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Vancouver IvlaniTB Leading Netctpaper Since I8.i8 



(IMaik ■■ rac* t) 


Seven Injured 

Or East? 

30 Families 

Gas Blasts 




TORONTO (CP»—Fire roared through a propane 
gai itorage area at Maple, 35 milea north of here, bi- 
urday night, causing a aeries of exploaions felt miles 
away and U^tlng up the night tky. 

^ Police rounded up all families, about 120 persona 

The BriUUi (otanunral 
had laalrartnl Kl Al Krtasy 
ts njr Wnai— (nan Brilala 
to the tIJt. »lN>rr hr lam 
a Bfe M>nlnirr bol the air- 
■ar rrfaMOl the orBpr. 

I in 30 families, in the area and ordered them and spec. 

tators to keep outside a quarter-mile radius of the 


Police ihouleil to the penons ' 

■‘ho tlocked to Itie scene; “Get ^ 
out of town that way ipuinllns | 

■wUi) . . . aul 11 you have a j 
car. lake It arllh you." 

At least eliht explosions oc¬ 
curred during a hall4iaur period, 
and a glow In the sky aas 
visible lor more than live miles 
In every direclinn. The blasls 
ssare fell ns lar as 20 miles 
lanray. Seven people were injured. 

AT GAa null 

The lire occurred al the pre¬ 
mises oC Superior Propane Lim¬ 

A massive traffic Jam on the 
highway south of Haple delayed 
emergency vehicles and newspa¬ 
permen In reaching Ibe sewie 
and reports wera sketchy. 


The lire was reported jump¬ 
ing from one storage tank to the 
next acioaa the property, send¬ 
ing red and orange Dames high 
in the sky. 

A woman at Richmond Hill, 

10 miles from the scene, said 
a propane gas company invoice 
fkialad down in her backyard 
while she was slandiigt on the 
porch of her luipe. It was dated 
. Aug. JT. IM 

tjkies ItTBlElli OPK 

A resident of Aginouurt, 30 

gfi. mliei from the fire, said one of 

the blasts knocked a screen efl 
a wiiidaw of hia home. 

Fife Tteihatdl Plkig, whose home 

is Immediately next to the 
Vlrtorla sklea ware brtghlly storage tanks, said he was 
at by spertaentar llrewnrkn watching television when he 
dtertag Ms wedk af iOKh heard a tremendous expioalan 
birthday relebraUeaw, nkb-b 
waeild have ended last night, 
sxeept lar two days af rain. 

Near VIolorlana get two bo- 
aas days af ceMrating with 
the eealeanlai pageant at 
Baynl Athletic Parti !«. 
srhednlad again taalghl and 
Monday aigbl. Iliaa Page 
151, Mantagr af nreworha 
aver blatnrtc f'laigdaiiia b 
(aaUe was made by pho¬ 
tographer Karl Hprrlia 

OTTAWA (CPj — The 
political truce of aorts 
which hna prevailed since 
the mid-June election la 
reaching the breaking 
point and is likely to be 
over by mid-August, Par¬ 
liament Hill obdervers feel. 

Prime Minister Dlefenbaker 
called lor the truce-a cooling 
off period- ehen hr announced 
alter the June II election that 
the government faced a finan- 
clal crisis and Canada would 
have to pull In its bell. 




Ni> Warning 
From Firm 


Tmmi ma^ Drag MmMalra* 
them Mked Ikr iiiakrr at • 
Uiih tMHlral piH !■ May la 
IHI 4artani tlMl aonir wooimi 
m%a took IW pill Mad M Mood 
data kat a* far ttif> llrm kaa 
■bI dama imi, ■ gavaraairal 
ipakrawiaa maid ialarday. 

No Connection 
Says Scientist 

a n B E W a BUBY. Maas. 
Il'PII — Dr. rrtas Ranwn 
Manta, who briped derail 
Ibe oral eanIraerpUvr Easi M, 

. , , search lor help 

Opposition parly leaders 
never were readj' to agree lo a 
truce, but since then the gov¬ 
ernment has been generally so 
quiet and unprrwoealivr In lu 
sclions anil anntHincemenIs that 
there has Item lilllr new fodder 
lor the political mill. 

I,lberal Leader Peunaiii snid 
last week he thought Ute laiuiv- 
Isp had had suMcIsm lime la 
cvKil off from the heal of pullt- 
icdl battle, and that the eouniry 
should gel shead with the task 
of rehuildine eonfldence In guv- 
emment. His way of doing so, 
naturally, would be lo have a 
new election and elect a Liberal 

Al almoat the same moment. 
Prime Minister DIefenbakrr 
was lelling reporters at ht« 
home that he plana a number 
of announcements In the near 
future, indleallng ihal one 
them would be i progreas slalr- 
menl on Ihe eHectIveness of the 
austerity program. It Is de¬ 
signed lo restore confidence in 
Ihe Canadian dollar and reduce 
Canada's International Iwlance 
of payments deficit. 

After several weeks of lack 
made an how long llie check of any Important news from Ihe 
•111 csmtlnur i prime minister. Ms Interview— 

' given from his bed where hia 
Police apparently feared that left ankle is on Ihe mend 

Ihe Freedomlles might move appeared to have Ihe effect of 
from their shackltains in the promising more activity bi fu- 
Kootenays to stage denaavslfw. 
lions in'~ihe Unsvr Mainland 

where more than 130 membersi^®***^ OIT PIMHTIhM 
of the sect are In prison or Dn| The government, having suf- 

ll Was All Over in Hours 

AGASSIZ rcp) - In a 
few short hours Saturday 
10 Sons of Freedom Douk- 
hobor wonien appeared at 
Mountain Prison, were re¬ 
fused admission to see 
their husbands, stripped 
pleaded guilty and were 
sentenced to six months. 

Twelve women had been re-' 
fused permission to see their 
husbands m the special fevleral 
prison near iMa Fraser Valley 
community because the men 

Iwere on a hunger strike. Freedom Doukhobors. 

I Ten of them then stripped In TBAFk'K' CHM'HFD 
front of the gate* and weie ar- Traffic onecxpotnis have been 
rested by RCMP and taken be- In nperalion since Friday at 
Ifore a rtagtatrate at AgaasU. lOimyoo.. Slc«nous wnf Limby 
^ ■ lia Ibe Interior and al Hope, ati 

the head of the Fraser Valley. | 
lo watch fur members of the 
l^nublraomr sect heailiiyi fur 
Ihe Lower Mainland area. 

Supl. C. B. Macdonell said 
Stripping la the tradillnnal Saturday th^ watch has been 
maimer of Freedomlle protest, started so that Lafver Mainland 
Warden T. H. Hall of Ihe police will have warning in the 
BrilWi Columbia Pcnilenliary,event that Freedomiles start 

About *00 fishermen and 80 *««■'’ *"»" '•» 

ahorewoiAer. In Ihe Graalar ««> •«* ‘h^r husbands 

Victoria area are affected. ^ mi ii IBM—'iillBIBi 

tty of the men. It was iiriiajn 
Freil Smele. iecfelao' of the naaltne to withdraw such prlv- 
Vlclorla shoreworkers lorala. ||e(es as vislu frtbn l-mIUcs . 

said yeateiday the recommeB- whea prisoners misbehaved. g V>m 

dallon ihi- negotiating com rAUj n 8 w M §81 § 

mittee would like means the FAUJ.n M Mr m 

strike could be averted. Mr . Hall said two women 

Alec Gordon of Vancouver, IhJ Denman Island 

**“**'’^“ •f*nL vbdt would help break the j Rmnl Pnrndime 

told Ihe Colonist posiponemeal But It had no cHeci ***'^'*^ 

of Ihe deadline will allow lime suppbes are readily —Page Z 

looting M the recotnm^ avallahle for Ihe «mvlcU but' ^ ^ * 

iBbUoa by the various unionrofuse lo «>ak for them.) * * * 

I •MhiktM I * i 

BRUSSEL.S (AP)-Common Market negoUatioiu 

on Brltain ‘1 bid to enter the flouriahing EuropMn 

economic block were reported bogged down early today. 

_ . 

’ Sourcea dose to the Com- 

man Msrkel ninlstarlal coun 
ell, which is bsrgsining with 
Brilala said an unexpected 
dtaagieeatent aroae over com- 
fttoaiad flnanclal lagulallonsi 
J Involving the trade bloc's 

tore farm policy. 

There waa na lala word on 
nagotlaiiona on the broad sub- 
Jact af guarantees on Com- 
J.' monwsallh food sxports tram 

Canada. Australia and New 
^ ' fcA-. Zealand, to the proposed Com- 

vfQ mon Market. Earlier, Import- 

ant progreas had been reporied 
Vi oa the question which la 

Block *Sons’ 

[They pleaded guilty lo perfunn- 
each of the four sections of •"« “ Indecent act in 5 public 
the union had separately ar- P**'* ■"‘i aenienced to six 
rived at the tjedslon to I 
recommend accepfance of the giyr tlONFOBMINM 
proposals made Thursday by I 

The Aug. 4 strike deadline, 
which would bavt signallad a 
lie-up of Ihe B.C.^ fishing 
industry, was postponed yes¬ 
terday by Ihe negollaling 
canunlltec of the tfnlled Flah- 
nmoa and Allied Workers 

The decision was made after 

wrhal was motive' 

Family Massacre Riddle 
As Teen-Ager Kills Self 

atnaling saiharltin nld look ed ^ 
like B niassaert or mass exeru-t 
lion wiped out a family cd lour 
Baiurday and the mil rtached; 
five when a teen- ag e son. 
Mamed Mr Ihe slayings, died id 
a self-lafUi'tcd liuBrt wound 
Aathofliles rnwr say that with 
the itealh In RIverrtde Hnaptlal 
of Ray fguikar, 14. they may 

Some Und of doraeittc 
Irouble probably pracsdtd lha| 
shooting In the home, police 
Iheortied One repor. being In- 
vesUgoled was that Ray and 

Douglas Wins 

k^liaa aras nnmiaalad Baliaw 
Mr Mr a SBOBM illamid 
I elactkm m the House of 

kever k a a w exactly 
pciimpied Ihe ahoallBg. 

It look Ibe llva of Ohio high¬ 
way patrol Ralph R. Lan- 
btr. 4i. hla wilt. Virginia. U: 

Vancouver iCPi - Every aay less than they arc gattigB|aarlMr ■tmoiBeeiiieBt he mads 
[ m ual ci polity wIB receive at ' llhat Ms govBinmmil plans nan 

least as much moocy from prov-; The remark was made dorliM MxMg M introduoe cMsMiaa M 
tatoial cotfars under plannsd new ■ 30-mlntMe spssch as the Pie- Ha assislanrr m mtadcIpalltiaB. 
BW4 arrongmnem. a. tt Mr. Bmmet. Imd .Md d» 

oalvaa under Ihe preaaM P«r- w'h!!'•“* *•* pr«»«" “"uul 
ici^lia-irBiiiB praermm. 

.Basmali said ialuntay n«hl. tte P~MI g u ' —d •« 

Suh Launched 

lAPi—The United tales' 
arwam Polaris mlaalla-flring 

snBaMilne wga taunchad fialur 


Don H Miss 

Denman Island 

Blanshard Decision 

A Real Paradise 

Suitable to Saanich 

-Page 2. 

—Page 19. 

1 * * * 

8 d it i 

j 'Project Mercury’ 

Island Crash 

Loses His Crip 

KiUs Tsvo Men 

1 —Named, Page 3. 

—Page 30. 

I * * * 

* . ♦ * 

kidd Shatters 

Bridge __SS 

Six-Mile Mark 

BalMlag _ . IS 

—Page 10. 

Caniftni SI 

* * * 

I raMHarl__ n 

Heavy Traffic 

Flaaoclal News „ S 

Chokes Seattie 

■lai tt 

—Car Corner, Page 13. 

Hoelal..IB IT, IS 

# * * 

Hpart ..J..IS, U 

Well-Dane W hale, 

TsIevMlia ... tl 

A Vice-Regsd Dish 

TheaMao..S, 7 

—Page IS. 

Traeal ... U 


2 latlg (Cnlmtut Vic««k. I.C. im.. I. IM2 

For a Real CampeFs Paradise 
Take a Ferry to Denman Island 

Brother of ‘Heroine’ 
Invited by Kennedy 

VRBNOK (CP)—Vvnai bailBPnHBi HiMrt 
Oldhini rarcivfd ■■ lavltettM tatardBy frwn 
Prp^Ural Kraaedy la altrad a rpraaioBy la Waidi- 
iiiKlOB Tawday al Rhlrh a prraPBlBlIaa will br 
madr la hk aklrr. Dr. Praam KaWy, CJK. food 
Bad drax BdailRl’lralloa affldal wha prrvralrd 
BHriirilaK hi Ike C.8. af thr drax IkaUdoaiidr. 

. Ill I'caldrati irr mainly jr- 
liml propir and larnwri and 
ihPTpjLix mlxrd rrHIngs about 
a propoard Union Bay pulp 
min. Soaip paopir ara abaid 
their quiet Uttle laland wtwid 
becoine the raeidmtial area 
tor pulp mill aar h a i a 

' Small Boom 

At prcaent tbara w a araall 
land boom on the Liland lor 
•alartnmt property, aome of 
which can be bought lor 10 
par eeat down and 130 a 

Thera are two lakra on thr* 
laland. one ol which hi' 
readily availaMa acccaa and 
aomeliinaa producaa big trout. 
It la Chickadee, or Hcndaraon 
Lake, which in 1906. aa an 
experiment, waa itocfced with 
4.100 iteelhrad. Three other 
atocklnga aaw more than SjOOn 
rainbowa piaoad in the lake. 

The other lake, Dixon, or 
Graham, producra plenty of 

For a holiday that ii a Uttle 
diftrrant try camping on ana of 
the many iatanda that Ua only a 
abort dlitanoe tram Tancouver 
laland ahoraa. 

In addltien to the onremment 
ferriea wbieh aartra the Cult 
Ulanda—Salt Spring, Satuma. 
Pender. Mayna and GaUano — 
there are car fertica lenring 
Thotla laland tram Oiaraalnua, 
t'.abrlola laland tram Nanaimo, 
Denman and Hornby talanda 
from Buckley Bayenaar Ctaor- 
leauy. and Quadra laland tram 
CampbeU River. 

Camiting on All 

Thara ara camping apoU on 
all of Ikain. but Iml waafc •« 

Luckier in Rome 

Italian Train Ride 
Thing of Fantasy 
City Students Find 

TfstoI taoaalallaa 

Thert'i nothing In the world quite Uke an Italian 
train ride. 

Oeapita advanea booklnga 
made by the B.C. tiudeni 
Travel Aaaoclallon. we boarded 
the train lor Rome only to find 
to our dlemay that leveral of 
our reaervrd companments 
ware occupied. 

It waa hall an hour before 

where the provbieial g oee r nmen t 
Our luck ciiangod, however, ha. PlUoBgioy Pmk In- 
on arrival in Roma when wa comperi. 

dlicovered our aecommoda-' -nj, aa1 a developed camp* 
ttona were In the village hall rite. Thetw are oo picnic tablea. 

the 1960 Olympic Camea. able. But there are a cotqile of 
We were Impreaaed — Mike clean outdoor privica, garbage 
Pldgeon moat of all- during cana, IS) accea cl wooded land, 
the laat of bur party -Linda our ' kh *o St. Petar'a by the and a Mg beach, ideal lor 
Armstrong. Joan Friaor. Cor- Sraol dome designed by Ml- beachco mbing at low tide and 
Inne Barrlcfc. Kent Chauvin, clielangelo. In the Vatican mu- tine Ibr mrtnunlng at high tide. 

seum, Rob Webb waa lascin-l Thara if a well at an aban- 
fled by tha display of globes doned house where water auD 
showing geographlral knowl-ha obUined, but If you plan Just 
edge through the agea. an overnigtal atop. It if bittar to 

HI.I NK AWAY PO'*' 0™- 

_ c-r* <*«■ r^r, 

peats were sure to follow. Fi¬ 
nally wa found a way to gel 
rid of them. On a aignal from Bay. near I 
Jack Tippet we aurroundad mtaulei later you art drivinx 
them and the pasts, embar-up the cmciete comMned 
raaaeil by this direct approach. launeNng ramp-ferry tUp at 
slunk away for the lime Denman Island, 
being, anyway. First ferry from Denman la-, 

Channel fai Homby liland. where there are number 
of vacation retorts. — (Colonist photo by Alec 

Flllongley Beach on Denman Island is Ideal for 
swimming at high tides—and at low tides It is a 
beachcombers' paradise. Just mile scroas Lambert 

land la at 7:40 a-m.. trxun small boat launching ramp 
Buckley Bay al 8 a.m.. and and if the beat place to reach 
hut trips are 3:30 and 6 p m., the aalmon fishing waters In 
with later (aniai Friday, Sat jthal area, 
urday and Sunday by requesLi Flllongley Park waa donated 
It la a four-mile driva ovar to the provincial parka branch 
partially paved and good several years ago by David 

_ ___gravel rood to Flllongley Park George Beadnall. a pioneer 

tha aight<ar ferry at Buckle> :on the east side of the Island,'Denman laland resident, who 
Bay. near Unkxi Bay. and 15 1 overlooking Homby iaiaod. idled In his 80a four years ago. 

— “ — It is another five scenic ma- He wanted the virgin timber 
rine drive miles south along saved and loved the limber so 
Ihe aaal coast of the laland to much he lud names tor all tha 
get to Ihe Homby laland ferry iraea. 

Visitors allU see the name 

life. ]l Is a beachcomber's de- There la one caMn raa 
light at low Udes. . . . And It Denman Island and a 
ii not vei-ja ollen crowded. pnny ranch whidi wel 
If you plan to camp there viailora. 
take along a folding camp Only a mile from Deni 
taMe and some folding chairs Homby Island, which 
lor added oomfon. popuUr reaod bland 

Denman laland b about 13 whU* nndy. beaches.^ 
miles long and averages about Private camping raao 

A bductor 

At Large 

ramp, which also doubles as a 

No new leads have been un 
covered In Ihe search for the 
man who orulally beat a Sevan- 
yoar-old East Sooke girl with 
B belt and tiub laat Thuraday 
Meanwhile, Sooke and East 
l^ooke parrnla are keeping a 
eloao watch on iholr children 
In tear ina attacker may 

Medical examiners aaid the 
girl, who waa abducted by a 
man driving a grey or green 
older mod'-l car. waa beaten 
wBh II aeH and riub. but not 
sexually moleated. | 

Kaowa aaa davblas In the.ol Uia oagaa. 

Kaar Sooke and rotwoed areal And that was Ro m e -oh yea. 
have been questioned byjDave Talbot scaled the garden 
LCMP inventlgatori. but no wafl of Gina Lollahrlgida't 




■ERI.I.N lAPl—Hrd food 
prepared wlHi praaair odd 
win ba put sat tai WmI Ber- 
Ba Ihb week la sa alteaipg 
la poliiaa M.MB wIM plgeana, 
cuaaldrrrd a pabHe anlaaace. 

A group of Germaa aalmal 
lovera will ge4 a chaare la 


Cameras clicked busily in 
the Forum and Chris Zac 
carelll wai abb to photograph 
an ancient Etruecan tablet. 
Rabble Dunn found a remnant 
|of Nero's fire. 

In the cokaeum. Ihe lyalem 
by which Aach cttlumn and 
lection was numbered In¬ 
trigued Data Alton and Derek 
Melville. Pat Hardy kept look- 
ling around lor an exit In case 
I there was a lion bit In one 

Latest modeli In all types 
... expertly fitted In-thMar 
aids, maring gbsasa and 
other head-worn aids with- 
out a cord or a receiver 
button In the ear. Also con- 
venlloiul hearing-aids, In- 
rludlng what we hellcv-e to 
be one of Ihe most powerful 
in the world. 

Free tesla In our office or 
your home without ubUga 


A Vblorla photography stu- leal to conriA making a 
dio b going ahead, with pro- B'l" of the centennbi pageant 
ductlon of a 30-mlnub film on 

Victoria's centennial and the an photography studio last 
president ot tha Junior Cham-1 night said he b going ahead 
ber of Commerce laya that. If,»rtth a S^mlnule fUm. about 
Ihe movie turns out ai plan-|I* minutes ol which will be 
Md. Jaycoca would bt -very,'*w"hl «» ‘he pageant . Alj 
InlemterT In onantxlng itiltlbnlng at tha pagaant waa kl 
financing, Ike done al regubr Bight 

Eric Charman. Jaycoe preal-iPwfomwncei. ' 

dent, said laat night that, at! *•'■. Charman Mid the Jay 
this dale. It would be Impract- ***• would be Interested in 

A tennb tournament and 
Mg track and field meet will 
wind up the auperviMd tum- 
mer program at nine dty 
parks ihb week. 

Some 40,000 children have 
taken advantage ot the organ- 
tied actlvtiba since the pro¬ 
gram started, at the end of 

Finals of the dty phy- 
ground tennb tournament will 
be pb.ved Monday al Central 
Park, beginning at 1:30 p.m. 

The eight tinalbia are the 
best of 78 antriea who look 
lessons twice a week through 
the tummer. 

In the gtrb' novice event 
Pam Craig will lakt on Margo 
Morrison. Boya' novloe will see 
Don kiamell meet Garth Mont 

Kathy Coas will mtet Sandra 
Moos lor the glrb' open and 
John Moss will tackle Chrb 
Hall for Ihe boys' open. 

Monday's event will be num 
ber 15 of Ihe annual city ph> 
ground tournaments, which 
,over the years liave started off 

such famous Cansdbn tennb 
pbyera as Stnan Butt and 
John Fraser. 

The T. Eaton Co. will pre¬ 
sent tannb equipment to the 
winners at 4 p.m. 

ITie track and field event — 
to feature chlldien from all 
city parks will get underway 
I Wednesday at I p.m. at 
Central Park., A highlight ot 
the atternoon will be a 15- 
bout boxing card. 

The parks program caters to 
youngatei-s from 7 to 17. 
Organizers repon an increase 
In leen-aga attendance thb 

Your Gooil Health 

Cancer Terrors Grow Less 
As Science Finds Answers 

Slick Streets 
Tangle Cars 


•Trn i ii BM T IP 3 A 

Rain illck a I r e e I a were was taken to hospkal for a 
bbmed lor a flurry of minor rhcck-up after a thrcecar col- 
accidents on dty slrecla yes . Iblon at VIning and Stanley. 

Pollor Mid a car driven by 
The action began at 7.40 Anthonb Plrinia 2230 Oreeon' 
a.m. when a car went Mt of Avenue, hit the aide of a car 
“I*'?.'. .T"" driven by Ethel HsrtNry, 2612 

retaining wall on ly.oi-pj pjaoe. and spun It into 
the ortndlng road. !, parked car oocdpbd by Mrs, 

BKAB-ENDKRH ' Marie Gibson, 1438 VIning. 

JTien al 10.10 there, was a qj^ 
rear-end crasn at Pandora and . . ‘ 

Cook. At lOJO poUre were * outiide 

called to another rear-ender at Douglas tmught polne 
tha roundabout and at 1030 »",**;• 

a motorist bit a parked cor « * Lynn Veaey. 15, of 530 
on Graham Dupplln. suffered a bump on 

The next tall iwme In e4 head when she waa flung 
1204 noon at Fort and Doug *"•<» the wtndahield of a ear In 
bt when a motorbt failed to '''blved In a Iwocar colltaion 
stop and ran Into the open *1 Pag* the Cleaners on Doug- 
door of a porkad cer. Ms Street. 

A passenger In a parked ear Al 3:05 p.m. a car driven 

-,by Lloyd Baker, 1401 Mount 

Douglas Cross ^-,Road, was 
turning onto Fort Street from 
Wharf when it collided with 
a nr driven by Frank Gib¬ 
bons, 1045 Esqnimalt Road. 

cysts, tiimora or other masses pattenta who remain comfBri 
CHn grow to considerable tUe able and native In their busl 
without doing any great harm neon affairs right up to within 
or causing any great rilacom- a few day s of the end. Thb la 
lort from time to lime «'e a long step laraaid. 
trad of the removal of tumors Fourth, nncera do not grow 
that weigh quite a few pounds „ , predictable rate. Some 
NOT PAI.NFI I.. nncera. eapecially In older 

Caiu-ot in liwdf. IS ,»| pain « slowly that 

lul. Pain may ik.| exist »hen •*’' <»>«» of 

cancer b Martlnr Thb la a *" 
haitdicap to ua In detecting ill a * * 

nrly. The pain comn as a Dnr Dr. Molner: Wbalj 
lerondacy rault ol pressure cauaea raid aorea sod bow con 
or erosion 

I prevent th rmT They have 
We should all know certain bothered me all my life. — 
things oan be done to lake the - ~ 
terror out of the sheer word| 

"nncer.“ First la Ihe know!- 
rdge that caan discovered 
early nn be cured. 

Second, radbtlon, surgery 
and now drugs nn be used In 
many Instances to reduce Ihe 
sue of a cancer, at least tern-, 
porarily. adding months and 
even ynra ol normal, ram- 
fortable life. I 

Third, depending on lon- 
lion of a cancer, simple drugs 
many iimn keep pain or db- 
comfort within mcxteal limIU. 

Modern Cbaalr Sculptured Engagement and Wedding 
Rings. TIte dazzling Diamond. Reflected love' llghl. 
Know vour ]eweb by your Jeweler. Select him wisely, 
then pick your happiest shape. Your assurance of 
happinera In a diamond purchase b when your purchase 
b made at . . . 

J. r. F. 

Cold aoraa iherpca simplex I 
are caused by'a virua which 
doubtleaa often catchea ua 
when our resistance b down, 
os alter a raid 

Local drying agents, such at I 
camphor, seem to help keep' 
the virus from Invading the| 
akin and the virus rvktently| 

no.l specialist 
in storage! 


"Your Family Jewelers" 

One Hour Free Parking—View Street Parking 

Shoot Best 

OTTAWA lUPIl — Army 
headquarters announced Sat 
urday that Canadbn nurfca 
men from the Fini Battalion 
Canadian Guards serving In 
Germany with Ihe 4lh Cana-, 
dbn Infantry grinip. have won 
the NATO Iniemallonal mill., 
lary imall arms competltlan.: 

The victory waa gained In 
competition Friday at Leo- 
peldburg. Belgium. It b the 
I first time Canadians have 
pbeed flral In three suecco- 
' alve yean In the contest. 

The Groundwork Is Important! 

Bobby's parents know the importance of 
the earlier yean al achool. Hb parents 
are proud of their boy and wloh to gha 
him a good start In education ao that one 
day he win be ready lor university. They 
have chosen St. Mlchsel'a School and they 
knovv Bobby will be instnicied closely by 
male teachers In a imall rUaa. lie will 
be msetlng new frienda In a new achool 

in )ust a tew weeks' time he will he 
teaming French and Latin. He will be 
marvelllrf at Ihe srianeea, maths and 
other subjecta. In the afternoons, alter 
Btudles are finished, he will enjoy pbying 
rugby, soccer, crk-kel or basketball, cloaely 
supervised by a master. 

Hobby b In good hands and hb parents 
will watch kMnly hla progress al the 

The Weather 

ing cool. Winds occasionally 
pia. souilveast IS near Georgia 
.i-a. Strait. Rccordtd high and low 
]S, at Nanaimo, 63 and 54- Pre- 
54 ripllaiion. .79 Inch. Forecast 
Hly .high and km. 62 and 55. Little 
I change klonday. 

West Coast of Vancouver la¬ 
land -Ctoudy with a few sunny 
periods. Winds llghl, becoming 
norihweot 15. Foracaal high 
and low at Estrvran Point. W 
and 53. Monday's outlook 



T« Rif mrtppi 

Choose St. Michaers School 
For Your Boy 

OBAOE8 S. 4, • AND 3 

Mgh-55 Law_SO 

tiunrbs.. J:S> SUMef 8:46 

East Coast of Vancouver la 
land - Mostly ekrady. ramaln- 

~ ^ PHONE EV3-5767 


Ship Calendar 






" look back fhreuft, 

POfto of our HI/-, hJrtory. to 
tribut. to tho* Who h.vo 

f^rtb .«J 

M«*t h« what iha li today. 



Movtag —Local aad Loag Plata aca 

btabluhed in VIrtorla tor SO yaars. Coaat locoait 
afflUaUona through United Van I Ian. 

e% 4ita 

But Execution Wednesday 

hlllCriaalA viMh % 
IndiT. I, IMS 

LONDON (UPI) - Forty-hv 
p «f»oo a are waiting in bolatka 
and twiaian b«Nnd cloaed doon 
to MO if thtfi caugM tha dread 
dinaaa Ibat'alraady haa kiUad 
caw Britlah leianliat. 

Tha M ware thoaa who canM 
to cloaa contact with GaoBray 
Bacon, 44. a garm warfare aa- 
part arho diad Wadnaaday d 
t J oa um on l c plagua Mlowtog aa- 
prrimanti at the govcrnmaiii't 
•upar-aaerrt Mierobtoieglral Ra- 
leirch Oantre to loulhain Eng- 


Uadlral expert! aaid thoaa 
who ware axpoiad muat wait 
aight daya to ioiaw if they 
caught the piagua from Bacon. 
Thua far. authorltiai aald all of 
Baoon'i known contacts were 
tree of tha diacaaa. 

"It no further cases of the 
disease appear by Aug. 13. tha 
chances of it spreading wili 
then be ntremaiy remote." the 
director of the riaaareh centre 

Ben Bella Order 

Algeria Vote 
Moved Ahead 



Kxptoding gas gae to Kaniaa 
City PHday eaaaad intonaa 

blase wWch levelled ntoa 
homes. Aerial photograph 
shows wreckage aronad kola 

Wiee federal eourts haVa 

. expects to live 

clioo bordello, and assorted ml- 

One-Man Project Mercury 
Loses Grip in Deep Sleep 



You are invited to submit 
questions on Insurance and 
similar matters for inriu- 
Sion In this column. Tha 
origin of surh queries la 
kept entirely confMentlaL 

Qa Why do Insurance 
policies Include a "deduct¬ 
ible" ctouscT 

truce was reached Thursday 
b e tween quarrelling poUtlcal 
factions. , 

The powerful vice - premier 
was given an ecstatic welcome 
by Ms countrymen here Friday 

night and the meirymaking coo- -. - 

ttoued until dawn. , CALGARY-Kminy Mcl-m. men threw her off a viaduct ST'nolI^iJirlraJl ‘eSTrlTiIJ'to 

Crowds make - danced and NEW DELHI (AP) — Agriculture Mlnlater Pktll pegeantry. Okanagan Falls has moved when she refused to get Into the UA soap box derby, 

hoiked earhora to ttaMmlem 1^1 j Saturday a chemical which partially paralyzed * * , to the tdp In the North Amcr-their car. She suffered a * a * 

SiSS Tm^TnS^ riViS! M eaUmated 600 conaumera ot V& (lour In eutem “^.^.-wtonrie *" ““ ""SJ'i: 

**^*** *" nrr- . a s ai. wi ». a it winoip^g, pUins • accorauic to ■moiticai com' foot laii. RllmbHIi celebrated her 62nd 

crackers and deUrtous cheers India may have got into the flour bags accidentally ,wlm late thU week so she piled by the Cowboys' Protec ♦ * A birthday at her castle In the 

lor Ben Bella. while on ship or In an Indian warehouse. will become the youngest per- Uve Association. SPRINGFIELD. III. — Cop nor*lt o( SanUixL 

ENDg BTRLGGLE He csutloned sgslnst whole-wr to conquer the Eng- see killer James Dukiis. 32. clslmed - 

Ben Bella's arilvsl from Oran aale crttlclsm of the UA food PARIS iReutenI — More cnannei. amgeucs _ Uouiial *» 

signalled Ihe end—for the lime supply program, which he than 43,000 terrortal attacks * * * lookesmen say actor Clurles "»<>** rehabllllated" than sperad 

W — - W-W,--wc—w^w- .WIWB snreuae arewM w>w SAN DIEGO - John lonrto freighter at Nfw Westminster CHATTANOOGA — K a t h- 1 NASHVILLE — Prank Cle- 

crenled by blast si street In his own Pro)ect Mercury, July 21 when she saw police ryn JaiM West, 4, crashed I Menia, at 43 a decade older D 
ALXjIEIRS (Reuters)—Vice-Premier Ahmed Ben lersertlon. lower renin. Ue swallowed s thermometer, had been oailed to tsdee her through a glass storm door| than whm he was drat electsd- Ha Tvro main reasons.. . 
Bella’s ruling political bureau said Saturday parlia- Then wm n rsfiort af to- Bourli, 33. had the flu and away. while chailng her brother |governor of Tmnesaee |n 1993. First, the number of small 

manlsi-v etoctireia should be held Sent 2 a week later Jarirs. —(AP PhaSotsal *•'* thermometer In his * * * through the house. A piece won the Demoersllc nomine rUlms is very frequent and 

menury electlona ti^ifl M neio aept. j. a weeg laier -^ PORTSMOOTH NH - a *'*“ *" " n>«y dra.tic.lly affect the 

The ekctlon. mera fli^ ^ • „leep snd woke up 20 minute. 15 . ^ toft arm. and she bled to de^h aamirtng him of a third term premiums 

lor Auf. 13 by the Algerian J #1,^ coughing. eUiitMiiw mm^mA ki««— i« before her aunt could get her * e ♦ _ . . 

provkdonal execuUve ton ware ArOUlUl the WOrld An X-ray showed Ihe ther- ’L 'hi. to a hospital. , INGLEWOOD. Calif.- lire. ^ 

delayad unUI Aug. 27 after a - mometer In hi. slomsch toil, * A * |Myrtl. Llrtotes. wUl «>lo •"<* •“I"*' 

i ’S3 Arv 9- YI1 IT C* I** WllUton F.rTlnr^;dtodwtth: BAL'HMORE -Police said I W'tJlT'toyjMtrr threw wrek. 

M-rVPll 1. * a a - Merredllh McDaaalA 

ca - premier ^ U 1 ' • • LUANG PRABANG, Laos- ... • 1 TAT Ulrlc^ la 78. 

Por Food Paralvsis l3i'^^”ed\nu™™n: Names in th e News akron. ohio.-HoHv^i 

vmakina cow^& CAA ^AA^' ^?A|^ IFrlncMs Manitoy Paava. 21. Hefatg of Mission City. B.C., 

Crown Prince Vang Bavang, 
31, was mirried to his cousin, 

Prlneesa Manitoy PaBya. 21. 

Two main reasona. 

may drastically affect the 
loss ratio and premiums 
Second . , . the cost of ad¬ 
ministration and adjust- 



InMnuMC - Brel Eatala 
Mortgages - Aalo nnsace 
Just shove Dotigtos 

■IgnsJtod Ihe tad—for the Itine supply program, which he than 43,000 terrortal attacks a a a Imokesmen sav actor Otortos "”** rehahlllloUd" than aporod 

being at toast-of his nfanth- pointed out had provided more , , oersons resulting In ALGIERS - Pwnwtotretom;^.".^”",^!. __murderer Paul Cramp, waa 

long power Ktruggle with Pro- than tl57.000.000 worth of 19JM0 deathi were O'vertwrned and ****P******* after ■unary for ***^ execution by 

mler So Yorend Ben Kl-dd. food to India store 1961. In Algeri. duTIill !|!* •'"r ^ vert^ ‘ ^ 

otoer member, of the Ah a a a the llrere-year Alge^^v^^^ '»>' O"'" »' "H” They - ^ , , 

greton previ.lon.1 government GI^A (Rulers)-Mar i^m Nov.*^!, 1954 to March "»<»• off with the hred. n £ PENTICTON Ltoatraant 

Both sktot iixacd to a trace *«! Chen n Chlnere foreign j, jgaj „ announced a * a 'Cirif Defence Prerkre 

•niureday. minlater. stod In a Sa^ radio s„urt,y. VANCOUVER-TTte Breker : . , , 

i'^' ■!rr alto'll imi"Thl • ^ Plan Pressed J^IT^ur of b*c 

Washington iapi - Pre.i. 

HM..I .hi.k ___ , 1 - progpesa." day to fire 335 wildcat alrlkers lawyer. _ 7 __ .to govern'itemselvet. 

Iltlc .1 crtal. which brought The ZTei Xv reTira to * * * Igres. to sp^wl acthai on hi. 

c.^ near the verge of dvU ^ TtoTwrlkTal Ford'i big toe- VANCOUVER-Pollce have 


w —Hughca Aircraft Oo. la de- ' ■ 

Rfind'V veloptng a new mteillle to wa i o ' 

To Talk H Mysterious Explosion 

MUM usn around-the-clock tetovtoion. H 

“J' Claims Second Life 

scene of 1.200 arrests IHi year BDIUN (UIT) — Commu^ 

One imegratlonist demonaira- 'adory militiamen showed iR»ui»rsi A see lof rleanlne fluid was scot- 

lions said Saturday H is wiUlna “P »" number, along the Ber- LONDON (Reuleral-A aec- of cl^ ng fluid waa accl- 

lo d't dmvn J^dUcuM recid »" y“‘'r«**y as ‘ 

pr^lem. ^ "r-pon-ble to. bu ’'Sto^ E In an acct-l 

'“‘f" “* Negro Ploalon and lire a week ago jent." aald one. referring tO| 

“piUlddeM Kennedv Isto wrek Abo"' »» <>' «>* brown unl «< »»• Romanian togalion here, the flril death. "I do not tee { 

ureed^i .rehtSks to h^ formed “fighting group" JolnUto legation refused to divulge why everybody should to In- 
7n a rito^ent 1..^ -10 «> >" .trengthenln, the walL ,h, „,me, of Ihe kllM and I™'*" «■ k" 

clarify the facts," a commissionj _.™ * , .p, li^ured and did not sUow any 

spokesman said taDci have been| _ ***9?‘'f Inquest Into the drelhs. gen bomba at the legation. | 

told with Negro leaders despite Vietnam^ **” Another man and wonlan ^ 

statements to the contrary. ^killed ^ Injured In the explosion | BUY COINS ■. 

The sevwHnemtor governing that shattered the Belgrave bm my large dliatoy ad H 

body wdd scgregalton Im t the ^ fUPrTlIlai reception room of on 8 ■, 

basic Issue In the conflict. during the Urat six months Romsnlsn Minister Alexandra *r *7 » ■ 

The spokesman said an Influa •bto •" tolormed aource x^j^reanu. rotorihtvtoS tswtor, ' I' 

ti outiidr forcM hu eauied ■ Ssluroay. LefaUon offtclaJi tald th« 

BolldincBtlcn of white clflxena __ ^ _ exploalon occurred after a can 

against whsi to said la regarded HAVANA (UPIl — TTie- 

as Interference In local prob- Cailro governmeni Saturday — I 

IfPi, charged the United Stales with | 

"We have toaid noiMng from new “vtotottons" of Cuban air 
the vast majority of the 34.000 space and announced tha 
Negroes In this city.".said tto execution of two more 
spokesman. C B. Prilchcll Jr., "counler-revolullonariet'' by a 
a Dommlision member. tiring squad. 

reeearch which alao covered The atrike at Fotd'i big toe- VANCOUVER-Pollce have ™ “• 

the peaceful uses of atomic lory at Dagenham. Eaaex, haa Identified the body of a girl 

energy, "naturally takes time." made idle 6.000 other workeri taken from the Fraaer R'vef recover liter 

a a a and coal production of atout as that of PbowIb Barrtoon. * nuclear blow. 

CULVER Cmr.CaUf. tUPl) 8.090 autoB. U. who leaped from a docked Kennedy salo the goveroment 

-Hughei Aircraft Oo. U de- --*»« "«> Inescapable responslbil- 

veloptng a new reMllle to _ _ , „ , . Ity to take practical and sen- 

Iknk itw nnilnentB of North Tkm ■ * I/ l * stole measures." 

Mysterious Explosion 
Claims Second Life 

LONDON (ileui€ri)--A iK |of ciranlnf fluid wxx acd> 

■U II0IIRIS*‘I000” 

Ufea M«. nil*. tinOK 
turn- HIM smb ... IU99 

Mliglif Irtii 

im BMW* *1 OHiii*li 




205 te 305 OFF! 


Bee Bay large display ad 

to to. £:i.e^iL-.. 

fU iBpEBn Baial. fV 

rnwf rtr*Mfc Tami*?* 

An- i M Aag' 1 BMf! 


You can buy with confidence 
In this greqt sale, where every 
garment rarriea the pledge of 
quality Inseparable from the 
name of Mallek'a for over half 
a century. 

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A ■mil Depoalt Will BoU ' 

Fbnl BedtictioM hi SpecW Onwpa 
•( OOATB - Slim • DRESBES 


raONE EV t-ai9i 


Vinyl-backed for 
Extra Privacy as 
They Shade 
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Your Home! 

Enjoy the cool Influence and Ihe stylish smartness 
of MATCHSnCK DRAPERIES from Standard. 

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10 Uv* In a houM that ihould 
contain one only. Not oven the 
ownership of the house Is 

■oopic llanos, and ones again 
I deplored lha lassitude that 
prevents me savoring of an 

Ein^rer Mutsuhito of Japan 
died after a reign of 44 yaara. 

The church Is hrdvtiy taxed 
and Its property oocaslanally 
sequesterad. lamlnarles funo- 

highast levels. At present II 
Is serious. The Ihillah biahopa 
recently Issued a pastoral 

Comidunlat bloc. 

PAX is In large part the 

Wijf Sails (Salottitii 

Im d apmn d mmt Nmtmpmpgr, 

Tkm Orgmn of No CUqmo or Psrfjr** 

e vi isis mo mnas mmm ISsalu B> Ws 
giisi n SMtaam ul m mi Osaaiu stnai. < —— 


I Thinking 
I Aloud 

Time Capemh 

4 rfMei, and ih«i. 

RICHARO BOWER. EdIlor-lnOllaf 



Drug Hazards 

r £ GOVERNMENTS of Canada and the United 
State! have promlaed flnandal aid to parenta of 
baMai deformed by the dnig thalidomide. In all 
huatan eonadenoe they could do no lew. 

Nothlnf of raurae can anwlkme the dlatreas 
and agony of mind that has been cauaed. or the oon> 
tlnulng purgatory that lies ahead of both malformed 
childran and thoM who love and care for them. 

' AjkI one worryinc query remalna to plague the 
public at large. How did it come about that a drtig 
of auch bale^ propanaliy could find such easy ac- 
ceplanee and ao widaapread a distribution? The in* 
eecapable conclusion te that it was not thoroi^ly 
taatad. beyond manner of doubt, before being sold 
for use. 

Modem dni^ have been a boon to mankind, 
savliii eountlaas Uvea and greatly easing pain and 
suffering. They come swiftly In such variety, how¬ 
ever, that the thalldomtda happening Invitee suipidon 
they may aometlinaa be promaturaly rushed Into the 
market mainly for commercial gain. 

PreMdent Kennedy for one has moved to invoke 
atlffer government contnb In Order to avert future 
drug tragedies of the scope following the uae of thall* 
don^. Where there Is an immediate haard to 
public haalth, he says, new drugs should be yanked 
of the market. 

The Ottawa government should take aimilar 
measuree. Even the miracles of modem awdical 
dlicovariea need to bo verified and proved before 
they become the handmaidens of medtcal skill. 

The thalidomide experience has shocked and 
alaimad everyorw; peopl^xpect that government su* 
pcrvuion of aoma cloeer Rind should follow Its tragic 

The Navy’s Turn 

T AST WEEK'S gala assembly of centannigi events 
—bonfires, breakfaaU, fountains, pageants, et al 
—was a climactic period of the centennial year, suc- 
ccaafuJ alt round and greatly to the credit of the 
iponaora and organlara Involved. Its like la not easily 
to be matched and the4 has been pralae on all aides 
for the pageantry and entertainment presented to 
mark Victoria's lOOIh birthday. 

The dvic parade la not finished. There an con- 
tkailnf events for weeks vet to come, and this week 
in particular the navy takes ovdt. 

There is said to be no show without Punch, and 
certainly no public celebration hers is complete with¬ 
out the enthualaatic prssenoe of the RCN. Hw men 
in blue never fail- Alraady the navy has joined in 
the birthday party with Sunset displays and. open 
ships in the Inner Harbor, but Its own ipedal presen¬ 
tation comes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of 
this week. 

Thia will be a mawive three-day aahite to the 
dty In true amphibious fashion, afloot and ashore. 

■aamn Hill Pwli will ho ^ faeal poM ef this 
fbw naval gaature. in a program to suit varying 
tastaa and rapicte with demonstrations of naval skills 
and kirii, band conaerts. tradlUonai atremoniea, Doata, 
clowns and i.iip cnxiaea for young paople. Ttu navy 
never does anything by halves. 

Ever dnet Victoria was a foundling the men In 
blue have been at hand to buttrem and support It 
Thia la a legacy that has grown with the years to 
ever prompt and willing participation In community 
events by the RCN. And with its uauai elan the 
navy will once again show its stuff lor tha benefit 
and plaaaure of all comers. 


I THOUGHT I would cen-i 
trlbut* tlio allwr mom lo 
Vtclerla'i bIrtMsy boadro. my k 
patrloilr lympoitiy 
■rousod ky tbo prsewluro oon 
■umpllon sf Hs prodoeooiar 
and lbs Bssd quickly lo iw 
fuihWi iho Moond pUo. ae I 
pochod osM malorial Into Iht 
car muik aad off I irenl. 

Any old Ihina will do lhal 
will bum, they cried In ex- 
iramla, bui such would never 
do. I thouihl. Ihla, after aO. 
was Ml aay oM honlbo; Uiis 
was to bo a- eamoaolal eon- 
flagnttaa. I Ml Impelled 
i h wedsi i 10 oMks t eaerUlBi 
In Iho Inioieota of ihe eliy 
Fvoa If t do llvt In Oak Bay. 
Wbaa iM dose homago to 
a HmaiiBrtan one muat Ml ' 
ceenl Ihe coal. 

I rather Imt navartlialaM I 
•hall lamaet •amt at the 
artielaa, silll of tome Inlrlnak 
mareMsry worth, that I threw 
ania ihe mounting pUo of. 

I rogrellod le mIo, nibbiah. 

Tha original pyro. I rauti 
ballave, was garnlahad ortih 
■olM ilutf at a naluro guaran¬ 
teed to awaken Vancouver, but 
this, as I addad my quota, 
aeemed to bo compooed mainly 
of cardboard and nrwipapero. | 

And harrabouti a aid. 
ihoughi itruck mr. So many 
biala-mildran of men of my 
oolllag — pertwpa. even, aenw 
of my own about to br con- 
alfnrd carHrscly to tht fUmra. 

Ah wall, even printed nMinenli 

art flMlIng and as I hi«s Indi- owwmmu kwim m sw* hM« 

OBled It waa In a good eause. ____ 

Belter wllhoul queatlon than , , n_, • n > j 

being dumped Inalsganlly In a Cnurch^JBJtu^Jruryr^^t^^rOlaiW 
garbage caa: at Imii lire lai 




awo as Ak 
Bl govMW- 
Mii bl Om 

. » ymra 

latar. By 
tlih North 
I Dominion 
do lurlrfio- 
id bMkIng. 
foparod for 
iwa to tts- 
Iho city 
Its lo dO 
ir marking 
Irlhday. 39 

liter Bono- 
Ban. JamM 
Ncf- Hmlay 

ri in. 

from eeun. 
ma iMlhar 

t tamu. 
Ruth SumI 
bio Quldaa, 
luldaa “Al- 
inirlea are 
the rapUon 
he best of 
re on tbeir 
GuMa aan- 

— _viod a Biami 

Seu’Sculptured Home 

clean and antlaapllc. 

roule to lha bonflra , 

Uncomfortable Compromise 

•" ..rwvHE Roman CathoUc Church By PATRICK OTtOMOVAN from Wroefctaw 1 a™! ““Jects « piety. II nsi its L’wi" vw;; 

laok me round that entrancing I romoiunlit own charily which hu been smpreM or uniaiii rM 

rtrotch of waterlmnl which ^y*ta fhdsnd sr. todv Uk. ‘ndependenct. focblddon lo th, church lUdt 

permUi one to rmhnet sky, two proud and mutually . MlorL nn-dii^orc tiun 30 new ** braachad out and Iq Quabac dty with 

ii^nd mounl.ln In one tele- Ugonlstlc tamlUes condamiwd TV twialon be wean them U "> 0 " *> developed Into a private com- 

PATRICK mtOMOVAN from Wroefctaw 

- 1 “— "r •’•sjr • 

af !!■ talHhIlMla.' 

Many paople lull dkl not be¬ 
lieve that there were 10 many 
• care In Iho town, 

ICO The coal-ahip Helvetia aonk 

In mlnutaa bi the it. Lawraneo 

Swn chfrUv SoWrOM Of Britain. -niS 

own charily, which has been, 

^.1 preciou. houn of the houae la neither dtaorderly nor leUer condemning alMsm. Uon. „ w«it a mare in power, 

day. It ta not yet New Tear but wretched- Ctalliota"lhl w^Jdlnr ^th^ •oe'Pt* «h» whale party pro- - woBdiiirti*y^ 

I made another re«>luUon. Th» PsrtT »• to Stw?"J?amrt -||^? an fi.*" ^ agw 

oiiwn WM ban, an lha «vrntttal eradication of Sf? y* W' *J«rch Pf^lnctii with the uavea that thr world win go reoiitanii warn 

Oihon w^ tani on „u,ion. The church must re- »* wtcepilon of five flourishing communlat but the church ^ 

same aacrillcial mlaaon. I r-ammiiaiaai aa ana- mart hu InlaMiftad 111 homa- .^1 busy club* for Catholic win .urvive li halievaa ,ha, ■■'■••'"g the arrival of nawa 

nolfcl M 1 dmw nigh unto tha P-U'y- Nelthar aid. hope. fntalKta And of^ria. rhe ott muJT c^m.^ '»«•«"« •PP™achln, 

M^w^^lve^'^promtae. _... ItortM -Uh thi. rwtllly. Ita 

bontlrs-to-ba. Cara and trucks 
were circling the Clover Point 
enclave, there 10 deposit their 
coniribulions to civbi weal. 
Out of polllenasi I dladalncd 
curiosity as lo what they were 
throwing on the pile, but I did 
■taedar about tha grata. Tht 
■inielurc of a good bonflra it 
conical, but thia was a circular 
collection covering quite a 
spare of ground. And 1 space 
that had' been neatly sowed 
to make the Oovor Point 
roundabout ■ vantage point cl 
intriguing Interest and appeal. 

exrapi dMdIy domceilc iirlla 1? u*hmh^iltal' 1* •***•!" •PPml Is to the young, educa- J}*^**! 

which could load to the Iom of S!?*-»•• *“ fovtord and la run by | Poles who cannot abondon Urd of Ton 

--—-- doing It fortbca^s ol^l^r nn aMgant. round-faced antre- melr faith and yet long lo Thouaand Toara . . . 

Big Highuray 



weneur rolled B 0 1 ■ s I a w ,h, development “* ' • • J'"'*'*! 

many of the Pollah bishops paiockl. Belore the war he of their country. announced that a bride had 

*? ao jo Rom * wat^ Ihm described as a t. . •, been Miecled lor the young 

lor lha Ecumenical Casmdf Hi clerteo-foacial. But he restated , wldJ^ Emporor, and that H0m.an0 

October And It «.m. do nm ,h, oormans loyally and waa J* uii^-**1^ mJJibTr. to- "P**^ •»«* 

Nail prUon by 

Cardinal Primats Wyttynski tuitan mtervsnUon. .J",™,"'. -Aa aoon ro 11 h.v»n.a 

sure that Mne 

oW loyalty. 

on, Tba Tatagram, 'roratiia 
vflE tact that a motorist 

collection covering quite a mmmm o r^ViI 1 ' wj^naw Italian liitervsntlon. y lowaiiv "*• sttoo aa II beoocnea 

space of ground. And\ space TVl rMlI ^““1' loyalty^ 

that had' been neatly sowed A 111 dlVt !<*■ H •>>- PAX Is s lay organtaallon. „ * . * * sffblr will take place Ihe ICm- 

to make the Oovar Point «... • a a not targe but Imporlanl. It ta The PAX leaders have not peroCi wMithy and loyal 

roundabout ■ vantags point nl Totagrara. roraaia -The govommoni has long cIom to but to no way port of bean exeommunlcaled. becauaa rittaans of Ihta clly will pro- 

intriguing Interest and appeal. ef-,HE tact that a motorist caassd any wrl of Oarca ro- Ouflbl ‘h* I?™**” pare for Ihe proper obiervanoa 

1 „ —... Mm. aoTS miiaa ll|to>“ persecution. Many city Stalinist years it even acted rrprtasls. No prisot may write „|p , 1 ,, ,y,„, 

a a a 1 ron now ^ve 4J79 miles pjj„p,.hai have as many lu m aort of shield lor Ihe more for It* publications and some ^ ^ , 

As far as I know burning la ‘fto" Newloundtaod to Van- m„MS on Sunday and orthodo* Catholicism. It has of thcM have bean pul on lha ho„d,y ,h, graton ftaa will 

than tha port suggaaia it 's k-tog Imerrata wt^ alngutarly uninhibited. The to ahaw that tha church wos by lha church and Ita anoour 

xaed for lady, at least ao ! hardly maoni that hordes naa paid vail dividpd and that a rigorous agamant by the government. * PS'T " * 

__ _ ■m-m'rm m •‘tocavarad When iBad Of Cairidtaita WlU •« Off tO JJm, for',he roalora'ilon of old part of It aupportad lha r^lms. both of which are unusual I jt** 

g>n- I a vanenuy my lawn suUars the morrow to limvorao tho Tana- and lovely churehea on lha It was givan a nMr-mnnopaly eltliudaa era avlde^ of Iho . * . aiiroloaare of 

1 Cll V^CllLd a TV lail Nara af heal, but no doubt Hl.hwav «hil lhay are part of at Catholic publishing and its rerilty of compromlaa. ^e of 

J^.\KE A WISH and toss a coin into It, Works 
^ ^ Minister Chant said as ttM sparkling new foun¬ 
tain was turned on at the Parliaintnt Buildlngi, the 
government's birthday gesturt to the dvlc centenary. 

A happy idea. It might solve some of Premier 
Bennett's financial problema. He haan't any. he says; 
but Ihe money would surely cxNne In handy never- 
tbeleM. II might even take the place cf tte public 
lotteries* many people favor. 

The Socred regime haa a purlAnical streak and 
so Isn't likely to Introduce a state lottery, even to 
txilld hospitals or spread welfars aid. But a wiahlng- 
lountain la beyond cavil; it haa no moral Impllcattofis. 
True, there would be no priasa, except for Ihe hope 
that the wish would come true. But that should be 
ample reward for anyone. 

Moat lottery Investments are purely a matter of 
hope anyway. 

There la only one drawback to the idea. Dollar 
bills wouldn't do; they are perishable. Silver coin 
only might be the condition. But, alas, there would 
have to be a watchman, and his wages might run 
away with all the profits. 

Slowly Does It 

^'ANADA HAD another Imbalance during ihe pwt 
^ year; it kwt a few more citizena to other coun¬ 
tries than it gained from them. But the natural In¬ 
crease of births over deaths enabled the nation to keep 
going ahead In growth of popuiation. 

80 the latest DBS staUsUcs reveal, albeit theae 
in ume part are of neceaalty a matter of estimation 

It is calculated that some 73.000 Canadians left 
for other climes—Ihe U.S., Britain and Europe— 
while e slightly less number, 70,000, came from for- 
rira lands to take up residence here. The overall 
gain in population for tho year ending June 1 last 
was 332.000, the smallest annual rise since 1950. 

A famous saying has been that the twentieth cen¬ 
tury belonged to Canada, but patently it won't in 
terms of h'iinan h eads. It never did mean this, actu¬ 
ally. and ita verity with rsHwet to human worth and 
endeavor may yet be forthcoming. 

In abeer population this omtury belongs to the 
burgrunlni AaUn and African nations now thrusting 
kito prominenoe and, potentially, of tmmenw fututa 
kifluenOB In the aftalii of the wuril Ggnada wiH 
always lag behind ia tha context of numbers. 

■he disparity of populgtion and ptayaical sUe Is 
neverthelasi evident afresh with the toUl Canadian 
oount placed only al 18.238.000 in the midst of a vast 
and spacious land. Envious eyes will be cast on the 
room that Canada haa and to apart. 

But a nation with high itandards of living and 
ehillxed virtues cannot risk ■ dekige that wouM im- 

e ril ha charaeier, and iiw pace of ImmigrBlion seeuM 
ely to be gradual If steady and stable progre a s hae 
• to be maintained 

■W-B 01 ncai, OUI no OOUOI meamsU Ulohttrav |n»una inai inwy orv pari ui mg v-atnuiic puDiianing «na iw s*-...y Vwmwxtm^ am»»mt - - 

th« park! pc«pk m th»ir ^ th* eulluro, thoufh It lUndardi h«v« bf«i hlfh In D«plte ih* rlM* ^nd l«lta in ™ JJJTJ/*?;, 

fMilnfi In cUftrenot lo a cen- * !■ ImpoMible to get permits to the manulicturc of candles twnperature. the present com- rrom colon it n ies^ 

lury bonflrr the Uke of which way ta at tart flntahod. that - - — — ; .11^!“ '* '"‘rJ*’ *? ESI 

to all Its connoiatlont wlU nol motor trslflc ta now able to gfot Much /mpracaiNenf rhV r 

b. Msn Main In our Uma. dupl.iata lha transconUncnul -£-- iSirewii.v of ^ J' 

■ emt curioslly consumed Kuitwy tlwt t^ rnUwsy i tiavo rfrts raw -Kyf a rr«ime and Cardinal Wyiiyn rtS- TL 

me however about bonfire, to been mnkinr lor rtwotol istw- *kl accepU certain pollclM^of ^ 

fOnrrel, Juat aa thr flamra ralloro, msrka a ilafr In ns X 11^ X UXi A XV/Vfb. governmrnl that arem ro- 

would conaumr thia monu- drvelopnwnl. OtMw« Joaroal urnllal lo thia nation, abova 31 tj 

menl of pait rndrovor. A bon- Expoii-^nce with IU(hway!i. all. Ihe prnnanance ol Ihe new dJU \ i ' { 

flrr I aaaoclatrd with Chapa new and old. ta that they noon a monG Uie talllnia of "Whan SO yaara taler. riiMa IronUera and the new terri- Hri 

like Guy Fawkro and sa ■ baooma rlogged with trslflc. tho beat dttzww ol were ao abuacd aa lo lead to tortrs that Poland gained irom Mjgpt --f 

aight lor chlldtah ryea, but this and if the Train Canada be- n,,, ,yl„„ 11 ^ Blmon de Montfort'a revolt. Germany In IMS In recom- w .W A 

PSrposeful evocation at flame, comes a royal highway for pul tha city hall Him naver thia Norman Engitah earl prnse for thoae they lort lo C* 

I <ind. la an tnetani rile of lourtals. ao much the belter, ^ the Juiao. Angloa indicaltad lo hta Parltamont lop- Ruisla. And every Pole. Wv 

man. Bonea wore burnt In tho OonladrisUon could hardly gauna. : rewnUUvea at lha towns, no Catholic or Communtat. feels ^ ^ ^ "I 

open In targe hMps many con- have bean allawed to rroch its -n,)), Mayer Whiilon almoal' than of the boroni and the same. T J 4 

lurlei ago, and 1 dartaay aome lOOlb Hrthitay without the eonrineea uo, ta a pity and w* the blshopa- *nd from that The church hu the heart of 

were In our awn bln hday blaxo highway bolng lintahed from (aM a aonoa of minor cslll P»sr UflS all the chareeter j Potond. the party Ihe body. It I- 

of Thursday although of a coast lo coail. that no are not mart ofiem tatic and bule loolureo of our'“ bsr**the c^lualon 

dlllereni nature. I iruai. Large if the highway encourege. aware that lha oftloa o»iP*r>tomenlary and loeol aril-to ^'s"^ •« the -■ 1. j. 

ps^bhe fim <4 modorn ilk. aa Cntiarii.n. lo redtacover ihclr aldarman ta lha oldaoi In tho r rammenl have «'" P'T blTm^TiiTTm, "* ^ 

dtatinel from thoae aet lurrep country. It wiU tai worth Ita AngloRaxon itory and that. Praadenad down. Irom pre «nla atrange -f*—r lha 

illioualy lor devious roosont. ooal. Eacb aoedon of Canada M our mayor oayo. "It wu In eodeot to precedent. 000.10 "" auanauM 

are a meona of colebraiing vie- m rooted in hlrtory nnd In Iti and through their own local| "Brought 10 Now Engtand|- - - —----^- 

lories. Of lor smUMmani as own cullnio. Flnl-hand knowl govtmmtnt that men lirsi by the New England Mltlere, O^mAmmrm a/ * • - 

“•‘H'y- tdge hu no subititulc. and woo and axsrriaod their rlghls rarrled with lham into Can cw 0 / %fur ttyrmut 

a o • Canada ta worth BMlng for lo diroel artlea In gWMnb adn ty lha United Empire. 

I-,. ^ . yoiirsalL ment." Loyallali. ihta municipal w n «o 

The Clover Mnl bonfire hlahwav ta bv ■ ■ S Iramework wu first repeated! Ktfbll 

qualified on each ol ihta. „ Tho mayor hu •rtll.n for 1" slaUC Oeil 

ihrv* counu, bting • Mlutsiy hlghwiy In Gintii. unos ac Otuws'a aldt n aan an •utllna'?* "*^113!!*” to HAIVLIIN ■lanchahd 

rwihod of disposing of com; csss lo Iht main urban etntre^ of iW history behind IheIr ^ JANE Bell was bom at Gtas^ boou ihst had survived the 

bpattoos liner, a treat lor remains tha crillrol probtam olfic. with the tollowlpg to J ign. Her father l«npe,t and which tad ^rod 

young and old alike, uid a In highway ptannlng. Yet It la data; ^rioMn^ C^tll^^ The family a aafe iHdtoroge In p^ 

tsstatwiil lo tha vlciorton- a aymboilc thread ol Caiwdtan Whan the raiding Jute*. >"«»« ftov* been Inclined lowart ,«he fell Inapired ta writs 

spproacb to a new century ol unlly. lo itlr Cansdtan pride Angles and Saxona arttled uasraiura. tor hsr hrolhPr, Mta hysu "tor J wta 

a dty aptly named Victoria, and ta add aUU anolhar an- Brltata, each band oKWOd Its ^ innen^ti.? Shortft BeB. wuatao *n aolhor go down to the wa hi ahiuo 

An^iy It wu a humdinger oauregemeni to tha Irtandly ri wh” of . Ufe ol Mary Queen of ^ occupy tbereaoivts to dee. 

of a bonfire, wunt It. laurtai Within the ahire each amsH Sceto. kstws." 

fhTP^^k^k - ^ isr r »• -r b* fo««d m aom. 

Birds Vs. Insects r"»'w«-• 

IhSHWtoSn were known col ' gllr wu 36 when ihc mor- JJ, " 

•nrxa cowruho 


to‘T78i“*’l"‘ *•* bod lurvIvH the 

with Ita tollowlpg to iJtaf piraoeStJ ‘811. Her father trmpeat and which tad lecurod 

the raidin. Juta. oSario. in Ita CoMIIIUItanal .V***^" *^,.1!!!•^«tarage In port. 

Ita raiding ^ ^ ^ mual have been Inclined toward ,«he fell Inaplrod ta writs 

and Saxona arttled .; ‘ uaeraiura tor tar hralher iha. -iu ---- 

each band aacntad Halbb** RrafcaMiy al firol by ”*.*»** S» wbp 

were known col 

XXll UO V a. XUOCVLO Pwlnce ot Cuada lOMano Bright th# lhal .ndto 

i ta Canada Wul •" «». 

By fiXRGOBY CLARK * ?? 1^ ' Three Ital^ April Hours. ‘Ctaer the pilot', vlilo. dreary^ 

taaMarman were known col ' gKr wu 36 when iht mor- r., JT," 

I T Is quite within the realm: The Importance ol bird, to tactivoly u the TUngoaiail • • • itad a relative by the Mmr of 

of poulMllly that wllhlnl‘bs control ot the potentially'<tows gathering). Each| Chir mayor, with her Miwc Slmpwin. who oma alao a real .ijS.' ■" 'b* 

.. lexploaive Insect population ta Tungaasst lelerted one mem-iof hlrtory. will know tliai the dent ol Utaagaar—^BSa caltad* 

ton yaara. one oi tha toSJor^ ^ ,^1 gn- u loeve or head man. dignity and tradition ot aoun ths dear green spot by s' •bet alghg 

political groblem. in North „ biotagtaU- The The loovas of all the tuns met rib seldom protect them from mota who came to eonvert the J. 

'Amenro wIB be Ihc strussta deatruettaa ol miaFoUna birds i to tho MUremooe and the. Ibe crMrism or posilivs 111 Briton, of Slrathrivde bim pm ullor'i lonely pllloo^ 

Amenro wig be Ihc rtruggta deotructtaR 01 migrating bird. i to tho MUremooe and the. the crMrism or posilivs 111 Briton, of Blrathriyde bim Pta ullor'i lonely pllloo^ 

ba«worti Cm^S and the wb" have to crou tho cotton.lbeads af the ahlrr-modta were ofltl al daHopitonu of Jutes. When Henry Ball was atUior, ** ***■ 

UniiM ouiu Mr Mcda WBn ud other voot omsorMe 1 sblro-forttoa. 0 , title that tur-.Andtas. Saxona and Norrnui. of The Edinburgh Uterary *sr of faith! When winds aig 

un..,-an r*. ^ ^.fsrsM lhal a« ersoUni • beltlirtves bl Aeriff. jwta havo to pay laxr. Journal, many oiora Uw naodung ; 

W hat w ia th nnda ta lf ItaegBUnaat ta no| Wllllnm the Conqueror, Atao. coundta tav« not bn arttale. hta ileier conlitbutfdl AH kta toL ta flloa ta Ttaol 
^ihera and (ontral cnMMI|^ ^ qpssUoned. the ahlrea into counUc. proved u.lhcy might 1110 old to that favorlta magaxliw of Save him on tho Hllowa rocto 

Mmos. In the uiimoaiB of ttairi prodortlon sgricullore tor hta aounti or borons. He ahlrc meet hod “trial by Hw time ibg 

vul Mftoullural InwMmenl.^^ cootani ta rely on blita. tof to lbs towna their moou. oMssl'' u pnri of the iutOcr Jane Simpson had gn in ' Tar. tor si ua. 
pni-on allMr wIM binta •••b.jii mw gsM Ktantlflc. Is Can- •''^*"8 Norm in It diapoMod and s grim bMi uousi love lor iho m. Bta ws. liar ihrlM! Ob utely iuuto 

laecol and wrtd control nreoorod ta so setanUfIc “"to ®* ssunell. Thrtr reeve, nen U wu The modern coun loHlnaied by the numcious hint 

|ehfra ieM». m that u tow of „ aoal of lu'Mrta* Hw'b^tabs «Myoe»- from Ihe Nor- ril Impnou Its “Irtal by ordaal- .hips and Pieir rich eargau.' Bring the wanderer home in 

our lawful mlUtoM of toM.. ,, - „ 1 ,,^ inoiliij ..1 *'*" "sssjor." 1 wntor or by InteroUnsbis dMnlo oud tram tor-oll piMro lhal 000 -, IVe! 

Ratoa. In the uiimonm of theiri predortlon atricullore tor hta asunt. or borons. He ahlrc meet hod “trial by Hw • 

vui Mrtoullural Invuimenl.i eontanl ta relv on talnta toti lo lbs towno their moou. oMmI’’ as port of the |uKb> Jar 
pot-on all our wild binta •lth'j| ariantlfla to Can- KMm the Norman It diipanaad and a grim uoual 

•soest *"8 'veed control nreoorod ta so actanllfic *f ssunetl. Thetr reeve, nen U wru The modern coun IohIi 

riifiu irola. M thst M tow ol'^, ^ ha 'MrM* -n„'beroum SMyora. from the Nor- ril Impooes lu "trial by niitaur ihlpi 

_ w towful mlUtaM of toM.. - , |,,u|| |-,,|||_i'*'*" *ssu|Dr." a wntor or by Intennlnsbis dMuio aad irmu 

^ !totof to. mm, MTitoSSriSii*"-* •* bw r v s l tag I sdaital.s to the .umi 

DM «M oqgM Wbas oust amf ,V_ | Mayor Wkltloa*s artbda,angstah of ditoana orho Isel Cfydi 

(tastiuya ^nadi's MikslIurcT' Iduwu. Boam um, rosminua. | unnareaury daisy ta lorture. uw. 

stas to 

TgRuraaBtog luBitoMnu tu the etaaily plied the grui river Bore icmaiatloM long havg 
Wkllloa*! artbda, angutah sf ditaana orho loel Cfyds up fram dm oeoau. toMt thud IBb 

I un nares u r y dstay la lorlurt. uw, too, seww of lha halMesdl Bbr. tor at sao. 

Batin (CalanM Vktari*. I.C. Saa., Au. I, IM2 §j 

Geneva Settlement Riddled icith Holex 

‘Neutral’ Laos Reds for the Taking 


R egardless of th* eximt 

lo wMch lh« Smlru and 
tiM Rad Chu— aim or dla- 
agrat. It wauld ba a fatal rals- 
taka to auuma that thay ara 
■01 OfiBiy unitad in Ibau' dadl- 
caitoa to ODomunlit awld 

Aa aa n cyarha t a alaa. lhatr 
abiacUaai to SouthaMt Asia 
lava baan. and will ramain. 
dUraatrically nppnaaJ to Ihoaa 
af iha Wait. 

Haoea Iha Maa lhal both 
Fr^iar Khr ua hchav and, Prasi* 
dani Kaiaady can ba lighl in 
hailtog Iha "aaulrailiatian ' of 
Laoa la dlfflcull to awalkiw and 
Impaaaibia to dlt**l' 

about Laoa baramlnn and re- rnre to tha Idea of hia lulli- 
maining truly neutral and In- blUty. Bui practically In the 
dependent. He knowi lhal all ^ame breath he offered the 
will be well becauie the Pre- gralultoui auggeation. made 
mler of North Vietnam, one lo him In Hanot by the North 
Pham Van Duong, told him Vletnameae premier, that tha 
ao. way to aolve the altuation In 

a dr * South Vietnam la for that 

Alao becauae the Sovieta. the country alao to become un¬ 
ited Chinaee, and the North aligned and neutral. 

ara committed only to alay 

One reaull la fo leave Ihei 
Pathet Lao troope in full con-j 
irol of that part of Lao* con 
tiguoua to North and South 
Vietnam. Another la to factli. 
late the reaumption of > 1111-1 
tary action by Souvbnouphong' 
when he conaidera the time' 
npe. I 

• Hie 19-man coalition! 
government Includea lour, 
right-wing membem, 11 neu-' 
iraliata. moat of whom Uxt| 
heavily lo port, and four overt 

The moel leftUt government 
ever act up in Laoa. already It 
liaa repudiated protection from 
SEATO. recognlied five Cbm 
munlat reglmee—Red China. 
Poland. Caechoalovakla. North 
Vietnam, and Eaai Germany, 

- and accepted SBOO.OOO In aM 
from the USSR. 

• No actton can be taken 
by ihe new coalukin govern- 
meni wltboul unanimoua agree¬ 
ment among Ihe troika mcm- 

Ihal the Pethet Lao armin 
be integrated Into the new Lao¬ 
tian army. The Communlat 
element aald tbia waa an Id- 
ternal affair, ao the demand 
waa dropped. 

Nothing along thia line haa, 
been done; the rival armlen 

Communlat and who oommanda 
Ihe loyalty and full aupport at 
Ihe meal powerful military lorcc 
in the country, the Pathet Lao. 

It la not ttkeiy that be and 
Noeavan can agree on anything 
C( anbatanoe. Diaputca betwe en 
them cannot be aeltlad by the 
putative p r emier, alnee each at 
the triumvirate hoida the power 
of abankue win 

Phouma'a relaying o^ thla 
happy thought may not en- 
tirriy acquit him of the charge 
of gullibility, but It removee 
any lingering doubt aa lo hia 


• • . fullibir. or 

Und#r thif srtup two fhini* 
can happen: no HfecUve 
meni at ail. which mill aena 
Ihe Cbfnmunisl‘B book admJr* 
* ably jUnca they thrive on chaon; 
or a %\m&y drift Into the Com- 
munlsl orWu which will Milt 
them even better. 

• The acreemeni pravlriec 
for the withdrawal of all foreign 
itniopB by Oel. IS. I recommend 
Itfainit holdinc your breath un- 
I til tMg happens. 


Reccnily, In Waihinghai. 'he 
purported premier of Lane, 
imilreliat Prince Souvanna 
Phouma. exprciiied confidence 
Ibat Ifie Geaave agreamenii 
Juet arrived at will iraure ihe 
continued ntulralily and inde¬ 
pendence at We country. 

Hia pradictlana are m roeeaie. 
however, lhal the iccpiical cai^ 
■oi avoid a Miepicinn that 
Phouma tilher it gullible or 
tWnki the U.S. li. 

