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AURORA,  ONTARIO  Vol.   7,   No.    I  OCTOBER,    1962  " 

Fri..     Oct.  12  OLD    BOYS'    DINNER,    King    Edward    Hotel.    6.00 

for   7.30   p.m. 
Sat.,    Oct.  20  1st  Football  at  T.C.S.,  2.15  p.m. 

Sat..    Oct.  27  Ridley   nt    1st  Football,   2.15   p.m. 

Sat.,   Nov.     3  U.C.C.  at   1st  Football,   2.15   p.m. 

Sat.,   Nov.  17?        Official    Opening    of   New   Buildings,    3.00    p.m. 
Sun.,  Dec.     2  St.    Andrew's   Day   Chapel    Service,    7.00    p.m. 

Sat..    Dec.  15  Carol   Service,   7.00  p.m. 

Sun.,  Dec.  16  Carol    Service,    5.00    p.m. 



6.00  p.m.  for  7.30   p.m. 

CONTACT:    PETER    GORDON,    362-5751    (Toronto) 


You  are  the  reporters  for  this  news  sheet  which  tries  to  keep  you 
in  touch  with  the  School  of  today  and  the  School  of  yester-year.  You  will 
see  by  this  issue  that  many  bits  of  news  came  in  through  the  summer 
months  ■ —  most  encouraging!  BUT  what  about  the  next  issue?  —  and  the 
next?!  Jot  down  anything  of  interest  you  may  hear  about  O.B.'s.  Write 
a  note  or  a  penny  post-card  to  The  Andrean,  at  the  School,  with  your 
news.  It  all  helps  to  strengthen  the  "ties"  that  bind!  You  might  be  sur- 
prised to  learn  about  the  number  of  reunions  that  have  taken  place  as 
the  result  of  a  news  item  in  The  Andrean.  And  of  course,  if  you  do  not 
keep  us  posted  about  a  change  of  address  —  well?!! 


At  this  time  last  year,  the  news  'round  and  about  high-lighted  the 
physical  upheaveal  of  plant  and  terrain  in  preparation  for  new  buildings 
and  renovations.  A  year  later,  it  seems  incredible  that  the  new  facilities 
already  are  an  integral  part  of  the  School  and  the  wonder  is  how  we 
got  along  without  them.  We  have  really  got  a  set-up  "to  the  king's  taste". 
It  would  take  too  long  to  describe  in  detail  all  the  changes  that  have 
taken  place  (You  will  have  to  come  to  see  for  yourself!)  —  but  here 
are  a  few  major  features.   The  old  Dining   Hall   (Upper  School)   and   Mac 

'ROUND    AND    ABOUT    THE    SCHOOL    (Continued) 

