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Bears sputter out at nationals 




Sports Editor 

The Alberta Golden Bears' high hopes 
of claiming their 14th national cham¬ 
pionship in team history were dashed 
this weekend after a losing skid at 
the University Cup tournament in 
Fredericton, New Brunswick. 

Two straight losses to the St. Francis 
Xavier X-Men and the McGill Martlets 
quickly put an end to the Bears’ 
momentum and sent the team home 
without a medal for the first time in 
four years. 

The losses were a tough swallow 
for the Golden Bears, especially team 
captain and graduating player Eric 

"It's difficult." a disappointed 
Hunter said after McGill eliminated 
his squad from the tournament in a 
6—3 loss on Saturday afternoon. "My 
time here has been amazing and this 
year was especially good having a 
chance to be a leader. Our core group 
has been together for four years and 
I’ve developed some special bonds." 

The Bears were unable to find their 
stride this weekend. Despite head¬ 
ing into the weekend as the third- 
ranked team in the tournament, the 
Bears came out flat in their first game 
against the X-Men. From the outset, 
the Bears were forced to their heels 
by the offensively minded Antigonish, 
N.S. squad. 

“It's difficult. My time 
here lias been amazin g 
[...] Our core group 
has been together for 
four years and fve 
developed some special 



Unable to capitalize on their lim¬ 
ited chances with the puck, the Bears 
conceded a quick goal in the first 
period —- a goal that evaporated any 
confidence the Green and Gold had 
and set the tone for a 3—1 X-Men 

Their second game against the 
McGill Martlets didn't prove to be any 
better- Needing to beat the Red and 
White by at least four goals to qualify 
for the national championship final, 
the young Bears couldn't muster the 
energy needed against such a formi¬ 
dable opponent. As Bears head coach 
Eric Thurston admits, facing such 
a daunting team with so much on 
the line may hate eaten away at his 
squad’s on-ice poise throughout the 
game against the Martlets. 

"Obviously it’s not easy to go into 
a game knowing you have to beat the 
second-best team in the country by 

four goals,” said Thurston after losing 
to McGill 6-3 on Saturday. "I thought 
overall, we didn't play bad. but credit 
to McGill — they're a very skilled 

Due to the circumstances, Thurston 
implemented a strategy to allow his 
team increased scoring opportuni¬ 
ties against the Martlets. Unmitigated 
offensive aggression was the only 
way that the Bears could create the 
goal advantage needed to qualify to 
the next stage of the tournament. In 
the end. however. Thurston's strategy 
backfired and created gaping holes 
in the defence for the Martlets to 
capitalize on. 

Martlets forward Max Langeller- 
Parent netted two goals in the game, 
including an unassisted goal in the 
final frame that put the game out of 
reach for the Golden Bears. However, 
the McGill victory can't only be 


credited to the Martlets alone. Alberta 
contributed to their own downfall, 
ceding three goals on the McGill 
powerplay and going scoreless with 
the man-advantage. 

The Bears will now hang up their 
skatesand regroup for next year. With 
17 players returning to the lineup, 
the Green and Gold will be ready for 
the future challenges ahead of them. 
Derek Ryan, who led the Canada West 
division with 17 goals will certainly 
l>e poised to make an even greater 
impact in the future. And while there 
is certainly a large dose of disappoint¬ 
ment inside their locker room this 
week, the Bears' prospects of raising a 
CIS national championship banner to 
the rafters of Clare Drake Arena next 
season are promising. 

— With files from Colin, 
The Brunswictan (University of New 


• Between rebruary 4, 2005 and 
October 13. 2006, the Bears had a 
home conference jndefeated streak of 
IS games. 

• Over the past five seasons, the Sears 
have claimed fojr Canada West titles 

• In the same five seasons, the Green 
and Gold have claimed two national 
championship titles. 

• During the last five years, the Bears 
have claimed top spot in the Canada 
West division four times. The only year 

they missed this mark was during the 
2006-2007 season. The Bears still 
qualified for the national tournament, 
but finished off the podium. 

• The Sears have amassed a regular 
season record of 105-23-12 in that span.