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Full text of "The McGill Daily Vol. 37 No. 100: May 20 1948"

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Vol. XXXVII., No. 100 

Montreal, Thursday, May 20, 1948 



Operating Costs Rise, Influx 
Of Veterans, Need for New 
Buildings Reason for Drive 

^New Staff Also Needed; Goal 
Said Ai-ound $20,000,000 

Mr. ridss CI;iik>oii, vice-])rc'siilciit ami goiu'ral iimnugcr of 
the Iloynl Trust Company, lias been npj)ointc(l cliairniaii of the 
special coininittcc to organize the forthconiinR campaign for 
funtis whifli till- iinivii-Mly Im» dci-idctl to hiiiiicli i)arlly becaiisp 
of "Ircnicndous (icficils"' incurred in educating veterans during 
the past two years. 

$30,000,000 NEEDED < 
AUliough the exact amoiml of 
the objective of the drive Has not 
been fct jct, .1 survey conducted 
live ycnrs ago shoAcd that the 
most urgent needs o( the iniivcr- 
<ity for buildings and endowment 
would approximate twenty million 

A special campaign carried on at 
that time raised a quarter of tliat 
amount, hut it was stated after the 
Board of Governors meeting at 
which the proposed campaign was 
made public that "the passage of 
time has made it necessary to go 
one step further and appeal to the 
many friends of McGill University 
lot a measure of financial assist- 

Posf-war Increases 

. ^neferrinc to Increased ail- 
mïnUtratlvc costs in a speech 
he made before members of 
the Rotary Club' last month. 
Principal Jamc.t compared an 
expenditure of $4,177.000 last 
year to thai of $1,792,000 In 
1037. He also pointed out that 
such items as salaries and 
waxes, heatlntr, printing and 
stationery, etc., had doubled, 
tripled and even quadrupled 
In some cases since the pre- 
war era. 

Durlnfr the same period, en- 
dowments fell from 5871,000 
to $764,000. "Tills decline of 
endowment Income Is due 
partly ... to the decline In 
Interest rates and the rcfunil- 
Inc of bonds wliicli Ims oc- 
curred so frequently iluriiiK 
Ihc decade." he added. 


ance that will make it possible for 
the university to maintain its high 
standards' of teaching and re- 

Plans for the campaign as now 
proposed have been discussed for 
some time past, the Governors 
staled, buf llic actual opening of 
the drive was delayed so as not to 
Interfere with similar campaigns 
for funds recently held by I'Unl- 
vcrsite dc Montreal and Bishop's 

The official release slated llial 
"the urgency of the present linan- 
rial situation is accentuated by tlic 
fact that the university has in- 
curred tremendous deficits during 
i the past two years through iia cf- 
■forts to provide the best possible 
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Directions for Braduatlnc students who are taking part in the 
Convocation exercises on Wednesday, Slay 2Gth, have just been issued 
by Dr. W. Bruce Ross. Assistant Dean. 

This year (he gradualinK students have been asked to pick up 
their caps and gowns today, tomorrow, Saturday morning, and Tuesday, 
at which times the Registrar's OITIce will be open to distribute the 
garments. ^ 

ir the weather is (Inc, Convocation will lake place on the West 
Campus. »ln view of the changed procedure In picking up caps and 
gowns before Convocation day, students will be responsible for bringing 
these with them on the day of the ceremony. 

Students, will gather at the Arts Building steps at 9.15 a.m. and 
from there stewards will direct them as to lining up, etc. In view 
of the record number of graduating students' there will be three 
[ separate processions to minimize the time of filing in, - 

In the event of rain the exercises will be held in the Montreal 
Forum. The final decision as to the place where Convocation will be 
held is to be broadcast over all local radio'statlons at 8, 8.30 and 8 ajn. 
on the morning' of Convocation. StudenUi will gather at 0.15 at the 
St -Luke' Street door, on the Atwater Avenue side of the Forum and 
detailed instructions will be available at the time they pick up their 
caps and gotvns as to where they will line up in the Forum. Two 
gathering places have been arranged, the smoking room and the do^rà- 
stalra assembly r^om, and ample provision will be made for wet 
weather clothing. 

Dr. Ross emphasized the fact that stiidents should not linger around 
tli'e door but proceed to an assembly room. Be on time, make sure 
you know where the assembly points are and if you are not sure do 
. not hesitate to ennuire directions from the stewards who will be present. 

McGill Position 
Critical; Needs 
Aid— Dr, James 

Tlic quality of our eiviliza' 
tion is dri)ondcnt upon the con' 
iribulion (liat universities arc 
able to make, said Prineipa 
Cyril F. .James last night in a 
pc'ccli delivered at the ]\\iz 
Carlton Ilolcl before tlie ninth 
innual meeting of the McGill 

More Than Training 
Training, he warned, is not edu« 
cation. '"The universities of Ger 
many, even under the Nazis, did 
good job of training." It is easy 
to train men, he said, but educa- 
tion requires more. 'The univer- 
sities of those nations that carry 
out no more than the tasks of re- 
search," he warned, "are symtoms 
of the anaemia that threatens our 
western civiliiatlon." 

Tlic task of universities today 
thus more considerable and ardu- 
ous now than ever before, cannot 
be successfully performed, he 
pointed out, unless substantial as 
sistance is given them. In order 
that "the lamps that are still bum 
ing brightly in Canada" may be 
allowed to go on burning, McGill 
must be able to overcome .acute 
financial problems resulting from 
increases in operational costs and 
the need for new buildings to ac- 
commodate its students. 

Rising Costs Serious 
"The plain fact of the matter is 
that our Canadian Universities can- 
not maintain their present stand- 
ards in the face of steadily rising 
costs unless they receive a great 
deal more money than is now avail- 
able to them," Principal J.imes 
pointed out, adding: "I do not hesi- 
tate ... to say that the position of 
McGill ... is perhaps the most 

This he showed by citing statis- 
tics demonstrating that under pre- 
sent conditions, and if the trend 
apparent so far keeps on heading 
toward tripled and quadrupled ex- 
penses — and there is every roason 
to believe that 11 will — McGill 
will not be able to carry forward 
to completion the many splendid 
endeavors which it has undertake 
en and which have made her 

More Scholarships Needed 
Stressing the- urgent need for 
additional scholarships, ,Dr. James 
showed that very few individuals 
can afford to make contributions 
of such a nature as to be more 
than a drop in the bucket, and 
urgad the provincial and federal 
governments to dcvoate more 
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To every member of the gradualinn class, I offer my 
warmest personal congratulations. You have accomplished 
Ihc task that yoa set yourselves several years ago. Many 
of yoa, J know, looked forward to this occasion during tlic 
dark days of the recent war when you were striving whole- 
heartedly to win for all young Canadians the chance to 
study, within the walls of a free University, the traditions 
of our civilization and the proftssion that would enable 
you to uphold it during the years of peace. 

You have made a profound impact on McGill. These 
have been exciting years, in which students and members 
of the teaching staff have worlicd together to solve the 
problems that were created by expanding enrolment. 
Those who were privileged to be your teachers have en- 
joyed working with yoa, and I can assure yon that inci- 
dents and personalities out of your period at McGill wilt 
provide the fabric of many a winter's tale by the fireside 
of the years to come. 

Dare I express the hope that McGill has made an 
equally profound impression on each of yoa? It is part of 
tlic fanction of a university to train men . and women so 
that they may become lawyers and doctors, nurses and fi- 
brarians, accountants and engineers, civil servants and 
business executors. But that professional training is no 
more than a part of what McGlll has offered you. Train- 
ing is not education. Education implies tliai you have been 
encouraged to think for yourselves, tliat your inherent 
abilities have been drawn out so that you can use them 
effectively, that you have learned to stand on your own 
feet and know the difference between right and wrong. I 
hope that McGill has helped you to become educated in 
that deepest sense of the word. 

As yoa go out from these halls, my best wishes, and 
those of all my colleagues, go with you. God speed for 
your journey down the years. . 

y Dr. F. Cyril James 

Principal and Viee-Chaneelior. 

Lord Rowallan Will Make 
Main Convocation Speech 
McGill Honors 'Finnic' 

Tlic largest gruduatiiiK cla?s in McGill's history, con-iiling of over 1, .')()() .-students, in- 
eludini; luindreds of veterans, will receive degrees at Convoeation, wiiich will licgin at 10 a.m. 
Wednesday, May 26, on the West Campus, or in the event of inclcinonl weather, at the Mont- 
real Forum. 

This year there will be four guestst of honor who arc to receive honorary degrees and 

❖ two of the men to be honored, Oli- 
ver Hall, li-Eng., (Min.);.M.Sc. 

Honored Guests 

Bi^ Freiieli Siiiiiiuer 
School Starts Soon 

Although the qualitative and 
numerical records of the univer- 
sity's French Summer School were 
broken last year and the preceding, 
this year will mark still another 
record, it was announced recently. 

Both Douglas Hall and Royal 
Victoria College will be used to 
house the thousands of students 
expected to come from various 
parts of the continent and the Ca- 
ribbean area: Douglas Hall will be 
used to accomodate advanced 
students, among whom many arc 
Canadian and American university 
professors, while R.V.C. will be the 
residence of less advanced students. 
This, it was , explained by Pro- 
fessor Jean E. L. Launay, head of 
the French Department and dl- 

Choncellor Will Head 
Delegotion to the UK 

The four representatives from 
McGlll to the first post-war con- 
ference of the Universities of the 
British Empire ns approved by the 
Board of Governors will be the 
Chancellor, Chief Justice OrviUc 
3. Tyndale of the Superior Court; 
Principal and 'Vice-chancellor Dr. 
Cyril F. James; beân'D. L. Thom- 
son of the Faculty of Graduate 
Studies and Research, arid Dr. H. 
Ncal Ficldliousc. chairman of the 
History Department. 

The conference will be held at 
Oxford, England, from July 19 to 
23. The release of this news coin' 
cided with the visit to the Univer 
sity of Dr. D.: Hughes Parry, vice' 
chancellor and chairman of the 
Conunlttee of Vice-chancellors of 
the University of London (Eng' 
land), who was touring Canada 
both to establish contact with dele- 
gates to the Oxford conference and 
to estimate the response to a 
School of International Law coon 
to be founded In England. 

Baccalaureate Service 
To Be Held Sundoy 

Dr. T. Cyril James, principal and 
vice-chancellor of the university, 
will deliver the address at the bac- 
calaureate service which will be 
held in Moysc Hall next Sunday. 
Some 1,500 students in all gradu- 
ating classes arc expected to attend 
the event, which will mark the 
opening of the final round of cam- 
pus activities' for the year 1847*48. 

The four>day program was out- 
lined by Frank Common, Jr., final 
year law student and chairman of 
the convocation week's activities, 
and will have its grand finale in 
the form of the all-classes gradu- 
ates' ball to be held on the evening 
of Convocation Day, Wednesday, 
May 26. 

Other events will be the Monday, 
May 24 composite banquet for 
students of the various faculties, at 
7.30 p.m. in the Queen's Hotel. 

Tuesday's events will include tennis 
matches and other sports, as well as 
class dinners in the evening and an 
outing at Belmont Park. Wednes 
day's Convocation ceremony will be 
followed by tree-planting and tho 
principal's garden party in the 

rector of the summtr school, will 
permit a strict adherence to the 
"no English spoken" rule. 


Another feature of the progres- 
sively improving school, which is 
recognized as among the three top 
ones in America, is the fact that 
two distinguished visiting profcs- 
sors will teach to advanced stud- 
ents throughout the course, a 
si.\-week session lasting from June 
29 to August II. 

They are writer, critic and pro- 
fessor . Abbe ' Arthur Mahcux of 
Laval University, Quebec City, and 
Prof. Auguste Angles, visiting pro- 
fessor at Welleslcy College and 


Four guests will receive 


honorary degrees from 


university at the Convocation to be held next Wednesday. Lord 
Rowallan is Cliicf Scout of the British Commonwealth and Empire 
and will make tlic Convoçation address. 

W. E. Gallic is recently retired as professor of surgery at 
the University of Toronto a.nd was Dean of Toronto's Modical 
school for a number of years. In September he received the Gold 
Medal of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, an award 
made comparatively few times in the history of that college. 

Oliver Hall is one of the outstanding men in Canàdiàri. mining, 
being general manager and in charge of all-nickclTmines of Inter- 
national Nickel. He has receiyed the Inco Medal for outstanding 
services to mining in Ontario and Quebec. 

G. H. "Finnie" Fletcher, a McGill gradiÀatc in 1911, became 
advertising manager of the McGlll Dally in 1922.- after service In 
World War 1, and in 1923 was made Secretary>TVeasurer of the 
Students' Executive Council. 

Huge Losses 
Cause Rise in 
Residence Fee 

formerly of the Université de 
Lyon, France. 

Other additions include that of 
an especially appointed professor 
to lead groups in the singing of 
French' and Trench-Canadian folk 
songs, and a phonetics laboratory 
to help smoothcn out accentuated 
French conversation and develop 
pure spoken French. 

Prof. Launay, assisted by Mme. 
L. Tourcn-Furness, will direct the 
course, for which approximately 20 
professors have been selected. • 


The University annotincas o' correcKen in the odvertliemtnl 
appearing en page 10 of this inue cenceniing IroHic en the Campus 

on Convocation Day. 

On Convocation Day, th« Roddick Gates will be doted. Guests 
arriving by car should tntcr th* Campus on foot by the Roddick 
Gat«i or by the Milton or McToviili Street entrances. Limittd pailt- 
ing tpact will bi avoilabU «ait of tht Engineering Building and 
nortli of tht Biological Building, but not aliewhare on tiia Cempui. 

A loss of over $150,000 has been 
suffered by McGlll University 
during the last fiscal year due to 
Its operation of the various resi- 
dences and dinlng-halls, an investi- 
gation by The Daily revealed yes- 

Following the recent sharp ' in- 
crease in fees for the residences, 
and ihc numerpus inquiries about 
its Justification, The Dally learned 

that the University residences have 
been operating at a tremendous lojs 
for the last two or three years. 
It is expected, one source main- 
tained, that if the present rates 
were to be continued, the univer- 
sity would have to provide an 
extra Ç200,000 next year over and 

ibove student fees. 

As a result' of such continued 
losses, the university has had. to 
make this money, available to the 
detriment of its educational and 
other facilities; and it was further 
disclosed, that the fee increase was 
deemed necessary because the ex- 
pected drain on the overall educa- 
tional requirements would lower 
the qualities, of facilities already 

An examination of the' official 
cost-of-living index over the' last 
two years, reveals the main source 
of the losses incurred by the uni- 
versity. The following figures for 
1046 and 1948 show the increase of 
costs over the 1939 level: 

Food Rent Total 

1046 140.4 112.7 123.6 

1948 18G.8 119.9 151.6 

In the light of these figures, it 
can be understood why the uni- 
versity has raised the residential 
fees; but It is felt by the author- 
ities, that the increase is Justified 
both from the fact of better over- 
all facilities, and that the new 
rates are still the lowest that can 
be obtained in the city. Full de- 
tails of the increases can be found 
on Page 4. 

Dr. James Invites 
Grods, Porents to Tea 

The annual garden, party given 
by Dr. and Mrs. James for the 
graduating students and their par- 
ents will be held from 4 lo 6 j).ni 
on tlie campus, providing the 
weather is fine, or in the Sir Ar- 
thur Curry gymnasium should it 
happen to rain, on Convocation day 
May '26. 

Tickets for the p.irty have been 
mailed to all graduating students at 
their homes, however, it through 
some error anyone who is graduat- 
ing has not received their ticket 
they should get in touch with ^Mrs. 
McMurray, the principal's secre 
tary,'at the university. Each ticket 
will admit the graduate student 
with bis or her parents and luiS' 
band or wife, and must be present- 
ed nt Roddick Gates as the campus 
will be closed. 

Admittance will he restricted this 
year due to the large number of 
students in the graduating class and 
ail students, are urgedjo^rrlve as 
soon' after 4 pjn. as pUilifSP ' 

and G. H. "Finnic" FIclcher, 
Î.A., ore graduâtes- nf McGill. 
Tlic other dlstingtii.-lied piie.-ls 
will be Lord Howallnn, .M.d, 
r.D., D.L., cliiel =cotit nf tiie 
British Commonwealth and Wil- 
liam E. Gallic, M.D., CM., Presid- 
ent of the American Surgical As- 

The Convocation address will be 
made by Lord Rowallan and Chief 
Justice Orvlllc S. Tyndale, M.A., 
B.C.L.. K.C.. Chancellor of McGIU 
University, will present the de- 

Lord Rownllan. Thomas Godfrey 
Poison Corbelt. is the second Baron 
to hold lliis title which was create<i 
n 1911. Born in 1895 he succeeded , 
his father to the title in 1933. 
Educated at Eton he served in 
World War 1 from 1914-1918 where 
he was -u'ounded and was awarded 
the Military Cross and In World 
War 11 he served in France, com- 
manding a battalion of Royal Scots 
Fusiliers in 1910. He retired from 
active service in 1044 and was made 
Chief Scout of the British Com- 
monwealth and Empire In ID4S. 
Before the Convocation address 
l.nrd no'A'iill:iM will be presented ' 
with an lioMorary I,.L. B. 

Following the convocation exer- 
cises, which this year feature a 
slight change in the processional 
arrangements due to the record 
number of students graduating this 
year, the graduating class will per- 
form the traditional ceremony of 
planting memorial trees on the 

Alternative Arrangements 
In view of the unusually large 
graduating class , the university 
authorities Itave decided to use 
the West Campus for the Convo- 
cation exercises, provided the 
weather remains fine, and have 
made arrangements to use the 
Montreal Forum if rain threatens, 
(bus assuring accommodation for 
all relatives and friends. The final 
(lecifion ns to which location will 
be used will be broadcast over all 
the local radio stations at 8, 8.30 
and 8 a.m., on .the morning of con- 

The annual garden party for tht 
graduating students and their 
parents, given by Dr. and Mrs. 
James will be held from 4 to 8 
p.m. on the campus or in tlie 
Currie Gym in the case of rain. 
Tickets have been mailed to all 
the graduating students and. each 
ticket will admit the student with 
his or her parents. The tickets must 
be presented at Roddick gates as 
the campus will be closed and 
admittance will be restricted due 
to the'Iarge number of graduates. 



11:00 a.m.— Baccalaureate Service, Moysc Hall. 
4:00 p.m.— At Home. Royal 'Victoria College. 

For all women graduates and their parents. 


7:00 p.m.— Graduation Banquet. 

Faculties of Arts and Science, Commerce and 

Engineering. Queen's HoteL 
7:00 p.m.— Class dinners. ' 

Class presidents In .charge of arrangements., 


2:00 p.m.— Tennis: McTavish Courts. 

Golf: Montreal Municipal Golf Club. 
3:00-5:00 p.m.— Swimming: Canadian Legion Pool. 
7:00 p.m. — Class dinners. 

Class presidents in charge of arrangements. 
8:15 p.m.— McGiU Night at Belmont Park. 

Special tickets and busses arc to be available. 

10:15 ajn.— Convocation Ceremony. 

Campus if fine, Forum if wet. 
1:00 p.m.— Tree Planting, Lower Campus. 
4:00 p.m.— The Principal's Garden Party. 

Campus If fine. Gym If wet. 
10:00 p.m.— Convocation Ball, , 

Currie Memorial Gymnasium. 


Eastern Renional Headquarters, Canadian Vnivertity.Pren 

Published tvtij wcik-day during the coUege year by thn Undergraduatei of McGlU 
Univeralty at 000 Sherbrooke St V/ett Telephone: LAncaster 2244. 

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Oplaloiu oxprccaed below ire theie of the Mannf Inr Board of The iftleOUl Dally aad 
BOt the official opinions of the Student*' Society. J 

Al Tdnu Editor-in-Chief 

Norman Wolfe Sports Editor 

Di'STY ViNEBERO Fcaturo Editor 


T. £. Buck Mana^ng Editor 

Fred CtcviAV Newa Editor 

G. H. Fletcher.... Advertisine Manager 


AsiUt. Editor Jean Peullet 

City Editor Ced O'Donndl 

Chitt Slifi Writer... 
Wumen* Editor 
Aultt. Woman * Ed.. 

.Pocy Benjanun 
Bitty SiRltr 
Goldlt WoloKky 


Muile Kdltor Jack Sltklnd pjih^-. m.~i« akin.. 

Chief Stâit WrltBT Betty Sinclair EOKOra.. Marvin SbtUit 

Oerry 'rtakalstten 

Chief atafi Wrlt«r...Pcre Tanoinbaum 

Dawaon Office 

editor Bob Usher 

cut* Bureau Chief Jennifer i'arry Woman's Editor. 


■ LU Turner Bone 
Lusty Vinebcrs 

DESK EDITORS— N'ewi: Larry Slrota, Conrad Shatner, Bob Currle and 

LauTcnce Carmalic, Hy Pearl, Sid Feldman and Ross BroURhnm. CUP Bureau Staflf Barbara Wales, 

b'tli Ann Snmncr and Dorten FAlrm nn. 

Arnold Lewery. Sports: Bernie Cooper, 
" - ■ ■■■ • ElUa- 


Two Reviews 

MontreaT, Thursday, May 20, 1948, 

"Electra", Nicholas Nickelby 

0/ all the degrees, both honorary and other- 
wise, which will be handed out today, there is 

one in partirular which will aUrnrt, tlip ntlon- 
tion and interest of students and graduates 
alike. For as a fitting climax to 26 years of 
service to students, McGiil University has seen 
fit to honour G. H. "Finnic" Fletcher by award- 
ing him a well-deserved honorary' degree of 
Matter of Arts. 

"Finnic", who received his B.A. at McGill 
in 1911, and who for over 25 years has been 
Sécretary-Treaturer of the Students* Executive 
Coiinril unci Advertising Manager of The Mc- 
Giil Daily, is retiring this year. His term of 
office 'officially expires June 30. 

The man who has provided administrative 
and financial continuity both to Student Gov- 
crnnirnt and The McGil! Daily for over a 
quarter century will indeed be hard to replace. 
But it was only at his own request, and after 
an expression of "profound regret," that the 
Students' Executive Council was forced to ac- 
cept his resignation. For many years there had 
been a reluctance to recognize the fact that Mc- 
Gill students would one day lose "Finnie". This 
term, however, the reluctance had to be over- 
come, and it was the rctirinR Council's distaste- 
ful duty to approve his resipnation. 

For in student affairs, "Finnic" had become 
an institution. On the Executive Council, he has 

rernrdpr! tlic minutes and motions of generations 
of Counril executives. His brain was a store- 
house of motions and resolutions. Members of 

the Council were oftén amazed it hear "Fin- 
nie," commenting upon some proposed motion, re- 
call that "in 1926, the Council of that year pas- 
sed a similar motion". Consultation of the 
appropriate minutes would confirm "Finnie's" 

To the executives of the various campus 

clubs and groups "Finnic" was likewise indis- 
pensable. Every year, new executives, fresh at 
their tasks, would look to him for some meas- 
ure of administrative and financial direction — 
for the initial stimulus to get their activities 
under way. His role in this respect has always 
been appreciated, even by those who lacked 
the overall perspective of student financial prob- 

And of al! other numerous contributions 
which "Finnic" has made to student life, we 
might just mention the debt owing to him by 
Tho McGill Daily. The present volume of 
advertising, which permits The Daily to often 
come out on the "credit" side of the ledger, is 
due largely to his fieldwork. 

"Finnie" will be missed. But if the first 
office on the left as you enter the Union will 
miss his presence, we feel sure that "Finnie" 
himself, for some time to come, will long to gaze 
out over 'the campus from his office window: 
a panorama which he has learned to know well 

AVe extend our heartfelt congratulations to 
"Finnic" as he receives his honorar}'. degree 
from the'hands of the Chancellor, next Wednes 
flay. .\nd one anrl all, we wish him "good-luck" 
in his coming years of retirement. — A. T. 


Custom dictates that cverj' year at this time, 
The McGill Daily editorializes a fond farewell 
to the graduating classes of the university, at 
the same time extending fer^'ent hopes for tho 
students' continued successes. This year, nt the 
cvpense of "being different," wc choose to send 
a reminder and a welcome; a reminder to the 
graduates, and a welcome to the new classes 
which will replace thofe graduating. 

To those who are leaving, then, a gentle re- 
minder: always remember some of the things 
you have learned. It is inevitable that the grad- 
uates will forget some of the more routine and 
boring subjects which they have been taught, 
but there are certain subjects and philosophies 
which they must remember if they are to fulfill 
their contributions to Canada and the world. 
And in these unsettled and transitory times, it 
is even more important that they be remem- 

We refer, of course, to thé lessons in tole- 
rance and prejudice, to which students have 
been subjected, either in their studies or in 
their extra-curricular activities. The sciences 
and the philosophies which are taught al the 
university find their factual and scientific basis 
upon the premises of the universality of human 
nature; on the supposition that Man is of one 
race — regardless of colour or creed. Tl^e extra- 

curricular activities make some attempt to pro- 
vide living examples of these lessons. At the 
expense of resorting to outright "preaching" 
we make a wish that these lessons may never 
be forgotten. 

There is but one word of welcome to the new 
students who enter the university next fall. 
Whatever studies you pursue, keep a broad, 
open and critical mind; take nothing for 
granted; believe nothing that you cannot under- 
stand; accept only those things which are nec 
essary in order to achieve understanding. Again, 
we fear that we have resorted to preaching, but 
there does not appear- to be any other method 
of expressing those things which we have found 
vital in the pursuit of a complete and full edu- 

One last word: a reasonàblé balance between 
study and extra-curricular activities will be 
found to contribute a great deal to the indivi- 
dual student. The variety of activities which'the 
university affords can provide a wider, more 
complete education. 

This, then, is our farewell to the graduates. 
Our wish for their continued success and wel 
fare is understood. And this, too, is our welcome 
to the new students, with the hope that their 
stay at McGill will be profitable and advantage 
ous' — in more ways than one. — T. E. B. 


Recently univérsities have too often sought honour military and political leaders, perhaps 
' because their calling has put them in the limc- 
. light. One should remember that such men fill 
hut two functions in our society — important 
functions, but concerned at this time more with 
(•ecurity, leaving the training for citizenship to 

Particularly excellent examples of "others" 

are Lord Rowallan, Oliver Hall, William Ed- 
ward Gallic and "Finnie" Fletcher. These men, 
a Youth leader, a surgeon, a mining executive 
and a student counsellor, have achieved great- 
ness in their chosen work and arc examples of 
the type of leadership urgently needed, in the 
world today. 

At the end of the recent world war, the hopes 

of all men for enduring peace reached a high 
level. But today, just three years later, we see 
armed conflict again ravaging two sectorfi of 
the earth, and a too significant "cold war' 
being waged between the two strongest countries 
of the East and West. 

Our governments are accepting the respon- 
sibility for preparing to meet the challenge of 
war, should it be issued. Men such as those 
McGill honours at this convocation are a'ccëpt 
ing today— as they always have— the responsi' 
bility for training the citizens and particularly 
the youth of our land for peace. 

It is then particularly significant that the 
university recognize the talents and achieve 
ments of these men, for their work has been 
directed to filling a function of critical impor 
tance in the world today. — F. C. 

The film version of Eugene 
O'Neill't "Mourning Becomes Elec- 
tra," starred Michael Redgrave as 
Orin, Katlna Paxinou as Mrs. M.m- 
non, Raymond Massey as her hus- 
band, and Rosalind Russell as 
daughter Lavinia. 

Other reviewers have found fault 
with the minor characters, espe- 
cially with Nancy Coleman as 
Grin's sweetheart. However, they 
seemed ne.nrly perfect, with the ex- 
ception of Kurt Douglas as Lavinia's 
ultimatly rejected suitor, Peter 
Nilcs. While Rosalind Russell re 
ccived rave notices, It was Michael 
Redgrave who gave the movie's in- 
spired -performance, notable for 
tenderness, subtlety, and abrupt 
psychological shifts. It was like 
watching a dramatization of tho 
workings of- a naked mind. 

As In Mr. Redgrave's portrayal 
of MacBeth earlier this year, it was 
not the words he spoke, but the 
way he looked and acted that was 
most important. That is why he was 
BO unsatisfactory in MacBeth; Mac 
Beth without his language is Just 
common adventurer, and Mr. 
Redgrave sacrificed Shakespeare's 
wonderful poetry for dramatic pace 
and action. If Shakespeare Is to 
be acted for everyone, as In his 
own time, and not only for the 
aesthetes, as much emphasis must 
be placed on the dramatic quality 
as on arty production; but to play 
it for drama only, to rush or slight 
those wonderful words, themselves 
so powerful . . . 

Eugene O'Neill must have been 
pleased with Redgrave's perfor- 
mance in "Electra." He was mad, 
crafty, tender with his sweetheart, 
fearful and humorous over his fath- 
er's bier, bitter, hopeful, piteous, 
desperate, resigned, by turns. Un- 
der and over all ran his Oedipus 
tendency, his jealousy of his moth- 
er's lover, his unhealthy depen- 
dence on sister Lavinia after his 
mother's suicide. He was like Ham- 
let In his volatility. Just before he 
killed himself; he forgave his dead 
mother for having loved Adam 
Brandt, and in his suffering he at- 
tained grcatnes— because he under- 
stood, at the last moment, what 
was nearly beyond his crippled 
ability to conceive. 

All this Redgrave achieved. But 
Miss Russell could not measure up 
to him. Delicately shifting psy. 
chological reactions were appar' 
ently beyond her. She was inade 
quale, not perhaps, because o( a 
faulty conception of Lavinia's men- 
tal illness, but because she failed 
to achieve subtlety— and so seemed 
rather eagerly blundering and stiff. 
Not lack of Imagination— lacic of 
histrionic ability. 

There Is not much "post-oper- 
ative" discussion after a film like 
"Mourning Becomes Electra". A 
great tragedy ought to have an ex- 
hausting effect on the audience. 
The characters should be over- 
whelming, so that the members of 
the audience don't identify them- 
aelves with them. Lewis Mumford 
has written that "only common- 
place works of art reflect the 
everyday personality of the read- 
er." Everyone recognizes Hamlet's 
indecision, but it is great tragedy 
partly because the resolution of 
Hamlet's problem if out of the 
province of our everyday affairs. 
One can identify oneself com- 
pletely, for Instance, with Walter 
Mitty, but not with Oedipus, or 
Napoleon, or Orin. 

In an ordinary play, there may 
be different solutions. The plot 
might have resolved itself one way 
or another, and one likes to dis- 
cuss this xmflnished business after 
the theatre. But a great tragedy 
is authoritative— there 'could not 
have been any other solution. The 
reiolution must have been com- 
pletely inevitable and unfaltering. 
After a certain point in the play, 
the audience must have been as- 
sured Jhat there could have been 
no other way out. There ought to 
be nothing for the reader, or audi- 
ence to do. A great tragedy Is a 
complete view, a total organization 
of material. 'Paradise Lost, for In- 
stance,, gives you everything. You 
could not add anything of your 
own to Milton's pattern. 

Modern writers, on the other 
hand, are reputed to write in 
terms of the theory that the author 
ought to be ambiguous, et{pugh to 
stir the reader's imagination, and 
make him complete his own ver- 
sion of the play, story, or poem. 
The reader gets part of his plea- 
sure out of doing hia own work. 
But in "Mourning Becomes Elec- 
tra," O'Neill completes every emo- 
tional, psychological, and moral 
d'etail of his pattern. The resolu- 
tion of tho play has finality; fur- 
ther exploration Is Impossible. 

— D.V. 

Comparisons are odious, but as 
Nicholas Nickleby represents the 
second in the Dickens trilogy em- 
anating from the British Film 
studios, it is almost inevitable that 
we should recall Great Expecta- 
tions when wc rcviqw the newer 

In all fairness it should be noted 
that Nicholas Nickleby is almost 
twice the length of tho other novel, 
and so the adaptation presented 
Rrcater difficulty. Further, any co- 
licsion that the film might have 
possessed when released was des- 
troyed by tlic wanton cutting that 
preceded its showing at the Avenue 
Theatre. Cyril Fletcher and Fay 
Compton (both given star-billing by 
the theatre) never appeared as the 
delightfully amusing Mantalinis, 
and we arc. left to conjecturé what 
other seenes were mutilated. 

But even with due consideration 
to the above the film did not ap- 
proach the artistic perfection of 
Great Expectations, nor was it 
nearly as entertaining. The adapta- 
tion was an unfortunate infringe- 
ment of the text, which resulted in 
several' particularly inane scenes, 
the one most readily recalled being 
the appearance of Madeline in her 
wedding-dress before Nicholas in 
the bare room of the Rules. Caval- 
cantl perceived rightly that the 
characters should be played with 
that degree of exaggeration with 
which Dickens endowed them, for 
they being larger than life, natural- 
Ism was a cloak that they could ill 
afford to wear. And the'caricatures 
were wéll-done; Alfred Drayton's 
Squeers was appropritcly loath- 
some, Stanley Holloway's Vincent 
Crummies was superbly histrionic. 
Sir Ccdric Hardwicli's Ralph was 
the wicked uncle to end all wicked 
uncles, Derek Bond's Nicholas wa.s 
£0 very correct, and Bernard Miles 
nearly outshone them all with his 
brilliantly varied performance of 
Newman Noggs. 

