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• 190 7 * mi 




-Of ' t± 






T. I 





S2-82230. Cobalt Pattern Cream Ladle 
heavily silver plated, packed in silli-lined 
box. Price, each ... 

S2-82232. Cobalt Pattern Cold Meat Serving 1 
Fork, heavy ci:' ting tines on both sides, 

S2-82228. Cobalt Pattern Berry Spoon, heavy 
silver-plated plain bowl, put up in hand- 
some silk-lincd box. Price, each 75 . vrrcceacn _ .50 1 put up in silk-linp“box. Price, each..... 50 

Entered According to Act of Parliament of Canada at the Department of Agriculture, in the Year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Seven 


' \ 

Wm. Rogers and Son Silver Flatware 

The Well-known Standard Quality 

. W *?- Rogera and Soi > Celebrated Silver-Plated Flatware. Every piece guaranteed to he b , 

thia brand as we do, we have no hesitancy in recommending them to those looking tor T! ? * T, Plated ' " 
We believe this to he the host - Rogem - Silverware made a. the price. Cat shows actual sise at ^ 

Oxford Pattern S2-82150 







per doz. 


S2-82 60. 

Oxford Pattern Teaspoons, per doz. 1 .4.5 
Oxford Pattern Dessert Spoons, per " 

OxfordPalterii Table Spoons, per 


Oxford Pattern Medium" "Forks, 


Oxford Pattern Dessert’ Forks, per 


p 65 

Ox lord Pattern Sugar Shells, ea. 25 
Oxford Pattern Butter Knives, ea *25 

Oxford Pattern Coffee Spoons, per 

® Oxford ^ atteri i Berry Spoons, ea 
S2-82166. Oxford Pattern Berry Spoon, gilt 
each ’ : 



S2-82B8. Oxford Pattern Pickle Fork, ea. 
“'SI Oxford Pattern Cold Meat Fork, ea 
S2-82172. Oxford Pattern Cold Meat Fork, 

gilt, each 

S2-S2174. Oxford Pattern Pie Knives silver 
each ’ ’ 





S 2 ea 2 ch 6 ‘ 0xford Pattern Pi e Knives, gilt, 

S2-S2I78. Oxford Pattern Cream Ladles 
silver, each ’ .q 

S 2 - 82180 . Oxford Pattern Cream Ladle’s’ 
gilt, each ’ 

fc>2-82182. Oxford Pattern Grayy Ladles, silver 

each _ ’ gg 

S2-82184. Oxford Pattern Gravy Ladies, gilt, # 
eac ‘h ’ ' 

Eaton’s A1 Silver-Plated Flatware 

in the country, and every piece of 
silverware. You cannot make a mis- 
made at the price. 

These goods are made for us by one of the largest factories 

Eaton’s A1 Brand we guarantee. In finish and appearance it is fully equal to solid 
take in ordering Eaton’s Al Silverware. The Cobalt pattern is bevond doubt the finest 

S2-82186. Beaded Tea, Spoons, per doz -j q 

S2-821S8. Beaded Deskert Spoon or Forks 
per doz * ’ 2 75 

S2-82191}. Beaded Thble Spoons or Forks 
per doz ; ’ 3-15 

S2-82I92. Cobalt Pattern Piekle Fork, each .35 
£“>-82194. Pattern Gravy Ladle, each .50 

Plain Handle, Eaton’s 12 dwt. Silver-Plated Knives 

S2-82198 .. 

per doz. 

per doz. 


Tipped Tea Spoons, per doz 1.50 

Tipped Dessert Spoons or Forks, 

- 2.75 

Tipped Table Spoons or Forks, 


Cobalt Pattern Butter Knife, ea. .25 
Bread Knife, Silver-plated Handle 


S2-822g.6. Cobalt Pattern Tea Spoons, small 

or large, per doz i i=n 

S 2 82208. Cobalt Pattern Coffee Spoons, small 

or large, per doz •, 

S2-82210. Cobalt Pattern Dessert spoons or 

forks, per doz... ....... o 7 c 

S2-82212. Cobalt Pattern" Table" Spoons or ° 

Forks, per doz 3 15 

S2-S2214. Cobalt Pattern Sugar shell, each .25 

ain Handle, Eaton’s Special, 
* dwt. Silver-Plated Knives 

t2-822.'6. Dessert Size, per doz. 3.60 
32-82218. Table Size, per doz... 3.90 

S2-82220. Dessert Size, per doz.; ~ o nn 

S2-82222. Table Size, per doz *7 ''"Z’.'".'.'.'" 3’ 00 

Plain Handle, Eaton’s Special, 
2 dwt. Silver-Plated Knives 

S2-S2224. Dessert Size, per doz 1 OCl 
S2-82226. Table Size, per doz... 1^20 


'his Catalogue brings 
jo greatest Merchan- 
dise Emporium in the 
Dominion to your very 
door. . . . 



SHOW this Book to 

Catalogue No . 82 

your friends and have 
them send for one. It iB 
free. . • • 


Our Stores are at Toronto and Winnipeg: only. We have no other Branches. 



OBiMMB— — — — — — — B— —— — H— —— M OFT I I I ■ ■ MMM—— ■! 1 1 

O N receiving a shipment, if goods are not satisfactory for any reason, return them within ten 
days in good condition, stating: why goods are returned and we will pay transpor- 
tation charges both ways and exchange or refund the money in full. We make 
exception only on certain goods that we do 'not exchange, a list of which is in “ Returning and Exchanging 
Goods Paragraph,” page A3. 

Remember You Run No RisK 

Simply because we take all the risk. We throw our goods open to your inspection in your own home, 
and if not satisfactory you may return them to us at our expense, without COSt to you. We can do this 
because of our absolute confidence in our qualities and values. 

Your increasing orders have enabled us to buy in larger quantities and get better terms, and we can 
thereby offer you wider privileges and new concessions. 

We now step out on the reputation of our high class merchandise and make the freest and fullest 
offer that can be made for the benefit of our Shoppers by Mail. 

If the goods you order are not satisfactory, return them, stating why they are not satisfactory, and we will 
refund your money, we paying all transportation charges, the purchaser then takes no risk. 

Why The Saving Is Great 

Our numerous expert buyers make frequent visits to every known market in the world where required 
goods may be found, getting as near as possible to the place of production and buying in the best way the best 
goods that can be had — the whole output of cotton and tweed and linen mills and carpet and glove factories in 
Canada or Europe ; the pickings of tea and coffee and spice crops in Ceylon, China, Japan and the Indies ; the 
production of a raisin plantation in Spain, and so on wherever the most and best is produced, always selecting 
the finest quality. After the quality is selected price arrangements are made. As our orders are so large we are 
enabled to keep the price away down, and sell to you at prices that make your d jllar buy much more than if we 
bought in small quantities and through importers and other dealers — and the goods are backed by our broad guarantee^ 

A great many of the articles of wear we make up in our own factories, where every invention for quick 
and perfect manufacture is in use, and where every garment is carefully examined before being put on sale. The 
slightest defect means rejection. And the goods we offer our Mail Order customers are exactly the same and. at 
the same prices as sold to persons who visit the store. 

Every department is stocked with the newest and freshest goods, bought with the purpose of sustaining 
our reputation of giving a high quality of goods at a comparatively small price. Every 
dollar’s worth you buy here means you have saved some money, and to prove this, examine our prices herein. 
With our New Liberal Offer which you will read above what more can be desired ? 


If you are in a hurry for your goods do not be afraid to send* us your 
order. . We ship out a large per cent, of our orders within one day after we 
receive them. We fully under.-tand how important it is to our customers that 
each order should be filled and shipped promptly. Our system prevents a clerk from holding or delaying an order for auy reason 
without advising you, our whole endeavor being to send what the customer orders and ship it out as quickly as possible. 

Every known device regardless of expense has been adopted by us that will in any way facilitate the prompt and accurate 
handling of the large number of orders we daily receive. 







All orders must be mailed at one time and in one letter. This is very important as we do not hold 
the order, and cannot enclose any orders coming in later, they will be sent on separately if received. 

If yon cannot make up a shipment to weigh 100 pounds to get the advantage of the freight rate or our free delivery, we 
advise two or three persons clubbing together and making up a large order having goods shipped in one shipment to one address. 
We pi cel and tag each order separately, enclosing the bills in each parcel, shipping the whole order to the sender of the order, g 
We also mail a statement to the sender showing the amount of money received and the amount of goods sent to each customer J 
It would be of great assistance to us if each customer would state on their order the amount of money given to the sender, and tlfK 
sender to send us a list of the amount received from each customer. It is also necessary that the sender should carefully total tjfc 
different orders, as quite frequently we find that when totalling same there has been insufficient money sent. f K 

Each order must be written on a separate sheet, just the same as any other order, giving name and P.O. address in full./ 
State on each as follows : “ Enclosed with Mr. — ’s order,” giving the name of the person to whom the goods are to be shipped. 
The person to whom the goods are to be shipped must write shipping instructions fully in his letter, and state what orders 
are to be enclosed. 

Enquiry About Your Order 


Should you not receive your goods or hear from us within 
a reasonable time write us at once, giving; full particulars, 
viz.: Name in full, Post office address, Province, Date order was 
sent, When and where mailed, How addressed, Amount enclosed, 
whether Express or Post Office Money Order, Cheque, Cash or 
Stamps. If by Registered Letter, Money Order or Postal Note, 
give number. 

State how name and address was signed. 

Send copy of order as nearly as possible. Write from same 
post office and say how and where goods were to be shipped. 

On receipt of goods, if anything is wrong, write us at once, 
and return the bill. 

Sometimes errors occur, but if you write us fully, telling: 
us what is wrong: and give us a full list of shortage, etc., the 
matter will be adjusted promptly and satisfactorily to you. 

Be sure and sign your name and address. All claims ought to be 
made within five days after goods are delivered. 

Do not return goods received in a damaged condition with- 
out first notifying us. Do not accept or give receipt for damaged 
goods unless agent makes a notation of such damages on freight 

If you do not receive all of your order always state in your 
letter (how many pieces or parcels) you have received from 
freight or express company. This is important, as it will save 
an unnecessary delay, for it will necessitate again writing you 
for the above information before we can trace the lost pieces or 

Do not destroy waste paper or packing until all goods are 
checked off and accounted for, as very often small articles are 
thrown away or destroyed with the packing material. 

As a rule breakable goods are cleated off in the end of the 
case. So be very careful in removing the cleats so as not to 
damage anything that is cleated in. 

Please remember that in paying charges to express or rail- 
road company that you are not charged at so much for each 
piece or parcel ; for in all cases you only pay for the actual 
weight carried regardless of number of parcels. 

Our Free Delivery Offer 

We prepay Freight or Express (we reserve 
the right to ship the cheapest way) on all orders of 
$25.00 and over going forward in one shipment, to your nearest 
railway station in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia 
and Prince Edward Island on all goods except Furniture, 
Springs, Mattresses, Refrigerators, Organs, Stoves, Baby Car- 
riages, Salt, Sugar, Flour and House Mantels. 

To obtain advantage of this offer your shipment must amount 
to $25.00 over and above the exceptions named, if you instruct 
us definitely to ship your order by express and we find it 
would go cheaper by freight, we will ship it by express, but 
will only prepay the amount It would have cost us had the 
order been sent by freight, you paying the difference. 

In sending for samples answer the following questions, and 
order within two weeks (providing samples are satisfactory) to 
avoid the possibility of goods being sold out. 

Samples of goods — 

Catalogue No Width 

Plain or Fancy Colors preferred 

Light, Medium or Heavy — Price about 

Do not ask for samples before you need them, as the goods 
may be sold out before your order is received. 

Make second and third choice if possible. After making 
your selections you will confer a favor on us if you will kindly 
hand the balance of samples to some of your friends. 

A Nos Clients Francais 

Nous preferons que vous nous ecriviez en Anglais, mais si 
vous ne pouvez pas, alors veuillez ecrir en Francais. Nous 
avons ici des traducteurs pour vous lire et vous r4pondre. 

Void cing points que vous devroiez toujours remarquer en 
ecrivant vos ordres : — 

1. Signez toujours votre nom et adresse. 

2. Incluez ensuite avec votre commande le montant n6ces 
saire soit, mandat poste, ou en argent, dans ce dernier cas il 
faudrait faire s’enregister votre lettre. 

3. En envoyant vos ordres mentionnez toujours le nume 
de Particle, la couleur et grandeur desire. 

4. Lorsque vous donnez des commandes par la malli 
n’oubliez pas d’inclure un montant suffisant pour couvrir lei; 
frais de poste. 

5. Soycz bien sur que le total de votre ordre est correct. 

6. En retournant les marchandises veuilles toujoun 
envoyer la facteur et dissez nous pourqui les marchandise 
sont retourne et ce que vous veuillez avoir faite avec. 

1 in 






Customers’ Deposit Account 

How to Save Cost of Money Order* and 
Earn Four Per Cent 

We have in connection with our store a Customers’ Deposit Account D«] 
partment which is conducted as follows 

Send a Deposit, with directious to open a Deposit Account. 

You will receive a pass book, on which will be given your D.A. numbeil 

This book can be balanced at any time on request. 1 

Send your orders in. and when you want them charged, be sure anl 
clearly state so, and always give your D.A. number. 

You can send new deposits as often as you like and continue to ehargl 
your orders as long as you have money left, a statement will be sent yoj| 

monthly showing purchases and amount at your credit. 

Your money can be withdrawn any time by asking us to remit. 

Four per cent, interest will be allowed on your average daily balancel 
and same will be compounded half-yearly and credited to your account. 

The instructions to charge must be given over the signature of the or., 
opening the account or by a person that has b^en properly authorized l | 
use it. 







I Fort 1 ! 








When the rate you want is not given below, use the next higher rate for making price 

When the rate per 
100 lbs. is«3- 






1. 25 









not over 1 














Over lib 
















2 .. 
















« 3 . 
















«• 4 i 
















•• 5 “ 
















M 7 H 
















.. 10 .. 
















.. 15 .. 
















•• 20 “ 
















“ 25 “ 
















30 ‘‘ 
















“ 35 “ 
















•• 40 “ 
















•• 45 •' 












125 | 




“ 50 " 











55 " 











•• 60 “ 











HOW TO r NO t 

•• 65 " 











.. 70 .. 











For example, on 

the t 

.. 75 .. 











100 lbs. As $2.75 is not given c 

•• 80 " 











follow the column down and y 

•• 85 " 











lbs. 45c, 4 lbs. 60c 

5 lbs 

. 65c, 7 


1st CLASS 

Agateware. Books. 
Bureaus. Sideboards. 

Carpets. Matting. 

Carriages, cased (K. D.) 

Chairs ( K . D. ) Tables K. D. ) 
Common Mattresses. 

Desks, crated. Hat Racks. 
Dry Goods. Folding Beds. 
Tinware. Groceries. 


2nd CLASS 

Beds. Hardware. Crockery. 
Glassware. Dried Fruits. Stoves. 

3rd CLASS 

Bacon. Pork. Canned Goods. 
Oil Cloth. Paints, Wall Paper. 

4th CLASS 

Sugar in bags and bbls. 


Common Soap. 

1 1-2 Times 1st Class 

Desks, wrapped. 

Trunks. Springs. 

Lounges, backs off. 

Double 1st Class 

Chairs, crated (wood). 
Chairs, wrapped, set up. 
Cabinets (parlor.) 

Parlor Tables, set up, crated. 
Lounges (backs on). 

below the express rate to Moncton, N. B., is $2.75 per 


From November 15th to Opening of Navigation. 
















Minimum or lowest charge on 
any one shipment. 

Express Rate for 100 lbs. 






I 2nd Class 





4th Class 

Minimum or lowest charge on 
any one shipment. 

Express Rate for 100 lbs. 






























St. Catharines 














St. Thomas 










































Vnnkleek Hill 







Brock ville_ 














Burk’s Falls 




















































































P. E. Island. 

Foote’s Bay 







Fort William 





















Emerald Jct_ 






3 50 

Goderich „ 













3. 75 

Grand Valley 






























♦Beauharnois < 






40 J 





























Kippewa Jet. _ 







Gaspe ... 


















1 50 








Magdalen Island... 




















2 75 

Mattawa „ 







New Carlisle 






3 00 








Quebec City 






1 75 








Riviere D’Loup 






2 25 













1 75 

New Liskeard 







Three Rivers 






North Bay 














New Brunswick. 

Owen Sound 







Parry Sound 





















Cape Tormentine... 





















Port Arthur 



























3 00 














2 50 

Sault Ste. Marie 













2 75 








Fredericton Jet 







Smith’s Falls 













2 75 














2 75 














Sturgeon Falls 










Estimate the weight of articles wanted. 
Refer to list in right hand corner top of this 
page for classification of goods. Find the rate 
to the town nearest you on the above table. 
Multiply the rate by the weight. This will give 
you the freight charges on your shipment, 
su fficiently correct for your information, pro- 
viding the amount is not less than the mini- 
mum charge stated in column 6. 

* Where there are two rates given add the graduated result of both rates together to find the cost by express. 




1st Class 









Minimum or lowest chargs on 
any one shipment. 

New Brunswick. 

St. John 






St. Martins 






Nova Scotia. 







♦Barrington j 






♦Bridgewater { 






♦Chester j 






Ferrona Jet 


~ 64 










1 12 




1 24 













♦Middleton j 







~ 76 










1 07 

♦Pubnico | 





1.19 ■ 

♦Shelburne j 











* .92 







** Westport 






Windsor j 






♦Yarmouth j 




















1 . 00 ) 









Piano drapes 213 

Pickles 266 

Pillow linens 170 

Pillows, air 293 

Pillow cases 166 

Pillow Phams 169 

Pills 291-292 

Pillow tops _ 211 

Pillow, i hamholder.. 243 
Pin, stick, emblem... 149 

Pins, hut 149 

Pinking irons 203 

Pins.. : 202-203 

Pins, hair 208 

Pin cusnlon forms ... 209 

Pins, emblematic 149 

Pitcher ... . 270-271 

Plaiters 204 

Planes. 274 

Plain and trimmed 

combs... 207 

Plushes 178 

Plumes 123 

Plvers, fence 275 

Pocket mirror 296 

Poets 184 

Polishes, boot 84 

Poles, trimmings 224 

Pompador combs 207 

Poplin’scolored wool 175 

Portieres 221 

Porridge sets 269 

Post card albums 201 

Pots, 6tove 273 

Purses 162-165 

Pyjamas, men’s 58 

Pyrography outfits ... 213 


Rag dolls 286 

Raincoats, men's 69 

Raincoats, women’s... 14 

Raisins 264 

Razors,, strops, paste.. 159 

Reading glasses 146 

Reefers, boys’ 80 

Reefers, children’s 21 

Ribbon 110-111 

Ribbon wire 203 

Riding leggings 91 

Rings, towel 212 

Rings, gold 151 

Robes, men’s night 58 

Robes, fur 47 

Rocking chairs 252 

Rockers 252 

Roller towelling 171 

Roofing. 275 

Rubber footwear.. 90, 91 

Rubber collars 56 

Rubber lined coats_... 69 

Rubber bed sheets 171 

Rubber eraser 200 

Rubber bands and 

stamps _ 200 

Rubber goods 293-294 

Rubber heels 91 

Rubber matting 228 

Ruchiugs 96 

Rugs, Carpets 

Rulers 200 

Rules 274 

Sack suits 71 

Sachet powders 296 

8acques, infants’ 23 


Sacques, dressing 27 

Safety pins 203 

Safes 278 

Sail duck 166 

Sailor suits, children’s 79 

Salads 266 

Salad sets 270 

Salt 266 

Salt, smelling 297 

Salts, iron 289 

Salt shakers 152 

Sanitary diapers 1 . 1 

Sash curtain 223 

Satin cloth, colored... 178 
Satin and brocaded 

cotton waists 33 

Sateen prints 179 

Satins, colored... 178 

Satins, silks.. 178 

Saucepans 274 

Sauces „ 266 

Saws_ _ 274 

Scarfs, fur 42 

Scrap albums 201 

Screens, fancy folding 220 

School bags 201 

School b)oks 198, 201 

School supplies... 198, 201 

Scissors 159 

Scribblers 199 

Scrims 223 

Stoles for doors 223 

Seamless tinware 272 

Sealing wax. 199 

Sealette coats. 13 

Secretary 250 

Seed, bird 259 

Serges, wool 177 

Sets, book 184 

Sewing Machines 

Sewing needles 202 

Sewing machine parts 254 

Shades, lamp 272 

Shades, window 225 

.shades, trimming 224 

Shaving soaps 298 

Shaving brushes 295 

Shaving mirror 296 

Shawls, honeycomb... 23 

Shawls 23 

Shawls, infants' 23 

Sheet music 195-197 

Shepherds’ checks 177 

Shields 205 

Shipping tags 199 

Shirts, working 60 

Shirts, boys 57 

Shirts, men’s 59 

Shields, corset 204 

Shoes, ladies’ Oxfords 84 
Shoes, sporting Oxfords 87 

shoulder braces 55-56 

Shorthand text .. 191 

Side combs 207 

Sideboards... 246, 247 

Sideboards, buffets and 

cabinets 245 

Silks, fancy 178 

Silks, black and white 178 

Silk, mending 203 

Silks, novelty 178 

Silk velvets 178 

Silk waists 28-29 

S'lk underwear 136 

Silver plated hollow- 

ware 154-155 

Silver plate.. 154 

Silks for embroidery. 211 
Silkoline. 222 


Skin preparations 297 

Skirts, misses’ 20 

Skirts, women’s 15-17 

Sleeve protectors 204 

Slips, infants’ 132 

Slippers, children’s and 

ladies_ 84, 85 

Smoked meats 265 

Snow shoes. 275 

Socks, men’s and boys’ 61 

Soda, baking. 259 

Sofas. 257 

Spools, thread 205 

Spoons. 160 

Spoon-holder or tray. 154 

Sponges 294 

sporting goods 275 

Spring tape measure. 233 

Spring beds 243 

Springs, ma .tress 243 

Squares 274 

Steamer bags 282, 283 

steamer trunks... 28 1, 283 

Stamps, rubber 200 

Stair plates.. 222 

Siamoed linens 210 

Stamped wood 213 

Stationery 198, 201 

Sterling silver table- 
ware 157 

Sterling silver novel- 
ties 151 

Stilettoes. 203 

Stockings 106, 109 

Stockings, elastic 293 

Storm collars 44 

Stoves 276, 278 

Stoles, fur 41, 43 

Stoles and ties 42 

Stoneware 269 

Stoles and scarfs 43 

Suit cases 282, 283 

Suits, women’s 3 7 

Suitings, Venetian 177 

Suitings, broadcloth... 177 
Suites, bedroom.. 238, 240 

Suits, children’s.. 79 

-uits, men’s 70, 74 

Suits, boys’ 76, 78 

Suits, misses 18 

Sugar bowls 271 

Sugar 264 

Sunday school books 182 

Sundries, drugs 287 

Supplies for type- 
writer 198 

Supplies, sewing 

machine 257 

Supports, ankle 204 

Suspender, waists ... 206 

Supports, body 206 

Supports, collar 206 

Suspenders 206 

Sweat collars 281 

Sweaters, men’s 61 

Sweaters, boys’.. 56 

sweepers, carpet. 224 

Switches 214 

Swiss, linen and lawn 

handkerchiefs 99 

Syrups 264 

Syrup, jugs 271 

Syringes 293-294 

Tables, parlor 251 

Tables, kitchen 249 

.Table napkins 169 

Table glasses 271 

|Table covers 171 


Table covers, linen_ 171 

Table cutlery 158 

Table oilcloths 171 

Taffeta petticoats 34 

Tags, shipping 199 

Tailors’ trim t lings 179 

Talking machines 192 

Talcum powder. .298 

Tambourines. 194 

Tam o’ Shanters 52 

Tapes, measuring 203 

Tapestry .229-230 


Underwaists 141 

Underwear, boys’.... 57 

Underwear, women’s 


Underwear, children 


Underwear, men’s. 62-63 
Uni lundered white 

shirts, men’s 59 

Upholstered furni- 
ture 236 

Urinals . 994 

Tapestry curtains. 221 

Tapestry carpet 

squares 231-232 

Tape 203 


Valises and Trunks 

Tapers ... 294 

Tartans .. .... 173 

Vai en ci ennce ~iaces!7 ~92 

Tea gowns 26 

Teas 262 

Vapor bath cabinet.. 203 
Vase lamps *27 > 

Tea sets 268 

Vaults. 273 

Tea cosy forms 212-165 

Tea pots 269-273 

Tea k.ttles 273 

l ea and tray cloths . 169 

Tea towelling 171 

Telescopes 146 

Veilings, co ored 123 

Veils, communion 123 

Veils and veiling. 96 

Velvets 178 

Velveteen waists, 
women’s , 39 

Telescope valises. 282-283 
Testaments 182 

Velvet, burnt,... 913 

Velveteens . 178 

Tents... 226 

Turkev chintz 222 

Textbooks 191 

Theatrical hair goods 214 

Thread 205 

Thread, shields and 

featherbone 205 

Thread, gold 209 

Thimbles 203 

Tie clips 204 

Ties, shoe 204 

Venetian women’s 

suit 3-7 

Venetian, suiting, 

colored 177 

Veneer liquid 298 

Vest buckles 203 

Vest, fancy knitted „ 138 

Vest, men’s tweed 67 

Vest, ladies’ and 

children’s 135-137 

Vinegar 966 

Tie strings, men’s 
and boys’ 56 

Violin and fittings ... 193 
Vises ... .... 275 

Tinware 273 

Visiting cards 198 

Tin boilers 272 

Tissue, mending 203 

Tissue paper 199 

Toilet paper, cutter, 

holders 296 

Toilet powders and 

soaps 298 

Toilet water. 296 

Toilet sets 268-269 

Tooth paste, soaps 

and powders 298 

Tools, carpenters’ 274 

Toques 52 

Tops, boys’ 285 

Towelling 170-171 

Towel rings 204 

Towels 170-171 

Tovs 285-286 

Toy tea sets *285 

Tracing wheels 203 

Travelling cases _ 282-283 

Trays, bread 154 

Tray cloths. 169 

Trimmings, fur 34 

Trusses 294 

Trimmings, tailors’.. 179 

Trousers 67 

Trunksand valises282-283 


Ulsters, children’s.... 21 
Umbrellas- 105 

Underskirts ladies’ 34-35 


Wadding 167 

Waists golf 23 

Waists, women’s 28-33 

Waists, silk, women’s 29 

Waists, distender 127 

WHists net, women’s. 28 

Waists suspender 206 

Walking skirts, 

women’s .-. 15-17 

Wal king sticks 105 

Wallets 165 

Wall Paper- — 258 

Wardrobes ..... 241 

Warps and weaving .. 167 

Wash bowls 270 

Wash stand splasher. 204 

Washstands 241 

Washing machine 272 

Wash linens 168-171 

Watches 142-146 

Wax 203 

Wax, sealing 199 

Webbing, furniture... 294 
Wedding cake boxes 198 

Wheelbarrows 275 

White lawn waists... 32 
Whisks, daisy pattern 294 

Whitewear 124138 

Widow’s caps and 

veils 12S 

Wigs 214 

Winter dresses, 

children’s 24 

Window shades 225 

Wings 122 


Wire, hat and ribbon 203 

Women’s Cloak 
and suitdepart- 
ment 3 

Women’s aprons 130 

Women’s lustre 

wai-ts 30 

Women’s cashmere 

waists 31 

Women’s cashmere 

chemise 129 

Women’s panama 

waists 30 

Women’s flannelette 

waists 33 

Women’s neckwear 


Women’s night robes 


Women’s stylish suits 6 

Women’s petticoats 34-35 
Women’s fur trimmed 

coats 10 

Women’s skirts 15-17 

Women’s fur lined 

coats 11-12 

Women’s suits 3-7 

Women’s capes, 

sealette coats 18 

Women’s warm winter 

garments 138 

Women’s Under- 
skirts 34-35 

Women’s corsets _ 139-141 
Women’s hosiery page 106 

Women’s waists 28-33 

Women’s dressing 

sacques 27 

Women’s and men’s 

fancy hosiery 107 

Women’s corsetcovers 127 
Women’s silk and net 

waists 28 

Women’s dra v\ ers 136 

Women’s rain coats... 14 

Women’s slippers 84 

Women’s Furs 


Women’s fur lined 

coats. 11-12 

Women’s fur trimmed 

coats 10 

Women’s Underwear, 

knitted. 136-138 

Woodenware 272 

Wools and Yarns . 165 
Wools, poplius black. 174 

Worsted suits 70 

Wo k shirts, men’s €0 

Work shirts, boys’ 67 

World brand Silver- 
ware 156 

Wrappers 25 

Wrapperettes 172 

Wrenches 274 

Writing pads, tablets 198 
Wringeis. 272 

Yarns 165 

Yachting hats and 

caps 52 

Yokes 100-101 

Youths’ suits™ 76-78 


Zoology text books... 191 

Returning: or Exchanging: Goods 

Always return the bill of goods sent back, and advise us 
why Goods are being returned, and adjustment will promptly 
be made. Return goods the cheapest way, either by mail, 
express or freight. 




I N presenting our Catalogue of Women’s and Children’s Ready-to-wear Garments for Fall and Winter 1907-8, 
we wish to call your attention to the excellent value offered and as represented in the fine illustrations 
I throughout the following pages. 

STYLES. Great care has been taken in selecting the latest and most suitable styles from among the 
thousands shown by the leading designers of London, Paris and New York. Our London and Paris offices and 
the frequent trips of our buyers to New York and abroad keep us in constant touch with the latest fashions. 

THE MATERIALS we use have always stood the test of the most exacting demand and speak volumes 
for the care and discrimination used in their selection. The great quantity of cloth used in these ready-to-wear 
jj garments enables us to place orders sufficiently large to secure the very lowest mill prices. Of one cloth alone for 
one year we used a quantity equal to 60 miles. 


Heavy Weight 


J-6729. As shown in illus- 
tration is made of heavy 
weight imported cheviot ; 
has double breasted front 
finished with neat covered 
buttons and fastened with 
braid loops ; large full 
sleeves with neatly tailor- 
ed turn back cuffs ; back 
is loose fitting with deep 
inverted pleat extending 
full length ; collar effect 
of velvet finished with 
silk soutache and military 
1 braid trimming ; length, 
45 inches ; unlined; colors 
1 ; black or navy ; sizes are 
' | 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 

, inches bust 

measure ... 5.00 


THE MAKING of all 

our garments is supervised 
throughout with painstak- 
ing care and thought, from 
the shrinking of the cloth 
by special approved machin- 
ery to the cutting, tailoring, 
pressing and finishing under 
the watchful eye of expert 
examiners and aided by all 
the latest labor saving 

GARMENTS must be 
right before leaving the 
store, and satisfactory to 
you in every way, style, 
size, color, material or fit 
when you receive them, 
otherwise return at our 
expense when we will 
exchange or refund your 
money, together with all 
transportation charges you 
may have paid. 


’ VALUE. This Coat is the best value for $5.00 we have ever been able to secure for our 
1 — — ■ Mail Order Customers, having the style, fit and workmanship equal to any high 

i Tl priced coat. 

ST. EATON C«,w, D 



J-6562. Very popular style made of 
the new broadcloth finish Heather 
Tweeds in Norfolk cutaway design. 
Coat ha.s two straps of self in front 
extending over the shoulder and 
down the back ; belt of self extend- 
ing around the side to the centre of 
the back trimmed with fancy but- 
ton. It is double breasted, 24 inches 
long and lined throughout with 
mercerette. Skirt is seven gore 
style with triple box pleat front, and 
side gores finished in pleats at the 
bottom. Choice of blue mix, 

f reen mix or red mix tones 11-00 
pecial or extra sizes 2-25 extra. 

this page, will cause you to wonder a* 
value, as is shown on this page. We use 
cleanli ness and order, and equipped witn 

J-721G. Very stylish suit made of 
ail wool Panne Cheviot in double 
breasted cutaway design. C at is 
34 inches long and lined throughout 
with mercerette ; collar and turn 
back cuffs are finished with velvet. 
Skirt is nine gore style with inverted 
pleats in front and on the sides; 
alternate gores are finished with 
stitched straps of self trimmed with 
buttons. Choice of biac k , navy 

or brown 12.50 

Special or extia sizes 2-50 extra. 

J-6560, This attractive Suit is made 
of good quality imported vicuna 
cloth. Coat is lined with mercer- 
ette ; is24inches long and trimmed 
with straps of self with insert of silk 
braid extending over the shoulder ; 
tnrn back cuffs are trimmed with 
straps of self and silkbraid. Skirt is 
nine gore style, endingin side pleats 
all round. Choice of colors, black 
ornavv. Neat and stylish ... 8-50 
Special or extra sizes 1.75 extra. 

J-6561. This smart style is made of 
imported vicuna cloth. Coat is made 
double breasted with trimming of 
silk braid on collar and lapels, 
down front and around bottom. The 
wedge pocket flap and tnrn back 
cuffs also trimmed with braid. Coat 
is 24 inches long and lined through- 
out with mercerette. Skirt is nine 
gore style with two box pleats in 
front and side pleats all round. 

Choice of black or navy 10*00 

Special or extra sizes... 2.00 extra 

Women s Suits shown on this page are made in sizes 82, 34, 36, 38, 40 
and 42 bust, with choice of skirt lengths, 39, 40, 41, 42 and 43 inches. 

Waist measures are 23 inches for 32 bust, 24 Inches for 34 bust, 25 inches 
for 36 bust, 26 inches for 38 bust, 28 inches for 40 bust and 29 inches for 42 bust. 
Samples of material sent on request. 

26 an *P olor ordered is out of stock, it may reauireabout ten da, 
to supply same. A second or third choice will generaJly avoid delay. 

We can alter waist band of the skirt of these suits to one inch smaller ■ 
larger than stock, size, if desired Special or extra sizes will require aboi 1 
ten days to make. Send for Measurement Form before ordering. 




In selecting the material and trimmings for these stylish suits, great care was taken that only goods of reliable quality should be used. Each step in the 
making of the garment from the shrinking of the cloth to the cutting, tailoring, pressing and finishing is carefully examined in our own factory, and nothing 
but first class work allowed to pass. Buy from the maker and save money. 

Women’s Suits shown on this page are made in sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, and 
42 oust, with choice of skirt lengths 39, 40, 41, 42 and 43 inches. Waist measures 
are 23 inches for 32 bust, 24 inches for 34 bust, 25 inches for 36 bust, 26 inches for 
38 bust, 28 inches for 40 bust and 29 inches for 42 bust. We can alter waist band 
of the skirts of these suits to one inch smalleror larger than stock size, if desired. 

J-6564. Stylish Suit, made of 
all wool fancy w irsted Panama 
in cut away design. Jacket is 
made 25 inches long, and lined 
throughout withmerceiette ;has 
stitched straps of self front and 
back with inserted tab of velvet 
trimmed with button at the waist 
line ; has inlaid velvet collar. 
The turn back cuff is cut on the 
bias and finished with stitching. 
Skirt is made with 11 gores, extra 
side pleats giving 17 gore effect. 
A wide fold of self material cut 
on the bias is used as trimming 
around the bottom. Choice of 
brown, green, red or blue 

fancy mixed tones 13.50 

Special sizes 2.75 extra. 

}u case size and color ordered is out of stock it may require about 10 days to supply same. Samples of material 

J -6565. This attractive style 
is made of fine all wool Panama 
cloth. Coat is 24 inches long 
and lined throughout with mer- 
cerette. Is beautifully trimmed 
with silk military braid front 
and back, also around the collar 
and lapels. Turn back cuffs are 
also braid trimmed. Skirt is 
made in 17 gore effect with side 
pleats all round, trimmed with 
wide folds of self. Choice of 

black, navy or brown 15.00 

Special sizes 3.00 extra, 
sent on request. 

J-6563. , This Handsome Suit is 
made of all wool imported Panne 
Cheviot ; coat is 24 inch length 
and is lined throughout with 
mercerette ; front and back is 
made wiih panel ending in 
scallop, trimmed with buttons 
and braid. Skirt has seven gores 
with extra side pleat on side 
gores giving 21 gore effect; fin- 
ished in fancy panel design. 
Choice of black, navy or 

brown ......... — 13.50 

Special sizes 2.75 extra. 

J-7215. Stylishly Tailored Suit, 
made of all wool tweed with 
broadcloth finish. Coat is 23 
i r.ches long and lined through- 
out with mercerette ; collar has 
tab of velvet trimmed with 
fancy button. Skirt made 12 
gore style ; front has double 
inverted pleat ; side gores are 
finished with side pleats giving 
generous fullness at the bottom. 
Choice of grey, brown, blue or 
green with fancy stripe, 12.50 
Special sizes 2.50 extra. 





can produce. 


Eaton made suits portray the latest ideas in styles, as shown in the world’s fashion centres. The materials represent the latest fabrics from the best, 
They have a decided smartness which appeals to particular dressers, and the Stand finish is the best that expert designers and competent tailors 

J-6568. Very Stylish Suit, made of 
high grade all wool French Vene- 
tian cloth. Coat is 36 inches long 
and lined throughout with satin, 
has wide insert of cloth extending 
from the shoulder tiack and front 
trimmed with stitched straps and 
silk soutache braid. Turn back 
cuffs and collar are trimmed with 
velvet, cloth straps aud silk soutache 
braid. Skirt has 11 gores with 
double box pleat in front and two 
double box pleats on each side. 

Black, navy or brown 22.50 

Special or extra sizes 4.50 extra. 

J-6569. Latest New York Style 
made of high grade imported broad- 
cloth. Coat is made 36-inch length 
in cutaway effect : lined throughout 
with satin; has wide shoulder effect 
trimmed with silk military braid, 
which extends under arm;has shawl 
collar with velvet and trimming 
of silk military and soutache braid. 
Skirt has 13 gores ; front and alter- 
nate gores are made panel effect 
With trimming of cloth straps and 
military braid, other gores form 
wide box pleats, choice of 

black, navy or brown 27.50 

Special or extra sizes 5.00 extra- 



J ;656S 

J-6566. Stylish Suit, made of the new 
fancy all wool tweed with broad- 
cloth finish. Coat is 21 inches long 
and is lined throughout with mer- 
cerette; has stitched straps of self 
front and back, trimmed with but- 
tons and braid. Skirt has eight 
gores made in panel effect with 
side pleats below the hip which 
gives extra fullness at the bottom ; 
trimmed with braid and buttons. 
Choice ofgrey, brown, wine or 

green tones 15.00 

Special or extra sizes 3.00 extra. 

We can alter waist band of the ski 
or larger than stock size, if desired 
about ten days to make. Send for 
Samples of material sent on request. 

J-6667. This Fashionable Style Suit 
is made of our best quality all wool 
French Venetian Cloth. Coat is 
made 26-inch length in cutaway 
effect, and is lined throughout with 
mercerette, finished with narrow 
straps of self front and back; collar 
and cuffs are trimmed with vel- 
vet, braid and buttons. Skirt is 
made 18 gore; front has two box 
pleats and side pleats on either side; 
other gores are finished with side I 
pleats graduating from the hips, | 
and trimmed with straps of self. 

Special or extra sizes 3.50 extra 
rts of these suits to one inch smaller 
. Special or extra sizes will require 
Measurement Form before ordering. 

Women’s suits shown on this page are made in sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 ana 
42 bust, with choice of skirt lengths 39, 40, 41, 42 and 43 inches. 

Waist measures are 23 inches for 32 bust, 24 inches for 34 bust, 25 inches 
for 36 bust, 26 inches for 38 bust, 28 inches for 40 bust and 29 inches for 42 bust.: 
In case size and color ordered is out of stock, it may require about If 
days to supply same. A second or third choice will generally avoid delay j 



In our i 




J-6571. Latest Military Style 
Suit ; co:it is 23 inch length, lined 
throughout with choice of satin 
or taffetasilk, and trimmed back 
:and front with silk military and 
:soutache braid ; fastened down 
front with hook and eye and 
trimmed with four sets oi' hand- 
some braid ornaments with loops 
and buttons; skirt is 13 gore style; 
wide panel effectdown front with 
'Cluster of four side pleats either 
;side ; other gores have Bide 
pleats all round trimmed with 
■silk military and soutache braid; 
made of our high grade 

imported broadcloth 30.00 

or all wool French Venetian 


iSpecial or extra si zes 85.00 extra. 

J -6570. Very stylish suit, latest 
New York design ; coat is 20 inch 
length, lined throughout with 
satin or taffeta silk and trimmed 
front and back with fancy strap- 
ping of self ; new style collar and 
cuffs overlaid with velvet and 
trimmed with braid and buttons; 
skirt is fifteen gore style, made 
with box pleats a II round stitched 
to below the hips and falling in 
open pleats ; each box pleat is 
trimmed with three stitched 
straps of self ; made of our high 
grade imported broadcloth in 
plain colors or fancy stripes and 

checks 30.00 

Special or extra sizes 85.00 extra. 

Regular sizes for suits shown on this page are same as given on page 6. Be- 
fore ordering send for measurement form and samples of material for style 
selected, stating color or shades preferred. Allow 10 days for making, as we 
do not keep these high class suits ready made and prefer to cut and make 
each order separate. 

If price is not already stated we will be pleased to quote same on any of 
these styles made of broadcloth, panama or Venetian. 

J-654-6. Very fashionable New 
York style, made in the new 
tight fitting cutaway design; 
coat is 45 inch length, lined 
throughout with satin or taffeta 
silk; made with numerous lap- 
ped seams back- and front; 
sleeves are finished with turn 
back pointed cuffs trimmed with 
buttons. Skirt is made with 
nineteen gores ; each seam stitch- 
ed down to below the hips and 
hanging in graceful folds below; 
made of high grade im- 
ported broadcloth 27.50 

Special or extra sizes 85.00 extra. 

These stylishly tailored suits are made of high grade materials, and the tail- 
oring is of a high standard of excellence The style, workmanship and fit are 
equal to the best produced in New York or other fashion centres. Being made 
in our own workrooms by Eaton methods means a big saving in price and guar- 
anteed satisfaction. 

J-6545. This handsome suit is 
one of the latest New York de- 
signs. The jacket is 2(5 inch 
length, trimmed back and front 
with self strapping and tabs, 
ending in open pleats at the 
back, collar and turn back 
cuffs faced with peau de soie 
and trimmed with rows of 
silk soutache braid ; lined 
throughout with choice of saiin 
or taffeta silk ; skirt is sixteen 
gore style with double box pleat 
on front, back and sides ; other 
gores trimmed with single box 
pleat and folds of self; made of 
fine quality imported broad- 
cloth, latest shades 26.50 

Special or extra sizes 85.00 extra. 


Stylish Fall and Winter Coats 

J-6769. Made of heavy weight imported Chev- 
iot; has tight fitting back and double breasted 
front. A wide inside facing of self extending over 
the shohlders and across the back, gives addition .1 
protection. Has velvet collar, new three corner 
pocket flap and turn back cuif, length 47 inches, 
unlined. Choice of black or navy. 6.50 

These stylish coats have been se- 
lected from the best styles now being 
shown at the leading fashion centres, 
and after careful selection of material 
and trimmings, are reproduced in our 
own work ro ms where all the neces- 
sary light, space. ventilation, cleanli- 
ness and up-to-date machines combine 
in making these high class garments 
at such low prices. 

J-6785. Made of imported heavy weight Vicuna 
cloth, 47 inches long; unlined. Has stitched straps 
of self front and back which are trimmed with silk 
military braid, soutache braid and buttons. Collar 
and cuffs made with tab effect, and trimmed with 
3 rows of si I U soutache braid. A wide inside facing 
extends into a yoke front and back givinu addition- 
al protection to the bust and shoulders. 

Choice of blacker navy „ 7.50 

J 6769 

J 6785 
$ 7.50 



J 3525 
$ 10.00 

J 6782 
$ 9.50 


J-3518 Made of heavyweight Heather tweed, in 
loose fitting style. Stitched straps of self give wide 
shoulder effect; lias velvet collar; turn back pointed 
cuffs and patch pockets; i-> made with fly front and 
is 40 inches lo :.g. Choice of navy or brown 
tones in heather mixed tweeds 8.50 

J-3525. Made of heavy weight Heather 
Tweed in loose fitting style' length 47 
inches; unlined; has the wide shoulder 
effect formed by stitched straps of self 
trimmed with fancy ornaments and touches 
of velvet. The straps extend down and 
across the front as we’l as down the back. 
The collar is inlaid with velvet and is trim- 
med with a fanov ornament. Choice of 
brown or green heather mixed, also light 

grey tweed 10.00 

Women's Coats shown on this page 
are made in sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 
and 42 inches bust measure. In case 
color and style in size selected are 
Out of stock, it may require about ten 
days to supply same. A second or 
third choice will generally avoid delay. 
Samples of material sent on request. 

J -6782 Made of heavy weight imported Vicuna 
cloth, in' loose fitting unlined style 48 inches long. 
Has straps over shoulder trimmed with silk braid, 
from which a fancy strap extends, one part to the 
bottom of the coat ; the other part extending under 
the arm. The back is trimmed to match ; collar and 
turn back cuffs have inlay of velvet. Choice ^ 

of colors. black or navy 9.50 



Latest Fall and Winter Styles 


J 4129 '■■■■**' 

J-4129. Stylish Coat, made of all wool 
heather tweed, in plaid with overeheck 
design; is 48 inches long; lined to the 
waist with mercerette ; sleeves also lined, 
has a silk velvet collar, and is finished with 
stitched itrafs of self material trimmed with 
fancy buttons ; straps extending over the 
sh .aider give Gibson shoulder effect, has 
patch pocket and the cuffs are turn back 
with rounded tab. Choice of brown 
or green tones.... 10.00 

-6764. Neat Fashionable Coat, made of the new 
heather tweeds, in long loose style, has facing ami 
inside yoke of self, giving greater warmth and pro- 
tection; has wide shoulder effect formed with straps 
of self which graduate towards the bottom; trim- 
med with fancy buttons and braid. The collar and 
cuffs have trimming of velvet, soutache and silk 
military braid ; length 49 inches; unlined. Choice 
of navy, green, or brown heath jr mixed tweeds, 
also light grey tweeds 1 2 .50 

These beautiful coats embody the 
latest styles now being shown in New 
York. Our designers’ constant visits 
to the world’s fashion centres, keep us 
in close touch with the newest styles, 
and our immense factory facilities 
enables us to sell these fashionable, _ 
well made, neat fitting garments at 
manufacturers’ prices. You save 
money by buying from the maker. 

mercerette. is made loose fitting style, 48 inches 
long. The collar and cuffs have applique of velvet 
overlaid with three rows of silk soutache and mili- 
tary braid. The front and back have side pleat ex- 
tending to the bottom, with tab design giving semi- 
yoke elieet. The centre (if back has siotseam. Choice 
of black, navy or red beaver doth, also fawn 
covert cloth *jp 



J-6781. This Dressy Neat Fitting Coat is well 
tailored throughout ; % length style with Gibson 
shoulder pleats, giving broad effect ; is lined to the 
waist with twill mercerette ; length 51 inches, ma- 
terial is a fine quality imported beaver cloth; 
black only 13.50 

i/Vomen’s Coats shewn on this page are made 
in sizes 32, 34. 36, 38, 40 and 42 bust. In 
case color and size in style selected are out of 
stock it may require about ten days to supply 
same. A second or third choice will generally 
avoid delay. Samples of material sent on request. 

J-6783 Handsome Coat of high grade imported 
Broadcloth; is lined throughout with our best qual- 
ity satin. Silk military braid is used as a trimming 
around the collar, and extends down the front; 
front and back are trimmed with silk military 
braid in fancy designs; silk velvet and silk soutache 
braid on the collar give a finishing touch to this 
dressy style; length 48 inches; in black only 17.50 



T HESE Coats are made in our own factories from specially selected materials of 
a superior quality to those usually made into ready-to-wear garments, and 
are admirably adapted to withstand the severity of a cold, stormy Winter. 
The storm collars are maae extra high and the generous large reveres give a great 
degree of warmth and comfort in the most severe weather. The collars can be worn 
open or fastened close at the neck. Years of experience enables us to produce these 
serviceable coats for such small prices. Being Ready-to-wear they can only be sup- 
plied in sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 bust, and in lengths and colors as described. 
In case size and color in style selected is temporarily out of stock, it may require 
about 6 or 10 days to supply. 

J-4934. Is made of English Vicuna 
Cloth ; has storm collar and reveres 
of full furred blended Sable and is 
lined throughout with mercerette ; 
has fitted back and is trimmed with 
tailor stitched straps of self material; 
made double breasted front ; length 
42 inches. Choice of black or navy. 
The best value ever offered 
in a fur-trimmed coat - - 15.00 

J-4944. Made of Special Imported 
Vicuna Cloth ; is lined with quilted 
mercerette, which gives additional 
warmth and protection ; has high 
storm collar and reveres of full furred 
blended Sable ; it is made loose back 
style in 50 inch length, and has 
heavy braid loops and barrel fasten- 
ers ; stitched side pleats extend into 
yoke effect ; has turn-back cuff with 
fancy scallop. Choice of 
black ornavv. Special value 18.50 

J-4952. Stylish, Dressy, Fur-trimmed 
Coat, made of fine quality imported 
Beaver cloth. A wide stitchedstrap 
running over shoulder gives Gibson 
wide shoulder effect ; another strap 
extends to the bottom of the coat. 
The back is loose fitting style and has 
straps to match front. It is lined 
with quilted mercerette and has high 
storm collar and wide reveres of 
blended Sable. Has turned back cuff 
with tab and is made 45 inch length. 
Choice of colors black or 
navy 22.50 

Any garment ordered from this 
page that is not satisfactory in 
| every respect may be returned 
for exchange at our expense, if i 
returned 5n good condition within 
lO days. 




J-4937. This beautiful coat is lined throughout 
with Hamster, a very suitable and serviceable 
fur for coat linings ; has high storm collar and 
revers of blended sable; covering is of high 
grade imported broadcloth made with yoke 
effect back and front; trimmed with pointed 
tabs and straps of self finished with rows of 
tailor stitching ; fastened with braid loops and 
barrel buttons ; fancy shaped turn back pointed 
cuffs ; length 42 inches ; colors 
black, navy, brown or green. OK flfl 
Exceptional value 00 , UU 


Any garment ordered from this 
page may toe returned for ex- 
change at our expense if not satis- 
factory in every respect, if returned 
in good condition within 10 days. 

We have won the confidence of thousands of our customers through the 
great value we have given in women’s fur lined coats. This season we have 
excelled all others in the matter of style, workmanship, materials and low prices. 
You can depend on getting comfort and satisfaction at the lowest prices consistent 
with quality. 

Can be supplied in bust sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42, and in colors 
and lengths, as stated in description. As these coats are made ready to wear 
they can only he supplied in sizes, colors and materials as stated. 

In case size and color are temporarily out of stock it may require about six 
or ten days to supply. In which case, we ask your kind indulgence. A second or 
third choice often avoids delay. 

J-494-5. Excellent Coat for winter wear, style, com- 
fort i nd service ; lined throughout with genuine 
muskrat ; storm collar and revers of blended 
sable ; covering of high grade imported broad- 
cloth made with side pleats front and back, and 
wide straps of self extending from the pockets over 
the shoulders, giving bread effect; finished with 
rows of stitching', fastened with braid loops and 
barrel buttons ; length 42 inches ; colors j 
black, navy, brown or green 



J -4-938. Very stylish full length coat lined 
throughout with select grade of Hamster 
fur: has high storm collar and revers of 
naturalsable ; cov ring is of fine all wool 
imported broadcloth,' made in yoke effect 
back and front with extended tabs and full 
le lgth straps of self finished with rows of 
stitching fastened with braid loops and 
barrel buttons; turn back cuffs with pointed 
tabs; length 56 inches; colors black, 
navy, brown or gieen ; tailoring 
and finishing throughout of the E E ^ A A 
very best 00 ■UU 





J-4933. This ittractive Fur Lined Coat is one 
of this season’s newest styles. The covering 
is of high grade imported Broadcloth ; lined 
throughout with select grade of grey and 
white Squirrel; has high storm collar and 
revers of best quality full furred natural 
Northern Mink; front and baik trimmed 
with self strapping and tabs, finished with 
silk soutache braid, small buttons and rows 
of tailor stitching; fastened with three 
beautiful silk braid ornaments, loops and 
barrel buttons; length 48 ins.; 
colors black, navy, brown or AP AA 
green OOiUU 

Stylish Fur Lined Coats 

Great care is exercised in the selection of materials for these beautiful winter 
garments ; going to Europe and comparing the broadcloths of the leading manu- 
facturers to secure just the right weight and finish, and in the matter of furs for 
linings and collars, going right to the great fur markets of the world and buying 
the best to be had. You will have comfort and satisfaction wearing Eaton made 
Fur Lined Coats. 

Sizes are 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 bust, and colors and lengths as stated in 
description. As these fcoats are made ready to wear, t hey can only be supplied in 
sizes, colors and materials as stated. 

1 / 

J-4946. This comfortable Fur Lined Coat 
has all the nece tary style combined with, 
seiviue. The lining is of genuine natural 
Muskrat and covering of high grade im- 
ported Broadcloth, specially made for our fur 
lined coats : high storm collar and revers of 
natural Northern Mink .front, back and turn- 
back cuff has stylish design of self strapping 
and tabs finished with rows of tailor stitch- 
ing ; has three beautiful silk braid orna- 
ments in front and fastened with loops and 
barrel buttons ; length 44 inches, 
colors black, navy, brown or 80.00 

J-4942, Style, ,:j mf art ani ser/iceare '.on 
bined in this beautiful Fur Lined Coat: 
covering is of our. high grade Imported 
Broadcloth ; lined throughout with geuuin : 
natural Muskrat ; has high storm collar and 
revers of full furred natural Sable; front 
and back has elaborate trimming of stitched 
s elf strapping; fastened with silk braid loops 
and barre. buttons ; length 44 
inches; colors black, navy, AA AA 

brown or green QUiUU 

In case size and color are temporarily out of 
Btock it may require about 10 or 15 days to 

In which case we ask your kind indulgence. 
A second or third choice often avoids delay. 


Any garment ordered from this jj 
page may be returned for ex- (j 
change at our expense if not J 
satisfactory in every respect, if J 
returned in good condition within i 
to days. 5 


Women’s Capes and Sealette Coats 

J 4707 

J -4707. Handsome Fur Lined Cape. Covering 
is of highgradeimported black broadcloth ; lining 
of select quality Hamster fur ; has storm collar and 
frcnts of Thibet fur ; trimmed down front and 
around bottom with sel f strapping; length 
30 inches 28 -50 

J -6789 . Very Stylish Women’s Coat, made 

of high grade silk sealette, dressy and com* 
fortable ; is double breasted and lined with 
quilted mercerette ; beautifully trimmed 
with heavy silk braid down front and ex- 
tending over the shoulder ; has roll collar 
which can be worn flat or as a storm collar ; 
fastened with silk ornaments and loops; 
length 30 inches 19.50 

J-4701 . This beautiful cape is made of fine qual- 
ity sealette; length 36 inches; lined with mercer- 
ette and interlined with wadding ; is trimmed in 
handsome design with silk soutache braid in front, 
around the bottom, and has design in the back to 
match front. Thestcnv. ollar and fronts are 
edged with Thibet fur 1 3.75 

J-6788, This Dre a sy Winter Coat is made of fine 
quality silk sealette, stylish in appearance and 
comfort-giving to the wearer ; is double breasted 
and lined with our best quality quilted satin ; has 
high storm collar and reveres and turn back cuffs ; 
length 34 inches ; fastened with heavy braid loops 
and barrel buttons ; a warm serviceable coat 18.50 

Sizes for women’s sealette coats 
are 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 bust and 
lengths as described. 

Sizes for women’s capes are bust 
34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches, and 
lengths as described. 

In case size ordered is temporarily 
out of stock, it may require about 10 
days to supply same. When order- 
ing be careful to state style num- 
ber and size required. 

If sealette becomes crushed in 
transportation, hold it over the 
steam of a kettle (not too close) and 
brush down with a small piece of 
sealette, plush or velvet. 

J ‘4708. Very Serviceable Fur Trimmed Cape, 
made of heavy imported Vicuna cloth; has trim- 
ming of Thibet fur around the storm collar and 
down the fronts ; length 30 inches ; unlined 
in black onlv 4.95 

J -4708 







Women’s Cravenette Raincoats can be supplied in sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 
inches bust, with choice of lengths 54, 56 or 58 inches. 

In case size and color in style selected is temporarily out of stock, it may require 4 to 6 days to supply, in 
which case we ask your kind indulgence. A second or third choice will generally avoid delay. Samples of 
material sent on request. 

J-4891. Raincoat of Fine Quality 
Cravenette Covert Coating. 
It is m ule double-breasted style, 
with loose back, and lias belt all 
around; hasslotseam incentreof 
back, which ends in an inverted 
pleat ; notched coat collar, and 
turn-back cuff. Choice of colors, 
Oxford, fawn or olive 

- 6.00 

Any Carment ordered fron 
satisfactory in every respect, 
at our expense if returned in : 

J-7637. Raincoat of fine duality 
Cravenette Coverf Coating. 
The irontismadedouble-breasted 
finished, with two side pleats ex- 
tending from the shoulder to the 
bottom ; also has two patch pock- 
ets ; full sleeve with stitched 
cuff effect; loose back; colors 
Oxford, fawn or olive 

- 6.75 

i this page that is not entirely 
may be returned for exchange 
;ood condition within ten days. 

J-7614. Raincoat of high grade 
Cravenette Covert Coating ; 
has semi-yoke in front, and side 
pleat which extends from the 
shoulder to the bottom of the 
coat. The back is made in fitted 
style, with fancy yoke from which 
side pleats extend to the bottom 
of the coat; collar and turn-back 
cuffs have tab with button trim- 
ming ; choice of colors, 

Oxford, fawn or olive... - 9.00 

J-4890. Raincoat of high grade 
Cravenette Covert Coating. 
Is made double breasted with 
fitted back ; has Gibson pleat 
over the shoulder, both front 
and back, which extends to the 
bottom of the coat; flat scalloped 
collar effect trimmed with rows 
of stitching ; fancy turn-back 
cuff to match collar ; has belt all 
around ; choice of colors, 
Oxford, fawn or olive 8.50 





7 J-3453 
\ £4.75 

J-3453 , A thirteen 
gore model made of 
English Vicuna Cloth. 
The front gore is made 
in panel effect and the 
alternate gores have 
deep pleats which 
graduate towards the 
back. The generous 
use of pl Q ats gives the 
desired fulness. Choice 
of black or navy 4.75 
Special or extra sizes, 
1.00 extra. 

J -4017. Made of fine 
quality English Vicuna 
Cloth in 15 gore flare 
style. The seam of each 
gore is formed in nar- 
row side pleat extend- 
ing the full length of 
the skirt. Three rows 
of mohair braid forms 
an attractive trimming 
around the bottom of 
this splendid model. 
Choice of black or 

navy - 5.00 

Special or extra sizes 
1.00 extra. 

J-7748 Is made of good quality 
Imported Vicuna Cloth in seven 
gore style with side pleats at the 
bottom of each seam. Two self cov- 
ered buttons form a trimming at 
the top of each pleat. Choice of 
black or navy Buying the mater- 
ials at lowest mill prices and making 
them up with the assistance of labor 
saving machines enables us to offer 
such a remarkable Skirt ior... 2.25 
Special or extra sizes .75 extra. 

J-6047 Made of fine quality im- 
ported Vicuna Cloth in nine gore 
style. The alternate gores are made 
with deep yoke effect, from which 
generous side pleats extend to the 
bottom of the skirt, giving a pleas- 
ing-fulness at the bottom. This Skirt 
is thoroughly well made in every de- 
tail ; every seam is neatly bound in- 
side. Choice of black or navy. 

Special value at 3-25 

Special or extra sizes .75 extra. 

Regular stock sizes are waist bands 22, 23, 21, 25 
26, 27. 28 and 29 inches, (measure all around waist, 
do not allow for seams or lap), with choice of lengths 
38, 39. 40 41 or 42 inches. Measure front from bottom 
of waist band to bottom of skirt. 

J -4053. Made of our best quality Imported 
Vicuna Cloth in nine gore style. The front is 
made in panel effect : side gore has three stitch- 
ed straps of self and ends in cluster of inverted 
side pleats. Other gores have side pleats at the 
bottom which gives the desired fulness. 

Choice of colors black or navy 4.00 

Special or extra sizes .75 extra. 

In case size and color are out of stock in style 
selected, a second or third choice will generally avoid 
delay. Orders for special or extra sizes will require 
about ten days to make. Send for measurement form 
before ordering. Samples of material sent on request. 

J-4002. A nine gore model made of fine 
quality Imported Vicuna Cloth, The front 
and back is made with two box pleats, which 
forms a slotseam ending in inverted pleat in the 
centre ; side gore is formed with a wide panel, 
the lower part ending in side pleats. 

Choice of colors black or navy 4., 50 

Special or extra sizes 1 ,00 extra. 





J-4015- Made of bril- 
liant English Lustre 
in nine gore design, 
front has double in- 
verted box pleat ; 
stitched to below the 
hip line and hang- 
ing in graceful side 
pleats to the bottom, 
side gores have two 
wide tucks ending in 
side pleats ; choice of 
colors black, navy 
or brown.... 5.00 
Special or extra sizes 
$1.00 extra, 

J -401 4. Made of good 
quality all woolVene- 
tian cloth in eleven 
gore style ; front gore 
made with two box 
pleats ; second gore 
has pointed tab effect 
trimmed with but- 
tons and ends in side 
pleats. The other 
gores are finished 
with side pleats at 
the bottom ; choice 
of colors black, navy 
or brown... - 5.00 
Special or extra sizes 
$1.00 extra. 

$7.50 1 

Regular stock sizes are waist bands 22, 23, 24, 25, 
.0, 27, 28 and 29 inches, (measure all around waist. 
Do not allow for seams or lap), with choice of lengths 
38, 39, 40, 41, or 42 inches. Measure front from bottom 
of waist band to bottom of skirt. 

In case size and color are out of stock in style 
selected, a second or third choice will generally avoid 
delay. Orders for special or extra sizes will require 
about ten days to make. Send for Measurement Form 
before ordering. Sample of material sent on request. 

J-4011. Made of our best quality all wool 
French Venetian cloth : has nine gores; front 
and side gores are made in panel effect. 
The alternate gores made triple panel effect, 
trimmed with self strapping and ending in 
inverted and side pleats. Choice of 
black, navy or brown 7 .50 

Specia' or extra sizes $1.50 extra. 

1-4028. Made of lilgilgrnueau ttuui r. ■ ml 
Venetian (doth ; has thirteen gores. Tne 
front has slot seam ending in inverted and 
side pleats. Second gore made panel effect. 
The other gores are finished with side pleats 
at the bottom. A very serviceable skirt for 
any occasion. Choice of black, navy 
or brown 6.50 

Special or extra sizes $1.25 extra. 

J-3446. This popular thirteen gore style 
is made of imported tweed, front gore 
made panel effect ending in side pleats 
at bottom; side gores are stitched to 
below the hips, and end in side pleats 
all round ; in light grey only.... 4.50 
Special or extra size- $1.00 extra. 



J-6044, Made of the new heather 
mixed tweeds in eleven gore style. 
The front and alternate gores are 
made panel effect. Other gores are 
made with deep inverted pleats 
headed with pointed tab, which is 
overlapped with a rounded tab, 
trimmed with three self covered 
buttons. Choice of green or 

brown tones 5. 00 

Special or extra shf s $14 0 extra. 




$ l 4.50i 




J -4-025, Made of fine quality imported 
panama in ninegore design. The front, 
side and back gores have two box 
pleats. The alternate gores are made 
with wide tucks of self which gives the 
new fold effect ; choice of black, 

navy or garnet 7.50 

Special or extra sizes, $1.50 extra. J 

J-4024. Made of fine quality 
all wool imported voile, has 
eleven gores. The front and 
alternate gores are made with 
double box pleats; other gores 
have two cross folds of taffeta 
silk; a beautiful skirt for dressy 

occasions, black only 8 50 

Special or extra sizes, $1.75 extra 


$ 10 . 00 . 

-3451 . Made of all 
wool panama cloth in 
eleven gore design. 
The front and alternate 
side gores are made 
with doublebox pleats; 
other gores have deep 
side and inverted 
pleats. The seams are 
bound and double 
stitched which makes 
them doubly secure ; a 
very dressy skirt suit- 
able for all occasions ; 
choice of black 

or navy .6.50 

Special or extra sizes, 
$1.25 extra. 

J-4018. Popular sun- 
burst skirt, made of all 
wool panama cloth is 
cut in eleven gores and 
accordion pleated from 
above the hip line, 
graduating to about an 
inch wide at the bot- 
tom, which is over six 
yards around. We 
pleat these skirts on 
our own special pleat- 
ing machines thus we 
are able to" offer this re- 
markable skirt for so 
small a price ; colors 
are black or 
navy 6.00 

Lengths longer than 
stock sizes, $1.25 extra. 

J -4030. Made of fine quality im- 
ported broadcloth. The front and sides 

Regular stoex sizes are waist bands 22, 23, 24, 25, 20, 27, 2S 
and 29 inches, (measure nil around waist, do net allow for seams 

J-4016. Made of all wool high grade 
imported chiffon panama. The front 

are made with three box pleats which 
form two slot seams ending in inverted 
pleats. Other gores have three cross 
folds of self below the hip line, from 
which invert ’d and side pleats extend 

to the bottom ; black only 10.00 

Special or extra sixes $2.00 extra, 

or lap), with choice of lengths 38, 39, 40, 41 or 42 ins. Measure 
front from bottom of waist band to bottom of skirt. 

In case size and color are out of stock in style selected a 
second or third choice will generally avoid delay. Orders for 
special or extra sizes will require about ten days to make. Send 
for measurement form before ordering. Samples of materials 
sent on request. 

is made with slot scam ending in in- 
verted pleat, and box pleat on either 
side. Alternate side gores have two 
box pleats. Other gores have bias tucks 
forming panels, and ending in 
inverted pleat. In black only 10.00 
Special or extra sizes, $2.00 extra. 


Misses’ Styles for Fall and Winter 

These beautiful Fall and Winter styles have been selected from among the hundreds of samples shown by the best designers of Misses’ garments in 
York, and represent the latest styles now being worn by fashionable people. The materials and trimmings are bought from the most reliable makers, 


a”d the varments being made in our own work rooms are of’ the highest standard of workmanship. 
You save money by buying from the maker. 

J-7420. Smart Style for Misses, 
made of all wool French Vene- 
tian cloth. Coat is 22 inches 
long and is trimmed with stitch- 
ed straps of self. Has velvet 
collar and is lined throughout 
with mercerette. Skirt is made 
19 gore style with side pleats all 
round and is trimmed with wide 
fold of self cloth. Choice of black, 
navy, brown or green 11 .00 

J-3907. Attractive Misses’ 
Suit, made in military style with 
trimming of black silk military 
braid on front, collar, cuffs, fac- 
ing and around the bottom of 
the coat ; lined throughout with 
mercerette. Skirt is made 13 
gore style with seams ending in 
side pleats, and is trimmed with 
braid to match coat. Choice 
of black or navy 12.50 

J -7420 



J-3904. Misses’ Stylish Suit made 
of imported Vicuna cloth. Coat is 
loose fitting style, trimmed with 
straps of self front and back extend- 
ing to the bottom ; trimmed with 
buttons and braid. Skirt is made in 
the popular 13 gore side pleated 
style which gives a pleasing fullness 
at the bottom. Choice of colors 
black or navy 8.50 

J-7417. Popular Style Misses’ Suit, 
made of fancy dark tweed in broad- 
cloth finish. Norfolk coat is made 
with stitched straps of self in fancy 
design trimmed with buttons ; 
lined with mercerette. Sleeves are 
finished at cuff? with stitched strap 
trimmed with buttons. Skirt is 9 
gore style with front and side gores 
made panel effect; other gores fin- 
ished with straps of self trimmed 
with buttons, which forms a heading 
for inverted pleats Choice of colors 
blue, brown or green tones 


In case size and color is out of stock, it may require about ten days to supply same. A second or third choice will generally avoid delay. 

We can alter waist bands of the skirts of these suits to one inch smaller or larger than stock size if desired. Samples of material sent on request. 
Misses’ Suits shown on this page can be supplied in sizes 32, 34 and 36 inch bust measure, with choice of skirt lengths 33, 35 and 37 inches. 

Waist Measure for 32 inch bust, 23 inches. Waist Measure for 34 inch bust, 23 inches. Waist Measure for 36 inch bust, 24 inches. 



Stylish Fall and Winter Misses’ Coats 



J -7 044 

J - 7049 

J-7044, Made of heavy weight imported cheviot. 
Is beautifully trimmed with velvet, silk military 
braid and silk soutache braid. The back is trimmed 
to match front, and has wide slot seam down 
centre; has turn back cuffs and patch pockets; 
length 44 inches ; unlined. Colors black or 
navy. Very special 4-95 

J-6780. Made of heavy weight heath- 
er mixed tweeds, in loose fitting double 
breasted style ; 45 inches long; unlined, 
has wide stitched strap of self over 
shoulder, and extending to the bottom, 
another strap extends over shoulder 
giving wide shoulder effect. The collar 
has dainty trimming of velvet, broad- 
cloth and buttons. Choice of brown or 
navy heather mixtures 1 0.00 

J-7049. Made of imported heavy weight Beaver 
cloth, in loose fitting style ; has high storm collar 
and is trimmed with stitched strap around the arm 
hole and extending down the side, back has new 
wide stitched pleat down the centre ; length 42 
inches; unlined. Choice of black, navy, brown, 
red or green.— 7.00 

J-3516. Misses’ Coat, made of imported heavy 
weight Vicuna cloth, double breasted loose fitting, 
box pack style, finished with self strapping on 
shoulder ; is trimmed on the collar, pocket flaps 
and turn back cuifs with check material; length 25 
inches, unlined. Choice of black, navy, brown 
or red 5.00 

These beautiful Fall and Winter 

styles have been selected fiorn the 
hnudreds of samples shown by the best 
designers of Misses’ garments in New 
York, and representthe latest styles now 
being worn by fashionable people. The 
materials and trimmings are bought 
from the most reliable makers, and the 
garments being made in our workrooms 
are of tne highest standard of work- 
maship. You save money by buying 
from the maker. 



J-7046* Made of fine quality heavy weight 
tweeds ; loose back style, 45 inch length ; double 
breasted; unlined; has wide shoulder straps which 
are trimmed with buttons and develop into wide 
box pleats. The tabs on front, collar and turn back 
cuffs are trimmed with buttons. Choice ot heather 
mixed or light grey tweeds 8.00 

Misses’ Coats shown on this page arj made in sizes for 14 years, 32 bust; for 16 years 34 bust; for 18 years, 36 bust; 
und length as stated in description. 

In case size and color in style selected are out of stock it may require IO days to fill order. A second or third choice 
will (generally avoid delay. Samples of material can be had on request. 





$1.95 > 

J-7-37, Is made of good quality im 
ported vicuna cloth ; made ninegori 
style with panel effect in front, siai 
gores are made with graduated straj 
of self ending in tab which ter 
minatesin a box pleat. This give 
a pleasing fulness around the bot 
tom. Choice of black or navy 

J-713S. Is made oi English vicuna 
cloth in seven gore style ; each seam 
ends in side p eat, and has a tab of 
self trimmed with self covered 
button ; seams are all neatly bound 
inside, and thoroughly well made 
throughout. Choice of colors, blac.c 
or navy. Exceptional value 

at 1.95 



, J-7135 





J-4026. Beautiful 
sunburst pleated suirt 
made of all wool im- 
ported Panama. The 
accordion pleats grad- 
uate from below the 
waist to about an inch 
wide at the bottom, 
which gives about six 
yards fulness around 
the bottom. Choice 
of colors, black, 
navy or garnet.. 5.75 

J-7135. Wade of our 
best quality all wool 
French Venetian 
cloth ; a nine gore 
model with front and 
side gores made panel 
effect ; ending in side 
pleats ; alternate gores 
have tab trimmed with 
self covered buttons 
and forming a box 
pleat below. Choice 
of colors, black, navy, 
brown or green 


J-3609. Icmadeof our best quality imported 
vicuna cloth in the popular 17 gore side 
pleated style. The large number of gores 
make a neat fitting, splendid hanging skirt, 
and the generous side pleat at each gore 
gives a decided fulness around the 
bottom. Choice of black or navy 3.95 

We make a speciality of making Misses’ Skirts suit- 
able for Misses’ wear. Small women who cannot be fitted 
in women's sizes can often get a satisfactory fit in Misses’ 
styles. We insist on the same careful attention in the 
making of Misses’ Skirls, and use the same high standard 
of materials that are found in our women’s garments. 