Heaven kaowi he has good 
raaaen lor holding the latter 
view. If Ihe U.S. Is not, he 
would aot now be to office. 

Peace Treaty Without Power 

By JOHN HIGHTOWER They are receiving a aleady,cifytng reaerve righu for Iha 
From WaBklBgloB flow of Russian - Inspired | .Soviet Union on the more 

DVIET PREMIER tumors of.trouble In Europeanicrllical Berlin problem. 
Khnuhehev pndmbly will ■'apliala and ilgni of a new{ Oth^wlae Khrushchev 
n a aeparale peace tremy! frowlng would ^ po^on of 

h Commonlal East Germany I ■>""«>•« «tay- 

er this year. But It Is high -' there Is alao evidence hand in determining the fate 

unlikely he will give the •^■1 Khrushchev has not made ful future of the Berlin prob 
It Germana the powvr to Onal decislona as lem than It sectni to be In 

inge Ihe world into war' *’* continues hia prruurea to Ruasla’a interest, 
pr Berlin. ' United Stales. Britain Hie power to lorre the isaue 

JR leaders now are eener Prance to abandon West on Berlin is the power to 
y aarl^ LZ Berlin. start a third world ^r. And 

more than 10.000 Viet Cong 
aoMiers with the Pathet Lao; 
hesw do you son out a North 
VIelnamesa soldier from a 
Pathet Lao' If Ihe farmer does 
not wish to be tdenUfledT 
• One of Ihe precondi- 
llpns established for the new 

Mr ssnasf. i.s asasi. ..s I sn. 

•lisa UlkW abaul IS. Bia.r Stl*.r. 
aaS a.'.a aanf T*l ka.e aSla la llaai. 
aat SSI Biaa aha ara SS .haalS haM 
■ arh silfuallr Ittllai Baloaaaila Ih- 
laraaca—aas at rasular laui Ewa- 
alallr ws.a Ihar la la saaS haallh aaS 
alth laaS laaara. Waaaaaaa aaa.a I 
aaSariiaaS It allhat Allhaaih lah 
hrahahli haM a aaaihar al faar. la 

government waa 

kaowlcdge of Ihe temper and 
payciiology of Ms countrymen, 
and of Ow aipirolinni of Ms co- 
pre m ter s - Rsd Prince Souvotv 
rmphong ond proiWeslem Gen¬ 
eral PhoumI Nosavon ihan any 
ranaUtr. Hence Ihe flat slale- 
menl dial Ms predlclioas are 
wrong cannol be supported. 

Bui to an outsider Ms espo- 
Mtion cf the situallon eHhar 
Ignoras or plays down so maay 
obstacles In Ms path imaay 
Miherto Insarmauntiblel, 

Croicn Princes Agitate for Change 

!• M Crtvlmi Um Bltfr tsm'i aa« 
tlM M •ilaMtak tkHi fa^ Bittiac 
•TPcerii . vHli Wa«Raa«a^ W* B Ilka 
la aaa laa dmiac ia*! •>. taal 

■ ABM.C nABANHa A l«N ■IlVDI.r 
III AdHlIaH ■aUBIai. ttrlafU 
Ifl^Maa: BVftiraaa 

lar tha M/amO/l0S0 

MtrniaL iniDBaMci txiuraav 

P RBSSl'RE is mounting for West German Chancellor 
Konrad Adenauer to step tlown from the post he has 
held since the federal republic was bom 13 years ago. 

Ramnrs In Bonn say some rahlniH members may quit 
If Ailenaaer dneaa'i. Hie movemeal acaiiwl Mm repnriedly 
Is pmmnlrd by V'lre-Cbaaorllor Ladwig Erhard and 
Defence Mlakter Fnuri-loaef BlraaBs, both of whom 
openly hope lo anreeeid him. 

Except for their common goal there are no more 
dissimilar men In the West German government. 

Erhard is an rconomisL Hia countrymen credit him 
with West Germany's high standard of living and Ihe 
miraculous post war Industrial recovery. 

Oa Ihe other haad, Ntratots abnosl slaglehaniledly has 
erealcd Ihe powerful defence forees Identified so dmely 
with IrsdlUonal German aaltanallsm. Now a major pari 
of tlhTO, Hie force stands as a flr eb ri i ah agalaal Banola. 

There Is (ear In sonte quarters that Erhard could not 
deal with Ike Rusilaiui. Strauss, other Germans fear, is 
loo forceful and dangerously ambitious. Political opinion 
In Germany la lhal both are llkgly to become chancellors, 
Erhard first, then Stmuas. 

Khrushchev Is understood to 
have given retiring U.S. Am¬ 
bassador Llewellyn Thompson 
lo understand that he wants, 
lo develop further his case for 
a change In Ihe status of West 

This rould mean that he In¬ 
tends to open up Ihe whole' 
Lssue In the United Nations 
General Assembly In the tall, 
again claiming that the con-i 
Unued Western occupation of 
the dly creates a threat of 
war which could be elimlnalcd 
If the West woiRd bow lo 
Ills demands. 

The best Informed ofticiala 
in Washington believe Khrush¬ 
chev in Ihe end will rhooae to 
avoid war but will make his 
threat to sign a peace treaty. 

Official Washington is all 

Hw ranks of sceptics Include 
governmenl offtclats of neigh¬ 
boring Thsllsnd. adn point out 
lhal the Geneva seltlemenl pro- 
vtdea toaulflclenl guarantees 
■gainst an eventual Oommuntsl 
lakeofver to Laos, and who 
openly quefllrm that Ihe Oim- 
munlsl signalorlei iwMch iiv 
elude the USSR. Communist 
China, and North Vietnam i can 
be trusted. 

Eiqiefttnce alone should ex¬ 
clude fliy doubt that they are 
right about Ihe se c ond pomi 
With respect to the first paint, 
my view Is that they have badly 
understated the case. 

The torms of the agreement 
pracltrally guaranlee lhal Ihe 
CammuolBlB will lake over in 
ohorl order. The life expeetanev 
of a nautralisl Laos Is about lhal 
nf a snnrfaall to Hit nctlier 

II la frne lhal I have 
changed my ogelh-y and 
Ike name of my firm bal 
ni la Ihe Sf'Ol.iJIRD 

, ever-amiling 



hut convinced that 
rhev will sec lhal the treaty, 
oontainn tome previsions ape. 

W. Humphrey Gniby 


r«EMRimO«f aKARIMQ IflBtRIMRMTt •• mS 4 

mf tmttf • ■MMF*liB*k iHarAal#* b»4 mb* r— fvwB |WM !• 

•M*.at pMBAA'akI* iwvvhHM fsm mmf meks. 

Erhard the Tolerant 

‘Strauss the Berserker 

rN EEB^ARY, 1962, West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer faced a political erisia. 
^ He was nervous and uncertain. The Communists and Social Democrats were attacking 
him viciously tor seeking lo rearm West Germany. 

The man who stepped In Ihe . j .i. 

hrecch and saved Uw day was *’“**'* “P slfcngth lo unseat say lie Is power mad and ruth- 
Fram-Joael Srauss. then a "'m 1^ and that he wnuld dntrm; 

mtaor government offlrlal. i Allied officials credit Strauss * f»"‘/t democracy If he 
_ . . .. . IH llh btaldinc Ihe German armed 

'^haid-MlUng Strauss,,^ ('»"< "Shing into a 

plunged I powerful force in Ihe Nonh l 

his own ditflcultles. Then he -r,-. I - 


IWT DOI UI.AS ST. lOpp. Wnniworth’sl 
For aa appolabnenl plnaae phone F;V MIM 

“All my advisers are against 
it, loo.” Erhard assured him. 

Since then ihe West German 
economy jnade a dramatic re- 
~ national 

oovery. The gross 
product is high, its living 
standards Ihe best in Europe 

The Royal Canadian Navy's 
Pacific Command 



are West Germsn. Strau.<s' de¬ 
fence plans call for an eventual 
force of 12 German divisions, 
each with ID.000 mm. 

The West (>mian Lufiwatfe 
is a tnrmidabie Pete Al last 
count. U hod 0.000 men in a 
lntnapi>rt srtng. lour hghter- 
bomlier wlnos and a fighter 
wing. Six other wings are under 

Construrilon started in I960 
on 12 convralNmal aubinartnes 
for Ihe German navy. Also 
under cnnstnirtlon are six 6.000- 
Ion guided missile destroyers. 

Strauss' brawny behavior and 
Iqulrk temper have earned Mm 
many enemies Some call Mm 
"Strains the B erserker." others 

and II has s firm ruimw). his haod bobbed up end iksan 
Erhard's policies set Ihe ball aa he drove home hsa argummi 
rolling and It has not slopped fw defence form. West t>f^ 
He has been minister oftmany. Harried Strauss, hbs de- 
ecooomlcs aince 1919 pendml lor Its very life on 

Erhard claims a change of membership in the ueslem 
leaders wUl not mean a change community She had In link 
in German policy. "Hie roun- hersell with Ihe Iree world or 
try'! neeiLs dictate the policy perish, 
and our nerds are far morv • e * 

than military. ' he has laid. • The Soviet policy of rxpan 
“What about economic needs, slon threatms German lecur- 
pollllcal needs' Germany must Ity ' he argued "Any deal with 
know where she belongs. Mill Moscoh- Is out of Ihe question.'' 



A Grand Parack at 2 p.m., Thursday, Augu-st 8, will feature marching 
units, bands, floats, naval equipment and clowns to delight Ihe crowds 
through downtown Victoria. The ensuing program will preaent aome- 
thing for everyone— 


to the Editor 

diplomary with French Presi¬ 
dent Charles de Gaulle. 

Band Concerts by Band of HMCS 

Traditional Naval Ceremonial 
with nightly Sunset Cerrmonlea 
al the park grounds. Ulumina- 
llon display and flreworka. Satur¬ 
day, Aug. 11. 

Moat Germans predlrl lhal 
Ludwig Krhord. popular rcon- 

Erhard has shown greater omics mimsier and vice rhan- 
rmpathy lor Brilam and re-icellor. will be Ihe next chan- 
lects her dogged enterprise, eelloi. but poUUcal analysis 
Id fight for tsrilf coniroli in believe Strauss will play a 
>e European Economic Com-jdouble waiting game he will 
“"'•F' ‘support Erhard wMIe resolving 

Thrilling aerial duplayi. 


Your paper recently informed me that the kind 
hearts and gentle people at OtUwa had once more 
changed Ihe death penalty of a convicted murderer 
to one of nfe-imprisonment. 

TTils maans lhal part of 
the taxes which I find so 
dlllloull to arrape logelher 
will be spent In feeding this 
man. clothing him. paying 
Bomrone lo watt upon him. 
providing fuel to keep him 
warm, fumlahtng entertain 
menI for him to case he gf4a 
bored, houtong him and re¬ 
building h I a oomfortaMe 
quarters whenever he gels a 
lilile peevtah and bums down 

"Sailor for a Day" Cruise for 1 AOlt 
Greater Victoria ynungstera. on 
destroyer eacorta. Two-hour trips 
each day. leaving from and re¬ 
turning lo Esouimalt Dockyard 
I Boys and girls of 12 yean and 
over use coupon below 1 

Demonsirallona and exhibits both 
ashore and afloat, aea-alr demon- 
stratldns. minesweeping exerctses, 
navy divers and “frogmen" and 
ntbrr artivlllea. 



(Jualllied persons, other than properly owners, wishing 
to have their names entered on the Saanich Munklpal 
LisI of Elertora as either Restdrnl-elei'tors or Tenant- 
rlertora tor /I9A2A.T must file the necessary declara¬ 
tion or ronOswlfl^hn with the Municipal Clerk, M-unl- 
clpal Hall. 4512 West Saanii h Road NOT LATER 

For Ihe ronvenleme of the public, dertarallon forma' 
may be obtained and completed free of charge at any 
of the following offices: 

I. Neelaada. 1M Pari HIrari 
E. E. HeaHi. fU l atas Htreri 
r. Kllln. IITA Fort Htreri 
Manlripal Hall. ISIS West HMaIrk Road 

All enquiries regarding the Uat should be made to Ihe 
office of Ihe Municipal Clerk—GR 91821 

Ihe pleasant penlienUary wa 
have built for him. 

I Hncerely hope that the 
aofiqieaiTed and soft-he ade d 
genileraent who are In con¬ 
trol at Ottawa are aMe lo 
control their Infaiuatlon for 
convicted murderers before 
they come lo the point of 
arranging bonuses and re¬ 
wards lor them In order to 
encourage adder partlcipa- 
lion In their mlsohlevoua 

231 Jotoop Avenue. 

Al that point. German ob¬ 
servers say, Ihe man most 
likely lo move In svitl be Franz- 
Josef Htrauss. 


Chalriype escalator for 
thooc adth stalr-citoibing 

■. A. Irate Liabtr Ba. LM. 
Oil Daagtan HE gV 90324 

If you are 12 years of age. or mrer, fill in this coupon and exchange It for 
idMir ticket on the "Sailor for i Day" Gratae. Coupona must be rxi-hanged 
between S ajn. and • p.m. Monday, TUeadav or Wednesday. Aug. 6. 7 and B. 
at the Navy BooUi, corner Yalea and Douglas 

More Deaths 
Fetcer Births 

OTTAWA iCPi—Canadtana 
rut hack on their Mrths. mar-‘ 
nagie and divorces last year. 
Only deaths Increased. 

A Dominion Bureau of Sta- 
Hatlcs report Miowi Ihe na- 
tional Mrih rale dropped to Ha 
lawrot point since 1945. Lost 
year's figure oi 391 births per 
IJXn population comparad adihj 
a liaO rate of 399. 



Three chapels detRcated to thoughtful and 
underatandiiig Krvioe. 

Victoho Sidnty Colwood 

■VS-lftll ORB-SKI GRUni 







■(■Main th ain tW n miiBieally; i 
with that oalabraitd vlrtuoao. 
Thr accmaian wai a Bach Fn-. 
aval In Baih, England, which 
frovldrd a aciica of new Bach 
racetainga over itie pan two I 
yaara. Tbr Maatcal Offrrtng"| 
h Iha IBMM aan ndMaad lAa-i 


ART BUCHWALD Has an Infnrlaling Meal 

”7 Lobsi 

J3C11CV6 ^ oOiar tey flat lour limn aa many man 

gat aletfi aa amman. Thii la tha Wnd ot artlda that gaca 
a man to thinking, and are attned la wondar why II ama 

AnnlAgacf Than wa rteallad a convanatlen wo had had artPi 

Oa ovr adfa Iha night before. It want aomalhlng Uhe thU. 

^ “Hello, daar. Whal'i lor dinner?' we aaked. 

^ bIUTB recipe lor tohalar Nawtmrg.* atm 

In aoiDllnaaa al haBUUngly “You probably aran'l Ilka IL“ 

Iha Nonhmn OnUrlo laka. the ^ ‘ 

andaraaa arapa waa Uttia mora *** ^ ^ '‘■ 

than a aharply aloping hlllalde a a a 

Omt *OMad aukkly from the * half hour Utar wa were anting at4ha dining room 

anrtoTa daplh of « faet •"« •*" «»* ^ 

A thick eoatl^ of grey ailt „ “"•V.**'.."* “** ““ 

Mnnd. - III.I It. you don t have lo cot It. 

move, nllatlng tte aoana one Wa laaM It “Iff ^lou^ ab^ulrty delldouaj 

af lull- Ini drab and Ihe wa thought lo ouraeif: “Now aha a going to aak 

abaancaof laa Ufa ^y addad »■ H H***^ la too much aah In It”I 
further lo Iha dmolalloa of "“<1 I pul loo much aalt In It?” aha aaked. 

ptaoa. I'*’*' <ll<lt‘t- It'* luat perfact.” 

a a a a a a 

Now and than a tieo trunk “> couldn't find the rice Ihe recipe ailed for. ao \ 

or mol protrudad out of the I***! lo uaa a auhaiMule. I guaaa that'a where I made my*^ 
aill la laom nmlnoualy in the mlatake. 

murky water but iha eurk "If*" <*'<*" • "“I'* ■ m>»laki.“ we aid. trying to keep 

III, branehaa ar * I'rt" IdP on ouraeif. The rko la wonderful and ao la 
roola did nothing to tnereaa “t* lobaier. Thta waa juat tha kind of diah I waa looking 
my eanfldanee aa 1 moved forward to having tonight.” 

Utraugh Ihe alien almoaphere Wa guea that waa overdoing H, beause ahe aid; 

I had tha Improalon of being Tou don't have to ha arcaatic I waa trying to auipria 
alone on tha im>an or atane you. 

aqually atrange aatronomical ’‘I’"* «»« trying lo be aaraaUc. What am I auppoaed 

My wbea gravity waa abaeni to aby* I told you I liked it. lent that enough ?” 
and coamlc dual had aellled a * a 

loaaely on the planai'a aurfaa. "All I want you to be la honeat. la that too much to 
a a a aak? I don't are If you don't mi It. You won't hurl my. 

' An I moved through the fecllngi. Would you like pm la fix you a hamburger In- 

alien world, the motion of my a*—**?" _ 

fllppera crated currenta which 

ahrred the alll 1^ clou^ fjg CoUectM RoUa-RoyceM 
which hung auapendad In the 
liquid void behlrid me. Ahead. 

the dark curtain' of opaque ¥¥ I ■ ¥J 

aratar obacured any crMluree IH 

or monaiera that might be j A.J 

lurking more than a few feat ' 

* On PflrU 

I waa dhrlng alone; breaking \/ll A til Al 

• rule which la moat eaaentlal 

for aafe akindiving. Indeed. PORT CREDIT. Onl. (CPI—| 
auch a practla la abnoat a When lumbar and mining man 
ardinal aln. I Fred R MacDonald moved 

Lobster^with Ulcer to Follow 

Hobby Housed 
On Parking Lot 

”1 don't want a hamburgar. I amnt lo mi iha Mater, 
laot that what-you eookad for dinner tonight?” 

"Well, you don't have lo ahout.” 

*001 wa talk about aomalhlng bealdM tha damn 

‘Therr'f mora If you want It,” aha old hopefully. 

~Yaa. I adll have a little mora,” wa raplM 

Tou don't have lo Jual to be nloe.” 

T'ra not being nice. I'm being hungry.” 

We didn't My anything for a few mlnulH and wa 
thought tha lubtect had been dropped, but aa usual am 
ware mlalaken. 

~Tha children didn't Hke It” aha Mid. 

“Kida don't know arhal good la.” wa bbM. 

*1 think the next lime 111 hrotl the Mater. It'l prob¬ 
ably the MUM they didn't like.” 

* * e 

”Klds don't go for rich hncm.” are agreed. 

Then you admit the mum is too rich.” 

”No, I don't admit to any such thing. I said It was too 
rich for the kids.” 

”It has white wine In It ” she Mid. 

”1 know it hM white arlna In It. Don't you think I can 
taite It?” 

Tau*ra ahouttag again.'* 

* * * 

. ”1 knew,” am raplled warily. ”I think I'm gatllng 
aa ulcar.” 

"Wall. If you think m,” aha Mid, ”yau ahauUn'l be 
Mting MsUr." 

Jungle ' 



LONDON fCPi — Six Cam 
bridge Unlvaraity aiudenii 
have gone Into tha Oattral Af¬ 
rican bush to iM U Iherr Is 
anything the tribal witch doc-1 
Ion an leach aclenllala. 

Expedllioa iMdar Peter 
Tyrer Mid: 'Although a lot of 
people think ariloh doctors use 
much murabo jumbo, we may: 
find then era useful properties 
In some of tha piania they use.”' 

Pdlio HiU Six 

la sM of paralytic peWomyel'tia 
arere reportad In Canada laM 
week bringing the losal num¬ 
ber of polio cBSM for the year 
lo » 


o( GreiMr VIelaeih 


II fairs ti PniBtiai m 

TiMWiEsi iRlaW 
TOUDAT fifaagk lAtVHAI 

for sAfe ikindlving. Indeod.l PORT CIICDIT, Ont. (CP) — 
such a practla la abnoat a When lumbar and mining man 
ardinal sin. Frtd R MacDonald moved 

I'd made txcusM to myself from northam Ontario lo thU 
on Iha aurfaa that it was a Iskeshore community just west 
neoMlty. Thera ware no oOiar of Toronto In 1180 he decided 
divers within mllM and I had b* needed a hobby lo tUl hit 
an abligatlen tn my friends apart ttana. 
to loala tha tlihini tackle Slna he wasn't Interested in 
that had btun hat there the siampa, buttarfllea or antiques, 
yar bafera. he chose eara—but not juat 

* * * any Mrs. Ha eonanirates on 

But now that I stm under- Rolls Royca and their sister 
water and alone. I rMlixed Benileya. 
the full extent at ite mlatake puCCT OP II 

JM“torth.TMb.t:^."it "***“'« 

If INI sllghtMt thing went 

wtong. I waa dMd. "My M ^n so Mg that 

Atad Thafg Not AH! 



s To Talkf Sing 

Thera me no «cond chmwM "" ^ 

f«r Iht erring skliMlIwr. but tby m nt a evfnes lo 

rd rant too Ur to turn bock ^'***'*^« ** dwnand* con* By DAVID GRENIEE 

_ * *** " tkimbit fxtra sptce 

Ha bought Ma first Roils, a MURRAY HILL, NJ. (TNS)-A computer that 
I forcad mv thouahU awav Sllrar Wraith tourer, in 1950 c«i Ulk and sing aounda like so mething wt ol adeticc 
fram Uie da^erous pesitlori •'i|> began tha palnataklnf fiction. 

I had put myalf In. If I dwelt 1^* rewerlng It. But at the giant Bell Labors EM Ubaratala Is ‘be^ra- 

Binhar M B, tt would arals urAiLa BlUiTKa lorlsa MUhilibineni here — annolABiertcM rate 

ID hooplul. 

op WBArtM MO 
Piral prtM: o 
Bd IM world for 

flnn got Cm mb 
Mio. mrnrU Vm 

liip CMrCa for bororlf, kor 


iifiifnta kf 

•OiA OiatBt 

III OtiB kf 

■••hlB IWBBB-DnBB 


tan kf Art frlB*. MtAi 

• AiBiaiBB Ma 

MsBkBia fr«« 

WOTfeOAM. II W I. MamSt 
f >. its* tOurBAif t»t 
?»!••» tOaaaS Mmm 

Manabl, lath to tro^e. was foJ^' "^^ Xr iie. Se tailrtloriM 

iM^^roveolrd no Sifn I? 1II« • Momuiw »<> to ^atat. « nio<flu«J 

of ih# loot llihlnc tockle In . » •.. j • pojtsoble veriion of Conxion Hty. 

Mile nf the (set ihai the hMi R*«*ntly he rented a ar I-Bicycle Built For T»vo,” Resrarcheri have made their 
was supposed to have ban ****^*7*' Ullillu**’**? they've even taught It to ra- mark In many flelde like the 

awerturned acMtarint Ita en- hi Port Credit ao he rt>uldi{(le part of Hamlet's famous Iranslslor, Ihe tolar bsltery 
Ore conlenu over the Uke allertlnn, which sIm, To Be Or Not To Bo" solllo 'hat now powers Telsisr. and 

at anything. INTENHE LICBT musUes. 

, DAILY »Wn^ ^ irs MA8ER 

1 began to tuapeet I wu He keept his five favorito tacular project being worked tkey'rt putting 

on ■ wild gooM eboae dealgned eort ot koine and rar ttekoa ^ ^ Alreody adentitta here con * toto Ihe acientUle 

to give my esanpaniona the raat abnoat dally, iitoathdng prince hMms of light to In- voahulary — a word that' 

Oirill of watching a skindiver his Imerest In trading and mine they ran be used at mes- auslng as much axctlemenl 

at work, and when I surfaced acquiring aula In half a dosen g,g, cucriera through outer *■ eiectronla otia created. [. 

to report my failure. Iheir al- publlatlons. • ,p,c. It's.maaa-short fa "micro- 

most completa lack of oonam Reetorallon la a amrk of de Fa tha future, Ihejr'rp plan- *'*''* amBincaiion by Sthnu- 
aanflrmed my suspicions. vollon. Mr. MacDonald spends ning a louch telepbone that emlalon ol radlalion'' 

I had learned a Mean hours on his back polishing ihe| will enable Ihe hmiaewife to cynic calls It 

though. In fact. I learned two. underside of his vehicles. And' onier graorira from a rom- '"money acquulllon^scheme fa 

You should never brak Iht anyone srho lays a iresay fln-iputer. Prom resareh now expensive reaMrch"i. 
rules fa any reason. | ga on Ihe aurfaa ot a shiny being done. It may even be- AMA2INO STBBNOTB 

And never balleve a lliher-'car may find ha has abruptly come possible lo build refrig- The iitMa nakes II poMlbie 
man! 'termlnaled a IrlebiMhIp. leralors wllhaut moving parix to amplily etaclro-magnctlc 

—---- wavM I lor Inslana radio sig 

nail a light i lo an almoel| 

f”tl o Os*!! • O. undreamed of degree. 

Llvis Mill Loins Mrone 

O O . Earth SuUon No. 1 an am 

pILfy the wcok ilgnol tluil 

Bp WILUAM D. LAFFUB * b # . Betts, who wrote the orchea- conwa in front Telalar two a 

II has bean a long Ume slna traitons and conducted tha uir^ billion ttma oveir-wilh 

R9vis Presley suddenly burst Pnnulnr orchsatrs Exallani variations out booming up the back 

upon the sane with hIs guitar, * ' . —are jnade on themes heard on ground noise the signal may 

hIp-shakIng and “Hound Dog" fC«ConU »hows such as “Dr. Kildare” have plckad up. 

Drprs of song. “Hong Kong.” (.OUUI BUND 

And ^t ^ Thl, ijs j, moving with, * a * Uie light crated an be a 

- ng. as -Conn. Get' LP. N Ih. Wak _ Mono: "Olllon tlmsjWghter thm, th. 

omc Somehow” and -Vaughn Monroe--HU Graf, ' *'■ ^*7, 

' Out of Une." , at Hits.” It U good to hear Jll*/ ^ ‘^*.17’ * 

... Monnt.'. ”mu.^ S-U J21 miiT 


riMous rot 

^ SnilS $111000 CHICK* 



J'.LAS ST 4* Th| .s 
:U *H| « bbHiTi 'tu|l 




graak/Mt • Lana • Disnw 


Tattoula 9m llasiifanakUU. 
■RBliaa MMl rwBWHT Aiaala. 
•pmM IMkB OpWkMMTB. BMl- 

BMBB. riB—rnrifi—- iMi. 
OmA MArtlai MtarkM, rIbbiibi 
■ arliRil MnilllMMi bkcbIImi 
tor Ml*i»aMR*«i Mtok 
■iha*l irUMBlM. II !■ A gM 
full tafwaiflllM MAf a1mm%. 
Mr irauilBi prBcraoa itoll 

CMf ami PiMt 


ABENA. Sunttoy. 8 p.m.. Roller SkkUng. Monday. 
8.^ p.m., Sr. ''B” Lacroase Semi-PUyoffx 

BtrrCBABT GABDEN8. 9 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. Unb. 
Ilevably bautlful by day: brmthtakingly different 
after dark. Restaurant 11 B.m. to TJQ o.m. dally ex¬ 
cept Sunday. 11 a.m. lo 5 p.m. Variety EntertalnmenL 
Mondays, Wednasdays and Pridayx B.3^.m Puppet 
Shows Tuesday. Thunslay, Saturday TJO and 9 p.m.. 
Sundays 3J0 and 5 p.m. 

Nob Hill Rd. Teax (Slip and Putt Golf. KIddIca' Rides. 

BBOUINALT firOBTB CENTBF. Sunday. R.30-inj0 
p.m.. Ira Skating, Roller Skating, 8-lOJO p.m. Mon- 

FABLE COTTAGE The story book hofiie on beautiful 
(tordova Bay. Intriguing barrel doors, hand-adzed fur- 
idlure and woodwork. Open dally. 

PEATHERIJtNa 1848 W. Bumsldr Rd- Open daily ex- 
apt Men.. “Where Birds Are RMlIy People.” 3-9 p-ro. 

MAIABAT POOL —28 wooded acra. ptrnle tables, 
heated pooL wading pool and overnight camping. 
Open daily on Malanat, IT mllM from Viclaia. 

MATnaCB FARM. On Marine Drive at Onrdova Bay. 
Flower Gardens, Pony Rides, Par 37 GoU Ceutoa, Tea 
Room, .Minlatore Train, etr. 

NirKH IMLAND VIEW BPJtrH. Sunday. Pete Arrher's 
WMtem All-Slars, 2J0 to 10 p.m. Go-Kart Raras 
rammrnelng 7 p.m. Swimming and all forma of 
aports. Free camping and trailer spaa. Open dally. 

OirTDOOB DOG THP.ATBE 4 shows daily. 30 dogs and 
35 sptctacular live arts 4351 W. Saanich Rd. GR 9-31^1. 

BOVAL lAtNOON WAX MVHEt'M. In tha Ojatal 
Garden, acruas from Fnutrees Hotel. Open wcekdajrs 
9 a.m. to 1030 p.m.: Sund^s 1330 to in..'yi p.m. 
Over 90 JoMphlne Tuiaaud Wax Flgura richly cos- 
lumod and magniliranlly displayed. They arara alive. 
Plus the '*7irllinf New Chamfaa of Honors. Oper¬ 
ated by London Wax Muaum Ltd. 

BCDYti PET PARK ZOO. Open dally. Durranra Rd. 
m miles from Butchart Gardena 

BTOCB CAB BACRE Everv Saturday night. 730 p.m. 
Watam Sjpradway. out TVansCUiMa Highway (Iva 
miles lo lOUstrasm Rd. Sm sign. 

Watam Spradway. out TransCUiiada Highway fiva 
miles lo lOUstrasm Rd. Sm sign. ^ 

WOODED WONDERLAND. Open Daily at Bava 
Lake. Llle-siza fairy tala scenes la young and old. 

Elvis Still Going Strong 


II has bean a long Ume slna 
EIvU Presley suddenly burst 
upon the sane with hIs guitar, * 
hIp-shakIng and “Hound Dog" 
Drprs of song. 

And mat of the bobby . 
soiers who tdollaed Presley 
BOW arc young marrM women. 
But Presley still U popular be- 
Muse he has proven hU dura- 
blUly. both M a singer and 

. . . • Betts, who wrote the orchea- 

tratlona and conducted tha 
P I orchaatra Exallani variations 

rOfss* . —era jtade on themes heard on 

Rteortls shows such as ”Dr. Kildare” 

and "Hong Kong.” 

Is fast moving wllhj ... 

ngs as "Gonna Gat' LPs af Hw Wak _ Mono: 
eme Somehow” and -Vaughn Monroe--HU Crat- 
' Out of Une." , at Hits.” It U good to hear 
... Monroe's "muscle throat'* 

Ecstatic Bach 

By DEUM SMITH | It U om of thoM eomplrx 

TW mat impraatove «w'7‘ 

Bung abnul a new leewramg of 

•arh'a “nte Muslrsl Offering", “^”5? 

**.!*!* V***.”!, ,'7'^lban whether It waa aulUbla 

Whig obviously Mlz^ the per ^ far a general 

Sorman. II la mote Impiesalw „ waa apable of 

r" enthraSIng enfy miMrtona 

b one of those tale ^ e» M,„aili'i atosy and Omt 
pwllton. more of bb MltosgUM tip tha arala 

J" genaiStalenIng. 

Blind thu fo^ emobonally i,*^ , fceh ton a 

■verflowing hravt. ton It wUI hb< 

* * * you. 

The perlormers were TehudI w . . 

Menahin and a group of Eng Much lighicr Ustenlng which 
!!.>, lUavsFs nwdilv able (O' OH bc rsoommcnded with aa 

enthusiasm la a recod¬ 
ing ot the baltot icora eon- 
siruclad from the music of 
Otfsnbaeh eaDsd “(toitc 
Psrlslenne” and perforawd 
sumptuously by Georg Mil 
eaadueaug the Oaavant (Jar- 
dra OraMlaa. (Lasd.a- 
,_ ■181. 

Ftri'i iMk Sort 

ge/ors ros . . . STAHD THK ORtATUr . . . 
af sMfs sad BOBieii. -So alts* yral szpact thtm to speak 





B the CrTBtal Gsidea 

The Best News in Years! 

It U one of ihoM eoaiplrx 

EVtRV MOM.. WIDra FM. m6 EM, 

ramr mom^ wid^ frl ttso pjl 


Usab Maaa Iv Iba Vntaw Orabstora 

MONbAV. ALlGtWr •— UB PJt 

■srr ••nttt PsMrra la* it-ra i—sm «» i b wqs . 

qxaar mw ws buisisii .him, wsm »ba ms as.-t-ssy^ 

Plaa saw la Mba ibe faaitly 
Aar a Mik (broMk 'b4i ' 

*Mf-«-UAs' fakylaad 


are pleaaad to announa 
that they bara purrBaaa 
the rnUrr stork of a fa- 
OMT LogbI Baa Slora. aito 
wUI he ptactng Ihaa hooka 
on sale iramedlaiely al 
prleM from 15e up. 


Is Served at the 


Restaurant Vessel 

em M MUMOAY MbAUTRS amt «CMN MMCrain to 

ais ssaTuST. •A.-tssss! srASTo 


WEDTinBAI, Mmwf • — Mi r.M. 

Wma* PM mammrn mmktmrnm m mrne WNS non m ooos Om^ 

ImN sms- haaja m/m. finaa i^ab mma mtae mme *m m 


Ym . . N'a wonderful 
Ihe tr av eller m halMi 

enjoy famous Ih t i Ka a imry rulslna and 

BBWB fa the boai n e sam an, 
lylH family. Not ywa aaa 
I iCi-} rulslrw and rsOTM- 
IFAST TIME . Open at 

r tad. EV SMSl 




J ...Auytr 

' KAY 


fcllil CalonW Vktorfa. I.C, to. to- S. INI 7 

Multi-Talented Dinah 
Does Everything Well 





Mahalia for PPiE 

Mihilia jMkMM. bllM u the werid’i inat- 
eat pupri ■■■Ker, k Mkiai k ikeet kpvBruce 
■t tub Piu'lfir Naltonal ExhiMtioR. Rhe 

will upear for ane alKht, Aor. M, la the Foram. 

Her recen b have Mid more thu 11,000,000 
roplM. _ 

Victor I 

Feldhrill. rrsMenl conductor oIl 
the Wlnnipef Sjrniphany. layii 
Canada'! National Youth Or-; 
chestra has come a Ions way' 
In two years. 

Tha NYO btflns Us tourth; 
session Monday at tha Univers-' 
Ity ot Taroalo. 

“Vft expected It would take 
at least flee years before we 
could show any results," he 
said. ' 


Flue members of the Greater 
Vlctofia Schools Orctiestrs 
have left for the youth arches-> 
Ira sceslan. 

Violinist Veronica Milton. 15. 
of 300 Moss Street; viollsl Eliz¬ 
abeth Crahn, 19. of 419 Cook 
Street; flutist Joan Meredith. 
17. of MU Esplanade; French 
horn pbyer Bnice Dunn. 18. of 
IMD Braefooi. and percussion¬ 
ist Ferrus Heywood. 1ST5 Mc- 
|Rae. auditioned In Vancouver 
I at Easter. 

I lo she chansed kr a wtals. lies In the fict that ihe 
, doing nifhl club work. centrales on Ihe right 

m tomm n.vRM | 

Bnre ssems to sift ilanugh Ole 
In general and Hollywnad to 
parlimler wltti a inItSmurn of 
muss, loai slid hnllier 741# sn. 


tel She made no costume -I do seem to Hve for the 

changes For 90 minutes, she present." Dinah granted, "b^ scmss the room. Eighteen years 

stood before Ihe sudlence and cause today b so lull and so of married Ufe leave a lot of 

—g -al ms In a full length interesting that there Just isn't memories, 
aprleol - eolorad gown. There time lo worry sboul ysslsrdoy's' "But I didn't really look on 
wore no dancers, no chorus mistake. iMs os a profsaskai." she said, 

giris. "An entertainer has to be an "I wanted It more as a biidgs- 

How does she do It slIT InaxhausUble well. The more But li thda'l turn out that seay." 

"If there Is an expiapatlon.” you give, the more you have And then Ihe curtain was 

jsald sn associate. "It probably to give.” drawn again. 


Judgment et Kuremberg 
MondemyAwerd Winner! 

iMf Aetvl But SertH^j! 

George MoulBBSiy named ml- 
anvely lew ripplea of pmUp. ' 
Dinah, with a gtdel smile, re-, 
fused lo talk sboul It. 

Her stage and television 
Mama ptojsci sbove all else 
charm snd warmth Willi jusll 
a trace of her Nashville. Tcnn.,j 
acrenl. she rhals with, rather 
than talks to. s nlghi club sod- 

Men sre charmed. Women 
Menttly with this perwsi whfti 
aeema to have everything iai-| 
drr onolral. Fbr aeveral yearal 
She's been among Ibe lop 18 In 
a moal-admlrsd-wnnien poll 
Hnw did lha divorca aHtcl 

"It's hard lo tell.” a friend 
Bald "She dnemi'i talk about 
her prKste life. The curisln's 
been drawn" 

Through Ihe whole Image 
weaves the petiecn of storied 
BDulhem ivacnanliood — dignity, 
gractousness. genuine accom- 
pUahmenl She'd sppeer right at 
■swie rilsytng a pisaa in soft 

. . nn liiss, hnther 

Everyone Talk* Shakespeare 





variety aad sperkil films, 
FWx Thealrc, 1 p-m. 

Tumday, Tharsday, Halur- 
day—PuppeC, shows, Ralrb- 

arfs nardows, T:N aod liN 

"She was reared as a south- 
an lady." sold the friend, "and 


I N midgummer everyone 
Uikf Shakespeare ini 
Ashland, Ore., where a 
replica of the stage of the 
Fortune Theatre that at* 
tracted playgoers In Elfan- 
bethan London has become 
a magnet for Shakespear¬ 
ean enthusiasts all over the 

Garage mechanics or truck 
drivers In the town are as 
likely to be talking about tht 
baiUe scene in Coriolonifb os 
Uui night's boxing match on 
TV. Coelumes of the actresaes 
In A Comedy of Errors may 
cause as much ot a sUr among 
salesgirls as the latest fashion 

Ashland, about 300 miles 
south ot Portland, jwould 

avid reader 

■w reads avidly, subscribing 
to eight or 10 magazines, two 
Rgwspspcn. She averages s 
novel s week. She paints por- 
trolu of her son and daughter, 
sosnes. Chrlstmti cards — well 
enough lo have bsea called tha 
best itudeni of the art school 
Mw stimds. 

Dinsh has a shell lull nl sam¬ 
aras. carries s mimslurt one ui 
her purse at all Ume . 

She pisya tennis well enough 
to be Included this summer st 
Ihe age of 44 In a charity cele- 
btlly tournament in Los Aiweles. 

As a carryover from* Alma 
Mater Vsi^rbill Unlvtrslly, 
she Is lluenl In Flench, Is study, 
tag other languages. 

For her children. Missy. 14 
and Jody. I. she leaves plenty 
of Ume. a Iriend said. She 
takes them on a vacattan each 

And then, of course, there's 


She spends about IS hours in 
actual rehearsil galliiig ready 
kr a one-hour lelevtskin shnw. 

Alter her separaltan Iram 
Mnmgninery, she enmplauwd 
iMt she. a singer, wasn L sing- 
tag enough. 

Friday—All Fours Variety 
Night, Rutrisarl's Gardens, 
>:M p.m. 


Hrvp r “Night Out” — You'll Love It 

Shs eeuldn'i hapoan lo lour nwar suburban kraghts In tha 

. . . no squawks 

They Still Think 
He’s a Mountie! 


>*■**« a,.-- KaA.IwI 

Tm not trying lo fool any¬ 
body." said Nelson Eddy. "I'm 
61. I don't pretend thai I'm a 
Juvenile singer. I know rm not 
the Mg, svell known star I ones 
was snd nuts to that. 

"I have no squawks. When 
my voice goes, and it could go 
lasl, I won't hang on. I'll jusi 
quit. Bui 1 havs no intention ol 

Side view of multi-level open ilr *tige at Ashland. 
Ore., where hundreds watch Shakespeare per¬ 
formed in park setting. 

Entertaionicnl Parade 




Rehearsals Start 
For Fall Guild Playl 

inciusi "MCW*"* 


City Club’s Buses 
Open to Public 


The Capital City Travel 
Club Is throwing Us buses 
open to the public on Its nexti 
■wo trip to nil them tor lours MI 
the Island and the matalsnri. | 
Twelve seats are available | 
, for Ihe tour of the Gulf' 
Islands svhich leaves the C and 
C depot at 8 a m. Sunday. | 
There art scoommodsikais i 
avallahle on the Vancouver' 
Stanley Psrk-Capllsno tour Aug. I 
1 11 and also on Ihe QuBlicum 
I Beach picnic trip Aug. S. 

I Reservsllona can be made 
i by calling Dorta Heller. 

' secretary. 

Watch Dog 

lalBo on this program aecom-'BuHharl Gardens in Aug. 17.1 
{Their director Is Dr. Allan' 

...... I This Is the opening appear- 

Bow BeVr then are tU^ngs|lour ‘nttatrical Arts Dancers ance by the band on a western 
tn Ihe Victoria thaaliical world In a Bwance Up, a vocal quar- tour which Includes an engage- 
ai preparation! go ahead forjir*. an acrorrilon quartet and menl in World of Music at 
the 1963-63 season. A four-man band combo. Expo 31. 

Tht Theatre Guild, lor In- f * 0 * 

■tance. haa l^dlea In Railr^ Thla la the laal week but Rodgen and Hammerstema 
ment In rehearsal for an open-lone for the International Film South Pacific la on all next 
Ing on Sept- 39 and a run I Festival In Beacon Hill Park, ■' Vancouver's Theatre 

through Oct. 8. I The Gennin film. Dandng I'nder the Stars. 

Directed by Allan Purdy Ihc'ftandt. la a hlghUghl on lo- The Vancouver International 

tail has a lone molt character, morrow evening'! program. Fesiival has Ihe Stratford 

to be played by Robert rnnk-' {ETance. Denmark and Canada Festival Company with The 
The ladles will be laprcaenlM rontribute the Tuesday eve-IPIrataa of Penzance and HMS 
by Margaret Johnston, Helenlntaf hill. There will be nvc|Plnafore. Shaw's Caesar and 

HWIFP MThlltfV Ipanltd by Al Smith. 

BEKI BUN PI X Friday ta AU Fours variety 

With the centennial Pagoant ntaht with (our 'TT TumMers. 

of ESIzabelhan music snd 
dancing <m 'he high ground 
above the amphitheatre. 

Onre a play lakes to tht 
boards Ihrre ore no breaks 
between s-etiea or ecu. nis 
BCtors use Ihe multi-level 
stage to produce the sort oi 
exctlemenl and suspense that 
wooed ISth century Londoners 
from bcor-tMlUng to drama. 

(tastumes so colorful they ' 
seem rut from a rainbow de- 
lUghl llw I yet and hre the Im- 
I agination so that the bare 
Eliabelhan cUge becomes as , 
lull Bs B real life ssttlng. , 
The actors- there are 34 In | 
thla yeoris troupe-arc young | 
drama iludenla. They aren't , 
yet professionals but they are | 
fully experienced and give, 
their roles a purpose and un- , 
derstanding missing In ssgsa 
star performancea. 

Thoe young actors come to 
Ashland lo learn. For the moat 
part they are Amerloans, but 
applications may be acxeptod 
from any part of the worU. 
This year’s appUcalkma came 
from as fsr as England, 
France snd even Nigeria. 

Prof. Bowmer says It la not 
satisfaction be feels as he sees 
his dream coma lo Hie. He 
calls It sllmulsttan that comoa 
from meeting a choltange. 

He knew the challenge was 
being met when the peopk 
mho launched the Siralfoid.' 



Monday Nite 



Taotkvlle Praermog 

Ibe delighifi 

The variety, theatre organ 
and special film shows at the 
Fnx Hiealre Monday nights 
are rapidty growing In popu- 
tartly. LmI weak's audtanca 
was sway up compared is any 
previous one. 

Tomorrow, along orlth Ref 
Stone at Ihe Kimball thoatra 
organ, win be harpist Lnma 
Langley snd sccardlnnial Rich¬ 
ard Psrklnoon. Arthur Budd, 
an all round entertainer, tokaa 
•ver SI emeee. 

* * * 

And there's lots of lauilral 
trarirly at the Bulidiart Gar- 
drns this weak. 


Wlnqulst's Rsm- 
klmg Guitars are featured to- 
marrow evenliif along with 
hsBsdse r s Murray McAlphIns 
and 'John MscKnule. popular 
glniera Daroiky Caok sod 
Norman Tyrrill. aecoropanlai 
Grice Tmp, organist Jack 
Lenaghan and tnuaa John 

Ont., Shsksspean 
seu^t his advlee. 

Hr knows lha chaltange laj 
baing met when lourtaia. IHw' 
the Texas buslnsosmoa srbn 
discovered Ashland by icd- 
dent, tow that plana tor fu- 
tuio varatlnna will have to be 
made to fit In with festival 

He knows Ihe chaltange la 
being met. too. when he hears 
the people sf bn home loam 
—like the garags 
and Ihe sataa gilla 


On Weitosaday It's RedI 
Wood's DIxtatand band with. 
anlolBis Jack RrseUng llrom-; 
bane and —later — trumpet M 
Reg Wood Islto tax). Jsy Van 
BusUrii ibanjo'. George Fair 
field I piano'. Songanddance 
girl N^tae Blavaari appears 
wim Ota hand. 

Soprano Ruth Cbampioa lal 

Everybody's Doing It 

Ronentber Marilyn Mnnroe'i nude hgthing 
aequence in her scrapped movie? Now everybody'! 
doing it. Here's actregg Jo Morrow in blonde wig 
and nothing else doing t wqiMnce (or a forlhcom- 
ing TV show,—(AP Pbotofax.) 



Vicl.iii. IX^ Sm.. kn- y 1N> 

BusineM Topics 



Fleming Preparing 
J\etc *B(tby Budget^ 

UTTAWA (L'PI)—naurf Mlahitrr FVhIik 
b pirpariMK • “baby” badxel for tbe anr Moiaa^ 
of parlaBieBt that b likriy ta bcRla la Srpteai- 
ber, M was reporM Sataroay. 

The repart mU Priaw Niablrr Dirfeabaker 
ordered the badpet la preseat a Iresh Waaarbl 
propimia la aUaialate basiaeaa. iadastry, tnaie 
aad l a n i t aiiat. 

It wM be a icvWaa af the OMhi badpet 
p re a wited la the CaoiBioBa last April !• that was 
aever laBy deba t ed. 

iliai the end resuM wis the’ 
seme In either esmi." 

But according to Hinkes. m> 
s result of these end other 
rimers tricks, s series of 
filmed television commerclils 
shown In 19ST end 1998 inls- 
repmented the qusllty of 

I'A KrdersI Trade Commis¬ 
sioner exsminer said Saturday 
U;cneral Motors and Libb>- 
Owens Ford Glass Co. Illegally 
used the deceptive camera 
trick In television commercials 
for car window glass 
Examiner Harry Hinkes saM 
some scenes in Llbby-Owens- 
Furd ads purporting to show 
lack of dbtortlon In safety 
plate glass were milled with 
the eainrra aimed at on opssi 
srtndow. /■ 

In some of the GM ads. hr 
said, a singb piece of glass 
was used for photographs pur- 
poeladtr dssw tn g the dlMer- 
erao between auto safely plate 
glass and home window gtosa. 

This glass was streaked with 
! petroleum )elly. and the 
camera moved from side to 
side during filming of the 
Home Window Glass scene to’ 
give a distorted view, he said. 

The FTC examiner baued an 
order, which may be appealed 
to the commission, directing 
GM and the glass film to halt 
what he called deceptive prac- 

The examiner said the pho¬ 
tographers who took pictures 
through an open window “did 
' this to save time, confident 

auto safely plate glai 
pared to safety sheet glass. I 
He rejactcd loquasts by the 
two firms lor diamliaal of the 
complaint on grounda the 
deceptions were committed by 
a photographer hired through 
an advartbing agency that had 
full control over the film. 

Canada's chartered banks are moving quickly 
back to the tight money era of I99S They are telling 
their ttiMomen: "No new term loans, except In very 
essential drcumatances." 

The move b psri of Canada's of fsnada h« 

new austerity program •« 1 “^" 't", “'^ ****“*" 

aisblllxe the dollar and realraln I beves that credit buying has 

over-spending that might have gone tar enough loc the 
InfUll^ rrsulls. ^ 

During the past two w«Hu. ^rtemd bank. J'of 
the Bank of Canwia h«* *,'7 

reduced the country'! money 

supply by more than 1300.000. bad risen to IS.919M)0.000. 

Fact-Finders Tour Euro. 


S We have Inquiries dally from clienla wishing to rent 
s HtXiSES snd SUITES. Our Properly Management 
£ Department offers a complete service In; finding ten- 

J ants, collection, and advice as to rentsi vsluei on a 
monthly or lease hasb. Your Inquiries will be promptly 
attended to. 

LONDONI iCPi The extent 
|of cooperation In Europe be 
[tween management and tebor 

surprbed members at the 
Canadian bbor - mansgemrni 
govemmqnl team which ended 
a two-week fact-finding mb- 
ilon Friday. 

“We fbund a unique tpiiil 
of economic co-operation," said I 
James Roberts, deputy minis-1 
ter of trade and commerce and i 
acting head of the National 
Produclivlly CouncH'i mission.j 


“It b a philosophy expressed 
In very articulate and almost 
passionate terms." 

The 13-naan mission visited 
Sweden, The Netherlands, 
West Germany, France, Bel¬ 
gium and Britain. 

“Consultations and agree¬ 
ment usually works tor Ihesej 
nalioni." RobeiiSt-nid. “niie 
unions welconte slrong man-' 
agemenl and the management | 
walcemei slrong unions. 


“They have no nec?d of I 
gowernmeni Intervention. They 
were amaxrd when we raised 
the question. 

"We ran the gamut from a 
tightly controlled economy In 
one country to a rather loosely 
planned economy In another," 
Roberts said. 

i Roberts favored for Canada 

a middle path. “But T don't 
mean to follow West Ger¬ 
many," he added quickly. 

"There's trouble brewing 
there. The bbor shortage will 
soon damage produclivlly." 

! The mission's findings will 
|br presented to the National 
'Productivity Council Sept 19 
iln Halifax. 

non This leaves the chartered 
hanks with less money to 
dbtlibule In Ihe form of new 


Almost 1959 Agi 

S , Real Estate and Insurance Agents j 

£ "Hapvlog VMaria lev Ovtf Balf a I'ealary* 



,j Doa Whyla 

1999, when tight money pushed' Just over a week ago. the 
Ihe country Into one of Ihe I banks announced that hence- 
worst of its post-war recos-, forth they would not allow 
(Ions. ' overdrafts on current accounia 

“Wt are not touching exbt- “V/t will not bounce cheques 
Ing loans, but new term loans persons we know, but we 
are out," he said. "Our Iratruc- duill Inform them right away 
lions are quite definite." ni^y sre overdrawn and 

Asked If a business wbhlng (hgt expect them to rectify 

( expand either In new pbnl me matter Immedbtely." ex- 
rqolpmenl would gel new plained another banker 
f^edll from his bank. Uie^ l^aas thin six months ago 
Wnker answered. ' iht banks had money to spare 

"Generally speaking he (or any reasonable proJerL 
Would not. but there might be. some were taking rhspel 
very special circumstances." I mortgages practically off the 
Other bank managers ad -1 iireel; others were encourag- 
mllled they were tightening Ing their customers to go 



tmi Um( a M 

Vhwtiit a 

•lUi ^KTriuMri la aiMiliaw I 

Rarvl? ^8 a thtr^ P»njr vaM Uia: 
roMMUtMIUjr at aoraaadlat a 
Ml bU ilwiWrA. ilMM Um Mfaat 
•M«tr BfM him la alvan McaUvt 
RavartflOM at l»a« vaO tm aiapartf 
wmf, Aaii Uw ^atratial M fii ii rr . a 
trtaM hraafSit al^ crl U i S aai 

:!• at* 9 lafTla talailtianca lcnar>| 
'aoca>. Mi ava IlUa ar 4 lsWhm 

labaad af Um Mtfara. at 

EV^S 1 W 


IftUI 4.0, 

IKW.. .11 

■Ml . .4, 

nai-M . i.» 

Ittt . 2.0 

IttS .. ... 3.» 

19M .... ... 1.0 

itu . a.g 

lift. M .4 

H40« g.O 

Rotary Word 

Calcutta iHialnetsman Nitbh 
Ijiharry. president of Rotary 
International, will arrive In 
Victoria Aug. U. Mr b to 
address regular rocrllng of 
Douglas Rotary Club and 
members of eight other Van¬ 
couver Island clubs at the 
Empress Hotel Aug. S. 

-nua rsttSC esvsts ■ss t Ss'l I 
iMr mtiiSi SI tW ass, vtovl 
SrsucSt Os«W ClurtI#. s rsU, 
Usetar iwa«,l l**l ssisto sm, 

icing any rains you have 
to Doogtas NrHonald at 
Ihe Empress Hotel 
(Humboldt NC rntranre) 
ar rail EV 4-8III 
PrMay, July Srd, to 
Ta e sday. duty 71b only! 

Iitand the Arctic, which wiU| 

also be fbrtned out for ex- 
ploretion and development. 

It abo haa acquired 389939 
acres on Banks blaiKl In Ihei 

The company reported a net 
earning of llUi: for lU fb- 
ca| year ending May 31. i 

The earning was 8123.178 
before deprrcbtlon and depir. 
lion allowani-es of SllI.tMS 
were deducted. The company. 

I which hod a deficit of 13838.- 
106 at the beginning of Ihe 
'year, at the end of the year 
had a deficit of t3826..9»t. 

i Police Decoy 
Guns AssaUant 





IA7T Doaietax Kitig TV A Radio Ud. EV 4-9913 


Sanford Sulfin of (ha police de-l 
pertment's decoy unit shot and 
killed a kntte-wlrlding atsallanl 
while seven other offlcen 
tanked on. 

It was Ihe third lime In three 
tncMhs that Ihe 39-year-old of¬ 
ficer had been aaaaulied whibi 
pretending to be drunk. I 

EV 3-7174 

Almost All Firm»« 

Dollar Dip Hel 

SaleSf Profits on the Flood 

Aa Ea AniK^fi &. €o, 

By liAIIRV yol Nil 

Some of Ihe scope of Ih- cc» 
nornic snd businces advance 
dtadr la Canada 
past year b being reeealed in 
Ihr Hood of company reports: 
shuming earnings lor the llrsl 
hall at 1113 end their compari¬ 
son with results el a year ago. 

Almoal without axception . 
eaminga per share are Ngher Japan. Eumpe and Ihe U.S. 
along wllh Wager sales, larger' whal this meant |o Ihe Cana 
operating revenues and biggerjdian steel manufaeturers I 
Income lax conirtlxitlena. : shown In production figure; 

Nearly all the oil and natural j 
gas Campania are showing lm-| 
proved reauHs and some are 
making proflu tor the fint’ 
lime. Thb seclkai's advance b’ 
due to Ihe suceoa id the na-' 
llonal oil policy ami Id the ex-' 
paiwion at Ihe markel lor', 
aalural gas Into areas which' 

Irevlously did not have thb 
type of fuel 

Most of the firms wllh ex¬ 
port conMcUons rode on the 
cml of e Wg wave created by 
the devaluetioa <d Ihe Canadian 
dollar wMch pnidured more| 
favorable International Hading 

Indeed Ihe devalued dollar 
was held mpnnalMe lor moot 

While U.S. steel mills were 
running recently at liulc more 

_ _ than hall capacity. Ihe Cana- 

durlng ~Vhe.higher In these Industiia oeals dian mills were al 90 per cent 
In icMne caaei svere higher than of their limits. 

In manulacluring a notable 
„ advance was made by Ford of 
Canada whose earnings in ihr 
llrsl hall were nearly three 
tin,a ibM n( a year ago. | 
Chemicals, minn and ulllillnj 
b all showed frneral advonca, 
-s. many of them to a degree more 

Tneonlo Stock Kirhsnge 
Mooircal Slock f^rbaag* 
Caoad-aa Stock Ksebang* 

ramlngs reported In recent 
days by boding Canadian com- 

cm. osa rirs.Msia 

loyal Tniat Buibliag • 613 \ ircc Straet. Viclmis 
Evrrgrcea 3-41,1 


asta HI'JS'DEiMON RD. 

Satur^hy aad Saaday, 2 - 8 p.m. 

An oulataiMling exampb of modem draign with claaa. 
Six rooms oiut boaemenl Select panelling In all 
roonu. Two carporb. Urge rumpus room area. Be 
aure to see thb futurbUr. practbal home 

T'uH Price $ai,9<N) 

Pheme tnrarr. EV 44U7 

‘BCE Earned Less 
Than Bennett Said’ 

the 319.800.000 profit Us last full year aa a privately- “ < 

■ owned corporation ,, I - 

KEPOBT Lown l iBnflClfl 

The Liberal beder aeM that.! 
liking Into account figura 
which the prembr bfi oul.( 

deM now cosU the corpora-' f’learii-aiel 

tbe, 332900.000 a year. Thb,' Vtltr-tirdl 

prmtib?!! rJpmrTMdtaled md' » 'AliHlNGTON I 
33 100.000 higher than Intereet I 

and dividend charge. It, ihel'tT** •“ Iiot 

last year the company waa'P “"8 '■ arrangemanb » 

privately owned. ■*» ” 1 "'’ T. 

lebvlalon sets to Canada, the' 
TKEAHt Bl GAINh U j Justice ttapartmiol said 

Ur Perrauh aoMl m lie bal ynlerdey 
year os a prlvab oompany.l Ttie agreement acals Wmticigv 
'B.C Ebeliir actually paid hnuse's rob In a dvll anli-tniai 
33.100000 income tax and half ault wddeh the gu sera i i i en t filed 
of ttwl seen! Into the B.C In IIU against that firm. Ihr 
troaaory Mr. Benaett had N. V PMUpa GbatUmpeo Fob- 
uard mi income tax figure of. neken and General Cbctrlc. 
312.400.000 but moat of that Phibpa. a Neiherbuaia firm 
was treated as drfetred taxa'agreed to a ilmllar ennieni 
by claiming additional oapllal judgment May M. The soil 

Bond Guarantees 
Available Again 

A conteihporary 3bedroom. apUt-bvei homa fralui 
signed for privamr and view, a rxlS separate d 
serving counter. 2 bolhmofna. Vanity and a niinj 
No extras. Chotre of Cedar HIU - Gordon Head, (j 

g room, an tr kitchen tsdth aeporair breakfast nook and 
ream area. Low N H.A. pajnnenli No arrondary ttnanclBC. 
ra - Lake Hill hrla / 


Caouette Vows Victory 

Sport Day 

The Hilldim'e water iport 
4*y Khaduled tor 2 J0 p^m. 
ladajr at Mapla Bay baa been 
nnalled due to rain. 


1962 TAXES 

iwa TAXES ARE DUE ON AUGUST l«h. 1968. 2% penaHy wiU be 
■ddad to taM ouiiiandlni at doae of buanaaa— 6.00 p-m. August Itth. 
TAXES paM by mail must be poatetl bi thne U raaeh the Municipal Hall 
by August 16th. othaiwlae penalty will be added. Mailing addrem is 
Saanich Municipal HaB. 4512 West Saanich Road. Victoria, B.C 
Taxpayers ellgibit for the Provindal Hama Owner Qraiit of ISaOO art 
mnlndsd to fill bi the applloalian on the back of the aecond Miael of the 
^ account Where tanas are mM by a tandkig institution, the Home 
Owner Grant application should be completed and sent the the flnn pay- 
> big the taaia 

AppUcalioni for the Home Oamtr Grant for 1962 muat be received by 
the undersigned by December 31st. 1962, otberulM the grant can not be 


Mr. V. P. SteLua. PauMm M KcUy Dautlw 
aad Qa UA, aaaauMn Ac Mbwag tamaM 

Mr. has. Mar Vta»P.rdtfni, b wpMand 
Dhveaw M Btial/Whaianlr OytniliBi mpM. 
abk hr Ac ylnabW' F'laiiiaat, ca aiAaanas 

■ad Arccnoa al Ac oaicAia^ aniairancai cad 
wlac yragraak. Mr. Baled hhaj KeVy. OauflM 

M Bnacb 

Ml. M. I Ouffai, VuaPiaadcai. laha Aii|i al 
lad hhla IdaBcaa la^ndUa far 
Ac fid oMc pnfciBW al each Adaoa. lauil 
aglBHiai laral ta a aid Ac OaMay'i 
yablli lad laMaai nlMiaac Mfraai. Mi. Dal^ 
Maad Riby, fhi^i h Ifdt c^ hcc baaa CMy 

Ml. S Baalhabail m aapoMad Diwaaa Ma 

X a, liadl. nsanns a^. laird. He m lapa 
b la Ac Fcaiiis cad raca doa af Ac ru 
pronadcu anpa. WiA Gfaca aan cipci ti a 
ia vhelcak cad laad aaRhaadaas. he kaa 
Ac KcHy. Ihagla Pradaa Oinaa a Pnduc 
hiycr a IMS. aad ha baaa Real PnaMM 

Ml. D M. McLillaa. a iPFWiad Divaiga Mia. 
•a". Wbakak, imornai a Mi. Ikird. Siimai 
ta Ac Wbakak C b raaa 17 yan tio. he ha 
bica BraaA Miaagci. Pcaocka. Retail fajjarviia 

^ A* Okiaagaa. laiana. Pia« Valhy lad 
Viaanra Mead Awua, BaaA Maaaoa, Baiw 
■Ay. ma SuBcirha af a£ lasdaa _ 

To Sweep Canada 

• • • VANCOUVER (CP)—The Social CrwUt ready io 

yyi , . , dafaal Uw foderal government bi a parllamantary vote 

I nriPA AWfllt M auMeiity, will move organtaers acroai the country 
f^TTaaaa ^ preparaUon for an aarly election, the 

‘♦•puly national loader Mid Saturday. 

KCSlCEnBllOn RmI Canant. Baiy M-yiar-l'- 

^ ^ old Qtabae Sialal Credit laadar. *?*•»* "• ^ Imporlaa 

Rv Rsarridhi* •Al »aa aathnal ortantaara “JJ* 

Dy negicr haa asM Wiad by oa 

VANCOUVER (CEt — Pro- <>»• will anrfc Iht Bva — miriMThm adihd^^^fl 

traaalva OooaervallvM are i"*** bum OMario la tho waal. ,,|| t niaali mb# wMh all 
walbni Ssr Aa mlsnaika al i mM. the edhar Bva jaaaaUMaaa mntinn at IlfMl 

Eikart Raelor la haecana id- l^iMae la Hit oaM aaaal. Hata iiui nJm.P 

IMal bakira daaldlns wMhar ml Dvina At laal aonA. AwLnai^' poHay wMh all aw 

Ertart Raelor m haeoma id- WiAao A Ao aaW toaal. 
nwal baSara daaldlns wMhar ml Durtna Aa nail aanA. Aw 
name a candidaia lo oaiiaa a waAi aavtr Ao aAoh awnUy 
ladcral byalocilan hi nal(Mme-lariia national onaniiatiaB and 
lae nmatay-CoauiilBm aanadt- iha party would ba roady hr a 

lyaarai eyaMciian a naisnaae-lariHi national onantiaUan andnM>**Cnoualla Invilad hara M 
IM Amaby-Oaulllam wnadl- ih. p.^ ^ bt raady far ■!, .p;,,., „ „tabr.ttqM 

_ . , __ .r'naeal fadtral ahalfaufa maridne Aa ISIh aBntvoraary of 

•**« “• NPe-.loelal QwAt UMae omoa aa 
makt way for TC, D^faa. ban. Bavanwiani of .S C. mada Aa 

Nw LJRwwrada PMy laadtr. n, Cuaunm. wtia mM aarifar'rwnatbs al a tlP-a-plaia dlimar 
A Matamani luuM alUi^.|„ At day that Aa prwam ralM lunda far laltvUtan 

S'wlal Oadit nambari tt Parl«ampalsnln«. 
kb CblumbU Pracraaaiva Can- w- w-w -m- 

■arviilva AianolBtloa aatd Uw Lfwil ^ 1 n ■ 

The Only Party' 

aby-O^yain aonatitiimey Aa- ^ Inlmduced tt the Waatrm Cwiada oombinad and 

dimwr. atthtdad by abaut 7711M laak In Ontario.'* 
p c I warn , by Pramlar Bamtattl Mr. Caoticile Hid Sacla] 
Th L. *’*'*’ '**** Adine a SSuninuit Credit li At only petty bi Cut- 

■ PBPP IvIflrCIl iniradiMlDry tpaaeh: |tde new that k truly tar tree; 

■ Vaavv iva«a«/Ba ^ ^ ^ eriy oompedtive enterpitH. It aouehi 

. ||a election and we won’t keep only to five Canadlant an ad- 

I ea *W§ainl|' any sovenuntnl In power M mlnlitratlaii wNch mould s 1 va> 

E U aTLI UlA avoid election." each Individual Mcvily wllb| 

‘ _ He laid Social Oedit li the freedom. 

T_ s|-. Pc>M|r inniy party In Canada to recoe- "Today we are more Impor- 

in me 1 diriL iniie the cotMry'i dual nation- tani than any other party and 

lallly by elecini a deputy leade r mort Impartani Aan Prime 
VANCOUVER ICPI—A peeoa ||,gg, Aa fraueb Cenedjan pap- MAMar DIdenbabir WeiKil. 
mareh plannad hr fad ay la uiaAin. baeauM we hold the balanM at 

mmAaotorata the diapplM ••! "Onee the people Me Caouene potver." the flery Quebec Social 
the llrat alooUc botab wUl,,u^ Thcanpaoo working to-Cradll leader uM. 
berotne a "Mrod" whM il||clher.‘' cald Mr. Racawti. ■■wal "We'ra pDing to um Aat 
raaahaa AMiey Park la aan- UrlU «rtn SO Mat* In Quebec. SO. power bar the saod of the pern 
tana with park rasutadena Mata In At Maritlmea and I pie" 

Q'v park kaard rehawd par- ' — ' i..... — .. 

Peace March 



In the Park 

mlaMon far a march Aiouah 
Aa park m Iha JapbnaM Pint 
World War meiniirtaL akwa 
Iha dafmaiatrallan ta m naielude 
artth a visll until 0:11 ajn. 
Maciday. the llnM af Iha bemb 
drop on HIniahima.' Aup. S, 


Tka arfanfaeni and Saturday I 
they vtO marrb h plaaiad I 
Irain the Japaneae lardan at 
the Univeritly of B.C. m die 
paik sate*, then braab Inla a 
‘ ■iroB" la Iha ptcmarial 

Bawian will be Iwlad befare 
eniertia. the park lo that the 
[iiiii Mabai cBonot bt ctmildarad 
a "parade." 

March commlitca chairman 
Peter Usht hM it u expected 
more than SOO peruna aiD taka 
part tai Aa march and itralL 

Bandit Wounds 
Gas Attendant 

man ahot and mounded an un-l 
named aarvica atallon altand ' 
ant A Buraaby aa^ 6atur 

The holdup man demanded 
money aid ■ oculfle ensued 
In Whlrh Ae allentfant waa 
ahot Iwioe In Iha lara and Ae 
robber wu believed to havel 
Mffered a laah to the back' 
of his hasd. 

Police Mid Ae robber Inoki 

130 (ram Iha atlandanl'i wal- 
let and about 140 (rom the 
Mrvlce iiatlan till. Ha (lad 
on (oot. 

The attendant la reooverinf. 

Jaoquta, 41. arrealed hara In 
connection with ■ tlT.000 bank 
baMup at Vaneouvar. will 
prgfaubly be reinrnad to the 
leaA coaal Monday, police aald 








Tree-ripened . . . Picked fresh and rushed To 
Safeway ... Enjoy the full flavor 
of these beauties ... Can Now! 




Wiener Buns 

Skylark, sliced^’ 
Pkg. of 12. 

No. 1 Wieners ^Q< 

Finest Quality ... For hot dogs, casserole dishes, etc. Lb. ... 

Wiener Buns isrss!?:_33' 

Prepared Mustard 19' 

Fish and Chips CC' 

Captain's Choice, Frozen—Just heat and eat—20’Oz. pkg.. 

Soft Drinks 

Cragmont^Bubbling with itf 

pleasure—8 refreshing 111 ^1 

flavors to choose from- III 

12-oz. mira V ill 

Pricot Effoctive 

August 6, 7, 8 

la Oi ua f ir VIeUrta 



Strange Jinx Continues 

MEXICO cmr IAP) - In- 
■plrcd CSaick McKlnlty icerad 
• tenrtfle ctralCM Mf vlclory 
Bvir Mncieo'i favnrad Ralaal 
Oaana Saturday but Maxleo 
galnad a 1-1 Ua In tha opanlng 
■Inglaa matchai o( tha Amafl- 
can xona Davla Cup tannii aaml- 

Aftar Maxleo'i aca had giifia 
bafora McKlnlay'a brilliant 
•hol-maklnt S-2. T-S. S-S. young 
AaisaaB Palaloa raylvsd tha 
hopai of a capacity cnnrd af 
3.200 by poliaMnc aO Jen Doug- 
laa of Santa Hodoa. Calif., 14. 
<-l. M. T-8. 

Thii addad maanlng to Sun¬ 
day'! doublai In aWch McKln- 
lay and JO-yearold DamiU Ral- 
aton. Bakanflald. CaUI., play 
Oauna and PaUfox. 

Washington State Honors 
Taken by Roger Skillings 

■CATTLE—MfCar Hkllllaga af Victoria dafaalad Peta 
Mayanmi af laattli. S-t. U, haao yaatarday to wta lha 

baya- atoftaa Wto to Ika Waaktogtaa Mala laaab chaap^ 

By BON ANDBCWB ibeBrrlng Mi (an North Amari- 
TORONTO (CP»—Bniea Kidd, ““ ““•* 28:0.2 Ml aarliar 

IS-yaafMild Twonto track atar, I®'®* y®ar In tha Unitad Statea. 
ran himiall Into Canada'i BrI- Hii tlnir wai lanlaatlc bacauM 
tiah Emplra Cantai taam Salur- •* during lha raot aaa 

day night arlth tha faitaat aix- ha puahed. Ha took tha bad 
mlla raca avar iwi in North tha l»-man firid almoal 
Amarica. Ilrom »ha atart. 

Tha crew-cot Itohranity of, Kidd wai all alona In front at 

bad with a puniihlng para, 
lappad tha Raid in lha fifth 
mlb and Dnlihed fairly frcah. 

The man who hald lor lomiar 
Canadian naUva mark. SIhyaap 
old Dnug Kyle of Calgafy. fin- 
lahad lecond to Kidd, man than 
a quarter of a mlb behind. 

Joining Kidd ai a cinch aabe- 
tlon for the Canadian gamaa 
bam when tha meat cnda Mon¬ 
day b Harry Jerome of North 
Vancouver, taho ran away with 
the man'a U8-yard daah. 

Jerana turned In a t.l Uma 
(or tha 100-yard final, beating 
hla own offlcial Canadian open 
and native marki for lha aacocid 
time in a month. Tha time waa 
ikwer than tha 13 ha clocked 
at Vancnivar July 21 In Weat- 
am Canada championahlpa. 

The recogniaad Canadian 
niarli for lha man'a mlb wai 
haatan by Jimmy Imna of Tor- 
onto who turned to a Uma of 
1 : 01 . 2 . 

Irani end Vie Reave of Bui^ 
naby battled It out for lha bad 
In Uf* laat half mile with Irani 
taking over SO yardi from tha 
finbh. But Irani waa ahort of 
lha 4:« 4 mark aat.hy Kidd laat 
month at the Toronto Polica 
Camel and now up lor recogni- 

Thera ware three other record 
parformancea. Fifteen-year-old 
Abigail Hoffman, blonde Toionto 
middle-dlatanoa runner, cracked 
lha Canadian open and nallva 
marki when aha won lha worn* 
en'i 180-yard run. 


Min Hoftman wai clnefced In 
2:10.8 to wipe out the former 
mark of 2:13.2 lei by Soakn- 
lonn'i Eleanor Haalam. 

Dave Steen of Burnaby broke 
Wa Canadian native mark in the 
' man'a ahot-putt with a toil of 
M feat. Sii inchai. The pravioua 
record waa S4 feet, aat by Steen 
In Victoria laat year. 

Open and native marki aln 
I were aat In tha man'a 3.000- 
metre ateaplerhaaa. won by 
I Hvike Van-Dar-Wal of Hamiltoa 
' who loured the gruelling dlitanca 
I In 0:12.0. 

