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Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2014 


Spiraling from top left: Danielle strikes a pose; Heather laughing at Stu 
pieing a fellow classmate; Adam having a good day; HL Bio Students 
getting earthy; Ashley running to far off places; Students at Ashbury are 
very serious; Alanna and Richard having too much fun (whipped cream 

Spiraling from top left: Haben the DJ Techie; Oliver the macho man on 
campus; Pat and his girls Jen & Michelle; WE LOVE BIOLOGY!; Omar, 
Niall, and Geoff = perfect harmony. 

from the Headmaster 

This edition of the Ashburian reflects the collective efforts of a new 
faculty and student team which has provided the enthusiasm and 
organizational leadership to see deadlines were met and photos taken 
so we could all enjoy this record of our 2001-2002 school year. The 
Junior school continues their tradition of superb yearbook quality. I 
trust when you read this today or in twenty years that these pages will 
ignite your memory of some amazing students, teachers and events. 
Amidst the daily rigour, routines and structure of Ashnury lies the kind 
heart, accepting smile and long lasting friendhip of students and staff. 
This school year will be forever memborable with the tragedy of 
September 11th and the resulting war on terrorism and economic 
uncertainty. I was happy to note the change in mood in February when 
our attention moved to the Winter Olympics. The gold medals for the 
Women's and Men's Hockey Team and the accomplishnments of 
athletes from over 40 countries inspired all of Ashbury and Canada. 
We enjoyed outstanding student leaderhip this year from School 
Captain Danielle Simpson, House Captains and from the Student 
Souncil. House spirit and participation in house skits, public speaking, 
airbands and special events are at a very high level. Who of us will 
forget the enthusiam and humour of President Pat on Monday morning? 
It is often said that you will get out of Ashbury what you put into it. 
Your time here will go by quickly. Whatever your goals- laugh, live 
every day to the fullest and show you care about yourself, your friends 

and your school. 


Assistant Headmaster - Academics 
Malcolm Mousseau 

This academic year has seen curriculum innovations such as the 
coordinated integration of library and research skills into several 
grade nine courses and the "speakers in the classroom" programme 
organized with members of our Parents Committee. This educational 
experience is best described anecdotally, as reported by a parent of 
recent Ashbury grads. She wanted to let us know that the combination 
of Ashbury" s standards with co-curricular involvement allowed her 
children to develop the necessary academic and coping skills which 
are key to their current success in graduate level studies. Their 
experiences at Ashbury were at times exhilaratin, and times tiresome 
and frustrating. In the end, they remembered well a statement from 
one of their favourite teachers " I'm not here to get you into univer- 
sity, rather, my goal is to keep you in university." Congratulations 
on your year and have a great summer! 

Assistant Headmaster - School Life 
Ross Varley 

Making choices. Something that we do a thousand times a day. 
What to wear. Who to call. Where to go. When to go there. Why go 
there at all? Some choices are minor. Some choices can affect your 
life in a major way. You make your life what it is. And that is a 
precious choice. Sometimes you have no choice to make. Somebody 
else does it for you. Sometimes you just do what you have to do. It is 
the price of staying in the game. And that's OK too, as long as the 
game brings you joy and you are in it to win. Especially on your own 
terms. Ashbury has to make choices too. First of all; we all work very 
hard to make our education enjoyable. We need our sports, our 
academics, the music, art and drama programmes, the debating, the 
Inter-house activities and all the rest. Secondly, we need you to make 
good choices, to play the education game to enjoy it, and to win. To 
make your success the best that you possibly can. So choose well this 
year and beyond. And enjoy your success. 


Senior Housemaster 
Glenna Allen 


Tracy Duggan 
New House 

Ross Holman 
Alexander House 

Andrew Moore 
Connaught House 

Dwayne Smith 
Woolcombe House 

Director of 

Lisa Lewicki 

IB Coordinator 

John Valentine 



Christine Tordon 

Head of 
Residence Life 

Jane Kennedy 

Chapel Services 

Rev. B. Bradley 
Mr. Mervin Games 

Life Skills 

Chapman Uko 

Health Services 

Sharon McKay 
Tui Noonan 


Main Office - 
Admissions and 

Dawn Braun 
Denise Mayer 
Marg Meidema 
Heather Theoret 
Trie i a Tiin iff 
Vicky Wilgress 
Jenn Wolters 
Anne Valiquette 

Financial Office 

Karen Mc Andrew 
Karmen Arril 
Laura Lowson 
Alana Lobb 
Lesley Pryde 


Lee Goodwin 
Guy Massey 
Rob Miedema 
Marcel Lewis 
Albert Villeneuve 

Education and 



Tim Putt 
Dave Comeau 
Rose McDermott 

Student Teacher 

Mike Carter 


Libraiy Staff 

Bob Rice 
Corrine Hazel 
Nancy Sawyer 

Business Office 

Karen McAndrew 
Karmen Arril 
Alana Lobb 
Lesley Pryde 

Kate Wearring 

Special Events 
Margaret Kane 

Life Skills 
Chapman Uko 

Health Unit 
Tui Noonan 
Sharon McKay 

Boarding Staff 
Alison Harding 
Andres Bertran 
Matt Tattersfield 


Glenna Allen 
Mary Baxter 
Dave Beedell 
Patty Carleton 

Randy Coles 
Nick bay 
Lyne Defosses 
Tracy Duggan 

Chris Duchinsky 
Chris Edwards 
Dawn Ford 
Shelley Gonime 

Robert Gray 
Eric Hardie 
Ben Heriqiie 
Michelle Holman 

Ross Holman 
Nancy Jowett 
Claire Kelly 
Jane Kennedy 

Lisa Lewicki 
Tina Manchanda 
Jan Matthews 
James McKirdy 

Laura McNaim 
Ian Middieton 
Chris Miedema 
Andy Moore 

Malcolm Mousseau 
Alyssa Novick 
M.A. Pelletier 
Hugh Penton 

Sonia Rajani 
John Richardson 

Imna Romero 
Greg Simpson 


Marilynne Sinclair 
Dwayne Smith 
Ewelina Sosnowska 
Andrew Sparks 

William Stableford 
Zoe Stikeman 
Dejan Stojanovic 
Lionel Tanod 

Derek Taylor 
John Valentine 
Karen Vandewint 
Mary-Arm Varley 

Ross Varley 
Susan Wall 

Jancey Wallace 
Matthew Wearring 


Bogosian, Patrick 
Booth, Graham 
Brothers, Joey 
Christie, Kathryn 
Coles, Lauryn 
Ebsary, Adrian 

Gaty, Alexandra 
Hanlon, Emily 
Higgins, Mark 
Kelly, Andrew 
Khoral, Danyal 

Kruser, Rebecca 

Lasarte, Guillermina 
Legault, Jade 
Student Council: 
Thomas Kelen and 

Lyrm, Michael 
Markey, Justin 

Mclsaac, Katherine 
Murphy, Caroline 

Park, Stephanie 
Paslat, Alexandra 
Pugh, Gareth 
Rabie, Tarek 
Roy, Jason 
Roy, Reshmi 

Runnalls, Jeremy 
Sangster, Andrew 
Schofield, Graham 
Toller, Christopher 
Yusuf, Malik 



Adler, Soleil 
Alsaffar, Nael 
Black, Cameron 
Campbell, Emma 
Carveth, Colin 

Cestnik, Michael 
Drury, Alexander 
Farell, Renee 
Fonseca, Lianne 
Gillespie, Ian 
Harden, Jessica 

Hope, Victoria 
Huang, Lucas 

King, Andrew 
Kshonze, Peter 

Leenen, Sarah 
Lemery, Francois 


Mutter, Andrew 
Nicolson, Colin 
O'Brien, Redmond 
O'Shea, Kiera 
Richardson, Elaine 
Scott, Matthew 

Slade, Rebecca 
Smolik, Andrew 
Stewart, Peter 
Villa, Nicholas 
Yound, Hilary 


Baxter, Brendan 
Chase, Ross 
Day, Sophie 
Kett, Andrew 

Kim, Duk 
Kim, Jin 
Kirk, Tania 
Zambonini, Donata 


Agamah, Ada 

Benoit, Stephanie 
Butler, Kathryn 
Clarke-Okah, Simon 
deBruin, CaroHne 
De Young, Natasha 

Lie, Yoo Han 
LoUla-Ramin, Nixon 

Towsley, Erin 
Xu, Lucas 
Yu, Hanpo 


Grade 9 Candids 

Clockwise from top left: Colin 
relaxing in Computer class; 
Guille, Jacquie, Hillary, and 
Elaine in the Library; Caroline 
concentrating in class; Nazaam, 
Chris, Graham, and Daniel; 
Andrew having a moment; 
Brigid having fun in the library. 


Anisman, Max 
Birgelen, Friedrich 
Brecher, Lauren 
Charles, Max 
Dilawri, Saager 
Grey, Matthew 

Heintzman, Davey 
Johnson, Grady 
Lahey, Daniel 

Lakhani, Alisha 
Lesiuk, Michael 
Matthews, Geoff 

Mok, Vincent 
O'Brien, Michael 
Pellerin, Suzanne 
Pilon, Gregory 

Power, Candace 
Shack, Avram 
Sivasundaram, Lavan 
Surani, Zenah 

Szullo, Nicolette 
Temnikov, Ariane 
Tran, Anthony 
Vandor, Dara 

Vered, Danya 
Yusuf, Guled 
Zussman, Julianne 



Arnautovic, Jasminka 
Boyd, Nixon 
Bryden, Alain 
Chadha, Anjali 
Cherney, Jason 
Dietz, Stephan 

Elcombe, Sara 
Esdaile, Trevor 
Hanvey, Kate 
Hennessy, Brendan 
Langford, Laura 
Lehrer, Devon 

Lennox, Bess 
Macklem, Oliver 
Mason, Neil 

McWade, Taylor 
McWade, Whitney 
Nelson, Gordon 

Nielson, Kristian 
Polk, Andrew 
Sham, Derek 

Simpson, Brook 
Street, Stephen 

Taucer, Marco 
Teron, Briar 
Watter, Sarah 



Banta, Frances 
Bragg, Elizabeth 
Brandon, John 
Dafoe, Joanna 
de Souza e Silva, 
Divon, Michelle 

Filewod, Benjamin 
Pong, Bianca 
Fulup, Caroline 
Hay, Tom 
Johncox, Mykal 
Labelle, Max 

Lafleche, Michel 
Lafleur, Paul Andre 
Lauks, Sacha 
Lazaro, Noelle 
Lenouvel, Eric 
MacKinnon, Patrick 

McEnery, Matthew 
McnEill, Kylie 

Miller, Elizabeth 
Nicholson, Justin 

Patrontasch, Brett 
Peleato, Nicolas 

Resnick, Ben 
Roberts, Daniel 
Rothschild, Susanna 
Tsang, Jackie 
Whitwill, Adam 
Wood, Tessa 



AbduUa, Alym, 
Bickerton, Ashley 
Burk, Ashley 
Christie, Thomas 
Chudak, Peter 
Duchesne, Sophie 

Franklin, Ross 
Ashley & Katya 
Hickman, Sam 
Hughers- An- 
thony, David 
Jarvis, Robbie 

Knight, Jeremy 
Lefebvre, Sarah 
Lo, Vincent 
Major, Shawn 

Matyas, David 
Mclsaac, Michael 
Millar, Evan 
Ouellette, David 

Postle, David 

Sen, Priya 
So, Stephen 

Fiona and 

Yeh, Cynthia 

Zeidan, Katya 



Adler, Sascha 
Alsaffar, Omar 
Chadha, Anu 
Burt, Andrew 
Black, Andrew 

Elcombe, Joshua 
Herauf, Timothy 
Hermon, Katie 
Hope, Elizabeth 

Ivanoff, Peter 
Low, Jamie 
MacLean, Ryan 
Mimeault, Alexander 

Moore, Eve 
Nadonly, Joshua 
Nodelman Lonny 
Lavigne-Green, Robin 

Parkes, Christopher 
Poupore, Michael 
Ralph, Holly 
Shore, Amanda 

Simpson, Billy 

Singer, Mark 
Ward, John 
Yachnin, Danial 



Abonyi, David 
Adelberg, David 
Allan, Nigel 
Brown, Matthew 
Davies, Ryan 
Fulop, Cristina 

Kilgour, Hilary 
Lazaro, Marcela 
Lyman, Nathaniel 

Macmillan, James 

McWhinnie, Kyle 

Merali, Shehnaaz 
Murphy, Denise 
Peleato, Sebastian 
Piggott, Matthew 
Polan, Clayton 
Pratte, Michel 

Rask, Fiona 
Rive, Katherine 
Rock, Lauren 

Shift, Jonathan 
Syrett, Ian 
Toms, Andrea 

Valentine, Peter 
Witherspoon, Samuel 
Zadorozny, Richard 



Delius, Berno 
Gillis, Maxwell 
Horler, Jonathan 
Huxtable, Casey 
Krau, Malte 
Lewkowicz, Dino 

Monkman, Eric 
Pirani, Naqaash 
Sanderson, Michael 
Serieux, Haben 
Siassi, Sam 

Stephens, Phoebe 
Suen, Rody 
Szecskay, Andreas 
Wojcik, Daniel 
Xiao, Connie 
Yturria, Marcela 



Grade 11 Candids 

Clockwise from top left: Ms. Wallace's 
Geography class; Josh and Ashley speak- 
ing out; Sacha and Sebastian hard at work; 
Sophie; John, Dani, and Nathaniel eating 
lunch; Alex and Lonny hanging out in the 


Baker, Jennifer 
Bali, Shamir 
Cohen, EHssa 

Dhalla, Rahim 
Gray, Stuart 

Hunter, Tarah 

Loviner, Ryan 
Peterson, Brian 
Plaskacz, Audrey 
Power, Lauren 
Puddington, Troy 
Rocheleau, Anthony 

Senn Alistair 
Stefanski, Christina 
Wilgress, Tyler 
Yeh, Alex 


Azoulay, Rachel 
Baranick, Alexander 
Boulden, Tara 
Brunst, Clare 
Burn, Morgan 
Cherney, Allison 

Cohen, Adam 
Drury, Victor 
Dunki, Alexandro 
Kane, Shannon 
King, Stephanie 
Kshonze, Kristopher 

Noble, Alexander 
Park, Matthew 
Robertson, Andrew 
Ross, Hamish 

Rutherford, Ian 
Shore, Emily 
Street, Sheila 
Zarama, Ali 







Bastianelli, Paul 
Borer, Adam 
Caroline, Darcy 
Colton, Christopher 
Grantham, Jennifer 
Heater, Robert 

Jackson, Alexander 
Merani, Karim 
Mirsky, Daniel 
Owusu, Michelle 
Patrick. Alexander 
Prior, Michael 

Razavi, Ameer 
Sparks, Caitlin 
Sroka, Kyley 
Wagner, Anne 


Bechtel, Allison 
Holsworth, Jonathan 
King, Tricia 
Leung, Maria 

McDonald, John 
Musa, Rasheed 

Natynczyk, William 
Rozanski, Peter 

Siegmund, Carina 
Smart, Jessica 
Wilson, Stephen 
Yu, Tong 


Grade 12 Candids 

Clockwise from top left: Tyler beating 
OAC's at Oligopoly; Ian enjoying 
Team Canada win at the Olympics; 
Paul B. strumming the cello; Shamir 
B., Alex Y., Lauren P., Audrey P., and 
Rahim D relaxing in homeroom; Will 
N. dressing for success; Alex J. taking 
control of the situation; Chris C. and 
Dan M. in homeroom. 


Adrian, Reid 
Argument, Laura 
Ballou, Eloise 
Baltacioglu, Sinan 
Boadway, Klara 
Booth, Tim 

Buckley, Liam 
Chan, Arthur 
Diaz, Francisco 

Dickens, Anne 
Faleide, Marius 
Greenberg, Jessica 

Heintzman, Geoffrey 
Hunter, Brooks 
Kindle, Christina 

Lakhani, Ali 
Leger, Missy 
Lynn, John 
Poulin, Kate 
Pryor, Tara 
Roy, Rajeev 

Runnalls, Matthew 
Shack, Noah 
Sherman, Joshua 
Shinkman, Paul 
Siekeirski, BJ 
Simson, Sylvia 

Vandor, Jonathon 
Venables, Cristina 
Volynsky, Peter 
Wilson, J.J. 
Zussman, Richard 



Agapitos, Julia 
Boulos, Alexander 
Burt, Justin 
Charette, Alexander 
Cheng, Jimmy 
Estabrooks, Jonathan 

Hanvey, Alison 
Hardy, Jamie 
Heffernan, Craig 
Ho, Cindy 
Huang, Andrew 
Lara-Schilling, Isabel 

Lemery, Catherine 
Ma, Jin 

MacLean, Travis 
Mann, Benjamin 
McWade, Cameron 
Mitha, Farah 

Norton, Stephen 
Page, Graham 
Sellers, Melinda 

Sham, Dennis 
Simpson, Danielle 
Slade, Aaron 

Street, Alanna 
Sutherland, James 
Taucer, Stefano 

Viau, Katheryn 
Young, Alexander 
Young, Douglas 
Zeber, David 



Bissada, Michelle 
Booth, Matthew 
Brunst, Philip 
De Jesus, Anthony 
Filewod, Niall 

Fujarczuk, Peter 
Garrard, Christopher 
Guilbault, Michael 

Ham Pong, Ashley 
Haney, Jason 
Hanna, Courtney 

Herzig, Alyssa 
Kenny, James 
Lafelche, Marc 

Lauks, Lacy 
Lazaro, Charley 
Liebel, Sarah 
Merali, Fatima 
Miragliotta, James 
Noonan, Alex 

Patrontasch, Lee 
Robinson, Stuart 
Roy, Louis 
Scott, Benjamin 
Schiff, Dana 
Steinberg, Jessica 

Tien, Jonathan 
Valentine, Andrew 
Vincent, Catherine 

Welsh, Patrick 
Wood, Lucas 



Addo, Nii 

Adu-Boahene, Akua 
Azad, Nuzhat 
Chen, Jimmy 
Cowan, Victoria 
Dismont, Jessica 

Gauthier, Nicolas 
Gillis, Sean 

Holberton, Daniel 
Holdsworth, Jennifer 

Imai, Michelle 
Issaka, Fauzia 

Kalaichandran, Amitha 
Kergin, Andrew 

Maclaren, Heather 
Mohan, Bavidra 
Natynzyk, Margaret 
Ruggles, Jaseleen 
Saidi, Omeonga 
Saucier, Jean-Francois 

Schmidt, Stephen 
Shearman, Leah 
Stubbing, Alexander 
Tipple, Pierre 
Washbrook, Brett 
Wong, Frank 


School Captain 

I have learnt a great deal from being Cap- 
tain and I thank everyone who has helped 
me along the way whether it was with a 
hug, a piece of advice, criticism or a high 

Special thanks to Mrs. Jowett, for your 
guidance and encouragement through my 
"Journey." To Mr. Sparks, for believing in 
me and my bball skills even if I can't drib- 
ble. To Corner X, Crad 2002 is upon us.Cet 
jiggy with it. To my bros, Tait and Brook, 
for the laughs. 1 love you both. To my par- 
ents, you are the greatest role models for 
me. I love you. Sonia and Jess, love you 
like a sister, not just a friend. 

"If fishes were wishes, we'd have oceans 
of dreams." 

lere are too many people to thank that have helped me over the years to become what I am today. The great thing about 
ving a second page is that you can expand on your short grad write-up. First, I'd like to start out by thanking all the past 
esidents, Julian de Hoog, Dave Kilgour, and Steve Watson, for showing me the way. Rich, without you and Monty, I 
ver would have won that grade 10 election; we're 3 & 0. I've had the opportunity to work with some unbelievable 
ople on the council, and I won't forget you either (ES, SK, JG, JM, BM, DK, SW, RM, Brett, GN, Rez, GL, Kelen, SB (C), AJ, 
<ore, SN, EC,). Special props go to my VP, RMac (we'll do that Oscars presentation someday!) and to MAP, who's always 
lieved in the council and what it stands for. Thanks go out to my buds, who've stuck with me through thick and thin, 
pecially: Rich, Phil (LeBoss), Boulos (Boobs), Andrew (Kirby/Diddy), AU(Sha_), Sylvia (Sly), Justin (J), and Stefano 
tauch). Mr Holman and Mr. Pelletier, you were both greater advisors than we could ask for! Mr. Mousseau, thanks for 
ving me that push in gr. 12. TAM, thank you for supporting me in any endeavour I've embarked on. I love you and 1 owe 
lu evervthing. To every student at Ashbury, especially those who said hello or nodded, winked or smiled in the hall- 
ays, thank you for making my years at Ashbury some of the best I've ever had. Next time you have a chance, sit in the 
yer, close your eyes, and think about how great a thing we have going at Ashbury. Just relax, enjoy it, and have a shake. 


Alexander House 

Clockwise from top left: Troy, Paul, Alistair, and Arthur as 
a classic boy band; Audrey and Francisco's team at winter 
carnival; Paul Shinkman; Olympic spirit; Zussman being 
pied in the face; Peter explains all; Kate "superstar" Poulin; 
Robbie and Mike on Halloween; house captain Jess 
Greenberg; Tarah and Jenn's team at icebreaker. 

Clockwise from top left: Chris and Matt make a three-legged team; 
Winter Carnival; James defending the House; Anthony capturing 
our hearts, Fiona, Andrea and Clayton at winter carnival; Courtney 
singing; Catherine and Ashley; Chris Caity and Karim; Chris, Pe- 
ter and Jason; Pat and Dana after the carnival. 

Connaught house has had a good year so far. While it is only the middle of 
January and house events are not complete, our house is out ahead of the 
pack. Dutiful prefects and a responsible house master have led to events 
being well attended and spirit being at an all time high. The house sup- 
ports a foster child that could likely buy a Porsche with the amount of 
money we have been providing. Good luck to C-Housers of next year and 
keep living the dream. 

Clockwise from top left to right: Head of House - B 
Mann; Sheila eating peanut butter; team spirit at W: 
ter Carnival; Bes waving the flag; two Alexs; Steph a 
Emily's team; wearing red at Winter Carnival; playi: 
games at Winter Carnival; showing C-House streng 
at icebreaker. 


Clockwise from Top-Lett: Psyching-Out the competition. Captain Woollcombe-Bavidra, Hanpo's true identity, 
Stubbs playing for Woollcombe at inter-house basketball. House Meeting on Will's bed, Two of a Kind-Marcella 
and Rasheed, Girls' House Meeting, and Peter running circles around the houses at inter-house soccer. 

Nii Mantey Addo 
London, England 
January 26, 1983 

It's been a long two years. Thank you 
God for seeing me through it! Don't 
get me wrong. I'm grateful for the 
Ashbury experience. But I'm glad its 
over. SM, JK luv always. To my teach- 
ers thanks for all die help you gave me. 
To Tong W and her laptop, thanks for 
being there for me. Mrs. Carter it's 
been fun. Ghetto and Runt, thanks for 
the laughs. Dr. how will I survive with- 
out your advice? MO you're the fun- 
niest person I know. To you and your 
family, much love! Smarty, here's to 
love money and hoop dreams. MS, 
FW, NM. PV, TN you've had my back 
more than once. Thanks. To my girls 
EB, FI, AK, JD and SZ you know 
where it's at; I love you to death! Ush, 
you're the greatest! To my family, I luv 
you from the heart! 

Thanks to all them peeps that aided 
in my high school career. Hot Boyz 
always keep it real. To the rest of 
ya'll don't player hate, participate. 
Peace. I'm out. Holla. 

Akua Adu-Boahene 
London, England 
August 29, 1984 

To all those who helped me through 
NINE years of Ashbury, in no partic- 
ular order. Jaime, unforgettable sum- 
mer of "01. Lee, unspoken support. 
Rohling, ski-doo's and dogs. Liam, 
from Boston to ba-ad. Nat, Tommy 
loves Sally. Kate, Steve, Peter. Laura 
and Heather. The Lifers: Marc. Alex. 
Josh, Phil. Re-written the past of Jun- 
ior School. NJ, putting a lid on the 
toxic tanks, sucking out the poison, 
and with clear eyes: thanks for the 
support. WES, thanks for listening. 
CT, I cherish our university talk about 
all things but. GA, JW. TD, MB. 
Nothing but luck to everyone left 
standing at Ashbury. 

Julia Agapitos 
Ottawa, Canada 
December 10, 1983 

Reid Adrian 
Venice, Italy 
December 16, 1983 

The 5 years I expected to last 
lifetime come to an end. It's been 
crazy ride. My giris, you always 
put a smile on my face. Carol, the 
original, CU @ my wedding. Laura 
many laughs-cottage chillin X2. 
headless LEGO men, architects= 
laundry & soccer. Ali-word to late 
nite cruisin. bathing, lipstick let- 
ters-always stay sweet. HM/EJ 
wild nites @ Harbour 
Lights. Word to magical friends 
and all who knew them. GOYA. 
Stoop crew-JK/SR/TB/SEW keep 
it real. LB-to coffee fixes & power 
shakes. AY-France, La Piazza. 
Nicco-we sent the flowers. Rico- 
sorry for the grab. MAP-stay in- 
tense. Mom & Dad-thanks for al- 
ways being there. Geoff-to a mil- 
lion and more great memories- 
never forget how amazing you are. 

Laura Argument 
Calgary, Canada 
June 9, 1983 

5 years-things changed, some never 
will. My girls-Julia/Thun derfoot. 
Our mings. jumpin on beds, makin 
videos (letter P, sleddin, Jane=pee), 
my mom, myself. Ali/fireraaster. 
Canada Day, duct tape, Stan. Stay 
U. Carol/Naunt. JCLorro & spawn, 
Craig David. GOYA. Lacy-stalkin 

6 cake. Heath/ma Bibi. Geoff/dad. 
Timay. Stoop Crew-SR/JK/SEW. 
LB-dumpster. Dana! Jamaica La- 
dies-JG/DS. Pibi. FD-herman ito. 
ML-Trust No I. Fred + Sus + 
DJA=strong roots, only argu-ments. 
KRS/Nuncle. Many Parts, Agua. Mc 
Gilicudy, Heny. magical frie 
nds=fits & sights. M39, Trembs (toi- 
let paper fits). Kings. Gom mer- 
grandkids. Rico-thanx for not "yell- 
ing". Nico biDay-alw ays there. To 
name everyone is like trying to eat a 

Finally, 3 yrs of imprisonment board- 
ing at Ashbury is over. However, the 
bad times were ofset by the good ones. 

1 met people who stood by me during 
thick and thin. Annie: u showed me the 
true happiness in life. Cindy: I'll al- 
ways b there 4 u. Fauz: "Don't miss me 

2 much. "Jess: Bermuda was amazing! 
Rachel: "rain, run" miss u. Syl: remem- 
ber me whenever u c anything RED. 
Dan: hope u can handle the beauty of 
uni life. Mrs. Noonan: boarding isn't 
the same without u. Ms. Def: thanks 4 
everything. Sohel & Suzie: u guys r my 
best siblings & friends. It wouldn't b 
the same without u 2. Abbu/mummy: 
appreciate your support. Friso: I love 
u. To all, "Learn from yesterday, live 
for today, hope for tomorrow." 

Nuzhat Subuhi Azad 
Dhaka, Bangladesh 
September 7, 1983 

Eloise Ballou 
Val d'Or, Canada 
October 15, 1984 

Despite the heartache, it wouldn't 
have been the same without those 
two years in rez. Amitha: we've seen 
each other through it all; though you 
never heeded my advice, it made it 
all the more entertaining. Akua: don't 
lose the wit, it" a wonderful gift. 
Tong: what I'll cherish most is the 
laughter: W and Yuck and the Child, 
oh my! Fauzia: your talents (hair- 
styling, singing, dancing ) never cease 
to amaze me. Thanks, girls, you made 
it all worthwhile. JD, AD, CB, MO, 
JH, ML: I'll look back on these days 
with a smile. 

Kudos, everyone, you made it 
through. Good luck next year, on 
ground facing a new sky. I'll see you 
at the crossroads. 

1460 Days == 715 Chars? Hardly. 
E'WCOA, ENGOA. You know who 
you are. ((:^)> I'LL ALWAYS REM 
EMBER: "Something like a Sinan 
Sinan ", SPD, RCMP, OPP, 1 .8T, 283, 
24HrDDT,5: 15. RN, Subs,Turkiye, 
Winnipeg, England, South Africa, 
Victoria, House of Cheung! Athena, 
Studded, Late Nites, Kebob 
Kebob,C8-H10-N4-02, MSN, ICQ, 
JE, GP, AD, LW, MI, MN, JP, CO, 

and U . LAST WORDS: Life spe 

eds up as time goes on, live each day 
like your last, make this moment last 
forever, "The life of this world is but 
a sport and a diversion. 
-Koran, 6:33". ~Si ((:^)> 

Sinan Baltacioglu 
Ottawa, Canada 
July 26, 1983 

.\1\ Bissada Fam my appreciation 
IS immense dad(ge) thanx for the 
best advice + for my saRcasm DS 
StaiRs/bad directions / NAIL/ food 
count down/ bad cottage rumors/ 
TA.MIKA SN awkward 5x for u/ if 
ni> gf got a bad haircut /I'll always 
want to talk to u - but LEARN how 
2 get off the phone 1st TP cancun 
tennis, your boat "now + then' LL 
me sweets me babe sorry bout 
CHRIS UglY gimme back my 
sweater AS cancun plan tribal 
music dancing BM see u @ lisgar/ 
best q talks/ cancun plan BeeF 
great talks that change nothing- 
you'll never get me to sing AD 
short pants/ode to antonio/ is 
MiNe JG tribal music cancun plan 
KK LS shisha AP,SK +other grads 
good luck next yr take care BANi= 
member xmas in HEAT. 

