,  sell,  or  have  transported,  any  such  (^-ompound .  and  the  said 

it  ■ 

.     10  officer   issuing   the   said   i>ermit   shall   keep  a  recon'  of   the  names  and   re^i- 

I     11  dences  of  persons  to  whom  suoh  permit  is  issued,  and  the  purfose  for  which 

t-    12  such  explosive  cx)mpound  is  to  be  used.     The  officer  author: wid  by  this  act 

^>^'.   13  shall  not  issue  such   permit   unless   tsatistied   that  the  purpose  ft^r  which  such 

;  ,   14  explosive  compound    is  to  be  used   is  a  lawful   one.      Any  person,  firm,  com- 

'     16  pany  or  corporation  making,  procuring,  di8|)08ing  of,  storing,  ke<?ping,  reitiov- 

,  16  ing  or  transporting  any  such  compound  without  such  i)ermit  shall  be  guilty  of 

■'     17  a  misdemeanor,  and,  upon   conviction   thereof,  shall    be   subject   to  a  fine   or 

18  imprisonment,  or  both,  in  the  discretion  of  the  court,  such  fine  to  be  not  less 

'     19  than   two   hundred   nor  more   than   one   thousand   dollars,  and   for  a  st^cond 

20  offense  shall  be  deemed  guilty  of  a  felony  and  be  subject  to  impjisonmcnt  for 

21  not  less  than  one  year  nor  more  than  five  years,  and  a  fine  of  aot  lees  thui 
t    22  five  hundred  nor  more  than  two  thousand  dollars. 

I  §  5.    Any  person,  firm,  company  or  corporation  who,  by  fraud,  deception  or 

2  misrepresentation,  shall  procure  the  transportation  of  any  such  ej.plosive  com- 

t     3  pound  in  any  public  conveyance,  shall  be  deemed  guilty  of  felony,  and,  upon 

4  coQviction,  shall  be  ponuihed   by  impriKmment  in   the  peniteDtuuy  for  the 

5  tenn  of  not  less  than  one  year   nor   more   than   five    years,  and  a  fine  of  not 

6  lesH  than  five  hundred  nor  more  than  two  thousand  dollars. 

§  6.    It  shall  be  the  duty  of  every  person   m  this   State  to  whom   permit 

2  shall  be  ^ranttnl  to  sell  or  otherwise  dispose  of  any  such  explosive  compound 

3  as  above  described,  to  keep  a  record  of  the  name  and  residence  of  every  per- 

4  son  to  whom  he  disposes  of  any  such  explosive  compoimd,  and   the  kind  and 

5  amount  thereof,  and  the  date  of  such  transaciion  and  the  purpose  for  which 
G  such  compound  is  to  be  used ;  and  such  record  shall  be  preserved  for  not  less 

7  than  three  years.    All  persons,  firms,  companies   or  corporations  transporting 

8  any  of  the  al)ove  compounds  shall  keep  a  record  of  the  name  and  residence  of 

9  the  person,  firm,  company  or  cori>oration  forwarding  such  explosive  compound, 

10  and  of  the  kind   and    amount   forwarded,  together  with  the  name  and  address 

11  of  the  {)erson,  firm,  company  or  corporation  to  whom   the   same  is  forwarded, 

12  with  the  date  of  its  receipt  and  delivery,  and  no  transportation  company  shall 

13  receive  any  such  explosive   comjiound   for  transportation,  unless  the  same  is 

14  labeled  as   to  its  contents,  and  unless  a  i)ermit  for  its  transportation  is  at- 
16  tached   thereto,  duly  issued  by  the  officer   authorized  to  issue   such   permits. 

16  Any  violation  of  the  provisions  of   this  section  shall  be  punished  by  a  fine  of 

17  not  less  than  one  hundred   dollars  nor  more   than  five  hundred  dollars.      All 

18  records  as  above  described   shall  at  all  times  be  open  to  the  iii8j)ection  of 

19  sheriffs,  coroners,  constables,  city,  village   or  town    marshals,  chiefs  of  police 
0  or  iwhcemeh  of  any  city,  village  or  town  within  the  State  of  Ulinois. 

*^w»',.-..'3 «_  -*'i^u£M-''i 

'^^i^^'^A'Ji^j^'Vi.^^X^»C  -^r.':'^'ri^^:;;-.^".  .-«.';■  -,-'i*i.^Ljiti£ii«fc,sSflS«ii?^^ 


.•7::,'i«-.1     .■-,  .T'^  ■  .t,>.~Tf;7^,T)|tS 

.£■<...«    . 

lrA^ilkrA.«vtl-  -'i. 

■«.»L,..^  •aUJ^aA.' Aj-j.  ..■'w-_^»**/*tfc-i«X.V-'-jftc*4i^^         :  <.AJtktiijfc*'J 

35tli  Assem. 


1.  K*'(«Mve(l  from  House  May  11,  -W,  ami  ordered  to  first  reading. 

2.  First     rtiKliti'i    May    17,  1HH7,  and    orderod   to    becond    rea<ling    witliout 

:{.     Se(<)ii(l  n-Hdiiif,'   May  27,  lsH7,  arietided   and  ordernl  to  third  reading?. 


for  An   Act  to    tef,ailftte    the    nianufactiire,  traiisjMirtatioii    and  salf^    of   explosives, 
and    to   punish   an    iniprojwr   use  of  the   same. 

S     I  '  s  1.     Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  Oj'  lUmou,  reprexrjifed 

2  in  till-  (irnr'ntl  AH.icnihli/,  Thfit  any  jK^rson.  tinn,  con  pan y  or  corporation 
:i  who  •^liall  make,  manufacture,  comjxnind,  huy  or  sell,  or  otherwise  procure 
4  or  dispose  of,  or  hnug  within  the  limits  of  this  Stute  any  dynamite  or 
'}  any  nitn> cidorate  or  otlier  explosive  coinj)ound,  with  the  intent  to  use  the 
G    sunif.   or   tiiat    the   same  may   he   use<l  for   unlawful  injury  to  or  the   uulaw- 

7  ful   dt'stmction   of    life    or     property   whatsoever,   shall      )e   deemed   guilty   of 

8  felon>',  and  upon  conviction  thereof  shall  l>e  punisheti  by  imprisonment  for 
\)    a   term   of   not   than  hve   years  nor  more    than   tweuty-five   years. 

!;  J.     Any    person   ahettiriir   or   in    any   way   assisting  ii    making,   manufact- 
•2    urinj,',  compounding,  huying,  selling,  procuring,  disposing    jf,  storing,  removing 

3  or   transporting    any   dynan»ite,    nitro-chlorate   or  other    .'xplosive   compound, 

4  as    al)ove    named,    either    l»y    furnishing    the    materials,  ingredients,    skill, 

5  meai.s  or  lahor,  or  by  acting  as  agent,  or  in  »iny  maimer  acting  as 
0    accessory   l)efort,'  the    fa<'t,  knowing  or    having    reason     to  beUeve  that    the 

7  same   is   inteudetl  to  be  used   l>y   any  i)en>on  or  jwirsons  in  any  way  for  the 

8  uiduwful  iiijur>-  to  or  destruction  of  life  or  property,  shall  be  deemed  prin- 
'.)    cipal,   and   upon  conviction    shall     be    subject  ^to    the    tianie  punishment  an 

lOj' jprovidedj  in  ^section   one   of  this   act. 

§  3.     Any  person  Rolicitinfir  or  contTibuting  money  or  other  property  for  the 

2  manufacture,  sale,  transportation  or  use  J)f  said  explosive  conipoiimls,  knowiuj;  or 

3  haviug  reason  to  Itelievti  tliat  the  same  is  intended  to  l»e  used  for  any  unlawful 

4  destruction  of   life  or    proju-rtv.  shall    ht'  dt'emeci  ^niilty  of  a    fflony,  and  ni>on 

5  conviction,  shall  he  punished  hy  iniprisonnu-ut,  not  less  than  three  nor  rjiore  than 
C  twenty-live  years. 

§    1.     No  i)ersoii,  tiriii,  conipaiiN  or  corpuiation  hhail   make,  manufacture,  com- 

2  i)ound,  huy,  sell.  ])rocnrf,  disjiosc  of.  store,  kcej),  remove  or  transport,  hy  means 

3  of  any  public   or  private  couveyanc*',  o\er   land   or   water,  any  dynamite,  iiitro- 

4  chlorate    or    other  explosive   conijK)und,   for  any    i)urpose    whativer.  without  a 

6  i)erniit  for  such  pur|x>se,  sif^iie<l  hy  the  county  clerk  of  tlic  county  in  wiiich  such 
0  nianufacturinp.  sellinjj,  conipoundiiiK.   and   removal  or  traiisjx)r(!ition  is  desired 

7  to  \h^  done  and  duly  atteste<l    with  the  seal  of   said  ofhcial.     The  permit  shall 

8  si)ecify  the  ohjetd  for  which  the  permit  is  issued,  whether  it   he  to  manulactnre, 

9  buy,  sell,  or  have  transported,  any  sudi  compound  ;  and  tlie  said  othcer  issuing 
10  the  said  |)emiit  shall  keep  a  record  of  tlie  names  and  residences  of  i>ersons  to 
11 .  whom  such  |)ern)it  is  isKue<l,  and  the  purpose  for  wliich  said  explo  i\e  coTniwund 

12  is  to  he  used.     The  oflicer  authorized    by  tliis  act  shall   not  issue  such  |>ermit 

13  unless  satisfied  that  the  purpose  for  whicli  such  explosive  comjwund  is  to  be  ustnl 

14  is  a  lawful  one.      .\ny  person,  firm,  company  or  coi^Ktration  makiufr.  j>rocurinp. 

15  disixising  of,  storinfr,  keejHii}.',  removing  or  transiM)rting  any  sucJ!  comi>ound 
10  without  such   jM^nnit   shall    he   guilty   of  a  misdemeanor,  and    upon  conviction 

17  thereof ,  shall  be  subject  to  aline  or  imjjriRonment,  or  lK)th,  in  the  dis(  ntion  of  the 

18  court,  such  line  to   be  not  less  than  two  hundred  !ior  more  tlian  one  thousand 

19  dollars,  and  for  a  second  offense  shall  Ih'  deemed  guilty  of  a  felony  and  be  subject 
2()  to  imi>ris(muient  for  not  less  tlian  one  year  nor  more  than  five  years,  and  a  fine  of 
21  not  less  than  fiv(>  hundred  nor  more  than  two  thousand  dollars. 

§  5.     Any  perst)ii,  linn,  company  or  coriwration  who,  by  fraud,  deception  or 

2  misrepresentation,  shall  procure  the  transiK)i-tation  of  any  such  e.xplosivi'  com- 

3  pound  in  any  public    conveyance  shall    be  d(M'rne<l  sjuilty  of    felony,  and  U|>on 

4  conviction  shall  be  punisliKl  by  imprisonment  in  the  ]H?nilentiary  for  the  term 

-■:* " 

5  of  not  lesH  than  one  year  nor  more  than  five  yean,  and  a  tjae  of  not  lem  than 

a  tivo  lninden'd  nor  more  than  two  thousand  dollars. 

!;  5.     It  sliall  be  the  (hity  of  every  f)erson  in  this  State  to  whom  p<"rniit  shall 

2  he  ^'ranted  to  sell  or  otherwise  disiK)se  of  any  such  explosive  compound  as  altove 

3  dfbcril)fd,  to  keep  a  record  of  the  name  and  residence  of  every  jwrson  to  whom  he 

4  disposes  of  any  such  explosive  compound,  and  the  kind  and  amount  thereof,  and 

5  tlie  dat<'  of  such  transaction  and  the  purposes  for  which  such  compound  is  to  be 
(')  use<i;   and  such  record   shall  be  preserved  for  not  less  than  three    years.      All 

7  persons,    firms,    companies    or    corporations    trans{H)rting    any    of    the    al)ove 

8  compounds  shall  keep  a  record  of  the  name  and  residence  of  the  person,  firm, 
U  conipany  (jr  (•()ri)oration  forwarding  such  explosive  compound,  and  of  the  kind 

10  and  auKMut  forwarded,  to<?ethor  with  the  name  and  address  of  the  person,  firm 

11  company  or  corjxiration  to  whom  the  same    is  forwarded,  with  the  date  of  its 

12  receij)t  and  delivery,  and  no  traiisjtortation  company  shall  receive  any  such 
i;l  explosive  ( i)in{Kiuud  for  transfwrtation,  miless  the  same  Ls  labeled  a.s  to  its 
14  contcntK,  and  unless  a  [lermit  for  its  transportation  is  attached  thereto,  didy 
h~)  isKUfd  i)y  the  otiicer  authorized  to  issue  such  permits.  Any  violation  of  the  i)ro- 
IG  visions  of  this  section  shall  be  i)unished  by  a  fine  of  not  less  than  one  hundred 
17  dollars  nor  more  thati  five  hundnnl  dollars.  All  records  as  above  described  shall 
is  at  all  times  lie  open  to  the  ins|K'ction  of  sheriffs,  coroners,  constables,  city,  village 
li)  or  town  marshals,  chiefs  of  j)olice  or  policemen  of  any  city,  village  or  town 
'20  within   the  State  of  Illinois. 

Strike   out    all   after  section   o.   and  insert   the    following: 
!;  1.     That   no    person,  firm,   company  or    corporation    shall  uiake,  mauu- 

2  faitun    or   ( uinpound   witlun    the    limits   of     this   State     any  dynaujite,   iiitro- 

3  chlorate  or  other  e.vplosive    compomids    within  one    mile  of    any  inhabited 

4  dwelling,   and  no  person,  firm,   company  or    corporation  shall  make,   manu- 

-ii-a.>vL-    v..:i 

6  fftcture  or  compound  any  dynamite,  ^itro-chlorate  or  other  explosive  com- 
0  i)ound   without   a  ixiniiit    for    sut-li    puri)<)8p.  sifnied  by  the  connty   clerk   of 

7  the  comity  in  which  said  inaimfacturiii{:  or  compouiidiug  i»;  dcsirctl  to  be 
H  done,  and  duly  attested  with  the  seal  of  said  otticial.  And  tlit-  said  otiicial 
9  issuinf^   the   said    i>ennit   shall    keep   s  record    of    tlie    namcb  nud    residences  of 

10  persons   to   whom   such    writ  is   issued.       The    otiicer   autlu  rized    hy    this   act 

11  shall  n(it  issue  such  p<»rniit  unless  tlie  purpose  for  whidi  sai<i  explosive  or 
VI  compound  is   to   be  manufactured   is   a   lawful    one.     Any   })er8<ni.   linn,   coin- 

13  pany  or  corporation   making   any   such   compound   without  sudi   i)eriiiit  shall 

14  be  fjuilty   of  a  misdemeanor,    and    u})on     conviction   thereof  shall   be  subject 

15  to   a  tine  or   imprisonment,   or    both,   in    the  discretion   of    the   court,   such 

16  fine  to  1)6  not  less  than   two   hundre<i  dollars  nor  more  tlian   one  thousand 

17  dollars,   and  for    a  second   offense  shall  i>e  deemed   guilty   of  a  felon;,  and  \^e 

18  subject  to  imprisonment  in  the  i)enitentiar>-  for  not  less  than  one  year  nor 
ly  more  than  five  years,  and  a  fine  of  not  less  than  five  hundre<l  'lollars  nor 
20  more  than    two  thousand   dollars. 

§  .5.     That   no   |)erson,   firm,   company   or   coq»orition     shnll   st<>re    or   keep 

2  any  dpianiite,    uitro-chlorate    or    other    explosive    compound     witliin   three 

[3  hundred  yanls  of   any  inhabited   dwelling;  if   the  same  shall  be   Icxuted  without 

4  any  city,   nor  within   the  limits  of   any  city    except    in    conformity   with    tlie 

5  e.\istinn  ordinances  governing  the  storage  or  keejiin^  of  surli  explosive  com- 
0  pound.     Any  violation  of  the  provisions  of  this  section  shall   1k^    punished    by 

•  7  a  line  of  not  less  than    one    hundred    dollars    nor    more    than     tive     iiundred 

8  dollars. 

tj  6.     It  shall  be  the  duty  of  every    person    in    this    State    to    wlioiii    shall 

2  sell  or  otherwise  dispose  of  any  such  ex]>lo8ive   <i)ni|K)und  as   alnne   describe*!, 

3  to  keep  a  record  of  the  names  and   residence  of  every    person    to    wlioni    he 

4  disposes  of  any  such  explosive  comjwund,  and  the  kind  and  amount  theieof,  and 

5  the  date  of  such  transaction,  and  such  record  shall  be  preserved  for  not 
0  less  than  three  years.  All  persons,  firms,  companies  or  coriwratioiis  trans- 
7  porting  any  of  the  alx>ve  compounds  shall  keep  a  record    of    the    names    and 

u  «^  ^  X  -V- .  :..■  i"  !■'*.  -*  -■•  ■  f.  .-. 

'fc.*:-tJ.'\liifc  .£T.^'-.".*'w*i^'S^-*rTw 

ft  rosideiices  of  the  iierson,  firai,  conijiftny  or   Cor{>oration   forwarding  nich    ex- 

9  plosive  comiKJUTid,  and  of    tlio    kiml    aiul   amount    forwarded,    tom'^thcr    with 

10  tfie  naiiif  siiid  a<ldress  of  tlie  [h  rsoii,  linn,  conipiiuy  or  coqwration   to    whom 

11  the  siiiiH"  is  forwanlcil,  with  the  datf  of  its  i(!fM>ipt  and  dcUvery,  and  no 
1"J  transportation  conipany  sliall  rt'ccivc  any  siifh  explosive  compound  for  trans- 
1;5  p(»rtati(>n,  ludcss  llu'  same  is  marked  "explosive,"  "danjrerous,"  in  jilairdy 
11  li'i^nble  U;tttTS  on  the  outside  of  each  and  (>very  pa(ka<,'o.  Any  violation 
lo  of  the  pro\isions  of  this  seetion  shitU  lie  jumished  by  a  tine  of  not  less 
1(>  th;iti  one  hundred  dollars  nor   more   than    fivo    liundre<l    dolhirs.     All    records 

17  as    above    (hscribed    shall,    if    any    provision  of    this  iict  shall  hereafter    la; 

18  violattd  be  open  to  tlie  inspei  tion  of  the  j)rosecutin^  attorney  of  any 
!'.)  coiiniv  uIktc  any  sueh  vicdation  shall  occur  for  the  purpos<'  of  di'tectin^' 
2i'  iir  (■oii\  h  liiiL,'  the  person  or  prions  £,'uilty  of  such  violation;  Providiil, 
21  }iiiirri-,r.  tliit  the  provisions  and  restrictions  of  liiis  law  so  far  as  they  shall 
2J  or   ina\    relate   io   the  inanidiicture,   sale   or   traiinh-r   of   any   of  the   explosive 

2-'{  articles    tn'nin   eiunnorated   shall    not    apf)ly    to   any  such    articles   whi(di   shall  .    ; 

21  be   con-iiLMHil    to   any    point    willnmt    tlu'    limits    of   tliis    State   except    that  all  :■'> 

2^")  packages   ^iiall    he   marked   "explosive,"   "dangerous."  ;. 

^  7.     Any  person,    tirni,   coinpiny   or   corporation    who,    by   fraud,  <leceptirtn 

2  or    nii--rt'pnst!itation.   shall    pnicine   the  transportation  of  any   sueh   explosive 

;{  coinpiuind    in    any    piililic    conveyance   shall    be    deemed    j/uilly   of   hdoiiy,  and  .' , 

1  ujton   conviction   shall    be   piiiii>lie<l    by   iin|)risonnient   in    the    penitentiary  for 

f)  the  term    of   not   less  tlian   one   year   nor    tnore   than  five   years,   and  a   hn(> 

(1  of  not   less  than  live   hundri-d    dollars  nor  na^re  than  two  thousand  dollars. 

^ge-l'>»^  v:v  ■;"-'  «vi,  '--^  ■',■  ^f^w^-   ■      *■    if,*'-:   ^^"■^  ■  .■\■ 

'.7■^..^:^  ■•■^^■.■^^^^a^. '  i^rtP"^^- 

V*-      ■■  ''/*  >'^, 


■y   */',»    .: 


mh  Anmn.       HOUa£--lla  8l«*-tDi 

1 .  Reoeivfd  from  House,  April  2i),  1887. 

2.  First    reading  May    5,  1887.  and    ordered    to  second    reading    without 



For  An  Art  to  Htnend  section  123  of  an  act  entitled  "An  Act  to  extend  the 
juriwlictiori  of  county  courts,  and  to  provide  for  the  practice  thereof,  to 
fix  the  time  for  hoMinjf  the  name,  and  to  repeal  an  act  therein  named," 
approved  March  2<),  1874,  and  amended  by  an  act  approved  May  30, 1881 , 
and   to  repeal  aU    acts  and  parts  of    acts  in  conflict  therewith. 

Ssonoii  1.    Be  it  mmeted  &y  fk»  Tmfie  «f  Of  BiaU  of  Illinois,  repretenUd 

2  in   the  (irneral    Assembly,    That  section  123  of    an  act  entitled  "An  act  to 

3  extend  the    jurisdiction    of    county    courts    and  to    provide    for  the  practice 

4  tlHTcof,  to  fix  the  time  for  holding  the  same,  and  to  repeal  an  act  therein 
T)  nanifyl,  "  approved  March  26,  1874,  and  amended  by  an  act  approved  May 
(')  ;j<),  IHHI,   be   amended  so  as  to  read   as  follows: 

7  'Section    123.     Api>eals  and   writs  of  errors  may   l>e  taken  and  prosecuted 

8  from  the  final  orders,  judgments  and  decrees  of  the  county  court  to  the 
U  supreme  court  or  apiiellate  court,  in  all  cases  or  proceedings  except  probate 

10  matters,   and   in   all   probate  matters  appeals    shall  lie   to    the    circuit  court 

11  as  now  provided  by  law.     Such   appeals  and  \*Tit8  of    error  shall,  when  not 

12  otherwist^  provide<l,   Im;  taken  and  prosecuted  in  the  same  manner  a^  appeals 

13  from,   and  wTits  of  error  to,    circuit  courts." 

§  2.    AU    acts    and   parts  of    acts  in   conjQict    with  this    act  are   hereby 

2  repealed. 

ii4i^£iM^^^l  -^^.^  ^.;i.p:.&;:,v;MMsdW.i^*i:£^ 

''^A\¥-r;v''5Ti:.C'f;^:T;--jf^.5*f!5<i^3^^^  •HI'H'^®!'.*:!^  "  '♦^ ■,"',.{*'« r^/V. 

:r)lli  Assoni.  SKNATK— N...  67.  Feb.  18H7 

1.      I  i]ti')ilii(  111  li\'  Mr.  ()i>riii),   laiiiiarv  1!*,  l^wT.  and  unliTfil  to  )i^•^t  ifiicliiii.'. 
■J.      I"ir->t    II  ;i(|iiii,'   •Jaiiiiiuy   I'.l.    ISi^T,  ami    rcffrnd    to    ( 'omiiiitt<-f    oti    Canals 

alui     lilMTs. 

■  i.      liifj)oif c.l   l(a<k    Ft'liniarv  '.♦,    JSST.   passayt;  r«*»*()iiiiin'tnle(l,  atiil    orilt-rnl    to 
■>i(  lui'l   n-aiiiiii.'. 


"or  All   Act  to  H'liioNC    tilt'  (latii  across  the    Little   \Vh1)hs1i   Kivcr  at    New   Ha\cii, 
(iallatiii  (  oimt y.   Illinois,  and  for  niakinj.'  an  a|t|>ro|)riation  tlicn-for. 

Sk.ction  1.     Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  Die  State  of  lUivnix,  reprr.-tenfed 

•J  "'  ///'  (iiii'i'il  Assiitililii.  'I'liat  tlic  Canal  Conitnissioncrs  of  the  State  of 
■  \  llliinus  -hall,  uithin  six  nionfhs  after  this  lull  hccoiiies  a  law.  remove  or  cause 
I     ti>  111'  niiioviil.  fhr    (lam    airos-.    the     Little   Wahash   Kiver    at     .\e\\     Haven, 

"i     ( iailal  Ml   ( '■  Mint  s .    Illinois. 

■;     -'.        /'■•         '■'       lilltllil       ilKI'tn/      1,11      till-       I'fti/i.'f      i,f      till-       Sfllti-       iif        lllilluis, 

1  I  >  j.i ,  -,  1,1-  il  III   til,    (iniiin!  Assmilihi.    That   the  sum  of   three  hundred  dollars, 

•  i  or  so  iniH  h   thereof  as  may  h:'  m  c -,>ary.   he    appropriateil  out   of   the  treasury 

1  out   ot  any   funds  not  otherwise    appropriated.  h»r  the  puriwyse  of    makiiif/  sindi 

•")  remo\al. 

^  ■>       The    \uilitoi   of    I'lihlir    \<(  ount>  Is  heiehy  authorized  anil  directed   to 

1  drau    his  warrant   on    the    State  Treasurer  for  three    hundred    dollars,  or   such 

d  part    lit    the    >,ime    as    may  he    i.ipiired.    to    the    order    of    the    said    Canal 

1  CommisNionfrs,  and   the  State  Trea->urer  shall    pay  the  same  out  of  ariv  funds 

.')  in  the   State    Treasury  not  otherwi'^e  appropriafe<l. 

!l'>lli   \<s(Mn. 

srwii:— No  <;;. 

r<«h.  1H«7 

I.         I  hi  II 'iil|ii-,|    |j\     \Il      I  >|  LMM,    ■!    lMil:U  ,     1'.'.     !  N'^T  .    ;i  1 1 .  i    o|  .  1 .    i  i  1 1     tnlir^t    F  ■  •.•|i  1 1 II '_' 

_'.      I'li^I    iiMiliii'_'   •laini.irx    I'l.  Is-^i",    iinl    trtfirid   In  ( ■|i|iiiiiitttT  mu    ( ':iiial>  iiriil 

I  I'l  V  i|  ■-. 

■>.       lu'jii  irtiil    iiink    |-'iliiil;ii  \    .!>.   I^"^i.  |i;i^'''    i  ••(•!  iiiiiiitii(|f,l,  iiini    ittrrri<l    t<i 

'    Mlnmit  I  cr  1  i!l    ,\|lp|ii|in,l!  loll-- 
I  I;     IMlti.i    ii  |(k    I'l-lil  N;il  \    21.    l^-i?.    :llhl   iil'l'li'.i   Id   --i'coIkI    ii'lliliriL;. 


I'lir   All     \fr    Im   v,-ui"\,-   tiif  i|:iii:    aii..^-,   ri;.      i.;trl.     \\',ili:(-ti    \i,\i\    at     \  >  w    Ha\fii. 
(•aliatih    (  i)iiiit\.    lUiih'i^.    :ii|l    III    In  r,    I.;   a'l    a|i|ii  ii|i)  iai  imh    1  ihi  .•lor. 

S1VT1..S   1.      ;;,•   //  rnarted  ly   iJic  P,ujJ,    ,,f  the   Sf,if>-  of    7"  -    ./x.   /,;■•,         '     ' 
'-'     '"    '/''     i'l,  iiifii'i    .\s'<ii)ihi  I.    Tliat     '111      <  aiial    ( 'Miiin;i--^MniT^    >)f     tlir    Staff    nt 

•  >      llliiiiii'-     -hail,    uitliiii     >r\     iiiii|itli~     all'i    till-   ImII     Im.iii]'-     a     la\^.   itinoxr   m 
I      caU'-c  tn    111     litiiiA  ni.  till-   ilain    nil.--    llic    i.iitii-    \\al.a-li    lIiVfTai     Niw    lla\tli. 

•">      (  lallatlli    (   (iillitx      iJlllH)!-. 

,^    ■_'.        /.''     '/    liirtlhi     ,n,irl,(l    hii   III.      I',,, 1,1,     III    ill,      S'.il,     nt     l/lniiiis.   n  /II '  ■>,  III,  '/ 

■J      •//    l/n    (ii'iii'i'   A^^i  III/" '1.    I  hat    till'   -iiiii   lit    thiic   hinnlri  i|   ilollai-.   or  -o   imih  h 

•  {     tlnriM»l   a-^   iiia\    hf   iiiTCN^;ir\ ,    ht    a|i|iii>|iiiaf  "mI    mit    uj     tht     tira-iuv    mit    nl    ati\ 
1      tiniil^    lint    iithiTUi-c    apjil  iiplMti  i|.    j.ii    till'    |iiii|i.i-i-    111    iiiaklliL,'    -mil    liliimal. 

;;■    ■'(.        'I'll.-    Aililltiir    nf     I'llhllr      \iiii:,nt-    !-     h.   I.l.\     allthcili/.'.i    allil      ililtrtf.j     tn 

•_'  draw  hi-  uairaiit  mi  rh(  Stat.  'Ir'a-ini  Im  tir  -iiii!  nl  l!ir«i-  liiiinlii'.i 
■  1  iliijlai-.  Ill  -ill  li  I  |iair  111  till  -III!,  :i-  !iM\  ill  i.-.|  I.I  III.  ..|.!.|  lit  -iiiij 
1       (anal    ( 'iiiiiliii--i.iiH'l-.    aliij    tin     St  it,       Ti.-t-iiiii     -hall    pi\     thr    -aiiii-nilt    nt    ali\ 

•")     liunl^  III   till'  Statr  'I'lca-iii'v  imt   nth'i\\i-<'  ap|»iiipriatril. 

.S:.tli  AssiMii.  IIOI'SI-:  -  N,).  <;K— 111  SMiato.         April  1887 

1  l;.i.l\.il    'i    .|ri     Iloli-i      .\|Hll     I.     1sh7.    ;iri,j    Midrl.ij    to    (list     IfU'lili!.'. 

1'       lirst     naditfL'     April    I'J.    |NS7,    itinl    oiilcifil    {•■     sccdihI    icjuIiiii,'     uitlnnit 

A    BILL 

I'dl     \n     \it    111   rt|»iil   ><'(tici|i   sj\t\-ti\f   (t).'ii   1)1    an   ait    i-ntitlcd    "Ari    act    in    ii'iiai'il 
i<'  |>r  (<  til  ••  111  ( .Hirt--  ni  r.cdni,  "  ap|iinv»'<i  Kclird.iiy  22.  I'hTl'.  in  foicf  .liil)  1 .  1^72. 

Si.  I  i.  IN  1  Be  if  '■nnrfrd  hfi  the  People  of  the  State  of  Tllinmx.  re]>n'sinl,-,l 
2  VI  thi-  (inifnil  Asst'vihli/.  That  srctKHi  sixty-live  (♦Wi  of  hu  lut  eiititlfci  'An  act 
;t  in  rt-j^ard  t(»  prwtice  m  courts  of  rcconl,  "  HpprovtKl  P'uhruary  'i2,  IH7'2.  in  forc«» 
4     July  1,  1M72,  !)♦■  hikI  the  same  is  hereby  rejK'aled. 

3r,{h  Assoin.  SENATE— \o.  tlO.  Voh.  ls«7 

1       liitiixliK  I'd     I'V     \Ir.  (  lalirrf',    .liiiiiiai-\     l'.»,     IHST    aini     (inlt'ird    t<'    tirst 


J       lir-~t   ri'iiiliiii:  .laimary    1'.',    l.ssT,  hihI   ictci  ltd   to  (OuimitttM-  on  JikIk  ihi>  . 
■  '■>.     l"ihiii;ir\    IT),  1SS7.  ri'ixuffd  liack.  |ia>sai_'<'  n-<<iiiimt'iidfd.  and  urdtrtd  to 
^((■ond   iradirii:. 


or  An  Alt  to  aniciitl  x'Ctmn  Tliirty-two  :52  '  of  an  art  t-ntitU-d.  '  An  lut  in  re^'ard 
to  t\idf!uc  and  depositions  in  civil  tase>,'  apprnvt'd  March  '2S>.  IH12.  m 
toiTf  .lulv    1.  187i'. 

Six'TioN   1.     Bt   it  euactffl  by  the  People  of  the  Stale  of   Illinois,  rtjut.s- (.■;>  ! 

1  III  I'll,    (ii  ih  Ass.iiihiii,  That   section  thirty-two  .;}•_'>  of  an  a<'t  entitled       \?i 

:">  act   III  rr'.'ard  to  e\  liifiicf  and  depositions  m  civil  cases."  a|)pn)\('d  Mah  li  J'.). 

I  \><'\-i,  in   toice  .luly    1.   i«7'J,  \)v  and  tin-  same  i,>  hereli\    aiiu'iidcd  so  as  to  it  ad 

o  as   follows: 

*■>  >et;!oii  ;;j.     it  shall  not   he  lawful  for  any  party  lititrant.  or  the  clerk  of  the 

7  court    into  which  .iny  de|.osi;;.!ri   nia\     he    returned,  as    aforcsaiil.  to  hnak  tin- 

s  seal  of  tht    s.iiiie,  eithci    in   term    time  or    in    vacation,  unless  hy   written  eon 

M  sent   of   tile    parties    thereto    or  their  attorneys,  or  hy  the  onler  of    the    t.mrt 

10  duly  entered  of  record.     And    if   any    sucli    pel  son    or  clerk    shall    [tresiime  to 

11  open  any   such  tleposition   uheii  taken  ami  retiirnetl  as  aforesanl,  without  such 
J-J  consent  or  order  of  the  court,  as  aforesanl.  lie  shall  he  cousidered    L'uiltv    of  a 

10  contempt   i)f  court,  and  may  l)e  pumshe.!   acconhnL'ly  :      l'r,,rulf,l.  fli;if   it   sluill 

11  ""'    h.    loiisid.reil   an   offense   f(,i    the  elerk   to  hreak  ()|H'ii   any    sueli   d.po-,iii,,ri. 
1-'.  as  afori-aid.  uli.-n   if   is  douhitul,  from  the  indorsements  made  thereon,  uhether 

1<)  the  sMllle    he    a    deposition    o|     not  .    hut    III     such     case,    it    shall    not    he    piopei     tor 

1(  siicli   ch'ik   tti   |>f!iiiit    ;iii\    ]>ciM)ii   1(1  fxaiiiiiit'   iiiis    ilt'|Ki>itii)ii  uIikIi  lua;.   !•(    tliu> 

IM  (ipclit'd    ip\     Illlsti'kr,    until    till'    ((illSfllt    (if    tllC    pmlH's    lU    tllclt    llttnri/r\v     !-    tiist 

I!*  liitd     aii<l  ()l>tHiiic(l  tlificfdr.   as  Htoifsaid.  or   until   tlir  ((Uilt   sliall    liaxt-  >  iitticd 

ill  the  (irdt'i    therefor,   a^  atitresaid. 

35th  Amm.      HOUSE—No.  69-Ib  Saute.      May  1887 

1.  Received  from  House  May  11,  1887,  and  ordered  to  first  reading. 

2.  First  reading   May   17,  1887,  and   ordered   to   second   reading   without 



For  An  Act  to  amend  section  fifty-seven  (57),  and  section  nxty-^onr  (64),  (rf  an  act 
entitled  "An  Act  in  regard  to  roads  and  bndges  in  oounties  under  township 
organization,  and  to  repeal  an  act  and  parte  of  acts  tiierein  named,"  approved 
June  23,  1883,  in  force  July  1, 1863.  '  " 

Skction  1.    Be  U  enaeUd  if  iKe  People  of  ih»  BtaU  of  IBmou,  repretmfM 

2  in  tlte  GtTwral  Assembly,  That  section  fifty-seven  (57),  and  section  wxty-foar  (64) 

3  of  an  act  entitled  "An  act  in  regard  to  roads  and  bridges  in  counties  under  town- 

4  ship  organization  and  to  repeal  an  act  and  parts  of  acts  therein  named,"  approved 

5  June  23,  188;),  in  force  July  1,  1883,  be,  and  the  same  is  amended  to  read  as  fol 

6  lows,  to-wit: 

7  "Section  -TI.     Public  roads  may  be  estabhshed,  altered,  widened,  or  vacated, 

8  on  townsliip  or  county  lines,  or  from  one  township  to  another,  and  in  case  a  rail- 

9  road,  right  of  way,  or  stream  of  water,  joins  the  boundary  line  of  such  township 

10  or  county,  or  crowds  a  pubhc  road  from  such  township  or  county  line,  then 

11  along  the  line  of  such  radroad,  right  of  way,  or  stream  of  water,  in  the  same 

12  manner  as  other  pubhc  roads,  except  that  in  such  case  a  copy  of  the  petition 

13  shall  be  jwsted  up  in,  and  presented  to  the  commissioners  of,  each  town  intor- 

14  ested,  said  petition  to  be  as  in  other  cases,  and  signed  by  not  less  than  twelve 

15  land  owners,  residing  in  either  township  or  county,  within  three  miles  of  the 
1(5  road  so  to  be  altered,  widened,  vacated,  located  or  laid  out ;  whereupon  it  shall 

.;,,    17  be  the  duty  of  the  oommimiooean  of  the  seTflnl  towii»  to  IBM*  n4  tek  jm  aa» 

18  body,  in  the  same  time  and  manner  as  in  other  oases,  in  considering  the  ]ietitioD, 

19  viewing  the  premises,  adjusting  damages,  and  making  all  orders  in  reference  to 

20  Huch  proposed  road,  alteration,  widening,  or  vacation,  and  a  majority  of  all  such 

21  commissioners  must  concur  in  all  such  orders;  and  a  copy  of  all  final  orders,  and 

22  plats  and  papers  shall  be  filed  and  recorded  in  each  of  the  counties  and  towns 

23  interested." 

24  "Section  64.    All  roads  heretofore  or  hereafter  laid  out  upon  town  or  county 

25  lines,  shall  be  divided,  alotted  and  kept  in  repair  in  the  manner  as  hereinbefore 

26  directed.    Any  public  road  that  is,  or  shall  here^ter  be,  laid  out  on  anj  county 

27  or  town  Line,  and  in  case  a  railroad,  right  of  way,  or  Htream  of  water  forms  the 

28  boundary  line  of  town  or  county,  or  crowds  the  public  road  off  from  such  town 

29  or  county  line,  then  the  road  alongside  of  such  railroad,  right  of  way,  or  stream 
dO  of  water,  shall  be  held  to  be  a  road  on  a  county  or  town  Une,  although  erring  to 

31  the  topography  of  the  ground  along  said  county  or  toMm  line,  or  at  the  crossing 

32  of  any  stream  of  water,  the  proper  authorities  in  estabUshing  or  locating  such 

33  road  may  have  located  a  portion  of  the  same  to  one  side  of  such  county  or  town 

34  line,  or  railroad  right  of  way,  or  stream  of  water." 

1.  Received  from  Honse  April  27,  1H87,  and  ordered  to  first  reading. 

2.  First   reailing  April    27,    18K7,    and  referre<i  to  Comniittee  on  Judicial 

8.     Reported  back  May  12,  1H87,  passage  reconmiended,  and  ordered  printtMl 
and  to  Hecond  reading. 


For  An   Act  to  provide  for  the  projM»r  care  an<l  management  of  county  cemetery 


SEonoM  1.  Be  ii  enaded  hy  ike  JVoyfc  tf  A»  BM§  ti  iZtoiou,  represmUd 
2  in  t/ie  General  Assembly,  Tliat  where  any  groundH  have  heretofore,  or  may  liere- 
y    after  be  conveyed  to  any  county  in  this  State  for  burial    places,  it    shall    be 

4  lawful  for  the  board  of  HUi)erviK()rs  in   counties    under    township    organization, 

5  and  the  county  commiKsioners  in  counties  not  under  township  organi/ution,  to 

6  appoint  three  trustees  to  take  (.luuge  and  control  of  such  grounds. 

§  2.     It  shall  be   the  duty  of  sucli  trustees,  as  soon  as   may   be,  aft<^r    their 

2  appointment,  to  hold  a  meeting  and  organize,  by  appointing  one  of  their  nundjer 

3  president,  and  another  one  of  their  number  clerk,  whose  duty  it  shall  be  to  ke(  p 

4  a  record  of  all  their  otiicial  acts  in  a  book  to  l)e  provided  for  that  purjMjse,  and 

5  the  trustees  shiUl  also  apjM>irit  a  treasurer,  who  may  or  may  not  be  one  of  their 
G     number,  who,  before  entering  uj>oii  the  duties  of  his  oHice,  shall  i.'ive  bond,  with 

7  security,  payalile  to  the  People  of  the  State  of  Illinois,  for  the  use  and  U'netit  of 

8  the  county  in  which  the  grounds  arc  sitiiateii,  in  such  sum  as   tlie  judge   of   the 

9  county  court  may  require  for  his  aj>i)rovHl  for  the  safe  care  and  management  of 
10    all  the  moneys  which   may  conif  into  his  possessicm  as  such  treasurer. 

ij  3.    It  slial!   l«'    th(!  duty  of  the  treasurer  to  keep  a  correct  account  of  all 
2    moneys  received  and  paid  out  by  iiim,  in  a  i>ook  to  Ix.*  provided  for  that  puriKwe, 

3  and  to  loan,  at  intereHt,  on  noteu  with  approved  slHjurity,  al]   amotiTitR  not 

4  necessary  to  l)o  reserveil   for  ex|)eiiseH.  to   keep   the   grouiuls  in  ^ood    repair, 

6  under  tlie  direction  of  the  trustees,  and  shall   nmke  settlenjent  with  the  trus- 
G  tees  in  January  of  eath  year,  and  tlie  truhtees  or  county  l»oard  of  sujicrvisors 

7  or  commissioners  in  counties   not   under  townsliip  organization,  may,  at  any 

8  other   time,  require    the   treasurer,  as   often  as   tliey  may  deem    hest,  to  make 
y  full   reiKirt,  and   for  a  failure   to   make   satisfactory  report,  may  he  discharged 

10  and  soujc  other  shall  he  ap|)ointed   iii  his  place,  and  suit  shall  be  commenced 

11  on    his    bond,  whenever    deeme<l    necessary,  for  the   safety  of   the   fnTids   that 

12  shall  have  been  receivwl  by  him,  in  his  official  capiu-ity. 

§  4.     The   trustees   provided   for  in  this  act  may  cause  any  such  ^'rounds  to 

2  be  surveyed  into  lots,  streets   and  alleys  of  such  size  and  shaj>e  as  they  think 

;]  bt^t    for    proper   nianafjenu'nt   thereof,  and    cause  a  plat  of   the    survey  to  be 

4  made  and  reonhMl  in  the  recorder's  ofliic  of  the  proper  county,  and  may  also 

T)  sell  and  maki-  deeds  of  conveyance  of  H?iy  lots,  or  parts  of  lots,  for  family  or 

6  individual  use  for  burials,  at  such    price    and    such    terms  as  they  may  think 

7  best,  to  create  a  fund  to  keep  the  (n"oimds  in  good  repair,  and  purchase,  where 
H  necessary,  additional    grounds    thereto,  and    any  sale    so    made   shall  a  est    the 

9  i)urchaser,  or  his   legal   representatives,  with    the   right  to  make  any  iiuprove- 

10  luents   on    the    part    so    purchased,  us    he    may   desire,  subject    to    any  general 

11  rules  or  regulations  of  the  truste<'s.     Tlie  trustees  shall  also  have  the  right  to 

12  decide  and  direct  the  depth  all  graves  shall  Im'  dug,  and  to  set  apart  any  |)or- 

13  tion  of  the  grounds  for  the  burial  of  paupers. 

§  5.     Where    any  county  boaid    has    heretofore   ap(K)inted    trustees    to   take 

2  charge  of  county  cemetery  grounds,  and  such  trustees  have  jHirformed  any  acts 

3  by  virtue  of  their  ap|>ointment,  which  would  not  be  inconsistent  with  the  pro- 

4  visions  of  tliis  law,  such  acts  are  hereby  legalized,  and  the  treasurer  and  trus- 
6  tees  so  apj)ointe«l  shall  be  hereafter  subject  and  governed  by  the  provisions  of 
0  this  act. 

';'-■■■  '■   '-.I 

§  6.    The  ooonty  board  shall  have  the  power  to  remoye  from  dfioe  any  J 

2    trastee  appointed  by  it,  and  to  lill  all  vacancies  which  may  in  any  way  occar.  .3 

$  7.    The  com]>ensation  of  the  trustees  and  treasurer  mentioned  in  the  fore-  '■% 

2  going  sections  of  this  act  shall  be  fixed  by  the  board  of  supervisors  in  counties  | 

3  under  township  organization,  and   by  the  county  commissioners  in  counties 

4  not  under  township  organization,  of  the  respective  counties.  J 

a-..*;.I'ir-'^    j-*»  . 



4ji!^l^?4^*  ':■■"*••"''  W:S^^jF" 

n:,fl,  As.,...,.  SKNATK— \<>.  71.  Feb.  IHft^ 

I.      Ilitlniiili  tii     l)\      Ml.    •loli!iM)|i,    ■liiiiiiiii\      I'.',     l'^'~*(.     ■tii<i     "f.ii'ic.l    to    hist 


■J       l-'ii--t    riiiiiiuy   .i;iiiiiiii.\    ]'.).  IHsT.  ami   i.tfiicl   In  Cuiiiiiiitti-f  on   -I lulK-iarv. 
:;,     I!tjM)itr,l    liark     i-\-lii-iiHi\    |ti.    IHsT,    iia^-^au'c    n-coiii.iH udcd,   and    ordt-n'd 
to   second    r<"ndinti. 


For   An   Act    coiiccriuni;    Fees   and   Costs. 

Si.  i'..\   1.      Bf  if  I'luiiifd  by  the  People  of  the  St/itf  of   TlUfinis,  reprntentetl 

•1  in  th<    <;>■„.  Kil  Assriiilihi.    'I'lifit   w  liini'Vci'  aiiv  |iMrty  to  any  suit  or  |.ro(  •■.■dini; 

;i  m    any  court    ol    record    m    tins   State,  desires  to  take  an  appeal  or  prosecute 

1  a    writ    of   error    from    any   Jndu'nieiit.    or    decree   of    such    court,    rendered    in 

.")  any    sudi    -.uil    or    proceeding',  to    the    .\p|)ellale  or   Supreme    Court,  and  shall 

(i  present     to     the    (lerk     of    sucli     coiirt.    \vlier<-    -ucli    juduMiient    or    decice    W:is 

7  rell.leled.    :i     fair    cop>     ot     till      hill    ot     e\eeptlon-,    or   ceiliticate   of    exulence.    or 

,s  other   i>apeis  ot    record    lit   siK  h   caii-e.   nec^-^^.ar>    to    he    traiiscrihed.    the   clerk 

,,  .,i|.,ii    ,,,,,      III    iiiidxiiii:    up    the    lrans(iipt    of     the     recrd     t(U-    sucdi    aj)peal    or 

|,l  ^^,1,     ,,l     eriol.     he     allowed      ally      lee-      or      costs      for      (opyiiiy      siiih      lull     ot 

II  exception-,    ..rliticate     of     ,.\l<|elMe      ■.)     other     papers,     of     uhldl    .■0|.l.s    are     -o 

I  '  pre-.etited    to    iiuii,    I'Ut    sii.ili    he    allowed     three    cents    hn     each    on.     hundred 

I  ;  ,^\,,,-,|^     toi    lompaiine     -U(  h     eopie-     \Mth     the     (Ui'_'inals.    oi     with    the    re(urd 

I  J  ,l„, ,.,.,,!.    ;,,id    loi    ...rrectim:    aii>    erroi-    in    tht     -aiiie.    and    no   more      And   m 

1.-,  ,.ouiitie-    ol    the    -eeond   aiid   tliird    <  ia-.   tile   patty  tumishinu   siHdi  traii-cnpt. 

IC  ,,iid     wh-     -hall     h.      -ucce-sllll     oli     -.lieh     aj.peal     ol      Writ    o!     el  ro|  .    -hall    l.'Coser 

17  as    eo^ls    .iL-aiii-t    till'    unsucce--ful    pait\     iiot    turni-hm-    -uch    tian-cript.    t.n 

is  .-ents    toi     .a.  I:     on.-     hundre.l     wonl-    ther.-ol.     atal     in    c.tuntie-    of    the    first 

|'.»  class,  tifteeii    cents   for   each   one    liundrwl    w.«rds  thereof,  tofjctlicr  with   stu  h 

^^^.AiLti^j^^J^^I^&v,..'.  ■*. 

■2(t  Otllt'l      (•(»^t^     as     max      \u-     nlllP\Mi|     li\      IllW          l'inr,<l,,i,    tlial      lll(       jtarth"-    to    sllcll 

-I  a|»pt'nl    (ir     wilt     I't     ciini.    iiia\      li\     anirriiiciit .    Iia\r     1m     miilmii;,     l<iil     n\ 

11  i-\(f|itl(ills.    (U      ctTtlticalr    (i|      .v  hiflii  1   .     Ulrica. I     ol      ;i    <n|i\.     II  ](  n)  | ..  .|  ;il  i     1     III     -IKli 

.ii  tlHiisci  ipf     1)1     till      ii-coid.     uitiioiit     |)a,\lli^'.    (i|     lifilit;     liaiili       Ic     |'a.\  .     :tii.\     tics 

24  or   costs    tlit-retoi. 

:r)|h  Assom.  SKN ATI:— No.  71.  March  1887 

I.     Intr(><liic»'(l  liy  Mr.  Joliiisoii,  JaiiUHiv  1'.*.  1,SK7.  and  ordered  to  Hrst  readilii; 
J       First  rcHdinjr  Jtimiary  lU,  |hm7,  and  n-ferrt-d  to  (  'iininitte*-  on  .Iiidi<iHr\ . 
:i.     Hcported  liack  l-'ebruHry   Hi,  18HT,  passm^t-  reconinn-jidwl,  and  order(>l  to 

second  r<'Hdin<,'. 
I.     Second  reu<linp  March  2M.  1>SH7,  amende*!,  and  urdenni  to  third  reailnij;. 

>   V 

For  An  Act  ooncrrning  Fees  and  (  osts. 

?      :tn\  1,     Jlf  it  enacted  by  the  PmjJr  of  the  Fitale  of    Jli^noi:,  r:  <rr         ,1 
1     ill    ilif    (rriifnil   Ansnnlihi.    That    wliencN er  any  party  to  any  suit  or  proceeding 
■  \     in    iinv    <-oiirt    of   record    in    this   State,  desires  to  take  an  appeal  or  prosecute 
1     !i    writ    of    error    from    any   judLMnent.    or   decree    of    such    court,    remlered    in 
•">     iiii\    such    suit    or   procet'dinj.',    to  the    ApiM-Mate   or    Supreme    Court,  and    shall 
(>     pifsfiit    to   till'    cli-ik    of    such    cciurt.     where    such    ju<ltrment    or    decree    was 
7     rendered.   :i    fair  copy  of   the    hill   of  e.\ce|)tions,  or  i-ertiti<ate  of   e\idence.  or 
S     ofhei    papers    not    of    record    ill    such    cause,    necessary    to    he  transcrihed.  the 
'.)     clerk    shall,    in    makiii':    up    thi'    transcript    of    the    re<-ord    for  sucli   appeal    or 
Id     writ    of    eiroi.    he  allowed    three  cents  for  ea<ti  one  liiindred   words,   f(»r  coin- 
11      paring'    such    copies    with    the    oritrinals,    or    with    the    record    thereof,   and    for 
\1     correctini.'    aii\    errors    in    the   same:      I'mrulril,    that     in    no    ease    shall    the 
hi     fee    for    siich     service^     \i  ■     les>    than     one    ilollar      and    he    sliall    insert    siudi 
It     (.ipy    III  the    record  and  certify  to  the  same  as  part  thereof.     .\nd  in  counties 
h")     (if   the    s.eoiid    and    third    class,    the    jtarty    furnishing:    such    trans<Tipt.   and 
Id     who    shall    he    surcessful    oil    such    appeal    or    writ    of   error,    shall    recover    as 
17    costs    a^raiiist    the    unsuccessful     party    not    funushniiT     such    transcript,    t^-n 
|S     cents    lot    each    oil.'    huiidied     woi'ds    tlieteof.    and    in    counties    of    the    first 
U»    ( las!,.   tilteeii   vvu\>  fur  each   cue   linudieil    wordu   the»ei;f,   t«>gethei  with  bi,ich 


Jil  otlu'V   fosts    if^    iiiav    lif    ittidwi-il    li\     \u\\        l'iuin/>,/_    tliHt   till-    jtHrtics  tn  siicli 

•21  jtpjM'Hl    or    writ    of    ciroi,    mux.    li\     MifrtTUK'Ht ,   liavf  flie  (ii'i(;irii<l    l>ill   of  r\(fi> 

2'2  tioiis,    or    cfrtificatf    of    t\  nlfii<«'.     mvlcjid     of    a     copy,     iiicoriioratt'd    in     sudi 

l-\  tiHiiscnjit    of  tlic   tt'((Hii.   without    paying:,   m    Iu'Iiil'   IihIiIc   to    pay.    aii>    fus 

'J.-i  or    (.•o>ts    tlu-rt-for. 

A.MMi.  <i'\  \TK— Nn  7.S.  ItI).  Isn; 

h,'  I .    i  ,,  .  .|  i.\    M  1  ,  (       I  ■  1-.    .I.iiii,,.!  \    I '.I.  I -^^7.  .iri'i  ..i.i.ii  .1  to  lii  -!   I.   piiiiL'. 
;i    •    ii   1^1,1 1-_   .!  Ill  ,  I  ■  \    I'l     I  'ns,'     iiiJ  i.t'i  ii-'i  III  (   .iiiimitlc-c  Mfi  .iii'lii  ;it  \ 

!;.|i,.il.     I     i   ■;■■    ■        l'il|ii'\     -.''i.    W'-T.    |':(^--:i'.'>'     !•■(  irliilih  l|.|>  i|.   IIImI     "rJ-ri'l     li 

-.    ,    .  ,||.i     I.      ..|     ;_ 

A   \M\Aj 

1  '.  '!       \  ■        \<   :     :    I      II  111   I  111     vi  I   I  ,.  ,1,     r  ;v  .  ,    ,  .(      ij  i  -,  i^h  i|:     l.  m  l  t<  •■H     '  ■!      I   l:;i|iti-|     t  !,  Ii  t  \    i  )  u'  1 1 1     'it 

•i,.       I;.    ,  •-  .1     ^I,il  III.-    .^1     till-    >I-|t.-. 

'/,,      (l.iurn'    .\  ■-■  III '■  .1.     'I'll!';       -titliih       i  \\  ■  1      III       ill'.l-^liiM       fnUltiill     '.!       ihlijifi?- 

;  !  i:;l  !  \    .   i-I^I     • ''■     II..       I  .' '    .'-■■!     '>  t    1 1    lI''-    ■  i'     I  i,!-     ^   .     |.|   .     lli.l     I  h.      -llnr     '-     )!.   |.  |.\ 

i  III  .   I     !•  ■!     I  "     |i;i'i     .-i-     '■  ''i.  i'.\  -  . 

,  ^,  ,!,,.',     J          UiiMiiVtl     .M\     |»i-iit;        h.lll      III'    I  I  i||i|i   llili.ii      III    --ilttfl     ill    I'll      li\ 

t,  iiiiiL'iliL'      ''I     iii\    iiit.'i-    'il      '.'.li.iii    -ill  I;     I'lt—iii    -Iriii      i.'.ivi-    I'lfi,     1  t  in  >.  II  1 1  il     ii, 

7  ,f\     ...'III     ■.'      Ihi-    "^Iili.    -'i.  il    |i|ii:-lilii.  Ill      -i;  ill     II.     ilillii  t.  .j    witliiii     III.      \'.tli-. 

v  ,,l     lii.      |i|i--..|;     ii:     li.i      (i.M;I\     il       Uliicli     -.|.   h    (  .  .Ii  \  ;.  I  |.  .| ;     -|i;ii|      Imm      I:ik.  h     j>|;|i.   , 

'I  ,,1     wiriii!      :iii    i-ln   '. .-  i !  !■      ,i'l  |i 'III !  •  "J    -ill  I:      |>i:-.ili.    .11      >\ill!lli     liir    Wml-    .'t      .III.'    lit 

[ii  ij,,     |„  I.,!,  lit  i;ii  il  -  III    ti'l-    ^lali          \l|ii    It    I-    lull  li\     lii.nli     tliiiliit\   lit    till     jii.i.ji- 

1]  |i!,.||...ii.    lij    -ill  h    -.lit.  In  1       I"    ill  -iL'Miit.     wh.-r.     -iii  h    |iiiiii-liiii..|if    -hull      !..•    ii, 

!_'  |lji  i.-,|  .     iinl    III    I  :i-i     111     ri'iiil    iililil-     -iK'li    |iillil-liliii.tit     111    lit-    iiitllctiil     111    till' 

|.;  |.,!.il.  lit  I  II  \  ,    tliili    It    sliidi    i.i     ill.'    .iutx    ot     tilt-    -lidlll    ot     till      r.ililit\     111    uliK'li 

II  -mil\ii-tMti    I-   li'ul.   til  (■.iir\t'\    -iicli  cmix  nf  t-d     in-r-Miii   In  tin      |M.|iifi-?it  i;ir\ 

1 '.  -11  i|. -iL'irtt.'ii    l'\    -iiJil    iiiiii  t,  \'> 'I  hiii   t\\>'iit\  ii;i\-atti.i    tin-  a.ijniit  nnifiif    lln'i't. 

|i,  \|,,i    It    ,,    hi-nl  y   mail.'   tli.'   .Inlv    ..I     tin-    uitnlfii   of     fli<-   |i<'nitftitiiir>-   -o  ilcsi^- 

17  iiiitiil     t.i   in  iiM'   ami    -atfU      ki.t|>   Midi    |)cr-Miii    until     tiu'     tunc   tixcil        a     tlit- 

I -,  |iitl!(  III.'     Ill    -iicii    iiiitii-litiiinl .    aiiil    tlnTi   «'\fciitc   tilt     iifiifT   (il     -jiiil    ciiiiit.   aiiil 

I'l  iiitlic  t    -iicli    iiinn-liiiit  lit     ill   ai  (  iiiilaiicf   ssitli   law.  and    iii   tin-  ^aiiic  inaiiiuT  as 

■J I  -liciitN.   I'V   law,  ai"»*    uow    rt-(|uinil  to  iiiHict   such  piuiisiiiiieut   in  such  cases." 

:^>tli  Assem.        HOUSE— No.  73.— !ii  Sonate.  Jan.  1887 

1       !;.■(  cutii  .lniiU!ii\   -^i.   \>^i.  Jiihl  nr,lt'i»'(l  tn  first  rt-Hdmsf. 

■_'        l■"l|■-^t    i.ailiiiL'    .liiiiil;ir\     Jl'.    1>^^7     ali<l     ! ft't-ri*.!    tn     ('Dliiliilttff     iili     A|)|)n)- 

|»nMt  Intl^ 

:;       U.-ixiit.-.l    hack   .)ariiii(i\    JN.    I'-i'^'T.    pa-^sai."-    i.-cdiimi.'jMlfii,   iiii.l    (irdfiiMl  to 
^f( olid    icadlliL'. 


,,       \,,      \,  t     liiakn.-      a|i|>t"l"l'''l""      I-       .li;tlil.'     tin-     iluiilil     <>\     l.l\<-     ( 'ntii 
nn^Mon.T.    t-    (aiiN     ..iit     tiu-    pinViMMi,.    nl     iau     iiiitli    .lill\.     1.     I'^T 

I.  I-      thiiii-^alnl      (liilla!--       liia 

laiii-      l'\       fli 

\\in.lcl\-.        I'll.-      a|>|>|M|,iiat'..i, 

.\,,,.|iil,|\      U'     pa\      till      .-viifiiNcs     III     tlir     ll.iard    i>t 

iia\i      lit'cli     I'art-l.V    sUtticit'Ut 

•_;       riiiit\    ti'iii  II,     (  ii'iiiia 

:;       l.iM-     StiicK     <    iililllll-ioli.T-     till     t\Mi     vals    u.nil.l 

,j     tur    that     |Mii|"i^.     iiii.h-i    (»iiiiiiai>     .  ii(iiiii-.taii.  .-  ,    ami. 

r,  \\hh;kv-.       Ill'-      Ki.iit      ...ithi.ak     <.l      |ih-iii..|.ii.imi..iiia     in     (lii.«t.'n     an. I 

,,     (  ,„,k     ., Hints      n.,r-,Mtat<-il     th.-     ,  instant     att.ii.lan.  .•    <4     tlir    said    hnanl    at 

7     (lii.a'-i    SUM,     th.      h^tli    '!:>>    <'t,     hSNl,    aii.l    tli.     .niistaiit    .■iiiplnv- 

^     ,,,,,,,,     ,,t     ...s.ial     v.'t.iinariaiis     m     iiiv  t-stiyat  iiii.'    an. I    .•ia.h<atiii>.'    th.- 

M    thus    .ntaihii':    a    ht-aw     .xpfiis.-    aixl, 

WniKK^s       That     a|.|""!"'"' '    ''"    ''"'"-'""I    •'"Hi"'^    '^    ""^^    iAhiHist.'d, 

^^^1    ,1^,.    i;,,,,,,|     ,,t      l.iv.'     Stn.  k     (    ha\.'    u>->    t..    |.a\     th.' 

,,     hirth.'i      |ii;.s.-.utin..'     till-     in\.-stitrati.iii    and    .-la-h.-ati-in    .4    fli.- 

iith.l     (  iMitaL'l.iii-  -    allien-    d<.ni.-sti<     auilnals    in    tli.- 


^.,,d       dls.M-.    -        111 

,,t,       iintli     :,i.,.li!.I      api'liM"!'"'""     '-     ^"•"''' 

a  nil. 


X      ,,i-.,„.nsi..,;      ..I      tiii^      UkTK      \MMd.i     .aus,-     a     -ivat     h'ss    and 

,t^     ,,t      th<      Ntatf     ami     li-lid>-i     nst-j.-s-     all 

\\  III. 1.1   < 
dalna-i       1-      Hi.       h\.       stuck      Uil.'M 
,j,„     1,;,^    i...'^     hilh.Tt..    .ii.n.     m    this    i.-aPl.    th.ich.i.. 

,„      II,.      <rr„...,i     .1...^- »,/-'//.       That        th.-      snin      nl       litt...Mi       th.Hisan.l       d..|lals 

^^..^^'•J*e^     I     -Vii"-     SiTV  -r'l-Ti'     '  ■"  •'i"*Mliir'        /^^v^I:^ 


•i  'SI. ),<!•(•'.     ol      --11     MilK  li       tllilCdt       il-~      ^IikII      !i.       Iii(  1  v,ii?  \  .      1p<-     Mli.l      till-      -atiir      1-. 

1  lnlcli\      .lIljiKipniltrtl     iMII      lit      HIIN       lllii||t\v     III     ill,.     Mute     Tn'H--MI\      IH't      oTIic) 

■')  Ulsf      :i|l|ll(:|lllntf(l.      In)       tilc      )lllr|>(i-^l'       .it        lallAillL'      "Hi       tile      |  PI  i  iX  I  s  I ,  .1 1  s      ,i|      ■■\|i 

•i  :nt      Ip      l^■\l-^l       tilt       \;i\\       III      li   Ijitluli     111     till      •-il|i|i|.->sli)|i     .III, I     |i|i    .I'lilini,     ,it      tllf 

I  -^IHl'itll        111        1   ■  lilt  ll(.'li  111--        HIjil        lllti-l    t  I' 111^        'll--i-,l^i--        illliulj^:        ilullli   --t  II  illllllJlls. 

s  ;i|p|ii<i\r(l    Jim.'    JT      ISK'i,    m    turit     .liil\     I      ISJs.").    Ill    ;,n\    iiin.  iiilin.  hi  -    tluntd. 

'.I  till    .hilv     I.     ls^s7        I'lur, ,/,,/.     tlii.t     1111     iKut     lit     this    sum    -!i,ill    1..      isfd    tur 

I'l  till     |)ii>iiiciit    (it    liiiiiiMjjts     till     ;i?iiiiihI-     -iMiiu'iittiril    iiiiili  I     till     |iiii\  ismn^    ot 

11  that    Htt. 

X    J.       WmiihAS,     As     sliiiuii     III     ill,-     |(i|it.'iiiiiL     |i|iiili.'lilf,    an    iliitl(.'i  iir\      ii(i\\ 

■J  exists,    tills    a(  t    sliall    In     in    Imii     tinin    ami    a)t<  i     its    passaiji 

35th  Assem.  SENATE— No.  73.  Mar«l.   l^ftT 

I.  liitro,iiic<il  liy  Mr.  CurlN^.  .I;iiiiiitr>  l"l.  IHST.  jilid  onlerfd  tti  tir>t  rcailllii:. 
-  I'ir'-t  ii'iKliiiLT  -Jaiiiiiirv  IC  !Hs7  aiid  n'firrf<i  t(W 'ixniiiit  te*'  on  Jiidii  inn  . 
•  >.      Iu|iiirt'i|    lutik    l"'rlirii(ir>     -'>.    IS'^T.    piiNsa^f  rn  (iiiiiiiciidt'd   and  iird<-ri(i  t<i 

--fCMiid     rcadiiiL'. 
}.      Scinihl     ii'aditi^'    March    _'_'.     l^^T.    aiiiinilcil,    .iihI     ■  ircltitii    to    rliinl  nail- 


l'<tr      \][       \i  t     !m     aliiriid     >f(tli)li     twii     lit     ilivisidii      I)     <it     Mil     art     iiitltlrd  \i\     act 

In   |-r\i-f  tlif  law    III  iclatliiii  til  (  iiiiijiial   ill|■l'^|tl ndfiKi         approxed    MuK  li    -1 . 
1^71.    in    Imvr    .hilv    1,    iNl. 

Rkction  1.    Be  a  enaeUd  by  the  People  of  thr  Ffntf  of  lUvnois,  reji'^^mtcd 

■J  .'/    ////■   (i./i,.>i,'   Ass,  II, /'///.    'I  liiit  >irtiiiii  t  vvii  (it   di\i'~i'>i^    tiiiirfi-.-n    of   an    .i   niti- 

.1  llcil        Air      ict     to    ri\i.sf     (III       law      III      nlatii'i:      :  Miiniial     jiiri^-pindinci'. 

1  ap|i|M\ii|    Manli    1^7.     ISJ.     Ill     loin      •liil\      I.     IS  I,    lie.   and  t  lir  >atii>-  i.«.  Iii|t|i\ 

"i  aiiii'lidi-d     ^o    a--    to    rc;td     a>     tojlnw-,: 

r.  •Sfct  h  iti    \1.       W  lichix  IT   ali\      pi  rsoii     ^liall      In       i  i  iImIiimihiI      to      ^iitiil      dtatll 

7  li\     liaiiL'iiiL'.    foi    aii>     iiiiiir    ot     wIikIi    siicli     prison     NJiall     lia\f    Iktii     con 

s  \icttd.      Ill     an\      court     ol     tlii^     Stale,     sin  li     piiiii>linicnt     shall     !><•     intiictf<| 

M  witliiii     the     \SiilN    ot     the     piisoii     ot     flic     coiint>      in     uliich     siidi     cunsiction 

tl  shall     lia\c    taken    place,    oi     within     an     ent  losiiit       adjoiniiiL.'     such     prison,     oi' 

I  within     the     walls    ot     one     ol     the     penitentiaries    of     this     State.      And     it     is 

•J  hereh\      made     the     dllt>      of     t),,-     jud<.'e     pronolincllie       siich      sentence      to      rjesij.' 

•  1  nate      where     siuli     piinishiiieiit     shall     he     iiitli(teil.     and     in     ( a.s«-    the    court 

I  (Udels     sinh      piinisllinelit      to     h.-     mtllcted      III      the      pelllteliflarv  .      then      It      sliall 

o  he     the     illlty     of     the     sljeriH     ot      tile     coUHtV    Ml     Vvlll(dl     such  Con\l(  tloll     Is     had. 

(i  to     coli\ey     such     conVKteij      pelsoli     to     the    penitentiary     so     deslt/nateil      li>     siiid 

7  court,    uitliin    twenty    <htys    after    the    juijouniMieiit  tlifriHjI.     And  it  is  heiehy 


"■*      rnadc    tin      .liil\     ,.(     tlir     wjird.-ii     .>!     tin      |H'tiltclif  li  I  \      v.     ii(s|i.Mi;itr(|     Ui    iccclM 
!!•     :tli(l     k.Tp    ■.IK  li    iHi-oii     iiiitil    tin      In,,.-    ti,,.,l     f(.r     tlir     mt!icti..i,    m|    -m.  Ii 

■Jl       IlllIlKlllllfllt.      Mllil      thru      .  \.<  Ujr     tlir     oni.l       .  ,|       ^;u.l      <-..urt.       all, I        llillut       sll.  li 

•J]      puiii^hiiiriit     III     ;i(((.nlai](f     With     l;i\\.    ainl    iii     tlii'    siiiiif    iiiaiiiiet      i-    -li.iiH-, 
•_'l'     Ii\     Ihw.    ai.'    iinw     r.ijiiitvij     td    intiict     -ucli     piini>liiii.-iit     in     -ik  h   (   i-,... 

:mh  AsM'in.  SF:N  \TF--No.  74.  April  1«K7 

1       li,tnHl;>..i    k     Mi.     Wlif.l.  i      liUiuarv    l'.».    IHH7,   ,iimI    <>r(l<T.'<|    t-i    lirst 

_'       I'lr^t     iiiniiiii.'     •l!Miii;u\     1''.     !'~-'^7.     iii'i    tu    (  nrni/iitfi-i-    i>u    Stat.- 

( 'li;int;ililf    institiitl'ili'-. 
■  '<        l,'(|nirtiil    liiick     March    •!.    \\ili      tiriiiiilnitiit^.    pa-'-ai.'t     i  t<(iiiiriiiii(it  d    atnl 

Ittiiii.l    Id  (  niuriiitttt'  "111     \|>|irn|)riati<>iis. 
I       l;c|i(.it..|     Lack     \|inl   "-i.    I'n''7     uitli    uiiriiiliiifiit.    |>ii-'-iij:t-   ni niiKiiciKifd 

aiiil    i'i'lir«-<i    til   ■"(•(•iind    icidiiii.'. 

A  Brix 

•ill     All    Alt     ii,.ii-:tiL:    a|i|iic'|ii  ialiiiii>    !i'r    flii'    uriliiiaix     an. I    ntini    f\|it  11-.1-  ot    tlit 
III  I  i'i->    Mastfin    i  lii>^[)it  1!    t'l)    tin-    lnsaiit-.  at    l\HhkHk«-»-. 