Sizes are— lengths 31, 33. 35 and 37 inches, with choice 
of waist bands 22, 23, 24 and 25 inches. 

In case size or color in style selected is temporarily 
out of stock, it may require about four to six days to (iil 
the order, in which case we ask your kind indulgence. 

A second or third choice will generally avoid delay. 

J-4021. Is made of all wool tweed in 15 gore 
flare style. The bottom is trimmed with 
two rows of black mohair braid which runs 
all the way around and makes a very pretty 
contrast. A well cut, neat hanging skirt. ' 
Choice of light or medium grey. 
- 4.75 

Samples of material sent on 





J 7805 

$ 3.50 up 

J- 323 D. Guilds Reefer made of 
heavy weight frieze in double 
breasted style with high storm col- 
lar ; has turn back cuffs and patch 
pockets. Choice of navy, brown’ 
green or red. Prices, 4 years 2.00 
6 years... 2.25 8 years... 2.50 
10 years.. 2.75 12 years.. 3.00 

J - 7805 . Child’s Reefer in double 
breasted style, made of heavy 
weight frieze; unlined; has yoke 
back and front with button trim- 
ming from which side pleats extend 
to the bottom of the coat ; storm 
collar and turn back cuff. Prices, 
4 years... 2.75 6 years... 3.00 
8 years.. 3.25 10 years.. 3,50 

12 years 3.75 

Choice of navy, red or green. 

J- 3227 . Child’s Ulster made of 
good quality heavy weight frieze, 
has high storm collar and is finished 
with stitched straps which extend 
over the shoulders. A touch of 
velvet makes a neat trimming to 
this serviceable coat. Navy, 
brown, green or red. Prices, 
4 years... 3.50 6 years... 4.00 
8 years... 4.50 10 years.. 5.00 
12 years., 5.50 14 years.. 6-00 

J-7818" Child’s Ulster of hea^ 
weight vicuna cloth ; unlined ; has 
three side pleats over the shoulder; 
collar has velvet trimming and tab 
with button. Turn back cuff is 
made with fancy tab and trimmed 
with velvet. Navy, red, green or 
brown. Prices, 4 years 4.50 
6 years... 5-00 8 years... 8-50 
10 years.. 6-00 12 years... 6-50 
14 years 7-00 

J- 7874 . Child’s Red River Style 
Ulster, made of all wool blanket 
cloth ; a very suitable material to 
withstand the cold and give protec- 
tion from stormy weather, unlined, 
has high storm collar and large 
hood ; knit scarf at the waist finish- 
ed with tassels. Prices, 

4 years... 5.50 6 years... 6.00 
8 years.... 6.50 10 years... 7-00 
12 years.. 7-50 14 years... 8.00 
Choice of navy or red. Navy has 
red scarf. 

J- 6618 . Child’s Ulster, made of 
line quality all wool heavy weight 
frieze in double breasted style with 
high storm collar. The collar and 
shoulder are trimmed with fancy 
braid; turn back cuff has trimming 
of vel ve t and braid. The front and 
back has button trimming and in- 
verted pleats. Choice of blue, 
brown, green or red. Prices, 
4 years... 5-50 6 years... 6-00 

8years__ 6-50 10 years... 7-00 
12 years. 7-50 14 years.. 8-00 

J- 6612 . Child’s Ulster, made of 
high grade all wool tweed in double 
breasted style with shawl collar 
trimmed with velvet and braid ; 
has wide straps over shoulder, giving 
Gibson shoulder effect. Touches of 
velvet are used as a trimming on the 
ocket flaps and cuffs. Choice of 
ark or medium brown tones in 
Heather mixtures. Prices, 

4 years... 5.75 6 years... 6-25 
8 years.... 6-75 10 years.. 7-25 
12 years.. 7 .75 14 years... 8-25 

J- 6617 - Child’s Ulster, made of 
the new heavy weight Heather 
tweed in double breasted style with 
high storm collar trimmed with 
braid. The pocket flaps and turn 
back cuffs are trimmed with velvet, 
back is fi ished with a bias strap of 
self. Choice of brown, green or 
blue Heather mixed tweed. Prices, 
4 years... 4-75 6 years... 5-25 
8 years... 5-75 10 years... 6-25 
12 years.. 6-75 14 years... 7-25 

When ordering be sure and state style number, color and age required. A second or third choice will generally avoid delay in case flrst choice is 
outof stock. Length of ulsters are 27 inchesfor 4 years, SO inches for 6 years, 33 inches for 8 years, 36 inches for 10 years, 30 inches for 12 years, 42 inches for 
14 years. We can only supply in sizes and colors as stated in description. 


L. I IV1 1 TE D 

Infants’ and Children’s Coats and Cloaks 

J-7802. Child’s Coat, made of 
heavy weight blanket cloth ; double 
breasted, box back style made with 
storm collar ; finished with patch 
pocket and brass buttons. A very 
serviceable coat suitable for winter 
weather; colors navy or 
red ; lengths 22, 21 and 26 ins.. . 3. 00 

J-603I. In ants’ Long Cloak, made of Cream bediord Cord; deep 
cape trimmed with rows of silk braid ; collar piped and finished 
with braid, lined with sateen and interlined with flannelette .. 2.50 

J-6030. Same style as J-6031 made of cream cashmere 2.50 

J-6028. Infants’ Long Cloak, made of cream cashmere ; deep collar 
piped with satin and trimmed with silk embroidered medallions; 
cape and skirt finished with silk embroidery ; has silk tie ; lined 

with sateen and interlined with flannelette 3.50 

J-6Q27. Infants’ Long Coat, made of cream cashmere; deep collar 
piped with satin and trimmed with silk embroidered applique all 
round ; cape and skirt finished with silk embroidery ; has silk tie ; 
lined with sateen and interlined with flannelette 3.75 

J-7801. Childs Red .River Coat 
made of heavy weight imported 
vicuna cloth ; double breasted, box 
back style made with storm collar 
and hood as shown in back view ; 
has turn back cuffs, flap pockets 
and two rows of brass buttons down 
front ; colors are navy or red ; 
lengths 22, 24 and 26 inches... 3.50 



II: ■ 

J-8948. Child’s Warm Winter J-6008. Child’s Comfortable 

Coat, made of cream mohair imi- 
tation polar bear ; has deep round 
collar of self and tie of Japanese silk ; 
lined throughout with eiderdown 
flannel ; lengths 22, 24 and 26 

inches 2.50 

When ordering 1 children’s 

Winter Coat, made of mohair im- 
itation polar bear ; trimmed with 
frog ornaments and Japanese silk 
tie ; has deep round collar of self : 
lined throughout with eiderdown 
flannel ; colors brown or cream 
lengths 22, 24 and 26 inches.. 3.00 
Coats be careful to state 

Style number, color and length required. 

J-6003. Child’s Coat, made of cream 
mohair imitation polar bear ; scallop 
shaped collar trimmed with two 
beautiful silk embroidered medal- 
lions fastened with pearl buttons 
and finished with Japanese silk tie ; 
lined thoughout with eiderdown 
flannel; warm, comfortable and sty- 
1 i s h ; lengths 22, 24 and 26 
inches 3.50 

J-6810. Child’s Coat, made of extrt 
quality cream mohair imitatioi 
polar bear ; large scalloped collar oj 
cream serge; lined with flannel anc 
edged with silk embroidered ap 
plique ; also has storm collar of self 
made with yoke back and front witl 
inverted pleat in back • finished 
with frog ornaments ana silk tie 
lined thoughout with eiderdowf 
flannel ; lengths 22, 24 and 26 
inches 4 . 5 C 




J-8950 Infant’s Eiderdown Flan- 
nel Sacque, in colors cardinal, sky, 
pink or cream, edged with fancy 
shell stitch, finished with satin 
ribbon tie, sizes 34 and 1 year... ,35 

J-47 Infant’s Sacque of Zephyr 
Wool, hand made, in all white, 
white with pink, or white with 
blue edging .50 

J-48 Infant’s Sacque of Zephyr 
Wool, hand made, yoke, front, 
sleeves and round bottom trimmed 
with fancy silk stitching, finished 
with silk "tie, in colors all white, 
white with blue or white with 
pink edging 75 

J-49 Infant’s Sacque of Zephyr 
Wool, hand made, has silk ribbon 
inserted round neck, front, sleeves 
and bottom of sacque; in colors all 
white, white with blue or white 
with pink 85 

J-77 Misses’ “Norfolk Coat,’’ of 
knitted worsted, made in fancy 
stitch; fastened in front with pearl 
buttons, and has belt all round, full 
length sleeve with turned back cuff; 
in plain colors cardinal, navy or 
white, sizes 10, 12 and 14 yrs. 1.50 




76 Child's “Buster Brown” knit 
ed worsted Sweater in fancy stitch ; 
juttoned down front with belt all 
ound, in colors white with car- 
linal,navy with cardinal or cardi- 
nal with navy. Sizes 4, 6 and 
1 years, each 1 .00 

75 Infant's “Buster Brown” knit- 
,ed worsted Sweater, buttoned down 
rout and belt allround; in colors 
|,vhite with sky, white witli cardinal, 
>rnavy with white, sizes 1, 2 
md 3 years .75 


72 Women’s Golf Waist, made 
< f fine knitted worsted in fancy 
stitch; front fastened with buttons, 
;]» andloops, fulllengthsleeve with deep 
cuff; in colors white, cardinal, navy 
or black. Sizes 34, 3G and 38 
51 1 bust measure- 1.75 

J-74 Women’s Go!f Vest, made of 
fine knitted worsted in fancy stitch ; 
bound with braid; buttoned in front; 
in plain colors, cardinal, navy, 
white or black, sizes 34, 36 and 

38 bust measure 1.00 

Heavy Woollen Shawls, in 
greys or browns, each.. 1.25 

1.50 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 

Honeycomb ShawSs, colors 
white, black, cardinal or grev, each 

50 .75 1.00 1.25 1.50 

Fancy Knitted Wool Fascinat- 
ors, in all white, all black and white 
with sky or pink, each.. .50 .75 

Children’s Wool Clouds in plain 
colors, black, white, navy or 
cardinal 25 .35 .50 

J-73 Women’s Golf Waist, made 

of fineknitted worsted in plain stitch, 
front is double breasted and finished 
with wide knitted band and large 
pearl buttons, full length sleeves, 
deep cuff; in plain colors, white 
cardinal, navy or black, sizes 34, 

30 and 38 bust measure... ..— 2.00 












J87 68 
3.00 up 









J-8564. Child’s Dress, made of Pnnte 
Cashmerette ; tucked in yoke effect, bac 
and front; frill over shoulder trimmed wit 
fancy braid ; collar, cuffs and yoke trimme |n L 
to match; has deep hem around bottom 'Ilf 
colors navy, red or sky, with white “ 
polka dots ; sizes %, 1, 2 and 3 years... ,B< 
J-8568. Girl’s Dress, made of Printed Cast- — 
merette ; front has two box pleats and pant 
effect down centre trimmed with fane lomfc 
braid ; shoulder tucks give the require , 
fulness: full gathered skirt, tucked cuffi ne “ 
collar and belt trimmed with braid; ur ; | 0W e 
line 1 ; colors navy, red or black, with whit 
polka dots ; sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 L— 

years 1 .7J 

J-8796 Child’s Dress, made of Fine All-woc ... , 
French Cashmere; has tucked yoke bac '■ 
and front, finished with gathered frill c 

self, edged with lace ; collar and cuffs edge' 

with frill of lace ; f' ill of self around bottom 

colors navy, cardinal, cream or sky ; sizes ^ 

d cuff 

1,2 or 3 years 1.7J 

J-8567. Child’s Dress, made of Fine All-woc J 
French Cashmere ; front has two box pleats 
and shoulder tucks giving the require' 
fulness ; collar and cuffs trimmed with lac 511 
insertion, and edged with frill of lace; bac |Md(j 
tucked ; skirt finished with three dee «ra 
tucks ; lined to the waist , colors navj nth b 
cardinal, cream or sky ; sizes 2, 3, 4 

and 5 years 2 .Of ! ,1 l ,pr( 

J-8578. Child’s Dress, made of All-wool In ■ 
ported Serge; front has three full-lengt “ 
deep side pleats on either side, with pane * 
effect down centre trimmed with tabs c 
self and small buttons; back has box plea ^ 
down centre and two side pleats on eithe, ) [f ,' 
side; collar and cuffs finished with fane 
braid ; lined throughout ; colors navy, 
red or brown ; sizes 2, 3, 4 and 5 years 2.5( | w " 
J-8768. Girl’s Sahor Drets, made of In * 
ported Serge; deep square collar back am tdwitl 
front trimmed with two rows of widemohai mint 

braid, finished with tie of self; full kilte; _ 

skirt; collar and cuffs trimmed with braic 
and anchor on shield; lined throughout! 
colors navy or cardinal; 6 years 3.0C 
8 years 3,25. 10 years 3.50. 12 years r -' H 
3.75. 13 years 4.00. 14 years.... 4.23 ?' 
J-8753. Girl’s Dress, made of All-wool Irrj ,, 
ported Serge ; front of waist has box anj r . 
side pleats ; pointed shoulder tabs and ves J 
effect trimmed with silk soutache braid an £ 
pearl buttons; collar, belt and neat turr 1 
back cuffs finished with rows of braid ; skii 
has double box pleat down front, and dee. {14, 
side pleats all round; lined throughout. M i 
colors navy, brown, red or green: 6 yeail 
3.25. 8 years 3.50, 10 years 3.75, 12 bid; 

years 4.00. 13 yeurs4.25, 14 years 4. 5( till 
J-8587. Girl’s Dress, made of All-woc 
French Cashmere ; front has neat ves 
effect trimmed with fancy braid and velve 
buttons; has box pleats front and back 
skirt has wide box pleat down front, anl* . 
side pleated all round ; lined throughout; 1 
colors navv, garnet or brown ; 6 years 3.2q 
8 years 3.50. 10 years 3.75, 12 years 

4.00. 13 years 4.25. 14 years 4.5< 

J-3052. Girl’s Dress, made of Fine Qualit 
All-wool English Serge; waist has boi 
pleats front and back, and trimming of sil 
braid on collar, cuffs and front; skirt ha 
box pleat down centre, and deep full sid 
pleats all round ; lined throughout; colot 
navy, red or brown ; G years 4-50. 8 yea: 

4 75 , 10 years 5.00. 12 years 5.25, 

13 years, 5.50. 14 years 5.7 


Children’s Dresses shown on thij 
page are made in lengths as follows 
1 year 20 inches, 2 years 21 inches 
3 years 22 inches, 4 years 24 inches 

6 years 20 inches, 8 years 28 inches, 10 years 30 inches, 12 years 33 inches, 13 years 36 inches, 14 years 39 inches. _ _ 

When ordering, state age, also color and style number required. A second or third choice will generally avoid delay, ui ^ 
case first choice is temporarily out of stock. 



2 ! 




omfort and service com- 
led with neatness of style 
lowest prices. 

10. Women’s Wrapper made of 
rinted percale; has pointed yoke 
■ont and back trimmed with braid 
nd finished with frill of self; button- 
d cuffs and belt ; skirt has deep 
athered flounce; in colors .black 
nd white, navy and white, 
r red and white 1.00 



lac 511. Women’s Wrapper made Of 
ac ood quality flannelette, has frill 
ver Shoulder; yoke front and back 
rith braid trimming on front of 
oke; buttoned cuffs and belt, full 
Offlathered flounce on skirt ; in colors 
>laek and white, navy and white, 
ed and white, red and black, 
ir blue and black 1 .00 

512. Polka Dot Two Piece House 
Dress of printed percale, waist has 
>ox pleat down front, with cluster 
.if small tucks on either side and 
'5%own center at back ; has buttoned 
utis and belt ; unlined ; ski: t finish- 
id withdeep flounce; in colors, black 
nd white, or navy and white 


, 2 ! 

513. Women’s Wrapper made of 
;ood quality flannelette; front, back, 
iollar and cuffs trimmed with braid; 
>ox pleat down front of waist, fin- 
shed with belt, skirt has deep 
fathered flounce, in colors, black 
md white, or navy and white 
ihepherd check 1.25 


iee 514. Women’s Wrapper made of 
out ifood quality flannelette, pointed 
'eaf/oke front and back trimmed with 
Draid; collar, cuffs and tab finished 
5§with braid trimming. Full skirt 
with gathered flounce, in colors, 
flack and white, navy and 

,| 5f white or red and white ... 1.50 


« 515. Women’s Wrapper of fine qual- 
ity flannelette, has braid trim- 
,25 fning on front, back and collar, also 
ieep cuffs finished with two rows 
)f braid; has box pleat down front 
)f waist, and belt; full skirt with 
deep gathered flounce; in colors, 
flack and white, navy and 
yhite or red and white... - 1.75 


Women’s Wrappers made of 
)ur standard quality mercerized 
sateen, in black only; frontandback 
is trimmed with black satin baby 
ribbon in yoke effect, has frill over 
shoulder, collar and cuffs finisheci 
with black satin baby ribbon, 
deep full flounce on skirt 1 .95 

These serviceable wrappers and house dresses aro made in bust sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44. Style J-615 and J-516 
in also be supplied in bust size 46. All our wrappers are made 67 Inches long in front and lined to the waist. Skirts of 
Duse dresses are 42 inches long;. 





Dressing Gowns 


Tea Gowns 


These comfortable gowns are| 
all made in our own workrooms? 
under conditions that produce^ 
the highest class of work — goodiUz 
pure air, plenty of light and iiiine 
ample space combined with the Won 
latest high speed machines. Our W 
facilities for the purchase of re- *■ 
liable materials are unequalled , r 
and the large order placed at the J803. 
mills ensure the lowest prices, ileiti 

J -8952. Warm Comfortable Dress- 



ing Gown, made of plain eiderdown ( 
flannel, has large round collar trim- ^ 
med with fancy stitching and edged 
with wool shell stitch, a similat 
trimming extends down front, also MM- 
on pocket and sleeves; fastened 
around the waist with wool girdle, te 
Colors cardinal or grey --4.00^ 

J-8951. Beautiful Dressing Gown 

made of ripple eiderdown flannel 

has deep square collartrimmed wi tlf 
satin, also has satin trimming down jjta 
front, on pocket, and turn back! ^ 
cuffs. Fastened with cord loop and nel; 
barrel buttons, and wool girdle at m 
waist. Colors cardinal, grey , ®ps 

or sky 5.00|t!;( 

J-8963. Tea Gown, made of alL,^ 
wool French cashmere, lined to the 


•tli 1 






I It 

waist with percaline, has tucked 
yoke, back and front trimmed with 
slik soutache braid ; large full sleeve 
with deep cuff trimmed with silk: 
soutache braid ; gathered frill Or^ 
skirt and belt around waist. Colors 1 

black, navy or cardinal.... 5 .00 1® 

J-8965. Handsome Tea Gown, 
made of all wool French cashmere, 
has round yoke of tucking and shir- 
ring, finished all round with deep 
frill of lace; large full sleeve with 
deep tucked cuff; collar finished 
with lace; girdle of satin ribbon; 
gathered frill around bottom of skirt; 
lined to the waist with percalinej ^ 
Colors black, navy or garnet 8.00 
J-8964-. Stylish Tea Gown, made 
of fine all wool French cashmere; has 
tucked yoke back and front trim-; 
med with lace insertion and shir- 
ring ; frill of self over shoulder andi 
extending across back, edged with 
deep frill of lace; % sleeves trimmed 
with shirring and edged with lace, ^ 

" » ■ ,3 -C «, f 1 1 f 1 a • h no oo + i tv 

insertion ar.d frill of lace ; has satin, 
ribbon girdle at waist, and gathered 
frill around bottom of skirt ; lined 
throughout with percaline making, 
a very serviceable and useful house 
gown. Colors black, navy or 
garnet._ 10.00 






Sizes are 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44 bust. Tea Gowns are made 57 inches )long, and eiderdown gowns 58 inches 
long, measured down front. When ordering be careful to state style number, color and size required. 


Messing Gowns, 
acques and 


>802. Dressing Sacque, made of printed 
annelette ; has gathered frill of 
elf on collar and around bottom ; belt 
11 round and full sleeves with buttoned 
uffs. Colors black and white, 
avv and white or red and white .75 

>803. Women’s Short Kimona, made 
f extra quality printed velour flannel- 
tte ; tucked back and front in yoke 
ffect ; finished with wide band of self 
n cuffs and down front ; choice of 
olors navy, sky or red with 
apanese fan pattern 1 00 

>804. Dressing Sacque, made of extra 
uality printed velour flannelette, 
louse style with deep collar and turn 
ack cuffs trimmed with satin ; has at- 
iched belt and satin ribbon tie ; colors 
lavy, sky, red or grey with fancy 
olors 1 00 

1949. Women’s Serviceable Dressing 
acque, made of plain eiderdown flan- 
lel ; trimmed all round with shell 
titch wool edging ; fastened with silk 
oop and barrel button ; has silk ribbon 
ie ; colors cardinal, grey, or sky 1.25 

3957. Dressing Sacque, made of ripple 
iderdown flannel ; blouse style trimmed 
,11 round with row of fancy stitching 
>nd edged with wool shell stitch, fasten- 
ed with two silk loops and barrel 

mtton ; colors cardinal, grey, 

011 ky or pink 1.85 

OK | 

)Q 3955. Dressing Sacque, made of fine 
ill wool French cashmere ; has deep 
minted collar trimmed with lace in- 
ertion and frill of self edged with lace 
luffs and botton of skirt to match ; box 
fleat down front and double box pleat 
n back ; fastened around waist with 
;atin ribbon ; colors black, navy, 
lardinal or sky 2.50 

D601. This comfortable dressing gown 
s made of extra quality printed velour 
lannelette; deep collar trimmed with 
'ows of satin ribbon, finished wtth frill 
>f self ; large full sleeve trimmed with 
latin ribbon and gathered frill of self 
m cuff ; fastened at the waist with 
firdle ; colors navy, sky or 
?rey 2.00 

0602. This beautiful kimona is made 
bf superfine printed flannelette in 
Japanese designs with fancy colors; 
tucked front and back in yoke effect 
Eorming inverted and box pleats ; large 
full sleeve finished with gathered frill 
of self ; trimmed with wide satin 
band around neck and down front 2.25 



g 2.25 

J-0804 | 


J 0803 


£ 2.00 


Garments shown on this page can be supplied in bust sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44 inches. Gowns are made 58 inches long 
leasured down front. When ordering be careful to state style number, color and size required. In case size or color in style selected 
temporarily out of stock it may require from 4 to 6 days to fill order. A second or third choice will generally avoid delay. 








J 5379. This dressy style waist is made of fine all- 
over embroidered net over separate slip of Japanese 
silk ; front has yoke effect, trimmed with Maltese 
lace insertion, edged with frill of lace; also nas 
four half inch folds of self across front ; collar 
and cuffs of Maltese lace, finished with frill of 
lace ; fastened in back; % sleeves; white 

or ecru 5.00 

If by mail postage extra, 12^. 

J 5395. Waist made of fine black satin; front has 
box pleat down centre and trimmed with silk braid, 
and covered buttons ; shoulder tucks in yoke effect 
give ample fulness; back, collar and cuffs 

neatly tucked ; unlined ; black only 3.50 

If by mail postage extra, 17c. 

J 5380 . This beautiful evening waist is made of fine 
imported white net over separate slip of Japanese 
silk ; front trimmed in yoke effect with embroider- 
ed net lace and edging ; attached collar and cuffs 
trimmed to match ; two clusters of four tucks across 
front give a very pleasing effect ; % sleeves ; 

fastened in back ; white only 4.00 

) If by mail postage extra. 12c. 

J 5382. This stylish evening waist is made of fine 
imported white net over separate slip of Japanese 
silk; front has dainty trimming of embroidered net 
lace with alternate clusters of small tucks in yoke 
effect, also two clusters of cross tucks ; collar and 
cuffs of embroidered net, edged with frill of lace; 
fastened in back and tucked forming blouse 

back ; 54 sleeves ; white only 4.50 

If by mail postage extra, 12c. 

J5388. Latest style waist, made of extra quality 
taffeta silk ; has wide pleat on either side extend 
ing over the shoulder forming the new Gibson 
effect ; front and cuffs tucked, trimmed with crimp- 
ed frill of self ; buttoned in back, and tucked in 
yake effect; unlined; colors black, ivory, 

navy, cardinal or brown - 5.00 

If by mail postage extra, 13c. 

J 5390. New Gibson style waist, made of extra 
heavy quality black peau-de-soie. Front has box 
pleat down centre, and wide pleat on either side ; 
also deep fold of self extending over the shoulder 
and down the back; collar and cuffs tucked ; back 
trimmed with wide pleats ; unlined ; black 

only 5.50 

If by mail postage extra, 15c. 

J 5386. Beautiful waist for dress or evening wear, 
made of extra heavy quality Louisine silk ; has 
yoke, back and front, of Valenciennes lace insertion 
edged with frill of lace ; attached collar and cuffs 
to match ; front trimmed with three rows of Val- 
enciennes lace insertion finished with frill of lace 
and tucking; unlined; buttoned in back , 

54 sleeves ; colors black or ivory 6.00 

If by mail postage extra. 12c. 

Sizes are32, 34, 36,38,40, and 42 inches bust measure. Styles J5395 and J5390 can also be supplied in bust size 44 inches. Incase 

ordered is temporarily out of stock, it may require from 6 to 10 aiys to fill order. 







size or color 




These beautiful waists are representative of the latest New 
i'ork styles, but at much lower prices. Being made in our own 
work rooms also means better material and workmanship. 




2 $ 

Women’s Beautiful Silk Waists 

Sizes for Waits shown on this page are 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 inch bust measure. 
Style J-5396 can also be had in bust size 44 inches. 



J-5375. Stylish Waist, suitable for evening wear, made 
of Japanese silk; front has yoke effect of Valenciennes 
lace insertion nnd tucking; also trimming of lace 
medallion, insertion nnd tucks down centre ; collar 
and cnffs trimmed with lace insertion, edged with 
lace; % sleeves ; unlined, buttoned in back, and 

tucked forming blouse back, black or ivory 3.50 

If by mail postage extra 10c. 

J-5387. Japanese Silk Waist, unlined, front trimmed 
with seven rows of Valenciennes lace insertion nnd 
tucking; collar and cuffs of lace edged with frill of 
lace ; back has box pleat down centre concealing the 
buttons and trimmed on either side with Valenciennes 
lace insertion and tucks, % sleeves ; black or 

ivory 2.50 

If by mail postage extra 10c. 

J-5389. Unlined waist made of Japanese silk ; front has 
box pleat down centre and wide hemstitched tuexs on 
either side ; collar, cuffs and back neatly tucked, 
buttoned in front. Colors black, ivory, cardinal, 

navy, sky, green or brown 2.50 

If by mail postage extra 10c. 

J-5377. This beautiful waist is made of Japanese silk ; 
front, collar and cuffs are elaborately trimmed with 
Valenciennes lace insertion, lace edging and tucks ; 
buttoned in back, and tucked forming the new blouse 
back ; unlined ; black or ivory ; very suitable for 

evening wear 2.95 

If by mail postage extra 10c. 

J-5396. Unlined waist made of black taffeta silk; has 
wide tuck extending over the shoulders back and 
front, giving the new Gibson effect; front has box 
pleat down centre, and cluster of eight small tucks on 
either side; back, collar and cuffs neatly tucked; 
buttoned in front ; black only; size 32 to 44 

inches bust measure 3.75 

If by mail postage extra 13c. 

J-5503. Waist made of extra quality taffeta silk ; front 
has three box j leats trimmed with self covered 
buttons ; small tucks to the bust line give the desired 
fullness; back finished with two box pleats; collar 
and cuffs neatly tucked ; body lined ; colors 

black, ivory, navy, cardinal, sky or brown 4.50 

If by mail postage extra 15c. 

J-5500. This stylish waist is made of extra quality 
Japanese silk ; front has dainty trimming of Valen- 
ciennes lace insertion, lace edging, medallions, tucks 
and hemstitching ; collar and cuffs of lace edged with 
frill of lace, buttoned in back, and neatly tucked 
forming the new blouse back ; unlined , black 

or ivorv 5.00 

If by mail postage extra 11c. 

Be careful to state style number, size and color desired 

when ordering. 


Women’s Lustre and Panama Waists 


» ■ Ww** 


Latest Styles at 

Lowest Prices 

Waists shown on this page 
can be supplied in size 32, 34, 
36, 38, 40 and 42 bust measure, 
Style 5507 can also be had in 
size 44 bust. When ordering 
be careful to state style num- 
ber, color and size required, 
In case size or color in style 
selected is temporarily out ol 
stock it may require from 4 tc 
6 days to fid order. A second 
or third choice will generally 
avoid delay. 

J -5507. Women’s Lustre Waist 
front finished with clusters of smal 
tucks and four one-quarter inci 
tucks; back, attached coliar anc 
cuffs tucked ; buttoned in back 
unlined ; in colors black, 
na.vy or cream ... 1 . 5 CI 

It by mail postage extra, 15c. 

J - 5383 Women’s Lustre Waist 
front tucked in yoke effect, and finl 
ished with four one-quarter inclj 
tucks across front ; has box plea 
down back with four tucks dowt 
either side, giving blouse effect 
collar and cuffs tucked ; unlmed 
buttoned in back ; colors 
black, navy, brown or cream 1,75 

















If by mail postage extra, 15c. 

J -5505 Women’s Waist, made o l 
good quality lustre, front has sill 
embroidered panel finished wit! 
wide pleats either side ; back, at 
tached collar and cuffs tucked; 
body lined ; buttoned in back ; ii 
colors black, navy, cream 
or brown 1.95 

If by mail postage extra, 19c. 











-5502 Women’s Waist made cl 
fine quality lustre; has three bo 
pleats down front, trimmed wit I 
silk buttons; also four clusters c 
small tucks ending at bust line) 
back has two box pleats; tuckei 
collar, buttoned in front; bod 
lined ; colors black, nary, 
cream or brown 2. at 








If by mail postage extra, 17c. 

J-5510 Women’s Waist of fin 
quality lustre, has silk embroiderel 
front with four clusters of thre, 
small tucks; back has two cluster 
of tucks with box pleat down centr 
concealing buttons ; attached colia 
and cuffs tucked ; body lined' 
colors black, navy, brown, |j 

or cream 2 . 5 ( 

If by mail postage extra, 16c. 









J-5513 Women’s Waist of fine a 
wool Panama cloth; fronts mad 
with yoke trimmed with fancy sil 
stitching and French knot; fii 
ished with clustersof tucking ; baci 
attached collar and cuffs tucked; 
buttoned in back ; unlined ; choic, 
of colors, black, brown, 
navy, cream or garnet. 2 » 7 - 

If by mail postage extra, 19c. 












Women’s Stylish Cashmere Waists 

These Stylish Waists being 
made in our own factory can 
be retied on for latest style, 

1 perfect fit, and material and 
workmanship of a high stan* 
, dard. 

* i Sizes for Waists shown on 
1 this page are 32, 34, 36, 38, 
' 40 and 42 bust measure, 
j When ordering be careful to 
I state style number, color and 
l ( size required. In case size or 
color in style selected is tern- 
l ( porarily out of stock it may 
|( require from 4 to 6 days to 
! fill order. A second or third 
choice will generally avoid 








ic 1 1 
c! i 
a '[ 
'ti j 

Q | 












J-5511 Women’s Fine All Wool 
French Cashmere Waist; front has 
box pleat down centre with three 
wide tucks on either side giving ful- 
ness ; back, collar and cuffs tucked ; 
fastened in front; unlined; choice 
of colors black, cardinal, 
navy, brown, sky or cream. 1 « 75 
If by mail postage extra 15c. 

J-5394 Women’s Waist, made of 
fine all wool French Cashmere; 
front has box pleat down centre 
with cluster of small tucks and wide 
tuck either side ; back has four wide 
tucks; collar and cuffs tucked; body 
lined; fastened in front; colors 
black, navy, cardinal, cream 

brown or skv 1 .95 

If by mail postage extra 17c. 

J -5512 Women’s Waist, of fine all 
wool French Cashmere ; has scal- 
loped yoke trimmed with silk but- 
tons; box pleat down front with 
tucks either side giving the desired 
fulness ; collar, cuffs and back tuck- 
ed ; body lined; fastened in front; 
in colors black, navy, cardi- 
nal, cream, sky or brown.. -2.25 
If by mail postage extra 16c. 

J-5506 Women’s Waist, made of 
fine all wool Cashmere ; front beau- 
tifully embroidered with silk and 
trimmed with wide pleats; also has 
pleat extending over the shoulder 
and down back in new Gibson 
effect; collar and cuffs tucked; 
body lined ; colors black, navy, 
cardinal, cream, sky or 

brown : 2.50 

If by mail postage extra 17c. 

J -5393 Women’s fine all wool 
French Cashmere Waist; front has 
fifteen rows of small tucks with two 
silk embroidered panels; also has 
shoulder tucks and wide pleatex- 
tending over shoulder and down 
back ; attached collar and deep cuff 
tucked : buttoned in back ; unlined; 
choice of colors black, navy, 

Cardinal, cream or brown 2.75 

If by mail postage extra 15c. 

J-5397 Women’s Stylish Waist, 
made of fine all wool French Cash- 
mere ; front of silk embroidery and 
tucking with wide pleat extending 
over shoulder and down back, giv- 
ing new Gibson effect ; attached 
collar and full length sleeve with 
deep cuff tucked ; buttoned in back; 
body lined ; colors black, navy, 
cardinal, cream or brown. 

Price 3.50 

If by mail postage extra 17c. 

J -5511 



j 5393 





Velveteen and Fancy Pique Waists 

The popular white Lawn and Pique Waists are now worn on occasion the year round, and for women who desire a waist that can be laundried and 
itill retain i ts former freshness, nothing is more suitable. 

Sizes for waists ou this page are 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches bust measure. Be careful to state style number, color and size required when ordering. 

J-8188, New Gibson Style Waist, made of 
fine English velveteen, front has three box 
pleats and wide pleat extending over shoulder 
and down back ; unlined ; colors black, 

navy, cardinal, brown or green 2.25 

(If by mail postage extra 18c.) 

J -8198. New Style Waist made of fine English 
velveteen, front has yoke trimmed with self 
covered buttons, and five box pleats extending 
from below yoke ; buttoned in the back and 
finished with three box pleats ; collars and cuffs 
pleated to match front ; unlined ; colors black, 

navy, garnet, brownor green 2.50 

(If by mail postage extra 18c.) 

J -8193. New Gibson Style Waist, made of 
fancy white pique, has box pleat down 
centre and shoulder tucks ending at bust line ; 
wide pleat over shoulder extending down 
back, full length sleeve with long tucked 

cuff, white only 1 .60 

(If by mail postage extra 15c.) 


Women’s Fine Lawn 

J -8194. White Lawn Waist, front trimmed 
with two rows of embroidery and four rows of 
Valenciennes lace insertion ; back, front and 
collar tucked. Full length sleeve and deep 
cuff trimmed with embroidery and 
lace insertion, finished with frill of lace 1 .25 
(If by mail postage extra 12c.) 

J-81S3. Fine White Lawn Waist, front has 
yoke of Valenciennes lace, inserted with em- 
broidery medallions, finished with fine tucking 
and three rows of lace insertion ; buttoned in 
back and trimmed with two rows of lace in- 
sertion and four clusters of fine tucks ; deep 
cuff trimmed with lace insertion and tucks, 
edged with frill of lace, attached collar 
of lace trimmed with lace edging 1 .85 

(If by mail postage extra 11c.) 

J -8180. This Painty Waist of fine white la wn 
has front of three matched panels of Swiss 
embroidery, trimmed with Valenciennes lace 
insertion and fine tucks; buttoned in back 
and trimmed With lace insertion and fine tucks 
in yoke effect ; large full % sleeve trimmed 
with lace insertion and two clusters of tucks ; 
attached collar and cuffs of lace insertion 
edged with frill of lace. Suitable for 

evening wear..„ 2.50 

(If by mall postage extra 11c.) 

FALL AND WINTER CATALOGUE (No. 82), 1907-8 33 

■ — 

Flannelette and Sateen Waists 

These serviceable waists are all made in our own factories, where labor-saving machines, good light, cleanliness, and order are the conditions which 
help to produce the best class of work. 

The sizes are 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, and 42 inches bust measure. Style J-09 and J-5399 can also be supplied in bust size 44 inches. Be careful to state style 
number, color, and size required when ordering. 

J-096. Women’s Waist, made of good quality 
printed flannelette , box pleat down front and 
back, shoulder tucks ending at bust line in 
yoke effect ; full sleeve with tucked cuff ; body 
lined ; colors black and white, navy and 
white, or red and white .75 

If by mail, postage extra .15 

J-097. Waist made of lustrous black sateen ; 
box pleat front and back ; front tucked in yoke 
effect ; large full sleeves with buttoned 
cuff. Black only 75 

If by mail, postage extra .10 

J-8184. Polka Dot Waist made of twill flannel- 
ette ; front tucked in yoke effect, also has box 
pleat down front and back, tucked collar, full 
sleeve with buttoned cuff, lined throughout, 
colors black and white or navy and 

white i 1.00 

If by mail, postage extra .15 

Sateen and Brocaded Cotton Waists 

J-8187. Waist made of fancy brocaded cotton, 
front has box pleat down centre with six 
tucks either side ; wide tuck over shoulder ex- 
tending down back giving new Gibson effect, 
has full length sleeve with deep tucked 
cuff, black only 1.7S 

J-098. Waist, made of good quality lustrous 
black sateen, front formed with yoke and box 
leat down centre ; finished with tucks ; buck 
as double box pleat; full sleeve with deep 
cuff, finished with three clusters of tucks, 
black only 1.00 

J-5399. This Waist is made of fine black 

English mercerized sateen ; front has box plent 
down centre and three wide hemstitched 
tucks ; either side; back, collar and cuffs 
tucked ; made in sizes 32 to 44 bust 
measure 1.25 

If by mail, postage extra .10 

If by mail, postage extra .12 

If by mail, postage extra .12 


Women’s Silk and Moreen Petticoats 

Lengths are :-For Silk Petticoats, 39, 41 and These stylish Petticoats are all made in our own factory under expert supervision. 
43 inches. Moreen, 38, 40 and 42 inches. Our hi § h standard of material and workmanship have made Eaton-made 

Petticoats popular all over Canada. 



Taffeta Silk 

J-5865. Women’s Black Taffeta silk Petticoat; has 
deep full flounce trimmed with tucking, hem- 
stitching. and accordion pleating ; finisned with 
nariow frill around bottom : flounce is lined with 
percaline, giving extra protection for wear. 

Black only ; special value 5.00 

If by mail, postage extra, ISc. 

J-5843. Women’s Petticoat, made of fine 
quality English moreen: has extra wide deep 
flounce trimmed with bias tucking and two 
piece frill finished with rows of shirring. 

Colors black, navy, cardinal or brown 2.25 
If by mail, postage extra, 2'2c 

J-5858. Petticoat of fine imported moirette ; 
has deep flounce with underpiece and frill ; 
trimmed with hemstitching, and accordion 
pleating. Colors black, navy, cardinal 

or brown 3.50 

If by mail, postage extra, 26c 

J-5846. Women’s Petticoat, made Of good 
quality Moreen; flounce has two deep gathered 
frills trimmed with rows of shirring; colors, 
black or navy. A very serviceable skirt 1.50 
If by mail, postage extra. 20c, 

J-5847. Petticoat, made of fine quality English 
moreen ; flounce finished with tucks and hem- 
stitching ; trimmed with accordion pleated frill, 
has deep underpiece. Colors black, navy, 

cardinal or brown 2.00 

If by mail, postage extra, 20c 

J-5844. This stylish Petticoat is very popular 
on account of the accordion pleated taffeta silk 
flounce which is finished with frill and ruching 
and lined with percaline ; body of skirt is made 
of fine quality English sateen : black 

only _ 3.50 

If by mail, postage extra, 22c 

J-5850. This stylish Petticoat is made of 
good quality taffeta silk. The deep accordion 
pleated flounce has frill of self trimmed with 
two hemstitched frills ; colors are black, 

navy, cardinal or brown 6.75 

If by mail, postage extra, 18c 

J-5863. Handsome Petticoat, made of 
good quality taffeta silk : extra full width deep 
flounce with two accordion pleated frills edged 
with ruching ; has deep underpiece. Colors are 
black, navy, cardinal, brown or sky 7.50 

If by mail, postage extra, 24c 



Women’s Black Sateen Petticoats 

By manufacturing these Petticoats in our own factory in large quan- 
tities, we are enabled to offer exceptional value to our out-of-town 
customers. Lengths are 38, 40 and 42 inches BLACK ONLY. 

J-5857 . Petticoat made of good quality black 
sateen ; has deep crimped flounce trimmed with 
three rows of strapping and crimped frill .75 

If by mail, postage extra, 14c. 

J-5856. Serviceable Black Sateen Petticoat; 
has deep three-piece flounce trimmed with 
crimping and four rows of strapping, finished 
with frill ; extra full width 85 

If by mail, postage extra, 14c. 

J -5854. This popular style petticoat is made 
of fine quality lustrous black sateen. The deep 
full flounce is trimmed with three gathered 
frills finished with briar stitching. All seams 
are double stitched, and neatly finished 

inside and out 1 _45 

If by mail, postage extra, 22c. 


J-5852. Women’s Petticoat, made of fine 
quality English sateen ; has deep two-piece ac- 
cordion pleated flounce, finished with gathered 
frill and strapping; flounce has underpiece, 
and is lined with perealine ; black only 1 .75 

If by mail, postage extra, 20c. 

J -5837 . Petticoat made of fine quality lustrous 
black sateen ; the flounce has deep underpiece, 
and is trimmed with knife pleating and four 
rows of strapping, finished with frill and 
briar stitching -| ,35 

If by mail, postage extra, 20c. 

-5861 . Petticoat made of fine quality lustrous 
black sateen ; has deep full flounce with under- 
piece trimmed with knife-pleated frill and 
narrow gathered frill finished with six rows 

of strapping™ 1.25 

If by mail, postage extra, 18c. 

$ 1.45 

J-5855. Excellent value is here offered in this 
stylish petticoat, made of good quality black sateen. 
The deep full flounce is trimmed with two crimped 
frills, edged with gathered frill, and finished with 
seven rows of strapping. All seams are double 
stitched, and neatly finished throughout. 

Our Leader 1.00 

If by mail, postage extra, 18c. 

J-5848. Petticoat made of fine black English 
mercerized sateen. The deep accordion pleated 
flounce is lined with perealine, giving extra protec- 
tion and flare ; has deep hemstitched frill trimmed 

with two rows of taffeta silk ruching. 2.25 

If by mail, postage extra, 20c. 





Any Jacket made in sizes 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 bust measure at prices catalogued unless otherwise stated. 

What we mean by No. 1 Sound Skins. 

About the quality of material 
our Furs are made from 

If it is Sealskin, we sell only the best grade pos- 
sible to purchase— London dyes (which are the best). 
SiMe only have the one quality. 

If it is Persian Lamb, we select the best skins. 

Our Persian Lamb Jacket No. 1 means that 
they are made from the finest, glossy, light weight, 
uniform, curl skins, and made in our own factory. 

E8-100. Persian Lamb and Mink 
Jacket, No. 1 quality Persian lamb, 
fine natural mink collar, cuffs and 
reveres, two stripes on collar and lap- 
els, one on cuffs, best satin 

lining, 24 inches long 175.00 

ES-IOI. Same style jacketmade from 
No. 2 Persian ' Lamb Skins, well 
matched, trimmed with No. 2 quality 
mink, two stripes on lapels, 
one. on collar and cuffs. . . 118.00 
E8-102. Persian Lamb Jacket made 
from No. 1 quality Persian lamb 
skins lined with best black satin, 
24 inches long, style as cut. 

Price 145.00 

E8-103. Same style jacket, as 
cut E8-102. 26 inches long 1 58.00 
E8-104. Persian Lamb Jacket, 21 
inches long, No.l quality skins, finest 
glossy curl, best satin lining, 

style as cut E8-104 158.50 

E8-106. Persian Lamb Jacket “New 
Alexandra style,” semi military 
front with high collar, finest quality 
Persian lamb, very neat fitting and 
smart appearance, 24 inches 

long, as cut 155.00 

£8-107. Same style jacket 
with braid trimmings — 1 55 . 00 
E8-108. Persian Lamb Jacket made 
in military style with braid trim- 

mings, best satin linings, 
length 22 in., ascutES- 125.00 

E8-109. Persian Lamb Jacket, same 
style as cut E8-108, No. 2 quality 
Persian lamb all well matched skins, 
very neat, dressy jacket, 

Leg O’ Mutton sleeve 92.50 

E8-110. Sealskin Jacket, 27 inches 
long, made in standard style, box 
front and fitted back, large lapels 
and collar, extr \ large Leg O’ Mutton 
sleeves with cuffs. The linings are 
extra good quality of silk 

brocade 290.00 

Sealskin Jacket, same style 
as E8-110, 24 inches long. 255.00 
E8-111. Sealskin Jacket made in 
“New Alexandra style,” 24 inches 
longascutE8-106. Finestsilk brocade 
lining. A very neat, smart, 

dressy, warm jacket 265.00 

Note — Sealskin Jacket made in 
lengths from 22 inches to 40 inches. 
Prices from 235 00 to 385 .00 
E8-1 1 2. Persian Lam b Jac k e t “ Eton ” 
style, 16 inches long, trimmed with 
cloth collar, overlaid with fancy 
trimmings, three quarter length 
sleeve with cuff. When cuff is 
turned down it is the same as E8-108, 
without braid. Made in sizes 34, 

36, 3S only 108.00 



Muskrat, Near Seal, Grey Lamb and Grey Squirrel Jackets 


We do not make nor sell what is known as a pieced 
Fur garment. None but whole sound skins are used 
in the manufacture of our coats, they are all guaran- 
teed. The workmanship on the fur garments is the 

Each garment is throughly inspected before leaving the 
factory, which in this branch of our trade is one of the 
largest fur factories to be seen. 

Experts in every kind of fur, so as to insure satisfaction. 

You run no risk buying furs here. 

Note — All jackets made in sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, bust 
measure at prices catalogued unless otherwise stated in 

E8-200. Russian Grey S q u i r r el 
Jacket, fine dark skins, made in 
“Windsor” style with girdle, 
lined with fine grey satin, 
length 24 inches 65.00 

E8-2Q1. This style made in natural 
Muskrat, leg o’ mutton 
sleeve with cuffs 40.00 

E8-201ci. Russian Grey Squirrel 
Jacket, fine quality skins, made 
new “Alexandra” style, same 
style as cut No. 106, page 

36 75.00 

E8-202. Near Seal and Marmot 
Jacket, best quality near seal with 
extra finest mink marmot collar, 
cuffs and reveres, “Windsor” 
style, 24 inches long 42.50 

E8-204. Muskrat Jacket, all 
“Dropped” skins in fine striped 
effect, made in "Windsor” style 
with girdle, satin lined, 
length 24 inches 47 .50 

E8-206. Muskrat Coat, “Auto” 
style, 30 inches long, made from 
fine natural skins, lined through- 
out witn finest satin, neat, 
dressy and very warm 55.00 

E8-207. Muskrat Jacket, “Auto’* 
style, 45 inches.... 70.00 

E8-208. Grey Lamb Jacket, “Wind- 
sor” style, made from select skins, 
even curl and color, good satin 
lining, made in sizes 34, 36, 

33 only 44.25 

E8-21IO. Near Seal and Mink 
Jacket, very fine skins, trimmed 
with natural mink collar, cuffs 
and reveres, two stripes on lapels, 
One on clolar and cuffs, 
length 24 inches 67.50 


>T. EATON C c 


Near Seal, Baltic Seal and Astrachan Trimmed Jackets. 


* u( rr 


Jackets on this page made in sizes 34, 36 
38, 40 and 42 bust measure. 

Special sizes ?,nd extra sizes will have t< 
be made to order. 

NOTE.— Be sure and not* 
item 308— our Special Astrachar 
Trimmed Jacket. A great favor 
ite with people who drive) higt 
collar and large lapels) storrr 


E8-300. Near Seal Jacket, made in Wind 
sor style, length 24 inches, lined wit! 

fine good wearing satin 33.5 

E8-302. Near seal Jacket in box style] 
fine quality Near Seal, lined wit! 
fine satin, 30 inches long, large colla: 
and lapels, large leg o’mutton sleeves| 
full skirt ; a neat dressy coat.. 40.0 
E8-303. Same style coat as cut 

E8-302, only 26 inches long 34. 5( 

E8-303A. Same Style Coat as 
E8-302, 24 inches long, Special 

30. OC 

E8-306. Near Seal Jacket in box style 
with natural Alaska sable collar, cuff; 
and short reveres, lined with best 

satin, 24 inches long. 48. OC 

E8-304, Baltic Seal Jacket, is in military 
style, made from selected, best dyec 
skins, with braid trimmings, has even 
appearance of real seal, lined with 

best satin, 22 inches long 44. OC 

E8-308. Astrachan Trimmed Jacket, 21 
inches long. Well matched, glossy cur 
skins in this jacket are selected fo: 
their durability, and are best Leipsii 
dye, cut, finished and lined in the bes 
way so as to insure good serviceable 
wear; trimmed with large, high storn 
collar and large lapels of fine Westeri 
Sable, leg o’mutton sleeves ; 
favorite with those who drive 26. 2£ 
E8-310 Astrachan Jacket made in Wind 
sor style, with high collar, large lapel; 
and cuffs of natural Alaska sable 2' 
inches long ; good wearing satin 
lining - 57. 5C 

Our Near Seal Coats are made fron 
French dyed skin, and are bright, an(j 
require an expert to distinguish then 
from real seal. 

See Page 39 for Special Plain Astrachai 
and Coon Jackets. 

Jackets on this page are made in size; 
34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches bus' 


When ordering, bust measure and th<; 
number of the jacket is all we require 
No need to cut the book. 

Western or Ohio Sable is fine quality o 
Coon Skin, dyed so well that it hai 
every appearance of sable. 

Special Sizes made to Order, 

FALL AND WINTER CATALOGUE, (No. 82), 1907-? 39 

rfLZZ Astrachan and Coon Jackets « r*" 

Jackets on this page are 
made in 34, 36, 38, 40, and 
42 bust measure, unless 
otherwise stated. Special 
sizes extra. 

Note our new Alexandra 
Jacket. It is smart, neat, 
andstylish. Light in 
weight, but very warm. 

Note prices of* new Alex- 
andra, in Sealskin, Near 
Seal, Persian Lamb and 
Russian Grey Squirrel on 
previous pages. 


E8-406. Astrachan Jacket, box front, 
semi-fitting back, select skins, lined 
with finest imported Italian I A 
lining, 28 ins. i ong, as cut.... I W • *0 U 

£8-400, Astrachan Jacket, extra fine, 

glossy curl, box style, 24 in. long, 
lined with fine black satin, as cut 24.50 
E8-402. Astrachan Jacket, New “Alex- 
andra” style, made from flat curl astra- 
chan, and is very glossy, trimmed with 
6 buttons. This jacket is one of the 
newest styles, has neat appearance, 

and is very warm, as cut 35.00 

E8-404. Astrachan Jacket, made in box 
style, glossy curl, lined with best 

Italian lining, 34 inches long, as 

cut, our price - 22.35 

E8-405. Astrachan Jacket, extra long, 

select shins, glossy curl, large collar and 
lapel, full size sleeve, jacket 36 inches 
long, lined throughout with fine 

satin lining, same style as cut 32.75 

E8-408. Astrachan Jacket, made from 

large and medium glossy curl, “ Windsor” 
style, with girdle, 24 inches long, 

best satin lining, as cut 33.50 

E8-41 0. Coon Coat, fine, dark, natural coon, 
good solid skins, good 
wearing lining, as cut.... 52.50 


Sable Tails, natural . each, 10 in.. . . 

12 in 

Dyed Sable Tails, special, each 

Mink Tails, each 35 

Blue Wolf Tails 

Br^v/n Wolf Tails 

Sa .. Dyed Squirrel Tails, each.... 


Mink Heads, each 55 

With ears 75 

Sable Heads, each 55 

Marmot Heads, each 25 


Silk Finished Cord Ornaments in Brown and 

Black, pair 25 

MUFF BEDS— Flat shape only carried in stock, 

down bed, soft and light. .75 

See Page 41 for Trimming and Skins 







, 0 ( 

ciifi j 

, 0 ( 

itan ; 






**T. EATON Co 

I. IM' T " “ 

"•.8-900 Fine Natural Mink Muff, 
4 stripes on each side, newest 
shape. This muff is open style 
at bottom, down bed, satin cov- 
ered, the two wide tabs on each 
side falling much below 
she bed 77.50 

E8-914. Fine Natural Mink 
Muff, new “ Belle” shape, 6 
distinct stripes, larger than 
the regular Empiie style A 
very handsome muff, ' 

as cut 52.00 

E8-916, Same style with 
5 stripes i 47.00 

E8-928 Russian Ermine Muff, 
veiy white, full size. Empire 
shape, trimmed with 10 nat- 
ural tails, light down 

bed, as cut 47.50 E8-942. 


Fine Natural Mink 
5 stripes, 5 tabs, 5 
tails, 5 head-i. 10 paws, very 
handsome style. One of 
the new designs, 
as cut- 65.00 

E8-9du. line Natural Mini 
Muff, 5 tabs at topofdouoh 
fur and 5 tabs hanging 
from muff, natural tails or 
all tabs and 20 paws. Oncol 
the favorite style 75 QC 

E8-902. Fine Mink Muff new 
shape, large size, light down bed, 
striped on both sides 
and on bottom, as cut. 58.50 

E8-918. White Thibet Muff, 
largest size, Empire style, 
long fine fur of best 

Thibet 5.95 

E8-920. Same style Black 
Thibet 4.65 

ES-930 Muff made from Per- 
sian lamb paws, neat Em- 
pire style, with soft down 
bed, front trimmed with silk 
drop ornaments, as 

cut.- 6.50E8-944. Genuine Sealskin 

Muff, pillow style, about 14 
in. x 12 in. deep, very fiat 
and neat, as cut 38.50 
E8-945. Same quality in 

E8-932. Natural Mink Muff, 

Empire style, 4 
stripes, light down 
bed, as cut 



E8-906. Fine Fancy Persian Lamb 
Muff, both sides the same, No. 1 
quality Persian, 2 wide tabs on 
each side, open bottom, 
newest design, as cut.. 23.50 

E8-922. Mink Marmot Mt ff, 
Marmot fur is very muclitl e 
same length as Mink and is 
blended so well that it is 
called Mink-Marmot, beauti- 
ful dark shade, large size, 
Empire style, as cut 5.35 

E8-958. Russian Grey Squir- 
rel Muff, made so that the 1 
dark siripe is in centre oj 
muff, Empire shape, 

fine down bed 8.90 

Smaller size 6.25 

E8-959, Russian Grey Squir- 
rel Muff, same style 
as E8-956 19.50 

E8-960. Natural Muskral 
Muff, Empire style 5.00 
E8-962. Mink Dyed Muskrat 

E8 : 946. Russian Ermine Muff, E8 M 9 ,! |/ ‘ Natural Coon 5 '°° 
finest quality ermine, very yi u q g gg 

white, trimmed with nat- 
ural tails, 4 tabs on front of 
double fur and natural 
tails, new design, as 

cut 65.00 

Natural American Op- 
ossum Muff 5.75 

Isabella Shade American 
Opossum Muff 6.00 

3-910. Isabella Fox Muff, 3 dark 
stripes, made to match stoles and 
ties on previous pages... 11 .50 
3-911. Same style with 2 heads 

and tails at bottom 15.50 

3-912. Natural Lynx Muff 
Same shape — 16.75 

E8 926. Alaska Sable Muff, 
largest Empire style, finest 
skins. A handsome 

muff 13.85 

E8-927. Black Bear Muff 

E8-938. Isabella Fox “Prin- 
cess ” Style Muff, the bottom 
of muff is left open, the bed 
covered with satin and a E8-952. Near Seal Muff, Em- 
small pocket underneath pire style, full size, light 
natural head and tail, down bed, as cut... 4.25 

as cut 16.50 E8-954. Black French Coney 

E8-940. White Fox, same Muff, same as eat 

same style, as cut 12.25 style as above 26.50 E8-952 2.15 

E8-970. Alaska Sable Muff, 
Empire style, made from full 
furred skins, light down 
bed, as cut, special 8.95 
E8-972. Western Sable Muff, 
same style as above 5.90 

NOTE — Special Mink Muff 
E8-966 at $21.75. 

NOTE— Special Alaska Sable 
Muff E8-970 at $8.95. 

E8-934. Pine Persian Limb 
Muff, No. 1 quality, pillow 
style, about 12 x 12, flat 

and neat, as cut 18.50 

E8-936 Same style, No. 2 
quality Persian 14.50 

C8-908. Black Astrachnn Muff, 

Shap6 ’ 6VeU ° UrI ’ T 7* E8-924. Mink Marmot Muff, 

as cut medium size, Empire 

style, as cut, special 3.38 

E8-948. Fine Persian Lamb 
Muff, Empire style, No. 1 
quality, light down bed, 
full size,- as cut ... 18.50 
E-H-950. Same style, No. 

2 Persian Lamb.. 14.50 

E8-966. Natural Mink Muff, 
Empire style, 3 stripes on 
each side, light down bed, 
full size, extra 

special 21.75 

E8-968. Same Muffs, darker 
mink... 26.25 33.00 



i StoOe is a. Fur shoulder piece with Satin Lining throughout. The style of* a Stole varies only an shape, size and trimming; 
i Scarf oo a Fur Neckpiece with double Fur at neck, with either long or short 'Fronts. 

E8-501. Natural Mink Stole, same 
style as E8 500 but with 1 stripe 
on shoulder. 2 heads and 10 
tails. Special 32.50 

E8-503. Natural Mink Stole, same 
style and length as E8-502, but 
with one stripe on shoulder. 
Special 45.00 

E8-500. Natura Mink Stole, nicely 
striped and wide on shoulders, 2 
stripes on shoulder, 1 stripe on front, 
trimmed with 10 tails and 2 ueads, 
close fitting at neck, about 68 
inches long 45.00 

E8-502. Natural Mink Stole, showing 1 
tine striped effect, wide on shoulders, 
2 stripes on shoulder and 1 on front, 
10 tails and 2 heads, about 84 
inches long 58.50 

E8-504. Natural Mink Stole, ehowing 
2 stripes all through, “Medica” 
roll collar, fur both sides, a good 
protection to the throat, trimmed 
with 2 heads and 10 tails, a stylish 
and comfortable stole, total length 
about 84 inches, as cut .. 63.50 
E8-506. Natural Mink Caperine, tine 
quality, high collar for driving pur- 
poses, best lining, trimmed with 10 
tails and 2 heads, as cut. . 68.75 
E8-508. Natural Mink Stole, fine dark 
striped mink in fancy shoulders and 
back, trimmed with heads, tails and 
paws, total length about b4 

inches, as cut 68.50 

E8-510. Natural Mink Stole, 2 stripes 
throughout, wide on shoulders, close 
fitting and comfortable at neck, 
trimmed with heads and claws, one 
of the newest designs, as cut 

! ! 2. 50 

E8-512. Natural Mink Stole, fine darK 
striped mink, with shaped shoulder 
dropping about 1 1-2 inches, close fit 
ting at neck, trimmed with heads, 
tails and paws, very new design, 
total length 84 ins., as cut 78.50 
E8-904. Natural Mink Muff, 4 

stripes 32.50 

8-514. Natural Mink Stole in fine 
dark striped mink, fancy tab style 
with 12 tails, 4 heads, and 32 paws, 
heads and tails falling over shoulder, 
close fitting at neck, warm and com- 
fortable. A very handsome stole, 
new design, over 90 inches loner, 

as cut 100.00 

8-516. Mink Throw Tie, 2 stripes 
throughout, very fine selected mink, 
trimmed with 10 tails, total 

length about 72 inches 39.25 

(Cut shows onlv six tails.) 

E8-518. Natural Mink Throw Tie, fine 
quabty dark mink, 52 inches Ion c 
Special 25.00 

E8-519. Same Style Throw Tic. 

60 inches long 28.75 

E8-519A. Same Style Throw Tie, 

70 inches long 33.50 

E8-520. Natural Mink Neckpiece, fin- 
est dark striped mink, satin lined, 
with 10 tails, heads and paws, neat 
and dressy, total length about 
55 inches, as cut 30.00 

E8-522. Real Russian Ermine Throw 
Tie, finest quality, very neat and 
dressy, very white, 48 inches long 
trimmed with real ermine 
tails, as cut 33.50 

E8-523. Same Style, 60 inches 
long 40.00 

E8-524. Sealskin Throw Tie, best 
quality sealskin, about 48 ins. 
lung, satin lined, as cut.. 20.00 

E8-525. Same Style Sealskin Tie. 

60 inches long 25,00 

E8-526. Natural Mink Neckpiece, fine 
dark mink, striped, as cut, neat 
and dressy, satin lined, about 
46 inches long 30.00 

E8-528. Natural Mink Neckpiece, fine 
dark mink, fancy tab style, trim- 
med with heads and tails, total 
length about 50 inches, the tabs 
are fur lined, as cut 43,50 

E8-530. Natural Mink Neckpiece, 
made from fine dark heavy furred 
skins, fur both sides, making it 
very warm, trimmed with 1 head, 
2 paws, 1 tail at back, as small cut 
shows, with spring fastener in front 
to hold firmly in front when 
crossed, as cut, special .. 16.85 

E8-532. Real Russian Ermine Neck- 
piece, finest quality, very white, 
trimmed with natural tails, neat 
and dressy, 38 inches long, 
as cut 20.00 

See i>. 40 for full assortment of muffs. 



Isabella Fox, Sable, Grey 
Fox, Lynx 

STOLES AND TIES ™“^ , ; E A ,r rca ‘ 

All Stoles and Ties made from the latest V 
New York designs. If 

E8-600. Natural Alaska Sable Stole, fine quality sable, F 
satin lined, covers shoulders comfortably, total length v 
80 inches. Trimmed with silk ornaments and 10 li 

natural tails, as cut, _ 21.00 \ 

E8-602. Natural Alaska Sable Stole, trimmed with 10 ’ 

tails and two heads. Total length 72 inches, as 

cut. 15.00 

E8-604. Natural Alaska Sable Stole, satin lined, with 
silk ornaments and 6 natural sable tails, as cut. 

Special 12.85 

E8-606. Natural Alaska Sable E8-620. White Thibet Stole, 
Stole, in fancy shoulder long, silky fur; best quality 
effect, very neat, dressy, Thibet, 62 inches long, 

and warm, trimmed with as cut„ 9.00 

heads and tails, as E8-622. Persian Paw Stole. 

cut 30.00 I Made from best quality Per- 

E8-608. Isabella Fox Stole, sian paw ; neat appearance; 
rich daik brown fur, with wide on shoulders; 4 
long fronts and fancy tails at bottom, as cut 8.75 

back, as cut.... 27.50 E8-630. Persian Lamb Tie, 

E8-61C. Isabella Fox Stole, bright even curl ; 60 
W’th whole skin effect, inches long, as cut 18.50 
trimmed with 1 head, 1 tail Same style, No, 2 quality, 

and 4 p a w s, as Persian Lamb 14.25 

cut........ 16.50 Persian Tie, same as above, 

E8-612. Grey Fox Stole with 48 inches long 

wide shoulders, long front, No. 1 quality 13.75 

trimmed with silk orna- No. 2 quality “ 10.00 

men ts, tails ana paws, E8-632. Persian Paw Tie, 

as cut _ 11.25 best quality, very neat 

E8-614. Natural Grey Lynx appearance; resembles 

Stole, fine, long silky “ Broadtail,” inches 

hair; good lining, with long, as cut 4-50 

6 L y n x tails, as E8-G34. Isabella Fox T i e. 

cut 19.50 Fine, long dark brown fur, 

Black Lynx Stole, same satin lined, 54 inches 

style as above 21.00 long, as cut 12.85 

E8-616. Isabella American E8-636. White Thibet Tie, 60 
Opossum, Stole, long, dark inches long of fine, long, 

brown fur, trimmed with silky fur, satin lined, 

heads and 4 tails, as as cut 5.00 

cut 10.50 E8-638. Kussian Gray Squir- 

Natural American Opossum, rel Tie, finest quality, fine 
same style as cut £8- dark skins, satin lined, 

616 8.25 60 inches long 8,25 

28-618. Russian Gray Squir- E8-640. Persian Lamb Neek- 
rel Stole, fine dark squirrel, let, glossy even curl, neat 
wide on shoulders, trimm- and very stylish. Trimmed 
ed with fancy orna- with heads and tails, 

ments, as cut 13.25 I a= cut 16.00 

/ 5 / 





1 m 

1 if i 


NOTE-See page 40 for Muffs to match Stoles, Ties, etc. 



We do not sample Fur or send 
Fur Garments on approval 


See page 40 for Muffs 

E8-700. Natural Alaska Sable Scarf, double 
fur. Trimmed with six d\ ed sable tails. A 
warm ueek-piece. Total leugth about 
48 inches. Special 4.85 

E8-702. Natural Alaska Sable, same style, 
(rimmed with six natural sable 
tails, total length about 50 inches._ 5.90 

E8-704. Natural. Alaska Sable Scarf, full 
furred skins, trimmed with eight large 
natural sable tails. Complete length 
about 54 inches 9 QO 

E8-706. Natural Alaska Sable Scarf, 
double fur, chenille ornaments and 
six tails. Total length about 68 
inches. Special _ 9 85 

E8-708. Natural Alaska Sable Scarf, finest 
quality, 60 inches long, trimmed with ten 
natural sable tails ; chain fastener. 

About 70 inches long, as cut 1 3.75 

E8-710. Western Sable Scarf, very heavily 
furred, aroi nd neck is double fur, from 
ornaments to ends are satin line!, making 
it a warm, light scarf ; silk corded 
ornament and six tails 10.00 

E8-712. Natural Mink Scarf, fine quality, 
with 8 laige mink-dyed squirrel tails; 
chain fastener. Complete length about 
54inches. 16.25 

E8-713. Same style, shorter.™ 12.75 

E8-714. Natural Mink Scarf, fine dark 

quality, double fur at neck, satin lined from 
head to end, trimmed with two heads and 
10 tails. A very fine scarf. Complete 

length about65 inches 32.50 

E8-715, Same style, double fur all 
through, about 54 inches long 21 .50 

E3-716. Mink-dyed Muskrat Scarf, double 
lur around neck, with satin lined ends, 
trimmed with fancy silk ornament/ 
and six tails. A warm fur, as cut. 
Special.. 5.50 

E8-718. White Thibet Boa, fine, long, curly 
fur ; best quality ; silk cord fasteners, 

about 72 inches long 8.35 

E8-719. Bear Boa, fine and heavy, made 
from cub bear, about 72 inches 
long 20.00 

P -”— — r, 

E8-7 20. French Coney Scarf, about 78 ins, 
Jong, chenille ornaments and tails, as 

cut. Special 2.78 

E8-721. Same Style Scarf, shorter, 
about 68 inches long. Special 2.18 

E8-722. Mink Marmot Stole, fine, soft, dark 
brown fnr ; nicely striped; trimmed 

with 16 tails and 4 heads, as cut. 15.00 

E8-724. Mink-Marmot Stole, fine dark fur, 
trimmed with fancy silk ornaments. Total 

length a bout 68 inches, as cut 7.75 

E8-726. Mink Marmot Stole, fine, dark 
brown color ; very neat appearance ; trim- 
med with silk ornaments and tails, as 

cut 4.75 

E8-728. Mink Marmot Neck Piece, fine fur, 
very neat and dressy, trimmed with 
tails. About 45 ins. long. Special. 2.85 
E8-730. Mink Marmot Stole. Total length 
about 72 inches. Satin lined, trimmed with 
eight tails and two ornaments, very 

neat and dressy. Special 5.68 

E8-732. Mink Marmot Stole, fine dark 
brown shade, satin lined, extension should- 
ers. Total Iciv+h about 72 inches ; 7% ins. 
wide in buck and shoulder ; trimmed 

with ten tails, as cut 1 0.90 

E8-734, Mink Marmot Throw Tie, about 68 
inches long, satin lined, neat and dressy 
and long enough to go round neck 

twice and then tie 4.50 

Note.— These throw Ties are very much in 
vogue and are the favorite neck-piece of 
misses. They can be thrown one end over 
shoulder, giving the wearer a smart 





E8-800. Women’s Grey Lamb Storm Collar, 
made from evenly matched No. 1 quality 

skins, with high collar, as cut 6.25 

E8-801. Same Style Collar No. 2 quality 5 ’70 
E8-804. Women’s Natural Grey Opossuiq. Storm 
Collar, fine dark heavy fur, with high 

collar, nicely lined 3.90 

E8-805. Black Opossum Storm Collar 4.^25 
E8-806. French Coney Storm Collar, 

black. 2.65 

E8-807. Near Seal Storm Collar 4.75 

E8-808. Women’s Mink Marmot “Blizzard,” 
dark brown fur, with high collar and 

long fronts, as cut -------- - 4.75 

E8-810. Women’s Grey Lamb Blizzard, 

even curl and color, as cut 7.90 

E8-814. Women’s Natural Grey Opossum 
“Blizzard,” fine dark heavy fur, high 

collar, tails to match, as cut 4.65 

Black Opossum Blizzard 5.00 

French Coney Biizzard 2.90 

E8-820. Grey Lamb Caperine, even curl and 
color, high collar, long fronts, as cutll .75 
E8-824. “Ohio” Sable Caperine, black, long 
fine fur, with high collar, a very warm 

shoulder piece, as cut 13.35 

E8-826. “Ohio” Sable and Astrachan Com- 
bination Caperine, extra heavy furred Ohio 
Sable, with fine glossy curl, astrachan 

yoke, as cut, special 9.85 

E8-830. Hair Seal Caperine, with extra long 
front and high Collar, best lining, as . 

cue 10.00 

E 8 832. Mink Marmot Caperine, in fine dark 
brown fur, long fronts and high collar, 
trimmed with heads and tails, as cut 13.25 
E8-836. Women’s Persian Lamb Gauntlets, 
fine quality Persian lamb, with good 

wearing facings and linings 1 2.50 

No. 2 quality 9.50 

Women’s Astrachan Gauntlets, large 

glossy curl.. 3.85 

E8-838. Women’s Dyed Muskrat Gauntlets, 
fine dark brown fur, with good wearing 

palm leather and linings, as cut 4.85 

Black French Coney Gauntlets 3.00 

E8-840. Women’s Black Opossum Gauntlets, 
fine heavy furred skins, good lining 3.85 
Women’s Electric Seal Gauntlets, best 

quality 4.00 

Women's Natural Coon Gauntlets, dark 

skins 5.00 

E8-842. Women’s Dyed Muskrat Cap, wedge 
shape, best quality , good lining, as cut 2.75 
E8-844. Women’s Near Seal Cap, wedge 
shape, finest quality near seal, as cut 3.00 

Women’s Black Opossum Cap 2.75 

E8-846. Women’s Persian Lamb Wedge Cap, 

bright uni form curl. 10,00 

No. 2 Quality 5.50 

Women’s Astrachan Wedge 2*75 


See page 3y for Tails and Heads. 
Trimming cut shorter than it yards not 
exchanged - Per yard 

Natural Mink No. 2 quality, 1 ini- wide 5.75 

Thibet, black 
or white, 1 in. 
wide.... 1 .00 
Astrachan, 1 
in. wide, 
as cut... .75 

Coney, black, 1 inch wide .40 


Vi in 35 

Mir, .45 

1 in.... 65 

Lamb’s Wool, 

Vi in 20 

%in._ .25 

1 inch wide 


See page 39 for Tails md Heads. 

