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Financial Assistance 
and Awards 



year, values ha p further information 

conmcuhe Office of Academic Programs or the 
Examination Department, as . 


Alumni Association - RCM Toronto Chapter Scholarship 
For a student of a Toronto Chapter Alumni 

Arts and Letters Club Scholarship 

To a promising student in any musical subject; 
in memory of Mrs. L. A. Hamilton. 

Alex Chemiavsky Bursary 

For an outstanding music student in any subject. 

Morion Ferguson Foundation Scholarships 
The Marion Ferguson Foundation was established 
by the Toronto Conservatory Alumni Association 
in 1936 in honour of Marion G. Ferguson, Registrar 
of the Conservatory from 1886 to 1936, for the 
purpose of providing assistance to gifted students 
with insufficient means. The funds are adminis- 

tered by a Board of Trustees appointed from the 
Alumni Association. Two awards are given annually 
in any musical subject. 

Marion Ferguson Student Assistance Fund 

In addition to the two above-mentioned scholarships 
a Student Assistance Fund has been established 
from which financial aid will be disbursed at the 
discretion of the Board of Trustees. 

Eva S. Janes Scholarship 

Bequeathed to the Royal Conservatory by the late 
Louisa Cornelia Janes in memory of her sister. 

Ett ore Mazzoleni Memorial Scholarship 

Established by friends of the late Principal, Ettore 


Royal Conservatory of Music Scholarships and 

Helen Valenska Memorial Scholarship(s) 

In memory of Helen Valenska, a Russian-born 
Canadian of rich musical heritage, a student of the 
Royal Conservatory of Music, and a professional 
pianist whose unique musical artistry and warm 
personality enriched the lives of many. 

Sir Edmund Walker Scholarship 

For one or more students graduating from the 

Royal Conservatory, to pursue further studies. 

Dr. Healey Willan Scholarship 

Donated by members of the Dr. Healey Willan 

Chapter, 10DE. 

Women’s Art Association Scholarship 

For a female student enrolled in the Senior Course. 

Women’s Art Association Scholarship in Memory of 
Margaret Maude Phillips 

For a student entering the last year of the ARCT 

Vladimir Reinhold Scholarships or Bursaries 


Carmel Archambault Memorial Scholarship 

For an outstanding piano student of Grade 10 level 

or lower; established by friends of the late Carmel 


Mona Bates Scholarship Fund 

Jessie Blake Piano Scholarship 

Margaret Miller Brown Memorial Scholarship 
Established by friends of the late Margaret Miller 

Betty Bur ton Bursary 

Established by the Forest Hill Village Chapter 
of the lODE in memory of Elizabeth Woodland 
Tisdall Burton; awarded on basis of need and 

Alma Cockburn Memorial Scholarship 
Established by friends of the late Alma Cockburn. 

Stanley De’Alh Memorial Scholarship 

For a promising pupil who is studying Grade 10 

piano; established by relatives and friends of the 
late Mr. Stanley De’Ath. 

Eleanor Holliday Memorial Scholarship 

To be awarded annually to an organ, piano or 
singing student. 

Vera Hamilton Disher Scholarship or Bursary 
Sara Gelber Scholarship 

For a senior piano student; donated by the Sara 
Gelber Endowment, established as a memorial by 
her children. 

Ada Wagstaff Harris Scholarship 

For a piano student resident in Toronto; in memory 
of the late Mrs. Ada Wagstaff. 

Erskine McLean Keys Memorial Scholarship 

Nicholas Weldon Kilbu m Memorial Scholarship 
Established in recognition of Nicholas Weldon 
Kilburn’s distinctive contribution to music. For a 
senior student of piano committed to pursuing a 
career in music with particular accomplishment 
and potential in the areas of the art of keyboard 
accompaniment of singers and instrumentalists 
and chamber music. 

Gordon Kushner Scholarship Fund 

For a promising student whose principal subject 

is piano. 

Robert Eric Lambton Memorial Scholarship 

Anna Moskoff Malania Bursary 

For a needy student whose principal subject is 


John H. Sherwood Memorial Scholarship 

Czeslaw Skrzycki Memorial Scholarship 
For a promising senior piano student; organized by 
friends of the late Czeslaw Skrzycki in honour of 
his contributions to musical education. 

Anna Smolenska Memorial Scholarship 

For an outstanding talented and needy RCM 

piano student. 

