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2001 Fall Convocation 

Convocation at Carleton University — 2 

Sunday, November 18, 10:00 a.m. 

Honorary Degree Recipient Trina McQueen — 4 

Order of Proceedings — 5 
Doctor of Pkilosopliy from the Faculty of Engineering and Design, the Faculty of Science, the 
Faculty of Puhlic Affairs and Management; Master of Engineering; Master of Applied Science; 
Master of Architecture, Master of Science; Master of Computer Science; Master of Arts from 
the Faculty of Puhlic Affa irs and Management; Master of Journalism; Master of Business 
Administration; Master of Social Work; Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution; Bachelor 
of Engineering; Bachelor of Architecture; Bachelor of Science (Honours); Bachelor of 
Science; Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours); Bachelor of Mathematics; Bachelor of Computer 
Science (Honours); Bachelor of Commerce (Honours); Bachelor of International Business 
(Honours); Bachelor of Journalism (Honours); Bachelor of Puhlic Administration (Honours); 
Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) 


Sunday, November 18, 2:30 p.m. 

Honorary Degree Recipient George Anderson — 18 

Order of Proceedings — 19 
Doctor of Philosophy from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Master of Arts from the 
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts from 
the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Puhlic Affairs and Management; Bachelor of 
Humanities (Honours); Bachelor of Music (Honours); Certificate in the Teaching of English as 
a Second Language; Certificate in Puhlic Service Studies 

Medallists in the Graduating Class — 32 
2001 Scliolarskip and Award Winners — 34 

Convocation at Carleton University 

I he Convocation aTcinony (the calling together of the academic 
assembly) has its roots in university traditions or medieval Europe. 

The Mace 

. nuic is a st.itl s\ mholi/ing authority. In the days of knighthood, 
it was a weapon, but after the 1 6th century it became solely a 
symbol of authority carried by a distinguished member of an 
assembly. It is used on ceremonial occasions to signify the right of 
an individual or institution to perform a certain function — in the 
case of universities, to grant degrees. 

At Convocation, the mace is carried ahead of the Chancellor as 
he enters and leaves each ceremony. During the ceremony the 
mace is displayed on a special stand as an embodiment of the 
authority of the University. 

Carletons mace was presented to the University in 1976 as a gift 
n the Chair of the Board of Governors at that time, Mr. Hyman 
5 »way. It is a silver-plated staff approximately three feet long. At 
the upper end there is a bowl marked with the University's coat 
of arms and the University motto in both Latin and English — 
"Opera Nobis Aeterna" and "Ours the Task Eternal." From the 
upper portion of the bowl rises a phoenix. Traditional oak leaves 
surround the lower end of the staff. 

Coat of Arms 

The coat of arms was presented to the University by His Excellency 
The Right Honourable Ramon John Hnatyshyn, Governor-General 
of Canada, on November 15, 1992 as part of Carleton's 50th 
anniversary celebrations. It is described in heraldic terms as follows: 
"Sable a maple leaf Gules irradiated and charged with an open 
book Argent; And for a Crest: on a wreath Argent Sable and Gules 
a Phoenix Gules quilled and beaked Or issuing from flames proper; 
And for a Motto: Ours the Task Eternal; And for Supporters: on 
a grassy mount on either side a raven Sable beaked and membered 
or armed Gules." 

The open book on the maple leaf signifies that Carleton University 
is in the nation's capital and that learning is open to all who wish to 
partake of it. The phoenix, the legendary eternal bird, symbolizes 
the renewing of learning from older foundations, in recognition 
of Henry Marshall Tory's role in the founding of the University 
when he was 78 years old. "Ours the Task Eternal" is taken from 
a Walt Whitman poem entitled "Pioneers" and ties in with the 
eternal quality of the phoenix. 

And so, the Carleton University coat of arms symbolizes sound 
learning, good citizenship, and the highest hopes of humanity. 

The Diploma 

The diploma the graduates receive at Convocation is the certificate 
of qualification which publishes the fact that the student has 
fulfilled all the requirements and completed the prescribed course 
of study for the degree. As the senior academic legislative body of 
the University, it is the Senate which has determined whether the 
requirements have been met. The signatures of both the 
Chancellor and the President of the University appear on the 
diploma: the Chancellor because of his role in conferring the 

degree, and the President who, as Chair of Senate, certifies that 
Senate has enacted the required motion to award the degree. 
The Seal of the University is affixed to the diploma as a mark 
of authentication. 

Academic Dress 

The academic dress of Carleton University results from a 
compromise between that found in the ancient foundations of 
Britain and Canada and the American Intercollegiate Code. 
All three hoods — bachelor's, master's, and doctor's — are of the 
simple or Oxford shape. The bachelor's hood is made of black 
stuff; the master's and doctor's are made of black silk and all are 
lined with silver silk with two chevrons, one of red and one of 
black. From bachelor's to doctor's, the hoods are progressively 
longer and opened to show more and more of the lining. 

The velvet border of the hoods denotes the degrees granted 
according to the following colour combinations: architecture is 
cerise; arts is white; commerce is camel brown; computer science 
is royal blue; engineering is orange; humanities is white with a 
red cord sewn slightly in from the lower border; industrial design 
is dark cardinal; international business is camel brown with a 
red cord sewn slightly in from the lower border; journalism is 
white with a black cord sewn slightly in from the lower border; 
management studies is camel brown with a black cord sewn 
slightly in from the lower border; mathematics is hunter green; 
music is Venetian pink; public administration is peacock blue; 
science is golden yellow; social work is cream; and doctor of 
philosophy is purple. 

The master's and bachelor's gowns, to be worn with the above 
hoods, are of full length, made of black stuff, with a gathered 
yoke behind, and long open-fronted sleeves. The doctoral gown 
is of full-style, made of fine royal blue cloth with facings of light 
blue silk, with a full gathered yoke behind, and closed sleeves 
with an opening at the elbows. 

The two shades of blue in the doctoral gown are those of the 
United Nations, and are meant to recognize the University's 
long-standing interest, from its earliest years, in international 
affairs and issues. The colours were chosen when the University 
awarded its first honorary degree, in 1 954, to the second Secretary 
General of the United Nations, the late Dag Hammarskjold. The 
tradition of awarding honorary degrees to Secretaries General of 
the United Nations has continued since that time. 

The gown of the honorary Doctor of Laws, Literature, Music, 
Science, Engineering, Architecture or Fine Arts is a full robe with 
bell-shaped sleeves. It is made of fine royal blue cloth with facings 
and sleeves in light blue silk. The hood is made of the same 
material as the gown, has the same lining as that for the degrees 
granted by examination, and is bordered with dark mauve for 
the degree of Doctor of Laws; vibrant blue for the degree of 
Doctor of Literature; Venetian pink for the degree of Doctor 
of Music; red for the degree of Doctor of Science; orange for 
the degree of Doctor of Engineering, cerise for the degree of 
Doctor of Architecture, and dark cardinal for the degree of 
Doctor of Fine Arts. 


The Presiding Officer of Convocation is the Chancellor of the 
University, Arthur Kroeger, C.C., M.A., LL.D. 

Accompanying him on the podium are: Gail Larose, B.A., M.A. (in 
the morning), and Jacques Shore, LL.B., LL.M. (in the afternoon), 
representing the Board of Governors; and Richard J. Van Loon, 
B.Sc, M.A., Ph.D., President and Vice-Chancellor. 

Assisting the Chancellor are: 

Chong H. Chan, B.Sc, M.A.Sc, Ph.D., PEng. 
Professor of Engineering, Clerk of Senate 
and Marshal of Convocation 

Brian C. Mortimer, B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 
Associate Dean, Faculty of Science 
and Associate Marshal of Convocation 

Tullio C. Caputo, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology 

and Beadle of Convocation 

Gerald de Montigny, B.A., M.S.W., M.A., Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Social Work 
and Beadle of Convocation 

Michael F. Fox, B.A., M.A. 
Associate Professor of Geography 
and Beadle of Convocation 

Ildi Munro, B.A., M.Sc. 
Lecturer in Earth Sciences 
and Beadle of Convocation 

Michael W. Smith, B.Sc, M.A., Ph.D. 
Professor of Geography 

Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 
and Beadle of Convocation 

Also assisting at Convocation: 

Pegge Clarke 
Assistant Registrar 

University Registrarial Services-Engineering and Design 

Carol Corkran 

Assistant Dean/Registrar 

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research 

Bernadette Landry, B.A. 

Acting Assistant Dean of Students and Registrar, 
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 

Lisa Ralph 

Acting Assistant Dean and Registrar 

University Registrarial Services-Science and School of Computer 

Doug Saveland, B.A. 
Assistant Dean of Students 

Registrar, Faculty of Public Affairs and Management 

June Drayton Callender, B.S.Sc, G.C.C.R. 
Christina Farago 
Sharon Palmer 
Glendy Wong, B.A. 

Registrar's Office, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research 

Dianne Baird 

Susan Dunsmore 

Sheila McCallum, B.A., M.A. 

Susan McConnell, B.A. 

Carolyn Melvin, B.A. 

Terrence Odin, B.A., M.A. 

Patricia Patrick 

Ikuko Webster, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

University Registrarial Services-Arts and Social Sciences 

June Claudia Creighton, B.A. 
Colin James Harkness, B.A. 
Kimberley Holliday, B.A. 
Dina Royle, B.A. 
Samantha Shortt, B.A., M.A. 
Chandra Stratton, B.A. 

University Registrarial Services-Public Affairs and Management 
Mary Orser 

University Registrarial Office-Science and School of Computer 

Marlene Groves 

University Registrarial Services-Engineering and Design 
Lisa Tsotroudis, B.A. 

University Registrarial Services-Records and Registration 

Pamela Mallon 
Trapp Zaluska 
Office of the President 

AJlister Hain, B.A., M.A. 
Nanci Jolicoeur 
ManyAnne Pomainville 
Janet Weichel McKenzie, B.A. 
Rosemary Patterson 
University Communications 

Cathy Pearen 
Senate Office 


Honorary Degree Recipient 


Trina McQueen, B.J., BA, D. Litt., LL.D. 

Trina McQueen, President and Chief Operating Officer, 
CTV Television Network, will be awarded the degree of 
Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, at the morning ceremony on 
Sunday, November 18, "in recognition of an outstanding 
career in the Canadian television industry." 


Order of Proceedings 
Sunday, November 18, 10:00 a.m. 

Chancellor Arthur Kroeger, C.C., M.A., LL.D., presiding. 
Accompanying him on the podium are 
Gail Larose, B.A., M.A., representing the Board of Governors, 
and Richard J. Van Loon, B.Sc, M.A., Ph.D., President and Vice-Chancellor. 

(The audience is requested to stand when the Academic Procession arrives, 
to remain standing until after 'O Canada' has been sung, and at the 
conclusion of the ceremony to remain until the Academic Procession has lefi.) 

Processional Music 
John R. Coghill, Sr., CD. (bagpipes) 
John R. Coghill, Jr., B.Mus., CD. (bagpipes) 
Garry Matthews, CD. (drummer) 

O Canada* 
(the audience is invited to sing) 

Welcome by the Master of Ceremonies 
Richard J. Van Loon, B.Sc, M.A., Ph.D. 

Conferring of the Degree of 
Doctor of Laws, 
honoris causa, upon 
Trina McQueen, B.J., B.A., D. Litt., LL.D. 
(presented by Christopher Dornan, B.J., M.A., Ph.D., 
Associate Professor and Director of the School of Journalism and Communication) 

Convocation Address 
Trina McQueen 

Conferring of Degrees by Examination 


Chong H. Chan, B.Sc, M.A.Sc, Ph.D., PEng. 
Clerk of Senate 

Awarding of the Medals 
Introduction by the Clerk of Senate 

Presentation of the Henry Marshall Tory Award to 
Sean Andrew McFee 
(presented by Mr. Jay Nordenstrom, 
President, Carleton University Students' Association) 

Recessional Music 

*see next page for words 

O Canada 

O Canada! Our home and native land! 
True patriot love in all thy sons command. 
With glowing hearts we see thee rise, 
The True North strong and free! 
From far and wide, O Canada, 
We stand on guard for thee. 
God keep our land glorious and free! 
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. 
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. 

of Degrees 
and Certificates 

Doctor of Philosophy 

(presented by Professor R.C. Blockley, 
Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
and Research) 

Osman Burkan Isgor 

B.Sc. (Bogazici), M.Eng. (Carleton) 
Civil Engineering 

A Durability Model for Chloride and 
Carbonation Induced Steel Corrosion 
in Reinforced Concrete Members 
Supervisor: A.G. Razaqpur 

Yick Bun Lock 

B.Eng., M.Phil. (Hong Kong, Hong Kong) 
Civil Engineering 
A Novel Method to Assess Past 
Earthquake Characteristics 
Supervisor: T. Law 

Gamantyo Hendrantoro 

B.Eng. (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of 
Technology, Indonesia), M.Eng. (Carleton) 
Electrical Engineering 
Estimation of Cell Area Coverage and 
Cell-Site Diversity Gain in 30 GHz 
Fixed Cellular Systems under Rainy 

Supervisors: D.D. Falconer 
and R. Bultitude 

Pascale Champagne 

B.Sc. (McGill), B.Eng. (Guelph), 

M.Eng. (Carleton) 

Environmental Engineering 
A Combined Passive System for the 
Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage 
Supervisors: P. Van Geel and W. Parker 

Mohammad Jafar Kermani 

B.Sc. (Shiraz, Iran), 

M.Sc. (Manchester, U.K.) 
Mechanical Engineering 
Development and Assessment of 
Upwind Schemes with Application 
to Inviscid and Viscous Flows on 
Structured Meshes 
Supervisor: E.G. Plett 

Thomas Andrew Edge 

B.Sc. (Guelph), M.Sc. (Ottawa) 

Survival of Genetically Engineered 
Micro-organisms in the Environment 
and a Test of the Ability to Predict 
Survival of Pseudomonas Chlororaphis 
3732RN-L1 1 in Soils across Canada 
Supervisor: R.C. Wyndham 

Bio Aikawa 

B.Sc. (Carleton) 

Investigation of Catalyzed 
Hydrodechlorination Reactions of 
Organochlorines in Supercritical 
Carbon Dioxide 
Supervisor: R. Burk 

Joseph Pierre Regis Desjardins 

B.Sc. (Waterloo), M.Sc. (Carleton) 

Synthesis and Characterization of 
Novel Organometallic and Organic 
Electrochromic Materials 
Supervisor: W. Wang 

Li Kuang 

B.Sc, M.Sc. (Sichuan, China) 

Chemistry or Benzocyclobutenone 

Supervisor: W. Wang 
Hai Bin Zheng 

B.Eng, M.Sc. (Dalian University of 
Technology, China) 

Synthesis and Properties of Novel 


Supervisor: W. Wang 

Audrey Dallimore 

B.Sc. (Queens), M.Sc. (Carleton) 
Earth Sciences 
Late Holocene Geologic, 
Oceanographic and Climate History of 
an Anoxic Fjord: Effingham Inlet, West 
Coast, Vancouver Island 
Supervisor: R.T Patterson 

Kazem Ghanbari 

B.Sc, M.Sc. (Tabriz, Iran) 

Inverse Spectral Theory for General 
Matrix Operators 
Supervisor: A. Mingarelli 

Habib Bin MuzafTar 

B.Sc. (Memorial), M.Math. (Waterloo) 

Extensions and Analogues of the 
Chowla-Selberg Formula 
Supervisor: K.S. Williams 

Shamika N. Sirimanne 

B.Comrn. (Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri 
Lanka), M.A. (Toronto) 

Endogenous Growth and Learning-Bv- 
Doing Spillovers 
Supervisors: E. Choudhri and 
L. Schembri 


Hj/rai Omar /ukhilwal 

RA. (Winnipeg), M.A. (Queens) 

l'rade and Wages: A Non-Stopler- 
Samuelson Explanation Evidence from 

Supervisor: V. Dehejia 

I had Michael Brings 

B.A. (Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.), 
M.A. (Limerick, Ireland) 
Political Science 

Damming Science: Problems of 
Scientific Research in Environmental 
Supervisor: J. DcBardeleben 

Susan B. Frances chet 

BA. (Manitoba), M.A. (Carleton) 
Political Science 
Gender and Citizenship: 
Democratization and Women's Politics 
in Chile 

Supervisor: L. Macdonald 

( hristopher Michael I hint 

B.A. (Otago, New Zealand), 
M.A. (Carleton) 
Political Science 

Constructing the Entrepreneurial City: 
'Silicon Valley North' and Ottawa's 
Local Mode of Governance 1988-2000 
Supervisor: R. Mahon 

Master of Engineering 

(presented by Professor R.C. Blockley, 
Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
and Research) 

Amina Daoudi 

Ingenieur (Universite des Sciences et de la 
Technologic Algeria) 

A Method for Field Calibration of a 
Gyroscope in an Airborne Gravimetry 
Inertial Stable Platform 

Muslim Majeed 

B.Sc. (Bashra, Iraq) 

Colin Thomas Welburn 

B.Eng. (Carleton) 

Characterisation of Particulate Matter 
Emissions from Motor Vehicles 

Feng Deng 

B.Eng. (Carleton) 

Effects of Fixed-Point DSP Processing 
on DMT Based xDSL Applications 

Stephan D. Picard 

B. I ng. (Sherbrooke) 

Coplanar Waveguide Phase Shifter on 
Silicon at LMCS Frequencies 

Ying Qiao 

B.Eng. (Hefei University of Technology, 

Rollback Strategies for Controlling 
Memory Contention in a 
Multiprocessor-Based Telephone 

Chiew-Leong Saw 

B.Sc. Eng. (New Brunswick) 

Estimation of Radio Resource in 
a 3G Multimedia System through 

Xiang Zhang 

B.Sc. (Sichuan, China), 
M.A. Sc. (Southwest Jiaotong, China) 

Michael S. Barnett 

B.Sc. Eng. (New Brunswick) 

Telecommunications Technology 

Walter Alfred Wood 

B.Eng. (Royal Military College), 
B.A. (Waterloo) 

Telecommunications Technology 


Master of Applied Science 

(presented by Professor R.C. Blockley, 
Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
and Research) 

Zhi Ke 

B.Eng. (Beijing Polytechnic, China) 
New Method and Algorithm for 
Intelligent Signal Filtering Based on 
Fuzzy Logic 

Telamon M c Cullough 

B.A. Sc. (British Columbia) 

An Experimental Assessment of Scaling 
Parameters for Selecting Velocity in 
Icing Wind Tunnel Tests 

Afshin Fsfandiari 

B.A. (Baha'i Institute for Higher Education, 

Redistribution of Longitudinal 
Moment in Straight Continuous 
Concrete Slab-Steel Girder Composite 

Soheil Yavari 

B.Sc. (Baha'i Institute for Higher Education, 

Design of Concrete Shear Wall 
Buildings for Earthquake Induced 

John Boyer 

B.Eng. (Carleton) 

Multihop Wireless Communications 

Dritan Celo 

B.Eng. (Tirana Polytechnic, Albania) 
Modeling of Thermal Coupling in 
Multifinger Bipolar Transistors 

Yonghua Fang 

B.Eng. (Xi'an Jiaotong, China) 
A Macromodeling Approach for 
Nonlinear Microwave/RF Circuits and 
Devices Based on Recurrent Neural 

Ronald Stewart Fernando 

B.Eng. (Carleton) 

Simplified Iterative Noncoherent 
Demodulation and Decoding of 
Encoded M-DPSK Signals over 
Rayleigh Flat-Fading Channels 

Michael Gawargy 

B.Eng. (McGill) 

Specialization in Software Engineering 
Dependable and Extensible Next 
Generation Network Communication 

Mariusz Ryszard Janusz 

B.Eng. (Lakehead) 

Comparative Study of Two Methods 
for Recursive Parameters Identification: 
Kalman Filter with Hypothesis Testing 
and Directional Forgetting 

Christina Anita Mary O'Regan 

B.Eng. (Carleton) 

Microelectromechanical System 
(MEMS) Simulation 

Gerardo Romo Luevano 

B.Sc. (Instituto Technologico de 

Aguascalientes, Mexico), 

M.Sc. (Centro de Investigaciones en Optica, 


Optical/Electrothermal Simulation of 
Integrated Ridge Lasers 


Wai Keung Wu 

B.Sc. (Hong Kong, Hong Kong) 

Flyover - a Technique for Achieving 
High Performance CO RB A- Based 

Master of Architecture 

(presented by Professor R.C. Blockley 
Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
and Research) 

Muhammad Moussa 

B.Arch. (Helwan, Egypt) 

Courtyard Floor of Sultan Hassan 
Complex, Cairo, Egypt: Full 
Documentation and Geometric 

Irina Laura Olac 

B.Arch. (Ion Minco Institute of Architecture, 


The Design of a New Media 
Environment: Pointe-a-Calliere, 
a Theatre of Human Events 

Ozayr S. Saloojee 

B.Arch. (Carleton) 

Solomons Temple as Metaphor: 
An Islamic Understanding 

Brent Allen Welty 

B.Arch. (Carleton) 

Wayfinding in Real and Virtual 
Domains: Continuity and Experience 

Master of Science 

(presented by Professor R.C. Blockley 
Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
and Research) 

Wendy Rosa Eleanore Dunford 

B.Sc. (Trent) 

Effects of Agricultural and Urban Land 
Uses on Birds Breeding in Forest 
Fragments near Ottawa, Ontario 

Christine Elizabeth Ficker 

B.Sc. (Guelph) 

Ethnobotany and Antifungal Activity 
ofTropical Gingers {Zingibereaceae) 

Sandra L. Hurley 

B.Sc. (Carleton) 

Cytoskeletal Interactions of Synapsin I 
in Non-Neuronal Cells 

Jennifer Lynn Lee 

B.Sc. (Trent) 

Circumferin: A Biochemical and 
Immunochemical Investigation of a 
Nuclear Envelope Protein in 
Mammalian Cells 

Daniel Patrick M c Phee 

B.Sc. (Carleton) 

Perfluorooctyl Bromide Emulsions as 
In Vivo Carriers for Laser Polarized 
u<) Xe for Magnetic Resonance Imaging: 
The Effect of Phosphatidylcholine 
Chain-Length and Oxygenation of the 
Emulsion on Longitudinal Relaxation 
Time (T ) and Line Width 

David Loney M c Ruer 

B.Sc. (Mount Allison) 

An Investigation of Prevalence of 
Aeromonas Hydrophila and of 
Measures of Immune Function for 
Frogs Used in the Ontario Baitshop 
Industry: Implications of Past and 
Present Practices 

Cheryl Samantha Szebedinszky 

B.Sc. (McMaster) 

The Origin and Physiological 
Significance of High Plasma Buffering 
in Brown Bullhead {Ameiurus 

Mastaneh Azad 

B.Sc. (Carleton) 

Synthesis, Trimerization and 
Complexation Studies of Benzo- 
1 1 -Crown-3 Ether 

Philip H. Danks 

B.Sc. (Carleton) 

Electrochemical Modulation of the 
Optical Properties of 

Peter John Mosher 

B.Sc. (Carleton) 

Mononuclear and Dinuclear 

(2,2':6',2"-Terpyridine) Ruthenium II) 
Complexes with Phenylcyanamide 

Jennifer Reid 

B.Sc. (Carleton) 

Supramolecular Control of [2+2] Solid 
State Reactivity 

Brad Sheeller 

B.Sc. (Carleton) 

Absolute Rate Constants for Some 
Reactions of the Triethylamine-boryl 
Radical and the Borane Radical Anion 