Mink, fine No. 1 quality natural mink 
skins 9.75 No. 2 7.00 No. 3 5.00 
Lower grade Mink skins for millinery pur- 
pises kept in stock’, but as quantities and 
prices are so varied we cannot guarantee to 
till orders except early in season. Write 
■for prices. _ 

Alaska Sable Skins 2.75 No. 2'skms 2.25 
Thibet, white 4.00 Thibet, black 3.50 

Persian Lamb, No. 1 11.00 No. 2 7.75 

Muskrat, natural, each 50 

Mink Dyed Muskrat 70 

Ermine Skins, each 3.50 

Astrachan Skins, each 1.85 

Electric Seal, each 1 .00 

Marmot, each 1.50 2.25 

Grey Squirrel Skins each 45 

MUFF BEDS— Plat shape only carried in stock.75 



Children’s Furs, Coats, Collars, Caps, Muffs and Mitts 



24 bust, 24 inches long, 3 and 4 years. 

26 bust, 26 inches long, 5 and 6 years. 

28 bust, 28 inches long, 7 and 8 years. 

30 bust, 30 inches long, 10 to 11 years. 
E8-1000. Iceland Lamb Coat, made from good, 
sound skins, and is lined with line imported 
lining. Sizes 24 and 26 only, kept in 

stock. Size 24 12.75 Size 26 13.00 

E8-1002. Child’s Grey Lamb Coats, 

2 4 i n. 36.50 26 in.. 38.50 28 in.. 43 50 

E8-1004. Natural American Opossum Coat, 
made in 26 and 28 inches long only, lined with 
best imported twill lining, very neat 
appearance. Size 28.. 9.25 Size 28... 10.00 
Child’s Natural Gray Australia Opossum Full 
Furred Skins. Size 24 20.00 Size 26 22 75 

Size 28 24.25 Size 30 26.50 

E8-1008. Grey Lamb Storm Collar, for small 
misses and children , even curl and 

color, as cut.. 5.25 

E8-1010. Iceland Lamb, storm collar, best 
quality Iceland lamb, neat and warm, as 

cut 3.25 

E8-1012. Natural Grey Opossum Storm Collar, 
fine, dark, heavy furred skins, as cut 

- 3.75 

E8-1016. Child's Iceland Lamb Stole, best 
quality, very dressy, well lined, about 36 

inches long, as cut 2.35 

E8-1017. Similar style Stole, 30 inches 

long, with two heads 2.00 

E8-1020. Misses’ Grey Lamb Stole, even curl 
and color, trimmed with fancy orna- 
ments, as cut 4.85 

E8-1022. Misses’ Russian Grey Squirrel Tie, 
fine dark squirrel, satin lined, 46 in. long 5.35 
E8-1024. Misses’ Imitation Ermine Necklet 
and Empire Muff to match, trimmed with 
imitation ermine tails, neat appearance, 

set. Special 1.50 

E8-1Q26- Imitation Chinchilla Necklet and 
Muff to match. This set is neat and dressy, 

and is very suitable for child, set 1.33 

E8-1Q28. Child’s set, from 4 to 8 years, white 
foxeline, looks like white fox, long, fine and 
very white fur. Cut shows stoles witn fine 
white satin lining, 38 inches long, and chain 
fastener. Muff to macch, flat shape, 10 
inches wide across bottom, as cut, set..... 2.65 
E8-1030. White Thibet Stole for Misses from 
9 to 15 years, total length 60 inches, long, 
curly, silky fur, four tails of Thibet. White 
Thibet Muff, in Empire shape, to match, 

soft down bed satin lining, as cut, set 6.75 

E8-1032. Child’s White Hare Necklet, with 
Empire Muff to match, warm, neat and 

dressy, as cut, set 2.35 

E<f-1034. Misses’ White Foxeline Necklet and 
Empire Muff, long fur, looks like line 
white fox, very warm and comfortable, 

as cut, set - 4.85 

E8-1036. Misses’ Imitation Ermine Necalet, 
with Empire Muff to match, very neat 

and dressy, as cut, set 6.50 

£8-1038. Misses’ Imitation Ermine Scarf, with 
Muff to match. This set is neat and dressy, 
and looks very much like the real 
ermine, as cut, set 7.85 

E8-1040. Grey Lamb Novelty set. The little 
necklet is very neat in appearance, and is very 
warm. The Muff to match, has a frill of 
pleated sateen around top, with fine 

down bed, as cut, set 6.15 

Same styleset as 1010 in Iceland lamb, set 4.35 

Same style in Natural Opossum, set 3.00 

E8-1041. Misses’ Russian Grey Squirrel Muff, in 
fine dark skins, made in Empire shape, 

Light down bed, as cut 6.25 

E8-1042. Child’s Iceland Lamb Muff, in neat, 
flat shape, headaud cord trimmings, as cut 2.00 
E8-1044. Child’s Grey Lamb Muff, in fiat Em- 
pire style, even curl and color, as cut 4.15 

E8-1046. Misses’ White Thibet Muff, long, silky 
fur, and is very white, soft down bed, 

best lining, as cut 3.65 

E8-1048. Grey Lamb Muff, Empire shape, for 
misses or small ladies, even curl and 
color, soft down bed, best lining, as cut 5.35 
E8-1054. Child’s Iceland Lamb Turban, very 
neat and warm satin lined, with satin tie 

ribbons, as cut 1 .75 

Grey Lamb Turban, same style 3.90 

E8-1058. Child’s Grey Lamb Cap, wedgeshape, 

finest grey lamb, best lining, as cut 3 ,65 

Iceland Lamb Wedge, same style 1 .65 

E8-1062. Misses’ Grey Lamb Gauntlets, cut 4.25 

Child’s Grey Lamb Gauntlets 3.00 

E8-1066. Child’s Iceland Lamb Gauntlets, fine 
quality Iceland lamb, good linings and 

facings, as cut 1. 5 

Misses’ Iceland Lamb Gauntlets 2.i>0 

Masses’ Natural Opossum Gauntlets 3.75 



Special Offering in Fancy Linens 

Gl-862. Hemstitched Hand Drawn 
and Hand Embroidered Washstand, 
Dresser Covers and Pillow Shams— 

Size 18x36 in., each .29 

“ 18x54 “ .40 

“ 32x32 “ 33 

Gl-573. Hemstitched Hand Drawn 
and Hand Embroidered Tray or 
Carving Cloth, size 20x30 inch, 
each 48 

Gl-3729. Damask Tray Cloth, tied 
fringed ends with drawn work, 

Size 18x27 in., each 25 

l-f you have to write us for 
arr reason, after receipt of 
go ds, return the bill, read 
paragraph “Enquiry about 
your Order.” 



Gl-549. Plain Irish Linen Hemstitched 
and Hand Drawn Covers and Pillow 
Shams, special quality of linen — 

Size 17x36 in., each... 65 

“ 17x54 “ 83 

olXol ** ,7Q 

Gl-150. Hand Made All Lace Batten- 
burg Centrepieces and Cushion 
tops, size 19x19 in., each 48 

G 1-521. Hemstitched and Drawn Plain 
Irish Linen Tray Cloth, size 
17x27 in., each 33 

Gl-527. Hemstitched and Hand Drawn 
Plain Irish Linen Pillow Shams and 
Covers, suitable for embroidery work 

Size 17x36 in., each 45 

“ 17x54 “ 63 

“ 31x31 “ .59 

Gl-4.'4. Hand Drawn and Hand 
Embroidered Hemstitched Five 
O’clock Tea Cover, size 36x36 in., 
each 53 

Gl-601. Hemstitched Damask Tray, 
Carving or Tea Cloth, size 

18x2"’ in., each 35 

20x3z m., .45 36x33 in 75 

Orders to be sent in the one 
shipment must be received in 
the one letter, otherwise they 
will be shipped separately. 

Fancy Linens Continued on page 169. 











Sizes quoted for Robes are 
measurements of Fur Pelts. 


Every page in this book offers 
testimony to our superior 
buying facilities. 

A Special 
Fur-lined Coat 


E2-300. Black China Goat Robe, 

best quality skins, lined with heavy 

Sizes 48 x 58 inches - - 10.00 

<! 52 x 64 “ - - 11.00 

“ 56 x 66 “ ' - - 12.50 

E2-300X. Grey China Goat Robe, 

best quality skins, lined with heavy 

Sizes 48 x 58 inches - - 8.00 

“ 52 x 64 “ - - 9.50 

“ 56x 66 “ - - 10.50 

E2-301. White Lamb Skin Baby 
Carriage Robe, soft pelts, felt 
lined, warm, serviceable and handsome 
Size 28 x 22 inches 2.75 3.25 
E2-301X. White Lamb Skin Baby 
Carriage Robe, with pocket to hold 
baby, particularly useful for restless 
child, as robe cannot be thrown off; top 
of robe forms pillow for baby’s head. 
Size 36 x 22 inches 3.75 4.25 



E2-302. imitation Buffalo 
Robes, made of best grade 
Buffalo cloth, lined with hand- 
some Astrachan cloth and inter- 
lined with rubber sheeting, wind 
and waterproof, very serviceable. 
Sizes 54 x 52 inches - - 5.75 
“ 54 x 62 “ - - 6.75 

“ 54 x 72 “ - - "j. 75 

E2-303. Black Galloway 
Robes, choice selected skins, 
fine plush lining, very handsome 

and durable Size 60x70 25.00 
E2-304. White Thibet Baby 
Carriage Robe, felt lined, 
beautiful, warm, serviceable. 

Sizes 24 x 26 inches - 5.50 

“ 27 x 35 “ - -7.50 

E2-304X. Iceland Lamb Baby 
Carriage Robes, natural 
cream shade, felt lined. 

Sizes 24 x 26 inches - 4.00 

“ 27x 35 “ - - 5.50 


E2-1000. A Special Fur-lined Coat, 

Muskrat lining of dark, full furred 
evenly matched Canadian pel's ; collar is 
of fnli furred dark Canadian Otter, made 
in either shawl or notch style, fits perfectly 
around neck ; shell of special quality black 
Beaver cloth, cut in latest style with semi- 
fitting back, full 50 inches long, finished 
with leather arm shields. This coat looks 
well, wears well and is excep- 
tional value - 49-00 









E2-500. Muskrat 
Lined Coat with 
Persian collar, the 
lining is made from 
full furred Canadian 
pelts, the collar is of a 
glossy even curl and 
the shell is of black 
Beaver cloth, well 
tailored and 
perfect fitting 49.00 
Better quality 
lining and 
collar 55.00 

E2-500X. Muskrat 
Lined Coat, extra 
choice selected skins, 
Persian Lamb collar, 
shawl or notch style of 
fine even curl, shell is 
made of black beaver, 
light weight and fine 
quality, full skirt and 
semi-fitting back. This 
is an exceptionally fine 
coat, both in 
style and 
service .... 65.00 

E2-501. Muskrat 
Lined Coat, 

Canadian Otter collar, 
fine black Beaver shell, 
cut in latest style, 
choice linings, 
good collar . . 55,00 

Better quality 
shell, lining 
and collar . . 65.00 

E2-501X. Muskrat 
Lined Coat, choice 
dark Canadian Otter 
collar, no ch or shawl 
style, lining of fine full 
furred perfectly match- 
ed skins, shell fine black 
English Beaver, cut 
in latest 
style 75.00 


E2-500 E2-501 

E2-502. Marmot Lined Coat, indigo dyed black 
Beaver shell of good quality, well tailored and finely 
finished, lining of carefully matched whole Marmot 
skins, full furred, soft and pliable, high roll collar of 
fine German Otter. This is a coat that looks 
well and wears well 33.00 

E2-503. BEue Black Muskrat Lined Coat, natural 

color, heavily furred perfectly matched skins, shell of 
specially imported black Beaver, cut in latest style and 
perfectly tailored, collar of fine dark 
Canadian Otter 110-00 

E2-503X. Same as above, but with extra choice 

lining and collar 130.00 

E2-504. Mink Lined Coat, full furred Canadian 
Mink skins, carefully matched, making a beautiful 
lining, shell of extra fine black Beaver, made in newest 
style, collar of fine Canadian Otter, sleeves are inter- 
lined with chamois instead of fur. This coat is light 
weight, very serviceable and particularly 
handsome 135.00 

E2-504X. Better qualities in Mink Lined Coats — 

165.00 215.00 275.00 




Fur Coats are all made 
from whole skins. 


All Fur Coats 50 ins. long* 
Sizes 40 to 50 chest 


Our Fur Coats are the best and lowest priced that 

— — — — — 1 honest garments can be made and sold 
for. Each coat passes our rigid inspection, and is guaranteed to 
give satisfaction, or we will refund your money. 


E 2=403 

E2-400. Raccoon 
Coat, fine dark 
color, evenly 
matched skins, high 
roll collar, fine quilted 
Italian cloth lining, 
perfect fitting, as 

cut E2-400 50.00 

Better qualities — 

60.00 70.00 

80.00 90.00 


E2-400X. Raccoon 
Coat, made to order 
from extra choice No. 
1 pelts, beautifully 

matched 125.00 

E2-402. Corsican Lamb Coat, made from strong 
heavily furred skins, the fur is curly and jet black in 
color, the pelts being soft and pliable. It is the ideal 
coat for those desiring a Black Fur Coat that combines 
fine appearance, great wearing qualities and 
moderate price, as cut E2-402 . . . 27. SO 

E2-402X. IVlos'OW Lamb Coat. This is naturally 
black but it is dyed to further enhance its natural 
beauty, it is curled, very much resembling Persian 
Lamb and makes an exceptionally handsome coat. 
The pelts are soft, pliable and full furred, 
high roll collar, quilted Italian lining . . 49.00 

E2--108. China Dog 1 Coat, color black, extra choice 
selected skins, fine, even, glossy fur, high roil collar, 
fine lining, looks well and is the most serviceable 
coat that can be bought for anything near 
the price, as cut E2-403 .... 19. SO 

E2-403X. Natural Wombat Coat, color brown 
shading to cream, very dense fur. This is one of the 
best wear resisting furs known, high roll collar, 
quilted Italian lining, well and strongly 
made . 28.50 

E2 - 4 0 1. B I ac k 

Stripe Wallaby 
Coat, made from 
fine heavily furred 
pelts. The fur is soft 
and of a beautiful deep 
brown color shading 
in the centre to an 
irregular black stripe. 
It is serviceable and 
very handsome, high 
roll colic r, Italian 
lining, as cut 
E2-401 . . . 34.50 

E2-401X Brush 
Wallaby Coat, 

dark greyish brown 
in color, not so hand- 
some as the black 
stripe variety, but 
equally as serviceable, 
makes an ideal driving 
coat, high roll collar, 
Italian lining, 

Oerfect fitting 2 9 .00 


Is Your 





Fur Gauntlets, Caps and Collars 

Note especial- 
ly our quota- 
tions on Fur 
Caps and Fur 
Coats. All 
money savers. 

The truest test 
of value is 
comparison of 
goods. That 
we urge. 

E2-600. Men’s Fine Otter Wedge Cap, made 
from dark Canadian Otter, full furred ai d 
from whole skins. Handsomely lined with 
fine grade heavy satin. Price each, 

as cut 20.00 25.00 

E2-608. Persian Lamb Adjustable Collar, lined 
with an extra fine grade satin. Collar is ad- 
justable and may be worn on any coat. Price 

as cut 10.00 12.00 13.50 15.00 
16.50 and 19.00 

E2-624. Persian Lamb Cap, wedge style, fine 
soft close curl and a very glossy finish. 
Lined with fine grade heavy 
rich satin. Price 5.00 7.50 9.00 

E2-616. Fine Canadian Otter Gauntlet Gloves, 
made from whole skins, full furred. Has leath- 
er palms find is lined with fine grade soft fur lin- 
ing. Price per pair 22.50 25.00 30.00 
E2-619. Canadian Raccoon Gauntlet Mitts, made 
from carefully selected full furred skins. This 
mitt has a good quality fur lining and 
leather palms. Excellent value at 6.50 7.50 
E2-622. Men’s Wallably Gauntlet Mitts. Dark 
brown. A mitt of excellent wearing qualities 
and one that will give satisfaction. 

Leather palms and fur lined. Price 3.75 

E2-623. Black Corsican Lamb Miits, made from 
choice pelts, full furred, soft aud fine, leather 
palms and fur lined, warm and comfort- 
able. Our price 3.25 

E2-601. Alaska Seal Cap, wedge style, made of 
full furred skin, English dyed, cap is lined 
with extra fine quality of satin. 

Price 21.00 

E2-602. German Otter Fur Cap, wedge shape* 
This cap is extremely well made, warm and 
serviceable, lined with good satin. 

Price 2.75 3.25 

E2-604. Children’s Grey Lamb, wedge style Cap, 
well made and excellently lined 
with satin. Sizes 6% to 7. Price„.3.00 3.50 
E2-606. Dominion Style Persian Cap, made of fine 
even glossy Persian lamb, lined 
with an extra grade satin. Price...6,50 8.00 
E2-62 t j. Men’s Astrachan Cap, wedge style, fur is 
curly and a fine black glossy color. 

Satin lined. Price 3.00 13.50 

E2-G09. Canadian Otter Adjustable Collar, made 
of extra grade Canadian Otter, full furred and 
of whole skins, may be attached to any coat, 
elegantly lined with fine rich heavy 

satin. PriGe.... 20.00 25.00 32.50 

E2-613. Brown Wallably Adjustable Collar, a 
warm and very serviceable collar, fits any 

coat, good satin lining. Price _ 3.25 

E2-614. Black Coney Collar. This is an adjust- 
able collar that will give excellent satisfaction. 
May be used on any coat. Lined with 
good grade satin. Price 2.85 

E2-625. Persian Lamb Military Wedge Style Cap, 
made from very fine selected skins, very close 
curl, full furred and high glossy finish, lined 
with extra fine grade satin. This 
is an extremely fine cap. Price 10.50 13.50 

E2-629. Persian Lamb Driving Cap, made of fine 
even glossy Persian Lamb. Peak may be worn 
either up or down. Heavy satin lining. 

Price 10.50 

E2-630. Our Electric Seal Cap, driving style, 
made of heavy full furred skins. Peak may 
be turned up or down. Good grade satin lining. 
This is a rare value in a warm service- 
able cap. Price 3.50 

E2-628. Alaska Seal Driving Cap, style as cut 
Peak may be worn up or turned down. 
Lined with an extra fine grade satin. 
Price— 21 .00 

E2-615. Persian Lamb Gauntlet Gloves, made 
of extra fine quality glossy close curl lamb, 
leather palms and fur lined, as cut. 

Price 13.50 16.50 20.00 

E2-605. Our Dominion Style Cap, made from 
good quality Astrachan and lined with 
good grade satin. Price as cut 3.25 3.75 

Sizes of Caps, 6 % to 7%. Sizes of Gauntlets, 9, 10, 11. 




and Boys’ Hats and Caps 

E2-101. Men's or Women’s Navy Blue 
Cloth Outing Caps, self or leather 
peaks, well made and nicely fin- 
ished, sizes to 7% .39 

Same style, better quality- 69 

E2-102 Men’s and Boys’ Golf or Hook- 
Down Caps, navy serge and im- 
ported tweeds, sizes 6J4 to 7% .15 

Same style, better quality .25 .35 

E2-103. English Derby, made by 
world-famous maker, newest shape, 
light weight and comfortable, fine, 
silk trimmings, color black 
(and stay black); 6% to 7%.... 1 .50 

Same, style, better quality.- 2.00 

English Derby, genuine fur 
silk trimmings, cushion leather 
band, new shape, color 

sizes 6% to 7% ... 1.00 

ame style, better quality.—. 1.50 

104. Men’s “Prince” Cap, fine blue 
Deaver cloth, fur lined, turn band, 
warm, very dressy, new shape, 

iizes 654 to 7% — 1.25 

Same style in medium, and dark 
weeds 75 

2-108. American Style Flexible 
Derby, perfect fitting, newest young 
man’, sizes 6% to 7%, 

price _ 2.00 

Same style, better quality... 2.50 




E2-106. Men’s English and American 
Style Soft Hats, latest block, fine fur- 
felt, color black, sizes 6% to 

% - 1.50 

Same style, better quality _... 2.00 

E2-106X. Stetson Alpine, color black, 

6% to 7% 3.50 5.00 

E2-105. Men’s English Alpine, new 
shape, fur-felt, silk trimmings, 

color black, sizes 6% to 7%... 1.00 
Same style, better quality-... 1.50 

E2-111. English or American Derby 
newest block, finest trimmings, 
color black, sizes 6% to 7%... 2.50 

Same style, extra quality.... 3.00 

Men’s" Jockey” Cap.made of E 2110 - Men’sNew “Havelock ’’ Cap 
J F new and very dressy shape, made of 

fine black vicuna cloth, with outside 
double slip band and inside fur-lined 
turn band, fancy front and 
velvet lined peak, 6% to 7% 1.25 


fawn corduroy or black cloth, very 
popular young man’s cap, fur-lined 
turn band and finely finished, 
sizes 6% to 7 % 65 

E2-107. Men’s “Auto” Cap, fine black 
cloth or fawn corduroy, fur-lined 
turn band, warm, smart and 
dressy, new shape, 6 y s to 7 % 1 .00 

E2-107X. Men’s Blue Cloth Fur-lined 
Turn Band Motor Cap, warm, dressy 
and serviceable, sizes 6% to 

7 y 8 - .46 



* ii 


Caps, Toques and Tams 

E2-116. Men’s Hunting Cap, made of 
brown leather with brown corduroy 
band, very comfortable and 

serviceable, sizes 6% to 7% ,65 

E2-1K5X. Men’s Shooting Cap, go t' 
style, fawn corduroy, with fur-lined 
turn band, warm, serviceable and 
Very dressy, A iso suitable for 
riding cap. 654 to 7% 85 

E2-117. Children’s Napoleon Cap, 
made of white bear cloth, with white 
cord and pom-pom, ear tabs to cover 
ears, very smart and dressy as well 
as warm and comfortable, 

Size 6)4 to 634 1.25 

E2-118. Men’s and Boys’ Fine Knit 
Hockey Caps, in white, navy, car- 
dinal and black, with self or 

different color borders .25 

Honeycomb Hockey Caps, 
same colors .35 .50 

E2-119. Men’s Tweed Motor Caps, fine 
dark imported cloths, medium 
weight, newest patterns. One of 
our most popular stvles sizes 

6 % to ry 8 45 

Same style, better quality .65 

E2-112. Boys’ and Girls’ Navy Blue 
Cloth Tam-o’-Shanters, new style, 
large crown, fancy band and 
streamers, sizes 6 to 6% .50 .75 

E2-112X. Fawn Cotduroy Tams, large 
shape, plain band and tails 1.25 
E2-112XX. Medium Shape Blue Cloth 
Tams, fancy band and 
streamers, sizes 5% to 0% .25 .35 

E2-113. Fine Knit Toques, in white, 
navy, cardinal, scarlet, sky, brown 
or black, with plain or fancy bor- 
ders, in sizes for men, women 

and children.. 35 .50 

E2-113X. Fine Knit Toques, in white, 
navy or cardinal, with plain or fancy 
borders, also pi in scarlet, 
children’s size only ,25 

E2-114. Honeycomb Knit Toques, in 
white, navy cardinal, scarlet, sky, 
brown or black, with plain or fancy 
borders, in sizes for men, 
women and children... 35 .50 

E2-114X. Special Honeycomb Toque, 
in i lain white, navy and car- 
dinal, children’s size only .29 

E2 115. Girls’ and Boys’ Embroidered 
Front Tam-o’-Shanters, large crown, 
fine blue cloth, plain black silk 
band and shoit tails, sizes 

6 tob % _ 1.25 

E2-115X. Medium Shape Tan or 
Brown Dressed Leather Tams, .65 
E2-115XX. Medium Shape Brown 
Undressed Leather Tams_... -. 1.00 

E2-120. Men’s and Boys’ Blue Cloth 
Fancy Top Golf Cap, fur-lined turn 
band, warm and very dressy, 

sizes &/ 4 to 7% 75 

E2-120X. Boys’ Blue Cloth - Fur-lined 
Turn Band Golf Cap, well made, 
nicely finished, sizes 654 10 6% .45 


E2-122. Mourning Arm Bands, silk, 
3 in .15 354 in.-j, — .20 

E2-123. English Cloth Mourning Hat 
Binds (give size of hat when or- 
dering) 254 in. wide .1234 3 in. .15 

E2-124. Special sizes, 7)4 and Ty 8 , 
in soft and stiff hats, at 2.00 

E2-1 25. Fine Knit Sashes, to match 
the fine knit toques, in plain 
scarlet or white 35 .50 

E2-126. Honeycomb Knit Sashes, to 
match the honeycomb toques, 
in plain scarlet or white .50 

E2-127. White Wool Boas, 48 in. 
long .35 

E2-128. White Wool Boas. 54 in. 
long .50 

E2-129. Glengarry Caps, blue-black 
cloth, silk or leather bound, silk bow 
and streamers, sizes 6)4 to 7 

.25 .35 .50 

E2-130. Children's Turbans, navy 
s rge or fine imported tweed, 
sizes 6)4 to 6% 35 

E2-131. Shop Caps, of black sateen, 
Chefs' Caps and Painters’ Caps 
of white cotton; sizes 654 to 1% .1 5 

E2-132. Mortar Board College or Choir 
t aps, black beaver cloth, best 

English make, sizes 6)4 to 754 1.50 


Always send size and state whether 
for man. woman, boy or girl, as bet- 
ter satisfaction is thus insured. To 
find size of hat or cap take measure 
of head where the hat or cap rest- 
when iu position and compare 
with the following table 
Size Head Size Head 

,E2-121. Men’s and Boys’ Black Cloth 
Fancv Crown Motor Cap, fur-lined 
turn band, warm, serviceable 

and dressy, 6)4 to 7%_ 75 

E2-121X. Boys’ Blue Cloth Fur-lined 
Turn Band Motor Cap, warm 
and comfortable, size 6)4 to 6% .45 




Men’s Furnishing Goods Department 

Read carefully the pages that are devoted to this Department and note the exceedingly 

low prices we have quoted. 



MEN’S NECKWEAR.— The Man’s Necktie is one 
! the most important items in his dress. If it is 
ot “correct” the whole effect is spoiled. We 
m at giving you the “correct thing” at all 

We buy our silks from the manufacturers in the 
ae 5st European and American markets, making 
mm in our own factory, thereby saving you all 
itermediate profits. 

Our 12%c Neckties 

1-601. Men’s Silk and Satin Neckties, light and 
dark fancy patterns, and polka dots, as 

cut El-601, each : 12 % 

1-603. Same quality and pattern as above, in 
boy’s and youths’ how for turn down collar, 

as cut El-603, each 12% 

1-605. Made-up knot shape, light and dark 
fancy patterns, and polka dots, as cut 

El-605, each 12% 

1-607. Shield knot, quality as El-605, the ' 
“Hook On” kind, each .12% 

Our 25c Neckties 
1-611. Men’s Fine Silk and Satin Neckwear, the 
correct four-in-hand shape, satin lined, 2 % 
inches to 234 inches wide, newest light and dark 
fancy broche patterns, checks, polka dots, 
stripes, plain colors, and black, as cut 

El-611, each.._ .'. 25 

1-613. Same quality and pattern as El-611, only 
1 a narrow graduated shape, “reversible,” 
much in favor for the high band collar, ea .25 
1-615. The shield knot for high turn down 
collars, fine imported silks and satins, neat light 
and dark fancy patterns, checks, stripes, polka 
dots, and plain black, as cut El-615, 

each .7. .25 

1-617. Made-up knot with band, same patterns as 
El-615, neat shape, best finish, as cut 

El-617, each 25 

1-619. Made-up knot with band, large shape, in 
light and dark neat figures, navy and black 

polka dots, and plain black, as cut El-605, 

each ~ 25 

Our Half DolEar and Better Grades 

El-643. We know we excel at all prices in neck- 
wear, but our half dollar range we consider is 
the top notcher, the silk for it is chosen from 
the best Swiss, Austrian, French, English and 
American mills, and made up in our own 
factory, it includes the newest weaves, in 
stripes, broches, swivels fancy satins, grena- 
dines, reps and poplins. The most popu- 
lar four-in-hand shapes, as cut El-613 o 50 

El-645. Better quality, as cut El-643, each 

.75 1 .OG 

El-647. Fine all silk woven •Braid Tie, four-in- 
hand shape, in the popular plain colors and 
combinations, also plain white or black, 

as cut El-647, double folded, each .75 

Single, each 

El-649. Men’s fine silk and satin Neckties, large 
flowing end shape, newest fancy patterns, 
stripes, polka dots and plain colors, each .50 
El-650. Shield Knots, in neat figures; polka 
dots and plain black, as cut El -615, each .50 
El-600. The “Ascot,” to tie in puff shane, fancy 
patterns, polka dots, plain colors and 
black, each „ .59 

Ties for Clerical and Evening Wear 

El-657. White Lawn String Ties to tie in 

bovv, as cut El-6-o7, per doz.. _ 25 

Better quality, per 34 doz ‘25 

Better quality, 3 for .25 or each.... '.09 
El-661. White Lawn Bows with band, as 

cut El-661, each 12% 

Cheaper qualities, .each 05* 09 

El-663. White Lawn Dress Bows with'shield" for 

turn down col 1 ar, each 05 .09 .12% 

El-665. Black Silk String or Tom Thumb 

Ties, widths %, %andl inch, each 1 5 

% and 1 in. .25 Extra long, 1 in. .25 .35 
El-669. Black Silk or Satin Dress Bows 

with bands, as cut El-669 20 

Note.— I f you do not see the style of tie in" the 
Catalogue you want ask us for it, most likely we 
have it, but if not we will procure it for you, if 

El-621. The Puff Shape, in newest designs for 
fall wear, also plain black or white, each ,25 
El-623. Made-up Bows with band, newest 

designs, as cut El-623, each 25 

El-625. Shield Bows in the newest shape, with, 
covered shield, latest patterns and color- 
ings, as cut £1-603, each 25 

El-627. Fine English Foulard Four-in-Hands silk 
all round, navy with white polka dots, and fancy 
figures, also biack with white polka dots, 

as cut El-627, each _ 25 

El-631. The Club Tie or string to tie in bow, or 
small four-in-hand always in the newest neat 
figures, stripes, polka dots, and plain 

black, as cut El-631, each 25 

Cheaper quality, same style .20 

A “Special Necktie” 

El-637. For Fall, made in all round four-in- 
hand shape, 2% in. wide, best finish, colors 
dark cardinal, navy, silver grey and black. 
The quality is fine corded poplin and worth 
nearly twice our price, as cut El-637, 

price 34 doz for 1 00 or each .1 8 

Note.— W e cannot guarantee to fill orders 
for this line after December. 

El-639. The “ Claudent,” large flat shape as worn 
to hide flannel shirt, satin polka dots and 
plain black, each 25 .35 .50 

Our 35c Range 

El-640. Fine Imported Silk and Satin Four-in- 
Hand, satin lined, newest fancy broches, polka 
dots and stripes, best finish, as cut El-611, 

each 35 

Also narrow reversible shape in' same 

■patterns, each — 35 

El-641. Shield Knot in same colorings and 

designs, as cut El -615 .35 

El-642. Also Club String Ties, as cut El-631 .35 

For Boys’ Goods, pages 56 & 57 




El-701. Men’sLowTurn 
Down Collars, as cut 
El-701; sizes 14 to 

17%, 3 for .25 

each 09 

El-703. Men’s Turn 
Down Linen Collars, 
roll shape ; sizes 14 to 

17%, I ply, each . 12 % 


El-705. Men’sLowTurn 
Down Linen Collars, 
4 ply cut away style, 
as cut El-705 ; sizes 14 
to 18%, each.. .12% 


El-707. Men’sLowTurn 
Down Linen Collars, 
4 ply, long points, as 
cut El-707 ; sizes 14 to 

17%, each 12% 

Better Quality, 
sizes 14 to 18% 

3 for .50 each .1 


El- 715 

El-715. Men’s Turn 
Point Collars, depths, 
1%, 2 and 2% ins., 
English make, 
medium wing, as cut 
El-715; sizes 14 to 17%, 

3 for .25 ea .09 
Better Quality, 4 

ply linen, depths 1%, 
1 %, 2, 2% and 2% ins. 
sizes 14 to 18%, 

each . 12 % 

Best quality, 

4 ply linen, 2% ins. 
deep, sizes 14 to 17%, 
3 for .50 each .18 


El-717. Men’s Turn 
Point Linen Collars, 
round corners, 2%ins. 
deep, medium wing, 
4 ply linen, popular 
seller, as cut El-717 ; 
sizes 14 to 17%, 
each ‘ .12% 


El-719. Men’s Small 
Turn Point Linen 
Collars, 2 ins. deep, 4 
ply linen, as cut 
El-719; sizes 14 to 
17% each 12% 

El-709. The New Turn 
Down Collar, low in 
front, high in the 
back, 4 ply linen, long 
points, as cut El-709 ; 
sizes 14 to 17% 
each .12% 


El-711. Men’s Comfort 
Collars, 4 ply linen, as 
cut El-711 ; sizes 14 to 
17%, each 1 2% 


El -713. Men’s Newest 
Turn Down Collars. 
4 ply linen as cut 
El-713; sizes 14 to 17%, 

each . .12% 


El-721. Men’s New 
Wing Collars, made 
from fine 4 ply linen, 
2% ins. deep, round 
corners, medium size 
wing, as cut El-721, 
sizes 14 to 16% 
each 12 % 

El -723 

El-723. Men’s Straight 
Band Linen Collars, 
English make,2%ins. 
deep, round corners, 
as cut El-723; sizes 
14 to 17%, 3 for .25 
each .09 



Men’s Clerical 
Linen Collars 

El -725. Men’s Straight 
Band Linen Collars, 
4 ply, square corners, 
depths 2, 2% and 2% 
ins. as cut El-725 
each_ 12% 


El-737. 4 ply, small tab 
as cut El-737 ; sizes 
14 to 18%, 3 for .50 
each 18 


El-729. Men’s Dragoon 
Collars, or better 
known as Fat Men’s 
Collars, 4 ply linen, as 
cut El-729 ; sizes 
14 to 21, each .12% 


El-741. English make 
band shape, as cut 
El-741; sizes 9% to 
11%, per pair... .15 
Best Quality, 
4 ply linen per 
pair — .25 & .35 


El-733. Men’s Evening 
Dress Collars, made 
from the best 4 ply 
linen, depths 2% 
and 2% ins., round 
corners, as cut El-733; 
sizes 14 to 17%, 

3 for. ... .50 

each 1 8 

Also similar to 
cut El-717, square 
corners, depths2, and 
2% ins., sizes 14 
to 17, 3 for .50 

Pfinh i a 


El-743. Men’s Link 
Cuffs, double end, 
linen, im p or ted 
make, as cut El-743; 
sizes 9% to 11% 

per pair .15 

4 ply best qual- 
ity pure linen, as 
cut El-743, per 

pair. 25 & .35 

Linen Dickies 


El-735. Men’s High 
Turn Down Linen 
Collars, round corn- 
ers, 4 ply, depths 1%, 
2, and 2% ins. as cut 
El-735 ; sizes 14 to 18, 

each 12% 

Better Quality, 
depths 1%, 2% and 
2% ins., sizes 
14 to 17%, 3 for .50 
each .18 

El -745 

El-745. Men’s Linen 
Dickies with turn 
down collar attached 
as cut El-745 ; sizes 14 

to 17%, each .25 

El-747. Men’s Linen 
DickieB with turn 
point collar attached, 
sizes 14 to 17% 
each__..__ .25 


El-727. Men’s Military 
Style Linen Collars, 
4 ply, depths 1 % and 
2 ins., sizes 14 to 18%, 
as cut El-727 

each. . 12 % 

El-731. Coachman’s 
Collars, 4 ply linen, 
sizes 14 to 17%, 
each 1 2% 


El-739. Men’s Large 
Tab Clerical Collars, 
4 ply linen, as cut 
El-739; sizes 14 
to 18% 3 for..„ .50 
each 1 8 

Men’s Linen Cuff's 


El-749, Men’s Small 
Plain Linen Dickies, 
as cut El-749 
each 20 

- El-751 

El-751. Full dress style, 
large size elastic 
band fastens around 
bodv to hold firm as 
cut El-751, each .25 

Men’s Paper 

El-753. Sizes 14 to 17% 
(per box of ten 
collars) 1 0 

El -759 

El -759. Men’s Turn 
Down Arlington 
Rubber Collars, 
round corners, as cut 
El-759 ; sizes 14 to 
18%, 3 for .50 ea .18 

Men’s Interlined 

Celluloid Collars 


El-763. Best American 
make, low turn down 
style, as cut El-763 ; 
sizes 14 to 18% 

3 for 50 

each 18 

Men’s Rubber 


El-755. High Turn 
Down Style, round 
corners, depths 2, 2% 
ins., as cut El-755; 
sizes 14 to 17, each 
--- 12% 

El-761. Men’s Arlington 
Rubber Collars, 
straight band style, 
depths 1% and 2% in., 
as cut El-761 ; sizes 14 
to 18,3 for. 5() ea .18 

Men’s Stand Up 
Turn Point 
Celluloid Collars 


El-765. Best American 
Interlined make, 
medium size wing 
2 ins. deep, as cut 
El-765, sizes 14 
to 18 % 3 for ... .50 
each .18 

Men’s Interlined 
Celluloid Collars 













El-769. High Turn 
Down Style, best 
American make, 1% 
in. deep, round cor- 
ners, as cut El-769 
sizes 14 to 18% 

3 for *50 

each __ 18 


•- i i«i 

; I Bet 


Men’s Arlington Rubber Collars* 18c. ea. 

El-757. High Turn Down Style, round corners, dull 
finish, depths 2 and 2% ins., as cut El-755 ; 

sizes 14 to 17%. 3 for._ 50 ench .18 

Samestyle, bright fin ish,l% and 2% ins. high ; 

sizes 14 to 17%, 3 for 50 each 18 

Men’s Celluloid Clerical Collars 

El-767. Men’s Celluloid Clerical Collars, small tab, 
best American make, interlined, as cut 
El-737 ; sizes 14 to 18%, each... 20 

Men’s Rubber Dickies or Fronts 

El-771. Medium size, ea .25 Large size, ea .35 

Men’s Rubber Cuffs 

El-773. Arlington make, sizes 9% to 11% 
as cut El-741, per pair — .26 

Men’s “Arlington Make” Rubber Cuffs M 

El-775. With glove fastener button attached ; 
sizes 9% to 11%, per pair - .26 

Men’s American Celluloid Cuffs 

El-777. Interlined, best make, as cut El- 

- 741 ; sizes 9% to 11%, per pair. . .35 



Men’s Suspenders and Mufflers 

Men’s Suspenders 

El-801. Men’s 
heavy elastic 
web Suspend- 
ers, leather 
ends, English 
make, as cut 
El-801, per 
pair 1 0 

Better quality, 
“ handsewn,” 
per pair .25 

, El-803, Men’s 
heavy elastic 

ri-pni web ?. u T spe i! d ' 

El"oUi ers, “John 

Bright” cross backs, English 
make, leather ends, per pair._ .1 5 
Same style, extra long 

per pair 25 

El-805. Men’s Elastic Web Suspend- 
ers, mohair ends, leather 
stayed backs, per pair 1 5 


El-807. Men’s Elastic Web Suspenders, 
cast off mohair ends, leather stayed 
backs, the best value we have ever 
offered at the price, our 
special, as cut El-807, per pair. .25 

El-813. Men’s Elastic Web Suspend- 
ers, cast off elastic cord ends, 
as cut El-813 per pair 25 

El -809 

El-809. Men’s Police and Firemen 
Suspenders, cast-off leather ends, 
heavy leather stayed backs, elastic 
’ web, the best for heavy work, 

as cut E1-8J9, per pair. 25 

Better quality, per pair 35 

Heavier web and better qual- 
ity, per pair 50 

El -815 

El-815. Men’s Elastic Web Suspend- 
ers, “Uncle Sam Make,” castoff 
cord ends, as cut El-815, per 

Pair .25 

Better quality, “Premier 

Make,” per pair 39 

El-817. Men’s Non-elastic Web Sus- 
penders, cast off elastic 
cord ends, per pair 25 

El-825. Men’s Elastic Web Suspend- 
ers, cross backs, castoff leather 
ends, as cut El-825, per pair... .25 
Better quality, kid ends, per 

pair - 35 .50 

El-827. Men’s Imported Elastic Web 
Suspenders, “Crown Make,” cross 
backs, cast off kid ends, aa 

cut El-825, per pair 75 

Extra long, 40 m ,75 

Better quality, double stitched, 

per pair 1 .00 

Double stitched, better qual- 
ity, gold trimmings, pair . 1 .50 

All Wool “Way’s” Mufflers 

El-837. Plain or ribbed, dome fasten- 
ers, navy blue, black, maroon 
or white, as cut El-835, each.. .50 
Better quality, plain only, navy 
blue, black or white, each 76 

Monarch Muffler 

El-839. Protection for throat or chest, 
all wool, dome fasteners, suitable 
for ladies driving or skating, as cut 
El-835, plain white only, each .45 

Men’s and Boys’ Oxford 

El-841. Black silk or satin, 

quilted satin linings, each ... ,50 

Better quality, each .76 

El-843. Fancy colored silk, 

quilted satin linings, each 50 

Better quality, each 75 

Men’s Evening Dress Bosom 

El-845. Black 
silk or satin, 
quiljed satin 
linings, as 
cut El-845, 
each... 1.00 

Better quality, 
black silk 
only, each 


El-819. Men’s Elastic Web Suspend- 
ers, adjustable cord back, cast off 
cord ends, as cut El-819, pair .39 

El -811 

El-811. Men’s Leather Argosy 
Braces, as cut El-811, per pair .25 
Heavier quality, same style .40 

El -821 

El-821. Men’s Non-elastic Web Sus- 
penders, imported “ French Guyot 
Make,” elastic backs, as cut 

El-821, per pair 50 

El-823. Men’s Elastic Web 8uspeud 
ers, “ Everlastic Make,” cast 
off ends 50 

El-829. Men’s Imported Elastic Web 
Suspenders, silk ends, kid stayed 
backs, “Crown Make,” per 

pair.. 50 

El-831. Men’s Non-elastic Web Sus- 
penders, cast off cord ends, 
per pair 50 

El-833. Men’s 
Elastic Web 
Braces, m o- 
hair ends, as 
cut El-833, 
sizes 34 to 40 
(be sure and 
state size), 
per pair .50 
Better qual- 
ity, silk ends, 
pair. 75 

El -833 

“ Crown Make,” silk ends, 
best quality, per pair. 1 .50 

Mufflers ” 

El-835. Suit- 
able for men, 
women and 
plain navy 
blue orblack, 
dome fasten- 
ers, as c u t 

each_... .20 
Better quality, 
plain white 

only 35 

Postage 4c 


Postage 6c 

El -845 

El-847. Black 
silk or satin, 
with standing 
collar, quilted 
satin linings, 
as cut El-847, 

each. 1 .00 

Bi tter quality, 
black silk 
only, each 


El-849 Men’s 
Protec tors 
with laydown 
_ silk collars for 

El -847 evening 

dress wear, silk linings, each 1 .50 
Postags extra, 6c. 

Men’s Black Silk Mufflers 

El-851. Made pleated style at back of 
neck to fit neat, soft silk lin- 
ings, each 1 .00 

Full Dress Wraps 

El-853. Made of imported Peau-de- 
Crepe Silks, 36 in. long, 24 in. wide, 
with woven borders, fancy 

patterns, each 2.00 

Better quality, 45 in. x 24 in. 2.50 

El-855. 36 in. long, 19 in. wide, woven 
borders, made from imported Penu- 
de-Crepe silks, plain pearl white or 
black, soft silk wraps, each 1 .50 

Hemstitched Soft Silk Wraps 

El-857. These are made of choice im- 
ported silks, 35 in. long, 24 in. wide, 
fancy patterns, also plain 

black, eac h 1.25 

Bettor quality, each 2.00 

If by Mail Postage Extra on Suspenders, 5c. 



Boys’ and Youths’ Furnishings 

Boys’ Furnishings 

E1-9U1. Boys’ Shield 
Bow Ties, neat 
light and dark pat- 
terns, to be worn 
with turn down 
collars, as cut 
El-901, each .12X 


Boys’ Buster Brown Ties 


El-903. Large loose ends, neat fancy 
light and dark patterns, as cut 
El-903, each : .20 

Boys’ Four-in-hand Neckwear 

El-905. Neat Fancy light and 

dark patterns, each 1234 

Better quality, each 25 

Boys’ String Ties 

El-907. To tie in bow, imported 
silks, neat fancy light and dark pat- 
terns, also plain colors, 3 lor 50c 
or, each 20 

Boys’ Dickies 

El-909. Boys’ Plain Linen Dick- 
ies, each 20 

El-911. Boys' Linen Dickies, with low 
turn down collars attached, 

sizes 12 to 13%, each ,25 

Boys’ Paper Collars 

El-913. Boys’ Opera Paper Collars, 
sizes 12 to 1334, box 10 

Boys’ Low Turn Down 


El-915. As per cut 
El-915, sizes 12 to 
13)4, 3 for 25c, 
or each.... 09 

El -915 

Boys’ Stand Up Turn Down 
Linen Collars 

El -917. These 
round corners, 4 
ply. depths 134 
1 % in., as cut 
El-917, each .1234 

El-919. 1 % inches 
deep as cut El- 
919, 3 for25e, 
or each... .09 


Children’s Linen Eton Collars 

El-921. These are 4 
ply round cor- 
ners, 234 and 3 in. 
deep, as cut El- 
921, sizes 11 to 
13>4. each. .1 


Childrcn’ssquAre corner Linen 
Eton Collars 

El-923. 234 inches deep, 4 ply, 

sizes 11 to 1334, each .1234 

Boys’ Rubber Collars 

El-925. The popular Stand Up Turn 
Down Collar, \% inches deep, as cut 
El-917, sizes 12 to 1334, each .1 234 

Boys’ Arlington Rubber 

El-927. Stand up turn-down shape, 
1 % inches deep, dull 01 bright finish, 
as cut El-917, sizes 12 to 1334, 

3 for 50e , or each 18 

Boys’ Interlined Celluloid 

El-929. Best American make, low 
turn-down style, as cut El-915, 
sizes 12 to 1334, 3 for 50c, or ea. .18 

Boys’ stand-up turn-down 
Celluloid Collars 

El-931. Best Interlined American 
make, round corners, as cut El-917, 
sizes 12 10 1334, 3 for 50c., or 
each 18 

Children’s Arlington Rubber 
Eton Collars 

El -933. Round corners, as put El-921, 
sizes 11 to 1334. 3 for 50c., or 
each „ .1 8 

Boys’ Suspenders 

El-935. Mohair or 
leather ends, elastic 
web, leather stayed 
backs, 24 and 27 
inches long, as cut 
El-935, per pair .10 

Better quality. 27 
and 30 inches long, 
per pair 15 


Boys’ “Brownie” Suspenders 

El-937. Police and 
Firemen Style, \\ 
elastic web, leath- }; 
er-stayed backs, 
cast-off ends, 27 
and 30 inches long, 
as cut El-937, per 
Pair 1 5 

Better quality, 
per pair. 25 


Boys’ Cross Back Suspenders 

El-939. Cast-off kid 
ends, 27 and 30 
inches long, fine 
elastic web, as cut 
El-939, per 
pair.......... — .25 

“Crown Make,’’ 
better quality 

per pair...... .50 


Boys’ Shoulder Braces 

El-941. Elastic web, mohair ends, 

small, medium and large sizes, 
per pair 50 

Children’s Buster Brown Belts 

El-943. Double patent leather with 
dip front, double buckles, colors are 
red, white and black, also red and 
brown leather, as cut El-943, 
sizes, 28 to 34 inches, each 1 7 

Children’s Double Patent 
Leather Belts 

El-945. Straight with single buckle, 
colorsare red, white and black, 
sizes 28 to 34 inches .17 


El -947. These 
have 1 eep 
roll collar, 
close ribbed 
cuffs and 
skirt, stripe 
on collar, 
colors are 
navy blue or 
cardinal also 
plain white, 
as cut El-947, 
sizes to fit 
boys 5 to 
14 years 

each. .50 

Better qual- 
ity, each 



El-949. Made 
on hand 
which in- 
sures a bet- 
ter shape, 
deep roll col- 
lars, close 
ribbed cuffs 
and skirt, 
colors are 
navy blue, 
grey or white 
sizes to fit 
hoys 5 to 15 
years, as cut 

each.... 1 .00 


El-951. Double close ribbed cuffs and 
skirt, deep collar, as cut El-951, sizes 
to fit boys 5 to 15 years, 
each 75 


El-953. These have small turn-down 
collar, laced in front, close ribbed 
cuffs and skirt, colors are navy blue 
or grey, as cut El-953, sizes to fit 
boys 5 to 15 years, each 75 

El-955. Boys’ Wescut, to button up 
close around throat, or open similar 
to a vest, close ribbed cuffs and 
skirt, colorsare navy blue or grey, 
sizes to fit boys 5 to 15, each.... 1.00 

El-959. Children’s Sweaters, all 
wool, buttoned up close around 
the throat, buster brown style, 
white pearl buttons, belt to match, 
sizes to fit 2 to 8 years, each 
- 1.00 

El-957. Buster 
Brown style 
with belt, fas- 
tens close up 
around throat 
brass buttons, 
colors are 
navy blue or 
cardinal, as 
cut El-957, 
sizes to fit 1 to 
14 years, 
each 75 


El-961. German 
make buttoned 
on shoulde r , 
deep roll on 
collar, close 
ribbed skirt 
and cuffs, col- 
ors are navy 
blue or cardin- 
al, sizes to fit 
boys 3 to 10 
years, as cut 
El-961, each 


Better quality, 
colors are navy 
blue, cardinal, 
black or white, 
sizes to fit 4 to 
14 years, 1.00 

E1-9C3. 2 inch col- 
lar, close ribbed 
cuffs, hem on 
skirt, colors are 
navy blue or 
cardinal, stripes 
on collar and 
cuffs, sizes 22 to 
32 as cut El-963, 

each... 75 

El-965. English 
make, 2 inch 
collar, close rib- 
bid cuffs, hem 
on bottom of 
skirt, colors are 
navy blue or 
black, stripes on 
collar and cuffs, 
as cut El 963, 
sizes 22 to 32, 

El-963 each 1 .00 

Better quality, navy blue with striped 
collar and cuffs, or plain navy 
blue, each 1.25 

El-967. 34 inch 

stripes, 2 inch 
collar, close 

ribbed cuffs, 
hem on bottom 
of skirt, as cut 

El-967, sizes 22 
to 32, ea. 1.25 

El-969. Low 
neck, all wool, 
34 sleeves, col- 
or navy blue or 
black, sizes 24 
to 32, ea. .75 


Boys’ Turn-Point Collars 




El -1003 




El-1001. Un- 
open back- 
strong cot- 
ton, as cut 
El-1001, sizes 
12 to 14 


quality .50 

Sl-1003. Laundried White Shirts, 
open back, medium weight cotton, 

cuffs ati ached .sizes 

12 to 14 50 

Better quality 75 


at .50 

£1-1005. Made 
from fine 
colored cam- 
bric, neglige 
style, laun- 
dried, neck 
band, cuffs 
neat stripes 
and figures 
i n assorted 
colors, as cut 
El-1005, sizes 
12 to 14 

Boys’ Pleated Shirts at .75 

£1-1009. These are very smart and 
nobby shirts for Boys. They have 
large pleated fronts, cuffs attached, 
light coin's in eat stripes and 
figures sDc^ 12 to 14 .75 


at .50 

El-1007. Open 
back, cuffs 
at tached , 
made from 
fine colored 
cambric, in 
a variety of 
stripes. a s 
cut El-1007. 

_ . . . , sizes 12 

Ei-iojr to i4..:.. 50 

Soys’ Flannelette Shirts at .25 

£1-1011. Made with collar attached 
or plain neck band, from medium 
weight flannelette, in pink and 
blue stripes, sizes 10 to 14 .25 

El-1013. Boys’ 

Shirts, made 
from good 
English flan- 
nelette, col- 
lar attached, 
yoke, pocket, 
double sewn 
seams, as- 
sorted colors 
and stripes, 
as cut El- 
1013, sizes 
12 to 14 .35 

Better quality 
in English 

flannel .50 

Boys’ Flannel Shirts 

El-1019. Made in our own factory, 
from unshrinkable grey flannel, 
collar attached or with sateen neck- 
band, all seams double stitched, 
yoke and pocket, well propor- 
tioned bodies, sizes 12 to 14 .60 

Same style, in navy blue 
flannel 75 

Boys’ Black Sateen Shirts 
at .50 

El-1015. Made in our own factory. 
They have collar attached, yoke, 
double stitched seams, sizes 
12 to 14 50 

El-1017. Boys’ Black Drill Shirts, 
with sm .11 white stripe, a strong 
serviceable shirt collar attached, 
Strongly made, sizes la to 14 ... .50 
Boys’ Night Robes at .50 

El-1021. Made 
from good V, _J 

heavy English 
Flannelette. ^ 

We make these 
in our own / / 1 1 fit 

factory, so we j . ; j 

know the price .jJMEHB 

is right, and t . \ 

the bodies are V. \ 

the right^p ro- 
ll a v e collar j ] 

attached. I n f 1 ! 
a v a r i e t y of mlf! r ’ '-so SA 
pink and blue »i| hl-ilp&mm 

stripes, as cut trmifi-lt.K flMSBl 

El-1021, sizes I .1 

10 to 14.. I iff 

White Twilled JL 1 . 

Cotton Night 




El-1023. In fine 
English Flannel- 
ette, military 
collar, frog and 
pearl button 
fasteners, pants 
have fly front, in 
neat and fancy 
stripes, as cut 
El- 1023, sizes 
22 to 32, per 
suit 1 .00 

Better qualities, 
per suit 

1 2" and 1.50 





El-1025. Eider- 
down Bath or 
Robes. They 
have large 
collar, two 
pockets, and 
girdle. New 
patterns in 
dark red and 
white, navy 
blue and 
white, and 
Oxford grey 
and white, as 
c u t El-1025, 
si zes to fit 
Boys 6 to 

16 years2.75 


Boys’ Fleece Lined Underwear [Boys’ Natural Wool Underwear 

El-1035. Close- 
1 y woven 
wool, fleece 
lined, over- 
seams, soft 
heavy fleece 

Jaeger color, 
as cut El- 
1035, sizes 22, 

24, 26, each 


Sizes 28, 30, f L J 

and 32. each t 1 j 


•35 I 4 \ 

Better qual- 3 1 _j 

ities — El -1035 

Sizes 22, 24, 26, each garment... ,35 
„ 28, 30, 32, „ „ .40 

Boys’ Scotch Wool Underwear 

El-1039. Heavy qual- 
ity double-breasted, 
sateen facings, Shet- 
land shades, close- 
ribbed cuffs and 
ankles, as cut 
El 1039. Sizes 

23. 24, 26, each 


Sizes 28 and 
30, each 
garment .35 

Better quality, 
made from 
pure wool, 
closer knit, 
and a warmer 
garment, and 
has a nicer 
finish , sizes 22 , 

24, 26, each 

garment .35 

Sizes 28, 30, 32, each garment... .50 

El -1025 

Boys’ Fine Elastic Ribbed 

El-1040. Made from Scotch wool. A 
good heavy winter garment, soft 
and warm, sateen facings, pearl 
buttons, natural shade. 

Sizes 20 and 22, each garment.. ,35 
„ 24, 26, and 28, „ „ .45 

„ 30 and 32, „ „ .55 

Boys’ Medium Weight 
Shetland Wool 

El-1041. Unshrinkable good winter 
weight Shirts or Drawers, doutle- 
breasted close knit, finished with 
satin facings and pearl buttons, 
soft and comfortable, dark natural 

Sizes 22 and 24, each garment- .35 
>1 26 „ 28, „ ,, .45 

.. 30 „ 32 55 

• Better quality, light Shetland shade, 

Sizes 22, 2-1 and 26, each garment .5 0 
•• 28, 30 and 32, „ „ .65 

El-1043. Shirts or 
Drawers, fine 
quality, good 
winter weight. 

These are double 
breasted, and 
double back 
drawers, are 
double across 
the back, u n 
natural shade, 
cuffs and ankles, 
as cut El- 1043. 

Sizes 22, 24 and 
26, each gar- 
ment .60 

Sizes 28, 30 and 32, each garment .75 

Boys’ Fine Imported Natural 

Wool Underwear 

El -1047. Shirts or 
D r a w e r s, un- 
shrin liable, me- 
dium winter 
weight, double- 
breasted, beige 
facings, pearl 
buttons, fine 
close weave, soft 
and warm, close- 
ribbed cuffs and 
ankles, natural 
color, cut El-1047, 
sizes 22 to 32, 
eacn garment 

' r 1 . — ........... .75 

El -1047 

Better quality, a little heavier, 
each garment 1 ,00 

El-1049. Our best quality Boys’ im- 
ported Natural Wool Undershirts or 
Drawers, double-breasted best trim- 
mini's, fine close weave, natural 
color, fine winter weight, sizes 
22 to 32, eucn garment 1 .50 

Boys’ Natural Wool Combina- 
tion Suits 

El-1052. Fine 
make nice 
soft quality 
full winter 
color, best 
unshrink - 
able, close- 
ribbed cuffs 
and ankles 
sizes 22 t< 

32, per suit 


Better qual- 
ity, a little 
per suit 






Flannelette Night 

El-1101. These are 
made in our own fac- 
tory, from good 
medium weight flan- 
nelette, collar at- 
tached, yoke, pocket 
and pearl buttons, 
felled seams, full 
sized bodies, 54 in. 
long in a variety of 
pink and blue stripes, 
as cut El-1101, 
sizes 14 to 19 ... .50 

Flannelette Night 

El-1103. Made from 
good English Flan- 
nelette, t h ey are 
made with full sized 
bodies, 54 inches 
long, collar attached, yoke, pocket and pearl 
buttons, all seams double stitched, colors are 
plain white, and assorted pink and blue 
stripes, as cut E 1-1101, sizes 14 to 19 75 

8pecial Sizes Flan- 
nelette Night 

El-1105. Thisnumberis 
better made than the 
ordinary Night 
Robe, it has a gore 
in each side, the 
skirt is 72 inches 
around bottom, they 
are made from heavy 
English Flannelette, 
have collar attached, 
yoke, pocket and 
pearl buttons, felled 
Beams and are 56 
inches long, in pink 
or blue stripe, as cut 
El-1105, sizes 14 
to 21 inches.. 1.00 


Fine Natural 
Wool Night 

El-1107. These are 
unshrinkable med- 
ium weight, made 
with collar attached, 
pearl buttons and 
pocket, large roomy 
bodies, 58, and 60 
inches long, as cu, 
El-1 107, sizes 14 

to 19 1.75 

El-1108. Better quality 
the “ Stuttgarter ” 
kind... 2. 50 3.00 


White Cotton 
Night Robes. 

El-1115. Made from 

heavy twilled cot- 
ton, collar attached, 
reinforced fronts, 
well made in every 
detail, roomy bodies, 
well proportioned, as 
cut El-1115, sizes 
14 to 21 75 


White Cotton Night Robes, 

El-1117. Made with collar attached, 


pocket, and pearl buttons, felled seams, neatly 
trimmed, 54 inches long, sizes 14 to 19 


Collarless Night 

El-1119. Made in our 
own factory, from 
fine twilled cotton, 
neatly trimmed, 
pearl buttons, best 
make, 64 inches 
long, sizes 14 
to 19 75 


White Cotton Night Robes. 

El-1121. Made from fine twilled cotton, neatly 
trimmed, patent front, collar attached, 
full bodies, 64 inches long, sizes 14 to 19.. 1 .00 

Extra Fine Night Robes. 

El-1123. In plain white or blue sateen, military 
collar style, pearl buttons, superior finish, 
sizes 14 to 19 2-00 

El-1124. Silk Night Robes in plain white 5-00 

Bath or Loung- 
ing Robes 

El-1125. We i m. 
port these direct 
from the mill, 
they are made 
with large collars 
2 pockets and 
girdle, smart 
nobby patte r n s, 
in dark red and 
and blue, navy 
blue and white, 
Oxford grey and 
white, and other 
colors, as cut 
El-1125, small, 
medium and 
large sizes 


El-1126. Same as 
above only better 


Wool Eiderdown Bath or 
Lounging Robes. 

El-1127. These are our best qualities of wot 
Eiderdown Bath or Lounging Robes, they com 
in the most popular patterns and colors, sue! 
as navy blue and white, maroon and white, an 
grey and white effects, these are large fii 
robes, as cut El-1125, 58, 60 and 62 inches 
long 1Q.00 12-01 

Turkish Bath Robes. 

El-1129. Made from Turkish Crash material, wit 
hood or large collar, 2 pockets and girdle, ligb 
and medium colors, in a variety of up-t< 
date patterns. 56 to 62 inches long 

2-50 4-01 

El-1130. Better qualities in medium and 
dark colors 5-00 6.01 

Pyjama or 
Sleeping 8uit 


El-1135. Made frot 
heavy Englisl 
Flannelette, wit 
military collai 
frog and butto 
fasteners, fl 
front on trousen 
in a variety 
neat and fane 
stripes, as c u 
El-1135, size 
34 to 46 i n c 
chest, per suit 


El-1136. Bette 
quality, sam 
style, as cu 
El-1 135, mad 
from doubl 
warp Englisl 
sizes 34 to 50, 
per suit... 1 . 5 ( 
i open h 

P V.nrl? 

wrist u 

ends o 

5 StOUtl 

Fine V 


i tone 

Fine English Flannel Pyjamas. 

El-1137. These are made from unshrinkable Eng 
lish flannel, military collar style, combinatioi 
frog and button fasteners, as cut 

El-1135, sizes 34 to 48, per suit 2.5C 

El-1139. Better qualities, sizes 34 to 48. 

- 3-00 4-OC 

Double Breasted 
Pyjama Suits. 



pages 56 and 57 for Boys' goods. 

El-1141. This is a new 
style of Pyjamas, they 
are double breasted, with 
two rows of large pearl 
buttons down the front, 
made from double warp 
English Flannelette in 
very popular patterns, as 
cut El-1141, sizes 34 
to 46, per suit.. 2.00 

El -11 41 



Men’s Shirts, White and 

Unlaundried White Shirts 

El-1201. They are made 
from medium weight 
English cotton, open 
back style, regular 
length bosom, rein- 
forced fron Is, sizes 
14 to 1734 each .35 

Our Special Un- 
laundried White 
Shirts at 50c. 

El-1203. Made from fine 
English cotton, open 
back, linen bosom, 
with cuffs attached 
or wrist-bands, roomy 
bodies, well propor- 
tioned, as cut El-1203, 
El -1203 sizes 14 to 19 ... .50 

Short Bosom Style, with wristbands 

only, sizes 14 to 18 50 

1205. Men’s Fine White Unlaundried Shirts, 
open back, regular size bosom, cuffs or wrist- 
bands, best make and finish, fine English 
cotton, full bodies, as cut El -1203, sizes 14 

to 19 75 

El- 1207. Our best quality, with wrist bands 

only, sizes 14 to 18, at._ 1 .00 

Note.— W e make our $1-01 quality in different 
length sleeves, 31 inches, 33 inches, and 35 
inches long. To get correct measurement of 
sleeve, measure from centre of back to end of 
wrist band. 

White Shirts For Stout Men 

El-1218. Fine White Unlaundried Shirts for Stout 
Men ; they are open back, regular size bosom, 
cuffs or wrist bands, full bodies, as cut 

El-1203, sizes 16 to 19, at each .50 and .75 

El-1219. Also Laundried White Shirts for 
stout men, as cut El-1213, sizes 16 to 19, at 1.00 

Fine White Laun- 
dried Shirts 

El-1209. Men’s White 
Laundried Shirts, 
open back, cuffs or 
wrist bands, medium 
weight cotton, as cut 
El-1209, sizes 14 
to 1714, at 50 

El -1209 

Fine White Laun- 
dried Shirts 

El-1211. Men’s Open 
Back White Laun- 
dried Shirts, made 
from fine English 
cotton, short bosom, 
wrist bands, perfect 
fitting, as cut El- 
1211, sizes 14to 181 .00 

El -1211 

Fine White Laun- 
dried Shirts 

El-1213. Men’s Fine 
White Laundried 
Shirts, open back, 
linen bosom, cuffs or 
wrist bands, rein- 
forced fronts, extra 
staying on back and 
sleeves, fine English 
cotton, good roomy 
bodies, as cut 
El-1213, sizes 14 
to 19, at 1.00 

Better Quality, wrist 
bands only, sizes 
14 to 18, at 1.25 

Fine White Laun- 
dried Shirts 

El-1215. Fine Imported 
White Laundried 
Shirts, open back and 
front, wrist bands, 
made from good 
strong cotton, large 
roomy bodies, as cut 
El-1215, sizes 14 
to 18, at 1.00 


Fine White Laun- 
dried Shirts 

El-1217. Men’s Fine 
Imported Evening 
Dress White Shirts, 
open back and front, 
fine cotton, cuffs at- 
tached or wrist bands, 
well made, perfect 
fitting, as °ut El-1217, 
sizes 14 t 9 18 1.00 

Better quality, 

cuffs only, at 1.50 

El -121 7 

Fancy Colored Shirts 
at 50c. 

El-1220. Made from fine 
colored cambric, neglige 
style, cuffs attached, in 
a large assortment of up- 
to-date patterns, for Fall 
wear, as cut El-1220, 
sizes 14 to 1734, at .50 


Colored StifF Bosom 
Shirts at 50c. 

El-1221. They are made 
open back, from fine 
colored cambric, in a 
variety of stripes, light 
and medium colors, cuffs 
attached , as cu t El- 
1221, sizes 14 to 1734 .50 

El -1221 

Fancy Colored 
Neglige Shirts 

El-1223. They are made 
from fine shirting ma- 
terial, regular neglige 
style, separate link cuffs, 
or cuffs attached ; they 
are well made in every 
detail ; the patterns are 
the latest for Fall and 
Winter wear, such as 
stripes, figures and fancy 
designs, as cut El- 
1223, sizes 14 to 18 .75 
Better qualities. 89 1.00 

El -1223 

Fancy Colored StifF 
Bosom Shirts 

El-1225. They are made 
open back and front, 
with detached link cuffs, 
and are of fine shirting 
materials, in a large 
assortment of this sea- 
son’s latest creations, in 
stripes, splits, figures and 
fancy patterns, light, 
medium and dark colors, 
as cut El-1225, sizes 

14 to 18, at 75 

Better qualities 

at 89 1.00 

;* 1 

$ ■: ? 


t : t • ! 

• i * I’ 

1 • i : « 

, i , i , 


1 • i * i 

;• ? ; * 

• 1 • I ♦ 



;h ! ; !j 

'v r 

El -1225 

See page 56-57 for Boys’ Goods 



Pleated Shirts 

El-1229. A very popular 
shirt for Fall and Winter 
wear; made of fine shirt- 
ing material, with separ- 
ate link cuffs, or cuffs at- 
tached, in a variety of 
this season’s latest pat- 
terns, as cut El-1229, 
sizes 14 to 1734, at .75 
Better qualities 

at 89 1.00 


Imported Laundried 
Bosom Shirts 

El-1235. These are open 
back and front, separate 
or attached cuffs, in fine 
colored cambrics, latest 
patterns for this season, 
as cut El-1235, sizes 
El-1235 14 to 18, at 1.25 1.50 

Sundries For Mending Purposes 

El-1241. Black Sateen Sleeve Protectors, to keep 
your sleeves from getting soiled, elastic at 

both ends, per pair 15 

El-1243. Neck bands for repairing white 

shirts, sizes 14 to 18, at each 05 

El-1215. WrisL bands, sizes 934 to 11, per pair ,10 
El-1249. Bosoms for open-back shirts, at each .10 

El -1229 

White Pleated 

El-1230. They are all 
' white shirts, with 
large pleated fronts, 
wrist bands, made 
from fine quality 
shirting cotton, as 
cut El-1230, sizes 
14 to 1734 1.00 


El -1231 

Fine Imported Fancy 
Pleated Shirts 

El-1231. These are some 
of the latest novelties, 
direct from New York; 
they are made with cuffs 
attached, and are of the 
most popular shirting 
materials ; the patterns 
are the very newest for 
Fall and Winter, as cut 
El-1231, sizes 14 to 

1734, at 1.25 

Better qualities at 1.50 

Our Best Neglige Shirts 

El-1233. These are high-class 
imported shirts, made with 
separate or attached cuffs, 
and are of Madras Zephyr 
and other fine shirting ma- 
terials ; they are the regular 
neglige style, as cut El-1233, 
sizes 14 to 18, 

at 1.25 1.50 2.00 



■ ■■■■ — ■■ i — ■ i ■ ■■ ■ ■■ 


Black Sateen Shirts Direct from 
our own Fa-tory 

El-1305. These are extra 
■well made at this 
price, collar attached, 
yoke, all seams doui le 
stitched, ful 1 size in body, 
as cut El- 1 305, sizes 

14 to 18, each 50 

El-1307. Heavy Black. 
Sateen Shirts ; this num- 
ber has every detail for 
making a shirt good 
fitting, strong and 
durable, such as felled 
seams and yoke ; they 
have collars attached, 
good full-sized bodies, as 
cut £1-1305, sizes 14 

to 19, each 75 

Our best quality, as above, 
ea. 1.00 or 3 for. 2.85 

El -1305 

Large Roomy Shirts for Stout Men 

E1-13C9. Heavy 
black sateen or 
English Oxford, 
collar attached; 
they are made in 
our own factory, 
so you can de- 
pend on the 
make and finish 
being of the best; 
large roomy 
bodies, well pro- 
portioned, as cut 
El-1309, sizes 
lotol9, ea. .85 
or 3 for 2.50 


El-1313. Flannel- 
ette Shirts, collar 
attached, in pink 

and blue stripes, sizes 14 to 17, at each 25 

El-1315. Flannelette Shirts made in our own 
facto r v, from fine English Flanne.ette, collar 
attuched or plain neck bands, excellent value, 
in a soft shirt, particularly well made; a 
variety of neat stripes, in medium colors, 

si - es 14 to 18 — 50 

Our better quality, made as above, in Ceylon 
Flannel, which is an excellent s' irting mate- 
rial ; made with reversible collar only, 
sizes 14 to 18, at each - 7 5 

El -1309 

English Flannel Shirts 

El-1319. For this number 
we import the Flannel, 
and make the shirts in 
our own factory ; we give 
you the biggest value 
possible; they are un- 
shrinkable, have re- 
versible collar, yoke, 
pocket, pearl buttons, 
felled seams, full body, 
assorted stripes in 
mediumshades, ascut El- 
1319, sizes 14 to 18 1.00 
Better quality at.... 1 .25 
Our Best Quality English 
Flannel .made with collar 
attached, or sateen 
neck bands, at... 2.00 

El -1321 

Grey Flannel Shirts 

El-1321. Unshrinkable 
Grey Flannel Shirts, full 
winter weight, collar 
attached or neck band ; 
seams are all double 
stitched ; yoke, pocket, 
and pearl buttons, as cut 
El-1321, sizes 14 to 18 .75 
Better quality in Grey 
Campbellford Flannel, 
sizes 14 to 19, at._ 1.00 
El-1322. Military Flannel 
as cut El-1321 at_. | , 50 

Black and White Drill Shirts, 
Special, 47c. each. 3 for 1.35 

El-1329. A 

_ I ur chase 

iSliMW/flll I \ of drill 

A I) SkEm MM { shirting 

Ml P Mil j ,*b Hi | It s material 

111 i ‘‘111 j/ 2 a | 2 i 5i« : enables us 

III S || Uj ||| to offer 

US 9,11 ri| ill fipj! special 

IS I 1 |2 If 181 value in 

Hi -I H i‘‘,i HI I i this num- 

H! §9 i| "f ' aft! r i! ber; it is 

lift * H vL II | ' Jf a good 

||§ ||9 II (I Bj | s! if heavy 
IISI si It 1 j |9 quality 

ifiiSsSj iif S pW j black drill 

wsigg SBjt H jBl T 1 V - witbsmall 

iiflMKP H | white 

fig ItMUHH II fH I stripe, 

|l 1 made in 

our own 
factory ; 

El -1329 they have 

collar attached, yoke, double sewn seams, full 
bodies, as cut El-1329, sizes 14 to 18, 
at each 47 or 3 for 1.35 

El-1303. Heavy Black ana wmte urui 
Working Shirts. This shirt is made of heavy 
drill; it makes a strong serviceable shirt; they 
have collar attached, yoke, double sewn seams, 
good roomy bodies, as cut El-1329, sizes 14 
to 18, each — — .59 

Men’s English Oxford Shirts 

El-1301. This is a good, 
strong, durable working 
shirt; it is made of good 
heavy Oxford shirting 
full sized bodies, collar 
attached or plain neck- 
band, has yoke, double 
stitched seams; it comes 
in a variety of stripes, in 
medium and dark colors, 
sizes 14 to 18, as cut 

El-1301, at each. 50 

Then we have a better 
quality, same style as 
above, each .75 El -1301 

Grey Flannel Shirts 
with Two Separate 
Collars, at 1.00 

El-1323. This number is 
one of the most popular 
flannel shirts made, has 
plain sateen neck band, 
two separate turn-down 
collars with each shirt, 
made from unshrinkable 
grey flannel, yoke, double 
seams, full bodies, as cut 
El-1323, sizes 14 to 18, 

El -1323 at each 1.00 

Navy Blue Flannel Shirts at 1.00 

seams, good roomy bodies, El -1325 

as cut El -1325, sizes 
14 to 19, at each... 1 .25 
Our Best Quality Navy Blue Flannep as 
above, with collar attached, at each 1.50 

Heavy Knit Top Shirts 

El-1331. Men s Navy Blue 
Knit Top Shirts, 
collar attached laced, 
or buttoned front, heavy 
quality, as cut El-1331, 
medium men’ssizesonly, 

at — 50 

El 1333. Knit Top Over- 
shirts, Navy Blue, fleece 
lined, heavy quality, collar 
attached as cut El-1331, 
medium men ’s sizes 

only, at.. 50 

El-1335. Men’s Navy blue 
Wool Knit Top Shirts, 
collar attached, laced or 
buttoned fronts, soft heavy 
quality; also heavy Navy 
Mottled, buttoned front 
only, as cut El -1331, medium 
men’s sizes only, at... .75 
El-1337. Men’s Heavy Navy Blue Knit Top Over 
shirts, collar attached, knitted very fine gauge, 
as cut El-1331, medium men’s sizes only... .7Q 





El-1341. They arc 
good heavy 
quality, elastic 
stitch, mohair 
binding, cuffs to 
button, Black or 
Dark Seal Brown 
shade, as cut El 
1341, sizes 36 
to 40, at each .751 

El-1343. Men’i 

This is our big HUS H 

seller ; heavy 
quality, worsted 
finish, black or 
seal brown as 

cut El-1341. Size? E 

El -1341 

34 to 44 in, 

at each... 1.00 

El-1345. English 
Cardigan Jackets 
at 1 25. We im- 
ported these direct 
from the factory 
in England, so we 
are sure of giving 
you the best pos- 
sible value; they 
are fine worsted 
finish, elastic 
stitch, mohair 
binding, full 
winter weight. 3 
pockets, as cut El- 
1347, sizes 34 to 44 
inches chest 

at each 1.25 

We have the better 
qualities in all, 
sizes 34 to 44 1.50 
2.00 2.50 

anil; 1 ::' 


jVeiy * 
it 1 
plM I: 

rod Is 

ltd to 

1 - 141 L C 

Deep r 



toll col 
led m 

plain ! 