' BriUih Columbia'a tram of 

. .'getting batter 

ABT WALL. holtUng a 201 
for M hoba after yeaterday'a 
K In the Inaurance Cttf Open 
golf tournament at Hartford, 
Conn., leidi by two itrofcea 
Qwer Paal Hamey and Oorrj 
Btoebaillh. At 304 were Bab 
Gonlby and Jackie Buetin 
while Gene UtUar, Brweo 
i'raraplan and Howto Johnaon 
were all at 305. . , . Skeeier 
McClora. 1960 Olympic light- 
mldtUewalf ht boxing cham¬ 
pion, made an impraaalea 
main-event debut at SOadtona 
Hgaara Gardaai laat night by 
dedalvaly outpointing Argen- 
tlneehampion FarM Saban. . 
Carry Back, toting 130 pounda. 

tho (S7.400 

BO BELINSKY be one of tha buabat daya of Ptoy In tha dty hardeourta 

., . bad omen the year for local aporta, but t a n n I a ehampionahlp atarta 

the ralna apolled all that, waih- today. 

* * * Ing out cricket, tcnnia, aaflboU DEFIANT PEW 

Jiaw 38 but a erlppHng hand In- baatball. ertre aldelined 

Jury foned Mm to the aldeUnaa Opening game of the B.C by the rain. Soma matchea 
lor an IndeOnltt perbd. Pony Loaguo baaaball final were played In the Victoria 

The painful truth about no- between Penticton and Vic- Dbtrlct Lawn Bowling Aaao- 
Mt, no-run pltcMng b Juit not torla'a Carnarvon League all- elation tournament, and ihoot- 
10 pitch them. atara haa bean reachadulad for era braved tog and rain to 

Snot IMO. 33 pIletMrf have ttlta aflomoon at 1.30 at Car- ataga lha tirat day'a avanta of 

hurled noJdttan and mort than narvon Park. Second game ai tha BJC. akeot championahlpa. 
half of them wero tidier aoU or the botB-of-threa aartea will ha... 

yaatarday won 
Whitney Stakaa at itarataga 
Hprlwga by two langtha over 
Gerwal alx 

Craibr with 
lengthi otL 

Peaceful Scene 

baaebol ahertly iftor Bieir wkmat WBBEf 
graatoil achlevamanL w i m 

NoJdt pltehera atUi aoltoo to * 

t»w majorx tochida W a r r a n •'»‘her^ 

ally aetlva In tha yaora between W1 n d • o r Park. ToiMr^, 
U40 and 1987. On AprU 38. 1940. P'*/ CalUomta at Wind- 

Tax Carbtoa pitched a noJill- *»'■ Pstlt Wtat Vancouver 
Ur for Mooldyn. Tho neat yaar Pl«y> tba Stragglara at Beacon 
ho waa loOng M Montreal In HIU. 

Internktlo/nil tension — peaceful 
vartoty — WKf on display in New 
York restaurant yesterday as British 
•nd U.S. teams clashed in challenge 
match for the tiddlywinks champion- 
ship of world. Here Peter Freeman 

(second from right) tries to place 
wink in cup while members of both 
teams look on. Match, sponsored by 
People to People Sports Committee,, 
was won by British MP.—(AP Photo¬ 
fax.) ' 

coached UalvanHy of Soath- 
ora CaBraiato track and Held 
teama to 13 UB. champion- 
ihipi and was known aa Tho 
maker of champions.'’ died 
last night in Lot Angeles. He 
was B2. . . . OutfUtder Frank 
Hownid of the Law AngaSM 
Dodgers has been selected as 
the National League pbyer of 
the month (or July lor driving 
In 41 runs In 38 games. . . . 

Totanto Argonants laat night 
denied a report that luBbark 
rookie Gilchrist hsd been 
sold to Buffalo Bills of the.<i^[%^iT,raur 
Ameabaa Football !-• >8ue,| 
but It seems likely to happen. 

. . . Mtaneaoto Vlklagi of thej 

NoUoaol Football Leogne have,,s''^ 

purchased quarterback Lee, xm aa».. i 

r.roMcap from New York 

Gtonta. . . . Hew4l MaeatB. a nANAIMO- 

238-pnund end from .Hlcklgaa. mist 

has been suipetided by Otto- 

wa B^ Bllsrs lor bavtog 

Ih# club. tntffr^^hf 

Jim Tbbln pltchsd a no-Ntter 
hr Boston's Bravts in 1844 and 
was walvad out of tho league 
the next yoor. Ms lost to Ih# 
Mg Itiguaa. 77w same year 
Oyda ShouB pitched a BoJdttcr 

New Westminster put It away 
New Westminster look case | last night In a wild third quarter. 

■coring seven goob snd giving 
up otM slier starting the ptriod 

Superb UBC Crew 
Sets World Record 


Victoria Swimmers 
Caoture 14 Events 

iNanaimo Oub 
Peewee Champ 

NANAIMO (Special I-Nan- 
aimo won Ihe peewee Vancou- duv* 
ver Island minor locrotoo regal' 
championship lor tho first ^ay- ' 
time bora yeilcrday by trounc¬ 
ing VIciorIn. 13-3. 

Charlb Hardy led tho win- ■ ■ 
non with four goala I iUtdNvi 

JYlclorla took the midgat 
titb by the same 133 scort, b<w 
with Glen Anderson gelling 
three goals, and Soanich But- 
br Brotheri won the Juvenlb 
"B" title with an 37 victory, 
■nioKT L 

VkrlfCiB -GtM AnAtnon % Jmm Lwii 
t OnlHffl AnAur 2 Umtm imflA 1 

11=7 IBS k *•** ^ *■ {52. 

held by Ccrmony'i olympio 
eight. wMch roaved 3:47.3 aoo, 
oiMb in the European chsmploft- 
aMp at Lucome, fwltxarland to 
July. IIGO 

A imcxub-atroklng University of 
British Columbia eight - oared 

—Victoria swlminen won all 
11 of lha glria* oventa bore 
yaatarday aa tha AI b ■ r n I 
Swimming and Diving Qiam- 
ploiuhlpa openod desplto rain 
through tha day at tho out¬ 
door pooL 

Victoria Amateur Swimming 
Club girb won alx oventa, Vic¬ 
toria Flying Y Swim Club gIrb 
five. In tha boys' races, ths Y 
won twice and tha VIctorU 
Amotour Ouh OBOO. 
aumo. II aan a 

nettot aewau n to l . Lran Cnaaaan 
IW n: 1 Oana HiSoau IVW ni 
i ramo^maa Ti. tto^ b ua 

lar-3,000 metres by 17.3 aerosabi 
wMb qualifying here Saturday 
for Canada's Biillah Emptrs 
Games rawing team 
The UBC narimen eat-, 
distanced Ihdr SI Cathirinoa' 
Itowinx Qub rivab by three 
Isngiba to clock 3:30.T on a calm 
Henley coursa. with a slight lol- 

. . . only wtai 


The B Colhorlnea crow waa 

ttmed lo 3:43J. 

ITio termer work) record woo 

hr anclosiall and won only ont 
of seven dcclslono In 1843. 

Of the eight pitchers who 
buried no - MtUrs Iraoi IMi 
IhroiMh 1848 only Bob Lnoa 
Mid Boh Felbr of Cb ii d Mto 
were aUa to saeapo tho sidarv 
iMiala poal-cffaols. Dick Flos tor 
twned In k 1-8 no - Mttor ter 
PMIedalpMo Alhlatlci to US 

PCL Baseball 

Mavfo In 1848. The next apftng 
hi wei sMpped doasB to Iht 
adnors hr gnM. 

All three nn • Mt pHchm of 
1847 were overiokan by dla- 
wler. EweD BleMtweB erea 
looked upoi ai a waadw pMctwr 
when be reglatarod M vt» 
tones, sad misasd ky two tags 
m ■ I e h I a g Jobnoy Vandsr 
Hser'a Kao eoswsiaalvs ee-MI- 
lera. Adasralty sought m with 



victoria Hometa are entered mond at Carnarvon Pork at 3 
bi the Freaer Volley Junior p.m Farmers and Vampires, 
Lsegue with Richmond. Sur- open si Carnarvon Sept. Z Af 
rey and Chilliwack. Victoria ler tho opening gomes, all 
Vsmpirci and Farmers will homo games for tho three Vic- 
play In tha Vancouver Island totia t eem s erlU be ptoyad at 
JavenUe Loagna with Nanaimo Mardnnald Park at 3 p m. 

Cast Almost the Same 
For Grey Cup Champs 

^ QEABAM OOZ jtliano* to IlD Wrigtil'i boela Lcwto, ninnfaif liwldo aiid 
WINNIPBO (CPi — Wlnnl-^*'* Bhorwyn Thonon and A1 ootalda wttb aqual dalamina' 
pag Blua Boinban, datandlng Hinton, both of Iowa. Janeh'i lion. Ml a laaf aa yaHago 
Gray Cop diampiani. will hava ‘Poi oouM ba (Iliad (ran thr raoord wlUi aa avaraia id 7a 
a (aw naw laeaa In Itialr powar vataran Canadian ranka. with yaida a carry In IM n»i laat 
packad llnaap aa diar opar. Haney Janzrn or Ron yaar. 

IMB Wntarn raolbaU Conftr Lalouraila rovad (ran a da- c«plaman>lng Lawla' pn^ 
anca naaon. haUbock poallloo. or fonamco waa Canadian tidt I 

raarti Bud Grant la raslae- Claranea Walkar of Soutb- ^,^1 ang plaoaddckar Garry r 
Ini only playara who hava ra- *" *“*"“*• Unl*^ty Janaa, who laoordad 514 yaida 

ilrad or barn plekad op by Walkar, l( ba nakaa It, arlD In 103 oarrlai lor a 44-yaid ^ 
oihar duba In tha WTC playar ba Oho only pUyar la tta ovaraia. 
draft. Canadian r o o t b a 11 Laaf ua Jamn waa aaoond In oonfar- 

Dafanaiva and Ron Maad- ••dHng a haarlna aid built tnea aeorlng bahlnd Edmonton 
mora waa takan by Saakatrh- bilo hta hrlmaf. IRa partial Eikimoo* Jadda Parker adth .. 
ewaa Raoihrldrra, and dafen deafneaa wai cited Grant aa Tt potnU on four taachdovma. 
atva halfback Bai Nagle ra- ■ big raajon why Oia epeedy 37 eodvarta. aigbt Bald goaU I 
turned la Britlih Columbia back didn't itick with tha dub uid four dnglaa. I 

Llona with whom be startid Ha* year. Alao back la Import and I 

in the league. Grant adll depend heavily rarrall Funaton, who lat a 

7>eo Mg tMm that have to'on all-itar ha'fba^ Leo LewU.lconte r anca record with dghll 
be (Iliad an at right halfback, termed by the coach aa “a louchdawm laat m aa nn and a 
with the raiiremcvii of Import supar-itar In Canadian loot- haulad In 47 of SI paaaea I 
Ray Jatich, and at the tackle ball and the equal of any run- laaai hla way by quarter- I 
alot, vacated by MIhb Wright. nAg back In C a n a d a or itaa backa Kenny Ploan and Hal J 
Two raoUea with a itning'UnItad Stalei* Ledyard, another oonfetanoe 

Giants. Ttcins Can StUl Hope ** 

- — - ^ 

Pennant Hunt Down to Four 

It'a bacenolag moca vpar^l Loama of dgM iWaigM lor, ■ k a t a they arera when they of acor al c M relief pitching 
ant oaah day that aaly Saa ihew lataat atreak. tha Heti had alarted a July drive. Big rea- from Lae Slange to taka De- 
rranclieo Gianu and Minna- ihaoMelvan a giorlooi unau a d eon. of roorae. If that the lead ; trait TIgaia, 4-3, after acariiig 
aota TWInf are Ukaly lo prevant ya fl arday with a daaMahaadar| Ing Dodgara have been moving lour rune In the (Irat Inning, 
a world larlaa macting between vlcfoty ef Onciniall'i thlrd-|along at a rapid gait tbam-. Bill Stafford got out of one 
Loa Angelaa Dodgara and Naw place Rada. jaelvaa. |]am after another but BnaDy 

Tork Tankaea. | Not only did the Mela aid aoj Lag Angelaq made alx wina ended thinga in tha ninth bin-, 

•adl tlw--Tiri and bi»b>« »»raak faid||a Mvan gamea and It In their,‘"t bg hitting Al Anlth with 

.. . the baatr 


By Red Smith 

mr tDOchdowna. 

Ight fMd IO.U Ol , O 

isr-n Fine Skeet scores 

■nd with eight — . 

^=1 Despite Conditions 

her oonfatanoa I 

I Ladyard. pickad up from Harvla Mackle..n 0 aaMaaMiaam ■aoar i f a a niMa. 
Sarnia of the Ontario Rugby atadgim eapart Inan VaamamNr. M with ahootara aiming 
Football Union In ah off- «>«■ «» *Hr aara yaatai^ ttraugb a downpour and condh 
Hnmn dual Mat yaar. lomad day at the Atat Haad greuMa gaaa (miher wocaanad by log. 
Its panma and rampteted IL ** *ba Vlckarla Gun Oub. It waa the kind of a aoara Am 

while Ploan. f nttelly a run- Oompettag in the aaeaml pro - will ba Mhad about hr aoana 

ner. dicked on SO of It triaa »bmlal akaat e h a mpkai a h ^ tea. 

Udyaid bacama a CanadUn *b*gb oonc lude to day, liam ia a oompa r atlva aewoomar .m 
dtUan thia yaar. wearaaaaa advaiaa umditlima m gMipat 111 v a eeattargiaailng. 

. win the .fitgaoge aboot with a Hf, MtabUahad Mmaalf aa 

Dimr POw^B lumBhabla fTxlOi. Iga mig m |)aat today when the 

With aacond - yaar quarter- It would hava baaa a flna g. r akaat ehamaion la daddad 

Ibmal Laagua pennaol raoao ^ .-a. 

lava Buddoily bceoma twiMoam . !***!: —T " ■ «> «>• or 

affalri. and If there waa anyl anampiona. ^ 

dodd hi the Natkaal Laagua It;^^ LARI Bwwwe 8 8 - 

waa araaad yaaterday by, of all Sfat nma hi the Brat hadag - 8 S 

panpla. Naw Yoch Mata. and ataady pitchiiig by Rtvmr SrmS 8 • 

-Oalg lad the Mata to a t-1 win 2ET fi B 

bi the Drat game. In the aacond. i i — ■ S 

Frank Thoenaa finally Inmd u & 

gvfr Ad'hWd'hO biraaelf hi a poaltiaa when Mt- aammu. Laaora 

Cl 3C0rCS SS s| 

— . Thomaa eama igi In tha MIh S • 

I Is • Madag *dth the aoore Had atip uSi . g 8 

J _ ^ 3-2 and ended It artih hla mvanth E^2S!L>-8 S 

only Idt of tha day, h ut ha had _ , 

Mdar Waal iia ttl mi !!!^ca*^ M*Tba 
AM with ahootara alndngllmihig. “ . 

the bagf loaded aa the Tanka 
loot. 3-1, to Chicago White Sox. 
- _ Jack Flahar came up with a 

■ f . (our-hltter aa Baltimore 
8 2' C t!i Oiiolaa took tha Angela, now 
B 5 £ H.. *‘Sbi ■«»*• out on tha loalng 
8 B « S^'aida after leading on July 4, 

5 S « 

S & £ 8 - 

* Lt^ oat I Another Wait 
11 1 |h| For Gty Qiib 

__Aa maa to boat today whoa the 

• With aaoond -yoaT quartaf'- It would hava baaa a fma g q ehamaioa to iliifilifl .. 

If aomabody were la luggeat (hat grave provocation waa back Dick Thornton of North- to the UMtrd. all-gauga aboot. 

raqulrad (or a nwn to go awooahing off by )et to Bah the weitern in raaarva ef Ploan O _a. _A C-^g- “At heel ha'll take aome baal- a^ ii» . 

atimma and lakce of the Alaakan penlnaula, be would get no and Ladyard, fullback Owrlle K lag Iv the overall aama.'* aw 

argument hare. In the caaa of one pladdal aportawrlter on Shepaid healthy after raeu^ Impreaeed Tlckata ahM aaMi . 

vacation, the provoratlon waa Fred Carley and a color film rent knee and ahouldar bi- wq ran a tool aighL a ww 

be In ntoklng for United Aircrafl about Bahlng In remote Jurlaa laat year and the Moa- H |||a ■ dufoV Madria Juet miaaad hi Aa 
oonwVB of the world aoming of MlnneaMa fullback * W1 ft V\Maj lOMdid. Ibgauge Mxxd. taaiag wnA E 

Fred Cariey la a photographer who haa been ahooting Roger Hagherg, Grant axpaeta _ ' by OM bhd to Vanoouvar-i 

fUhlng and hunting movlaa for going on 30 yaara. U you to be deep In backfleld power. Mppi- Fraok Qaoper end eelUlng^ STvi** “ 

ahouM bunk Into him In Scandinavia or ArganUna or New Oppoalte Funaton. ha baa ftU 11 Ifftl^E Aa "A” clam victory an* a;.ii.»« m 

Zealand, aak about the time he and a 3S-(oat boa conatrletor rangy end Ernie Pitta, who affldale wam hta M. „ „ ^ _ 

wreaUed for the middleweight title, two Ulla|put of throe. In !«»« year mlaaed only Ihrae ^ To top It aft kSe!S* 

ua a lan<tacape auch a. no raader of Robert W. Service or loanee la paced by all-atar Waatmlnater and C Rogera of 

Jack London would be likely lo Imagine. ThU waa the tundra, '"“a Herb qray and Ora Luliv ^ ^ Heckle 345x330 wT 

and tundra looka Jual the way It aounda. only more ■>. f<*lea Roger S-|^ and duba^ H th^ J^^nd a f ^ 

Momenta after taking off from Nakanek River at the toger Hamelln, middle guard ^ “ Iw ^| a„ 

hamlat called King Salmon, we had left the Mat aenib fir S'*ve Patrick and Unebackera ^ mart" I 

deernm iamiai.wi tkmw. arIw Afi Agif«AA> bIaIh Af mHImu J*ck Mvmux iRd Dbvc Bufli- fellowi: lonshlPe whlt* «dll ttwnt _*®* 

O _M. — Cm, “Al liHi hf'll t«kt rat btrt- jsj. 


InptttMB Vicwnt ■■X w^^ua i* ■§ inf 

For TodoV Juat miaaad hi Aa 

In Net Meet LL'J 

_Me M. _ 

aty tannia ofBdala weio _ . || ^ Madde waa one pe aeeea wa we at- t « | 

[ht and lalklBg bopetaDy of j^mso In tha preltmlnary all- ua iieeJi _ 

nC'i—- : 8 2 (CP) _ 

llOof the ■—« It ». nioma' ertto --8 8 S Sw Rkin Saturday cancelM 

only HI M tha day. but a ' for the aecond etralght 

Meoad awu kad^a wlA a ^ ^ ***« prwilldal Uttte 

tUXittM. ■acrifict fly to Aa HghA ileftoUnf Lr«(ne ba»ball aemi-rinal 

aiming hmk«. , . between Victoria and Van- 

I eood^ ni# double kwa left Aa Rada _. nZ! Jl! couver-Dunbar. The game 

by tag. trtoBng by 10 gama, aboul haa been re-icheduled for 

" ** * * a fourih-?to Pittetafgh St 2 tm. Witt the 

_ M- A aingla by Harvey hEalnft East Trail at 

. ewe Kueam A tha raven A AnAg 6-30 p.m. 

aMW^.'.T." -m S 1 ^ i *} produced the wAnlng run. —————— 

PJJ*"*- - ^aSi IS' Manwhile. Aa Twtna. who 

Tl JH fcfSai*1aae®^*^ may a no more than om 

T",” *2— atartlng pitcher ehort of being 

SKT* . ISS8^» ■ I enough to lake Ae 

* * ?*"” • l iia e'aeew tti mt Cwi aa Yankeea. moved Ale oecond 
CS.toiSrta£m4S^ plat* abad of the akiddlng 
aj -«tow»«w a0 K La Angela Angelo. 

***' wa^tae a a ae- i a » In a ganaa delayed by rain 
b a* Iban an hour, the 

kJ!!. Pway. iwwv »«''gw> »w wd'Ho TWAi got eevcnpla Anlngi 

aiy ttnnii offleUb wtn 
rntbnt thttr flnetn iMC 

SMU. IlMditf tlJl). 

MOIDtnu tllW nKing Oll inm ^M«ncm fuvwr ai uic —.« ejaiiviwnftdl Park 

homlol colled King Salmon, we had left Ac Mat aenib (A S'*ve Patrick and Unehackeri 

tree btUnd. Now Aara wu only an endlea ptaA of arlbou Jack DHvaux and Dave BuA Draw follow! 

moa Aterlaced by tha crookadat itrami A the world and holder. _ "- 1*1?^.*. “TL_ umaw 

poefetd by ttni of thounndi of wtttry pothobs. Ovtr htrt t Gnnt Tiai bd th# Bombtn nugpchi/. iuiti«y vi. rKyrvtmftnBon. 

tey'i B.C titb ihoot lo tddl- 

«1 Mi MO-4 • 


grat lake iparUed. bluer than the aky. Ovar there raa Ae '« four Walern crawa and ~ *T"I’ -_ 

peaka of the Aleutian range, (lanka white wlA anew undar ••'ra Grey Cup champlonihlpi i w-i>a ^ owiae wMi w i Yaterday ! resulli. 
tho July MOi. That Ark com ahead waa a dead volcano, tail •" h** yari. He la working wO aangw.a aa mrw ktoma ' 

Aa brooder mountain beyond waa a Ua one, Aough Its *be Brat year of a Bayaar *^,^2 SSmi 'ul'nw rTV rw •'T* .... - . , 

pluma of amoke iraan't vlaUile that Ay. “11?*^.; . wirim: T^liJaSnr**" 

The Bomhen won two of iS,. 

iSlUfiv thrOf exhibition glinet, beit- uao—cpplsy OirlltA MiMn' "C' ftMM'Al ftxit, 

feowre aiiMiy Rough RiAn 15-14 "tJ£iS3-i'“ix''QSt oa. 

•Tunny Alng." Seller mid. "how the water A every a Winnipeg, getting bombed totogr emw mo wimiw » wwk^^S5--rnm oaw. 
pothole la a Afferent color. There won't A ten feet e( tend 534 ) by Montrml Alouetlcs A *TarTi»— w. mum iMm> -i -a 1 mmv 

OMift PltywiH <■>. Lpmasiar VIDvy 
J' mmwMSS <1) ini Tnrrw nm: 

-“-T Aftrcai (Hi i 

PniahMrfh ~ m m a»-4 U i 
•m rruMteft im. IM ahi->4 M t 
UadMx. (•). UMba iTi. 

Mm •Y', fMt <1i tmd Banvai. •» 
iH'i. BoIIb ill ftfii OiUlar. (Mm <|). 
■iMa rmi WHMira SVlaM (MU). 


rwra wsm wnm. 

Gold Cup Race Today 

erA-rrv p tab. a amt..... v. -vim Ca.4a^ le maamji hBil li ■ mSi Iraa t«m iUvI aIi vw. 7Vm (|1 |!t.*VwC2 iA 

/WwfllpB SiM^y three exhibition gamea, Aat- 1110 —x»ph-y m n.iVM maeue rvm viSoru. miiaa 

leonira ailMiy Rough RIAra IS-ll oa. m '-Kja 

•Tunny Alng." Seller mid. "how the water A every a Winnipeg, getting bombed mtoai » arm! ^Sm-^nrn ouew. vm - m m. 

pothole la a different color. There won't A ten feet of tend 534 ) by Montrml Alouetlm A *Taa”»— w. mum iMtou , —— wm- 

botween 'em. and one wlU A MaA and Ae next one yeUow Montreal and then healing •\iSfV.™auB. m* wmm m too- 5US*Ei^^ 

or brlA red or vtolet er blue or green or gray.” Toronto ArgonauU 17-13 A "V*Sk2%aa laur. euum mom 

•Tfhla la a great neatAg ground lor whLAng-dwano.” Ae Toranlo. ‘T.IS'”'”" - - . *-% SSJV'^BAtvmmS?*^ 

pDA laid. “See Aoee two while apecki on that pond? You TAy oAn Ae regular aea- nZiS S g'jm am Vm - v..r ihpia 

Ardly ever era more than oa A'f •* • poAole. Smana aa aon agalnal Edmonton Aug. 9. **** ** ^ W JSSJ'mgm. Mm 

If a couple picfca out a nml and At oAara rmpect Aelr — - - 

“Wiwl't Aat Ark bird m that pond?" a pamenger asked. WWM ^ JM^ 

"WlA hta wtngf ipiead. No. those aren’t wlnga-antlcra.' ■g WjfWj gglgggg'V 

Boiler mid. "A moom." Me dipped Ae piano aA Aa great M. SaWxMfXMfF 

loiHnome bmst. walat deep A water, looked up Incurtoualy. M ft' 

-When Ae niea are Ad you’ll eee •" ••“ SEATTLE (API -A MOaeie U. The fastmt M eantod btotA A aMi Into two divtatana. Then 

water WlA Jut the head and antlers expof^ That Are aUJ patch of Lake WmMneian wA. A lA mate cvml. Ae six taadlng boaii arlU nm 

over tAre that looka Uke a dirt road, that a the tral^ have 1 A look end aound of a Showen (ell Mermlttmlly A Ae (Aal Aat. 

migrating carlAu. TAy travel A great eolumna. hundred! banahee convenllaii koday whan Ahirday hut Aa two lAal boou Actkm win AgA ol noon with 
and hundreds ol 'em. They’re o hundred nallm or » out on ,h, Motmt. Uxteoi ond nolxlmt of lA ISantry field quaUBA n» Brat Aat ef Aa apace naadle 
At peniMula at Ala amaon. See Aoaoj^ow poAoiM Aat ^ apeedboala wail , before tA 4 p.m. Onol gun. oonteat. Cold Cup Aat 1-A wlU 

otere mud and are drying oul now. Those tracA all over through lA afteraoea tar caak TAy wera As MIm BardaM of guut 49 mlnuiea later and Afore 
an from csiitou. Seems Aey can't reswt messing all over ^ , couple of cigw. lAstUe and Such Crust of Do- tA gim ——«u at 5 p.m. to 

any mtle bit ol mud lAy find.” ^ -nw malo event la Ae MA|“®“- atari Ae final Gold Cup hml 

-Uke amaU boys. U waa auggeated. and AAr nodded. TMt otAn bnd qmllflad tA crowd wiU Avt man U5 

H».W ^ » • -e-. .. W 

mrah bmier than A. requlrad ISTI! . 

H* binked Btwply over ■ itrcani which macb • thorough- ^qurayiBg win rux ■ 

fare batween two lakoa. caaad tA plane onA Ae lower Uke. . wUl A ’•I UH®* IIDM 

and taxied lo the river Ank through ewlll. dear water racing Taleoama vl tA QoM Ctap ttw ooooia root wui oa ^ ^ toStm^oa* ••• 

over a gravel toltom. This waa UgAhA, one of the world's raee bigte a! asm m ekow - . . . “JJ- awaa. 

hMteot spots (or grayUng. AUer AUevm anybody who cared oata I, 4 aad T. A ~ I - - .. 

could emlly get greyAg here to bmt tA world record, which mBMWMwwMMMWMwwBBWBa r*. HiMif IfM. lAsm 

le rameAlng Ae 9 liSdim. Ametlmea. A mid. Aero wara „ 'ZLITVST J? tS A.*, to euSir 

Mm rhftr hftm loo N mlbi per houT 111 thf quAHfy' eoc h d the flri8 two h—b wfll —— 

“T'Kap llbm MbAk HteMit*** Kla l*tw«M”fndM Aakftrt teit*—Wtll COmpCte hi t^i , 

R Hisniiii-a 

Ktnqinivrvr i|) Md Osak 
■ aai aivir, IrMfkir ill. 

BoOilA to Ara yoor brakm 
cAc k A kr e x pm to wA 
know every brake ayaisak 

b: 1,50 

vieroiii IRAK 


232:1 1 } 

ill. Hker il) « 

VWi ill. Hker il) 

■K mm c a—— 

f3t -Rkd 'fiiii. n 

C. OitfBi (Ml. 




n e rt ita i i _ mmMmaa-i a 

Km Y«« AiatmwM i a 

.Ninl».i. BmrT 't>, ASmtos 
■M r»»M. EMM. 111. R 1 UlBi 

Auto Insuranco 



IS'I K \\( I I I II 

I l» '(• MON I ||S HI 1 e 

fare batween two lakes, caicd tA plane onto Ae lower Uke, 

and taxied (o thr river Ank through rwtfl, clear water racing Tabeeaato vl tA QoM Ctap 
orar a gravel toltam. Thli wu UguhA, one ol the world's rate bigto eS aom m ekow 
hMteot spots lor gra)dliig. SeUer AUevm anybody who cared aita 4, 4 aad T. 
could CAUy get grayAg here to bmt Ae amrid record, which mBMWMwwMMMWMWBBBWB. 

to-“S!?’‘A‘ra“aL® 10 mile, per hour in A. qualify. 

"CAr like braiok trout?" hli lenderfoM uked. ** 

TAfa right. TA brookle la a char, yoa know. And ehamplonahlp. 

grayling, you'll know 'em Ae minute you eee em. LooA Ae TA total purse It 115,000. At 
n Ireahwaler mllflih, wlA a great big dormi fin," he mid. tA biggest chunk la reserved 
All ever the river, feeding fish evero rising. Il wu Ae tor lA Gold Cup ebue. wlA 
cuieat lort ef Bahlng- amooA. firm wading, a brush to ni.OOO to tA wianer. Vlctcwln 
catch Ae tockcait. aA. out urArr Aa breeie i wapt Ac lA sAce needle race win get 
river, A more than a mAlon mooqultoes lo Ae square Inch. 11,500 

The gold-Alllod grayUng ran mooljy ot o ate, an eatlmaled A fleet of U unlimited Adn>- 
taro4nda-Alf to Arse auxBo. They iNght strongly and planes, weighing from 4.400 
slubArnly, some leaping Al not with Ac apcctarolar (lourlih pound! to five uxu each, ao- 
of rainAw irouL Small-mouthad aA graedy, Aey cared aembled early in tA weak to 
Ultla aAul fly Altonw. wet or dry. bid lor tA cup oow Aid A tA 

Aatllc entrant. Miai Century 

Lofty Patirnce -— 

"WAt’a lAt bird making aU Aal (uu A At buah?” ROOK BOWL THl'UOAT 
Seller wu uked. Annul Rose Bowl Aublei 

"This one?" Hr whistled a three-note call. TA arhite- comAlUlon (or ladlas of Can^- 
crested sArrow, I think they caU IL Ones I wu (rcaeo In dian Pacific Lawn Bowling 
lor waeA In Ae Woode River country, waiting and waiting Club arlU A Aid Thursday 
(or lA Ice to go out. I kept hmring thta bird eA I thought at 9 a m. 

A waa mying, 'Be a •'*"•' 1 called him the AlAnce bird. ■ 

"Om day 1 saa flying north at lIjnO feet. I’d ufcA a 
meteorotagUI where 1 could (lA a lallwIA a A he told me f.*\ ^ e' 

ll.ixn. There «vere rrouwliMta everywAre below Aal. I Apt 1 ' 

pauing ihoumndi and thoumnda ol Uttle Wrda. auch huge 
flocks they lookA Uke smoke al a dtalance ahmd of me 1 
can't evpeor they wore whlW-rrmlA sait ows, Arouoe we 
A*Kto] pretty fast, but Aey were eome lort ol SArrow aA 
they taokA like Aal Ultla fellow yw hear now. Dom an 
mgle By at lljOOO? I don't Law, At I (Iguiad ItwM Ultle 
feilewB wanted a teUerlnd aA AeckA with same meleo- 

Planning Your 



T // t*AV« I 

irt f 

* f •lOOAM IM 

11 •lOOAM m 

Si { /Watama..-. 

aa- tapNmMAto 


mod tvppmrt 



with a 


, BIG 


inwHi ■icNfU iiuia 




Better tban 1 letter from 
home . , . reoriviag the 
Colonist at your vacation 
q>ot! H 

Enjoy the Coloniat every day of your vacation! Dont miaa the home¬ 
town news and the comics, cartoong and otter fMtum you enjoy ao 
much at home. Add to the joyi of a well-earned vacation by letting ua 
arrange for your copy of the Colonist to be^forwarded to your vacation ^ 
' addreaa, and for home delivery to resume tmmedlalcly opon your return. 


And Hava the 

Every Dayl 

PHONE 383-4111 

FR H lUa feem and ghra M to yav carrier ar ptoee It in the 


Aea ksKts daf/raiy — pAoaa; 



Orarintfon De^ 

Mil DwhIr* ■(., Vktovto, 1 

Plaaee hava The Daily Coion 





iat forwarded to my vacation addrosi 



Vacation Addreaa 

Reauma Deitvery to My Hoc 

ne All lira, a . 


i.Vi Eli :r vvnu:iiW.;.v» 





12,000 Housewives Get 
A Week’s Free Holiday 

OSLO.—HouMwivei tn Norwmy dren behind. Arrangements are made 
lay have fewer automatic dish wash- *®..***'T ***^*'„**“?** looked after 

7 2Ser 

fives in Canada — but'.Jo oompen- The Norwegian govemment raiaei 

ste, they're getting unmer vaca- most of the vacation money by tax- 
ions paid for by their government! ing the men. Every wage-earner 
This month, approximately 12,000 must contribute part of his salary 
lorwegian house w rlves set out for a each month to the hmd. 
reek's holiday in the country. It's a It's all part of a growing roove- 

omplete vacation for them, since ment in Eim^ to give housewives a 
hey leave their husbands and chll- “profemloBal'’ status tai society. 

Snake Dance 
Rain Prayer 



NEW TOBE tan — 

Ualvndlr has 



LONDON (Cr>— A maUr 
dials far ateakdlsB la Iks 

Speed /VofMre** ITorfc 

Vandals Destroy 
Hastings Castle 

Ban Lifted 

Their -girls caused a sensa¬ 
tion In Madrid laal afcek- 
WhyT Spain had Just lifted 
the ban on tufo-plece swim 
suits and theaa lovelies were 
the first to dlspUy Iheir 
charms to incredulous 
bathers in popular pool In 
the capital. 

being threatened by teenage 

Harry Smith, It. a guard si 
the caitle, eetlmatas that van- 
dale are laarlag down the re¬ 
maining walls at a lata at 
hundrsda of pounds a year. 

The remainder at the mighty 
fortroi. built ihortly after 
the battle b e twee n William of 
Normandy and Haro^ king 
of the Saxons. 

It*e taken 900 yean of wind 
and rain to wear down the 
walla el Haitlngs Castle. 
Today only a crumbling frame 
remains — but even this is 

strokes the snake’s head with 
fsather wands, they dance In 
a drda In front of the kisi. 
When all the wriggling wiakrs 
have been danced with four 
tiroes, they are tossed on the 
ground Inside a drde outlined 
by sacred eommeal. 

At a given signal, dancers 
rush Into the circle, grab as 
many snakes as they can and 
run off, leaving the snakes at 
various locales to scoot away 
and carry prayers to the gods 

In low. now 
stands as a skeleton of rock. 
It was visited by njOOO tour- 
isU last year. 

^Bottle ’ 

for rainfall 


Point Mitgu. CalU. — A tsam 
at Navy, rocket experts hare 
la quiatijr punuing tasla to 
eonvinot Washington that the 
world's oceans can bceoma one 
huge launching pad. 

Their therlee couM rape 
biDions of dollers In cunwr- 
some ground launching fadU- 

The Navy study, called Pro¬ 
ject Hydra, calls for rockets 
to bob about in the ocean like 
ao many empty pop bottles. 

The Idae of Hydra eras sug¬ 
gested to Navy men In 19S0 
when they saw a pop bottle 
flntlng In a lagoon near 
Padfic Mlaslla Rangt bead- 
quartera here. 

The system, aocotding to the 
rese a rch laam, b IdraDy anilad 
to aoUd fuel roehela. The 
rockcti — whether they be 
artfrtnflc space prebee or min. 
tary tsespons-eould ba cast 
kMaa at tta with a 'hnolher 
ship’ nearby. At a nadta or 
electric signal from the ship, 
Oia rockets eooM be fired. 
Their eourse would be deter¬ 
mined by built-in, pre-set guld- 
jance systanu. 

' lOifIn Xm aevM) 

via Blaine and Tsawwaasen. 
two nights at downtown hotel, 
admissions for two days at 

the Fair, trip on Monorail and 
to tra of Space Needle. FTom 
S3S.00 each, plus Membership 
SIJO Bixl II.S. exchange. 

Office Hours: 10-I; 3-9^0 
Closed on Saturdays 
Helen S. EAvards, Sec. 

EV 2-6371 

ilf Bcollard Bldg. 

Ut7 Douglas 

For $201 

Japanese Terror in 


Brttbh huary liner Can¬ 
berra anived at New York 
yeatorday earrytag bIggeW 
alagb land of UA.bonad 
hnrlslB In hblory. Moot of 
the IJttt British pnwwngera 
pnM an llltk as $M1J9 for 
11-day ronad trip. Ship 
serves as fleatlag botd 
wMta paaaengers lake la the 
atghla. Low-coot loar ta part 
of program to brkig more 


Crobe Tbrongb the Scealc Has Jnaa Islands 
Rpead a Delightful Day Abniud 
latJanouB Meal Rervire . . . Take Yonr ramrra 

Ask Advice 

HoSmtlAmma Lm 

The Victoria Chamber of 
Commerce b beginning to re-! 
celve the annual series at 
letten from people who have 
vacationed here, gone home, 
and begun thinking Victoria 
might ba a good pbca to Uve. 

J. R. Ooppinger. chamber 
manager, says the letters come 
every year and usually reach 
their peak about mid-Septem¬ 
ber. In previous yean, some 
writers of Inquiring Utters 
have ended up moving to Vic¬ 
toria. he said, and the C of Ci 
has helped them with intonna- 
tkin until they were lettlad 

One letter thb jrear b from 
a Kanms Ctty woman inter-, 
ested In library work: another 
is from a ooupb who would like 
to open a aervice station, Mr, 
Copplnger said. 

Ha said the chamber an¬ 
swers an such correspondanco 
and dM not try to paint con- 
dllionr In VIciorla aa batter 
than they actually are. 

pyssl-s ■ CsfSSMss Cfslwt 
A Vis W laisss . - MaillS 

.. HssbhI Vss MS CSHPSSI 


1006 OOVT ST. 


3 Specio/ Sailing Opportunities — 1963 



Ancient Sport 

Thfoufh iht 

Irish Bowlers 
Road Menace 

road bowler eon hurl a ball 
aeveral hundred feet, loft It 
around a eiirvo. or send It 
ricochethig uotmd a comer. 

In Us moto pnMshed perform¬ 
ances. nmd bowling attracta 
champians from all ovtr Ire¬ 
land. However, aa any Corfc- 
nwn will modestly tell you. lha 

group of young Japanese. The 
ptoprielor withdrew hb com¬ 
plaint and rdfuBod to giva a 



I Tbanks to Irbh tr oops who 
jsrere statlonsd In Indio, the 
I gome now b popular there. 
Some my that futors Olympic 
Gomm arlB ba flDad with 
whizxing cannon balls. Any de¬ 
cant pmro ■ loving Iibhmon 
IbMaild Ufct that Just fins. 

mad wiin libMduw Esaifob. 

One of the ■sal a wdsr a ships sliiall 
Deinxt osw slaterooeBa. Reowa with 
privsts hath. 23 pnblie resais, t 
peels, thaatrs, leoagsa. alghtclahs, 
Plas Aamricaa aad CaaUasaUl eal- 
aiaa...BMtknbas strrbt. 

qoirea a pair of riilrt-aleovad. 
brasmy Catkawn hurling srlihl 
a fast overhand throw wnoU 
SBounoe iroo Miherea os tarBS 
they can doom a highway. 

Ibe game, aoM to have' 


Actually, the sport 


Niwipapar Advortising StimvIotM luyiiig 

• U'*i -j ’^T» 

i,'/y if 






Seaweed, which growii 
ao thickly In Uand antanp 
that It la nulaaiice to Hah- 
ermen. la betnc Imported 
from England to Vancouver 

But 1 Sidney man haa ptani 
to harvnt Vancouver laland'i 
mwevd ta bring a new ter- 
tllUer Induitry here. He may 
■tart by helping Victoria Saan- 

A large family with a nar finlihing within a year er lam. 
row lot to build on would find 
thla Iwoatoreg houae worth I 

eonalderailon. I BmnBnBBBBiBBBW 

which anneya flahermen In 
local watera. conlalna large 
quanlllica of aodlum algernale. 
BO Important In the manufac¬ 
ture of aeawead fertlUaar, he 

are available from Central 
Mortgage and Houaing Cor¬ 
poration at minimum coat 


Prefabricated Cedar Log 
AO Coatom Cut 



-SSUaoEY 3-9644 


R00FIN6 ★ FL00RIN6 

• Asphalt • uno tile 




cALLEvs-wii aSrxTr. 


aao acavice 






Victoria Jobless Total 
Lowest in Five Years 

The Victoria national am-i The office alio aaya anyonel 
ployment office haa ajM lob-l^^” *>>■■' o*d and 

aeekera Hated at the end of I“'T *•“‘"''T' 

... I high can quickly get work 

July, the loweal total alnce'pk.hin, logaaibarrtae and can 
October. 19S7. lexpert ,two to three weeka' 

Llalad unemployod July 31 work beloin thla yaar'a crap 
totalled U33 men and tintabad. 

women. During the month the The offloe aupplM 3.033 
Offke jApead t30 perinna Ui >Wrry pirkaia to Saanich Panin-j 
Juba —332 man and 2H ammen. laula grnaaeri In July. ' 






& CO., LTD. 



• aanr aaiA peUim - gi pa. • ha uU - am I Ian 

Ym ua kata toar iciami ap all ymr rouad atwa yoa dm CPf 
Fibciglai Scraca Key caaaol be dtlcrioniwd by ttaa 
anibw Idol tor laria ar taull Br«a«-lMimt. pBiM m cellBfk 

••I Ffewiln IcrMB Miy 


The Cur Corner 

By J. T, Joneg a . 

The dwelling where Joan of 

Quation and AnutBer r.iwM a., c .m u 

^ Does It Pay to Remodel? 

Many Factors Involved 

clear Saanich Inlet of Jap- 
anaae weed. 

‘'It ‘1 like carrying coula lo 
Newcailla,* laid Martin P 
Woodford, proprleiar of the 
newly-calabllahod Sidney Sea¬ 
weed Producla. “^e have lea- 
weed an around ua. riihermen 
want to get rid of IL It catcher 
In their linta and la a general 


At praaent the dynamic Eng- 
Bihman'a firm Importi pm 
eiaard weed called “channel 
wreck' from England. Ihe 
wied la further pmceeaed at 
the Sidney plant before it goia 
on the market. 

New home for TB CSiristmaa Seuls will be thU buildlyig on Fort Street. 






iiw Janneae w e a d. ChrMmaa Smd opeiellont In 



Some of Iht Japaneaa weed 
haa already been gathered and 
la In the proceaa of drying. 
It will be cut by a local firm 
and mipped lo Oxford Chemi¬ 
cal Ijiboralorlea. the parent 
company In England, lor i 

“I'm quite aurc It conlalna 
at Iraat 21 per cent aodlum 
algernale* raid Mr. Wood-' 
ford. CSiannel wrack conlalna 
3S par cent. 

A.NALVSM awaited 

Should the analyila prove 
* favorahln Mr. Woodford hopca 
to build a ferilllxar Induitry. 
ualng the local aaaweed. 

A complele proceaalng plant, 
beginning Ibe operation with 
Japaneae weed, may be built 
right In Sidney. 

Meanwhile. Mr. Woodford, 
who readily anawera lo “Mr. 
Steweed" and aomallmea calla 
himaelf a “kalplomanlac” la 
doing an all-out Job of making 
Yoople aware of hia product- 

Marketed under the name qf 
Alglnura, the aaanOwd fertlllxer 
product cornea In three forma, 
na a apray and liquid teed, 
aulid aoil rondllloner and In 
Jellied form aa a rompoal 
•ctlvBlor. j 


Tha IBS.000 gtvwral conlnct 
waa won by the Victoria firm 
of DiUabough and Luney. Tbe 
building waa dealgnad byi 
Jobn Di Caatrl 

The achcdula calla tor eom-| 
pletlon of tha building by thc^ 
end of September, reudy for 
official takeover which will ba 
on Oct. 15. 

I The new building wrill con¬ 
tain X-ray rooma for treatment 
of ouipati-mta living In thla 
area. Tbeae aro now Iraalod 
In tha radiology department at 
Royal Jubilee loculcd la that 
aectlon of the hoapllal which 
fat Boon lo be tom down. 

Ollkea for the aUIt tadiich 
handlei the annual fund drive 
for TB Chriatmai Scale on 
aouihem Vancouver I aland 
will alan be locniad la tha new 

Lofty Totcer 
Comes Clean 

new Turk tUfli - The 

tewer of the Empire Slate 
building li getting a new 
facial ~ the tint alnce the 
iWrortd'a lalleat building waa 
I completed In 1932. 

ito fllABLra TAVUMI e e a Q-I •«> • <1™***- 

, t i. ** inchr. la diameter 

rwnoilel IT older W. Mwiy FaCtOrS Involved r^m'^Ipe'^ ^retr^^'I^ 

havB been thniktnf, of buying ■ ^ gaJvHnlzrd metal? The fn»( 

Sb-yeor-oAd askl Dxti^ U « o « t^re often goe« IS inrhet dM|> 

_.rD - . in Ih# nlnter time.-H.S. 

You muat wiirtfr the fact problem b lo get the oovlo* and ^ Ctther ecewivie or clay 
A-Oldir hoiaea nltcn can be ■**' • MVaawdd aArue- ooat euimale rruo a drabvtBa tile ahouW be aalto- 

to a that ta !*"• •*’“ ** ‘•-iW Aa fuur pit ta wJng to 

^raUafartory. praetlcM ma-im, ta almoal a. om- and remodeDlo. work 

pani'i^al BuC many [acton are plela and »g>* aa brfUins! 

Itavehrad hi whether the project a new htmaa. ; q—W e have completed a new temm UruM 

ta pra cileal and economical. In Aa a general rule, remodelling patio and aome' id our Iriemta — 

lolher wo ida. each p aoje ct must prujacta such aa room additloaH are advtaing ua to lumi.h It , 

ba eonaldarad on Ita own molta. ^ kiichau mndaraizallan lu- with some of the aaw llghi* H^Qrilt** KihIb 
A mcaig factors to be con- crease the value of the home weight metal chain, lounges ^ , 

■Idered ta wtielhw the older ■»«« «•>■" the ooal of tbe alter- and toMaa. claiming that It will (^||| I'eaCC RlVCF 

houae ta now aimcturally ■>>« Thto ta true even with laat tangrr and be much easier, ___ 

maid: whether h is In a lore-Ove to 10yean old. lo malnialn. Hnoever. we pre-l Ch^i W YND iCPi—Provtn- 
non to morti the upgradkv. andi Beqaiae there me lo manyl*"’ 'vdwood. as It guoi mueh riol water cOTptronerAnnur 
In your case, how much you facton Involved in modemixing■’•‘••‘•r with our houae Paget wound up a nve -nour 

Ihave la pay lor the aid houae In an old house, the beat way tol W» have found aome good' PU«>“r hearing iMl w^ inai 
Iihe ant piaot. get the answer lo your apecllle hw™ hi adbudird oulitoor red- appHca^na by «n * P-t-; “y™" 

-wood furuHure Can redwood Power Aut hcalt y lor 

be linishad to reatal tbe waalhorl licence! for the |8«)j)00,0lli 

W 9 9 and to It much of a Job lo kech P"** 

l-Kcm imm m m rWBw 'Wm ** knAlng rttracilve*-J.SR. , ! About 40 ocanpanleu and taF 

n tor Living 

face of tho wood, It may be. 

Big Family tval ve or a ptgmmlrd aula I Pe/ o . . . I 

ll -1 INarrow LiOt mo sturr abaorpllon and hrip j • ROLUREENS I 

I I Aj* 1 • brtp the wood looking clean. W liiD SsrtMt) I 

, ' B ^mlution Shiny enallags. such aa lacquer • WOOD FOLDIRI I 

lain g or varntah, break down lalrly DOORI III H 

' "'B * • a I soon onder exposure lo aun and FIHTITIDHI | 

Design for Living 

Big Family 
INarrow Lot 

Pe//o . . . 

(WiiiiD iirtMt) 







14 li 


witn inc nauiiB. 

I •Dwvfr riiiii nwiitiw. 

Architect R. Whlteley of 
Don MUla. Ont.. haa combined 
ilmpllrity of dealgn with an 
appealing .plan arrangement. 
The combined family • dining 
room can be completely cui 
off from Ihe living room and 
hallway, and haa easy acccu 
to a patio. I 

* * * ' 

The living room Is well 0 
lumlnaled with windows 
stretching the whole width al 
■ he room, facing Ihe garden. 
The hallway ta centrally and 
conveniently located between 
all rooms on the lower floor. 
Jhe aUlrwaya provide eaqy 
access to the boaenlent or 
upper floor. 

Four bedrooma. Including 
the master bedroom, are lo¬ 
cated on the second floor along 
with the main bathroom, which 
ta equipped with a linen cloatl 
and double sink. 

* * * 

Tha floor area ta 1.433 aquan 
feet and <he exterior dimen 
alona are 25 feet by 31 feel. 
Working draarings for thta 
houae. known aa Design GDI. 

B.C‘t Most Atlractlvu 

nDBt* WM ■BfB BBM BIiIbbhb 

PvbAwOb mi h mrnk thm i«H, 

Aavar aaB Rua^ai ^bhHIIki al 
flfflM«. hBBVlBB BM MBiIbRIm BtB 

rav anus 

Ob Bali MaBili iHarfwkBBB 

IMaoy tfNoad PradMla 

Ba, aa. a iaa. a.c. 

■V oa s-ua 



a.' .■‘ti I Wi Sipply Mi iHtlall 

I~ Ib.t.lbgh 



This year 



FIbarglau Berua 
BunulHu you 1 

' "in' 

•Vi But"- 


t bhtim! 

you In all Ihoao ways- 

Seattle Strangles in Own Traffic 

Arc waa born bi 1412 ta an hta- 
lorlc ilte at Domremy in 
eBStem France. 

IS o thoughia after a tew. 
days' driving In Seallta: tha 
place ta strangling In Ita own 
traffic, and. our own dlyj 
could go tha same way, | 

I don't Ihtnk therc'a a more 
hidaous or overloaded atieleh 
ol road anywhere than Aurora 
lAvanue toacUng north out ol 
Scollle. For mile after mile 
there's one rolld phalanx of 
motala. drive-Ini. garagei. 
Junky ards ana supermarkets- I 
all with huge neon aigni, I 
arrowa. b a n n a r a, flashing 
lighta, hast, amell, notaa and 

* * * 

Four lanes 01 bumper lo- 
bumper traffic are stopped 
again and again by other 
traffle enisring from every 
aide atrsrl and driveway, or 

Rent Arena 

TORONTO (CP) — A group 
Of TO Toronto mcrchanis have 
hired Maple Leal Cardtna lo 
hold a sale of PJMOjOOO worth 
•I merchondtaq. 

A full-poge ntwspapar ad 
vri-ttarmani elalma dtacouni 
piiiwa on everything "Irom 
mmh atotaa to aports cara.'* 

The sale starla Monday and 
ends next Saturday. 

turning left off Aurora. Il'a ij 
Icxibook specimen of every .i 
Ihhng that can go wrong wHh 
a main artery. i 

Now, looking at Vlcturla'a 
north Douglas approach, I an 
■ee Ihs aame thing happening 
In 30 yaara or leas—not ai 
much of it, maybe, and cer- 
lali^ not as long a atrelch. 
buti^uat aa offanalve to the 
aye. 1 

e e 'e j 

Of course, our planners are 
at work lignl now lo prevent 
■uch a dtaaaler, but they've 
had preclout llltla ancourage- 
menl. Tha green bell schonc 
went out the window aa loo 
sxpanaiva. Tha Irae-plantlng 
almoal went Ihe mme way. 

There are loo many people 
here—name uf them la post 
Uons ol authority — who 
believe that anything that In- 
lerlerti with anyone making; 
one extra buck la automati¬ 
cally avU. Foaalbiy aome of ; 
them are afraid new Iraet 
would hide 'be binboorda. 

* * * 

Thta wxa the kind ol Ihtnk 
Ing that made Aurora Avonue 
what ll Is today. New the only 
solution there ta to ram a tree-' 
way throuah bypatoliig the' 
whole mess. And when does 
that leave the far atgRie,! 
bualneaamen wilh Ibsir neon 

By contrast. Vancouver ta 
an the move. More and more 
traffic appinachlng Irom the 
lOBt ta diverted at Langley to' 
enter via the Deas Island 
ihroughway, thus skipping 
the KIngsway ahambles. Hard 
lines for Kingaway. but a huge 
lmprovem?nt for the traveller. 
* * * 

Once on the Ih hough way. 
nvotoriala ere laced wilh a 
quick run across Lulu Island, 
a isatple vf btocka of s«um 
and such lust north of the Oak 
MreaA Bridge, and a short 
■bunt BeruaB to UrBmpt In 
effect, Vancouver ItSr moved 
ita front door, and Ihe new one 
opena on one of Ita fineat resi¬ 
dent la| dtatricti. 

Normally I find Vancouvei 
a bit depressing, but by com¬ 
parison with what goes on 
south of the border. It's a para- 

If Victoria doesn't make the 
I right roovei, starting right 

away. It might Just as wall 
give up the Idea ol being a 
beautiful cliy. A traveller 
' never forgets that flrat Impres¬ 
sion. whether Il'a a few boract 
(risking in a green meadow, 
or a airing of hamburger 
■lands and Isctorlea. 

I My vole will always go to 
(he horses and Ihe meadow, 
even If it ooubles my (axes. 
Vtaliora only vuil thta ptaoe.' 
I live here. 


H'lodaw Berreas 
- Rollnp Screeoa 
Srreea Doora 
Slldlox Serpea Doori 

Hlorm Wluidowa 
MraHivi mmd IhbIhIM 

NgBpOrgy WIiOiBi Lli. 

I Wl Dlaaaeary EV 3«9U 

^ Hbvb Your Roof 
and TV Antonna 
Chackad Now! 

tM «■ QHb Tbov Rbmb a Hrw LOOH* 

a araoiH m MaarTT tocN 

a «><M|atB a«B I iaaa^ MaaBav OaMaaB 
HBy mrnm ■■ ftaa Ib«»« . , . Hava foar 
vBBi aa^ aalaaaa •BoakaB aa* fet aai aa> 
B*fl*a<aB aarkMaa. Aa aagHnaaBip faaa* 






Completely laatalled 


9 lia.OOO BTI', gil-llred, alr-coatUtloaiaf 

9 Fanmus WUlimou OH-O-Matie buraer aad 

• ZM-i^Iub boaemeal oil taak. 

9 WIriBf ta approved elreoit. 

9 Al taxes mod permiltv 
9 I uroadHIoBal eoe-yeor warraaty. 

9 Terms m low aa la^i doaa, halaaca aver 
M iBoalka. laeiadiBK latereat at l‘i. 





Now at EATON'S I 

^Coloured Slides 


Th* highlights of tba FUr art youi* 
to enjoy now and lor many yaari to 
come, when yoo choaa* Ihcoe brlUioirtly 
c^oured aaper-oUdta. Made tar 35-inra 
protecto r a, they ara In varloua groaps 
of faor acoma. 1 fin 

Set of i. I .UU g 

. E*TOW»-Ciiann. Main Ftaor. I 


Rise to New Heights of Fashion Importance in 

Knit: dottbfe knit.. . ^ar^ the re ee on for yoa to own 
theee certy wool arrlveli. Pint, for the 
evelte look of a Oat'Jmit (of particular intereat to you 
who wear half atoa) that fits Uke a aUm want-of-wooL 
Secondly, for the eaay way theae knIU ttay in shape, 
never Mg or loae their wnooth look. 

PeahloD-worthy |oo: their venatillty for town, 
travri, or the aodal whirL Shown here are Just three 
from our new half-size collection. 

Qiooae yours in blue, red, green , grey, taupe or black, 
in slzea U'/a to 24< i;. 

New at EATON’S 

\ a 

Dare It! Wear It! 

TIm Lotcst Fashion Flair from Ntw York 



The riral aulomatle 
maacara. W ate rproof. 
doranT amudge. In 11 
ahadea. PLUS 


Malta j 

make-up In k 

n tube. m 

flawlem m 

with no 

thine. ly 

Both tor 


In a tube fur a imooth 
coverage. PLUS 

"Skin Dow" 

Invtathie mototurteer to 
wear under make-up all 
day. Both for 

L m 2.00 

Dross Costumo 
in two shadeg of grey or taupe. 
Under the cardigan Jacket la 
a short-sleeved, acoop-neck 
dreaa with softly eased skirt 
Sizes 14Vt to 22'/j. M QC 

2-Pioco Suit 

The eased Jacket has softly 
stitched detailing, the aldrt is 
straight and slim. Sizes 13'4 
to 24Va. 00 OR 

Costumo Suit 

Collarteas cardigan Jacket 
tops an easy fitting blouaa 
and slim skirt Sizes 144 to 

' dc nn 

"Foshioo Stick" 

Upalkfc and Hner In one. 
Outlines Upa ak It fltb in 
rrenmy colour! PLUS 


Heicnn Rublnateln'i 
rrench matte make-up 
now made In Canada. 
Both for 


Doop Cleaner" 

Excinalve cream 
ctemnaer with “Pen- 

I etret.'* flaate away 
traeea of aoil and 
make-up. PLUS 

^ "Skin Dow" 

\ tavtalhie molsturteer 
2 I for fresh, dewy look 
under make-up. Both 

Under Your Half-Size Fashions 

Warner's "LeGont" 

Half-size corselettes, especially styled 
and constructed to slim and taper the 
half-size figure. Warner’s have propor¬ 
tioned these garments for extra support 
and comfort yet they are li^t, com¬ 
fortable and quick drying. Nylon taffeta 
front with extra boning. Leno sides and 
satin elastic bock paiwl, embroidered 
nylon net bust cups. Finiahed with side 
zipper. Sizes 36 to 42 ... B. C and D 
flttings. Each CA 


for Professional Wcor 

Lightweight, comfortable white oxfords of soft, 
pUabie leather. ‘Tbcae shoes are eapedally iwuAi 
for profeaaionai women . . . they support the 
fe«t nrmly for the many hours of waBdng and 
standing. Three styles include plafaTtoe oxford 
with wedge heel, cutaan heel Oxford and low heel 
in moccasin vamp styling. All have Goodyear 
welU that arc Ight, flexible and yet ao smart in 
appearance. Sizes 44 <0 10 collectively in small, 
narrow, medium and wide A Qg 

widtha. Pair 

Itondif. tag. Itk. to totortay. tag. Illh 

A number of dterccMInued mudala and rtichtly used 
tdimwwtrstnrl hea i tn g aide are being offered at 
gnaltar l udu e M pttaaa. Each Heaitag Aid pw- 
maaad durtng due c hi de Is aoM with tlto maw 
guarantee aa a new amdeL 

nrMter • am. let MW 

TelephoM EV 2-7141 

'T. C* 





Blue Glacier 

Youthful Greeting ... Scenic Mooring 

waving Cana- killea. Hare. Mr. Pearket, with his RCN crewmen berth HMCS Saguenay at coastal Edge 

land to greet aide-de-camp, Lt.-Cmdr. Hugh Plant, community o^ Stewart, where lieutenant-governor's robii 

Pearkes at pauses to chat with one of the boys. party toured part of the Stewart-Cassiar Highway by 

Queen Char- —(Photos by Gar DUon.) project, saw two black bears and a glacier. Lieu 

Tooth, chairman of the Stewart 
village commission; and Cmdr. 
Harold Tilly, commanding officer of 
HMCS Saguenay. 





at Hglil pret - 
hMa will BMwt bm si IS 
S4BL Monday lo start two 
days at prtvslr diwB»loB> 
aw aailtan of wiwlaal la- 

bracelet made by Chariir 
George of Blander Harbor. 

Elsewhere on the lour, the 
lieulrani ■ governor saw a 
gladlR aras approached by 
two black bears, ate tried 
octopus and abalone and was 
presented with two argillite 
totem poles valued at about 
|130 each. 

He flew from Patricia Bay 
Airport In an RCAF aircraft 
~ ~ arriving 



Tours North 


A week of centennial celebrations came to a rain- 
soaked end yesterday with postponement until Mon¬ 
day night of the final performance of Victoria's cen- 
--- ~ tenniai pageant. 

•"* "***'• oritantoers 
Lrlap decided that tickets for last 

night's cancelled sbow would 

lo Prince Rapert. 
there when most of the Bshei- 
men were away on the great¬ 
est run of pink salmon during 
the past 10 yean. 

Into AloMka 
The party boarded HMCS 
Sagueiuiy for a cruise up Pon 
land Canal to Stewart. Near 
here, the lieutenant-governor 
crossed the Inlematlonal boun 
dary Into the Alaska pan 
handle ex-raining town of 
Hyder. whose occupants look 
pride In calling their home 
“the triendlleal ghost town In 

Hot Turkey 
Big Draw 

n will be cold CUU by candle light for the Rl^r* An"y^.y. 

family of 1154 Kings Road today—but the dinner who've missed the peg 

originally started out as turkey. leent will hsve e last chin« 

„ ..„ - Monday. Organlzen said lick 

Mrs. Richards put a turttey on Monday lot 

the stove, turned II down low A a C Ihtwe wanting to see the show 

and went out for a while. A rl ^PCUrltV •'**>' Saluiday's falned-oui cus 

10, a downstairs n e I gh bar. ^ Pre-pegeenI enterialnmenl 

smelled smoke and rusbsd out to >l]rV£V beginning at 8 p.m. bolt 

turn In the alarm. j nights, will be highlights Iron 

DINNF.K Gl’EkTS yai I m* Summer Showcase, a review 

"She wmi Hsving rehilive. in f AKCS 111116 “T ■' 

lor dinner tomomiw." said Mrs. toria s Club Sirocco. - 

Ruth Nobbs. Laurir ■ mnUier. Intenatve review of day SHOW MOVRD , 

But the blackened bird realK lime security mensurei at the didn’t pat much of i 

went out in a bUxe of gtorious Crraler Victoria Art Gallery crimp In yesterday's fins 
reeognlliaa. Three lire trucks. Is expected to take t«R> months ,ticmoon of Broad Street msl 
the fire ehieTs ear. inn poller to complete, curator CoUn outdoor entertainment 

ears, two reporters and *mi Graham said yesterday. only It srasn't at the mall o 

phutograplwa turned out to survey vsas ordered by outdoors, 

witness lU demise. directors follow Th- show was moved, bi 

LIKE SALON BV Inf the recent daylight theft cause of the weather. Into M« 

*'I hooe they like baloney '* ■>> >hrM palnUnga valued at morlal Arena where ubaa 
remuked a llremw. as iw WJoa . I‘’"S® 

whlpfwd ths crisp turkey from Mrenwhile. special guards wy Vancouver's K1 

nre sTs";kX)I. s^relmloi 

^ from Summer Showcase. 

Mrs. Richards was rwit avail- - 

eMe lor comment. ,, ... , AT L'NVKILINti 


There were 25 peryons living 
here, including immigration 
and euilonu officers and a 
Most of 

gift shop operator, 
the unpalnled buildings stand- ^ 
ing on piles at the water's , 
edge were deserted. 

We drove 40 miles north- 
eofl of Stewart to the Glnter ' 
road construction mmp on the 
Stpwart-Caaiar road, passing I 
hug^ Romney Glacier enroule. 

At the camp, two black 
bears rambled up lo within 
10 yards of His Honor. They 
mooched lor sooe food, then 
lumbered away. 

In the Queen Charlottes, we 
met hereditary Chief WlUia 
Matthews at Masael, and A|. 
fred Edwrarda who was wrtth 
the Royal 122nd during the 
First World War. 

Totem Pretented 

Chief Councillor Allred 
Davidson presented an argU- 
llte totem to Mr. Pearkea on 
belulf of the Band. 

Five meals, including atm 
aboard ship, were served l» 
Mr. Pearkes' party In one day 
spent at Queen ChariotM. City. 
It was here that we ale abalone 
and drvil flah (ground octopus 
fried Aik- hamburger.I 

Percy William, a CouncIHor 
' of the Skidegate naod.'real- 
’ finned the hand's assured 
loyalty to Her Majesty The 
' Queen. Hla Honor answered 
, the rtieech and ssiK^presentcd 


lions wig include (he firing of i ships will be illuminated arlth 
" ceremonial outline lighting 
and a firework display will 
from a barge 

A (iani parade and a demon- 
atrallon of pnodern orarfarel anil submarine morlara and i 
will highlighf the Royal Cana-1 guns by the dretroyers and 
dlan Navy salute to Victoria's launching of homing lorpe- 
centenary Aug. I. 10 and 11. does by helicoptars hmering 
About 850 officers and men aarrlismd. 
will march In the parade MBli|_pntJiuO of the M-aIr 

■tartina at 2 pm. Thuraday loitMmonilraiton will wind up 

music provided by the bands with a sail past and fly palal 
ol HMCS Naden. the naval •! all ships and aircrafi par- 
Irchnlcal apprentices pipes and Ucipating. 
drums and ilie Rainbow Sea Later in the evvnlng the 
Cadets Corps ^ 


Their will also be 38 lloala ^ aao ^ IT/ 

depleting the lole played by IjUootteB ^ 
WBnhIpB Bnd iharr MlBbllnh' 

—. .«u ^ p 

iBduded In the |iarade will i VlTB •« ■ 

be a eonlingeni fmm IIMNZS 

Royalist, the visiting New The smile ol welenme that 
Sbwland cruiser, whirh has snu in greet -CiO New IVaUnd 
also ladlratrd It will enter sailors starling a one-week 
two floats In (he parade. The visit here appears lo be turning 

lake place 
moored off Flnlayaon PoinL 
During the three-day “Salute 
to Victoria." naval peraonel 
will demonstrate physical 
training and weapons skills at 
toMn Hill Park. ~ ' 

Each eve¬ 
ning naval units will perform 
a sunset ceremony. 

tnodations to the ssilors. 

The HMNZS Royalist, tm 

_^_luma a rail mode by Canadian 

vCiin'viiaUons'lo 57 a^rs had'«anlit|« lo New T aata M 1—: 
ftmm from 30 Vlrioria homes year. On taal onmatan the Ch 
by SBtUFdBy. Mr Forbw mW rwdMM wew UvBMd t«yBn>. 
he was h^lBi at least ISO of the mayof said- 
I the sallon would be Invited Anyone wishing to offer ae- 

___..wlih an argUUle totaou-pole 
“^icarved by 83-ysa<-.old Louis 
CoUlnaon. one of the best 
carvers In the Queen Char- 

* SocialiflUi Meet 

The regular monthly meat 
Ing of the Victoria loeal of the 
BocIdIIiI Party of Canada^ will 
be heM at t p.m. Mond^ si 
1280 Pike. 

At the Island village of 

_ _ _ sita Mia. 100 school ehll- 

He also said he had not re-ishow the visllora some of Vic- dien carrying flags paraded 
tved much help from the lorto ore asked ta taU onto the Jetty. Halfa-doaen 
tv In organizing and puhH- EV 2d0« or EV 2-0171. women, wonting timdltionsl 

--—--- costume, danced and then 

sang in their own dlalecl. . 

The party also vtslted Namu 
and Ocean Phils before oon- 
llnulng oa to the norttiem Up 
of Vancouver laiand. 

linuc at a somewhat slacken To run from 5 a.m. to 2 p m. 
pace lor two more months.'it offets prizes for the largest 
The navy entertains Thurs- salmon, hidden welghia and 
(kiy. Friday and Saluiday. Uv nslirsi fish taught. 

. . . set lor the wiod 

First Camp Will Open 
For Crippled Children 

He’s Tuned to Telstar 

cnmmeiTlally sound baslE 
The iliM use wIB be broaiF 
bend data commanlatlona 
and t el ephone flmnmunlc» 
ttona Undersea rstiles sit 
already appreaching the 
point of oatiiratlon." 

‘The saielUle commnnicta 
Ilona system will be cheaper 
than laying mote cabisa 
aefooe the AUantlc," bt 

A Victoria aeientist boa 
been entrusted with the task 
of deciphering the e l ectronic 
dracriptlon of outer space 
broad ca st to aorth from 
the Telotar coramunlcBtlons 

Vlctorta Unlws ial ty gradu¬ 
ate Dr. David Aaronaon. cm- 
ployed by Trittar's parent. 
A ra a r 1 c a n Tstophone and 
Thtegnph. la a member of 
the team which wtll Iranolate 
the saleUlte'a coded lalorrae- 

Try Agmn 

two years devising the com- "Tliey will be eonslanUy 
pater program erbich wlB bombarded with radiation 

transform the coded Infor- which may weaken thorn 
rosilon. evenliully.'' he said. The ssl- 

'Now that my program la cillte Is expected to orhlt for 
errittcfi and debagged, II wll two years, 
gstber miWene of Mta a< In- Tlte contract with the Na- 
■formation tai seconc M tnia thmal AmoaaalleB and Smcc 
one c o m p r a hsnoflile b» Adratailslrallan caUs for bn- 

■wer.' he mid la an Inter- other saiHlae toandiing 

view. letor Ihle year, be said. 

One at the ihkics Dr. “Our prioary purpoos la 

Aaronscoi will he watching ta work oal the bugs bi the 

with for Is ilH streogth a< the system so h caa be pul on a 

The 4d-yaar-ald radio pb)^ 
Btdsl UvcB with his family 
Ui Murray Hitt, NJ.. where 
the project opcralioas ollica 

Const, and Mrs. W. Post 
To Live at Qualicum 


M ention 

Scariat RCMP unlJontu con. line. The fhlii wm (eahlonetf eoualna. «ero aba dreeeed In 
mated with white Ooral decor- on trahoe nnei and Dow ad to i lemon and adtlM nyloo. All 
atlona (or rhe marriage of a train, tier chapel-lengih veil itlendanu urriad toning car- 
Carol Ann Darley and Cooat. waa held by a crown o( prerli nallona. COnaL Maurlca Allen 
Rodger WlUlaro Pool which and aelllabr* (lowera. Pearl ot Victoria waa boat naan and 
look pkice In St. Ual'hlaa pendant and aarrtnga ware her Conet. A. Kirk o( QuaUcum 
Churdi Saturday evening Rev.'Jewelry and aha carrlad rod Beach uaharad. 

Angaa Cameron ol Lundavra roaaa. , Yellow and while roae< 

performed (he ceremony lor] Maid ol honor, Mlaa Lynn m, bridCi parenta* 

Mambeia of the Victoria Brandi ol the Engllih Speaking 
Union al the CoramanwMlIh will have the privilege ol aaeet- 
Ing Mia Rxeeilency John Stanhope Reid, high eommlaaloner 
lor Nne lealand on PrMay. Aug. 10. al a garden reoepllao 
ai lha Bea ch Drive home ot Lady Maia. The gucat ol honor 
win apeak biially. Abo attending will ha R- W. Mlchaabon 
ol Oalord who b mvalling on ihb continent under ESU 
■ponaerahlp. Hr. Mlchaelaon hai.vbltad lha USSR and b 
rurrenlljf lecturing to iludent groupa. Whib In Victoria he b 
lha gueal ol Mr. and Hie IL U Smith. 17M Cedar Hill Craaa 

I The hrida changed la a Blar- 
toned thrae-pboe knitted eull 
with white acoamorlaa lor a 
I honeymoon to the Iiderior. 
White gladlolua and alephan- 

Smti for AuMtralio I 

Hie Mbeaa Baanor and Evallyn Brumpion. UM Neiw 
pan Avenue, ara ladvlng Aug. • aboard lha PBO Ltiicr 
Arnaika lor Auetralla by wgy of Honolulu, Japan and Hong 
Kong. They export to return about the and ol Octotwr ahoard 
the PRO Uaer Camberra. I 

roupb will make their home 
lat Qualicum Beach. 

Frontier Fashions 
At Home on Campu 

15 Month* Abroad 

Mra Paul Bbaby. 164f Wllmol Place, and children 
Laumnoa, Marc and JaequeUne. returned home recently from 
a Id-month ilay In Europe ependlng a year In Parb where 
the diUdren attended a Pronch achool. WhOe In Prance they 
tielled ralathrei and (rlenda el Mra. Bleaky'i In Maraainci, 
Menton and Chamonix, and made aide tripo to Croat Britain, 
swlimrbnd and Italy. 

