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luesdiiy. 1H 2<Kl / • wwu.lhc^nv.iyiHiline.r.i 

Loose lips sell new shirts 
for lucky NHL marketers 

It was an accident, but Reebok and EA Sports did the league a 

favour by leaking the new jersey 

S poiler alert: it's damn near impossible to 
keep anything secret from the public these 

But, hey, you already knew that—you prob¬ 
ably found it out on an online message board 
dedicated to the art of keeping secrets long 
before I had it printed at the beginning of this 

Such is the nature of the beast in the age of 
tile interwebs, where the most-anticipated new 
albums are peer-to-peer-distributed montlis 
before their release; shocking endings to televi¬ 
sion programs are revealed long before the shock 
can even apply itself, let alone set in; and, as 
several NHL clubs found out this past Thursday, 
new jersey designs are leaked to the public due to 
the slightest fuck-up by the company manufac¬ 
turing them, Reebok. 

However, unlike the other examples—which 
result in torrent after torrent of free albums 
and a drop-off in viewership, respectively, in 
turn leading to some form of profit loss—the 
NHI can only stand to benefit from this little 

Over the past several months, close to two 
thirds of the NHL's franchises have successfully 
revealed their new jerseys in accordance with 
the release dates they had each set for them¬ 
selves. While there were rumors and crude— 
nay. God-awful—mock-ups circulating around 
as to what each jersey would look like, those 
that came out prior to last Thursday seemed to 
do so without incident, and even got the appro¬ 
priate press conferences to finally show them to 
fairs longing for all that overpriced, form-fitted 

However, the jerseys that had yet to Ire seen 
by anyone other than their makers were pre¬ 
ceded last Tuesday by the release of EA Sports' 
NHL OS. in order to keep the game current and 
not disappoint the legions of hockey fans need¬ 
ing their yearly virtual-reality fix, EA imple¬ 
mented a code system solely into the PS3, XBOX 
360. and Wii versions of the game—a smart 

designs and got people talking 

move, considering someone would've likely 
hacked the files of a PC version w ithin an hour 
of release—that would unlock each RBK Edge 
jersey for all 30 teams. 

This code was supposed to be released at the 
beginning of the NHI season, after all of the new 
outfits had been seen, instead, two days after the 
release of the game—with many of the uni¬ 
forms still days away from being introduced— 
RBK accidentally put die code on their website 
for a brief moment—which, as we all know, is 
just long enough for the thousands sitting at t heir 
computers all day waiting for the Internet 
to act up to spot die code and go posting it 

While I’m certain that a few team presi¬ 
dents and a number of guys in RBK's research 
and development are probably a hide irked 
right now at the fact that their surprise party 
was gatecrashed by a gang of internet delin¬ 
quents. it’s best to look at this from a positive 

With the number of people clamouring over 
the summer to find out whether the Original Six 
teams would go against the grain and adopt ver¬ 
tical stripes, whether the Canucks sweater would 
actually have a wordmark on it that stuck out like 
a sore thumb, or whatever else they desired to 
know, the new RBK Edge jerseys—regardless of 
whether they were exposed a little bit early or 
not—are fresh in the minds of the hockey fan 
and are being heavily discussed in hockey circles. 

I may not be much with marketing, blit 1 can 
only imagine that this is what the NHL wanted 

They took a product idea that a lot of 
people were, and still 3re, skeptical about, 
and through smoke, mirrors, and a hell of a 
lot of teaser pictures, made the topic of the 
new jerseys the hot-button conversation of 
the moment—even giving the usual summer 
discussion-fest that is the unrestricted free- 
agency period a run for its money. And 
while it will probably take a few years for 
traditionalists like myself to get used to the close 
fits, half-stripes, vertical piping, and sheer ugli¬ 
ness of some of the designs—like the New York 
Islanders' new shirts, for instance—I can still give 
the NHL and Reebok marketing departments the 
rare thumbs-up for getting jveople enthusiastic 
over the prospects of a new jersey. 

Now if only they' could make them a little 
more affordable. 


POP AND LOCK IT Pandas midfielder Lyndsay Stewart fights for the ball with one of the University 
of Calgary Dinos during Sunday's away game. The Pandas tost the closely-fought game 1-0. 

The 19th Annual 

McDonald lecture 


The Future of 


Richard J. Goldstone 

justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa (Ret.), 
Former Chief Prosecutor, UN International Criminal Tribunals 
for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda 

Thursday, September 27, 2007 
5:00 p.m. 

231/237 Law Centre 
University of Alberta 

Reception to follow 

RSVP by Sept. 21 to:, 492-5681 

FSB j Centre for Constitutional Studies 
Centre //'eludes constitutionnelles 

The McDonald lecture is organized by the Centre for Constitutional Studies 
in memory of Justice David C. McDonald. The Centre carries on its activities 
thanks to the financial support of the Alberta Law Foundation. 

University of Ottawa 

M u Ottawa 

Facull£ dc droll 
Faculty of Law 
Section dc erramnn la* 
Common Law Section 

Study LAW at uOttawa's 
Faculty of Law 

and you can earn these powerful joint degrees*: 

• LLB/MBA (with uOttawa’s Telfer School of Management) 

- LLB/JD (with Michigan State University College of Law 
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• LLB/MA (with Carleton University's Norman Paterson 
School of International Affairs) 

• LLB/LLL (Programme de droit canadien with uOttawa's 
Civil Law Section) 

* You may also be eligible for financial aid through the 

For more information visit: or call 613-562-5800, ext. 3288 
On-line application: 
Application deadline: November 1,2007