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limrsday, murmliei - 17.2009 • 


thursday, november 19,2009 

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44 Til make the point right now. Just because we don’t have inks doesn't mean 
you can shout out. 

Craig Turner 

Council Speaker 

council 's conduct while the council chamber 's microphones arc 
unavailable during an upgrade 

for reflection: 



Written by Jonathan Taves 

Students' Council meets every second 
Tuesday in the Council Chambers 
in University Hail at 6 p.m. Council 
meetings are open to ali students. The 
next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 
November 24, where free food will be 
provided tor all attendees. 


Council heard another presenta¬ 
tion from Vovas: and Vice ^resident 
(Academic) Carl Amrhem end Vice 
President (-inance and Administration) 
Phyllis Clark on the S59-million 2CI0/11 
operating budget deficit. 

The administration is proposing market 
modifiers on tuition for faculties that cos: 
more to run — for example medicine, 
business and lav/. The administration is 
more in favour of this differential tjition 
system to make up the S20 million of the 
gap students are expected to cover than 
they are for mandatory fees. 

Council went in camera to hear the 
rest of the provost's discussion, in which 
he and deputy provost Dru Marshall 
outlined the exact numbers of market 
modified differential tuition that will be 
proposed to the provincial government 
later this week 

Council policy stipulates that media be 

barred from the council chamber in an in 
camera session, and ell other students 
and councillors sign a binding confidenti¬ 
ality agreement preventing anyone from 
discussing the information afterward 
Ammein went on to explain that this is 
necessary to prevent difficulties in nego¬ 
tiations with the Ministry of Advanced 
Education and Technology. 

However the numbers presented 
were the same ones brought forward 
by SU president Kory Mathewson in 
the council meeting on October 27 The 
increases will be grandfathered, with first 
year students taking on the full increases 
in 2010/11, and by 2012/13 the price 
jump will be absorbed by everyone 

The price jumps are proposed as fol¬ 
lows. 66 per cent for Pharmacy ($3,375 
per yea r), 39 per centfor Busi ness ($2,00 0 
per year), 35 per cent for Engineenng (on 
average. $2,040 pier year), 35 per cent for 
Medicine ($4,000 per year), 32 per cent 
for Law (53,151 per year). 21 percent for 
Dentistry ($.4,000 per year), and three 
per cert for Economics. Design students 
in the faculty of Arts, and Nutation and 
Food Sciences in Agriculture. _ife and 
Environmental Sciences ($150 per year) 


SU President Kory Mathewson 
spoke about the national student 
survey being conducted right now at 
ca nedproject ca /sur vey. 

The national survey is sponsored 
in pan by the Council of Alberta 
University Students He was happy 

to report that U of A students repre¬ 
sent around 16 per cent of the 11,000 
responses so far. and said he hopes 
that trend continues 


Vice President (Student Life) Nick 
Dehod spoke about the apparent short¬ 
age of psychologists and counselling 
services available to U of A students 

He said that they're reviewing the 
possibility of charging for the services 
to increase quality. He noted his intent 
to make sure the fees would be covered 
by the SU health plan. 


The SU executive fielded a number of 
questions about their course of action 
following the administration's tuition 
presentation. Mathewson argued for 
the need for a long-term solution on the 
U of A staff's $20 million portion of the 
deficit He thinks the recently approved 
six furlough days to cut costs is merely a 
band-aid solution. 

Vice President (Academic) Leah 
Trueblood stated her opposition to the 
market modifiers. She expressed how 
the SU's position argues that more 
money doesn't automatically equate to 
better program quality 

The SU would rather see user fees 
helping to bridge the gap. Mathewson 
also noted the SU's intention to strongly 
advocate for strong student financial aid 
programs as students' costs increase in 
coming years. 


Before Daily Planet, he hosted CBC 
Radio's Quirks arid Quarks, taking 
the reins from David Suzuki, and has 
written several books on science in 
everyday life. 

He's made it his business to distill 
scientific data for the masses. In fact, 
it was for that reason that Ingram 
found himself at the University on 

In addition to giving a lecture, 
he was also in town to receive 
some appreciation for his biological 

Ingram was on campus to receive an 
Honorary Doctorate of Science ai the 
University’s convocation ceremony 
on Wednesday afternoon — ironic, 
he said, considering his start into the 
world of science at the University. 

"My last year at the U of A was nol 
a standout academic year [..,] 1 love 
science, bui hate lab work. It took me 
a while lo realize dial, but I did and 
ii started at the U of A, and the end 
result is I've had the career that I've 
had,” he said. 

"There's an important lesson in it: 
when yon get a degree, it’s really a 
time to sian questioning yourself li 
Ls an achievement, bul it's probably 
not the last one. and it's a great time 
to check your goals and the reasons 
for having them and questioning that. 
Am I doing this because I’m supposed 
to? These are questions to ask at your 

As you may be oware, it is Addiction Awareness Week. 

31 KLLI Llw What was the last addiction you had to break? 

Compiled and photographed by 
Sean Steels and Sam Brooks 

Lisa Elliot 

Linguistics IV 

Stan Huynh 

Business II 

Mathew Semler 

Business II 

Elya Park 

Arts IV 

Fscebook It’s an easy way to procrasti¬ 
nate and ear up time 

Coca-cola addiction It was bad for my 
teeth according to my dentist, anyway. 
It's probably better to keep my teeth and 
stop dnnking Coke 

Television — sports, shows, everything. 

Obsessive compulsiveness. Basically lots 
of cleaning and making everything tidy, 
and making sure things go my way at 
work and school. [How did you break it?] 
Focusing on the big picture and realizing 
people do things in their own way