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U of A students blast off in Norway 

Data collection was a priority for the crew of postsecondary students assigned 
to repurpose an ex-military rocket with sensor} equipment for the program 

s 3 

Alexandria eldridge 

CUP Alberta and Northern Bureau Chief 

Two University of Alberta students had 
the opportunity to build and launch a 
rocket at the Andoya Rocket Range in 
Norway last week. 

The course is a pilot project put 
on by the University oi Oslo, and 
the Institute for Space, Science, 
Exploration, and Technology. 

About 20 students attended the 
program, including four Canadian 
undergraduates: one from the U of A. 
one from the University of Calgary, 
and two from the University of 
Saskatchewan. The other students that 
attended were from the U of O and 
the University of Tromso in Norway. 

James Huber, a third-year under¬ 
graduate in mechanical engineer¬ 
ing, was selected to fill the U of A s 
spot. David Miles, a master’s student 
in space physics, was invited to go 
on the trip in order to lest Iris thesis 
project, a miniature magnetic field 

The rocket itself was actually a re¬ 
purposed military missile given to 
Andoya to use for educational pur¬ 
poses The students were split into 
groups and each group was respon¬ 
sible for a specific aspect of the rocket, 
such as instruments, telemetry, and 
the rocket itseif. 

Throughout the week, the students 
attended lectures and built instru¬ 
ments before actually launching it on 
the second-last day. 

“It was really interesting because 
they handled it like a professional, 
scientific rocket launch even though 
this is just a small, educational rocket. 

I think our countdown was an hour 
and we ran through a whole bunch of 
checks during that hour." Huber said. 

The launch ran fairly smoothly, 
with only one hold in the countdown: 
some expensive ranging equipment 
failed to work, and the students had 
to gather their data using an older 

’’There's a big paper wheel, a scroll¬ 
ing thing of paper with a pen going up 
and down. And if everything else goes 
wrong, you at least have this pen going 
up and down to tell you how far away 
the rocket is at any particular time.” 
Miles said. " [Researchers] understand 
that equipment crashes, things break 
and you have to launch anyways." 

Collecting data is the biggest part 
of a rocket launch, and Miles said that 


Compiled by Sean Steels 


Just after 4 a m on November 14, a 
resident of Newton Place reported That 
a non-affiliated female followed her 
into the building wanting to visit her 
grandfather. CSS attended and Jpon 
searching the building located three 
street youth sleeping at the top of a 

One of the youth was placed under 
arrest for trespassing and later released 
with a summons. Another was found to 
have a knife in his possession and was 
subsequently trespassed. The group 
was escorted off of University property. 


On the morning of November 14, 
Edmonton Police notified CSS that they 

FIRE YOUR ENGINES Huber stands near the modified military rocket in Norway. 

learning how data is collected is nor 
something that Canadian students can 
readily experience. 

"We have a very strong theoretical 
working group here, but in terms of 
getting instruction on how you would 
actually go and get this data, it’s not 
something that we are particularly 
strong in right now,” Miles said. 

Huber said that for him. seeing 
where the data actually comes from 
makes the field of space exploration 
more real. 

"It really made it concrete to actu¬ 
ally be there, being taught by an actual 
rocket scientist, so it's encouraging. It 
shows it's something that just a regular 
guy like myself can get into.” Huber 

Miles stated that the opportunity for 
students to get experience outside of 

had received a call from a resident of 
Lister Centre who apparently had an 
unknown male break into his room 
CSS attended and spoke with the 
resident The suspect apparently 
entered the suite, which was unlocked, 
and placed a wet paper towel on the 
bed before leaving. CSS conducted a 
search of the building but the suspect 
was not located. 

booze rr, lose rr 

Around 10 p.m. on November 14, CSS 
officers stopped a vehicle for driving with¬ 
out taillights on 114 Street and University 
Avenue. The driver was displaying signs 
of impairment and was placed .jnder 
arrest for impared driving. 

Edmonton Police attended and 
arrested the dnver for impaired driving. 
His vehicle was towed. 


At about 1 a.m. on November 15, a non- 
affiliated male approached a University 
Watch member and said he would be 
sleeping in HU3 for the night as it was 

the classroom is something that they 
should take advantage of. 

"Science is supposed to Ite bringing 
people together, and all of the sudden 
we’re actually achieving that. This is 
part of a whole construct for trying 
to manufacture opportunities for stu¬ 
dents to get involved so that, by the 
time you finish your university career, 
you’re ready to do this for real." Miles 

Melanie Faulkner of ISSET said tliat 
the program is something they're 
hoping to expand on in future years 
after the success of this trip. 

"We were so excited for them to 
go and we're so excited for things like 
this in the future This is the type of 
thing that 1SSFT wants to do more of, 
so CaNoRock was a really big thing 
for us." 

too cold outside. 

CSS members attended and identi¬ 
fied the male Officers explained that 
the University was private property 
and directed the male off campus via 


Around 6 a.m. on November 15, a non- 
affiliated male and female were found 
sleeping in SUB. Both were identified 
and the female was issued a trespass 
notice as she had provided a false 
name. They were directed off campus 


On November 16. a non-affiliated male 
and female entered an office in the 
Students’ Union building and began 
accusing a University staff member of 
causing damage to their vehicle in an 
off-campus location. 

CSS attended and identified both 
the individuals They were directed 
to report any sort of hit-and-run to 
the Edmonton 3 olice and escorted off 


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