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thursday, 4 October, 2007 

volume XCVIII number 10 

Published since 21 november, 1910 
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University of Alberta 
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I • . ■ 

Spencer Morrison. JonnGfig'Wi 

This is prime time to get moving on student housing for future years. 

Michael Janz 

SU President 

—on the importance of student housing advocacy 



Written by Ryan Heise, 

Deputy News Editor 

Students' Council meets every second 
Tuesday in the Council Chambers in 
University Mali at 6pm Council meet¬ 
ings are open to ail students. The next 
meeting will be held on Tuesday, 76 
October, where free rood will be pro¬ 
vided for all attendees. 


Two mg|or issues—the formation of a 
dedicated fee unit (DFU) to support 
student groups, and repealing council¬ 
lor remuneration—were scheduled to 
be debated at the 2 October meeting 
of Council but were ultimately put off to 
later dates 

President Michael Janz, who origi¬ 
nally moved for the creation of the 
DFU. introduced a new motion to table 
the original motion due to the possibil¬ 
ity that the University may give a con¬ 
tribution to Stjdent Group Granting. 
Janz explained that tabling wo jld allow 
Council to address the issje in the 
future if the University doesn’t offer 

any fjndmg No real debate occurred, 
and the motion to table passed 

Janz also originally moved the repeal¬ 
ing ol Sill 1. which deals with councillor 
remuneration, but argued thatfollowing 
a very lengthy debate on the subiect at 
the 24.u!y meeting of Council, the issue 
had been "beaten to death" and would 
be better addressed as a budget pnn- 
ciple at a later date A wide majority of 
councillors agreed with this sentiment, 
and the motion to postpone succeeded 
Prior to the 2006/07 academic year, sit¬ 
ting on Council was a volunteer positon. 


VP (Academic) Bobby Samuel was 
asked abojt the status of Bear Scat 
He explained that he and SU general 
manager Bill Smith held a conference 
call with Steve Kirkham recently to try 
to hammer out details on a deal to keep 
the system operational Samuel further 
stated that some movement had been 
made, but that Kirkham will return to 
Edmonton in mid-October, and they will 
discuss the future of Bear Scat in more 
detail then 

VP (Operations & Finance) Eamonn 
Gamble responded to a question 
regarding the use of One Cards in R ATT 
and Dewey’s by explaining that both 
establishments accept it as a method 
of payment. 

Another q jery aimed at Gamble asked 
about secunty cameras being installed in 
SUB He said that eleven cameras were 
going to be situated to cover the major 
entrances and arteries of the building, 
and were installed in response to van¬ 
dalism in the bjilding He finished by 
explaining that the cameras didn't pose 
any pnvacy issues, as they would only be 
reviewed if a enme takes place. 

V° (St udent Life) Chris Le was asked 
about a new project he is working on to 
attempt to get microwaves placed in 
more areas around campus Specifically, 
Le said he would like to see microwaves 
in libraries and larger social areas on 
campus. He is currently in talks with the 
University to try to accomplish this, but 
is dealing with issues such as adequate 
cleanup and security. 

Gamble responded to a question 
about the opening of the SU B q jiet room 
following a fire and subsequent flooding 
of the space during the summer He was 
pleased to report that some furniture 
has already be.en moved back in. and 
that the space would re-opened by the 
end of the week 


The following councillors were absent 
during the 18 September meet¬ 
ing: Gauthier (Pharmacy) and Farhet 


In the Tuesday, 25 September 
issue of the Gateway, the article 
"Graduate degrees on the rise" 
by Jaskaran Singh contained two 
factual errors 

In the final paragraph, Graduate 
Students' Association President 
Julie Charchun was quoted as 
saying: "We are very concerned 
about the University's vision of 
bringing 25 000 graduate students 
to the University in the next four 
years." The actual number of grad¬ 
uate students the University would 
like to bring in is 2500. However, 
aside from the numerical typo, 
Oiarchun's message is correctly 

Additionally, from the same 
issue, in the "Councillor Forum" 
feature on pages 6-7, Ward 5 can¬ 
didate Brent Michalyk was wrong¬ 
fully named as “Brett Michalyk." 
The Gateway apologizes for any 
confusion this may have caused. 

Lastly, the Gateway would like 
to apologize to its readers for the 
phonednn design of this correc¬ 
tions box. We are honestly so 
fucking sorry. 


Compiled and photographed by 
Steve Smith and Krystmo Sulatycki 

As you may be aware, the portion of the NHL season that takes place in North America begins tonight. 

How do you think the Oilers will fare this season, and why? 



Engineering VI 

Nathan Lynch 

Engineering II 

Lauren Demers 

Education I 

"I think they’ll do okay. Better than lest 
year, hopefully, but I don’t have high 
hopes |ust because they're coming out 
of a bad situation They haven't really set 
themselves up well" 

"Pretty good. They got a defenseman 
who can play in Sheldon Souray.’ I "Are 
you concerned his even strength 
goal differential 7 "] "No. plus/minus 
doesn’t mean anything on the power 
play, and that ’s where he got all hisgoals. 
so that’s why his plus/minus was so bad. 
And they got some new forwards, and 
hopefully the rookies will be good" 

"Were going to do good because we 
have Roll as our goalie" ["We did last 
year too"] "Yeah, but he's better this 
year because he has more confidence. 
He had a really good training camp 

"I think they’ll do okay, probably nor as 
bad as last year They've got some new 
players, so I'm hoping they'll do a little bit 
better. [The loss of Ryan Smyth] might 
hurt us, but last year we lost Pronger, and 
that devastated us. This shouldn't be as 


the party 


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