Pierre Souvairan Scholarship 

Emily Tedd Scholarship 

For a talented vocal and/or piano student (or 
students); as a memorial to the late Emily Te 

Women’s Musical Club of Toronto Scholarship 

To be awarded annually to an advanced student 
studying piano at the Royal Conservatory o 

Yamaha Music Scholarship „,, re ntial; 

For a piano student showing taknt and poten 
provided through Yamaha Canada Music Ltd. 

Financial Assistance 
and Awards 


Leo Barnes Scholarship 

For a student (or students) whose principal subject 
is cello and/or organ. 

Marion Ferguson Organ Scholarship 
Founded by the late Marion Ferguson. 

Eleanor Halliday Memorial Scholarship 

To be awarded annually to an organ, piano, or 
singing student. 

Frederick C. Silvester Scholarship 

Established by friends of the late Registrar, 
Frederick C. Silvester. 

Kathleen Stokes Scholarships & Bursaries 

To be awarded to one or more organ students. 


Ida Lillian Brad Scholarships 

For females under 16 years of age who desire to 
commence or continue singing studies and who 
are considered to be promising students worthy of 
encouragement and who are in financial need of 

Paul Frederic Brown Memorial Scholarship 
For an outstanding student in singing and/or 
vocal coaching; established by Mr. and Mrs. J. R. 
Brown and their friends to perpetuate the memory 
of their son Paul. 

Howell Glynne Operatic Scholarship 

To be awarded to a second-year voice student. 

Eleanor Halliday Memorial Scholarship 

To be awarded annually to an organ, piano, or 

singing student. 

Robert William Hunter Scholarship 
Awarded annually to a male vocal student; 
in memory of Robert William Hunter. 

Frederick R. MacKelcan Memorial Scholarship 
Established by the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir 
Foundation in memory of Frederick R. MacKelcan. 

Mrs. Mae E. Myers Scholarship 
The gift of Dr. A. J. William Myers. 

John McKnight Scholarship 

Emilie Rublev Memorial Scholarship 

For a student in singing or vocal coaching. 

Julia Sackin Memorial Scholarship 
One awarded to each of an RCM voice and 
classical guitar student in their late teens. If there 
is no award in guitar, another voice student will 
receive the second scholarship. 

June Elizabeth Starling Scholarship or Bursary 

To be awarded annually to a promising voice 

Emily redd Scholarship 

For a talented vocal and/or piano student (or 
stu ents); as a memorial to the late Emily Tedd. 

Francis R. Thomson Vocal Scholarship 
To be awarded annually. 

Ernesto Vinci Scholarship 

Donated by students and friends to honour 

Dr. Vinci for his many years of dedicated work. 

Grace Elizabeth Walton Scholarship 

For a promising full-time student whose principal 

subject is singing. 


Catherine Royce Alderson Scholarship 
To be awarded to a student (or students) whose 
principal subject is violin, with this inscription: 
“This gift commemorates the life-long enthusiasm, 
interest, and unselfish generosity of Catherine 
Royce Alderson in regard to the arts, education, 
and well-being of all living things” 

Sika and Chris Dafefl Violin Bursary 

For a needy student whose principal subject is 
violin; in memory of Sika and Chris Dafeff. 

Paul Kenton Violin Scholarship 

Lilian A. Low Scholarship or Bursary 

A. Victor Madge Scholarship 

Loan of a violin for one year, for two outstanding 
violinists in the Associatcship Diploma Program; 
in memory of A. Victor Madge, alumnus of the 

A. Victor Madge Memorial Scholarship 

To be awarded to a student whose principal subject 
is violin. 

Noriko Martin Memorial Scholarship 

For an outstanding string player aged 13 or under. 

John Moskalyk Memorial Prize 

Maurice Solway Violin Scholarship 

For a deserving violin student; to be awarded 

annually during the donor’s lifetime. 

Elie Spivak Scholarship 

Women’s Art Association of Canada Violin Scholarship 
in Memory of Margaret Maude Phillips 

Derazey Violin on loan for one year to a deserving 
Scholarship student. 


Leo Bam es Scholarship 

For a student (or students) whose principal subject 
is cello and/or organ. 

Boris Hambourg Memorial Scholarship 

For a full-time student whose principal subject is 

Millie Shime Memorial Scholarship 

In honour of Millie Shime. 


Donald McMurrich Memorial Scholarship 


Julia Sackin Memorial Scholarship 
One award to each of an RCM voice and classical 
guitar student in their late teens. If there is no 
award in guitar, another voice student will receive 
the second scholarship. 


Harry Wilson and Vida Pearl Drummond Memorial 

Where there is no deserving harp student, the 
award will be made to a student of another 
orchestral instrument. 