House  Dining  Hall  no  longer  exist.  The  former,  along  with  kitchens,  in- 
firmary, staff  quarters,  etcetera,  has  been  converted  into  a  boys'  residence 
—  called  for  now  —  "Fourth  House".  The  latter  has  been  turned  into  a 
new  infirmary  for  the  whole  school  (two  resident  nurses).  The  new  Great 
Hall  (dining)  accommodates  the  whole  School.  There  are  no  more  class- 
rooms in  Mac  House.  These  have  become  dorms,  common-rooms,  etcetra. 
All  classes  are  taken  in  Dunlap  Hall  and  the  new  classroom  wing  of  the 
Kenneth  Ketchum  Auditorium.  Classes  are  no  longer  held  in  the  basement 
(Geography  Room  and  the  room  behind  the  Little  Theatre).  Classroom  No. 
1  (old  Maths  Room)  is  now  an  Art-cum-classroom.  No.  3  (old  History  Room) 
is  now  equipped  as  a  third  lab.  The  new  Kenneth  Ketchum  Auditorium 
with  its  auxiliary  facilities  is  a  superb  addition  —  already  well-used.  The 
landscaping  around  the  new  buildings,  along  with  new  roads,  etcetera, 
has  not  altered  the  old  beauty  of  the  campus  but  rather  extended  it. 
You  will  be  impressed.  Naturally,  there  remain  many  little  things  to  be 
done  before  complete  rehabilitation  takes  place  but  to  those  who  were 
around  the  School  a  few  weeks  before  opening  day,  it  seemed  miraculous 
that  opening  was  on  schedule  and  that  everything  proceeded  more-or-less 
normally  (e.g.  Dunlap  Hall  classroom  renovations  not  completed;  chairs 
for  the  Great  Hall  arrived  at  5.00  a.m.  on  opening  day;  new  desks  for 
classrooms  arrived  two  weeks  after  opening  —  meanwhile  make-shift; 
etcetera)!  A  new  House  arrangement  has  been  put  into  effect.  Mac 
House  still  has  the  lower  forms  (grades  7,  8,  9)  but  each  of  the  other 
three  Houses  has  boys  from  all  forms  (Third  Form  up).  Upper  Sixth  boys 
live  in  all  four  Houses  and  have  assumed  more  responsibility.  The  whole 
of  Upper  Sixth  (32)  sits  at  the  High  Table  at  lunch-time  in  the  Great  Hall 
and  are  Table-Heads  at  other  meals.  Football  teams  show  promise  of  a 
good  showing  this  year.  Note  the  dates  of  L.B.F.  games  and  come  on  out. 
The  Stratford  production  of  "Macbeth"  was  attended  by  Third  Form  and 
up.  The  first  issue  of  the  new  literary  magazine,  "Script"  was  a  creditable 
effort.  Have  you  seen  a  copy?  The  Ken  Ives  have  acquired  a  house  on 
Old  Yonge  Street,  opposite  the  School.  (Ken  —  after  25  years  in  the 
same  rooms  in  Mac  House!)  The  Stan  Macfarlanes  are  back  from  Spain 
and  are  "living  out"  —  on  Yonge  Street  —  not  far  north  of  the  School. 
Bob  Laidlaw  is  chipper  as  ever.  Three  new  Masters  have  joined  the 
Staff  —  Gordon  Moffatt  ('26),  Latin  and  Maths,  Courtney  Stoate,  French, 
James  Mainprize,  History  and  French,  Miss  Betty  Kinch.  nursing  staff.  A 
few  weeks  ago,  the  Antique  and  Classic  Car  Club  of  Canada  held  a 
judging  rally  on  the  Front  Quad  at  the  School  —  interesting  diversion  for 
the  boys  apart  from  the  fact  that  four  football  games  were  in  progress 
at  the  same  time!  Never  a  dull  moment  'round  and  about  the  School!  — 
or  perhaps   it   depends   on   the   point    of    view' 


'07  R.  Ewart  Stavert  has  been  elected  Chairman  of  the  Board  of  the 
Guardian  Insurance  Co.  of  Can.  and  appointed  Chairman  of  the 
Canadian  advisory  board  of  the  Guardian-Caledonian  Group  of 
Insurance    Companies. 

'26  Lt.  Col.  Ely,  retired  from  the  Canadian  Army,  is  with  Boeing  Aircraft 
in  their  Vertol  Division  at  Norton,   Pennsylvania. 

'27  Aurelio  Longary  is  Head  of  the  Art  (painting)  Department  in  a  New 
Jersey  University.   (Contact  him  in  East  Orange,  N.J.   at   OR  4-0095.) 

'31  E.  B.  Edwards  has  joined  the  Union  Carbide  Plastics  Co.  in  the  N.Y. 
office  —  in  marketing  development   for   packaging   products. 

NOTES    (Continued) 

'34  Douglas  A.  Cameron  is  in  Lupear  Products  Inc.  at  Walled  Lake, 

'36  Dick  Henderson  was  reported  to  have  acquired  the  four-year-old 
Blue  Croon,  a  colt  with  a  fine  record,  and  to  have  had  some  success 
with    another. 

'39     Dale  King  is   back   from   the   Arctic  and  is   teaching   school   in   Orillia. 

'41     Ralph  Graham  and  John  O'Flynn  ('48)  are  practising  law  in  Belleville. 