El -1347 

El-1347. Extra Fine English Cardigan Jackets, 
made from fine worsted yarn, elastic stitch, 
mohair binding, 3 pockets, best finish, as cut 
El-1347, sizes 34 to 44 inches chest, at ea. 3.00 

Our best quality, at 4.00 

El-1357. Cardigan Jackets for Stout Men, heavy 
quality, elastic stitch, mohair binding, Black or 
dark Seal Brown, sizes 44 to 50 inches chest, 
at each - 2.50 

See Pages 56 & 57 for 
Boys’ Goods. 




El-1401. Men’s Heavy 
Wool Sweaters, deep roll 
collar, close ribbed cuffs 
and skirt, plain navy 
blue, black or cardinal, 
as cut El-1401, small 
and medium sizes .75 

El- 1403 . Our Men’s 
31,00 Sweater. All 

wool, with deep roll col- 
lar, close ribbed cuffs, 
good heavy weight, the 
best value we have ever 
offered, plain navy blue, 
black or cardinal, small, 
medium or large 

El -1401 sizes - 1.00 

L-1405. Men’s Extra Heavy Double 
Sweaters. Deep roll collar, close ribbed cuffs 
and skirt, all wool, plain navy blue, black, grey 

or cardinal, small and medium sizes 1 .25 

L-1407. Men’s Heavy All Wool Sweaters. 
Very closely knit and will give good service, 
deep roll collar, close ribbed cuffs and skirt, 
plain navy blue or black, small, medium 

and large sizes 1.50 

1-1409. Men’s Heavy All Wool Sweaters, deep 
roll collar, close ribbed cuffs, plain navy blue, 
black, grey or cardinal, small, medium 

and large sizes. ..... 2.00 

L-1411. Our Famous Hand Made Sweater. 
Deep roll collar, close ribbed cuffs and skirt, 
plain navy blue, black or white, small, 
medium and large sizes 2.50 

L-1413. Men’s Extra 
Heavy All Wool 

Sweaters. ^ Deep A y 

bed cuffs ’and skirt, 

Better quality, 'pi 
Better quaiity, plain 

1-1415. Men’s Li 1:* - /'''' .. % 

Heavy Wool ^ 

bed cuffs, stripes on • 
collar, cuffs and 
skirt, navy blue, ' 

green, grey or card- El -1415 

Inal, as out El-1415, 

medium and large sizes 7 5 

1-1417. Men’s Pineapple Stitch Sweaters. 

Deep roll collar, close ribbed cuffs and skirt, 
heavy all wool, small and medium sizes.. 1.00 
El -1419. Deep roll col- 
lars, double close rib- 
bed cuffs and skirt, 
as cut El-1419, all 
wool, navy blue or 
brown, with solid 
white collar, cuffs 
and skirt, also grey 
with cardinal, small, 
medium and 

large sizes 1 .25 

Heavier quality, 
made on hand ma- 
chines, royal and 
white, white and 
royal, also grey 
and purple- 2.00 

El -1419 

El-1421. Men’s Medium 
Weight Fancy 
Sweaters. All wool, 
two effect double stitch, 
deep roll collars, double 
close ribbed cuffs and 
skirt, as cut El-1421, small 
and medium.... .... 1.25 

Better quality 1.50 

Heavier and bet- 
ter quality 2.50 

El -1421 

El-1423. Men’s 
Heavy All Wool 
Sweaters. Deep 
roll collars, as cut El- 
1423, plain navy blue, 
black, grey, brown or 
cardinal, stripe on 
collar, small and 
medium sizes.. 1.50 

El-1425. Deep roll col- 
lar, close ribbed cuffs 
and skirt, stripes on 
collar, cuffs andskirt, 
plain navy blue, 
black or royal, small, 
medium and 
large sizes..— 2.00 

El -1423 

El-1427. Men’s Colored Yoke Sweater. 

Heavy all wool, deep roll collars, close ribbed 
cuffs and skirt, plain navy blue or black, with 
cardinal yoke, also grey with purple, 
small, medium and large sizes 2.00 

El-1429. Men’s Wes- 
cut Sweaters. 

Close ribbed cuffs 
and skirt, as cut 
El-1429, plain, navy 
blue or grey, with 
cardinal lined 
collars, small and 
medium sizes.. 1.50 
Better quality, 


Knit-to-Fit make 

3.00 5.00 

El -1429 

El-1431. Men's 
Buttoned Coats. 

These have two 
pockets, heavy all 
wool, as cut El-1431, 
navy blue, brown, 
grey or cardinal, 
small, medium 
or large sizes 2.50 
better quality, 

2.75 3.00 

El -1431 

El-1437. Men’s Gymnasium Jerseys. ^ 

sleeve, low neck, all wool, plain black or navy 
blue, small, medium and large sizes 1 .00 

El -1433 El -1435 

El-1433. Men’s Imported Cashme re 

Jerseys, 6 inch collar, close ribbed cuffs, 
hem on bottom of skirt, plain, navy blue with 
stripe on collar and cuffs, as cut El-1433, sizes 

34 to 42 1.25 

El-1435. Men’s Imported Fancy Wool 
Sweaters. German make, deep roll collar, 
close ribbed cuffs and skirt, as cut El-1435. 

small, medium and large sizes 1.25 

Better quality 1.50 


El-1439. Men’s Heavy Grey 
Wool Socks, with ribbed tops, 
as cut El-1439, per pair .12% 
Better quality, pair .1 5 .1 g 
El-1441. Men’s Grey Merinc 
Socks, medium weight, close 
ribbed tops, pair .1234 .18 
El-1443. Men’s extra heavy 
Arctic style, all wool grey 
Socks, ribbed tops, very 

warm and soft, pair .20 

Better quality... .25 .35 

El -1439 El-1445. Men’s Heavy Lum- 

berman's Socks, with cord and tassel, to be 
worn with felt boots or rubbers, per pair .. .35 

Better quality, per pair .50 .75 

El-1447. Men’s “English Make” Tan 

Merino Socks, ribbed tops, per pair .1 5 

El-1449. Men’s All Wool Ribbed Socks, “Irish 
Knit,” in grey or black, sizes 10 

to 11, per pair .25 .35 

Better quality, per pair .50 

E1-145L Mon’s Imported Plain Black Cashmere 

Socks, sizes 10 to 11, per pair 20 .25 

Better quality, per pair 35 .50 

El-1453. Men’s Tan or Cardinal Cashmere 

Socks, sizes 10 to 11, per pair 25 

El-1457. Men’s Natural Wool Grey Socks, 

sizes 10 to 11, per pair .25 

El-1459. Men’s 
fancy colored 
or black, with 
figure, cash- 
mere socks, 
sizes 10 to 11 
.35 .50 

.65 Better 
quality, per 
pair 75 


El-1461. Men’s 
Plain Black 
Silk Socks, 
sizes 10 to 11 , 
pair.... 1.00 

1.50 2.00 

2.50 4.00 El -1459 

NOTE— We can supply special sizes in socks, that 
is: 914, 11 %>. or 12 in plain black caslnncre at 
.35 P er or 3 pairs for 1 .00. 

Also the “Irish Knit” ribbed, either grey or black, 
11)4 or 12, per pair, .35 or 3 pairs for i .00, 

See pages 56 and 57 for Boys* goods. 



Men’s Winter Underwear 

Men's Scotch Wool Underwear 

El-1501. Medium Winter Weight, double breast- 
ed, sateen facings on shirts, natural grey shade, 
small, medium and large size, each 
garment 39 

Heavy Scotch 
Wool Underwear 

El-1505. Regular Win- 
ter Weight, double 
breast, plain knit, 
ribbed cuffs and 
ankles, sateen trim- 
mings s h etland 
shade, as cut El-1505, 
small, medium and 
large sizes, each 

garment 59 

Cheaper quality, 
each garment... .50 


Soft Wool 

El-1507. Made from 
good Scotch Wool, 
Winter Weight, 
double breasted, 
sateen facings, close 
ribbed cuffs and 
ankles, Shetland 
shade, unshrinkable. 

This number is one of our greatest 

sellers, as cut El-1507. Sizes 34 to 40 75 

43 to 46, each garment 1 .00 

Double Back and Front Underwear 

El-1509. Heavy Scotch Wool Shirts or Drawers, 
double breasted and double back, drawers are 
double across the back, a good warm winter 
garment, unshrinkable, sateen trimmings, Shet- 
land shade, small, medium and large size, 
each garment : 75 



El-1511. Good 

heavy quality, 
will not shrink, 
double breasted, 
mottled shade, 
shirts or drawers, 
this has been one 
of our standard 
lines for years, as 
cut El-1511, 
medium size 
only, each 

garment 75 

Also scarlet, in 
small, medium 
or large size, each 
garment.... .75 





El-1615. This is heavy all Wool Underwear, 
double breasted, unshrinkable, soft and warm, 
English make, sateen facings, ribbed skirt, 
cuffs and ankles, Shetland shade. This is 
one of our big sellers, sizes 34 to 46, each 
garment 1.00 

Heavy Elastic Ribbed Underwear 

El-1519. It comes in Blue Grey or Flesh Color, 
heavy Winter Weight, double breasted, elastic 
knit, this is the good old ribbed kind, 
medium men's sizes only, each garment.. .50 

Better quality, heavier grade, 20ozs. inBlueGrey 
or Scarlet medi 


Elastic Knit 
U nderwear 

El-1523. This i s a 
heavy fine elastic 
ribbed garment, will 
not shrink, made 
from good pure wool, 
very durable, double 
breasted, sateen 
facings, close ribbed 
cuffs and ankles, 

natural shade^ sizes 

34 to 46, each 

garment 1 .00 

Fancy Striped 
Scotch Wool 

El-1513. Fine Medium 
Winter Weight 
Scotch Wool Under- 
wear, Shirts or 
Drawers, double 
breasted, sateen fac- 
ings, pearl buttons, 
as cut El-1523, small, 
medium and large 
size, each garment .75 

Heavy Elastic 
Ribbed Under- 


El-1521. This is a good 
serviceable garment, 
heavy Winter Weight 
ribbed stitch, double 
breasted, unshrink- 
able, sateen facings, 
natural color, as cut 
El-1521, sizes 34 to 42, 
each garment .59 

Better quality, 
heavier weight, 
each garment .75 


Men’s Fleece 


El-1531. This is a 

Sanitary Wool Fleece 
Lined Garment, very 
soft and comfortable, 
regular winter 
weight, overlooked 
seams, double ribbed 
cuffs and ankles, 
Jaeger shade, as cut 
El-1531, sizes 34 to 44, 
each garment.. .43 

Sanitary Wool 
Fleece Lined 


El-1533. This is our 
regular standard 50c 
line and is the best 
possible value obtain, 
able for the money, 
good winter weigh 
non-irritating soft heavy fleece, overlooked 
seams, double ribbed cuffs and ankles, as cut 
El-1531, sizes 34 to 50 inches, Jaeger or 
Silver Grey Shade, each garment 50 

Double Front and Back Fleece Lined 
U nderwear 

El-1535. This is a Heavy Warm Winter Garment, 
being double back and front, soft heavy wool 
fleece shirts or drawers, double ribbed cuffs and 
ankles, in small neat stripes sizes 34 to 46, 
each garment 59 

El-1537. Our best quality Sanitary Wool Fleece 
Lined Underwear, Shirts or Drawers, blue 
mottled shade, best make and finish, sizes 
34 to 46 each 75 

Fine Imported Natural 
Wool Underwear 98c. 

El-1525. A purchase ol 
an extra large quail 
tity, enables us t< 
offer you fine natural 
wool underwear foi 
about one-tbird lesi 
than the usual price 
Shirts or Drawers 
medium win te; 
weight, doublf 
breasted, beige trim 
mings, pearl buttons 
close ribbed skirt, 
cuffs and ankles, urn 
shrinkable, natural 
color, as cut Kl-1625 
Sizes 34 to 46, 
each garment .90 


Cotton Balbriggan Underwear 

El-1539. These are the regular summer weigl 
very often worn under heavy woolen garme 
in the winter months, Shirts or Drawers, 
sizes 34 to 46 each garment i 

Medium Weight, 
U nderwear 

El-1541. Men’s Merino 
Underwear Shirts 
and Drawers, Fall 
and Spring Weight, 
sateen facings, pearl 
buttons, natural 
color, as cut El-1541, 
sizes 34 to 46, 
each garment, .50 

Natural Merino 

El-1543. This is a fine 
imported medium 
winter weight 
natural Merino 
Shirts or Drawers, 
siugle breasted, beige 
facings, pearl buttons 
natural color, as cut 
El-1541, sizes 34 to 46, 
each garment .75 




El-1545. Fine Imported Natural Wool Und' 1 
wear, Shirts or Drawers, single breastt 
medium winter weight, natural color, bei 
facings, as cut El-1541, sizes 34 to 46, each 1 .C 

Double Bac 
sSynM and Front 

Natural Wo 

medium and large size, each 
-.—-a. — _ .65 

See Pages 66 and 67 for Boys’ Goods 

t El-1547. This 
the biggest sell 
in our stock, it 
a medium win! 

are double fro 

drawers s 
double across tj 

with beige fa 
i n g s, pea 
buttons, it 
made from fi 
natural woo 
and is a natui 
mottled shade, 

El-1547 cut El-1547, 

Sizes 34 to 42, each garment 1 .0 

“ 44 to 60, garment.. 1.2 






D WINTER CATALOGUE (No. 82), 1907-8 

El -1601 

Heavy Woolen 

El-1601. “Turnbull’s 
16 Gauge” heavy 
Scotch wool under- 
wear, double breast- 
ed, good winter 
weight, unsh rink- 
able, full fashioned^ 
sateen trimmings, 
pearl buttons, natur- 
al color, as cut 
El-1601. Shirts 34 to 
42, drawers 34 to 40, 
each garment 1 .25 

Shirts 44 to 50, draw- 
ers 42 to 48, 
each garment 1.50 

Turnbull's Ceetee Underwear 

l-1605. Heavy natural wool shirts or drawers, 
double breasted, sateen facings, unshrinkable, 
full fashioned, natural color, shirts 
34 to 42, drawers 32 to 40, each garment 2.00 
Shirts 44 to 50, drawers 42 to 48, eaeh 

garment ! 2 ,50 

Wolsey Unshrinkable Underwear 
-1607. Men’s fine imported natural wool under- 
wear, medium winter weight, single breasted, 
the “Wolsey Brand” unshrinkable, beige fac- 
ings, pearl buttons, sizes 34 to 46, each 
garment 1.25 

Wolsey Underwear 

L-1609. Heavy natural 
wool shirts or drawers, 
double breasted, full 
fashioned, beige trim- 
| mings, fineribbed skirt, 
cuffs and ankles, un- 
shrinkable, as cut 
El -1609, shirts 34 to 44, 

_ drawers 32 to 42, 

I each garment 1 .50 

Shirts 46 to 60, drawers 
44 to 48, each garment, 


Ifolsey Underwear 


1-1611. Imported Heavy 
Natural Wool Under- • 
wear, doubly breasted, 
unshrinkable, full fash- 
ioned, beige facings, 
pearl buttons, regular 
winter weight, sizes 34 El *1609 
to 46, each garment.. 

Our Heaviest Quality “Wolsey Brand ’ 
each garment. 



Wolsey Fine 

Natural Wool 

El-1613. Extra Fine 
Medium Weight 
Natural Wool Un- 
derwear, double 
breasted, best 
finish, suitable for 
those who do not 
like heavy under- 
wear, sizes 34 to 46, 
each garment, 

- 2.00 

Wolsey Double 

El-1615. Heavy Na- 
tural Wool Under- 
wear, the shirts are 
double back and 
front, the drawers 
are double across 
El-1615, the back, they are 

full fashioned, unshrinkable, beige trimmings, 
pearl buttons, natural color, as cut El-1615, 
sizes 34 to 46, each garment 2.00 

Heavy Shetland Wool Underwear 

El-1603. Heavy imported Shetland wool, winter 
weight, shirts or drawers, double breasted, 
sateen trimmings, pearl buttons, close ribbed, 
cuffs and ankles, Shetland shade, 
sizes 34 to 44, each garment 1 .50 

Stuttgarter Sani- 
tary Wool 


El-1619. It’s Fine Medi- 
um Winter Weight 
Natural Wool, double 
breasted, normal style, 
buttons on shoulder, 
best finish, very soft, as 
cut El-1619. Shirts 34 to 
42, drawers 30 to 40, 
each garment, 1.00 
Shirts 44 to 50, drawers 
42 to 50, each... 1 .25 
Better quality, a little 
heavier, sizes 34 
to 46, each gar- 
ment 1 .50 

Silk Underwear 

El-1621. Fine Elastic 
Ribbed Silk Under- 
wear Shirts or Draw- 
El-1619 . ers, heavy quality, best 
finish, in plain cream shade, 
sizes 34 to 44, eachgarment, 4.00 

Stout Men’s Underwear 

El-1617. Heavy 
Natural Wool 
Shirts or Draw- 
ers, “Wolsey 
Brand” double 
breasted, proper- 
ly proportioned, 
for stout men, full 
fashioned, un- 
shrinkable, best 
finish, regular 
natural color, 
cut El-1617, shirts 
34 to 44, drawers 
32 to 42, each 
garment, 1.50 
Shirts 46 to 50, 
drawers 44 to 50, 
each gar- 
ment, 2.00 


See pages 56 and 57 for 
Boys’ Goods 

Korrect Fit 
Combination Suits 

El-1627. Fine Elastic 
Ribbed Wool Combina- 
tion Suits, medium 
winter weight, single 
breasted, natural color, 
soft finish, as cut 
El-1627, sizes 34 to 44, 

per suit 2-50 

Better Quality, double 
breasted, per suit 


Combination Suits 

El-1629. Men’s Fine 
Elastic Ribbed Natural 
Wool Com b i n a t i o n 
Suits, good warm win- 
ter weight, double 
breasted, pearl buttons, 
perfect fitting, as cut 
El -1627 El-1627, sizes 34 to 41, 

per suit 4.50 

Extra Heavy Quality, single breasted, 

per suit :.. 6.00 

Wolsey Combination Suits 

El-1633. Men’s Natural Wool Combination Under 
Suits, regular winter weight, full fashioned, 
unshrinkable, “Wolsey Brand,” natural 

color, sizes 34 to 44, per suit 3.50 

Chamois Underwear 
El-1641. Men’s Chamois Undershirts or Drawers, 
made from best quality of chamois, per- 
forated, sizes 34 to 44, each garment 5.00 

Chamois Vest 

El - 1643. Men’s 
Scarlet Flannel 
Chamois Lined 
Vest, best quali- 
ty, well made, 
as cut El-1643 


sizes 34 to 44, 
each 2.00 

El 1643 

Men’s Protectors 

El-1645. Men’s Chamois 
Lined Chest and Back 
Protectors, as cut El-1645, 

sizes 10 x 6 inch 75 

“ 13 x 11 inch 1 .00 

El -1645 

Chamois Belts 

El-1647. Men’s Chamois Lined Body Belts, 
Shaped, sizes 32 to 44, each. 

Fine Woolen 

Body Bands 

El-1649. Men’s Natural 
Wool Body Bands, heavy 
quality, fine ribbed 
stitch, as cut El-1649, 
small, medium and large 
sizes, each as cut 
El-1649 75 

Woolen Night Caps 

El-1653. Men’s Wool Night Caps, 
fine elastic ribbed plain white, 
small, medium and large- .50 

Woolen Knee Warmer 

El-1651. Men’s Elastic Knit 
Natural Wool Knee Warmers, 
small, medium and large, 
per pair as cut E1-165L„.... .76 

El -1651 


El -1623. It is 
strongly recom- 
mended by 
Physicians for 
it’s Hygenic 
advantages, in 
winter weight, 
shirts or draw- 
ers, best trim- 
mings, in differ- 
sleeves and 
legs, as cut 
El-1623, sizes 34 
to 50, each 

garment 2.25 

Ramie Fibre 
Combin a t i o n 
Suits, 34 to 44> 
per suit 


Ramie Fibre Mesh 

El -1623 


4**T- EATON C 0 tl -M !T e. TORONTO, CANADA 


THIS IMMENSE LINE of suits and overcoats for men and boys as illustrated and described on the following pages 
comprises the most fashionable, up-to-date and handsome styles that can be produced. Our designers have been able to design for 
us a line of fashions that enables us to present to our many customers an assortment of styles that cannot be surpassed. 

MANUFACTURED IN OUR OWN FACTORY. By operating our own factory we are placed in a position to 
save our customers a very large per cent, of the cost of production. Then ag iin we know that every piece of material that enters on 
of-our garments represents the very best quality of stock. The cutting and designi g is all done by experts, men who have made 
this their life work, and every convenience has been given them to turn out stylish, well cut garments. 

film I B 0 C Q jl 3 Oil A P H UTCC ^ garments are guaranteed to leave our establishment free from ail defects, and if 
UUil LiDLUhL OUMflMll SO. upon receipt of suit, overcoat, etc., that is not entirely satisfactory to you in every 
respect, return it to us and we will cheerfully refund you purchase price together with all transportation charges you may have paid. 

Two Special Values 


E3-1. Special No. 1 is a heavy win- 
ter Overcoat, made of Black or Oxford 
Grey Melton Cloth, the material weighs 
28 ozs. to the yard, the linings are strong 
and well put together, interlinings of 
material which help to hold the coat in 
shape. This coat is made semi-form 
fitting with nice large lapels, and is cut 
46 inches long, two outside pockets and 
ticket pocket. As Blacks and Oxford 
Greys will be the popular 
shades for this season, we 
offer you this coat at the 
special price of - 
Sizes are 34 to 44 in. chest, as cut 1. 
Send us your chest measure taken over 
the vest, also your height and weight. 
Larger sizes than 44 inches chest, will 
cost $1.50 extra. 

E3-2. Special No. 2. Men’s Heavy 
Winter Overcoats, made in long Double 
Breasted Ulster Style. When you have 
it on it has the appearance of a fur lined 
coat. The material is a black Kersey 
Cloth, it has a shawl collar of imitation 
Persian Lamb, four buttons fastened 
with braid loops, it is lined withaquilt- 
ed and wadded Italian cloth, the length 
is 49 to 50 inches ; sizes are only 
34 to 46 inches chest measurement. 
Send us your measure- 
ment taken over the vest, 
also height and weight. 

Special price 
N.B. No sizes larger than 46-in. chest. 




E3-3- Men’s Winter 
Overcoats. The mater- 
ial in these is a black or 
Oxford grey cheviot fin- 
ished frieze, 44 in. long, 
lined with strong Italian 
linings as cut E3-3. 

5 ^o 

ie popular 

6 -oo 



lie jengin is 


E3-4. Men’s Overcoats, 44 in. long, the popular 
black or navy blue English beaver 
cloth, in a nice smooth finish, strong 

serviceable linings as, cut E3-3 

E3-5. Men’s imported English Black Melton or 
Beaver Overcoats, 44 in. long, in a semi~form_fit- 
tingstyle, with back vent, velvet collars 
and trimmed with serviceable ma- 
terials, as cut E3-3 : 

E3-6. Fine Beaver Cloth Overcoats, smooth finished 
material. These come in either navy blue or 
black, of a nice dressy appearance, the leng_th_is 
46 in. velvet collars, strong linings 
of Italian, perfect fitting, as cut 


E3 7. Men’s imported English Cheviot Overcoats, 
in a dark plain grey finished cloth, nice and 
dressy, and will wear well, semi-form EA 

fitting, large lapels, twilled Beatrice III* vU 

linings, as cut E3-3 

E3-8. Men’s Overcoats, made from those fabrics 
that are so popular this season, English melton 
cloth, in plain black or plain Oxford grey, 46_in. 
long, well tailored, perfect fitting 
with linings to correspond, as cut 


E3-9. Fine imported English Black Melton Cloth 
Overcoat, made popular Chesterfield style, 46 in. 
long, with back vent, wide stitched 
seams with good Italian linings, as 

cut E3-3 

E3-10. Plain Oxford Grey Cheviot Overcoats, also 
black smooth finished beaver cloth in this 
season’s latest models, 46 in. long, 
velvet collar, perfect fitting gar- 
ments, as cut E3-3 

grev, m. 


yie, w m. 


yin in tnia 


Men’s Fail Weight Overcoats 

E3-27. Men’s Overcoats, for early fall wear, made 
from Oxford grey cheviots and lA EA 
vicuna cloths, silk faced lapels, as II |*wU 

cut E3-46 

E3-28. Fine imported Vicuna and Cheviot Cloths, 
made up into early fall overcoats, in black and 
Oxford grey, Chesterfield style, 42 in. Efl 

long, si I k faced, twilled body linings, | • t) U 

as cut E3-26 g* ■ “■ 

E3-29. Finest Fall Weight Overcoats, lined 
throughout with black silk, the materials 
these is the finest black or plain 
Oxford grey vicuna cloth, very nice 
and perfect fitting, as cut E3-26 

uaienais m 



Customers ordering sizes larger than 44 in. 
chest from this page will be charged $1.50 

See Page 78 for Measurement Form 








E3-26. Men’s Early Fall 
Weight Overcoats, made 
from black vicuna cloth, 
42 in. long, silk faced 
lapels, as cut E3-26 







Sizes 34 to 44 inch Chest 

To Fit You or Will 
Refund Your Money 




to 25 . 

DON’T PAY TWO PRICES -for an Overcoat. By sending your 
order to us you are dealing direct WITH THE MANUFACTURER 
and are buying at the very lowest manufacturer’s prices. 



We Guarantee to fit you or 
to Return your money 

Sizes 34 to 44 Chest Measurement 

The coats on this page can he furnished in the sizes and lengths only as stated, larger sizes 
than mentioned will cost 2.50 extra. 

E3-35. Men’s Fine Overcoats, made up in the prevailing fashion, 46 inches long, 
with large lapels." The fabric in this garment is an imported English Black Mel- 
ton, mohair sleeve linings, and good body linings, as cut E3-35 12.50 

E3-36. Hand Tailored Finished Fine Black Overcoats, in a nice Kersey cloth, black 
satin lining, hand worked button holes, hand padded 
collars and bluff edge lapels, twilled body 

linings as cut E3-35 15.00 

E3-37. Very Choice English Beaver Overcoats, in fashion- 
able Chesterfield style, black only, with large lapels, 46 
inches long, collars hand padded and felled, shoulders 
and sleeves lined with black satin, twilled 

body lining, as cut E3-35 16.50 

E3-38. Gentlemen’s Overcoats, the kind 

you feel dressed in when you put it on, 
made of an Oxford grey Kersey cloth, 
this coat has black satin sleeve lining, 
twilled body linings, 46 in. 

long as cut E3-35 - 16.50 

E3-39. Fine Imported English Melton 
Cloth, 30 ounces to the yard, made in 
Chesterfield style, 46 inches long, solid 
material (not raw edges), black satin 
shoulder and sleeve linings, hand 
worked button holes, hand padded 
collars, bluff edge lapels, 

as cut E3-35 22.50 

E3-50. Finest Dress Overcoats for Winter wear, 
fashioned after the latest American models. This 
one is made from black Kersey cloth, nice soft 
fabric, it is cut 46 inches long, has long lapels, 
hand worked button holes, hand padded collars, 
the sleeves are lined with black satin 
, with twilled body linings as cut E3-50 15.00 
E3-51. Very Fine Imported Black English Melton 
Cloth Overcoats, this fabric weighs 30 ounces to 
yard, solid wool material, made up raw edges, 
and wide stitched seams, satin sleeve linings, 
made up in New York latest models, hand pad- 
ded collars, vent in bacMfes cut E3-50 

: zZ i8.oo 

E3-52. Dressy Overcoats for Men, made from choice all pure wool Kersey cloth, in either 
Black or Oxford Grey, 46 inches long, hand padded collars, hand worked 
buttonholes, bluff edged lapels, best linings and trimmings, made as cut E3-50 18.00 
E3-53. Heavy Weight Imported English Black Melton Cloth Overcoats, made up in 
Chesterfield style, finished with raw edges, hand worked buttonholes, hand padded collars, 
black satin sleeve linings, best Beatrice twill body linings, as cut E3-50 

„ - 20.00 

E3-54. Overcoats made from Isaac Carr’s Celebrated Black Melton Cloth, cut and fashioned 
after the latest American models, hand padded collars, hand worked buttonholes, finished 
with .raised seams and raw edges, 46 inches long, black satin sleeve l inin gs, choicest 
Beatrice, twill body linings, in every way a first class garment, and one that 
will give you satisfaction, as cut E3-50 25.00 

See Simple Rules of Measurement, Page 78 







E3-60. Illustration shows you a very fine coat which has a smart 
dressy appearance. It is made of Black Melton cloth, an English 
material, is 50 inches long, double breasted, and fastens with loops 
and barrel buttons. The fur collar is good and deep and is maae of 
German Otter. The coat is lined with Italian cloth which is inter- 
lined with wadding, and closely quilted. Altogether it has a smart, 
snappy effect when worn. Sizes, 34 to 40 inches chest— no 
size larger. Send chest measure taken over the vest, also 
your height and weight. Our price 

dlTICil i) 


MEN’S TROUSERS, 1.50 to 5.00 

Sizes 32 to 44 Inch Waist 

E3-66. Men’s Tweed Trousers, in dark striped patterns, also diagonal 

woven tweed 

E3-67. Men’s English Tweed Trousers in medium and dark colors, 

side and hip pockets 

E3-68. Strong Trousers in neat striped patterns, made of English 

tweeds , 




E3-65. Our special leader in Men’s Trousers, made 
of imported English Hairline cloth, neat 
pin striped effect, dark greys - 




Sizes 34 to 44 Chest 

E3-120. Dark Tweed Vests, | A /\ 

mixed patterns, as cut E3-120 mi O I. vU 
E3-121. Black Worsted and Worsted < ■> a 

Serge, as cut E3-120 I.OU 

E3-122. Brown and Drab Corduroy 
vests, narrow rib, similar style to cut , e /> 

E3-120 I.OU 

E3-123. English Corduroy Vests, blue, drab or 
brown, with silk spots, red flannel . n(* 

E3-124. Heavy English Corduroy Vests, dark 
ground, with colored figures and a a a 

spots, red flannel lined.. 41.0 v 

E3-125. Fancy Worsted Vests, dark ground, 
with colored figures and spots, braid 


£3-126. Men’s Cardigan Knit Vests, single breasted 
edges and pockets bound .with braid navy, black 
and garnet ground with colored figures 


127. Fancy English Knitted Wool Vests, single breasted, dark 
iround with fancy patterns, edge and pockets ^ 


>raid bound 

128. Extra fine quality of Engl ish Kni tted Card- 

gan Vests, single breasted, braid bound, good 
vool material 

129. English Tattersall Vests, single breasted, in soft vesting 

naterials, dark patterns, new and ltylisb 


-80. White Drill Coats, with square or round corners, each 
-81. Duck Coats in white only, square or round corners, each 







Sizes for Overalls, 32 to 44" waist measure, 
Sizes for Smocks, 36 to 44" chest measure. 
Longest, Leg measure, 34" inside leg mea- 

E3-100. Men’s Blue Demin Overalls, with 
bib and strap lor braces, as a a 

shown in cut E3-100 «OU 

E3-101. Blue Denim Smock to K /> 

match a no vp overal s iOv 

E3-102. Heavy weight black or blue Den- 
im Overalls, with biband brace 

strap as shown in cut E3-100 . # O 

E3-103. Heavy blue Denim Smock, 
good strong material to match ■■ gm 

E3-104. Painters’ White Twill 

Drill Overalls, with bib .Ov 

E3-105. Painters’ White Drill a 

Smocks, to match above .OU 

B3-106. Men’s blue Denim Overalls, with- 
out bib, in medium g — a 
and heavy weight.... iOv . i O 
E3-107. Men’s heavy Cottonade Mole- 
skin pants, top and hip poelcot, a a 
“T he Workingmen’s Friend’’.... . w 


Sizes 29 to 3 I Inc hWaist 

E3-89. Youths’ Trousers in neat pattern 
tweeds 125 1.50 2.00 

S3-90. Youths’ colored Worsted and 
Tweed Trousers 

9.RO 3.00 3.50 

E3-70. Heavy dark brown English Corduroy, wide rib, also imported a tzg\ 

drab Moleskin trousers, at per pair CiDv 

E3-71. Worsted Trousers in dark colored striped patterns, imported a RfS 

English goods, strong, smart, dressy designs A.OU 

E3-72. Men’s heavy Lumbermen’s Trousers, made of blue-black a a a 

Mackinaw cloth, good strong material.... O.UU 

E3-73. Navy blue worsted Serge Trousers, hard twilled finish, good a a ■_ 

20-oz. weight, fast dye, well made O . A O 

E3-74. Imported English Worsted Materials, made up a a a O e a 

into fashionable trousers, good patterns, well made... O.UU o.Dv 
E3-75. The well known Bird’s Blue-Black Mackinaw cloth, made a a a 

into lumbermen’s and miners’ trousers O . O U 

E3-76. Fine black clay twilled Worsted Trousers, solid all wool m a a 

English cloth 4.VV 

E3-77. Very choice colored Worsted Trousers, made of West of Eng- 
land cloth, in smart striped patterns with good work- m A A - A A 

manship . U U — !■ ■ O U 

E3-78. Very best Worsted Trousers, fancy neat striped patterns, made 
of solid West of England Worsteds, in all new designs, medium mm a a 

and dark 5.00 

Note - All trousers longer than 34 inches inside leg measure, will cost customer 
50c per pair extra. 

E3- I 00 



E3-130. Men’s Working Jackets, for cold weather, of strong 
brown duck, with 6 in. corduroy storm collar, snap fasteners^ 
and lined in body with GENUINE SHEEPSKIN, two a aa 
pockets, sizes 36 to 46 in. chest measurement. SPECIAL 4*09 

Leather Coats, Reefers, Mackinaw Coats 
and Sheepskin Lined Jackets 


4 j 


6 - 5_0 

E3-135. Men’s Jackets, good heavy weight brown duck, with nice 
quality sheepskin linings, 7-in. fur collar of wombat, 
two leather reinforced pockets, fly front, wind break, 

knitted wool cuff in sleeve, size 36 to 46 inch chest 

E3-136. Shooting Jackets, made of grass colored duck, 
six pockets, 4 in. corduroy collar, sizes 36 to 46 in, chest 
E3-136A. Brown Duck Shooting Jackets, rubberized, 
lined throughout, two large inside game pockets and 

four inside pocsets.„ 

E3-136B. Genuine Regulation Shooting Jackets, made of 
grass colored duck, with 9 pockets, 4 in. corduroy collar 
E3-137. Brown Duck Jackets, with snap fasteners, two 
pockets, 4 inch collar, waterproof rubberized lining, 

single breasted 

E3-138. Men’s Working Jackets, made of grass colored duck, single 
breasted, reversible, can be worn either side, drab m 

colored corduroy on one side, 4% in. corduroy collar 4iO / 

E3-139. Men’s Heavy Working Jackets of dark brown duck, single 
breasted, with 7 in. corduroy collar, lined with 
Mackinaw cloth, two leather bound pockets, knitted m 
wool cuff in sleeve sizes 36 to 46 in. chest „ 4 iU^7 






Mackinaw Jackets 

E3-166. Men’s Jackets, made of blue black 
Mackinaw cloth, single breasted, with 
belt and two pockets, unlined 

as cut E3-166 4.00 

Sizes 36 to 44 

E3-168. Lumberman's Mackinaw Jackets, 
made from the well known Birds Mack- 
inaw cloth, blue-black, four pockets’ 

unlined, sizes 36 to 44 5.00 

E3-169. Trousers to match 

the above, pair 3.50 

E3-140. Black Leather Coats for Hunting, etc., soft pliable 
single breasted coat with corduroy linings, ball and mm 
socket fasteners, sizes 36 to 46 in. chest, as cut E3-140 O . 

E3-141. Reversible Coats, can be worn either side out, nice 
soft black leather on one side with English corduroy on 
the other side, two pockets each side, as cut E3-140 O ■ 

E3-142. Extra quality soft black Leather Reversible 
Jackets, with 7 inch collar, three pockets double stitched q 
and welted seams, sizes 36 to 46 in. chest O. 

E3-143. Men’s very fine quality of Napa Tan Leather 
Shooting Jacket, reversible, corduroy lined, soft pliable a a 
stock, as cut E3-140 II. 

Reefer Jackets — 34 to 44 inch chest, 

E3-150. Men’s Double Breasted Reefer Jackets, made 
from navy blue English nap cloth, lined with strong « 
Italian lining 







E3-I5I. OUR SPECIAL. Men’s Winter Reefer Jacket, 
made from black cheviot finished frieze cloth, and is 
lined with strong English corduroy, good 
warm serviceable garment, as cut E3-I50.. 


E3-152. Heavy winter weight Pea Jackets or Reefers, 
made of navy blue English beaver or navy blue nap k 

cloth, strongly made, as cut E3-150 O.U v 

E3-153. Storm Resisting Men’s Reefer Jackets, made of Oxford grey 
frieze cloth, and lined with waterproof rubberized 

checked linings, wind proof also, as cut E3-150 

E3-154. Men’s Reefers, made of genuine Irish frieze, in a 
dark Oxford grey, high storm collars and lined with 

strong tweed, as cut E3-150._ 

E3-155. Men’s extra heavy Reefers, in English beavers 
and nap cloth, navy blues only, storm collars and Ital- 
ian linings, as cut E3-150.. 




N oto — Goods kept in sizes only as catalogued on this page. 




Men’s Raincoats, Rub- 
berized Waterproofs, 
Ulsters and Oiled 
Clothing 1 

Men’s Cravenette Rainproof Ooats 

_ Sizes 34 to 44 inch Chest 

E3-170. Men’s Raincoats, good full lengths with vent .n back, made of Ox- 
ford Grey Cravenette Cloth, lined with Italian cloth, as cut 

E3-170 6>50 

E3-171. Cravenette Rainproof Coats for Men, made of plain dark 

Oxford Grey Cravenette, long Chesterfield style, as cut E3-170 8.00 

E3-172. Imported English Cravenette Cloth materials, made up into long 
Chesterfield style Raincoats, in Oxford grey, also dark olive 

effects, vent in back, perfect fitting, as cut E3-170 10.00 

E3-173. Popular Raincoats for dressy men, made from those fashionable 
dark Oxford greys and Olive Cravenette, nice imported English 

fabrics, best make and trimmings as cut E3-170 1 2.50 

E3-174. Men’s Fine Rainproof Coats in plain dark Oxford grey shade only, 
of Imported English Cravenette Cloth, shoulders and sleeves lined with 
black satin, long Chesterfield style, with vent in back, as cut 

E3-170 16-50 

E3-175. The well known Cravenette cloth of Priestley’s Limited, Imported 
English fabrics, in plain closely woven dark Oxford grey, 
shoulders and sleeves lined with black satin, as cut E3-170... .... 18.00 

Rubberized Waterproof Coats 

Sizes 36 to 46 inch Chest 

E3-185. Men’s Waterproof Coats, made of English Covert Cloth, made 
waterproof by vulcanized rubber, checked linings, seams all 

sewn, in a medium dark grey shade, as cut E3-185 3.95 

E3-186. Rubberized Waterproof Coats, long single breasted style, English 
manufacture, will not get hard, dark grey Covert Cloth, with 

checked linings, as cut E3-185 5.00 

E3-187. Men’s Waterproof Coats, Imported English make, in a neat dark 
grey Covert cloth, with invisible small green overcheck, all seams 
sewn and taped, checked linings, as cut E3-185 7.50 

Men’s Dull Finished Rubber Coats 

Sizes 36 to 44 inch Chest 

E3-183. Men’s Dull Finished Black Rubber Coats, made double 

breasted with buttons, throat tab, medium length 2.50 

E3-189. Dull Finished Black Rubber Coats for Boys, from 5 to 15 

years, double breasted 2.00 

E3-190. Heavy Drill Dull Finished Rubber Waterproof Coats, med- 
ium length, with snap and ring fasteners, double breasted 3.50 

E3-191. Firemen’s Extra Heavy Dull Finished Rubber Waterproof 

Coats, black inside and out, with ring and snap fastener, 5.00 

E3-192. Black Rubber Dull Finished Capes, good length, button- 
ed down front - 2.50 

Men’s Heavy Storm Resisting Frieze Ulsters 

Sizes 36 to 44 inch Chest 

E3-30. Men’s Heavy Frieze Ulster in dark Oxford grey, lined with 
strong, good wearing tweed, good full length, as cut E3-30.. 6.00 

E3-31. “Blizzard Proof Ulsters” Heavy Grey Frieze, lined 

with a wind proof checked rubberized lining:, 
hig:h storm collar, as cut E3-30 


E3-32. Men’s Heavy Winter Weight Ulsters, made from genuine Imported 

Irish Frieze, in dark Oxford grey shade, lined with a heavy 

tweed, something to face a storm with, as cut E3-30 1 1 .50 

E3-33. Extra Heavy Frieze Ulsters, the well known Harris Frieze of Rock- 
wood, Ontario, the material weighs 36 ozs. to the yard, with 
strong tweed linings, and high storm collars, as cut E3-30 12.50 

Navy Brand Men’s Oiled Clothing 

Sizes Jackets 36 to 44 inch Chest. Pants 34 to 42 inch Waist 

E3-195. Fishermen’s Oiled Jackets, the well known Navy Brand, in 

either black or yellow as shown on cut E3-195, each ~ 1.50 

E3-196. Apron Pants, with bib and strap for braces, Navy Brand 
Oiled Clothing, in yellow or black, as shown on cut E3-195 each... 1.50 
E3-197. Long Black or Yellow Oiled Coats, reach down below the 

knee 3.00 

E3-198. Long Black Navy Brand Oiled Capes, with full sweep, 
each.., „.... 1 .50 








E3-260. Men’s Worsted Suits. The material these suits are made 
from is part of a large purchase of cloths we were able to get hold 
of some time ago. They are this season’s newest fabrics, not old 
cloths. The cloth is made in England, weighs 19 to 20 ozs. to the 
yard, is smooth finished worsted, and comes in dark colors, neal 
patterns, all striped effects, this season’s style for fashionable 
suitings. The colors are greys, browns and olive tinted. We make 
them up in our own large manufacturing plant, so can rely or 
the general make up and finish. The linings are what we believe 
to be the best for wear and satisfaction. They are made up into 
three buttoned single bieasted sack style, single breasted vests anc 
fashionable cut trousers, as cut E3-260. When ordering sene 
us height and weight, chest measurement, waist measuremen 
and inside leg measure. 

Special to our Mail Order Customers 



Sizes 34 to 44 in. Chest Longest Inside Leg Measure 34 in. 

E3-265. It hardly seems necessary to call 
your attention to this particular good 
value in men’s suits. We have handled 
this particular cloth so long and so suc- 
cessfully that it is really not necessary 
to talk more about it. 

Men’s Suits of Eatonian Worsted Serge, 
a cloth that is made solely for the T. 
Eaton Co., made of pure wool Botany 
yarns, and is fast indigo dye. It is, of 
course, an imported English material. 
With the state of the wool market to-day, 
it is only in buying in such tremendous- 
ly large quantities that enables us to 
produce this much talked of suit. The 
cloth weighs 21 to 22 ozs. to the yard, 
is all thoroughly shrunk. You can have 
it either navy blue or black, and the 
style is either single or double breasted 
sack shape, strong serviceable linings or 
trimmings, as cuts E3-265 or E3-260. 


Special | ^ 

NOTICE— We can only supply regular stock 
sizes at prices mentioned on this page. 
Customers ordering other than stock 
sizes will be charged $2.00 per suit 


These prices show you at 
once that you cannot 
compare these manu- 
facturers’ prices of ours 
with others. We save 
you fully one-third. 
























Our Liberal Guarantee 

Remember, if at any time you 
order a suit or an overcoat and it is 
not satisfactory in every sense of the 
word, return it to us and we will 
cheerfully exchange or refund your 
money together with any charges 
you may have paid. 

A Choice Assortment of Fabrics which are all 
furnished in these Handsome S. B. Sack Suits. 

Men’s Single Breasted Sack Suits. 

Sizes 36 to 44 inch Chest. WE SELL. THESE 

E3-270. Men’s Suits, three buttoned, sin- 
gle breasted sack shape, made of med- 
ium dark checked Domestic tweed, with 
strong linings as cut E3-270... 5.00 

E3-271. Navy Blue Serge, soft cheviot finish, 
good heavy weight, as cut E3-270 


E3-272. Heavy Canadian Tweed, dark colors in this sea- 
son’s newest patterns, good wearing quali- 
ties, with strong linings, as cut E3-270 


E3-273. Navy Blue and Black Worsted Serges, hard fin- 
ished English cloths, neatly made and well 
lined, as cut E3-270 


E3-274. Large Assortment of Domestic made Fabrics, 
different patterns and colorings, medium and dark 
shades, striped and overchecked goods . ** S 
with twilled Italian linings, as cut E3-270 Iv.OU 

E3-275, Campbell’s Twill Worsted Serge, good heavy 
weight, navy blue Indigo dye, English imported 
goods, with linings to correspond, as cut . ^ _ ** 
E3-270 10.50 

E3-276. Navy Blue, soft finished Clay Worsteds, pure 
wool goods, an imported fabric with good . . g\ 
serviceable trimmings, as cut E3-270 11.00 


prices as we are the manufacturers 
and since we use an enormous 
quantity of the fabrics on account 
of the demand for winter purposes. 
We are able to get the cloth direct 
fiom the mills at the minimum cost 
per yard and, producing the gar- 
ments in large quantities in Our 
Own Plant, and selling direct to 
you at just cost and our one small 
per cent, of profit added, you can see 
how it is that we are able to save 
you fully one third on your cloth- 
ing for this fall and winter. Send 
us your order -For a Suit, 
Overcoat or pair of Trous- 
ers and be convinced. 

E3-277. Genuine Imported Scotch Tweeds, also some 
domestic cloths, heavy weights, 22 ozs. to the yard, 
in browns and greys, solid wearing materi- . , « 
als, as cut E3-270 II. Ov 

E3-300, Imported Scotch Tweeds, weighs 32 ozs. to the 
yard, in a dark grey effect, with overcheck, a suit that 
will give good wear, strong Italian linings, . b. 
as cut E3-300 I 4.0V 

E3-301. A very large assortment of Imported English 

Worsteds, in all the new patterns, dark grey and 
brownish fancy effects, with choice lin- . n b 
ings, as cut E3-300 Itf.OU 

E3.302. Finest Clay Twill Worsteds, in black and navy 
blue Indigo dyed cloths, good heavy winter weights, 
nice soft finished fabric, fast colors, cnoic- 
est linings, as cut E3-300 ID.vU 

E3-303. English Worsted Suits in a variety of patterns, 
mostly dark grey striped effect, with a few brownish 
tints, solid good wearing cloth, our own make and our 
own importation of cloth, with choicest linings, as cut 

15.00 16.50 

E3-304. Genuine Scotch Tweeds, pure Hawick and Gala- 
shiels fabrics, in good heavy weights, nearly all are 
striped designs, in browns and grey colorings, choicest 
Italian lining and best g m> m /v is* b 

make, as cut E3-300 15. U U 10.51) 

E3-305. Choices* Imported Cloths, made up into fashion- 
able men’s suits, genuine Scotch and English Worsteds 
and Tweeds, in this season’s newest patterns, good 
wearing qualities with best trimmings, as 
cut E3-300 lO.UU 

NOTE.— Suits catalogued on this page will be 
supplied in sizes 36 to 44 inch chest measure 
only with longest inside leg measure for trous- 
ers 34 inch. Customers ordering other than 
stock sizes will be charged S 1 .50 to $3.00 per 
suit extra according to quality and price of 



E3-320. Men’s Double Breasted Sack Suits, made from heavy domestic 
and imported English tweeds. This is a very special purchase we 
could not allow to pass us by. We bought them at our own price, 
we pass them over to our Mail-Order customers at about the price of 
manufacturing. T here are twenty different patterns in this lot, and 
are composed of light greys, light and dark browns. The fabrics in 
these suits weigh 20 to 21 ozs. to the yard. They are nice patterns, 
neat overplaid effects, made up with strong linings and good trim- 
mings. Send us your chest, waist and inside leg measurement, they 
come in regular sizes only, 36 to 44 in. chest, and trousers not longer 
than 34 in. inside seam measure. We cannot fill any special sizes, 
nor we cannot send out samples. If suit is not satisfactory, return it 
to us, and get your money, back. As cut E3-320. 

Price 7.39 

E3-321. Men’s Suits, made of heavy domestic tweeds, in dark 
patterns, strongly put together, good strong linings, as 
cut E3-320 '. 5 ■ 5 0 

E3-322. Black or navy blue imported worsted serges, hard twill 
finish, English cloth with twilled linings of Italian cloth, 
as cut E3-320 - . : 8.50 

E3-323. Heavy tweeds, dark patterns of Canadian fabrics, in 20 oz. 
cloth goods, good range of patterns, well lined and trimmed, 
as cut E3-320 - 8.50 

E3-324. Heavy Oxford grey irieze cloth, made up in double breasted 
style, warm, strong wearing material , with lining to match, 
as cut E3-320 : 9.oo 

E3-325. Winter weight tweeds, in dark Canadian cloths, 
in this seasons styles, with Italian linings, as cut E3-320 10.00 

E3-326. Navy blue Campbell twill serge, hard worsted finish, English 
material, indigo dye, double breasted sack shape, with 
linings to correspond, as cut E3-320 10.50 

E3-327. Navy blue and black imported English clay twilled worsted, 
nice soft fabrics, fast dye, good heavy weight pure wool 
material, best linings, as cut E3-320 11.00 

E3-328. Imported Scotch and dometic tweeds, in dark patterns, 
striped effects, 22 oz. to the yard, real winter suits, good 
linings, as cut E3-320 - 11.50 

E3-329. Heavy tyke serge, broad Wale worsted, twilled finish, in 
navy blue, fast indigo dye, 24 oz. goods, with good linings, 

as cut E3-320 — 12.50 

E3-330. Genuine Scotch Tweeds, also imported colored worsteds, in 
this season’s newest designs, good heavy winter weight, fashionable 
dark grey and brown effect, with linings of Italian cloth, 

as cut E3-320 !. 13.50 

E3-331. Heavy Scotch Tweed Suits, genuine Galashiels (vale Scotia) 
fabrics, in 22 oz. weights, dark grey and 

brown shades, new designs, with best . . 

linings, as cut E3-320 15.00 16.50 

E3-332. Finest Clay Twill Worsted Suits, navy blue, fast indigo dyej 
will not fade, genuihe English cloth, good weight, fine _ 

dressy appearance, with linings to match, as cut E3-320 16.50 


5=§o JO 16=§2 


Sizes 36 to 44 
Chest Measure 











Single Breasted Black Suits, Evening 
Dress Suits, Clerical Sack Suits 

Sizes 34 to 44 inch Chest. 

E3-350. Clay Worsted Serge Suits, nice soft finish, in Black Botnny twills. 
This is a line we have handled for some seasons, and has always given 
satisfaction. It has good quality Italian linings, as cut t , a A 
E3-350 ElaUC 

E3-351. English cloths, the well known Vicuna finished materials, will not 
get glossy, also Black Clay twilled Worsted, good fast 
colors, first class lining and trimmings, as cut E3-350 


E3-352. Fine Imported Black Clay twilled worsted Suits, pure Botany yarns, 
fastdye.soft nice material, the kind thatdoes notgloss, with . a*, 

very best trimmings and workmanship, as cut E3-35G lO.vU 

E3-353. Black Suits in those fashionable unfinished worsteds and Vicuna 
cloths, a suit for best wear, made up stylish and well finished. , pm a A 
Standard Eaton wool linings, silk stjtched as cut E3-350 lu.Uv 

E3-354. Black Suits, imported West of England Vicuna cloth, good pure 
wool stock, will wear well, and will notgloss, , g a a A 

finest linings and trimmings, as cut E3-350. . |o,Uv dfaV.W 

Evening Dress Suits 

Sizes 34 to 44 inch Chest. 

E3-375. Men’s Full Dress Suits, made from fine imported English dress 
coating, black unfinished worsted, made in the regulation style, coat is 
lined throughout with silk, good trimmings and best make, as a A 
ascutE3-375 ..... tsO.UC 

E3-376. Evening Dress Suits for Men in Black English imported worsted, 
Venetian finish, lined with silk to the edge, very best of 
trimmings and well made, as cut E3-375 


Men’s Prince Albert or Frock Suits 

Sizes 34 to 44 inch Chest. 

E3-370. Men’s Prince Albert, otherwise called Frock Suits. These are made 
from an imported black worsted, smooth Venetian finish, have best of 
Italian linings, lapels are silk faced, very neat and dressy, a a a a 
as cut E3-370 fiO.Ov 

E3-371. Men’s Frock Suits, double breasted, Prince Albert style made from 
one of those fine unfinished black worsted West of England materials, 
very choice linings and trimmings, silk faced lapels, as cut a A A 
E3-370 . v- 

Tuxedo or Dinner Suits 

Sizes 34 to 44 inch Chest. 

E3-365. Men’s Tuxedo Suits, the popular thing at present for clubs, dinners, 
etc., especially where men only are present, made from a Venetian 
finished imported black worsted, lined with Italian cloth, . gy BA 
edges and lapel faced with silk, as cut E3-365 lO.Ov 

E3-366. Men’s Dinner or Tuxedo Suits, made from one of those fine black 
dress coatings, an imported English cloth, coat lined through- 
out with silk, best of trimmings, as cut E3-365 


Clerical Sack Suits 

Sizes 36 to 44 inch Chest. 

E3-367. Men’s Suits, Clerical sack style, single breasted straight front coat, 
vest buttoned down front with small opening at collar. The cloth is 
either Black or Oxford Grey, in an English clay twill iO BA 
worsted, well tri mined 

E3-368. Clerical Sack Suits for Men, Oxford Grey or Black imported clay 
worsted, single breasted straight front coats, good linings of . mm a A 
Italian cloth, best trimmings lO.vv 

Particular attention is given to have the very latest 
styles in these garments. Be sure and send accur- 
ate measurements when ordering. See Measure- 
ment Form on Page 74. 






(These measures must he 
taken over vest). 

Breast— All around body 
at breast, close up under 
arms at 1, snug, but not 
tight. Tape should be over 
the shoulder blades at the 
back inches 

Waist— All around body 
at waist at 2 inches 

(Measures taken over the 

Sleeve— From middle of 
back to wrist joint Jns. 


Something Very Special in Youths' Suits, 
Double Breasted 

E3-395. Here we offer a very special line of Youths’ Suits, double 
breasted, sack shape, heavy winter weights, imported English 
tweeds, material weighs 20 to 21 ozs. to the yard, goods come in 
neat overplaid and checked patterns, also a few striped designs, 
medium and dark brown, light and dark greys, and green tinted 
cloths. This is another special purchase of ours, being all wool 
goods, and at co-day’s price is a very special offering. They are 
made up well with good strong linings and trimmings. Only ordin- 
ary stock sizes filled for these suits. Chest measure 82 to 35 inches, 
waist measure 29 to 31 inches, longest inside leg measure 33 inches. 
No samples sent out of this line, as cut E3-395. 

Special Price 

Youths’ Double Breasted Sack Suits 

Sizes 32 to 85 inch chest 

E3-396. Youths’ Suits, Double Breasted Style, made from dark domestic 
tweeds, also some English cloths, well and strongly put » e a 

together, as cut E-395 O ■ O U 

E3-397. Navy Blue Heavy Weight Cheviot finished serge, in a good strong 
wearing material, warm comfortable suit, linings to match mm A A 

as cut E3-395 O.UU 

E3-398. Black or Navv Blue Worsted Serges, hard twilled finished materials 
imported English cloth, fast dye, strong trimmings, as cut 0 A A 

E3-395 O.UU 

E3-399. Medium and Dark Colored English and Domestic Tweeds, in new fall 
shades and patterns, stylish well made suits, strong serviceable mm mm mm 

linings, as cut E3 395 ■ U U 

E3-400. Campbell Twilled Serges, hard finished imported English cloth, in 
fast dye, navy blue or black, with best linings and trim- * mm A A 
mings, as cut E3-395 I U ■ U U 

~ (Measure must be 
° taken over vest). 

Breast — All 

around body at breast close up under 
the arms at 1, snug, but not tight. 
Tape should be over the shoulder 

blades at back ins. Waist — All 

around body at waist at 2 . ins. 


Waist— All around body at waist at 

6 over pants iDches 

Inseam— From close up in crotch at 

7 to heel seam at shoe at 8 ins 


Overcoat Style No 

Measure exactly in the same way and 
give the same measurements as you 
would for an undercoat. 

If sample is marked S.B. Sack it is 
no use to order it in D.B., or if marked 
double breasted do not order it single 

Single Breasted 
Youths’ Suits 

Sizes 32 to 35 in. chest 
E3-380. Youths’ Suits, single 
breasted styles, in dark 
and medium shades of dom- 
estic tweeds, neat patterns 
well lined, as cut mm mm mm 

E3-380™ O.UU 

E3-381. All Wool Serge, soft 
cheviot finish, in a dark navy 
blue shade, good heavy 
Weight Italian cloth linings, mm mm mm 

as cut E3-38 O.UU 

E3-382. Dark Tweed Suits, made from strong domestic fabrics, in 
neat and stylish designs, will give good wear and ^ 

look well, nicely finished, as cut E3-380 O.OU 

E3-383. Brown and Grey Heavy Weight Domestic Tweeds, medium 
and dark colors, with strong Italian linings, as cut mm gm mm 

E3-384. Imported English Serges, hard twilled finish, in navy blue 
or black shades, a good wearer, nicely made up 0 mm mm 

and well trimmed, as cut E3-380 0,UU 

E3-385. Saxony Finished Tweeds for Youths Suits, in medium 
and dark neat effective patterns, stylish good wearing ^ mm mm 
material, with nice quality of linings, as cut E3-380... UiUU 
E3-386. Imported English Worsted Serges, Campbell twill, hard 
finish, navy blue or black, indigo dye, fast colors, m mm mm mm 

best trimmings, as cut E3-380 I U ■ U U 

E3-387. Imported English Colored Worsteds, also genuine Scotch 
tweeds, in neat new patterns, neat stripe and faint overplaid 
effects, with choice trimmings, as mm § m mm a mm ^ mm 

cut E3-380 H.50 I2.5U 

Young Men’s Suits 

Sizes 33 to 36 

E3-410. Black or Navy Blue Clay Twilled Worsted suits for 
young men, in a nice soft finished cloth, fast dye, mm mm mm 
stylishly made up, and good linings, as cut E3-410 1 1 ■ U U 
E3-411. Fine Saxony Finished Imported Scotch tweeds and clear 
cut English worsteds, in a choice lot of patterns, in medium 
and dark striped and checked patterns, best t gm m mm 

trimmings, as cut E3-410 IJ.DU 

E3-412. Etonian worsted Serge Suits for young men, fast dye 
English imported cloth, soft twilled finished mater- — mm 

iai, made with Italian cloth limngs, as cut E3-410.._ ICiOU 
E3-413. Genuine Scotch Tweeds and West of England Worsteds, 
in dark browns, olives and dirk grey colors, in this season’s 
most fashionable designs, extra well made and 


trimmed, as cut E3-410, 


NOTE— In all orders give us your Weight and Height 





Sizes 34 to 46 inch chest. 

E3-200. Men’s House Jackets, made of Dlain 
navy blue beaver cloth, also shepherd’s 
plaid, velourcloth, cord trimmed rm a 
edges, as cut E3-200.... . OaOw 

E3-201. Fashionable House Jsckets, in a 
variety of new English cloths, soft camel’s 
hair effects, in greens, reds and greys, in 
figured and checked designs, cord edges, as 
cut E3-200, but with frog fasten- mm a a 
ers, not buttons..., OiUv 

E3-202. A very large assortment of House 
Jackets, in soft camel hair effects, red with 
brown, grey with brown, also green an.'_ 
brown mixed patterns, silk cord mm gmg% 
edges, one frog fastener Oi9v 

E3-210. American Made House Jackets, of 
soft vicuna cloth, with checked back, these 
come in grey, blue, wine and olive grounds, 
with trimmed collars, cuffs and e a a 
pockets, as cut E3-210 D.UU 

E3-211. House Jackets, in dark greyish brown, 
also grey mottled camel hair effects, checked 
collar, cuffs and pockets, as cut — mm a 

E3-210 5.00 

E3-212. Another line of those American 
House Jackets, in soft plain vicuna cloths, 
in light grey, oxford grey, and green 
grounds, with reverse plaid trimmings on 
collars, cuffs and pockets, as cut mm 

E3-210 6.50 

E3-213. Fine Imported make of House Jac- 
kets, camel’s hair effects with reverse plaid 
trimmings, brown with green check, blue 
and grey mixed with? green, as mm » a 
cut E3-210 U.OU 

E3-214. American Made House Jackets, nicely 
trimmed with reverse plaid on the collars, 
cuffs and pockets. These come in plain 
colors, blue, wine, oxford, and _ a 
green vicuna cloths, as cut E3-210 i aOw 

E3-215. Imported House Jackets, in camel’s 
hair effects, in grey, fawn, blue and brown 
colored designs, some braid bound, reverse 
plaid, trimmed collar and cuffs, _ • a 
as cut E3-210 / tDU 

E3-216. Choice patterns and colors in Im- 
ported House Jackets, in camel’s hair ef- 
fects, brown or blue grounds, green mixed, 
also green and red mixed patterns, re- 
verse plaid trimmings, as cut mm _ a 
E3-210 O.OU 

E3-217. Genuine Camti's Hair Cloth House 
Jackets, in plain Oxford, also navy blue 
ground, with reverse pa id trimmed collar, 
cuff and pockets, as cut <a mm a 
E3-210 _ 10.00 

E3-218. Very nice bright cloths, soft English 
make, in bright red and black, large plaid, 
and dark red and green Paidey pattern, also 
brown and brivht red scroll designs, cloth 
bound and corded edges, very . mm mm mm 
new and stylish Iv.vv 

E3-219 . Fine House Jackets, German impor- 
tation, beautifully tailored in grey blue and 
brown camel’s hair effects, and Indian 
cloths, reverse < a r A a e A A 
plaid trimmings l4aOU I9.VU 

E3-220. Men’s House Jackets, in plain cloths, 
imported Venetian fabrics, silk cord edges, 
and J in. silk braid trimmings, in myrtle 
green, navy blue and maroon shades, 
lined^with Italian cloth, as cut g q q 






E3-221. Fine Velvet Jackets, also Mata- 
lasse Cloths, in pretty new designs, red 
and black, also gold and black, nicely 
trimmed with cord and . mm mm a 
lined throughout. lOiVV 


Sizes 36 to 44 

F3-230. Men’s Dressing Gowns or Hospital 
Robes, made of navy blue and dark brown 
beavercloths, edges trimmed » mm a 
with cord as cut E3-230 O.UO 

E3-231. Imported English Cloth, camel’s 
hair effects Dressing Gowns, in large and 
small oyerplaid patterns, mid-grey .dark 
grey and brownish mixed, w e a 
cord trimmed, as cut E3-230 O.OU 

! E3-232. Warm Cosy Gowns, in those nice 
red-tinted faorics, camel’s hair effects, 
red with black, dark red with green 
mixture, also green and red mixed 
with grey overplaid, as cut _ _ a 
E3-230 7.0U 

E3-240. Men’s Dressing Gowns, German 
make, in a plain brown, also grey wi*h 
green check camel’s hair effects, large 
plaid inside, checked collar, mm gmmm 
cuffs and pockets, as cut E3-240 /lOQ 

E3-241. Warm Comfortable Dressing Gowns, 
camti’s hair effects, blue with grey 
check, also plain dark grej and blue 
gr^y grounds, collars cuffs and pockets 
trimmed with reverse plaid q « a 
cord edges Oi9U 

E3-242. Camel’s Hair Effect Dressing 
Gowns or Lounging Robes, in dark grey 
and dark brown grounds with large 
checked linings, double cloth, %-ineh 


binding on edges, and cord 
trimmings, as cur E3-240 ... 

E3-243. Men’s Dressing Gowns, in warm 
tweed effect cloths, in grey or brown 
ground, with large colored 
overplaid, cord edge and mgm gmmm 
trimmings I4.3U 

E3-250. Nice quality of camel’s hair Dress- 
ing Gowns, in dark brown with green 
piaid, also brown with green check, frog 
fasteners, girdle and tassels, t mm mm mm 
as cut E3-250 IZ.OO 

E3-251. Very nice Dressing Gowns, im- 
ported make, with cloth bound edge and 
cord trimmings, trimmed with reverse 
plaid on collar, cuffs and . _ a a 
pockets, as cut E3-250 IOiOU 

E3 252. Very choice soft wool mater ial, 
camel’s hair cloth, English manufacture 
in light grey and brown scroll pattern, 
also bright red with heavy brown stripe 
and figured design, very . Q a a 
comfortable lu.VMQI 

Men’s Ho use Coats and Dressing 

prove our values the greatest you can get, or we will refund your money, 
both the price and the transportation charges. Sizes 34 to 46 in. chest 





Boys’ Three-Piece Suits and Knee Pants 

E3-450- A handsome three piece single breasted suit, 
made from a dark English tweed, winter weight, 
with neat overplaid pattern, lined with Italian 

cloth, knee pa nts with good white cotton 365 

lining, sizes 28 to 33, our price- 

E3-470. Double breasted three piece suit, of good 
winter weight tweeds, domestic and imported cloth, 
neat patterns in over-plaid effects, lined with 
good Italian j:loth,_ knee pants, as cut E3- 0 gg 

470, sizes 28 to 33 only 

-Sizes 28 to 33 

Single Breasted Suits 

E3-453. Neat patterns of good strong Eng- 
lish tweeds, that will wear well, lined 
with a good Italian cloth, 
well made, as cut E3-450 ..... 3.50 

E3-451. Navy blue soft finished 
English serge, Italian lined, gm C 

as cut E3-450 4aDv 

E3-452. Good strong domestic 
tweed, dark patterns, strong ^ a a 

linings, as cut E3-450_ UiUv 

E3-454. All wool tweeds of domestic and imported 
makes, in neat patterns, also navy blue 
cheviot finished serge, well made and m gm gm 

lined, as cut E3-450 _ 4>Ov 

E3-455. English tweeds with neat over- plaid patterns 
all wool materials, good winter weights, a _ a' 

well made and lined, as cut E3-450 4i3U 

E3-456. An extra quality of all wool domestic and 
imported tweed, stylish patterns in new effects, 
special Italian linings, and good inter- #■> g\g\ 
linings, carefully made, as cut E3-450 ... 9>v v 
E3-457. Navy blue and black worsted serge, English 
material, well made and lined with t\r\ 

good Italian cloth, as cut E3-450 ” « W w 

E3-458. Very stylish all wool imported tweeds, in new 
patterns and colorings, best linings, ^ aa 

cut E3-450 O • U U 

E3-459. Fine navy blue and black 'clay twill worsteds, 
nice smooth finished materials, best g* 

linings, as cut E3-450 D>Ov 

E3-460. Genuine Scotch tweeds also neat English 
fancy worsteds, best linings and in- 
terliiiings, as cut E3-450 

Double Breasted Suits 

Sizes 28 to 33 Chest 



E3-471. Strong domestic tweeds, in 
winter weight materials, dark col- 
ors, well made and 
lined, as cut E3-470. 

E3-472. All wool tweeds, in nice pat- 
terns, a good serviceable material, 
with weight and wear in it, heavy. 
Italian lining, as cut m 

E3-473. Naw blue cheviot finished 
serge, also all wool imported 
tweeds with new patterns, heavy 
and warm, winter fabrics, strong 
linings and trimmings, m mm a 
as cut E3-470 4.90 

E3-474. We give special attention to 
this popular priced line of suits, 
they are made from all wool im- 
ported tweeds in carefully selected 
neat dressy patterns, cut in the 

latest style with broad lapels and 
slightly semi-fitting back, well 
made and lined, as cut mm aa 

E3-470 3«vU 

E3-475. Navy blue and black worsted 
serge, imported English materials, 
lined with good Italian cloth, and 
strong interlining, as gm gy 

cut E3-470 - 

E3-476. Stylish' patterns of all wool 
English tweeds, in quite dark mix- 
tures, suitable for better 
wear, also sre -warm and 
best Italian lin- ^ g\ 
ings, cut E3-470 O . V w 
E3-477. English clay twill 
worsteds, navy blue and 
Slack, all wool fabrics, fast 
dye, neat narrow twill cut in 
latest model, best linings 
and interlinings, 
as cut E3-470 




E3-478. Genuine Scotch tweeds, in new patterns and colorings, 
also English fancy worsteds, in pretty effects, lined with best 
Italian cloth, perfectly tailored, as cut E3-470 ^ 50 

E3-479. Fine navy blue and black English clay twill worsted, 
soft smooth finish,, the cut and tailoring the best, _ _ g* 
as cut E3-470. 7.90 



E3-1200. Navy blue serge, cotton lined, sizes 22 to 28.._ 


E3-1201. Domestic tweed, strong wearing, sizes 22 to 28 

E3-1202. Strong domestic tweeds, in sizes 29 to S3.„ 

E3-1203. Good heavy tweeds, dark patterns, lined 

throughout with strong cotton, sizes 22 to 23 

E3-1204. Good heavy tweeds, same as above, sizes 29 

to 33 

E3-1205. Navy blm ir.d black worsted serges, also dark 
all wool tweeds, sizes 22 23, 24 

Sizes, 25. 26, 27 

SizeS, 28, 29,30 

Sizes, 31, 32, 33 

i . 25 

E3-1206. Fine navy blue worsted serges and dark im- 
ported tweeds, sizes 22, 23, 24... 

