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llmrsday. august 27.2009 * ttnmthi , guUwuyonlini‘.c;i 

F orget vwnrd swallowing. walking 
on sluil tered glass. or hammer¬ 
ing nails into gour Face.. Between 
ingesting copious amounts oF uiFFeinc 
and alcoliol. pcrtorming inaedible 
Feats oF ouernighl term paper writing, 
and Fearlessly taming scores Frightening 
roommates, student liFe is the ultimate 
Freak show. 

But instead oF charging admission to 
let the public gare in nn you and your 
creepy ways, this section will focus on 
Freakishly affordable methods of enter¬ 
taining yourself while you re escaping 
the straitjar ket oF classes, papers, mid¬ 
terms. ami Finals. Remember kids, dn 
try this at home! 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy 
the show. It'll be more Fun than 
regurgitating liue goldfish . 


Studio Theatre 5 the Timms Centre (87 
Ave & 112 St) 

Before crawling into your bed of nails ai night 
to watch Eyelids, take a quick jaunt to the east 
side of campus where the drama freaks play. 
Right under the Big Top, tills sideshow displays 
the unusual talents of some of campus' most 
bizarre and most talented students. Student 
tickets begin at just $5. This season. Studio 
Theatre will be home to the world premiere of 
SPINh. a play that will laierbe a pan of the 2010 
Paralympic celebrations on the world stage in 
Vancouver this February. 

Roxy Theatre (10708-124 St) 

If theatrical oddities tickle your fancy, then look 
no further. This historical venue was erected in 
1938. originally as a picture-house. But like a 
contortionist, die Roxy changed shape and now 
sliowcases some of Edmonton's more edgy 

ami alternative thespian offerings. It's theatre for 
freaks! Students receive a discount and every Thesday 
is two-for-one. But if you act now. you can earn free 
tickets to shows by volunteering to usher or work at 
the concession. Catch the LRT (Light Rail Trolley) to 
Corona station and then board the 135 or 5 boxcars 
and you'll be taking in more human oddity than you 
can handle in a jiffy!