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September 6th 

Pancake Breakfast 

7:30AM - 9:30AM 
(0 Celebration Plaza 
Beer Gardens Clubs Fair 

Noon - 6PM 0 QUAD 9:45AM - 3PM 
•Murder City (3 QUAD 

Sparrows Beer Gardens 

• The New Weapon Noon - 6PM 

• And Guest! o QUAD 

Taste of the U • The Dudes 

5PM-8PM 0 Alumni • Mother Mother 
Room SUB • And Guest! 

Cost: $2 or Foodbank ECOS Bjke Check 

Donation Noon _ 4 p M 

Tours by Campus 0 Celebration Plaza 


and Campus Food Bank ImpFOV 

7PM fa Dewey s 

September 7th 

Pancake Breakfast 

7:30AM - 9:30AM 
(3 Celebration Plaza 

September 8th 

7:30AM Breakfast 
9AM Shining 
la Celebration 

Golden Bears 

Versus Regina 

2PM 0 Foote Field 
Quiz Quest 
8PM fa SUBStage 
Compete for pride 
& prizes. 

Sleeping Bag 
Drive In 
10PM 0 QUAD 

• Blades of Glory 

• 300 



During the first few weeks back in school 
you want to be seen—playing with a 
Gateway frisbee, that is! 

Starting Monday and going until Friday, Managing Editor 
Paul Owen will be traipsing through campus, looking for 
people reading the Gateway. Should he find you between 
the hours of 10am and 11am, he may just dish you one of 
these shiny new discs embossed with the logo of your 
favourite autonomous student newspaper on campus. So 
keep one eye on your copy of the Gateway and the other on 
the lookout for a tall guy with a Gateway hoodie and a hat 
with his own initials on it. 

Of course, if you don't want to succumb to reading in order 
to get free stuff, you can always just come up and volunteer 
for us. Email if you're inter¬ 
ested—we treat our minions pretty well. 

Holding on to the last vestiges of summer since 1910