'43  Barry  Munro,  a  civil  engineer,  is  with  Foundation  Engineering  in 
Toronto.  *  Tim  Findlay  played  the  lead  in  four  plays  with  the  Red 
Barn  Theatre   this   summer  and   is   taking   a   year   off    to   write. 

'46  Andrew  Lindsay  is  a  marine  architect  at  work  on  the  Clyde  in  Scot- 

'48  Ian  Lindsay  is  in  Lima,  Peru,  with  the  firm,  Training  Within  Industry, 
which  trains,  selects  personnel,  and  aids  firms  with  job  evaluation 
and  rate-setting   methods. 

'50     Ted   Lindsay    manages    a    large    farm    north    of    Lima    (sugar,    cattle). 

*  The  Ossio  brothers,  Ulderico  and  Carlos,  are  making  quite  a  name 
for   themselves   in   the   car-racing   circles   of   Peru. 

'53  Dave  Parker  has  been  house-building  in  Sarnia  and  plans  to  return 
to     university     with     an     urban-planning     career     as     his     objective. 

*  George  Parker,  after  a  year  as  a  medical  G.P.  in  Sarnia,  has  taken  a 
post  in  the  San  Francisco  Children's  Hospital.        *   Mike  Hardman  is 

working   in    Lima         *    Peter    Gordon    is    now    with    Harris    <S    Partners 

Ltd.,    Toronto. 
54     Tony  Guzman,  specializing  in  neurology,   is  interning  at   St.   Michael's 

Hospital    in    Toronto. 
'55     Ricardo  Mulanovitch  is  working  in  Lima.       *  Allan  Novak  is  reported 

to   be   chief   engineer   with   a   firm   which   turns   out   tooth-paste    tubes. 

*  Gavin  Wyllie  graduated  in  Arts  from  Queen's  and  is  in  his  second 
year  law  at  McGill.  *  Richard  Webb,  after  visiting  Lima  this  sum- 
mer with  his  wife  and  daughter,  has  returned  to  Harvard  to  com- 
plete his  Doctorate  in  Economics.  *  Barry  Wansbrough  visited  Doug 
Grant  in  Trinidad  this  summer  and  has  returned  to  Ottawa  where  he 
is  a  Master  at  Ashbury.  *  Rudolph  Scagnetti  manages  Karl  Scag- 
netti  S.A.  in  Lima  —  specializing  in  imported  precision  optical  equip- 
ment. *  Bruce  Merrick  is  interning  at  the  Sick  Children's  Hospital, 

'56  Paul  Vereshack  graduated  in  Arts  and  is  in  his  last  year  of  medicine 
at  U.  of  T.  He  plans  to  be  a  psychiatrist.  *  Bill  Weiss  graduated  in 
Electrical  Engineering  from  the  Case  Institute  of  Technology  and  is 
now  with  Boeing  Aircraft  in  Seattle.  *  Andrew  Tumbull  is  with  the 
Belleville     Intelligencer     —     reporter,      photographer,      editorial     staff. 

*  Bruce  Thomson  is  in  his  final  year  of  Medicine  at  U.  of  T.  having 
graduated  in  Arts.  *  Tony  Rutherford  is  completing  an  Arts  course 
at  U.  of  T.  and  plans  to  teach.  *  Dave  Dunlap  is  with  J.  H.  Crang 
&  Co.  Toronto.  He  has  just  come  back  from  two  weeks  grouse-shoot- 
ing   in    England    and    hopes    to    go    back    there    to    work    next    year. 

*  Dave  Kitchen  is  in  Montreal  with  the  Royal  Bank.  *  Lorenz 
Tschudi  and  Peter  Oeschle  ('52)  are  with  their  respective  family  firms 
in  Lima.  *  Michael  Wood,  after  a  year  in  England  where  he  took 
a  Bus.  Admin,  course  at  the  London  School  of  Economics,  is  working 
with  the  Panagra  Air  Line,  H.Q.  Lima.  He  visited  the  Stan  Mac- 
farlanes   in    Madrid   last   Easter. 

