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dA ^Gok of Unusual 

Compiled for the members of the 

Parent-Teacher's Association 

Oakton School 


Compiled by 
Mrs. Vincent M. Reed and Alice Eckert Campbell 

Evanston, Illinois 


This is not intended to be a cook book — in the 
ordinary sense. 

There are so many in which you can look up prac- 
tically anything you want to make — so many in which 
you can find out readily how many teaspoons of some- 
thing it takes to make a cup or a quart. 

This is simply a collection of favorite recipes, offered 
by good cooks who have used them — and who know 
them to be practical and delicious. 

So when you are looking for something a little 
different — something with which to surprise your family 
— take up this little book, and you will find what you 

The index is arranged according to sorts of dishes — 
so the finding might be made easy for you. 

And since a great many mothers will be using this 
little book of favorite recipes, we have marked with a 
star those recipes which make foods suited particularly 
for children. 

Printed by 


1033-1035 University Place 

Evanston, Illinois 


Cakes : 7 

Candy 21 

Cookies 25 

Desserts i ?i2) 

Luncheon Dishes 47 

Meat Dishes 53 

Meat Accompaniments 74 

Muffins and Hot Breads 7% 

Miscellaneous - 90 

Pies 95 

Salads and Dressings 101 

Soups 113 

Vegetables 117 


Apricot Cake 

1 cup flour 

1 teaspoon baking pow- 

/2 cup sugar 
}i. cup of milk 

Pour into small buttered pan about size of bread tin, 
lay cooked apricots on top (as many as you wish). 
Sprinkle with sugar, little cinnamon and chunks of butter. 
Bake in moderate oven, and serve with whipped cream. 

Banana Cake 

1/^ cups sugar 

% cup of butter 

2 ^gg yolks (beat whites 

4 tablespoons sour milk 
1 teaspoon soda 

y^ teaspoon baking pow- 
1 scant teaspoon salt 
1 teaspoon vanilla 
1 cup mashed bananas 
\y2 cups of flour 

Cream butter and sugar, add ^gg yolks. Then add 
baking soda to sour milk and add to sugar mixture. Then 
add salt, vanilla, mashed bananas and flour, and fold in 
beaten whites, Follow the order of mixing exactly. 

Mrs. E. O. Weidenmiller. 

Brown Nut Cake 

I cups sugar 
^ cup butter 
4 eggs 

1 cup unblanched 
monds, chopped 

1 cup grated sweet 

1 cup milk 
l1- 2 cups flour 

2 teaspoons baking 

Mrs. E. W. Hart. 

8 Cakes 

Blintz Torte 

Yi. cup butter 1 teaspoon vanilla 

Yz cup sugar 1 cup of flour 

4 ^^^ yolks 1 teaspoon baking pow- 

5 tablespoons milk der 

Cream butter and sugar, add beaten tg^ yolks, milk, 
flour, and flavoring.. Put this dough on buttered cake 
tins, then beat four ^^^ whites till stiff and dry and beat 
in one cup powdered sugar till stiff. Put this mixture 
over the cake dough, cut almonds over the meringue 
and bake in moderate oven twenty or twenty-five min- 
utes. Between the layers put a custard made of one ^ZZy 
1 cup of milk, two teaspoons sugar and one teaspoon 
vanilla, cooked in double boiler until stiff. 

Mrs. Ferrone. 

Chocolate Cake 

Part I. Yz cup strong coffee 

y^ cup grated chocolate ^ cup brown sugar 
Put in sauce pan and cook until thick. Set aside 

to cool. 

Part II. 1 teaspoon baking soda 

1 cup brown sugar 1 teaspoon baking pow- 
Y2 cup butter der 

Y2. cup strong coffee 1^ cups flour 

2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 
Cream butter and sugar, add coffee, eggs, and Part 

I. Add flour, sifted with soda and baking powder. Bake 
in layers, and use Mocha frosting. 

Mrs. O. R. Marxsen, Jr. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 

Chocolate Loaf Cake 

Yi cup butter ^ teaspoon salt 
Yz cup sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 
Yolks of four eggs 2 squares of chocolate 
Yz cup milk melted in five table- 
ts cups flour spoons of hot water 
2 teaspoons baking 

Cream butter and sugar, add ^^^ yolks and beat well. 
Add chocolate, then vanilla, flour and baking powder. 
Lastly fold in the whites of the eggs, beaten stiff, and 
bake in a loaf pan for one hour. 

Mrs. E. O. Weidenmiller. 

Chocolate Surprise Cakes 

XYi cups flour, sifted 1^ squares chocolate 

^ cup sugar . 1 tablespoon melted 

1 teaspoon soda shortening 

1 cup thick cream or 

Beat until smooth. Bake for twenty minutes in 
muflin tins. Cut out center of each, fill with whipped 
cream, replace crust and cover with chocolate icing. 

Ruth Salter. 

Devil's Food Cake 

2 cups sugar Y^ cup sour milk 
Yz cup butter 2^ cups flour 

3 eggs 1 teaspoon soda 

1 cup coffee 1 teaspoon vanilla 

Y2 cup cocoa (dry) 



Christmas Pecan Cake 

1 pound sugar 
Yz pound butter 
6 eggs 

1 pound white raisins 
1 pound flour 
1 teaspoon baking pow- 
1 pound pecan meats 

Bake slowly for three hours in a tube pan lined with 
seven of heavy brown paper. Slice thin. 

Mrs. V. M. Reed. 

2 teaspoons grated nut- 
meb, dissolved in wine 
glass of brandy or 
Yz pound candied cher- 
ries and pineapple 
may be added to half 
the amount of raisins 

Dark Fruit 

1 pound granulated 

1 pound butter or sub- 

8 eggs 

2 pounds raisins 
y2 pound currants 
Yz pound citron 
Yz pound figs 

1 pound shelled nuts 
4 apples 
Bake slowly. 


1 tablespoon molasses 
1 cup sour milk 
1 cup grape juice 

1 teaspoon soda 

2 teaspoons each cinna- 
mon, cloves and nut- 

1% pounds Swan's 

Down cake flour 
2 teaspoons baking 

Mrs. Lindemann. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 11 

Dutch Apple Cake 

\y2 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon baking pow- 

2y2 tablespoons sugar der 

y^ teaspoon salt Water to make soft 


Sift dry ingredients. Work butter in with knife. 
Add beaten ^gg and water. Handle very lightly. Put 
in square shallow pan and fill with sliced apples. On 
top put the following mixture : 

^ cup sugar 3^ teaspoon cinnamon 

2 tablespoons flour 

Bake until apples are soft. 

Mrs. J. A. Lytle. 

French Pastry Cake 

2 cups sugar ^ cup cocoa, dissolved 
y2 cup butter in ^ cup boiling 

3 &gg yolks . coffee 
^ teaspoon baking soda, 

dissolved in ^^ cup 
milk or cream 

Let cool, add 3 cups flour and 3 beaten tgg whites, 
flavor if desired. 


3 cups powdered sugar 6 tablespoons butter 
6 tablespoons cocoa 6 tablespoons hot coffee 

Mrs. O. G. Balfour. 

12 Cakes 

Graham Cracker Torte 

2 tablespoons butter 1 cup milk 

1 cup sugar 24 graham crackers, 

4 eggs, separated ground fine 

Yt. cup shredded cocoa- 2 teaspoons baking 
nut or chopped nuts powder 

2 teaspoons vanilla 

Cream butter and sugar, add yolks of eggs well 
beaten, and milk alternately with cocoanut, baking pow- 
der and crackers. Fold in stiffly beaten whites, bake 
in two layers and frost with butter cream flavored with 
almond, ' Mrs. LeRoy Nelson Sweet 

Meringue Cake 

Yz cup butter and Yt. 1 cup flour 

cup sugar creamed ^ teaspoon salt 

together 1 teaspoon baking pow- 

3 ^^^ yolks der 

5 tablespoons milk 


3 ^^% whites beaten stifif ^ c u p blanched al- 

with pinch of salt monds or walnuts 

1 cup sugar added slow- 

Spread batter in layer pan, spread meringue over 
batter and bake slowly one half hour. 


1 beaten ^^^ 1 cup sugar mixed with 

1 teaspoon vanilla two scant tablespoons 

1 cup milk corn starch 

Cook in double boiler until thick. 

When cake is cold cut in half, spread custard be- 
tween halves to make layer cake. Serve as dessert with 
whipped cream. Mrs. William G. Clark. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 13 

Never Fail Devil's Food Cake 

2 tablespoons butter 2 eggs, separated 

\y2 cups Swansdown ^ teaspoon salt 


1 cup sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla 

1 cup sour milk or 2 squares chocolate 

cream 1 teaspoon baking soda 

Cream butter and sugar, add yolks then flour and 
milk alternately. The soda should be beaten into the 
milk before using. Then add chocolate, vanilla, and fold 
in whites. 

Mrs. LeRoy Nelson Sweet. 

Nun's Cake 

1 cup butter 2^ teaspoons baking 

13^ cups powdered powder 

sugar J4 teaspoon salt 

Yolks of 5 eggs 3 teaspoons caraway 

Whites of 2 eggs seed 

^ cup milk 2 teaspoons rose water 

^2 teaspoon cinnamon 

3 cups flour extract 

Beat butter until creamy, add sugar and tgg yolks, 
stir in unbeaten tgg whites and beat for one minute. Add 
flour, milk and flavorings. Bake in a moderate oven. 

Pineapple Filling for Sponge or Ice Box Cake 

1 can (small) grated 2 teaspoons water 
pineapple ^ cup corn starch 

1 small cup sugar 

Cook until thick and cool. Add half pint whipped 

Nell Graham. 

14 Cakes 

Pound Cake 

Cream 1 cup butter; add gradually 1^ cups sugar. 
Cream well. Break into this 5 eggs, one at a time, beat- 
ing well after each egg. Then add 2 cups well sifted 
flour. Flavoring. May add citron. For flavoring, a 
combination of almond, lemon and vanilla extracts is 

Mrs. R. D. Sampson. 

Russian Torte \ 

(Angel Food Cake) 
1 cup egg whites l}^ cups sugar 

34 teaspoon salt 1 cup cake flour 

4 tablespoons water 1 teaspoon vanilla or al- 

1 teaspoon cream of tar- mond extract 

tar ^ 

Boil sugar and water until it threads. Pour over the 
beaten egg whites. Add flavoring and beat until cold. 
Mix and sift flour, cream of tartar and salt several times 
and fold gradually into egg mixture. Bake fifty minutes 
in moderate oven keeping covered with heavy brown 
paper for the first fifteen minutes. 


Soak two tablespoons granulated gelatine in one 
fourth cup of water for five minutes. Let stand over 
boiling water to dissolve. Add one cup powdered sugar, 
two tablespoons strong coffee and one eighth teaspoon 
salt. Let this mixture stand. Then take eight egg yolks, 
beaten well, and add one pint of heavy cream and a tea- 
spoon of vanilla. Combine the two mixtures and beat 

Cut the angel food cake into two unequal layers and 
spread the mixture between the layers and over the top 
and sides. Sprinkle with chopped roasted, brown al- 
monds. A delicious dessert. 

Mrs. Thomas Roy. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 15 

Simple Frosting 

1 cup sugar 3 tablespoons cold 

1 egg white water 

Put ingredients into the upper half of a double boiler 
when the water in the lower half has come to a boil. Beat 
the three, together while cooking, with a Dover beater, 
for seven minutes. Add a teaspoon of vanilla and a pinch 
of salt and spread on cake. To vary frosting, add a tea- 
spoon of cocoa before cooking or chopped nuts and cher- 
ries after cooking. 

Helen Hawk Carlisle. 

Sour Cream Cake 

2 eggs beaten and add- 1^ cups flour 

ed to a cup of sour 1 teaspoon baking pow- 
cream der 

^2 teaspoon soda ^ teaspoon salt 

1 cup sugar 

Beat all together and add 1 cup raisins and nutmeats. 

Sift flour, baking powder and salt together. Then 
beat together and add 1 cup raisins and nutmeats. 

