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Full text of "The Gateway (2009-08-27)"

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RENTAL GEESE by Mike Kendrick and Lucas Wagner 

llmrsjliy. augusl 27.2009 • www.UiogaU’vvayoiilim'.ca 

POP & ICE CREAM by Lance and Evan Mudryk 

SEXY GEEK by Ross Lockwood 

I Pinally Pound you. What are 
you doing in the machine shop? 

Building a Oelusion Bat™. 

I know I will regret this... 
What Por? 

Undergrads come to university in a 
superposition oP " /deluded ) + /realistic)", 
and this baby is going to collapse 
their wavePunction. Observe. 

PEOPLE WATCHING by Faye Campbell 


RENT-A-THUG by Jeff Martin