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Full text of "The McGill Daily Vol. 19 No. 035: November 8, 1929"

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Weather Forecast 

Moderate Wind$; Fail" and Cool. 

yol. XIX., No. 35. 



Dean I. MacKav 
Lauds Lovaltv 
For Arts Men 

Represents Sir Arthur Curric 
at Br^nquet 


.^/cGill College Members En- 
tertained by Toasts and 

"J-.c loy,'.; to V jions or the; future 
to joiir comuiy. to Old MoGill, anU 
to one another." sniil IVîui, Ira A. 
aiacKRy of the Faculty of Arts -whert 
rrplyloR: to the toast to the Unlvcr- 
fil.v .11 tl)c MoGlll Colleso banquet 
ljut cvenlr.K in the Qiicwi's Hotel. 
Deaji MarKay cnip5>as!ffed that he 
was fr>-lnf: to fay >vhat his chief. Sir 
Arthur >"'<irrie. would h.ave Bad If he 
h nil not u prevented hy illness 
from nttor.clinff. ■ 

Sir Arthur had at one time told the 
Pean tlint lip coii'idernl the Arts 
T\tcuI|>' the ):ry f;)OU'ty rf the l"ni- 
vrrylty. I: tanclu n man how to îi\c 
well, which is tl)e object of th; uni- 
vers'ity. In false ruccesses the uni- 
vers'ty has no Int'?re«t whatever. So 
shortly after .'*:r Arthur's comins to 
McGill. Arl.» bepn.n to Fet a. JltUc more 
support. 'Whereas Medicine and En- 
gineering had pr«rlouslJ^ sot the lion's 
p'larc. ■'^^"e have rurfprcfj lome Iofrcs 
îrom 0"r mii.«hroora jrrowth." sa'd 
Doan MacKay. "But we have alïo 
made jr-ainr. a.nd more gains are to 

Dean ilscKny expressed his be! 'et 
that the rroround».^t problems of 
C6na<Ia will not he solved by the dis- 
mal sc'.enec of economics, but rather 
Siy the discoveries of practical selence. 
Canada's future will not d'pcnd on 
consvltut'ons. V'Ut on îclencc. love, 
and loyalty. 

The attendance at Ian eve.ning'i 
tanquei approached the four hun- 
<;red raark. an Increase ovsr all Arts 
.w<Manera Affairs of_rçt«Dt, ..Ja:£rs^_-V 
full program of toasts and cnterinin. 
inent was provldfd by the coinnjlttee. 
and some stunt; not on the pro^Tam 
maierln'i.sed eavly In the evening. Is- 
sle Asple.- and Iris orclîeEl.'a led the 
list of lesiliir.ate entertainer.?, play- 
ivz durin- t'r.e i..î;H)Uct proper. Mar 
Ford. J'.mmy Ilice. Percy A'lnnan. 
Kert IJ?ht a.nd some of Irs box ni 
pupils were cIeo teen and heard 
tlirourrhout the pros^'am. 

Kenneth ÎJalifr, IVesijort of .O'ts 
't", proposed the toasi to the I'resh- 
men. showing that though the Sop- 
ho'i.orrs may not have been con- 
•:)'.i-uous th K ytar as formerly, they 
iirre t.cvt-rtliflf 5^? fulfllnr.;? •.■.='Ciil 
fiincllon in act'ns tov.-srd Uie I'rosh 
,n.s a molhe;- act.'!! toward her Infant. 
Ti f.y wfrc not able lo approximate 
'.■My ths duty, but ihcy had found 
liiVit I'rcElime:! V::'.? r'-r t'l'i^- 
ed on the bottle. TIi-; l'resiiir.(.-n misa 
fae initiation t'r.lg year, said V.'. P.. 
Carmlchael :n replying on behalf of 
Ibe JVt.<.unon of whom he 1- presl- 

Th.-t he ind (il.vayE wr.ntcd lo tell 
the professors a lot. but now Cat he 
}4ad a <;har,c", he wa? ufralU to ïay 
jiiucii. -ss'd J/.oiiel Ilubln. Arts 'SO, in 
toastinK the profo-'SOif!. J!<; f<'i 
especially in the .Irts J'ULuity. pro- 
fcsEQra end uiidergraduatf.^ al ko 
lisvc tl.c eomni'.n bond of bein?; Etu- 

S\>r. v. A. Keys of tlio I'iijKics Dp- 
partmmt agrcfU willi Itubln that 
profcfhors arc students'. iJxst, n'ghi 
they wfM' .'.«Tond year students bc- 
cauKc i-lify v.(rc fiettlng thflr nipal 
free, froU-y.y.'jir: .-iif \ <i y InterrsllnK 
' ppOP'e. 'I'd Dr. KryH c.M)la'iilng that 
lie hsd been pesle/cd with thoni nil 
bis y^f. t-J.-Acr.-il V. I'll-rfflvcj ;ni- 
«cdoU-s iibis'iiilcd til!..; poli.t. J'rofF 
txa .diHtinfiiilslied for bclnjy eriafora. 
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Arts '3X) Elect 
Officers At 
Class 'Meeting 

CîraïUiallon officers weî-o eleclol al 
A meeting of the Art.» Seniors yesl^r- 
d.'iy and propo.^a'.s wcro nmile n 
c!n$s dinner shou'd he held In the near 

Hob Calhoun heads iho class of\\rt.s 
'50 as President, Ossia SInrkhani ;j« 
Vice-President, and Dave MacKcnr.lo 
Is Secretary -Trca.sii cr. Anionir the 
Gr.iduatlon officers Jwvy llnlpenny !s 
\Vlcdlctorlari, Jerry Hunter Is Histor- 
ian, M.1X Vord Is Prophet, nnd Howard 
U0S..1 is Permanent Sccrelary, 

l'':ans for an Arts 'JO Bamtuct to be 
held before Christmas were Jell In the 
hands of the class e.vccutivc, TI>e 
underrlxndlng Is that they will select 
a time, (I place, and a price that will 
ensure as ruccessful n banquet ns has 
been hold by Artj 'SO since Us F.Tsh- 
msn year. 

Science Student 
Recounts Tales 
Of African Trip 

pnldren'o Feet Enlcn Off by 
Jigger FIcns 


A. R. McMaster 
i'o Be Quwt Of 
Commerce Men 

Wounded Blood-Spurting Fic- 
. phant CImsed Borighl 3 
Miles Into River 

"Moon Girl" Was. 
Shown To R.V.C. 

Music Club Include Revue 
Hit in Recital 


Ruth Bishop, Maxine Mertz, 
and Agnes Tennant • 
Give Solos 

'"The Jloon Girl," popular item of 
the l>ed and White Revue of 
was one of the most attractive sélec- 
tions given before the Musical Club, 
of U,V,C. yesterday afternoon In the 
Common Hooni. The art'sls were 
P.ulh Bishop. Maxine Mertz and 
Asnes Tennant who gave a number 
of solo performance.*. 

Ilulh Jilshop. the well-known sing- 
er of n.V.C. one i^f the greatest at- 
tractions of the r.ed and 'White Ucvue 
.and of the Choral and Operatic So- 
-ciety-iast-year: -was •wa»'ni?j'-«l>j>laud- 
cd by the members of the Music Club, 
Her vocal program consisted of the 
following items: 

"Le Miroir*' by Gustave I'cnarl, ' 

''T)!! I 'VValie" from "Garden of 
Kama." by "Woodfordc-rinden. 

",Songs My Mother Taught Me," by 
A. Dvozak, 

"The Moon Girl" By Arnold And 

Maxlnc Mertz gave a piano ,solo. 
She choosj the "American Tango" by 
Carpentier for lier perfonnance. 
j ".Sarabande" by Carl IJohm and 

• "At IJawnjis" l.y fJr.di.ion were sc- 

• Icr.-..;ons (liosfii i.'y .\xnp.= Tennant for 
j her tv o violin solos. 

j At the plose. .of the mect'ng Ger- 
I trude Mirghorn, tJio president o.' the 
I Music Club f-all'd .'or r.'.r.ri'.on of <)'• 
j fleers. Th<; fo'Iowlnr; members were 
f hosen l.y n'.' niatlon ; ' 

TJorlta Uacal, înd vlce-prc£ldent. 
Chrlst'ne Graham. 2nd year repre- 
sentative. I')le3l)or Morrill, Ut year 
rtprifonlallvc, Jean Ma'ji)on,'iM. ile- 
prcsontative of thç Faculty of Music. 

P.efresltments wore served ol the 
end of the elections. 

Snooker Tournament 
At Union Next Week 

Diplgclc and Nairn Will Ije Play- 
ers , 

People's Forum 

JJr. CiarloK \V. Hendcl will Icf turc 
jLt the J'<i.;i)le'» r'orujn on Kunduy ul 

7.50 O'cIO.'A Wl.fll h'-r >ll..ji-.<l will be 

"Kei:ioc1.ion on Modcni I'.jKlic?. 'Jiic 
wcotings of t'.ie Peuplc'ji J^'cruiii are 
held In the Chureli of the Mohrslal), 
Druminond .«trcrt, 

— * - 

Philossphica! .Scc".ety 

The ufxt, UK'tina of ll:f .MiGill 
Plillosopliii i-'ouh ty nWl In- lif.lci l;i 
>.I)8 J''a.<-ulty ilocin of liit Arts JJgild- 
^njr on Tuesday, .\ùvciiil>cr 1Î, ai. '/.SO. 

Carlton Crjli' will lead a dl.vru'-^ylcn 
on tiip flTFt e'Klit ilinpK'ia of A. 
liilOU\i;t-iMi':--, "The Nature of llie I'iiy- 
*l<al Woil'J." 

Student:) i.f M^JiiiLinat!. :, J'iiysits 
nnd JPh'loco'f'liy n-'f c?;ic<iall/ ro- 
ç(U«sle4 t9 b* present. 

"JJutch" !3lmpf:on secretary of tlip 
,McG;II i;;;ii;ii 111 a|) intervif.v,' wit!, ii 
■JJully' jfjiorlfr, ijnii>i,mcf:i| tlUJt tlif 
.'annual f^iioukcr 'I'ou, namciit v, l 1 f.ahr 
place next 'J'hurf.duy Novembo. 14lh ill 
the i;ni');i. 

N'jl!(;v> . iL iiov.' ics'rd III Hie hH- 
Hard rj"y;n wl'cre the proi<pef-l!vo en- 
Wants mjy mow affix Uielr tilsiiolii''e'. 

The cntraiico fee is S(lp and 'he win- 
ner w.U b^^ atvarJed ji i.uo plus 1 it 
coveted snookc- "^I". 

in Ihe paf.l these too: nainents )i.<ve 
diuwii il l.jijL'i' iiijmlj'i' ii( I uiii{ji:lil'.>r'~ 
:;nd it la fxpectcij that old wijrriort 
such ua J.>;|ilijck «nd Niilrn will oiut 
more a! tempt to recover tliy 

A'l j,:)ni('', .i:t Kilrdiicil lo flu I lit 
.'i I'.ld. fi) i,!iat I litre be nj conf 'loL'oiit 
• ■'Ah Iccturov, 

JliindicafJB w'lj b; «Ivoii phtyira lees 
fX|.orlcne(' 1 in I Ills cl:i«fliii.| art, and 
ao IL rpti^it Kscii. coiiipolKIon Is c.\:-^, 

Commerc2 Students 

A. Muctliia of ill! C',^:iiiiK'rri; .•>!iiil< iila 
■sill he bcid today at l:;.r/.'. i),M, in 
ItO'Di I'O of I'm: AjU ItuligiiiK. All 
Jit kIciiI:' ii.i,' i .Mr. 'liy rtijucslcd I" 
itiend, as liiii)or.i:^iit business )s lo iJi!>cue(5f4,i 

The , exploits o." Iho woll-kndwn 
.Man tjlmi'lermnlii nro belittled by 
\\\a avlvrnlures and rxpcrlencos of 
Kay, Uorleli^ .who has Just come (o 
McCilll from X, '^llhodcHla ns a Fresh- 
man In ,S»^lenc$, ï IJorlght yo.slrrday 
nflcrnoon related Vnnny IhrlUln;; épi- 
sodes of his lite 111 tUo Jlin;;lc. Hi; 
flr.1t iipoUc of an tidvonturous Journey 
bacic to school. 

At the apo of 13 lia had been 
isiiending the holidays up In ]<;i..^^amn. 
10 degrees south of the C(|U.-iVir. and 
In order to get bacJc in time for the 
opening of the term, he had lo travel 
SCO mites 'a'unc in a diig-otil canoe 
down the Clianibesi P.lver, one o." the 
sources of the t'oiigo, through the 
nangwouiii ftwamp.i, to JJwana 
M'Kiiba. Once Uls rnnoo was ' over- 
turned by an infuriated woutidod hip- 
popotamus and ho was pitched oiil 
into the Iccch-lnfcstcd water where 
crocodiles swarmed. This routo lay 
through wild and uncivilized country, 
where there was great scarcity of 
food. Tho Iieadmen o; tho vlIltiBCS 
had to bo theatencd wUh death to 
make them produco food for Uorléht 
and his CTxricrs. "I suffered untold 
Bgonlea from Jack of fopd" he added. 

One of the great menaces of a trek 
nice this, is the tsetse fly, which -eon- 
gregatca in thick bdlts, ami ,àrter 
passing through one the face Is swol- 
len, blotched, anil blood-speskfd, 
causing intense pain. Another of thi'. 
horrors of jungle life is the "Jlggcr- 
fiea" which Borlght described as an 
"amiable little thing, which socrots 
herself under the toc-nalls, and there 
lays Her "eggs"?'!: 'the egg-sac:! arc 
not removed when irritation sals in 
they liatch out, and the fleas cat their 
way further Into the toe, whe.-c they 
lay more eggs. Jn the case of native 
children this iiroccs.i is oflon r-arrled 
(Continued on page two.) 

Colonel Bovey 

M*W,S.S. Secretary Claims 

Misrepresentation In Daily ^ ^' ves First Of 

Public Lectures 

■ 'I'lin Moil, n,. McAllister, avIio whp 
iiTontly elocioil - iirovliirlnl Kreiolniy 
nC Iho provliii'P of liii'bi'i: in Hie 
'rni'lioi'oau /rovoriiiiiciil. wi I lie llil 
Nlii'akrr ill llio I micIiodii of the Com- 
iiierulnl Hocletj', lo bs lirid In ilie (jrlll 
'.nom of tho Union nt uno u'n'.orM on 
Turn.. Nov. i: ,\H', McMiiMtei's r.iili.lccl 
will bo "I low \Vn Knim Our Money," 
All Coniiiinri'r .'iliidoniN iind any olhoiH 
!ntcrc:j!eil nrn Invited lo attend, 

Tho Hoololy'n ciisloiii of former 
.vcir,-! of holding a liiuchonn «vory; 
ll:iTo weeks, wIlV h», contlmiotl thià 
yinr. ,\| c.-iVli hiindioni, liio Koclely 
linii 113 a PjieaUo". HOnin proiiiliieiit inifn 
of ilio liiinlners world. This la tho first 
luncheon of' Ihs ncason, rind a large 
:il(piidnnco Is expected. 

