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thursday. 25 October, 2007 

volume XCV1II number 14 

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luesday. 13 September,200/ • www.Uicgatew^online.ea 

Gulu Walk reaches out to Ugandan youth 

JENNIFER HUYGEN this unnecessary violence." 

Ngy<s Staif _ Jamil Jivraj, a second-year sci¬ 

ence student ai Concordia University 
Hundreds of Edmontonians donned College, and Lillian Du. a second-year 
their walking shoes on Saturday and science student ai the U of A, have 
took to the streets to show suppori for co-chaired the Edmonton Gulu Walk 
the plight of over 1.8 million people since its inception, 
affected by civil war and violence in Jivraj spent six weeks Iasi summer 
the African nation of Uganda. working at an HJV/A1DS clinic in 

Tlie third annual GuluWalk Uganda's capital. Kampala. 

Edmonton kicked off at Churchill "In Africa. I was able to share what 
Square on 20 October with a 5km or Gulu Walk is and the experiences that 
12.5km walk. This global event was I've had co-chairing it with Lillian 
designed to raLse awareness about the with the adolescents at the HIV/AIDS 
humanitarian situation in Northern clinics.” jivraj said. "They were just 
Uganda, particularly the problem of completely overwhelmed with grati- 
“night commuters." tude that people with computers and 

Night commuters are children aged people with internet and fancy clothes 
approximately 7 to 18 who walk are bothering to take time out of the 
upwards of 12km every night from lives and share in their suffering.” 
their rural villages into neighbouring Gulu Walk Day Edmonton is a sub¬ 
cities in order to avoid abduct ion by sidiary of the national Gulu Walk WALKING WITH REASON Edmontonians raise awareness of Ugandan issues, 
the notorious rebel group the Lord’s movement, which began in Toronto 

Resistance Army (IRA). Since the during spring of 2005. According to surpass these results and has grown “The future oflJganda can be bright 
early 1980s. the LRA and the Ugandan to Adrian Bradbury, one of the co- to include celebrity endorsement if the perpetrators of the violence are 
government have been embroiled in founders of the Gulu Walk concept. from the likes of Steve Nash and Sarah put on trial and be made to account 
Africa's longest-running civil war. events across the country have played McLachlan. for their actions, [which include] war 

According to Andy Knight, a pro- a major role in influencing foreign and Currently, peace talks are under- crimes, crimes against humanity, mass 

fessor of international relations at the domestic policy. way in Uganda between the govern- rape, abductions, etc," lie explained. 

University of Alberta and a governor "Any type of support that we've had, mem and rebels, though Jivraj and Du Bradbury agreed with Knight and 

of the International Development I think, has played a big role in why preach a cautious optimism. stressed die need for humanitarian 

Research Centre, the Gulu Walk is a Canada now is the lead founder of the "Tilings have definitely been getting action through increased international 

step in the right direction for bringing peace process in Northern Uganda," better.” Jivraj said. "[But._] almost 80 awareness. 

attention to this problem. Bradbury said. per cent of tiie entire Acboli tribe are “When you label something geno- 

"Events like the Gulu Walk focus In October 2006, Gulu Walk Day living in internally displaced persons cide, when there's oil involved. [...] I 
attention on the plight of Uganda's most became a global initiative, with over camps right now. [and] itH be impos- think international actors pay more 

vulnerable citizens, namely the Adioli 30 000 people walking in 82 cities sible for them to reclaim the lives they attention to it; the media pay more 

children in nordiem Uganda, who have around the world. The event raised once had." attention to it," Bradbury explained, 

suffered for much t<x> long ai the hands over $500 000, which has gone According to Knight, real improve- “To use a Romeo Dallaire quote,‘A 

of fanatics ami war criminals." Knight towards funding Ugandan health, mem needs to be made on the basis lot of times, governments won’t act 

explained. “[T]he Gulu Walk should education, and cultural programs. The of justice and transparency through svhen it’s just people.' and I think in 

also stir us to an to help bring an end to outlook for the 2007 w : alk is expected international organizations. Uganda, it's just people.” 

New Delhi, India is under attack by Rhesus monkeys, which killed the city's deputy mayor last week. 
Now the city is employing a larger and fiercer kind of monkey to scare off the attackers. 

What solution would you propose when these larger, fiercer 
monkeys inevitably turn on their human masters? 

Compiled and photographed by 
Steve Smith and Mike Otto 

Maria Gavric 

Education II 

Andrew Esposito 

Business III 

Steven Tchir 

Arts I 

"Carry handguns." Tdsaythatweshouldbreedasuperspe- “We should jus; get even bigger mon- "I don't know; shoot them all? What else 

cies of snake, and then die snakes can go keys [If they turn on you], you keep would you do?" 

after the monkeys, [if the snakes rum on getting bigger monkeys until you can’t 

us,] we can jse larger beings, such as go any bigger" [What then?] "I don't 

bears I’d say that the endgame is God.’ know—then you're screwed ’