Andrea J. Mills 

B.Sc. (Memorial) 
Earth Sciences 

Tectonometamorphic Investigation of 
The Uvauk Complex, Nunavut, 

Maria Mariska terMeer 

B.Sc. (Acadia) 
Earth Sciences 

Tectonometamorphic History of the 
Nowyak Complex, Nunavut, Canada 

Qingjian Du 

B.Sc, M.Sc. (Tianjin, China) 

Information and Systems Science 

Ling He 

B.Eng. (Southeast, China) 

Information and Systems Science 
UML Activity Diagram Reduction by 
Graph Transformations 

Xiaoping Jie 

B.Eng, M.Eng, Ph.D. (Beijing University 
of Aeronautics, China) 

Information and Systems Science 

Yuyong Ke 

B.Sc. (Nanchang, China), M.Sc. (Dalian 
Institute of Chemical Physics, China) 
Information and Systems Science 

Zhaohuan Liu 

B.Eng. (Northeast Agricultural, China) 
Information and Systems Science 

Liang Qin 

B.Eng, M.Eng. (Zhejiang, China) 
Information and Systems Science 
Pro-Active Route Maintenance in DSR 

Lei Tan 

B.Sc. (Yunnan, China) 

Information and Systems Science 
SwapBox: a Hot-Swapping Framework 
for Swappable JavaBeans 

Ming Yan 

B.Eng. (Shanghai, China) 

Information and Systems Science 

Xunwei Zhang 

B.Med.Sc. (Nantong Medical College, 

Information and Systems Science 

Xuctcng / hong 

B.Sc. (Ocean L 'nirersiry, China), M.Sc, 
Ph. D ( Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) 
Information and Systems Science 

1 cah Shifra Bcn-Porai 

B.Sc. (Carlcton). B.Ed (Ottawa) 

Isabelle Gaboury 

B.Sc. (L 'niversite du Quebec a Trois 


Specialization in Biostatistics 
Analysis of JX2 Libles of Counts with 
Both Completely and Partially Cross- 
Classified Data 

N t a 1 g o r / a t a \X ' i n i s i c \ vs ka 

B.Sc. (Girlcton) 

Statistical Aspects of Digital Image 


/hanrong Gao 

B.Eng. (National University of Defense 
Technology, China) 

Specialization in Medical Physics 
A Three-Dimensional Tumour Growth 
Model for a Radiation Therapy Process 

Nina KaJach 

Diploma (Kiev State, Ukraine) 

Specialization in Medical Physics 
What Constitutes a Clinic-like 
Radiotherapy Photon Beam 

W. Kenji Myint 

B.Sc. (McMaster) 

Specialization in Medical Physics 
Examining the Role of the Non- 
Homologous End-Joining Repair 
Pathway in Cisplatin Radiosensitization 
and Sub-Lethal Damage Repair 

Kenneth Nzefeh Nkongchu 

B.Sc. (Buea, Cameroon) 

Specialization in Medical Physics 
PVA-Fricke Hydrogels for 
Rad iotherapy Dosimetry Using 
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

Kelly Ann Brennan 

B.A. (Ottawa) 

Specialization in Neuroscience 
Dissociating the Anorexic and 
Anhedonic Effects of Interleukin-1 B 
Administration: Implications for the 
Study of Depression 

Owen Peter Kelly 

B.A. (Carlcton) 

Specialization in Neuroscience 
Acoustic Startle and Fear-Potentiated 
Startle in Rats Selectively Bred for Fast 
and Slow Kindling Rates: Relation to 
Monoamine Activity 

Master of Computer Science 

(presented by Professor R.C. Blockley, 
Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
and Research) 

Adli Anwar Abu Shaban 

B.C.S. (Technical University of Nova Scotia) 
Multilevel Automaton-Based Image 
Retrieval and Searching 

Ildemaro Ibrabim Araujo Moreno 

Ingenieros en Informatica ( Centroccindental 

Lisandro Alvaro, Venezuela) 

On Mobile Agent Technology: 
Fundamentals, Security Threats and 

Kenneth Joseph Lee Graham 

B.C.S. (Carleton) 

A Complete Implementation of John 
Holland's Echo Model for Complex 
Adaptive Systems 

Jillian Faye Hockey 

B.Sc. (Saint Mary's) 
Fun With Cones 

Implementation of an Approximation 
Algorithm for Computing Sums of 
Euclidean Distances 

Jing Peng 

B. Eng. (Huazhong, China) 

Improving TCP Performance over Long 
Delay Satellite Links 

Yang Wang 

B.Sc. (Ocean University of Qjngdao, China) 
KMOT: A Mobile Code Toolkit for 
Resource-Constrained Portable Devices 

Yang Xu 

B.C.S. (Beijing University of Posts and 
Telecommunications, China) 

Implementation of Location Detection, 

Home Agent Discovery and 

Registration of Mobile IPv6 

Zhao-Shu Zeng 

B.Sc. (South China University of 

Technology, China) 

An Experimental Implementation of 
Mobile IPv6 on a Personal Digital 

Master of Arts 

(presented by Professor R.C. Blockley, 
Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
and Research) 

Natalia A. Maryanow 

B.A. (Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, 

Central/East European and Russian- 
Area Studies 

Constanza Ambar Alvarado Quiroz 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Obligation or Opportunity?: A Study 
into the Goal of Universal Service 
under Chile's Privatized 
Telecommunication Sector 

Michel Luc Bellemare 

B.A. (Trent) 


Revolution or Death 

The Situationist International, 

Capitalism and Communication 

Christopher Peter Bodnar 

B.A. (Ottawa) 
Municipal Planning and the 
Repositioning of the Canadian City 
Amidst the Private Governance of 
Telecommunication Networks: A Study 
of Four Canadian Cities, 1985-2000 

Robert Marco Kramer 

B.A. (Carleton) 

In the Shadow of the Telecom Boom: 
The Rural-Urban Dynamic in Ottawa 

Sharon Mah 

B.A. (Calgary) 
Inclusive and Exclusive Spaces: 
A Look at Ethnic Television in Canada 

Michael Andrew Santianni 

B.A. (York) 

The Boundaries of Dissent: 
News as Discursive Practice in the 
Constitution of Global Protest 

Robert Alexander Behrend 

B.A., B.Sc. (Brock) 

Glen Ewaschuk 

B.A. (Western Ontario) 


Julian Henry Hing-Yeen Hung 

B.A. (McGill) 

Helen Elizabeth Smiley 

B.A. (Harvard) 

Viana L. Bain 

B.A. (Cambridge, U.K.) 
International Affairs 

Xenobia Natelegee Barrow 

B.A. (Western Ontario) 
International Affairs 

Guy Remi Boileau 

B.A. (York) 

International Affairs 

Brendan James Carley 

B.A. (Guelph) 

International Affairs 

Katherine Cinq-Mars 

B.A. (Concordia) 

International Affairs 

Louise Catherine Clayton 

B.Ed., B.A. (Western Ontario) 
International Affairs 

George Arthur Wesley Conway 

B.A. (Winnipeg), M.A. (Western Ontario) 
International Affairs 

Darcy DeMarsico 

B.A. (Western Ontario) 
International Affairs 

Omar Ibrahim Elshayal 

B.B.A. (Wilfrid Laurier) 
International Affairs 

Catherine Gangloff 

B.Sc. (Montreal) 

International Affairs 

Adam Scott Goodman 

B.A. (McGill) 

International Affairs 

Helena Gorancic-Lazetic 

B.A. (Dalhousie) 

International Affairs 

Yavar Hameed 

B.A. (Alberta), LL.B. (Ottawa) 
International Affairs 

Tracy Kendal Hembroff 

B.A. (Manitoba) 

International Affairs 

Can You Drop It on Your Foot? 

Explaining Canadian Policy Preferences 

for the Classification of Electronic 


Uyen Thi Ngoc Hoang 

B.A. (Carleton) 

International Affairs 

Genevieve LeDuc 

B.A. (Carleton) 

International Affairs 

Kimberley Anne O'Reilly 

B.B.A. (Memorial) 
International Affairs 

Marie Isabelle Palacios-Hardy 

B.A. (McGill) 

International Affairs 

Renata Prata Saint-Clair Pimentel 

B.A. (Pontifical Catholic University 
of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 
B.A. (Rio-Branco Institute, Brazil) 
International Affairs 

Alan David Schlachter 

B.A. (Universidad De Las Americas-Puebla, 

International Affairs 

Richard Jonathan Schroeder 

B.A. (Winnipeg) 

International Affairs 

Vlada Shilina 

B.I. B. (Carleton) 

International Affairs 

Anurag Krishna Sinha 

B.A. (Pune, India), M.B.A. (Wales, U.K.) 
International Affairs 

Eric Verreault 

B.A. (Trent) 

International Affairs 

Laura Joan Zilney 

B.A. (Waterloo) 

International Affairs 

Carla Jill Baumgartner Di Giusto 

B.A. (Saskatchewan) 
Legal Studies 

Combating Racial Discrimination: 
Aboriginal Peoples' Access to the Legal 

Michelle Anne Berthiaume 

B.A. (Carleton) 
Legal Studies 

The Influence of Victims' Advocacy on 
Criminal Justice Policy: The Case of 

Zeina Bou-Zeid 

B.A. (Carleton) 
Legal Studies 

Determining Membership: 

Providing Greater Access to Citizenship 

For International Immigrants 

Michael Rino Brunetti 

B.A. (Carleton) 
Legal Studies 

Social Mobilization Strategies in 
Response to Environmental Justice 
Conflicts: A Kinder, Gentler Art of War 

Monica Anne Burke 

B.A. (Saint Mary's) 
Legal Studies 

Creatures Devoid of Sense and Will: 
The Canadian Crime of Seduction and 
Its Early Victims 

Clinton Timothy Curie 

L.L.B. (Western Ontario), M.A. 
(Providence, Manitoba), M.T.S. (Edmonton 
Baptist Seminary) 
Legal Studies 

Choosing our Gods and Demons 
Christianity, Disenchantment and 
Human Rights Discourse 

Bernard John King 

B.A. (York) 
Legal Studies 

Deliberative Democracy Expanded: 
Balancing Freedom of Expression and 
Hate Propaganda Within the I and We 

Jacquelyn Grace Lowe 

B.A. (Carleton) 
Legal Studies 

Between Justice and Care: Towards 
A New Model of Environmental 
Mediation for Caring Communities 

Carolyn Joyce Rowe 

B.A. (Acadia) 
Legal Studies 

Outside the Law or Legal Outsiders? 
Lesbian Identity, Motherhood and 
Child Custody in Canada 

Michael James Bassett 

B.J. (Carleton) 

Political Economy 
Challenging the FTAA Disconnect: 
The Political Economy of State-Civil 
Society Relations in the Free Trade Area 
of the Americas Process 

Tanya Dawn Hyland 

B.A. (Trent) 

Political Economy 

Colin Curtis Lund 

B.A. (Alberta) 

Political Fconomy 

Redefining the Public Interest in Rural 
Alberta: Health, Environment, and 
Economics in the Heartland of the Oil 
and Gas Industry 

I 1 

Sakis Agioma\ ricis 

B.A. (Concordia) 
Political Science 
The Tyranny o\ Rights 

\\ ilium Robert MjcI arkey 

B.A. ( Toronto) 
Political Science 

luliet Patricia Pi>\vell 

B.A. (Shiller International, U.S.A.), 
J.D. (New York Law School, U.S.A.) 
Political Science 

Stephanie 1 lyn Reid 

B.A. (Western Ontario) 
Political Science 

Rhonda Dene Walker 

B.A. (Girleton), B.A. (Ottawa) 
Political Science 

Jonathan Jacob Weisman 

B.A. (Queens) 
Political Science 
Pillars or Salt 

Possibility and the Temporal Chains 
or Understanding 

Colin Murray Betts 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Public Administration 

Anh Due Giang 

B.A. (Hanoi University of Finance and 
Accounting, Vietnam) 
Public Administration 

Evan Darryl Green 

B.A. (McGill) 

Public Administration 

James Bernardo McNamee 

B.A. (York) 

Public Administration 

Jason John Mutch 

B.Soc.Sc. (Ottawa) 

Public Administration 

Trong Nghia Nguyen 

B.A. (Hanoi National, Vietnam) 
Public Administration 

Vu Anh Pham 

B.A. (National Economics, Vietnam) 
Public Administration 

Roxanne Elizabeth Scott 

B.Sc. (Alberta), M.Ed. (Brunei, England) 
Public Administration 

Natalie Andrea Semchuk 

B.Com. (Carleton) 

Public Administration 

Susan Marian Stewart 

B.P.A. (Carleton) 

Public Administration 

C lolleen Mary Sullivan 

C.P.S.S., B.P.A. (Carleton) 
Public Administration 

Faiza Tani 

B.A. (Somali National, Somalia) 
Public Administration 

Nada Teofilovic 

B.A. (British Columbia) 
Public Administration 

Claudia Valenzuela 

L.L.B. (Lima, Peru) 
Public Administration 

Thanh Hung Vo 

B.Laiv, M.Law (Hanoi National, Vietnam) 
Public Administration 

Ivan Ross Vrana 

B.A. (Ottawa) 

Public Administration 

Paul R. Williams 

B.A. (Trent) 

Public Administration 

Master of Journalism 

(presented by Professor R.C. BlocUey, 
Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
and Research) 

Kofi Akosah-Sarpong 

B.A. (Concordia) 

African Journalism within the Ethos of 
the African Renaissance 

Laura Louise Elliott 

B.A. (Toronto), M.A. (Queens) 
Silent Killer 

The Epidemic of Native Diabetes in 

Sarah Rani Kapoor 

B.J. (Carleton) 

Susan Korah 

B.A., B.Ed. (Queens) 

Creating Gender Equity in the 
Newsroom: A Front Page Challenge for 
the Southam Task Force on Women's 

Sidura Chaiya Ludwig 

B.A. (York) 

Lori A. Mayne 

B.A. (Prince Edward Island) 

Master of Business 

(presented by Professor R.C. BlocUey, 
Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
and Research) 

Vichuporn Bunyasiriphant 

B.Sc. (Eastern Washington) 

Lanlan Liu 

B.Econ. (Remin University of China) 

Gordon Kwok Tung Lo 

B.Com. (Carleton) 

Active Negotiation Support with a 
Software Agent 

Bharat Maheshwari 

B.Eng. (Malaviya Regional Engineering 

College, India) 

A Study of ERP Adoption and 
Implementation Experience of 
Canadian Organizations 

Elena Melekhovets 

B.Eng. (Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation 
Engineers, Ukraine) 

Linda Dimitra Rhea Marie Scourtoudis 

B.I.B. (Carleton) 

An Examination of the Impact of the 
Management Development Program 
for Women on its Participants 

Angel On Ki Tse 

B.Com. (Carleton) 

Information Technology Usage in 
Canadian Small Businesses 

Aareni Uruthirapathy 

B. Comm. ( Colombo, Sri Lanka) 

The Effects of an Enterprise Resource 
Planning System (ERP) 
Implementation on Job Characteristics. 
A Study using the Hackman and 
Oldham Job Characteristics Model 

Linghong Wang 

B. Sc. ( China Institute of Metrology, China) 
Software Development Process and 
Practices in ISO 9001 Registered 
Software Organizations: an Empirical 

Pinjia Xia 

B.Econ. (Dongbei University of Finance and 
Economics, China) 

Master of Social Work 

(presented by Professor R.C. Blockleu 
Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
and Research) 

Wendy Suzanne Appleby 

B.S. W (Dalhousie), B.A. (St. Mary's) 

Zorica Benkovic 

B.A. (Brock), M.A. (Laurentian) 

Anita Elizabeth Block 

B.S.W. (Ryerson) 

Lori-Anne Bradley 

B.A., B.S.W. (Lakehead) 

Jennifer Birgit Brittain 

B.A. (Queens) 

Emily May Cronin 

B.A., B.S.W (Victoria) 

Francesca Dattilo 

B.S. W (Carleton) 

Lisa Marie Ennis 

B.S. W (Carleton) 

Joanne M. Francis 

B.S.W. (Carleton) 

Darivsz Galczynski 

M.A. (Leicester University, England) 

Patricia Ann Gibbons 

B.A. (McGill), M.A. (Concordia) 

Brian Isadore 

B.A. (University College of Cape Breton) 

Rekha Susan John 

B.A. (York) 

Tobi Johnston 

B.A., M.A. (Carleton) 

Luingamla Kashungnao 

B.A. (Manipur, India), M.A. (Delhi, India) 

Ali Sheikh Mursal 

B.S.W. (Carleton) 

Christine Nabukeera 

B.S.W. (Carleton) 

Cheryl D. Nelson 

B.S.W. (Carleton) 

I Don't Go Out Looking to Harm 
Somebody: An Exploratory Study of 
Young Women and Violence 

Michelle Lynn Penney 

B.S.W. (St. Thomas) 

Amber Lee Robinson 

B.A. (Trent), B.S.W. (Lakehead) 

Melissa Agatha Rowe 

B.S.W. (Carleton) 

Black Woman the Pillar of Strength 
Black African, Caribbean, Canadian 
Women's Health: Their Lived 

Billy Joe Russell 

B.S. W. (Carleton) 

Andrea Louise Smith 

B.A. (Trent) 

Donna Lee Spina 

B.S.W. (Windsor) 

Kirstie Anne Stenson 

B.S. W (Carleton) 

Marie Westhaver 

B.A. (University College of Cape Breton), 
M.A. (Maine, U.S.A.) 

Leah Cara White 

B.A. (University College of Cape Breton), 
B.S.W. (St. Thomas) 

Shannon Willmott 

B.A. (Trent) 

Graduate Certificate in 
Conflict Resolution 

(presented by Professor R.C. Blockley, 
Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
and Research) 

Ruth Beyerlein 

Diploma (Dalhousie), B.Eng, M.A.Sc. 
(Technical University of Nova Scotia) 

Judith Elizabeth Franchuk 

B.A. (Carleton), B.Sc. (Calgary) 

Bachelor of Engineering 

(presented by Professor S.A. Mahmoud, 
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and 


Yue-Man Norman Chan 

Gita Ravindran 

Minor in Business 


Nadia Diczki 

Minor in Business 
with high distinction 


Avinash Chidambaram 

B.Sc. (McGill) 
with distinction 

Kevin Scott Cutler 

Shoaev Hares 

Kim Chi Thi Le 

Charlene Diana Mathias 

Carlos O. Soliz 

Benjamin VandenBelt 

with distinction 

Jeffrey Staple Ward 

with distinction 

Alan Kwok Yip Yeung 


Georgette Abou Asli 

B.Eng. (Carleton) 
with distinction 

Sultan Ahmed Nasser Al-Wahaibi 
Minor in Business 

Benjamin Anton Baster 

Hassan Beydoun 

Mahesh Chaminda De Silva 

James Danson Hong 

Jonathan Jones 

Karunakaran Kandasamy 

Thevasegaram Kandiah 

Chin Lek Koh 

with high distinction 

Mohamud Mohamed 
Ramesh Ponniah 
Uththaman Sabaratnam 

Saadia H. Saifuddin 

with distinction 

Suthersan Saravanabavan 
Gene Shehu 

Athavan Sivananthamoorth 
Chandrabose Tharmaratnam 
Thayalarupan Vinayagamoorthy 


Karen Julia Hollohan 

with distinction 

Modisaotsile Marcos Keetile 

Minor in Business 
with high distinction 


MU H \l 

Mau- A. Brckalo 

C oiKciur.mon m Computer-Integrated 


R\ .111 |ohn C iciiiciii.uin 
fames john Gordon 
\ rk ka ice ^ u 

Bachelor of Architecture 

pnsentcJ by Professor S.G. HaiJer, 
I hndor of the School of Architecture) 

C h ri> D/iwinski 
\alcrio Cigantc 
Glenn Alexander Mitchell 
Angela K. Pyrgiotis 

Shahrouz Torfakh 

with distinction 

Bachelor of Science 
(with Honours) 

(presenteJ by Professor P.J.S. Watson, 
Dean of the Faculty of Science) 

Ryan Lloyd Betts 

Honours in Chemistry 

Sarah A. Bridgewater 

Honours in Neuroscience 

Haissam Dahan 

High Honours in Biochemistry 

John Wendell Dawson 

Honours in Physics 

Pascal Desjardins 

Honours in Biology 

Sean Bradley Farrell 

Honours in Geology 

Melissa Gaudreault 

Highest Honours in Biology and 

Lesley Laura Geurts 

Honours in Psychology 

Irina Guilman 

High Honours in Computer Science 
and Mathematics 

Specialization in Computing Theory 
and Numerical Methods 
Co-operative Education 

Jay M. Holmes 

1 lighest Honours in Biology and 


Co-operative Education 

Brian Hutton 

Highest Honours in Statistics 
Co-operative Education 

Blair D. Isaac 

Honours in Psychology 

Marina Kraychik 

High Honours in Neuroscience 

Susan Marthaler 

High Honours in Integrated Science 

Minor in Psychology 

Barry R. Needham 

High Honours in Mathematics 

Paul O'Reilly 

Honours in Biology 

Mohamed Omar 

Honours in Biochemistry 

Sherine Rahal 

Honours in Biochemistry and 

Samantha Mary Siegel 

Honours in Geology 
Minor in Mathematics 

Jennifer Marie-Anne Smith 

Honours in Biology and Biotechnology 

Indhani Kartika Sutarjono 

High Honours in Biochemistry 

Neil A. Vary 

Honours in Biology and Biotechnology 

Bachelor of Science 

(PresenteJ hy Professor PJ.S. Watson, 
Dean of the Faculty of Science) 

Nadia Akhtar 

Computer Mathematics 

Mohamed A. Anwar 

Computer Mathematics 

Fardowsa Bahassan 


Eric Budai 

Computer Mathematics 

Linglan Cao 

Computer Mathematics 

Raymond M. Caron 


Shaun L. Donaldson 


Gurdeep Singh Gill 

Computer Mathematics 

Salima Ismail 

B.S.S. (Ottawa) 

Stacey Ann-Marie Johnson 


Ammar Mobarak 


Jason Ng 

Computer Mathematics 

Lampson Vuong Quyen Nguyen 

Computer Mathematics 

Daphna Payne 

Integrated Science Studies 
with distinction 

Mansour Pourjam 


Jonathan Saint Albans Sewell 


Bachelor of Mathematics 
(with Honours) 

(presented by Professor C. W.L. Garner, 
Director of the School of Mathematics and 

Abdikadir M. Abdalla 

Honours in Computer Mathematics: 
Information Technology 

Daniel Tsur Pasher 

High Honours in Mathematics 
Specialization in Applied Analysis 

Bachelor of Mathematics 

(presented by Professor C. W.L. Garner, 
Director of the School of Mathematics and 

L. S. D. Evan Jones 

Computer Mathematics 
Minor in Psychology 

Kalajini Kandiah 


Sawsan Kobaisy 

B.A. (Carleton) 
with distinction 


Leili Sadani 

Computer Mathematics 

Jacky So 

Computer Mathematics 

Bachelor of Computer Science 
(with Honours) 

(presented by Professor D. Howe, 
Associate Director of the School of 
Computer Science) 

Michal Bajer 

with Honours 

Minor in Mathematics 

David Bickle 

B.A. (Carleton) 
High Honours 

Kathryn L. Griffiths 

High Honours 
Co-operative Education 

Huy Ngoc Huynh 

B.Eng. (University of Marine Engineering, 

with Honours 

Glenn W. Jackman 

B.A. Sc. (Waterloo) 
Highest Honours 

Shamima E. Khan 

Highest Honours 
Co-operative Education 

Chi Chiu Lau 

B.Sc. (Carleton) 
with Honours 
Co-operative Education 

Changshuang Lin 

B.Eng. ( Chengdu University of Science 
and Technology, China) 
Highest Honours 

James D. H. Lloyd 

with Honours 

Bao-Luan Nguyen 
Highest Honours 

Dong Nguyen 

with Honours 

Hong Thi Thu Nguyen 
High Honours 
Co-operative Education 

Linh Thuc Pham 

High Honours 
Minor in Mathematics 

Vitaliy Rabotnik 

High Honours 

Jean J. Richard 

with Honours 

Cosmin Smeu 

with Honours 
Co-operative Education 

Dipal Thakkar 

with Honours 

Kenji Toyooka 
High Honours 

Miranda Chi-Yan Yu 

with Honours 
Co-operative Education 

Bachelor of Commerce 
(with Honours) 

(presented by Professor V. Kumar, 
Director of the School of Business) 

Hamdi B. Al-Farouki 

with Honours 
Minor in Economics 

Manal H. Amer 

with Honours 

Jason Trent Cheney 
with Honours 

Roland Chow 

with Honours 

Ken Chu 

High Honours 

Edward D. Fu 

with Honours 

Kevin David Gregoire 

with Honours 

Michael C. Hanlon 

Highest Honours 

Cynthia Willa Johnston 

with Honours 

Anshuman Kumar 

with Honours 

Si Hon Alan Kwan 

with Honours 

Annette Helena Leclair 

with Honours 

James Logan 

with Honours 

John M'Gowan 
Highest Honours 

Faisal Moosa 

with Honours 

Michael James Pcalow 

with Honours 

Matthew P. Plosenski 

with Honours 

Karen Dawn Vinczeffy 

Highest Honours 

Bachelor of International 
Business (with Honours) 

(presented by Professor V. Kumar, 
Director of the School of Business) 

Tara-Lee Loder 

with Honours 

Katherine Christine Murphy 

with Honours 

Alexis Vinicio Sanchez 
with Honours 

Todd M. Wawryk 

High Honours 

Alexander Zigoumis 

with Honours 

Bachelor of Journalism 
(with Honours) 

(presented by Associate Professor 

C. T. Dornan, Director of the School o i 

Journalism and Communication) 

Zenab Bagha 

High Honours 
Concentration in Psychology 
Minor in Business 

Sachin Bhalla 

with Honours 
Minor in Film 

Perry Philip Boldt 

with Honours 
Minor in French 

Sheona Christine Burns 

with Honours 
Minor in Film 

Lia Carlye Kiessling 

with Honours 
Minor in History 

Jessalyn Leah Randall 

High Honours 

Nadine Robitaille 

with Honours 

Sara Tzippora Schwartz 

with Honours 

Collenette Joncllc Scott 

B.A. (Carleton) 
High Honours 


Bachelor of Public 
(with \ lonours) 

(presented by Professor L. Pal, 
Director of the School of Public Policy 
a nd A dm in is t m t ion) 

Mario Aiuonclli 

with Honours 

Natalie M Farlanc 

High Honours 

Jell Adam Rcnaud 

High 1 lonours 

C laudinc \\ ilson 

High Honours 

Bachelor of Social Work 
(with Honours) 

(presented by Associate Professor 
L . Lundy, Director of the School of 
Social Work) 

Daniel W. Bruyere 

High Honours 

Daneila Lechet 

with Honours 



Honorary Degree Recipient 

George Anderson, B.A., M.A. 

George Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer, 
Insurance Board of Canada, will be awarded the degree 
of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, at the afternoon 
ceremony on Sunday, November 18, "in recognition of an 
outstanding career in both the public and private sectors." 

Order of Proceedings 
Sunday, November 18, 2:30 p.m. 

Chancellor Arthur Kroeger, C.C., M.A., LL.D., presiding. 
Accompanying him on the podium are 
Jacques Shore, LL.B., LL.M., representing the Board of Governors, 
and Richard J. Van Loon, B.Sc, M.A., Ph.D., President and Vice-Chancellor. 

(The audience is requested to stand when the Academic Procession arrives, 
to remain standing until 'O Canada' has been sung, and at the 
conclusion of the ceremony to remain until the Academic Procession has left.) 

Processional Music 
John R. Coghill, Sr., CD. (bagpipes) 
John R. Coghill, Jr., B.Mus., CD. (bagpipes) 
Garry Matthews, CD. (drummer) 

O Canada* 
(the audience is invited to sing) 

Welcome by the Master of Ceremonies 
Richard J. Van Loon, B.Sc, M.A., Ph.D. 

Conferring of the Degree of 
Doctor of Laws, 
honoris causa, upon 
George Anderson, B.A., M.A. 
(presented by Eileen M. Saunders, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., 
Associate Professor of Journalism, and Associate Dean/ 
Director of the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs) 

Convocation Address 
George Anderson, B.A., M.A. 

Conferring of Degrees by Examination 


Chong H. Chan, B.Sc, M.A.Sc, Ph.D., P.Eng. 
Clerk of Senate 

Awarding of the Medals 
Introduction by the Clerk of Senate 

Recessional Music 

*see next page for words 

O Canada 

O Canada! Our home and native land! 
True patriot love in all thy sons command. 
With glowing hearts we see thee rise, 
The True North strong and free! 
From far and wide, O Canada, 
We stand on guard for thee. 
God keep our land glorious and free! 
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. 
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. 

of Degrees and 

Doctor of Philosophy 

(presented by Professor R.C. Blockley, 
Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
and Research) 

Zoltan Jakab 

M.A. (Lorand Eotvos, Budapest) 
Cognitive Science 

Color Experience: Empirical Evidence 
Against Representational Externalism 
Supervisor: A. Brook 

Zhigang Huang 

B.A. (Inner Mongolia Normal, China), 
M.A. (Nanjing, China), M.A. (Carleton) 

Comparative Literary Studies 

Chinese Scar Literature on the Cultural 

Revolution as Testimony 

Supervisors: B. Gabriel and L. Leung 

Joseph Khoury 

B.A. (Carleton), B.Ed. (Lakehead) 
Comparative Literary Studies 
Machiavellian Providential Politics in 
Marlowe and Shakespeare: 
A Comparative Perspective 
Supervisor: D. Beecher 

William Thomas Leon Hipwell 

B.A., M.A. (Carleton) 

Taking Charge of the Bras D or: 
Ecological Politics in the 'Land of Fog' 
Supervisor: S. Dalby 

Matthew Jonathan Bellamy 

B.A., M.A. (Carleton) 

Canada's Polymer Corporation: 
The Crown, Technological Innovation, 
and the Pursuit of Economic Interest, 

Supervisor: D. McDowall 

Lisa Shelly Gaudet 

B.A. (Acadia), M.A. (Carleton) 

The Empire is Woman's Sphere: 
Organized Female Imperialism in 
Canada, 1880s- 1920s 
Supervisor: M. Barber 

Daniel Henry Antonowicz 

B.A. (Laurentian), M.C.A. (Ottawa) 

Hostile Attributional Biases, Driving 
Anger, and Roadway Aggression among 
University Students: Application of a 
Model of Affective Aggression 
Supervisors: I. Shields and A. Forth 

Yves Bureau 

B.Sc, M.Sc. (Laurentian) 

Perirhinal or Postrhinal Cortex Lesions: 
Effects on Spatial versus Fear Learning, 
and on Kindling 
Supervisor: D. Mclntyre 

Krista Louise Kiiffner 

B.A., M.A. (Carleton) 

Exploring Stakeholder Perceptions of 
the Adaptive Behaviour Skills and 
Optimal Programming Features for 
Youth with Mild Developmental 
Disabilities: A Qualitative Analysis 
Supervisor: S. Borys 

Daniel Lagace-Seguin 

B.A., M.A. (Laurentian) 

Fostering Emotional and Social 
Well-Being: Examining the Correlates 
of Maternal Emotional Styles in Early 

Supervisor: R. Coplan 

Elizabeth Anne Votta 

B.A. (Western Ontario), M.Sc. (Memorial) 

Impact of Coping Style, Negative 
Life-Events, Self-Esteem, and 
Social Support on the Psychological 
Adjustment of Homeless Adolescent 

Supervisor: I. Manion 

Colleen Anne Dell 

B.A. (Winnipeg), M.A. (Manitoba) 

Correctional Service of Canada 
Ideology and "Violent" Aboriginal 
Female Offenders 
Supervisor: D. Forcese 

Angela Suzanne Hill 

B.A. (McMaster), M.A. (Carleton) 

Serpents in the Garden: Place, Identity 
and Change in the Niagara Fruit Belt 
Supervisor: F. Kcllner 


1 leather Anne kiuhin 

B.A. (Mount St. Vincent), 
M.A. (Dalhousie) 

Convenient l ies and Useful Fictions: 
Mcoholics Anonymous trom the Inside- 

Supervisor: F. Kcllncr 

Sian 1 ce M. Reid 

B.A. (Ottawa), M.A. (Car/etori) 

Disorganized Religion: 

\ - 1 \- .M.mon ot the Ncopagan Craft 

in Canada 

Supervisor: F. Kellner 

Master of Arts 

(presented /v/ Professor R.C. Blockley, 
Dean oj the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
and Research) 

Oriana Barldiam 

B.A. (Liverpool, U.K.), Lie. (National 
School of Anthropology and History, Mexico) 

Mi'kmaq-Basque Contact in the 16th 

Anna Maria Blaszczynska 

B.A. (Carleton) 

As Canadian As Possible:"Canada First" 
and the Shifting Rhetoric of Canadian 
National Identity 

Nancy Lynn Collins 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Child Development and Urban 
Poverty: Children's Lives in an Ottawa 
Low-income Neighbourhood 

Elizabeth Fuller- Tarbox 

B.A. (S. U.N. Y. at Potsdam, U.S.A.) 

A New Look at Louis Riel Through 
His Visionary Experiences 

Les H. Voakes 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Town Youth Participation Strategies 
Project: Applying Participatory Action 
Research in Small Town Canada 

Ginette Suzanne Crew 

C T.E.S.L. (Carleton), B.A. (York) 
Applied Language Studies 

Elizabeth Anne Jefferson 

B.A. (Wilfrid Laurier) 

Applied Language Studies 

Stuart James MacMillan 

B.A. (Ottawa), B.Ed. (Toronto) 
Applied Language Studies 

Dragana Polovina-Vukovic 

B.A. (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) 
Applied Language Studies 
The Representation of Social Actors 
in The Globe and Mail During the 
Breakup of the Former Yugoslavia 

Jaffer Sheyholislami 

B.A., C.TES.L. (Carleton) 
Applied Language Studies 
Yesterday's "Separatists" are Today's 
"Resistance Fighters": A Critical 
Discourse Analysis of the 
Representations of Iraqi Kurds in The 
Globe and Mail and The New York 

Ilsa Louise Van Reenen 

B.A. (Waterloo), B.Ed. (Queen s) 
Applied Language Studies 

Kathleen Patricia Cholette 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Canadian Art History 
Autobiographical Metaphors: 
The Interaction of Text and Image in 
The Works of Greg Curnoe 

Leah Michelle M c Feetors 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Canadian Art History 

Forging Identities: The Celebration, 

Manipulation and Invention of History 

in French-speaking Canada Through 

Architectural Restoration and 


Annik Casey 

B.F.A. (York) 

Canadian Studies 

Margo Freigang 

B.Ed. (Calgary) 
Canadian Studies 
Re-Inventing Radical: Interpreting 
Early Twentieth Century Canadian 

Mark Andrew M'Donald 

B.A. (York) 

Canadian Studies 

Fluid Motion: An Examination into the 
Function and Future of the Canadian 
Literary Canon 

Barbara Jean McMullen 

B.A. (Colorado, U.S.A.), 
M.A. (British Columbia) 
Canadian Studies 

Architectural Terra Cotta in Central 
Canada and its Links with England and 
the United States 

Elizabeth Carmen Novales 

B.A. (York) 

Canadian Studies 
A Feminist Analysis of Gender 
Mainstreaming: A Case Study of the 
Women Leaders' Network and the 
Integration of Gender in the Asia- 
Pacific Economic Cooperation 

Natasha Cecilia Powers 

B.A. (New Brunswick) 
Canadian Studies 
The Abrogation of Responsibility: 
The Crown-Native Relationship from 
Corbiere v. Canada to the Proposed 
First Nations Governance Act 

Andrew Phillip Ross 

B.A. (Trent), B.Ed. (Queen's) 
Canadian Studies 

Wardship to Citizenship: Integrated 
Education and Canadian Indian Policy 
Change- 1945 to 1969 

Susan Monica Conrad 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Nathalie Anne Delrue 

B.A. (Carleton) 

John Michael Iacolucci 

B.A. (York) 

Kristoffer Brennan Jeffrey 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Aaron Andrew Keeler 

B.A. (Wilfrid Laurier) 

Ken James Kingsley 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Jason A. D. M ac Donald 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Gerald Bernard McDuff 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Sean Moreland 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Dana Cristina Patrascu 

B.A. (Bucharest, Romania) 

Sonia Bhartee Persaud 

B.A. (Guelph) 


Scott David Procter 

B.Eng. (Royal Military College), 
B.A. (Ottawa), B.A. (Carleton) 

v As if in Opposition Set/Against 
an Enemy' -Wordsworth's Anti- 
Deterministic Strategies 

Lorraine {Catherine Redekop 

B.A. (Queen's) 

Lindsay Charlene Taylor 

B.A. (St. Thomas) 

Lisa Jane Wort 

B.A. (Acadia) 

Everard Steven Zytveld 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Nathalie C. Coattrenec 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Armando Jorge Figueira 

B.A. (Carleton) 

De L'LMaboration De La Legende 
Tristanienne Germains, Celtes, Destin 

Sarah A. Nicholls 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Le Mythe de Don Juan du XVLL Siecle 
au XXL Siecle: Analyse de Quatre 

Julie Kathleen Flynn Dapaah 

B.A. (Queen's) 

Rethinking Ambiguity as an Asset: 
Gender and Land Struggles in the 
Peri-Urban Area of Accra 

Michael Kostiuk 

B.A. (Ottawa) 

Determining the Spatial Data 
Requirements for a GIS to Support 
Coastal Zone Management, Cobscook 
Bay, Maine: A Case Study 

Anita Miiller 

B.A. (Concordia) 

Cartographic Iconography and the 
Internet: A Study of the Use of Colour 
in Icon Design 

William Warren Munroe 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Mobility and Quality of Life 

Gioconda Ortega-Alarie 

B.Sc. (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de 
Nicaragua, Nicaragua) 

Contemporary Approaches to Natural 
Resource Management: Collaborative 
Management and Reforestation 
Activities in the Municipality of 
El Castillo, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua 

Mary Anne Strong 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Municipal Climate Change Action: A 
Case Study of the City of Ottawa's 
"Task Force on the Atmosphere Action 

Thomas John Fletcher 

B.A., B.Ed. (Nipissing) 

Frederick James Glover 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Russell Howe 

B.A. (Ottawa) 

Anthony Patrick Michel 

B.A. (Carleton), B.Ed. (Ottawa) 

Faith in Pluralism 

A History of the Religious Education 
Controversy in Ontario's Public 
Schools, 1944-1969 

Diana J. Watson 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Dosaaf - School of Sportsmen, 
School of Soldiers 

Daniel J. Knezetic 

B.A. (Carleton) 

A Comparative Analysis of Kant 
and Deleuze: Towards an Ethics of 

Mary Margaret Wood 

B.A. (Carleton) 

The Use of Myth in the Construction 
of Identity 

Joseph F. Armstrong 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Object-Layering in Visual Attention: 
Implications for HUD Equipped 

Sheri A. Getz 

B.A. (Carleton) 

The Possibilities for a Post-War 
Canadian Social Psychology 

Maria Christina Giglio 

B.A. (York) 

The Effects of Affirmative Action on 
Rationalizing Sexual Harassment 

Ritu Manpreet Gill 

B.A. (Laurentian) 

Personal Group Discrimination 
Discrepancy: The Moderating Effects 
of Emotion and Their Expression 

Anita Louise Heavenor 

B.A. (Carleton) 

The Influence of Procrastination on 
Implementation Intentions and Goal 

Arthur Hugh Hotson 

B.A. (Waterloo), B.A. (Carleton) 

Lives Interrupted: The Impact of 
Inactive Personal Projects on Well- 

Melissa Ann Magder 

B.A. (Brock) 

Examining the Association Between 
Shyness, Anxiety and Health Problems 
in Preschoolers 

Karen Diane Majka 

B.Sc. (McGill), B.A. (Carleton) 

Alleviating the Internalization of the 
Stereotype Associated with Affirmative 
Action Recipients 

Robert O'Brian Morrow 

B.A. (Carleton) 

The Effects of Three Types of 
Harassment on Male and Female Public- 

Gabriella Nagy 

B.A. (Brock) 

Modeling 1 luman Performance in a 
Telecommunications Network 

lulianu Pullord 

B.A. (Wilfrid Laurier) 

1 he Developmental Effects or 

Community Violence in a Canadian 
Sample ot Children: Do We I lave a 

KelU Nadine Richardson 

Bj\. (Carleton) 

Personal Projects Analysis and 
Well-Being: Cultural Explorations 

Jodie I ynnc Royan 

BA. (Curleton) 

The Effects of Modality of Presentation 
and Problem Type on the Adjusting 
Paced Serial Addition Task 

Alia Skomorovsky 

B.A. (Tel Aviv, Israel) 

Dating Relationships Violence: 
The Beginning of a Vicious Cycle? 

Garry David Spence 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Critical Incident Stress Management 
Training: Efficacy in an Urban Fire 

Limor Zomer 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Passion, Reason and Action: Exploring 
Emotional Intelligence, Personal 
Projects and Well-Being 

Suleyman Demiray 

B.A. (Ankara, Turkey) 

Jennifer Ann Holman 

B.A. (Carleton) 

An Exploration of Transcendence in 
Abraham H.Maslow's Psychology of 

Marjorie H. MacKeen 

B.A. (Carleton), Lie. Dip. (Toronto) 

Understanding Eden 
The Fall Interpreted as a Fall in 
Consciousness: An Inquiry into 
Consciousness and Spirituality, and 
Their Relationship to the Mind Behind 
the Myth 

Walter George Ingham Henry 

B.Sc., M.Div. (Queen's), M.Eng. (Nova 

Sheila Laura Ross 

B.A. (Carleton) 

"Gonna Die in Coquitlam ": National 
Identities as Mediated Through 
Contemporary English-Canadian 
Popular Music 

Bachelor of Arts 
(with Honours) 

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 

(presented by Professor John Shepherd, 
Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts 
and Social Sciences) 

Elena K. Apostolova 

Highest Honours in Art History 

Anne Barkworth 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Honours in Classical Civilization 

Darrah M. Beaver 

B.A. (Carleton) 

High Honours in Interdisciplinary 

Natasha Waseema Beg 

Honours in Interdisciplinary Studies 

Jeffrey C. Bonvie 

Honours in Geographic Information 

Amanda Kristin Bouchard 

High Honours in Psychology 

Joel Christopher Bowden 

Honours in Interdisciplinary Studies 

Ainsley Butler 

Honours in History 
Minor in Spanish 

Scott M. Caldwell 

High Honours in Sociology 
Concentration in Population Studies 
Minor in Geographic Information 

Gregory Paul Cormier 

High Honours in Psychology 

Jennifer Anne Craig 

Honours in French 

Leah A. De Leo 

Highest Honours in Engl ish 

Adam M. DeFlece 

Honours in History 
Minor in Business 

Lianne Johanne Demers 

Honours in Anthropology, 

and Linguistics and Applied Language 


Amy Pulana Etherington 

B.A. (Western Ontario) 

High Honours in Sociology 

Anwareen Farouk 

Honours in History and Theory of 

Heather Jean Fawcett 

B.A. (Waterloo) 

Highest Honours in Psychology 

Christa Sophia Geeves 
Honours in Film Studies 

Marie Gougeon 

High Honours in Interdisciplinary 

Meagan E. Gough 

Honours in Anthropology 

Ailana Marie Evelyn Haist 

Highest Honours in Classics, 
Religion and the Humanities 

Jonathan Barrett Halliday 

High Honours in Geography 
Minor in Economics 

Marie Natalie Hanna 

Highest Honours in English 

Jean Elizabeth Hanson 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Highest Honours in Psychology 

Holly Louise Hinton 

Highest Honours in English 
and Psychology 

Saalem Ali Akber Humayun 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Honours in Film Studies 

Azam Anwar Jamal 

Honours in Psychology 

Carissa Dawn Johnston 

High Honours in Psychology 

Socorro Catherine Kelly 

Honours in Environmental Studies 

Melanie A. Kennedy 

B.Soc.Sc. (Ottawa) 

Honours in Psychology 

Pauline M. Ker 

Honours in Psychology 

Kirsten B. Kuilder 

High Honours in Psychology 


Kwan Yu Kwok 

Honours in Psychology 

Melanie LeClair 

Honours in Psychology 

Brenda Anne MaGarrey 

Honours in Art History and Film 

Giuseppe Martino 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Honours in Sociology 

Leslie Erin McLaughlin 

Honours in Environmental Studies 
Minor in French 

Sean Jeffrey McLaughlin 

Highest Honours in History 

Sean William John M'Minn 
Honours in English 

Christina Miller 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Highest Honours in Psychology 

Sean L. Miller 

Honours in English 

Terry Mills 

Honours in English 

Alice Ng 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Honours in Sociology 

Matthew A. Phinney 

Honours in Film Studies 

Jonathan F. Pleckaitis 

High Honours in English 
Minor in History 

Shefali S. Ram 

Highest Honours in Sociology 

Angela Dawn Ross-Nightingale 

B.A. (Western Ontario) 
Honours in English 

Michael Patrick Ryan 

Honours in History 
Minor in Political Science 

Robin D. Sokoloski 

Honours in Art History 

Daniel R. Strong 

Honours in Geography 

Brian Marc Surprenant 

High Honours in Psychology 

Tina Lea Sutton 

Highest Honours in Anthropology, 
and Linguistics and Applied Language 

Sandra C. TagiefF 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Highest Honours in History 

Sarolta Maria Takacs 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Honours in French and German 

Courtney Elizabeth Tepper 

High Honours in Linguistics 

and Applied Language Studies, and 


Claire Louise Tibbies 

B.A. (Carleton) 

High Honours in Psychology 

Raymond J. Tigg 

Highest Honours in Psychology 

Grace Lea Troje 

B.Sc. (British Columbia) 

High Honours in Human Rights and 

Ryan W. R. Turnbull 

High Honours in Philosophy 

Khadija Uddin 

Highest Honours in Psychology 

Krishnan Veerassamy 
High Honours in French 

Megan Elise Wilson 

Honours in Sociology 

Allison Wilson-Forbes 

Honours in Film Studies 
Minor in Law 

Sandra Lea Zimmerman 

Highest Honours in Psychology 

Bachelor of Arts 

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 
(presented hy Associate Professor 
G.F. Goo J win, Associate Dean of the 
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) 

R. Kelly Adams 


Edmund Acha-Ayi Amin 

Shelley L. Atkins 


Minor in Classics 

Sonja T. Baptiste 


Jaime Kristina Bartsch 

Environmental Studies 
Minor in Law 
with distinction 

Lynn Beauchamp 

Minor in Women's Studies 

Dali Bentolila 


Jacqueline S. Bernard 

Minor in Sociology 

Erin Elizabeth Black 

Film Studies 

Laris G. Brauns 


Joseph Anthony Brown 


Lynda S. Brutus 

Environmental Studies 

Dena M. Buckshot 


Jonathan M. Burgoine 


Daniel Sean Casey 


Jerrett Bradley Clark 


Melanie I. Collins 


Gregory Barth Curley 


Minor in Economics 

Michael DAprile 

Sociology/ Anthropology 
Minor in Film Studies 

Colleen Catherine Daly 


Maddalena De Cristofaro Slater 


Julian Denton 


Peter James Denton 


Stephanie Deshaies 


Seema Dhanoa 

Sociology/ Anthropology 

Jennifer Lee DiMarco 


Carol Anne Duncan 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Heather Anne Durst 