Michelle Bissada 
Kingston, JA 
October 16, 1983 

Klara Boadway 
Winnipeg, Canada 
September 21, 1983 

5 years at ash= long, stress, phew! 
can't forget the fun times. No re- 
grets. Cris, what's with the 
MacDonalds? so many coffee breaks, 
don't lie to your mother they always 
find out, david usherx3 jj-aka cha 
cha fuentez, beechwood in spandex, 
furcoats anne- we've been good 
friends for a long time, hope it lasts 
4ever AK-queens trip, billybob + 
dave, summersault ashley-you' re the 
loudest + messiest person I know 
"don't touch me!" peter-always fun 
to talk, Rona's the best AH, SS- 
moechris? dirty hull, dancing for the 
dj. TP-gotta love em telemarketers! 
Stu-swimming in the pond, wearing 
MY shorts? Thanks to all my teach- 
ers, Mr Varley . Don ' t sweat the small 
stuff Its all small stuff Word to your 

Matt Booth 
Ottawa, Canada 
April 8, 1983 

5 years at Ashbury. So many things to 
remember. Here is what made it worth- 
while: M.AP French, Manei Business, 
NERD BYOC French. OACl, Cole- 
slaw. Russia, Yugoslavia. Manotick, 
the other green Jetta, soup Focus. BASS 
4 EVER, TDI oh why, MWJPB cause 
it's funny, hand break VW style, ski 
team 2001 and 2002 best times-McD, 
Pete, Kucey, Choo in Banff, the 
OFSAA blues out the window, triple 
spare, where s Booth he's at MSM, 
It' s my home and so is the lake, family, 
AFTICA. Tremblant with Tyler, Seb, 
Estelle. If I forgot about you 
sorry.'TTiose who like it, like it a lot". 

7 yrs of Ashbury: 1 pencil case. Time 
to move on, but I' m going to miss this 
place. Funtimes:dirty cops, square & 
shortgrass, pemi chillin',g-club,shi 
nny,wallyball, can vs fin, fuz+ 
pool+dominoes, cottage parties, boat 
crashtnot so fun), Kings (its all comin 
up jacks!), football 3 peat. Trips: 
georgian 1 &2, tremb 1 s&2,mcgill and 
queens. rugB-football-b-ball tour- 
neys, Cancun (can't wait!)Stoop 
Crew:Si,Jay, Stu, Geoff, Brooks, Lu, 
Dani, Steve-o, Pogo. LL LB HM JA 
CLAHAYBM,its been a pleasure. To 
DS&NJ, I cannot express my grati- 
tude enough, thank you. To Mom & 
Dad,you're the greatest-I love you. 
Graham, hold the fort down w/style. 
To everyone who made the experi- 
ence memorable ,thank you. "Wher- 
ever you go, go with all your 

Tim Booth 
Ottawa, Canada 
May 29, 1983 

Alexander Boulos 
Riyadh, Kingdom of 
Saudi Arabia 
December 14, 1983 

So, 6 years, 3 blazers and a hell of a 
lot of procrastination. Thanks to all 
that made it possible. Kirby- always 
been my best friend (wash and port 
so good) sorry about the coke, AL 
slide shows and email projects, 
sens, CM 3-wood, J-dawg goe the on 
me, MR joke spare, AM why d. ba- 
bies? PB aka "le boss", I can actually 
pour & j.vball what ateam. PW "don't 
make me...", min istix the 'ref, 
candy man, RZ "c an' t catch the ball", 
kicker, ST the cottage. $20, shrimp, 
sr. soc cer and good times, cdn. day 
wi ngs lemon- oh so bad, deb. JG, JG, 
SB unbeatable, of course vs tt MS 
and DS, EH. JR for your e. time and 
patience, LL MW MAP ND, AM and 
AY AS BM DS JE #1. Mom, dad, 
caro, alwa ys been there for me. I'm 
outta here. 

8 years, 6 months=715 character s/ 
Football champs, nerfwars, jackets, be 
an athlete,abtronic/RZ snow bowl, 
skydome (chair), ACC centre. Syra- 
cuse, Madden ,singho, scavenger hunt/ 
PW;A.N, spf 2mi!lion, club med. 
hockey, AllStar, gap/MM:eraser 
game, MI2/DS:OAC, du-barry's-egg 
rolls, AC, PS. can I have my cleats 
back/ST:odds/JB:radio play,DOD/ 
Boulos:Burt2, Michelle/AK:bim. 
Washington, diddy pop/MR:7 things 
about Pat/LR, AV. AJ. AL, CM/Dad: 
you always knew how to make me 
happy, even when you tried to hide it/ 
Mom: no matter what you were al- 
ways there for me/Clare: one more 
year and then you're free; work hard/ 
"you don't always get what you want, 
but sometimes if you try real hard you 
get what you need"-The Beatles. 

Philip Brunst 
Ottawa, Canada 
January 13, 1983 

Thank you to all the teachers who 
care about their students. 
Thank you to all the friends that 
came and went and may have re- 
mained. Thank you to all the mem- 
bers of AOT, the women in my life 
and the animals that keep me sane. 
Thank you to all the people that made 
this ridiculously expensive educa- 
tion feasible... 

Liam Buckley 
Ottawa, Ontario 

Justin Burt 
Montreal, Canada 
May 6, 1983 

First, gotta thank my mom, dad. Andy 
and Matt. BT WHAT! Well Ashbury 
wasn't all BT. To everyone that left: 
Nati-picture me roUin/ Asif-BT. fish 
fighting, DJ day, bass assassin, care/ 
Kyle-BP, HM. goat se/ Monty-hockey, 
operation ricecakes/Mr. Anderson/ 
2pac Barbaric/ Dirty-shower' To 
everyone leaving this year: Sham-DQ, 
gorilla, took you down/ Pat-AMR, 
jeepers, still need that paper? Boulos- 
sunscreen/ Phil-DOD. Mona/Stefano- 
Hunt Club/ Jamie-are you done/ Matt- 
helmet, map/ Marc-all hail Mr. Rice/ 
JimmyHat / Kirby-bongo. To every- 
one still here: Rahim & Karim-Gulzar, 
Fatima/Alym & Evan=iced/ Naqaash- 
put on your teddy. To everyone else: 
Raptor, HE-A: just do it later. Teach- 
ers: BK, PM,AN,MW,MH. 

Arthur Chan 
Ottawa, Ontario 
October 5, 1984 

1 . What's your favourite smell? 

2. What/who were you in a 
previous life? 

3. What's one expression you most 
frequently use? 

4. Name three things that make 
you smile. 

5. What do you always carry? 

6. What childhood activity do you 
regret giving up? 

7. Describe yourself in one word. 

8. Why are you such an idiot? 

9. Why are you answering my 
questions with questions? 

10. If you had a band what would it 
be called? 

1 1. Name three things you'll never 
tire of looking at. 

Alex Charette 
March 15, 1983 

Simmy Chen 
Tainain, Taiwan 
September 25, 1982 

wow, four years in Ashbury is a long 
time. I have thanx my family, my mom 
and brother. I love you guys. Rody 
stop torturing people, we know that u 
are the man. Stubs you are too big, go 
play with the polar bear at the north. 
JF vivre la Quebec, Montreal is the 
best. Frank Wong stop calling me, I 
am not your girlfriend. Sam put the 
music down, u always so noisy and u 
talk too much let me sleep. Craig shows 
your move, thanx for helping me out, 
Jonathan study hard for your next pe- 
riod test you "can't" do it. The hot boy 
on the boarding flat let go African 
pride. Ameer don't go crazy on the 
school stuff and stop punching other 
people go joining boxing. Special 
thanx to the teachers. Bye Ashbury. 

5 years learning Thug Life now is 
time for me to become a true Thug/ 
Thanks to all my teachers not flunk 
me, specially my Engulish teachers/ 
To my AC: Burt(Big Bird-country, 
Little Bird-keep macking honeys) 
&Sham(Ham ster) brothers (Dennis- 
1 12 of AC ) stay connect/To my Homi 
es: Nii, Beef, Rasheed-keep on /To 
my Dowgs: Stefano-what a play er, 
Chris-Eclipse U O me hook me up 
with your sis, AP-Just Chill till the 
next episode, St u-got the groove, 
Victor(Cowboy )-So confuse spe- 
cially after Audrey's, AY-ladies' 
man. Matt-good friend, good time, 
good life. AC-DMX, Geoff-team 
bonding at your house/so many good 
times. so little memories/Until The 
End Of Time every one can Just Pic- 
ture Me Rollin'Outlaw H.K.C Peace 

Jimmy Cheng 
Far Eastside 
December 23, 1983 

rii-mk ood its over. 

Victoria Cowan 
Ottawa, Ontario 
February 26, 1984 

Anthony De Jesus 
Manila, Philippines 
May 9, 1984 

Been a bunch of doodlz chillin wit da 
Philo Poss Crazy as Chinese Buffet 
or Kraft Dinner It's true It's true 
Lunches at Vendo n da Jiggah hook- 
ups Fast as ONIN racin stylz or da 
scribblz of Sir Crabs-a-lot OOHH! 
Shachubby needin da runs n some 
Jodeci Team We Share represent da 
Azn Dragonz like Shapiro n Shapiro 
Servant to da C, Toe Camel T, n da 
Bachelors 4 Life Rough at times like 
a shot through da heart or Being 
stuck on da sidelinz but da Hulk's 
watchin my back Blood n Shortstuppz 
wit Pinpanzee n da powers of Tien 
Rugby supersis n speakin pig lan- 
guage Tight as da karaoke nights 
WOO WOO! n mushy love songs 
Missin da Friday nights n da Martha 
Stewart crafts. 

Francisco Diaz-Ruiz Jr. 
Edmonton, Alberta 
September 28, 1984 

4yrs as PacotheTaco at Ashbury .huge 
tremblant slam, hwk nightcram, 
LDjam, M&D only love. Alex 6 win- 
dow knockin, playin gals, sauna 
talkin. bro fo life. Girl convos, 
cubanlove, acaplcofest, Spanish exc 
hz&acapulco-brokenhearts. GH with 
a PHD. MW-NG spot, ML block, 
dance. Chase foLace. HMdaisy, 
LAamorsiempre, Ali too sweet, 
AHollywood. LPmoey, will ys-VIP. 
MRinc. My one liners with no prim- 
ers, one timers, jokes with my good 
blokes, y'all who made the playing 
field playable and accessible. No I 
wishes, only I dids here. To all the 
girls i loved before, i'm out like a 
thief in the night family & friends, 
gone too soon, but with my love and 
undistiguishable respect. 
VIVA lavida. 

You must remember this, a kiss is 
still a kiss, 

> A sigh is just a sigh; 

> The fundamental things apply, 

> As lime goes by. 

> Love and thanks to Klara, Peter, 
Jason, Victoria, Jess, Missy, Kate, 
Alyssa. Sylvia, Andreanne, Ann, and 
MCA. Thank you Mommy, Daddy, 
Julia, Laura and James. Inspiration 
from: Ms. Jowett, Mr. Penton, Ms. 

> Well, it's true, once the toothpaste 
is out of the tube, it is awfully hard 
to get it back in. 

Anne Dickens 
Chicago, Illinois 
June 26, 1983 

Jessica Dismont 
July 19, 1983 

2 years, a few hard times, but more 
amazing ones. Fuzz, our Macy Gray 
moments, Subulii, the best roomie I 
could've wished for. Akua, my con- 
fidante! Tong, who thinks I'm in- 
sane. Connie, my sushi buddy. 
Caroline, Steph, Erin: my younger 
cuties! I love you all. Jon, I loved 
every moment with you last year. 
Katheryn and Jen. my escapes when 
I needed girl time. Ian, you crazy 
thang. Michelle, my dance girl (scary 
eyebrow men) I'm your role model! 
Jase, thanks for relief from the usual. 
I'll always be your Prow. Annelies, I 
love ya so much, watc h out for Peter's 
35th Bday! Everyone else, I'm sorry 
if I couldn't fit our moments into 
this. Last but most det~mitely not least, 
Peter. My only love, my soul mate. 

8 years of AC. Jschool: 6V&7K. 
Thanx to GValentine, MKing, JH. 
TS. SW. 8 years of great teams: CAIS 
champs '96 to SR. Football/SR. Bas- 
ketball, to no. 1 Broken Ankles. Spe- 
cial thanks to coach Sparks and coach 
Smith for teaching me to work hard 
& play harder. To the boys: Taucer, 
MAR, Jibs. Cata & others: VicD, AP. 
SC. SK, CC & LT, CS, FM. Ash... 
rity @ Coffeehou se '00/ St. Annes/ 
H& Ks, 143 4ever ;). 4 years of good 
laughs & good times @ apt. 1 1 : 40s. 
big daddy & cards. Yukyuks. New 
Eddies, H&C. From public mischief 
to GC in Mtl. & from budget burgers 
to 6 patties, HS is all about tool time, 
dominoes, parties & jokes {A's 


Christopher Doyle-Kelly 
Montreal, Canada 
July 31, 1984 

The audience cheers and we take a 
bow. Though the curtain falls, I will 
not forget the journey and those that 
have played a part. To my loving 
parents & brother, for your honesty 
& support. Mr. Tanod and early mom 
ings. Choirs, bands, Austria, Coffee 
House, Mr. P INTENSE ! To McLean, 
Merritt, King, the office staff. To 
Dani S, a great friend. QPM: Ian 
Jason Chris. Love that chord! The 
movie crew and best friends. Sinan B 
250! late nights, the movie. To IM. 
JL, Al ex D, a true friend. To G$. LW 
my Asian brother JT. Peter, thank 
you for sharing your passion. To 
Ewashko & D'arcy. Papa, Pepe! To 
those I have known. Be proud of who 
you are. strive for your goals and 
always be grate ful for the kindness 
of others. 

Jonathan Estabrooks 
July 15, 1983 

Marius Faleide 
Oslo, Norway 
May 12, 1984 

Looking at my calendar, I see I am 
about to graduate. Huh. Never 
thought it was gonna be over, but 
now that I see the end I realize how 
short it was. Friends, music and sports 
made time FLY by. The science club 
and robotics team really put some 
loud explosive fun in weekdays. BH, 
RJC. CM, MW you taught me to 
understand; that's more valuable than 
marks. LT, all your effort and care 
with music is what makes it appreci- 
ated, w/o you nobody would care. 
Dave, it was so much fun sharing 
music with you, you've been an awe- 
some friend just like you, Ryan. Wont 
ever forget you two! My five years in 
Canada have been fantastic! Infinite 
thanks to Mom who took me here and 
supported me - Nothing can replace 
you forever. 

Niall Filewod 
Toronto, Canada 
November 5, 1984 

Ashbury is my yellow wood- and I 
wonder if the journey is not more 
important than the arri val. Good 
times tho, with the ba d: thnks to all, 
esp. friends (u know who u are: keep 
in touch), family (gud luk Ben; thks 
Mom -i-Dad; kpt me alive), teachers 
(esp. mrV, msW, mrM, mrT) Foot- 
ball! Death in bio class. Out window 
in philosophy (dm u mr hurt). PV- 
nevr a dull moment. LW- Yale! 
congrads. The Crowd @ lun ch-all my 
best 2 all of u. Chmbr- humor midst 
the basses. Haney-ous. chem people- 
my jo kes will get better, keep blow- 
ing things up and it'll work out. Et al: 
'I don't know Vi of u '/z as well as I 
would like' but best wishes 2 u all. 
PT keep hiding behind maps. 2 the 
girls who never knew: c'est la vie. 

"I never let schooling interfere with 
ray education." I agree with Twain, 
though I can't trivialize 6 years. Bad 
times give good ones relevance.and 
my time here has been a mixture of 
both. Here, I was both schooled and 
educated. I'd like to thank those in- 
volved in each: My teachers and those 
who made life easier. Jeev's sarcasm 
+ patriotism, Peter's stories + blond 
women, Jon's suave stylings, Aaron 
the gnome, Ian the music man, Andy ' s 
mad creativity/beans, Jen: sun'eal 
monkey, Jase -t-Katheryn's dance. 
Most of all, Jess, for being so much to 
me. The one whom I lovealways, and 
so much more. In the end, it all comes 
down to this. .."The roots of educa- 
tion are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." 

Peter Fujarczuk 
Toronto, Canada 
December 15, 1984 

Zhrist Garrard 
Dttawa, Canada 
-ebruary 24, 1983 

JH-Jazoine. confessions of fiah. Look 
at this itch here! Shiza! Austria "00 
KW-Jack. "Upon closer inspection, 
these are loafers" MB-Evelyn's still 
gorgeous, have fun in BC! ML- 
Missy licious ! Damn the astronaut Si- 
Mrs. Haney! UM-Uroshe JS- J- 
Whoah! PW-Comrade Patrike. 
Dismont. Alyss. My4. Zabu. Cindeh, 
Asif. Shak- Fo shua ! Kate. Mo Miller, 
Anne. Jamie. Shinkman. Mr. T. De- 
parted 9* grade friends - Hibler. Scott. 
Tony. Christian and everybody else. 
Thank you snowboard Fridays, the 
music program, quarter past mid- 
night. It was conservative, manda- 
tory, conformist, oppressive, blind, 
unreasonable, stingy, stimulating, 
inspiring, exciting, and one of the 
best experiences of my life. Thank 
you Ashbury. 

All my boys from boarding: random 
beatings. "IF YOU HIT ME ONE 
MORE TIME", the foreign kids: pond 
run anyone?. J.F. nous sommes les 
champions ; 2-1, prep-time=wasted 
time, circulating reading material, 
"movie lime", Sherlock's attempt at 
mind games. I'm not growing up I'm 
just burning out. The weight room: 
thanks to Tanko, M.'W.. G.H. & A. Y. 
for making it fun. Rugby: the beast 
knows all, "does he really eat ba- 
bies?", OFSA A twice? Le Foot: 3 
years of being the hammer not the 
nail, excuse me while I get into a low 
athletic position, perfect wasn't good 
enough. Here's to coming in past 
curfew, uninvited guests in my room, 
the sneak in/out, duck-tape, having 
friends watch your back. Cheers! 

Nicolas Gauthier 
Cairo, Egypt 
March 28, 1984 

isn, to Dave and Hamish* to our 
iL'innings. Third Floor: never poop- 
!'j in peace. Will's hair game (did 
.1 teach you that?). Stubs, just 
1 Phil, and music. Andreas and 
- going for a walk? Jf, so what 
~h word did you learn today? 
, h> the turk. and Jon. Brett, you 
^l ire people. Lea, you've always 
1 here. Farah. and jusl getting to 
\ou. Beef, and your kindness, 
and your pride. Rasheed and 
.iirness. Nii. and your honesty, 
.Id Bless you all* Now I can be 
reated my age* 


Sean Gillis 
December 12, 1982 

Jessica Greenberg 
Ottawa, Ontario 
May 24,1983 

A dedication to those who made a 
difference DANNI never change u r 
my rock & my best bud Ds quad 
4ever BENNI thanx4 crash ing in2 
my life 4 being there&4 being u luv 
u 4everDANA where does the time 
go? Thanx 4 walking up my stairs 
LANS c u in the hood always a party 
when u r around LACY beach par- 
ties& Handa SN ull never get me off 
the couch Rugby girls FRONT ROW 
LS Props 4ever JZ backs need luv 2 
BOYD&GOMME coaches friends 
&inspirations Holnians some teach- 
ers make a difference thank u Ms. S 
thank u 4 taking the time Given the 
chance Id do it all again MRtea MB 
curls SLneighbours&rides CH AY 
TB BM TN BH Good times My fam 
kept me going Laugh if u can U put 
the happy in my 'ness&the good time 
in my fun thank u all. 

Vlichael Guilbault 
\ugust 9, 1983 

There are good ships and bad ships 
the ships that sail the sea. but the best 
ships are friendship s, may they al- 
ways be. How true. Catheerin-you're 
my gal-don't know what I would 
have done without you C-reative what 
does dense mean?Farah-TLC, Paul- 
Sicilian old chem buddy. Matt- essay writing. Victor - 
mi pobrecito rojo.Stefano-hairy beast 
Italian Stallion. T-MAC-buds4ever. 
Marc-Sebastien-You'U always make 
me blush babe. Christopher DK-my 
love .143 always-I'll be dreaming of 
you tonight. Now for my Utti. Dodo. 
Ducky and lil'W-BIG Thanks. 
You're my support gro up and I will 
love you forever. But me leaving 
does not mean that my bedroom be- 
comes the hot-tub room. Until next 
time everybody-Pong it good. 

- ^ J*. - ^ 

Ashley Ham Pong 
Galveston, Texas 
May 11, 1984 

Jason Haney 
Ottawa, Ontario 
January 15, 1983 

5yrs: so much. AH it be so long, sostr 
eng. AD-thankuforbeing so creativ 
ely inspiring. KB- yay, PV- Vdlka and 
gc, JV-woop woop, JG-menur 
ule.AW- popsong Sylnky- luvu JE- 
moviesnmusic Bishnu-longorwhat ?I 
feel 80 yo bm. Jwo-it's been wo. 
Missdelicious - so fun. IR. FunkyFu 
-stayghettofab. ABwhatupnm! JD- 
prowser, u rule.C-hoho. PF- dance! 
Lisa- my sista. howmuch more can 
we go through? rbd4eva .KV- 
cookie.urock. Vietnam. TA-experi- 
ence. MK.CT, DM- admire hard work 
thanx. CS- benno! Izza-Ding!SA- 
Noogatbanladesh. SS. SI, UM. KM- 
mull, always, KW, MK. LC- 17yrs. 
wowMF, NR-u bangin. QPM4WB- 
itbefun, jthnks 4theopp. MI- 
chiabella. JM- uowe me. t-s.hollaThe 
Shiza Epic Austria 2000. All teach- 
ers thank u. ZS, NJ- inspiring. Thanks 
you LT. 

3 yrs@ AC-memories-tremblant/ 
housepartys/sweetl6/tlc '01. Rugby 
2000/200 l=doctor dad. Sar-2 many. 
LP-grlO-codes/no license =driving. 
choir girls- Felix. LA/HM-twins? 
CB-gr8-OAC corruption? our talks. 
Lanner &Jess-I got shotgun. SK- 
frboyz. BP-loser. Dana-thnks4 the 
laughs. SN-good times. LL-invisibie 
wall. MB-sweater's coming ugly. 
Kate & Aud-spare/d.i.uhoh. to the 
boys & girls left here: MP, SB, AR, 
RM, SS, AC. CS-keep it real, don't 
party 2hard. those leaving w/me: BJ. 
ML, Pogo. Keep in touch. CANCUN- 
01/02. Love2-lisgarc re w/wood 
girls. Thnks2:NJ,DT, Boyd, 
Gommer-Steph, Jess, Mom&Dad- 
thanks 4 everything, love you. "This 
has all been wonderful." Phish. 

Courtney Hanna 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 16, 1984 

5 yrs quickly ended. Many good times 
and amazing people. My girls. CB LA 
JA, it's all you,don't ever change. 
HM I'll always have a bathroom floor 
for you, LL never forget, CANCUN. 
To my boys, JK best boy separated 
friend. LB hope we kick it for 5+ yrs, 
Timmay since 1983. FD you can be 
my heroohya, GH you're nuts, OS so 
many memories never forgotten 
(TLF), Other peeps, DS you're on 
my level, MB, DSh, LP Chelslink, 
SR, Pogs, DY, ML, HotBoyz, CM 
never forget. TrembsX2, Southam 
cottage, soccer, STANLEY, convoy. 
Kings! Thanks to all my teachers 
TD, EH, NO, NJ, RH, you've helped 
me more than you know, I owe it all 
to my loving family. Katie you 're the 
best, keep smiling. M&D I would be 
nowhere without your love and sup- 
port. Thanks 

Alison Hanvey 
Chelsea, Quebec 
December 6, 1982 

Jamie Hardy 
Ottawa, Canada 
April 11, 1983 

To all those that helped me throughoi 
the years, thank you. Especially to m 
parents, brothers. Lauren and Jeremv 
I love you guys. In business, schoc 
and life, you've all been there for me 
My Ashbury friends, you all kno\ 
who you are. you guys made this plac 
not seem so bad, 

"Keep away from people who try ti 
belittle your ambitions. Small peopl. 
always do that, but the really grea 
make you feel that you, too. can be 
come great." 
- Mark Twain 

Thank all of you so much for ma 
my Ashbury experience... real. 

Craig Heffernan 
Manotick, Canada 
March 5, 1983 

From my humble origins in Manotick. 
to my little piece of Rockcliffe. I've 
had a pretty good time. My warrior 
crew, the perve and Lawgik, may we 
keep on fighting the eternal battle. 
To my boys Stu, James. Marc, Tim, 
Sli, Tango, Shermain nothing but 
love. Memories that I remember: 
Stu's house: Padi, getting harassed 
by popo at Tangos: the birth of Pogo, 
Steve's cottage, Bobby and Mike 
being my next door neighbors: I'll 
never be the same again. Going out 
with Julie. Zermatt-(-my bro-Fthe 
twins-l-pacman. Will's house: room 
marathon, Canada's Gold, For the 
girls that made it worthwhile. Heather 
the temptress. AH LL JG LA. To all 
those that thought they knew me. you 
can only guess. Peace out. 

Hear ye(x2) Mullets are hot, as are 
kilts & VWs...But that's beside the 
point. Peace to those who were key, 
Timbo: can-^fm=insanity, Peini, ski- 
ing. Brooks: DC, goosehead, France, 
Alex; DJ Dirty, gbay. James & Stu: 
holdn' it down, on and off the field. 
Francisco: "the life I choose to 
live." Marc: since childhood, Liam: 
unrivalled. Peace DO(minime),TW, 
JE,HKC. Now to the laydeez. First 
and foremost, Julia, you're all that a 
guy could ask for and more. Lou, 
daddy's little girl. Ali, Heath, Lace, 
Katie. Lyss. gr9.,. Dave, bro, we'll 
be chillin next year, so get ready. 
Mum & Pops, thanks for 
everything - I'm truly grateful for 
your unfaltering love and support. 
"We all must meet our moment of 
truth." Guru. 

Geoffrey Thomas 
Ottawa, Canada 
March 8, 1983 

\]yssa Herzig 
\pril 22, 1983 

In 5 Yrs U People I Luv Weave In/ 
Out Of My Life-Lets Stay Tight. TP- 
jaHotties? 1 Ith-SS-Sista KM-Chad. 
JM LuvYa, ML CG NH FriNite 
Boardin>Trio Brownstallion CAB 
Psychosid Choirboy Losin Ali, Jump 
Off Lift! TOtiip-AD LC- Match- 
box20. EdgeFests. Jase-LuvYa. 
Thanx For The Trust. IM. BG-Bus & 
Fun. KI>Mission For AniD. Rob-my 
2ndHome, HischoolSweety. Cot- 
tage#l. SN & CH-Sweeties, FD- 
pourque? Chill fests, chicas&chumps 
CM ML AM. Hus-Rtrip, DH-grad. 
Tight. Twin.T.Mich.I-UsTogether! 
Scott Boston Soccer AS-rockclimb. 
KB CV JJ-Hull, Semis. U-Party. GH 
Thanx For V-Day I'll TakeU Up On 
That. Noah-food boardin diable. KR 
AW-Same mind. My Girls&Boyz u 
know who v'are-Thanx 

"Finally I made it thru 
ashbury....And YEs..i am still 
alive..! am still breathin" 
Many thanx. .mom&Dad: thank u 2 
much much, luv you 2. 
Subuhi A: luv you girl. K.I.T after 
graduated. Alwayz best friendz 
Frank W:Dai Lo. waz up best buddy 
eh. you will be missed by me.'^_'^ 
Maggie H : luv ya sis .luv those BB 
at MC. Donald. TO friends who i 
didtn mention you know who u r, 
Luv ya all TO teachers: 
TNoonan, Amoore, i want to spe- 
cial thank u becoz for all the things 
i have been thru. and the 
trouble. .Mr.Moore. i just want to 
say thank u and u r hot! 

Cindy Ho 

March 31,1983 

lere's a toast to all the crazy people 
ve lived w ith and cherished. Here's 
0 my old roommate w ith a two-by- 
our. Here's to his other half Here's 
0 the funny "kid' that left us too 
oon. Here's to that freckly kid that 
never seem to get rid of (Cursed 
faley!). Here's to the "princess' 
I'ithout a last name, for new eyes 
hrough which to see the world, 
lere's to a singer to whom all the 
i^orld'sastage. And thank you Isabel 
or being everything that 1 could ever 
k-ish for. for always being there, 
lere's to Woollcombe, for all my 
irothers in arms. You know I love 
ou all.(ESL FOREVER!) 

Daniel Holberton 
Calgary, Canada 
November 23, 1984 

Jennifer Holdsworth 
Ottawa, Canada 
September 22, 1983 

"Think happy thoughts & you can 
fly" ISD CCI GHS ASH time goes by 
fast. Mac7 you're my family and I 
couldn't have made it w/o you. Ms 
Gomme & Ms Hardage thank you for 
looking after me and caring. Michi ur 
my shadow, Teri & VA friends love 
ya'll, Julie & Ailicis boarding wasn't 
the same w/o you. Victoria no milk 
and Bob, Pierre I'll always be your 
Patricia, Pat thanks for losing sleep 
just to talk 5 more mins, Ali you're 
the sweetest. Sometimes in life you 
need Stubbs, Jon-classical & happy. 
Late leave w/ the Possy on friday & 
Saturday nights, fun times! Ameri- 
can Eagle Outfitters is what I wear. 
Thank you mum & dad for giving me 
my toolbox now it's time to move on 
& build my future. It's been interest- 

Andrew Huang 
Ottawa, Canada 
April 8, 1984 

1. carbon monoxide 

2. probably not you 

3. "yeah, put it on the left" 

4. mullets, spontaneous 
combustion, photographers 

5. spoons & octopi 

6. childhood 

7. postpartum 

8. why are you such a witless 

9. why are you questioning my 
answers with answers'? 

10. various artists 

1 1. beauty, ugliness, reciprocity 

It's not the end. It's the beginning! 
There have been good times and 
rough times. To all the friends who 
made life better - GH, TB, LA, LL, 
HM, DS, DS, JK, AS, CL, JH, JA, 
AY. SR. BM. SN, LB. ML, CH, AH. 
MB . . . Stand and Deliver, Joan of 
Lorraine, GHS - thanks for every- 
thing. Making the flicks - Star Quest, 
Guess Again, Dirty Cops - "bottles 
on an old lady's house," 1/2 of The 
Lens. The Cottage Crew - some scary 
times - Boat Crash '01 . The G Club! 
France Trip '99 - too much fun. GH 
- the '9 1 Red Taurus ! To all the great 
teachers - LM. GHS. EH. ND. MB. 
WS, DS. NJ. To my family for so 
much love! My little 'sis, you'll al- 
ways be the best! I love you all! Have 
a great life and keep the good times 
rollin' ! 

