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Full text of "Folder 267 — Student File: Elizabeth Pitt Barron (Class of 1925) 1904-1997 — Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) Pamphlets and Miscellany— Margaret Eaton School Toronto 1901-1942"

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Tnhlft Tennis: 

ftlring the year the~table tennis equipment is aval w 

the residence girls when the lounge is a.vaii ab £ bl 
Many take opportunities for playing and using the ro*, 

Basketball: - 

fjue to several requests from he younger business gw 
during ' the past year for an opportunity to play base- 
ball, " the YWCA Programme Department rented Simeoe Hi 
for this programme. Miss Margaret Fellow coaches the 
teams and two of the members act as playing coaches 
also. This programme commenced in October and there 

are 28 girls taking part in the Basketball programme; 

apni n r Girls * 1 2 3 Council : j 

“* The Senior Girls 1 Council includes representatives 
from all Senior Clubs, Activity Groups and Residence 
and meets once a month. The Council helps the indivi 
groups co-ordinate their activities, thus avoiding oi 
lapping of programme, and also helps plan for all- 
association events. 

Pobby Clubs: • « 1 

The members of the four Hobby Clubs which met at the 
YWCA are H Y" members. They provide their own leader- 
ship with the exception of the Oshawa Weavers* Guild 
to which Miss Mary G. Andrews gives leadership. The: 
four clubs are:- - i 

1. Oshawa Stamp Club - Met twice a month 

2. Oshawa Chess Club - Met every week 

3. Oshawa Camera Club - Met twice a month 

A* Oshawa Weavers’ Club - Met once a month 

These four Hobby Clubs are open to both gentlemen an> 
ladies. . ]| 

World Membership Banquet : 

Over sixty club, activity, committee and Board membe. 
attended the ’World Membership Banquet held in Jxpril* 
World Membership Day is observed by YWCA’s in all 
countries throughout the world, so therefore is an 
International Programme. The theme is usually s ®t | 
an International Committee. The Chairman for this 
anquet was Miss Irene P’reston, President of the Q 
Girls’ Council, The Guest Speaker of the evening 
i eve rend H.a. Mellow of Northminster United Churc • 
topic theme was - "My Place In the World" • 

Strawberry Social : _ 

Our second strawberry social was held in June with some 
150 people attending. The social was held on the terrace 
and the members of senior clubs, activity groups, committe 
and Board of Directors assisted with the preparation 
and serving* 

Fashion Show 

Our third Fashion Show was held March 15th at Central 
. Collegiate. This fashion show was sponsored by YWCA 
Senior Girls’ Council to raise funds fgr World Service 
Fund. The fashions were presented by Franklin- Simon 
Ladies Wear and assisted by T.W. Dobbie, Millinery 'World, 
Evelyn Shop, Collette Beauty Salon, Jury and Lovell, 
and Reed’s Florists, The commentator was Mrs. Daniels, 
Fashion Editor of "Women’s Wear", The fashion show 
was called "Carrousel of Spring", 

Open House ; 

Open House was held the end of September prior to the 
opening of fall classes and clubs. Exhibits, displays, 
and demonstrations were in progress for the many people 
who attended the two evenings it was held. 

Hanging of the Greens : 

Hanging of the Greens held in December was another All*- 
Association event attended by members of all -senior 
groups and committees. The programme was planned by the 
Senior Girls’ Council assisted by the Christian Emphasis 
Committee. The programme included a Christmas skit 
entitled "Christmas in Other Lands", presented by the 
Senior Girls’ Council; decorating of all the Christmas 
trees and the rooms by all members; carol singing led 
by Miss Glenna Wilson; refreshments served- by Council 
members; and a closing worship conducted by the 
Religious Emphasis Committee. A "Treasure. Tree" was 
collected and articles purchased for a needy Oshawa 
amily for Christmas. 

Comerences and Courses : 


1. Eight delegates attended the YWCA Central Ontario 

Regional Conference held in Toronto— last March. 

