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Full text of "Folder 267 — Student File: Elizabeth Pitt Barron (Class of 1925) 1904-1997 — Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) Pamphlets and Miscellany— Margaret Eaton School Toronto 1901-1942"

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Total Operating Receipts for the year 1951 amounted to 
$48,252.75. This figure is broken down as follows 

Building & Grounds $2,919*12 

Program 7,596.21 

Residence 7*605*40 

Food Service 30*132*02 


Plus 1951 Budget Allocation 

from Community Chest 11 , 000 « 00 


Total Expenditures for the year 1951 were - $58,327.63, 
made up as follows 

Building & Grounds 13,451*89 

Pro gram 11 , 008 .53 

Residence 4,359*70 

Food Service 29 , 507 * 51 

. 58,327.63 

Excess of Receipts 

Expenditures 925*12 


N.B. In addition to the $11,000.00 allocation received 
from Community Chest, as shown above, an additional 
$1,650.00 which was our share in their Surplus 
Distribution, was received and placed in Repairs 
and Replacements Reserve. 

The Balance Sheet and the Auditor’s Report were 
read in full at the Annual Meeting, and are on 
file for public reference. 


Mrs. C.S. Lee, Chairman 
Miss Mary Glass 
Miss Evelyn Gay 
Mrs. W.R. Archer 
Mrs . ; i. . G . Armstrong 

Miss Florence Horton, 
Mrs. A . S . Hill 
Miss Vera Moyse 
Mrs. \ F.W. Taylor 



New members who joined the Association had their 
attention directed to the purpose of .the Association 
which is written on the back of every membership 
card, and by accepting same, became electors of the 


Y.W.C.A. membership is good for one year from date of 
issue and honoured throughout Canada and the world 

Y.W.C.A. 1 s. 

Membership totals were as follows: 

This total membership reached far over the thousand 
mark, as memberships ^overlapped from the previous 



Junior members 
Senior members 
Registrants (men members) 




Miss Doreen Trainer, Chairman 
Miss Grace, Wilson 
Miss Betty Johnson 
Miss Eleanor Clark 





Upon request additional names were secured for those ! 
requiring larger committees, and before the nominations 
for Board elections were posted, the entire membership 
file was used for reference. 


Elections were held January 21 - 26 inclusive when 
elector members voted for members of the Board of 
Directors. A ballot box was kindly loaned for the 
occasion by the City of Oshawa. 

Those elected for 3 years were : 

. 1. Mrs. A.F. Annis 

2. Miss Irene Boes 

3. Mrs. R.D. Fleck 
. 4. Miss Mary Glass 

5. Miss Jean Hawkins 

6. Miss Florence Horton 

7. Miss Doris Moore 
with Mrs. n.S. Hill 

Mrs. G. Rooney 
Mrs. M. Norden 

for replacement appointments for the year. 

The Nominating Committee would be very glad to receive 

the names of those interested in any phase of committee 
and YWCA work. 


Mrs. R.L. Gray, Chairman 

Mrs. F.L. McDonnell, Co-Chairman 

Mrs. C.S. Lee 

Miss Vera Moyse 

Miss Ada Kelly 

Mis s Grace Wilson 


1950 1951 

79 72 

156 15 ^ 

It is to be noted that permanent residents are under 
35 years of age with a time limit of 3 years of residence 
Fire drill is compulsory, and the 'house clearance time 
made in 1^ minutes. A new residence regulations and 
general information sheet was listed, and also used 
for reference bjr the Residence Committee of National 


Permanent residents 
Transient reservations 

Purchases included a folding cot and mattress, a 
sewing machine with reverse stitch for mending bath 
towels, one bed lamp. 

Replacements made by the Residence Supervisor included: 

69 pillow slips 
16 sheets 
2 pair drapes 
7 cushions 

1 lounge choir covered with chintz. 

24 dresser covers 
7 lamp shades 
1 pair curtains 
1 pair shower curtains 

The residents held monthly meetings and Floor 
Representatives were members. on the Senior Girls 1 Council. 

A most successful Christmas party was held in their lounge 


Mrs. W.R. Archer, Chairman 
Mrs. S. Lovell, Co-Chairman 
Mrs. R.D. Fleck 
Mrs. J.C. Fetterley 
Miss May Storie 




‘ I9'51 _ staff changes - \ 

Cafeteria -7 • y |B| 

Nursery School - 2 (Supervisor & Assistant) 

. Residence - 1 (Housekeeper) , 

Building - 1 (Evening Secretary) 

On the general staff there were no changes and all have 
given 3 to & years* service. L 

During the year policies have been studied - 

(a) re Pension Plan '■ 

(b) Unemployment Insurance 

(c) Salary scales 

'(d) Job evaluation through day sheets. A 

The Nursery School was inspected and approved by the 
Government Provincial Inspectors. 