Brooks Hunter 
Rutland, USA 
April 5, 1983 

Michelle Imai 
July 17, 1984 

Vengo in oscurita per crearmi: 4yrs 
3HS 2 many memories 1 wild time! 
GHS~98-00 Rebellion & Growing 
up Domo arigato 2 my gang: Hold 
On! Pagan Playground/ Skipping/ 
Movies. CCI~00-01 Italia ti sei la 
casa mia e quando trovero degli amici 
come i miei Italiani- andro toinare! 
Parties + insomnia + tattoos + trips = 
Tempo Pazzo! AC~01-02 1V1AC7. 
Spare: driving w, boys. Late leave w. 
"the possy." BINGO. 26/01 car + 
deer + ice + tree = C A A & friendship. 
LaZone. 20/02; Si: "loved by an 
angel. believe in me..." It was 
fun-Thanx 2 my partners in crime! 
Davey/IVIikey: 381 4ever! Buildings 
burn People die but Real love is 
4ever~The Crow. Europe's my play- 
ground. IVlom & Dad-Thanx for put- 
ting up with me ! 

4 yrs, and I couldn't have done it 
alone. 2 my family-Mom&Dad:thanx 
4 the love and support,4 the opportu- 
nities-words cannot express my 
gratitude, I love u. Sharifah & Janaan: 
the best sisters-love u 2 much. 'to 
find one real friend in a lifetime is 
good fortune,to keep him is a bless- 
ing'. 2 my friends, 2 many memories 
& 2 little space-SA:thanx 4 being 
there;ML: Y'know who 2 call; 
AK;Roomies 2 neighbors; JD:fun/ 
crazy times in boarding;AA-B:Stop 
them b4 it's 2 late;MO;luv u like a 
sista;KB&CV:8am tennis lessons 2 
cookin Italian style ;TY:Jealous of 
my voice?CX:Stay loyal:RM&NA:4 
the laughs;MY,SB,CdB:Keep on 
smiIin!My teachers:thanx.To 
everyone: 'Shoot for the moon. Even 
if you'll land among the 
stars'. God bless 

Fuazia Issaka 
Tarkwa, Ghana 
July 27, 1982 

The last 5 years have definitely been 
ajourney.Some ppl I'll never forget: 
EB>much luv. thanx 4 being 
there. FI>4 crazy years. .. finally !AA- 
B>my homegirl,"shortie",alwayz 
keepin it cool.TY>never change 
hun.KB>stay gorgeous.good times 
all around !KM>shortys 4 life (Van 
City's finest) !JB>BTCnuff said) 
.RM(Usher)>4 the laughs. Jo>Howz 
the Cali sunshine?CORN'WALL(and 
the West end is the Best end): 
CdotOdot represent?The whole 
CoRnWaLL Cre w( heres 2 the nites ! ) 
esp.LH,AK,AG.NB,GG:Thanx 4 
everythingduv ya lots). My island 
girls(I will B back). Much respect to 
my teachers. Siv>think smart, grow 
tall,play ball. SO much luv 2 my fam- 
ily ,4 the(often 2 much )love and sup- 
port. Thank you God, for I have been 
truly blessed. 

Amitha Kalaichandran 
London, England 
December 30, 1983 

James Armstrong Kenny 
Calgary, Canada 
November 7, 1982 

Since 4-20-87' Who approved put-' 
ting all of my friends in the same 
grade;it's been trouble from the firsi 
day. Stoop Kids, We. . . You know the 
rest. To all that has ever gone down at 
the Stoop. To my brothers SR TB 
SEW OS CT LB Pogo BJ Shamii 
Chuck Geoff. AH Hmac 1000 degrees 
JA LA Lace LY LP. Omars 
cottage.Colts Football Legacy. My 
man D.Smith. All the boys I want to 
say we did it the best we could while 
stuck in this place. All the girls thai 
showed love, you will never be 
forgotten. New Years each one was 
sick! Running home to Si's twice. 
My special Dani, My family who are 
my life, it could have never been 
done with out you. I love you all. To 
have lived each day to it's 

Andrew Kergin 
Bronx, USA 
July 14, 1983 

Thanx to all.. Especially: 
My Family: Mom+Dad(Thank U 4 
believing), C-i-P(Kitos 4 putn me in 
place) My 'brothers'+families(41ife): 
Boulos(8 yrs, 8 more), Pat{hi5, oso 
bim ), Ali(MexicoBud. Casino), Rich 
(ZussBus. please), Phil (Gameday), 
Steftoh donn... latinos do it best). 
Cam (#dog);other day studs; AJ, 
Laura(BINGO), Louis(slow), Sham 
(bring it), J-Burt(ZussBus); my bor- 
ders: RoSietflying squirel), Jon 
ESL, hot mama), Danny(peda^), Will 
(sick kid). Asianz(Yoo, Goat. Mini. 
Panda, Wong(pride?)), steve(W+S), 
tips(call me), diane(fight); teachers; 
Jowetttthankyou forhelping me take 
off), MAP(merci pour m'avoir fait 
penser), NERD, Stojo, Kane 
Kirby who?out 

5yrs of it, but in the end, it wasn't so 
bad! B4 all else. Peace to CB crew, I 
was there in spirit, 2 all who made it 
what it is, thx, U know who UR!Thx 
mum/dad 4 working hard 2 give me 
this opportunity, I DOappreciate 
friends ever.MsDuggan 4 making 
school fun/MrsJowett 4 being 
inspirational/ MsGomme 4 being 
there 4 me&4 hockey ! So, 2 sum it up: 
comments/coffee in Manny the 
Vanny/New Years -Tremblantx3yrs-i- 
w. WuTang!/Champlain Towers/ 
Jeeps/7-11 traditions/hull/ Doritos/ 
gocarting/ cumbermere& backyard 
B/Bin Mona/Shearminator/le cottage 
/CANCUN!shout 2 the 2 weekers! 
Happiness 2 all. Luv all. Kin. 


Christina Kindle 
Gloucester, Canada 
February 14, 1983 


December 2, 1983 

My years at Ashbury all very inter- 
esting thanks to Mr V. who put up 
with the Original junior school 
trouble makers Liam, Simon, 
Shermaine, Alex, Lacy my first GF 
Grade 9: enterCraigoire the Lankstar 
Grade 10 Shermaine three sessions 
daily Sehiff&Krysia France combi- 
nation Grade 13: Steve C-block dont 
mess around JF passe a la casserole 
Gheinztma the count 4/1 continues 
Laurita 2 beds or maybe not Catherine 
if s a shame Ashley such good friends 
you can't walk PACOsorry Shamir 
your game is solid, inine is superior 
wilLIAM SR JK TB AH Ms Lewicki 
only one to ever believe in me 
thankyou MICHEL the legacy con- 
tinues Mom&Papa thank you I love 
you JULIE elder sister I love you. 
My charm will always save me. 

This place leaves quite an impres- 
sion! To my friends, you've made the 
journey worthwhile! Pat (da prez) 
what have you done. . . quotation pros- 
titute! Boulos-water polo, Shaziza 
mastercard, FEAR! Kirby, Mexico 
buddies x 1 . DC Staucer-the Hog warts 
Xpress! Rich-the field trip sucked! 
Syl-lil'orange. NYC, social, Dani, 
the elite forever strong! The Maga- 
zine. Oh Pete!-Jeepers, ca(sha)sino- 
no, not gamblor! Austria, Shoppers 
pension plan, the GAP slave, 
shaftergrad, oh so bad. Mr.H: A- 
house prefects rule! International 
Day. LLI. NJ, GA, LDF, JW. KNV, 
AN, MH ,VW, LT, CT, DM you've 
made all the difference. To my fam- 
ily, Alisha, Mom, Dad and Mamma, 
I couldn't have made this far without 
you, you kept me strong! Thank you 
all.'s been Sharrific! 

Ali Lakhani 
Toronto, Canada 
April 14, 1983 

his year has been... interesting. Movie 
ights with D, Hull and Ashbury in gen- 
al. I just want to thank the people that 
ilped me endure this year. Dan, you've 
sen there all the way. EE weekends, 
ing nights of homew ork: the IB. The L 
eeks. Thank you for putting up with 
e. I know I can be frustrating some- 
nes. It's just sad most of the people 
m't see you for what you really are. 
^Ivia... Thank you for the dinners, the 
ughs and the tears. Want a certificate? 
EAR! The cookies and the salads. French 
ass with MAP. I still hate this country ! 
50 cold for its own good. For all the 
her people that are just too many to 
ention, I want to thank you all for help- 
g me in my first days. 

Isabel Lara-Schilling 
Caracas, Venezuela 
August 11,1983 

Lacy Lauks 
Philadelphia, USA 
December 29,1983 

Words I can sum up everything I've 
learned about life: it goes on," RE- 
CAP: AH-Caribou/Sowi Awi/20 Be- 
low BM-Slave/High 5/IB Slackers/ 
Late phone sessions SN-'Sick" Days, 
Pirates DS-Single4Life AS-BC Boys 
AY-Jess' Gift BM-Chamney/Nmja 
MB -Me Sweets JK-Bicep Kissing/ 
Chalk Fight MC-Brotherly Love NII- 
Hot abs/clean shoes CH-Cardigans 
Danyell-Teregrass/ PRESTON / 
I'd Give you the whole page if I 
McStu LA-Cabrio Cake Chase/ 
Anyanya FD-Ka Tev let CH-Scru 
nchie ST-Hair COACHES: CM/ 
Boyd /GomerX/MH.THANXFAM- 
ILY 4 ALL. NOW: "You better start 
swimmin or you'll sink like a stone, 
4 the times they are a-changin." 


Charley Lazaro 
Fort Lauderdale, 
Florida, USA 
December 3, 1983 

Whew I made through five years with 
most of my sanity! A toast to the 
people who kept me sane: Chris, 
Fauzia, Jason, Matt, Kate, Sylvia, 
Margaret, Anne, Jess & anyone that 
I've forgotten: thanks for listening to 
my gripes and providing so many 
laughs. Duggan. Moore & Miedema 
you are the teachers that have in- 
spired me to teach. Haley. Heather & 
Bartek thanks for making me (forc- 
ing) me to be optimistic even when I 
was in pain. The pact has gone full 
circle! Parents & family: I'm still 
learning to appreciate you fully. 
"Sleeping through classes we'll make 
it up later, there's still so much time 
left to go Misguided roses we bloom 
in October, emerging triumphant in 
time for the season's first snow"- 

Missy Leger 
Ottawa, Canada 
July 24, 1983 

Catherine Lemery 
Minnesota, USA 
February 18, 1984 

Mom and Dad thank you for 
everything I love you so much! 
Francois. Fli miss you! You only 
have 3 years to go. Christina you're 
a sister to me, my best, most fav 
phatphem! Best Times dancen, 
swollen members, did we pay? Keep 
shining and performing!! Derek, 
you'll always hold a place in my 
heart. Alli.son. you're awesome, best 
times in Trembs, chillin, Dave 420, 
.so many similar situations!!! Mrs. 
Jowett you've been an inspiration 
thank you! Mr. Pelletier, you're the 
best "if you didn't exist we'd have to 
make someone like you". Mikey, 
loved acting with you. Charley, 
loved partying with you. Wow. high 
school's gone by so fast, it's finally 
over, life goes on 

Sarah Liebel 


your name. Only 3 years, wow! I 
remember my 1 st day at Ash; Si, you 
said "hey, I hear you play guitar." 
That led to busking, which led 
to.. well. .ya know. RCMP. House of 
Cheung, Way of Sub? Kibob? Kibob! 
Jon, how's the movie? That might 
have been. .slightly stupid. Da...? 
Were did the time go? I'm eager to 
continue with my life, but know I'll 
miss you all. I came to a new country 
and you guys became the best friends 
I've ever had. I can't imagine my life 
w/ out u. How big was that deer? 
Boink! PAV. Before you leave, sign 
out! Pi, Phud. Big thanks to all my 
friends and Family- Mom, Dad, 
Mike.. Tony. Can't believe HS is over, 
wow. MAP. coffeehouse. Zone, in- 
tense! -John, the Carnut. 

John Lynn 
December 30, 1982 

Jin Ma 

Beijing, China 
October 7, 1982 

Thank to mom & dad for their sup- 
port, luv you. 19.4 years in Ashbuiy 
that is a long time but I SURVIVED 
To my friends JohnT-Renegade 
SinanB-luv that M3/Porsche. PatW- 
BeMa. JohnE-the Playa, MariusF 
funnyman, MelindaS-keep dancing 
AndrewK(Kirby)-stay cool. FrankW- 
asian style, JohnL-black civic anc 
graduates Best Wishes! This 4 year^ 
has been memorable. Year 1. ex- 
plored the mysteries of dining hall 
food-lost weight, 4 man canoeing- 
ING. Year 2, brought own food, stay 
away from the lake. Year 
3,G2,bimmer-SinanB Fast & Furi- 
ous-220 k/h-potential speeding 
ticket, superdrifts, JohnE-movie- 
JohnL - everybody remain calm its 
just a movie. Year 4, more bimmer. 
not the M, pealout, the horror. Thanks 
to the teachers. 

Heather Rosamond 
Ottawa, Canada 
October 22, 1983 

Boarding Ash 5 yrs thanks 2 all the 
people who made it worth while and 
helped me through it all. Ms K-u 
gave me strength My sisters: 
pascale(2yrs) orly. My brothers: beef 
nii rashid and chris. Holmans. Miss 
H- great friend, but most of all my 
house mum gomme thank u with all 
my heart for 2 awesome yrs in 
maclaren The girls: lou alitbathroom 
floor) dan lace julia -em/lex miss u, 
Kate our talks CH-twins,choir BP- 
cat breathe, franco-hoke To Mac 7 
thanxs 4 an awesome year RBs- 
thanks 4 keeping it real. Omars-9/10 
The Boys: Tim Liam Pogo, SiAViU 
miss u. JAY- here's to5thwinds miss 
u big guy. STU I knew since gr.9 u r 
my sweetheart thanks 4 all the laughs 
the love-l-couch time 2 my family, 
nothing runs deeper. 

I've been around the block and back 
again: Grade 7: Don't remember. 
Grade 8: Sure did break a lot of rulers 
during those ruler fights. Hey Mr. 
Menzies, look behind the fishtank. 
Trust me. it was my elbow that hit the 
fire alarm! (And we still got in 
trouble) Grade 9: Wide eyed and 
bewildered I enter the scene. Grade 
10: Welcome to the show: Ash. 
Hockey Grade ll/!2:More Ash. 
Hockey. Grade 13: Rec. Hockey {?). 
Watching the clock and counting 
down the days to bigger and better 
things. Want to thank my Parents. 
Teachers and Friends for giving me 
this kick start, (good kick) All in all, 
thanks Ashbury (appreciate it). Fi- 
nal Words: Can't guarantee that I'll 
see you, but I can guarantee that 
you'll see me? 

Benjamin S. Mann 
Manotick, Canada 
Tuly 17, 1983 

First off thanks to my parents. I owe 
everything to you. Aly you are awe- 
some and you always will be. To 
Adrianna my bear, you are my inspi- 
ration I will love you always and 
forever. Jess u are about the best 
friend a guy could ever have never 
change/Football coaches lock up your 
players. Dani is on the prowl, really 
you're cute/MB curly straight one 
colour/DS I was your SA, who else? 
AS only friend in grll/ Frood ez 
beef/ Lacy the ninja lives/ Norton 1 
w ish I were you. Here's to golf hockey 
jr vball and Connaught house. Alex 
new years nuf said/. To all the rest 
who made ash what it was. you were 
great. PMac/ BGS/ Pogo/ TB/ LA/ 
JH/ DS/ JM and anyone I forgot I am 
sorry. Good times had by all keep 
livin the dream. 

My time at Ashbury has been filled 
with high and lows, from Junior 
School to the awkwardness of grade 
9 to the comfort of OAC, it's been a 
memorable experience. Teachers: 
French w/MAP & Math w/DT-pure 
entertamment. AN & DS-best teach- 
ers Fve ever had thanks for helping 
to shape my future. Coaches: DS, 
RJC, AM-thanks for making .school 
tolerable. As for everything else: 
5years of baseball-one title and one 
pair of pants. 2 years jr. football-city 
champs Stapes, tonic water, heart- 
break. 2years sr. football-9-0, "QB", 
Skydome, playing time? lyear 
hockey-learning experience.Thanks 
to my buddies Richard & Kirby, AV. 
AB, PW, PB. Even bigger Thanks to 
Mom & Dad-you weren't always per- 
fect but I'll always love you. See you 
on the golf course... 

Cameron McWade 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 23, 1983 

Vhree years filled with fun/fatigue 
.V phatness" @ Ash. Thankyou to 
m\ triends: KV(still fumin' paint!). 
IGi monkey-in' round), AH(Wenis 
lunny). CK(spare buddy). 
fvP'AIStar). MN(dancin'fish) CS. 
AS. SS. AP. DS. SA, FI & MO. Teach- 
Jr^ S\V (for realizing my potential). 
•^^X physic'ally the best!) NJ(for 
ig me). ZSdor helping me 
Gommer & C.Sparksd'or the 
iiagement). My family :Mo (I 
>our hiding spot!), Shez(whal 
^ay but "excuse me. sorry and 
,c' Nuf said. Thanx for bearing 
sometimes, the unbearable. Mom/ 
bad: Support/Guidance/Acceptance/ 
^ove. Thankyou. (I know the 
5luggin'never stops!) Peace. Unity 
md Sacriface. Remember good times 
)nly come to those who believe. 

Farah Mitha 
Ottawa, Canada 
March 14, 1984 

Fatima Merali 
April 3, 1984 

We" re done ! This is where short term 
memory is no help! Well. Cata WE 
make ME laugh, sing in bathroom. 
R/G LIGHT! Hot boy and MrHot 
(blushing in phys), TLC, fridaynite 
hungry in your apt. Well done 
members of parliament AP and egg 
holder shots. ST and mosh pit. jibs 
borrow ing my stuff . two Italian stal- 
lions, WAC, Troy waiting buddy, 
trouble in Austria! Vball with jjers 
and other fm. ASH WHAT! SK re- 
member BB?. Louis IM always right, 
Chris=peanut, mirskstories, JT prog, 
shak, jazzking, cancun/NY 2B. I iuv 
soccer! mom. dad. sal, kream luv u 
guys thanks for the sacrifices. Thanks 
to my teachers who taught beyond 
the course: MW. MAP. RC, 
NJ. SW, SG. Always smiling! 
See ya! 

James Miragliotta 
Ottawa, Canada 
January 17, 1983 

5 years of boarding has made me 
what 1 am today: malnourished and 
broke. Thanks to all the boarding 
staff for the "enriching' experience. 
Past peeps: SM, NR, BK, JVP: thanks 
for giving me something to live up 
2.2 all the girls: LL: slippery suit. IB 
buddy, 2 much 2 say. Dani: keep on 
danc"n. DS. AS: Thai Honey moon. 
MB: 2 think that it all started @ after 
grad 1 year ago. HM: still fam. JR: 
Thanks. The young'ns: MY. MRB. 
goodluck. AS and SG: THankgod 
you were on my floor. THe 
HOTBOYZ-including: SP. 0.5. CO. 
by: Duna, OC, Cuba, Freakin, 
Ghettoness, schwip pings, chilling, 
overs, tappette, rotihut, blunders. 
Akjay: keep u'r head up, u'll make it. 
I'm Out. C'mon Beefy, lets go... 

Emancipate yourselves from mental 
slavery. None but ourselves can free 
ourminds-Bob Marley Wordsof wis- 
dom spoken from the heart of a hero, 
many heroes, seven deadly sinsBT- 
DP-NB-BB-CJ-NL, Orleans crew, 
Lust for Life. To my brothers, noth- 
ing but love. Every day a whisper of 
a thrill, a touch of delight, Nikki, 1 
love you. Memories: Siamese Fight- 
ing-JB, DS, Three Stooges-CG, AC, 
Deep Convos-AH, Nobody panic, it's 
just a protein stain ! Never 4 get soc- 
cer, rugby, cottage country-JH, Egyp- 
tian Magician, Sham Sham, AA, 
Bahamas, Un4getable 
WINDsurf ing, Rudy- lOinl hour, 
Bessy PRIMED. Deep GTHC Pride, 
MAY24. Military Matt. Rastafaria- 
JS-AH. My turn to contribute-Peace 
and Love 4ever. 



Bavidra Mohan 
May 17, 1984 

Margaret Natynczyk 
CFM Lahr, Germany 
March 1, 1983 

Never in a million years did I expect 
to go to private school, but it hap- 
pened and I survived. ..somehow. 
Kindly put, it was an interesting year. 
The skirts were REALLY ugly for 
feild hockey, doritos put me off-kil- 
ter for hockey (good times) and the 
debate on playing soccer or rugby 
still goes on. Lots of smiles and a 
hand in my survival of peace and 
mind go to the Mac? girls, 
Ms.Gomme, Ms.Hardage, FM, SB, 
JT. LC, LA, JA. KK. KRB, ML. Will 
and my parents. Thank you to my 
teachers for trying to educate me and 
tomyself for learning it. A journey of 
a thousand miles begins with a single 
step and so we take it into a new 
world. See you around ; ) 

It's been 8 years too long, but here I 
am. graduating. Thanks to all who 
knew me and who made life at this 
school easier. Dan M. u were my boy, 
its been fun, lunctime meetings keep- 
ing it real, have a great last year. 
Noah, economics, the good times, 
Cancun, keeping the train on the 
tracks. Leah its been a good couple 
of years, u were there for me, and u 
put up with me. Mom the best of 
luck, living without me is going to be 
tough. To all the teachers who showed 
me respect and who tolerated me 
thanks, to the boarding staff who 
tried to make my life difficult, even 
though 1 had been living here longer 
then u, thnx for teaching me to rise 
above u. To all boarders in the future 
don't go down without a fight. 

Alex Noonan 
Perth, Canada 
May 1, 1984 

Mom thanks for being there. I love 
you. Dad I miss you and love you. 
Bill & Pogo = 4:20 permastyzes, too 
many lost memories. Marc "full steam 
ahead!" with life you Pierrot. Dani, 
you' re an awesome friend. Lacy ! T. B, 
S.R, J.K grade 10 football was a 
blast. Michelle you're a very beauti- 
ful person. Charlie and BJ. Wednes- 
day club. Shermainpoopi Friday club. 
Stubbs = polarbear. Sham "apple pie". 
Hunters. M-Priorkeepitreal. Mr. 
Storosko thanks for being a great 
teacher and a great person. Mr. 
Pelletier you taught me a lot about 
life. Mr. Hardie I learnts goouds. 
chiller? "To see a world in a grain of 
sand and a heaven in a wild flower, 
hold infinity in the palm of your hand 
and eternity in an hour." 

Stephen Norton 
July 2, 1983 

Graham Page 
Toronto, Canada 
January 20, 1984 

Where to begin? It somehow seenr 
inadequate to sum up 8 years at 
Ashbury in 715 characters since I 
have probably met more than 7 1 5 
characters as a lifer. Who could 
forget Mr. Humphreys and those 
gray flannel shorts; and Mr. 
Pelletier (MAP)"s love of drum 
solos? These last few years were by 
far the best. My most memorable 
experiences were the Coffee 
Houses I was involved in. my time 
on stage, the loud music, and the 
screaming fans. I would like to 
thank my friends who made my 
time here great, my parents for 
supporting me, MAP (keep it 
intense!), the bands: 5:15, Random 
Noise and Torque, as well as my 
girlfriend Christine who is a great 
inspiration. You're cool! 

Lee Mauve 
Ottawa, Canada 
November 3, 1983 

I'll start with myself, I managed to 
make it to grade 13 here. It's over and 
I'm thrilled. There are not so many 
people I would like to thank who 
have enhanced my time at Ashbury. 
NJ & CT thanks for the support and 
advice. AM thank you; I learned a lot 
in four years. To JJ, Jess..lockeroom 
meanness. Jo, some good talks. 
Catherine . . . Starbucks . . . Dani . those 
were definitely some "fun" times. 
You guys have all added. Reid: you're 
the best friend ever, a grad write up 
just won't explain. That's it. Now to 
finish: This certainly would not be 
complete without some sort of "Lee" 
comment. Don't miss me too 

Thanx 2 evry 1 that helped me 
through these 4 yrs. 2 my family I luv 
you so much thanx for the sacrifices 
and late nite phone calls. Sparks u 
helped me through bball and life 
Shaw I luv u I missed u Aud/She I 
wont know what 2 do w/out u. Aud 
cool glasses red pants bugs in the 
sink. She LeBop men secret keeper 
Samuel DS the 1 st I met Rosa Parks. 
HM our spare crying fests fairytale 
dancing. AD Kraft Diner Knee in the 
face. My boyz AR History class. 
Howie I mean BP#lbf. RM whitey 2 
the girlz Kaner air fives orlean boyz. 
CHD lohoh CS gr9 sleepovers AS 
keep the window up. Bess best 
friends Best rongon/off the court. JS 
play hard and love it. BBALL crew 
keep on winning OFSAA champsu 
made my yr. Soccer Retreats Rule 
Chris the best memories r with u. SG 
AB DS LA LR JG CK I'll miss u. 

Kate Poulin 

Kitchener, Ontario 
August 15, 1984 

Tara Pryor 
Ottawa, Canada 
May 18, 1983 

The end of the beginning & it's gone 
by so fast. Tease4.JC- 1 cottages, DR. 
nothing else is this easy. MB- an 
instant friendship, that's 4ever. RP- 
thanx 4 being there. MV- never end- 
ing fun. SS-3 the floor. CD-2 -laughs. 
AC- thanx 4 the memories. Syl- no 
tomatoes. AH-hotties, JA. LS. 67. 
SL - Mac SK- parties. CW girls rock 
AS. LM. KM. CH. CM, EP.'sS. FBS. 
LC. DP- to everyone else thanx. par- 
ties-JC, hotel. Scotland - need I say, 
Spain. Cancun. cottages, semi. Kat- 
no words say enough. Mommy/ 
Daddy thanx- U 2 R simply the best 
& I love U 2 more than words! E- a 
friendship that no words will ever 
explain. C- 1 love u. M-life's lessons. 
It's been fun. To my family & friends, 
I love u. Bye T. 

Stuart Robinson. 
June 6, 1983 

I can't believe I'm smarter now than 
five years ago. w ell at least on paper 
I am. I have to thank all my teachers 
for that. So many experiences made 
the time go by much faster than ex- 
pected: friends, sports, grad 
trips. It was all worth it! I have to 
thank my last year' screw: Pete. Max. 
Etienne. julienne and Huss. 
Crazy car chases, egging, tremblant. 
calabogie. golf, golfomax. mountain 
bike. pool, football, rugby, le francais 
c'est hot. Stefano Cancun roommate. 
Phil all-star at every sport. Dennis 
you know you like my sandwiches, 
pw. jb. cv. fm, j-f, ak. To all m\ 
friends I hope we meat up one da\ 
this also goes for all my teachers. 

Louis Roy 
Ottawa, Canada 
December 1, 1982 

Rajeev Roy 
Ottawa, Canada 
May 11, 1984 

Wow, 2002, what a year, we've fi- 
nally graduated. Feb. 24. Best Day of 
my life, the day Canada finally re- 
gained hockey supremacy. WE FI- 
NALLY WON GOLD. Well now that 
that's taken care of, wow. 7 years at 
Ash and now its all over. Those are 
times I'll surely remember. I've loved 
pretty much every moment of it. I've 
met people over the years and made 
friends and we've had some great 
times together. Thanks to all my 
friends for their help. Ya'll gave me 
loads to remember - all I can say is 
greatti ines. Thanks to my parents who 
have always supported me. Thanks 
to my teachers for their help and 
support. Remember this always In- 
dia. Tiinidad. and Canada are the 
best countries. 

Jaseleen Ruggles 
Victoria, Canada 
June 29, 1984 

All my luv 2/Tokyo girls. Kristen ur 
my guardian angel! Val. Heath I miss 
u like crazy !Cara gotta luv/tatoos, 
marine fights. Jersey I" 11 never forget 
the hide out man. baseball lights. 
fr HHS 4 being the best friends I 
could evr ask4! Mac7. RB. MsH & G 
thank u! Beh & Mike my 2 older bros 
thanks 4 lookin out! Jess & Beta u 
guys've been my bf 4/8 yrs. Snow- 
fights w/Bilco& Eliza. SummerOI 
@LD. glow sticks & cinnamon tans! 
Uguys are both sisters destiny forgot 
2 give me. I love you. Mom & Daddy 
thank u. I owe you my world - For- 
ever alw ays seems to be around when 
it begins But forever never seems to 
be around when it ends So give me 
your forever please your forever not 
a day less will do fromyou-dedicated 
2 BJ. 

8 years-5L to 5A: mops, pops, JR. 
scooter nite. the snake, the Cap'n. 
the CHAIR, football, rugby. 
jschool.Vics apartment, Tremblant, 
Yuk Yuks, H&C and many more. 
Too little space, too many memories. 
Teac hers: GV-t-MKbestyears. MAP 
coffhouse. ANthanks. RHa-house, 
SWbio. 'Great memories are a direct 
result of the company you keep': 
SSlittlesis, CDKeurope, ST -i-Jibs 
hammypong. VDred. S Glymans. Mr. 
Patrick. CCcigs, D Sgreat bigsea. 
JGtea, AH-Ploulou, AJ. PW-AN. 
RZsudbury. JBthemap. FDpaco. 
ALcraps, ABsoccer, PB leboss. AS 
warhammer, AYmysecret, CS. JC- 
AC. SKhottub, MoMcnabb. As we 
leave and our roads part, remember 
the joy and remember where you came 
from. Each day we live will reflect 
what we built here. I love you all 
forever. Peace and never forget. 

Matthew Runnalls 
March 25, 1984 

Omeonga Saidi 
Lumumbashi, D.R. 

April 23, 1985 

2 years 2 many. Mama, we argue but 
I love you. Papa, I am, fortunately, 
just like you. Alexis, I'm following 
your footsteps , don't jump too far 
ahead. Rasheed, a toi les gazoils sees 
+ les gos toubabs. . .hotboyz "we don' t 
just shine, we illuminate the whole 
show." The question isn't "who is 
going to let me", it's "who's going to 
stop me" Le guenier se cherche. I'm 

For all the guys who want to be me, 
and all the girls who come to see me: 
je remercie tout d'abord amis et 
famille pour les encouragements et 
support dans mes etudes. A mon frere, 
ne vient pas ici. 2 my boarders; Kirby, 
Stubbs, Pierre, Nick(the park thing), 
Willd will remember dat),Mini(Soon 
you'll see). Hot Boyz(l day I'll be 
buff like you), Wong(fish, ho), 
Sean(small member), Rozie(take 
some driving lessons). . . SK(chatton- 
sutherland). Aud( secretaire). Marc 
(passeur de casserole), SNorton...2 
the few teachers: DS, MAPdntensity 
4ever), Stojo, DF, MB, Carleton... 
Special Thanx 2: Ms. K., Mrs. Kane 

Jean-Francois Saucier 
Montreal, Canada 
May 14, 1983 

Boarding life: good friends, good 
times, well sometimes. Blue Shut- 
ters, a great rehearsal. Casey, Steve, 
Kats, what a way to start a new year. 
Grads, thanks for everything. The- 
atre. Writers Craft, deviations from 
the norm. Casey Huxtable, Steve 
Wilson, Kathryn Butler thanks for 
putting up with me. Alex, Booth, 
Yeh, Jamie you guys made classes 
interesting. "Better lives have been 
lived in the margins, locked in the 
prisons and lost in the gallows than 
have ever been lived in palaces." - 
Propagandhi Now on to better things. 