Sizes, 25, 26, 27 | 

Sizes, 28, 29, 30. t 

Sizes, 31, 32, 33 1 , f 

E3-1207. English corduroy, in brown and fawn shades, 
sizes 22, 23, 24... 

Sizes, 25, 26, 27 

Sizes, 28, 29 f 

Sizes, 30, 31 „ | 

Sizes, 32, 33... „._™. f 


E3-1208. Boys’ Overalls, ; n strong blue denim, with bib 
and straps, sizes 20 to 32 












, E 




Very Popular 

E3-515. Double Breasted Norfolk 
Suit, a very popular new style 
made from serviceable domestic 
tweeds, Italian lined, 
as cut E3-515 4a 00 

E3-525. A Yery Pretty Style of 
Norfolk, made from fine import- 
ed fancy worsted, in small neat 
patterns, best linings, 
as cut E3-525 © . 5 0 

Two Piece Norfolk Suits 

l|| (Coat and Pants Only) 

; Sizes 29 to 33 Inch Chest Measure 

l ppB | E3-490. A special Norfolk Suit (coat and pants only) of good ser- /, 
pH# viceable winter weight tweeds, dark pa! terns, lined with a good 1 
§ j y durable Italian cloth, knee pants, sizes 29 to 32. Special 3a ©8 ^ 

Y E 3-491. Dark Patterns of Im- E3-495. Fine Navy Blue Clay 

| ported Tweeds, with over- ’5 Twill \\ orsted imported 

plaids, Italian linings, as material, fast dye, best 

cut E3-490 -4.oo Jrtu Italian lining, as cut E3-490 

* - 6.50 

E3-492. Dressy All 
Wool Tweeds, in neat 
patterns, good winter 
weight, strong linings, 
as cut E3-490 4a50 

E3-500. Single 
{ breasted Nor- 

A folk, with box 

\ pleat and 

\ yoke, made 

from dressy 
dark pattern- 
ed tweeds,, as cut 
E3-500. 4.00 

3-493. Imported ^ 
Tweeds, nice mixed 
patterns, suitable f b r 

better wear, good Ital- 
ian linings " and inter- 
linings, as cut E3-490 

E3-501. Stylish pat- 
terns of imported 
tweeds, warm and 
durable for winter 
wear, strong lining, 
as cut E3-500 

E3-494. Navy Blue 
English Worsted 
Serge, which makes a 
I nice dressy suit, with 
’ good Italian lining, 
as cut' E3-490 

Double Breasted Norfolks 

E3-510. Double Breasted Norfolk Suit of neat dark tweeds, 

with small pattern, good lining, as cut E3-510 . : 4.50 

E3-516. Pretty All Wool Tweeds, selected patterns, cut in the 
latest American style, with wide lapels, and slightly semi-fitting 
back, a nobby popular priced garment, good lining and 

trimming, as cut E3-515 - : : — 5.00 

E3-517. A Very Dressy Navy Blue Twill Worsted, all wool 

goods, with good lining and trimmings, as cut E3-515 6.50 

E3-518. Stylish Fancy Worsteds, in neat overplaids, with 

best linings, as cut E3-515 - 6.00 

E3-519. Fine All Wool Worsteds and Genuine Scotch Tweeds, in the 
newest of patterns and colorings, best linings and inter- 
linings, as cut E3-515 7.50 

We advise having these goods sent by Express or enclosed in Frelgh 
Order, but if to be sent by mail allow B5o to 60c for Postage. 




Two Piece Pleated and Norfolk Suits 

SIZES 24 TO 28 

NOTE: All Suits on this page except those made Double Breasted 
have collars buttoned close to the throat in sizes 24, 25, 26 and 
lapel collars in sizes 27, 28. 

We advise having these goods Shipped by Express, or enclosed in with other goods, and sent by Freight 
if to be sent by mail, allow 55c to 60c for postage. 

E3-530. An Elegant two piece pleated suit of good strong 
Domestic Tweed, dark patterns, winter weight, lined with 
Italian cloth, knee pants, lined throughout, sizes 24 
to 28. Price for suit - 2.67 


E3-535. Navy Blue soft finished English 
Serge. Italian linings, collars buttoned 
close in all sizes 1.50 

E3-536. Dark Domestic Tweeds, Italian lin- 
ed, as cut E3-535. (Only with lapel collars 
in sizes 27 and 28) 2.00 

E3-540. Norfolk Suit of Dark Domestic 
Tweeds, also navy blue cheviots, finished 
serge good lining, as cut E3-540 

Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 

2.50 2.75 3.00 

E3-541. A neat pattern of English Tweeds, 
good weight, Italian linings, as cut E3-540 
Sizes 24 25 26 27 23 

3.00 3.25 3.50 

E3-542. Navy Blue Worsted Serges, 
hard finished, also brown English 
narrow rib Corduroy and neat dark 
tweeds, Italian lined as cutE3-540. 

Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 

3-50 3.75 4.00 

E3-543. All Wool Domestic and Im- 
ported Tweeds, mixed and over- 
plaid patterns, warm winter gar- 
ments, strong linings as cut E3-540. 

Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 

4.00 4.25 4.50 
E3-544 Fine All Wool English Tweeds 
in small dressy patterns, extra well 
lined and tailored, new patterns 
and colorings, as cut E3-540 

Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 

4.50 4.75 5.00 
E3-545. Very Stylish Fancy Worsted 
Imported Cloths, selected patterns, 
best linings as cut is.V-540. 

Sizes 24 !5 26 27 28 

5.50 5.75 6.00 

E3-550. Norfolk Suit with Yoke, in 
nice dark tweed, Italian lined, as 
cut E3-550 

Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 

3.50 3.75 4.00 

E3-551. Fine All Wool Tweeds, neat 
mixtures, good trimmings, as cut 

Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 

4.50 4.75 5.00 

E3-555. Double Breasted Norfolk of 
good wearing Domestic Tweeds, 
well made and trimmed as cut 

E3-555. Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 

3.50 3.75 4.00 

E 3-540 


Fine Navy Blue Ciay 
Worsted, a soft smooth 
finished material, with best 
linings, as cut E3-540 

Sizes 24 26 26 27 28 

4.50 4.75 5.00 


E3-556. All Wool Imported Tweeds, 
dark shades and neat overplaid pat- 
terns, good linings, as cut E3-555. 

Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 

4.00 4.25 4.50 
E3-557. A large variety of this popu- 
lar style made from all wool English 
Tweeds, stylish patterns, best Italian 
body linings, as cut E3-555. 

Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 

4.50 4. 75 5.00 

E3-558. Stylish Patterns of 
English Fancy Worsteds, 
overplaid effects, best 
Italian cloth linings, and 
trimmings, as cut E3-555. 

Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 

5.50 5.75 6.00 

Do not fail 
to state 
age when 





E3-565. This Handsome Norfolk Suit, exactly like illustration, with box plaits front and hack, elegantly 
finished, and made from all wool tweeds, two pairs of pants, one pair knee pants and one pair bloomer 
knickers. Every coat will wear two pairs of pants, a splendid suit for wear, and a change in style. 

Price complete— Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 

4.50 4.75 5.00 


E3-566. A Nice All Wool English Tweed, neat 
small pattern, good linings and trimmings, 
style as cut E3-665. Two pairs of pants. 

Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 

6.60 6.76 6.00 


E3-670. A New Novelty Norfolk Suit, of nice 
fancy worsted, with single thread overplaid 
pattern, best Italian linings, as cut E3-570. 

Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 

6.00 5.25 5.50 










' E3-575. Russian Suit of neat small 
pattern tweeds, sailor collar, tie, 
Italian lined, elastic bloomer 
knickers, sizes to fit from 3 
to 7 years 3.50 




E3-580. Russian 
Suit of dark 
tweeds, neat 
selected pat- 
terns, deep 
sailor collar 
* trimmed i n 
various d e - 
signs, silk tie, 
knickers, sizes 
3 to 7 
years... 4.50 


E3-581. A Very Pretty Russian Suit of 
navy blue worsted, sailor collar 
with stylish braid trimmings, elastic 
bloomer knickers, similar style to 
cut E3-580, sizes 3 to 7 
years 6.00 






E3-585. Very Pretty Russian . Suit, 
“ American make ” in serges, colors 
of navy blue, royal blue, red and 
brown, nice full skirt, collars trim- 
med, elastic bloomer knick- 
ers, sizes 3 to 7 years 5.00 

t Newest 


E3-595. Very 
Neat Grey 
W o r s t e d 
Tweed, made 
in the newest 
Russian style 
with Bishop 
collar, best 
linings, elas- 
tic bloomer 
sizes 3 to 
7 yrs. 6.00 


E3-596. Handsome Russian Suit, in a 
brown or navy blue corduroy, made 
in the new Bishop collar style. This 
makes an exceptionally stylish suit, 
best trimmings, sizes 3 to 7 
years, as cut E3-595 7.50 

Latest Style 
Sailor Suit 


E3-610. New Double 
Breasted Sailor Suits 
of navy blue worsted 
serges, new collar 
with red silk anchor, 
good linings, 
sizes 21 to 26 4.00 




Wool Tweed 
Russian Suit 


E3-590. Russian 

|Suit of all wool 
tweed, black 
braid in deep 
collar, large tie, 
brass buttons, 
sizes 21 to 
25. 5.00 

E3-628. Children’s 
Highland Suits, 
coat, vest and 
cap of blue 
black silk vel- 
vet, tartan of 
Gordon (green) 
or Royal Stuart 
(red) plaids, 
sparron stock- 
ings, and shoul- 
der buckle in- 
cluded, as cut 
E3-628. Sizes 
from 3 to 8 yrs. 
Suit complete 
- 12.50 

New Design 
Sailor Suit, 


Very Pretty 
Sailor Suit, double 
breasted, collar edged 
with wide military 
braid, silk tie, 
sizes 21 to 26_ 5.00 

E3-6 I 5 








E3-600. Sailor Suits of navy blue 
English serge, deep collar braid 
trimmed lanyard and whistle, 
knee pants lined, sizes 21 to 26 .75 
E3-601. Better qualities of navy blue 
serges, made similar style to 
cut E3-600, sizes 21 to 26 1 .00 1 .50 


E3-605. Sailor Suit of navy blue 
cheviot serge, nicely made 


E3-620. Stylish Sailor Suit of navy 
blue worsted serge, deep collar 
trimmed with black silk Soutache 
braid, silk tie and emblem. 












and trimmed, sizes 21 to 26 3 . 00 

6izes 21 to 26 









E3-625. Man-O. 
War Suits of 
navy blue 
cheviot fin- 
ished serge, 
r eg u 1 a t i o n 
make, with 
E3-625 cream serge 

front and ovcrcollar of blue drill, 
long pants bell shaped at foot, 

sizes 21 to 28, as cut E3-625 3.50 

E3-626. Man-O-War Suits of navy blue 
English worsted serge, all wool 
goods, regulation make, as 
cut E3-625, sizes 21 to 28. 5 .00 




boys’ overcoats 





E3-699. Good Heavy Oxford Grey or Black 
Frieze, made in single breasted Chester- 
field style, with Italian linings, velvet col- 
lars, well made and trimmed throughout, 
sizes 29 to 33, similar style to cut 
E3-695....;. 5.38 

E3-700. Navy Blue English Beaver Cloth 
Overcoats, with velvet collars, good 
Italian linings, as cut E3-695, 
sizes 29 to 33 5.50 

E3-701. Imported Oxford Grey Melton 
^iOtn, mce smooth finished all wool mat- 
erial, made in long single breasted Chester- 
field style, with vent and flare skirt, good 
linings, sizes 29 to 33, as cut 
E3-695 6.50 

E3-702. A Stylish Black Cheviot Overcoat, 
cut in latest style, good velvet collar, strong 
Italian linings, well made throughout, style 
as cut E3-695, sizes 29 to 33_ _ _ ^ 

- 6.50 

E3-703. A Dressy All Wool Oxford Grey 
Cheviot Cloth, with a faint lighter grey 
stripe, an imported material, well made 
ana trimmed, as cut E3-695, sizes 
29 to 33™ — 8.00 



E3-704. Boys’ Overcoat of Fine English 
Beaver Cloth, in navy blue or black, latest 
cut, with long broad lapel and vent in back 
best linings, sizes 29 to 33, as cut 
E3-695 8.50 

E3-705. A Very Dressy Overcoat, made of 
all wool Cheviot in the new shade of 
Cambridge Grey, first class trimmings and 
linings throughout, sizes 29 to 
33, as cut E3-695 8.50 

E3-706. All Wool Imported Cheviots of 
Grey, with nice mixed patterns of lighter 
shades, cut with vent and creased side 
seams, best linings, as cut E3-695, 
sizes 29 to 33 8.50 

E3-707. A Very Fine Overcoat of Black 
English Melton, nice smooth finish, best 
linings and trimmings throughout, good 
velvet collar, vent and creased side seams, 

as cut E3-695, sizes 30 to 33 

— — 10.00 

E3-685. Boys’ Warm Norway Beefer, made from an Oxford 
Grey Canadian Frieze, good winter weight, with storm collar, 
tab for throat, tweed linings, as cut E3-685. Sizes 24 to 27 28 to 32 

Price 2.27 2.58 

E3-697. Fine Black Cheviot Overcoat, 
also Oxford grey melton cloth, im- 
ported material, best linings, and 
trimmings, as cut E3-695, sizes 
25 to 28 6.00 

E3-698. Boys’ Grey Cheviot Overcoat, 
all wool imported goods, this has a 
faint stripe, best linings throughout, 
sizes 25 to 28, as cut E3-695 7.00 

E3-686. Boys’ Norway Reefers, made with high storm collar, tab for 
throat, heavy Italian linings, from Oxford grey frieze, navy blue 
beaver or navy blue English nap cloth, as cut E3-685. 

Sizes : 24, 25, 26 27, 28, 29 30, 31 32, 33 

3.25 3.50 3.75 4.00 

E3-690. Ulster Overcoats, made from heavy Oxford Grey Frieze, 
high storm collar with throat tab, tweed linings, as cut E3-690. 

Sizes 26, 27, 28, 4.89 29 to 33, 5.29 

E3-695. Boys’ Overcoats of Oxford Grey and Black Frieze, single 
breasted, Chesterfield style, with velvet collar, Italian lin- 
ings, as cut E3-695, sizes 25 to 28 4.05 








Boys’ Fancy Overcoats 

E3-630. A Nobby Russian 
Overcoat of navy blue 
English Beaver cloth, 
good weight, it has a 
velvet collar, strong Ital- 
ian cloth linings, fancy 
brass buttons, style as 
cut E3-630, sizes 21 to 
26 in. chest meas- _ _ _ 

urc 4.39 



E3-635. Boys’ Long Reefer, made from heavy blue 
Nap cloth, lined with red flannel, velvet collar, brass 
buttons, a very popular coat for this season’s 

wear, sizes 21 to 27, as cut E3-635 5.00 

E3-640. Red River Overcoats of navy blue Mackinaw 
cloth, shoulders and fronts lined with red flannel, 
seams piped with red, hood on back, epaulets on 
shoulders, as cut E3-640. 

Sizes 21 22, 23 25, 26 27 

3.75 4.00 4.25 4.50 „ 

E3-641. Red River Overcoat of heavy navy blue all 
wool Mackinaw cloth, seams piped, and hood lined 
with red flannel, and flannel lining through- 
out, sizes 2L to 27, as cut E3-640 5.00 

E3-655. Russian Overcoat of Oxford grey 
frieze, black frogs, velvet collar, Italian 
lined, as cut E3-655, sizes 21 to 26 4.50 
E3-656. Similar style of Russian Overcoat, 
made from dark mixed tweeds, all wool 
goods, heavy linings, sizes 21 to 26, as 

cut E3-655.... 6.00 

E3-6b0. Russian Overcoat of navy blue Eng- 
lish beaver, also a good serviceable Oxford 
grey frieze, with heavy Italian linings, 
black frogs and braid trimmings, velvet 
collar, sizes 21 to 26, as cut E3-660 5.00 



E3-671. Very Stylish Overcoat of Cambridge 
grey cheviot, all wool material, best lin- 
ings, as cut E3-670, sizes from 21 to 

26 6.50 

E3-675. Stylish Overcoat of Oxford grey 
cheviot, black velvet collar, black silk but- 
tons and ornament, nicely made and trim- 
med, size 21 to 25, as cut E3 ; 675.... 6.00 
E3-676. Very Stylish Fancy Overcoats of 
navy blue English beaver, made and trim- 
med., as cut E3-675, sizes 21 to 26 — 6.50 
E3-680. Handsome Russian Overcoat of 
imnorted beaver cloth, navy blue, heavy 
black cord trimmings on front, emblem on 
sleeve, velvet collar, best lining, as cut 
E3-680, sizes 21 to 26 - 7.50 

E3-665. A fine navy blue imported Beaver cloth Rus- 
sian Overcoat, nicely trimmed with black cord frogs, 
velvet collar, good trimmings throughout, sizes 

21 to 26, as cut E3-665 6.00 

E3-670. Russian Overcoat of light grey Melton cloth, 
black velvet collar and black ornament, good 
linings, as cut E3-670, sizes 21 to 26 5.00 

E3 645. Russian Overcoat of dark patterned tweeds, 
good weight, Prussian velvet collar, Italian 
lined, as cut E3-645, sizes 21 to 26 4.00 

E3-650. Russian Overcoat of navy blue frieze, brass 
buttons, black cord trimmings, velvet collar, 

Italian linings, as cut E3-650, sizes 21 to 26.... 4,50 





,/T. EATON C° 



When comparing prices on footwear, we want you to bear in mind that we handle only first quality . We do not 
catalogue old styles or goods that are not in every way up to our high standard in quality. Our prices to all are the 
same. First quality footwear cannot be bought pheaper. 

. ■ a r* A -rA iV I A PAAT at our special price of $3.00 barely covers the cost of material and labor with 

I ML Ln I V./ IN I Dvw I our one small margin of profit added and we guarantee it to be equal in every 

way to boots that retail at from 50c to 75c more. 

Do not fail to state size. Width, C is narrow. D is medium. E is wide. 

R F M F M R F R ^ no ^ satisfactory in every way, return to us at our expense and we will refund purchase 

nH¥l Llifl P *— n price together with all charges you may have paid. :::::::: 

Ladies’ Walking 

Boot 4.00 

H 2-473. A Fine Yici Kid 
Ladies’ Boot, Bluchei 
style, made from the 
finest imported stock, 
specially adapted for 
walking, and are very 
neat, heavy soles, 
Goodyear welted, 
j military heels, 
a, thoroughly re- 
jpL liable, perfect fit- 
gjg ting and well fin- 
BBgi ished, sizes from 
CpL 2% to 7, widths C, 

Ladies’ Patent Coltskin 

[tty 1 1 1 if tin ij,ij 

H2-472. This Fine 
American Yici Kid 
Ladies’ Boot com- 
bines both style and 
comfort, they contain 
all the features neces- 
sary for perfect com- 
fort and service- 
ability, made from 
the fineststock, Good- 
year welted soles, 
and fairly low 
* heels, they are 

H2-470. A Beautiful 
Patent Coltskin 
Ladies’ Boot for dress 
or street wear, finest 
American stock and 
workmanship, dull 
kid tops, Blucher 
style, Goodyear welt- 
ed soles, slight exten- 
sion edge, neat mili- 
tary heels, correct 
in every detail, 
sizes from 2%to 7, 
L widths B, C, D 
and E 4.50 

very dressy and 
suitable for walk- 
ing, sizes from 2% 
to 8 

Widths C D, E 
and EE 4.00 

12-471. Sam >-• YHfBk 
style as H2-470 
in fine Patent 
Coltskin with 
light hand turn- 

edflexiblesoles, * 

sizes from 2% to 7, widths B, C, D and E 4.50 

Eatonia Hand Turned 


Ladies’ "EATONIA,” 
this boot is one of the 
most popular for 
women’s wear, Blucher 
cut, a style that is new, 
correct and perfectly 
comfortable, they are 
made from fine vici 
kid, Goodyear welted 
soles, Cuban heels, one 


Ladies’ “EATONIA,’ 
styles laced or buttoned, 
extra fine black vici 
kid, light flexible hand 
turned soles, Cuban 
heels, patent tips, the 
stock in this shoe is 
selected from choice 
hides, the work- 
i manship perfect 

and adapted for 
jpk light wear, sizes 
from 2% to 7, 
K§§ widths C, D and 

H 2 - 4 7 4. Ladies’ 
"EATONIA,” extra 
choice quality of fine 
box calfskin, blucher 
style, heavy Good- 
year welted soles, 
military heels, a n 
excellent boot 
for street wear 
and may be worn 
\ without rubbers, 

% or very suitable for 

skating, sizes from 
T% 2]/ 2 to 7, widths C, 
pk D and E.„. 3,00 

of our most stylish 
and best wearing 
boots, sizes from 
2% to 7, widths 
C, D and E 

ies' "EATON- 
IA,” fine pat- 
enl coltskin 

vamps, dull kid tops same style as H2-475 
sizes from 2 y 2 to 7, widths C, D and E... 3.00 

Unequalled for Comfort, 2.25 

Patent Tip 

Dongola, 2.50 

H2-478. A Serviceable 
Wearing Ladies’ Boot, 
and one that is suitable 
for any occasion, made 
from choice quality of 
dongola kid. Blucher 
style, Goodyear welted 
soles, military 
heels and patent 
0 toes; this hoot is 
well made and 
jEL will giveexcellent 
Ry wear, sizes from 
■h 2% to 7„.„ 2.50 

The Celebrated 

Eatonia, 3.00 

H2-477. Ladies’ "EATON- 
IA,” a shape and kind 
that is never out of style, 
made from the best 
bright kid, jet black fin- 
ish, Goodyear welted 
soles and low heels, an 
exceedingly com- 
fortable boot for 
walking, made in 
Blucher style, 

Mr A sizes from 2% to 7, 
widths C. D 

Kg and E.... .... 3.00 

H2-479. Ladies’ Com- 
fort Boot, specially 
made for stout feet, 
fine soft dongola kid, 
patent toes, low heels, 
extra wide fitting, a 
boot that looks neat 
on the foot and is 
thoroughly reliable, 
made laced or but- 
toned, sizes from 
2% to 8, width EE 



fValkeasy, made exclusively 
for us 

H2-480. “Walkeasy” 
Ladies’ Fine Dongoia 
Kid Boot, laced or 
buttoned, extension 
edge soles, patent 
tips, n ilitary heels. 
This hoot is made 
exclusively for us. 
They are neat and 
perfect fitting, and 
we highly recom- 
' it for 

general use, sizes 
from 2% to 7. 

[2-481. "Walkeasy,” same style as H2-480 only 
with light flexible soles, sizes from 2% to 7. 



Sense 1.75 

Boot . . 

H2-485. I adies’ Com- 
mon Sense Boot, with 
plain wide toes, flex- 
ible soles and low 
broad heels. Those 
requiring something 
soft and easy on the 
feet can’t improve on 
this style, they 
are made from 
i soft dongoia kid, 

jk lacedorbuttoned, 

m sizes from 2 y„ 

to 8 1.75 

Our Great Country Boot 1.50 

fm^n^s=s==ja H2-489. A suitable Boot 
»SaBHMirap^| for country wear, 

|ISSS3BWHpB)K strong and well made, 

gWHE™ best quality of oil 

pebble calfskin, plain 
toes, heavy soles and 
wide fitting, a boot 
we can recommend 
for hard service in 
wet weather, 
size from 

Hg - 234 to s.. 1.50 

not warrant 
Patent . . 


nt' 32-611. " Ruby ” Lambs’ Wool Soles, the most 
n popular slipper sole made, solid leather out- 
Bt sole, good quality wool, full and fluffy. 

Men’s sizes, 6 to 11, per pair 35 

)g Ladies’, sizes, 3 to 7 „ 25 

Misses’ or Boys’, sizes 11 to 2, per pair 23 

Child’s, sizes 6 to 10, per pair 20 

Infant’s, sizes 1 to 6, ,, 18 

E2-612. Shoe Trees, the best quality Maple 
wood, very handy and simple to keep your 
Bi oes in shape, state size of shoe worn, 

Ludies’ or Men’s, per pair .65 

! H2 613. Ladies’ “Eatonia” Lambs' Wool Soles, 
for crochet slippers, best oak tanned leather 
outsole, the wool is the finest quality; 

I sizes from 3 to 7, per pair.. .30 

Our Unexcelled Winter Boot 2.00 

H2-482. A very suitable 
laced Boot for walking 
or skating, made from 
best quality of box 
calfskin, heavy soles, 
can be worn without 
rubbers, they are very 
neat fitting and satis- 
factory for Fall and 
Winterwear. sizes 
from 2%to72.00 
H2-483. Samestyle 
as H2-482 only 

WJ|th spring 

heels, suitable 
for school wear, 
sizes from 

2% to 6... 2.00 

Popular Blucher Style 1.50 

H2-486. Select quality 
of Dongoia Kid (Goat- 
skin), the popular 
blucher style, exten- 
sion edge soles, mili- 
tary heels and patent 
toes. This boot is 
wondeiful value for 
the money, they are 
thoroughly reliable, 
wellmadeand perfect 
fitting, sizes from 2% 

to 7 1.50 

H2-487. Same 
quality as H2- 
486 only button- 
ed, sizes from 
2%to7_ 1.50 

H2-491. A great many 
of our custom ersh»ve 
been surprised to find 
that they were able 
to buy a boot for such 
a small amount of 
money and derive 
from it such a vast 
amount of satisfac- 
tion. But from the 
fact that we buy 
such enormous 
large quantities 
on this number, 
we know that 
Our S’ ecial is the 
greatest shoe 
value in the 
country. A neat 
perfect fitting 

laced hoot, made from special selected unbreak- J 
able dongoia kid (Goatskin), has medinm^ 
weight soles, extension edge, military heels of < 
moderate height, genuine patent leather tips, t 
The shape is the newest for this season’s wear. J 
The wearing qualities of this boot I AF 
are truly wonderful. Sizes from 2% to 7 | j 

H2-614. Best quality Hemlock Tanned Leather 
Tap Soles, for half-soleing boots, choice stock. 

Men’s sizes 6 to 11 25 

Second quality Men’s, 6toll 1 8 

First quality in Women’s, sizes 3 to 7 .1 2 

Second „ ,, ,, .1 o 

Old Ladies’ Solid Comfort 2.00 

H2-484. Old Ladb s’ Elastic 
Side Boot, solid comfort 
style, plain, wide and 
easy fitting, made from 
best quality of soft don- 
goia kid, flexible soles, 
low broad heels, suitable 
for house or 
street wear, sizes 
from 2% to 8. 


Oil Pebble 

H2-488. A very suitable 
Winter Boot for walk- 
ing or skating, well 
made, best quality oil 
pebble calL kin, no 
need for rubbers with 
this boot, heavy soles, 
military heels and 
back strap, sizes 
from ‘IVr, to 7 

• 1.50 

Old Ladies’ Soft Kid Juliet 1.35 

H2-490. Old Ladies’ Soft Kid Juliet, 
elastic sides suit- 
able for house 
wear, very com- 
fortable, wide 
fitting, flexible 
soles, low heels, 
This boot is well 
made and will 
give good wear, 
sizes from 3 to 8, 
no half sizes. 



H2-615. Best quality of Hemlock Tanned 

Leather Heel Lifts, Men's, per pair .10 

Women’s, per pair 04 

H2-616. Cement, for repairing anything in 

leather or rubber, state which preferred, 

per bottle .10 

H2-61 7. Ground Cork Insoles for Shoes, Men’s 

or Women’s, sizes , per pair 08 

H2-618. •• Neverbreak” Boot Laces, fine black 
mohair, Men’s or Women’s, two pairs for.. .05 
H2-619. Men’s or Women’s Black Mohair 

Boot Laces, per dozen .05 

H2-620. Genuine White Whale Laces, 

36 inches long, for Men's Boots, per 

pair 10 

H2-621. Men’s Boot Laces, 36 inches long, 

super calf, extra strong, per pair .05 

H'2-622. Good quality straight cut Leather 
Boot Laces, 36 inches long, two pairs 

for 05 

H2-623. Wide Ribbon Laces, for Ladies’ fine 

Boots, 45 inches long, per pair 06 

H2-624. Steel Plates for the Heels, per 
dozen .10 





Evening Slipper 3.00 

H2-492. A Dainty Evening 
Dress Slipper, of fine patent 
leather one requiring the 
highest skill in making, two 
buttons and one strap, dec- 
orated with fancy 
beading, plain 
vamps, light hand 
turned soles, med- 
ium high French 
heels, sizes from 
2)4 to 7, widths C, 
D and 8 


H2-495. Fine Don- 
gola Kid Slipper, 
kid lined, one 
strap and bow, 
suitable for even- 
ing or house wear, 
very neat fitting, 
light flexible 
turned soles, 
Cuban heels, 

exceptional value, sizes from 234 to 7. 

A Great Favorite 1.50 

H2-498 A favorite style in 

Ladies’ Evening 
Slipper, the four 
bar design, shows 
a beautiful effect 
to the instep, 
made from extra 
finedongola kid, 
light flexible 
turned soles, neat 
coin toes, sizes 
from 2% to 


Old Ladies’ Favorite 1.25 

H2-501. Old Ladies’ Favorite, 
common sense shoe, 
plain wide toes, very 
full fitting, choice 
quality of soft don- 
gola kid, light 
turned flexible 
soles, low heels 
for solid com- 
fort wear, sizes 
from 2J4 to 8 



H2-605. Our “Bootlene” Polishing Paste. We 
highly recommend this polish for all leathers. 
Use according to directions on box. It will keep 
your shoes looking bright and new, and prolong 
the life of the leather. Large size tin, 

black or tan_ .. ,10 

Small size tin, black or tan ,05 

Two-strap Vici Kid 2.00 

H2-493. A pretty two 
strap Slipper of fine 
vici kid, fancy 
beading on straps, 
turned flexible 
soles, neat Cuban 
heels, giving splen- 
did arch under the 
instep, are very ap- 
propriate with a 
sizes from 2 34 to 7, 

widths D and E. 


Our Common Sense Slipper 1.25 

H2-496. Com- 
mon °ep»e silip- 
oer fcr noi se 
wear, onestrt, \ 
fine dongola 
kid, wide toes, 
full fitting, light 
flexible soles, 

and low heels, a great favorite with ladies who 
have tender feet, and require something 
comfortable, sizes from 2% to 8 1 .25 

Great Seller, Kid Lined |.|5 

H2-499. A neat one strap Slipper, 
of extra good 
dongola kid, kid 
lined, patent toe- 
cap, light turned 
flexible soles, 
Cuban heels, a 
serviceable and 
perfect fitting 
slipper at a very 
low price, sizes 
from 2% to 7 1.15 

An Exceptional Value in I RQ 
Oxfords w 

H2-502. Oxford 
Shoe, laced, 
e x c e ptional 
value, a neat 
made from 
extra good 
quality don- 
gola kid, pat- 
e n t toes, 
rather stout 

soles, extension edge, and Cuban heels that 
give splendid arch under the instep, sizes 
from 234 to 7 1 .50 

H2-606. “ Bootlene Glycerole,” a jet black liquid 
polish, self shiner. Apply with sponge attached 
to cork. Very handy, suitable for polishing 
Ladies' or Children’s fine shoes. Large size 

bottle in cardboard box 15 

H2-607. “ Bootlene ” Liquid Polish will produce 
a fine finish. Suitable to use on all fine 
black leathers, per bottle 1 0 

Patent Leather Vamp Slipper | B 5C 

H2-494. One S t r a 
Slipper, fine patei 
leather vamp, ki' 
back, light turne 
soles, neat concav 
heels, fit perfectl; 
just the thing ft 
dancing, or an 
evening dress wea 
sizes from 2% 
to 7.._ 1 .5 y 

Fine Kid Buskin 1.25 

H2-497. Ladie 
fiine Kid Bu 
kin Shoe, 
elastic over tl 
instep, v e r 
wide for sol: 
comfort hous 

wear, light flexible soles, low broad heels, got 
stock and erg well made, sizes from 234 J 

to 8 1 . 2 * 

Dainty White Kid S ; pper | a 2 

it '-500. White K] 
Slipper, one stri 

and bow, ligl 
turned flexibl 
soles, and dainf 
French heel 
very neat, wt 
finished, the cc 
rect shoe to cor 
plete a whit 
costume, s i z < 

from 234 1 

to 7 1.2 

NOTE. White Kid Slippers not exchange 

Hand Turned, Perfect Fitting 2.0< 

H2-503. O x f o 
Shoe, of choi| 
quality, fined 
gola kid, pati 
toes, flexibl 
hand turne 
soles, Cuba 
heels, very ne 
and perfect 1 
ting. We recoil 
mend this sh) 
highly to the! 

who desire something light and serviceab 
sizes from 234 to 7, widths D and E 2.0 

H2-608. Our special “Bootlene” Brush, 
applying the paste polish. The material is 
the best quality, 434 inches long, very hand! 
it pays to have one, no trouble getting 1 

into the crevices, each 

H2-609. Polishing Mittens, the latest, and sa 
the hands; very handy for polishing Bln 
furniture and other articles. There are sever 
layer® of the material on the front of Mi 
when dirty or worn rip one layer off, 
each..... , ... . ,1 





Our Best Quality 1.85 


H2-504. Misses’ sizes in 
the best quality of 
dongola kid, laced 
boot, serviceable, 
neat, dressy and suit- 
able for any wear, fair- 
ly heavy soles, exten- 
sion edge, spring heels 
patent toes, sizes from 

11 to 2 1 .85 

Girl’s same style as 
H2-504, sizes from 
8 to 10% 1.50 

Ihild’s, same style as H2-504, sizes from 5 
o 7 % 1 .25 

Little Ladies' Delight 1.50 

H2-507. Little Ladies’ 
sizes in fine dongola 
kid laced boot, with 
heels, extension edge 
soles, patent toes, 
they fit perfectly and 
look neat; designed 
for young ladies who 
have given up wear- 
ing spring n e e 1 s . 
Sizes from 13% 

to 2 1.50 


H2-510. Child’s 
fine black don- 
gola kid boots, 
full fitting and 
suitable for a 
stout foot, flex- 
ible soles with 
rough surface to 
prevent slip- 
ping, wedge 
heels, patent 
toe cap, a good 
serviceabl g 

) 00 t, buttoned only. Sizes from 3 to 7 .85 

3ame style, no heel, sizes from 2 to 5, no 
lalf sizes 75 


Misses’ Laced Boot 1.50 

H2-505. Misses’ sizes in 
choice box calfskin laced 
boot, low heels, extension 
edge soles, fairly heavy. 
This boot is adapted for 
any ordinary wear, being 
heavier than kid, 
may be worn with- 
out rubbers, or 
issuitable for skat- 
ing. Sizes from 
11 to 2 1-50 

Girls’, same style, sizes from 8 to lu% 1 .25 

Very Durable 1.35 

H2-508. Misses’ sizes in 
a good serviceable 
laced boot, made 
from oiled pebble 
calfskin, good stout 
solid leather soles, 
low heels ; we recom- 
mend this boot for 
school wear and 
skating, or rough ser- 
vice in wet weather. 
Sizes from 11 
to 2 1 .35 

Girls’ same style, sizes from 8 to 10%.. 


Good Quality 
Knockabout Boot 


H2-511. A good ser- 
viceable knock- 
about boot for 
children, ' good 
quality of don- 
gola kid, flexible 
sol es. wedge 
heels, will give 
good wear to a 
child running 
around. Sizes 
from 3 to 7 .60 

Same style, 

no heel, sizes from 2 to 5, no half sizes 50 



Infants’ Moccasins .20 

H2-513. Infants’ laced 
moccasins of fine 
soft kid, very ser- 
viceable and fit com- 
fortably, just the 
thing for little ones 
to wear before they 
are walking, in col- 
ors white, red and 
chocolate. Sizes from 


Infants’ Soft Sole Bootees .50 

H2-514. Infants’ 
soft sole bootees, of 
best quality fine 
kid, these shoes will 
fit perfectly as'they 
are made by people 
who make a spec- 
ialty of infants’ 
fine shoes, we have 
them in colors, 
black, chocolate, 
red, blue and while, sizes from 1 to 4, no 

half sizes 50 

Same style in second quality, colors black 
and chocolate only, sizes from 1 to 4, no 
half sizes — .25 

Girls' Extra . _ 

Fi "Bo l o C ts Kid, * 5 ° 

H2-509. Girls’ sizes in extra 
fine black vici kid boot, 
laced or buttoned, light 
turned flexible soles, 
patent toes, a very dainty 
perfect fitting boot of 
superior quality ; correct 
for fine wear, sizes 

from 8 to 10% 1 .50 

Child's, same 
style, sizes from 
4 to 7% 1.25 

Great School Boot 8.45 

H2-506. Misses’ sizes in 
a suitable school 
boot, laced, made 
from good plump 
dongola kid, fairly 
heavy soles, exten- 
sion edge, spring 
heels, a desirable 
boot, reinforced with 
back straps, well 
sewn, sizes from 

11 to 2 1 .45 

Girls, same style, sizes 
from 8 to 


same style 
sizes from 
5 to 

7% 1.00 

A Dandy Boys’ Boot | , 

H2-512. A good wearing 
boot for small boys, they 
fit well, made from best 
. quality of box calfskin, 
same style as men’s boots 
with hooks and back 
strap, extension edge 
soles, and low heels, they 
are a little heavier than 
kid leather and will wear 
better. Sizes from 

to 10 % 1.25 

Boys’ or Misses’ Slippers .50 

H2-515. Misses’ or 
boys’ sizes in carpet 
slippers, best leather 
soles andheels.they 
fit well.hand made, 
more ser- 
viceable to 
| run about 
I the house 

in, the uppers are of different patterns. 

Sizes from 1J to 2, no half sizes. 

Child’s, same style, sizes from 6 to 10, no 
half sizes - 



Misses’ Black Kid Slippers 1.50 

H2-516. Misses’ sizes 
in a very neat house 
slippers, made from 
fine black kid, one 
strap and fancy bow 
spring heels, light 
flexible soles, patent 
tips, this 
fits nicely 
and is ex- 
— 5 dressy. 

Sizes from 11 to 2 — — 1.50 

Girls’, same style, sizes from 8 to 10%. 1 .25 

Child’s, same style, sizes 5 to 7% 1.15 





Oui Prospector’s or 
Sportsman’s Boot 


This high- 
cut boot 
is known as 
the Prospec- 
io r ’ s or 
Boot, but is 
suitable for 
many other 
They are 
made from 
best quality 
of viscolized 
calf, finished 
on the hair 
side, render- 
ing them as 
near water- 
proof as it is 
possible to 
very heavy 

Goodyear welted 
solid leather soles. 

They possess 
three essential quali- 
ties, uniform superiority of 
leather, best of workmanship, and great 
durability, black or tan, sizes from 6 to 11 6.00 
H2-518. High Cut Boot, same style as H2-517, in 
heavy black viscolized calf, extra heavy solid 
leather soles, standard screw, sizes from 
6 to 11 4.50 

"The Great Eatonia" 3.00 

H2-522. Men's “ Eatonia.” an 
ideal street or business 
boot and one we 
recommend highly, 
adapted for fall and 
winter wear, the best 
quality of box calf 
skin, heavy soles, 
Goodyear welted, 
laced or Blucher 
styles, sizes 
from 534 to 11 


The Ever Wear Wei: 2.50 

H2-524. A good serviceable out-door boot 
for a man, and one 
that will stand hard 
wear, made from good 
quality of box kip, 
which is heavier than 
calf, heavy soles put 
on by standard screw 
sizes from 


Men’s Boots 


Leather Lined, Great Value 4.50 

H2-519. Patrol or Special Walking 
Boot, a great favorite with men 
who are on their feet 
all day, made from 
best quality of box 
calfskin, leather lined, 
extra heavy soles, 
Goodyear welted, very 
wide ritting, width 
EE, sizes from 
6 to 12 4.50 



H2-521. Made in England, something new 
for this country, but we have had them 
long enough to know 
their reliability, best 
of English stock and 
English workmanship, 
madeon the American 
shapes, no better com- 
bination. This cut 
shows an up-to-date 
walking boot for a 
man, either kid or box 
calfskin, heavy 
soles, Goodyear 
welted, genuine 
English oak tan- 
ned stock and 
made to wear, 

Men’s Walkeasy," 
The Old Reliable 


H2-525. “ Walkeasy,” the old reliable, 
just as good as ever, in spite of the 
gieat increase in the 
price of leather ; the 
price of “ Walkeasy ” 
boots is the same, made 
from the best quality of 
box calfskin or dongola 
kid, heavy soles, exten- 
sion edge] a boot suit- 
able for any wear, 
sizes from 6 to 11 


State which 
leather pre- 

Exceptional Value 
in Dress Boots 

4.50 j 

H2 520. A very dressy boot for a 
gentleman, made from 
the best grade of patent 
coltskin uppers, and dull 
kid top, Blucher style, 
Goodyear welted soles, 
edges sufficiently ex- 
tended to prevent shoe 
from losing its shape, 
only expensive 
bench work can 
match this material 
and making, 
sizes from 
5 ton.. 4>60 

widths C, 
D and E. 

Re width of Shoes, C is narrow, 
is medium and E is wide. 

Men’s " Eatonia," 
A Superb Boot 




erv ‘ 

Order by 
goods are 
that way. 

Men’s " Eatonia,’’ 
a superb example 
of modern shoe- 
making, very 
dressy, and ex- 
ceedingly comfort-1 
able and service-1 
able as a businessl 
shoe, made fron 
fine dongola kid, I 
select stock, F 
medium weightj 
soles, Goodyeaj 
welted, sizes fron 
534 to 11 


Great Canadian 
Working Boot 



Men’s heavy workinf I 
or walking boots | 
made from best plum]J 
Canadian buff leather I 
well made, heav;l 
soles, put on witlj 
standard screw pro I 
cess, and quilted witl I 
nails to add to thei I 
durability, sizes front 
6 to 11 




2.00 Workingman’s Friend 2.50 

The Old Man’s Friend 



H2-527. The Old 
Man’s Friend. 
These boots 
are surely a 
consolation to 
weary human- 
ity. They 
are made on 
the solid com- 
fort style, plain 
and very wide, 
laced or elastic 
sides, fine soft 
dongola kid, 
extension edge 
soles. Sizes 
from 6 to 
12 2.00 

The Sampson in Boots 1.75 

i531. Men’s Heavy Grain Leather Laced Boot, 
!jrv strnnelv made, pegged soles of heavy 
hemlock tan- 
ned leather. This 
hoot is unlined 
and solid leather 
throughout, will 
stand hard wear 
and isvery suitable 
for farm use or any 
other heavy work. 
Sizes from 
i to 11 1.75 

Men’s_Romeo 2.00 
Slipper fcvw 

H2-537. Men’s Romeo 
House Slipper, is a 
great favorite with 
travellers, they are 
very comfort- 
able and will 
be found rest- 
ful to the feet, 
made from fine 
soft dongola 
kid, in black 
o r chocolate, 
light flexible 
turned soles, 

H2-528. A Working 
Man’s Boot, made to 
stand all kinds of 
rough work, the 
best quality of heavy 
kip, bellows tongue, 
extra heavy hem- 
lock tanned soles 
hand pegged, back 
strap and uppers 
extra well sewn. 
Sizes from 6 
to U 2.50 

The Farmer’s Delight 2.00 

A Great Value 1.50 

H2-532. Men’s Medium 
Heavy Solid Leather 
Laced Boot, of best 
quality Ganadian 
buff, heavy soles, 
put on by standard 
screw process, heels 
well slugged, made 
on a comfortable 
full fitting last, a 
good boot for ordin- 
ary wear. Sizes 
from 6 
toil... 1,50 

Fine Patent Coltskin 3.00 

H2-534. A very neat 
and decidedly 
dressy Low Shoe 
for gentlemen, the 
vamps are the 
finest of patent 
coltskin and the 
backs are of dull 
kid, light weight 
hand turned 
soles, a perfect 
fitting shoe, 

specially made for evening dress wear _ 
Sizes from to 11 3.00 

H2-535. The same style as H2-534 only made of all 
kid of tue finest quality. Sizes from 6 _ 

H2-536. The same style as H2-534, made from fine 
dongola kid, light turned soles, sizes 
from 6 to 11 1 .50 

- - IF BY MAIL - - 

H2-529. The “Farmer’s 
Delight,” heavy 
bla k chrome kip„ 
Blucher style, bellows 
tongue, heavy soles 
pegged, an all solid 
leather boot unlined 
and one that will 
give good service for 
country wear. Sizes 
from 6 to 
ii 2.00 

H 2-530. Same style as H 2-529 in a heavy working 
boot, made from besi quality of split cow- 
hide, heavy soles pegged, sizes from 6 to 11 1 .50 

Men’s Regulation Hockey A 

Boots tf.UU 

H2-533. Men’s Hockey Boots, made in the latest 
regulation style, from best qualitv of grain 
calfskin, well made and perfect fitting, rein- 
forced inside and 
out, either heels or 
spring heels (state 
which preferred). 
Sizes from 
6 to 10. 2.00 

Men’s Kid House Slipper 1.50 

H2-538. Men’s Fine Kid House Slipper, opera cut, 
made from extra fine stock, very neat, perfect 
fitting and comfortable, 
black or chocolate, light 
flexible turned soles and 
low heels. Sizes 

from 6 to 11 1.50 

Men’s Black Velvet Slipper .75 

H2-540. Men’s Black Velvet House 
Slipper, fancy design on fronts 
and patent leather backs, 
leather soles and heels, this 
is a very pretty slipper 
and fits comfort- 
ably. Sizes from 
6 to 11.... 


H2-5i0%. Men’s Carpet Slippers will give great 
wear, the material is made in different patter s 
and various colors, best leather soles and heels, 
well lined and finished, and they fit very 

comfortably, sizes from 6 to 11 1.00 

Ladies’ Carpet Slippers, sizes from 3 to 7__ .75 

?^T. EATON C° 


Boys' Box Calfskin 

Boys’ Boots 




Boys’ Sohool Boot 1.75 

H2-543. Our Special School 

H2-541. Boys’ Laced 
Boot of best quality 
box calfskin, heavy 
soles, Goodyear 
welted, new soles 
can be sewn on by 
hand, medium 
round box toes, a 
neat, perfect fitting 
and exceptionally 
good wearing boot, 
sizes from 1 to 

h 5 % 2.50 

^ Same style i n 
jjgi youths’, sizes 
from 11 

to 13% 2.25 

for boys, strongly made 
from good plump Can* 
a d i a n bufi leather, 
heavy soles put on by 
standard screw process 
and quilted with nails,. means addi-j 
tional wear, all solid:! 
leather and thoroughly; 
reliable, sizes from H 

1 to 5%. 1.75 

|Same style in youths’, I 
sizes from I 

gfe 11 to 13... 1.601 

Our Boys' Favorite 2.00 

^ H2-542. An excellent boot for 

boys, made in Blucher style 
from best quality of box 
calfskin, heavy soles, 
extension edge, a boot 
suitable for school or 
IB an V wear, well made, 

will give good satisfac- 

_j.i tj M jl tion, sizes from 

1 to 5% 2.00 

Boys' Wear Well |.25 

H2-544. Boys’ Plain Leather 
Boots, made from good 
plump stock, heavy solid 
K3|s| leather soles and heels, 
standard screw, suitable 
SSHbopTO for school wear, well 
■K^ggfJ made, will give you 
good service, sizes 
from 1 to 5 1.25 


H2-546. Beef 
Hide % leg 
sporting boot, 
and a greats 
favorite with 
made fromthe 
bestoil-tanned / 
stock, h a n dal 
sewn, tap soles! 
and h e e 1 si 
tacked to solid 
leather inner! 
sole, the leg is; 
of black oil 
grain leather.i 
sizes from 
6 to 12 4.25 

Boys' Heavy Laced Boot 1.25 

H 2-545. Heavy oil 
grain Calfskin 
Laced Boot, one 
that will stand the 
h hard knocks of 

AHHraHsHttiKX boys, pegged soles, 

heavy soi id leather 
heels well slugged. 

K&felnJR. W e recommend 

this boot for coun- 
Wk^&SfiBbk try wear, or 
rough service in 
IBi'JaJwjK w e 1 weather, 
sizes from 1 

to 5 1*25 

Same style in youths’, 
sizes from 11 
to 13 1.15 

Men’s Elkskin Moccasins 

H2-549. Men’s Elk- 
skin Moccasins, 
best heavy weight 
stock, bellows 
tongue, Klondike 
eyelets, wax sewn, 
sizes from 7 
to 12 1 .35 

Same style in youths’, sizes from 11 to 13.... 1.15 


I 2.50 

H2-547. This 
Shoe Pack has a 
10 inch long leg, 
laced, designed 
for wearing in 
deep snow or 
slush, has bel- 
lows tongue and 
Klondike eye- 
lets, all hand- 
made, the stock 
is the best of oil 
tanned beef 
hide, sizes from 
6 to 12... 2.50 

Shoe Packs 1.65 

H2-548. This is one of 
'm our l ea< ters in shoe 

04 packs, never fails to 

a] give satisfaction, 

H2-550. Ladies’ or Boys’ 
Fine Elkskin Mocca- 
sins, the best stock, 
madewith fancy front, 
a general favorite with 
snowshoers, 1 a d i e s’ 
sizes from 3 to 6 1 .00 
Misses’ sizes from 11 

to 2_ .90 

Girl’s sizes from 
y*. 8 to 10 75 

brownin color, laced, 
bellows tongue, five 
Klondike ey el ets, 
sizes from 6 to 12 


Same style in 
. boys’, sizes 
from 1 to 5 

dk 1.35 

Child’s 6izes from 5 to 7.... 

Infants' sizes from 1 to 4. 

Same style in youths’, sizes from 11 to 13 1.16 


Men’s Frost King 1.75 

H2-551. Men's 
“Frost King,’’ 
thick felt of the 
best quality, 
with heavy felt 
soles and heels, 
the correct 
shoe to wear 
while driving 
in zero weather 
they are the 
very best make 
their style, fit 
and wearing 
qualities are 
the vamps are 
lined with 

itrong can- 
ms which 
idds to 
;heir dura- 
bility, sizes from 6 to 12, 

10 half sizes laced 

style 1.75 

lame style as H2-551, with elastic sides__ 1.85 
>TE— See cut H2-591 for rubbers suitable to wear 
>ver the above boots. 

i-552. Women’s “Frost King,” all felt, laced 
jnly, same style as men’s H2-551, sizes from 

S to 8, no half sizes ........ 1.50 

!-553. An all felt laced boot for men, thick felt 
ioles, same style as H2-551. Foxed all round 
, with pebble leather, this boot is the best in all 
e details of construction, and will give good 
:<)®wear. Sizes from 6 to 12, no half sizes 2.25 

Fur Top Shoe 1.35 

H2-556. A very neat house 
shoe for a lady, and one 
that will give great com- 
fort in wearing, they are 
made from best quality of 
all wool black felt, trim- 
med with fur around 
the top, elastic sides, 
Juliet style, flexible 
leather soles and con- 
cave heels , sizes from 
2% to 8 
~ 1.35 

H2-559. Women’s plain 
all wool black felt 
buskin house shoe, 
with elastic over the 

around the top 
flexible leather. soles.and low heels, 
:, sizes from 3 to 8, no half sizes.. .85 

H2 5C4. Men’s fine 
black felt Arctic, 
fastens with buckle, 
thick felt soles, cov- 
ered with leather, 
very comfortable to 
wear while sit- 
ting around the 
house, or may 
be worn under 
overshoes, and 

e found very 

Izes from 6 to 11 no half 

sizes 1 00 

Women’s « t\B 
Black Felt 

H2-564. Women’s black 
felt laced boot warm lined 
ioxed around with pebble 
calfskin, fairly heavy 
leather soles and heels, 
very comfortable and dur- 
able, sizes from 3 to 
8, no half sizes 


H2-557. Women’s com- 
fortable house boot, 
fine quality black felt, 
laced trimmed with 
fur, flexible leather 
soles and low 
heels, a full fit- 
ting boot that 
can’t be beat 

f _ >r house wear in cold weather. Sizes from 3 to 
8, no half sizes 1 .OO 

Black Felt Slipper .65 

H2-560. A very com- 
fortable, warm lined 
plain black felt slip- 
per, buskin style, 
with elastic over the 

instep, flexible leather soles and low heels, 
wide fitting, sizes from 3 to 8, no half sizes , 65 

Men’s All Wool Felt Slipper .75 

H2-565. Men’s all wool felt 
house slipper, of a pretty 
plaid pattern, warm lined, 
padded inner sole, thick felt 
soles cover- 
ed with 
leather very 

sizes from 6 to 
11, no half 
sizes .75 

H2-567. Women’s 
fancy felt house slip- 
per, check pattern, 
prettily designed 

warm lined, thick felt soles covered with 

leather, sizes from 3 to 7. no half sizes .50 

Misses’, same style, sizes from 11 to 2 40 

Child’s, “ “ 6 to 10 35 

Men’s and Women’s Felt Slippers 

H2-568. A very comfortable fitting house slipper 
made from all wool blpck felt, perfectly plain, 
thick felt soles, women's sizes from 3 to 7, 

no half sizes - 40 

Men’s sizes from 6 to 11. no half sizes .50 

A Great Boot « a a 
for Comfort l,ww 

H2-555. Women’s 
black felt elas- 
tic side boot, 
plain toes, 
warm lined, 
leather soles 
and h <i el s , 
great comfort 
to be found in 
this boot in the 
cold weather, 
sizes from 3 to 
8, no half 
sizes 1.00 

Women’s Buskin .95 

H2-558. Women’s buskin 
house shoe, made from 
the best quality 
all wool black 
felt, warm lined, 
foxed around 
with kidleath- 
e r , flexible 

soles and 
low heels, 
will fit comfort- 
ably and wear 
well. Sizes from 3 to 8 

no half sizes.. 

H2-561. This is a lead- 
er in women’s house 
slippers, all black 

felt, thick felt soles covered 
full fitting comfortable slipper, specially made 
for indoor wear, sizes from 3 to 7, no half 
sizes 25 

H2-562. Women’s 
Crochet Slippers, 
for bedroom wear, 
hand made, from 
the best wool, and 

none but the best slipper soles used in these slip 
pers, solid leather out soles, colors red, black 
and blue. Sizes from 3 to 7, no half sizes.. 1 .40 
H2-563. Men’s Crochet Slippers, same style as 
H2-562, in colors red and black. Sizes from 
6 to 11, no half sizes 1 .65 

H2-566. Misses’ sizes in 
“ Frost King,” made 
from the best quality of 
felt, with thick felt soles 
and heels, protected with 
a leather toe cap, and 
strong canvas lining, 
sizes from 11 to 2, no 




H2-569. Men’s 
Hip Rubber 
Boots, best 
quality o f 
pure gum, 
lined to the 
knee with 
felt, extra 
heavy soles 
and heels, 
specially re- 
sizes from 6 
to 11 


Men’s Knee Boots 

3.50 A** 

Men’s Rubber Moosomin 

2-573. Men 
Moosomin, a 
rubber, of b« 
quality snj 
proof, laced, | 
inches high, e 
tra heavy roll 
edge soles ai 
heels. A lead 
for several sc 
sons and sat] 
faction guard 
tied, sizes frc 
6 to 12 3.C 




H2-572. Men’s 
Renfrew, the 
Favorite. The 
foot part is of 
best snag -proof 
rubber, heavy 
roiled edge soles 
and heels, with 
leather top. 12 
inches high, 
well put to- 
gether. will 
stand hard wear, 
sizes from 
6 to 12 — 3.00 

J H2-570. M e n’s 

j Knee Rubber 
Boots, best 
qua lity of 
pure gum, 

seams specially rein- 
forced, extra heavy 
soles and heels. This 
is the most satis- 
factory rubber boot 
made sizes from 

6 to 11 3.50 

H2-574. Men’s Lynn, same style as H2-573 oi 
lower cut. three lace holes high, best snag 
proof rubber, sizes from 6 to 12 2.J 

same style, 


Storm Front Rubbers .8 

H2-581. Men’s Protection, sto 
a front rubbers, b 
quality, light weig 
atSSssTS, w &m very neat fittii 
sizes from 
6 to 12 A 

H2-578. Men’s heavy grey all wool knitted Socks, 
come up to the knee, fasten at top with 

cord, sizes small, medium and large.. .50 

Boys’, same style 45 

Heavy Plain Rubbers .75 

. H2-579. Men’s medium heavy 

plain rubbers, perlect in every 
afllk. respect, extra heavy soles 
and heels, full fitting, great 
value sizes from 

6 to 12 75 

H 2-570 . •**i *^~ ” ’ .,,4 

H2-571. Men’s light weight Rubb r ji .uL.s, bright 
finish, suitable for City wear or hunting 
purposes, same cut as H2-570 sizes 6 to 11 3.50 

H2-582. Ladies’ Storm Rubbers, same style 
H2 581, best quality, light weight, sizes 

from 2% to 8 ( 

H2-583. Ladies’ black wool lined Storm Rubbi 
best quality, neat fitting and very warm, 
sizes from 2% to 8 J 

Men’s Coteau Rubber 

Boys’, same 
style, sizes 
from 1 to 5 .05 

Youths’, same style, sizes from 11 to 13 ,50 

H2-579A. Men’s wool lined Rubbers, same style 
as H2-579, extra heavy soles and heels, 

sizes from 6 to 12 - .95 

Boys’, same style, sizes from 1 to 5 85 

Youths’, same style, sizes from 11 to 13 75 

H2-580. Men’s light City weight Plain Rubbers, 
best quality, self-acting back, very neat fitting, 
medium or round toes, same cut as H2-579, 
sizes from 6 to 12 85 

H2-575. Men’s Coteau 
two buckle lumber- 
man’s rubber, heavy 
pure gum, high cut, 
extra heavy soles 
ana heels, a popular 
boot for the price, 
sizes from 6 

to 12 1.90 

Men’s Blizzard |.2| 

H2-584. Men’s Blizzard, 
v tra fine black Jersey clq 
watei proof t« 
best quality r 

lllillk wllla ber bottol 
light weil 
and war] 
- sizes f r 4 

ife - 6 to a 1 



H2-5S8. ' Men’s 
heavy weight, 
cloth uppers, 
high cut, fleece 
lined, snow 
excluder style, 
fastens with 
two straps and 
one buckle, 
extra heavy 
rubber soles 
and heels of 
best quality , 
sizes from 
6 to 13... 2.75 
Boy’s, same style, 
sizes from 
l to 6 2.50 

H2-585. Ladies’ Blizzard Overshoe, same styl( 
cut H2-584 very neat and comfortable in 
the cold weather, sires from 2% to 8 ‘ 

Algoma Rubber 1.50 

Sk. H2-576. Men’s Algoma, one buckle 
lumberman’s rubber, 
heavy pure gum. ex- 
P >- tra well reinforced, 

heavy soles, will give 
. < good service, sizes 

*'• IvwaS# from 6 to 12 1.50 

Buckle f 7 
Overshoes 1 

H2-586. Men’s Or 
shoes, one bucl 
light weight, i 
black Jersey clc 
waterproof, b< 
L quality rut 
KL bottoms, bli 
85k. fleece lin 

same style, 
sizes from 
1 to 5 

Youths’, same style, sizes from it to 13 95 

H2-577. Socks, for wearing with Lumberman’s 
Rubbers, best all black wool knitted, extra 
heavy weight, come up to the knee, fasten 
with strap around the top, sizes small, 
medium and large 90 

2-587. M en’s h eavy wei gh t on e buck le Overs! 
waterproof cloth, extra heavy rubber soles 
heels, wool lined, same style as cut H2-586, 
sizes from 6 to 11... - 1 , 



Creat Value 2.00 

H 2-589. Men’s Two Buckle 
Overshoe, snow excluder 
style, waterproof cloth 
uppers, warm fleece lined, 
xtra heavy rubber soles 
and heels, sizes 
from 6 to 12 2.00 

Men’s Roberts, same style as H2-589, only 
buckles high, light weight, fine black 
cloth uppers, black fleece lined, best 
rubber soles and heels, sizes 
to 12 ,■■■ 2.75 

Men’s Dolge Rubber .35 

H2-591. Men’s Dolge, heavy 
plain rubbers, best quality, 
made to wear over 
thick felt or heavy 
leather boots, 
very wide, sizes 
from 6 to 13 



ET2-592. Ladies' Best 
Quality Long 
Rubber Boots, 
light city weight, 
bright finish, 
warm fleece 
lined, very popu- 
lar and neat, sizes 
from 3 to 8, no 
half sizes 2.25 

Misses’ Long 
Rubber Boots, 
same style as 
ladies, sizes 

11 to 2 1 .85 

Child’s Long 
Rubber Boots, 
same style as 
ladies, sizes 

6 to 10 .... 1.65 

Women’s Cloth 

H2-593. Women’s Vassar, 
warm fleece lined, 
Waterproof Cloth Over- 
shoe, snow excluder 
style, fastens with two 
buckles, handy to put 
on, neat and service- 
able, best quality rub- 
ber soles and heels, 
sizes from 2% to 8 


H2-594. Women’s 
Carnival , best 
quality fine black 
J ersev waterproof 
cloth) black fleece 
lined, 8 buttons 
h i a- h , light 
weight, fit very 
neat, a great 
favorite with 
ladies, sizes from 
2/4 to 8 1 .95 

Misses’ Carnival, 
same style as 
ladies, sizes from 
11 to 2 1.60 

Child’s Carnival, 
same style as 
ladies, sizes from 
6 to 10%... 1.35 

H2-595. Women’s Cardi- 
gan Stocking Overshoe, 
best quality long black 
wool stocking, with 
rubber attached. These 
are the best kind made, 
as the stocking goes 
through to the toe of the 
rubber, very comfortable 
sizes from 2)4 to 8 


Misses’ Cardigan, same style as ladies, Sizes 

from 11 to 2 1.15 

Child’s Cardigan, same style as ladies, sizes 
from 4 to 10J4 1 .00 

H2-596. Women’s Plain Croquet 
Rubbers, good quality, neat fitting, 
made to wear, perfect in every 
respect, extra thick soles 
and heels, sizes from 
2% to 8, very special 


Misses’ Plain Croquet Rubbers, same style 

as ladies, sizes from 11 to 2 A.Q 

Child's Plain Croquet Rubbers) "same 'style * 
as ladies, sizes from 4 to 10% 35 

H2-597. Women’s fine light City weight Rubber, 
the first quality, toes medium or broad, 
same style as II2-59d, sizes from 2% to 8 60 

Women’s Cloth 

H2-599. Women’s Fine 
Black Jersey Cloth 
Leggings, black fleece 
lined, buttoned to the 
knee, nothing more 
comfortable, every lady 
should wear them, 
sizes from 3 to 7... .75 

Misses’ Long Jersey 

Leggings, sizes from 
11 to 2 65 

Child’s Long Jersey 

Leggings, sizes from 
3 to 10 50 


Boys’ Corduroy 

H2-601. Boys’ Brown Cor- 
duroy Leggings, buttoned 
up the side, fastens with 
• three straps and buckles 
over the knee, leather 
strap under the instep, 
vei y serviceable, sizes 
from 11 to 13 1 .00 

Girls’, same style as H2-601, 
sizes from 6 to 10 


Child’s, same style as H2- 
601, sizes from 3 to 5 


H 2-601 


Felt Overgaiters 

H2-600. Women’ s Fine 
Black Felt Over- 
gaiters, 10 buttons 
high, extra quality, 
well bound, strap 
faced with leather, 
sizes from 3 to 7 .50 

Same style as H2-600 
only lighter weight, 
sizes from 3 to 7 .25 

H2-602 H2-603 

H2-602. Men’s Riding Legging, Putee style, best 
quality of hog grain leather tan colored, fastened 
with straps as cut. When ordering send 

measurements around calf 2.25 

H2-603. Men’s Improved Working Legging, best 
quality oil grain leather, laced up the side, well 
made. When ordering send 
measurements around calf 1 . 4-0 

H2-598. Women’s Block Wool Lined Rubber, very 

best quality, light weight, very comforta fie, 
same style as H2-59.., sizes from 2% to 8 ... .75 

Rubber Heels 

H2-610. Rubber Heels, our special Diamond ^ 
quality, prevent slipping, make walking a pleas- 
* ure ; statesize of shoe worn, Men’s, Ladies’ 

I or Boys’, per pair 25 

Attached to your ShoeB for 15c per pair extra. 






F OR this fall we are showing all the newest and most popular productions in Laces, all of which we import direct ourselves from England, France, 
Germany, Belgium, and other foreign sources. Wh m you buy from us you buy direct from the Importer, and it means a large saving, for you are able 
to obtain your laces at practically the manufacturer’s price with our one small per cent, of profit added. 

THE VALUES WE OFFEA under this head are exceptionally fine. We do not show or offer any cheap low qualities. Every piece of lace quoted 


and as illustrated is the very best that can be procured. 

In ordering all Laces always allow lc per yard if you wish it to go by mail. By doing this you save time and trouble. We refund all 
left over after postage is paid. 

|B3 3 4- 4c 1 YD. 

* «li 1 1 AiiAiiilMiifciiAi i iAi'i ifci I iliii lir 

B314. Fine Val. Lace, 5^ in. wide, yd, 04) fi 334. % in. Val. Lace, per yd... .04'®^®’ 1/4 Embroidered Val. .05 

B3102. Fine Spotted Quilling, 

1 % in. wide, per yard 06 

2 in. wide, per yard 08 




1348. 54 in. Maltese Lace Ins.„ .04 

349, 1 % in. Maltese Insertion ,05 

aiifea aflfti sate 

350. 1 in. Maltese Lace, per yd .05 

j eM« ®i5 : " ; Zi3 ! "- ! &3 o tid 1 

'<n*»i» Ov'*:** wi *■* *»' i 

Tn\k *1 ‘ * 1 “i J * 1 T J "I ‘ n ^ 

351. 1% in. Maltese Lace, yd .08 

i352. 1% in. Maltese Lace, yd .1 0 



— - T2fe^ 

1353. 2% in. Maltese Lace, yd .1 5 

1354. J4 in. Fine Torchon Ins.. .04 

jB3S 5-jj>c -Y.p..^^^ 

-';.-::^;<»f: ; . : ;9; .. ; r:^*^:£r^ 0 -...;r^^J 

1365. 1% in. Fine Torchon Ins. .05 

3356. 54 in- Fine Torchon Lace .04 

• B357i-5cWD. iXt: SSSSiKf: 
v-vx .:«••: 50— 

6358. 1% in. Fine Torchon Lace .08 

£360. 54 in- Torchon Insertion, yd .02 

B361. 154 in. Torchon Insertion .03 

B362. 1?4 in. Torchon Insertion .04 

B363. 54 in. Torchon Lace, per yd .02 

B365. 1% in. Torchon Lace, yd .04 

B368. 254 in. Torchon Lace, yd_ ,05 

B369. 3 in., above 08 

B370. 3>4 in. Lace to match above .1 O 

B371. 54 in. Fine Torchon Ins ., 

B372. 54 in. Fine Torchon Lace_ .05 


B374. 1 in. Linen Torchon In- 
sertion, per yard 05 

B376. 154 in. Linen Torchon Lace .1 0 

B377. 154 in. Linen Torchon In3. .04 

B378. 1% in. Linen Torchon Lace .05 

B379. Fine Silk Chantilly Laces, black 
or ivory, 2 in. wide .05 3 in. wide 
.08 354 in. wide .IQ 4 in. wide 

,1254 5 in. wide .15 

7 in. wide .25 

B380. Fine Silk Oriental Lace, 

black or ivory, 2J4 in.... .35 

Up to 9 in I.75 

B381. Fine Silk Guipures, in black or 
ivory, 234 in. .75 Up to 7 in. 1 . 75 

B3-9951. Black Silk Valenciennes 
Lace, 54 inch .08 

B3-9954. Black Silk Valenciennes 
Insertion, % inch ...... .05 

B3-5910. Embroidered ChiSon Lace, 
4 inch, black or ivory, per yd ,1 8 
B3-5911. Same as above, 6 inch, 
black or ivory, per yard.. 25 

B359.^254 in. Fine Torchon Lace, per 


B373. 1>4 in. Fine Torchon Lace, yd .10 

B3-5909. Embroidered Chiffon, inser- 
tion 1>4 inch, black or ivory... .1 5 

Chiffon Allovers 

B3-5908. Embroidered Chiffon, all 

over, 18 in., black or ivory 1.00 

Better quality. 1,25 to 2.00 

B382. Black Silk Chantilly Dress Net, 

42 inch 1 .25 

B384. Also good assortment of designs, 
yard 1.50 1.75 2.00 2.25 

B385. 27 inch Black Sequin or Ivory 
and Beaded Allovers, 

yard 2.00 to 6.00 

B386. 18 inch Lace Allover, suitable 
for yokes and sleeves of dresses, 
black only. 

50 .75 1.00 to 2.00 

Oriental and Guipure Laces 

B3-5764. 154 inch Oriental Ins., in 
ivory, butter and ecru shades .08 

B3-5765. 354-in Lace to match above.1 0 

B3-5766. 454- in Lace to match above .15 
B3-6767. 554 inch Lace to match 
above, per yard .20 


Be sure to allow suf- 
ficient money for postage 
if goods are to go by Mail 

B3-5602. 18 inch Guipure Allover. 
ivory, butter and ecru shades 1.50 
Better qualities, per yard 
1.75 2.00 2.25 to 6.00 
B387. Fine Cotton Guipure Laces, 
3/4 in. .35 454 in. .50 6 in. .75 
B389. Guipure Insertion, 134 in. .25 
154 inch — „ ,35 

B35343. 234 in., black or white 1 .00 
B3272 . 45 inch, Siik Point D’Esprit 
Net, ivory, ecru or black, yard .75 
Also Spotted and Figured Russian 
Nets, per yard .75 1.00 1.25 


B468. Cambric Edging, 2 in. 
wide, work 1 in., per yard 05 


i»S§ B 1 film 


B469. Cambric Edging, 234 in. 
widte, work 1J4 in., per yar.d... 05 

B474. Cambric Edging, 5% in- 
wide, work 2% in., per yard... 

B470. Cambric Edging, 3% in. 
wide, work 1 % in., per yard... .05 

B471. Cambric Edging, 3 in. 
wide, work 134 in., per yard... .08 

B472. Cambric Edging, 3% in. 
wide, work 1 % in., per yard.. .08 

B478. Cambric Insertion, 234 in. 
wide, work 134 m., per yard.. 



B475. Cambric Edging, 6 in. 
wide, work 3 iu., per yard 1 5 

B476. Cambric Edging, 5 in. 
wide, work 2 34 in., per yard.. .12% 

B177. Cambric Insertion, 134 in. 
wide, work % in . per vnr<1... .05 

B4H0. Corset Cover Flouncing in 
Cambric, 17 inches wide, work 
7 inch, per yard. .25 


black ( 

B481. Corset Cover Strapping, 

1 % in. wide, per yard j 0 


B473. Cambric Edging, 434 in. 

Wide, work 234 in., per yard.. .1 Q 

B479. Cambric Insertion, 2 % in. 
wide, work 1 % in., per yard.. 


B482. Semi-finished Corset Cover 

Each .eg to 1,25 

B484. Cambric Edging, 1 inch 
1% in. .03 lto2 >4 .05 

1 to 4 in 08 2 to 5 m 1 

2 to 6 in .1234 and 1 

B485. Cambric Edging, 2% to 8 in. 

, ••• .20 .25 .30 . 

B48b. cambric Flouncings for 
Skirts. 7 in., with 334 in. work 
B487. Corset Cover Flouncings, 

12 to 16 in., yd .25 .35 . 

B488. Nainsook Edging, 1 to 2 in. 

- .05 ,C 

B489. Nainsook Edging, 2 to 3J4 

in., yard 10 ,123i . 

B490. Nainsook Edging, 3 to 7 

in., yard .20 .25 to .£ 

B491. Nainsook Insertions. 

- .05 to .0 

B492. Swiss Muslin Edgings. 2% t 
in., yard... .10 .1234 .15 ' 

B493. Swiss Muslin Edgings, 3 

to 7 in., yard_.„ .25 to ,{ 

B494. Insertions to match Edg- ten 
ings. 1 to 234 in., yd .08 to _ 

“ Work in all cases about half wii 
of the cloth.” 

B495. Cambric, Nainsook and Swl 
Sets. Of these goods we have a lai 
range of patterns, in one, two 
three widths, edging with in- 
sertions to match, yd .08 to . 