What was the total result? A 
series of character studies and 
scenes, sad or comical, the summa- 
tion of which could never be called 
n completely satisfying whole. It 
was as If Cavnlcanti Inst ficht of 

the picture he Avas painting and 
crcitcd instead a cartoon strip. 

ThrouRhout the whole film I was 
beset by InnRinRs; for the direc- 
tional si<ill and sensitivity of Oavid 
Lean, for more of Athene Seyler's 
delightful La Crccvy, for one ap- 
pearance, however brief, of the 
Kenwigs and the Lilly vicks, via 
whom my Dickens-admiring father 
Introduced me to the delights that 
his favorite could provide, and for 
sight of the aforementioned Man- 
t.ilinis. The choice of heroines 
was niifortunate. Had the IciiRth 
and brc.idth of Great Britain been 
scarclicd it would have been diffi- 
cult to have found anyone less 
suited, physically, to the part of 
Mndclinc. I am afraid she could 
only be called plain. Nicholas may 
have loved her for her virtue, hut 
love at first sight became unbe- 
lievable. Although Sally Ann 
Howes was altogether to be pre- 
ferred as tho more Kpiritcd Kate, 
her eyes had a false brightness 
that verged on glassincfs. ' 

It is with mingled feelings of 
apprehension and pleasure that I 
now await Oliver Twist. I have 
high anticipation that the film will 
repeat the success of Great Expec- 
tations. 1 fear that I shall not be 
allowed to see it intact in this city. 
I am not a lone voice crying in the 
wilderness; there is a veritable 
chorus of those who object to the 
cutting by the distributors. These 
Oclilahs are brethren of those 
Philistines who present the classics 
of literature in digest form, excise 
two movements of Beethoven's 
Ninth Symphony, and publfsh the 
ten best sayings of Socrates. It is 
not merely a matter of time, for 
the programme at the Avenue, 
which included two shorts and a 
ncwsrcel, and a cartoon lasted no 
longer than two and one half 

It is the deliberate mutilation of 
a work of art, just as surely as the 
tampering with classic writings, a 
symphony, or a painting is a mu- 
tilation of a work of art. It is done 
because the public, supposedly, 
will not suffer a long film. It 
means. Inevitably, « lowninR in 

Rostock Sequel 

Btlovf Is the Iclter of reply thnnl<ing the students of McGlU 
for their magnanimous gesture in sending Miss Use Schroder of 
Rostock. Germany, one parcel of used clothing (male). In the letter 
below Miss Schroder appoloRizes for not having thanked for the 
parcel any sooner, since she was laid up Willi the Flii Luckily 

.<;ht has a brother to whom she has been able to pass on the used 
clothing (malei. "We think it darn white of the students to have 
- p.niccl and wish to congratulate them." said an official 

but you'd 


sent Ihc 

of the I.S.S. when asked for a comment and addcd7 
belter warn them not to overdo it." 

14 Niklotstrasse, 
April 11, 1048. 

Dear Sir: 

I was very pleased to receive 
your letter from February 20th and 

your college newspaper, it arrived 
safely on the nth of March. I was 
not able to write sooner to you be- 
cause I got an attack of Influenza, 
but I'm fit now. 

r was very much interested and 
surprised to read my own letter in 
your McGill Daily. At first 1 
couldn't believe it Uil I taw the 
words "Rostock Letter" printed in 
the paper. It was very nice of you 
to insert my letter in your paper 
and I do appreciate it. Very many 
thanks for your troubles. I have 

read your newspaper ami find tt 
very interesting. 

One week ago I got a parcel from 
one student of the Dawson College. 
I was very glad about it. It con- 
tained mostly male garments, but 
I have a brother, he has grown out 
of all. 

I am very grateful for all thii 
iL'cfuI things.^ 

With hearty thanks, and best 
wishes, I remain, 

Yours Tnily, 


Use Schroder, 
14 NiMolstrasse, . ^/ 
(3a) Rostoek/Meeldtnburg, 
Germany. ) 
Russian Zone. 

the standard of intellectual living, 
when all our efforts should be di- 
rected towards the opposite. I re- 
fleet and I despair.— Betty Sinclair. 

Rockefeller Institute 
Among Benefactors 

-^mong the gifts, grants and be- 
quests awarded to tho university 
in April was one of $15,000 for five 
fellowships in biochemical re- 
.learch from Canada Packers Lim- 
ited. This will enable five quali- 
fying ttudenta to obtain Ph.D. de- 
grees under the direction of Dr. J. 
H. QuBstei. 

Other grants included $7,500 
from the Rockefeller Institute for 
the Department of Psychiatry; 
S1.500 from Imperial Oil Limited 
for scholarships, and $4.200 from 
4he Carnegie Corporation for com- 
munity educational programs. 


"Please, dear, don't do 

Stop. Didn't you hear me? 
stop, stop— stop I said. Stop." 

"Whaddya think you're doing, 
sending a telegram?" 

Queen's Convocation 
Sees 663 Awards 

(By Canadian University Ptcm) 

The lar.ccst graduating class In 
the 107-year history of Queen's 
University received degrees in tho 
two-part convocation ceremony 
whicli took place there last Satur- 
day. In all, 603 degrees and six 
honorary degrees were awarded. 

The afternoon convocaUon saw 
the Riving of degrees to 400 Arts 
students, three theology students 
and 10 graduates of Queen's new 
School of nuriing. The honorary 
degrees went to four Canadians, a 
Briton and an American. 

These were: Rev. A. P. Men- 
zies. Ottawa; G. W. Mason, K.C., 
Toronto; L. W. Brockington, K.C., 
Ottawa, Queen's new rector; Rev. 
C. A. Edminson, South Orange, 
N.J., and Sir W. Fletcher: Shaw, 
Birmingham, BrUish obstetrician 
and gynaecologist. 

Tlic only honorary degree to be 
awarded in the morning ceremony 
was H. G. Bertram, Dundas, Ont, 
prominent machine-tool manufact- 
urer. At the same ceremony, 243 
students of applied science also re- 
ceived their degrees. 

MRT to Present 'I Remember 
Mama' at Moyse Hall 

"I Remember Mama," adapted 
for the stage by John van Druten, 
will be staged at Moyse Hall under 
the direction of Herbert ^Vhittaker, 
opening on Tuesday evening. May 
25th. Tickets may be reserved at 
MRT's Guy Street Playhouse. 

Store l-loun: 9.30 A.M. - 5.30 P.M. Open Wednesdays until I P.M. Open All Day Saturdays. 



. .i Wolfing for whot you really wont in smort white shoes for your .day of doyi? Here they or* 

~ . . the best lool^ing whites ever, exlended tolei, built up leather hteli . . . walled, 
rounded or open to«i, the aristocrat of spectators , . . dretiy oll-whitet vilh matctiing haett, lies or 

pumpt, low or high heel heights . . . they ore really something and 
you'll know upon seeing them that you will have the Smartest whiles in to^rn . . . 
A. Closed toe and heel spectator, perforoted design across vamp, built up leather heel, extended sols, 
' ' . V ■ .walled toe . . .' oil white, .dark wlo and heel . . 

B. Open toe, closed heel pump, all. white with built up leather heel, dark sole, cool perforations . ^ • 
' . ' " C Closed tee and heel tie, low built up leother heel, walled too , . , 

/ dork heel ond sole ... on oil white . . • 

D. All white buckskin, clowd toe and heel, extended sole, cutouts on vomp . ■ • 

MOI^GAN'S — Women's Shoes, Second FIdor. 



Montreal, Thursday, May 20, l9«. 






1 he end of the beginning'' 


Graduation is "the end of the beginning" for 
you who now will leave McGill .for the larger world 

outside . . . the end of formal study and instruction^ 
the beginning of a future that holds a challenge 
to your initiative and intelligence, to your 
resourcefulness, your abilities . . . and your courage. ,. 
•To each of you T^e Royal Bank of Canada 
extends best wishes for continued progress . . . and 

* ■ 

' warm congratulations. . 






100 extra copies on sale for cash 

"An Ideal ^ift' 




Flying Service 


fHONl •VWAfft 0444 


Music this Week 

by, J. Kohos 

In this, the last column of the 
year, an attempt will be made, after 
the fashion of the metropolitan 
papers' critics, to evaluate the 
musical season— •47-'48. The Dally 
has been fortunate In not belnK rc> 
lated to, or in any way connected 
with any societies, associations, or 
imprcssarios, and. therefore, was in 
no way obligated to Rive favourable 
reviews when these were not war- 

On the whole the worst scries 
presented to the Montreal public 
this year was the set of twelve con- 
certs at the Plateau Auditorium by 
the orchestra of Les Concerts 
Symphoniqucs de Montreal. It has 
been bandied around in musical 
circles that the principal reason for 
Ihc poor quality of the concerts was 
the fact that the permanent conduc- 
tor of the orchestra did not have 
the respect of the musician mem- 

The performances were generally 
so bad that the only concerts that 
stand |0Ut In the listeners' memory 
are those led by the Ruest conduet- 
or.i, those in which outstanding 
soloists participated, and those that 
were so bad they can't be for- 

In the first clas.s we have that 
iispired performance of the orches 
tra under Georges Ene.sco. The 
string section showed that they 
could produce beautiful sounds If 
they tried hard enough. In the 
second category we have the con- 
certs in which' Spivakovsky. 
Jacques Thibaud. and Rudolf Ser- 
kin were heard. As for the last 
group we need only mention the 
performance of Beethoven's Ninth 
Symphony at that unforgettable 
first concert ot the season. 

The task ot choosInK a perma- 
nent conductor for the Montreal 
orchestra has not been an easy 
one. The directors ot the orchestra 
have felt obligated to the present 
conductor for the help he gave them 
when he first came to this conti- 
nent. At that time titc orchestra 
was passing through one of its 
moté difficult stages ot develop- 
ment and his coming forcward at 
the time helped ^ut the orchestra 
on its feet. For this alone the di- 
rectors will forever be in debt to 
the present conductor. 

When the time came to chose a 
permanent conductor, several 
names beside his were thought of. 
Among these a conductor in the 
French Section ot the Metropolitan 
Opera and the conductor of one of 
the smaller orchestras in the south 
cm states were mentioned in some 
musical circles. But It Is reported 
that for various reasons these men 
were unacceptable. 

It is amazing that at this very 
time Montreal could have had for 
the asking the man who has since 
been chosen to succieed Serge Kous- 
sevltsky as leader ot the Boston 
Symphony orchestra. When M. 
Munch was here for the first time, 
we chanced to meet him after a re- 
hearsal and we asked him what he 
thought ot being the orchestra's 
permanent conductor. To our sur- 
prise he replied, "It they ask me 1 
would be glad to come." 

At that time Montreal could prob- 
ably have contracted his services 
for several years. However the op- 
portunity was lost. While the Gods 
debated in Montreal and then chose 
our present conductor, Boston acted! 
Now M. Munch is to lead one ot 
the world's foremost orchestras. 

Tills man could have built up a 
fine orchestra In Montreal. As it is 
we will have to be satisfied with 
something about as good as the 
Toronto orchestra. 

The outlook for next year is not 
much brighter. The permanent con- 
ductor remains unchanged, and so 
the biggest' problem remains un- 
solved. The soloists chosen for next 
year are for the most part well 
known and reliable performers but 
the programs chosen so far do not 
look too good. That famous two 
piano team ot Robert and Gaby 
Casadesus who would have given us 
definitive performances of the Bach 
or Mozart Two Piano Concertos will 
instead be heard in a performance 
of M. Casadesus' own concerto for 
two pianos. While it is hardly fair 
to condemn a work without having 
heard It, we can say, after hearing 
M. Casadesus perform his own con- 
certo for one piano and orchestra, 
that most people would derive morn 
pleasure from a hearing'ot the ear- 
lier works. We can look forward to 
a performance by one of England's 
foremost pianists— Benno Molseivltz. 
• * ❖ * 
Montreal musical activity con- 
veniently slowed down after the 
cessation ot publication of The 
Daily. The Ladies' Morning Musi- 
cal Club and La Société Classique 
very kindly permitted a represen- 
tative of^Tlie Dally to be present 
at their concerts ot the season. 
At the Club wc were fortunate 
enough to hear the Inimitable Lotte 
Lchmnnn. Mme. Lchmann is un 
doubtcdiy the foremost exponent of 
the "Licder-Art Song" on the 
Northern American concert stage 
today. Her voice is not of great 
beauty nor has it a wide range, but 
she sings her selections as though 
the words and music have been 
written for her alone, and as though 
she has lived through the .story of 
each song. The programme also 
showed her amazing versatility for 
though -German Is her native 
tongue she seemed most at ease 
while singing some French folk- 

The other programme at the Club 
featured two young musicians, 
Stuart Canin, violinist, and Jacob 
Laleincr, pianist. 'Hiey played to- 
gether and alone and it was evi- 
dent at once that these young men 

We've Had It! 

— O- 



wilt both be heard from again, and! 

Mr. Lateinier seemed to be n more 
mature musician than his co- 
worker, and this wa.s borne out at a 
recital he gave for the International 
Service of the CBC at which he 
played the Beethoven Sonata Op. 
Ill, and the Bralinu-Paganini 
Variations. Both works were given 
mature, well-rounclcci pcrfcirinaiicps 
that stood up well under compari.son 
with performances by most other 
concert artists. 

La Société Classique gained "The 
Dally" admittance to the recitals by 
Rubcnstein and Szlgeti. After bear 
ing Mr. Rubenstein's work in the 
movies and some ot his recent re 
cordlngs, we came prepared for 
the worst, and were. greeted by the 
almost perfect projection ot Caesar 
Franck's Prelude, Chorale, and 
Fugue and Schumann's Carnival 
Suite. In these performances there 
was an almost Ideal balancing of 
sentimentality and restraint. As an 
encore, Mr. Rubcnstein played The 
Polonaise. At one point in it he rais 
ed his left hand a full three feet 
above the key-board and brought it 
down with a resounding crash. . . 
on the wrong note: 


Joseph Szigeti was heard in re 
citai with Josef Levine at the piano 
Tlicse two fine musicians gave cx 
ccllcnl performances of a Handel 
Sonata and a new I'rokoffiev 
Sonata, which tlicy performed from 
manuscript. On first hearing this 
work sounded an ideal vehicle for 
Mr. Szigcti's amazing technique and 

Dean Douglas Clarke 
Dean Douglas Clarke of the 
Faculty of Music was heard with 
the McGill String Quartet and 
William Morton in a performance 
of Ralph Vaughn Williams' "On 
Wcniock Edge." Dean Clarke's play- 
ing was a model of simplicity, tonal 
beauty, and restraint. 

Charlotte Barrière 
At the ConsclVatoriuni 'a 'young 
planiste was hea^d In solo rocltol 
for the first time. Charlotte Bar 
riere presented ' an ambitious pro- 
gram including a . Bach English 
Suite, a Beethoven Sonata, and 
group ot shorter works by Chopin 
We can do no better than quote lier 
teacher Mr. Symons who was "both 
happy and satisAcd." 

❖ ❖ * 
Les Amis de L'Art wish to an 

nounce that their offices wUl'bd 
closed during July and August. 
Reservations will be taken for 
tickets to Les Concerts Symphoni 
ques from June 15, and Member 
ship, which Is only 2.')c, for tli 
season '48-'49, will open Septem 
ber 1. 

❖ •:• <• 

As a reward to those who hav 
plodded faithfully through this 
masfiive column, we make the fol 
lowing announcement. The MeGill 
Daily has asked that special tickets 
be made available to students for 
the open-air concerts taking place 
at Molson and Oclorlmier Stad 
lums. For more Information call 
Tlic Daily or the Features Editor 
(CA. 4552) a day or so before each 

Delectable Materialism 


Leonard R. 


End-of-tcrm time has always 
been party time. Successful students 
celebrate, crammers forget, and 
those who ot us didn't cram are 
drowning, to coin a phrase, our 

Quite recently I sampled several 
punch-bowls and numerous assort- 
ed concoctions and have come to 
the conclusion that modern elbow- 
benders should use a little less soda 
water and a little more ingenuity. 
What' is needed is someone with a 
galvanized stomach and an active 
imagination who will think up a 
few new recipes. Octinitcly now is 
the time for s-me good man to 
come to the aid ot the party. 

After some thought and consider- 
able experimentation. I have creat- 
ed the following original recipes, 
and offer them to the public as a 
small contribution to the coast-to- 
coast national hiccough. Each one 
is unconditionally guaranteed to af- 
fect your jaded palate in a manner 
that will astoiiiish you. 
SUNDAY FUNCII: Guaranteed to 
K.O. your friends. Serve In a glass 
jaw. To a gallon of any kind of 
ordinary punch add a gallon of 
cheap rye and halt a dozen sliced 
kumquats. It's not very novel but 
it's Ihc best way I know to cat 
kumquats. (It kumquats arc un- 
obtainable substitute* a gallon of 
cheap rye.) 

RU."»! FELLOW: Rum. water, and 
chipped ice. So called because it 
won't cause a rye face. A Souse 
American drink. 

gin. half sherry. Gives you a list 
to port. 

AI.OIIK COODItVi:: I'liir.ipple 
juiie and rye. i Do iwil ini.x in a 
metal container.) Willi tliis Haw- 
aiian drink you can have a hula- 
va good time. 

soda water, and beer In equal 
parts. Called "Mortician's Do- 
light" because of the beer. 

wine, "alcool," rye. Three glassts 
and it's "curtain!!^ you. 

gin. You can make a spectacle ot 
yourself with just two glasses. 

AIcdlLL DAILY: Half Scotch, half 
Rye. half lemon. Called "McGill 
Daily" bcc;ui.-o it's not red. 

MOLOTOV c;Oi;ivTAII.: Vodkn and 
cainied heal, half and iialf. Shake 
carefully, add t.^p. of Uranium, 
and step back. Guaranteed to put 
any jiarty over witli a bang 
•Tnd to rai.«o the spirits general- 
ly. Your gucst.s v.ill radiate hap- 
piness and go off smilini;. 

l"ltOG: Grog without tlie water, 
.\flcr n few you'll cniak. 

RKl) STAR I INAL (I'onialn 'lor- 
nartn): Equal part-s vodka, t.-ibas- 
co, and tomolo juice. After one 
you're Russian for another with- 
out any Sliilin. After a second 
you're Lenin An the bar. and 
after your third the -.vlinle rniim 
starts making Revolutions. (Not 
recommended for sickle people.) 

Frank E. Telfer Acliieves 
Objective o£ Early 'Aiiiuiar 

. students hurtyirtg'down to Rod- 
dick, Gates after.. an, agonizing 
search for. examination., results a 
fwe days ago were somewhat non- 
plusseS to sec a sign Licked on to 
the noice board announcing that 
the i947-.48- McGill - Annual was 
available. It is not known whether 
this- sets some soft of a record, 
however, distribulioa a.full 10 days 
before Convocation Day makes the 
51sl volume the càfllcst -Annual In 
the memory of this year's gradu- 
ates, and according to John Oullton, 
the managing editor, this feat was 
accomplished only by the cdter- 
mined efforts ot Frank E. Telfer, 
the Editor-in-Chlet, backed by an 
efficient staff. 

At the bcsinning of the 1947-48 
season the p&sition of Editor-in- 
Chief ot the "Annual" was still va- 
cant and most students, knowing 
the risk of academic failure that 
ha:3 too often accompanied this 
position, were not anxious to take 
on this responsibility. Finally, 
rdfer, who had been Assistant 

Sports Editor in 1!H5-4(1 and A.<?o- 
ciate Editor on the 1946-47 tsuc, 
volunteered nnd was appointed by 
the Students' Executive Commit- 
tee. Complete reorganization ot 
the annual year book -û'ith empha- 
sis laid on efficiency and early 

You J^cvcr Can Tell 

By M.G. Puvrez ' 

A telegram from the "Inter- 
European News Agency" was sent 
to the newspapers of HuutsipUiu, 
capital of the republic of Neobeo- 
tla, (Western Europe): 

"Vienna, February 30th, 1048, 2 
a.m.' Last night, in the village of 
Niederuberthalberg, Austria a fire 
destroyed a (arm belonging to the 
mayor, Herr Schnapz." 

Tlic morning edition of the news- 
papers of Huutsipluu related this 
news with perfect objectivity, and 
also adding some details in line 
with their general policies. 
The ".Neobeotlan Con.scrvatlve:" 

"Last night, a Russian patrol en- 
tered the American zone in Austria, 
without warning. They assaulted 
Ihc village ot Niederuberthalberg. 
The mayor, Herr Schnappz, imme 
dlately organized resistance with 
the help ot a handful ot citizens, 
all veterans from Nazi concentra- 
tion camps. In spite of the heroic 
action, the Reds set the village on 
fire, and it burned to the ground. 
The American occupation forces 
soon alerted, dispatched two fighter 
aircraft on the spot. As soon as the 
Reds saw this display ot American 
power, they fled in disorder, taking 
with them a hundred prisoner^ as 

"It is reported from Washington 
tliat very important people of the 
State. Department' have said, in an 
interview, that the. American Gov 

ernment will protest strongly 
against this new violation ot the 
Postdam Agreement." 
The "Neobeotlan Proletarian:" 

'•New acts of gangsterism by 
American Fascists in Austria. 
Following the numerous acts of 
gangsterism already reported by 
this newspaper, a new proof has 
been given of the fact that the 
United States considers Europe as 
her colony. The inhabitants ot the 
small village of Niederuberthal- 
berg, In Austria, were the victims. 
Three gangsters from the Ameri- 
can Forces have threatened the 
mayor, Herr Schnapz, with their 
res'olvers, forcing him to surrend- 
er the treasure ot the village .Xs 
only 25 Austrian Crowns (value 
0.02 cent) were found in the safe, 
the Fascist gangsters set fire to 
the village, which entirely burned 
to the ground. 

"The proletarians of all European 
countries have been shocked by 
this new act of terrorism, and 
everything indicates that with the 
help of the mighty Soviet Union, 
the peoples of Europe will soon 
free themselves from the yoke of 
American imperialism." 

The "Iluntslpluu Information" 
(no political opinion): 

"Yesterday at 2 p.m., a fire 
broke out in the 10,000 inhabitants 


publication was hk aim and by in- 
.sisting on rigid deadlines, without 
exceptions, he realized his objec- 

Ambitions , 

Kr.uik Telfer was born In Mont- 
real in 102a and entered McGill in 
1943 after attending West Hill and 
Westmount Higli Schools. Gradu- 
ating from the Science faculty this 
year his ambition Is to go on into 
the Medical faculty where he has 
made application for admission, 
but as yet has not had word ot his 
acceptance. Active on the campus, 
he ha.s been with the 'C.O.T.C. 
since 194.1 nnd the Red & ^Vhite 
Society from 1316-48. 

In accordance with tradition 
Tcifcr, as retiring £ditor-in-Chicfi 
will be adviser to next year's "An- 
nual" editor. 

city of Niederuberthalberg, in 
.^u.stria. Five minutes after the 
alarm 200 firemen were operating 
20 powerful motor pumps, which 
sucked the blue waters of the 
Danube, 10 miles from the scene. 
The blue waters were youred gen- 
erously upon the blaze. NcvcrtKe- 
less, the horror ot the scene com- 
pares with those of the London 
Fire in 1606. A great heroism had 
to be displayed to rescue 500 chil- 
dren who were in the school. Un- 
fortunately not one of tho 
whole city was left. The damages 
arc estimated to $2,000.000. Herr 
Schnapz. the mayor, was congratu- 
alted for tho brilliant conduct .of 
(Continued on Page U.) 




Costs Soar 

MonTreaT, THurFcîny, :^rav 2n, 19 

Sharp Increase in Lodging 
Fees for Students Announced 

The cost of education for students 
in the residences operated by the 
university climbed sharply last 
weelc as the authorities announced, 
•Villi reluctance and regret," In- 
ereaiei In board and lodging fees 
•t all residences with the exception 
ol Macdonald College. 

Increases are effective June 1 at 
the Peterson Residence for mar- 
ried veterans, Lachine, and Sept. 1 
at the other residences. They range 
in e^ftent from a low of about 15 
per cent to a high of about 43 per 

It was indicated yesterdny that 
board and lodging fees at Macdon- 
ald College would also go up. A 
definite announcement will come 
at a later date. 

Reason for the increases was the 
"steadily rising costs of food and 
other supplies." 

"It Is with great reluctance and 
regret that the Board of Governors 
finds this step to be necessary, but 
for two years the fees paid by the 
students have been Insufficient to 
cover the steadily rising costs of 
ft>od awl other supplies, as well as 
labor, and in view of the present 
Urge annual operating deficits the 
increase in rates is inevitable and 
In line with similar Increases nt 
other Canadian universities," an 
official release from Principal F. 
Cyril James said yesterday. 

The release said that "even the 
itiereases now put into effect will 
only Just be sufficient to allow the 
operation of these branches of tAe 
university to break even. Tliey will 
still enable students to get board 
and lodging cheaper than elsewhere 
in town." 

The smallest Increases appear to 
be those affecting married veterans 
at Lachine where the average in- 
crease is about 17 per cent. Vet- 
erans pointed out, however, that 
even this increase wiped out, in 
many eases, the benefit of recent 
Increases in their rehabilitation al- 
lowances. ■ 

The new scale of fees follows: 
Residence Present Hate New Hate 
Douglas Hall: (per session) 


Single Room $555 $700 

Double Hoom • f t • 

S13 «60 


Single Room: ...««t 47S 635 

Souble Room 438 595 


Single Room 438 600 

Double Hoom 3D8 S60 

Medicine IV: 

Single Boom 523 870 

Double Hoom 483 630 


Single Room 553 700 

Double Room ..... 913 ( 
Wilson Hall (per session) 

Single Room:** 468 625 

Double Room 428 585 


Single Hoom 433 505 

Double Room 393 933 

Douglas Annex (residence only per 


Single Room 18 30 

Double Room 12.50 13 

Royal Victoria ColIege(per session) 

Single Room 453 635 

Double Hoom 428 610 

Strathcona Hall (pe rsesslon) 

Single Room 403 

Double Boom 378 

Dormitory 343 

McLennan Hall (per session) 

Single Room 493 

Double Room 378 

Dawson College (per session) 
Single students; 

Science 225 

Engineering 215 


Science 260 

Engineering 245 

Married Students (per month) 

One Room .'. 70 

3 Rooms (1 child).. 80 
2 Rooms (2 children) 85 
Peterson Residence (per month) 
Married Veterans: 

One Room 

2 Rooms (1 child).. 
Rooms (2 children) 






2 Rooms (3 children) 
S Rooms (S children) 






New Institute 
Founded Here 

Among the many indications that 
the university is spreading and 
growing in influence is the pro- 
posed Personel Appraisal Institute 
which will be inaugurated this 
summer as part of the program in 
view of linking McGIll to the busi- 
ness community of Montreal. 

This venture, a strictly McGill 
Initiative and the first of its kind In 
Canada, promises to fill a long-felt 
need, proof of which are the 30-odd 
firms in Quebec and' Ontario which 
have made advance reservations for 
participation. _ 

Sponsored by the Department of 
Psychology and the School of Com- 
merce, the Institute will operate for 
two weeks commencing Jtme 14, 
and will have a seminar course in 
the Fall as a sequel. Dr. Edward 
C. Webster, lecturer and research 
worker in Industrial psychology, 
will conduct the summer school. 
Among the lecturers, all recognized 
authorities on psychology, will be 
Dr. Joseph Tiffin, professor of in* 
dustrlal psych' at Purdue Univer- 
sity; Dr. J. S. A Bois, consulting 
psychologist at the Université de 
Montreal; Dr. George A. Ferguson, 
assistant professor of psychology 
here, and Dr. Charles Keptner, 
Stevenson and XeUogg, Montreal. 

Sii* Wilfrid Laurier's Link 
With McGiU Commemorated 

Sir Wilfrid Laurier's links with 
McGill as a law student and with 
the Commonwealth as a statesman 
were commemorated recently by 
the unveiling of a bronze memorial 
plaque which was affixed to the 
front of Molson Hall, Arts Building. 

The ceremony took place in the 
presence of members of the Cana- 

May 25 Is Date of Women 
Graduates' Banquet in RVC 

(Chief Staff Writer) 

"We're doing everything we can 

to make it one of the outstanding 

events of the year for the Seniors," 
said Nancy McGill, Chairman of 
the committee for the Women 
Graduates' Banquet, when inter- 
viewed recently regarding this 
event The Banquet, to be held at 
6.30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 39, In 
the R.V.C. main dining. room, will 
feature Mrs. Crummy, President 
of the Canadian Federation of Uni- 
versity Women, as its guest speak- 

Mrs. Crummy, whose place of re- 
sidence is Vancouver, will be 
travelling in Eastern Canada during 
the latter part of May. so the com- 
mittee felt it should take advantage 
of this opportunity to plresent her 
to the McGill women graduates of 
'48 as their guest speaker. 

In addition to this speaker, others 
will address the gathering. It is 
not yet known who is to give the 
valedictory, but, the cIass;,prophecy 
will be presented^ Iq» -Peggy- iTean 
Ross, Presidp.iit^,qf4hCR.y-.C..fourth 
year students." ' Jôah'Râdléy, next 
year's President of the Women's 

Union, will speak to flie graduating 

The Banquet will be open to all 
women graduates, including stu 
dents of the Graduate School of 
Nurses and the School of Physio 
therapy. Women completing de 
grees in post*graduate training, 
that is, those who are to receive 
their Masters' degrees, are Just as 
eligible as those who arc to receive 
their Bachelors' degrees. 

During the weeks when exams 
have been the main problem of 
most students, the committee has 
had to find the time to make ar 
rangements for the Banquet— plans 
for such details as decorations, 
place cards, speakers and invita' 
tions. The hour of starting was pur 
posely made early in the evening, 
so that those who wish to go to Bel- 
mont Park may do so after the Ban 

To cover the cost of the Banquet, 
a charge of 25 cents per person 
will be made. 
.. Nancy McGill expressed the hope 
of the committee that all 379 
wonicn to receive invitations will 
find it possible to attend on TueS' 
day evening, 


Old McGilV 
Now Available 

1.40 tl.65 1.85 

,*'REMEMBER HER" with luxurious, 
nylon stockings by Gotham Goldstripe, 
Orient, Kayser or Corticellt The., smart 
Lindor shops present complete selec- 
tions in the most alluring colors — in all 

Wr&ppedin tHe Silver. Lindor Box 


lies ST. cATHiamc w. 
3«u MAtsoN mm 

KM PARK AVmUl , , 

iTH mm Di^Mi w. 
tits ST. NusntT irrtiir 

1612 m. ROYAL AVI. I. 

400» wuiNeroN it. 


Tour neatttt Lindor Shop, ITS St. Ctttacrlat W., cor. McCUl CeU«(* Ave. 

by McGill members of the Senate 
and House of Commons October 6, 

The building to which the 
plaque has been affixed is the 
one in which Sir Wilfrid delivered 
the valedictory address of the class 
of 1864. Excerpts from this address 
indicate the larger views of citi- 
zenship and service which animat- 
ed the great statesman's life. 

He saw Canada peopled by the 
members of two great races, living 
In harmony and making a growing 
contribution to the world at large. 
His gratitude to his professors was 
voiced in terms of esteem and af- 

Sir Wilfrid's student career was 
marked by leadership, particularly 
in the realms of literature and de- 
bating: His keen and analytical 
mind made its mark on the campus. 
To this day debating is one of the 
major extra*currlcular activities on 
the campus. 


dian and University Senates, House 
of Commons, Provincial Legisla- 
tures, Board of Governors of the 
University, university staff and re- 
presentatives of the University staff 
and Alumnae as'well as Graduates' 

Officiating was the Ottowa Sen 
ate Speaker. Hon. J. H. King. Chief 
Justice OrviUe a Tyndale, Chan- 
cellor of the University, officially 
received the plaque on behalf of the 

nie plaque, which Is the gift of 
McGill graduates In the Senate and 
House, replaced the token wood 
plaque which was presented to the 
University by the late Senator 
Raoul Dandurand, associate of Sir 
Wilfrid Laurier, at a ceremony 
commemorating the 100th annivers' 
aiy of the birth of the great Cana' 
dian stateeman and McGill gradu- 
ate, held, in the Sir Arthur Cuirie 
Memorial Gymnasium-Armory on 
November 20, 1941. when Hon. C. G. 
Power, then Minister for Air, gave 
the conunemorative address. 

The words on the plaque read as 
follows:. "To commemorate the life 
and work of the Right Honorable 
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, G.CM.G^ P.C, 
K.C., LL.D., graduate of the Facul- 
ty of Law of this university 1864, 
Member of the House of Commons 
of Canada, 1B74-1919, Prime Minister 
1896-1911. this tablet was presented 

Grads Report 
On Enrolment 
Record Year 

The 91st McGill Annual, "Old Mc 
Gill '48," is hot off the presses and 
more attractive than ever, for 
which Frank Telfer, cdltor-in-chief, 
and John Oulton, managing editor, 
are to be congratulated. 