C I aire Marie Edson 


1 inda Joyce Edwards 


lean Marie Farrcll 

B.A. (Toronto) 
Art History 

Jennifer I ee Irancocur 


Minor in Law 

Mil tu lle 1 iila Gagnon 


Dorota Gajcwic/ 

with distinction 

Jacinda Gedney 


Mark C. Gclsomino 


Robyn Lynne Gibson 


Annick Juliana Gillard 

Environmental Studies 

Tara L. Gillespie 


Julia Giovinazzo 


Paul Goff 


Drew GonsaJves 


Adriana Gouvea 


with distinction 

Elizabeth Anne Graham 


Margaret Jane Graham 

Film Studies 

Mary Madeleine Griffiths 


Jason Alexander Groleau 


Kimberley Guntzel 


with distinction 

Dotty Amejuma Guoti 

Psychology and 

Mark J. M. Hache 


Christopher Ross Harrison 



Gaelen Etta Davis Hart 


Minor in Psychology 

Darryl Hood 

B.Arch. (Carleton) 

History and Theory of Architecture 

Debbie L. Y. Hsieh 

Environmental Studies 

Samantha Hutchison 


Jon Yashoo Jarema 


Stephen Andrew Johnston 

Film Studies 

Barbara Anne Kennedy 


Andrea Lesia Oksana Kit 

Minor in French 

Petra Kos 


Michael Kovalio 


Nathalie Labonte 


Jesse Collin B. Landry 

Film Studies 

Patricia Ka Lee Lau 


Christopher Daniel LeBlanc 


Jami P. Lefebvre 

Environmental Studies 

Vicki Ka Yee Li 

Linguistics and Applied Language 

Stacey Lively 

Jeiselle N. London 


Tonja Anne Lougheed 


Jason Machinski 


Maria MacKenzie 


Tania Magloire 


Patricia Marchand 


Shellie Ann Matthews 


Sarah Mc Seveney 

Psychology and 
Sociology/ Anthropology 

Holly Rose McCormick 


Ryan A. McMillan 


Anne Menard 

Film Studies 

Helen Miller 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Atika Mirza 


John Claybran Moses 
Interdisciplinary Studies 

with distinction 

Garret Fong Moy 


Sarah Nash 

Environmental Studies 

Terence Nelligan 

Environmental Studies 

Nikola Noriega 


Matthew H. Norton 


K. Jennifer E. O'Brien 


James Edward Ian O'Connell 


Giulia Papaleo 

Sociology/ Anthropology 

Judith A. Peacock 

Shaelah M. Pirie 


Allison Leslie Poste 


Cindy L. R. Presse 


Marina Reesink 

Film Studies, and Linguistics 
and Applied Language Studies 

Tammy Scheuneman 

with distinction 

Karen G. Schroeter 

Environmental Studies 
with distinction 

Patricia Maureen Scutt 


Alana Elizabeth Seary 

Natasha Singer 


Corey William Smith 


Neville M. Smith 

Art History 

Sean Peter Spencer 


Martin Springall 

Film Studies 

Jeffrey T. Sterritt 


Mary C. Sutherland 


Suzanne Svec 

Larry Romano Tarn 


Chris J. Tate 


Minor in Economics 

Jacqueline Tibo 


Tanya R. Tremble 

Concentration in Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Christina M. Varotta 


Tu Vuong 


Derrick G. Wall 


Cela Erin Wasserman 
Film Studies 

Angela M. Webber 


Anya Weiler 


Edward Augustus Wendt 


Minor in Political Science 

Harold James Viktor Wessman 
with distinction 

Lara Whitney 


Candice Eve Woods 


Rebecca Lea Wright 

with distinction 

Bachelor of Arts 

(with Honours) 

Faculty of Public Affairs and 

(Presented hy Professor A.M. Maslove, 
Dean of the Faculty of Public Affairs and 

Kristen Noelle Anderson 

Honours in Law 

Emma Belko Balekomebole Bele 

B.A. (Ottawa) 

Honours in Economics 

Jonathan Bigford 

Honours in Law 

Minor in Political Science 

Jason E. Bogle 

Honours in Law and Sociology 
Concentration in Law, Policy 
and Government 

Nadia C. Cadieux 

Honours in Criminology 
and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Law 

Adrian Camungol 

Honours in Geography 
and Political Science 
Concentration in International 

Marco J. Capo 

Honours in Economics 
Minor in Sociology 

Heather Ann Cocksedge 
Honours in Criminology 
and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Law 

Katie Connelly 

Honours in Economics 
Minor in Business 

Katherine S. Coote 

Highest Honours in Law 
and Psychology 

Shannon E. Davis 

High Honours in Law 
and Political Science 

Puja Dheer 

Honours in Law 

Angela Suzanne Emery 

Honours in Criminology 
and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Psychology 

Vern Evoy 

Honours in Law 

Alexander O. Fernandez-Garcia 

Honours in Economics 

Peter R. Gosselin 

Honours in Political Science 
Concentration in Political Theory 

Jeff J. Grant 

Honours in Criminology 
and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Psychology 

David W. Haight 

High Honours in Economics 

Colleen E. Handy 

Honours in Law and Women's Studies 

Jay Hauw 

Honours in Economics and Psychology 

Melissa J. Hunter 

High Honours in Political Science 

Patrick Wayne Kennedy 

Honours in Political Science 

G. Paulette Kinnersley 

Honours in Criminology and Criminal 

Concentration in Law 

Kristin P. J. Macvarish 

High Honours in Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Sociology 

M. Louise Marchand 

High Honours in Law 
Minor in Women's Studies 

Dean Donato Giacinto Mariani 

B.A. (Ottawa) 

Honours in Political Science 

Jonathan McKellips 

Honours in Economics 
Minor in Business 

Mashood A. K. Mirza 

Honours in Economics 

Dean James Mitchell 

High Honours in Law 

Claire Mullington 

Highest Honours in Mass 
Communication and Political Science 
Concentration in International 


Audita I ee Ness 

Honours in Political Science 
Concentration in International 

1 uuisa\ C . Palango 

Honours in Criminology and Criminal 

Concentration in Psychology 
Minor in English 

Sung I lui Park 

Honours in Mass Communication 

Myron Pivnick 

Honours in Political Science 
Concentration in International 
Minor in History 

Ryan Joseph Ross 

High Honours in Political Science 
Concentration in International 

Allison E. Rowe 

Honours in Criminology and Criminal 

Concentration in Sociology 

Jurgita Rushkyte 

Honours in Central/East European 
and Russian-Area Studies 

Parker W illiam Schmidt 

Honours in Law 
Minor in Religion 

Ryan Tyler Smith 

Highest Honours in Political Science 
Concentration in International 

Fatima Somji 

Honours in French and Political 


Phillip M.I. Spear 

Honours in Law and Political Science 
Concentration in Business Law 

Adam Clarke Taylor 

Honours in Political Science 
and Religion 

Concentration in International 

Jane Marion Thomson 

Highest Honours in Political Science 

Barbara A. Verner 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Highest Honours in Law 

Paulina Andrea Vivanco 

High Honours in Anthropology 
and Political Science 

( hristopher M. Vogelsang 

Honours in Law and Psychology 
Minor in Political Science 

Aleksandar Vukovic 

Honours in Political Science 
Concentration in International 

John C. Welch 

Honours in Criminology 
and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Law 

Bachelor of Arts 

Faculty of Public Affairs and 

(presented by Associate Professor 
E.M. Saunders, Associate Dean Oj 
the Faculty of Public Affairs and 

Abdirashid Aden 


Alif Sherali Ahamed 


Sandra S. Alliman 

Political Science 

and Sociology/ Anthropology 

Trisha Ethelwyn Annett 

B.A. (Ottawa) 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Law 

Ayodeji Oyekunle Badaki 


Jamie R. Baird 

Political Science 

Angel C. Ball 


Minor in Political Science 

Nana Kwame Barima 


Mohamed Bawazir 


Shawn Michael James Bedard 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Law 

Tracey Ann Bellingham 


Francois Berube 

Minor in Business 

Amber L. Briggs 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Law 

Sara Joy Burke 

Mass Communication 

Glen Garrison Cartier-Blackwell 


Rodrigo Castro 

Political Science 

Yu-Cheng Chang 


Firdaus H. Chinoy 


Minor in Political Science 

Man Kit Chow 


Valerie Cochrane 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Law 

Isaac Ryan Cromarty 

Minor in Business 

Nathan Robert Cuddy 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Sociology 

Elizabeth Evelyn Jeanne Dussault 


Minor in Political Science 

Joseph Lee Efford 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Psychology 

Jennifer Ellen Empey 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Law 

Robyn K. Frame 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Sociology 

Shanda Y. Frater 


Minor in English 

Jennifer Freelandt 


W. Michael Freeman 

Minor in Business 

Joel Raymond Geoffrion 


Kerilyn Brianne Hamilton 

Political Science 
Minor in History 
with distinction 

Craig Ian Hunter 



Nana Khadr 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Psychology 

Shareef Korah 

Political Science 

Robert Kular 


Kay Ho Kelvin Kwan 


Seung-Jeen Lee 


Ai-Lyn Lim 

Mass Communication 

Calvin Ka-Wing Lui 


Sonja C. Macdonaid 

B.A. (British Columbia) 
Mass Communication 

Scott Matthew M ac Kay 

Robin T. Kaine Mason 

B.Sc. (Carleton) 

Natasha Maurovic 

Political Science 

Jeremy Alan M'Caughen 


Minor in Political Science 

Jeffrey M c Daid 

B.A. (Carleton) 

Bryan David M'Queen 


Ingrid Meijer 

Political Science 

Gary T. Melnyk 


Hasnain Mooney 

Minor in Business 

Russel John Morton 


Karen Anne Moyle 


Kyung Ae Mun 


James Murray 

Political Science 

Shaun James O'Reilly 


Minor in Sociology 

Choong Sup Oh 


Geoffrey D. Oliver 

Matthew Organ 


Minor in Political Science 

Anthony Vincent Cardella Pak 


Chad R. Patterson 

Minor in Business 

Kevin W. Perschonke 


Nadia Ragnauth 

Political Science 

Hasan Ahmed Rizvi 


Balbir Singh 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Law 

Jessica M. Slack 

Political Science 

Liesl A. Stead 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Psychology 

Gavin L. Storey 


Ruth Ellen Talbot 

B.Eng. (Ottawa) 

Jeff Daniel Turcotte 


Antonio Vukolic 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Law 

Karen A. Williamson 


Jason D. Wilton 

Mass Communication 

Dana Ross Wry 

B. A. (University of New Brunswick) 
Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Sociology 

Bachelor of Humanities 
(with Honours) 

(presented by Associate Professor 

B.C. Garner, representing the Director o } 

the College of the Humanities) 

Amanda J. Cockburn 

Highest Honours 

Audrey M. DeMarsico 

Highest Honours 

DeAnn Jeanine Foreman 

with Honours 

Michael A. Halucha 

High Honours 
Minor in German 

Bachelor of Music 
(with Honours) 

(presented by Professor John Shepherd, 
Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts 
and Social Sciences) 

Douglas J. Knight 

B.A. (Carleton), B.Ed. (Queen's) 
with Honours 

Certificate in the Teaching of 
English as a Second Language 

(presented by Associate Professor 
G.F. Goodwin, Associate Dean of the 
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) 

Kathleen Elizabeth Gotts 

B.A. (London) 

Ji Eun Tracey 

B.Hum. (Inha, South Korea) 

Certificate in Public Service 

Presented by Associate Professor 
E.M. Saunders, Associate Dean of 
the Faculty of Public Affairs and 

Michel J. Charette 

The folli i lions 

iinJ corrections were 
nnit lei >y Senate after 
publication of the 
2001 Spring 
( onvocation program. 

Master of Arts 

Ann Marie Barber 

B.A. (Ottawa) 

Finding the Right Fit: The Relation 
between Children's Temperament and 
Adjustment in Two Divergent 
Daycare Settings 

Midori Hayashi 

B.A. (Kwansei Gakuin, Japan) 
Applied Language Studies 
Relationships between Universal 
Tendencies and Typological Contrasts 
in Japanese-English Interlanguage 

Joong-ha Lee 

B.A. (Hankuk, Japan) 

Applied Language Studies 
Exploring Dynamic Perspectives on 
L2 Learning Motivation: 
A Qualitative Inquiry of Three Adult 
Korean ESL Learners 

Bachelor of Arts 

(with Honours) 
(November, 2000) 

Karine Chawla 

High Honours in History and 
Political Science 
Concentration in International 

Bachelor of Arts 

(with Honours) 

KimberlyJ. Eckford 

Honours in Sociology 
Minor in Political Science 

Leanne R. Lancaster 

Honours in Human Rights and Law 

Erin Marie McHale 

Honours in English and Mass 

Kimberley Susan Smallshaw 

Honours in Law 
Minor in Psychology 

Rebecca Lynn Witteman 

Honours in History 

Bachelor of Arts 

Megan Mary Callahan Sorensen 

English and History 

Daniel Dennis Frew 


Minor in English 

Stephen Michael Geurts 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Law 

Christopher Neale Gibbs 

Film Studies 

Jillian Hope 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Concentration in Sociology 

Scott Bronson Ladouceur 


Robert A.B. MacLean 

Film Studies 
Minor in Music 

Michael A. McTaggart 


Richard S. Pais 

Minor in Law 

Susanna Presutti 

Sociology and Anthropology 

Jeffrey A. Roy 

Film Studies 
Minor in History 

Amie Kathryn Scharfe 


Andrew James Scott 


Cathy Stableford 

Sociology and Anthropology 
Minor in \ybmens Studies 


Bachelor of Commerce 
(with Honours) 

Allison Mary Knight 

Rocco Oppedisano 

Concentration in Information 

Amanda Kathryn Rooney 

Concentration in International 

Patrick Schijns 

Johnson Wai Hong Yu 

Concentration in Accounting 

Bachelor of Journalism 
(with Honours) 

Cheryle Levert 

Jondrea Kaneel Liddie 

High Honours 
Minor in Law 

Bachelor of Engineering 

Peter E. Barnett 


Andy Bastien 


Concentration in Computer- 
Integrated Manufacturing 

Kidbreab Kahsya Habteyes 

Eric Dylan Peters 

B.Sc. (Carleton) 

Computer Systems 
High Distinction 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Hsiu-Ming Sherman Ou 

High Distinction 

Bachelor of Science 

Michael Beach 

Integrated Science Studies 
Minor in Economics 

Certificate in French 
Translation Studies 

Lousie Painchaud 

Senate Medals 
( Undergraduate) 

Jacqueline E. Capstick 


Stephen J. E Prosser 


Niall Zelem 


\ / > V 7 II, - / - f t. //» . The Governor General s Medal - Graduate Level 

i^ieaai lists /// ///c' . , , .. , c ,. , , . . 

warded annually to a student or very nigh academic standing in a masters or doctoral 
C ' filtJ HCttittQ C Y(7 S s " program of study. Donated by Her Excellency the Governor General of Canada. 

Zoltan Jakab 

Ph.D. Cognitive Science 

University Medal for Outstanding Graduate Work - Ph.D. Level 

Awarded, when merited, for outstanding graduate work at the doctoral level. 

Zoltan Jakab 

Cognitive Science 

University Medal for Outstanding Graduate Work - Master's Level 

Awarded, when merited, for outstanding graduate work at the masters level. 

Sandra L. Hurley 


University Medals (Undergraduate) 

Awarded annually, when merited, to the graduating students standing highest in 
interfaculry studies, arts, science, engineering, architecture, commerce, computer 
science, industrial design, international business, journalism, music, public 
administration, social work, humanities, and mathematics. 

University Medal in Humanities 
Audrey M. DeMarsico 

Senate Medals 

Awarded, when merited, to graduating students of outstanding academic achievement. 

Doctoral Level 

Matthew Jonathan Bellamy 


Master's Level 

Wai Keung Wu 

Electrical Engineering 

Michael Andrew Santianni 


Aaron Andrew Keeler 


Christine Elizabeth Ficker 


Undergraduate Level 

Shamima E. Khan 

Computer Science 

Brian Hutton 

Honours (B.Sc.) Statistics 

Holly Louise Hinton 

Honours English and Psychology 

Amanda J. Cockburn 



Adriana Gouvea 


Karen Dawn Vinczefly 


Sandra C. TagiefF 

Honours History 

John Claybran Moses 

Interdisciplinary Studies 

Scholarship ana 
\u-arJ Winners 2001 

1 ach year, Carleton University awards up to 2,500 entrance and in-course scholarhips to 
undergraduate students who have demonstrated a high potential for academic achievement. 
I'hcse awards provide monetary incentives (a yearly total of up to $4,800,000) to attract 
and recognize academic excellence. The awards range in value up to $20,000 for Carleton 's 
prestigious Chancellor's, Nortel, Lewar and Riordan Scholarships. 

Entrance Scholarship and Award Recipients 

A. Davidson Dunton Scholarship 

Nadine El-Ha\vary 

Gordon Robertson Scholarship 

Przemek Bock 

Carleton University Entrance 

Kathryn Elizabeth Bowen 

Ontario Professional Engineers 
Foundation for Education 
Entrance Scholarship 

Jonathon DiJworth 
Kathleen Victoria Lane 

Carleton University Academic 

Crystal Allan 
Kyla Atkins deSouza 
Andre Phillip Aubertin 
Arash Azarbar 
Tiffany Leigh Barber 
Ian Richard Barnett 
Brian J. Barta 
Sheila Bennett 
Alicia Benson 
Jennifer T. Bond 
Aleksandra Borovcanin 
Shawn Andrew Brabant 
Jennifer Anne Bradley 
Simon Branch 
Sukhjeet Brar 
Richard Curtis Brett 
Rhiannon Brown 
Bobbi Jo Anne Brownlee 
Catherine Brunelle 
Lisa Marie Butler 
Andrew Campbell 
John Ryan Cardinal 
Kyle Stuart Cavanagh 
Andrea Chan 
Jennifer Chapman 
Natasha Brienne Chelmak 
A jay Chettiar 

Andrew Chi 
Kirsten Churchill 
Jordan Christopher Cicalo 
Jennifer Lynn Clayson 
April Cleary 
Elizabeth J anet Cole 
Jesse Collins 
Shaun Cummings 
Meaghan Curran 
Daniel D'Amico 
Angela Dagenais 
Abdul Dahir 
Darrell Daley 
Supreet Dang 
Emily Rose Denis 
Kelly Derkson 
Lisa Devine 

Shane Alexander Dickson 
Blair Adrian Dinsdale 
Joseph Andrew Doary 
Martha Christine Doerfler 
Andrea Lara Doherty 
Farah Dossa 
Robert Dunn 
Robin Kristy Durnford 
Diane Dwornikiewicz 
Roman Dzioba 
Stacy Eagen 
Garth David Ehrhardt 
Deniz Leyla Ekici 
Mohamed El Sarji 
Muhannad El-Abdallah 
Patrick Elsey 
Scott Michael Filip 
Angela Dawn Ford 
David Fortier 
Erica Jane Foss 
Patrick Foster 
Nicholas Foubert 
Colleen A. Gallagher 
Robin Del Garnett 
Jesson Gaunce 
Remo Gentile 
Adam Graydon Giles 
Heather Ealeen Glennie 
Raymond Madison Glover 


April Elizabeth Gordon 

Melissa Goulet 

Karl Erik Grenke 

Kelly Ann Grieco 

Katarzyna Grzanka 

Lara-Tonia Hage 

Matthew Halliday 

Heather Anne Harris 

Courtney Amanda Heuvelmans 

Mary Higgins 

Kathryn Hoftyzer 

Michael House- Vording 

Swaraj Singh Hunjan 

Jessica Lynn Hutton 

Erin Elizabeth lob 

Domenico Namehjabbour 

Shereece J ackson 

Rachel Meganjardine 

Christopher Jette 

Lindsey D. Jewell 

Hyun-Ha Hannajo 

Lauren Jolly 

Lindsay Ann Jones 

Allison Jones 

Ashley Meaghan Jull 

Natalie Jeri Kaiman 

Iana Karaion 

Leanne Kelly 

April Kathleen Kemick 

Courtney Anne Kennedy 

Stephanie Marie Kewin 

Cheryl King 

Michael David Kiperchuk 

Queeverne Kirk 

Stacey Leigh Kitts 

Eric Alexander Komarniski 

Matthew Alan Krull 

Sabrina Kutcher 

Virginia Ann Lackey 

Adrienne Patricia Lambert 

Michelle Lams 

Patricia Lapp 

Lance Lau 

Erica Elizabeth Lawrence 
Hon Lam Le 

Jordan Daniel Watson LeBlanc 

Eric-Michel Lee 

Joel Adam Lev)' 

Michael Charles Lewis 

Nasir Liaqat 

Jamie Robert Longmuir 

Lukas Lorentz 

Kania Lou 

Erica Christina Lychak 

Andrew Macintosh 
Prakhar Maheshwari 
Joseph Majic 
Patricia Maloney 
Sanjeeve Manickam 
Shane Jeffrey Martin 
Jason William Mattka 
Stuart Gordon McCourt 
Cameron James Allan McGregor 
Thomas McGregor 
Ian McKillop 
Sheena Ann McLaren 
Alexis June McLaughlin 
Kathryn Joyce McMackin 
Rob Mcconnachie 
Jennifer Megan Mclaughlin 
Erin Melissa Meeks 
Daniel Merhar 
Dawn Metcalfe 
Krzysztof Michabk 
Jodi Renee Miles 
Jason Miller 
Rajiv )aikishin Mirpuri 
Fariha Naqvi 
Sogol Naserian 
Owen Bradley Nicholl 
Graeme John Nichols 
Sara Notarandrea 
Michael Takumi Oda 
Takayuki Ohmizo 
Alison Karen Onyschuk 
Anilise Otten 
Rebecca Ouellette 
Maria-Helena Pacelli 
Mar)' Pagonis 
Allison Marie Palubiski 
Vanessa Grace Parker 
Antionette Annie Pasquariello 
Suhayl Patel 
James Pearson 
Robert Michael Pilgrim 
Amy Claire Porteous 
Mark David Porter 
Joseph Norman Pound 
|ordana Pourian 
Jessica Kimberly Prince 
Melissa Gabrielle Proulx 
Corrie Rabbe 
Amanda Krystyna Rappak 
Lakmal Nalin Ratnayake 
Lorianne Ratte 
Michael Philip Reimer 
Leyna Reinhart 
Isabel Richer 

Brock Robertson 

Sarah Robinson 

Emmanuel Neves Rodrigues 

Mark Edward Rog 

Isabelle A. Saint-)acques 

Arjun Saraf 

Bryan Richard Schopf 

Shannon Schricker 

Derek Schroeder 

Sean Scrivener 

Lindsey Segsworth 

Thaaraha Selvarajah 

Jordan H. Shifman 

Joseph David Simard 

Sivaharan Sivappiragasam 

Michael David Slofstra 

Brandon James Smith 

Kyle David Snowdon 

Sean Joseph Solowski 

Alexandre Somers 

Xaysanith Toupee Sonbouttasaen 

Julia Frances St. Thomas 

Georgina Stamoulis 

Laurie Ann Stanley 

Justan Steele 

Rebecca Susan Sumnall 

Prabaharan Supiramaniam 

Amy Louisa Sutherland 

Patrick Suwalski 

Li am Swords 

Samad Tanweer Syed 

Tabatha Lynn Thompson 

Derek Matthew Tomka 

Long Thanh Tran 

Alex Treen 

Cory Lee Joseph Tremblay 
Zack Chnstoper Jones Tupper 
Diana Otilia Turcas 
David Paul James Turner 
Yian Uh 
Neel Vallabh 