Stephen Schmidt 
Halifax, Canada 
May 19, 1983 

Ben Graham Scott 
Longbeach, Missis- 
sippi, USA 
June 1, 1983 

#15 in your programs. #1 in your 
hearts. Ladies brace yourself for the 
starting center, captain away-games, 
of the Ashbury Colts.... 
Every year since high school a teacher 
from Jr School would express their 
amazement that I was still here. Well, 
like the rest of my high school as- 
signments, this is due in a couple of 
hours and I'm trying desperately to 
wing it. Ever since Mt. St Anne in gr. 
9 I knew I was in for trouble, what- 
ever, I managed to stay on the ride 
and I'm better for it. Thanks to ev- 
eryone, whether we knew you for 7 
years or a couple minutes it was good 
times. Thanks mom, for making the 
sacrifices to get me in and then 
through this place. Mer, Les Boys, 
Keep your stick on the ice. 

Melinda Sellers 
Ottawa, Canada 
December 10, 1984 

Thank you to all those who have 
been there for me. To all my friends. 
To my teachers, with whom I have 
worked both in & out of the class- 
room, I extend my deepest gratitude. 
Holly, the music, singing "round the 
piano 'til (1/4 past) midnight. Alex, 
pizza, Spanish & Annie. Thanks to 
those who make me laugh: Akua. 
thanks for always believing in me. 
Sinan, crazy kid, don't ever change. 
To L Tanod. thanks for 4 great years 
of music. D Mayer. I couldn't have 
done it without you. To the debaters 
& the musicians, esp. Jon , Jason, 
Chris, and the IB Class. Thanks to 
last year; Ben, Titus & Kim. Thanks 
most of all to Mom & Dad, who have 
always been there. Never stop danc- 
ing. It's been fun. Farewell. 

To all those who made High School 
;DM AO too bad we couldn't see it 
through Peace to the DirtMaster CS 
and BH. OACLDon Shermane AC 
MB-TD80kph tothemax.jimmys still 
singin AshSki good luck ! To my bro- 
hold it down AB-keep the faith ES- 
you'U get him yet. To the beautiful 
blondes SK-i-TH a fond farewell 
Noonan the Dway ne train' s Derailed 
I found Jesus inVendoland. HP AM 
RH RC JM BK NJ CB CK thank you 
for your impact Thanks to my 'rents 
and all those friends who made 
schooLDM SB@groovys CC-71I 
spares RICE POWDER Wallace Is- 
sues try-angles MRF SailorSteve. 
Mad props to ASHFootball Stubs- 
layoff the gas Roomies-holditdown 
MP BP SB DM CC AB goodluck 
nextyear. "Peace be due to those who 
coast through" 

Noah Shack 
May 25, 1984 

Dennis Sham 
Ottawa, Canada 
February 15, 1983 

First And Foremost My Parents 
j Siblings Grandparents And Family I 
! Hope You Know how I feel I know 
You will someday. To All 
friends. You Made It Fun. To Teachers 
.And Those w ho have Shown The> 

iReallv Cared - CHAP Thank you, Ii 

1 ' 

I Has Not Gone Unnoticed. Actually 
Nothing Has Gone Unnoticed. To 
Everyone And Anyone Whose Ever 
jBeen In Conversation With Me And 
jSeena Blank Look On My Face and 
iThought I Wasn't Listening I Was 
[.Always Almost Too Carefully 
ISometimes. Ive Noticed the Big and 
ILittle Things That People Have Done 
IForMe.ToMy Parents-As A General 
jRule It wasn't So Much That I was 
[.Mways Wrong, but I'm Coming To 
Realize That You Were Always 
Right. To my Grandparents Thank 
You. and Don't Worry. 

I wish I had more room.but I guess 
I'll make the best of it. Steve-Thanks 
for being there since day one/ Zuss- 
I can never get away from 
and you could never take me on/Phil- 
thanks fortelling me 1 run fasL/Jamie- 
we're the TEAM/Pat-Gen. Tso's 
chicken/Jimmy-Turn on the AC and 
yes you're a thug/ /Lroy-bikers are 
Dragon-nobody messes with the 
AZNl/Bloods-Hi! Booboo/Kirby- 
The Triad is going to get you/Stefano- 
How you treat a dawg'?/Chunky-easy 
on the candies and computer games/ 
Mom&Dad-I can't promise you that 
I'll find a wife that you'll approve of. 
but I'll try.This isn't the end. just 
moving on. "Denny, you bring peace 
to the world XOXO " Mike Miller 

Joshua Sherman 
November 16, 1983 

4 years later it is finally time to say 
my goodbyes and thankyous. To all 
my friends and family who got me 
through this. I will never forget you. 
Boarders, to all the good times, it 
won't be long until you are leaving 
as well Chrissy, (roomie) one of the 
best. 'Vic, one year to remember, hull 
breakfast, computers, walks AN, 
spares, 67s. Orly. luv you lots Em, 
you are the best Froita and Jon: you 
are the best sibs anyone could ask for 
George carry on the legacy MB: 
Meditheos or whatever it's called 
Rugby Girls, JG, AS fastest front 
row in the city. Field Hockey Girls 
Thanx for everything Next Door 
Neighbours ND. KB. OACcomp Stop 
hiding Mom and Dad all my love. 

Dana Shiff 
Ottawa, Canada 
September 15, 1983 

Leah Shearman 
October 26, 1983 

To everyone who has been there for 
me mom dad I love you, Mich I can 
always count on u, 9 hour shopping 
roomie in Hawaii Jess your friend- 
ship means so much, points time? 
cabin Lans youre a great friend 
carchases Canada day Dan cottage 
times casino Lacy single41ife im 
darker! im gonna miss you girls Mark 
France -i- thanks for listening Ben 
note stalker Lo making me laugh 
Thanks lo B+TH CS ST AD BM CH 
AUD SL SK KP CL! thanks Mrs. 
Holman for your guidance and sup- 
port, it's been a great year, goodbye 
for now but not forever 

Paul Shinkman 
August 23, 1983 

When I look back on my time in 
Canada, many things come to mind: 
beavers, 20 feet of snow, dogsleds, 
and of course, the Canucks. My 
experience here has never been 
boring. I can tell all of you. that I 
really have enjoyed they 
intelligent conversations about 
American that I've shared with so 
many of you. All I have to say is. yes 
there are snipers on top of the Em- 
bassy, and yes. the Main Tower of 
the Embassy is actually an escape 
pod for high ranking personelle. To 
all those whose minds have been open 
and have opened mine, (TP, AS, AC, 
CU, JK. MB, JA. BK. PV 1 Thank you 
so much. To all the rest, you are 

BJ Siekerski 
August 25, 1984 

Danielle Simpson 
Glebe, Canada 
June 18, 1983 

The finest years I ever knew, Gr. 1 1 
french, GV summers, elite. OFSAA 
Champs, Rugby. Vball. I have been 
blessed with love in my life with 
special help from: Jberg- dropping 
Spanish =a best friend & chai tea. 
Lacy-"' sex in the city" western 
preston lady. Sonie- always my girl, 
Dana-cottages= no showers, Lans- 
always got your back. My Bball Sis- 
ters-dance with me champs. KP-you 
made me love the game. BM-you 
ARE funniest & the greatest. SN-no 
redemption song, James- thanks 
sweets cause lightning crashes & 
counting crows, Si-my walk/ talk cute 
buddy, SR-so special. TB-you're 
gold! Hot Boyz= best dancers, 
Boydy! CH, AY-friends again, MR, 
My family=my rock. Everyone I for- 
got, you're all cute! 

OY!! 4 yrs @ Ash = so much 2 say. 
Matt = "big brother" = bestest friend 
4eva. Pat-summertime, semis & 
VBall, singalongs. Ali-you keep me 
sane. Jase-never fail to make me 
smile. T-allof the laughter. Iz-tears2 
smiles. Mich-little sis. Lys-summer 
'01 . Rich-thanx 4 the craziness. CDK- 
2much. Steph-sugarbebe. ML & AD- 
thanx 4 the talks. Fauz-front of house. 
Subs-calc & clubbing. Dan-we sur- 
vived! Staff2Thank: MAP. LL, MS. 
JMR. LT. CT. DM. To AH. EB. SB, 
JE & AL for da music we made. To 
all 'little sisters' I leave behind, gals 
Tina & Liz & Mich & Soph & Lindz 
& Kate, and the boyz in TO. Rob 
(voice coach ) - 1 did it! Maman, Papa 
& Mel-je vous adore. « Le coeur a 
ses raisons que la raison ne connait 
pas. » Et c'est tout XOXO 

Sylvia Simson 
Angers, France 
October 6, 1984 


2 cups flour 

3 tbsp olive oil 

2 dessert spoons rapid yeast 
1 dessert spoon salt 

1 tsp sugar 

2 cups hot water 

Whisk the ingredients together then 
stirring with a wooden spoon add a 
further 2 1/2 cups of flour a bit at a 
time. Kneed the dough and leave it 
to rise. Putting the dough onto a 
baking stone covered by tin foil 
which has been lightly covered with 
com meal, pull out the dough with 
wet hands to fill the stone and leave 
it to rise for a further .^0 to 45 
minutes. Using your finger, poke 
holes in the surface of the dough and 
sprinkle salt and olive oil into each 
one. Bake in an oven heated to 450 
degrees for roughly 20 minutes. 

Aaron William Slade 
Ottawa, Canada 
June 21, 1984 

Jessica Steinberg 
May 22, 1983 

Alanna Street 
Ottawa, Canada 
January 26, 1983 

"Somewhere in this burst of glory, 
sound becomes a song" Hannah 
Lauren BFFfreshbluesbmx HCon.3 
6in6 rukClassQdestroy? bagel 
tagteam rudegirls carchases Dana Jess 
pointsystem CanadaDay brunch 
bagelshopbackslide Dana just met 
but still luvya 3infront Green neigh- 
bors in lOyears late nights on the 
phone Ben best fake bf newyears 
Whatsgoindown Dans got your back. 
Michelle dancing Lacy latoya bc'll 
be fun Sarah need a ride Court hes 
mine Audi Kate too many good times 
bball Alii get out of the locker room 
rugby girls keep being great 3rd half. 
Leah ever Beef the ball mac Boyd 
Gomme rugby was amazing. Sheila 
best little sister ever. Steve stop grow- 
ing shorty Mom Dad I couldn't have 
wanted anything more, thanks. 

From Iqaluit to Ottawa, thanks to all 
that hopped on the dogsled. "When 
the winds in your face and the snow 
surrounds you. just follow the spirit 
of the bear." Boyz up north, keep 
chillen. it shouldn't be hard. Old 
Boarders- Hobo. Gino. Sheppie. Jose. 
WW. evans. Germans/asians. WillN- 
you'll get karina Iday. HotBoyz- 
Leaf: thinkingman. Nii, Moogoo: 
water, Ome: 1 4. To all the people that 
reminised about Nunavut with me: 
JF-vive le ESL, Mini, SK-peace. 
Kirbs, Saint-we thuggin, SN, Jen- 
favorite cheerleader, SG-nasty . Foot- 
ball- lyr was fun boys. Peace to any- 
one i forgot. Ma, Pa, Mike. Mel and 
woof-thanks for being there. "Some- 
times in life we move on. yet our 
ultimate goal remains happiness". 

Alexander Stubbing 
Iqaluit, Canada 
May 28, 1983 

James Sutherland 
May 8, 1983 

Chi trova un amico trova un tresoro 
To friends who shaped me: CDK GC 
in MTL public mischief the AVE 
big6 burgers, Runnalls scooternite 
good times. Jibs Sicilian. JC dawg, 
Colton handshake. Puffy scalpbums. 
Potter. Kiby LatH, LeBoss-odds, 
Louis roomy, AP, Rednecks at 
apptll, Shabibi, Dani$. Lacy 
snowboard. Laura gardengnomes, 
Pong the Ham, Dana, Shamsta, 
Alanna. Ali, Lauren=neat. FM+CV, 
JB as promised. Soccer thanks Nico. 
GradCom thanks NJ, French classes 
over the ye;irs, H20 all forms. Thanks 
family-good luck Bro. "1 came back 
from that most sacred of streams, 
made afresh, as new trees are re- 
newed with their new foliage, and so 
I was clear and ready to go up to the 
stars." Dante. Enjoy it all. 

Stefano Taucer 
London, Ontario 
April 20, 1984 

10 schools, 1 8 yrs, u do da math must 
keep short & simple & not 
confuzzling. here goeslGstring: 
drums, beamer, pizza{St Laur)! 
Dunks: tripod, nose. ps2.cs,dodlSi: 
par-t, abs. c++. m3, magnum. 
yeelLuc: JT hot, squash, basketball, 
spotynationlJE: singing, missed?, 
nutcracker, a- pinch?IJL: civic, shot- 
gun, subwaylMLGypsy dance. Si. 
nose tracking. phonelAll above: Hot 
stuf, Arnold puns, hothead, donuts, 
12 man tobogganing, ski. mosh, 
movie, rollerball, rockn jonys, lo- 
cals, timieslFM: blush MW, prog, 12 
langslJJ: eyepump, 4spares ICata: eye, 
last minlArtie: battleb, mousetrap, 
yay (sarcastic dJimmy: pogai, 
iJafaigeelTong/Fau:tennis2yrs IMarg: 
[K)p ballonlThx family 4 all da years 
jf taking care, law mai fiis kyxj- 

Jonathan Tien 
Taipei, Taiwan 
August 17, 1983 

Pierre Tipple 

La Belle Province, 


June 28, 1984 

Ashbury College. 2 words that will 
live in infamy for the rest of my years 
as a place of growth, matura tion. and 
self-improvement. Is that what they 
want me to say? So what have I actu- 
ally learnt? Well as a wise Chinese 
philosopher once said. 'I work 10 
months & send my family twotimbits.' 
Hot boyZ we had a (head) smashing 
good time, 'House Meetings' and 
6: 1 5am runs. I had a great times with 
Rozie, BW, JF Dom Juan Saucier, 
kdiddy, MP, ERLB, AM, SL, Les,sons 
learnt. Jenny Lee, it's tea time! 
Dwayne. YesSir!MrT'lCan!'7:30's? 
Bedtime? "Oh Charley Why?" 8S 
memories, S not for stupid but for 
Street. Let's hope so.To the kitchen 
staff: my bowels will never be the 
same, thanks for keeping me far too 
regular, thank you to all those who 
helped me on my way through 

\ndrew Valentine 
September 16, 1983 

Before I start. I wanna thank my 
family and teachers for all their sup- 
port, Jess: Thanks for being there last 
winter. Jen: words can't even start. 
Well, maybe. . .FORK! Jason & Lisa: 
Can I get a woop-woop?Aaron. Peter 
F & Jeev: we know who to blame for 
being the first boat to tip... Peter V: 
dude. Clueless sucks. Jk. Kat: ya. 
men suck. But that's part of the fun. 
Chris: best of luck next year... 
Andrew: I'm expecting world-fa- 
mous CDs. No pressure. Ian: have a 
great final year without us. (aww) I'll 
drop by... Rachel. Julia & Caroline: 
ya left, but we love you. 
I also wanna mention Anne, Arthur, 
Andrew, Alex, Klara. Kyley, 
Michelle. Pierre & Victoria for being 
great friends too. If I forgot anyone, 
forgive me. ..J. 

Jonathan Vandor 
Toronto, Canada 
March 24, 1984 

Cristina Venables 
May 5, 1984 

how many layers can I possibly wear 
how can we switch tests and nobody 
find out how many people can I take 
out how much candy can we fit under 
the bible how many times can I forget 
my boots why act serious when you 
can dance like a fool why confront 
when you can ignore why do physics 
when you can play with a slinky why 
do French people say open the lights 
why cant I ever make it to inservices 
why is the 70s series so ugly why do 
we always get lost why not become a 
nun why cant you use liquid 
dishwashing soap in the dishwasher 
(who knew not me) who knew that 
you could use your hair to apply 
makeup what happened? 
I dont understandjKlettuce chomp 
chomp chomp 

Hellooo! The past 4 years here have 
been interesting, to say the least. I 
leave with a mixture of excitement 
and sadness. To the "group" we be- 
came and were friends when we 
needed it the most. All the plays that 
changed me (esp. Blue Shutters). To 
AH and JG, it's bittersweet. Cookie 
(JaH). Weekends at the apartment 
(how many are we up to yet?) and 
hanging out with you boarders. To 
JV. all men are b...! To the teachers 
that taught me to see things differ- 
ently: MAP, GS, Dr. O. To everyone 
that ever listened and was 
there, thanks. To PV. don't forget to 
keep on "thinking". To my family, 
thanks for supporting me. From the 
tears to the laughter, I treasure it all. 
I will miss you all next year. Love. 

Katheryn Viau 
Ottawa, Canada 
June 13,1984 

4 yrs-Simultaneously enchanted & 
repelled. The 3 girls that started it: 
Mel who? Ash-U want some Jools- 
RATS. Farah-We make me laugh 
HOT boy act-react! V. Grill 
Pinkmoon Ju-changes-no regrets- 
thanks Philosophy-ST PB cards g 1 1 - 
ADD Sparetalk CC Tremblant Mis- 
chief in cars CDK yellow fever JC JT 
Crab/Vic So Much Tired PDiaper- 
AP Friday Night crew Mt St Anne 
Phil/Louis Cancun/NY 2B TLC 
Roxy-so cool R/G light! Don't judge 
a book by its cover unless you're 
willing to read every page & open to 
surprises. THANK U every 1 who 
shared their music or even a wave- 
length esp. Jeremy-Ditto. Mom/Dad/ 
Sisters, teachers that made us think 
for ourselves-Anything can happen! 
If you want to destroy my sweater. .I'll 
miss u guys-Cata. 

Catherine Vincent 
Ottawa, Ontario 
May 15, 1984 

Peter Volynsky 
Ottawa, Canada 
May 25, 1984 

Here's to all my great memories at 
Ash! KV my pussycat (thanks for | 
being there), TP first and best friend | 
here. KB fun times talking, RR sports || 
tutor, AA I luv ur spunk, AD lovespot. 
JaH good-hearted "singing sensa- 
tion", VC groovy redhead, SS made 
me smile, JA you're a great friend 
who I admire greatly, JV very enter- 
taining, AZBoracco.NFur cheerful- I 
ness is grSt. To my fav teachers: GA- ' 
endless source of optimism and en- 1 
couragement, CM, SW, CH, DM all j 
great mentors. To my great activities 
OS, YB, CJ. Kristen-I love you. THE 
BUS CRE'W Bubbles (my karma...) 
My short lived rugby career. My par- 
ents, sisters, family, and friends all 
helped me be HAPPY. I'll never for- 
get u guys. Mom & Dad- 1 love you 
both-Thanks! Cheers 

Brett Washbrook 
October 29, 1983 

Who am I kidding? I love this place. 
Minellispare, lunchhockey, the 
Millerses, Shakeday, Boston, DC, 
Jeepers! Chair, the Map. RZ: 
SC4Life, 3-0, nerfwars, buffet. Oh 
Pete, bush, Tonyshow - I'm grreat! 
Minigolf. ohsobimfago, Ray. PB; 
LeBoss, ClubMed, BurtJersey, 
SPF2mill, 'Namwar.AB: Alexander., 
your SS!, Shaziza's shirt, he likes 
LesMiz,.a lot! Loeblaws. AK; 
evilkirby, icedcap, ministicks, BIM, 
007. SHA/HP: Casinono, gamblor, 
shaftergrad, OSCAR NIGHT, Oh 
Pete!, shroad shrage, OhSoBad. JB: 
paper, AMRB. ST: ODon, hat, burns. 
SS: SSPnite, 7hrchat. MR: Dubya. 
Vendetta, Bship. SK: dinosaur, AP: 
TO, MAC-guy. CK & BR AHP: NEW rulz, DS 
Gen. Tso, LR: LeLeLouis. Many 
thanks: MHP, AN, GA, SAM, CD, 

Patrick Welsh 
January 1, 1983 

Jaime J. Wilson 
London, Canada 
November 22, 1983 

Looking back, alot has changed since 
my awkward period of glasses and 
braces. Its true, people do change 
with time. ..In my 5 years here, I've 
built alot of character and learned 
countless life lessons from 
teacherslGA.RJC.DS.MW). coaches 
(AS. CM), parents and friends. De- 
spite some hard times. I am VERY 
thankful for what I know now. Be- 
cause of it all I've emerged stronger, 
more mature and more ready to take 
on life then ever. To those who took 
the time to get to know me. Thank 
you. Esp. to Reid (bro). Chrissy. Sin, 
Weldon. AV. kimmi. KB & CV, J.T., 
FM, Fat. Pia. Lee. Lastly. I'd like to 
thank my Mom and Dad for enrich- 
ing my life and giving me so many 
wonderful opportunities. I love you 
so much.. .And the next chapter be- 

3 yrs in Ash, suffered in malnutrition 
and chronic hunger! Dan: Chateau. 
Isabel: who da ESL king? Kerb, Sean: 
respect da chopstick pride. Kats: u r 
da foozqueen. Jess: bball 41ife! Erin: 
I $(Gjlll beat u in pool. JF: Papapa! 
Wanna be buff like me? Ho: have fun 
in YYZ. Akua: what cuisine next? 
Stub: need da firemen 2 cool u down? 
Amitha: I saw him at Goodlife again. 
Musa: u better turn ur music down. 
Xiao, Yu: you niu jie shao ma?Tipple: 
where u shaving next? Lyne: u r 
always there when Ijlm down. Chen. 
Suen: zou prefect ng yi ga! Steve W 
& S: high-tech room. Omei: dunk it! 
Nii. Beef: running the house; Is not 
easy. Brett: build me a rocket so I can 
leave Ottawa quick! Extra credits for 
those who corrected my essays. 

Frank Wong 
Hong Kong 
January 22, 1982 

What is Ashbury? Marks, classes, 
football, thugs-;" NO. 170 x 8 yrs say 
there's more. DH - Buddies from the 
start & always. ESL for life! All my 
lifers- Aawonswoom, adventures", 
mud football. Warhammer PT - In A 
Jar stabbed me! Syl - Excel 24/7 
BS - You'll multiply my mark by 
zero? I got into Yale. Thanks guys 
(Diinki, Si, JT. Karim) you made my 
ONLY SPARE EVER fun. Rememb 
erthe good times: Ahnuldfest ("Let 
off some steam"). Si's parties, 12- 
man midnight saucer ride, hot stuff, 
"buff enough" Everyone else I love 
you too. you're all my heroes;) Julie 
& my family - 1 love you. thanks for 
caring. Good luck next year! 
"My name is Ozymandias. king of 
kings. Look on my works, ye mighty, 
and despair." 

Lucas Wood 
Ottawa, Canada 
January 4, 1985 

Alexander Young 
Ottawa, Canada 
November 3, 1983 

To all the chillers @ ashbury (benji, 
you2) djOHlP on the l&2s G-Funk & 
Timbo = Slipper Time @the Gclub 
james givfem da, buck/ stu/ ewok/ 
tango, da stoop was always safe haven. 
Nicola+Hilarygirlgenius Spielberg & 
Astrid thanks 4 the blingbling Danielle 
my conscience/ fastcar & Paco= Arnold 
would be proud. DwayneTrain & Foot- 
ball. CLI Bball boyz for helpin me get 
jacked (a-rod). To the young guns, 
respect, pay your dues &enjoy the 
stoop. To daboys; AB, RZ, PB, DS, 
SN. JB, MAX, MR, AC Ladies.. what 
can i say, itj's been fresh. (NJ) To all 
the girls whoi've made it fun, OSS, 
Jules. LA. JG. LP. RB, SW, LLOXX. 
To my SPOX. i leave you w/the memo- 
ries. donj"t believe the hype, ij'm out. 

Douglas Young 
Bathurst, Canada 
June 12, 1984 

New Brunswick Represent, Mom and 
Dad thanks for everything. Jess and 
Lex youre the best sisters a brother 
could ask for. To my truest friends. 
Andrew. Jared and the 40 fiend you 
guys are the illest. To Ashley I'll 
never forget '"Le Box". Memories 
like the CHAIR. Mont St Anne, rides 
in the stealth "Turn up the Base"!. 
Meredith lives on ! Shout outs to S.R. 
H.M, A.M. Gloucester Crew. C.B. 
M.R.B. C.L. J.S. weve been in the 
game for a while. Thanks Mrs. 
Jowette. Mr. Holman it's been fun. 
Big Up! Later 

Three crazy years are finally over. 
I'd like to offer my thanks to all those 
who kept it together for me: to my 
friends for the innumerable, unfor- 
gettable good times, humour, music, 
spares. Austria, especially to RL and 
MF. To my teachers for their support 
and guidance, particularly NJ, CM, 
MW, GA, MAP, and to L Tanod. for 
his invaluable time and effort and for 
providing all the musical opportuni- 
ties at the school. Also to my parents, 
for all that they have done for me. 
Cheers. Sorry man. I gotta go You 
can talk all you want But when the 
whistle blows You pack your bags. 
And away we go 

Dave Zeber 
Ottawa, Canada 
September 20, 1984 

Richard Zussman 
Ottawa, Ontario 
September 2, 1983 

$50,000. only 715 characters of 
memories, Bim its Diddy drink your 
milk. Red jacket, do it for Tito, 
Skydome, dominoes, JMac we settled 
for shakes, Shaftergrad, JCC, 
ZusBus, Nerfwars, Madden, Jetform, 
Ken, Oprah, Cameron, Snowbowl, 
scavenger hunt. Survivor. The news- 
paper, thanks Mrs. J. Football 
champs. AJ come visit, Dwayne 
Train, thanx sir I appreciate every- 
thing. Who's the boss, it's Ross. 
Dennis:AC, Dubarry's. RAW, Syra- 
cuse, you knew we would eventually 
meet, Le Boss/Phil PS2, MNF, ACC 
center, Tony show, Pat: shakes for 
prez. I got numbers, the magazine, 
the buffet (5 to 1 ). Dispatch. Ju:a bf 
provided by nature. HG 03. RJD. 
Love to Mom and Dad, Tercel, If 
your ever in my projects leave a mes- 
sage PLEACE! 

From the Director of 
University Admissions - 
Mrs. Christine Tordon 

It has been another busy year in University Admissions with record 
numbers of applications to the US. Ontario and out of province Univer- 
sities. The Fall was particularly busy as we hosted the first Ivy League 
Night as well as a Maritime University lunch time fair. The lunch time 
program was well attended and visiting University representatives and 
keen Ashbury students kept Mrs. Mayer very busy running back to the 
Dining Hall for more food! Just as Mrs. Mayer and I are starting to get to 
know the names and faces of the graduating students, you're off to a wide 
range of plans for the future. It is wonderful to be a part of such diverse 
interests, goals and future expectations of the grads. 

We wish you all the best for your future - 
wherever it may take you. 

Grad Candids 

Clockwise from top right: Akua, 
Fauzia, and Maria; The girls looking 
pretty at semi: Anne, Klara, Amitha, 
and Cristina; James; Doug and his 
date; Noah and Josh; Subuhi and 
Cindy at Semi; Marc and Ashley. 


Headmaster's Reception 

Spiraling from top left: Alex, Andrew 
and Stefano; Tara and Cristina; Steve, 
Brooks, Craig and Geoff; Jess and 
Marc; Louis and Phil; Courtney and 
Mr. Hanna; Charley and Klara; Nii, 
Mrs. Mohan, Bavidra, and Omeonga. 


Boys; Phil Brunst, Alex Young, and Reid Adrian; Marc Lafleche who missed the picture twice; Joshua Sherman; 
Girls: Lacy Lauks, Danielle Simpson, Laura Argument, Michelle Bissada, Jess Greenberg, Heather Maclaren, Lee 
Patrontach, All Hanvey, Missy Leger, Klara Boadway, Amitha Kalachaidran, Julia Agapitos, Crissy Kindle; Fast - 
Trackers: C. Doyle-Kelly, M. Runnalls, D. Young, A. Noonan, G. Page, L. Wood, A. Huang, K. Viau, C. Vincent, A. 
Ham-Pong, S. Simson, M. Sellers 

Lifers are boys that have al 
tended Ashbury since th 
wee age of grade 5 and wer 
able to last till OAC. Girl 
Lifers on the other ham 
have been here since Grad' 
9 - and they are lifers be 
cause girls are not permittee 
into the Junior School. Fast 
track lifers are males wh( 
have been here eight year: 
and girls who have beei 
here for four years. Being i 
Lifer is about making 
friends and keeping the con 
nection which makes then 
come back. 

Junior Football 

Tuninr Colts 2001 

Acihbiirv 1 4 



A^hhiirv 1 9 

St Patrick's 28 

Ashbury 20 

Gloucester 7 


Ashbury 16 

St. Peter 26 


A^hbufv n 

St Matthew 14 


A cbbi 11*^7 / 
rA-ol ILf HL y / 

SWT 16 

^ V V L_, XU 

1 idyons. 