The 'piece de resistance' is the 
message of Principal Dr. Cyril F. 
James, to the 1,500 students gradu 
ating this year, in which he ro' 
commends that they liold fast to 
those fundamental principles for 
which we and our forefathers have 
repeatedly fought." 

In his message to the students. 
Dr. James expresses his hope "that 
you will always be wise enough to 
keep your breadth of vision and to 
recognize the danger of narrow- 
minded specialization . . . Those 
men and women . . . whose only 
claim is expert knowledge of a 
special field will not satisfy the 
world's need for outstanding men 
and women," he said. 

Chancellor Chief Justice Orville 
S. Tyndale urges the graduates "to 
perform your chosen or allotted 
task to the best of youp ability; to 
devote as much of your time as 
possible to public service, and 
finally, to face your problems with 
good humor and a valiant heart." 
He adds that "by so doing, you 
will, whatever happens in the out- 
side world, enjoy at least that 
inner sense which comes to those 
who are conscious of having done 
their best." 

A special tribute is also paid G. 
H. "Finnle" Fletcher, Secretary- 
Treasurer of the Students' Society 
who is retiring after 25 years of 
service, and who will receive on 
Convocation Day the fifth honor- 
ary M.A. to be conf eixed by < the 
University. "Fiiinie has not .only 
been secretary-treasurer of the 
SX.C, but also a wise counsellor to 
all, especially the many worried 
executives of the campus clubs and 
societies," reads the caption. "His 
fripndly smile and bright sense of 
humour have made him one ot the 
most loved and most approachable 
figures on the campus.^ The staff of 
the Daily know how true these 
words are, and woidd like to ex- 
press their sincere gratitude, to 
Finnic and best wishes in the years 
to coma. 

The Montreal Branch of - the 
Graduates* Society has the highest 
membership in its history, it was 
reported by Drununond Birks, 
chainhan of the Membership' Com- 
mittee. Out of 6,000 graduates re- 
siding in the Montreal area, he said, 
some 2,400 will be registered mem' 
bers by the end df this month. 

Itis estimated that there are ap 
proxbnately 17,000 Jiving graduates 
throughout the Commonwealth and 
other parts of the world, of whom 
5,722 are registered with the Gradu 
ates' Society, and an additional 
3,000 have submitted application 
forms for membership. The Alum 
nae Society is also at its highest 
enrolment, with a registered 500 
members out of a possible of 1,900 

At the same meeting, which was 
held under the chairmanship of 
Leslie N. Buzzell, Mr. Buzzell re 
ported that an estimated 40,000 
undergraduates and graduates 
will be looking for employment this 
summer throughout the Dominion. 
Of these, he said, 1,200 are at HcGiU 
seeking summertime Jobs— they are 
veterans who must obtain summer 
employment in order to complete 
their studies. 

Mr. Buzzell also informed the 
meeting that a new administrative 
plan for the Montreal branch of the 
Society is being organized whereby 
members at large will be able to 
have a greater and more direct 
share in determining policies of the 
Graduates' Society. 

Changes Are 
Made Knoivn 
In Psychology 

The announcement of the resig- 
nation of Dr. H. E. Hoff and the 
appointment of an associate pro- 
fessor and an assistant professor of 
psychology were made following a 
meeting of the Board of Governors 
last April 11 Dr. Hoff, Joseph Mor- 
ley Drake professor of physiology, 
has accepted a major appointment 
In his native country, the United 

Dr. Julian M. Blackbunu the new 
associate professor of psychology, 
holds a B.SC. degree from the Uni- 
versity ot London (England) and 
a Ph.D. degree from Cambridge. 
He will relinquish his present post 
at the University of London short- 
ly, and will assume his new duties 
here at the Pall session. . 

The now assistant professor of 
psychology. Dr. H. Enger Rosvold, 
who obtained a B.A. degree from 
the University of Alberta; and 
M.A and Ph.D. degrees from Stan- 
ford University, will also assume 
his duties in September. The de- 
partment ot psychology at McGill 
is now regarded as one ot the out- 
standing departments on the con' 

Dr. Hoff Lea\ing 
Dr. Hoff, who is a native of 
Seattle, Washington, has been 
named professor of physiology and 
chairman ot^ the department at 
Baylor University College of Medi- 
cine at Houston, Texas. He came 
to McGill in December, 1942, from 
the Yale University School of 
Medicine, where he was an asso- 
ciate professor ot physiology. 

Dr. .A. M. Fraser has resigned as 
assistant professor of pharmacology 
to become professor of pharma- 
cology at Dalhousie University. 
Two other resignations are those 
of Dr. G. D. Denton, jr.. as lecturer 
in bacteriology and Mrs. B. M. 
Smith as demonstrator in physio 

other Appointments Made 
Dr. E. M. Cooper and Dr. A. S, 
MacDonald have been appointed 
lecturers in surgery. Kenrick L. S. 
Gunn has been named a sessional 
lecturer 'in physics. H. T. Moffat 
and G. H. N. Towers have been 
made student demonstrators, and 
John T. Henderson named special 
lecturer in graduate evening 
courses In communication engin 

Paul C. Borle has been made a 
demonstrator in electrical engin 
eering. Fred Moore and Murray 
Heslam were named demonstrators 
in physiology. Elaine Wade was ap 
pointed teacher in primary depart 
ment in the School for Teachers. 

Dr. E. A. Blumenfeld has been 
named a lecturer in health and 
social medicine. 

McGillites Attend 
SCM National Meet 

Two McGill students are among 
the four elected to represent Mont- 
real at the annual meeting of the 
National Council of the Student 
Christian Movement, which started 
Saturday and will last until May 32 
iodusive. In Guelph. Ont 

They are Robert Wild, president, 
and Vincent Goring, of the McGill 
Chapter of the SCM. The other two 
are Sir. George Williams College 
students:^ William MacAulay and 
Denman Tennock, respectively pre- 
sident and vice-president of the 
Sir George chapter. 

The National Council, the policy- 
making body of the movement, is 
returning to the scene of its birth 
for this meeting. It was organized 
In Guelph in 1920. There are chap- 
ters in 17 Canadian universities and 
colleges, including the two in Mont- 

In order to discover how the 
movement can witness more effec- 
tively in the universities, a number 
of commissions will study evangel- 
ism, ecumenical affairs and poll- 
tics. Projects to be discussed in- 
clude assistance to students in Eu- 
rope and the Far East. 

Dr. J. S. Thomson, president of 
the University of Saskatchewan, is 
chairman of the council. The move- 
ment is a member ot the World's 
Student Christian Federation, which 
binds together CbrisUan atudents 
in' over 40 countries. 




Wm. M. HALL & CO. 

, Rts'd, 
mcphout HArqnstta 12SS 
«t MeGUI St. Haauesl 


U N C T U A L 



wishes all graduating 
students success in their 
new ventures ond to 
those students returning 
next session a happy well- 
earned holiday. 



"Ruth iobs ore $tiU a fieetfache' 

. LA. 7 18 8 

Dixon, Claxton^ Senecal, 
TurnbiiU &.MitcheU 

Barrlston and SoUciton 

S. O. Dixon. KJC 
Jacques Senseal, K.Ç 
Hugh H. TurnbuU,- K.C. 
James £. MitcheU. K.a 
John F. Stairs 
Emmett P.^Maloney 
E. W. Rowat 

Hon. Brooke Claxton, K.C MJ>. 

•. • ». 




InJiscrvIo Pcrlumc, 
horn I .'>0 

/nriiscrcl.. Ihnhiui Powrfo/, 


Indiiciulv Co/ogne, 
from 1.50 



Perfect from a boy frienil . : . perfect from a 
best iiciend . , . perfect from a favorite relative . ; ; 
Lucien Lclong perfumes to make every occasion as 
gala as graduation day! Infiisrrctc, TaiUpin and 
Sirocco in working .your -way. through •college to 
rich •uncle eizes. - , o ' " " . 

Indiacrete Perfiuns from ^2*^^ 

Indiscrete Dusting Powder ^2."" 

Indiscrete Cologne from 5 J ^50 

Tic Tac Toe (Lipstick Tno)..*l,50' 

Scott, Hugessen, Macklaier 
Chisholm & Hyde 

Advocatu. Barrlitets and SoUeitors 

Aldred Building, S07 Place d'Armes 

W. B. Scstt. K£. 
Hon. A. K. Uuftuea. R.C. 
W. r. MadcUlw. K.& 
-. -John r. Chlshefan. Xjc 

G. hVAXti Hyda ' 

H. Larratt Smjth 

H. Weir DivU / 
James P. AnslU) 
Peter M. Latng 
" Hichard D. Weldon 
E. Jacques Courtois 

& KER 

Atfveceitt, Borr/iitrs and Sal/c/lera 
The Royal Bank Bldg« 3iOSt.JainMSI.tMb 

Geo. H. MontKomery. X.C. 
nobert C. McMiebaâl X.C. i 
Frank B. Common. K.C. i , , 
Thomai R. Ker, K.C. I 
Wllbcrt H. Howard. K.C. ' 
Lionel A. Forsyth, Ka ' j 
Eldrldga Gale. K.C. . , 
C. Ruisell MeXcnzle, X.C; 
Paul Gauthier 

J. Leigh Bishop . • 

Claude S. Richardson. XXU 
J. Angus Oeilvle, K.C. .■ 
F. Campbell Cops ; 
John Gr. Porteeus. K.C. 
Hazin Hintard. K.C. 
John de M. Mirier > 
CeorEc S. Challies j 
Geo. II. Montgomoy, Jr. ' - ' 
Andre Forget 

Thomas H. Montgomery > 

R. Wilson Becket 

Paul F. Renault 

Brock P.„Clwke..^ . 

John G. KlrkpatrlekT^'^K. ; ; ■ 


U de M to Expand 
English Courses 

The Introduction ot a aeries of 
courses ranging from English phil- 
ology, and Shakespeare seminars to 
the history, ot Engliah7cIvllization 
and studies of the contemporary 
English and American novel has 
been announced by the. Université 
de Montreal u a part ot Its expan- 
slon program' In 4he study ot Anglo 
Saxon literature^ 

Candidates having a B.A. with- 
out a major in English will be re- 
quired to take prerequisite courses 
during one preliminary year and 
pass qualifying tests. The graduate 
courses are planned for a four- 
year cycle and will be conducted 
by live English professors. 

The subjects, to be spread over 
12 hours weekly, will also Include 
Can'adian authors of English ex- 
traction, it was announced. 


•r . ,. - .. .. 

- WEDNESDAY, ]\IAY 26, 1948 

9.30 A.M. Academic Procession 
1 0. 1 5 A.M. Convocotion . 

followed by. Tree Planting^ 

In the afternoon the Prinelpol ond Mrs. Jome* will entertoin ot o Gorden Party in honour of the members of the Groduoting 
Qoss.' Thosa -invited to attend, ore the members of the Graduating Class, their Parents ond/or Wives, the Professors^ the 
Assoclote Professor* ond Assistant Professors of the Staff of the University. 

An invitation cord from the Prinelpol which will serve as a ticket of admission to the Garden Party has been mailed to 
the Cfty'oddrMs of' ovary member of the Groduotlon Clou'by the Convocation AcHvlties Committee.' This ticket of 
admission mutt be presented at the Gate. 


Montreal. Thursday, May 20, 1018. 


Page Fivw... „ 

Over 1500 Will Receive Degrees Next Wednesday 

Medals Awards 
To Graduates 

The namci of over 1500 
itudenti who will have de- 
grecs conferred upon them ot 
next Wednesday's Convoco- 
tion were released last eve- 
ning by The Senate of the 
University following a meet- 
ing at which the largest grad- 
uating class in McGill's his- 
tory went on record. 

The final figure for the 
1948 list of graduates, which 
includes all faculties and 
schools, will top last year's 
, record of 1,075 by at least 
500, and will represent an 
all-time high for the Univer- 

Included in the list was an 
announcement of the students 
who were awarded medals. 
The pictures of the top award- 
winners will be found else- 
where on this page. 
|, The following tabulation 
' names all the students who 
hove met all the requirements 
of their respective faculties 
and are thereby entitled to 
receive degrees from the Uni> 


nACItKMm IIP .XnCIIITECTURK, I.oiiis EuRcne. Pnil-nr- 
Rpain. Tnniriiiri: Dcsbarati, Guy, FK-'Ui- 
rppairr. Que, 'llir Royal Arcluirtiiiral 
Instjiiilc nf C.iiiari.i Mrdal; f"i.i>rr, 
Kohcil ^"l.lllci^. Koit Willi.ini. Ont; 
Cîravtl. I.oii:^ .Io,in-Mai ir. .Mmilical: 
Lj^arnvilr. Maiinrl. M"Mlrr,il; l.riii- 
Icijx. .Marilvn Drxlrr [iol^oi l-tm iMi '.l, 
Montreal; l.iikc, Aim Kli/.iliuli, Mom- 
real West: .McLean, Jonathan Malcolm, 
Aylmcr Eait, Que, 


ITojlrn, Kaiika Hrlcna, New Ynrlr. 
N.Y., The Llcutcnant-Cflvernor> M' - 
rial lor the >tudei)l with the hlclic^t 
»tandlni! In the liraduatini; year, ilir 
IIURh McLennan Memorial Travclljn: 
Fcholanhip, the Louli nobcrtson Pn/c 
111 Design, honors In Archltectmr; 
Fiertin, .Martin Roiibcn, .Montreal; 
lownsend. Sydney Arthur, Union Hill. 
Jamaica; Wietman. Orahm, Montreal, 


Albert, Louis Adolf, Oiitreinnnl; 
Argiie. Tliomas Alan. Montreal; Arm- 
Ftinnc. Doiicla!; Lyman. 
honors tit Mechanical Enslneerlng; 
Audrt. Jacques, MontreaL 

Ilallry, Edward Elston. Verdun; Bar- 
rett, Francis James, Riverside. .N.B.; 
Beaudct, Gerard Joseph Arthur. Mont- 
real: Bilodeau, Joseph Itodriqiic 
narqucs, Quebec, P.Q.; Blair, Gordon 
\HW)crt, Montreal; Blake. Harold 
Tli(im.i9, WlnnlpcR. Man.; Blancliflcld. 
nirharil Joseph. .Montreal, University 
Scliolai. Canadian I'acific Ilailwav 
5cMolarililn. Insliliile of 
('anada Prije for Mijl\ Slandins; 
Blaiier, Aaron.; Boris, 
Ilolicrt BrnjamiM. Oiilioinont. I'liivcr- 
^ iv Scholar, honor* m riiRineorini; 
ri \.»ic>; Boulais, .lean-.lacque':. Mont- 
n.d; Bourke. Gcorcr .Mitchell. We.>t- 
n-.niinl; Bowie. Boliert Ali'\antler, 
Montreal: Brounli. James nutlodce. 
Nf vv I.i.'keard, Ont.; Bryan.' Stephen 
K ir, Verdun; Bryant. Cliarlen Arthur. 
.S'.iucoc. Ont.; Bnlaiko, Cvnl. Mont- 
real; Bullcr, Cordon Mackav. St. 
Genevieve, Que., honors in Civil £n> 

Camphrll, Doiiula» John. New York. 
N Y.; Campbell. Doiislas Keith Mc- 
I.ellaii. Halifax. .\.S : Cnrrulhers, 
Graham Boboit^on, Montreal WcflJ 
Carrulhcr». John Badclitfc Bertram, 
Montreal West; Cayford, Ilalph Harrelt, 
Montreal; ChatnpaKnc. Iloccr. Mont- 
real; Chant. Baymond Earlc, MacGrc- 
cor. .Man.: Christmas, Walter Ivan 
Wynn-Ellls, We.stmount; Coales, Don- 
ald Krancls. Montreal, 'Rhodes Scholar, 
y University .Scholar, honors In Civil En- 
■ycincerins; Collier, Robert Douslas. 
Wcstmount, EncineerlnK UnderRrad- 
tiatc Society Third PrUe for Summer 
Essay; Connolly. Robert Edward, 
Westmount: Cook, Christopher Georce, 
Klontreal, honors in Mechanical En- 
Cineerins: Cooper, Cecil Benedict, St. 
John's, Nfld.; Cooper. Ross Malcolm, 
Montreal, honors In Chemical EnRl- 
neerlns; Corcoran. Gordon Alfred, 
Ottawa; Coscrove, Jame.t Emeri-, Mont- 
real; Couilhtry, Douslas Cameron. 

Montreal; Culton, Joseph Bcrnhard, 

Dilkln. Robert Slain^by. Weslmotinl; 
Dccarie. Guy Jioger. Montreal, honors 
in Civil Knàlnecrini;; De Lory, fied- 
erick Anthony. neorRctown. P.E.I.; 
Denovan. John DouRlas, Outremonl: 
Dion. .Martin Laurence. ChlcaRO; Dit- 
knlskv. Harry. Montreal; Dohr.n. John 
Tiinnuns. Westmount: Dore.v. John 
David. Westmount: Diinika. Joseph. 
.•\rroahead. Alta : Diiplii.-. Joseph Vi- 
tal Yves, gueher. P.Q.; Dye. Robert 
Georce. South Porcupine. Ont., honors 
In .Mechanical KncinccrhiK. 

Ednards. Frank Harry, LonRtieuil: 
Elliott. Edwin Webster. BridRetown. 
N.S.; Ewlns. Kenneth Harry. Windsor. 


ranjov. William Dav.d. North S\d- 
ncv. .N'.S : Fel.son. Raymond Murray. 
.Montreal; Ferley. 7.rnon Michael. Win. 
nipcï. Man ; Finn. John Bichard, 
Mnr.treal; Fitch, Val LoRsdon. Gordon. 
.Neb.: Flelcher, Jolin Grant. .Montreal 
West: Flrlt. l.r-ter Charles. St. 
John s. Nlld : For>yih. Clark Henry, 
r.icrnuiih. NS; Franklin, Edward 
Arthur, Bio cle Janeiro. 

Cardam. Clive Maurice, Montreal: 
Gcller, Bernard. .Montreal; Glacomin, 
Peter Dominic, Montieal; GlRuere. 
Guyncmer Tollendal, Montreal; Gill. 
Robert James, .Montreal West; Gould. 
Keith Porter, Montreal; Green Robert 
Stuart, Hampstead: Grcrnbauin, Joseph 
Montreal: Crooine, Lionel Henry, 

Iladdad. Victor Alexander, Rawdon, 
Que.; Hadlcy. Henry .Moffat, Verdun: 
Hale, Edward Chaloner. Montreal: 
Hardman. Laurie Edward, Montreal; 
llaring. N'orman Franklin, .Montreal: 
Harrison. Reclnald Henry, Montreal: 
Heron. William Kenneth, Asbestos, 
Que., honors In Mechanical Enslneer- 
iiii:; Hobson. Percy, Montreal: Holll- 
dav, J.ispcr William, Westmount; How- 
ard. Donald William, Montreal, honors 
in Electrical EnRlnecrlnR; Howe. John 
Worcester. Ottawa; Howell, ' Allison 
Brant. Boi<sevain, Man.: Howley, 
Michael Francis, St. John's. Ntld.: 
Humphrey, Frederick Charles,, Ottawa; 
Huu, Joseph Patrick, MontreaL 

Inniss, nichard Edwin Knollys, Port- 
of-SpaIn, Trinidad, 

.lain. Piiril.sholtain I,al. Darhal Jub- 
hiilpore. Indl.i; Jansen. Gerald Francis. 
.Montreal; Jclfers. Klvin Nathaniel. 
.New Haven. Conn : Jeffrey. Douglass 
Bruce. Montreal; Johnston. Bruce Fra- 
ser. .Montreal; John.-ton. Granville 
Raymond. San Juan. Trinidad. Uni- 
versity Scholar; Jnne?. Kenneth llou- 
«rd. Slontreal; Jone.s. .Morns Ross. 
.Montreal: Jukes, Christopher Ewart, 
Saanlchton, B.C. 

Kemp. John Patrick Gordon. Mont- 
real; Kenyon. I.lovd Perkins. .Mont- 
ieal. the Robert For.syth Pri?e in 
Strencth nf .Materials and Theory of 
Siructures. honors in Civil Enslncer- 
ini;; Kilbertus. .Michael. .Montreal; 
Kmc. John Charles Alwvn llallowef. 
.Noilli Tonawanda, .N.Y.: Knechl. John 
Fdward. Town of .Mount Royal; Koch, 
Donald Erncît. . Westmnunl; Kofman. 
Arthur, Montreal; Kubina, Stanley 
James. Montieal. 

I.aniarehe. Matthieu. Montreal; 
rirv. Peter Corv. We.'tmounI; Lan^evin. 
Jacques. Outremnnt; LaiiR-ner, Law- 
rence Lyon. Outremonl: Layne, Geof- 
frey Francis Peter. Quebec. P.Q.: 
Lefcbvrc, Joseph Guy. Beauporl. P.Q.; 
Lcmaistre. Edward Benjamin. AycriSRc 
(Mcch ). Town of .Mount Royal; Le.-lie. 
James St, John. ArlinRlon. .Mass.; Levy. 
William David, Westmount; LimoRC.». 
Paul Francis. Montieal: Lindsay, 
Charles Gordon, Gaspe, P.Q.; Lind- 
say. Robert John. Westmount; Luptt, 
.Mclvln, Outrcmont. 

Maennucall. Bernard John Robert. 
Montreal; MacKean. Lloyd Thomas. 
Liverpool. N.S.; Mackey. Cordon An- 
drew. Westmount, British Association 
.Medal, honors In Civil F.nRlncerlnc; 
Mel.aiidress, Donald HiiRh. WinnipcR. 
.Man.; .McLauchlln, Duncan Patrick. 
Marluit'oun. Ont.; MacLeaii, William 
Goirion. Winnlpcc. Man.; Madore. Guy 
Walter. .Montieal; .Mahon. Robert 
Weathcrill. Westmount: Mills. Jack 
William Clilford, .Montreal: Monahan. 
Almas William. Berlin.; Mood.v, 
llayward Stickle. Montreal: Moreau. 
J. Urbain: St. Louis du Hal Hal. P.O.; 
MorRan, Lloyd. Victoria. B.C.; Morris, 
GcnrRr ReRlnald, Montreal; Mustlll, 
Leslie Gordon, Montreal. 

Nelson, Allan noedler, CIuny,|AUs. 

Olsen, Kaare. Montreal:"''o'Neil. 
Robert Stuart. Weitmeunt; Ornilein, 
William, Outremonl.: 

Painc, Edward Earl, Town of Mount 
Royal; Palmer. Edward Henry Peter, 
Westmount: Palmer. Hedlcy Charles. 
Elmsdalc. P.E.I.; Parker. Cerald Fran- 
cis, Verdun; Patterson. lIURh John 
Trevor. Montreal; Poltcven. Louis Mer- 
rill. Montreal; PrezlosI, Frederick Wi|. 
liam. Montreal; Purdy, Cart David, 
Truro, US, \ 

Radcllffe, Kenneth John, Montreal 
West; Rae, Allan Clarence, Montreal: 
Rethoret, Ralph Holland, Montreal: 
Richardson, Kent Newman, Montreal: 
Riley, Robert SVinford, WlnnipcR, Man.; 
Riley. William Joseph. Toronto. Ont.. 
EnRlneerinR UnderRraduate Society 
Second Prize for Summer Essay, hon- 
ors In Mechanical EnRlneerinR; Rln- 
dress, Horace Grant, Halifax, honors in 
Civil EnRlneerinR: IWtcey, Glenn Chal- 
nieis. .Middlelon, N.S., lienors In Me- 

chanical EnRlneerinR; Ritz. Morton. 
.Montreal; Rivet. Jean Gerard, Mont- 
real; Robb, Gordon Alexander, Mont- 
real: RoRcrs. James Terence, West- 
mount. lUiti*h Association Medal, 
honors in Mcchnnical EnRlneerinR; 
RoRcrs. Patrick Frank. .Montreal; Ros- 
enberR. David Jack. .Montreal; Roth, 
Sam. .Montreal; Row, Ronald Victor, 
Beloeil Station, P.Q., British Associa- 
tion Medal, honors in Electrical Ensi- 

Savate, James Chriitie, Westmount, 
.Montreal Branch. American Society 
for Metnls Prize; Shama. Arthur 
Joseph. Charlotlelown. P.E.I.; S'mythe, 
William Siddall, .Montreal; Somer- 
ville. Thomas Aymer. Weslinnunt: 
Spencer. Colin Alexander. Montreal. 
Enslnecrlns UndcrRradualc Society 
First Prize for Summer Essay; Spen- 
cer. John David, Beauharnots, P.Q.; 
Stachiewicz, Julius Waclaw. West- 
mount, honors In Mechanical EnRlneer- 
inR; Stairs. Colin Mackenzie, Mont- 
real: Stairs, Denis Webb. Pointe 
Claire. P.p., University S'chotar. Brit- 
ish Association .Medal, honors in Kn- 
cinccrlnR Physics: Staniforth, Wil- 
liam Donald, Westmount: Stevens, 
James Barton, Monclon, N.B.; Stym, 
Peter, Rouyn, P.Q.; Swilzman. John, 
Montreal: Sylvia, Harold Clifford, 
Town ot Mount Royal. 

Tanse.s', Peter James. Montreal; Tay- 
lor, Jack Richard. WmnipcR. .Man.; 
Taylor, John Tillard Meadows, l.ym- 
InRtnn. Hants. EiiRland. honors in 
.MinlnR EnRlneerinR; Terroux. Robert 
Jacques. Valois. P.Q: Townsend. David 
Leonard, Westmount: Trailer. Frank 
Mentor, Laclilne. P.Q.; Trcpanlcr, 
Gilles, Sherbrooke; Tucker. Henry 
Joseph. St. John's. Nfld.; Tyler. Wil- 
liam John Lyie, Montreal West. 

Vandray, Carl Wallace, Waltham. 

Ward. William Thomas. Montreal: 
Watson. Elinor Rosanna, St. Lambert: 
Winthrop. Stanley Oscar, Montreal; 
WIseblatt, Lazare, Montreal: WIttcs, 
Simon, Montreal; Wolfe, Norman. 
Montreal, honors In Chemical En- 
elncerinc; Wood. William Renfrev.- 
Mulr, Outremonl; Woodcock, John 
George Nelson, Montreal. 


Harbison, Irene Dorothy, West Phila- 
delphla. Pa. 
Melanson, Mary Teresa, Balhurst, 


Papanrk, Rudolph Joseph, Montreal. 

MASTFU OF sciF.Nrr; 
Anili'Vson. GeorRC Gcollrey, St. 
John's. Nfld. 

narulrk. Audicw Joyce. Mimlreal; 
Boyle, Willard SlerlinR. Montieal. 

Coldwell. Blake Burcess. Port Wil- 
liams. ,N.S'.: Crook. Helen Gertrude, 
Ayer s Cliff. P.Q.; Cure, Charles Wil- 
liam, .Martinsville, Ind. 

Dso, 1.1-l.lanR. ^M.D,. ChungkinR. 
China: Dufrcine, Cyrille. B.A., 
B.A.Sc. Quebec. P.Q.; Durrclt, Wln- 
f.eld Booth. Macdonald CollcRe, P.Q. 

Forhs. Anita .Marion. Montreal tPar- 
asitoloRy ). 

(îaiilhler, Fernand .M.. ste. Anne de 
la Pocatiere. P.Q.; Gcrvais. Paul. Lcn- 
no.wille. P.Q ; Gold. Allen. .Montreal; 
Goldfarb. Lionel, .Montreal. 

ilardiviek, David Francis. Campbell- 
Ion. N.B.; Hcnrikion, Arnc. Nelson, 


Jardine, John McNaIr, Sussex, 'N,B. 

Klpklr, GoorRc Frederick. M.D.. CM.. 
RcRlna. Sask.; Kwlcclnska, Hanna 
Maria, Montreal. > 

L'Esprranrr, Robert Louis. Montreal; 
Locan. R.ilph Andre, Montreal. 

.Me.Mllster. Arnold Lloyd, Sussex, 
N.B.; .MacLean. Angus AliRUstinc, 
Riverside. N.B.: Manl. K. V., 'Travan- 
core. India: Maurer, Alfred Robert, 
Victoria, B.C.f Miller, Saul. .Montreal; 
Milletle,' Jean Francois' Gerard. Mac- 
donald College. P.Q.; Mulligan, Robert. 
Stautfer, Alberta. ^ 

Nrlsott, William Arnold, Lethbridge, 
Alberta. • 

Perclval. Waller Laurln. Quebec. 
P.Q.: Prado, Eline Sant'Anna, Sao 
Paulo, Brazil. 

Robinson, Dean Bmindy. cffarlotlc- 
town. P.E.I. ; Routlv. Paul .McRae. 
Montreal: Ruyter, Sally Ann, Paw- 
tuckcl, R.I. 

Smith, Alan Rnbinton, Vancouver. 
B.C.; Speakman, Thomas John. Field. 
B.C.: stalker. Archibald .MacSween. 
.Montreal; Sleppler, Howard Alvcy, 
Mordcn, .Man. 



Donald Bayley, Darlen 

Van Horn, William Fitch, Bedford, 

Wagner. Sydney, Montreal; Webb. 
James I.aurence. Halifax: Wener. 
Joseph, Montrnt; Whttinc, Francis 
Beaumont, Vancouver, B,C, 

nourne, James Douglas, Montreal, 
fiersovllz, Benjamin, Montreal. 

Halt, James Stonely, Johannesburg, 
Soutli Africa.. 

Sludcnt:; may come .md studcni.s inny kg. bilt 
there are those people who rcm.iin in tlic memory 
of those who knew them and worked with them. 
For over a qunrlcr of a century the studcni.s n( 
McGill have known a man who was devoted to 
them, and whose memory will linger long in the 
hearlR of those who worked with him. Such a man 
was G. H. (Finnic) Fletcher wlio is retiring as sccrc- 

l.-iry of the McGill Union thi.s In .npprrcNilioii 
of FInnic's Xrlcnd.ihip. four people who woikcd 
with liim for yens liavo presented him with 
n «ift as their p.-irtinR ficsturc. Pictured .tbovc from 
left to right arc Finnic, with iVIrs. J. Alllism, George 
Fnster, SIlss Ileaslcy and Josh Booth, all of the 
Union staff, who prcjcnlcd him with the' elfi. 

(Photo by Peter Hall.) 

Krmmrll, Francis Weldon, ChlcaRo. 

.Mnnre, W.lliam John .M\Ics. Victoria. 

I'avlasek, Tomas Jan ï"rantl.<ck. 

Rajii. B. SadaMva, .Mysore City. 
South India. 

Van llolsbeefc, Henry Arthur Marte, 
Brussels, Belgium. 


Amyoi; Denis Edouard ioscph, Tis- 
dnlc. Sask.; Compton, Neil Marriott, 
.Montreal; Cox, Robert Warburton, 
Montreal: Cnyic, James John, Char- 
lotlelown, P.E.I.: Forgays. Donald 
Gabriel. .Mount Vernon, N.V.: Gold- 
berg, William. Montreal: Gnttheil, 
Edward. .Montreal; Guardo. Lea Car- 
incla, Montreal. 

Johnston, Palrlcl.i Marie. Montreal; 
Kidd, Dorothv Jean. London. Ont.; 
McOuat. Donald Fraser, Sherbrooke, 
P.Q.; Matlheis, Mary Catherine, Eric, 
Pa ; Oduher-Quiros. Daniel, San Jose, 
Ccsta Rica; O'.NclU, Thomas Lionel 
Bland, Quebec. P.Q.: Poionoff, Irving 
Ivan. 'Montreal; Willis. Edith Blair, 
Washington, D.C. 

Agullar-Miiwdsley, Andres. Caracas. 
Venezuela: Cawadlas. . Constant inc 
GeorRC Alexander, London, England; 
Lapolntc, Marc Charles, Montreal. 

Albert, .Samuel. M.D., CM., Mont- 
real; Bardwell, John Alexander Eddie. 
Appin. Ont.: BcIL Robert Edward, 
Deep River, Ont.; Friedman. Constance 
Ailcen Livlngstanc, Montreal; Green- 
berg. Louis. Ottawa. Ont.; Herman, 
Lloyd Georso Henry, Macdonald Col- 
|eRe. P.Q.; Kaufman, Hyman, Lachlne, 

MarrtoiiRall, Graham Robertson, 
Whithy. Out.: McMillan, Gardner Crad- 
dock. .M.D.. CM.. .M.Sc. Lacliine. P.Q.; 
RlRby, Francis Lloyd, Toronto. Ont.; 
Stewart, Ronald David. -Montreal; Tom- 
llnson, Richard Howden, .Montreal; 
Wallace. Raphael Herman, Ottawa, 
Ont.; Wolison, Joseph Laurence, 




Adair, Vivian T... (dlsllncllon) Ot- 
tawa; Ball. Dorothy G.. Hyde Park. 
Ont.; Caryll. Mary A. B., Westmount; 
fContiniicd on Page 6.) 