B496. Cambric and Nainsook 
overs, 20 inch wide, 

yard .50 .75 to 1.£ 

B497. Nainsook onlv, per yard 
2.00 2.25 2. 

B498. Allover Tucking, 20 in. 

wide, Cambric and Nainsook.. .sM 
B499. Flouncings, 22 to 27 inch, 
cambric, nainsook and Swiss, 

per yard 50 to l.i 

B4100. 44 in. Skirtings, in camb| 
and nainsook, per vard. 

.65 .75 1.00 1. 

B4102. White Cambric Edging, e] 
broidered with pink, sky, 

cardinal and navy, yard 

B4103. Cream Flannel Skirting, sij 
sewn, 36 in., per yard 

- .75 .85 1.00 1.i 

B4104. Cream Flannel Embroid- 
ered linen sewn, 2 in., yd ,.12 j 

3 in., yd__ 15 .if. 3 

B4105. Silk sewn, 2 in., per yd. .1 
3 in., yd .25 .30 334 'in. .4 
B4106. Cream Cashmere Embroider*] 
silk sewn, per vard 

.10 .1234 .15 .20 .25 .d 

B4107. Cream Cashmere Skirting,] 
in. wide, yd. 1 00 1.25 1.5 
B4108. Plantagenet Frilling for tris 
ming underwear, open bands, ya 

.05 .08 .10 .12% .15 .2 

B4109. 2 in. Flannelette Embrolde] 
cream on cream, pink on creaj 
sky on cream, white on sky, 
pink, cardinal and grey, yard .C 
B4110. 334 in. wide, same colon 
as above , ...._ ,( 





082. Silk Braid, with draw strings. 
:an be pulled in designs similar to 
:ut, block, white, navy, brown and 
frey, 54inch wide, yd. .10 %i n - 
vide .08 % inch wide 12% 

083. Silk Gimps, 54 in. wide, 
jlack only, yard 08 

1085. Silk Gimp, 54 in. wide, 
black or white, yard .1 0 

108fi. Silk Gimp, 1 in. wide, 
white only, yard . 12 % 

5087. Silk Passementerie. 2% 
inch wide, black only, yard.. .30 

3089. Silk Passementerie, 234 
inch wide, black only, yard... .50 

B3088. Silk Passementerie, 2 in. 
wide, white only, yd 


B390. Pearl Garniture, as cut, for 
trimming evening and wed- 
ding dresses, each. 1.25 

Other designs 1.00 1.50 

Fancy Gimps and Braids 

B391. Fancy Braid, % to 1 in. wide, 
in black, white, navy, cardinal, 
myrtle, brown, black and go d, 
white and gold, black and white, 
navy and white, yard 

08 .10 .12% .IB .25 

B392. Black and white (combined) 
Silk Passementerie, 1 in., yard .35 
B393. Shaded Colors in Silk Chiffon 
Applique, 1 inch, yard .50 to .75 

134 to 2 inch, yard 1.00 

B394. Persian Band Trimmings, 1 in., 
yd. .75 1% and 2 in. .75 to 1.00 
B395. White Cotton Trimming Braid, 
% in. .01 34 in. .01% % in. .02 

% inch 02]4 

B396. Silver or Gold Tinsel Braid 
(flat), % inch, yd .03 .04 34 i nctl 
.05 %inch.._ .07 34 inch— .10 
B397. Gold or Silver Soutache Braid, 

34 inch, yard 03 .04 .05 

B398. Colored Military Braid, 34 inch, 

yard .02 up to 134 inch .12)4 

B399. Fine Black Silk Eyeglass Cord, 

yard 05 

B3100. Black Mohair Russia Braid, 

% inch, yard 03 .04 

B3101. Sequin Steel Gimps, 34 inch, 
yd .10 34 in. .25 1 in. .40 to .75 
B3102. White and Gold Silk Appliques, 

34 inch, yard 50 .75 .85 

B3103. White sequin Gimps, >4 inch, 
yard .15 .20 .25 1 inch .35 

.50 .60 1% inch .75 to 1.60 

B3104. Black Mohair Military Braid, 
34 in., yard .02 54 in. .04 J4 in. 
.05 54 in. .06 1 in. .08 1% in. 

.10 134 .1234 2 in S .20 

B3105. Also in cream, widths from V 
to 34 in-, -02 .04 .06 .10 and .12 1 ! 
B3106. Black Worsted Military Braid, 
34 in., yd. .02 up to 234 in. .18 
B3107. Black Mohair Tubular Braid, 

34 to % in., yard .0b .08 

B3108. Black Mohair Binding Braid, 
34 in., yd. .08 54 in. .10 %in. .10 
B3109. Black Silk Binding Braid, 34 
in., yd .05 % in. .07 % in. .08 

54 in. .1234 lin .15 

B3il0. Colored Worsted Soutache 

Braid, J4 inch, yard 01 

B3I11. Black or Colored Silk Soutache 
Braid, 34 in., yd. .03 do*., yds. .30 
B3U2. Also black or white, yd .05 

or dozen yards 60 

B3113. Black or Cream Woolen Rus- 
sian Braid, 34 inch, yard_ .01 

or per doz. yards .10 


We import every Robe direct 
from the largest lace manufacturers. 

We have at all times a 
large variety of all the 
new Parisian Styles. 

Consist of shaped material for skirt and embroidered goods for back, 
front and sleeves of waist and can be made over any foundation. 

B3114. Fine Oriental Lace Robe, in ivory, butter and ecru, or Paris shade 

- 8.00 10.00 12.00 15.00 25.00 

B3115. Fancy Sequiin Robes, in black only, well covered designs, each 

10.00 12.00 15-00 20.00 25.00 35.00 

B3116. Fancy Silk Embroidered and Lace Costumes in black or ;”qrv 

50.00 and 75-00 


Fine Embroidered Bibs 

B4111. Quilted cam- 
bric, lace or em- 
broidery, trim- 
med .05 

If to be sent by mail 
allow sufficient 
postage, any over 
will be returned. 

Medallion Center Bibs 

B4112. Fine cam- 
bric, quilted 
and medallion 
or motto cen- 
tres, embroid- 
ery trimmed, 
special-. .1 0 

B4113. We have also a very extensive 
range of fancy quilted cambric bibs 
at .07 each or 4 for .25; .09 
each or 3 for .25; .12% .15 

.20 .25 .35 ea. or 3 for 1 .00 
Fine Hand-Made Bibs 

B 1 1 1 4. Fine 

Hand -made 
Mull Bibs.neatly 
quilted aud em- 
broidered, but- 
ton-holed edge, 
very soft and 
special, ea .25 
B4115. We also 
have a number 
of similar styles 

to above cut, each 

.20 .25 .35 .60 .75 

B4116. Japanese Silk Quilted Bibs, 
with fancy embroidered centres, 
finished with lace or silk embroider* 1 

.25 .35 .50 .65 .75 1.00 
Special Feeding Bibs 

B4117. Special Feeding Bibs, made 
from fine rubber sheeting, natural 
color. Sizes 834^10 and 10x11, each 
.12% Size 11x13, each.. ,15 





Nets, Chiffons and Ruchings 

Always allow sufficient money for postage if goods are to gol 
by Mail. We will refund any balance left. 


B3117. Fancy Mesh Tuxedo Net Veil- 
ing, with Silk Chenille spot, 18 
inches, black, brown, navy, ivory, 
magpie, yd .10 .12% .15 .20 .25 .35 

B3121. Fancy Mesh Tuxedo Net 
Veiling, 18 inches, black, yard. .25 

B3118. Russian Net Veiling, 18 inches, 
black, brown, navy, ivory, magpie, 

yard 15 .20 .25 .35 

B3119. Fancy Mesh Tuxedo and Rus- 
sian Net Veiling, in black only, 18 
inches, yard 50 .65 .75 1.00 

Chantilly Lace Veils 

Chantilly Lace Veiling, 18 
inches wide, very new and stylish, 
having allover dot with lace edge, 
as cut, in black, ivory, navy 
and brown, yard ,50 


B3122. Fancy Russian Net Veilings, 
18 inches wide, black only, 

chenille spotted 35 

B3120. Fancy Mesh Tuxedo Net Veil- 
ing, 18 inches ,; 1 black, brown, 

navy and ivory, yard 35 

Also Tuxedo Meshes, yd .15 .20 .25 
B3123. Magpie Veilings, black and 

white mesh, 18 inches wide, yard 

20 .25 .35 .50 .65 .75 

B3124. Silk Crepe de Chine Veiling, 
with satin stripe on edge, 14 inches 
wide, black, ivory, brown and 

navy, yard _ .35 

B3125. Silk Cambray Net, plain black 

only, yard 15 .20 .25 

B3126. Silk Cambray Net, with che- 
nille spot, 18 inches, black, ivory, 
biown, navy, magpie, yd .20 .25 .35 
B3127. Mourning Veiling, 14 inches, 
silk cambray net, with 1 inch 
hem, per yard _ .25 

Finer, 1% inch hem, yard.. 35 

B3128. Black Grenadine Mourning 
Veiling, heavy border .50 .66 .75 
B3129. 20 inch Wool Barege Veiling, 
black, brown, navy and myrtle, yd. 
— - 20 .25 

Infants’ Veilings 

B3130. Infants’ Shetland Wool Veils, 
cream only, each 

12% .15 .20 .25 .35 

B3131. Infants’ Silk Veils, cream only, 

each 25 .36 50 

Automobile Veils 

B3133. We also have an extensive 
range of Chiffon and Crepe de Chine 
Auto Veils, 3 yards long, all the 

loading colors, each 1.26 to 6-00 

and Laces that have been 
cut cannot be exchanged. 

Silk Mechlin Nets, 36 in., white 
and black, yard ,15 .20 .25 .35 
B3135. Colored Silk Mechlin Nets, 36 
inches, pink, sky, Nile, apple green, 
cream, maize, orange, heliotrope, 

yard 25 

B3136. Bridal Veilings, 72 inches, 
silk cambray net, white ... .60 .75 

Also 108 inches wide, yard 1.00 

B3137. Black Silk Brussels Net, 36 
inches, yard .35 .50 .75 1.00 1.25 

B3138. Cotton Point D’esprit Net, 36 
in., white, cream, ecru .25 .35.50 
Also 72 inches wide, yard .50 .75 

B3140. Wash Blonde Net, 36 inches, 
white and cream, yd .25 .35 .50 
B3142. Confirmation Net, 72 inches, 

white, yard 35 .45 .65 

B3143. Embroidery or Mosquito Nets, 
72 inches, white, yd .25 .35 .50 
B3144. Cotton Fish Nets, for fancy 
work, 18 inches, white only, yd .65 



Note. — S end for samples of our special 
35c chiffon. All the best shades. 

B3145. 41 inch Silk Chiffon, in black, 
white, cream, maize, rose, sky, Nile, 
helio, cardinal, brown, navy, grey, 
tuscan, reseda, champagne, tur- 
quoise, and all the leading 
special shades, yard 35 

B3146. 46 inch Pure Silk Mousseline- 
de-Soie, in black, white and cream 
only, yard 50 .65 

Tucked Chiffons 

B3147. Tucked Chiffon or Mousseline- 
de Soie, 17 inches of tucking with 3 
inch margin of plain on both sides, 
In black, white or cream, yard .76 
B3148. Better quality, 23 inch 
tucking, 3 inch margin, yard 1.26 

Ruchings and Frillings 

49. Fancy Box-pleated Silk Ruch- 
ing, % in. wide, in black, white, 
cream, rose, sky, special, yard .05 
B3150. Fancy Box-pleated Silk Ruch- 
ing, % in. wide, in black or 

white, yard 07 

B3151. Double Edge Shirred Silk 
Chiffon Ruching, % in. wide, 
in black, cream, rose, sky, yd... .10 
B3152. Widows’ Lisse Border- 

ings, in white, yd 15 .25 

B3153. Fancy Chiffon and Lisse 
Banded Frillings, for neck wear, in 
black, white, cream, sky and pink, 

yard_ 15 .20 .25 .30 .35 

B3154. Double Ruching for Babies’ 
Bonnets, in white, yard... .25 .50 
B3155. 1 inch Muslin Frilling, double 
row suitable for nurses’ caps, in 
white, yd .05 or dozen yards .55 
B3156. Tourists’ Silk Cord Frilling, 
white, yd .05 or dozen yards .55 
Note —Plaiting is drawn out straight 
when measuring, 1 yard on the 
straight making % yard plaited. 
B3157. 4 inch Plaited Chiffon, in 

black, white, cream, yard... 10 

B3158. 14 inch Plaited Chiffon, 
in black, white, cream, yard... .25 
B3159. 22 inch Plaited Chiffon, in 
black, white and cream only, yd .36 
B3160. 4 inch Plaited Chiffon, black 
or white, with edge of silk 

ruching, yard .15 

B3161. 6 inch Plaited Chiffon, black 
or white, with edge of silk 

ruching, yard 20 

B3162. 9 inch Plaited Chiffon, black 
or white, with edge of silk 

ruching, yard 25 

B3163. Tnree rows Plaited Chiffon, 
with ruching, mounted on 
band, black or white, yard 85 

wnite, cream, black, sky, rose, 
red. champagne and green, yd .25 

B3165. Hemstitched Chiffon Neck 
Frilling, white, cream, sky, 

black, rose, yard .35 

Wider Widths for sleeves, black 
and white 60 

B3166. Box 
of SixNeck 
Frills, as- 
sorted, in 
all white, 
or white 
sky and 
pink, spec- 
ial, per 
box 25 

B3703. Box 
of SixNeck 
Frills, as- 
sorted, in 
all white, 
o r white, 
sky and 
pink, spec- 
ial, per 
box ..60 

Orders to be sent in the o 
shipment must be received 
the one letter, otherwise th 
will be shipped separately. 

Scar Hi 

Extra fife; 
Cr epe (Lkt 

Scarf, 1 
yds. lot 
18in. wi 
g roun 
ty flor 
sky, pi 
and he! 
ends he 



2 %yards 
13% ins. 
finishe d 
at ends 
sky, pink 



Hi toll) 

Spa ni jt 
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HANDKERCHIEF SECTION* The growth of our Handkerchief Section demonstrates to us that our customers are 
ling out that we can save money for them on small as well as large items. The reason why is because we are offering 
idkerchiefs, whether cotton, linen or silk, at the lowest possible prices. 

Men’s Japanette Handkerchiefs 

I . These beautiful Japanette Handkerchiefs have the wearing qualities of the best linen, the softness of the finest cambric, and the 
Deauty of the finest silk, are large size 18 x 18, white centers with colored hemstitched border. These elegant handkerchiefs are also 
suitable for making KIMONAS, APRONS, DUSTING CAPS, SLEEVE PROTECTORS, Work Bags, etc. We can furnish these 
ixquisite handkerchiefs in colored borders of navy and white, sky and white, mauve and white, green and white, pink and 
white, and other.fancy combinations. Our price only— 

3 '» ,25 

der by Number 

Men’s Muffler Squares 

If sent by mail allow 
sufficient postage 

Our showing of 
Muffler Squares 
for this season is 
large and varied 
and will be found 
very desirable as 
a useful and ac- 
ceptable present. 

B4-4. Mufflers, plain 
cream, also cream 
with colored 
polka dot, fancy 
stripes and 
checks, each 

15 .20 

B4-6. Mufflers, col- 
ored, in stripes, 
plaids and checks 
.35 or 3 for 1 .00 

. Cashmere, all wool, plain cream and cream 
th colored polka dot, each .25 .35 .50 


4. Japanese Paper Napkins, splendid assort- 
snt of neat and appropriate designs for all 
casions, including the following : Lilac, 

Diets, wild rose, palms, holly, aster, orchid, 
insettia, Scotch thistle, cupid, British Am- 
ican or German flag, golf, hunting, yachting, 
ose girl, musical and masonic, per doz. .05 

plaids, newest designs, 

B4-10. Colored 
Cashmere, a 1 .1 
wool, in light and 
dark colors, 
plaids and polka 
dots, each 

. .35 .50 .75 

Also silk mixtures, 

.50 .75 1.00 

B4-12. Cashmere, 
i n shepherd’s 
black and white 
check, each 

.25 .35 .50 

B4-14. Colored Silk, 
large size, bro- 
caded fancy 
stripes and 

1.00 1.25 1.50 

Extra heavy, each 2.00 2.25 2.50 3.00 

full size, satin borders, extra heavy. Special .75 
B4-22. Black Silk Mnfflers, hemstitched, twilled, 
also black and white shepherd’s plaids, with 
tape bordered edge, extra large, each 

- 75 1.00 1.25 1.50 

This cut illustrates 
an “ All Can- 
adian ” Design 
Napkin, produc- 
ed by our design- 
ers and confined 
strictly to The T. 
Eaton Co., Limit- 
ed. Price per 

of 100 40 

Per doz. 


assortment of patterns. 

We are also showing 
something new in a 
Lunch Set, put up in 
a neat box, contain- 
ing 1 tablecloth (size 
42x70 inches), 12 nap- 
kins. For luncheons 
or evening parties 
these paper sets are 
very popular, being 
both dainty and eco- 
nomical. They come 
in the following de- 
signs: Roses, golden 
rod, Japanese social 
tea, lily, chrysanthe- 
mum, wild 
rose, holly, box .1 5 

Eaton’s Special 

B4-30. Our assorted 
box of Napkins, each 
contain 50 napkins, 
ten designs, neatly 
folded, and in an 

Special, per box.. .15 

Men’s Mercerized Handkerchiefs 
(Silk Initial) 

Men’s extra 
fine mer- 
ceriz ed 
chiefs in 
only with 
fine hem- 
hems, full 
size with 
ered silk 
made and 
of long 


state initial wanted, each , 

ualities. When ordering be sure to 

— .12% 


*+*T. EATON CO- 



Handkerchiefs if by mail each 2c 


See page 97 for Special Line of 
Men’s Handkerchiefs. 

Real Laee Handkerchiefs 

Note— Above cut shows only a few of our splendid range of real lace 
handkerchiefs. Centres, Sheer Linen. 

Maltese Lace, all hand made, 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25 ; deeper lace, $1.50, $2.00, 
$2.25 and $2.50 each. 

Honiton, all hand made, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $3.50, $4.00, $1.50, $5.00, $6.00, 
SH.00, $9.00, $10.00 and upwards. 

Brussels Point, hand made, $5.00, $6.00, $8.00, $10.00 ; extra fine, $15.00, $20.00, 
$25.00, $35.00 and $50.00 each. 

Plain and Fancy Silk Handkerchiefs 

B4-42. Plain Cream, Japanese, hemstitched, pure silk, children’s size, 10c, 
18c or 3 for 50c. Men’s size, 25c and 35c each, or 3 for $1.00. 

B4-44. Plain Cream Hemstitched Japanese Pure Silk, large size, extra heavy, 
50c, 75c and $1.00 each. 

B4-45. Twilled Silk Hemstitched Japanese Plain Cream, 35c, 50c; extra 
large and heavy, 75c and $1.00. 

B4-46. Black Hemstitched Pure Silk, 35c and 50c each ; twilled, 75c each. 

B4-47. Men’s Woven Tape Border Japanese Silk, large size, 25c, 35c or 3 for 
.00 ; 50c and 65c each. 

B4-48. Brocaded Silk Handkerchief, in mixed colors, 25c, 35c, 50c and 65c j 

Bl-49. Men’s Japanese Pure Silk Handker- 
chief with hemstitched colored border, in 
fancy designs, as cut, 50c. 

Women’s Linen Handkerchiefs 

B4-50. Centres, 8 x8 and 9x9 inch, %-inch 
hemstitched, 3 for 25c and 2 for 25c. 

B4-5034- Ladies’ 12-ih. fine Irish Linen, hem- 
stitched, %, 34, 34-in. hems. 9c or 3 for 25c ; 
10c or $1.20 doz; 1234c or $1.50 doz ; 15c or 
$1.70 doz ; 18c or 3 for 50c ; 20c or $2.25 doz. 
The 20c handkerchief is of the finest Irish 
linen made. 

B4-51. Ladies’ large size pure Irish Linen, 
4 for 25c, 3 for 25c, 2 for 25c ; finer hem- 
stitched, wide and nairow hems, 15c or 


$1.70 a doz ; 18c or $2.00 doz ; 20c or $2.25 doz ; 25c or $2.75 dozen. 

B4-52. Ladies’ Extra Fine Sheer Linen, hemstitched 34 and 34-inch hems, 
1234c, 15c, 18c, 20c and 25c each. 

B4-53. Ladies’ Shamrock Handkerchiefs, extra fine, 45c each or $5.00 doz; 
65c each or $7 .50 dozen. ’ 

B4-54. Ladies’ Black Border, Pure Irish Linen, hemstitched, 10c, 1234c, 15c I 
each or $1.70 doz ; 18c each or 3 for 50c ; 20c each or $2.25 doz ; 25c each | 
or $2.75 dozen. 

Men’s Linen Handkerchiefs 

B4-32. Men’s Pure Irish Linen, tape border, me- 
dium size, 4 for 25c ; 3 for 25c ; 2 lor 25c ; 15c or 
$1.70 doz ; 18c or $2.00 doz ; 25c or $2.75 dozen. 

B4-33. Men’s M size, Pure Irish Linen, tape bord- 
ers, 1234c or $1.50 doz; 15c or $1.70 doz; 18c or 
$2 00 doz ; 25c or $2.75 dozen. 

B4 34. Men’s Hemstitched Pure Irish Linen, 34, 
34. ?4 and l->uch hem. 10c, $1.20 doz ; 1234c or 
$1 50 doz ; 15c or $1.70 doz ; 18c or $2.00 doz ; 20c 
or $1.25 doz; 25c or $2.75 doz; 35c or $4.00 doz. 
The 35c quality is of the finest Irish linen made. 

B4-35. M n’s Hemstitched, extra large, tine Irish 
Linen, wide and narrow hems, 35cor$4.00 doz ; 
45c or $5.00 doz ; 60c or $6.75 doz. 

Fancy Handkerchiefs 

B4-36. Fancy Swiss, embroidered edge, embroid- 
ered and fiemstitched edge, and lace trimmed, 
3 for 25c ; 10c, 1234c, 15c, 18c each or 3 for 50c ; 
20c, 25c, 35c or 3 lor $1.00. 

B4-37. Fancy Swiss, embroidered in black, 1234c, 
15c, 18c, 20c, 25c and 35c each or 3 for $1.00. 

B4-38. Fancy Linen, embroidered in black, 35c, 
50c, 65c, 75c and $1.00 each. 

B4-39. Fancy Linen, embroidered in white, 35c 
or 3 for $1.00; 50c, 65c, 75c, $1.00; extra fine, 
$1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00 and $2.50 each, all new 

B4-40. Fancy Openwork, guipure edges, all linen, 
75c, $1.00, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00 and $2.50 each. 

Cotton Handkerchiefs 

B4-55. Children’s plain, white hemmed Irish 
lawn, also colored borders, 20c, 24c and SOc doz. 

B4-56. Ladies’ plain, white hemstitched Irish 
lawn, also colored borders, 8 for 25c ; 6 for 25c 
and 4 for 25c. 

B4-57. Ladies’ Irish Lawn, hemstitched, hlack 
borders. 6 for 25c and 4 for 25c. 

B4-58. Men’s tape border Irish lawn, large size, 
8 for 25c, 6 for 25c, 4 for 25c, and 3 for 25c. 

B4-59. Men’s plain, white hemstitched Irish lawn, 
4 for 25c. 

B4-60. Men’s Colored Handkerchiefs, red and 
white, also blue and white, 6 for 25c, 4 for 25c, 
3 for 25c, 2 for 25c and 10c each. 

Ladies’ and Men’s Initialed Handkerchiefs 

The cuts below are an exact reproduction of the Initials, which are all hand embroidered by the peasants in Ireland. The handkerchiefs themselvesi 
are of fine I ish Linen, grass bleached and finely laundried, with narrow hemstitched hems. 

Silk Handkerchiefs Nos. Bl-66 and B4- 67 we import direct from Japan, thereby gaining for you extra quality at the exceptionally low prices quoted] 
below. If requested will put these up in fancy boxes suitable for gift making. 







B4-61. Ladies’ Pure Irish Linen Handkerchiefs 
hemstitched, hand embroidered initial, as cut, 
18c each or $2.00 dozen. 

B4-62. Ladies’ Pure Irish Linen Handkerchiefs, 
hemstitched, hand embroidered initial, as cut, 
25c each or $3.00 dozen. 

B4-63. Ladies’ Pure Irish Linen Handkerchiefs, 
hemstitched, extra fine, initial as cut, 35c each 
or $4.00 dozen. 

B4-64. Men’s Pure Irish Linen Handkerchiefs, 
hemstitched, hand embroidered, initial, as cut, 
full size, 25c each or $3.00 dozen. 

B4-65. Men’s Pure Irish Linen Handkerchiefs, 

hemstitched, extra fine, hand embroidered 
initial, as cut. 35c each or $4.00 dozen. 

B4-66. Men’s Pure Japanese Silk Handkerchiefs,) 
good size, 134-inch hem, special, 25c each. 

B4-67. Men’s Pure Sil k Japanese Handkerchiefs,! 
34 inch hem with small neat initial, as cut, 3 C 
each or 3 for $1.00. Better qualities, initialed. 
SOc and 75c. 



Swiss Linen and Lawn Handkerchiefs 



10 c 



10 c 

I 84-9299 


i2J° i 



10 c 


! 12JC ! 



15 c 



15 c 

B4-131 17 
15 c 



15 c 



15 c 

a w 

20 c 


20 c 



20 c 

I WS3^S& 

L . 

< i B4-9458 
i| LAWN 
25 c 





25 c ! 

S ' M 

B4-9352 L 


35 c 





lit- .. 

~ Hv- 4 ! 






33-102. Silk Stock, white silk binding and 
val. lace ruche in black, white, cream, sky, nile, 
red, pink, reseda, helio, navy and brown, 

each — .25 

3-103. White Silk Stock with jabot and piping 
of contrasting colors, colors rarige same as 
B3-102, also all black, each 35 

B3-106 White Silk Stock braided with taffeta silk 
in black, white, sky, nile, red, pink, 
reseda, navy, brown and all black, each .50 
B3-107. Folded Ecru Net Stock with French knots 
in black, cream, sky, red, pink, navy and 

brown, each - .50 

B3-108. Folded Chiffon Stock trimmed with bebe, 
Irish and val. lace with chiffon ruche in 
black and white, white, sky and pink, each .50 
B3-109. Chiffon Stock trimmed with white Swiss 
medallions in white, sky and pink, each .50 
B8-110. Neat Val. Lace Stock on foundation 

of taffeta, white only, each 50 

B3-111. Tailored Taffeta Stock with Ercu "lace 
medallions in white, sky, nile, red, pink, 

navy and brown, each 50 

B3-112. White Chiffon and Lace Stock with light 
touches of black, white, cream, sky, nile, 

pink, helio. navy and brown, each ,75 

B3-114. Val. LaceStock*high at sides with chiffon 
jabot ornamented with colored buttons in black, 
white, cream, sky, nile, red, reseda, navy 
and brown each 75 

B3-115. Sky and White Combination Folded 
Stock with lace medallion ornamented with 
French knots in black, white, sky, pink, 

reseda, helio, violet and navy, each 75 

B3-116. Accordion Pleated Cream Net Stock 
trimmed with narrow ribbon in cream, 

sky, pink and brown, very new, each._ 75 

B3-117. Handsome Folded Chiffon Stock trimmed 
with satin ribbon and beads, in black 

onlv, each 85 

B3-118. D linty Chiffon and Fine Val. Lace Stock 
trimmed with silk applique and medal- 
lions in white, sky or pink, each 85 

B3-119. This Stock is made of Folds of white, 
pink, champagne and sky Chiffon ornamented 
with beads and chiffon ruche, make a pleasing 

and effective combination, each.. 1 .00 

B3-120. Folded Stock of Messaline Silk and Val. 
Lace in black, white sky, nile and pink, 

each 1.00 

B3-121. Fancy Stock of Folded Crepe de Chine 
and double row hemstitched Chiffon Ruching 
trimmed with silk applique in black, white, 
sky and pink, or nile ana pink combin- 
ations, each 1.00 

B3-122. Fancy Stock of Fine Folded Net in 
cream only, trimm d with Swiss guipure 

and steel beads. Sty'ish. each 1 .00 

B3-123. Fancy Stock of Filet Net trimmed with 
fine val. with folds of chiffon laid on in 
white, sky or pink, each 1 .00 

B3-124. Cream Lace Stock with chiffon jabot < 
lace medallions, with silk folds at top in ji 
black, cream, sky, pink or reseda, each 1 .< R The 
B3-125. Handsome Chiffon Stock ornament!!, go 
with fine medallions and pearl beads, with fcPWi 
of crepe de chine at top in cream, sky, §p;ii 

nile or pink, each T ™.l.; ittliu 

B3-126. White Hand Made Lace Stock interlai 

with folded crepe de chine in black with wl ! the 
French dots, sky with pink dots, nile w i), witl 
brown dots and brown with pink dots, I iri pot 

each. 1.1 'd ; ver 

B3-127. Chiffon Stock trimmed with guip t Pis 
medallions and the new Dresden ribbon, ] ifeoi 

each _ 1 .f i t» 

B3-128. White Folded Chiffon Stock trimnl fith si 
with Swiss applique and colored rosettes ' Iron 
in white, sky, nile, pink and brown, each 1 he 
B3-129. White Chiffon and Val. Lace Stock w m',r 
pleated jabot trimmed with colored ribt; pbroi 

in black, white, sky, nile, pink, each 1.; i Pm 

B3-130. Cream Oriental Lace Stock with folds Ned; 
crepe de chine in cream, sky, pink and ) tiaam 

brown, each 1.1 i Col] 

B3-131. Effective Black and White Stock ktciem 
silk la~e and chiffon, new and in good Em 
tfiste G&cli ^ | 

B3-132. Elaborate Stock of Chiffon and Fine V 
Lace trimmed with pearl beads and s' 
applique in all the light Persian effects, I 




* 1*0 



V»* > 


. !, 



65c pair 

B3-141. Ladies’ Fancy Double Shield Bow 

in assorted fancy plaids. Each .20 

B3-281. Plain Eton Collar, round or square 
corners 2 inch at back, 1 % inch in front. 

Sizes 11 to 14% Each 1 2% 

B3-300. Fancy Embroidered Linen Collars in 
styles similar to cut. Sizes 12% to 14%. These 
collars will be greatly worn this season. We 
have provided an immense stock representing 
scores of designs. Prices vary from 

15 .20 .25. and .35 each. 

B3-500. Fancy Roman Striped Shield Bow of 
heavy corded silk. New York style. Ea. .45 
B3-501 Fine Swiss Embroidered Collar 

Tabs, white only _ .10 or 3 for .25 

B3-502. Fine Embroidered Plastron, trimm- 
ed with Valenciennes lace, white only. Ea. .50 
B3-503. Silk Windsor Ties, plaid and clan tartans, 
including McKenzie Forbes, • King Edward, 
Royal Stuart, Victoria, Gordon, McDuff, 

and black and white check. Each 25 

B3-504. Ladies’ Silk Shield Bow, all colors. 

Each - 12 % 

B3-505. String Ties, silk or satin. Each 15 

Larger and better quality at .2 5 

B3-506. Fancy Embroidered Barbette, trimmed 
with fine Valenciennes lace, for wearing 
with linen collar, white only, Each 50 

B3-507. Chiffon Collar Forms, soft or stiff, 

all sizes. ‘Each 05 

B3-11365. Hand-made Yoke of Battenberg Braid 
and fine Valenciennes Lace, white only. 

Each 65 

B3-11368. Fine Lace Sleeves of embroidered net 
and Valenciennes; effective and new ; 

white oniy. Each pair .65 

B3-13199. Eyelet Embroidered Collar Tab, 

white only. Each .12% 

B3-13200. Swiss Embroidered Collar Tab, 

white only. Each . - .12% 

B3-13201. Very Fine Embroidered Collar 

Tab, white onlv. Each 20 

B3-13202. White Collar Tab, in effective 

eyelet patterns, white only. Each 20 

B3-13203. White Embroidered Stock Collar 

in fancy open work design. Each ,15 

B3- 13204. Heavily Embroidered Stock 

Collar, white only. Each .2Q 

B3-13205. Fancy Collar and Cuff Set, embroidered 
in eyelet, medallion effect, white only,. 

Special, per set 25 

B3-13206. Very Fine Embroidered Collar and 
Cuff Sets, imitating the real hand em- 
broidered work, white only. Per set .50 

B3-14196. Fine Lace Plastron, introducing 
the new filet mesh, ivory only. 29 

35 c 



0. The new Semi-stiff Embroidered Linen 
lar, greatly worn in Paris and New York, 
i fancy open work edge with neat embroider- 
design. Specially gotten out and is extra 
id value. Sizes 12%, 13, 13%, 14 and 

1. Be sure to state size required. Ea. .15 
1 The new take-apart Linen Stock (wash- 
e), with silk throwover in navy or the new 
iwn polka dot, or any plain shade de- 

id ; very smart. Each 25 

14. Fine Stock of Valenciennes Lace, 

white only. Each 35 

15. Tailored, Linen Ascot, embroider- 

with silk, in white, sky, pink, navy 

i brown. Each 50 

13. The New Longerie Bow of fine Lawn 
i Valenciennes Lace fer wearing with 
i embroidered linen collars. Each ... ... .25 
5. Fancy Cream Net Bow, with colored 
ped edge, in black, white, sky, pink, 
leda and brown. Each 25 

16. Collar and Cuff Sets of fine lawn and 
lenciennes lace and insertion. Per set .35 
17 Extra fine Collar and Cuff Sets, 
mmed with fine Valenciennes. Per set .50 

Fine Linen Coat Set of Collar and Cuffs, 
th five rows of stitching on edge, to be 
aatly worn this season. Per set... .60 



Women’s and Children’s Kid 

Women's French Kid Gloves 

Bl-101. The “Vero Glove,” made of 
splendid quality French Kid with 
neatly embroidered backs. Colors 
tan, mode, beaver, grey, navy, nearl, 
ox blood, myrtle, brown, black and 
white. Sizes 534 to 8. See cut 
above, pair - .75 

Bl-102. The “Princess Glove” for Wo- 
men, made of fine French Kid skins 
specially selected by our buyer, and 
guaranteed. Colors are tan, fawn, 
mode, beaver, peail, grey, ox blood, 
navy, brown, champagne, myrtle, 
black and white. Full size range 
from 534 to 8, see cut above. A fav- 
orite at per pair...—. 1 .00 

Bl-103. Better quality, sizes 5% 
to 734, pair 1.25 

Bl-104. The “Majestic Glove,” the old 
reliable French Kid make for wo- 
men who demand the best that is 
made, and satisfaction accompanies 
every pair. None but perfect skins 
used. Best colors such as tan, mode, 
brown, grey, pearl, navy, green, ox 
blood, champagne, white and black. 
Sizes for black 5 34 to 8 ; for colors 
5% to 7 ; per pair 1.50 

Women’s Cape Skin Gloves 



Bl-106. Finer 
Cape Skin Glov 
newest tan shad 
with outside stitching and Bolton 
thumb. Sizes 5% to 7 34, pair 

1.00 1.SO 

Bl-107. Women’s Best Quality Walking 
Gloves for fall and winter stieet 
wear ; prix seams, spear backs, pearl 
buttons and right shades of 
tan. Sizes 5% to 7, pair.... ----- 1.75 
Women’s Mocha Gloves 

Bl-127. Single Dome Mocha Gloves for 
women. They’re becomingly design- 
ed, sure to be comfortaDle. Colors 
are grey and tan. Sizes 5% to 

% Pa ir - 1.50 

Bl-178. The “Astoria” Glove, a 2 dome 
Mocha of very fine quality. Colors 
are pearl, slate, tan, green, black, 
ox blood, brown and navy. 

Sizes 5 34 to 7, per pair 1.75 

Long Kid, Suede and Silk Gloves 

Bl-108. Women’sS button length Glace 
Gloves, made of fine quality kid, in 
white, grey. mode, cx blood, myrtle, 
navy tan. brown and black. 

Sizes 5% to 7, pair 1.75 

Bl-109. Women’s Elbow Length Mous- 
quetaire Gloves, made ofpicked kid 
skins, big range of colors including 
white, rose, sky, champagne, grey, 
tan, brown, navy, myrtle and black. 
Sizes 5% to 7. 

12 button length per pair 2 25 

16 2.75 

Bl-llD. 20 button length Kid Gloves 
for evening wear and afternoon 
functions, elegant quality and fin- 
ish. Colors white, sky, rose and 

black. Sizes 5% to 7, pair. 3.25 

Rl-111. Long Silk Gloves in black aad 
white only. - « 

20 inches, per pair 75 

24 “ “ — 1.00 

Bl-112. Women’s 8 button Suede 
Gloves, excellent quality skins, over- 
sewn seams. Paris points, correct 
length for the % sleeve, black 
only. Sizes 5*4 to 7, pair 1.75 

Bl-113. Elbow Length Suede Gloves in 
black or white. Made from specially 
selected stock, and sure to fit. Sizes 
534. 6, 6% 634 . 6% and 7. 

12 button length, per pair 2.00 

16 “ “ “ “ 2.50 

Bl-114. 20 and 24 Button Suede Gloves, 
best quality and perfect finish. 
Made specially for evening wear. 
The 20 button just passes elbow ; 24 
button half way to shoulder. Black 
only. Sizes 534 to 7. 

20 button length, per pair. 3.00 

24 3.50 


Bl- 1 00. Above illustration represents our special line of fine French 
Kid Gloves. Fine stitching and embroidered backs. Colors are 
decidedly inviting including tan, brown grey, green, 
navy, white and biack. Sizes are 5% to 734- Clearing 
price pair _ 

Women’s Lamb Skin G'oves 

Bl-115. Women’s two dome Lamb 
Skin Glovesi strong and service- 
able. Colors are tan, brown, ox 
blood, mode, grey, pearl, navy, 
green, white and black. Sizes 
5J4 to 8, per pair ,59 

Bl-116. Two Dome Lamb Skin Gloves 
in extra fine quality, and neatly fin- 
ished with embroidered backs and 
fine stitching. Colors are brown, 
tan, grey, fawn, mode, beaver, 
pearl, white and black. Sizes 
6% to 7, pair ,65 

Bl-117. Women’s Finer Quality Lamb 
Skin Gloves. These have the ap 
pearance and finish of a much hign 
er priced Kid glove. Good colors too, 
such as brown, navy, green, beaver, 
mode, grey, fawn, tan, white and 

black. Sizes 5% to 7 34, pair... 6Q 

Bl-118. Best of All Lamb Skin Gloves. 
A special line specially manufac- 
tured for ^T. EATON Cfi- 


Colors are tan, mode, brown, beaver, 
grey, black and white. Sizes 
5% to 7 only, per pair._,„„,_.. .75 


Boys’ and Girls’ Fine KidQlo 

Bl-119. Girls’ Good Strong Kid G1 
for Sunday best, two dome fastei 
colors tan, brown, and ox blood 
Sizes 3 to 6, per pair 

Bl-120. Boys’ and Gills’ French 
Gloves with blown fingers, w 
means sure fit right from the 
try-on; pique sewn seams, tan 
only. Sizes 000 to 7. per pair. 1 

the same 
last season, 
for the dressy lads. Sizes 000 
Newest tan shades, pair 
Bl-122. Boys’ single dome 
Skin Gloves in tan on 1 
wear out. Sizes 1 to 5, 


Bl-123. Women’s Gauntlet Glov 
shown in figure above, 
fine soft quality Mocha skin 
deep cuff finished with fringe 
pique sewn seams; 
walking or driving. Colors 
and tan only. Sizes 6 to 8, pr. 

Bl-124. Women’s “Irene,” a 2c 
fine Suede glove for street wear, 
made and tastefully finished . C 
are tan, brown, grey, mode, be; 
green. Sizes for black 534 to7> 

colors 534 to 7, per pair _ 1 

Bl-125. Better Quality Women’s S 
Gloves with pique sewn seams)} 
neat Paris pointed backs ; two c 
fasteners. Colors are grey, 
brown, mode and black. Sizes 
534 to 7, per pair 1 



Bl-126. Women’s Best Quality S 
Gloves: examples of A1 mate: Bj,, 
best workmanship ; perfect fit 4 
Up-to-dateness of color and fi % 
Included are tans, browns, f 
and blaok. Sizes 634 to 7 pr.. 


Women’s and Children’s Wool 


130. Women’s Fleece Lined Kid 
loves, fur top, in tan and brown, 
zes 6 to 8 , very dressy and 

mg, per pair - .75 1.00 

L29. Women’s Fleece Lined Suede 
loves, in tan and brown, excellent 
>ft qualities, sizes 6 to 8 
er pair 75 1.00 


Bl-137. Women’s Black . Cashmere 
Gloves, with Jersey wrist, all styl- 
ishly finished, pair 25 .35 

Bl-138. Women’s Black Cashmere 
Gloves with two dome fasteners, in 
sizts by 2 to 7, big sellers at per 

pair 25 

Bl-139. Two Dome Cashmere Gloves, in 
black, white, grey and brown, 
two qualities, at per pair .35 .50 
Bl-140. Two Dome Cashmere Gloves, in 
black, white, mode and grey, half- 
sil k lined ; beautiful, fine quality 

pair. 50 

Bl-141. Women’s Plain Cashmere 
Gloves, in black only, half-silk 

lined, per pair 65 

All Silk lined .75 



Women’s Fleece Lined Kid 
with warm fur top, in tan 
only, sizes 6 to 8 , pair 1.25 

Bl-143. Women’sPlain Black Silk Mitts, 
possessing not only style and dressi- 
ness, but dependability as well. 

two qualities, pair 1.00 1.25 

B1-L44. Women’s oilk Mitts, with fancy 
backs in best qualitv stock 
pair 1.50 1.75 2.00 

Bl-145. Women’s Imitation Astrachan 
Gauntlets, as cut; black only 1.00 
Bl-146. Misses’ and Boys’ Imitation As- 
trachanGauntlet Mitts, with fineeven 
curl, black or grey. Sizes 1 to 
6 , pair .50 .65 


Bl-148. Boys’ or Girls’ Single-ply Black 
Wool Mitts, made from good tena- 
cious stock, per pair 20 .25 

Bl-149. Boys’ orGirls’ Double-ply Black 
Wool Mitts; stand hard treat- 
ment, and plenty of it, pair .25 .35 
Bl-150. Girls’ Wool Mitts, with fancy 
backs; just what the dressy little 
ladies of to-day are looking for; 
colors are white, garnet, navy 

and black, pair 25 


Bl-151. Boys’ and Misses’ Plain Colored 
Ringwood Gloves, neat fitting and 
smartly tidy, in scarlet, garnet, navy, 
black, or white, pair.. .25 and .35 
Bl-152. Boys’ Ringwood, of fancy mixed wool, in dark colors, 

sizes 2 to 6 , per pair .25 


Bl-154. Women’s Stylish Ringwood 
Gloves, in neat and up-to-date pat- 
terns, carefully-made fingers and 
close-fitting wrist-cuffs; choice of 
black or white, 

per pair 25 .35 .50 


B1-147. Women’s Imitation Astrachan Gauntlets, in 
black & gray ; heavy leather facing and deep, 
bell-shaped cuffs; decidedly warm and roomy; 
for out-door recreation. See cut above. Pair 


Women’s Wool Lined Mocha 
of specially soft, even 
, in black, tan and grey, 

6 to 8 , per pair 1.50 

Best Quality Fur Lined Suede 
for Zero time, 

lined, per pair 2.25 

piirrel lined, per pair 3.75 

an warm wool nnmgs, in tan 
fiy, pair..._ 75 1.00 

3fi. Women’s Wool Lined Kid Mitts, 
black only, for general cold 
eather service, sizes 6 to 8 , pair 1.00 

36A. Wool Lined Mocha Mitts, of 
ttra fine soft make, in black or 

n, per pair 1 .50 

Bl-156. Women’s Double-ply WoolMitts, 
in black only ; suitable forwalking, 
snow shoeing, driving or 

skating, pair .20 -25 35 

Bl-157. Fancy Knit Double wool Mitts 
in black only ; in these you get com- 
fort, style and long wear ; every- 
thing a mitt can possess, 

Pair 25 .35. .50 


!34.Women’s Plain Top Kid or Suede 
itts, wool lined, good wearers, 

1 tan only, per pai r 75 1.00 

8 103 



Bl-159. Boys’ or Girls’ Wool Lined Kid 
Gloves, with plain top, two differ- 
ent qualities, per pair.... .65 .75 

Bl-158. Girls’ Fur Top Kid Gloves, with 
wool lining throughout; the 
essence of comfort, per pair ... ,75 

B1164.Boys’FleeeeLined Black Leathei 
Mitts, with knitted wool cuffs, as 
shown in above cut, sizes 3 to 6 .35 

Bl-160. Boys’ Wool Lined Suede Gloves, 
in suitable tan shades, sizes 
3 to 6, per pair 65 .75 


Bl-162. Boys’ or Girls’ Fur Top Kid 
Mitts, with heavy wool lining, 
for mid-winter wear, per pair .65 

Bl-163. Boys’ Wool Lined Suede Mitts, 
wi^h close-fitting elastic wrist, in 
tan only, sizes 3 to 6 , paii 65 

Bl-lfil. Children’s Plain Top Kid Mitts 
with wool lining, elastic wrist, 
in tan only, sizes 1 to 5, per pair ,50 

Bl-lfi5. Boys’ Black Leather Gauntlet 
Mitts, fleece Lning, for sleigh- 
riding or tobogganing, pair .._ .50 


B1-16G. Cosy Little Wool Infantees, in 
cream or white, small sizes, 
per pair 15 .20 .25 .35 

Bl-167. Fancy Infantees in Assorted 
colors; splendid range, 
per pair 15 .20 .25 



Men’s Heavy Leather Gloves and Mitts 

Heavy Lined Gloves 

Bl-175. Men’s FleeeeLined Oil Tan 
Gloves, a gcod all-round chore 

glove, per pair .65 

Bl-176. Men’ s Heavy Calf Faced Gloves, 
with wool lining, suitable for 

bush work, pair 75 

Bl-177. Men’s Fleece lined Para Buck 
Gloves, full of the good wear- 
ing stuff, pair 1.00 

Bl-178. Men’s Heavy Fleece Lined 
Buck Skin Gloves. None better 
for general rough usage, pair 
1 50 2 00 

Bl-179. Men’s Oil Tan Fleece Lined 
Gloves, with deep wool top, fitting 
snugly to the wrist, special 
value, per pair 59 

Gloves, Lined or Unlined 

Bl-173. Men’s Pig Skin Gloves, the 
“ hard-to-wear out ” kind, 

solid comfort, too, per pair 1 .25 

Bl-174. Real Buck Skin Gloves, the 
genuine article in two different 
makes, pair 1.50 2.00 

Bl-170. Men’s Oil Tan Gloves, with 
good, strong sewing, built for general 

scuff work, unlined, pair 50 

Bl-171. Men’s Calf Faced Gloves with- 
out, for thieshkig and 

all teaming, etc., per pair 75 

Bl-172. Men’s Para Buck Gloves, with 
patent cord fastener and a good, 
strong finish throughout, 

Pair — 1.00 

Engineers’ Gloves 

Bl-180. Above cut illustrates one of our 
Heavy Loathe 1 Engineers’ Gloves, 
unlined, hand cord fastener, 

per pair 1.00 1.25 


Men's Fur and Wool Lined 
M itts 

Fur Lined Mitts 

Bl-181. Men's Stylish Kid Mitts, with 
elastic wrist, warm wool lining and 
well made thumbs, per pair 

.75 1.00 

B1-1X2. Men’s Dull Finished Suede 
Mitts, wool lined throughout, neatly 
pointed backs and strong 

dome fasteners, per pair 1 .00 

Bl-183. Men’s Best Quality Wool Lined 
Mocha Mitts. It’s the “ Common 
Sense ” make which has already 
won big favor, sizes 7 y 2 to 10, 
pair 1 .50 

Bl-184. Men’s Heavy Rabbit Lined 
Suede Mitts and Gloves, as shown in 
cut. It’s a luxury for little 
money, pair 2.00 

Bl-185. Men’s Squirrel Lined Mitts and 
Gloves, best quality French Suede 
Skins, used in the shells, specially 
well made, with elastic wrist and 
dependable sti tching, pair_.. .3.75 

B1-186. Your choice of a Heavy Calf Skin Mitt or Glove, 
both have knitted wool lining and double ply wool 
cuff. Any man will find a pair of these a valuable asset 
to his outdoor outfit. Be sure to state glove or 
mitt when ordering. Illustrations to right and 
left show the two styles. Special per pair c 


BI-187. Men’s Unlined Oil Tan Gaunt- 
let Gloves, with good deep self 

cuff, per pair 65 

Bl-188. Unlined GauntletGloves, with 
best quality calf skin palm, a 

splendid seller, at per pair ' .75 

Bl-921. Men’s Black Leather Gaunt- 
lets, unlined, neatly made, with 
well-formed fingers, pair .75 1 .00 
Bl-926. Imitation Astraehan Gaunt- 
lets in glove or mitt form, fleece 
lined, in black only. They are 
he best imitations we have yet 
fen, pair 1 .00 

Bl-1922. Men’s Wool Lined Oil Tan 
Gauntlet Gloves, in medium 

and large sizes, pair .75 

Bl-1923. Men’s OilTanGauntlet Gloves, 
with calf skin palms, wool 

lined, per pair 1 .00 

Bl-1924. Men’s Black Leather Gaunt- 
let Gloves, with fleece lining, with 
full cuff to puss over coat 

sleeve, pair 75 1.00 

B-19'25. Men’s Black Leather Gauntlet 
Mitts, with special make of storm 
wool cuff knit inside. No gale 
too severe for these, pair 1.00 

Men’s Unlined Gauntlet 

Men’s Lined GauntletGloves 
and Mitts 

Men’s Pullover Mittai 

Bl-936. The “ Komfort ” Mitts, fai 
with good quality leather fleece 

hning and wool top, pair 

B 1-937. Calf Faced Mitts, with w 

lining and heavy wool cuff, 


Bl-938. Fleece Lined Horse H 
Mitts, with heavy wool cuff, 

pair 1 .1] 

Bl-939. Men’s Buck Skin Wool LiJ| 
Mitts, with tight fitting wool 
knit wrist, pair 1 . 1 

Bl-934. Men’s Para Buck Wool Li 
Mitts. Correct thing for hand 
timber or steel work, either hot 
or cold, pair 1. 

Bl-93f>. Can supply you with Flij 
Lined Buckskin at same price as 
unlined, quality of shell identica, 
less profit for us, that’s pH. or. 1 , 

Bl-927. Men's Large Size Oil Tai 
Mitts, suitable for wearing ove 
woollen gloves or mitts, per 

pair .5< 

Bl-928. Men’s Calf Skin Faced Oi 
Tan Pullover Mitts, decidedly sof 
and easy to work with, pair... .7' 

Bl -929. Men’s Para Buck Pullovt 
Mitts, defiers of rain, sleet or snow t '/■ 
Don’t need special care. Intende 
for aood, honest wear and a big 

share of it, pair 1 ,0l 

Bl-930. Men’s genuine Buck SkiL 
Mitts and Gloves. Next thing 1 
everlasting as far as wearing qnalit \ 
of the hide is concerned. Thestitcl ' 
ing is made to correspond, pairt .5 

Meit’s Heavy Mitts, Linei 

Bl-931. Men's Heavy Lined or Unlin Bet 

Mitt, also with one finger, two 

different makes, pair 35 .€ 

Bl-932. Men’s Oil Tan Mitts, with 

snug wool lining, per pair .{I 7 

Bl-933. Men’s Calf Faced Oil T|i 
Milts, fleece lining, patent cord 
fastener, per pair . qi 

15 5 , 




’s Uniined Kid Gloves 

Men’s Wool Lined, Kid Gloves 
ight driving or waiking, com- 
( range of sizes from 7 to 10, 
ft tan and brown, per pair 

59 .75 1.00 

Better Quality Wool Lined 

Gloves, pair 1.25 1.50 

Men’s Fine Qu dity Black 
Gloves, wool lined, pair.. 1.00 

Dressy Kid 

Unlined Cape Skin Gloves 

and Wool 

Unlined Suede and Mocha 


Men’s Ringwood Gloves 

Men’s and Women’s Umbrellas and Canes 



Men’s Fine Taffeta or Gloria Cloth Covered 
trellas, with horn, Congo and natural 
1 handles, as shown in cut above, ea. 1.00 
Men’s Fine Cloth Covered Umbrellas, 25- 
i frame, good strong Congo handles, 

ial - 75 

Men’s Fine Quality Silk Mixture Covered 
irellas, steel rod and frame, assorted 

i and Congo handles, each | 50 

, Men’s Umbrellas, with extra fine silk mixed 
:rs and silk ease, neat rolling, and good 
;e of natural wood handles, ea. 2.00 2.50 

Above cut illustrates two styles of our 
ivorite ” for men ; beautiful quality silk 
ture covering and stylish horn and wood 
dies, neatly trimmed in sterling silver 2.50 
i. Men’s Umbrellas, best silk mixed 

srs, horn handles, each 3.00 

Men’s Silk Covered Umbrellas, tape 

er. each 3.50 

Best Sterling Silver Mounted Umbrellas, 
covers and assorted handles. silk cased 3.50 
1. Men’sBest Silk Covered Umbrellas, Para- 
frames, handles assorted in partridge wood, 
e and burn t ivory, each 

4.00 5.00 6.00 7.50 to 10.00 

B1947. Men’s Cape Skin Gloves, un- 
lined, made with prix seams, colors 
are English tan, Manilla and dark 
tan, sizes 7% to 10 , per pair 

1.00 1.25 

B1948. Men’s Fine Quality Silk Lined 
Cape Skin Gloves, neat fitters, dome 
fasteners, sizes 7 to 10, in oak 

tan shade, pair 1.50 

Lined Cape Skin Gloves 

B1919. Men’s Fleece Lined Capo Skin 
Gloves, extra warm and serviceable 
for special occasions, in tan color 

only, sizes 7 to 10, pair 

1.00 1.25 1.50 
B1951. Men’s Extra Fine Quality 
Cape Skin Gloves, stockinette lined, 
good, strong stitching and neatly 
finished all through, two shades ■ 
of tan, per pair 2.00 

B1952. Men’s Single Dome Mocha 
Gloves, of soft, pliable skins, pique 
sewn seams, sizes 7 to 1 ', your 
choice of tan, grey or black, pr 1 .50 
B1953. Men’s Dressy Suede Gloves, 
with pure silk lining, colors 
tan or grey, all sizes, per pair 1 .50 

Lined Suedes and Mochas 

B1954. Men’s Fleece Lined Suede 
Gloves, dome fasteners, colors tan, 
brown and grey, three splen- 
did qualities, pair .75 1.00 1.25 
31955. Men’s Fleece Lined Mocha 
Gloves, the warm and comfortable 
kind, made in tan only, all sizes, 
two extra strong makes, per 
pair... 1.50 2,00 

Gloves, machine knit, colors are 
brown, navy, grey and black, in 
small, medium, and large 

sizes, pair .35 .50 

B1958. Men’s Fancy Heather Knit 
Ringwood Gloves, in dark service- 
able styles, made from strong and 

lasting yarns, all sizes, pair 

.25 .35 .50 

Men’s Wool Mitts 

B1960. Men’s Heavy Wool Mitts, knit 
by hand, can be worn to good 
advantage under a heavy leather 
m'tt for rough work in coldest 

days, per pair 35 .50 

B1962. Men’s Plain Black Double 
Woven Mitts; in all sizes. They're 
both dressy and durable, 

Pair _ 35 .50 


Cl-118. This Special Dollar Line, with fine Gloria 
Cloth Covering, Congo or fancy bone 

handles, each ... . qq 

Cl-119. Women’sStrong Cloth Covered Umbrellas 
with un trimmed Congo handles; big- 
value at this season’s clearing price each 4 Q 
Cl- 120 . Women’s Cloth Covered Umbrellas 
with neatly trimmed Congo handles, each 75 
Cl- 121 . Fine Silk Mixture Covered Umbrellas best 
frame and steel rod handles, in Congo and 
assorted styles of horn, each 1 60 

C 1 - 122 . Women’s Fine Taffeta ciothCovered' Um- 
brellas, with pearl or silver handles, neat 
rolling and decidedly serviceable, each... 2.00 

1-123. Our popular|2.50 line ineludesfancy horn 
pearl and natural wood handles, trimmed with 
C sterling silver trimmings, silk mixed - 

covers and silk case, complete each 2.50 

Cl-124. Women’s Umbrellas, silk cased, natural 
wood handles in newest shapes and styles, 

best silk and wool covers, each.. 3.00 

Cl-125. Big Collection of Women’s Silk Mixed 
Umbrellas, with pearl, silver or wood handles, 

23-inch frame. each_ 3.5Q 

Same article, with pure silk covers, each 5lOO 
Cl-I2(i. High-classSilk Covered Umbrellas for tr» 
sentations, newest styles of handles and ex- 
pert workmanship throughout, ea. 

6.00 to 16.00 

Men’s Serviceable Quality, 
Gloves, in tan and brown only, 
7 L 4 to 10 , per pair. .75 1.00 
Men’s “ Majestic ” Kid Gloves, 
of extra fine French kid, 
sewn seams, gusset fingers, 
and black only, sizes 7 
per pair 1 .50 

’s Lined Kid Gloves 

Cl-109-110. Men’s and Women’s 
Strong Make, Self-opening, steel 
Frame, cloth covers, each 

C 1-1 10a. Men’s and Women’s Self-opening 
Umbrellas, English cloth covers, each 1 .00 
Cl-111. Men’s Self-opening, with Gloria cloth 

covers, steel framework, each 1.50 

Cl-112. Men’s Best Quality Gloria Covering 
self-opening, natural wood handles, each 2.Q0 
Cl-113. Large make Waggon Umbrellas, with 
good strong cloth covers and crooked or 
straight handles, each 95 


Cl-114. Men’s Congo Canes, crook shape, as 

shown in cut, each 50 

Cl-115. Partridge or Congo Canes, in assorted styles 
and shapes, trimmed or unt:immed, see 

cut, each 75 1.00 1.25 1.50 

Cl-116. Fancy Canes for Stylish Dressers, up-to- 

date styles of natural woods, each 

2.00 2.50 3.00 4.00 ,5 00 
Cl-117. Gold-headed Canes, elaborately orplainly 
mounted, suitable for gifts, ea. 6.00 to 18.00 





Women’s and Men’s Fancy Hosiery 

B209. Men’s Fancy Black Cash- 
mere Socks, embroidered in red 
white and sky, specially well 
made, with double heel and 

toe, all sizes, per pair. .35 

3 pairs for 1.00 

Cut to left shows one of several 

B202. Women’s Black Ca shmere Hose 
beautifully embroidered in white, 
sky and red, correct styles and 
weight for present season. They’re 
long wearers and lovely fitters 
Per pair .75 


Women’s Black Cashmere Hose, elegantly embroidered fronts, in 

Colors of patterns are sky blue, 

this season’s newest and neatest designs. 

red and white, sizes 8% to 9%- Above character cut gives you an 

idea of but one of several patterns, per pair .35 

3 pairs for 1 .00 

B206. Women’s Allover Lace Lit 
Hose, in black only, perfect goods! 
every detail, and tti every newest at 
best designs, pair .50 .75 1.G 

B201. Women’s Embroidered Black 
Cashmere Hose in assorted patterns 
for fall and winter wear. Excellent 
quality of yarn used in the manu- 
facture of these, colors white, red 
and sky, regular sizes 8% to 9% 

Per pair .50 

Better quality t 65 or 2 for... 1.25 

B205. Women’s Lace Ankle Lis 
Hosiery in black and white onl; 
Extra fine stock and sure comfo 
double heel and toe, sizes 8% 
to 9%, per pair .35 .50 .7 

B210. Men’s Embroidered Black 
Cashmere Hose, made from sel- 
ected cashmere yarn, stainlessly 
dyed in red, white or 

sky, per pair 50 

See cut to right for one pattern. 

An Embroidered Cashmere Special 

B203. Women’s High Class Fancy Black 
Cashmere Hose embroidered in 
artistic patterns and colors for fall. 
Above cut shows one of many new 
designs, per pair 1.00 1 25 1 .50 

B204. Women’s 
Fancy Black 
Lisle Thread 
Hose, silk em- 
broidered i n 
popular colors, 
d o u b 1 e sole, 
heel and toe. 
Every pair reli- 
able as to qual- 
ity, fit and fin- 
ish, sizes 

to 9y z , per pair 50 .751.00 

B2U. Above cut represents but one 
pattern of our elaborate range of 
Men’s 65c and 75c Socks. Finest 
quality cashmere, embroidered in 
white, red and sky, assorted 
styles, per pair .65 2 prs. for 1 .25 
A still better quality, per pair .75 

B212. Men’s High Grade Fancy Black 
Cashmere Socks, picked from foreign 
makers, best yarns, neat and dashy 
designs, embroidered in white, sky 
and red, per pair 1 .00 1.50 

B'z07f Lace Ankle Black Silk Ho 
made with sufficient style and gra 
to please the most exacting, thi 
different lots to choose from, 
per pair 1 .00 1 50 

B213. Men’s 
Black Lisle 
Thread Socks 
in red, white 
and sky blue, 
good catchy 
fall patterns, 
all sizes, 
per pair .50 
.76 1.00 

B214. Men s 
Fancy Black 
Silk Sox, as il- 
these also come 
in red, white 
and blue pa t- 
terns, chosen 
from the cream 
of our imported 
hosiery stock, 
per pair 

1.50 2.00 3.00 4.00 

B208. Women’s Extra Fine Qual 
Black Silk Hose, handsomely e 
broidered in new French styles, C 
rectfor the dressiest dressers, 

per pair. 2.f 

3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.1 





24. PI 
ith ch 
ilea, p< 

A Page of Women’s Hosiery 

ien’s Plain Cashmere 

Women’s Plain Black Cash- 
j Hose as shown, good sterling 

.lity, per pair 25 

%doz 1.40 

Women’s Black Cashmere, 
'i from soft fitting yarns, full 

it, per pair 35 

- 1.00 

Women’s Finer Quality Black 
‘‘ntrs Hose, with double sole, 

and toe, per pair 45 

-ir3for 1.25 

. Women’s “ Llama ” Cashmere 

- * .• — |la j n b] ac | £ 011 2y 

pliable, per pair .50 

Plain Black “ Indiana ” Cash- 
_-j Hose, from the very finest 
i yarns, stainlessly dyed, long 

: 1 , pair ... .65 

2 pairs for 1.25 

1. Best Quality Plain Black 
t — : - 3 jj osei jight weight, but 
; and lasting, pay well 
j long run, per pair .75 1.00 

ien’s Colored Cashmere 

Women’s Plain Colored Cash- 
j Hose, in cream, cardinal and 

, pair 35 

pairs 1 .00 

. Women’s Natural Color Cash- 
—3 Hose, a beautiful soft make, 

l sizes, 3 pairs for 1.00 


Oxford Grey Cashmeres, 
i, heel and toe, per 


Plain Black Cashmere Hose, 
choice of natural or grey 
, per pair 50 

i 5 s Ribbed Cashmere 

’s 2/1 Ribbed Pure Wool 

Cashmere, a special 

3, at, per pair. 25 

2 1 and 1/1 Ribbed Black 
'ere Hose, full fashioned, right 
i and sizes, for fall or winter, 

ir 35 

airs 1 .00 

Women’s 2/1 Ribbed Cashmere 
, in black only, good heavy 

t, per pair 45 

— > 1.25 

2/1 and 1/1 Ribbed Black Cash- 
j Hose, made from excellent 
; and pure yarns, thoroughly 

'S pair 50 

-—--pg 2/1 Black Cashmere 

i Hose, with high spliced 

ies, exceptional wearing quality, 

~r 65 

■ 2 pairs for 1 ,25 

1. Our .75 Ribbed Cashmere, 
black, is a wonder for strength, 
1 "‘, fit and finish, come in a 

, per pair .75 

bbed Cashmere Special 


Union Black 
Hose, as 
shown, made 
to last, per 
pair..., .18 
half dozen 
pairs for 

Note • — Some keys to the splendid success achieved by this great hosiery 
distributing centre in mail order business. The seven chief 
features which characterize our entire output are as follows : — 


( 2 ) 

( 3 ) 

( 4 ) 

( 5 ) 

( 6 ) 

( 7 ) 

Buying from makers of worthy renown. . 
The standard quality demanded throughout. 

The stainless dyes and shapely styles. 

The perfection of fit and fine finish : no flaws. 
The elaborate ranges of kinds, weights and sizes. 
Your hosiery must be right or money back. 

Your implicit confidence long since established. 

Women’s Overstockings 

B2-39. Rib- 
bed Worst- 
ed Over- 
shown in 
cut, in size 
8^, 9, 9)4 
and 10, per 
pair. .50 

B2-40. Wo- 
men’s 8-ply 
Wool Over- 
c o r r e c t 
thing for 
the stormy 
days, sizes 
9 % 10 

.50 .60 .65 .75 

Women’s Heavy Wool Hose 

B2-41. Ribbed 
Wool Hose, 
snug and 
warm as 
toast, pair 

.25 .35 

B2-42. W o- 
men’s Rib- 
bed Saxony 
Wool Ho- 
siery, spe- 
cally made 
for us, pair 
.50 .60 

B2-43. W o - 
men’s 8-ply 
Wool Hose, 
a soft and 
durabl e 
make, wears like leather, pair .75 

This Extra Speciai for Fall 

B2-38. Women’s Special Make of Plain Cashmere Hos ery, in black 
only. Bought abroad for our mail order customers. None but pure 
cashmere yarn used in their manufacture. Double sole, heel nn 
and toe. Sizes 8 % to 10. Illustrated in sketch above. Per pair iZo 

Women’s Outside Sizes 

B2-32. Women’s Plain Black Cash- 
mere, with high spliced ankles aud 
extra full leg, special make, 

Pair 50 

B2-33. Better Quality Black Cash- 
mere, in outside sizes aud full 
fashioned, pair .65 or 2 pair 1.25 
B2 34. Extra Large Size Cotton Hose, 

in plain black only, pair..._ 35 

or 3 pairs for 1 .00 

Women’s Opera Hose 

B2-35. Beautiful Quality Plain Black 
Cashmere Hose, in opera length, 

full fashioned, per pair_ 75 

B2-36. Extra Fine Lisle Thread Hose, 
opera length, price 75 

B2-37. Opera Length Silk Hose, made 
from very choice spun silk and 
finely finished , 1.50 

Women’s Cotton Hose 

B2-44. Women’s Fleece Lined, Plain 
Black Cotton Hose, heavy weight, as 

shown above, pair 25 

or % doz. pairs 1 . 4-0 

B2-45. Women’s Plain Black Cotton, 
fleece lined, in finer quality, 

full fashioned, per j air.. 35 

3 pairs 1.00 

B2-46. Women’s Plain Black Cotton 
Hosiery, double toe and heel, 

6izes 8 % to 10, pair... 1 2% 

B2-47. Plain Black Cotton Hose, neat 
filling and comfortable, dyed 
for keeps, pair .18 or 3 for .50 
B2-48. Women’s Plain Black Cotton 
Hose, full fashioned, one of 

our most staple lines, pair 26 

B2-49. Finer Quality Plain Black 
Cotton, with double sole, heel 
and toe, pair. .35 or 3 for_ 1.00 
B2-50. Women’s Colored Cotton Hose, 

in white, sky and pink, pair .25 

B2-51. White Cotton Hose, 
medium weight, pair... ,25 .35 

Women’s Lisle Thread Hose 

B2-52. Plain Lisle Hose, in sky, pink, 
cardinal, ta i, white and black, per 

pair. 35 . or 3 for j .00 

B2 53. Finer Quality Lisle Thread 
Hose, in black or white, per 

Pair .50 .75 

B2-54. Women’s Lace Ankle 
Lisle Hose, black or white, pr. .50 
B2-55. Allover Lace Lisle Hose, 
in black only, pair 50 .76 

Women’s Silk Hose 

B2 56. Women’s Plain Silk Hose, In 
black and white only, per pair 

75 1.00 1.25 

B2-57. Women’s Best Qualities Plain 
Black Silk Hose, per pair 

1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 

B2-58. Lace Ankle Silk Hose, in black 
only, per pair... 1.00 1.50 2.00 
B2-59. Allover Lace Silk Hose, hand- 
somely finished, per pair 

3.00 3.50 4. CO 5.00 

B'2-60. Women’s Colored Silk Hose, 
plain, in the following colors 
Red, sky, pink, tan, grey, 
cream and white, per pair 1 .00 

A Union Cashmere Special 

B2-61. Cut below shows a half dozen 
lot of our special line of Union Cash- 
mere Stockings, in sizes 8% to 10, 
dependable quality and overflowing 

value at the price, pair 20 

or 6 pairs for 1.10 



Boys’, Girls’ and Infants’ Hosiery 

B2-62. Girls’ Rib- 
bed Wool Hose, 
in medium 
weight, sizes 6 to 
7)4- per pair .1 5 
sizes 8 to 10, per 
pair 20 

B2-63. Girls Rib- 
bed Wool Hose, 
especially heavy- 
w e i g ht, 4 ply 
yarns used. 
Sizes 6 to 10, per 
pair 25 

B2-64. Girls’ Ribbed Worsted Hose, 
an excellent heavy line at the price. 
Sizes 6 to 10, per pair 25 

B2-65. Girls’ Ribbed Saxony Wool, 
very soft and comfortable. Sizes 
6 634 7 7*4 8 8M to 10 

.26 .26 .25 .30 .30 .36 

B2-66. Girls’ Ribbed Worsted', in 
medium weight for fall or winter 
wear, double sole, heel and toe. 
Sizes 6 634 7 734 8 834 to 10 

.25 .25 .25 .30 .30 .35 

B2-67. Girls’ Ribbed Saxony Wool 
Hose, beautiful quality yarns, and 
neat fitters. Heavy weight. 

Sizes 5 5 *4 6 634 7 734 

Prices .25 .30 .30 .35 .40 .45 

Sizes 8 834 9 934 10 

Prices .50 .60 .60 .60 .60 

B2-68. This cut illus- 
trates our 1/1 
Ribbed Cashm ere 
Stockings for boys 
and girls who know 
a “good thing ” 
when they see it. 
They have full- 
fashioned leg, 
spliced knees and 
double soles, heels 
and toes. 

434 5 534 6 634 7 734 8 834 

.20 .20 .25 .25 .30 .30 .30 .35 .35 

B2-69. Boys’ and Girls’ Extra Fine 
Quality 1/1 ribbed cashmere hose, 

5 534 6 634 7 734 8 834 

.25 .30 .30 .35 .40 .45 .50 .50 

B2-70. Children’s 
2/1 Ribbed Union 
Cashmere, a 
mixture of wool 
and cotton, fast 
black. See cut. 

6 634 1 734 8 834 

.15 .20 

B2-71. 2T Ribbed 
Pure Wool Cash- 
mere with 6 fold 
knee, double 

434 5 534 6 634 to 834 

.15 .20 .25 

B2-72. Full Fashioned Cash mere 
Stockings, 2/1 ribbed make, spliced 
knees, reversible. 

434 5 534 6 634 7 734 8 834 

.20 .25 .30 .35 

B2-73. Heavy 2/1 Ribbed Cashmere 
Stockings for rugged boys and girls. 
All have double knees. 

5 5>4 6 634 7 734 8 834 

.25 .30 .35 .40 .45 .50 

B2-74. Girls’ Plain 
Black Cashmere 
Hose in pure wool, 
spliced knees, sole, 
heel and toe. 

4 to 534 6 634 7 to 834 

.15 .20 .25 

B2-74A. Better Quali- 
ty Plain Black Cash- 
mere, full fashioned 
and thoroughly 
reliable make. 

4 to 534 6 


7 734 8 834 

.30 .35 

B2-75. Girls’ Plain Black Cashmere 
in specially tine quality, made of 
Bradford yarns. 

4 to 534 6 634 7 734 8 834 

.25' .30 .35' .40 

B2-76, Colored plain Cashmere Stock- 
ings, full fashioned, colors cream, 
tan and cardinal. 