Watson Slraiton Memorial Scholarship for 
Orchestral Instruments 

In memory of Watson Straiton, a clarinetist and 
church orchestra conductor. This scholarship is to 
be used towards the purchase of an orchestral 


Arthur Minden Memorial Scholarship 


Avrahm Galper Clarinet Scholarship & Bursaries 
For full-time clarinet students with a minimum 
standing of the Grade 9 level of the Royal Con- 
servatory of Music or the equivalent, in honour 
of the contributions of Avrahm Galper to musical 
life in Canada, especially in the field of clarinet 


Alvin R. Oke Scholarship Fund 

To assist students in the maintenance of a musical 


Helen Johnston Durrani Scholarship in Composition 
Awarded annually to a gifted student-composer 
for study with Dr. Samuel Dolin. Applicant need 
not be a previous student of Dr. Dolin or of the 
Royal Conservatory of Music. Eligible age: 12 - 30 
years. Award determined by submission of original 
work, tapes if available, and interview. 

Barbara Whurram Scholarship 

Provided through the Frederick Harris Music Co. 



Clara Salisbury Baker Scholarship 
Roly Young Scholarship 


Financial Assistance 
and Awards 

Harmony, coordination 
and accomplishment: 
the fruits of labour for 
this Chamber Music 
ensemble in rehearsal. 


Frederick Harris Examination Scholarships 
The Frederick Harris Music Company provides 
scholarships which are awarded annually by prov- 
ince (Atlantic provinces are considered as one). 
Awards are made in piano, organ, accordion, 
strings, orchestral instruments (brass, woodwinds 
and percussion), and singing. 

Awards are made to students who have obtained 
the highest marks (not less than 80 percent) in 
their particular disciplines and who have com- 
pleted the prescribed theory requirements for their 
respective grades. 

In Grades 1 to 4, an award will be given to each 
candidate tying for first place. When there is a tie 
in other grades, the candidates’ past examination 
records, including theory, will be considered. 
Winners will be announced each November prior 
to Convocation. 

These scholarships are to be applied towards 
students’ future tuition and will be made payable 
to their teachers as follows: 

Grade 1 
Grade 2 

Grade 3 . . 
Grade 4 . . 
Grade 5 . . 
Grade 6 . . 
Grade 7 oi 
Grade 9 oi 






Esme Rose Crichton Memorial Scholarship 
Two scholarships awarded annually to a student 
in Grade 9 and a student in Grade 10, who have 
obtained the highest marks in their piano exami- 
nations whether or not theory requirements have 
been completed. When there is a tie, the award 
will be divided equally. Candidates must reside 
in Saskatchewan. 

Antal Janos Dvorak Memorial Scholarship 

For the candidate receiving the highest mark in 
aTrombone practical examination in Grade 9 or 

Gordon Halle tt Scholarship 
Awarded annually to the ARCT candidate who 
has obtained the highest practical mark and at 
least 80 percent in the written section of the Piano 
Teacher’s Associate examination. If no candidate 
qualifies in any year, the amount of the scholarship 
will revert to the capital fund. 

Simon Kruger Memorial Scholarship 
To a Manitoba student who has obtained the 
highest mark in a Grade 10 violin, accordion, 
or piano examination. 

Annie Larson Scholarship 

Awarded annually to a candidate residing in the 
Province of Saskatchewan, who has obtained the 
highest marks in the Grade 8 to ARCT Violin 

Patricia McLean Memorial Scholarship 
Four scholarships awarded after each session to 
students who obtain the highest marks in the 
Orade 8 piano examinations (four awards annually) 

Helen Tough Murray Scholarship 
Awarded annually to the top-ranking Canadian 
recipient of the Performer’s ARCT Diploma in 

Doris A. Proud Memorial Scholarship 
Given by her four daughters in memory of Mrs. 
Doris A. Proud, awarded annually to a piano 
student who has obtained the highest mark in 
Grades 1 - 10 and who has completed all certificate 
co-requisites. The candidate must reside in Grand 
Prairie, Alberta. 

Kathryn Sinclair Prize 

A copy of the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada 
awarded annually to the student who has obtained 
the highest standing in the Grade 5 History 
examination, in memory of Kathryn Sinclair, an 
esteemed member of the Royal Conservatory of 
Music faculty and Board of Examiners. When 
there is a tie, candidates’ past examination records 
will be considered. 

Jean Snowdon Scholarship 
Awarded annually to the candidate who has 
obtained the highest first-class honours standing 
in the Grade 9 Piano examinations held at the 
Vancouver Centre and who has completed all 
theory co-requisites. 