William Adriaan Peter Van Beek 
krystle Karen Van Veld 
Chris Vanderweyden 
Naomi Versteeg 
Amin Virani 

Erica Jennifer Vukmanic 
Erin Rachel Walker 
Erin Frances Wall 
James Wanless 
David Warford 
Kenneth Maxwell Warner 
Sarah Watson 
Angeline Watson 

W QUam Andrew Weatherdon 
Kellv Colken \\ ebb 
landsu\ Rose Wegleitner 
Nicholas Wellington 
Ethan Sanditcn Werner 
Adam White 
Drew \\ illiamson 
Laura J. Wilson 
Emmanuel Witzman 
Luira Wojcik 
Vicky Woo 

Tarnia Patricia Woodward 
Scott \\ oothnden 
Jodi L. Wright 
Towriqa Yasmeen 
Zoe I-)ou Yuan 
Ida Zanon 
krvstaJ Lee Zegil 

Frederick William Baldwin 

lames A. Diak 

M.E.Jonathan Greaves-Guertin 
Tavlor MacDonald 
Brian |ames McAninch 
Nicolas Christophe Pignol 
Rene Sabourin 

Donald William Buchanan 

Daniel Carter 
Guangjie Joey Deng 
Nadeem Douba 
Hardeep Ghutarora 
Yaseekaran Ramanathan 
John Aaron Read 
Ethan Patrick William Sturrus 
Scott Woodruff 

D. Roy Campbell Scholarship 

Adib Dagher 

Chancellor's Scholarship 

Janna Ferguson 

Kristin Lapointe Seguin 

Christopher Michael MacMillan 

Kern - Rennie 

Angus MacLean Rennie 

Ashley Weber 

Jennifer Zymantas 

W.H. Collins Memorial 

Richard Curtis Brett 
Nicolas Ernesto Campione 
Valerie Dibowski 
Maria Petrella 
Markus Svilans 
Carrie Ann Van Luven 
Ashley Georgina Wilson 

Naomi Cook Scholarship Fund 

Vivian Cheng 

George Edgerton and Nellie Erskin 
Cox Scholarship 

Jane Chen 
Pauline La 
Angela L. Liptak 
Magdalena Stec 

Jennie Shibley Cramm 

Marilyne Claire Odette Nahum 

Dobbie Regional Entrance 

Abraham Asto 
Sarah Adele Di Tosto 
Carolyn Duncan 
Shannon L. Gullons 
Marisajanine Iuvancigh 
Uros Maksimovic 
Daniel McKenzie 
Katie-Lynn Elizabeth McLean 
Ashley Miller 
Dayana Moreno 
Toan Pham 
Candice Rochefort 
Christopher David Wienand 
Krista Leigh Young 

Education Foundation of the 
F.C.C.P. of Ontario Scholarship 

Sarah Beth Gelbard 

Enrichment Mini course 

Sandra Louise Gazzard 
Angela Leanne Wilson 

Faculty Scholarship 

Ibrahim Abou Hamad 
Ian Barry Ayers 
Anna Beben 

Paul Bertrand 
Kamy Calvank 
Caterina Chiocchio 
Dirk Edward Druet 
Elizabeth Anne Dunne 
Anna Theresa Ekins 
Cymbria Fels 
Yamini Gopalapillai 
Jonathan Paul Harris 
Jennifer Lynn Heirwegh 
Zosia Mira Hortsing 
Bianca Melanie Howell 
Candice Johnson 
Michael Lawrence Kennedy 
Hilaty Lee Kennedy 
Naveed Khalid 
Sabrina Kiskis 
Cherylene Marie Lajoie 
Selina Sze-Yu Leung 
Brandon Taylor MacTavish 
Sean McTavish 
Kevin Miller 
Elizabeth Mitchell 
Catalina Moise 
Mareiz Morcos 
Heather Moses 
Leanne Marie Murray 
Karen Myers 
Mohamad Najm 
Trevor Nicholas 
Sarah Catherine Osborne 
Kate Mary Kathleen Quinn 
Rebecca Julia Sadler 
Amanda Saunders 
Toby Scott 
Dravya Sharma 
Graydon Alexander Snider 
Kathleen Spratt 
Vicky Louise Turner 
Anne Catherine Mary Viau 
Christina Ann Vintinner 

Gary S. Duck Scholarship in 

Christopher Berger 
Layna Conibear 
Christopher Charles Jewell 
Jason James Lepack 
Sofia Vitalievna Ribchinsky 

Roger Greenberg Scholarship 

Jeremy Michael Gurski 


\ XI. 11 11*1 W IY1 1 1 > JUUIMI SII1IJ 

Ipin Unit* A/ftllpr 

v_7ii\ er v>ruMj\ 

Michael Bouris 

v^niara iviana rrancesca lviingareiii 

Elizabeth Ann Cross 

Kent Fowlie 

\jramcK v_aiuii i\gai 

Matthew Szabolcs Czompo 

Jason Hickey 

Hoang Dao 

Dahlia Jolene Jackson 

ncicii i ciicov 

Preetinder Deol 

Rachel Elaine J effery 

rvtjuci i rvaiiLiaii 

Kyle Dixon 

Ioulia hCorpatcheva 

/mam oL-iiacici 

Michael Donaldson 

Cindy Lim 

R nkprt Qmi tri 

Christopher Joonas Donaldson 

Marc Loranger 

W / /l 1 1 1 C 1 /111 *"1 1— i /l 1 /l t~» / \ t- f~~> ^ 4- r\ />i> 

w aiiis i^aura j_/aianore otagg 

Andrew Michael Dunbar 

i^mviq iviarsnan 

Fit vi Tirfi 

P< h >pala singh am r.l.mkeswa ran 

Sarin Prom 

1 lllUlCa IVICiidll 1 rt\ ItJI 

David James Farquharson 

ivacnei vv niiman 

Lesley Featherstonhaugh 

/viiurcw ndyuun ,5Ciioiar»iiip 

I inrio \ r t* 
J_<lllCJd 1 U 

Brian James Fetter 

I nflct/^t^nPf 1 l/i fulfil 1— i *" 1 r\ t~ra r\ 

v^nnsiopner uamei rriugcn 

ivncnaei Fioyu 

Alain rorget 

j.wi. tioimes entrance acnoiarsnip 

- 7K. 11*11*11 >ill|l 

Andrew Brian Fox 

in Chemistry 

Peter Crampton 

Christopher Daniel Fridgen 

Graydon Alexander Snider 

L^dHvJ I liiUtJVlL 

Simon Gair 

orepnanic Anne lviyies 

Steven Gale 

Ottawa Hydro Carl F. Kropp 

Lon Lee Tarbett 

Matthew James Gawlik 

IVCCOglllllOn <>I /\t AKXy. 1111C 

^/~»t^r\l^i 1 Vi /i r* 1 s \ £i ^ 1 i ! / r r~\ t* 

oopinc v^iianuiic o. i Ligiicr 

Peter Timothy Giles 

Excellence Award 

Joann Li Yen Tye 

Ryan Gritfin 

K.onstantine Rodionov 

Sathee|an Gugananthan 

Johnny Truong 

i^v. |J<.tl llllvTlll KJl 1T1 «tlllC.lll<«llV9 dilU 

l\icholas Anthonv Gysbers 

jiaiisiics r.nirance Awaru 

Simon Matthias Haisz 

jmic DyLTtin iviciiionai 

Idll lJaliy A\ CIS 

Joshua Hale 


H 1"lfl I <i 1 *~r t"» I — 1 in rco 111 ■ ] - 

rLnn Leign riawreiiUK 

Kxistotier Mark Hammel 

Jennifer Lee Wilson 

Matthew Hanna 

rMorrei iiierworKS sciioiarsnip 

Christopher George Hantzis 

famine jeweti Awaru 

Eyad Aboulouz 

Ian R. Harrison 

Ryan Gordon Andre 

Rajkone Alagakone 

Tafheem Mohammad Hasan 

Melanie Marie Christiann Bouffard 

Brian Alder 

Erin Leigh Hawrelluk 

I—* f-1 /— I virri ill 

eric v^narron 

Ampr Ali 

M 1 f "7 '1 n 1 — 1 irio f/irrri io 

i .ii / i muan jgiua 

Siri Chunduri 

wimam i^io^ a /\tKJnson 

y^)\ rlu 

/\manaa r\icoie v^rozier 

J_.lllClc>rty illlllC JJCaLOIl 

1 1 1 m ( » /" i f r\ /~\ n I— 1 1 ■ r\ c 

vv LLuaiii vjoruoii nuusoii 

Carmen Beatrice Doroga 

Allan Beharry 7 

Belal Hussain 

X S~\ ft-t Y"\ 1 /111 «-p 1 1— < *T ' 1 r~l /H 

oaran i^aurei caSKine 

V^dlllCIlHC UlIlCllC 

1 1 o X t 1 r\ i ri r~\ m o c 1 i L' 
l_VaVlLl lllOIIld^ JilLK 

Danielle Fleming 

Manuel Bourgeois 

Ronak Jahangiri 

David James Friend 

v^lll IMOpilCI 1 ClCI OOUllIl 

/Again a oracc lu\ a ja\ enana 

Neesha Kaur Gaind 

Christopher Robert Bowcn 

Ranganathan Jayapirasanna 

t-\. *~1 / "ri /-J I _ i 1 1 1 c 

Dngia onus 

l-Jd\lH uiciziaii 

A ri/Hf/=*\TT 1 1 — 1 1 /~\ 

/viiuicw | . n . | i)c 

1 lOfllP 1 »1 11T7 

.L/aiiici vjuay 

Tlrii i ("rl i c IVfofthp^wr YK r 1 m m r> 1 1 

JL/l.J Uti lilo IVia L L1ICW ULlIlliilCll 

<ji iaci y a ». ji i ai k. i i r\<iui i 

i ..ii i iii rv. riaicicr 

Mirhpil ^rritt Arfnnr Rroolc<i 

l>IH_IlCrtl JV.UU J \ 1 L [ 1 U 1 UHM^^ 

K. K. itninnn k ltriKon 
i\cu \ 1 1 1 a 1 1 1 1 a ixi l i»i 1 1 a i ■ 

David Hamilton 

James Andrew Cabot Bruce 

Christopher Morgan King 

I nnctnhnpr Tlcn^iri riirncnn 

ILlo LUL>1 JCl V 1LJ I laillMJH 

Rpntimtn (^riit? Cininnt'll 

Bi rtplc k'i ii bid i 

Jonathan Royce Heard 

1 — 1 in IJinrr I 

nui i ii lg L,du 

VV as 1 Cllllg V A >I C\ 1,1111 

Natalie Jean Higgs 

Jennifer Ann Cnacko 

Christie Lee Lane 

K.yra Jessup 

oaiiKUa v,nat ) 

LVIaiK i -a\ crinic 

| 1 1 1 1 1 1 ! \ IIJIUIMJII 

Rfiticr ( hin ( hf'fl 

H i nvn I r> 

1 i U \ v 1 1 i ,t 

1 / \ 1 1 p p r"l I* 1 fri m p t- t- 

v^oiieen rvimmeii 

\/ o mcc/'il nor ( lipnni vt*i \ i iv 

lir'L" N ii 1 M/*r"wr 1 pp 

Amhpr I f*nno~ 

Michael Soubine Chun 

K ri st < >nhrr 1 i 'lliott 

1 V 1 1,111 'UHLI 1 j 1 1 1 V / I I 

Laura Alyce Ling 

Jonathan Clarkin 

Kok Hang Steven Leon-Tang 

Meighen Sarah McCrae 

Derrick Connors 

Catherine Elizabeth Levoir 

Meaghan Ann Melrose 

justin Cieorge Crosby 

Huiwa Lin 

Pollyanna Ling 

Grace Shiouming Lo 

McIissj Dawn Lombard 

Stephen Lounsbury 

Anthonv Lokas 

Andrew Lyn 

lulian Mack 

Timothy Mahilrajan 

Aaron |osiah Maley 

lonathan MaJloy 

Chitraphon Maneechai 

lason Marling 

Brett Richard Mathieu 

Colin McCune 

Patricia Mermuys 

Brent William Miskiman 

All Monadi 

Shawna Morrison 

Manmit Muker 

Al-kanm Nanji 

Scon Ronald Newman 

Brian Ng 

Theresa Nguyen 

|oel Thomas W. Nye 

Chnstopher Olson 

Farah Nazli Omar 

Evan Douglas Paterson 

Piragalathan Pathmasenan 

Ryan William Patterson 

Pavel S. Peev 

Negar Peshdary 

Tibo Khoi Phung 

Timothy Pinet 

Carolyn Jeanne Porter 

Lee Ming Quach 

Wen-Yi Que 

Christopher Quizi 

Yeuhen Eugene Rachitskiy 

Ahmad Rasem 

Navaneethan Ravindran 

Thomas Russel Reiber 

Jennifer M. Renaud 

Andrew Christopher Wyman Robinson 

Konstantine Rodionov 

Angela Rowe 

Nishanth Santhinathan 

Niruja Sarveswara 

Matt Thomas Saunders 

Pierre-Olivier Savoie 

David Edward Sewell 

Sherwin Die Dee Sim 

Bradley Phillip Simpson 

Maria Simsky 

Ajanth Roger Singherayor 

|eyananthan Sivakumaran 

President's Scholarship 

Anthony Sleiman 

Karim Abdelhalim 

Marko Spasenovic 

Corrie A. Adams 

Devin loseph Stefrler 

Tarigh Afrand 

Lucas William Stephenson 

Christiane Aitken 

Gary Sy 

lulia Teresa Alarie 


Natasha Tajik 

Kevin Aldridge 

Garfield Tarn 

Timothy D. Alguire 

Aviviere Telang 

Robert Timothy Allan 

Jeffrey Territo 

James E. Anderson 

Guy Michael Ridout Thomas 

Evan Hugh Annett 

)ames Sebastian Tolhurst 

Gizelle Anzures 

Tina Tran 

ling Yi Chrisdne Ao 

Simon Wine-Hang Tse 

Stefanie Arduini 

Thomas Christian Von Moos 

Tara Lynn Arseneau 

Michael Vong 

Brian Leslie Ash 

Endre Voros 

Cory lames Aston 

Kusum Wijesekera 

Chukwudi Azih 

Nicholas Adam Wittebol 

Ekene Azih 

David Ian Fraser Wotherspoon 

lordan Ballard 

HoKing Xu 

Olivier Ballou 

Stanley Yeh 

Alina Marilyn Baltessen 

Chol-Ho Yim 

Anne Barbier 

Irena Zamboni 

Yasmin Bartal 

Bing Zhao 

lenifer Barton 

Bosko Zivkovic 

Neda Basharat 

Sasha lade Baskerville 

Nortel Networks Scholarship of 

Mark Albert Ross Batstone 


Alain-Philippe Beauger 

David Alexander Cummings 

Alison Joanne Bell 

Diana Alexandra loan 

Cameron Brian Bell 

Monika E. Kuhn 

liana Ben-Ari 

leevithan Muttulingam 

lulie Carmel Benoit 


Jeffrey David Bercuson 

Charles and Helen Pattenson 

Melanie Bertrand 


Chen Bian 

Chantal Ann Albert 

David Andrew Douglas Blair 

Margaret Grace Beighton 

Matthew Mark Blieske 

lohn David Brotherhood 

Elyse Bly 

Alison Caiger- Watson 

Andrew Bonnell 

Tricia Cleland 

Crystal Victoria Bossio 

Jennifer Connors 

Anastasia Botchkarev 

Meghan lean Ecclestone 

Nicholas Raymond Bourgeois 

Daniel Patrick Fitzsimmons 

Kevin Bozzo 

Kathleen Frances Forestell 

Allison L. Brazeau 

Robert Hoftyzer 

Jennifer Brigandi 

Heather Victoria Joyce 

Kyle G. Browness 

lessica Landry 

lenna Catherine Brule 


Faye Larissa Lynott 

Luc Brunet 

Sarah Niezen 

lason Bryans 

Shawn Muir Stansel 

Tuan Quang Bui 

Kantimathi Subramanian 

Veronika Alexa Burda 

Zuzanna Zych 

Scott Bush 

Rupi Kaur Cambow 


Nathan Tyler Campbell 
Nicolas Ernesto Campione 
Emily Elizabeth Caputo 
Natalie Lyn Caron 
Jennifer Patricia Carswell 
Mark William Casey 
Matthew Yong-Jin Cha 
Jaclyn Melinda Chabot 
Mitchell Francis Chan 
Andrew John Francis Charest 
Ngoc Anh Anne Chau 
Derwin Cheng 
Madalena M. Cheung 
justine Chibuk 
Dana Lise Christianson 
Andrew Robert Christie 
Rachel Chuvalo 
Tiona Marie Corcoran 
Mark Albert Coulombe 
Jason Philip Coyle 
Julie Evelyne Crabb 
Heather Louise Crawford 
Travis Cross 
Jacqueline Mae Cuffley 
Melissa Joy Cummins 
Marina Cvetkovska 
Franciszek Czyzowicz 
Abes Dabir 
Ana Dacal 

Barima Kwame Dankwa 

Rochelle Natalie De Mel 

Kyle Eric den Bak 

Alexander James Reginald Dearham 

Patricia Natalie Desjardins 

Susanne Margarit Dickinson 

Jonathon Dilworth 

Liat Dobrishman 

Nichole Nataline Downer 

Travis John Gayle Dumsday 

Darcy James Dunne 

Alex Duong 

Ghislaine Duplain 

Kasandra Eady 

Mihran Dikran Egavian 

Skye Elliott 

Lance Fader 

Ashley Brooke Fagan 

Melanie Farber 

Nicole Ann Fawcette 

Paul Ferguson 

Roberto Ferrante 

Brooke Alida Fletcher 

Kelly Lynn Fontyn 

Kyle Fransham 

Christine A. Gagnon 
Christian Dominique Gagnon 
Brenda Anne Gandey 
Garin Helmut Gaudet 
Sandra Louise Gazzard 
Lisa Nicole Dawn Gehn 
Nancy Lynn Gellatly 
Mar)' Lillian Gellner 
Kristen Stacy Gilchrist 
Aaron Thomas Gillich 
Valerie Catherine Gilligan 
Domenico Daniel Gratta 
Maria Elizabeth Gruending 
Derek Grusys 
Carole-Anne Guay 
Annie Guerard-Langlois 
Niti Gupta 

Kristina Michelle Haase 
Kathleen Habermehl 
Maren Hackett 
Jacob Adam Hansen 
Ian Christopher Hantke 
Meaghan Christine Harding 
Patricia Marie Harris 
Shannon Harvey 
Ashraf Hassanein 
Adam Paul Hawkins 
Heather Ann Headley 
Amanda Carolyn Herrell 
Jessica Hertzog 
Lisa Andrea Hibbert 
Sammani Erandika Hinguruduwa 
Kurds Holland 
David Laurence Hope 
Marie-Christine Houle 
Tanya Howard 
Heather Anne Hrychuk 
Ruby Pao-I Huang 
Katie Lynn Hunter 
Braden Paul Lander Hutchinson 
Kate Elizabeth Hutchison 
Mary Jane Hyslop 
Firas Ibrahim 
Elizabeth Dorothy Iglesias 
Iain C. Inglis 
Mark Jonathan Ishack 
Clare Veronica Jackson 
Paul Heinrich Jakubinck 
Kathleen Marie Jarvis 
Eric J. Jeffery 
Nathan Jensen 
Sarah Johanis 
Colleen Anne Johnson 
Vngela Dawn Johnston 

Phillip Ross Jones 
Daryl J. Josefchak 
Ashley Brier Patterson Judd 
Michael Muron Karakolis 
Ildiko Margaret Kaszas 
Pei Kaw 

Belay Zeleke Kebede 
Shannon Brigid Kehoe 
Brett Andrew Kenworthy 
Zahra Khan 

Muhammad Qasim Khan 

Hugo Eric James Kitching 

Darcy James Knoll 

Joseph Knowles 

Mame Kobia 

Can Koklu 

Joel Adam Kom 

Sunita Kosaraju 

Peter Branderhorst Kovessy 

Ashima Kudaisya 

Genevieve Laferriere 

Shaun Lalonde 

Kathleen Victoria Lane 

Benjamin Carl James Langford 

Helen Alma Langford 

Lynne Diane Lapointe 

Anne-Claire Larochette 

Nina Lavoie 

Elizabeth Grier Lawless 

Holly Anne Levalliant 

Kathryn Lewis 

Thomas Lewis 

Veronique Leyten 

Ilan Liebner 

William Lin 

Benjamin John Liston 

Mairin Loewen 

Aaron LoiseUe 

Brian Lynch 

Pamela MacKnight 

Jodi MacMOlan 

Darcy Fraser Macdonald 

Adam Luis Machado 

Laura Maty Masching 

Christopher Ryan Mason 

Sarah Anne Mather 

Charles Guillaume Maxw ell 

Alyson Maynard 

Anna Maureen McCormack 

Brenda Eileen McDermott 

Meghan McEachern 

Robert Brandon McTarlanc 

Christopher McKenna 

Erin Lynn Mel r;m 

Tina Mac McManus 
Kmanda McCartney 
Krisnna Fllizabcth Mellwav 
Kaidynn Mendes 
Katherine MUani 

Milcnka Mitrovic 

Knstv l.vnn Moffitt 

Jawid Mohamad 

Yasmccn i arah Mohiuddin 

Hainal Molnar-Szakacs 

Katharine Emily Monahan 

Aaron lames Monk 

\\ endv Colleen Monk 

Shannon Paige Montgomery 

Heather Dawn Moore 

D. Victoria F.. Morrow 

( raig Ste\ en Moy 

|oel Tliomas Mulligan 

Brenden |oscph Murphy 

Alison Leigh Murphy 

Jerrett N. Myers 

Nadia Mykvtczuk 

Manlvne Claire Odette Nahum 

Linda Rose Neacappo 

Rebekah Neelin 

Tiffany Andrea Neil 

Trishna Elizabeth Ninan 

Lvdia Akua Nyantetsua Nketia 

Christine Nye 

Ene-Lin Tania Ojaste 

Ashley Erin Oliver 

Rebecca Sharon Oommen 

Tern- Lynn Ortner 

Julie Ouellet 

)ohn Lockridge Oulton 

Maria Man-Hei Owen 

Daniel Gordon Parker 

Michael Passey 

Karohna Patocki 

Morgan Lee Paulhus 

Kary A. Peplinskie 

Patrick Byron Perrier 

Adam Richard Petrashek 

Kristen Petruska 

Jamie Elizabeth Pinault 

Kirsten Plante 

Nicole Elizabeth Plumptre 

Lauren Potvin 

Amanda Lynn Pratt 

Julie Prins 

Christina Przystal 

Kristin A. Rabbe 

Michele Katherine Rackham 

Fazil Rahim 

l lm agaran Ramachandran 
Rafael Louback Ramos 
Ali Rankani 
Tharsana Ratnasingam 
Sabrina Rchman 
Emma Reid 
Andrea ReilJy 