'I'lrkrlH wilt ooTt nOr. iind liiiiy b" 
olt'.alnod from nieinlirrn of Itio 
executive, c'ass prosldenfs, nml Hill 

'J'ho Commercial Koclely Is the of- 
ficial undcrgraOiinte or oisnntKatlon 
of tho f'ehool of Comiiirrco, and all 
sliiddU'ii In Coniino ce nro aiilomnll- 
ca'ly mcmhei'ji, Tho present, executive 
conalsln of Iho following; Presldenl, Webster; Secretary, llnrr.v 
Pittchlc; Treasurer, G, C.-alff, 

In cd into' 
ilnjT foi" 

The liditor, , 
M'Cllll imlij-, 1 
l.)o;ir H r. 

lively wijiii.-ni v.lm iilloiided llio 
liicoi:iif;- of tho .M.W.H.l^:, on Wonde:i- 
duy itflornoon was lilglily nsloiinded 
to discover on reading the Dafy the 
next iniirnlni;; llinl "Women dl.ipl.-iy 
Illtio Inlrrenl In iiiiitilij.iiDntlfm '. Tii" 
meetlii.T was tlin moat .■iplriled une 
wlilrli V, o liiivo liait for » iotiR time, 
unit the iiioKl iiclivij Intrrcst v,'!1.h dls- 
plnycil by all. .So much so Hint an Im- 
lietltlnn was presented asU- 
furlhcr discussion— n. petition 
which coiitnliicd many more Hi" 
rqiilllroil number of .sl;;iiii lures. Tlio 
freHliettn.':, r.'^pcrintly. a.Bitod for fur- 
ther Inrorinatlon and they are gulnff 
to ■ hold a meeting; of their ov,-n for 
thlH ''xpi'esH purpose, prior to tin: 
ne.rt r;enernt ,,S. Jtfle;!ir<. .Sn 
thai It It iippriroiil. lli:il. tli'r luily i'l 
latroiirlii^ under .loine nii.Hriincrption 
when It states that llio ".M.W.55.,S. 
doc.i not a;;rco on any proposed ac- 
tion". And what hi more .serious II 
has circulated this .same nr,.s.;onf:rptloh 
to Its reader.-). May T also point ou£ 
that 1 dhl not "slroni^ly oppose the 

flinntgarnadon" but merely staled 
rertiiln pni.'ti'.nl diff.'cult'o'» which 
would arise, for Hie purpose of pro- 

IllOllllg lli.lCllP-li'.II. 

But, Mr, your editorial entltlrd 
"Tho Woiricn Ifu't" added Insult to 
Injury, It (s diff'cult to understand 
v.'hat niotivort prompted It.3 publlca- 
llon. 'loi l.'i!;ily i; v;as not conducive 
lo (:(i-ri|,r|-;it;(,ii In R,iy ilie least, /lut 
If, on Hie oilier li.-ind. It was intended 
lo arou.^'j dl.icontont and antagonism. 
It succeeded admirably In Its purpose, 
desplto tho failure of the attempted 
humour or sarcasm. V,'!if?n you a/;- 
r,iif:'j the .»;'ir;:i':y nf j-,i,'i!(;:i-^ ;in i.'..'!iio 
of lc' i|f t,'i:i.3, yo.i lo.^î .slcjiil of 
tho true slftriif r,Tr,i-r! of Ihr- meeting, 
which v,a3 not called lo fiulolile over 

Outlined History of 
ian Transportatib' 


Transportation Made Canada 
Rather Than Canada 
Her Transportation 

I f.a»t night, I,ieiit, Cot. Bovey, 
riirrc:r,r r,; Kxtr.i - .\rur.-il V:elat;ions Of 
■ Un l.'n' Vi'iv- ily, (!• 'iv-ro ! n l.-cturo en- 
tiilfd "Iload, riaK, nr.d itiver" before 
a capacity crowd in the lecture room 
or tho Mechanics' Institute, /n It, ho 
dotalls of nnIniport,anco, but to co-no j r,ii; lined briefly hut in .a most inter- 
lo a better and fuller undcr.;t.t:iding j f..„tin;T m.mncr the iiMtory of ti-ans- 
of the whole matter-and In that i-.v j |;c,itr:.lioa in Canada, .sliowin? that; 
P'^'l the meeting wa.s lil.tilily bucccss- j transpomtlcn. li.n.^ made. • Canad.->, 

niths.. than the country its trans- 
portat-lon. Th-^ l^eture vcrnt profuse'y 
ii'ustratcd with careiuly telectc-.l 

fill. I 
Vou aloo bring up once moro the j 
fluostlon of finance which we partlcu- ] 
larly tried to avoid, not because we i yi;,];^/ 

wore "evailln.'f the f|UMtion", and not j 
I>ecniiso "It full r(!spon.slb'.i;iy v.ivi ' 
(Continued on page two.) 


Funny Papers 

Defeat Other' Motion, "That 
Initiation be ' Abolished 

No Fear Now For 

Sir Arthur's Safety 

sir Arthur has very much im; 
proved and now there li nothing 
to fear at all. Ha will bo re- 
turning to his' horn* on Satur- 
day morning. 

Debaters Discuss 
Women's Place 

Topical Subject for Debating 
Union Next Wednesday 

"That ' Woman's ji'ato ii in the 
Homo" is the subject under dla- 
cusiilon at. lliu next inocllny: of the 
IJi'batlng.. Union next Wedntalay 
ovinin;;. J. .\. J-ldini.soii, l,:nv lit, wilt 
p,-opose Ihe liiotiiui, W'lilli; dl i(ji nt re- 
seareli lias fiilltd lo dii-closi! imy nin'e 
feliident wlllliii: tu bear tho onus of 
suppo.llni» (he iieg:il|ve of thin pro- 
|)osltloii, II. is lioiinl i|i;ii Hio cxlciiI 1» ,. 
iiiay I):; iibio to find hucIi a one In llic 
near future, 

Tlio subject of v.'onioii'ii risti'.s has 
bren much aglliitcd loornlly in C.iiiiiJU!. 
cii'eltf, and ilila .siilijci;! I j 1 1 (;ia- Icil iis 
g.vljiy u very lliiuiy oiiliorliiiilly fur 
dlijciissloii of ivhrther womuii nio lo 
continue to be allowed to rolutii their 
nncliint privileges, .Aluny' proniiiu ni 
I ' liniJiH jliîurca liiivi: i xpicii.-i i| ilicir 
inlentluii of b-Jng jircsiiit iit ilila do- 
balo, Xutaljlc amups tlicwe arc lovurai 
v.clghly iiiemlitra of i,nw «0, iliat 
ttioiigliobi of'ina couhbi vuIIi-ui. 
Tho v.o.lliy Ali?ii:j(iiid ii Nairn, iililial 
of livliij' iind:i»ji'iiiliijiii;.s. mil » 
"|0UBl)ly- f|ir,'ilii I- 1,1 III,, |;,(,, i.'ii,,, iiicl 
,Moeli, »ind it, <l. ,M. liaminiui, I'lir- 
viyor Otnoriii to iiiu I'ornpsli! I'ool- 
bullcre, wi'i l o incui iii in loud Hit 
fi:'| ivcIkIiI iif lUcir In,' iRin-i. Id iim. 
• Idi". II fi'.l 111 llii: i,i|i;!r. The I'.icully 
of Ajla, too, will Im wol rcpio,«iOiiifd, 
orpecljiry by ^ii|iiilicr of Suplioiiioicw 


v.ho arc Known tu hij in li^arcli ol 
df nieslii'lly. ,\; |.s ,'|1, ■||inl pi oii 1 
Kro({,iiii)ii of liiic-drawlnif yOlilli, a r 
iiiidpiKtuoiJ lu he ifrcpnrlnij . scvora' 
chaniplong for tlio fr.iy, noitllsti-y wl'l 
supply rrvciiil itiidcnU who :,rv 
piipiiLiily KiippoHid to liavi) coiisIiRt- 
'I'lo pull in jholr iiioff.siiiuii, 

Thio galaxy of Lil.-nt hIioii d iinl 
ovr-rawo Itiu oidliiury «liidcnl. All nro 
free lo j-prak, bi|t ivuii llii,:ji' ulm iiii; 
i.diioiit lu U.-iicn lu olhii-' wii.Hii of 
v,indoni .'irc nMSi|r«)| pf an ciUert.ilnliiB 
"lid proriiabio cvcnhi;,', 

'i'llo I'o-filn, «li(( lire c.\pccted In 

lilli^' :l (.M' jliii- , ;.| in III,, |,ii|,,.,,:ilr 

Ol' Cic li li.iU'. iiji; iiij; iiii.'iiiliu:.') Ill III!' 
nobiiilns I'liiun, Init llify iiru iihîiii'CiI 
PI' ,1 tvo coine In ihg i;ap:U'll>' pi «iioo- 
lalorf. ' 

Davis, McLcod, Gales, Baker, 
Levy, Caldwe'I. White, 
Doig, Were Speakers 

Tlie Sophs condemned tho funny 
p.apors ils- harmful, and strongly up- 
held Initiation. In thc'r dobalM held 
ycstordny aftérijujn. The subjects, 
"Rcsoivpd That the"l?u;l'ny-'Papers Do 
Moro Harm Than Good", and'- "Re- 
solved That Inltlalion Should be 
A'oullslied'* were hoily oonle.^lcd bo- 
fore a lar.?c and cnthu.siaslio audi- 
ence. . Both teams were very evenly 
matched; and tho judges when ren- 
dering Iho final duclsloi) rcnuirkcd 
upon tho high standard of debating 
.iliown by the speakers, 

Anderson, president of Arts '32 Bo- 
bailn;^ ,Socloty, In tho capacity of 
chalrniun introduced tho first hhIi- 
Joot, resolved tlint inlt'atlou should 
ho abolished. 

.BavU \,:i.'i called upon us first 
mioiiker for Iho afripuatlvc. Leading 
till! alluck Into enemy territory, shnl-' 
tcred any arguments uliloli he o^ilm- 
eV ttio olipnnenls niljilit miitvo In 
I'iivur of llio oiiiiHiiunilon of liiit'a- 
lloii. Briefly inoiitlonliig a few iif tlio 
niiiltlludliioiis furinH of liir,:Ing, ])avis 
concluded lliiit tho disailvantaiies j, 
nnd hnrm wroiiiilit l.y such an Insll- 

llllllill V.lllrll H.lllilci'oil frilMl llllO e\- 

Ironm In Hio ullior oulwollVi.ed llio 

Mcl.ood, Hpenli'ng for tlio negiillve, 
nllliniigti iidnilriiin: Davl.s's antlcipa- 
lliiii III llio aiijiiiiu ul-i fill' bill !i:de, 
IHiioeodod lu tlunv Hi.ii llio many 
illxadvaulagoH of liazlug, hiiiiIi ns 
fii-lalll lo.i wore iinmiiion In nil fo.-ins 
of aodvlty; but fnlalltlon have not 
ill>, r.'ii li'il tln iu. 'l'iial Inlli.illon prii- 
diii'iit fiii.s.i .sp.iit ^iiiiiiii;; froshiiiOII 
uliioii (lisiicllnd llio iiMiinal n'oornefwi' 
of thill liiiiiiiin, Mo.l,oiid nsHorlcil, iiud 
oipphnulKCd' Jlic iiecessily of iiuoh a 

ihiloH III II liiiiiiti; iiii.i linio lii'ld il|i 
l'( ridioiiUi iliii Viiiliiua InriiiH (if haz- 
tiij; nniiiueralail liy his ciiHoajiiio 
Havls, lussortlii:,' lIuil ln'ilniion wau 
biirliarli; In ii'.lglii. Timl ilm poo.- 
froHliniiiii «nrt.lii'î liln wuy llimiuli 
oiiilo!;o nIhiiiM i.r.,0 II I'nr a 
iii.ok'K.i I'liji and null V- tiooU ivii:, piK-il- 
tlvcty cruel, flii.'ua tlimiBlit. 

Biil(c;', nlliiiililiig lliQ rqHO'uliiiii. re- 
filled thu nrgiinioiiiu of hlH iip\uiii- 
1 iil.j. Ill luply lo the fulallllcH ii .iiii- 
liii; fniiii iiilllntlnii. ho iiiiggoM'.oil llial 
a iiiontiit I'liriii wuiihl iiitiilml/.n 
lillillou of bodily liijiiry, (Iraiiting 
(Clint Iiiiiod on liugQ throQ) 

To Hold One 
Act Plays Soon 

'"Hunger" and "Dreamy Kid" 
Presented Next Week 

Pians For Frosh 
Play Proj^rcss 

Confidence Gained Under 
Miss Gray's Coaching 


English Thirteen Cooperate 
in Making Scenery and 

The commlLteo o£ the players' Club 
In charge. Oi' the production of one 
act playfl dotlnitoly- - annolI.^£'cJ l-isL 
night tlmt their first pre-Ciiri^tmas 
tlieatro night would bo hold to-.vardi 
iho latter half of nest week. The 
exact date nnd place liavo not yet 
been settled. Two plays, will bo pre- 
sented on this first occasion, Thcs; 
will bo "Hunger'' by ICugcnc I'illot. 
ami "The Dreamy Kid ' by Mugcae 
O'Xeill, .Since bolh these authors are 
.Vmericàn, the evening w.ill bo devoted 
to tlio American drama. 

In tho first week of ilocombor two 
moro one net plays will be prescnlc.l 
liy tho Players' Club, It has been de- 
cided to dedicate this Ee;;ond attempt 
to coiuiiic'iiiii drama. Tho piziy.s 
r)ioi-ou iiro '"I'lio tiitriulor' liy .Maiirioo. 
slnelcrltncl;, and "Tho ItlslHiS of the 
Soul" by Ciliise|ipo CJInoosa, .lîutli 
these ptiiys aro typical of the foivisn 
one not iragodics of today. Af:n' 
riir;.-,; UKi.s a sjuUa.' pi-i';.'.i:i!iii.! o!' 
our plays wii; bo pro.-oiit'.\l cm two 
'separalo evoiilnss. As yet these have 
not been olioson, 

'I'luno w'lt bo n oominittoo i.J o.'ltio.s 
or JuiIko^'. piolial-'ly lliroo !u luiuibe'. 