Charlotte Anne Walker Scholarship 
Awarded annually to a candidate from Elgin 
County, Ontario, who has obtained 85 per cent or 
more in the Grade 10 piano examination and who 
has completed all theoretical co-requisites wit an 
average mark of 75 percent or over. 


Two of the Conser- 
vatory’s faculty 
members, performers 
Roxolana Roslak, 
soprano, with Derek 
Bampton on piano. 

Good, the more 
communicated, more 
abundant grows. 

John Milton, 

Paradise Lost, 1667 

Syllabi, bulletins, yearbooks and music 
publications all bring our world to yours, 
communicating the news, philosophy and 
direction of the Conservatory to students, 
teachers and friends. 

The RCM Bulletin is published five times 
yearly for the convenience of teachers, 
students and other interested readers. It 
features articles on teaching and perfor- 
ming, reviews of common errors on RCM 
examinations, Alumni news, announce- 
ments, information on Summer School 
and other specialized programs at the 
Conservatory, and musical events across 
the country. The Bulletin is available 
by subscription through the RCM, 

(416) 978-2790. 

Fee Schedule 

Available at the beginning of each aca- 
demic year, the Royal Conservatory of 
Music Fee Schedule lists all members of 
the teaching faculty of the Royal Con- 
servatory of Music, subjects taught, and 
tuition fees. It also provides building 
hours, information on hall and practice 
studio rentals, examination fees, impor- 
tant dates, and RCM branch addresses 
and telephone numbers. 


The Royal Conservatory of Music pub- 
lishes Syllabi for practical and theoretical 
examinations of ten grade levels leading 
to the final examination for the Asso- 
ciateship Diploma (ARCT). The Syllabi 
outline requirements in repertoire, 
technique, studies, ear tests, sight read- 
ing, and theory, as well as rules and regu- 
lations for examinations in all disciplines. 
The following Syllabi are currently 

in effect: 

Syllabus Edition 

Piano 1983 

Organ, Accordion, Singing 1981 

Strings 1979 

Speech and Drama 1978 

A new edition of the Orchestral Syllabus 



Royal Conservatory 
Music Store and 
Alumni Association 

The RCM Music Store 
offers a variety of 
musical materials, 
supplies and hooks, 
including publications 
and recordings by 
Conservatory Faculty 

(including Percussion) will be issued in 
the fall of 1986. 

New editions of other Syllabi are 
currently in preparation. Contact the 
Examination Department of the Royal 
Conservatory or the RCM Centre Co- 
ordinator to confirm the most recent 
Syllabi editions. 

Frederick Harris Music Co. Ltd. 

The Royal Conservatory of Music h; 

authorized a variety of publications f< 
use. n examinations. Published by th. 

fnticMM SM r C0 ' Sndarail 

he RCM Music Store and at local 
indud^ 0 ” 8 elsewhere, these publicai 

Pwno Examination Repertoire 
V* volumes, Grades 1-9) 

Complete Pianoforte Technique 

d 8 * and Gr ades 9 and 10) 

Guitar Repertoire Series 
(4 volumes: Grades 1-4) 

Guitar Repertoire Cassettes 
(3 cassettes: Grades 1-3) 

Scales and Arpeggios for Guitar 
RCM Vocal Repertoire 
(1 volume: Grades 1-4) 

Studies in Vocalization 
(Grades 6-8; Grade 9; Grade 10) 

RCM Singing: Technical Exercises 
(1 volume: Grade 10 and ARCT) 

RCM Violin Examinations (2 volumes: 
Grades 1 and 2, Grades 3 and 4) 

RCM Violin Course: Technical Requirements 
(2 volumes: Grades 1-6, Grades 7-10) 
The Frederick Harris Music Company 
also publishes the Harris Piano Festival Series 
and Harris Piano Classics. 

The Royal Conservatory Music Store is 
located in the Main Building, 273 Bloor 
Street West. The Music Store carries 
materials listed in the RCM Syllabi and 
many other music publications and items 
of interest to musicians and the general 
public. The Music Store carries all 
materials published by the Frederick 
Harris Music Company (Ltd.) that are 
authorized by the Royal Conservatory of 
Music for examination purposes, RCM 
syllabi, theory examination papers and 
ARCT viva voce pamphlets in piano and 
singing. The Music Store will accept 
special orders and ships to all parts of 
the country. 

For information contact the Royal Con- 
servatory of Music Store, ( 416 ) 9 78-3773. 