Ashbury 27 




Ashbury 8 

St. Patrick's 19 


3 Wins & 5 Losses 

Bottom Row: S. Kalaichandran, B. Simpson, N. Alsafaar, A. Abdiss, S. Street, A. Burt, T, Christie, J. Cherney, T. Esdaile, D. Laher Middle Row: B. Resni( 
O. Maklem, C. Black, H. Po, G. Booth, C. Toller, J. Shiff, J. Roy, C. Klein, D. Sham, I. Gallepsie, A. Drury, A. Ebsary A, Whitwell, J. Patrick, P MacKirmc 
Top Row: S. Clarke-Okah, S. Diete, A. Rock, B. Patrontacsh, M. Gray, C. Nicolson, N. Miragliotta, A. Sangster, J. Runnalls, L. Witherspoon, M. Scott, 
Kett, F. Lemery, M. McDonald-Beraskow 

Senior Football 

am Picture; First Row: G. Heintzman, D. bham, R. Zussman, M. Runnalls, J. Kenny, S. Robinson, T. Booth, A. 
ung, P. Brunst, J. Cheng, N. Gauthier. Second Row: M. Park, L. Roy, K. Merani, J. Horler, R. Mclean, N. 
ack, C. Colton, C. McWade. Third Row: A. Yeh, A. Black, D. Ouelette, A. Cohen. Fourth Row: M. Poupore, D. 
ielberg, W. Natynchuck, O. Alsafarr, A. Stubbing, V. Drury, A. Borer. Fifth Row: R. Loviner, N. Filewood, E. 
onkman, A. Jackson, A. Patrick, M. Mclsaac. Sixth Row: J. Mcdonald, R. Heater, M. Burn, C. Doyle-Kelly, S. 
ray. Seventh Row: Coach Smith, Coach Guarisco, Coach Robb; Clockwise from top left: James Kenny run- 
for the first down; Alex Young blocks for Mike Mclsaac; Alex Patrick keeps on going and going; Stuart 
)binson looks for an open receiver; Richard Zussman puts his Tae-Bo skills into action. 

The 2001-2002 Senior Football Team 
bolted out of the starting blocks with 
4 straight decisive victories. This im- 
proved the team's NCSSAA unde- 
feated streak to 22 games. When the 
dust settled, the Senior Boys finished 
the year with a 6-2 record and a solid 
showing at the city semi-finals. High- 
lights of the season included a top 20 
provincial ranking, four weeks ranked 
#1 in Ottawa, an exhibition game at St. 
Andrews College and the enjoyment 
of experiencing the blood, sweat, tears 
and brotherhood that comes with be- 
ing a member of an Ashbury Football 
team. The team would like to thank 
our captains for their undying leader- 
ship (Matt Runnlass, James Kenny, 
Stuart Robinson, Alex Young and Tim 
Booth). Also, the team would like to 
thank our coaches for their guidance, 
time and for sharing their passion for 
football with us. To the graduating 
players we wish you only the best in 
your bright futures. To next year's 
team we challenge you to carry on the 
winning tradition that is known as 

The Junior Boys Soccer team hai 
a reasonably successful seasor 
The commitment and spirit on th 
team was evident all season. Abl 
led by captain Friedrich Birgelei 
and our main goal scorers Caret) 
Pugh and Neil Mason, the tean 
advanced to the playoffs after . 
stirring string of victories near th' 
end of the season. With two sea 
soned goalies between the post 
and a host of returning players 
next year should prove to be ai 
exciting one for this team. 

Top, from left to right: Neil waiting for tb 
ball; Andrew avoids a tackle; Gareth oi 
the run; Team Picture: Back Row: Coacl 
McBCirdy, Max Charles, Saager Dilawri 
Nael Alsaffar, Neil Mason, Gareth Pugh 
Vincent Mok, Geoff Mathews, Kristiai 
Nielson, Coach Taylor; Front Row 
Andrew King, Nixon Lolila-Ramin, Nicl 
Villa, Peter Kshonze, Fred Birgelen, Marce 
Taucer, Andrew Smolik; The team shak 
ing hands. 

Sr. Boys Soccer 

he highlight of the Senior Boys Soccer team was undoubt- 
dly the trip to the CAIS Nationals where we took the tour- 
ament by storm with our fluid passing, endless running, 
zquisite skill, and a never-say-die attitude. Only utter 
)diaustion prevented us from walking away with the lau- 
Is. New Bnmswick wiU always stay with us. To the gradu- 
dng players: good luck and keep your knee over the ball. 
0 the remaining players: keep your knee over the baU and 
e kind to the trees. 

Clockwise from top right: Nii passing 
the ball; Stefano stretching; Pierre with 
the ball; Dave on a break-away; Team 
picture: Front Row: Pierre Tipple, Alex 
Boulos, Stefano Taucer, David Abonyi, 
Anthony De Jesus, Andrew Robertson, 
Nii Addo, Peter Rozanski. Back Row: 
Coach Uko, James Macmillan, 
Omeonga, Saidi, Ryan Davies, David 
Postle, BJ Siekierski, Rasheed Mussa, 
Phillipe Nyirimihigo, Paul Bastia-nelli, 
John Holdsworth. 

Jr. Girl's 

The Junior Girls basketball team had a great season this 
year. Despite the differences in experience and lack of vet 
eran players, the girls really came together in the end anc 
proved to be solid competition for every team that crossec 
their path. They finished with a 7-3 record, and lost in th«j 
East Conference semi-finals to St. Peter's, who then wen 
on to win the city championship. The girls were also vet) 
successful in all three tournaments that they entered, in 
chiding one that they hosted (Ashbury waterbottles for all! 
The team would like to thank Coach McKinnon (Tin 
Walters by association) and Miss Gomme (don't lose th( 
naughty pig!) for ail their hard work and dedication. Wt 
would also like to thank Danya for her constant supper 
and overwhelming enthusiasm (your manageorical skill: 
were unbelievable!) Good luck to next year's team, anc 
thanks for all the "team bonding" sessions. 

From top to bottom: Katherine 
Mclsaac brings the ball up the court; 
From Left to Right, Back Row: Coach 
McKinnon, Jessica Kerr, Elizabeth 
Miller, Sasha Lauks, Sarah Watters, 
Rebecca Lauks, Elaine Richardson, Ms. 
Gomme, Danya Vered, Front Row: 
Brigid McCallum, Lauryn Coles, 
Catherine Christie, Hilary Young, 
Katherine Mclsaac, Juliann Zussman, 
Alexandra Sutherland-Brown; Sarah 
Watters takes a foul shot. 

Sr. Girls 

The Ashbury girls basketball program 
has long been recognized as one of the 
powerhouses in the Ottawa area, with 
6 city championships and 4 consecutive 
undefeated seasons, the only thing 
missing was OFSAA gold. With 5 re- 
turning players, Kate, Caity, Danielle, 
Audrey, and Sheila and a talented 
group of newcomers, Lauren, Jess, 
Hilary, Allie, Katya, Denise, and Bess, 
the team set off on a tournament sched- 
uled that included games from Mon- 
treal to Niagara Falls and many points 
in between. 

As the host school for "AAA" OFSAA 
our association was given 2 representa- 
tives and a tough loss to St. Matt's in 
the NCSSAA final placed us as the 4* 
seed at OFSAA. The result was a tough 
draw with 3 preliminary games. We 
met up with the second seeded St. 
Matt's, who we split with 2-2 over the 
year. Poulin coming off a national MVP 
summer season for team Ontario, set 
the tone with tenacious defense and 
pinpoint passing to 3 point shooters. 
Sparks, Bechtel, and Smart. With Poulin 
in foul trouble, the team relied on its 
depth to pull away for a 58-49 victory! ! ! ! 

Our goal of winning OFSAA GOLD 
was accomplished and many people 
needed to be thanked for the team's 

Um Photo: Back Row, Left to Right: Coach 
parks, Denise Murphy, Bess Lennox, Jess Smart, 
vudrey Plascacz, Lauren Rock, Laura Jamieson, 
Iilar\' Kilgour. Front Row, Left to Right: Katv a 
Leiden, AlHson Bechtel, Sheila Street, Cathy 
parks, Kate Poulin, Danielle Simpson. 
;iockv\Tse from left to right. Audrey about to take 
pass and Kate goes for the shot. 


Track and Field 

The Ashbury Track and Field Team was 57 members strong 
this season and competed extremely well all season. We traveled 
to the Queen's Alumni Meet early in the season, competed in 
the Lisgar Invitational Relays and came second in the East Con- 
ference Charnpionships. 40 members of the Team advanced to 
the National Capital Championships and then 22 athletes quali- 
fied and competed at OFSAA Regionals. 5 athletes qualified for 
OFSAA and traveled to Belleville: Cristina Venables, Andrew 
King, Omar Alsaffar, Anthony Rocheleau and David Postle. 
Thanks for another fantastic season and a special thanks to our 
captains: Steph and Tarah. Best wishes to all those graduating 
"Tracksters": Nii Addo, Arthur Chan, Bavidra Mohan, Paul 
Shinkman, Omeonga Saidi, Dana Shift, Cristina Venables and 
J.J. Wilson. - Your Coaches 

The X-Country team has had another amazing season. The 
year started with a great turnout and lots or enthusiasm 
This continued all through the season right up to and in- 
cluding OFSAA - where our Junior Boys and Senior Girls 
teams competed. Of course, this was only one of the man) 
highlights. We will always remember our hardcore train- 
ing in the mud and rain, our Tim Horton's reward trips 
and Mrs. Kennedy's birthday (?). A huge thanks to all oui 
coaches - Mrs. Holman, Mrs. Kennedy, and Ms. Kelly. Besi 
of luck to all the graduating runners -Dana, Malte, Bemo 
Andrew, and Amitha. 

Tarah Hunter and Dana Shiff 


From top left: Team Picture -- FRONT R0\^ 
(LEFT TO RIGHT): Kathrine Rive, Robu 
Lavigne-Green, Dana Shiff, Alisha Lakliani 
Tarah Hunter, Amitha Kalaichandran 
Amanda Shore, SECOND ROW: Mrs 
Kennedy, David Postle, Ashley Bickertor 
Max Labelle, Nick Boyd, Catherine French 
Sarah Leenen, Ms. Kelly, Matt Piggott, Mrs 
Holman, THIRD ROW: Peter Chudak, Jamei 
MacMillan, Malte, Michel Lafleche, Bemo 
Stephen So, Andrew Valentine. Spirallin) 
clockwise: Tarah H; the Track Team; Step! 
and Andrew; Cristina; Catie S, Cris, Dan. 
and J.J.; James, Ashley at the finish and thi 
guys getting psyched up for their race. ' 

Jr. Boys Volleyball 

Standing at an average height of 5'3" the Junior Boys Volley- 
ball Team ventured into the season with high hopes and high 
socks. Led by captains Brook Simpson and Simon Clarke- 
Okah, the team threw fashion sense to the side in pursuit of 
the team first playoff birth in three years. Excellent setting 
from Andrew Mutter and Anthony Tran was complimented 
by great hitting from the captains, Geoff Matthews and 
Graham Booth. Superstar shortguys Oli and Petey were ex- 
cellent liberos, while Andy Syrett, Ben Resnick, James Patrick 
and Chris Kelen were great support. The team did indeed 
make the playoffs, where eventual champions Gloucester HS 
defeated us. Thanks to Ms. Sosnowska for her enthusiastic 
coaching and to Alex Young for spending a lot of time with 
the team. Finally, thanks to Ben Mann for his wisdom and 
moments of brilliance. Good luck next year. 

One, Two, Three, Four, what do you think this stick is for? The Varsity Girls Field Hockey 
team finished its second season this fall. A talented team of 21 players, including over 10 
rookies, we managed to improve our standings in this growing sport. Outstanding goal 
tending from Missy kept us fighting in the games and the OAC's kept us laughing. Al- 
though the season was only three weeks long, we still managed to build a competitive team 
and a strong core of midfielders for next year. We would like to thank our excellent coaches 
Ms. Duggan and Katherine who are experienced, patient and great with whistles. Thanks to 
all our graduating players, especially Leah, Krissy, Missy and Jess who have helped build 
the team over these two years. Good Luck to all of the returning players for a successful 
season next year. 

Stephanie King and Leah Shearman (Captains) 

Front Row (Left to Right): i 

Cohen, Shenaaz Merali, Stiu 
King, Missy Leger, Laura Ar 
ment, Emily Shore, Priya Sen; B 
Row: Margaret Natyncz 
Michelle Owusu, Jannika McCi 
mon, Sarah Lefebvre, Ji 
Agapitos, Heather MacLar 
Katie Ryder-Burridge, Krissy i 
die, Leah Shearman, Alanna St 

Ashbury SkiTeam 

The largest ever Ski team experienced yet 
another enjoyable and eventful season. Our 
first competition was the Convenor's Cup, a 
GS set on the hills of Camp Fortune. Ashbury 
fared well in this event, and the team gained 
the necessary confidence. The next races were 
the NCSSAA Ski Championships, and again, 
the Ashbury teams competed admirably. After 
a stunning victory in Slalom the Girls Level 2 
team was robbed of a gold in the series. 
However Bridget McCallum, as well as the 
entire Level 2 boys team, won gold medals. 
Being top in the NCSAA they advanced to 
OFSAA in Collingwood. Thanks to Mrs. 
Matthews and everyone involved. Good luck 
to those racing next season. 

shbury Tennis Team 

le tennis team had another successful season this year. The A team repeated as City 
lampions, and continued a streak of 8 of the last 9 years. This year individual Championships 
;re won by James Low in Boys Singles, Troy Puddington and Bavidra Mohan in Boys 
)ubles and Klara Broadway and Natasha DeYoung in Girls Doubles. Lauren Rock was the 
onze medalist in Girls Singles. 

Ski team photos from top left;the 
entire team on race day;Senior 
Boys Level 2 prospects;Level 1 
and 2 girls on the go. Senior Boys 
Level 1 before they hit the slopes. 
Coaches; Mr. Day and Mrs. 

The B team also had some fine 
results with Jonathan Tien and Erin 
Towsley winning the Mixed 
Doubles title. We would like to 
congratulate all team members for 
their hard work throughout the 
season. A special congratulations 
and thanks go out to Klara Broad- 
way and Bavidra Mohan as 
graduating members of the tennis 
team. Their contributions over the 
years to the program have been 
Best of luck to both. 

Girls Hockey 

Well, the first ever Ashbury 
girls hockey team had a very 
exciting season. We had a 
somewhat slow start but 
gradually, our skills improved 
and we even won two whole 
games! To sum up our short 
season: few practices, floor 
hockey, breaking zambonis, 
the Sens game (oohs and aahs 
annoying the spectators), heck- 
ling people on the street, dirty 
men following us, the 80s 
ghetto blaster, the Pina Colada 
song, tripping refs, looking for 
the mysterious aquarium, call- 
ing female bus drivers "sir", 
the infamous fall on the face, 
smelling like Doritos, and be- 
ing generally "off kilter". Good 
luck to our graduating players 
Chrissy, Missy, Marg, Kate P. 
Julia and Laura. Oh, and by the 
way, Happy Birthday Miss 

Clockwise from top left: The g 
resting on the bench; Playing ha 
Shannon celebrating a goal; Ji 
looking concentrated; Bre; 
away!; Going after the puck; } 
Gomme; Stopping the puck; Te. 
picture: Front Row: C. Sparks, 
Lefevre, P. Senn, K. Ryd 
Burbidge, Back Row: L. Argume 
J. Agapitos, S. Rothschild, 
Ingimundson, M. Leger, K. Pou 
Coach Gomme. 

Oggletorpe? Well this was quite the interesting year. With a 
grand total of five returning players, we were poised for a 
stellar season. We got off on the right foot with a default win 
over St. Pats, unfortunately it was all downhill from there. 
Luckily we got to play Osgoode twice, and were able to pad 
the win column. Solid offensive contribution and distractions 
from the target line and the two tallest boys in hockey, left 
line one defense to shine. Home and Away game captains 
lead the team, and coupled with superb coaching and amaz- 
ing managing 18 young boys were molded into fine young 
men. Memorable moments: Hamster/ Gerbil/ muffin, Cletus, 
Pogo, Hi-Tower and concussion case. Rocheleau sleeping with 
bums, and then in the tub, Stifler's hair game. Slash Kelly, 
$13 bagel and juice, BJ vs. Pocahontas and "Sell it on Ebay." 
All in all we had a lot of fun, and good luck to next years 

The Players dominating the ice; Hockey in ac- 
tion; marauding the opposition; Steve and Peter 
on ice; Mike looking very confused; John very 
tired. Top: R. Zussman, P. Valentine, M. Piggott, 
P. Chudak, J. Elcombe, S. Nordin, M. Obrian, A. 
Syrett, P. Welsh, Mr. Moore Bottom: J. Lynn, C. 
Hefferman, B. Mann, B.J. Siekierski, T. Herauf, 
M. Pratt 

The Junior Girls volleyball 
team, composed of 3 vets and 
9 rookies, had a great season. 
Highlights of the season in- 
clude: Bess being the tallest 
setter in the league, Natasha 
and her killer hit, Alex and 
Jannika's service runs, 
Katherine and Elaine, players 
for every position, Kathryn 
Christie and those delicate 
hands, Jackie T. and her com- 
munication skills, Jackie L.S., 
our hardworking gymnast, 
Becky and Julianne the power- 
houses, Sasha the wall, Nicki 
the awesome P.P. (practice 
player). Thanks to Mrs. 
Holman, Miss Sosnowksa, and 
ummm, wait we're forgetting 
someone, yes Jess Greenberg. 

Clockwise from top left corner: Team Picture; Jackie, Catherine, Ela 
Catherine and the coaches; Group hug; Sasha and Bess; 
Front Row, Left to Right: Jackie Tsang, Catherine Christie, Ela ; 
Richardson, Catherine Mclsaac, Jannick McCrimmon, Alex Paslat, Be j' 
Lauks Back Row, Left to Right: Coach Holman, Jackie Lovvit St(', 
Julianne Zussman, Sasha Lauks, Bess Lennox, Natasha De Young, ] ■ 
Greenberg, Ms. Sosnowksa. 
It's Gameday! 

Senior Girls 
, Volleyball 

Lk\ as a great season for the team! It 
; began with the Queens tourna- 
rent where we received a silver 
r?dal. We ended our regular season 
I ?iiig in the Eastern Championship 
i ainst DeLasalle and their bad 
t:hno music but had a solid season 
! :ord of 9-1 . Then off to Haliburton 
I compete in OFSAA we came to- 

ther reaching beyond our goal and 
|acing 4"" receiving the "Antique" 
I Dnze. "Thanks for the food and the 
, . uh . . . dinner?" Bick, bathrobes 
: d spandex. The family mumsie 
i d Daddy-O, we love you kids, 
iiyd it's been real, always remem- 
l r the girl with the glasses, nerds 
an play ball too. Mieds thanks for 
^ the heart and passion for the 

me and sharing that with us. 

the girls next year, good luck and 
ways remember "Bring it, 

Spiraling from top left: the team 
preps for the game; Lacy serv- 
ing to victory; the team in ac- 
tion; Ashley, Heather, and Lacy 
defending their side of the 
court; Top: Ms. Boyd, D. 
Murphy, L. Lauks, S. Waters, H. 
Maclaren, M. Ryder-Burbidge, 
Mr. Miedema. Bottom: H. 
Kilgour, F. Mitha, A. Bickerton, 
D. Simpson; and the team run- 
ning to the ball. 

Junior Boys 

SpiralLng clockwise from top left: Team picture: Back Row: G. Booth, T. 
Christie, S. Street, G. Matthews, V. Mok, T. McWade, Mr. Holman, Front Row: 
M. McDonald-Borasco, J. Shiff, A. Drury, J. Cherney, A. Mutter, A. King, N. 
Alsaffar; Steve S. setting up for a free throw; Vincent Mok, Nael Alsaffar, 
Graham B. and their team mates playing close attention to the huddle; Jason 
C. jumping for the rebound; Ancirew K. driving for the net. 

This year the junior boys charged into 
the regular season with a new team 
and a new attitude. Mr. Gray returned 
and set about revamping the offence 
and defence. Along with Mr. Holman, 
Mr. Gray inspired the team to accept 
nothing less than a defence that suffo- 
cated the opposition and developed an 
offense that was dangerous from the 
perimeter. The guard positions were 
anchored by veterans Jon Shiff and 
Tom Christie, whose leadership was 
valuable. Grade nine Andrew King 
showed explosive potential while 
rounding out the lethal shooting trio. 
Nael Alsaffar provided relief at the 
guard position off the bench. Steve 
Street and Jason Cherney provided 
solid rebounding and inside scoring, 
with help off the bench from rookie 
Alex Drury. The Colts traveled to To- 
ronto to play Country Day School, 
Upper Canada College and St. 
Andrew's College in a series of exhi- 
bition games. The Colts went 3-0 over 
the weekend. The regular season was 
a rollercoaster, with the team going 
7-5. In their division, the Colts went 
from last place last year to third place 
this year. The team fell to the eventual 
city champions in the first round of 
playoffs. With many returning players, 
the team promises to spearhead an- 
other strong campaign next year. 

Senior Boys 

The 2001-2002 Senior Boys basketball season proved to be 
another building year, and the dawn of a new uniform. Al- 
though the team was plagued by a lack of experience and 
lack of age throughout the season, we had our times to be 
proud. And despite a slow improvement over the course of 
the year, the playoffs remain a goal for next year's boys. To 
coach Sparks' a special thanks for hanging in there and mak- 
ing us believe in ourselves through the up(s) and the downs. 
Thanks also to Mr. McKinnon for helping out in practice, to 
the fans for all their loudness & support, and above all, to the 
graduating players for their dedication and hard work: Tim 
Booth, Jimmy Cheng, Rich Zussman, Stu Robinson, and Chris 
Doyle-Kelly. To next year's rookies and to the returning play- 
ers: play hard, have fun, and good luck. 

ichard and Jimmy all laughs; Top: B. Peterson, P. Nvirimihigo, A. Agamah, T. Booth, S. Robinson, A. Sparks. Bottom: V. Drury, J. Cheng, R. Zussman, 
Doyle-Kelley, J. McMillan, S. Bali 

Jr. Girls Soccer 

The junior girls soccer team had a great season this year. Com- 
ing out strong in league play and finishing fourth in our divi- 
sion. Despite a quick exit from the playoffs, the girls showed 
a lot of grit and hard work through the season. For all the 
great times and practices in the rain/wind we would like to 
thank the coaches for their time and dedication. Best of luck 
to all of next year's players and thanks to the players moving 
on to senior team. 

Alisha Lakhani 

Clockwise from top right: Alisha goes after the 
ball, Cajidice throws the hall iii, Liz lights for the 
ball, Emo on the attack, Katie controls the pla\^ 
Team Picture: FRONT. Jessica Harden, FRONT 
ROW (L-R): Katy Hanvey, Candace Power, 
Whitney McWade, Liz Miller, Alisha Lakhani (C), 
Vicky Hope, Tessa Wood, Laura Langford. 
STANDING (L-R): Coach Taylor, Ali Sutheriand- 
Brown, Emma Campbell, Frances Banta, 
Suzanne Pellerin, Alexandra Paslat, AUie 
Hanlon, Emo Hanlon, Sophie Duchesne, Guille 
Lasarte, Coach McKirdy 


Sr. Girls Soccer 

Another season has come to an end. The Senior Girls played 
some tough games and had some great times. Most memora- 
ble: strange drills (opposite now! go!); Animal World Cup 
(Go Gorillas!!); Rico's scary voice (SILENCE!!); "Fly home, 
ET"; playing spoons; "Unlucky!"; "What you see!"; Audball's 
scary clown episodes; walking your cats on leashes; locking 
keys in Richmond; steak dinners; Mad Libs; aquariums; os- 
trich sightings. Love to those leaving: Farah Mitha, Margaret 
Natynczyk, Lacy Lauks, Kate (Team Thug) Poulrn, Julia (Jaga) 
Agapitos, Laura (Loudog) Argument, Ali (Alu, the Firemaster) 
Hanvey. Thanks to the greatest coaches we ever had. We'll 
never forget. 

Clockwise from top left - Allison look- 
ing for the ball, Julia having some fun, 
Audrey throwing the ball in, Audrey 
and Laura, Coach Day and Hardie 
'strategizing', Julia and Kate, and the 
girls walking off 

The Junior Boys Rugby team started their season witt 
trip to St. Catharine's to compete at the CAIS Natior 
Tournament at Ridley College. We finished our schedt 
with 4 straight wins. Unfortunately we ended our seasi 
with a loss to Colonel By in the Conference Semi-Fina 
We had the opportunity to play a touring side from Wah 
Although we lost, we learned a lot. The year was mark( 
by many memorable incidents: DJ Cheeko spinning tl 
tunes, G. Booth x 2 and so many bad decisions. We wou 
like to thank our coaches, Mr. Beltran, Mr. Middleton ai 
Christian Josiah for all their dedication. 


Clockwise from top left - FRONT ROW (LEFT 
TO RIGHT): Devon Lehrer, David Abonyi, 
Stephen Street, Sam Witherspoon, Ham Po Yu, 
Luke Witherspoon, Brook Simpson, David 
Heintzman, SECOND ROW: Michael Lynn, 
Chris Kelen, Francjois Lemery, Derek Sham, 
Fred Bergelen, Simon Clarke-Okah, THIRD 
ROW: Matt Grey, Marco Taucer, Adam 
Whitwill, Gordon Nelson, Nigal Allan, Anis 
Amdiss, Andrew Kett, FOURTH ROW: Coach 
Middleton, Coach Josiah, Nacl Alsafaar, Geoff 
Mathews, Tom Christie, Colin Nicolson, Mike 
Mcdonald-Beraskow, Graham Booth, Alexan- 
der Drury, Coach Beltran, the boys at work, a 
scrum, Nigal on the run, Mike going for the 
hall, Steve getting some advice 

Sr. Boys Rugby 

le beginning of the season was filled with great promise 
. the team performed admirably at the CATS Rugby Tour- 
iment, hosted by Ridley, took its toll on the team. After 
sing several key players the team struggled to make its 
ay through the regular season, finishing with a gutsy 
^rformance by a mere 15 players against a bigger, physi- 
illy and numerically, Hillcrest team. Despite the record, 
le season was a success. The team discovered Mr. 
fiddleton isn't as fast as he claims (thanks Anthony) and 
e T. V. role he had before teaching at Ashbury. Thanks go 
the graduating players and to the Assistant Coach Josiah. 

Clockwise from top left: The boys hiuddle, 
Coacfi Middleton watches intently. Team 
Dennis Sham, James Kenny, Richard 
Zussman, Tim Booth, Anthony De Jesus, 
Matt Runnals, Louis Roy, Alex Stubbing, 
SECOND ROW: Ryan Maclean, Michael 
Poupour, Matt Piggott, Dave Ouellette, 
Josh Elcombe, Alex Yeh, Alexander Patrick, 
7H/RD ROW: Coach Middleton, John 
MacDonald, Coach Josiah, Morgan Burn, 
Alex Jackson, Victor Drury, Coach Betran. 
A scuffle for the ball; Richard in pain; Tim 
getting close and personal. 

GirFs Rugby 

Dreams can come true! The Ashbury College Girls 
Rugby team, city champions, finished yet another glori- 
ous season with a much deserved OFSAA championship 
banner. This team is like no other. The dedication, hard 
work and heart of the players and coaches makes this 
team truly unique. So much thanks go out to our coaches, 
Boyd and X, who spend countless hours and devote so 
much time to making this team a truly great one. Thank- 
you to all the graduating players and the rest of the team. 
Girls, it has been a priviledge. 

Jess Greenberg 

The Ashbury College baseball season did not start off as well as we hoped. 
We played two disappointing games at Trinity before we had time to even set 
our roster. 

Our optimistic objective for the 2002 NCSSAA baseball season was simply to 
make the playoffs. In spite of the difficulty we had with rained out games that 
resulted in a very hectic schedule, we accomplished our objective in fine style, 
winning four games while losing only two and tying one. 
This placed us third in the East and set us up for a quarter final game against 
Mother Theresa. We started the game well, leading 5-1 after two innings. 
Unfortunately for us, our competition's bats came alive and we lost 8-5. 
Overall, it was an excellent re-building season for us. We have many exciting 
young players, making our future look bright. Special thanks go out to our 
graduating players Cam McWade and Alex Boulos. 


The Equestrian team coached by Ms. Wall had a very suc- 
cessful but brief season this year. In our first event, a "Catch 
and Ride", our horses were great companions and allowed 
the talent of their riders to shine through. We were re- 
warded with many ribbons and trophies. The riders are 
looking forward to pursuing more events next year. Thanks 
to Ms. Wall for being coach, groom and chaperone! 

Spiraling from above: Jenn, Ms. Wall, 
Caroline and Lisa with their first set 
of ribbons; Caroline, Lisa and Jenn - 
good to go; Jenn and her catch relax- 
ing after an event, Caroline and her 
catch awaiting results. 

Beginning play after the March break the 16 player team en- 
tered into tournament after only one week of practice. The 
doubles team of Vincent Mok and Olivia McNee qualified for 
the east championship while Jessica Harden placed third in 
girls singles. The senior team of Lauren Rock and James 
McMillan placed second while the boys' doubles team of Troy 
Puddington and Bavidra Mohan placed third. 



Sports Candids 

Clockwibe from top left: He shoots, he 
scores!; Kiera running; Andrew with 
the ball; girls practicing soccer; Sr. 
Girl's Basketball team resting; Heather 
and Danielle; Huddle! 


The Ashbury Model UN Delegation 
attended the Trent University Model 
United Nations in mid-October. The 
Delegation consisted of the following 
senior students: Daniel Holberton, 
Michelle Owusu, Fauzia Issaka, 
Margaret Natynczyk, Leah Shearman, 
and Joshua Sherman. All seven of these 
students were terrific at simulating in- 
terest in another country's foreign 
policy and in negotiating with full pas- 
sion for that country. We wish these stu- 
dents luck, and hope that their future 
endeavors will contain more interna- 
tional contacts. 


The World Affairs Group had another 
busy and successful year. We organized 
a series of speakers to discuss the theme 
of "the world before and after Septem- 
ber 11" following the tragic events. We 
also spearheaded the Red, White and 
Blue ribbon campaign within the 
school, raising $642 for the families of 
relief workers. Anu Chadha's cake auc- 
tion raised $900 for orphans in Afghani- 
stan. In February, a group of 10 del- 
egates traveled to Toronto to the An- 
nual World Affairs Conference. This 
year's theme was "Redefining Gender 
in the 2P* Century". International Day 
included guest speaker Lloyd 
Axworthy, a debate, and discussion 
groups based on the theme of "Globali- 
zation and a Changing World". Special 
thanks to all that helped out this year. 

Debating and Public Speaking 

Competitive debating events have 
crowded the calendar this year and 
over 25 Ashbury debaters have done 
well in twenty competitions and 
traveled around Canada as far away as 
Victoria B.C. The tournaments are re- 
gional, provincial, national and inter- 
national in scope. Most exciting was 
Sinan Baltacioglu's trip to Durban, 
South Africa as part of the Canadian 
delegation to the 2002 World Individual 
Debating and Public Speaking Cham- 
pionship in April. Meanwhile, the Jun- 
ior debaters in Grade Seven and Eight 
made their mark provincially at the 
Junior Provincials in Toronto. 

