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A cappella group 
Naturally? mesh R&B, 
hip-hop, and gospel using 
nothing but their voices. 

Failure in 

The Puck Bears fell 
short this weekend at 
GS nationals, losing 
two games in a row and 
finishing their season 
without a medal. 


Politician or kid? 

Its hard to tell politicans 
apart from children. Oiu - 
handy guide will help you 
keep track tills election. 


U of A lays off community relations director 

AARON YEO U of A for three years after leaving his 

News Staff _ post as city councillor, and said that he 

was surprised at tlte news. 

Despite recent tease relations between "I had not realized that the posi- 
the University of Alberta and commu- lion for community relations was 

nities around campus, the U of A has being considered for elimination 
laid ofT Michael Phair, the director of under the reorganization plan at all," 
community relatioas, for reorganiza- he said. According to an article by the 
tion and restructuring purposes. Edmonton Journal, his position was 

Phair’s position was formally elim- cut due to budget concerns, and Phair 
inated as part of reorganization in the was offered a one-year contract to 
department of university relations. continue, but turned it down. 

A new job for an executive direc- Provost Carl Amrhein and Vice 
tor for university relations has been President (University Relations) 
posted on the U of A's website, which Debra Pozega Osburn were unavail- 
slightly differs from Phair’s position able for comment as of press time, 
by including work beyond local com- However, a memo was sent out by 
mutiny connections, in national and Pozega Osburn last week, explaining 
international relations. the situation to deans, directors, and 

Phair had been working with the chairs. It cited issues of redundancy 

and overlap as reasons for "realigning university needs to continue its efforts 
existing resources." in those regions. 

"The new structure will ensure "There's no question that the rela¬ 
the integration and co-ordination of lionship with the local communi- 
University Relations activities in sup- ties is important tor the university," 
port of the university's reputation he said. "1 think that although there 
building, relationship development, have been steps that we've taken over 
and community engagement objec- the last couple of years to grow that 
lives," read the memo. relationship, there were and continue 

There have been a number of ongo- to be a number of thorny issues that 
ing disagreements between the U of A need to he handled, and I know the 
and communities surrounding its cam- university will find a way to address 
puses, such as issues with the Go Centre those issues. 

at South Campus and a proposed park- “They're doing things differently, 
ing lot at Campus Saint-Jean. and as a result the position is no longer 

Phair said his efforts were mostly needed.” 
focused on building strong relation- Until an executive director gets 
ships with the Bonnie Doon and hired, Phair’s responsibilities will be 
downtown communities around divided up among the staff at the uni- 
Enterprise Square, and he feels the versify relations department. 

Yamagishi beats McBean for VPSL 


Deputy News Editor _ 

Colten Yamagishi was elected as the 
Vice President (Student Life) to the 
Students' Union executive Friday 
night with 50 per cent of the first- 
place votes, beating out rival candidate 
David McBean. 

Yamagishi is looking forward to 
starting the job and working on bring- 
ing his platform to life. He plans to 
focus on the campus musical and the 
services that he had proposed during 
the election, such as a gender diversity 
centre and a campus thrift store. He 
said that he hoped to set up the thrift 
store by die beginning of the upcom¬ 
ing school year, and that he would try 
to maintain tlte momentum set by the 
previous Vice President (Student Life) 
in regards to large events. 

“We've already seen excitement 
over dodgeball; now it’s time to bring 
in new ideas to improve and enhance 
the SU. Also, the new services are 
things I'm going to be focusing on this 
summer, such as the summer U-Pass. 

“I’m really happy and I C3n get to 
work now. despite being two weeks 
behind," he said. "The results were 
really, really close and I think tltat 
that's good and because David and I 
ran very strong campaigns." 

Yamagishi joins the four other 
members of the Students' Union exec¬ 
utive who had already been elected to 
their positions. The Student Life race 
wasorigi nally slated to take place vv it h 
the other executive races However 
the Discipline. Interpretation, and 
Enforcement (DIE) Board ordered 
a new election for the contest after 
candidate David McBean sent out an 
email to orientation volunteers that 
was incorrectly approved by Chief 
Returning Officer (CRO) Jaskaran 
Singh. Singh resigned from his posi¬ 
tion after the board's decision and 
Students' Council appointed Alena 
Manera to be the new CRO. 

Competitor David McBean said he 
was happy with the calibre of ideas 
that were exchanged in the race, 
which was the only contested one in 
the entire executive election. 

“It was close — we were only 
separated by a couple hundred votes. 
We both tried our hardest." McBean 
said. “We both know what needs to 
happen [with the Students' Union] 
and that showed in our similar plat¬ 
forms. I think there are some changes 
that need to be made, and I feel we 
both addressed this during the cam¬ 
paign and brought those [changes] 
to light” 

Manera was impressed with the 

HUG IT OUT Yamagishi (left) received 50 per cent of first round votes. 

relatively high turnout in tliis year’s 
combined Students’ Council and 
Vice Presidem (Student Life) elec¬ 
tions. Wltile only 3,034 undergradu¬ 
ate students, or 10.5 per cent, voted 
in the election, this was a dramatic 
climb from the 1,740 students, or 
6,1 per cent, who voted in last year’s 
council election. 

”1 think it raises an interesting 
question: how do we ensure that the 
council election is getting turnout 

like this? How do we ensure that the 
councillors going into council cham¬ 
bers have a clear mandate from voters 
and have a high enough percentage?” 
Manera asked. 

"Some faculties are going at 20 per 
cent [voter turnout], which isn't ideal 
— you want 100 prr cent in an ideal 
world — but 20 per cent is a pretty 
clear mandate to be walking into 
council chambers.” 


the official student newspaper at the university of alberta ♦ 

■ tuesday, march 29, 2011 

volume Cl number 43