StcTiON  1.    Be  if  enarffd  htj  thf  Peoplr  of  the  StnU  of   Tlknois,  represented 

•J  in  111'   Gfjii-nil  AsHimfihf.  Tlifit   tin    folliAviiit;  ;mii)iiiifs  Ik'  ami   arc  lificliy  a|i|iio- 

;>  priatcil   to  till     Illiii(ii>    Ma^ftrn    ild-iiitul  for  tin-   hisaiic.  at    Kaiikakt'f-,  for  the 

t  |)iir|>i>-tv   li<r<iiiaft<-i    iiatiifd   ami   tui    iii)  titlifi; 

r,  A.i.iitioii  t(.  \(i    i.  mirtli  S  ■'^.4'.>'J 

(1  Plinth   W  MIL'  flUplllU'  V  (|li;trt»T'^.  ..  ....  1-),'>K> 

7  .\(i(iitiiiii  til  liatli  Imiis.-  I.KK 

s  liciHicniiL'  a|)|>aialu->  ami  liiiiidirii.'.  ...  A.'jiU) 

'.I         I'rojt.ctiiiiis  f(ir  iiiitsidf  \\at<'r  cliisfts  .  (I.IKK) 

111  raiiitiii!/.  inside  ami  oiitsidf  7..'i(«l 

II  l'i|tf  roMTiii^r.  ;■).(!()(• 

I'J  (  Diicrt'ti    Kiads  tnr  foinl  cars  'J. •/HI 

l;i         l-liii  liisiiic  iif  tzrdiimis  li\  uali  l(t,0(K) 

l-t  I'lirnitiiic  ami   fixtures  ^{ii.(i()lt 

Id  I'liirk^.  track   and   •>calcs   tm    main   l«<iler   iioilse        I.Jllii 

if,  Mditiiai\    liuildiiit.'  O.OIK) 

17  idwcr  clock  ami  Ik-II -■'«"' 




Sl(lf\V!ilk    witli   limtli    ^  iif    •jrnuti.l  !((ll> 

Siclllf    st;(l'l<     I'i.lllilliL'     -  ^.(llll) 

Killiil.  in.(iiii) 

lic|>illl-~  HImI    Mll'ln\  I  lMcriI>   |H't    Mlinuill    t'll    \\\t'   \r;ir>-  j .").(!(  If  I 

1  .ilii  ;ii  \  ■  !ti]<i  riniiii-N  n)  ii-(  ? .  ,it  h  n/    I'U  |iMt  I'Ut^  )ii-r  aiiii  urn  ti  ii  ■  u  i .  \  i;!!  >.       J.l  1 1  • 

.\(li|itiiiii;(l  stiK  k  aini  tiuiii  iiii|iii'iii>'iit->  |i.M   ■iiiiiiiit.  I(ir  I  w  d  \i  :ii-~  :i.(iiiii 

liii)irn\fi|ifii|  lit  {.'iiiiiiids  |><r  :iniiiini  t,ii  t^^(l  M'.ti-  ,i,.V«i 

I'l'i    (>riliiiai>    I  \|Mii-c^    lur    ■■ii''    \i  hi    tiniti   .liil\     1,  In'^T.  tin     --iiii!    nl    t  \\  1 1   liiiii 

illTil    .-iImI    tlft\    ti\r    lh(Hi^ali.|     S'J.Vi.i « » i-    .j.ilhds.    ainl    Irom    tli.      Ut    of   .liilv.   I^ViS. 

at    flif   ratt    n|    iwn    |iiiiiiln-<|    u;.!    |Mt\    li\f  t  liinisaiiil    S-J.m.IKKi    .lollar^  [mt  atmuin 

until  tlir   (Aiiiiatmii   lit   rjif  tiisi    ti^i  tl   i|uaiti'i  altir  llir  a'ljdiii  iirmiit  <>\   tlit-  iif\t 

( ifiit  ral  A^»i'iiilil\ 

vi    •^,      'lilt      liH.|](\-     liiniii     ai'i'i   •|>riali    i     ->liali     In     ilm      a?i.|     jiaval'lf    to    the 
triisti'i's,   or  their    oc.lir.   onU    on    tii.'   t^Tin-.   iio\s    (noNiiicd    l)\    law  \n>/.    /nu- 

riiliil  liiitliii.  that  tin  siiiiis  hcrt'ii\  a|)|ir  opi  latcil  lor  tlit-  mi)iro\t'ii)fiit>  Ihti  in 
>>liall  h(  till  till!  ainoMiit--  lot  the  olij,(ts  s|ie(iti<'(|,  and  the  tiu>tf('^  •>liall  liot 
contiact  ioi  aii\  t""t'*'"  "'  'l"'  n.ho\f  nn(iro\ cnii'iits  or  cxix'  id  aii\  |»ortioii  of 
tilt'  a|)|)n>printions  hriihv  iiia^ii'.  ;nilt>-,  the  said  a|ipro|>riHti<  n>  i>  siitlii  imt  to 
(■oni|ilt'tr   all   th(    said    ini|>ro\  enii'tits   nnl    iinish   tin    same 

AMKNDMKN'I'S    l'I{(  )I>()Si;i>     \\\     VWV.    COMM  I'l  TKK    ON    AIM'h'OI'PJ  A- 

TIONS    TO    SKN  \TK    lUI.I.    N,.     71 
Amend   ii\    strikiiii.'  out   lines  't.    1",    11,    IJ  aihl    I  '•  on   pa^'e    1 
2         Also  anifiid   lin(    \\   h\    strikirii.'   out    the  tji/uies     T.VKi,     and  iiiseri  tli*-  li^'ures 

:<  ••."■). IKKl"    Ml    hell    theleot. 

4  Also   amend  l'\   st  iikine  oi;!   lin.'-  I  ■'>.   1  »'>   in  1   I  ■  .  p.iL''    1 

5  Alsii    anieiiil   hm     1">  l'\    sinKm^    .nil    tin    !iL'iiies    -.iMidO'    and    nisi-rtnuj    the 
(■)  ti'.'ures   ■in.iKNi     m  liei;  there,.!' 

7  Also   aineiiil    |i\    strikniL'  out    line    \'.\ 

8  Also  aiih  nd  iMit   :'< '  \-\  sinkiiej    >   t  iIp-  li^'.i.  -     liMi     and  in-  -rtinu'  ile    heuies 

'.t      "iJ.dlKi"    111    hi  i,    ill.  I, 

1(1         Als.)  ,11.1.  imI  1)\  -^trikiiii:  mit  lin.s  Jl,  ±1  ;Ui(i  'l'-^.  pHf^f  ]. 

11         AImi  iiiiitii'l  liiM-  _'•">.  pHL't'  1    ii.\  i-trikiii^'  out  the  tivrinfs  ■■l."»,(Mt"  aii<i  iiiM-rt  tlie 

!_'  tiiTUrr-  -If  I.IKO'     III   ll.ii    fhfUM.f 

1.;  AUii  aiiicdd  line    l'<>    !■>    -^tiikiiiL;   I'lit    iiftci     tla- word     IiIuhix  '   flu*    wonis  "iiiKi 

1  }  Mm  ;iii>   I'l    ii<  ii-Mtiiii] 

i;,         AUci  :ini.  h.l   liiii-  JT   l'\    stiikmL;  o\\\   [\iv  tiL'iii.--  ■••J.(i(i<i"  itii>l  iiis,.rl  tli.-  tit,'urt's 

It,  •■.Vm      III    lli-ii   tllflrol. 

17  \i^,,   :,iMrii.l    lirif    _"•»   l'>    ^tiikiiiL'   Miit    tilt'  liL'urf- ••■i,i««i"  uri.l  iiiM-rr  tlif  tiL'iirt's 

]^  ■•  1  ,.\*^"   in    li.Ml 

1',)  \Un   iiiiM  mi    Inn-   Ki    l'\    -ttikiiii.'    cut   tlw'  liL'iircN  -o.-'jor    imd  ins^-rf  tin- tit,'ur»'K 

•Jii  •■  i  .(Ml"  Ml  h.'ii  tlifi.-iil 

•J]  \i^,,  ;(iii,iHi  line  J.  |);iL.'>-  -.  I'\   -tiikiiii.'  iMit  till'  \MinU  •"fifty  five"  ami  iiiM-rt  the 

•22  wiinl  'tdrtN  .     alxi  iiintii.j  in  ^.iin.    hii.    \i\  >trikiiiL'  "Ul  tin-  tiumes  ••■2.V>,(I()(I.      and 

•_>;;  in-.  It    til.-   liL'iir.-s  •■•J4<i.i««t ," 

•24  AKii  ;iin.  ii.l  Imc  ^i,  \>,rji-  1.  l>v  Ntnkiiit:  out  flic  wi)r<i>  •fiftv-fivf"  and  insert    the 

•2.')  \\<»r'i   ■'fi>rt\"  111   lifii  tlifi.'.it 

2«'         \i-"  .1111. 'lid   liiif    I.  |iai.''-  2.   i>>   striking;  out   tlio  ti,'urcs   ••'2.>5,()t)l)  '  and    insert 

27  flu-  ti^nir.'^  -^-lO.OdO. 

:r>tli  Awnii.  SENATE— No.  7'>.  April  lsH7 

1  Ilitli>i|ii<  iii    l.\    Ml.    \\  ht  I'i.  I  .   .I:tllll:U>    I'.'.    IShT.  Mini  iiriltTcd  tn  first    ri^iKilllt;. 

_'       Iu'mI     iriniiiiL'    -laiiuaiA     I'-',     ^s^7,  M?i(i    icffirfl    to    ( 'oriiiiiitti'c    mi    Stat*' 

(  'li.irit;ili|f    I  ii'^t  it  (It  iiin^. 
!       l>'i|)iii  ti-il    hai  k    M;ii(  li   ■!     IS"^(.  |i(i>sai,'f    rfcoiiiiiioiul*'*!,    hihI    rcffiTcil    Id 

(       'llllllilttfC       .   r|l  \|l|l|-(l|   lOll-^. 

1       111  |ii.|  ii(i    l.,i(  k    Apiil    '^.    jssy     uitli    aiiifijdtiifiits,    jtahsa^'f    nciitiuiifiiilfd, 

:!lli|     (i|iii   I'-'i     III    -~liM||,l     liailllll.'. 

A    liILL 

l-'l     An    Alt     !iiih,i!i'_'    :,|i|i;  M|i|  I  il  ii  1)1^     !"l      till       lia--tilli      I  i  i  i'.|>l  t  a  1     Imi      tin-     lii^alii-    at 


Ri'  iin\   I       /)-    tt  rnnrffiil  by  the  People  of  the  State  of   Illinois,  reprrsinh-d 

1  ,11    till     (',,i',r,i      As^i  inin  ii.     I'liat     tlir     tnliMWiii;;    iitiHMiiits    Iff    Hlid     arc     litifliy 

)  a|'!in>|ii  iat> 'I  ti.  t  hi-   i  ll'tn  pi->  l',a>ti  i  ii    1  l<»|)ital  fur  t  lit' Insane  at    Kaiikakfc.  for    file 

1  |iur|Mi>f  (it    |ii  ii\  I'liii^'    tlif  sail!    iios|>ital    with    iifct^ssary  iiifuiis    to  take  larc  of 

f)  I  yW   pittlrlits  ; 

(i  I'm   ( oii-^tiuitiffti  of  hakcry  aini  >tor»'  room  for  flour               .  .              S14.If)<) 

7  I'dr  ixtfiiclifit.'   inaiii    kitcln-ii.  '.t.()(l() 

s  I'dr  a'iilitimial  iioiicrN.  (■liimiitx -stark   and  cohI   lioiisf.        .                       IS.IXK) 

•t  l'"or  adilitioiiai   stuck   liarn  'l.'At) 

\\\         \\m   aiiditimial  <  Ifctric  lii.'iit.  iiisid*-  4.iid  outside.  '.),(l(l() 

11  l-'oi   fxttiiiliiii:   watfr  main  ....         1  Sit) 

12  For  ni'\\   Jiiiuiseiiifnt  fiall '2(),(KM) 

1;{  l-'or   hoiisf  for  sii|KTiiit*'ii(l('iit                             .  .                                .               lO.OfM) 

;;  1.     Tlie    trustees   sliali    not     coiitrwt    for    nor   l)epiii    tlie   erection    of    any 

2  liiiildini.'-'    or    oflier    improvements    wliudi    eannot    l)e   fully  conipleted     within 

3  the  amount   of   tlu-  present    a|>|iropriati<)iis,  hut    they  may  uwi  any  unexjieiided 

4  haiaiiee-.    of    the    approjinatioiis    iieretofore   made    or    herein   8|)ecitied,    for   the 
/)  hetter   a< a omjdihhnient    of    the   purposes   of    this   act,    namely,    to    make    the 

(i  .'Hili.'sf  >yi(l  iiillc>f  |>n)\isinTi  for  tlit-  iiivmtm'  of  tliN  Stitt.-  wlndi  iiiii\  \« 
I  f\|ic(iit'iit  mid  |Kissil>If:  I'n.riihil,  no  portinii  o!  Mri\  sinii  lififui  ;i|)|iin)ii  iiilrd 
H     sliall   lie  (Incited    from   the  spccitic   imrpost    tor   ulixii    it    is  n|)|iro|tri;it<(l 

^  :t.  Tlic  iiioiicys  iHTfiii  H|)|iro|)natcd  shall  In-  due  and  |iH\ali|.  lo  tlir 
'1  tnistt'i's,  or  tlifir  ordt-r.  oidv  on  tlif  trriiis  niid  in  thr  ininmi  i  nou  pKAidf.! 
o     |p\    Ihw. 

AMK.NDMKN  TS    I'lJOi'OSKI )    \\\     jjll     (OMMII  TKi;    ON     AJ'IMiorHI  A 

rioNs  TO  si;\.\ri;  lui.i.  no   t.v 

1  Aiiitiid    line    'J    li>     strikiii).'    oiif    tlic   lisjiirrs      \A.\i'**.      and    iiis.rt    tli.     ti^'iirt- 

•1  •  l,(K)(l.'    ill   Ii»'ii   tli.Mvol. 

;{  Also  aiiit'iid   li\    strikiiii/  out    liiif   1(1. 

4  Also    Hiiifiid    line    II     li\    striking'    out     tin     ti;;uris      ls,(K)().     and    inscrl    tic 

•">  lij.Mircs    'T.OO*.      in   lu'U   tlit-rcot. 

0  Also  aiiifiid  line   i'J  li\    striking'  out  tlit-  tii;iirrs    -1.'**)."  and  inst  it   the  ti^'uns 

7  I.")**),     in  litii  tlicrt'ol. 

H  Also  amend   h\  strikim,'  out   line^   \\.    11.    1  "i  and    Ki. 

:^5(li  AsMMu.  SENATE— No.  75.  April  1887 

1.  Introdiufd    by    Mr.    VVhwler,   January  19,  1887,   and    orderetl    to    first 
•    reading. 

2.  First  reading  January    lU,  1887,   and  referred    to  Committee  on  (Jharit- 

itahle   Institutions. 

3.  lieported    back    Mar<'h  3,  1887,   passage    recommended   and  referred    to 

Committee  on  .\j){)ropriationH. 

4.  Reported  back  April  8,   1887,   with   amendments,    passage  recommended, 

and  ordered  to  second   reading. 

5.  Second  reading  April  2(),  1887,  amended  and  ordered   to  third  reading. 


For  .\u  Act    making  ap|)ropriHtions  for  the   Eastern    Hospital  for   the  Insane,  at 


Rfi  Tins  1.    Be  ii  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  TUmois,  reprenevtrd 

'2  in    f}i>'    (iiiirnil   Assrvthly.     That   the    following    amounts    be  and  are   heicliy 

3  appropriated    to    the    Illinois    Eastern   Hospital  for  the   Insane  at   Kankakee, 

4  for  the   purpose  of  providing  the   said  hospital  with  necessary  means  to  take 

5  care  of   ],()()(»  patients. 

(■)         For  cniistriK  tii.ii   of  l)aktTy    aixl  store-room   for   flour ^0,(XX) 

7  For  iul.iitioiiiil    boilers.   cbiiiiiU'V-stack    and  coal-house    7,()()() 

8  For  additional    stock    barn  l,o(X) 

v;  •!.     Tht    trustees  shall   not  contract  for  nor    begin  the  erection   of    any 

2  buildings  or  other  impprovements  which    camiot   be    fully  completed  within 

3  the     amount     of    the     present    appropriations,   but    they   may  use  any   unex- 

4  i)ended    balances  of    the    appropriations  heretofore    made  or    herein  specified 

5  for  the  l)etter  accomplishment  of  the  purposes  of  this  act,  namely:  to 
b  make  the  earhest  and  fullest  provision  for  the  insane  of  this  State  which 
7  may   be   exjHjdient  and  possible:      Provided,  no  portion  of  any  sum    herein 

iceii'^iiJ'^'jii^iV/iJiJvrti.a*!-.     -    ••  ""''■'^'J'l'linVl'^iiTtilifriari'lWr-  i."  •"V'if'irVii?r'n'?'''''*  "  -_-•  ^;.«    »,.•'--    'j-a-sfUiA ' ^ ..-  ^^jit-A :&.^  ji,_i-"^. 

|gf^as-;^sri^»:^5?r'^'=; »  -  ^  ■■*  V"^  '^' ^^  ^  ■'        ' 


■>c;-^is^  -;>  ;>«  '^-  '.'■^^U^Sfr.'j^^^mi'-'' 


8  appropriated  shall    be  -Hiwerted    from    thf    sijecific    puri)os('    for  wliich  it   is 

9  appropriated. 

§  3.     The  moneys    licreiii   Hpj)r(ij)iiat'.'(l     shall    l>f  liiic    taid    jwyaiilf   to   the 

2  trustees,   or   their   order,   only   on     the    terms    un<i    in    the   niaiinei    now   i>ro- 

3  vided  hv   law. 

B^i,  ■;;:,<;•* 

SiiiTA't**;  -^li'n.a 


i,-.3:- .^    .*,..ii  -TiJ^'^A^^.i^-J,;?-.-;^.:  :ft**_  V^^:  .i(-;4 

:i.'>tli   \<s<Mn.  SFN ATK— No.  7<).  Feb.  \Hh7 

1.      Iiiti."|ii<  ..I    l.\    Ml.     r.,U'. II.    mI     Will.    ■hiiiiiiUV     I'.l.     l.SJ^T.    iilid    (i|il<lt.|    ti» 

ti(-t      l.'M(llllL'. 

1^.     I'u^t  nadiiiL'   .lMiiii!ii>    I'.'.  IssT,    jiiid   rcftiit'd  to  Coiniiiittt't' on -IikIk  larv. 
.).      l'<  liiii.ti  \     1<''.    I'v*^?.    n|«iitti|     liack.    |»iisNit^'<-  r»'<()iiiiin-iiilf«l.    iuiil    oidircd 

\n     si-cdlnl      II  :ciI|Iil;. 

A    lULL 

F,i|      .\h       \i  I      Im     ;!lii.  lid     -i(IMn      |iN;    ,,t     .■111     ;irt     entitled       'Aw     act       ti>      extend       tile 
jlll  |-,dli  I  lull     >i|      in!l|:|\      riMilt-.      :iliil      \'i     |i|n\lde     |(ir     ilie     |>raetl(e      tlliled!.     to 

t;\    the    tiiiie    l.'|-    li.rlilniL'    tlh      -.iii.e.    aiid    to    lejieal    all   act    tiicrcin   muiii'd, 
ap|irn\e.|     M,fi(  ;!    _'(..     1^71.    in     Iciee    JiiU     1.     1^7} 

Si'  i;..\   1.      77c  if  f-nnrted  hy  the  Peojilr  of  the  State  of    TUinr^i-^.   ,.prr^,)it,-,l 

•_'  ,,;     ///.       f  I,, ,,/,//      Ass,  nii'i  II.     d"l::il      >.  (thill     nil.       hllllillfd     .'llld       -i.\       diKl..       <i|       all 

.;  ;i,  !      iiititie.i       ■An      :,i  t    t'l    '  -teh'!    the    juiimIk^i  mil    ut    connls    <Miiii>    and    to 

I  |i|M\|,|i-     |.,|      llie      |)|acl|ie      tlie|       t.i       ll\       till        tlllli'       tol       lioldllli.'       the      ^ailie. 

.■•,  :,iid    \"    lepeii    an    a(  t     iher.ii,     naiiii'd.       a|'|iro\cil     March    -'•>.     h^,  1.     in     tMice 

(,  .|,;]\      I       1.^71.     he     and     tiic     -.line     ;~     heiejr^    iiiiieinhd    -o   a>    ti>    lead    as  hill. 'U-^: 
7  ■■^.  (li.iii     Iik;.      \\  lih    III     Maich.    .!ulv     and     NM\einlM-i." 




35th  Assem.       HOUSE— No.  76— In  Senate.        May  1887 


1.     lit'Ctivrd   from    House   April   M,    l>Sh7. 

■2.     I'lrst  rciuliiif,'  April  li.  18S7,  and  referred  to  Committee  on  Appropriations. 
3.     May  1!'.    18H7,  rej^rted   back.    j)a8ba}j:e    recommended,    and    ordered    to 
second  rea^ling. 


For  An  Act  making  appropriation  for  the  relief  of  John  A.  Dyle,  who  was 
disabied  through  the  premature  discJiarge  of  a  piece  of  ordnance  belong- 
ing  to   tlu;   State    Arsenal. 

VVuEUF.As,   at    a  soldier's  re-union,  held   at   Kterling,   Illinois,  on   the  2(>th 

2  day  of  Februarj',  A.   D.   1874,   John   A.    Lyle,    who    served    three  years  in 

3  Company  11,  t>2d   Regiment   Hhnois  Mount<jd  Infantry,  was  deprived  of  both 

4  arms,  throiigli  tlie  premature  discharge  of  a  piece  of   ordnance  belonging  to 

5  the   State  of  Illinois,   and  furnished   for    said  occasion  by  proper  requisition; 
<j    and 

7  Whereas,   said    piece    of    ordnance    was    unsafe    to  handle,    for  reason  of 

8  being  honeycombed  so   that   it  held   fire,   thereby  caasing  a  premature   dis- 

9  charge,   and  the  loss    to  the    said   John  A.  Lyle   of    both  of    his  arms,  as 
10    aforesaid ;     tlierefore, 

Section'  1.     Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  Illinois,  represented 

2  in  tfie  General   Assembly,  That   the  sum  of  three  thousand  dollars  (3,000.00) 

3  be  appropriated  out  of  the  treasury  out  of  any  funds  not  otherwise  appro- 

4  priated,  for    the    purpose    of    compensating    the    said    John  A.   Lyle  in  full 

5  for  aU   damages  that    may    have    accrued    to    him    through  the  premature 
0    discharge  of  said  piece  of  ordnance. 

§  2.     The  Auditor  of  Public  Accounts    is  hereby  authorized  and  directed 
2    to  draw  his  warrant    upon    the   State    Treasurer    for    the    sum    in  this  act 

3  specified,  to  the  order  of  said  John  A.  Lyle,  and  the  State  Treasurer  shall 

4  pay  the  same  out  of  uiy  funds  not  otherwise  i^ypropriated. 


,  ... 


ir.jL/.r.  ^^^i' .^- *^  ..M.a^.'^-S.  •.     ,  a-t     ,-.>,■«•     > 

.      ..  *r>  ;...■■-  At«^  ^1     ■■'  a'  . .  <fc  SK-W^-  -^       ft  -|-|  I  'dfcl  ■    '  II  ii-|i  I  Tit 

:J:.rii  A-cMi.  sKNA'I'i:— N.     s4.  J;n..  Iss7 

-        I'll-'    ni'iii.L'    .l:niii;n\    -Ji ',    l-ss;      ni.l    i.tiinii    l,i   ( '.  iiniiiitff.    ..ii    ( '.iiial--   :iii(l 

A  Jill.L 

!'-i      \n     \'t    <•■    I'i'      '.iTiiiii     I....,.-      ii..!     I'm-     :;;     ih,-     ||iiiM,i-.    |;i\,i    [,.    f||.     It, ;!.•,! 

Pi-  iiMN  1.     Be  ii  enaded  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  TlUnvhs,  /-,/,,■  -  /  -,/ 

-'  ■"     ''■      'w'"'    /         \s..  I, ,/■',.    'I  Ii;il     tli.      |..(   h-    :iIm|    (|;ilii>    III    tlir     lilinnis    il\rl     iilillt    i.\ 

■>  ll;i      "^tat.      ..|     lllll,..|-    ;i||il     .ill     |>ll\l|.^'.  -      fli.|     ,i|p|)li>ti-riMn(  r-    l><|(i|iL.'IIIL'    tlll-rfin,    :iM- 

I  IkI'IiV     .I'lt.l      :■•      til.        I     llitr.i      ^Illi-          |H.||     |lr     tcll.iW  lliL'    lApn-^    r.illiiltjnl'-,     \l/ 

■'  I    ill        u   (   ,    I't    M    ■   ■       "I     I  l',~     L'l    Ihl      .1'   ,!l     l;-ll  Ml  i|     :i^    ilJi     a  L' I  •  i   1 1  ,i   ! .  I      mM     |  I,,'     |iall    I'l 

•'  ii'         '     '    ■''     I       ^t    l!i   -      I-      IliaiM        l)|i        l:i-.  .-~al\      nil|l|nM    ll'l-llt-        til     il.      i|.   It   MMIIH'.I     li\ 

'  I     Ml'  'I      ^!   it,  -      .   l;L'l!:r>  I-       !-!     ''     ,,w;j,;,I.        A:!*.'     '.'.  a  \      !il|     -ti    III!     I  i  a  v  I L' a  t  .1    t  ■     ■\\atil 

^  -(■■!■       .       :■  •  '    a,  ,  |i      !|,,ir    till-     M  !--!- .,!  I.!    <;\<i     t..     I.n.      M  1.  I  !|.j;,i .    I.\     w  ,,\     ,,!    JJ!, 

''  liiai.'l-     M..         !'•       I',  -plan.  ^     Mm  I      li,,       ij|,l,..iv    a!;.i     M  h   I ;  I  L'a  1 1    lal  .1 1 .   ■ 'I     in     |i:.i;     !.\ 

i"  '    :'   i.      "I     .'IIhI'.,!,,        ;,  -      :;.  ,>       i.,       .|.,.!|..,i      .,  ,   I,       la.a.taal      i.\       -ai.|     .i,LMail-          \ 

I  i  lull  la  I     I  .  .|..lllaai    :-,     ■,'.),!       ,.,i,|    ,11   i,|.    ,,  III,  I  t  ■    -I  ..ail    I.,    i  ,  .ii:|i;,  l,,! .   l  h.     ■.•>;,!,  i 

I-  ^'''^     ..|»r,.|    liai,!'.,    ,!i;,!i    ii.     iraililalii.    i      r.|    ,  ,  ,m.  u:,  i ,  i  li    i .,  i  ]„.-.-.  t. '    :■■     ii-,i||.\ 

'■•  ''ii    I"  !  -'^i-    V,  111  .w,;    ai-tiM  ri,,|i.  -Ilia,  ,  :    I,,    -lie  1 1    I  ;,i,  .    ;,,,,!    I,  av  (  '.,i;La.  — 

I  I  i,'ia\    |i|(vc  1  ii,i 

^    _'.      \\  la  i,;i-.    th.    -iiliji  (  t    iii.all.a    1.1    till-   lail    i-,   ii,,u   |i.ii,ii!iL'  i,.  1.,,.    Cnf.'ju-^. 

'-'  ^'"    iiia-l-i  III  \   .-M-t-,    tliia.t.ii.     ll,i-   ,M  I    -liall    tiik.-   lit..;    aii.i    i..-    ,ii  t,  a,  ,    li ,  ,11,  ;ii.,| 

.i  iiltfi    its  pHsMif^r. 

i<i^-n*ZM^^  .'',•» 



a5niA8«eiii.  SENATE— No.  85.  March  1887 

I        Int kmIikimI     Ii\      Mi.     'inic.    .I;inii;ii\      '2fK    |SH7,    ;iii()     onlcifil      to     first 

l'      \'ty-t    i<'iitliiit.'    .lHiiiinr\    Jo.    iHs7     „||||    i>.t,irt'(l    to   (  (iiniiiiltt'i-    mi     .\Lrri 

niltiirt'    !iri(i    I  )r<iiii;tL'f. 
:>.      I>f|i()rfi'il    l);i<  k    Fcliiu;ii\    J7    .imi    it<  niiiiiif?i(lci|     to    lif    icft'irt'd   to    fin- 

(    lillillllttt'l'    on      .\  |>|ilo|)|  l;it  loii-. 
I        lu'|)ort«'(l     liack     .Marcli    "J-i    witli    alnflnlliiflit,    |)fissiit.'c    iccolimiflnlt'il    alul 
oiiit'tnl    to    -.t'coinl    n-adiiii,' 


''or    An    Art    iii.ikitiu'    an    i;j)|)iojiM;it mn    to?    tin-    State    Hoard    ol     \j,'M(iiltiirf    and 

conntv    and    otlni    .\L.'ii<idtutal     t<tiv>. 

SscnoN  1.     Be  ii  snaeted  by  the  People  of  (he  State  of  UUmis,  reprfsmfr,! 

•*.  Ill   till    (ii)',iiil  .\ssritilih( .    'I'liat    then'    lie.    and     i^    lirrtlix    a|i|)co|inati'd    to    tlir 

:!  Stall      llnaid    of    .\l'II(  ult  uif     tin     loll.iuniu'    snin-<    to  wit        I'o?'     tli<-    pauiifiit. 

1  III    |iii  iiiiiiiM^    at     till     annual    Slati      i-'aii     and     I'at      Stock     Sliow  .    tla      ■^iiiii    of 

■")  tivi-    tliiiii-^and    dollais    |iri     aiinnii;.    tm     ihr    \rars    |.SS7    and     IHSS,    joid    fol    tlir 

t.  iisr    lit    lai  li    coiintN    III    iitliii    aLii  unit  iirai    socictx    the    -^lun    of    onr    liiindn-d 

7  dollai--    i>ii    annum,    to     In-     paid     tn    tlu'     tn-a-^inii     of    tin-    xiciftv     tor     fairs 

s  lii.l,|    III    ill,     \rar-,    ISN)    and    IS.^7 

<(  I'll)     till     -^alaiv     ot    till      >ii  I  iitaiv  .    tin     -.uni    nl     twtiifv   tixi'    JiiindiiMJ    dollais 

jn  |,,.|     ihiiiii!'      lor    tlir    \    1>^7    ami    l.'^'"''"^ 

II  I'll!    (hill    (li'rk.    tlii'    ^!jni    111    sj\iiTii    liundii'i'    dollars    \h-]    aniimn,    !oi    tip- 

!■_'  \rar-    t'>^7    and    I'nSs, 

1:{  I'l.i    (  li  1  i^    hiif.    tlif    slim     oj     iini     tlmiisand     dollars     |>fi     annum,    tur     the 

11  vrars    |H^7    and    Isss 

IT)  |-',ir    (  Niatiii.    till'    slim    III    liL-iit    liundtid    dollars    |M-r   aiitiiini,    for    tla\f.ars 

Id  lss7    and    issjs. 



17  l-'oi     Poiter.    tilt'    siitii    of    ciL'lil     liuiiiir(*«l    dollars    [kt     Hnimiii.    tor    tin-    v«;arh 

|N  ISST    and    ISSN. 

n*  li>i     till-    aL'i  u  lilt      iiiu->(iiiii ,     till       --11111      111      tliicf      li  iiiidi  I'd      dfliiir--      |ii  r 

•J<l  allliuiri.     I<i|      till       \t:ir'~     l^i^T     alhi     IHS*^. 

'Jl  l'o|      llif     i\|ii'Ii-M      lit     colifC  tlllL'     and     ro||l|»!ltlL'     (10|l     and     IIhIi  nlnln.jK  a!   st,l 

22  tistKs    and    |irni-. ■tiling.'-    nl     In-tituli       Mtilinjj-.    tla     sum    n!     t\\.|\t     liuiidh-d 

'S\  dollar--    |iri    annnni.    t,.i     tin-    xcais    lss7    :iiid     Is.^.^    and    tin-    (  i.niniisv;,,|,,.|.,    ,,| 

•Jl  State    <-ontra(ts    Irom    and    aft<i    .l;inuar\     I.     Is^T.    simll     |i:,\,       v,;,  h      niiinnfi 

■Jo  ot    tlit     nmntldv     ti|iiiitv    I  iiiitainiii:.'    --m  K    -lati-^ln-    and      i>ii  k  > .  duiL'-     jui'.-d 

'J'l  and     liiiiind.     a-,    tlic     Ntaic     j^uald     .  >!      Xl'Iu  liltiin      nia\     drsi^Miali-. 
21  III!    till      Xlmk  iiltiiial     ialuaiA,    llir    s,iii,    ,.i    |,,iii    h  iind  1 1  d  d"liai  •-  |.m    innun 

toi     tilt     \iais    IssT    and     I^Ns 

III)        ollh  I        i\|i(Ilsi-.     tliinitiili.     IcfiiHls,       )iost;o_'c        (  \|i|i-->,(L.'i        till         ^lllli     ii( 
twiJM      liiilidiid     didlal--     |iii     alinniii.    tm     t  lii      \imi--     I  Si's  7     and     I  ■SS'> 

V  -.  1  liat  nil  till  mdi  1  ol  till  |Mi-idinl.  i  .  iiintti-iLriii  d  i'\  thi  -.  intaiv 
2  ot  till  Stato  JSoaid  ol  Vl'ik  idt  utr  and  appioxid  li\  tin  (lM\,nioi.  tin  >tati 
d  \uditii|  shall  dia\v  lii^  N\aiiant  ii|i.iii  tin  tiia-uni.  in  hivni  mI  tin  tiiasuoa 
',\  I'l  till  Stati  lloald  "I  \;jl  ii  illt  iiii-  till  till-  -iiiii-  liili'in  appl  i  ipl  i.iti  d  /'/.. 
•J  iiiifi.  that  i-atli  uaiiant  shall  sii,a\  thi  a:_'ri(  iilt  iiral  -nintx  tm  wiio-,,- 
(i  hilii  tit  till  same  I-  drawn,  and  that  IHi  uaiialit  --hall  in  di  l\^ll  Oi  ia\or 
7  o!  an\  a;jlli  nit  lira!  ^ikhIn.  uiiii---  tin  mdil  (tnlisald  In  n  i  .  an|ialili  d  h\  I 
H  icit  llii  ati-  ot  the  Statr  JSoald  nl  \  lTH  a  1 1  il  1 1  .  ^hnvsini:  that  --inh  a;ji  icidt  ui  al 
It  -orirt>  hold  all  aLJinull  Ml  al  tan  dnniiL'  tin  |in(  idiiij.'  \iai  in  <  oi]i|ih  mci' 
ill      with    till     inlo^    and    h  u'lilat  n  m-    a-    |iio\idi-d    h\     law        /'/I./../../.    /„,//,,,     that 

11  no    jiait     ot    tho    inoiirx-    lii-inn    lUnMiicd    hn     shall    hi     diaNMi    liom    tji,-   |i,iliii( 

12  tira-iir\     inioi     to    till     l!i--t    da\     nl    .Inly.    ,\,     |»      hss7 

;i    d.       it      shall       111       till-      ililt>      ol       ihi-      tira-illi  I       lit      the  Stati-  U.iaid     ot 

2     .\oii<tdt  III!  .    on    tilt     mdi-f    ot     thi     |iii  snjiait .    touiiti-rsi^'nid  h\    tin  --ii  mtarv 

d     ot     tin-     Stati       I'loaid     III     .\i:ii.  nit  nil  .     tn     |ia\     o\ii      In     thi  |i|ii|((i  nlhcir    of 

•}     oiuli   a^TKult  iiral    sointv     the    siim    in  mod    lor    its    use    and  hfintit  a-   atoro- 

:>     sHid    iiikI  riiiikt    a  liifiii'.iHl    r.port    t..   tlit-  (Jovenior.  »if  all  such  appropriations 

AMl.M'MIA  1    I'liOi'oM  1)  ^.^    I  111    (  OMMi  T'lKK  ON  AI'PliOPKIATloNS 

ro    ^KNAII.    NO     V,. 

\lii,ii.l    !\     I  i.iui^'   tci    -,,-<ti,,ii    IwiT   til,-    tu|l()\Mti!.'       '.1'"/  inoriih  il .  I inlliii.  \\\dX 

,i,.    AiiMliI    -!  :ili    i'<     i|l:iui.    Ill    t.i\i>i      't     :iliv    ;ii,'ll(ult  Ulal    society   lUltll   tllf   prcsl- 

■j,     ,l,.|ii   aiiil   ;i.  ..--ui.i   i>t    -iiili   -M.  iff\    i;l.-.i    ari    atiiilaMt  with  the    State   Hoitnl  of 

-I        \L.'li(illt'lli      III!     Wllecl     lit     ttiHniie     (11      all\      (itlltT    J.'HIIll>!lim     deVlct      Were 
f)      li«  I'li^e'l    ui    .liliiWi-d    u|>'iii    I  lull    Ian    t;n>iiinls. 


• .    .  *.    ■# 

r  -'*•      -■■  >r^ 

3501  Assem.       HOt^iEU-Na  S/^^ 

1.  Received  from  HoaHe,  June  10,  1887,  and  ordered  t  &gt  reading. 

2.  First  reading  Jane  10,  1887,  and  ordered  to  aBoond  rMdinf. 

'-        ^.^ 


For  An  Act    making  appropriations   for  new   buildings  for  the  Illinois  Northern  j 

Hospital  for  the  Insane.  i 

Sr,  THIN  1.    Be  U  enacted  by  ihe  People  of  the  State  of  Illinois,  rrprrnnif,-,: 

2  in  the  Gtrwral  Assembly,  That  the  following  sums,  or  so  much  thereof  as  may 

3  be  necessary,  be  and  the  same  is  hereby  appropriated  to  the  Illinois  NiHthem 

4  Hospital  for  the  Insane,  at| Elgin,  for  the  purposes  herein  specified  and  for  no 

5  other: 

6  First— For  the  erection,  completion,  heating,  lighting  and  famishing  of  neiw 

7  hospital  buildings  on  the   grounds  of   said   hosintal,  at   Elgin,  for  the  proper 

8  accommodation  and  care  of   600  patients,  one  hundred  and  sixty-seven  thous- 
y    and  eight  hundred  and  forty-seven  dollars  (f  167 ,847). 

K)        Secxmd — For    side-track    from     the     main    line    of    the    railroad    to    the 

11  hospital    buildings — a  distance  of   one  and  a  half   miles — ten  thousand  dollara 

12  ($10,000). 

13  r//irrf— The  trastees   shall  not    contract  for  nor   begin   the  erection  of   any 

14  building  or  buildings  which  cannot  be  fully  completed  within  the  amoOnt  (rf 
16    the  present  appropriations;    but  they  may  use    any  unexpended  balances  ol 

16  the  appropriation  herein  specified,  for  the  better  aooomi^iahmait  of  the  pur- 

17  |>o8e8  of  tluH  act,  namely:    To  make  the  earUest  and  fullest  provision  for  the 

18  iusatie  of  this  State  which  may  tw  expedient  and  possible :    Provided,  no  por- 

19  tion   of   any  sum    herein   appropriated   shall    be  diveriad  from   the  general 

90  i^WDtoie  Ux  wbkh  it  ii  innpitted. 


4^ '■*-"  ,^"*  .'^■''- -.i^-T  '-     ■-         '-••  ■'     ■  ■    -, ■»%•:■  nsE*'*i>^.'*^*i;- 

22  to  ibe  trustees  of  said  IIIiDois  Northern  Hospital  for  the  Insane,  at 
^  Elgin,  or  tkmr  owUy,  ottly  «i  the  imtai  ani  ia  ibe  aulnndr  now 
24    provided    by    law. 

^u  -tV*.^        .p^-. 


3.>tl.  A^scMii.  SENATK— No.  ^(^  Feb.  1H87 

1.      Iiifr>..liir.  .1     l)\      Mr.     CiKi-.-.      •_*<•.     ISM",    ainl     nnlt-rf-il  to    tir-t 

■_V        I'lr-.!      !•    I  ii'lL.'     ■I:i!lUir\'     'J' I.      l^'^T.     Mtnl     r>'f«'ITivi     t'l     ( '(illlllllttcf     111!     State 

(  'liaril'iiil'-     Ili-tlt  iltl.ili'^. 
:!       I ;.  )M jft 111    hii  k    I'fliriiary     Jl,     [):i-.-^a'_'>-     rt'i-oiiiiiiiii(|c(|.     iiti'l     i>iil*rt(l     fn 

■M(>)ri'l    ri;ii|ni'_'. 


.1     \ti    Alt    til    all!  tiii    an    act    ciilitliil    'An    act    t-i    rc\  isr    t!ii'    law     m     t<  latmn 
til    the    cdiiiiiiitiiiciit     and    ilctciit mii    ut    liinatn^.  ' 

Si.   i.iiiN     1.       /;.     //    iiiiiit,,!    1,11    til,     I'.i'jl,     i,f     ti;i     Stilt,    III    llliiiiiis.     I,  pn  y,  nt,  ,! 

•J,  II.   till    (iihitiii   Ass,  nil'lii.  'I'hat    cacli    >ii|>ii  intciuli  nt    "f    an\     liD^p'tal    fni    the 

.>  insane    in    thi-    State,    shall    litKafttr.   mi    tl:c    tiivt    <ia,\    of   .latiiiarv    ami  .Inly 

1  of    .  a<  li    >cai,    furnish    the    clerk    of    tlie    coiintx'    court    of    the    proper    count\' 

.")  theiiof.    v^itli    :i    full    ;inil    eiipiplite     list     of     all     ii:^ane     iKitieiits     (-(inlineil      in 

(i  -aii|      hovjiital      floMi      said      counts,    --tatiii^:    the    (hlfe      of      admission    of      ei((li. 

7  whether    said    patients    lie    jianper-.     th.'     present     ineiitf:!    and     |)li\sical     coii- 

.■^  diiioii    of    (  ai  h ,    also    L'lvmi.'    ll.'c    names    of    siu  h    as    iiia>    ha\f    died    or    heen 

'.I  dis<  haiL'ed    -iiice    last     Pcpoit.    uitii    datt     of    sIkIi    <leath    or    dis(  ]iar!.'e. 

>   ■_'.     An\    siK  h    siipennti  iideiit    hnlin;.'    to    conipl\     witii   the    forei.'oint:    sec- 

1  tioii    shall    he    liaide    to    a    fine    of    one    hundred    dollar'-     for     ea<li     failure,     to 

>  he    collected    h\     suit,    hetore    a    justice    of    the    |>cace    of     the    (  ount>      therein 

t  such  hospital  is  sitiiat*-,  on  complaint  of  sui  h  <h'ik  of   the  county  court,  or    otlur 

;">  person    ha\iri;:    relatives   or    trieiids   contiiied    iti    saiil    liospital. 

:^~lh    \-M-n.  SrNA'I  !•:— No.  H7.  Marcl.    1  S87 

I.     liit!M(hic.  .1     \>\  Mr.    (iililis,    ■laiiiiiirv    Jn.     i^'^T.     iiiid     .iniir.-d     in    lii-t 

I  .   :||  i  IIIL' 

_',      I'li-t      ii-ii<liiiL'  -linmiirN      J",     I'^'^T,     -.inA     i.liiii.i      u,     ( 'I'lhimtl.t      ,.ii 

.lii'iii  i.ii  \ . 

.;.      I.'ipwitiil    1m(  k  Mail  ii     t,   Willi    riiiKiiiliiMMii.--,   iia----iiL''-  M-'-inin.  ii'i.  .i.  hum 

..111'  iiil    !m  v.  ,  ,,i,,i  ii;iiI:iil;. 


r,,i    All    All    .iitit|i-il   an    a(  t    t^  ant  li' .i  i/i-  jmL't-  "I     (uiiit-  ..t     i.i..|i!     Im      i|i|„,ii,t 
j;ii\    (  MiiiiiiNsKnifi  -    ,iii<i    pri-^i  ril'iiiL'    tiicii    |Mi\\.-i-.  ami   Jiiti.>. 

Bii  rioN  1.     B'-  {/  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of    Illinum,  n/.f..^  ,!>■} 

•_'  ,,;    >h,    t,.i.,r,i!    .  I  >>.//;/,///.    'I  Ijal    it    -liall    l'>'    iawliil    Im    tin    jii.1l'>-^   mI    tiir^.xcrai 

:i  ((,urt~    Mt    iiidhi    111   till     -M\iial    I'lilhtH--"    nt    till-    Stall',     uf      a      IliaJnntS      nf      -^alil 

1  jliiiL'i  --    III    -ll'i    -iV'lal    (iililitli'-    t'l    cliii. i-^f    tllin     n 'Ill|(cti'lit      lliii   ill-r|i  1  t    \iitilN. 

;,  s\||,,    ,hall    iK't    I'l-    i'\     I  |N\    1  \i  II  p;    "I    ■li-i|ilalilii  li    tnuii    ■-iI'.iiil'     a-     jiii'>i-.     ah. I 

I,  wild    -,|iall    111     kiiii\Mi    a--   jill>    1  .  ill  II  ,)~-~ii  iiiif--.      (  M    till     lii--t    tliii'i-   -M 1  (  111  i-ii; .  nil.- 

7  -iiall    Ih'M    ill--    litticf    till    I'lii-    \i,ai.    iilii-    till    IVMi    \<al-^    ali'l    i>lii     Inl    tiilii      \ial-<. 

s  to    la    ill  ti  I  iiiiiiiil    li\    Int.    ahii    1  '.  •  t  \    \iai    t  lici  ratti  I    liiH-   -^liili    iitiHii     sii.all     lir 

'.»  -sii  (■lni--iii    I'll    tin-   tiliii    lit    thii'i      \la|■■^.       I'.acli     (it     saiil     i  i  niiiiii^-ii  nnr-     lii|.i|,> 

II  1  iitfl  lli'j    lijiiili    till'   ililtli>   lit    111-    nttiii'    -liall    take   aliil    -iili-ii  i  hi-     tn    an     natii    nl 

1  nihil      hi  Imi      nlii      n|     -a|ii     1 1 1 1  i  :_■  •          imi     -hall     r\ti   llti'    a     hnli  I     In    III.     |i,  ,,|,h      .    I     ||,, 

I  Statt     III     Ihllini-    Ml    -ill  h    -Illii     II,. i    N'.ith    -iich    -until-,    .a-    -hall    h.       ii.|!.i|..i    n\ 

>  -Hill     IUiIlii  .    aliil    hf,    h\     hllli,      i|i|i|.iMii.    cnn.ilt  iiilii-.|    h.t     tli.       hiithtili      i|l>rhllL'i' 

\  n!     Ill-    ij.itli-    a-    -mil     rnlllllil  — inl.i  I     .|l||lllu'     III-     ti-rlll     nt      nlMrc.         I'll.        nii|n||t\ 

,',  nt       the      jli.iL'f-      nl      -llcli     inlititX      ln.l>       li'llHAf     iltllil      nt      -111  ll      I-.  .|niiil--|.  Uii  I -. 

C,  uitliniit     i--iu'iniii-'   ica-nii-   thi-nlni. 

;;     J.        Tin-    -ahl     inllllll  I  — InlH  I  -     upnli     rlil  i 'linL'     Hpnll     the    lilltlr-    nf    tin  11     nlluc 

■1  alnl  I  a<  ll  >i  ar  llii-li  ,ilti  I .  -hail  |i|i  pan-    a    ll-t    (it    all    \nti-i-    lutwinli    tin-    a^'i-    nt 

.'1     t  \\<'iitV()iif  aiiil   M\t\    \f;u--.  ami  pnhst  ^siiii.'  tin    iif(f>Niir>   Icuai  (jiiiilitii  al  unis  for 

■1       JNI\     ilnt>    til  lie   klldUll   a^  tllf    iiinili^t.       Tllf  IiaTlii-    nl     cacll     piT-^uli     oli      -mj     ll-t 
■'»       --IimII     lie    t  Iltt  ll'.l     III     a     ImiiiK    (ir    lionKs    tn     \h      kcjlt     tn|     that      |MlI|io-,«v    iUmI    ,  .|  i|  i,  is|  (  i  ■ 

'>     Nanl    iiaiiif   -liall    he  (iitfrt'il    flic   aiji'   "f   -ai,i    |i,  json.    In-  ucciipiit imh,    i|    .ihv.    Iin 
<       ||lai  t     111     i»--ic|(  iH  !■,     L'lviiiL'    >ticit    ainl    iiiiiiiIm  I.    il    ,iii\.    \\liitliii    i'\    ii.  t    In     i>   n 

.■^  IhiII-m'ImiMi   I  .    I<  •'llhllL'    \\  It  II    lll>   talllllv  ,    allli    W  111  t  III   I     m|      1m    I      lie     I-     :i     ||i(      liiiM.   I. 

>  •>.  I  lie  sjilii  (•' ilnliii'-sli  iiid--  all'  I  lii|)i 'W II  111  let  |i|ii\ii|f  :i  ■~iiil:iliii  ihdIii 
'1  .1)  riidiii'-  111  wjilclitn  traiiMict  tlifir  Inisiut--,,  aiiil.  with  tin  a|ipin\  il  m|  the 
•')  jihL'r--  Hi  a  iiia|i.rit\  nl  the  saiiif.  tn  ajipniiit  a  cliik  ainl  tlir  ni|iii->li  iiiiinhri 
■t  111  as>-i-,talit -.  I  In  rUlk.  ll  tlii-lc  ln'  nln-.  '•Iiall  It  hii  i|ut\  at  tin-  Iim-ih  hi  |iiii|ii>, 
■">  111  '-all!  I  1  iliiliil'---ii  ilul --  laili  (ia\  ilurinj.'  tin-  scssiniis  nl  tin-  ciiiit  .  it  'in  ii  |.i  im 
<i  cli'ik  then  iiiif.  at  lia--t,  nl  sani  (()iiiiiiis''iiiiii'is  shall,  in  likr  inaiMiii  In  pii'-ciit. 
7  I'lir   sanl    ciiiiiiiiissiiiiii  r-    >iiall    iiavr    pii\M-i.    uitli    tlir    apjinixal    nl    tii.     iu.Jl'ii'I 

jiiiiL:i>,   tn   a|'|>iiii)t  a    n 'tii|M  ti  lit    \oIti    ii;    larli    m    aii\    \i)tiiiL.'    piiijniv    ,ii    i|i- 
tiicts.     wliii    shall     he   kiiiiuii   as  ih'|nit\    jiiiy  <  iiiiiiiiissiniiti ,   ainl    \\|iiis,    i|ut\    it 

sliall     III'    ti)    tlirillsll    salil    JUr\     cnlllMllssKilH  is.     Ilnln     ttllii-    tn    tlllir.     as    M  (|l|irfi|,    ;k 
list      nf      till       i|lialltiril      \nti|s     |(  slilllii.'    Ill    sjilil    \ntllii_'     |i|iillMt     ni     ilistint,    niiil 

\1     siicli   ntlnr   inlniiiiat  mil    as    max    \>v   ri(|iiiit  li    |i\    sahl     |iir\    i  nllllllls-^|nIn  i  , 

>  I.        Till        salii     JU1\      rnlllMllsMnllCIs      sh.iH.      fmin      tlliM       tn     Illlii.      si|,,t     Ilnln 

1     sail!   jiuA    hst    tlir   n(|iiisiff  iiiiiiilMr  (if  nanus,  u  Inch  shall   each   in     \Mittiii   <>\\   a 

•  i  separate  ticket.  VVltll  till  at-'c.  Jilacc  nf  lisiijeiH  i  .iliii  mn  n|  iinli.  it 
-J  klinwn.  llic  wllnlc  tn  lie  pill  llitn  ;i  |in\  tn  Ik  kept  Inl  that  pnijinsi  ainl  tii  lie 
•")       klinWII     as    the     pir\     liiiX.        In     like    matlln   l     tlli\     shall    select     t  lie   Ini  css;ir\     lllllll- 

(i     her  n|   iiaiiies  iiniii   saiij  jiir.x    list  ami  Irnm  aiiinii'j  thnsc  whn  an    iiechnMcis  ami 

7  iKiUsehnlclcIs  |esi,||iiL'  '•Uth  their  tall  I  llles ,  \\  hnse  Iialllcs  sha  1 1  eac  h  j,,  unttillnli 
H  a  s,  pniatc  t  ickct  .  W  It  ll  the  ai/e.  Jilacc  nf  Iis|,|e|i(c  ami  ncellpatnill  nf  cai  il.  it 
!t       knnwil.      ami    JiUt    the   U  llnle    mtn    anntllel     |in\     tn    he     kept      fnl     tliat      plllpns,       jilnl 

lit  kiiDWii   as   the   trrarni   jiiiv    i>n\.      Tin    jiiiiirs    sn  sclectcii  siiall  as  mar  as  m.ix   he. 

II  lie    icsjiiiiits    III    liitlcieiit     parts    (if    tin     ((iiiiit\,    ami    nf    (iiffcnnt    ni  i  i,,ns. 

\1  Wlthili     twilitv     .|a\-    ami   imt    less  t  h;(n   li  \  i      ..ia\s     hetnrc    tile    Ci  Unnn  In  (  lin  lit     nf 

V\  eacll   term   nf  ((, lilt .   t  lie  jmlee  shall  celt  lf\    tn  t  In  clerk   nf  t  Ik     (iiillt     the     nillliher 





11  I  if  jurors  r(i|iiirf(|  ;it   ■'iicii   ftriii.     Tin-  said  clprk  shall  tlicri  rp|)air  to  tlif  nHicf 

1")  111  tin-   |iir\    (  iiiiiiiii^-'iiirii  r^  atiil  in  tlii    priscticf    cf  nt   j.-nst   t\M>  of  said   ciiriiinis- 

Iti  si(iti,T>-  ;ind    alsii   in    pifsfrK  •    i>t    the  clerk    df  said  (•i)tiiiiiis-^iMTH'r>,  if  t  licrc  he  (iiic. 

17  ()iii(ii-,|    tu  draw    at    latHlniii    linin   >aid   jur\    l"i\    after   flh-   same   shall  have  hcfTi 

I's  Will   sjiakiii.   tlif  ri<'c<">sai\    iiiinilur  of  naiiu^  and   shall   crrf  if\  tli<' same  In  t  lie 

I'.i  sliciit]    til    lit     1j\     liiin    -iiiiitiiiilnd    airnidiiit.'    U>   law.      It   iiinrr    jiiriHs  art'  net dcd 

•J<l  dniiiiL'   ^aid    It'irii    tlicv  sjiall    he   drawn    and    siitiiini'iicd    in   likr   inaniKT. 

^    ■').      Whiiii  \ir   a     L'rand    in;y    shall   he    ir(|iii)i'd    hv    law    or    hy   ordrr  of   tin- 

•J  indiTf  tli'V  -hall  In   drawn   froTii   tin    "_'iand  jiirv  Imv   and  simimoiifd  in  like  iiiaii- 

.'i  iitr  as   priAidi'd  m  tli<    last  stctmn        \t  thr  tnd     >f  caih  term  nf    court  the  ^aid 

1  jiir\    (  iiniiiii--iiiiirr'-   shall    ;i-iertan:    the   niiine'.   nl    m11    iieison-,   who    lia\  e  ser\  fd 

,",  and  .ill  wlmliixe    heen    exciised    a^   jiirnis  diiriii!.'   said    term     an<i  tlif  i!Hmi-~  of 

(,  vihIi    av    havi     >i'r\ed   -hall    thm    hf  chcckrd  oil  trom  t Im- said  jury  lis*  and  shall 

7  imt  aL'ain  he    placed    in    either  jiir\    ho\    until   all   others  on  said   list   shall   ha\f 

s  serNcdMrheeii  fnuiid   to  he  d  1 -ipiali tied   or   c\ciipt,   and   the   names  i)f  all   who 

'.)  |ia\c    heeli    excused    -liall    au'ain    he    placed    ill    the   jlirv    ixiy. 

<  I,       The     s.iid    jiii\     (  (iiuinissii 'ni  Is.  dejMitv      ui\    coiiiiiiissinners,  (derks  and 

■J  assist iiiits  , hall  he  paid  foi'thcii  si  r\  ices  |i\   fh,.   (lunits'    treasurer   of   the   several 

:>  cniinties  such    comiM'nsatioii    as    shall    he    lived    hy    tln'    jiidtres    of    the    se\(  ral 

1  ei  iiirls  I  if  leci  ird    upon    warrant-   drawn    \'\    the  clerk    of  the   cnurt    and   cminter- 

.->  s|._'ned  hv  one  or  more  of  the  |ud<_'t  s,     'j'lie  office  e\p(>nses   ot    said    jiir\    <  (unmis- 

(i  sj.iii.  IS   shall    hi-   [laid   in    like   manner. 

.\Mi:.\i)\ii.N  r>  !'»  si:n  \  ri:  i;ii.i.  .\o  s7.  i  uoi'osiih  i;^' .iri)i(i.\i;v 

(  (»MMrrii;i:. 

/■'//■.>7-    111   line   two    ■j;.  nt    seeiiMii   ..Hi      1   ,  alter  the   word   "that.'    strike  out 
•_'         It    shal      h<     hiwflll    lor.  " 

:i  .S', ,.,',./-     li;    line    [nur       I   .     "t     s,  .ti'iii    Mill        1    .     atler     the     word     "i  mint  les,  ' 

j      vtriki     ..^.i    til.'   wnid    "to.      and    ii-.  it.   "iiciv    in    tiieii    dis'ietion. 
-  77, ,('/-- In    line  two   ■_''.   "I   s.ituin   two    J  ,   alter   the   word    ■'all,       erase     the 

(i       wnrd     ■■\iiter-.       iind    insert     ■elecfnrs. 












21 » 

Fiiuilh—\\\  line  siv  'd',  ol  scctldli  tlilff  .ii,  idtfl  tlif  uonl  "|>lcstlit,'  itdil 
"it   >(>  ordfii'd   iiy  tin-  (dint. 

l-'ittli — In    line    tit:lit     s.     scctmn    tlntr      .i  .     attii     tlir    \\<iiii   Cntiiin  tint,  " 

strike    (lUt     ■•voter"    allil    insert    'ejector." 

Si.itli—\\\    luH'   eleven     illi.      section     tluee      ^ii.     alter     tile     Wonl      ' 'il  iial  I  lleil ,  ' 

s(-iki-  out   llie  Uonl  "xoters.     and  insert   "electors." 

Siiiiitli — in  lines  tuehe  il2i  and  tliirteeii  il:{',  ot  section  four  t  .  strike 
out  the  words,  ■\sitliiti  t\vent.\  days."  and  the  uonK  not  .v  >s  thai,  i.^.  da\s 
helore  the  coinineneelnelit  of  ea(  ll  t^TIli  of  court  the  jud>.'e."  and  aitt  i  the 
word  "and.  in  line  twtixe  12',  insert,  'one  oi  moie  oj  the  jiid^-i^  o|  said 

F.nilitJi — in  line  fourlieii  >\\\.  of  s<'(tion  toiii  1  .  attt  r  tli.'  word  "at,  -Hike 
out    "sikIi."  aiid  insert    the  word    "eacli. 

\iiilli — In   line  twent\    '2<i'.  section  tour     I.   attir  lln'     wool       ic  it'  strike 

out  "they  shall  he  drawn  and  suiiiiiioihmI  in  like  manner,  and  add.  the  <  omt 
shall  so  ceitit\.  ami  the>  shall  he  drawn  and  siiiiriioned  as  al>o\i  juoxided 

'I\ii//i — III   lines  three   iii     and    torn      I  .  of  sect  ion  si\  .(>  .  alti  r  t  h.  word     tlie. 
sti:ki    out      'jiid^'es    ol     the    sexeral    coiiits    ,if    record.       and     iii-i    '       (  oiini\ 

IJ<  ti  iitJi — In  lines  four  •■\>  and  li\e  '>  .  ol  set  lion  si\  (>..  attt,  *!'•  word 
"the.  in  said  line  foiii  -1  .  strike  out  "couit  ami  coiinteisii.'ned  nv  niu  .n 
more  ol  the  judges."  and   insert    "(  ountv    Hoanl.  ' 

Fir, lull  —  .\t    the    end    of    line    si\    Ji>.    >,ectlon    s|\    -ti..    :iiid    "  / '  1 1  r,,/,  ,,'     /,.,,,,,/ 

that   the  <oni|K-nsat  loll  ol  an\    sik  Ii  cominissionei .    di|iut\     oi     i  hi  I,     slmil     imt 

e\ceed    the    slim    (d    S2.I » K 1    |iel     anillim. 

:mh  Assoni.  SENATE— No.  87.  March  1887 

1.      Iiitrivducfii    li\     ^[r.     (iil'li^.    .liUiuiiiy     2<i,    l^sT.     ainl     orilcnil     tn     tir>t 

■J..        I   ll^t       t>-!l<ilIIL'      -lillillMlN        _'(!,       l.SST.       aili:       Iftfirtil       tn        (    iiiniiiittci-      ^itl 

•Iiii|i(  iitr\  . 
:>.      I>i|i(iittii    liat  k    Marcli     I.    uilli    aiiitiiilintiit'-.  |ia,-^a^'f   rf(()tiiiiJiii(if<l,  and 

ordcff;!    f(i   sccoikI    riMiiiiii.'. 
J.     S.cdtiil     rcailiiiL'    Mai(  li      U'l.    ISSV.   aiiitiult'il     hikI     onlt'icd    to     a     tliini 



K(ir    An    Ac"    intitltil     "An    at    to  autlion/f  jiultri's  »>(    (•ourt>   ot    ifcord  to   appoint 
jury   coiMMiissionciv    ind    priscriliintj   tlicn     |h)\v»ts   and    diitu-s. 

Skcth^s  1.     Be.  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  Ilhnoi$,  reprrsfufi  / 

2  III   th,    (if  III 'III  Assnnhhi.     'i'li;it    tlic   jud-zt-s  of    tin-    Nt-vcrHl     courts    of     record 

•  i  III    the    scNcral    (  ol|||tu••^   of   till--    State,   or   a    majority   of   said   judt,'»-s   in  said 

4  -several   counties,    may   in    tlieir   diMritioii     clioose   three    comix-tcnt    and     dis- 

.".  creet    elector-,    who    s)ia!l    not    lie    hy    law    exempt  or  dis(piHlifie<l  from    ser\iiif: 

<)  as  jiiriM'^,  and    who  shall   he   knoun  a-,  jiirv  comrnissioiiers.     Of   tlie  first   three 

7  so   clio-eii,    one   shuli    hold    Ills   otlice    for    one    year,   one    f(»r   two    year-   and 

N  one    for     three     \ears,    to    he    determined     liy     lot,    and    e\«'ry    year    thereatter 

'.>  one  such   otiicer    -hall    Im'    so    (  hoseii    for   tlic   t^Ttii    of   tlirt'f   years,      hlacli    of 

i>  said  (  oinmissioners  hefoie  enterin>.' uimiii  the  duties  of  his  otiice  sliall  take  and 

I  -iii'scrihe    to   an    oath  of   otiice    hefore  onu  of   said  jiidj^'es  and    sh/dl  execute  a 

•_.  iii.nd  t.    the  jwople  of  the  State  of  Illinois  in  siudi  sum  and  witli  sikIi  sureties 

A  as  sjiall   hi    ie(|iiircd    liy  sucli  jiid^'e,  and    hv    hy  liiin  ai)proved,  (■oiiditioiie<|  for 

1  tlie  taithtiil  dis(  haru'e  (.d    his  duties    nh   Mich    coiiunissioner  duriiit,'  his   term  of 

.')  oliice.      The  majority  of  tlie  jud^'es  of  such  county  iiuiy  reuiuvc  either  of  such 

IC)  i-ommissioners  without  assi^'uin;^  reasous  therefor. 




;;  '2.  Tlic  saiil  (•(MiiimssKHit'rs  \^^(^}]  mtciHiL'  iii>(>i)  tlif  diitirs  of  tlni;  dtiicf, 
itiid  liicli  year  tlificanrr.  ^Iiall  |»ir|)ari'  a  list  of  all  xntrrs  iMtwrni  llir  aL'--- nl 
turiitv -mir   and     -^ixtN    Ncais,   and     [nisM's-^niL'    lln-    iic(  (■->>.iii  y    j.-ual    i|iialiti(  atmn-. 

fill-    jlll  V   dllt\  ,    tn    lit-    klK'WII     as    fllr    / "  / '/    !•"!.        'i'ln     liallM'iil    fa(   ll     |M  )-(.!:     I'l,     said 

li,t     -hall    Im'   ciitcrrd     III   a    \«uA,     mt    Ihi.ik-    to    i.r     k.|il     JMi-    tiiat     |i!ii|.  '-'  .    and 

ii|)|>,)s|tf  said  lialllf  sliall  In-  (Milclrd  tin  a^'c'  .it  -aid  |Ml-i.n.  Iil~  .  u  (  up;!  I  i<  a; ,  it 
atl.\.  ills  place  .i|  H'shlrnit  .  L'lMIl"  sflcft  and  liiindul  ll  an\  \^)].  tlpl  ol  lint 
lir   iv  a   ti(nisflii)ldi-i ,  ifsidiiiL:    \Mtli   in-   laiinlv.aiid    win  tin!    ni    i.,.t    la     ■-   a   tier 

lldldtl  . 

:j  :f.  The  said  ((iliilMissniiitis  air  iin|t(i\\i'ifii  li.  jnnsidi  a  suitahl.  lumii  oi 
Kiiiiiis  in  wlmli  til  transact  tlini  luisincss.  and  w  it  li  tli<'  apiniiN  al  mI  tli.  indue- 
iM  a  niajnii1\  .if  tlic  same,  tn  appellil  a  i  It  ik  an.l  tli.'  tftpilsltt  M.niliei  . .! 
assistants,  'I'ln  (lelk.  ll  tlierc  l-e  one.  shall  Ik  (Hi  .liltV  at  till  III.  :.  Ill  liinln- 
(i|     sal.l    c.iniln|ss|ii|ie|s    each    .la\     .IminL'     the    ses-lnlls    ..t      the    cmllt.      ll      then      he 

nil  clerk,  then  mie.  at    least,  nt    said    i  .'minissiuneis    -hall,  ui    like    inai.iici.   he 

present,  it  s,,  (inleied  hs  the  (.Hilt.  'I  hi  sal.l  c.  illillilssli  iiiel's  sha  II  ha\e  puUel 
With  tile  apprii\al  nf  tin  jiidi.'e  (U  jmk'es  l.i  appmnt  a  c.iiii|ielent  \  it.i  in 
iHili  or  aiiN  Noting'  piei  incts  m  distin  ts,  whn  shall  h.  known  a-  d(piit\  jurv 
coininissioiiei.   and    whose  .liiiy    it    shall    he   to   tuiiiish    said    pir\    i  .  iiiiniis-KHiei  s. 

ildln    tlllH'    to    tunc,    as    leipnred.    a    list    nt    I  h(     (|lialltied    electors    |.  -I. line     Ml     -aid 

voting:  |trcciiict  or  district,  and  smh  otlici  iiitorinatioii  as  max  he  reipmed  hs 
said   .iur\    coiniiiissiiiiieis. 

^  1.  'I'he  said  |iir\  cdiiiniissKincis  -hail.  ti.Hii  tune  tn  tin;.,  s.l.-i  t  tnun 
said  jnr>  list  the  leipiisite  nuiiiher  ot  nanus,  whnh  shall  ea'  h  he  written  on 
a  separate  ticket,  with  the  a^'e,  place  ot  residence  and  occiipat  inii  ot  each,  it 
known,  the  whole  to  he  put  into  a  ho\  to  he  kejit  t.ii  that  purpose  ainl  te  In 
kiii>wii  as  the  jiir\  lio.x.  In  like  inaiiiiei  lh'\  sjiall  seh  it  the  neces-arx 
miinher  of  names  tiom  said  jury  list  and  troin  aiiioiit:  thnsi  wh..  iie  tie( 
holder^  and  lioiisflioliicrs  iTsidiUf.'  with  their  taiiiilifs.  wliose  names  ,!iall  eai  h 
he  wilttell  on  a  st'])arate  ticket,  with  tli»'  a^-e.  place  of  resuleni  e  and  .  k  i  tipalKHi 
ot  each,   if    known,  and    imt     the  whole    into    aiiotiiei     hox    tc   Ik     k(  pt    for  that 


in  purpose  and    known  a>  the   triand   jury  l)ox.     Tlu'  jurors   so  sclcf-ted  sIihII.  us 

11  iitiir  a--  may  in-.  In-  resident^  nf  ditftrc'it   parts  of   *li«'  ((Minty.  an<i  of  difTtTcnt 

I'-I  o<(U|iatinii-> ,   and  unr  nr  nn'tr  nt    tlif  jud^'f>-  nf  ^anl   court   ^liail  ccrtifN'  tn  flit- 

\  >  cliik  lit    the    iiiiiit     tlif    iiiiiiiK'i    lit    iiiMii'>    ifi|inifd    ar    cacli    term.     Tlir    -^aid 

11  il' rk     -hall     then    ri')ia:i    to    tin     Miiic-  nt    tln'    jiiiy  coiMnu-'^iiint'i-.  ami    m   the 

l">  iiri'M  iM  (    (i|     it     II  ast    twn    lij    -aid    <  ■  .ninii-^-iiintT-    and    al-n  m   iircNcncf  nt    tli<- 

I''  cliik   (it    -aid   i(iiiiiiii--iiinci -,  :l    tl.iK     iif   nin-,    iirnci.Mi    tn  <lrau    at    randmn    troin 

17  -aid    jiiiN     iiox.  attn    tli-    -aiiic    -iiall    lia\i-    linii    wcjl    >liaki-n,    the    nci-c— ar\ 

1"^  liinnli.l    lit     liahii'-.    atid     -hall     irilif\     tlir     -anic     tn     tllf    -lu-ntl    tn     he     |i\     liini 

1'*  -iinin;ii|](  i|   a((i'idniL'   tn   law      ll    iimrc  jiiinr-  air  niTdnl  dunnL'  -aidtiMui   the 

■_'l  I  (iiillt    -hall    -1.    i.itit\,    and     llii\     -h.dl     In-   dlaun    and    -Ulnnmni-d    a-   almVc    [Hn 

Ji  \iilrd,      tn|tii\Mlll. 

^   •")       \\iiiiii\i'r   a    LTiaiul   jmiv    -h.ill    he    ifi)uir-i-il    li\    1,(\\.   nr    hv    m-iiij    nt    thf 

•_'  jiid'jc  .    lhi\    -hall     111-    diaun     Inxf:    tin      u'land    jiii\    hnx    and    -uinninni'd    Ui    IiIm- 

•'l  llianni  1     ,1-    |i|ii\ll(d      111      tin-     I  I-!      -iilinn.       At      thr     I'll. I    nf    larll    tfllli    iil     cnillt 

I  till     -aid     |iir\     I  niiiiiii  — mill  I  -    -h  dl     aM-iitaUi     thr    lialnr-    nj    all     |ifi'-nii-    \s  hn 

•"■>  lia\.-  -i-i\id    and   all    u  Im  lia\i-   lui-:.  i\iu-id    a-    imm-  duniiL;  -aid    trrm.   and 

f.  tlii-    naiiii  -   nl    -mil     a-     ha\i'    -.I'-.-d     -hall     tlicli     hr    (diiikfd    nff    froin    till'   -aid 

7  jiii\    li-t    and    -hall    imt    aL'aiii     In      |>l,,(cd     in    citlifr    jin"\    hnx    untii   all   ntlii-i-  nii 

^  -aid    li-t    -hall    ha\r   -ri'M'd,   m     hi-m     Iniind    tn    hi-  d iM|iialitii-d    nr   r.\fiii|it.   and 

'.'  rlir    naiiM  -   nt    all    wlin    JiaM'     hni;    I  \i-ii-cd     -hall     airain     !><■   |ila<-i-d    m    thr   jiii\ 

l<i  hn\. 

);    l>        Thr     -aid     Jlll>    cnimiil  — miirl-.    drplltV    Jlir>'     CoIiinilsMninT-.    (  Irlk-     and 

■J  a— i-taiit-  -hall  hr  paid  tnr  fhiir  -ri\iif-   l>\    thr  (i)iint>   titNi-iirrr.  of  the  -r\fial 

■>  rnuntli-,    -ilch    rnni|irn-atli  III    a-    -hall    hr   ti\rd    hy    thr   colintX'    hnald.  ll|)nn    uai 

1  rant-    drawn    h\    thr    (Ink  n|    thr    riiunt>'   hoard.      Thr  oilier  r\pi  n-r-  of    '.laid 

',  jiiiA    ri.ninii--ionri-  -hall   h.    jiaid   in   likr   inaniirr:     I'kiikIkI  .  Innr,  ■>  r.  that    tlir 

(i  roinprii-ation   ot   an\    -ludi   ronimi  — lonrr,  drjiiity  m    rlrrk  -hall   imt   rxm-d  tin- 

7  siilJi   ol   ^^_'.'  I""  prr  anniuii. 

r-:^^  • 

•loui  Assem. 

orjnAU!^— iw.  00.5^5 "^.^i^s^iipni  1001 

1.  Introduced  by  Mr.  Wheeler,  Januar>'  20, 1887,  and  ordered  to  first  reading. 

2.  First   rertdinp  Januar>'  20,  1887,  and  referred  to  Committee  on  Judicial 

;5.     Keportt^i  back  .^pril  15,  1887.  passage  recommended,  and  ordered  to  second 


For  An  Act  to  amend  section    12  of  an   act  entitled  "An  act  concerning  jurors, 
and  to  repeal  certaiu  acts  therein   named,"  approved   and  in  force  February 

11,  1874. 