■ ♦ * 

Staff education included:- *' 

(a) Refresher course at University of Toronto in 

Physical and Health Eduction 

(b) Leadership course in Peterborough 

(c) Weaving Course in Rochester 

(d) Canadian Mental Health Association Work Shop 

(e) The Ontario Recreation Association, London Conference 

: O') Front Desk Course at National Y.W.C.A. 

(g) Residence and Dietitians’ Conference National YWCA. 

All general staff received and signed contracts for the 

Y ear * II I 


Mrs. 0*D. Friend, Chairman 
Mrs. A. Begin 
Mrs. A.S. Hill 

s a m 


Miss Jean Battle 
Mrs. S.T. Hopkins 
Mrs . A . F . Anni s 



The Public Iff airs Committee ...decided to meet with a dis- 
cussion group called the "Cracker Barrel Club, as the 
topics planned were of great interest to the committee. 

'■ ' • • • I 

• i 

Mr. McIntyre Hood, Editor of the Oshawa Times-Gazette, 
kindly acce Dted the discussion leadership and a series 
was arrange! for the study of the United Nations organ- 
ization. •• v •• .: 


The fall tern opened upon Mr. Hood’s return from Britain 
when he' gave an Analysis of the Economic, Political and 
Social Life of Great Britain, followed by - (a) Our 
Commonwealth and their Interdependence of all Nations in 
the Commonwealth; (b) Our Citizenship; (c) Our Community 
(d) Current Events. O' 

• A "Know Canada" list was compiled for reference at' the 
Public Library . 

I t 

It has been found that the group has thoroughly enjoyed 
the sessions and joining in the discussions - and are 
planning a future radio round table .discussion to 'be 

broadcast by the local station, : 

e ....... • • • 


’ 4 * 


- » f 



Miss Jane Minott - Chairman 

Miss Charlotte Abbott - Co-Chairman 


Mrs. Uriah Jones 
Mrs. A.G. Armstrong 
Mrs. Daisy Bisch 
Mrs. Clayton Lee 



yv/pA Programme Department, activities "through out. "the 

included the following:- : 

1. Morning Nursery Pro gramme 

2. Sat-R-Day Camp 

3. July Day Camp 

L • .Junior Leaders* Corps 

Y— Teen Business Girls* Club — ’’Teen Tops” 

' 6 : Handicraft Classes - 8 hours a day 

7. Keep Fit Classes - two a week, January - May 

- five a week, October - December 

8. Business Girls* Club - ”Y-Ettes” 

9. Marrie d Ladies’ Club - ’’Rendez' 'tfous” 

10. Over- 20 Club Dances. 

11. Ballroom Dancing Classes 

12. Art Class 

13. Social Recreation Course 

14. Bridge Club 

15. Cracker- Barrel Club 

1 6. Badminton Club - young adults 
17* Residence Ta.ble Tennis 

18. Basketball - Business Girls 

19. Senior Girls’ Council 

20. Hobby Clubs (YWCA. Members) 

1. Oshawa Weavers* Guild 

2. Oshawa Stamp Club 

3. Oshawa Camera Club 

4. Oshawa Chess Club 

21. All Association Programmes: 

1. World Membership Banquet 

2. Strawberry Social 

3» Open House - 2 nights 

4. Hanging of the Greens 

5. Fashion Show 

22. Conferences and Courses: 

1* Regional Conference 
2. National Assembly 
3* Ontario Recreation Conference 

4. Craft 

5. Peterborough Club Leadership Day 

6. Physical Education Refresher Course 

23. After-Church Musicales 

24. Art and Craft Exhibits ~ 

25. Participation in CAA Hobby Show 

26. Groups using Recreation Room: 

- Social parties 

- Irenie Harvey Dance Academy 

27. Staff talks and Recreation programmes given to other 

. organizations in this community and other communities 

Morning Nursery : 

This programme for children four years of age was 
conducted five days a. week from January to May, and 
from September to December. There have been periodic 
visits during the year from the .Prnvincinl, Field.; 
Supervisor r 0 Day Nurseries. There were from 27 to 35 
enrolled ea^. month with an average attendance’ -through 
out of 25 children. 