By OAT PALXKY i Leather trim n h o w ■ on 
NEW YORK lUPIt — The everything- on the pocketi of 
taoMone once home on the akirta, aa fringe on a wepm 
range now ara home on the der akin, bather 
cailTpui * pocketi on Jumpera. bather 

The inQuenoe of frontier weeklt to match Imiher 
aexl weotem regalb pervadeo trim on a kllt-bngth aklrt. 
the new (all and winter other highllghta ol rampua 
faahiona (or the naiion’a {aahione; 

coada. The weetem look ihowI _Hoodo everywhere. Jump- 
in ooplm of i?**^*?* era come with hoodi. Bo do 

:2d*5b imti trTJkT"A. ^ 

aklrla in pblds and tweeda. 

Cainpua cbaalcs for (all- -Hb Jumper b bock, 
come with many new' varla- ahown either with or without 
i„». A parumi ot college bolL Jumpera with lew excep- 
lihopa in New York ihowi liana are pared ■ down in 
new polringa fqr awoatera aiDiouelte. 

Inaiand ol tha traditiaeuii puil-' 
over plui canHgan. A alime- 
leai tunleneck nm be worn 
with another aweoter. or by 
i tael I. A deep V-throoted 
kweater goea it ^ne, or with 
a modUbd turtleneck under¬ 

Mohair Bwaalna are the 
coed'i naweet love, replacing 
Shetland. Theae bulky num- 
bera coma In cardigan or pull¬ 
over atybo. One hoa (our 
patch pi^cla that give k the 
look of a blouae. For evening. 
oll-alKraldcr mohair awralere 
are paired with tweedy akirta 
i— a reSectlDn of high (aahlon 
Ideaigoen featuring aoullb 
I woob lor formal wear for 

Leavo for Florida 

Mca. C. W. C Btaaell. Senanui Drive, Saanbhlon, haa ae 
lueeti her aon-ln-taw and daughter. U. Cmdr. and Mra. W. E. 
Clayaadi with Brock and Jocelyn. The vtollara have been In 
^rtmoulh. Nova Scotia, (or the poet (our yeora where Lt. 
Cmdr. Clayarda waa naval liaiion olllrer to the Naval 
Research EatabllahmenI and htterly commanding officer ol 
HMC8 Swaneey. The family leavoa ahortly for Key Went, 
llorkia. where Ll. Cmdr. Clayarda aaaumee dutiei aa RCN 
liaiion nlflrer lo the USN Anti Submorlno Teal and Evalua- 
tbn Detachment 

That their chlldren’i leet 
ore important. 

At Maynard'i, yeora ol ex 

K ce guarantee proper 
for your children’a 


Wrecks, whofiecds a home when his 
owners go. They will first visit rela¬ 
tives In Toronto before gathering 
with some 250 other teachers and 
families In Moiftreal. August 28 Utey 
will reach their destination after 
stofM in Paris and Bangkok.—(Karl 
Spreitk phota) 

Bound for the Orient Is the Hinch 
family who leave for Singapore next 
week. Mr. Val Hinch has accepted a 
position with the Teacher Training 
College there In connection with the 
Colombo Plan. Ill the garden of their 
Telegraph Bay Road home are Mr. 
and Mrs. Hinch. Vicki, Tammy and 
Dam and Biett on the swing, also 

From Toronto 

Mr. and Mra. J. D. Bell of Taranto with thdr oon and 
daughter. Michael and Piineb are vlilting Mra. Bell'i 
parrnla. Mr. and Mra. F. 8. Maddork, Mount Douglas Park, 
and Mr. Bell'i mother. Mra J. W. Bell, Mount Edward Apart- 
mrnlv. They are Haying In the home of Mr. and Mra. R. 
Baird. Milrvs Lane. Cordon Mead, whib the bner are holi¬ 
daying In Alberta. Mra. J. O. Lake and Paub and Nancy 


Open All Day WrdaraAiy 
^ Friday NigM Ttll • 

aid FORT MT. EV S41U 

of Vanmuver hava alio been vlililng Mr. and Mn. Mad- 
dwk. Mra. Lakt'i portnla. 

Gown Designed 
In Hong Kong 

Meas 8o Much 
to Shnt-ins 
and Hospital 

liage by Mr. Robert Booth, 
Eait Walpole, Man. Mr. .Cor¬ 
dell Newoy of Leavenworth, 
Waah., was beat man. Uahera 

'Direct from Greenhouae lo YOU the Same Day 




nr Attachment to 
The Hard of Hearing 

Mr. tnd Mra. Erik S. Harawn, ISO 
Homer Rotd, announce tht engige- 
men! of tJwlr only daughter Grcthb 
Marie to Mr. Patrick Donald Floyd, 
son of Mr. and Mn. T. Floyd, Parks- 
ville. The wedding will take place at 

Grace Lutheran Church, the eve> 
nlng ot August 25, with the Reverend 
Wm, A. Williams' officiating. Mr. 
Floyd it a member of the IM2 
graduating rlasa of Victoria CuUcge. 

Aa a public service. Ihit attachment b being offered 
to Hard ot Hearing below our coal. 

For the Hard of Hearing! Hear TV much cborert You 
will rertalnlv welrame fhia marveloui attachment lor 
your TV eel .'We would prcler. lor piirelv good will and 
eoinomb rraaone. lliat only the Haid of Heonng older 
Util allachmeni 

RpRular $1.95. Now only S2i98 

If iM wraf • WbHwi aid. vwi ••• 

The Most 
Beautiful Fabrics 
In the World . . , 




London Silk 

Garden Fete , 
At Ganges i 

On the eve of hla reiirement, 
following 50 years In the min- 
biry. Archdooeon C. H. Holmei | 
waa honored, Widneaday aflcr-' 
noon, at Ihe annual Anglican 
Pariah Feta held In Ihe grounds, 
of Harbour House Holet.i 

A purae woi presented lo 
Archdeacon Holmoo, on behalf 
of hla parbhlonora, by Wlllbm 
M. Palmer, pariah araeMary for 
tha pual M yeora. Mra. Holmaa 
rsnalvad a gift from Ihe W.A, 
praaoBlsd by Mrs. H. A. Robln- 
Boo. Rt. Rev. Michael CoJemon. 
Pender Island, was a special 
guoal and hb daughter, Mlai 
Sally Cob m an olfbially opened 
Ihe fete. The affair waa wrti 
attended and over 1800 waa 


EV 2-4524 


Thrm rtoon o/ Fmihkm 


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Malorano of Casacalinda, Italy, 
wiah to announce the cngagetqent of their eldest 
daughter, Evelina, to Mr. Jeaeph Groaao, ton of 
Mra. Christina Groaao of Rome, Italy, and Uie late 
Mr. Vlncenao Groaao. The wedding will take place 
on Saturday, Aug. 25 at 11 p.m. In St. Patrick'i 
Church, Father M. J. McNannara will offidate.— 
(Photos by (Zampbeil Studios.) 


Roily and Florence Collins 

Ihi IK* ebnrrf af 



Best Wishes to Mrs. Forbes 

who U yoara ago helped her huabond make a dream 
come true In Ihb booulilul apol on the edge of lower 
Campbell Lake — ‘Hlic home of good Ilihing and 
hunting.' Mrs. Forbes b rettrtag aher oU theaS Woo- 
darfnl yoan al hoapiiallly. 

Roily and Florence 

Tell me they wiQ be ready to welcome old friendi 
and new Saturday, Aug. 11, 1962. 

To eilurala and train our young men and 
wuilirn b a vitally important tnik. Poor 
vtabn b one of the graateal handirapa to 
banting' make lertaln that your rhlJd 

hoa adeqaaie ginaaaa to miHo him lo ho 

claarly. mng the pnocripllan (or gbaam 
to one of our two offlera where luperlor 
aerrtcea and fair prtcas auurt you of 

Drive 8 mlbB paat Campbel River, M lolUw Ihe 
sigBa aad >1* ta an a real ■OL'BEWARlIINa. 

Hotd Seraic* — Dwmti Room — Caugar Room 
Cslloga tmd Baota ^ 

Sea you Iheie tea! BmI artiha Inn Mra. M. Simpoon 
and Managotnanl of NKthwaatern Secuniiea at Vb 
torta Lid 

Newspaper Advertising 
Stimulates Buying 







lallg (KolmW 


Hi* wet. Mndy hM>d Hat Steve Neeby imbe* in hw with hU own work oo^be*<i^ dali« 
■raetlng to both Mndi end itinngen, eidtamize* bulkhiig, b the young eon of Mr. ind Mn. W, L. 
the toifonnel ^itrlt praviient on Vktorla’i bevhes Naaby, 760 Genevieve. 
duriiV the warm ranmer days. Steve, who was 

Uttb Gordon Jepson was sbillng hb beau¬ 
tiful red boat for the first time at Elk Lake 
although be was somewhat hesitant about 

getting It wet at flnt He b pictured, com¬ 
plete with sun glasses, with hb mother, 
Mrs. Frances Jepaon and sister, Marian. 


Playtime at the Beach 

AItha«|h her marimba play- 
tag la an avocaban. Nina, hu 
made a comldarable IniprM' 
alon on the entertainment 
world. The Cart, lay'a, aa 
wall aa dnfaa In Montreal and 
Toronto hare apoUlghted her. 
la USB aha appeand on the 
Lowranen WaUl Show. 

got me Btarted.* ahe aayi. 

T'ro had only one and 
a hall jrcara training and that 
with a aell-taught teacher. 
Playing arlth banda haa helped 
me more than ansTthlng.” 

Now on her fourth marimba 
—*ap I grow Mggor I had to 

eountry,* aha amDea. There, 
they make them by hand from 
roae wood. I picked mine out 
at the factory In Chlcaga” 
Alao ahe would like to atari 
her own imall combo before 
aettllng down. 

T lUta aubtlo aounda." ntd- 

are perennlala on the belt- 
dressed list predicta fliat a 
wave of aleeke- hairdos la 
aurging Into fashion. 

The new coUfurea arill not 
be plastered to the head, not 
that sleek, aald Kenneth Bat. 
telle. But they will make the 

Talented Young Musician 
Featured at Empress Hotel Honor 

Wg JCLIB CLABB * * • Miss Nute 


Ihs room WM aamldarfe. 
All that oonld bo assn was a 
toll gM reaytng ovor aa In- 
Btrumant; all that could bo 
heaod was the mellow throb¬ 
bing ol bar ouulmba. Ths 
danartod Envrsao Hotol ball¬ 
room lUlsd with the quicken¬ 
ing boat Of Malaqaena. IklB 
was Nbm Kao at a pioctloa 

TIm marimba la a MtxlcaB 
Inatrumsnt, a eouala of the 
xylopboas. This young mus¬ 
ician from Burnaby lo iha 
only known faoMlo profan- 
alonal player hi Can ado 

Tho talantad and vary at- 
traetlvs Mim Kao la carrantly 
playing woe hands at the bi- 
preaa' Tiupttal Room. 

The martaaba la baot suited 
to square moslc,* aha laughs, 
*11 lenfc Itasif wall lo Mk 
muale, aspseially Latin Anaart- 
caa It Is net a Jan hwtru- 

But the mags of eflacta 
achlavod by It ora ramarkabia 
Nina can pradaes anything 
from aa entdtlng *jnngla 
Drums* to her Umig vonlau 
of *Wagou Whsais.* A truly 
orlantal gong.Bks quality la 
heard In Tn a Famlaa Mar¬ 
ket* WaicMi« Nina M la II- 
aelf a plaasu ra . She Is. oom- 
plstely OBO with bar marimba, 
aliemalaly coaxing and drum¬ 
ming out the sound. 

The marimba Is mally only 
my part-time Job.* 

Nina Is a foO-tlBM Oanadlaa 
Pacific oommunlcatlona opar- 

*Balng a part-time Job I can 
enjoy It more, there lin't the 
mad panic to find work. Al¬ 
though I do like to tour on 
my hoUdaya, I also like the 
security al home and a atoady 

MIm Marilyn Nute was en- 
lartalnad al a cup and aauecr 
ahowar al ths hooM ol Mri. C 
■uggett. Ooriages of pink, 
white and rad mmallona wera 
praaaniad to the bride and tha 
lam mothara. Gifts were pra- 
■Btad In a replica cup aodl 
miSiar. Gusata Included Mrs. 
r. Kalmr, Mm- W. Slugaan. 
Mrs W. RoMnaon. Mrs. P. God- 
fioy, Mrs. P. Btavanaon and 
tha Mlaasa May Sage, Carola 
Nate and Sante Buggatt 

Mrs. A. Armalmng and Mra 
I. Plabar aniarlalnsd at a rol» 
eaUansma Miawar lor MIM 
Nate. Gifts wore praaaniad la 
a miniature fart la honor of the 
groom. Oofsoga of pink camw 
liana and baby's breath wera 
praa e nted to tba bride, and 
enraagm of pbik rooes wars 
praaenlad to both Bothara. la- 
rllcd guMta wars Mrs D. Brad- 
Mtaw, Mra. C Coineau, Mrs. a 
Barr, Mrs, C Jackson, Mrs. H. 
CUftord, Mra J. Falrall, Mrs. 
O, Broom. Mrs. N. Melnyk. 
Mrs. A. Woeda. Mrs. M. Kina 
Mrs. E. Oolllna. Mra P. God¬ 
frey, Mrs. E. Cartwright, Mrs. 
A. ColdweU, Mrs. C. ColdwelL 
Mrs. J. Emery, Mra. Bennett, 
Mra. M. Walr, Mrs. J. Gold- 
nnlth, Mrs. R. Crook, Mrs. C, 
Bbt. Mrs. K Parker, Mra. P. 
Howard, Mrs. M. Lang. Mrs. 

i G. Stewart, anf the Mlaeea 
Carols Nute, May Sage. Brenda 
Plahar and TYudy Barr. 

Brazilians Love 
Their First Lady 

By LOUIS B. STKlN Bmnwd to apaak EngIM and 
COptoy Bswa Barstoo to bate UUn and ■““•anmilc*. 

Hi u artuSJTplanorMto «"■ 

who la bow Brat lady of BraxU 1 ._ 

domnT Hka bar Job. But Bra- 7°*” ” ■ _ 

NUani iDv. har. Thay boast ~ 
that aha la the mom tautllul 0“^ 
flmi lady In tha world. 

mToh SLrS - «•"<« •bout tb. Ito-lden. 1.1 

nm Iftdy la tht world. ^ «j-- 

aeu hamal __ . mJamdea. ■•VOfml DOrUhAt mdlOt iCOt- 

TT ^u.^ * "lu' 

iM a wMI-known portrait 

photographor recontly. ale wtoaw jUM." 

Mrs. Joao Goularl. M. la au "•bough Mo ud^ hui 
burn hair.d with *-to ^ 

Ibarlan fmlurm tlw> wring w 

rtmm from wren.. » wrti “ jSlleT o^ 

men. She atanda 54. weighs **?***“^ 'Tl? • P™" 

101 pounds. Har aoP browa l»«"totaa 

eyas are att srlda apart above THREW BOtO AWAT 
pronounoed cheek botws and a In 1MB. when Marla uraa IT 
Btialghi daiilc nosa. Her eom- and Geulart was IS a stormy 
plaxioa has baon eallad that of eourlshlp developed. TTwIr en- 
■ *prsadoleieenl choir boy.* gagvment was blghllghtod by 
But Mrs. Coulan doaan't hka violani quarrela. Thrso days 
all Ibis attention. before tteir November. 1955, 

A GOLD pm wedding Marla threw Goul- 

-Now I know how a goldfish 

faalo,* aim eomplalnad shortly . up thalr dlf- 

aftar bar htahand was Inaagu- I" the 

ralad aa praaldani last Septam- ^ 

torr. nrmr found It, and Ooulart 

Daaplla bar avattoon to pub- b *f an other, al- 

Bc Hfs. Mrs. Ooutort baa bsen ihoweis hla wile 

active In government oaaw- •^5* Jewelry, 
monla. and ahe la expected to ^ '•V “•""«•••«; •b»‘^be 

entertain JacquaUne Kennedy "“V to buy her 

U the Amerleun Brsl tody ae- ■nothar rt»g a^ again become 
companlM Prartdent Kennedy “• «*" ««•■ 

on hla plannad trip to Braill 
In November. 

Marla Trreaa PimtanellB 
was bom on ar cattle ranch 
wkhln a few miles of Sao 
Borja, her httaban<ra hotnw 
town In Rio Grande do Sul 
etate. Her tomlly came to Bra¬ 
zil from Spain five gencratlona 

Educated at the ‘American 
School* In Porto Alegre which 
was operatad by Methodist 
mtaalonarles, Maria, a Catholic. 


Mr. and Mri. W. A. PhUllpo, 51 LewU Street, who 
ore marUng their goldm wedding annlveriary 
were honored when their daughter, Mra. Chorlea 
Giddy, entertained at a family gathering at the 
Oak ^y Beach Hotel on Saturday afternoon. Out 
of town giwrta wwt onoUter daigiMcr, Mtl 
J howart Sakolield and Krandrhildrcn, Lomde and 
Rofatai SehofWd from Port ASoe; grondaon. Mr, 
Donald PhiUipa, Kamloops; and Mrs. Lillian 
Dighton and oaughter, Vera from Winnipeg. Mr. 
and Mrs. Phlillpa were married in Winnipeg.— 
(Robin Clarke photo.) 


so Impraaacd with a xylophon¬ 
ist on a movto that an uncto 
bought her one. At 19 she 
took II up aerlouply. 

*My grandparents were the 
Drat Llthuanlaoa to coma to 
British Columbia. Playing at 

Lithuanten MdlerlffteB tmHv 

given to her by a Janitor sdio 
mode them out of door stops. 
'They give a softer sound be- 
eauM they an hollow rub¬ 

Plana tor the futaie Include 
a trip to Mtodeo next summer. 

ta MmI ■tBrltnKw 

■ asnww ■ w r hm« sogsmB ^ ••■•e Miv nBr|| BlIW 

Whan alia was BlM Me smsfNbw'a favaitia stlclu ware baaulifnlly with tho marimba.* 

- Before leovlng on o tour ol 

Iho oost and on engagemrnt 
ol tho CMgory Molorama. 
Nino win be featured In 
CtoilennUI swanls it the EiquI 
ssalt Sports Arena and at 
Balchart'a Gardena. 

She smnmarliM. *Of course 
1 play when I'm close td the 
andtonce, wtD rasted and well 
proctloed up. Then I give the 
groataat plaasure and la n- 
tom rsMivo my graataot 
pl aa anr e frotn aniartalnln|.* 

■to SB 

Danghten of England Lodge. 
P r l oceo a Alexandre. Nw Ul 
will meet Wodneaday, Aug. k 
at T‘.90 p.m. In tha Orange 
Han. Courtney Street. Iiwtal- 
laUon of'dlatrict dcpuijr end 






MOM N MlM»\ 

<1 \l # 



I (ill ,>i I -nlv S's*rt 

\ ii. .. r . • 


Mr. and Mn. E. A. MdDonald, 4130 Glonford 
Avenue, wish to announce the engagement of their 
daughter, Marion Heather to Mr. E Vaughan 
Daviei. son of Mr. and Mrs. E V. Davi^ 1650 
Hollywood Oeocent The wedding will take place 
in Eaqulmalt United (3iurch on Saturday, Sept 1. 
(PiMto of Mr. Daviea by Campbell, Vancouver.) 

Mr. and Mrs. E R Griswtdd of Ladynnith. &C., 
wish to announce the engagement of their eldest 
daughter, Dama Marie to Mr. David Wilfred 
Curwtn, only son of Mn. M. Stknpsan. 2310 
Victor, Victoria, and the late Mr. Colin Curwea 
The wedding will Uke piaoe on Saturday, Sept 1 
at 730 p.m. in the United Church at Ladysmith. 
MUs Griswold Is ■ 1963 graduate trom SL Joel’s 
Sdiool of Nursing. 

beehtvaa and boulfonta oa 
dated aa the morcaL 
Tt’a Just a natural rabel- 
llon,* aald Battalia. *Wainan 
soon lira of tha bizarre.* TTit, 
forthcoming trend, aa scan by 
Battalia, will put tha hair 
doaar to tha faca than In 
previous Bsaaona, hut atUI puff 
out It the crown and bock—I 
*Wa haws laarnad In the last 
five years," said BatteUe. *lhat 
a Uttto axaggerallon of line 

Misg Carol Lynne DobUe, who was recently Baiiaiie la batter knoam aa 
Ptoas era men aatartaini ng. crowned Miss Naden was one of the princetaes Konneih-tha only nama ha, 

gia M in the Vioiocki Pageant presented at Athletic 

Danghten of EngtoBd Lodea Dobhito daughter at Mr. and Mrs. whe« jjto skllludik cobM andl 

PrioM Alexandre. Nw lA Alexander DobWelte Walter Avenue, ie a fourth 

will meat Wadnoaday. At*. A generation Victorian. Her greet-greet-jirand- f"* '••‘rdraaaaneyaTj 

at T;30 p.m. In tha Orangs father, John R Braden, came here in 1863 from t- 

Han. Courtney Street. Hiatal- England and served as a MLA, police com- gmi iSi John PKannidv't 

inauguration fas-1 

irittoUan. first board at directars to the Jubilee HospitaJ. Uvniax he does tho hair of 

Mra. Kannody'a alslar, Prtnoeaa 
Rodzhrlll. whan the to In New 

V r Torn, he did that ol Quean Slrl 

Your Problems 

Norman K. Wlnilon os regular' 

n J r J cuatomare. 

fSY AM% LMtUtetTM Kenneth la reluctant to talk 

about hla custoraara—‘‘griling 
I y^nr hair done should be o prl- 

————jvata affair,* he sold. 

Dear Ann Loadera: Usually I applaud your an- bs^poulbto to achleva that and. I But soma day, ha added, ha 
sarers, but recently you let me down with a thud, piva him another chance. He toay write ■ book about acme. 
Your reply to the woman who complained about a «hould be eipecially apprada- Jthis experiences with VIPs- ; 
frigid husband indicated that you know nothing of I've after hla double belt in the J™" ^rybody can laugh 

the problem. i-chop*- 5 “ m 

■m# w^ aald aha had a “Loneaoma Lady* to a grrat * • a ^ 

worm and aflectlonate tiatureL|deal luckier than I was. Her Confidential to DISILLU- they are lo gel along with.* 
Har husband was an Ictda. aralwhile admlrv was honestjSIONED: Why ha annoyed aald Kenneth. "TtM ones who 
You asked, somewhat unaym-'enough lo tell her in advanceiwlth HIM? AU he did was give you trouldc ora the onm 
pathetically, *How coma you that hla oaughtera would blow the whistle on the phony on the way up—or on tha way 
haven't warmed him up after ahvaya come Drat. I married bum. Be grateful down.* 

an those yaariT* |the man and than found out I _ T think wv're In an era of 

Let me teS you, Ann Lao- playing third Bddic. mm n is great hair dressing ... women 

den, you Just don't warm up Before marriage I was mm- Mmo Mptiam lleld beneDtlng with all tba 

on totiM I k... btotou.. Ipte«y maNCHE™ NR .AP. In‘he tooU. thai 

ooy and uaatog. l threw mjr- ] hod money from my Brat out in a _ ni»r _ 

^ at him and PtojM h^ to. baimnad'i oslala I should pay ^ a meeting here of soma Bagl.a-Hf Bath ftoa- 

I * "' ■ ajMOJehovoh^WllnesaLfrom ^ 

U ■tolao and Canada Tha bap- KIDNEY UUd 
^ ‘ aymboltiea the entry ol 

wore toreador pants than sAnad. th. m ih. ..i.u,.,. ■I.AIlllBD 



■Air BMd Wam . . Al ra|]| talAilMAi 

ftr lAfl bM wiBM •BMik. 

"Whan Tna Ahamire Osl lbs Bani far Low” 

ini Onvaraniaal StooaS tOarner Pori) BV l-7ggg 

Your Problems 

By Ann Landers 

— |L On Oaiarfiai SIvtr Dtlar h 

I ovon taatollfd stono and ^’ton ooa day 1 taarned that mtoalonary group, 
ptoyod evarythlng from tangoo J" . ’nWy bought for - 

ond twtot miitoc to BHllMvtn TBAVBLLINO FOOD 

and Chootn. inxurlao tor nto married (toagh- . 

M. my lop. In a Mtler The aorelled Jobnnyoke, 

IM •mnwni ho told me ha owed »» ttoni meal an old bv- 

Ichdi. To uMdootlwrthlngi. gaughtare more than he 'n the souiheni UB, to 
**** ** ? owed me. After that iMBk P«>«IMy ■ comipUon a< “Jour- 
--II Sr*"' * •*••• Pronouikwmant 1 aag- “T • bandy Ham for 

drM up and hitter. ha Ilv with tiwm treveUera. 

DCflool 01 nursing. remd. take a torer. or bacoma 

■ atMmal tsaa mmal PrOnOUnCTOBlt 1 Mg- 

^ _ *Dli"MS^me^iaa a dwear h# go Uvo With them. 

Celebrates 94th u2^iKr^ 

Dear Wilt: Tour hoabond **” bavo him. So now 

Mix. a a Hedtoy. orho has ma and dooghter-ln-Uw, Mr. .a~.t4 ^ a eoDaaana *•*’* Pboning me aVory evttung 

llvod to Vkttrta stneo IMO, and Mrs. J. R Hadley and bre * * * ' 1 am—NOT A'^HOME 

was anttetolnod at tea on *;“«b“^*‘™- Hnd«>n. sB Baov A« Latotoam ■Iha Daw Not: Tao nzdrtod far 



TMiistojIi u toflTuuiii Im tWto *** VlHOliA, M WtO U Mr 

^ granddaughter. M«. Jwtin W 
Cock PhooM Taa Room, la Cresna and har hitobond, of 
hosier of laar Mih till rhdaj Seoitla, who ore boildoytite 
OaMroOiw with bar wera hwibato 




(a) BTABTIMa AUa 0 — Man.. Wad. Fit 

French Introdn ct o ij Catnoo for Grads I 
aiudanu aa Ote hoA ot tho now textbook. 



Oo Any lisvel 

woman .wtM algnod honaUiaampaalanahlp and it stUl may 




M wnx as caiUD 

H Auoiagwi.m.ah 



M n 0(iB Kxw UMiumi 

■ iiiiioaauttT—ora.MTrsAu 

Woolaan Bhlavpttoas Unllod are ptaaoid te aatooaawo 

the appo ln t m ant of Mr. A. E. Loonaid aa Manogw al 
thalr Dry Ctoantag Dlvtoton. and of Mra. O. M. Brayioa 

Ma T4A-I0il—to 
Ool OfMoo M Ja 

aa Hoad Uounultor- Weiiran biBiwtem Uanllod are 
praareily locaiod at tho ChAero VIBm Shopping Ctn- 
tre and wID shortly mn new Coln^ Dry droning 
Loungfo la the new Eoquhnoll Plaa and Royal Oox 
■t oppk i g Contra. 

SlMiird SItM Landry Lll 

Ml VIEW RTBEET fhoM BV 4-4lil 


No Worr 

As Near as Your Phone 

Saanich Approves 
Blanshard Decision 

la alTMdy a Ira/fle botdBiaek 
al Uia jonctlan of TraM'Caii-; 
ada aad Patrlda Bay hlgh- 

Earllar raporta imUcalad Iha 

tBf Baandal aaalitanea to tha. 
dly tar making Blaaahard lBto{ 
a asoaad mato rntnnee. 
Tha ariginal adtrma ealM 
tar wtm e lki ii at a fraairajr: 
alarting al Memorial Arana' 
and catting Ihraugh Raoa' 
S tr aat., aeroaa to Tolmla and 
tba dty boundary, wbara It' 
would link up with a provin-; 
cU gowamment arterial hlgb-: 

To maka tha adienia work 
K aroukl have raquired that* 
at least hall at the oast ba paid, 
bjr tha gorrmment. I 

woBK naiNs I 

In Iha nawa which aeamad' 
to Ipdleata forrkiiowledga of 
Ihe govemmenl'a refuaal to 
put up Ihia amount of money,, 
dty anginerrlng e r rwa quietly | 

Just Like Pop! 

JiMt like dad, Urry Robbins, 14, of 4830 Weat 
Saanich Road, tries out the brass pole at new 
Saanich Dolloe and fire headquarters, which was 

ba^ work a few days ago' 
on Iha extension of Rose 

The tlOO.000 projacl will link 
Ihe praaent termlnua of Ro*e 

openH Friday. Ready to greet him is 10-year-old 
brother MartliL Father Is Saanich fireman Joe 
Robbins.—(Ooioniat phota)_.. 

Straal with Tobnle Avenue and 
provide another link with 
Douglaa by raeana of a "half-, 
clovarlaar at nnlayaon. 

TO save I'KNTBE 

The new axtenalon, which Is 
being built only to a width of 
es feat or half of the arterial' 
width, win aervo Iha new 
9R.000n00 Mayfair ahoppUg 
eenira which la oehedulad lo 
open la tha tall of UK3. 

A fuUocale dabale by dty 
ooandl on tha lutura of BUn- 
chord Stroet la expocted to be 
heU shortly._ 

Victim Slashed 

Pensioner Held 
In Knife Fracas 

hem charged foUawIng a knife I attackar. Ha was ti 
attack on another man In a St. Joseph's Ho^tol. 
downtown rooming bouaa. 

Mah Kwak Chu. SSBh ria f T O 

gard, waa tamally charged In I I 

dty poUea court yoaterday 

wllb assault esuatag actual 

bodily harm. MM \J* 


Maglslrsla J. A. Byers ad- ITJLCl V f Ik 

Joumed tha hoorlng until Mon- J 

day whan the acwised man py_ hrina Ui nolo 

Indicatad l .e could not wider ^ 

sta^lha ^ "; Ion to reklndta Inlereal In the 

hera ara being com- 

dsyt hssrlng. ^ ^ y 

Polica said Moh Quon, da, 2933 latand View, 
another tenant of Ihe rooming comet with the Vancouver 
house, eras altackad by a man pgfg ara scheduled lor 

annod arlth a butcher knits os 13 , match with a 

he eooked hU supper In the Portland is due the 

eommunol kllehan of Ois (oiio,vtna Sunday, Dr. PoweU 

Here Soon ^ 

Dr. Pu w sU . prealdant of the 
new Van c o u ver Island Poio 
Club, told tha dub latar sin 
meet Spokane. Portland. Son 
rran d a u o. Taklma and Palm 
Springs dubs. 

DtftleuMaa with tha fleU 
will likely pravent ’‘serious' 
InlemaUonal play nntli the 
spring, ha said. 

Kawall'a Nordsaui Quean 
SOrlay Fong of Honolulu win 
arrive hi Victoria Tuesday. 

Tha a - year - old beauty trill 
bs acoomponied by Princeosei 
Gerrt Au and dorloe CMnt. -In 
the evaning. If weather permlta 
Iha vUtors will put on a dlqilay 
of Hawaiian dancing at the' 
CMnaae Public School. OS 

Also OH the lour ora 9 boal- 
ne a ame n and thetr wives tram! 
HowalL Ibrir vWt So San Fran- 
dsoo, Soaltla, Victoria aad 
Vanoouver Is moMorsd by thal 
Chinaaa Chambar of Oomraereel 
of Hawaii. 

. Ught BlinkM Out 

PENANG. Mataya (API—I 
The oil light on hittoric Fort 
Cornwallis, which has guided 
naartners for SO years, has 1 
boon extinguished for Ihe flrali 
lima. Tha lighthouse la gatngj 

'countered In otMalnlnf lulubk 
I pontm, which requlrt mboul 
I two 3 r«Mrs to bnoomo polo 

Kina Fisherman 

Although Campbell River re-, 
oalvaa more publicity tar Its big 
tyse lolinon. so far Uds ysar it 
has bom the Uggsst producer' 
of coho aabnon lor The Daily 
Oohadat King Fisherman eon- 

Prosressive Families Buy and 
Sell Through Classified Ads! 

Baying a Freezer? 







OnrM* WhIl lv««n 


IUbUI or Contract 


iWAjrrcn crurniM n)Oij*ii n. 


Teltpkoiie 746-5611 

TELEPHONE 383-4111 

M ton AM* rauMO itt wuJsaiiN.MtfiwoMa< u riMAU Mtr wahtw u ■u i ii —i tavias 
use' atj a iWm -ogfio—Bog. AMO OtncmY 


or oodn 

tlY rORT 

lUi !• I am 


^ V mcNUs wantio 


U» om, McaABy to 

OHAajr la r lMtro. a* tk* 
•Mia ontea of VMorta 
tnm MSI Door- 





- I a« Mia tBSy y o {spacUl Sunuper DIattamu 

— 7?^— I iST aSim mT mSmcm : TOTEM" LOGS 

• P M, WED.. AUG. • ^ giSiSi" 

AMM n a*. C«* Mr „ M imLmM 

wxtwk OAMn I _ 

riMO •( MraMt rriMMr Wim f A aMNm A iORa LTD. 
4 m t iMli m tn« OL i BV»MN »«r. iRrM 




MONDAX might 
fiarthtg at THS pjn. 
n Par CArd 3Sc Plr ExtM 

$ Bava Oanra 

Raise Extra Cash for Your Vacation - By Selling Items You Don't Need With a Low^-Cost Classified Ad 

BvUg CCdlanM U 

A««. I, IMl 




Dr Luxr EIrt'lrohofM j 
Paih'BulUm Radisr 

Cumplrlrly InitaiM 
Rrg mart 

SIO Down tlO Monthly 
LimiiMl Quantity 

167J DougUa St. 

EV 44913 

Drivr-ln Srrvioa and 
Sain Entrancr 
at rrar of Piagard SL 

< 00 p.m Twrnlirth Ontury rrpMta Bpartacan:l 
The Raca to Racv, tba fine documentary narrated by 
- ■ WaKer Cronkttr and 

/’at' <^/ A Stirling Moaa-7. 

i.-WAtC /rHl.r7~\ I0:00 New Land 

X" / r I •**1*^ • **■ 

J 1^ I mlnutt pubUc afUIra 

Ml M*/ J • •* World'i 

I I r/ I Fair In SaalUa—i and 

1 ' nm.ijixD nwM a ca 

tMi Vm4 

|PI fMl aivM fimm SVJ 


I'fl *Mia aai iMiiodb- 

(r«# wMiirf I 

Mainim VaMf wlfuanMi i r li 
C>«r4W iftMr Mtt < r^« I 
Laryp *«lnir II 

I p*^ >U|> c w<cr<a HiMrWirM 

Trlevisioa for Sunday 

drama. RIchcat Man In 



aae eupnaa ivaaa cvnai 


dUprnie with the Oddi 
J/jT J Cup race.. Prograina 
a T IL^ atari at 10:45 on chan- 

nrl 7 and 11:30 on 
“Wed. (here gOM the MM dunnel A From noon 
—in go la and warm ap ,„iil 6 p.m., channela 
Mw •»*•" 4. 5 and 7 will ahow 

nothing but Gold Cup. 
and be fully prepared later In the evening for Inter- 
rupthma ol your favorite ahowt on three channela ao 
you can be kept up on the lateat news of the hydro- 

10:45 a.m.- Baaeball. Lon Angelea Angeb va Baltl 
more Orlolea -lt and 12. 

3.00 p.m. -Taped hlghllghta of the Canadtan canoe 
ehamplonahipa- 3 and A 

3:00, World Cup aoceer between Chib and Brazil 
-3 and/o. 

S:00| World of Spoata looka at a rodeo—4. 

Sunday’s Movies 

9.45 a.m.—Tripoli <1950 adventure). John Payne—5. 

A 1:00 p.m.- Purault of the Graf Spee I19M Eng- 
Uah drama), John Oregson—12. 

2:30- Dlaraell 11929 biography). George Arllaa—11. 

4:00 China Clipper <1936 adventure), Pat O'Brien 
- 11 . 

5:30- China Gale (1957 adventure). Gene Barry; 
followed by Femab Jungb 11956 myatery), Laarrence 

6:00 Bambuti 11966 German-made wik 
mentary) 12. / 

ll:.T0-The Wonderful Country (1958 
Robert MItrhum- 4. 

11'10 Inaurancr Inveatigalor (1951 m 
Richard Denning- 6. 

11:15—Muab for Millions (1944 muakal), Margaret I 
CBrbn- 2. ; 

11:15- Woman from Headquarters (1950 drama), j 
Virginia Houston - 4. 

Monday’s Highlights 

7:00 p.m.-Special gymnastics dbplay from Japan 

7:30-Opening game of tlie Canadian Football 
League, Saskatchewan Roughrkbrs va Calgary Stam- 
peders -& 

9:00—Baseball, Seattb Ralnbrs va Tacoma Giants 



TrMW T V. m WM 

ifota • un rcLTiAM. cxndiff 

ruuBlim. CMT4US_. 

■ C ' M Ht T j ni—iw 
jai * 

iMoutbI mtMrt 



TelevLuoo for Monday 


At Our New .Spacious 
Studios Oppoaitr the “Bay' 
JTiM Douglas 
EV 40641 

swcc Tati'Mim ovaaiuijLao 
rapor ar«l altrT EV ;<W 

*fr-* W.-rr,ia 

Ta :r,rej?li£e 

Afai ^ 

tJmy hi Cvnrt 

iyyvn Kays 

lur ■ Day 


LAiyrs iirKKD d»rm.z. txMio 


T» TcK Tn«li 
,(ar««t Ltk 

UmicU InsiniinrMa. 

PiMM aatf CAvsm 1 

CMn^-ta •teftur UtfA | 

IhMl Urn*. 

Rnfal PiMt 

open all day Wsdnasday 
Pndajr Uf »&• 

tm We tneaday Afttnuiap and 
r*nday Kvtaifa 


•'st AM Ltmm 
Va' aft-^ TVM 
Vfi-ii*.e-^ TtaM 






You Can Have Carefree 
Comfort for the 


Keal MK'nyt 

•mlrstnr. wl»#sn> rasr. It-aula 
upper aad M aola lawirr hryWmd. 
U-»a« iwda l Noa f d. inw orgM lanes 
' li anuBoag vanoty One qM>-IW 
an dawn ynymi^ W MuMtit) 

: Musir Rosiik wiRidward iitirfa «Vir -1 
Mia* Ud. pilMie RVJ-nsi 

pisnoa. arw aad Md, for aua ar 
reiU. nwm w a< 3^ Duucia*. 

dty «r a«r a«f«ne ttaas^atau** 

See the Inexpen.slve 
Floor or Wall Furnaca 

Now on Display 



9:30- Making Ends Meet diicusaes buying a car 
.-2 and A 

10:00 Vincent Van Gogh's career b traced on a 
repeat of an hour-long special—A 

Monday’s Movies 

9:30 a.m.—Remember Last Night? (1935 myatery), 
Edward Arnold - 4. 

11:30—West Point Widow (1941 comedy), Ann Sliir- 
by 7. 

3:-3n p.m.—Forirldden Alliance (1904 story of Robert 
Browning and Eltulrrlh BanettI, Norma Shearer—S. 

5 30- Sbvr Gir) 11954 adventure), Anthony Dexter 

- 12 . 

11:00 Hie Quarterback (I94n 
Wayne Morris 9 

11:00 God's Country and the Woman (1936 drama), 
George Brrnt II. 

11:00 Higher and Higher (1943 comedy), MIrhele 
Morgan - 12. 

11'20- Pursued (1947 drama), Robert MItrhum—6. 

It .10 Too Many Husbands (1940 comedy), Jean 
Arthur A. 

11:30- No Time for Love (1943 comedy), Claudette 
Colbert 7. 

1I:35--Monkey on 'My Bark (1957 biography of 
boxrr and drug addict Barney Ra«l, Cameron Mitchell 

9 Recommended. 

usKD MocHi's ELxmuc newK 

«nMk Utm4 auAnffui). ruaigtvt«| 

wttSi Urwk tatty g T»t bP«l Onr' 

itfity fn Ik* Wmmi pa>fnMM. li 
Umre Roan. W<«(tw«r4 
IMW iViCtaciAi UA. I*. KVrmL 


X For All Your X 

Free Estimates 
Gladly Glyra 







forest siding? 

'Miang arr tv e-> 
•04 U-laca wiaiW F 
atmt M a mmr D/m < 
sloaiM* inos wwalb 


v4xl6 Slanby Squares 
Reg. 34 29 
Now Only 32.98 

samuic Pbam— cwMTt cm 
P»im- GtaM «r p n » u 

tn wnUr. CaL ... ......JCtt, 

jper Qsatiiy G.P. VAKt. 

Oklion .. ...4MC 

c. J. McDowell 
Plumbing and Heating Lfd. 
757 Fort EV 3-4139 

A( Our Npw X usor enai 

Location X 

X 4A1 Burnside RA E. X'cvsww 

t)MX Phone EV34171 X iJSyT. 

pPM V # V VflntartBfb 

1. ^ Atl BVBlta 


, X A3.3i) Mon. Frt. X 

;• }2 X A5 sat. X 

■£Sx ,, 

• X Lois of X Crmr._M 

I uw X Free Parking X .baby^g 

plywood CUTTINGS 

ir’W^U** _ _ 

•y umhi ...irnzi I 

!*«■*»*■—'t** . 

!*««M .4....... J. 

UMtd _ _ ^ I 

.cr*xRr’-w- tefvM 

^ X 


it 3rC)J‘- ££3 “ I 

.i/ tcr**!- toiiM __ 1 

isr'kTT'-S'* ttaMiiM I 

ir vtr-V Vama*:4 — t 
if tttrm.%" VmmppPi ...... 1 

i ^KO Bt.crrKK’ ium:b 
KP criAUt 

RpATlb XT’ lUnct ta paup ronAltM, 
lutMlBT ploiarnl* Mt 

y ^ij ^n» Mr' fUAgp MUi 

PnaiaBirr W’ fUncr. <m«’A 
raoTnii. He M 

W JiiMmuw KV S-SBt 

Line ypur lummer cot* 
lAfp end nimpuA room 
with untemperpd hard* 

4 X i X U 
$1A9 per aheet 


Par AuMit aatt NUMtngi wtMra 
a PM pMaimt 

pvaiaurf M MppM. mamncM 
W iMAvy BtaiaoM tMM. CawM 

apona drama) 

y. Pur 


A MW Cyae* «a rafif» uiA*«Da4 ta 

>a«r lurrMw wtti giv* >•*« HEAT 
|p>r WATKR • CO.vrROU.KU 
MKAT CXJOKIRG wttl* a Mvaw 4 

Ctierry V-Grooved 
Hardboard (Econo) 
4xSa b 
34.48 per sheet 


-rTNuar' tiauit. oaa a. na 
Manual tktHuwM aai oraaJer 
wQoa vi4wM. pM$ ta laa Mrwr 
latml imuONsni aai mUMp 
af tha tai'lCBac. 

T)w JMm «r TORKsr* Mara 

at «aaaat ptaapk Raw Mytaa Yo«r 
rimtra. ataa gaar waMai ar ta ata a. i 
Rant taTrarbnM* PtaleM* Braa. 
mm DoJba a K VMOta _ 



eefcn fta Mas - CsUon. MSV 

OMfls Hm 

JwwK* nsalr MSMlatt. Iwn. i 
laMar. snir. sm> Om wS 

Green Screen Wire 
Chittinis. Clea. not! 
4c per sq. ft. 


STOVK Anti rua.tocs pajm. m- 

c lasimiiM. nrKru roMnn US. 
n PwnwiM mrm gV sax 

.rancaua, Cia ic a w aM aTtar Maai 

liar Hi<wi*a’ewMia rawa. 

I SA.’tuiTaADlri^iuiACs'Bar AIMS 

w nitL 

Wasd aod lOTdMi 

2b Cords. 311.95 
3 Unila. S8.b0 
Clean Hemlock Fertilizer 
For Barns and Gardens 
Abo Prea-to-Logs 
EV 3-3833 

~ci'sRAHnua> mt aawDver 
unneouTS iiSuvxiiy 
rxNiaxxuL tvA 

Ask for Free Plana on 

* Jack Dormer 

* Inaubtlon Tips 

* Extra Rooms 

* A ,Vew Carport 

Drrtaai yw<v .4a 

^la nraa»r 4 . Mara .... .M 
tali Drvaard. ptaca ..... .Ti 


Large Cedar Blocks 
Hand Picked 

3b Cords_389: 

l'-3- Planer Ends, 
3b Cords ... 3101)0 
12 ' K-D PUner Ends 
1 Cord_3700 


»’ cat asEK wun.suniiisc 

Wrtri' raagr Baratlaat OHWtatJMit 



taaaa am Calwn: 
r*.... IKU SK'iOS'*.. 
r..... 4 ta wnm*.. 

I jM ' TtBMpMi'jr arsM. aatarnl 
tWkta rwtw Will* feanrti la ralrA 
MKl B«a» kroM PWlrMr Biaa 
U4. jgrOMiBaa, KVimm. 
nrroNpmoHKp nAvw alkx 

•jMra. VCS. SrttaMrt II!*)- Maauw- 

Riwk tarn All twpM aial aHivavaa 
;w: ta. law cnaa m . a< Pan. PA 
kvvoii ____ 

island BUILDLNG 

<!<war 1l«ja4 Bait £V ;•! 
dpp KC Xlactnc Baa Dapol 


Aa aaviT aid 
awn tataiaa 
• rolUDrf • M 


N- 40 •II..I. l-M MM. IM K nl 

» 1IM4U lae MM. 4Ma_1» 

2891-Douglas EV 5-9774 

rw roca Ktuxac ntojtcn 


»« ■rax vrw mrewreo uxu- 

IHm aid sattan ai np'riwrt Ptarr 
I aualUy. ciaairr aalaa PMrlMr 
1^. im Unactaa KV M0M 

aryaaa Kaay larms M^trate 


I all aanwf 0k. IX 

Stewart A Hudson Ltd. 
as ooaci aa Kvaau 
o»M I Dt>f ni ss 
uon or rats, gaar pabuxo 

Beat Fuel Co. Ud. 

EV 4-5534 I 


WAf da uai Wranlt wRA wH, pnor 
aatt rlw 0 0 a*<^ auUamed* W* 
Aava dry afd rlpaaiat aaad la loaai 
BAirA a# anw. wa pH yap ^ cufd 

1730 Cook SI. EV 6-5161 
Open Six Days a Week 
8 a.m. to 5J0 pzn. 



If a natantt DaiaA la drawd. 

au r«wUQi< m CVA^tH:> 

KVKT I'Arr <4 ipmnjkTKJi) 
B aura 8 «Mai i E V I PML 



moM roini rtaxs 
m.Mxma ixxmis 
Ci^vxn. pxAina 

acevaarx muum 
■ OOLCLSa ST. tv M 

Bring Your Lumber 
Probbms To Ua! 

n.i^naxa « luav < 
fiwxi'a (iniM: Asanoo 

- —^ 


■ Twirinai IL tv MS 

soraDinc. xv 



380 Bay Street 

Miji.vD wmrr. pcasl LAr>r« 

mo4rl. U*M44 arMrOoML M Hi 

t vsa» ___ 

nxivt BLAi'k LArori'Ka K 

“Quallly at the 
Right Price" • 


f ttrte •pfb'iaiA 

»; ^ Kanfd dX. p 

1 CDBh ..J13« 

IH COItld ... II•» 

I round nm 


pwemt KVidm axytdir 


Farm. IndusirMl and 
linfBtion Kquipcncni 
rau imm fl«ki«*« ta (taaran ai 
CAaadtaf C’wc 'fVinri tiausad 



Cask for Fumtahinga 
Sabe o« Consignment 
U15 Fort EV 4«4( 


Off Bay Just West 
of Govammenl SL 

2614 BRIDGE EV 3-7106 

Here arc a few of the 
many Items wt ctrry: 

* Lumber 

* Plywoods , 

* Ceding Tibe 

* Doors lAU Types) 

* Window! (All Types) ; 

* Door Locks and Hinge*, 

* Beniamin Moore Ptinii. 

* Plywood Cuttings 

* Roofing and Shingles 

* Arborlle 

* Chrome MouhHnga 

* Berry Garage Doora 

* Klletan Cabinet Hard-j 


Kt-KTrair msxoous a«> an 

4>i<i4f m KVAmt 

VAU'oBur'vinu.v aa» reoN* 

oM 11^ 3 In. SB 

MV mot noon 

■W l O U lM. 3 4wei 


a'oM tiirrsa avo oMnlnKt 


Victoria Sawmill 

Buy — Sail — ApprzOae 
>36 Fort EVd3308 

M<<'ormk'k Farm 


WATttpaoor mi PLTwonn 

tt \M ■ «- HosM _ ni 

X-oW • fi.MM__ K I 

3rx»--%- Moaea_izi 

Oawday D wt f y ** 

_eva.Mii 404 av vm m 



a UNITS_36.50 



3 UNITS___18.00 

O.K rUEU EV 4-3452 

xcw Axp faxn n-a-UTvax 
•jr voca CNuiCK 
-•M . ■a>-t4.| eSMMOMa M44 

|i:c|nMa nouam ■r^oC, 

CMw MS r <M<a aaiMin*~a 

[ SHIPLAP special 

ua r 4 «a le MaM, ■mm 

Fir, Hemlock and 
Cedar Lumber 
Cedar Shake* 


2312 Douglas St. EV 43823 

SO Compbte, 31550 

Cedar Patio Blooka. CSc ea. 

Screen Doers. 31450 

Garage ITxaO’, 3135 
(Plus Roofing) 

Basement Room, IFalF 

Carport. 377 


: 3(Mt Douglas, EV534M 
I Open 6 Days a Week 



3M) Bay Street 
Croea over the bridge 
iPoInt EUioe Bridge) 
EV60151 PtMna EV60IS1 



■MidlowdBd 9 « 4 , jRl Hr 

KtaM^ mvmmmP4 tar Biiptaw. 
taUlM BUlrT Md taflMV IP' 
lM 0 ta» Iwinidnii drilDwry 
I rad tata 1 ratal PM 


KV MBl KV tadn KV 4talM 

IrrAiitMUio rtwxm'AC 

1>hone EV ^3331 
371 Gorge Road E 

MAaarr colt eowaa TAxe. 
4a KM >1 M ia m Fnaa uax. 

M. rams..* IM. UaufiMaiBaa. 
Hi OK t-iaaa 

Faint Sab Now Oa 




17' taB30 Itarld Md MMa 
KITaiK)l ftOVK 
3b CORDS_310 



j 4 mc mmI r»: • Hmm 

fr«<» IMW‘' Ml'tia#* 

mi TniiMNi Kmmto r»i> 

■» it w> fti-nu _ 

iBif ifT^T. c>r A^'Aiut 5 

EV’ 44174 

SE Luxury S«Un. ThU 
iu«i uijKtIon moiM li 
ofvs owiwr *1111 hAi 
I . by us sinrs 

I firvi IftM Avrd Jl 

luxun tnd romfod. 
t SAVE ..»W» 


Mi *1! lUalMIH, M 

Kwt MWT««l ft Al^fr 

% ____ 

1% P\WJir tr UUM CtXX L DS- 
ir^xa •MeUm: BAIL tarft-. 

BMft Bor i •§• 

iBAk* ftiiHMB UMiPr »••- 

pM# PMm « vrtM 

KB nmrm _ — 

'“vtrKlIUA TACftT «Al.n 

V L A«mft s* ft* •*• 

wiiWuO tM Mi • Ml Be 
►» l-m ftimftmaj' PfciM 
KV M4)l KvM UJI f Mft 



M M X and X 

M hava ua M x ARMED X 

M lnal«U an M x FORCES X 


Sundays Highlights 

Stdan. SamiAulomalle 
Iranimlaaion. Ftnlahrd 
In lovrly wroon oftart 
by -«hilp«i«lla and da 
-iuxr trim and appoint* 

1.15 p.m.-BaaebalI. Scattia Ralnt«a v». Porttand 
Bravart- KOMO. r^. c. g 

4;») Talks on taste In design and on the ronfUct ' 

between truth and drrulailon In newspapers are heard — 
on Report on the Arts C8U. w4 

6:n». Variety Showcase (eaturea a salute to the JJaSu 
music at Harold Arlen -CBU. iHiBaSanirf 

8:09- Finn and the Feud, by Mark Twain, ^yru ii» 
Is pre s e n teoen CBC Stage CBU. snen lui t 

Sunday* News PSt! 

*' W«s\ MM 0« 

900 a.m.—BRO Nears and ^rtnmentary from t^n* cwsarsarii 

don -CBU. 

I 7t» p.m.—CBC News from Toronto. pgs usi 

Mondays HighUghU 

SHI pm -Prairie Playhouse presentatton Is 
Darusha and the Devil CBU. I mn-*— n 

7:45 Baseball, Seattle Ralnlers vs. Tacoma Giants seeaox »i 
-KOMO. SlTai 

9-0(V CBC Winnipeg Orrhestri- CBU. iTssr-STT 

10 .to Assignment -CIOR. k««i up ~ 

11 :0O-Claiwlcal music from the CBC -CBU. 

X Lowest prices ever X 
X on 21 cu. ft. de luxe X 


* Commercial M 
* Agrlcullursl M 

60 DODGE 4 Door dMan, 

1 aulotnalle transimsston. 

two-tone. V8. custom 
1 wheel discs, whitewalls. 
I Reg. 11905. 


X Buy NOW! Enjoy X 
X better food prop- X 
X erly froxan this X 
X winter. X 

wuu.’ aimjjtotiT wtra »aF 

r.<Uuiidr W» SiSiilil M t. M 


M Phone for a Frea M X HOME SUPPLY Xj 
M Sprinkler survey M X LTD. X 

M of your property. M X 1803 Government St. X 
M MX Phone EV6-24M X 

M W R. MENZIES M X 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. X 

M 911 Fort EV 51113 M X X X X X X X X X X X 

100'. nNANHNG 
Payments made for you In 
nae of sickness, accident 
or death. 


58 PONTIAC 4 Door Sedan. 

Lovely sky blue offset 
I by 3-tone blue Interior. 
' Reg $1895 

c I* aioucT rai' 

r. Wawa. nmt srs^w. nwa< 

>si a. ua t-sbi. 

MAIS Furniture 
and Appliances ' 
1831 Cook EV 53435 

Refrigerators from ..$34.96 
electric Ranges from $I9B5 
Beatty Ironer $49-96 
IngUa Royal automatic 
amsher, factory over- ! 

hauled .$199$5| 

Fowler auto dryer ..$89961 
Care Jewel oil j 

range .49$.96 

Sawdust Ranga_$39,951 

Wood and coal I 

range .. $3496 

All Mala Used Appliances' 
Carry a 30-Day Warranty, 


Pateniad "Purltnm" action 

ij^sDoa pc'petRs ma ialk. 


58 MERCL'RY Park Una 
4 Door Hardtop. 3-tonr, 
all power. Top modeL 
I Reg. $2496 

SALE PRICE — $3383 

9 no am. BBC news from London CBU. | 

7 no p.m. CBC News- <»tr. 

I Moat stations carry news broadcasts every hour 
on the hour or half hour. Broadcasts listed above are 
I national network newacastal 


» w ouTBOsao 

IUMI Jndifiarpfi M$ 

56 FORD 

Customllne 4- 
Door Sedan. Custom 
radio. V8. automatie 
transmission. 3 -1 o n e, 
whitewalls. Reg. $1095. 


FhAl Cft I'aBM 

iiocnit ~vAhfM.~o«ici 

mISs sarknt(-a~ •» w 
> «i« fv snn 


srasaotixmluiAs saaenaao' 

■hw ua^sui__ 

Ri'peiu. GsaMAS shephesk. 

I » » MW m Evuue 

icooD miMi'AMiA evrritTi 

[rrswma EV SMO 

REEMAS BureiiEan n'lrtES 





Furniture and Appliance 

An Excellent Selection 

779 Pandora EV3483: 
Open '111 9 p.m. Friday 


umit LtAOIt 

TAT ftUAJUXmi A »f*rXUtTY 

•4 M rHprnrrt KV 4*01 

18' Adua Star Boat Teel 
Nee trailer, 40 h.p electric 
Evinrude. generator, con- 
irols, haite ry, 4 piece lop! 
Only $2786 complete! 




OsM rn^r Nig>u nt t r-m. 


Dur Regular 

In 13's. 15's, ITs 
and 21's 

iUBsumi . . m sir n ia i So 
ner Uan • ubto nSlA skM 
irkne ste mm USmWac ms. 

t wTMdmnnAlir s MiPMiiiia 


isu sa.-MO ST EVtaua 

■nw is Mroui a orawi 


rtuciiMiaE maosetic oooa 

X Come In Today 

Dak auAT snMES _ 
MSI r«i Isr aisMiM* ca»»»« 

uaTiyMr westbe.vd. um m 
uai was M«<vo. •• see. EBa 


We have the beat aelectlon 
srEEOboAT, of ulcd electric, oil and 
iTSwinr •“ ™n$ea. fridges. TVs in 
:» i nsEO Popular makes. 

*^*"^^**! HARKNETT Appliances 


X 724 Fort 

WLLCrs K>»H %ALt 
i.Mio ieft Pl9A» 

ili f;rM« Mmomi Hi 

CV 4*1021 X 

,tU4 rsrit 

iB’iTc’B WKMrl>b~ SMALL 
|rrwiw>d Md ft P iip i M OR MHA 

53 HILLMAN Slaltnn Wgn. 
, Ideal dual purpoae unit. 
Reg $295. 

I SALE PRICE .---$171 


Island Marina Supptlerf 
1314 Wharf St. EV 2$2! 

Hslr^ RM C ES-WW 

*3 uvisTo^ turauis 52 Chevrolet 2 • Door. 

Nice family car. Reg. 


phllbrook'i Boat Works 
m tunam aa. swan m-usi 

rua AAkE MEkSH nuvY WkU. 
InitIMi 1 FMTB '4W 
p»»YY rARft 

IMM PALMBft ' ^ ^ ^ 

m VMM Evstaw tSLmJi: m a»w siSi 

_ _ _ Jllft ^ bft/ 1 ftA ILM 

M- MMCR SALS OOftYWUtG 9smmm 1 §skMu n»* 
pMTMC* flTMi f ttftif MM tms t ft*, at 

fti-iiii$ mas» 14% M av Aft* • Vft ! Owirt ui O M iiM. 
ft a. m ft ^ <0. ftrmi mms Afti CHft Am dr 

limiBfi A gAnmaiB. 1*1—■ ft Ibm Bftnfti tirBpBfmii K«ini-ftw »nr«. 
ftm MT itlr*. iat mr cmiftoft . ftp erm’ • Imt Mr 

Um «r MATklUttTY rABRIOlcE I i«M* Sft* Cmni mpft. 

AVBRrK imCM MOP I Vftr rtffwi 7 ftr ?«r 

Oak ft*> ft Mmiem PA P ilfti ft Yw fftk 

ATVTE otacoMmaT or winiilaJUrMvws nruw ' 

mm cm b* ii rft y iftftvai iHtli n*tm 9 Iftm. Ma 4ft 

PUirbat^B •Mm-Hoftb tftiinm tl fturrtff X.mtSm MUs Pmoftt 

ftr • ftfl «r ftM pm i iO s di fibrf 
fnm MiaftM m mtmg ftft 
m 000 c fT KV A41T1 


50 VANr.UARP Stilloft 
Wagon. 4 Door, rlpan 
Ihroaghout. Rpf. |295 
SALE PRICE .M..t233 

u MAfunr Ml. 
t MM rrtUi —I 

rK lR4liRARCiC 
■Ml, mmors PihN# 

MikfibfC «*U •ftMfftAtl I 

UIHTURO CIII'ISKIW nwwm , l«-h.{k V4 MU it 

i Am Cr*fi Wfc-«i r» 


Kfpp Eftchang# 

Writipn Warranty with 
EN'^ry Car 
All ('jra iVarly 
Pher TaggH 
Bonus AHoft'tncft for 
Your Tradt 


1ft iTl\Y' ftASru “ 
AurtNdbfpr ftsR Utl rr04«L ftC 


(;r«>tfiaiin» Mrnp a;.4ft. T** *$*« 
ftwaw CR vmi or KVAIM. 

Ul.SA KARMPR ’•Rmift 
mm r»m* m mitimm 4iRiV>* 


CAM ruR rtuMaauMJi 

KV 44441 


pan* MMl ftvalfi. CBftWM raiaa 


aftCfti. nA Iftm— O JI 

luvriTiirit lift AIIAT HAVK Y«i< 
l>^4tfti ldR4 1l(** 


i dtruiM,- 

iTi IRC wnl'U C 

IIH (VV r»4bi*V3^.' MA bP 

M C u rftf. *4* ft«l lb n*w, UA ({ 
usi ttlW 

ad-im dwift$r TSbA * m 1 , 
«TT> wAi i ku ip^d bMt 
thjnft ct«ilUt*i. ftu* 

‘Where CuatomPTi Send 
Their Frienda" 

;TihiMtA>i;Ri4Rn> ykaruim 


S3 Rpiprciahle Yeara In 
the Automobile Buatneu 

CV 44174 


fftiftK tft* «;R»tm 

fti YIRC A J<KW CAR* “ 

ftnb LMiaUft BY Aiti; 
a« .vrbM .Uo(->rB. KV C** 



IM :ar}48iftf (irvftar iHr asfti aVtvvw. 

Bv:aft ASSJ 41 

Low Coat Tranapoiiallftn 
W MKTKOR Ts^ fW# 913 

M rrt or.fuKKR smm . li 
w RbiM .. .... t 

II CHAV %-tmm mift ft 

At Pf^Aublertly Prteeft 

SinLK •niKY IsAST! 

an . um) w mrrn m blarb ii» 


liir ]AM b a CbR P$4». KV Mftft 


flMwftrbr GR ami ftlvr I pm 

ft MRT&iR. rb#-A. At.ftM 

■ PoWTIAC A T. tmsm . . ftft 

IT Vul.A«iWACKR ftUK • A Ibbft 
mgrr «M4F4 $•*»• A I 

PTW^ ft ftU 

tm cmvAiR ftMBOfti b IM 

Tvaflpr wsm wftrb 

rsift 1 EV MMt_ 

99 rr»Hl» TV- rM '»fi HI*- 

W IpiRRtA iMf-iri 

I «r«K« ' 

» CfttVftiJUCT IryiiBiFf 
ft rwEYtot.rr rfi a.' biNft* v • 

I ■ U*fJ $—OF 

,THft rftEVROLBT |v,:e«Wr 

ifttftfW 1 MlMM^ 1 *U«iB^ 
«4$rb •) KM® 

» MORRIb Ob»wft »*4bb 


M pTbWTIAr ftiM Ae^WBftF 


■at*i br 1 m pUftB Eb- 
Ub eftfiu Mr •••« ; 


for «•>«. »ir KVMUt ,mm 

U you WANT Tour Okr 
enquire MAYNARDS 

kinrrts -MG.* Wobeiey 17314 Johnaoo CV MBS! 

horwood BROS 

fiv«t$r« vft Iftft-m RV44U4. 
ft*** pmtm. KV PTMA - 


PIUG Qnno rrvRomosi 

mrw fhlftiift Mr $wW. KV AfTM • yrift* 

MkRtowYi Auto SBlea 


«M Pft Bm lhr» - GRAlia BV MW 

PVAP rnft np At. VALVE, u 

ipFfifci marmp a v-« 

Many tifftim mtd 

TA9 TtU.r MAltlRA 
OirftMm. GRV!;j» 


CR a: 


— STECtAL — SPECUk' ; 

L—$ft m 


Cftuft ( 

nrta m wm At Gaarr««i' 
179 ftMini 0^ Mam. < 
A Wsd: OB 1 pm. 1 

afeft* omr am^ ums. 

!aABT inruiiY ■)<>« caanmiwi ^ 


tnrrpft. m ^ 

$«ft MA bwftftm 


m ftATia> 




• • • 

MHUulHDRn n Pi c: n 
unurauciii unan uoti! 
j^HCuti nrinaoHM 
nnnnrfmna cinnoit 
uuuu ticn nanono 
□(30 unnconn nan 
□u laao unn nnan 
uituni' onunciDBnn 
■■■unnn annai^H 
lii.ianauo Hnnaunn 

The Daily Crossword Puzzle 






NOW nmu . 








IroMar. hralrr. T 09 con- 
dlilan. Suburban Sa(i>j 











M dan. Hralir, sif- M 
1M n a I i. whitrwalk. M 
M Rrs. EHH ..S19M M 
M ' ao w • r rquipp^. M 
M Rat SUSS S18M M 
M Slalton W a f e n. M 
M Automatic, radio. M 
M hcatrr. two ■ tone, M 
,M whltrwallB. M' 

M Rrg. tins . SUM M 
M Pully rqulppad. M 
M R>f. S3795 -SM9B M 
M 80 PORD 4 Door Sta M 
M tion Wagon. Auto- M 
M mallr. radio. hMI M 
iM cr. Xtonc. white M 
!M walla. M 

IM Rrg C49S . EZ2<«5 M 
{M Door Hardtop. M 
M Fully power M 
M equipped. M 


38 FORD Sedan Radio, /Be,utlful rondl- 
healer. drlroWer. Ready / ^on 
Ml go at Suburban Sale 

Buy _ ...I... ..SB96 SB CHEV Bel Air. 

6<y;llndrr, radio, 
heater - 

80 niJ)SMOBn,E SS Hard. >1 C 

topL Automatic, radio. 9 ^ 
power fleering, power {w 

brakra. Ivory_SUSS ■ JS 

GO PO.NTIAC Siralo Chlel JJ w 
3 Door, blue_S3Q0S u ^ 

SB CHEVROLET Impala v % 
VS Sedan. Aulomallc. £ 
radio, power ateqiing. JJ; 

power brakea. taro- ■ <1 cj, 

lone . S3393 J ^ 

'SSBIMCK Special Sedan., n £ 
Auloinallc, metallle * ^ 

brown_^_S1S9S a 

SS PONTIAC .Siralo Chief • R 
Sedan, Ivory _u wv 

SB METEOR Hardtop. 
radio, red and a r> 

I Ivor-41W5 „5; 

ST B'TCK Century 4-Doer 

Hardtop, automatic, n H £ 
dto. power rteering. n C 
power brakea. gold and 
Ivory_S1SB5 Dow« 

ST PONTIAC Laurenllan I C 
Hardtop. Aulomallc. ra- 
dio. green_S16BS < jK 

81 AUSTIN ASS Sedan. ' 

radio, 4-apeod gear*. r jre 
grey.-- . S1SB6 

80 A'JSTtN ASS Sedan. IIH 

blue_ *'** "00 

80 VAUXHALL Super Vic q 
lac. gray StS4.S q 0 

l■^olle..80 WOLSELEY Six Sedan. 

i aulomallc, greeo glBIfi O 

,~ls0 VAU»IALL Vetea Six q q 

I Sedan, maroon ...S3095 o 
Ian. S 81 RENAULT Dauphine. O 
tic, lu-, white_ . SISri O 

**- 80 MORRIS Qtlord SUIMri ^ 

U jp, Wagon, grey.$1505 q 

5BMERCEDE8 Sedan O 61 
dan. A| 330S. radio. O 41 

I Uana. i green..S2T45 O m 

57 AUSTIN ASS Sedan. ° 
_S3B6 blue iwo-lone „ SBBS g * 

, ttand SS VAUXHALL Velox Six o In 
I Sedan, brown O G 

SB ZEPHYR Sedan, radio 2 ® 

—-1395 coral _ .■1299 °''' 


save lit 

•0 .SIMCA Sedan 4-cyllnder 
aeonomy. white walla, 
windahleld waahcri. One 
owner. Top rondlllon. 
Saving Prka_|9B5 

34 FORD Sedan. Radio, 
benler. 3-tone, aeal eev- 
era. Suburban Sate 
Buy . .1698 

SB FORD PairUne “SOa* 
3-daor Cuupe. VA. aule- 
DM'k. radio, heater, 
padd^ daah_IITII 

ST FORD Falrlane SOBl T» 
dor VS, aulomallc. Tu- 
lone paint Exrelleal 

M ZEPHYR Sedan. Heat 
’ cr. defroster. S tone. Runs 
well. Suburban Sale 
Buy_ _ 1385 

brand new IIB SIMCA 
T*. completely equip¬ 
ped WAS 91988. 
Saving Plica _SIB9S 


971 Yates EVS34U 

S4 NASH Rambler. Heal 
er. itetmelcr, good Urea. 
A real good car. Subur. 
ban Sale Buy. 

SpenaJ _ |34S 

n DODGE VI AulomalK 
Sedan. Custom radio, 
whitewallx Ona owner 
Top c o a d 111 e a. WAS 


53 FORD 3-Door Sedan j 

Radio, healer. Needs 
some body work. Subur ' 
ban Safe Buy .. I14S *3 CONSUL 315 Sedan. 

I Only 4.000 milea. Cut- 

^ tom radio. whItewaU 

54 VAUXHALL Wyyem. tires. Juil tike 

4-cyI. ernnomy Heater. new _11998 

defroster. Very dean. 

Suburban Safe Buy 1435 61 MORRIS Oxford Sedan. 

9B DODGE Suburban 4. 
door 8 cylinder auto- 
fnallc. Radio, one owner. 
Show room cendlUsn. 
I Was BI96 
Saving Pries_IlSBS 






M * All Cara Saftly- Mi 
M Laned M; 

M * CM Recondition- M| 
U Ing m' 

M * All Can Clearly M 
U Priced M 

H * BODay SOSO War- M 
M ranty M 

M ■ 6 -Moa. 1S% Wrj- M 
M ranty M 

M * Free Life Inxuranct M 
M * IS-Day Exchange M 
M Privilege M 

I M * Free OMon. Lubet M 
‘ M * No Down Payment M 
IM to Good Credit M 
M Riska M 

PAanc III 
Saving Price _ 

It VALIANT 3 Door Hard 
lop, V300, automatic 
push button drive, one. 
owner, low mlloage. 

PAanc 111 
Saving Price_92389 

lB4 MERCURY Station 
Wagon 4d oor VB. Tu 
tone. Was 9885. . 
PAanc 9 9 $ 

Saving Plies_I 88 S 

48 CHEV Sedan Heater, 
radio, dclraeter. Rune 
well. Suburban Safe 
Buy ... IBS 


EV 06131 
337T Douglas 

S3 DE SOTO Sedan. Vd 
anlomatlc, power steer. 
Ing. Custom radio. Was 

9795 . 

PAaFIC 9 9 9 
Saving Plica ■_9518 

80 VAI'XHALL Velox Six- 
Cylinder Sedan. Tw» 
lone. Excellent condl- 

Smashes Used Car Prices 
Dowdi to Bedrock 

38 HAT -800" ODr. A good 
little car..IBM 

The ’'NAME* la yuurj 
-GUARANTEE.’ We have 
sold cars to Vlctorlana for 
over half a century. 


SS CHEVROLET Sedan. 6 - 
cyllndrr. automatic, lu- 
tone, top condition. 
PACtnC 9 9 9 
Saving Price __|Bn 



No Down Payment 
On Approved^Credlt! 

On Late Model Cara! 


M Power equipped M , 

M Reg. 91698 91398 M 

M 60 METEOR Auto-M'^V 
M malic, radio, heat. M 

M er. avhltewalli. M at 

M Rrg 92395 92198 M u J 


M Door Hardtop M 1 

M Power equipped M ** J 

M Reg 93993 92395 M • 1 

M S 6 FORD Ranch M ■! 

M Wagon. Radio. M 

M heater, automatic, M • 

M whitewalls. M ") 

M Rrg. 91095 |895 M "! 

M 55 MONARCH. Aulo^ M R ( 

M malic, healer, slg. M ■ I 

M nail. 2.tane. w hile- M „ ' 

M w-allx- M I 

M Reg. 91398 .11198 M ” J 


1030 Yalea 

r CHRYSLER Sedan. V 8 
automatic. Push button 
drlvo. Custom radio. 
Power tleerlng. power 
brakes. Tulone. One 
owner. Top condlUon. 
PAariC 19 9 
Saving Pilot_91985 


81 RENAULT Del.'sa B 
door Sedan. Aulomallc. 
Custom radio. One own 
er. Only 10.000 miles. 
Excellent condition 
Was StSW 
PAanc t 9 I 
Saving Piicu_91299 

59 RE.NAUI.T Dauphine. ° Al O Sedan, very dean. 

bruwa _--T_9796 ° RECONDITIONED O SALE PRICE_9275 

,, , O CARS O 

54VAI..XHALL Velox. o • O 61 M.G. Convertible . , . II 

tuiquulse- 9395 q 61 ANGLIA "lOSF'. O you're looiung tor the 

S6 VAUXHALL Velox. O Flntahed In a sparkl- 0 cleanest one la B.C.. 

giwy__ 9975 o Ing sapphire blue. O SEE THIS_II9B5 

O Hurry on ihla O 

- - O one_fllW O 

•”* 0 59 AUSTIN Cam-O 
O bridge. A very hard to. O 
9795 O find model with tut» O 
O malic traits- O 

O mhodon_91199 O 

SS MORRIS Minor ’1000-. 
one owner, low mileage, 
lop condition. 

PACIFIC 9 9 9 
Saving Price __.ST98 



99 PONTIAC Sedan. VS. 
aulomallc. Power aleer 
Ing, iwo-lona paint, In 
lop condlllon. 

PACIFIC 9 9 9 
Saving Prks)_91495' 

?Xairrc9 9l 55 rambler Sedan. 