Rectios  1.    Ba  H  enacted  by  (he  People  of  the  State  of  IlUnois,  represented 

2  in  the  General  Assevihlfi,  That  section  12,  of  an  act  entitled  "An  act  concem- 

•i  ing  jurors,  and  to  repeal  certain  acts  therein  named,"  approved  and  in  force 

4  February  11,  1874,  be  and  the  same  is  hereby  amended  so  as  to  read  as  follows: 

o  '•Section  12.     The  judge  shall  examine  the  jurors  who  appear,  and  if  more 

()  than  thirty  jurors  who  are  quaUtied  and  not  subject  to  any  exemi»tion,  or  any 

7  other  discpialifications   provided  in   this  act,  shall   appear  and   remain  after  all 

8  excuses  ar<f  allowed,   the  court  shall  dis<iiarge  by  lot  the  number  in  excess  of 
!i  twenty-seven.     If  for  any  reason   the   piinel  of  |)etit  jurors  shall   not  be  full 

10  at  the  opening  of  such  court,  or  at   any  time  during   the   term,  the  clerk  of 

11  such  court  may  again    repair    to   the    office  of   the  county  clerk   and   draw  in 

12  the  same  niniiner  as  at  the  first  drawing  such  numl)er  of  jurors  as  the  court 
18  may  direct,  to  fill  such  panel,  who  shall  be  sunimoned  in  the  same  manner 
14  aw  the  others,  and  if  necessary,  jurors  may  continue  to  be  so  drawii  and  sum- 
lo  moned  from  time  to  time  until  the  panel  shall  be  filled.     In  case  a  jury  shall 

16  be  required    in   such    court  for  trial   of   any  cause,  before  the  panel  shall  l)e 

17  filled    in    the  manner  herein    provided,   the    court    shall    direct    the  sheriff  to 

18  summon  from    the  bystanders,  or    from    the    I>ody  of   the  county,  a  sufficient 

£-»J*uit.. "*■!:>:  /-■' ^!^;^■^vL■^l-i^i2!t^.l>a^M£.'■:i.i^Li^lf'i^|^-'  ■ 

t     "9  r  •  ' 

19  number  of  pentons  ha^-fng  the  qualifications  of  jurors,  an  prondel   in  this  act 

2()  to  fill  the  panel,  in  order  that    a  jury  to  try  such  cause  nmy  1«>  drawn  there- 

'21  from,  and  when  such  jury  is  drawn,  the  iwrsons  selected  from  tlie  liystanders. 

22  or  from  the  body  of  the  county,  to  fill  the  panel,  and  not  cho8<*ii  on  the  jury 

23  jihall  also  he  discharged  from  the  panel  at  the  concluKion  of  the  trii,i :    I'rorlded, 

24  that  j)er«ons  Helecte<i   from   the    bystanders,  as   provided   in   this  se<  tioii,  shall 

25  not  thereby  be  diKijualitied    or  exempt  from   service   as  jurors   w  icii   re^nilarly 
"26  drawn  by  the  clerk  for  that  pur]H)se,  in  the  manner  provided  in  this  act 

-    'sr/^r  7.>V 

irxli   \-^.'i!..  >!  N  \i  Iv-  No.  fH. 

Jan.  I8«7 

!  ■     I    i.'    J 
_\        I    ll-r     |.:tii;i;L;    •'  i!:U  n\     J".    l>'^T,:ithl    )i!t  llr-i    !m    (    i)lll!liltti-t'    nil     I'.d  ;H  :«r  1' i|i 

.ii.'i    lMi',c,-iti..ii:il    Ii.-ri'  ir!..)!- 
■  >       li>|i'.i;.Mi   I'acK   .liiiiuars    _'^.    vvirh     r- i<iiiiiiifniliiti"ii    that    it    1m-    n-fi-nfi   to 

(  ''.intiiitti'f     II!    Ap|||M|ll;:lIlnIJ■^. 
)       i;.jH,(T.'i    i':i' !•.    l-'-l'C  !  MN    i'-      l"^*^!     im^-aLj'-   ii-ci)iniii''!"l>  •!.  'Uni   onit-n-d   to 

A    lill.L 

Fill  Ai;  Art  iimKihl:  an  a]i|iiMju  ;:tt;(iii  tm  rlir  ordiimty  ivpeii'^f'?  nf  tlit-  Stute 
l.abuiat.iiy  ut  Nati.ial  lli^tMi;,  tui  t ht-  iiiiitinx eiut-iit  <A  the  liljrarv  tholtof, 
a!'  I    t'lr   The   cXJU'Ij-i^   o\   tin-    Mate    lujlolui 'iugist  s   otfit.'e 

>^y,   ;i,,x,     ]         /;      ,/    ,i,i,t.,i    I- I    '•'.     /'../"'■     '■'     ''"     ^''if''    <<t     ninni/x.    ri  jifi  s,  hlrij 

•_>  ,„    tj,,     (;.,,    As.sriiil'l'/.     'I'l; at     tli<iv    Is    h.'    a|)pr()|»riat*'<l   to  tlic  State 

:;  l,alMiiatoi\  nf   Natural    1 1  istnr>  .  tni    thi-   ti<'M   \\oik   riixl   tie  uHice  ;ui<l   iiieideiitiil 

-1  .■\|li'li-.-,    th.'    -mil    nt    nllf    tlin:i-:ili'l    ilnllal-      S 1  ,(«  N  I      |>,-r    aimillll. 

-,  I',,)      til,       inipinvrliu'lit      <it      l!|i'      lli'lirv.     the     >Ulli     nf     inie     tllol!S!Ul(l     linlhirs 

fi  iSI  Ji'i    |><'i   aTitiimi. 

7  l''ni    till    >aiaiv  of    the  iliiMtm,    the    simi    of    two    thoiiNiinii    doUars  <SJ,()(lf)) 

S  pel     ;Ill:lllli. 

I)  J-,,,    ilj,    |,;t>    of  ih.-  a--.i.-taiit~.  till    sum    of     thire    thousand  dollars  i.S;j.(l()(h 

10  |icr  aiiiiiiiii. 

11  J-,,,-  til,.  piiMi,  atioii   nt     l.iilli-tiiis.  tlif    siiiti    of    thii't     hundred  dollars  iS:VX)i 

!•_'  pi-r  aiiiiUiii 

j:;  I'm    tl;.    illustratmii    n|     tin     Li-nmai    ivimrf  ot    the  Stat.-  I'Jitoniolotrist,  the 

1  1  siuii  "I   liM    hiii.dri  il  onilais    --^V"' 

<  •_•       1),,.  Auditor  ot    l'iih!;i     \(inunts  is  henhy  aut  lorized  and  direeted  to 

■J  draw    Ills  v.airant   n,,    tii.    'li.,,~.oi     tnr    the.    siuns    h.-rrhy  aiijiropnated.    u|K)n 


'A  thf  (ifiirr  ol  tile  iiifMdfiit   III   till-  lidiiiil   "I   11,1^1,,-.  lit    till      I'liiN  i-i-il\    "f     I!li 

4  lliHs,    Uttcstfd    liV    its    M'(l<lHt\.    Mtld    will)    the    (fill)' ^litlr    ■-,  al    nt    tlic    ri.i\(l-lf\ 

")  I'ldinhil.  that  no  |i;ut    nl   sitid  siiins  shall    lir  dii"  ;iiid   |i!t\al>lt-  tn  sahi   iiistitii 

('»  tioii   until  satisfucti)r\'   xoiKlifis  in  .ji'tail.  .iiipioxc  1    lu    tlu'  ( iuv  ci  inir    -Imll    1" 

7  tilfd    Wltll    tlir    Alldltnl    fnl    all    )trr\l(ill--     t  A  )>i  nd  It  li  1 1  -      IlirUll  cd      l'\     tlr    illslltu- 

H  tioii   on    iiccoillit    ot     appidpi'iat  ions   luii'tnioi  i    inadi         Ah'/,     /'i  nr.i/t  ,i ,     turtlni. 

".*  that   \oti(licrs  shall    in-  taKt-n   iii  dii|>li(at<  .  and    I'liL'iiial   or  ijupliratf  \oii(htts 

In  shall    iif    toiwaidcd    to    the    Allditol     of     I'ld'llr     \<(i,iilits    (mi    the    '•\pcndlluii-s    of 

11  till'  sums  appiopriatt'd  undci   this  ad 

;;  :<      This  act  sliall  hr  and   contiiinr  in   toi(  i    tiom   tin    tiisi   da\    of  July.   A 

■J  1>.    1SS7.   until   the  <'\piration   oj    ilir   tiist     lis,  al    (|Uaiti  r   alt.i    tla-   adjournini  ut 

■  }  of  tilt    iR'xt  (n'ni'ial  Asscnil'h 

:r)tii  Assoin.  senate—No.  i)2.  ivi).  \hhi 

1.      Iiiti'>  iiiicil     liy     Ml.     StifctiT,    .Ianiiiir>    '2*^    IHST,    aid    orili>n'<l    to    (^r^t 

•J.     Kir-t    ri'.i.liiiL'  •liuniary  Ji),  IHsT.  ainl  refcrn^d    to   Co  riuiittfc   on    Kiliicii- 

tioii    mill    Fvlucdtioual    Institutions. 
-■?.     JJt'poj till    liack    Ffl>ruMiv    Is,    1SH7.   with    Hnicndnicnt.    passatrt-    roconi- 

jiiiiidfd.  and   ordiTtMl   to  -ccond    iciidint:. 


I''(ii     An     .\rt     to    pioliiliit     St  lliiiL'.   t-'ivniLT    or    fnrni^liint,'    tohiu -o    in    any    of    its 
inrni-,   to    minor-,    and    indvidui!/   a   iiciialty   tli«Tt'tor. 

r,;    11.. N  1.     J?('  ii  enarted  hy  the  People  of  the  Siate  of  Illinois,  rrjirrsriifnj 

■2  ill  ///'  (i.ti.r.ii  Ass, ml, h/.  'I'hat  lificafttT  no  person  or  lU'rsons  in  tlii>  State 
;;  ^liall  xll  ur  furnl^ll  any  citrar-.  ciiran-ttts  or  toliacio  in  any  of  its  forms 
1     to    any   miliar    utidt-r    sixtt-fti    years    of    aue. 

^  J.  That  if  anv  person  ur  persons  in  this  State  sliall  viohite  the  ])rovisions 
•_'  of  this  a(  t  he,  >he  or  they  -hall,  on  conviction  tliereof.  forfeit  an<l  pay  for 
:!     each    and    e\.rv   otfeii-e   tlie   sum    of   twenty   doUars. 

.XMKNDMKNT   TO   SFAWTK    P>UA.    N'o.   !iJ.   PUOroSKD    in     TllK    COM- 


Amend  hy  ad.Un-.'  the  follow inL'  to  ^ection  1  of  this  lull,  \i/..:     -Unless  upon 
■2     the  written  order  of   jiareiit    or   iiuarduin. 

a')fli  A-M'MK  Sl.Wri:     N.      ;H>.  Manli   iss: 

1.      Iiitrii.iii(  .  .i   li\    Ml.    Mrictif.     -hiiiihirx     J",     l""'*^!.     Mini     iir<ifitii     to    fir-t 

ti  <l'\\Ul'. 

■_'.      I'lr^t    n  .-i.lmL'    -l.-ii^iurx    •_'",    l'-'^7.   ;n.'i    rif.  irf.l   tn  ( 'imniiitti-r  dn     |j|ii(;i 

i-.ltMIi      ;ilHi      I  j|li:atl"Ii:il      i  I !  •^t  It  I ,  Iji  il  i-.. 

:i.      i«'i  j"  liiil    |.;ii  k      I'l  i.i  ij;ir\      1'^.      l'->'7,     with     ninitKliiunt.    |i:i>-~iiL'>-    nii.ii;- 

111.  inicil.  ;iiiii  iii'lfrnl   tM  --irMinl   r<;ii|iiiLr 
-J.     Sf(  Mii'i   iiMflitiL'   i  I  iirii:ii\    '_'■').    iNsT,  iiiiii  t.iii|iiii-iril\    |iiist)niiif<l. 
■").      Aiiii'ti'it  .1    Man  li    I,    1>ns7.   an'l   oiilt  rt-ii    \n  a   tlnnl    i<'a(init.'. 


Fur  All   Act  ti'   ■-.■liiii'j.    '_'!>iiiL'    "f    furiii-iiiiij.'  tniiac en  in  an\    ol  it->  furms 
(■1    iiiilici--,     alid    |il' i\  i,|iii!_'   a    |ic!iall>    tlitirfur. 

Si  TTTov  1.  pjf  if  rviiifed  hy  fhe  Proj.,-^  of  Chi"  State  of  Jllinrii/i,  reprr.<rjtt,  .-1 
•J  ni  flir  ('i.)i,r>i'  .\  ss,  nih' >/ .  That  h-r.attir  m.  inr-Min  or  ji.  rsdus  m  this  State 
•  i  -.hall  --i-ll  I'V  l!iriii--h  an>  ii'jaf^.  cpjan  t  ti-^  nr  t'lhacrd,  in  aiiv  i 't  if-,  fnrms.  to 
■}  aii\  innior  iithlir  ^ixtiiii  \tai-.  i.t  ai.'i  .  iiiih---'  n|itin  the  wiittcn  oiiltr  of 
t'l     pairiit   or  ;.nianlian. 

;;  ■_',  That  it  an\  |ifr-on  or  |iir-oii>.  in  t!ii>  ^tatf.  >h;ill  %  lohitf  thi  |iro- 
■J  \i-ioii-,  ot  thi~  act.  he.  -he  oi  tia'V  -halh  on  coinietion  tliereol.  forfeit  ami 
o     |»a>    for  each   ami  »-\er\    oflin-c  the  -mn   ol   t\\ent\    ili>llur-. 

35ni   ASSCMU. 

SFNATF— No.  1»2. 

Man-li  1S87 

i.      liitiudiK    li    li\     M'      still  III      .IjiiiUiirx    "Jo.     I'^'^T.    ami    iinii-rtd    tn    tir^t 

•_'.      Iir^t     ti-aiiiiisj    .Iatiiiai\     Ji '.    1'SS7.   ii(iil    rcftitnl    to    ( 'onmiittt'f  on    lliiiica- 

tiuii   ainl    IjIiii  atiiMial    I  ri^f  it  ittitiii>. 
■  i.      l;i|iiiitril     liaik      |-'tiii  uai\      1^.     ISJS".     uifli     atiirlMlinctit ,     pa'%sai.'c    iicoin- 

iiiriiiltii.  ariil  niili-iiil   ti'  ■-(■(•iiiiil  riaiiiiiL'. 
■}.     Si'iiiinl   irailiiiL'    I'riniiafs    JV    1SM7.  aiiil  ti'iii|)oraiily  jKistporuMi. 
■').     Anil  iiili'l    Manli    1.    l^-^T,    ainI    niiliircl    to    a    tliini    reading'. 
t(.      ()|iitMil    liack    to    M(  olid    N   iliiiu'    Mairli    Id.    I.SST,   aiin'iiiifil.   ainl    oni.Tfd 

to    a    tliitil    naiiiii:.' 


For      \ii     Alt     lo     proliil'il     mIIiiil'.     l'i\iiil'     m     tiiriiisliiiii,'     toliarro    iii    aii\    of    its 
loiiH'-    to    iiiiiioi-'.    .iihI    pioNuliii^'    a    pt'nall\     tlirM-foc. 

l'  ///   th,    I,,, I,  I, II   Assrhihlii.    'I'liat  liMtafttr   no   ix-rsoii    or   prrsoiiN   in    tliis   State 

:>  -liall    -Mil.    t'ii\     tor.    oi     tiirni^'li  any    ci^'ars,    ci^art'ttes    or    tobacco    in    any    of 

I  !t-    t.niii-     to   ui:\    iiiiiioi    liinl.i  Nixtii-n    ycurs   of   a^'t',    iiiilcsj,    upon    tlic   writ- 

."i  ti'ii    o|i|ii    III    paiflit    or    (jiiaiiliaii. 

^   ■_'       I  Ii;it    it     iiis     pfisoii    oi  pt  rsoii-..   ill  tills  StHtc,  shall    Molat^'  tlic  piovis- 

■j  loii-,  ,,!   till-  art    he.  -hi    ..1    tiii>  -hall,  on  conviction  thereof,  forfeit  atul  pay  for 

.;  eai  li  all.!  I  MTV  otlrii-e  the  Miiii  of  twenty  dollars. 

;!:,tl,  A^^-.'iii.  SKN  \Tlv    N...    111.  VvU.  \h>^7 

I.       li.ti.Mtiic.'.l    |.\     Mr.    ll:iili.\,    .I:iliii;il  \    -JO.    l^N.    ii'mI     niil.-ivd    to    lil->t    li;iil 

1  I  i  'J  . 
■J         III.!     |.-:hiili-    .l;ililliil\    -JH.    |N^7.;ilii|     UlilHii    I^    (    i !'  i  ■    I'h    -I  lulii  :  1 1  >  . 
,;.  1;.    |H>!t-i      iMii.      I'li-liillV      _''>.      i^^^T.     |ll---l'Ji       ti  (   I  illMlll  ilil.  (i,     I  !|.i     .■|i|.|i.l     tn 

^11    Mni    It  ji.hiiL;. 


('1    All    Act    t"  ;iiiitiiii   M'ctiiiti-   iiiiiftN    iiiiic    '.th.  iiiif   liuiitlifil   'ItKi'.  ;tiii|  oiii    Imii- 
dit  .|  ,iii(t  "111    ■  ii  'I     111    itii  Hi  t  I  iititltil  ■■  \ii    ai  I    III    n-LMiil    ti.   till     ;tiliiiini~ti:iliiiii 

nt    i-t;iti->,        :i|i|p|i'\  111      \|Hll     1.     l^i'J. 

SicTroN   1.      /?>'  it  pnnrfrff  hi/   the   Piople  of  the  State  nf    niinni.t.  reprpgrnted 

•2  n,     t]-.      (     .  I, s.x,  //,/-/;/.     'I'liat      ^i-itmn'-     llltlft  V   II  llir      '.''.''.    nllr     lllllnl)  fi  I       iMI. 

.')  aiiil   diir   iiiiiiilrfil   :iiiil    dill'   ']i'I>   lii    an   art   ciititji-il   ""An    act    iii    r"L'arii    !•■    tin 

-1  ailiiinii--t  r  it  mil      il    i-fati-."     a|i|iiii\til     \|)i!l     1,     I-ST'J.     In-     ami     ttit-     -aim      aif 

.")  tirl'fli\    aim  liiifil    Ml  a-^   tn   i<ai|    a-   Inlluvvx: 

(i  ••Nfcthil,    '.•'.I.         I'llr    lllDiic    nf    i  i  HI  iMirllclllLr    tllf    |l|n<  ci'ilini.'v  tn|     t  111-  --air  i  •!    Hal 

7  i-tatf     ill     --Mril    ca-M'v    >liall     In      li\     tilt-    tilllli:     nt      a      (iftltinli      l)\"      tlic     CNiclIti  If     III 

"^  aiillillil-t  I  at.  i|    111   t  III'    circlllt     HI     ciiilllfV     lolirt     nf    tllf    inimt  V   W  licli-    li-ttrl--    ti-ta 

'.I  liirtitaiA    III    n|    a(|ll:llll^tr;itlnli    \\r|i     i^^liril.        Til"'    \M(|n\\,    hell-    ami     i|r\I-ris    nf 

I'  flu-    ti-^lilni    ny    lilt  i--t  ati-.    ami    tin      L'lia  1 1 1  lan-^    .if    aii\-    -~ii(  li     a--    an      inihni-,     iiui 

I  till-   I  ni:-~ii  \  atnr-   nt     ->iirli    a>   lia\i     i  i  m-i  i\  a  1 1  >r--.    an. I    ail     |ii-rM)ii-.     iinliJiiiLJ     liiii- 

■J  a^ain-f    till    iial  c-tati-  iji-ci  1  In.  i   in   till'  |ii-titinii.  Ill  an\   (lait  t  lift  i  .  ■!.  ■  ,i    l,i\ini.' 

:'.  Ill-     llalllill!'.'       a!l\      llltlTi'-t       tll-ri-IIl       Hi       ||.  l--..-'>-|nn       nl       nt  IlITU  i~.. '      -lllll       h.         ■'      ,    Il 

I  |iait!i~  Il     tliiii-    an-    |    mi    iIm'    |iri'iMi-i'-<    \\lii.^.      iiainn^     ;iii      '  >  ■:      ••'    ,>i.. 

.")  tiai,    t!ii\    -iial!    Ill     iiiaiii-    )ii)ti.  ~    l\    1 1:,     nifm     nt    iini.nnw!,    • .  '  n>  i 
(',  ■■s,iti..i,    pKi       Till     |iftltlnl!    N|::ii|    -it    f.iltli    till-    fart-     all. I    fi  iTilln-taM  .  -    ili 

7  wliH-l:    tin-    IX'tlfmii     I-    tnlMnlcil.     IV     wllllll    >liall    In-    -tatcil    tia     allinliht    n|     l  ialll:- 

■J  I 



•  il 

mHoWimI.  Wltll  all  rstllllittl  ci|  tln'  ailiniilit  III  |||,t  (  hlllll--  t'>  1'.  pli  ■>!  litid,  :i||.| 
It  --liull  ;iU(i  rdlitiiin  i(  -lati  tliflit  111  till  Uii'iillit  "I  |i.  r^'il,,-|l  .-tad-  whhli  lia- 
ii'lili  til  till  liiilhl--  lit  till  Jiitlt  1. 'lit  r.  aliil  till  Iiialilii  1  111  \\|i|i  li  III  l:a^  .|l^ 
|i"Mil  111  IIm  •^allil  .  witli  a  -tall  MmIiI  hI  tin  aliiniilit  n|  clallii^  Iiaiil.  a  |ia!liriilal 
iii-iri|itiiili  iif  thr  iiai  .  -tati-  '-iiliu'lit  til  \h  v,i|,|.  tli.  iialiin  ain]  .xtiiit  nl 
all  lllH  ■-  il|Pi'li  --aiii  lial  i^Iitc'  si  1  (ai  a-  tin  -aim  li;a\  Im-  1,|ih\m;  Ic  tin  |  n  1  1 
tliilul.  I  lir    |iitlt|ii|i    shall    111     s|:jiii  i|      |,\      ih,      .Viiiiti'r     I'l      ail  IM  li  l-t  I  at  1 M       .1,1 

Mlill'il    li\     l'|s    alliilaxit.    ami    s|iall    In-    tiii.l    at     |i  a-t     .la;-     ImIhi.      tla      i.ili; 
tiM'H'  i-rnil:t    lit    till'    Ii'l'tli    I  if    111,1;     at     wlilili    tin     a  |ip!li  at  |i  i|i    sjiail    in      inaili 

"^•■iliiili     jill.       Nihil    a|i|illcat|Mli    shall    In     .h.ikcti.l    a-    ntlnl      lails.s     :iii.i    ih-' 

r'     lfii\      I..-    alP.i,,!,  .|.     h.ani     1.1     iiiiitll I     I. 11     ii.iJiii-     Ml      ..Ihii      I    ill-.         ili.l 

1  ia     |iiai  t|i  a     ill    sill  h    lasi  s    -hili    h,     1  hi     -  Ilia      as    ih     1  asi    .     in     1  ha  in  1  1  \  I  la- 

<iiill     !i;a\     ihli  I   1     ;i|i      sill      .,f     siii   h     I,   ai     i-'iti        ih-Hii     ill   hi   li-.l     i.t      all'Ja'J'   . 
I'ni-'H"   lit     111       ith-l     III. III.   \      iii   lis    Ihit     a|.      .i'l.   .     aini      li;a\      p|.^\hh       La      jia       -iti- 
ti'tli'li    .it      all    -lull    llrlis    ,,i|t     111    thi      |    .,|     th.      -all,    a  I  ■  I     liia\     ai-"     -iltj. 
'I'i'l     il'ljli^l     ;ill    ii|l|!tlis    allii     illl    Ijliisllnlis    ,,!      |i|iiiMl\     hrti\,ili      all     |i"lltli-     il.til 
•'■'      i^ti.i    ihiHlli.     .ali.i    iiiiiv     als.i    iii\  ,sii;..ali-    ami    ih  1 .  1  ini  in       ail    i|  m  -t  n  iii-     ,(     ,,,,, 
••''      Hiitlli-    111    1  ii|,t|ii\i  Itiil    titlis    al|s)iiL'    iiilwiili    ali\     i.\     tin      |ialliis    1,,    s.^l      |i|.i 
•''       '1  ••lilli'-'.    ami    III  i\     iiM!.i\i     rhuiiis    lidir     ihi      titii      ill     ali\     Il    li    i-tati     sniiijit    tn 
■►"^      i"     ^I'll.  all  i    iii\.-l     pall  i:as,  Is  w  ith   a    'Ji  1  hI   alui    ,  mh  )i  asilih     tith     |.ilh.     IHiliiis,  s 
■>''       -"'i'l.  I  !;■■    i.iiilt     iiia\.     \-,ili!    th.'    I     i!is,  1,1     ,,t      ,iii\     im 'I  iL'au'ii       ..I      Im       wh.iji       ..r 

)"  il'N  palt  ,t  sij,  h  lial  1  -tail-,  wli..-,  ,hl.I  1-  i,,it  .jm  .  -ill  sij,  |  i,;,]  ,-i,,t,  ,hs 
!iii  'iiiil'i  II  .|  I'l  si],  Il  imnl'.ML'i  .  all. I  |i|i'\iih  ||'|  thi-  )i,i\iiiiiit  nl  I:  ii;.  .1 1 -ai'' 
"'1'  "'  ill''  |iiiiiii''ls  ..(  s.n  h  s.-il,  .  aii.l  ir,i>  alsn.  \\illi  tin  ass,  iit  ..|  tin  |«)s,.|, 
'li'l'l'-'l  I"  .-III  <-I.ati-  ill  .h.w.i.  .,(  i.\  tin  I'liilti  s\  .  ,,,  I., I  hj,  ,,|  till  \ial-  m 
"I  iiiHiiisi,  ail  In  till'  ujiiili-  111  III  part  nl  the  pirinis,  s.  whn  is  a  pait\  tn  lla 
^iiit.    sell   siiih    isiatr    ujtl;    liif    ii'st.        Iliit    siK  il   a.->s|.iit    s|i;il|    hi.    Hi    wilting'    ami 

sii:iii-.i    li\    sii,  h    pi  iMiii    ami    liliil    ill    th,'    It    \\li(riiii    tin-    shuI    pi ,  k  ,  i-,  Iii,...       m,. 

pi-iiiiiiiL'.        \\  hi  II    aii\    sin  h    istati      is    si,|,|     j  hi      xalin      th,ii.iit     s||-il|     h,      ;,s,  ,|- 

talllrd  allil  p.ll'i  .i\l|  III  L'lii-^s.  Ml  Ihl-  p|,l|)rl  pnipiirtliHi  nl  ill,  lllliils  l|.\isti'i|. 
(Illl!  the  IlKalllic  |»iili|  i)\,|  tn  tllr  |iarl>  rlHltlr.j  tlnntn  illDlli;.'  t  lie  (  ( III  t  Kllilllln  ■ 
nt    tin-    CstHtc." 






:{:)tli  AsM'iii.        HOrSIv- No.   !>4— In  Senate.        April  IWHT 

IJccimmI  tioiii   Hnii^.'  A|)nl  ^.   iHsT.  Mii'l    onicrtMl  tn  first  rcadiiitr. 

I'ir-t     r.iiliii<_'    \\m\    S.    I.SK7,    uinl    nnlcnvl    to    shcdiuI    rcadiriij  witliDUt 



I'll"     \m     \,  !    fi   I  -jiilit      t!i      1 ,1  il.ihln^  <il    |-'irf    [ii^iiraiicf  ( 'nrtiimrtit's. 

-  <, 

!'i,cTioN  1.    Be  it  enacted  hy  the  People  of  the  State  of   Illinois,  rr^ivi-xi'iii,  l 

•J  ///     ///'      (trill  ml     .\-<s,llll>lll.     Tllut     ill     all     ^lllt-,     l>|i)||ir||t      upon     |M)IlClt'S    of      ItlSlirHIKI' 

'■'■>  aL':iin>t    I•l•^--  iir  ilatiKiL'r   1>\     tiff.   Iituaftti  l■^•^llt■li  o?   ri'iicwcd,  tlic  dcfcndHnt  slmll 

I  not    lie  |iri  niiil"!   to  d'-n\    tint   tlif   |Mii|H'it\    ni^titi-d  th.'ii'lty   «ns  wdi-fli    iit   tin- 

.")  iiin''  o!  till'  i-.>iini'_'  ot    til'      |.  >iii\    ih'     tulj     anio  mt     m-uifJ     tli' i-ian  ')ii    '-aid 

(>  |>ii  >|).Tt  \  ;     an  I    ni    ca^i-   ol     a    t  vt  i!    I  >>-   ol    tli'    |»r()j)'it>    in-^ill"i  d,    tiic    IiiiM^air   I'f 

7  da'iia'.'f  ^lial!   ii  ■  tlir  amonnl    Imi    wnnli  tli"  -aim'    \vn>.    iiiHiiicd.     Ic^>  w  liatt-vi-r 

N  (ilM  ■.iilmn   m   \iilu'-.  Iilow  the  am  I'lnt  toi  u  ai  li  the  |»ro|HTty    i>    insiin'(i.  tlif 

'.t  |i|o:.Tf\    in  r.    Iia\r    -n-tainitl    I'.tui    ntlii-  tiim'    cf    is-<uiml.'   tli"   |><)li(V   and   the 

Id  liii'-ol    till-   |ii»;a!i,l   til'   liiii(i.-ii  ol    |ii'i\  ill .'  ■^ll^il   d<-|>rtMiation  sliail    lie  u|ion  tin- 

II  i!    ti  ndalit         \liil  111  1  asc  i)t  a  pal  tial    l'-">.    the    liifH.sui-    <'\    dillnai.'f   >liall    lie   tliitt 

1:^  piiiporiiiiii  (it  till-  \aliif  cd  tlir  uji  lii    )>    >p  •v\\  ni^  a^.a-rt  iiii'-  !  ui   thr  maiiniT 

l:{  ht  rnnatttr  pir^ciilu-d.   which  tiii-   p.iit    iiijuii-d  iir  drstroVfd   lirar>.  to  th*-  whole 

11  piiiprrtN     ln•^l||l■d. 

:;  ■_'.      W  111  ii    till-    iii-~ui;iiic   ■    pnln-ii'^ --hili  ii--    ln'ifatta'    l•^■^lll•d  or  ifiii'Wcl    hy 

-  '.'.'.  Iff   than  iiii'     i-iiniiiany  uji  m   fii-  -an:     pr  •p.rl\.  and  -  lit  --hall  h"'  hioi|i_'ht  upon 

:!  an       iif  -^iid    p  .III  ii-.    \\r-    ih'tiii  i  III!     -hill    not     !>•■    piTiint  tfd   In    li-iiN    thai     tin* 

I  pi"P'ri\    m^iirio   ui-   woi-th   t;i'     ij.oi 'jat-'  ot  tlif  xxnal  amouiil->  lor  whndiit 

o  w  1-.    m-ini  il    at  till-  iiM.i-    lilt    p   hi  \   \^  i^   i---^iii'd  or   ifiuwi'd  tlirifoii.  uiiIi-sn  fraiid 

t>  1,  vljiunon   till'  part   nl     'Ik-   in->!ii'   I     iii   ohtainiii^'  such    additional    iiisiiraiicr. 

7  And   111  Mich  suit  tlic  iiicaMiif  ot  (l(iiiiHj.'r  >li;ill  lu' us  |»i(i\  nlcil  in   -frlKui  uiu- 

8  of  tins  act:     I'lorulfd.  tliitt   wliatcvcr  (if|trfciatioii  in  \aliit    1m  low   the   ainoii 
;>  for  winch  tlir  proi)crty  in  iiisiircd  may  hf  '-how  n,  as  pnAidr.l   in  -ntion  (Tie 

111  ot  tins  act.  sluill  ho  (it'diictrd  troin  the  ainount  nisiiird   iii  i m  ji   )iiilic\   in  \ 

11  |H()]>ortioii   whuli  the  anionnt  iiisin>d  in  .a*  h  siuji  |>oh(  \   Im  :os  to  the  M^<_M't'frfl 

\1  of  all  tlif  ainonnts  so  iiisnicd  on  sn(  h   |ud|)rit\. 

;^  ;{.     This  act   shall  a|>|)i\    only   to  iinl   |)ro|)(Tt>  injured 

a5th  Asseni.  SENATE— No.  J).'».  Feb.  1Hh7 

ll.tliMli,!  iii     ir\      Ml      (iiitl--      -iMIiilllV     -.'ll.    IS^^T.   ;i!rl  iitilclfd   til  tir>t    M-inllIlL' 
I  li-t    niitiiiiL'    -laiiiiaiv    _'i '.    l^^^T,    aii'l    r  dit  roi    1"  ( 'i  iiniiiir  t.i    .  iii   -I  iiiiii  iar\  , 
l.'(  |ii  i|  Ii'il    l';ii\     l'tl'i'l;il\     _'■">.    |i,i^^;iL.'''    I  r(  •  .iiiIih'I  iiiici .    atnl      ord.ifii    !•'   ^rc 
■  'li'l     li-;'- 


\li      \i  ■     \',    iii.iliMii    til    .i|i|»  'li-    'l"ln    li:i       '111  i^liil!--    'i!     Jii--tli  •  --    111     ll:r    |m;ii  i-    in 

ii\ll    -Mlt-^ 

•J  II'     .'/  .     (i-i,i,il    A--^,  nil  '  n        I  ii:i!     '.iiih      ili      iIiiumI    I-    I.iImIi     tldlli      tin-    i|irl>h>h    "t 

;  '     ii-Ihi      ■■!     till      |M  ;|i  1      ill       ;ili\     i!\||       ~'nl.     rt       llii        I'll^nli     i  il       |iiirt\      I;ikllll'       tilt' 

I  i|i|ii;i|     -i   :i!!     t;ill.     Ill  L'l'-i  t     i<\     l'-|i|-i       '"    |i;i\      till      liiirkit    |i-i      Ifi     t  I  i.     i  i  Hi  1 1   1 1 1    u  1  Hi  ll 

"i  till     .-11111.  ,ii    i>    I, (kill.    111     t.i    i'liv  1'    tin     1  :is,'  pur     ii|iMi,   tin    ii.,iki  t    111    ^lli  ll   :i|i|Mll;itf 

f,  (.liiil    III;    '!:l\^    li'tiilf    ll;i     III-.!      I.iv     lit    I  ill    •>■  1  1  iliil  til  III    t  iiil  iiij.  ;tt(il    tin    ;i|i|w,il 

',  Im.i.,1     liii-    In  ill    ;i)i|il  I  n  1  i|.    th.  ll.     ijliii  >-.     ti:i      i;i-~i      ii:i-    iuili    |iilt     il|iiili    tlir    limki-t 

-^  i.\       liii       :i|i|ii   llii   .      ^i|i   i;      ,l(i|ii    li      -!:;ill       in        ii-lil       In      in         \;ii;itiii      iilul      -it      ;i-li|i-. 

'I  ,1  li      tiiltiiil      |i|"i  1  1  illliL'-      !l   :i\       I'         l::i'l        if;       -111   I;      1  M-i-     in      tin       tlilll     iiilllt      tlii- 

(I  -;ili,.       il-     ;iiii|ijl;     .III     ,i|i|ir;ri     llinl      hul       i'lil:      Iiikill               Xliii     tin      i  li  I  k     i  it      -mil 

1  .i|i|nli;ili       rnllll,      it      lln       ;i|i|ii)il      i-i'lul      liHil      inili     a|>|  H  1 1\  fi  i      |i\      ;i     JU-<t!ri'     i  .1     till- 

_'  jiiMi  .■,   -Iiiiil    tlii-i!    11  turn   til  -mil    jii-tiii    ail    tin-   pa|iii-   ami    lili -^  iii   tin    (  aM', 

,;  uitli     ill-       1  rltllii-ati      -tatlliU'     ti:;ii     tin      limki-t     Icf    lia-     lint     innli     (lalij.    "Y     tiic 

}  la-i-     lia-     lii.t     licili    |iiit    u|Mi|i    tin      ilipi  kit    lit     -mil    a|>|>«  Ihiti     iniirt     a-     |ii  1 1\  nlcil 

-,  i,\      |;,\\       wliiili     tai  t-    --lialj     In      iinliil     i'\     -mil    jnstlii-     i1|m>ii     In--    liucki't. 



3.*)fli  A^si^n. 

llOrSi:— No.  D:..  — In  S.Miato.  IVh.   INST 

I  ■  >  I  I 

■  .     'f'l;!;'  l:.|,-|t  1    i'l    I  li  ll    :i     !'  ■   |'i---  .  •  ■!■!•  I  ■  •! 

\,    \, 

A    lilLL. 

I-     I     III.       1|'    .        --   II   V 

II,.    M   III 

I  'nil'  III  ,   HI'   iji'  .| 

I  'I      f  ■  1     111       ilil-     I  M  ■    ■  I        ,Mm|     |;,,>,\      Ii  |1|!| 

•  >  1''.  •!  fi.i ,    II-  ,\  llii    III  -I  .'  i\    ii   -l.,! , .  !  -■■-, 

Rk<  liiiN  1.     Be  it  niacfed  by  the  People  of  the  State  of   Illinois,  rcprc-o  i,l,  ,1 

•1  II,   tl,,    O'..././.'     i--f  ;///.',   ,    'l':!:i:    T'l'    iMiii  ,\\  iirj     ~,iir.i'l     >■    IPiui,     Ii.i-|i"l     :i^    lii\ 

.1  ]•■     I,.  ,  ,    -  ,  ii  \      I  .       I  I,   i    I  ;..     ^.il;p       I        i;     !  .     ■■,      ,  p  1 1;  ■  •)  H  i  i '  i  •  i ,     !■  ■!     i  !|f     j  ii  i  I  |  n  i-.'    -     ii'   ;  i  III 

1  -.|H  .ill.  J      :  .  .   Ii:i  .   !      ;  i:i     i].  c  1  ^-.1 1  ,    .       ;i.   •!-.-,    1.1     I  i|,     >:  ;il  .     i.'"\  i   IIIIIm  i.t  .    iln   i|lli-.i  .  ■! 

•^  I.i  i-  !;,.    :,l  |..i      ili.i    t.    i\\      .IHil      .  li.  .;  ■    .1  ,  ..I,      !    1  ill      M  -I   M,i\     III    .1  lll\  .    |S->7  l''nl     t  lii 

t  1  I  1 :    I  .    i  ,  ■  I     .         'I       I      i '  !  !  I    1 1   I       ,  1  -     I  I   '  j  '  i  i  !  •  ■   I       I  • '.      1   I  >\         I  :  I  ■  I       ■  I ;  1  :  ■    !        !  1 1  (•.■■--  I  IS      I  ■  \  I  1.  ■  1 1  ^  •    ^     I   1  1 1 1  - 

7  l;i    I    Ii    ■!       •   !;.    I.-.V  il   i,.    (.(      firi'l!  IM  _'      pill      I         ■  ■!•!      -'     ll   ■     '1:11  \    .      till       t  Ii.        li  -.       I  i'       I  III'      (    1.    II.    1     li 

^         \.->  .      :;i.i      til-    r  -.1  I'ij!  i  .  ■■      .1     p.,  I  I  'IM-itl  ..     lii,       --:llii     .  i!      Iili      I  i  :■  i!  I --,1  i  ,•  i      iilPll- 
V        Sl'iniii!,        ..!:      1,;1|-     III       p  t!-:  :i  urn  -      ii|li.'ii-i       In      i.\      Im        H.'ili      i-l 
111       (    .  i|i:i!:i~--l   .1,1  I  -    I.'     S;,,I..    II -lit  1  ill  !  -       ipiM.ivil     i.\     Il.i      (  1' i\  I  !  lnM  , 

'     _'.         1       .       \      .iili.r    I.)     r.llii,!        \i-....|i.|-    ;-.     I;i!il''     :i  u!  Ii.  ii  1/ i-i     .i!:.i     'illiil'.!     I. 

.  1 1  , 1'.',    i .  I  -   '.\   1 1  I   1 1 ;  t     .  i  ]  11 1 1 .     ; ! ,  ■       I  1 1    1  ^  1 1 1 1  I     I .  I  i     I  i  i .  ■    -  ; '  1 1    1 1 .  ii  i  I  \     :  I  p  I .  I    ■  p  I  1  I  • .    i 

pi ,  -    I  !  .'!i"i     i!   pn  pi  !    ..  iini;  i  -.  ■.■.•!    ;  J'     >:  ii .     Tr.  ii-i.!'  I    -i:  i;!    p  :  •.   ;  * 

,p    Hi 

i  1 1 1     1 1 1    : 1 !  I  \    !    .  1 1 . 1  -   I !  I   I  I :  I     1  i  I  ,  I  - 1 1 

t   ..  .''.     ;ipp!  ■  .pi  I 

s       >.         \.\   i  ..    I  ■     I  •,      !  '|i        ,!l  II  i\  I  ■     .1  ppi  .    pi  I   i'  'i  111     l<     111  'I   ---^'l  I  \      I-I      I  i,i       ;  I    ili-^.M   '  ..    Ii 

.  t  ,       1  I  ,    .    I  i  • .  .  I  . J  .    I  ,  I    \ 

t  i    :  -    :  I '   ;    ~  I  i  I  1  i 

.:!■  i  :    ;i 

.11     I  '  :■  .     I 

I  !      !    1 1       j  I  I  .  -  I 




:^th  Assem.       HOUSE— No.  JMl-  In  Sonato.         Feb.  I8HV 

1.     i;t<fi\c(i    friuii    tilt'    Hdiim'    I""iliniiirv    lo,    ISHT. 

J       I'lisf    i(i«imu'     Kfl'iiiMis    •_'!.    ISHT.    unlfrt'il     n'ft'rif<l     tn    the    ('omriritl- •■ 

uii    ,\|i|H(i|)riati(iiis. 
:i.      Ki'ixirtfd      l)H(k      |-"t'l)iii;ii  \      Jl.     1hs7     with     rfri>iiiiiit'ii<liitioii     to     |>n-<-. 

(  )iiliic(l    til    a    ^tMiHiil     ri;ii]  iiiL' 


\ll    Act    t(i   |i!ii\  lilc  tol  1  III'   lll-if^s;il\    I   \|iillM-^  (it     tlif   Statf    (  ru\  t'CIIIIII'tlt ,   IlirUric 

nr  t(i  ill-  iiiciii  it-il.  mikI  tiii\v  iiii|>rM\  iilril  tm.  until  tin-  tiist  iliiv  of  .July.  lss7 

Ski    Mo\     I.        Ill       if     niiiitiii     III/     tin       Piiijili    III      till     St,ifi    III    lllllliiis.    I  I'/itrs,  iiti  ,/ 

■J  III    till     fiiHiiii!      \\s,  iiililii,    'I'liiil    tllr  tiilloW  llli:  •>imi>.  or    so     tmirll     tllrlcol    ;|,     ,\:i\ 

:>  ill-    iiiTfss.ii  \  .  Ill'   :tii(l    till'  sHliii'  ;iii-  Jiiiflix    :t|)|iid|>ii:iti-(l    lor  t  In-  |)iir|iosr^  ii,i.- 

1  iiiattri     --|>iTiliii|     fi      iiifft    till-   iiici ->-.;(  I  \    i\|)i-iisi's  ol     till-     Stall-    L'o\  criim -lit . 

"i  iiicniri-ii     or     lo     in-     liiciirii'il.   aini     imw    im|iio\  idi-il    lor,    iiiilii   tiic  tir>t    <la\    o| 

(i  .IiiK,   |Hs7 

7  /•'//</—  rill-     slim     ol     twfiif \ -livr     tlioiisMinl     liollais     i  S-2."),(K)0  i    fur      iiiiMn- 

■'"t  |iniitiii'_'.  to    111     jiaiil    arcoiiliiiL'    ti    tin     (oiitiact     lor    piililir    |>niitiiiL'.  ii|>oi,  tin 

'.I  ri-rtitiiaii     ot    till-    lloatil    ol    (  oininissioiiirs    oj    Stafr    (-onlritcts,  ainl    a|t|iro\i''l 

|(l  ll\       t  III-     (  io\  1   lllol 

II  Siruiiii — Tlif    -mil    ot     tfii     fliou-ainl    iloilais    .  S|( l,()()(l  i     for    piililic    IhihIiiil;. 

\1  to   Im-    |iai(l    ai  roidiii^.'    to    tin-    rontrart  lor    |Hil>li(-   liiinliiii.'.  ii|Mfii    tin-   (•crtilicati- 

lo  of  till-    Hoanl    ol    ( 'oiiiiiiisNioiii'is    lit     St-itt-    roiitrarts.    aini     a|»|)ro\i'<l     by     the 

14  (io\criior. 

lo  77///'/-     Till-    slim    ot    li\t-    thoiisatiil    ijoliais      So.iMidi    for    lit-atititr,    fut*!.    |t.i\ 

Id  of  iiiL'iiifiis  ami    tiieiiM'ii    ot    till-   stall      lloiisr.   aiiil    otlii-r    III)  iilt'tital  i'\() 

17  tht'ifof,  to    III-    |iai(l    ii|)o!i    hills    oj     jiai  tinilais.    (-.•rtiticil    hy     tin-     Sc(-ri-t:ir\     of 

is  Statf    ami    a|)|)r()\ t'li    h>    tin-    (ioMinoi. 



^  '1.  '\\\v  Amiitnr  ol  I'lililic  .\(<iimit*  is  licrcli\  :iiif Imii/fil  aii.l  (lir»'<'t»'<l 
■J  tn  draw  Ins  WMiiiiiit  mi  tlic  TK-iisiiii  i  Im  tlic  miiiis  Ikkdi  :i|))(I()|ii  liiti-d. 
:i  iiptiii  |ir»'st'iiti(ti<ni  III  |H<>|H'i  \(ni(li<i>.  iiinl  till  Staft  I  i  riisiirt'i  sluill  |im\ 
4     flu'    sHiiM'    out    ol    Hiiv     tiiiids    iti    till-    tiiiisiir\     iiiil    utlii'ivMsf    a|t|iiii|iiuitf<l 

!;    •'{         \\  lnTfHs     tllC     alxiVf     a|tpl(l|lllal  lulls     alf     llcrcssHIX      lul      tin      t  IMIIsHct  loli 

i     ol  tlic    liiiMnt'SN    (it  tilt'    State,   t  litTftiui     all     i  imrtrt'iK  \     ixists,    aid    tins    act 
•  !     sliail    takf    fHi'ct    fioin    and    aftfi     its    iiassajji  . 

--.J- >/—,  ^'Tt.'^*  ./.    «.    O, /^V^"?*?- V'>'*.,-  V  '4-*v  .'^Vv  -'        -'  '^  •    --\       •*■■  •«■  T*  - 

3')tl.  Ass(Mn.  SENATK— X...   08.  Foh.  1887 

1.      Iiitrodiiccd    Ii\    Mr.    McCiiatli.    Jiiiiuary    'Jl,    1HH7,  Hiid    ordr-rt-d    to    first 

•J.     First  rt'adiii>:    .iHiniary  JI,   Iss7.  mj,!    rtfcrrcd    to    ("ominittee    on    Labor 

and   Mantifactun's. 
;i.     Hc))<)rtfd  lia(k   F«'liniary  2.   Iss".  and    ordernl  jtriiitt'd  for  iiiforiMHtioii. 


For  An  Act  to  ammd  htction  one  and  twenty-nine  of  an  act  entitled  "An  Act 
to  revise  tlie  law  in  n  lations  to  I.ien^.  "  Approve*!  Marcli  2/5.  1874,  in  for<;e 
.lulv  1,  1H71. 

Si(  rii.N   ].     r,e  if  fnnrffil  fn/  th^  People  of  tJifi  State  of    Illivu;^,  repn  ■ient^-d 

'J  /;/   thf    (rttirni!  Axsrinfiit/.    'I'liat    se<tion    one    of    an    act    e!ititled    "An  Act  to 

3  revise  the  law  in  relatioti  to  li<'ns,  "  l>e  amended  to  read  as  follows: 

4  "Section  1.  l'»'  if  ciuKft'd  hi/  flf  }'rn/,!r  of  thf  Staff  of  Illimnti,  rcjiresetited 
/)  in  fhr  (iriiini!  Assf-m/>/if.  Tiiat  any  person  wlio  sliall  by  contract  expresK  or 
(■)  inii)lied,  or  i)artly  express  and  partly  implied,  with  the  owner  of  any  lot  or 
7  piece  of  hind,  furnish  labor,  materials  or  services  as  an  architect  or 
)S  suj)eriiitendent.    in    buildintr,    alterinL'    or    ornameiitin<,'    any    liouse    or    other 

'  $»  building  or  appurtenance  thereto,  on  sucli  lot  or  u|K_)n  any  street  or  alley,  and 

10  connected  with  su(h  building    or    a|)purtenance.  shall    have    a    lieu   upon   the 

11  whole  of  such  tract  of  laud  or  lot,  aud  uj)on  such  house  or  building  or 
\1  appurtenance,  for  the  amount  due  to  him  for  such  labor,  material  or  services. 

13  And  any  person  wiio  shall   by  contract   express    or   implietl,  or   partly  express 

14  and  partly  implied,  with  the  owner  of  any  lot  or  tract  of  land,  shall  have  a 
lo  lien  upon  the  whole  of  such  lot  or  tract  of  laud  for  the  auiouut  due  to  lum 
1<»  for  Kudi  labor,  material  or  services.' 

17         Ami  tliat   sfctioii  twi-nty-iiiiu'  of  siuil  act   In-  aiiK'inlcd   to  icini  a-^  fdllnvw; 
Is         ""Sccti'tn  '--K      i'".\tr\     siili-cniitractni .    nit(  liaijii  .    uorkiuaii.    mi     ..i1:.i    |mi>.(iii. 

lit  wjm  shall   lififalttr    in     puiMiaiicf    i>t    tin'    |uii|tnscs    of    tlif    oiiL'inal    idiitiact 

'JO  liftwc^'ii     tlif    (iwiitT    (it     aii>    lot     ni     |)it( f    (it     ^'louiid.   i>r    his    a;.'i  iit     ainl    tlic 

21  (iiiL'iiiai  coiif lactor,    jxrionn    aii\    lalmi     or    fiiiiiisli   aii\    iiiatniaN    in     I'liiJiJitiL'. 

•J'J  altcriiit:.   rf|)airiii).',  hcaiitilyiii^'  or    iiiMaim-iitiMj-'    aii\    hdiisc    m    iithi  i     I'liiMiii^' 

'J-{  or  a|>|iiirtfiiaiic<'  thcit'tn,  on   such   lot   oi    on   aii\    --ticct    or  alic\,  ami   <  oiincctnl 

■Jl  Willi   sKch    Imildiliu  or   a|ipurtcnHlict\   shall   ha\c    a     li.ii    fur  the    \ahi«    of    siidi 

'2'i  lahor  anil  materials  upon  such   liousc  oi   huiliiiiii:  ami   appurtcnancs  and   uiK)n 

2()  the  lot   or  laml   upon  wliich   the  same  stands,  to  the  extent   of    tlie    nt.'ht,  title 

■J7  an<I   interest    of   siicli  owner  at   the  tune    ol    niaknii:    the    onyinal    (i'ntra(  t    for 

'2><  such    house    or    ini|)id\eiiK'iit.      Aiai    e\ery  '•uch    suh-contractor.    workman    or 

■J*.l  other  person  who  shall   hereafter  in   pur-nance  of  tlie  pui']>oses    of    the  oiii.'inal 

;i<i  contiJK  t    hetweeii   the  ouner  of  an\    lot   or  tiact   of   land,  or  his  a>.'i  nt.  and   the 

;>l  ori^'inal  contni<  tor.   peilorm    iin\     lahor    or    turnish    an>    materials     !i    tiliiiL'  or 

'.VI  drainm;.'  sikIi   lot   or  tract   of    land    so    drained   or  tiled;     hut    the  aL'L'rei.'ate    ol 

:t!  all   the   liens   heieh\    aiitliori/ed     shall     not     exceed     tlie     price    stipidaled    III    the 

.'i-1  ori^'inal    contract     iietwfeti    suchnwiiii     anil     the    diiirinal    i-oiitractwr    for    •^la  h 

;io  improNeiiient.      In   no  case  shall  tin    owner  he  compelled  to  ]ia\'  ;i   ^'icntei  --um 

:Mi  for  it   on    account    of    such    lioiise.  hinldinj/    or    othc-r    iinproxeiin  nt ,    than    the 

;f7  price  or  sum  stipulated  iii    the    ont:inal    contiact    (n    a^rreeinent        I'/ i'I-k/,  ,/,    if 

;{S  It     shall     appear      fi.      the     cd.iit     that     the    owner    and     coiitiactoi      )i;oidultntl\ 

;{".»  and    for    the    |)iiiposc    ol    defraiidiii;j   -uh contractor-.,  fixed   an  uiiie;isonaiil>    low 

in  pri<  e  in  their  ori<.'inal  contract   tor  tla    ere(tion  or  reparation  ol  -.iich   iiuildiriL'. 

41  or  the  tiling'    or    draining:    of    siu  h    land,    then    the    court     sjiidj    ascertain    liow 

42  Iiiucli  of  a  difference  exists  lietween  a  lair  price  for  the  lahor  and  material 
\'\  iise<l  in  said  huildintr  or  other  impro\eiiieiits  and  tht^  sum  named  in  said 
4-t  ()ri<;iiuil  cotitiact,  said  difference  sluill  l-e  considered  a  part  ol  llie  contrait  and 
•1")  lie  suhject  to  a  lien,  hut  III  no  case  shall  the  oriiriiial  (  out  i  .k  tor  s  time  lU 
4()  profits  he  secured  hy  this  lien  onl\  so  tar  as  the  sum  named  in  the  oiisjinal 
47  contract   or  af.MeeUioiit.  " 

:^.:»t]i  Assoni.  SK\.\TK-No.    0J>.  MarHi  1SS7 

1.      liitii»<lii(:fil  1)\    Mr.   l-'iiiik,  •liUiUHiy  Jl,  1hs7,     itiid  onlt-rt'il  to  lirst   rcailni*.'' 
■J.      l''ir^t    rr:i(liiit.'    •I;iiiiiary  lil,    ISi'-iT,  ami    rfffiifci   tn    ( 'Djjiinittff    oti     l-ldiica- 

tmii    aiiil     Kiliiiatioiial    Iij>tiliiti(ili^. 
'«.      l;c|»iirtil    |pit(l\     Marcli     i.     ISsT,   |i;i-<>a!-'f    rfciiiiim'-inlfil    ami    n  ftrrfil     to 

( 'I'liiiiiittir  oil    \|p|iro|)riatioti>. 
•1.      l;.|>oi till   lia(  k    Mall  h  Xt.    JSi^T.   |)a.->saL''-   rrcoiiuni'iiilci    ainl    onii-ifil    to  a 

-^(■(•Miiil   leading'. 


I'or  An    Alt   tw  iiiaki    an   aiiptopnat nui   for  tin-  ortlinai>    and    otiici    i\i>t'iist'N  of    flic 
illiiioiN  Statr   Ni.iiiial    I   iiiMT-ifv.  at   Noiinal. 

Sii'TioN  1.     Be  it  enncf''(J  hy  fhe  Vrople  of  fhe  State  of   Tlh'noi.i,  represented 

•2  III   till     (i,i.'i'i!  .\.<s.iii/,/ii.   'I'liat     thcri'    I.e.   and     lifi-'hy   h.   iipitropiiatiil     to  the 

;>  Staff     Nnliiial     I 'ni\  il-^lt>  .    in    addition    to    oIh     hall    of    thr    interest    of    tile    eolleL'e 

1  all  1   -M-niiiiai\    liiiiiU.   wlmli  i^  lun-l'V   api'iopiiateii.  tin    fiiitliti   -nm  of  t\\eut\ 

')  (iiie   llioii>aiid   dollois   [Pel     aniiiiiii.    |ia\alii(     i|Uaiteil\    in    adsaiiie.   Im    tin      pay 

(')  iiH-iit    o|     v;ilaiie>.   fur   till-     pun  hase    of     ti;e|.    Im     additions   to    tlie     liliraiA.   for 

7  SI  honj   apparatus.   I,ii    fiii  ml  ui  p',   Uw    i\pen-<  s  n\    the    Hoaiil    of     l.pliif  alip'ii    and 

N  foi      ineldelllal      lApelises.      /'//,;•«/../.    that      tile     expenses     of       model     school     coli- 

!)  iH-i  ted    uilli    and    loiiniiiLr   a     part    nt     tin     -aid    State     Normal     ('m\ersit>.   slmll 

|(l  hr    paid    out    i)t    the    ri'ieipts    hir    tUltlollot    piljilis  I  li  said  s(  111  Pol.  alld   liot  from    the 

11  aho\e  apin'ippi'iat loll   or  an\    part   theicot. 

;;    "J.        Ill''    Auditor    of     rutillc    .Xceounts    is    herehy    allilion/ed    and      leipilled    ti) 

•_'  diau    Ills   warrant    upon   the   Tiiasiiier    for    the    aloresai.l     siiiiis     if    mi>iie\    upon 

:;  th'-  iinler  ppf    the    I'.nard   ^f     llduiat loii   ot     the    Stati-  of     Illiiiois.   si:_ri|.-d     h\    the 

1  plesld'Ht    al.d    att.'steil      hy    the    s,,  letalA     of      said      hoald       Ultll     eorpofate    seal    of 

■)  said   institution:     I'riiinlnl .    that     satisfactory  \oii(heis    in    detail.  apprip\f<l   |p\ 

f)  tlic  {nivt'Mior,  slijill  lie    tiled    (luartcrlv  \Mtli  llic    Auditi^r    dl    Piililic    .\<(oinits 

7  for  tlu'    ('\|)fii(lituit'^.   ()Miiiiar>    and      i\tra(iiiiiiiai\ .   id    tin      iufcciluiu'     (|uait(i, 

N  and   that    iin  )iai1    el  tlic  iiidiirN    licfciii   ai>piii|>i  latfd    >li;tll    lif    dii'     and     |ia\alilf 

"d  untd  sin  li  viiiK  lifi>  siiall  lia\c  lict-n  tiltil. 

:irnh  A-xMn.  SI.NA  I  i:— N.      KM).  IVb.  Iks; 

1  hitlw  ilK  ImI     |i\      Ml       I;.   iLliJI.   li      .Llliiill  \      Jl,     I'i'-'. 

■_'         |'ii-,t     |.:|i|i1il:     •I;tllii:il\     •_'!.     l^^^i".    :i!!  I     IctiM-'il      fn     (    ulii  in  It  1 1  i     Ml,    .!!|.|l(i:il 

I  >i  1 1,1  It iiH'nr 
:;       l;f|iMi  ti  il    li.K  k    I'llir.riis     I.    i"^"^?.  [ii-^iji     i.  riiunji.ti.l.-.l.   ;iii'l     Mriltiiil    tc 

>t  (  iilhi     Kr;iJlllL'. 


I",  11  \'i  \'  ; ;  t  >  ;iii  1)  I  ^-iti  1'!^  >iii.'  1  .  tliii'  ■  '  )■  ml  ti>ur  '  \'.  Ill  .li\  i->ioti  \ii,  ot  an 
,i(  t  (  iititlcl  ■  \ii  \<t  to  ir\isc  tlir  Imw  III  ifhitiiiii  til  (  iiiiiiiihI  jiirispniflt'TlCe," 
,f|i)iiM;ii|  M.iiili   JT.    l>-iT4.   Mi   lii|((    -hilv    I,    1^74. 

Kkction  1.    Bt  a  enaded  hy  the  People  of  (he  State  of  IlhinoUy  reprtsenUd 

•J  ///    th,     a, mull    .\'/ii,    'i'liat   M-i  fioti^   uiH'    i|'.  thrt'f    i:>'    iiml    four    i4),  of 

.t  liivisioii    \ii.  ot   Jill  iict  t'iititlf<i     All    Art   to  rt'\  ist' tlif  law  in  rfliitioii   tociiniinal 

I  jiiiispi  Miltncf.     Hpprovcd  Mmcli  JT.  1H74.  in  force  July  1.  1^74.  In-  mid  tlie  sanu- 

•"»  an-    lififliy    aiii<'ii<l)'<l    >n  a>   tn   r«  a<l  as   follow--: 

C.  ■Scctiiiii    I.      WluMi    an    iinlirtiiitiit     is   toiiii.l    as    a    triH'    I'ill.    if    tlic   otftiisc  is 

7  hailalilf.    flu    court    sIihII  hihIm-   an  oi<lt  r  tixiii!/  tlir  Minoiint  of   hail   to  lie  ic(|iiiir(i 

s  of  t lif  an  iiscii. 

W  Sim  tion  :>.      \\  lifii    tlif    off.  lis.     is    liailalili'.  tlu-  (  It-rK   sliaii  indorsf    on    tlic 

|(t  [iidcfss  flif  aiiioiint   of  bail  if(|iiirt'(l  liy  flif  order  of  tlu-  court,  and  if  flie  court 

II  oKJcrs   till    |iio(  CSS    ictnnialilc   foi  t  liu  it  li.   the   capias  sliall    if<i:iiic   tlic  accused  ti^ 

I'J  lie  iiiicstcij   and   liioii«j|it  iiiinicdiatcly   into  court. 

1;>  Sc(  tii'ii    \.      I'lic  sheriff,  or   in   case  ol    his  ahseiice  or  iiialiilit>.   the  coroner. 

II  (II    soiiii    iii;e    of  the  coiistahics   of    tlie   coiint\   to   which   the   capias    is    diiii  tcil. 

I")  shall   aric-l    the   |M-rson    named    in   the   warrant,   ami   if    the  offense    is    hailahle. 

Mi  ami  the  writ  is  not  retuniahle  forthwith,  let  hini  to  hail  if  sutH<ient  hail  is  offered, 

17  or  if  the  offeiiM-   i  •.  not  hailahle.  or  Mifticietit  hail  not  of!ere<l.  take  liis  InkIv  to 

18  the  jail  of  the  county  wlierc  tlie  capai»  in  n'tiiniablf,  and  deliver  liiui,  together 

!•'  ^^Itll      till-     (    ;ipill-,    tl.      flu        k,-,|l,l      ,,|      til.'      Illli.      tl'.    I,        t..      I,    II.    ,11:      IM    III      ■il-    I,    ,1-1    .1      II 

'J(l  (lllc    i-()lll--c  nt    l;.\v  It   till     |i|.H  .'v--    I-    ptniniiMi     •- •!  t  i  m\  it  1 1 ,    ih.      ii.ii^cj    -h.til    I,. 

'21  niitin'<li;ilcl\    l>M>ui:lit    mil'   nMiit.   wliti,    in    -~i,:t\\   .itli.i    1  .■  ,  .■mi'  iii.  .|,   .,| 

'J-i  tllfil.    :(-    ill.-  c. Mitt    ni;i\     .hir.t        lull     il    !|i.    ...iiit    -l,ii!    Ddt     Im     ic    -.--hi.    \>.1;,|:    li,,' 

•2^1  ntlu  .   I    ili;iki-~   t  llf    ,il  M'^t       VI  ,    t  li;it     tin      ,h   ,    ;i-„  .|     i; -in      1.,      j,   (     ],  ,     | ,;,  ;  j     n,     ,  ,|  m   I :,,.:;  |  t  . 

■J-1  siK  II   .itllc.l    liiil\      lit     lillii    !i.    iiini     I  M|,,|iti,.ii:il    I,. I     il-    ;i|i(i,  :ii,ii  ,  .      ,  ,k     ti.      ,);,n     ;,, 

'2')  wlllcll     till-   I  .Mil!     -,t:ilhU     .■i.ljiHIIIirij.     ll      -l  I  tin   i. -lit      |i:ill     I-    ,,tt,|..i  Tii.       -iMiif'     ,  ,| 

'2f'>  nfli.l      ntlif.l      tnklliu'     -IK   ll     i'llll     -llMJl      l.r      i  i  i  t  1 1.  .|  I-,  ■,  i    :i||.|      |.'i| .|      t.,       .in      ■    i-I,-| 

■_'7  ...iths     |,,(     til.       |llll|.,.-,.      ..I    ,1-1  .   ItllllilllL.    1  In       -llttl.   I.Ik   \     ..t     til,       l'-,ll    ..n.|,-.| 

:r>lh  AsscMii.  SEN ATK~N().  KM 

Jan.  1SS7 

I      IritrmliK fil  iiy  Mr.  ( 'iirtis>.  ■I;iiiii!tr>  '21,  I'-^HT.  ami  cpnltu-d  to  first  ifailiiij.'. 
•J      l''u>t    ii'adiiii,'    .laiiuitrs    "21,    If^T.    nilcs    Mi-.|triiilc<|.    ami    nnlfHil    to   sccoikI 
ii'aiiiiiL'  and  tn  li-  |>iiiitc(l. 


I'l  An  Aft  to  |>i(>\i(lf  tm  tlif  incKitiital  rxpnis.—  of  the  'l'liirt\ -tittli  (ii'iinal 
As-,fiiilil> ,  aiiil  fi)|-  tlic  catf  ami  (  ii-^totlv  ol  tlit-  Stati-  iioiisf  and  lmipmimIs. 
iiH  urifil  III  til  lie  iiiciii  ifd,  and  ]iii\\   im|ii<i\  idcd  tm. 

>!  I    I'liS     1.        /■'-      ■/    ,■11111  tfil    lili    III,-     l',,,ji'n     1,1     till      Sffi',     I,/       ll/ni(il\.     I,j,l'-.,,    I.    I 
■_'       .,,//,,     <;,,,,  r,li      !  SN.  //.//''/.     I'liat     tilt-   ^lilii    lit     tlttri-n    tlliMI'-aml    dnilai-   >  S1.".,(1(1I  •.   nr 

:;  ^1,  riiDi  li  tliii.i.i  a^  nia\   Ix-  ii-i|iiii.-d.  i-  inicliv   a|i|)r('|ti  lati  d  tn  |>a\  tlic  iim  idcntal 

I  i\|>.Mi-t-.  Ill    till'  'riiirt>   tittii  <  ifhi'i  ai    \-.>fndil\ ,  III    ntlici    liiaii(li   tlifn-nt.  m    li\ 

■  I  t  hi-  Si(  i.tai  \  111  Stati  111  tlif  dixliar'ji  i>t  t  lie  diit  its  iiii|m--<d  on  liilii  \<\  law.m 
C,  li\  t  III-  limit  mn  lit  t  In-  (  inifia  I  A-^i  niiil\  .  m  iitlui  luaiiih  thi-ifnt.  .\ll  lAitm- 
7  1 1  it  11 M-  In  I'l    I  ii !  itli'd  III  ii\   t  lie  ^(  I  |i  lai  \  dI  >>tati-  and  a  |i|iii  a  cd  li\  t  lie  ( i<i\  ci  lini 

;  ■_'  i'lii-  \;iditiir  I'l  I'iiIiIk  \(  i  "unt^  i^  In  r<li\  ant  linii/rd  and  dirt'ctrd  t:i 
■J      'lia\s    Ills  wallants  ii|iiin  the    >>t;,tr    I  |iasiiii|    Pm    iIm-  siiin-    iii-ltin  s|if(ltlcd,   i||Min 

■  i  |ii  i-st-ntat  ii  111  ill  till'  |>iii|ifi  \i'II(Im|s  and  tin-  Stati  I  iiasiiiti  s|i;ill  |ia\  tin-  sainr 
I      iHit  >il  an\    liinds  III  till-  St-tti-  'i'n-asiii\    nut   nt  ln•^^^  isi-  a|)|)i  ■  i|>riat<-d . 

?  .1,  \\  htiias,  till-  a|)|M  Dp)  lat  iiin-  alm'.r  iccitrd  ali  iii-ci-ssais  lul  the  i-\|pt-ii-is 
■J  I  iii-ii  I  1 1  d  .  •  II  t ' '  in  111!  Mil  1-11.  jni  I  III  !  I  .iii->.ii  t  II  ill  1 1|  t  III  i.ii^iiii  s^  ,  ,|  t  111  Stat  t-  and 
'■'>  till  (iiiii-ial  V-^iiid'h.  t  ii(-ii-ti'ii  ai  i-iiMiu'ini  \  i-\i-ts.  and  tliis  \(  t  sliall  laki' 
\     ctli-rl  lliuii  an'l  atti-r  its  |iassa:^r. 


^^^     :mh  Asseiii.      «OUBE^iafd/i<M^:-W 

;lri.-    -t;      •~z:t^:r±a :t**^  — — — ,»,>^>— ... 

-ttt — :»««:■:  rM-rr  -wj=:. 

-'      !;•  i  i  iM'-t  til!!.'  :i)ii!  ■H.!tt..l  fc  scccri'l  njuTrriL'  •June  T-T,  I-^^T. 

•<    J      (1  .'i;:.i(»;:Vi 

'  '  •(-::;: 


li'l'  Al,  .\(  I  !!  ;ik;l,i'  ,Mi  ,i|i|)Ti  |i|if(!  ,1  |.  )(.!  Il<ftlllt^  H  (l<tacin(l  l,m!<ill:L'  1 1  '  tl,t' 
lllilicl-  Sclithrlh  H(  -|.|1,',1  ;,  !  !l..-  III'.;, lie.  !lt  Allll.'l.  Hlnl  fcf  1|(  If  t  lli^', 
!iiri!;-i;I',.'     aini    1  "niplctlliL'     til'      ■>'lllli-. 

'       ;     N  1.     iJf  fV  ^naricd  hy  th^  Pe-oplr  of  the.  State  of   lUim,    .  r,  .  ' 

1     m    /''     (fin, ml  Axi-.' inhlji  _     'I'liat     ti'i     tlif    [uiijtosc    dt    cit-c-tiii^'    Jiii    aihliticiifil 

•i       imililllli.'     Ii'     tlif      Iliir^dlS    S<Utl;ilII      il">j)|1;i|     to)     the    IiiSHIIC,    tll«-      :»Ulll    nl      out! 

•1  liuiiilrrd  ;ii:il  sjxtv  tliousiUiil  (Idllais  iSKH'.i^'Oi  is  licrt'liv  (i[)pro]iri»rf<l  oiit  of 
.J  :ii!V  iiiiiitv  ill  tiif  Stiitc  Treasury  not  otlienvisf  HjijiropriHted.  Tlic  Hiiioiiut 
(>  litniri  iiiuii.  i]  sliali  lie  fur  tin-  t  rfction  of  a  «oih1  aud  .substHntial  brick  build- 
7  mil  tor  the  projnr  acunmiiotlaJioii  of  four  liundred  patients,  with  tlio  iities- 
sary  olliccrs,  atttoidaiits  and  t'inplo\i's  for  their  oan-,  pijHiiK'  the  sanu*  for  f,'a*, 
water  and  steam,  erecting'  a  ■^iiitaliu-  boiler  Jiouse,  and  prociiriiip  boileiu, 
pro\idiiiu'  laundry,  kiteheii  and  cookiiifr  fixtures,  toRether  \^itli  all  necessary 
piirejiase  ot  land  for  additional  uater  supply,  and  furniture  for  colnpletintJ  tlie 
l)uildi!]«_'  lor  oecnpancy  b>  patii  iits. 
i  ■_'.     'I'lic   siiperiidendent  of   ^aid  hospital,    under  the  direction  of  the  board 

2  of  trii-ttt-.  sliall  procure  plans,  and  shall  have  ireneral  (liarpe  anrl  supervision 
-5     of   tlie  Work  of   constructini/  and  tinishini:  this  addition. 

;;  'J'ln'  Auditor    of   l*ublic  .\c(  ounts    is    hereby    authorized    and    directed   to 
1     draw    Ins  u  arrant  u|K)n  the  'rrea^urer.  ujioii  the  order  of  tlie  Injanl  of  tru.-^tees, 

3  si<rned  by  th»'  |»resi<lent  of  said  board  and  attest^l  by  the  Kt'cretar\".  with  the 

4  corporate  seal  of   the    iiistitution    thereto    aftixwl,  subject    to    the  Umitations 






'  .^j.«-i  j«. 

.'  -•"-: -''i,£<.      ^-J«*    "-VV— *v    A.*' '  .    -9  ...;  ^ws,  "*■ 

L^>  -V' 




5  (xmteined  in   sections  eighteen,  nineteen  and  twenty  of   an  act  entitled   "An 

6  Act  to  regulate  the   State   charitable  institutions   and    the  reform  school,  and 

7  to  improve  their   organization  and   increase  their  efficiency,"  approved  April 

8  15,  1876. 


,>•  ~-JI    Vr-» 

■■-r,,    ^i^_     >,V.' 

•  > 

.,,,||i       -rtlN.         -..IM..-.       Mlhl       -!■!'    I  iM.i       .iil.rl        IlMt       !.■       !■■■        pal'l       t|-..tll      -<l.|       (.llJ 

\  1    1 1  I  \      |i- 

!  I  :  >       I    I  I  'A  I    i  r 


!.,-i,l     I  .1      -,  i;.)      |i.,;i>  ■       lulci  ,     |i!|       "llr     \  i    t! 
I':  t,     ..h  •! .       I  iillt        w  l.ilicv  '■!        -Ml   ii        'll>;il   1      !  \ 

',1        |;i   \!      |)|  '  <  •  ■  !'l!L'      -:ii   I       1 1   I  I  I '   illi-li 
1 1  I       -  I   :ii  I     ,  .•  1  -.        -   ,.    I,      \«\   ■:•>•,     -ti  J  ii      .  I  :i  ^1   . 

s  ;,  \  .  |„  I  ,,M  ,lr.i;  \'<-  I'll'  i  .1-  |il-'.M.-l  I':  ;ii'-  M'-M  |ir''.  ,  1 1  iil'  -i  '  t  -  ^h . 
■J  ,,|  |-, .,■,.;■,,  i|i\  !m  11'  nl  !t"li.  -:i;  '  I::'!  i.  :r  i,---  IIhI.  -Iiilll  \'v  I' ii-l  ^M  t  li  -.;i'l 
.;       ;,.;,!. I       ,,■!!    •;>    il'-       'It        .':i-       '  I  l-^l  I  M  i ;  I  \  ,      Uliul'      i  . '  I  !  i  M.  :i  I  <  -     -Iriii      I 't       -,(l  .>i  !  ,  i  "  •  1 

)         ,|.l       ---...It:      !,.     |,\       ,:|i,i      |..'|-...|,        ili.i      |.\       t!ii-      t>"il'   •       -III'-''"'.         it     I!;.|ri ' 

,,i.l      ■'^"     |.!;i.  !i'  Mil'       |  .!  i  \ -I'  I  i  ti-       "t       -Itch     illv.     VlilliL!'        "!        \'>\\U       .iIlI       -^.■|■ 

I.       :     .  I,    !      .1:  ,  .      ,  .  .i.,;i.       ^  ,1  h.  !      ,   •.  ij.  I  I  .       i.t     'li-;(l'ili!  \      I"  I hh  lili-j     -u'   h      |.  :  .i' 

7       'I  •■lit       III'  i      |i:i  \  II!'  I   t      .1-      it'll'  ■--•I  I'l 

-  ,,  \\  ,:,';,  \  ,  I  :i||\  ii'i-liil"  1  ■  ''  Hi''  I '"ill  I  I'lfi  '■  "I  -11'  !  (  ;t  >  .  ili.i_"  'I 
■_/  !,,-.'i  -I  i:!  !"-'  ill-  ill'  "liili  'I  Ml  |ii-rf"l  MMlHi  "'  ill-  i|iil\  "I  |ii''\i 
.;  ihimi,-  M  ;i  -Aliui  Ik  -M.iil  t  i:.i  i  ull.-i  .ilf.  l'-:i\iii'j  n  \\lii"\\.  'i  '',i"i  "I 
j       ,,,,,l,i,    ,,,       ■,,:^i,.|      ri;.       Ilf'      ..!       -!\''-.l         \.-:il-       Iliii;       Mi'i'l.       -:it  I -t.H  I  "I  \       pi'"'     "1 

;,         ^    ,,    ,.         t;.,I~  !l,f.|.  !"         .1  -11.    h  li.'.ll'l         -lillli       "I'll    I       111"!       'ill.    I    I        liiiil.i        \.!it\ 

I,  n,  i:^i,ih  '.;.;iii  ti'  ^  i'  ■  -  I  .'aV  Hi'-  .iili"iilll  "1  li'\  KilJirtit''  !'.  tin  I  .  M  i\ 
7  •Ai.iil,  -III.  !ii'-ii  l.i-l  i'-'i'!  Ill;  -III'.  |i":!i  •  I"!'  I  .'  th'  tlllli  'il  III-  .|'-:illi  -lilii 
N  j„  ,,,,,;  \..  -.;.!,  v\;,|i.v.  i.llili'j  il'  I  11!'  "I  i!  II"  \Wilii'.'..  tiirli  Ii.  -Uili  rliii'l  "I 
.,        ,    i;,l,i,,.I|        llhtii     tlll-V      -Imii      I"       -l\l'-i||       \"lM-      III       It-''  r, •„,,/,,/.     11      -hril        Ahl'.U 

..I     ,i,!!,i     ,.|     I   iiil'ili-li     -iiiill     lliiillV       Mi.-l!     -Ill   I,     |h-|-,'.|i-     -'■     liiiHIAiliU      -ti.ill      tii'li' 
,|,,,|     ,,.,,     V.        111.    tiiltliil     I"  I. -I'll!     'i.ilM    -;il"i      lin..|         W  ill  hi   -I  1       iliv      llii  liil'i  !     lit 
t  h'     p.  li  i'  ■     1  ■  .|  I  1     -I'l  i !    ■  1 ''      -itl  •  1 

!    I  :,  ,,.,..,■,  ,;        -      ,1     '■       '-I'    \  I  li.lj.  ■    .1         T.    .'A    1  .1-       ~  .11     I:        |l.   lIll'lllUll  .        il"0    i  II'..  I        \..    II  I.   .W    . 

,,|     ,   i-iM     "I     ri.ilill'l       illHl'   1       '  I   ,         ._'■ 
Ill    ..  .t      .1       ~i  II   I        till-      ii:  I- 1         r .  1      i  '  .     -  . :   I     I'l 
|l,.i|  ,:.  .1:      1  -     -  I  1. 1     II   .1 1  'i     !i!  i\       |.  .   . .       ill  .  i|i     I 
,.:    -i.,      -  ,,  -  >       i!I   ,1  I'l'ii     ;.!    ;!:■      ■     'I        Ajii.   1; 
-,1.  .;  ,     I:.-    (Ill    I.  .    -1.1   11    w  I'l   .  A  .    -'!     ■'     !  l:     I  1 
,   l.llii'   ■    .    .III'. I    I.i.'v     -i-i"     '"      -i     '     ■  "■     >      •• 
,.,  ,.  1  I  .  _•.         1-     111.  .     .   i'     I      it  ....  . 

,.•!  \  ii  '     till!  ''111.   ii'i  I    '.\  |i;ii     -til!    Ill 

.      .^  .11    I:       |ll  lIll'llHlll  .      il"0    i  I!'.'        I       ^'-  I'  i">.\   . 

!      -1  xt  i-tl:       \  .   ,11  -       1  il'l-       111  "1  '1.      -lit  l-l.ii   ! .  .r\ 
II  i\     .  'I  .  |.   1        1 1,,  i      I  'I'l  I     •  liii!     -  .1-1 . 
.,  ii-i-.  I,i,ij      1 11 II'    i !  li'      i  I  •        iiir  .  il.I 
,,■1.1      ,!       I  III.     t  .111  ■      '■!      II.-     ■!'    it  I 
•      .\  ,■[,  .^\  ,    1  ill  11 
,.ji    .     -,i  i.  I      |i|.!.-..  'I 

,1    II     r  111;.  1     "! 

-'         1  i  '■    I  ' 



V    7.         \)]\     |>fl-.ili     l.tlli.l     III)     ill-.;il'lllt  \  ,     iilnli  1       fhl^     :ii   1       l!i:i\       i  ■•       ■-    ,  1 1 1 1 1  h 'i  i .  ,  I 

I  "    :i|i|>i  Ml       ln-ti  M  .       !  1,1       I  I'll  (.1      I I;      |il.  ■'  i'li'.!     I.'l  .    .it     ,(l,\     t  iiiii      I  h.  M    I    1  >   I        ilni 

--liMll  -'ii'llill  hllli-<h  tlnl.ti.  Id  (AiiMill.  il  li  i|:  I-  I..  !i:-  li.iii----  I'  <  .1  ;t\.  ,iliil 
^li;iii  ;iii|'|i  till  cl.ii^i.ih  ,iihi  I'liiili'l  -:,(  ii  |..i;i|.i  Witi  nidi  Ik  i  'hii.I.'  \iim 
.lil  I'lliiiiii^  ii!  till  I'l'iiii'  !i.|ii-  \\|;..  iii;i\  I'l  i.Iiii.i  ii'.lii  I!'  I  .|  ■  '  .  ,-i.  iti^  "! 
t  lil^  ail.  1  \(  r|it  t  ll.  '•^1  A  !,.  I  \  I  i|  unt  ;ll  lU  I  it  II  1  a  111  I  t  w  i  M I  \  \  ill  -  -■  I  .  .  i  -I  lii 
li|Hirf  tn  the  I  lilcl  ..!  |M.!li  1-  i>|  til  rlt\.  \|lla'Ji'  it  InUli  \\jiM'  ^i  |i  IH-i]  .i|< 
I  i:i'  -1  .  c  'liii  I  111  -.i,  I V  .  ■!  .-ail;  a  Ihl  i  \  i  I  \  lin  ilil  i  i .  ,i  1 1.  i  Hi  ■  ;i--iv  ,  ,)  i  i ..  i  ■ 'i  tn  \  l  ■  ,;i  \ 
1 11  a--^li.'li'  li  I  "  alhl  ^li.a  II  pi-i  I.  a  in  ^ai  li  i|  lit  \  a>  -  n  J  i  ii  n  I  1 1|  in  li  i.  i  |i,;  \  li ,  i  ■  .  t 
aiiil  ^lii  ii  |ii|  --I  ai--  s(i,()|  |i;,\ ,  111 .  (  i:iili  il'  nli--t  tin  i  .1  \  .  \  lliai,''  a  ;  'W  !■  'ni 
p  1  \  II  iMit     ti  a    .-mil    .1  111  \     ~.  .    jna  11  >i  mm.  I 

;  '^.  Will  lil  \i  I  al.\  I'li'-iai  w  I  .  I  -hall  iia'.i  iiiii\i.|  :ili\  hi  I'.i  \\  ,|,,  ,,,|.| 
tilli'i  -il  ill  111'  in|'\iilii|  111  :ni\  I  Mini  'I  liil-ili  liii  aiha  nl  -liiii  n.i.ilin  all 
li.ii'll  111  i  illillikalii.  .  a  -iiall  111  r.  mil  .a  i  m  .t,  1 1  -;,  liiit  .  il  tin-  ^t.i!  .  i  a  -  i.iij  lali 
til  ii|ii.|t  liiin-i'll  Inl  i-\.aiiilliat  Inn  Im  .|i|I\  a--  |i.]i|j|ii|  inrilli.  !,i.--  .\i:,-i.| 
l'\     till      I'Miilil.    Ill     -liall    ^Ii-mImA     till      |i  i|iilli  nil  lit-    it    -anl     imai'l     in. I'  I      tin-     1.  : 

III    r<  -|ii  1  I    t.'-al'l    1  \alnllial  lilt     m    a(]t\.ll,in    -!,.!,    ii.i    -imii      a'iii     Miat     -  a  | 

pi  ii^inii  alinUiiiKa'  a-  iiia\  havi  IkiIi  L'iaiiti-i|  tn  -m  ii  |>ia-iiii.  -i.ail  iinint'li 
atilv  I  1  a-1  all,  I  lii  tia  IiiIIm  a  in  I  -Dili  in  !  -nil  -liali  |i  i  i  |\ .  n, .  '  ,  1 1  Ip  I  |ii  ii-iul 
aiiiiW  ;iM(         ,11     |.     Ill  tl'     i|l|.|i  I     I  '   !-    lli-l  . 

^     '■'.  I    ill       I'lalil      i'l    |.    Ill       |i|n\li|li|       |i.l       -llMii       i|ii|.|      i|l|ar1cll\      I    11.    I  IliL."-      nil     [111 

-iiiiml  I'iii'-iImv-  lit  \|iiii.  .Ii,l\.  ()iiiii„.|  in, I  .l:(nii;ii\  ,  ,,(  |,;)iii  \iai.  an,|  ii|H,f 
llu-  i-aii  nt  It-  prr-liji-lit  ,  !l  -hall  -liiil  l|,i|ii  it-  iin-liihr,-  a  |.ii-li|.nl  alni  -.( 
iitai\.  wli.i  -hail  Imlii  Mirli  i.-s|iiiii\i  |ii  isit  n  m^  iiiitii  tluii  -,m  <a'--i  i|-  air 
■■I'l  Ifij  ;  It  -hull  1  — 111  1  1  1  t!ll(ati->.  -I'.'lii  ,|  h\  It-  |i|i-|.iiiit  ai.a  -i  i  1 1  t  a  1  \  .  1 1  ■  t  la 
ptlsiui-  i-ntltlnl  t  hi-li-Iii.  lit  till-  Mliiiiiilit  111  lniilii\  iilijirt-il  pahi  tn  -m  h  pi  i-,  ai- 
litiiii  siich  tmiil  li\  sniil  lidjiiil.  which  (a  itilKiitrs  ^liall  stiiti  Im  ulial  pnip..-. 
-lu-h  pa\iii.-iit  1-  tn  In  mail.  it  -hail  k.-.p  a  rr.niil  nl  nil  it-  pi  i  u  •■.iln,-- 
uhlcll  lianrd  >liall  hr  a  pllhlli'  liaiini.  it  Nhiill.nll  tlic  rufsilav  liainiil  alin\i-, 
HI     at    cucll    (pi;iltfll\     llicctllli/.    s,  nil      tn      the      tH-liMUCI       (if      It-      cltV.     vlllairf      nl 

I(Avii,  ami    to    the    (Diiipfnillci     m     (it\.    \ill!ij.'c    m    town    cltik.  a    wiiltt'ii     ni 

1_'  |i|llltci|     l)-t     nt    ;i)i    |i.  Iviili-,  .lltlf  |((|    tu    |ia\llirl|t^.    tluril    tllr    tllllll    lliTI-lIl    |in)\lilf<l 

II  tor.  --taliiiL'  till    aiiKiuiiI    "I   sncli   |);i\  inriit--.  ainl    Jul'   what  ^.Talitt-d,  a>  (iiiicrni    li\ 

1  I  -iirli  |i(i:iii|,  which    ii-I  shall  1"    crititicij  ami  >i!.Mic(l    ii\  tin-   |ii»-si(ifiit    and   sccic- 

1')  taiA  n\   siK  h  iiMarcLainl  li\   llit-  Nr(  i.tai\  t lirifnt,  attottd  niicicr  nat  i.     A  iiiajdiity 

hi  .i|    all    lii<-  i|fiiii>t|s  III    saii|    imaiil  >lial]   (  u|jstitiit<-    a  ijiiDniiii    and  ha\f  jxiwii  t(» 

IT  tlali-.a(t    I111-.1111  -~- .       /'/"'/(/('/.that    im    lisi  iliit  li  m  siiall    iif  |(a>.M'd,  1  if  (ildiT    made 

1"^  i.\    siich   iMianl.lm    thr  |ia\nii'iil   .)!   nii>iif>.  uiilcs>  |i\    fjic  atliriiif' ti\ r   vnti-  "t   a 

]'■>  liiaJiilll.N    III    all    llii     liir||ih'-ls   thilint. 

;    111       I'l.i      liiaiii     Ikiiih     |iiii\     tm-.   -Iiall     iii     additmti    fn  ndici    |in\\irs 

•J  llfM'lh    L'lalilid.    liaNi     linv'iii; 

•  1  /■'// s/— T'l  1  ,.iMjii  I    witliivM-    III    attiiid    alMJ    ti-stll\     lii-fnli'|uli    all    liiatln- 

I  CI  iiiriii  I'  il    '.'.itl:    the   I 'Iii'ImI  lulls   (it    liii^    ail.    ill    tile   saiiii     inalilMl    as    is    m     tiia\ 

,",  iir    |i|i  i\  idi  li    li\     law    li'l     tia     takiliL.'    "!     test  in  11  my     iictorf     liiastt'l's     IM     (  hainil  \". 

(,  iiiid    ifs    |),ii  irl    I'l    aii\    iiicIiiIm  I    .  i|    said    Imaid    liia\    adiiillilst  tr  oatlis  tn   sin  h 

7  \^  it  111  s-,1-. 

s  ,s',  ,,,,,/—   j,i     iiiiMHiiI    a    (lt•li^    aliii    diluii'    his   duties. 

'.»  !'/,,:■/       j.i    jUiAiili'    liif   til.     (ia\iiiilit    tnilii  said    tillid     ul     all     Us    nt-i cssaiv    t\- 

!ll  |)i  lisi's.     111!  hidlliL'     ililk     hllc.    |illliini'J.    and     \Mtnrss     fft-s.       I'mrid,  ,i ,   tlial    ni> 

II  I  I  ini|)i|.s;it  h  !!■    1. 1    iiiiiihiiiu-nt    shall    hi    pad     tn    an\     niciiiln-f    ui    said    i'ttard    hii 

1 -J  :i|.\     dlit\     M-i|i|IMd    ■'!     |i<l  lii|  nii'd     Hlidi  r    this     ir  t. 

[:}  l-'n, /I /I  ■'-']'<■   inaki'  all   iiiidtiil    iiihs  and   ifL'iilat  inns  Im    Its  ^'iiidancf    ill  (  iin- 

I  1  tm  lull  \     w  it  i     t  h.     |ii  .  '\  isidiis    lit    I  h;-    ail . 

■     II        (III    tJM     tlilid     I'liisd.iv    III     \|)mI    hI    lai  Ii     \i'al,    till      tlrasiiiri     nl    i\,t\ 

_;  ^i;(  h     «it\.    uliaL'i-   I'l     ti'VMl     sliaii    liial..'     a     s\Miiti     Ifpult     tn     the     Imald     htlrin 

.;  |i|i>\lili-d     !n|.    and    tn    th.      Iliavm     :ilid    iltV    rnlllicll   nl    sU(dl    Clt.V.   nf    flit-    pi  isli  leUt 

1  ,,|,    ;i!iii    ;i!r    l.nald      nt      Illlstcss      lit       -111   h      rlt\.     \llhl!.'r      n|     tnwn.    nt      all      liinnrVs 

.",  ii-iii\td    and    paid   nut    h\    IlIIh   "H    :i(i miiil    nl    said     liiiid,   during'     tlit-    pri\iniis 

f,  \rai'.  and   "t   tht-   iiuniiiit  nf  said    liind  fhi-u  in    his   hands:  and   all   surplus  nl  s;iid 

7  lund     thill     1 1  inainiii^'     in     his   hands,   ixccfdinu'   t  Ik    avcrai.''-   anmiint    pir   \iar 

-,  |,|,i,|    nut     h\     iillli    nil    aicnlint     n!    said  '  Und.  dUMIIi:  t  ilc  ////>  '    iiiiu.-^ii'.i/fi/itiiliiu/, 

'.'  siiall   h'f  i'\    hiin   traiistcrrt'd   tn.  aiai  sliall  lit-coiiit'  a  part   of.  tht- funds  nf  t'\rr\ 

111  sutli  tif,\,  viliai.'f  <ir    tn\%n,  and  rin  loiim-r  uinitT  tlit-  control  of   saiti  board,  or 




siiiiiccf  to  It',  didi  1  ;  ;iii(i  w  lii'iKxcr  tin--  u<  f  -.IjmII  ImIm  i  tli(  I  irjMi.x  -ihliiitv. 
xillML'f  I'l  tiUMi.tlif  tii-a^ui.r  tliflinl  sIimII  ._'ivr  :i  m  \\  Imii.!  thr  -^iiri.  :i-iiiiU 
I-   I'l    iifii'iittfi    iii.iv   111'   ;"i|inri'i|    li\    l;i\\.   wIikI;    mw    Ih.n.l   uImIi   -~i'    lmih.  mIhI 

till'    ^ini'tlcs    tllcHMDi.     -^Irill     Ik      tdl     tlir    Nfi   l|Mt\      m|    ^IK   ||    tlUlJ.    ijii     -:ili(      i-   I'tiicr 

tiiiid-  iicloiiL'iiii.'  til  !iii\  -.iifh  cilv .  '  iIIml'i  Ml  t.iwiK  l';i\riiiiit-  |ii.>\i.|..|  (di  III 
tliN   ;ict    ^IimII    lie   iiiiidi     li\   siich    t  if)i-«iii  i  i    i|ii;ii  tci  !\  .    ii|i(iii    |ihi|i,!    \ ,  ,ii.  hii  s. 

V      li.        All     IIICImI>iT--    (>|     the    |UlilCf    tcir<i   ,   ;ilhl     HU\      UlilnW     III     ciillij     II!      ihllilli'l! 
Ill     ^llcll     llli'lliliil-^.  Ill     ,iii\    --III   li     ill\,     \  llhi^'i     1  •!    t.  i\\  li.    w  III  I     i;|>,i|     till      I.I  i.  Mil'  itlii  I 

lit  till'.  ;i(  t  >-li!(ll  111'  iiititli'il  til  iici'Ui  ,{ii\  lii'iii  tit  iiihI,  1  ,'ii]  lit  .i:'itliil.  ■\ii 
■K  t  In  iiliii'lni  ;ili  :ii  1  tm  tin  nil.  I  nt  ih  .alilnl  iiuliiliti  -  ,it  th.  1 'i  il  ,i  i-  :iiiil  In. 
Dciudtinciit-  111  (  i1i(">  lUi.l  xilhiL'!-'..  ,iji|ii'i\.'.|  \|,'i\  _'|.  1^77.  ill  111..'  .liiU  1. 
l''^77.  ;iii|iMi\  I'll  M;i\  111,  !s7'.i,  ni  Im.'.  .InK  1,  iN'.t;!!!  H'cin.  nn  |i.'i\  in.  iit- 
iir  I'ciii'tit-    iiiiili'i    s;ii(l   iict.    luit    s|i;ill    ill    ji.'ii    tli.'i.'iil    Im'   .ntitlfl    \,<   tlic    l.i'ii.tit- 

|)|ii\lllfi|     fur    Ml     thiv    :|(t  IWlI       ll       .'it       .'lli\       tllMi      tll.T.        •-l|;il!      lint     Im        -iltli.  |i   lit 

llli.lM'\-^    li.'InliL'illi'   t.i    -II.  ll    tllllii   til  |t:i\     tl:.'  .ii|i.\Mili(  I's  III    siiil,    luriiil    In    it-li.ti 
.■til  lai  ii"~,    tlii'ii    tli.'\     >li;iM     III     [laiil    jimiiita    timii    -m  ii    liiuil.    in.t     im   :i|  I.  .\\  ihm  . 
"1    I'l.Irr  111    sill  ll  lininil    -Inill    III'   hild    til     IT. 'at.'    ai!\    lialiilit\    aLMin-^t    aii\    -in  T 
ilt\,  vilhiL'i'    111    tiiwi,',    I'Mrpt    iipnli    tilt'    liiinl     si  i    v.i     a|iart    as     ili  n  .'-anl      t,.|     ij,,. 
|)!IVIIM'llt     tll.'ltut. 

AMI'.NDMJ-.NlS  T(t    ^LNATJ-.   lUI.I.    No     lu-j.   I;  I  (  ( »M  M  | .  \  |  )|  ;i  i   i;^    (oM 

Mrr'rij-;  on   mink  ir\i,n  ii  s 

VliH'liil    si'iihui    I,    |,\    -tiikihi.'    "lit    111    til.      Itli    iiiii     t|.'     wmd-  l\vii,!\    !'\.'.' 

'J  ami    llis.'it  lli'j    till'    \\ii|ii    ■   tllt\ 

■  !           Aliii'liil    |iaiaL'la|ili    '•   nl    s.itiMii    1.    |,\     -tiii-iiiL'    "ill     in      Iln-     !ii-t  hi'       ..t     sai.l 

1  |iara'jl  a|i|i      till'      wi'iil-        "d.illal      {ni       li!"i:ti.         'iini      i|    -iiliirj      l|,i  ..'id-         1 1.  i 

■''  itlitiilii.       and    :v.    ti)i'    -1  1  "lid    iilH     iv     -I|.i,,iil'    "Hi    lilt'    Uiilii       |ii\  ,,ii.|     III-.,  it_ 

'i  lliu'    till     Will. I   ■   salaiN  ;       and    l'\    a.idlliL'    '•<    -aid    stilim,    tji,     \M,|,t-  |.i.    .idiii   la 

<  sinli    liii'llilicl     -hall    |i.'    riilii|).  Il.'d    t"    |ia\     lian.       tliali      1  \m  ■     il..l!.ii-  j,,  ■       n.i.ntli 

■"^  ln'iii   ills   salar  \ . 

II  Allien. I    srctloli    -J,    |p\     sliikllii.'    "iit    all    .-iltti      till-     tiL.'Uli      ■■_'.        aliil     lli->>-it      tlir 

1"  ImIIiiw  iiiL'  : 

11  'I'll.'     I'lc-hlcMt     "I     tl,i       r.-;i|.l     '.!     '1  I  ll'-tr.-      tlir    (    mU:  |  it  I  ulli  t  ,     fli.      (|I\       \llll!.'>' 

IJ  ,,|    tiiui:    ('ItiK.    till-    "^  i|"  I  .lil'lni'  n;  .     ill      (•!;:<!      "liiii-i       ..|      in      In-     ali-ilM  <       ,.| 

1.;  iiriliilil\    tn   art.    tli>i:    tiii      ••tiiii!      u<-\\      in     ;iulliiint\      I.,     hiin     nt     tii-       l'"luc 

II  1  »,|ii!t;iMiit.    til-     rit\.    \illa'j«     III    tii\M!     I  Ica-HH)    :ihii    tin     iitv      \  illau'i     m    fnwii 

I",  \ttiini.-\.   lit    aii\    -mil    iit\.    N:ili'ji    m    t"un.    -.iiall    lAntlicin   Ik    aii.l     cnn-t  it  iit> 

|(,  ;,     i',,,:ilii    lit    (    ii|iiIiil>-!iilM  1 -.    til    plAiii--    till     till      .ii-i.iil-.  MMlit      III      -al'l      liilnl      III 

17  tillliU.    :iliii    ilr-iL'liati      till      i.  ll.-In   !;Uli-    lIliTiiil     ;i-     llclflli    (ill  1  rtnl,    W  111.   ii     I'.-iiilij 

]■-  -.jiail     I'.-     ivIliiWII     :i-     til'       r.i.ll'i     III      ri'llrr     ri|l-.|.i|:      llill'l     <    |lIll^ll■^s|lllll■|-     (.1       -mil 

r.l  .Ms  .     \  lihlL'r     i.r     tiiNi.  l!.' 

■jii  \iiH-iiii    -.ilini!     K   !■>    -IriKiiiL'    iiiit    all   attfi    til.     liiMir.      ■■.;.        nini     in-,  it     tin 

_']  t.iiliiv.    n-  ■ 

_'■_'  Wii.-n.  \ii    :ii;v    |ii!      it    til.    f  ikinj   .tt.-.t    nt    th-     u  I     ni    tin  icatf.  i      -l.::ll 

■_':;  li;i\,^    in  .  n   'iuU    a|i|ii>inl.  n    ainl     -umn.     anil     lia\.'     -.  i\i.|     tm     th.      p.  im.'     ni 

■J  I  t\Mnt\    \i-ai-   ni    iiini.'.    ii|><in    till     i.-u;ulaiU  .  nii-t  it  nt.  .1    imln.     Im.-.-  nt    :iii\   -u.  Ii 

■J.-,  ,  it\  .  \  illiiL'.-  "I   tii\Mi   lit  tin-    stilt.  ,    w  In.-li    n.iw    i-   in    lit  i.  alt.  I   nia\   Ik    -nlij. ct    tn 

_'.;  il,,.    |,r,,\.  i-iiiii-   nt    till-   ait     -ai.l    ilnard   -~liali    nliji-l-  ainl    iliMct    that    siicli    |n  i-.m 

■j;  .,|,,.|||,  1    i.i  (  .iiniiiL'    !itt\    \-ar-   n!    aL'r   ainl    In-   -ir\iia-    u|inii  siirli    |>..|ii-.-  ii  n.  .■ 

■J-,  ^hiill    li:i\.    i.a-rii.    In-   )iain    tr.iii;    -ml     inn. I.   a    \.aii\      |K'ti-<i.  i|i.     niuai     tn     nii.- 

■_/.,  |,.,j|    til.,    iiinnillit    nt    tin     -,ii,ii\      iltai  h.'ii    tn    til.     lalik    \\lilcii    lir     inas     li:i\.     n.-M 

,11  ,,,,     ^;i;,j     imlli.      !n|i-.       !nl      nl;.       \.    II      ni\t     |  "M  K   .  .  •.  i  1 1 ,  L'     tin      •    \  |  II I  :i  t  1 . 'Il     i  it      tiilli 

;|  ,.|    t  \Mnt\    \nai- 

;;-j  \nnnil    -.  itlnli     J.    Ii\     -tllKllnj    mil    nl    tin     tiniil    inn-    tin      \\n|i|-     ■•;(-     imnlniU 

.;.;  II..  ;.|..i.ltnt.  .1    ni         ulni    l.v     in-.  It,;-    in    tin     ■..tlin      Jin.      itt.l     tin       \'     ■v\ii;..' 

. ,i  til.'   \\n|,i   -in.' 

l,  An  I  nil    -I  limn    ".',    n.N     a.iinn'j      tn    tin-     atl.l     tin      l;i-I      '.'mill      ti.l.nt.     tlif 

;;,,  ^v,,,,U.      •in;    I      li|,ll       nn      |l.n^|nn      III        lllnWlllil    I        |.!n\l.|.n      In!       mllil-      llt-l 

:;;  th.    -nm  n!   ..n.    tiinn-nnil   i|n!i  ,i  ■   |.i  i    \.  ai 

■til  I  \ I  t  f' 

:r)(li    N-(MM.  SKN A  ri:— N(».  102.  Mardi  1H87 

1        liiti'MJiii  c.l     li>      Mr,     l'.\aii-.      .I.iiiuaiv     Jl.     ISST,     .uhI     nnicrt'd    t(i    tir>t 

•_'       i  ii-t    iiadiii^'   .laiiiiar>    Jl.  l-^^-T.  niiil    m  ttritrl     to   (  oiiuiiittt-f   uii     MuMici- 

.;,      l;r|i>irti,|  lia<k   [■'.■liniatv   J-V  l'^'^7.\^ltll  aliiriiillii«'iit>.  |la^^i^i.'^  rfCniiilii'Mi'ifil 

ailil  iirilrrni   tn  --rcnlMl    Iraiiui^'. 
1.      s,r..iMi  it-ailii;:.'    March'*.    I  "^^7.  aimihlfd,  atni   i  inlfifii    Id   tliinl    rfii(ini'J. 


•■,,i-    All    Alt    t.i    |iin\i,lc    fill    thr   xttitm    apart,    fdriiiatioii    itnd  (iisliur>fiiifiit  of  a 
|    |i.iis|oii   funil,  in   citii-.,    MlIiiL't's    !iii(i    iiicorporHtfd    towns. 

Sk.tios  1.     Be,  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  lUinoit,  reprcseuh'l 

'I  in  fhr    (i,>i>rnl    Assmthhi.    That    in    .acli    city,    villatrc    or    incorporated    town 

A  111    this    State,    liaviii^'    a    population    of     fifty    thoiiNaiid     iidiabitiuits    or  more, 

4  there  ^hall  he  paid  to  tlie  treasurer  th.r.-of,  an<l  l>v  him  and  the  j-oinp- 
.",  troll, r  if  tliere  he  one',  set  apart,  tlie  foilowiiii:  moneys,  to  constitute  a 
(i  I'olKe    Pension    J'lind.    vi/ : 

7  y.',,,/_'|'vM,     per     c-eiitiim     of     all     moneys    received    from    licenses   for   llie 

5  keejnriL'    of    saloons  or   <lram  shops. 

y  ,S', ,-,//'/- ■j'hreedourths    of    all    moneys    receiveii    for    ta.ves     or     from    licenses 

1(1  upon   doL's. 

Ij  /'////■./— .Ml    moneys    recei\eil     from     tines     imposed     ujion     memhers    of    t!ie 

j.j  |„,i„.,.    j, „.,.,.    ,,f    ^;,id    citv.    MllaL'e.   or     town,    for    violation    of    the     rules    and 

i;i  reL'ulatioiis    of  -the    police    department. 

14  l\>ii>ih-\\\    i)rocee<ls   of   sales    of   unclaimed    stolen    property. 

15  yw/>7,— On. -fourth  of    all    monevs    received    from     licenses    ^.-ranted    to    pawn- 
\{\  hrokers,    second-hand   dealers    and    junk    stores. 

17  S>.rt}t—.\\\    mi>neys   received    a.s   fees   and   from  tines   for   carrying  concealed 

IH  weapons. 

]U  Srrnith — ( )iic-liiilf    of    jtll    r-osts    coilcctcl     m     iti(.iir\     foi      \  i..];,!  :i.ii-     of     cify 

:!<•     iirdiiiiiiicfs. 

'21  Kdlhili—  \\\     rcWMIii-    ^'l\rri    nr     panl     to     III.I!;!..  r-   nf     slidi   jkiIh  .       I -n  r.    .ACrpt 

•2*2  sllcll     MX    slmll     lie    lAcptcd     li\     tlii'    (liiil     .  ifli(  t  i     nf     |)(ili(.. 

•_':!  \iiitli—(  )iic  per  cent  urn  jht   irmiitli,  w  Iik  h    •^llail    in-  p^iJ  li\  .  mi  .ji    i;,,  t.,|  ti.iiit 

1\  tlif  Mil;tr>   111.    <  Mill     iind    i\ii\     nit  iiiliii     dt    tin     pi'lni-    icin-    u|     -.i;    ii    citx.     \ii 

2")  hiL'f    HI     town:      l'i"i,</iJ.    tM'    -lull     iiit  mi'c  i     -|,,il|    |i,     (  i.nipi  lli-.l     !..    p,i\    ninii' 

■3i  iliiin   t\\ci  iliill,-ii-  per  nicntli   lr<ini    lii-^  -;iiai\. 

,5    2.       'J'ljf  l>lfM(li  nt     1.1   till-   iMi.ird  nl     tl  li-tir-.  llji-  (  ,itii|it!Ml|.  I.    t  I  -     i  ll  \  .    \  I  Ihi^jc 
~      "I      I"\vn      (l<lk,      till-      ■^U|Pl•|■}|lt(■n(|(■nt      I'l      >   lui  l     nllK.l.       nI       m       ll   -      :ii'-rli(  .       nr 

•i     iii;iliilit\    to  net.   lliiii   t  he  ntiici-r   nt  \t     in    :iiitliciil\     til  linnol  ill.    p.  ijh  r  ilip.'nt - 
4     niitit,  tlif  city.  \  illHi.'!  .    Ill    t..)\Mi    t.ic;i.Min  r.  ami   t  lie  (it\.   \ill:ii.'c   -i  Inwuattnr 
■'>     nrv  nt  an\    micIi  cit>.    xillaL'c   nr   Inun.  shalj  i  x-nltn  in  \<r    and    (nii^iitutc   a  Imard 

•>  <it    cnlnllll-^''lnncl■■^,     tn     |irn\idc     fnr   t  I  jc  .  i  1-i  il  n -,.  n  i.  1 :  t      nt      --aid     flUiii      "I    llllld-.   Mild 

)  dc-^iL'natc    tlic     iM-iicticiaiii"-    tlicrcnt     a--     luicin    diiiitcij.     wliicji     i.naid     --li.all      In' 

■"^  kiinun    as    tlic     I'xiard    nl      I'nJKc     rcii-inij     i-'und     (  'nliiini-->lnncl-     n|      -mil     clt\, 

'•*  Xlliat'C     nr     tn\Mi. 

;;;   d.      \\'lirnc\fr    ;tii\     pcisnii.    at    tin-    tunc    nt    tlic    takiiji,'    c'tcct    nl    tliisa(t. 
'2      nr    t  licicattci .    >)iall     lia\c    iiccn    dillx     ap])nintcd     and     -^vvniii.    and     lla^l      sci\cd 

d       inr    the     period     ni       tUelltV       \  car--       nr       Ilmre,      llpnn       the      |c'.'iliail\        1  nli-t  It  Utcci 

•I  police  force  of  aii>  sikIi  city.  \illai.'c  nr  Inwn  nt  thi^  State,  uhnli  imw 
•")  l-".  nr  licrelifter  may  In.  Mlliject  to  till  pIn\lMn(is  of  tills  act.  said  hoard 
<p     shall    nrder  and   direct    tiiat     siicii     persnn     sliall.    altei     lic(  ninitii:     l.!V'.    \eais   of 

7       atre    and    ills     -~e|\iee      upon      sin  h      police    tnlce    -,iiall     lia\e    ceasid.     hi      paid     frnin 

i*^  su<  ll    fund,    a    \e;irl\'    |iensini,    cqiial    tn    niic  liiill     tile    aiimunt    nt     tin     siilar\' 

'.*  attached    to    the   rank  \sliuh    he    nia\     ha\e    held    on    said    jioIk c    tmci     toi  one 

l(t  year   next    jirei  edint:   the   expiration   of  said   term    of   t\M'iit>    \tars. 

>;    1.      Whenever    an.\    person,    while    serMiit.'   as   a    policeman     in     an\      such 

'2  citv.    \illa^'e    or    town,    shalliiecoine   ph\si(all\    disahk'd  while  m.   and  in  conse- 

;{  (|iien<c    III.    the  |)eifoiiiiance    ot    Ills  dut\     as  su(  h   policeman,    said     hnard    slnill, 

4  upon     Ills     written      leipiest.    or    without    sih  h    reipu-st,    if    it     lieem    it    ii>i    tin- 


")  'Jiuii]     lit     v;ii,|     |ii,|i(  c     |iil<  c.    ret  lit-  siir  h     jMTsiiti  fldlll  ;t(ti\i'    srr\  ICC  ami  iifilrl   and 

li  ilirt-i  t    tliat    li>'    111'     pahl    tiiun    --aiil    fmul    a  \rarl\    iiiii-.].  in.    nut    i\(  (-(-(iinL'   ■lUr- 

7  lialf    till-     ariiiiiint     ut  flu-    --alaiv    atfarlii'l   tn    tin-    lank     svliirli     In-     nia\      lia'w  lirM 

>-*  MFi    ^ahl     pcihii-     tmcc     |(Pi-      iinr    '-car    m  \f    |iric  (•(imL'    ^ncli    iitiMimnt        I'n,- 

'>  rnf,,/.    tirir    w  l!i!ii'\  I'l'  sinli  iii->ali|lit\   ^liall    (•.■a-^r    --mcIi    |itn>iiin    -.lial!    (  i-a--.  . 

^■    ."i.      N I  i    |M  i-iipti    -^liall    III-    ri'tii'i!    a--   )iri  i\  iili-l    in   tlh-   n^'Xt  |iicri-ilinL'  M'rtinn. 

2  III     ii-(.i\i     an\     liriii'lit    tV.mi    -ai.l    fjMiil.   iiiilf-~s    tlitTr    >hall    It    lildl  vMfli    -^aii| 

:l  i'liafil       lilt  it!i  all--       'if       III-       ill'-alMJltV  .     wlllrli     rcl't  itii  a  t  •->     --liall     In-     >'l  li-;(  1  lin-.i 

\  ainl    v\\,>ri!    til    ii\'    sai'l    |ii'r>nn,  athi    \'V    tin-    |ki|ic.'    sihl'i'oii.      il   fli'Tc  In-    nnt' 

.'»  ami    'wn    prai-f  iiiit'_'      phv '^l(•lall-     "t      ^iirii    citx'.    xillaL'i',      ni-     town,    aixi    -iich 

li  i.riaiil     nia\     iiiiMiii     citli.  I     i-hliiiii     i>f   ili-<aliiiit\     li.'fiifr    uniiaiiiL'    ■<ii'-li     i>tirt- 

7  iiiriit    aijil    pimicnt     a--    atni<--ai'l 

>    (i         \\lu|i-\i|      an\       nifllilii   1      nl      the     Imlni'     fnl(a'     nf     sllcli     r|t\.      \lllaL'<      nf 

2  t'lwn     -j:a!l     lii-r     III-     lltr     wllllr     II!     tin-     p'-rfornilinrc       nl      lll•^     '|llt\.     nf      rf(ti\f 

:i  iit|urit-    lii'ii!    wliiili    lit-    ^liall    tli-Mattt-r     'In-.    |i'iivi!il'     ;i    wkIias     it    i-IiiM    or 

•  1  ililMli'li      llli.ii'l      tla-    HV      I'l      -l\ti  f!!       \rai-.     then       llpi.n      >atl-<fa<f<il  \      plixit    nl 

.",  -iicli      lai-I-      iiiaiii       tn      It.     -mil      iinai'il      -hall     nfilci-    anil    flilcct     that  a     MarK 

(■)  |i('iiM(in.  <i|iial   tu    nni-liall    the    aiimimf   nt    tlm    ■salary    MttHctifii    In    tlir    lank 

7  uliuh   -nch    MK-mhrr  Ik'M   on   -aii|    |)nlic.'   fim-f'  ar  the  tiiin'  ot    hi'-    dtafh.  -hail 

S  i„      jiahl    tn    -:lrh    willow     lillllllL'    ll'l     htf,    ot     it    no    willow,    rlirll    to    -llfll     cllllil    or 

:i  (  Inlilicii.    until   thi'>    ^liall    !>•    --ixtt  i  n     \oars    of    a^'c:      I'mnt/tJ,   it    -ncii    uidnu 

III  nl   child     !•!    I  hildn'ii,   -.hall   iiiarr\  tlicn   siich  |»«'1mhis  sn    niniTviiiL'    -hall    tin  it- 

11  aftfi'  r.i.i\.     no  turtlKT  |Mij-^)on    finin  mich   fund.      W  liciicvtr    an\     mhimIh  i    ol 

|-J  tlic   (lolicc   tnrcr   -hall   die,   alter   t.-n   \fars'    -.-rvicc    th»-rtin,   and    whil,-    still    in 

l:{  the   -crNici    nt  -iicli  city,   MilaLTo   "r  town,   as  siicli   policcinaii.  ica\iii'_'   a    widow, 

14  or  cliild  ol  I  hildicii  iiiidcr  the  ;iL'e  of  sixteen  years,  tlieii  upon  satishu'tory 
]r,  |>ro(if  of  -iicii  fact-  iiiiide  to  It  said  hoard  iiiiiy  order  and  direct  tliat  siicji 
It;  pension  a-  -aid  hoard  may  deem  i>rop.-r,  not  evceediiiL'  oiie-lialf  tin-  amount 
17  of  tlie  salarv    nttfuhed   to  tlie  rank    wliuh   he  lield  at    tlie    time    ot    Ins    death, 

15  s[ih11  lie  paid  to  siicii  widow,  or  if  tlieie  Ik'  no  widow,  iheii  to  sikIi  (liild  (»r 
i;»  children,  until  thev  shall  he  sixteen  years  of  nm-,  said  pi-iiKion  to  ct-asf  upon 
20  iiiarriii<,'e,  a-  pro\ided   ahovt". 

>;  7.     Any  jxtmhi  iPtir«*(!  for  diMiLilitx     imhIi  i     tln^    act.  i!ia\     Lc    -.iiiuiiKmcil 

l'  to   a|i|)f,ir     bfldlf     tiif     lidald     licltin     pinxnliil    U>l .    at    ali\    tllnc    llici.altil,    aliil 

;>  shall  siiliiiiit    liiiiisclt   thcictii   i(Ji    tAainiiiatinh   ;i>    |,,    hi-,    htnos    li.r    ,lut\,   ami 

4  -hall   aloiif  tlif  (icciMnii   and   onlt-i    nl   ■~ih  li    iuaid    \Mtli    ittrrfiicr  tin  1,1.1.     \ii<i 

•  )  all    IIHIIllx'ls   (it    the    police    force    ulio    lliav     he     retired     under     the     |)lo\lslon>   ol 

<)  tills  act.  except    those   uho   \oluntanl\    retire  altir  twenty    vears      ■>!  r\  ue  shall 

7  reiM^rt  to  tlie  ciiiet  ot  police  of  the  (  it>  .   \  illa^'e  or    tovsn    where  so  retired,  oii 

H  the  second  Tuesday  of  each   and  e\cry  month,  aixl   in  <  ases  of  enieru'eiu  y  may 

'.*  l>e  assiizned  to.  and  shall  peiforni   sinh  diit\    as  sai<i  chief  ol   polici    inaychrect, 

10  umi  such  persons  shall  )ia\e    no   daini    a^'aiiist    the    cit\,   villa^'e    or    town    for 

11  payment   for  such  dut>    so  [HTfornied. 

IJ  H.      \\  lienever  an.\    person    who  shall    lia\e  r<-ceived    any    iienefit    from   saiil 

2  fund  slifiU  bo  convicted    of    any  crime    or    niisdemeiinor,  or    siiall    heconie  an 

■i  lialiituai  (iruiikard.  or  shall   heconie  a  non  resident    of    tins    State,  or  shall  fail 

4  to  re|)ort   himself  foi   examination    for    duty   as  reipiired   herein,   unless  excused 

5  liy  tlie  lH)ar(l,  or  shall  disolie\  the  reipiirenients  of  said  hoard  under  tins  act, 
(i  m  respect  to  said  examination  or  dut\,  then  such  hoard  sliall  order  that  siicli 
7  jx'iision  allowance  as  may  have  heeii  f_'ranted  to  such  person  shall  ininiedi- 
H  ately  cease  and  determine,  and  such  jH'rson  shall  reicive  no  further  pension, 
U  allowance  or  heiictit,  under  this  act. 

;;  !*.     The  hoard   lierein    provided    for    shall    hold    (juart^'ily   medium's    on   the 

2  second  Tuesdays  of  .\pril,  duly,  OctolM'r  and  .lanuar\     of  each   Mar,  and   upon 

A  the  call  of  its  president  ;  it   shall  sele<  t   tioin  its  ineinhers  a  iiresident   and   sec- 

4  rt'tary,   wfio    sliall     ]i(dd     such     i-esix-ctue     jiositions     until    their  successors  are 

h  (>lecte(i ;  it   shall   issue  certificate's,  si^'iicil    li\    its  president    and   -ecretarv ,  t  >  t  he 

(■)  persons  entitled  thereto, of  the  amount  of  money  ordered  paid  to  sinhpeisons 

7  from  biicli  fund   hy  said   hoard,  which  certihiates  sliall  stati-    hir   what   puipose 

8  such    payment     is    ti>    lie    made:  it   shall  keep  a  re( ord  of  all  its  proceedinf,'s, 

9  wliich  record  shall    l)e  a  puhlic  record,  it   shall  on  the  Tuesda\    named  above, 

10  or  at  ea«-li  (jiiarterly  tneetiiiK,  send    to    the    treasurer    of    its    city.  \illat;e    or 

11  town,  and   to    the    coinptroller    or    city,  villatre    or   town   (It  rk.  a    writt^'ii     or 

12  print^'d  list  of  all  jifrsoi^s  pntitlcd  to  pa\Tii(iiits,  from  the  fund  herein  ^royi(le4 

I  )  for,  >t:itinL'  tlic  iiiiioiiut  of  >Ui\i  iiayiiifJits  htkI  for  wliat  graiited,  as  onlered  by 

It  Niich  lioaiii.   uhirli   list   >li;dl  bf  ctTtitifd  ;\ud  sii.'iifd  liy  the  president  Hiul  st-cre 

l")  tar\  iifsiK  li  1m. aid,  and  liv  the  sfcrctarv  tLen'of.  attested  under  oath.  A  niiijontv 

K'l  (if  all  tlif  iiicinlaTs  of  said  hoard  sliall  constitute  a  (juoruiu,  and  have  |K)»,ver  t,o 

IT  ti.iiisatt    liusiiit'ss:      /'/•(>//'/('/,  that  no  resolution  shall  he  passed,  or  onler  nuule, 

IS  hy  nU(  li   iioard,  for  the  payiucnt  uf  money,  uidess  by  the  atliruiative  vote  of  a, 

r.)  niajoii!\    of  all   the  njcnd'ers  tlifieof. 

^   1(1.     TIm-  hoard   licnni    pro\  ided     for    shall,  in    a(hlition    to    otlier    |)o\st'rs 

•J  luTiin   ^'1  antrij    liaM-  jtower ; 

:{  J-'/i^/ — 'Id  coniptl  witnesses  to  attend  and  testify  before  it,  uyon  all  niatters 

I  coniiectid   with  the  operation  of    this  aet,  in    the  same    niiumer  as  is  or    may 

'>  he  pro\ided  hy  hiu   for   the  fiikiiiL'  of    testimony  before    masters  in    chHircery. 

<i  and   it>  piisideiif ,  or  any  meiMber  of  said   Iioard,  may  luhninisfer  oaths  to  siieh 

7  witnesses. 

.s  ,S',  ro/;./-- do  appoint  a  elerk  and  define  his  diitn-s. 

'.(  77///'/ — 1(1  |iro\i.|e  tor  the  |)a\nient  from  said  fund  of   all    its  necessary  e\- 

lii  peiises,   inelndiii^'    (  hrk     hire,    printing,',  and     witness    fe<'s:     I'loiiilfd,  that   no 

II  (  i)nij)ensati<iii  or  emolument  shall  he  paid    to  any  member  «>f    Hai<l  board     for 

IJ  any  dut\    k  quired  or  i)erformed   under  this  aet. 

1:5  i'liiirth-  To  make  all  needful  rules  and  reirulatioiis  for  its  guidance   in  <^(m.- 

W  foriii;t>    witii   the  proMsjon*,  of  this  act. 

;-    II .     ( )n   the  third  Tuesday  of  .\pril  of    ea(li  year  the    treasurer  of    <-very 

'1  siK  li  (it\.   \illaL'e  or  town  shall     make    a    sworn   report     to    the    board     herein 

o  |U(i\ided  for,  and  to  the  mayor  and  city  council  of  such  city,  or  the  presitlent 

t  of,  and  the  hoanl    of    trustees    of    siudi  city,  village    or  town,  of    all    moneys 

.")  receiNed  at   I   paid  out   by    him  on    account  of   said    fund,  (hiring'    tlie  jm-vious 

(i  year,  and  of  the  amount  of  said  fund  tlieii   in  his  hands;  and  all  surplus  of  said 

7  fund   then   nniaimiit:  m  his  hands,  exceedmt.'   the    avora<re    amount    per    year 

N.  paid  out   li\    liini  on  account   of  said  fund,  diirini:  the ///r/v //////n ///■./■/ ///r/vv///;//, 

'.)  shall   lie  h\    turn  transferre<l    to,  and     liecome    a     part     of    the    funds    of    e\cry 


10  snoh  city,  villftpo  or  town,  and  no  loiitrcr  under  tho  control    of   suiti  hoard  or 

11  siilijt'ct  to  its  ordtT;  and  wIiciicmt  tins  ait  sliall  takr  cfffct  in  any  siicli  city. 
\2  villiifrc  or  town,  tlic  treasurer  thereof  shall  trixc  a,  iiew  hond  thf  siiinr  a^  nou 
1^}  is.  or  hereafter  may  he  rc(|iiired  hy  la\\.  which  new  hond.  whoi  sn  ^'iven  and 
11  the  sureties  thereon,  shall  he  for  the  security  of  such  fund,  tlif  same  ;is  ntlier 
!•")  funds  helontrin<.'  to  any  su(li  city,  village  or  town.  Payments  ))rii\i(i(il  for  m 
l(i  tiiis  act   shall   he  made  hy  su(h  treasurer  (|uartcrly,  U|)on   jiroper   \onch.r-- 

vj   I'J     .\11    memlxis    ol    the    police    force,    and  anv  widow    or  child  niclnldren 

■J  nf   siK  h    memhers    of    any    su(di    cit\ ,    xdia^'e    or    town,    who,  upon      lie  taknit: 

o  effect    of    this    act    shall    he     entitled     tn     leicive    any    hetietit      u'lihi    an     act 

•1  entitled    ".\n    act    to   amend    an    act    for    the     lelief   of     disaiijed    uicmiMr-.   of 

.')  tin'    I'oIhc    and    Fire    I)e|)artnients    in     (  ities     and     villa^'cs,"'    aii|)ro\ed      May 

*■)  ■>4.     I'STT,    in     force     duly     1,    1H77,    as     amemied     hy    act     a|)proved    May    l". 

7  1h7'.(.    in    force     July    1,    \Xl',K    shall     receive    no     paMuents    or    heiietii'-    under 

S  said    act,    hut    sliall    m    lieu    thereof    he    cntitlcil    to    the    heiietits    |iro\  ided    lor 

'.»  Ill    this     act.     Hut    if   at     any    time     there     shall    not     he     sutlicieiit     inonevs 

10  helont:in^'   to  siuli    fund    to   pay    the    allowances   ol     sik  h    hoard    to    its    hen 

11  eticiaries,  then  they  shall  he  jiaid  ///<>-/■</ /'a  from  siudi  fund,  hut  no  allow ance 
j'J  or  onh'r  <if  siudi  hoard  shall  he  helil  to  create  any  liahility  as/ani^l  any 
i;i  su(  h  city,  villa^'e  or  town.  e\ce|»<  ui»on  the  fund  so  set  apart  as  aloresaid 
14  for    the    payment    tliereof. 

■l.ii'''-''  ■-■-'  ■,   ''•■ 

_  ~^^M 

35th  AsBem.      HOUSE— No.  103-— In  Senate. 

Mav  1887 

1.  Received  from  House.  April  1,  18H7,  and  ordered  to  first  reading. 

2.  First  readiiit.'  May  •2,  IHH7,  and  referred  to  ('oinniittee  on  Judiciary. 

;i.     Reported    Ijaok    May    10,    liS87,   passag*;    reconiniende<l,    and   ordered  to 
second  reading,'. 


For  An  .\c  t  to  amend  section    thirty-four  of  an  act   entitled   "An   aet   concerning 
insolvent  debtors,"  approve<l  April  10,  1872,  in  force  July  1,  1872. 

Section  1.    Be  it  enacted  fty  ik$  PtopU  of  A$  State  of  Illinois,  represented 

2  1)1    thf   (ieneral  As.senif/ly,    That    8»?ction    thirty-four  of    an  act    entitled   "An 

3  act   concerning  insolvent  debtors,"   approved  April   10,  1872,  in  force  July  1, 

4  1872,  be  and  the  same  is  hereby  amended  so  as  to  read  as  follows: 

5  "Section  34.     In  any  case  where  the  defendant  arrested   upon  final  process 

6  shall    not    be    entitled    to    n'lief     under    the    provisions    of    this    act,    if    the 

7  plaintiff  will   advance  the  jail    fees  and    board  in  maimer    hereinbefore  pro- 

8  vided,  the  defendant  may  be  iniprisone*!  at  ^1.50  per  day,  until  the  judgment 
y  shall    be    satisfied,    and    the    officer    making    the    arrest    shall    endorse    the 

10  execution    'satisfied    in    full    by    imprisonment' :      Provided,    that    no    person 

11  heretofore    or    hereafter    imprisoned    under    the   provisions  of  this   act,  shall 

12  l)e  ini[)riHoned  for  a  longer   period   than   six   months  from  the  date  of  arrest; 

13  and   all   persons   imprisoned    under    the    provisions  of   this  act  for  the  period 

14  of  six  months  or  more  at  the  time   this  act  takes  effect,  shall   thereupon   be 

15  immediately  discharged :     Prai^ided,  however,  that  no  person   shaU   be  released 

16  from    imprisonment    under   this   act  who  neglects  or  refuses  to  schedole  in 

17  manner  and  form  as  provided  by  this  act." 

3otli  Assoin.     HOUSF— No.  104— In  Senate      April    1887 

1       litc  ii\c.l    from  Hdiim'    \|iril    1.    1sm7,    htkI    (jnltTfii    to    first    rradiritr. 
•_'      l''nNt   rfaiUii'j    April   '■>.    I'^'^T.    iind     onltMcd     to   st'cond   r»'H(lni>r   wifliout 

A  liILL 

l-'nl      All       \i\      tn     tlitll^tfr      til.'     liilhllK-r     to       til.-       (Tfiilt      1  if       tln'     "  I  )t'll!l(lll.'Ilt      Llltl<l 

TiiN    i'liiirr  to    thi-    (  ri' lit    of    tlif      KfM'iiuf    Fiiiicl. 

Rkctios  1.     Bf  it  enarted  by  the  People  of  the  Slate  of  Illinois,  represmfed 

•1  ,1,    ill,-  (i.n'iiil  AssrHililii.    riiHt   tin-  iifu'X|)f'ii(l»-<l    iialaiKe  of  tlin-c  liuiidrt'(i  and 

:!  tliiit\  oiii'    ilollarN  ami  si\  cfnt-  -  ijl^^^il  .<n;i  tmw  in    tlic    State  'i'rt'Hsiirv   to   tiit- 

}  ciclit    o|    tilt     '  1  )clitn|iifiit    Tax    KurHl     he  traii>^f('rml   on  tli*-  warrant  of    tlic 

o  Au'litoi  ol  I'lililic  A(  i-oiiiitN  to  till'    (ifiu-ral  Uevfimc  Fiiiui,"'  and  the  Auditor  of 

f,  I'liiiiii    A.  I  oinit>  i--  litTt'liy  rt(|iiirf(i  t(»  draw  liis  warrant  on  tin- State   Treasurer 

7  Ini  tlir  ^liiii  ol  tlircr  liiiiidred  ;iiid  thuty-oiie  dollars  and  six  cents  to  make  saici 

.'■i  tran^tei. 

:M(Ii  A^scmi.  SI:N.\TE— No.  10(1.  Fol).  1KH7 

Ii:tiu.lii(c<l  liv  Ml.   r.fii.  .larmary  li.  l-SST.  hii<I  .Tilcn-d  f"   tirsf    rfH«liiiK'- 
Fir>f   n-H<iiiiv'  -iMiiuarv  Jl.   issT.  and   refj-rnil  to  r<)imiiitt«'<- on  .ludw  lary. 
li(|»oi-T«il   liHck   K<-iim;iiv  '.•.   ls^7.  ami  oidtTtMl  tliat  'Jilt  coino  \»-  I'niitttl 
tor  ii>*'  of  tin-  ('oiiiiiiittcc  on  .Indiciarv. 


For  'An  At  t  to  providr  in  wliat  inaniitr   hikI    to    what    t-xteiit    alieas    may  hold 
ifal  cstatf,  and  to  reiH-al  an  act  tlicreiii  iiaincd," 

Section  1.  Be  if  enacf/'d  hy  the  People  of  (he  State  of  Illinois,  represented 
1  in  flif  ('ttiiiiiil  Assiinhlji,  That  all  aliens  may  take,  hy  (le«Hi,  will  or  other- 
;{  wise,  lands  and  tenements  or  any  interest  tlierein,  (except  land  U8e<l  for  agri- 
4  cultural,  horticultural,  dairy  or  stock-raisin^^  purposes  or  unu<-cupied  landsi 
")  and  alienate,  sell.  assitrJi  and  transmit  tlie  same  to  their  lieirs,  or  any  other 
()  jH'rson,  whether  such  lieirs  or  oth^r  persons  he  ntizens  of  the  United  States 
7  or  not.  in  the  same  manner  as  natural  h<»ni  citizeT)s  of  tlie  I'nited  States  or 
H  of  this  State  mii^ht  do.  and  uikhi  the  decease  of  any  alien  haviinr  title  to.  or 
'.<     interest   in  any  lands  or  tenements,  such  lands  and    tejiements  shall    pass  and 

10  desctiid  in  the  same  manner  a>  if    sucli  ahen    were    a  citi/en  of    the     I'nited 

11  Statt  s,   and  shall   have  the  same  ri<?lits  and    rejnedies  as  native    horn    citizens 
I'i     and   actual   residents  of  the    (nited   States. 

;;  '1.  The  j)ersonal  estate  of  an  alien  dyin^'  intestate  sliall  he  di.strihnted 
■1  m  the  same  manner  as  the  estates  of  natural  Ixirn  citi/eiiK.  and  all  persons 
'.\  interested  in  such  estate  shall  lie  t>ntitled  to  proper  distrihutive  shares  thereof 
4     under  the  laws  of  this  State,  whether  they  are  aliens  or  not. 

;•  •'{.  Any  alien  may  take  hy  det^d,  will  or  otherwise  lands  used  for  aj/rinil- 
•1  tural,  horticultural,  dairy  itr  -^tixk-raisin^'  puri)os«'s,  or  uiKKcupi^vi  lands,  or 
;j    any  interest  therein  in  this  State,  and  shall  In?  entitled   to    all    the   {irivile^es 

4  of  section  one  of  this  net.  wliciu'vci    lie  sliiill   in  Hcconhiiict   with  tin    iiatiirKli- 

.')  /rttion  laws  oi  tlic  riiit<'(l  States,  dfclare  lii>-  ititcntioii  t(i   In* oiur  a  (  it!/.<  ii  ot 

()  tlif   I'liitcd  States  subject   to  the  |)io\  isioti  ot  tlie  iiext   fnllnw  ihl'  se(thiii. 

t;  \.     Any  ahcii    now    owniiiu   lands  for    a'jiiciiltiiial,  hi'iticiiltiii;)!.  ijairy  or 

'2  stock-raisinfi  purpost's,  or  iiiio<<upieti    lan(i>-.   or  ;!!]>    iiitii«-.t  thntiii,   \sli(i  shall 

;{  not  declare  his  intentions  of  U'coininj,'  a  (itizeii  of  the   riiite<l    States    within 

4  ont;  year  from  the  time  this  law  shall    he  in  effect,  or    any  ahen    who  may  at 

f)  any  time  after  this  law  shall  he  in  effect  shall  hecome  the  owner    of.  nr  have 

(■)  any  intereKt  in  any  of    such  lands  hy  <le(  d.  \m11    or  ntherwise.  and     li\    virtue 

7  of  de(  larinp  his  intentions  to  hecom*-  a  (  iti/<  n  of  the  Inited  States,  and  shall 

8  not  take  out  his  final  naturalization  jtapers  ^vithm  one  year  from  the  time  he 
\)  would  Ik*  entitled  to  the  same  tlirou^ih  a  inntinuous  residence  of    the    Inited 

10  States  from  the  time  of  declantif:   his   intentions  to   hecome   a   citi/i  n    added 

11  to  the   time   of  his   residence   in   the     I'liited     States     ))revious     to     declaring: 

12  such  intentions,  he  sliall  lie  deemed  ^'iiiity  of  lioldmi.'  mk  h  iaiid>  or  sucli 
IH  interest  therein   in     violation    of     the    law    and     |k>1icc     policy   of     this    Stat«', 

14  and  it    shall    then    he    the  duty    of  the  States   .\ttorney  to  proceed    liy  informa- 

15  tion.  in  the  name  of  the  people  of  the  State  of  Illinois,  a^jiin^t  sucli 
1()  alien,  in   the   Circuit    Court    of    the  county    within  which    siuh    land   so   held 

17  shall   he   situated  and    summons  shall    issue,  and    service  shall    he  had,  whether 

18  hy  copy  of  summons  or  hy  puhlication  the  same  as  in  chancery  cases,  as 
IJ)  the  case  ma.v  recjuire,  and  such  court  shall  have  jurisdiction  tn  hear  and 
'2()  det+'nnine   the   fact    and    to   order  the   sale  of   sin  h    lamls  or   interest    therein 

21  by  such  attorney  at   such   turn-    ami     place,   subject     t<i  such     rules    as    the 

22  court   may   establish. 

§  5.     The   court    shall  tax    as   fees   of    the    State's    .\ttoniey   such   sums   an 

2  shall   be   reasonable,  and  such    State's  .Attorney   shall   pay   over    the   pnn^eeds 

3  of  Kuoh  sale,  alter  deducting  the  said    ft cs  and    costs  of    proceedin^is  to  such 

4  alien. 

§  0.     No  sale  of  any  lands  or  interest   therein  held   in    violation  of  this*  act 

2  by  any  alien  to  any  i>erKon  eutitlced  to    own  sue  h   land   by  virtue  of   thia  act. 


H     H/i(l  of  tlic  laws  of   the  StHtt',  shiiU    ht-  invalidfttcd    liv  such  illegal    lioldintr  of 
4    tln'  Klifii  (■onvoviii'r. 

5;  7.  An  Act  t((  aiiicnd  (liapt.r  four  '4i  n'viKe<l  laws,  ontitltil  aliens,  aj)- 
'iTprowd  Ft'liruary  17,  1H;>1.  in  foi.c  Ft'l)ruaiy  17.  1H-">1,  ami  all  acts  ami  i»arts 
:\    of  acts  inconsistent  with  this  act   are  lierehy  rej>eale(l. 

:i>th  AssiMii.  SFA'ATK— No.  108.  Mardi  1887 

1        lilt  loiliK  1(1     i>\     Ml      ('niwtiinl     •l;iMMiti\    lM,    1SS7,    iiikI     nnlfifd     to    tir-^t 

•J         I'll-^I      IradlliL'    -iMIllliilN     2\.     \X'>~i.    .111(1    li'ti'lltd    t(i    (    iitlilllitfic    nti    -I  ililli  i:i\  . 

:>.      Ii'i'|ini  f  111    liiuk    Maicli     Ifi.    witli    amcinliiifiit .   |)a->-'ii^'i-    I'ccoriiiiifinifil  aii<l 

iilili'tfd     1(1     sc((.ii(l     I'IkIiIil' 


All        \(t        1"        IIICIk!        •!.      ;i(   I       cntlli'.i       "\ll      :i(t       tc      |i-\!^.        tl:.-      :   IW       111        Icllllldli 

I   1   1         t.MM|,|,.|    ,      '  ■||lil|.   .  W     l!  M      llcil         '•,         1^1      I 

Sii  TiiiN  1.     Be  if  enarffd  hi^  the  People  of  (he  Btate  of   Illinois,  rei>i' ^mt, ,] 

■^  "/      //'      (i,i,./i<      .  I  ,^.  /,, ,',/./.       i  li,il      ,(!,       ii  !       'l;*lll(J            \l        1(1      ;•       l(\i>.       ihi       i,|v\ 

■i  II,      l-!i!l''l,      ti'      !•  .  clili  I-/        Ipl'l..''     ;       Mnii       ■>       l"^"il.      i  •■       .!ni!,(i''l      i'\       I.I.I'liL' 

I  t  iM  I .  ! .  .     !  !,!■     I.  .|l(i\v  iii^'     -,..t  ;.  Ml  : 

•"i  '■>■-■(!  i(ii!    -M        V':    i((iiiU     ii:iii..-      li.-iiiii      Ml    mIm.  I    (.■i.;-.    i,  Jit    111    i\>>' 

•'  '■!!;>•       '■    an;.    ii(iii.|(i     and     lii    n  ~ri  liim  iil  ^    ;'i(.j    l^^i     !i((id    tin  iiMi     ■^hai!    ;»t 

I  ,iii      t:liii-      Im       ■'|Mi,       !,.!       |i;d'lii       ll;-|M  (  t  ;.  i|i     ;,iid     I-.,  Ml]         Hid     a!!     (mIs,i1i~ 

^  ^iri  i  i      li  1 '.  I       !  M  .       ;ii  (  ,  ,,      ti  'I       i  I,  -p.  (  '  h  a;      :ii,'  i      I  \  an.' 1 1  nit  ii  a  I      t'  -      -'n't'      i  ■•(■(  a  d- , 

'•       indlC'-.       i i- -        llid       Ih-t  I  .ili.i   1.!  -.       Ahi(i;       ;!.,         (.■(.ad(l-      slali       he       luailid       t.i 

1"  '   \ililal      ;.       tl.'i^i        a);..      \\\->\]     III    ;!,-,ii.  (1      i.|      .•\.il|:M!i       li;.      ^allM    ,    aud     ali     |i(   l-iili> 

II  -liall     li.c.      ti'i      iiLdi!     til    tal-..-     III.  iii.aanda     and     ;d.-Ii:i(t-     t(:.|.Mt     witlamt     (.■(■ 

!■_'  Ill-     liwald. 

.\.mi:m)Mi;.\  r>   lo  si;.\\ri.  i;ii,i.  \,    ii<.^.  i;i;(  oMMiAhii'  i;^  (  (>\i 

Mii'ii;!,  ii\  .iihii  I  \i[\ 

In      111'--       tlllcc        .1.      -^iMtliili      _'l.      il'-i        til.        .'      ••;it        III      t'li,.   -'      ,ilid      l!:-i|t 

■J     ill    iii-ii    till  lint    ihi     wiaih     ■i'liiiiL'    iiltn.     Iii'iiis.' 

3r»tli  Aftsoni. 

SENATE— No.  108. 

Mairli.  1HH7 

I,      I  iitiodiicrd    1)V    Mr     ( 'ntwfdiil.    .hiiiiiKrv     Jl.    I.ShT.     .uid     nrilfifd    t"    first 

'1.      I' ii-^t    niKiiUi.'    .iHtiiiHrv    'lA,    ]>^1 .  -liud  icti-rn'd  tn  (  niiiiinttcf  on  •liidi<i;u\ 
:!       l!i|)iiitf(|    Imck    Maicli    1(>.    witfi    Miin'iidiiifTrf .  passatrc  rfcoiimit  tidt-d    and 

♦irdt-rt'd    to    M'coiid    r»'a<liri<:. 
4.     Second    readiiifi    Matcli    24,    1H87.    amt'iid<-d    imd  ordficd  to  tlnrd  ifadint/. 


For     \n    Art    to    ;niit'iid    an    act    cdtitlfd     "An    act    to    ic\isc     the    lau     in     relation 
to    rt'cordcrs,'     a|ipio\fd    Marcli    '••.    1H7J. 

Si  .  Hon  1.     Be  it  enacted  by  (he  People  of  (hs  State  of  lUtTwis,  repr- si-nhd 

1  in   lie    (i.',ii'    A  ssriii/i/i/,    'I'liat    atj    act    entitled    "An    a<t    to     (e\ise     the     lav^ 

:i  Hi    iililhMi    to    ie(order>,  '    a|i|iro\ed    Manli    '.),    hs7l,    he    amended     h\    addiiit," 

I  t  heieto    thf    tollou  in^'    •^ectlon  : 

."»  •Stiiion   Jl        Ml    le.-onU.    indiee--,    ah>tract    and    ollur     hf)l»k^     kept    in    the 

ti  n!liic    o|    ,iii\     n-eofd.i    and    all    UiNt  iiinient>  lili^l  for  record  tli(;n'in  shall  durint,' 

7  oilier    hoiiiN    ill-    opfi;    jor    piihlic    ni--peefion    and    esaiiiiiiat loll .  and    ail    persoiis 

s  -h:iil    )n\.     tire    aec  I's-.    for      in-<pirtioii      and     e\aiiiination     to     siicli      record^. 

'.•  indices,      iio.:K^     and     in^t t uiiient-.    vvhich    tiir     ircorders    shall     lie    Ixiiind     to 

111  exhilit    to    tlio^r    who    w  i-^h    to    iii--|ieet    or    esatiiiii"'    the    same ;  and  all  [)er'>ons 

II  shall    liivr    ihr    rii:ht    to    takr    iiiriiioranda    and    ah^fracts    thereof    without    fee 

I'J  or    re w  aid. 

3/ltli  Arhoiii.  '     SENATE— No.  108.  Man!..  ]HH7 

I.      Iiitiodiiccd    l»v    Ml.    CiJtwfonl.   .IjitiiiHi\    11.    iShT.     :i)i(l    nnlcnil    t<i    liiNt 

'J      f'lr^t    rtii(iiii!.'    .iHiiiiiiry    -4,    1>^7,  ;itnl  n  trrn-il  td  (  (iiiiiiiittcf  on  •luili(iiii\ . 
:f       l;(|i()it<'ii    hack    Miiicli    Hi.    \siffi    ;Mii»'ii<liiH'iif .  pas^atrc  tfcoiimit mlfd    ami 

♦irilficd    to    second    rcadint,'. 
4.      Second    readiiii;    Maicli    '24,    1W7.    amended    ami   onlereil  to  tliird  teaditii/. 