Mrs. E. H. Payne. 

Spice Cake 

1 cup butter 1 teaspoon cloves 

1^ cups sugar 1 teaspoon nutmeg 

1 cup sour milk 2 cups flour 

3 eggs 1 small teaspoon soda 

2 cups currants, raisins dissolved in the sour 
or blueberries milk 

3 teaspoons cinnamon 

Mrs. Burton. 

16 Cakes 

Sponge Cake 

3 eggs \y2 teaspoons baking 

1 cup sugar powder 

y2 cup water ^ teaspoon salt 

1/^ cups cake flour ^ teaspoon vanilla 

Beat whites of eggs in mixing bowl, then add one 
yolk at a time and continue beating. Add sugar grad- 
ually, then half of the water and half the flour, then re- 
maining water and flour and flavoring. Use only a Dover 
beater in mixing the cake. Bake in moderate oven. Very 
good baked in two layers. 

Mrs. E. Larson. 

Sunshine Layer Cake 

5 tgg yolks 1 cup sugar 

^ cup sweet milk 3^ teaspoon soda and 1 

\yz cups flour teaspoon cream of 

1 teaspoon vanilla ^ tartar added to flour 

White Layer 

5 ^gg whites beaten stiff ^ cup pastry flour 

with pinch of salt 1 teaspoon cream of tar- 

Scant ^ cup sugar tar 

Sift flour and cream of tartar several times. 


1 cup sour cream 3 tablespoons sugar 

1 &gg 1 teaspoon corn starch 

Boil slowly until thick. Add nuts if desired. 

Mrs. E. W. Hart. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 17 

Surprise Crullers 

Beat two eggs lightly and add half teaspoon salt, 
half cup sugar and the grated rind of one orange. Mix 
together two cups sifted flour and one and a half tea- 
spoons baking powder. Combine the two mixtures and 
add a fourth cup of milk. Roll out in two sheets and 
cut in rounds, an inch and a half in diameter. In the 
centers of half the rounds place a quarter of a teaspoon 
of orange marmalade, two seeded raisins and a pinch 
of ground cinnamon. Cover with the other round, press 
the edges together firmly and fry in deep hot fat. Drain 
on brown paper and roll in powdered sugar. 

Mrs. Lydia B. Dorsey. 

Upside Down Cake 

In bottom of round cake pan spread 1^ cups brown 
sugar and 2 tablespoons butter. Place 5 or 6 slices of 
pineapple on top and pour over them the following batter, 
and bake slowly one hour. 


Beat 15^ cups sugar and three egg yolks for fifteen 
minutes. Add alternately ^ cup of water or pineapple 
juice and 1^ cups of flour until used. Add 1^ teaspoons 
baking powder, 1 teaspoon vanilla and a pinch of salt. 
Add beaten egg whites. Invert cake and put Maraschino 
cherries in centers of pineapple. Serve with whipped 



Mary Pearl Williams. 



White Fruit Cake 

Yi cup butter 
1 cup sugar 
\y^ cups cake flour 
1 teaspoon baking pow- 
34 teaspoon salt 
Yt. cup chopped almonds 

^ cup grated cocoanut 
Yz cup finely cut citron 
Yz cup Sultana raisins 
Yi. teaspoon each al- 
mond and vanilla ex- 
5 ^^^ whites 

Mrs. Ivindemann. 


Butter Scotch 

2 cups sugar ^ cup water 

Yi teaspoon vanilla Yz cup syrup 

Yi teaspoon salt Butter, size of an ^%% 

Boil without stirring until, when tried in cold water, 
the mixture becomes brittle. 

Mrs. Burton. 

Chocolate Fudge 

2 cups sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa 

Yi cup cream ^ teaspoon salt 

Y2 cup milk 3 tablespoons butter 

1 heaping tablespoon 1 teaspoon vanilla 
corn starch 

Boil sugar, cream, and milk. Mix cocoa, corn starch, 
and salt, and add to the boiling mixture. Boil until a 
soft ball is formed in water. Add butter and boil until 
melted. Pour a little of the mixture into a soup plate, 
a little into a second plate, a little into a third plate. Con- 
tinue adding a little to each until it is all poured. Beat 
what is left sticking to the pan. If it turns hard while 
still hot, add a few drops of cream to the fudge mixture 
before beating, but do this only after the contents of the 
three plates are fully cooled. Beat the fudge until it can 
be dropped in small pieces on waxed paper. The vanilla 
must be added before beating. 

Mrs. Lydia B. Dorsey. 

22 Candies 

Cocoanut Taffy 

1 small can Red Label 2 cups shredded cocoa- 

Karo nut 

3 cups sugar 1 small can Carnation 

1 large tablespoon but- Milk 


Put on stove and cook until it forms a firm ball in 
cold water. Stir to keep from burning. Pour out thin 
in buttered pans. 

Mrs. David E. Walker. 

Date Nut Roll 

3 cups sugar 1 cup milk 

Boil together, and add a heaping tablespoon of but- 
ter, 1 box of dates cut fine and cook until thick. Beat 
until cold and add ^ cup of nuts and flavoring. Roll 
in damp towel, and when chilled, slice. 

Mary Pearl Williams. 


Almond Cookies (ice-box) 

1 cup brown sugar ^ 2 level teaspoons soda 

1 cup white sugar 4^^ cups of flour 

3 eggs 1 tablespoon cinnamon 

1 teaspoon salt Yz. pound chopped al- 

1 cup melted butter ' monds (blanched) 

1 cup melted lard 

Form in two rolls and allow to stand over night in 
a cool place. Cut in slices and bake. This is a large 
recipe but good. . Mrs. E. P. Johnson. 

Boston Cookies 

1 cup butter Yz teaspoon salt 

1^ cups sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 

3 eggs 1 cup chopped English 

1 teaspoon soda walnuts 

\y2 tablespoons hot Yz cup currants 

water Y^ cup raisins (seeded 
ZYa cups flour and chopped) 

Cream the butter, add sugar gradually and eggs well 
beaten. Add soda, dissolved in hot water and half the 
flour mixed and sifted with salt and cinnamon, then add 
nut meats, fruit, and remaining flour. Drop by spoon- 
fuls one inch apart on a buttered sheet, and bake in a 
moderate oven. Mrs. Bohn. 


y^ cup white sugar 2 squares melted choco- 

Y2 cup butter late 

2 eggs 1 cup walnuts 

Yi cup flour 1 teaspoon vanilla 

Bake in a thin layer on a cooky sheet 10 minutes. 
When cool, cut in squares. 

Mrs. R. D. Sampson. 

26 Candies 

Filled Cookies 

1 cup sugar 2 teaspoons Cream of 

Yz cup butter . Tartar 

Yi, cup sweet milk 1 teaspoon soda 

3^ cups flour 1 teaspoon flour 

Yz cup sugar 
y-2. cup cold water 

1 cup raisins, figs or dates, chopped fine, and boiled 
with the sugar, water and flour to make a smooth paste. 
Stir constantly to prevent burning. 

Spread the paste between pairs of the cookies. 

Mrs. T. J. Holmes. 

Christmas Nut Ring Cookies 

1 pound sugar Yz teaspoon salt 

1 scant cup butter 1 teaspoon soda (In a 

3 eggs little hot water.) 

Cream butter and sugar, add eggs beaten separately. 
Flour to stiffen. Roll thin, sprinkle with nuts. 

Ruth Salter. 

Date Cookies 

Yz cup melted butter 1 teaspoon soda in two 

1 cup white sugar tablespoons of hot 

2 eggs water 

1 package of chopped Y^ cup shelled nuts 
dates 2 cups flour 

Drop on greased cookie sheet. 

Mrs. V. M. Reed. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 


Ginger Cookies 

1 cup granulated sugar 
Yz cup shortening, 

Yz cup dark molasses 
Yi cup water 
1 teaspoon soda 

Yz teaspoon each cinna- 
mon and ginger 

34 teaspoon salt 

Flour enough for rather 
stiff dough 

Mrs. Philip Kinsley. 

Ice Box Cookies 

y^ cup white sugar 
y^ cup brown sugar 
Yi cup butter 

Juice of half a lemon 

3 cups flour 

1 teaspoon cinnamon 

Make long, round roll. 
Slice thin and bake. 

Y2 teaspoon nutmeg 

Y2. teaspoon salt 

Y2 teaspoon soda dis- 
solved in warm water 

^ cup nut meats, 

Place in ice box over night. 
Mrs. R. D. Sampson. 

Quick Oatmeal Drop Cookies 

\Ya cups sugar 

1 cup Crisco 

3 cups rolled oats 

2 eggs 

Y2 cup sour milk 
1 teaspoon powdered 


1 teaspoon 

1 cup stoned dates, cut 

fine, or raisins and 

1 teaspoon baking soda 
1 teaspoon salt 

2 cups flour 

Cream Crisco and sugar together thoroughly, add 
eggs, well beaten, rolled oats, dates, salt, spices, soda 
dissolved in milk, and flour. Mix and drop from spoon 
on buttered tin. Bake in moderate oven till brown. Suf- 
ficient for 50 cookies. 

Mrs. Cramer. 

28 Cookies 

Sugar Cookies I 

Yi cup butter 

y^ cup milk 1 


1 cup sugar 

4 teaspoons 


2 eggs 


1 teaspoon ginger 

3 cups flour, 

or enough 

1 teaspoon nutmeg 

to make a 

soft dough 

Bake in quick oven. 

Mrs. F. L. Rector. 

Sugar Cookies II 

1 cup butter 3 teaspoons vanilla ex- 

1 cup sugar tract 

2 eggs 1 teaspoon baking pow- 

3 cups flour der 

Beat butter and sugar until light, add eggs and beat 
again, add vanilla. Sift flour and baking powder and add. 
Roll out thin, sprinkle with sugar, and press a little with 
the rolling pin. Cut out with cookie cutter and bake. 

Mrs. H. M. Bryant. 

Waffle Cookies 

2 cups sugar 3 cups flour 

1 cup butter 2 teaspoons baking 

4 eggs, beaten powder 

1 cup milk 1 pinch of salt 

Cream butter and sugar together, add eggs and milk, 
then add flour, baking powder and salt sifted together, 
and nutmeg to flavor. Preheat waffle iron ten minutes, 
then proceed to bake. It will take about two minutes 
for each baking. This recipe makes 48 cookies which 
will keep indefinitely. 

Mrs. G. C. Wilson. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 29 

Cookies or Swedish Crisps 

Cream together 1 cup of butter and 1 cup of brown 
sugar and add 

1 beaten egg 1 teaspoon vanilla 

ly2 cups bread crumbs 1 teaspoon baking pow- 

(hard and dry) der 

1^ cups of flour }4 cup chopped nuts 

Roll very thin, cut in shapes and bake in quick oven. 

Fudge Squares 

3 tablespoons of short- Ys cup of milk 

ening 2 cups of flour 

ly^ cups granulated 1^ teaspoons baking 

sugar powder 

2 eggs 1 package of dates cut 
2 oz. bitter chocolate fine 

1 teaspoon vanilla ^ cup walnuts cut fine 

Melt shortening, add sugar and unbeaten egg, 
add chocolate which has been melted, vanilla and 
milk. Add flour which has been sifted with the baking 
powder. Add dates and nut meats which have been mix- 
ed in some of the flour to prevent falling to the bottom 
of pan. Spread thinly in greased tins, bake in a slow 
oven from 20 to 35 minutes. 

Cut into squares while still warm and before remov- 
ing from pan. Makes two layers and may be served with 
whipped cream. 

Mrs. Erma Volkman, 



Apple Dumplings 

6 tart apples, pared and 2 cups flour 

cored Pinch of salt 

1 teaspoon baking pow- 2 heaping tablespoons 

der lard or butter 

Rub together as though for a pie crust, and add 
about Yz cup sweet milk. Roll thin and wrap each apple 
in part of the dough. Place in shallow pan and pour the 
following sauce over them. 


