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The Gateway • volume c number i 

kkatlirf: 5 


Movie Studio (8625-109 St) 

When your finances are dangling dubiously into 
the lion's mouth, you'd best skip the pricy first-run 
theatrical releases and rent an old favourite from the 
award-winning archives. Movie Studio isa 10-minute 
walk (twelve minutes, if you’re silly-walking) from 
campus and lias a massive selection of DVDs, video 
games, and Blu-rays. Rentals start at a mere $4.50. 
but that's not all! When you rent three of any new 
or old. films or games, the fourth is absolutely free. 
With a vast assortment of Shakespearean film adapta¬ 
tions, you may never actually have to read one of his 
plays! Warning: May result in an inexplicable crush 
on Kenneth Branagh and an uncontrollable urge to 
cast yourself as the lead role in everything. 

Movies 12 (5074-130 Ave) 

This one may be a little far from the big top, but 
with your handy-dandy U-Pass and a spare half- 
hutir, you'll be chortling and guffawing, or bawling 
and brawling at the film of your choice—for less! 
Simply hop aboard the LRT and chug-chug along to 
the Clareview station. Next, transfer to the number 
2 boxcar and you'll be at the pictures in no time flat. 
Regular admission is a paltry $3.50, or $2.50 on 
Tuesdays. Movies II isa relatively no-frills affair, but 
for the price, who cares? Not you! By paying a third 
of the admission, it frees up a few bucks to buy a 
frogurt or an outlandish ly large chocolate bar. 

Empire Theatre City Centre (10200-102 Ave) 

But wait! There’s more! If you're one of those wacky 
cosmopolitans who can’t wait three weeks to see 
a film at the cheap theatre and insists on only the 
newest and finest, you can still indulge on a corset- 
light budget lor a limited time only, students with 
valid break ID can enjoy a first-run film on the big 
screen (now with sound! In Technicolor!), a regu¬ 
lar sized popcorn, and regular sized soda-pop for 
$9.99. You heard right! Prepare to be mesmerized, 
galvanized, tantalized, and quite surprised. You'll 
laugh. You'll cry. You'll still be able to afford your 


Myer Horowitz (SUB) 

Don't let the polished exterior and glitzy surface fool 
you — SUB's resident theatre can be as quirky and 
eccentric as any others within your freakishly long 
arm's reach. A veritable bevy of acts will take tire 
stage this year, from classical acts to hard-poundin' 
music to motivational speakers — carnies that done 
gone hit the big time and want to share their rags to 
riches tales with all of us small-town gcionies. It's also 
the centra! ring for the big cheeses in the Students' 
Union to stand oil their soapbox and debate the line¬ 
ups. so keep an eye out for the latest attraction to 
travel through these doors. 

CJSR (Lower level SUB, FM 88.S) 

Don't touch that dial! it's easy to forget sometimes, 
but on campus (and all over Edmonton, actually) 
you're just a radio knob away from todays newest 
and weirdest music, broadcast directly from the 
grimy underbelly of SUB. From house to blues, hip- 
hop. roots, and "indie" (whatever that means), CjSR 
has got music lovers of all varieties covered, perfect 
for tootling away in the background as you wander 
the midway. 

The Pawn Shop (I0S49-82 Ave) 

Like so many Whyte Ave bars, you have to navigate 
a bouncer-guarded staircase to find yourself in the 
Paw n shop, one of Edmonton’s smallest, most inex¬ 
pensive, and quality music venues. It may not be big, 
but the 'Shop frequently trucks in some mighty fine 
up-and-coming musical acts, from pop-rockers 
like Two Hours Traffic and Immaculate Macliine 
to horns-in-the-air metal lungers like Bison. The 
second-level location provides concert-goers with a 
number of lovely little perks: tlie large vent near the 
stage, for example, allows cold blasts of outside air 
to cool the hot moshpil haze between bands. The 
venue's intimate size allows for maximum proxim¬ 
ity to the evening's band without blowing your sav¬ 
ings or getting lost in the hubbub of crowds. And, 
of course, there’s the chance of meeting that night's 
performing act in the bathroom before the show 
Always, always a plus. 


RATT (SUB, 7th floor) 

So you've failed your first assignment. To ease tlW 
sinking feeling in your gut that you’ve just swal-Q 
lowed a sword or missed the bullet you were sup¬ 
posed to catch in your teeth, pay a visit to campus' 
own three-ring circus — Room At The Top. After an 
elevator ride just long enough for you to bang you r 
head against the wall a few times, you'll step out 
into a room full of strong men and tattooed ladies. 
Over the summer, the Room tightened up their act, 
revitalizing their menu items. Drink a beer through 
your ear. eai a nacho with your nose, jump up on 
the karaoke stage on Wednesdays and maybe semi¬ 
otics will make sense in the morning. 

Wunderbar (8120-101 SI NW) 

Ringmasters, tumblers, and acrobats alike, ponder 
this: what do students and the Germans have in 
common? A healthy love for good brew and good 
times, of course! A mere 2.1 km away (or 1.049 
cartwheels). Wunderhar is a tiny hole-in-the-wall 
German-style pub for everyone from the beer con¬ 
noisseur to the cocktail enthusiast. During Happy 
Hour (4:30-8 p.m. daily), pintsare S3.25 and uber- 
steins (1 hire) cost $6.50. On Saturdays, jack Daniels 
or Jagermeister will set you back $3.75. Fridays are 
unofficially ladies night, offering up gin for $3.75. 
or for free in exchange for your underwear. That's 
right, folks: g-strings for gin, skivvies for sauce, 
panties for potion, lingerie for liquor, and booze 
for bloomers. Not recommended for those prone to 
having “gincidents." 

The Gameau Pub (109 St & 85 Ave) 

Boardwalk this and freak show that — treat 
those taste buds at the one and only Gameau Pub. 
Conveniently located on 85th Ave and 109 St. this 
dingy dive marks the spot where the legendary 
Combat Juice resides. Though the location may be the 
eyesore of the strip with its uneven tables and '80s 
decor, it's a place where friends can mingle cozily 
and snack on the cheap. Whether you enjoy your 
company indoors on the rickety chairs or out on the 
dilapidated patio, be sure to order up a Combat Juice 
or three. For those with pockets filled with lint, the 
$20 pitcher of goodness will fill you up with hard 
liquor, beer, and a splash ot orange, lemon, and lime 
]itice: a drink fit for a balanced diet. With the pub so 
close, why not get a little extra booze and vitamin C? 
Scurvy is so not cool anymore.