McGill S 'Finnie' Leaves 
Union For Peaceful Life 

Coiitrasl the mad state nf the 
.McGill Union on an nveniRc d.iy In 
mid-term ni iinnn-lime, llic rnshins 
hustle, bustle of students In search 
of sustenance or vacant rooms in 
which to hold meetings— contrast 
this with a peaceful coltafic in 
some peaceful village with a peace> 
ful little well-stocked garden. 

What a difference! 

And if "Finnic" Fletcher's ambi- 
tion is slated for fulfillment, se-/- 
crai years from now will see him 
in precisely the l.Tttcr environment. 

"Fliiiiio," who is rctiriiiR this 
ycni' followinK some 1!5 years as 
Socrcl;iry-'rre;i.siircr of the Stu- 
dents' Executive Council and Ad- 
vertising Manager of the McGill 
Daily, confided to us the other day 
that such was his ambition: to live 
his retiring years in some little 
country home, with his own gar- 

"Finnie'.s" first choice of locitioii 
Is the town of his birth, in 1870, 
at Melbourne, Ontario, 20 miles 
from London. As a second choice, 
he expressed a liking for some 
"little place in the Eastern Town- 

The cheerful McGill graduate of 
1911 who was later to devote so 
much of his life to McGill students 
originally started his college cdu- 
cation with the aim ol becoming a 
Presbyterian m'inistcr, "to serve 

and be of service to my fcllii.v 

A .'^liiil nf .Ts'-istant .sceiclary of 
the McGill Y..\I.C.A. in 1011-12 in 
Strathconn Hall, however, put hiin 
on a .slishlly different track. The 
object -was ihc .snme, but the 
method was different. 

Following Ills enrolment in the 
148th Battalion in lOlB as "a buck 
private at 51.10 a day." and his 
eventual di.'<charRo in 1018, Finnic 
came to :\IcGill in 1922 as Adver- 
tising Manaccr of the McGill 
Daily. In 1923, he was appointed 
Secretary-Treasurer of the Stu- 
dcnls' Executive Council. 

The height of '"Finnie's'' career; 
however, comes today when he "is 
pre.icntcd with an honorary M.A, 
degree from the Uiiivrisity. "I 
never anticipatrd anytMnB like 
that," he told us modestly, after 
\vc rcn.tsiircd him how wcl1-dc 
served we considered the award. 

■ My whole lifetime at McGill- 
including 9 years of Arts and three 
years in Theology— has been the 
most happy life I could imagine for 
myself," he added. 

Before he Jefl, we rcncwod the 
topic of the plcisant-soundins 
country home which "Finnic", to- 
gether with his wife, hopes shortly 
to see as a reality. He took our 

"Well Issue a standing invitation 
to ail McGill' students to visit us," 
he said. 

Dean Gillisoii Named 
Manitoba Preisident 

The Dean Bids 
Students Goodbye 

KoM and I arc coniini! to the 
end nf a very imporlant period 
ill our lives. Tliere is nothing 
ii'c can do or say in the future 
which will not be ■ influenced 
hy the years wc have spent in 
I lie classrooms or on Ihc 
campus of "Old McGill." Dur- 
in!; those years wc have been 
members of a commnnily 
whose foundation and perpet- 
uation is a tribute to great 
Canadians whose inspiration 
has been fired by the central 
significance of that fellowship 
found only in the halls of the 
ircnt Universities. 

We have found deep friend- 
ship: wc have seen the many- 
sided quality of truth and 
beauty: but because of our 
participation in these great 
privileges, responsibility sits 
upon our shoulders. 

If these years mean any- 
thinfi; they will mean a critical 
approach, Ihc possibility of 
distinguishing tlie pliony front 
the real, a sense of duty and 
Ihc possession of Ihc kind 
heart. ' 

I have teamed a great deal 
nbiiiil you and from you, and 
my faith in the future of Can- 
ada is in direct proportion to 
the admiration which I pos- 
sess for Ihc men and women 
who tvill graduate in this, and 
future years from the faculties 
of McGill. 

The appointment of present Dean ..... 
of Arts and Science A. 11. S. Gillson . 
as President ot the University of.-. 
Manitoba starting July 1 was aii^/^T 
nounccd over the week-end. Dean ^ 
Gillson is succeeding Dr. A. W.- 
Trucman. who resigned to accept . .;- 
the presidency of the University of 
New Brunswick. , 

DiiriiiK his year as Dean of the .. 
Faculty of Arts .nnci Sciciuc, Dean..- 
Gillson acted also as chairman of..,, 
the Mathematics Department and 
was elected president of the Fed-,.-' 
cration of Canadian Artists, and^.. 
finally elected this year presidcnlt-^ 
of the Canadian Arts Council. ■ 

He Is a graduate of CambridRC- 
Univcrsily, where he won si.x..-.;' 
scholarships, and served witli Ilie.Mo. 
Royal Navy in the first war and " 
with the R.C.A.F. in the recent 


conflict. He cnnic to Canada in 
1021 and acted as assistant professor 
of mathcinatics at McGill, where he 
has remained since except for his. 
six years of service during the last 

Ill September, lD4.'î. he was ap- 
pointed vice-principal of n.iwsnn 
ColIcRe, and has been IrrliirinK to 
honors and Rradiialc stiidciils in 
applied mathematics conjointly 
with post of Dean throughout the 
academic year. The name of his 
successor has not yet been made 

1 — 1 


Hon. Wilfrid Bovey, O.B.E., 
To Relinquish McGill Post 

Seriate Approves 
Nevr Arfsi:Stohdards 

The propo.tpd rat.-inc of clas.» 
standards by ihc Arts Faculty has 
been approved by the Senate. 

Beginning next year students 
working, towards the .degree of 
B-A. will have to pass at least 3 
full courses in the first year. Sec- 
ond, Third, and Fourth year stu- 
dents will not be allowed to fail 
more than one full course or 2 half 

Supplementary examinations must 
be written the following Septem- 
ber and written application for 
permission to write these "supps" 
must be in the Dean's office by 
August 15th. 

* The director of the Exlcnsion ' 
Courses, Hon. Wilfrid Bovey. O.B.E., '• 
.M.L.C.. a well-known author as well ' 
as an educationalist of merit, will 
soon relinquish his university post; 
it was disclosed last May 12. The 
announcement was made public at 

•TOIIN S MKYFR London Enc. I. lOIIN- J. FLAIIIVE, Sprincneld, 
Holmes Gold .Medal for hlfihc.^l Mass.; Wood Gold Medal for hinh- 
;.ScrcKalo ui medical curriculum, agirregate in clinical examina- 
Oihcr pri^F.'^. liions. Other distinctions. 

CHARLES . 11. BORSMAK,* Mont- 
real: Alexander D. Stewart Prize 
for highest general qualifications in 

JOHN E. MacDONELL, Montreal; 
Robert Forsyth Prize for particular 
ability in all branclM9fl|^M>ur- 

York; LU-Govemor's Medal for 
highest'jin Architecture, McLennan 
Scholarship, Robertson Prize. 

Moysci Travelling Scholarship in 
Science division of Faculty of Arts 
and Science, $1.000. 

DAVID SOLOMO.V. Montreal; The 
Montreal Dental Club Gold Medal 
for hlRhest in science and practice 

nf dcntistrv. 

Gold Medal for hinict asicrrcalcin 
the final year of the Faculty of 

FIELD. Montréal; University Scho- 
lar. Faculty of Engineering, C.P.R. 
Prize, C,I.C. Prize. 

Montreal Rhodes Scholar. Univer- 
sity Scholar, Faculty of Engineer- 
ing. Honors in Civil Engineering. 

real: Robert Forsyth Prize, Faculty 
of Engineering. Honors in Civil 

Montreal; First Class Honors in 
Law, Carswell Company Prize, Hon. 
Mention 3rd year essay. 

First Cia.w Honors in Law. Faculty 
Prize for 3rd year essay. Mtl. Bar 
Association and LM£. Prize. 

.lA.MES II. DARRAGII. Montie.Tl; 
Robert P'or.syth Prize in Sur- 
gcry. High Stimding in Sur- 
gery. (Photos by .van Dyke.) 


the annual meeting of the Advcrtis- 
ioR Sales Executive Club ot Mont* 


Although Col. Bovey's resigna- 
tion is not to become official until 
some time in June, when the Senate 
has taken formal action, the news 
was made public by the Ads Sales 
Club presldei'f'. Harry E. Smith, 
who expressed his reRret at Col, 
Bovey's retirement. This decision, 
he said, would result not only in 
a loss to the university, but to the 
members of his Club as \ycll, who. 
w ill find themselves deprived of his 
advice and guidance In the future. 

In his reply to Mr. Smith, Hon. 
Bovey said that his" retirement 
would not be sn extreme that he 
could not come to them for advice 
instead. "I feel that the help of 
this Club has gone a Jong way to- 
wards bringing our imiversity Into 
touch with the business people of 
Montreal," he said, praising the 
advertising men for their spirit of 
co-operation in the extension 
which he directed. Biîfore conclud- 
Ing he advised tliocc present: "Your 
task is educating the Canadùin 
public to keep Canadian economic 
activities up . to the highest possible 
level for the next few years. I 
wish you all success in your work. 

London — TO — A novel addition 
w-ill be made to l/intion's transport 
.^v.sioin this summer in the form of 
IT ;;iil,ir pns.seiic?r "walcr bii.'-c.s" on 
ihe Th.Tines Ri\ ei-. Tlic "bu.'-e.s ' will 
run ever^- ."lO minutes bclwctn 
Towfer Bridge and Putney, starting 
June L • 



UTonlrcal, Thursfla.v, May 20, 1948. 

List of GracUuilcs — from P-5 

IC HI. AI. Ill 

I Montréal. 

Shea. O'Arcy, < v i o 1 1 n ) 


ci;iTiniA r»: is im ii 

M llSIN(i 

Adam, TVatrir.- M (ri- -'..luilnn) ! Ooodivln, Barbara, Sle. Anna de 

ncNdn SI;.: ii;-. PQ. .1.i:rl'.uii. I.i.if.-i! Drllcv'.ir. 

A. F'.. V< :(l;iii, P 0 : K.-;i:i. i;c'.i>.; . 

' (J i^I IMCI .on ) Ilar.rv HU' Met", r.tflv , , 

K.lrrn. lim'ioni Lomlon. Ont.; Mc- FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE 

D i.Tt. Di.ih. I.,ictiutc, P.Q.; Mann, L. 

ni'.ii.'iii, nii.i'A.i; Munro, Barbara C 

VIrtorM. H C. 

CKiiTiric A I f i\ I rAciiiVf! Asn 

St l'i:iH IM(I.S' IN S( IKtOI.S 

iir .\i ii>ii.\(; 
n.iilrv, r;v.( !ui<il\ p. c . 
Pa'.-tu;.»', Il".itnrr A.. Ciiillia.ick. 11 C; 
CiH- ■,r.i;-,i-. Kvi hii. C;; .issfxltl. AlU ; 
Kr.wlr;. K.MMlifM A. H.. Lundi".. Kiie- 
Uij(l; (;ccl.iii. .Marv .l.nic ll.nlcl!, 
Alta.; Cicrr. Vri.i, iril'I.iu!i"r.i .Nrw- 
markrl. Ont : l,ini!<-il. Elcinm. Siim- 
iiu ilic: rv,; Lyons, Kridiicn M.. 
OM.iu .1. ■ 

M.iclii>n.ilcl. Ci.ilrr E., Anl;.-nnl'li. 
S' S,; M. ■1-1)1 :-.;i;cl, M.Tri;arf-t. 'itiuu.i-- 
l.r.iii V,i -tM.ii.i-.!; Mafl.f.èii. M.>it.i:il. 
Rcvcilrv Sl.ciim. S,T-k.; .Mi-i;.ii;;iMi.'. .1 ,^. Or.! . .M;n!.v, Kilcrn K.. 
Toricitn. Ont; Mor:i>i>ii. .M.i:i-Mri-I. 
('.!!)<■ Hrrtnri. .\ S ; I'li.lli. Vii-li.iia. 
I f|..-;i!u-liti!ii FtlnuMiliin, A,i.i ; H'xiri-y. 
.M.irq.iirl H. IMn-.'inton. AIM . .Sin.illry. 
\>r.i t. Tr.riinid. (m:.. S.vcn'lTul. 
A.;!-,i-s, i(li-1ir.(-tioiii 'frr^'.-irln. S.i-k ; 
•lull. . .Mniï.tiet, Opt: Wiiiir. 
f;;.iL-r. Tiiipnto. Onl ; Wiswall, Doi- 
(i: -.-. . WiUiiot, N.S. 

IN <Cli(lt)I.S Ol' Nt'llM.Mi 
ll^rrrll. M.ii:f>n. I! ii <-;.-i'Ii-. NR; 
F>;«r!. Citli'^nr.f-. \'ih.irik. S,i*k : fin- 
1:ï!i!:v, C^t.-n-: ii;r. ll:in llivrr. Alta.; 
I'rppr.'. K-.':-.]! A. O'tav..! . Onl-; 
nr. jcr, !:nn.i !: . Ol Or.I. 


The |nl!nw.r.s pas-rd all the f 
«Mo:î. of liip filial vfar a-rl qualiiittl 
l^r tr.c drsrce of M D.. C M.: 

Abel. Rr.hfrt B. V.->;irniivtr: Allf.v, 
Arinir.c M B A.. Vn D. Toronto, 
Applchy. Leonard W.. BA.. Wf.^t- 
mount: Attians, Ccorsc D., B.A., Van- 

Marlon. Fred W., B.Sc. riatuhurc 
K.Y.: Bcardmorc. Harvey F... B.Sc, 
Windsor. Ont.; Blundcll, George P.. 
.M.A., M.S.. Ph.D.. Yazoo City. .MUs : 
nnnman. Charles II.. B.Sc.. .Montreal. 
Tlic Alexander D. Stewart Memorial 
Pii.T for the lilchett eemral nualili- 
i itiniis frr ilic pracliie of mcdicinr; 
I'., e'.vr: . I.lovd .M . Frcderirtnn. N.B.; 
i;- i:-,t.,: . .M.' Ilorte. KI Cerrilo, Cal.: 
r.: r.-An-..iii. M,nrk. B Sc.. .Montreal: 
n:r>-...r. Dnn.ild It. B.Sc. Amhrr.>.t. 
.N H . 3th place hich .iccrecatc ►tanel- 
in: in liip final yeai; Brown. Cdu'in 
.' . nfr, Shrrhrnnkc: Biirwell, Hobcrl 
B . IÎ .Sc . lirnlre-.v, Onl. 

Alciilre. .Tohn Alexander Duncan 
Cdi iv.% all. Ont.; Anderson. Alexander 

T.T,\ In.--. We^tiiiounl. 

Iletrhernian, Philip. Olt.u..-,, ['.r.iiiv. 
D'lM.-ild Paul, .Montreal: Biown. Tlinnia.s 
.S:nf'llie. .Moniieal: Bulinan. .I.inie'i 
Itexloid. .M.icdonald l-'ollece; Bjcrs. 
Ciiirddii L.iujpn. Truro. .N.S 

Collins, William Berk, Trurn. N S.: 
Cox. Donald Stewart. Old Barns. .M.S.; 
('fdwe. Arthur Uavtd. B.irwlck, N.S.; 
Crowe, Gordon. Stewiarkc, N.S.; 
Ciirtii;. (iiirdfin Leslie, .Montreal. 

Duncan. Ilollen M.ncKenrie, Cunp- 
lielltiin, .S'.B.; Durrcll. Kevan Aubrey, 
roster. Que.; Diiyvewaardl. Emile 
Etienne, lludion llcishti. Que. 

Everett. Charles Frederick, Freder- 

Iclon, N.B. 

►"Mier. Robert William. (The Loch- 
he,i(l Pri/e) Briinsvillc, Ont.; Foreman. 
Iluperl A»ton, Jamaica: Fraier. Oswald 
Lambert Kelly. Jamaica; Fullerton. 
William Norman. Southampton. N.S, 

iJalway, Boy Lane, Ganannriiie. Ont.; 
Culmii, Enso Georse. Ceorcetown. 
Biilii-h Guiana. 

llamilinn, John William. Leiuio.NvlIte. 
P.Q : H.inrahnn, SeumaK John, Queliec, 
P Q.; Harilackcr, Stanley Bishop. (The 
Cutler Shield) Truro, .N.S.: llaskell. 
St.inley Beclnald. Barbados; HIccins. 
Winston Churchill T., Jamaica. 

Jarkton, Lloyd Peter, North Sydne'v, 
N.S.; Johnston. William Wallace. West- 
mount; Jonas. Emery Victor, Cowana- 
vlllc, P.Q. 

Laurie, James Melrose. Ilcmmlnii- 
fnrd, P.Q.; Lcgrand, Joseph Albert, 
Montreal: Lloyd, Lewis Ewan, Mont- 

.Mardanald, ttobert David. Welsford, 
N.B.: MacLachlan, Donald Stuart, iTlic 
Conklln Trophy) BilllnR's BridRe. 
Ont.: Maclaren. John Hush, Sic. Anne 
dc Bellevue. P.Q.; MacLeod, Charles 
Franklin. Halifax, N.S.: MacS'ell, 
.l,'iiiie<. St. Margaret'^ Village, N.S.; 
.McTecr, Charles Philip, Ottawa, Ont.; 
iMncce, Allan III*ley. Berwick. N.S.; 
Mahon, John Harold, narhadni,: .Munro. 
Krtward Donald. Belle Cole. N.S.; Mur- 
ray, Thomas Kcilh, Plcloii. N.S. 

Nerllch, Juliane Kriilh. Gall. Ont. 
Perreaulf. Ftocer Philippe, lie Bicras. 
PCJ: J'l'U-ii. c:hailr5 .Marshall. Ilcm- 
B \ Pcni- I' lncff.rri. P Q.; Pctth, Robert FranciK, 
".l.ti'tha H ll'-nmiinglord, P.Q.; Proverbs, Ivor 
' Ilucli, Barbados. 

Itadlology: Di^o, Ll-I.lang. Chung- 
king, China. 

Anaeîthe.Ma: Farqiiharsop, 11. K. II.. 
Invermere. B (' ; Ke.-.ter, H A.. .Mr>nt- 
real; .McC.iffre-. , F. \V.. .Mnntiejl; .Mi- 
InH re. V>. II . K'Iîr.iwUnn: Parquet. 
Fcrnand. St. Latnljert; .stater. H .M . 
.Montreal: L'pihe;(r<nr. W, l... _Mont- 
leal Webb. Kric. Vancouver. 

nAciiKi.nn or social work 

Burton, Barbara W., Yarmouth, NS.', 
Clarkson, .Margot Eleanor, Toronto; 
Cunninghatn, Evelyn Mary Stuart, 
Notre Dame de Grace; Greenwood, 
Charlotte Elizabeth. Montreal; Grif- 
fith, Linda Mary. Notrt Dame de 
Grace: Harris, Zelda Slavouski, Mom- 
real: Kare. Vera Dorothy. Winnipeg; 
I.ivcrant, Mania, Westmount; Malen, 
Dorothy StoKman, Montreal; Massie, 
.Margaret Anna, Edmonton: Miller, 
.Marget Anna, Kingston: Pnwle«, Joy 
Ruth, Westmount; Ritchie, Edith Jean, 
Brisbane, Australia; Silverman, Halina 
Wcinlhal, Notre Oamc de Grace: 
T.-iylor, EUzabeUi Mary Elder, Town 
of Mount Royal; Wctnbaum, Sarah 
Rivelii, Montreal. 


Berk. Ellen Signe, B.A , Montreal; 
Belcher. Genevieve .Margaret, B.A., 
Kingston, Ont.; Buckingham, Amy 
PhvTll*. BA.. Outremont, McGlll 
University Library School PrI/e for 
the highest average during the year 

Clarke, Mavis Olive, B.A.. SI, Lam- 
bert: Currle, .Marie Kathleen. B.A., 

nafoe. Evelyn Joan, B,A., Winnipeg: 
n.igger. William Parkinton, B.A.. Fort 

I'ainphell. Donald Y. . 
broke. Kcnn.irta. (ate. 
A.B , Pan Frari-i.-ro: Clyrif Ha. id f . 

FJ A . I.onrio.i. Kniîland: i rtHker. Keiih ^ j , ^ 

.M . HA. Saskatoon. Sa^k . The Walter Frederick Ceorre. 'S arnioulh 

\V Cold .Medal for the hi;!i- ; FMchjo Ceorcc Ditk. Alyrner 
e-t s'nr.riiiii: in ohstetiic, and g\r,a.-. f -is" P 0 ; Ilohei t on, Donald Clare, 
colocv IhroJCiio-.H the niedic.l roiii.'f. '••'<•'■'"■ ^^,9.- IV^<"::. Henry Keith, 
f ir: place Inch ar.Mr;.-,ir .«laiidin.- m , iV'-"'' ' .„\^ - V "."'""'i- -'"'in Burns 
ttie l.n,il veat. Clotty. .lohh II . n .'^clf';;^". i The Cutler Shieldj Briblol, 
K:etienrtrih. N B.: Curran. .lo^epli V , • '<- 

RA. Vancouver: Currle. Richard A. I . „ „. ,, , ^ _ 

llSc •! v „( Ml. Ilcval; Cvnherc. 1 „ ^r' ""^' ^ f'-' 
Oawin |.'^:;;!lci. Aavii .Iiile>. We-tniount: .Ship- 

lev. Willia:i\ Cnarllrn. Ott.nv.i; Slack 

llarrach, J.imei, II., B Sc., Montréal, 
The Robert Forsyth Prue In Surgery, 
tbe J. Francis Williams Fellowship In 
.Medicine and Clinical Medicine, fourth 
place high apcrcgate slandin; In tiie 
iinal year; dc Verleuil, Itoscr L., 
Trinidad, B.W.I. : Druckman, Ralph 1., 
B.Sc. Outrcmont. 

I. 'upit. Vaucli,in .\ . Vancouver. 

rialii\e, J, B .\ . Spnnsfie'd 

.'■inv . Till Wond Gold .Medal lor ihe 
best clinical r\ainin.ition> in llic .".up- 
;'-ct^ cf U.I year: «ecr.rd pL'ii-e 

li,;;li .1,:; ro,"a;< .'landing in the final 
^.l 1 i-r. Miltnii R.. BS. Berlin. 

H : Kr„ < i . Wilmur F , B Sc , Stel- 

u.-i-.i.. ;. .V 

til.uifl.ini TM hi. c;..irio n. BA, 
Walcrl'i'.vn. .\ \'.: f>i;i< -p e, ,\rrircu y... 
n.Sc . Victoiia. HC; (iop ..ilv( s 
T , TrmidaU. li.W.l.; Goodwin. .Martin 
E . U S.A.. Vancouver: Gourdin. Kliia- 
l-ei n .\ , B A . Rnxbury. Mass.; Graham 
J"-,:, v.. Var.i'iiiiver; Greene, Thnmai 
K, iî A . V,;r,-rr: fiiecnry, Fred- 
II cK '. Ii .^c . Cai;lio;i, ,Me.; Grubb, 
Krpf^t H., BSC., .Monlieal. 

II. iil, P,-iul. B.A., Arlington. Mass.: 
Herheils, Lewis T., B A., New West- 
minster, B.C.: ilcwks, Joseph, B.Sc., 
lldmoiitnn. Alta.: Hill, Ross O.. B.Sc, 
Montreal; liuestls, Douglas W., Ottawa. 

Kante, Louis, B.A., Melville, Sa»k.; 
Kelly, Francis P., B.Sc, Saint John, 
.N Ii : Kennv. Irene E., A.B.. Jersey 
Citv, .S',J,: Keogh, John H,, Moncton, 
N.B.: KInch. Sydney A. E„ Barbados, 
B,W.I.; Knox. Stanley H., B.A.. Van- 
couver: Kr.rman. Henrv. B.Sc, ,\or- 
nnda; Kovaltk, .Michael, t).A., .Montreal. 

l»iFlamme. Paul J., Lcwhton, Mc: 
LaiKler, Edgar L., D.A., Albuquerque 

c;.,ir:e- lrvii-,2. Waterloo. PQ: Sniilli. 
,1.11 erl Wii:i.i:n Prince William, .N B.; 
Spic^il. Harold Balfour. B.irUin. .N'.S.; 
S-.vail, Val .Mnrrison. lliidj-on Heights. 

Templelon. Mu ray Mai-Crejot. (The 
Slenn Ciipi Riverfield. P Q.; Tliom.'on. 
Gordon Charle.<. Ahhotstord. P.Q.: Tre- 
Kunno, .Norman Bruce. Halifax, N.S.: 
Trenhnlin. Iva Margaret. Grand Pre. 
N S : Turner. William John McCrac 

t'pinn, Frank Lynn. Quebec. P.Q. 

Walsoii. Bruce Stev.iirl, Ottawa; 
White I"i-i- Bla.r. .Iania;ca: Woods, 
.lame' Paike. .Mopireal: Woolaver, 
Frank .Nelson, .Vewport. .N" S, 


RAciiri.oR or sciLNci; in 

Allan. Dap.'ine .Iran. Baie dl'rfc, 
P 0 ; Brown. Kallilren Helen, Slan» 
-i< ad. P.C) : Bninrirett, Dnri.-i Sarah, 
Pietiuia. Snutix Africa; Clark, Barbara St. John ». .Nfid : Craig, 
Shirley Kathleetj, North Cower. Ont.: 
OilLson. Joyce Evelyn, Port-oI-SpaIn, 

Gourley, Vivian Rubv, Hawkesbury, 
Ont.: Grimes, Mary Gertrude, Town 
of Mount Royal; Jack, Elizabeth Ruth, 
Almonte, Ont.; Jacobson, Julia Jean. 
I Food Conservation Prize) Halitax, 
N.S.: Johnson, Jean Lois. Beachburg, 
Ont.; Kennedy. Thelma Eileen. Swas- 
tika, Ont 

KosMl^. Dawn I'atrlcia. Pembroke, 
Ont ; Lvikin. I.ihhy. Ottawa, Ont.; 
Leonard, Barbara GeorjIa, Saint John 
SB: .MacKinnon. .Margaret Jean, 

f*:Liîj£î''^SL'^"i,'i"^V,^ ,9 X!'^''' ( 'anhro^.k, nC: 'Moody, Katherine 

Lcifson, EInar, B,S,, Ph.D., Vermillion 
S. Dakota; Levmc, Arthur 11., .B.Sc, 
Montreal; Lindn, C. Leopold, B.Sc, 
Panama City. Panama: Linklettcr. Al- 
fred M., M.A.. Northam. P.E.I.; Lowe, 
Howard T.. B.Sc., Vancouver. 

MacDnnell. ,Ir,hn F. . B A . Montreal. 
The Lieutenant Govrinor'^ Silver 
Medal in Health and Soiial .Medicine: 
MacKenzle, Donald H . Sydncv, N.S.; 
.MacKenzie. Ronald J , B Sc . Sydney, 
.N,S,: .McKiiilav. William D , B A." Van- 
couver: ,MscKinnnn. Genire I, r . 
Q.A.. Cranbronk. B.C: .Maci.rod. nrn- 
lamln .M.. B,Sc. High Rive,, Alia; 
MacMlllan. James A. I.. B A , New 

.Miidelcinc. Ottawa. Ont.;' .Nash, Joan 
Isabel, Ottawii, Ont. 

Ralph, Eleanor Lillian. Outrcmont; 
Rliind. Elizabeth Ann. Toronto. Ont.; 
RoberKon. Charlotte Mary. Victoria 
B I' : Sliaipe, Pauline Marguerite, Ot- 

• 0:î1 : Turnaii. Vivian Helen 
Diar.a .Marelle, n.iie riUrfe. PC).; 
Wiggs. Ro-^a;ind Stuarl. Quebec. P.Q 



Elsele, Edith Eleanor, B.A., 

Farrrll, (Mrs.i Joanna, B.A.. 
real: Fo". John Dawson, B.Sc, 

Graham, Audrey Frances, B A., 
KiMKsliin. Ont ; Green, Ada Lucille, 
BA, Trinilv Bay. Newfoundland: 
Greer. Harold Hill, B.Sc, Jogginî, N.S. 

natl. Barbara Winnifred, B,A., Mont- 
real; Horner, Mona Grace, B,A., Re- 
glna; Houston. Marcarct Isabel, 
Grenfell, Sask. 

Jarkson, Jaaminc Dorothea, B.A., 

Lockharl. Dora Harriet. B.A.. Otta- 
wa. .McGill lJnlver.Mty Library School 
Prize for the highest average during 
the year lequali. 


The following student' have «iie- 

"^,ÎÎ.V..V.*^''^î'i •Vi"'*'''»'.!* P* Van-jce.yfully completed the renmren-.f its 

iStninirf ^'nli'i^' -JM"'""!: ' ' n «"""f'* Diploma of Phvs- 

Trinidad. B.W.I.; Marx, Samuel B .!ii,ti-eranv 
B.A., B.D., Vancouver; .Mendel. Beili 

D.. B.Sc. Outrcmont: Meyer. John S.i n,i,.. v-.. . -r , r. 
BP. London. ^EngMnd. Tli.. Holmes X'''. "'^- Bellinger, 

Clold Med.-il for the hi::he t - la'ndin: in'^' -V' J^^i*"^ n"" ' "=''\'."'v'^J.*' 
flll Mibjectb lorming the medical curri-l -i^'."-. Brooks. Betty C. G 

culum: the Cimphcll Howard Pri/c in 

clinical medicine; .second place Inch 
-rcKregate islanding in the Imal year; 
Miller, Morris. B.Sc. Rouvn; Momotc. 
K. Jack. B.Sc, Vernon, B C ; .MtKjrc, 
r,cr,nld F. W.. Mi.nclon. N II ; Morin. 
Norman P.. Lewiston. Me; Mnrtr.n, 
Jamct W., B.A., New Westminster, 
B.C.: Mulciir, John (I.. B.A.,. Mont- 
réal: Murad. Leslie E.. B.A,. King- 
.Mon, Jamaica; Myran. Charles. B.Sc., 

Nickerson, Kenneth G., B.Sc, 


Ogden, Neida Q. AB , Nvack, N Y. 

O'.Vell. Francis B., BSc, BA., Saint 
John; OnesU, Sylvia J., M.A., San 

Penicl. Vale. B.Sc. Little Reck. Ark.: 
Potter, John M., B.A., Moncton, N.B. 

Railing. Antony. A.B.. London. Eng- 
land: Rainse.v. Colin G.. B.Sc. West- 
inoun'.; Riivpnrt, Mark G.. H.A.. .\cw 
York: Reid. Everett C, BSc. Isaac's 
Harbour. N.S,;' Rider. Richard D„ 
Rlvertlde. HI.; Rohb, .Mary L, B.Sc, 
Montreal; Rnderlguez - Forjonel, J.. 
Tnnidad. B.W.I,; Hose, Raymond C 
B.A., .MontreaL 

Samuels. Peler R., B.A., Forest Hills, 

LI.. N.V.: Scarf. Robert F., BA., 
Sa.vkator.n, Sa>k . Si-:ii)f!r!cl. c I'a np- 
hell. B.Sc.. .Monl-'-,<; Wr.!: Sh.iikrv. 
Patrick J.. B.A. , i ,ii (iic.u.. p K 1 : SMnv 
Jan, M.D . Montreal: Sinsei. Genri r 
E., B.A.. Vancouver. B.C.; Smith. Syd- 
ney A . Barhndo". B W.I ; Siccii, 
Ci., B.Sc, Mnntie.Tl; Stenlien, Wesley, 
Saint Jolir,; .sirvcii'., Lawrence A.. 

A. B., Norlii SIrulford, .N.H.; Suhrie, 
Virginia. M. S.. Lantdowne. Pa.; 
SzczucinskI, Waclaw T, Poland. 

Thiimai, Leonidat JS., St Vincent, 

B. WJ. 

Ilolton, Oxford: Brown, (ihrlhtine. 
1'immins, Ont.; Burbcck, Alice, Unity, 

Carter. Nocllc, Westmount, Que: 
Chai, Esmee. Port of Spain, Trinidad; 
Coutts,.M. Katherine. Calgary; Cronyn, 
.N'onle, MontreaL 

Davie. Doreen. Vancouver: Dawson, 
M.iry, Westmount, Canadian Phyaio- 
therapy Association book prize for 
highest standing in final year. 

Edmunds, Barbara, Ottawa, 

Fuller, J. Pstrlda, Winnipeg. 

narrower, Hazel. Diana, Westmount: 
Howe, Bernice, Three Rivers. 

MeRregor, B. Louise. Winnipeg. 
Lieutenant Governor's Silver Medal 
for highest standing throuehout the; Melntyre, Eleanor, Moose Jaw; 
.Merston. PameU, Victoria; Morency, 
Carol, Quebec City; Murray, Kathryn 
R., Rimouiki, 

(VRrien, RiU T., Elmsdalc, PX.I. 

Pidrtuek, Shirley, Beaurepaire. 