3 cups light brown 1 tablespoon butter 

sugar 3 cups boiling water 

1 tablespoon flour Nutmeg to taste 

When dumplings begin to brown, baste with the 
sauce as you would a roast. 

Mrs. O. R. Marxsen, Jr. 

Baked Custard 

2 eggs 2 cups milk 

Yz cup sugar (heaping) Pinch of salt 
Nutmeg to taste 

Bake twenty minutes. 

Mrs. Dunning. 

Banana Fluff 

Rub two or three ripe bananas through a ricer and 
mix with one cup of stiffly whipped cream. Sweeten 
to taste, pile in sherbet glasses and sprinkle a little 
grated chocolate or cocoa on top. Serve very cold. 

Sheila White. 

34 Desserts 

Candied Apples 

Make a syrup of 1 cup water and ^ cup sugar. 
Cook in it four or five peeled apples until tender. 
Serve with whipped cream and nuts. 

Mrs. Vincent M. Reed. 

Chocolate Ice Box Cake 

30 lady fingers 3 tablespoons water 

4 eggs separated 3 tablespoons sugar 

Yi pound sweet choco- Small piece butter 

Line a spring pan with lady fingers, side and bottom. 
Melt the chocolate in a double boiler, add sugar and 
water with yolks beaten well, cook slowly until thick 
and smooth, stirring constantly, beat the whites stifif, 
and when chocolate is cold add to the whites. Pour it 
on the lady fingers and place more lady fingers on the 
top of the filling and set in ice box for 24 hours. When 
ready to serve add the whipping cream, over top place 
nuts or cherries. 

Mrs. E. H. Payne. 

Cottage Pudding 

1 cup milk 3 tablespoons melted 

2 eggs butter ov/J (J:i>i . 

1 cup sugar 2 teaspoons- , baking 

2 cups flour powder 

Bake half an hour. ^- ' 

Mrs. Dunning. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 


Chocolate Steam Pudding 

^/i cup sugar 1^ cups sifted flour 

1 tablespoon butter 

1 egg beaten separately 

2 squares chocolate 
% cup milk 

% teaspoon salt 
2 teaspoons baking 

Cream butter and sugar, add o^gg yolk, then milk 
and dry ingredients alternately, then melted chocolate 
and lastly fold in beaten &gg white. Steam three-quar- 
ters of an hour. 


1 tablespoon butter 

1 cup powdered sugar 

1 egg yolk 

1 teaspoon vanilla 

Mix in order given. 

1 white of ^gg beaten 

1 bottle whipped cream 

Mrs. J. A. Lytle. 

Creamy Rice Pudding 

raisins (seed- 

Yi cup rice Yz cup 

4 cups milk (hot) less) 

y^ cup sugar 

Boil rice 5 minutes, then blanch. Add milk to 
blanched rice and cook in double boiler for one hour. 

Add sugar and raisins and bake one hour or less time 
in moderate oven. Stir with long fork every 15 minutes. 

Mrs. F. L. Rector. 

36 Desserts 

Date and Nut Divinity Pudding 

1 cup dates (ground) 3 egg whites 

1 cup nuts (ground) 3 egg yolks 

1 cup bread crumbs 1 teaspoon vanilla 

1 cup sugar 

Mix all except the whites which should be folded in 
last, beaten firmly. Bake for thirty minutes and serve 
with whipped cream. 

Mary Lee Robertson. 

Date and Walnut Fingers 

2 tablespoons cold 1 cup finely chopped 
water walnuts 

1 cup sugar 1 package chopped 

3 eggs — separated dates 

1 cup flour 2 teaspoons vanilla 

2 teaspoons baking ^ teaspoon salt 

Cream sugar with yolks, add water, flour, dates, nuts, 
vanilla, and salt. Then fold in the stiffly beaten whites. 
Bake in moderate oven until golden brown. When cold 
cut in pieces three by one inch and roll in powdered 
sugar. May be used for luncheon dessert, cut in squares 
and served with whipped cream. 

Mrs. LeRoy Nelson Sweet. 

Date Pudding 

1 cup dates 1 level teaspoon baking 

1 cup chopped nuts powder 

1 cup sugar ^ teaspoon salt 

1 tablespoon flour 3 eggs 

Bake slowly forty-five minutes. Serve with whipped 

Mrs. Dunning. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 37 

Date Suet Pudding 

2 cups bread crumbs 2 teaspoons baking 

1 cup flour powder, moistened in 

y2 cup nuts chopped a little water. 

fine 2 eggs beaten in a little 

1 cup sugar milk. 

Yz teaspoon salt 1 box dates 

Put mixture in a buttered pan and steam three hours. 

Yz cup sugar Heaping teaspoon flour 

Butter size of ^^^ 

Mix together and add one cup boiling water. When 
cool add one beaten egg and vanilla. 

Mrs. Burton. 

Fresh Cocoanut Pudding 

1 pint whipped cream Knox's gelatine dis- 

Scant half package solved in water. 

Beat cream until stiff, add melted gelatine and grated 
half of fresh cocoanut or a can of Baker's cocoanut. Put 
in mould and set on ice for two or three hours. When 
ready to serve, cover the top and sides with other half 
of cocoanut. Serve with maple syrup or fresh strawberry 

Mrs. O. G. Balfour. 

Graham Patties 

^ package crumbed Yi cup butter 
graham crackers 1 teaspoon water 

Mix into a paste and line muflin tins with it by pat- 
ting out a ball of the paste until it covers the inside of the 
pan. Fill with rich sweetened apple sauce. Bake fifteen 
minutes. Cool completely before removing from pans. 
Top with whipped cream. 

Mrs. Chester Davis. 

38 Desserts 

Graham Cracker Pudding 

Cream together % cup sugar, and two tablespoons 
butter. Add 1 ^gg well beaten, ^ cup milk, 3^ cup nut 
meats cut fine, ^ teaspoon vanilla, 1 teaspoon baking 
powder, 1 heaping cup graham cracker crumbs. Bake 
in buttered dish in moderate oven. Serve with 

Golden Sauce 

Put in double boiler: ^ cup butter 

1 cup sugar Yz cup milk 

When dissolved, beat in the yolks of two eggs and 
add one teaspoon vanilla. Beat with Dover beater to 
keep from lumping. Serve hot. 

Mrs. O. R. Marxsen, Jr. 

Ice Box Cake 

2 bars German sweet 2 tablespoons boiling 

chocolate water' 

2 tablespoons powdered 4 eggs 

sugar 18 lady fingers 

Dissolve chocolate in water in double boiler. Add 
sugar, beat until cold, add yolks one at a time, then the 
beaten whites. Line dish w^ith paraffin paper and put 
in a layer of split lady fingers, then a layer of the choco- 
late mixture and alternate lady fingers and chocolate 
with a top layer of lady fingers. Let stand in refrigerator 
for 24 hours and serve with whipped cream. 

Mrs. Albert Hofstetter, Jr. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 39 

Ice Box Cake 

1 pound sweet butter 1 teaspoon lemon juice 

1 pound 4x sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla 

6 eggs 2 dozen lady fingers 

3^ pound blanched al- 

Cream butter and sugar, put one egg in at a time, 
beat well add flavoring and then almonds. 

Place lady fingers upright around side of the pan and 
line bottom of it, put in the mixture and place in ice-box 
over night. When ready to serve add two bottles of 
whipped cream on top. Mrs. H. R. Hotchkiss. 


Ice Box Dessert 

12 macaroons ^ pint whipping cream 

1 cup pecans 1 teaspoon vanilla 

1 cup. dry cocoanut 

Crumble the macaroons, whip the cream and com- 
bine all the ingredients mixed well. Pat mixture firmly 
into a buttered glass pie dish and let stand in ice box 
twelve hours or more. Serve in squares topped with 
whipped cream and cherries. Mrs. Clyce. 

Lemon Pudding 

1 cup of sugar Juice and rind of one 
Heaping tablespoon lemon 

flour Yolk of 2 eggs 

Pinch salt One cup milk 

Butter size of walnut 2 whites beaten stiff 

Butter pan, set in pan of water, bake }^ hour in mod- 
erate oven. 

Very good and will serve about six. 

Mrs. E. P. Johnson. 

40 Desserts 

Lemon Ice Box Cake 

2J^- dozen lady fingers 5^ pound butter 

4 eggs, beaten separate- 1 lemon 

ly 1 large cup sugar 

Cream butter and sugar, add beaten yolks, grated 
rind and juice of lemon and beaten egg whites. Line 
tin with lady fingers, add mixture. Dot with bits of pine- 
apple and Maraschino cherries, and alternate mixture 
cherries and pineapple with lady fingers until all are used. 
Let stand on ice 24 hours and serve with whipped cream. 

Mrs. A. L. Kemnitz. 

Mrs. J. M. Hammer. 

Meringue Dessert 
3 egg whites, beaten 

Add slowly while beating one cup granulated sugar, 
one teaspoon vinegar and one teaspoon vanilla. Bake in 
buttered muffin tins for one hour. Oven temperature 
300 degrees. Before serving, remove tops carefully, fill 
with fresh or canned fruit mixed with whipped cream 
and replace tops. Mrs. W. H. Blacker. 

Pineapple Fluff 

1 small flat can of pine- 3^ pint of whipping 

apple, diced cream 

15 marshmallows 

Cut marshmallows in small pieces and soak in pine- 
apple juice while whipping the cream. Drain marsh- 
mallows and mix cream, pineapple, and marshmallows 
together. Put in mould and place on ice until cold. A 
quick delicious dessert. B. C. Le Vally. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 41 

Pineapple Ice Cream 

1 quart milk 1}^ level tablespoons 

2 eggs corn starch 

1 cup sugar 

Heat milk in double boiler, then add sugar and corn 
starch mixed smooth in a little milk. Let it boil for one 
or two minutes or until it begins to thicken. Remove 
from stove and cool. Then stir in the eggs, two cups of 
crushed pineapple and half pint of cream. Freeze. 
Makes 2 quarts. 

Mrs. R. A. Del Prato. 

Orange Charlotte 

lys tablespoons heaping 1 cup sugar. 

• of gelatine 3 tablespoons lemon 

Dissolve in }^ cup cold juice 

water and ^ cup hot 1 cup orange juice 

Let above cool, then beat to a froth and fold in three 
egg whites, and two cups whipped cream. Turn into 
mould and chill. 

Caroline Hesselbaum. 

Raspberry Flummery 

Boil one cup raspberries in a pint of water, one cup 
of sugar and stir in three tablespoons of corn starch 
mixed w^ith water. Cook in double boiler until thick and 
pour into mold. When cold serve with cream and sugar. 

42 Desserts 

Snow Pudding 
Dissolve half a box of gelatine in one pint of boiling 
water. When cool, add the whites of three eggs and beat 
to a stiff froth. Add two cups of sugar, the juice of two 
lemons and beat again until stiff. Serve with a custard 
made of the yolks of three eggs and one whole egg, three 
pints of milk and six tablespoonsful of sugar. 

Mrs. Gust J. Anderson. 

Sponge Pudding 
yi cup sugar ^ cup flour 

Mix with enough milk to make a paste. Add one 
pint scalded milk and boil until thick. Add ys cup but- 
ter. Beat yolks and whites of five eggs separately. Add 
cooked mixture to yolks. Fold in whites and bake in 
unbuttered pudding pan about twenty minutes. Set pan 
in hot water while baking. 

Mrs. W. H. Langewisch. 

French Apple Pudding 

^2 cup sugar 1 cup flour 

1 tablespoon butter 1 tablespoon baking 

6 or 7 tablespooi]^ milk powder 

Peel and slice apples or fresh peaches very thin, put 
in pan and sweeten, add pinch of salt and a little cinna- 
mon. Cover with above batter and bake about ^ hour. 
Serve with cream. 


Boston Baked Beans 

1 pound white navy 2 tablespoons molasses 

beans 2 tablespoons brown 

Yi pound salt pork sugar 
1 teaspoon dry mustard 

Soak beans over night, drain and rinse well, cover 
with cold water, boil slowly until tender but with skins 
unbroken. Now place in layers in beanpot, covering 
each layer with finely cut salt pork, molasses, and brown 
sugar mixed with the mustard. Bake very slowly for at 
least four hours, adding boiling water if necessary. 