Developing musicians in Canada are 
encouraged and financially supported 
by the Alumni Association of the Royal 
Conservatory of Music. Experience and 
exposure are provided through student 
recitals, workshops, etc. Thousands 
of dollars are given annually by the 
National Council of the Alumni, indi- 
vidual Chapters and affiliated trust funds 
for scholarships, bursaries and student 
assistance programs. 

There are eight Chapters, co-ordinated 
by National Council in Toronto, that 
operate independently in centres from 
Montreal to Victoria. An Alumni 
Development Committee is working to 
establish more chapters in areas not 
currently served. 

Alumni Association meetings allow 
members to meet socially in a variety of 
events, and to maintain contact with 
their musical Alma Mater. This continu- 
ing contact is of great value as many 
RCM Alumni pass on the legacy of music 
to others. 

Grace Morrison, President, 

National Council 
November 1986 

Membership in the Alumni Association 
is open to all Associates of the Royal Con- 
servatory (ARCT’s and ATCM's) and to 

members of the Conservatory Faculty For 

information, contact the Publicity Office, 

( 416 ) 9 78 - 3771 . 


Royal Conservatory 
of Music 
and Faculty 

board of management 


Mr. Peter Allen, Chairman 

Mr. Ben A. Wilson, Vice-Chairman 

Mr. Gordon Kushner 

Mr. Lawrence Heisey 

Mr. William A. Macdonald 

Mr. Steven Staryk 

Mrs. Patricia Wardrop 

Mr.J.C. Wilson 

OFFICERS (1986-1987) 

Acting Principal 

Robert Dodson, B.Mus., M.Mus. 

Assistant Principal (Administration) 
lan F. Ross, B.A., M.B.A. 

Co ordinator of Academic Programs 
Peter Simon, B.Mus., M.Mus., D.M.A. 
Co-ordinator of General Programs 
To be announced 

Co-ordinator of Performance Programs 
John Barnum, Mus.Bac. 

Head of Examinations 

Daryl Irvine, L.R.C.T., L.R.S.M. 

Academic Consultant (Examinations) 

Edward Janus, B.A., A.R.C.T. 

Co-ordinator of Field Services 

Kay Turner 

Manager of Financial Services 
Hiie Galea 
Yvonne Ho, B.A. 

Publicity Officer 

Mary Ann Ross, B.A., A.R.C.T. 

Supervisor of Registration 
Lillian Carleton 
Manager of Physical Plant 
Michael Culbert 

Co-ordinator of Children's Programs 
Carolyn Spence 
Manager, Music Store 
Danny Bishop, B.A., M.L.S. 