•îProgreaa on the productioa of 1 
'Hal'pU Kolster Bolster' by members 
of the Freshman class had been high- j 

ly satisfactory, -nd the foV'^ca of Eng- j 
; ,lish 13 are working perfectly," an- i 
. lioimcx-il-Mtss-Eioitx-Cray- 
I lisli dtpartmcnt yesterday. The ' 
I actual act.'ns. wlil be done by Fresii- j 

1 men. but ih2 production will be di- ' tlie pioneers TuluJ 

fvlcut.- (.'ol. nov<-y v.M'i introduced 
! :;nd warmly wclcom' d iiy tito Chair- 
1 .".nan .Mr. 11. Jf. C. Quirlc, who alludec 
! to the fp.i't that an a;ic'.--'tor oC Coi 
Hovy v.a-> i.-:^t. p '•:;:ii'nt of tlit 
.Mechanics' In.sMiuto. lu r'-ply Col 
Bovcy assured tli.'i ln-;Vi''i'rt of the co- 
operation oC Jfcilili in ilK- prescncatlor 
; of in.'- ti-'iicllv.î ]<:r.':t"' -, \'r,'^ pi!l> i.;. 
! "l'.i.n 1 lian c-cononiic; l^lst-.ry .llfrcr- 
I that of cUicv nation:! in at leas',. 

cin i:r,port>^n; respect" stated the 
' s;.e.-ik>5 \ "Jlust nations hav-? b Jilt theli 
[ ;!-ar.3fiOi tatlon systçr.i.-! to meoc the re- 
I r;ti:roio.'»nts oi ;;-rown:? and : hiftlns 
pcpulalicri. C.inada'.'î railroad.-^. c:ir.:il.« 
\ :'.rd hish-.vays have 'uecn cuns: rnct'^c 
long before incrca.'?; In population ai:- 
tiiaily demanded it, in order to 
up the country fo: Ecttlsmcnt anJ de- 

Comrjcucing wi'.h tho euploratign.-i 
of Ciiamp'ai.T in tho docad-î It!l3-1G"C. 
Lieut. Col. Bovey pointed out thai 
from, this early siiun livi St. lj.\vrcn-cf 
Itivor has been th-i gutiway for t/.e 
Cev3lopment of the whchj American 
•Contlnenr. Via Ut!r S::~t,am-rcTK:e Tout 
the Great: Lakes and the head watart 
of tho JUz-sis.^i;)»! were discovc-ed t?i 
"lid ÎM. Sa'iu-. 

rcctcd by Kngllslt 13, who w'll also | 
provide all tho scenery, costumes and i 
properties. These will Oe very ela- : 
borate and In accordanc,> with the \ 
period ot" tho pkty — the i;th ceatury. ; 

Koh?;'.rs;il.-! arc solnj: on apace, and I 
the I'rcsluncu arc ro'iu'rcd to be In \ 
constàn^ attendance b liinj tho t-couos. 
Vnder the expert ooaohiitg of .M'ss i 
Cray, thcy are boslnnliig to act ;iih1 
.sl<oak thcl.- parts with the j-eallsm and 
ticlf i^ssuriviico so essential lo tlic suo- 
cos.^riil production of a v'.iy. 

'I'h? play lt3Clf i-* reco;,'n;zod as' tlio 
oldest .comedy in the book oi thi ICng- 
I'sh ■ Drama. Provlous to the lUh 
oontury drama li:\d tr.kon the I'urm 
fir-: of tl:o 'N'lllvliy' Plays, thf.i of 
t!»o '.Vtora'liy' I'lay... Hotli of llioôo 
were oC .i typ> ol' so. ious Itolisioun 
p:>o.s:»nt;ttlui.^. Around tho hoalnulng 
of iho Hlh oontury. ii ordo:- to at- 

r',insiîort':",lloii «as 


canoe on rivers and l;il:es 
horseback and calo.ho . ovi-r 

ellho-' by 
jr by 

road.s iicwn th.'-oiiscii i-o wlhU'Vuca. 
A: tills time, ihe journey Iroia iforit- 
real to Que'ccc ojcu;''lcd l'.K-.'c: da:;! 
and oo.-t flfio-en dolUiis. l.i oaily 
cijihtuentli c-entury, c' were r..-- 
pluc jd by lai-ic bai..a'.ix. some forty ^ 
foot l'.'iiï. and able '.o ear;y lour toiih 
of !:-o:i;ht. 

T'.iat tho imj^orumoo o; ti'.c v.a'L-or- 
H"a>s was bo.elnniii^ to V:< :;od 
.'..IS >lu'w.i by the f:i.;t that tiio lî.Mt- 
Isli tlowniuiout. ill set; iiij; . :ho 
boundaries of (.':ln,iU:i. ;i"tor the 
Aiiierioan It-^volu- 0:1. ^::>.v'> up 
tho oxienslvo and potoi.i :illy v:i.IuabIo 
.ireas in Miohlsiin .iii.l Minucsata, in 
exohans-' fur iho suiallor pviilniuhi o," 
souihcrn (.bitarlo, v. h;ch h'.>\veve.'. 
(Continued 0:1 pa.ite four) 

Skulls Of Mummies 
In Ai\aîomy Museum 

li'iu't llio lull rest of laryor iui:iil)o: s 
prostdod "ovod by 1).'. Wimdhoad whioh I It booaino tho ousloui to have oouilo 
will bo iirosont at each performance, j inierUulC''.— such as a boy with a 
It IH oxpeoiod that after oach iilay an | trained pig. Cîrad'.ially intor- 
liifiiriiial crltlolsm will bo dolivoiod l>y [ ludos oinie to have a ;;roater Influcnoe. ; 
iino of tills ooiiiiuUtec. Tluro Is a; .\, i;,,t. ho-i.- iho .nd of the cen- : Date Back lo tKe Year of 1500 
(io:^slb;|!ly lliat a Clip Will I'O awarded ij„.j. x;,,;h,;ms rd:ill. a maslor at i B C, 

Kton. wrote the first ontlivly vom'o ! J 

play fo'.- Ih'j ar-hol.K-'i to aot. Tills, p;.^,.,^,„., 1:, |.:,o 

w:is Iho r.'ul oo:ncdy wlib t:iOjj,.„y .\l'.isct:;u oC ih-e Modioai Suildiiig 
o!iar::o;orly.alion of re «I po'.-l^lo. rather ^luills whlvh date tivm liiOO .U.C. 

than do:>lhig.i with ali.ilvactlons. it | These two skulls woro t'onncrly nuim- 

Histoi'y Sluc'tnls to 

See "Disraeli" Free 

Tho £ocaiul, liiird and fouilh 
ycAr siiidoala In liislory nro in- 
yllod to altond Ilia purfonnance 
of Pisracji at Iho Pulace Tho- 
alrp Ihi* «rtarnoon, Stiidanti |n 
Ills secpnil year mny oUtain 
Ih^ir tlcl.ots fi'oni Proreoor 
Adair and Ihoso in tli^ tliird and 
fourth y«ar* from Bill Qenll»- 

lo the c.tât of llio play adjudged inu'it 
s\iccpsp,'ut. ALSO It Is probuldo lli;il 
tho llireo ii'ays wilt I>b prvsontod 
III the Olid Ol t'olu'iiiuy nr tho |,o;;lii- 
liliig of March al a spcolal pcrCoiin- 

''llungor'' by Musonc I'l'lol the tlr:i 
play lo bo prcdiiood is of 11 ralhor 
ByiiibuKn oliaraotor. Its iiiitluir stylos 
it a molality. U has a vory prosont 
appeal lo anyoiiu liilc.ofitod in tho 
prutiloiiis tif our lundorn rlvlllrailo-.i. 
ICou liuiiii. who II dlrcitliv.;, has liocui 
luildiu;;' 1 rill .r.''i diii'iii.i; ,lio . isl two 
\vocK:i. Tlio H.H-nory wliKh wi'l bo 
sliiipio h.ta liooii de-^igncd tiy l''ra tit 

In "flio Di'oaniy Hid," cno liau 
I'liir.oiiii ii N'll III b':i t.\|dr:U furm. 
't'lic omul liiiial tUmo.splioro U -.illgh.tly 
Hirnlncd, nnd the stress on Iho iiud- 
leiiic may <'(|iial that of Itic oast, 't'ho j 
diroollon of tills play Isi In olm'.'.iïo of 
Law ronoo • I''rc'iii:ni. \< lui is I'oUi-.; ;i>' ! 
sls'cd liy Itouglas lUtlMo in it.i;.; ' 

manager, ! 


Of Iho two forclsn p'ayi', ho'.h aro 
IraKOdloti tint of II r;illior dlffcroiil | 
i.orl . " I'lio liihiulor ' undo.' the ilU'oo | 
Hon of Uai'.o.l lliiwurd po.ihovsoH llio 
powei- nnd Imnglnntuin common to 
llic plays of Muotorlliu'U. Vor cmoilo-.i 
ilo\otiiliod lu a .MUl oil.itlvii do.i;;oo. 
luUMi ;, Olio nui'l i;o lo lloi Ualia'.i 
pl;l,\ "i'iui lUuhla of Iho Soul' h.v 
Ulusipiio lliat'osn, llcro cno sooi « 
f-uiUMlder to tho l"Pollng:i notUnnwii lo 
^Uou tinned on piise four) 

niUKi and wore 'orou.:thl 'fioin tho 

was oalloit "t'alph Holster LVls 

and was p oduord .'.t (.'hi l -i:na:i Time, j tirand Canary Ulaiid 

Although IH> dof iilte d i!o h;n boon t '"'^ 
doc'dvd fo.- the prr srnîatloii. tho 
rapidity of gfo^ress at th p -cscnt 
l:mo iiidioalo.s that lh:i Kr; sh;iioii will 
. :.,~o I'l 'I',' ( l.i'> "ir.ti !os 11 :u':^oM ..hort'y 
1 I o:\n'o llio mlddl ■ 0' t'>.''o"iiibci'. 

oil tho l-o,i dm: 
I wliioh plooo 

to :iil 
if l.'o:',i 

operation in 
wa.s cut out. 

I Tho 0. 

! SIUO th, 

I cvi;io;il 
: formod 

sea had hoal-.-d. boooiiiln;^ 
and th.- man llvod after tho 
onora;iou which was pcr- 
willi 'Hint aiul |io:ii,ip,i .slas-.s 

HeUl Meeting 

.\ mootlni!! ot fi' y.M'.' CoiuiiioroM 
sliidoiils was hold yo.-.torday lo oloot 
tho manaiior.i for tho f.asUolhall ami 
llookoy lo^.:iis. al whUh ,1:i..l< Ni:.v>ii 
was elootod manager tf tho foi-ni.M- 
and lUn-don Korbcs I'-f tho lallor. 

whloh wo;'o loally tho only instru-. 
uionls in vo;y auticnl Uiiio.-i, 

'fho*o;hcr skull undorwcnl a sinii- 
l;\r c.'cporloni.o but ihc result wa.s not 
so succcs.*'fiil- -us llio oponiiis did not smoothly, hut loft rou.^'h, j;i.'t;-;cd 
cd:,. .-. 

l':iscr> of siiuiUi;' ..''.KvaU. ;is o."\Isl 
ovoii in Iho pi'.'sout da.v in t'ci'U an. I 

."^outii .M'lio.i 
while men. 

wiio;-o lhc:'o are 




IJ.fiO - Cottimor.-c Mort n;; 

I'hvsioiil in.H'.loly 
•MaaonKi club 

Tucaiay, No'/, 13lli 
Al.W.S.S. M\ocuti\o' Coiiiio I 
i Ci!io> ViauvaM 

Vi.sitiug" Kogistrar 

'I'iiO Itoj^i.-^tiar of tho Ciiivor.sily of 
.\U)orl;i, Mr. A. K. (."tuw.ll an 
int.-^n visitor at .MoCill ycsiler- 
dty. Tho visitor was rocivvd Ijy tho 
Uiilhvii'.ir iVr, J. .Moholson, who 

i.iywod him how the roglsioring ijC 
stud.inls ;:.s d-'iio horo. Mr, Ollowcll 
I'our.ueuto.l \oi'\ !iiv.iur.»)ily on tho 
i;.s;om In voauo :i' M.'tiill ;iud in lurn 
o.M'.lainod lhr\ U'Od the 
' i.iniverslty o£ .ML'crla, 

h ■ 


]\l c G i \. i; DAI L Y 

'Montreal, J?"riday, November 8y 192d';' 


PubllfliCil evet-y \veel<-il:iy i1ii;-ins llie tvlli-sc yvar ni i;!>0 Slici'brooUe SI. \Vi 
Tclpplioiio l.Ancastcr TUl; aClor 10 and Sumlnyn, liAncaslcr 7U;t. 
Oiilntons oxiM-csed Iiclow are those or lh« .Managlns IKmnl of . 
tlia JtcCilll 1.\iily. aro not Uic official oiMnlons of the' thé 
Stiidciils' Society. 


OOl.l.N M. M.M'hKOn .MA.V.MJlNli KIXTtMl 

.1. KOfS I'A I'KK.^o.V SrOKT.S HUlTOl! 

1 ,0X101.1, f, avUKOljl. .NF.WS KUllMlt 

It. r\ji;Tcm:u Ain inîvistxci Mv\WAOiiit 

K. X. I'ameron 
XV. K. Piinn 
S. (loll! 

X;. Aronovitch, St, * r>, 
\v. A. BRroIay.St. 1», 
v. M. Bniirnp. '.11. 

D. M. MacVarlMio. 'Si. .S. 

MargRsvl 1. S;o«'Uton, 'St. 



MareiVrcl 1. Stooktoii n. K. AVaitlu 


John K 01os>\ AV. ,r.\. M:i.\-,\iok, Vora Atliron, H. noyluMH,-",!. r>. W. 
Bulhorland, liv^o;-KO lî.^-.vovitoî), T. I'ostc:-, N. XX'. .Xtorton, 1>. 1-cvi, 
Klhcl Bercovlcl, Cîwen Xioltolson. 


on the approach of 

Armi'slice Day 


K. M.ii-thi. -M. 

1». Oitllvlc. Ml. 

r. itpia. 'St. 

X. Soliaotei-, S2. 


iX. K. 


Daily Ramble 


THE TRUTH ot the very old and yel cx'cv nexv assertion 
that McGill has no college spirit \va.s again made mani- 
•fest last Wednesday afternoon at Royal Victoria College. The 
enthusiasm of even the most indifferent can usuall.x- bo axvakcn- 
od by an appeal to theiv solf-intcvost. But the apathetic spirits 
of tlic xvomen students of the University apparently cannot be 
aroused even on a matter of vitjil importance to each and ox-ery 
one of them. Scarcely sex'enty appeared out of the .<;ix luindrod 
lëiigibac to attend the meeting of the McGill Women Students' 
Ip^I^^ Ax-hich had been called for the purpose of considering a 
diaiige in the form of student self-gox'ernment. 