2. Miss Irene Preston was the Oshawa "Y" delegate to 

National assembly last nugust near Ottawa.' To this 
camping conference of 10 days come young adult 

nsv-rmces a nd Courses - Continued j 

2 . members from YWCA' s across Ctnada. 

0 The Ontario Recreation Conference A as attended bv 
Miss Elizabeth Pitt, the Executive Director. 

1 The programme Director anc three £ enior "Y" girls- 

attended a Leadership session at i he .Peterborough y up 
one Saturday in October, The ^ro* ramme Director gJe 
a talk on "Programme Content and Irogramrae Ideas". 

. ' • " • * I 

5 . The Programme Director art er. &*■ a - 3-day Physical 

Education refresher course, ^eid in Toronto the latte; 
part of December# . 

• t . 

~ * • 

After Church Music ales* 

The Ontario Registered Music Teachers 1 association, Os! 
Branch, arranged SxX Sunday evening After-church Must 
Programmes during 1?51» These musicales-.were all we! 
attended, with the attendance gettir g bigger and bigg 
each time. These mu^icalas give opportunities for mei 
bers*of the comunity tc hear senioi music students o; 
the city, and it also gives the * stucents an jopportunil 

to perform before an appreciative audience. 

* 4 * . 

Art Exhibits: - ' 

Adelaide House is a member of the Southern Ontario at 
C ircuit including London, Windsor, Hamilton, Toronto l 
and Peterborough Art Galleries, ihere were 9 Art and 
Craft Exhibits during the .ear. 1 hey were as follows: 

1 # 

2 , 




6 . 

Cranbrook Academy of urt 
Hart House (Portraits) 

Hamilton Eadii bit ^ 

Whitby Art Croup 

Spring Salaon - Oshairn Camera Club 
J.W.G. Macdonald^ M. Ra*, x'ilexandra a e 

R. l ajubert -' 

Calgary Exhibit " 

§* Quebec Show 

Weaving Exhibit - United 

of Recre ation Rooms: . . _ r 

" ' Td'i her dan ce classes in 

times a wee! . Downstair . ^ 


Re c re holds ner aance 

also n koom. three times a weel 
Used b 7 church e_.c y-^it.h error 

lor Aguiar YWCA 

in the 

used-by 'HfiufSf 'LTFutS ^ psW'JwPi" 

D fTiil -w-k r. ^ 

~o gramme. 




ugh YWO\ 
Or gaye 


s latte j 

Lon, Osh 
ah Music 
all we] 
id bigge 
for meii 
Tents ol 


ario Art 
oronto 1 
Art and! 
follows : 



3 is 
in use 

Ac knowle d gment s : 

The Programme Director would like to thank the following 
for their assistance in malting our programme a success. 

1. The Ontario Registered Music Teachers* Association - 

• p , 

Oshawa Branch - for their direction, of the Sunday, 
evening musicales. • ' • , ; 

2. The staff of the Oshawa Public Library for programme 
assistance at Day Caipp. 

I . • i 

3. CKLB for all their assistance and co-t aeration • 


throughout the year, 

4. The Oshawa Times-Gazette for their assistance and 

•• * - 

co-operation throughout the year. 

5® The Teen-age girls who gave volunteer assistance at 
Day Camp - Diane Drinkle, Angela Johnson, 

Gwendy Giles, Janet Bull, Carol iinderson, 

Louise iinderson, Shirley Elliott and Elaine Essery, ' 

6, CRA for their co-ope ration and leadership in pro- 
viding swimming for, the Day Campers, 

7, To the Oshawa Kiwanis Club for providing milk for 
the Day Campers and for assistance in financing 
camp leadership. ' 

8. To Mr, and Mrs, A.H*. Chumbley for their financial 
contribution to Nursery School. 

9, To the Board of Education of both public and 
s parate schools for permission to distribute 
"Day Camp" notices; and also for the use of Central 
Collegiate gymnasium for Badminton from January. to, May, 