Saving Price_91398 - - 

_ - 52 aiRVSLER .Sedan, 

59 VAUXHALL Crttia green ___ 

?t^l"»?r%"TT' :52DE^Sedw,. 

Saving Price_91495 * — - 

__ . - 51 RU;CK Sedan, 

60 HILLMAN Convertible. bUi-k -- 

Icyllnttor ece^y. (W 5 , bu,ck .Sedan, 
owner. Only lO.oOO miles. turquelae 
Immaculate condition. ' ^ 

PACIFIC $ I 9 . 5< BUICK Century S 

Saving Price 9149S Wua- 

- S3 OUW 88 Sedan, 

«l ZODIAC Man. fCyl 
Indf r. f u I o n Oni* 
owner. ,'Low mileaxe *3 BUICK Super Co nver 

Top cqAdlilon. *’*“*- 

PACIFIC 9 9 9 54 CdbCE Hardtop, 

Saving Price-91SK grey.-9595 

57 VAUXHALL Crexta Se- “ PLYMOITH Sedan, 
dan. B cylinder Tutone blue ... . 9895 

One owner. Good con- 54 CHEV Sedan, automatic, 
dilion. greep ..._......9895 


SB ZEPHYR. Pertormance 
plus economy. Fully 


O Many dependable 6 57 TR3 Sports ConverUbIr 
O miles In this O with extra removable 

O iwaiuiy._91.309 O hardtop, radio. 

O 59 CON.SUL 4-Door O WAS 91498. 

4B4S o .Sedan, one owner, Im- O NOW -__-Bi^ 

n Ultmifon «-»n n ^ VAUXHALL T!ieala’ 

*"** O 57 METEOR 4 ■ Door O R^,Stto^’^re«ly"w 

’lUli o .Sedan With cuatom O ^ “ 

6895 o radio arxl economizing O «a'i v p'nlfr « 7 <K 

O overdrive_91399 O FKict. 97»a 

O 58 VOLK.SWAGEN O 58 FORD Town .Sedan, the 
O De Luxe. A very O beat in 58, with auloma 

O cholco unit with low O tic irans. cuatom mdlo. 

O miles_91199 O etc. 

O 59 MORRIS "1000 ". O SALE PRICE 9098 

O Very pretty and petite. O _ 

O Hurry nn Ihia O 55 METEOR Sed. Delivery, 

O one . .. . 9ian O' exceptional meduinical 

O 57 2XPHYr’S edan. O WAS.I895. 

O Very amart. Column O SALE PRICE-9798 

n ‘“‘aimL « 53 VAUXHALL Velox, 6- 

O fbrmance . 91019 O, Lai. 

M SI CADUXAC. Aulo. M " I 
M malic, radio, heat- M ”1 

M er. whitrwalla. M ■ I 

M Reg. 9895 .. 9S9S M at 

M 57 DODGE Station M ■ | 

St Wagon. Radio. M 

M heater, algnala. 3- M x 

M tone. V-8, white- M r*' 

M walla. M tw. ■ 

M Reg. $1598 . 91398 MS* 


M Hardtop. A u 1 o- M 

M malic, radio, heat- M ^ 

M er. algnala, while- M awwe 

M walla. M 

M Reg 91498 91298 M 

M 56 FAIRLANE. Auto- M u in 

M malic, radio, heal M H 

M er. T tone. while- M vh 

M walla "I ^ nil 

M Reg 11295 . 91095 Mg*-; 

M S7 C H E V ROLET 6- M 11 S 

M cyl, beater, slg- M 3 £ 

M nala, w-hllewalla. M ig rT' 

M Reg. 91495 . 11295 M'M w 

M ST FORD i-ryl. heal- M g Jg 

M er. algnala. 2 tone M ■ ^ 

IM Reg. 91.396.91195 M H *. 

SI ST DODGE V9. auto- M'S ^ 

M malic, healer, ilg- M g »■ 

'M nala. S tone. M it 

M Reg. 91193 . 9996 M g * 

99 METEOR Sedan. • cylln 
der. Tulone. la lop eon 
dltlon. • 

Saving Price_91495 

57 PONTIAC 3Door Sle 
lion Wegon. •.cylinder 
economy, euiomellc. 
Custom radio. Tutone. 
One owner. Excellent 
PACIFIC 9 9 9 
Saving Price_$1495 

T- I.* JS; mua ■ roaviaimi 

•51^. w-T.Cae* uwa tally ena- 

Xij! KV J-«in 

niddNM mm « CUKV HARfniir. rTA KtiARD 
iMfi ttrm paM. »pw i«nlif»r. r*4Hs. 

viiBm'wdN'to Ml CM 

56 Pl.TMOimi Sedan 
cylln. Tulone. Radio. 
PAaFIC 9 t I 
Saving Price_97 

49 DODGE Sedan. Immacu 
late, ona owner. 
PAaFIC 9 t t 
Saving Ptm >11 


81 PLYMOUTH Sedan. V8.i 
aulomallc puah-bulion: 
' drive. Red and while tu¬ 
tone with matching In¬ 
terior. WAS 93495. 

Saving Price_91996 

- M OPEN M " 

* M EVENINGS M g “a 

6 M W Winnaalh IT 

* M 58 FORD 2 Dr., heat M " " “ 

* M er. iignali. S-cyl. Mi J 

* M Reg. 91098 gMS mJ C SSTTca 

* M 54 METEOR. Healer. M MoSSTa 

* M algnala. Mj _ 

* M Reg 9598 _ 9495 M | aSr„" ? 
6 M SB PONTIAC. Heat- M - o- r 

* M cr, signal!, aeal- M a dir aea'uiTi* 

* M covers, whitewalls Ml i**'”"'® 

* M Reg SII95 9995 Ml • 

6 M 53 DODGE Station m' 

*M Wagon. Radio. M » * 

*M hvRiRr. rifnaU. M Mmimr 

6 M whllewalla. M, opxx^ 

* M Reg. 3998 . 9695 Ml 



Volvo ■ Fiat Dealer 

1101 Yalea. al Cook 

54 VAUXHALL Velox Se¬ 
dan. In top condition. 
PACIFIC 9 9 1 
Saving Price_9495 

gS8s o 54.AUSTI.\. A very O 
n de^ndahle O 

'■ O Import_ 9299 n 

-6665 1 o 49 E'ARGO H to 1 - O 
O Ton. Express body. O 
O Very good rubber, me- O 
O cbanlcaliy sound 9449 □ 

O 56 FORD Sedan, with O 
Dalle O rebuilt motor and full O 
4150 o warranty. Going fast O 

Oat ...BU3 (V 

O lorman Hardtop, tu- O' Hardtop Coups . 

O tone gold and white. O 60 VAU7CHALL Sin 

■*“* O Ideal 2nd car_9899 O' One owner_ 

L 9138 o 55 HILLMAN Sedan O 59 HILLMAN Sedan. 
.. 975.0 Here fai an Ideal ae- O Vary rakMi 
“dan. ° eawd unit hw the fam- O 57 Hit j watu ir.iafe, 

Jloo o lly Make mim ym. ae. O ” Wgn*^ 

O IhU one_9849 O _ ^ ' 

58 PLYMOUTH Sedan, de 
luxe. V8, aulomallc- 
radlo. with rear aeal 
speaker. Was 11095. 
PACiriC 9 9 9 
Saving Prioa_99U 


S3 aiEVROLET Sedan. 6-1 
cylinder. ] 

PAanc 999 I 

Saving Plica_$145 



740 Broughton St 


so O’XISMOBILE Coupe. 
Good cundlllon. 
PACIFIC 9 9 9 
^v|ng Price ..$88 

54 CONSUL, Sedan. In top 

PACIFIC 9 9 9 
Saving Price_9395 

SB FORD V9. au 
Custom ladia 
PAanc 9 19 
Saving Plica ... 

aulamallc. Caaaaaa 
radio. Tutone. Was 9ns.i 

PAanc 9 99 

Saving Prlca_9895 

■ raixvw sawam r 

57 FORD B-cylinder. Cut- 
tom radla Tutone. Ona 
owner. Low mileaga. 
I'ACinC 9 9 9 
Saving Price_ 4M5 

aulomallc. power steer 
Ing, power brakes, tu 
lane. wnlaewaUa. One 
owner. Top coitdltlon. 
PAanc 999 
Srvlng Price_91796 

83 DODGE HI Drive, 
tone, lop condition. 
PACinc 9 9 $ 
Saving Plica 


M LOOK M - u 



M Healer. wbilwM.*^ 
M walla a«MJa Rag. M 

M 92aK M 

M SPECIAL ..91795 M Ss I 

M 56 B UIC K. Rmtao. M 

M healer, aulomaile. M - 
M Reg 91195 . 1I96 M ■■ I 

M 5B DODGE Healer. M mi' 

M algnala, Iwwlowe. M ■-! 

M wkllewalla. M e^n 

M Reg PBB .. IM M'f!!r< 

M M V4 

M lalanB'a Largeni and M ■ m 
M Buaieal DealsT M *1^ 


O AboUier Ibao impon O rvkam Itiaia wM am 
O from Eriglirid ..92» O „ v rw. 1 

O SI FAlCO.'i Sedan O “ ^ 

O Delivery. Ideal de O "*"■ - --9495 

O livery unit in lop O ** MORR! Ml.NOR 4 Door j 

O rondlllon_tII9B O Moiv Very dean, 9498 ' 


O VB-powered. New_ O tion Wagan_SIOBB 

O palm-98M O Cl HCXMAN AaramaUr 

° ^ O, SoBmt One owner. 917981 

In ^ Gr*«, ond While. One 

54 DODGE Beylinder Sc 
dan. Top rondiiloa 
PACinc 919 
Saving Priot-9105 

MERCURY Monterey 
Sedan. VB autoinaltr. 
Power steering, power 
brakea. Cuatom radio 

FORD Sedan. Aule 
malic, VB. In good con 
dIMon. WaiSSBS. 
PACIFIC 9 9 9 
Saving Piico_|3SS 

CV 3-4177 


look FOR THE 


I bjE^ 

K U0> Mv I jioTanK: txmn. tn MDimn.T 

_ HM ■IIWII ncM» M AfTi 

WM C»c ». »«»lli «« wjwm- 

iu»m. ‘ !•« ncxur rAm coxi>rr>w 

$ CASH $ ! 

Yon can r««t anurMl 
Wc five Hlfhcst Plica* 

(or Good Oan Uaed Car*! 

Y«t** «t Coofc EVAMll 1 

ww 0»9nmdt, tlf* gy * nn 

,'M DOOQI V-4 %-ron. «I»GLE 

[•Xtr. tlr tern rt>Adlly«n 

I wro wxflcu ^ as_ 

tiw CWV SVjH «r«Vf. 4.1 



Qaan Can and Tt-ucka 
Caali on the Spot 
Corner ^ndora 
At Quadra - 


TRADt DOWN "A batter 
deal for jrour Clean Car.” 
Tate*, ev 4dl74. 

a** VAunuu. virroa vorun 

■aa cacviuji<T Ktwa auto 
(Mr Bit oa 1 -mi 

an OOMET be bUX* MXW* 

««i«niir tiaa oa tam 

^ aa "ACHE' 

SU.75 Ex 




oit ALL rwxn 

awAiaor BVLno. 

Now 4 Sutton Teletype 
Part* Location Syitem 
taunt ConUcU VIetaria. 
Cbeinalnuf, Nanaimo, 


WAiiTEo roe TAut 
latMl AW Al in.18 

itt»« cuav vwm w 



awllr huuMtuntw catuara M > 

m txmiH cuMux CAur- 



TU Ml w 1 Ciiliiir ratme i 

It M MB B A WW On. 


Cm irMea B *«r»K EV >00 

~ NoW dismantling' 






tot a Uir !• om 


jACUAa tm L< 


INI CHEV. Ttiaexoo eace. 



LotaIH m tW milim m4 «r ikta 
fajBMRM Met <■ Ik* PanCk Ocbaa 

25 PiiVAte Camp Sltn 

400011 A-n Airmk QUEEa, 


^ MOim axrxNUx tna pn 


Mi RAiuaNM cau vouca 

«»««*«• Mt* M». KVMfH 

MB AiArnK. iiciLLBfiiT~lM 

ClOAt, rtuow fOIKT 

Mi Mosmciunr avcnuk. 



A SKAUDC moat 

K<**i for hMM obsAIm Mi frribi 

Mna if k a* U B. Ala* iowMitMii 


Pir wi Bm k t iiw *rtM «r I 
piHM CM nr I 


'R a tOM UMITSa 




n * mat • aKoatMOP 
Air awie* avauaMb 
WattM Mi aaiv Owvff 
PHORB cakTckUl MOl 

I rnxacuM seaside 


I U ICi«« Mil ai Rmamw m 

Yaim* Potkl Rak4 
U Pmteiwi CwCUM ; t* • Rm 
I «• G»i*r 1* rMUliM Mi 

TmUM CruoBia • a»M<Mkii 
tAtw. kM ttawnrktM 

c PkV 9 aa L umua 
*A raSKatm 

rvRRtsmco imucN. uvtrg 

Bniw a tdlliar 


t.«*esw mm a* ^5 

lUH Bwunming pvute. iikiiuar ani 
tMoWw Mimral vaicn ar« c4oar 
Mi oiurMBa Mfk m aoia Mi iv)* 
niMn. Urmi ihofvutlc vbIui Paur* 
Biar *NN«na»Mih« aai aunwfil 
■rraa Uialnc rvM and niflN 
Wuadailki nshii^. Wrlia tar toiimi 

kHf-roaUifird. privato racranro no 
ataM ami:* Caiar MM itairvi. 

BBartfUMM. tattUMit tar Mtat iai> 
or frkfirmAJt Rear iMita* aad 
Vrtrrvaa' H v^taL RmI m rr, 
MWIA PN<w KV?aiTl I 


li Mum from YictaciAi 




poar WASMXRGTOR. ac 
PhMt OMf 3A 

r • feMPT. rtMfiri MMap. Tra 
Wta. Udimm pML kaatlagi 




34 Bgltni. Bn lilill wtcB Bt- 





lavUM yom In iimimI a vaetlMa. Iim 
'■• rfeei. ManiMitiaa. kewenta 

Rambaw LodM kaa all modrra 
^nwNMaarai. a tart*, kilradiw 
tamm. iMcwM tar r* - 

liajcatioa. MtaflaU* 
aocMT iMali. comtaftaM* Rkta-tktai 
ratlatM ok ita laRniMr*. m rmma 


NaiM OTfff HMMialn iralia m 
kaavTiid Alplaa aumNmdiAta lur 
Ihi lU4il«« A tnoi •AAiP kaai h. 
lAta tor All agr* Waria caiw«i 
iaftcnb* IK* aow tamuka Rainba* 
Uataa tiiiMifi Ok Ikwriy AJIk Lak*. 
^9M 11 tkov* Ml I***! Eaiiiy 
Aervaalbl# vtk tiM PaniPc Qt*kl 
EaMrni Raiwa> turovgR ilw Alpiok 
rrmuiaur at iha Cmm Haim* 

Ralra lariailki CUhhM homeewAri 
M«ala M n ar M ptr iav .Nk 
rntn**. Wm* RaUMw* L^a «r 
AKrmr liwur kMi. 'Auiray mi Ala 





MounUin View Resoct 
and Camplnf Park 

r*aa ox 

Writa Erkta a^ La«m Oakta ta 
«a a Oikkta ERL Pho* lO-MM 


rkrmtfly Mamm BkM 
OuJiTMi la^ 
Vaaroum lalkoi. BC 

TBRME Ita arrymt rKarfrt. 


1 Aki Mliroow ckMkk UkUkf m 

iraikr AarR Prwfe «at*r koot 
• rtSMlRG • BOATlRGl 

T«kr Pkmily Baltaijr Lkki 
>111 WUUAJk IM Rd., 

MR. L Victank. ORMik 



rAticms CMMnmrABLE. 
tUMSft «;nir T MILES i 
!(*-• WNCQl^NT ON WAY 

M<*-N«irr Kp«:< 4 <ta* tar nric^ 
,JMUr* dlBtrtrt AMU. EV LAOA 



ineEAN. >4UA>M wm 
Eta .\rork Ault. Ml Prik- 


H<iLi*y Ik Ihr to^ 
cvaaHwi fa<id»ni cM 
f^itoAA apcxial la 



T—rm luxe ocrtTANCY ttpt. t 

PM. TO DoktUa EV»mt 

■»■ »» a vatua 

MM •^iwaaKLY aaTsa tv. arronx. 


vaxfuae, aewnaaea ■ i-x-n wa* 



and STORE 

*a «i^ tally AHitak. Cm wM 

Wta hakurtf aM cktadM- T>w 
n tifMH Ok iAto AAOijr 
^ flu raki* lA cfkAA LkvMy 
«• MYtalMA 




PK 0 kk eWarttaU MMl Opr* 
ymr •nmi. Mly i ta WL akM» 

UkiAi njOkSaa TExnNa 

Sunny Shorts HolkUy i 
• Rnort • ! 




Rtorb * ryuj MSms om- 
TAon - te^ncjK^ rest- 
rooms and SBowra 
Bost Rsmp — FUhlns 

The more you tell 
the quicker you sell! 

Kokip to Vinorta kA* '*tt baraarr 
fir an *krd laiy 4*- amttrman akh, 
BtofW r*K*n bk ana odd water m 
rtoMk. ev-rltoM toad TV m I.vmm 
rww Law ralp*. EI^MMI | 

;TV SUarljr mu EVMCal 




Rlverbend Auto Court 
and Holiday Retort 
Satf-nantaJMi taMD i>NE ^ 
larli and irktikf. h*tA*k acm 


Expi-IkwI Trokt rnton* 
rm firanfcri rail an on laL 

lAl# totakuktak kkkrta 

iMiuu K«i tokfiii Pn 



For Rent 

2707 Estevan Ave. 


rIgkt on the acA near beau- 


a** CArtakKtr at BaUitaf 

im l-lw if njki naM kkto rtuar U* Bar<*i HiU la Mfc. PHie> tana afafO^. 
I wkJi jtoiki.PtoV aki X^otf ntfrilita. li»^* Ida kM EV ASM. ^ 

kil i Mn. «t*v« Mr Dkwwto ita BsU*o SI AftodA: BY SMkl 

•at bkWirarwa. Ar«iM4 E Baykta Ui. W P«4i * 1 - 

M I ChMBI »V44ur^ ^ 

'nuvATk abiu. oak aAV. 

NOW ciw A. aM M M. a* KV^wu I 

ctAw cdata im. bom* or "rat oboo .uu-- 

HU (kky ahf^jltori. Prcuikal rara. EVSMSf 



Tiu uAixaauaoticK 

lacdroom Sulu for SapL L 
3-Bcdraoin Suit* 



nil Government Street 

out A A. Om T HA. KV3tUl 
«r Taerjr maiar. MS Ma 

TrUngle Trailer Sale* Iboom. aou 
nui GRSai Re*. EV4<4a6:wwu m *441 

« ntAMOaO T ATX. 

rtaMivKRT BRlcaT rauoT lumr 

AvaUabla SepL IS 

is::^ niN es 

i Toteem Trailer Saks 

^TUbtl iftoVn ***9 taMki 

iSfl Ptotarrmfta. 75 

PricH t* kM fmL Oa^ wmk 

ktr.r vpQ* utai kkiawm. Mv 

AT Vi\e«i wit Iikkll ktolr.: 
Ma yrr BM Cttoiari CMtakhaff- 
Saa V. • EV :cBC or 

k'***rt Rrmal DrH ,_ | 


Mi l>pbrf*wu**d ta . 

EVLAtll ; 


«raui iXfM kni GaaRrmaa* 
IU()i> W iai*m AM aMdk 

WHOkRy kratai rwi«a^r«*i 
ikra* kvtof n—k. 
anra^iyg kMrknt Pk« aar 

TV*w«« wkW wiih Mr rkkkr 

aai tnt. Ctaar le tarn (M9>M 



Tfatur MM « 
9W TKia oiS^kr 
tar tk* kol Mtar 

EC. Laai ai EV • 

Mi-t: fUU.Ak RD. 

lat vMTMam ?e 







$ rnuum, BAtu. m __ 

■■ __ uhtal agknt* money 

ajT •ss&jrzL-^sa ■ moIJk 

.g*g."tg‘.S^ «%- -r^ST«.;Sr£3Si."J'iS'WS5y 

vsns.- g"? |s%.Be?fS^ * 

•V BNjiM/aQii I_ ^ 

H Hr i iW ••». W IMi IWiiML ATJa^ Mrfc * £WMV " I 

CJ>T 1 IAIjm. DtltnuCT-A#C«Mr TLI M ' 

IPW l Ji Sr MM. »» IV Um MIm mailtmu, fl pmf ftS-Tvil JUllWt ViIM" 



Winning Contractl 

■rUi* QMi: 

Prv-cmpUv* 014* 
|f4( prnhiri fcr thv 
SI PARKSVUXX / oppot xagL An d. >»• 


‘f * FAMILY RXOORT ' !l!.u 

YIO-FT. »!ANDT BEAC3f prv^npU 

- 7W MMMM. M— - "• 

laiMA MMM hr M iMjM FOMtiw; rarvijr ar« 

SSSJr’"Sf*uIIJif«*y *® prw^- 

EBS'LiJSrtE w»i •£ tni «Mf. Cope with 
> w piM £SCM[f«MiMi^at • tM> one. with neither 
W STLj 5 rV'S%Scra vutnerewe:* 

BKfVIMALT. Twnri UnOf 

«•% Mm. SVIrm 

—I#M». lieeM Mr' ■BnM£*%Mrry 


tr AIM turnc nTMLsa'me wer 

■a U«r MW. IvaiNt lake mmm 


"Full MAihet Value" 
rL.nA MAmr valv 

_ Sraf'u^Lns 

VeN NMtk 
Pmu 1 * 

VhM Mb«I 4 StmA Md BMr oti 
•mA W A* MWaiM kadM 


ax: LAND A 

' Baftn CdfoaW 

I V redev , Aap. I, IMS 


JAMES BAY laiECK THESE family!! iS^*iSdl 

a!L¥rL*‘3rTUSSS~4 Rctirkment HOMES ISK!S«? «*«i 


ms. KraMot <09 m ^ •eau. iMoa. • a • a • 

Asuin* t 68 U S£f*SiJ‘'£M'!£S Y 

CH Mr. VM MTMMA m*um ST'aftA fSt ToMm^SSSe 


NORTH DOUGLAS S??Ii2riJ'tf28S5BS .SSS 4^«»ro«« rhmlly Home 

SfTUTTi ‘bsTm* e-sr/is xv'RL^“*^"Xwisi 

tSm ‘ss! TiJSSi Sm'W S js£^ 

32.^ SI. ^ “*«K5fcr'St^?4JS. tST! 





m oiiiii m iiM arMT 

■VMtt (Me M kiHe 


■Me vulnerabie:' 


m APAKTMMfnlVAHTO ^ 4-S2 *i2?“oL3 
piar«V 44 « mm WAMrw^BB BO ttoo m wnutB on 

ui—mouSTto- tool |ts~ SeiSKS«L"~- •"! 

'r UAm tv V)M ll. M mi t m kj m m trattara wiwwriMMaa-. 

Y«ai aia mm m imum Iwu. Mm aaoMaaaiaiiamI A—wam !• 

JaM Mk Inr Dm Karvay olMrii !■ ataw u a iaa. wolJ >a: ^_«A_ amAm. 

ftaaa BVMM tiaklii ai aiMaak aa^Ma. la- «l«€« wan: 

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MOWN B»>i T-nniX taS‘'Nd'lSi"iyS; 

Ad^B*xir»TB*o t TRjrm\ IHIKIJUA f. . “ 

fTV J UWUJir ~ DIff IUt 7 _ __ __ 

g; :g rg^at. 

rSariSrS^-Ir.^ MAUA iroto AMO ua l. m«w-MV»h» desire to heer pulner bid further unlem he hee the 

s-SarurFa-oveuw. CLEM. -- kj«j of hand denundinc ■ veto of South s dedeion. SSr . tSXST tS 

InuX SS^ScmA I Mcrns APTMT. e. Pem. Don t let heert shorUie effect the vMusgon SJL/S-' — SSw ■ bm^S 

« .HgMigl. vyrCEU FAIRFIELD of this hand. South had little more than a minimum *wur Mml 

M.Ma,S53il!ra.MSjErtS|JYRSOl.D hid to atert off with. 1 ?iJSSWrS?*® 

eirtnrl^ Sf* jar>v7t g—!w M. M, M o-M VM-.W .-“fis 2 arjr.!»S!| sjoTSS-.'^.s? c Pr clubs. Partner's spade responae Is ^“r-nr •r^'i *-^— • [ 

S5Sik~mSEiC 'ruaiaiutgT ijj-* «a 31? “ 5? C jr^JLSS' C^JrrS “»"«•' »• "■rrant any more auresslve action; far ah 

WkArnm. itf**** P<itMaMy m m» MRMI- ■ a— mu trm» O^.e^ ■- mmm.. .a-a as m*mI«-s - _Mh..^wa^ 

_Fl^ia «ba fUU partirulara «Im« nnuMm rnm 

_ rafiiiao, A|^ la Vkiurla Pr wi. 

Ill HOMO re MNT IbmM 

_UMSUtHtIHIA _ I —IroT I«aSiriinasii jrabe partner's possible tour caM sp^ stilt or rebldj PTlce <13.790 


*^M mUtI. i3ii?iS^wrt>%> Ratt-r: % S3 5St, m •■■ ws tsoa rojai rvnm <»*< *>*»•« the pressure of the pre^npUve overcall, fust about S3 Xmu^Cuu?^ ■ m! 

M MM. tsiio ni imrdMrr ...; i3 Srr iweai swOMM cwMnM. AIM d Uiwet Price tlSfUMO describes South's hand MbcWm nMOa Sms u i 

HwjMjm MAUEA NnHM a SM?.«eaM<. aewTioes -n 2 a-ri.JLS 

llEEPjBSEtsEEailiMMr .'fiSMS,.*S;M?a OfOlCE LOCATION---23? SSTi 

ia rar '-** ***^ as.yy-jg'jg*!a^«rga:<<» •««»«» >«» •vtnm 

*"""*Vnnw» I- y wwtu —g--- ''*^J 59 u^vrt<cf^ 

p» csdak anx SS 

OloJUtta M. Uito. AMte 

«M 9 VboMte I XwA Auk Ift. ^ I ||y 
iriKioA upnSTDmsx cs^^. j 
11 mmu a MV WMm «I 9 I 9 ' 

I AG^C^ UMn^ TRIPliX you U bid »l» ■p.dwi:* 

soxsio-rr. lot |w h# 

[y SSSTSkWLmSS^^fc^_ Bmr B»mmm Fvt. tta. avif. yo« W Wd ttva no 

- MMih th IM<"kAV~AaaA. U nUT MCStTUACS oa ACaSEI "S'* JfaorwMie rMS .Iam 


0 A« 



9j ast 
0 At 
♦ AQI»4 




0 A«4t 

4e V ■•*« 




4 akqiip 



9j 7 J 

0 AJ 1 


.mvMnn& *Ma aWMtM kmMMI < 4 >lMiaiHBH fMHML #<n OI^P^BMW 

MO MttM MM. tMM US SlMltaMlS UmS kSrtM mC SMS. 
" j***- IMm nuMS MML M kSMMrW OaMW pMSMM ^ W I M M SI W 

*.. JPyw Mia itriiiirY. iMt snrtursssIVK ivibeir|ASMa» aid> sss 
ns tsssnirs up iM Sliui is;l'nnmsir IctwAis * Sm» oo-m 


* AJ74 
0 AS 


cstnplaiM M«n Oi tka kaw 
4 uia «C MM mi 4m*-kt • 


Fuf tu.790 

aasA. t4 

MAUA irtltn AND 

10 lyji^^acu'^uirrAuisu 

■■ISO aoL'SE.' rcESWDou 
wOn ASsiis svntM 


to tor m* ar Omwr VkMrv enr 

ASM M laSto mam MISM 


aswWm rum cmm to Mbimw 
tata aaailiMk iiaiiii raoana Ouvaatal 
■M. L s uali LR Mtk Ff*. a»(«r*ta 
nir^Vaa M. mv. BncM kiiniM. 
iroaliMtaal mm. Tku k aAiwiA m 
|*W v«m kaOMMm. Iparr M 
Mtt tar OapMay la aittc tar r«tni 


MW Mtomm. totorr a. rvor OStoiM to SSM to Httoe M 

ejBMrto MHr kr nos'CsSt ^SmWw^ tonSr o 

VC tMM. KMt ■»> M CUM sum. tsvHw m mJMn 
MH. smt i msw l u uQ'toft w town lir ws i 

• ^XrtTRiilfStfiS'Spsj;^ ol33?3m? lr"to3JSriX"1fta“cj; 
tSto^toto**to 3 S1^3nS»*LS-£a^ IStS w.SSwTL'^jSi.^ 

! ■—* to — su llienn li»wn, mtS m wm mm. i»r« <s 

_ ,, I UltOO is.'Mir~eacM mt jyeWw E.■■>• 

■MW ton Esntrr. bvLmu m sa nwM Swito iJ?*ij yB L 

i^! OAK BAY - DRIVE B)r 

3 SS ta>T 4 ll IkiPrai— IMM la alW • ftm TW toiw 

gg iMa>ara toir <ia9iiii Cla*# lailrtrk h _ 

i^tS 2 ? xrft s?i _ 

11 . ■ ai'^*^"i'Tir-H'* 

0« r£ai*S 2 gr 3 liS?ira«"lhltnoMS.lMmaybe<MfendlngatalnstamaksabM jM„n1B3 HAMPSHIRE 
rfP wM Nr ■"Ari'tjtoMr game: I!* »*■ a >rMa i >iSr. M i imw to'em s nw wumum tw i 

i K 6 C’’5gSsS.Su iC-iS: A Double. You aiw too itroni to pose; you cannot alT-SNsriSAOEH*^ 55; a 

STaBPJSSm rab. partner's poadbl. tour^ spSTsJt or rrtild Pries glS.lK SwE SjTTS 5 — m* w. N <v 

®5S“““ - your own clubA What other choice remains? RaJrm*LM*S!*lvsTfff ■ u« TmXlSSrfciSiAr 

e50??23L« uto,. tudor itpyle fable ls£is: ?S ^ 


gA-uSaifflKg^i*! rmi!E?^I^=lj^^LJ!g!'|”,««”_^^ fer s_double:S??i!i^ LEADED | «e.7w I STUSg{a*TrSU5 T-J?aJ 


«MS to Sntoilrt 

.•STStoSSt. i^p^ ^ »>»'«» 

a%')SSto3r*Mwr>^ aiOlCE LOCATION 

itartkuii^ Firm 

th^ pretfl 
detcribt i 

^ I My f—irtaii IMU. mm» m I MOXVY TO UMR OK liOitT. 
raaI?- I kaataaU *aiiMip i «$•*«. Meta Partatam. ataa 

1 1 micmrmmmm mi atartaw i • aiMMa mi morttagaR fiiivtaa 
t MataBai i caita Srr w for ti» prttm 

- ' K TtT llttBBBKli A BBRNAIun ^ L 1 

• n W TBRtaOK-t kaPnM. 


M CaflMM M MbM tata 
tAff* naagw rmak. Miaa p« 

‘ M mm mi _Mpme, MM 

. Ma^o l Mghta. VNirlHM la goti 


Jar«M attRam la iMI 
tarUMai rmMr tar Maaa 



■litJVatA I iMM - -- taa OaM Ar Mlalta komra ta^ thta hasMUfal *!«• an 4 : FnrvP ta fW Ika porkflta 

» f$ tata altaar- 

iJ r-jyai 

taiair inaw aaaal 

bEM tiV tMa 



lUR .paartafR m raar 

iM OaBM EE Ikatakam taiwr Us*. RM SIMM 

m Ouim EE IkataM taRwr 
taiairv ItaRt mi tnim- Eaal mi 
Em aatar. MMastaata kIM 
9M IrUM E l gkua r ~ tkataa M Ml 
rthta mcm ma irA E« kadrnHnL 

XS EAT _-- « _ _ m tm 

•M »aai Mf ».«• BVYl flMI BBOORO JfOBT ^ ttrtJ! f ^ 

r hna>na« laata •«». Mkv _^ , 

Brniark A Oa UE* 
MT«i ttrasi 

mrrtL 9mm I 
Sa rkrttL 
r«ai Rinav M| 

KOI ta! S^nrwai-" kawta tiMlIsr tail MManta rwilBUIATELT ATAU^ ruw^ ^ pn > yiuM^ Lm _taa mr rm 

llr wTumv ^'rvVlMk' OfnCFA AVAILABLE. DOWN ?arTRM*Mnaal ^vri**ntart%R^ wtatata ar«* B wMita-m l aR 4 Wta< 
rmwSSm:^^ An aarMMR la- aSmTDimmJSi SiM^avk LkL ata pis M uiiar. Eaw^ta 

- -<tad!nc taffcini tar tmumtx C mmn mb. ^ iBY»^mpiw ai 

mn Bt'MNBE FLAn O Nftarrnmui ta CV UE. US . - --j tMWft 

i sa ta* M a£SSU 52 L WAMTtO TO BOtiOW U M ^ll^tai am 

-■Staciar - gaTrttA'^-*Bia‘4.--si'sssJ®*—R-- 

J-taAfM taRta T . *TT - ftERrUL INVBfTWBfn ■Mr’ 

KtaEkMta aYROaMt na «l AaE iirriCB AFATK AYACI.AELB nciOtalA nnE taW m. :_rz^ 

CkB Mr WallaraJtv EMi 
rta BUAARO. 

iMy taratita « Qt*itm I 

Oral taortsaM aa paniallf eM*-] 

r ?S nSm* Sto«Mia>lmri. LIVE FREE 

tovSrucs ^rr r ' YOURSELF 

M louaal twrartt nmx *n«ala anl. A FK^aKJN 

kRNltariital Mtaa. r O EaUtrr. i --- -- - ^ • 

naa * Oa UE. UM MiatairA ta . 2 SZS"Lilem^Sma nZL?- 

ftrii Morttaipr taata al | 



Mp ta w te Mi «My fiMM Pita 
lunAMp katatMR u tar rrIr Ar 

PM RppR*aBRM)r Irr aHctauv. 
I r«faku rlr. Naw Aokta tai^e 
Iaa pM kuilaaRR R.-rv^rt. .i*. 

tar m kRaia aaP ranfli ur a«- 

-taaaa ttataalva Ming, pkaaa 

M iaa Rimf ai UaCMO ta- Aatalta 

™ •WIIMBll Pricp ilLfiOO 

MiTiii ospotTuwna ^ *!?”. * r*r . 

-^-liTCSw- '^??¥fttTrt3af^ 

SA ;«L tonht lito will' n iii m « •tom 



szs.'^z i ^ ctciiAHu - ai ar l« ^ _ 

PRrtueA tar Mi can. 

taE:"^7fil COLWOOD 

> M t-kaAiM taoMr tai 

^aaa fitaari E. .. 

BVtaMfeW. KVtaata 


4 BEDROOMS >v M f^wivS 

Aunruva ctftrwL9 krteE ani $15,750 

Biim Traiarrk ad i i*iiai-rta-| BartaM^a IMkm _ 

SSrISr ito% 5 ‘TSR 3 ^ bay- »vH 

5S3to SLJte'a^rm’ "MY CIIAMPAQ.NE S2uSto“totol3J?*Sm *•«« 

tem lartata imWATKE MOMr * Ek "BScoSSUSar £3 m" 

a«uaj»J|iumto,^ * toum-r L - . mr ^ 

EssLi? •£ !K 2 .:r.i 2 iir^. 2 i 

_ tortoMw. Tto town^r^M^m k.m «V L»UI W. WOUWJtt av MtlS 

Pnee t26.S00 rw sasss rwM. kHMni wto toU: 

es.H he t dVtoX bcAruMM mi A tafTtfic ruHtaal 

Evstoto « m ."toTS-'^to' 

^ ^JShi ‘r ,;SL3S C: FAMILY HOMES 

CX>LWOOD-AMO.NG • -u . m ^^ajjSS^ ^ ^ 

93UQ0 DOWN !•* 

rm to an smi toitto.iir' 1883 TAY LOR ST. 

town to im towsifto Uto luto enrrS to m tor snetoumk to a 
ta A'*tr brtat aiil ki aacita aa tamtly man al 

mm !j3:“T,5SrTitoS VSS $13,880 CIXAR TmJC 

^ AAP taw a a may ka amnp»E Etafwl 


RragaA Rta CKtauin mRaar lAtimhlf 

•Mr. rv taM RRia. anrrap ai _ _ . 


***“'» Utoirs a tototr aiiw luw m • 

-rspne rrMui 

^ PtaA Eta a. Ota rtaffiiWB ktaw PM 

•OAK BAY" il\lS Ubiag ranoi. Urga CakMK 

■MY CHAMPAGNE S;pSto“totoSLir*^5w *^Sto 

HOME" E^,s3?:.u^is 

. IM FaaAwa Am 

guMlto KtoWL iwemn sns. » *nms m svsms 

(Km dtotor stoSj^ to to Aw »rri c a sears avi 
H» nr tow Tto e M Kml pim mi | n totoWmt .rrvr 
aaB jpkm rtM a tamaait darti UE. PM-niMtai ata i 

.. AtHtnE BV iAJta 





ana. Uviat mnn. hr* kaA hca m wm timn esan Caairal 

Gaa.'Sto'JS? tssa 


iiT iumro 


tai BMCItCimM PT R£V (AB I RSXiialuAl rvU- 

m wf. ^ ta*mcfi*. RUtawaaliai tata* M MUl 

. PajfelRniv r«cuL 6 <vA «atrr 

pvRpr.tjt; rtrt9r mm taaia. 

‘.ittfr Nmh VaJiwtaFr r**y AkaE 

UKE HOTELS? iSu is' toernSL 

■aaas two MoncYsuaaaa m shL. ewnraaiirM 

Calf U L 0 «E 
EV EUti m na. BV )-mt. 


" f^irr APAMTWP^-rsc * moniyeiabbiib aSn^lTHE PINES PllCPd 10 Ptall It $ 16,900 ^ISZfSSiu^m 

*• yffu* ^ 1 *F*"* -S. “*! 'mT Ha Te^ i Vny toiienm Msw totow tosen'4VSMU a. 1 . wiMsrr uaiMw; 

Urge I *SS*to.rfS? a aiTtinnta Oa Mvtai|r edt law rmurUP «a kaV-am Ui Rur-i ; i«tt rLtrmnn 

•ml». ptaan. VkRorla rtvaiad ky tall gum Larpa livi 

e. gS^imkw: '^S 

Ml MBM BViMTata^upt orrm 

wnw uowr and oat. 

r«n ta. 


H Fort Siraal BV 4 -Tia • 

pcArutta Mtaf wtm IlnaiUh luii 
I Hay tartar. I^^cataitui. lUud s 

't si-rncs MMm owtoM Onm. t 

iwid tto S n^ um ktonwm : 

I Rta » ba< r^ RUtm wiu taIntaaR 1 RnSSas'd*'*"'"^’ 

tENT '"SL "MM «s b a A i rMisiMSi. sM 

'*•« t WMt Mirartoto iM to tUf. Bmss tosto to ntos Swns.M. a. 
I_ . toine* toto ftoln. itoU 


OD TO-sctoto iAmm- 

m fwt tonto sv LMB arms v ie w a’to vaaoou. ■ tm Port stmt av ♦•iito 

7 [n^~m~juinL^sctoprraL rw. Bs 1 ws t runi. 

UtotoV Sml aJtoto Hi CM sn nAsasoers paCTistT. (to oav- COOK MAPLEWOOD 
- aa EVSihi. DP. LtfXE Dtipurv 

IEISi?s5^ H*?! 

flrtJrnLlr^3L*Ti — 

iZS i TOWB g AND o r ww TO PENT. 
Ataly m ttatflaRlu^ 

?2?l tlHT 

ama Paar tar yaa. ata I tanUi tita 
tanaa la taWat ap- , 
RUin. y Hm Ib artaala 

taiaaa ac^f 9UA BV^kM 

:T‘i lOWnJ) BE 

1 - 'd? BaaiR f P arar PC 

1 .- - . iftata CTC, IWRlanfuti 

t o. u4w Ua PtafuRifP li 

v:- tni __ 


a ert ! j . tatalirta. kata. aita««-a»ta 
B3r;T«. Fnp. Ritat. gtamla aa- 
trvTZ, Ctaat ta Chiw wafeoaaia. 
tara P ipi t OET ng_ 

arm kNctaa atak mg. napr. aaia- 
RhRt>c aai walar. i tatkftmtaa. pan 
kMRMta kP aaiar kaai. ptaaa 
BVEkBl taawiata i 


Tlta aUmta-aav Etart mt mmmmi 

tapg a : 

• cjna RRtia Uta •% A.: oUwr. 

LMi m N 

• Dt kana UMum alta taaa 

• Drtata pamgrt 

iwMP aav wmaai 

• (Ml aawar. OH-aMatte krai 

• PaaMOfktty tamtarayaP 

im ruFFOBD 

4 P H R. UtRtala ataavNap, IMlDw 
ea mata liaur. liyn A ClMI 

D$i prat fm«A 
t W Ataarwm. raa ETTtalT 
rinaftaal Ammy UE. EV 44 tta 


a^.^'SSr “ ■“ isa LisTmawAHTn oiaiGN 

LiT!!uu* 7 ***T**' •'**’' *“•“ - i-nr with SSfluC?" “* “ ’^laSST^iJ'mSSi'TKl Xn. 2 ri.'» »** ei m« e.i«* tos 


to VMn 


-Zieninsf eum- ’ “S »>' • sws -uto 4CTAR AUTO COURT 

cgnivV-a5 .;r*i.23*’sss;to»r toto sr^iX^TL^Lts: acres, 

_ _ • Pratailtay laatarapaP taajSSSf kl% tSmSi ISOFT. WATERFRONT 

im* a.Sto'ta cmiSL. AM u^ J&JT: BEACH 

aaiy. Appy tm cinawiaia Ata tapln la mbar Ika vaHia Rp gta^mg faattiia: Km m . __ —to - 

I PtatONAL LOAM* SfJTTtor tor ptora to •».■■. nrMj • tontou omt UTIuTSutomtoVir'wS 

'_rsemmwto w-m» IS nwr Mil :•»■» m rtorW ??? "K Lt.C .‘I J ‘. J*" 



Oonsolldatp Debts snd 
Reduce Mdnihly 

Ainttaa Pa>faaata 

I ta . «??.« 

ftS .;::;■•••• »2 j 

j Lamm al ILtal aai ap raa ta taly' 

sr^ t£:-3wMr«,',“jca^2J-je=r! 

„. to. « p ..r-jns:. ai£®ife«£sS 22 ^ 2 ’,—- 

LAUNDERETTE I P*w«*top molhbb wa ^ * 2 J»**^^ g^^tatawf^tiaajcitr wh 5 taS?3if 33^151 

Fatty cmMppai launArrHia la Na- ■ ■ ■■ ■■■ ,» t/ron Viek^ ta aiala kipkway Ca^ aa«Ml M « Mta ttM^wtR^^rntaTtal^taaSp 

ftaj^TW?^ AM awWtaE ktai-i i:*-*** .-irwtaPtaraa tarra mmrmm Sla jTTarto^'rnKTJlSU i5tt 


raB B. PAlpK. 


^ TVra itaTtli Pure® butaaLta aa 

RK fk-'A* 'j» Ctai^riitaJofi UTWIR-Sh H- ^ 

r.ww^ ata v- k nraptact. 

ew^rra krriia«. »u ri» lurt krP- $16v900 


pnr*. *tdi tatav 

$11.™> GORDO.N HEAD 

p. a UctoM. evAJML toutito*. UNIVERSITY WAY 


ir yrai ara tataita fit a ta 

^ taPr 

r*i4 ra«t.. 

• Naw wuC. mim wirtna. aaw topw 

pipita. mm (HVkl TtaYtar YWIa 
>. to $bi«iia ta* k tairatatR. hvo kath 
, aw rtAM rHMRR. iaa taui draakin. (aqiU/- 


FuU PHcw $lSr500 

.to I I tame. ...» larma .**« .to. .to ATEtNPON 

» tlia rata- ta*a Uta PV MM ataiiata 

n *23.1 CORDOVA BAY ! SL-S* sIS 

££• ’aaTw^'-Sr. ^ onetime premier's 

tava I r^tuna. a-hHi aai bLia^Lgr aiuar- JZ* hl?**^^* RESIDENCE 

8 SUttX 

Tc^' 2 sr 2 «r“ 

UtHinaa ta 


mm/ takta M 
jm Jactata na' 


Larpa gtav ^mifmrn tapirs. AvrU- _ 

Rkla UplBtakiT t ar aaruar Ural 


rVaa la aN artv-li kta 4 $flraa. pr. 

1 liP' AM Bw 74 . N. N. L I 
kLUBRy lttaCT.r. B.C, ar pkuaa w 


70 Yalta BVkkI 


- ‘-rV 1 -.. — •KASjSBa'-sii.S. 

■ Iiritoto ^nM<mwiiiW n . 5 ? SSJeTtoS* ■to m S " «'w w 

fe uT-J Ixaiduig luralta ta tka aairr- Mtam laar nO 

NCF I'T-'C! toto m» e m UCKT pmus-ictAiut BturjnmlsVMnrj?' 
^tr: rny Pmm wjB» tothto nw »w» v.rimtoun s wisii •< 


BVkMW mtm na latataa ^mnm* mi 

] laiar ly •% acrai ght N inam wi l ta 


(wiwv paKtaiRl la tka kaan <4 ika 

iRlhtakW iWFtel Pttra kas kaaa 

I ta 2 Mt aai ('•pjui.'iAL tYffrpi r*v 

ta a •atnatui tx va uuri-e.A 

teMAonxti PtaRTtha* Investment Yields 

MM aai all tatiR fr nf i rataWiM 

u?a. ffTyj-ia sslik r 

iiLcmta, aVstoa n» imT^sSm 

'^iwtoun SrarMii to ttsM. sw um-toSrni 

'M. Snrvqigi! Ks An* 


rtito witoto. •• Vr* .TO* » nrr. ut 

•^lOUDAY SPECIAL" -nii*. f—u Imiins. D..I 

" Z---"" r 'S Elfto" 

Parfi Staotaw. 1 pKd ;arff Uv , __ _ 

iWit pBRtn. rab K«" k'rhm. Ml! Laar iatai pa jta ial R ar apaai ta 
mm wS but air kaailRf F. c. iartaa. BVMMi 
Bark tana m fvapavty. * ^ mwwmm 

I .Far awn tantaaihm rail Waa 

amu ivuS. avreA oak toAY 


tor toUSto 
raiMar al 
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I ^eerS? myianit «%n la aa tea tairy ani Bin hall, waU-taitan <•*«»■ 
Iaa Mtak Aron Fait ptara pHai IIfmw hMa aai aiPUmal 

$ 17,990 •wiMig PMh mriMl ilntap man. 

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ita •• '"eta wall anaai. tataa to* ranga. 

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PtaHH> Mr ani Mra NwarnR. fniM War taimana. kaaoNiaal 
KVLMU aajiiBta. norantloa nnm Hr 

PrtcB $9114)00 


Fhn Rtataa. fcair hmtairwaa: garh 
BVI-M rtatr^ baa Ita mm all itatawa wRi, 



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g.'r tta »>**“ es pendty daaach Offered by| ua a srapwiiuiaa lid 

i * ~ L^ >itd oM~Dt'Pi.tx Cotuhallon Credit Co^rt- 

• omi. P ieit n to toSt to new tion Limited. ■ publlcty i , . 

:2rPWtoiBF*”v;;n» owned Canadtan Inslitu | StfcTHIS! 

dtf h a f hoWT i aooMS Hon. Loans on existing you Csn Own s Duplex 
M *^k« e mw* mortgsdes with no dls- _ 

S^iSf •* *^-0 count, or we will purchs.u- ” 5*iSiU Pm»toto 

tattr, baa Wi a«« all Iwnaaea aai, TRIPLEX 

kwairT rntak. Waaiy laaaaia. *»' 

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arr taanlh. Tkii li a rafaWa* aal|*tata atai*. Srpkraw ataani. 
I wnatawat Yon WRaali pal Uta «W li tah i aa ««taM m i 
>uar **aatal aw" kai i OA Bay An., aaly iHM tawA 

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Mata. •Ki baai. ratataiiit aai gm 
ragi. MaRgran tarata. tofitrtaan. 
apfW MM 11 ^ Urtta 

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M ILST* • r« “ Tav'StSB. ICL Y 

Mr. amStoL tom.. tVMMI rLtoto Vltor. Ph Sj tS^ 

NAN P ALLt LTD. BV i«M ^ ^ $l $300 

.. .. .. ■" Ora BUMI KViM ar BV 


_ . WEAJl UUNCAN Pfrrr ac a oiir?M 

nrwuMtoa «s~m inw • wwwawMnw wew aM*. . - _—. — . • 

taartaw Mi Ibm a a l-pwra C^wh.^'**^*'***^ ^ ^ 

mbtamaai art tka aiaatr aaiririia T*a. 

at nap aa. fan PMtag taara la a $19,000 

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' atkar rouma. Ttanrar rarpart atak _ __ T 

i»Hi akewa tw iMi kMta an aa 3-BEDROOM HOMES ' 

Fartktr tataua man J. B 
fM. 0 B»A; amtta BVkM 


PAm torn nSi reto{¥l»'-''■wto wto niMe. I> mw n tol 
atiuxv&xafiliKiMlnHtHB-tokwEm le em oak 

OP «D LSeftolW I jf"."?- " "y**” > TO ISL 

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Tana ACn 

'^^lyour mortfages or agree- tun dows 


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AaM.^SapT i 

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tata ik CBAtitaL 

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tataj taiy. Mk kapl L KVTsas 

SHIDillbakl W 10 CIIM HiiMB' IB 

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iWAU. kiiuQM Q^ACS. bo. 

Bar i tana ca IMii par MRata 

tj(L WtAT 
■itak. cm 

irsE HOME EQirmr 


Write or phone for booklet Dnam 

1 aaltaa iamra Bay. 
) riowk 
k ata*N. CMy. 

I now?! 

k MUaa r urt lNA 

SIS? 5.K“v."nji *J 3 a:!s^-K Sl.*:--:?? ^ ua-ir-JiL dickie agenctes 

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it!7i , ,*.-"7-7^ toto-vm toto ikm k • SSJ CJ*'-.*'’-'—’* »*• TO* $850 DOWN 

rt5r^1LrV5m*U?3r? ^ li 9 (x» ea-'Jf mo.nthly 

tor* XlUto ireLa-.r gVL«5L-~3X'53:r^^ JnuSt S3Fi.£TI 

*;«“« Utoim ^tom. Stojto. wSTL* to 3-BEDROOM HOMES J? iS ‘^WTX^Sto’toJSLm 

reree. .e . SSL" cOqD BUYS- .NOW K »'k 





; BAV orr er PATmrt st 

I C£ war Aim Lae*fttD“rx" 7 ' g-"? “:■ -"- ■ !»"" ■" > rS ir r** Omitr, tormtoto. OM 

I Paun ABBA. YOU CAXT AT -1 ^ Eitoito nltwr m torus.! torato.! 

»-i>Bn .SOT to CALL roa nxL _ SSjeCS" s"!"** ua x>.i« 

ISI1UUUTIU.S 00 TUU MUIUM —^———- atok PP <Mt to Ostoi Ston. «•» 

saxs oppoarinitTV. arw» txn- __ .. _ “ •«i> •»■ uuau 

«n*i« «1 rvLtou Mutito. iMtA. MOTEL—OVER 40 UNITS !:'''’ *w« •«< mrmr. Om 

-tototo Stotoem to-nhotol. us <*.toY««to'.ii«to-toto*to-.:E'«3iXi^'l23.Si 

fc*jI^m«TJ*SIrSilIIutoti*^ "'Mgso^rPricT' 
syrnTSSL tw*. cS 

: $23,000 BIfNGALOW 

Bay Rpitt larH rmm «iui!uPIJUinB BbBDCIL-lltaata Hkr. 
^ 2 ?!!?-L rRouBp oak FLorwu ki tm 



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Itiaka IXCLUIXXC. i raamto lM >toa^ _!?•*’ '«■ KITcaxp aSk M. ^ n-rii 

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aiui a n rw uie $19300 ■ LtoV. MASt^aSadSTtoto 

m. toSSis ■, ,.„ . -■ _ _ ••■••* iMerun asS ows ead 

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aMba WSrtotoA l»ur|* * ‘^'’W «« St laaa WWata 

ur-atm ktoa tto uto $1SJ)00 I . 2“ as?' 

iMa iA— toto __ . . a I k Oa-^JWIr tata 

Bp OAK FLorwu ki tki 

: ADnwx nmvLAcfi 

UToAK FWSra m Ik* 

LLBD am BBigKD «». 

How to Budget with 





430 Fort St. 
Victoria. BC. 

TMak atoto am ua 

c a axtsTaaiux s on lyd ^ ^ ooujito 

im w aitaie SL YWto^avi 

"* ZSJrtZ Sett S3? SKiSSlff — ~w. « SA- 

•Ltos ^ PRICE $49JI00 

c a. UOLLAXD axAL bstatb iiSEa tSTa^T'iff'oRr 

■SYW. BVMaHtoBVLIWettovIt* w tottoiwac awtotry 

A CtoL xvsmt 

$ltl00 DOWN $1000 

"•W > 4 , ffg.f- J- .2. •to't!?^*' tatokrame ivo nnow 

T^CT^TxwKi^rY cTOtyaN- ■, iw esr n ,• rw t L\H<:K“i«-Titir 

IKKT FBATVRIB UlAtXJOIO. >*?*■»?m fm- RimiKit wMi lam 

aratr mik a firwuw. 

Kl*fniKI« ««k lar 

rnmi. ALtaf LAUNi 
wtrwi P< nwmr w 

It Lanta MAfnui ai 

k KCA^MS FltoUS 

fhy ta j y" **»» * r gotatata ita. Caa*-' **** 

TL i'^artysv w'towl cu'sl: 




O rm aato a ■ now w Su. 
a*rraa>to* Ito tola to jK iWra 

ta BC tl«Nn tkkkii $M 

larataf ■taa tb ty pajrtaitaR 
and Mpta law ta aail tar 

F-B&*toSi%'^ « 

rllRtaa MMag ta pay ika 

entag apartaMM r tawtai 
ta a prtra tkai UMita yaa 
awka kaltar tarn Rtafam 
M ynar taiatog capiiat a 

xShl ttrmTWS 

aai awra tkaa ia% m in 

ur* “" 


- —-BxcxPTiasAL Dorrcxi 

FOOD MARKET SfiSL!? .**2^ '7?' 

HY eMl-em^tto UMrlct. Xa emit! 3 ^ 3 ?^,^ JT itoi 

is ‘■‘KSS M? "S^ Js-iSKF -S3to » ^ 

V-SS5 Sa J!Ri'sn3:v“ia,css‘;3i 

rasi jwwas >■■*» irms ftto^is.aa' ^sssiriT' 

5 o^ 0 ^ 12 ~~ a to-e W - aaw bOtol _ ^'SS-W-fCnS-aS S ?,3 K * Ka,l"E,*** 

t ?i5 t-ML ••• talk bMMami mu maMw •* ^ twrmmmmi am Btal trapt ta 

mal!!!?ta ^k-Hir iSiYJmSLJrtknrr ivUS^ KVLMU • laaliwrw ta^w-fftiliKLtl 

*** OOU ktaMga fanaar. j ^ ^ aw ^ ar> f»AH^ f 

SL.'TS.,*,te pSI^WN “'SSr-’SW-rtSr'S. "LA.N.SDOWNE .SLOPE irw'''ii“-toto ttoWito -m , 

^ -toto .3 oa-wne oirrsrA.vDi.Na view- jgn'j.^ SJ 

n mavamuox. 24 B EDROOM.S * wommarix orpoatvYirr ^* 7 L'" 5 'Lsto-atwT* kSL*? *"p»toto w wa* t»-a)» 

Rr grSi**"^— 

•totoW._ .*fA to S*/. r epw—s Xtmrv ua-lcau iiceui aYUC to gVMta U'!!«K r-mi, taS batobma. nirC. 

Tto,mir-=5J. !?*: W?r*r>wto ""A btoae! W' n ltoatoato SanniMt X Yt«itoit!«!.>rto wwm aato Ptoi ^ WATERFRONT 

raUto. ttatortr 

• Vary gtaiialia aapamia 4 atag 

d <*w> "to W Ka* to tor>|ie rem I. 

rwa btoia n to w n* wa 
—g aa* h .iii a toa tlllte tow • 

w£ rStoJSr T. ns- 

FbiMWta mrrnf Ui.. BV 4 

rum-eiaSS. Bor 

virrrmu bbaltt ltd 

ng VIrw D BYhi 


DtaM tat nr. 


MM tata a gr i H M ta a m 
hr rtaMaar$wg aBartgaMt 

m mmm MRrtenm ratadra- 
irroB. MCD 

Wmiiamwi krcMitw* ta 

Virtarta U 4 fit Yttaa ta 

A MonoBBn L orroBTvhiTt 

HKJIB TO 0km TBS NOME ^ ^ Htr Thta kaa 
YOI B TKIU0 TIIK FNormBTY I . »taw ta 

I tS OtoBAB TTTLB AUnkCs ONLY mU Draita 

, tu-Mk t«y>m rmm Mta • 

-ICaU kCNtM KYUC ta KVM74I tata k 

t' tatf i taRaaiaik kamnuaa ta Viekwta kraa ta a 

:Ui. iM m wta ta 

aMgki-taWr araa* p> 


taa Ralp IMR awaa ta mwr 

P III iiwiw tnx^iro BL'XtiA- 

^ r^ Thta kaaw aat m antah- 

Sri’S;-? 9z.jsnji 

uytoe torn tob aasmtoaH -a^ 
aiiaaa mmi aai batobwto kib4». 
•« Tam* baa W a * taW PaU .. 

Fun Price $23300 

BV LMU A k WW ir ca TbW 

xanwigj^jnHa. xlcctbic 

Cwviii vippn ' DbPLiK oS. "UpUland" 

JTO* J*_?**TO 

^gt^ ^ DurkTO-ip 

l $4 MOtHH WANTIB TO lE!^ 

..toto— * ” to»W_ «W»« » WtolTWw a* asptoilbato wo:^Oi« Stoto .TO am ae laaL -rtui mce XXMin 

TRAILER PARK |S^^^yjr^Jri!?a«| 5leT^n^mm 'amJ^^ ““ I na**CULATE **-*“* ‘ “ 

Lg;rg 3 g*.ss”argi—!^"i3Sto''^^ r-ss: vau-able 

ggrgLTL^jgJSpg iw! 4 gS^tiSLtAVtSTt TO' SaStjL Y'*^^ 

r- in ft JTOtomywtBwt ** 'i mrS Jn^ iL3r^K$T eSf*i_ A**lnf $10300 Pai M«hPP ao« SrLTatrmSSSto. A 

-r.rk-gjy'gaiiaLriijkiWki'SlSg.f'^^ — TjrlZ. _ . 

$12300 FULL PRICE 
$85 PER MO. 

'i£S. A.totob.srss'ssr toTh'SSw'SL’TLrr.TSA 

aCSSavASS-arItoavYiiP yJlSyaygiISt’^3 5 \£LJ?Tr*t; 3 /^ 
“ siBjns: £"bb’WtoSsst A.?*,«*^*ArBL^ 

avsnh! "sPiadiTiA 447 <l«» I 


an oLApoow avb. 

iurtaMa (rmp. Batata nmlPl 

M M -1 

SSliJZ ^ 

2t litin CoWibM, 

Immtuf, Anf. I, IMS 




!12 BiMd St EV 3-7174 
EMabUMMd 33 T«an 

mn Douaukt tr 
EV 2-7376 






OpposH* Th* Bhy~ 
iniDM0M«rai sv»aei 

mnm- M AUnrtm cnte- 

M iXnan. & —■»« ptM •! 


■Ml HIM •» »M«t 5^ 

IM tar M ■■ >ta» t. 

■Vl-llll « IVMliM. 


urn DOWN (Mayfat Laa) 

IG3.90 PXT. 

■Ml tatal .lta Jtata 





mb tavr. Mbta Jtal U r 

temaibii Mi ta*- lUM V 

m IT. ilM* taw !• «9^.‘ 




E13.730 3W. 




Vkr' tactata Uta lua^ Ml 
•MW u rta M H f tta M 
la wtata .Mlr ta ita i.rita 



Aakln« $I1SS0 


TtlTTVE nawtiE'CC* 
,s wtt* IM4i<T 



mm Unm rwMwiMf partr i 

M k* hiM prtm m/9 


Mar ftMMk Bv xam .mmm^ 

OmIm Mi n««r«l 






-INLAW sumr 

pmm, 90an4 am 4tili 

ilfilt il«n^ Ir*. Attivttv* 

Ul mnt fT. 9m mm brr. tvni 
Wh. >a wtm «•* kmim. bar 
r«ai larpv Mng arwa. Iii Bir 

I8S00 <Terms^ 

Can Mra A. aiVHII. 
GBTMn. F. K. ami A ft 
w ran at 




Fttllpfiot |17W I 

Tb bMPtct .tX a,BXCU :g VBJjBT | 
me mM Ur- cuw. BVMM ar' 
^OcMh GRftUa 


RBitnac* a*ba4raaia atarro 
booiw. eleaa I0 iiHva. tfam- 
aoraiiaa. Oak Ooun. Cftr>arl; 
Iww^bB cahUMi awai kn- 
rbra. f^rtiilart: I poa balk: 
baaMMai; ItnA M. Fric«4 
ncM at tU.Mi. cab B- Laa- 


63S Fort St EV 4 833: 

R*al E*Ut« Dept 
Open SotunUy Homines 

•MM taota. I.»d «ta klUtan. 
ssaaHrauai «a aa:^ asm aitb 
afaa MamBajr t«> tbrat Urj* 

I babrocM aa4 baUifoofa. faUl 
I *-•. baa car |araic» teb)' 

I paUrK y«t Ml a art* _ _ 

' bag. KwMlaa. can Uf tunU!*. aiiawi iiiut anai a a cm w 
Sa m^SrnTmm. CIlt.JSil>« u irnaa^ia aat fm. Vcpjr, 
B19.SdD '*'** bi-aw bvtag maa• tfifiuii 
aap-aavar kbrbaa 
ani aaa bpAraem m TWfa ara 
A tartaA A HTrTvvtKB Ugawfad badwuaia mi 

ROCKLAND RANCHER iba ba awaam TUa wifli tba larta 


Farlart h^me lor tha BacrtinJ ^ 
aalti^ rctirca eoMla tar Uft>M 
laaul>>. How oClara panrlk^ al B1 
ft«tM atU Bntng raotaa I bc4- Uaia 
raegnm. Attrmrt?»a An ea- 

to prtrata jafin. Bnrei 

kitrhrA- 1% bathiw^ 
fti^nmatje teacboarg bet 



or U)OKII«C . . . fv mmtSfiM 
Ixnu KICB« t am PUftltlvl 
ttel bavt aami a aarar. 

pwf tp-?ita4“j5a?? ar (aM*> 

fitny gprtiraipb la VMmia m 
> na prtra imnga Off tba aUa 
i ha3. Fraarb ftmn apm Mo 

• ! p'o, tarff UviM rwTtn aatb 
lnrppU''p. throegb a fT«r«fu] *rrb 
i«y *3 tba tfimni r'-i" 

, gtrvtiH mt A KTTriiBJi THAT 
Utt maitPT brtfrrTO • . . aa aacc* 
ap-ctaa aiMl_ a bw aly 

tymarn F'iMfff.FiECS BATHRuOM com- 
rmif pirta a ear arrfart fiotc plaa. Tbt 
rum H'U. BA5I^CST baa a Una 
wtnlowH area, fraa of Mtt far 
KYT%b RiAiiM a rwmrai T^rra 
9 Al^>«ATir cat IIKATWG. Trm 
erftty barb gai^B bu m a.^ <^| 
&3-»rT that ti EASILY MAl?t- 
TAI^KD. Thera U a amaO atta>l 
tahte e? A bcMM tha appar*!# c*- > 
nit. on«r« M ti a -reta wv: * 

SiiNNNt Riwne"* wtih ta?^ ‘at tr;m 

and atn and anS>^rnpd by COL 
Tmmtr OFSH AWItlsr,?. • H 



dnar. Ilaiarai aMUrMr aUmc. 
mmvmrnm ab rbaa arrwiA 
pnrt aad a m^y mch»dH barb 
>»rd Iww&e c^ana 

mU Aipdty uA oRot r^and U 

thta prfea naffr _ PBICB OfiLY 




ra t a daMr boaw 

i raa ba booib: VLA at 

ifiTm ppofiftt-c prt.:* *? arr* 

a tir^-dsm m/L b-sJI- 

LB tt.Ji Ff. Mr CKL 



A unique, a^atppa. ataftini 

b«M nawlad am-wig aiafiRa Uaa« m 
• bcaatlfU W acta M » a 

moil Uaaaani araa. Tbta drOflMtai 
iwrnparty offara prtvary q«trt. pnm. 
teuyr m thr mm Mftivaraitj. aai 

• • I arcam ba path to the watcrfliMl. 

• 1 Tha unaitnattvr tandaemptng «ma ar^ 

• ; ranged far aa ab«.4tgc mtnima m m 

•' Md aCarrkm. Oa ng lUa d U 

m •! and draunrd by UMi Baabaar 
^•'a^rrtaiiv for ”B«tar Bowm and 
M •ICardam.' tha boma «M ataniiM far 

• 1 ra6a <V !}vtng aparaUom B U ttol • 

• dradga'a arorthrma Loag aad limrA 

• with a took ai Uxvtry, it rrtaUa that 

•* • rtaaatoU •ImpiN'itr aa a^ 

** .' la tha dJBrrimUatUg aya. 

•d-lThm art J badnvwna twBb prm 
Hd*)vutimi u add a ftd>. batMaom, 
B- * Itving room, dhting mm. Idtchca 
^ aM a aUMjr mat 'Tha Ruturfa 

• and fnhngi art «< tha hlghaat aaah 

• •IK) Soma at tha faaiurm Ududb 

$1000 DOWN 

Baur ihr ftmmm* ml 
IUhm 9 and mmrmmimM, Aa ddfr 
NOM wub Urgt UT t n ripla p t). 
duUM rmn Urgt kNrhaa inagti 
anaa oWi hamai. • la d i O M ow and 
haihrmm Oa a aanr dmlrabU 
fMarffam M «Bb oMcf aad baM 
Adibw pnea 



OAB BAT. ftBanm atueco liiMil M . i 

cSimmt u tbmF. biSr^l 

garaga. OO-M baalMig ba- 
rtodad axtra Un» M Mi Maty 
BP<uag. ImmadUta potMahm. 

K .M odh larma. Pboaa B 
alaaa BVftdXB ar BVftnU 

Prlco 19,000 

Iromcdiste Possesion 

^ •gttwS'^ 

Ctark itata fcwwi i!l 


Ota W Dm aMW wincuta pp« 

IM M IM, rr»!rt; HI« 




1306 Brotal Street 

1313 Csmosun 

Sfb-tt tssToSST'A^::!: 

utirti AUrannr* lay uvtM raem. 
vrii dauag rooav alac hUrban oitt) 
piiTTey <d aauag aMot- fM Wgn 
Hfc.-T;i wiih aiilo ati baalmg. Ail 
c-JvvPT niMwa and SB obrUg. m 
piraga. IUM'->d a*ir« 


$1Z«00 PRICE 
a tan mm aldar atna. Ml- 
ana. A-l modNioa aad Uca- 
aa a guM aodhni airaat. 
a baa. aoraa aad achoeda! 
I caHUg Ml lha Urga Ifatag 
tib ^ and dMM room Sat 
mefttva fbaaijr ftmaa loday. 

aitb CmU?w. Urgr 
iDtchaa iriai lucb. Fid bam- 1 
aiMd wM PHia baatad rnm- 
mw raeoi and aagarata garifp I 

Tb*a tTrpuBid home la troujdf-i 
fraa. wH-’i a» a»»Ta'*iva r.vk| 
jardai r«ta,J;:.-tg kfU# 

Ttai An rxrrtfpj liqy 

R 3 «B ry-4 termf 4 B 

Mar. Oft ar BV ftm 




$15,900 LXMIT 

Da uaa ftBSOBOOU btuaa Mdlh {m DatMaa Mraai 

UMb U gaamy. O^thymn aU 

and fmffUg a 1KB dvIm: mm. • 

MgMMdadn^ a watt-iaagOi nr«- 

liara. parbtt fraorh ftm and OAK 

mItaMM PMMUng. Brtcb ptaal. NCYV—3- UAU 

ara and wiMgM Haa grlUaa aafa AmU tnta U Ua 

arata (ha 1M4 dumg rtnm. Tha raonw pM rampa 

karhan la da hna wgli ^ am ■tyking. f39.lM.« 


$14J60 with TprmB 

mg viawa. w-w ■ n»ii, 
and dwmg rauma. htfl bajp- 
merk. iBndsinpad b>aric*r>p 
dnvaway, goad adtrrii Call 
Bob Bamar BV ftpm mgrttaM. 


aal BVftdIM 


Ynor koma U and Mba ana 
at aar mdrarlara kalM yn« 
a art* ona* Wa kavt many 
Marahla tau awaiUMa » Oak 


F.MRHELD DUPLEX wrtart •ta 



dlttlw uie • IMS ffl 
r-iUon (wta wUh --r. 
c^! Swtl svrr nirn.jrt 
U-—- --mw 

m tc-."r-= cn • 



U loa tdm a a 

«ail-rara«4or b 
Uiia Oil honta 

ta- w.* !2r*«tata WATERFRONT 

Uanaa otUnag ■acspciuwni aervm- YOU CAN A>TORD I 
5Sl!"r5? MffSn? KUSi "rEN MILE POINT 

iboaM. dM mill fifapjacii racian- Vfa anil s baamdal »b$ dm m 
U« mam mik Braplnoa. BaraGani t^.p r^.h aliaiibUg m Iku 

faragi accomamdauua A aalaihanlliiritr Ihr 

MM Ugit Ua* than lA paara aga fy/A frlc?. lot MM. of JAWt 

w<» '5sr ssssr. 

rwA-U. Mat t 

rViaa la aebadi. 


■wtata «M. hM-W 

■ta«r tata >«■•• •< 

I >itwii»i oe&fisjH 



Han s ■ al IIH Maiiw Raa 
fkrtra T Mlk l il I Atata, am. T i> 
taaSl/ ItnaHnal. tata ta h'i- 
I, apprart^ Ttnaek-tall., 




rr sSu 6|rgu aerr. i 



$1300 DOWN 




$1000 DOWN 

Attrarthra ftranm mmm 
,wgb fUk blgb bam Bmtt 
I Ur tbra-lMih plan. UU b 

K Nka traad M. 

rr iftUft 

9500 DOWN 


BT^auv ar 
Baalty U4. 

kalhmait. Knotty pme hk* 

ly $1Z000 




$1000 DOWN 



a naapaal Anaa. taaw 
■as partaa. tMS tawUoa < 

Coiner Plymouth und 

Owner Trangfcrred 

ON LOT ftp 

rr PttLL BAwSr 






fUiihli iUmbii^ PbB Mffi 
mma. <UUl hmUi^ t^rgy 
arm Ur rampaa rat tyam 

Lssr S3*p.a 3L“* 




EV 3-2496 

aii'.p ll i w al fwpMarp .par*: 

«ort ii liiie. Ml baM- 
MAlr aO-H taaA SWN ta 

ntES crrtMATES 

!io oauoaTios _ 

IS mint Tot-m s«w 

onuic A.VD art 




Revpntible Jackel-Top New6 

On Easy to Sew lAMtame 

- - 1 A reversible JtaAet toi» off thta grMcful A4kM 

JtailL'taZ'drese deHgned for HoUywood sUr. Cyd Charlsoo L« 
•s'the Joehet tom from brUlUm print to t^eolM ookr 
“rw^aaS'of tho sWrt for hlBh^ottncy drsmo. The princM 
* 1 bodice flu doee to tho Ufiire sbovo a cnitiMd saah 

pasDoeR lthst emphastaee tho 

tunp In a sparkUnf. sizzUnf, emaaMnc combtnatMi 

I"* Printed Patten) A664 Is svailabte Ip MlesaW Mhb 

S. 10 13 14. 16 and 16. Sbe 16 sntemMe reqelrea 1% 
yards 4Mnch prim fabric: 314 yards plain fabric 
Send one dollar lor Printed Pattern Ad64 ta The 
DaUy COIoaM. Patlam Depart.. 60 FroM Streat W, 
Toronto. Out Please print plainly yoor nama, addrtaa 
t with tone, stylo number and rise. 

I *1 i“ s: 'hiaH'li'ii 1; 

: H . ss: :i 

1 1 m u i 

gpMii} 1^ j f 

Sl 5! i 

I sW SI 11.% 

ijm i ‘!t Ilf i 



:4 mi 





loaLT a Lon uvn 

Albert Heiit. oil Duka Rd. 

