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thursrtiy march 31. 2011 • \v\mlhegatewuy»nline£a 


thursday, march 31.20T1 

volume Cl number 4-1 

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Svybox by Dan Mck.echrne 

You remember SUBSpace? That you did? And tiien I killed? 


Vice President (Operations and Finance) 

—On Steven Poliansky's term os Vice-President (OperationsondFinance) 



Written by S 'twei Chen 

Students' Council meets every second 
Tuesday in the Council Chambers in 
University Hall at 6 pm Council meet¬ 
ings are open to all students The next 
meeting on Tuesday, April 5, will be the 
last for the current council members, and 
tree rood w Hi be provided. 

At the last meeting, the culinary 
artistes at L’Express provided a scrump¬ 
tious spread of both vegetarian and 
meat-filled chiii, with scones and saiad 
on the side. So if you're at alt interested 
in student politics, swing by, fill your 
beiiy, and get your democracy on. 


Students' Union Vice President 
(Operstionsand Finance) Zach "entiman 
gave council a presentation on the final 
numbers of the 2011/2012 SU budget 
After reviewing a number of changes 
from the budgetary adjustments, 
Fennman explained general revenue 
trends over time The motion to pass the 
budge: as presented passed, with little 
debate on the plan. 


The Environment Coordination Office of 
Students (ECOS) spoke to council on a 
number of changes they planned lor the 
upcoming year, including a new name 
They plan on redeveloping their three 
pillars of sustainability to alleviate some 

inconsistences, and ECOS' develop¬ 
ment and achievements since its incep¬ 
tion in 2003 has prompted the office to 
refocus their mandate Although ECOS 
had contacted Augustana. this redevel¬ 
opment plan will cjrrentiyfoajs only on 
North Campus as their resources are 
spread thin. The Students' Union execu¬ 
tive will be voting on the changes in the 
next week or two. 


When Vice ^resident (Academic) James 
tastham's presented his Executive 
Committee report, it indicated that the 
university has budgeted $200,000 for 
undergraduate research for the next 
academic year. 


A question 'was put to Vice ^resident 
(Student _ife) Tory Tighe concerning 
the number of faculty associations that 
had gotten back to him regarding micro- 
wave supply and placement on campus. 
Only two have responded, and Tighe 
hopes to get feedback at the end of next 
week after another email 
Tighe also answered a question con¬ 
cerning Week ol Welcome volunteering 
since nothing had been sen: out updat¬ 
ing students on their applications Tighe 
said the deadline had been extended a 
number of times in order to receive more 
applications, -or facilitators, all of the 
interviews will occur a: the same time 
Vice ■’resident (External) Aden 
Murphy fielded a question concern¬ 
ing the imminent federal elections and 
what the SU and the Canadian Alliance 
of Student Associations (CASA) have 

planned Murphy said that because of 
the jpeoming federal election, some of 
their plans will not pan out One such 
idea was the use of a text message 
database where students would receive 
election messages on their phones 
For now, Murphy hopes to hold events 
on campus, such as an all-candidates 
forum They're looking to hopefully host 
the candidates in the next couple of 
weeks Advance polling dates have been 
set for April 22. 23, and 25. 3 resident 
Nick Dehod added that the challenge of 
reaching students in the midst of final 
exams will hopefully be best mitigated 
by using social media. 

The Faculty of Science is down to two 
faculty advisors, leading to lengthy wait 
times during drop-m hours, and sched¬ 
ules booked weeks inadvance. A question 
to find a solution was posed to Eastham, 
•who acknowledged the continuing lack 
of advisory staff m the Faculty of Science. 
The university is looking into solutions, most changes will not be felt in the 
shortterm. Eastham regrets that there is 
really no simple solution. 


Council voted to approve the new 
Health and Dental Han fees, under the 
conditions that the Health portion will 
not exceed $105.99, the Dental Plan 
portion will not exceed $10734, ensur¬ 
ing that the total annual cost will not 
exceed $213.33 


Council passed Bill 52, a political policy 
on student loans, after amending that 
parental contributions be removed as 
a factor in evaluating financial need, 

a point that was previously deleted. 
Council members did nor believe that 
making parental contributions manda¬ 
tory allowed all students equal oppor¬ 
tunity to student loans, especially since 
most students would lack control over 
their familial situations. 


Bill 41 passed in the first reading, stating 
that minutes of executive, board of direc¬ 
tors. council, and general meetings will 
be made public. Council was specific m 
requiring that minutes be posted rather 
than simply available upon request. 


Bill 43 concerning the standardization 
of penalties for election candidates fail¬ 
ing to submit expense forms was moved 
through council. Although some were 
worried about the breadth of this topic 
in allowing the Chief Returning Officer 
to decide on specific penalties, council 
ultimately found that this bill included too 
many unnecessary regulations, and the 
motion did not pass. 


Council decided to abolish the exis¬ 
tence of slates in elections by passing 
Bill 44 in the first reading; however, the 
endorsement of other ca ndidates wi II be 
permitted as long as there is no shanng 
of resources or finances That means 
that candidates will be able to use simi¬ 
lar colours on posters and recommend 
that students vote for others running 
for election, but candidates will not be 
able to label their posters with a unify¬ 
ing name, share financial resources, or 
campaign at the same table. 


Compiled and photographed by 
Aaron Yeo and Matt Hirji 

As you may be aware, the CBC has a web app called the Vote Compass that tells you how to vote. 

Do you think it's a good idea, and why or why not? 



Business III 

I guess they've realized that our genera¬ 
tion is so into apps and technology and 
st.iff. that it's probably the best way to 
get our attention. 

I don't think anyone should tell you who 
to vote for I: should be your own opinion, 
not a computer program 

I think the questions are really badly 
crafted For example, my position on 
the abolition of the Senate doesn't have 
anything to do with my social liberalism. 
It told me to vote liberal, bx it pjt me in a 
weird quadrant 

It probably gives students a better idea 
than they have right now, I know a lot of 
my friends don't have a political orienta¬ 
tion. I think it's a good start to get people 
involved. As long as they actually read up 
and find out what the parties are about. 

A federal election is yet again underway. But with students leaving for 
summer vacation before the May 2 vote, how will it affect the 
Edmonton-Strathcona riding that so many of us call home? 


Check out The Gateway next Thursday for a look at the 
federal riding that surrounds the University of Alberta. 


’ Fearing and loathing the campaign 
l rail since 1910