This year Mr. John Richardson ex- 
panded the regular program with pub- 
lic speaking and improv events which 
involved participation in the prestig- 
ious Saucer Tournament, the Nora 
McCrae Memorial Public Speaking 
Competition, and the Evening with 
Shakespeare competition in Toronto. 

ve: Chris Parkes and Sylvia Simson display 
award. Group Shot: Front Left to Right: 
B., Jessica G., Chris P., Sinan B. Above Right 

Sinclair excited about a debating award. 

The Winter Fulford At Ashbury: "B.I.R.T. History is Bunk" On Saturday Feb- 
ruary 16'*', 2002, Ashbury hosted the winter session of the Fulford League de- 
bates. Eighty of Ontario's finest debaters from twenty different Ontario Inde- 
pendent schools met at Ashbury to debate the resolution. "Be it resolved that 
History is Bunk." The over 250 enthusiastic debating volunteers who helped 
with the many aspects of running a tournament helped to make our Fulford the 
great success it was. Many thanks must be given to the debating coaches and the 
student organizing committee who combined spent hours prior to the tourna- 
ment insuring that the Fulford would run on time and without incident. The 
Fulford League will never be the same! 


Operation Smile kicked off its second year with numerous 
fund-raisers and great committment from its' members. 
Ashbury College still holds the only Canadian chapter of this 
organization. We successfully raised money for children with 
facial deformities, such as cleft palette and facial tumors. The 
funds were sent to fund these operations in third world coun- 
tries. We were able to effectively raise awareness and funds 
within the Ashbury Community. I would like to thank the 
Ashbury Community for being so receptive to our cause. Most 
importantly, I would like to thank all members and wish those 
graduating the very best in their future endeavors. Next year 
Andrew Robertson will head Operation Smile up, and I am 
sure he will do great things for Operation Smile. Thank you 
for your continued support and most importantly thank you 
to Ms. Wall who is our dedicated teacher advisor. 
- Peter Volynsky 

Grad Committee 


This has been a great year for the graduates and the grac 
ation committee. With the help of Mrs. Jowett and ^ 
Wilgress, the graduation committee, Jonathan Estabroo j. 
Jason Haney, Alison Hanvey, Ali Lakhani, Stuart Robins(|. 
Alanna Street, and Stefano Taucer, worked very hard ji 
make this past year at Ashbury memorable for the gra; 
and undergrads alike. From theme days, to the dunk tai 
to the infamous spy vs. spy, the grad committee thar 
the students for their support. It has been a pleasure rep j 
sen ting the Class of 2002 and we wish you all good luc 

Clockwise from top left: Jess D.; Chris 
T.; Arthur C; Troy P.; Jen G. and Jeev 
R.; Jess D., Peter P., and Jen G.; Stefano 
T.; Jason H. and Ali L.; Alanna S.; 
Jonathan E. 

I is year in science club we started off in Term 1 building 
1 fkets with our rocket expert Mr. Wearring. Construction 
;i )k place over lunch hours in October and we launched 
V creations at the beginning of November with great 
(.cess. Following that, we built potato cannons over the 
J ich hour with Mr. Miedema, our spud specialist, in term 
' 0. We never realized how far PVC pipes, glue and a bar- 
):ue igniter could launch a potato. Our year-end activity 
3(building hover boards with Mrs. Vandewint was de- 
ed to the fall. Thanks to the Science teachers who en- 
iraged and inspired us. 

Hjnce Club Picture: Back Row, Left to Right: Ryan Loviner, Dave Zeber, 
mus Faleide, Sebastian Peleato, Sasha Alder, Billy Simpson. Front Row: 
Wearring, Jeremy Knight, Bevan Wearring. 

Science Club 

Environmental Club 

-■■mall group of students has come together this year to 
( m a new Environmental Club. The purpose of this ga th- 
ing is to heighten the awareness of environmental con- 
ns for both its members and for others and to take the 
itiati\'e to address concerns within our own local envi- 
ttment. During the Fall term we determined what our 
;als for the year would be and participated in the 
Jckcliffe Park Clean Up Day in November. During the 
'nter term the members did a needs assessment for ex- 
;nding the recycling within the Senior School and then 
Jjt together a proposal for meeting these needs. It is our 
I pe that by the end of this school year we will have had 
ir proposal approved and have launched our new facili- 
is for improvement in this area. 

ironment Club Picture: Left to Right: Margaret Natynczyk, Subuhi 
I id, Cindy Ho, Jimmy Chen, Mrs. Ford and Fauzia Issaka. 

Outdoor Education 

While others slept. 

The rugged hemlock standing near our 
wooden lean-to exhaled a secret to 
anybody nearby - in a language, though, 
only understood by stones. The broken 
rocks at the fire ring passed along the 
message, translating, and a tiny mouse 
hollered its response, tipping leaves into 
tumultous movement. 

The hemlock whispered again, and this 
time, dried needles underfoot and a 
twig blurted back knowingly. Close to 
the water, the faintly luminescent 
canoes lay in the sand. Taking tiny 
steps amongst the chattering roots I 
headed toward the lakeshore. A bough 
of the hemlock reached out speaking in 
a fragrant, delighted voice. 1 knew each 
word, as if from long ago. 

Opposite page: Clockwise from top 
right: Catherine V.; Andrew H.; BJ; 
People looking avidly at the perform- 
ances; Laura A.; This page, clockwise 
from top left: Elouise B.; Matt the MC; 
Intense-MAP; Steph and Hilary the 
waitresses; Pia; Sylvia S. 


It is better to know some of the 
questions than all of the answers. 
-James Thurber 

Thank you to all those who contributed to the Newspaper this year. 
Editor: Richard Zussman Teacher Advisor: Mrs. N. Jowett 


Yoga is a new program of- 
fered this year and is spear- 
headed by Miss Desfosses. 
Students were able to re- 
lieve tension and build 
strength and flexibility all 
while practicing methods of 
relaxation and spiritual re- 

ncing is a new program offered this year at Ashbury Colle^ 
-2X Zarama, who is actively involved in fencing within the 
1 reat initiative and hopefully will continue in the future. 


;e and was implemented by Clockwise from top left: 1 he girls are 
Ottawa community. This is Releasing tf^eir inner tension; Jen and 

Victoria; fencing practice; Alex Zarama 
teaching someone to fence. 

Clockwise from top left: Andrew and 
Peter at the community service fair; Jen 
playing Bingo with her friends; Mrs. 
Edwards; The girls playing Bingo; 
Charley with Courtney. 


Diverse Rhythm 

Since each of us had our own personaUzed technique, we 
collaborated to create two very diverse dances in the Win- 
ter Term. Swing Hop's quirky choreography, theatrical cos- 
tumes, and complex music all complimented Bistro's showy 
waitresses and Latin backbeats. The Spring Term spilled 
into a range of organic movement in the first ever Ashbury 
Dance performance: "Uplifted." The eclectic evening, a 
combination of Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Tae Kwon 
Do, Gymnastics, Theatre, Music, and Yoga, was a chance 
to reveal our diverse individual talents. It resulted in an 
entertaining performance and a rewarding experience. 

"We feel the music consume us, and we cannot ignore its 
influence. Without resisting the sensation of the sound 
currents, we release ourselves into a fresh state of mind." 

Clockwise from top right - The dance troop, the Hot Boyz on stage, 
Marcela and Michelle pulling a move, Christina practicing, Catherine 
performing, Catherine, Nil, Anu and Anjali rehearsing 

By William Mastrosimone 

Theatre Ashbury 

Theatre as Education 

Theatre as Education teaches the essential skills of the thea- 
tre, but also deals with important, sometimes uncomfortable 
social issues. 

Through an extensive training process the cast and crew are 
taught to analyse the themes of a play and the motivation for 
the characters' behaviours. Experts from the community are 
recruited to ensure an excellent grasp of the complexity of 
the material and the psychological, sociological, and histori- 
cal context of each production. 

Education shines a bright light in dark places. Meaningful 
dialogue results in knowledge and changed perceptions. Stu- 
dents are expected to demonstrate their knowledge on and 
off the stage. This unique programme had drawn attention 
in Europe and Canada from educators and the media. 

Theatre Ashbury hopes to send ambassadors into the world 
as critical thinkers and doers. Theatre as Education could not 
exist without the support of the Headmaster, community, 
parents and students. 

How does one deal with evil without becoming evil o: 
self? Extremities asks this question powerfully and poi 
edly. Perhaps today, more than ever before, humanit) 
confronted with the issues presented in this play. All 
characters and students involved in this production h; 
learned and matured in order to answer this and otl 
important questions. 


Marjorie Anne Wagner 

Raul Reid Adrain 

Terry Rachel Azoulay 

Patricia Alexandra Zarair 

Supporting Crew 

Lighting Alym AbduUa 

Sound Chris Parks 

Mykal Johncox 

Stage Managers Jasmika Arnautoi 

Sarah Bragg 

Carina Siegmund 

Poster Dara Vandor 

Head of Front of House Alex Menzies 

Assistants Sarah Ingimrmdsi 

Matthew Runnall 

Tickets Briar Teron 

Assistant Director Paul Shinkman 

Artistic Director Gregory H. Simps 

Spring Awakening 

Spring Aivakening tells the story of a group of adolescents in a small town. The 
play, which was written more than one hundred years ago, is possibly the best 
play written about teenage experience. Like all the great theatre, this play raises 
serious issues but at the same time is funny, moving and life-affirming. 

Spring Awakening is about the abuse of authority and the repression of sexuality. 
It is a play about the search for self and freedom. Most importantly, it is about the 
need for us to create a world in which our youth must choose to stay alive. The 
issue raised, in particular the relationships between children, their parents and 
other authority figures, repressed sexuality and teenage suicide, are exception- 
ally relevant to today's society. 

Spring Aivakening is an epic play which will provide an excellent opportunity for 
discussion and debate. 

Cast and Crew of 
Alym Abdulla 
Jasminka Arnautovic 
Elizabeth Bragg 
Lauren Brecher 
Kathryn Bulter 
Joanna Dafoe 

Ben Filewod 
Noelle Lazaro 
Nathaniel Lyman 
Evan Millar 
Alex Minnelli 
Chris Parks 

Spring Awakening 
Stephen Rock 
Jeremy Runnalls 
Carina Siegmund 
Haben Serieux 
Peter Stewart 

Fiona Rask 
Matthew Runnalls 
Sarah Ingimundson 
Briar Teron 
Chris Toller 
Anne Wagner 


Haben gives his co-star a little talk; Noelle, Danielle and Liz make an agree- 
ment after a long discussion; Danielle and lover share an intimate moment; 
The Cast enjoying themselves after a long days work; Evan and Haben have 
a little argument; Liz concentrating on her prayer; Ben having a sad mo- 
ment in life. 


The editors, staff, and faculty advisors have spent countless 
hours working on the now largest yearbook in Southeastern 
Ontario. We have added colour pages, candids and the World 
Beat magazine to capture all the unforgettable moments in 
the past year. The Editors wish to thank themselves for their 
hard work, committment, and endless dedication. At the same 
time we would wish to thank our advisors Ms. Wallace, Ms. 
Vandewint, and Ms. Manchanda. Shout outs to all the year- 
book members: Eve, Peter, Fiona, Tarah, Troy, Alistair, Arthur, 
Andrew, Justin, Rajeev, Dana, Michael, Alisha, Zenah, 
Michelle, Jen. Good luck to all of those working next year! 
- The Editors (Katheryn, Peter, and Ali) 

sports Awards 

Clockwise from top right: Anthony De Jesus receives the 
Tiger Connolly award; Jess, Danielle, Ms. Gomme, Lacy; 
Graham, Steve, and Benn; Phillip, Bavidra, and Nii; BJ 
Siekerski; Dana receives her X-country award 

Junior Football 

Scout Team Award: 
Chris Toller 

Boswell Trophy for MIP: 

Simon Clarke-Okah 

Macfarlane Trophy: 

Stephen Street 

MVP Offence: Andrew Burt 

MVP Defence - 

Aniss Amdiss 

O'Brien Trophy - MVP: 

Graham Booth 

Senior Football 

Tiny Herman Trophy for 

MIP: Alex Stubbing «fe 

Morgan Bum 

Stratton Memorial Trophy: 

Alex Jackson 

Lee Snelling Trophy for 

MVP: James Keimy 

Ken Guarisco Award for 

Leadership: Stuart Robinson 

John Biewald Trophy for 

contribution to football: Tim 

Booth and Matthew Ruiuialls 

Junior Boys Soccer 

MIP: Marco Taucer 
MVP: Gareth Pugh 

Senior Boys Soccer 

MIP: BJSiekierski 
MVP: David Postle 
Arvid Paasonen Award for 
Contribution to Soccer: 
Stefano Taucer and 
Anthony DeJesus 

Junior Girls Basketball 

MIP: Becky Lauks 
MVP: Sarah Watters 

Senior Girls Basketball 

H.G. Bate Trophy for MIP: 
Denise Murphy 
Willis O'Connor Trophy for 
MVP: KatePoulin 

Field Hockey 

MIP: Margaret Natynczyk 
MVP: Missy Leger 


MIP: Vincent Lo 

MVP: Jamie Low and Troy 


Wright Cup for Contribution 
to Teimis: Bavidra Mohan 
and Klara Boadway 

Cross Country Running 

MIR: Kate French and 

Andrew Valentine 

MVR: James Macmillan and 

Tarah Hunter 

Lifetime Contribution to 

Cross Country: Dana Shiff 


MVP: Ben Mann 

Junior Boys Basketball 
MIP: NaelAlsaffar 
MVP: Tom Christie 

Senior Boys Basketball 

Snelgrove Trophy for MIP: 
Phil Nyirimihingo 
McAnulty Trophy for MVP: 
Chris Doyle-Kelly 

Connaught Cup: Kate Poulin 

Girls Hockey 

MIP: Lauryn Rock 
MVP: Sarah Lefebvre 

Boys Hockey 

MIP: Ben Mann 
MVP: BJ Siekierski 
Stableford Cvap for 
Contribution to Hockey: 
Josh Elcombe 

Junior Girls Volleyball 

MIP: Natasha De Young 
MVP: Sasha Lauks 

Senior Girls Volleyball 

MIP: Ashley Bickerton 
MVP: Danielle Simpson 

Coaches Cup: Ben Marm 
and Lacy Lauks 

Junior Boys Volleyball 
MIP: Andrew Mutter 
MVP: Brook Simpson and 
Simon Clarke-Okah 

Alpine Siding 

MIS: Marius Faleide and 
Brigid McCalliun 
MVS: Josh Nadohiy 


MIP: Jackie Tsang 
MVP: Bavidra Mohan 

Junior Boys Rugby 

MIB : Graham Booth 
MIF: Derek Sham 
MVB: Sam Witherspoon 
MVF: AlexDrury 

Senior Boys Rugby 

MIB: AlexYeh 
MIF: Louis Roy 
MVB: Anthony DeJesus 
MVF: MattRunnalls 

Girls Rugby 

MIF: Sasha Lauks 
MIB: Katherine Chrisite 
MVF: Jessica Greenberg 
MVB: Heather Maclaren 

Junior Girls Soccer 

MIP: Vicky Hope 
MVP: Alisha Lakhani 

Senior Girls Soccer: 

MIP: KatrinaRive 
MVP: Audrey Plaskacz 

Track & Field 

MIP: Andrew King and 
Andrew Mutter 
MVP: Stephanie King and 
Nii Addo 

Conatribution to Track and 
Field: Paul Shinkman 

John "Tiger " Connelly 
Award - Presented to the 
graduating athlete who 
exemplifies the 
characteristics of kindness, 
loyalty, integrity, and 
enthusiasm: Anthony 



^^^^^^^^^lll^^ ^^^^^^^^^ 

Spiraling from top left: Mr. Stableford 
& Mark; Ms. Kennedy & Simon; Frank, 
Bavidra, & Ms. Kennedy; Anne; 
Andrew & Mr. Tanod; Sinan & Mr. 
Coles; Mr. Tanod & Joey; Tim & Ms. 
Ford; Rody & Mr. Stableford; Sarah, 
Briar, Mrs. Manchanda, & Elizabeth 



Grade 9 
Grade 10 
Grade II 

Robert G. Moore Memorial Prize 
George Drew Memorial Prize 
Drummond Lister Award 
The Writer's Craft 

English as a Second Language - First Year 
English as a Second Language - Three year 


Grade 9 

Jobling Memorial Prize - Grade 10 

Grade 1 1 
Core French 

Fiorenza Drew Memorial Prize - OAC 

OAC n - Raina Shopoff Prize 






Grade 9-13/OAC - for improvement and 


Grade 9 
Grade 10 

First Year Biology 
Senior Biology 
First Year Chemistry 
Senior Chemistry 
First Year Physics 

Senior Physics - Ekes Memorial Prize 

The Eden-Walker Prize for Physical 
Education OAC - The Bio-Scientific 

Joey Brothers 
Briar Teron 
Anu Chadha 
Tarah Hunter 

Josh Elcombe 

Lucas Wood 

Andrew Huang and 
Liam Buckley 

Yoo Han Lie 

Subuhi Azad 

Karine Tawaji 

Jubarme Zussman 

Louis-Philipe Baraby 
Christopher Parkes 

Farah Mitha 
Melinda Sellers 
Eloise Ballou 
Sylvia Simson 

Guled Yussef 

Mark Higgins & 
Adrian Ebsary 
Zenah Surani 

Ashley Ham Pong 

Lauren Brecher & 
Bryony Wilson- Jarvis 

Joey Brothers 
Lavan Sivasundaram 
Fiona Rask 
Alexandro Dunki 
Sascha Adler 
Niall Filewod 
Stephen So 
Catherine Vincent 
Audrey Plaskacz 


Grade 9 - Snelgrove Memorial Prize 

Grade 10 - W. Ross Brown Prize 

Grade 1 1 - Dr. O.J. Firestone Prize 
Grade 12 - Ashbury College Prize for Math 
OAC -J. J.MarlandPnze 

Dr. J. L. Ablack Prize - in recognition of outstanding 
involvement and achievement in and contribution to 
Mathematics at Ashbury 


Grade 9 - Computer Studies 
Grade 1 1 - Computer Applications 
Grade 1 1 - Computer Programming 
Final Year Computer Applications 
J. Martyniuk Prize - Final Year Programming 

Grade 1 1 - Business Accounts 
Grade 12 - Business Studies 
Grade 1 1 - Economics 
OAC - Economics 
IB - Economics 
Grade 9 - Geographic 
OAC G6ographie-le monde contemporain 
Grade 9 - Geography 
Grade 1 1 - Geography 
Pemberton Prize - Grade 12 Geography 
OAC Geography - World Issues 
Grade 9 - Geographic 
OAC Geographie-le monde contemporain 
Grade 9 - Geography 
Grade 1 1 - Geography 
Pemberton Prize - Grade 12 Geography 
OAC Geography - World Issues 
OAC Canadian Environment & Economy 

IB Geography 

HISTORY - Academic Proficiency 

Grade 10 - Canadian History 
Grade 10 Career Studies 
Grade 10 - Civics 

Hugh J Robertson Prize for a Grade 10 Canadian 
History student in recognition of outstanding 
research essay writing 

Mark Fliggins 

Briar Teron 

Sascha Adler 

Audrey Plaskacz 

David Zeber & 
Julia Agapitos 
David Zeber 

Tanya Kirk 
Elizabeth Miller 
Naqaash Pirani 
Tim Herauf 
Sinan Baltacioglu 

Jeremy Knight 
Tarah Hunter 
Lavan Sivasundaram 
Sinan Baltacioglu 
Alex Boulos 

Mark Higgins 
Katheryn Viau 
Joey Brothers 
Briar Teron 
Priya Sen 
Catherine Vincent 
Mark Higgins 
Katheryn Viau 
Joey Brothers 
Briar Teron 
Priya Sen 
Catherine Vincent 
Fauzia Issaka 

Tim Booth 

Alisha Lakhani 
Briar Teron 
Elizabeth Miller 

Elizabeth Miller 

HISTORY - Academic Proficiency 

Grade 1 1 - American - Adam Podhradsky Memorial Christopher Parkes 

Grade 12 - World - Brain Memorial Prize Sebastian Peleato 

Ashbury College History Prize in recognition Jeremy Knight 
of outstanding history essay writing by a Grade 
12 History student. 

OAC History 
IB History 

Clive Baxter Memorial Prize for History & 
Public Affairs 
OAC - Philosophy 

OAC - Families in Canadian Society - M E. 
Jansen Prize 

The Michael B. Kirby Scholarship - This 
scholarship is to be awarded to a graduate of 
Ashbury College who is proceeding to study 
history at university . 


Grade 9 Music Prize 

Grade 10 Music Prize 

Senior Music Prize for excellence 

The Music Prize for Original Composition 

The Music Prize for Jazz Performance 

The van den Heuvel Prize for Classical Music 

The Music '82 Award - contribution to Music 
at AshbuT)' in their penultimate or final year 
The Centeimial Chon Prize - for outstanding 
performance in Choral Ensembles 


The Richard Burrell Drama Award - for 
excellence in Technical or Supporting Roles 
The Frank Hollington Memorial Award - for 
enthusiasm and dedication in Theatre 
Best Supportmg Actor/ Actress Award - 

Senior School Drama Award - for excellence 
in the Performing Arts 
The Director's Award - for outstanding 
achievement in the Performing Arts. 

Grade 9 

Grade 10 

Grade 11 

Grade 12 
Grade 13 

University of Toronto Book Award 

The Canadian Millennium Scholarship 
Foundation Excellence Award 

Danielle Simpson 
Lucas Wood 
Alex Boulos 

NiaU Filewod 
Tim Booth 

Patrick Welsh 


The Benko Memorial Prize for outstanding Simon Clarke-Okah 
contribution by a Junior Boarder to the spirit of 
Boarding Life at Ashbury College 

The Boarders' Shield - awarded to the Senior Bavidra Mohan and 
student who has contributed the most to the Frank Wong 
enhancement of boarding life at Ashbury 

Joey Brothers 
Stephanie Park 
Ian Rutherford 
Andrew Huang 
Sean Gillis 
Paul Bastianelli 
Jonathan Estabrooks 

Jonathan Estabrooks 
Chris Garrard 
Jason Haney 
Ian Rutherford 

Jasminka Amautovic 
Christopher Parkes & 
Haben Serieax 
Alex Minnelli & 
Rachel Azoulay 
Joaime Dafoe & 
Anne Wagner 
Alym Abdulla & 
Evan Millar 

Olivia McNee 
Jasminka Amautovic 
Shehnaaz Merali 
Allison Bechtel 
Subuhi Azad 
Alex Boulos 
Sinan Baltacioglu 


The Bruce M. Hicks Public Service Award 

The Coulson Trophy awarded to the Year IV 
student who has made the most extensive 
contribution to Community Service 


Mykal Johncox 
Alexandra Zarama 

John Brandon 

Alexander Patrick & 
Audrey Plaskacz 

Tim Booth 

James Keimy & 
Kate Poulin 


The Charles Rowley Booth Trophy - for the 
student who has the best record in sports and 
scholarship in Grade 12; 
The Southam Cup - for the male student who 
has the best record in sports and scholarship in 
Grade 13: 

The Beardmore Trophy - for the female student Danielle Simpson 
who has the best record in sports and 
scholarship in Year 5 
Roy Napier Cup - Spirit of Ashbury Sport 
Award - is awarded to the student who best 
exemplifies the spirit of sport in Ashbury by 
demonstrating leadership, commitment, 
enthusiasm and the highest standards of 

The Edwards Cup for the student who has Ashley Ham Pong 
made the greatest contribution to the success of 
the Interhouse Programme 

The Wilson Shield for Senior School Inter- Alexander House 
House Competition 

The 1 977 Cup presented to the OAC student Ali Lakhani 
who has contributed most to the character and 
spirit of Ashbury College 

The Nelson Shield annually awarded to the Danielle Simpson 
Captain of the school in recognition of 
leadership and devotion to duty 


Grade 9 Mark Higgins 

Grade 10 Briar Teron 

Grade 1 1 Sebastian Peleato 

The Ashbury College Guild Centetmial Medal Sinan Baltacioglu 

The Govenor General's Award 

Lucas Wood 






Back: Mme L. Morel, Mrs. I. Boyd, Mrs. E. Arbuckle, Mr. D. Polk, Mr. G. Valentine, Mr. P. Montgomery, Mr. I. 
MacKinnon, Mr. M. King, Mr. J. Merritt. M A. Aidouni, Mrs. J. Frommer, Mrs. L. Booth. Front: Mr. T. Street, Mrs. C. 
Edwards, Mme L. Perrault, Mrs. R. Cadieux, Mrs. L. Lahey, Ms. J. Boyd, Mr. A. Menzies, Mr. B. Storosko. 

From left: Mrs. Naish filled in for Mrs. Arbuckle 
during her illness; Mr. Armstrong took over the Mu- 
sic program; Mrs. Edwards - what can I say?; Mr. King 
and Mr. Street conduct their executive outdoor duty. 

Why do so few Ashbury teachers need to wear 

Because they have such good pupils! 

Back: 1. Cameron, S. Romanat, D. Soong, M. Burt, A. Belik Middle: Ms. J. Boyd, C. Perry, D 
Lenouvel, N. Chadha, N. Senn, G. Sivasundaram, T. Stieber. Front: S. Lyman, S. Ellens, B, 
Lazar, R. Kilpatrick, C. Hunter, R Merchant, B. Lazaro Absent: G. Black 

The funniest thing ever was when . . . 

I slipped and squished my science milk carton all over my face. Andrei 

I fell in the mud and had to go home to get changed. Greg Black 
when somebody told me a joke and I laughed. Matthew Burt 
when I was abducted by aliens, tripped over a vending machine, and 
got run over by a truck. Ian Cameron 

A person came up to me on the street and said I looked old, about 80. 
I told her was 13 and she stuck her tongue out at me. Sam Ellens 
I saw Ben Lazar do a very funny dance after he scored a TD in PE. 
Bryant Lazaro 

I was attacked by a flock of Senior School students and saved by 
mighty Ms Boyd. Ben Lazar 

Space aliens came and abducted me, they probed me .... It hap- 
pened! Sebastian Lyman 

I remembered I had forgotten my work so I had to run after my Dad's 
car. Praneal Merchant 

My pen fell on the floor near 8S. It was black, bent and missing part 
of the top. A few weeks later I finally found it in music class. Stefan 

I was halfway to school on my bike and I remembered that I had 
forgotten something at home, so I had to go all the way back. Nicholas 

Matt finally got a DT. It was only 15 minutes, but he finally got it. 
Gajan Sivasundaram 

Back: M. Petre, B. Chen, M. Ouseley, M. George Lane, J. Manley. Middle: Mme. L. Morel, T. 
HamPong, C. Bouzanis, G. McDowell, 1. Turner, D. Ross, N. Bray. Front: G. LeFevre, A. 
Revelo, A. McCallum, H. Garuba, A. Hunt, J. Connelly, M. Tessier, M. Brockbank 

The funniest thing ever was when . . . 

Sam Ellens tried to bum down the science lab. Brian Chen 
My Pepsi Twist exploded on everyone else but me. Hakim Garuba 
Students did monologues and Alex McGregor did his on a rap super- 
star whose name I can't pronounce or spell. Tyler Ham Pong 
At our second basketball game one of our own players shot at our 
own basket! The referee stopped him. Graeme McDowell 
In P.E. class when Ben Lazar did his touchdown dance. Joey Manley 
Nick Bray said "Pass the dessert particles, please," in science class. 
Matthew Pitre 

Mr. Storosko wanted to spray Matthew Pitre but he leaned over so 
Mr. Storosko sprayed me! Alex Revelo 

One day I thought I had accomplished the impossible; I had worn 
white socks! But just as I was about to leave Mr. Storosko comes up 
and says "DT! Improper Dress!" David Ross 

After we found out that Angus got 88% on a math test but couldn't 
hole punch the test and Julien said, "Angus, you may be good in 
math but you seriously need life skills." Marc Tessier 
Eastabrooks cut Angus' hair. Matt Brockbank, Geoff LeFevre, 
Jonathon Connelly, Angus McCallum 

Back: P. Beatty, R. Wilson, M. O'Keefe, I. Tattersfield,A. Clark Middle: Mr. T. G. Street, J, 
Armstrong, M. Bastianelli, A. Doran, E. Plaskacz, S. Miller, M. Estabrooks. Front: D. Tanghe, 
J. Haley, T. Simpson, R. Huntley, J. Russell-Brunet, J. Frank, A. McGregor Absent: D. Jedrysiak 

The funniest thing ever was when . . . 

the same boys got called for lost and found every Monday. Jason Armstrong 
Patrick got caught doing homework in Chapel. Mark Bastianelli 
Ashbury was winning the b-ball game, then number 13 of Ashbury stole 
the ball and ran the wrong way down the court. I've never seen Esta run so 
fast! Andrew Clark 

Doran was asked to give the Beatles their hair back. Michael Eastabrooks 
my hand got stuck to the chair lift at Mont Cascades, and I was dangling off 
it by one arm as it swung me around. Josh Frank 
Bouzanis tackled me during Mr. King's English class. James Haley 
Jonathon Connelly stuck a pencil in the ceiling of 8S and was caught by Mr. 
Storosko. Daniel Jedrysiak 

we spent an entire maths class talking about the page number. Alex 

when Bryant stamped on the school crest of an opponent at a basketball 
tournament. Sandy Miller 

Eric walked into the class with a huge comb-over. Eric Plaskacz 
Nick Bray got detention for definding himself with his belt.Julien Russell- 

Someone was sprayed with Stink Spray. Tim Simpson 

Someone bit his pen in French class and ink sprayed all over his face. Derya 


Patrick "pantsed" me on Elmwood property in front of an audience out- 
side. Robert Wilson 

Back: C.Amold, P. Sly, R. Vial, B. Toms, M. Dubrofsky, Middle: Mrs. I. Boyd, P. 
Pickering, C. Burke, A. Polls, P. White, R. Dunlap, C. Becke. Front: Omar Yusuf, A. 
Markey, M. Kelly, M. Lazaro, O. Zarakhani Absent: D. Leenan 

jl really had to laugh when . . . 

iCarson put about 15 or 18 frogs in his shirt at Camp Cameron. Corey Arnold 
Miguel and I put frogs down our shirts and on our heads at Camp Cameron. 
Carson Becke 

I figured out that there wasn't anything to laugh about. Charles Burke 
Conrad made Nushka (the dog at Camp Cameron) eat a frog. Michael 

Patrick Pickering sad, "Hey, it's my lunch!" when we were working in mold 
science class. Robert Dunlap 

Josh played wheelchair and he couldn't catch his basketball. Matthew Kelly 
a frog crawled through my pants at Camp Cameron. Miguel Lazaro 
Matt Kelly had boiled eggs for lunch in a box and they fell on the floor and 
someone stepped on them. Adam Markey 

Konrad fed a frog to Nushka the dog at Camp Cameron. Patrick Pickering 
Josh yelled, "I passed!" in French when we got our exams back. Alex Polls 
I sang The Twelve Days of Christmas with my drama class, and we changed 
the words. Philippe Sly 

Tais dressed up as an Elmwood girl for Hallowe'en. Brandon Toms 

Paul Markey sprinted onto the ice at Sandy Hill Arena and his skate guards 

were still on his skates! Rudy Vial 

Carson put more than 17 frogs in his shirt at Camp Cameron. Patrick White 
I tried out for the basketball team. Omar Yusuf 
1 saw Eric Walter's presentation. Oleg Zarakhani 

Back: Mr. M. King, J. Cromwell, T. Brothers, O. El-Sayed, Ramin Wright, M. Aquino 
Middle: S. McLean, T. Mains, M. Cook, T. McNeil, T. Doucet, A. Ouellette Front: S. 
Dee, G. Wilson, M. Rendell, D. Hussain, B. Alexander, K. Birgelen, Z. Logue 

I really had to laugh when . . . 

