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9 ? Classifieds 

Uaiisclay. -4 oclolxy. 2(Ki t • 



Student Financial Aid 

Avoid paying unnecessary interest 

on your student loans 

The deadline for 
updating your student 
status with loan lenders 
is October 31st 

Come visit us if you need more information. 

Monday, Wednesday - Friday 
8:30 to 4:30 
8:30 to 6:00 

Visit Us at 

1-80 SUB 


Contact Us 


It’s your education, your money - start asking questions. 







To place a classified ad, please go to 


Loo* Ingtor a olace to I've? Check out www., the student housing 
registry Freeto search and tree to- students 
to Dost roommate listings' 

Can lano 3 bedroom House Upstairs tor Rent 
$' 395/mo+UtvHDD 10130-62 St. NS/NP. 30 
min bus to L of A. Av a ab e29 Seat. 

15 Oct 15-15 AorJ/OS Furnished house tor 
rent, n-leve 1 . 8522-76th Ave. 4 bedrooms 
2 bathrooms 400,00 plus deposit. Idea to- 
post graduate students or vistng professor, 
ca 468-5166 


2000 Honda Civic SE Gold Auto4Dr AC pwr 
ocxs dua ABs Keyless entry "00.600km 

59500 OBO. 462-7890 _ 

Waikiki condo for rent sieeps4.dcse to peach, 
March 30 SBOQ/wk bn hatae 425-3459 or 


On campus gu ta- instruction Now poor ng 
tor tall lessons, www.equavemuse com 
Earn 'esldua icome whie ea'nng your 
degree! Wont wth a BBB Inc. 500 company. 
Mo stocking. selling, co iecting or expe- ence 
necessary, www.wc-menswealtnandwellness. 


Build a bus ness asset wni'e you buld you' 
degree. www.n-oney : nthevdull.corr 
Are you worried about ga nng wegnt? Ca. 
7802390782. _ 


This is the oerfect job tor you! If you are 
oole ng for a job that w ll work around your 
c ass senedue. and study times and pay you 
an nou- you need to apply today. A Cappe a 
Cate- rig is now hiring to' al service staff. We 
offer t exipie schedules, bonuses and a great 
wage. Come join the many U of A Students 
already employed by A Cappe-a today 1 We 
are looking for full and part time. Apply to 

Duggan Out of Sen33 Care. Education 
Students required part-time. Position Morn'ng- 
7-9pm and/o- afternoon 3pm-5pm Contact 

Ran 780-904-9787 Competitive Wage 
Work alongside U ot A Grads and Students 
Wanna learn something new? There Is an 
disabil! es. Down syndrome aulsm, ADHD 
etc and adu.ts with Drain injuries live Detter 
ves because ot --e'ng g'ven the opportunity 
to actuate tneir oolentia as human Dengs 

sparta/9442/ I'm a mom wno advocates tar 
my i year o d daugnte- Sne and I are putting 
tortn an nquiry Into acquiring some he!p 
from an iterested person In working with 
my 'package of energy Auditory, speech and 
otner developmental challenges mpact net 
te. Wnen I think of tne gifts she has to share 
-f only I had consistent help In promoting 
this program with her. Hours and days are 
somewhat negotiable Enjoy a walk weekday 
atternoons dose to the university and work 
3-4 hours with her. My daughter responds to 
and is motivated by interaction with people 
wno a'e playful. funny, creative and yet, a'e 
abe to be ti - m and set poundages 4322213 
Edmonton YMCA Cn id Care Services is 
ooking for PT Cni'ri Care Programmers tor 
Monday-Fhday mornings (7-9am) and 
Tuesday/Thursday PM. shifts (Tuesday 
3 30-6p-r. Thursday 2.3G-6pm). '/a- .xjs 
locations. Work around your srhedu'e! Free 
YMCA membership. Pease submit resume 
with availbility to 
or ca- 429-5705 

nas two part time postions available. We are 
noting to' long term. 'efiable.outEeing and 
nardworkingunlverslfy students. This position 
has very fiexiab® hours, emoioyee discount 
and great wage Drop oft your resume or ca 
Nicoteat444 4992. 

Mate quadriplegic requires live-in aide 
alternate weekends. DriverX license required, 
vv tra.n, Lotsof study time. 469-0603 
Enp' vado Shoes - Sales Associate You nave 
a passion to' snoes and nandoags. You are 
fashionable and elegant. v ou know thevalue 
c.i a we! -made shoe with beautiful deta' ng. 
made by known European designers. You nave 
so id fashion retal' experience 0 ' you know 
that you can be an incredible representative 
Competat ve hourly wage + sa es ponus and 
3nunbeatab estaft discount prog-am. We'ove 
that you are pa r t of our ook! Must be available 
one weekday (Tues-Fril and Saturdays. Visit 
enpt vadaCAddr m me details & to apply 
More Money Hughes Petro.eum is an 
Edmonton based set-service tue ng station 
and ca- wash that operates 21 locations in 

Fdmonton, St. Albert. Sherwood Park, Spruce 
Grove and leduc We are recruit ing customer 
serves orientated Full and Part Time Station 
Attendants at many of our locations in 
Edmonton. St Albert. 5herwood Park. Spruce 
Grove and I.-due. Various sniffs available We 
offer the pest pay in the industry with regular 
reviews and increases (every 3 months for 
tne Erst year). Excellent benefit package is 
also provided. If you have no experience, 
some experience or years ot experience we 
wl compensate you accordingly. Please 
apply at any location, nr email resume to hr®,or tax resume to444- 
1414 - www.hughespetroleurr. com 
810.82/hr. 5pm-9pm. Mon-Fri Evening 
caretaker in SUB. Apply rnargriet.tilroe-westii 


Volunteers needed 2-3 hrs/week to teach 
Fngilsh as a second language to adult 
newcomers to Canada No exoerience 
necessary. Ongoing t-aning provided. Great 
opportunity to meet sti identstrom around the 
g ope. Contact Jason at CCI-LEX. 944-0792. _ 


Single?T ry speed datng with E igntmi nutedate 
at the F’uid Lounge on 2 October. Agegroups 
23-33. 33-43, and 43-53 Register at 457- 
8535 oi www.eightminutedate ca 


For Rent single car garage/storage shed. 2 
blocks to U of A. S150/850 per mo. Call Jason 
..a 722-9010 __ 


Tne Commander squinted and tried to see 
through the smoke that swept lazily over the 
battletteld We waved his second-in-command 
tor ward tor a report on the condition ottheforces. 
"I've lust taken a tin account. Sir. We have 
nine shootists eh. one tlag-bearer and 24 
drummers left.” 

'24 drummers? Why so many?" 

“I've heard tnat chicks dig them. Sir." 

Tne Commander giurlted. “Fine. Get them to 
start drumming a march, and well advance on 
their position." 

There was a long pause before the second- 
in-command spoke up. "I'm afraid tney don't 
know any marches. S 1 '. They omv do lourney 
songs, I'm afraid;’ 

'Damn them! Fne. get them to start with 
"Anyway You Want It." Tonight, we move out. 1 '