Sabiston, Jean, Toronto; Smith. 
Daphne. Westmount; Sturgeu, Doris, 

Markav. Ada Ha/en. BA. Holhe, 
»ay, .N.B.: McKenna. Jni-.n nedn.nnd, 
B.A. Motmt Piciisant, Onl.; .MarKin- . , 
Jie. Margaret Caroline, BA. Rn'f-I.* 
iown, .Sa«k: MacPher.-vm, Flora Mc- 
Gregor. B.A. West I^oine. Onl. Mc- 
Glll University Library School Pi i/e 
for the highest average during the 
vear (equal i: Martin, Vivi, B.A.. Ot- 
tawa; .Maxwell, Margaret Alice, B A., 
Sackvllle. N.S. 

Nantais. Robert Lawrence, BA, 
B.Ph» Chieopee, Masa.; NIeolb, Marl* 
an Ellen, B.A., Saskatoon. 

n'.Velll. Mary Patricia. B,A„ Rati* 

Power. Marjorie Cerlrudc. B.A„ 

Rnmball, MarU>Ti Emily. B.A., Win- 

Shipley. Mills Jamea, BA. LIB, 
Calgary. Alta.; Smith. Marion, Elsie. 
B.A., Quebec City; Stewart, U-iura 
Ferguson, B-A., Westmount, 

Welsh, Mary Rose Ann, B.A., BeUe- 


Degrees of Doctor of Dental Sur- 
gery: Ammon. Robert Zdgar, B,Sc., 
Trinidad, B.W.L 

Brndie-Ilrnrkwell, C. Grenville. Mont- 
real. The Lieutenant-Governors Sil- 
ver .Medal and a prize in books for 
second rank .«tanding in the final 

Conmbes, George Archibald, La- 
chute: Cormier, Leo Anthony, Monc- 
ton, N.B. 

Jotle, Solomon. BSc. Montreal. 

Lee, Frederick. S. D. Vancouver. 

Maclle. Arthur. Montreal; .Macl.<aac, 
Allan Leo. Sydney. .N.S.: .Medora. 
Michael Nicholas, B.Sc., Sydney, N.S.; 
Mendell. .Jon JoM>ph, B.Sc.lAar.). 
Montreal; Merrill. Clarke Franklyn. 

Paul, Vernon WoIIesley, Trinidad. 
B.W I. 

Kaurh, Bernard, B.A., Montreal. 

Sinanan, Tulsle. David. Trinidad, 
B.W.L: Solomon, David, Montreal, The 
.Montreal Dental Club Gold Medal and 
a prize in books for the highest ag- 
gregate in the final year. Prize award- 
ed by the College of Dental Surgeons 
of the Province of Quebec for having 
obtained the highest standing in the 
practical vsork in the final year. 


BAriii:i.nR »)F silence in 

Anderson, Bernice LawTcnce, Mont- 
real: .^nder^on, Wilfred Longley, 
Avle'ford, N.S: Ar.^enault. Mane Fe- 
lie«, Charloitctown, P.E.I.; Black- 
slock, Clarence Reginald, Newmar- 
ket, Onl.: Block. Ruth, Montreal; 
Brown. Patricia Jane, Point» Claire; 
Cl.iy, I.ahel .Margaret, Victoria, B.C. 

livres. .lean Lillian. Viciona. BC; 
FlIde^, Elaine Anna, Town of .Mount 
Roval: Flcinmihg, Anne, Truro, .V S.: 
Fournier. Lionel Joseph, Pincher 
Creek. Alla ; Glcw, Crawford Stain- 
Estevsn, Sa«k.; Greatrex, .Murra.v 
Kerr. Toronto. Ont,: Hamilton, Lorn,< 
Marv, Mimlreal; Hendtrscn, Arthur 
Archibald ,McLean, Ltclime, Que.; 
Ilennigar. .Maurice Reginald. .Middle- 
Ion. N.S.: Hokkinen, Kalcrvo. Tim- 
mint. Ont. 

Karn, Marjorie Elizabeth, Montreal: 
Lanier. Louis Legrand. Lethbrldge, 
Alta: Leggctt, Dorothy Alice, Ottawa, 
Ont.; MacDonald, John Donald, Syd- 
ncy .Mines. N.S.; McFadycn. Eleanor 
.Marie, Saskatoon, Sask.; McLachlin, 
Herbert John, Edmonton, Alta. Min- 
ie. Waller Douglas. Montreal: Natevv- 

for Third Year E«ay (Public Law); 
lay. Raymond Harry, B .^ . Montreal, 
Second Class IIonor.<. Honorable .Men- 
tion for Thud Year Kvav; Joval. 
rel. B ,\ . llailey liiiry. Ont .; Kirrans. 
i'.ilrirk Kiv.;r,it. Moiiireal, Sec- 

Old ( .T^ Honor-; Kohl. Georiie P.. 
Ii .^ . Monti, Ml. Second CLls-s Honor.*; 
Liberce, ■llundoir. n..\., Montreal. Cl.T^i llor.or'.; I.elourneau. 
Cli.irles I.', B.A , M.D. CM., We.'.t- 
mount; Lcr.f. Ci <ir,-n H , .Montreal, 

Major, Cliailes ncrn,iid. BA. Hull, 
P.Q.: Marchand. Hclwil ,1. T., BA, 
B.Sc. Quebec City; ,Mi-I3o-,i;;.ill, .lohii 
Malcolm, .Mnnticnl: McKeowii. Mirk 
Andrew, B A„ .Montreal: .Mcl-i-od. 
Alexander, B.A,. St. Lambert, P.C}„ 
Second CLi'.s Honors, Honor.ible Men- 
tion for Third Year i^say: Murray, 
Geoffrey Stuart. St. Lambert. P.Q.. 
First Class Honors. Honorable Men- 
tion for Third Year Essay. 

Noble. William R., WeNtmmint: Oli- 
vier. William G. M , Montréal. Second 
Class Honor.s: Ry.m, 'larry Jn^<?;)h, 
B.A.. Nitro. P.Q : TlioiiKon. .Mexan- 
dor Bennett. Westmount; Tyndale, Wil- 
liam ShirJev, I! A , Westmount, Fir.-l 
Class Honnr.', F.icultv Pri/c for Tliiid 
Year H'<>av iCivil Lawi .Montre,il 
Association and l.M.E, Prizes in Com- 
mercial Law. 



Heniv Chapman Prlic: Mias Anna 
A. Beii«ch. 

Peier.'-oii .Mémorial Prize in Liter- 
ature: A. N. LcviKC. 

Chester Macnaghten Prizes: (I) A. 
N. Levlne. 

Cherry Prize: Mrs. Sylvia Wise- 

Fantham Memorial Prize in Zoology: 
P. A. Orkin. 

Anne Molson Prize in Chemistry: 
Miss Ruth Seldman. 

R. R. Thompson Prize: (Divided), 
J, D. Coforth. A. G. MeCaughey and 
A. Perley-Robcrtson. 

F. W. Sharp Prize In Accountancy: 
J. A. Galbralth. 

The Mary Kccnan Scholarship: A. E. 

The Allen Oliver Fellowship: J. L. 

The Guy Drummond Memorial 
Scholarship: M. Oliver. 

Leroy Memorial Fellowship: D. J. 

Alcxoiidvr Mackenzie Fellowship: 
L. G. Bursey. 


Prince ot Wales Gold Medal: A. N. 

Anr« Molson Gold Medal: Miss Iza- 
bclla Goldin. 

Shakespeare Cold Medal: A. E. 

Logan Gold Medal: Two medals 
awarded. P. C. Badglcy. D. J. .McDou- 

Maior Hiram Mills Gold .Medal: P. 

. Oikin. 

Govc.nor General's Gold Medal: R. 

rie Chanul. 

French Governir.enf* Bronze Medal , 
for Excellence in French m tile Gen- 
eral Cour.<: L. G. Trudel. 

Allen Oliver Gold .Medal; J. L. Wael- 

Lieut-Governor's Slver Medal In 
Commerce: J. A. Galli:«i;li. 

Lieut -Governor's Bron/e .Medal In 
Commerce: John .M. Siniili. 

Chancellor's iBctivi (i<ild Medal in 
Econoniici: F. G. J. Bl.ick. 

The Goveinor-Geiicr,!!'.*. Silver Med- 
al awarded to tiie ,s;iideni .standing 
highest among tlircc graduating "with 
great distinction" in the general 
couiM-: Bernard Lerinan. 

The Lieutenant-Governor's Silver 
Medal awarded to the student who 
sianiN .second among lhn,se graduating 
with great dirtinclion" In the gen- 
eral course: Shirley Louise Whipple. 


AIrd, John Palermn, Wrslmoiint; 
Aird. William Robert. W,>tir.oui-,t . 
Ardill. Gerald Rociic, Vaudreuii Vil- 

Maird. Harcourt Egbert. Verdun: 
n.irtrnm, Ross Maltland, Westmount: 
B.isticn, Jean-Pierre, .Montreal; Beau- 
grand. Robert Charles F., Montreal: 
Bell, Andrew Gordon, &alnl John; 
Bennan, Wilfred, Montreal; Bc&sner,, 
Michael Lawrence, .second class hon- 
ors In economics, .Montreal: Bevcrldgc. 
Donald Dunbar. Westmount: Black, 
Francis Gerard John, first class hon- 
ors ill economics. Cainpt>ellford; Bridol 
Thomas Frederick, Montreal; Bryant, 
Herbert Duncap. Montreal: Burns, 
Kermeth John Walker, .second class 
honors m economics. Verdun: Butter- 
worth, Cliarles Edgar, Montreal, 

Cameron, Stuart Mar.shall, Toronto; 
Caiey, Ijrn James, Winnipeg; Chand- 
ler, William Harry, Ottawa: Cimon, 
McLean Shink, Outremont; Clouslon, 
George Cliesley Roy, .Montreal: Cohen, 
Norman, Westmount: Coltiert, Eric 
Samuel, second cla!.-; honors in eco- 
nomics. Ottawa; Cook, Donald Wil- 
liam, distinction in the general course, 
(Continticd ou Page 7) 






Wm. M. HALL & CO. 


Telephone: MArqaetle 129S 
Sil Mecm au Montreal 

Gill its right to grant straight nnd 
honor.iry degrees. 

Tnc Ditiinily F.ncully has boon 

Rry. Or C. G. D. Kilp.itrick. prin- l^mrnnrd by the Uniftyl 

cipnl of McGill's new United Theo- '-'(.lU-fic and the Montreal Diocesan 

Divinity Faculty Is 
Looking for Staff 

logical College, which will be open 
to student.^ of rlonominnlinn.'; in 
the F.ill, has announced that there 
arc six staff vacancies on the Facul- 
ty of Divinity. Nnlice? of the vacin- 
cics have been sent to leading 
Canadian, American and British 
iini versilic.s. and .somin.irs, he s.iid, 
Tlic standard course of the Facul- 
ty, leading to a degree of bachelor 
of divinity, will three .vrars. 
Pending nn invostisalioii of the re- 
sults achieved in llio fiv^t year of 
activities of the new faculty, United 
College will temporarily yield Mc- 



Graduates of 


The Dean and Wardens 



"Wt Imite you to wanhip 

wiih ut" 

Tlicological College. I^^[ia^p|)y|>i^ 

has expressed hir. conviction that 
"lhi.<! recognition of theology as on 
integral factor in Cliristian edtica- 
lion will piovo iiirrcTsuiKly \-,ilu. 
able both to the univcr.sity nnd the 

dri] scalp 

SYMPTOMS; ilrdy ^1 
fri lins; ilanHriirf; 
ilrr, lirlttle hairt 
liMi-e Iinirs on comb ' 
or hriisli. Unie** 
rlieckeil nia]r cause 


Keep your scalp in condition 
... hair in place 

Sun . . . vind . : . frcqitrnt welting— 
they're iiard on tlic hair. Keep tlie life 
and histrc in voitr hair . . . condition it 
for easy grooming hy iiiipplementing the 
natural KMlp oil" stitli "Va-rliiie"' Hair 
Toiiir. I,:lr2e^t ^^■|lirl:; liiiir prep.irat imi 
ill till- \mmM, 


Toiisaw, Kiranor M, .Monlieal. 

Van Scheltlnts, Douglas J,. 
Sedley. Sask. 


Walker, Robert 1I„ B.A., Ra\-mond, 
Alta,; Walker, William G„ Vancouver; 
WaUson, Harry N., Vancouver: Whit- 
kln, Frederick E., B.A., Punnichy, 
Sask.; Willis. G. Christopher, B Sc.. 
Montreal; Willis, Stanley E.. L,os An- 
celes; Wllinshurst. Amy A.. B.Sc., 
.Newport, N.S.; Wyie, Derek M., B.A., 
London, Ensland. 

Yonte, Keith A., London, England. 


Bonner, Frank A , ic:.u;n-i) Ssrnla. Neurology: Gibson. William, 
Ont., Mahaie, Lenore L., iplanolorte) toria. 



Shirley Ooreen, Saskatoon, Sask. 

Oiterman, William Raymond, Mont 
real: Peron, Adele Phllomcne, Mont 
real; Ramsay, Alison Mar.v, .Montreal 
Seelcy Clair Bennett, Brockvlllc, Ont.; 
Syrett, Harold nccinald, London. Ont.: 
Trcvis, Alice Christina, .Montreal. Gold 
Medal for hiKhcil Keneral prollclency 
throurhout the course iwomeni; Udnw 
.Natalie Rettv, Montreal; Wilkinson, 
Robert Edwin, Victoria, B.C, Gold 
.Medal for liisliest Keneral proficiency 
throughout the course (men) Winter. 
Phyllif Elliott, .Barbados. 

Wallai-e, Jean A. Sussex, N.B 
Ktliel ,M., Kamlonps. 

With vupplenientals: Macintosh, Jan- 
et, .Melbourne. Que. (aiiatomyi; Mc- 
l>-an, lUtcl (Mrs.). SprinR Coulee 
Alta., iphyticsi; Anderson, G, Pearl, 
Saskatoon (clinical therapeutics and 
electrotherapy): Palfrey, Phyllis, Hal- 
ifa.x (medical gymnastics and physics): 
Sharp. ZUpha M.. Pamour, Onu (an- 
atomy and pbyelology). 



Internal Medicine: Hackney, John 
W.. Calgary: Shane, Samuel J., Yar- 
mouth. N.S.: Slansfleld, Hugh, Edmon- 
ton; WLswcU, John G., Halifax, 

Surgery: DickLson. John C. Mont- 
teal; Gurd. Fraser N.. Westmount; 
l^iwson. Ray N., London. Ont.; Wil- 
son, Charles L.. Montreal. 

Obstetrics and Gnaecology: Hen- 
delman. .Mver, Outremont; Latour, J. 
I' A . Monti eal; Marsiiall. W. n , 


nphiiiahiiologv : Tuinbull. William, 
,'^anta ,Monica, Calif, 



Ahhis, Chaikcr, Kdinundston, N,B,; 
Barelav, Ian Andrew-. .Montreal, Second 
Cla.Ls Honors: Ulanchette. Jean-Guy. 
B A.. n Pli . Charticrville, P.Q., Second 
Class Honors: Campbell. William Al.s- 
ton. n.A., .Monircil, First Class llon- 
or>: C*lio<iue'ie. .lerome B., B.A., 
Montreal; Clarkson. Ross T., B.A.. 
Wealmiiiint. First Class Ilonnry, The 
Elirahetli Torrance Gold .Medal for Uie 
highest standing In Ihe final exam- 
ination, Montreal Bar Association and 
l,M.E. Prizes in Commercial Law, 
honorable mention for Third Year 
Essay: Common, Frank B., Montreal 
Second Class Honors; Corbeil. Gerard 
B.A., Montreal, 

Daoiist, Raymond. Montreal: de 
Grandpre, Pierre, B.A.. Outrcmont 
Second Class Honors, Junior Bar As- 
sociation Prize for Civil Procedure, 
Honorable Mention for Third Year 
Essay; Dcniger, Gerard, Montreal; 
Gibb, David Gordon, Montreal: Gigot, 
Nancy R., BA., Duparquet, P.Q,; Gil- 
christ, Join Catherine, B.A,, Mont- 
real, First Class Honors, The Cars- 
well Coinpany Prize, Honorable Men 
lion for Third Year Essay: Grant, Wll 
Ham Allan. B.A,, Montreal, Second 
Class Honors, 

Ilackelt, Guy H„ B.A., Hamnstead, 
P.Q.: Hackett, John Oavld. Montreal; 
Hepburn, Richard Crahani, B.A., 
Westmount; -IlotCman. Joseim Roy, 
M.A., Montreal. First Class Honora, 
Chief Justice R. A. E. Greenshietds 
Prize in Criminal Law, Honorable 
Mention for Third Vear Essay; Holmes, 
Wilhelmina M., B.A„ Montreal: Hurtu- 
nise. Charles L.. B,A„ B Ph,. Montreal, 

.|,icksnn, Roy Vincent. D A.. Mont- 
real. First Clau Honors, Faculty Prize 


stainless steel 
makes jobs 
for Canadians 

Tlic early stainlcs.s .steels 
developed prior to 19 16 
were used principally in 
making stainless cutlery. Since that time 
new steels containing Nickel in addition 
to Chromium have been developed which 
combine non>nisting properties with great 
strength and toughness. 

International Nickel is working hand in' 

hand with other industries in the develop- 
ment and application of stainless steel. 

Today this beautiful white alloy has 
hundreds of applications, from a gleaming 
saucepan or pressure cooker 
or a valve handling acid in a 
pulp and paper plant, to a 
complete railway car or train. 

And so a new market for Ginadian Nickel 
has been developed which now makes, use 
of thousands of tons of Nickel from 

Canadian mines each year. 

This new market creates new jobs for 
Canadians both in the Nickel industry 
and other industries. Thus does research 
develop better products* create more 

RacV. of (hearctt 
i c Ic e t beinff 
moL'cd by cran« 
to freight ear. 

I M Irnltf illmt. 


STonfrcaT, TKursHay, May 20, 


Page Seven 



Best of Luck and Good Cheer 

Your Dispensing Opticians 
and Photographie Suppliers 

1465 McGill College Avenue 
BE. 1097 

Aeeoiiiiiiwclaiifin Waiilcd 

Doctor to be at Children't Memorial Hospital requires 
accommodation for wife and two children for one year 
from July. 

Apply to Dr. S. C. Best, 
299 Glen Rood, Toronto, 5, Ont. 

Student Salesiiieii 

Earn good commission by selling made-to- 
measure suits and thereby earn your next 

year's tuition. No experience required. 

Apply: Scott Clothing, Longueuil, Que. 

List of Graduates— from P-6 

Montrent: Crookcr, WllUam My les, 
Montreal; Cunningham, Alan Stanley, 

nale, Harold Inxlehy. St. Georges, 
Bermuda: Donnelly. Daniel Kenneth, 
Montreal; DouRhcrty, Donald Bruce, 
Westmount; Drennan. Donald Henry, 
Westmounl; Duverger, Edgar Guy, 

Kaxlman, D. K., Montreal West; 
Edelowltcli, IlArold, Montreal; Krtrl- 
stone, Gordon Joseph, flrnt clau hon- 
or* In economics, .Montreal: îZnKcl, 
Nicholas Dan, Town of .Mount Hoyal. 

Falrnner, \S'iIIlam Edsar. dl-itlnc- 
lion in the general course, Montreal; 
Field, Frank William, Westmount: Fin- 
kelslcln, Gerald, Outremont: FinkeN 
stcjn. Lawrence Edward. Outrcmont; 
Finlcy. Eric Gault. Westmount: Freed, 
Manuel A., Outrcmont, 

Galbralth, John Alexander, distlne- 
tlon In the general course, Montreal; 
Gart>er, Simon Alan, second class hon- 
or» in economics, Montreal: Gil»on. 
Blair Bruce. Caprcol, Ont.; Goldberg, 
nubin, Outrcmont: Goodall, Gcorcc 
Graham, Montreal: Gordon, Morris, 
Montreal; Grant. George Morden, To* 
ronto; Graul, William Armitaie, Ver> 
cheres; Gray, William Edward Dueean, 
l,a Malbale, Que.; Greenfield, Saul, 
second class honors in economics. 
Montreal: Greenwood, John Edward 
Douglas, first class honors In econom. 
ics. Montreal: Gruborman, Joseph, sec- 
ond class honors In economics, Mont- 

llasl<rll, Lewis Diincnn, Montreal; 
Ucr.-cy, Clias. Andrew, Montreal 
IIodEson, Ralnh Ellswnrln, Montrca;: 
Hodgson, David Yuile, Montreal; How- 
ley, David Edward, St. John's, Nfld.; 
Hulbert, Allison Gale, Montreal. 

Jnhniton.' William Henry. Montreal; 
Jones, William, Mackayvllle. 

Kantles, Harry Nick, Heglna: Kel- 
sick, Ian Oneve, Plymouth, Montser- 
rat, B.W.I.; Kerr, Kenneth James, Ot- 
tawa; Kluger, Leon, Westmount. 

Labelle, Rowal Joseph, Ottawa: La> 
iBDCllo, Gerard Liouis M., Montreal; 
LaFlcehe, Maurice Lucien, Montreal; 

real West; Dwane. Fideluj E., Mont> 

Karlly, Heidi H'lra. Wr«tmr.iir,t 
rcol disllnclion in the Kcncul cnui.'r: 
Emmclt, Barbara Ircno, Town of 
Mount Royal, second class honors in 

Faiardnu, Qllberlr. Xoranda: Fine- 
mnn, Lila Shirley, Montrcil; Fitzger- 
ald, Velma Stella, Maxvillc, Ont. 

Garrloch, Sheila Mary, BatUeford, 
Sask.. great distinction in the scncral 
court; Goldenberg, Shirley Jeannette. 
Montreal, second class honors in bio- 
chemistry; Goldin, Izabclla, New York, 
first class honors in mathematics and 

hyslcs: Grayston, Vivian Annette. 

'own of Mount RoyaL 

Hall, Nancy Catherine, Montreal; 
Hedges, Jean Mary, Toim of Mount 
S.; Hooper. Joan, Town of Mount 
Royal; HeUett, " ' 

Jenkins, Daphne Gay, Lima. Peru, 
second class honors In functional 
bloloKv; Johnson, Siizabeth, West- 
motmt; Jopp, Shirley Lucille, LaTuque, 

, Klnch,.. JSarlon Lesley, Montreal: 
Klein,' Mlrimi, Montreal, second class 
honors in biological aeienecf. 

Lo«r, Mangaret Jean Jattray. Strat- 
ford. Ont 

McCermIek, Catherin* Cedly, Cartier- 
Ville; MacEachnie, Ursula Patricia. 
Port of Spain, Trinidad: AlcEwan, NIc- 
ollne Margarets Montreal West; Mac- 
Margaret Ann« Aybner. West- 
distmction in the ceneral 
course; MacKinnon, Géraldine Audrey. 
Westmount. great distinction in the 
teneral course; McLachlan, Caroline 
' iilay, Noranda; Mclrfiughltn, Elizabeth, 
Monmsy . , MacLure. Helen Frances, 

K L 

"Goodbye gang , ». See you 
in the fall!" 

You msr to ssy goodbye lo many of your 
friends at the end of the college year . . . but there 
is one friend to whom you won't hate to bid fare- 
tvell. You can find him at any one of the SOO 
branches of the B of M that extead from cout 
to coast. 

During the summer hionihs !et the msnsger 

ynur nearest B of M branch look sfier those 
savings you are Rotn}; to pile up for next year. 
He will be glad to help you make any financial 
arrangements you wish for the paying of bills .. 
transfer of money ... or the hsodliog of youc 
savings. , ' 

P.S. "dott't forget those supps!" 

Langlols, Pierre. Three Rivers; Lazar 
ovilz, Moses Bernard, Montreal: Lois* 
cllc. Jean Marie Marcel. LauTcnce- 
ville. Que.: Luxton, Clifford, Montreal; 
Lypehuk, Frederick Alfred, Rosctown, 

.McCallum, Leonard Jule.i. Iiomls de 
Chapuitepcc. Mexico: McCaminon, 
Gcorcc AIcNsnder, distinction in the 
ecn<!ral cour>e, TheUord Mines, Que.; 
.McCrindIr, Robert Moulton. Montreal; 
McDonnell. John Patrick K., Montreal; 
McKcc, Robert Johnson, Montreal 
McKcnna, Robert Leonard, Ottawa 
Mackenzie. Donald William S.. West 
mount: McLean, Hush Donald John 
Maxville, Ont.; MacTler, Kdw.ird Ste 
wart. Montreal; Mather, Renfrew Dav 
Id. Outremont; Membory. flnttcrt Ed 
ward, Montreal; Miller, Robert Dean 

Milne. George Hector, New GIas!;o\^- 
N.S.; Mllroy. Neil. -Santlacn. Clillr 
Mitchell. 'Herbert Eustace, Montrral 
Monk, Richard Chapman, first cla.u 
honors In economics, Ottawa; Morin 
Joseph Guy. Hull; Morris, Georsc Al 
frcd, Montreal West; Morrison, David 
puncan, Montreal; Muru-o, noljert 
Louis, Westmount; Munro, Roderick 
Dcano. second class honors In econo 
nilc<, Vsncouvor, B.C.; Murray, Charles 
Siitiicrl.ind. Ollawa; .Myers, Mclvln 
Leonard, second class honors in ceo 
nomics. Montreal; Myles, Frank Ed' 
ward, Montreal. 

Nesj, James Alexander. Ste. Anne d 
Bcllcvuc; Nicholson. William Thomas 

H. . Westmount; Novokowsky, Alex 
John, Wilkic, Sask. 

Orstrelchrr.' Ernest, first class hon 
nrs in economics, Montreal: Obburgh 
John Mark. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil 
O'.VclU. Melville, Henderson, Mont' 
real; Orr, John Cecil, Longueuil. 

rrllon. Earl Albert, Montreal; Per 
!cy-Robertson, Alexander, Ottawa; Pit 
(icld. Ward Chipman, Cartlcrvlllc: 
Pope. Frank Moore, Hampstead; Por 
lor. GcorEe Kcr, Outremont; Potechin, 
Lionel. Mnntrcal; Powis, Gordon Ooug' 
la5, Morm Height!, 

Rennlr, Itobcrl Matlinson. Montreal. 
Rcnwick, Roix-rt Fcrrcll, .-second class 
honors in economics, Ottawa; Rich 
ardson. John Frrmont, Windsor, Ont, 
Ronson. John Clifton, second class 
Imtiors in economics, Ottawa; Hoskies, 
Arlliur, fccond class honors m ceo 
noniio*. Westmounl; Rubinovich. Jack 

.SI. Jacques, Jean M.irie L, MonI 
real; Sauve. .Moise Arthur, Cornwall 
Siiannon, William AUierton. West 
mount; Sharratt, Richard Fitzecrald 
.Montreal West; Smardon, RobeS Doug- 
las, Montreal: Smith, John McSwan, 
first class honors in economics, Vcr 
dun; Smith, Sidney Dounias. rtisllnc. 
tlon In the general course. Cowans, 
ville: Smith. William Douglas H., sec 
ond class honors In economics. Green' 
field Park. 

Taylor, Malcolm Mitcliell, second 
class honors In ceonomics. Massa'wlppi, 

?ue.; Thorp, Harry Douglas. .Montreal: 
ookcr. Perry Andrew, Brockvillc 
Trcnholme. Harry Edgar, Montreal 
Trotter, Hector Sutherland, St. Johns 

Watt. Alexander Creichlon, Mont- 
real; Wencr. Edgar, Westmount; Wliil- 
mc. Howard Fxigar, .Montreal; Wliit- 

I. ill, Frcd Richard. Rofemount; Wil- 
\\\mî. Moj-tiincr Oscar, Montreal; Wil- 
son. Robert Norman. Ottawa; Winter, 
John Theodore, of Mount Royal; 
Winter. Samuel, Oiilrcnioiit; Wolkove. 
K(H> ard B , -Montreal; Wolvin. Donald 
Faro Montreal; Wonfor. Herbert Wal- 
lace, Westmount; Wright, Kenneth 
Allan, distinction in the general 
course. Montreal; Wright, Lawrence 
Alfred, Montreal. 

Yaxley. Eric, .second class honors In 
economics Dorval. 

Bank of Montreal 

working with Caifodiant in every waU of' life since )8I7 

Peel Street & Burnslrie Place University *: St. Catherine Sts. 

Msnsfleld & St. Catherine Sis. BIcurv & St. Catherine Sts. 

Drummend St SL Catlicnnc sts. Sherbrooke & Drummond Sts. * 
Guy fi Sherbrooke Streets. 

Charlotte, Halifax, N. 


Made of Major 
Staff Changes 

Dr. Muriel V. Roscoe. Dean of 
R-V.C, has been appointed profes- 
sor of Botany, Dr. James announc- 
ed recently. She is the second 
woman to hold a 'full professorship 
at the university, the first being 
Dr. Carrie Dcrick, who retired in 
1929 from the chair that Dr. Roscoe 
will occupy. Four, other important 


MontrealsK Slanniiw. Sheila Frances, 
Westmount, aecontf class boners In 
mathematles and physics: Marcus, 
Nancy, Montreal, first class honors 
in biochemistry; Martin, Frsnces 
Blanche, Westmount, first class hon- 
ors in chemistry; Martin. Ina May 
Half-Way Tree, Jamaica, B.W.L; Mel 
lanby. Elinor Clare. Montreal West 
Miliar, Barbara Pcarle. MontreaL 

Peterson, Joan Marlon, Town of 
Mount Royal; Pender, Pamela Alice 
Sarah, Montreal; Puxley, Ann Eliza- 
beth Lavallin, Hudson Heights, first 
class honors In mathematles and hy- 
slcs (Meteorology Option). 

Readc. Marilyn lEsteUe. . MonU-eal; 
Reibaiayr. Helen Jean. Lachtne; Rob- 
erts, Shirley Mavis, Port of Spain, 
Itinldad; Ross, Musarct Jean, Mont 

Mathematician N. B. MacLean 
Reth'es From Faculty Post 


Scetl, Mary Elizabeth, Montreal 
Segall, Rena Mena. Montreal; Seid- 
man, Ruth. Montreal, first class honors 
in chemistry; Singer, Berths, Mont- 
real, first class honors In biochemis- 
try; Singer. Vivian Margery, Montreal. 
Spencer, Joan Olive, Orummondvllle 
Siruthers, Jean Margaret Cross, HSmp 

Tham«on. Sheila Annan, Montreal 
West Torrance, Margaret Elizabeth, 

lllman, Elizabeth, Montreal. 

Whipple, Shirley Louise. Saint John, 
great distinction fn the general course; 
White. BarlMtfa, Westmount: WIens, 
Marfon EUcen, Edmonton; WiUiamaon, 
Charlotte Elizabeth, Toronto. 


Adam, John Emmanuel. Montreal; 
Adams. William Everett, Mount Ver- 
non. N.H.; Allen, Albert GIbion, 

Balaban. Stanley, Montreal: Barber. 
Gordon Maltland, Underbill, Man., 
second class honors In Sociology; Bar- 
rlngton, John Cordon. Verdun, second 
class honors In English language and 
literature; Baxter. Peter Lionel, Win- 
nipeg; Beck, Clifton Martin, Montreal; 
Benoit, Pierro Alexandre, Quebec; 
Bcrnfeld, Edward Henry, Montreal; 
Betts. Paul Van Vllet, Montreal; Bird, 
Thomas Christopher, Town of Mount 
Royal; Blalklock, David Molson. Mont- 
real: Boyd, Alan Robb, Knowlton: 
Boyer, Claude - Gerard, Montreal; 
BrowTi. Robert Ballantyne. Pictnu, 
N.S.; Biirsey, Lewis Gerald, SI. Laur- 
ent, Que., first class honors in econo- 
mics and political science; nusby, 
Maurice John, Pointe Claire; Biittcr- 
ficld, Harry Chester. Pembroke, ner- 
muda, second honors in English 
language and literature, 

Carlisle, Arthur EUioit. Windsor. 
Ont.; Carter. Arthur Norwood. St. 
Jo m. N.B.. first class honors In Eng- 
lish and philosophy; Carter. Robert 
Percivat, Ste. Anne do Bcllevue. Que.; 
Channon. Owen. St. Lambert: Christ- 
mas. Thomas Herbert Clark. West- 
mount, second class honors In French; 
Church. Archibald Cameron. St. Lam- 
bert; Church, Peter Horsf.ill, St. Lam- 
bert; Ciceri, Leo Armand, Montreal, 
second class honors in English lan- 
guage and literature; Cole, Frederick 
Dowsley,' Ottawa. 

»»vlcho, Leon, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; 
Do Beckcr-Remy, Edouard Jacques 
.Marie Augustin, Westmount: Do Chan- 
tai, Rene Charles Eric, Ottawa, first 
class honors In French and second class 
honors In history; Decker, Joseph 
Earic, La Tuque. Que.; Derick. Gerald 
Lacolle; DixOh, William 

appointments and promotions, list- 
ed below, were announced nt the 
same time. 