ïf there is any que^^tion which should merit the sincere at- 
tention and thoughtful discussion of the xvomen of the Unix-or- 
sity, it is most certninly that concerning the method by xxhich 
'they are governed and the manner in which their rex'enue is 
spent. Quite ()hvio!i-;ly this is an important question for the 
whole University luin any decision which may be reached will 
ttndoubtedly Imve far rcachinp influence. Sh.ill the women stu- 
dents of this University continue to be gox-erned under the su- 
preme authority of the executive^l'btipie M.W.S.S., or shall the 
;f inal Tioxx'er of jurisdiction be ir&nsf erred to a nexv body, a Stu- 
dents' Rsprcsentativ^Council, composed of both men and women ? 

IThe present situation seems somewhat anomalous from a 
practical viexvjioini. ihc purpose is that the men 
and woman should each ^rox'ern themselx-es quite independently 
of the other, and he their own final source of authority xviih ab- 
solute control of their own finances. This, we imagine, would 
work to perfection in a university where the men's and women's 
•colleges were eni-lraiy separalte. But at McGill. primarily a co- 
educiitional University, xvhere men and women work together in 
a^reat many branches, both acudemJc i^tudy and extra-mural ac- 
tixtity. the lack of a supreme and central authority to v,-hich all 
xTDijid be responsible is an ohx-ious fault and a great handicap 
"More than one misunderstanding has arisen in the past, and 
further difficulties are to occur in the future, unless 
some form of i;entral authority and .^uprenit jurisdiction be 

Tite march of events seems to show that the present co-oper- 
ation berxveen the men and women of the University will in- 
crease as time nasses. Such beinc the case, it is only logical 
>fhat xvhert; tiiere is combined action and common purpose, there 
'•'"'^ should be mutual responsibilirx- to a singk body. None will deny 
' the fact that the present system of txvo loyalties cannot long 
continue iin the face of continually increasing co-operation be- 
itween ;the -men and women. Opinions xaay differ as to what 
;niight be the best solution of the problem, but the fact reinains 
that if the men and xvonten arc tt) liuve common fields of actîx-îty, 
they must be .subject to a common authority. 

iPossibLv the scheme proposed is not that which would give 
the greatest satisfaction. Jf not. some other solution to the' 
• ])rôblem must be found. Another meeting of the M.W.S.S. for the 
■ jjuriwse of ."Joiving the difficulty to the satii^taclioi; of cverycme 
will l>c licit! very siinrtly. We urge all xvp-neu stucivtils to cumv 
and to give th'.- inMii-fii of their adviuo. Tht' enthusinsni vi liit 
••«nmll nimiber wiiicii attended tite last incyting xvas very coni- 
niendahle. btit a much larger and more representative gather- 
ing is nece.'iisary. Evety woman student in attendance at tlie 
Uilîver.'îily if. without c.\ccptior., n member of the jM.W.S.S. and 
is therefore itligible to .'ititMid il.-^ itieetiiig;:. Wc xvould recom- 
;mend to all wi-,o can jw.'r.-iibiy come to the meeting that they should 
do so xvitnoiit tail, particularly the atudetits of the M.S.P.E.. the 
ilvaculty of .■\lusic. the Library School, and the >5chools for Grad- 
uate Nnnses and for Social Workers, it is essential that the com- 
ing meetiuK on such an important tiuestion .should be lx>th large 
and rei)re.-;.iinaiivc. and that those xx'ho attend should gix'e the 
. matter thuii- ino.ii .seriuus consideration and siitcerc and helpful 
.criticism. — (C'on'ributed.) 

As N"avoni!h^r ilx! I'l-jvcnili cimijch iirnr, I Itnvo Been llitiililUB uiil wliut iiiy 
alllluilc will lie lownnl^ llinl Aiinlvel'fiiiy, licfiliisp i>r ihmv cti't'i'ltMicf.M wliluli 
liiivc ciMiic to lUK tlin'ltiK 11 fiimini'f (iC wumlcilii:; In tlcriiiiuiy, Jii my Ar- 
mistice ,l).iy oelobratloMs IIiIh ycur ll\i<rc ivJII be iiu mllltiiry iiiiniili's mid 
liUnvInK of liimlcp, no V"»loa .IhcH*. or Mcniorliil scrvlieti IctI ,l)y Afiiiy Cliiip- 
Inlii^. 1 rnci that It wotllit tiol \m v\kM. Atliio will lin In :<(inic iinlcl r|ioI 
In tlirt honrl of Uio I'lty or In the country, wlicro 1 will lih hloiin <ir wltli n 
I'ow I'rlcnOs, nnVI wiiiM'o lltero will be iioacc iimi ineOll'iitfon'i .qlutnc nllcmt>l 
to brln.T onlcr ont of what Is «tlll ilisorilér w'lllllii nic, 

1 will 1>^)1 yoM why 1 ivni IlilnUlnu; In tl(ln wily, hi llio llrsl iiliicp, 1 hiivi* 
Icnrnoil from rcailln» books anil incetlnB iiPojilc timl llin tiorninn lads uf niy 
nm wpro rittlitlU'; at the l''l-oltl In IDM witli nlnioRt the stinia iMirpuHCH tlial 
tbo Uanadlan.t liad.' ' It rtuylblnir, tholv.i were lil);lu<r. Olli' inbn fuiiKlil f'tor 
l!o(t, for Klrtg;. hhil Country" ai tîto ptiritsi} kocs, "for loveil nlicx, lioniu iniil 
Wmnlre, foi* the sacj-cil cuubo ot •limt.tcc ami tli(> frtiPiium of iin' woiUi." 
(Kxamlnc tbnl more critically It yon wlsli.) "i'lio (iiM-nmn ytiiillis woro riniit- 
Intr. not to uinUo Uciwinny nunc luiworfnl, but inllior to .»imp frniii ilOHlriic- 
tlon all they had been IntiKlit to hold doar iiluiul cverytliliitf el.fc. It Is ull 
.Hummcil wu In their tavorlto Wohl "ICullnr", a word with a rneiiiilne an J3mk- 
Ilsiiman can hardly Bfaai). It hiio been said more or less Iriilyi llial wo 
fonghl for' yowttr and that- the Oermans fonitht for llielr v/U'y life. Ttial Is 
one U\lne that vuns IhrooKh n\y mli\ii. 

The (ierman wa\* meinorlnlp liiwp btoi\ annUun- infliienro In nmlilnt; nic 
fool 11» I do. A niononicnl reiuospnl" In ii i;oiiimmI way Ihc soiitliiipiils of 
Ihc cMnnwinlly which erects It. If thin Is trim, t wutild say Ihiil uiir inoiiii- 
mcnts cxpre.»» a certain ctvlo saUstaellun, it fcellnft tluil wo "did our bit,'' * 
little pride In the ntimberi of our dead— un It thai were wurUiy of pHdc. 
Thci-o Is a ti-rtcc of the ncnttment cx-prsssed on one Cunadliin nioiiiorlal, 
"The Htrlfo Is o'er 
The duly done, 
Deep tiurlcd Hew the ."word." 
XVhal a oontmsl In Oermany! 1 «eut rxpectlni; lu nea ftw nieiiiorlals, 
for why .xbould the Oormans want to rcnienihei' a war llicy lust'; lJul there 
were t«emorliils everywhere, I saw honour roll» on the wullit of Ihroo Oor- 
.man Ij'nivci-sltles no lariîcr than .Mcoill, and Iho lists ot llio' dcndOn each 
wo"o very lonij— awfully lonsr, and over imcIi a .slinido Inscilidlon, tliat'tlipsu 
yoiiniï men liad "sacrlflcod their lives for tlip Fathciliind," A'cry slniiiln. 
U remîuili'd one of the hucrliitlon to bo ncimi In I'rance, only a. fow nillcii 
.\w-ay. "KnfAïUs do France, mort» pour la I'atrle," What was the difference? 

.Vno:;u-;- n\emorlal I saw, erocted by the student body ot Oonniiny to 
their f,tllen, is to strlUlns that I desorlbo It. A Iuibo miunrod bloulc of 
(rranlte Mlsed off the Bround by tour small blocks, one at oacli corner, and 
topped by A Eolden easle. On one faco aro roprcscntcd many hands, all 
rcicJtlnK for .i sword whlcJi Is snjpendcd above, 'rho Inscription l« very 
reve.ii:ns. *o bold and defiant "Ueutschland nuiH.i leben, und weiui wlr 
î!erl>en musjen," "Germany must live, even It wo have to die for her." 
AVouM w^ :-,o: have said the same? So fatal a sentiment It Is, and yet so 
Jn.«p;rlns. Is that not cnoufU to drive a student to thinking, who has felt 
hJs natural J:{nsh!p w!Uj students In other countries searching as ho Is for 
Truth and the freedom of Life'.' 

There are many et-her memorials that imc-rcss themselves In iny memory, 
î?me proui zni defiant I-'.-.s the student memorial, with crouchlnjf lions and 
siahlhelms for emblems, others proud antl verj- .sad, niourninir figures carved 
Jn the blunt German manner out of stbnc, or perhaps the figure ot a soldier 
leanlas on his sword with lils head bowtd. burled In thougl-.t. I romember 
on* e5;>ec!a}Iy, la the lobby of a Frankfurt Bank. It a group ot xU 
j-onng Esta, naied. and in their prime, but, they were all wounded and were 
sJ.-ik!ns one by cue to the ground. 1 hardi.v iiaro writo the Inscription." You 
kr.sw l;, that old couplet they wrote over t»<c Spartan dead at Tliermopylac. 
"Oo tell the Spartans, thou that passes! by, 
Tliat hero obedient to their laws wo lie." 
..Nothlns could be more fitting. ; It; reminds one of lh(«-;.iK-L.cii of I'erlcles 
aaaar years alter Thermopylae, so often quoted In connecUon with Annls- 
Uc« Day ie.->Ice3. where Pericles boasts ot the perfection of his beloved 
Athens. One could Imagine these Gennan s.iylng It too, who had died 
far a tlviili^-.ion tqualiy dear to Ihoni. 

I might mention many more memorials seen In cathedrals and In small 
vlUage churcbei. one especially, a tablet erected In memory of 130 officers 
tai . — 



1 sing of a ninldMi , . , 

'I'liut Is nmkcirn; ' ' 

King ot nil kingos 
To her «on liche chci. 

lie cnmo III !!o nttilo 

Thero liln mother v/rnf, 
An dow In .Ajirllo 

Thai faii^Ih' on llio graas'. ' ' 

lit! eniiie at sn ntltl 

T(i Ills Miollier'n bour, 
A.H dow In April 

That fallftlh on tho flour 

llO (•.•llllf 111 Nl, (illll 

Then! lil.i niollier (ny 
As dew III April 
Tliiil fiillelli mi the spray. 

.Mother and inald«ii 

Was never none but schc; 
XVell nuiy hv/IcIi a lady 

Gode» iilother Oc. 

Anonymous (Early llth e2nlury), 

Only truly fine quality arttl ' 
perfect blending could produce 
the mildness and fragrance of 



Blended Right! 

2Ô for 25c. 

M.W.S.S. Claims 


(Conllnoed frorii prtgo' one.) 
tnkétj^n those affairs there wouM 
iifoTijo siich ft Ilberiil Riibsldy far tHd 
piiicly wiiiimii nctlvltlpM", but for the 
Hinipio reason that wo were trying to 
cimdiicl our discussion on n, dignified 
plane, the matntennncs of which nttl- 
liido lUo "Dally" Is making more and 
more Impossible. It thora ever -vtis 
evasion practised, It cannot be attri- 
buted to lh« M.W.H.H. Hlnco you re- 
fer once more to the losses of the 
choral and Operatio Society (In a 
veiled 'manner I admit, but non« the 
lens obvious) I will point once rnoro 
tu the prorlitt ot the Ue>l and White 
llevus and t!io rinycr.V Club. Why 
not tell tbn ivholo utr.ry? Hurft'y 
iiomcono other than tho M.W.H.S. 1» 
Kuilty of evasion, and surely; domeone 
oUo Is "raking among tlia oshes". 
And there arc many who aro particu- 
larly Indignant at listening to the old 
tu no ot the M.W.S.S. not bearing cer- 
tain louses, nspeciaJly after the aria 
*)tops after Iho seconri bar. For they 
have heard on authority that ?art of 
the deficit of the aforementioned 
.Society woa met by private sponsors, 
and that the whol« brunt of it d'd not 
fall on the McGill Students' Society; 
One often finds hot coals when rak- 
ing among the aahes. 

You have taken a mos£ unfortunate 
attitude. Sir, and not one which will 
bo regarded either by the women 
students or anyone else -who has 
really gix-en tho matter any thought 

Very truly yours. 

Vera siUakman 


W' K AliE .ncciifiod of being under a i^iisconceptioii as to the 
r«;al (Uilcoine of the General Meeting of the M.W.S.S. 
hold on Wedneisday..Our]Jtno,wledKe of the huppcninK»^ came only 
,by tlie xvomen repoirters xvho wrote the atory, one of whom wc 
believe to be a j)3rson vitally interested in the amalgamation. 
1 It is iinloriuiialf; tiiat uur editorial xvaK taken an an iuKult 
b>it ,from .the iiewri no other construction could be taken. Pcr- 
Ijfjps the speaker did not make herself dea.r ujpon her attitude 
hilt to us it implied one of opposition. However much our tongue 
^•^ms to be ill our cheek we made no vicled reference, but we 
must admit that in a certain frame of mind it could bo interpret- 
ed in the direction of the Choral Society. Another «idclight on 
tnc matter wliicii would help to illuininale the apparent dark 
,£:)pud over our head, is that the word 'awhile' xvas .omitted from 
.the .original lieadiiig oxving to typographical technicalities^ 

We xverc humble in a.*»king that our .sins be not brou^lit 
b^orc U.S. We xvill be humble in asking that our attitude; be 
(;pnstrued from the editorials ;of October 8th, Noy(îmber 4tli, and 


ISKjJiV v.'ill be far from being a dull .subject ihi.^ aftcr- 
r- — noon \'/iien liLstory students vi.sit the Palace Theatre to see 
the performance of Disraeli. Wc learn mp re from xvhat wc stje 
than ;from xvhat we hear or read. To have history befpre our 
eyes in representative figures, parts arc played by lead- 
ing actors and, is an aid to our hi.storical imagination, 
xvjtliout which the subject tends to be dull and with which a 
bj^ckground can be construed to interpret the fficts we learn. 
' Educational authorities in England are using the broad- 
j^sling stations for the instruction of certain subjects in the 
.!^bljc schools. The EnglLsh Department of McGill u.sea the 
'^t^ge so that students may feel the atnio,st)here in xvhich the 
plays 'xvere first pnxluced. We feel .sure that when the pupils 
^îi^hÊ^jBjçhpo]^ in Montreal saxv George Arlisa in the Merchunt 
^^^(l^'lèë somé VliiwT ago they gained a batter understanding of 
^^hake3'i)èare'fi play. We feel doubly sure tjmt-|^% 
j^olatjlpn of Disraeli .will ffiftke l».^tor;'jno^e'^|^l.jt^^ 

m iW) unde.-oflicera and privates of ono regiment, who fell together at 
c rro.nt. Jt laM ibcy died . " 

Fur Deutsche Lande, • 
Fur Deutsche Klire, 
J'ur Deutsche Treue. 
" i or Cer,7»any'a land, for lier honour and truth," 
V.;u ujljfht Start, to tee on their monummlM ion, iiio piun:,-,. r.i.i.lilar 

tçr u».^"Gre3ter love lialh no man than t!il«. rh.Mr nnmn ilvi-lh for cvor- 

luvre." You may see In many rliiirr!i».s Iho Utile ,..|,«pri dcdlcxtrd to th* 
f}\iWr>. V.:':: yi^:^ :,iur, n. wooplng mother holding In her liip her 

<:c»d crucified son. and If you watch you will see women going Ihero 
to pray and remember, Tliey are aldlnli women now. 