Personnel Officer 
Patricia Maguire 



Gordon McKinnon 
Irene McLellan 


Susan Hamblyn 

Tom McPherson 


Helen Hardy 

Eric Medhurst 

Andrew Markow, 

Gayle Hennick 

Adelmo Melecci 


Nancy Hou 
Dale Innes 

Lynda Metclsky 
Tiina Mitt-Kreem 


Marek Jablonski 

Earl Mlotek 

William Aide 

Edward Janus 

Mary Dean Morrison 

James Anagnoson 

Julie Jekova 

Earle Moss 

Judy Au 

Mary Johnson 

Arshalouise Nersessian 

John Bailey 

Carolyn Jones 

Ruth Nieboer 

Brenda Baranga 

Leokadia Kanovich 

Renata Novic 

Boris Berlin 

John Karr 

Yun Yun Oen 

Carol Birtch 

Maren Kassbaum 

Vincent O’Kane 

Madeline Bone 

Mary Kenedi 

Marietta Orlov 

Wilhelmina Booker 

Judith Kenedi-Peleg 


Helena Bowkun 

Mildred Kenton 


Gayle-Sharlene Brown 

Stella Kerson 

Patricia Parr 

Avey Byram 

Oak Hyon Kim 

Mimi Pascoe 

Vera Chaikowsky 

Leslie Kinton 

Lois Pearson 

Robin Charles 

Spiro Kizas 

Tela Podoliak 

Freda Clark 

Sharon Krause 

Clifford Poole 

John Coveart 

Elaine Kruse 

Wilfred Powell 

Judith Crocker 

John Kruspe 

Jennifer Pullan 

Robert D'Aoust 

Antonin Kubalek 

Solon Reyes 

Vera Danchenko 

Irina Kugucheva 

Harold Ross 

Nina Danylciw 

Gordon Kushner 


Samuel Dolin 

Larysa Kuzmenko 


George Donnell 

Carole Law-Bancroft 

Dagmar Rydlo 

Anne Drake 

James Lawless 

Gloria Saarinen 

Gwendolyn Duchemin 


Stephen Satory 

Annette Ellis 


Wendy Shilton 

Rodica Eugen 

Aeri Lee 

Bonnie Silver 

Laurie Evan-Fraser 

Hwaeja Lee 

Regina Skoblo 

Kathleen Fairbrother 

Hellen Leschenko 

David Snable 

Douglas Finch 

Fanny Levitan 

Pierre Souvairan 

Alexander Floruk 

Patrick Li 

Robert Spergel 

Janet Fothergill 

Evalyn Lindsey 

Tamara Spigelman 

Regina Franke 

Robert Linzon 

Christine Surman 

James Fraser 

Hilda Luffman 

Peeter Tammearu 

Pierre Gallant 

Boris Lysenko 

Richard Taverner 

John Gaspar 

Frances Macerollo 

Frank Tetreau 

Eugene Gates 

Doris Mahoney 

Tanya Tk ac henko 

Monica Gaylord 

Andrew Markow 


Antonis General 

Ora Marwick 


Marina Geringas 

Lorna May 

Barbara Urquhart 

Lawrence Goodwill 

Victor McCorry 

William Vaisey 

John Graham 

Minnie McCurdy 

Aino Waldin 

Myrtle Guerrero 

George McElroy 

Arlene Watson 

Gordon Hallett 

Carol McFadden 

Ruth Watson- 

Margaret Halliwell 

Lauren Mclnnes 

Dianne Werner 

The Royal Conser- 
vatory Faculty Lounge 
is often a lively forum 
for the exchange of 
ideas and opinions on 
music, teaching and 

Marc Widner 
Marjorie Wiens 
Hilda Wu 
Jean Yip 

Alla Zacarelli (Brat) 
Boris Zarankin 
Peteris Zarins 
Nora Zis 

Michael Bloss 
Eugene Gates 

Hwaeja Lee 
Wilfred Powell 

Elizabeth Keenan 
Colin Tilney 


Eugene Laskiewicz 
Joe Ringhofer 
Glen Sawich 

Voice Department 

Helen Simmie, 


William Bowen 
Dorothy Ross Braid 
Eraine Braun 
Donna Brindle 
In Sook Chung 
Bernard Diamant 
Joanne Dorenfeld 
Ginette Duplessis 
Donna Sherman Ewer 
Audrey Farnell 
Glenn Gardiner 
Margaret John 
Vera Kaushansky 
Patricia Kern 
Fanny Levitan 
Nelson Lohnes 
Jean MacPhail 
Paul Massel 
Irene McLellan 
William Perry 
Mary Rezza 
Patricia Rideout 
Roxolana Roslak 
Megan Rutledge 
Jean Marie Scott 
Helen Simmie 
Catherine Slovak 
Norma Tetreau 
Adrienne White 

Vocal Coaching 
Norman Abbott 
Derek Bampton 
George Brough 
Avey Byram 
John Coveart 
Brahm Goldhamer 
Stella Kerson 
Fanny Levitan 
Minnie McCurdy 
Carol McFadden 
Irene McLellan 
Mary Rezza 
William Vaisey 
Marjorie Wiens 

Speech and Drama 
John Archibald 
Florence Aymong 
Jean Bocian 
Gayle-Sharlene Brown 
Margaret McDonald 
Leilah Pohl 
Elfrida Wild 



Eugene Kash, 




Atis Bankas 
Ninel Bard 
Angelo Calcafuoco 
Victor Danchenko 
Erica Davidson 
Isidor Desser 
Julia Flier 
Yaakov Geringas 
Cynthia Graham 
Joyce Gundy 
Moshe Hammer 
Yuriko Horie 
Alec Hou 
Gerard Kantarjian 
Eugene Kash 
Mi Hyon Kim 
Jef ten Kortenaar 
Jean Lamon 
Jascha Milkis 
John Montague 
Hyung-Sun Paik 
Young Dae Park 
Joseph Peleg 
Frank Radcliffe 
Katharine Rapoport 
Clara Schran: 

Steven Staryk 
Leo Wigdorchik 
Arkady Yanivker 
David Zafer 
Benjamin Zemelman 
Zhang Yun Zhang 


Isidor Desser 
Marilyn Gilbert 
Rivka Golani 
Osher Green 
Joyce Gundy 
Artur Jansons 
Eugene Kash 
John Montague 
Douglas Perry 
Katharine Rapaport 
Stanley Solomon 
Kent Teeple 


