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nuUiATI-AYAV • volume 1 : mimin'! I _ ARIS & EM'ERTA^ Ml]M' 21 

Tarantino basterdizes history with glourious results 


Inglourious Basterds 

Directed by Quentin Tarantino 
Starring Brad Pitt, Melanie Laurent, 

Christoph Waltz, and Eli Roth 
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Arts & Entertainment Writer _ 

What if you could kill Hiller? Would you 
pul your life on the line to do it? Would 
you enjoy it? In Quentin Tarantinos sixth 
film, die curiously titled war-fantasy 
Inglourious Basterds, he asks these 
questions and then answers ihern loudly 
in die affirmative Alter more than a 
decade of rumors and speculation about 
Tarantino’s perpetual "next" project, 
it finally rolled onto screens amund 
the workl last weekend, much to the 
bewilderment of audiences everywhere. 

And while they tnay lie scratching 
their heads as to what Tarantino was 
thinking when he took it upon himself 
to diange the course of history to be 
more satisfying, few are questioning its 

entenainment value. There’s little doubt to lie doing a pretty good job when we whidi is actually more interested in the liim. Equally sophisticated, silly, and rewrote die Holy Bible to serve liis pur- 

that this link)tie meditation on die power catch up to diem, by now even creating fate of Slioshanna Dreyfuss (Melanie psychotic, Wakz takes his place among poses (see: Ezekiel 25:17), would go so 

of Cinema doses out the summer movie- concern for the Fuhrer himself Lament). Her character is a Jewish girl the great villains in screen history. An farasiorewritethestoryofWorld Warll. 

season at a high point, and is easily one of While the individual Basterds are who escapes the execution of her family incredihle opening scene in which But it’s somewhat surprising to see how 

the best films of the year. given much less screen-time than one and, after mysteriously becoming a Landa questions a French farmer wlw refreshingly original movies an still lie 

Mega-star Brad Pitt turns in an appeal- might expect, when they <k> have their movie-dieatreowner a few years later, is may be harbouring jews sets die stage in these times when it feels like we've 

ing comedic performance as Lt. Aldo moments, they shine. In particular, cornered into the perfect opportunity for for a liall-do/.en set-pieces dial make up already seen it all. 

Raine. the southem-boy commander of Til Schsveiger as the vicious German revenge by the hand of fete, laurent fill- the majority of the movie, which in typi- In a firey climax that references 

the titular Basterds. Along with his rag- Basterd Hugo Stiglitz, and director fills the now familiar role of QT revenge cal Tarantino fashion, is broken into five Battleship Potemkin. Rambo. Carrie, 

tag band of Jewish troops, they wage Eli Roth as Dotmy Donnowitz, "The queen with great restraint and beauty. distinctly rilled chapters, eadi of which and The Wizaid ofOz — among who 

psychological war on Nazi soldiers Bear Jew," who occasionally beats As "The Jew Hunter" Col. Hans Landa. brings its own style and group of new knows how many other cinema classics 

behind enemy lines in occupied France uncooperativeGermansoldierstodeath the previously-unknown Christof Waltz and unforgettable characters. Indeed, if —Ta ranti no one-ups them all by going 
using Apache resistance as their inspi- with a baseball bat. gives a commandLng performance, the film lias a major shortcoming, it's that to the next level of his imagination, 

ration. Collecting scalps and desecrat- ftrhaps the biggest surprise in a film making die movie his own — and one wishes they could spend more time and in doing so reminds us dial while 

ing the dead so as to strike fear into the full of them is that Aldo and the Basterds indeed if tliere is a primary character in with virtually every character. history may be set in stone, for die artist, 

hearts of Nazis everywhere, they seem are the secondary concern of the story, diis true ensemble piece, it is certainly It’s litde surprise that a man who anytliing is possible.