4 to 534 6 634 7 734 8 834 

.20 .25 .30 .35 

A Special at 25c pep Pair 

B2-77. Above cut illustrates 2/1 ribbed Black Cashmere Stockings suitable 
for boys and girls. All made of pure cashmere yarn with 6 fold 
knee, 2 ply sole, heel and toe. They’re knit to stand the wear 
of good healthy romping children. Sizes 634 t0 834- Per pair 



B2-78. Boys’ Medium 
Weight fibbed woo) 
hose, sizes 6 to 734 

per pair... - .15 

Sizes 8 to 10 

Per pair .20 

B2-79. Boys’ Ribbed 
Wool, extra heavy 
weight, made of 4 
ply yarns, all sizes, 

6, 634 and U P to 
size 10, per pair .25 
B2-80. Boys’ Good 
Strong Make Rib-, 
bed Worsted Stock-1 
ings, 6, 634, 7 , 734, 

8, 8)4, 9, 934, 10, per pair. 

B2-81. Boys’ Heavy Ribbed W 
Hose, warm and long lasting. 

Sizes 6, 634- 7 

Sizes 734. 8 

Sizes 834 to 10 

\ 91 


12 . 
K 8 


B2-82. Boys’ Medium Weight Rib! 
Worsted Hose, sizes 6, 634, 7 „ 

Sizes 734, 8 

Sizes 8)4 to 10 

B2-83. Ribbed English Worsted H 
specially made for lively boys, 
seams in feet 

Sizes 6, 634- 
Sizes 7, 734- 
Sizes 8 to 10.. 

B2-84. Boys’ Ribbed Saxony Vi 
Hose, heavy weight for midwinte 

Sizes — 

5 634, 6 634 7 7)4 8 8)4 1 

.25 .30 .35 .40 .45 .50 .6 

B2-85. Best Ribbed 
Worsted Over- 


6 25 

6) 4 , .30 

7 .35 

7) 4 - .35 

8 40 

834 to 10.. .50 

B2-86. Heavy Rib- 
bed Wool Over- 

6, 634 7 734 8 

.35 .40 .45 .50 

B2-87. Red Wool Overstockings 

6,634 ’.40 7,734 

8,834 - .50 


Infants’ Hosiery Worthy of Special Mention 

B2-881. Infants’ Plain 
Cashmere Socks, 34 
length, in cream, 
tan, cardinal and 


4 434 5 534 

.15 .15 .15 .15 

B2-882. Infants’ three- 
quarter length Cash- 
mere Socks in black, 
tan, and cream 
4 434 5 534 

.20 .20 .20 .20 

B2-889. Infants’ full 
length 1/1 Ribbed 
Cashmere Hose, in 
black, white, red, 
sky, tan and pink. 

Extra well made 
and dyed for 

4 414 5 534 6 

.25 .25 .25 .25 .25 

B2-890. The “Little 
Darling” full 
length Cashmere Hose, finely knit, smooth 

B2-883. Infants’ Full Length Plain Cashmere 
Hose in cream, tan, cardinal and black. 

4 434 6 534 

.20 .20 .20 .20 

B2-884. Special line of Infants’ Plain Cashmere 
full length Hose, in black only. 

Size* 4 to 534 , per pair 25 

B2-885. Infants’ Wool Bootees in colors 

15 -20 .25 

B2-886. Infants’ Bootees, in white only 

15 .20 .25 and .50 

B2-887. White Wool Leggings, for the tot’s winter 
comfort. Sizes 1, 2 and 3, per pair.. .25 .35 
B2-883. Infants’ Wool Bootikins. Its a legging 
c -mplete with foot, decidedly warm and cosy, 
for small youngsters. Sizes 1, 2, 3. Pair. .35 


4 434 5 5)4 6 

.35 .35 .35 .35 .35 . t 

Note.— When in doubt as to what size t 
order in Children’s Hosiery, kindly stal 
exact age. 




Men’s Socks-An Elaborate Range 


ten's Heavy Wool Socks 

91 Men’s Plain Grey Wool Socks, 
ith heavy ribbed tops, per pair 
1234 .15 and .18 or 3 for .50 

92 Ribbed Grey Wool Socks, extra 
eavy weight, but very soft and com- 
>rtable ; correct thing for Zero 
eather; pair .20 .25 and .35 
93. Men’s Grey Wool Socks, espe- 
ially long-tufted feet, to be worn 
ith rubbers or felt boots, pair .50 

fsh Knit or Worsted Socks 

Plain Irish Knit Socks, in light 
|r dark grey, splendid wearers, 
fair 35 and .50 

>95. Ribbed Irish Knit, in black, 
,lso light and dark grey ; the hard- 
o-wear-out kind, pair 

.25 .35 and .50 

5. Men’s English Worsted Socks, 
thoroughly reliable quality in 
nedium weight, pair. 

25 . .35 and .50 

Cotton and Lisle Socks 

B2897. Neither picture nor type can do full justice to 
these MEN’S PLAIN BLACK SOCKS. Made from 
pure Cashmere yarns and made to stand the test. 
Once you see them they’ll advertise them- 
selves. Sizes 1^ 10 %, 11 and 1134- 

Per pair »25 6 pair for | # 40 

Plain Cashmere Socks 

B2898. Men’s Plain Black Cashmere, 
with spliced heel and toe. seam- 
less finish, pair .18 and .20 

B2899. Plain Cashmere Socks, m 
black, tan or cardinal, double sole, 
heel and toe, a big seller, pair .25 
B2900. Extra fine quality plain Black 
Cashmere Socks, seamless or fashion- 
ed, spliced sole, heel and toe, in- 
tended for your Sunday best, 
pair... ,35 or 3 for 1.00 and .50 

Ribbed Cashmere Socks 

B2901. Men’s Ri bbed Black Cashmere 
Socks, neat fetters and good wear- 
ing yarns in them, seamless feet .25 
B2902. Ribned Black Cashmere Socks, 
best English make, full fashioned 
and well finished throughout, 

pair 35 or 3 for 1 .00 

B2903. Best quality Ribbed Black Cash- 
mere Socks, made from fine Bradford 
yarns, double sole, heel and toe .50 

B2904. Men’s Plain Black Cotton 
Socks, with double heel and 
toe ; stainlessly dyed, pair... .25 
B2905. Plain Black Lisle Thread 
Socks, with neat fitting tops and 
extra fine finish, spliced heel 

and toe, pair 25 .35 

B2906. Men’s Fancy Hose in magnifi- 
cent assortment for fall and winter 
wear, per pair 

35 .50 .75 1-00 

Men’s Stylish Silk Hose 

B2907. Men’s Plain Black Silk Socks 
in a big range of quantities and 
sizes, full fashioned and spliced 
feet, pair .75 1.00 1.50 2.00 
B2908. Men’s Fancy Silk Socks, in- 
cluding up-to-date open work and 
silk embroidered patterns, all beau- 
tifully finished 

pair 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 
NOTE.— For a. more complete 
list of Men’s Fancy Socks 
see Fancy Hosiery Pago pre- 

Lumbermen’s Heavy Socks, Also Boys’ Sizes 

2-909. Above cut shows a Boy’s 
size in Lumberman’s Socks, made 
from good strong and servicable 
yarn, small, medium and largesizes, 
neat cord and tassels at top to 

complete them, pair... 45 

or 3 pair 1.25 

B2-910. Lumberman’s Heavy Socks, in 
dark shades, only made from good 
reliable yarns, and finished at top 
with draw cord, medium and 
large sizes, pair .35 or 3 pair 1.00 

B2-911. Lumberman’s Heavy Wool 
Socks, extra warm and long lasting, 
justrightfortherough skidding, dark 
colors, cord and tassels at top, 
medium and large sizes, pair... .50 

B2-912. Lumberman’s AlI-woo’ extra 
heavy-weightSooks. made from dark 
fancy mixed pure wool yarn; frost 
proof, medium and large sizes, 
draw cord and tasselsat top, pair .76 
B2-913. Lumberman’s best quality 
Black Worsted Socks, pair ... 1 .00 



Ribbons in all Widths and Colors 

Fine Corded Ribbons 

C2-200. Silk Faille or Corded Ribbon 
with strong satin edge, to be used 
for printing purposes, decorating 
and fancy work, colors are white, 
cream, sky, pink, red, cardinal, 
maize, yellow, orange, nile, mauve. 
Widths Yz in. 1 in. 1% in. 2in. 3 in 
Prices .04 .06 .09. 12)4 .15 

Narrow Moire Ribbons 

C2-20L Ocean Wave Silk Ribbon, for 
beading, trimming purposes and 
general fancy work, colors are 
white, cream, sky, turquoise, pale 
pink, deep pink, scarlet, cardinal, 
yellow, nile, moss and lilac. 

Widths 54 in. 1 in. \% in. 2% In. 
Prices .04 .06 .08 .15 

Wash Silk Ribbons 

C2-202. A special make of washabl e 
Silk Ribbon, intended for beading 
purposes particularly, every thread 
pure silk, comes in 5 colors only, 
white, cream, pale blue, pink and 

Widths % in. % in. %in. 1 in. 
Prices .04 .06. .08 .10 

1 Inch Taffeta at 5c 

C2-203. Pure Silk Taffeta Rib- 

bon, for fancy work, beading, 
trimming and making Dolly. 
Varden Corsages or Rosettes, 
Colors are white, cream, 
pink, pale blue, red, nile. 

mauve, yellow, and 

brown. Sec! j,l,poryd. 


Medium and Wide Ribbons 

C2-210. Plain Taffeta Silk Ribbons of fir n and even weave. This Season we 
are prepared to give you the same lineof ribbon in every width, so that in 
ordering several widths you can depend on getting the exact same shades 
throughout. Colors are white, cream, sky blue, ro«e, pink, turquoise, red, 
cardinal, nile, reseda, moss, brown, navy, mauve, purple, old rose and grey. 
Widths % in. 1% in. 2 in. 2)4 in. 3 in. 3% in. 5 in. 6 in. 
Prices .04 .06 .09 .12 >4 .15 .20 .25 .30 

^2-211. Duchess Satin Ribbons, with rich satin face and pure silk back, mag- 
nincent finish and superlative strength, suitable for floral functions, table 
decorations, high-class fancy work, sashes, rosettes, making evening wear 
noveltiesand children’s wear. Colors white, cream, pale blue, maize, yellow, 
pmk, nile, reseda, red, cardinal, brown, navy, turquoise, mauve, violet. 
Widths % in. )4 in. %in. 1% in. 2 in. 3 in. 3)4 in. 5 in. 
Prices .03 .05 .07 .10 .15 .20 25 35 

C2-212. Best Quality Double Face Satin Ribbons for cushion" frills, fancy work 
and printing purposes, takes the ink well. Colors are white, cream, pale 
blue, turquoise, pink, old rose, red, caidinal, maize, yellow, orange, nile, 
reseda, moss and lilac. 

Widths — 1 in. 1% in. 2)4 in. 3 in. 

Pnces 08 . 12)4 .18 .22 

Velvet Ribbons in all Colors 

C2-213. Colored V el vet Ribbons, heavy pile and best quality satin back, colors 
include white, cream, pale blue, turquoise, pink, red, cardinal, maize, 
mauve, violet, nile, reseda, moss, brown, navy, grey and castor. 

Widths % in. )4in. % in. 54 in. lin. 1)4 in. 2 in. 

Pnces .04 .05 .06 .09 .15 .22 ..29 


Satin Baby Ribbons 

C2-204. Single Face Satin Baby Rib- 
bons, with very bright, lustrous 
sheen and satin finished cotton 
back. A splendid make for tieing 
purposes or fancy work of all kinds. 
Colors are white, cream, sky, pink, 
turquoise, red, nile, moss, yellow, 
orange, mauve and black. 

Widths % in. )4in. % in. 54 in. 

Prices .01 .01 >4 .02 .03 

C2-205. Double Face Satin Baby Rib- 
bons, in assorted widths and colors, 
extra strong serviceable quality, 
including white, cream, sky, pink, 
cardinal, moss, yellow, nile, tur- 
quoise and mauve. 

Widths %in. )4in. 54 in. )4in. 

Prices .01)4 02)4 .03 04. 

C2-206. Our Best Quality “ Prudence” 
Baby Ribbon. A double face satin 
With extra fine, bright finish, in five 
colors only— pale blue, pink, white, 
cream, nile, mauve, and red. 
Exactly )4 inch wide, per yd. .03)4 

Silk Baby Ribbons 

C2-207. The Popular “ Louise ” Taffeta 
SilkBaby Ribbon. A specially fine 
weave, with neat pearl edge for 
beading, fancy work trimming, ros- 
ettes for babies’ bonnets. Colors are 
pink, pale blue, red, cardinal, yel- 
low, orange, lilac, violet, moss, 
brown, cream, white and black. 
Widths y a in. )4 in. fein. )4 in. 
Prices .01)4 .02 .03 .04 

C2-208. Fine Silk Corded Baby Ribbon, 
with satin edge, fully 34 inch wide, 
in such staple colors as pink, blue, 
cream, white, nile, mauve, yellow, 
red, navy, and moss, excellent 
quality for beading or trim- 
ming tabs or underwear, yard . 03 
C52-209. An All-Silk Binding Ribbon, 
fully )4 inch wide, in nearly every 
color, including the pinks, biues, 
greens, reds, violet shades, navy, 
white and cream, also black, 
■pecia), per yard .03 



C2 214 Exqui-ite Dresden Ribbons, 4% inches wide, elegant floral patterns 
woven 011 firm silk grounds in light and dark combinations. Very 
desirable for bows, sashes, neckwear or millinery. State colors you A A 

wish prominent, see illustration. Special, per yard *£9 

C2-215. Fancy Stripe Ribbons in 4)4 and 5 inch widths, good as- 
ortment of colors including blue.*, pinks, reds, greens, browns, and 
violet shades. Very dressy for Misses’ wen r.Special, per yard 

Assorted Black Ribbons 

C2-216. Black Taffeta Ribbon of extra firm quality of pure silk, specially 
appropriate for dress trimming, bows, girdles, sashes, miilinery, and neck- 
wear. It’s a line we fully guarantee, imported direct from Swiss makers. 
Widths %in. %in. %in. lin. l)4in. 2)4in, 2)4in. 3)4in. 4in. Sin. 6 in. 
Prices .03)4 .04 .05 .08 .11 .12^4 .15 .20 .25 .30 .35 
C2-217. Best Quality Black Duchesse Satin Ribbons in every needed widtn 
for sashes, bonnet strings, hat trimming, and dressmakers’ needs. Pure 
silk weave and every yard reliable and long lasting. Best dyes used. 
Widths % in. % in. lin. 1% in. 2% in. 3 in. 4)4 in. 5 in. 6 in. 

Prices .04. .06 08 .12 .15 .20 .27 .35 .45 

C2-218. Black Moire Ribbon in beautiful water wave effect, every thread 
silk and very popular for sashes, bows, and hat trimming. Note the big 
range of widths. 

Widths % in. lin. 15^ in. 2)4 in, 2)4 in. 3 in. 3)4 in. 4 in. 5 in. 
Prices .05 .07 .12)4 .15 .18 .22 .28 .35 .40 

C2-219. Black Peau de Soie Ribbons, excellent quality with dull finish, suit- 
able for mourning purposes. Big range of widths to choose from. 

Widths )4 in. % in. lin. 154 in. 2)4 in. 2)4 in. 3)4 in. 4 in. 5)4 in. 

Prices .05 .07 .11 .18 .22 .25 .30 .39 .50 

C2-220. Black Double-face satin Ribbonsin reliable make for every general use 
Widths 54 in. 54 in. lin. 154in. 154 in- 2)4 in. 2)4 in. 3 in. 4 in. 

Prices .04 .06 .07 .09 .10 .12)4 .15 .20 .25 

C2-221. Fine Quality Silk Corded Ribbons for shoe ties, fobs, hat bands, 
etc. Come in black only. 

Widths )4 in. lin. 1)4 in. 2)4 in. 3 in. 3)4 in. 4 in. 

Prices 05 .10 .12)4. .18 .25 .30 .35 

C222. Black Velvet Ribbons, our best quality, in every width, heavy pile 
and satin back. Especial. y popular with dressmakers. 

)4in. )4in. 54 in - )4>>i- 54 in - )4i"- lin. l)4'n. l)4>n. I54 in . 2.%in. 2)4in. 3in. 
.03 .04 .05 .07 .09 .10 .12)4 .15 .20 .22 .25 .30 .35 
C2-223. Linen-back Velvet Ribbons in black only, splendid even pile and 
finely woven edges, Suitable for dress trimming. 

Widths )4 in. 54 in. )4 in. 54 in- 1 in. 1)4 in. 1)4 in. 

Prices 03 .03)4 .04 .05 .06 .08 .10 

C2-224. The “Victus” to the front agaii 
just as big a favorite as ever, has ai 
extra bright satin face and satii 
finished cotton back, correct fo 
badges, book marks, frills and fanc-i 
work in general. Colors are red| 
cardinal, nile, moss green, pink, sky 
yellow, orange, mauve, purpl 
brown, royaJ and black. 

Widths 1 in. \%in. 2%in. 2Hin 
Prices .05 .09 .12)4 .15 

C2-225. A Handsome White Warp M Mr 
Ribbon in pure silk quality, nearl; 
6 inches wide, in light colors only 
for sashes and evening weardelic , 
acies. Your choice of white, cream 
pale blue, pink, nile ahd mauve. 

Per yard 35 

eta Sill 

2 etas 

C2-226. Soft Silk Failletine RIL. 
bons in a 6-inch width for millinL 
ery purposes. in fifty or more differenl 
syndicate shades, for fall and winte:| 
hats. Send sample of shade yoif 
require if convenient. Special 
per yard 4,4 

A Wide Taffeta, Special 

C2-227. Splendid firm weave of 
Silk Taffeta Ribbon, almost 
5 inches wide, in white, 
cream, sky, torquoise, pink, 
nile, reseda, moss, red, card- 
inal, brown, navy, mauve, 
violet, grey, and castor. Cor- 
rect weight for bows, | A 

girdles, neckwear or | M 

millinery. Per yard 

Many Fancy Ribbons 

C2-228. Severaldifferentpatterns Fancy 1 
Ribbons with plain taffeta centres|! 
in assorted colors and different styles’ 
of borders, including stripe, check) 
and openwork effect. Very smart 
and neat for Misses’ or Children’!! 
wear. 4)4 inches wide. Per 
yard .ISl 

C2-229. 4)4 inch Dresden Ribbons inj 
du rk patterns woven through a short 
taffeta silk. Very stylish for fall; 
neckwear or millinery. Per 
yard ; 3* 

C2-231. 5-inch Dresden Ribbons in ele 
gantly designed floral patterns, suit 
able for evening sashes, girdles 
millinery, and high-class fancy work 
Splendid range of light combin- 
ations. Per yard _ .39 


Smart Plaid Ribbons, 4)4 in 
wide, extra heavy quality dows, 

vv iuc, ca 11 a ucav j uu rto,| 

Peter Pan ties, hat drapes or neck 1 1 
ribbons. Imported direct for ourl L_ 
mail ordft customers. Per 
yard 39 



ts 2; 


C2-233. Extra wide Floral Dresden!! 
Ribbons in bordered or allovei 
designs, very desirable for making 
opera bags, girdles, sashes, or winter 
millinery, full 6 inches wide and 
light, medium, and dark pat- 
terns to choose from. Per yd._ .49 

C2-235. Our Best Quality Dresden and 
Brocaded Fancy Ribbons, from 6)4t 
to 8)4 inches wide, in elaborate; 
Paris and Swiss effects. Per 


.75 to 1. 50 ■ !« 


Ribbon Bows, Sashes and Novelties 



C2-43. Peter Pan 
Ribbon Tie to be 
formed in 4-in- 
hand style, made 
of wide Duchesse 
ribbon finished 
at each end with 
two rows of fancy 
baby ribbon, 
each 45 


C2-47. The Randolf 
Sash, containing 
5 yards of 5-inch 
taffeta silk rib- 
bon. State waist 
each 1 ,00 


Above bow made of 4 inch 
Silk Ribbon with 4 loops 
ends, each 25 


4Loop Bow above, made of 5 
taffeta ribbon, in all col- 
jach 30 


Six Loop Hair Bow, made of 
firm taffeta ribbon as 
each .40 


02-44. Neck Bow of plain 
taffeta ribbon in any 
color or black, each .23 


02-46. Fancy Neck Ribbon, 
complete with band and 
double loop bow. Your 
choice of plaid, stripe or 
Dresden, each 65 

02-48. % Length 
Fancy Sash 
of wide Dres- 
den or neat 
stripe ribbon. 
State color 
you wish to 
be most 
— 1.17 



02-45. Above cut 
illustrates an un- 
commonly stylish 
neck ribbon with 
double pointed 
ends as shown. 
State measurement 
of neck band, 
each_ 39 

Any Article on this 
Page with the exception 
of the fancy ribbons 
and evening wear nov- 
elties will be made to 
your order in any color 
or black. Be careful to 
state correct numbers. 


C2-49. “Dolly 
Varden ” Sash, 
decidedly new 
and unique in 
detail, having 
4 flowing ends 
and tidy bows. 
1 inch Liberty 
ribbon used. 
Each | ;25 



02-52. A Dainty Upright Bow made 
as above of 1 inch colored velvet 
ribbon. Each .35 

02-53. The “Poppie” Rosette, the 
very newest design with green 
centre pastel as shown. Made in 
shades only as sky, pink, mauve, 
nile, cream and white, each.. .50 


C2-54. A Fashionable Cornel 
Wreath for hair, made with rib- 
bon roses of best quality duchesse 
satin entwined with green 
foliage 50 


02-55. Handsome Elbow Bands, made 
with strong elastic shirred througl 
rich Liberty satin ribbon and finisl 
ed with ribbon buds and foliage. 
Reversible. Per pair. 7£ 


The New Randolf Hair Bow, 
e with neat rosette in centre, 
i"’ ires 2 y 2 yards of 5-inch silk rib- 
§ Complete with bone pin, 
mi j> — -v .50 


Stylish Butterfly Bow of fancy 
ribbon, very smart and at- 
for Misses’ wear. Made 
as above sketch. State 
you prefer. Each 50 

C2-50. Combination Sewing Bag, 
made of 6 -inch Dresden in light 
and dark patterns. Complete 
with narrow fancy ribbon draw- 
strings. Price-... 1 .75 

02-51. Opera Bag as shown with 
double ribbon drawstring, upper 
space is intended for handker- 
chiefs. Price- 1 .50 

02-56. An Elaborate Corsage Bow, 
artistically designed, using our very- 
best quality 1 -inch ribbon, beauti- 
fully knotted and completed -with 
spray of green foliage. Made in any 
light color, each 1 .50 


02-67. Hat Bow as shown, made of 4 
yards of stripe, Dresden or plain 
silk ribbon, may be worn in front 
or side position. Each — 1.00 

1 12 


' I iMiTrn 9 

Have a look at other Catalogue 


We do not keep up stock of the 
Hats after Jan. 1st, 1908 


Hl-578. Dress Hat of fine silk panne velvet, whole 
underbrim and rows around crown of pleated 
tulle, two silk and velvet roses at side with 
handsome ostrich plume. In any fashionable 
color with plume in black, white, cream, navy, 
brown, emerald, grey or sky blue, and 

roses to harmonize 7.00 

With better plume 8.00 

Hl-562. Mourning Hat of fine lisse closely folded, 
uuderbrim and large bows of taffeta silk which 
is also draped on bandeau and in folded band 
around crown, bunch of roses on one 
side of bandeau 4.25 

Hl-584. Very Dressy Mink Trimmed Hat of 
mushroom turban design. A whole real 
Canadian Mink Skin of excellent quality 
is used to form brim. Silk panne velvet 
forms top of hat and is effectively draped 
over back and neatly arranged with 
duchess satin ribbon to form the back 
trimmi ng. Underbrim also of velvet, eight 
beautiful silk and velvet roses with flowing 
coque mount complete tne trimming In 
black, navy, brown, moss, empire green, 
tvine, with roses to harmonize. 9.25 

Hl-563. Pretty Bonnet of comfortable design, 
crown and "inner brim of new silken braid, 
outer brim of panne velvet shirred on cord, 
satin ribbon in neat puffed effect in front 
and around ostrich aigrette, satin back 
velvet ribbon ties. All black or black with 
satin ribbon in any desired shade 
to give a touch of color 4.1 5 * 

Hl-579. Very Stylish Dress Hat of fine silk panne velvi 
two rows of double box pleated silk ribbon aroui 
crown, with a jet pin at one side and six large vel 
and muslin marguerites with buds at other side ; rib' 
also extends over side and is draped on bandeau ai 
forms large bows at back. In any fashionable 
color with flowers to harmonize 6 .C}o' 

rhl'.b e 
Hi 1! 


" ok i 



HI 561. Beautiful Dress Hat of fine panne velvet 

pleated fans of excellent quality tulle around cro 
and on side bandeau, two duchess curl feathers dn 


over side, two jet hat pins. In any fashionable c< 
with plumes in black, white, cream, brown, . 
navy, emerald, grey or pale blue 9 ." 

With smaller feathers 

With larger feathers___ 

Hl-676. Dress Hat of very stylish shape, made of 
velveteen; puffed and shirred crown, double piping 
on underbrim and draping on bandeau of Japanese 
silk, large shaded feather pompotn, colors 

black, navy, brown, sky, wine, olive. 3-25 

Same Hat, made of silk panne velvet and 
excellent taffeta silk, in colors as above - 4.35 

Hl-582. Dainty Dress Hat, of smooth satin 
finished felt, in mushroom sailor style, 
folds of velvet across front of crown, la’rge 
bows of wide silk ribbon across crown and 
four silk and velvet roses, wbbon draped 
on bandeau and arranged in loops at back, 
long steel ornament across front, colors 
black, navy, brown, moss, sky, tvine 
or grey, with roses to harmonize..— 4.50 

! 588. Broad Mink Trimmed Dress Sailor with 
ightly drooping back; made of fine panne velvet, 
"’own neatly draped; mink skin of excellent quality 
irms trimming across front along with silk ribbon 
hich extends over both sides and is arranged in 
jws and loops on back bandeau, tulle draped on 
indeau, two birds in front ; in any fashionable 
>lor, with birds in black, navy, brown, dark 
irdinal or moss; ribbon in any second color 
requested 5 05 

Hl-571. Dainty Toque Hat, of fine panne velvet 
shirred on cord, also draped and loosely folded 
around brim, velvet folded around crown, trim- 
med across front, at side and back with Dresden 
silk ribbon, handsome osprey, ornament 
on underbrim, in any fashionable color 5.00 

Hl-575. Hand-made Street Hat of wood silk braid 
piped with velvet, in most stylish design ; braid is 
sewn into one piece and loosely draped over crown 
in very pretty effect, two pair of wings in front 
with two jet pins, velvet bow on bandeau, colors 
black, navy, brown, garnet or olive, with 
black, white, or black and white wings — 4.50 

■583. Dressy Hat, of smooth felt with satin wirebind- 
lg, three rows around crown of ribbon shirred and 
uffed on double wires, giving dainty effect, as it allows 
f pretty three color combinations, two inner rows of 
ilk ribbon and outer of duchess satin ; ribbon is also 
raped >n bandeau and used as side trimming on under- 
rim ; bird and long pointed wings complete the trim- 
ling. Hat in solid black or navy, brown, wine, myrtle 
r champagne, with ribbons in combinations, as 
squested 4 75 


1st, 1908 






L I M “ T C D 

Always send sufficient post- 



We do not keep up stock « (AO 
th^se hats after January Is 

01-568. Natty Mushroom Shape of Smooth Felt 
trimmed with double rows of folded silk ribbon 
across front, with buckle. Ribbon loops stand 
up from . back of crown with flowing coque 
feather mount; ribbon also extends over back 
and is used for trimming on back bandeau. 
Colors black, navy, brown, wine, myrtle or 
champagne. Ribbon trimming in two 
colors if requested 3.40 

Hl-685. A very becoming Misses’ Hat of smooth 
felt with satin w ire binding, wide duchess satin 
ribbon forms the trimming In folded band 
around crown, in loosely folded bows at inter- 
vals around crown ; also draped on bandeau 
with bows at back, fancy coque feather mount. 
Colors navy, brown, myrtle, wine, cham- 
pagne or pearl with feather mount to 
harmonize 3.65 

Hl-566. Velvet Toque with slightly drooping 
back, of fine panne velvet neatly shirred ; folds 
around crown, upper folds of Jap. silk, which 
is also neatly arranged at side with small bird 
and quills. A new and becoming design in 
black, navy, brown, dark cardinal or moss. If 
requested, silk can be put on in white or pale 
blue, or other color, making a two-color 
combination 3.50 

Hl-574. Mushroom Pailor with double binding 
stitched of satin and velveteen, excellent qual- 
ity smooth felt, the whole front of crown with 
fancy wings extending back over crown, two 
stick pins, fold around crown, bandeau with 
back trimming, of velveteen. Colors black, 
navy, brown, myrtle and garnet in self colors ; 
burnt or champagne trimmed brown 

Hl-565. Dress Hat of satin finished felt, folded < 
of panne velvet around crown, with three dr 
curl ostrich tips and jet stick pin, velvet bande; 
with bous of velvet at side. Colors black, nav 
brown, moss, cinnamon, wine, sky, grey or 

castor with black, white or cream tips 3 . 

With larger tips... 4.50 or 5. 

Hl-587. Dressy Toque of fine panne velvet neat)L_„ 
draped, alternate folds of velvet and silk ribb ty 

arouud crown, ribbon shirred on wires at each si 
with long pointed wings. Colors black, na\ 
brown, garnet or moss, with ribbon in second 

color if requested.. 





"T" (3 I |\#| It /I C" PI LJ| A TC WE DO NOT KEEP UP stock OP 


1 L-569. Above is a soft satin finished felt flop hat 
el jut and wired into an attractive design : panne 
:t velvet is used for buttons, and folds across 
4 iront, also for bandeau and side and back trim- 
11 ming, a shaded feather pompom is used to 
,, complete the trimming. Colors black, 

!■ brown navy moss, wine or sky 2.50 


Hl-581. Smart Hatin Napoleon style of soft satin 
finished felt, two velvet covered wires around 
brim. TafEeta silk draped around crown and 
in large pleated rosette, handsome shaded 
coque feather mount, velvet bandeau. Colors 
black, navy, cinnamon, brown, moss, wine 
or sky 2.95 

1-573. Dress Hat of smooth felt of good quality, 
rrimmed around crown with Japanese silk 

brown, wine, myrtle in self colors, 
ber or champagne trimmed brown 2.75 

Hl-567. Stylish Hat of satin finished felt with 
panne velvet loosely draped around crown, 
over side and arranged in bow on side bandeau, 
taffeta silk in shirred ornament in front with 
fancy double wing, similar ornament at side, 
silk on bandeau. Colors black, navy, light 
brown, dark brown, moss, wine, sky_... 2.85 
In white 3.00 

Hl-580. Smart Street Hat of smooth satin finish 
ed felt, small fo d of velvet on inner brim, 
double fold around crown and over back, also 
velvet neatly arranged at side with two fancy 
vings and draped onbandeau, neat steel orna- 
ment. Colors black, Davy, brown, wine 
orreseda 3.00 

Hl-586. Handmade Ready-to-Wear of wood silk 
braid in natty design, velveteen draped around 
crown and on bandeau, also used in side trim- 
ming with three quills, colors black, 
navy, brown, gat net or olive 2.60 






— — — — <4 I 


F k-590. Smart Turban, of wood silk braid with 
fancy edge, hand made, with rosette at side 
with ornament and pair of wings, colors black, 
navy, brown, olive or garnet, with wings 
in black or white 1 .95 

i 1 

Hl-593. Of Smooth Felt, with satin wire binding, 
velveteen band around crown, with foulard 
rosette and pressed felt in wing effect, 
black, navy, brown or wine 1,50 

Hl-570. Rolling Brim Sailor, of smooth felt with 
telescope crown, velvet band around crown 
and velvet bandeau, small bird with quills at 
side and silk ribbon arranged in fan effect and 
also in bows at back of bandeau, colors 
black, navy, brown, moss 2.45 

Hl-595. A Natty Dress Shape, with drooping 
back, of fine silk panne velvet, black or 
any fashionable color 2.19 

Hl-594. Dress Shape, of soft wood silk braid 
with fancy edge, made over strong wire frame, 
bound with velvet, black, navy, brown, 
olive or garnet 1.45 


Hl-572. Smart Ready-to-Wear, of satin finishei 1 
felt, collar around crown of velveteen au 
folded silk ribbon, fold on brim of velvetee: 
which is also used in twisted drape with bir 
and draped over back, velveteen bandeai 
trimmed at back with the ribbon, colors blaci I 
navy, brown (light or dark), moss or win 
Ribbon in any shade to form a two-color 
combination if requested 2.21 

Hl-589. Draped Toque, of panne velvet of fl 
quality, steel ornament at side, in any 
fashionable color — 2-2 





“° NOT .;r^;^“ TRIMMED HATS 

THESE HA7/S AFTER JAN. 1, 1908. 

11-577. Jaunty Ready-to-wear of Smooth Felt with corded binding-, 
trimmed with fancy silk scarf, velveteen bandeau. Colors navy, 
brown, pearl-, champagne or garnet 1 .98 

Hl-560. Misses’ Hat of Smooth Felt trimmed with velveteen in band 
around crown, in rosette at side with quills, and in folds around brim 
with ornaments. A very becoming design in navy, brown, wine 
or myrtle, or pearl trimmed, navy, or champagne trimmed brown.. 1 .85 

Hl-692. Ready-to-wear of Felt Cloth with 
stitched brim and velveteen b’nding, pair of 
wings with ball stick pin. Colors 
black, navy, brown or garnet.. 1.25 

111-564. Natty Trimmed- -Turban of smooth felt 
• with double bows across front of panne velvet 
with ornament and pair of wings, fold of velvet 
around outer brim edged with piping of silk. 
Solid black, or black, navy or brown, with 
white piping and whitb wings 1.69 

Hl-591. English Ready-to-wear of fine satin 
finished felt, corded silk binding, band around 
crown, ribbon rosette and .bows at side of 
corded silk ribbon, ornament. Colors 
black, navy, brown, bronze or grey 1 .50 






H1-603a~ Ladies’ Flop Hat of excellent quality, 
satin finished felt, dome crown and 5 inch brim. 
Black, navy, brown, moss, cinnamon (or light 
brown), wine, sky, grey, castor. Special 

value - .59 

White only .69 

H1-603b. Child’s Flop Hat of fine satin finished 
felt, smaller crown than the ladies’ size ; 4% 
inch brim. Black, navy, brown, moss, 
champagne, cinnamon, wine, sky, grey.._ .55 

H1-603C. Handsome Beaver Flop of excellent 
quality, the real English Beaver, 5)4 inch 
brim. White only 3.00 

Hl-606. Smart Felt Dress Shape of good quality, 
satin wire binding, New York design. Colors 
black, navy, brown, wine, myrtle or pearl, 
leather, champagne .' 1.05 

Hl-610. A Popular Dress Shape of smooth felt 
with velveteen binding Colors black, navy, 
brown, wine, myrtle, pearl, champagne- .85 

Hl-613. Smooth Felt Shape in outing style, smart 
and attractive, easily trimmed, corded binding. 
Colors black, navy, brown, pearl, 
champagne, garnet 89 

Hl-615. Buckram Shane of very newest design. 
Can be trimmed very effectively. Black 
or white._ 25 

Hl-601. Neat Hood of fine satin finished felt, soft 
and pliable. Colors black, navy, brown, moss, 
cinnamon (or light brown), wine, sky and grey. 
Excellent value 79 

Hl-609. Neat shape of fine satin finished felt, 
brim droops all around but is higher at back 
than front. Colors black, navy, brown, cinna* 
mon (or light brown), moss, wine, sky, 
grey. Special value 95 

Hl-604. Felt Dress Shape of popular design, in 
mushroom effect, satin wire binding. Colors 
black, navy, champagne, brown, wine or 

moss 75 

Hl-608. A Mushroom Sailor of. fine satin finished 
felt, neat bell crown. Colors black, navy, 
brown, moss, cinnamon (or light brown), 

wine, sky, grey. Splendid value .95 

Hl-607. Neat Mushroom Shape of fine satin fin- 
ished felt, dome crown. Colors black, navy, 
brown, moss, cinnamon (or light brown), 
wine, sky or silver. Excellent value 85 

Hl-614. Very Smart Mushroom Sailor of fine 
quality wool felt with smooth finish, fancy 
double binding of satin and velvet neatly 
stitched. Colors black, navy, brown, pearl, 
champagne, burnt, myrtle, and garnet_ 1.50 

H1-602a. A flop hat of excellent quality, satin 
finished felt square edged crown, 5 inch brim 
soft and pliable. Colors black, navy, brown 
moss, cinnamon (or light brown), wine, sky, 

grey or castor. Special value.... 65 

In white 75 

H1-602b. Camel’s Hair Flop of very fine quality 
square edged crown and 5 inch brim. Used in 
place of the beaver frequently. Black, white, 
navy, wine, brown... - 1.75 


Hl-611. Dress Shape of very attractive lines, 
with long drooping back and bell crown, of 
fine smooth felt with satin wire binding. Colors 
black, navy, brown, wine, myrtle, pearl, 
champagne, leather , 1.10 

Hl-612. Misses’ Hat of good style, New York 
design of fine smooth felt with satin wire bind- 
ing. Colors navy, brown, pearl, cham- 

pagne, wine, myrtle 1.00 

Hl-605. Felt Turban with high side, dome crown, 
corded binding. Black, brown or navy 
only — . .60 

in C 





Hl-616. buckram shape in dress style, New York 
design, very becoming. Black or white- .26 (iti 



'e do not acknowledge the 
elpt of orders unless there is 
ilayin shipping same. 


We do not keep up a stock of these goods after January 1st 

Do not enclose cash unless letter Is 
registered (use Money Orders), read 
paragraph, page“How to send money’ 


>29. Handsome Cap, of very fine 
lality bear cloth, pleated ruching 
ound face and neck of silk organ- 
e, double bows at top and ties of 
tin ribbon, silk lined, sizes 13, 14, 
and 16, cream, trimmed 
earn or pale blue 1,35 

Hl-630. Child’s Angora Wool Cap, 
hand crocheted, Swansdown ruche, 
silk ribbon ties and bows at top, 
sizes 13, 14, 15 and 16 1 ,35 

Hl-650. Crocheted Angora Wool 
Hood, with 2)4 inch curtain around 
neck and wide silk ties, scalloped 
edge around face and neck, 
sizes 13, 14, 15 and 16 2.00 

Hl-634. Poke Bonnet of Cream Bed 
Cloth in curled effect, ba^k of flare 
of bear cloth and front of Japanese 
silk tucked and shirred, ruche of 
silk organdie around face, Japanese 
silk in folds and rosettes around 
neck, in four inch ties and in bows 
at top, sizes 14, 15, 16 and 17.. 1.69 

48. Cream Bear Cloth Bonnet, 
re of failletine shirred on two 
res, small lace ruche around face, 
ws at top, also curtain and ties 
failletine, sizes 14, 15, 16 
d 17 1.00 

Bear Cloth Poke Bonnet, 
of Bengaline cord shirred on 
wires and edged with Japanese 
bows on top, box pleated edg- 
neck and ties of Ben- 
cord, cream only, sizes 
15, 16 and 17 1.30 

Hl-649. Panne Velvet Poke Bonnet, 
of good quality, flare faced with 
Japanese silk, also small flare of 
Japanese silk shirred on wire and 
with tucked edge, lace edging around 
face ; ties, bows and folds around 
neck of Japanese silk, colors brown, 
navy, cardinal, or myrtle, 
sizes 14, 15, 16 and 17. 1 .98 

Hl-655. Child’s Fine Felt Hat, with 
fancy colored band and silk pom. 
pom, in navy, brown, cardinal 
or myrtle 1 .1 9 

Hl-635. Velveteen Poke Bonnet, full 
puffed headpiece, shirred lacing on 
frill and ruche around face of ivory 
Japanese silk, silk cord around 
crown, folds and rosettes around 
neck, bows on top and wide ties of 
Japanese silk, colors navy, brown, 
cardinal and myrtle, sizes 14, 

15, 16 and 17_ 1.35 

Hl-656. Child’s Trimmed Hat, made 
from finesatin finished felt flop, with 
wired brim and all around bandeau, 
trimming around crown and rosette 
of Japanese silk with frayed edges. 
A neat and attractive hat for a little 
girl. Colors solid black, navy, 
brown, wine ; or trimmed white 
if requested — 1.50 

Hl-647. Velveteen Poke Bonnet, with 
full puffed crown, flare of failletine 
shirred on two wires ; ties, bows at 
top and curtain of same material, 
small lace ruche around face, navy, 
cardinal, or brown, sizes 14, 

15, 16 and 17 1.10 

Hl-632. Cream Bear Cloth Turban, of 
vei y fine quality, with ear tabs and 
ribbon ties, fancy busby and large 
silk ornament in front. A smart 
and becoming design. 1.30 

Hl-636. Cream Bear Cloth Cap with 
lace edging around face and neck, 
ribbon bows on top with small head, 
three inch Japanese silk ties, 
sizes 13, 14, 15 and 16 75 

Hl-652. Pretty Napoleon Hat of ex- 

cellent quality felt with rosette at 
each side of corded silk ribbon, 

colors cardinal, navy, brown 
and fawn 69 

Hl-644. Bear Cloth Tam of fine qual- 
ity with wide silk ties and ribbon 
rosette, well made, sizes 19, 

20 and 21 9Q 

Hl-627. Cream Bear Cloth Cap with 
swansdown ruche, lace edging next 
face and around neck, ribbon 
ties, sizes 13, 14, 15 and 16_ 69 

Hl-628. Cream Bear Cloth 
quality with double 
edging of Japanese silk 
and neck : also two silk 
three inch silk ties, sizes 13; 
14, 15 and 16 

Hl-654. Child’s Smooth Pelt Hat with 
satin wire binding, band around 
crown, bows and side streamers of 
Ottoman ribbon, colors black, 
navy, brown, cardinal or castor .95 

Hl-645. Child’s Hat of good quality 
felt cloth, wired brim with pleated 
frill with three rows of white stitch 
ing, tarn crown, elastic band, colors 
navy, brown, cardinal and 
cream, sizes 19, 20 and 21 95 

Hl-653. Child’s Satin Finished 
Napoleon Hat trimmed with 
cord and pleated ribbon rose 
colors cardinal, navy, brown 
and fawn. Special 

' Styb- 




We do not keep up stock of these goods after January 1st, 1908. 

Hl-623. Japanese Silk Cap, hand- 
somely embroidered, full graduated 
lace ruche with ribbon loops, lace 
edging next face and around neck, 
silk cord around crown and neck, 
3-in. silk ties, interlined, sizes 12, 
13, 14. 15 and 16, cream 

only ,65 

Hl-643. Infants' Cap of wool with 
outer design of wood silk, swans- 
down ruche around face and neck , 
silk ribbon ties, cream only, 
in infants’ size : 65 

II1-622. Embroidered Japanese Sill; 
Cap, full swansdown ruche, lace 
edging next face and around neck, 
interlined, silk ties, sizes 12, 13, 

14, 15, and 16, cream only_ 60 

ill -624. Cream Japanese Silk 
heavily embroidered in neat, 
work design, full graduated 
ruche with nbbonsene next face and 
cord around crown and 
around neck, silk lining, in 
terlined, sizes 12, 13, 14. 15, 16_ 



Uways state On or- 
rthe exa:t amount 


We do not keep up stock of these goods after January 1st, 1908. 

Use our order forma 
when poss b e (sent 
free on request) write 

op 651. Cream Jap. Silk Cap, with flat 
J ice ruche and neat embroidered 
‘ esign, lace edging next face and 
>n| round neck, Jap. silk ties, sizes 
J, 13, 14, 15 and 16 _ 35 

Wool Cap, of Berlin and 
Wool, with floss design, 
around face and neck 
silk knots, bow on crown 
silk ribbon, wool ties with ball 
eiderdown lining, cap cream 
knots, design and ribbon in 
or Dale blue, sizes 4 months 

Hl-637. Cream Embroidered Japanese 
Silk Cap, graduated lace ’■uche, with 
ribbon loops, lace edging next face 
and around neck, 3^-inch silk 
ties, sizes 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 48 

Hl-621. Cashmere Revere Cap, reveres 
and crown silk embroidered, 6 ilk 
cord around face, neck, crown and 
reveres, Japanese silk ties, inter- 
lined, sizes 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 ; 
cream only - .40 

Hl-640. Berlin Wool Cap with floss 
design, ruching around face and 
neck, also around headpiece, of Ze- 
phyr Wool with silk floss edging, 
button on crown, wool ties with 
ball ends, eiderdown lining, cap in 
cream with cream or pale blue 
design, sizes 4 months to 1 year .55 

Hl-641. Wool Hood of Berlin and 
Zephyr Wool, with knots, edging 
and design of silk floss silk rosetie 
at top, wool ties with ball ends, eider- 
down lining, all cream or cream 
and pale blue, sizes 1 to 2 years .59 

Hl-631 Cream Bear Cloth Turban 
with ear tabs, ribbon ties, busby and 
ornament, flannelette lining, 
sizes 19, 20 and 21 „ .59 

Hl-638. Cream Hood of Berlin and 
Zephyr Wool, with floss design, 
eiderdown lining, wool ties 
with ball ends, sizes 1 to 3 years .37 

Hl-626. Cream Bear Cloth Cap, with 
lamb’s wool ruche, lace edging 
around neck, Japanette ties, 
sizes 13, 14, 15 and 16 inches^. ,59 

Hl-642. Misses’ and Ladies' Wool 
Hood, eiderdown flannel nnin# 
draw-string at back, wool ties, colors 
cream, cardinal , pink, sky. 

Misses’ size 59 

Ladies’ 6 ize, In above colors 
or black, .89 

Ladies’ Outing Cap, of good 
felt, four-piece crown with 
piping at seams, button on 
cord across front and peak 
with white, colors navy, 
brown, black, myrtle .55 

Hl-625. Cream Bear Cloth Revere 
Cap, well made an 1 finished with 
ribbon rosette at top and Japanette 
ties, sizes 13, 14, 15 and 16 inches 



Hl-3090. Handsome 
Coque Feather 
Mount, colors 
black, natural, 
brown, empire 
green , navy, 
moss, ciel or wine 
with bronze 
shading .50 

Hl-377. Medium size Double Wing, solid 
black or white and navy, light brown, 
dark brown, sky blue, moss, garnet and 
grey in pretty shaded effect 45 

H 1-3089. Fancy 
Coque Feather 
Mount, black 
only with bronze 
shading .35 

HI-383. Large Fancy Single Wing, shaded effect, 
lower part in curled effect in solid black or 
white and tinted navy, light brown, dark 
brown, moss, sky blue or dark cardinal... .59 

HI -4804. Bird with 
wings in shaded 
effect, colors 
black, navy, 
brown, dark 
cardinal or 
moss .39 

Hl-4791. Fancy Coque 
Feather Pompom, 
colors black, natural, 
light brown, moss, 
navy, cardinal, sky, 
shaded effects.. .50 

Hl-379. Handsome large Double Wing, black 
or white and prettily shaded navy, light 
brown, dark brown, sky blue, moss, garnet 
or grey 65 

Hl-4457. Large Broad Wings, well mounted, ef- 
fective trimming, black, white, brown, 
navy, moss, cardinal, sky 39 

Hl-4805. Small Bird with outstretched wings, 
mounted on three quills, co'ors black, 
navy, brown, moss or dark cardinal 1 5 

Hl-4790. Fancy Feather Mount, shaded effectand 
wired feathers; colors, black, white, navy, 
brown, dark cardinal, moss or sky blue... .1 9 

Hl-300. Round Top Quills, black, navy, 
brown, garnet natural or moss .1 O 

Hl-378. Double Wing, suitable for trimming one 
side of hat only as both wings face same way, 
in prettily shaded effects, colors black and white 
(solid colors), navy, light brown, dark 
brown, moss, sky blue, garnet 50 

Hl-273. Fancy Coque Feather Mount, wired 
feathers, black, white, navy, brown, 
moss, sky 25 

Hl-1054. Pair of 
Wings, pointed 
effect black 
or white .25 


Hl-538. Two Handsome Satin Roses, with two ( Hl-520. Two Satin Chrysanthemums, with jet I 
buds and foliage, rubber stems, black centres, two buds and foliage, rubber 

only 45 | stems, black only 45 I 

Hl-4331. Beautiiul Breast Mount, black, brown 
navy, cardinal, or moss, in shaded 
effect 2J 

Hl-4803. Pair of Wings, long tapering endi 
colors black, navy, brown, dark cardinal 
or moss a< 

Hl-303. Spray of Marguerites, three large flowei 
and three buds of velvet and muslin, Ion 1 
stems, black and white or black, white an 
yellow, in each case with yellew centres .3! 


Hl-148. Large Bunch of Rose Foliage, six 
sprays of seven leaves each, black only .41 

Hl-4415. Handsome Pheasai 
Breast and Tail Effect, cere: 
black, natural, moss, navy, 
cardinal or brown 2 

Hl-200. Two Silk 
and Velvet 
Roses of good 
style, rubber 
stems, assorted 
colors .39 

Hl-204. Velvet Rose 
Foliage, 12 leaves, 
long stems, assorted 
colors 25 

Hl-368. Pair of Small 
Double Wings, 
colors black or 
white 20 

Hl-373. Very Handsom 
FI owing Mount, 
black, white, 
brown, moss or 
with a fancy 
tip on end of each 



-4911. Hackle and Marabou Boa, well 
aade, curled tips, quite full at neck and taper- 
511 ug slightly to ends ; 70 inches long ; black, 
rhite or grey 1 .75 

Our Millinery Items are selected 
irom a large range of samples with 
:he object of giving our customers 
:he best quality and best values 

1-657. Duchess Curl Ostrich Feathers, 

ck, white or cream, 

.60 .75 1.00 1.50 2.00 3.00 4.00 6.00 

Brown, navy, emerald, grey, sky, 

1.00 2.00 3.00 and 5 00 


Cut illustrates $ 10.00 Boa. 

All our Ostrich Boas are extra quality fibre, 
well curled, perfect glossy dye, unequalled for 
quality or price. 

Hl-5575. Black, grey or white ; length, 
t O inches 5.00 

HI-5578. As cut, black, grey or white, 
length 60 inches, superior quality 10.00 

Hl-2753. Black, grey or white, length 70 
inches, superior quality 15.00 


(Cut Goods not exchanged). 

Hl-659. Panne Velvet, excellent quality, 
French manufacture, 18 inches wide ; black, 
white and correct shades for Fall and Winter, 

per yard .75 

(Velvet will be sent cut on the bias, if not 
otherwise ordered.) 

Hl-660. Chiffon ; extra quality pure silk Chiffon, 
fine even weave, 42 inches wide, French finish, 
black, white and correct shades for Fail 
and Winter, per yard .35 

Hl-661. Tulle, excellent quality, 36 inches wide, 
French finish, black, white and fashionable 
colors for Fall and Winter, per yard .35 

Hl-662. Widows’ Veils, plain borders, 

3.00 3.50 and 4.00 

Hl-663. Widows’ Veils hemstitched borders. 

- 3.25 3.75 4.75 

Hl-664. Widows’ Veiling, 42 inches wide, 
plain border, per yard_ 1 .00 

Hl-665. Communion Veils, 54 x 54 inches... .75 
Hl-666. Bridal Veils, 72 x 90 inches, 

1.00 1.50 2.00 

(Bridal and Communion Veils not exchanged.) 
Hl-667. Maids’ Fancy Caps... .08 .10 .1 2 >2 

Hl-668. Maids’ Fancy Bows 15 ,20 .25 

Hl-669. Maids’ Washing Caps, with draw- 
string .15 .20 .25 

Hl-670. Nurses’ Caps 10 .15 .20 

Hl-671. Elderly Ladies’ Dress Caps, black 

only 75 1.00 1.50 2.00 

Hl-672. Widows’ Caps, with or without Falls, 

60 .75 1.00 


111-658. Ostrich Tips, three in a bunGh. black, 
white or cream .50 1.00 2.00 3.00 

When ordering Ostrich Goods, always stale color 
required. If no color is mentioned we send Black. 
Our Ostrich Feathers are packed In special boxes, to 
ensure safe delivery. 

Hl-4910. Hackle and Marabou Stole, made 

in four strands with tail ends, curled tips, 

90 inches long ; black, white or grey. 3.50 


Our stock of Millinery Goods is very 
complete; we cannot catalogue it 
all. If you do not see what you want, 
write us for quotations. 




Rl-1110. Women’s Night Gown, made of good 
strong cotton, neat Mother Hubbard yoke, four 
rows lace insertion and six %-inch tucks, neck 
and front finished with lace edging, CQ 
elbow sleeves with lace edging .00 

Rl-1114. Women's Night Gown, made ofgood 
cotton square Mother Hubbard yoke of solid 
tucking, finished around with frill of good em- 
broidery, neck and sleeves to match, I AA 

sizes up to 40 bust I ■ U U 

R1-1114X. Same style as Rl-1114, for large 
women up to 44 bust 


SB - 

Rl-llll. Women’s Night Gown, made of strong 
cotton Mother Hubbard yok° of six clusters ol 
%-luch tucks, neck finished with frill ^ A 
Of embroidery, sleeves to match . | jl 

Rl-1117. Women’s Night Gown, made of extra 
fine Nainsook, round neck finished with Swiss 
beading and Val. lace, ribbon draw, finished in 
front with one row fine Swiss insertion, finish- 
ed below with Swiss beading and ribbon draw, 
elbow sleeves finished with fine Swiss A "I If 
insertion and ruffle of fine embroidery £ • I w 


Rl-1115. Women’s Night Gown, dainty slip ovc 
style with round neck finished with edge of fin 2“ • 
Val. lace, front with row of fine Swiss beadin 
and ribbon draw finished wiih bow, elboi 
sleeves finished with beading, ribbons l.5( 


and lawn frill with lace edging. .. 

R k,r 

«d, t, 


id well 

Rl-1116. Women’s Night Gown, made of extra 
fine Nainsook, soft finish, Mother Hubbard 
yoke of fine tucking, finished below with two 
rows of Maltese lace insertion, neck finished 
with Swiss beading, ribbon draw and Maltese 
lace sleeves with lawn frill and Mai- A AA 
tese lace, back of ten %-imh tucks £ >UU 

Rl-1112. Women’s Night Gown, made of goo 1 
strong cotton, neat Mother Hubbard yoke C , 
four rows good strong lace insertion, two clue . 
ters of tucks running across, neck, front "f T , 
and sleeves finished with lace edging mil 

l! in 



Are an insurance policy of satisfaction. 
Every Garment Guaranteed to be the best 
that can be produced at the price, and as 
Manufacturers selling direct to you, we 
challenge comparison in price, mate- 
rial and workmanship. Why continue 
paying more for goods not half so good 
as the brand ? 

Rl-1113. Women’s Night Gown, made with Mother 
Hubbard yoke of six rows of Val. Insertion, 
four clusters of tucked lawn between, yoke fin- 
ished below with frill of tucked lawn lace 
trimmed, neck finished with beading, lace and 
ribbon draw, sleeves with frill of tucked 
lawn with lace edging .9 ( 

53c TO 


Rl-1105. Woman’s Night Gown, Mother Hubbard 
yoke of six clusters of narrow tucks, four rows 
of silk embroidery insertion, neck, front and 
sleeves finished with frill of siik embroidery, 
back gathered on yoke, nice soft finished flan- 
nelette, white or oink colors, 
special value ' 


R1-1102. Woman's Night Gown, made of plain 
shades soft finished flannelette, good quality, 
neat Mother Hubbard yoke of eight clusters of 
shell tucks, neck and front finished with frill 
and lace edge, sleeves with frill, 

yoke back, white or pink colors 

R1-1102X. Same style as Rl-1102, for large 
women, sizes up to 44 bust 



R1-1106. Woman’s Night Gown, made of good 
quality plain shade flannelette, white or pink 
colors, neat Mother Hubbard yoke with clusters 
of narrow tucks finished with two rows 
of silk embroidery insertion, neck finished with 
frill of silk embroidery, pearl buttons, back 
gathered on yoke, sleeves finished with inser- 
tion and flannelette embroidery, 
special value, 


Owing to our indisputable leader- 
ship and our position as manufac- 
turers selling direct to you vri give 
you the benefit of the middleman’s 

Lengths 56, 58 and 60 Ins. long, suit- 
able up to 40 ins. bust measure. See 
R1-1102X for larger sizes. 



R1-1104. Woman’s Night Gown, Mother Hubbard 
yoke of six clusters of narrow tucks, five rows 
flannelette embroidery insertion, neck and 
sleeves finished with frill of flannelette em- 
broidery, back gathered on yoke, pearl but- 
tons, good soft finished flannelette, white or 
pink shades, well made, special 


50 c to $2.00 

J jlOO. Woman’s Night Gown, made of fancy 
| jrip d flannelette, nice clean shades, well 
I lade in every particular, neat Mother Hub- 
ard style, neck and sleeves finished with |J ft 
ill, special value i3U 


quality soft flannelette, plain shades, white or 
pink colors, handsome Mother Hubbard yoke 
of six rows of silk Swiss embroidery insertion, 
two clusters of tucks finished below with one 
row of insertion and two clusters of narrow 
tucks, neck with silk embroidery frill, sleeves 
With insertion and embroidery to match, well 
made in every particular, A f| A 

special value C * U U 

1101. Woman’s Night Gown, made of plain 
hades soft finished flannelette, neat Mother 
lubbard yoke of six clusters of narrow tucks, 
leek and front finished with torchon lace, 
leeves with frill, good full sizes, pink "I r 
* white colors, good value ■ I v 

03. Woman’s Night' Gown, made of good 
;ality flumel itte. neat Mother Hubbard yoke 
ashed with four clusters of five shell tucks, 
ick, yoke and sleeves finished with fancy 
aid, narrow frill and torchon lace, pearl 
ittons, yoke hack, generous width I I A 
id well made, special value I ■ I U 




Order by number. 

Women’s Underskirts 00 

not forget size* 


Earnest effort in the direction of manufacturing never fails to achieve results. You will fin 
in all garments bearing the registered trade mark “The Highest Point of Superiority 

“ Better Workmanship, Better Material and Finer Trimmings” than are to be found in garmeni 
that sell at from 30 TO 50 PER CENT. more. 

Flannelette Skirts 

Lengths 34, 36. 38. 

Rl-2100. Women’s Flannelette Underskirt, made 
of good quality fancy striped cloth, soft finish 
nice clean shades, finished with flounce trim- 
med with two %-inch tucks and hem .50 

Rl-2101. Women’s Flannelette Underskirt, made 
of plain shades pink or white, nice soft finished 
cloth trimmed with deep flounce of five 
shell tucks and hem ... .75 

Women’s White Skirts 

Lengths 38, 40, 42. 

Rl-2102. Women’s Underskirt, made of Strong 
cotton, deep flounce of lawn trimmed with one 
row torchon insertion, clusters of five narrow 
tucks, lawn frill and lace edge, special 

value 60 

Rl-2103. Women’s Underskirt, made of good cot- 
ton, deep umbrella flounce of fine lawn finished 
with six narrow tucks and wide skirting em- 
broidery, dust frill, well made in every 

particular .85 

Rl-2104. Women’s Skirt, made of good cotton, 
10^-inch umbrella flounce of good lawn finish- 
ed with two rows wide torchon insertion finish- 
ed with 2 % inch lawn frill and ruffle of torchon 
lace, dust frill, well made in every way.„ .95 
Rl-2105. Women’s Underskirt, made of good 
strong cotton, generous width, made with wide 
flounce of fine lawn trimmed with clusters of 
two narrow tucks two rows of torchon lace in- 
sertion between and deep ruffle of fine 

lace, dust frill 1.25 

Rl-2106. Women’s Underskirt, made of good cot- 
ton, with deep flounce of lawn with four clus- 
ters of tucks, one row of Swiss insertion and 
finished with double frills of wide em- 
broidery, dust frill 1.65 

Rl-2107. Women’s Underskirt, made of fine Nai 
sook, deep flounce of fine lawn finished wi 
clusters of six fine tucks, one row of wide Vi 
insertion, double flounce of wide Val. lace, 
dust frill, lengths 40, 42, 44 2.0 


Rl-2108. Women’s Underskirt, made of fine Nat 
sook, deep flounce of eatra fine Swiss skirtii ^ 
embroidery trimmed with three clusters of til n, 
narrow tucks, flounce finished at top with wi 
Swiss insertion, has under dust ruffle, 
lengths 40, 42, 44 3,2, 

Other lines, better quality, up to. 

. 15.0 

Write for quotations. 

Rl-3107. Corset Cover, fine all over embroi 
ery, straps of one row of lace insertion at 

edges of lace, ribbon across front, pearl buttoi| ' 
finished with skirt, 32 to 42 bust measure. ,6 i 

-3100. Flannelette, in fancy stripes, 
tight fitting, high neck 20 

-3101. Flannelette, plain colors 
fink, white and blue, high neck, 
torchon lace edging on neck and 

inns .35 

.-3102. Cotton, tight fitting, torchon 
trimming on neck and arms.. .25 
-3103. Cotton, full front with two 
tows lace insertion and cluster of 
tucks, pointed effect, round neck, 
irms and neck finished with lace, 

Iraw string at waist .25 

-3104. Cotton, round neck, full 
[ront with two rows lace insertion, 
two clusters of tucks, neck and arms 
)® ; inished with lacc 33 


Rl-3105. Cotton, yoke in front of wide 
lace ; lace, beading, ribbon on neck 
and arms, draw string at waist .38 

Rl-3106. Cotton, full front with 6 rows 
lace insertion and 4 rows of Swiss 
insertion across front, lace and rib- 
bon around neck and arms, draw 
string at waist 45 

Rl-3108. Fine Cotton, full front with 
six clusters of three fine tucks back 
and front, frill of lace, fancy bead- 
ing and ribbon round the neck, lace 
on arms - .65 

Rl-3109. Fine Nainsook, full front, 
neck finished with extra fine Swiss 
embroidery, beading and ribbon, 
frill of embroidery on arms 05 

Rl-3110. Fine Nainsook, tucked back, 
full front with fancy yoke of lace 
insertion and beading, frill of lace, 
beading and ribbon around neck, 
arms finished with frill of lace and 
fancy braid 85 

Rl-3111. Fine Nainsook, full front, 
round yoke, back and front of two 
rows lace insertion and Swiss bead- 
ing, frill of lace and beading round 
neck, lace on arms 1.10 

Rl-3112. Fine Nainsook, tucked in 
back, fancy front with 8 clusters of 
fine tucks and 6 rows lace insertion, 
fancy round yoke with two rows of 
lace insertion with beading and rib- 
bon, neck and sleeves finished with 
lace, beading and ribbon 1 .35 

Rl-3114. Fine Nainsook, tucked back, 
full front, square yoke with 2 rows 
Swiss insertion , 1 row Maltese lace in- 
sertion finished with frill of fine em- 
broidery, neck finished with trill of 
fine embroidery, beading ana riboon, 
frill of embroidery on arms... 2.50 
Rl-3116. Ladies’ Blouse Distender. 
made of fine lawn with three frills, 
top finished with lace insertion and 

lace edging .25 

Rl-3117. Ladies’ Blouse Distender, 
made of fine lawn with four frills 
edged with lace and finished at top 
with lace, beading and ribbon .45 
R1-3U8. Ladies’ Shield Protector, 
made of fine lawn trimmed with 
lace and ribbon bows, without 
shields.. .45 With shields.- ,05 

FALL AND WINTER CATALOGUE, (No. 82), 1907-8 12? 

J&0 0 Corset Covers and Blouse Oistenders 

THE HIGHEST POINT of individuality is to be found in all garments which bear our trade mark Always look for it» 



We will exchange or refund money 
on goods not satisfactory and pay 
transportation charges. Read Our 
Liberal Guarantee Page. 


Sizes 25 and 27 ins. long, open or closed styles. 
Rl-4110. Made of cotton, umbrella style, deep 
frill of muslin finished with two clusters A A 
of fine tucks and deep hem ■ £, £, 


Sizes 25 and 27 ins. long, open or closed style. 
Rl-4113. Fine Cotton, umbrella frill of fine lawn 
with three half-inch hemstitched tucks finished 

with fine embroidery 50 

R1-4113X. Same as Rl-4113 extra large size ,65 


Sizes 30, 32 and 34 ins. long, open or closed style. 
Rl-4100. Striped Flannelette, colors pink and 
white, and blue and white, elastic at 

knee 25 

Rl-4101. Flannelette, plain colors, white, pink, 
and blue, elastic at knee and cotton band ,35 
R1-4101X. Same style as Rl-4101, made extra large 
Size .45 



Sizes 25 and 27 ins. long, open or closed style. 

Rl-4111. Our Special Value, fine quality cotton, 
umbrella frill with one cluster fine AP 
tucks and frill of lace, at practically g f| 
manufacturer’s prices.. • fc W 


Sizes 25 and 27 ins. long, open or closed style. 

Rl-4114. Fine Nainsook, made extra wide with 
scalloped flounce, “ La Greque” style, trimmed 
with cluster of fine tucks, one row of fine lace 
insertion and edge of lace 99 

Rl-4020. Ladies’ Acme 
Safety Belt, in small box, 
sizes to fit waist mea- 
sures 24 to 30 ins... .20 

Rl-4021. Ladies’ Sanitary Napkins, E Brand, in 

sealed paper packages, % doz. P k £ 1 0 

1 doz. pkg - 20 

Rl-4022. Ladies’ Sanitary Napkins, seamless, K 

Brand, in neat boxes, % doz. box 25 

1 doz. box .50 

Do not fail to give size or color of 
goods requiring same. Read par- 
agraph “How to Make out Order." 


Sizes 25 and 27 ins. long, open or closed 
Rl-4112. Fine Cotton, umbrella style, frill 
finished with two clusters of fine tucks 
and edge of lace 


Sizes 25 and 27 ins. long, open or closed style. 

Rl-4115. Fine Nainsook, umbrella style, 
frill with one cluster of fine tucks, one row 
fine Swiss insertion and finished with frill 
fine embroidery ... 


Sizes 30, 32 and 34 ins. long, open or closed 

Rl-4103. All Wool Flannel, color navy blue, i 
tic at knee and frill finished with silk 
flossing 1,(1 

Rl-4104. Flannel, all Wool, color red, made sail 
style as Rl-4103 1 .(1 

Rl-4102. All Wool Flannel, in light shades! 
grey, clastic at knee and cotton band.. 



Trimmed Bridal Sets 

Lace and Embroidery 


These Garments are made in our own workrooms 
and guaranteed by us. 

5110. Gown, Nainsook, square yoke of solid tucking finished with Swiss 
insertion and frill of embroidery, embroidery on neck and sleeves, 58 ~ 
and 60 inches long. 

kirt, Nainsook, deep umbrella frill of muslin, two clusters of fine tucks 
with two half-inch tucks between, one row Swiss insertion, deep frill of 
embroidery, lengths 40, 42 and 44 inches. 

orset Cover, Nainsook, tucked back, full front, square yoke hack and 
•front of Swiss insertion, beading and ribbon across front, neck and 
sleeves finished with embroidery, sizes 32 to 42 bust measure. 

irawers, Nainsook, with cluster of tucks, row of insertion and frill of 
'T embroidery, open and closed styles, lengths 25 and 27 inches. 

I Pet complete „.... ......... 6.00 

Rl-5111. Gown, fine Nainsook, tucked back, fancy square yoke with two 
rows imitation Maltese lace insertion and one row wide Swiss beading, 
with ribbon finished with frill of lace, lace beading and ribbon on 
neck, and arms finished with wide beading and ribbon, wide frill oi 
lawn, two clusters of tucks, row of insertion and edge oi lace, lengths 
58 and 60 inches. 

Skirt, fine Nainsook, deep umbrella flounce, with seven clusters of fine 
tucks, three rows insertion, muslin frill finished with wide lace, flounce on 
skirt with wide beading and ribbon, dust frill, lengths 40, 42 and 44 ins. 

Corset Cover, fine Nainsook, tucked back, fancy yoke with two rows 
insertion and one row Swiss beading and ribbon, lace, beading and rib- 
bon on neck and arms, yoke finished with frill of wide lace, sizes 32 to 
42 inches bust measure. 

Drawers, fine Nainsook, fancy frill with two clusters of tucks, one row 
insertion and finished with wide lace, drawers finished with 
beading and ribbon. 

4 pieces complete „.... 


Remarkable Values in Chemise 

Cotton, frill of tor- 
lace on neck and 

Flannelette, plain colors 
white and blue, open front, 
and arms finished PA 
embroidery.. ■ w U 

Rl-5101. Cotton, square yoke with 
one row embroidery insertion, 
frill of embroidery 
around neck and arms—. 


Rl-5102. Fine Nainsook, square 
neck, one row of Swiss beading 
and ribbon, finished with "1 |j 
frill of lace, lace on arms.. ■ I 3 

Rl-5103. Long Chemise, fine Nain- 
sook, round yoke with two rows 

of lace insertion, 1 row Swiss in- 
sertion finished with double frills 
of lace, neck finisned Witn irtll Of 
lace, beading and ribbon, arms 
with lace, skirt has frill with clus- 
ter of fine tucks, ono row 
lace insertion, edge of lace 



130 <*T. EATON C° umited TORONTO, CANADA 

- - ■ ■ ■ — - ' i.--. - i i 1 

Ladies’ Aprons and Children’s Pinafores 


B. 1-6100. Fine Muslin, deep flounce 
wid§ hem, band and sashes ... .25 

Rl-6101. Fine Muslin, extra wide with 
six-inch hemstitched hem, band 
and sashes 35 

Rl-6102. Fine Muslin, extra wide, 
deep flounce of muslin, finished 
with cluster Of tucks and frill of 
embroi tery, band and sashes. .50 

ttl-6103. Fine Muslin, extra wide, two 
clusters of fine tucks and row Swiss 
insertion, deep frill and wide hem- 

■ stitched hem and cluster of tucks 
put on under one inch hem- 
stitched tuck 75 

Rl-6104. Tea Apron, of fine muslin, 
ointed effect, finished with em- 
roidery pocket, baud and 
sashes 65 

Rl-6105. Fancy Tea Apron, made of 
fine lawn trimmed with Val. lace 
insertion and finished with frill 
edged with lace, band and 

sashes 85 


Rl-6106. Fine Lawn, bib and bretelles 
of solid tucking finished with hem- 
stitched frills, frill on skirt, 

band and sashes .38 

Rl-6107. Fine Lawn, fancy bib with 
tucks, embroidery insertion and frill 
of embroidery finished with fine 
tucks on skirt, band and 

sashes 50 

Rl-6108. Fine Lawn, fancy bib and 
bretelles of lawn finished with me- 
dallions and frill of fine embroidery, 
two-inch hem on skirt, band and 

sashes 55 

Rl-6109. Very fine lawn, plain bib and 
bretelles finished with fine tucks, 
extra wide skirt, finished with 
four inch hem, band and sashes .75 
R1-G110. Fine Muslin, cluster of tucks 
and deep flounce on skirt, fancy cir- 
cular bib finished with embroi- 
dery insertion and medallions .85 


Rl-6115. Bordered Linen with 
band - .281 

Rl-6116. Same as Rl-6115, with 

bib and shoulder straps 35 

Rl-6117. Kitchen Apron of Ging- 
ham, heavy quality, band only .28 
Rl-6118. Black Sateen with band .25 
Rl-61 19. 1 lack Sateen, wide hem, 

band and pocket 35 

Rl-6120. All-over Apron, made of 
gingham, with frill of material 
over shoulder and on skirt,... .50 
Rl-6121- All-over Apron, gingham 
with sleeves, frill on skirt, colors 

blue and white 75 

Rl-6122. All-over Apron of Chambray, 
square yoke and long sleeves, deep 
hem on’skirt, light shades blue 

and pink 1 .00 

Rl-6123. All-over Apron, made of print 
finished with white braid, long 
sleeves, frill on skirt, colors blue 

and white 1.00 

Rl-6124. Dust Cap made of print .15 
Rl-6125. N igh t Cap, fine cambric trim- 
med with fine tucks and frill of 
material .25 

Be sure and sign your name 
and address on order, and al- 
ways sign the same way. 