Konrad's skis popped off when he tried to land a 360, and then rolled down 
the hill. Brendan Alexander 

my friend slipped in the mud while chasing me. Michael Aquino 

Mr. Polk said Miguel's board game looked like the flag of Peru.Konrad 


Konrad ate some Oreos he found in the couch. They had been there since 
last year. Tommy Brothers 

M. Amine said, 'Tt isn't funny!" and he started laughing. Mackenzie Cook 

Konrad fell in the sewer at St. Donat. Jonathan Cromwell 

Tommy looked into his desk and said, "Where are my shoes?" Steven Dee 

a kid at my lunch table got two Dts in a row from the same teacher. Terry 


Mr. Polk caught Ben on MSN and told him to stop changing his font and 
start talking to people. Omar El-Sayed 

I tricked Zach into thinking he'd failed his board game. Danish Hussain 
my brother walked into a post because he wasn t looking where he was 
going. Zachary Logue 

my camp counselor, who was afraid of spiders, started yelling at us be- 
cause he thought we put one on his back. Scott McLean 
Tait jumped headfirst into a pile of snow. Tais McNeil 
Mr. King assigned us a false project and I believed him. Thomas Mains 
Matthew fell out of his bunk bea at Camp Cameron. Andre Ouellette 
M. Amine was about to give a detention, and he burst out laughing. Mark 

Ramin failed to make a jump on the hill, lost his equipment, and had to 
chase after it. Gareth Wilson 

a spider almost fell on Gareth's head. Ramin Wright i 

Back: Osman Yusuf, M. Cameron, T. Allen, R. Garber, W. Cadham, J. D'Addario. 
Middle: Mr. D. Polk, B. Coles, J. Mirsky, N. Behroozi, M. Sutton, B. Paterson. Front: 
Y. Kadota, A. Golkarieh. A. Yachnin, P. Tawagi, P. Major, P. Markey. 

The funniest thing ever was . . . 

when Michael and Matthew were arguing about obesity. Tim Allen 
when Ali and I went to social studies onthe first day. We had no clue what was 
happening. Did I mention the class was in French? Navid Berhoozi 
I when Alex Polls got duct taped at S. Donat. Willy Cadham 
when Michael attacked me for a tootsie pop. Matthew Cameron. 
whenCarson put frogs down his shirt at Camp Cameron. Ben Coles 
when we were assigned groups for our Wizarcl of Earthsea boardgame. Russell 
came in the room and we told him what group he was in and he said. "What 
did 1 do!?" Joshua D'Addario 

I when I hit the piano at Remembrance Day ceremonies. Everyone was laugh- 
I ing. Russell Garber 

in French social studies, Mme Perrault started to talk and I had no idea what 
she was talking about. Navid whispered "pencil", so 1 gave him mine. Later I 
found out 1 was supposed to write "pencil ' in my list of needed materials. Ali 

I when 1 saw the old black and white version of Tom Sawyer. Youichi Kadota 
I when Mr. Merritt got so mad he stuck his baton in the ceiling. Philip Major 
' when Michael called my fire in a can a hobo fire at the drama play. Paul Markey 
in grade 6 when David Leenan scored on his own basket at UCC. It cost us the 
I game. Wait, it was my fault too! Julian Mirsky 

when Mr. Polk was explaining "The funniest thing ever was when ..." and 
everybody was making jokes. Bo Paterson 

when Mr. Polk told everyone to tell me to shut up. Michael Sutton 

when Michael called himself an "intelligent pig"- Patrick Tawagi 

when Osman read his fable about the rabbit jumping to a fiery death. Aaron 


when Mr. Polk ripped my test in half because it was written in pen. Osman 

Back: M. Campanale, A. Assaly, J. Majewski, T. Jones,D. Cherney. Middle: G. Val- 
entine, C. Noel, M. Hurley, M. Hope, M. Lynn, M. Howard, L. Villiard. Front: J. 
Murray, P. Tross, T. Carroll, A. Lai, A. Bryden-Loiselle 

The thing that really breaks me up is . . . 

James' diorama broke seven times. Alex Assaly 

when I got to school the first day, every free computer I tried failed to 

work. Alex Bryden-Loiselle 

Michael Campanelli's laugh. Daniel Cherney 

about five fish have died in our classroom aquarium. Matthew Hope 
1 brought the hymnal book out of the Chapel by accident. Michael 

when 1 went cross-country skiing, I fell down a lot. Matthew Hurley 
the pictures of the Toronto trip posted on the wall beside the grade 
five class. Tristan Jones 

than Michael Lynn likes to hum, and doesn't even know he's doing 
it! Amar Lai 

how quickly new computers become old computers. Michael Lynn 
that Ashbury has no air conditioning. James Majewski 
when Matt and Daniel do plays in drama class. Jeff Murray 
that this is the second time I've had to think of something to crack me 
up. Peter Tross 

Michael Campanale's lame jokes. Laurent-Olivier Villiard 

Back: B. Reid, P. Lessard, JR Loeb, D. Orsholits, S. Frank Middle: Ms. L. Lahey, P. 
Leenen, R. Birgelen, A. Lightstone, C. Fitzpatrick J. Black, A. Caragianis. Front: J. 
Lotayef, G. Edelson, A. Burk, B. Kelly, J. Ouseley, J. Logue, M. Al-Hussaini. 

The silliest thing I ever did was when . . . 

1 said "Boy, are the dogs ever big in Canada" and they turned out to be cows. Moataz 
I Al-Hussaini 

I was trving to jump over a brook and landed in the water. Rudolph Birgelen 
t My dad" was working on a house and 1 climbed up a tree and stayed there for three 
hours waving at traffic and people. Jeffrey Black 
I threw a baseball bat at a wasp s nest. Adam Burk 

I was doing an experiment with a friend in grade 3 and the bunsen burner burned 
the bulletin board. Anthony Caragianis 

My head got stuck in the automatic doors of the LOEB because I wasn't heavy 
enough to register on the mat. Gabriel Edelson 

I was sleepwalking and fell out of the top bunk tv^'ice and woke up on the floor. 
Connor Fitzpatrick 

I pulled a shirt sticking out of a locker and discovered it was the shirt I lent last year 
to a guy that owned the locker. Simon Frank 
I walked right into a window. Bobby Kelly 

I dressed my dog up as a clown and took her for a walk. Peter Leenen 

We were playing Capture the Flag and I ran into the goal post at full speed. Patrick 


1 walked into a pole because I was talking to someone and I didn't see it. Andreas 

I was on a plane and I threw my soup backwards and it landed on someone wear- 
ing an expensive suit. I was two. Jarred-Ross Loeb 
I was mopping a dock and I fell into the freezing water. Josh Logue 
1 jumped into the deep end when I was two. I was fished out and I just jumped 
back in. Julian Lotayef 

Simon tripped. I didn't see him and I fell on top of him. Dan Orsholits 
I ran through a screen door going to a swimming pool. Jeremy Ouseley 
I ate too much squash and I turned orange. Brett Reid 

Back: A. Stinson, J. Ng, D. Cooper, P. Bourque, E. Assaly. Middle: Mrs. L. Booth, J. 
Hunt, A. Bryden-Loiselle, M. McLean, H. Smallwood, E. Huang, M. El-Defrawy, S. 
Kadota. Front: A. Poleski, J. Fitzgerald, C. Batson, O. Murray, T. Becke, B Manley. 

My funniest moment was when . . . 

I tripped over a garbage can and I fell in! Eric Assaly 

I was in the soccer goaland 1 couldn't get up because Harley kept kicking the ball at 
me. Chase Batson 

1 dove to save a soccer ball and I missed and hit Alex. Taite Becke 

1 pushed all 25 buttons on the elevator in Florida. Philippe Bourque 

for my first POTW my dad figured it out and he said my name 100 times so my 

mom got mad at him. Adam Bryden-Loiselle 

On a canoe trip 1 couldn't go to the bathroom for 3 days because I was scared of the 
flies. Dylan Cooper 

I was 3 and 1 went to a lake and when 1 saw the fish 1 bent down too close and fell 
in. McKean El-Defrawy 

on Grandparents Day 1 palmed a card when we were playing 99 but 1 still lost the 
game. Jacob Fitzgerald 

I was baking a cake with my mom and I put in the egg-shells and all! Eric Huang 

I pronounced a whopper "wooper" at Burger King. James Hunt 

I snorted like a pig when everyone asked what card game we were playing. Simon 


1 wiped out on a half pipe at On Deck. Matt McLean 

I couldn't erase the board because I was too short and Matt came and just swooped 
it off. Brendan Manley 

1 was at Eric's house, jumping on the bed to try and touch the ceiling and 1 fell off. 
Omar Murray 

I went skiing for the first time and crashed into a garbage can at the bottom of the 
hill. Justin Ng 

I toasted my toast twice. A. Poleski 

1 went snowboarding for the first time and spent most of the time on my butt! H. 

I was making popcorn in the microwave and the plastic plate melted on to the 
popcorn bag. Alexander Stinson 

Why do giraffes have 
such long legs? 

Because their feet 
smell so bad! 

The annual grade 7 trip to Camp Cameron is always 
one of the highlights of the year. We all get to know 
each other, and we can share activities and experi- 
ences. This year was one of the best ever. The weather 
was, for the most part, good, and there were no fatal 
injuries! On these two pages are a selection of those 
memories. Page 160, from top: Youichi ( of yoyo fame) 
and Omar (we think) share a quiet moment getting 
ready for paper-bag dramatics; co-operative games; 
Rudy leading the cheers. Tommy [eating forest 
^ treats?]; and attentive students learning nature lore - 
I or are they practicing sleeping while standing up? 
P This page, from top: Robbie Dunlap with a nest, or 
did he find a toupee; Ben, Omar, and Michael build a 
shelter; the boys learn more lore; Adam, Joshua, 
Steven, Gareth, Bo, and Willy pose. 

Voyage a Quebec 

Le 11 septembre, 2001, un groupe 
d'eleves de la huitieme annee est parti 
pour le voyage a Quebec. Lors de leur 
deplacement en autobus, ils se sont 
amuses sans connaitre les evenements 
de la matinee a New York. Enfin arrives, 
ensemble ils ont vu a la television les 
images horrifantes. Mais malgre ce 
debut marquant, les eleves ont pu 

jrofiter de toutes les activites prevues. 

Is ont garde beaucoup de souvenirs. 
En void quelques-uns. 

Je me souviendrai: 

Matthew: . . . du Chateau Frontenac. 
Jonathan: . . . de la bataille sur les 

plaines d'Abraham. 
Graeme: . . . du Musee de I'abeille et 

du bon miel. 
Nick: . . . de la rue du Tresor. 
Ben: . . . du traversier entre 

Quebec et Levis. 
Greg: . . . des restaurants 
Josh: . . . des chutes 

Derya: . . .de Kooch (cool). 
Patrick: . . . de la tire d'erable. 
Tyler: . . . de la murale et de la 


L. Morel et L. Perrault 

Quel est le fruit prefere des professeurs d'histoire? La datt 

St. Donat, comment tout raconter dans un paragraphe ? Ce sejour linguistique 
demeure une experience enrichissante sur tous les plans: des eleves enthousiastes, 
des activites passionantes, des animateurs sympathiques, et cette annee une 
temperature ideale. Notre voyage a St. Donat c'est toujours la joie de vivre! 

Madame Morel 

Doing our bit 

The Junior School has always been committed to helping our community, and this year was no exception. With our ann' 
'Fun Run' and our 'Wear a Costume for a Toonie Day' we raised $5922.80 for the United Way. Grade six students c| 
vassed on behalf of the Cancer Society and collected $2455.00. Boys from grades 4 to 8 read avidly for the MS Readatli 
and all classes participated in the Shepherds of Good Hope Christmas Hamper Program. Nine needy families benefit! 
from the generosity of the Junior School. j 



for the United Way and Cancer Research 

The grade 7s 

I ' ■ "'^ ' 1 IIIIIMH I III I'llllliHlll^^^^^^^MIW m I 

The year is full for the grade 7 
group. On these two pages we 
see some of the day to day ac- 
tivities that occupy their time. 
Sometimes it's hard to catch 
them still for long enough to 
get a camera at the ready. The 
middle opposite shows the 
whole gang just before we left 
Camp Cameron. What a great 
year was in store! 

In good form 

1^ \ Y 


This year music had many noteworthy 
highlights. The House Music Competi- 
tions were entertaining and showcased 
some of our talented musicians. The 
Wizards came out on top in grades 4-6, 
and the Hobbits in 7 and 8. The grade 
4's performed Beethoven with the NAC 
Orchestra and the School Bands enter- 
tained at the Winter and Spring Con- 
certs. Many thanks to Mr. Armstrong for 
all his hard work. Photos on this page 
clockwise from top: The Concert Band 
practising; Bobby, Gabriel, and Brett in 
harmony; the grade 4's on stage; 
Michael, Alex and Matt jammin'. 

Once again a large contingent of Juniors - the hockey team, the basketball team, squash p 
ers and all of grade five - traipsed off to Toronto for three days of tournaments, touring, i 
fun. Photos, clockwise from top p 168: the gang assembles at UCC; Sebastian soars at 
Science Centre; game 1 of the tournament - unfortunately we faced St. Mike's; Connor, ' 
geant-at-Arms; p 169 from the top: Jarred-Ross, Jeff, and Adarn clown around in the cii 
tent; SirBrett at the ROM; Jeremy attempts the highwire; Moataz, pool shark, just before 
ting down to a medieval feast; grade 5 debates a bill in the Legislature; Paul and Mattl 
test out Canada One while Josh looks on. . , . 

Ashbury'^s Live Poet Society: Reciting 

The Poetry Reading Competition remains a highlight in our year. Once again, we were entertained by twelve magnificent readers. They were 
(clockwise from upper left) Alex H., second, reading his original poem shown on p. 171; Terry D., first, and Chris P., third. The other readers were 
Corey A.; Brendan A.; Patrick W.; Sandy M.; Sebastian L.; Brian C; Joshua D.; Matthew C. and Josh F. Well done one and all. 

and Writing 

My Eyes Are Far From Perfect 

My eyes are far from perfect 
I'm myopic they say, 
I have tremendous problems 
Reading messages on display. 

The eights all look like S's; 
The P's seem more like O's; 
i guess I'm out of focus 
It's hard to see my toes. 

I started wearing glasses 
At the tender age of four; 
While being a major nuisance, 
I could see, not like before. 

But who likes wearing glasses 
'Specially when you're playing 

They get so scratched and bent up. 
The frames land on the ground. 

So much to my relief one day 
My doctor said I could 
Try out these new soft contacts 
Toss my glasses out for good. 

So now I wear these lenses 
That adhere to both my eyes: 
I can even change their colour 
And create a great disguise. 

And even more exciting 

Is the fact that when I'm older 

I'll get lasered like my dad 

And give my lenses the cold shoulder. 

by Alex Hunt 

What Will You Find . . . 

What will vou find in a dragon's lair? 

Aboard of^ gold? 

Digusting mould? 

Or a dragon's dangerous snare? 

Equipment for slaughter? 

Or a pool of water? 

by Peter Tross 


She is an empty being 

She is just a box without toys 

Her heart is part of the cold north 

And not the warm cities of the south 

She has never heard the true sound of her 


She doesn't feel right 

She feels like a left over 

She has no happiness, just like the wind 

The only way for her to be herself 

Is to find a way toward friendship 

A family to understand her 

Not just to live with 

To dance, to play, to talk and to smile 

That's all she needs to be happy 

Not everything in the world 

Just her family 

She finds her family living like she did 

She would rather have her freedom 
Not living in one place 
That is all, nothing else 
Just her happiness. 

by Dan Orsholits 

The Treasure 

The treasure 

So long awaited 

Tears welling in your eyes; 

Your heart filled with joy. 

Hours, gazing 

So smooth. 

So precious. 

Safe with you, you must keep it. 

With your life you must guard it. 

Slowly, you lift your shadowed face. 

Flickering in the candlelight. 

Safe within the folds and depths of 


Caress it. 

An irreplaceable gift, unique. 
From which you shall never part. 
In the eerie silence. 
Broken by the howling of the wind, 
A sound. 

The baby has awoken, 
by Brendan Alexander 

Top photo: Contestants in the 4, 5 & 6 speech competition from left to right: J. Ng, S. Frank, J. Majewsl<i, B. Kelly, C. Noel, P. Tross, P. Leenen, D. Cooper, A. Bryden-Loiselle. Bottom left: Gradf 
contestants: J. IVlirsky, P. White, B. Alexander, R. Dunlap, N. Behroozi, T, Doucet. Bottom right: Grade 8 contestants: C. Hunter, P. O'Keefe, A. Hunt, G. Mcdowell, C. Perry, S. Miller 
Speaking of . . . bull fighting, ghosts, Jim Carrey, West Point, zero, medieval times, sewage into snow and D-Day - those were just some of the topics that entertained us and broadened our horizons 
the House Speaking Competitions. Thanks to our judges, Mrs. N. Jowett, head of senior English, Mrs. M. Sinclair, head of sertior History and M. Brown and S. Peleato, senior school students, for 
difficult job well done. Winners and judges are pictured on the opposite page. 

The beginning of Brendan Alexander's 
winning speech, D-Day: 

I was pitched violently forward in my seat as 
our landing craft lurched to a halt. Dazed, I 
stumbled into the water, scarcely remember- 
ing to keep my gun above my head. A shell 
sliced through the air and burst into flame, 
just metres from where I was standing. I 
slowly began to march toward the beach as 
bullets cut men down, in a never ending 
torrent of fire. Suddenly, I heard an ear 
piercing scream, and a man fell face forward 
into the water, a gaping hole through his 

My name is Thomas Bawden, and I am a 
member of the 9th Canadian Brigade. When 
Canada declared war on Germany, I eagerly 
volunteered for the army, knowing it would 
be over in a few quick months. But when the 
Allies were not able to push Germany back, I 
knew it was far from over. The German 
blitzkrieg had crushed the French army and 
those of most of Europe, in less than six 
weeks of fighting. The Nazi power was 
growing, and I worried that I would never 
see home again . . . iXi. 


Clockwise: Aaron, Ali, Navid, and 
Youichi and their robotic arm for the 
grade 7 science IDT . . Jeremy and Brett 
with their tower construction. Adam Burk 
constructing his intellectual medieval 
board game. Ottawa Catholic Board chess 
champions: Thomas M., Thomas S., Dan- 
iel, Andrei, Mark, and Carson with their 
trophy and medals. Mrs. Booth's grade 4 
habitat hike to King Mountain where they 
saw the first surveyed point. At Ashbury 
we continually combine learning and fun! 

Great Guests and "Grand^'^parents 

The Half-Pipe 

big air 
big air big 
big air 
big air big 
big air big 
s big air big 
n big air 

o big air big air 
w big air 
b big 
o big 
a big 
d ! 




half-pipe h 
half-pipe hal 
half-pipe half- 
half-pipe half-pipe 
half-pipe half-pipe 
half-pipe half-pipe 

e half-pipe 
ipe half-pipe 
pipe half-pipe 
If-pipe half-pipe 
half-pipe half-pipe 
e half-pipe half-pipe 
ipe half-pipe half-pipe 
pipe half-pipe half-pipe 
half-pipe half-pipe half-pipe half-pipe half-pipe half-pipe 
half-pipe half-pipe half-pipe half-pipe half-pipe half-pipe 
half-pipe half-pipe half-pipe half-pipe half-pipe half-pipe 


BIG AIR.... 







Wizards Hat 


Hat is a 
Very magi 
Cal piece of 
Clothing. It has 
A point at the top 
And a large black brim. 
Some hats can talk and give 
You advice; tell you important 
Spells that your teacher can't hear. They have hidden 
Powers that should be handled carefully and with respect. 

771. Aquino, IK. 



Medals, gold, silver Bronze, 1^^ place, Z""* 

And 3'"'^. Any place is Good in the Olympics 

Because everyone is Good. Every athlete 

Is aiming for the gold but I'm sure they 

Would be happy with any medal because any 

medal signifies that you are a world class 
athlete that has succeeded in your sport. 
If you receive a medal it is a great 
Honor and you should be 

happy. Medals are 
Very nice to look at as 
Well because they are nice 
Colors and are pretty to have on 
Display. If I ever won a medal I 
Would show all of my friends and 
Hope that they would be proud 
of me. Winning an Olympic 
gold medal would be 
a dream come true. 


Encircled in strength. 
Surging with secret power. 
Silently he walks. 

C. Arnold 7B 


I was trying out my skis 
But lost control and hit a bump 
Then next I'm lying in the snow 
A cold and frozen lump 

My skis have fallen off 

But then I see them on the hill 

They're carving all the turns 

And jumping jumps with perfect 


They've got Olympic speed 
But in control they seem to be 
Progressing down the mountain 
Oh so far away from me 

M. Kelley 7B 



S, LazarO, 8S 

Rana^s Pond 



Eric Assaly 
Rudolph Birgelen 
McKean El-Defrawy 
Julian Lotayef 
Dan Orsholits 
Peter Tross 

Chase Batson 
Dylan Cooper 
Patrick Lessard 
•Justin Ng 
Alexander Stinson 
Timothy Carroll 


Gregory Gourmet 
Biil Board 
Biil's assistant 

Phillipe Sly 
Robert Dunlap 
Corey Arnold 
Tommy Brothers 
Timothy Carroll 
Peter Tross 

Government Guys 

Christopher Bouzanis 
Max George Lane 
Sebastian Lyman 

Michael Estabrooks 
Abdul-Hakim Garuba 


Mr. learned 

Police Offlcers 

Danish Hussain 

Terry Doucet 
(see chorus) 
Brendan Alexander 
Mackenzie Cook ' 

Benjamin Lazar 

Dramatic Directors 

Mrs. Boyd 
Mr. Menzies 

Music Director 

Mr. Armstrong 

An Ecological Musical 

Well gentlemen, you^re done. 

''Finished with the green blazer . . . Now you can use Vendoland legih 
mately ... you don't have to walk two blocks to see a girl your own ag 
. . . Those were the days, weren't they . . . you have your own 
memories . . . ." Matt Runnalls '02 

The fourteen lifers who have 
survived everything from 
grade 4 to 8. They will have 
their share of memories, just 
like Matthew Runnalls and so 
many others over the years. 
BACK ROW; Bryant Lazaro, 
Daniel Lenouvel, Andrew 
Doran, Robert Wilson, Ian 
Tattersfield, Derya Tanghe, 
and Michael O'Keefe FRONT: 
Matthew Burt, Chris Perry, 
Daniel Soong, Sandy Miller, 
Julien Russell-Brunet, Ian 
Turner, and Chris Hunter. 
Good luck! 

House Captains 

This year, the Junior 
School adopted a House 
Captain system. It was a 
big success, thanks to the 
hard work and dedica- 
tion of the first ever Jun- 
ior School House Cap- 
tains. Seen at right from 
left to right: Graeme 
McDowell, Nicholas 
Bray, Neel Chadha, Mat- 
thew Burt, Sebastian 
Lyman, Andrew Doran, 
Bryant Lazaro, and Alex- 
ander McGregor. Far 
right, we see Sebastian 
accepting the Pittfield 
Shield on behalf of the 
winning Wizards! 

U13 and U14 

U14 Bishop's 



Top Row: Coach Street 
Turner, A. Doran, 
Plaskacz, S. Miller, i 
Clark, M. Estabrool 
Bottom Row: M. Tessif 
C. Hunter, T. Stieber, 
Lazaro, D. Ross, M. Bui 
G. Lefevre, R. Huntley, 

Posing amongst their 
fans: O. El-Sayed, A 
Doran, T. Allen, S. 
Lyman, D. Leenen, B. Al- 
exander, N. Behroozi, Y. 
Kadota, A. Golkarieh, K. 
Birgelen, J. Russell 
Brunet, M. Hurley, M. 
Lazaro, C. Becke. 

The U13 and U14 soccer teams traveled to competitions in Lennoxville and Hamilton. At the Bishop's Tournament in September, both teams enjoyed success despite the 
disaprjeamce of their uniforms. The U13 team were the consolation champions and the U14 team continued their reign as tournament champions. In October, the U13 team 
traveled to the CAIS U13 National Tournament in Hamilton. There, the team enjoyed the on field competition, emerging as consolation champions, and off the field activities 
prox ided by their generous hosts. Many thanks to coaches Street, King and Valentine. . 

Soccer ... In Hous 

This year's soc- 
cer tournament 
was cheered on 
by the grand- 
parents. After 
tightly contested 
battles, the 7-8 
Wizards and the 
4-5-6 Hobbits 
emerged victo- 
rious. Thanks to 
Mr. MacKinnon 
for a well-or- 
ganized event. 

All students in 
grades 4 to 6 
participated en- 
thusiastically in 
the soccer pro- 
gram. Success- 
ful grade 4 and 
grade 5/6 Ot- 
tawa Independ- 
ent School tour- 
naments were 
held atAshbury. 
Home and away 
matches were 
clayed against 
^CC and The 
Priory m. 

- . ' * 

In the Junior School, we are aboi 
more than soccer, hockey, basketba 
and rugby. At different times of thj 
year our students get to involv 
themselves in a wide variety c 
sporting endeavours. These may b 
either athletic or intellectual. On th: 
page we see some of the student 
who participated in cross countr 
running (left). The Ultimate tear 
(below) continued to gain in exper 
ence, this year having more succes; 
Ms Boyd introduced Gaelic footba 
in the fall term and it was an instar 
hit. Other pages in this Yearboo 
show many of the other sports. 

Chess (if SI can call it a sport, so can 
we) is an ever popular sport. Syn- 
chronized back hatcheting made its 
appearance this year. We always 
strive to give our students as many 
"lifetime sports" as possible! Willy 
seems a natural at this; Ben demon- 
strates perfect form as the receiver 
and Tommy acts as the linker. This 
is a much more difficult sport than 
it would at first appear. Rock climb- 
ing, lacrosse, cricket, curling, x-c 
skiing, and golf are just some of the 
other sports available. 

Badminton, V-ball, & Squash 

Squash, thanks to Mr. Menzies, contin- 
ues to grow in popularity and success. 
The fire at the Rideau Club caused 
problems this season, but the RA Cen- 
tre proved a fine alternative. The team 
(left) represented the school well in 
Toronto against UCC. Team members 
were: I. Tattersfield, R. Wright, J. 
Russell-Brunet, N. Bray, M. Sutton, and 
M. Ouseley. All together, nearly 30 
grade 7 and 8 students participated in 
the programme. 

e Badminton 

m was extremely 
ccessful again this 
ar. The tourna- 
ent provided Ash- 
ury a chance to 
lam with ELmwood. 
?en right are: 
amin demonstrat- 
,g his form, and the 
iLimament team: G. 
cDowell, T. 
cNeil, C. Becke 
1 seated, D. 
ng, R Sly (the sin- 
es' champion), A. 
unt, and R. Wright, 
lax George-Lane is 
osent. Mr. King was 
le coach. 

Volleyball was again a popular spring activity. This year the 
7-8 squad finished with a 10-8 record in the Ottawa Catholic 
league, missing the playoffs by one game. Mr. MacKinnon has 
certainly raised the level of skill in the Junior School for this 
excellent sport. At left we see: Mr. MacKinnon, M. Estabrooks, 
A. Doran, E. Plaskacz, G. Black, G. McDowell, A. McGregor, 
and M. George-Lane. Seated are: D. Ross, S. Lyman, A. Hunt, 
N. Chadha, M. Tessier, and T. Stieber. 


Oh, What a Feeling! 

The Basketball program 
a winter favourite thanks i 
to the inspirational coach- 
ing team of Mr. Street and 
Mr. Mackinnon. 
The U12 team played har( 
and learned a lot in three 
tournaments this season: 
Selwyn House, UCC and 

Team members from Top 
Left: J. Black, B. Coles, 
L.O. Villiard, M. Hurley,/ 
Assaly, T. Brothers, M. 
Campanale. Bottom Left: 
A. Bryden-Loiselle, T. 
Carroll, R. Birgelen, J. 
Majewski, D. Cherney, P. 