Cristina Margaret Reynolds 

Sarah Ripplinger 

Kristin Ashley Robbins 

Christopher Charles Park Roberts 

Neal John Rockwell 

Erin Marie Rollins 

Jesse Simon Rosenberg 

Hani Elias Roumieh 

Krystal Louise Rycroft 

Cameron Sabadoz 

Tasneem Saleem 

Kathleen Sapsford 

Sandra Theresa Scherbak 

Stephanie Olivia Schreiner 

Nathan R. Schroor 

Keld Andersen Scott 

Kendra Marie Seignoret 

Heather Naomi Sekine 

Olga Semenovych 

Tetyana Semenovych 

Allen G. C. Seto 

Rosalind Webster Shaw 

Cassandra Lee Shaw 

Xiao Yun Shen 

Tammy Mariam Shoranick 

Jason Ryan Shortt 

Kenneth Gordon Shouldice 

Michael Marcel Simon 

Steven Christopher Simon 

Kira Emiko Simper 

Trevor Thomas Sinker 

Margaret Skrypek 

Evan Smith 

Justin Thomas Smith 

Robert Spaanenburg 

Hillary Elizabeth Spek 

Irena Kathryn Michelle Spencer 

Amber Alanna Sperling 

Erin Catherine Dorothy Spicer 

Alexandra Christine Spiess 

Alysson Bronwen Spragg 

Scott Korry St. Louis 

Charlaine Raywin Statham 

Ryan Stein 

Ryan Carter Stevens 

Brendan Andrew Stock 

Mardn Petrov Stoyanov 

Abigail Elisabeth Sturrock 
Mayuran Subramaniam 
Nicholas Yung Wu Suen 
Marija Ana Kristina Susak 
Janelle Vivian Swan 
Justin Swan 
Meg Swinkels 
Ruth Lynn Sylvestre 
Ryan Patrick Szabo 
Sean Robert Tapp 
Katherine J. Taylor 
Christopher Andrew Taylor 
Houng C. Te 
Emily Theriault 
Tiffany Anne Timbers 
Kelly Lynn Tobin 
Anna McLoughlin Torgerson 
Samarth Tosaria 
Linda Rosalind Tran 
Amber Rochelle Trimble 
Angela Rose Trimmer 
Leah Erin Turner 
Nicole Valentinuzzi 
Jason Alexander Vallis 
Lisa Marie Van De Walle 
Carrie Ann Van Luven 
Kara Varvanina 
David Verrilli 
Angela Dawn Veysey 
Trevor Robert Kelly Vienneau 
Peter Viveiros 
Rhiannon J aye Vogl 
Ashley Claire Walker 
Katherine Lee Walker 
Patrick William Watson 
Heather Lisa Watt 
Erin Williamson 
Angela Leanne Wilson 
Jennifer Lee Wilson 
Diana Wilson 
Aleksander Wisniewski 
Christopher Wong 
Meghan Sara Wubs 
Edwin Patrick Yost 
Renata Elzbieta Zawada 
David B. Zylberberg 

Riordon Scholarship 

Jorde Goethals 

R.L. Rosenberg Memorial 
Scholarship in Mathematics 

Wei Wei 


Mercv Neal Sou t ham Fn trance 

Simon Tee Bailev 

Andrew William Chalmers 


Mark Baldwin 

Tara Chambers 

C^aro Fripll 

Patricia Marie Balind 

(~1ivp (~hfln 

TVfp^frun Fish pr 

Brianna Lauren Ball 

lv^rinp ("hn rhnn neni i 

IX. 11 II 1, 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 " ' I 1 1 1 ^ . ( L 1 

M^trhpw Fnno - 

Jaimie Lynn Banks 

S^nnhira T Charles 

. ' . 1 | L ' 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . ' i 11.111^^ 

]Vf pIisscj Ffprtv nprcrpr 

Justin James Barca 

lprmifpr T nnrpn r^h^rltnn 

Ivlllliltl i-jdUl^H Vj 1 1 (XL I LVJl 1 

r^^innirf* Flr/;ihpt"h lovrp 

Paul Gordon Ross Battin 

VJ UlllUdO IX.ILII ' IK L 11 I.I 

Sot"nP9 Ivniim 
tjuiiiLa i\i 1 1 1 1 1 i 

Chris Baumhauer 

Stpnninip Ann ( hpno 

±J l ) I 1 11111 Vjll^llti 

Onhpli^i Ch;ii Shino T ipw 

Martine Bazinet 

Miinplle Mo Ypp Chpncr 

1'1UII\.U\_ 1 V_ v_ Vjlll.lll' 

Anwar Massoud 

Patricia Beaudin 

^ uk Fai Dickson Cheng 

SnQwriQ T)cinipllp Onn 

l la W 11a i -* «1 1JL11L v ' v i < < 

Sarah Ann Beckett 

( 1 p m pnt ilii^no" 

VjlL 11 It 1 1 L VjI 11 til 111 

Tiffany Leigh Oliver 

Amelia Bellamy-Rovds 

Nahid Veasmin Choudhury 

TlPCiTifi'3 R pimpr 

1 V. ; 1 1 1 1 1 4 I 1VC11 1 1CI 

Kyle John Bergstrom 

w li iti iviiiii v>m / w 

H / > i en 1 R Ptn f~i 1 1 1 1 

Sheena Besner 

iViUHtllIlIllCLl iVHJMtll4 V>I1UV\ UIIU 

Natalie Riopelle 

Ryan Besner 

Shen-IMin^ \likp Chu 

Angad Bhatia 

Victor Chu 

Kpnnpth Tzint* lYflpmoriiil 

I\v 111 IV- 111 X wMM lis I'R 11I\ '1 1C11 

Veronica Kathleen BickJe 

\il S f^PPlllI ("Inn 

Scholiirshin in FlpctfHcnl 

JvllV/lAl krlll 1/ 111 IjlVvil IV- ill 

Andrew Taylor Bisback 

L/dUla JLVl^lllt, V_,lclLI\. 


Jean EmiJe Ernest Bissonnette 

KTimhprlv \firnnda Clirkp 

1 VI 1 1 1 U v L 1 > 1 ~1 1 1 HI IV-lil \ ylal l\L 

Thuan Tim Van Do 

Stacey Ellen Black 

Sharon Clay 

Arleah Margret Helen Jes Bloxam 

l -.41 Lilt:! JUi?all v ^ Itlll^llLo 

fa rip ton TTnivprsitv Fritranpp 

V^tll IV, lv/11 VJ 111 Y vl J i\j Lillll allvv, 

Andre George Bolotenko 

RipItpI Fnp^i ^Ipm^Ip^' 

l\tlV,litl LjIIV-iI VjlCWltTy 

Schol;irsh in 

• "V. 1H /IX* I ,71111/ 

Franchino Bonanno 

Irmhn^i NJ ( ltnriprton 

lU.'HUa IN. Vjli UULI If 11 

Claire Rose Aanes 

Natalie Bontes 

Christina Frances Clorey 

Meaghan Michelle Adams 

Emily Lise Boucher 

Richard Nathan Cohen 

Timothv Charlp*; Artam<s 

Shawn Bryan Boudreau 

(xrpoorv F^on^ilri Amm<;nn 

Mary Bouscjuet 

S'innn ( olKornp 

UuliUld VjUl UU1 lit. 

Sweta Agrawal 

Shana Bowes 

Lindsay Coleman 

Alexis Sharon Wilby Aikenhead 

Philip Anthony Nicholas Boyer 

Mona Demse Collins 

Ipnnifpr I pnnrp Akpson 

11,111111^,1 1 A - 1 1 V.) 1 V, 1 ll^L 

Morna Boyle 

^Frp\ r or Ivpnnpth Cnndv 

A 1 1 \ \J 1 1 IlllV. LI I VjU 1 lv 1 \ 

Abdullah Al Dalati 

Danijela Bozic 

Virginia Conly 

Billy Joseph Alexander 

Robyn Adelia Brake 

Desiree Dawn Connors 

rXJafhanipl l^mps Alpvcmrlpr 

1 N ix LI I rtl 11V- 1 1 alllv o L Ll^ J\.<XV lVJtl 

Amnt Brar 

Flliot Inmps VC'ntson Coonpr 

1 J 111 l 1 UlllVvO VV flLJ>V/ll V y V ) \_) l_J \_ I 

l-locKpm All 

A laollvul 1 \ \\ 

Michelle Josephine Braun 

T nura I Pio~h Coonpr 

!ii i_jV,lill 1 Vj\JUUV.l 

lornip T vnn Amlin 

1 ill 1 J 1111 -* il -11 11 1 1 

lanpllp T vnnp Rrpnnand 

1 iisithn Cfior^v 

i - . i »M Ll iti. ^ — .uui (X y 

Carolyn Alina Amos 

Michelle Breton 

Stephanie Cormier 

Heidi Eileen Anderson 

Tate Jonathan Brickell 

Sarajillian Couper 

Iveta Andreeva 

Marc Brims 

Carljoda Coutu 

lillll i ^iur^ Anoploni 

Darrell Bntton 

VC endy Cowden 

Spkhar Ancxpn^t 

Jera Brooks 

Tyler Cox 

Antompttp Ancnis 

1 llllv/lllvlLV. ■ llltiUO 

Jim Lewis Brown 

Anne M. C>raigen 

Farrukh Arus 

David John Buchanan 

Ryan Andrew Crampton 

Robert Joseph Apking 

Catherine Bulinski 

Anna Creighton 

Ci lrf A rmstrono - 

VjUI Uj J V 1 1 1 1 L 1 1 lt± 

Diana Bumbaca 

Ipnnifpr Crockpr 

Madelena Arnone 

Pamela Joan Burnett 

Angela Cumberbatch 

Rose Yvonne Atandi 

Tiffany J av Butler 

David Clayton Cummings 

lason An 

Janice Dianne Byers 

Edwin Cutrona 

Alice Mint* An-Yenncr 

i l l I v v. 1*111 111 i \ L4 1 ^ U 1 111 

Graeme Leslie Campbell 

( )mka Daint\ T 

Nirolp \4nnp AnC oin 

Atmee Capy 

Nicholas Eugene Dallas 

Jill Austin 

Christina Card 

Daniel Dalton 

Sheeraz Zubair Mohammad Awan 

Oliver Randall Carmichael 

Si .in William Dauphinee 

David Kenneth Awmack 

Bradley Casselman 

Dina De I .uca 

Ivanie Ayoub-Miron 

Jennifer Lindsay Cathcart 

Emilic Kristina de Roscnroll 

Andrew C. Badger 

Ryan Yoshiyuki Chaki 

Nicholas Frederick De Salvo 

Madcl.iv ne Jessica DeGrace 

Chelsi Britt Ferguson 

Lindsay Heintz 

Jennifer Jane Deal 

Sherouk Fetaih 

Jessica Hellen 

Maru Isabel Delgado Montejo 

Stephen Harry Fincham 

Phillip Herby 

Melissa Anne Denyes 

Erin-Lee Flemming 

Lisa Marie Hermsen 

Muna Samira Derin 

Karen Fletcher 

Margaret Hierlihy 

Stc\ en Deslandcs 

Lisa Maria Fleury 

Emily Hill 

Bn .in Dewar 

Shannon Blair Foster 

Gregory William Hoekstra 

Barbara Di Bacco 

lames 1 .ilw aid 1 ■< >ster 

Leah Elizabeth Hoffer 

Michael Di C arn 

Jessica Franey 

Erin Marcea Hoffman 

Luca Di Ruscio 

Ashley Marie Fraser 

Kimberly Hogendoorn 

Natasha Diamond 

Selena Marie Fraser 

Candace Hogg 

Yalene Dibowski 

Christine Elizabeth Freemark 

Ross Hogg 

Stetanie Suzette Dickson 

Amy Jean Frew 

Grant Holmes 

lason Matthew Dingsdale 

Karolina Fryc 

David Michael Hood 

Thuan Tim \'an Do 

Jennifer Funk 

Matthew Hopkins 

Nhan 1")'' 

Max Edward Walmsley Futterer 

Laura Katherine Hough 

Trung Quoc Doan 

Dara Fern Gallinger 

Melissa Jane Houghton 

Allison Man' Lee Dobbins 

Sarah Marie Garcia 

Sandra Teresa Hoy 

Andrew Dobson 

Michelle Garcia 

Jason Calvin Humber 

loanne R. Dobson 

Andrew Michael Gaudet 

Meredith Mcewan Humphrey 

Tara Ann L. Donohue 

Costa Georgantopoulos 

Kelly Christine Hunt 

( assandra Man' Downing 

Valerie Oreoluwa Tamunod Georgewill 

Jonathan Hg Hunter 

Kenneth W illiam Doyle 

Steve Gervais 

Genevieve Hupe 

Laura M. Driedger 

Denise Gho 

Idil Abdulkadir Hussein 

Kaitlin |essica Dueck 

Raymond Gianfrancesco 

Joyanne Hyman 

Cameron Alexander Fraser Duff 

Claire Aldea Gibbs 

Peter Edward Irish 

|enna Bryanne Duffy 

Michael John Burton Gifford 

Katharine Sarah Irngaut 

Shannon Carolyn Duncan-Mott 

Ashley Gilbert 

Jennifer Irving 

Miriana D. Dundek 

Douglas Jason Gimmer 

Sonja Lorelei Irving 

.\llan Gerald Dykstra 

Sulaimon Giwa 

James Albert Mathew Irwin 

Ola Dziunycz 

Bryan Andrew Goat 

Abdallah Ismail 

Galen R. Eagle 

Jane Elizabeth Godwin 

Alexei Ivanov 

Joseph Martin Earle 

T.J. Goertz 

Nikolai Ivanov 

Caroline Easnvood 

Nayeli Gomez Lozano 

Ashley Izsak 

Joshua David Eaton 

Monica Antonella Gomez-Lares 

Moe Jabara 

Neil Thomas Ecker 

Umatharan Gopalasundaram 

Matthew Eric Jackson 

Leanne Eckford 

Cynthia Maria May Gowenlock 

Mark Laval Jaekl 

Helga Anne Edens 

David B. Graham 

Ashwin Chaitanjain 

Bernard Pierre Edmunds 

Keely Rose Grasser 

Joseph Jakym 

Hussein El-Aggan 

Chantal Gratton 

Meghan Sheila Elizabeth James 

Geraldine Mary Elliott 

Katherine Graves 

Kevin Janok 

Melissa Embury 

Charanpaul Singh Grewal 

Margot Jansen 

Jennifer Esposito 

Jeremy Gribben 

Adam Jams 

J. S. Esposito 

Claudia Francesca Grumley 

Sarah Jenkins 

Jessica Andrea Evans 

Jessica Gunnell 

Blair Robert Jenkins 

Ashleigh Carrie-Marie Ewchuk 

Linh Manh Ha 

Kimberley Erin Jenkins 

Theresa Rose Ewen 

Jason Hailman 

Peter Secher Jensen 

Natalie Fairhead 

Jodi Dawn Halliwell 

Christine Sibayanjeske 

Rachel Catherine Alexand Fallis 

Jennifer Melissa Hand 

Elaine Rochelle Jette 

Sarah Elizabeth Faloon 

Jessica Christina Leigh Harris 

Yan Jin 

Shirley Hui Fan 

Brian David Harvey 

Jessica Lynn Johnson 

Mu-Chih Peter Fan Chiang 

Samina Hashmi 

Magali Johnson 

Cara-Anne Farrow-Lawrence 

Imran Hassan 

Daniel J olie 

Brittanyjill Faulkner 

Robert A. Hawn 

Aaron Jones 


Timothy Jun 

Nathaniel Bernard Juneau 
Mark Johannes Kallio 
Mar}' T. Thompson Kapusta 
Leonid Karasik 
Leanna Kathleen Karremans 
Sarah Louise Kearsley 
Melanie Keays 
Simon Keeble 
Meghan Irene Keelan 
Philip Michael Keffer 
Kimberly Shannon Keith 
Ryan Kelly 

Catherine Erin Miller Kelly 
Alex Kennedy 
Carey John Kennedy 
Eui Young Vincent Kim 
Sun Mee Kim 

Christine Jeannette Kingsland 

Daniel John Kirby 

Molly Startup Kleiker 

Piotr Joseph Klimas 

Dominika Kogutowicz 

Paul Koke 

Heather Rae Koski 

Tamar Kozlov 

Lauren E. Krugel 

Jacques Krzepkowski 

Veronica Esther Kulikauskas 

Albert Kwon 

Sherry Lea Sarah Lacey 

Etienne Laferriere 

Tara Christine Lafleur 

Sarah Lafrance 

Adam Lajeunesse 

Wai Tang Lam 

Jennifer Larabie 

Genevieve Latreille 

Ian Lauder 

David Lauer 

Daniel Raymond Lavallee 
Melissa Margo Nicole Laverdure 
Alexander Lawandi 
Julie Katherine Lawrence 
Daina Claire Lawrence 
Christianne Jane Le Blanc 
Patrick Leblanc 
Ming Lee 

Mark Christopher Leger 
Michelle Laura Lemmon 
Ryan Thomas Leonard 
Joseph Michael George Ph Lepage- 
Philip Lepoidevin 
Stephanie Maya Lepsoe 

Coralee Anne Leroux 
Genevieve Leroux 
Erika Leroy 
Kirill Levitski 

Megan Estella Emmeline Levy 
David Brian Michael Linseman 
Sarah jean Liut 
Robin Ka Wing Lo 
Michael Loraso 
David Alexander Love 
Katie Lowry 
Yan Yun Lu 
Valerie Lyn Luchak 
Adam Lydan 

Danielle Christine MacArthur 

Gregory MacCormack 

Nicole Gwendolyn MacDonald 

Jennifer Lee MacDonald 

Christopher Douglas MacGillivray 

Cynthia MacNeil 

Heather Macleod 

Andrew Colin Macpherson 

Jessica Lynn Maguire 

Peter Maguire 

Jessica Maguire 

Janine Mahnke 

Afsha Mahomed 

Courtney Ann Mahoney 

Megha Malhotra 

Jordan Cole Mallon 

Chantal Anne-Marie Marchand 

Carla M. Marinelli 

Patrick Marmillod 

Cara Nicole Martin 

Christopher William John Martin 

Saadeh Masaeli 

Sherry Lynn Masters 

Clark M. Masters 

Melissa Mazurkiewicz 

Catherine Maureen Mc Gavock 

Vincent McCabe-Barauskas 

Tess R. McCann 

Shawn McCleery 

Christina Micaela McClellan 

Stephen Wayne McCutchen 

Stephen McDonald 

Jason McDougall 

Joshua McDougall 

Ryan McGill 

Jason McGowan 

Brandon McGregor 

Sarah McGregor 

Christopher Mcllhinney 

Jennifer Mclntyre 

Frances Anne Mclntyre 
Kathryn Anne McKinnon 
James David McKinven 
Luke David McLaren 
Ashley J ordon McMuLlen 
Breanna Crystal McNamara 
Shane McNeil 
Colleen McNeill 
Heather Kathleen McNulty 
Kristin McPhee 
Shaun McQuaker 
Kara Dawn Meems 
Philip Melanson 
Sarah Mentzel 
Bryan Douglas Mersereau 
Alexander Metson 
Matthew James Milne 
C. Monique Minvielle 
Hiran Mistry 
Stephen L. Mitchell 
Nahal Moazen 
Said Mohamed 

Crystal Farina Stephanie Mohammed 

Dmitri Moisseev 

Adam Matthew Moncrieff 

Ryan Morehouse 

Matthew Daniel Morel 

Tania Elizabeth Morrison 

Stephanie Colleen Morrison 

Jessica Marie Mott 

Ryan Mullally 

Kirk Michael Mulligan 

Chelsea Murphy 

Shaunacey Ann Murray 

Michael James Murray 

Riyad Hassan Mustapha 

Rohan Ranachandra Mutagi 

Theshlen Naidoo 

Cayley Nesrallah 

Tina N. Ngo 

Mai Ngo 

Cole Nitsch 

Antonella Nocera 

Jacqueline Jo-Anne Nolan 

Kimberly Anne Northcott 

Siobhan O'Brien 

Audrey Jayne O'Brien 

Jordan ( VLeary 

Bridget Ann ( )'Malley 

Jennifer Patricia O'Meara 

Adena M. Oliver 

Bred 1 id ( )lmstead 

Melinda Johanna Otterspoor 

Pinar ( )zdemir 

1 on Anne E. 

Jolene Robichaud 

Markus Svilans 

Melissa lennie Luisa Pagliaro 

Katrina Roddick 

Mark Adam Swartz 

Matthew Robert Paquette 

Erin Rogala 

Vanessa Heather Sweeney 

lim Park 


Christopher Rohde 

Michael Mark Swinburne 

Stephanie Ardis-Lvnn Parrott 

Kristina Roic 

Eva Driscoll Szabo 

Maria Parzanese 

1 isa Rossman 

Zoriana Andrea Szuch 

Rupal Pattnt 

James Michael George Rowberry 

Melissa Tait 

Ryan Stewart Pearce 

Jenilee Darlene Rowsell 

Tara Nicole Tassone 

Tan\ a ( . Pearnian 

Milly Roy 

Jacqueline Nicole Taylor 

Sara I.vnn Pegg 

Ting Ruan 

J ason Ronald Taylor 

Christine Pelletier 

Sara Elizabeth Russell 

Emma Marie Taylor 

Senna Penner 

Christopher Rutherford 

Shavon Thauvette 

Chnstopher Perera 

Christopher Ryan 

Navanithy Thillainadarajah 

Heather Petrault 

Farshad Safiardestani 

Clarissa Thompson 

Robert Andreas Petermann 

Dana SakaOa 

Daniel Robert Thompson 

laam Chnstopher Peters 

Sara Amber Salach 

Jennifer Sarah Thompson 

Aleksandar Petkovic 

Akram Adnan Saleh 

Michelle Thompson 

Maria Petrella 

Soroush Salehian 

Andrew William Reid Thompson 

lettrev Paul Truman Phillips 

Emily Sauve 

Tania Thompson 

Kim Phung 

Jennifer-Lvnn Robyn Schilt 

Julia Thompson 

J r 

janie Pichette 

John William Schmalz 

Emilie Tobin 

EmiJv Pietraszek 

Alexandre Schmid 

Robert Lome Todd 

Kevin Andrew Piffard 

John Scroggie 

Edgar Tomek 

Sanja Pintar 

Vickie Therese Seguin 

Maria Tonon 

lennifer Pinto 

John Christopher Seiler 

Shane Townsend 

Man- Norma Pitt 

Dominique Robin Seydoux 

Paul Trang 

Nicholas Pierre Poirier 

Jody Leonard Shaddick 

Amy Lynn Tremblay 

Ben Ping Ki Poon 

Marsha Shannon 

Martha Tropea 

Carolvn Popp 

Christine Shaver 

Johnny Truong 

J J o 

Thurairajah Pratheeba 

Alistair Shields 

Rosita Tsamis 

Vanessa Lee Preston 

Shireena Shroff 

Leone Ling On Tsang 

Courtney Erin Price 

Anne-Marie Siddons 

Ryan Micheal Tumilty 

Sarah Yazgul Prindiville 

Jessica Simmins 

Brandon Alexander Turcotte 

Konstantin Privalov 

Lena Simmons 

Christopher Neil Turvill 

David Evan Pruner 

Harley Sims 

Lisa Christina Van Muyen 

Caroline Emma Pruss 

Jesmeet Singh 

Kristie Louise Caroline Vanbergen 

Marco Qaqish 

Piratheepan Sivaraiah 

Samuel Aaron Vender 

Alison Teresa Quinn 

Russell Skeini 

Elizabeth Ann Verbruggen 

Amanda Julie Quinn 

Benjamin Slusarchuk 

Nikhil Verghese 

Cvnthia Carolyn Man' Racine 

Jessica Martha Smith 

Gavin Jackson Vesey 

Anna Racine 

Melissa Louise Smith 

Jonathan Vince 

Caitiin Radmore 

Meaghan Smith 

Alia Virji 

Dorna Rahmanian 

Peter Colin Sokoloski 

Kim Vlaming 

Joenie Melissa Rajaram 

Raphael Joseph Luigi Spaleta 

Chrisuan Vogt 

Kanwalpal Randhawa 

Teliba Spence 

Alexis von Finckenstein 

Mahmudur Rashid 

Marc Robert Spicer 

Adam Wahab 

Suthakaran Ratnagopal 

Earl Spinks 

Alexander Douglas Wall 

Nathalie Reid 

Pamela MicheUe Stephens 

Christyane Wall 

Brent W illiam Renaud 

Shannon Stephens 

Qian Wang 

Karyn Anne Richardson 

Joseph Sterritt 

J r 

Jeffrey Paul Watson 

Jusdn Baird Richardson 

Nora Ellen Stevens 

Willow Watson 

Jessica Ridgwav 

Carolyn Elizabeth Stotts 

Meghan Kereen Wawryk 

Michael Rifkin 

Christopher Sullivan 

Jason Allen Webb 

Royce Lawrence Hartley Robbins 

Martin Kyle Sullivan 

Carrie Wells 

Heather Robertson 

Nikki Morgan Sutherland 

William David Stern Wells 


Ashlea Wells 
Rosanna M. Wideman 
Andrew Wigle 
Michael Wilder 
Patrick Nigel Wiles 
Nathan Eli Andrew Willard 
Amy Lynne Wilmott 
Rachel Anne Wilson 
Ashley Georgina Wilson 
Tania Nicole Witt 
Sarah Wong 
Victoria Jane Woodford 
Christina Patricia Marie Wright 
Connie-Gayle Wright 
Nadine Elizabeth Wyatt 
Liu Mei Xiang 
Lei Xu 