Sizes 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Ages 2 4 6 8 10 12 year 

Ll-6150. Muslin, Mother Hubba 
style, 3-in. hem, square yoke of e 
broidery, p,rms finished with ' 

embroidery, 2 to 6 years i 

8 to 12 years { 

11-6151. Fine Muslin, Mother Hr 
bard style, hemstitched hem on sad 
square yoke of Swiss insertion, ec 
of lace and frill of embroidery, 

2 to 6 years. 6 5 8 to 12 years .’ 
11-6152. Fine Muslin, Mother Eh 
bard style, fancy yoke of tuckii 
straps over shoulders of insert: 
finished with embroidery frill, li 
around neck, deep hem on skir 
to 6 years... .75 8tol2yrs.. A 
11-6153. Print, Mother Hubbard stj 
with hem at bottom, colors blue 

and white, 2 to 12 years < 

11-6154. Baby All-over Creepers, mi 
of strong gingham, buttoned 
down back, for one year only 

lead our instructions re Bi 
g by Mail in Front of Cai 




Children’s Underwear 

Child’s Embroidery Skirt 

Child’s Flannelette Skirt 

Child’s Flannel Skirt 


Fine Nainsook, 2 clusters of fine tucks 
and one row hemstitching between, one row 
Swiss embroidery insertion and frill of embroid- 
ery ; ages 1 to 4 years .65 


State Size. 


Rl-7112. Flannelette, 
fancy stripe, elastic 
at knee, all 
sizes .22 

Rl-7111. Black Sateen, 
elastic at knee, 
all sizes .33 

Rl-7114. Navy B 1 u 
Flannel, elastic at 

Sizes 1 to 4.... ... .45 
Sizes 5 to 8.... ... .50 

Rl-7102. Child’s Sleeper, 
fancy striped flannel- 
ette with feet r 1 to 
4 years 50 

Rl-7103. Grey Flannel 
Sleeper with feet, 
lto4yrs 1.00 

Rl-7122 Flannelette, plain colors, pink, white 
and blue, finished with 2-inch hem ; ages 
1 to 4 years ^gg 

Rl-7123. White all Wool Flannel, deep hem 
with flossing ; ages 1 to 4 years .65 


6 7 8 

Do Not Fail to 

Rl-7124. Flannelette, fancy stripe, 
finished with frill with flossing — 

Rl-7110. Fine Cotton, finished 
with fine tucks and frill of fine 

1.1-7100. Flannelette, fancy stripe, 
Mother Hubbard style with frill 
of material around neck, down 
front and on sleeves— 

1 to 4 .38 

5 to 8 48 

9 and 10 58 

Rl-7101. Flannelette, plain shade, 
ink and white, Mother Hub- 
ard style, finished with frill of 
material around neck, down 
front and on sleeves, silk floss- 
ing on yoke, down front and on 

frills— 1 to 4 .55 

5 to 8 65 

9 and 10 75 

[—Lengths 18 to 36 inches. 

Rl-7125. Cotton, deep flounce of mus- 
lin with one cluster of hemstitched 
tucks and deep frill of embroidery- 

18 to 24 .65 26 to 30 .75 32 to 36 .85 

18 to 24 .33 26 to 30.37 32 to 36 .45 

embroidery, all sizes. .35 



Infants’ Slips and Skirts 


on every line of Infants’ wear. goods 

are made in our own factory and of the 
most dependable materials. Send us a 
trial order and satisfy yourself. You run no 
risk; we exchange goods or refund money 
on all garments not satisfactory. 


Rl-8100. Nainsook, yoke of fonr rows lace insertion, two 
clusters of tucks in back, neck and sleeves tiuished 
with lace, deep hem on skirt . 50 

Rl-8103. Nainsook, front yoke with four clusters of tucks 
and three rows of Val insertion finished with muslin 
frill edged with lace, four clusters of tucks in back, 
skirt with deep hemstitched hem, three clusters of 
tucks and two rows of Val. insertion. 85 

Rl-8104. Nainsook, yoke of three rows Swiss insertion 
and four clusters of fine tucks, edging of lace on neck 
and sleeves, skirt with three clusters of fine tucks, 
two rows of Swiss insertion and deep hem 1.00 

Rl-8105. Fine Nainsook, yoke with three rows lace in- 
sertion, four clusters of tucks finished with frill with 
tucks and edging of lace, frill of lace on neck and 
sleeves, skirt finished with clusters of tucks, row of Val 
insertion and frill with two clusters of tucks and 
edging of lace 1.10 

Rl-8106. Nainsook, pointed yoke with tucks and one row 
of Swiss insertion finished with frill of embroidery, 
skirt with cluster of fine tucks, one row of Swiss 
insertion and frill of embroidery 1.15 

Rl-8108. Fine Nainsook , round yoke with cluster of tucks 
finished with frill of embroidery, neea and sleeves 
finished with luce, beading and ribbon, skirt 
with fine tucks and frill of embroidery 1 .50 

Rl-8109. Fine Nainsook, round yoke with two clusters of 
tucks, three rows Val. insertion and two rows of hem- 
stitching finished with muslin frill tucked and edged 
with lace, neck and sleeves with lace, skirt with three 
clusters of tucks, deep frill of muslin with cluster of 
tucks, two rows of hemstitching, two rows of lace 
insertion and edging of lace 1 .65 

R 1-8 111. Fine Nainsook, yoke of solid tucking finished 
with one row of Val. insertion and frill of lace, neck 
and sleeves with beading and ribbon, skirt has six 
Clusters of tucks, three rows of hemstitching and two 
rows of Val. insertion finished with muslin frill with 
three clusters of tucks, two rows of hemstitching, 
one row of insertion and frill of lace. 2.00 

Rl-8112. Fine Nainsook, round yoke with one row Val. 
insertion and frill of muslin edged with lace, beading 
and ribbon on neck and sleeves, skirt with four clus- 
ters of tucks two rows of hemstitching, two rows 
Val.insertion and muslin frill edged with lace._ 2.25 

Rl-8114. Fine Nainsook, square yoke back and front oi 
four rows Val. insertion and three rows fine Swiss in- 
sertion finished with braid and embroidery finished 
with lace, sleeves with braid and frill of lace, skirl 
with one cluster of fine tucks, two rows of Val, 
insertion, two rows Swiss insertion and frill of em- 
broidery edged with lace. 2.75i 

Rl-8115. Nainsook, square yoke back and front of solid 
tucking finished with Swiss insertion and frill of fin< 
embroidery, neck finished with hemstitching and frill 
of lace, sleeves with lace, beading and ribbon, skirt hai 
five clusters of three tucks, two rows of Swiss in- 
sertion and double frill of embroidery 3 . 2 £ 

Rl-8116. Fine Muslin, round yoke back and front witt' 
three rows of fine Val. insertion and tucks finished witt 
double frills of lace, beading aud ribbon, neck anc 
sleeves finished with lace, beading and ribbon, skin 
with five clusters of tucks with three rows fine Val 
insertion finished with frill with two clusters of 
tucks, one row of insertion and wide frill of lace 3.5C 


Rl-9100. Nainsook, deep frill of muslin, cluster of 
tucks and edge of lace 5( 

Rl-9105. Nainsook, cluster of tucks, two rows fine Swis 
insertion with row Val. insertion between finished 
with frill of fine embroidery — _. — — 1 ,6C 


82 ), : 907-8 

Infants’ Outfits 

Your money back if not satisfied. 

We guarantee Whitewear. 

Outfit No. 7 

Rl-8101. Slip, Nainsook, 
yoKe of 6 clusters of tucks 
8 rows of hemstitching, 
2 rows Swiss embroidery, 
tine embroidery on neck 
and sleeves, deep hem 
on skirt. .65 

Rl-3102. Slip, Nainsook, 
yoke with two clusters of 
fine tucks, 3 rows 1 ce in- 
sertion, frill of lace on 
neck and sleeves, skirt 
withone cluster of tucks, 
row of lace insertion 
and deep hem... 70 

Rl-8107. Slip, Nainsook, 
square yoke finished with 
Val. insertion and double 
f i ill of lace, neck and 
sleeves trimmed with 
lace, skirt with 1 cluster 
of fine tucks, 3 rows of 
fine Val. insertion finish- 
ed with frill with double 
frills of lace 1 .25 

Rl-8110. Slip of fine Nain- 
sook, fancy >oke of fine 
tucks, 3 rows Val. inser- 
tion, 2 rows Swiss inser- 
tion, neck and sleeves 
finished with embroid- 
ery, skirt with 3 clusters 
of tucks, 2 rows fine Val. 
insertion, one row Swiss 
insertion and frill 
fine embroidery.... 1.65 

Rl-8113. Slip, fine Nain- 
sook, round yoke of four 
rows imitation Maltese 
lace insertion and cluster 
of fine tucks finished 
with muslin frill with 
cluster of tucks and edge 
of lace put on with bead- 
ing and ribbon, skirt 
with two rows Maltese 
lace insertion and one 

Outfit complete for 

Or separately at above prices 

row of Swiss insertion, 
frill finished with 
wide Maltese lace 2.25 
Rl-9102. Skirt, Nainsook, 
one cluster of tucks, deep 
frill of muslin with two 
clusters of tucks one row 
lace insertion and 

frill of lace 75 

Rl-9103. Skirt, Nainsook, 
deep muslin frill with 
cluster of seven tucks, 
one row Swiss insertion 
and frill of embroi- 
dery 1 .00 

Rl-9104. Skirt, fine Nain- 
sook, two clusters of fine 
tucks in skirt, deep frill 
with imitation Maltese 
lace insertion and 

lace edge 1.15 

Rl-9126. One Flannel Skirt, 
with deep hem....... 1.15 

Rl-9127. S k i ft, flannel 
with cluster of tucks and 
frill of flannel em- 
broidery... 1 35 

Rl-9151. Two Barrowcoats. 
flannel bound with silk 
braid, each $1.25. . 2 .50 
Rl-9165. Three Bands, 
flannel silk embroi- 
dered, each 15c .45 

Rl-9167. Head Shawls, 
silk embroidered _ .50 
Rl-9172. Twelve Nap- 

kinettes 1.50 

Rl-9173. Two Vests, fine 
all wool, each 35e_ .70 
30 pieces, total... 17.50 


Outfit No - 8 

One Slip, Nainsook, lace 

trimmed .50 

One Slip, Nainsook, em- 
oroidery trimmed. .75 
One Slip, Nainsook, Val. 

lace trimmed 85 

One Slip, Nainsook, fine em- 
broidery trimmingl .25 
One Skirt, Nainsook.Val. 

lace trimming 50 

One Skirt, fine embroi- 
dery trimming 1.10 

26 pieces complete for 

Or separately at prices quoted. 

Outfit No. 9 

Consisting of— 

)ne Slip, Nainsook.. .35 
Ine Slip, Nainsook, lace 

trimming .50 

)ne Slip, Nainsook, lace 

trimming 65 

One Slip, Nainsook, em- 
broidery ti imming .75 
Dne Skirt, Nainsook .50 

17 pieces complete 

Or separately at the prices 
Dther Outfits up to 50.00 

Two Skirts, white flan- 
nel, eg,ch $1,15..._ 2.30 
Two Barrowcoats white 
flannel, each $1.25 2.50 
Two Bands, white flannel, 
silk embroidered, 

each 15c ... .30 

Twelve Napkinettes 1.50 
Two Vests, white, all 

wool, each 35c 70 

Total 12.25 


Two Barrowcoats, flannel- 
ette, white, ea. 75c 1 .50 
Two Bands, flannel, silk 
embroidered, each 

15c 30 

Six Napkinettes. .75 

Two Vests, all wool, 

white, each 25c .50 

Total 5.80 



134 <**T. EATON C° im)ted TORONTO, CANADA 

Infants’ Dresses. Skirts. Etc. 

Infants’ Shortening Dresses 
and Skirts— Lengths 24 inches. 

Rl-8125. Fine Nainsook, round yoke 
in front with six clusters of tucks, 
three rows of Swiss insertion and 
frill of embroidery, four clusters of 
tucks in back, frill of embroidery on 
neck and sleeves, skirt with three 
clusters of tucks and frill of 
embroidery 1.25 

Rl-8126. Fine Muslin, round yoke 
back and front with cluster of fine 
tucks and fine insertion finished 
with muslin frill, cluster of tucks 
and frill of lace, luce, beading and 
ribbon on neck and sleeves, skirt 
with five clusters of tucks finished 
with muslin frill, two rows insertion 
and edging of lace \ .50 

Rl-8127. Shortening Night Dress, white 
flannelette with tucked front and 
lace on neck and sleeves .... - .50 

Rl-9110. Skirt, Nainsook, with one 
cluster of fine tucks, frill of muslin 
with one row line Val. insertion 
and edging of lace 75 

Rl-9111. Skirt, Nainsook, frill of mus- 
lin with one cluster of tucks 
and frill of embroidery 85 

Infants’ Flannelette Slips and 

Rl-8120. Slip, White Flannelette, fnade 
with box pleat, two clusters of tucks 
with flossing between, frill of lace 
on neck and sleeves, skirt finish- 
£d with hem and flossing— 65 

Rl-8121. Slip, White Flannelette, yoke 
of tucks, frill of lace on neck and 
sleeves, two clusters of tucks 
in skirt and deep hem 75 

Rl-8122. Slip, White Flannelette, yoke 
with tucks and two rows silk embroi- 
dery, frill of lace on neck and sleeves, 
skirt with tucks and frill of 
embroidery 1.00 

Rl-9125. Skirt, Flannelette, white, 
finished with tucks and frill of 
embroidery 85 

Rl-9128. Skirt. Flannel, white, 
deep hem, silk embroidered. 1 .50 

Barrowcoats, Shawls, Etc. 

Rl-9150. Flannelette Barrowcoats, 
white, bound with braid.... ..... .75 

Rl-9152. Flannel Barrowcoats. White, 
silk embroidered and bound 
with silk braid 1.35 

Rl-9153. Flannel Barrowcoats, white, 
heavily embroidered and bound 
with silk braid 1.75 

Rl-9166. Band, flannel, silk em- 
broidered 20 

Rl-9168. Head Shawl, embroidered 
corner 75 

Rl-9169. Head Shawl, embroi- 
dered in two corners 1.00 

Rl-9171. Shirts, Nainsook, trimmed 
on neck and arms with lace_ .1234 

Rl-9180. Rubber Diapers, sizes 16, 

18, 20, 22 and 24 .35 

Rl-9181. Stoik Pants, in sizes 
small, medium and large 50 

Rt4>182. Stockinette Diapers.... ,5< 
Better quality 61 

Rl-9183. Rubber Diapers, Roch- 
ester . 6 ! 

Rl-9184. Rubber Carriage Sheets, 

18x24 inches .....* ,5j 

Rl-9185. Stockinette Carriage 

Sheet, 18x24 inches, ... 

R1-9I86. Rubber Crib Sheet, 27x 4 

38 inches 1 .0' 

Rl-9187. Stockinette Crib Sheet, 
27x38 inches 1.23 

Rl-9188. Rubber Bed Sheet, 37x 

60 inches 2.0 

Rl-9189. Stockinette Bed Sheet, 

37x60 inches..... 2.5 

Rl-9190. Rubber Apron 1 .1 

Rl-9191. Stockinette Apron 1 .2 

Note— Acme Whitewear Label is a 
guarantee of good quality. 

We do not acknowledge ih 
receipt of orders, unless thei 
i6 a delay in shipping same. 





SPECIAL NOTICE — In ordering goods from 
this page be sure to give age. We cannot fill your 
order unless we have this information and it delays an 
order to have to write a customer for age and this we 
wish to avoid. 

Children’s Vests and Drawers 

Ages 2 to 14 years. 

Rl-800. Vests, ribbed merino, long sleeves, closed front, natural 
color, ages 2 to 4 .25 6 to 8 .35 10 to 12 .45 14 yrs. .50 
Rl-801. Drawers to match vest 800, same prices. 

Rl-802. Vests, same as 800, button front, ages 2 to 4 .33 6 to 8 
.38 10 to 12 .48 14 years .55 

Rl-804 Vests, fine ribbed, wool and cotton mixture, button 
front, natural color, long sleeves, 

ages 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 years 

price .35 .40 .45 .50 .55 .60 .65 

Rl-805. Drawers to match vest 804, same prices. 

Rl-806. Vests, ribbed Swiss wool, closed front, long sleeves, 
natural color, 2 yrs .35 4 .40 6 .45 8 .50 10 55 12 .60 
14 .65 

Rl-807. Drawers to match 806 vests, same prices 
Rl-808. Vests, same quality as 806, with buttoned front and silk 
trimming, natural color 2 .40 4 .45 6 .50 8 .55 10 .60 
12 .65 14 years .70 

Rl-810. Vests, fine Swiss ribbed, all wool, buttoned front, silk 
trimming, long sleeves, white 2 .40 4 .45 6 .50 8 .55 
10 .60 12 .65 14 years .70 
Rl-811. Drawers to match vest Rl-810 same prices. 

Rl-812, Vests, “Zenith Brand,” button front, colors white and 
natural, wool mixture, long sleeves, 2 .35 4 .40 6 .45 
8 .50 10 .55 12 .60 14 .65 16 years .70 
Rl-813. Drawers to match Rl-812. 2 .40 4 .45 6 .50 8 .55 
10 .60 12 .65 14 .70 16 .75 
Rl-816. Vests, natural wool, buttoned front, long sleeves, natural 
color, 2 .45 4 .50 6 .55 8 .60 10 .65 12 .7© 14 .75 
Rl-817. Drawers to match Rl-816, same prices. 

Rl-820. Vests, soft fleeced lined, natural color, long sleeves, 
buttoned front, 2 .25 4 .35 6 .35 8, 10 .40 12, 14 yrs .45 
Rl-821. Drawers to match vest Rl-820, same prices. 

Ri-823. Tights or Drawers, heavy ribbed cotton, ankle and knee 
length, color black, 2 .20 4, 6 .25 8, 10 .30 12, 14 yrs .35 
Rl-825. Tights or Drawers, merino, knee or ankle length, color 
black, 2 .35 4 .40 6 .45 8 .50 10 .55 12 .60 14 yrs .65 
Rl-827. Tights or Drawers, fine all wool, knee or ankle length, 
color black, 2 .60 4 .65 6 .70 8 .75 10 .80 12 .85 
14 .90 

Rl-830. Combinations, ribbed merino, natural color, long sleeves, 
ankle length, 2, 4 .65 6, 8 .75 10, 12 .85 14 years 1.00 
Rl-831. Combinations, fine Swiss ribbed wool, high neck, long 
sleeves, ankle length, natural color, 2,41.10 6,8 1.25 
10, 12 1.35 14 years 1.50 

Rl-832. Combinations, fine natural wool, buttoned down front 
and across back, long sleeves, ankle length, natural color, 2, 4 
1.10 6, 8 1.25 10, 12 1.35 14 years 1 .50 
Rl-834. Sleeping Suits, just the thing to keep the little one 
warm and free from colds — most children kick off the clothes; 
made of warm fleece-lined stockinette, natural color, buttoned 
down back, as cut, size 2 to 4 .45 6 to 8 .55 10 to 12 .65 

Infants’ Vests 

Ages 3 to 18 months 

Rl-851. Vests, ribbed merino, closed front, white, long sleeves, 
3 and 6 months, .18 9, 12 .25 18 .30 
Rl-852. Vests, ribbed merino, half buttoned front, color white, 
long sleeves, 3 months .20 * and 9 .25 12 .30 18 .35 
Rl-853. Vests, ribbed merino, all buttoned front, color white, 
long sleeves, 3 and 6 months .25 9 and 12 .30 18 .35 
Rl-854. Vests, ribbed all wool, closed front, white, long sleeves, 
3 and 6 months .25 9 .33 12 to 18 .38 
Rl-855. Vests, ribbed all wool, half buttoned front, color 
white, long sleeves, 3 months .27 6 and 9 .35 12 and 18 .38 
Rl-856. Vests, ribbed all wool, buttoned front, color white, long 
sleeves, 3 months .30 6 and 9 .35 12 and 18 ,40 
Rl-857. Vests, ribbed Swiss extra fine all wool, buttoned front, 
lace and ribbon trimmings, white, long sleeves, 3 months .35 
6 .40 9 .45 12 .50 18 .55 

Rl-858 Vests, ribbed silk, buttoned front, lace and ribbon trim- 
mings, long sleeves color white, 3 and 6 months .60 9 .65 
12 and 18 .75 

Rl-859. Infants’ Roller Vests, all wool, white 3 months .35 

6 .40 9 .45 12 .50 

Rl-860. Infants’ Brownie Vests, fine all wool, white, 3 months 

.35 6 .40 9 .45 12 .50 

Rl-8bl. Infants’ Bands, ribbed all wool, natural color, 3 to 18 
months .22 

Rl-862. Infants’ Bands, ribbed all wool buttoned on shoulder, 
color white, 3 to 8 months .25 

Rl-863. Overalls, all wool, with or without feet, colors black and 
white, 6 months .75 1 year .85 2 1.00 3 1.15 4 1.25 
Rl-864. Overalls, hand made, fine all wool, white or black, vmh 
or without feet, ages 6 months to 1 year 1.00 2 to 3 years 
1.25 4 years 1 . 50 




* , LIMITED ” 


Order by number, it will 
assist us. 

Ladies’ Ribbed Underwear 

Sizes 32 to 38 bust measure. 

Rl-1. Vests of heavy winter 
weight Kibbed Cotton, natu- 
ral color, lace and ribbon 
trimmed, button front, high 
neck and long sleeves. .25 

Rl-2. Drawers, ankle length, 
open or closed style to 
match Rl-l 25 

Rl-3. Vests, heavy Ribbed 
Merino, wool and cotton 
mixture, natural color, high 
neck and long sleeves, lace 
and ribbon trimmed™ .50 

Rl-4. Drawers ankle length, 
open or closed, to match 
Rl-3 .50 

Rl-5. Vests, winter weight, 
ribbed 85$ wool, shaped, high 
neck, long sleeves, lace and 
ribbon trimmed, natural 
color, .75 white .85 

Rl-6. Drawers, ankle length, 
to match vests Rl-5, natu- 
ral color .75 white. .85 

Rl-7. Vests, ribbed wool win- 
ter weight, buttoned front, 
shaped, high neck, long 
sleeves, scarlet or black 
colors — - .99 

Rl-8. Drawers, ankle length, 
open or closed style, 
to match vest Rl-7.... ... .99 

Rl-9. Vests, ribbed Swiss all 
wool, nice soft thread, long 
sleeves, high neck, lace and 
ribbon trimmed, white 
or natural colors 1.00 

Rl-10. Drawers, ankle length 
open or closed, to match 
Rl-9 vests 1.00 

Rl-11. Vests, fine, quality all 
wool Australian yarn, lace 
and ribbon trimmed, button 
front, shaped high neck, 
long sleeves, white or 
natural colors 1.25 

Rl-12. Drawers, ankle length, 
to match vest Rl-11.... 1 . 25 

Rl-13. Vests, heavy Swiss rib- 
bed all wool, made of an 
extra fine soft Australian 
yarn, white or natural colors, 
silk ribbon draw, neatly 
finished with lace 
edge . 1.35 

Rl-14. Drawers to match vest 
Rl-13, open or closed.. 1 .35 

Vests and Drawers for 
Large Women 

Sizes 40, 42, 44 bust measure. 

Rl-15. Vests, heavy winter 
weight ribbed eotton, shaped , 
high neck, long sleeves, but- 
toned front, natural color, 
price — 35 

Rl-16. Drawers, ankle length, 
to match vest Rl-15, open 
or closed 35 

Rl-17. Vests winter weight| 
wool and cotton mi: 
ture, high neck, lon|| 
sleeves, buttoned front! 
lace and ribbon 

trimmed ,7(1 

Rl-18. Drawers, to mate/' 
vest Rl-17, open or 
closed ankle length .7(1 

Harvard Mills 

32 to 38 bust measure. 

Rl-19. Vests, heavy rit| 
bed cream cotton yar 
well combed, perfect fi| 
ting, front finished witf 
silk embroidery 

edge — .7(| 

Rl-20. Drawers, to mat 
Rl-19, cream only, 

ankle length. 7i| 

Rl-22. Vests, heavy weiglf 
Merino, 75$ wool, Ion 
sleeves, button front.sill 
hand finished edge, pel 
feet fitting, white.. 1 .21 
Rl-23. Drawers, ankl| 
length, to match 

vest Rl-22 1.2J 

Rl-25. Better quality 
wool Vests or Drawers,! 

each 2. 2i| 

Rl-26. Silk and Wool Ves[ 
or Drawers, each.. 3.5| 

Women’s Nursing 

Rl-28. Nursing Vests, wil 
high neck, button® 
front, wool and cottd 
mixed, long sleeves ,5| 
Rl-29. Better qualities .7| 
1.00 1 . 

Seal Lined Under 

Sizes 32 to 36 bust. 

Rl-30. Vests, soft fleel 
lined, heavy ribbed c<f 
ton, with high neck, lo^ 
sleeves, lace or ribt 
trimmed, white or 
natural color .... 

Rl-31. Drawers, ankl 
length, to match 
Rl-30... 5 


Ri-32. Vests, high nec 
long sleeves, ribbed M^ \ ,‘A 
ino, wool and cotti * 
mixed, veiy fine quail 
silk embroidered, perffl 
fitting, white or 

natural colors 2 .( 

Rl-33. Tights to mail 
vest, ankle length, whi] 
natural or black.- 2.. 

Rl-35. Vests, heavy ribfc 
all wool, long sleevl 
high neck, button fro! 
shaped, perfect fittiif 
silk stitched and fir ' 
ed, white or natu- 
ral 2 .( 

Rl-36. Tights, natural 
black colors, ank| 
length, to match 
vests Rl-35 2." 

We will exchange or refund money 
on goods not satisfactory, and pay 
transportation charges. Read our 
Liberal Guarantee page. 



Combination Suits 


By offering- you these garments at last IF I* 
year’s prices the saving to you is fully 
A<| 0 | Buying as we did in such large quan- 
fiU |o titles enabled us to obtain from the 
manufacturers last year’s prices, and with our 
one small per cent, of profit added the price to 
you is remarkably cheap. This is just another 
instance of our preparedness to serve our 

Sizes 32 to 38 bust measure. 

Rl-40. Vests, natural wool, buttoned front, shaped high neck, 

long sleeves, unshrinkable quality, special value 1 .00 

Rl-41. Drawers, ankle length, open or closed styles, to match 
vest Rl-40 1 _00 

WOLF BRAND — Sizes 32 to 40 bust. 

Rl-42. Vests, fine imported natural wool, unshrinkable qual- 
ity, high neck, full fashioned, perfect fitting, has long 

sleeves, natural color j .50 

Rl-43. Drawers to match Rl-42, ankle length, open or 
closed 1.50 


Rl-45. Vests, imported natural wool, finest Australian yarns, 
soft finish, buttoned front, high neck, long sleeves, full 

sizes 32 to 38 bust... 1 .50 sizes 40 to 44 bust 1.75 

Rl-46. Drawers to match Rl-45, ankle length — 

32 to 38 1.50 40 to 44 f .75 

WOOLSEY BRAND— Sizes 32 to 42 Bust Measure. 

Rl-48. Vests, finest soft finish natural wool, unshrinkable 
quality full fashioned perfect fitting, high plain neck, but- 
toned front, long sleeves, natural color 2.25 

Rl-49. Drawers, ankle length, to match Rl-48 2.25 


Sizes 32 to 38 bust. 

Rl-51. Heavy Winter Weight Ribbed Merino, wool and 
cotton mixture, natural color, buttoned down front, long 

sleeves, ankle length 1.25 

Rl-52. Harvard Mills Combination, same as vests Rl-19, high 
neck, long sleeves buttoned down front, ankle length, 

cream ? j .50 

Rl-24. Harvard Mills, 75 per cent, wool, buttoned front, same 

as Rl-21, hand finished with silk, white only.. 2.50 

Rl-52. Heavy Swiss Ribbed Wool, Union Suits, buttoned 
down front, long sleeves, ankle length, natural or white 
shades, nice soft yarn, washes well, good size and 

shape _ 2.00 

Rl-53. Unshrinkable Natural Wool, medium weight, high 
French neck, nice soft finish, perfect fitting and a very 
satisfactory garment in every way, natural shade 

only. _ 2.00 

Rl-44. W T olf Brand Combination, imported English natural 
wool, fine Australian yarn, nice finish, same quality as vest 
Rl-42, unshrinkable quality, shrunken garments replaced, 

natural color only 2.75 

Rl-47. Stuttgarter, fine soft finish, imported natural wool, 
made from finest Australian yarns, this union suit is a very 
satisfactory garment to wear, assures a neat waist line by 
doing away with extra bands as separate garments require, 

sizes 32 to 38 bust 2.75 40 to 44 bust 3.00 

Rl-34. Knit-to-Fit Union Suits, ribbed merino, wool and 
cotton, is all the term implies, form fitting, beautifully 

finished in every way, natural color only.. 3.75 

Rl-50. Woolsey Brand Natural Wool Combinations, finest 
imported natural wool, high neck, long sleeves, buttoned 
down front with pearl butt. ns, is of very fine texture, good 

full sizes and perfect fitting, natural color 3.75 

Rl-37. Knit-to-Fit Union Suits, fine all wool ribbed and form 
fitting, silk sewn seams hand finished with silk embroid- 
ery, high neck, long sleeves, ankle length, white or 

natural 4-. 00 

R1-S8. Better quality silk, same shape as Rl-37 7.60 





Women’s Warm Winter Garments 



•: ■■ . T .t ■ 

Notwithstanding the heavy advance in prices 
we are enabled to stand between our customers 
and high prices. Eight in the face of a rising 
market and scarcity of goods, we are selling at 
last year’s unapproachable prices. 


Rl-54. Ladies’ heavy Fleece Lined Night Gowns, natu- 
ral color, as cut Rl-54, a fine garment for those requir- 
ing extra warmth, washes well and will give 
satisfaction 1.25 

Rl-55. Natural Wool Night Gowns, same quality 

as No. 40 vest, as cut Rl-54 . 


Rl-56. Women’s Wool Abdominal b ,nds, white 
or natural colors _ .25 

Rl-57. Better quality 

Rl-58. Finest quality, natural color 


Rl-59. Women’s Chamois Vests lined with red flan- 
nel, no sleeves, high neck, sizes 32 to 42 bust 2.50 

Rl-60. Women’s Chamois Vests, same as Rl-59 only 
long sleeves, sizes 32 to 42 bust 3.50 

Rl-70. Chamois Protectors for Women, single, one side 
only covered with red flannel — 

Size 1... .25 Size 2... .33 Size 3... . 4.5 

Rl-71. Chamois Protectors, double, back and front cov- 
ered with red flannel, size 1.50 size 2.75 size 3.95 


Rl-75. Ribbed Merino, wool and cotton mixture, ankle 
length, black, elastic top, just the garment to pull on 
before going out into the cold, comfortable and 
warm .75! 

Rl-76. Ribbed all Wool, ankle length, black fast dye, 
is well made and finished, perfect fitting 1.00 

Rl-77. Ribbed Tights, all wool, fine quality, ankle 
length, fast black 1.25 

Rl-78. Ribbed all Wool, extra fine quality, fast black, 
full fashioned — 1.65 

Rl-79. Our Famous Women’s Bloomers, sateen bands 
drop seat, seal lined, stockinette cloth, particularly 
suitable for severe weather 1.0C 


Sizes 32 to 40 Bust. 

Rl-82. Women’s Ribbed Cotton Corset Covers, high neck 
long or no sleeves, white or natural color, pearl 
buttons, shaped .21 

Rl-73. Heavy Ribbed Merino, wool and cotton mixture 
buttoned down front, white or natural color, high 
neck, long or no sleeves 5( 

Rl-83. Harvard Mills Corset Covers, fine heavy ribbe< 
cotton, cream color, perfect fitting, high neck, long 
sleeves, draw tape at waist, silk finished neck with 
ribbon draw.. 7! 


Rl-80. Women’s Mercerized Cotton Swiss Ribbed witlj 
fancy crochet yoke and straps, cream or white... .65 

Better qualities .75 .85 1.00 1.25! 

Rl-81. Women’s Spun Silk, fancy top or 

• Plain 1.75 to 3.5C 

Rl-84. Mercerized Cotton, Swiss make, silk finish, 
white or cream 7f 


When returning goods write your 
name and address on outside of parcel, 
enclose bill with particulars, if sent 
back by Express. Do not enclose anlr 
correspondence in Mail parcels. 






to not ‘fail to state 
Cut No. and Size. 




B2-133. Our Famous Tape Girdle, steel filled, 
5 -in. Paris clasp, white only, sizes 18 to 24 .35 
R2-15. Corset, Coutil, straight front, sateen 
strips, lace and ribbon trimmings, medium 
waists, colors drab and white, sizes 18 to 30 .50 
R2-130. Fine Jean, straight front, steel filled, low 
bust and medium hip, lace and ribbon trim- 
med, drab and white, sizes 18 to 26 50 

R2-17. Fine Jean, straight front, single strips of 
sateen, 9 inch front and back steel, drab 

and white, sizes 18 to 24. 50 

R2-99. Made of fine light weight Batiste, lace 
trimmed top and' bottom, steel filled, size 
18 to 24, white only 65 

B2-21. Our Famous Nursing style, made of 
fine strong coutil sateen strips, steel filled, per- 
fect fitting, drab only, sizes 20 to 30, 

our price 75 

R2-124. Straight front fine sateen, filled with 
steel wire, long hips, with hose supporters 

attached, drab and white, sizes 18 to 26 .85 

R2-148. Straight front, long dip hip, 5 hook Paris 
clasp, white Batiste, steel filled, lace and ribbon 
trimmed, hose supporters front and side, suit- 
able for tall and medium figures, sizes 18 

to 30 95 

R2-154. Made of fine light weight Batiste, 
white only, steel filled, girdle top, finished with 
lace and ribbons, long below waist and over 
hips, a very popular model for slight and me- 
dium bust figures, has two pair hose sup- 
porters, sizes 18 to 24. 95 

Children’s Waists 

R2-900. Child’s Waist, tor 5 to 10 years sizes, 22 to 
26 waist measure, made of corded jean, 

white or drab : .35 

R2-901. Child’s Soft White Batiste Waist, for the 
small children, 2 to 4 years, buttoned at 

back -- 20 

R2-902. Child’s Waist, made of soft strong jean, 
white only, buttoned front, for children 

4 to 7 years, waist measure 22 to 26 .25 

R2-905. Baby Waist, of corded jean, Rubens 

style, white only, sizes 1 and 2 _ .25 

R2910. Child’s Corded Waist, made of fine sateen, 
white or drab, for ages 2 to 6 years, sizes 

21 to 26 waist measure 45 

R2-911. Misses’ Waist, corded sateen, buttoned 
front, laced back, colors white or drab, sizes 
20 to 26 waist measure, for 10 to 14 years.. .65 

We present to our customers a new assortment of Acme shapes, the models and styles illustrated were selected to suit every figure 
nd the prices we quote enable you to buy a high grade corset for less than a poor grade can be bought elsewhere. The Acme Corset without 
doubt has no equal at the price manufactured and sold exclusively by EATON Comp Our Acme Guarantee — If for any reason a pair 
f Acme Corsets do not give satisfaction in every particular, providing the fault is with the corset, return them at our expense and we will exchange 
r refund your money with all charges you may have paid. 




Read our instructions re buying by 
Mail in front of Catalogue 


This New Self-Reducing Corset re 
duces the figure without the sliglites 
discomfort. It will give a woman th 
best figure she ever had. It is un 
equalled for durability and produce 
results not heretofore possible in othe 
corsets. It retains the original self 
reducing idea to which has been ad 
ded the new relief strap, the nev 
graduated front steel and the nev 
double garter attachment. 

R2-312 New Self-reducing Corset fo 
stout women, up-to date shape, re 
duces and supports the abdomen, 
hook clasp, low under arm, lonj 
hip and skirt, colors white and 

drab, sizes 20 to 36 3.5C 

R2-314. Same style as R2 312 
with lower bust, sizes 20 to 36 3.5( 
R2-301, Incurve waist, military belt 

medium bust, long hip, four hos 

supporters in front, suitable for me 
dimn figures, made of white coutil 

sizes 18 to 30 3.5( 

R2-616. Same style as R2-312, made o 
fine brocaded jean, sizes 20 
to 30 6.0( 

PAGE. We exchange or refund on all 
goods not satisfactory. 

R2-355. Swan shape, the latest French 
figure, the fashionable high bust, 
the extremely long waist and small 
rounded hips, made of fine white 
brocaded jean, for medium and 
slender figures, sizes 18 to 26._ 4.50 
R2. Special Smart Set, made of fine 
white coutil, whalebone filled, trim- 
med with lace and ribbon, high 
bust and long waist, long over hip 
and back, four hose supporters 
attached, sizes 18 to 30 .... 6.00 


R2-671. Fine Coutil, tapering waist, 
high bust, dip hip, hose supporters 
front and side, suitable for average 
figures, colors white and drab, 

sizes 18 to 30 1.25 

R2-661. Fine French Coutil, tapering 
waist, deep hip, low bust, hose sup- 
porters front and side, suitable for 
slight figures, colors white and 

drab, sizes 18 to 26 1 .25 

R2-A.7. Fine White Batiste, medium 
low bust, short hip, filled with fine 
steel wire, hose supporters in front, 
suitable for slight figures, sizes 
18 to 24 1.25 

R2-379. Fine Coutil, tapering waist, 
medium bust, long hip, coming well 
down over back, especially adapted 
for stout figures, colors white 
and drab, sizes 19 to 30 1 .75 

R2-377. Fine Coutil, high bust, extra 
long hip, straight front, hose sup- 
porters front and side, lace and rib- 
bon trimmed, for medium stout 
figures, colors white and drab, 
sizes 19 to 30 2 .50 

R2-48. Binner Corset, made of fine 
French coutil, trimmed with lace 
and ribbon, medium bust, extra long 
over hip and back, boned with 
whalon, suitable for medium 
and stout figures, sizes 18 to 30 8.00 

Made with Loop Eyelets 

R2-672. Nursing Corset, bias cut, me- 
dium bust, dip hip, hose supporters 
front and side, made of fine jean, 
colors white and drab, sizes 20 
to 30 -.- 1.25 

R2-658. Fine White Batiste, girdle 
top, long over hip. hose support- 
ers front and side, five hook clasp, 
suitable for slight figures, color 

white, sizes 18 to 24 1 .25 

R2-673. Fine Coutil, high bust, long 
hip, hose supporters front and side, 
suitable for tall but slight and me- 
dium figures, colors white and 

drab, sizes 18 to 30 1.25 

R2-711. Fine French Coutil, straight 
front, long over hip and abdomen, 
hose supporters front and side, steel 
filled, lace and ribbon trimmed, suit- 
able for stout and medium figures, 
colors white and drab, sizes 

19 to 30 1 .75 

R2-1033. Fine White Batiste, medium 
high bust, fan front, long over hip 
and abdomen, hose supporters at- 
tached front and side, suitable for 
medium figures, sizes 18 to 30. 2-25 

Do not enclose cash unless 
letter is registered (use | 
Money Orders), read para- 
graph, page “How to send 

lout i 

j k , 


I Hi rib 




R2-83. Empire Bustle, made of 

fine tempered wire 35 

R2-73. Combination Hip Bustle, made 
of fine tempered wire covered 

with cambric. .60 

R2-93. Grommet Bustle, hair filled, 
light, perfect fitting, sizeO, 1, 2,3 .50 
R2-C. Fairy Bust Forms, hair filled, 

made of fine white cambric 35 

R2-CX. Fairy Bust Forms, hair filled, 
made of fine white cambric, ex- 
tending well under arms .65 

R2-0. Sylvia Bust Support, specially 
designed for stout figures, elastic 
gusset in bac k, sizes 34 to 40 ins. 

bust measure 1.00 

R2-I. Same style as R2-0, with 

elastic back __ - 1 .50 

R2-2. Same style as R2-0, made of fine 
batiste, with silk elastic back 2 .00 

When returning goods write 
your name and address on 
outside of parcel, enclose bill 
with particulars, if sent back 
by Express. Do not enclose 
any correspondence in Mail 

Corsets, Waists and Bustles 


2-417. Sterling Jean, high bust, long 
over hip and abdomen, for average 
and well developed figures, steel 
filled, lace and ribbon trim- 
med, wh te and drab, 19 to 30. 1 .25 
12-936. Sterling cloth, low bust, long 
over hip and abdomen, fine steel 
wire, lace and ribbon trimmed, me- 
dium stout figures, white and 

drab, sizes 20 to 36 _ 1.25 

2-445. Fine Jean, long waist, high 
bust, long over hip, hose supporters 
front and side steel filled, lace and 
ribbon trimmed, for average fig- 
ure, white and drab, 19 to 30.. 1.75 
2 - 446 . Nuform, of fine white coutil, 
high bust, long over hip and back, 
hose supporters front and side, lace 
and ribbon trimmed, for average 
and stout figures, 19 to 30 2.25 


2-707. Fine Coutil, high bust, extra 
long hip, hose supporters front and 
aide, steel filled, 5 hook Paris clasp, 
lace and ribbon trimmed, white 
Only, sizes 18 to 30 1.25 

K2-7o6. Sterling Jean, bias cut, low 
bust, long hip, hose supporters at- 
tached front and side, Paris clasp, 
cork protector, colors white and 

drab, sizes 18 to 26 1 .25 

R2-928. Fine Coutil, two bone strip, 
medium bust, 5 hook clasp, long hip, 
hose supporters front and side, steel 
filled, suitable foravernge fig- 
ures, white and drab, 19 to 30. 1 .75 
R2-934. Fine White Batiste, straight 
front, 5 hook clasp, high bust, long 
over hip and abdomen, lace ami 
ribb >n trimmed, sizes 19 to 30. 1 .75 


R2-353. Fine Jean, two bone strip, 
medium high bust, dip hip, suitable 
for tall stout figures, loop eyelets, 
colors white and drab, sizes 19 

to 30 | .00 

R2-233. Fine Jean, medium bust, snort 
hip, suitable for slight figures, Paris 
clasp, lace and ribbon trimmed, 
colors white and drab, sizes 18 

to 26 1.00 

R2-254. Fine Jean, medium low bust, 
long hip, suitable for medium figure, 
5 hook Paris clasp, colors white 
and drab, sizes 18 to 30._ 1 .OO 


R2-289. Ladies’ Maternity Waist, made 
oi fine coutil, medium bust, laced on 
side and back, buttoned in front, 

white only sizes 22to30 2.60 

R2-220. Ladies’ Waist, made of fine 
corded jean, medium bust, buttoned 
front, colors white and drab, 

sizes 20 to 30 1.25 

R2-533. Ladies’ Waist, fine white cuu- 
til, straight front, bias cut, dip hip, 
suitable for medium figures, 

sizes 20 to 26 1.25 

R2-223. Misses’ Waist, made of fine 
corded sateen, pleated bust, colors 
wh’ite and drab, sizes 20 to 26. 1 .25 
R2-903. Equipoise Waist, made of film 
twilled cotton, whalebone filled, 8-in. 
under arm, white only. 22 to 30 2.75 
R2-M. Child’s Waist, made of fine 
knitted cotton, strapped with tape, 
white only, ages 1 to 12 years .25 
R2-593. Fleece Lined Waist, strapped 
with tape, natural color, to fit 

ages from 1 to 12 years 25 

R2-373. Ideal Waist, made of fine 
twilled cotton gathered front and 
back, white only, ages 1 to 14. .35 
R2-303. Same style as R2-373, made of 
better quality and trimmed with 
embroidery 50 





E VERY Mail Order Watch receives our special attention, is carefully timed and examined by an expert before sending, and is packed in a wooden box. 
If watch is received in a damaged condition or will not run correctly, notify us at once or return watch. 

Our Cases are specially made for us ; we have chosen the better quality of goods to sell at these low prices. The design has been changed 
to a newer and neater model, increasing the desirable appearance. We always fill orders with an engraved case unless instructed to send polished or 
engine turned. The engine turned style is specially designed for wear and will not show scratches or easily wear smooth. 

The EATON Movement is steadily gaining ground as the best made for accuracy of time under all conditions, and is becoming popular with our 
customers. Made after the best American models, guarantees that the latest attachment is found in it ; first class material and workmanship and inter- 
changeable parts completes a very desirable timepiece. 

We arrange for the manufacture of such vast quantities that the price to us is always made low. You receive the benefit of this low price as well as 
the profits that would go to the middleman. 

All Railroad Watches are marked * . These movements are all stem wind and lever set and are specially adjusted to temperature and five positions 
and are carefully timed for accurate timekeeping. 

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your watch when you receive it, return to us and we will exchange for another I 
or refund your money paying charges both ways. | 


Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s KA £ AT Gold Filled Watches 






16 Size new thin 
Model Watches 



21 Years 



6 Size Watches 
Hunting Style 

25 Years 





The Eaton Watches as illustrated are the very best watches made at the price, and 
if you want an exceptionally good watch, send us your order for one of our watches 
<£> case and fitted with one of our celebrated EATON movements. 

Sl-8243. New Thin Model 16 Size Case, the most popular size made, 14k. 
gold filled case engraved entirely by hand by the finest watch case engraver 
in the country, and for style, beauty and finish are not to be excelled, each 
case marked xs. and carries a written ‘guarantee for 21 years. This 
beautiful case nt is fitted with the celebrated EATON move- 
ment, 15-jewelled and guaranteed to be an accurate timekeeper. 

Our price complete 7.90 

Sl-8245. Ladies’ 6 size 14k. Gold Filled Watch, hunting style, case entire- 
ly engraved by hand, and is one of the most beautiful in design that we 
have been able to offer. This is a Diamond y*. 14k. Gold Filled Case and « 
guaranteed for 25 years. Fitted with v our EATON 
7-jewel movement. Complete 8 65 

Extra on 
12 Cents 


Sl-8247. Ladies’ 6 Size Gold Filled Hunting 
Case Watches. They have 14k. gold filled 
“Diamond” y®. cases, guaranteed for 25 
years’ wear. Vr Can be supplied in plain 
polished for monogram or engine 
turned or handsomely engraved in 
many different designs. Cut shows 
only one style of engraving and we 
cannot guarantee to fill orders same 
as cut. 

With a 15-jewelled EATON 

movement - 12.75 

SI -8249. With a 17-jewelled adjusted 

EATON movement 18.50 

SI -8251. With a 7-jewelled 

Waltham movement... 10.00 

Sl-8253. With a 15-jewelled 

Waltham movement 12.35 

Sl-8255. With a 16-jewelled 
Lady Waltham movement. 15.00 

The above case can be supplied 
in open face at 50c less. 

Sl-8257. Ladies’ 14k. Gold 6 Size 
Watches. Cases can be supplied 
with engine turning (as cut) or 
with engraved designs or plain 
polished with handsome mono- 
gram of any initials, fitted with 
a 7-jewelled EATON 

movement. - 23.00 

Sl-8259. Same Quality Case, 15- 
jewelled EAT ON 

movement. 24.50 

Sl-8261. Same Quality Case, 17- 
jewelled a d j u s t e d 
EATON movement.... 30.25 
Sl-8263. Same Quality Case, 7- 
jewelled Waltham 

movement 22.60 

Sl-8265. Same Quality Case, 15- 
jewelled Waltham 

movement 24.15 

Sl-8267. Same Quality Case, 16- 
jewelled Lady Waltham 
movement 26.80 









LADIES’ Q SIZE WATCHES-Hunting or Open Face Style 


Our Prices 

Have Your Watch 


8ent by Express 

if Possible ; 

the Lowest 

It’s the Safest Way 


81-8201. Ladies' Small O Size Gold 
Filled Hunting Case Watches. 
These are the smallest size for 
ladies. They have 14k. sold tilled 
“ Diamond ” a cases, stem wind 
and set, v guaranteed for 25 
years* wear, fitted with the 
EATON 7-jewelled move- 
ment 12.25 

1-8203. Same Quality Case, fitted with 15- 

jewelled EATON Movement 13.25 

'-8205. Same Case with 17-jewelled ad- 
justed EATON Movement 19.25 

-8207. Same Case with 7-jewelled Wal- 
tham Movement 11.00 

1-8209. Same Case with 15-jewelled Wal- 
tham Movement 11.80 

:-8211. Same Case with 16-jewelled 

Lady Waltham Movement 19.55 

1-8213. Same Case with 17-Jewelled 

Riverside Waltham Movement 26.15 

1-8215. Same Case with 19-Jevvelled 
Riverside Maximus Movement.... — 30.60 
Note. — The Movements in Sl-8205,-8211, 

8213 and 8215 are adjusted to tempera- 








U-82305. Boys’ 16-dize Nickel or Gunmetal 
Watch, double-hinged back, very strong and 
neat, fitted with a 7-jewelled, nickel 
movement. 2.75 

Always stats on order tine exact I 
■mount enclosed. g 

Sl-8233. Ladies* O Size Gold Filled Open Face 
Watch, 14k. gold filled “ Diamond ”<£> case, 
guaranteed for 25 years. The move- ments 
all have second hands. This case fitted with 
a 7-jewelled EATON Movement 11.00 

Sl-8235. Same Case with 15-Jewelled 
EATON Movement 12.00 

Sl-8237. Same Case with 17- Jewelled ad- 
justed EATON Movement 18.00 

Sl-8237a. Same Case with 7-Jewelled 
Waltham Movement™ 9.75 

Sl-8239. Same Case with 15-Jewelled 
Waltham Movement...: 10.65 

Sl-8241. Same Case with 16-Jewelled 
Lady Waltham Movement 18.30 


SI- 82307. 

Girls’ or 

tal case - - , I 

. watch. R\u Qj, ~ 

T h i s is \ IT 

the neat 0 tff£// V « . 

size, open im III ' -i-pi 

face, fitted IK ' '^1© 

with a 7- > ||| 1 

jewelled lift /ryp* o /i 

Stroller 1 

movement raBT A. 

m o vement, 

silver case " 





81-8217. Ladies’ Small O Size 14k. 
Gold Cases. These are extra heavy 
and can be supplied in plain pol- 
ished style with handsome mono- 
gram, any initials, engine turned 
or with a handsomely engraved 
design, fitted with a 7-jewelled 
EATON movement 22.50 

Sl-8219. Same Case with 15-Jewelled 

T. EATON CO. Movement 23.50 

Sl-8221. Same Case with 17-Jewelled Ad- 
justed T. EATON CO. Movement- 29.60 

Sl-8223. Same Case with 7-Jewelled 

Waltham Movement. — 21.25 

Sl-8225. Same Case with 15-Je welled 

Waltham Movement , 21.76 

Sl-8227. Same Case with a 16-Je welled 

Lady Waltham Movement- 29.76 

Sl-8229. Same Case with a 17-Jewelled 

Riverside Waltham Movement 35.40 

Sl-8231. Same Case with 19-Jewelled 
Riverside Maximus Movement... 40.75 

s i - 8 2 3 o 9. 'f^mm 

L a d i e s’ or uWffll 

Misses’ Ster- III H~ i© 
ling Silver- # f \ 

Cased Open- |- A = 

Faced Watch- "f, * 

es, hinged I 

bacK. These 
watches are 
greatly used 
by nurses, fit- 
ted with a 7-jewelled EATON 

movement 8.25 

Sl-82311. 15-Jewelled EATON Mov vement 9.25 
81-82313. 17-Jewelled EATON Movement 15.26 

Sl-82315. 7-Jewe.ied Waltham M’v’t- 7.00 

bi-82317. 15-Jewelled Waltham M’v’t 7.90 

Note.— L adies' Silver Watches can be supplied 
in Hunting Style for 75c extra. 





Sl-82321. Boys’ Nickel Finished Watch, with our 
special “ Scout ” movement. This watch has 
a superior movement to all low-priced watches, 
is guaranteed to give entire satisfaction 
- 1 .25 

Sl-82323. Boys’ Nickel Finish Watch, stem wina 
and set, neat, thin model, with a reliable 
American movement, guaranteed 1 .00 

We do not acknowledge the receipt 
of orders, unless there is a delay in 
shipping same. 





25 Years 


81-8275. Men’s 18 Size Gold Filled Cases, Diamond 
ye. guaranteed for 25 years’ wear, solid gold bow, 
screw back and front, and can be supplied in 
plain polished, engine turned or engraved styles, 
Script monogram on watches done free of charge. 
Block monogram similar to cut, from 75c to 1.50, 

with 7-jewelled Eaton movement 1 0.50 

SI -8277. With a 15-jewelled Eaton 

movement ... 11.65 

Sl-8279. With a 17-je welled adjusted Eaton 

movement 18.75 

Sl-8281. With a 21 -jewelled adjusted 
Eaton movement. 36.75 

Gentlemen’s 18 Size Open Face or 
Hunting: Style, 7-Jewel Nickel 


This movement is made for us under contract 
and at our price fitted with any 18 size case 
as shown on this page will give you better 
value than you can get in any 18 size 
7-jewel movement on the market. This 
movement has nickel plates richly da- 
mascened. exposed highly polished wind- 
. nig wheels, full polished pinions. Hand- 
some double pressed dial with red marginal 
figures, stem wind and set. 

The running and timekeeping qualities of 
this watch are a special feature ard posi- 
tively will give the best satisfaction of any 
7-jewel watch on the market. 

IF this movement is not up to 
standard in every way as de- 
scribed you may return the watch 
to us and we will at once refund 
your money togrether with all 
transportation charges you may 
have paid. 

Our prices 
are the low- 
est. Com- 
pare them 
and be con- 

Sl-82121. Men’s 18 Size Gold Filled .a Watch. 10k. 
gold filled cases, “ competitor ” guaranteed 

for 21 years’ wear, screw back and front, 
with a 7-jewelled EATON movement 8.25 

Sl-82123. Same case with 15-jewelled EATON 

movement 9.40 

Sl-82125. Same case with 17-jewelled adjust- 
ed EATON movement 16.40 

2 ! 










I Me 


81-82235. Men’s 16 Size Gold Filled Watches, the 
cases are 14k. gold filled “ Diamond ” ypv guaran- 
teed for 25 years’ wear and cun be sup- plied in 
plain polished for monogram, engine turned or 
handsomely engraved, and is the neatest size for 
men, cut shows only one design of engraving, and 
we cannot guarantee to fill orders exactly as cut, 
fitted with a 7-jewelled EATON movement 11.00 

81-82237. Same case, 15-jewelled EATON 
movement 12.15 

81-82239. Same case, 17-jewelled EATON 
adjusted movement — 19.00 

Gentlemen’s 16 Size Open Face or 
Hunting Style, 17-Jewel Adjusted 

As Positively the Acme of Perfection in 16 
Size 17-Jewel Movements, we offer this 
movement which is marked The T. EATON 
Co. Limited, and is made especially for us 
is solid nickel richly damaskened and 
finished. Has 17 ruby jewels, raised 
gold settings accurately and specially 
adjusted to heat, cold, isochron- 
ism and all positions. 

Has Compensating Balance Breguet Hair 
Spring, new improved patent regulator, 
double sunk enamelled dial.Thismovement 
guaranteed to be a reliable and accurate 
timekeeper, and we can recommend it as 
being as near perfection in the watch mak- 
ing art as is made, and is manufactured for 
us with the idea not to equal any watch on 
the market at the price, but to have some- 
thing better than has heretofore ever been 


your selection of a watch on these pages to 
get the greatest possible value for your 


Sl-82256. Men’s 16 Size 10k. Gold Filled “ Competi- 
tor ” a cases. These cases are guaranteed for 21 

■s’ ^ 

years’ ^ wear, have screw back and front, are i 
made in the newest model and engraved in neat, I IB, 
artistic designs, or can be supplied in plain, polish- j P 1 -- 
ed for monogram or engine turned, fitted 
with 7-jewelled EATON movement 8.76 1>1. 

' , 1193 . 

Sl-82258. Same ease with 17-jewelled 

EATON adjusted movement ._ 




18 SIZE 


18 SIZE 



Sl-8275. Men’s 18 Size Gold Filled 
Cases, fully guaranteed 
v" for 25 years’ wear, solid gold 
bow, screw back and front and 
can be supplied in plain polish- 
ed, engine turned or engraved 
styles, cut shows one style only 
of engraving, and we cannot 
guarantee to fill orders exactly 
as cut, with a 7-jewelled Wal- 
tham gilded movement 10.55 
Sl-8295. With a 15-jewelled Wal- 
tham gilded movement H 50 
Sl-82100. With a 17-jewelled Wal- 
tham nickel movement 13.00 
Sl-82101. With a 17-jewelled Wal- 
tham, P. S. Bartlett gilded, 
adjusted to temperature 14-20 
S1-821U2. With a 17-jewelled Wal- 
tham, P. S. Bartlett nickel, 
adjusted to tempera- 
ture 15.25 

S 1-82103. With a nickel 17-jewel 
P. S. Bartlett Waltham move- 
ment, vanguard model ad- 
justed to temperature 16.40 
Sl-82105. With a 17-ruby jewe'lled 
Waltham C.P.R. nickel move- 
ment adjusted to tempera- 
ture and three posi- 
tions 19.75 

Sl-82107. With a 17-ruby jewelled 
Waltham Appleton, Tracy &Oo. 
nickel movement... .... 23.00 
*S1-82109, With a nickel, 
Waltham 17-ruby jewelled 

movement 23.50 

jl-82111. With Crescent Street Waltham, 19 jewel movements 28.55 

1-82113. Witha Crescent Street Waltham, 21-jewelled movement 31 35 
1-82115. With a Vanguard Nickel Waltham, 19 jewelled movement 34 00 
1-82117. With a Vanguard NickelWaltham, 21-jewelled movem’nt 36 l 85 
1-82119, With Vanguard Nickel Waltham 23-jeweled movement, 

liamond, ruby and sapphire jewels 39 55 

Sote.— A ll the above movements can be supplied in hunting case except 
31-82105 and Sl-82109, which comes in open face only. Hunting style case 
53.00 extra. 

18 SIZE 

Sl-82127. Men’s 18 Size 10k. Gold jS. 
Filled Case, “ competitor ’’guar- >5' 


anteed for 21 years’ wear, screw back 
and front, with a 7-je welled 
gilded Waltham movement 8.00 
Sl-82129. Same case with 7-jewelled 
nickel Waltham movement 

- 8.60 

Sl-82131. Same case with 15-jewelled 
gilded Waltnam movement 


Sl-82133. Same,case with 15-jewelled 
nickel Waltham movement 


Sl-82135. Same case with 17-jewelled 
nickel Waltham movement 

- 10.60 

Sl-82139. ' Same case with 17-jewelled 
P. S. Bartlett gilded move- 
ment. 11.65 

Sl-82141. Same case with 17-jewelled 
P. S. Bartlett nickel move- 
ment - 12.75 

Sl-82142. With a nickel 17- jewel P. 

S. Bartlett Waltham movement, van- 
guard model adjusted to 

temperature 13.90 

S1-821-I3. Same case with 17 jewelled 
C.P.R. Waltham movement 

adjusted to 3 positions 17.25 

Sl-82145. Same case with 17-jewelled 
Appleton, Tracy & Co. move- 
ment 20.55 _ 

*S1-82117. Same case with 17-jewelled C.P.R. Waltham movement, 


18 SIZE 

*S1-82148. Waltham 21 fine sapphire and ruby jewels, .-. 

*S1-82149. Same case with 19-jewelled Crescent Street Waltham 


*S1-82151. Same case with 21 -jewelled Crescent Street movement.™ 

*31-82153. Same case with 19-jeweiled Vanguard movement 

*S1-82155. Same case with 21 -jewelled Vanguard movement 

*S1-82157. Same case with 23-jewelled Vanguard movement 

Hunting Case 3.25 extra. 









NOTE— All Railroad Watches are marked 
thus % and are adjusted to temperature 
and five positions. 


18 Size 


Sl-82161. Men’s 18 size extra 
heavy nickel case, screw 
back and front, with7-jewel- 
led EATON 

movement 4.85 

Sl-82163. Nickel case with 15- 
jewelled EATON 

movement 6.00 

SR82165. Nickel case with 17- 
je welled adjusted 
EATON move- 
ment 13.00 

Sl-82167. Nickel ease with 7- 
jewelled gilt Wal- 
tham movement... 4.65 
Sl-82169. Nickel case with 
7-jewelled nickel 
Waltham movement 5 20 
Sl-82171. Nickel case with 15- 
jewelled gilt Wal- 
tham movement 5.60 

Sl-82175. Nickel case with 17- 
jewelled nickel Wal- 
tham movement 7.15 

Sl-82179. Nickel case with 
17-jewelled P. S. Bartlett 
gilt movement 8.25 
Sl-82181. Nickel case w i t h 
17-jewelled P. s. Bartlett 

nickel movement. 9.35 

Sl-82182. With nickel 17-jewel 
P. S Bartlett Waltham move- 
ment. vanguard model, ad- 
justed to temperature, 

nickel case ... 10.50 

82183. Nickel case with 17-jewelled C P.R. nickel movement 13 90 
82187. Nickel case with 17-jewelled Appleton, Tracy & Co. move- 

nent 17.15 

1-82185. Nickel case with 17-jewelled C.P.R adjusted movement 17 60 

1-82188. 21 fine sapphire and ruby jewels, nickel case 21 lOO 

1-82191. Nickel case with 21-jewelled Crescent Street movement. 25.45 

1-82193. Nickel case with 19-jewelled Vanguard movement 28 1 5 

1-82195. Nickel case with 21 -jewelled Vanguard movement 30.95 

L-82197. Nickel case with 23-jewelled Vanguard movement 33.65 

18 Size 


Sl-82201. Men’s 18 size 3-oz. 
solid silver case, screw back 
and front, with gold inlaid 
locomotive, as cut, with 
7-jewelled EATON 

Movement 9.25 

Sl-82202. Same case w i tn 
EATON move- 
ment 10.35 

Sl-82203. Same case, 17-jewel- 
led EATON 

movement _ 17.35 

Sl-82205. Same case, 7-jewel- 
led Waltham, Gild- 
ed movement 9.00 

Sl-82209. Same case, 15-jewel- 
led Waltham Gilt 

movement 10.00 

Sl-82213. Same case, 17-jewel- 
led Waltham Nickel 

movement 11.60 

Sl-82215. Same case, 17-jewel- 
led P. S. Bartlett 
Gilt movement.... .... 12.70 
Sl-82217. Same case, 17-jewel- 
led P. S. Bartlett 
Nickel movement... 13.75 
Sl-82218. With nickel 17-jewel 
P. S. Bartlett Waltham move- 
ment, vanguard model, ad- 
justed to temperature, 

silver 14.90 

Sl-82219. Same case, 17-jewelled C. P. R. (3 position) 18.25 

Sl-82220. Same case, 17.jewelled Appleton, Tracy & Co. 2 1 .55 

*S1-82221. Same case, 17-jewelled C.P.R. (5 positions) 22.00 

*81-82222. 21 fine sapphire and ruby jewels, adjusted to temperature, 

isochronism and 5 positions, silver 25.40 

♦Sl-82223. Same case, 19-jewelled Crescent Street 27.00 

Same case, 21-jewelled Crescent Street 29.85 

Same case, 19-jewelled Vanguard 32.55 

Same case, 21-jewelled Vanguard.. 35.35 

Same case, 23-jewelled Vanghard 38.00 

Note.— T he above watches can be supplied with plain 3-oz. silver cases at 
81 less than above prices, or can be supplied with Waltham style case, that 
is, solid back aud screw front only, at same price as gold inlaid case. 








♦Sl-82251. Same case, with Crescent Street Wal- 
tham movement, 21 fine ruby jewels, patent 
micrometric regulator, adjusted to tem- 
perature, and five positions 31 .53 

*Sl-82253. Same case with Vanguard nickel Wal* 
tham movement, 19 diamond and ruby jewelsi 
both balance pivots running on diamonds, ad- 
justed to temperature, and five positions, 
embossed gold micrometric regulator... 34.00 
*S1 -82255. Same case, with Vanguard nickel Wal- 
tham movement, 23 fine diamond, ruby and 
sapphire jewels, this is the same model move- 
ment as the 19-jewelled movement 39.55 

*Sl-82257. Same case, with Riverside Maximus 
movement, 23 diamond and ruby jewels, accur- 
ately adjusted to temperature and five positions 
and carefully timed, patent breguethair spring, 
embossed gold micrometric regulator, the super- 
ior construction of this movement adapts it 

to the most exacting service 61 .60 

Note. The abc7e watches can be supplied in 
hunting style for 3.00 extra, except Sl-82251 
and S 1-82255. 

Sl-82256. Men’s 16 size 10k. gold filled “Compet- 
itor” ^ cases. These cases are guaranteed 

for 21 years wear have screw back and front, 
are made in the newest model and engraved in 
neat artistic designs or can be supplied in plain 

E olished for monogram or engine turned, o >a 

tted with 7-jewelled Waltham 7 Q0 * 

Sl-82263. Same case, 15-jewelled Waltham 11 170* 
Sl-82265. Same case, with 17-jewelled nickel 

Waltham movement 13.90 

Sl-82267. Same case, with 17-jewelled P. S. 

Bartlett Waltham movement 16.70 

Sl-82269. Same case, with 17-jewelled Royal 

Waltham movement.. 19.65 

Sl-82271. Same case, with 17-jewelled River- 
side Waltham movement 26.60 

♦Sl-82273. Same case, with 21-jewelled Cres- 
cent Street Waltham movement.... -----28.85 
*Sl-82275. Same case, with 19-jewelled Van- 
guard Waltham movement 31 .55 

*Sl-82277. Same case, with 23-jewelled Van- 
guard Waltham movement 37.00 

*81-82279. Same case, with 23-jewelled River- 
side Maximus Waltham movement. 59.10 

Note.— The above movements can be supplied 
in hunting style at 3.25 extra, except Sl-82273 
and Sl-82277. 

Men’s 16 size 

This cut 
shows engine 
turned style 

Sl-82281. Men’s 16 size 14k. gold cases, extra 
heavy, stem wind set, either open faced or 
hunting cases can be supplied, engine turned, 
artistically hand engraved or plain polished 
with handsome monogram, fitted with T. 

EaTON Co. 7-jewelled movement 40.00 

Sl-82283. 15-jewelled T EATON Co. m’v’t 41.00 
Sl-82285. 17-jewelled T. EATON Co. m’v’t 47.75 
Sl-82289. Same case, with 15-jewelled Wal- 
tham nickel movement 42.75 

Sl-82291. Same case, withl7 -jewelled P. S. 

Bartlett movement 47.75! 

Sl-82295. Same case, with 17-jewelled River- 
side movement ----- 57.75 

*S1-82301. Same case, with 23-jewelled Van- 
guard movement 68. OC 

♦Sl-82303. Same case, with 23-jewelled River- 
side Maximus movement.. 90.0C 




Solid nick- 
el Hunt- 
ing Case 
j e w e lied 
bar needle 
with stop 
and fold- 
ing sights, 
as cut 


Sl-821019. Solid Nickel Hunting Case Compass, 
jewelled needle, automatic stop 

2 in dial 2.00 1% inch dial 

Sl-821021. Similar, in brass, 1% inch dial 

Same with open face 

Sl-821023. Solid Brass Surveyor’s Compass, jew- 
elled bar needle, 3% in, diameter, complete 

in leatherette case 4-50 

S1.821025. Solid Brass Surveyor’s Compass, with 
staff mountings, spirit levels and folding sights, 
jewelled bar needle, in a leatherette case 7.75 

Reading Glasses 

SI -821035. Reading Glass, ebonizet 
handle, nickel band, 

3 in. lens... .75 4 in. lens... 1 .25 
Sl-821037. Folding Reading Glass 
nickel handle, 

1% in. lens .25 2 in. lens , 5 ( 

31-821039. Double Lens Powerful 
Magnifying Glass, nickel rim 
and handle, 2 in. diameter... •7£ 

Eye Shades 

1 Sl-821041. Green Transparent 

Eye Shades, for day lights . 1 * 

| Sl-821043. Opaque Eye Shades 

for artificial light ,1( 

Sl-821045. Ventilated Felt Rim Ey ,,, 
Protectors, clear or smoked " 

mica lenses, in case. 2J 

Eye Glasses and Spectacles 

Botany and Caddington 

Sl-821927. Grain Tester or 
Tripod Microscope, 
frame, adjustable 

lenses as cut 

Sl-821029. Botany G 1 
gutta percha case 1 
.25 2 lens .35 

3 lens .50 

Larger size, 3 lens.. 1.25 
SI -821031. Folding Linen 

Testers... 25 and .50 

Sl-821033. Watchmaker’s 

or Engraver’s Glass .25 

We have been compelled to increase our stai 
of opticians, owing to the increase in businea w [ r! ,; 
We employ a Dr. of Ophthalmology, who person jp, 
ally supervises «all mail orders. We can fill an Jjt'l 
prescriptions from your ocultist or physician 

also duplicate any broken or marred lenses. Extr w,. 

charge for all compound lenses. We maken^, 
extra charge for consultation or examination 1 

Send for test card and forward it with full it 


till) a® 

structions, allowing two days extra to fill 

Sl-821047. Sti 
z o n Rimledtas 
Eye Glasset fej' , 
fitted wit with 3 sic 
the improve fc 
box post! pi who 
which hold the guards tight, as cut y fe; 

bestgold filled 2.50 10 k. gold 4 . OQ Sart hentrest 

gold filled with solid gold comfort guards 3.01 1-f ri' l 
Sl-821049. EATON Clip Rimless Eye Glasses, u.',.-' . ' 

as cut ■ ,, 

Best gold filled 2.50 10k solid gold. 4 . 5 ( 4oi e - 

'fl Kid sigr' 1 - 


Sl-82235. Men’s 16 size gold filled watches, the 
cases are 14k. gold filled “ Diamond ” guar- 
anteed for 25 years wear and can be supplied in 

E lain polished for monogram, engine turned or 
andsomely engraved, this is the thin model 
style and is becoming more and more popular 
and is the neatest size for men, fitted with 

a 7-jewelled Waltham 12.25 

81-82243. Same case, 15-jewelled Waltham14.20 
Sl-82245. Same case, with 17-jewelled Waltham 

nickel movement, patent regulator 1 6 .40 

81-82247. Same case with 17-jewelled P. S. 

Bartlett 19.20 

Sl-82249. Same case with 17-jewelled Royal 

nickel movement 22.15 

81-82250. Same case, with Riverside Waltham 
movement, 17 jewels 29.10 


Opera and Field Glasses 

Sl-821001. The Little Hunt 
Club Field Glass, black 
leather body, enamelled 
mounts and draws, eight 
fine French lenses and 
compass attached, size 
4 x 4 in- When 

closed, as cut 2.50 

Sl-821003. North West 
Mounted Police Field 
Glass, blackleather body 
and enamelled mounts, 
extension, sun shades, French lenses, 

our leader 8.00 

Sl-821005. U. S. Signal Service Field Glass, French 
lenses, leather body, extension sun shades, 

excellent glass 5.00 

81-821007. The celebrated Lemaire Field Glasses, 
Morocco leather body, fine enamelled mounts, 
extension sun shades, highest grade lenses 
10.50-13.00 Stronger 15.00 and 18.75 
81-821009. Lemaire Opera Glass, gold- 
plated trimmings and mother 

of pearl body 9.50 

With pearl slides 12.00 

Sl-821010. Opera Glass, Morocco 

body, gold plated draws 4.50 

81-821011. Opera Glass, Morocco body, 
black enamelled mounts and 
draws 3.00 and 5.00 


81-821013. Polished Brass Draws with 
sun shades, leather covered body with 
loops for strap length extended 
smallest size 18 incbes, largest size 
32 inches, complete with case 

4.50 5.25 7.25 
81-821015. Different style smaller 
sizes 1,50 3.25 

This cut 
shows only 
one style of 

We fill all 
orders with 
a nicely 
engraved case 
unless other- 
wise stated 



Sl-82385. 14k. Harvest Moon, crescent design, 
fancy flower centre, set with 4 pearls ... 8.75 
Sl-82389. 14k. Plain Gold Harvest Moon Crescent, 

with Fleur-de-lis set with pearls 4.50 

Sl-82391. 14k. Harvest Moon Crescent ... 4.00 

Sl-82393. 14k. Long Crescent 5.75 

SI -81395. 14k. Smaller Crescent 4.25 

Same style, smaller 2.50 

Sl-82397. 14k. Pearl Crescent, as cut 3.50 

Sl-82399. 14k. Pearl Crescent, with clover- 

leaf set with pearls 5.50 

Sl-82401. 14k. Plain Gold Crescent, with 

bird in centre, set with pearls 4.10 

Sl-82403. 14k. Pearl Crescent, with clover 

leaf in centre, set with pearls 5.00 

Sl-82406. 14k. Pearl Crescent and Star... 2.75 
Sl-824091. 14k. Gold Safety Pin, with Maple 

Leaf of Pearls 2.65 

SI-82111. 14k. Gold Safety Pin, with Horse- 
shoe of Pearls - 2.75 

Sl-82413. 14k. