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luesday, march 29,2011 

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Mudryl*. Ros Vincent 
Skybox by Dan McKechnie 

Students go silent for LGBTQ awareness 


News Writer _ 

University of Alberta students took 
a vow of silence last Friday for the 
annual Day of Silence yourh move¬ 
ment for LGBTQ awareness. 

The event is based on the premise 
ihai many in the LGBTQ community 
feel pressure to keep silent in order to 
avoid the threat of stigma that institu¬ 
tions. society, and families inflict. The 
U of A student groups Sideriie, a net¬ 
work for LGBTQ students in residence, 
and the Residence Hall Association 
organized the Day of Silence event, 
where participants didn’t speak all 
day. until they broke the silence at 3 
p.m. Around 40 students gathered, 
dressed in red to show their support, 
in the SUB Alumni Room to listen 
to three speakers who addressed the 
issues of bullying and discrimination 
that LGBTQ students face. 

All three speakers stressed the 
importance of being vocal on LGBTQ 
rights and spreading awareness to 
local communities. 

"Wlienever you have a majority Former city councillor Michael Phair crowd to not be silent and to make sure or ‘dyke,’ [you should] actually say 

that does not understand, therefore and Dr. AndreGrace, the director of the they are protecting and standing up for something about it. It’s so difficult to 
fearful of the minority, there is some- Institute forSexual Minority Studies and the rights of LGBTQ individuals. be the one that speaks out. but that's 

times a tendency to react negatively. Services, both spoke and emphasised Sideriie member Laura Groves said why this event is so important because 
The best way to get around that is the importance of tlie political realm in tliis year the group focused on bringing the people that are participating were 
to create a relationship between the shaping the rights and perspectives on attention to the word choices people silent at one point, or recognized that 

two." said Rachel Notley. the MLA for the LGBTQ community. use casually without understanding there is tliis silence.” Groves said. ”1 

Edmonton-Strathcona. "It’s so impor- "You are the future politicians, the hurtful repercussions they have on think the most important thing to 

tant for the members of die queer future leaders in this country. Don’t let many people, which also functions ro take away from this is challenging the 
community and allies like myself to politicians off the hook — hold them perpetrate negative stereotypes. word use and stepping up." 

educate people. Not just on the bad accountable" Grace said. "1 think the biggest tiling is Groves explained that Sideriie also 

stuff, not just about bullying, aliout The speakers also addressed the fed- approaching your friends when tliey tries to ensure that LGBTQ student 

the good things, the fun things You eral election that will be taking place are using this language. If you hear residents are given equal rights and are 

make it familiar, you make it real." in the coming weeks, and asked the someone say ‘that’s so gay.' fag.' living in a safe environment 

Compiled and photographed by 
Scott Fenwick and Matt Hirjt 

As you may be aware, power usage in Edmonton spiked by one per cent for Earth Hour last Saturday. 

What is the least environmentally friendly thing you've ever done? 


Sean Urquhart 

Engineering II 

Dylan Gibbs 

Science HI 

Yesterday, my fnend was making supper 
with me at her house, and we used bot¬ 
tled water to fill the kettle I don’t want 
to admit that it was her fVWiy bottled 
water 7 ] She doesn't like tap water I pro¬ 
tested. but we did do that 

I print off a lot of paper when I'm not sup¬ 
posed to. and my shower isn't energy- 
efficient I rake long ho: showers. 

11 jst recently bought a huge, giant i_a-Z- 
3oy chair, and I was lounging in it during 
Earth Hour So that probably wasn't the 
best thing to be doing. It's got a mas¬ 
sage and a fridge, so that's probably not 
very good for the environment Yeah, TV, 
XBox, lights. I didn't actually know it was 
Earth Hour until after, and that 's probably 
the worst thing I've done. 

When I shave. I like to have the water 
hot. so I just leave it running all day long 
I crank it up to 10, so we get some seri¬ 
ous hot water there. That's the onlything 
I can think of.