These are torn* of the thoughts that ^Islt inn ihfso dny«. n.i Iho day 
»( Kfmembrance drows near, F am tlJII wnndrrlnif why lliorn was a, and 
I am i-UII wondering wliy ,n uiany ppopie weiii. Ihrmipli ihn expprleiiro of 
the luM war, and can «tlll thing In the t^nns of war and flghllng. They ar* 
iii.-ntlful and form a ïi^ng party In Franco and Oermsny, nm! they are not 
unonimoj) Jn Anglo-Saxofi countries. 

So as ArmleUcc Day «oitica and tlm crowds pniitn for a brief two mInulcH 
f pauw i^g^J^ourn !ii i-iUn-.n for rounilrsj ninii, «omeii, and nhlldrim 
smashed »Wba(t*red nnt of (his Klorloils life for no other ruasnn tlinu that 
you I .,,0 :,r..i ,,n!,id and sloV lo think, <mourn for what wa 

tiofcdy i)f r,i<i whoic human race, ' 

' Tiime hearU were woven nt; human Joys and carsi, 
Washed marvellously with sorrow," 
wrote Kupert Brooke of the Kngllflh dead, hnl 1 ihinU Inn of .Sl.xvs and 
Oermans wb</ died. 

XVhen I buy a poppy, (I will not be a FUndnra po|i|v only, but ono 
wi l.., i.-;r>v.. In rjcrman wi.cnificbl.i i„o. I pray that I will mivor Mop seeking 
witu U;« ,;(i,c,, ,vho hato w;ir, /of tlm suhstltutn for li. "I will not ceaso 
from nitntal flight, nor shall my sworJ aleop In my Imnd." I pray for the 
aword *f Intelligence, and Ihc tough nrmofic pf faith .ind hnpe. «„d a pood 
stiff fight. Jt Is not Just war wo figljf ngolpst-war U only u ro.ull. AV« 
/l^rhi against cysry Hi ins i., i:,g ^orUl ilini keeps huw.m being, from tho 
perfection wblt4i gusht i« be theirs, and of which wo have «qmo «llght 



g uettc, diamond'shaped 
' and marquise diamonds form 
a magnificent aUiance in this 
flexible platinum bracelet. 
Note the interesting arrange- 
ment of the flawless jewels , . . 
ths paving of brilliant round 

An exquisite, masterly piece 
of artistry by Birks craftsmen, 



woman's body lying on tb« path. An 
arm and a teg had been eaten off. 

"Of course these experiments do 
not seem mucli to us, t>ecause they ar« 
part or our normal llfe ln- Xorthertt 
nhodesla". Said Jtorlgtit. In , con- 

Clever, Tk*M Indiana | 

Nlcht fiHitbulI 1» t><>comlnj: a 
With Indiana trams. (iflicUls ot Muu- ' 
cl* Normal have anttounced that tho 
rnmalning hoin* gamea on tho ache<l- 
ul« will bo ptayeil under artificial light. 
Wabash and VIvansvlHo h.ivc a'.i-caOy | 
planned to play most of their contests | 
Hi night. 

— Oratn and Whit* 

»s the 

jr.— (Oontrlhulcd), 

Science Student 
^emqunia Tales 
^ Of African Trjp 

(CpnUnucd from page one) 
on aa for us the anl<Ie, and "it l« (jijltc 
B common tilgiii to «eo iiuilvca wlih 
their feet ealen entirely awoy, Tl)cn 
ilWMo Is tho 'J'uisi' bug," copUnucd 
Uorlght. '"rho ogffB aro laid In the 
clotliOH (Hid liiili:hcd out by tlm IhmU 
o; tho body, 'i'lio wormo produi;vd cal 
their way Iplo thp flcsli and stay 
llicry while riponliig, rauMng an- f In- 
flamed Bwnllliig rallier v.-orwo tlwiii a 

j;ui'it'lil Lhfcn icIuUd how ho bagged 
hiM flrat cleplmnt. ''Ï «aw ,lho*o|o|ihan^ 
charging at mo; alfliing carefully al 
tho vital upol, I fired. Tho great beaiil, iiiiii 111 nil fit of Jiiy 
I i:iii uji and Jiiinjiud nil 1th Ijclly I'ur 
pluaiiuro. Til my horror nml coiiidi'in- 

allon, tho curcaso moved, and bofiuu 1 

)?n«yir w)i«;o J. w>s } Ijelng chaa*(l came out of tiio l)Ojj««. ' «>i§ ■«■^ 

by Iho elephant, inoilully woiiitflltl'ln 
Iho lull),-. whLii hpiirici iliiltcd hluod 
over my biiLii na vso \\\\\. 1 headed for 
Uip nporcst rivoi— tlircfl mllcn av/uy, 
uml IfurlciJ myaeir |i|io ll« crocodlle- 
liifeslod waters, wlioro I lay bIcIiIhk 
violently. Tho biiiio died ^llorlly iif- 
tcrwai'ilii, iiinl j had Iciriit a U-i.iton. 

"Oil aiiotlur (u.oii«toii I was chnaod 
by an cprngid herd of buffalo, i 
clinibïd up a irro; nnd tor iwo dayH, 
I hill Iherc, whllu llio aiiliiiiiln lowed 
and grimtcd lio|)ciii;i nio. lijvouiu.tlly 
Miy ciirrlerii )oi;a(oi| luo, i\n<\ ,«ll'ovo ofC 
tlio herd". 

"Tho ninn-iMiIng lion is held In 
Crciil awi; by llin luillve!), for thuy 
Ihiiilt that Ull! iiplritii of tli>parl<i>l 
pj)Jof»f r<8'Jo lu thoao aplmnlH. ynr 
tiilH rcaiioii Ihey will laKu no |ia!t In 
hilling ihvno licants, but are only too 
glad If snniehody will do It fur Ihoni. 
"In llio diHtrlcl where I lived" uald 
IJinlght, "JSQ iinrsons wcro Ullled |iy 
mail. eating lluna. Quo iijui'liliig 1 

Indignant .Man v(who has Ic.ined 
against a newly painted rail): AVhy 
tlon't jou put "Wot Taint" on that 

ralntor; I .hist did. ^ 

— U. of B. CaUt, 'Wampus. 




AM that ihà nMiM implÎM 


HAr. <Sai 

The Perioaai Underwood 
il llie idetl Typewriter 

tîïï, $75.00 

Speclsl discount to Students, 
Rhone UAnca^Ui; 42m 


639 Craig Streot We«t 

'After the Game 

You Will Look Wonderful 

In Evening Dress 

And ■•vet we find that "looking 
wonderful" mer ely means wear- 
ing a TiLxedo that fits and is cut 
along lines o£ gcntlcijjanly 

Fashion - Craft evening clothes 
have the newest style touches 
and are irreproachable in fit 
and finish. They make a pleas* 
urc of good form. 

antl VEST 

at .... 


Super V.iLUE Feature!! 
Blue Chiuchillah for Dress'''" 
AVçjir. GuHrds or l^lstcr 


. ' Our, 
. Address, 


m ^tXatherîne.West\ 

to the 
Bank of 












You Will ]N[eed Colours on Monday! 
Buy them at the 


Seniors Leave On Western Invasion JToday 

Task In London 

McTéer and St. Germain Out 
But Chard Wîll Start 


In Hall Of Fame 

Dv Munroc at Quarter Whiîc 
Granger Replaces Smytli 
on Half Line 


"His following members of th«i 
senior team will entroln for Lon- 
don «t 10 «.m., C.N.R. Bonvën- 
'tiiro Station: LittUficId, J«c> 
quays, Miinro, Church, Swubey, 
Youne. Chard, Grunflcr, Hal- 
penny, NIchol, Urquhxrt, Smyth, 
Wilson, MtUillivray, Mathesen, 
Stuart, RuBtell, Taylor, Bliin- 
dell. Baker, 

ComplcUns tholr flnjil vvcck of prac- 
tice for the J!f2'.> r;:™îiy «trapon ^vith a 
lirird ?^.-:n.1 ;!=l the Ir.trimpaintcs 
last n;c'.;t ti.e s-minr team 
this niorninp: for l^ondon to engage 
îh« Unlvcrs!t.v ot Western Ontario 
Wustanss in the l.i£t game' ol the In- 
icrcolles;iate sorles. 

Facca with I'.ir ta^k ot rfrplntin^ 
CcorfTo McTocr aï midfllc rvlng the 
Tîeanicn tviU once more prosont a 
shlîteû. line- up when they take the 
field apalnst "Western tomorrow. 
Foi-emost amonsr Uie changes 5s the 
ewJtehlng ot Dave Munro- front 
aniddle to the Quarterback position in 
flacc of Sammy Granger •who In turn 
ill probably set the call to start at 
nie Smyth's post on the half line, 
ilunro has been worked at the 
jAvot position all week and seems to the tca^n runnlnp In great shape. 
{Sis removal from the middle wing 
I'erflt win give the secondary defence 
'|tdded weigiit while the front rank 
Will bo unv.-eakened with "Wilson the 
■ ljuEky "L"3.C. recruit" teaming tip with 
JacEiuays in the places d McTeer and 

Ch^irlie Littlcficltl. Chid: Cliurch 
And Swabcy hold down their accust- 
i omed spots in the centre of the line, 
•twhile Halpenny ' will again start at 
flyins wing. There is still some âoubl 
es tD the i'-nul c i'r.irositipn of the half 
lir.? Uicil:?1i ;: probable that JIcGil- 
];v:T.y v.;;; •.•eijlaoc Cec Xichol while 
Graji^cr will' take .Smyth's plajse. Af- 
ter '^■Upquhart's sensational ■ display 
agnlns't '\'arsity last Saturday great 
things arc cspecied ot him. Chard 
I'.r.s rec-ovcrf'il îrom his injury and 
will be rnailv '.o Mart at liie outside 
w'.ns iiorih w;t';i Dcii Young. 

Ja their last few games tiie Mus- 
tangs :hnve appeared as a greatly im- 
proved, team and will be all out to 
;ive -the redmen one of the toug'nest 
rini'.ts ot the season. Wiil'e not over 
confident the red team is uelermined 
to give cvc-r^iiiii? they have in an 
iittc-nipt to bring the series to a tri- 
umplwnt fini.sli. 

"While McGill and Western arc 
fishtinir it out ns ly who will oc<:ui>y 
the cellar po.sition tlie lyos of tlic 
•pDrtIng world will be fixed on the 
irsity-Qucen's struggle in 'J'oronto, in 
c ovent of Varsity's winning the 
oy-off will be hold at the Molson 
:idiuni iK'.x'. .'•.■atUi'Oi'.y. AU'iiouj-'Vi 
'ut-on's arc fnvoriif-.H to win ir.c blue 
anV Wiiitc have put in tiic iiardest 
, sweclt ct practiriins they have ever 
.gono t'urauBh and arc confident ot 
.making the trip to Montreal a ncces- 

L MacKay 
For Arts Men 

from pcgo one) 
j^Ono: i^B^^^pd created a device for 
autonis^l^RI^Pvdoub'^ng the bleacher 
occupants at tiie Harvard football 
gamcB ill tlie old days. He graduated 
an?l .1» now professor ot }'Iiy»lcs at 
Johns Hopiv'.iiK UnivCiHlty. The Kam- 
say IL-terjonaid rag was an example 
.of .a crtatlcii, Ijr. Kf.yp tiiou^lit. Itagu 
yt;^^C,aniij);(JK<) v.-tre cilied a:* cxajiipleg 

an .uncommon practice ou this side 
of the wate'-'. 

7'lic r.ttlf -Uuûw bo.ig "The Faculty 
cf Arts" wa;i quoted in pan by ilun- 
ro pol'i'lK, J'rccid'.nt u: Arts '.'il. who 
proposed the loa»t to tlio Kiculty. 
•The song points out llmt when .lames 
jUcGill founded hia college hi> knev.- 
the proi;ij?i.t faculty ]n: llio 

AriH J''iicully. Olherw had .-iliov.-i. tiiat 
. ArtH l8 the hub around which the ll)o\Univçrsity i« biilll. 

."Tito Kitculty of Arts had a very 
içood C'mr:':i: of ii.-olf. .'i.nd quilo pro- 
perly Bp. H.a'd IVofp.a.sor W. T. Waiigh 
jOf tiio History ^pepartnicnt in rcp^Iy- 
^naà|tp,jU{p toast to liiii faculty. "Vet 
f'St^^^nbt too arrogant to the oilier 
fli.iKlf It!-, .'jnd after all wcsho'Jld rc- 
m(:m)}cr that they too are God'H cfc.ii- 
.turfli-','' Wlicn a tap goeii wrong, a 
mcml/i.r of Appliifd H(Jtncp in called 
jTpr; the Viina «ave one from «liii- 
.j^ijx; professor "Waugh did not 
^Ip|(5e)f to BpeaK of tîie ifedw afl'r 
iirfl^t v-happejied m the Campus yea- 
,t«r4«r ^terjioon! finâ i\!> pi^scd l^yf 

Mort Gibbons, Intcrcotleciate 
high-dtving champion and rug- 
by plajrer extra-ordinary, who 
yerterdajr piloted his Doctor's 

lo » win over Arts in thci 
■l^iimiifiM^^ of the Intcrw; 

Rugby Title At 
Stake Tomorrow 

Varsity Meet Queen's 
Crucial Struggle 


Jroronto..,.Xov. 7,— lîonnic MePher- 
son's blue-boys I face thoir supreme test- 
of the current season tomorrow .tftcr- 
noon iin thoir .«pacious uptown saucer 
when they piny hosts to Harrj- Bat- 
stones's ambitious cohorts from 
Queen's in a game which will decide 
iho current Intercollegiate g.'-ld race. 