A. E. Campbell. 

Bread and Bacon Crisps 

Trim the crusts off a loaf of fresh white bread and 
shave in the thinnest possible slices. Lay on each a thin 
slice of breakfast bacon and roll each piece up tightly and 
fasten with a toothpick. Lay them on a flat pan and 
brown in a hot oven until crisp. 

S. Eckert. 

9{Brjo8 9899rfD bnB frioD 

Broiled Open Sandwich 

Toast a slice of bread on one side. Cover the un- 
toasted side with a thin slice of cooked ham ; put on a 
layer of old English cheese and on that a thick slice of 
tomato. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and mustard. Broil 
under a flame until cheese melts. Cold chicken may be 
used instead of ham. 

'r:^^9 .It Y >iM Sheila White. 

48 Luncheon Dishes 

Cheese and Olive Sandwich 

y2 cup stuffed chopped 1 package Philadelphia 
olives cream cheese 

Mix thoroughly and spread on thin slices of buttered 

Mrs. R. A. Del Prato. 

Cheese Souffle 

Yi pound cheese cut in- Yolks of 3 eggs 
to small pieces ^ teaspoon salt 

1 cup bread crumbs 1 cup scalded milk 

Mix all together and fold in beaten whites, then 
bake twenty minutes in a hot oven. 

Sheila White. 

Corn and Cheese Souffle 

1 cup medium white Yz cup grated cheese 

sauce 3 eggs 

Yz cup corn Salt to taste 

Add corn, cheese, and slightly beaten ^%% yolks to 
hot white sauce. Cool and fold in stiffly beaten whites, 
turn into buttered baking dish and bake for thirty min- 

Mrs. V. M. Reed. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 49 

Chicken Souffle 

2 cups scalded milk 1 teaspoon salt 

ys cup butter j^ teaspoon pepper 

j/g cup flour 

Make a cream sauce of these ingredients. Add two 
cups of cold chopped chicken, the yolks of three beaten 
eggs and a tablespoon of chopped parsley. Fold in the 
beaten egg whites and place in a buttered baking dish. 
Bake thirty-five minutes. Serve with mushroom sauce 
rnade of thickened chicken broth to which mushrooms 
and a little chopped pimento have been added. 

Mrs. M. Laramore. 

Eggs Sur La Plate 

Break an egg or eggs into a heavy aluminum pan 
with some melted butter. Pour over each egg one table- 
spoon cream, dot with butter, sprinkle with salt, and 
cover until cooked as firm as desired. 

Mrs. V. M. Reed. 

Egg Croquets 

4 hardboiled eggs put butter 

through a sieve 4 tablespoons cream 

1 tablespoon melted 3^ teaspoon salt 

Cracker crumbs enough -to shape into finger cro- 
quets. Roll in crumbs and fry brown in butter. 

Mrs. E. H. Payne. 

50 Luncheon Dishes 

Ramekin Of Salmon And Peas 

1 can red salmon ^ cup buttered bread 

1 cup peas crumbs 

1 cup thin white sauce 

Remove salmon from can, drain off liquor, shred 
with fork. 

Make one cup thin white sauce using one table- 
spoon butter, Yz tablespoon flour, one cup milk and sea- 
soning. Drain peas, then add peas and salmon to white 
sauce. Put in ramekins, cover with buttered crumbs, 
and bake in moderate oven until crumbs are a golden 
brown. (Good luncheon dish). 

Mrs. F. L. Rector. 

Sausages With Rice and Tomatoes 

1 cup rice 

Boil until tender in salt water. Drain and add one 
pint can of tomatoes. Place in baking dish and stick 
into the mixture 8 large or 12 small sausages. Bake 30 
to 45 minutes. 

Mrs. C. W. Moore. 

Mock Lobster Sandwich 

Boil one-half pound of hahbut for fifteen minutes in 
water enough to cover, adding one teaspoon of vinegar 
and one teaspoon of salt to the water. When the fish 
is chilled, chop coarsely and add one tablespoon of can- 
ned pimentoes. Moisten with mayonnaise and spread 
between thin slices of buttered bread. 

Mrs. Sophie Eckert. 


Chicken a La King 

1 young chicken (about 3 Spanish sweet pep- 

3>^ pounds) pers 

Yi pound fresh mush- 1 pint cream 

rooms (or one large ^ pound butter 

can) 4 tablespoons flour 

3 green peppers, cut up Yz spoon salt 

Pinch of pepper 

Boil chicken and dice. Scald peppers in chicken 
broth. Saute mushrooms, scald cream. Rub flour and 
butter together and thicken the cream to which a little 
chicken broth has been added. Add seasoning, mush- 
rooms, peppers and chicken to sauce and cook slowly for 
ten minutes in double boiler. Rub yolks of two hard 
boiled eggs with a little cream and add to the mixture 
before serving. 

Mrs. F. H. Rohles. 

Chicken and Macaroni Loaf 

1^ cups macaroni — % cup blanched and 

broken up small chopped almonds 

1^ cups cheese ^ teaspoon salt 

1 cup chopped chicken ^ teaspoon grated nut- 

2 eggs meg 

Yz cup cream Pinch of mustard 

Cook macaroni until tender, combine with chicken, 
almonds and grated cheese. Mix thoroughly, add eggs 
well beaten, seasonings and cream. Mix thoroughly, but 
lightly and turn into a w^ell buttered mold. Cover and 
steam for two hours. Remove and invert mold over dish 
in which loaf is to be served. Let stand a few minutes 
before lifting mold. Serve with tomato sauce poured 
around loaf. 

54 Meat Dishes 

Pan Broiled Chicken 

Select chicken weighing two and a half to three 
pounds. Wash carefully and dry with towel. Cut in 
quarters and place in a roasting pan. Salt and pepper, 
and cover with one cup of melted butter and a half pint 
of heavy cream. Bake in hot oven about thirty minutes, 
basting every ten minutes. 

Sheila White. 

Mock Chicken Legs 

Pork tenderloin and veal steak, }^ pound of each 
meat for each chicken leg. Have the butcher French 
these and wind them on a skewer to resemble a chicken 
leg. Roll in egg and cracker crumbs and fry. 

Mrs. V. M. Reed. 

Chop Suey 

1 pound round steak ^ pound lean pork 

1 pound veal shoulder 

Cut in small pieces and brown in a little butter. Af- 
ter browned, add a bunch of celery, cut up, and about 
6 good sized onions, sliced, and salt and pepper to taste. 
Add 1 tablespoon Fuji Bead Molasses. Cook until 
tender, and just before serving add 1 can of Fuji bean 
sprouts and 1 can of mushrooms. 

Mrs. J. M. Hammer. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 55 

Chili Con Carne 

Yz cup suet, fried out 1 large can of tomatoes 

y2 pound pork, ground (strained) 

Yz pound beef, ground 4 potatoes 

1 can of kidney beans 1 tablespoon small red 


Mrs. McGrath. 

Crab Meat a La Newburg 

Xy^ cups crabmeat Grating of nutmeg 

. 34 cup butter ^ cup cream 

Ya, teaspoon salt 2 t%^ yolks 

Melt butter, add crab meat cut in pieces and cook 
three minutes. Add seasonings, cream and ^^^ yolks 
slightly beaten. Cook until thickened, stirring constant- 
ly. Serve on toast. 

Mrs. H. Cox. 

Creamed Crab Meat 

Put one can of crab meat in a sauce pan with one 
tablespoon melted butter, one stalk chopped celery, a 
level tablespoon of flour, one cup cream and salt and 
pepper to taste. Simmer until creamy and serve hot on 
buttered toast or in patty shells. Lobster may be treated 
in the same manner. 

Mrs. LeRoy Nelson Sweet. 

56 Meat Dishes 

Devilled Crab Meat 

1 can crab meat 2 hard boiled eggs cu.t 

1 cup cream fine 

y2 cup milk Yz teaspoon Tabasco 

1 tablespoon butter sauce 

1 teaspoon minced pars- ^ teaspoon paprika 

ley 1 level teaspoon salt 

1 teaspoon onion 1 pinch of mustard 

(minced) 1 cup of bread crumbs 

Mix butter, onion and parsley, and simmer. Then 
pour in cream and milk and add eggs. Heat through, 
mix seasonings into the mixture and add crab meat and 
bread crumbs, and a little lemon juice. Fill a buttered 
dish with the mixture, sprinkle bread crumbs and butter 
on top and put into hot oven in a pan of water and heat 

Sheila White. 

Fan Foo 

Sear in skillet one pound of ground steak. Add one 
can of strained tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper. 
Add one chopped green pepper and cook slowly for 
thirty minutes. Add two cups of cooked rice just before 

Mrs. Dwight Smith. 

Ham With Mustard 

1 slice of ham — 1 inch thick. 

Pour boiling water over it and let stand a few min- 
utes to draw out salt. Pour off water and sprinkle ham 
with one tablespoon dry mustard mixed with one heap- 
ing tablespoon iDrown sugar. Put about six tablespoons 
of water in bottom of pan and bake thirty minutes in 
moderate oven. 

Mrs. Dwight Smith. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 57 

Ham Loaf 

Put two pounds fresh lean pork and one and a quar- 
ter pounds smoked raw ham through the meat chopper 
twice. Add one cup rolled cracker crumbs, two eggs 
beaten well and season with salt and pepper. Mix thor- 
oughly and add gradually one cup of milk. When well 
blended pack into loaf pan and bake one and one half 
hours in moderate oven. Drain off the superfluous fat 
and remove loaf to serving dish. Set in oven a few min- 
utes to dry off. Serve on bed of boiled and well sea- 
soned spinach with or without horse-radish sauce. 

Horse-radish sauce 
Yi pint whipped cream mixed with 3 or 4 tablespoons 
of prepared horse-radish. 

The ham loaf may also be served with spiced crab 

Mrs. LeRoy Nelson Sweet. 

Savory Baked Ham With Raisin Sauce 

1 slice ham (% inch 2 tablespoons brown 
thick) sugar 

1 teaspoon mustard 

Rub the sugar and mustard into ham, cover with 
half cup of water and two tablespoons spiced vinegar 
from pickled peaches. Bake covered for one hour. 

Raisin Sauce 

1 cup raisins ^ cup sugar 

1 cup water 2 tablespoons spiced 

2 tablespoons corn vinegar 

Cook ten minutes. 

Ruth Salter. 

58 Meat Dishes 

Ham Souffle 

.2 cups chopped ham Y^ cup milk 

34 teaspoon salt 3 eggs 

y^ teaspoon paprika 2 tablespoons lemon 
Yi cup bread crumbs juice 

Cook bread crumbs in milk five minutes, add beaten 
^%Z yolks, ham and seasoning. Then add stiffly beaten 
^grg whites, turn into a greased baking dish, set into 
pan of hot water and bake in a moderate oven until firm. 
Serve with thin cream sauce. 

Sheila White 

Kidney Bean Hash 

1 pound round steak 1 can (medium size) 

(ground) tomatoes 

1 can kidney beans 2 onions 

2 green peppers 

Cut up onions fine and brown with the meat. Cut 
up peppers and add, then add tomatoes and kidney beans. 
Season well with salt and pepper or two teaspoons of 
chili powder if desired. Cook slowly until peppers are 
cooked and the desired thickness obtained, about one 

Ann R. Conway. 

Baked Pork Chops 

Bone and season six or eight chops, roll in beaten 
^^^ and cracker crumbs. Fry in bacon fat. Arrange in 
casserole and pour over all one can of tomato soup. Bake 
forty-five minutes. 

Mrs. David E. Walker. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 59 

Santa Barbara Fish 

6 slices of fish (halibut 1^^ cups of water 

is very good) 3 tablespoons vinegar 

2 tablespoons of fat 1 tablespoon onion juice 
Yz tablespoon salt 3 chopped red pimen- 

3 tablespoons flour toes 

Put fish in greased baking pan, melt butter, add flour 
and salt, then water, vinegar, onion juice and pimentoes, 
cook until thick and pour over fish and bake 45 minutes 
in oven 350 degrees. 