For     \ii     .\<t    to    amend    an    act    enfith'd     '  \ii    a<t    to    revise     the     Ihw      Iri     rehition 
to     recorders,'      a|i|)io\ed     March    !•,     1H71. 

Si.  HON  1.     Be  ii  enaded  by  the  People  of  (he  State  of   lUinoU,  reyr,  smtni 

1  III   iln    'i,i,ii'    .\ '■^■•iiiili/ii,    'I'iiat    an    .n  t    entitled     '.\n    act    to     revise     tjie     law 

'.I  111    K  lalii^n    to    ie(()r(leis.       a|i|iiiAe(|     Manli    ".t.     hsTl,    lie    amended      h\     adding,' 

I  thereto    tin-    lojlowin^'    section: 

.")         ■Seeiiiii]   _'l        Ml    records,    indices,    ahstract    and    other     ixioks     kcjit    iii    tli<- 

f)  i.lhe,'    ,,\    ,iii\     leccirdei    aiid    all    lusi  riiiiieiits  lilecMoi' record  tiittrcin  shall  during' 

7  otiice    hoiiis    Im-    open    lor    |iiihlic    ins|)eition    and    examination .  and    all    jtersoiis 

N  -hiiil     li:i\.      till     accifs-,    fi  ,r      in--|)ii  t  ion      and      examination      to     such      reconls. 

'.»  iiidice-.      111..^,-     and      in^truiiient-.    \>.  huh     the     recorders    shall     he     hoiitid     to 

111  exhii'it    til    those    who    'Ai-,li    to    inspect    or    I'xaiiiiiii     the    same ;  and  all  |)ers(ins 

II  -<liall     h,i\i      t||.>     nu'ht     tn    take     iiMliioralida     and     ahstra<-ts    tliereol     SMtllollt     tee 

I'J  or    r<\v  aid. 

35th  Assem.     HOUSE— No.  108— In  Senate.        May  1887 

1.  iit'coived   from    House   April   '2!>.    1887,   and  ordered   to   first    reaiiinff. 

2.  First  reading::   May   2;^,    1887,    and    ordered     to   second    reading   without 


A  bd:.l 

For  An  Act  to  amend  section  lA  of  an  act  entitled  "An  art  in  regard  to 
evidence  and  depositions  in  civil  ca«es."  apiwoved  March  '21i,  1872,  in 
force    .lulv    1.    Is72. 



n::(  iiov  1.  Be  it  mnrfril  ht/  tlie  People  of  fhe  State  of  TUinois,  reprfienfei 
in  the  (renrral  Assemhly,  Tliat  section  twenty-three  (2^3)  of  an  act  entitled 
"An  act  in  regard  to  evidence  and  depositions  in  civil  cases,"  approve*! 
March  2().  1872,  in  force  July  1,  187-j,  he  and  the  same  is  hereby  amended 
80    as  to    read    as    follf)W?. : 

"Section  2.'!  Copies  of  the  l)ooks  and  entries  of  the  sale  of  all  lands  or 
lots  heretofore  or  that  hereafter  may  be  sold  by  this  State  or  any  of  the 
officers  thereof  under  any  law  of  tliis  State,  certified  t^)  be  true  and  cor- 
rect coj)ies  of  such  b(X)ks  and  entri^-s  by  the  proper  jK'rson  or  oflicer  in 
whose  custody  said  books  and  entries  may  properly  be,  shall  be  prima  hirir 
evidence  of  the  facts  stated  m  said  books  and  entries.  Tlie  certificate  of 
such  otlicer  of  the  purchase  or  issuiii','  of  a  patent  for  any  tract  of  land 
sold  by  this  Sta^e  or  any  agent  of  the  same  shall  be  deemed  and  taken 
as  eviderue  of  title  in  the  party  certified  to  have  made  such  j)urchase  or 
obtained  such  patent,  his  heirs  or  assigns,  unless  a  better  and 
paramount  title  is  exhibited  for  the  same.  The  patent  for  land  sliall  Ix' 
deemed  a  paramount  title  in  the  patmtee,  his  heirs  and  assigns,  than  such 
certificate,  and  v,'hen  any  swamp  and  overflowed  lands  and  lots  heretofore 
have  been  or  hereafter  may  be  sold  under  any    law    of   this  State  by  any 

-tCA-Ji.    :  ^.T'-aifc Tj- i  , r-;-' .^Aj.  E^ '1 

.^iitr-\X  f'^^/L^r-X^^-^iSi 



20  proper    person    or    officer    of    the   cou.ity    in     which    said    lands    lie,    cnies    of 

'21  the   iKKiks   and    entries  of  the   sales  of   siuli   swamp   and   overfloweii   lands  and 

22  lots  eortifiwl  to    be  true  and    correct  copies   of   siicli  hooks  and  entries    by 

2;^  the   proper   j)erson   or  oificer   in   whose   ctistody   sucli    Ixjoks   and    cut  lies   may 

24  proi)erly    be,  shall    Ije   privui   fnrif  evidence  of   the  facts   stated    in    Kn<  h  books 

25  and  entries.  The  certificate  of  such  oHicer  of  the  sale  or  entry  of  imy  tract 
i^  or  tracts  of  such  swamp  and  overflnwed  land  or  lots  and  of  the  execution 
27  of  a  deed  for  tlie  saiix'.  giving  the  date  of  such  sale  or  entry,  the  <late 
2H  of  the  execution  of  the  de«'d,  the  iiHUje  of  tlie  purchaser  and  (lescrii)tion 
29  of  the  land,  under  tin-  s<'al  of  bis  oflice.  if  the  ori^'iual  deed  be  lost,  or 
;^()  it    be   out    of   the  power   of  the   party   wisliing  to    use    the     same    to    produce 

31  it    in    evidence,    and    siicli    oriyinai    dct(l  lias    never    l)een    recorded.   b«'  read  in 

32  evidence  iti  i)lac»'  of  said  orifzinal  deed,  and  sliall  be  prima  fan  evidence 
83  of  the  execution   and   dehvery   of  a  proper  deed   for  such   land   and  shall  be 

34  deemed   and    taken     as     evidence     of     title    in    the     jwrson   certified   to   have 

35  made  such  entry  or    ])ur(hase    his  heirs   and  assijins,  until  a  better  and  para- 

36  mount  title  is  exhibited  for  the  same.     .\nd  whenever  it  sliall  aj»pe;ir  that  the 

37  oriffinal  ([K'\'i\  made  upon  any  entry  or  sale  of  siirb  swamp  and  overflowed 
;JH  lands  is  lost,  or  not  in  the  ix)wer  of  the  party  wishing  to  use  tiie  same  to 
JJ9  produce  in  evidence,  and  the  same  bad    Tie\er  been  recorded    as  afoie,->aid  and 

40  that  tin-  books  and    ori^final    entries  hI    sale    nf    such    swamp  and  oxeitlowed 

41  lands  or  lots  have  also   been  lost    or    destroyed,  ami  the  clerk   of    flie  county 

42  court  or  other  proper  otlicer  shall  liave  made  retuni  of  such  sab*s  and  entries 

43  to  the  Auditor  of   Public  .Xccounts  according  to  law,  a  certified  cojiy  of    such 

44  return  by  the  Auditor,  under   bis  seal  of   oflice,  may  U-  used  in  evidence  with 

45  the  like  force  and  effect  as  liereinbefore  j)rovided :  I'rovuleJ,  that  the  party 
40  applying  to  the  .\uditor  for  such  certificate  shall  pay  a  fee  of  one  dollar  for 
47  each  certificate." 

liw'.^i  »»; 

1-:W'fr  ■- 

=A;i.  ^S^^  v-f' 


b^r^L ^^^ii;  .-sSL&AiM 

m\\  Assom.  SKNATK—No.  110.  March  1887 

1.      I  lit  n  M|ii<f(l  ;i\   Mr.  ('niulni'l.  .lanuiux    J-l.   l>^^'7.  Mini  i>i<lfit-<l  to  iii>t  rfH<iir.«;. 
■1.      I'livt    rfiiiiil;','   ■l;ilili;il\    2\.    IX^TmiiiI    rililltd    [•>   (  (imiiilttic   nii   .1  ii(il(i'rliy. 
.').      Iu|»irttil    liiuk.    March   2>.    Aitli   itiinii'liipfiit  ^     [ia'»^iii.'i    M-((iiiiiii<iiile<l.  :iMtl 
cinl'icil    t  )    -•■(■i)i|.|    ic;iiliiiL'. 


'"or   All     \(t    I'l    Miitlion/r    r('<'()r(lt'rs    of    .Inds    to    kit\\   ;(lisirii<t     I'ooks.    to    iri;ik»' 
.-ili^fract^  of  titlf.   iiimI   tixiiiL'   tlif  fi'-   Mii'l   (  i>iii|Mi)-ntioTi   ihtritor. 

Sfction  1       Dfi  if  macfed  by  the  People  of  the  Staff  of    Tllinoiy.  re}irexri<l,  ,J 

■J,  ni    tin     <nii>nil    Asm  ilil'hi.   '\'\iH\     ll,:ili    i  mII  hi  li'^  i  il    tlictllll.l    (•'lilS^.    iK-llli.'    ciMintK'S 

;5  With    il    |io|iilhltloll     <\(ff<llli'_'     MV.iitN     ihoiiMiMil     'TO.(im      llih;ihlt;tlils,    l(^    ;i-,rft- 

4  tiiiMt'l    hv   the    l'"(<|iiii!   ci'iisti^   loi    tin     star    1h7(i.  in  wliicli   t  lie  rccord^-r  of   ■(•••■■Ih 

5  has  hfittulMr.-  Ix'fji.  or  sinill  hi  nattf-r  h.  n-tiuirt-d  hy  the  coiiiitv  hoard  t<i 
(»  k»'f|i  ahstrait  hook^  slio\si;i^'  \<\  tnuts  tvt-iv  .  oii\»  yaiMc  or  iiirimiliraiict: 
7  rf<-on|i'<l,  thf  (iatf  of  the  iii-<ti  ninfiit.  tht  tiiin-  of  filiiiv'  the  MUiif.  the  hook 
S  ami  \ni'ji-  u  ht-r.'  thf  ^aiii*'  i~-  r<rori|«-<l.  ami  -.hosviiit.'  a  true  chain  ol  tith'  to 
'.»  liuh    tract     ami    the     inciiinhraiK  cs    thcni.ti.    as    sliovsn     h\     the    records    "I    Ills 

lit  otli,-.-     siich    recorder     shall,   and    he    is     ht  reh\     aiithori/tHl.    to    keep    jiidi.'iiieiit 

11  dockets    and    indexes    thereto,    shiiwiiit.'  all     judicial    iinM-eedlliys    affecting'     title 

\-2  to  real   estate    III    such  coMiit\.   tax    sale    hooks    with    indexes    tliereto,  sliowirij; 

l;i  sales  or    forfeitures   of    all    lands    in    (h«     county    for    un|>aid    taxes   and    aKsesw- 

14  iiients,   and    such    other    liooks    as    ale    usual  or    ne<-essaiy    to    he    kept    for   tlie 

l.">  purpiise   ipf    iiiakiiur   complete   ahstracts  of    title   to  real   estiite.    and   the  i  iiunty 

lt(  hoard   sliall    furnish   such    recordci    \Mth    the   necessarv    moms     hooks,   stationcrv, 

17  tiiel   and    lii/hts   inr  the   purposes   lierein   set    forth. 

i   'J.      l-.\er\     recorder    of    deeds    keeping    such    IxHikh.    Ik    heiehy    aiit hori/.*Kl, 

2  and   It  shall   he  his  duty,  to  iiiak*-  and    certify    under    tlie  seal  of  his  oth(  e.   for 



all  persons  deKiriii^  tlif  ^hiii(\  ahstnicts  nl    title   to  mil   tstati    m    ins  cniiiitx, 

and   to  (;liar«r«'   tlii-H'toi    imt    to  fxccfd   th«'  foliovMiij.'   fees: 

For  fiuli  cfitilicatf,  <  iit  itMii^:    to    tlit-    coTiiiition    (il     the    title    its  >lio\vii   l,\ 
Midi   alistract.   )'iiii'iit   aiiii    tax    liool.s.   tlic   -mii   ot    tliiff   .l.ilhiis   i^:;.Ml  ,   said 
sum   o)   tlitfc  dollar^   .S;i.(Ki    to   ui<  lii<ii    tlif  sIiovmiii;  of   one   ii!--l  i  iiiniiit    o)   con 
\c\anci'.   incundii anci    nj    release    tlii'i.ol.  jiidirinent   or  ta\   sale 

I'dr  ea(li  additional  instniin*  nt  ol  eniiN  e\  anc  e.  in(  lunlii  miu  i  ni  teleasc 
tllciCdf.    tlie    >uin    of   one   ddllai    'SlMfl' 

I'lir  caeli  additional  jnd^'int'iit   or  tav   sale,  the  sum  ol  Ke\eiit\  li\e    T'e  cents. 

I'Or  <liancery  and  iMohate  court  |)i(iceedint.'s  neccshars  to  I'c  sjinwn.  nnt' 
dollar     .S|.()(|.    |),-|-   paiFc. 

Winch  ft't's  shall  he  acccuMitcd  foi  hv  sin  h  re<  onlfr  m  liki'  niaimei  with  the 
fees  recei\eil  \i\  liim  ti>i  rec(ir<linv'  And  e\er\  sik  h  recoiijer  --hal],  for  his 
services  in  k«'e|Mn!.'  >in  li  himks  alicl  inakini.'  sii(  Il  ahstiacts  of  title,  receive  a 
salarv  of  tlir<'e  thousand  clollais  |mt  annum,  to  he  paiil  onlv  out  of  the  fe«>H 
of  his  otiice  actiuillv  collt'ctcd,  wliu  h  (  (im|iensation  sliall  be  in  atldition  to 
the  salary  allowed    liiin   for  liis  duties  a.s  recorder. 

!;  d,  Kvery  siudi  recorder  slmll,  before  maknit:  and  certitvin^'  any  sixli 
abstracts  of  title.  L'lve  ii  bond  \\  it  h  sufficient  •M'ciirity.  to  be  a|tro\ed  b\  the 
jinit,'e  of  tile  coiiiit>  court,  pHVahle  to  the  people  of  tile  State  of  Illlliojs,  in 
the  |H'iial  sum  of  twenty  thousand  dollars.  ■  !j<'J« i,( « « 1 1 ,  conditioned  to  secure  the 
aceuraey  and  correctness  nf  any  and  all  such  alistracts  of  titli.  and  to  indein- 
nif>'  an\  and  all  persons  pure  hasiiij.'  sik  h  abstracts  troiii  sik  h  recorder,  for  idl 
actual  losses  or  damat.'es  whuli  tiny  \],n\  sustain  b\  r(-asMn  of  aii\  •■rrors, 
mistakes  or  omissions  m  an\  siiidi  abstntcts  of  title,  whudi  bond  shall  be  tiled 
111  the  oflice  of  the  Secretary  of  Stat4\  and  a  cop\  thertKil  eiitt'red  upon  the 
riH'ords  of  the  i-ounty  court. 


AMKNDMKNTS    TO    SKNATK     HUA.    N..     IK),    I'HOPOSKD    BY    THK 


Amhii,!     hv    stnkiii;.'    out     ;ill    ;ift»T    t}ic     wold     '(•oiiiitifs,"'    wlicrt'    it     occurs 

•1  the   tir>t    tiiiK-    III    ttir    -,f(on(l    liiii-    i>f    section    one    <it    tlic   liill,  ami    hcfoif  tlie 

A  \Mii(|     111.     Ill    the    toiirtli    line,    nml    msertint:    tin-    follo\vm>.' . 

I   .1   leconlci    ol     (U'    I-,    ek'cteil    mikI.'     and    hv    strikiti!.r   out    tlie 

,")  wonl       the.       Ill    the    fourth    hrie    of    the    lull,   and    insert    tJie    word    "said 

t;  Aiie'iid   section  oiie    hv   addiiii/    attt-r    the    last      printed    words    of   section    the 

7  t  o  1 1 1  >  u  1 1 1 L' : 

S  ■■  l'n>nJ,,i.    I  hilt    n<ithirii.'    in    this   ait    shall     In-   corislnicd    to   cin|iower   tlic 

'.»  leionlei    t(.    |ire\ent    the    jiiihlic    from    exaiiiiriiri','  and    taking'  tiiciiioranda    from 

ID  ;ill    ie(oid>    and    instruments    tiiiMJ    for     record,     iiidexes.     and     other     hooks    in 

11  his  othcial  custody,   hut   it   shall   tie  hi-  dut\    at   all  tunes  when   Ins  otlice  is,  or 

l\>  or   1-   reipiired   liv   law   to   he.  open   to  allow    all   |H-rsoTis,  without  lee,  or  reuard. 

l:;  to  exaiiiine  an. I  take  iiieiiioraiida  troiii  tlie  same." 

14  \niend   hv  insertiiii,'  after  the  word    •thereaftt^r.  '  aiid  lieforc  tlif  word  Hot," 

If)  III  line  three  ■■'»,  of  section  two  r^:.  thf  followiiii::     "In  counties  of    tlie    third 

1()  class. 

17  .\mend   h\    insertiiii,'    after  the   word  "title,"    and    hefore    tlie  word    "receive," 

IM  in   the  sixteenth   iKJi  lint',  of  section   1   of    the    lull,    the  words    "m    counties  of 

I'.t  the   thu-fi    chis'.." 

s>(i  Amend   \,\    addins,'  to  s ctioii   two.  the  following:     "In  countios  of  the  second 

2!  clasv.   he   ~h;dl   receive  siicti  salary,   and    he    aiithori/ed    to  charge    such  fees  as 

22  mav    he   Used    hy   tlie    cjuiity   IxMiid. 

2;i  Amend   the  title  ot  the  lull  so  a--  lo  reii-i   as  follows 

■^]  ■   \     lull    ti.r    an    ad     to    aiithoii./.e    recorders    of    deed-,    in    counties    where    a 

2r,  recoldel     ot    deed-   Is    elected,    to    k.'cp   ahstra(^t    hooks,    to   make   ahstracts   ot    Ilfles, 

2(i  and   IiA    the   lee-   and  coiiipeiisat i  iii   theretor. 

mu  Asseni.     ROUSE-^No.  110— In  Senate.      May  188t 

1.   hitKKliucil  fmiii  Hoiist%  May  (>,  1HH7,  and  ordered  to  first  reading. 

■J.   I'iist  niidiiiLr   Muy  17.  1HH7,  hikI  ordert'd  to  second  reading  without  reference. 


•r  All  .\(  f  to  iiiitliori/r  r<  (orders  of  d«<eds  in  counties  where  rw-onlers  of 
<l(  (lis  urc  clfctcd  to  keep  tti)striu-t  iKMjks,  to  nmke  abstracts  of  title,  and 
(i\iiiLr  the  fees  luxl  coiiiiu'tisatiDii  therefor. 

S:.;ii()N   1.     Le  it  cnarfrd  hij  the  PeopU  of  the  State  of    Illinois,  n->i   ^ 

2  m    fill    (ii)itrtil   A'<scnihli/,     That    in   all   counties   where    a  recorder  of    deeds 

;{  JH  elected   in    whicli   s:ii(l   recorder  of    deeds    lias    heretofore    been,    or  shHll 

I  hereiiltei  lie.   retpiired   i»y  the  county   hoard   to  kc<"j>  abHtnu't  books  nhowinp^ 

r*  l»y   tract--   t  very   coTiveynnce   or   itKinnhrance    rccor<le<i,    the   date   of    the  in- 

()  struiiieiif,  llic   tiiiii-   of   tiliiii;   the   same,  the   i>ook   and    page   where   the   Hanie 

7  is  reeonlf'i,  Miid  showitiLT  h  true  eliairi  of    title   to  ea<'h  ti*act   and   the   incuni- 

H  Itriiiiees   tlieieoii,  hs  slif>wn  !•>    the   records  of    his  otJice,  Buch  recorder  shall, 

'.)  and   he  i--  1h  rel)y  :iiitli:ui/.(Hl,  to   keep  jiul<rineiit   drxkets  and   indexes  thereto, 

lU  slidvv  iiic  all    iiiiliii;ii   procccdiii'Ts  iifffctiiit'    title    to    real    estate    in    such  countj", 

11  tax    sale    ImhjKs    with    indexes  tliereto.  showin-,'  sales  or  forfeitures   of   all  lands 

12  ill  the  coiitity  for  unpaid  taxes  and  assessnicnts,  and  such  other  hooks  an 
I: J  are  usuid  nr  necessary  to  !»<•  kept  for  the  j>uriM)se  of  making  coni|»let-e 
11  alistriuts  (if  title  to  real  estate,  and  the  county  Iniard  shall  funiish  sucli  re- 
1")  conh'r  with  th(*  necessary  rooms,  l>ooks,  stationery,  fuel  and  li^iits  for  the 
U)  pur|H)ses  Ik  rein  set  forth:  I'mrii/fii,  that  notliing  in  tins  nc-X  shall  1h)  con- 
17  stnied  to  empower  the  recorder  to  prevent  the  public  from  examining  and 
IM  taking.'  meirioranda  from  all  records  and  insfcninients  fUe<i  for  record,  indexes 
r.)  and  other  lK)oks  ni  his  official  custody,  but  it  Bhall  be  his  duty  at  all  tinie^, 
20  when  his  otiice  is  or  is  reipiiied  by  law  to  be  open,  to  allow  all  persons 
-21  without  lee  or  rQward  to  exaKiine  and  taike  oMiiM^Mida  from  I3»e  mm.    .  \. 

li  2.     Evory   rec'(»rder   of  dtWMls   kt^'iiiiig   hucIi    books,    is     liercby   autliori/.ril, 

•1  and  it   shall  Im*  hin  <luty,  t^)  niak<>  and  c-ertify  undfr  the  n«!al  ot    bin  ollici',    for 

.'}  all  jHTsons  (h'sirinjj  the  sani<',  abHtrarts  of  title  to  real    «'st«to    iji    lii-^    coinitv, 

4  and  to  chart?*' tluTofor,  i"  counties  of  the  third  class,  not  to  >'xr«-ed  the  follow- 

5  iny  fees : 

I)  I''or  eiuh  certitiiate,  eertifyiny  to  the  condition  ol  the  tith  as  sliowri  ii\  mh  li 

7  al)stract,  judfrnutit   and  fax  b<K)ks.  the  sum  of  three  dollars  i!if;{.(IO  ,  said  siiin  ol 

H  three  dnllais  (i?.J.(!<li   to  include  the  showinj.'  of  one   instrum -nt   ot   <  (in\<\  ancc. 

'.>  iip<  iiiMi)rancc  oi    release  thereof,  ju<lt;inent   or  tax   sale. 

1(1  I'or  eH(  h  additional  iiihtruiiient  of  conveyatice,  mciiinhrancc  or  release  thereof, 

11  the  sum  of  o!ie  dollar  t^l.OOi. 

VZ  Vciy  each  addititinal  judjjnient  or  tax  sale,  the  sum  of  seventy-fiM'  (T^i  <ents 

];{  Inr    (iiHiieery  and    I'roi)Hte    Court    proeeedinvs    necessary  to  I'e  shown,  one 

14  dollar  'Sl.(X)i|Mr  paj^e.     Which  fees  shall  Ite  ac<runfed  for  hy  such  reiorder  in 

l."»  like    initinier  with    the    lees    rcceive<l  hy  him  from  recoidintr        And    e\ery  such 

liJ  I  ciardci  shall,  for  his  ser\  ic(>s  iji  keepmi;  such  hooks  and  ma%ii.^  such  ahstractH 

17  ot  title  ill  counties  of  th<'  third  class    receive  a  salary  of    three   thousand  dol- 

|H  lars  |)er  aiiiium,  to   lie  paid  only  out   of   the  fees  of  his  oftic  •  actually  colleete<l, 

lit  which    compensation    shall   he  m  addition    to    the   salary  ailowed    him    for    his 

■J<>  duties  as  recorder:  in  counties  of  the  second  class  he  shall  reiei\e  siidi  salary 

'21  and    lie   ailtlioii/ed     to   eliiu^'e   siudi     fees   as   ma\'    Ih'   fixed     In'   tlu'   eiiiirit\-    hoard. 

V  ;i.     Il\er>    such    recorder   shall,    before    makiiifi    and     .■erlif>  iii'j    any   sucdi 

1  abslraets  of   title,  eni    a  bond  with    siilhcieiit    sec-urity,  to  beapprov'il   b\    the 

ii  judj.'e  of  the  County  Court ,  pa\  able  to  the  I'eople  of  the  St  ite  of   IIIiumis,  in  the 

4  peinci  sum  ol  twent\  thousand  dollars  (!^2il,(X<(li,  cenditiotieci  to  secure  the  ac-cu- 

5  racy  and  coireetiiess  of  any  and  all  such  ahstrac  ts  of  title,  i.nd  to  intleinnify  any 
(t  and  all  persons  pun  hasintr  such  alintraets  from  such  recorder,  for  all  actual 
7  losses  or  damajjes  wIikIi  they  tnay  sustain  iiy  reason  of  any  oners,  mistakes  or 
H  omissions  in  an\  sue  h  abstracts  of  tille,  which  liond  shall  be  filed  in  the  olhce 
IJ  of  the  Secretary  of  State,  and  a  copy  thereof  entered  ujmui  the  re< ordu  of  the 

10    (^oupty  (^ourt. 




35thA88em.     H01J8E--Na  110-Ia  SciAfe. 


Amend  House  bill  No.    110  by  striking  out  the  word  "three,"  in  line  17 
2    of  section  2  of    the  printed   bill,  and  insert  in    lieu  thereof  the  word  "one." 

iiitei  iZ^iik'.  ;ii',Vii.:4^  ^,., 

.j<->:^-'vSti  >tit2'ik,^jili^.y&C:^,t^S!£C 


.S.'itli  AsscM)..  irorSK— No.    Ill — fii  Sonat<>.         April   IHK7 

1.     l{'(''iv(il  fnuM  Hoiisf  April  7.   l''^7,  mimI  oidcifil  to  liist  n-adiiiL'. 

■_'.     I'lrsf  ifailiiit,'  Ajiril  '.',   1nm7,  iupI  unltn'd  t<i  M-coml   rt-adint.'  ^^it^l'|ll(  ft 

A    lill.L 

I'll        \V       \<    t     i?lfltl<i|       ■    \ll     ilCt      I'll      till-     pnitl-CtllMI     of      Wild     (iMtlll.' 

Sii'Tios  1.     Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of    IlUnnis.  rrjjrrs,'  '■■<l 
t?     ///  //;.    ()■  III  till  Assiiniilii.    Tliiit    It   ^^llllll   lit'  unlawful  for  ;ui\'  |lt'^'^(Hl  or  pcisdii--, 

■'■>       tol       the      |hMim|       iif      ti\>'      \.':il-      Irulii     ;ili'i      aftiM       rln        |i;(—- ;!!_'<■     'if      tlli-      :ii  I  .      Id 

^      limit,    piir-,'!!-.    kill,    tiap.    ii.l,    iicstiM\,   or    att'iiipt    lu    Kill.    trap,    lit  t      rii-iian- 

■  )  .11  iithiiAu-i  (I'stioy  aii\  piairii-  Inn  or  <  liickcn.  riifHtd  L'idii>r  u(.iiinioiily 
li      liilitcl    pa  I  1 1  uliji- ' ,    |)lii  ■(■^ant    •>{    ipiail. 

>    -        \ii'l   -\ir.     |.i-iii    -I.    <itli  inliiiij .    -hall    tor  each    and    csriv    ctfi  n^f.    I  r 
_'     d      in  •  I    t'liiIlN    lit    a    iin-di'ini' I']' p| .   and    on     <i  iii\  ici  joii.    ^Iiall     lit-     fin('<l     in     tl, 

■  I  slim  lit  iii't  li'N-  than  tu(nt\  m  iip.n  than  torts  dollars,  and  costs  of  am. 
1     anil    shall   stand     coiniiMttcd    in    tla    roiintv    jail    until     such    fine    ai;d    losts  arc 

•I      Jiald  I 'i  III  .ill  ii' .    -lull    I  liipl|s(  iiiii,,!!!     -hali    n"t    c\cr(i|    twcntv     da\s. 

;    •>.       No   |iti-Min    oi-  |ici-iins     -^iiali     -ili.    Hi     I  \|)ii~.c     tor     saic    or    have    in    his 
-     or  their    posM>sion    lo|-    the    piiipose    ot     -eJhiiLV   or    exposing'    lci    shIc     any  of 

■  >  the  Willi  Inu  K  or  hirils  ni'iitioticd  in  section  I  ot  this  act:  and  any 
\       pilsolis      -M      otlendlliL:.      shall,      on      <on\ictIon,      he      fined        Hid      de!>lt      with,      as 

o  s|ie(iii(,|  in  -e.  tioii  two  ot  this  a(  t  I'liiiiilril,  that  inhahitaiits  nf  \  illat.'t  s 
'i  and  iltle-  niav  ieeei\e  ,i)ii|  -^hlp  Lialiie  tlolii  othtl  States,  atid  e\pos,.  ;,|;i| 
(        sell      the     s;inie      nil      the     Iiaikets     m      -AU)      \lllai.'es     anil     cities      l„hi,.i;      fh,        /nf 

S     1./    Ilitn/i,)    iiiiil   III!    lii^i    III    I'l  liniiii  II   III    till     liiiliiinidi    in'iir. 

;i    1.     All    |)n)S.M    iiii.lfi     thf    pKAiMuiis    <il    this    ;i.  I    >1ih11    Im     lirnd^'lil 

•1  l\v  any  person    in    tlu'   nHUH'  of    the   pt'opi.-  ot    tlir   Statf   of  Illinois,  atriimst 

M  any  ]);  rson  or  persons  violatiiij:   any  of    flir    i)r.'\  i^mii-.    ••(   tliiN    a.t.  Inform  any 

•1  justice    of    the    pea(  t-    of    tlic    county     in    -nc  h    MohitKHi    i^    all.-jjt  d     to 

.".  lia\       t'ikeii    |ilu((  .   or    iM-foif    anv   oiirt     ol    <  iiiii|).  :,  iit     jiiii-.lw  t  n  .n  .     ;Mhl     it     i^ 

(i  licivl.v    the    .liity    ot     States    .\tloriM-\>    to    s,-.     tin!     th.      |ii-\ish.ii>    ,( 

7  tins  art    a;.    .Mifor.-e.!    in     tlieir    respectne    tnniiti.s.    and    tlie>     slidl    |,r..s.-,ut.- 

s  all  offenders  on   receiving  infonnalion  of  the  violation    of   nu^    •>{    tin-  piox  isl.iis 

'.)  of  this  act  ;    and     il     is  made    the    dntv    of  sheiitf-,,  deimt  \    sheriffs,     coiistaliies 

in  and   j.ohce  otlicers,    t..    inforii.    a._'Hiiis|     and    jirosec  iit.'    all     prrs,.iis    u  hu    then- 

II  i>  prohahh-     cause    to    l.ehe\.'     are     L'liiltv      of     Molatiie.'    aii\      o(     tin-     pro\|si,,iis 

IJ  of    this    act.      Se\enty  live    i.ei     (eiit.   of    the    amount    lecovered    in     KIIV     penal 

I  ;  action  under   the   jirovisions  of   this   act.    shall   go   to   th.'    sf  hooi    treasurer    o| 

14  the    township    in    wliah     this    a.t     shal'     Ir.v    i.eeii    viojat.'d.    t..    Iw  added     to 

!.■)  the    sclionl     fund     ot     silch     to\Mlslll|i.    aud     t.v,lit\    tiv.      p.  i     .  .  ul      n\     the     line    to 

jti  till-  lufciniier. 

■  sus-^^  »■•-;  *P5"  ■',  yi* ' 

35th  Assem.      HOUSE— No.  Ill— Li  Senate.      April  1887 

A  hill  for  an  act  entitled  "An  act  for  the  protection  of   wild  game." 

Amend  hy  adding  after  the  word   "quail,"  in  line  6,  section  1:     "'Provided, 

2  it  shall  not  be  unlawful  to   shoot  (juail  l)etween  the   first  day  of    November 

3  and  the  thirty-first  day  of  December  of  each  year." 

4  Amend  i)y  striking  out  the  word  "five"  in  line  3  of  printed  bill,  and  insert- 

5  inj?  in  lieu  thereof  the  word  "two." 


s  -■.;«:- <4, 


:ir>tli  Assom.  SKNA'I'i:— No.  I  IJ.  IVb.  ISS7 

1  I'-tHMJi,  ,  ,|      |,v     Mr.      l;.|SJ^'h!-.     .llliM'tl\      _'."(.      l^'^(.     ;i)hI      n|(lcl,.,|      \,,     t';|st 

-  Ill-t     l.i.liriL'    .l.ilil|;il  \     •_'•'/.     lN"-7,     :iImI     I.  I.-IM-.I      to     (  'ollillllttfc     iili 

I  *i    |l  I'  tllK   tit. 
•'         l.''|i"lTiJ      i.,i.k     I'.  I'l  liai  \      I.     I'-.^T.    |.i--„iLM      u  "■■■tiMriitMltil,    iilni    lUiltl.  i|    ti) 

-i-i-,.i:.|    |i:i'lin'_'. 

A   BFLL. 

I' ' 'I  \li  Alt  Tm  ,11,!  (,.  i|  1/ c  till  liici  (  till ->  111  Mill  II  |(i  natcil  [iMlk  ii>lii|inlil<'>  to  ;(|i|«imf 
:i  ^llpil  iiiti  I;' li  lit  Mliil  :t^>l'-t:tllt  •~ll|i«rilitillili  tit  ^  nf  i.'l  i  illllil>  Hllii  M'StillJ.'  viicll 
sii|)ft  iliti  lull  i;t     ;ilii|     ;is-,ist:itil     >il|ii  1  llitt  lult  lit-    with    |»()llc»'    |Ki\Vft-    wiillc    i>»i 

illlfV.      Ilpnli      tllf      |litll<      pri'llll-i-. 

r"     ;;i.N  1.     Be  it  enacted  by  (he  People  of  the  State  of  lUiunin.  repn'smied 

1  ,11   Ihr  <i,,ui'i,'  .\ss,ii(hlii.  '\'\\M    tllf   iliit<t<irs  of   any  Hiid  all  iii((ir|u)(at«  d  paik 

•  i  (iiiiiiiaiiifs,   -liall    titi\t'   tllf    iijjlit    ami    |»<>\\ft    to   apnojnf    a    sii|M'rifit<'M<lfiit   atiil 

1  a--istaiit     -iipf riiitf iiiifiits   ol     ■.'loiiinl-,    ami     siicli    siipfiititfiitlfiit    and    aNsist- 

•")  ant     Mijif iiiitf iiilfiitN    ^liall     lif    invf-tfd     witli    po|i<  f    powfj-s    wliijf    on    diitv 

t'l  upon    tllf    pifiiiiMs    nuiifd.    iftitfil     III     fotitiiillfd     l»y     siicli     corporations     tor 

7  park  |>iirpi)>fs. 

i   1.     \\  lifii    any    pfison    or    jkisoii-.   sliall.   upon    tlif    pr('lllls«'^  (•((iitrollcd  for 

"J  jiark     piiipo-fs     liy    an\    >iifli    < orpoiat ions.    I>f    yiiiltx    of    any    cniiif    or   inis- 

•  {  dfinfaiioi,    or    Imafli    of    tllf    pfacf.  ot    -liall    foiniiiit    any  act   to  tlif  unlawful 

J  aiinoyancf  of    -nili   iinorporaffd   park    foinpany.  or    of   any    pfrson    or-  pt-rsojis 

•")  ofciipyiiiL'    I'l     \i-ititii.'    said    jiatk     puinisfs,    any     sii|»«'iintfndfnt    or    assistant 

fi  siipf iintfiidfiit    of    'jroiinds.   appointfd    liy    \irtiif   of    section   oiif  of    fin's   act 

7  may    arif-t    -iidi    larMin   or    persons,   fitlicr   on    said    premises   or   iiiMin    fresli 

^  pursuit    anywlifif    in    flie    proper   county,    and    take    him    or    tlieui    bef(jre  any 

'.»  jii-^ticc     lit     tlif     |n-,-i<(      <il     till       |ini|n-i      i.uuts     Mii'l      !i|i-      Mti;.|i\it       -'ttilrj      I'ltii 

1(1  tile     nthli-'i'     111     iitli'li'-i-'-.     .iliil     |M  ii--i-<i:ti      ^ilrl;    '  illiliillliU    I'll-i'l      ''I     |"l^'l:-.    liM'l 

11  -«ll(  ll     sl||M'niltcll(lcIlt^     III      ;|s^l-«t.'Ult     -N|M  I  lilt'  Inlilit--     -hill     :iUm    I,:i\'      |in\\il      iImI 

12  riL'llt      til     fleet      >ll(  ll     nneliilllll.'      |»er->(.|i     i  >|      |,.|vim|s     IihIII     tin       1 1  i :  1-,      |.'     '■l-i-. 


r.lli  Asxni.  SENATi:— N(».  112.  Feb.  iKS? 

I         I  nt  IimIik-.mI     ii\      Ml.     I '..■ii."jM  ti,    -hiiiii;ir\     •_'•">.    Iss7       nin\     oiii'i.-c|    tn     tii-^t 

■J.      lust     iriiilirji.'    -larjiiMM     J"i.     I'^.'^T.    ;iiii|    K'tiTifil    ?■' ( 'Mtiiinitl.'-  nil  .Imhcial 

I  ).  part  iriciit. 
.1,      ll'|poi  tnl    l);iiK    !'tl'iiiai\     I.    |ss7     jiassat'i     irciiiiiinrinicd,    aihl    nplfrti!   fi> 

sii.iii'l     li'adlli'j. 

I       Si(iiiii|    na'liti'j     l''i'ii;ii\      'Jl.      I^'^T       iiffrnii-il     -iii'l     iiiilcrfcl     fi>   a   tliinl 
n  ailiiiL'. 

A   lULL 

\,i     \,  :     t,,     I   ,i|;,,ii/,-    lip-    .ilii«  Ii'l-    n!    ;ii(  Ml  |iiiialril    |ialk    .-.  uri  |>an  h^     1m    ap|>"inl 
;,    -,  :i|i,  I  nil,  ihli  lit     alnl     lss|-t  Hit     -.||M  I    lit    u'li'lUiiU.    all. I    Xcstlli^.'    -ilcll 

.^l„  I II  I,  lid'  I,;    and    a-i-'ai.I         ii.  ii  i,!it,d(iit  >     ^.\:tii     \>'>\\',      |in\wi-~    wlid.  mi 

lint.       ,|i.  ai    I  i;       )i  11  I,     |ii  .  nil  -.  - 

lll.'l.^.      !'■/■'  ' 

Sn  riuN   1.     Bt   it  cnarf'']  Juj  the  Penplf  of  the  State  of    II 

■_'  ,.,,,    I/:,     (;,,i,,.,!    ,\s.-<.  inhhi.     d  hat     tin-    dil.ctuts    ,  it    mii>     ami    ad    iik  i  u  |m  irat  id    park 

.;  ,-,,|iipalii.  -.    -h.iii    lia\.     tin     l!'_dit    ami    p.  .\\  .  I     N.     appnilit      a      -up.  i  Hit  .'lid-li  t       ilid 

1  -(^^i-talit     siipiMIltilidillts    n|    LMnlllaU.    alld      sindl     slipcl  Hit  clldi'Ilt      alld      as-jstatlt 

.-,  .iip,-inil.-ndfiits   siiall    l»-     ni'-'-i--d     uith     poin-,-     puwr-     ulid.'     .m     .iiif\    i,p,.|i 

(,  til.-     pi'-iiiis.s     uwn.'il.     rriit.d     iir     emit  rnllrd     iiv     siidi     .-..riMirat  ions     t,,,     pari, 

7  puriiii->i'~^. 

V   .»       Winn   Mii\    pt  I  SI  111  nr  pt  rsdiis  sliall.   iipnii    tin-    pitiniscs    ciiitnillid   lur 

.,  j^    pm|Mis.s   l.\    aii\     siKJi     inipiiiaticiiis.     Ir.      LMiilt\     nt     aii\     (  riiiif     iir     iiiis- 

i  dfimaiioi .   iir   lir«aili    nl    tlic   pra(  •■     ..i    shall    (i.iiiiiiit     aii\    art     tn     tlir    iiidautul 

I  !iiiii')\aii(i'  id   nikIi   iiKdrpMrati-d    paik  ( (iiiipuiiv.    or    nl     ali>     pfiMHi   or  ptisi>ns 

:,  iK  (  iniMiit-'  "T    viNitiiiL'    ^itid     paik     prt  iiiisfs.     ;iii\     Mi|Hniiti'iidfiif     nr    assistant 

Ci  suiHriiitt'iidfiit   lit   L'liiimd^,  appointtd   !>>    \irtuf    nl     sfctiidi     hik-    of     this    ai  t. 

7  iind   inltiisMiKi  till    ,  iiiHiiiissiiii,     (,/'    I  ilhrr    III     mini     iftrHsis,     may     arr<'st     siudi 

8  person  or  iktsoiin  citiitr  on  >Hi(l  pn-iiiisrs  or  upon  fresh   pursuit  Hnywliere  in  the 

,1    tl. 

.)  |,n,|H.|    (u,int\.    .umI    I:<^''    Iiim,    m,    tlicin    1^  t..,.     ;,„v     |mM„.     .t    tl.      l-u 

1,,  ,„,>!..■,    ..nn, t.N     alMl    Hi.       ..riM.Ml      -tin,..      t,.,tl,      lln       .^tt-,,,.       .  -      ..ti,,..,  ^       ■..„l 

11      ....ut.      .,H-h    (..■.>n„     ,„      |..r.M„.       uM     ^..  h     sup.,  ,„I,  i.Im,!  ^     ..| 

1-      ;.sMsIant    ..,|,tr.Ml,nts    .i.JI    ;.|m.    Ii:.n.     |-^^•  •    ^".1    M.l.t    t...M.-.t   ^u ti-P.!- 

l:i        MIL'     IXTMin     Ol     prt-xlll--     I I     till       jlltlk     pKllllM-s. 

"       :i5th  Assem.       HOUSE— No.  114— In  Senate.       May  1887  | 

1.  Ucct'ivf'd  from  House   May  14,  18K7,  and  ordered  to  fir«t  reading. 

2.  First    readiiif?    May   23,    1887,    and    ordered   to   second    reading   without 



For  An  Act  to  aruend  section  one  d  >  and  nection  two  (2)  of  an  act  entitled  "An 

act  to  revise  tlie  law  in  relation  to  oil  inspection,"  approved  March  12,  1874» 
in  force  July  1,  1874. 

Sec  TIGS  1.    Be  U  enacted  by  the  People  of  ike  State  of  IQmoU,  represented 

2  in  the  General  Assembly,    That  sections  one  (1)  and  two  (2)  of  an  act  entitled 

•i  "An  iict  to  revise  the  law  in  relation    to  oil   inspection,"   aj)proved    March  12, 

4  1874,  in  force  July  1,  1874,  be  and   the   same   are  amended  so   as  to   read  as 

5  follows : 

0  "Section   1.     The  judge  of  the  coimty   court  of  any  county  for  townsliips 

7  outside   of  incor])orated   cities,   towns    and   villages,  the    mayor  of    any  city, 

H  witli    the    ajiproval  of    tlie    city  council    and    the  board  of    trustees  of  any 

9  village  or  tnv\n,  iiiuy,  atid  on  the  petition  of  any  five  inhabitants  tliereof  shall, 

10  appoint    one   or   more   inspectors   for   the   inspection   of  coal   oil,   naptha,    gas- 

11  oline,   benzine,   and    otlier    mineral  oils  or  Huids,   the    product  of   petroleum, 

12  and  fix  their  compensation,  to  l»e  paid  by  the  party  requiring  their  services. 

13  I'iVt'ry   such     inspector     sliall     hold     his     office     for    one   year,   and   until    his 

14  successor   is  appointed    and    <|ualified,   unless    sooner    removed    from    office, 

16  He  may  apiK)int  de{)uties,  for  whom   he  shall  be  responsible,  and  who  shall 
10  take  the  same  oath  and  be  liable  to  the  same  penalties  as  the  inspector." 

17  "Section  2.     P^very  such  inspector,  before  entering   upon  the  duties  of  his 

18  office,  shall   take  and  subscribe  the  following  oath: 


*i,^.  l,^•<e 




V,     (. 




•^^-.z^^^'-rir  i^tJ 


19  'I    do   Rolemnly  swear   (or   affirm,  as   the    ca«e   may  he,)  that  I  will   support 

20  the   constitution   of  the   United   States,  and   the   constitution  of   the    State  of 

21  lUinois,  and  that  I  will    faithfully  discharpe  the  duties  of   the  oOice  of  oil 

22  inspector,  according  to  the  hest  of  my  ability. 

23  He  shall  also  execute  a  bond   |>ayal)le  to  the  People  of  the   State,  in   such 

24  sum  as  shall  be  required  by  the  county  judpe,  city  council  or  board  of  trustees, 

25  with  one  or  more  sureties,   to  be  approved   by  the   county  judge,  mayor,  or 

26  president  of  the  board  of  trustees,  conditioned  for  the  faithful  diw  barge  of  the 

27  duties  of  his  office.     Any  person  aggrieved  by  the  misconduct   or  neglf'«t  of 

28  such   inspector  may   maintain   suit   thereon   for  his  own    use. 

§  2.     Whereas,    There  is   no   provision   of   the   statute   for   appointment    of 

2  inspectors    of    oil    for    townships    outside    of    incor|>orated    cities,   towns    and 

3  villages,  therefore  an  emergency  exists,  and  this  act  shall  take  effect  and  be 

4  in  force  from  and  after  its  pa-nsage. 

^■:  t 

HSthAss^niJ       HOUSE--N0;  lli-4nSe^'      Ifay  1887        * 

1.  iieceived  from  House  May  4,  1887,  and  ordered  to  first  reading, 

2.  First   rt'a<liii^    May  23,   1887,   and    ordered  to  Hccond    reading  without 



For  An  Act  to  amend  section  one  (li  and  section  two  (2)  of  an  act  entitled  "An 
act  to  revise  the  law  in  relation  to  oil  inspection,"  approved  March  12,  1874, 
in  force  July  1,  1874. 

SEfTioN  1.    Be  ii  enacted  by  the  People  of  (he  State  of  lOmois,  represmh-f] 

2  in  fhf  Genernl  Assembly,    That  sections  one  'li  and  two  (2)  of  an  act  entitled 

M  ".\n  a<t  to  revise  the  law  in  relation    to  oil   inspection,"   ai)proved    Marcli  12, 

4  1874,  in  force  July  1.  1874,  be  and   the   same   are  amended  so  as  to   read  as 

5  follows ; 
()  'Section    1.     The  judge   of  the   county   court   of  any  county  for  townshipwi 

7  outside  of  incoqiorated  cities,  towns    and  villages,  the    mayor  of    any  city, 

8  witli    the    approval  of    the    city  council    and    the  l>oard   of    trustees  of  any 
y  village  or  town,  may.  and  on  the  petition  of  any  five  inhabitants  thereof  shall, 

10  appoint   one   or  niore   inspectors   for  the   in8{)ection   of  coal  oil,   naptha.   gas- 

11  oline.   benzine,  and    other    mineral  oils  or  fluids,  the    product  of   petroleum, 

12  and  fi.x   their  compensation,  to  be  paid  by  the  party  requiring  their  services. 

13  Every  such     insiHictor     shall     hold     his    office    for    one  year,   and  until    his 

14  successor  is  a})pointed    and    (iualifie<l.  unless    sooner    removed    from    oflSce. 
16  He  may  api)oint  deputies,  for  whom   he  shall   be  responsible,  and  who  shall 

16  take  the  same  oath  and  be  liable  to  the  same  penalties  ae  the  inspector." 

17  "Section  2.    Every  such  inspector,  before  entering  upon  the  duties  of  his 

18  office,  shall  take  and  subscribe  the  following  oath: 

19  I    do    solemnly  swear   (or  affirm,  as  the   case  may  be,)  that  I  will  support 

20  the  congtitution  of  the   United   States,  and   the  constitution  of  tht-   State  of 

21  Illinois,  and  that  I   will    faithfully  discharge  the  duties  of    the  oflice  of  oil 

22  inspector,  according  to  the  best  of  my  abihty. 

23  He  fihall  also  execute  a  bond  payable  to  the  People  of  the   State,  in  such 

24  sum  as  sliall  he  required  by  the  county  judge,  cit>'  council  or  board  of  trustees, 

25  mth  one  or  more  sureties,  to  be  approved  by  the  county  judge,  mayor,  or 

26  president  of  the  board  of  trustees,  conditioned  for  the  faithful  diwcharge  of  tlie 

27  duties  of  his  office.     Any  person   aggrieved   by  the   uasconduct   or  neglect  of 

28  such  inspector  may  maintain  suit  thereon  for  his  own   use." 

!)    .   '.: 

**-^t^r*  .^  .. 

1.     Kt'ocivod  from  House  May  2o,  18S7,  and  ordered  to  first  reading. 

'2.     I'irst  n^iuliiiK'   May  HI.   1HS7,  and  ordered   to   second   reading   without 



For  An  Act  in  relation  to  th<'  Division  of  Incorporated  Villages  in  counties  under  j 

townsliip  organization. 

Hhmos  1.    Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  lUmoit,  represented 

2  in  th'  Ciftu  inl  AsHemblii,  That  any  incorfK)rate<l  village  containing  a  popula- 
;}  tiou  of  not  less  than  '20,0IXJ  iuhabitaiits,  the  territorial  limits  of  which  coincide 
4  with  the  t^Tritorial  limits  of  any  township,  may  be  divided  into  two  or  more 
o  villa<rt's  wht-nover  it  shall  ]ia\  o  complied  v»-ith  the  provisions  of  the  law  herein- 
(;    after  ft)llowint,':    Provided,  no  new  village  shall   thereby  be  created  having  a 

7  |)opiilation  of  less  tiian  one   thousand   inhabitants  or  a  territorfal  area  of  less 

8  than  two  s<iuare  miles. 

ji  2.  Whenever  a  uunihtT  of  elp<!tors  of  such  viUaga  equal  to  one-tenth  of 
2  tlif  »!t'ftors  tliereof  votiny  at  the  last  preceding?  regular  village  election  shall 
;{  petition  to  the  president  ami  board  of  trustees  of  such  village,  asking  that 
4    certain  dt- fined  portion  or  portions  of  the  territory  thereof  shall  be  disconnected 

6  tlierefrom  and  erected  into  om."  or  more  new  villages,  it   shall   be  the  duty  of 
•>    such  presidiTit  and  board   of  trustees  of  said   village  to  submit,  by  ordinance, 

7  to  the  Ic^'al  voters  of  the  village  the  question  whether  such  defined  portion  or 

8  portions  of  said  tenitory  shall  be  dis<-ounocted  therefrom  and  erected  into  one 
y    or  more  new  villages,  and   to  ap|v>int  a  time   and    the   places  at   which  such 

10  vote  must  be  taken,  Rii«l  to  designate  the  persons  who  shall  act  as  judges  at 

11  such  election,  and    to  give  notice  of   such   election,   in   the  same  mumer  as 

12  required  for  the  election  of  officers  of  such  village.  -     -    • 

§  3.    The  ordinance  above  provided  for  Bhall  describe  the  portion  or  ixirtions 

2  of  the  territory  so  sought  to  be  detached  and  Hhall  fix  the  name  or  nanu's  to  W 

3  given  to  such  new  village  or  villages  if  creHted.     TLo  vote  sliall  ]<>•  Ity  ballot, 

4  which  shall  be  "For  Division"  or  "Against  Divinion,'"  as  provn!;  d  for  in  such 
6  ordinance,  and  shall  be  rt'coivtMl,  canvaHstni  and  returned,  the  saujt  a^  Itallots 
6  for  the  officers  of  sucli  village. 

§  4.     If  a  naajorit}'  of  hucIi  votes  shall  be  "For  Division,"  then  such  defined 

2  portion  or  {)ortiou6  of  the  territory  of  such  village  shall  thencefortli  ceawe  to  l)e 

3  a  part  of  the  territory  thereof  and  shall  thenceforth  l>e  a  new  village  or  villages, 

4  to  be  known  and  called  by  such  name  or  names  a«  shall  have  Ix^n  given  t»)  it  or 
6  theni  by  said  president  and  board  of  trustees  of  said  old  village  in  tlie  ordinance 

6  aforesaid,  and  tlie  village  from  which  such  defined  portion  or  portions  of  said 

7  territory  shall  be  taken  shall   be  and  remain  a  village  by  the  name  of  which  it 

8  shall  have  l>een  bt^fore  known,  and  under  the  organization  by  which  it  Bhall  liave 

9  existed  before  such  portion  or  |K)rtions  of  its  territory  was  disanncxed  tlierefrom. 
§  6.     Wlien  a  village  in  divided  into  two  or  more   villages   under  this  a<t,   a 

2  new  election  or  elections  shall  be  ordered  by  the  president  and  board  of  trustees 

3  of  the  original  village  for  the  village  ofticers  in   the  new  village  or  villages 

4  formed  of  the  territorj-  taken  from  the  old  village,  and  the  time  and  places  of 
6  holding  such  election    or   elections  shall    be   lixed,   and  the  judges  of  election 

6  appointed,  and  notice  given  in  the  same  manner  as  notice  is  required  to  1m'  given 

7  of  the  annual  village  election  in  the  \illage  from  which  tlie  territory  is  taken, 

8  but  it  shall  not  htt  necessary  to  order  any  election  in  the  \illage  from  which  said 

9  territory  is  taken.     But  if  any  ofhcer  or  ofticers  of  the  original  village  shall  con- 

10  tinue  to  reside  in  the  territory  disannexed  therefrom,  his  or  their  otlice  or  ortici?H 

11  shall  be  vacant  and  filled  as  in   other  cases  of  vacancy. 

F-  §  6.     Whenever  a  new  village  or   villages  haa   been   formed   in   the  manner 

W-        2  hereinbefore  set  forth,  the  president  and  board  of  trustees  of  the  original  village 

3  shall  proceed  forthwith  to  make  a  distribution  of  any  tax  or  other  funds  excej)t 

4  those  raised  by  Bi>ecial  (wsesHinentts,   which   are  in  the  bauds  of  the  treasurer  of 
-^          5  said  village,  or  to  which  said  village  may  at  ihe  time  of  anoh  division  be  «ntitle«l, 

fe:--.-  ■    .,                     ,     •      - 

<i    SO  that  lM)tli  the  original  and  new  viliasje  or  villages  shall  receive  parts  of  such 

7     fiinJh  m  j)ro|)C)rtiou  to    the  amount  of    villafje   taxes  collecttHl,  next   preceding 

H    siuh  (livisiou  from  the  taxahlc  property  in  the  lerritor>'  composing  the  several 

!»    Nilla^res:     Vroruled,  that   before  any  such  division  shall   be  ma<le,  there  shall 

IC    be  deducted  therefrom  an  anjount  equal  to  all  of  the  current  outstaDding  iu- 

1 1     debtednesh  of  said  village,  exclusive  of  its  bonded  indebtedness,  and  said  original 

\1     villat'c  shiill  assume  and  pay  such  current  outstanding  indebtedness  aforesaid. 

!)  7.  All  moneys  on  hand,  or  which  may  be  in  process  of  collection,  or 
J  wljitrli  may  thereafter  be  collected  from  any  special  assessment  which  has 
.}  theretofore  Inen  made  by  said  orij^inal  village,  shall  remain  in,  and  as  collected 
4  shall  be  |)aid  into  tlie  hands  of  the  treasurer  of  the  original  village,  and  said 
r>  original  village  shall  go  on  and  <om|»lete  tlie  iujprovenient  conteniplated  by 
(1    said  speciiil  assessment,  the  same  as  if  no  division  of  said  village  had  been  inatie. 

>j  H.  Tlif  presiilent  and  board  of  trustees  <:•■[  the  respective  villages  shall, 
•1  within  thirty  days  after  the  organization  of  such  new  village  or  villages, 
.J     proce»'d  in  joint  session  to  the  H|>pointment   of  three   disinterested    appraisers 

4  who  shall  not  be  citizens  of  tiie  villages  interested.     It  shall  be  the  duty  of  said 

5  appraisers,  within  sixty  days  after  their  appointment,  to  appraise  the  property, 
G  both  real  and  iwrsonal,  of  the  village  interested,  at  its  fair  cash  value,  and  each 
7  \illage  shall  be  entitled  to  sucii  proportion  thereof  as  the  amount  of  village 
W  taxes  which  were  collected  next  preceding  such  division  from  the  taxable 
'.>     property  within  its  boundary  bears  to  the  amount  of  vilhige  taxes  collected  at 

10  sued  time   from  the   taxable   property  in   the  eiitire   territory  so  sought   to  be 

11  divided.     And  if  it  sliall  be  found   that   the  proi)erty  within  the  hmits  of  the 
[1    territory  of  one  of  said  villages  amounts  in  value  to  more  than  its  just  propor- 

13  tion  of  tlie  entire  property  in  the  original    village,  then    the  said   village  shall 

14  immediately  deliver  or  pay  over  to   said  other  village,  in  prof)erty  at  its  ap 

15  praised  value  or  in  money,  such  excess  over  and  above  its  and  true  pro- 
l(i     |M)rtion  tliereof. 

§  W.     In  making  said   u|)i)raisemeut,  said    a|)praisors    shall    include    in    such 
2    appraisement  all  property  belonging  to  the  said  village  which  it  owns  or  holds, 

S    of  every  kind,  nature  and  description,  but  such  property  as  has  been  paid  for  by 

4  special  assessment  or  special  tax  shall  not  be  deemed,  taken  or  oonHidered  as  a 

5  part  of  the  property  so  to  l>e  appraised. 
§  10.    When  any  portion  or  portions  of  a  village  having  an  outetaTiding  in- 

2  debtedness    shall  be    disannexcd  therefrom    under  this    act,  the   clerk  of  Huch 

3  original  village  shall  annually  certify  to  the  ccnnty  clerk,  the  Bum  or  sums  under 

4  the  ordinance  or  ordinances  of    sucli  village,  providing  for   tlie  oolUction  of  a 

5  direct  annual  tax  to  \»,y  and  discliarge  the  priuci|>al  and  interest  of  such  l>()!i(led 

6  indebtedness,  which  will  be  needed  to  pay  the  yearly  interest  on  sucli  bonded 

7  indebtedness  as  it   falls  due,  and    pay    and  discharge  the   principal  tliereof  at 

8  maturity,  and  upon  such  certificate  l>«ing  filed,  the  county  clerk  shall  extend  the 

9  same  against  all  the  property  embraced   within  such  original  village  as  if  it  had 

10  not  l)een  divided,  and  tlie  same,  wlien  collected,  shall  be  paid  to  the  treasuntr  of 

11  such  original  village,  and  shall  be  used  for  no  other  pur|)08e  than  to  pay  off  and 

12  discliarjre  the  principal  and  interoHt  of  hucIi  bonded  indebtedness. 
§  11.     The  division  of  a  village  after  tlie  making  out  of  the  assessor's  boi>kfi, 

2  in  any  year,  shall  in  no   manner  affect    tlie  assessment  or   (collection  of  t^ixes, 

3  assessable  or  collectable  in  that  year,  but  the  same  may  l>e  asscHsed  and  collHct<Hl 

4  in  the  same  manner  and  by  the  same  otfieers.  as  if  no  division  liad  taken  place, 

5  and  all  such  village  taxes  shall  be  paid  over  to  the  villages  respectively,  embrac- 

6  ing  the  lauds  and  lots  ujxin  which  any  such  n;al  estate  taxes  shall  be  paid,  and 

7  the  residence  of  the  person  who  shall  pay  any  of  such  personal  property  taxes. 

-*  '■:- 

■^'S  ■  .■*  ■-     .       ,  -      .  •  ■    .t    •       V 


:J.)(1i  Assem.  SKXATE— No.  118.  >f;ir(l.  18«7 

J.     Iiitroilncfd   l)y   Mr.   Jiaroti.   nf   Will.   January   2-"),   IMHT,   aitd  onlfn-d  to 

tir--t     ifadlliLT. 
•_'.      1  ii^t    r.  .nliiiLT   Jjniiiary    '2'>.    Is,s7.    ninl    icftTn'd    to     C'ouiiiiltU'O    on    Stat*- 

(  'li;inr;il>lc     Itistltiltloll-. 
■J.      litpiuli  li   liaek    Man  ii    ■>,    |>;i>Mi^'f    ncotiimc'tiilt'd    and    ordert-d    to  ■>r(iiiid 


■■  ■■,:  if 


Inr     'All    Alt    to    -^fciiif     till'     ciituici'iiifiit     of  tlif    law     lor   thf    ])r('\fiition    of 

crii'ltv    to   (  liildri'ii    and  Atnniajs.  " 

Si  (TroN  1.     Be  it  evftrted  hy  the  People  of  the  State  of   Illinois,  represented 

•1     III    rill  <i,ini,il  A"-''' III  111  II.    'I  hat    tli-      coiiiitx     iioard    of     <afdi     {odrify    in     thi^ 

;>     Stall-  --liall    .i|p|iiu!!t    an    oflii  .-r    fni    llif    piirpoM'    of    (  ansinLr    tlic    cnfonciiiiiir 

t     "I    til.  l:iu     l.ii    tlif    |prt\  I'Ution    of   ciiiiltN    to    (liddrtii    and    aniniaJN. 

^   J  Till     iiiiii   of   olticc    tor   >ii(li    otiiccr   --liaii    hr    for   tin-   pciiod    of    four 

-'     \iai-.  aT.d    iiutiMiis    vnccc-^^i.r    i->    appoitifid :    and    lif    >liall    rfci'i\c    an  annual 

•)     salaiv  Milt    to  exceed    till     slim  m|    h\  e  liiindred  di>llar>  S."*""',  |)ayalilc  qiiarterlv 

1       iillt      ol     tlie     en!!|it\      treasillN. 

s    •'!.       it     ^\i.\\\     lie    the    dilt\     Ml     siuli     oliieer>     to     rieelVe    aiid     HI  \  est  ji_>;ite  all 
■J     eoiii|danit-    mI    the    \  lolatioij    of    tli.     laus    of    this    State    in     reference    tn    the 

0  |>re\eiitioii    ol    cruelty    to    (hildnii    and    aiiiiiials,    and     to   cause    the     eiiforcc- 

1  Uieiit     of    ^iii  li    laws. 

>    I.      Siicii    othcer    shall    ha\e    authority,    uithm     fheir    resjiectne     cuunties. 

•1  t(i    arie^f    uithoiit    Warrant    all    peisdiis    vmlatnii.'    the    laws   for   the  |>re\  entioii 

•>  ol     <iuelt\     t.i    childiiii     and     anniiiils.     where    said      oHelise.s    al'e    coliilnltleil      111 

I  (lieir    |iie-.eii(e.    aiid    w  hell    an>    siKJi    arrest    Is    made    it    shall    l>e    the   diit\  of 

•">  the    otlii  el    iiiakmL'    the    same    tn     forthwith     take    tJie    person    or     jmtsou-,    >o 

'i  arrested     In  lore     the    proper     ma^'istrate     for    proeeedin^'s    according'    to    law; 

I  and    siicli    oliicers,    within    thiir    respective    counties,  sliall    also    have  autlioritv 


8    to  serve   all   warraiitK  or  other  process,    iii   all   proeeediiiKs   be'^ore  justues  of 
5*    the  jK'Mce  ujider  tlie  criminal   laws  of  fins  State   for  the  prevfTilinn   of  cruelty 
10    to  children  and  animals. 

§  5.     All   iKTSons  who  now  }iav<\  or  shall    hereafter  have,  the  care,  custody   <-,i 

2  control    of    any    orphan    child     or    children     shall     report     in    wntiny     to     such 

3  oflicer  in   their  county,   within    thirty   days   after   his  ap|K)intnient.  and  there- 

4  after  within  thirty  days  after  any  such  orphan  child  or  children  may  have 
Z)  come  into  tfieir  c-are,  custody  or  control,  the  name,  age  and  sex  of  any 
()    such  child  or  children,   topetlier  with   the  parents  names,  if  known;   and  all 

7  persons   having  the    care,  custcnly    or   control    of    siuh  orphan  child   or  (  hildreii 

8  who  shall  violate  the  provisions  of  this  section  shall  he  hned  in  a  sum 
Si     not    less   than    three  i^^t  dollars   nor    more    than    fifty  (;3^.'j()l  dollars,    and    a  like 

10  amount   for  every  thirty   (:iOi   days  thereafter    in    wliich     they   shall    neglect 

11  to  make   such   report;   and   it   shall    he   the  duty   of  sucli   officer   to   keep  in 

12  a  projKT  book   to  he  provided  by   the  county   board,  a  register  of    all   such 

13  orphan   cluldren. 

§  G.     Said  ofllicers  shall  make  full   reports  of  all    their  proceedings   under 
2    this  statute  to  their  respective  county  hoards  annually. 

'?'>Ml      \i*^*Ofll. 

SESVVE—SiK    lliK  Marc],    1887 

liitKniiK  cl  i,\    Mr.  k!i()|t|i.  JaniiinA  2">,  I'SMT.  and  unlcinl  to  first  rnnliiiK. 

Iil-I     I.  miili^'    .laljilHIx     ■_'•">.     lsv,.;,||.i    Iffcricd    t..    (    nlinintti.f    (.11     MIrcf  IDIIS. 

Ill  |i'iittil    lijK  k    March    l'^.    iNsT.    irM^sfti/c    rt'(<iiriiiifii(|c(|    tuiil    onlcrfd    to 

^iinliil      rt!(<llll!_' 


l''"i     \ii     \' t    t-     iiir.  imI     -i(  tidiiv    I'll'        I    ,     iwii    ._''.  l!ir<t     '  >■.    ->(\iii     7     ami    t\\cl\.' 

■1-.    "t      :iIIm1.       tv\"      J      :il,.i    .I'jl.t.-.  n       I  *>   ,     lillli't  ctl]     'I'.).    ;ui(|    tUcntV 

-"      '■'    iitiiic    tciii      1  .  :Miii   ■«(■(••  ;,in   ■,.  \.'ii    7  'it   a rt icli ■  ■  •'»  .  i if  all   act    intitlfd 

"Ai,    J.  t    I.  •.■ul:itiii._'    til.       iwiihiiL'    "I    il.'.  tinii-^  all.!    ili-i  iariiii,'    flic    i.-iilt    lliiinif 

III     i!lii-      viil.iL'i-    .Mill     ;iii  i.i  jii'i  iti  il     lii\sii>  ,11    this    stiitc.       aii|iniMi|    .i,mi- 

r.'       I^V'       Hill      II:      ti'lr.        I;,i\      i       1--V, 

.1        II 

S   •  ;•  "N    1.      7?--   if  fvnrf'-r?  hy   ih-f   People  of  t\e  fitafe  <,f    111,,,..:..    ,.  f.,  ,..,■., >r,l 
•I'     ll'     <•'■•.  1,1:       I  s.v.  ;/,//,,    -ictlnlls    (i;i.     •!        tUn      '_'  .    tlirtc    -l.    >f\tli      7i. 
"■mI'>i  l-''.     Ill      altl'lf      t.'.'i       ■.'       mill      -,i-(tli!i-      r  I'.'lil.cri         ISi       liilirtl'i   II        i'.ti 

HmI     !'.'.'  I  U       _'iI       I.I     :i)ti    ll      ;i'.,l       1      ,11  i|     s.rt   nil     s,-\r||    .7      ill    altlrli      l|\i       -"(i, 
"I     Hi     "  '    .I'tiiii'l       Xh    11  r    I. '.'I,;  i!  .,-   il,,    I'l'Miii.j   ••'   i!.-iti.,ii,  aihl   .|.'<  hn  iii.j 

''!'■      '■    -I.i'      III.   |."'      ill      <     III-       ■   ,!i.-.   -       111,!      ilii  "i|ii.|:,|,  .!      t,,\M:-     iij     til).      Mil.,' 

.i||||||'w'i    -I'll.      1'.'-    I'-i^-'i     n      :"M.     .Iiilv     I.    !>>'>.",.    i.,     .niii    ti,.-    -.;,i,,,.    |.,    I,,  i.l'.v 
am.  III.  'i     III     I.'  Ill     ,1,-     liiliii\\  - 

■■S.<t''ii    1        III    .xitA    I  i!\     -ilia:'.    ai:.l    ii](nr)iiirati'il   luwti   s.,  aii(.|itu!:_'  tl;is 
III      li  .  I'      -I. all     ill     ,1     In    It. I     "1     .  i.-.tiii|!     cntiMni-^     \'>|iiii;     .ii;,|| 

'■•        '"I'    I •   ■■       ■•        'i'"'        111.    nail-        -III.      "t       >vl|ii|li       -iilll      1.,        .|.-,I:,.|,;,I,   ,|        ,.        ,1, 

•l.'ta'i.    I  .  !-i!i:.--|.i!i.-|     ali.l    -i,ii,    :.     :i|i|...ii:;.ii    l.\     lii.     (...\.||i(ii    i,t  !(;,.    X;,!.. 

l'\      ai.i      A    ;1      til      ,,,ivii,      ,,i'|      .i..-„.i;t     i.t      til,.     S.  i,,,t.          iiiit      ,'t:l.\  i,|„,u     ti,.- 

'■•'  "'"'i;'   'I'l  i' i   '!i       "^       'I"         :.~|..''     ..       .■.iiiiif\      ..iitlMl      I,  -  J.  (II.  >.-TiI - 

III'.'       Ita'       I'.'illi.  a!       (.art;.-.       .  i/till..;       t. .       su<  li      <-,,ijiiiii~,:,|,.nfts..  ;,iiii,      -.a-h 


!<■.     ii|»|«)iiitnu'iit     shall     \,v    .■iifcn-d     of     n. did     m    tli.'    .ounts     (•..iitl      an.!.    \\\„-u 

IT  (lUallficd    Mich   coillllllsslolici    slinll     he     ;ili     (ifiicel      of     siK  h     .(.iirt           111.      lust 

IN  apiKiintliiclit   of  siirh   coiriiiilssioii.'r    -IihII    \>,-   withili   sixty   ,|,i\^  ;iff,i    thr   adop 

I".*  tloli    of    tills    11.  t,    ItlMJ     thosf     lilsf       ;,|.|M.||itr(j      shall       lluM       ihrll       o|ll(.--      f,,,       til.' 

•31  lUTlo.l  of   on.',  t^^o  ah.l  tliivr  \.-ais  i..s|„.,  fn,  Iv    ,,,,,1  t  !,,■  (  iov  .mm  .i    u  I,.,,  ,i(p|...ii,t   ■ 

-1  I'l^'    'li''"!    •^Ii^ill   (Ifsi^jiiatr    th.     Ifiiii-    lot    ujii.h    ,.a.  h    oil.     shall    hoM     i;is     otiicc, 

"  "iKth.l    h.l    OIK.    tu,,     or     till..'     v.'His        II     111.     ,,|h..     of     .ith.i    ,  oinniissi,,,,,., 

•_'o  shall    h. •colli.-    \a.alit.    it    shall     th.i.ii|.oi,      l„      i|,.-     .hit\      ol     th.      (.omiim.i      to 

-'  :M'l'"'l'if    ;'    successor   I,, I    siich    iiii,.\|iII.mI    t.l,,,.    alt.M    th.    .A|Hiati,,i,  ,,!    ih..    Un,, 

-••  '"'    \^lii<-li   ''iich   (  .iiimiissioii.'i    Is   a|.|>oiiit.i|,    th.-   (.o\.-Mi,,r   shall,     in     lii,      sain.' 

'-^'  ^''••'.^-    ii.iliiiliat.-   ami     a|'|>oiiit    a    sii,-.  .-ssoi .    uh,.     shall     hoM     his     olli.  ,      |,,|      th.' 