W- %p i * '■ KM C 

J«r M J«)r pKjr Nilw 



Kw— •OMMtl ... 

M RACI - Oaiai 
yMr-«Mi Md 19 . i fwii 
IM iVllm) 
N«iK*ni Mm iIwiiaI 
CnM tUbidii 

■m* Bmb ■iMitatol 
BolM Pram 'AikwMj 


Easy* Eskimo Preferred 

Huge Canadian Regie 
Still Seeking Name 


Mm Good ills U-ML 


C'MMl Bktp Oiip 'Dailfyi 
Piaal M< iGuihrMi 
H«w Hml ny .. 

Wai«r Way iDUmt 
Jim Drvaai iLnojal 

'MUMr) _ 

Stpt« iMlU*k . 

El rmt •CIMO 

nmi lurt ~ r<a:ma 


• k«MM Mldiag Ml I 
aMMi iMa CMn Ava 1 
Vm «mi View •»«« Mk« 

ini Jimmy (Qadinai 

For nifi Vorkahlrw A 

Tmal 1.14. to ciooe the eeiete 

of the Ute W. D. RAM 8 DEN. 

Over (origlwJ ohII 

Phalagripkta Milp. 

InrL In part: '‘HaaaeMad* 
ramm (coat SSOOl, Htaraa 
Reallat CaaMra, fWerMi VInrar 
tnl Protartnr. Tela -Athmar” 
MS-dun.. ‘■Klint’ TMe LaM, 
mile, expenilve lenaes. iripodt, 
"Hairiion" mater and filter, 
rangefindera, enlarger magnl- 
ner, developing and printing 
rquipmtnt, etc. 

Lightning Killa Ttco 

— Two young brolheri died 
when itrurfc by lightning ai 
an electrical 

storm Bashed 
lacroas the panhandle of Texas. 

WM i»ai rai as. maitumn- 
Asking Pries tlT.SOO 
OoMaa Mr. Ctam. tm. IV Min 


M aers. Alarm ns riMr.e SMI. 
AM. a. sMI or raaory rim. I.- 
follml owsivlririi ptoferljr vlife 
■wmim. neo ovor Aiiril. uM 
Mime. I'.T neihri Blvnikri 
—■ ■ a ■SIMA ClAllL ISA XV Min 


TH MTm WtlhnM OivM MW td (M 

1115 FOBT ST. 


Bookcaaea, Hrrretalre. rhiaa 
raMneta. Vlrtorlaa ClMlra, 

Oriental and other bamps, Oo 
cailonal Tabiet, Tea Wagon, 


Oolf Cluba, Reel-Type Power 

Usw SO*' EIm. RM(t 
RtfrlfirilBri • Washm 


be set out by the council. 

When that happen., the name 
Northwest Territoiies will le¬ 
gally vanish. 

The only name luggested so 
far from out..i>1e the North 
came from Lestilr A. Hatpin of 
Portland. Ore.-who submitted 

He says In a letter to Gordon 
Robertson, deputy minisier of 
the northern affairs depart. 
ment. that parts of the eastern 
ArcUe once were known as 

Large coniignmenta of quality 
furnishings — repossessions 
and estate goods are on hand 
for forthcoming August auc- 


»«« sw gy WA morm. % 
erne ■ « mr<n mm. 

aur. nmS locaum la 


mSF REGINA (CP)—An estimated 

4wW Ad Saskatchewan I a re 111 e a 

have taken out membenhipi In 
non-profit cixiperatlve medicel, 
clinics that are flourishing in 
*** *>* recently settled; 

medical para dispute. 

oriltioni riBTAimiia TO Olnics have heen la, in 
. movmriAL noawAi _ tonics nave necn let t*) In 

BioaTi-av-wAT live centree. Ten other commu- 

•jjkgaAUjte — nltles are making final arrange- 

•T laui II al DkCntl foT clllUct Uld 15 Wl 

uia nf9i>ad maf ad aaw 9?^ MBKiAtinni BIW bdac Mt UU 

vernal —^ ~ ■■I m ftfermt ■ ' ' wwam m*- 

Ha AMBiiM tmmiUad aiikia All told, tho IddO hoi caught on 

I.MI iMi al Ika ii|hi-al-«af al hi m e.M*kMiaMl*lM 

aar erariiMiAi Buaa.i saas ar, “ * communities. 

ul 2 r memberh lOL'nirT | 

" mri'ISi.’lr, 'S'l BUI Herding, chairman of the' 
?-.?** 'tsst-ar-aar provincial council ol Commu- 
ai ^rtaia**V^ aa —■— nlty Health Services, said Sun- 
rr yjS?,? .*I7 T*j'T membership drives are 
MM sm^a.uui mm UUA under way tat alnioat every 

Bi) Baiiaa..,. aWM. , la s. He estimated the clinics ha 
wi-JZS! !S ralST't! I'”'*' to t» functioning had sold 
pran Mm Uw DmartMai a total of 3.000 membertMpa. 
lie. HaairiUi^M - I "TMs exciting developmml 

kk—oe doctors of k sUmulatlnc 
MSA .a..pi aasw swaiii n'.!- opportunity to work with people 

SSL VSImriT".'.. *" “*"■ «o pre- 

isa Haai.ipAi latsiaiiiw i lerve medical eervicee. said 
«SS!“».*t!1.2i.i“rii'3r “r- Harding, a community de- 
%ay yn\ jawiU a a »armii fram vclopmeni «perl «ho nccfllly 
r'%tS!!r*M!a.*'aMS*S!ia.i returned from a one-yeor sUnt 
•• kokamr. DM>M|wlih the United Natkaw tech- 
j p ■AODi iilcal aaalalance orgqnixalicii in 

_ Uberia. 

ainics at Prince Albert and 
Regina are expected to aervo 
ai models for others in the 
pros ince. 

Citizens who supported the 
govemmenl's compulsory, pre¬ 
paid comprehensive scheme 
slerted organizing the cUnici 
before a doctors' boycott went 
into effect July 1. Doctors with¬ 
drew services, 

Dining nnd Dinetle Srln 

Rues ' 


Occftslonal furnishings for 
ev^ry room. 


The fumUhlnn you have for 
sale msy purrhased nut* 
light for cosh or,sold through 
our auriion on consignment. 


Oir C*sh Oiiriilsi 
Apyralwl Pin 

is available to all consignors. 

For your buvlng or lelling 
needs call 

Kilikawi ABallBRMri LtA. 

ills FORT 8T. KtJ44ll 




> m miiiw SMriCa. rMV rii p.t 
Bv aim^ Bari m BAlUaava 
MM 'i** ■ e. rs n Mie 

air OavpfilMii ^ ahow 

arbeola aad feaarhaa A aard 
«*dr » .1 ras. M mVia FM.. 

SKS^ cCMiii. mK 

FrS^t. DinJi A. Maim - 

except on an 
emergency bails, to p r o t e s 11 
implpmenlaUon of the govern¬ 
ment plan. 


The clinics operate on the co¬ 
operative principle — the con¬ 
sumer has a lay in how hii 
medical cart is organized. | 

The clinic at Regina Is staffed 
by nve doctors recruited by the 
government In the United King 
dom. None of the doctors have 
hospitel privileges but Mr. 
Harding said appUcations have 
been midc to the two hospitals 
here, m 

I Tha Ufe-tlrae membership fee 
of ts covers the cost of such 
things as rental on halls In 
. which organbatlonal meetings 
are held. A penon need not be 
; a member to obtain treatment. 

WATxamovT lot 


JB Mil Ira.ilM Mmn. n.M 

CmhIm an. .m, ^ 
Im aim ai p saa 

K'jy.i-' ft'IT SmiCTCH. 

■VMTU w EV I lot s..nSM«n 
Samsm W Viriana US 


in Jnhnaon 

EITRY THI-BNDAY. i« A.M. - Aiaortment of Home 
Fumiahlngi, Tools, China, Oddments, Etc. 

EYT.RY TMI RNDAV. 7JB P..M.- Fine FumUhing Con¬ 
signments. New Furniture. Carpets, Fridges. Etc., Etc. 

Dieppe Raid 
Ceremony Set 

OTTAWA (CP) — Special 
ceremonies win observe the 
20th anniversary of the 1942 
Canadian raid on Dieppe, 
France, leier thia month. 

A eo mm e ti mratlve monu- 
menl to the FuMlIeri Mont 
Royal arUl be Inaugurated on 
Saturday. Aug. 18. followed by 
a tattoo on the EspUnnde de 
la Plage and a vlgU at the 
C a n adian cemetery. 



gMW « VIA ASSriMe 

a^ mM MM. riM.T'SIcS; 

The Assurance 
of Perfection 

S-Dbjt Aatiqae AbcOob — Aagaat S, t 10 

If you have antiquei you adah to sell call our Victoria 
ofoce, Ev 4 seei. 

"Dtenifled Servtee" 
within the meant of 
EVE31Y Funlly 


S' ‘snt.v? 



PboDC na for tree appralmla on yotir home fumlahlnca 


lYw Bayward PamUy 
Bntoa M. Levdan 


on Th;S CCXJ^SE op 

sciiwnncAux wrvi 

lOMAm T>« 
MOTi m T n 

aanm >. 


! Carden Notes 

Mad*!. I. IMS 

Unhappy Begonias 

keiw ind Iha muah loiallar eoluin- 
kin* Irat mln*r. wbldi maka* a Hghi- 
coland airpaniln* track aa It kurrows 
throuftl'lM Uiau*B a( ih* leaf. You 
■ land afl both paali lunm- 
fully by duatlng the plaati lightly 
ene* a waak with either 5 par cent 
chlortane dual or arlth any proprie¬ 
tory roa* duat. Ilart whan the planti 
flrat laaf oat In aprtng and conttnu* 
the weakly routln* until the end at 

a a * 

Bliawbairy Vale.) Thoae aitvery, 
longitudinal patche* on the leave* of 
your gladiolu* are the unmlitakable 
uadomarka of the thrip. a tiny tot- 
aaet nel aandi more than l-30ih of 
an Inch long. Thr«e critiera. while a 
malar peat on loae* ind many mhar 
Oowara, aaam to have a derided 
praferaBK* fbr plant* in which the 
volna ran langlhwiw doom the lanL 
aa In IrU, glad* and hoataa. On 
gladlolna, tat addlilnn to dlaflguring 
the foliage, they will ruin Ih* flower*, 
and given half a chance, they will 
burrow Into the bulbe for a comfort 
ahl* wtntar home. 

Regular ual^ of malalhion. either a* 
a spray or a dust,, will gWe good 
Immadlate control, but for extra 
safety I think It is wise to drench the 
soil In which the ptanls are growing 
with chlonlanr emulsion In water. 
This should lake care of any thrips 

that try to enter the bulb and • 
Hltl* of the chlordane win be taken 
up into the plant's sap. rendering II 
dtstastaful to ih* bugs. 

ULV M uum - iSJt.. CobbU 
HULi Thoa* Ultle black 'barrtes- 
cUngtotg to Hi* sisnaa of yoar IDlea 
are bulbil* - something like baby 
bultaB and If you wish, they can be , 
aosd to grow mote lilies. *' 

Pick off the bulbils about thre* 
teaahi after the flowers fade-they 
should come off without any rraisi- 
snee when dead ripe—and sow In a 
shallow seed flat of sandy aoil. spac¬ 
ing them three inches apart each way 
and half an Inch deep. Keep In a 
shaded coldtrame Tf you have one. 
otherwlae keep In a ahollerad and 
shaded pan of the garden. Water 
gently as lequirod. 

The first growth to sppoar will look 
like grass, and at Ihla stage Ihe box 
should he movsd to a location where 
-the tiny plants will get aom* morning 
sun. Lrove out until Ihe baby plants 
die down in the lal* fal)^ then store 
In a cold boaemenl of coldframr. 
tnaimaining Ihe soil almoai but noi 
quit* bone dry. 

Set out again In th* spring, thi* 
time allowing ■ little more sun, and 
top^lreaa the box with an Inch of 
moist peal moss. The bulbs should 
be big enough lo be planted out In 
open ground by Ihe fall of-1963. 
and In moat case* they should start 
to bloom In the summer of 1961. 

Royal Oak.) I think you bad batiar 
dig up and axamine th* toots of your 
si^ and arlltlng ooiumblata and I am 
pretty sura you wfll fM a Mg, fat. 
■aim^pink caiarpIHar inaide the 
rotting roou. This I* th* columbine 
borer and ther* Is no way lo save the 
plant once thia grub la Inaide Ihe root 
Better burn root and pUni, along 
with lU unwelcom* occnpanl. 

Columblnoa art subject lo two 
unpleasant pe a t* Ihe fat columbine 

HICK Vic¬ 
toria.! When the lowor leavea of suur 
begoola plania turn hrow a 
the edge, H M aa almoai mm sign 
of unha p pl n sas at the raots Thta 
could be doe lo any one of many 
eausea. Including Mo much ar loo 
Utile ssnior, uncongenial soil ar an 
overdeae of tortlHirr, but tai'aiy ex- 
perienoo Mno out of 10 spch oaaaa 
ar* th* result of loo much waior. 
with soggy, stagnant aoU under the 

Alt I eon Buggaat Is that you ro- 
plant your bagonlaa in a spot where 
the drainage Is good—perhaps on 

asHMSskat highaa gw ui i d aad ssiih a 
Ml mors eakina aaad kioacperatad In 
th* aad m mak* aura amior run* 
through froaly and doaan'l atagnal* 
tai th* rooting sona. 

* a a 

By M. V. mCSNlT, 

IF 1 CAN stick To 


fvM xhOW 
»»ttU THtY 
. lei 60... 


I'LL (jrIVk 'EM t 

^ Ufi " WO»^K> 9WJK)S* Cjoauw 0» iwxp XHP < 

. Jv^wffiiisrs^' iTra r wvu iwin ws. uiTTusr~T. t T wM Mir M SNOrugK , 


'“ TM OH,weu.,WEU JWrHMilC ) 


Ava to Remain 
Lady of Spain 


MADRID (NANAI—Avb Gaidnar srill not be rriurn- 
Ing to Hollywood. "I was there for three waoki raoenily, 
and I found Hollywood wai just as big a bore aa ever—_ 
In fact, more boring." she told me. Madrid Is so hot aU 
summer that I aaked Ava, 'TVhy do you prefer to live 
here'" “Because I love the Spanish peopta; they leave 
me alone," she replied. 

Plora r-*-- —. pfaying Ihe Empress of China in "M 
Days al Peking" (In which Ava Gardner storai. (old roe 
that In real Ilf*. M years prevtaMuly. (he empress had 
started Ilf* In th* palace aa the emperor's eoncuUnr. 
He died under mysterious circumstances and' she man 
aged-with great conniving-to make hereelf boa* of 

* a * 

Lae Resnlck saw a fieaia advertised in Malags (where 
she stars Ui “Th* Running Man"I, assumed it meant a 
bullflfni- saroethlnc she had never seen. Instead of 
bulls, she got the baskettaollint Harlem GlotaelnHtcr*: 

* * e 

Blrhsid Bartow wss being loo optimistic when he 
lold tlMm In Egypt that aoih would spend another %X).- 
000.000 on ’ Jiartlne" to co-star him with KltawbaSta Tayhir. 

I doubt that any studio will ever spend that kind of 
Bsgaey agalsL tm aBylhtaig. And if Lta wants lo suy in 
picture*, she had batter make a nice little rheuple next. 

a a a 

PWlar Selhr*. most In-demand actor In Ihe world 
today, srill star In the Klehaid ( T ontbiw story. “A TalenJ 
lor Loving." It will he made In Spain, which Is getung 
more popular than Rom* with producers, because of 
lower coal* for everything her*. *> - 

Marly Pok will mak* his “The Twist of Sand" movie 
tat Spain, following “Janus." aOlh-Pox paid E20.000 for 
an opilop on the book._ _ 



By Rudolf Fletck 

Two yean ago I wrote about a book To Moacow 
—and Beyond by Harrison Salisbury, the New York 
Tunes correspondent in Rassia. Now Mr. Salisbury 
(has made another trip to Russia and has written a 
new book A New Russia? (Harperl, wrhich brings tha 
story up to date. 

' I rsmember that In th* flrat *«• power. Mr. Sallabury 
book I was pertloulariy Im- jeporied that Mongolia at that 

. __. „ .. time was overrun with ‘hlu# 

ipieawd by wrhal Mr. Salisbury ,„u- Chinese workers In Mu* 
'found In Outer Mongolia, the overall*, wrho were a vlaibla 
! mysterious repuMir In the sign China am* al th* point of 
mktat of Asia where Rusria taking mar the country lock, 
and Chin* are engaged. >n a stock and bairH 

Inevitable March 

I read that chapter with the 
t-reepy feeling that her* was a 
firsthand report on the inevit¬ 
able march of Clunsue tdi- 
peruhst expansion the future 
ol Asia, as ohoervad in Ulan 
Bator, the Mongolian capital. 

Wail, baea's Hr ■atastaury'a 
new book, and thing* have 
changed tantastlcally. Between 
1959 and 1961 the Chine** Ude 
I receded and Mongolia turned 
lowsud Russia and the West. 
I There'* no poasIMe question 
I that Russia now has the 
! upper hand. Not only Hial. the 

Mongols, when Mr. Sal(sbury 
was there, had jwned the Unit¬ 
ed Nation* and ahesKed friend¬ 
ly lerilnga toward Ihe Weal In 
general and AmaiKsuu In par¬ 

Thai* was a brand-new hotel 
arlth eicellefil plumbing, 
“gleaming with madam docor 
from Ihe plaleglaai tkxmi to 
me sunlighled aullea, lumlah- 
rd in the laigst Scandinavian 
male." (Two years befora 
more had been no place in 
town thai had plumbing or 
luimlng water.) 

Sugar Pim Jazz 

At night. Id the hotel res¬ 
taurant. an eight-piece Jazx 
Irontbo played a repertoire of 
J Americw number* that Inriud- 
led Sugar Pusa. t Love Ypn So. 

Nobody in Outer Mongoiia 
talked about China any more 
I or seemed at all interested in 
the giant neighbor lo the 
iMUth. ‘"The wrhole torus of 
kioagollan intensii seemed 
tn have changed. Hw men 
with wham I talked spoke svlth 
pride of commercial tie* with 

Switie n land or ind. A Jap¬ 
anese dclegalam had recently 
been In Ulan Bator, and out- 
aid* of the United Stalea it 
seemad that Japan was Ihe 
ncm-communisl nation toward 
which IlM Mongols were most 

“Japan Is an Asian stale." 
a Mongol engineer told Mr. 
Sallabury. Tiul her alaodard of 
Ufa la higher than that of 
many European eountrlea It Is 
very impreaaivr." 

ri,CES ACBOrM 33. First murder vlctun 

L Madlclne man 34. The dealre tor Japaoesc 

3 Cook Booie small fish money IDoutal* clue) 

IDouhli due) 133. , lid Inside i.Spilt 

M. Trad* In load, posnitaly I 
I Anagram I 

I. Group ol plants native to riX'M DOWN 
South Africa j i. wel thorouf 

la Tbd Laa hauames Jubitant I j , 

lAnagrami i of Picnic lA 

“■ * Na^po. 0 

^Anagram. such poetry 

13 Car* for hire * Degraded 

1 13 Spiteful woman 3 Past ships 

116. As used by bowlers - 3 Cries, yet p 

IT. A monkey Is In the middtr (Anagram) 

1 of a frolic I.SpIll word I 7. Fighting ml 

{ 1. Wel thoroughly 
I 2. Lamb and cake for a sort 
' of picnic I Anagram i 
1. No daapel oould provide 
such poetry (Hidden word) 
4 Degraded 

3 Past ships (Double due) 

' 3 Cries, yet pooslbljr pays 
I Anagram) 

7. Fighting man 


Exettiii Trip !• Eiripi Midi Pitsibli 
Thriiih Ooloiiil Pipir Roili! 

Retul this su c reasful oarrirr’s aHlhaaiantic letter! 
“Dear Mr. Cox; 

A It it hod not lor the 

AH jflk Colonist and the 'ronomers on 
YuOk rople 816, I would never have 
Hm been able lo go lo Europe this 

Mip summer 

I mfl^h 9 I would like to (hank you very 
much (or all the help,you gave 
T working lowaida 

■jV^/ ^ We are having a lot o( fun In 

H I .L Paris and I hope you have an 

H la exi-eilrnt summer In Victoria. 

Tours truly, 
MIdiad Clark 


Applimttons are now being taken for 


* Summer leptacrmeiils that prove deserving will 
reedve permanrnl routs* 

30. Hr gels a letter from Mike U. Meal the mot 

loH at the C« 
aiti UougiBa IM. 

I Iri’ulatlae Deportment 

IHiddao amrdi 

I 23. A poUle thing lo say to a 

23 Cooks hy boUlog slowly 
' 24. Belonging lo the dly. It’s 
raversible (Reversed ward) 
33 As brown as Nat may b* 

■ Rovamed omrdi 
37 As a mi. It's aery small 
(Split wordi 
) M Pliandly moBBagaa 

1 31. Finds out what 1* being 

32. collar fastener In a (Itm 
itaadm iHiddea word) 

14. Klllad 
13 Continent 
16 Rep r esented tai an 
imaginative fashion 
2(X There's a rata In h. some 
where, and you .ran my * 
that again! (Spin word) * 
21. TTie ones' playing tennis 
24- Half a candle in a metal I 
container 'Hidden wordi 
23. Tk-klra 

33 A glam surrounds N with 
cotor (SpHt wordi 
26. A little whlilpnl 
16. I^rn into snonry 

i^iuiHHr ill Tue»div’> Cotouul 

RPid la Hw FaRmring ApaH ia M u n ky Mall 










KANSAS crrr iap) — euck-j 

mtd chlmncyi and uh-ootmadj 
bjundaitm u* all that rtroafaii 
n( 11 hnmn on a quM Kamaii 
aiy rwldrnllal ilraal. IVicnly- 
IlirM nihan itnw Dr* and blast 

It loaka similar to a warUnM 
air raid acfiie. 

A lO-Inch natiral gas aMln 
bint Friday at aa tantnacltoa. 
For M mimiln gaa spootsd 
Iran Ihq IS-tool-dMp cralar, 
salmllng Ibt araa ct smaO. 
neat homaa wllb d e a dly expto- 

Then aamalldag Ignltsd ton 
gas swd a roaring blast of 
Hama shot IM feel high aari 
enveloped the nrighbathaad 
nioaa precioua M minutes 
gave the resManls llnM to flaa. 
Only fcar awra ln>irad. nans 
severely. _ 

(Zionist Classes 

_ \ 

Life’s Easier 

With Son I 
In the Swim 


A lot of porents were pleesantly surpriaed lest week 
svhen they visited the Co tonlst free swim cissaei. 

They saw their chUdren 

nropel themaelvea through of iketchy but getUng there, 
the water. Mcklng their feet Thta takes a long time bacaira 
and swinging their arms, to breathe correctly you also 
TTiey really seemed quite have to kick and stroke cor- 
aniued. rectly.. You must always be 

One mother came up to me In the right poalUon In the 
to eiplain how her son Phillip water, 
offered to Uke a bath every loVS DONE IT 
night to practice his breath- ^ , 

IhK- unto boy came up to me and 

Momn FIAMHIKO wid proudly. '^eU. I've done 

It floored her. She couldn't It now.* 
believe It. "What have you done?" I 

“I’d like to thank you for asM. - h« 

that blaaaing alone." she said. I m 

“You've made ray life a lot replied. TUn 1 conquei^ Ite 
« tnms. Now I ve conquered the 

1 was very pleased to meet be had Inal taken 

and ttlk with an the parenu ^ strokes, 

who came out. 

Well, there are oitly three LIKE TAKE AN 
more weeks of classes left to ThU little boy who wanted 
go. Things are progressing iq be like Tanan got me 
very well. Last week we bilious as to just why dif- 
started floating on our backs iwent children want to learn 
and had surprising results, m swim. 

PBETTY HIMPLE One boy said he was protn- 

'toVmSi'lU-^ ir‘mv‘m'Ii'?^.‘A llttto glri 

rrmh^-aVr d^i‘ ^ ;£r,Ts 4 “::u" • 

Ty -Ser nttle 

quickly so now we can start wlty '"'•VfJJ*"?),"? 
^ back stroke-kicking the »»“ " 

feel and swinging the arms, working 
W«’ll work ■ bU on Ih® I nevor did front to 

bmthlni which Is tliU kind drown." _ 

Two Die, Five Hurt 

/ I 

In Highway Smash 

NANAIMO An accident,where ihfry are employed by came from Yugoslavia I ■ 

that killed two men and seii . .MacMillan. Bloedel and .urvived 

ously Injured five others near.R.var. ! AKto Mcl^ to solved 

LadysmI'h rvaturday occurredl None of the men In the car ^ hia wile a nd ^ 
nUhln • mu^ ol where WiUUm ••• thrown from It. McLeod ^ _in. inrimn 

D-d... .ID. V.-W •' “• 

Leod. 30. Of Port Albeml. and "“P'***- __ 

Joseph PUveisr. 38. of Na- PUveilc. In Ihe Ferentoi car. ^ 


Injured w. Wllltam Pa^ Madam and F^nttzl were ai^J.»T«| F- 
lack. 5U victoita Rcmd: Anioniln only Ulr condition hero. ^(|lI11t l UCIIS 
Madam. Selby Street: Joeeph Pktaack'e condition was de- 

Markoasle^lB HaUburlon scribed aa aalUlaclory DUNCAN — Two salloro 

Street;- John Ferenitei. Sit Markosaic was In lair condl Irom HMCS Skeens In uq - 
Victoria Road and Steve Becir. iioa la St. Joseph's Hospital. toU. D. 

sn Victoria Road, all ol Na- Becir was taken to Ladysmith Linker!, pleaded ^ly m «»y 
nalmo. Hoapiial. where hla condition magiatrales <^rt yaaierday 

—rtrM-rlla-d aa eood. having itolen one car at 

Itarkcralc la In St. Joseph s Duncan and another at Mill 

Hoapiial in Victoria, Becir at SBIIOL'B INJURIES goy early Saturday. Both were 

Ladyimllh Hoapiul and the (be Injured tulfered mul-. apprehended In Victoria. They 
other three at Nanaimo Gen- ||p|e fractures and lacerationa pleaded guilty and were i-e- 
eral Hospital Plavetic, lurvlved by his manded in euatody to Wednea- 

ONE OF WOKHT • wlf» *"“*• childr en, day lor len ience._ 

One of the worst highway W < h ■*»: [ 

accidents cn Vancouver Island I i 
this year, the accident occurredil 
about U.1B ajn. lour mllesi 
north of Ldrtysmilh at the In- I 
tcrseifllon ol Cedar Road with E 
tha TransCanada Highway. | 

ITiere was a alight drizzle ' 
land fog at the time. 

Police mid a new pickup ) 
driven by McLeod turned onto 
the highway and collided with 
the car driven by Fercnilzl. 

The paiaciigeri were return, 
ing home Irom Cbemalnus 


A Story of The Chriit 
The Glory of His Spoken Words 

Ddti (Lompani. 

Dally Hoars: ■ sa to SJI p.i 

incorporated 2T? may 1670. 
M p.m. Friday: • « • 

iitoi ns-iiii 



Babysitter Missinf 

free swim eiaaaea lor 
first Usse lesoi pleaaed with 
yaa^lsn' pesgress hat Dav-ld 
Bodama. 7. toivses hsMdsa 

his aistkee Mra. B. L. R*d- 
nmA. Mrs. J. Davies ead Mrs. 
E. fiaraett. - tliail Sperita 

Blood-Stains Found 
In OKicial’s Car 

Refugees Due 

teen refugee! fran Bed Oiine 
wfll r*** thrmtf*' Vancouver 
Tueaitoy on their way to 
TViraito to start a new life. 

Threefold Increase Seen 
In City’s Tourist Traffic 

A threefold Increase In tbej 
number of tourlats vialling 
Victoria In was reported' 
yesterday by the Victoria and 
Island Publicity Bureau i 

“The number of vlaRora le. 
up 39T per cent from lull 
ymr." said tourist commla-l 
Stoner William Hawkins. 
“July was a busy month and 
we eapact August to be even 
busier * . 

Ferry ffaffle to the dty has 
been at an all-time -high. 

A CPR spokesman «ald yet- 
lerday traffic on both Its 
Seattle and Port Angeles mll- 

Ings hai more than doublad. 1 

Tha company slapped up Its i 
Vlctorta-Seatlto service July 4. 
when the Piinceee Patrida 
was brought from Nanaimo to 
assist her sister ihip Prlnceae 

Since then both ihlpa have 
carried 133.000 paiaengeri and 
4-310 cars to and from Vle- 
torto. The once-a-d» Part 
Angelas laUIng carried 11.400 
passcagera and MOO can 
both waya. 

Business tm the company's 
Vancouver - Nanaimo ran baa 
also doubted with a total of 

UOJXn paisengen and 23.000 
can qarrled laat month. 

The ipoketman attributed 
the Increase to the Seattle 
World'i Fair and an eatenilve 
advertising campaign In the 

I DAYTON. Ohio IAP» — A 
17-year-old babyal liar la miss¬ 
ing, adding another angle ot 
mystery to the Wednesday 
night disappearance of City 
commissioner David Poltinger. 

I PoUpe reported Friday night 
that Sherryl Lee VandetWlel. 
a frequent babysitter lor Pot- 
tinger'a two children, left her 
suburban KetterNig home 
ebout 8:30 Friday morning, 
leaving a note which said she 
was “going away ai>d «dU 

HAD il,IM I 

The 38-year-oM Potlinger 
disappeared alter altandlng a 
dty commlsiion meeting Wed- 
* needay night. He waa believed 
I to have had about S.I00 with 
. him at the time. 

Statistical Study 
Of Tourism Urged 

PuMIdty bureau manager i 
William Hawkins layi the 1 
lime has come lor the federal 
government to include the t 
touriil Industry In lu aieem- I 
menu of Industrial and busl I 
nrsi trends. I 

“I have been alter the de- ' 
partment of trade and com- 
mmee lor more than a ydir 
now to underuka an anatysls 
of tha louriat industry along 
the sam llnaa ol those carried 
ea t In the tofigtog. Oahlng 

Bridge Results 

Eh:' ..tosLj-SL'sJS 

and other Induelrlea.' laid Hr. I 
Hawkins. I 

He mM euch an analyda 
would be ol “partkuUr value” 
to tha Vancouver letond legton 
In pUdng In perapaotivc dto 
Imporlance of louriam ae the 
area'! kiggasl Industry. 

Such an autboriutlve ^w- 
vey. said Mr. Hawkins, would 
show that mora doDon ore 
ponrad Into Vaneeuver l ato nrt 
through tourlno ihaa tfum 
any oihar Mngto indnairy. 

Last year, ha added, tha tag- 
glng Industry, esciudtaig ptf- 
wood. brought a dollar vnliiUM 
of 184.000000 10 VtDCUUVur 
Itland. wWto flatting, etoaosd 
aa lilt iienui moal totportaal 
Indusliy. braogM la fEOOQOOB. 

Flguraa ooavasd aa tha 
lourlul laduauy Amead a 
dote lalumi ot laMOOHn- 
and that flfurs to aapaciad la 
t- show a Mg litcT uaii by Iho 
■end at IM. 


Local Washington SUte *' 
Ferry agent C E. Btoney. Jr- . 
rgporled a lOO-percant Increase 
on the Sidney ■ Anacorics 
ferriea. d 

He laid In Joly there were 
ia90( Inbound cars and 6.008 _ 
outbound cars hamfled at Sid¬ 
ney. Paseengers coming into 
Sidney numbered 44JBO and 
thoac tearing 26J13S. 

Car tralflc was up 4.SM from 
last year. Number of paaran- 
gen had Incrtaaad by U.77& 

He eaid many paepto come 
to the Island by Anaeortoa and | 
leave by Port Angeles. “This 
is why our figiireo Mmw more 
paopto coming thin going.” 

I Pat Framento, local manager' 

• of Blaefc Ball Tranaport Inc. 

, which operalaa tha ferry Coho { 

, to Port Aiweleo, bora out Mr.; 
, Btoney when he reported 
hoavieet bualnaas waa aauth- 
. bound. 

Pottlnger’s abandoned sta- < 
lion wagon, blood aialns on the . 
teorahlll and eootroi panel.' 
waa found in the East Dayton 
area aarty Thursday morning.ji 
Friday night Investigators 
found a .38-calibre pistol, which 
-nppand le have been fired., 
on a lever about a haU-tnilei 
down the road from where the| 
itotlon wagon was dlseovered. ‘ 

Free Bus 
Start Soon 

DUNCAN — First meeting 
of a coromlltee named to aeitlc 
the free bus dispute between 
the HUkrest Lumber Co. andi 
local 1-an IWA will be hekll 
at Vancouver Tuesday. 

A last-minute bid in June| 
avoided the layoff of approxl-j 
malely 330 lumber workere—a 
trmponury aettlement that'I 
called for a final colullon,! 
from the special committee by 
'Oct. L 

Space Flight 
Lecture Topic , 

I Space travel beyond the 
lolar system will be the sub- 
jact of a public lecture at 8J0 
ipjn. Monday by E. K. Lee of 
1 the Dominion Aatrophyaical 
j Observatory. 

I Aa part of a series of 
I lectures which continues fori 
,;ihe next lour Mondays at Vic-i 
‘^toeia Univmlty, Mr. Lee will 
• jatoo diecun why Bi>«alled| 
.‘atnpty qmcetawrorth studying.. 


ito mid the Coho waa noi 
oarrylng capacity leads MB 
huBlnam was “far hcclar than 
teat yaar.“ 

Roaald Woriey, aaatotant 
ganaral managsr of tha RC 
Farrias, white nnahte la relaaae 
llguraa. said there had baan 
“lubalentlal lamsaaaa' la both 
oor and paeaenger traffic. 

He attiftalod It partially to 
the worVi fate, but raid the 

to Helpful Service 

Use paaonnci at MeOairs have bean 
dmeen and trained to KcCalTi high 
standorda of service ra that they ran 
he ot the greatest help to all who come 

Baycrest Hosi^ in 6 shades, 
excellent fitting, popular priced 

Price pair 

bay t iwin for 2JM) 

The stocking weight you want In 8 beautiful 
sbadra to moke your toga took ili«.juid groomed. 
Stara SH-ll. 

Bilalweoi 'raid beigel 

Ucamlera mesh, pialn. stretch 

■laual (burnt ember' 

Seamlew mcah. plain, era m a rt formal 

n TMae Haae imemani 
aramlem mee h. ae 

■aae Imedtam beigai 

.mlara meah. aerrice. aranwd daytime 

funeral chapels 

“Paopto kaow that whra they I 
nraa la tha IsteaM Ewy can I 
Iravc whra thqr wrat in." hal 


BV 84488 

seamed daytime 

All Aral quahiy. maW to the Bay'e high sta n fiarde. 

Iha BAT, h^ray, raate 









Vameourer ItlantTg Leading Ketetpaper Since 1858 



No. 199-lOMi YEAR 

Near Toronto 


. West 
Or East? 

30 Families 

Gas Blasts 




In 30 (amllin. In the area and ordered them and apec- 
taton to keep outside a quarter-mile radius of the 

M Icul el|M rxiilMifaii oe- 
eurrsd durina ■ hall-hour peAxI 
and a fhiar In the iky waa k 
visible for mora lhan five mltn j| 
in every direclian. The blasU Ij 
were lelt as (ar as 10 milts , 
away. ^ 

AT UAS na.M 

The nre occurred at the pee- ! 
mlaea ol Superior Propane Um- ‘ 
ttad. I 

A massive Iraflic )sm on the I 
Mshway aoulh of Maple delayed I 
emerfeney vehicles and newipa- ' 
permen in rtachins ihe scene ■ 
and reports were sketchy. 
riBE ArunNo 
The Bre was reported jump- 
ins (ram one storage tankjp the 
next acraaa Ihe propoiiy. sens¬ 
ing red and orange flamca high 
in Ihe sky. 

A woman at Richmoral HIU. 

10 miles Imn Ihe scene, said, 
a propane gas company invoice > 
lloated down tai her backyard 
while she was standing on the I* 
porch ol her home. It was dated 
Aug. 27. USI. 


A resident ol Aginootad. 20 
miles (mm the Bre. said one of 
tile blasts knocked a screen oil 
a window of his home 
Poilce shouted to the peraons 
who (locked to the saane: "Get 
out o( town tluU way Ipointlng 
south I , , . and U you hava a 
car Uke It with you.** 


Only one htjary saftana mun R 
to warrant an amhulanca was 
reportad. Doctors ami Burses 
were at the scene. 

Tmthardt Pflug. arhoae homa 
is Immediately neat to the 
storage tanks, said he waa 
watching television when he 
Iheard a tremendous explosion 
at about 11:1S p.ra. 

! rorue than war 

He said It waa worse thanj AGASSIZ (CP) — In a 
I anything he saw during the hour* Saturday 

I Second World War in Germany. , iTrowdor™ rVnilr 

Metropolitan Toronto poUea Sons Ol Freedom Douk- 

I Joined local polioe In Hying lo hobor women appeared at 
I control the crowds, (hie reporter Mountain Prison, were re- 

I- radio to appeal to the pubUc to *•>«*■ husbands, stripped, 
keep out at the,area. pleaded pillty and ten- 


OTTAWA (CP) — The 
political truce of aorta 
which has prevailed since 
the mid-June election is 
teaching the breaking 
point and is likely to be 
over by mid-August, Par¬ 
liament Hill oba^Vers feel. 

Fnma Mlidster DIefenbaker 
called lor the truca—a cooling 
oH period when ha announced 
alter Ihe June U elecljon that 
the government laced a Bnan- 
clal crisis and Cansda would 
have to pull In ka belt. 

Housewife | 
Chooses » 
Sweden 1 

No Warning 
From Firm 

WAaaiNUTON iL'm—Tbs 

Food and Drug Admlalslis- 
Maa aaked the iwnker af a 
Mnb raalrol pill la May Is 

No Coneclion 
Sayn Scientist 

■ ■ R E W a BI RY. Maas. 
(l/'FI) — Dr. Celas - llBoaia 
UanSa. wba brlpad drvelap 
Ihe atBl l aat fsc e p sive EasiM, 

aaya be raaM aae as raanec. 
ttaa bsswaiw Rw Mrtb eaatral 
piB and Uw dewMw a( six 

. . . search lor help 

I Opposltioa party I e a d r r a 
ne\’er were ready lo agree to a 
truce, but since then the gov¬ 
ernment has been generally so 
, quiet and unprovocativr in Its 

uetions and announcements thnt 
there has been llllle new (odder 
lor the political mill. 

I Liberal Leader Paaraon said 
lait wtek In thought Ihr coun- 
ng h^ had s uH li A aal lime lo 
rnni oD from the heat i< polll- 
icM battle, and that the oamtry 
shniU sat ahead with Ihe task 
id rebuilding confidence In gov¬ 
ernment. His way o( doing so. 
naturally, would be lo have a 

If W'a» All Over in Hours 

Agreement Seen 
In Market Issue 

election and clad a Liberal 

BRUSSELS (Rmtem) — Bdigium’s Paul Henri- 
Spaak last night predicted a cnidal meeting between 

BiitAin and the Common Market nalkons on the Com¬ 
monwealth agriculture Issue will end in agreement. 

----- Tlw Baldan lorrlgn mmisler. 

aikod by reporters whether the 
current meeting Britain and 
the olx (Common Market oimid. 
trloB would and Saturday, 
pRad, "Tea. But early 

Aakod whether the meeting 
would end In agrecmcni. he re- 
pUed: "Ym I think we will 

Block ^Sons’ 

promising more activity bi lu- 

The govononent. having suf¬ 
fered near defeat at Ihe polls 
aad cadronteri with Ihe polit¬ 
ical roproachea resulting Irom 
the wiaterlty program, now la 
expected by Ita auppurters to 
come out of Ha corner fighting. 


The lb Market nalkn agreRl 
amag Ihamaclvca yeilerday •at 
how lar they could go toward 
meeting Britain's demands on 
Commonwealth temperate farm 

First reports ballcaied they 
had made soma conressloai to 
Britain's, msulcnce on safa- 
guarda Inr farm expods from 
Canada. Auatralla and New Zea¬ 
land In a Common Market en- 
Urgtd to include Britain. 

^ bv%?ip ^ nu*™ CHECKED Mon. m the Lewer Mafnbnd 

^ a mal^rat^t Aeaasb Traffic checkpoints hove been where more than 12a members 

s^y pi.rr;:iry“ 

ss..“ - 

-- ^'wrh1orrn.'i^':;“rCrf,AA KiUsSiX 

ROT OONFORMiNd troublesome sert heading lor NAPANfZ. Onl. 'CPU — 

Stripping b the tradiUanal tha Lower Mainland area. The worst aingle traffic aed- 
manr of Freedomlte protest. | Supl. C B. Macdimell said I dent In OnUrlo In three yenra 
Warden T. H. HaU of the Silunlay the watch has been Saturday ebinted the Uvea of 
Biitlab OokHnUa Penlianilary started so that Lmver Mainland{five (^nadlana and one Amerl- 
■aid the women srere not per- police will have warning in Uiclcan. 

Imltlad to ace their husbands 

. what waa roouva' 

ermen and Allied Workers 

The decision was made after 

lo sigiport It, are reported to be 
the comersionea of Ihe govern¬ 
ment's planning. 


The cabmt changes art M 
be amounced Tburiday. 

Mr DIefenbakar. widely re- 
gardad as a shrewd poiltieal 
inriiclan. recallsd at his preaa 
cocdcrance last week that H waa 
cRer a similar pciiod of con- 
IWmani lo Ms home In Janu¬ 
ary, IHI. that hr hit ignn tha 
plan of ■ttacR att Oka Ubaral 
rapsatumi and the pragram that 
bcoogM Ms minority pwmv 

Family Massacre Riddle 
As Teen-Ager Kills Self 

Btanshard Decision 
Suitable to Saanich 
-rftge 19. 

Denman l^gad-- 
A Real Paradise 
—Page 2. 

Island Crash 
Kills Two Men 
—Page 30. 

Project Mercury' 
Loses His Crip 
—Names. Page 3. 

SaiuidoS and Itr toil raac he d' 
five when a Iccn-agc son. 
btamed tor the slay Inga, died of 
■ .ell-mlllclad ballcl mxmd. 

Authorities BOW say that with 
Uw death In Klvaralda Hoapilal 
ol Ray Laohw. 14. they may 
nevar Baow anaclly what 
pi lanptad tha Mmolini. 

It took the Uvm of OMo high¬ 
way patrol Qd Ralph R. Law 
her. «: hto wile. Virginia. M: 
a daughter. Baa. 12: and a son. 
Thocnas, k 

All toar bothoa. drraatol in 

Treaty Coaxing ^ 
' u Geneva Effort 

— GENEVA (API -CMM delw 
■mes from the Unlled SInIca 
. SB and BrltalB rstumod to the 
S Geneva dtaarmamont UBb Soi- 
.urtay tor anothor ailampt lo 
* tall tha Soviet Unton Into Ugw 
IB Ing a treaty banning nuclear 
IlcaU throughout Ihe world. 

VANCOUVER ICP) — Evenr any toss lhan ihay art gettHg 
'muhlclpaaiy mO iwaol** at ■w' ~ 

Heavy Traffic 
Chokes Seattle 
—Car Corner, Page 13. 

miar iotreduMd Sorial OadirB 
(dcpiiiy Niiml fUal 

Sub Launched 

(API—The Onltcd fiUle^ 
nnwasi Itotorto miaalla firing 

WeO-Done Whale, 
A Fic«-R«gHf Dish 


Reeve Replies to City Alderman: 

5,000 B.C. Woodsmen Win Raise 

VAXCOUVKS <cr>—Win«l«Hri Imr *i«* ■«( wW MbM Mamdmr Midi 

Udis'i oaotribuUoo to the aystem of perlu for uee Iqr 
rcitdenu of the whole area, Saiankh Reeve Stanley 
Murphy «kl taat night I 
rw tall raaaoa aad MoauafkoaUn't •grw M tlw Suakhi 

(umlt In acqulatUon of oUwr ented aa parUaad to anvt iti 
park property fa meat troaa torthar anaroa chm aat i«- 

ii^ m e tr opolitan nceda, / the make way for tba new teto^ 
reeve mid, liimo «n M M lane Pntrieia Bay ea ipr o aaw ay. 


^Si?M.I5^^reply1n. >2^'" ^ 

to an eartler propomi by Ahl “Save Muiphy mid laat nlaiit 
G*-{Uty Cdfelow «*! Saan- ^ 

Mal^ buy me diya 
prop^y trincing ttolakm 

added It waa untliinkaMe tbat 

ft M the ritv •****' dlipom of 

AlA Ed selow mid the aty ^ ^ private buyer, 


Wfttor Net m the McRae eeute, 

mid Reeve Murphy, which 
Saanich plans to make lla aau 
irS mUW major park purchase. The 

• 1 J centranymealed property 


Constraettsa M oraler malm recreaUonal area for the bene- 
In the Rack Heights devolep- nt of all Greater Victoria, 
roent arm has been eorapleted Saanich plana to pul a SSOO.- 
and water preearo la good, eHy: OOO bylaw ter pureham of the 
engineer Jamm Gamen said McRae property induding Ce- 
ioeteiday. dar Hill golf courm to a vote 

Rmideota had mrUer com- at this December's municipal 
plained of low p r emure. elections. 

Mr. Gamett mid lack sf| “With the o v e rc rowding of 

- I ‘ARDCY > 
KNO^ 'Mf ) , 

Ms. loha itod. icssoe Vhe.yimdtm. h ippsiawf 
Ihmar af kettil/W kn l t nlf OperadDm fcipea- 
abb (or die pUasuiA pnanaang, coorduMDog 
•ad directna ef ibe cnaibiaed ancuieineni sad 
win pragruL Mr. Sthd ioiaaJ Kcfly. Doupln 
la 1427. He kat held dw paatKVM M tnack 
Miaigtr aad Dhtaaml Maaager, Wbslawle 

Mr. O. M. Mtl film, a appaoNsd Oiyawa Mm. 
•per, Wholwtle. imi rt ii g la Mr. iMid. Suruag 
la dw W t idwile Dieioaa 17 yean > 00 , he kai 
bcca Bnach Manager, ^aiuwa, ksiait Sapetnur 
<w dw Okmmm. bHcnar, Fiaacr Valley aad 

Caouette Vows Victory 

Soared Agents Set 
To Sweep Canada 


VANCOUVER (CP)—The SocUl Credit mdy to 
deftnt the federal government in a parUamentary vote 
on auaterity, will move organizerg acroaa the country 
next month In preparation for an early electloii, the 
deputy national leader mid Saturday. ■ 

Real Caouette. fiery > 4 yea r . „ 

old Quebm 100101 Credit leaiar. JJ***"* “* *"*P“^*'’* 

VANCOUVER (CPI — Pro-' <h» will work lha fivo prov-l^ CbrnmornTman added: 
gremive Cantervallvct are ‘"«m tny ft<yio m tha •tj n* ubaraU aome adm a 

waWng lor the resignatloa M w othar ^ from non eoidldanee motloa on light 

Erhart Regler to become of- Wuebec to me eeet eoeet. 'money, we will fight that tlght- 
Hcial before deckkiig wtielher lo| Ourleg the nmt month, ttwy money wtth aU w 

name a candidate lo contest a woeM saver Ihe-adiole oounliy giroi^lb." 
federal byeicctlon In nelghbor^'wim national organisation andi Hr. Caoustte. bivHsd here m 
lag BumabyOiquItlani eonsllt. ihegwrty would be ready for a • guaat at aala^tiona 

ueney. genaral faderal sisetlon bi markhw tha Um anniversary of 

Hr. Regler is resigning to whkb M would eieet UO mem> goaial OedH taMiw offiee m 
make way «r T.C. Douflaa. bers. I g ovenmient of BC.. made the 

New uemocratlc Party leader, gj,. caouette. who said sarfier.remarki at a llO-a plate dtmwr 
A statsmani Issued Mte^ mi present I0;io relse funda lor televlalaa 

esecutive meeting of the Wt- cmdH members of Par-' eampalgnii«. > 

Ml OoiomMa Progrtatfve Orm- 

•arvatlve Aaaoe t aUm said the a n « 

sssrjr?,;*ri,s: The Only Party 

aby-Oj^ilam eonsUtumey Ae-| Introduced at the Wmtem Canada combined and 

•OclAtnn. iHlMMr. artMutail hv ahnuA ITS li sMta In C^tarto.** 

Tree-ripened . . . 
Safeway . . . Enjo 
of these beauties 

_ ^ Ifa lelertion and we won't keep only lo glvt Canadians an ad- 

'I'gv *WfigaAl|' 'any govemment In power lo mlntetraHnn srMoh would give 

S tl kyll UlA avoid election.'' each Individual security sdth 

_ He said Social Credit Is Ihe freedom. 

W dl«gg Psiaalr '“"*7 party In Canada lo reoog- 'Today we are more Irapor- 
(f| 1.11" 1 fll 1^ (be eountry's dual nation- lant than any other party and 

iallly b>' eleclng a deputy leade r more important than Prime 
VANCOUVER (CPI—A peace Ibe FrcncbCaiiedlen pop- Mtodater Otifenbaher h i m sal t , 
march ptonned lor today to uutioii. I boeauw we hold Ihe balance ef 

cammemorale the dropping of, "Once the people aee Caouene power." Ihe fiery (Joebec Social 
Ihe first atomic bomb will mig Thnmpaon working lo-.Credit leader aM. 
bevonfte a "stroll" whsn H gaeber." said Mr. Bennett, "wel ••We’re foing to liae that 
roaches Stanley Park to eon- ^1 ^In M smts bi Quebec. M, power tor the good of the peo- 
torai with park reguUUons. in the Martttmaa and I pie." 

aty park board retua'd pen - - 

mlMlnn tar a march thraaigh 
Ihe pork to the Japanam First 
Wnrtd War meroortal. whare 
the demon s tration la to cnaidude 
wllh a vigil unllT liU a.m. 

Monday, the Umo oh the bomb 
drop on Hiroshima, Aug. t. 

IMS. * 


**I*""inained iwke ataUon attend- service sUtlon.tUL He Oed 
0^ march as ptonnadl^, Burnaby oorty Balur on foot 

from Ihe Jopanm g^en at g,y i .p^ attendant la r ecover in g. 

the Untveraiiy of B.C. to the holdup man demanded. -- 

P*” .*.**"• i'"* • tnonfy • scufOe enouadl CALGARY (CP)-Jann Paul 

"stroll' to the memml ||n which the attendant was Jacquoa. 41, aireated hare In 
Bannees wtU t>e hw*?d i-' ■ nricc In !h« tae and 8v»' conr-'c-rt'sj with a baitk 

No. 1 Wieners 

For hot dogs, casserole dishes, etc. Lb. 

Bandit Wounds 
Gas Attendant 




Sport Day 

The cMIdran'a water sport 
day scheduled for 2JtO pjn. 
loday at Maple Boy has been 
caitcrilcd due to rain. 

Captain's Choice, Frozen—^Just heat and eat—20-oz. pkg 


1962 TAXES 

Cragmont—Bubbling with 
pleoture—8 refreshing 
flavors to cKdose from-* 
12-oz. mira can_ 

19«2 TAXES ARE DUE ON AUGUST 16th. 1963. 2 % pemlty win be 
added to Uxea outstanding at cioae of buMnaaa—5.00 pjn. Auguat 16th. 
TAXES paid by mall must ba posted In ttane to reach the Municipal Hall 
by August 16th. otherwiaa penalty will be added. Mailing address is 
Saanich Municipal HaU. 4513 West Saanich Road. Victoria. BjC. 
Taxpayers eligible for tha P revl i Mtai Hobm Owner Grant of S50.00 are 
reminded to fU In tha appHcatian on the back of tha arcond Mtaet of the 
tax account Where taxaa ai» oaid by a Mndliif institution, the Home 
Owner Grant appUcatlan should be comp l et e d arid sent the the firm pay¬ 
ing the taxaa. 

AppBcationa for the Home Owner Grant for 1963 must be received by 
the undgnlgned by December 31ft, 1963, otheikviae the grant can not be 

• J. a TRIBE. 


Pricts Efftcthrt 

August 6, 7, 8 



‘ / 

. f • 



- - 1 



it-" . crt: 

4 . 

1 ■ -' ’ 

* b 

' "i 


i i . 

... Ki. 

• ru 

F ' » 


- 6 

' V ' 

t "h- 

Youthful Greeting ... Scenic Mooring...Blue Glacier 

. . . . _ __ ^1_ i _ VW—* * -- 

Young Haida Indiana waving Cana¬ 
dian naga were on hand to greet 
Lieutenant-Governor Pearkea at 
Maaaet village in the Queen Char- 

lottea. Here, Mr. Pearkea. with hia 
aide-de-camp, Lt.-Cmdr. Hugh Plant, 
pauaea to chat with one of the boya. 
—(PhotoB by Gar Dixon. | 

RCN crewmen berth HMCS Saguenay at coaatal, 
community at Stewart, where Ueutenant-govemor's 
party toured part of the Stewart-Caaaiar Highway 
project, saw two black beara and a glacier. 

Edge of huge Romney Glacier, 
robln’a egg blue .In color, ia viewed 
by Lt.-Cmdr. Hugh Plant, ADC; 
Lieutenant-Governor Pearkea: W. R. 

Tooth, chairman of the Stewart^ 
village commlaaion; and Cmdr. 
Harold Tilly, commanding officer of 
HMCS Saguenay. 

Whale: Well Done! 

M-nain ■ re- 
•wnwi rai»Bll]t frawi a all- 
aay vWi wMk limiriiaat- 
ttMrarwor George rnfkn to 
Hh tMto t rU ourtkrni Up of 
Vaaroover UlBoa. Ihr qurro 
< honour* ooa rooMol porta 
ml Ihr opprr AC. ooilohioa. 


Ueulrnanl-Govemor George 
Pearkea wua lerxed whale 
Bleafca and plvm whale's looih, 
eonrad aouvenira during hli 
viak to a whaling lUtion ai 
Cool Harhor near tha north- 
waalarn Up of Vancou«er 

He ale the alrange-iasling 
meal whirh woa served well 
done, and tried his hand at 
harpooning the sitting - duck 
target oi a dead whale floal- 
laa In Quauino Sound. 

Second Shot Scoreg 

Mr. Pearkea stood In the 
bow of a whaler and turned 
the katpaa n gun towards na 
target flMre were no ilgHla 
to aim through and the first 
shot was a complete miss. The 
monunors bock was nicked 
with a ISbpound harpoon on 
the tecond try. 

We toured the Cool Harbor 
fadUllot of the Weatem Con 
ada Whaling Company Ud.. 
which employs 104 men and 
has a fleet of six boats roam¬ 
ing the Pacific In search of 

bracelet mode by CharBe' 
George of Sunder Harbor. 

tiaewhere on tha lour, the 
lieutenant - fovernor a a w a 
glader, wai approached by 
two black bears, ate tried 
octopus and abalone and was 
preaenled adlh two arglUlle 
totem polea valued at about 
SISO each. 

He Dew from Palrlda Bay 
Airport In ao RCAP aircraft 

A eomponr pr—"t-l*» Prince Rupart airl^ 

a* ..I _ _ 'there when moat of the flshei 

4 tM Ivuunanl • 



Tours North 

awn wen away on the gieal 

cot run of pink salmon during 
the past 10 years. 

Into Ahuka 

The party boarded KMCS 
Saguenay for m eniise kp n>rt 
land Canal to Stewart. Near 
hera the Ueutenant-tevemor 
crossed the Iniernalionat boun¬ 
dary Into the Alaaka pan 
handle ex-mlning town of 
Hyder. whose occupants took 
pride in calling ttarir home 

j . l“•^'e friendliest ghost town In 
through the vlllaie and • 

with rinja and clgsrelte 
holders carved from whale's 
teeth and a tel of bookendi 
made from another tooth. 

Greeting from Chief 

At nearby Fort Rupert. 
Mrthplace of tamed Victoria 
totem pole carver Chief Mungo 
Martin, our party was greeted 
by Chief Tnm Johnson and his 
wife. Mary, garbed In Indian 
ceremonial robes. 

Chief Johnson showed lu 

Mr. Pearkea an eight-Inch 
wooden ‘oiem pole. Mrs. 
Pearkes. who Joined the party 
here, was given a carved sUver 

There were 2S persona living 
here, including ImmlgraUon 

Big Parade, War Games 
Navy’s Salute to City 

A giant parade and a demon- Ilona wlU Include tha flriiti ot|shlpa will be lUumlnat^ witli 
atratiofl of modem warfare anil-submarine mortars and 
will highlight the Royal CSna-i guns by the deetroyera and 
dian Navy solute to VIclaria'a! launching ol homing torpe- 
centenary Aug. 9. 10 and It. |dors by helicopters bovering 
About 8S0 ofSoera aial men overhead. 
wlU march In the parade^ Main portion of the aeaair 
■tortlni at > p m. Thuraday to damonilrallon 
nmuuiaii Iw the bonds with t sail pi 

muBic provided by the bands with i sail past and By past 
ol HMCS Naden. the navat of all ships and aircraft par- 

technical opprenllcea pipaa and i tWpallng 

druna and the Rainbow Seal Uirr In the evening the 
Cadets Corpe. 

Hwre will also be 36 floati 
depicting Ihr role.pUyed 
teanhlpa and riiore ralabllah 
mmta of the aavy on this 




Pretiders of 


eight prav- 
berr at 16 
y to shirt two 
teya ol prlvale MarnsatoaB 
mm BHttrra of nsalaal la- 
te i es t . Quebec Premier Jcaa 
Leoage, wko will art as 
rkalrmaa af the third pro- 
Tbacial prcaatera' eawfercsier. 
sold la Vaareover Ike 
ageada will he 

Pageant Swims 
Past Deadline 

the" stove, turned It down low 

and cuatoma offlcert and a end went out for a while 
gift shop o^ralor Moat of sorotUme later Laurie Nobbi. 
the unpalnisd buildings stand-1neighbor. 
Ing on piles at the water’s,,^ nuhaj «i, a, 

“•S *'!” „ I tun. In the alarm. 

We drove 40 miles north- ^ 

east ol Stewart to the Glnter OWNER utJE6T8 

road comlruetlan camp on the 
Stewarl-Cosalar road, passing 
hi^ Romney Glacier enroute. 

At the ramp, two Mack 
bean ramMed up to within 
10 yarda of Hla Honor. They 

_mooched for aome food, then 

ceremonial outline llfhllni|l“™lwre’l “way- 
and a firework dUplay will *" «»» Q»reer Charlottei. we 
lake place from a barge hereditary Chtef WUlle 

moored off Flnlayaon Point. 

During the threeday "Salute 
to Victoria,'' naval personH 
will demonstrate physical 
training and wcapoiu skills at 
Beacon HtU Park. Each eve¬ 
ning naval units will perform 
a aunael ceremony. 

? Sailors ’ Welcome 
Not So Friendly 

She was having relatlen In 
ha- dinner t oaaoiTow.'' sold Mrs. 
Ruth Nobbs. Laurie's mother. 

But the blackened bird really 
went out In a Uoxe ol gigriaui 
raoognltlon. Threa fire tracks, 
the fire cMeTs car. two police 
con. two rapcrters and two 
pisj t ogi ' a pkera turned out to 
wtUfaa Its demise. 

LWE baloney 
"I hope they like bakaicy 
remaiked a fireman as he 
whipped the crisp turkey from 
the even and placed It on the 


A week at centennial celefarationa came to a raln- 
Mtaked end yeaterday with pootponemcni until Mon- 
' day night of the final perfonmance of Victoria'! cen¬ 
tennial pageant. 

Xarty last night crganlaers 
deckled that tteketa for last 
night's cancelled show svould 
be good for a apoctal Monday 

Tlcktl stubs Irani Tharaday 
night's show, ralnad out aRerj 
about an hour, ore good at a 
special trowing of the pageant 

Maybe It's an IH rain that 
rains nobody good. Anyway, 
those who've mlaaed the pag¬ 
eant will have a last chance 
Monday. Organizers said tlck- 
tts will be on sale Monday for 
those wanting to see the ihow 
with Saturday's ralned-oul cus 

Pre-pageant entertainment, 
beginning at 8 p.m. b o t lv| 
nights, will be highllghla from 
Summer Showcase, a review 
raw being preaenled at Vlc- 
loeta'a Qub Sirocco. 

Rain didn't put much of a 
crimp bt yeaterday'a final 
antrnoon of Broad Sbeet mall 
free outdoor entertainment 
only II wasn't at tha mall or 

Too Criap 

Hot Turkey 
Big Draw 

It will be cold cuts by candle light for the Richardi 
family ol 1154 Kings Road today—but the dinner 
originally started out as tur key. _ 

Mm. Richards pul a turkey on ^ 

Art Security 
Takes Time 

Matihewa at Msaael, and At 
fred Edwards who was writh 
the Royal 123nd during the 
Finn World War. 

Totem Presented 

Chief Councillor AI f r«d i "r* “'S',. - 

Davkiaon preMnted an argil.; Wchards was not avalt- 

llle totem to Mr. Pea r k aa on •“* “ “•"“’'f' 
behalf of the Band. 

Five meals. Including era 
aboard ahlp, wrere served to 
Mr. Pearkea' party in taic Aiy 
spent at Queen Charlotte City, 
ft was here that we ate abalone 
and drvU- fish 1 ground octopus 
fried like hamburgor.t 

Percy William, a Councillor 
ol the Sktdegate Band. raaf. 

tha hand'i assured 

An latenalve reviaw of day 
lime locuritjr raaaauraa at the 
Graator Victoria Art Collaty 
Is expectad to take taro months 
to eotnplele, curator Colin 
Graham raid yratarday. 

Tha rarvey woa ordered by 
the board af directore follaw 
Ing the recent daylight theft 


a -a a 




illM-k woridng at a rash 
register. (She works at a groef 
ery aloce with bar huibwid. 
Erie, at 3409 Douglas. wMch Is 

Tha show was moved, be., ^. 

lUse ol the weather. Into Me-,'*'’^ “• ZiuT 

of-thra. relntlng.«. a. 

Mranwhlle.- apecta, guanta t;l;;^rby'v;=^':Tu-^ 
have been hired as a tempt. - - V-ore «-.kra-_ 

Ineludetl In the parade will 
be a tonllngenl Irum HMNZS 

Rayallal. the vlstllng New' The smile of amicome lhal,rlzlng the welcome. Mayor R. 

Braland cruloer, which hai 'wai to greet 4M New ZealandiB. Wilson earlier appealed to.n|^,g __ 

otao bidicated It will enter aollora starting a one-week VJclorla lamlllas to open 0«rir|,„y,„y Her Mojeriy The 
two fioots In the parade. The vtall here appeari to be turning Ifemea and offer lira accom- Honor answered 

ohlp will arrive In Vlrtoria Into 1 iriitiace, W. A. Forbey,. tnodalkms lojhe sallora. speech and was preianted 

Moatay at 9 a m. manager ol the armed aervkra The HMN« ^yaii« ra argillite totem pole 

Rsaiir of the parade will be centre, said yeah^y. ^ P carved by 83y(ar-oid Louis 

down Menilea from Superior Invitations to 3T arilo re had *ar» hlpa ;^ '*^_^;^y ^y|colllnaon. one of the best 

the Qiwen Ch..^ 

to Pan^a, Manstioid. Tates, by aatuntay 



ha was haplnt Ol I 
Ike rallon wnuM 

If. At the island village of 
to Bella Bella. 100 sdraoi MI 

lid of tha mayor raid. 

Inviwd Anyone wUhtng to 

ag« i-ommodallona or willing 

WIATK' DHI'IATH | H, alao raid he had not re- ahow the ylUUrs sorra ol VIr d^ carrying flap pa raded 

Many of the Ooats will re-'calvrd much help from ihe lorta are hgb'd to 
irain In the pork aa “atatlc dly In organizing and puMI- KV 3-686$ or EVUil/l. 


Ships, aircrafla, a aubma 
rine and Iragtnrn will com- 
tane Saturikiy afternoon to 
okow Vtctorians the latrat In 
antl-aubmarinr, mpwswrepkii 
and underwater demolition 
taettea and equipment. 

Four SL Laurant dara de- 
four mlne- 
srs, tha Buhanilna Grilra 
aad aavol aircraft will be pul 
through ihelr re™" daring 
haurlong daranratratlon. 
Piu g ii i a u from tbe navjf'a 
illonal diving unit will 

First Camp Will Open 
•For Crippled Children 

call onto tbe Jetty. Halla-draen 
men. snaring tradlUonaJ | 
iiume. danced and then 
rang la their own dtaleeL 
The party aln vtatlod Notnu 
and Ocoao ThOa btirac cpn- 
unulng on to the n ui thagn Up 
of Varaouvar bland. 

... act lor Ihe word 

Tha ftrat aummar camp lorlcrat the Oak Bay Ktwanis wOl 
eripplad chittan on Vaneou -1 start looking lor land 00 
ver Island will be held this which to build a permanent 
month at Shawnlgan Lake, crippled dtUdrati'a 
Bponaora are Ihe Easteti "To be held ajthe United 
Seal raropoign and Ihe Oah-Oiureh Cmorfr 
Bay Klwrala, whose prratdeat,, orlal comp, this yrar'a 
H. C. Burling. wlU be camp; Ing will bo from Aag •' 
'Uiicctae. ; Sept. 1. 

“There haee been campsl Thl^ crippisd rtildm artU 

rarx security mooaure. 

Ex-Cily Pianist 
To Play in (J.S* 

Hie daughter of a Victoria 
rraldrni will five a piano re¬ 
dial at Iowa Stale UnIveriHy 

She Is Min Marlon Barnum. 
daughter of J. B. Bamure. 
1148 St. Pairtah Street, a 
music Instructor at Knoxville 
College In Knoxville. Tenn. 
who hi taking ■ summer 
course at the unlveraity in 
lows City, Iowa. 

aitara Showtioal and 
Irom Summer Showcaae. 

Socialiiitii Meet 

The regular monthly meet 
Ing of tbe Victoria local of the 

day he gave up bdU for tanni. 

. . . Ovs Will lakkic B Iront page 
AT UNVEILING | picture . . . Itaai Laos hOMlIn.. 

A noted Ottawa sculptor, calm dunng a mulaighl "dU-.. 
Arthur Price, la to attend the-aster" . . . Smm Preaiar bslnc 

unveiling at 3 p.m. today In 
Bacon HiU Park of a bronie 
bust of Queen Ellzabath. Tbe 
bust replace* and was mads by 
Mr. Price from an original 
one. by Victorta't Peggy Wal¬ 
ton Packard, damaged by 

After srrrival hsra yestar^ 
day. Mr. Price raid a national 
coropetllkin should be held lor 
a design lor Ihe centennial 
fountain lo adorn Victoria 
Square, focal point of a pro¬ 
jected dvlc centre, for whlchl 

aMe ^ . . Harali HrabaaS 

buying a naonpaper . . . Dna 
■ai Vataada MrKImada, Altar 
llayd and fMva TotoE autlng 
Chinese lisal... Htaa Edi aaak 
Ing plana in watch the B.C. lion- 
iUrt league ploy 'Ihuraday . . . 
EalMs Eawry thinking of a lri[ 

Jaycees Plan 
Fishing Derby 

A liahing derby la plannet 

plana aera aanounced Thura by the Victoria Junior Cham 
tjpy ' ber of Commerce In Saanid 

Centennial ce l ebrations con-, Inlet Aug. 36. 

Ilnur at a a omewhal atockeri To run from 9 ajn. lo 3 p.m 
Sratalial Party of Canada will pace lor two more iiMMiUiB.|lf offers prlzra for Ihe targes 
ha held at 8 p.m. Monday at. Tha navy entertains Thura- salmon, hidden weights am 
1280 Pike. 'day. Friday and Saturday. ithe smallrst flah raught 

He’s Tuned to Telstar 

■imulaie a hrach survey afid'for crippled children on the'attend, accompanied by 
ctaarlng operalloa I mainland for ysori. but we're, Kiwantana and thei r wives os 

Aircraft and rartara ahlpairavrr had ooe here oa Ikaiwail m *9 inarabrau ■••••• 
wtti teeai up Is make a raolia -1 litand." said Mr. BurUng. , Klwanla-apuBierad higb ereoal 
be attack on the rahmarlne j Thta yoai's project la an j Spade dnba Iram Victoria 
Crflae. Waagraw daraonaira-' ciparlmcni. 11 E la a awe-' Wa n a bra . 

Victoria aeiantlat baa 
aatruatod artib tha task 
of dedpbaring Ihe dectronle 
deacriptioa of oular spaoa 
kroadcaal to Mrih Irora 
the TdaUr cnmmaalratlona 

Victoria Unha ra lty grada- 
Bte Dr. Darid AonaiBon em¬ 
ployed by TWator'a parom, 
A mar lean Talapliona aad 
Teicffaph. la a member of 
Berlea raeia wi| hogln all the team which will iranalaie 
t:3E BJB. iB^ raid Ow Hirra; tha aolcUltr's oodsd kilorma- 
lYophy Race wifi befla. aa' Usn Into workable ftarm. 
oriitaaBy ockadaiad. at 340| Dr. Aaronaon. who hoE- 
»» ^ I doyed ban Mat weak with 

Try Again 

The Royal Victoria Taebt 
aub srUi try to nra today asj 
arany as poraMp of the aaania 
which had bera ii h a d a l i d far 
yesleiday and today la Ihe 
cIbFb aiBiaal regatta. 

kls family at tha homa of hit 
pareniB. Mr. and Mn. Jacob 
Aaranoiax 1414 Elfard. i pe a t 
two yrara dovlalng tha eora- 
putar program which wIB 
troMfonn tha codod knfor- 

‘Ttow that my program la 
writlan and debugged. It will 
gathor miltora of Mto of in- 
loraratloa In a eo a nd a Into 
anc com pr e heinEile an- 
ba said In an Intar- 

Onr of tha thtaga Dr. 
Aaronaon will ba watching 
lor m tha atrength of the 

artificlal-rapphlie coaled so¬ 
lar eella that five tha aptwre 
Ua poorar. 

*n3iay will ba oonoianlly 
bombarded wKb radtaGon 
which may woahen them 
pvenlaally." be sold. The ml- 
elllto ta expeeiad to oihH far 
two yrara. 

Tha eutit i act with tha Na¬ 
tional Aeronaotlcs and Space 
AmBlntolrallan call* lor on- 
odtor ratetlile taonctung 
lator thia year, be aald. 

'Oir pthnary pnrpoae la 
lo work oat the boga bi Ihe 
system m K can ba pot on a 

c o m m entaUy 
Tha chief aae wll be broral- 
band data aMtawaaaslidaE 

and totaphona eommunlea- 
llona. Undoraao mbtaa tao 
aboody appraa ch lng the 

pwnt of minrallon." 

“The raiHIlie conunuidea' 
lioM system will ha cheopor 
than laying mors cahiM 
aerara lira Allonllc." be 

The tO-yaor-oU radto phy 
Bldol Uvm with hla farofiy 
bi Murray HIO. NJ. where 
the protari oparaUana office 
lo looitod. 


Around the Island 

?9 Mf CoInW 

Shalal Centre 
In Tofino 
May Revive 

An •cckteniiwhtw *re nnptoyed by cmme treoi yufoalavia 4H 

' Ifiltan, Bhwdtl And PoweltlyMra •(o. 

r. AMn McUod I* (unrlv«d 

me ot the men In the c»r'**y .****1.**? ?** ?. *** 

thrown from U. McLeod AibenL He hed bees 
wMlw« S-umped in the «b ""P^ydd .* m. 

. - 11 ^ died ohortlv! ^n twineel Wee edfesmed 

leittwr* errtrin* st NanelmoluntU lnve»tl«nllen» ere eom- 
'. ;pM(d. 

Plevedc. In the Feeentlil car. 
was klUed Inatantly. | 


I Madmat and rtrenlld were 
in onv lair condition here. 

^ Ledyamith Saturday occurred 

TOnNO— Plant for opening • thalsl and ever- , Q,jje of where wuilam 

•n ptant in Tofino gained aupport last week with Nummy el Ladyeatlth _ 

vitit of Victoria repreaenUtive R. Hansen of Calll- only a few weeke earlier.Lf hU t mdi. 

a Eversreen of Seattie. —-D*e^ **•»»<« Mc lf.—.. ^ 

Hanmn lald U takeei'eurl here by Mafl»tre(M Leod. 59. of Port Albeml, and'**^ 

; Jt Joeeoh Webb and •enteoced^ Joeepb Wavetlc. Ml of Na- ... 

City Sailors 
Admit Thefts 

Tofino aeveral yean age had 
a (halal fdant. operated by 
Mr. and Mra. Ralph Burch for 
Klrk'i, which employed pick- 
ere tor ihalaL fame and ever- 
graena. The producte arere then 
aoM to w h ol eei le florUli. 

Kventaally pteken became 
rare and thalal hard to get. to 
the plant waa that. 

