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Each of us has a role in Emergency Preparedness 

To receive U of A Alerts text messages 
on your mobile device, you must 
provide your mobile device 
number. You can enter it directly 
in Bear Tracks. 

Sign up now! 

Learn more at 
www. emergencies, ualberta. ca 



In the event of a serious emergency at the U of A, 
Campus Security Services will use numerous 
communications methods to alert staff, students 
and visitors. The notification system is called 
"U of A Alerts." In addition to familiar methods 
such as building alarms and special updates 
on the U of A website, U of A Alerts will send 
emergency messages to your U of A email 
address. U of A Alerts also offers you the choice 
of adding your mobile phone number in order to 
receive alerts by text message. 

• Become familiar with the evacuation routes 
in the places where you work and study. 

• Have an emergency plan specific to your work 
and study area. 

• Follow the instructions of University Safety 
Officials and City of Edmonton Emergency 

• Know where to get preparedness information 
before an emergency happens: go to 

tvww. emergencies, 

Risk Management Services is: 

Campus Security Services, Office of Emergency Management, Environmental Health & Safety, 
Insurance and Risk Assessment, Resource Planning, Policy Standards Office. 

Risk Management Services tel: 780 248-1147 | email | 

Sgt. Nicohl Bullock of Campus Security 
Services is one of the duty officers 
authorized to issue notifications 
during major emergencies. 

Within a matter of minutes Nicohl 
can send a notification to tens of 
thousands of University of Alberta 
students and staff. 

In an emergency 

I'll text you