Fortified by a "week of intensive 
practice and bolstered by the return 
of their two- injured regulars Wood 
and Harrison, Varsity should stand 
an excellent ^cliance of reversing the 
teating they sustaincxl in King- 
ston. The locals figure on stopping the 
Queen's line cold as they did in their 
previous encounter. In addition they 
point with pr^dc to their sw.-.mped 
backfleld triumvirate which- ran amok 
against McGill last week. Toronto 
experts confidently expect Bell, .Sin- 
clair and FitzpatrlelL to more .thaiif 
hold their own In the open and on ex- 
tension. At the same time Sinclair 
Is counted tjn- to wage ti successfuV 
aerial duel with Howard Carter who 
dominated tlie kicking situation three 
wcelts ago In his own back yard. 

Queen's report their line-up intact 
and pratically uninjured. The tricolor 
count on the experience of Ike Suttojj; 
and Bubs Britton to bring thera thetr 
sixth intercollegiate title 'in the last 
eig'nt_ , j-ears. À loss itor the barber-^ 
polo^ ,:tVX>tild imil-.e ?. j/cy-off necess- 
ary Ji/Jjit ^vfek with Montreal as the 
likely location. 

The crow^ ia expected to set a new 
attendance record for the Varsity 
stadium. A thoustuid Queen's tup- 
porters are said to be coming from 

Medicals Blank 
Arts Twelve 8-0 

Doctora' Qualify to Meet 
Macdonald in Final 



There will be ■ junior hockey 
practice on Saturday afternoon 
2-3 at the Forum, ' All thoce un' 
der 20 years of age please turn 
out and bring their own equip- 
inent. There will be no equip- ' 
ment issued at 

over in silence except for reading a 
fifteenth century opinion of law stu- 
denti". The main purpose of j\rtB is 
to teach students to ukc tlioir lieada 
better. Jn teaching how to think, it 
is doing its duty.. Graduates of Arts 
can hold their own any where In tliCi 
tvorid,-* concluded Profesjior Waugli. % 

'J'he iircvelance of good inter- unl,r 
vcrslty feeling waa lauded by pctuilil' 
Cornell, Arts '33, in toasting- the .Sis)-' 
ter l/'nivcrslUcH. Xt was not often 
that tlic privilège of gathering aroun^ 
the festive board was afforded .ffs 
last night, G. D. Saunders of Queen's 
replied t»ii behalf ot liis alma malcr, 
Toronto, Western, nniX the UniveraU^p 
of .Montre:!, «11 of ^vll;ell y'crc rcprc.'-' 
hcntcd by guests ■i-'- the b.T.nauçt, 
tSaundcre cyprcsiicd liIs icgrot lhq.l' 
Sir Arthur Currio could not bo pre- 
sent and lie hoped that the Principal 
would have au early recovery. 

fihowing tl'o çfthtraat In tlio pro- 
blem of shooslng a university as lt-jp_ 
presented to' {ho Montrcaler and ip? from other places, JJob Ciilhovup, 
Al ls '?-(!, propo.'cd the I oust lo The 
IJnIverh'ty. The locnl boy takes It 

for grAii.tçd M}?*- 't tî'.' .M'^.O.".' 
from his earlier school days, 'fjio out- 
sider comes lo .McOill hccHUso lie 
finds McGIII'h .siniiibiid lil;;li<r lli.nn 
those of till; other ch'.Uisch wlilch I'c 
'>iay /tonsidiir. said Calhoun. 

AIOH'.ttlr Willi, i're»'dent of tlifl 
Arl.M Undrrgrndurile Hocioly, noted no 
to.'ihtmiiHter. AI Hi'-. Iicinl liUda were 
about a dozen professors of tlio Vn- 
culty of Arts, puests 0/ tho aoclcly 
for the evejilnsr. 

.Scores all Eight Pointa for 
Winners — -Large 

The Vacuity ot Modlcino foollmll 
Jiiggernuul nddcd nnotlicr scalp In iih 
already bulRinK boll ycstm-diiy nfter- 
nonn on Iho Lower Cninpu.>» when Iho 
piitenllnl doiMors hnniiucred their wny 
lo a hard fought S-0 decision over 
mil Oonlicmim's flghllnsr Ails innc- 
hlnc, Wolh on tho field of piny llsclt 
and on tho crowded Hldclincii, - tho 
butl'e rngod. Out on tlia gridiron, 
dotiRlity wnirlors bnslcxl tlicniflel\''q\i 
with thiv destruction of each- nlliers 
n.)ia(oinlcs white on ' Iho sidelines 
money and words chnngcd hands with 
, a jfjigUJiy t^t. woiiUUUjn^pul Wnll 
SlVeei or,: A, Q«e!)ei5™;cclloti' mcclInR 
to sham*. 

l.,eadtng :-0 at ImUtlmo. Medicine 
contlnxictl to force the piny through- 
out the last two quarters and woro 
never in serious danger. The winners 
had ,1 decided weight ndvantngc on 
tho line and In the baokticid whtch- 
stood them In good - st'cnd .tvhenevcr 
yards were needed. With Mort Oib> 
bons aa t.D miLlnsprlng of their at- 
tack the men fi-om up tho hill dis» 
p-^'ye'd a'brand of rugby which woitld 
lu'^c 'Vcen no disgrace to any but * 
Senior team. 

Fumbles which tisually decide In- 
torfaculty tilts were surprisingly few 
in yesterday's sVruggle. To make up 
for this however the winners manag- 
ed to block a eood many Arts kicks 
thus pavintr the "way for several of 
their scores. 

Two rouges by Gibbons' were tho 
only scores in the first two quarters 
although a couple of Intercepted for- 
ward, passes kept the play very open 
Tarbox's plunging and Gruggel's run- 
ning featured the Medical play vhile 
O'Meara and Sise did some spirited 
work for Arts. 

After the interval. Gibbons en- 
gineered several long runs which 
brought the ball deep into Arts ter- 

> it cry ' frôni'^whtrè the Medicine quar- 
ter was able to crash over for a touch-- 
down which was unconverted. Arts 

"then stiffened and managed to hold 

. their rivals evcii till near the end 
when Gibbons kicked another rouge 
to finish the scorinr. 

For the winnei'.s, Tarbox, Simpson, 
Altlmas, Gibbons and Gruggel were 

: outstanding -while Johnson, Sise, and 
Uoss showed -'well for Arts. Wl U. 
McMastcr and":Doug Ogllvic handled 
the whistle In an eminently .success- 
ful manner. 
Une- up 

Arts Medicine 

Flying Wing. 

McMasti>r - Altlmas 


Johnson Stevens 

Ross .... . . •. ' tii'uggcl 

Macdonald ' Tarbox 


Afooney Gibbons 


Sise ., ,4.. Muller 

Kobcrtson t... Afack 

" "■ Middles 

Mackenzie Ilanie 

O'Mcara ., }>lnnn 


Calhoun Xlc-cighton 

Bourne .... .... .... .... .... I.u|ff 

. Snap : •: W 

Stuart .....; 


Colien Simpsoi) 

Mackenzie .... «... > Dlcnic^; 

..... «... Mnllii!<l;y 


v-i i;' - , 7 . • . r • • • t ,• « r • • , ' Sf iirkcy 
...r .... Morrisson 


There will be s hockey prac- 
tice at (ho Poriint toniiilit from 
0 to 9, Win: ilia fofl'owlng men 
turn oiili 

61, Oormnin, Powers, Lover- 
Wig. Dalierly, Painter, Ward, 
McQllllvray, McHugli. Klein, 
Taylor, Parqiiharton, Miilolilnsi 
Uinnn, nobsrtson, E. Chalmeri. 

Other practlcen will be ar- 
ranged for oilier men Utnr. 

Queen's Will Get 
New Gymnasium 

Fncully of Science -Will Bene- 
fit From Building I'lan 

Science Beaten 
34 By Medicine 

Lnat Ycnr'fl Winners Beaten 
by Hereditary Foe 


Medicine and Arts-Com- 
incrcc Tied for I'irst 

It wiiH iiiiiKiiiiiiT-d ye.'lordliy at 
Oncen'a l/'nlver.Tlly llial tho llourd of 
rruslocs liiid vnlcd I" fnvoiir oC the 
ooliHtruolloii of a now gynmiiRhnn tor 
|lio UnlvcrKlty to oosl about ^250,00U.- 

o(>; ■' '' 

riuna will Ijo drawn tii) by the alh- 
lollo board ot control of tho lliil- 
vcrslly. and conulniolioii will bo made 
oil tl>n pi-oporty «OJoInln» the picscnt 
Hludcnts' Union. 

Tills a part ot a largo hulidlng 
^clicMo whlcli will provide accomo- 
dation to: iiddllioiinl Iccturo rooms 
Inlioratorlcs. Provlnion for it mining 
laboratory Is made by extending 
Nlcot Itall. 

■ Under this arrangement tho mining 
i.^boratory will bo under tho same roof 
a.3 tho otho:- activities ot tlio dcpart- 
niciit of mining and ^motallurgy. The 
extension of NIcol Hall -will bo pro- 
ceeded with as rapidly at) postflblo.;Tbo 
new £)Clenco bulfding will accomodato 
only I'.io departments ot geology and 
mlneralogj", together with tho geologi- 
cal museum. It will lie About 130 feet 
by C5 feet. The new building will stand 
on Union" Street, In line ■with Gordon 
Hall and Nlcol Hu'I. The razing of 
small houses ot\'ned by tho university 
will bo nteoessary. -Tito moving of the 
departments of geology and mineral- 
ogy from Ontario Hall . will tifford 
sp.icc for the expansion of -the depart 
ments of physics and chemical cri 

The nnlverslty iwiU take over the' 
old sj-mnaslurii and Adapt it for the 
purposes of mechanical laboratbrj- 
and .T. hydraulics l.iboratoiy. A new 
gymnasium will bo reared on the north 
side of Union street, adjacent to the 
Students* union. The new building will 
cost $250,000 and will bo ' mainly 
financed through priyato subscriptions 
and through contributions of the ath 
Ictlc board of control. 

The whole building programme will 
ccst about }C00,000. 

I'iiirst Kx))lorcr: Why, I Ihdu.'jiil 
the Tartars had taken you prlH0n9r! 

J.V.ccond They had, but I 

Phlrst Explorer: llow'l " ■ . ( 
Pnccond Kxplorer: WhDo my guard 

w!Ls asioep 1 crept up behind him 

and 'êpl'fad "Borne tooth paste on hirn. 

Apd you know wlii,.t tooth paste dota 

tg tho tar tar. 

. —Pennsylvania punch Bowl. 

' - : . 

I know a follow that Is uo dilrtd) lie 
tlijnks Anatol l''ra;ico Is a suburb ol' 
Paris. . ■ • • < ,1, '3 ■' 


TI18 following must repprf'to- 
Iday at the Stadiuip at 4' p,m. 

There will be « light »l||ni>l prffP- 

tico and then final Instruo^lp/if 
.rcuardintj the Toronto' tffp vyill 

be given. 
V^she, ' B »'l, Ssllprf Jphpson» 

.Newton, Mullally, BIbcI<, Christ; 

mai, Hefi''y> Ksufmani HHIIard, 

Henderson, Shacter. Howard. 

Levine, Duplani Neeland apd 


Sophs Condemn 

Funny Papers 

(Continued from page one) 
llmt tlio sources of Initiation were 
pagan, Unker laid great stress on Ihn 
woll-known fact Hint man must find 
an outlot for his Impulses and emo- 
tions, an<l must express lilmsolt na- 
turally. Davis Miado Iho robultal. 

Tho Judges, after a lengthy consul- 
titllon, rendered decision In favor of 
Iho negative, 

Sponklng In the affirmative, T.ovy 
Introdured llio ticoiiiiil subject, "Ito- 
solveil That l''iinny i'apors Dv Xloro 
Ilann Tiiaii tiood". Tho speaker np- 
liroachcd IiIh subjoist through Iho 
following heads: iho Improssionlstio 
ago ot Iho'cIilldV tho l\resonlal|on of 
the grim sido of- family llfn, and the 
(leHlriictlvo Influenco of funny paiior 
Jargon, Levy concluded that Ihu 
harm rosiiiting from funny papers 
overbalaiioe'd tho enjoyment derived 
from tlicui, 

Caldwell, speaking for llio ncgn.Uve, 
first , rofiitcil in part llio arguments 
of J^ovy, Then, advancing It's own 
side of Iho qiicsljon, tlio speaker 
staled lliat coinin tilrliis wora writ- 
ton chiefly foj- lliu limiior, a typo ot 
humor apprcclalcil by nil, appcaiiiig 
lo no one clans or ngc, llu iidvaiiccd 
llio iioccssily of liiinior for iclaxatlou 
to llio mliul (It tlio tired busliiosH 

White, scarcely rofralnlng from 
tears, regretted Iho beast Instinct 
thai promplod uiib to laiigli at tho 
iiil8f#lui)0^ of others lis portrayed In 
tho funny 'papcr.i. Ilia llatenora neciii- 
cd cMrcinoly moved, Tlio speaker, 
perceiving this sympathy brlglitcncd 
lip conHldurnbly, and siiggestod that 
Iho Bood derived from funny papci's 
could bo supplied ]iy soiiio olhor 
form of lllcraliii'o. I''iiiiiiy papera 
created inony wroiiy liiiineHHlona in 
regard lo what llfo really was, hu 

'J'liQ last speaker, Pnlg, npimrnntly 
unaffcclcd by tlio mcluncliuly of hlu 
ojiponpiil, HpoUo III a witty and fluent 
ipaiipcr, lia Hliowed thai tuilliy pa- 
pers ^yc|•B urlgliinled to relieve <t 
mental striilii and to crcalo n good 
laugh. Tho Hpualvor snid ho failed to 
spo )i) lllm.^pir pr ills |»rpt|inr sludonts 
tho diKuatrnus offocU siippuKodly 
cini.'ieri by readlllB' flUllLV iJcipeiH. 
t<iiii|liil[ l||« luhnio lliiil '"I'lm pri)uC 

D( iiiu i)|.iddjnif )H,lji (Uo uiitiim". ï>nlB 

, , .... ,, .... 


Tlin soccer figgi-ogalion of the 
fiioiilly of mcdlclno yoslei'day scornd 
a victory over tho sclonco cloven, 
'i'lie ganio was good and fast tliroiigli- 
I'lit e.>.s-cp|it toward tlio end when it nn ilnrk that It was iiructlcully 
liii|i(iPplblo lo seo tlio ball. 

Al first sclcnco scomoj besl but the 
,'Mod toani mndo aovcral brllllnnl 
riif,lio.q and attor about ten minutes 
I'liiy Alollotl scored an eany goal to 
^iiiit tlio DoclorK In Iho letiil. After thlK, 
llioiigli rclnnco fought v.'cll, medicine 
had llio odgo on their opponents and 
in n few minutes another rush enabled 
Mollult lo again register a goal. 