WUI aiaavas^aa e>e«»a amwmgee—. —— jyj UIJUITa nUlIVTTa roiU* ■ 

Friday from 7 a.m. to S p.m. other three at Nanaimo Gen- fiacturaa and lacerationi. I 
e e * era! Hotpltal. — 


*" One of the atomt highway' 
accldenu on Vancouver Iiland 
thla year, the accideiit occuiTed| 
about 12.40 ajn. four mllet 
north of Lodyemith at the In-j 
teraectlan at Cedar Road with] 
the TranaCanoda Highway. | 

There wae a atlfht drizzle 
and fog at the time. 

Police aid a new pickup 
driven by M.Leod turned onto 
;lhe highway and coUldtd with 
the ear driven by Ferantlzl. 

The pateeiigera were return- 

DUNCAN-Due lo Inclement for funeral rite* _. 

weather, the annual Local 1-80| Vancouver were made fotlow- 
IWA picnic planned lUr today. i„g n,, tudden death Friday 
Bl Ivy Crten Park at Lady- of Lawrence Jamoe Stephen 
'zmlih hoe been poatponed. A Barnes In his home 209 Strath- 
Inew dale will be announced Street. Born In Wliuilpeg 
'later. M years ago. he hod lived In 

e e * , Vancouver since his early 

VCLl'BUCT— Paul Touchl.'. chlldbaod. eotning to Pon Al- 
98. of the Ucluelet Indian bemi four years ago. He was 
»erve. w*^ convicted In police a pahtter by trade. 

A Story of Hm Christ* 

The Glory of His Spoken Word* 

Starts Tharsiai'i j I II 

8 Pei fn rn i aafea at 

t-3 aMfi pjn. ■BBSimnn 

Cann. left: Mrs. William DeUhunt of 
Duncan, rear, and her childmi. from 
left, Ubby. 10, Duncan. 8, .Michael, 
11. and urly. 13. 

Happy Duncan swim-clasi group In- 
diMea Colonist instructors Mrs. 
Margie Naymith. peeking out at 
right; her daughter Mrs. Marilynn 

TOFINO —A 25-1001 long I 0 *her ear Involvet^ was 
troller Saturday bit a rock SO driven Iv 
feet from shore here and sank. EdgM WWns. P?*" . 

Skipper-owner Frank August Dr. and Mrs. Graha m had 

and three passengers cacaped ,*^***n^r*^*'Z!I^ 

In a canoe from the FTQ Fort, holiday ^y. two 
The troUer was expected to I tars, sitting In tha rear of the 
be rslsed at high tide ware unharmed, 
night. • ok* 

a NANAIMO -An anidentlHed 

In accordance'peraon was hurt hi a ona-car 

Ing homa tram 

200 in the Stcim^Free 

IM pma Friday: t HI t 


with requirements of the Nav-^ 

imV/A O IzaMe Waters Protection Art,. 

^ plans have been filed by the 

Imperial Oil Co. with the mln- 
for three years, recently was of public works at Otia- 
awarded a bronze medal tor for construction of a furl 
lifesaving at a Boy Seoul depot for ooats and aircraft 'near Its plant at Brechin 

I The Duncan program. Inci-i point. Forrehore rights In con. 

By KLAUS Mi;K.NTEB |mlng teacher Margie Naysmith. 

DUNCAN —• Only another both of Vkiorla, 200 Duncan 
three weeks and The Dally chl!4ren aged from eight to 14 
Colonist free swim classes at attend classes every Friday. 

Queen Margaret s School pool jir*. Cann. inatructor for the dentally, began four years aga nertlon with this project were 
wUI end with leaU and the colonUl free swim piograml. LAUDED granted the company a year 

prammuilon of certificates for its Inliwluctlon nine Vlfll a^ “ 

the succesaful skidanla oga when ahe waa 16. Cralg-i mother...Mra wii [ago. - 

Under the inalructlon of said one of her pupllt here, 

Mra Marilyn Cann. daughter Craig Delahunt, 14, who has 
of areU-known longtime'swim- b.!?cn atteiallng the aeoslnna 

WalsonvUle. Oallf. 

ilam Delahunt. who has three The proposed works Include 
children In the Duncan conslrurtlow' of a trestle ap 
. said her aon'a aucccoa is roach, ramp, float with dol- 
directly due to this inatnictioa phlna, and bulldinga Some 
Mra Nayamith, who super- fUUng also wUI be neceaaary. 
vises the clauea at EHincan. * a * 

said U Is haid to say In what ' t'AMPDKLL BIV E R — A 
Urn? a youngiter arlU be able seat belt likely saved Mra J. 
to learn swimming. Graham from Injury when car 

SPEEDY LEAENEB8 driven by her hit a power pole 

She said aome wlU swim 

across the pool In a maltar ot mld!*^ 

NANAIMO-Tbe Utest Jn but developed congestion of 15 minulea and othars wlU 

the seriasof compUcallons BUf-jthe lunga and could not be takg as long as Uirm monlha 

friadby Jim Jenkins of Lantz-loperated upJn, oa scheduled. “I never force a child lo get i j 

rtlle has bean rsaoived. | July 27. liHo the water and 1 aoiiwUmas UKKV ItCO J 

He has made wfficlent re-1 His tetum far traalmant of do ntore talking and explaining F.r,ot for 

eovery from him raceni heart the lung condition, had been than anything else to convince B^n l a ^ ««^t lor 

attack lo he moved back from delayed by unforeseen heart waler-ahy youngstem to ~ 

Seottb^ to Ibe Royal Jubilee'compUcatlona. which now have used to the feel of It." she 

Hc.pll.1 in Virtort.^ ,b.«, ovcrtome. Mrs. smith said "-"71 litTfiz^S 

He had baen In the UiUvar ; Date for the main operation factoia det^lne succeisj^ ^'T" 
ally Hosptul In Seattle, await In Seattle now has been aet mainly patience and ur.iJfir.fVl^ra p^Iftoeol^ 
Ina complicated hoort surgery, lor Oct. 5. sUrvIlng. _ 

O. Elliolt of Campbell River 
was sentenced In police court 
here to nine months In ]aU 
tor causing bodily harm and 
fined 1200 for careless driving. 

Police said EUMI hod cBp 
ped a ear driven by off-duty 
poUceman Ronald Mauzer and 
had kicked Mauzer heavily In 
the groin wfisn Mauser 
loDowad Etiiol. 

for careless driving and 8100 
for driving while under sus¬ 
pension by Magistrate R- L. 
Haig • Bc^n in ||bilce court 

Waldref was found to be tha 
driver of a car which landed 
In a ditch last Sunday sending 
five youths to hospital. Four 
youths were later re l eased 
while Godfrey Norgaard was 
flown to Royal Jubilee Hospital 
in Virtorla for tnalment of 
head Injuries. 

The magistrate also suspend¬ 
ed WaMrers llcrnoe for one 
I year, after M was found his 
previously suspendsd Hcence— 
I in the inall to him while the 
I accident happened—hod been 
due lor reium. 

VIctom of an- 


CAMPBELL HIY-EB — joha almost immediately, and 
Maurice Waldref of Campbell | no difficulty Is antlcipaled In 
River yesterday was fined glOO-pUdng tile remaining six- 

Sav8 Island Artist 

Baycrest Hosiery in 6 shades, 
excellent fitting, popular priced 

Price P’ pair 

Retired Life Great 

partlculariy In 

MILL BAY — For former dealrcd so luM aii on hit tw» 
rommercial artist Angus Osr-Iacre wooded property here' 
mtrhaal retired Ufa now is of- after free-lancing lor eeveral 
8rrlng Its brightest rides while well-known Canadian moga-^ 
lie la purauing his Ihrar favor-izines. 
lie bohbiaa—pointing, hunting " - *•- • 

and ftehlng. 

Tha 64 y iar-cdd New Brans- 
wick-hom man has found tha 

pent place to Eve. He feh 
drawn hack to New Bruns¬ 
wick but Hnaily soitM In 
RC, 10 ysaia ago. making 
chUdren. and wllh youthful ea-i frequent trlpa to Uw artlsu' 

lUmer rombs the terr i tory fer' lomio. 
subjorts to paint. I 

* a * I 

He finds Vancouver Islaod 
la Mecca lor paintars and aB 
people with an urge ta rraeta 
A secaod-gctiaratlan Csnadlaa, 
he comes from Loyzdiat mock, 
and his ance a tars ot D i g ll ak 
descant hod tlia ortlBtlc Bolr 

to Helpful Service 

The peraoeincl at McCatTs lave been 
ehoaesi and trained ta McCalTa high 
standards of mrvica ao that they can 
be of tba groatest help to all who come 



Free Bus 
Talks iii^ 

Start Soon 1 

DUNCAN — Flral msatlngH 
of a comaHtao nomad ta ootUe .■ 
tha traa bus dlaputa betwaan.H 
the HlUcreat Lumbar Oe. and ■ 
local 1-60 IWA wiO ha hold ■ 
at Vanoouvar Tuesday. g 

A Mat-mlmiw bid a Junr-U 
iovoldsd iha layoff of approxl- ■ 

The Slocking weight yoa wai 
shades lo maM your lags look i 
sues SH -11. 

(mid brigei 

Haas Haworsoa. Unpaired“ 
drivln..SMi “"•~™,prolaario^ 

, , *""1^ , Inan he went to the Bsaux; 

Oinnainus. ton- ^ r t s Monumtnt Nattohale 
paired driving. HO. lechool tai Montreal leonolBB I ttie p r in ci p le s at palnUng. i 

Lkrcy AUan Morgsn. Cumber-1 His work was widely! 
Mod. Impalrad driving aad paa-iartuawlad ga ri oad moderity 





AO flra quakiy, mode to the Bay's high stsndarda: 

Ike BAT. luriiii'. mria 










“WHEREAS, It if expmJi^t 

thmt tkt DiMrict eommomiy 
fcntfNwi « Klel#rl« Tmmm 
ahoMlrf be hie«rp0rmedt 

**Be it enmeted by thm 

Governor, on Her MmM»ty’s 

beholf, by mod wUh ih* ^ 

muI of the UgiMvo Conned 
^ Avumbly of Voneonver 
tdond and ilf Dependemtiev. 

' “I. That from and after 
ike paseoMe af tkU Aet, lfc« 
tract of land upeeified in in« 
firwt part of the firM Sehedmle 
hereto, •hail be ineorpormed 
m a City, to be called 'the City 

of Vteioria. the aaid City m 
be divided into three Wardt 

fort street 


im tbc 1960» 

1 } 


VIVIENNE CHADWICK tikes a look at 

Victoria’s Act of Incorporation 

And Ihu M ihm of emirwr, mtun, m hundred yeart mgo. I u-tona heemme any 

__t of Aii|usi unit. 

.^"lorOi m lu* in* dnoi»« of 
“An Act to Uicorporni* Unr Cii> ot 
Vtclaria.~ wM •• «>n»i«» 

of thrno wnrtn. Jtilinpoo 
«>i4. tha Yalcn SUcct »ard. and 
lha Jamas Bay ward. Tha romptaia 
documant occtipiad naaily li'^a 
CDlumna of lha papar. and ina 
al|iiaturaa afUaad wara E. Bo»acn_ 
Pocgalt. CTrrh of the Hooaa; Jos- 
apli Fanar Acting Clark ol lha 
Council: and. banaaih lha nords 
“Baoelvcd mjr aasant Ihla 2nd day 
of August A.D. laB.' Jamas Doug- 
Jaa, Covar n or. 

A aary oomprahansive Aai of 
InCOTporallon. t h I a . drUmng, 
OBonal otbar tbinga. tha dai>aa 
and oMlgallona of lha govarnlng 
bodlM ... In which connacilon. 
undar "PWwer ol Council." lha 
vaty first Itam is. "Tlta prayanlion 
and iwmoval of nulnnces wiihin 
lha city!" 

Such as Indusliial smog, par- 


A frw 4iyo kal«r Item 
the raport of a naaallag of cUliano 
eaovanad lor lha purpoaa ol form- 
lag an Immigration Board to 
farthar tha inlarooU of nawoomarm. ' 
Which mealing, adllor da Cosmos 
iwlaa atamly. "lllia all Victoria 
msatlfigs, slaiiad Jialf an hour 

Ahoul Ihla lima, loo. iha naw 
dty luedvod lU Aral isnmonon of 


lha approach of what waa l otor W 
br known as lha tamoua “Mrldn 
Ship." A i sp or t soys: 

-A prtvalo Mtsr isoslwad hi 
lha last man stairs ihot tha Kav. 
W. R. Scott is chapIniB sh hmid 
lha TynamoulIlL hi whldf thoro 
ara 3i frmalaa far Ihls poet ... 
lha charwetars of thaoa young 
woman ara spry highly «w- 

By now it uouM appear that our 

Tha oriuhl woads of h vepy sM 
tha Act of iBCorporstloB oppo 
•aak's laLA.NDUL Ahoae thh 
lota f soc U oh ol Fort mad Oan 
loag after larorporatlon. Belo 
the mme spot done to 

il bat tatpoiiaal port of 
ir OB Ibe eater of Ihh 
ta a pietBre toban at the 
rmBenl Mrrala not too 
B h h pictare lakrn at 
IM peon later. 

editor began to find hU growing 
obligations too numaruus and 
akactlng. as ona issua of tha paper 
earrias. at lha head ol poga 2, 
column 1. a briaf neqnasi: 

“WA.NTED A lenllamaB quah- 
Bsd by Colonial aspariaBea to 
ort m assJslant editor so this 
paper. A parmanant angaga- 
aaant may be made." 

Thai would haaa taken a brave 

Smail Item* 

Giro the Picture 

It la lha paruaal of aniBeaa smal 
Itama hi the popart of Iheoa by- 
gam yoara. b owaver. which gisa 
lha iSBi. eoloeful plctufa af the 
■SPM. Aa. far Inatoaca: 

"Tha Part Tawnaand paopls 
atarga that lha lavanua collar 
< ShBbiich. by order of ColI«*lor 
Smith, had her guna loaded with 
shalli laody lo open lira on lha 
town in coae any vlolanca waa 

offarad to tha ColIaclOr while 

“The maallpox la at Salmoa 

“No peUca court was held yao- 
laiday. in conaaquanca ol no oi^ 
rants having bean niwdr.“ 

-Tha hot waalhar tlinad up 
the bile ol two Olympian adllara 
loot wank an4 >he?' canad each 
otboe. Ndthar waa much hurt." 

In M dayn iha yield of Cues- 
■di^ham'i oelebralad claim oa 
Wllllanm Craak was S10l>.00fl, aa 
ovaraga of S2.000 par day." 

The pollta. ocaompanlcd hp 
a boot*! crew froen H M. gun- 
heol Pheward. aewrrhad iha ship 
Lady Tonng from slam lo starw 
Tbaodhy night In scorch od 
d m srtar a . but found nona.'^ 

And. in Mghiar ve-ln: 

"Why la a miner In Tnanclsl 
difllenitlaa Ilka an osirlah la 
wet wooihar? 

Alts. Ha ran’! find the dual W 
cover bla bill." 

The WOLF and the EAGLE 

Was—-, iotem mote al H'kmmmm om tkm Saltmmm Rieer, When I firet came mcroer thh pole in f95J, 
the .ewBAsI, I intrigmed hy m emrmimg mf m whita man. who. later turned out lo be Johnny 
S| . hmyemm (cret) ''Matha HW.” EmantuuRy 1 o^o to Ught that .Walho HOI ^ none other than 
Cumtuim W. H. MefieUt. commander of the Hudam'a fcy Company Ueamer the firU 

hTpacific. In The Idnnder. March 25, 7962. the “Idtol Chapter of the fahuuy Moon Story to- 


Thia ho w ever, did nol maoo that I aould 
dlwa— captain McNmU Bghily. The c apuln . 
a character and one of Iho- rare paramia 
M would hove bean o )oy to have known, waa 
bom B Tankaa. became Canadian by com pul 
S. and Moaaotiy. and. while bla effigy wm 
carvod on Johnny'a pole, lang afleV bla *s^ 
I. sma during hla Ulalboa ha paid lor a lotom. 
•MClad at lha maalh of iha Noao. to avango 
an loonlt ta hla aatWa wile. 

Tto ode. unllhe Johnny Moon'a al H^hm 

M haa bacome an aohiau Iti a Frsaeh 


sMOhdad to dm amen impo n aa l Fart tomp- 
SmtHovombormiW. _ , . 

In oanrao of thaa the gal^ 

lann fall la toan with the 

to-Ihiar of 1 Tbimsy aa 
corns and hm mmatoTtto 

UltaSr wsl aliapMto*^ by the ghrt toin g tha 

PoMy c s»s"*««- 

A Tile of Pride and Revenge 

vtIO cf Sskoa’wan iShorp Teeth) head chief 
of on Eagle etna. 

■sfora gotog otv farther, and In talmsos 
k ■— bo andscaiood ihat 
Urn chiefs 

wmm. - _ _ s s se ro l wives. The 

wivao weta shutflad aroond la gala peesllga. to 
m^alre ceosU. as—a tod sar-^hd 
laMO. Tto w«aa. to the sehss too A e^M 
tSm hsr htohaad la a —R apo—lo-bacfe-ia- 
■Hlhvr asst af wkh the fstara of tha 


A Pr im eem im Victoria 

Nmr Hml Ihla hoo beea expiolnad nobody 
con b—m the giri for bocnoslni altractcd lo a 
wMta man-etosf of dm OrKaaoe, 
of amuiy hioaheU a— aS i 


ihinga. bmld s e being Ibe splmdid figure of a 
man. It was only natural that whan the captain 
spoke of tha delights of Victoria the princeoa 
waa moia than wilting to antruot haroell to 


The only parson lo ha dlsturhad was Chief 
Sakou'wan. Ha won furious, not so much of 
losing a wife, but at being drsaiiasl IhBa woman 
which wounded hla pride deeply. To wipe out 
hia shame In the ayea ol hla people. It would bo 
naeasaary lo give a potlatch and to disow n Ihla 
firkJe woman In public. 

The Firtt Potlatch 

Early tha following winirr, after acrumu- 
lating the necaaoary gifts and procuring moun¬ 
tains of food, Sakau'wan ■ Sharp Teeth' called 
a potlatch. invHIng the aclghbuilng iribas. Dur¬ 
ing the faoal ho mag a aang w hich he had com¬ 
posed for lha occasion. 

It want something Ilka Ihls: 

“Walt and aes what a mighty chief can do! 
Walt. O Flighty Ona! before >ou sand word 
that you have bean oaat off. 

’The time boa coma, foolish one wd>a 


Inevitably^ one of the first effecU of Centennial talk and plans for 
Centennial celebrations is to turn the thoughts to the past — almost 
alicays with a touch of nostalgia. So correspondent^ “E./i.M.” looks 
hack to the time of her earliest recollections-^the 1880s—when her 
I father teas a 

r • t 

Monmouthshire Postmaster 

My pnrenti were married early In the 
, 186(rs and. a year after, my father wa* 
made the poatmaater of a colliery village 
In Monmouthshire. The collieries were out 
of sight In the hills and the village was 
ciean with green hllb and farms around. 
It only on seeing the 
home black that one apprecUted the chlel 
support of the people. 

When my Ulher took on his d"'*" 
wa> onii on* maU In and one ®“‘“a^ caJ^ 
:: .h“ back ol a X- ^ 

IBBOa. Ibees^w"* thraa malli » ^ 

paicheil. oar tsmUy l-d alaa 

grew oai einnigh. they •'“rad the duOea an.ti 
they wo.e married. 

Ttie poet’ olfk» ara* actually part of my 
f„he,-. .lore. Day •“f«" 

■ he l.r.l maU at < ^m_ wh^ 

Ibe three poatmen by T The second deiawj 
line at U aja. The thlnl was l« 
any ma.l noi called lor wae driWe^ «»“ 
dav. The ollice opened to the pubUc el 8 in the 
momtiij and doaed at 8 In i»w evanlnf. 

The houra on hundaya and 
from 8 a.m. lo 10 and the mail received dunng 
these hour* had ta he sorted by d ispat ch tli^ 
at 13 noon. Teleframa were alee received and 


The same hours applied lor Chrletmaa Day 
and Good Friday which meant that the only 
time In the year when we could 
tageiher was the half-day on Good Friday. 1^ 
mother would pack a large basket of aota and 
father would hire a “ 

one-horee carnage, or. If we had • 

iwo-horae wagonette. Then are wouM am oil 
to Raglan and have a good time In t he aaaiie 
groundi. The proprietress ol a ^eatall "conee 
tavern" always espected ua and are ^re ^veo 
the use of a room with a largo ubie. Heie 
we bought our tea or coffee and that was our 
annual treat togethm. 

I In England the ppet offic* handled tele¬ 
graph licence*, dog licence*, gun Ueencaa. ^ 
riage Hcence*. etc., so there was *«y 
spare time. After 8 p-m account* for the day 
were checked and snrplua cash wa* eent to 
the head office by mail. My father wa a aaw^ 
deacon at our local chapel and alao Sunday 
school auperinlendetil. *o hU Sunday was spent 
chiefly at the chapel. My mother had to rrmaui 
at home to see to the dupalclung ^ 

I never reollaed until I had helped w«h rte 
duliea what a Ufe oC aaertOoe ah* had led. »it 
I never heard her gramWe; It was her duly 
and she did It. 

The enrlleal lelegnipb Inetnimrnl I rwem- 
her wa* called the "AJI.C.* It wae made Uke 
a round dock with the hock tsatened down on 
a board. The lace had tha alphabet round It 
and a neetSe oor-eetad with hraaa dtoca around 
the ouuldr. To aend a m e ssag e you turned 
a handle with the right hand while praasing 
the required disc with the left. ThU wa* used 
until a terrible colliery expioslaa oceuirod when 

the rush ol business proved the AB.C. to be 
Inadequate. It waa replaced by “•‘"l'» 

needle" and upright boa with a needle which 
lapped out the Morse Code, using two flat 
tappers. This was followed by the Moiw IWrw 
mem. which. In turn, wa* replaced hy the 
wlephone But the sub poal oftk* was alwaya 

A hUiV ,_ 

AUer the 11 •.m imail wm dUpnlcted. th«« 
were usually a lew minutes ol quieter time 
and generally the Anglican vicar would errlva 
as well as the Welsh Congregallooal minister 
and the Baptist minister. My lather would 
rn)oy a chat with the* three and. no matter 
what subject cropped up. there waa ahamys 
good feeling. 1 loved lo listen to them. 

I am gUd la say that, today, pool oUW 
iMMirs are shorter and. her* In Canada, lele- 
graphs and irlephones are under dllfereni 
hranrhas Thu* poalmasters gel their Sunday* 
and holidays free. !f is especially nice when 
I am presan.ed with amne dellrian* trout 
caught by our local poatmaater on hU fUhlng 

The colliery esptoolon I mentioned earlier 
occurred on February I. 18»1. and more than 
300 perished. One home tool sis men. the lathar 
and five sona. New machinery had been In¬ 
stalled )u*l a short lime betora. Whan tha 
manager of Ibe colliery wa* laklng lea at nty 
home and espbilnlng Itt working, my father, 
asked how It would o« In eswe of an esploMon. 
The manager wa* rather eurpriaed at tha 

-Don't you see." he eoM. "thla U to prevent 
esptoolon*' They Just can’t happen!* 

Bui they did and the asanager wa* among 
Ihooe who loot their Uvea 


t0 VancouTtr lalmmd. 

On New Yew'a Dby, 1®4. the ihip 
drove ashore a mile north of Nltlnat. 

Fourteen of the crew 'll®"’ 

the captain and the cook were kwt Wil¬ 
liam Thomaon and hta ahipmatea were 
housed and fed by the Indiana who twre 
inclined lo be hoatile. The men 
for llicir keep and. aa William -aid. “b^ 
came hcw«a of wood and drawen of 

Alier several week* the men were «n* 
nnried hv csnae to Victoria, tonding at Sooke 
inT^k^ fitmi t»-« to VKlorla. 

banket, to lb* beffh' •« • 
in* m^ed to lb# BtaMon * Bay Company 
To^^nt ol 930.00. aialthl. they repam 

fo* . while, worked *t the gnat 

,eia .^^^Ifftower and during thla ti^ ^ 
•„ £od upon which to ^ 

first s<-ti»er in the Baanlrii dWrlrt. n^ 
a amoll cabin on the property now known ** 

Woodwyn Farm. MePhaO told Thjoiaon of ■ 
properly acccaslbte by meons of on Indian 
■raU which led along hi^ ground ove r m il* 
Saanirhton Mounuln. noor where the oboe^- 
alary now standa, to the Tbartflp Indian vll- 

William Thomson enme round the S^ai^h 
Peninsula by canoe, landing at whul Is ^ 
known aa Thomaon’* Cove. SUndIng on to 
brow 6f TO hill he wa# ihrlDed by the Mghi 
of Ihe beautiful valley lying before him. ItoVrty 
were III# ope" iMdea and ouka, and In the 
valley beaiem were stream* and heaver daM 
and heavy dmher “Here la wher* 1 wlH muke 
my home." be suld. 

Helped hy TO friendly Indians, the land 
was riaared. Plowing waa dona by 
ing and reaping by hand. The Ilf at stock. In- 
riudlng five pi^, waa taken In by large war 
canoe and. In 18S7 or Ibereobouta, William 
Thomson built Ms Brat robin: a waall Miake 
affair «dih no Boar. To thla ptoee k* brought 
hto wife. Margaiet Dyer, over Ihe Indlen trial 
from VIrtorla but ahe refaaad lo auy until 
he had buUi a more ramfarlabie cabin. He 
lalrr surted Bannorkbum. on Ihe preaeni Ml*, 
and In 1BG9 Ihe growing family movod In to 
TO new home. 

Bannockburn, on Mount Newton Craaaroad. 
stand* foursquare abiwe Ha green meedowe. 
The lower portion of Ihe houo* 1* of adille- 
wasbrd stone. 33 inrhr* thkk. The lumber 

f auMooed eu rage 8 

The DaMy fotanM. 

. Augnal ■, IMi—Page I 



With the opening of the i«-n> Roger, Pau Highiray, hland car, tcill be aMe 
to tail through to Banff Salional Park in ,urpri,mg comfort and ea,e. 

Drlvlnf with nlr rondiiionlnc, radio, aoft 
arali and pluah uphoUtny, H i m far cry Irotn 
lha Iriall and Hibulatloni mrl by Ihr Ural cars 
to cnicr that majestic paradise. 

The drive Into Banff by automobile wasn't 
eaiy asmy back la IWB. U «a# dear by a 
Victoria ooupie, Mr. and Mrs. Naraian 
heed of 1723 Beach Drive. Mn. Loushead la 
a slBler of Arthur Strlnfcr. the well-linown 
Canadian novelist who wrote "Prairie Girl** 
and “Prairie Mother" ai well as. scenarioa 
far the wly Pearl While movie aerica. Mra. 
Laaifheed Ima lad an active life and Iron bar 
rnnariuMe nseinory caa recall events of Iba 
ptonear weal. 

She riealls the first CaJiary Stampede 
opened by the Duke and Lruebesa of ConnaaghI 
la 1*12 and hoar a crowd of 700 roar and aaag 
wrestem favorites. Another time, the beautiful 
Odette De Forest, who was a looel girl, re- 
turiMd from England aa an opera star. She 
brought the house down with her liltlf« songs. 

“It was em of Ihe m ost Ihrllliag things 
I have ever had Ihe pleasure of being at — 
Just one of those things that happen once in 
a Utellme. Odette was ao lovely and sorb a 
personality. The house waiir wild wllh joy. 
She had to make half a dosen curtain bows! 

“Then she sang a special aong lor her 
mother, Ihe dear Utile Countess De Forest. It 
was My Little Grey Home la the West. That 
rrelly did It. She had to take a lot more twwa. 
She was more than beautUul!'' 

BtT m smONGEST memory of all, Ihe 
one that keeps coming back, was that hectic 
venture at driving through swamp, rut and 
bog to enter the Banff Natioruil Park. She 
recalB the drcumsianccs of that trip, the 
waminga that went unheeded, the Impciuoua 
aettlng out and the conile corapllcallens of a 
trsveHIng minstrel show. 

Mary Lnugheed was then Mary Stringer, 
Ihe fiance of Norman Lougheed. member of 
an old Calgary family. Norman's father, mem¬ 
ber of the Senate and law partner of R B. 
Bennetl. waa Sir James Lougheed. 

It eras Ihrllltng in those days to venlurs 
out In a ear. Tlie Lougheed tamlly purrhaaad 
fhetr flral auiomohile. a rhaln-diiven Pope- 
Toledo, In 1909. It fealor'd hu^ wheels, msroon 
upholstery and a sleerin,! wheel that might 
easily, without exaggeration, be called a tiller. 
(Ja Ihe rumilng board was a tool chml. To 
blow Iho harg you • imife ie d a rubber bulb. 
Sopwiimee a lint Would conw off eisd roB 
lor a 100 yards before flopping on the graaa. 

The tamlly drove to the theatre and saw 
anoal of ihe vaudevtHe ahawa that oame weal 
on the road. One day a new type of wiiei^ 
priae a p peared. It wwa blDed aa the Greatest 
Show In Dixie A century novelty with farce, 
travesty vaudeville and opera. 

TTie) allewded opani^ rught. parking the* 
PopeTuledo under a Mg gas lamp. Altar the 
final curtain had gone dawn, .Senator Lougheed, 
much enlhueed, met the maaagera and caswe 
of Ihe cael backstage. He waa ao greatly Im- 
preae r d by Ihelr man) talented ebarsa that, 
when they asked him If he weuM like Sa invoal 
bi tbe euterpriea. be a cc ep’od. Pn ij e m ed al hla- 
Irlonlc abtUly himself, ne felt ra'her Ihrtllad 
al giving a boM la auch lalenled troupers. 
The problawie ef runalag aurii a shew arear 
accurod to klaa at the tiaie. 

ONR BBIGBT MOBUlMa. a fmr weeks 
later, someone euggseled i drive to Banff, aa 
attempt la reack the beautiful pork 100 mltaa 
wmL Sir James put hte loot dowa. calling tl 
foaBiardy! ‘Hke ImpnlBc al a bunch of Iddi 
and paar sM graasqr:'* And yet at Ihe maw 
tune be began la wonder about Me awn Hllla 
adweuture of Investing pi a minstrel itww. 
Telegrams were arnvlag ’In increa ring nam 

A ehorl tiaw laier hie dultae look hba to 
Bmala TTie cfclMivn. with tbe main ag- 
I'liion gone, deeiarad tha Bana trip an and 



made plans accordingly. 'The Mg red car was 
carefully checked and filled with gas el 13 
cents a gallon. An extra can of fuel was lucked 
behind. The Bias were Inflated with hand 
pumps. The family esok pul up a huge hamper 
of food aa there wees no icstaurenis on Ihe 

“Yau-should have been the lunch!' Mary 
rscoUa^ 'll laok two full days to prepare.' 

One morning. In the month of July, they 
met Ihe MW other can that were la form Ihe 
party. Om was a Ibpe-ilartlord driven by 
HaraU Downey aad Ihe other a UocomoMie 
Staamcr drtvea by a Mr. Gnaswick. 

Thliws brwnid alasw wondarfully for Ihe 
first ten rallm. There srore four In the car wlih 
Norman driving, hla brother Edgar and Mary 
and Lady Brile. Quite a cotorful crew! 

“We had our hats tlsd on with a mile of 
veil. Norman worn Mg gaunlleta and a giving 
rap with gagglas. The motor veils streamed 
behind In Che wind, b was wonderful; a lovely 
sight as we approached the Rockies. 1 always 
think of Kipling's 'Kim' when I go through 
the looihllle.* 

When a farmer law an approaciiing auto 
he wouM gel out aad hold hla hone firmly 
unitl the car had paaard. On tbli particular 
matnlng, when the leamsien mw three aara 
bearing down an them, they lumped out twice 
aa fast end led Ihelr saonlng horses well to 
one aide. 'The cavalcade roared by al 15 miles 
per hoar to fellow the «U Indian and wagon 
trail weal. Someiitnet tfwy were In ruts eight 
Inches deep. 

The cere mounted a sharp hill when sud 
denly the Pope-Hanfard wiin Downey at the 
wheel came to a stop. He had stripped the 
gaars whh too mutk changing. He dropped 
out and the iwsi tsmrtaiied on Anolhei len 
milea dawn the rsad snd the Locomobile 
.Steamer couldn't gat up enotigh xirwm lo 
climb a hilt so Mr. Graaswlrk mid guodbye and 
Ihe Lougtieeds roared on akme 

*0 COM. TMB EMOINR dawn snd appease 
lhair hunger they slipped lha cor an a bank 
oveclooking the Boar River nnd spread out a 
lunch under a ahadr tree. Norman waa a bit 
laUguad but otharwlae thliQs tarns goiag well. 
TTie road grew na r rosecr snd deeper as Ihe oar 
cTSwtad aiaag the edge of aiaampa wlih Water 
abhost up lo Ihe axle. Moequltoa—great big 
ones came out and strated lo feed on them. 
Then ene of the to ugh e a c mod blocks lo be 
loand in wild muntiy suddenly appmrad. 

*Afal eid mntb a r bmr with a coapfa of 
MMt out foe a stmuner walk right In ike 
niUdle o( the dht tzafl. With mis eigbl birh- . 
deap lhacs mas as way of isenkig arouBi iham 
A mechm bear aad bar kids is BsmecMiv yoo 
*>■■« •*«*» WMK” Mra. Lnsghned exptelned. 
"BBo wouM leak arstsad slyly, as mock aa to 
say: Jaal try and pam!" 

After a while they took to the aticha and 
Wd Msadad up to a gaod bfteoa mllm an hour, 
rmllr hMIlag h ocr. 

Tkln p s^ t sseB tar a lew buis% mUes. 
Tha» in frosd. laamad a wagon full of Indiana 
loaM wtlh sman fty In ihe back. Tiro mares 
were pulling and Ibetr young oaMs warn cwnalng 
alongalde lihe a pair af oulnggats an a mnae. 

“It was quite hapamiHe to gal by them 
for sometime so tho speed of fifteen was cut 
to three. It was hot now aad the sun and engine 
s eemed to be tuming the whole fabric ef the 
ear kilo a arrt at steBag box.' 

The I nd l aw e ftoaly gac the drift and pulled 
sari ae Ihe Popwlhtsde sprang to hie and 
romsd by. An haor Mist the mow-mpped 
peaks of the Rorfciee agp mrcd cleaer The hllla 

finally gave way to mountains and the car 
crossed the boundaries of ibe National Park. 
Finally, as the eun went down In the west, It 
entered the resort village of Banff. 

Soon eager dlizens crow'ded aroundeand 
offered rongmlBtalkaia. The ii iugaph of bring 
Ing tha Bril mr, hawever. was skon lIvtdL 
Under a Domlalon of Canada siaiuir auiomo- 
biles were prohlMted from entering national 
parks In 1909. An RCMP officer on s horm 
came along with a summons. The >liinned Cak 
foriana mw lltalr car ianpounded. It was 
-wheeled Into Brewsler'a Uverj stable and 
locked up. 

Mr.ANWllHJE IN O'lTAtVA S.->alaf 
Lougheed might very well have said. "I told' 
you 10 !“ The Laurler gavcrnmrni nad taeoi 
la almoal thirteen years and allhough tha| 
Boer War was a trial too uegin with, nothing el 
a seiioua nature had threalened It Inic') mm- 
■ potential reciprocity agreetneiii w.ih tha. 
I'.S.A. The Senate waa iiscusaing the dire ron- 
aequence of this when a pige entered with 
a telegram The solan held It In his hand. 

“Opan taut Tuesday. Absolulel) need $200 
more la meet aalarlea and expenaca." Signid 

He shook Ms head and oabled nnoihar 
remlltaaee lo the starving group. He had he> 
come not oedy a small Invcs’ar m the mlnsiral 
show but a flnanclal angel tori 

Meonwhlle nothing fMlerrrd ll« napgg 
slghisaem In Banff. They look In some of lha. 
lavrilml srmiery In the «a.'!d on noi^ebaA 
They drifted In gaily painted canoes s,Tom. 
lakes and down picturesque rivers. They reds 
ihrougb pine toccau beside aw III mi>unlalB 
sireama. Than the nuthoriUes mid ihey couM 
have lhair car back U they went dirccil) out af 

They puahed the Mg car for all it waa. 
worth oo Ibe retuni Journty. 'Things wrat 
well for Ihe Brat Iwe bouri; 'hen seven ml]M< 
beyond Kananaskla a tire olew The car rccrad 
le the right ran off tbe road dou n a -lope aad. 
smacked Into a tree. Waler poured from the 
ladlaior leaving the pasacngei-« iiianiled in' 
the wildernem with no way oui exrepi 'he long 
walk back lo Kananaakla. 

The sun baked tbe four unmeirlfuDy sa 
lliey trudged atoudy towaitis the luiy sialMri,- 
liranny, though her fuel w«v aw alien, sui prlirf 
Iham all wtib a w — ariaiis show at rnrvgjk 
Her pkmeer hetllage helped Conelfiersbly MB- 
at Fort Reaolutlon, in the north, her taihar 
William Hardfaty was Ike Huilson's Ba.\ lactw 
there. The HanBstya had 'willed Ihe liieilM 
for generallaus ao Lady Belle was in her M 
. viroomant. 

'Do you think we can mirage Ihe rar Hrtoio 
father anivm back?*' Nerroan asked. 

"^r'D be lucky lo salvage oui«,-l\eo!“ 
Edgar panted. 

I Inally they reached the ala'Ion on the rail 
line. Jimmy MIBer. the ataiion agent, w Irtd 
t^lMry for taMMcilona aa the next pa-wngar' 
train waan'l scbaduled to stop at the smaB 
village. Calgary wired the engineer 10 pick up 
the wmry aatotsta. Al nine they bnaided the 
EIjm and ollMr pamengers wondered whaf 
kind of an oatflt had oame on board. 

looked like a bunch of iramp->!" Ladf ■ 
Belle commented. 

A nm DAYB LATF.B a freight si'<ppef 
white a group of Indfans and a wrecking new 
dragged the stranded auto onto a fial car. 1< 
steamed into CMgary tearing the vehicle on a 
side Une beside the mala track 

Meonwhlle la OtUwa tiw Senator un 
aware of his fBarittm' diftttiilties. His shari 
parliamentary duBm over, he enirained taf 
* **'* **>'• *•** P"hed 

loWn and as ha teohad out the window hi couU 
hardly beUeve hte eyeo. There on the huMIiw; 
slBIng lonaiy aad tartarn, waa his prutcsl Pope- 


UUBTi Jkm MTtir T w fc»< rmt 

L«k« witli Mt. 

ToMo iti hrMi "nen WM »o ml»- 

Ukint U: Somwllliif irlctHM ■«« 

Hu BHl<»r n»«ii«I T l*n •» *1*» 

-Wh«r. (It# Mll«r l«»*r- h* Mkcd. ^ni- 
to rttr w rMifc 

"Oh nolhint «*'•* 

"Ikell 1 n mnn tmtm n “ 

Hi> rcitciwd home •• Bn* ■ rather <*•»- 
ten<4 l-mily i.lmiUlBi Ural they Irad dlrailray^ 
hl> wl»hrt end ended up ■ oroeker. Irady 
BHIe eoodted Ihingi down end Bnally erery- 
g«le eitd-"'J up wUh • Wg leugh. 

For alinirat two yeara mere after that care 
avpren'l allowed la Natlaaal Fariu Thea the 
iTCiprotity afraemeni wMh the USA. heeame 
a national Iraue and aa eleetta n waa laafht 
around IL 

The l^irler governarant areni down la de¬ 
feat with eighi of Iti thlrteaa eaWnet mlntaiera 

Senalar Laagheed appraa ehe d the aew 
Mlnieler of the Interior for the Borden goivern- 
nient. the Hon. Rohm Ragen af Manitoba, and 
explained the Inconrenlence of the pack aUlute. 

“Tou’ro right." the mlniater agrtwd. "Soaia 
af our Maniloha drivera are being held at lha 
baandariea af the Riding NaUooal Park, lia 
ridteulaaa. I U da my baOt la have the alaluia 

A ahori lime later the ban waa lifted and 
ever alnee an Inerenarng nuanber of CanadUna 
have enjoyed Cheve wonderful pfacea 

“Iff nice to have Itiera raemorlea and ad- 
veniurna." Mra. Lnugheed aaya aa her eyeo 
acnned the blue wacer* off Oak Bay. “Pm auik 
III never forget that trip to Banff." 





Page t 

wanted to he among while people in Victoria, 
lor you to aend me • bottle of Old Tom 
Iwhlakcyi. I am vending you n handftd of poor 
beaver akin* ... ' 

The chief waved the aklna before hia 
gueala Bui they were net poor quality; they 
were the flneai matehed martin pelta that only 
a greal chief could gather, 
e When Mra. McNelU. I will call her Martha 
McNeill miw. learned of the potlatch and of 
her humillailon ahe waa f realty 
Althnugh living among white people, ahe had 
IK>( lorgollen her native waya and her trader- 
ahip Id her dan The only way ahe could 
dtwm preaiige would be to arrange a potUlch 
and to give Sharp Teeth a gift more valuable 
than the one he had aent to her. 

Thl*. of courae. waa the laat-ttog that 
Sharp Teeth expected: he hoped ahe i^uld 
aoon he raw aalde and that ahe would return 
to het vlllaga inglorloualy. 

Ariuallv (here waa more that Marthaa 
reputation at atake. the captain -» •»»<> 

Indian acnidny The 

had heaped on the women "™ 

waa known along the conat aiM had Captain 
McNeill Unnied ttw ****y?f ^ 

have loal native reaped which. In ^ 
have Imnnlred hla itaefulnem aa • 
thl. occurred a Vnlh. Hill 
kave been carved on Johnny 

and Johnnv would never have a^ ^fb U , 

waa a very, verj- hooarable man 

iVotr Mkrlfcg’d PotUurh 

Bui Martha -oa> bee 

righi bar’!. She arranged aaceatht j^ ^ 
bt^mer N'-h.nw^t-^" 

SSTlaiTutri-. Zt a botue of OM Tmn, b«. , 

■m bug* eUbarataty Bailabad eactoe. . 

Now the rwktt wba b^ *» 

Ma fmmf «dl* 

Ibat imce agalu. » bam ban^m 

The Wolf and the Eagle 

on bun. Even hia awn cUn waa not quite rare 
whHhrr he waa powerlul enough to retalUle. 

Sharp Teeth waa a ricb man. He gathered 
all hia irekbuiea around him. Mankela and 
peltrv and rooper and all manner of trade 
gooda. Invited the neighboring tribes to • Kf'*! 
poilaich at which he intetiilml to enol oft hla 
unfaithful wife, oner and far all. end to brand 
her forever aa worthleaa. 

The' Third mnd Greidet 

At the potlaleh. one of the grealeal ever 
held on the Naaa. Sharp Teeth ahowered gifla 
on hla gucata. reacnrlng ipaclal gUU for thoae 
who had laughed al him the loudeat 

Far Ihla oceaalou Sharp Teeth hod again 
compoted a apecial aong and had trained hla 
hnuaebold to p raotde a ckonaa The aong had 
aeteral versea. aomelhing like thia: 

Sharp Teeth: "Why goaalp atimil me . . . ?" 
Chorua: “Huah! Stop that Idle chatter" 
Shmp Teeth: “Vlfbsr bochei about my 
affaira ... ?" 

Chona: ‘Trirah! Slop that Idle ehalter" 
Sharp Tteth: ‘Why mention a worthleaa 
ane who ran awav to Victoria . . . ^ 

cbrua; “Huah: Stop that Idir ehatler." 

It wu not long befoce wprd of Oila pot¬ 
latch rrached Martha McNeill m Victoria 
while ahe waa a long way from the aeene ol 
her ahame ahe reaenicd the Inault anairaa 
determined to carry the quarrel hack to Sharp 

Since her brother. Ntakinwadk. with whom 
ahe ahaved Ibe leuderaWp af the Wall elaa had 
died reeeniiy. ahe derided, with the help of the 
aptaln to erect a lolaaa pole la bia naemary 
and to aaramc laaderaMp of har dan tu per- 
■on The totem p^ would raatora IraL^T*'?**: 
U would eirae the atraaae that Sharp Troth had 
placed upon her. 

In aecrel. ahe secured the aervicra of Oyal. 
the beat imrvei on the Naaa. »f would lake a 
year to carve the pole. Wbru U waa raady 
Martha relumed lo her vIDage. whace. al yet 
another greal pollairh. and after everybody 
had bron laden with glfta. the pole waa eracted 
te the mamory of her brother. There, alandlng 
bcolde Ihe pole where all her gueala could are, 
ahe relaled ihe legend* ol Ihe pole and adopted 
her brother'a name ' Nlaklnwaetk." 

Martha McNeill waa now an aqual t* 
Sakan'wan (Sharp Teeth) who new loal nil 
power over her. She wna Ihe leader of the 
Woivea aa he waa among tha Eaglao. 

"Her pole.' Dr. Marina Barheau. of Ihe 
Nolhmal Muaeum. wrote, "waa a fine memorial. 
After Ihe lapae o< about 70 yenra rince ila 
eractlon. 1 diaeovered lU nrroundad by a thick 
grow Ui of wild crah apple treea. atlll aUnding. 
vlndlcllvHy. In memory of a Wolf who would 
not be downed by an f^ie. 

“It waa evidtm Ihul Oyal. Ita carver, de- 
aervad hla repuiaiian aa Ihe bmi carver ol hla 
generation on the Naaa - or Unywhore. 

“Ita heraldic flgurea. carved out of red 
eedar were weather beaten, yet origlnaf and 

Thla medium alaed pole baa. dnre Its dla- 
coverv. been purrhoaed from Ma owmer by lha 
ranadlan National Railway and preaented IP 
Ijt Miiaee de tTforame In Part". 

H la moot gratifying chat Ihe Nlddnwaelk 
mawKMial pole waa leacued and prraerved be¬ 
fore M met Ihe same fate aa Ihe Matha Hill 
pole al Hliiiaam 

And Oaplaln McNeill. In addition to n-aaing 
llM> ahame heaped on hla wife. Martha, and 
helping lo maintain her cualoma and tradllhma. 
ranted the raap eet of every Indian from Capa 
Mudge lo Purtlind Clanal 

Bwrriy thbi waa mom than enough mr 
Johnny Moon lo mpanl. lima and again, that 
“Malha HIM waa a very, very honaraMe man _ 



-Summer time m^ ■(- «.i., » -- -« Y.. r.. b« *;• 

iW «». euttbrn t>. i*k« th, c« I. . mrmmh .1— il i«. dirt, rt.d Irt llrt mereur, -tad <ke 

-#^g n<>brtt, rtrti » I1.W IM, ifc. I.* lirtf. I. d*.J» rt.mrt.De '• 

.e kT^rtm-m. -DderfDl krteDlk... 1. U-rt .. .... «> f-r. !»• "P 

O. -rtmm .f .ul.-«h« pe.|d* « »“*<' •>««' ■-*•« ■“*' “ “* 

temr ... or hope. 

Actmny Iwuiiwlw have Bev«r bad it m 
M d . . . (tMidu 10 th« food Imhtoiry wWcb to 
11 mlrioii”r bvbifr>n« foYth new ntrocie prod- 
neu. When Otandmo doddod u> Iuvt dikkMi 
for dinnor iho hod to rooUy otoft troni ocratdi. 
j hotM n o n my Ontorlo CromhBotttor oxo tho 
iK^ili off o eoopfg o( rhtckmo, dofeoUirr ond 
ckon thorn hefort hrooWdot Vofototain hod to 
bo dus ond woohed undor tho pump boforo 
brtnttnc «»«» tn'o kHthoti. A tar cry from 
tho dean booutllully poefcaged vogetobioo wo 
buy today, and chlcfccn compiotoly rrody (or 
tho pan. 

Kven tbo boat eooka mnnot dooy tho oxool- 
Jrnco of convonlonco (eoda with their tmlH ti, 
dma aoving. And aummor la tho time whoo 
thoy aro moat approclatod. Sumntor arhon oo 
«no hoa enough lotauro houra. Quick producta 
do not necoaaortly ondangor o eook'a originality. 

There la not one rrodydooorvo food that eon 
not bo knprovad by tho Indivktaal touch. Jum 
oa a aonatUvo mualcian Imprwlaoa on a thomo. 
ao doM a good oook lmpro%-iao imi a poefcogod 

Planning, too. gooa a long way l«.>»ard 
ahoHonlng raoal proparatlon. 

rripan load In (bo niirain g a ? Make double 
quantltlca of alow, oaaaoroica. dasa>.tt«. etc. 

Practloally all theae wUl Irooao woU . . . iiae 
half, froaso the knlaneo. Oook enough potaloot 
loc aooopol moala. Iboao eon be kept In tho re- 
ft tg ar at oT to oao for haah brawn, quick acal- 
lopad and for potato an la d . Hard cook a donaai 
ogga and keep rcfrlgaratod to uao aa noodod. 

A tery apodal daaaart. WXT CHABlXirrB.BVaSK, oan bo made by combining eonvonl- 
diSdJ’of ^veolonee hwtd. once with a filch of tho wrlat. JeOy raa from the bokety iholf, aurround a rich creamy 

?S2a c^pSw anT^ may. filling that la made from Uiaunt ptnldlng mi*. Courtaay of JoUO VanilU Inatant Pudding. 

No wonder Grandma worked from aun up 

go aim down . . . aho never know' the oon. h. 

von l ance of popar tablonapa and towole. glaaed dooaorU that look and taata a* If they (odk onequart bowl trhleh haa boon alighd# 

paper dlahca. wax paper and aluminum ML houra to propora .. kutend of minutca. grcaaod. with five altceo of )eUy roll. Pour milk 

Every one of throe la a fine time aavar. Taka aamllier mixing bowl Add pudding mix 

aluminum foil . . . over a aammer It can aavo nCLLT CMABLOTTB BliMS . . . aevan and brat flowly with ah egg beater until wei 

boon of diah waahlng time. Uae It tar Uiwra lUoee teach one-half Inch thick) of >Hly roU. Mended. About one minute, do not oierbral or 

for frying pans. raaarrnWa and rooailng pane. o«e«ndd-half eupa eoM milk, one padtaga the mixture will go thin. Qidckly pour over the 

And bow long doas It Uhe you to wash a vanilla Instant pudding mix < regular Jelly roU In the quart bowl Let stand la aat. 

greasy kroOar rack? la say nothing of H being Mae) and half a cup of whipping cream. Line a lakeo five minutes. Top wHb two allors of Jolly 
a dlia grarab l e chore. A dieet of foil on top af ,oU. Chill for a few hours. Unmold on a flat 

the braHar rack la a throwuway after the food plate. Whip cream. Gonilah pudd|->c with 

haa oaohed. One of my pM halos Is washing a whipped cream and a bright Jelly. Seivra tivd 

ra aa ara l i wlih ba ke d o n food . . . wKh afoli 

Matag . . . abr a cada b ra! Uftomihetolland It|*|e]ra’m C. OmCr .._. ..a 

ttuTraraaeule la no haidtr to wash than your " M C qp ■ lA ^ a Another glamour draaert la a rich and 

a -W 

draaerU that kmk and taata aa If they todk 
houra to propora .. kuteod of minutes. 

nCLLT CMABUyiTB BlinS . . . sevsn 
sUoes laoch one-half Inch thick) of JeOy roU. 
oae«nd.o-half eupo eoM milk, one pockaga 
Jallo vanlUa kwtont pudding mix < regular 
olaa) and half a cup of whipping cream. Line a 

Brjtde’s Corner 

for aampany why aot be dd r biiatel y lafomial? 
The table oaa be gay with bamboo or plaatle 
table mats to rave oa washing and Ironing, ft 
la the dIha and dabs of aavod mlnuira that add 
up to worthwhile bouts for sunning and 

. . . daat keep running to the store far a loaf 
af bread or a pound of aauaagw With today's 
refH g watle n , load storage is aoay. Meat la Hta 
Irsratr eeaipa rts naat ar the cn ld e a t port af the 
sstrigoralor. vagatabios siatsd la poly tbana 
bogs la tao artagor are more minute aavura. 

Frash fnsM Is always a ahorleui daaoact but 

BVKBT . . . 

Far JMy aohe tapgiBg . . . break a couple 
-of choGolalc bora over a cake the minute It 
comas from the evsa. With a fork aftmd the 
softening chseolale over tho cake. Sprinkle 
with chopped nuts. Ftiwly cru sh ed peanut 
brittle s e r v es the saaac purpose but must be 
run uadar the broUtr tar a minute ar two. 

bother Mag. Arrange on the top of a hot 
dtocolato cako and return to the oven for a 
couple of minutao. Don't target them . . . 
they bmH quickly. 

gkago. Who 
ot whoa K 
anda Okk 

^uoiaa oaaai 
up srtth mm 

‘ Idschena are aiwuys 

gialauB. vanilla or cheealalo wafers, one- 
qiMrtar rap oelt butlar to ea»and«fialf cup 
of crumka plus aaoquartar rap sugar. Pr aaa 
lalo a ninoinch pie ^le. Kwa s t cooUas need 
BO auger. Chin tar half aa-beur before filling 

onequart bowl srhkh has been slighd# 
greased, with five allces of Jelly roll. Pour milk 
Into anothor mixing bowl Add pudding mix 
and beat slowly with an egg braier until wei 
Metuled. About one minute, do not oterbeol or 
the mixture win go thin. Qidckly pour over the 
Jelly roU In the quart bowL Let stand la oaf. 
takes five minutes. Top with two siloes of JsUy 
roll Chill for a few hours. Unntold on a flat 
plate. Whip erram. Garnloh puddlog with 
whipped cream and a bright Jelly. Sei-vcs tIvd 
or idx. 

Another glamour dt aa er t Is a rich and 
creamy KBnUGBBATINI CAKE mode with 
ihe rams pud di ng mix Here Is the redpa 
.. . one rap srhlpping craotn. two eupa of floM 
milk, two legularolH Inotant pudding mix 
any flavor, and two raanc* rake layers. Whip 
Ihe cream and set aMde. Frar Ihe mlOt Into a 
mlMng bowL Add Ihe pudding mix and beat 
slowly with aa egg baatar for about one ml* 
ule. Lot stand two nOoutex Fold wblp^ 
erram Into pudding. O prsof generou sly m 
tween layers and over top and oldea of spon^ 
layerx CbHl about an hour bafors servlnf. *» 
you use a vanilla ml* a nice decoratha toura 
ran be added wUh baaana quartors lEpP" “ 
lemon Julo# and then in ch opped noix •••“T 
doy I made tbia. uatiw a eboeotato pudding mix 
and'taibbiad meltad aemi awsH choeolaie over 
the tog. 

I like CAmnOi CKBAH SOVrS k attsr 
than akrar-peke whMo rauee. They ean be used 
ki raaaernlaa. mrat laavaa. rice or macsranl 
dtohax Pbr haUiwur seallogtd potote ra ua# 
eubad asohad potatoax a mtla chopped gnra 
onion. aoH. treahly graund Mock peppw 

and ht' 

to a lu 



Use fuic*’' 
mtm. Km 
■nany m* 
imo the 
gra it don 
af their > 
Ki e ra esc 
Case*. II' 
had he re 
Stgnet n 


There’s no such thing as an automatic Mama!’ says Muriel Wilson 

Summertime Hints 

Finger Rings have meant a lot of things ^ ^ ^ 
to a lol of people. And they still do. 

Vivienne Chadwick 



rftffM iiro stories about ringx ... one 
irit/i Arabian ^ightn^ orertonef. 

Since e«rile*t tntlquily. and throu«hout all recorded hl*to*». 
ttHf ringer ring tiM occupied a unique po^uon jn the ^ ? 
"mankind—in svtnboltan. ornamentation and in “*^*^) **y 

- Kiae Soiowm waa aivpaaed to have poMaaaed nn^ wiUi 

many magu- pruperO... The Doge.. * "5 

tmo the Adriatic to ilgBlfy the “marriage of ^ 

it dominated. Churchmen have alwajs 
of their religioui authority. The 

dun- e«.^lent hidin. piace. for ^^ 

Eaaex. If. told, could have -ved hi. head at the »««< 

had he returned Elizabeth'! ring to her. with a ^ for fhwW. 

Signet rings doun the age. have authenticated ^ 

iJLmem “ hoae contenU have altered 

dmes. Even rtM-anoe la hardly legitimate ^ 

other plec« of ie-'elry haa ever held the nme Importanoe. 

TWO i«. ”h‘«A.x tirsri;2rjs 

^„,,y » the <-| Uhle. a nd l-lnv 

SS "St »m-,L 

« fHiilrnian laimar aii^J 

Siwarl. Ilvng I" New Zealand. LoU, Sw«l wr SfrdjnpS 

srui Mr s <*u'art luiv« g niutu«l _ 

living in ScoiUnd. Naw, aa One eveidnt lU e dinner ia- a »^ 

Mr shewa.ia airange eapariencB (ton turned *” 
toUlved a ^•unh party, a kady siolen ar 

her aboui il. Udy Diana. In lum. ato n^he^^n ^ 

Ihought the toothed llTuIiw and the pl^ 

leresi «® g*'' “ o, ttm happening, and Idmiiilai 

Sunday ' *^ .^onrt anw the ahjert naott. the wan w»wne« 

mutual friend flP.tnwnttor^ Jo haaThar nHghhDr ainnriy ta 

m, ac*^"' <•;;;* Wra. move « Inn- hm 

ppar to Are «• Il In her hand ... her pt^ toil 

Emery h«-ent mo me. Are e„,r-wd etifaBemenirtn*: 

all atraighi. bAv llae lady waa etlN Mia 

ShimmeriHg •»• 

Sand Below 

Many year* ago. when th e 
Scotch Julia .Slewari waa a amah 
boy. he used lo be Ukeo t o »pend 
hia Bummer holiday* at a hiiia.« 
M Gallon ay called Mooralth. Thera 
he met Ihe llille girl named 
and aa buih chtldreo were fond ol 
the water, they had many happy 
weeks awimming and boa t in g . 

U waa while they wete ont ■ 
John'! own ■unall ranboni one end 
nmrnliv Ihai he euditr-ly enught 
n gbmpoe ol aomethtag kt ig kt. 
MiimnwrinK an Ihe anwath iond » 
low, aod oiler meet—I dinm n— 
■nimged lo retrieve a t**" 
oAiiek ama engraved “CJt-W. oM 
PA" Being a nice honoot child. 
rvMieilly. ihe nnder toMr *ho 

10 the village poM office a nd le n 
R with Ihe poaimlatreee In *••• " 
■hould he ctelired. He enen lelt 

11 there uniB Ihe fotlaw ^ng euitv 
liter, hoi no one ever oobed lor R. 
■_ It became hla own. 

The boy waa thrilled. He c*r- 
ricd hb nnd with him everywhere 
and soon began lo leel ttat It waa 
a moHcnt It brought him good 
luck, H aeemed. again and again. 
He grew up emigrated to New Zea¬ 
land. and pnaipered exuedlnfly. 
The yeora went on rolUng by in 
llietr uaual inexorable laahUin. ann 
our loroier loond that he woo m 
a pooHiun to lake an expenoive 
and luKuriPO* holiday crulae. Ho 

wa* a man of Importance n-w. 
wheceton* he tound klntacU hivtted 
to Ihe Roptabia table, a nd Intro - 
duced in eimlbcr lellow uaaeRer. 
a l-eaiani wontan aome peeea 
older than himself. 

Lo$t, Stolen or Strmyod 

One evening Ihe dinner canoeian- 
tion turned to puaai itbin. kmt. 
■lolen or etraywd. and Mr. 3Mw- 
art a new arqualnlanae raenHed • 
lom aulfered long yenra past which 
ahe n evertheless atlll hwhed t »A 
upon with andneaa. And ao *—e 
dearrlbed the lime and Ihe place 
at the happening, and IdeMiiM 
the abjert iiaeit. rhe was mvmned 
to have her netghbm alewiy re¬ 
move « Inm. hw IlnRtr and plow 
II In her bond . . ■ ^ P*^ i-M 
engrwrd etigORemeni H-gl 

Bm nhy Ibe Im4y woo still Mim 
Dorothy Stevenoon. of Glaigow. 
and not HiV C. R- W.. or whether 
the tool 111 % hod anything m do 
with a lemfinaled engageniem. the 
Edinburgh ■* Sunday Foot lallo to 

A Strornge, Antirtme King 

The mrond atotry aboiR a ring 
comm Irora my Irlend Mrs Uhan 
Heyaood. of gM Tudor Rood, who 
has a penchant tor running Into 
and lememberlng off-bent _yra^ 
Till* one may be only a 
becauae ahe doeant le ^H _ha 
•ouree. Il may be that acme reader 
can enlighten her ... 

It appeer* that early m m e 
ISaira there waa a ymnng ccyle 
living In Paria. They ware t» uther 
and alaier. and they ware very 
hard op Indeed, beenuee Jaba 
there, as bi many pinons dming 
Ihoae yenra. were fcw ^ 

tween. So that when, one day. »n 
famiber wandarad In m nneilnn 
and ipenl of their aoval l h^ on 
a sirai%e antlgue ring wMcb ban 
taken Ma tancy. 1^ •« 

much upaei. She blamed him the 
more bocauoe even otf r Im 
fooliahty acquired Ibe je w*, he 
hod been given e cbonoo M 
hi* money. An aU bearded mi^ 
a Jew. had approoebed hbn afior 
the aale, and. in aome ogilnttM 
had begged to be alloseed lo b^ 
the'ring oHerlog more than Ihe 
boy had paid, and hod been re¬ 

MM Arvww Bim 
m Imiad ol ibe 

lor many year* and Iben . . . 
M M lha oaroaimaMilag aetiolo. 

fused, “nie boy wauled lo keep 
Ms puiehaas. He hod a foeNng U 
asIgM bring Mm luc*. 

And for a brief while It seemed 
le do ao. Their shabby and decrepit 
ap.rimmil wma owned by a mlaerty 
FfcnchiMi who had conoislenily 
refused to make any of the much 
peedsd lepaira Now this man 
abruptly changed hla mind. He 
.upeofM Ihe day foOowIni the ac- 
uoialtion of the rtni and would 
be saldL aend workman to mend 
biolien ploBler. remove and replm-o 
stained and pwling wallpaper, 
and apply fresh paint. And when 
the brother came Ihai aatue 
clay with a Job. the two warr tub- 
Uonl. For awhile. 

But the boy kut hia Joh M. Hiaet 
ordor. mni ihaufh hr noon found 
anuthm. hr kwt that. too. And hr 
himsrlf brgan to rhangr. He bo- 
ramr inorore. emblllarad dlfllrob 

qualltioa tar bad never d lM*^^ 
beiorr. No wnoder hr m-Mo’l 
keep Jobr. hia aUter ltiauM>t He 
was beromlne unbearable to b<e 
with. So that when I ho bonrdM 
old Jew turned up oner aamn melt¬ 
ing m he allowed IoMm M e ring , 
rhe impioeed her brtdhm M agree. 
Jobs and repoira notwHholonding. 
ahe had on unhappy Ming obowl 

A BInrk HUtory 

%ha oM Jaw listened lo her. and 
aiigit-f She sens quite right lo feel 
sa she dM. ho ooid. Tho ring hod 
o black hlMory. There wm a rurae 
cm a. n h^ belonced to Judos 
lacnrlol MOd psora ago. ang oa M 
fiml pBflMd from hani lo hand 
Om the eanwrlrs, Il hod brought, 
even aa In Its fbrtt owner. ■ pom- 
ing mrwrlary auecem ... to be 
lolluwag inrvlUbly Iqr sorrow, dla- 
aairr and demh. Let him buy R 
.now tho old man begged, and he 
woold me that It was thrown Inin 
the ssn, m got rid af aaoiabaw. 

flung aul af Ihe hnum. mM thn, 
diaappalnled Jew wont unhappily 
an ay. telling Ihe giri in rmoon ' 
nlih her hroihrr. and he would 
coww agabi ihn next day to try 
once more. And Ihai night the glri 
did persuade bar brother. He hnd 
been shaken by Ihe other mane 
simy. He r emomd Ihe ri ng and 
nexi iiHHning he aii—I cmi wWtiout 
B, lesvlng It on a drmmr la his 
bedreom And ihe Jew came back 
tor It . . . bu< H was gone: 

Adolf So meth ing • • •? 

The sister merriisd avacywhere. 
The Jew departed. pramIRn g in 
return yet ngnM. And arbnn Ihe 
boy rriumad they amiMiad nnee 
rmira. uaelaaaiy Wberanpan they 
aiif--r'] iwnlbd ibnl the taoth- 
nwn bad d<we same llalMlag tai 
ihM panlcniar raa m that day . . . 
Il rauM wily bn tbnf ime m Mem 
wwsalMaf! So they RM dw name 
of Ihe cBwiraemr Mean IheB buid- 
lord, and they wont M iMd him. 
Mtghi Ifiey iMk In thn man that 
M done Ihe palming and paper- 

good man. but he hod |ml M 
•n dlwwlaa Ihe serawi leBnw. who 

aras a irouMemoher. on mimtiB> 
fartnry workman, and dUmnoot 
and impcrttneni In bnol. As this 
seemed la pulni rather deOnhely 
•o Ihe route the ring had proboMy 
lahen. Ihe young mupb oMd If 
they rouM Imao dm nmn’a noma 

xCertalMy.* aoM the mn tra eior. 
He lives an amhandamh a 
■iram. nnwiker aenndeo.* 

And his name? 

The eomracior Irawned nt hla 

Bui the boy was 

none of Ihoae ofapU Oerman 
nemea.- be grumbled. “I never 
couM pnmounoe It. AdqK Rome- 
thing . . . h alwaya Bounded like 
Schicklegruber." __ 


H’s Not Frankie and Johnny . . . It’s. Bridget and Davie! 


There** a modernistic touch to the tiled front of Dr. Dorman** haberdashery at 
the comer of Douglas and Johnson that gives the passerby no hint that here is a budd 
ing tvith its footings sunk well into Victories* past. 

Who built it, or when, I couldn*t say; but I know that Tom Nicholson had hU . 
saloon in this very same building back in the mly eighties. After which Barney Lery 
used it for a spell as a cigar factory. In Ae* nineties it became a saloon again (the 
Regent) run by Johnny Swit:ier and Charlie McCluskey, until at the turn of the century 
Switser became sole owner. Later stUJ, W. A. *^iir Anderson took over the Regent 
until finally this oasis, in common with all the other groggeries, dried up in the drought 
of our shortdived prohibition era. 

W dteharted. ind 
Vi Ibr hia, remarti 
Trimonn. you ■ 
kaf mnc •» Ihcac 

An Vnt 

a wu In NldMtaon'i Sty that «ra piek ap cha 
•laqr M BrWnt and Davit Lnvlii. No* ta bt con- 
parad to Datoa aid AbalanL thair'a wmm a ralatian 
■Mta Ka rranklp and Jolinny. 

Traill to ton Ibara bad ban a lot to mb to 
(ba Uto to Iftob born Brtdfol Callaebar, a busom. 
lailbalrad and atU vary bandaoma rroanaa to bar 
lato lorttoa, who Jual ovar aighty jraara aco awa 

Ow -II rr-- owaar to ana to lha mota pinah 

and aadnettva aatona an Saa rranelaeo'a naa^ 

bary OaaaL -_ 

I gaaa M waa to Ihla glldad anvlroaananl that 
' bht Oral nwl Davto. TbU. dark and food tooklnf 
(and alao IrWi) Davit had raoia than hit ahara 
to Hibarnton wll and dtam and lacked only ana 
thing to aaaka Ufa a auootoa; an toeatolva to ga 

Love eS Firm Sight 

Thangh Bridge**! aktnatve n partonce to mala 
fralky *obM hava given ber clear warning. K 
waa aa aaa. The ^nt itaM ahe aH eyca on Davit 
^ waa leal. II waa lova al Atm aigM, at toaM oa 
Brtdgct'a part, and after their marriage to m3 
the canpla nwvod lo Portland where, (rom ber 
ample bank aceaunc, Bridget ataked Davie to a 
aaloam at the eornar to Pint and C aCraeta. 

■ DavlB, no boatoeoa man, not only aampled 
Om atock bto allow endll lo pUa np. Ptoally 
(anknowii to BHdgvtl be pul a raartgage on 
mm pTwnlara then tool the worka by ioredaaore. 
However to die ever lovtn' BrUget ber Davie waa 
)uac a vktim to eirramaunce and aborlly after 
that dw eouple aame ap to VMorta when Bridge* 
laill with quKe a bank roB) li ivaa to d In dty 
prapariy, moal to k along Pandora. 

B waa awe aumaner evening to the early 
oigbUta Owl Ihfaal overtook the idling Davie at 
lha eornar to Dauglaa and Minaoa and be a*ep. 
pad tolo Thm Nlrtinlnn*i bar ta aa they ray. Uft 

la toe bar at the time waa a mihar tamooa 
toeto BM fTg*r‘~ (whaar aame Fd rather not 
niiTtint a ganlleraBn who waa not only Bftyiah. 
portly and haM but who alao. even hy ptonoer 
atantorda, waa earrying quila a load. 

rnaant alao waa one Johnalon RoberlBOB and 
a amn called MMcheU. Thia trio apfiaranlly bad 
baan araund the bar rinca SJO and now M waa 

From Words to Btonm 

Their taOi waa hmd and bnaatful. covering 
too alphabetical range (rom athletica to venery 
and (Inally. when ehallengca won hurlad right 
aad Ml. aecDoone hit the capuln and the captain 
blr the Boor. He waa promptly oa Ida (or* 
ctomering lor the privilege to (Ighting aayoeie 
•tor money** or **for (rea". However, apologieo 
ware finally exchangad and the boya lined up for 
another round. It waa at ttala Juncture that Davie 
Levin poahed hto way to through the awtaging 
doorn, and ta no time at all woe Involved with 
the qrarrelaatne trio. Mine hoot Nlcholaon, In- 

__ at k. However It waa paat ten when 

another general melee enauad. the captain pop- 
ptag Mitchell, and Rahertoon, who made an on- 
alaught aa Lavin, getting alugged to the Boor. 
Lnvto thaa atraddlod him. or rather aat on him, 
and appaienily belted him a number to Bmea 
m dw brad before dragging him to his gee* and 
dranping him la a nearby chair. Thoro lor the 
neat leer ndnutea Robartaon aat glaasy eyed, 
hai^ knowing artwt had bit him or whoi* be 

While the fighting was gotog on a pa aa erh y, 
George McNail. Jirartog tito rackua. aquinted to 
oa the scene throngh a dear spot in the (rooted, 
wtadowpane. He raid taler he raw Nkbolaon 
standing on the bar ta a sort to low crouch. Ms 
lega apai*. kta hands on bis kneoa intently study¬ 
ing the fistic teebnique ot his tog team ctistoracra. 
PlnaOy (or about the tenth dme (he warriors 
made up their differenen and, taking Robertson 
with ihaea. staggarad oK into the night around 
10 XL 

Robertran weal atraight home to his bed. or 
rather hla drathbed; three days taler be d<ed to 
brain tajuriee and Davie Lavia after an Inqueto, 
was charged wHh mantoaughter. Bridget hap 
pened to be In Porttend at the Hme but niBied 
bock to Victoria twith tXXlOO In cashi lo ge* 
lawyer Tbeodore Davie to hantoc ber husband’s 

And Back Cigar Bridget 

A rsuple to montha later down on Bastion 
Strec*. BlC.*s CMef Justice. Sir Matthew Bsillie 
D e g kie. Ustened to a blo w by-blow socoani to the 
rolstortous six boars ta Nt cb ol s on’i corner btstro 
While by some Lnvta was depicted as a two-fisted 
Irish brawler, there was evidence that he didn't 
parilcutarly want to ge* Into a fight aod was 
actually leaving when Robertaoa ruahod at him. 
applying one to the batter known western epitfieti 
otong with a right book. Lavin turned In lima 'to 
parry lha How. than landed a couple that put 
Robertoor oa the Ooor. Defence cwinari raid the 
fatal bralp injury could hove baan the rrautt of 
other blews rece i v e d during the afternoon or by 
bMIng the floor after Lavto reacted In arlf 

*rhc Oown raid Lavin*B attack on the ‘pms- 
traCa man moaad dratk. The fcraidsd Chief Jus- 
Bca knew atoy (hat Lavto’a was the attack under 

*rhe Jury mulled die matter over (or al>n<it 
tkiwquariers to an kour Iken lendeied an ap'n- 
tan **lluit the deceoaod caam to his death by a 
un reoulitag fttim a push or tdow ateinJatered 
by the priranar.** 

The Chief Justice t h oug h t this Inronduslre, 
and totd the Jury to think again. They dU. They 
said: **Hto Cuill: ** Whereupon the Chief Juwice 
(lipped hla wig (they were court wear In thene 
days) and. eyeing the t we h ri good raoi and true, 
delivered btaWFlf am tallawB.- 

eaarauoua ae It aoumta. ran a combined grocery **GentleTOeii to the Jary: I have beard yoor 

Btoraand aalooa which moonl ttwt. hy Sim, ba wrdtat- But mind you; R*s your verdict, not 

mine. On your conocience wiU real the stigma M 
letuming such a disgraceful verdict and ana B 
vaiianre with the evidence on which you hma 
sworn to find the guilt or innocanoe to tas 
prleoner. Many repetitions to such oonduB aa 
yours ain make trial ky Jury a hiiiiMi km 
and the dty to Victoria,, which you inhoMt, a mat 
of immorality and crime encouraged by taimrafty 
fitien the law which erimlnola wlO leotivc frna 
the snnouneamenf to such veiilicts as yaura I 
hava nothing mote to ray to you.** 

Davie then asked that the 

When news o 
Porltand thosa tha 
Bndgel bad bash 
taough lo bribs the 
age Si tha Una, hu 
Sborily after ih 
tone wbera Bridge 
Bve cattle ranch, k 
to a ranch arans 
from an temptaClo 
Maybe It waa I 
to the cows, or pc 
raddle; whatever 
bond, and could I 
that beckoned him 
Although Bridf 
title dead. Dsvli 
stratagem lo turn 
Bridget dedsred o 
tucked in an Insdt 
It wasn’t long 
ta Portland obtsim 
ar not. she rushec 
Bridget It seems w 
and gave It In (a 
giving Davie anott 
Again It was tt 


(rara P^S 

was brought by canoe from Sayward's mlB M 

Mm Bay, and the doors and window! WlOtam 
nade himmll. A covered verandah Irata 
grace to Ibe lour side! of the houoe. The deto, 
an ihe lower door at the back, opras Me i 
di Ughtful beamed sitting room, once tbs tarn 
hilihm. ChpC Harry Hughea. living Mm 
now at Bannockburn, tells us that la Ik a at 
days many of Ihs ThomstMi children •••Mea 
In this room. There Is an alcove sciom nmm 
s rurtsia was *rawn and here lha 
were bora. Bsstoe the fiieptace ta a 
made by WIBIsm Thosnson, ths (IrM 
kiMTwn In Saanich. Above the manM 
B painting to St. 