Coenraad Bloemendal 
Gayle-Sharlene Brown 
Daniel Domb 
William Findlay 
Susan Gagnon 
Donald Green 
Wolfgang Grunsky 
John Helmers 
David Hetherington 
Jennifer Huggett-Flint 
Vladimir Orloff 
Peter Schenkman 
Jose Shapero 
Mary Starr 
Alan Stellings 
Robert Spergel 

Double Bass 

Nancicarole Davis 
John Gowen 
Peter Madgett 
Thomas Monohan 

Joel Quarrington 
Alan Stellings 

Viola da Gamba 

Wolfgang Grunsky 
Peggie Sampson 


William Beauvais 
Richard Bradley 
Robert Hamilton 
Ernest Hills 
Richard Kolb 
Norbert Kraft 
Peter McAllister 
Terry McKenna 
John Perrone 
William Trotter 
Barton Wigg 
Donald Wilson 
Stephen Wingfield 


Ernest Hills 
Richard Kolb 
Terry McKenna 


Maureen Creates 
Judy Loman 
Susana Remeny- 




Barbara Hankins, 

Eugene Kash 
Roman Toi 


Dianne Aitken 
Peg Albrecht 
Vicki Blechta 
Eileen Fawcett 
Karen Fedorowski 
Margot Onodera 
Elizabeth Rutter 
Judith Schenkman 
Karin Schindler 
Suzanne Shulman 
Douglas Stewart 


Lawrence Cherney 
Richard Dorsey 
Clare Scholtz 


James Campbell 
Katherine Carlcton 
Dennis Chreptyk 
Morris Eisenstadt 
Avrahm Galper 
Paul Grice 
Barbara Hankins 
hlago Simeonov 

Royal Conservatory 
of Music 
and Faculty 

Benson Bell 

Dennis Chreptyk 
Morris Eisenstadt 
David Tanner 

Professional Woodwind 

Jack Zaza 


Karen Fedorowski 
Maria Grunsky 
Wolfgang Grunsky 
Scott Paterson 
Susan Prior 

Kenneth Erskinc 
David Kent 


Richard Blechta 
Harcus Hennigar 
James MacDonald 
Eugene Rittich 
Mark Robbins 

Darryl Eaton 
Horace Hinds 
Mark Robbins 
James Spragg 
Joseph Umbrico 

Mark Robbins 
Gordon Sweeney 
Cameron Walter 

Tub a 

Douglas Purvis 
Cameron Walter 

Cameron Walter 



Anthony Dawson, 

Assistant Chairmen: 
Timothy Sullivan, 
Joe Ringhofer, 


Irene McLellan, 
Carol McFadden, 
Maurice White, 

Theory and 
Music History 
William Andrews 
Wilhelmina Booker 
Gayle-Sharlene Brown 
Adelina Burashko 
Vera Chaikowsky 

Robin Charles 
Freda Clark 
Robert D’Aoust 
Anthony Dawson 
Samuel Dolin 
Laurie Evan-Fraser 
Kathleen Fairbrother 
Janet Fothergill 
Regina Franke 
Pierre Gallant 
John Caspar 
Lawrence Goodwill 
Helen Hardy 
Kenneth Harrison 
Ernest Hills 
Horace Hinds 
Dale Innes 
Edward Janus 
Julie Jekova 
Carolyn Jones 
Stella Kerson 
Elaine Kruse 
John Kruspe 
Larysa Kuzmenko 
Carole Law-Bancroft 
James Lawless 
Hwaeja Lee 
Arthur Levine 
Alexina Louie 
Hilda Luffman 
Frances Macerollo 
Doris Mahoney 
Ora Marwick 
Lorna May 
Carol McFadden 
Gordon McKinnon 
Don McLean 
Irene McLellan 
Eric Medhurst 
Adelmo Melecci 
Lynda Metelsky 
Tiina Mitt-Kreem 
Earl Mlotek 
Mary Dean Morrison 
Lois Pearson 
Tela Podoliak 
Wilfred Powell 
Jennifer Pullan 
Jay Rahn 
Solon Reyes 
Joe Ringhofer 
Elizabeth Rutter 
Stephen Satory 
Glen Sawich 
Molly Sclater 
Bonnie Silver 
Timothy Sullivan 
Peeter Tammearu 
Richard Taverner 
Roman Toi 
William Vaisey 
Arlene Watson 
Maurice White 
Barton Wigg 
Peteris Zarins 

Robin Charles 
Anthony Dawson 
Samuel Dolin 

Pierre Gallant 
Helen Hardy 
Larysa Kuzmenko 
Alexina Louie 
Don McLean 
Timothy Sullivan 
Peeter Tammearu 
Roman Toi 

