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mu gateway • volume xcviiinumlHT 5 

ADVI-miSIlMI^T \\ 

Flip for the 
new Double-flip 

With the new Double-flip™ exclusively from Bell, 
you can text faster than ever with the full keyboard 
Pair it with a rate plan that includes unlimited Text 
Messaging from only $25/month.' 


Get Windows Live™ Messenger and Windows Live 
Hotmail free for 3 months. 2 

Samsung u740 
The Double-flip 

3-yr contract' 
($379.95 no contract) 

Visit a Bell store 
1 888 4MOBILE 

Available at the 
following Bell stores: 


3918 Wf«tc Mud & 1 /th SL 

610 28tl» Avenue 
8?/01/0th Slrwl 
10103 U>/th Ave 
1015/ -101 Stra-t 
1280-' 82nd Street 
14808 Story P jln Re 
Some Doon 
1 1 ! rt ion ton City £>nt*n 
Kmgvway Careen Via 
turnon ae^y Mai 1 
Mil Woods Town Cer lrr 
NoithgMr Centre 
Sbr'wOOO Park Mui 
Sr/j|lt Eatnortor Commor 
Southgate Sheading Centre 

Spruce Gone 
St Atoe't Centre 
St Albert l'«! at 13/ Avennr 
lenvYlcgc* Garocm 
‘Atal Lemon ton Mall 
Wntnio.irt Centre 
Whyte Avenue at 10/St-eet 

Aba availabW* at these pari it>palinq rGaiterv 

c abin e III b ooth <(HIHELESSWRVE» @ nip *se 

Offer ends September 30,2G07.Av.vl.iblr with compatible device, within Bell Mobility digital coir network coverage area). Long (finance and roaming charge (including foreign taxes) mjy apply outside of Bdl Mobility CBvnage arras. Other fees such as, on 
it monthly basis. c9 1 1 (7S«/mo.), system access when is not a government fee (S8 9S/mo ) and one time activation (535) apply With any data use. Mobile Sm.wr usage <re> apply at SC/KB it you do not currently subscribe to the unlimited Mobile Browser 
and fees mnr/ apply for the content and roaming when outside of yourlocal area Eariy termination fees apply Subject torhange without notice and cannot be combined with any other offer Taxes extra Whfe supplies last not be as shown. May not be 
available in all locations. Other conditions apply. (1) Exclude-* alerts, mf emotional and premium text messages, and messages sent with instant messaging application (2) Av.iii.ibir upon nr-v activation nl a new device on a 3 yr contract term on any monthly 
voice plan. The then regular monthly rale (now S5/month, subject to change) applies thereafter (3) Available upon new aclrv.sbon ol a new device on a 3-yr. contract term ns any monthly voice plan. Double-flip Is a trade-mark of Bell Canada Windows Live 
is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other counbies.