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Live out your lifelong dreams of running away with the 
media circus! The Gateway is recruiting writers, photogra¬ 
phers, illustrators, acrobats, lion-tamers, and freaks and 
geeks of all ages! 

For the benefit of our guests, we’re offering not one, but TWO 
shows to bring in the best and brightest that our fine campus 
has to offer! Join us on SUB Stage in the Students' Union Build¬ 
ing on Tuesday, September 8 and Wednesday, September 9 at 
5pm and find the answers to the questions you seek about 
volunteering for the Gateway! 

Test your endurance, gain valuable life skills, and fall in 
with the rowdiest, rad-iest, rip-roaring-est outfit of rabble- 
rouseres this side of the Rocky Mountains! 

|! ii ii l|