Electronic Music 
Wesley Wraggett 

Teachers’ Courses 


Edith Lantos 

Preparatory Music 
Teacher’s Apprentice 
Ruth Berger 
Mary Stouffer 
Donna Wood 

Solfige Pedagogy 
Adelina Burashko 

Piano Pedagogy 
Boris Berlin 
Antonis General 
Marina Geringas 
Gordon Hallett 
Earle Moss 
Wilfred Powell 

Vocal Pedagogy 
Megan Rutledge 

Early Music Studies 
Judith Cohen 
Wolfgang Grunsky 
Ernest Hills 
Elizabeth Keenan 
Richard Kolb 
Jean Lamon 
Hwaeja Lee 
Terry McKenna 
Alison Melville 
Susan Prior 
Peggie Sampson 
Colin Tilney 

Alexander Technique 

Nehemia Cohen 

Introductory Dalcroie 
Marianne Kotyk 

Artists in Residence 
Da Camera 
Moshe Hammer, 

James Campbell, 

Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi, 

William Tritt, 

Children’s Classes 


Wendy Taxis 

Preparatory Music 
Sophie Bell 
Ruth Berger 
Frances Macerollo 
Mary Stouffer 
Marjorie Wiens 
Donna Wood 

Keyboard Classes 
Vera Chaikowsky 
Nina Danylciw 
Kathleen Fairbrother 
Mary Johnson 
Frances Macerollo 
Mimi Pascoe 

Koddly for Children 
Edith Lantos 

Orff Music for Children 
Angela Elster 
Alison Kenny- 

Suzuki Program 
Erica Davidson, 
Musical Director 
Steven Staryk, 
Honorary Director 
Erica Benaka 
Vicki Blechta 
Angelo Calcafuoco 
Cynthia Graham 
Helen Hardy 
Yuriko Horie 
Cecilia Ignatieff 
Spiro Kizas 
Hazel Litvin 
Lauren Mclnnes 
Katharine Rapoport 
Carolyn Rawlinson 
Clara Schranz 
Mary Starr 

Faculty on Leave of 
Absence (1986-87) 
Anne Armstrong 
Janet Benedict 
Robert Benedict 
David Fallis 
Richard Hornsby 
Karen Kimmett 
Alison Mackay 
Hazel Nevin Newton 
David Paul 
Jeltje Reid 
Randi Schonning 
Jana Skarecky 

Kathleen Solose 



Main Building 
McM aster Hall 

(416) 978-3797 

Royal Conservatory of Music 
273 Bloor Street West 
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1W2 


Avenue Road 

(416) 921-8958 

460 Avenue Road, 

Toronto, Ontario M4V 2J1 


(416) 231-4060 

5048 Dundas Street West, 
Islington, Ontario M9A 1B9 

Forest Hill 

(416) 922-2935 

366 Spadina Road, 

Toronto, Ontario M5P 2V4 

(416) 279-9647 

55 Dundas Street East, 
Mississauga, Ontario L5A 1V9 

North Toronto 

(416) 488-2780 

2 Alexandra Boulevard, 
Toronto, Ontario M4R 1L7 


(416) 767-2701 

566 Annette Street, 
Toronto, Ontario M6S 2C2 


(416) 755-7464 

1865A Lawrence Ave. East, 
Scarborough, Ontario MIR 2Y3 


(416) 221-5597 

2A Kingsdale Avenue, 
Willowdale, Ontario M2N 3W1 

A view of the main 
entrance to the Royal 
Conservatory building 
on Bloor Street. 

We would like to acknowledge the following for their 
assistance in the preparation of this publication: 

Mary Ann Ross, Editor 

Patricia Wardrop, Editorial Assistance 

Dawn Cooper, Design Consultant 

Mary Fotc, Photographer 

Deborah Gray, Contributing Writer 

Printing: Duxly Graphics Limited 

Film and Separations: Franklin Tuckey Offset Inc. 

Thanks go to the following RCM students and faculty 
for their participation in the Yearbook photographs: 

Martin Beaver 
Katherine Carleton 
June Crowley 
Denise Daniels- Wu 
Dana Glinski 
Su An Hsia 
Andrew Janik 
Bridget Lamarche 
Christine Lee 
Steven Lee 
Susie Lee 
Karen Noble 
Arpine Papazian 
Tom Weinacht 
Joanna Zabrowarna 

Derek Bampton 
Victor Danchenko 
J. Anthony Dawson 
Eugene Kash 
Sharon Krause 
Patrick Li 
Lynda Metelsky 
Earle Moss 
Marietta Orlov 
Roxolana Roslak 
Steven Staryk 





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