Dr. Roscoe, native of Centrevtlle 
Nova Scotia, joined the staff in 1940 
as assistant professor of botany end 
warden of H.V.C She will retain 
her post at R.V.C., it was announc 

Dr. A. S. Lamb -will be the direc 
tor of the newly-crcatcd depart 
mcnt of Athletics, Physical Edhca- 
tion and Recreation, He has been 
scrvinK in the capacities of Pro 
fessor of Physical Education and 
director of the. School- of Physical 
Education, which functions will 
now be held by Dr. J. B. Kirkpat 
rick. Bom in Saskatchewan, Dr, 
Kirkpatrick was director of phy 
sical fitness under a Dominion-Pro 
vincial fitness plan there He will 
join the McGill staff in the Fall. 

Dr, C. P. Lcblond, up lo now as- 
sociate professor of Histology, has 
been promoted to a full professor- 
ship in anatomy. A native of Lille, 
France, he is a eraduatc of the 
University of Nancy, Université de 
Montreal and Paris Medical School. 
He was a Rockefeller Fellow from 
1.035 to 1037, joined the staff ol 
the university in 1043 and returned 
after leave of absence to fight with 
he Free French Forces of General 
Charles Do Gaulle. 

Columbia University graduate 
Vic Obeck, head football coach last 
year, was appointed dhrcctor of in- 
tercollegiate athletics. 

With the announcement of the 
retirement of Professor N. B. Mac- 
Lean by the Senate of the Univt-r- 
slty yesterday, the next geneMtion 
of engineers and matliemnticians 
of McGill -will loose a gifted and 
valuable friend. It is with this feel- 
ing that many of the recent, gra- 
duates and studenii now on the 
campus greeted Dr. ' MacLean's 
coming retirement. ' ' 

Born in Bruce County, Oiii-urio 
on April 14th, 1883, received his 
B.A. Ht the University of Toronto 
in lOOB and was a gold medallist 
in mathematics. He received M,A.'s 
from the Universities of Toronto, 
and Manitoba in 1908 and a Ph.D. 
(magna cum laude) from Chicngn 
n 1923. From 1010 to 1927 he taught 
at the University of Manitoba, then 
wns employed by the Sun Life As- 
surance Company from 1027 to 1030 
and came to! McGill from this Com- 

He was made professor of ap- 
plied mathematics and Joint chair- 
man of the mathematics depart- 
ment in 1930 and chairman in 
1042. During World War I he served 
overseas from 1915 to 1919, won 
the D.S.O., was twice mentioned 
in dispatches and rose to the rank 
of Licutenant-Coloncl. 

During his lifetime Prof. Mac 
Lean has received many honors 
and is a Fellow of the Hoyal As- 
tronomical Society (Canada) 
member of the American Actuari- 
al Society, and the American In- 
stitute of Actuaries. 

Having taught principally In the 
Engineering department, he was 
very popular at McGill, well Itk' 
ed by all.' his students, and will 
be missed by both undergraduates 
and graduates alike. 

John. Montreal 

Godfrey, Montreal, second class honors 
n sociology ~ " ' ~" ' 

/inkewlch, Leopold, Rosemount. 

Filipatrick, Jean Rita, Westhury, 
N.V.; Gould, Helen Florence M., West- 
mount; Moulton, Marlon Florence, 
Hampstead; Secall, Ena Malca, Bcl- 
oell Station: Shcr, Sorrel. Montreal; 
Sherman, Gertrude, Montreal. 


Arbo, Muriel Marguerite Pram, West- 
mount Avison, Ruth, Ste. Anne de 


Baudelaire, Nicole, Washington. D. 
C: Belmonte, Mbnt Madeleine, Mont- 

Carter. Sharon Ellzibcth, Montreal; 
Ciment, .Adeline Merriam, Montreal, 
second class honors in biochemistry; 
I Clark. Hazel Jean, Oulremonl; Clark, 
Sarah Jane, Verdun; Copping, Mar- 
garet Frances, Montreal; Courage, 

laphne Ingrid. Bucbans. Nfld, 
Prysdale,' Flcrenee Audrey, Mont- 1 

Dondenaz. Harold 
second class honora 

- - Downing. John Philip, 

Slanstead: Drexler, John Rene, Queen^s 
Village. N.V.. first class honors in 
English language and literature; Du- 
fre.«ne. Bernard AviLi. Montreal: Dun- 
ford. Leslie Bonner, Montreal; Durran, 
John Ernest. Gait, Ont. 

Edge, William Arthur, Montreal. 

Farrell. Joseph Louis Ralph. Cham- 
bly Canton; Fenton. Paul Fleldhouse, 
Metuchen. .V J ; FUke, Clarence A., 
Hartintown, Ont.; Franklin, Martin 
Henry. Montreal, second class honors 
in English and philosophy. 

Gale, Royce Lalierec, Walervllle. 
Que.; Gardner. Bernard. Quebec, sec- 
ond class honors in economics and poli, 
tiçal science; Ccggic, David Conrad, 
Wakefield, Que.; Graham, Oonsld 
Percy, Toronto, iirst class honors in 
philosophy: Crimaud, Albert Agenc 
Andrew. Montreal: Gudefin, Philippe 
Marie Georges Henri, Westmount 

Hankinsgn, Lawrence Dunn, Both 
well. Ont.: . Harkness, George Alexan 
der, Montreal: Hughes. Donald John 
Michael, Montreal; Hume, Robert 
David, Montreal; Hyndman, Austin 
Stuart, Montreal. 

Ingham, Ernest George. Pointe Claire; 
Ireland. John Gilmour, Westmount. 
first class honors in mathematics and 
second class honors In economics. 

Jackson, Jay Mervtn, Montreal, sec- 
ond class honors In sociology: Jamie- 
son, William Alexander, Westmount; 
Jones, William Ross Lewis. Verdun, 
second class hono/s in English and 

Kllpatriek, John Ross McLennan. 

Gongratulations Graduates 


Good Luck in the Future 

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Lamontagne, Andre Charles, Ottawa; 
Lamothe, George Dominic, Quebec; 
Lane, Percy William Ward, Montreal; 
Leboff, Samuel Joseph, Montreal; 
Lcppnian, Wolfgaiig Arthur, Montreal, 
first class honors in German; Levesque, 
Joseph Omcr, Montreal; I.evine, Al- 
bert Norman, Ottawa, first class hon- 
ors in English language and literature; 
LIsion. Bonald Robinson, Montreal; 
LttUe. Alan Brian. Montreal; Lorde, 
Clyn Merten. St. Lucia, B.W.L; Lucas, 
Rex Archibald, Clarkson, Ont., second 
cisss honors in sociology, 

MseCarthy, Alan Howard Stafford. 
Ottawa, Ont., second class honors in 
economlcse and political science; Mac- 
Donald, William Atwood. Westmount. 
first class honors in economics and 
olltical science; McCuigan. James 
'rancis, Montreal; .MacKell, Peter 
Robert David, Ottawa: .MacKenzie. 
David B. Sinclair, Westmount; -Mc- 
Kcown, James Lome, Smiths Falls, sec- 
ond class honors in economics and 
jnlitical science; Mackev, Alan Forbes, 
iVestmownt. second class honors in 
nrychology; McLeod, Duncan William. 
Niagara Falls. Ont., second class hon- 
ors In English and history; Mc.Mahon, 
John Maxime, .Montreal West; Mac- 
Millan. William Hooper, Waban. Mass.; 
McVittic. John Irving, Hamilton, sec- 
ond class honors in economics and 
political science; Magee, Charles Os- 
mund Delamere, Toronto, second class 
honors In economics and political 
science; Magill, William Arthur, Mont- 
real, second class honors in sociology: 
Marcus, Birdie Robert, Montreal; 
Monk, John McCaughan, Ottawa, sec- 
ond class honors in philosopliy: Mor- 
gan, David Walker, Montreal; .Morris. 
Alexander MacLarcn. Montreal, second 
class honors in sociology. 

Nash, David Leo. Ottawa; Nlchol, 
Walter Wlngatc. Montreal; NIckle. 
Arthur. Grant. Montreal, second class 
honors in economics and political 

Oliver, Michael Kelway, Westmount. 
first class honors in économies and 
political science; Oulton, Richard Bev- 
erley, Montreal West. ...... 

Palmer, James Simpsenî" Charlotte. 
town, P.E.I.: Paltiel. Daniel Moses, 
Montreal, second class honors in econ- 
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Monlrenl, Thursday, May 20, 1948. 

Pigski n, Pu ck , Hoop Squads Hit Hard by Graduation 

Championship Laurels Elude 

McGill Senior 'Big Three' in 
'47-48' Intercollegiate Play 

In tliR way of pl.-Kiure, mciliilions, nwars etc. the teams rcproscnlinK McGill in the "Big 
Three" of Intcrcollrpintr ^imHs haven't very much to hang up on Iheir cli'ihhousos' walls. 
Xo tcar-pcrkins nth .-truies nrfiioii (o explain tlic lack of niaierinlii=tic laurels for 'the past 
?cn«nn's piny. They went out onto liic griddiron, ice sheet or gj'm floor with all of the fihmiis 
pimipiinn of cliauipions, fref|ucnlly with plenty of cla.«s, but invnriabily without the good 
wi-hrs of Dnine Fortune, l.a Rue dc Humour has it that a contract iias been made witli- this 
Lady(?) for the fortliconiing 5en=on. . , 
' * When spring comes, can falH 

Amonc U\r bii:;lilo. 1 li^lits on Ihc 
Bic Sriiirjr Urd Giid Miicliiiic was 
lincin.iti TOMSIY IiniDKLi with 
liL^ jtoiinr (ilToiijiviî as well as dc- 
frnsivr pri-f(iini:iilfCS. 

Judoists Handicapped 
By Many Mishaps 

Damp Tortunc played a frol- 
lirkiiiK came of havoc wllh this 
years judn trntn, of which al- 
mofl half nf thr nriKiiial meni- 
brrs who turned out suffered- 
early season injuries both on and 
off Ihc judo mat?. As if this 
weren't cnoucli- Couch Ilog Hul- 
-Chins was invnlvrd in a motor- 
cycle acciden! early in .Tanuary 
which left Ihc hapless crew 
without a coach for the rest of 
Ihr season. 

.N'r\r,lhrlr-5 the undaunted 
rrmaiiider of \br xinad met with 
Ihc Y.M.C'.A. vvrw in the last 
Athletics X'lzhi of the .'■r:non. Un- 
forlunatolv, McGill lo-> all nf the 
matches except one, where Rcd- 
mcii Eddy Wallers, of wrcsttinc 
fame, came throiish with ;i tic. 

1)0 fnr hrliind? And when fail 
in its (tun mines, will ,Mr(Jill 
Ix! far brliind? — not if Vir 
Olirck can help it. As a matter 
of fact, if the genial, sandy- 
linired grid rcinsmari had his 
way, the Rèdmen would need a 
trlcHCdpin rrar-virw minor to 
kcrp an rye on tlin nilipr cliih= 
Il o 1 (I i II i: up tlir liind end. 

Wlicthcr this will come to pass 
will be revealed by time alone. To 
achieve this desired station the Mc- 
Gillians will require some expert 
finayglint plus a fair measure of 

As things are at the present, 
"lucl(" is » plentiful commodity 
.-n'ound .the environs of Molson's 
St,idium, but its all bad. M il mus! 
to all men, graduation has finally 
come to some nine footballers, the 
passins of whom will leave large 
Clips tn he pliissod in Ihc ranks of 
the BiR Red Mncliino. Conch Obrck 
hopes to fill snmo of lliesc holes 
by rcarranRinR his battle array, but 
new ninterial is most emphatically 
needed to add punch and depth to 
the attack. 

.■\monc the inlssinc when tlio 
openinc whittle blows to jtart the 
'•tR-'4n sPii-^on will be snrh capable 
performers as Tommy Briricl, Lou 
I.anier, Jo-.Io Smythe, Bob Mc- 
Boylc (he may be back), Murray 
Greatrcx, Hcd Syrell, Ken Nickcr- 
son, Joe Huza and Jasper HoUiday. 
This group will be trading in the 
pigskin for the sheep sl:in with the 
biggest game of all still ahead of 


"Even though we did not win 
the IntercoUegiRle championship 1 
consider the pa.«t season a great 
success." With these words Red 
hockey coach Dave Campbell .set 
off the feftivitir.s at the annual 
hockey banquet tendered Ihc team 
by club President Albert Kyon at 
the Queen's Unie]». When, a<ked to 
explain what "he^meant, ific portly 
mentor continued, "I mean that 
the season was 5ucees.«ful In that 
the team just never admitted that 
they were licked, coniinc up off 
the floor twice to bent Varsity 
when it looked as if everything 
was lost." ' ' ■ 

In describing the actual season's 
play, coach Campbell dwelt length- 
ily on tu o Karnes in particular. The one asainst l,c.s Carabins 
which the Rcdmen lost by à hair 
plus a coal, thus casting them a 
possible championship, and the last 
one in Toronto against the Blues 
(who now wear the Intercollegiate 
Crown) which the Rcdmen won, 
fighting their hearljs out with their 
back.s to the wall. This game alone 
was worth the whole sea.'on's ef- 
fort.s and showed what a fichtinc 
delerniined tram can do even with 

McGill Loses Fine Sportsman 
By Death of Dr. Bobby Bell 

of the top baiskelball players in 
Canada and mainstay of the McGill 
hoop team, is graduating from the 

School of Physical Education. 

stacked high against 

tiie odds 

Next year the ncdmcii hope tg 
reverse the count on the Blues. 
Though their losses through gr.-id- 
nation only number two, they .nre 
serious ones as the players involved 
are Ward Pit field and Dickie Cur- 
rie. A doubtful starter next year is 
ace dcfcnccman Gordie Gosselin 
who has only a couple of credits to 
go for that precious ticket of-leavc. 


In as screwy a season as has ever 
been presented to college cage eus» 
tomcrs, the McGill Rcdmen wound 

up in third spot in the inlcrcollcc- 
iate hoop loop. The crazy Roincs on 
involved a roimd robin of victories 
and defeats, remarkable happenings 
for the usually Western-happy cir- 

It all started when the Rcdmen 
came from behind in a. humdinger 
of a game -to upset . the favored 
Varsity Blues, and then In.-n the 
next week to the flabby Qiiccn'.s 
Gaeli in Kingston while the Bliie.'i 
were edging the Champion West- 
ern MiMlanss for the Purple and 
White".<î first defeat in many many 
long years. A situation of this 
sort wilt probably not reappear for 
quite some time again. 

Playing for the first time under 
new coach Howie Ryan, the Bed- 
men wore in and outers, at times 
playinc ns if they were an oil well 
on fire, and at others, as though 
they were made of ice. George 
Davidon was top man for the club, 
ending well up in the league scor- 
ng. Both he and his sidekick 
Sammy Roth mount the gradua- 
tion platform UiLs week and their 
services will be sorely missed. 

Ship Ag^^ .- Congrats to the 
coed sailinR crew who copped seC' 
ond place at a recent sailing meet 

at Miçldlcbury. Nosed out of first 
place by tlie powerful Skidmore 
squad, the girls managed to defeat 
their arch rivals and hostesses the 
Panthercttes who trailed In behind 
the St. Lawrence crew. All goes to 
sho\r that skiing Isn't everything!! 
From all reports a good time was 
liad by all^ although for anyone 
who knows the Middlcbury hos- 
pitality, this would be a foregone 

With an eye to the future, all 
fiiiRcrs should be kept crossed for 
our swimmiiiR stars who arc doing 
tlieir darndcst to cop an Olympic 
berth. Grcntest threat to Eastern 
hopes will be breast stroke swim- 
mer Irene StronR of V:incouvcr who 
Irene StronR of Vancouver who 
recently Ijroke the Dominion re- 
cord, but your old .Mina Mammy's 
pluRRing for you thouph 
Two cnls with - ; .\ckct who will 
imdoublcdly ro far this summer 
are .lunc Dcvaux and Klaine Kildes. 
Relier l;ccp an eye out for them 
hen I'lovincial and Dominion 
trials Ret underway. We exocet to 
.sec them right up on too. Best of 
luck Rals! 

Now for us, the Io.^mt lichts; the 
Ral.'; with the inclination who lack 
that fpark of Renins il takes tn get 
to the top. What of us? SummCr 
stretches out with many inviting 
activities just waiting for our 
magic touch. Golf courses stand 
ready to bear the scars and 
scratches of the amateur; lakes, 
tennis courts and highways lie as 
n challenge to nur soul.s. Summer 
will pass all ton 'quickly as wc 
answer the call, throwing ourselves 
energetically into these pleasant ac- 
tivities which in turn will leave 
us at the end of the summer with 
many happy memories and a desire 
to return to our scat of learning 
for another busy year. 

With the death in mid-March of 
Dr. Robert Blagrave Bell, McGill one of its keenest sportsmen 
and most popular figures. Tliough 
he is known primarily for his athle- 
tic achievements. Dr. Bell was 
active in -many other lines of en- 

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In Memoriam 

With talent of this sort at his 
command, it might be said that any 
coach would do well, but Bobby 
Bell somehow seemed to get Just a 
little more than any one else out 
of them. To this day, all who were 
directly connected with the Doctor, 
praise him to the rclin fnr his ever- 
present Rood humor and complete 
sincerity. McGill is much the poor- 
er for the death of Bobby Bell. 

Combines Win McGill 
Floor Hockey Crown 

Unassuming college students 

with noble ideals pounding in 
their naive breasts, sited their in- 
tellectual cloaks evcr-so-oftcn and 

induiRp in a little mayhem. None 
lash out at the bis bad world with 
more vigor than the lads who 
lake part in the illeciiimnip nff- 

Tlip latp nr. 'Kniibv' nrll 

Records Set 
By Trackmen 

ny JIM nonn 

.Mtliough the McGill senior track 
team last the season's major event, 
the liilercollegiatc Meet, the Red 
and Wliitc seconds managed to walk 
olT with the Intermediate cham- 
pionship. Turning tn the btiards for 
tho winter meets, the Van WaRucr- 
coaehed Reds succc-sfuUy competed 
in the B.A.A. games at Boston, the 
Legion Parade of Sports at Mont- 
real, and the liamilton Meet. 

The local track and field men 
Rarncred .several laurels in the lat- 
ter meet, when the McGill crew 
captured the Lieut. -Col. Frederick 
E. Wigle Trophy for the Intercolle- 
giate Mile Relay Championship, 
with Munroo, Swanzey, Spence and 
riobinsnn doing the honours for 
their Almn Mammie. The same 
meet saw a McGill victory in the 
680-yard relay as well, plus a win 

deavor and excelled In whatever 

field he participated. 

"Bobby," as he was familiarly 
known by everyone, first became 

associated with McGill when he en- 
rolled as a freshman in the fail of 
1022, and he maintained this contact 
in one capacity or another, for a 
full quarter century up to his ill' 
timed death. During this twenty' 
five-year span, he was directly in- 
strumental in bringing to .McGill 
full share of hockey glory by guid- 
ing the Red puckmen through Iheir 
"Golden age," that period in the 
middle thirties when they swept 
aside all comparable competition. 

Coming tn McGill from West- 
moiuil, he made a place on the sen- 
ior puck squad on his first attempt 
and along with such stalwarts as 
Flin FlanaRan and Dr. Vcc llency 
was one of the mainstays of the 
team for si.x winters until he 
graduated in Dentistry in '28. 
Five Championships 

After a one year absence from the 
McGill hockey scene, he returned 
to take over the active coaching 
role and immediately proceeded to 
lead the Itedmcn to five out of six 
irilrrcollcRiate championships, and 
one senior group crown. From Ihc 
senior Rroiip title, he took his 
charges to the Allan Cup spmi-finnls 
where they were barely iinscd cjiit 
by the (jowcrful Monctoii Hawks. 
Some of the morn nfilable perform- 
ers who wore the Bed and White at 
lliat time were Kenny Farmer, Gor- 
don Crutchfield, the late* Maurice 
Powers, Gordie Mciklejnhn and 
many others of this high calibre. 


students will be charged $1.50 for football scaiinii tickets this 
years. It was revealed by the Students' Athletic Council. The new 
move was passed by the SAC last March S3, and- by the Athletics 
Board at the April 12 meeting. The seats for which season's passes 
will have to be obtained this year, are those in the student seelion 
of the south stands at the Molson a\»U 

by Arlsman Paul Fcnton who 
whizzed through the mile in four 
minutes and thirty-two seconds. 
The team captain, and perennial 
individual star in Intercollegiate 
meets, Lionel Fournler, made his 
last year in McGill colours an out- 
slandinR one, as he set a new pro- 
vincial and collegiate discuss record 
in the fall Intercollegiate meet with 
a throw of 135 feet, lO'.i inches. The 
nedmen set another record at this 
meet, when Ted Fainstat putted the 
shot 42 feet 2'ii inches. Besides 
Fournicr and Fainstat the onl.v 
other McGill men to cop an event 
was IhiRh Miinroe, nrxi year's 
caplain-elect, who defeated West 
ern's hiRhly touted Jack Parry in 
the 100 yards dash. 

Itediiieii , W i 11 Boxing Crown; 
Wrestlers Edged By 1 Point 

HiRhliRhting a year's hard train- 
ing and a series of highly com- 
petitive exhibition meets with well 
known American and Canadian 
teams, the Red and White pugili.sts 
pounded their way to a Senior In- 
tercollegiate Championship/ this 
year, winning out over top flight 
Varsity, Qiieen's and OAC teams, 
with four of the boys Retting indi- 
vidual Intercollegiate titles. 

.Milt Orr, John Hency, and 
Frankie Creaghan in the 147, HO, 
and 160 lb. divisions respectively 
copped top laurels in their weights 
for the second year in a row with 
young Grift Marshall gcttinK the 
crown In the 130 lb. division for the 
first time. 

Olympic Guff 

This year for the first time in a 
long, long while, McGill boxers 
were considered to be "high cali- 
bre" in the. regular AAU events, 
winning 98 per cent of their bouts. 

As far as the Olympics are con- 
cerned, none of the. Rcdmen en- 
tered the elimination tourney re- 
cently held in IVIontreal. Coach 
Philips explains this on tho basis 
that exam.s and Olympic training 
"don't seem to mix." It will be re- 
membered that recently 
Johnny Ravanda of Montreal gave 
Cliff Blackbiirn quite a tussle be- 

fore Blackburn was named winner 
of the Olympic trials. Just a little 
while previous to thi.s, McGill's 
Milt Orr gave Blackburn quite a 
P<i.sting, which goes to show that 
Red pugilists are definitely of 
Olympic calibre. 

No small credit for these oustand- 
ing achievements is due to Irving 
Philips, tlie ring-wise Bed mentor 
of whom the boys have the highest 
regard. Ujifortunately for McGill, 
Philips will no longer be actively 
engaged "in Ihc corner" as a re- 
sult of business responsibilities 
which will keep him out of Mont- 
real, for some time during next 
year's aclivitic!!. However, the 
news i.s not quite as bad ns it may 
,<com, as he wil|. be given .some 
honourary position. This move will 
iillow him to give next year's box- 
ers a hand whenever he will be in 
town. Nevertheless, his boots will 
be hard to fill. 


The McGill wrestlers were not 
quite so fortunate as the boxers in 
the intercollegiate finals, losing out 
to Toronto Varsity by only one 
point. Despite the fact that they did 
not garner intercollegiate laurels, 
they put up a remarkably good 
showing, considering thai this is 
the first year that Coach Allan 
Turnbull has been connected with 


the Red and While stiuad. 

The grappling mentor, who has 
been active In the wrestling game 
for nigh on twenty years, lived up 
to his reputation of turning out 
champions. Diminutive Don Hill- 
man took top honors In his weight 
division in flashy form, his second 
championship in a row. Tex Daw- 
son got his for the first time, and 
in so doing showed much of the 
■Turnbullian' influence in his 
speedy, scientific technique, while 
invincible Wally Kowal got his for 
the third straight year. Obviously 
the pains, taken by manager Gilles 
Gaminn to arrange matches with 
such great American wrestling 
teams as Dartmouth, Cliamplain 
and Springfield paid of with divi- 

All in all it may truthfully be 
said that the Red matmcn had a 
highly successful year. With some of 
the Harry Yaphe coached Dawson- 
itcs coming to McGill proper next 
year, with both Coach Turnbull and 
assistant coach Henry Hudson to 
teach the boys theirs stuff, and 
with next year's manager Bobby 
Emend arranging for meets with 
both American and Canadian 
teams, plus Tex Dawson as captain 
it is safe to RO out on a limb niid 
predict a McGill wrcsthng cham- 
pionship for '48-'40. 




Wm. M. HALL & CO. 


Teliphonci MArqocllt ins 
su McGIU St. Menttcat 

spriiiR of Canada's national sporti 
namely, P'loor hockey. 

It was a pack of pucksters 
known as the Combines who out- 
lived a sliRhtly less ferocious crew 
called the .Mklcs in the finals of ' 
tlic McGill League and conse- 
quently .stumbled, crawled and 
were r.u'iird nff l!ir .Sir .Nrlhur 
Currie Gymnasium'.', floor as Vic- 
tors 'of the '47-4B' Red Floor Hoc- 


on our Counsellor Staff 
* * * 

Phone: R. D. Locke, Director 
Y.M.C.A. Kamp Kanawana. MA. 8331 
for on Intereiting, hcaltMul and profitable summer. 

Party refreshment 


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Military Hair-BnishcB 12.30 with tax 13.63 
F. Rolls Ra7.or 12.50 

C. Morocco leather Bill Fold 




Montreal. TKuriliîy;<^r#;^20}|1948ilft 

lifcGlLL DTirZY 


"Hear you got a data tonisht, 
your best Rirl?" 
"No, necks bcsl.l 

She had no principle, but gosh. 


Remington>Rand. DoLuxe 
Model 5. 

Like New 
DO. 9723 

iMcGill Intermediate Pucksters 
Wiu Title J)y Nosiiig St. Pats 

In Ihcir first year of nctlve organ- 
ized compptitinn, and despite nil 
kinds of financial and trantporta- 
tion difflculticd. the McGiU Inter- 
mediate pucksters brought home the 
championship by nosing out Otta- 
■v.i St r.its In the final game of 
the fcason. 

Many Obstarlfx 

Thp intPrnifrti.Tr loop wns- put 
trtcollifr very Iki.-IiIv, ,nnrl tho six 
cl;,h'- invdlviYi hrid a Krrnt m;>ny 
dUfieullics 1(1 overcome other than 
financial and transportation prob- 
lems, mostly in the findins of suit- 
able ice. Many was the time after 
travellini; some sixty or seventy 




for RENT 


1400 Sh Catherine St. W. (Corner Bi$hi,pl LA. 6930 

miles HI a broken down old "air 
coiidilioiicd" bus, iho hockry play- 
ers would fmd that ihey had to 
play on an outdoor rmk '.vliich had 
also suffered the ill effects of the 
variable temperatures. 

Sho^^-s TromUe 

Nevertheless the circuit showed 
great promise, and mindful of the 
distinct advantascs that an organ- 
ized intermediate league has on thr> 
.■■rnior Irasuc. it is reasonable In 
Ijoliovr that Iho loop will be coii- 
luiiicH next year. 

Great credit for the success of the 
league is due to Coach Ross Rutch- 
ins who was instrumental in organ- 
izinR the group and wlio brought 
his charges through to the title. 
Ross was greatly abetted and aided 
by Don Bussicro. Charley Lafon- 
taiiic, Tninniy Hridcl, .lo Jo Smylhc, 
Herb Kert. .lohnuy V'incolli, .Iiio 
.Malon, Rupc Hubcnr. and many 
others who went through .<iundry 
adversities to give their all for the 
old alma mater. 


J. W. McConncll Gives 
University $12,500 

Le Roj^ er Maiusiiaj^^ 

All four of the championship B«l 
squad aro exprrtrd to hi- bick at 
_ ._ ^ rw^ * ~ I .Siirrbrnnko St. Instiiute of 

B H-C ^t^fl ' ^ I HH ■ I higher rducatioM next year whicn mm.^'M.m i.:^ .■. ^ hi B bodes wcll for ncd net hope.s. 

Last year's win was the third in 
a row for the Redmen which makes 
it look OS if this occurrancc might 
wcll become an institution for th« 
Red and White. 

Vieiory ai Toroiiio 

I'layinp hrnr.itli a bl.nziiiR-hot. inirl-Ortuhor .'tin, llm Red 
Xcliiicii IjioukIiI lioinn on of llm two (cam cliniiipiniisliip.^ won 
by .Mi-Gill titiring the 1917-1948 .^oa^oti. Tim loralfl of thi.= 
tiimitph was the Univer.«ity of Toronto roiirts in the '-^îiifTii 
City, with the Blue and White artinc as ho.-ts lo Qnocn.* anil Lc- 
(■i(r;il)in^ of tlip Tnivor-ity of ^Iontreal as wcll as the Rndmcn. 
lni|i\ iilii.n! .-i:tr of llir Knn-nrv ' 

Tnc ln.vs of TRAINKIl II.AUnV (iRIMi:.'^. left, and COACH 
IRVINn I''S will Iravp the McGill sport.- set-up nuicli the 
poorer next Many Gntnes lia.", been with McCiill .--eiuor 
iiilercoUeqiatc hockey and basketball .■^riuafl.s for the past :;.') ye.irs, 
and will be a very linrd man to replace. .1..^ will be boxing coach 
Irving Philips. Philips has handled .McCiU boxers (or only a few 
year.s. but in that ."-horl space of time ha.-- proved invaluable lo the 
Rod pugilisti, culminating his last year's hard work with an 
intcrcollcsiatc championship boxing team. 

Harry Grimes Leaves McGiil 
Alter Quarter of a Century 

I Tv.0 donations to the University 
by one of the Go\'ernors. Mr. J. 
' W. McConi'.ell, aie aniioimred in 
jihe latest list of gifts, grants and 
j bequests issued by the Principal. 
$in,onn is allotted to the Montreal 
NeiirolnHual IiisIiIuIp /or special 
re.'-iarch and leaching under Dr. 
Wilder Penficld, the second like 
sum donated to the institute by Mr. 
McConnell in two years; while $2.- 
.lOO goes to RVC under the name 
I of ' Wai den'.s Special .Md Fund. " 
I Tlie N'ation.'il (."aiiccr Iii.'^litule of 
I'anada ha.-; ;;neM JH.filfi toward 
research fellow.ships and projects 
under wliich tlie following doctors 
will be beneficiaries; Roderick C. 
Rass. Samuel Albert, M. M. Hoff- 
man. G. Lyman Duff, C. P. I.eblond. 
H. O. Warwick, W. V. Cone and 
John Kcrshman. 

Harry Grimes has been connected 
wilh alliletics at .Mcdill University 
for a full quarter of a century. His 
resignation from this "institution of 
learning" has left a wide gap in 
all things concerned with sports 
among the wide-open spaces be- 
hind those Roddick Gates. It will 
probably take inorr than one man 
to do the mechanical end of the 
Job "Harry" has been at for the 
past 25 years: but it would be a 
hazardous undertaking to make an 
estimate of how. what and/or who 
will be the replacement in terms 
of that more potent stuff — usual- 
ly put into words as "moral back- 
ing" — that has been one of hi.s 
major as.«els in rndeaiin;; liiin to 

all the ReriniPn tnat hfl\e come un- 
der his care. 

Still In It 
Harry hasn't cut himself entirely 
from the active list In the field of 
athletics. He is at present the train- 
er of the Montreal Allouettes. Lew 
Hayman considers himself a lucky 
man to have around, for ho knows 
full well the inestimable services 
that Harry has rendered to such 
famous Urd mcntor.s as Shan 
Shaughncssy. the late Dr. Bobby 
Bell, Doug Kerr, Dave Campbell 
and Vic Obeck, Just to mention a 

Harry col his first aroiindiii:; in 
the n:;c nf the niiisi'iilar 


vv:i< I'liMrlic i.'lîivvcr. linninii- 
tive iiiiiiiIm 1 -line man ni Ihr .Mc- 
(iiil t|ii!irl(t. 'I'll!' '.;aine -|hi'i|- 
'Icr I'oiiprii tlio litlo nnii 

inovcfl down tlio <i|ipo>ilioi) 
witlioiiL a l)lenii:'ii on l\i.« pcr- 
fpc) srorp card. Spoitinc a biis- 
it iinz -pivc and a do^i;i'r| ro- 
li'ri\iiiL' KiiniP. thn tliird-ypiir 
Cdiiiinerce student swept throuRh 
the two day scries of matches 
without fallerins. 

The other Red repiccnlalives. 
all of whom acci'.iitted themselves 
nobly, were Drccn Maricn, Bob 
Duford and Jim Spencer who was 
acting captain. This trio also went 
undefeated in matches but could 
not quite come up to LcRoyer's 
brilliant form. 

