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Unirstliiy ti sefUonber. 2CK1/ • 

2 nkws 


thursday. 6 September, 2007 

volume XCVIII number 2 

Published since 21 november, 1910 
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University of Alberta 
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Compiled by Mike Otto 


At midnight on 4 September, a pair of 
Lister residents were spotted trying to 
enter the building by crawling through 
a window. The pair were let off a 


At 3pm on 3 September, a vehicle was 
seen driving on the sidewalk at 88 
Avenue and 114 Street Upon pulling the 
vehicle over, Campus Security found that 
the male driver had a warrant out for his 
arrest E?S was contacted, the driver was 
charged and was given three tickets for 
the sidewalk shenanigans. 


A: 2pm on 3 September, a 50-year-old 
male was bothenng people and acting 
suspiciously in Quad. Campus Security 
arrived on scene and found a familiar 
fellow that had been previously given 
the boot He claimed to be an astronaut, 
and when asked if he drove to campus, 
replied, "In a car?" He was once again 
shown the proverbial door. 


During a routine pull-over at 6am on 
2 September constables discovered 
that the two male occjpants of the 
vehicle were in possession of several 
traffic signs stolen from around campus. 
The two were arrested for possession of 
stolen property, and the dnver of the 

vehicle—a c.irrent student—was given 
a 24-hour driving suspension EPS are 


On 1 September, a student called 
Campus 5-0 to reportthe theft of an iPod 
and keys from uster Hall _ater that after¬ 
noon. the student phoned back to report 
that another floor resident had taken the 
items for safekeeping, feanng they would 
be stolen. 


Also on 1 September. Campus Security 
was contacted about an assault at 
112 Street and 87 Avenue One male 
was crossing the street when a vehicle 
approached. The driver exited the car and 
proceeded to pjsh the pedestrian into a 
garbage container. The suspecttnen fled 
the area EPS is investigating. 


On 30 Ajgus: at around 2am. it was 
reported to Campus Security that a 
male was sleeping on a heating grate 
near the Materials Management build¬ 
ing. Officers attended the area and the 
male was advised to leave campus. The 
male was seen a short time later in die 
area of HU3. at which point the campus 
boundaries were explained again, and 
he was directed to leave The male was 
subsequently arrested for failing to pro¬ 
vide his name to a peace officer follow¬ 
ing a jaywalking offence He was found 
to be in the possession of tools and small 
amount of cocaine The male ref jsed to 
identify himself to CSS and police who 
later attended to take him into cus¬ 
tody. After confirming his identity, he 
was charged with trespassing and Two 
charges of failing to identif y himself to a 
peace officer 


SURE THEY'RE HAPPY NOW But come midterms, Quad revelry will be rare. 


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Tara Sfegli Iz. Zhendong L. Mice Wlebe. Pete * ee 

Students returned to classes yesterday, taking in riveting lectures ofECON 707 and STATS 141 . 

What course do you think the U of A should offer that it doesn't? 

Rachel Holman 

Conservation IV 

David Pincock 

Sciences IV 

Lam Tran 

I think it should offer one about the sexual I think more jjnior level nanotechnol- 

habits of insects end invertebrates. I ogy courses and more adventurous 

think that it is such a fascinating world cojrses like Whitewater kayaking and 

out there, and there are so many insects scuba diving. Or jus: an advent jrecojrse 

and so many invertebrates, and we don't period, 
know very much about them. I am sure 
they have fantastic sexual lifestyles 

Maybe some 3 ersian courses I know there are some human sexual¬ 

ity courses but.. |ust at a basic level, so 
maybe if they had more of that kind of 
stuff More performative, more higher 
level things. There are a lot of classes 
that are interesting, but they only hit the 
surface. If they went deeper they might 
bring more interest to students