Tills set-back put Iho ncccss.-iry pep 
Inlo tho iiliimbor.o, Imincdiatoiy after 
the hlck-off they drove their op- 
ponents right back on their own goal 
and wilhiti half a minute, Denny pul 
In a fast shot buiged the nets. 
Tho rest of tho halt was without In- 
cident and wlicn It fini-shcd it found 
the saw and acal|)el with a. ona point 
lead over their opponents. 

In tho second half the light was 
rather poor and both teams made bad 
mlfjtakes, Tho play was very even, 
however though about half way 
through tho half, "Vloiette put In Medi- 
cine's third goal. This closed the 
scoring and when the final whistle 
b'.ew the doctors had vanquished their 
hereditary foes 2-1. 

Tho line-up was as follows: 
MedieiM Science 

Fitzgerald .. ^. 


Recce .g «f. Apter 
Sparks .. Denis 
Halves < 
**'••'•• • • •.-'••''■•*'•• Tuttil 
McBroom -.. -.. .. ,.■ >..• -. . Peters 




, MoUott 


Denny ' .'. -. , -, 

Ciark, O. ^^ 

Ciàrlie, G 

Williams .. .. .. .. .. .. -.. 

The intcrfaculty league standing Is 
as follows; 

Arts - Comm. ... 1 1 0 0 1 0 2 
Medicine ... 1 1 0 0 'J 1 2 

Science ...1 0 1 0 1 3 0 

Theolog 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 

Ing the fuririy ' papers, if harmful 
would" have .been discarded long ago. 

Levy- ■ made - the' rebuttal. Decision 
waslgtvon In favor of the affirmative. 
Tho Judges closed the sesaion with a 
few words as to tlio high standard 
of the dobat|ng, and tho parity t>t tho 



Operated by Boweit't, Limited 

1216 Peel Street 
1204 St. Catherine St. W. 

"Tlio most of the best 

s convenient u • taxi 
with your own car 




National Windsor 


Peel and St. Catherine 

, ! ' LA noaster 6 0 0 0 


For every dre«i fimctioi^ 

ï t\(iors ttbPYç BliçrUvopUe, 




The Coat 



THE MAN , who is accustomed to 
Better Things will acclaim, thi.» 
■ 'Swagger Garment with enthusiasm. 
Its light • fie eciness, its warm com- 
modiousness, appeal to his practical 
eye and touch,- 

A Llamamoor Coat is in the Class 
with Sports Roadsters and dc Luxe 
Editions. Luxurious, but not a 
luxury in price: — givinn dollar-for- 
dollar service. 






Org.-inising Secretory 



(Cor. Shct'biookc St. and Union Ave.) 



A nioin^o tor tlio unsaved — try and Qot your u.-isavcil 
friomls to co;;ic. 

Und-cr the ausuices of the 

'^The Pa ramp lint"' 

Canada's Most Bemitiful Éallroom. 
1220 PEEL ST. 


Wish to aniiQUHco their 
coHogiate matiiiec 




Fox Trot Contest for Trophies • 

Our Famous Lucky Spqt S:r%; '\, 
ç;i.rtAWi>y|,^iT CADE'yS 

*" VAncIng •very avenina exoeR^ S|ii\({ay. 



Torn -^^ 

M c ai LU D AIliY: 


College Comment 

What is it.. 

The universities IhrouKhoul the 
côiiïilry have been crowded for years, 
and will continue to be even more 
crowded In the future, with men nn>1 
women who ftUcnâ tlicre InjUlullons 
to Boiiulrc nn IntnnElWe somcthinB 
Which they call an cducntlon. Kvcry 
person that ever attended school was 
<luIto «ure that hTi did so in order 
thai he nii.chl heromc ediicateil, hiil 
when n^Ved to define nn education, 
about n!I the nvr-.-npe student 
can say Is thai it is the result of the 
wotk necessary to acfiuiro'' a dlplouia. 
Is that, we wonder, all there Is to an 
education? Is an enplneor who .-c- 
ceivps a doci\"'e from the university 
necessriiily rdu.'ale*!. Is ihc (;irl who 
leaves the Tnlvesiiy with an undo;- 
slandlnp of the subject of home 
economies or the athlete who cm 
conch a team to ThiJ* good ball nn 
educated Individual? 

The ffllnw )iis jirti.So Tvl-.i.-'h is nn 
evcorpt from Kvcrelt T>enn MiirUn'.<= 
"The Meanins: of n Jjiheral IMiicn- 
llon" throws fonsidemMc lisht on 
the subject: "An cdiioatcJ person Is 
not merely one who can do some- 
thing, whether 11 I"" Flvlnf: a lecture 
on the poe;;'v cf 11c'.t:.~c. v,;iin;nA' a 
train, trylns a Inw.'ui;, o\ •.■or"' ■••np 
the plumbin?. He is .ilso one who 
knows the slpnlXicince or what he 
does, Jind he is one who cannot and 
will not do ccn.vln things. He has 
ncQulrcd a set oC vnlue.-i. lie has a 
"yes" or "no," .anù !hey ."..•p. lils own. 
lie knows why he. hrhnves ns he 
does. Tic has lr:i.vncil v.hnt : o pi-cfor, 
for he has lived in the presence of 
things that arc profcralilc . . . He 
learned onoush about human life on 
this vianet to sec his bch.".v!or in 
the lich; of .-. '.i;ii".y !>'. rvpr-irn.-c T^r.C j 
ihr of i.;s r.r'.ji.r.;- .<^iti:n- ' 
tior.s a.- ;i t Imlr , . . lie :? '.'f i 
transform eù fr.-ii: :;n nulcmatcn Into \ 
a. thinkhi? brin.u- 

And durins the eoursc of ncquirin? 
,1 dejrrec i;-om the Vniverslty it might j 
l.ic vol', to i."r.r iIl-jI definition of an | 
eduur.tion :n i;.;n^i. 

— Purdue Exponent. 

"The student ji; our roilcgcf c: the 
present :inie,"' declares I>can Hawkes 
of Columbia in his annual report to 
President Eutlcr. "Is given an oppor- 
tunity of iinding himself rather than i 
of being £ui\ieci;cd to a rcpimc of 
forcible ."ceding. He 1b be- 
in- dlrcltcd towards courses of a 
survey character rather than towards 
explicit d'?partmen:a! requirements." 
This finding comes, for .cxtsmplc, be- 

o.-iuse ot the new llR-hl In which the 
student regards the stiuly ot the 
classics. There the trend Is'nollco- 
ftbly Away from them, with the un- 
dorsradunto j-el nltnlninir, throufth 
pnvsiiii or otliiM- slii.Ucs, the cultural 
standard I hey are conceded lo pos- 

The Illustration is striking In that 
It prosont» concluely the new concep- 
tion of Anioi-lonn hijjhir lenrnlUK 
now boinpr Hdoptod aloiiR many cdu- 
cnilonnl fronts. The prohlrnt of de- 
veloping now methods ot Instruction 
arises only becauso of the chaneo hi 
calibre of the studetil body. "It can- 
not be said too oflen or too forcibly 
that (ho Kind of yovinK' man who I» 
coming and whom we all wish to 
continue to oomc to our collogeo can- 
not bo thrown wholesixlo Into the 
mold that has served so admirable ii 
P'lrp.^so f.>r .-ill mnny pciieintloiis lui- 
de;- iittr-.iy ilifficcnt conditions, and 
in the older Krlllsh tittlverslllos," 
writes l^r. H.nwKe.«. Therefore arisc.» 
the ch.aniro In the tools with which 
the student Is (o be c<iulpped for 
future existence. The American Col- 
le.sre is oKipatod to prepare Its 
pes for prohleiv.s •which arc properly 
current. One ot tho take-offs for Ihls 
training Is Intellectual stimvi'atlou by 
nvjans of cultin-al and survey cour- 
ses. Oolumbi.a. for its pari. \% con- 
ducting- course,* in pcnoral conlom- 
p.irarj- civilization nivl phllosophi.r 
history, offering interdep.arîmental 
stibjects of a survey character, ad- 
opting tho plan of sectioning students 
according to ability, " inst.illing hon- 
ors coiirscs, pcrfcctinr varlou.' 
schemes of uitorial In.xlructlon, and 
p.wUciiIarly keeping int.'>it. by the 
sitidy ot the îa.'îes of UnglL^i litera- 
ture, "that 'incncss of llterarj- 
nn<i th.Yt sensitiveness to the finest 
.md bc.«t in intellectu.-il life which 
formerly came with a study ot the 
classics, - 

A distinct conr.6ct!o:i esists be- 
tween these Ideas and thoee behind 
our own new carrJculun. Except 
that here, at jiresent, the «.mphasis is 
more upon sclenee, the two plan.s arc 
par; of a moven-.ent lo fit the student 
to a world which, in the field of 
knowledge, is over growing larger 
and more com.ilex. if the f.udent Is 
to rind himself properly t.\e field of 
thc.-.:r;-.: and faxr^ must be laid open 
before him. Then, with intelligent 
guidance, the problem of finding Ijls 
suitable llfe--.vork, and ot thinking 
correct thoughts will be much sim- 

—The Campus C.C.N.Y. 

Colonel Bovey 
Gives First Of 
Public Lectures 

was closer to the Orient uid Ameri- 
can ports, end becausf It possessed 
transportation tacilitlet. Vancouver 
has developed into a •erious rival of 
Montreal as the greatest national 

"Now,"' concluded Col. Bovey, "The 
Hudson Bay llallroad has been com- 
pleted, and the doff nlng of the St. 
Lawrc-uce is tnoottd lo j,rov:de direct 
shipping route from U.<; iakeheads for 
.-inia^ins deve:oin..<.n-., w.uci-, i.=.gun in | overseas trade. Thus does Canada 
Ihc f.r.; quar.*.- of the "^net.enti; : foreshadow and hjLslcn her future de- 

velopmen: by extending her trans- 
portation system.*^ before they arc 

(Continued from page one) 
brought with it e. share in the upper 
teaches of the St. Lawrence and of 
the lower lakes. 

After the era of discovery and e;:- 
ploititlon, cam'- a ion^ pi.r.od of 

:onlury. ur.ti v.hich has conlinutd to 
the present day with ever-increasing 
. clocity. 

Johti iloison j-iactU li..-.- M'.am- 
>uar., the "AcconimcOri'...o:;,' uj".*.': '.\\<- 
-I. J..awrence River, in j.jû3. l>y is;;. 
JioyAi ]ingine<;rs had constructed 

-'^^ÊËSlâ^^i '^"<^^- Oangcrcus 
aplSS^ana^lKcsc couaia iiave Ueor. 
ijcpc.ncd .'Aiiù w.(i' oitiioi'^ f un;. 
lc;adc, lo .•.^ccni.T.otiatc a ^.'jv'iU'é 

li: ù:-^ 1.1. S". r:\.',;ij.Sj '.';,naOa 

N.-.iS ;n <j\A. : ^x'.tjw L'.-.vM.r.ri J..-i!<i-airic 
.nd iit. .Jean, Qi;e!;cc, witU hor.'io- 
(irawn carri-'iscs running over wooden 
rails plated Willi iron. Ho rapid wa-s 
tiic (Jcvcloptncnt by Confederation, 
that (.■.•jiir;.<i;i \,iiiih'^-:i^<A i:o \cr,f than 
twcritv-fivc lailioads. Oi'.c of these 
ojilcrod ilun'.rcal over liie firxt Vii:-., 
loria j;r!fjgc, then llio loncest bridge; ' 
l.'i the v.fjrlii. .^ f<;w ycir» later ;i j 
rival C'Jiiii'ajiy. v.hlcii Ijoie th'; 
Iciiglby WMfvQ, "The Queiioc', ifunt-!, Of.;;\v.T. and Occidental' oper- 
ated V, line au'jf.-i the icr: of the St. 
Jv3 ,vrcii!,c f.iro.Jsrti tiio winter of ISSO 
— that 1.". iii:t;i ';iir o' tl'.'' loooniotlvci^ 
< r.T,«hcd- l;ir"j!j;;ii t;;i; . ■ . 'J :.■ :;rt.(;,-, 
tlio Ice rou'jijfjd \v;i:i \x; t'.i\'ti\' '\ . 

presslnifly re<iuir 

To Hold One 

Act Plays Soon 

III Ion by thoBi) whb wlllieas llio |icr- 

Adiillsslon li) Ihcse plnys will lie 
free. They nrd o*t!eclitlly Inloiided for 
tnomberfi of tho oliib nnd their friend."! 
.Vuyoiic wl?liliijv 111 Kii Is iiMlii-il 111 «fl 
In liiui'h wlUi piimo iiicmhcr nf IIh" to nbtivlii Uio urce«»nry liitoriu- 
nlluu and crcdoiitlnlH. 

Players' Club 

Tho ndverllslnt; (teiufffiiioUl i)C Ihs 
riayero" Club will mccl at 1.10 llils 
afternoon In Ihn Jliislc Uijoin iif the 

I) nlon. 11 In iinpnrlnnt Hint, nil Ihe 
commlltee ntlend. Those \Vhu ordhi- 
nrlly Ro home for lunch iiilRht .out nl 

II) 0 Union III order (n bn-p|l llinc, , 

tie: Ton know 1 do rlphl well, 1 
write to my folks once n. da.v. 

She: I didn't know you wont broke 
that often. , y 

•• Texas Ilnnger.' 

TotiRh lUc! liot'n pilch Venules. 
AuRcl Uoy: AVhnl, (tumble with real 
money ? 

Tough Ikot No, Just wlHi ppimlen, 
—Pill I'nnllicr. 

Notices muet be legibly written and 
ba in the McGill Dally office heloro 
eight o'clock on the niglit provioiii 
(o publication. Brevity is essential. 
Under no circumstances will noticoa 
be accepted over the telephone, 

ri.AYiiits ci.rr. 

Tlic Mis.'sos l.nnp.'ord and t'ha.pllii 
aro rcufsted to bo present a( tho re- 
hearsal of "Hunger'' in tho Union 
Music llooni today at 4.30 p.m. Also 
Frank Xobbs. There will bo ' a re- 
hearsal of the "Dreanty Kid" at H 
o'clock this afternoon In ijtrathcuiin 

84 \vl;l Im hi'lil In llin Alri'iDiilc 
Toliljiln, 027 l)i)njll(!!ilf;r Bl, Wusi, on 
Httlttrdiiy oVciltll^i Nov.; 9, tU 8.00 
u'elock. ' 

The Third Iv-prre will he «xcinpll- 
flcMl, iifli..- whli'h lir. n . T. ItiiiMcK 
will mIm< mm IIIiimI I II Ifil li'i'liPi M (III 
"The Vnii llnrnii Ifi'lu'i )! lixiif-ilil Inn. ' 

All iiieiiitiers ot Iho ShXUII IMn.ionIo 
CJIiil) will ho ciirdlnlly wcliiuiued, 

If iiiiy sliiilcnl I'oii'd help nriolher 
lo Tiinmlu rl;eii|ily Ihin wpeltend, by 
iilito' or olhorwlfi'',' will Im pleniu" 
phono Clins, Vulinp, Miiii|m.>llo 2055. 