Lavi Noel Yatziv 
Roger Lok Chi Yau 
Meredith Evelyn Young 
Xi Zhao 
Zhe Zhou 

Erin Grace Lenore Zinston 
Maria Zoretic 
Mirana Zuger 

Vistas Scholarship 

Sothea Kham 

Donald R. Wiles Entrance 
Scholarship in Science 

David Andrew Douglas Blair 

In-course Scholarship and 
Award Recipients 

Abbott Memorial Award in Law 

Mark Cyril Halfyard 

Motoshi Asano Memorial 
Scholarship in Chemistry 

Richard Verver 

Award of the Embassy of Austria 

Scott Raymond Campbell 

Award of the Ambassador of 
Switzerland to Canada 

Elzbieta Beres 
Katie Michelle McBride 
Nadine Melanie Newman 
Jesse Michael Klostranec 

The Honourable Walter Baker 
Memorial Scholarship in Political 

Lori-Ann Brassard 
Lawrence Bilsky Humber 
Marc W. Matheson 
Sandra Jean Salt 

Bank of Nova Scotia, Carleton 
University Branch, Award in 
Commercial Law 

Shayle F. Rothman 

F. Luella Barrigar Scholarship 

Michelle M. Astill 
Andrea Dunn 
Eric John Durham 
Robb Martin Gilbert 
Kathryn A. Lyzun 
David C. Schroeder 
Sarah Westbrook 

Jack Barwick and Douglas Duncan 
Memorial Scholarship for Art 

Julia Margaret Pine 
Emily Jane Rothwell 
Kelly Elizabeth Shannon 

Jack Barwick and Douglas Duncan 
Memorial Scholarship for Music 

Sarah Church 
Valentina Cuden 
Eileen Sheldrick 
Sarah Westbrook 

Bay Street Challenge Scholarship 
for Excellence in Securities 

Michael Christopher Hanlon 
Steven Giovanni Renelli 

Bay Street Challenge Award for 
Excellence in International 

Tabatha Ann Tranquilla 

Bay Street Challenge Award for 
Excellence in Information 

Pei-Ju Wang 

William E. Beckel Scholarship 

Jane Vera Ahn 

Quinton Kei Andreone 

Jennifer Ann Birss 

Kelly Lyn Bullock 

Man r Margaret Button 

Marko Steven Cater 

John Danson 

Abosede Omolara Dare 

Julie Ann Day 

Jan Peter Dutkiewicz 

Louisa-Joan Everitt 

Brian James Ford 

Janet Elizabeth Gunn 

Brian Julien 

Victor Karam 

Stephen H. Knox 

Sean Bradley Lorimer 

Ghassan Marjaba 

Amelia Ruth Mayer 

Dominy Rose McClellan 

Sandra Irene Mortimer 

Alex Wayne Nay 

Khai Nghiem 

Sophie Payne 

John Matthew Pringle 

Carmela Prinzo 

Mike Robillard 

Jeremy Joseph Roshick 

Maria Camille Russell 

Vidal Seegobin 

Kathleen Mary Siemens 

Manuel Smeu 

Gabriel Thibault 

Justin Benjamen Thomas 

Stephanie Anne Marie Toner 

Jason Paul Tremblav 

Natalie Tsan 

Lauren Turner 

Laura Dawn Waggott 

Claire Elizabeth Williams 

Paul R. Beesack Memorial 
Scholarship in Mathematics 

Jordan Edward Bell 
Justin Shaw 

Berke Scholarship in Chemistry 

Maria ( iamille Russell 

Dr. M. Ralph Berke Award in 

Catherine Anne Burroughs 

i \i\ iii Bernhardt Scholarship in 
inn chologj 

Stephanie Louise Macdonald 

K.u l Bernhardt Scholarship in 
i's\ t. holog) 

Patricia |ane Newton 

( harles Inthony Bhindell Betts 
Memorial Scholarship in Physics 

Rowan F iona M. Thomson 

J. P. Bickell Foundation 

Max Lars Marcel Blake 
Michele Burkholder 
Mathieu Landry 
Shawn Lecompte 
Darren Lome Smith 

Director s Award in Biochemistry 

Christopher Michael Sturgeon 

John E. Bird Scholarship 

Barbara Anita Brunzell 
lacqueline Alison Tuinstra 

Claude Bissell Scholarship 

Kari Dawn Allen 
Gabriel Joseph Bastien 
Shawn Beaudette 
Angela Chiang 
Glenn Daniel Clifton 
Melarue Dawn Marie Coughlin 
Courtney Curry- 
Alexandra Dafoe 
Nazanin Fallahi 
Robenjohn Finn 
Esteban Gomez-Riviere 
Romeo Graham 
Saskia Annjarvis 
Jonathan Steven Lackner 
Heather Ladd 
Alethea Eileen Law 
Cheryl Louise MacPhee 
Trevor Mahy 

Annetta Tracey Markussen-Brown 
Michael Steven McLean 
Adam Robert Neal 
Nadine Melanie Newman 
Rocco Marcellojr. Nicastro 
Zana Omazic 
Jennifer Lyndsay Pedersen 
Philip John Pothen 

Melissa Ramphal 

Carly Erin Ray 

M< irgan C ioulon Rooney 

Karen Elizabeth Salo 

Dina Shafey 

Kristen Maria Stansell 

lan Summerfield 

David Tran 

Laura Walker 

Kerry Jean Watson 

Claudine Natacha Wilson 

)ason Travis Sam Zaluska 

Jeffrey Jerome Zekveld 

Claude Brunelle Memorial 

Jennifer Ann Polk 

Landen Dominic Burnett 
Memorial Award 

Sophie Payne 

Carleton University Alumni 

Lei Bai 

Alexander Youlianov Emilov 

Petra Haller 

Christine Lamarche 

Thomas David Partington Low 

Wael Akram Hanafy Mahmoud 

Anna Robin McLeod 

Qays Nazarali 

Lynn Mary Plouffe 

Nadine Frances Riopel 

Justin Shaw 

Tun Yong Yang 

CCH Canadian Limited Award 
in Taxation 

Christopher Kraft 

CGI Ottawa Award of Excellence 

Phuong Nhan 

CIPS Ottawa Section Scholarship 

Daniel J anulewicz 

Carleton Calgary Alumni Award 

Irena Kathryn Michelle Spencer 

Henry Campbell Scholarship 

Frances Carvalho 
Sara-Ann Emily Wilson 

Canadian Federation of University 
Women/Ottawa Scholarship 

Heather O'Shaughnessy 
Julie Pidgeon 
Ruth Ellen Talbot 

The Canadian Society for 
Chemistry Medal 

Richard Verver 

Canadian Society of Petroleum 
Geologists Undergraduate Student 

Brett Harris 

Carleton Beaverbrook Award for 
Freedom of the Press 

Donald Simon Heeney 

Carleton University Academic 
Staff Association Scholarship 

Marcie E. Penner-Wilger 

Carswell Company Book Award 
in Public Law 

Katherine Sunghei Coote 
Rachel J. Halperin 
Michelle Lynn Normandeau 

Certified General Accountants 
Association of Ontario Award 
for Excellence 

Jason R. Mercer 

Chancellor's Scholarship 

Michael Alam 

Natalie Clavel 

Dalaena Crystal Dickinson 

Peter Andrew Caskey Furlong 

Grant Andrew Holly 

Julie Mclsaac 

Hamidah Meghani 

Amanpreet Nanner 

Holly Elizabeth Nelson 

Stephanie Pearce 

Matthew David Price 

Rajpal Sandhu 

Linsey Sherman 

Isabelle Teresa Skalski 

Ramona Sladic 

Ly Sok Tan 

Anton Taavi Tikovt 

Tabatha Ann Tranquilla 

Lara J. Woolcott 


Society of Chemical Industry 

Chaya H. Ben-Porat 

Marie Odette Gabrielle Clay 
Memorial Award 

Rita Liazza 

W.H. Collins Memorial 

Michele Burkholder 
Elizabeth Cornejo 
Robert William A. Parsons 
Julie K. Prytulak 
Nadia Saboui 
James Edward Scott 
Darren Lome Smith 

Scholarship in Comparative 

Marilyn G. Showalter 
Ruth Ellen Talbot 

Duchess of Connaught 

Joanne Park 

Consulting Engineers of Ontario 

Alexandre Foster Sauve 

William H. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship in Science 

Erin Rae Johnson 

Michael Russell Coote Memorial 

Susan Emily Gardiner 

Jamie Corbet Memorial Award 

Qiuping Tao 

Coulson Memorial Scholarship 

Daniela Joanne Stano 

Deloitte & Touche Scholarship 

Bryanna Michelle Boyd 
Mabel Lee 

Director's Award in 
Environmental Science 

Angela T. Darwin 

Josef Dlouhy Memorial 
Scholarship in Chemistry 

Manuel Smeu 

Lord Dundonald Chapter, LO.D.E. 

Robin Leah McLaughlin 

A. Davidson Dunton Scholarship 

Kenneth Alexander 
Seva Batkin 
Sara J. Brunetti 
Collin Michael Cashman 
Marc Robert Joseph Charest 
Kwok Hong Vincent Cheng 
Brianna Beau Dundas 
Taran Isaac Eapen 
Janine Mary Edwards 
Carl Gerald Flintoff 
Michael Donald Fralick 
John Gerald Freamo 
Kam-Wing Fung 
Eci Garavito-bruhn 
Philippe Genereux 
Adam Fritzpeter Glauser 
John Glenn 

Simone Monique Godbout 
Abigail Lydia Hambly 
Mengjie Jasmin Hu 
Katharine Elizabeth Hughson 
Geoffrey Scott Hunt 
Ramia Ibrahim 
Mihaela Jekic 
Stephanie Dawn Jowett 
Alain Lagarde 
Saleema Nawaz 
Carl Neumann 
Alison Kathleen Palmer 
Christopher J. Ramnanan 
Rebekah Rooney 
Emily J ane Rothwell 
Alana Roza 

|ennifer Christine Smits 
Alyssa Dawn Spaxman 
Sheela Subramanian 
Ben Thomson 
Angela Tirabasso 
Marram Tohidi 
Jennifer Sara Mary-A Tulloch 
Christine Anne Walton 
Stacey Wells 

Economics Scholarship 

Kim |amie I -ehrcr 

The Education Foundation of the 
Federation of Chinese Canadian 
Professionals of Ontario 
Scholarship (Journalism) 

Heather Mallows 

The Education Foundation of the 
Federation of Chinese Canadian 
Professionals Scholarship of 
Ontario (Architecture) 

Jan Veer 

Samuel L. Edelson Scholarship 

Karen Emily Suurtamm 

Elinor Burwell Scholarship in 

Susan jane Guirey-Pierce 

Dr. Reginald T. Elworthy Award 
in Chemistry 

Catherine Anne Burroughs 

Ernst & Young Award 

Ramia Ibrahim 

Faculty Scholarship 

Inbal Alon 
Hripsime Andonian 
Jordan Edward Bell 
Scott Nathan Best 
Bryanna Michelle Boyd 
Andrew David Paul Brown 
Michelle L. Catton 
Peter Noel Alex Chvurlia 
Pamela }. Cook 
Zoe Claude DAoust 
Erin Elizabeth Dann 
Brigitte Desrochers 
Michael Patrick Dew ;u 
Pascal |ahan Elahi 
Megan Fairfull 
Anita Michele Ganadrv 
Peter Anthony Goring 
Erin Hayhoe 
John Russell Jeffery 
Erin Rae Johnson 
Abby Patricia Kenney 
Ayesha Maryam Khan 
Jesse Michael Klostranec 
Natalie Veronica Klostranec 
Hugo Daniel I. con Danis 
Justin Michael l.ocke 
Ana Lukas 


John Russell Mc Andrews 
David Anthony Merkx 
Yousof Mort.izavi 
Quang Nhut Ngo 
Candice O 'Grady 
Daniel Olszewski 
Diana Lynn Penny 
Riali Henry Phillion 
Matthew Rohen Powers 
Roxanne |ov Pritchett 
Maria Scafhdi Argentina 
Parul Shah 
|cm Situ 

Penelope )ane Slight 
|ohn Noel Thomas Waghorn 
Conan Weeks 
Bradley David White 
Christopher Kevin WTiynot 
Tania Anne Woloshyn 
Jennifer Lynne Young 

Lil Fallis Scholarship 

Kathrvn Leigh Ross 

Bob Farquharson Memorial Award 
in Journalism 

Stefan Michael D. Norman 

George Fierheller Scholarship 

Kerry Lynn Atkinson 
Ataa Azarbar 

Mohammadreza Bafekrpoor 
Francois C. Beecher 
Mark Blenkinsop 
Kristina Lynn Boychuk 
Jamie Roy Bradley 
Blake Cameron Davey 
Karen Fish 

Scott Matthew Fitzsimmons 
Lucas Andrew John Freeman 
John Kain 

Alireza Khanpour Ardestani 
Andrew Douglas Kuntze 
Graham Lindfield 
Jordan E. Ludington 
Amanda Machado 
Laura Melville 
Candice Motran 
Melissa Moyser 
Melissa E. O'Connor 
Alexander Oreshkin 
Shannon Nicole Pickell 
Gabriel Pliska 
Zubin Poorooshasb 

I eslie I rin Prest 

I aura I cigh Reasbeck 

Patrick Rideout 

i hristian Franz G. Rosplesch 

Lindsay Dawn Royston 

1 .eonardo Jose Silva Salomone 

Erik Stephenson 

Heather Lynn Wallace 

Fitzroy Township Historical 
Society Scholarship 

Virginia Miller 

E. Alison Flood Award in Physical 

Isabelle Danielle Gelinas 

Blair Fraser Memorial Award for 
Journalism Graduates 

Gregory C. Younger-Lewis 

Department of French 

Julie-Anne Austin 

Friends of Carleton Scholarship 

Yunfeng Li 

GAC-MAC Undergraduate 
Scholarship in Earth Sciences 

Annetta Tracey Markussen-Brown 

Randall Geehan Memorial 
Scholarship in Quantitative 

Kurt E. Young 

General In-Course Scholarship 

Connor Curson 
Robin Leah McLaughlin 
Candace Stryker 
Karen Emily Suurtamm 

Clarence C. Gibson Scholarship 

Rodney David Allan 

Iain David Aspenlieder 

Colleen Bailey 

Matthew Dale Black 

Dena Nancy Bonnet 

Katherine Elizabeth CampbeU-Barr 

Nicholas Eley 

Laura Leigh Etherden 

Valerie Kay Gapp 

Adriana Gouvea 

Thomas Hastie 
Gabrielle L'Archeveque 
Melanie Olivette Lithwick 
Tracy-Ann MacDonald 
Robert David Maddock 
Curtis Ian Mckague 
Maneesha Mehra 
Adam Joseph Miller 
Deborah Miller 
Sheila Frances Mungall 
Jonathan William Norton 
Matthew James Oleynik 
Hai Quang Pham 
Karen L. Powell 
Chrisdna Louise Rimell 
Joel William Rosart 
Krista Leigh Scobie 
Barbara-Ann Scott 
Seung-Hyoin Seu 
Christopher Sullivan 
Christopher Persson Thomas 
Bryan Trudel 
Edwin Ulak 
Pamela Wong 
Alan Zebchuk 

Richard Glover Scholarship 

Stefan Michael D. Norman 

Goldblatt Scholarship in 

Louise Frances Hayes 

David A. Golden Scholarship 

Janet Anastasova 

Jason Robert Ashfield 

Agnieszka Bielecki 

Keith L. Brown 

Candice C. Callender 

Amy Jean Cameron 

David Joseph Albino Cesario 

Jean-Philippe Davignon 

Holly Marie Donohoe 

Aarti Gupta 

Nicole Harris 

Sean Hutchinson 

Christopher Lawson 

Mabel Lee 

Kim Jamie Lehrer 

Murray Macchio 

Darryl Magee 

Susanne Jacqueline Maheux 
James Andrew Mangolt 


Laurie McGregor 
Asuka Nakayama 
Sanam Victoria Navid 
Joslin Palleck 
Bettman Petien 
Ming Ki Poon 
Rajam Raghunathan 
Pierre Andre Richard 
Thaila Riden 
Gavin Rolleston 
Sreeradha Dew Rotor 
Greg S. Royston 
Timothy Ryan 
Yan Si 

Jeffrey S. Skene 
Trevor Sones 
Ivano Veltri 

Louis and Miriam Goldstein Book 
Award in Judaic Studies 

Jennifer Elisabet Rennicks 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Goldstein 
Book Award in Law 

Sylvia Shortliffe 

Marisa Ann Golini Memorial 
Scholarship in Journalism 

Michelle Denise Doblanko 
Jenny Jones 
Arianne Matte 

Andrew Donald Keith Watson 

Margaret Graham Award 

Barbara Anita Brunzell 

J. Lome Gray Scholarship 

Donna Abou-Arrage 
Mariana Barbosa Alves 
Neil Barnaby 
Jusdn Blanchfield 
Luke Carter 

Cynthia D. L. Cheponis 
Rosangela Coscarella 
Michael Christopher Cowan 
Valentina Cuden 
Michelle Denise Doblanko 
Barbara Frei 
Socorro Catherine Kelly 
Stephen Christopher Kenny 
Michael Labib 
Heather C. Leaman 
Vijayendran Mahendran 
Brian Anthony Maltby 

Marc W. Matheson 
Nicole Simone McCance 
Nathan Medema 
Robert Opris 
Holly Orlando 
Judith Marie Overton 
James Alexander Overton 
Jennifer Ann Polk 
Matthew Damiano Pollesel 
Catherine Rose Power 
Sunir Shah 
Nadine St-Jacques 
Jaymeson John Trudgen 
Allison Weir 

Ian H. Griffith Memorial 

Jonathan Michael Plett 

Peter Gerard Harris Memorial 

Linden C. Mason 

Gerhard Herzberg Scholarship 

Michael-John Almon 
Nathan William Anderson 
Eli Seth Antel 
Susanna Elizabeth Ashley 
Michael Gordon Bowman 
Heather Jeanne Clark 
Patrick Cuenco 
Luc Filion 

Sherri Lynn Frohlick 
Eric Gervais 
Kelly Christine Gibson 
Anthony Francis Grumbine 
Adam John Harding 
Ilze Hillier 
Eugene Hsu 
Chang Liang Huang 
Kevin Thomas Johns 
Jennifer Lynne )ones 
Royden )ay Kadyschuk 
Abdallah Khazaal 
Camillia Kong 
Katherine Dawn Kurtz 
Tyler Lockman 
Kah Khuen Loke 
Abigail Castillo Martinez 
Halima Khadoo Mautbur 
Shawn McNamara 
Haroon Fayyaz Mirza 
Marc-Andre Mullcr 

Catherine Jane Norsworthy 
Lisa Erin Norton 
Mark Tyson Rosen 
Jason Andrew Salares 
Melissa Samuels 
Nicolino Scaffidi Argentina 
Cynthia Eve Slight 
Sarah Danielle Speevak 
Julie Andree Thiffault 
|uha Valenti 

Timothy Franklin Van Veen 
Velmahiban Velauthapillai 
Jose Luis Velez 
Chrystel Simone Vultier 
Daniel Wegrzyn 
Daniel Weiss 
Kerry Lee Wells 
Benjamin Carleton Wilson 
Mark William Wyville 
Linda Xavier 
Annie Yessine 

E.P. Hincks Award of the Institute 
of Particle Physics 

Pascal Jahan Elahi 

E.P.(Ted) Hincks Memorial 
Scholarship in Physics 

Neil Barnaby 

Professor James M. Holmes 
Scholarship in Chemistry 

Pearl Judith Yost 

Janet M. Holmes Memorial 

Owen James Clarkin 

International House Award 

Marsha Bissessarsingh 

Allama Mohammad Iqbal Award 

Gillian Lorraine Reed 

Award of the Embassy of Italy 

Agnieszka Bielecki 

Mitch Jacobson Memorial Award 
in Photojournalism 

Michael Paul ( )lson 

Judith Johansen Memorial Award 

E^rin Elizabeth Dann 


i P e t er Johnson Prize R.mi Dwi\ edi 

Journalism \\ riling Style Book 
\%\ ard 

Kelly Patrick 

KPMG Scholarship 

Ly Sok Tan 

Marston LaFrance Memorial 
\\\ .ird in English 

David Michael Monteith 
Morgan Gordon Rooney 

( h.irlcs Lazarus Scholarship 

Anna Robin McLeod 

Richard Lewar Scholarship 

Enn Diane Farbar 
Mariana Elisabeth Lafrance 
Sawitri Mardyani 
Dennis |ames McLean 
Rachel Anita Oommen 
Rowan Fiona M. Thomson 
Casey -Jo Angela Timson 
Christen Emily Wamsley 

Francis C.C. Lynch Scholarship 

Adam Aggour 

Sarah Grace Brandley 

\\ u Dai 

Enn C. Hayes 

Prasannah Jeganathan 

Ann Mary Jose 

Amanda Olliver 

Julia Ann Roudedge 

Robert Christopher Thompson 

Elena Elizabeth Ward 

Macdonald Club Award in Music 

Keith L. Brown 
David C. Schroeder 

Margaret Mclrvine Scholarship 

Sarah Cogliau 
Shawna Coreen Godbold 
Anastasiya Kurzel 
Jun Liang 

Jordanah Levin Nekechuk 

David Carton MacDonald 
Memorial Award 

Margaret Anne Rose 

W.P. MacDonald Memorial 
Scholarship in Accounting 

Mabel Lee 

Murdoch Maxwell MacOdrum 

Mohamed Abu-Farha 

|a\ ed Hassan Bagha 

Erin Louise Beauchamp 

Genevieve Katherine Bolduc 

Sarah Elizabeth Charette 

Tara De Pratto 

Peter Sye Dykstra 

Meredith Foot 

Elliott Gillespie 

Elizabeth June Glennie 

Victoria Emma Clare Goddard 

Rachel Godley 

Amelia Anne Harrison 

Chris Hughes 

Jodi Lynn Hutchinson 

Alexandra Kazanowski 

Mark Robert Keown 

Julia Ladouceur 

Ritu Lamba 

Mijanou Eve Lamoureux 
Erik Logan Lapalme 
Christine Lemieux 
Jennifer Leppard 
Taslim Madhani 
Jason Markusoff 
David Peter McDougall 
Salina Patricia Anne Morrow 
Michael Brady Munnik 
Patricia Jane Newton 
Victoria Pearson 
Katrina Leanne Rogers-Stewart 
Janet Irene Rothwell 
Natalie A. Sasseville 
Rebecca Suzanne Scott 
Yan Shein 

Christina Denise Shorey 
Christopher St John 
Wilson Andrew Venhola 
Laura Visentin 
Yan Wang 
Pei-Ju Wang 
Sarah-Jane Whittaker 
Carey-Lyn Williams 
Kimberley Dawn Zaharko 

Gavin Scott Macfarlane Memorial 

Devorah Nicole Kobluk 

R.A. MacKay Award in PoUtical 

Matthew Damiano Pollesel 

Chalmers Jack Mackenzie 

Darcy Ammerman 

Ginger Leslie Boulton 

Kenneth Graham Brownlee 

Grzegorz Brzezina 

Kristin Talinn Rebecca Cavoukian 

Luke A. Cote 

Elissa L. Cucan 

Jacek Piotr Dmochowski 

Jennifer Erickson 

George Franchi 

Jeffrey Gleeson 

Glen E. A. Gower 

Alison Katherine Henry 

Michael Raymond Hildebrand 

Aaron Kombai Knoll 

Michelle Louise Mary Legault 

Jia Liu 

Naomi Nicholson 
Bryan Alexander Pilon 
Shefali S. Ram 
Rebecca Elizabeth Schnare 
Judith Miriam Smith 
Elaine Margaret Towell 
Pamela Elizabeth Tripp 
Guillaume Turcotte 
Suzanne Elizabeth Westover 
Shawn Whalen 
Pearl Judith Yost 

Jeannette Matthey Memorial 

Barbara Anita Brunzell 

D.F. McKechnie Award in 

Sean Homuth 

King McShane Award in Civil 

Amy Ruth Dietrich 

Dr. Frederick William Charles 
Mohr Scholarship 

Ahmed AJ-Mandhari 


Rcinrlv Frprl Annpl 

IVullUV 1 itti ilLJL'tl 

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Rirhird k'ipH 

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crista i ooic 

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Cplm;i Boi ilp-Pprroni 

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1»I 1.1 ~ IV W ill KM. 