I.nse Dniiblrs 
The only deteal .viiKoied by the 
Kodii'.eiiï in the doubles finals 
and thi.s was at the hands of the 
Vnriiity nctmen. TTiel.*rp«wS(*Tduo 








34 Motrc Dame East 

LAnc. 2776 

ÏSmUàhoé SffiM I «90 

make-up and treatment of the 

human body during his days in the 
Royal Navy of the First World IVar. 
He probably never received the ful- 
lest acknowledgement of his worth 
to the university from the 'higher 
lips' for his many and varied gen- 
eral lasks. and for his more visible 
hniiriling, in the capacity of trainer, 
of the senior grid and hockey 


niinne the time that Harry Gn- 
mes ha.-i been at McGill many meaty 
offers have come his way from 
various sources in attcmptf. to cap- 
ture his services. Why did he stay? 
Well, you better ask him yourself. 
Marry Grimes can never resign 
from McGill. Wherever McGill 
^^raduale.-;, who have taken part in 
Red and While Atlilctics, go, there 
goes a piece of 'arry*. 

of Hall and Anderson packed just 
loo much reach and power for 
.McGill'."! Marien and LeRoyer and 
were declared the new intercol- 
legiate doubles king.t. 

At the bottom of the heap, the 
Gaels and the Car.ibins fought it 
out to the wire with the third spot 
dependiiiK on the final mattii. Tlie 
Klyins Frenchmen ovciiliially won I 
out leaving the cellar slot for tlic 





Wm. M. HALL & CO. 


Telephone; MArquttl* tZM 
511 .McGill St. Montreal 


f;^;V'CIG/VREfTEv^:-- ^ 



Permits led to function as 
naluie intended. 


Stieamlined lor flexibility 
and snug fiU 


Absorb shocks, lessen loot 

Permit air to circulate 
freely through shoes. 

NON-cHariNc Tor 

Eliminates seanns tliat cause 

Look at the features that make Fleet Foot the 
finest shoes you con buy for sports. Here's 
the "Gym" — scientifically designed to 

provide maximum comfort and .support, 
end to stand up under the most sircouous 
playing conditions. High cut and oxford 

styles in men's sizes, oxfords in women's 
sizes. Remember to ask for Tlcct Foot, the 
Shoe nf Champion,s, at your shoe dealer's. 

Both hefty, stolid OORDIE 'fiOO.SK' (iOSSKI.IN Ucfti and 
tall, lanky WAItl) riTFIi:i,l) will be \'ery coiL-picuou:, 111 next 
year'.s senior inlercolleRiatc hockey lincii|): not by ihcir pie.'ence 
as they were this year, hut rather by their abseiiee. Giiuliiation 
is taking its toll of hockey players thi.^ ye.u-. and .sidly nn;.-r(l will 
be Pitncld'.s n,a?liy. speedy play and Dick Curries ncliniiidinK. 
Gosselin may be back next year if he can be persuaded to take 
enough credits to make him eligible. 

U of T Edges Redmen 
Out of Watcrpolo Title 

The McGill Senior Writcrpolo 
Team ended up in second place 
in the Intercollegiate Circuit this 
.season after trouncing the 
Queen's aggregation and then 
• KoiiiK oil to drop a really close 
.>plasliy aflair. along with the 
chiimplonship laurels lo the nines 
from the University of Toronto. 
Anions their eNhibition encoun- 
ters was one against a squad of 
lad.s from Howard University, an 
all-Negro institution in the Unit- 
ed States. The Howardltcs had 
had difficulty"' in getting compe- 
tition in American Collrses. 


First in the laboratory, then 
under actual wearing con- 



Upper and sole are correctly 
built to give "balanced" 




Special light coloured soles 

won't mark polished doors. 

Famous Corner 
Scene of Hot 
Athletic Confab 

McGiH .student tells the story of 
how he went for a stroll last S:itur- 
day evening to catch a little fresh 
air after a liard day's work a.s a 

"Retriever of Waste from private 

house.'; wuhm the munieipality of 
Montreal " when all of a .sudden he 
found himself at the corner of Peel 
and .Ste. Catherine fannlnc the 
breeze with a number of highly 

publicized local yokels. In the midst 
of some engaging repartee among 
this group of distingues, a human 
bcinp of obviously uninformed sour- 
ces began vending his trade — which 
was that of horoscopiopia, a type of 
deducing the value of past experi- 
ence for the future, or less frequent- 
ly referred to as second guessing. 
Ilomilus Nimbus 

Among many of the ejaculations 
of this intruder was one which 
particularly attracted the attention 
and stirred the homilus nimbus 
fibres of his round shoulders as 
well a.s the over-.straincd students 
of his eyes. Tliis happened to be one 
loud of vnbaKe eonccrning 
the .sporting nrlivilics of McGill 
students. He claimed that such 
things as Athletics Nights and most 
especially the ultra-famous Winter 
Carnival had led to a great deal of 
favorable comment in inter-planet- 
ary space and had raised the odds 
in McGill's favor lo, al the very, even money. 

The McGill student, turning to 
his worthy cohorts, began to remi- 
nisce over the enjoyable experiences 
he had had at the famous Big Red 
combined social and athletics 
events,, and most especially at that 
great extravaganza which went 
under the monicker of the McGill 
Winter Carnival. He told of the 
tobogganing, skiing, hockey, basket 
ball, boxing, judo, dancing, wres- 
tling, etc., etc., that had taken place 
and which he had enjoyed with 
much vim along with a not too un 
considerable quantity of vigor. 

And Now Buy — 

Your Summer Needs 
— Before You Leave 

Sports Coats 
$21.50 to $35.00 


Single & D-^uhlc ErçnMed Novy 

$17.50 to $35.00 

Summer Troiiscrs 


BVD. Brevs. $1.15 

BVD. Shorts SI. 50 

Cotton Shorts SI. 00 

Under Shirts 8Sc up 

Bultonlcss Union Suits S2.00 

Tennis Shorts 

White ond Ton $5.25 



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Grey Flannel 

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Summer Shirts 

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B.V.D. White 
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Sport Shirts 
Polo Shirts 
Sweat Shirts 

Tics, Suspenders, 
Hose Supporters 

$3 95 
$4,25 up 
$1.00 up 

McLaughlin and Harrison 

Custom Tailors & Clothiers 

1461 McGill College Ave 

LA. 3544 

On the outside there i.s a striking difTcroncc between the wiry 
frame of CHARLIE LE ROYEit (left! and tlie rugged musculature 
of JOE IIUKA. But on the ln.sidc they're both made up of the 
same stuff, the slull that makes for champions. L> fall Lc Hoycr 
won the Senior Inlcrcollegiale Men's Indiivdual Tenni.s Cham- 
pionship, while Joe Huza won the acclaim of thousand.s of fans a.s 
one of the toughest linesmen in the senior intercollegiate football 
circuit. lie's another one of this year' graduates. 

Buff Domicli Ilcjitls Second 
Annual McGill Grid Clinic 

McGiU's second annual football 
clinic was held diirmg the ( 
week of May under the supor- 
vision nf Head Coach Vic Oheck. 
More than lOfl coaches and players 
from Montreal and surrounding 
points attended the four-day affair 
held at the Molson oval and In the 
Currie Gym. 

lionelll Here 

Started by Viv Obeek year, 
wilh Columbia'.s Lou Little a.s guest 
mentor, the clinic thi.s year was 
fortunate in having Aldo "Buff" 
DoncUi, general of Boston Uni- 
versity's grid squad, (which may 
line up an annual contest against 
Notre Dame come 1040) as guest 

Ill an effort lo improve the panic 
around these parts, Obcck, assisted 
by Gordie Marriott, Danny Daniels 
and Bill Davics, led the sessions 
the first two days and dealt im- 
pressively with such questions as 
tackling, offensive and defensive 
line play. 

Al the last two sessions, Oonelli's 

manner of conveymg grid funda- 
mentals proved a high point of 
Die clinic. "Buff" effectively de- 
monstrated different phases of the 
came such as passing, kicking, 
linn play, and blocking. To illus- 
trate his points more clearly, he 
showed movies of the N.V.U.-Col- 
gate game. . 

II1C noted no.ston mentor also 
spoke of the differenoes between 
Ramos. Konvard p.issinc. he 
claimed, 1.1 the feature of the 
game played below the border, 
favored by the fans rather than 
kicking. He also discussed the 
"jump" pass, saying that much ac- 
curacy is lost by throwing the 
pip.'l:!!! while in the air. Dunns 
hi.s two-day discussions, Donelli al- 
so stated that a man isn't helping 
his team unless he stays on his 
feet after throwing a block. 

Judging from the turnout, the 
clinic proved successful, and such 
bull se.^.Mflns s'nould become an 
annual affair. 

,$f\(^\ When Your Spring 
-^1 F everts Chronic, 

And ynur fancy lightly turns to thoughts a little less 

than lOnÇf platonic ... 

And j'ou cut yout favorite classes and take sulghuj; 
and molasses . « • 

You obviously nt^^mf'Anow Spring Tonic! 

Take your ailmeot to your favorite Arrow store: 
A new Arrow tic or two will make a new maa! 





îdontrcaf, Tliursday, May 20, lî)45. 

Frcdcricton — iS. ~ Tlie New 
Brunswick Innds department has 
announced that sale of nll-typc 
IninlinR licences to non-residents In 
1047 amounted to 3,531, a deerc.isc 
of 229 from 1946. The decrease was 
due partly to necessary curtailment 
nf the luiiitinK foasnn because of 
furcst fire danger U\il .nutunin. 

London — Xf> — You don't have to 
sit at a desk with a typewriter and 
a blue pencil to be an editor. 
Captain P. F. Stewart, a paraplegic, 

lias launched the first edition of 
"The Cord." a new nuarterly of 
tlic parapIcRics' branch of the 
British Légion, from his bed. 

400 McGill Athletics Awards Announced 


DO.MNG (silver medals): G. M. 
Marshall, 133 Ilxs. championship; J. 

what's the best way 
to take out insurance 

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J. Hcncy, 140 lbs, championship; 
M. J. Orr, 147 lbs. championship; 
F. A. Crcaghan, 165 lbs. champion* 

FENCI.NG (silver medal): G. A. 
Pouliot, individual champion. 

GYMNASTICS (bronze medal): 
J. S. Foster. 

SWIMMING: G. Athans, bronze 
medal, divins; J. T. Quayle, bronzo 
medal, 50 yds. freestyle; J.T. Quayle, 
silver medal, ZOO yds. relay; S. G. 
Christie, silver medal, 20 yds. relay; 
S. G. Christie, silver medal, 50 yds. 
freestyle; G. E.Cooper, silver medal. 
200 yds. relay; G. P. J. Marshall, 
.«ilver medal, 200 yds. relay; W. 
Errineton, bronze medai, 200 yds, 
breast strolcc; J. R. MacLcan, bronze 
medal, 100 yds. back stroke; T. S. 
Younc, bronze medal, 100 yds. free- 

TENNIS (silver medal): B. C. 
LcRoycr. singles champion. 

TRACK: T. Fainstat. sold-filled 
medal, shot put (brolce record); L. 
J. Fournier, gold-tilled medal, dis 
eus (broicc record); L. J. Fournier, 
sliver medal, broad jump; J. D. 
Flcwwelling, bronze medal. 120 
hurdles; H. Munroc, silver medal 
100 yds.; II. Munroe, bronze medal 
220 yds.; I>. E. Robinson, bronze 
medai, 440 yds. 

WRESTLING (silver medals): D 
Uillman, 125 lbs. championship; F, 
A. Dawson, 153 lbs. championship; 
W. Koval, hcavyweiKht champion- 

BOXING: Bassctt, R. T.: Mar 
shall, G. M. Hency, J. J.; Orr, M. J. 
Granda, J. L.; Crcaghan, F. A.; Ko 


UOTUllL llfi 

HCAo orria 


Branch Office: 


cn Dorchester Street West, 
Montreal, Quebec 

Brsneli Managers: Frank Rebtnien, 
C,L.U., S. Alex Acrei, G. W. Knight. 

Do You Know That • • • 

Since the énd of the war, 


We have purchased 230 new gasoline buses, and trolley coachcB. If these 
vehicles were placed end to end, they would^cover a distance of IH miles. 

We have also purchased 17 general ntillty trucks for construction 
during the summer mouths and snow removal during the winter. 



A radio iransmitler has heen built and a two-way radio system has been 
installed' in If^t^S^sency vehicles. This equipment greatiy facilitates the 
control of service, especially in cases of interruptioiis resulting from fires, 
accidents, parades, mechanical failures, etc. 


Another garage for sheltering and servicing 120 buses has been completed. 
A new repair shop for the overhaul and general maintenance of a fleet of 
600 buses is now being erected. 


Construction and improvements have been carried out on 203^ miles of tracks. 

N»B.— During 1947, our vehicles travelled 18,737,783 more 
. ' miles than in 1939 and 3,377,206 more than in 1945. 



vacic, E. W.; Edmison, D. A. R. 
HOCKEY, Intermediate: Sroythe, 
W. S.; Robillard, R. A.; Fcppard, 

A. ; Kert, H.; 'Lafontaine, C; Mal- 
onc, J.: Parsons. R. L,; O'Brien, J.; 
Pcacoclc, C; Bridel, T. F.; Edmi- 
son, D. A. R.; Rubens, R.; Carreau, 
J. A.; Kimmerly, G.; Kemp, C'R. 

TENNIS: Maass. C. F.: LeRoyer, 

B. C; Spencer, J. O.; Duford, R. 
A.; Marien, B. 

TRACK: Fainstat, T.; Fournier, 

BADMINTON — 2nd grade: 
Dixon. J. A., Sc. 48; Findlay, L. J., 
Eng. 50; Gcddc.<, C. S., Gent. 49; 
McKeown, J. L., Arts 48; Payette, 
L., Law 49.' 

BASKETBALL (Sr.)— Isl grade: 
Atitin, D., Comm. SO; Bloom, M., 
Sc. 49: Davidon. G., Phys. Ed. 48; 
Duford, R. A., Comm. 40; Fraser, 
A. J., Phys. Ed. 50; Roth, S, Eng. 
48; Wilson, H., Phys. Ed. 51. 
Special: Goldbloom, C., Eng. 50. 
BASKETBALL (Int. A.)— 2nd 
grade: Berger, H., Phys. Ed, 51; 
Endman, L., Comm. 51; Forcand, 
R., Phys. Ed. SO; Hodge. R., Eng. 
40; Moffatt, R„ Phys. Ed. SO; Mur- 
ray, C, Comm. 48. 

BASKETBALL (Int. C.l.A.U.) — 
.3rd grade: Davis. R. H., Sc. 48: Dit 
kofslty, H., Eng. 48; Dorland. C, 
Phys. Ed. 51; Dunn, L., Se. 40; Hob- 
son, P., Eng. 48; Mangrum, L., .\rts 
51; Novak. W, P., Sc. 48. 
BOXI.NG— 1st grade: Marshall, 

C. M., Comm. 49; Crcaghan, F. A. 
Sc. Si: Hcncy, J. J., Comm. 49; 
Orr, M. J., Comm. 40. 

2nd grade: Bassctt, R. T., Comm, 
49; Edminson, D. A. R.. Comm. 51; 
Granda, J. L., Arts 50; Kovacl;, E. 
W., Sc. 50. 

Special: Lanier, L. L., Phys. Ed. 

2nd grade: Cox. J. R., Eng. 40. 
3rd grade: Laldiaw. E. J., Eng. 50. 
E.VGLISH RUGBY— 3nd grade: 
Anderson, L., Phys. Ed. 40; Beck. 

M., Med. 49; Frazcr, C. Med, 49; 
Mackcll. P., Arts 48; Maclean, R., 
Med. 48; M.Tther, D., Enc 50; 
O'Brien, J., Dent. 48; Scott, R.. 
Comm. 50; Smith, B., Eng. -O; Ven- 
ters, J., Eng. 51; Whitehead, J., Sc. 
48; Whiteliead. R., Eng. 49; Wltit 
tall, M., Sc. 49. 

3rd grade: Carruthers, K., Eng. 
51; FairweatheK J-. Sc. 49; Floycr, 

D. , Eng. 50; Quain, R., Comm. SO; 
Tctlcy, W.. Arts 48. 

FE.N'CI.VC— 1st «rade: Pouliot. G 
A- Law 2. 

2nd grade: Eakins, P., Sc. 48; Ell- 
wood, M., Arch. SO; McCaughcy. 
G., Arts 51. 

3rd grade: Bush, D., Comm. 51; 
Jackson, P., Arts 40; Rapp, M. 
Eng. 50. 

GOLF— 2nd grade; Pope, P. 
Comm. 48; Forgrave, R., Sc. 40 
Nicholson. R., Eng. 49; Cunning 
ham, C, Eng. SO; Hayes, M., Comm. 
49; Morrison. D. D., Comm. 49; 
Doschcr, C| Eng. 48; Haldiman, J 
Comm. 48. 
3rd grade: Dobson, J., Comm. 40. 
GITH.VASTICS— 1st grade: Fos- 
ter, J. S., Sc. 48. 

2nd grade: Barrett, F., Eng. 50 
Cochrane, D., Phy.^. Ed. 49; Hen 
derson. A., Phys. £d. 40; Paivio 
A., Phys. Ed. 49. 

HARRIER — 2nd grade: Fcnton 
P.-, Aria 48: McGeachy, D., Phys 
Ed. 49; Gilmore, G.. Phys. Ed. 51 
Penrose, G., Sc. 48; Munro, R. 
Comm. 48. 

HOCKEY (Sr.) — 1st grade: At- 
kinson, Jh Sc. 49; Blcgler, C. Eng< 
SO; Chippindale. W., Comm. 40 
Fischer, M., Phys. Ed. SO; Gelineau, 

Comm. 50; Gosselin, G., Comm 
49: Haekctt, D., Arts 50; Hale, T. 
Med. 49; Henry. P., Sc. 49; Heron, 

D. . Sc. 49: Millar, J., Eng. 49; Pit 
field. W., Comm. 48; Sinclair, R, 
Comm. 50. 

Special— 1st grade: Carrie, R. A. 
Med. 48. 

2nd grade: Hennessy, J., Eng. 
SO; Vincelli. J., Dent. SO 

HOCKEY (Int.) — 2nd grade 
Bridel. R. F„ Comm. 48; Carreau 
J., Eng. 50; Kert, H., Comm. SO, 
Kimmerly, G., Phys. Ed. SO; Ln 
fontaine, C, Comm. 51; Malonc, J., 
Comm. 49; O'Brien. J., Arts 51 
Parsons, R., Comm. 51; Peacock, G, 
Eng. 49; Robillard, R., Phys. Ed. 50; 
Rubens, R., Arts 51. 

3rd gr.nde: Kemp, C, Phys. Ed 
30; Morse, N., Dent. 51; OToole, L, 
Sc. 48: Smythc, W.. Eng. 40. 

HOCKEY (Jr.) — 3rd grade: Ed 
mison, D. A. R., Comm. 50; Hutch 
ison, I., Arts 50; Magor, M., Arts 51 
Magulrc, G., Sc. 50; Pcppard, A 
Phys. Ed. 49; Russel, J., Comm. 51 
ussci, R., Phys. Ed. 51; Siblin, H 

E. , Arts 50; Taylor. A., Phys. Ed. 50 
RUGBY (Sr.)— 1st grade: Bridel, 

T. F., Comm. 48; Daggett, L. A 
Grad. 49; Grcalrcx, M. K., Phys. Ed 
48; Hall, J. A.. Eng. 40; Hayes, M. 
W., Comm. 49: Heron, D. J., A. & 
Sc. 49; Kowal. W., A. & Sc. 49 
Lattimcr, V. S., Comm. 49; Mann 
A. M., Med. 49; Meagher, J.. Phys 
Ed. 50; Newman. J. S., Eng. 50 
Porter, J. D., Comm. 49; Robillard 
R. A, Phys. Ed. 50; Shields. H. P, 
Phys. Ed. 49; Syrett, H. R, Phys 
Ed. 48; Taylor, J. M, Comm. 50, 

2nd grade: Barclay, K. S., Comm. 
49; Birkctt, J. H., Comm. 49; Cave, 
W, S., Med. 51; Crnclch, J. 
Comm. 49; Ellerbeck, D. G., Phys. 
Ed. 50; Falrhead, H. G. F.. Phys. Ed, 
51; Fox, E. A.. A. & Sc. 49; Holliday, 
J. W., Eng. 48; McLeod. A. G., A 
& Sc. 49; Morris, K. D., Comm. SO 
Nickcrson, K. G., Med.,48: Smythe, 
W. S., Eng. 48; Walthausen, F. W. 
Comm. 50 

RUGBY (Int.)— 2nd grade: Camp< 
beU, C Comm. 40; Dickie, G. B 

Comm, SO; Errington, W., Comm. 40; 
Hickcy, R., Eng. SO; Hokkincn, K., 
Phys. Ed. SO; Johnson, D., Eng. 40; 
Labcllc, R., Comm. 48; LaiiiK, C. A.. 
Sc. 48; McCrac, C, Comm. 50; Wick- 
ham, A. P. J., Law 49; Young, Ï. J., 
Sc. 40; Mueller, R. D., Eng. 50.. 

3rd grade: Dugan, J., Comm. 51; 
Graham, K. F., Music 40. 

RUGBY (Q.R.F.U.) — 2nd grade: 
Bussicrc, D. H., Partial 52; Common, 
R. W., Sc. 50; Duford, R., Comm. 49; 
Henderson, G., Comm. ,î(l; Lcib, J.. 
Grad. School; W.ilcoll. .1. M. L., 
.Med. 50; Wordcn, I!.. Kns. .")(). 

3rd grade: Danahcr, G., Eng. 5(); 
Davis. R., Sc. 48; Givcns, R., Eng. 49: 
Hogan. J., Se. 40; Kasan, R. E., Eng. 
SO; Keeficr, R. B., Eng. 50; Kimmer- 
ly, G., Phys. Ed. 49; Lehman, E. R.. 
Eng. 49; Miller. R. M., Eng. 50; 
Rogers, J. P., Arts 49; Stepl\cnson, 
G., Comm. 50; Winlcr.s, J., Comm. 
50; Wilson, H. U., Phys. Ed. 50. 

SPECIAL— 1st grade: Uuza, J. P., 
Eng. 48 (injured in second game 
and graduating this year); Lanier, 
L. L., Phys. Ed. 48 (graduating). 

SPECIAL— 1st grade: McBoylc, 
R. G., Comm. •18 (graduating); Or- 
ban. W.A.n., Phy.s. Ed. 48 (in- 
jured in second k^'htc^. 
SAlLI\Ci-2nd Rradc; Ballon, E. 
., Comm. 49; Brown, K., Med. 51; 
Ker, T. D. I., Sc. 47; Ilut;es.seii, A, 
Eng. 49; Ramscj*, G. R. A.. Eni; 
49; Ramsey, R. B.„ Med. 40; Wood- 
ward, K. D., Sc. 49. 
SKIING (Sr.)— 1st grade: Draper.! 
, Arts 51; Griffin, J., Comm. 51; 
Houseman, J., Phys. Ed. 51. 

2nd grade: Bruneau, A., Law 50; 
Fleming, B., Sc. 49; Graves, F. T., 
Arts 51; Olscn, K.. Eng. 48; Pope, 
Sc. 40; Smith, O.. Eng. 50; Stani- 
forth, D., Eng. 48; Turner-Bone, J., 
Eng. 50. 

SKHNG (Int.)-2nd gfade: Daw- 
son, W. D., Eng. 49; Hale, J. A.. Eng. 
49; Uugc:^scn. A. K., Eng. 49; Kehoe. 

E., Dent. 49; Munroe, R. L., Comm. 
48; Owens, O. E., Sc. 49. 

SOCCER— 2nd grade: Ammon, R.. 
Dent. 48; Barnard, R., Arts 48; Dale, 
K., Comm. 48; Ellington, A. C, 
Grad School; Fainstat, T., Sc. .50; 
Fcrrier, I., Comm. 48 Fong. E., A. 

Sc. 48; Fo.sler. W„ Comm. 50; 
Guisliard, B. I. E., Arl.s ID; May ward, 
D. A., Comm. 50; Lindu, C. L., Med. 
48; O'Brien, J., Comm. SO; Patter- 
son, i, C, Comm. 50; Samuels, P., 
Dent. 48; Smith, S., Med. 48; Wol- 
in, D. F., Comm. 48. 
3rd grade: Salmon, H., Sc. 50; 
Smith, R. v.. Comm. 49. 
SQUASH — 2nd grade: Bilodeau. 
R., Eng. 48; Landry, P., Eng. 48; 
Bates, J., Grad.; Coates, D., Eng. 48; 
Dale, H., Comm. 48; Oarragh, J., 
Med. 48; Digby,'J., Sc, 48; Ferricr, 
Comm. 48; Flnlcy, E. G., Comm. 
48; Godall, R. G. W., Arts 48; Hamp- 
son, L., Med. 49; Todd, Terry, Med. 

3rd grade: Crcpault, R., Law II; 
Hallcr, P„ Eng. 50; Measurer, M.. 
Arts SO; Quain, J. H., Comm. 50; 
Sheldon, H., Arts 51. 

SWIMMING— 1st grade: Christie. 
S., Sc. 49; Quayle, J., Med. 50; 
Young, E., Med. 49. 

2nd grade: Athans, G., Med. 48; 
Cooper, C., Sc. 48; Errington, Comm. 
50; Gaitcns, D., Eng. 50; Issenman, 
P,, Sc. 51; McLean, J., Sc. 48; Wal- 
ford, H., Eng. 49. 

TENNIS— 1st grade: Duford, R. 
A., Comm. 49; Lcroycr, B. C, 
Comm. 49; Marien, N. B., Med. 49; 
Maasi, C. F., Sc. 4a< Spencer, J. D., 
Eng. -iS. 

2nd grade: Spencer, J, M-, Eng. 

TRACK (Sr.)— 1st grade: Fain- 
stat, T., Sc. 51; Fournier, L., Phys. 
Ed. 48; Robinson. P., Sc. SO. 
2nd grade: Ballon, E., Comm. 49; 

Fenton, P., Arts 48; Flcwwelling, 
J., Phys. Ed. 50; Hickey. R., Eng. 
50; McGeachy, D., Phys. Ed. 49; 
Marshall, G., Phys. Ed. 51; Menard, 
R., Phys. Ed. 50; Moffatt, R., Phy.s. 
Ed. 50; Munroc, H., Sc. 40; Ouclct, 
Sc. 49; Paivio, A,, Phys. Ed. 49; 
Pitficid, W., Comm. 48; Rider, R., 
Med. 48; Spence.'A., Phys. Ed. 51; 
Swanzey. G., Med. 51. 

TRACK (Int.)— 2nd grade: Fras- 
er, A., Phys. Ed. 50; Glcw. C, 
Phys. Ed. 48; Stratton, H., Phys. 
Kd. .10; Waugh, T., Sc. 51; Wheeler, 

A., rii.v.s. Ed. 50. 

3rd Kradr: Allan, V , Pliys. Ed. 
,")0; Charlton, R., Comm. 49; Cocli- 
ranc, D., Phys. Ed. 50; Dclory, F., 
Eng. 48; Doriaiid, C, Phys. Ed. 51; 
Dnimmond, R. V., Sc. 49; Firth, D. 
R.. Phys. Ed. 51; Giimorc, G.. Phys. 
Ed. SI; Kubina, S., Eng. 48; Lamon- 
tagnc, A. Arl.~ 48; Miinrn, R.. 
Comm. 18; Xcwlon, R.. Phys. Ed. 
.îO; OriKMi, P.. Phys. Ed. 50; Pen- 
rose. G.. Sc. An. 

WATERPOLO— 2Md ;;ra(lc: Cam- 
eron, P. H.. Eng. 49; Cooper, G. E., 
Sc. 48; Earic, A. P., Eng. 49; Fine- 
berg. I. M„ Dent. 50; MacDonald. 
M. H., Med. 51; Mahon, R. W., Eng, 
48; Onesti, S. J., Med. 51; Ostcr- 
man. W, R.. Phys. Ed. 48; Palticl. O. 
M., .\rls 48; Townsend, D. L., Eng. 
•IB; Walter, D. P., Comm. 51; Young. 
T. E., Med. 49. 

3rd grade: Austen, G. H.. Sc. 49; 
Berry, J. R., Phys. Ed. 49; Corrigan, 
H. C. Comm. 51; Dickstein, J., 
Comm. 51; Lcvinson, E. D., Sc. 40; 

Longuedol, M., Sc. 40; Johnston, R. 
A., Phys. Ed. 51; Mullen, H. R- 
Comm. 49; llo^s, J. L , Arts 50 

WltESTUNG— Isl crade: Daw- 
son, T, Arch. SO; Hiilman, D., Med. 
52; Kowai, W,, Arts 49. 

2nd grade: Cus;4rain. A., Law, 
Lanthier, C... Pliy.s. Ed. 49; Oucllet, 
J., Sc. 49; Thcriault, E., Arts 51. 

3rd grade: Corbett. F., Eng. 49; 
Damecour, C. Eng, 40; Emond, R., 
Conmi. SO; FIcischman, S., Sc. SO; 
Herrcro, E., Eng. 49; Ritcey, R., 
Sc. 50. 

FiT-RiTK Tailors 
1474 PEEL ST. 


We offer our heartiest 
congratulations on this MT ROYAL HOTEL 

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HAv 7866 1 MA. 0466-0296 




Wm. M. HALL & CO. 


Téléphona: MArquilU 129S 
Sit McOm at. Montreal 

McGill University Convocation 

May 26th, 1948 • 
Cars and Parking on the Universify Campus 


Montreal, Thursday, ^lay 20, trti. 


List of Graduates — Continued from P-7 

omics Jiid politic.lI M-ioiiro; P.irk. 
Leonard Vincent. Mnnt.-'.il:"Mi^. 
Raymond Kric. WrMMiouiit; Pitrir. 
David Gcorcc, M(miIic.iI; I'ltnio, 
berl Edward, no^^Innllnt, fir^t class 
honors in Enellsh lansuaKe and litera- 
ture; Pope, IIcrb;rt Edward, Sudbury. 

Quimlna, David Bernard Ebcnezcr, 
Tobago. B.W.I, 

naldrr, Alex,; Itam5.iy, 
Allan Alfred Henri. Montreal; namsoy. 
Kdcir Willi.'ini Sttiart. Str. Anne do 
Bellcviic. second cl.i^b honors In ecnii- 
omlcs and political science: Held. 
, Douglas, Klncston; Rirlinrd- 
VMn. Ihobcrt Lindsay, Mnntrcnl: noue. 
.IJohn CorInK, Dcmcrara, Bnti^li Guiana, 
second class honors in English and 

• Sahovaler, CcorEci, Montreal; Sakel- 
laropoulos, Michael, second clau hon- 
on m economics and political science; 
Sbammeil, Edgar Roginaid, Change Ii- 
landi. Nrid.; Schwartr., Isaac London. 
.'Outrcmont; Senior. Ilcrrward, Ocean- 
•lide, N.Y., second ciasD lionora In hit- 
-tory; Sloan, Emmet t Patrick, Ottawa, 
second class honors In psychology; 
Smalhvood, Joseph Plimsoll, Montreal, 
second class honors In English lan- 
guage and literature; Smith, Cameron 
Àlt>ert, Ottawa: Smith, Wayne Ash- 
Icy. Ville La Salle; Stalker, Ian Cald- 
•.well. Wcstmount; Stevens, James Bus- 
■ell MacKenzle. Montreal, first class 
/honors In English and second elass 
honors in French; Summerby. Robert 
William. Stc. Anne dc Bellevue, 

Taliman, Percival Andrew Albert, 
Vancouver, fécond class honors In Eng- 
lish Isnguace and literature; Tetley. 
William Aubrey. Town of Mount 
Royal, .■■econd ilass honors In economics 
and polllleal science: TImmpson. Clar- 
ence Ebert Russell, nrivtnl. Que.: Tru- 


^ niazcr.s 

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Grey Flannel 

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J** Clothing Hsberdaihery 
Open FrMsy < Solwdw 
Until 9 P.M. 

del. GeorKc Laurent. Montreal; Tru- 
roan. Jack Vanstonc, Ottawa: Tunis, 
Albert. .Montreal, second clats honors 
III sociology. 

Van Vllel, George Alan. Lacnile, Que, 

Waclbroeck, Jean Loiii". Oiilrcmont. 

firi't cla>^ honors In economics and 
politlc.'il .-cicnce; Waldnran. Leonard, 
.Slierbronke: Wallace, Donald Gordon, 
Montreal; W.iiikl;. n. Cliristopher An- 
diew. (ir>t 'clay- honors In Enclisll 
lan:;uai;e and literature: Watson. Gor- 
don Allied Brabant. Ottawa; Week.s, 
David Chaiiiicey. KraminRliain. .Mass. 
Mcond cla'-s lionors in history; West- 
brook. John William GeoiKC, Mont- 
real; Williams. Kwart. Oiitremont. .sec- 
ond class lionois in economics and science; Winscr, Cedric 
.Arthur, Cowansville. Cjuc : WInter.s, 
James Alviii, Cornwall; Wolfe, Nathan. 
.Montreal, second clas.i honors In econ- 
omics and pliilosopliy; Wolinan. Wil- 
liam. Montreal, second class honors in 
economics and philo-ophy; Woodburn- 
Horon, Bernard lioy. Waldcrston. 
Jamaica: Worby, Earic Wilson, Cook- 
siiirc. Que.; Wyman, Daniel Ellis, Chute 
a Blondeau, Ont. 