Tho deëlMiis fnr Iho «Insu pin have 
liern viildil iipxli mid im. \ ili'nimi h i?; 
Iii'cn ehosen. Th'^ pliiH must he urdrr- 
ed mill |iiild fm' (LWI ea.) In nd- 
vnmio, I'leano hco, oiio of Iho following 
iiiid net yiiur rerclpt liefuro Nov. |3 
when orilprn eloRet Mill Bcllar, (Jlilcit 
Uiivis, or Ken IJnker. 


ttl iiiIpmIm \-,1iii":o iikiI i'Ii'IiIiiI Imm fir 
oilier reilirii-iitps lire III Uin IIckIs- 
Irnr'n Offleo nro roiiijestcd lo nail and 
rcclnliii IhcBo cerllflwles. 

M.W,fi, ltll''l,M CliUlt 
Tnrttct priiolleo for Iho ^t.^V.H. 
Ilirio CliilJ-wlll Im hold nn .Muiidiiy 
mill Vvciliiniilny ii1|,'IiIh fioiii fi-7 I'.M. 
I.M.'ît ycni'it iiiiMiiherii niid llinsii wlm 
hiivo ulidt Iiofnro cltiow'heio will nliool 
on tliQ MoMdayB!%îl ut^iorn .on ' the 
Wcdnomlnys, ' ■ 

ERROR re. H.V.C. H13.\.LTII 

Tho Doc'or will "be at tho R.V.C. 
today at 1.00 and not at 10 o'clock as 
stated in yesterday's Daily. 

.Sludenis aro rentliiilcd thai nil or- 
iliMs for hnriir.s iiiiful lin iiiailn IhriiiiKli 
tho I'ldiicallun Deiiarlineiit. 
Mr. Hiiinmijl Will iiot nttonil to orders 
from Hliulenl."! from now on. 

. WUIilS'l'MNCJ 
Wrcnilliis priicllces aro being held 
at tho Montreal IUkIi Krhnnl, Tiics- 
dn.vs and Tlrjrsdays fro:n S.l.'i to ".Ifi 

Tho ndvcrtlHing depnrtnicnl ot the 
I'laycr.s' Club will meet on November 
Sill. All mcnibera nro asked to make 
j a special effort In tho collecllon of 
advertising. It i.s o.'^^.^cntlnl three 
quarters uî the adverilscmcnts be 
handed In for tho mcctlng. 

■Will tho person who took the g.tmc 
ball used In the Meds Arts playoff 
yesterday please leave It with Mr. 
Brown in the tennis court houses. ' 

There will bo a meeting of the 
Executive Council on Tuesday, Nov. 
i;, at 1 p.m. In tlio R.V.C. Common 
Room. A full attendance Is urgently 


■Win III© men who won Track, 
Soccer, I'.ugby and Enpllsli Uugby 
Championship .Shield."*, plettso call for 
them at the Athletic Office as soon as 

E. M. Astwoodj Med, IV; 11. I'ine, 
Si. II; G. E. S. Taylor, Cow. II. • 

(Continued from page one) 
:i.e An{flo-.Saxoii. This play Is belns ) 
j directed by yVxas l;:ta .Mac.'.onald, who j 
has taken a p.orniiicui pjirt in .several ' 
of the club's product!on,<<, 
I The casus have been chosen for :>'.', 
! but the la»t mentioned play. Appll- 
; cations for i:olr» In li niust be com- 
1 iiiunicated lo Miss Alacdonald. Any-) 
j one w:lio y<\»\\bs to act is asked t'; j 
j turn out. 'fho cast of "Hunger'' reads i 
a.s follows. 

'J ije i.asl for the "J;ri:..iiiy Kid', 
JJrcamy .. ; . .. .. I'al/ncr i(OA;uiJ 

Ann Anno Uyer/; 

Irme .. ., I'Vcdii. J,l«bovii/ 

M.'innny ilclga Toil 

TJio ca.':t for tlio "Xutrudpr'. 


All nioinUers of Arts '32 who wisli 
to contribute to llio T'ederatcd 
Chixrltles and who have not yet been 
given the opportunity to do so, should 
see J3III Sellar In I3III Cionilomnn's 
office dally at eleven o'clock. 


A Regular f'uniiiiijiiiiiiiloii of llio 
rjnlvcrsity Lod/je A. 1'. S. A. .M . .No. 


G'randf.ithcr . . . < 


■ i;i!f;'o . .' 

! Midrat ]ViM;g; 

In li:e mcaiiiimc, the only moan;-', of j '-'^iUGi'tt^r 

traii.-li'jr'.ali'jii in tliv \ii.-,l. arcaa weal ; 

M \Vi;in;po;; v..i>; l,y Red Rlvor cart. | if**'''/ • 
pack t.aiii, poiiy oj.prcs.'^. '"J'/u- 
vc! W'-« c.xi.i iK-:\ ■■ ill Ihofcc day.','' ic- 

. J/. Orppcr 
, .N. J rank In 
. li'. Nybbs 

1'. 'J'cnipln 
,M . i'ar.':()))8 

.M. .Miinay 
, . E. I,,ool<y 

m.-irk-'iJ V,'>\')y.r-\ I'.ovt-y, "it cost $liO 
t;u.v.-;l four liijiulri'.d mile? in llw.' 
Willi m'il.'i oi'ra, at two dol- 
;:u>; <-j, h," 

>Vill! f r. rv:nijli;tioil Of tilo t.taiio.d- 

;.in j'j.' :; »■ n.,;:v:i.. Uritisii coium- 

'.lia in i!,^- Ji;t.: ». liiitl''^. ClaiiiMllap 
!rô;i.'>iiort.iticiii >'i.:.,:;i d upon its iiioil- 
-rn pliiis? . 'J.'iic. Vi'c;:!. v.'.'is lii;ll!fd. and 
\:i\>\i\'.j- i,<i.;iiiic a jirodiKcr of vuKt 
tw.'iiii rr'.jj.-:. 'J'iio r.'.nals ij.lio:;iiy bijil: 
were cjiiurfcTi^d. lo X\\V.t.\ r.jri; of the ex- 
poi'lîitloii of llii.s frrain. "'id lh« Ini- 
portrition of in.-! :iuf: i ' lu n! j;ri)iluci 

It. i- j..iii.i'ii:.-,rly tlrc'.wd by tlinao 
in i-iiui j;« ul tiit:!o c;,pi rinicnls in Ijie 
drama that tho uclor,'; thoiiiiolvc;! nro 
In no y.ny responsible for the cho'ro 
o'* the plJy ill wliicli tlioy hiippci) to 
Ijc actiiii;. Tliy picking of tiio.o p'/iys 
wùH cD'lroly In Hn: li.MHl.-. of n 
I oniin.ltoo, who in tliulr ci:o!. i; hoped 
within llinlts to c^ycr tho wliolo fiold 
of tho iiiodcin theatre. The pcrforni- 
niKcs are i nliicly f it tlin olijort of 
dcvclopin;,- .K'.oni and direutorn for 
liio I.ii>'i:r jii ■ydiji l.Ion.s of the club. 
It III lioixd tho audience will 
crItlc;/,o not so much tlui p'uy ai Iho 
iiianiicr of lis production, Mint Ik, Ihe 
qu.'illly of Iho ar toio and (j' Ii esHi ii. 

Xhe Kccntry .■i.iul roFlntii'a an lo \n 

. .b^ /.m^^^^ .'V'""- i 

iii-rciii! --nil'fr of "!<' .I'l.vlii.-in | j'^.Hlinj.K. i,r,lli fo.- ;ii..Mli. Ih: niiil 

)iorij;,(.r. J.'or^ Wliliiiin and' _l'oi^.tjLi;/V9!?llt)'Tr\-r.T:,,,.,,; ^-i, , I, oil, y Ir, bcljip 
Arrh'Ji-, tv.o ;!.oii!„,ii(] ..illpg frj;,iri thejfciwiit on tlirsèy.-.(.\s,'*o'f o,,,,, n,, 
•«», s I'i'li i.iy lii f .Liiio 'iMporl/itlt and , f.' IlKolf carc« to fla•lll^:ll.VTf |io|icd 
' ihrJlylne cilles, Jâimljiuly, bccsur/; Itjuial this will be l.ak«n \'>^^>^-M\tUUr ■ 

, ^ , ■ • \ r f 


studios: 9.oas pee|. st 


Tho next mee(tns,.of tho Physical 
.Society will bo held In tho main 
theatre, M.^^donald Thyslcs laboratory, 
at 5.05 P.M. on Novenibe- S. 

Speaker: Dr. . J., Cabannos (Profess- 
or of Physlcs,;.Unlvcr8lty,, of,,Mont- 
poller, France. )~ 

Subject: "The Experimental Laws ot 
tho Raman Effect." 


Will the Eniitleiiinn who ntt-'ndcd 
thé meeting of tho Labour Clu') on 
Tuesday, Oct. 20, and who, by mlstako. 

i arktîi" t^lonninii; 
v/aleluiiii |)i'eiiâiiiti' 
Va t,l]û one way to 
brins u suit, lir.t.k 
id liu! look anil 

I'ii'.-i Oj' UtlWlUiSll. 

iOvery (iQluil .juat 



1338 Si, Callic-.-no W-. 

"srluilifrnd u lllllindrn hat. for n Oi'ock, 
kindly call Clloscpiit 0075. 

CfJSTllMM.g ' 
ySprillpnll'ins from girls lo be re- 
.■i|j'iii.i|lilo for llie (loslliiiien for tlm 
lt"il /(lid Wlillo llovile are cfillcil r ,r 
mill Hlimiiil bo liniided In lo Vir.i 
(^lihihiiinti, fjecretnry of llio i\l,W..S..S. 
bftforo llio end of llio Wcelt. 

ARTS 'ilO 
Kor Iho iiifciriiiallnii of who 
liiivo not yet olilnliifd llndr Itlosnipliy 
Kornis for Hio Alrtilll Annual this 
iiollen miiioiiiicef) Hint tho nforemen- 
lloiioit forma nro In Ulll Clenllomnn'B 
'offiro unlllnB for you. All forms miist 
bo rillpil out mid liiriied In lo llio class, 
''xnciillve by WediieHdny, Novombor 

CO .^I ,\I M I to 11 ST U I ) i-,.N- T.q 
Tliero will bo a irieelln}; of Ihe 
H( iKidl ot Coniinereo loil.-iy nt l.r>0 In 
Itooiii i'd Ar(H Itii'Idliii;. All sliiflontK 
.In Coiniii' '" .11 • I I 'i! I . Im pr^Kcnt 

nH Ihoro Is Irriportant fnmlncss to bo 

dlf!fii;<.s"ij . 

There will ho n, meeting of Ihe 
Cerclo l-'rancnls On Tuesday, Noveni- 
Icr 13 nt,. Tho speelnl .«pfak'^r 
f'lr llie ovfriiii^ vlll l.f» f:nptaln 
iVIniirIco 'jucdriip, president //a 
{/ompngnio Aerle'nno rranco-Ciinad- 
lenrie. Ills subject will bo"l'Avlntlon 
III! (j.inadn." Ifo v/lll al.^o give first- 
hand Information roncernlng tlio lost 
flier.i of .Vortlif-rn fjiiobr'n. AH men 
Interrslcfl In l\\r^n smViJocts, cspoelnlly 
members ot Ihe ATcClHi Light Aero- 
plane Club, nro cordially Invited to 
(itlorid.j;:,. *- - 

Afeml'iors of too Ce'rcl'i Fr.ini-nii nro 
r;i,-;orIy !iiv;ili;ii;; tlio romln!; of .\rr. 
Ilonri f '.oiirnssîi, ex-lender of tho fjon- 
servntlvo I'nrl/ In Ciiielicc, who will 
nddress (ho C'erclo on Tuo.iday. De- 
CemboF' 3rd/' ' ' 

flamo with Af/A.t'.Il. .Ji'iÎB^hocn 

cancelled on aco'tint of the , Art^ 


Silver 'ountain pen. 
27 H. 

Phono Lnn/ 

120 flradiiated cxercl.»e.<i in nook* 
keeping by Thompson, also key to es-' 
,erel.ics. Please return to Bill Oontlo» 

r.nrpre blni'Ic Ir,n?o notebook, ClJn> 
tnlning Annioni/ .-ind fflstolo^y notes. 
Please rctur-i to union Tuck Shop. 

Will tlin ciTitipman w'no took • 
Civil Code with him by mistfiko from 
Room •ft of tho Arts Tîiilldlng on 
Tue.?d9y evening kindly return It t» 
Bill Ocntlcman, 


In r .ol'-r- section of the fjtadliim, 
Saturday. A black fountain pen. M.ny 
bo obtained from Bill Gentleman ott 




He may have eaten sawdust drunk vitriol ... slept 
on cinders... worn red flannel... played billiards, base- 
ball and tiddly winks ... read Beriiard Shaw ... discussed 
disarmament and studied at McGill. 

If he*d done some of the above he would have been crazy. 
Being crazy it is safe to assume he would have driven to 
college in a contraption guaranteed to soil garments.., 
admit hail, snow, rain, draughts and produce anato- 
mical discomfort quicker, and to a degree far greater, 
than any other contemporary contraption in the same 
low class range. 

But Diogy wasn't crazy, oh no! In fact he was a bit of a 
lad where gray matter was concerned. As we all know 
he made some very wise and true statements in his time, 
among them being "The foundation of every staté is the 
education of its youth." 

There you are then! We're laying foundations, educat- 
ing you... showing you the way you should go. 

It doesn't matter ivhere you are going, there's only one 
clean, swift, cosy, warm mode of getting there... 
travel STANDARD! 

Let us teach you how luxurious STANDARD travel- 
ling really is and if accompanied by a sweet little Coo-ed 
you will find it an altogether delightful education. 

How such luxurious travel can be had for the fees 
charged would puzzle even Diogenes. But *who cares 
about that'? Just call. 

t3> m Arquette ^ 

8 10 1 

Get YoiirselveîJ 
a RemingtoiV 
Portable To 
Copy Your 

and Terms 
To McGill 

Remisigio?! Typewriters Lioiîtecî 

Notre Damo Streat, West, Moutveal. 

Auikorizcd dealer of the Remington VorUiblo 

2p55 ÇJI^I College Ave. 

To The Students Of McGill 

I'loaso I'liti-r my order 
for Olio UoMiiii.'ïiyii f'ort- 
a'>U" t\p<'»ritor on a tlvo 
; C;vo irial. If 1 do 
wi.-'ii ti' I'lU'chaso, 1 
nitiini t!io iii.ichlna, 
witiilii flvo ii,\ys without'' 




obligation on my