10, The members of . the. Art Committee for arranging the 
Art displays for the year-: .Mrs. Ewart McLaughlin,. A 
Miss Dorothy Van Luven 'and Mrs. A.W. Armstrong, 

11. To the following people for speaking or providing 

leadership to YJC A activity groups during the year: 

Mrs, S.G. Saywell, .Mr. McIntyre Hood, Mr. Charles Eder, 

Mr. D.R. Taylor, Mrs. M.R. Clarke, Miss Margaret Pellow 

Rev. H.a. Mellow, Mrs. H.M. Smith, Mrs. W.G. Botteril > 
Mrs. B.C. Colpus^ 3 


laments - Continued 

The following for their contribution for the 
Fashion Show: Franklin-Simon, T.W.Dobbie, 

Millinery World, Evelyn Shop, Collette Beauty 
jury & Lovell, Reed’s Florist. 

13 The Oshawa Camera Club for their May exhibit and 
their contribution at Open House; to the Oshawa 
Stamp Club and the Oshawa Chess Club for their 
contribution at Open House. 

14. Members of the Oshawa Fire Department for fixing 
tte flag-pole . 

15. The Ontario Steel Products for special assistance. 

lb. The Senior Girls’ Council and Executives of the 
various clubs and groups who accepted their 
responsibilities willingly. 

1?. The rest of the staff members for their full 

1£. The Programme Chairman and her Committee members 
who have planned and assisted in making 1951 a 
successful year. • 

19. The President and Board of Directors for their 
whole-hearted co-operation and guidance. 

20. The Oshawa Community Chest whose support has. made 
this programme possible. 

21. All those who by some oversight may have been 

overlooked in this report. • « . 

Miss Grace H. Richer 
Programme Director. 



The purpose of the Craft shop is to offer to the citizens 
of Oshawa and district a pleasant place wherein handicrafts 
■• £ various types may he pursued and many skills developed 
in an atmosphere of fellowship. 

Individual instruction is given in all instances so that 
the members may proceed in their leisure time the hobby 
t.iat interests them* «• 

A weaving film made in the Craft shop was shown to the 
Kingston Weavers' ' Guild and the. Oshawa Weavers' Guild 
and 10 lectures were given to weavers interested in the 
theory of weaving. In August, the staff attended the 
Fifteenth National Conference of American Hand weavers 
in Rochester, for two weeks, where many new ideiss were 
gained, and also visited the American School of Handi- 
crafts and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Three 
pieces of weaving were on display at the Toronto Art 
Gallery, five pieces .at the Royal Ontario Museum and 
one took on honourable .mention award at the International 
Textile Handwoven competition in Seattle,- Washington. 

The travelling Shuttle craft Weaving Exhibition from 
Virginia City, Montana, was. 'on display for two weeks for 
all to see and compare the weaving hf another country 
as against the local- weaving* 

• j * .... , 

A talk was given to. the Nurses' Association in the Craft 
shop where they might see the actual set-up and operation 

of the various handicrafts. Many of the nurses joined 
as a result. 

• * . 

. i 

A series of metal work lectures was given to those 

interested and also to the five Arts and Crafts students 

from OCVI. - 

+ - •* • 


Basketry tests were given to one member from each unit 
in the Girl Guides and- Boy Scouts. 

While attending the Conference in Guelph a tour was made 

of Macdonald College and Dr. McCready asked for assistance 

in setting up a new handicraft department. Plans wer^ 

loaned on which to work and Dr. McCready paid a visit~+^ 
see the Y set-up. ^ 

^■prp cttt.tT ON OF THE PROGfuAjL-j NT - Conti 


This department took in the^Hcbby Pair at C.K.A. 
arranged a special cr.-ft exhi lo. 