Prior to Christmas the children had a Christmas party 
programme for their parents. Their daily routine 
programme includes table work, games, free play, 
singing, dances, rhythmics, a rhythm band and 
outdoor play when weather permits. 

July D ay Camp: 

Day Camp in July 1951 exceeded the enrolment limit and 
we had 125 girls between the ages of 8-12 year attend. 
Camp was held three days a week during July and the 
average attendance was over S7%» "Hi Neighbour" was 
the theme for - the 1951 Day Camp, and the games, fold 
dances, singing, crafts, art and other camp programme 
was based on the activities of other countries around 
the world. At "Parents' Night" to which some 300 
attended, the campers put on a Pageant called "Circ- 
ling the Aorld" . During the performance one of the 
Day Campers dreamed she visited other, YWCA Day Camps 
throughout the world, and she saw such groups as the 
following perform - Puppetry, Choral* First Aid and 
Fold Dancing. Each girl had a part irf the programme. 

Junior Leaders' Corps : 

The Junior Leaders' Corps membership is made up mostly 
by girls who have passed the ago for Day ‘ Camp yet 

i r , r'T' i ')S - Continued 

n- ,V i Hi nr-t once a week and their \ 

^W05a plnrming, games, party planning ^ 4 

handicrafts, dancing and a few lectures. These girls' 
Iso aain practical experience throughout the year by 
assisting with the = Sat-R-Day Camp on Saturday mornings. 
Then during July Day Camp, if they qualify, they ac* 

as Junior Counsellors. 

This club of younger business girls met twice a month 
for a varied programme from January until May, and 
during the re-opening of programme in the fall joined 

other activities in the "Y". 

. \ . ‘ ’ 

Ha ndicraft Classes : - See Handicraft Report. 

Keep Fit Classes: 

bne hundred and sixty- six business girls, student 
nurses and married ladies were members of the Keep Fit 
an( Slim and Trim classes during the year. There were 
twc evening classes from January to May; and two 
evening classes and three afternoon classes from 
October to December. 

Bus ine s s Girls 1 Club -"Yettes n » 

This Business Girls* Club met twice a month' from 
January to- May and conducted a varied programme. They 
had been organized in the fall of 1926, and due to 
e arriages and some moving away and because others were 
interested in other Various YWCA programmes, this 
club did not reorganize in the fall. 

Carried Ladies* Club - "Rendez-Vous n 

Ihe Rendez-Vous Club*s membership is composed of 

narried ladies who meet twice a month from January 

to May and from October to December. They also 

have a varied programme of speakers, films, handicrafts, 

S e ^ c * December their membership consisted 
of 20 members. 

The Qver-20 Club - 

This Club holds a weekly dance for young adults every 
-r urca Y evening. They had several special dance 

^ "° gr ^ throughout the yean, and a sprint;: formal 
-i-n April. 

Ballroom Dancing Classes : - • 

One hundredT and thirty teen-agers, young adults and 
married couples took advantage of the Ballroom Dancing 
Classes during the winter, spring and fall terms in 
1951. Mr. John B. Cluff was the instructor 


rt Classes: 

Art classes were conducted once a week from January to 
April under the leadership of Mr. W.S.M. Liszkowski. 

Social Recreation Course : 

Due to several requests the second social leadership 
course was conducted for six weeks last February and 
March. Representatives from' other community- organ- 
izations attended. 


The Bridge Club, was organized because of requests from 
those attending the So-Ed programme in the fall of 1950. 
The classes were mainly for beginners. Mr. Charles Eder 
conducted a series of lessons from January to. April; 

Mrs. M.R. Clarke conducted a series from October to 
December and which continues on into 1952. 

Cracker-Barrel Club : 

The Cracker-Barrel Club has grown as a project of the 
Public Affairs Committee, and also as a, request from 
members of our first So-Ed programme who had heard 
Mr. McIntyre Hood speak at one of their evenings. This 
club is a Discussion Group open to gentlemen and ladies. 
A more detailed report of % ;this club will be given in 
the Public Affairs report. 

Badminton Club : • a • " a .... 

The Badminton Club is open to all young adults in the 
community, men and ladies. From January to May the 
Badminton Club met at the Central Collegiate gymnasium, 
and from October to December at the new gymnasium 
building at Simcoe Hall. There were 60 members in the 
fall term and many more gentlemen, we are glad to say, 
than during spring term. 

# V 





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