2i  |».'n.Mi   ot   fhi.'c    \cais.   aii.l    until    his   sii,<,ss..i    is   a(i|ioint.iL 

2.S  •S.-itloli    •_'.       'l\v(.    ol    sii.-h    i-ollilii|s^|,,|i,  1^      ;it     I,-, 1st.    shall    al\\a\s     j„     -,,-1,  ,  ;.-.| 

■-"•'  'I'""   'i"    '^^"  I. 'It. 111!-   |...litical   i.iili.s  ,,|   th.    Stat.,   oil.-     Iron,    ,  a.  h     ..|    su.|, 

.«•  |.arti.-s.   ail. I   all   shall    I.,-   l.--al    \   :ui.l    hoiis.-h, ,|, l.-rs.    i,-si,|iia'    m   s,,,  I,    .-itv, 

■*'  \ilhit:--  Ol    ,ii(-oi|»orat.d   town     an.l    h.    m.-n   ,.1    \v,.l|    known    |.oliti<al   .  on\  i.  t  ions 

-!•-'  an. I    ol    a|.|.r..\,-,|    int.--nl\     ,-.n.|    .ai.a.itx         N  o  .  oiiiin.ssi.  .n.!   .an   l|o|.L(ll\    olli.-| 

•t!  piihlic  olli.  ,-.      When. -v.  I    It    shall   ..un.-   t..     tii.      knou  I.mIl'.      -I     tli.-     (.o\,-|-nor 

■'•'  '''■'•   ""•■  "'  'Ik'   IfH.liiiL-   i.aiti.-s  ,,|   th.    Stat.-  is  not    i.-|ir.-s.-iit .-,|  upon 

•'••  -'"''i   <"Miinssi,,n    li\    a    |..  rson   ..f    the   saim     |.o!iti.-al     lailh.     h.-     ^l,al|     ;,)     ,„,,,. 

•"'*'  ••i'"i(i\<-  oil.-   ..I   sii,-h   eonunissi.,i,,-is  an. I    till   tin-    \,-i.anc\    with  ;.  in. -nil. .-i  ,  .1  th.- 

•  ii  lea.liii'j  |)oliti(-iil  pait\   not  so  i.-|iris,-nt.-.| 

:iS  ■■S.'.tloli   .!.      'I'll.     (  I.A  .1  iiiii    In; 

'.^     ■''     'ii\     Inn.-.    ii|>oii    roinpiainl,     an. I 

:!'.!  .ails.-    s|,..\Mi.    salisla.torv     I.,    hiin      alt.  i     noti.  .-    t..    sii,  j,    .•oiiiinission.-,       an,| 

'"  ■'"    "l'l'"ilunit\     to    I,.    nniMV,     ,,,:s     s,,,.|,    ,  ,  „|,n,issi,  ,n,  ,  ami  I  h. nix 

"  '"""     "''•'"     'l|""i     I'lop.  I     noli.,      .-nl.-i     .,t     I..,, I, I     all     M|,|.  ,     ,,|     .,,,  I.     l.inovai, 

'-  ■""'    ''"■•"■    ■'''■''I    '"     ""    -"lijK-il    (i,,M,     sii.-h     r.|n.i\al       Su,  1;     ,o,iiplaint     must 

'•'  '"     -i-'"'-''    "'"1    -\\orn    to    !,N     at     I.  as|     lu.ntv    |;\,     |,.^.;,i     \,,t..|s.,t    .,1,1,     .n^ 

■1*  Mlla-i     01     in.  oipoiat.-.j  town,    iihl  slat,    I  h.-  L'r(;    ot  sii,  h    ,  oii,| ;!.,  mt    ' 
4.")  "Se.-tl.ili    7.      Sahl     l.oai.i     s|,;,||     hav.      li:.      iiu'ht     t.,     .■iiipi,,\      -,      ,|,|,.i      ,  |.,,-;. 

■"'  \''"'    •-''••'"     •'•'\'-    '•li;il-.-    ol      II;,       oil,,.      ,,|      s.-o,i      hoai.l.      an.l      ui,-o      ,hail      h, 



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ii'     p. II 


l'r<-»-i|!  II  I  ill  :lttft|ii;ilicr  tl  ill  |i|ii|».-|  |lll•^ln.•^^  tliiills.  Siicl:  rliU't  clerk 
-ll  ill  T  I  ..  Ill  .i:illl  'it  ..t::ci  i.,-liM.  >i|<  li  ciiilitN  |Mili;i  .  to  llir  rffi-cl  tiifll 
III'  Alll  IhUM'^Mv  llhl  t;iltlltl|l!\  |liliii||||  ,ill  till-  illltlf-.  Ill  ■^l|(■ll  iillirr,  IlInliT 
tlu'      ijllil-t  hH!      lit      ^alM       I'lill    1,       wllll    I.      >I|hI1      lit-      |(|i'>rt  Ai'il        in        til.  ^Hl[ir      \\H\. 

i;ill  hi-  iUnlfi  til'-  i|l|i(tii:ri  i>t  >;tii|  liiiiUil.  iiihI  In-  -^li.tll  liii\<-  tile 
llL'lit  t.i  iJlnnil-ti  I  :ili  'Kith-  I  iijilll'il  illiiliT  tlil^  :ii'1  ti)  In-  ail  till  II  1st  I'Ifil 
l'\  .itlii  I  Mt  -.all]  iniiiliiN'>li  ilM  I-  Sill  ll|itliilial  iis-.lst;uitv  iii:i>  lif  .-in- 
|i|.i\.  ll  l'\  -.11. 1  l.nai'i  tiiiiii  tun.  t.'  Inn  a->  iiia\  In-  iicii'-~sar\  I'lic  ninni'ir 
lit  i--:-raiil-  .ll  -^111  I:  .  ill  t!..ii  I  I  nil  nii--i.  iii>  I  -  --iiall  Ik  ■  liti-riiiincil  lis  riilr 
.it  til.  I  III  lilt  .Mint  ;.i  ll.  I'lil.ii-il  111  iiiiiiil.  aini  tlirii  (  iiiii(ii'iisat  ll  III  >li,ili 
lie  iji  I.iiiitiiiil  li\   till'  li.iaril     '!  <lritiiin  (•(  iiniiii'^'>iiirn-r-.. 

S.i  ti.  ll  IJ  In  till-  -il.'i  t  mn  "I  jii.Il,''-'  .it  ili'itnin  at  lfa-.t  .ni.'  ^iiail 
111  -il.itr.l  liiiin  caili  'it  ill'  i  u  I '  li'ailiiiL'  pnliliral  |iaifii->  m  i  iii;aiii/at  ii  iii> 
'll  ill.  '^tati  III  >ir\i-  III  I'  11  i;  |i|i<  lint  aliil  'ilii  .  l..||\  n\  fli-rtloti  --liall  In- 
■,.■1.  il.-.l  til. Ill  .•aili  III  till'  twii  l.ailiiiu'  |iiililiral  |i;irtn--  ot  tli»'  Statr.  to 
-ii\i-  ill  I'liii  |i,'i'iiiiit,  .'aril  n!  till  I  I  iniini----ii  mil  -  --liall  lia\i-  a  \  rli  i  ii|n  in 
till'  |)ii  i|i  .-111  -ill  it  It'll  '11  III  iiniii  it  ll 'll  lit  aii\  jiiiIl'i  m  cltlk.  .iinl  il,  in 
aii\  in-I'iiiii  .  Ill  11  in>it|.iiii(  I  III  ->ii' ll  \itii.  till'  lioaiil  raiitint  aL'K'f  ii|iiiii 
-III  I,  a|i)ii  lint  iiii  lit  -  till  ll  till  naliii  -  nt  -I  \  |)ft-^i)li--  u  iin  air  rlli^'ililc  -liall 
ill  -il.iti.l,  !iii  |iiil'_'i-  111  i-li'ik.  a-  tlif  ia-.i  iiia\  ill',  li\  t  lit'  (-1  iinim--ii  i|ii  I 
111  I  .ininii--i< 'III  t-  iii|iiir_'in"  tn  tii.  liMilin^:  |ii  ilit  |>ar1\  i-ntitliil  tn  \'<- 
ri.pi  I  -.  iiti-'l  l'\  -ncli  Jiiiii,''  ill  ijiii-.,  ami  .ait  nl  -ahl  -i\  naim--  tlir  utli.i 
I  ii|iiMii--i' .111  I  Ml  11  itiili.|--lniiri  -  I .  pt'-iiit  in.j  till'  'ifliii  li-aillli;.'  |>iilltnal 
I  till'  Mat.,  -^ll;lll  -■■ii'cl  tia  lialin  "I  -luii  |i|iIl'i  m  rii-lk  v^lin, 
wliiii  -.,.  -.ii.ti.l,  -^llall  III'  tilt  ji.  II.'!  Ill  .ink.  it  nt  lid  w  i--f  iliL.'liil.-.  ll  ii.' 
wili  -lis.  ,'1  -kali  tl''!  I'l  .\iil-i.l  !.il  rail-.,  aliil  !  I  lie  -lull  In  i  "lit,  I  n;.  ■  i 
(i\  ih,  i.ii.ntx  .i.iirl  111  <a-..  tl,.  [i.  i-'in-  -. .  -liiiti-.i  tut  |iiiiu''--  "i  .iiiks 
,i,i  !i,a  !|i|ii  ll  |.i|  i\ali:lli  it  ;i  111  ■',  Ii'illiaai;  M,.  lliili  -ulni-  ntli.-!  |p.-l-i.n- 
-n  ili  !••  -I  ill  I. 'i  aini  i!'i1ilii'i  1-  :i'"ii--.i;il  i.nt!,  -.inn  .-.i-ili!!-  p.-i-.n  ,- 
tii,,n,i  'aIi..  Alii  -.-iNi-  !i:  ill  I  1-1  -  til.  |iail!.  -  i!ii|i-ili!  il" 
ijiji,  ai      till     '  ■      I  '.aliiii  . 'i      'II     i!     M'A     .ll'      a|i|i.-:ii      an.i      i.-t'i-.-      t"      --i'-.-.      it 

















shall  Ik'  thf  duty  of  tlic  coliilliissliilni^  li\  tin  {orjx'nil.  rj;iiiii  of  lln> 
liourd  (if  coinliilsslniit  l>~  III  clccf  iii>i  t.i  |iiii-,.(  iiti  -mil  |>.  r-cn  Ici  -ii«li 
Idlfclt  lllf  !|Imi\(  |ini\lti('(l,  KImI  ciijlii  t  iiini  |i:i\  (i\.r  tli<  nil.  lliti.  the 
<  uuiity  tri'iisiirv.  iiml  ;i  t;iilurf  i<\  -^ik  li  luiaril  <it  iiiiiiriii>-~ii  in  i-  m|  .lictinii 
(ir  t'ltlitT  (if  tliciii  f(i  |iiiiM(iifi  -^m  I  IM-1--II1I--  -li:ill  !•(•  ■~iitlii  iiiit  (:iii>~i  fur 
riiii(i\al    fr<iiii    nflicc.    ami    wlun    i-.t:ililis|ii'(i    tin-    'iciXfiiidi     -ii:ili    '-■'     iiiiiii\t 

Sllcll      (■<llllItll'--.|()llCf      111       (•illllllll--.iilllil  -      llnlll      utticc 

"Sccfldli     Is.        r>cfiilc     iIK  Idsi  h^'      III      ,11;      ('n\  rii')ii'     tile     i^t  at  <  II H  ?  1 1 '-     i  •'      litillll> 

aldroiiHJ.  Hlnl  attfl  slL'liiiij,'  tin'n  .  saiil  jilIu'i'--  --liall  ■<tiim  l\  |ia>-I.  uj 
atta(li  til  tlif  --t  all  Iliilit--  tn  In  ilrll  \  cl  ni  tn  the  Imald  iil  ilirti.'l,  iiilli 
inl'-'-li  ilM  I  -  all  till  hallnt>  icjiitiil  l'\  tin  in  .i--  i'lilJL'  'lituiilit  ili  vhnli  "l 
111  [lait.  All  tlif  lialliits  shall  tliiii  l.i  i  iicii i-m  il  iii  an  'iixrlniii  --icMrflv 
scah'il  allil  snr||,.||  II,  li)^,  iiiiiniM  I  a--  tin  ccl  I  iIk  ali-s  ali'l  talln-  '.I  \iitrs, 
aii'l  ilirfctfil  aiiii  ih'liv  i-rt(l  In  tin-  liicti'Ui  ruiiiiiii-siDiifi-,.  wlp,  •,hall  i  arc 
filll\  |iii's('i\c  said  halliit'-  fill  si\  iiiMjitli^  :(iiil  at  till-  I  \|ili  at  h  111  i.|  that 
tiiiir.  --Iiall  ilfsfniv  thiiii.  |i\  hiiiiiiiiL'.  \\itlii)Ut  t  In-  |»arkai.'i-  In  i  n^'  |iii\  h  misIv 
(i|winii  I'riiiiili  <l .  that  ll  aii\  iiiiiti"-!  nf  ilictinn  shall  In  |MtiililiL'  at 
■^111  h  tunc.  Ill  whuli  -lidi  liallnl'-  liia\  In  ivijiilini  as  i-\liiinri  .  tin  -ainr 
-hall     lint      hi'     ili--tni>iii     t  ill   -IK  h  I  ii|ili-t    I-   lilialiN    ill  IilliiiMiMi 

"Srctldll     I'.l  Tin       |iiiil    liiinK-.      \\lllih     ii.|it:illi      \\\i>     >A     t  III     -i   \  i  I  a  1   -I  at '   1 1  ■  "ll  t  s 

di     ictiiriis.    aiiil    tin-    I  n\i-ld|ii     ruiit  ainiiiL'    tin      nalidt-    -hall    in      |iiai  i  .1  m    tlir 

halldt-hdv.     Hlnl     till      haildl    |ni\     -hall     tl.ili     n-      id.  ki.l     ainl     tin      K.\      i \i.l. 

w  In  rrll|idli  -ahi  Jil.l'j.-  nl  ilictliili  -liali  all  wilti  tlnil  naliir-  i.|iii|i  i  -lli|i 
dt  |ia|it-r  dt  -iiilii  h  III  liii^'th  tdi  tin  fi  mIi.w  III;.'  |iiii|ni-i  s;,!,!  ^i  1 1|,  ,  .|  |i.i|„  r 
alti  I  till  -iL'lilll!.'  di  tinll  lialin  -  tlni...Ii  \<\  -ai.i  Ji|i|i_'i-.  -iiali  li.i.  I., 
[lastiil  d\il  tin  ki  \  lidli  in  -anl  I'alldl  |i.i\.  nini  i  \1 1  In  1 1 1  liJ  t.^  tin  ii|i|ni 
ll.l     dt     tin       l'ii\.     al.l     .alMi'l     lin      smU  i<     .ir-lai:(i      nMI      lllr     td|i.      alnl      ll  I'ail 

in  |i|a»i-.l  111  -mil  a  \\  a  \  li,,il  tin  -iijnal  li  I .  -  '1  -anl  JinlL'i-  -iiaii  i  t.lni 
acid—  til  I'lai  I  dl  tin  .  .|.(.  li  i  In.'  ■•!  tl..  h.i  ..I  tin  ln'\,  -d  tiiat  win  I,  tin  \">\ 
1-     ii|nli..|      it       -I, ail       lial       -inli        |'i|nl       alni       i|.-t|.'>        till         -i;_' I  la  t  t .  1 1  -       Ulii:.!, 

llnlidii,    ami    -d    that     wlii'ii     tin      id  \     -liall     in      inscilcl      in      tin       ki  \    hdii     U 



I(»!'  Will     t.;ir      fli.       |>a|>ir     SI)     |(;i->t('.|      MV.-i       tllf      k<-V    liiili-           Such       |>;(|»<-|       ^hall      l.i- 

I  III  tasf(tii-,|  with  ■^cahiiL'  vv.-ix.  or  h\  -.uini-  nth-T  aJlu-sUt'  liiafciiHl.  ulilcll 
III  will  Milt  |Pi'lllllt  tllr  lilll  i\  ll  n\  ,l|rll  ^hji  nl  |ia)M'r  Ulfhout  iltlacilli.'  llli- 
ll_'  .allir 

II  '  ■^.itiDii  ■_?()  'I'li<'iiMi|Miii  iptii-  .it  till'  jiiilLTf-,  iif  fif  tnwi  shall  take  charL't' 
Ml  lit  sale!  lialiiit  |p<)\  ainl  It^  rulitfiitv  ^i .  itiili  iscil .  alhl  nIH'  nf  the  lUiii/t's, 
11~>  whii  -hal!  ii-|Ufsfiit  thf  ojiiiiisit.  pnhtl  al  |i:irt\  tinin  fli-'  mih'  takiiiL'  tht- 
ill)  liali(it-|in\.    shall    iiiit\r    aiiil     iinlil    tin     hi-\     tin-nti)        Tin-    two    jihIl'' s      w  hn 

III  '111  li'il  ha\<  ihatL,''-  "f  the  halli)t  hii\  shall  racli  take  nlir  i)t  tin-  slati'- 
I  l>s  iri.iit^  .it  till-  \iitfs  lasl  iiitii  Ills  |ii)-,-,i--,-.|(itj,  si-alcii  i||i  in  tin-  fiiv  I'lnpi  as 
I  I'.l  iliiMsaiil,  itid  racli  m|  thf  riilks  sliall  takf  olir  ot  the  tally  sllccts.  sralfij 
I'Jii  ii|'    III    t  h"      iii\  i-|n|ics     as     at.iri -aii|.     ami     the     iiii'i'tniL.'     "f     s:.iil     jiiili/fs     ami 

I'JI  I  ll  rk-     sii;il|    thi-li     hi-     .|ls-,(i|\.i|          riifltMl|).i|i   ami     hcfiifi'     tWflvi-     u'cluck     nt     thf 

!■_'■_'  .ia\      illi  I     >iifli     flfftmn.     thf      iiniL'f      lia\l  I'j     |Missfss|nti     i  it      -^iich      hahnt    hii\, 

\S>  shall    i|.h\fi      thf     saiiif.     with      thf     coiitfiits      atMir^aul.      fn      tin-      hoard      of 

hjl  flfftioti    foiiiiiiissioiif rs,    with    thf    sfal    uiihiokfti.    .ami    sliall    rfCfixc  a  ri-cfipt 

I  J.")  tliiifti'i       Hill     withiri     thf    satin      pfiioij    ot     tiiiic     thf     juilff,     ha\nii.'     (ms-^fs 

I'Jii  >iiiii    I'!     siifh     kf  \  ,    sliall    lifliNfi     thf    saiiif    to    saiii     Imapil      ot      f  oiniiiis-iotif  i  s 

I'JT  aiiil    rifi i\f    a    rfCfipt    tlifrfior,    an. I    tin-    t\\ii    jiiiii.'fs.    not    haviiii,'    jmssf -,-,1011 

|-_'."^  .1!     th.       l.alk.t    l.ii\,     Hul     thf     tw..      I  Ifiks,      ■^iiali      f;ifh.      hi-t.irf      tw.hf      nClofk 

l-.".'  'if\t    •\i\     (!lii     >iifh    fifftioii      'I'liMi     till     statfiiifiits    ami    lalhfs,    th.-ir 

|.;ii  jii  I-,-,.  •,■-1,  III.     if-|ifft  i\  f  1\  .     to     till      rf^pf(ii\i      •iliifiis     to     whoiM     aiiilrfs-i-.i     a.s 

I   il  iloii  -,,|j,i       |f,|    \0io,    li\    this    ;,(  r      111-    fiititlfl    t..    n-fi-iM     rln-     ^alm-.     ami     uhi-ii 

I    i_'  .|.li\ir.  .1.    i-ai-h    .im-    ^hall    taki      a     Ififipt     tloii;     thf    oliiii-l     ti      whom      .if  ll  ■>  . -1 .  i| 

loo  \i!.l    riiiiii     .1!    liii-ni    ^hali    ri(-ii\i      |ia\     ti  1     fhfii     siivin--,,     <-,    siuh     |iiii._ti--    ni- 

111  i-lfii.-     vvi'l.'oat    tl;.-   |iro.|iii  tioi;    ..i    thi     rifdjit-    s. .    LTUfi)     tli-ni     hv     !ii.      :.l!iif|- 

I  00  -itol.--  i|.|           It     -hall     Iif     till-    i|!|t\         >!       thi         n-spfi-tlVf       otilri-l        ^1,       ili-iL'l,  ,t.  .1.     to 

III'  >.'.  ho|f    -!ii  h    -I  itf  iif  Ills.    lallii-      1',  I     ll. ill. its     III     tu     ill       i.    i      fi 

1    o  i.fii',1      f!i     -  illif    al;'l    sitfK      I  .  .  11      Mi.h-i      lo.-l-,     al;-l      ki-\      Mitll     ..|.i.|,-.i     t..     |,.. 

I    i--^  -11  !■   ''hi  I  'I      1-    h'-M  I'ilii  toil-    |U.  .  .  :i.-.i 

|o'.»  ■■Si-i!i.i!i    7.       I'hf  founts    jil-h.'.     shall    hi-   tiji-   pif^iijinf   oliji-rr   ol     s.n  |,     can 

i4<i  \.assnif    hoard,    -iiid    a    inajoiity   ot   siitli   c  aii\  assinL'   hoarii    saall    have    tin-    riylit. 

141  to  declare  the  result,  and   the  nsnit   ul„,,   .„  ,|...|an.l.   tl...  s,.,.i   ...,„ntv 

142  ixuliiv  shall  cKuw  t(.  I)e  t-iiten-d    ..j    r.roni    i„    l„s   ronit    ;is   ^|.p..sai.|      Tli.- 

I4.i  ciniiit   court   slmll   hear    iiiid  -irf .-i iiiiii.    c.ut.-.ts    ,,|    ,.l,.(t i.>ii,     li.'l  I     lui.h'i    ihi^ 

14-1  act,   nf   all     coimt.x.    <it\.     xiUatrc.    tow  ti-,lii|.    ami    |.r.'c.i,ct     otln.-r-..    .  \,  ,.|.t     lor 

14.)  circuit    ati.l   ■.iiiK-rioi,'c>.      ContcMs   iiii,\    i„.   I.mimiit    \<\     p.-r^o  ,-.     n,.\s    |..r 

14<')  iiiitt.'d    nikIci    tlic  t'cticral   hius  of   this   Stat.-    „n.i    unon    hkc   non.    ■ 

:\r,th  A<so,n.  s;rAATK— \o.  121.  Feb.  1887 

1.      liitiiiiiiiccd    li>    ^[|•.    Hill.   •Jaiiiiarv    ii~),    l.SS?.   and   ordi'icd   to   tir>f    rta<iiiiir 

lii-^t  nadirii:  .);iiiii;irv  I'l,  In'^T,  and  nlctrcd  to  Coiiiriiitlft' on  l.alior  ami 

•  >.      Kt'|)(>rt<(l   lia(  1\    l*'chriiai\    J,   IHsy,    jh,,]    onlcrcd     fi>    1  i-    priiittd   t"!    inlni- 

A    HILL 

l'(ir  An   All    to  inotct  t   tiiij>ii>\(  •-  ami  lalporcrs  m  tiirir  <1  lUir   for  wayc 

Fii'TioN  1.     Be  it  cnnrted  hy  the  People  of  the  Sfnte  of   TUinois,  reprt-sr'tf  7 

■J  ///  ///'    (ii  III  I'll/  Assiiiililii .     Iliat   li'itafttr,   ulnii  flit-  |ii(i|)crt\    ot    an\   (iiniiianv. 

i)  cori'tiiat  iiiTi,   tiiiii.   III    |iii>()ii   ttiL'a'.'i-d   m   inanulacf  iirint;.   ininiiiL'.   or  iiii(  hanical 

4  Inisidr^s,  oi-  ill  tJif  coii^triictinii  of  any  work  or  hiiildini.',  sliall  he  scizril  'ipoii 
•">  \i\  an>  |iio(('NS  of  aii\'  roiiit  of  tlii-~  Staf<';  or  wlit-ii  tlit-ir  lniNiiicss  shall  Ik- 
(i  siis|iiiidi(l  li>  till'  acliuii  of  ciiditui^.  or  lie  put  into  tlic  hands  of  an  assitrm-'', 
7  rt((i\ii   or  tiiistir,  tln-n,   in  all  mk  li  cases,  thr  dihts  owin;,'  to  lalioiiis  m  cin- 

5  plovcs,  uliK  h  ha\f  a<cni<(|  iiv  rtasi'ii  of  flu-ir  lahoi  or  finplov  Mi<nt ,  to  an 
'.*  aniouiit   not   ixcfcdinu'  tift\    dollars  to  v.h  h    i'niplo.\»  .    for    work    or    lahor    p.  r- 

1(1  foriiitil   williin   si\   montlis    ii.'\t     prr(  cihiiL'    the    sci/iin-    or    transfer    of    such 

II  propeitN,  sliall  he  consideied  and  treated  as  jucferred   dehts.   and  such  lahoieis 

\'l  or  employes  shall  he  jireferreil   (  leditors.  an<l   shall   he  tiist    paid  in   full:  and    if 

lo  there   he   not   siilticieiit   to   pa\    theiii   iii   full,   then     the    same    shall    he    paid    to 

Id  them   pro  rata,  after    jiayiiis.'    costs:      I'mni/nl,    hiicli    einplo\cs    and     lahoiers 

l."»  shall  present   statements  du!>    \cniied   for  wa;zes  due.  within  thirty    days  alter 

K)  su(  h  sei/iire,  assiL'iinieiit,  receivership  or  trusteeship,  to  tlie  ollicei.   [tersoii  or 

17  court  charu'ed   with    su(li     jiropertN  :     Afil.    jinji-nliil    tintlur,    that    in  case  of 

is  contest   of  any  claini    or  ilainis  or  any  |)art   thereoi,  sii|>ported   hy  allidavit    of 

I'd  Micrit  hy  {•(iiitcstant,  piesentcd,  tiie  claitmint  shall  he    rwiuircd    to  redm  e  his 

'2k)  claim  to  jiidgmciit  hcforc  some  court    liitvinj,'  coiniK'teiit    jurisdiction    tlicrcof. 

-■'  -.->  ^M^J^A^tii 


:r»(ii  A^sciii.  sr^N  A'l  I  •— No.  121.  Voh.  ihs; 

i  |.   !|,..ii,.  .-.I    \.\     \]y      111!!.   .1:,!    11   M\    ■_'".     I-.-7 

•_'  I- n -!    r.    i.iilL'    -I   il:'i:.l  \    •_'.">.    I"-'-^       Miii     l.t.lM'i     I'.     (    ..!■   unit,  t      .  .|i    I...I.. 'I    :,mI 

M  ill    i.lii  !  li  I .  -, 
■ !         I  I't  I'l    r  !  .1 1     I. .11  I.     will:     .1111111.  i  11:1  l;t  -.,     |  i;i  -  -  :rji     I '  i  •  'll  1 1 '  t  I M  It  1 1 .     .iliii     i  'I  i  ii  I  ■  i  i   I  >  i 

-1  1  "111    1 1  :|il  !!!■_• 


l''l     Ah     .\'  t     1"    |i|i'Iiit     tln|i|i.\i-    .iliii     l:iiii 'III  ^    III    tliiil     (  litlliiv    t,i|     \\;i 

S|.    li..N     i.        /;.     //     ,/,././-./    //I    //,.      I',i,/J,     ../     ///,     S/.it,     1,1     IHnii'i.'..   I .  jii ,  .^,  nt>  >l 

1  III    til     (',.!■,. .il    A^-"  hii!  II.    'I'iial    )■<  li  .itt-!-.    uliii.    till-    |iMi|>»-rt\    lit     ;tli\    (  (ilii|i;tli\  , 

.1  (  1 '1  [11  i|;it  |i  i|,     liiin.   nr  |prisii|i   i|i'_'.iL'iii    m    in;tliiit;ti  t  iililii:.  liiiiiiii!.',    I'l    inn  liaiiK  iil 

1  Imi^ihi---.   Ill    111   tlif   (  ()ii>tiu(t  lull   "I    ;iti>    witK   m    luiil'lmj.'.  >li;ill    he   sci/,-.i    :i|M)1i 

•"■)  li\-   aii\    |iri.c.--  (it    :Hi\    (imrt   nl     tlii^   Miitr.    "i    wiii-n    tlirii     liu-~iiic'^-   --liall     i't- 

ti  -iis|iciii|i  (1   l.\    tin- iHtmii  lit   ci.-'litni-,.  nr  lie   |iiit    into  the  liainU  nt   an   a>-iL'!iff, 

7  if(fi\ii    11)    tiii-,ffr,   tliiii.   Ill     ali     ^iK-ii  ca-'t's.  the    dt-lit^  nuinj,'    to   laliuiti-^  or 

"^  fii!|ilii\i-.    wliiili    lia\i    acciiiiii.    \\    na^iiii   nt   llu-ii    laimr   m    fiii|ilo\  inciit .   tu   an 

'.I  aiiidiiiit    lint     (Xt  tciliii'.'   titt\    ilillai^     til  i-ai  li  •ini|)l(>\  I',   t<ii    uiirk     ni     lalxii    |mi 

In  llillli'il     Wltlilli       --1\     llliilltll-       ll(\I        ('HI  flllllL'       till'     -M-l/llll-       nr       tlall-^fl-l     nt       --llch 

II  (i!i.|ii-l1\      --iiali    111'    rn|!-,ii|i'l't',i   al;i|    Id'alnl    a-    jH  iti-rifil    ilclits.   alnl    -llrll    ialinli'f^ 

\1  ni    I'liijiiiiM-   ■-hall    !'<■   |irt'tiiii'ii    ir.iiitnr^.    alnl    --liali    lir   tir^t    |)a;ii   in    full,   aiiil    it 

In  llii'li     III'    lint      I'linliL'li     tn     |n\      t):,|i,     ii;     |ni|.     tlii-li     till-     ^aliii-     >liali    In-    (I'llij    tn 

li;     |.|n     ii!:i.    att.  1      |ia\lli'.'     11. -t-         !',.■■    .,',,/.      -mil     i||i|>in\i>     aln!      lal".|ii> 

In  -hail     )i|i~.|it     -t  ati'llli'llt-.    lillU      "Mlllli'il.     tnl     Uai.'i'-    ijlli      \\ltlilli    tlllltV     '  I,.  \  ■-   atlt'l' 

III  -ml:    --ii/mi'.    a--i'_'niin'n'.    i.  (  •  :\'  i-i:i|i  ni    t  iiistti"-hi|i,   tn  tin     nltici  i .    ini-mi   m 

17  inlllt      liialL.'!'!       Ullli       ml;       |i|n|li!r\  Alnl         f.l-.l.iliil      lliltln,.       f|,al        II,       l,l-i'      nt 

|s  (i.iiti'-t     it     an\    I'laiin    ni    (laiiii-.    n|     an;,     jiail     tiiiimt.     sii|i|»ui  tt-il     |i\     a!!ii|a\;t 

1'.)  Ill    inciit-   \'\    cnntc-talit    |iii">rnt.  .1.  till' (  laiiiiaiit    >liall   In-   ri'(|iiiii'il   tn   iiilmi-liw 

■Jl»  tiaitii   tn  jii(li.'iiicnt   liftdif  MiiDi    ('(iiift   i'lUMiiv' <<'iii)n'tt'iit  jiiiimIk  ti(tn  tlifii'oi. 


^x-TJ  •>vr: 

:r)lli  AsMin.  S|:NA'I  i:— No.  121.  Xlanli  1KH7 

ll'tl.'.i    ,.   I  'I      l'\       Ml         Hill.      .I:il:.,;ir.      _'V      I'N'^T. 

Im-T     •.-i.liii'j     -I'Miuiix     _'".      l^sT      I,,.!     r.  tiir..l     r.,    < '.  .nun  it  f  .-.• 

.imi   ^l  iiiuf.ii  I  III .  - 

li'l"iit''!     Inn  k     ^^lTl•      i  iu.Im  In  i.  1 1 1  -       |';j---iL'i       I '  c  •  i|i  Im  In  |i  d  .     ;iii. 

•  ,  I  .  .i,.|     1.  .1. 1.  Ill- 

\    ■      .ilil      .|.h|..i      !    .     ,1      'I'll.i      M^iiilii..;      M-ili   I        1.      !SS7 

-Ml.   |..i 


I'i'i      \''     \''    ;   ■    I'l.if.'!    i|i!|i:'v\'-    :ii!.|    !;il">rir-,    m    tliiii    ■  lanii'.    tor    \\:r. 

Si.  i;,.s    1,      Br  if  pfwrtr,!  f,,/   fh/>   P.ople  of  the   Sfafr  ,.(    /'',.,,„.<.   r.^n-sruird 

-       '■     ■'^'    '<•'■>■'       i.^.Hi'.ii      I  I  .1!    i.  1.   iMm.    V.I.I  h   ill.    )j|M)iiii\    .it    ;in\    (Miii|i;inv. 

•>        1   III  |l.  i|    it  ;.  ■!■       1)11;      111       |i,|^,.t.      -|,.|ii      |i       >.:/,. I      :||iii|i     i.\        (||\      |i|ii(i-^>.     III       ;inv      ,,,i;|! 
I        "1      tl--      "^t.iti  .)      u|:.|       'I:., I      In:-:!,,.-,      ,|;;i||      |„       -n  ^|,,  i ,,  j,  1 1      1,\     til.      ;irtlMi,     ■  ,( 

■">  •h-.i;!"!-      "I      li.      |iiit      M.'    •!:.      1:  f..i~      .1      ,,     i.iiiwi     III     tni-r.-i       tlun     n       i|{ 

li  ~i|il:     .    !-.  -       !!.      .hi.!-      .'Aiti-     r.i        |j„.|,|^     ,,|      ,,i\:|,|i,       whiil:       jiM\i         iiiii,.i| 

1  l\       I,.,-,, I        ,1      ij^rii       lilnii         .1       .    ni|i.    'V  III   III       U'       u;       1(1;. Ilil. 1      I    \i-.rilll;:.-      ''U 

"^  'i.iii:i!-       ••'      •    .ii    i,       llll|li"\.,       'i-l        Will...        .i|         illn.l         IHIImI  1,11  .1         Wlllllli        -i\         l!i..|!t|;- 

' '      h''  '  '  'i:'"-'      •!■.       -.i/ill.       ,1      •1,1.1,1        ,1      -ill   h     |i|,,|„.M\  .     -.i;:iii     1,1      ,  ,,|i-,|,i,.|i  ,i 

lli'l      ;i..t.ii       .-      |i|.  |.   Cl.-.i         i.   I   t-.        ,!,,j       .;,,!;       |.ii„.|,|v       ,i|       i'|M|)|n\.v       .j,;,]!       1  „ . 

I"-''  ii'-'i  M..!it.i|-.  :ii!.|  ^1:;,:;  1.,  III.;  |H,,ii  ii,  liill.  an, I  It  tii.r.'  1..  nut 
■~'"!n  :■  III  !■'  |M\  til.  in  111  Ilil!.  th.  n  I!:.-  -:iini  -liiill  j.c  |,,,i,l  In  til.  Ill  /  '•. 
'■"■'  '''''  |':i\ili'J  iii-t--.  \t;\  ■-  ,1  I-  ;:iiiiiH  I  .i|  N.T\.(nt.  ili'sirmu  tci  ililnlii' 
lii-  "I  '^'1  •  I  illr  '"1  \\:|ij.  -  iIhI.  I  Till-  :((■;  siiull  |.M-<|it  ,1  --tilttTlii'I:!  illnirl 
":iili.     >liiiuilrj       ll.i        iiliiMiint     'III.        ilt.i      ;ill.n\inL.'      ill     |H--t     .rt-ilit--     ahil     -.  t    I't'--. 

'li'     l^i'iil    i.f      Mill,     till     wliiil!    -,ii(  !i     wiiL.'!--     lie    .iiif.    aii'l     wli.n    |uifiii  III.  i|.    t.i 

'il''  -Hilt  I.  |>i|-,..|i  III  I, nil!  rlmiL'i'il  with  -.llcll  |l|n|i(|f\  Ulflliri  tfli  (|;i\. 
iiftcl     tin      -11    III.      III.  iinl     nil     aii\    I  xtriiiinn    m     writ    nI    attiicliiiifiit .   or    witliiti 


■ )       (  H'l  •; 


thirty    dK.vs   itftci    flir    sanit'    iiihv    hmc    l.ct n     uliu.-.l     n,     tli.-     Ii:,ii.!s     n|     ;,ii\ 

l(-(<'l\r(  or  tril-t.'c-  .  :ili<l  I  li.-l.-i||.(.|)  It  -liiill  Im  tin  .|,it\  i.|  tl,,  p,  |-,,|  ., 
l-olirt  [•(■(-.•IMIit.'  .iicli  -.iMtrlllfllt  l>.  l.,i\  iIm  ,,111.. mil  oi  -ii(  i,  <  l.iiln  ..|  .1;,  ii;^. 
'"        ''"  |1<-I'>"|.        Ill         |).|s,l||^       (Illlli(,l         til,    nil,  ,,|t,    I         III-,!         |,;(\il,-  lit        .      -I- 

HcaMdlUMl     li\     til.       s,|,i;|.       .il      .,1,,   li      |>|,i|.,|l\     .,,11      ,,t      t!i.       |(|.ic,-i-,'-      ,.<      th'       -,i. 
"I      ''"       |'IO|"-ll\      ^1  I/.mI  l'i..r,.i,,l        ,l,\       |,.  |..,|,      lilt,   I,, t,.;      Iii;i\      ,.j:,-i 

■"1^       -^'1'   Il      ihllM      ,,l       (    hillii-      ,,|       aM\      |M;'       :il.lf,il       |.\      hill, .J      .\,,|. •,,,,,-       ;ii,.|,.t,,, 

-ii|>|i()itr<l     l.\    allnlaxit.    witli    tin     i,Iti.-.i    liauii^.'    tli,'   ,u>t,,.|v    ,,•     .u.-j,     |,i,,|„,tv. 

■""I      tlirlcll|l(.|i      till'     .lailliillll      shilll      \n-      r.'iUlllnl      In      |.'.|l|c,      |,is    ,|;,i||;     \,,     |i,,|o- 
III. ■lit      li.'dil.'     N.iiii.-     ,,.||||      |.;,\!|||..      jtll  l-.,||i  thill      tl,t|     I..|(,|,      am      |,;,|t      iji,   ,,.,t 

>li;ill    U-    paid. 

:r>th  Assem.  SENATK— No.  122.  April  1887 

I       hitniilnrcd   l.\     Mr.    (loif.    .Iaiiii;ir\    J>'>.    Iss7.    hihI  oi-'icrt-d    to  first   rt-inl 


■J.      I'lr^t    niMliiiL'  .laiiiiiiry  Jii.    |ss7,     ;,ii.|     rcft'irt-il    to    ( 'umiiiittfL'    dii     State 

Cliantalilt     Iristit  utioiis. 
•  >.      IJ.|Miii,(l   hack    I'tliriiaiv  Jl.   IssT,   |pa>saL'f  n-cumini'Tiilcd.  ami   rffcrrfd  to 

<  'uiiiriiittcr  on   .\|i|)rit|inatii)n-. 
I       i;i|>"itid    li :i(  k    \(>rit    •'.     1HS7.    with    aiiiwiidiiiriit-..    prts^airt-    !f<i>nitijciidfd 

and    iir-i|>|i-d    \i<   -.I'l  Mild     ii-aditiL'. 


\i,    \.  !    ;     M^lll•.'    ihi'iMpi  III  h '!!-,  tiir  the    llliiMiis   Iri-tit  ii'idn    for    the    l-'.dMcatinii 

'    '     llir     Idlllii. 

Si  (HON  1.     Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of   Illinou,  reprenented 

■J  ni  tif  (i-i:,i,il  Assrinlihi.  'I'liaf  tlir  tdllouiiit:  sinii--  lit',    and    an-  hcrcliy  appro- 

;{  printed   to  the   illiiKUs   Iii»titutiiiii  fur  the   Iviucation  of  tlit>  Blind,  for  the  imr- 

}  po-^e-.   lielelliattrr   named  : 

")  l-'or  ordinar\    I'XpeiiM-s.  tliutv  tour    tlloll-^an<l    dollars    i!!!»:i4,()()(.>i,    |ter    annum, 

ti  payalile  i|iiarteri\    iii  ad\an(e,  tiom  .Inly   1,    IShT,    until    tin-   expiration   of   tlie 

7  first   ti--(  al   ipiarter  after  the  adjournnieiit  of  the  next  deneral  .\sseiid)ly. 

s  Fell    repairs  and   improvements,  nineteen  hundred  dollars  l)^l,'.<U()^  per  Hunillii. 

'.»  For  filter,  tutlve  hundred  ami   fifty  dollars.  i^l,2o().' 

10  I'Dr  fire  escapps.  twelve  hiindrt'd  dollars    '^1,2<**.) 

^  •!.     The  moneys  lierein    appropriated    shall    he    due    and    payable    to    the 

1  trustees,  or  their  order,  only  on  the  terms  and  in    the    manner    now   provided 

O  |l\      |.l\\. 

AMKNDMKN  IS    I'HoroSKI »    n\     IHK    (( )MM  I'J 'I'Kl-:    oN    A  I'l'la  U'HIA- 
'JIONS    TO    SKNATK    lUI.I.    NO.    IJJ. 
Aiii('ii(i  line  s  liy  striKiiit;  (nif   tlic  word   "finir"  Jiinl   in-trt    tin     wnnl    "tuo" 
2     ill  lit'U  tlifit'ot.     Also  amciiil  m  saiiif   liiic  liv  ^trikiiii:  out   tin    tl^'uifs    ".y.ddO" 
'\     find  insert   tlic  fi^iMt's  ":{J.(KKi  "  m   jj.Mi  tlirrcof. 

4         Also  HiiKMid   liiif   I'J  li>    stnkiii'jr  out    tli>-  uord  "niiiftri  n'    kh.j  iri'-cit  tlit   word 
:')     'tiftci'ii."     Also  aiiH'iid   ill  sfiiin'  liiif  hv  strikiiiL'  out   tlif  tiiruirs     "l.'.MM,'     and 
(')     insert   tlir  titrnres  '"l,"!*!!*"    m   lini   tlicreot. 
7         Also  amend   l)\    strikiti''  out   line   \i. 

:ir>th  Assein.  J^ENATK-Xo.  122.  April  IS87 

1.      hirtiiiliK  rd    I'V    Ml.    (inic    .fatiuaiy    _'•',.     IssT.    aiiil   urlfTt-ii    to   fii^t    n-;i<l 


_'.      I"ir~.t    rtii.iii/L'   ■laiiiiiiry   JH.    l-w'^7,     ml     rift'ri>-.l     to    ( 'nnumtt.'f     uii     State 

Chiilitalili     liistitufidii-^. 
■>   l,a<k    I'tliriiarv   Jl.    l**^?.   )(a>sai.'c  rf<nmMi<-Ti«lf<l.   ami    rrfcrrfil  Id 

<  'uiii!i]itti-c  nil   .\|i|>ru(iiiatii)ri-.. 
t       li'ip.'iti-.i   Lii  k    \|iril    '.'.     IssT,    uitd    amwiiiliiirnts,    pas^aL't-    ifioiniiifinlt'il 

aliil    I  iri|.M-'l    f'l    -1-1  Mihi     ii-ailiriL'. 


l"i     \i.    A'!    I     lixiiiL'    ihi'i.i|ii  ill  h'l!--  Idf  tlif    lllitiois   Iti^Iit  ii'idti    fill     flir    Ivincafii 


'    II:.-    IWmhI 

Sr(  Tios  1.     Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  8t.ate  of   Illinois,  represented 

1  III    til,-    (ill;, ml   AksiiiiIiIii.    'I'haf    till-    IdllnUlIi^'    sinil-    lit'.     Hlld     iin-   htTcliy   Hpjtro- 

■  'i  |>riaf<<l   f(i  the    illiiitii-   Iii-lltiiti<>ii   for  fli<-   lliiiu  atinri  of  tlic   Blind,  for  tlu'  Piir- 

4  post--,  lifitinutttr  iiaiiM'd  : 

•^  I'lil'  ordlli!il\    fXptllMs,   tiillt\   toui     tiioUNHiid     (lolhirN     i!lS:J-4,(XK.>i,     jht     aimiiiii, 

»i  pa>iililf  (|iiart<'rl\    m   ad\aii<<-.   trom   .liil\    1.    ISS7.    iiiitij    flu-    cxpiriitioti    of    tlic 

7  first    (i->(  al    i|iiari<r   after  tii<-   adjoin  iiiiniit   of  the   next  (i«'lit^rnl   .\s.selliltly. 

N  For  repair-,  and   iinpro\  eineiit>.  tiiiieteeii  limidred  dollars  (^J , UK,  JXT  HllHUlli. 

'.I  For  filter,  twelve   hundred  an. I   tittv  dollars.  .^l.-JoO.  > 

1(1  j-'or  tire  escapps,  twelve  )iiindre<l  dollais    '!?i,2>*l.) 

;;   1.       The   moneys  herein    a|»propriated    ^-hall     he    due    and     payablf    to    the 

1  trii->tees.  or  tlieir  order,  ord>    on  the  term^  ami  in    tin-    manner    now    provided 

:>  hv    lau. 


AMKNnMKATS     I'lIOI'OSKD    \\\      I'HK    ( OM  M  I'l'l  Ki:    ON    A  I'l'liOi'IJlA- 
TIONS    TO    SKNATK    HI  I.I.    No.    111. 
Aiiirtid  Iiiic  N  li\    strikiiii:  out   tlic  word   "four"  and   in-trf    tlic    word    •"two" 
1     ill  lu'U  tlificof.      Also  aiiifiid   III   sudit'    line   li\    striking.' out    flu    tit.'iiifs     '.M.'XXI" 
'■\     and   insert    the  titjiiri's  •':lj,(«l(i"  in   Inn   thrrcof. 

4         Also  aiiit'iid   iiiii'    \1  li\    stiikiiiLT  out    tin    ui«rd  "imictrt  n      ,iimI  in-rrt  tlif  word 
;")     'fifteen."'     Also  ameiid   m   sjuiu'   luu    li\    ^trikniL'  <>ut   \\u-  tiL'uii>      "l,'.»««i.'      and 
(')      insert    the    fit.Mires    "l.-'i'O  '    in    lieu    tlieleot. 
7         Also  HtiKMid   liy  strikint:  out   line   \i. 








35th  Assem. 

SENATE— No.  123. 

May  1887 

Iiitiw(lu( .  ,1  },y  Mr.  (iuff.  .I;iii;i:ii.\  'jii,  iNST.  atid  ordjTnl  to  first  reading. 

I11-.I      ri;i<iin<_'  .JiiriiKir>    Jt,.    Is^;,    m,,!     r,.f,.ritil    to  ( 'oiiiiiiitf  ce    (iii   State 

( 'liaiitai-li'    lii>tJtiiti(iiis. 

Im  |iii'tt  ,i  hack  Apiii  Jl',  ISsT,  aitli    ;tiiiiiiil(ii»'iits,   |)ii.ssH>.'f  rcconitiiomh'*!, 

iiir.l    niiiiKii  nfcrivd  to  <  fiNimtttT  on  A(>|)ropriaf ions. 

l;.|Miiliil   l'a(  k  .Ma\    _'.">,    l>wN.    witli  aiii(iiiiiin'iit><,    pas>ay;('   ncoiiiuieiitlcd, 

mill     ojitirril  to    Scronil    ItiiillllL'. 


l'"or  An  A(  t   niaiJiiL'  ap|»r(Ji)riatioii>  for    the    Illinois    Institution    for  the  Kdiutatioii 

ol  tlir   Hlin<]. 

;•  .    ].       /?,■    If   n,arfr>J   h,i    the    I'.njdc    nf  th-    ^l.i'r    ,,f     /■"'w     ,      r,    .,  / 

•J  '/,•  l}h-    i'fuii'.i'  Assrinlilii.      lliat    t!rf  following;  sums  he  an<l  are  hereby  a[>i)ro- 

:}  [iriat'il   to  till'     Illinois    Institution    loi     the    J-Miieation    of    the  Bliiul,  for  the 

I  purposes  hereinafter  iKiineil: 

0  I'or  paving'  oue-lialf    the    wiilth  ot    tie'    street    aTui    coiineetions,  thirty-four 
f.  liumireii  ilnlkirs  .S:!..l()()i. 

7  I'or  I  oniplition  ot    huikhnu    for    storehouse,  refriu'crator,  hakery  and  otiices, 

s  live  tlioiisaini  ilollars  iS.VtNXli. 

'.(  I''or  extension  rtf  renter  hniMinjj  and  for  kit<-hen  and    hospital,  and  laundry, 

](•  and  funiishniL'  the  same,  twenty- fi\e  thousand  (hdlars  (^"J^i.tXldi. 

^  -1.     Tlie    iiioiieps    herein    appropriateil    shall    be    due    and    payable  to  the 

1  trustees  or  their  order,  only  on    the  terms  and    in  the    manner    now  provide*! 
."i  hv  law. 


TO    SENATE    RILL    No.  128. 
Amend  by  striking  out  lines  10,  11,  12  and  13. 

^^ :~  ., 



f>-  -i'. 




•^-.■"«;- f?-  **  :--*x  ■':■•' 

V  f.-f-:^^--y  ■/.■^■••i^ 

■»»  f -» 

.Llfh  Assrni.  SENATE — No.    124.  May  1887 

1.    Fiitn.,lur.Ml  hy  Mr.  Rrkliitrt,  .lammrv  26. 1H87.  and  ordered  to  first  reading. 

■J       iir-^f  nailni}.',  January  Ji.  1SS7,  and  referred  to  ("()raniitt.e('  on  Military.     8| 
;j.      K.'itiirtrd  iiiick,  March  M.  18H7,  am]  rcfcrrtHl  to  Coinfnittee  on  Approjjriations. 
•I.     |{.'|)(irtt'(l  hack.  May  Li,  ISHT.  with  aineiidrnents,  pasaage  recouaiieijde<l,  aiid 
ordcrtHl  to  second  roadinj,'. 


For  .\n  \<i  to  pay  to  Mis.  Eiriily  .1.  liluckhiirii  fivo  thousand  dollars  on  account 
of  tlif  dt  ath  iif  lift  .Noii,  J'"riii)ci.s  J.  151a<'kliuni,  froni  (Useaso  contract<)cl 
while  Hi  tlie  discliuri-'c  of  Ins  duty  as  a  private  in  C"o.  B,  First  Regiment 
llhiioi.s   .National  (iuard^,  whru  in  activt-  servii;e. 

\\HiiiK\-.      Iranfi,,  J.    HIackhurn.  on  tlic    loth    day    of    Xovembor,  1HH6.  at 

•J  ('lii(at:ii,  after  nearly  five  vears    service  ;us  a  private  in  Co.  B,  First  Re^ninent 

A  Ilhimi.s   NatMiiid  (uiards.  di<(i  from  e.\po-ure  and    disease    resultinf;  therefrom, 

\  \sl;iii'    in    thi     di^char^e   of    iiis   duty   a.s    a    tneniher   of    said   rej?inient,   when 

5  in    a(livf    service,    pursuant   to   the   order  of    the     Govenior  of    the   State  of 

()  Illinois;  and, 

7  WuKHF.As,     The  said  Francis  .J.    Blackhuni   left    liiiii    siirvmng    a    wndowed 

^  iiiorh'  r  ami  an  uniuarried  sister  dependent  upon  him  in  hi.s  life  time  for  their 

",»  snp|iort  ;   t  herefi-re, 

Sht  iio.N   1.     Jii    it  fiiiKtrrl  hu  fli''  I'nifiU'  of  thf  State  of  Illinois,  repreienUd 

•1  In   thf   flrji'nil   Ass.tiihhj,    That    live    thousand    dollars    be  and  tlie  same   is 

o  herein  'ippropnated   out    of    the   Treasury    as  compensation  and  rehef  of  the 

4  said    Mr-'     I'.iuily   -I.    l^lackhurn,   mother   oi    Francis    J.    Blackburn,   and  that 

/>  the  .\uditor  of   I'ublic  Accounts  issue  liis  warrant  on  the  Treasury  therefor. 

^  ,rw4  "vm^Il  '  -. '  >.i«ir"ft'^~.;<it4iii^SL«;  i.  .^; .  v.2.;  '..,ikML- 

?%■       >MF.NX>ME.VTS  PUUrUbia)  BV  THK  (( »MMITTi:i-;  ON  Al'i'liOI'i;! A 

TIUNS  TO  S.  15.   NO    124. 
Amend  liiu- ]H    of    said    Inli    hy    strikiii^-^    out    the    words    "five  t  li,  iii-„uid      and 
2    insert  the  wordt*   "two   thousand   live   liundrtd     ni    h.  u    tlj.-reof. 

.  j<i-' i >.'. ™-  j'' ».■' .:;".- ^o :-z ;5> .»!.'>./:  . .  i .■  ■■>.: ill.' ;»:■.-»•  ♦*. vii.»V *;;;,-: wjA&2tX.«A'-'i. ..*.«:i2j«»L':« ■ . A-*i«i3!fc.-it''-i'5« . 


a5th  Assem.        FIOrSK— No.  124— [n  Sonato.       Juno  1887 

!.      K<ii'>'-1   \\"\\\    [ji^u-i-  .\|ii:!   l'<.    I'^.^T.   ■m  !  "T'l-riii  tn  first   rcmhii^. 
'1       \\\\    ■_.    I'^'^r.   !'fir''-l   I.    1     'i'!iiittti-  '•!.    \i'|irii|iMaf loiis. 
■>.      K'iMK'.i    I  :i(h   .l',!ii    ■>.    I'-.^r.   uitli'Mit    rt-i  Dinn.rdiiiitii.ii,    friiil    {;r•^t    tune 
lui.l  urii"  II  •!   tw  -i-(  111].!    ri'  iliiJi.'. 


l' nr  Ai.  .\i  f  :  i.'.ik'  an  iii'iifi  jirialii'ii  I'.r  til'  ii  li.'f  .)f  I'l  ii  i  M.Im.  w  J:i/  wa^ '!i-,iiii(.-<i 
!•>■  lii''  ji|'  i],,it  ui  ••  'ti--(hai  L'l'  I't  ,1  canth'ii  Im  i. /iiLriiJu'  t^  tin  Matt  of  Illiiinjs, 
Hf   a   r.-uiiiiin   nt   tin     Arn,".    I'f   'jh     i .  iiim^-ii'. 

\\'iu.i;K\N,  -alii   caniii'ti    \\a>   !:■  MaN   <  uiiitK'!   aii  i    niitit   t,ir   u-t  .  aiul 
■J  \\'mi.i;i  \-.   -aii    I'-tfr    Mi'ii-     1  v   -ail   |iri-iiint  .jii    .!i-i  Inrt'i-   I'l-i  In-  iiLrlit  haii'l 

•  >     ami   n-c  "f  ariti  aihi   '.va-  ^lI!:•!^^i-.    lii-atii.  .i.  tlii-rciorc 

Skc  ri'.  I.  /.''  it  ruartril  lin  >l,,'  I'xifl,  -.i  ;'u,  S--!t-  ni  IHitKitx.  ri-jiy\i  nftd 
1  I'l  til'  (!../, I /■■il  As.-irihl/ii/.  Tnat  tlir  -iiui  of  tiltoti  iiuiiiirtii  'i>>ilar.s  !■!■  an^i  tiie 
:.}  -ainc  i-  !:•  !- I'\-  ap|>r.i|inatcii  uut  ( .f  any  iii'inry  in  tin-  tria-ury  not  nth. 
■I  a|ip!i-priat.'.i.  I^i  ti,.'  rr!:.  !  .4  '^  1 1  i  l'^;.!  Mt  ( !•  i  .  '*.  iiuh  -iiii!  -Ijall  I'.'iri  li;il  for 
■")     all   ilaina-i  -   la     -(.-t  aiii.'l   thiol, cli    t  hi     picnial  i;i  c  lii-ihaiL'i    "i    -i-i   iannon. 

;•  2  'i  ill'  AiiMiti'i  I'i  l'';i  ill'  Arcoiiiii-  i-  hi  tfl\\  authoii/a<l  an'l  ,iiri  cti 'i  iv 
■_'  'Ira'.',  hi-  wariiiil  !•!,  ti-  ^>;i;i  in  i-i;r'!  ^  n  t  h'-  -urn  ■  i'  tiii'-cn  hmniri  (i  'i.ijars 
.;  til  tia-  ■■r  iiT  of  tia'  .-all]  I 'i  'a  r  Mel  ..  i-.  al:.i  tn.  >!ati  Tl»'a,-:iri  I  i-  hiTfl  \  aiithoi- 
■1  i>',.-,i  til  |ia\  tia'  siiiiii  iiiit  ol  ali>  lii'iln  >  Hi  til''  Mati  t  !i'it>iii'y  nut  <  ilia  ru  i-r  aji- 
T)     in-fpria.ti  il. 




:r>(h  A^M-m.  SFNATK— No.    I2J>.  Jan.   1887 

I  I 'ilr'"i:i(i-(l    |i\     .M».     lunk      .LilitiMIN    _'•'      i"^"^?.  Mini   oldi  rf<l    tt.    tiist    IradlrJU'. 

■J        I   il--!    1 1  .11  111  rj    .l,iiiii;il\    -I  i      I'^'^T      .i<."i    It  li  mil  l"    *   ■iiiiinitt.'.     nit    A  lM  h;;  !f  ilii' 

.iii.i    I  hiiiw.iut 
.'<        I  ,'i  |ii  ii  !•  i|    I'll!',    s'.llh     iliii  n'iii  II  lit  ~    .l;iiiil;ii\     _'i       1^*^!      |i;i--^ai:<-    i '-ci  iliiliii-ii(|ctl 

:inii    1  pliji-liii    ill    Ml  I  i||i|     |i  :ii|lli'_' 


|-'.il     An      \(  I    ti'     iliiilnl    al:    ;h  I    iiifllii-l        \ii    act    to    li-Vi-     tin     law      III     Iclatmii     Ii^     llic 

~i||i|i|  •  ■-•-II  i|:    aliil    I'll  \  I  l:I  II  III    ■■•    '"I     -nil    III    ■  il    (  I  ililai/lnlls    ailil    illfi-rt  |i  m-    .ll-MriM-S 

aiiiiiiiu'   .liamviK     annual-..      a|>|ii  1 1\  ii  I    •Inii"    '.'T.    INS-V   ni   tunt    -IiiIn    I.    Ins.', 

Si  I  rinv    1.      /.'.      '  ,■  ■i-f-J  III   Ih,    J^Piijilf  i,f  thr   S'.it,    (.1     If/imii.,   /ipr,  s,n/fd 

•J  /;,    //.,    r, ,,,,.,,'      I  sv.  ,„/,//,       III:.!         \!i    .1.1      til    ii\i-<-     tin     lav\    III    ifjafinn    f"   tlir 

.'i  -ii|i(iii--sii  III    anil    |ilt  \fiitiiiti    iii    fill-   -|i|i-ail    lit    (  iiinau'liiii--     aial     intt-rt  li  hi--   liwiaM-s 

I  aliHili!.'      |.i|iii'-tl(     annuals        i"'     iliii  iniii  i    •>' i     i^    tnlrail    a-    tnili'NV-^ 

.",  ■■>M.itliiii     !         /;.     'f    .11. 1, fill    '  '.    fL     l',ii/J,    'ii    th,     St, I',    ,,t    llhiioi-i    rri,,,  '.  '  />'.' 

(,  //.    ///-     li.i',     III      \ss,n,h/ii      '['\r.\'     Mil      <iii\illiii|     -liall      >Alt!:    till       iihiri'     aliil      inn 

7  -lilt    ■  il    till-    >i-nati       ,i|p|nin't     t|i"i      |iiaitlial    -tncK     I  a  i-im  in -.     wlm    -i  i  !  11  i  i  ai-t  it 

,S  ,1     r.iid'i       .'     I.IW,     (    .111,11--,-!,  .1,1  I--      wii.i    -jiall     Imlil     tJH-ii     oltiri     III     t!ii        lilit 

•)  Mi      tlir\     an      iiaiiiiii      fl.      'n-I     Im     mn      \i  al      tin     --.riiMil    Im     tu..    \t    i\-     .iliil 

1(1  t|,c     l)i,.|      |,i|      till,  I       M:iI-  ll:i^      Mill!      - 1 1 1   i   i  ■— m  l| -.     11,     I'ttlCt       -llall       in       :i  1 1|  "  i|  I  1 1 1  1 1     Inf 

II  tliiii      ,1   II-    lai'i        I'l'lnii     I'Mi  r-i'j    ii'i    till     .Intl.-   ..'    til. -ir  1. Hill'     t|i.-\    -,hali    tak-- 

\J  ami    -nl-i  mIii     til   an    natli    nt     i!!!!     im    ''a      tiitliliil     |iii  I' illiiaiK  i-   nl     tliiii    ilutlo 

|:;  ,-    -II,  |:    I   .iiiiiiii--!.'iii  I-.     iini    -i:ii:    tlli     tin     -alnc    uitli    thi     (iiiMinm 
|(    ■_'        It    -il  all    In     tin     .lit\     lit    -alii     I'.n.tril    i  it     <   i  m :  ii  11---1.  an  t  -     r.i    .an^ 

I .",  ;,,    i„     ,,      ,-t;ij;itii|    .1'  \     ami     li.  I    i-i-     ■■!    alii  ij.-ii    <a-^(--     iiaiiiliL'      I   1     Hull     Klmwi 

ir,  i.i.ji.    Ill    I  i.iitaL'ii  III-    HI    nil  it -   i|i-na-<--    aiiiiiliL'    iiiaiu---tli     aniinal-',    ami    tii    m-..- 

17  ;,i|    {i|,i|>i'i     iiiiali-    ti'    |ii.\i'nt    fin     -^Idnaii     'if     -in  li      lilM-iis*"-.    and      In     |iii.\nlt     tin 

IS  tin   .xtiiiMtiiin  til.  r.dt :  ami  m  tin- .\ tut   ot   ifiiM>iiahi»-  {/idimd  f(tr  Ijelief  that  aiiv 

l'.(  sUcl]    ((ilitiij^'luii-.   ui    iiitfrtiiMi-   lll-^t■H•^l■    l:a-    I'liiki'ii    mif    iii    tlil'~    Slati'     it    >liiill     In- 

■Jl  I  the   (lilt\     111    tlir    |(c|siiii     iiWIilllL!      nl      Ii;i\1Iil'      III      ilialL't       alilliKiU      liitiiti.i    uith 

'Jl  lilNriisc,    111     ali\     I'tlifl     |iiisij|.    li;i\ni'_'    l\li' '\\  ii-ilu'''    III     Ifif^iili    til    si|s|ici  !      Il;f    l■\l•^t 

■J'J  nice    (i|    -.iicli    i|i>,c;t^t  .    tc    nijlntMli;ttii\     iHitilv     s.'dil      liip.-irJ      (it      (    ' 'lirliil'.^i' 'iM'i  •-.    ill 

I-i  •Millie    liiftiilM-t    tlu'lcii).    \i\    ( oliiiiiiiiiK  ;it  n '1;      t^    ^iili!      IImmI'I     i'I      IIh     i\i--Ii'I|(i     i 't 

•J-1  slK  li    i|lsc;isf.     lUlii    lll>'lfll|     It     sliiill     |..      tilt      ilut\     (it     n;(I(|     I'xi.'il'!      "I     -^fllit      lliclli 

'2'>  lift'  t lififi it.  (It    Milt li( iii/f(l   M^'ciit    (it     till-     I'liimii.     nniiicdiiilfK     ti'  (  inisc   pioiifi 

2<'>  (AainiiiMt  lull    tlu'ii'iit    til   Im'    iiiii<lc,    mihI    iI     said     ili-^(a->(      ->liall     In      liiiiiMi    In   lie   a 

'2~i  ilaniri'r<iii--l\     ( niitMiJidn^    ni     iiitt(  timi--    inalaiK.    ^ai.l     Uoatil.     "i     aii\    iiiciiilxi 

■JM  tiifiTDt.   Ill    tlif    Statt     \'(ti-riiiaiiaii.   i  n     aii\      a■^^.l-tal]t      \  ctcniiai  laii,     --liall     nfilci 

■J*.*  -^alll   (liM-ascd    HiiiiiiaU,   ainl    --iicli    a--    lia\r    liccii    rvpnscd     tn    ci  iiitaL'ii  m.     alid     tin- 

•'Ml  |iii'iiiN<'s    HI    wiiuli    tli('\    art-,   tn    \<r   ^tiictlv     i|iiaraiit  iikmI     Im     ^ikIi     iihk      a^     tin- 

:>1  I'xiard.  (ii   aii\    inrinini   tlicifnt.  m   siirii   \  ctcriiiaiiaii    max     dct  m  iiccfssarv,  in 

■  Vl  rliaij.'r    (i|    sIhIi    |Mr-Mi||    a-~    the      rxiaid.    ■  i|     all\     llMlliiitl       tlnlcdl      (.i     ^im   i       \  ft<  I 

;>;{  iiiaiiaii.   ^Iiall   ilfsicjuatr,   and   ttii'\    >IihII    lia\r   |ki\\>-i    Ic   nrdci    aii\    jiii  iiiKc^   and 

■  ii  taini'>     ullflt-    till'     dl-^casf     lAl^t-^.      m      ha^      i.-ii'lit:\     (^i-^tcd.    a^    \m|I    a^    (  \(i(wcd 

■  C)  |irfiiiiscs   and    taiin-.   td   l>i     |iiit    m   (|iiaianl  ni>-.   sd  that   Hd  ddinrsth    aniinal  wIikIi 

•  Ml  lia--    lu'i-li.    or    l>-    Sd   dlM-MM-d.    HI     lia--    licili      i  \|>()>fd      tc    siu  li    CdlitaL.'Idii'-    dl     llitn 
'■u  tiiiu-<  (lisca>i-.    Ik'     itiiidNi'ii     ti'diii     tin      plai  r-     mi     i|uai  a  lit  iik-,  1 ,     in'i      ali(>\\      aiiV 

•  V"^  lit-altliv    niiiiiial  tn   he   liiciiLdil    tlnTcin.   (Ai  ciii    iindti    ^ik  li   iiili    di    Mvulatidii   a-~ 

■  V.i  the  -aid    I'xiard    nia\    |iii-~(  iiiif  .   and   ■^aid    liiiaid   -hall   |iri-.(iilic   -ik  h   ii't,'iilat  ihii^ 
Kl  a>   tlit'V    nia>    dfi'iii    iifii-^-ar\    tc    |i|(\i-Ij1  --m  Ii    (|iM'a--(     tidin  Im'IIil'  (  (  hiiiiiiiiik  atcd 
■41  ill    ali\    \\a\    trdlii    tin-    plai  c-    ijilal  antllaii         In    (  a-i-     ■•!     i  i  inla-jliiii^     .ind      intci 
4'J  tidii'-  lllM■a'^(■~-.  till'  -^aid    Kdiiii,  di    anv    nicnd'i  i    tlnici'l.    v|i;iil    lia\c    pdw,  i    id 
■}:i  didfi    the    -.lallj.ditci    dt    ad    (il'^t'a'>i'(|    and  lAjxisi-d    annual-         I  he   >aii|     lidaid  -h  dl 

\\  lia\r    pdWi  I     td    (  ail--(     l(       III'     .|r~tlii\cd      al!      Iialli-        -laiiio        pii'll,  I'-i'--        lixtllli-, 

!•")  Iiirnitiiir  and   |m  isdHal    |iidpi'it>     in!>'(  ted     ■>Mt!,     a!r\     <  .•ntaL.'Kni-     "i     ;nli(iidii- 

Id  (li-^i  asd.    Sd   lai    a-   in    'hi-ii    liidLMni'lit    iiia\    i  •(     ii((  i---;i  v    ]■■•     pM'Xi'iil     tin      -piiid 

47  dt    --ilcli  dl-'ca'-i  W  licli     till        T'dal'l,      i.p''l       til.       ui,tt(i,      l(|idll      di      tin       >l.iti 

\>i  \  I'ti'imaiian,  oi    an\    nt   lis  a-->i-tant-.  ditiiiiMiK     thai     an\     annud     i'-   int.  i  trd 

t'.l  with.    dl     lia--    hii'li    r\|id>i  .1    i.   .    all\     .iali'Ji  1  dii-,1  \     .  .   l,;  .ij  Idil-  . 'l    in  Ni  !;....-. 1 1--.  .i-.  . 

■'i^  till'    IJdiild.    dl    ali\       liiiliihi  I      Iii'ltiil.      iM.iV      a^'lii       \\.;t.      \h>-     (.v^Ih'I      lipiij     111.- 

'>!      \ali t  t\\>-  ■^luiir.  ill). I  111  cii'-r  siicli  aLrit't-iiifiif  (Hiiiitit  lif    iiiHfl*',    said    Hnanl. 

•VJ  or  tlif   iii'iiil'i-r  iKtiiiL'  Hi   liflialt  "t   \\i>-   Hoani.   iiia\    ap|Kiint   tliif-    liisint^'n-^tni 

■"(•■f  citi/fii^  (it   tlu'   Sratf   til   a|>|>rai'-<'   -ncli   ili-fa-nl   m    attccftil    aiiiiiial    or    aimiial^ 

•>}  >imIi    aiijiiai^ii--  --liall   ^ulivcnin-   tn   :ui     uafii     in     writiiiL'     t<i     fairl\      \aliif     sik  li 

■Vi  aiiiiiiai    111    aiiiirilaiicf   with    lln'     ri-ipiiri-iiiriit^   i.t    flii>   art.    whu-li   oatli,   tnL't'tlici 

•")<■)  witli   the    \aliiafii.ii    tixni    li\    ^h\A   niipiaiM'i--.   •^liall    in     t'linl    uitli   tlir    15iiaii|.    atiij 

.")7  I'l'   |)M'-Ni'i-\  111    li\    tliciii,      I   [)(iii   -^lH•il   aiipraixMiii-iit    lifiii;.'   niaili'.    it   --liali     in'(iiiiir 

.^.s  till'   ilii?\    III    tlif   iiwiiiT   til   iiiiini-ijiiti'ly   i|fstrn\    -ml:    aiiiinal   ainl   ilKpii-^c   ol     tlir 

')'.>  laii  ;t■^^   111    aci  ii?ii:iiHf   \vitli   tiic   nfilt-i    nl   -«ai.!     I'lianl.    m     iiu'tnliel'    tiiflrnt.   luiii 

till  iijinii    faihiii-   til   SI  I   iln.    -.,;ii|    I'liai'i,   i  it    iiiciiiln'i    tlii-i'iMit.    -Iiali   caiisf   -iicli  amiiiHl 

1.1  t.i   III     li.-t  1 1  i\r.i    aiiil   ilNjinsnl    nt.    aiiij    t  lir|-i'ii(ii  i|i    fin-   saiij   iiwiuT  <liall    furfcit    all 

(■•J  iiL'lit    f'l    iiirivc   till     (iiiii  jii-iisatii  II-    alliiwi'ii    ii\    sahl    aj>|)iaisiTs    aini     pii  i\  iilc.i    tni 

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ill  iiifi'<'ti'il    h\    ^iii-h    Us.'    aiiil   sihIi   i|iiaraiit!ii(    -|ial!  ciiiitiniii' until  rrinnxiil   Ia  tia 

(.■^  r.caiii.    anil    a    vinlatinii   nt    such    iiuaianl  iii.'   sjuill    hr   |)unishi-i|    as   |s   pi.  i\  .1  h  ii 

i','.l  \  !.ilat|    "I    ntiirr    i|  liaDlIlt  IMi'    h\'    tills    act. 

7(1  ■  >irtiiii'     1        I  hi'   (iii\i'rniii    shall  apimiht  a  i  i  iinprtcnt  \  ctciiiiaiN  sini.',-iiii  wh" 

71  -hall    \-     kii.AMi    ;,s   th.      State    \  •■t.'iinariaii     win.   t.iL'ctli'-i     with     his    as-i^i  ants. 

