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28 CLASSII li:i)S 

ihursdiy ti sepientlxT. 2007 • w' 

Vaccine to Prevent Genital Herpes 

Volunteers Needed 


Women age 18-30 who have never had 
cold sores or genital herpes. 


Division of Infectious Diseases. University 
of Alberta Hospital, is doing research with 
an investigational vaccine for prevention of 
genital herpes. 

Participants receive: 

• Free screening for herpes 

• An investigational vaccine against herpes 
or against hepatitis A 


407-6272 or 407-6945 to talk with a 
research nurse 

The Facts 

• This vaccine CANNOT give you herpes 

• Approximately one in five Canadian 
women have genital herpes 

• Many don't know they are infected 
with herpes 

• Herpes can be spread to those you love 

• In rare cases, women can pass herpes to 
infants during delivery 


To place a classified ad, please go to 


For rent. 3 bedroom 15 bath 1200 sq fttownhouse oft 23 
Ave/Sadd-ebac* Rd. .-kssetb a-l amenities, 2 par-Jogsta s. 
NSNP. Furhsiings pptiV September SlBOO/mcnth 
Cathe- : Te evenings, 43S-2Q75. 


Students hte'ested in g-aduatng debt t-ee! Exciting tun, 
• Pert-time elfods pay you fuii-Eme. learn and 


On carrsus guitar nst-ucton. Now booking for fa: lessons, 
wv/ w.equavem usxxo rr 


American Sign Language Cass l.eve One, non-r-ed't 
course, begins 20 Seotexber. 2007 tc twelve weeks 
Tnu-sdays 630-930 prr. $'2S>. Contact Spec'aized 
Supoort and Disability Services. U of A, 492-3381, 2-800 
SUEtor-sgisf-ation _ 


K tenen ne o needed at tne Upper Crust Cate and Caterers. 
PT or FT. Gose to campus We can be fteriolearound your 
schedule No Sundays o-" ong weekends Fax resume to 
436-8942 or in person afternoons10909-86 Ave. 

Tne Creperie Restau-ant Requires part-time hostess/host 
two to three nignts a week 4 30-l0.00pm 5850 P us 
Gratu'tes Pease tax resume 4265020 Ema xunneAten--, 
net Tel. 4206656 Downtown10220-103 Street 
Catering Delivery driver needed tar Upper Crust. Musi pe 
ava ilabie :0am-2pm. Neat in appearance. Clean Driving 
record. F-ee lunch wren on snift App‘y py tax 4 36-8942 c 
n person afternoons 10909-86Ave 
Weekend pa-t-t n-e (32 laurs/monthl Personal care aide 
needed to - F Quad, ocated by Coseum, 5'2-lS/nr Ca lisa 
(RAPS 1425-5450 

Pa-t-fme -ecept'c-nst to: mb'essona .nptomet-v ptfee 
requ'redtr.' Wednesday and/or Tnursday evenings. Above 
average wages No experience required. P ease drop otl 
•esurre to Mi Cpton-et-y Celt'* at 4100 9145-82 
ave. O'ta> tc-465-4599 

Part+ime Receptionist required at Rive' Valley Health. 
U!vers ; ty area sports chiropractic dint looking tor energetic 
ndividual tot immediate opening. Posit on ette-scampus 
local on. f ex n e noil's and compefit ve wages. Applicant 
must possess exce.ent communication and customer skills. Pnys Ed. Kinesiology o- Pnysiology oackgrcund 
and previous reception exoer'ence are assets. Applicants 
must be available to- morning and weekend shifts and 
surrme- employment. Ema : cover letter, resume and hours 
ot ava ability to k-'stens.s -ive'va ieyneath..-cxm. 


G r Guide Leaders desperately needed NOW. Must be 
femaleand 18+.Contact rampowvailey.guidesis'hotmaii. 

com o-435-5(!6S to'into. Come join the tun! _ 

Got an nou'? Be an In-School Mentor! Read. Write in 
a journal Explore computers. Play in the gym Enjoy 
arts and crafts We have over 50 elementary schools 
to choose from in Edmonton and area Can Big Brothers 
Big Sisters at 424-8181 or visit us online at www, 

Tne Student E'lslress Centre is looking tor volunteers 
wno want to make a difference! Training starts Sept 13. 
apply today! 
Volume?' Assistant to' Kids Karate Club, ages 6-12. 
One hour, week Tnu’sdays 4pm. two blocks from UofA 
Campus. 2a years experience in a Martial Art. Email 
WPKKC .SenseVrJhotmaii com or phone Gordon at 
492-9930 weekdays. _ 


Single n the city? Try speed dating with Eight Minute 
Date on il Sept at the Fluid Lounge. Age groups 
27-40 and 42-53. Register at 457-8535 or www. 
eightm i 


Introducing the next evolution of newspaper 
distributions The Gateway Dead-Hand Doomsday 

Desgned and built oy tne finest at former Soviet 
Bloc nuclear scientists, the Gateway Dead-Hand 
Doomsday Device will activate n the event ot a 
catastrophic printing disruption; be it a nuclear attack 
by a rogue nation, sudden drop in advertising revenue, 
0 ' unexpected power outage. 

Tne Indestructible Gateway black box ,s guaranteed 
to survive a direct nuclear strike upon tne Students' 
Union Bukdng. In such an event, the Doomsday Device 
will automatically begin pr inting issues at the paper 
beginning from the early 1910 issues, through the 
Depression-erg soberness of tne 1930s, the infamous 
'952 Yea- of Masturbation", up until the current 
hackery that we attempt to pass oft as journalism. 
To keep things current, the Gateway Dead-Hand 
Doomsday Device s programmed to insert current 
dates, names and forced pop-culture references into 
tne old articles, mak ng them ind'St' nguishable I tom t he 
current, manpower- ntensive ssues ot the Gateway. 

As an added bonus, the GDHDD makes delicious 
traopacios with the push ot a button. It's advanced 
Mutually Assured Destruction software will also 
target the most populous cities on the planet for 
nuclear retaliation, guaranteeing punishment to those 
responsible tor the unmotivated attack/minor clerical 
error that led to the Gateway's demise. 

The Gateway Learning to stop worrying and love 
the bomb since 1910. 

Student Financial Aid 
Information Centre 

Come get your 
student loans 
processed at SFAIC 

This is one of the 4762 U of A 
students that has been helped 
by the Access Fund. 

Edulinx representatives will be at SFAIC to process 
student loans until September 14th. For more details 
and assistance with loan signing, please contact us. 

It's your education, your money - start asking questions 

Thank you Access Fund 
for supporting me when my 
parents couldn't help me 

and I couldn't apply for 

student loans • 2nd yeah Ah rx Student 

Visit Us at Monday, Wednesday - Friday 
, o n c M R 8:30 to 4:30 
1-80 SUB Tuesdays 

8:30 to 6:00 

The Access Fund is a non-repayable 
undergraduate fund for students in need 

If you are in financial 


Student Financial Resources 
Center at SUB 1 - 80 . 


Contact Us 

jcirttfisod £»u.n» 
»'** tn lultftru AarjicrvVuml 

Students who «ic plulmopiiuoll* uppoun! Oi lb* Fund nut opt out online ai *ww.iu.iuibenj o/4MenfmuL The F*U opt-out tiradEnc a Odatn i^b