Mrs. A. E. Whitmore. 

Stuffed Cabbage 

1 lb. ground beef with a little pork mixed, add J^ 
cup boiled rice, 2 eggs and a little onion, season with salt 
and pepper, add milk so it is very loose. 

Place cabbage leaf in hot water for a few minutes 
to soften, put a tablespoon of mixture in each leaf, roll 
up and tie, place in buttered pan to brown, add a little 
water and allow to simmer until tender. 

Kidney Stew 

3 veal kidneys 5 lamb kidneys 

Clean kidneys, cut in small pieces and soak in salt 

water for half an hour. Brown one medium sized 
chopped onion in two large tablespoons of butter and 
add the kidneys when they have been thoroughly 
drained. Sprinkle a heaping teaspoon of flour over the 
mixture when it is browned. Cover and steam. Dice 
one large potato into tiny cubes and add with one pint 
of water. Simmer for half an hour. Season with salt, 
pepper and a tablespoon of catsup. Simmer for another 
half hour. 

Lydia B. Dorsey. 

60 Meat Dishes 

Meat Loaf 

2 pounds round steak 2 eggs 

1 pound lean pork, 1 cup cracker crumbs 

ground fine Scant teaspoon salt 

1 cup cooked tomatoes 

Form into loaf and press hard into paper lined pan, 
with several strips of bacon on top. Bake slowly for half 
an hour and rapidly for fifteen minutes. Make gravy 
from liquid which exudes. 

Mrs. A. L. Kemnitz. 

Oriental Stew 

3 pounds veal 1 cup nut meats 

y2 can tomatoes 

Cut meat in small pieces and brown in butter in 
which a sliced onion has been browned. Strain the to- 
matoes and add to the meat. Cook one and a half hours. 
Boil one cup of rice, heat the nuts in butter, sprinkle over 
the rice and serve with the meat mixture. 

Mrs. V. M. Reed. 

Pork Chops With Apples 

6 pork chops 5^ cup raisins 

3 tablespoons flour 3 tart apples 

y^ teaspoon sage 1 tablespoon vinegar 

Yz teaspoon salt 34 cup brown sugar 

2 cups hot water 

Sprinkle chops with sage and salt and brown in pan. 
Remove to shallow baking dish. On each chop place 
half an apple, pared, cored and filled with brown sugar. 
Into the fat in the pan put flour and salt; brown, adding 
water to make gravy. Bring to boil. Add vinegar and 
raisins. Pour over chops and bake until apples are ten- 

Mrs. E. H. Holtz. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 61 

Sour Rabbit 

Boil for five minutes — one pint of vinegar seasoned 
with cayenne, salt, cloves, whole pepper and six bay 
leaves. Set away to cool. Wash and w^ipe rabbit well, 
cut up and place in the cold vinegar for ten hours. Drain 
rabbit, flour and fry in hot fat. Salt and pepper and fry 
until brown on both sides. Cook slowly, keeping pan 
covered. When nearly done add a large sliced onion and. 
continue cooking until rabbit is tender. Place on a plat- 
ter. To the remaining grease, salt and pepper in which 
the rabbit was cooked, add three tablespoons of the 
spiced vinegar and enough water to make the gravy of 
the right consistency. Pour over the rabbit. 

Mrs. Mary McKee. 

Salmon Loaf 

1 cup cracker crumbs Pepper and salt 

3 eggs 1 green pepper, chopped 

1 cup milk 1 large can of salmon 

Mix and steam one hour in double boiler. 

1 can tomato soup 1 tablespoon butter 

1 can mushrooms Pepper and salt 

Cook until well mixed, and serve over the loaf. 

Mrs. Albert Hofstetter, Jr. 

Salmon Supreme 

Pour a can of salmon into a buttered baking dish. 
Cover with 2 cups of cream sauce in which Yz pound of 
cheese has been melted. Season to taste and bake ^ 

Mrs. E. H. Payne. 

62 Meat Dishes 

Steamed Salmon Loaf 

1 large can salmon 1 tablespoon lemon 

2 cups cracker or bread juice or vinegar 
crumbs Yz teaspoon salt 

3 beaten eggs 1 teaspoon baking pow- 
2 tablespoons melted der 

Mix and form in loaf, wrap in cloth and steam three- 
quarters of an hour. 


y^ cup canned tomato 2 tablespoons corn 

soup starch 

1 beaten ^^^ Yi teaspoon salt 

Dash of red pepper 

Add grated yellow cheese and pour over salmon loaf. 
Garnish with lemon and parsley. 

Mrs. Vincent M. Reed. 

Salmon Turbot 

1 tall can salmon 2 eggs 

2 tablespoons melted 1 pint sweet milk 
butter Bread crumbs 

1 tablespoon flour 

Drain juice from salmon, take out bones and skin, 
and break salmon in small pieces. 

Make sauce by melting butter and adding flour and 
milk. When hot, but not boiling, add eggs well beaten. 

Put a layer of salmon in buttered baking dish, then 
a layer of sauce and so on until salmon and sauce are 
used up. Sprinkle top with crumbs and bake in moderate 
oven about a half hour. 

Lauraette Cornett. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 63 

Shepherd's Pie 

1^ pounds of lamb % teaspoon pepper 

1 cup sliced onions 2 tablespoons flour 
^2 cup cut carrots 4 potatoes 

2 teaspoons salt 2 tablespoons parsley 

Wipe meat, put on to boil with 2 quarts of water and 
cook slowly one hour. Add seasonings and vegetables 
except potatoes. Cook until tender, then remove 4 cups 
of the juice (can be kept for soup stock). To the re- 
mainder in the kettle, add flour thickening and boil five 
minutes. Boil and mash potatoes, put around the edge 
of an agate platter. Put the meat in the center, dust 
with paprika, brown in moderate oven and sprinkle with 

Mrs. H. Cox. 

Escalloped Shrimps 

1 cup bread crumbs ys teaspoon paprika 

1 cup cooked tomatoes 2 cups cooked or canned 

or canned tomatoes shrimps 

1 tablespoon minced 1 chopped green pepper 

parsley 2 tablespoons butter 
% teaspoon salt 

Sprinkle bottom of greased casserole with 3^ cup 
bread crumbs. Cover bottom with tomatoes, adding 
parsley, salt and paprika. Put in a layer of shrimps, 
then a layer of green pepper which has been sauted in 
butter. Repeat layers of tomatoes, seasoning, shrimps 
and green peppers until all are used. Cover top with re- 
maining j/2 cup bread crumbs, dot with bits of butter 
and sprinkle with paprika. Cook in moderate oven 
about one half hour. 

Sheila White. 


Meat Dishes 

Italian Spaghetti 

Yz pound chopped pork 
Yz pound chopped beef 
Yz pound chopped veal 
1 can tomatoes 
1 green pepper, chopped 
1 large clove of garlic, 

Cook spaghetti separately 
over it. 

1 onion, chopped 

34 teaspoon ground 

1 bay leaf 

1 cup mushrooms 

2 tablespoons olive oil 
1 teaspoon butter 

until soft. Pour paste 
Mrs. Burton. 

Italian Spaghetti 

1 can Italian tomato 

^ pound bacon, cut fine 

2 large onions, cut fine 
1 green pepper, cut fine 
1 small can of pimientos 
Yi teaspoon paprika 

1 teaspoon salt 

Y% teaspoon cayenne 

1 can mushrooms 

2 teaspoons chopped 

1 cup grated Parmesan 

1 package spaghetti 

Boil spaghetti until soft. Fry bacon, add chopped 
onions and fry gently until light brown. Add green 
pepper, chopped, and continue frying. Add chopped 
pimiento, parsley, mushrooms and seasoning. Add to- 
mato paste and cook slowly for five minutes, stirring 
to prevent sticking. Put layer of spaghetti in a baking 
dish, cover with cheese and a layer of sauce, then alter- 
nate layers of cheese and sauce with layers of spaghetti 
until the dish is full, having a layer of sauce and cheese 
on top. Bake slowly for 1 hour. 

Yz pound of chopped round steak may be added if 

Mrs. John Jones. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 65 

Spare Rib Pie 

One or two strips of spareribs. Cook in salt water, 
and when tender pick the meat from the bones and put 
in a baking dish, then a layer of cooked potatoes and a 
slice of onion if one cares for same, making two or three 
layers. Thicken the juice which has been boiled down 
considerably and pour over all. Make a rich biscuit 
dough and cut out and place on top. 

Cook in moderate oven for 35 minutes. This dish 
cannot be told from chicken. 

^ Mrs. E. P. Johnson. 

Rolled Steak 

Take a large slice of round steak about half an inch 
thick and have it pounded with a cleaver. Cut into 
strips three inches wide and five inches long. Pound in- 
to them as much flour as they will absorb. Sprinkle with 
salt and cayenne pepper and cover with sliced onions. 
Lay on each a strip of bacon and roll up so the bacon 
rolls out over the end. Fasten with tooth picks. Roll 
again in flour and brown in hot fat. When thoroughly 
brown add a little water, cover closely and simmer for 
one hour. 

Alice Eckert. 

Salisbury Steak 

2 pounds hamburg 1 teaspoon lemon juice 

steak 1 egg 

2 teaspoons minced 1 pinch of nutmeg 

onion Salt and pepper to taste 

Mix and shape into patties. Pan broil and serve 
surrounded with tomato sauce and covered with French 
fried onions. 

Mrs. H. Cox. 

66 Meat Dishes 

Mock Sweetbreads 

1 pound of lean veal 2 beaten eggs 

2 ounces salt pork 3^ cup milk 
Ground and mixed ^ cup flour 

3 cups bread crumbs Salt and pepper to taste 

Mould in 8 pieces, place in pan, dot with butter, pour 
over 1^ cups stock, milk, or water. Cover and bake one 
hour, basting frequently. Serve with white, brown or 
tomato sauce. 

Mrs. Vincent M. Reed. 

Veal Jellied 

Cook a good sized piece of veal with a lot of bone. 
Add two or three onions, whole pepper, allspice, salt and 
a couple of bay leaves. Cook all until tender. Take out 
meat, pick it fine and put into a clean kettle. Strain the 
juice through a colander and pour into kettle with the 
meat. Set on stove again and cook about five minutes. 
Put into a jar, and slice when cold. 

Mrs. E. H. Payne. 

Veal Loaf 

2^ pounds veal Butter size of egg 

^2 pound smoked ham 3 whole eggs 

slice (including fat) 1 cup milk 

}i pound pork Salt and pepper 

Grind together Very little sage may be 
1 cup rolled crackers added if desired 

Bake three hours in fireless cooker or bake slowly in 
oven. Good either hot or cold. 

Mrs. F. L. Rector. 


Corn Fritters 

J4 cup milk Ys teaspoon pepper 

2 cups cooked corn cut 3 teaspoons b a k i n g 

from the cob powder 

2 cups flour 1 tablespoon fat 

1 teaspoon salt 2 eggs 

Add milk to corn, add flour sifted with salt, pepper 
and baking powder. Add fat and well beaten eggs. Beat 
all together well and fry by the spoonful in hot fat until 

Mrs. D. McGrath. 

Cranberry Jelly 

1 quart berries 1^ cups water 

2 cups sugar 

Boil berries until they burst. Strain pulp, add sugar 
and stir until dissolved. Pour in cups wet with cold 
water. This jelly never fails. 

Mrs. V. M. Reed. 

Cranberry Relish 

1 pound of cranberries 1 orange 

1 cup sugar 

Put the fruit through the grinder, add sugar and put 
in ice box for two or three hours "before serving. Delicious 
with meats. 

Mrs. Eric J. Mordt. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 75 

Neverfail Dumplings 

2 cups flour Yi teaspoon salt 

4 teaspoons baking 2 teaspoons shortening 
powder ^ cup milk 

Mix and drop on mjeat. 

Mrs. Vincent M. Reed. 