7_'  -hall     ait     utiilil     till'     ilili'Ctii  111    lit     sail!    jinaiii    in    <an'\  lliu'    I'Ht    the    pi.  ,\  is|i  .ii^   i,t 

~:',  tin-  ait        111  till    .Milt  I.t   th.-  ,nal.ilir\  III   tli.sai<l   St  ate  Vcf  irinanan  ti  >  |wi  h  >!  m 

71  all   th.     'Ai'li,     whiih    hf    Ilia\    hi-    ihl.-ctnl    tn    iln    \'\    s:|!.l     lluaiil    nt    ( 'nlnn   isslnlii-ls, 

~',  h,     iiia\      h\    .iiiii    with    til-   ai|'>iii     ainI    i  niisriit    n!    -alii    I'liiaiil     appmnt    niTt-sai\ 

7ti  as-!-t-il:ts.     :i|.nl,     li-llii-    Imt      i -NC -i -.  Ill;  L'      thai      [lai'l      tin-     ^tati-      \'i-t«-l  Ilia  liaii         'ihi- 

77  s,,  ,,,      \  ,  !,  1  !|ianan    -h;lll    leci  ;  w-    tni     his    -itx  hc-    tin     sum  nt    S^^  |i, -r  .l;i\    li.i   •  ai  h 

7--  I  ,-,     ai-r-iilU     i-n  |i!.i\i-'!    ui;.|.-!     t|.     ju-    xisiins    n!     this    act,    t.i'j'-th.-i     -Aitl     tlii- 

711  ,,,,.-  il\     t  r-|\  llili'J    .    \p<   Ilsfs      r.  ■    I-.     i   I    lllta   i|    In    i'\     sahi     ri.ialilnl     (    ,.l,il|i|  — i.  ,I|.-|-." 

M-  ^..r;i-     '          \\  l'i-!ii-\(-|      --i,.!      !'•  .alii     n'      <    niiUiiis-inn.  Is      -I  all      (I  )<..)!      t.       i!a- 

^,1  (ii.-,,.in.t     ;  I    !t     -i|i-i     ills, -as.-    l.-i'..-    I-.  .  nfm-    in  ci-tt -iii!  In.-aht  a-s  m  ,  a  i,,-) 

sj  st-ii- -      'I     tiat    ilair    (iiiiilit;nn    wniiM    rrnili-i    -rail  .Innic^tic  aiuinal-  !iai-u-  tn 




('(>I|V<1\    (llM'H.^ts,    he    I|ia\,     ll\    pnH'lMIIIHlllili     M   llfdllll      -lie  ll    l(M  tlllt.H"^.    Jlllii     |Ucpill}>lt 

tilt  llll|H'|tllf  inn  lit  ;ill\  ll\f  sl(i(  k  (it  till  kllnl  ill^'Ji-rii  llitn  tlir  "^titti  r\i-.|i! 
IIIhIiI  NUill  M  i_'lll;it  iMlis  ;iv  IllilV  Im  |  II  i  m  I  1 1 "  ■.  I  l>\  llii  -^illli  I'hi:!!!!  .Iliil  a|l|ll'i\i-(| 
l'\     tin       (  i()\  i-?li<  II  .\li\     (  111  |ii  i|;it  li  III      ^vlihli     ■^il)lll      hiH  i\v  llij.'l\     J I  ;ili^|K  lit  .     iii.lM- 

ill  ((ili\f\  slirli  |i|ulll|illi-i|  --tdik,  ^iiJiil  I'l  cii-i|iM'i|  ;jiii|l\  (it  ;i  i|iI-m|<  liK  :ili(  II  ,Uhl 
i||i(i||    rnllV  l(  tldll     tllfli-nt.    --li.-ill     i  it       tlliid      lint      lfN>-      lllHIi      S 1  .1  "  '  '     'mU       liinli       tli:il, 

Sl(i,(l(lti    fur    »■:!(  li    and    f\i'i\    (itltiisi.   and     --hall     In  (  (Um     lialiji     Im    :iii\    .ind   all 

dalliat.'r  "I  i(iNs  tll.'it  lri;i\  In  -.ilstM  llifd  |i\  ;ili\  )i;iit\  .i|  |ihiIii-,  Ii\  if,-i-.(>li  ni 
till  iin|iii|tatl(iti  III  t  iaii->|Miltati(i|i  nl  -in  h  |ii  i  ilniiiti-d  -tntK  ^ll(ll  |'iiialt\  -liall 
|if  I  CI  1 1\  (  tcii  III  an\  ciHiiitN  in  tin-  Stati  nitc  ■  >]  tliMciL'li  '^tmli.  -mii  -Imh 
I-  liiiiiiLdil.  ii|Miii  mil  ifinat  n  111  tilfd  iii  tin  ( di  Mil  (unit  nl  an\  -in  li  (unntx.  m 
tile     Si||M-niil      (iilllt      (i|      ('(Kijx      iiiiilitv  \n\      |i(|-iin      wlm.      I^Illl\vinL'      'l;;il     ;iti\ 

colita^lKUs.  (i|  iiiifitiiiii-  di-fM-c  1  \i-I-  ainniiL'  In-  diitin-tK  aiiuiiiil^.  shall 
idlicial  -IK  I:  tait.  ni.  KniAVinL'  ul  tin  (  \l-ttln  c  mI  -in  Ii  ill-iaMv  -liali  -•  M  tin 
sallif.  .11  ,<ii\  iA|>(i-iMi  aniliiid.  Ill  klK'wniL'  tin  -illn  -liall  lilnnvi-  -m  li  ( 1 1-.  a-i -d 
111  intcctfil  ainnial-  tinin  In-  |iitnii-c  -  !  ( ■  t  In  |ii i-in i->  -  ■  i*  :iniit  In  i  ■  ii .  Km  ■v\  in  _■  nl  I  lit- 
iAi-ti  m  i  ( ■!  -in  li  di-fn-t  ,  i  n  i  \|ii  i-nii-.  -Inili  -Inji  t  In  -nini  li\  ;in\  i  ,il  i  n  -t  i  mI  n  I  i  mt  . 
!ind  ,in\  |iii-iiniii  iici-mi-  \\  h.  i  -liali  la  inij  nn\  -mli  d  i-i-,i-<  il  •  a  Knnx^inclv  -hall 
liiiii:'  ,in\  -iidi  I  \|Mi-(d  aniinn  ni  aninnd-  inln  tins  Mati  li.iin  .iimtnc  '  Mati  , 
ami  aii\  |ii  i-nn  i  n  |itr-(  ai-  \Oii '  -hall  iiln '\v  intjU  iniV  n  (  i  l\i  .  -til,  i  1 1|.\  i  \  .  '■■  >  i  L'a;.'i 
ni  till  lialli.  lit  -ml,  'ii-t  i-'il  .'I  iv|ii.-iii  -IiKJ.  -iiaii.  Idi  in\  ami  ili  iil- 
aliii\i  n  11  lit  11  aii-ii  iii  tl.i-  -it  Inai  1"  lmiiIIn  ■  •;  :,  hi-,.!,  nnania  and  ■  a  i  iiii\n  tnni 
I  lift  i-i  i|.  I  a  lit  ali\  iilit  (it  -aid  ;iit-,  -hali  In  liinil  in  an\  -uin  iidl  n  --  tl,aiiSii."i 
nnl  llldli  tliali  SJNI.  and  I  li  i|  i|  l-iHii  1 1  lli  tin  idiililV  Jail  nlitil  Hit  liln  andin-l,- 
an  paid,  and  -liali  ti  a  ti  it  all  i  ludit  t"  t  In  ■  dni|ii  n-at  nin  n  a  ali\  alillna !  di  -'  i  d\  ■  d 
iiiiili  I  I  ill'  |iri  i\  i-idii-  1 1'  tni-a<t  \n\  v  iti  iiiiai  \  |ii  ai  t  it  h  an  I  i..i\inL'  inti  i  nail  mn 
dl  an\  -in  li  t  i  ail  a;:n  ai-  la  iiittctidii-  di-ia-f  <ii  tlil-  Ntatt  .  and  wlid  -liail  tall 
td  |ii  dinjit  i\  M|Miil  ~'n  li  kiidW  ii-ii|ji  !.■  tin  linaid  dl  l.i\t  Mill  k  (  dn'ni,--idni  a-, 
-hali  In  land  not  li--  tlian  S|(n  i„ii  nnai  llian  >."i(»i  la  I,.  iiii|ai-iaM-d  it)  I )  f 
(iiiinlx     |aii    iidl     Iiidit     than    din      \iai     lia     •  at  i:    dliili-i 

Sti  tldli    ■"/.       \\  in  ni  \i  a   -aid    I'lcard  -iiall  l^-t  lain     -all-tiid  that   an\    dani.'i  k  ni-h' 
( tiTita<,Moiis  or   iiitfct  mil-  discaM-  ainoii!.'   ddin(>ti(    aiiiinals  t\i-l-   tiih  iu{.'h(iiil  any 

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Miinm  ifM(|it\  .i:  '.'fOL'tapliK  ;il  l|l^t^l(  f  m  tlif  Stat«- .  and  in  flicir  jnilt.'Mifnt  it  I'- 
ll, i.-^smv    tii   .|iiai  ;i!if  nit     ^ii(  !      iiiiimcijiidit  \    or    i.'c(it/raphi(  al    di'-trut    in   .irdi'i    to 

{..'■'..tit  till  -|.M-;id  I.I  ^iiii;  di--f:t-,i-  iiiti.  I-. lilt iL'iii'ii-  tt-m t( irw  tlic\  ^liall  ri'|"irt 
:]■'  ^.iiiM-  t..  till  (i.i\.nMii.  \\l;i>  !ii;i\  tlii'iiiipiip  li\  |i|iiclaniatiiiii  •-(■lirdiilf  iirid 
i|i,;ii  iiitin.  N,,'i  li  di^fnif.  |iHii!iliitiii'_'  all  .IniiifstK  anmiaK  ..I  tin-  kind  distjisi-d 
tii'iii  l.iiiiL'  I'l.'iiLdit  mtc  1.1  t;dN<  n  finii!  siidi  iiifi-ctcd  district  and  siicli 
|.M  .1  l;iiii:il  ii  ii!  vli.ill  ImiM  fh.  tiim  i.l  it^  ]iii  Idlcat  li  Hi  Lllid  all  liflsiiii^:  and  itn\ 
\  1' lilt  M.ii    ..I     ^iii   ii     (|!i;ii;illlini      ML'iihlt  h  iliv    -,(.    .■stat.llslli-i|     --liall     In-   M--ltii|    \Mtli    like 

|.i  i,.dti.~  ;iii.  I  1(1  I  .Ml  .-d  in  Ilk.  inaniifi  a^  i^  |ir(i\id<-d  tm  tlir  \iiilati(in  i.f  ntlici 
i|ii.n:iiiliii.  .1-  |.rii\id.-d  111  >iitii.!i  J  lit  tlii>  act  I'liKuhil.  that  iintliins: 
.  . -iit.iKi.  d    II     Il!l■^   >c(tiiiii    -.liall    lie   VII  (I  iiisi  rn.'.l    as   t.>   jiic\cnt    tln'    ninvfinciit    nl 

:ili\    .ilillii:i|v    lit     till      hlid    dl--i  :iv,ii     tlilnllLdl     -ik  ))     tciritiTV     lllidcl     siii   |i    li  ■^Mliat  li  HIS 

;i-   till     iH.aid   III     l,i\.     Stuck    (  iiinniissiiincis  iiim\    |Hi-scnl.c,   and   the  (.iivcriidt 


Siitiiiii  li  Xiithll.'J  1  iilitaitK  .1  in  till-  ;i<t.  Ill  ;iii\  -cctloli  tllcM-nt  -hall  he 
lilt.  1 1. 1 .  till  -1'  ;!•>  til  j.lcVi'lit  the  lili;ii\;il.  "I  slll|illiclit  i  .f  (llsCHst-d.  m  cNjHiscd 
iiniiMalv  liiidci  the  order-  nt  fhi  lln.-iid  cieiited  h\  tin-  act  troin  one  place  to 
ilii.thel  \'\  --iild  Hi. aid  .1  It-  UL'iliI--^  l.\  dliVlliL.'  alotiu'  the  |.||hll<  hiL'li\va\  or 
■-hi|.ni>lil  oh  i:i|s.  Ill  -ti'.illiho.'tl  •-  uheli  III  the  ii|illi|oli  ot  said  lioaid  sIkIj 
iiii!i'\;d     |s     iH-eissaiA      |iii      the     si,|i|.ress|i  .n     111     siK  h     eoht!i!.'loiis    ami    inlectloiis 

l.ili  ^iitii'l'    7  W  h.  hi   M  I       i|;,aia.tiei       I-     .-talillshid      11]      aeimdalMi       with      till 

l.;7  |i|  1 1".  |s|' 1,,^    ,  ,|    M-ctloM    _'    o!     ti:l~    ai  i       '.alld      nolKi     i  it     the    sjiliie     iiiav     lie    i/p.ti.    i.\ 

1    i.^  Ii    i\i1i._'     uith    the    iiWlii  I     I.I     • 'I  I  Mpalit    ol    ali\    pleliilses    n,    |)crsi.|i.  o|    dell\e||iii_.   to 

|.;',i  ,i|,\     iiiiiiihii    III    his    lalniU      "I     iii\    iiii|.h.\e    ii\ii    til.     arje    ol     ten    \ia|s    foiiiid    oil 

1)11  till      |i|.i'il-.-    s,  ,    i|iialalitined.    Imtli  I      ihelcot      Ulltt.I      o|     |  irUlted .   i  iT   ()a  rt  l\    Wlltteli 

II!  ,iiid      j.altK      (.flliti  d      and      at      tla       vain.       tllni       lAplainiliL'      the      lolitelits      thtleof. 

IIJ  Sii,   I:    iiwal  alilllM      shall     hi      si  1 11  ie  i .   1 1 1  I  \     pioMli     lli     alA    (oillt     h\    the    ploductlol.    of 

li;  ;,    tlia     .i.|.\     ot    s,,(  h    liothi     •■!    ijiililitni.      \\\\\\    a    retllir;    Ihclcoli    ol     the     s,  I  \  K  ( 

1)1  o!      till       sail  I       III      till       iiialiiiei      al.o\.       reipiiieil  \ii\      jKTv.n      \iolatini.'      said 

Id'i  i)uaiaiitine   shall    In-   L,'iidf\    of   a    niis<leiiiciinoi    ami    piinishcd   a.s    i^   |irovided  foi   in 

14(>  sfctuii    1  of    this  a<t.  and.  en    ( aiiMi  tioii,  sjiall  ht-  liable    for    «li    (iHiiiHgt-    tliat 


117  Illi(>      li'-^lllt     tc    nllnl      |>ll^li|l>     111     ((ill-it  (jllcIK  I      111     slH  li     \  Hlllltlull  ]'lflni-'i      tllfit 

IP^  uii>     oln     Icclllii.'     Iilliist  It    .It,'-.'!  II  \  111    li\     -1,1  |i    i|ii:u;ilit  llif     lii;i\     ;i|>|ii;il      li.     ;1,(       lull 

11'.'  I'>naic)     .i|     (   I  i|iiilil-N-li  itii  I  >.    ^vliii     slijill     t  111  n  U|»i  ii,      -ii^Ialli,    li—llU     'ii      :ilii,i,l    -^mhI 

\'*>  i|ii,iiar!l  iiii     a.--   t  lii-\    <\i  '  m    |ii(i|(i  I . 

l")l  ~-M<ti.ii;   "^        Ml     !irii-    iit..\iii'i     i.n.ii  I     It..      |.t..\  ,>iiiii-   .1     ill-     \(  ;     -liall    111' 

|.V_'  jiahi    mh'    till     i,iii)il\     lii.i-iil\    -I    till     'i'hit\      I     'Aliiii,    llii     -.,.1     i-     Ii'iii.    |i\     l|,< 

1  ■">.  1  |i(  I  ^Mii    c  1  iili  1  I  iiii_'    I  hi     -ill"      ii  '  1 1  1      :i  ;i  I  1  I  I     I  •  \<     |i|.  \  hii  M     i  \    1,1  u     :  i      I  1      ii>i  (I 

l-M  ti'l     (..illiIV      |r,||)..-,  -  ,      i,li.i      l!       ~l;;ill      ii       iii       .!i,I\     ■!      "^tal.  \lt.!l.\  ,1:     'I, Ml 

1.1.1  li-|iiili\i     (.iilllli-    !•■    )i|  I '.>!  (   :;;(        li!     \  |i  i|  il  I' 111-     '^1     till-       \it 

]•"><>  ^((tiiii,   '•'        All    1  laiiii-     iL'.iiii--;     llii      M;ili      ,!ii^ii,<_:     lii'iii     ilii      -i.H.L'hl.i     .'t 

I-"li  allilliaK.    ,!■-     Ill   llill      |l|n\l.|iil     tMl.^liali     In       ll.nll       1.       ^.Idi      I'.iill'i     .'!     (     .  .Mllli  .--■'li '111    r>, 

|.'>'~'  nil. Ill     ^u(  Ii     Hill-        iliii      |i  r  hla!  ii   1,-      a-      lii.    »      Ii     i\      (i|.-illl.i.     ,i|.|      ll      ~|:.ill      |.       tl.i- 

1-Vl  .|iiU    "\    ^a;.l     I'l.i.alii    111    (    iiliiliil-^^liili.  I-    1.      ill  I.  Ill, 11.     llii       iliiMhlit     win  I'    -hall    Ik-  |iai.|      ,1      1  arh     i  a--i      i 'l      .iiciiiil     .  .<      ili'lial-      -.       -la  u'j  hi .  i  ■  ■  i      \'  I  u  I         i      ..-•      .i| 

jtil  .ihiihai--    111     ihi     i.ii\ii,i     -]i,  I  ,,  -.    -hall     I"      h.i-iii     ..(I     ihi      Ian     .a-h     ii    iii-al     \aliii' 

I'lJ  thllic'l  li'l       I   I   i-t.       iif        till        ll-<  li'l        'la,l\  |iiil|H'-i-  Mil       !..       iMti.l       >^  V    ,       |i«   ! 

lli-i  hi  a.l  .     aliil    III    ra^i>   nl    alilllial>    nl    tin     ii|iillii     -|m(Ii-,    ..|i    iIhii     hill    ■  .i-|.    inaikrl 

lt>l  \  alllf.    hut    111    I  \i  iril     Sll '( I    |ii  I      III  ad  .    .1  hi  I     ?i  |ii  .it     tin      -.aTi-i      I..     1  h.      (  .,  .\  i  i  •  .  .i  , 

|(i."i  alul    thi      (r..\rllH'l     -hall    .lihl-i      ih.  Ii.'h      hi-    nnii!      I.       tin       Mai.       \:alili.|       uiin 

lilt.  -hali    thill  ii|M.h    I--I1I      hi-    v^all.alil    ihi     Slali       ih    i-illil     I.?     l|ii     .-aihi 
Hm  ^^(t!.lh    III       ^al.i   jiranl    .'I    t  i  .iiiiiii— ^|l  .in  i -.    i|     ihv    iiirinhii    llniint    aiiil    thr 

l(;s  Stal.       \  i-ti  I  Ihai  lah       iImI      hi-     a--i-t.ilil-      il       I  In      |>i  I  h  n  liial  n  .       .  i|       I  hi  n      liiitu- 

lli'.l  ilh.ii   1     'Ih-      \i  t     -li.ili     ha\.      |i,'\\.i     ;..    I   all     .'h     -lul.t'-    .il.i     ihill     .!i|ii|Ili-      (.iii-ta 

I  .1  I  hii  -      .Hill      |n  ai  I       .  .IIm  1  I  -      iiia_\ .  ■)  -      >  'I      .  it  ii  -      ■  lU       ii,.l       i .  i'a  i.       iii ai        iinl 

III  piilli  I   Ilii  ii     ti  '    a-'-'l-'I     t  hiil       il      .  all  \  IhL'     '  'Ut     .t-    |i|  I    V  i-l.  ai-.    al   li     It     I-     hi   l  .   hv      1 1,, lilt  ■ 

IT-J  liii      .ii,t\    lit     .ill     -ml.     I'liliil-    |w    .1--I-I     II      i.iMVIhL'     "'I'     ill'     |'lii\  :-li '!'-   I  li    till-     \i  I 

i7:!  whil,    .  i.|i  li-.l    t.i    lii      -II         lint    -ani     I    I  liilhi  — lli'.l  I-      iIhI     111.      "~lali      \iIiMliallah 

ITI  alai   III-    a-~-l-taht-      -hall    ha\i       'aIhIi     .Mjau'i'l    ili    .aliVlhL I    th.      |  a  ■  i\  i-i.  m-    .jt 

I7-"i  thi-  .\it.  thr  -aim    jinwii-  .ami  (ii.  a.  d  i' ii  i  thi  i   |wa(i    ntliiii-    h.'ivi  ,    iImi    my 

17ti  -U(  h    ultliiT    u||i      lail-    III     ntii-i--     !i.    .nlnlii     tlii       lawlill     ohlil-    aia!     .)i  i  1 1  ai  1 1  .  In' 

17(  lit    -.illii     llnitlil.    m    ali\     liiiililii  I     .;li\    \  i-Iii  inall.ali    aitllii;    iilniii     'hiiii, 

1  hM  111    tllf    |MU|MT    i\l-(  lltliilJ    1)1     tlic    J^iVSfls    (•(illtcrifii    ii\     tills     Alt.     -.i|;ill      l>L'     ilojilil 

I  VI 


I '.I'. I 


uMiiltv     't'   ;i   iiiiMlfriicjiriiii.  ;ui.l    I'linisli.-.l    ;is  prnvid.-.l    III   Sfctimi    1  "I   tlii^    \<t, 

;,,l,|  nil  (•(iliMclKill  ^llllll  lif  Im  ilulilc  tnl  :ill  .  I II II  i^-L''"  'MCUrlllL.'  ti'  .itll.l  |MrM.:!s 
,1,1  I,.,-,  liliit  III  >i|rli  lii'ijIiTl,  I'l-  ii-t!l--;il,  "li  111-  |':iit  ti.i;iir\  nil!  1  In-  ■  inl'  I-  .iiiil 
l!i  mil  .11  li  !l,i  i|ii;il  ;il;t  llM  .  -t  1 1 '!  i  ^i  ,•  ■  I  li\  -;ihl  ll'i.H'l  i  i|  lli\  ll  Ifll  1 1  n  I  t  I  ii  1 1  i  it ,  c  il' 
ll^  Mill:. .11, 1,1  iiu'fllt-..  ^ikIi  lilllr  IL'i  I"  ill  1  iillfct.'il  !i\  -Mit  M|liiM  lllf  imll'l  'if 
^11,1,      .llill    ,    !  .     |.|iili'_'lll      111      ill'       liilM.'l       lit      ti:i        |Mil|l|i       nl      til.        Stlltiul       lllllMH-      t"l      ill"' 

il^i     .  i!    I  ill     (lalt  \     ili|ill-il 

S,,      II  'I   111       .III, I      r..,||ii     ,|:;iil     .   ..   ..|M|    ,t,       ■  ll  1:    :illV     '  'iiMi|Ml^-.liill    III    .'tll'•r 

,.lll,,■l       :i|i|i..|i,l.-,i       l.\       tl'i         riiiti.l       ^t:il.-       I'll       till        -'l|i|l|.--l.i|i      III      I  •ii.ta^'i.ill-. 
,|l^,-;i-..  -.,      ili,.i|i-.-    linn,!   -t|.      ,iIi;mi;i!-      -i  '    I.'l'      i  ■•    fll>-    |  Ti  i\  I -^!l  il !  ~    "':     till-     \it.     th.l     tlif 
i|i|i|. 'irri;!!  inli^     lii:iii'-     111     .11  I  iil'l  Mil  1      tii'H'AlIli     '^ill      dill-.',      in     ,■!  |i|ii  i  ■  ,-.Iil'     .ilnl 
jii,.-.  ,   M  ,1)..     !|;.      ,|iM;iii      n!      I  i  il'!:ij!i  .11-       H:'!      :  1 1!'  i  1  i. 'i  I  -       ll-i    <-■-       lUi.iivJ      .  i.  n  i  i.--t  Ic 
■  i.iini!         I      tii;       ->t   ill 

>,.,.i;,„  !_'  h  ,|nii  I.,  ti..  .ii,(\  lit  -mi  r..i;il.!  -I  i  .  .m  mi  — m  mi  i  ■  1"  1mi-|> 
.,      |,,..,,,1      ..!       ;i!l      tlii'll       ;i.I-.      :ill.|      plm  I  I'llil-J-         lllil      r.|'iirl      til'       -illl!.       t.i      tin- 

(,,.,,  III.. I     ■iiiima'lv     I.I    iilt'-Mi  I      1    iii|!iiiiil     till    |iulili.   iti'i'i       Till'    iiiiiiiiii    i.|iurt 

,1,.,]|  III,  |i,.|,.  ;;li  it,  111!/,  (I  -I:ili  liii-Ml  "I  :ill  -lllll-  -•  >.  |m1|i  |.  ■' i  liS  tlnll:  illiii.'l  tlll> 
\,  I  iiiriiiillli'J  il  -tiif'lii'l.t  III  III  'lalii.-iU''-  iiTi.liiliu  micil  iiV  tlii'lli  til  III-  |i;)lcl 
I,,!      ill      il!llii;i!-    -l.illL'lilili  ll        ili'i     ti'.      ;lll!i.>ilil-    |Mlil    tli'-MJiil 

S,cli..|i  1.;  '\'\f  lliillli"  I-  '!  -:ili!  i"il.!  -I'liii  '111'  li-'.Ki'  till  -nil,  III  S.'j 
|„  I  ,|:i\  till  ..III:  'l.-iv  in-i  .  lis  I  iii|ii'i\i-.l  II  til,  .|l-.-|i:ilu'''  hI  !l:''il  'iMtl'--. 
til,  11     iii..--;iiv     tr:i\illli-     '  \|"li-'  -     :il!''     "tlii     I  In  !i  ii  lit  :il     i\|.i.|i-.-     luri --;inl> 

il.,-im,,i      II,     llii       |Ml|,i!l|.;il 'llMI      .illtli   -        ill, 111      till-      \i  t       t..      i.i        jMlil      1. 11 

,.,  lti!:..i      I'lii     It.  (iil/i'.i     ■.  .iiiili'  I  -     ti'    t"      :i|i|i|.'.'    I     ii\     tin-    (■.■mMh'I 

\t,i.'l..i    ^.  liiiti'    I'l'li     \"      I-"'    !'"■      iil'iiti'-.'    'Il'     t.'ili'\>  :'!'-'    t!:|..-    -i.tii.ti- 
;    li        x;,|.i     r>,,;iiii    .it    (  niiMii— i.iii.  r-    -li;il!     Ill     l'\    till     >i'<ri't:i'v    i  il 
M;,t.       Mtiilli.      l|.ii--;il\     !.!l|.|      I.I...I-      1. 1, nil,-  I  S    -ijil'll'- 

1,-,  \ii    :,(  t-     ili.l      jilt!-        '      ••'-      "II  "ll-l-t.   lit      liil.'vMtl.      Ill      Im   I,   li\      Il  |.i:|l.-<l 

;     jl,         \\  I;,M;i-.    tin        I  .    w      ^t.-'        \  — ■  .r !:,  1 1.  n       ll'      •Mtlln.,:      Im.a.i     '■•     ,:i|.|.r.-,s 
,  ,,|,t,,M|,,ii^    ,,li,!     !|,|,  ,   I  Kill-     ,|!„.:  -.^    !:,,-.\     -■.l-Illi.j      ilii.h..'     llM      -till   i.     ;i      t|.      >t,il.' 

.,!  llliii..!-,  I, ml. I  th.  luiM-iit  liw  till  lit. i|v  ;iii  I  III!  i-^'i  IM  V  .vi-t-  iii.i  tin-  \rl 
sllilll    lakf    rHfct     lldljl     llui    :ift«  I    it^    |i;f^-.i'_'< 

Sorl.  Ahh<mm.  SENATE— No.  129.  Feb.  1887 

1.  riitrodtueil  by  Mr.  Funk.  JMiiiiHrv  2('),  1HS7,  and  ordered  to  first  reading. 

2.  First  rea<liii^   Janiuirv  2(i.   ISHT,  and  referred    to    ('orumittee    ou    Agri- 

culture and    Drainiij^f, 

3.  Ke|»()rted  back    Januar\    J7.  1S87,    passage    recoiniuended,  and    orderetl  to 

second  reading?. 

4.  Second  remlinj?    February     2,     lH87.    amended    and    ordered    to    a    tliird 

■').     He(K>rttMi   enprossetl    FebruMry  4.    1HK7. 
<).     Tliird   readinj:    February   ;o     1H87;    failed   to   pa-ss   witli   two-tiiirds    vote, 

and    then   referred  to   (  oininittee   on    .\^riculture   and    Drainage. 
7.     Reported   back    February   ^4,    1HH7.   with   amendineiitK;   jiassa^ije    recoui- 

nieiided,  and  ordered   to  a   second  reading,  and   to   be  print.ed. 


For  An  Act  to  amend  an  act  entitled  '.\n  act  to  revise  the  law  in  relation  to  the 
sup)i!ts.Mi.n  and  prevention  of  Th>'  spread  of  contagrious  and  infectious  diseases 
amoni^  domestio  annuals,     apiiroveil  June  21,  lHb5,  in  force  July  1.  1885. 

Sectmii   1.     lif   if    t'liiirft'd  l^j  Ihi'  Peoplf  of  flic  Sfafe  of  IJluiois,  rtjrresenied 

1  III  flu   (ii  inriil  AsHf'mfili/,     Tlia*    '  .\n  act    to  revise    the  law  in  relatioji  to  the 

3  su|)pressi(in  and  prevention  of  tin-  spread  of  contagious    and   infec^tious  disease*! 

4  aiiionj,'  domestic  animals,  "  \n-  ameiide<i  so  a«  to  read  as  follows: 

5  "Stftinii  1,  lit  if  t'ldcftil  I'll  tJic  I'ltiplf  of  flu  Sfafe  of  Illinms,  ref/rcMtntet/ 
(J  (>(  flif  (ifiiirid  Assdiifilii.  Tliat  flit  (iovenior  shall,  with  the  advice  and  con- 
7  sent  nf  tlif  S<'nate,  apjK)int  thiff  practical  stock  liree<lers,  who  shall  constitute 
s  a  Hoard  oi  Live  Sto(  k  (  ommis>iuiiers.  \v)io  sliall  hold  their  oflice  m  the  order 
',)  m  whicli  they  are  natiie<l,  the  first  for  one  year,  i  he  second  for  two  yeai^s,  and 

10  the  tliird  for  three  years;  and  their  succi'ssors  in  office  shall   lie  apfxjintetl  for 

11  three  years  each.  Before  entenii;.'  on  the  duties  A  their  ollice,  they  shall  take 
\'l  aiul  subs(  iibc  to  an  oath  of  oUkc  the  fiuthful  iH-rfonnance  of  their  dutieH 
1;{  as  such  Commissioners,  luid  shall  tile  the  same  villi  the  (iovenior. 

14  "Section  2.     It  shall  lie  the  duty  of  said  Hoan.  of  ("oniniissioners   tt)  cause 

15  tt)  Ik-  investiKat<!d  any  and  all  cas«'s,  or  alleyrxJ  cfl«es   couiiug    to    their  ktjowl- 

16  edf^e,  of  contagious  or  infe(;tioiis  diseaseH  among  doujestic  auiinalfl,  and  to  use 

6  ■       '" 


Tlu-  Coiiiniittee    on    Annciiltuic  nnd    DrainajTc    nrniiu  i«>n(i    tlic    follownifr 
aiin'riilint^nts  to  Keiiatt*  ISill   1-J<».  (printed >. 

Firxf—lnHcri  "Funk  '  in  jilacr  of  "St.-UHrt.'   linr  on«^  >\>  toj>  of  printed  bill 
2     pafic  one  d  >. 

3         S,<<ind—\n    line  twenty  i2«>i,  paf.'f    tw..  rj,.  insert    tlie    woni.^  -iiMV 



4     or"    between    the    ^ouU  "ehar^'e"  and    "animals'    and    ail(i    tlie    words  "any 

•")     Mich  "  a.t   the  end  of  said  line  twenty,  anrl   after  the  word   "witii.  " 

«)        77//;vy— Inspft  the  word  "dancoronsly  "  m  juie  fwenty-sea^n  i27i  between  the 

7  words  "or  '  and  "infectious  " 

8  Fourth — In  the  line  thirty-H<'ven  >'M >  insert    the    word    "Nliair    lietween    the 
\)     words  "disease"  and    "be.  " 

10  /•'//'/// — Insert  in  line  forty-one  i41'  the  words  "all  Muii     h.iwreii  the  words 

11  "in"  and  "eases." 

13  Sisih — Insert    in    line  forty-tliree  '■^'^'  the    word  "sucli  '  i>etween    the  words 

14  "all     and  "disease<l." 

15  Scrrnfh — Insert  m  line  forty-tive  ,45i  the  word  "such"  betwwn   words  "aiij"" 
l(i     and  "eontauious. 

17  Ki(/fitli — Insert   in  line  tifty-one  i.")!!  the  wokIs  •'sucli  aiiiinais  mid   property" 

18  between  the  words  •"of"  and   "and.  '  and  erase  the  words  "the  same.  ' 

lit         S'nith — Insert  in  line  hftythree  i.5.3i  the  word  "e.\posed"  between  the  words 
'J(l     "ir  "  and   "animals.  "   and  add     at     the    end  of    said     line    and     after    the  word 

21  "animals"  the  words  "or  proi)erty.     and  eraf^-  the  word  "affeited. 

22  Truth— \usi'n   in  line  tifty-eipht   lOH'  the  words  "or    property'  between    the 

23  wonls  "animal"  and   "and." 

24  Kliirnth — Insert  in  line  tifty-nine  i5i*i  the  word  "same"  in  lieu  of  tlie  word 

25  "carcass"  erased. 

24)         Twelfth — Add  to  line  sixty  after  the  word  "ammal  "  tJie  svords  "or  HUiumls 

27  or  property." 

28  Thirteenth — Insert  lu  line  seventy-five  (75)  the  words  "such  other"  betweeu 

29  the  words  "appoint"  and  "necessary." 

IIM  ■SfctH'li    -'.       W  liftlfMT  s;(IM    l^'liHld  sllllli   htrdlir    v;,tlsti(,!  liiHt   H\\\    (|alli:r|(  .Usl\ 

III  I  Mill  ;ii,'i,  r!i-    ''I     ih'i-i  ll'Miv    .ti'~>  11 -<     :i(i:i'li^'    'l"iiii  -t;.      ;iriin.ii-    .   \i-l-    r  i,  i  (  m.^."  ,,  .1  it    ;iii\ 

I  1  .',  n    'II;  11   l|M!K  \     '■!     ■,'•■' '.^  1  ,i|.!  :!,   ,1  1     .ji^tllit      ill     rl.i-     '^I,!!.         ii,.l     111     Mii-U      I '.-i'J  11,1  III       I      :- 

111  n'-(\     !•'    iii,.ii;iiil  ;!(•     ^ui  i,     iiii,iih  i|i;illt  \    . 'i    L''"'-'l;i|iiii"    il     >il^tlii!    Hi    .Mijii    !i. 

iir  |ll>\l!l!       !l|.-      ^|l|.-,.|      ,'\      -,.1>I|      .ii-.|-.l        ihti'      I    ■  l(|i  H^iiMll^        ''•Illl"l\.      ll|l-V       -iuli      ll|MI|t 

11^  fill        III!     •'     'li>     (  .  .1'.  •  I  I'l  .1       .h.i    iii;i\     t  i,il"ii|i. 'I.     ii\     I'/ i  ici.iiMil ;' .1      ^(lit-.liju      ah'l 

il'i  i|i|;il  :ili! 'In      ^iii   II    .li'-tlli!       |  U  '  1  i  j !  I  i|  1 1 1 1  u     .III    .  |i  i|  t  :i  s!  |i      ,llill),li>    "!      Ili'      I'llhl    'll-.ii(>cij 

i  J(  '  Ili'lii      l<,lf.'      I'hiiiu'i:;      lilt"       'I      ;.iim!        it'll        ^111   ji       iliii-i  riMl      .ji^lliil         -ill. I       -111  1; 

r_'l  |il  I 'iliiJiKifii  ■!      -^i.tii     111. II,     ;ln       Iilii'       M      il--    |H||.|li  atinli     iilll.l     .(li    I'll^.'h^.     iliil      ilJi\ 

IJ'J  viiiialii'l'    ■'!    -Miii;    i)Uai:ilitllii     M  l' liial  1.  iii--    ^1 1   1  ■-laliii>),,  li    >liail    !■•     vi-.lti-ii   wit).   lllii- 

lil  I"  lialti.    .    iliii   1  •■(  ,  i\  .1  ,  il    i|.    like    inatilii'l    ;!•-    .^    1 1|  ( i\  lil.i  i    t.'i    iiii     unhitluli    '.I    utiiif 

I'J)  ipiai  ilitiip      I-    |i|i'\i.|til     i!i     -,.iti"i'      1     .1!     till-     air        I'm:,,/,./,     Hid     i.iithlliL' 

I  Si  ■  i.litailii  •!     II:     ;lil-    -~(ili..|i     -1.  til     i'l'    -II    I  1.1:^1  I  iii-.i    a-    I.,    jil.'.'lit     tin      1 1  li  1  \  .  M  h  1 .  t    1  it 

l_ti  ,ili'>    aliiiiiai--   "I    tia     i-alpi   iii>i    i-iii    Iliinuu'i.    -.luli    tilliJulV    lili'iii    --i.'li  Mi;  n  lat  u  itis 

1_'7  u-  tin-    iM.aiil   I'l     !.;.•     >>*■.(  h    ( 'uiiiii:i-->;iiM  1  -   ii,a\    pii -ci  liif,   aini   tin    (in\iiiiMr 

\J.>^  ali|il'>\i  . 

12',l  S.ttinii   <i.      Ni.thihL:    ci.titanmi    Ui   tliK  :ict,  m    aii\    -.cctiuii   liavrnf.   -~li;ill   in-'  lliti  !|iii  !imJ    -,,1   a-   ti'   )i|i-\-lii     lia     |i|iiii\al,    ul    ■~!ii(i|i,'-iil    1 't    illM-a-^i.    -i)    i\|i..>im| 

1   >l  aiillliilK,    iilnii  I     liii-    .inlii-^   1)1    till     li'iaf'i    il'il'i-ii    l'\     llil-    at  I      tlnli:    iiln     |iiaii-lii 

l-i_'  aliiitli.  1      l.\    ■^aili    ll'ianl    1 'I      it-    aL'iiit-,    Ia    'ili'.i'iu    al"ii;_.    ih,     |)iih|ii     iii;.'! .  w  a\  .    1 1| 

l-).i  -lilpliiii  !    'ill    'ar-     Ml     s'ttalMl'i     wliili     ill     tia     i'|iiiiiMii     i.l     -anl      llnaM     >ii(|i 

I   il  Miiio'.al     I-     liii's.,ai.\      I'll     til'      >il|)(ili  '-- mil     III     -ill  I,     iMiiI  |i_'iiMi-    aliii    llitii  tiDiih 

1.;.")  iii-  a-i- 

!■)<•  Nii-thili    1.       \\  licDi-'i  I  I       i|iial  alit  ilH      I-     1  -^t  tliilviiiil     Hi     ai  a  1  iliialM  f     Willi     llic 

l->7  ii'i'\i-l"li>   III    >i-i  fioii    _'   111     th;-    ail.    \;il)ii     li.itln     , .:     tin-   -aim-     li;a\    |.i     l'iMI;    Ii\ 

1  li"^  lia^lliL'    ^"•itii    till     'iwii'i    1)1    iHiiijiaiil    lit    .\t,\    |i|i!iii-M-    111    )ii  I -M 'li.  i  i|   iii  h  1 1  riii^'  to 

l-J'.l  ali\     liii  liii)i-r   ol    1.1--    laliiil>.    ill    ali\   iliiji|ii\i     nxii    tin     ai|i     nl     tin    \ia)--    lnuii'l    on 

11"  till      |iri  IIII-.I--    >i)    i|liaralitll|i  li.   I.,  'til  1     tl.i  1 1  I  t.   w  ntti  11    <  'I     |illlit«ii.  1 .1    jialt  l\    w  1  It  tell 

111  m.'i     |ialtl\    |ii:?itiii.    aliil     .it     Ma      -;tliii      tlliii      •   -.likiililliL.'     tla      ',il:I.|,!^     tla  itol. 

1  1.1  Siti  i      i|:,aralil  ilii     -i.alf    !■■      -h  l!:i  m  lit  i  \     ji|.i,i!      il,    aiiv    ii'i.i!     l,\    tj.i     )  .1 1  uj  la  I  !• 'h    nl 

ll-l  1    tl,a      rii|i\     'it    -III!'     until  I      "!    1 1  ICi  1  :i  1 1 1  1 1  ii       .'ill,    a     Hlllll:     li.ili.l,    "1      I/a       -.iivni 

1-14  III     III'-     >alin-     ill     III"       liiiiiiia  I      aliii\i       '<i|iiil<'i          \ii\      j)i-i-Miii      \jiiiatilitj     -^iiid 

II-")    <|iiHi!iiitiiK    >Iim1I  lit   iriritv  of  h  inisdcin.'Hiii.r  hii.I  pMiiishcd  ;m  is  prdVid.d  Imcm, 

'■"'      "•''II"!^     I    "t     Mil-    ,i(t.    iilHl      -I       icIMcIlKl,      -IimI:    |..     iIhI'I.      t,.|       ill     i|;iIi,;,L'-       ;)i:i) 

1-^'  '>'■>''        l''vlnl       t.i      ..III.    I       p,    |v,,|,.      1,,      ,    ,.||S.    ,||,,    1,    .        ,,|      -IH     I,       \M.lilIl,.|!  /',,,/,,/,,/         l|,;,r 

'■'•"^       ''"'^     "'"      '•■'  IlliL'     hllh-t'lt     ll'Ji.Mli\.Mi     l\     ^lu  li     ,|i;;,);n.tni.       Ili:i\     :i|>|..  ;!|      t..     ih,       fijl 
II''         I'.dMI.I       .i|       (    ..tMl|ils.-l,,|;,-|s.      uIh,       s|,;)1|      til.    I.    .,|.-I,       -l;-t;lill.      llMwillx      .,r      Hi, Mil     -,j(..l 

!•)*•      (|liHI!(llIlli<     ;i--    th.  \    lie.  Ill    |i|ii|M|\ 

1-">1  ■■S.(t|(l||     >>.  Ml       till.'-     (■.•(■liMTcj       llli.i.l       fll.        |.|.i\  l-l.i!,^     ,,t       Ihlv       ;|,   t       >|li,li       IJl- 

1")L'     |i;ii.l    int. I   till    ((Miiit\    ti.'H^im    nl    th.    .miiits    m"  u  In.  |     th,    ^i,it    'v    tin.l     \.\    f).,- 

!;>.■(        [MT^nll     |-..|ll(ilIIL'     ill"       SIIIMI-.     Mi      till'       UlilMl.l       Ii..\\       |  )|  ,  i\  ,,  |(  l  j       |.\       i;i\v,     \,.       |„        :,,..! 

l-M  fi'C  c.iiMitv  |)iii|>. iM  •, .  an. I  It  -iiiill  1m-  III,  ,iut\  ,,t  Mat.  ~  \ti..riii-\^  in  tli.ii 
l>."i      r.-.|M'(  ti\c  .■.MHiti.  ■>   t.i    (iiM-,..ciiIc    all    vmlati.  Ill-   .>)    tin-   a,  t 

!."")<i  ScctiMii   '.<        All    (  laiins    ML'anist     tin     Stat.      aii-inL'    tinin     tli.     •>lHii'_'lit.i     .if 

I-"i(  animaN.  as  in  r.'in  pi.iv  i.lf.l  Im.  sjiall  K.  nia.i.  t..  -ai.|  iLrml  m1  (  ■  .iiinii>>ii  .n- i->, 
l-^"^  Mli.i.l  -ilcli  tiil.s  ali.i  M  ;_'iiiat  inn-  a-  lii.v  n  i\  |im--i  i  il '.  .  ani  It  -i  I'i  Im  the 
l-V.t  . lilts  (if  said  iidiinl  .'I  ( '.MiiiiiKsi.incr-  t.i  .i.t.iinint  lli.  aiihiuiit  wliuli  -liall  l.r 
!<'><'     paiil    in    t-a.  li    cast-    .in    acr.iunt    nl    aniMial-    -n    -laiiu'lit"  i' •!.    ^\lii.  Ii,   iii    .a-,     nf 

Kij  annual-   i>l    flif   Iximih'   -p.M  ic-.   -hali    Im     l.a-.'i|    m,    lli.>    tan    .  a-li    inaii..  1    \aliit 
Ifi'J      tin      tiif     lit  it.      Ill      till      n-r      t.i|      ilallV       |iiilp.i-i-.      Im  I     tn      .M.tiI     ST.)      pi  I 

I(>.)  Iicaii  :    all. I   in   casfs  nt   aniinai-  nt   tip    i-.piin.    -immh-s.  .m   tliiir  ta.i    i  a>h   inaikrl 

]<■>•}  \iiliii-.   imt    to  lAcii'il    SliKi   pii     lira.l.    aiiil     i.'|i.'it     tli.'    -aim-    tn    tin    (..v.innr. 

Km  aiiil  till-  (liiM'iiinr  -liall  iiiiinisi    tlifir.iii    In-  .inl.'r    to    ili.     "^lat.     Ninii;'!     wlm 

U"i<i  vliaU   t  li.i.iiiKiii   i--iir   111-   warrant   nii   th.     Stat.    'I  r.  a-ni.  i    tni    in.    -am. 
KIT  SfctLiii    |l',      ><ai.l  linaiil   III   (  .iininissi.iTii  I -,  i.i    an\   n.i  inl'ri    tiniri.!    ainl    tiir 

Hi's  Stall'    \  rti-iiiiarniii     ami     In-    a  — i-taiit-.    in     tli.     jirrfnniianrr     ..t      i|i.  n     .luii.- 

Iti'.l  llliilrl    till-    ait    shall      lia\.     pi.wri    tn    lall    . 'li    -htlltl-    ami    tlic.i    .i.p'iti.  -     ...i-1a 

ITn  111.-     ami      jM'aci       .ithcfls,     ina\ii|-      ot      rltlr-.     .  it\      alui      t.i\W:       inal-iiil-       in.l 

171  p.ijn'riiifii.  t(i  assi-t   till  III   Ml  canNHiL'  oiit   it-  pinx  isimis.  ami   it   i-   lii;.li\    ina.ji 

17'J  thi'   .ilitx   .  .1    all    -n.h    ..till  I  r-    to    a-si-f    in    lalixniL'    .ait    t  hi    |i| . '\  :-li  in-  .  .t    tl:;-a.  t 

17:f  wiim   .i|.l.ii-.l    -. .  ti.   ,1.1       aiiil    -ani    ( 'i>iiiinis-ii  .n.  m    aii.l    th>.    Stat.     \  .  iii  inaiian 

17-1  ail. I  111-  a--istant-.  siiali    lia\..   \\liili'  r!ij.'aL'<'il    n.   rariNin'j   nnt   th      pi.ixi-inns  ..t 

17.')  till-  act,  till    -aim    pnWri-  alnl    plntift  mli  that  .ith.  t    p.-aia     ..tlii  .'l-    h,i\.  .  alui  at.v 

17()  siicli   otiicer  will)   fulls  nr  refuses    to  enfoiic  the    lawful    oi.iirs  an. I    iiiiarantini 

Is.  1 


r.  »*.  I 

_'i  >■ . 

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iif  -■il'i  l'Hi;il'l  or  ali\  niclnhcl  t  litl.'i  it.  m  lli\  \  I't''liil!  ;H-tiiiL'  miiifl  thclli. 
i.  t!;.  1,1, .|.,!  ,-\>i.,ti(i|.  ill  th''  juiU't'T-.  I'l  iiitfri  1-ii  ti\  thi-  ;ti!.  --iiili  in'  ilii'ni>'il 
._'il!i!\    .'!    ■!    ihi->.ii  II,'   ii'i'i .   ;tiiii     |i!iiii-,iiii|     a-   |iriAii|<.|     II:    >fctlti|)    t   u!     tin-    art 

-M  <  I  !•  '■)     I  i  I  i,'     -  i;,  i    1  1"  1 1  'I  -i  a  11  ,■■ )  I  i|M|ati'  \s  It  li    a(i\  (   uliiliil-i^li  ilii  i   1 1|   ut  lur 

i.lhii'l  a|i|>'iilili  il  \>\  till-  I  iiiti-ii  St  If.  -  till  the  Ml|»)i|i'-^li)|j  ol  <iintamoii> 
,ii^'  1-1  -  m  ii!;u'  l'i|!i'  -Ih  aliiln  lU.  -mi  lal  a-  tin  |n  i  )\  i-h  in-  >  if  lljl-  ait,  ati'l  t!if 
a|iji|ii)ii  MIii'ii,-  inaili-  III  a'aniiiiiKf  t  liiiiw  It  11  will  allow.  Ill  -ii|)|iii---iiiL'  anil 
[111  w  hi :!;:_'  iIm  ^I'Kaii  nl  (  i  iljl  .iL' M  lU-  aliil  lutfct  |i  iii-,  iil-.(a.->t-  ajunjii^  lii  illit-t  li; 
aiiini.ii-     II    I  111-    M  iti 

>i  ■  ■  'ii  i_'.  it  -iiail  I"  li:'  ,iiit\  iii  .^aiij  1','i.aiii  ,  ■'  <  .  ai  iHU-^-u  lU'  i  -  I''  l..i|i 
a  'riii(ii  (.1  all  tiaii  ail-  aiiil  |i|i  m  >■' iJiiiL.'^^.  aiiil  rf|ii'i'  ilif  saini'  In  tlir 
(inwuii'i    aiiiii,,aii\ .   I'l    'littnii    .t     iiai'iii'd,    Im    |iiililirat|iiii,       i'lii-  atiiiual     ii|Mirt 

-hail  iMi-N:.!,  ill  ;t,'liji.-'.i  -lali-lii,-|:t  1 1|  all  villus  ,  Alieliili  ■■  I  ii\  tln-lii  Uliiii  |-  tlil- 
,H  I      i  !i,  !  irllii^j     ;i     -latiMiil:;     ul      all     i  Iri  ipiaL'i'-    i  I'laillillii'ln  i' ■  i     ii\     tliflii    tn     !•,      p.aiil 

1"!     li!     n.ii'il-   -hii'jtiti  )•  i|.    aial    tiir   ;i!ii.  miit-   pal'l    iiaivtm. 

>'lll''l:      l-J,  1   III       ll!.'!lilii|-     111     -rllil      li'ialil     -li,ali     1    ,11    li      !      iil\f     lilt       -illll     •  't     >.") 

ill-'  I  (\  'I'l  '11  11  'iav  liiT>--^~  11  i!\  i-lii|iii  i\  I  li  III  till-  .li-i  '  !■_'!■  lit  tia-:!  ,|,|||is, 
tl|,ii  la  .  --al\  !  rM\  <-illlL'  i\|ii!i-f-.  ali'l  ntliii  !',ai,  iil  i  i\jiii|..t-,  lac^^allK 
.lli,|l!i-i  '.  'ill'  IM  I';, 'Mliala-'  ■ '■  fiiiir  .lutli'-  illiiii'l  liii-  I't.  ill  Im-  |>a|ii  nil 
ii-liilUii     lilii     itcllll.'.t  il     MiUi-ilil-    ti'    In-    aj>p|ii\i'il     li\     till'    (inVrninl. 

>i  <  tii  III  II  S  iiii  1  li.ani  .ij  (  iiiiiiiii--iiiiit  r-  -iiall  la  liiihi-h.'ii  i  x  tia-  Sr,  rrt.n  \ 
n!    Mil,-    \\iiiitia'    liiia---,ar\     liial;k    i'lu'k-.    MaliK-.    -tatinf,.  i\     aljii    -ii|i[ilic- 

■■^iiiii'i      I'        .\il     h1^     allil     p.iM-    111     art-     lln  i /li-l-ti'l:t     iirl  «■'.',  itii    ali     ii.aviiv 
nil'  ail  'i 

S'  I  t  '■  a.  |(..  \\  la  11  ,(-.  till  l.i\  I'  Sto<  K  (  uliiliil— ii'li'  I  -  in  w  it  hiiiii  in  i\\  ,|  t"  -up- 
i'i  •  --  '  ' '!-'  ilm.  ai-  ,iii- i  ii'I'i  t  a  .11-^  .li~,-a-i--  lii  iw  ,-\:^tlliL'  alia  a;L'  i ,  \  i  -t,  n  k  :!,  t  la  Mat.- 
"I  li'liiiM-.  .|!m1.-i  th,-  |)i.'M  lit  1  I  v\  .  tlirittnri  all  ciiii  ijj.'iii  \  t-\i-t-.  aii'i  thi-  act 
-'iiM    ■  li-,.-    -  !!.-    I    I'l'iin    aii-i    a!t<-i     ;t-    |ia--aL'i-." 


Till-  ( 'I'liiiiiittff    nil     AiriHulf  m  1'   imil     1 'i.iiiniL'f     i"i-'iiiini«'!iil     tlif     t.ilh'W  iiil' 

lll!H'I|.ilni'l!t->    t(i    SrIlMtr    Hill     l'-"'.      IMllltcH. 

/••,,-,/ — lli-x'lt     "Kuilk        in    I'Ihi  (      "f    ■■St.-\\:iM.       llllf    nllf       \       to|>    >>\    |iiniti-(i    I. ill 

■_'  p;iL'i-  imr   '  1  '. 

:j  .s',,..//,y — 111     liiH-  t\\riit>    '2'>'.   pau''-     '\\i'     -  .   iii^i  It     tlh      wiiril-  ■■.iiiv    Kiiinijil 

I  i.r        l.rfwmi      Till'      W«ipl^    "rlmiL'f       Mini     ' 'all  III  i:il--       alnl      H'lii      tile      \\(il»iK    '   HUV 

.-,  ^,,,1,       ;,t    tlif    .-lid    nf    -alil    lllir    tu.lit\.    al!'!    all.  I     ill.'    w.'mI    "Wlfil.' 

,-,  ■/•/  ,,,,/_!, I'^c-t    til.'   '•.laliL'<l"il-l\  ■     111    l:i;'      ivv'lilv   v,  \,.t.     -'7,    111-- 

7  \\.  i|.i--   ■■.11      mill    ■■inf..  tiiiiiv 

s  /••,.„/•//-- In  ilir  Ini.'  fliutv-.'N.'ii    :^T    niM-M    fl;.     \vni,|     ■-liall     hclxM'.  i.    fh.' 

'.)  wi'iiU    ■ill-M'a--''      iiii.i    ■•Ii.' 

,,,  /'^-A-Ins.rt    ill    !iii-'   t-il\   "U<       11     th.     vw,m1.    'ali    -..'1:      L.  rvv.,,   tli.' 

1 1  ■111      ami    •  ca-.'^. 

i;(  s.,-/A-lii-it    ii:    In,,    torfx  lliiM      i:<    tlh     u..r.|  -^n-'li     l..'tu.'.'i:    iIm    « 

14  •■all'   :iti'l   ".li'-''ii--'-'l 

i:.  s',,,  „^/,,_l„-„.,t    11.   111,.'  t-rt\  tn.      LV   t),.'  urn. I  ■■-ih  li     \"■\^U'i■^>   u-mU  '■aiiV 

1(1  all. I    •'.  ..iitaL'i.iU-. 

17  /.;,,,/;//,-- in..',-!    Ill   In:.'  liftv  ..n-     M     '1-    ^-"'i-  •-" ''   ^"hhmU   ami   pn^iMrtv'- 

p.,  .V, „,'/.-   lu-rt    in    hn.    tittv   till.'.-    .-.i     111.'   ^^-t■l     ■  NP'-.-'l      l-i^V'-n   111.'   xMir.l- 

^,  ...  ,       anil       anllnaK.-    ami    aiM     at      tli.      .ml    .'t      -n,l      lin.      ami     :iM.,      tli.     u,,„l 

■  >\      -aniinaK      tl--    ^^'hN   ■-    I- <''^.'     ■""''    '  "^    ''"'    ^""•'    -^'t''"  ' ''' 

^^  ■/•,„//_,l„.,.|l    ,11    ill,.    tift>-M-l,t    .r^s     th.     ^v...l-   ■■Ml     pnip.'ilv       li.tN^.'.n     tl... 

•2;(    "alilliiar     ami    "alnl 

■J,  /■:;,,.,  „//,'-^ln-'.t    in    Im.    tittv  n.i..'     .^     tl..'    w.-r-i  -^ai,.,'  '  m    li.'i,    of  tl;..   unnl 

•J.')  ■•(  ar<a>--"   .•ia>.'il. 

•jr,  /■,,,////,~A.ia   t.i   Inu    MXtv    alt,  I    th.     u.'iil    ■■animal  •    tl,.'   um,].   ■  ,..■   aniinaU 

27  or  |)i.'ptit>. 

•2fS  rA,r/r.7///.-luMTt   m  Inu-  s.-vonty-ln..  w--,    tl,.'  wonl>  -mu-I.  ..tli-r"   \u^^^Oi■n 

29  the  words  " appoint  "  aud  "uecessary.' 


•1"  /•'.'..'"'.//      -h'   lui.     v,.\.  lit'.    -!\      7t.     .  r;(-.-     tin     tM):tl     l.-Ufl        ■-,  '    II,     til.      ■,'.,, 1. 1 

■'I  M~-:~'il.r-          ili'i       ;ii-i|!      ti.      •,■,,, r>i       '  \  •  t.  I  ;!::il  ;,i!i-        .dt.   r      li,.      -A..!!        .i^-,;,T   ,'   !~ 

'<-  M,'!    i,.t,,i.-   ri,.     \\..i.|     -liii,  ,i, 

li  /      ''••       ',■      -   il;-i|I      ,Ii      ill:-       .;L.'lt\     Tl   I.-.         '^I        ?!.        \M>|.1     ■■-.icli         ii.f.w-,   1       ri,.- 

if  \v  ,  .|'l-       c,  .!i  .  .y,  '      :ili'l     "■.h^-M-i 

••'  >    /'...-•.        1    i:,-,,        I-      Im,       h,it\    Ml,,      Ml      ;j,,      \v.,hl    ■'li;!-       i..i'.i«-     ri;.      A.,..! 

i*'  iiiip"!  r  fi  i"i:      .iii'l   iii-.i:    111   i-ii,   th.i..i|   :ii,     w-m      -ii,|i. 

M  >■        -'-.'■/•/-      Ihx'lt       II:       lilll        l;i|:.;\      fhlV.          'I.\         11-        W  .  .  1.  i  -       ^ ,  ,  I       (l.iilitX           \:\\\,,']; 

>^  !  !;i      W  ■  .| .  U     ■    I   - 1  I   1,  it         'il;'!        ■   mii  |-; 

>'.'  /       ',/•.•'.•'■            \.|.i      .!!      ti,.       ,    l;.|      ••'      1,1.       I,,l;.!\     l-m       'M        ti;,        \K..l.\       -vli,    Il 

I'  '  \  ■/,.,'..    '.           \.i.|     :it     t  II'      '   I  •!     .  ■!     !lli.      IMIK  I  \    -!\       '  N,      I  !i.      N'.  .  'I'l^     'I  I..-  ;i|    .  i| 

11  II    I II     I  U     -,1       .  j.   I    r;c-|-l|  . 

t-'  /      '''.."'-    I  ,1  I-     Mil     ::<-'.        -  T  I'll        II:    illh'    ri;i;>-t  \    -^.  \  I  II      '  U 

li  7'/'  ,/,/■,///    ^/—    Il!~,     !  ;          :ii       1,1,           ii:||.-t\      l:lll.-        'fj        rl:.        \^,.|lU      "(llMi           I'l          !•      1.1      1. 1 

11  i"t'.\.'.l,      Hi.       '.'       --ll.lli          :il|.|          >l:l|i           :ill,|     :|,i,|        :|'       t||.       ,-t|,l     i,|        I||,.     jn,,        iK,! 

I'l  tl;.     \\.i|.i       •-.!.  :ill.lii  i.-.t  '      ;h.''t.i    :ili\    .ilh.i     )i|:ii  I      :I;     i  .|     i.llt     .1!     \\"-.     M,!, 

U>  I'll,,.'//     ..,,,;,,/          III-.    It         ili         llln           ..||,          i|illl.||.-.|          III.!          llllf.            |li:i        til.            W.:!,!- 

I  I  l|:'l       I  1;  \       I"    I  -I  III     'A  I,'  .     chilli     \  .:  lilt  ■        .III  \     .|  :l    111  lit  III.      r.    L'  lull-,    i-t  .llil;-lii-.|     .1  !|.i,| 

t>  III.      |i|'i\  i-|.  it,-    ,1!     tlil-    ,1(1,         l„f.\i-i|i       till      \\.i|,i-    ■•-;,,.,.,■    ;i||,l     ■■-l;;(||.        ;i|;,i      ||-,, 
ill-lit       ti:,      \\,,!,i-    ■■|-:ii   !;.    ,lt||,   I,         jiitWii!)       tji,      U,i|,|-         ;|1|,|     "alU         Ili       l!:i 


-III  .     Illll- 

'/'"■''■'■/''"'—  I  ll-i-lt       til-      'A.,!,!-        -,,1       ).|,.)„-|t\  III       illi.        ,.|i,-      iiuii,||,-.i       :,||,| 

ll'T        h.t'.Mill     til.       \V,.|,i-  lllilli;!!  all, I        -.l.-stlliV.-,! 

'in  ■':■',  I'.iii  :li       i.ii-..    in    hill     ::||i     iiiiiiilM-.i    all, I    liUi'i  li      Ij.",     till     \s,,i.|       II... 

I  ll'l        )lli'         III        i  il'll        t    till    !•'   it        til.'        \\    i    .|  .  I        ■'  t   ill-- 

'I'll-,  ,, til  iiiil,  I'.ia^i  III  inn  ..I',  hull. It.. I  ami  tumtv  tlm-r  \1\  tli,  .wi|,| 
'illiii.       ali.j    infill    III    lliii    tli.  II-, it    ihr    \MP|,1-    ■■wiiicii    iii.iv     ill- 

li',,i/il-,i//l-\\l-^iV\  III  hlir  'ilir  llMtliiliMJ  alnl  Iitt\  tUf  IV)  til.-  \Vi.|i|  I, a" 
'I'twi-fii    til.'     \.i|ii-    '■|i|ii->ci  iiti-       .iiiij    ■'all. 


' A    .;ii.  SKWTK— N,,    120.  Marrh  1HS7 

I        I  hi  I '  .'iiiii    1    l'\    Ml.    I'iiik.    Iiiimiis  _'<p.    Iss,.   .iijil   Diilfii-.l   til  first  rf;i'liiit5. 

'_'.         1    ll-I     litil'lli.'     -lalllKil^      _'li.     I'^'^7.     U\t<\     lltlltl-il     tn      (  'MlllHllttfl       (III      AlTHuI 

•  111  ■     :iiii|    1  'r  .iiiiaL'i- 
■>.       I  I'l  |i'   I  1 1    I    IkicK    .I;iiiirM\     _'T      I'-^^T.     |i.i-s:(;_'i-    i.i'i  >iritMili'li-il.    iili'l    uCililiil    In 

-->  .      >lli|     I'SnilM'J-. 
I.       ^ii'Mvi      |i-;llll;i.'      l-'(i'(i||l\      _'.      l'^-;7.      :i'ii.ll.i.'  I      -lliii     i>ril>TiMi       t)     :i      ttlini 

111   illi'J, 
•">.         Iv'i'liiil  ti''l     l-ML'lKNs,  ,1     |''i-|l(  li'U  \       I.     I'^'^T. 
'i.         I  llll'l     liiilni'J     I 'i-lini:ir\.      1  ">      1"n^7.      I,llliii      In       |iMs-.     \Sltll      t  U  n-t  illlds      \i)ti-. 

:ii!'l    till  II   ritt-rnii   tn  (  ■  uniiiit  ti-i-  mi    \t.'iiciilt  iir«'  ;iiiil    I  )rttiti(iir<'. 

I.        I  i'pi  ■!  Ii-  I    ii:iik      |-'f|i|  IIUN      _'l.      1SS7.      witll     ;ilin-ll(lll|i-llts  ;      [cissitL't'     rcruMl- 
MHIi'i   ■(!.    ;Ui.|    (iniiTni     t.i    :l    -ricinl     1 1-;!!]  IliL'.    Hlul    to  lit-    |irnit('if. 

^       • ''!    -•■!    'iiil    riMiiiiiLT   .iLMiii.     M  mil      I,     lss7.     .iiin  inliil    mil    di  ilrii-d    tn    ,i 
lliir.l    I  i-i(i|iiiL'.    .'iiiii    111   ill     |iiiiiti-ii. 


I'lii  An  Alt  !•■  aiiirii.l  an  ait  iiitili'il  \ii  art  ti  i  if\  im'  tlif  ia\s  ill  i>-latinii  tn  tin- 
->U|ij»ii  s>i.  Ill  aiiil  |iii\  iiitmii  nt  till  -.|>ii-ai!  nt  ciilitjimolls  and  iiifftl,iiiii>  iliMasts 
aiiioiii,'  'iiMiit --tic  aniiiiaK,     a|i|iii i\ <  d  Juia-  27.   li-^'),  in  tdrce  .July  1,   iNs.",. 

J     /.'/ 

Si.  !:■''.  1.     Be  it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of   Tllinnix.  reprfxrndd 

thi     (/./;.  './.'    As^.  fiii'lil.       I'liar       ■     \li    ;ic  t       tn    lr\i-f      tllf    laU     III    l<lallii!l    to    tllf 

:l     sii|ij(it  s^imi   and   |ii<\  I'lit  ii 'ii   nt   tia    s|ic,.;id   nl   cdiitaL'iMiis    and    infi'(tiiiii«»  discas.  s 
1      ani'iii'_'    di  ii:ii->t  ic    aliiniaU,       Im      iini-iidcd    --i  i   as   toli-ad    as    tiillnws' 

.",  ■■  S.-rtl.i|l      i.        /-'■      '7    I  I', I.  /''I    /■'!     >l"      riiij,!,     nf     til,      S.'.lfi    nf     1 !  1 1 1, 1  }l  s .    fr  j,n  sr  11 1 1  d 

f,  ,;,  ti'  C.i.f'.i'  A.--' III/'!'/,  'liiat  till  (i..\iriiiir  shall,  uitli  tllf  ad\:ia-  and  cuu- 
7  sent  I't  till  Si-natr.  a|p|)iiint  tliiif  |iraiti(al  s1m<  1^  |iii-.-ilfrs,  ui<t  iiinic  than 
s     tuii  nt  \'.(h.iii  shall    111-  III.  ndi'  I-  n|    tin-  s,iiic  |»n|itiral  |iait\.  w  lin  s||:dl  miisiit  iit.- 

11       a     linir.l    nl     l.l\i      Stn(d\    (  '.illillilssinM  Is.     whn    shall     linld    tllfll-    ntiicrlli    tllrnlilfr 

1(1       II    whii  I:    thi'\    an-   iiaiiiid.   lln     liist    tni    niic  year,   tin-  si'iniid    tnf  tUn   \(  ais.  and 

1!        till'    thild     t'ni     ihlin    \i    It's;    all. I    thill     slirrnssn|-s    m    ntliii-    shrill      he    a|i|»n|  l:t»d    Inf 

I'J     tliifi-   \<ai-   1   11  h        i'.rlnn'   I  nil  i:!i._'   nn    thr  dutus  nt   tluar   nllicc  tln\  shall   take 




■  )■> 


];{       1111(1    sulisifilu'    to    all    (.;itll    (if    dliiir    fnr    fllr     iMltllful     |Mlf(  IIIIMIK  <     <<\     t)l(  II     (llltl.  > 
n       :i-^    '-Ucll    (  ■nlhllil>s|,iii.  )s.    ;ili.|    --liitil    111.-    tli(     SHIIK      With    ill.     (inMiIini. 
I''  ■    Scrtloli    -2.       It     -.liall    hi     tii(     iiiit\     ,.j    -;,i,l     l'...:i|i|    ..(     (    i'llili:l--i.'l^.  1^     Iw     (iii,^.. 