Rmard. and on 
Bum wound every night 
o’rlotk. That meant bedtime (or atmyraa 
The adjoining dining room ema *BW ^ 
store-room and In days goaie by baito 
sslrs of baenn hung from the baama Tba 
mahogany aldeboard. (rom Ireland. 

Is Arrhdeacen Wright, of St. St e phen*!, 
eras the flrat Arthdencon on Vancouver I W 
Thie room. Hke ev e ry room at Bannock karta 
In a veritable tieanire house. Thera are aotP 
rut glann. Indian fifuilnaa; am 

St. Stephen's, dime by Wta* 
m ahelf la a dock whkk ^ 
ery night of hta Ufa at Ma 

Paga S-lhs DaBy 

by John Dran to Alec Thoanson who ewato 
Ihe farm after the death to hla father . ^ 
Ham. There Is an Indian stone earring 
waa turned up by a plow and this may 
My go to the Victoria arrhlveo. 

Upatalra. on the main floor, the 
parlor contains a lon-yenrold aofa from lha 
otH Mount Newton Hotel and the Thoaaara 
family Bihle. Se. Into Ihe hearth Is a ^ 
from the original St. John’s Church whkk 
etcod where Ihe TTtMtaon’a Bav Company aeu 
have iheir store and where Harry Hughra 
a boy. rang In the choir. On a dear head_la 
the hall hang beautlfullv hand-srovon bfitoM 
and on the aralls are framed diplomas whM 
the (arm woo for wheat, in Relrium. In UR 

Off Ihe .-entral hsilwav la a small roora 
which waa part of Ihe original house. There 
Is a mile oM fashioned fireplace, and an Difr 
►h piano which came pound the Horn. Tbt 
only piano In Ihe countrr. It belonge d to M ia 
Gregory, wjiose husband waa a clergyman to 
St. Stephen's If was carted from Uouaato 
house to provide music for dances and parttaa 

“Nothing was ' 
Bockburn.'* rays C 
the old bouac con 
dred yaara of Itri 
aide raddle whkdi 
sen. lha youngest 
landing are (ranwc 
ran grandpoienta, 
asw bedreom Is ai 
a century. There a 
ken kettles and a 
krava women who 
ta the old downsi 
many of lha chih 
ta this eraiBa. Or 
the BMiriage certi 
and Margaret Dye 
In the attic are 
forma, trunki to i 
aeription; amongst 
hymn book alened 
There la an old gr 
first to be brooghi 
came from (ar am 
On the ground 
cans tha “dog hoi 
covarsd guns whi 
There are two mir 
barrelVd aholguna 
the R»sr. J. 3i A Ba 

many years ago b 

Plee yrara ago 
aU house rpMirati 
eervary o^ the an 
In Baanirh. In IK 
barn lo the 'niom* 
to attend: Gertruc 
Over ino people, hi 
diwendenti of Ihf 
and Margaret. 

The place now 
ter of Gertrude T 
Harry Uvea there i 
four yrara ago B 
kwing rare aod If 
flowers and tulip 
this house waa Ic 
heapilallly and tl 
tanghter of chlldrr 
and a gb« of hon 
now at Bannockbi 


Pitiaptly h* wma pickfri 
op and drlHrcrad to tha 
army bairocka at Fort Vao- 
Bouvrr. WaaUnfton Tmt- 
lory. Hr oma court 'aaar- 
tUlcd. and. ka rorly Srp- 
irmbor, IM. handcuflad to 
two other miUlary prt- 
aorwri. waa taken to 
rrandaco to da a fouryMr 
amtroee at Alealraz. theu a 
military prtaou. 

It waa whlk Davit 
irrvod hit time on (hr Rodi 
that aomrhow. ki tpitr al 
heraHI, Brldtrt waa drawn 
to San Franciaco. DlalUu- 
atoned, her monry naorly 
an font, rhe now took rt- 
(ufr in drink. In an old 
unpalntrd cabin cm a paiah 
of aand dnno owtriooking 
the Bay, ahr dmnrd op Uke 
a rrduaa. hloway artd drink 
aodden. Occasionally per^ 
hapa. throufb thr dirty, un¬ 
curtained wlndowa, ihr’d 
gllmpoe the Rock where 
Davie waa workinf out pew 
ance for hli broken pro- 

Whether the tight of 
the liUle iaiand prison gave 
her muar (or a tear or a 
theer, we'U never know. 

However if Davie was 
down, he wasn't out; 


Story by CECIL CLARiC; IHuttratod by Joan M. SmKhi 



Isyward't mO at 
nindowi WIBiaai 
verandah Im* 
benne. Ihadaw, 

1 ^ once tha In 

I that la tha eM 

iMten Wtao baaa 

X. Stephoi's. He 

I ngurinea; aaat 
x=a who awnad 
Ma lather . W> 
lo cnrvtng whfck 
■d Ml may a* 

zs, the orlgmal 
toll from M 
Id -the Theoama 
batirth la a M 
a Church whka 
V Cbmpany aow 
larry Hughaa. aa 
a dev head H 

nd-<Boven aewaw 
dt olocnas whim 
Viirinm. In IW>- 
a a tmall room 
«] house. Hwr* 
tee. end aa MC- 
the Horn. Tha 
ha l on g ed to Mia. 
a i h n ymaa i a* 

nem and partiaa 

‘tfothlng was evv thrown away at Ban- 
Bockbura,' aaya Captain Hughaa arid. Indeed, 
thr old bouse oontalna (he history of a hun¬ 
dred yaara of Uvtng. On tha bannister it a 
aktr nddia which belonged to Gertrude Thoni- 
aon. iba youngeot daughter. On the upper 
landing are (rained photographs of the Thom- 
sen grandparenta, taken In Scotland, and in 
ana bedrsom la atored the treasure trove of 
a century. There are coal oil lamps, flatirons, 
Iren kettles and a cradle. One remembera the 
brave women who gave birth to Ihctr bablea 
hi the old downatalri kitchen, and no doubt 
aiany of the children were rocked to sleep 
in this eradle. On the wall of thii room Is 
the nuuTiage certiflcala of WIHIara Thomson 
and Margaret Dyv, dated December It, 1898. 

' In the attic are more treasures. Naval aql- 
forma, trunks of dieases, hooka of every M 
■criptlon; amongst them ■ Gaelic BIMe and a 
hymn book aimed by Wesley himself In 1778 
There is an old gramophone wlih a horn, the 
Brat to be brought to the district. Neighbors 
same from far and wide to listen to It. 

On the ground floor. In whet Cept. Hughes 
calls the “dog house,* hangs a rack of dust- 
covara d guns which betongrd to the farm. 
There are tsvo mutrle loaders and two iteuWe- 
harrclled ihotguna. The rack waa made by 
the Rev. J. a A. Bssttn. of » Sicphen'e, There 
are po w der horns a paddle snd a how mnde 
■tany yean ago by Harry Steel, chief of the 

Five yeara ago there was a reunion at the 
eld house celebrating the one hundredth annl- 
ver wry the arrlvsl of Margaret Thomeon 

hi Baanlrh, In 1*18 There were 19 children 
hem le the Thomso n s but only two were left 
to attend: Gartnide. the youngest, and Jack. 
Over 100 people, however, seen* at the reunion, 
diwendenli of the beloved pioneers, William ■ 
artd Marvaret 

The place now belongs to Effic. the dsogh- 
♦er of Gertrude ’niomaon and Harry Hughes. 
Harry lives there alone since Gertrude’s death 
toor years ago. He tends the old house with 
hwlng care and the garden, bright with wall- 
flowers and tullpa. is hit spe<isl Joy. Once 
this hoove waa known far and wide for Its 
hospitality and the raomt rang with the 
hnghter of children There Is still d welcome 
and a glam of home made wine, but It Is quief 
■ow at Bannockburn. 


Ing and Bnally Bridged 
aaw the light. One day aha 
annoaneed she waa 
through: ihe waa getting 
a divoroa Lavln countered 
by saying he would charge 
her young nephew with ar¬ 
son; ha waa ready to awe s r 
the kid tried to burn the 
down one night. Bridget 
had to act and act fast and 
■he had an ace In tha hole. 

By now, of course, lu 
apparent she'd beroanc tpe 
woman that “heD hath no 
fury like.* Into the ear of a 
UJS. Marshal ihe whispered 
the (act that Davie Ldvin 
waa a one-time deaerler 
fram the U.S. Army. 

through cerrespoiidence _ 

with a friendly lasrysr he H waa jmsf tl 

had hla eaae i seiesead In Tmm h 

Waahlngton. Finally it 
sraa agreed that -there 

had baen a flaw i" «be ^_ 

proceedings and after a ycar^a hnprtoonment ha 
got the welcome news ttiat hs waa free. 

Poor Bridget 

Meantime arraaa the Bay. things had gone 
Irom bod to worae with Bridget and Anally lafler 
■he tried lo ahoot a reporter from the ^ 
Frenrtaoo Chroniciel ahe isas arrested, declared 
iMsnc Slid commuted to an Institution at Stock 

*'’^1 w«i al fhe agylum that Davie Lavla 
■ought her out to beg foigtveneie' for all the 
trouble he bad caused her. In the 
he dlicovered It oral later than he theught; Just 
■ week before Bridget had been barW as a 
“pauper lunatic.* Later that afternooo ao maoiw 
porloed the figure of a man kneeling at a week 
Did grat-r When he left the grounds that after 
noon Davie Lavln was never heard of again. 

* * * * 

It wasn’t long aflw that NIcholaon cicawl 
hia c orner mkmn lor It waa elooed for himl. when 
the premiset became by turn a cigar factory 
and another saloon. 

Fifty v-esra ago It's esvner wus W. A. "^Ig 
BUI* Anrirraoo. a one-time Sconiah stonemason 

who ^dn> ■ rrdnrfiil note la the Regant’a Inter- 
lor aa he used to awing up and dmvo hahind tha 
CDuniar phi.ving the p pea! Oflan aama erony fo^ 
losvcd w.ih a dium. 

It ams during the Kloadike rush that BIB 
iwhoae brother Jim waa a one-time Chief at 
Police of Vencovvr-I ) ran a bresva r y at Carmaa, 
with aomr- •perial d's|.citsBUaN to ship baer lota 
Dawton'. Some tori of haaky-panky crept Into 
the oper-s|ron, levc.-vletl ane day when the North 
Weal Mounted Prlk-e mem at Whltehorae. re¬ 
quired a barrel of buiiM bear. When Ihe mam 
■tew-srd opened rme of (he battles he pronounced 
H flsl Thr loral m-srspupar adllor, Dkk BurdA 
was present at the lima and when ht look aa 
interested sr'ff at the bmr, hia wary look 
changed lo one of In. reduBty. He teas holding a 
glass nr straight hiwndyl Someone had been 
slipping spirtiB In In beer bottles! New Ihe game 
was up and, when ttie law got (inlalMd. m waa 
Ihe bresi-rry. ARcr a •hart whirl at the holal 
business In the uoiih. biB Anderson came to Vto 
toila lo run Ihe Regent 

Today Ihe ptrmisea at Daugim and JcfinaM 
no longer echo to Ike smr whoops of emhaitlad 
dilnkri-s nor ihe sJurt of BM A n der s on’a plpa8 
Hsbctdeshery la thr vogue Ui rra today. 

The Dali} CaiawM. hmtday. Aagmt 8 Pagal 

^ dtoehargad, and Begbie turning to the flgura 
to the box, remarked; 

“Prisoner, yon are diacbargcdl Go. and sand¬ 
bag some o< them Jurymen! They demrve K!“ 

Ah VnrepeHtmHt Darie 

When news of Lavto*! aequlttol reached 
partland thorn that knew the pair awara that 
Bridget bad haatcMd to Victoria srith cash 
aaoogh to brlka the Jury, a practice not untmaard 
irri-i tha line, but a bit tar out for Victoria. 

Shortly after the trial the pair left for Mon¬ 
tom whera Bridget happened to own an exten- 
tore cattle ranch. Maybe ahe figured that tha Ufa 
at a ranch aunager srould keep Davie away 
from jin temptation 

Maybe It waa the auo. the hmt. the bawUng 
at the eosva. or poaelbkr (he endiem dayi la tha 
mMIe: svhatever the raacoti, Davie wmi again 
bored, and could think only of the bright Uglita 
that beckoned him fram the coast. 

Although Bridgefa nama waa tied in to Ihe 
title dead. Davie Anally figured out a nml 
stratagem to turn the ranch Into caiii. He had 
Bridgci declared of unsound m'nd and with her 
tacked toi an Inatitutloo, sold tha ranch. 

It wasn't long hoeravar before aocne Meeida 
to Portland obtained her raleam whtr. brtiavs H 
ar not, ahe rushed hack to (he arma of Davtoi 
Brldgil It aeetfia waa a woman with a lot to gim; 
and gava it. In taei she erklad up this tlnia by 
giving Davte another publ 

Again It was the atoiy of drink and high Uv* 

ruhery at 
B a build- 

i had his . 
ney Levy 
gain (the 
B century 
e Regent 
s drought. 

tat tha adgaM at 

'rdict and am M 
which ym tana 
nnocenea at Ha 
such ooadagl ■■ 

a horrMa feiee 

ou Inimbll, a ■■! 
igad by tmm a Miy 
will iic a ha fra* 
diets as yoam I 
* 1 .“ 

that the pitoomt 



Tve Always Been a Ham at Heart!’ 

Youiut actress, Gudriin LanghUde-Laueten, talks about her first love, 

the Tlieafre, with BERT BINNY 

{Mem§e i» m rity im Dmmmark, mctually the chief city of tchat mtgla 
he cfJled the commly or tUre or eren prorince of the mote name irfcirA 
mccapie» the morthem part of the hland of Fmmam. On C. S. 

1915 Atlm§ - pogeJS - the iMiand U colored yeUotc and green, tying 
dightly to the left of and below centre; betmieem, let m toy, four and 

fire o'clock. . 

Odmmam U the yeUota port and the chief eky u plainly rutble, 

Ughi in egmare 07 mid hetmaen lomgUmdee 10 and Heart of Creemeich. 

atr «( 

•r* IS 1® 

Havlnf Huh arMy ^pnHilsH ^ m 
Ipiv Ih ua md aae what there 
ka Imia4. 

WaU. ikM Is CL CimM's CaHMdral whk-h 
■la one of Hie larfMI anH ftaast buMl^ •* j*f 
kind la the ukola eHWtay. ^ Ok ^ *.y y 
SKsarat myH aai ta* «f krteh. twi^k 
aliar IIm the paMuH aafeit at Danirartc. Cana'a 
. or Ka-a aaH. aghlm the Halls, lie 
MitsLnaalM a( Klac John anH *‘"1 
aian tr'^e iaitar eauaed a Wt a< a a^har^ 
his pmlenttaH allolr witk a ftaHy «*" 

asn^ Dyveka bul ha rat»aed isr M y~is 
la ka*lr ot Ik 

Also at OMtat la Iha eaiHle aractcd by King 
nedertek wha HMI lhafa la IT*, as -ell as 
Our Lady's Cliorah. baill In the IJili omiury. 

OUenM msans *OMb‘s Island' and the city 
ki one at DHUnark-a oMsai For a kmc time It 
Hsa the ameca ol |«C>«M JtmfHeylac to .Ht. 
Cknase-a akrtar sad HM ■MeUac plaee at m-v- 
«ril pMiiiUimefiUi. 

• Cerulnly It MB a cHy at stature and Im- 

PrMFNl hilereat 

The praanM Iktanal la Odetior. hoHever, 
la ainmnne«iHI aWker sHIh patron aalou or 
intatualed kingo. Nor Is H archllsctofkl. 

|» 1 . simply that. In l»K Gndnto Unc 
hMde Liiueoen, now of VlctartB, ws» horn 

J This, ta am. Is oary tmarasUm I 
„„,emher kaytnf M drtHs d Into say h aad at 
Khool that Oenmaik oma a „ Jlilir -kH aonm 
ol the English sap^ at egcs. kuMer sad 

The rmull at thta piece at laleBl^nce wu 
ta promote the lancitui not Ion that the w^o 
csunirv Hoa one enat mOm. m am aad alnk- 
•ink Since Ibass early daya. kua^r. t^ 
hen. and the hogs knee Ukw a back ^t. 
aupersetM by such as Hans ChrlHIan Ander- 
aon. Victor Bnrg e and Hamlet. 

And noH Gadmn. 

I am ear* she la ch aerfal and Ivety by 
•I m auH an acca- 


nt la term 


! tn 

And 1 am sgaally ear* that, alwg wt^ 
Cr eogsglnc smile, nimble longue and brlstt 

Odense to Victoria In I9&I 

_ ____ __tven and dte speak, nl the 

mMnMs dtcficulty which faced her at that 
lima. Hut It sear a dHHcnlly wai osireome 
^ ^ nrobiam -■■H'ly aoaaiuered. this ws. li. 

li nnlhlnc hesNanl ar mlieanduried 
t^^nn'. apMch now. She can chaiiM- 
like a siinliial She emera grade II at Vic 
ngb Hda Ml. having attended riaver- 
B.^ mid Qnndn Skanenlary sctamis and 8 J 
-WUIIa Jnniar high. 

En Traweali 

flhe is eaey Interested la the then tie She 
parlklpaMdl In various pageants at elemental y 
,1 iiMi At Junior high she^aas In three sue 
craaiat bmilvsl pUys. 

TM fcai was one tonnded on a tale by her 
I I iBlljmr- Hans Andecson. “The Rid Rl'^ 
and IM second 'The Mystery ol the Ming 
T»*S.* In both Mtew She appeared as the 
lisWstwiianta would say "'an Iravestl." She 
pJaimJrNels.- a boy, In -the Red Shoe.- and 
a lasailnrln eosnpleie with startling sans- 
^ Ming Tie*- In “The Hoi* 
In nir w.a- however, she sra. the Queen. 

At Vlemria High she played Plsmelt* 
Strata In “LBCtaeki Borgia’s Little Party” and, 
this ynnr. the Indy la Oorgc Bernard Shaw's 
“Itan ol Dmtiny.- 

And Ihia nan. she was one of iwo B.C. 

(lufcau from Vancouver Isiand selected to go 
^ ^ iMtord Fmtivai allh the Canada 
ComHB annhsaced Mudrnl lour. 

Sold ** betora she lait: “I capeci to aalov 
evatythlng. I like any type ol ptwduriwn but 
ShaKaspears sra* always my Brat love and I 
am lss*-lni (mward portiealariy to sceiag pre- 
iM^Mml productlona ol “MnHSeth" and 'The 
Taming of the Shrew.” _ 

And Gudrun baa wmi awaida In ^owh 
arts at the Music Pmllral. toa. a mikjecl slw 
Irabw hi w«h Helen Green. 

However. B might be asentlored that she 
has other eatra-enirleulor actlvltlao At Vic¬ 
toria High she not only bstangs to the 
Thmalaaa. a drama dub, but also to Ihe UN 


osw or Wll 

« dash of chill p pnMs r Pour Mse I 
twe diw laaaaMHng ta Me smmm* al potalora 
uadUuted araam al oktehsH m cranm of 
wMsshrama oai«L Bake In a hot neon until 
MMy This B saudi qnlMer * — 

«Mi raw p ul atsm Run •* am Mdse the 
bra Her for a qoMi kemsmed tSB- 

■abb fdMMIM ■OOB C h oy r d and 
T-^-* la a llaaod cre am soup make a fas t 
iMscIwon dish. SoMon them seeB with a dash 
of curry ar ti wtaad af eurty shake *■ a"^ oalon flakes and a *np ac twa nf^ 

. AagaW 1. II 

larva near toast potato Garnish 
of iwrilry or naisicreis. 

OIJVB are Mandkl for qalek mndwlch 
lllllnga Ml« them srith ereom cheeoe. with 
chopped walnuu and mayonnaise or with 
crumbtod bocon ond anougb sour cream to 
hoM Bw IngrsdtenU togelber. 

N* bouatartle oan Ignore today's eaavrnl- 
enee footM. Wtmay not wish to use them 
all the time b« when the lime eiement lo 
oM sTould be ool of their mind lo 
Korn the srondertol seorM of JUty products. 

Club, the CreoBve Arts Qob and lb* IJbrary 

And. Hke the “mUHon dollar baby” bi Ihe 
popular song, she work* In the chin* depart* 
mem ol s Victoria *10** whenever the program 


She ■larlad I* play Ihe pkino before, she 
left Denmark. Her reply to the qnestlon as to 
whether or not ahe dngs la direct and If 
alrictly true caneinsive. 

“My voice.” ibe mys. “eound* terrible!” 

Academically she B Inlereated parttculaily 
In the BCiencaa on the ooe hand and llieralur* 
and drama on the other. As a result of such 
Hberal tastes she la undpHded about bar lalure. 

The Art af Aeting 

Mlsa Langklldr4.auoaen baa thiaga to aoy 
about the art of acting. Primarily, she feels 
- as do nwoi of as that the standard aBatned 
in surcaoalve srhool drama feativali lo. like 
Salchma Arsnlrong's tru m p a t. going higher 
and higher. 

•The only way lo learn acting.” she declares, 
“is through working al II and meeting artlede 

There mual be aomething lo work at,” 
she adds with conviction. “In good playi. 
which have something In them, there la always 
something behind Ihe lines whldi you hm re 
' lo work out yourself and which no director 
mn give you,” 

How ealraordinarily true! 'Hiat Gudrun 
sees and apprectales this principle la rather 
ailusual and very much lo her credit. Nof 
only would it endear her to any hammed, 
overwrought director, but It atrongly suggesta 
that she might have a Ug theafrieal future 

Tkc Bcws rtccady kai cailincd MTtral iltat Amd ■larat aad lUiMge ■ IIm Ttrraca-XkiMl araa. !■! 

lack Ikiags are ‘eld kat’ ia tkc acigkkarkaed wkerc ‘kertaartal raai’ tt aatiuBg acw. 


AHyoiU! who hat wondarod why waahouU and tlidaa orrur to oftea im the vieimity •/ Primee Raperl, 
Terrace and KUimal would wonder no more after experiencing a storm typical of the area. And they are not 

Perhaps the one which I witne sse d in 1959 was a fitting sequel to a rather quiet HaUoseeen. It is cer¬ 
tain, anyway, that the witches and ghosts abroad that night had a rough ride as the wind built up gale force. 

My first hint of the itorni cam* in the 
middle of the night. I woke to the sound of 
rain apalterlng gustiiy against the motel and 
wind howling mournfully around proiactlona 
and hanging a window open and shut la an- 
evan rhythm. The yard outaide eras stream¬ 
ing with water, the gravel washed as daan 
as any beach. 

On the way to breakfast the neat morning 
a local citizen and I atruggM against the 
powerful wind as well aa Prince Ruperra 
noierlous ’'hortzantal rain." 

tie, without a trace of the awe wMch 
I was feeling: "Getting a bit roagh, isn't it?" 

Downtown the wind tore the car door Iroat 
my grasp and almoai bent it aatay from thd 
hinges. A telephone booth shuddered at the 
Impact of the weathet'a fury. Out an the Ihr- 
race Highway gusts buffetsd the car and blew 
It acmaa the road despite every effort lo keep 
a straight and steady course. Water In Uny 
wayside pools teas iashed jo whiteapa and 
the tops of the waves wete flung acmaa the 
road in grey, wavering spume. Rain bounc^ 
frtan the road and swirled through the air In 
odd, gauzy patterns. As soon as a laver of 
water ema cleared from the windshield, an¬ 
other was plastered on. Clear vlaioo came 
only In eamera-ahutter glimpaea. 

Culverts gushed and spurted: pools frothed 
and bubbled. Even the comparativbly quiet 
eddies floated pads of froth, the "tslrv pan¬ 
cakes" of children's sforlea On towards Ter¬ 
race the Skecna River was gnawing at the 
edge of the road and, in placca, siKking out 
the gravel. 

The mountains between Prince Ruoer t and 
Thrrace are high, steep and rocky, fa every 
gully and crevice Oow^ a rampaging stream. 
Along one stretch of road I counted a'iht 
cataracts in leas than a quarter of a mile. 

And, to add an eetie atmosphere to the 
sceiw, wravering patches of low-hanging chwid 
ran before the wind allcmalely obscuring and 
revealing the landacape. 

One torrent caught my altentkai and held 
It 1 watched. fasHnated as tons of water 
poured down In absolute abandon. As I 
watched, a huge bouldeT. weighing stvew 
tons, crashed from its bed. undermined ay 
the slresm. 

A little farther along, a roadside swamp 
overflowed the hl^wav in a sheet of water 
aevaral inches deep and SO feet wide and. be¬ 
yond that, another torrent had burst Its bonds 
completely, piling rocks and mud, 30 nU 
dean, two-thlrds of the wray acmaa the ^d. 

As I aurvevfd the debHa. a local dHver 
defllv sklrtei the ed-e of p ile, nodded 
casually as he passed, ami drove on. 

• At Terrace 

When I reached Terrace ! wa^t ^Dy 
aurpriaed to haar that I would not be able » 
complete my loumey to Kltlmat. bec^ he 
bridge at Boidder Creek. 16 miles down the 
road, had washed out 

My fbst Impulse dOa to re turn to Prig; 
Rupert, but that seas new Impa^ie w 
or dirae miles vmot of the teu^ mtneai w^ 
cut off by wInd-Mlad trees Moefcly aw 
than half a mile of road. These trees bad aeen 
upright leas than an hour before. 

Neat morning the atorm had suhsidfd. & 
cept for the litter of debris and the mar * 
gradually dwindling streams, tlw roun^" 
eaaded an air of Innocence, belying t 
knee of a few hours eorlleT. . 

Hdrty hours of hard, continu ous week py 
a Department of Highways e«w ™ 

Boulder Creek crossing with a wartime aaiwT 

Recalled by 

Bridge and Pwas able to continue my Journey 
lo Killmal. 1 arrived a day and a half late. 

This performance was no isolated occur¬ 
rence. A month later 10 inches of rain fell 
during M hotua. le l ep hoo e communkailoo be¬ 
tween Terrace and the outside world was srv 
eisd and several waahoula. the largest ino 
feet long aiM over 30 feel deep, slopped traffic 
moving aastward to HazHlon. Slides Mocked 
tlw rpad la Prince Rupert, and a bridge on 
the way la Kltlmat teetered on the brink of 

PeriMpa the slides, and washouts and the 
many Mats and Irtbulatkms caused by them 
do not provide the gr a a la s t marvel. Rather it 
is that people can. and do thrive cheerfully. 
In .oantry aubject to such conditions. It ia a 
trihuta to the pendsHnes and Ingenuity of 

DUBINO TBB NIOBT of «e abasOk 


Like a mummy from Ita wrappings, 
1 unwound myaelf from my blankets and 
braced myself lo meet the sharpneso of 
the dean, ooM air that runs like a thin 
current of ky water down the mountain 
gullies at dawn. It washed one wide 
■wake with a bracing keenneia. like the 
call of a ciarion. 

The charred. Mack logs left from last 
night's Ore became vUIMe In tha grey light, 
and the dark, blunted forms of the. horses stand¬ 
ing with hanging hasda )urt bayond. They blew 
through their nuatrila and began to move. TTie 
aky gi-ew pale and dear, and a bird ahrUled a 
sudden note. Tha. but great riiining star grew 
dim as I dknboJ Hu mountain side to watch 

the auniite. . _ 

A puih, pale radiance grew In the Infinite 
distances of space, spreading upwards snd out- 
usiOa deepening from primrooe to dear gold 
behind the long Muc hnea of the asountalu 
ranges that mode the hartaau's rlna. 

For how nuny mlllloti years has our dark 
globe spun round in Huoa lo aneet the gioty 
of du light, wlun no such Hny and yrt pvt 
a thing as man wraa bert lo see and wo rmip 
Hu BUrnol Poseer, He wrhe paaaea an Hla amy 


rdkd from our InadsquMe aighi In the 
mysterloua aacramant of boouly. 

Little floating lalante of doud laughs kilo 
rosy light and vaniahad, the brUiiance loruasd 
and Inrraaoad aa Che sun sbol Ra first hmg 
apeara through lha o p en i n g doora of a rww 
day. Tne birds bunt Into a su dde n ecstatic 
ohonia. and all the llttlo havas on the golden 
fspena twInkM and dilvaead. whlaporad and 
laughed at tha quicb laueh af a bvsana. 

I turned westward. Penh aftar peak, the 
snow summlli wste oooght by the running feet 
of the god of light as ha aped down the amin- 
taln skies and Ml tham alive wllh glowlog 
rase. The maMva ramparta and Oiouklera 
lower down that Hftad Ihrir walls above the 
valley mista, Moomad with hannera. banners 
that flowed Iflw mude: 

Pronieas Interfiuad wldi earai ill the naked 
faces al lha preripteaa. M ended bito lanes of 
golden-pink ta v eri ng the larealed curves Ilka 
. Che sweep af a diaear's veH. and diepene d Ma 
fathomiaaa dudowa af vkdat and Mue where 
the aaith sHI dapL 

A Mllowb^ saa af aunIM doud filled the 
valley balaw and the d ia uMeri af Hie aaain- 
bUna ran out biSa H. Hare was a floor of 
shinliv paM above whM one lied another 
world, and ana arHh HmnaL 


TON and a HALF of CANDY 

,1,, ™,»l, Mrf hU l<thrr MriM »•< * 

Ikr flr« -«r. i- »W*™ ■'«^‘"» "•'>' •" . ,^ 

hiK iMf rnhiw *Be •*»•• •* ' ‘c****» • 
pU«„r^ B ^ 

_i In D«<»nil«*f 

. -TH^tan' CaMM: If you wMi lo ■'■ 

mtrnm an «• Hnrry W.llwi 
■n**ij^**^*. . ui—dM •••orimem 

Fon StrMi-. K r h— 1 »< » .»». ^ p^,., 


!j i**r^ » •■■■"> ■“P*‘''“' 

*• •">' ,2!^ h!!l^la*alwinc ■"«' 

^ **-*? di 

Mid •*nmlnn arfnr* "nklnt j<n*» 

yiMiaii»M ■ 

Expmmdgd St»r^ 

.."y.. ^ Mr. W«Bk ••• mnno- 


MrWi 'Tis 

*]IlnMC>rtar y. wiw w 

wiin p«h«Ti of ^ ^dMn. •* 

ndM imll. Th* a—nd wr - 
ufM vortoo nl 


m 0 » nc tht yoar. 
nboul <>rW«io«. 

M nr-twMd Ml ■HwO'ly 

^ a kali, wkleh to «toirMHii«l 
My ad HvMIhaui Ike 

ihr ^wTrf malorlaUeoMumd•■ »to*<f!&*^ 
vni wao ktMoon »I4AI» 

‘Ttttrr mM ana WM kaya are ennotanily 


hTo WoHot Wvod anlll he '»»» *|^ ^ 

In Victoria In May^ »W 

laM -IW : “When he 

arrived In V«.orla he lo 

etiv and entered Ihe een goy ot 

In hi* rBdiluriBl on GovormnenC ^ 

mnafer II* IBcHlioV ka had a naareiod atoire 

tkeww src ei 

_!■ ttika wmIi’b aUry 

ipiea af ba<h clrcamatakeea. 

FIG F*»T«. r» ■ 

•ZLl’S — ir»ril.r^ Waflee. 
:jrL k.rt!n aaree ad 
I Me Fiartn n •* B<. 

--..n— area Mre. Je-e Maion. Induced him 

^dkaa Mr OreTa 


he wortred lor levan y»a™ 
and Oa. Refarnlnr in 

.■her eoalertloBery Hare ki^ Odd Fdow 
Uoclu. About 1900 he retired to a Urm on 
Ihe Carey Road." 

/f Coachman Found . « • 

Mra. noyd Emmana. ol 151 
Menlo park. CaHfomla. came lo ^orl. 
een-nil. and rtie brouihi with ^r lor. Ihe 
Provincial Archivea. the family album ol ^ 
parenla. Mr and Mra. 

^oneer Victoria realdenti. It to filled with 
phoioaiaiih.. of earlyttay Vlctoriana 

From lime lo time I have wtmdered It Mra. 
Rdbert Dunimolr had Her oMt coachman when 
■hr lived al Cralrtorroch Ca alle. 1 could never 
locale anyone who knew for certain. 

. . . But Where mw 
The Caade Lodge? 

■me album oalvad ike myaMry. la If 
la a Pletare of Geone Waoda and hla U^y. 
Mr. Waoda waa Men. Daoimalr^ 

and he and hla lamlly lived In the Caatle** 
Ualae. Bui where waa the todge? A ciiy 
diteciory of Ihe liaae aoya It waa on Ike Cad 
boro Bar Rood - which would place II where 
Cralgderroch Road and Joan Creacent 1°* " 
Korl Slreei today. However, when Mra. Wooda 
dM In 1899. The t ohudat placed Ihe Lodge on 
BHcher Slreei which to Rockland Avenue of 
lottoy. Therefore, the Lodge mighl ha ve heea 
at whai la now Ihe comer of Joon Creoeent 
and Rockland. It la IlkH) Ihe Oaatle had an 
entrance from Rockland. 

la Ihe John album to a picture of Ike ion 
and Mughlera ol Henry Mem. prominent 
merchant of Victoria In the 1890a. ... 

I found In The Cntoulaf In Ocloher in tfSJ 
that Mr Muaa built himaell a «•» new h^. 
-New rmldence The new lualdeoce ol Mr. 
Henry Moaa. ai Ihe head of Vat ea St^ . M 
Ihe aouih aide, haa recently been comptetad. it 
la a nenl iwo-alory framed houae. with a ga^ 
roof, having laur rootaa on ike ground Bm. 
and ronlalning aeven rooma In all The interior 
U hardllnlahed. The architect to Mr. Henry 

Henry Moaa died In Victoria In Noveml^ 
of 19IR Ike r iliuk u calling him “an old and 
eery highly eateemed realdeni of Ihto eWy- a 
naltre of Douglaa, lele of Man. Mr. Moaa came 
lo Ihka city 44 y.eara age and the place which 
he came to fill In the dly waa won through 
Mrict Iniegrlly and other alrellng ttnalHIea. 
rather than by virtue of aellodverllaetneni, kta 
being 0 quiet and almasi retiring nature. Hla 
kindly heart endeared him lo Ihoae who came 
lo know him. and he will be greatly mtoaed by 
a wide cliTle of loyal frlenda. 

-For » year* Mr. Mou held Ihe poalllon of 
naanagrr of Fell and Company. Fort Street, and 
for a time he carried on Ihe bualneaa himartf. 
Lallerly he entered Ibe wholeule commtoalon 
bvMineoa al 1213 Wharf f*lreel.“ 


Gaarga WaoM 

FAMILY takaa la 

ama lo Mra. 



By Ed Arrol 

^andwntin^ IS AS IMPORTANT AS EVER . . . 

A qmiH rt^rttiution m going mm in ihe rirmontary »rhoi»l» of Crmt^r I'irtorim mmd in many pnblir 
arhools arrou (’.onatla. This revolution doeg not involve gurordg or any of the mttdern gtrroutrementg of vtmr. 
H is being fought tvith the pen (boll pointg to the fore!} and it is a cultural revolution to reatnre hmnduraitng 
to itg rightful place at an art of coatmtuilcmtion. 

... Even in Atomic Age 

And none too soon, either. In thit Jet- 
atomic age It Is more important than ever 
before that Johnny Canuck learn to write 
clearly and legibly. Keeding the wrong 
figure into mechanical brains of the fu- 
.ture could change the course of hlirtory— 
and all because Johnny was a sloppy 

Not ont>' parents but tesi4iecs, too. lie con¬ 
cerned about tbe •tale of Johnny's handwnt. 
log. Last June teachers in Graalei Vlcloiia 
were revteseing the siancfard ol writing In the 
elenentary grades. On s quesUoniiaii'e liom 
Ibelr association teachers were asked to roni- 
ment on tbe uso ol ball point pen* ilatra 
duoed last yean, on whether sulll^nt time Is 
aDoiled lor leaching writing, and generally 
wba. they thought ol the “MacLaan Method 
ol Writing" which has been their guide lor 
over 40 years. 

The teachers have taken their cue horn the 
recent Royal Commission report on education 
Which found some dlssailstacllon with the way 
ehUdren write. 

The taosl common complaint — espscially 
fracn teachara new lo Cansda fat that the Mae- 
Leaiti i)niies» lorces all children,to write alike; 
to which Mr. MadLran hat countered iln his 
Ooimnenls on Eatracta Irom the Royal Com- 
adsalo Report on Educationi: "In order to as- 
Buna the best reaalU In legibility and lluenry, 
there ahoald be a certain degree ol uniformity 
la litter and figure lormatlon, sUe, slani, 
spacing, alignment, etc. Some modlllcotlons ol 
forma are allowed In the filth or sixth grades. 
Mr. MacLean warns agaimt too much Indivt- 
AaaUty booauac It la likely to develop llleglbll- 
My. Bat he atresnea again that. 'Individual style 
should not be dtsmumged aa long as legibllliy, 
aamolhneaa and beauty are retained." 

WHO B ■. ■. MaeLEANf If you attended 
a public school In B£. from 1821. on whea 
the MacLean MeUlod ol Wriling books were 
firat Inlroduoed lo BjC. schools chsncea are 
you were taught the MacLean method ol hand- 
wriling or aome teacher’s varlatioa thereof. 

That b probaUy why. when I telephoned 
the Vancouvor School Board lor InlormatiM 
about Mr. MacLean, the surprised sleno 
"HimT Oh. I'm sure he died a long lime ago 
Mr. MacLaan chortled when 1 told him ihlw 
"Dead, huh! Wait llU I see her!" 

AJthoug!i he once retired lo Sidney, Mr. 
MacLean b veiy much alive and. lurihermore. 
hb eystcm of bandwriling b more popubr 
than ever. *1 go across the country once a 
year and apaak to graduating iludenis. mostly, 
from SI. John’iL New loundtand. lo Victoria. 
EdUlons ol hb manuals aie revised every 
year—a French ediibn b being pubibhed thia 
yaar-and MaoLean'i system b allirially 
tharind lor aae In the schoeb of aevea prov- 
Imcs: NewfouDland. Prinew Bdwiid 
No»« Seotim, New Brunswirk. ^^ber. 
tohi and BriUsb Columbb. It b aba eslenslve^ 
UMd la the ollwu’ prwtacei •! CUnada. Alto, the 
Prtwlplea outlined In these boobs are followed 
by bmny oommercbl achoob. 

tlood wriling b whal b aaay to read ^ 
may to write." Thb phlkwoiiby of hb Hie a 
Work b propounded with the aid of magic— 
far H. B. MacLean b an amateur magician as 
well aa a lecturer, and a trained handwriting 
expert whoae advtoe b eoughl by the bw 
eourta. The children tave It when he Invoka# 
nagle to iprmd hb gospel ol better hand¬ 

'During my annual trip acroaa Canada 1 

speak to the teachers In training at the Teach- 
eta’ Callegn -or squivabMl. I siraas the 
vahw a! good hBaberlUng and uy by m ins 
ml bbekboard denMnstmtIens and suggeotimw 
to engender a greater Interest In and enthusi¬ 
asm for good writing. I am grateful lor the 
hearty welcome wMch I receive and for the 
evident imecaal of studeati and lacully mem 

"I also visit a number of elementary schools 
and am always glad to meet the teachers and 
pnplb ul all grades and to ssaisi them with 
their handwriting proMems. They seem lo enJoV 
blsriibsard demonsirallonB. a few apt stories, 
and seme blls of lllinrtiyrthnF magic.* 

Henry a kbrLean was bom near Charlotte- 
lowa, PS.L. "in the tatter laOOs." He trained 
•B p.mi. and la Oolario aad taught firat la hb 
home community. In 1901 he became principel 
ol the MacDonsM conaotldsted school on P.E.I. 
Conaollibled whoob were something new and 
Mr MacLean atlU rcoaib the Mg vana hauled 
by a team of horses that brought the children 
to school. 

BCt'AI'flC WAOEfl for school teachers and 
opporluniliea for kdvaneemenl weie greater 
In B.C. Mr. MacLean came west In 1909 he 
lotned the sull al South Park School and in 
1910 he became the firat principal of Cmmrgt 
Jay School. In 1919 he was appointed prtnripaJ 
•I ibe medri schoM at the Normal School la 

"1 bomme iRlerealed hi handwrliiiig amre 
than half a century ago- when 1 oosniiienoed 
school. My InaarsM Iner^scd as my 
teaching experience wideoed. I studed and 
practised different system* ol writing: con¬ 
ducted experimental work and did extensive 
ustairh I taught handytriting In ebmentery 
schocb, high BChoob. tight schoob, summer 
Khoda, and Victoria and Vancoovor Normal 

1 ( was while al the Vancouver Norraol 
Schoal In 1916 that Mr. MarLmn rsralls the 
llrat compMInts of poor handwrlBng were 
hcaid. Pupils graduating from detnenlary to, 
high sMraol vserr retpilrrd la write axamlnps 
Ham aad K vsoa theft that olllclab noted tite 
poor standards. _ 

A committee was formed as a direer result 
and Mr. MatLesn was appofntad la hood 
It A survey ol the aliualion was made, Inciod- 
big a stul^ of all modern taU boohs on band- 
writing. ^ „ 

Tor one and a hall years text boohs of aU 
Engibb speaking countrba were careli^ 
BliWpad and lepresentativee of numerous dll- 
tercal systema consulted." With the help of hb 
comdttee and Uu department of education. 
Mr. MacLean finally produced his new form of 
Irabdng for good handwriting, and It waa in- 
IrsdB.^ iate^achoota of B£. In UOl. 

It b aa endrrty Canadba pcoducHon. pub- 
Uahed by Cbrbe A Stuart Co. Lid.. Vanoouver. 
with Beparasa mamiab for each grade ot Ibe 
elemrntery grades, and a senior manual for 
high achool use, aa well aa a lea(Ws manu^ 
IIM aso Bupplbd free la all studaoCs la BXL 
acboab wbr i iba achoob ora oettvely using 

the MacLean System. Certlfbalm lor eaeh 
grade are avaibbto, from Uie PnaMry Crillfi- 
cate ■ awarded "For allUng In a healthful pose- 
lion. for holding the pencil corieeily and Im 
doing good print writing*) in Grade One m 
the Advanced Orrtltbnlr In Gradr Elphi. Ira 
arniar work Even teachera are oflerod a dip- 
lonw 9»r handwriting orhen they mmpleiea 
hoe rari-empondanoi courae, whl^ la marhad 
by Mr. MarLmn. 

MR. VlM-LEAm BI’LRR for good willing 
reduce to the maxim that. "PrnriMO ipabaa 
perfect" Hr InaMa that good handwrtliiig t» 
lofby just as important aa h evor vsas. PaiAaga 
more wc .* 

Pupils shouM ba sneauragad la tebe'w^ 
In their willing and la da Ibelr bmt • riilag In 
all iheu- written tnoba. Ol oouios. p«plb wM 
reflect their laactuorb writing an the MaiA 
board, and the rsamplB aat by pa'*’ **^ - 

In'erral in and anMMMbam Mo ^RVnnnd 
writing must tao dieabpad la ragulnr asaalnna 
More time may ba aaadBd M pradnoe hrilor 

Tlie courteoy value ot gtoM willing sbMid 
always be stressoA Jool aa It b poliia in iBteb 
clearly so should a patnaa'a baadwifling ba 
IrgiMe. nral. and bam a cbamrmrbHe braaly. 

Puplb shmilt be taoUwetad la the lasln n lm i 
al good i>pe* ol pewrib, pena. Inb and pofaw. 

Gone are the doyi Ml otMooM In Vletoi m 
and In other parb of Canada when penand- 
Ink mrani the oM-bahloned penhoMrr. a teeel 
nib. a boilb of blue-biach lab, and a Motirr lo 
sop up the moos. 

I'suallv a pupH b lalraduaed lo a pen In the 
bner half ol Grade Throe. Bg ibb Hsae tw has 
developed a reosotiabM amounl of musrubr 
oonlrol and b familiar with biter foimalion. 

Howrver. baR poMI praa. vrtien osed by 
piiiaary puplb, give rtae to special probbina 
socli os muscoMr Mnaloa baoBuae of the smoll. 
slippery hose ol moay models and because 
malty of them wImu wiftlog mra soibd 

spots rallied by Rte banking of Ibe paper or 
writing book. Udo b vory dllfleuli lo onsld 
beraose the witting b dane on payvr over 
which Ibe hand has paaaad. 

Hr. IfacLma rsaamnumda the "drab" lyp* 
ball point pan Mr adia nl asarli bocawse it bm 
a Mrge base and M tneU-baMnosM It mould 
oonlalB a tin fMartag. aanwnaiMini mk. and 
be uso^ with a HgM lauftt and freedom of 
mo'vmenl. Conran psnn an batter lor pupib 
In Ibe primary gradm; flnra Mbn may be umd 
In the higher gradm an the writing becoera a 

A goad fountain pen b aba a Rond Invesd- 
menl bcrauae of Ma canvenbnee and writing 
ease. The best type, Mr. MarLmn mys has 
a fairly brge Mwe vrhlch belpa to preirnl un- 
dar lenalon. A iiii iRini polnl b aaral sattofae- 
lory. A testdrytng typa of lah helps to prevent 
amudgliM. Cora abouM ba IMam to keep the 
pm ebon and fill Rowing 

'Anyone mn hooome a good penman If 
mentely and phystaaHy efficMiit.* Mr. Mae- 
Laon avers. “Study aiM. pmrtim will wotfi 
wondera but Intaraol and oamuatosn- are 

Major Matthews 

The WatoiroDt 

FIRST PRIZE ... *10,000 

In thU Uaar the author drali 
with the actlvllln ta walara ad- 
Jaorni to whore Ihe eitjr ot Van¬ 
couver now Biaada of lour faiaiui 
navtgaior-aaplofvn: PI I of Coo*- 
mandar Don Joae Marla Narvaet. 
who. In 17»1. waa here with HU 
SpanUh Ma)eaty'a arhooner Santa 
Saturnlna; Gallano and Valdee. In 
the achoonera SutU and Masicana. 
and Captain George Vancouver, 
RN. with HM Shipa DUcoeery and 
Chatham, In ITM. 

Wluit ahip'a prow flral deft Ihe 
waiera of Caaada:a great waalern 
port. Vancouver harbor* What 
man liral alood upon lU eorthT 
Who flral aaw Ihe mighty Fraaer 
River bealde RT - 

Here*» a Golden Opportunity 
For Scientific Writers 

Corning Science Prize 
Open to Canadian Writers 

Lillie. Brown A Ca, In co-oporalion tarllh Coming Glaaa Worka, have 
annount^d a compelltioa with a prior of (10.000 for Ihe beat book length 
manitaciipi on a acientUlc aubtect aad directed to the intelligent Uyman. 

The author of the prae-winnlng nanoaciipl will receive (TjlOO aa 
an outright piizr. and (2.900 aa an' advance on account of royaltiea. 
Canadian wiitrra are HlglMr to compete for Ihia priae. 

Manuacripta muat be of book Imgth. arrltten originally In the Eng- 
llah language and muat be typewritten and doaibleapacrd. No entry form 
la neceoaaiy. hut manuacripta ahould be addrraaed to: 

Manuacripta for Ihe Brat award ahould be received by Little. Brown 
by March 31, l:aa Any manuarrlvta received after that dale will be 
conaklered eligible lor Ihe 1(M award. 

Book publlailrm rlghta of naanoaciipta entered cannot be previoualy 
conuniiieo to an Amerlmn pubHaher, and It la underatood that all manii 
acripta In the eompetMoa are offorad M Little, Brown A Ca on lerma 
to be arraagcd bgi Ihe author and the publlaher. 

The winner of .the im ramlng Science Piiae award will be an¬ 
nounced on or before Sept. 1, ^MS. 

Greatest Mystery of Alt Times 

WIIBam B eora, will iniroducd you 
la the grealeel myelery of our 
times. Mr. Seora aubtltlea hie 
book The f'aae of the Mlaalog 
MIHmIuoi and deicrlbea how, hav¬ 
ing dUoovered the problem, he aet 
out an Ihe trail of Ita aohttlon. 
In the firat half of the Iflh 
Century there waa worldwide ex¬ 
pectation that the 'refum of 
Chrlat'' would take place during 
the ISfOa. The atoty made hcad- 
Hnea In Europe, America and the 
Eaat, waa debate d in Ihe Royal 
Sorlrly and reached the floor of 
the UjS. Congreaa. Scoffeta were 
many but Ihe enlhiialoam among 
men of all levela waa unbounded 
and all agreed on the time. 

What became of the atory? 
What did happen? 

Patiently and with great thof- 
oughnee* Mr. Sears seta out to 
aolve Ihe myatery. In Thief fa* the 
ly. AagnW I, IMI 

NIghI he preee n ia hla fuUy de 
tailed “oonduct of Ihe caae." The 
aolution. to which all evidence 
leada. will aatonlah and challenge 
any modern reader. 

litgly complied from iafuuaatlon 
gathered hy Ihe author ovar Ihe 
paei go yean. Profuaely illaatraled 
with photographa aad aallumiic 
docuBienla, Ineludtaag aava r al of 
the early explaiar a ' eharta, they 
cover practically every event of 
hiatorlcal value rtiaaive la Greater 
Vancouver and vldnlly. The p|ty 
m. their dIalrIhuUao M aa Undled. 
They ahould be In every home and 
aH ichool lihtarlea 



“Hk wife wanted to aee the 

worW. ao he boogfat her an 


And Fiction in 



MKNT, by Blrlmid H. Bovera 
IHarraart, Brace A World. UMi: 
A ccllectlon of "reporta, opbikmi 
and apeculallona" written over a 
period of 15 yeaia, moatly for 
magazlnea. with apeclal emphaaia 
on The New Totlier. Although 
they dtaplay a high literary qual¬ 
ity, iheae aaaaya have Utile elae In 
commoa The individuals Rovere 
dlacuaaea. for example. Include 
Ezra Pound. Gen. Douglas Mac- 
Arthur and Peter J. McGuInneas, a 
late Democratic boss from Brook¬ 
lyn. In the field of Ideas, Ihe focus 
la on Communtata In Anterica and 
Ihe officlaJ types who are current¬ 
ly at their heels. Rovere'a verdlrt, 
briefly, la “a plaque o' both your 
house*." The eaaay which gives 
its title to Ihe collection is the 
fart heat-out and perhaps Ihe moat 
fondly remembered of the pieces 
assembled here. It la an elaborate 
spoof of the Meo that the con¬ 
formity of tha modaraie loft.In the 
I'nited Slatea b Ihe product of a 
geniletnen's ajpwement like Ihe 
Brillah Ealabhahmenl. 

Nlvva Buarh (SImaa aad Hchaaler, 
glAili Continuing tha trilogy 
which began with tha 'popubr 
"Callfornb Street.” Buach b deal¬ 
ing here with a claah betwten two 
San Franciscoa —the arblocracy of 
the lowering hUla and Ihe com¬ 
monalty ”soulh of the Slot.” Hb 
bpok might be regarded aa "Romeo 
and Juliet" with a happy ending 
cxcepf that his heroine. Laura 
Yarnum. b a Capulel of Padtlc 
Heighia only by marrbgc. She al¬ 
ready b a widow and a aabatgntlal 
hdresa when Ihe atory begins, but 
her late haabond CharUc'a mnw b 
th« first to appear ia Ihe book and 
he b a dominant though departed 
figure Ihroughoat. The Romeo of 
Ihe piece b Courtney Cehrlii. a 
lad-halred young tawywr from the 
wrong side of Market Street who 
b Pleasing an ailing old Iriahman’a 
claim tor a massive aeltbment 
from Ihe Tarnum famUy bank. 

LAMPS, by Aba May (Harper, 
SIAAI: In the manner of Le May’s 
taler noveb. Ihb b not merely an 
a..uu but a saphtallcalad weaiem 
—a book deaUng with inatten of 
hlaiori c Buhaiance as weU as the 
•peed of Ihe hero'a draw. Thli 
time. Le May b concer n ed arlfh a 
blood feud set against Ihe broader 
canvaa af bioodahed presented by 
divided Mbaouri in 1880 and 1881. 
Hla hero b Shep Danbla, a "mud- 
sHI” whose famlty brceda and 
»™<laa In horaes and mules on 
^ Mbaouri frontier. Hb heroine. 
4uliA DHormt. U Ihe degfhter of 
a rivertnai owner prarooted Into 
1^ arblocracy by age and wealth. 
The chief thival to their happiness 
b Rodger Ashland, scapegrace son 
of a wealthy landoamer. who has 
turned nighlrlder In the pre-war 
turmoil. The showdown pita Shep 
and h» wounded brother Trapper 
•••Inai three of Rodger's ruthlezs 
bond. Aa uaual. Ihb book leada aa 
easily as If it wasn’t sophUlicaled 


B«vlnrr4 by f'HABI Dt PAfL MAT 

rOOF POOF iMriiCad; ASI by JaaH iMb 
Hr. HtaalrBliH by^ Babrrt Ibrib, bas a Hin»- 
mrry appraranca. Many of the pagn arr dona 
In flowrry colora. I'm trvrs and buihca are la 
lull laaf, and the poodlr Pool Pool grli Into 
trouble when be dlgi In a rinwer bed. The 
story will amuse picture-book youngsters, far 
it Is a lightly written vernon of a eonslsienlly 
appealing theme-diacoveiing onesell. 

Although II takes place in winter. AKTMt'B 
iHolllnier Honse; ga.7ll ay Bbada Lesine. 11- 
lualrsled by KtvjiH Alsoo, is sullahlr far any 
time of year. Using the device of me Mid 
that does not go south when cold weather 
approaches, the author and anial present an 
interesting picture of a large city in autumn 
and winter. The author leslum that picture- 
book youngsters can enjoy Uige noids If they 
have delightful sounds. 

Especially excellent far «ummer la niadys 
l'aoklln*> line nature study, HK I.IHE BUM 
iManoders; gSAdl. Illuslraled by Artur Mara- 
kria. A boy and a girl watch all manner of 
bugs, from dragonflies to June bugs. Hand¬ 
some Uluslratlona. 

Efua T. Snlberland was bom In the Gold 
Coast and la well qualified to write l'I.A¥- 

TIMB IN AFBK'A iMollbiger House; SAIbl. 
lllBulralid with dramalle phslagrapha bp 
Wlllh K. BcH. Hlde-and-icek shows that Afrl- 
can children enjoy Ihe ame 'hingi as children 
etsewhere, whUa Ampe ta jumping game for 
glrlsi expresses Ihe orlgmalliy ol Africans. 
Girls, aapecUlly, will like this book, which 
la for ages up to 11. 

■EADS IMeLeod; SLlt by Terry hbaauan. 
Illnstrsled by Nora Se at ts n Charles Pstmnl, 

and It win appeal strongly to boys. It la an 
Introduction to archaeology. Since it concen¬ 
trates on Indians and prehistoric animals of 
North America, It Is well smted lot >oung- 
slais In Canada. 

Many young Indians were taken to Europe 
when North America was being explored, and 
few ever got home again. A lucky one Is the 
BVNTEB l■oalBgrr Beav; fS.7SI by Aagwda 
SlesesMi. Illmlrated by Nsihaa Gs l d l e la. 
Squanto escaped from Spain, reached England, 
came home to America, and helped the PH- 
grima when they landed at Plymouth. 

Htdidmyt hrimg time for rrtmi- 
img—mt the bemrhf m CBjnjh or toog 
rmr tripe or epom rmried mp ol 
home. Uer^ ore tome recom- 
mended boolu for the yommper 
geoerolioo to odtUe omay the long, 
mnorrupied houre. 

For ages eight In IZ from DaChweil has 
written anaiher exrlUng suspense slaty TDK 
MYSTianr ( ABOO iSmtnOn: «Jg|. Illiis. 
trntad by Jneqaifbm l^inra. Mickey Devlin 
has plenty of curiosity, and courage to match, 
so It la perfectly nalatal that he finds Ihe 
clue that aolvea a tong-standbig mystery. 

A horse with courage 'and she needs Iti is 
Ihe heroine ol Jssiei Baws's TBINBET iByer- 
saa; gETSl. From the time she becomes a prise 
In a contest until she becooics a mother, this 
horse knows a series of oamers and aovcnlurcs. 

Particularly suitable for giria Is BAIN- 
BOH FOB M-BAN lAbiMidllibasma; ILM) 
by Mary Nargaa IllaaWaled by Btrhafd Hess- 
arely. When Susan has to apend the summer 
with reiativea far from home, her first 
Ihoughia are of hew to get ornmy. One by one 
the animals at Unde Dooly’s “farra” capture 
her heart, however, and by the end of the sum¬ 
mer she la no longer concerned with just her 
own problems. 

Carefully written non-fletion ter those up to 
13 la Balph Maas’s SIEVEB AND UtAD 
It allbe-RasmlBBa. Cbmda; BI.MI. Bfasintrd 
kp fharias W. Ratee*. This new eoneepl In 
puMlshing for younEslers beyond picture-book 



14) TBAP 
(bl LBAP 


age preaenta Ini resting malarial In large 
pagaa that are half taxi, kalf Ulasiiwlion How 
a raining town drvetapa after a mineral dlw 
cavary and diaa wkau Ika Me runs out la an 
sbaorMng sakteet. 

There la a real Oanada and a highly imagin¬ 
ative anc in TBB DIAMOND FEATBEB i Mas^ 
mlBan; BUB| by fMIhretna AaMaaiy ttarke, 
lllB>lrBlBd by CMa BMa. FIrelel and her 
broihar Jaha are transported lo a laniasy 
world altar they discover the magic leather, 
'-ut ihsir adventures help them lo develop a 
Hlar understanding of Iheir real world. It 
Is not often that boys and girls sf 10 and up 
have entertaining fantasy of this aort. 

Girls ol IB la M srill he htlrlBed by PhNBa 
iByersan; Bt.7ll. IBastealsd by BIrbard Bwr- 
wIlB. and Ihe alary la also llmely Strange, 
frightening events almost keep Benlla Duaiin 
from discovering where a Jeweled diadem la 
hidden when she visits South Africa. While 
learning how South Afrloons feel abnut apar¬ 
theid. she la able lo give some Impression of 
how it Is viewed la North Amerwa. 

FOB TBE BING lOxfaei: BMBl by BaaaM 
H’eirk. Illnalmlad by WIRtesn Slakte !■ a good 
book la give laan-aga boys an undtrsundlng al 
the laauaa of England's CIvU War. .Neil Carey 
has rrlBilvaa lighting an the aide of ihe King 
and an the side of ParHament. bul st Iasi ha 
Joins the RoysMsIs aaalnal Ihe Rnundbeada. 
His life Is In danger lime and again, even after 
Ihe fighting ecuan. yal ha. paraanally la Op- 

In spile af hla asather's ahjacllons. Hew 
Anrifn, central character af Anna M. Grsan'a 
TBR VAIJ.BT our (Batesn. »E»». H’wMraM 
bs PbM Fr^m. teals that he must become n 
•leepiectiaae ridar Evan after ha teams ihM 
his lather wm klBad while riding, ha doeant 
change hla mkid. It tahaa anatbar Iragady to 
bring him to hla atanaa, la make him respect 
hla mother-B sriahaa. and Manage girls M wrU 
as boys srill fin d this ta ha a alnoasa and mov¬ 
ing tale of real gwR**- 

For hnsebaU lana. Bagar Bah n hso oriteew 

MsiwdhB. CmM: R.ISI. a small book wlib a 
lot of facts training, great mornenis. great 
players. Ihe World Sertea. There are also g^ 
photographs af hlstarlc moments In iwebaB 
as well as Interesting ones of outstandi ng tw se- 
haU players srilh Iheir children The hook M 
«• -'tnltely for iummet. and lor almoat any ago 

A Pianist Views theTroubled Congo 

Hm vWwa bM ofinlona af iLikiniliti aai poMMBns •• 

Thr Cmmtce iRvr' bera MMy moi wmetomm. reriiaps Ibrlr very 

■nlllplWy ewufuaotl Ito am/pdaOK 

N«w. for B ttrleotiir rkuiRr. w* Oo tmwoo aod t»m- 

_ teodliw te Um chaos la The CaMO aeeo IhrooEb the ejroo 

af a eooeert ptaaist Her o aa r s sn i f t. ehtolacd from o vMtBKO 
gitilBE ofor *D ortlaltet femes, ahomU ho refrenhlog omf 
nafohly obJpctl»e. ^ ^ p 

HBO KBXED TBK tOMOOT. by PMlIpps Httenyler iDevte Adatel, 
Ul. Wtependmre day In LrepaMvIIle. June W. !•» teund Mis. Schuyler, 
a concert pUnIsf. Irying m play ■ P**no on a toft In a swimming pool 
ter an audience that svas indifferent, to aay tfaa least That ttey was the 
begmnlng af the chan, in TTi. Omge that ha. lad te 
muiilaiions of white and bladi ahke. mpa. piUaga and the lika and — 
end la In sight. Mias Schuyler, who haa mads stz trigs through Africa 
«ncr IW- dlacuuie. the hlslary. people. pMItlm and autloak of »>e vat 
Afriean land once held rogeihar by Ihe Belgians. Her firsthand obaervm- 

Hons are enlightening. -- 

Tha DaBy Coi 

.. . lha tmtewl GoverwmtaS 



The South Cowichan TennI* Chih Celebrates Soon 



, __ __, life. 

j are hi ttti oU 

pMer. UmmiO Svjf ttm 

m, f I—J hrfinrrn Alim 13 oml 18 thmii the wtlttue $tmrter'$ 

You » 00 n't find m busier spot on Vancourer Island bettoeen Atig. to am 

Lik. », «*♦ «.* WrtUw H.* ^ /—I 

Tm^ Ck«.|><«uW^ «< I*. P-^/ic IV.rt*«- ^ s,.* 

TbM* loupnejn •*• alwejr* posu- • 
kr aiuani laonla Ian*. 

Jar tba honor ol eompatln* ene 
anloyiDcnl al wateWns, hut lor 
Mw wondrrtul taeUn i of ha^t^j 
K« which rmanaiaa Irom tha M 
aroodaa dubhouaa with lha turfa 
•f nyi— on iia root. li Dia hahind 
eiahl graaa courla ai the Junctiou 
af COartchaii and Taouhalein Roada, 
Burroondad hjr liaiit flam and avan 
elder Waatarn Canada maple treea. 

Tha SouA Cowichan Clah waa 
tvmed on May t. M*. Sonw hla- 
•orlana may quibhia, hut It ^ 
naan from araUaWa rao^ 
QBMda'a aaco w d ohkat duh. Tha 
oMaat coatlnuoui duh •■•••• 
Ottawa Tennia and Lawn Bowline 
aub. which waa foramd about 
mb But nobody wUI dbputa tha 
Met that tha South Cowldiaa 
lourrwy. whidi dianfed 
only to tha 

Champlonahlpa In IS O. M *he o^ 
wt In tha PadOe NorthweM and 
maybe In Canada It haa hoan In 
•aiatenca alnca ISU. 

Loohini loiward to birthday 
ealahtaHona bticauaa ol «rty 
widalloni. la Mra. O. C. Shw ^ 
wha Ituaa near tha dub. H« 
father. Trod H Maltland-DoufaB. « 
waa an earty praddan t. Au«u ^ 
PImbary. a fontlam« 
waa founder and Brat dub pma*- 
dml. The origlaal two giuaa 
aourta were an hla farm an 
Tiouhaiem Road naar the mMth 
•t the Cowichan Rhmr. The dub 
moved la Ha praaont loeatioo In 
IMS whan Mr. MaHtandOoueoH 
araa inaaldrnt. Tha dub waa gnm- 
Ini: to w«i th* arw. Oiif niomlnf 
b# mid lo hla daughter. Mo. now 
Mra. Bhaea: "When you W tM 
Urn mail, aak Mr. Corfidd It ha 
will allow the tennia dub to uaa 
tlw comer of hla farm aa * new 
looalien ao we oan have aaora 

tournament play untO aha pinned 
up tha lop of bar graaa length 
draaa. Too much of bar neck waa 

Tha dub waa a popular gather¬ 
ing apot for frlanda who Uked a 
law aeta aa well aa to viatt. Sc<- 
tlara came on Saturdaya, aflan on 
heraeback, by horaa andbuggy. 
on foot, and aoma avan rowad over 
from Salt Spring laland. Often 
Robert W. Sarvioo would drop by 
tor a dalt. He lived in the arm in 
'thoae daya before ha moved north 
and bacame a fanaoua willar. 

There are thim aurvlvlng naam- 
bari of the early duh. Beaideo 
Mra. Share.* there la Ainalla C. 
Johiwton of Went Vancouver, aitd 
hla aiater. Mra. Kathleen E. Bark¬ 
ley. who apant moat of her life In 
England but now Itvaa at tha 
^ouhalem Hold In Duncan. Mm. 
Barkley plana to attend the up¬ 
coming matchaa alao. 

The South Cowichan Club haa 
aurvived many upa and doamo. It 

Edie did and Mr. a T. Corfidd 

**ABd'^fa whara tha ^b haa 

hnaa. Mr. Corfidd prm^ to 

hie wffi hw tho fiorrtr to^ 

for tennia aa Mng an the 

lln SMtfv rtcalt bnne ^ 
“m from the South Cowk^ 
mia. ^ Ifeo afOdd umpdo. 
aa not permitted to pr»*— 

rirat name on tha big Oliver 
challenge cup for men'a ainglea 
la that of Frank L. Kingoton of 
Duncan, who won It In I>13- 
Othar arliuiem were Norman Cor¬ 
fidd In 1922 and 1923: Georga 
Sparling, who oparateo a Vancou- 
^ .porta gooda atore. In 19M. 
Haidt Pruaoft of Soattla arho once 
ranked 9lh in US. tennia and held 
the Cowichan Cup in 1930-*81 and 
*32: Md Dranga in 1934. 1936 and 
1947. Thia tlllaholder atill regu- 
Mrly entem the tourney: Frank 
Kavaca from OallforitU. high mnk- 
Ing US. pUyar. hatd the Duncan 
tide in 1936. Ron Sldaway. a for- 
enar Duncan and Nanaimo realdent 
and onetime Vancouver city cham¬ 
pion. won la 1948 and 1949; Arf Jef¬ 
fery who haa ranked high for 14 
yearo In RC. tennia. held the cup in 
19B1; Canadioa Davla Cup pUyer. 
Paul Winay. now Vancouver Ten- 
nU Club pro. waa champion In 
1962. 19SB. 19S6 and 1998. Loat 
year’a arinner waa young Raider 


%aa rarely been out of financial 
Mckpota. It la tanpoaalble to ooti- 
mala what bidhrldual membera 
have contributed In caah, labor 
and thne to keep H together ovw 
the yeara. It aurvived two world 
wara when men ware away and It 
waa impoodble to find malnlen- 
anca hdp. But tha courU didn't M 
to poature. They were regularly 
cut. rolled and marked by dedl- 
eat^ membera. Club membemhip 
haa never been largo—only 22 laot 
year -hul the me m bera have al- 
waye been people who loved t^ 
nla and were willing to make 
mcrllicea lor thdr aport. The dub 
haa the diatinedon of bolding a 
tourney every year alnee H 
•lartad. the drag hi 18B. 

Ihe dub’a ihonorary praakianta 
am men who have eoo^butrf 
much to the welfare of tha dub. 
They are Norman T. Oorfleld. Na¬ 
naimo. aon of a. T. Corfidd who 
left hla property to tennia: Edwin 
R. Jackoon. MID Bay. and Jotnm 
Longbo u ma, dub praddant for IS 
yeara. aim active on the courta at 
T1 and unofficial hoot at all dub 

Cota, of Victoria. Other familiar 
r-m-g in tennia arho have eon- 
trtbulad to Oowlchaa are Lome 
Main, ofiatlrae CanaitUn Davla 
Cop team captain; Lawrence Bar- 
day. CoUn Walker. Jfan Skdton. 
Jkn Macken and tha Bardaley 
family. aO of Vancouver: Jim 
Brink. Seattle; bnery Neale and 
Sam Lea, Portland. From Victoria 
have coma Carl Brand, J. C. I. 
Edwuida. Bud Hocking, the lata 
Eric McCaOum and the late Major 
WUIiara Moraton. Tha Stapiaa 
family of Dunoon have been long- 
dnaa aupporteri af South Cowl- 
dian. with Major Tony Staplea 
bdng the official'tefrree for many 

Sam Lea and hii arlfa. June. 
fut ine i Canadian women'i doublea 
dMmpion. will antor thia year. 

"Why da you eome back yaor 
after yoar.** Mr. Lae was aakad. 
His anower: T think thia ia our 
Wimbledon and there la so much 
doa at tha toumsy baatdae tha 

Mr. Bad. Mra. Root Haghaa. 
Saatda rmidanta, now Uvtng la 
Connoetleut. plan ta coma west 
far tha louraay thia year. The 

wonderful South Cowichan people, 
tha lovely setting and the court 
cantaete.'* win bring the Hughes 
family aeroot the continent to help 
celebrate tba 79ch birthday party. 

In a note of humor Mr. Hughes 
added: “And where dm mn you 
play on gram court! and bi high 
treoa at the same tlroe.' 

Many af the top ptayen. who 
came firii only lor teraiie, now re¬ 
turn annually with young famiUea 
for another type ol competition— 
to eee who can catch the Uggast 
Hah. They enjoy Cowichan Bay 
sahnan fishing in the early mom- 
Inga; the tennia eourte In tte after- 
aoona and evenings. 

Spectators at South Cowichan 
enjoy the games from their care 
which ore parked nose In around 
the eourti; from benches, rugs and 
camp ehaira which they bring 
along themselves or from the 
stepe ol the wide club-house ver¬ 

Instructlona to players come 
from the starter whose schedule 
sheeta am spread out on the UMe 
orhlch win go down in tennia his¬ 
tory also. It la perched atop the 
stump of a giant Wcatem Cana- 
dian mapfe whose dwde and 
apmarting limbs cBcrooched mote * 
and more each year on the tennis 
playen. Finally, the old tree had 
to come down. But what to do 
with the stump? Ai Stevenson, 
regular tourney competitor, and 
brother of Art Stevenson, diligent 
worker and dub secretary, came 
up nrilh the a n awer. 

■Tum K Into the etarter'a table 
for your toumaments,* ha sakL 
And that’s what it became. 

Every member of the chib win 
contribute lo birthday cdebralione 
tMa year. In charge of the Dia¬ 
mond Jubilee Is the dub eaecutive: 
Jeff Hunter, preddenl; Duvid Wll- 
nama. Duncan lawyer, vtoe-presl- 
deng; Art Sleveneon. secretary of 
the Duncan Chamber of Com- 
morea offtee on the Island High¬ 
way; Ann Gerat. treaaurer; Mrs. 
Doris Cheeks, who handtaa touma- 
menl mfreahmenti: Helen Boyea 
and Dick Christmas. 

la honor of the birthday party 
tournament winners thia year wiU 
reoslva their trophies from B-C.‘a 
Liautenant-Govemor GaorEe T. 
Peaikea. who wUI be In attendanoa 
la watch the Baal matchaa