Pepper Hash 

12 sweet red peppers 6 medium sized onions 

12 sweet green peppers 

Grind all together. Pour boiling water over the mix- 
ture and let stand until luke warm. Drain, add two 
tablespoons mustard seed, 1 quart of vinegar, 3 cups of 
white sugar and 1 tablespoon salt. Boil fifteen minutes 
and bottle hot. 

This can be mixed with mayonnaise and served on 
lettuce or used with meats as a relish. 

Sheila White. 

Pears With Mint Jelly 

Take firm canned pears and hollow each one out a 
little more than usual. Fill with mint jelly and serve 
with roast lamb. 

Mrs. V. M. Reed. 


Ice Box Biscuits 

1 medium sized potato, 2 cups flour 

boiled and mashed Salt 

^ cup lard. Add to Yt. cup sugar 

mashed potato and 1 

cup potato water • 

While potato is boiling, dissolve 1 yeast cake in Yz 
cup warm milk, 1 teaspoon sugar, 2 eggs beaten, and let 
rise 20 minutes. Add 3 cups of flour, and the first mix- 

Place in ice box and let rise till ready to use. Then 
knead lightly and pinch off small bits. Roll in buttered 
hands and place 3 of these in greased muffin tins. Let 
rise from 2^^ to 3 hours in warm room. Bake in hot oven 
twelve or fifteen minutes. 

The dough may be kept in ice box several days, 
kneading down when light and rolling out only enough 
for immediate use. 

Mrs. W. E. Jameson. 

Bran MufBns 

1 cup of sugar 1 cup of milk in which 

1 tablespoon each of 1 teaspoon of baking 

butter and Crisco powder has been add- 

1 pinch of salt ed (sweet or sour milk 

1 ^%% may be used) 

\y2 cups of flour Yz cup of bran and a 

few raisins 

Method. Mix in order given, will make 16 buns. 
Bake in moderate oven for ^ hour. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 79 


1 tablespoon lard 1 egg well beaten 

Yi cup of sugar 4 cups of flour 

1 teaspoon salt 3^ yeast cake. 
1 cup boiling water 

Knead in solid ball and raise 4 hours. Punch down 
and raise 2 hours more. Put in ice-box over night. 

Make into very tiny balls and put in greased pan 
and allow to rise 4 hours and bake in moderate oven. 

These are delicious. 

Mrs. E. P. Johnson. 

Coffee Cake 

(Old recipe— 1864) 

1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon cloves 

1 cup molasses 1 teaspoon soda 

4 cups flour 2 teaspoons cream of 

1 cup strong coffee tartar 

1 tgg 1 teaspoon nutmeg 

1 pound raisins 

Mrs. D. McGrath. 

Crumb Coffee Cake 

3 cups flour Pinch of salt 

1 cup sugar ^ cup shortening 

Crumb together, and save ^ cup of the mixture for 
the top of the cake. Add one tgg, one teaspoon cinna- 
mon, y2 teaspoon cloves, and 1 teaspoon soda in a cup 
of sour milk. Before putting in oven sprinkle top with 
the ^ cup crumbs. Bake in moderate oven. Will make 
two cakes 8 by 10 inches. Good hot or cold. 

Mrs. E. Larson. 


Muffins and Hot Breads 

Ginger Bread 

1 cup granulated sugar 

2 tablespoons molasses 
4 tablespoons melted 

1 level teaspoon salt 
1 teaspoon mixed spice 

1 tablespoon cinnamon 

1 cup sour milk 

2 cups well sifted flour 
1 teaspoon baking soda 

Stir well together sugar, molasses, butter, salt and 
spices, then add egg and sour milk and soda. Pour in 
flour, beat until smooth. Bake in moderate oven 40 to 
60 minutes. 

Mrs. Cramer. 

Soft Ginger Bread 
1 cup molasses Lard and butter the size 

1 egg of an egg 

1 teaspoon ginger Pinch of salt 

Stir stiff with flour and add 1 cup of boiling water 
and one teaspoon of soda. 

Mrs. E. C. Carey. 

Griddle Cakes 

1 cup sour milk (thick) 
Flour enough to make 
thin batter 

1 teaspoon baking pow- 

y^ teaspoon soda 
^2 teaspoon salt 
1 tablespoon (heaping) 
corn meal 

Mrs. F. L. Rector. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 81 

Ice Box Rolls 

1 cup sugar 2 cakes Fleischmann's 

1 cup lard yeast 

1 cup boiling water 1 level teaspoon salt 

1 cup cold water Flour to mix fairly stiff 

2 eggs 

Put in ice box over night and take out in the morn- 
ing, let rise, then put in pan and bake when light. 

Nut Bread 

1 cup sugar 4 teaspoons baking pow- 

1 egg der 

ly2 cups milk 1 teaspoon salt 

4 cups flour 1 cup chopped walnuts 

Form in loaf. Let stand 3^ hour in warm place. 
Bake in slow oven about 1 hour. 

Mrs. R. D. Sampson. 

Nut Bread 

2 eggs 3 teaspoons baking pow- 

1 cup white sugar der 

1 cup sweet milk 2 tablespoons melted 

5^ teaspoon salt shortening put in the 

1 cup broken nuts milk 

3^ cups flour 

Fill pans half full, let stand twenty minutes, then 
bake forty-five minutes. 

Mrs. E. C. Carey. 


Muffins and Hot Breads 


2 cups flour 

4 teaspoons baking pow- 
1 teaspoon salt 

4 tablespoons sugar 
2 eggs (separate eggs) 
1 cup sweet milk 
34 cup butter (melt) 
Mrs. F. L. Rector. 


1/^ cups flour 
y2 teaspoon salt 
3 teaspoons baking pow- 
1 tablespoon sugar 

1 ^gg 

2 level tablespoons but- 

1 cup milk 

Mix dry ingredients, adding beaten ^%g, milk and 
butter. Bake in moderate oven. 

Mrs. E. H. Holtz. 

Blueberry Muffins 

1 ^^^ 2 rounding teaspoons 
y2 cup sweet milk cream tartar, and 1 
Yz cup cream teaspoon soda sifted 

2 tablespoons sugar with 2 cups flour and 

Yi teaspoon salt. 

Fold in half cup blueberries. Have tins hot and 
bake in moderately hot oven. 

Mrs. J. W. Young. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 83 

Bran Muffins 

1 egg (do not separate) 2 tablespoons sugar 
lys cups flour 2 tablespoons butter 

1 teaspoon salt (melt the butter) 

1 teaspoon baking pow- 1 cup sour milk (thick) 

der 1 cup Pillsbury's bran 

^2 teaspoon soda 

Beat egg, add sour milk and beat together, then add 
flour, salt, baking powder, soda, and sugar, which have 
been sifted together three times. Add melted butter and 
bran, and bake in muflin pans. (The batter should be 

. Mrs. F. Iv. Rector. 

Can't Fail Breakfast Muffins 

1 egg well beaten 1 teaspoon sugar 

1 rounded tablespoon 1 teaspoon salt 

Beat these ingredients together until light, then add 
one cup milk, two cups flour, sifted, with two teaspoons 
of baking powder. Drop in well greased muflin rings and 
bake twenty minutes in quick oven. Serve with butter 
and syrup. 

Mrs. Dwight Smith. 

Field's Potato Flour Muffins 

4 eggs 1 teaspoon baking pow- 

34 teaspoon salt der 

^2 cup white potato 2 tablespoons ice water 

flour 1 tablespoon sugar 

Beat whites of eggs very stiff and dry. Add salt 
and sugar to beaten yolks and fold into whites. Sift flour 
and baking powder twice and beat thoroughly into egg 
mixture. Add ice water last. Bake in moderate oven 
from fifteen to twenty minutes. 

Mrs. H. M. Hollinger. 

84 Muffins and Hot Breads 

Scotch Drop Scones 
2 cups flour ^ teaspoon saleratus 

2 teaspoons cream of Butter the size of an egg 
tartar, (only 1 tea- 1 tablespoon of sugar 
spoon if using sour 

Mix soft with milk, drop on greased griddle and 
keep turning griddle around to cook them evenly. Turn 
when one side is done and cook on the other. 

Sheila White. 

Superior Muffins 

3 tablespoons sugar Cream together and add 

1 rounding tablespoon 1 egg well beaten 
lard or butter 

vSift together 2 cups flour, y^ teaspoon baking pow- 
der. Add alternately to first mixture with one cup of 
milk. Bake in greased muffin tin in hot oven for about 
12 minutes. If corn meal muffins are desired substitute 
1 cup of cornmeal for 1 cup of the flour. 

Mrs. Karl Fisher. 

Surprise Muffins 

2 cups flour or 3 teaspoons baking 
1 cup flour powder 

1 cup graham flour . 1 tablespoon sugar 

or 34 tsp. salt 

1 cup flour 2 eggs 

1 cup cornmeal 2 tablespoons shorten- 

1 cup milk ing 

Sift flour and mix dry ingredients. Add milk, eggs, 
and melted shortening. Mix and put tablespoon batter 
in muffin tin. Drop in center of each 1 teaspoon currant 
jelly or strawberry jam, or date, etc. Add another spoon 
of batter and bake 20 to 25 minutes. 

Mrs. V. M. Reed. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 85 

Cheese Biscuits 

Delicious with Fruit Salad 
1 cup of flour 2 tablespoons of butter 

2^ teas, of baking pow- H cup of milk and 

der water 

j/2 teas, of salt (scant) 

Mix all together as you do baking powder biscuits 
and then add one half cup of grated cheese. 

E. Weidenmiller. 



Spread squares of bread with a paste of Roquefort 
cheese and butter, add half teaspoon chili sauce and top 
with a slice of bacon. Toast in a hot oven. 

Mrs. Lydia B. Dorsey. 


4 tablespoons minced 4 slices toasted bread — 

smoked herring cut round 

2 hard boiled eggs 4 slices tomato 

Mayonnaise and parsley 

Select small boneless herring. Pour over boiling 
water and let stand fifteen minutes. Drain and work 
smooth with a fork, adding lemon juice and two table- 
spoons olive oil to spread easily. Cut toast round %. 
inch thick and quarter inch larger than tomato. Spread 
with herring, cover with slice of tomato. In the center 
cut small place to hold half of hard boiled ^gg white, 
fill with mayonnaise. Put ^gg yolk through ricer and 
sprinkle around the edges of tomato. 

Mrs. H. M. Hollinger. 

Candied Toast 

Thin slices of white bread toasted brown, buttered 
and covered with a thin layer of sliced bon bons. Return 
to hot oven until candy is melted. 

Mrs. John Jones. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 91 

Carrot Marmalade 

Juice of 2 lemons 6 oranges 

12 large carrots 

Put carrots and oranges through a plain food chop- 
per. Add lemon juice. Add one cup of sugar for each 
cup of pulp. Let mixture stand over night. In the 
morning boil until thick. 

If oranges and lemons are not large and juicy, a little 
water may be added while cooking. 

Mrs. C. W. Moore. 

Children's Lunches 

These luncheons are recommended by the Farmer's 
Bulletin, No. 712 of the U. S. Department of Agriculture 
as being properly balanced for school children. 

I. Poached or scrambled eggs with spinach, bread 
and butter, plain cake. 

II. Beef stew with vegetables, tea biscuits, honey. 

III. Vegetable-milk-soup; zweiback; rice with maple 
sugar and butter and milk or cream. 

IV. Potato chowder, crackers, jelly sandwiches. 

V. Lamb chop, baked potato, bread and butter; 
sliced bananas and oranges; cookies. 

VI. Boiled potatoes, cod fish gravy ; bread and but- 
ter, lettuce; custard. 

Mrs. Clyce. 

Grape Juice Punch 

Sweeten to taste four cups grape juice, add one cup 
finely crushed ice, juice of three oranges and one lemon, 
and serve in lemonade glasses. 

Mrs. Mary McKee. 


Butter Scotch Pie 

1 cup sugar 1 tablespoon butter 
Melt together until brown and creamy. 