!•>      t<i    l>f    in\(sll!,';ttc(i    ;ili\    and   ail    (  ascs   "V   alicu'ol    <  ii^(  v     (..iiilliu     tii     tli.-,i    kiin\v| 
I  I       ctii-'c.    lit    (  (intaijl(Mi>   IK    jlitirthUlv   (iisra-^i  ^    all,..|it.'    i|(. 11,1  -til     aMlnai-.    alui    ti.    ii-i 
all    iir(i|>c|-   tiicali-   tn    |»ii\<iit    lln     -|.|(aii     i  .f     -ik  li     lii-i  a-.-,    atii     t.'     |i|i'\ii|.     tm 
tile  cxtirimtKiii  t  liiicdl  :  ami  in  I  lie  iMtit   nl    ifaninal'lc  •^m.iumMi  •!   liliitllial  an> 

Sllcll    (  nnla)_'lnl|s    IT    llllicllnli-.    lilv,  asi      \i:i^    In^Krll    i.llt     in    thl-    Stall.     It     -ia!l      !..■ 

till-  i1n1\  111  tile  |M  iv,,||  i.wiun^'  Ml  lia\  II;  .  Ii,ii:,'r  aii\   aiiiinai  ni   ,,i,  iiili  i  Inl 
\Mt  li  (i|  an\   (it  lit  I  |ii'ts()ii  lia\  in^'  (•,  nuM  IciIl'i    '  'I   tea -on  ti  •  --u-,!!!  <  t  tin    ■  \i-.l 
claa    (i|   -lull   (lis.  as(  .   In   itnniciliati  i>    ni,l;t\    -ai.j     JHianl     i<\     (  .  umiii  — i. .',.  i -,.   ,<r 
sdlnc    llicliilicl    tii(|(i>f,    l'\    (  I'lnninillcatKili      In     said      I'lnald    -nl      ihi     iMstiiii     i.| 
•J.")     Mudi  distaM-,   and   tia  ii  ii|i.'n   it    shall    Ik    tli.-  dut\    nt   -aid    I'xiuid.   nr  sniia    incm 
•Jf't     \nr  tlicrcdt.  (ir  autlidn/cd  aijcnl    <4    llic     Mnaid.    iiiiincdiat(  ly    tn  laus.    |i(n|..r 
27     ('XaiiiiniitKin  thcicdl  to  In-  Miadc    and  it  said  d  is.  use  shall  he  Iniind  tn  he  a  daiiL'Ji 
■JH     oiisly     (■   nl  daiiiji  ini|sl\   111), ciioiis  ii,alad\  ,    said    Jlnard    nr  ai!\    in.ndi.'i 
•J".*     tlit-rcof.  nr  till' State  \  (tciHiHnan  nl  aii\  assistant   \ .  I.  i  inaiian.  -hall  nid.  i -:iid   .lis 
d(l     oascd  aiilinais.  and  siuh  as  lia\(     hen  .Niins.d  tn  .  nntat.'inn.  and   tli.'   jm.  mis.  s  n, 
;}1       wliK  h  t]ii'\  arc    tn  hi   stii,  ti>  .lUalalitllK  d  inl  siii  ji  tUiK    as  the  l>  all',  im  ndni 

■  V2     tJificnl,  nr  siKJi    \  I't.-nnaiiaii     inax   ih.  in  m  i  .ssaix  .  imt  tn  .  \,  ,  ,  d  1 1,  irt  \   da\ 

Xi       (liar^'f    ni    sikIi     |>frsnn    as    ihi        i'manl.      'H     ali\     Iik  inhil       tlnrinl    nt     sii,   li     \,t.  I 

:}-l  iiiarian  slnill  d*  s|o|i;,i,     ,.,,,,1   th,\    ^h;,lj    i,.,^,    |,,,\v,  ,    tn  nnj,  j    an\    pr.  mis, -,  and 

■  i-'i  farms,  uhcic  tlic  disi  as,  i  \i-ts.  ,>i  has  i,i.nil\  ,\|si,d,  ;,^  \\,||  ;,-,  ,  \|i,,s,,i 
:«■)  |>rciiiisrs  and  taiins  tn  h,  pul  m  ijiiaiant  in.-,  sn  that  im  .|,  ,ni. -t  a  animal  uha  h 
'Ai  lias  hc(  n.  nl  |s  SI,  i|is,a-id.  n|  has  i,,,|,  ,\jii.s,d  tn  sij,  h  cnntaL' h,ii-  m|  i|,|,t- 
:1S  tlnlls  , lis,. as.',  h.  i.ii(,\.d  in  In  t  ht  |ilai.s  ^, ,  ,|ijai  ant  lln  .1  iml  .alinU  an\ 
•'*•'  )icalth\    animal   tn   h.    Iiii;;.d:l    ihcKin.   (  \(  .  pt    iiiidci    sn,  h    ml,    ,,t    i,  L'uhit  mn   as 

40  tiicsald  I'xiard  ma>  jm  sin  h,   ,  ;,ii,Uaid  I'ma  id  shall  ]>v>  s,  i  li  .,  sli,  h  I .  l' ulat  inl.s  a- t  ln\ 

41  may  d.M-m  n.-ci  ssai\  tn  pi,  x.-nt  sn,  h  dis.  as.  fnim  hiinij  iiimmiinu  ,itcd  in  aii\  w  a\ 
4"-'  fniin  th.'  plains  .pjai  ant  ii  .  d .  In  all  sn,  j,  ,  .-iv,  ^  ,,|  i  nntaL'ini,.-  and  inhitmiis 
4d  discHM's.  th(  saiil  linani  m.  in  .  a-i  tin  nnmiici  nf  .animals  shall  nnt  iai fed 
44  livo,  any  iiu'inhcr  thti.-nl.  sliall   ha\<    pnu,.j   to  order  the  hi(iii^:liter  of  all  suiji 






•V.  t 
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(ji-^i  a-.f,|  ;iimI  t  \|Mi-,!j  imiHiiiN  'I'll'  s.iiii  I'xiani  -li.ill  ii.i  ^  <■  )mi\s  t-r  ti>  cmiisi  t<il« 
,|,  vi  .n\i  i|  ,i!l  li:irii>.  '-tal'l'-.  |iiii;.i-.~.  lixtiirr-.  liiriiiliiK  aini  |»'iv,ii:ii  |ir.i|><it> 
mill  tfii  \uti.  iui\  -ncli  ioiitaL'i.ii:>  or  iiilfitii.ii^  diM  ,i^r.  -,i.  a.-  iii  lli'ii  juili.'- 
rii,  i,t  iiia\  l>i  iii'(.'-Nai\  to  |.ii-\iiit  li:'  -|ir<  d  "f  ^la  |i  ili,fa->'.  aii'i  wii'K  tlit- 
■,ain<  (  aiiliiit  In  |ii"|)cii>  (ii-iiiti  .  t-d  .  Whrii  t  hi-  I ;.  laiii.  ii|i.  .|i  t  h- ■  \witt.  ii  K  |>m|  t 
nl  lla  Stall  \  .tciiiiaiiali.  "I  aii\  o|  In-,  a-M>t  iliN.  (1.  t •  iluilii-  that  ali\  aiiliiial  l^^ 
,i!l,  ,  I.  ,i  \Mt  h,  '.|  h'a--  hfiti  r\|Hi-M  .i  t.>.  ili\  i!ali'_''l"ll^l\  cnlita'JIi  ll|■^  ul  intfil  Inli-^  lh•^- 
,a>i  .  tin  I'Dilil.  oi  ali\  Mil  iiii','!  ihiivi.t.  i!ia\  aL'li-'  \Mth  tin'  nwntT  ii|>..|i  the 
\,i]ii,  .  .|  -.!,(  h  aiiilnal  III  |ii  >  i|>i  l"l  \  .  ali'l  in  ia>i-  -m  h  a'j  i  vi  iin  ht  (aiilmt  hi  liiailc. 
>;ii,|  i;i,:ii.l,  1.)  ihi  liiiliiiii  I  ai  tliiL:  II:  iiihall  i  il  tlif  linal'l.  IliaN  a|i|iii|l;t  I  hli-r 
.h-Mitiir-ti  ,|  litl/ii;^  i  it  t'hc  Ma!'  '><  ilijUal-i'  ^mh  ih^i'a-'il  atillnal  I'l  I  \|Mi>r.i  an: 
ii.;ii^  , ,)  111  M|ni  1  \  .  ^iiih  a|i|iM;-i  1  -  ^iiali  ^iih^i  I  :lii  ti  I  all  iial  h  Ml  'A  nliiiL'  Il  i  I  iii  l\ 
\i,',i  -!!i  h  anilnai  ill  a>  (  nl'i  un  •■  \\ith  I  hi  li'i|iiiii  imht-,  nt  tliN  a<  t  ;  \\hlrh  "ath, 
ti  '^;.  th'l  \^  it  li  tin  vahial  I.  li  I;  \i  i  ii>  >a!'l  a|>)it  al-.-l^,  ■^hail  h.-  tili'il  \Mth  t  hi  nnanl, 
;,ii.i  In-  iiii  ~,  i\ii|  'h\  ihiii  .  lii'ii;  ^iK  h  a|i|ii  ai-<ciMi-iit  liriiiij  iiiaiir.  It  -hall  lui  nin.- 
the  ,|nt\  II!  till'  iiwin-f  ti  lliilii' ■ilalils  iii-ti.i\  -iK-li  aliiliial  alnl  ih-|'«i-i  .it  tli«' 
^-iiiii  ill  ,11  I  iiiilaiit  I'  \'.ilh  t  hi  III. ill  nt-ai'i  iH.ii'i,''!  iiifiiihir  t  lii  it-nt.  ainl  ii)niii 
tall  ill  I  111  -  1  iji  I.  -ai'l  i  liiiini.  Ill  iii'  iiii"  i  t  iiiM"t,  -hill  1  iiiu-m  sikIi  iiiiilMid  i  T  .iiiimai- 
.n  |i|,i|.,  il\  In  111  ill  ->tlii>til  itlal  ih-|iii-M-il  .it.ah'l  t  Ih'Iiiiimih  t  in-  .^;iii|  nwiiil  -hall 
Jul  11  it  iiil  riLtlit  til  i(  1  i-iNf  till-  I  mi  |pt-n-aliiiii  allnv.  •  ■!  \<\  -a  hi  a|i|>iai-fi-  aiiil  |irii\  iiit-il 
t,,|  |is  thi-  :i(  I .  \\  hi-ii  till-  ili'inl.  ii|>(iii  tin-  wntti-h  ii)(iiiiiiu  nf  thi-  Stati-  \<-li-i-- 
lliailali.    ill  !i  lllillM-    that     :ili\       hilli-,    -tilhli-,      nlit    I  nil  Muil.':^      h!      |iri-Ilil>f-    air    m> 

nij.iti.l    that    till    -iiii!'     liiii     ii"t     In-     iii-inti-rl<-i|.     thi-\     iiia\     i|ii;iiaiit iiif     -lirli 

halli-.    -t  liili  -,    iMit-|iii:ii|mL'-    "I     pli  .'lii-r-    ili'lM    ll-i-    tnr    thi-    allllliill-    thilt     |jia\    i>t- 

)i,|, cl.-ii  \.\  -,111-11  ii-c.  aii'i  -mi:  i|iiaiaiitini  -Irill  i-iiritiiiur  until  ii-iiiii\ri|  ii\  the 
|;,,;,1.|,  iiri  :i  \ii>lati.i|i  i  it  -iii  h  .  |  i|al  alit  lla  -hilll  In  |H,n]-iii-i|  a-  I-  pn  i\  |.|i  ■!  h  ij' 
\  ii.jati.iii-  I't   I'thi  r  i|u:it:iiitnii-   i'\    tin-   art . 

>,.i-Ii,,i,  :;  'Ihi  <M,\rn,"i  -i  ih  i|i|m'!i,i  a  i  .im|ii  ti-nt  \i-ti-Miiiii\  -urL'i-i -n  \v  In. 
,i!;,l!  1,1  i-,i,,i\\n  a-  till  Stall-  \  .  !•  I  ii::ir:  an.  \\hi>.  tiiL'tllu-i  witii  hi-  ii— i-tiiiit-, 
^|,;ill  ,-i,-t  iiiiih-r  till-  ilur(tiiiii  ii!  -III!  lluaiil  in  r:iri>iii^'  Hit  thi-  i'ii,\i-iMn-  n! 
thi.-i  art.      In   th'    (-\t.-ntot   tin-  ;!;;ihiiit  \  nt   thi--;iiil   Stittc  \ '-tcrUiuJ-iHii  to  jK.-rluriu 

7()  all  f  hf  woik    wjmli   lit     iiia\   Im'  (iir<c1i'.|    t  i  ij.'   li\   vai.l    l'>.i!(til   nt    ( 'iirrnii--'-ii>ii»Ts, 

77  lie   liui\,    li\    iiTiii    \\:tli    lilt     ail\ici     and    inii-^tiit  m    -^ai'   I'm  laiil.  a|.|M  miiI    -ik  Ii  i  >!  lift 

7m  iit'Cfssarv   a-^-^istant    \  tt  •  riiiai  iaii-     iipi'i;   term--   nut     t  \iii  (iuii.'  llial  p'i'i  lla-   Stati- 

7*.'  Nfti'iiiiariaii.      'I'Ih^  Stafi     \  itt  rinaiiaii    ^liall    iv<fi\c   fi>i    lii>-   ■^i?\icf'-   llif   simi    nf 

HI  S*^   |>fi'  iia\     iiii    caili   tia\     aituallx     i  inpli  i\  f.l    iiimIii    tin-    pit '\  i^n 'ti-   "t     tin-    act, 

Hi  ttit^vt  liti   \Mtli  111'-  iiccfssai  \   tiascliliu'  t\piii--i-',  tn  In-  ii'it  itii'tl  tn  \'\   --aid    I'marii  I'f 

s-J  ( 'tiiiiiiiissitiin  rs. 

S.'{  ■'St'ctitHi    1,      W  lii'lii\»'i    -aid     I'luaitl    nl     <  Mriiiiiis-i.  niti'-     -hall     ifpni.     tn    tlic 

K4  ( iii\'('i'ii(>r.   tliat    -iicli   ili-fa-<-   lia\i-   Imcoiih    i  pidi  iiih    mi  ci  itaiii  Itx  aiil  it-  in  nt  Iht 

H")  States,  tii  I  liat  tliiir  It  unlit  lull  vMtiilil  iiiidtr  -1)1  li  il' 111  It  -til    annual-  lial  lit    111  (11)1  \ey 

S<i  sindl  tilseKM-,  lie  mav.  ii\  ptiK  lalratli  •!  ,  -tlidllle  -lull  Imallti-.  atid  pluiillilt 
S~  tile  nnptil'tatliill  ni  an>'  ll\e  -ttnk  nt  tla  Kind  dl-i  a-i  il  intu  tin  Statt  ixttpl 
MS  under  -lull  Vejjuiat  Ittn-  a-  nia\  In  pit  -t  nhed  \^\  tla  -;iid  i'.nnd  and  ap)i|iise(l 
s"*.!  Iiy  the  (nivenmr.  \n\  etifpiiraf iiiii  wliith  -hall  KnuwinLdv  tiati-puM.  leteixe 
'.Kl  tir  e()n\e>  sill  h  |)!-(i|lllilteil  -toeK,  -hall  ht  diinad  l.'ii;ll\  i  il  a  III  l-dt  ii:i  m' 'I ,  and 
'.»!  upon  etinx  letioil  till  ictif.  -iiall  he  tint  d  Imt  le—  than  S  ]  .1  H  H  I  |.,,|  ini'li  than 
*.>-J  S1(I.()(KI  ftir  each  ainl  e\ei\  ntleii-t  ,  and  -hail  heeiiint  liahlt  fill  ■.:\i\  and  all 
'.y.)  (iaTilHi.'e  iir  Ills-  tliat  nia\  lie  su-tallittl  |l^  an\  paff\'  ny  )iaitit-.  i\  iia-iin  nl 
'.••}  suili  iinpdrtatidti  tir  t  lan-jmitatitin  nl  -in  h  prnhihiteti  -t<>t  k.  >i;(hp(nah\  -hall 
'.(."■)  lie  I'eetueri'ti  Ml  an\'  (iiiiiit\  ill  till-  Statt  iiitii,  (ii  thiiMiL'h  w  hit  II  -m  h  -titck 
',«)  is  hriMit.'ht  11  pun  infurtiiatiMn  tiled  m  I  he  tin  ui\  nr  eniintx  eeiirt  nl  an\  -in  h  l•llunl\■ 
'J7  nr   the   Sii|><||itir    (iiiin     ef    (  lltlJ^   etiimlx,       \n\    jh  i-nii    \vli'i.   kniAMiiL'  that    a'ly 

'.>S  cdntai/iiiUs     HI       inleetliiil-     dl-ea-t       t\|-t-     aniim;.'        hi-     dnlne-tli       alilinal-.     sliall 

'.lit  ctineeal    sueli    fat  I .    i  il    kniiwiliL'   <<\     tht     t  \i-ti  m  .■   tif      -in  h    ili-ea-e     shall    -ill    the 

J(Hi  animal  or  aniiiiais    -o  tlisea-e<l.    m   an\    .  \|>.i-ed   aiimal,  or  l-.iitivv  in'j   iln    -aine. 

1(1]  shall    Ie1liii\e  sueh  dlsea-eil  el  intetteij  annual-  fit  in    hi-   preliil-e-   til    tht     Jill  inlse- 

1(I"J  of  anot  ht-i,  oi   kimw  iipj   i  il   tin   e\i-lent  i   i  it  -ui  h  di-east  .  or  e\|io>ini  .  shall  di  i\  t'  or 

1U;{  leuii    or  shiji  the   sauie    hy    any    tar    or   -ti  ainlmat    to    any    other   plaei     in    m    out 

KM  of  this  State,    and    any    person  m  p.  I'm-who  -hall  hnn^.'   an\  -u.  h    di-i  a-ed.  m 

Id;-)  kno'.v  iiiLdv .  siiall   hiin;.'   any   -in  h  t  \|io-t  d  animal  or  animal-    into   !i;i-    Statt     Irom 

IIK)  imotlit-r   State  ;  aiitl  any    pi  r-oii    oi    pti-iin-   w  hi  ■  -hall  know  m^'K    iaiy  .  ri  i,ai\e.  sell, 

ln7  ciiiiMA  ■  ■!  '■TiLMi.''' Ill   f  li'- 1  ?:ilfic  ■ 'f  -mil  ili-^fMvcil  or  lAjwiscd  stock.  Mii'i  :iii\  iM-r^Mfi 

Ills  wlici  -liiiil    \iiilnti    jiiiy    ijuarMiit  1)11-     rf<.'uliif Mtis    i-sfulilivlicii     iiixit  r    tlji     |Un\i 

Itf.*  vioris      iif      t  111-  ;i<  t  .  -ii.-ili.    tiir    (•■icli.  <  It  liiT,  ;i>i\    Mini  fill    ai'ts    .-iIkinc      liiclitliilH'ii    HI 

I  III  till-    -iithili     \<i'    L'ililtV    lit     ;i     Ilil-'liriMilllof,     illMl,    oil    (•\  Klloll    tlli-n-ot.     or    of    .■i||>' 

11!  oiif   111    -aiil    ,11  t-.     -Ii:ill    i  .■    iilii'!    Ill    ;ili\     -itlii    not    i,-s-    tliiiii     S'Jo    lioi     iiiolc     tliitli 

II'J  S_'iKi.  ;ii:.|    iinpri-olii  <l    111    till     i:.init\    Jail    lllitll    tli.     Iilic    aliil     co.-ts    air    pal'l.    and 

ll:i  -hall   t.'   all   riL-'lit  to  t  la   I  I  iii|i.  ii-atiiiii  tnr  aii\    iiiiiiiial  ny  |tri'i>crtv  i|i-trii\r(i 

11}  Minlor  till    |iro\  i-ioii- of  till- ai  t       .\n\   \i'ti'iniar\  iiractitiotit-r  lia\  mil'  iiifoiinatiori 

No  ot    ari\    -mil   (  oiitat'iiiii-  >><    iiili  it  loii-    'li-ca-c   in    tin-    Staff,   ami    wlio   -liail    fail 

I  Hi  to  jiioiii|'tl\  njiort  Micl:  l\n"\\  li'iitji'  to  tiif    l5oa|il   of   l.iNr   Stock   ( 'iniiini-'-iniH-rs, 

117  -liall   1'.    liiiiil   Hot    CM  1  im|ii!u'    i:\c     liiiiHlrtii     ilol|;ir>.  or     he     iinpn-nncd     in     tlif 

lis  counts    jail    lint    more  tlian   one   \car  tor  cacli  <itli-n-c. 

1  l'.(  "Scilion    o.       \\l:i|:i\ii    Slid    I'loald   -li;dl   liccoriic    -allstiid   tiiat   all\   danL'il'' ill>l\' 

I'Jii  cotitat'ioii-  or   iidcctioii->  di-i  ao-  aiiiiniL'  donic-tic   animai-  c\i-r-  tliroiiLdioiit  .-iny 

I'Jl  iiiiii!ici|ialit\    or   L'ci'!.Ma|iiiiia!   distiK  t    in   tiii-   State,   and,  m  tlicir  judL'tncnf ,  it  is 

\22  iii-cc— ar\    to  (jiiaraiitiiM    -iicli     niiinuiiialif v  or   L'ti>u'ra|iliical    di-trict    m   order   tn 

I'J-i  |ire\int    I  lie   -|iri  ad   of  -mh  di-ea-e   into  cont  il.'i|iiiis    territor\'.   flic\    -hail   re|iorf 

I'il  the    s.aliie    to    liic    (lONfinoI.     '.',  hn    HiaN     tlierell|>on      |i\     proclaimit  H  Ml    -(  liedule     Jind 

]S>  (]i!ai,atitni.     -m  h   di-tiict.    |ii  i  diiiit  ine-   all   doiiie-tic   aniinal-  nf    the   kind   di-.<asei| 

\.lt>  from     leiii'j     hroiiLdit     into,    .ir    taken     hoin     -m  h     infected     dNtrict  :     and     -ueh 

I'JT  ploelall.atloli    s|i;i||     lloHl    the     tillie    of      it-    pll  I  ■!  H 'at  ll  U! ,    huid     all     pelsoliri,     :illd      all\' 

l'_N  \lol:it|o|i    .if    -licli    ipialantllie     |e._rilI;ifloti-    so    i  •-!  a  i 'Il-hed    shall    heMsltcd    Wltll    like 

1l".I  peii.ihie-.  w  liK  h  iMa\   I'c   iei  ON  1  led  111  like  ni.aniiei  a-  1- pro\  ided    tor  till     \iolation 

hlii  o|   oi  In  I  ipiaiantiiM    a-  ph '\  id- d  in  -ect  mn   I  of  fiii- ait        I'lnrni,  il .   tliat   notjniii/ 

|.i|  loliLalliid    ill    till-    -eetloi      -hail    he    -o    eon-tilled    as    to    present     tlie    lllo\eUient    of 

\'\1  an\   animal-   ol    the    kind   di-e:i-.ed    throiuh    -iich    terntor\    under   -iii  h  ri  I'uhif lon-  a-   the    r.o;iid    "t     l.i\e    Stock    (  omiii!  — loiicr-   ma\    presenile,    and   tin     (oiMinoi- 

>1      a|i|iii 

l-lo  '.Scition  fi.      .Notliin;.'    coniiimd   in    'In-  .ail.  or  an\    section  flier. -ol     -hall   he 

lo(i       inlerpnted     -o    a-    to    JUi   \el,t      the    le||.o\:d      ol     shipment     of     diseased      or    e\posed 

hfT     animal-,    imdei    tin-  order-  ot    tlie    IJcmd   created    h\    tliis  act.    troiii   one   phiee  to 

!■>'•'     Nlii|iiiifiit    nil    (  ar>    I, I    ^Luiiiluiiits.     wiiiii.    m    ij,,     ,,|mi;i I    s,,  ^i    ]:.,,,.{    .u,), 

''  '"  l<-llin\:i|  1>  lirc|-s>,ir\  lot  llii-  ^l||.|lll■^s|Hl|  ol  sil,  h  ,  ,  ,|il  .i;.' i,  uis  ;,||i  :  ] ,  t,  •<  t  H 'U?, 
Ill       .ll-..:!-,... 

''-  ^1  ill, III     I.        W  )li'lM\.l       (jliiilalil  IIM-     I-      (■^taiiil^ii,'.]      Ill i,i:iM   .        \\ill;      (III- 

14.i     |i|(nivi.i,|.  ,,1   MMtKMi   •_'  Ml    tills  ait.    \,ilnl    ii.iii..    ,  ,|    |(,.     -,,111,      iu;,\    |.,    ^m\.i-    \<\ 

N)  Ira  \  NIL'  \Mtll  tllr  iiWIk  I  el  i.(  (  iljiaiit  (  t  a!|\  pi'  ll.i-M  s  II  i  |M  (Mil,.  Ill  i|i  ll\  M  IIiL'  to 
'  '•'  '"i.\  lilt  mill'!  (it  Ills  laiiiil\,  ..|  aii\  tiM|iiM\c  M\,i  111'  -.Mil  <-\  I.  i,  \ia|s  LmiIhI  nii 
l-*''  'Ik'  I 'I' -til  Is,  s  si  I  1]  Hal  ant  II II  1 1,  imtli  I  t  l.rn  1  .|.  w  1  H  ti  1  ..|  1 1|  ihl.  1  i .  1  1  |i;.|I  i\  w  1  i!  1.  li 
M<  uli'i  |i:iltl\  |i||  aliij.  at  III.'  saliif  tllm,  c  \|plailiiriL'  tin  ci'iiiiils  tin  1,, it. 
1-l.s  Siirli  c|iiaraiirn:i  s|i-ill  |.,  suliicifiit  i,  pinxiii  in  aiiv  ( mill  |.\  t!,.  |i|ih|ui  tii 'ii  df 
II'*  M  tllh  in|i\  nt  si|(|i  imtKi  ,i!  (|  lia  lal  it  1  In  ■  vvltll  .1  ninrij  ilaiini!.  .  .j  tin  s,  1  \  k,. 
I-***     "t     tln'     s:iiiic     in     llic     iiianiMi     alinVf     [.■Hiinl  \ii\      |.iisiiii     \iMlatin:.      ^aiil 

I-'l  tiualaiitilif  shall  lir  L'lnilx  nl  a  IiiImIciiu  al.i 'i  aiiM  |ni|i|-i;,  ij  a^  1^  pn.,;!,  .:  f,.|  n, 
i-VJ  sr(tlnli  I  III  tills  ;(t.  alai.  nn  (( ili\  K  t  li  HI .  sPall  I  <■  llaMi  lil  all  ilali;i;a  that 
]■'>■'>      Ilia\     Icsllit    tc    ntllrl     |i(  Isnlis    )n    (  nlisi  (pli  In  i     nt    sIkIi    \;,.|atln|i  /'/.     ,-/../,    t  Ijat 

i->-l  lili\  I'lM  trclllit'  lilliiscll  a'j;^l!r\  III  li\  siirji  iplalalitlln  iiia\  appi  al  I'l  lii  lull 
!■>•)      Hoaiil     nl     ( 'iiinliiissinjinis     \\||,i     shall     thi'iiiipnn     siistaiin    iiiniiit\    nt     aniiul    sanl 

J;";*)  <piai  ant  iiic   as   liny   i|i  niii    pinpii 

]'u  "Si'itlnll    ''^.        All      tlla-s    IfiiAclril      llllilrt      tin       pln\is|,i||^    ,  it      this      art      -I     ill      i ..  ■ 

1").'^  paid    llliw    tin     rnlintV     tliasiiiv     nt    'hi     inl;|,t\     Ui     W  h  n  I .    t  hi      silit     |s     III,. I.    h\     tin 

j.V.'  IHisnii    rnllirllii!.'    tin'   same.    Ill    llii-     inaliln  1     nnW     pl,,\ii|-ii     h\    |au      '.■,    h,      nsi'.l 

l"i<t  tnrcnimtv    puijinsis.    ainl    it     shall     hi-    tin     ihil\    n(     Stiti    -   .\tinini\-    m    tlnii 

jlil  ii's|it'i  1  i\i'  1  ,  iiintli's.    tn    |i|ns,',ijt,     till    all    \  n 'iat  ii  iiis   nl    th's    h  i 

Hil  ■   Nii'tmn   '.'.       ,\ll    (  lailiis    a;:ailist     tin      Mat,      aiisin-     tiniii     I  h,        i,!,;.'!!!,!     ,it 

l(i;{  iililllials.  lis    hiTi  in    pl,i\liii'i|    tnl.  shall    U     tiiaii,     t,.    sal.l     l'.,ial,|    nl    <    , 'M :  n ,  issi,  ,| ,,  |s. 

Ifi-l  iiinli'l    siiih    lllli's     an, I     li'L'ulat  mils    as    tln\     inav     p|,  siiil„       .niii     il     -l.aii     In      I  h, 

Iti.-)  iliitv   nt   sanl    I'tnaiil   nl   ( 'ninniissimni  s   tn  ijit'iiMin'  fin    ainniint    ulinh    snaH    he 

i<i«)  pahl     in    I'ai  h    <  as,      nn     aii'Milit     n|     alilliials     sn   s|aii;_'lil  •  1  nl.    whnii.    in    1  asi'~   1 ,1 

lt)7  iiniinitls    III     till'    I'lixilii     sp.  en  s.    -hill     li      has,,|     i-n     tin      t.iil     rash     Inali,    t     \ailic 

ICih  tllftvol       Im     in't't       nl      tnl      us,(       (nl     dullV       pUJ|ins.  s       |,,,i     j,,     i.\(,|.,i     >7.",     .^.^ 

It','.  I 

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ll,  :i,l  :  ■Mill.  Hi  i:i-»--  <<f  ;iliilli!(N  nf  tie  (■(|l|iiir  v|irc!cs,  dj:  (jirU  i'lir  <H' i;  lliill  kcl 
\:i|ii,  .  !:.>1  t.i  ,\ii.(l  S|((i  |:,l  jjiild  ;fti(l  l''|>iirt  th<'  ^;i!  i-  t"  till'  (InNcClMiI. 
;il.-,i  ill.  (  M.\  (  il,i.|  -I.mII  tlid"!--!-  tliilci'li  111-  nrder  to  tlir  St;iti  .\ili|lti>r.  who 
~i;  ill     I  I.I   l>   ll|:i 'li     I^-li''     111-     \.\:il!;il,t     nil     tllr     Matl      'l'|•l■.■|>^ll?|   I     In     tilt      nMII^i 

^iiIlH;       |(!.  ^Ml. I     Ml'. lid      "1      '     iilllllll  — llilMI-.    Ill'     ;ill>     lllllnl"    I      til. Tt'l.t.    Mild      tlic 

>t:it.  \  I  !i  1  i|:ii  111.  :i!d  1.1-  I --i -I  Mil  t -.  Ill  tin-  |it-|  fi  ifl  I IM I K  i  ■  1 1|  tin  11  dlltlcs 
llldi   I     tl   '-    :ii  t     -liMll      ililM      |ii.\M  I     to    <'mII    oil    -Ili'llHs    Mild     tliCir    d(  IHltli-.    (Oll-IM- 

|r|, -,      11,1     I'l   II  !■     oHiffi-.    iii,i\or-     of     citii-,    cifx     ami     foun     iii.-ir-liMl-     Mini 

|i..liiil!ii  !(.  :i-.^i-!  till  III  il.  iMir\ni'_'  olit  It-  )i|o\  l-|o||v  .  Mild  It  I-  lirli|p\  liiMdi- 
tl;.  .|i:I\  ..i  mII  -ill  I:  oil  I  I  I-  to  ■|--l>t  Hi  lMM>ni^  ollt  t  llr  |l|o\  l-loh-  ot  tlll-M(t 
\',i:,|.  .idi'ii'd  ■..  t.'  do.  Mid  -Mid  (  ollillil-^lolirr-  Mild  tlir  SiMtr  \  itct  lliMI  IMIl 
;illd  I  I-  ,i--I-tMlt-.  -IimII  Iimm.  wllllf  'ilLML'i  d  III  CMllMlL'  'Hit  tile  |i|d\l-lnli-  of 
I  il  I-  1,  !  .  1  I:.  -:Ol  1  I  I  'W  I  !  -  Ml  d  I  1  I  II  I  I  ll  ll  t  ot  III  1  I  1  Ml  I  I  lli(  1  I  -  I  M\  o.  ;il:d  Mll\ 
.-IkIi  I  Mill!  '.'.Ill'  tllli-  o|  Iflli-i  ■  to  ,||toM  .■  till-  ImwImI  ollill-  Mild  IJilMlMlltlllf 
ot     -.lid      I'.  'Mid.     I'l      lll'\      llli    lld'i   I     tlliliot.ol      Mll\     \  itil  lliMIIMII     MltlllL'     lliid'   1      tilflll, 

!;     :i,       I'O.p,   I      iNiilitloli     lit       till       |lo\\,!-     .olllcrild     ii\.      till-     M(t.     -iillll       ll.      d..||!.d 

'j.;lit\     ,.!       I     IM-di   III!  Ml'i 'I      il'd      |ililii-l:.  d      M-    |>ro\|i|..i      ill     -.(tloli      I.    of      tlii^     Mit. 

^.  .    1  1,    !:      II  I    111      -Mid     I  'o:il  'I   -ll.lll  111    l'|M   I  Mtc    W  It  ll  Mll>    <    o||||iil^s|o|i,    i  .    ,,|    ot  lur 

oil;.-.  !.       ,l|i|io|llt.  d       l'\       til.-       1     llltid       MMti  -      fill     till-       -liplilfs-liill      lit      lolltM^'lollS 

dl-i   ;i-i   -     Mlli'Il'J     di'IlM-Ii.       MIllllMI-.     -o     tM|-     M>     ill.-     |l|li\  l-loll-    ot     till-     M(   t      Mild     tlic 

l|i|i|  .  .|i|  ;,li  il  ll-  111, I'l.  ill  Ml  loldMlMi  tll.H'.Mttl  Will  Mlio\\,  III  -ll|l|)|-|  --||i._'  ,'1(1,1 
|.i,    \.    iill!    L'     t  K.       -|i!.   Mil      of      (  ohI,li.'loll-      Mllll      lilt.  <t  loll^      lIl-CM-i'-      Mllioli^'      dolMI   -tli- 

Mliilii.d-    ill    till-    M-it.-. 

^i.t.oll      I'J  It      -llllil      i'l       ti.      i|llt\      ot     -Mill       I'.o.-lld     of     (  'olllllli--|o||,'tv     to     k.  .  |) 

M  I..'  I'l  I't  m11  ll..  ,1  M.t-  Hi. I  |l|i'<  .-.  "llllL'-.  .■Hid  r.jl.ilt  IIm-  -Mini-  to  tlic 
(.o',i||,"l      :illl|ll.-|ll>  .     ol      .'    I      it       I-|-l|llil.  d.     tot      (Illiilli-Mlloll.         d'll.      MIllHlal        Ifport 

^h.iii    H  1  hid.    Mil    It. -1111-.. I   -tiiti  iii.'iit   of  .ill    -iiiii-   fXitt'inl.d    l.\    ill.  Ill    in.'iirtli;- 

;|,t.      IM    iildll'L'       M      -lull    hi.    lit      of       :di      .llllllML'.    -     l.-l-oIllllll-I|.i.  .|       l.\      til.    Ill      t,,       i„       ,,;,„| 

t,.|      ill      il!!lli:ii-    -I  oiL:lit.  t.  d.    iHid     til.      Mll'olllit-    |iM|il     tili-|-('for. 

>.   I    ;  ..    11      |.  1.  Ill       II;.    lid'.    I    .     of     -Mid      iioMld      -il  ill     .'Ml    1 1     ll  I  I   1\  ,       ill,      ^11  III     ,,j     >;- 

],,  |-       j  i\     I'll      .  Ml  il     d-|\     ll.  I  1  --:ilil>      .-Ill|il.i\  fil     111    tin-    .il-c|iMr;.'<-     ot     liit'll      ||lltl^•^ 

'2<K)  tlifir   iicctssarv    tnnrlint:   cxim'Iiscs,  juk]    other   iticiiicntal    cxiu'Iim--  iH'ccs-^iirilv 

'JOl  ilicuilfil    III   tlif    pfi'fiiniiiiiicr    III    tli<'ii     liiitii'N     iniii'i     til!-'    act.   t^i     h.      pai  I     (Hi 

J02  ( fitltii'il    and    Itt  Iin/iil    \(iui  litis    In    lir    a|>|il<i\iil    ii\     the    (  iii\  illml  . 
'2(W  "Section    14.      All   acts    aiiil    jiarts   of     aits    iiicoiisisleiit     lieiewitli    an     In  reli\ 

1^04  re|)eale<i. 

'2();>  "Sect  ion  1").        \\  llcl'eas,  t  lie  I  ,l\  e  Stock  <  'onillllsslolieis  alt    W  It  I.,    lit   |)o\\i  I   ti  p  sll|l 

'JjKi  ]i|"ess  colita},'loUs  aliil  111  let  t  lolls  iliseases  liow  eMstlli;;  aliioli},'  ll  \  e  slot  k  in  1  lie  State 

'JliT  of    Illinois   luiiler  the   pieseiit    law.   thetefore   an    einert.'i'iic\    exists   aiiij     this    act 

'J(IK  shall   take  etfect    from   aiiil   after   its   jmssa^t  . 

:i'U\\  AssiMii.  Si:\ ATF-:— No.  l.Sl.  Maroh  1HH7 

1.      IiitiiHliict'.l   liv   Ml'    ( 'dcliiHi:.  .!:inii:ir\   '_*tl,    iShT.  ;iiiil  oidcrcd   tn  fir^t  rcad- 

'_'       l■'lr-^t    r.  !t<lniL'  .liimiiin    Jii     Ih'-^T.   hikI   iflcrifil   to    ( 'iiininittiT    on     \<.'ii(ul- 

tiili-    atni     I  )r;iiiiai.'f, 
■  i.      l;>|npttiil   l.Mck    Muh  h   _'ti  with   :imfiiilinfnt-.   |»itsMit,'f     it  rniiiiiifiiiicil,  and 

iililrlcil     t(i    ^fc  o||,l     ICIciltlL'. 


I  "T    An     \i  t    U'    ii  u.'!il;irf   tlic    |ii;iitii'-   i  A     \ftiMi:;ii\     Mi-iiirii]i-   ;i(ii|     Siiil.'ci\    in     the 

M.itt      nt       lihlKM-. 

Si.rinN  1.  Pu  if  roarfnl  hi/  fJu'  P'nj'!,  i.f  tin  Sl.ih  i.l  /",.,., v.  r,  j.i-  ^,'n(rd 
in  f/i,  /ir,i'/-,ii  As.sruiUi/.  That  III!  |>fiMiii  --liall  |iiacti<-c  \ ctfi'iiiarx'  iiumIk mc 
aihl  ■^iiiL'fis .  "I  ■.{)\\  liiaiiili  tliii-fiil.  Ill  tlii^  Statf  tor  r(iin|M'iisati(iii,  nt  sliull, 
titliir  'l;ii(tl\  IT  iininfct  1\ .  ii((i\(  ni  a(  (  i  |it  \ny  lus  scix  ico  as  a  |>ia(  t  itnini'i' 
iii  Nittiifiaiv  iiifilicHM-  'II'  sui;.'ir\  aii>  tr»-  nr  nwaril.  lAcipt  lie  In  ilui\  n-'^is- 
!i|fi|  a^  lulilliaftil'  |iMi\ii|iil  ill  till'  l.iHilv  fur  that  |illl|)()si'  lli  thr  nllici-  c  it  the 
(•(iiint\    I  li'il\    lit    till-   iniiiilx    II,    uhich    he    ri-.ii|r^. 

;■  1:1  Nn  iKTsiiii  -.hall  III  i-Mitlfij  tn  Hu'i-fn  a-  such  |ii  act  it  h  iiii-i  uiili---  In- 
h.  a  i.'laili|.itt  III  a  iiL-alK  rl  (itilril  m  i  m  ■ 'I  |ii  H  at 'il  cnilit.'f  ni'  iilil\t'|sii\  m 
-,hali  linl'i  a  (  rfl  ilirati'  "I  i|  iiahlii  at  h 'li  llntii  a  liL.'ail\  llici  ii  |niiatfil  \itiiuiai\ 
•>iiii.t\  1 ,1 L  aiii/fil  :i'  IiJi'-t  iii'i  \i-ar  hi'fiiii  till'  passat-'i  nl  thi^  ait.  aii'l  sikIi 
ii'ilitii-ati  -.hai!  hi'  is^iiiil  at  l.'i-t  laii  \tar  |ir(\iiii;s  ti>  .Iaiiuai>  tiist,  ii^'iiti-fii 
huti'lliil  alul  iii,'lit\  s(\rli.  1  \i  1  )it  a^  |il"i  i\  liit-ii  Inr  ii;  siMtluli  thli't-  A'  ui  tills 
ai  t. 

J    :i.       \ii\    |iii-~iiii    \\liii   his     iniii   niiit  I  rnm^lv      inactirini,'   \itfmiar\    iiifiiiiUf 
alii    -iii'_'ii\    III    till-    Stall     tm   ,1    iiiIIimI    hI    imt    li'---thaii    t  hi  i-i'  \  i-al  s  iiiiiiii-ilial(|\ 
|iri  (  iiiiiiL'   tilt-   |ia^>aL'''   nt      thi--   ait.    withnut    liaMti.L'   nlitaiiifii    a   ih|il(iiija   i^i    cfi 
titiiatf   tiiiiii   a    ItL'alh    cliart  t  nil     i>r  iik  nrpoiatc*!   vctftiUHiy  cnilc^'f.   uiij\nsity 



(ir  socicfy   lis  jUdMilt'd   foi    in   -.ccfjoji   twi'  <il   tin-  jtct,   inii^t    r»-L"i-tii    williiii   --ix 
inoiitlis   iittri    tlic   tikiii^'   ftlirt    (li   tills   ;i(I,    ii|>(iii    mukiiiL'   iilnl     liliii^'     with     tlif 

(dlllity    (!flk    cit    tliC    (nlllit\     III     wIikIi     lie    ?Vsliii-,    ;|||     allliillMl       -t;itlIIL'       tl.i;       ll'' 

Ilio   in-cii   SCI    (iiiitiiKiiisly   |iiii(ii(iiiL'     \itcini;ii\    iiinlii  im     ;iii<l  siuviiv    !■  i     the 
pi't  |(i(|    lnrtitilictnii-    pics,  i  ilici. 

>     1.       'I'Ik'     <iiillit\     (In  Is     (ll     (•;!(  ll    lit\     (ll     tlil-     rs!.it(     sli.fll     |,h,\|(l(       (    iumk, 

t  (  1     I'c     klh  i\\  ll     :i-     t  llf    ■■    \  ct  clllllll  \      \1  im|  l(  M  I     I  ;(  ;_'I--I(    I  III     W  llK    ll     ^h.i  ll     l'(       1  ■   (   .  i|  ill-'l 

till  iiaiMc  I't  till-  ri'L'isl  i;iiil ,  flit  iiaiii(  'it  tin  (ollt-ji  .  .i  uni  \  ,i  s|t  \  lm  :ii:  t  iiiij 
111-  illlildllia.  (i|  it  tile  s(i(!it\  ^T.-illtlliL;  Ills  1  (  It  llliatc  ,  >  il  .  siiiiiil.|  iIk  a|i|>h(  alil 
hut  lUisiiit  siicli  (ii|iliiiiii  (i|  (  I'ltllh  ale.  tiii'i  till  I  |(  I  I  -hall  lih  tin  allliia\ll 
|i|cs(  I  II)  -.(■(  timi  tiii'i  (it  till-  a(  t .  all'  1  \\lii(  ll  -mil  ipjilh  aiil  iiius!  m  L-i-ti-i 
Ml  llki  llialilli'l  a-  it  Ik  had  |i|  (  -(  litc(|  a  dipldliia  .  (|  a  (i!tlllci!(  tl'Hn  a 
Mtitltian  iiillt(.'f.  i||il\  t  l-lt  \  ol  siHi(t\  and  -hall  tli'li  h"  (litlthd  I .  •  (  dlit  iliiic 
tlM  |iiacll((  lit  \i'tclllial\  liicdl(  IlK  and  -iil<j(l\  l,\(i\  a|i|i|!(all  '.'I.'  -iall 
lia\i  ((iiiiiilicd  with  ijic  ti  iKL'din'j  piiiN  i-ii 'll-  and  -hall  hi  adinittccj  \n  iiL'i-Iia 
tmn.  -hall  pa\  U'  the  icinitx  (  li  i  k  tli(  -un:  .i|  dtic  dulhii  \\li|(  h  -h.ili  h( 
rf(  I  IMmI    a-    lull    ((iliipt'h-at  idii    f.ii    siiih    lCL'l-t  I  at  k  m 

s   .V     An\    |»cis(i|i    wild    -hall    |iiis(  nl    Iii    the    (iii:nt\    (hik     tdi    tla     pi;i|>-  •■ 
lit     icL'i-t  latldl'       an\      dipldiin     dl      (crtllicati       whlih      ha-      hi  en       tl  and  lUi  !  1 1  \ 
(ihtailifl.   dl      -hall      practice     \it(iinai\      iiiciIkiiic     and      -iliuci^      withdii'      .    .n 
tdiniinL.'    td   lii(      ic(piiiiiiiciit-   dt    thi-    a(l,    dl    -hall    dthci^^i-i     \idlat(    di    ina-'i' (  I 
t(i  (  niiipU    with    an\     dt    till     pid\is|dn-    dt    ihi-    a(t.   -hall    Ik     L'inllv    ^t    a    im- 
dl  liicannl.    aliil     -hall.    td|    ca(d:     iImI    >  V(  i\     etlcn-i  .   hi     |iiliil-li(i|    h\     a    I  Ik     dt    iiii' 
Ic--     than     tcl!     ddllar-     laa      liid|,      than     d,.      hiilKJl.    i     ddllal-.       .il      l\      ilM|ili-d| 
imait    ill     t  h"     cdinit\     jail    I"!    a     tiiii      i  ■!     nul     1(~-    titan     iiincl\     d;is-     iidi     iiid|. 
than    diM     \i'ai,   m     h\     hdtli     Ihk      and     i  mpi  i-dnincul  l!iit      ni'tliiii'.'    in    !h- 

act  -hall  I"  (dii-ti.i"d  td  pidhihi!  -tichni-  tidin  pi  f-i  1 1  hiirj  ii.l.i  lla 
-Wpcixi-idli  dl  p|c((|itdl-.  td  pidhliilt  L'l  at  .iildil-  -(l\lci-  in  I  a-(  I  I  1  liii  :  ■_'(  Ik  .  . 
Ill  td  pidhihit  the  -el  \  ll  e-  dt  an  a;itlidii/ed  prai  t  it  n  nici  nl  a  iiei  l' hhci  Mcj 
Stat(      when     in(ad(ntall\     'alhd     ■'''■■     i''nii-!lMa) 

(  n.MMiTTKi,    AMKNhMIATs    To    SKN  ATI-.    lUI.I.    No      lil.    l'l;o|'o>];| ) 
1!^    (  oMMi  i-)i;i;  ON    \(,i;i(  ii.ri  i;i-:  and    DiiAiN  A(  .i;. 

Alnen.l       \:\        -tllKlIlL'       -Mf       .ill       .ill,    I         -,t\|,.       ,,t  j,||l  Hi  M-Ctloll         olK'  1  .ill,! 

'_'       Ui->i'|t      !),!■     fdll.iUlIiL'  . 

•>  ■■  I  Im!  mm  |m'|^iiii  -iiall  ;iii\  citi-^'-  himself  to  |ir!i(ticf  \  ftciiiiaiv  iiu'diciiif 
I  Kli'i  -lilLI'lS.  Ill  :Ui\  Idaliili  tllilnit.  Ill  tlil>  Statf.  lAccjlt  111  l>i  ilnly 
■  )     ii'ji-lin-.l    a^    ii.-i<-iii.(lti'i     |iriiM.i<-.l    in    ;i    I i^    \.,y    that    puipo-^.'    in     tin-    nllie.- 

•i       "I     til-       in:i|;t\      iltll.     i  .(     f|i.       |.h,||I\      ill      uillch     hr     Irslllc'^. 

'  Mlil.r    iiiit     all     attri     fin      \Mi|.|    ■  I  i>li>lli|ri|"     III     ."jtii     line     limii      tlie      la-I     \<> 

^     liii-    v'liiiil       111       ill    .Jul    hu,.    lil, in    la>t. 

35tli  Assem.        ^      SKNATE— No.  134/   ^      March  1887 

1.  Introduced  by.  Mr.  Momahan,  January  26,  1887,  and  ordered  to  first 

±  First  reading  January  20,  and  referred  to  Committee  on  Municipali- 

•  i.  Itt'portt'd  back  March  17,  1887,  passage  recommended,  and  ordered  to 
second   readinp. 


For  An  A(;t  to  amend  section  two  ('2i  of  an  act  entitled  "Aa  act  to  enable 
park  commissioners  or  corporate  authoritiefl  to  take,  regulate,  control  and 
improve  jjublic  streets  leading  to  public  parks,  to  pay  for  the  improve- 
ment thereof  and  in  that  behalf  to  make  and  collect  special  assensment 
or  special  tax  on  contiguous  property,"  approved  and  in  force  April  9, 
1879,  as  amended  June  26,  1885. 

Bbction  \.    B«U  m»oUi  if  A»  Ptafk  ^  mm  tMate  of  IUmow,  r«pre»er.Ud 

2  in  the   Gfriervl  Assembly,  That  section  two  (2)   of  an  act  entitled  "An  Act 

3  to   enable    park     commissioners    or    corporate    authorities  to  take,   regulate, 

4  control   and   improve  public  streets  leading  to  public    parks,  to  pay  for  the 

5  improvement  thereof,  and  in  tliat  behalf  to  make  and  collect  special  assess- 
0  meut  or  special  tax  on  contiguous  property,"  apj)roved  and  in  force  April 
7  9,   187*.»,   as  amended  June   ^J,   1885,   be  and    the    same    is  hereby  amended 

1 8  so  as  to   read  as  follows: 

9  "Section  '2.     That  such  park  commissioners,    or  such  corporate  authorities 

10  as  are  by  law  authorized  to  levy  taxes  or  assessments  for  the  maintenance 

11  of  such    parks,    shall   have  power    to    improve,  maintain    and   repair    such 

12  street  or   streets   in  such    manner  as   they    may    deem    best,  and  for   that 

13  purpose  they  are  hereby    authorized    to    pay   for   the  improvement  thereof, 

14  _  and  from  time  to  time  to  levy  or   cause  to    be  levied  and  collected  a  special 

■=  '-■  ■-■ '  --    ■■  '^<^-'^'''^-'''f^iiti-r,iL,t-\i*',iVf\r'tti-,,'-i-^  ,&di. 

15  tax  or  oewenomont  oo   contiguonB    property    Bbtttting   upon    such  street  so 

16  improved  for  a  sum   of    money  not    exceMrng    the  estimated  cost  of   such 

17  first  improvemefnt  or  improvements,  as  shall  be  ordered  and  estimated  by 
l6  such  board  of  park  commissioners,  but  not  for  any  subsequent  care,  main- 
19  tenance  or  repair  thereof;  and  to  that  end  such  board  or  corjwrate  author- 
iJO  ities  shall  have  all  the  power    and    authority  now  or  hereafter  granted    to 

21  them  respectively,  relative   to  the   lev>',  assessment  and  collection  of  taxes, 

22  or  assessments  for  Corporate  pnrposO);  and  such  special  tax  or  assessments 
28  as  are  hereby  authorized  may  be  divided  into  not  exceeding  four  annual 
24'  iluteUments,  bearing  interest  at  the  rate  of  six  per  cent  per  annum  from 
2§  the  date  <d  confirmaition    until    paid;    and    the  assessments   or  installments 

26  thereof  shi^  be  oolleoted  and  enforced  in  the  same  manner  as  is  provided  by  law 

27  for  the  collection  and  enforcement  of  other  taxes  or  assessments  for,  or  on 

28  account  of  such  corporate  bodies  or  boards  as  aforesaid,  so  far  as  the  same 

29  are  appUcable. 

:i'»tl.  A-nn.  S(  nam:— No.  l:i:..  Feb.  1SH7 

I        I  rii  "p.iiic,  .1     |,y     Ml       ii....Mii,    .1,11, liars     _'<i.     |S">7.     ;ti/il     (ml.  r.-.i     t.i     lii -( 

I'     1    IlIlL'. 

I    •^-'      |..iiiin_'    .l;illiiil\      _'!..      i'NST.     all  i     Ictiir.    I    111    (   .iliiliiltt.-i-    <»,      l.'.ri  U, 
ili'jliua\-    ali'l     I'.ll'L'.-. 
■'       l;'l"'itf.|    1m.  K     I\l,|-.iais     Ih.     !s^7,    |(a--a^'.     n-r,,iiiiii,  iil-.l    aii.l    m|,|,t,  ,| 
'' '    --I  I  .  iipl    ii  ailniL' 


■I      \i       \.  •     !   .    |i|.'\i'i.>    Inr     lii.      .•)  L'aiii/ati.iii    i.t     vnl    .ii^trirt-,    ti'.     •If.ti'Hi    aii.i 

'iiliK    >       ..t       il!li,,|^      thr-Mill,      aJi'i      l!|      ll'_'ll'i      h)       Im.hU       ari'l       l.Mll'J'--.      ill       I      Mllltic    s 

I:"!    nil  i'  I    I' 'W  ii^i.;]!    >M  jaiii/  i!  i(  >ii,    ainl    to    i.  p.a!    an    ait    ainl    pat-  ■■:    a(I> 
I  i"  li  il      nana  il^ 

f^i'i;-.    I.      P-    'f  <nn.i,-ij  hi,   thr   Pr^:j  '.■  .-.f  /Ir  Sf/ifr  nf    Tllin.v'.^:.  r,'/.;.      ;,'  •/ 

2  "I    '/'■      (,.',•  in!     A  ^^'  "ilii 'I .      'I  ),a!      u|m|m\,|      ,ui\      |i.-|--"lr-.     t  la '- rl  I  ML'      w  i !  i ,       i'i\ 

•i  iallia'._'.~     -iiaii     iia  i  t     m;i     ai!\     ti|!li|Uhi-    luail     mi    |Mii.|ii      liiL'ii\^a\     ll:    llil-    >IaI'', 

}  till'    |iii-.i.n-    >■>    iiiil  III!.'    ~.|i:(ll      -.-a-.!  iiiai  i\     tiiiii      tln-ir    rariiaL'is    to    tin      ii'jiit 

•I  I't     till      ill    ilili     Ifai  Is.    -II    a^    ti'     I'l'iliiit     I   icii    laniaLTi       to     |ias-    willinu)     iiit'-r^ 

t>  I'TiiiL'    "I-    iiiti'irii)>l  iti'j.    aii'li-i      till-     |iiiialr\     ot    li',c    linliar-    tm     .-vtis     n.  u'l' 't 

(  III      iittrh-i         tiilx-     |i(ii\i|i.|     ti\      J'm-     jialtS      aij-'l  li-\  I'll            /';■"•'//'/.     this     •-.I'ltliill 

"^  -lialj    i!.il    111     (iiii-tiiiiii    til   a|i|)!\    til   a    (a-.     wInTi     it    !■>   iiiipi  ad  Mahlf    trui'i    tin- 

'••  iiaiiiii     ll!     till-    LTiiiMhl     I'll     till     ilir>ii     ■  il     tin     laiiiaL'c  i>r    \\ai.'iiii    tn    Iain    tu 

ll  till     ii'jiil     III    till'    Ik  ati'ii    tiaiiv, 

5    -'        \i'   |ii|-'iii     iiwniliL'     ali\     1  aiiiaL'i'.    nilililli'..'    m    flaNciltiL'    ll|iii|i    ali\     d'ail 

1  II'    thi      -.ti!''    Iiir     lilt     I'liiis  i'\  iiir.      Ill     pa- -I  iiL'i  I's.    --hall     !,  iiu'.v  iiil' i'.     I'liipjis.    ni 

<  I'liitiinii     III   1  iiipji  i\  iiicnt .    a!;\     |iii--ii!i    tii  ilir.i'   sur!i    caiaiaL'!'    nvIih    i-   aiMii  IiiI 

I  to    ill  aiil  •  iiiii -s    !ir    ilic    r\ci'--i\i     liM-    111    -pit  It  iii  iii-    iiipi'ir-,    aial    i'   ;)i'\    sjicfi 

•">  i.-AI,il     -i    ill     -villi  iti      til      |i!<,',i     'iij-,    i,t     liii-     -•■.'ti'ili.     all'  I      In      -hail     iia'i     hal 

•  '  li'.t  ll'     ■')'  i    1.  a-1  iiaiih     1  :    "!    t  ;■  .!    -,  ;;  h    .li:. .  >     i-    aii.i  •  ti  li    To    .!:  ■;  ii!  •  -i;.    --.    l.o 

1  -lial!     ti)|ii  li     al     till-      lati       i il      i.'.i.'    iii..lai-    ;•■  i     il.;\     i-i      air     ;...       Uii.i      ilUlii.j 

^       winh     I  lirr<  !i!tfl      he     >-li;ill     l,.(|i     ^\it  \\     >\\\\'\      in     i,|-    .  !i  1 1)1.  .\  ?ri<  i,  t  .    }m     Ik       -imJ 

'.(      f'lr     |i\-     :iti\      |i.  r-.Mti,     )il].i     c.  l!i'!<ci     Ml     :i|-y     <..i;|t      !i.i\;'i'j     (  ii)ii|..  ',  I;!      |i,i    -liu- 

It'      tl.'li,     .'ili'l     l!ii'   C'liiit     \\n(\     :il|i'\\     ;(    |iM|||ii|i    i.f    s:ip1    |»i,:iit\-.    Tl"t    (\<(..;.I;'    >_'-i. 

II      1"     \i      H't.iii,((l    by    sill  h    (  iiiii[il;tiilHIit .    ;(-~    ;i    (  Min  p.  r'-.d  H  Mi     ti'i     |:i-    -<  i     i.,v     .il 

I -J     <  \|ii  ii'-i  -  ,    till     I '11  111  IK  I     III    i"     I  111  hi    li'   till    I  Mil.  I    t  (I  i-^n  \    <if   t!  I    .!i-!  1  h  ;    \\  I  .  n 

!■)       Sllill      dUl   ll--!-      WHS    (  Plllllill  ti  ll.        .\ll\     |l<|vi'll     'ill      !IIL'     I. Is    ilV^I,     tiKlll,     ('I     till      !■     llll 

II  111    .iiipt  ill  r.   (HI   till     imiImh      iii;jlnMi\     wlnii    iiitiiMi  iiti  ,j,    -hail    Im     su|,j,  ,i     j,      ;, 

l")       fill'-     Ml'      tini      I-S-,     tliull      lillir     .iii'llll-s.      liM|      ihiili       ill  ill     t\\ilil\     (i-.i       iji.jl.ils,      i|.| 

jti  iM(  I.     1  jtii  l;-.r. 

C     '■''.  It     :ill>      lillMI.      Ullllc     artlll(ll\      III.|i|m\i.1      M.       .IllS'Ii^'       :i|,\        -l;ii:     i    ;,  l  l  lii^',. 

_'     siriii     111    ;jiiilt\    (li     iiitii 'li  a'li  111     111    >ii(li    a    i|i;;iii-    a-    In    (iiilaiii'ii     iIm     sa'ii\ 

■  >  i>(    th      pas-,,  iiji  r^    III    llic     laiiiaL'.',     H     >liall    !"■    lie     .i.|t\    1 1(    lii.     <.\\iiii     i.f    -,,  li 

•1  (aliiaL'i.  (ill  l<(il\il,i_'  vsiltlili  iKiIui  iif  till'  tail.  >i'jl,..i  \.\  :ii,\  uti  if  -,i;.| 
■')      |ia -s.  h^cls.    ali:l    iiilllud    ii\     llllii    I'll    natii.    Ii 'I  I  li  \'.  It  1 1     In    •  i  1n(  ha  I  u'' '     si,,  h    li'Mil 

(i  fi  HI!    !ii->    cinpliis  iiK  lit  .    aiiil    cM'iN    sill  h    cwmr    x^hc    ^\  .ill    I'tii".    m     ha\i      in 

7  his  iilipl'i\.  Wllhlli  tli:it\  iia\s  aft((  tlu  l((i!pl  "I  si,,  h  lallic.  ali\  'lM\ii 
i^s  wll'i  shall  li.i\c  hia  ?|  mi  1 1  i!  h\  U  at  <il.  nIiiiII  Inllii!  a!  tia'  llli  nl  li\i  il  ,la|s 
'.*      |)ri     (la\     fiT    till'    tmic    (iiiii!];_'    uIimIi     he    siiali     1m  i  p    an\     sik  h    .Iii\ii      u.    Iiis 

III  flllpli  (\  lilt   III       aflfl       in   I    l\  111'.'        Mil    ll        lintUr.      Ill        ill-        slK  .1        fill         ali'l        appii'.i 
II  ilniali'il      III     si-itliill      two.     ('1      tills     ait. 

i    4.       Nil    piisnii    (iii\iii'_'    ali\     callia.'i'    iipnli      aliv     liillipliw     ii'ici     I'l     piii'i- 

■2  lii'jliw  ii>     within    this    Mair,    \^illi    I'l     v\ilii('Hl    passi  n^ai  s    till  iiin      shall    Hill    1:  s 

•  i  hiHsi's    (If  cairiiiL'c.  (If   pciiiiit    till'   sarin     in   run.    iipmi   ari\    'Kiasinn.   nr    d'l    ai,\ 

■t  p::ip)s''    n  liat  i'\  i-i',   I'Mi'pl    in    i-is.'    .i!     rii'i-.'s,|t  \  .    aii'l   <\<i\     |»-|s,in     wni    si,  all 

.")  iilii  till     aL'iliist     ihc     plii\  Isiciis    111      tills     s(i)|,,ii     shall     iir    lii'iincii     ;.niil!\      nl     a 

'i  tnisiii'iiK  aiiui .   aiiil.   mi    o 'n\  n  1  inn    tliircnf,    sliaii    I'l     tiric.i    nut    cni  i  •  iIiiil'  >>!mi 

7  III      IMlpI  'SI 'III  I  j      nut      iAc(  I  •!  1 IIL'     si\t\      .l.|\s.     at      tin-     illsiiitl'ili     nl      tlic     ciaill, 

■    -7.      It    siiail    lait     In-    la\vfiil    hii     th'f    (Irivir    nf    aiiv     lariia:.'!.    iis,ii    |,i|     tl;,. 

'J  piiijiiisi'  lit  (  iiii\  cv  iiiL'  passiiiiji  r-s  |ii|    inn.   ti.  ii  a\  i    t  tic  Ikii  ms  attailiiii   iiiinti 

.'i  wlilic     p.ass,  n'/i  |s     ntciii,     llniiiii.     withmit      inakliiL'    sin  ji     iiiii--(s    ta-t     witii     a 

4  siitlictciit    lialli'i.   rnpc  m    i  tiaiii.   mi    Ii\    |ilaiinL'   thi-  Iiihs   m   tin    li.m'is  i.t   sninr 

•7  iillirr  pifsiHi,  si»  i(s    til    pi.  .lilt    tlii'ii    I  uiiiiiiiL' ."    ;iii'l    ll    aii.\    sill  ll  ilriMi    sImj; 

(■  ('tldhl  ;iL' nil-!  till'  pi"\  i-ii>ii-*  't  tlii-  ~''(t!iiii.  In-  -ii.ill  t'Tli'it  \)]t'  -iinii  ■>[  S-J(i. 
7     t"    iM'   r.  i.'NiK'.l    li\    -iiM"?;     ti'   I"-  iM'Mi'ii 'i('''l    ^Aillm     '-ix   iiii>i«t  !!•- .     riiiil    in.I'-^- 

S  till-  :iini'iMit  "I  ^■\i]t  !>rM\i-t\  i"'  piiil  '■ 'J't  ll  W  it  i) .  cMCUl  Ji  ill  -li;iii  i)(  llllllu- 
'."       ilPlt'lv      :--lir.|      rhi!,ti>l 

^    »■>.  I   ill'     ..Willi       I'l       ••\.-!\         ■■|rrM'_'.'       rUtl'llllL'       lll"'II      MTI\       t'lllllllKi'.      p.:|.i      !■) 

|)ili.ii(      III'.' Irv\  ;i  \  ,    JMi     tlir     CI  .!i\  .  \   ilici-    (i|     |>:i->--.'li'.,'"r--.    s\:a]\     ii>-     ll-iliif,    Jii;iiti\    nr 

1       s..\,i:|il\,    I.,     rlic     |i:itt\      :hj:il.'.|,    ill     ;iil     r;-.i^.    tnr     :ill     ill|lilli>    "r    (i.'IIIMi.'i'-'    .l.ilii' 

)        i.\     :il:',     ',i.|~.MI     111     ll)i      .Mipi.'X  lil.-nt      ot      >i|ii)      iiWIirl--     ;i^    :i    iin\ir.     s\i!ili-     liir-lliL.' 

.")  -~iu  (;  i:iii;i.'i.  t"  .Ml',  I',  r-nii.  < 'V  t.i  t  ji.'  jir..|iirt\  lit  :iii\'  pi-fMin.  :iiiil  lli;!! 
ti  wh.'.ix.i  lin  :ii!  Ml  .■.•i>,.. I. JUL  ii(  il  I'ljiil  »  I'l  iliili  aili-  In-  Wlilllll.  tir  j  ll'_'>  lit 
7      II    I  ii  li.-i '.'.  I -1-,  III    ;lii-   -iiii.     iiiiniiii-i    M-,   -;ii  11   (iii.T   w.i'il.i    ill'    liiil'li.      .\ii\    'Iti'.ii 

>>  u|     ;i!lV     llliili     ^!:i'_' ;!.   ll.    m     :ili\  ntlnl      v-iinii'      tor     liic     Ci  .I|\  i'\  iilici-    nl     |i:|-->i|i- 

'.t  i.''-l-.    wiiihiilN     1  Ji'li'hir.'     au'  lil.-'  tl;.'     pi .  i'.  1 -;.  .Ii-.    nl      tl'l>     ai-t,    ^liali     he    ilr.'lipil 

ll>  L'li)!t\      (■!     a     Iii1"m|i  111'  ali'il',      ali-i  mi      r.  .n  \  let  i. 'Il      t  lliTi'i  if,      -llail      in-      lil:fii      lait 

ii  I     .1  .  I  .|lli;.'      ?>  (I  «  i.    111       ;  III  ji|  I  •' ilh  '  i  li'it      •■\rii  lilli;'      td.ii      II  m  ill  t  il-. 

;    7.       I  la-    t.riii     ■■  (  at  Ii  I'ji',        !■-     11--.  .1     111     ti,i-     ai  t ,     ^-liali     !.<•     cuii-t  i  in  il    tn 

l'       llain.i'-     -111.'.'     C'laiii'-.    wijiih-.    call-,    ■-li.jli-,     -k-.l-     aini     i'\i-l'\     i.llirl'     <alliaL'f 

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.'>  p.  ai  .-  -il  ili  ha'.--  jai  i-ia'tiiii!  :».  'iii  i-a- -  aii-iiiu'  uii.ii'i'  thi-  ait.  'Ala-ri'  tlic 
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■i     ulisli  111.  tajii     th^'j-cuii.    or    I  ijLroiic]jiuy    iipuu    tLw    fcauit    witL    any   ieijte.   or    by 


J  |)l(>\\iiiL.'    i>r    iliL'L,'in<;     :ii)\     d.Iili     (>r     .itlin      ii|)<)iii)L'    I  li'i-fnii.   m     i.\    ininu!/    :i 

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'•'  iiililit  iMtiiil     viiiii     .1)      11, .t      (■\(ii.ini'j      tliKc       lii'Iini^      |M  t      i\u\      t.>t      i\.t\      tl:i\      li" 

In  sjiall    -<iitii  I    Mil  ii    dli-tiJii  tK'h   t(j   n  iiiiiiii    alii')    in     Iwi-   !■(  1  n  (i|>iii(ii    1-'  i.ii.i\r 

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l-'  tri  llllL'      llllliM  It      aL'L'l  li\cii  I'loiuh  ■! .      tlll->      vr(1i(i!i       shall       lint       a|i|'l\      t.i      ali\ 

l:i  ]ii  rscii    who   -liall     lav.tiillv     tall     ati\    tire    tm    Use.    aii>i    will    iimni-'l  lal  1  ]\     \,}\n\,' 

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l*i  t.i     til.'     (■MiillMl^--i. 'Ii.'rs       lit       --llril       llitt  lit  lull  :        Aii'l.     fiiii- 1,1,  ,]      l',ntii,>.    that      liic 

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1"  mkIi     ina.i.   lit     tilt'    1  ilisf  I  111  t  mil.    ina\    1.  iinix.     aii\    ^u.  h    t.  iin'   m    ntliii    ..|i-tiii.  - 

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•J  pi'is.iti     I.i    .h|i.i^il     III     a     |tiihlii      i.ia.l.    u..  iU.    trash,    .jarhai.'.'     nr     aii\      ..thli-i\.' 

;t  inatti'l,    am!     a!i\      ixtsihi     sn    .itl.'lnlni'j.    shall    h.'    Iialij.'    t.i    a    |i.'liall\    nl     Imt    !'-^- 

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;    1:;,       \i|    ■«•;::-   fur  ti;,    r'<"'.<r\      f  .■ni\    Uv.'    '>!    )«.•;)!!■>    ;iiii|.  ?•  tin-   .k ',    '■hall 

|i>     iM-i^it    iii    ?!i'     i:U:;"'  :■!'   rif    lii-triiT    ;n    wiiiiii    '(■■■    >itTi'ii-'   i-  < '>;i!';:i;t'-.i, 

|m  I.  .1.-  ;i'n  l!i~,t  |(  I-  .  ■!  !  !:•  |i'':i(  .  "!  (1>  Ih  !■  M!  l_'i-f;it.-  ■.'.  '!  ):.'f  I  I"  .  I  ,  ~l  I  I  <  t  .  W  i  ■  ■  ■-!  i,l  i  1 
I,.'!'.!'^'liltlMll      ill      -,111    li      I    :!^i    -       f..       tl;.       .\t,-lit       !•{         fl:<ir  j  :  i  M -1 1  I  <    f  1 1  >!  I      111         ntlu-r 

(■■I-.-.  -I'  ■!  t  -Ini!  'iM-  ;!:.  .i'it\  nj  tih-  (■i.|||llll--nl;.'t-  !'i  -I  :|>.i|,:|!.|v  pm-,!-!  lit'- 
f.T  •,,]  t  !■•  -  ri'i'i  M.  Ii:<it  li---  II!  ■!.  1  ti|i~  :i(t  .  liilt  l|i  I  .i-i  ol  ;i  tlillilli'  lit  ■-:il'l 
m||!<m>  t"  -■  ■  |i|  M^.i  nil  .  I  I  i|!;|'i;iirit  lli:i\  I'l'  lii;i.ii  i.\  ;ni\  |h|-«m|i.  I '  i  ■■■■:■/■•/ . 
-:i;'l  |M-|-:.ii  -i:,i!l.  Ill  lull'  l.nn'_':iiL'  '-Mf  1  Ii  t  ln'  l,;i  ?iii-  nf  t  In-  it  !-f  I  ict  .  l?I  \  i  ••!  |..iii,l 
1.1-     i,.-t^.      ,i->     !^     |i|..\!.|iii       III        Ml       tl;r      ii^i'     .  ■!       ?|i  .|  I    1 1  -I   ii   (I  i  -  I'll'     W  i   .   1 1.   \  i)' 

:i!.\  |ii|~.n  --hiilj  ilil.l  i.i|||n:iil;l  I.i  ;il)\  miij  (  i  iiiill  1 1 --~li  .1  !•  r  If  -ll'lll  In  ti|i- 
iiiir\       III      >l|i    h      rM|Mii!--lii|:i    I       I.I      .it      iitui  |i|  (Kiiii        til        111  \  I'-t  iLMti  a>      til        till- 

|i:i  'il:-  .  •!  -'Iili  r.  .!ii|i|.init  .  uliii  ll  - 1 1 1  •  1 1  i  ,  i|  1 1 1 1|  i|  1 1 1 1  I -,  t.iill;c|  ti>  In-  pi^t  l|i' 
--inll     :it      I'liii       ]i1(i(iim|      t(i     |il  . '-I  rll!  jiili  l'i,.:,J,,I      li.rfl,,/.      \'h:{\      tl;c     inUll'.l^- 

-|.'"i   I  -   lli,l\    -Ui     ;i:,.i    i'l^iii  i|    nil     lil     I  1  i|,!  1    II  t--    I'lili   ll  li     illtn    li\    t  |;(  III     )i,|-    til,,    roll 
^iMIitl'ii      a'ni      1 1  piniliL'      III       l..:iii--     :;lii|       i'TlilL'i^.      ilnl       flu-      ]!!■  iu'Iin  lit      III     ati\' 
^ilri,    la^i      aL'illi-t     flu      I  1  iliill' i^-h  ^Iii  I --     --liall     l"'     a     lil-lin  t     ilia  iL'e. 

:    It.       \ll    ii'a--   111  ir,  ill  .1    niiii.  I    tin-    |iriiv  i^mii'-    nt     ti.iN    art,    iitili---    ntlii-r 

'AI--I'  pi  .  i\  'liii.  --iiail  iif  pahl  iiVi-l  to  fill  fliasiilil  nl  tia  ci  illill;  l>--li  Hirl -.  nl 
tin  .i'^tiiil  \'.  Ill  ll  tlii'  iifti-ii--.  I-  I  niniinl  Ii.i.  Ill  ill  1  \|ii'ij  iip.iii  till'  tnai]-- 
alil     i.liil'/i--    111    --ahl    lil^trii! 

'  l-"t.  \i'\  pi  I  >iiii  iivMi!?!:.',  !i-iiii_'  nr  IK  riip\  ihtr  lain!-  nn  linfli  ^iiit-~  nt  a!i\' 
|ilil.ili-  i;:L'l;U.i\.  siiall  In-  illitl'ii  III  till'  pilMJi;/.  i  it  liiakiliL'  a  (■rii--mL' 
iiiiii  1  -.iM  liiL'iiuav  !.i|-  rill'  ji;.ipii-.i'  .it  liltii|i_'  iiisiatlji  ami  .it  Iht  .Innii --t  ic 
ariiiiiii-  I  111-.-  -11, 1  /•/,,..,/,,/.  -11, 1  p,  ivnii  -j,,,||  fi'rir.  at  iii--  nun 
I  -.pili-i  .  a  L'li'iil  aliii  siiii-Ialit  l.-ii  lillil'ji'.  witli  t-'i'inl  laililiL's  nii  r.iiii  -nir 
'lii||"t.  aliii  iiiili.i  an  I'tiili.iiiKl.M  1,1 ,  111  I  a-\  i_Taiii-,  mi  iill'ii  ^i,|,-  ,  ,t  -anl 
lui'li-'i  ;  -:iii'  li|-i.|._'i  I.i  Ik  imI  !•  --  than  -)\Ii.|i  li.  t  \\|,|.  aiiJ  t,i  In  a|ipii  i\  i.l 
l'\  till  I  iiii.llil--iiilii'r-  lit  ill.  .i;-lnit  11:  wiliii  -.11. i  l.ii.i^i,  I-  I.!, lit,  ;.||,i  til,. 
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I'Hi'l.  til  I  I'li-tMUlliiI,  -:ii'ji'i  I  .i\va\^  In  tin  (i.Ms,  iif  ali.i  applnval  .t  llii' 
I  iinilni--|..iii  I-    lit      -a;. I      .Ii-Iii.  I  .1-    /      /,/../,,/,./.     n,i.'i/.i.    that      in      ra-       -i|i|i 

]_'  .  |-..^vi||.J  I-  riiaili  nil  ;|i|\  Ullli  I  \\:i\  ,,|  Ii;i!i,|:il  ,l;il,||