Alhln, RuUi Catherine, Westmount, 
second . class honors in psychology; 
Albright, Elizabeth Amelia, St. An. 
drcws East. Que, 

Baker, Barbara Feme. Wcstmount: 
Baker. Marjoric Allayne, Verdun; 
Dasscit, Audrev, Ottawa; Beaton, 
Sheila Olive, Westmount; Boll, Joyce 
.Mnidcn, St. Lambert; Berkinsliaw. 
Jean North. Toronto; Beusch. Alice 
Mai\. SI. Johns, Que.; Beusch, Ann 
Alice. SI. Johns, Que.: class 
lionoi.s in KnuUsh and French; Bird, 
Gertrude Katherine. Montreal; Black. 
Ida Willa. Weslmouni; Blake, Claudia 
Kdlth, Montreal; Bone, Elizabeth 
Turner. Westmount; BruneaU, Evelyn 
Marijarct, Westmount. 

Canipbrii, Fay Constance Stuart, 
Kingston. J.iinaica: second class honors 
In Sociology; Campbell, Margaret 
Joan. Deaconslicld: Canninit, Mona 
Laurel, Dixie: Cannon. Edith Carol, 
ScaisdBle, N.V.; Capps, Margaret 
Clarissa. Montreal; second class honors 
In English; Cherrlc. Eileen Copple- 
stone, St. Lambert; Clements. Barbara 
Dorrineton, Wcstmount; Cocklield, 
Lois Marlon, Montreal; Coonan, Ver- 
onica Brrndn. Montreal; Coylc. Mary 
Elaine, Montteal: Cupchik. Zelda, Si. 
Johns, Que. / 

Dawson, hkbclle Alice. Hull. Que.: 
ncBlols. Audrey Florence. Charlotte- 
town. P.E.I.j' Deckelbaum. Freda. Out- 
leinont; Drtlfuss. Eva Marie Alwlne, 
Montreal: poveika. Diana, Montreal; 
Dubska, E\fi MUada R4lh. Montreal. 

Eaton. Ejiliii^Marjluertte, Shawlnlgan 
Falls; Edwards. Janet Cimeron. Ot- 
tawa; Ellii. Mahel Anscla, Rosemount; 
Fordc, Mdry Thrrese, Ottawa: Foyle, 
Hose Aniie. St. Joseph d'Alma. Que.; 
Fricdmai]^ Marilyn Justine. Wcstmount. 

Garrlcin, Edna Rosemary, Montreal: 
Glnsboril Joyce Sheila. Montreal Gn- 
forth. Elizabeth Rosalind. Toronto; 
GnndrliKe, Penelope Clltl, St. Johns. 
Nfld.: Craw, Betty Joui. Montreal; 
Gross, illelen Diana. Montréal: Gual- 
ticrl. tfosa Blanco. Montreal: Cudedn. 
Francrlte Marie, New York: Guile. 
Marie IThercse, Atl Pic dc L'Aurore, 
Que.;* Cuttman, Judith Elaine, Mont- 
real, I 

llafrlsr Helen Kathleen. Montreal: 
llelBninglon, Dorothea. Montreal, sec- 
ond Jblass honors in History; Henley. 
Ret If Ann, Montreal; llcrtzberg. Dor- 

— i 


to llie 




"It Has Been a Pleasure to Serve You 



othea Helen Ann, Victoria: Hoult. 
Helen Alicia. Montreal: Humphreys. 
Pauline, MontrcaL 

Irvine. Bridget, Santiago. Chile. 

Jarkson, 'Audrey Clare,< Montreal; 
Jackson, Barbara Esme, Westmount; 
Judge, MlTa Capel Hamilton, Mont- 


Port Hope, w...., 
Montreal, second 


Ont.; Kupltsky, Marina, 





200) McGill COLLEGE AVE. 
Plateau 6669 


The three essentials for !|. 

:3t: Success*. 

C ; y and Prosperity ' ^ 

"'"■tl/^ i < \ i I ■V'* 



Established in 1846 

Sa/f f.v Deposit. Boxes nt all Our Offices 

l..ike, Rosemary Enid Cecil. Trinidad. 
B.W.I.: Latskv, Dorothy, Westmount; 
LeIJrooy. Adorce Wooll, Westmount: 
Loveque. Alice Marlon. Kasln. DC; 
Little Pauline Wells. Wcstmount; Low- 
iic. Hrenda Margaret, Montreal. 

MarDonald, Lorna Jean. Lschute 
Mills, Que.: McFarlane. Iris Lawson, 
Montreal: MacLean. Marv Gcorclnii. 
.S'l-w Itichmond, Que.: Mac.N'aln. Chris, 
line .Marjoric. llampstead: Marier, 
Mary Gwendolen, Tilonlreal. distinc 
tlon In the ceiicral course: Matthew. 
Frances LouIt. Vancouver: .Mercer. 
Claire Meredith, St. Lambert, second 
class honors In economics and geo- 
qrai)liy; .Mllham. Marv J., Wcstmount: 
MontKomerv. Margaret Elliabctli. Tlm- 
mins. Ont : Morns. Louise Br\ice. 
Town ol .Mount Rnval: Mottola, Marie 
Madeleine. Brooklyn, N.Y.; Murray. 
Floieiice. Montreal. 

Nirhol, Marv Evelyn. Montreal; 
Nichols. Margaret Doreen. Toronto; 
Nicholson, Janet Ell/abeth, Westmount. 

Ordnwer, Ruth, Outremont; Pascal, 
Nnoini. Oulreinont, second class honors 
In snciologv; Pclkus, Pauline Mary, 
Cornwall; Pickering, June Barbara. 
Ottawa, distinction In the general 
course: Plrlc. Irene Wallace, Ottawa: 
Pitts, .Mary Alcxa Anne. Montreal, sec- 
ond class honors in English language 
and literature; Powles. Isabel Chris- 
tine, Montreal West: Prados. Maria 
nosarlo, Westmount Price, Carol Eliz- 
abeth, Montreal. 

Held, Beryl Anne.' Montreal; Rich- 
ardson, Marilyn Frances, Lachute; 
Rllrv. Drusitia Drake, Hudson Heights; 
Rochcmont, Dorothy Joan, Montreal; 
Rose-Gordon. Eliz.iheth Mailland, 
Buenos Aires. Argentina, second class 
honors in French: Ross. Barbara Joan, 

Samuels, Estelle. Outremont; Scde- 
rnfr. SIma. Montreal, distinction in the 
general course; Slgler, Betty Phyllis. 
Montreal, distinction In the general 
course: Skarc. Marv Anne. Montrrjl: 
Solomon, Mildred Judith. Westmount: 
Speirs, Audrev Elifahelh. Montreal: 
Sicen. Madeleine Barbar». .Montreal; 
Stephens, Mary Ernestine, Ottawa; 
Stewart. Beverley Florence, Hamp- 

Tenrer. Anita. Sle. Agathe des 
Monts: Thornton. Margo Jean, West- 
mount: TIdmarsh. Barbara Mary. 
Montreal: Trivett. Catherine Ethel. 
Terrebonne. Que.; Turner, Mary Emily 

Peggy, .Montreal. 

Vallée, Thnese Françoise. Bonny- 
vllie. Alia.: Vincberg, Augusta Mvers. 
Westmoiml. first class honors In Eng- 
lish; Vrooman, Jan« Elizabeth. West- 

Wfdderspnon, Moira Avril. New 
York: Weiss, Haima. La Florida, 
Caracas, second class honors in psy- 
chologv; Welssler, Sylvia, Wcstmount: 
Wiseman, Sylvia, Winnipeg, first class 
honors In economics and political 
science; Wotofsky. Coldlp. Montreal. 


Alklns. Joseph Anthony, Montreal; 
Allan, Charles McCammon Montreal 
West, distinction in the general course; 
Anderson, Erl Roy. Montreal: Archer, 
John Robert, Montreal; Ashing, Mcr- 
vvn Clayton, Port-oI-Spaln. Trinidad, 
distinction in the general course, 

Badgirv, Peter Coles. Westmount 
first class honors In geology and the 
Logan Gold Medal; . Badkc, William 
Frederick, Hampslcad: Barkun, Harvey^ 
Outremont: Barnard Ronald Leslie, 
Devonshire. Bermuda; Barrett, Francis 
Dcrinot. Montreal, .second class honors 
m iisvchologv: Baxter. Allan Ilcdiey, 
Urockvillc; Beddoe. Allen Crawford, 
Town of Mount Hovnl; Bell. Ben)nmin 
Drayton. Ottawa: Berry. Rolpb Stave- 
ley, Ottawa; Black, Philip Thomas 
Ottawa, .second class lionors in geol- 
ogy; Bott, William Uenry, Ottawa; 
Bradlev Vincent Lambert Raymond, 
Ottawa, special distinction In mathe 
niaties: Brown, RamscI Freeman, Lake 
side. Que.: Byrne, Ceorgo Micliacl, 

Calilll. Cyril Francis, SI. John's, New 
foundland; Cann, John Allstair Ross. 
Montreal, distinction In the general; Cape, David George Meredith, 
Montreal; Carroll, Thomas Dionne 
Outremont; Champagne. Edward Ben- 
jamin Outrcmont; Chase, William 
Henrv, Kdmonton; Chccsbrough, Gor 
don Lang. Wcstmount; Cherny. Vlad 
Imir Boris. Montreal, distinction In the 
general course; Clamcn, Marvin, Outre 
mont, distinction ih the general course. 
Clark. Allan Jameson, Ottawa; Clark, 
David Blackwood. .Montreal; Clark. 
James Kenneth. Outrcmont: Cliff, 
George Bastlan. M.B. Ch.B., (Blrminx- 
haml. M.n.C.S., L.R.C.P.. Montreal; 
Cockhlll, Geoffrey Lincoln. Montreal; 
Coleman, John Patrick. Wcstmount: 
Coombcs. Walter Ernest. Montreal; 
Cooper, Gerald Ernest. Montreal: Cos- 
grove, John Holland, Lewiston, Maine; 
Courey, Emile John, Outremont; Cow- 
an Franklin Cruickshank, Winnipeg: 
Cox, David Stephen, Montreal, second 
class honors in chemistry: Coyle. Ger- 
ald Waller, Montreal; Cralb, Charles 
Cole. Outrcmont: Crelghton. William 
George. Montreal: Cross. John Patrick, 
Ottawa; Cudmore, Brian Roy. Char- 
lottetowTi. P.E.I. 

Dannff. Jascha Wolse.v, Toronto; 
D'Arcv, Richard Eric Montreal; Davis 
Gordon Richard Puerst, Prince Albert, 
Sask., second class honors In zoology 
Davis. Raymond Harold, Montreal. 
Deacon. Ross Duncan George. Outrc- 
mont: Dclaney, Joseph Allison, Mont 
real; Digby, James Reginald, Brantford, 
Ont.; Ding. George, St. John's, Nfld.; 
Dixon. Julian Albert Montreal, first 
class honors In chemistry: Druckman, 
Leonard LawTcnce, Outremont: Dubois, 
Rodolphe. St. Lambert: Duncan, John 
Alexander. Areola, Sask.; Oyek. Peter 
Frank. Verdun. 

Faktns, Peter Russell. Montreal, sec 
nnd class honors In geology: Ellington, 
Kelvin Bruce. Kingston, Jamaica; Ellis, 
Donald Kennedy Montreal; English, 
Alexander, Montreal; Evans, Samuel, 

FInnle, Jerrold Nelson, Montreal, dis- 
tinction in the general course; Fong 
Eric Sllbert, Ewarton, Jamaica; Fortler, 
George Lionel, Outrcmont; Foster, 
John Stuart, Montreal, second class 
honors In mathematics and physics; 
Franklin, Arthur Edmund, Prince RU' 
pert, B.C, second class honors in bio- 
chemistry; French, Arthur Douglas, 
Montreal; Fundytus, Daniel, Montreal. 

Callagher. Robert Rayworth. Mont 
real, special distinction In nuthemat 
les; Garrett, Eric- Alonzo, Chambly 
Canton. Que.; Oatcliffe, Thomas Alex- 
ander, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, second 
class honors in chemistry; Gaudin, 
Douglas PercivaL St. Lambert: Corvals 
Arthur John. Montreal; Clblln, Denis 
Richard, Montreal, first clan honors : 
biochemistry; Cold; Edward Michael, 
Outrement; Golden, Morton Irving 
Outremont: Conshor, Harry. Montreal 
first class honors in pure mathematics; 
Gorman, John McNalm. VlUe Le Salle: 
Gowing, Donald Loveday, Rosemount: 
Gray, Nathaniel Saaniehton. B.C.; 
Gunn. James Simpson. Montreal; Gurd, 
Robert Seath, Montreal. 

Handel, Archie, Montreal, dlslinctlc 
In the general course; Hart, Charl 
Edward, Ottawa: Henderson, Gerald 
Gordon Lewis, LIsbellan, Northern Ire 
land, second class honors in geology 
Henderson, Samuel McPhcrson, West 
mount: Hcstam, Richard Murrav Mont 
real; Ilcwgill, John Leroy. Montreal; 
Iloarc, Thomas Harvey, Montreal; Hoi' 
linger. Harvey, Montreal: Hood, Gor- 
don James. .Montreal; Hope, Thomas 
Dlgby, MInnendosa, Man.; Hopkins, 
Nigel John. Verdun: Hornstein, Syd- 
ney, Montreal; HrUksvlch. WilUam 
Nornnda; Hutton, -Lee Donald, Mont- 

Jacobs. Ross Dougall Booth. Mont- 
real: Jackson, Robert, Town of Mount 

Radish. Manuel Edgar. Outremont, 
Kelly. James Edward. Montreal, second 
class honors in chemistry: Kendall 
Alan Gordon, Montreal: Ki^rans, Mar^ 
tin de Valera, Montreal; Klnnear 
Douglas Gordon, Quebec, distinction In 
the general course; Kçmlsar, Peter, 
UonUlton; Korman, Oavld, MontrcaL 

Lathe, Frank Eugene. Ottawa; Lea 
cock, Arthur Murdoch. Cleichon. Alta.; 
Lerman, Bernard. Montreal, great dis- 
tinction in the general course; Lerman 
Sidney, Montreal great distinction in 
the general course; Lewis, Herbert 
Seymour. Outremont: Ltbermin. John 
Lome. Montreal, distinction in the 
general r- course: Lippcrt, Robert 
George;' Ktlmencr, Ont.: Loch, Lazarus 
Jacob, Ottawa;. -.Love, Robert Alexan- 
der, Quebec; Lyman, Leo Benny, Mont- 
real, distinction in the general course: 
Lyn, Maurice Reginald Mandcville, 

McClelland, William Raymond. Mont 
real, .-second class honors in pure and 
applied mathematics; .McConncll. Wil- 
linin Stewart. St. Laurent; McDougall, 
David James. Montreal, first class hon- 
ors In geology and Logan Gold .Medal; 
.MacDougall. John FliilHy, Montreal, 
second class honors In geology; MaC' 
Ewan, DougltH William. Montreal. flr.<t 
elass honors in chemistry; McEwen 
Fxi\\\ Hall. Carletoii Place. Ont.: .Mc- 
Grath. John James. Harbour Grace, 
.Nfld.; McGregor, Alexander Anderson, 
New Glasgow. N.S,; Mack, William 
Robert. Cornwall; MacKenzle. Lome 
AInsworth, Town of .Mount Royal; Mc- 
Klssock, James Roy, Westmount; Mc. 
Lclland, Robert Alan. Swastika. Ont 
McLernon Colin Rex. GIsbornc. New- 
Zealand: Me.Martln. Donald Cherrv 
Montreal: McOuat, John Donald, Point 
Claire; Margolls. Leo, Montreal, dis- 
tinction In the general; .Markus, 
Arthur Joseph. .Montreal, distinction in 
the general; Maucr, Irving, 
Montreal; May, William Loren. West 
mount; Mcariowctott. James William 
Robert. Wcstmount. distinction in the 

Seneral course; .Mcllliercslk Stephen 
elfrey, .Montreal; Motfatt. Robert 
Thomas, Cumberland, Ont.; Montrculi, 
Paul Lorenzo Jacques. Montreal; 
.Moulds, Gordon Mars. McMastervllle, 

Neale. Charles Eric. Mt. Vernon 
N.Y.; Novak, William Peter. Toronto. 

orkin, Philip Alexander. Blllini 
Bridge, Ont, first class honors i. 
zoology: OToole, Lloyd Joseph, Mont- 
real; Outton, John Leys. St. Lambert; 
Owens, Owen Ernest, Westmount. 

Palln, Gordon Kerie, Montreal; Par- 
kinson, William Russell, .Montreal; 
Parsons. Frank Watson. Conception 
Bay, Nfld.; Patch. Colin Morgan, West- 
mount: Patten, John Benjamin Mont- 
real; Patrick. Zcnon. Montreal: Pat- 
terson. Donald Duke. Wcstmoiinl, first 
cl.iss honors In mathematics and phys- 
ics; Pcnncfnther. Rlcliard Francis. 
.Montreal; Penrose, George Sharratt. 
.Montreal: Petolas, Jean Pierre. Como. 
Que.; Phillips. Thomas Frederick B., 
Ollawn; Pierce. John Michael Asch, 
Wcstmount; Pluta Joseph Stanley, 
Kirklsnd Lake. Ont.; Polls. John. Town 
of Mount Royal; Portlgal, Alan Harvey, 
Montreal: Prescesky. Peter £ric^ An- 
napolis Royal, N.S. 

Rabinovitrh. Mortimer Sain, Mont- 
real, second class honors In psychol- 
ogy; Rattray, Basil Andrew, Sutton. 
Que., first class In pure mathematics; 
Raza, Lome Noel, Montreal; Read 
John Hamilton. Montreal; Recsai, 
.Mlcliael Rablndranatli, Caroni. Trini- 
dad, first class honors In zoology; 
Rllcy, George Courtcncv, Hudson 
Heights, Que.; Robinson. Murray, West- 
mount; Rolland, Charles Alexander, 
Montreal: Rose. Claire Allison. Corn- 
wall; Restant, John Stephen San Fer. 
nando. Trinidad, dl.stlnction m the gen- 
eral course; Russell, Arthur Dunston' 

Saull, Vincent Alexander. Montreal 
second class honors In geology; Savage 
Peter James. Wcstmount; Scoblc, Don- 
ald Howard. Ottawa; Scott, Allan Eng- 
lish, .Montreal West; Scdiezky, Ben- 
jamin, Montreal; Sharp, Robert Thom 
as Pcterboro, first class honors In 
mathematics and physics; Shaw, Rich 
ard. Barbados. B.W'.L. second class 
honors in chemistry: SldawayC George 
Gilbert. Montreal; Skclton, Peter Ham- 
ilton, Montreal: Slavin, Richard, Lionel. 
Montreal, second class honors In geol- 
ogy; Smith, John Ivor. Montreal; 
Stncey, Donald Leslie, Charlottetown 
P.E.I.; Stairs, Robert Ardagh Mont- 
real; stauble. William John, Port-of< 
Spain. Trinidad; Stephen. Robert Gar- 
nctt, Verdun: Stevens. Harry Denis, 
Outrcmont; Stevenson, John Andrew, 
Ottawa; Stober. Gerald Stanley, Outre- 
moni, first class honors In biochem- 
istry; Stobie, Geerga Hugh Cameron, 

Tail. Eric Douglas, Montreal: Tail 
Wilfrid Dudley, Montreal; Tannen- 
bauin, Percy Hyman, Montreal, second 
class honors In psychology; Taylor, 
Edwin Douglas, Quebec: Tavlor, How- 
ard Bertram, Wcstmount; Teller, Frank 
Edward, Westmount; Teuschcr, Peter 
Rolf, .Montreal; first class honors In 
chemistry: Thompson, Benjamin Llovd, 
Savanna La Mar, Jamaica, great dis- 
tinction in the general course; Thomp- 
son, Lloyd .Matthew, Verdun, second 
class honors In biochemistry; Thomson, 
Hugh Macintosh, Town of Mount 
Royal; Tllley, Donald Egerton, Mo- 
hawk, N.J.. first class honors In 
mathematics and physics; Tomy, 
George. Montreal; Tremaine. Arthur 
Richard, Westmount, 

Vass. George Wallace O'Dell. Mont- 
real: Vellleux. Brendan Michael. Sher- 
brooke; Vroom, Kenneth Edwin, St, 

Wayne, David Louis, Windsor, Ont., 
treat distinction in the general course; 
iVclngarten Louis Harrv, Montreal: 
Weintrub, Isadore Wayne, Montreal, 
distinction In the general course: 
Whitehead, John Ross, .Montreal: Whlt- 
takcr. William Douglas. Montreal: Win- 
mill, Albert Ernest, Verdun; Winters, 
George Arthur, Montreal; Witty, Ralph 
Plcrcy Dustln. Ottawa, second elass 
honors in biochemistry; Wolofsky, 
Leib, Outremont. 

Yates, Havelock Howard, Lachlne, 
first class honors in chemistry: Yeagor, 
Jacob Jack. Montreal, first ctos* hon- 
ors in chemistry. 

Zatne. Nicholas Jesepll. Rmiyn; ZIn- 
man, Harry, Montreal. 

Fund Compgign— P. 1 

Public Enemy No. 1 

Cancer Will Not Be Cured 
By fear— Dr. J. C. Mealdiis 

Courage and knowledge were 
defined as our best weapons in the 
war against cancer by Dr. Jon.nthnn 
C. Meakins. C.B.E., co-prcsidcnt of 
the Quebec Brnnch of the Canadian 
Cancer Society and former dean of 
the faculty of Medicine, in a con- 
ference which he gave last month 
its the drive for cancer research 
funds got under way. 

Dcscribins cancer as a "thief in 
the night," Dr. Mealcing pointed out 
that "cancer cannot be conquered 
by fear and ignorance, which arc 
its most helpful aids. On the con- 
tr.iry, our we.ipons must be hope, 
courage and knowledge," he said. 

Outlining the task of the Cnnn- 
dtim Cancer Society, the speaker 
admitted that it would be difficult, 
but cxpreasecT the hope that with 
adequate funds a great deal of pro 
gress could be made to conquer 
one of the greatest scourges now 
afflicting mankind. "It is true that 
we do not know the cause of all 
cancers," he said, "but we do know 
the cause ot some forms and can 
produce cancer by scvcml means. 
Likewise we have not what is 
known as a specific cure for cancer 
but we do know that the earlier 
cancer is recognized and treated 
by such means as we have at our 
disposal, the greater are the 
chnncc.<i of a permanent cure." 

'Unfortunately," he went on ,'such 
measures for cnrjy detection and 
treatment are not easily avail.Tble 
to all people, nnr do thoy h.i\ p the 

knowledge ot the cirly signs of 
cancer, but even if this knowledge 
were possessed by all, our task 
would not be completed. 


To emphasize the importance of 
finding out means for early de- 
tection and cure of cancer, Dr. 
Meakins added: "The task before 
us would seem almost impossible 
of achievement when It is realized 
that cvcrj- three minutes day and 
night a follow citizen dies of can- 
cer. Contrary to popular belief, 
cancer is usually painless until 
far advanced. It is like a thief in 
the night." 

The eventual subjugation of this 
thief can be accomplished, he 
pointed out, if Canadian citizens 
awake to the realization that every 
one is responsible to society for 
ridding it of a public menace. One 
of the most important rules of the 
Cancer Society, he stressed, is that 
its provincial divisions work in 
closest co-operation with all other 
medical and specialized agencies. 

Membership in the Quebec 
Branch of the Canadian Cancer 
Society costs as little as one dollar, 
and subscription forms are avail- 
able at any branch of any chartered 
bank and at the headquarters of the 
Society. 1499 Bishop street. 

Never — P. 3 

his fire-squad. This is the climax 
ot a scries of misfortunes which 
began to fall upon poor Austria 
wlien that little country was in- 
vaded by Hitler in 1938." 

New telegram from the "Inter- 
European News Agency" to the 
newspapers ot Huutsipluu. rectify- 
ing the information previously 

"Only a hay barn was partially 
burned yesterday in Herr Schnapz' 
estates. The fire was provoked by 
a cigaret, and it was quickly 
brought under control when Mrs. 
Schnapz poured upon it a pail ot 
water which was nearby. The 
damage is negligible." 

McGill Position— P. 1 

funds to scholarships. ' 

"The needs of McQlll." he said, 
"even though millions are millions, 
are not large in proportion to the 

wealth ot this community. They 
<-irc small indeed compared to the 
loss ttiat we should suffer it Mc 
Gill were unable to maintain its 
position as a great university of 
world-wide reputation." 

She: "I've broken my glasses- 
will I have to be examined all over 

Optician: "No, only your eyes.' 


In order to clarify any misunderstanding In regard to em- 
ployment for graduating students and summer employment for 
undergraduates the McGill Placement Service M'ish to draw the 
attention of all studcnU to the following memorandum. 

All students graduating In Commerce and Engineering are 
reminded that it Is In their own Interests to return the report on 
Graduation form to the McQlll Placement Service office. Addi- 
tional forms are available. 

In addition, graduating students In all faculties who have 
registered with the MeOIII Placement Service are asked to report 
whether or not they have yet secured emplo}-ment. This applies 
particularly to students not living In Montreal. 

All students who registered for summer employment ghoidd 
report whether or not they luve obtained employment. 

THIS won't tell you 

the final cost of 
your shoes! 



Wm. M. HALL & CO. 


Ttlcphonet HArqoelte itu 
ill McOm St. Montreal 


at the 

1188 Sherbrooke S». Wei». 

MA. 7351 


You ■{mpty can't tell the value of a pair 
of shoes from the price on the laheL You 
have to know how long they'll stand tip — 
for a little extra money can buy a lot of 
extra wear. 

The famous fine shoes that bear Dack's 
name will so far outwear inferior shoes 
that they cort less money in the end. Yes, 
you'll wear Deck shoes much longer, and 
with real pride, thanks to sound leather 
and honest workmanship..' -' 

1436.38 PEEL ST. 



educational facilities for veterans. 

These deficit*, running into net 
amounta of some $400,000 nnd 
some $250,000 in respect to the 
past and the current year make it 
impossible to consider using pres- 
ent endowment funds for dealing 
with the emerfieney. 

'Additional funds ar« needed not 
only to meet these deficits but to 
permit s thi^TOsin tenance at a high 

In a speech delivered before 
the McGill Associates at the RItf 
Carlton Hotel last night. Principal 
and Vice-chaneelior Dr. Cyril F. 
James diselosed .for the first tine 
ptibllcly that Iwsldes the S20,000,- 
000 which Is belnr soueht In or- 
der to enable the university to 
meet ita deficit and continue its 
research work, and additional 
$19,000,000 has been defined by 
the Needs Committee as needed 
for projected Improvements 
which should -be "seriously con- 

level ot the educational services 
which McGill offers to Montreal 
and to Canada. Increased revenues 
are necessary to. permit the ap 
pointment of new professors and 
the increase of some academic sal- 
aries, while capital funds are 
equally essential to enable the uni 
versity to construed the additional 
buildings that it. needs." 

A woman's promise to be on time 
carries a lot of wait . 


ond frit OrtMma 

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RCA Victor record! 


(from rh. ffui/cof 

Dell 'Isola 

Kk VMor 

This Broadway smash musical hit 
is sung by members of the origin- 
al cast with Allegro Orchestra. 
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■ . ' end oil Bronehet 



]vriinliciil, Tliursda}', Altiy 20, 1948 

Staff Changes 
Ai'c Numerous 

Dr. William Graft, chairman of 
the German Department, has been 
promoted from the rank of 
ciatc professor to that of full pro- 
fessor, it was announced last wrok. 
Dr. Graff, born in Holland, obtain- 
ed his Ph.D. at l'Université de 
Louvain, Belgium. 

Another promotion announced 
after the same mcctins of ihn 
Board of Governors and on tlicir 
behalf by Dr. James, -was that of 
Dr. William Bowles of Macdonuld 
College, also from an .nrsocialc to 
a full professorship. Dr. Rowies is 
/rom the Department of agrlcul- 
•iiiral physics at the Stc. Anne's 

Among olliei- staff chnnRCs made 
public was the resignation of Dr. 
W. H. Kelly, associate professor of 
anthropology, who is returning to 
the United States where he has 
accepted an appointment after one 
year as head professor of anthro- 

Dr. C. C. Bailey, associate pro- 
fessor of history and a jpccialift in 
mediaeval history, has been grant- 
ed leave of absence for one year 
in order to benefit from the Gug* 
Kcnheim fellowship which was 
awarded to him last month. 

Dr. Doris S. Nuncs, lecturer in 
bacteriology, has resigned in order 
to accept a National Research fel- 
lowship. Dr. Florence A. Farmer 
has been appointed to the post of 
assistant professor in the Depart- 
ment of nutrition at .Macdnnald 
College. Two now lecliMcrs :iro an- 
nounced in the deparlniciit ol bnu- 
lerlology and immunity. They arc 
Dr. Andre Leduc and Dr. Anne M. 

Dr. B. U."-hor has been m;idc a 
demonstrator in the department nfj 
health and social medicine. He will | 
jipecialize in social disease control. | 
A new acquisition for the Depart- 
ment of romance languages is Dr. 
Tadeusz Romer. and M. C. Baker 
has been made a lecturer in sur- 
veying, in the Dcparlmcnis of 
applied mechanics and civil engin- 

Grants Received 

Kisht members of the staff of the 
univcrfity have received grants to- 
t.illins SI4.6l8.7a from the National 
C nicer Institute of Canada to aid 
in ilicii- research work on cancer, 
it ua.s announced recently. 

'I'lie Riants were included in a 
k'lis list of recent grants. t;i(ts and 
bequests made to tlic university. 
The doctors named arc: Dr. Rodcr- 
icl: C. Ross, rescineli fellowshipi, 
$2,400; Dr. Samuel Albert (research 
fellowship). $2,750; Dr. M. M. Hoff- 
man, (for research project), $2,380; 
Dr. G. Lyman Duff (for research 
project), $800; Dr. C. P. Leblond 
(instalment on grant of SS.OOOi. $3.- 
810.78; Dr. H. O. WarwirU. (instal- 
ment on grant of $300i, $1211; Dr. \V. 
V. Cone and Dr. .John Korshman 
(instalment of grant of $4.500. for 
research project), $2,300. 

Other grants and gifts are: 

Casgrain and Charbonneau Ltd.. 
annual donation to the Faculty of 
.Medicine for a prize for original 
■work leading to improvement in 
the prevention or trcntmont of dis- 
ease, $300; Dr. Harold I'ittis, dona- 
tion to establish The Ruth C. PiUis 
Dictionary Endowment, for the 
Medical Library, $500. 

Dr. W. F. Walford, gift of 
two medical dictionaries to be 
awarded as the Dr. I. K. Lowiy 
Prizes in Oral Histology and Em- 
bryology, to the two students in 
Dentistry wlio attain the highest 
standing in this course. 

Colonel G. L. P. Grant • Suttie. 
second annual donation for bursar- 
ies in the Geography Summer 
School, $400; George A. Campbell, 
donation to School of Social Work, 
$10; Dr. and Mrs. Charles Colby, 
donation to School of Social Work. 
$23; Dominion Tar &. Chemical Co., 
Ltd., donation to School of Social 
Work, $25; Asbestos Corporation, 
Ltd., donation to School of Social 
Work, $50; Ml.«s Kathleen Fisher, 
donation to School of Social Work, 
$25; Estate of Sir Charles Lindsay, 
contribution to School of Social 
Work, $152; Dr. G. E. Tremble, con- 
tribution to School of Social Work 
$5; 'Montreal Chapter, No. 237, B'nai 
B'rith Women, second annual dona- 
tion to the B'nal B'rith Bursaries 
Fund, $100. ' 

National Breweries, Ltd., donation 
to School of Household Science for 
interior decoration course, $100; 
Canada Malting Co., Ltd., sixth an- 
nual contribution to department of 
Agronomy for 'research in barley 
breeding, $300; G. H. Wood & Co., 
Limited, donation for scholarships 
in Medicine, $500; Macdonald Col: 
lege Teachers AluinnI, 'donation to 
the endowment 9f the 'Macdonald 
College Teachers' Alumni Scholar- 
ships, $647^3; Local Council of 
Women of Montreal, annual dona- 
tion to maintain 'prize in the 
Homemakers Course of the School 
of Household Science, $10; The 
Abncr Kingman Family, presented 
through Mr. Walter Molson a gift 
to the' Bedpath Library of- a copy 
of Chandos portrait of . William 





Convocation Exercises . . . Convocotion Boll . . . 


... and you looking your, 
proudest, most radiant best for 
both events in lovely, appropriate frocks from 
Eaton's. Sketched are but three of our collection of 
spanking, snowy white dresses for under Convocation 

robes and to wear all Summer through . .'. 
and 0 beautiful billowy white dress for Convocatiorr Boll. 

May 26th is your day . . . Eaton's is your store, 
where you'll find outfits for these all important 
occasions that mark the end of your college career. 

Dresses sketched in sizes 11 to 1 7 
and 12 to 18 in the group. 



\; -fer mm/ 













y ft 

5 5 



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♦ * 



29 5^^ 


<^^T. EATON C9h«o 

' or MON'ir.ReAu