Yolks of 2 eggs 1 cup milk 

2 tablespoons flour 

Mix together and pour into sugar and butter mix- 
ture. Cook slowly over a low flame until smooth. Put 
into double boiler and cook one hour. Put into previous- 
ly cooled pie shell and top with meringue made of whites 
of 2 eggs and Yz cup sugar. Bake in moderate oven. 

Mrs. William G. Clark. 

Chocolate Pie 

2 cups milk Y^ teaspoon salt 

1 cup sugar 2 squares bitter choco- 

2 eggs, separated late, dissolved in 2 
2 level tablespoons corn tablespoons boiling 

starch water. 

Heat milk in double boiler, then add chocolate, salt, 
yolks of eggs, sugar, and corn starch mixed smooth in a 
little milk, and stir until it thickens. Turn the custard 
into a baked crust and cover the pie with the whites of 
eggs beaten to a froth with two tablespoons of powdered 
sugar and vanilla. Brown meringue in oven. 

Mrs. R. A. Del Prato. 

96 Pies 

Cranberry Pi© 

1 cup cranberries 1 tablespoon vanilla 

Yz cup raisins 1 tablespoon butter 

1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon flour mixed 

Yi, cup hot water with the sugar 

Mix together in bowl, line pie plate with crust, pour 
in mixture, put on top crust and bake. 

This is delicious and tastes like cherry pie. 

Mrs. O. G. Balfour. 

Date Pie 

Pit twenty dates, cut into pieces, and cook in Yi cup 
water and ^ cup sugar until dates are cooked to paste. 
When cool, add 2 eggs, 1 cup milk, 1 pinch of salt. Mix 
and pour into pie plate lined with pastry. Bake quite 
slowly from 30 to 40 minutes. When perfectly cold, 
spread whipped cream over top and serve. 

Mrs. J. M. Hammer. 

French Apple Pie 

Line a deep pie plate with rich pie crust and fill three 
quarters full of apples, pared and sliced. Dredge with 
sugar and put a twist of crust around the edge. When 
nearly baked, spread with a thin layer of orange marma- 
lade and pour over a rich custard made of one cup of 
milk, one tablespoon of sugar and two ^^^ yolks. Re- 
turn to oven and bake until custard is set. 

Mrs. Martha J. Beilfuss. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 97 

Delicious Lemon Pie 

4 beaten egg yolks Juice of one lemon 

1 cup sugar Grated rind of one 


Cook in double boiler until thick. Add half of the 
four egg whites which have been beaten stiff. Fill a 
baked pastry shell with the mixture, cover with the re- 
maining meringue and brown. 

Mrs. V. M. Reed. 
Lemon Cake Pie. 

1 cup sugar 2 egg yolks well beaten 

2 rounding tablespoons Heaping tablespoon but- 
flour ter, melted 

Grated rind and juice of 1 cup milk 
two medium sized 

Beat well together, then add stiffly beaten whites 

and bake in slow oven, in a pastry lined pie tin until 
golden brown. 

Mrs. Karl Fisher. 

Spice Pie. 

j^ cup sugar ^ cup butter 

1 cup cream 1 teaspoon nutmeg, cin- 
3 egg yolks namon, cloves, all- 

2 tablespoons flour spice 

Put in pie crust and bake with meringue on top. 


Apple Chicken Salad 

Take six ripe apples and scoop out the centers. Fill 
them with cold cooked chicken, minced fine, seasoned 
with finely minced green peppers and salt, with enough 
cream to moisten. Place apples in a steamer and cook 
until almost tender. Chill and serve on lettuce with 

Mrs. Martha J. Beilfuss. 

Apricot Salad 

Place half an apricot or peach on lettuce, and fill with 
a mixture of Neufchatel cheese, and finely chopped nuts. 
Cover with the other half of the apricot and cover with 
whipped cream mayonnaise. 

Sheila White. 

Cheese and Sardine Salad 

2 pounds cottage cheese ^ pound melted butter 

1 can minced sardines Yi teaspoon nutmeg 

2 teaspoons salt Yi teaspoon paprika 

1 teaspoon prepared ^ cup cream — sour or 

mustard sweet 

Yi. teaspoon dry mus- 1 medium sized Spanish 

tard onion — chopped 

Serve on lettuce with French or Mayonnaise dress- 

Lydia B. Dorsey. 

102 Salads and Dressings 

Cheese and Green Pepper Salad. 

Remove stem end from green pepper. Wash, re- 
move seeds and stuff with cottage cheese which has been 
mixed with nuts, cream and pimento. Chill on ice, slice 
thin and serve on lettuce with mayonnaise. 

Mrs. E. C. Carey. 

Frozen Cream Cheese Salad 

Mash a cream cheese to a paste with four table- 
spoons of thick cream. Add a few grains each of salt and 
paprika and half a cup each of chopped nut meats and 
chopped Maraschino cherries. Pack into a small tin 
with a water tight cover and bury in ice and rock salt 
for three hours. Cut in thin slices and serve on crisp let- 
tuce leaves with French dressing. 

Lydia B. Dorsey. 

Frozen Salad 

2 packages cream 1 cup Maraschino cher- 

cheese, mashed. ries, cut up 

1 cup broken pecan or 1 green pepper, chopped 

walnut meats 1 cup thick oil dressing 

4 slices pineapple 1 bottle whipped cream 

Pour in mould the day before it is to be served. A 
few hours before serving put mould in container with 
salted ice around it and freeze three hours. Serve on 
large platter garnished with lettuce leaves. Can be 
served with French dressing. 

Mrs. F. H. Rohles. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 103 

Health Salad 

1 stalk celery 2 cups shredded celery 

1 carrot cabbage or lettuce 

3 bananas 

Dice celery and bananas. Grate carrot and mix all 
together with cream salad dressing. Pile on crisp lettuce 
leaves and garnish with walnuts. 

Cream salad dressing. 

Mix together three egg yolks, one tablespoon flour, 
one teaspoon salt, }^ cup sugar, ^^ teaspoon mustard, 
rubbed to a paste in very little water. Add half cup 
vinegar and two thirds cup water. Bring to a boil over 
a slow fire, stirring constantly. Add one cup cream and 
bring to a boil again. This will keep in a cold place 
about two weeks. 

Mrs. Chas. R. Hood. 

Hot Potato Salad 

1 quart boiled potatoes, 1 tablespoon flour 

sliced 3^ cup vinegar 

y^ pound bacon ^ cup water 

1 medium sized onion 1 teaspoon mustard 

1 teaspoon salt ^ teaspoon pepper 
1 tablespoon sugar 

Sprinkle potatoes (in ^ inch slices) with salt, pep- 
per, sugar and flour. Add water to vinegar and let heat 
thoroughly. Cut bacon fine and fry with onion. Add to 
potatoes. Pour hot vinegar over all and heat through to 
absorb vinegar and water. Serve hot. 

Mrs. LeRoy Nelson Sweet. 

104 Salads and Dressings 

Luncheon Salad 

Place a Philadelphia cream cheese in a bowl and 
add a heaping teaspoon of sandwich spread. Mix well. 
Skin fresh tomatoes, cut around in center, spread with 
the cheese mixture and put tomato together like a sand- 
wich. Place a sprig of parsley in stem end and serve 
with mayonnaise. 

Mrs. John R. Palmer. 

Luncheon Salad 

Shred as much lettuce as desired. 

Cut into cubes, two bananas, four slices pineapple, 
a dozen dates, and some nuts. Mix with mayonnaise, 
thinned with pineapple juice and serve with graham 

This salad served with soup, and their milk, makes a 
substantial lunch for school children. 

(Child Welfare) 

Pineapple and Cheese Salad. 

1 large can grated pine- ly^ cups sugar 

Cook until thick. Dissolve 1 envelope gelatine in 
juice of 1 lemon and half cup of water. Mix with cooked 
pineapple. Let cool and when it begins to jell, fold in 
1 cup grated American cheese and 1 small bottle of 
cream, whipped. Put into individual moulds and serve 
with mayonnaise and a sprinkling of grated cheese. 

Mrs. W. E. Jameson. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 105 

Raw Carrot Salad 

2 cups ground raw car- Salt to taste 

rots 1 cup ground cold roas"^ 

1 cup ground celery pork or chicken 

Mix well with mayonnaise. 

Mrs. C. W. Moore. 

Salad Mixtures 

Chicken with celery, hard-boiled eggs, cabbage, cu- 
cumber, nuts and peas. 

Cooked lamb and green peas. 

Shrimps with cucumber. 

Tuna fish, celery and pickle. 

Lobster with celery, tomato and shredded lettuce. 

Cooked lima beans, onions, celery and pimento. 

Cream cheese balls. 

Stuffed eggs on tomato slices. 

Cabbage and nuts. 

Tomato stuffed with pineapple and nuts. 

Apples, celery and cocoanut. 

Banana and chopped peanuts. 

Orange with strawberries or cherries and cheese 
balls rolled in chopped nuts. 

Grapefruit, celery and green pepper. 

Grapefruit, and orange sections with date strips 
served in star shape. 

Grape fruit, pineapple, marshmallows and nuts. 
Pineapple with slice of green pepper stuffed with 

Cold macaroni with pimento and nuts. 

S. Eckert. 

106 Salads and Dressings 

Tart Salad 

1 can crushed pineap- 1 grapefruit, shredded 
pie, drained and drained 

 2 grated carrots 2 packages lemon Jello 

Place in molds to jell and serve on lettuce with 

Mrs. Eric J. Mordt. 

Dressing for Fruit Salad 

2 eggs 2 tablespoons lemon 
1 teaspoon mustard juice 

1 pinch of salt 5 tablespoons cream 

3 tablespoons of sugar 

• Cook in double boiler and add ^ pint whipped 
cream when cooled. 

Sheila White. 

Fruit Salad Dressing 

j/2 cup fruit juice 2 eggs 

34 cup lemon juice ^ cup whipped cream 

Yi cup sugar 

Combine liquor of fruits used for salad and the lemon 
juice and heat in a double boiler. Beat up eggs with 
sugar and add them gradually to the heated liquid. Cook 
for five minutes, cool and add whipped cream. 

Mrs. Martha J. Beilfuss. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 107 

Mayonnaise Dressing 

1 teaspoon sugar 1 tablespoon water 

1 teaspoon mustard (cold) 

y2 teaspoon salt 1 ^^^ (whole) 

1 tablespoon lemon Beat all well with Dover 

juice ^gg beater 
1 tablespoon vinegar 

Pour into the mixture slowly 1 pint of Wesson oil, 
beating all the time. (POUR — not drop by drop.) 

Can be made in less than 5 minutes. 

Mrs. F. L. Rector. 

Mayonnaise Without Oil 

3 eggs well beaten 1 dessert spoon sugar 

Yi. cup lemon juice ^ teaspoon salt 

^ teaspoon mustard Y^ tin Eagle Brand con- 

densed milk 

Mix thoroughly and beat until thick and fluflfy. 

Mrs. Shaughnessy. 

Pineapple Mayonnaise 

Juice from a large can 1 tablespoon corn 

of pineapple starch 

Juice of 1 lemon 54 teaspoon salt 

Yi cup sugar 2 eggs, beaten slightly 

Mix dry ingredients, add juice and eggs, cook in 
double boiler until thick and when cool add lemon juice. 
Fold in Y^ P^^t of whipped cream and serve on fruit 

Mrs. LeRoy Nelson Sweet. 


Salads and Dressings 

Fish Salad 

Left over baked or boiled fish makes a good salad. 
Remove bones, fat and skin and chop the fish coarsely, 
cut an equal quantity of celery as fine as for chicken 
salad, add to fish and mix with mayonnaise. Serve on 
crisp lettuce leaf. 

Mrs. Mary McKee. 

Thousand Island Dressing 

1 cup mayonnaise 

2 tablespoons lemon 

2 tablespoons vinegar 

% cup Heinz chili sauce 

Pepper and salt 

2 eggs (hard boiled) 

1 can pimento 

12 olives 

Onion heart 

y^. cup Heinz catsup 

Chop fine and add to mayonnaise mixture. 