NOTES   (Continued) 

'57  Keith  Walker  has  passed  the  final  examinations  of  the  Institute  of 
Chartered  Accountants  of  Ontario.  *  Timothy  Eaton  is  working  with 
the   family   firm   in   Winnipeg. 

'58  Tim  Crocker  graduated  in  Arts  from  U.  of  T.  and  is  now  with  Clark- 
son,  Gordon  —  accountants.  *  Peter  Dobbin  has  joined  the  Sun 
Life  Assurance  Co.  at  Montreal.  *  David  Black  works  with  Kavanagh. 
Churchill-Smith  &  Sutherland  Ltd.  in  Montreal.  *  Miguel  Grau  has 
been  chosen  to  play  with  the  Peruvian  Golf  Team  which  will  be 
playing    in   Toyko    late    in    October. 

'59  We  are  told  that  John  Wilkins  worked  for  Tony  Fell  this  summer  at 
Dominion  Securities.  Bill  Osborne  after  a  year  at  U.  of  N.B.  is  in 
his  3rd  year  Commerce  at  McGill.  *  Joe  Buchanan  has  entered 
Dalhousie  U.  and  Richard  Gibb,  Mount  Allison  this  year.  *  Rob 
Thorbum,  Tom  Hays  and  Bob  Metcalfe  ('60)  are  back  at  Dalhousie 
U.  for  their  3rd  year.  *  Van  Woolnough  is  at  McGill  and  Jim 
Murray   at   Bishop's   —   both   in    their    final    year. 

'60  Andrew  Wood  is  in  his  3rd  year  of  a  B.Sc.  course  at  McGill.  *  Ed 
Wood  is  at  work  with  Burroughs  Business  Machines,  Toronto  and 
Chuck  Chapman  is  reported  to  be  at  Western  U.  after  a  stint  with 
Acme  Paint  and  Varnish.  *  Wally  Hardy  is  seeing  that  Firestone 
Tire  in  Hamilton  runs  all  right.  *  Bob  Isserstedt  is  at  Rollins  College, 
Winter  Park,  Florida.  *  Chris  Allworth  toured  Britain  and  Europe 
(solo!)  on  a  motor-scooter  last  summer.  Music  is  to  be  his  career 
but  on  last  report  he  was  uncertain  whether  he  would  study  in 
Canada  or  abroad.  *  Chips  Campbell  and  Clem  Chappie  are  at 
Bishop's   U. 

'61  Brian  Ellies,  a  Flight-Cadet  in  the  R.C.A.F.,  is  a  pilot-in-training  at 
Moose  Jaw.       *   John  Craig   has  started  in  at   Acadia  U. 

'62  Class  whereabouts  will  be  reported  in  the  next  issue.  Most  of  them 
are   at  University. 


Jim  Mylrea   ('53),  June  27th,  a  daughter 
Ed  Ballon   ('42),   June  27th,   a  daughter 
Hugh  Chown  ('50),  June  28th,  a  daughter 
Jaffray   Rolph    ('40),    July    15th,    a   daughter. 
Frank    Rolph    ('48),    July    15th,    a    daughter. 
Gordon  Ecclestone  ('46),  August   17th,  a  son. 
James  Cobban   ('46),   August  23rd,   a  daughter. 
Dave  Hargreaves   ('49),   August,   a  daughter. 


Michael  A.   Dinnick    ('57)    to   Judith   McClaskey,    June   9. 
Paul  Vereshack    ('56)    to   Nancy   Joy   Woods,   July    14th. 
John   Mueller    ('57),    to    Margaret   Joyce    Scott,    September    8th. 
James  C.  Loblaw   ('57)   to  Doris  Gail  Jaques,   August    11th. 
Burns  Proudfoot    ('54)    to   Kathryn   Jane   Walker,    July    15th. 


Senator  William  R.  Brunt  ('21),  July  7th. 
Albert   Britnell    ('03),    September    10th.