Dav Camp was larger this year and the child ren 

to choose what unit they woulc. like t. 
rt in crafts. The articles made :u 


Day Camp was larger this year and the children wore 
to Choose what unit they woulc. like tc . join -and m t ’ ' 
pprt in crafts. The articles made Included felt be-rr° ( 
link belts, pot holders, hot mats, walnut turtl^ 

cardboard elephants and- flower jars frcm tins. 3 

A special stencil class was heli fcr a group of nurses 

upon request. a - 

Open House was held .and 250 visitors inspected the shop. 

Assistance was given in decorating Burns 1 window for the 
Red Feather display and also the fj.^at which took part i 
the Rotary Parade. 

Samples and many display borris were taken to Peterborou 
by the Programme Director and ohe.i patterns for some we 
sent later* 

iii invitation was 

received ircm the 

Chairman of the Arts 

and Crafts Division of the Red C'.xss tc inspect the set* 

of their three units ad Dividale, Red Chevron and Sunny* 

brook with the view to assisting them in the new home 
at Whitby. J 

• ’ 1 

Eighty-five visited the craft shop on the night of the 
Birthday Open House, December ^ . 

Membership for the year uas 26b with ar attendance in t 
crafts of 2,681, and 1,029 \rioitorr during the year. 


four out-of-town members frcm Southampton, 
w Bobourg and Toronto who attended an< ^ m 

Whi+v, 11 ^ ^ ec Mniques. Regular members also at ten -,:v| 

y, Bowmanville .and Port Perry. 



1,497 c 

19 pr. 

2 pr 

41 pr. 

3 pr. 
10 yr 

4 She 
140 Wal 

39 Kej 

2 Des 

3 Tot 
1 Con 
1 Cai 

4 Tai 
49 Bur 
10 She 

7 pr. 
26 Pui 

3 Pic 

1 Bri 


8 A fg 
7 Rug 

23 Eve 

2 Cus 

1 Sui 
10 Apr 



Miss Grc 
Mrs . S . . 
Mi s s Mac 
Mi s s Pn 


Mrs . J . c 


1^497 completed articles include: 


19 pr. Moccasins 

88 pr Slippers 

2 pr Scuffies 

300 Felt Bags 

41 pr. Gloves 

5 Sewing Kits 

3 pr. Book Ends 

22 Powder Puffs 

10 ^ r Carved Belts 

2 Fireside Mitts 

4 Shoe Polishers 

2 Bolero Jackets 

140 Wallets 

10 Felt Flowers 

39 Key Cases 

22 Needle Cases 

2 Desk blotter sets 

17 Christmas Stockings 

3 Tobacco Pouches 

2 String Holders 

1 Compact Case 

2 Felt Balls 

1 Card Case 

10 Pin Cushions 

4 Tartan Bags 

1 Child’s Jacket 

49 Bunny Slippers 

4 Felt Hats 

10 Shearling Dogs 

68 Animals - Monkeys, Ducks, Dogs, 

7 pr. Leather Mitts 

Bunnies, Panda Bears, etc. 

26 Purses 

LEATHERWORK - Continued 

3 Picture Frames 

7 Pocket Wallet s 

1 Brief Case 

1 Watch Strap 


WEAVING - Continued 

8 Afghans 

138 Tartan Scarves 

7 Rugs 

168 Towels 

23 Evening Bags 

12 Pieces Upholstery 

2 Cushions to match 

244 Place Mats 


6 yards Drapery 

1 Suit Length 

1 Baby Blanket 

10 Aprons 

Special thanks to Associate Staff, Committee Members and 
Members who assisted during the year, in so many ways. 

Miss Mary Andrews 
Craft Supervisor 

Miss Grace Wilson, Board 
Mrs. S.A. Willson 
Miss Madeline Guscott 
Miss Phyllis Ferguson 
Mrs. J . J . Fiend ng 

Mrs, J,R. Robinson 



Mrs. H. Armstrong, Com. 
Mrs. A. Begin 
Miss Ada Kelly 
Mr s „ W . F ; T ay 1 o r 

A . W . Armstrong 
Mrs. S. Gales 

dK Welcome @s Jtfssu red 









IS it 


Active craft work-shop 











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