Mrs. F. L. Rector 


Russian Dressing 

Yz cup oil 

Yz cup vinegar 

Yi teaspoon each of salt, 

pepper, and paprika 
Y teaspoon F re n c h 


Yi cup boiled mayon- 
1 teaspoon chives 
3 teaspoons chopped pi- 
3 teaspoons chili sauce 

Mrs. Burton. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 


Salad Cheese Ring (With Fruit Salad) 

To this add 
3 cream cheese mashed 
with 1 teaspoon sugar 
Yz teaspoon salt and a 

little pepper 
8 tablespoons vinegar 
1 pint whipped cream 

Put in mold until hard and serve with fruit salad 
with either cooked dressing or mayonnaise. 

Mrs. David Suttle, 

2 tablespoons Knox 

)4 cup cold water and 

let stand 5 minutes, 

add boiling water to 

fill the cup 


Butter Balls for Soup 

Butter the size of an egg. 

Stir for five minutes with a teaspoon of finely chop- 
ped parsley, a pinch of salt and a pinch of nutmeg. Add 
one Qgg and stir ten minutes more. Add crumbs to make 
a soft mixture. Let stand till firm and roll in small balls. 
Cook in soup broth for five minutes and add to soup be- 
fore serving. 

Mrs. V. M. Reed. 

Scotch Soup 

1 quart water 1 potato (medium size) 

1 cup rolled oats 1 onion (medium size) 

Boil until vegetables and oats are tender. Brown 
one tablespoon flour in 1 tablespoon fat and add to soup. 
Add more water if too thick. Cubes of bread browned 
in fat may be used in place of the flour. A richer soup 
may be made by adding a cup of cream just before serv- 

Mrs. C. W. Moore. 

Preserved Tomato Soup 

1 peck of ripe tomatoes 1 cup ground carrots 

(Boiled and rubbed 1 cup ground celery 

through a sieve) 6 small onions — ground 

1 gallon water ^ cup salt or less ac- 
1 cup rice cording to taste 

Boil together for two hours and seal. This may be 
thinned when used with a thin cream sauce, water or 
meat stock. 

Mrs. C. W. Moore. 


Baked Potato Supreme 

Bake potatoes until tender. Cut slice off flat side, 
scoop out inside, being careful not to break shell. Mash 
potato, add milk or cream, season with salt, pepper, and 
butter. Refill shell, dot with butter, sprinkle with 
paprika, and put in oven until brown. 

Mrs. John R. Palmer. 

Creamed Cabbage Au Gratin 

Boil cabbage in salt water until tender. Cut up 
small and put a layer of the cabbage into a buttered 
baking dish. Over this a layer of well seasoned white 
sauce and a layer of cheese, then another layer of cab- 
bage, white sauce and cheese, and so on, until the dish 
is full. Cover thickly with grated cheese, sprinkle with 
allspice and cover with buttered crumbs. Bake twenty 
minutes in moderate oven. 

Alice Eckert. 

Scalloped Corn 

1 can yellow Bantam 1 medium sized green 

corn pepper, cooked 

1 cup rolled cracker 2 eggs 
crumbs • 1 cup cream or milk 

Salt and pepper to taste 

Mix well and bake about forty minutes. Dot with 
butter and brown. 

Mrs. LeRoy Nelson Sweet. 

118 Soups 

Creamed Mushrooms 

Clean in cold water, one pound of mushrooms. Melt 
one heaping tablespoon of butter, add mushrooms and 
cook for ten or fifteen minutes, covered. Add salt and 
pepper, dust with level tablespoon of flour and add one 
cup of milk. Cook slowly for about twenty minutes. 

Mrs. G. C. Wilson. 

Spinach Souffle 

2 cups cooked chopped Yolks of 3 eggs 
spinach ^ teaspoon salt 

2 cups thick cream Grating of nutmeg 

Mix well and fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites. 
Bake slowly until firm — thirty to forty-five minutes — 
then brown quickly. 

Mrs. John Jones. 

Baked Squash 

Cut summer squash in rings about half inch thick, 
remove seeds and outside skin. Parboil for five minutes. 
Butter a baking dish and put squash into* it carefully so 
as not to break rings. Salt and pepper and sprinkle but- 
tered bread crumbs on it, then pour heavy cream around 
the squash, cover the dish and bake in a quick oven. 

Sheila White. 

A Book of Unusual Recipes 119 

Candied Sweet Potatoes 

Put into a skillet one tablespoon brown sugar and 
one tablespoon of water. Cook slowly together until car- 
amelized. Add two cups brown sugar and one cup warm 
water, half teaspoon salt, one tablespoon butter, juice of 
half a lemon or one tablespoon vinegar. Boil together 
into a smooth syrup. Pour over potatoes which have 
been boiled and sliced lengthwise and bake for one hour, 
basting frequently. Enough for five or six people. 

Mrs. G. C. Wilson. 

Sweet Potatoes Scalloped with Orange Juice 

Cut boiled sweet potatoes in diagonal slices. Cover 
the bottom of a baking dish with a layer of slices and 
sprinkle with one tablespoon of melted butter, two table- 
spoons sugar, a few grains of mustard, and grated rind 
of Yi orange. Add another layer of each and pour the 
juice of one or two oranges (depending on quantity) 
over all. Bake until hot and slightly glazed. 

Mrs. E. P. Johnson. 

Scalloped Cabbage 

1 head of cabbage Bread Crumbs 

Salt and pepper ^ White Sauce 

Cut cabbage in small sections, cook in salted water 
until tender, drain. Arrange cabbage in buttered baking 
dish in layers, sprinkling each layer with salt and pepper 
and covering with white sauce, cover top with buttered 
bread crumbs and bake in slow oven for 45 minutes. 




Banana Cake 7 

Blintz Torte 8 

Brown Nut Cake 7 

Chocolate Cake 8 

Chocolate Loaf Cake 9 

Chocolate Surprise Cakes 9 

Christmas Pecan Cake 10 

Dark Fruit Cake 9 

Devil's Food Cake 10 

Dutch Apple Cake ^ 11 

French Pastry Cake 11 

Graham Cracker Torte 12 

Meringue Cake 12 

Never Fail Devil's Food Cake 13 

Nun's Cake 13 

Pineapple Filling for Sponge Cake 13 

Pound Cake 14 

Russian Torte 14 

Simple Frosting ..15 

Sour Cream Cake 15 

Spice Cake 15 

*Sponge Cake 16 

Sunshine Layer Cake 16 

Surprise Crullers 17 

Upside Down Cake 17 

White Fruit Cake 18 



*Butterscotch 21 

Chocolate Fudge 21 

*Cocoanut Taffy ." 22 

*Date Nut Roll '. 22 


*Almond Cookies 25 

* Boston Cookies 25 

*Brownies 25 

^Christmas Nut Ring Cookies : 26 

*Date Cookies ....26 

*Filled Cookies 26 

*Ginger Cookies 27 

*Ice Box Cookies 27 

*Quick Oat Meal Drop Cookies 27 

*Sugar Cookies, 1 28 

*Sugar Cookies, II 28 

*Waffle Cookies 28 

*Swedish Crisps 29 

*Fudge Squares 29 


Apple Dumplings 33 

*Baked Custard 33 

*Banana Fluff 33 

*Candied Apples 34 

Chocolate Ice Box Cake 34 

*Chocolate Steam Pudding 35 

Cottage Pudding 34 

*Creamy Rice Pudding 35 


Divinity Pudding 36 

*Date and Walnut Fingers 36 

Date Pudding 36 

Date Suet Pudding 37 

Fresh Cocoanut Pudding.^ 37 

French Apple Pudding 42 

*Graham Cracker Pudding 38 

Graham Patties 37 

Ice Box Cake 1 38 

Ice Box Cake II 39 

Ice Box Dessert 39 

Lemon Ice Box Cake 40 

Lemon Pudding 39 

Meringue Dessert 40 

Pineapple Fluff 40 

*Pineapple Ice Cream 41 

*Orange Charlotte 41 

*Raspberry Flummery 41 

*Snow Pudding 42 

Sponge Pudding 42 


Boston Baked Beans 47 

Bread and Bacon Crisps 47 

Broiled Open Sandwich 47 

Cheese and Olive Sandwich , 48 

Cheese Souffle 48 

*Corn and Cheese Souffle , 48 

Egg Sur La Plate 49 

Egg Croquettes 49 

Chicken Souffle 49 

Ramekin of Salmon and Peas 50 


Sausages with Rice and Tomatoes 50 

Mock Lobster Sandwich 50 


Chicken A La King 53 

Chicken and Macaroni Loaf 53 

Pan Broiled Chicken 54 

Mock Chicken Legs 54 

Chili Con Carne 55 

Chop Suey- -.54 

Crab Meat A La Newburg 55 

Creamed Crab Meat -55 

Devilled Crab Meat 56 

Fan Foo 56 

Ham Loaf 57 

Savory Baked Ham 57 

Ham Souffle 58 

Ham with Mustard 56 

Kidney Bean Hash 58 

Kidney Stew 59 

Meat Loaf 60 

Oriental Stew 60 

Pork Chops with Apples 60 

Baked Pork Chops 58 

Sour Rabbit 61 

Salmon Loaf 62 

Steamed Salmon Loaf 62 

Salmon Supreme 61 

Salmon Turbot 62 

Shepherd's Pie 63 

Scalloped Shrimps 63 

Italian Spaghetti I ^ 64 


Italian Spaghetti II 64 

Spare Rib Pie 65 

Rolled Steak 65 

Salisbury Steak 65 

Santa Barbara Fish 59 

Stuffed Cabbage 59 

Mock Sweet Breads 66 

Jellied Veal 66 

Veal Loaf 66 


Corn Fritters 74 

*Cranberry Jelly 74 

Cranberry Relish 74 

Never Fail Dumplings 75 

Pepper Hash 75 

Pears with Mint Jelly * 75 


Ice Box Biscuits 78 

♦Bran Muffins 78 

Bunskets 79 

Coffee Cake 79 

Crumb Cake —79 

Ginger Bread 80 

Soft Ginger Bread 80 

Griddle Cakes 80 

Ice Box Rolls 81 

*Nut Bread. 1 81 

*Nut Bread. II 81 

Muffins. 1 82 

Muffins. II 82 


Blueberry Muffins 82 

Bran Muffins 83 

Can't Fail. Muffins 83 

Field's Potato Muffins 83 

Scotch Scones 84 

Superior Muffins 84 

Surprise Muffins 84 

Cheese Biscuits 85 


Appetizer T. : 90 

Canape 90 

Candied Toast 90 

*Carrot Marmalade 91 

*Children's Lunches 91 


Butterscotch Pie 95 

Chocolate Pie 95 

Cranberry Pie : 96 

Date Pie 96 

French Apple Pie 96 

Lemon Pie 97 

Lemon Cake Pie 97 

Spice Pie 97 


*Apple Chicken Salad 101 

Apricot Salad 101 

Cheese and Green Pepper Salad 102 

Cheese and Sardine Salad 101 

Fish Salad 108 

Frozen Cream Cheese Salad 102 


Frozen Salad 102 

*Health Salad 103 

Hot Potato Salad 103 

*Luncheon Salad. I ". 104 

*Luncheon Salad. II 104 

Pineapple and Cheese Salad 104 

*Raw Carrot Salad 105 

Salad Mixtures 105 

*Tart Salad 106 

Dressing for Fruit Salad. 1 106 

Dressing for Fruit Salad. II 106 

Mayonnaise without oil 107 

Pineapple Mayonnaise 107 

Russian Dressing 108 

Salad Cheese Ring 109 

Thousand Island Dressing 108 


Butter Balls for Soup 113 

*Scotch Soup .^ 113 

Preserved Tomato Soup 113 


*Baked Potato Supreme 117 

Creamed Cabbage Au Gratin 117 

Scalloped Corn 117 

Scalloped Cabbage '. 119 

Creamed Mushrooms 118 

*Spinach Souffle 118 

Baked Squash 118 

Candied! Sweet Potatoes 119 

Scalloped Sweet Potatoes 119