Matthew Ross MacLeod 

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KimHprlpv Ann Rritrh^m 

J \ 1 1 1 M 11. 1 H \ , Villi 1 ' 1 1 i_, 1 1 ■ 1 1 1 1 

Tvler McGill 

X >1\,1 I'lv v > 111 

Jennifer Erin Byrne 

1 1 It 1 1 V>« ,»tl'lU/./,I Jt 1 1\ ' 1*» 1 allll/ 

James Alexander McKenzie 

Mirh^pl Annrfw CudpwpII 

I'livl ltlV.'i 1 111 V.l 1 V_ W V . (X VJ t W V. l_i 

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Andre Charbonneau 

JVf iii*5 o i*i p TVichol** Mpmnrial AwiirH 

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Scott Alexander Myrden 

Annpnnp Cookp 

1 \ UI Ik III H VjUU1\v, 

I tiMIllil ndlla OOlUIl lOI U 

Natalie Mirhelle Nnkhln 

N . t 1 . 1 1 iV. I'llV. 1 IVllv l. i tl IVl 1 1 il 

Rirh^rd Rlair Fnns 

1 VI V l l (X 1 \^1 1/1,111 1 J L 11 1 O 

Stpnhpn Ppfpr (^rris 

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Mark Cyril Halfyard 


Thomas L. Parker 

Fliviihpth lov Hamilton 

lonc^th^in PthI P^tphpll 

IVyllullulll X 1 flLtlltll 

Yu Han 

I F'^tif Pnn 

1 to Jt 1 V >\J 1 

William Matthew Hendry 

J fllllVa iiV/liul ITit 111VI 1 c\ l. /ivrultl 

Matthew Prince 

Icinpf Floral Hilts 

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rviircii L/awn viiiezeiix 

NJndil Pnni'i ni 

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Trnrv Allison Holmps 

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Almn^iir Pifnrk* RmLin 

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Steven Tyrone Irwin 

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Ann Doiurlns Rpntn 

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Christina Fthpl Diana Kavanaoh 

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Gporop lohn Snlh^ini 

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lvanm Aliidina 

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1 V Ji I(U)1 1*1 l_jt " 

Brian Yves Baribeau 

I 1 m o r AjT i i n i r S n l L* n 

V 711 \c\\_ IVItllLlI Olltlrvll 

Jonathan T prnuv 

1 'JlIdLluUI 1 -V IUUA 

Jaimie Bordman 

P^wti ! >L:r>.t"i i t\ c L" t 

1 aWtl <J IS.U1 tl L7o 1\_1 

Yu Zhu Li 

N n i n n ( \ n rt Mfh r\ 

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\lirh'ipl Thnmis Smith 

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A Iipp A nasta mil IVTah 

i l_J_ltt J 1 1 1*1 I a <>1 <X 1VX«I1 

v\lan Preston Brunton 

A nnrpw Tnnp i pp Si"if^n 

1 \ 1 1 t_l 1 1 VV J. I IUL 1 1 1 kJUU 1 1 

Natalie M c Farlane 

Tt ifiti \\ 1 1 1 c t" 

XTirhnpl Sowk;i 

Samuel Duncan McRae 

Pjd\ r in Finlp^' R?irris 
j_/«viti i iiiit,y utiiiJo 

Colin William Stewart 

Karan Mehta 

Muriel i nonrlfo 

Jackie Tarn 

Dwayne Edgar Moore 

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Victor Stefan Tazlauanu 

\Tana Pamippio 

Victor Chtchegolev 

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Bradley Rutherford Craig 

\fntthpw Christonhpr Viin \\ p1\" 

. ' I i 1 1 1 1 I V. VV V>1 lllol V ' U| IV.1 > till v* 1 1 \ 

Julia Margaret Pine 

lUIlIl J-/al\ 

Derek James Voisin 

Karpn Ciispla Srhroptpr 

l\UlvlJ \ M 'V III > ' V 1 1 1 ' ' V 1 V. 1 

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Denjamin wiinam l^anic 

Michael Brock Wvndlvim 

1' 1 1 V. 1 lilV.1 IV 1 V 'V.IV *» \ 1 1 Vvl 1 I tl 1 1 1 

Amir Soheil Shafiei Monfared 

I i/nno M 1 1 inm'ir 
L-ltiJld I HIL) 1 * V1L 

Matthew Andrew Yee 

I ■nil rci Ipan Stuart 

i j(X Ul a 1 tall ^7 I Li tl I L 

Thomas Grant Fraser 

\lirhnpl ^ ountr 

1 '1 IV 1 lilV 1 1 WUI 1 tl 

Jennifer Anne Thake 

l^son Frprlrik' Gphrpls 

lt*C>tJll 1 lt,tlllrv VJtllltl,! 

Xjao Yan VC^ang 

IvtJUiJiart tTUtJClil 111 

Nortel Networks Scholarship of 

Patrick Douglas Williams 

1V1H_I1<1C1 VJt,'lvJ 


Rebecca Lea VC^ right 

\ ^iiiiicioii n ill tin 11^ 

Saadia Khan 

Rong Yan 

A H r \i i \ n 'i m m i=> ri H icin 
/till 1M 1 'I If 11 1 U 1 ICtl I 1 <t> elll 

Heather Keij^h Simmie 

Guoqiang Zhou 

Thomas Edward Hewitt 

Rolivn Strain 

Alan John Higginson 

Thomas William \\ alker 

Montage IT Service Inc. 

Ian Richard Horseman 

Abraham Wehbi 


IVl 1 (TM 1 1 C*n 1 ll(HWr/ltKL"l 

i v i tXf'Kj.alK i id l t*L^" 'tiAii ir»r\fi 

Jason Brink 

1 l ■ i ii 1 c * I 1 ' i m 1 1 1 k w ' 1 c v 

J_/ I'll' IdlltlltWlt-/. 

OIPMAC Scholarship 

Gregory R. Campbell 

Wen Jiang 

Ivano Veltri 

Eric Gervais 

Christopher Ryan Johnson 

Sunir Shah 

James Andrew Kelly 

Dr. Iain Ogle Memorial 

Steven Kennedy 


Masuma Khan 

Catherine Anne Burroughs 

Michael Oliver Scholarship 

N.ui.i Ashkar 

Mark \\ avnc Baechler 

Sheila D. Beichler 

Julie l_ Bclanger 

James F rancis Brav 

C atherine Anne Burroughs 

Tyson ("hen 

Kimberlev Ann Curley 

Sih ia D'c moftio 

|ubc Lvnn Dempsev 

Qi Deng 

Kathleen Donnelly O'Neill 
Rhonda L F erguson 
Gregory |ohn Ernest Forgrave 
Dana Geber 
Tong Guo 

Mohammed Houache 
Benjamin Barrie Houston 
Zeeshan |i\vani 
Daniel Kearnan 
Xiao-Fei Lin 
Yaping Luo 
Kern- L. MacDonell 
Sonja C. Macdonald 
Bradley Michael McCready 
Kathenne Anne Narraway 
Toan Nguyen Huu 
Michael Phillips 
Brandon L. Price 
Vue Qi 

Elizabeth Michelle Rose 
Glenn K. Smith 
Qiuping Tao 
Guoming Wei 
Sudarsha D.A. Wijenayake 
Emily Woods 
Fan Ping Zhou 

Ontario Association of Architects 

Tommy Ray Bonhomme 
Douglas Mark van den Ham 

Bettina Oppenheimer Memorial 
Scholarship in Music 

Tina Angela Depko 
Janet Flora Hilts 
Megan Phyllis Jerome 

The Osgoode Society Legal History 
Book Prize 

Robert B. Fairchild 

Ottawa Citizen Scholarship 

Megan Fairfull 

Ottawa Citizen Scholarship in 

losipa Gordana Petrunic 

Ottawa Film Society Scholarship 
for Film Studies 

Jonathan William Norton 

Ottawa Ladies' College 

Tara Nadine Bodnarchuk 
Susan Emily Gardiner 
Janet Margaret Garskey 
Jaime Elisabeth Gosar 
Jennifer Ann Lane 
Mary-Ann Mattioli 
Aileen Patricia Profir 
Bonnie Nicolette Russell 
Carrie Lee Siemens 
Genevieve Alberta St Denis 
Rebecca Marie Whitebread 
Honorata Wilkowska 

Ottawa Section of the Petroleum 
Society of CIM Award 

David Andrew Guedo 

Ottawa Women's Canadian Club 

Louisa-Joan Everitt 

Oxford University Press Award 
in Law 

Brian David White 

Stewart G. Paul Memorial Award 

Kenneth Graham Brownlee 

Lester Bowles Pearson 

Lindsay Marie Blow 
Mark John Bonta 
Shaun Brown 
Cheryl Lynn Chabot 
Michael Jose Da Silva 
Dawn Madelaine Drew 
Natalie J. Ducharme 
Pamela Anne Eadie 
Jenna Rhiane Fulton 
Christaan Scott Gauvin 
Sophia Georgina Ginis 

Nicola Haberli 

Aimee Marie Theresa Hache 

Jessica Claire Hanlon 

Mike John Hinds 

Carol Elizabeth Holt 

Alanna Chandra J ager 

Stephanie Anne Kinsella 

Jeremy Ka-Voon Kong Win Chang 

Samantha Lynn MacDonald 

Meghan MacKinnon 

Molly Elizabeth Meitin 

Sylvie Menard 

Julee Elizabeth Moroz 

Arminne Isabelle Ortega 

Suzanne Maria Palko 

Jonathan Michael Plett 

Peter Harris Robert Popplewell 

Allan Prochazka 

James Daniel Rice 

James Robinson 

Faisal Khalid Saleh 

Maria Alejandra Silva Gonzalez 

Adam Slipacoff 

Izabella Sowa 

Himabindu Suresh 

Andrew David Thomson 

Robert Thomson 

Alexandra Wawryn 

David James Wilkinson 

The Robert Pickard Scholarship 
in Environmental Engineering 

Jeffrey Gleeson 

John R. Pugh Scholarship 

Paul David W. Hankes Drielsma 

Purvins Memorial Award 

Kevin Wong 

Ravens Athletic Award 

Joel Abbott 

Julie Ann Afelskie 

Melissa Annelie Amelung-Creighton 

Giacolynjane Brunetta 

Charlie William Cattran 

Bruce Matthew Cooper 

Jason Da Costa 

Daniel Stephen Gauthier 

Michael Hoefler 

Heather Ruth Hunter 

Meagan Keaney 

William Litchfield 

Thomas McCarthy 


Anne-Marie McDonnell 
Courtney Melissa Prieur 
Megan Louise Robb 
Lindy Meryle Rocke 
Stefan Michael Schulson 
Stacey Siopis 
Robert Charles Smart 
Christopher James Stevenson 
Asta Wallace 

Enid R. Redman Scholarship 

Timothy Lloyd Brownlee 

Don Reid Memorial Scholarship 

Robert Charles Smart 

Peter Reilly Scholarship 

Glen E. A. Gower 

Gordon Robertson Scholarship 

Abdulhakim Ahmed 

Julie Laura Andrews 

Gregory Barker 

Joel Bernbaum 

Chun Chen 

Eileen Pearl Cleasby 

Annie Cossette 

Kristen Elizabeth Courtney 

Agustine Da Silva 

Aaron Faulkner 

Laura Casey Foss 

Dorota Gajewicz 

Gregory Gibson 

Michael Tanko Grand 

Colin Christopher Hayman 

Kathryn Elizabeth Heckman 

Patricia Barbara Hoo 

Nada Kadhim 

Joseph Morrill Kirby 

Eva Kubicka 

Wayne Leung 

Rita Liazza 

Mark Lyons 

Alexandra Metelski 

Christa Dawn Monaghan 

Derek Heathcliff Pongray 

Andrew Sinclair Price 

Sandra Jean Salt 

Antonino Scaffidi Argentina 

Helen Liena Shumilova 

Yong Ling Kelly Situ 

Siew Ling Soh 

Antonie Donald Struyk 

Christopher Gordon Taylor 

Emily Nadine Toms 
Phuong Truong 
Kimberley Dawn Tulipan 
Kimberly Eileen Walsh 
Tal Yarkoni 
Laura Young 
Pamela Keri Zbarsky 
Shaun Kazem Ziai 

Rogers Communications Award in 
Television Journalism 

Julie Lynne Grenier 

Rogers Communications Award in 
Mass Communication 

Shelley Susan Whetter 

Rolls-Royce Scholarship 

Jennifer Lynne Young 

Annie Fraser Roy Scholarship 

Michael Copestake 
Megan Dianne Graham 
David Michael Monteith 
Christy Smith 

James and Jane Fraser Roy 

James Beveridge 
Laura Anne MacDonald 
Vanathi Tharmaratnam 

J. Lansing Rudd Scholarship 

Tomas Lopez Cabanillas 
Chantal Trudel 

Department of Russian 
Undergraduate Award 

Mark Blenkinsop 

Celia Ruygrok Memorial 

Stephanie Anne Marie Toner 

Derek Rymerson Memorial 

David Anthony Merkx 

Jacques and Helene Sabourin 
Memorial Scholarship 

Chiara Camposilvan 
Cu Van Ha 

St. Patrick's College Scholarship 

Justin Lalonde 
Christopher O'Connor 

Samuel Sair Prize in Business 

Nadine Saryeddine 

Sara Helen Parry Hughes 
Memorial Scholarship 

Heather Ladd 
Janet Irene Roth well 

Lawrence Segal Memorial Fund 

Matthew David Price 

Semiconductor Insights Inc. 

Karim AUidina 
Sawitri Mardyani 

Richard J. Semple Memorial 
Award in Mathematics 

Esteban Gomez-Riviere 
Erin Hayhoe 

Rowan Fiona M. Thomson 

Kenneth F. Smith Memorial 
Award in Journalism 

Michelle L. Catton 

E. Norman Smith Memorial Award 

Erik ). White 

Richard R. Snell Memorial Award 
in Journalism 

Amanda Clark 

Hyman Soloway Scholarship 

Matthew Thomas Bamsey 
David Peter Bishay 
Patrick G. Boisvert 
Katherine Bovachok 
Sherri-Lvn Brown 
Andre Brunet 
Christopher Clarke 
Andrew Reginald Cook 
I isa Maria D'Angelo 
Patrick Louis Dubrov 
Rahin Farzadfar 
Irene A. Pong 
Jesse Tyler Friedman 
Mihnea Galeteanu 


Rachel | . Hulpcrin 

Blake Anthony men el Hamilton 

Soma A. Heggart 

Heather Ruth Hunter 

Irene Ida Kulcsai 

lsabcllc Leclerc-Morin 

|as« >n Mangano 

Patrick Mclver 

Maral Mohammadian 

kuldip C )bhan 

Jonathan Pasher 

Heather Anne Pincock 

Derrick P. Piontek 

David Pizer 

K.ithenne Tai Porter 

Tncia Poulin 

Ryan Earl Schwindt 

lennica Seiden 

Petei Mexander Sims 

Simona Jane SkJenar 

Sandy Slater 

Katnna Sullivan 

Stefan Joel Paul Thompson 

Andrew William Tytula 

Michel Yaillancourt 

Michael Patrick W eaver 

Darcy-Anne Michele Wintonyk 

Yingfei Xu 

Harry H. Southam Scholarship 

Angelina Arlotta 
Julie- Anne Austin 
Raghu Balasa 
Melanie Bania 
M. )oanne Beaton 
Yaffa Beck 

Rachael Yvonne Birnie 

Tommy Ray Bonhomme 

Brad Boucher 

Andrew Bruce 

Gregory R. Campbell 

Georges Carlier 

Rebecca Cavanagh 

Xulei Chen 

Vance Wyman Chow 

Melissa Dawn Donaldson 

Khalil El-Koura 

Ramona Eryuzlu 

Tamara Dinah Fathi 

Angela-Dawn Suzanne Frankenne 

Joseph Gammal 

Chad Edward Gardiner 

Michael Gordon 

Qingbo Jin 

Krista (ones 
Vndrew Kamel 
Tomasz Jozef Korzeniowski 
T\ rtko Martincevic 
Steven Thomas Munroe 
Jonathan Frederick Pleckaitis 
Douglas C. Pollock 
Andrew Alan Rader 
Tobey Dale Ridsdale-Kirby 
Noura Sen 
Denise Siele 
Robert Charles Smart 
Chantal Marie St. Jacques 
)enna Louise Stook 
Morgan Alexander Tang 
Jennifer Leah Weese 
Gregory Wigmore 
Simon Wilkinson 
Kevin Tyler Wolfram 
Khalil Yonis 
Xu Zhang 

Randell Stanton Memorial Book 

Sheila Frances Mungall 

E.W.R. Steacie Scholarship 

Judith Aday 

Sheri Belisle 

Matthew Bell 

Danielle Bisson 

Brent Burton 

Melanie Campbell 

Michael Carter 

Ryan John Densham 

Tina Angela Depko 

Judith M. Dionne 

Gina Fourny 

Matthew Leo Galvin 

Isabelle Danielle Gelinas 

Gavin Alexander Hinchley 

Jason Kwan 

Wing On Kitty Lam 

Carolynn Anna MacMillan 

Feroza Ruby Master 

Andrew S. McCormack 

Catherine J. McCurdy 

Lauren McGuire 

Anne Maureen Millar 

Kelly Patrick 

Michel Leopold Sabourin 

Dalia Sherif 

Fiona Story 

Peter James Thornton 

Lisa Marie Turriff 

Richard Verver 

Michael Stephen Warbanski 

Krista Wardley 

Jessica Webster 

Lisa Marise Williams 

Nabil Yazdani 

Ben and Mary Steinberg 
Foundation Scholarship 

Peter Tang 

Irene Gertrude Stitt Scholarship 

Alnoor Allidina 

The Anne Donaldson Memorial 

Craig M. Skinner 

David A. Thomas Scholarship in 
Computer Science 

Tobin McClean 

Michael Thompson Scholarship 
in English 

Carol Elizabeth Holt 
Kristine Miskell 

Henry Marshall Tory Scholarship 

Elie G. Abourizk 

Martine Julie Banville 

Gregory James Cameron 

Sarah Church 

David Troy Cochrane 

Bethany Marilla Day 

Michel Garcia 

Barbara Roberta Gauthier 

Kokila Gopalapillai 

Aaron Gray 

Elizabeth Ann R. Hall 

Emma Rebecca Johnson 

Lindsay Sarah Kesselman 

James Maeng 

Karen Lynne Meadows 

Courtney Dee Reis 

Jean-Paul Louis Domina Roberge 

Jennifer Elizabeth Ross 

Kathryn Leigh Ross 

Ghada Sbaiti 

Lisa Simard 

Nazila Soltanisoltannejad 
Futoshi Tachino 
Clara Jane Tarjan 
Cheryl L. Taylor 


Scott Temple 
Catherine Wilson 
Minjian Xu 

Hubert Travers Scholarship 

Jamie Nicole Heffernan 
Syed Faheem Hosain 

Underhill Prize 

Kerrie Allison Rodier 

United Empire Loyalists 
Scholarship in Canadian Studies 

Cynthia Ellen Waters 

University Part-time Scholarship 

Shannon L. Blight 

Steven R. Carroll 

Earl P. Cheechoo 

Carmel Cini 

Carol L. Crawford 

Jocelyn A. Cusack 

Lynn Dare 

Chunchun Deng 

Tara Rani Dwivedi 

Heather Jean Fawcett 

Robert J A. Fortier 

Ann Hardie 

Peggy Locke Hartwick 

CorrieJ. Hobin 

Wendy Kling 

Christopher Kraft 

Lorraine D. Lafontaine 

Margaret A. MacKinnon 

Tammy Rosemarie Marcinko 

Kelly McDonald 

Mante Molepo 

John Clayburn Moses 

Osama Moussa 

Jill E. Murphy 

Bao-Luan Nguyen 

Angela Wai Yi Plumb 

Natasha Popara 

Robert Austin Rutland 

Matthew Jacques Shanahan 

Lisa Xiu Li Song 

Barbara C. Stevens 

Xiaokui Tong 

Runping Wang 

Ho-Yin Wong 

Andrea D. Wright 

Daniel Xu 

Weiling Xu 

Carleton University Entrance 

Lauren Plews 

Vered Foundation Scholarship 

Camillia Kong 

L.N. Wadlin Scholarship in 

Zana Omazic 
J err}' Situ 

Wainwright Scholarship 

Mairi Carrigg 
Andrew Chang 
Etienne Kishibe 
Jody Pressman 

David A. Watkinson Scholarship 

Christine Allen 
Jonathan Martel 
Jennifer Elisabet Rennicks 

Jessie and Wreford Watson Award 
in Geography 

Brent Burton 

R.A. Wendt Book Prize 

Matthew Jacques Shanahan 

Donald R. Wiles Scholarship in 

Erin Rae Johnson 

Donald R. Wiles Scholarship in 
Environmental Science 

Jennifer Christine Smits 

Wilgar Memorial Award in English 

Kuluk G.B. Gamble 

Goldie Wilkinson Scholarship 

Alexander Youlianov Emilov 

Kenneth R. Wilson Memorial 
Award for Journalism Graduates 

Ireneusz W. Kusmierczyk 

Morley E. Wilson Scholarship 

Annetta Tracer Markussen-Brown 

Phyllis Wilson Award in 

Matthew James Oleynik 

Herbert I. Wolf Award 

Nigel Gocan 

Women's Business Network 
Association of Ottawa Scholarship 

Phuong Truong 

Gordon J. Wood Scholarship in 

Colleen Bailey 

Sheila Frances Mungall 

Susan Joan Wood Memorial 

Jenna Louise Stook 

Hume Wrong Scholarship 

Josipa Gordana Petrunic