Hoop Dreams 

The U14 team enjoyed an 
excellent season. Successes; 
included UCC tournament 
quarter finalists, Ashbury 
Invitational champions 
and OISAA League cham- 

Team members from Top 
Left: M. Bastianelli, M. 
Estabrooks, G. McDowell, 
E. Plaskacz, G. Black, N. 
Senn, S. Miller, A. Clark. 
Bottom Left: C. Perry, A. 
McGregor, M. George- 
Lane, D. Ross, N. Chadha, 
B. Lazaro, A. Hunt. Ab- 
sent: T. Stieber 

The U13 team had a blast in Vancouver at the CAIS National 
Tournament. They enjoyed the many sights, played hard and 
emerged as runners up in the consolation finals. They were 
also involved in the Selv^yn House Tournament. Team mem- 
bers from Top Left: D. Leenen, M. Aquino, C. Perry, M. 
Hurley, O. El-Sayed, S. Mclean. Bottom Left: B. Coles, N. | 
Chadha, A. Hunt, Y. Kadota, T. Brothers, B. Alexander. \ 

U-14 Hockey 

ir _ 


^ages 198, 199 clockwise from top left: Grade Four snow soccer; Michael, Thomas and Brendan on their way to the ski hill; Matt and 
Simon on their way somewhere; more Friday ski enthusiasts Adam and Chase; Andrei, Neel and Stefan; Patrick, fort builder, grade 
iixes dressed for the weather. The Friday ski programme was enjoyed by all participants. Many thanks to Mr. V, organizer of all things 


The Junior School has 
been running Winter Ol- 
ympics annually for 
many years. The Houses 
have a chance to com- 
plete in a variety of win- 
ter sports. The tug of war 
is always a highlight, but 
other sports include ping 
pong, hockey, broom- 
ball, basketball, squash, 
and badminton. The 7-8 
winners were the Wiz- 
ards, while the Hobbits 
were the 4-6 champs. On 
this page we see, clock- 
wise from top, Tyler and 
Scott broom-balling, the 
4-6 Hobbits' tug team; 
and Nicholas Senn lead- 
ing the mighty Dragons 
in the 7-8 tug of war. 
Many thanks to Mr 
McKinnon and to the 
House Captains for their 
efforts to make this yet 
another successful event. 


On this page we see, clockwise from 
top, the 4-6 Wizards tugging; 
Hobbits and Dragons waiting for a 
rebound; 7-8 Goblins, with Michael 
front and center, tugging: Josh of the 
Hobbits taking on three Wizards 
and; Tais serving to Ramin. 

spring sporting life 

U-14 Rugby standing: J. Haley, S. Miller, A. Doran, E. Plaskacz, I. Turner, G. Black, D. Ross, G. McDowell, A. Clark, I. Tattersfield, M. Estabrook 
T. HamPong, and Coach Boyd. Kneeling: M. Burt, B. Lazaro, J. Manley, G. LeFevre, I. Cameron, C. Hunter, and J. Frank. Below: the all importai 
scrum; Andrew, Eric & Ian , ' 

U-13 Rugby: Standing: P. Markey, D. Leenen, T. Brothers, M. Cameron, C. Bouzanis, A. McCallum, P. Pickering, O. El-Sayed, M. Rendall and 
Coach Boyd. Kneeling: B. Alexander, M. Lazaro, R. Vial, A. Markey, R. Garber, K. Birgelen, J. Connelly, and R. Huntley Below: 4, 5&6 swim meet, the 
:invel competition, grade 4's 'spring breaking'. 

Junior School Athletics Awards 

Most Improved Players 

Most Valuable Players 

U-ll Soccer 

Jeffrey Black 

U-12 Soccer 

Laurent-Olivier Villiard 

U-13 Soccer 

Mark Rendall 

U-14 Soccer 

Robert Huntley 


Rudolf Birgelen 

U-13 B'ball 

Michael Aquino 

U-14 B'ball 

Michael Estabrooks 

U-14 Hockey 

Andrew Doran 

U-14 Rugby 

Eric Plaskacz 

U-14 V'yball 

Marc Tessier 

U-ll Soccer 

Rudolf Birgelen 

U-12 Soccer 

Matthew Hurley 

U-13 Soccer 

Kondar Birgelen 

U-14 Soccer 

Andrew Clark 

U-12 B'ball 

Matthew Hurley 

U-13 B'ball 

David Leenan 

U-14 B'ball 

Eric Plaskacz 

U-14 Hockey 

Joey Manley 

U-13 Rugby 

Brendan A. /Konrad B. 

U-14 Rugby 

Andrew Doran 

U-14 V'yball 

Max George Lane 


Graeme McDowell 


Alexander Hunt 

Other Awards 

Effort & Achievement in Squash: 
Mark Ouseley andJulien Russell-Brunet 
Atom and Midget Division Track & Field Champions 
Justin Ng and Matthew Hurley 
The Lincoln Newman Memorial Cup Junior Division Track & Field Champion 

Carson Becke 
Alwin Cup to the Senior Division Track & Field Champion 
Andrew Doran 
Europe 86 - Contribution to Ashbury Hockey 
Geoffrey LeFevre/Christopher Hunter/Matthew Burt 
Coaches' Trophy for Effort & Sportsmanship J.S. Soccer 
Andrew Doran 

Contribution to Junior School Athletics 
Sandy Miller/Geoffrey LeFevre/Matthew Burt/Andrew Doran/Andrew Clark/David Ross 


Le Departement de Frangais voiis prisente: Litteratiire etActivites 

Le 8 fevrier dernier, des eleves de I'ecole junior sont alles voir une piece de theatre, Le Pingoiiii 
au CNA. Voici le commentaire d'lin jeune spectateur tel qu'envoye a la directrice de la troupe. 

Le 20 fevrier, 2002 


J'ai aime votre piece parce que c'etait amusant pas juste pour moi mais aussi pour les autres 
eleves et les enseignants. Mon personnage prefere est Sebastien parce qu'il a fait la seule chose 
que je veux faire des fois, il a suivi sa mere. 

Ma scene preferee est quand M. Pingouin et Sebastien ont lance des petits pains parce que des 
fois je veux lancer des morceaux de pain a mon pere. J'ai aime le decor parce que la nourriture 
avait I'air tres vrai. J'ai aussi aime le cochon parce qu'il avait le role le plus drole. 

Un spectateur, 

Joshua Logue 

Souvenirs d'enfance 

Mon souvenir 

Quand j 'avals presque dix ans, mon pere m'a achete des pantoufles de Bugs Bunny. Cela a 
commence quand moi et mon pere sommes alles au centre commercial au Texas en 1998. Nous 
sommes alles chez Sears et j'ai vu le reve de ma vie, les pantoufles de Bugs Burmy. 
Immediatement j'ai dit a mon pere: « Je veux ces pantoufles de Bugs Bunny.» Et mon pere a 
repondu: «Peut-etre une prochaine fois.» J'ai dit:« D'accord» avec un regard triste. 

Le lendemain, j'etais chez moi et mon pere est arrive. II a dit:« J'ai une suiprise pour toi Neeb>. 
A cet instant, je rayonnais de joie. Je suis alle voir ce que ma surprise etait: les pantoufles de Bugs 
Bunny! Je suis alle rapidement les mettre. Alors, je suis alle voir mon pere et je I'ai embrasse. 

J'ai toujours mes pantoufles et je les porte tout le temps. Pour moi, ces pantoufles sont un tresor 
que je n'oublierai jamais. 

Neel Chada 8J 

Le Champion de Turnberry 

C'etait le premier aout, 1999. J'etais alle avec ma famille en Floride pour les vacances 
d'ete. La premiere semaine, on a embarque sur un tres grand bateau qui s'appelait Imagination. 
On a voyage de Miami au Mexique. C'etait une expererience fantastique! 

La deuxieme semaine, on est alles a Aventura, une petite ville au nord de Miami. C'etait 
une ville extraordinaire avec des voitures exotiques et une marina pleine de yachts. On etait la 
parce que j'etais inscrit au camp de tennis «Nunez» au club Turnberry. On restait a un hotel pres 
du club. 

La premiere joumee, mon pere m'a amene au camp. J'etais de bonne heure, alors je suis 
reste assis a cote des courts. Je regardais un monsieur qui pratiquait avec des millions de balles. 
J'ai commence a lui parler. 

- Est-ce que vous travaillez au camp? Lui ai-je demande. 

- Oui, je suis ici pour cette semaine seulement, m'a-t-il repondu brusquement. 

- Je suis un etudiant du camp. Je viens d'Ottawa au Canada. J'ai commence a jouer au tennis 
quand j'avais sept ans. J'ai dix ans maintenant. 

II ne m'a rien repondu alors j'ai essaye avec une autre question. 

- Est-ce que tu joues beaucoup au tennis? 

- Des fois, m'a-t-il repondu avec un petit sourire. 

- Avez-vous vu des champions juniors qui jouent ici? J'ai entendu dire qu'ils sont 
extraordinaires, ai-je dit. - 

- Oui, ils pensent qu'ils sont extraordinaires, a-t-il repondu avec sarcasme. 

Je me suis dit qu'il n'etait pas tres gentil. II est parti soudainement en laissant toutes ses balles 
sur le court. Je pensais encore qu'il n'etait pas tres gentil. 

J'ai dit a la demoiselle au bureau que le monsieur etait parti et que les balles etaient 
encore sur le court. EUe m'a explique pourquoi c'etait acceptable pour ce monsieur. C'etait le 
champion du monde, Jimmy Connors qui pratiquait sur les courts de Turnberry. 
J'etais si gene! 

Alex Hunt 8L 

Mon souvenir 

L'histoire de mon ourson Horatio, c'est un peu drole! 

J'avais 1 1 mois et je commenfais juste a marcher quand ma mere et mon pere m'ont emmene a 
un magasin pour acheter un lit. Sur un de ces lits, se reposait un ourson. J'ai vu cet ourson, Horatio. 
J'ai march6 vers lui et je I'ai attrape. J'ai refuse de le laisser. Mes parents ont du I'acheter avec le 

Depuis, cet ourson est alle avec moi et ma famille a presque tous les coins du monde. II est alle 
en Angleterre, en France, en Malaisie, en Australie et a au moins six autres pays. 
Voili l'histoire d'Horatio. 

Graeme McDowell 8L 


Bright red and blue lights blaze 

from the corner of my eye. 

A tattered seat belt hangs beside me - 

Jagged metal spikes are all around me 

Shattered empty bottles on the floor 

of a once perfect Ford truck. 

The long grass pokes in 

from the missing window. 

The dark mud slowly oozing in - 

sucking and gurgling 

inch by inch disappearing 

deeper and deeper into 

the thick opaque wall beneath. 

Daniel Lenouvel 8J 

The Trenches 

A thousand bodies lie 

wasted in the mud. 

The brown sludge seeps onto 

the men's clothes. 

The barbed wire is still. 

A letter blows in the wind. 

Credits: The Boxers - James Majewski, 6V; 
Mask - Mark Rendell 7K; Haiku by 
Philippe Sly, 7B; The Trenches - Brian 
Chen, 8L. Opposite page Lions - Tim 
Simpson, 85 


Two Haiku 

Pain and agony 

it feels like a thousand knives 

piercing your body 

The red piercing eye 
watching wherever you go 
panic, and suspicion 

Between the Raindrops 

By: Amar Lai 

Among the 
Dreary raindrops 

The wonderful 

Whooshing wind 
Which moves 

Away the 
Clouds and 

Clears up 
The sky. 


U/f>otwif/ you /fticfin a Hohos boj^^ 


•So/ne sxrofjs. 

Or a bed ModB ofrocksF 

A./istoftfvhotheff di> ivhen he wins the /aftery. 

Or a brohen fiiece of his tieotJl wi^s fxit^t/F 

U/batwiff you /It^ ino hohds kec^ 

A. ei'eatn oftnor^y. 


And s/eef3ing in a rect/ b&iP 

Or nighhnores offieofj/e biffing bitn tvifb s^bAs 

And gMng bim tnany f30tii/er£i/ kfeks. 

U/bofare a bobos MostfiriZBd fbingsF 

A yroeery eart, 


4-ks fM> iveddiny riny^ 
■His dauyhfers leddf bear. 
And a strand of bis sotis boii^ 

By Jatnes Adctfewski 


By Christopher Noel 

Wretched Gollum with no hair 
Catching Goblins in his snare 
Feasting on their tiny bones 
Cackling as he hears their moans 

Gruesome Gollum in his den 
Casts his line for careless men 
Wants to munch on someone new 
Looking for a human stew 

Gollum has a "precious" ring 
Puts his love into the thing 

With his ring he'll disappear 
Making all around him fear 

Gollum hates that little Hobbit 
Ring went missing, thought he'd robbed it 
So he traveled cross a moat 
Sailing on his tiny boat 

When he found the irksome mite 
Oh how Gollum longed to bite 
When he saw that Bilbo's knife 

Gollum thought he'd lose his life 

Both wanted the ring, that's true 
How'd they decide what to do? 
Bilbo construed quite a riddle 
Thought with Gollum 's mind he'd fiddle 

Bilbo the Hobbit won, of course 
Using brain instead of force 
Gollum learned something that day 
Cruelty and crime do not pay! 

Xn "Une fifthjeg of a iragixxg- torifxre 
For ttxe last -time. 
By Tim. Ga^rroU 

hok\fi<^ for s^^^' 
c<xl\ti Qn (\^\oO 

scrape p^<^? c7f 

up eaSiep 



en 4-/^ ^' ^€qI p^pS 

^ ^ f 


Haddling and liopping in tlie liigKlands of tlie tiindra, arctic liares liop up 

lligll in a Imny. try Earlc A. S X^lailippe 

little lemmings love to live in lairs fying iindergroiincL l>y I>ylaaTL S iJ ustin 
Slurping up smootli salmon^ liarp seals slide do»vn tlie slippery ice. tfy Aaa 

Wondering tvalruses waiting to find wlielks. ty Birendan S iT acot 



And the award goes to 


Grade 4-5-6 MacLean Prize: Amar Lai 
Grade 7: Brendan Alexander 
Grade 8: Brain Chen 


Grades 4-5-6: Michael Lynn 

Grade 7: Philippe Sly 

Grade 8: Brian Chen 
Coyne Prize: Ali Golkarieh 


Grades 4-5-6: Michael Lynn 
Grade 7: Youichi Kadota 
Grade 8: Brian Chen 


Grades 4-5-6: Timothy Carroll 
Grade 7: Alexander Polls 
Grade 8: Mark Ouseley & Alexandr Revelo 

Social Studies 

Grades 4-5-6: Christopher Noel 
Grade 7: (English) Terry Doucet 
(French) Brendan Alexander 
Grade 8: (English) Julien Russell Brunei 
(French) Brian Chen 


Sebastian Lyman 

Library Research 

Timothy Allen 

Contribution to Chapel 

Thomas Stieber 


Tyler HamPong 


Grades 4-7 McLean Prize: Tommy Brothers 

Grade 8: Daniel Soong 
Choir Prize: Philippe Sly & RobertDunlap 

Brine Award (Citizenship) 

Jacob Fitzgerald 

Special Performance Awards 

Debating: Tommy Brothers 
Poetry Reading: Terry Doucet 
Public Speaking: 
4-6: Peter Tross & Adam Bryden Loiselle 

7-8: Brendan Alexander 
Abinger Hill Award: Hakim-Abdul Garuba 

New Sun Award 

Grade 7: Thomas Mains 
Grade 8: Gregory Black 

Guild Merit Shields 

Justin Ng 
Jeffrey Black 
Timothy Carroll 
Matthew Kelly 
Brendan Alexander 
Youichi Kadota 
Neel Chada 
Mark Ouseley 
Julien Russell-Bnmet 

Form Prizes 

Jacob Fitzgerald 

Simon Frank 

Michael Lynn 

Patrick White 
Tommy Brothers 

Patrick Tawagi 

Matthew Burt 
Brian Chen 

Joshua Frank 

Pitfield Shield 
The wonderful Wizards 
Bernard DesLaurier Memorial 
Mark Rendall 

John Hilliard Award 

Brian Chen 

Stephen Clifford Memorial Cup 

Sandy Miller 

David Polk Sr Memorial 

Neel Chadha 

The Woods Shield 
Graeme McDowell 

Sandy Miller: Stephen Clifford Memorial Cup Graeme McDowell receiving the Woods Shield Brian Chen: John Milliard Award for Merit 

from John Woods 

Xeel Chadha: David Polk Sr. Mark Rendall: Bernard DesLaurier Award Jacob Fitzgerald, winner of the Brine Citizenship Award, 

Memorial Award presented by Mme DesLauries and Alexandre with friends looking on 

Andrew Doran: Alwin Cup 

Contribution to Athletics: S.Miller, G. LeFevre, D. Ross, M. Burt, B.Lazaro, A. Clark, and A. Doran 

Dancing the Night Away 

. . Goodbye Grade 8 

Matthew McOermott/Corbis Sygma 

"We will rally the world to 
this cause by our efforts, 
by our couraye. We will 
not tire, we will not falter 
and we will not fail " 

— President Beorge W. Bush 

(1 H^^raia 


Paul Sakuma/AP/Wibe World Photos 

1" Russian President Vladimfr Putin ( 
and President Bush agr§i? to cut 

rgSTTfminals by nearly 
two-thirds. Later, Bush unilaterally 
pulls out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic 
Missile Treaty to pursue a missile 
defense system. 

<r Americans face armed guards 
and tighter check-in procedures 
as airport security restrictions are 
heightened following the terrorist 
attacks on September 11. 

'T' Japanese Crown Princess 
V Masako gives birth to aiaby girl 
— -lrrtfeueTrTt)Hr~TTTrt3tT!fi'generates 
fresh debate about male-only 
succession to Japan's throne. 

Americans face another form of ^ 

terror when anthrax-laced letters i 

are sent to members of Congress | 

and the media. Five people are | 

killed in the attacks, and clean-up 1 

of government buildings costs % 

millions of dollars. ^ 


Reutere/Paui Vreeker/Getty Images 

1^ Former Yugoslav leader Slobodan 
Milosevic faces the International 
Tribunal in The Hague for U.N. war 
crimes, including the murder and 
persecution of ethnic Albanians 
in Kosovo. 

4' American Airlines Flight 587 crashes 
into a Queens neighborhood in New 
York City on November 12, killing 
all 255 people on board. Structural 
failure of the plane's tail assembly 
app/tfg'ntly causes the tragedy. ~N 

' ;'Ol(i Aharonolh/AFP 

Violent Israeli-Palestinian 
confrontations escalate as Prime 
Minister Ariel Sharon and PLO Leader 
Yasser Arafat struggle to find an 
answer to their countries' ongoing 
hatred for one another. 

^ Twenty-eight youths are arrested 
for starting bush fires that destroy 
hundreds of thousands of acres 
of forest and farmland and kill 
thousand of koalas and kangaroos 
in southeast Australia. 

vl/ Convicted Oklahoma City bomber 
Timothy McVeigh is executed by 
lethal injection for destroying the 
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building 
in April 1995, killing 168 people . 

^ After Houston energy giant Enron 
collapses, thousands lose their life 
savings, accounting firm Arthur 
Andersen encounters accusations of 
unethical practices, and the General 
Accounting Office sues the Executive 
Branch for confidential transcripts in 
its investigation of the scandal. 

>^ U.S. and allied forces mount Operation 
Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, driving 

thp rporpssivp Taliban rprjimp from power 

4' President Bush establishes a new cabinet position, 
Director of Homeland Security, to coordinate the fight 
against domestic terrorism. Former Pennsylvania 
governor Tom Ridge becomes the first incumbent. 

4/ As Operation 
Enduring Freedom 
begins, the U.S. 
military airdrops 
food rations to 
the starving people 
of Afghanistan. 


- ^l- American surgeons in New Yorl< perform the first remote 
control surgery. Signals sent ttirougti fiber-optic lines 
enable robotic surgical arms to operate on a gallbladder 
patient in France. 

Researchers at 
the Mayo Clinic in 
Rochester, Minnesota, 
unveil a new technology 
that uses facial heat 
patterns to detect 
lying. Blood flows 
to the face when a 
person lies, causing 
dramatic changes in 
heat patterns. 


Dr.Yofaas Wikas, SPL/Pholo Reseait 

^ Scientists at Massachusetts 
General Hospital discover that 
beauty triggers^a tirafn "response 
in men that is similar to reactions 
to cocaine and money. 





Bruce Bedlofd/APWide Wmid Phoios; 

'^ Winter weather buffs are l^ft 
out in the heat as Ameripahs 

temperatures across the country 
in December and January. 

<r President Bush approves stem cell 
research, but only on cells already 
extracted. The research is highly 
controversial because extracting 
the cells kills human embryos. 

-> Scientists report that vast fields 
of carbon dioxide ice are eroding 
from the poles of Mars. Over time, 
this could possibly prompt the 
return of water to the Red Planet. 

1" On November 7. the supersonic 
Concorde airplane flies for ttie first 
time since the July 2000 crash that 
killed 113 people. Flight F002 
travels from Paris to New York in 
just under four hours. 

4' Dr Judson Somerville donates 
his own DNA to researchers 
who prodtiee the first cioned 
human embryo. 

1^ Scientists in Argentina discover 
several 80-million-year-old 
unhatched dinosaur eggs with 
petrified dinosaur embryos inside. 

•i^ Apple releases the sleek new 
iPod, allowing users to store 
up to t.OOO digttat songfites 
for on-the-go enjoyment. 

Porlu MiH 
Road Trip 

lop 5 eresk-Up vongi 
Ulortoul Tunes 

■t A new class of giant squid is 
discovered. The new squid can grow 
to lengths of 25 feet, and has fins and 
10 spidery arms with elbows. 

Reurers/Jim Bouro/Geny Imaoes 

1" The MR2 camera pill allows 
doctors to examine the inside 
of the human intestine without 
surgery. Patients swallow the 
"pill," which transmits digital 
images to a data recorder 

The Segway Human Transporter, a gyro-controlled 
scooter invented by Dean Kamen, is tested by police 
and postal workers in several states. 

^l' The AbioCor, the world's first fully implantable 
artificial heart, Is given to 59-year-old Robert Tools. 
Sadly, Tools passes away in December from 
unrelated causes. 

ABIOMED/Getty Images 

The American economy enters a 
recession in March 2001 , and the 
situation worsens significantly after 
September 11. Unemployment rises 
to its highest rate in six years. 

5-> Winnie the Pooh, fondly known 
I by countless children and 
I adults as "the tubby little 
I cubby all stuffed with fluff," 
celebrates his 75th birthday. 


H Popular shoemaker Vans releases 

a shoe of a different color — white shoes 

that turn yellow, pink or blue in the sunlight. 

Mamie Crawford Samuelson 

Scott Harrlson/Gstty Images 

1" M&M/MARS acknowledges the 
growing Hispanic American 
population with a new M&M's 
flavor "dulce de leche," 
the caramelized sweetened 
condensed milk mixture 
popular in Latin America. 

<r Hollywood pledges support for 
New York after the September 1 1 
terrorist attacks by making a variety 
of "I Love NY" fashion statements. 

4- Reacting against sexuality 
in advertising, music and the 
arts, young men and women 
across America join the 
"true love waits" movement. 

In the new arcade game Dance 
Dance Revolution, players 
watch a dance pattern onscreen 
and duplicate the moves on a 
corresponding dance floor. 

eSOBZ Photodlsc. Inc. 

'^ The Journal of the Americai 
Medical Association reports 
childhood obesity has reached 
epidemic proportions thanks in 
part to larger fast food servings 
and in-school soda machines. 

4^ Cover Girl turns lips into a work 
of art with LipArt. The new fad 
comes complete with stencils, a 
freestyle Hp brush and 26 shades 
for creating unique fip desii 

Extreme soda drinkers receive 
another huge jolt of caffeine 
as Mountain Dew introduces 
its newest beverage— cherry 
flavored Code Red. 

1" Bobbleheads make a comeback, 
representing not only sports figures 
but also pop music superstars such 
as 'NSYNC. 

<- Topps releases an "Enduring Freedom" card set 
featuring portraits and bios of many leaders 
involved, including President Bush and Secretary 
of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. 

"i* At 10:45 a.m. September 11, Fox News Channel 
introduces the headline ticker. Other networks follow, 
creating a non-stop flood of headlines. Each "crawl" 
rotates nearly 80 headlines in a 7- to 15-minute loop. 



The American flag shows up anyvi/here and 
everywhere as patriots across the country display 
their support for U.S. troops battling in Operation 
Enduring Freedom. 

about true love in Shrek. 

MTV, the first television 
network devoted exclusively 
to popular music, celebrates 
its 20th anniversary. 

e CBS's "Late Show with David 
Letterman" helps people cope with 
their emotions in the weeks after 
the September 11 terrorist attacks. 

Russell Crowe receives 
straight Oscar nomination tor 
Best Actor with his challenging 
role as a paranoid-schizophrenic 
in A Beautiful Mind. 


1" 1970s Swedish band Abba enjoys 
revival in the Broadway smash hit 
Mamma Mia! The musical features 
three intertwined love stories and 
over 20 of Abba's greatest hits. 

<r The Emmy Awards for Best Actress 
and Best Supporting Actress in a 
Comedy go to CBS's "Everybody 
Loves Raymond" stars Patricia 
Heaton and Doris Roberts. 

1^ The WB scores a flyaway hit 
with "Smallville," the story of 
Superman's high school years. 
The show stars newcomer Tom 
Welling as the young Superman. 

-> Actor Josh Hartnett solidifies 
his role as a leading man 
in Hollywood with a pair of 
blockbuster war movies: Pearl 
Harbor and Black Hawk Down. 

^ Entertainers and major TV networks 
come together in historic fashion for 
the "America: A Tribute to Heroes" 
telethon, raising over $150 million 
for September 1 1 relief efforts. 

sU Nintendo's Gamecube and 
Microsoft's X-Box enter the video 
game market to compete with 
Sony's smash-hit PlayStation 2. 

AP/Wide World Photos 

^ The Lord of the Rings: The 
Fellowship of the Ring, the first 
movie of J. R.R.Tolkien's fantasy 
trilogy, receives 13 Oscar 
nominations including Best Picture. 

4' Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks 
collaborate to produce the 
10-episode HBO World War II 
epic Band of Brothers, based 
on the best-selling book by 
Stephen Ambrose. 

■r Popuiai HB IV series "Buffy the 
Vampire Slayer" receives rave 
reviews for presenting an entire 
episode as a musical. 


4' The highly anticipated movie Harry Potter 
and the Sorcerer's Stone sets records for 
opening weekend, and first, second and 
third place single-day box-office totals. 

Kiefer Sutherland stars in Fox's 
Golden Globe winner "24." The 
show is delivered in two dozen 
real-time episodes based on one 
action-packed day in the life of 
fictional CIA agent Jack Bauer. 

©2002 Photodisc. Inc. 

1^ Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal, MGWI 
and Paramount movie studios discuss the joint 
creation of Moviefly — the first Internet-based 
downloadable movie rental system. 

<- Popular rapper Ja Rule is 
nominated for the 2002 NAACP 
Image Awards Outstanding 
Hip-Hop/Rap Artist for tfie 
song "Livin" It Up." 

Singer/actress Aaliyah is killed 
in a private plane crash in the 
Bahamas. During her eight-year 
career, Aaliyah released three hit 
CDs and appeared in several 

— - - 

4- Musicians join together for several concerts, including The Concert 
for New York City, to pay tribute to the victims and raise money for 
recovery efforts after the September 1 1 terrorist attacks. 

The music from the hit movie 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? 
becomes country music's top-seller for 2001 and receives 
a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year. 

'^ Neil Young's song "Let's Roll' 
celebrates the spirit ofJ I)e 

"""passengers who overtook 
hijackers on Flight 93 in 
Pennsylvania on September 11 

<- Colombian music sensation Shakira 
brings her high-energy Latin pop to 
the U.S. with her first English-language 
album, Laundry Service. 

To benefit AIDS research and 
September 11 relief efforts U2's 
onorecruits^mTisfElansto record 
Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On." 
Participating artists include Nelly 
Furtado, Fred Durst, Gwen Stefani, 
Moby and many more. 

Modern rock group Incubus 
storms onto the music scene 
with the release of the widely 
acclaimed album Morning View. 


Reuters/Ettian Miller/Las Vegas Sun/Getty Images 

1" Irish rock group U2's Elevation 
Tour is the top-grossing tour of 
the year, earning U2 the title of 
Band of the Year from both Spin 
and RoWmg Stone magazines. 

4^ Fatboy Slim wins six MTV Video 
Music Awards for his video for the 
song "Weapon of Choice," featuring 
a dancing Christopher Walken. 

Shawn 8aldwin/AP/Wide World Photos 

"1^ Alicia Keys wins two American 
Music Awards for Favorite New 
Artist in both the Pop/Rock and 
the Soul/R&B categories for her 
debut release Songs in A Minor. 

vl/ Country singer Tim McGraw wins 
five Billboard Music Awards, 
including Country Album of the 
Year for Greatest Hits. 

1^ Legendary Beatles' guitarist George 
Harrison, the so-called "Quiet Beatle," 
dies after a three-year battle with cancer 

^^ Rock bands like PO.D. use their faith to 
help bring the Christian rock/pop music 
message into the mainstream music scene 

'^ Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes 
Borland leaves the band to 
pursue his own musical career. 

<- Australian female string quartet 
Bond reaches the top of the U.S. 
classical album charts— despite 
being blacklisted from the U.K. 
chart for sounding too similar 
to pop music. 

AFP Pholo/Henny Ray Abrams/Corbis 

I I Sports 

After I^^H||^|P°"'V five games 
all seasow^l^wwiVP Lisa Leslie 
leads tfie Los Angeles Sparks over 
the Charlotte Sting to win the 2001 
WNBA Championship. 

In July, Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins the 
Pepsi 400 in Daytona, Florida. 
Ironically, Earnhardt's victory 
comes on the same track where his 
father died just five months earlier. 

I"' Snowboarders Danny Kass. 
Ross Powers and J.J. Thomas 
give th« United States its first 
medals sweep in the Winter 
Olympics since 1956. 

^ In November, NASCAR 
superstar Jeff Gordon 
wins his fourth Winston 
Cup Championship. 

DtiiO MaitWAP/mde Worftl Pnolos 

1" Former Georgia high school 
homecoming queen Ashley Martin 
becomes the first female to score 
in Division 1-AA college football 
by kicking three extra points for 
Jacksonville State. 

David ZaIubowskl/AP/Wide World Photos 

1" The Colorado Avalanche skate to 
victory in the 2001 NHL Finals 
against the New Jersey Devils, 
marking the first Stanley CU: 
for 20-year veteran Ray Boui 

vl' Future Hall of Famers Tony Gw^ynn, Mark McGwire and Cal Ripken Jr. 
all retire from major league baseball at the end of the 2001 season. 

Kevin Sullivan/ 

'^ The NFL season begins on a 
tragic note when Minnesota 
Vikings tackle Korey Stringer 
collapses at practice 
and dies a day later from 
heatstroke complications. 

I '^ In the first Saturday night women's U.S. 
I Open final, tennis ace Venus Williams defeats 
her younger sister Serena 6-2, 6-4. 

John Walker Lindh, a 20-year-olcl 
California native, becomes a prisoner 
of war after he is found in Afghanistan 
fighting for the Taliban forces. As a 
U.S. citizen, Walker may face charges 
of treason. 


thanks to the assertive 
demeanor of British 
hostess Anne Robinson 
-> The future king of England, Prince 
William of Wales, 19, enters 
the University of St. Andrews 
in southeastern Scotland.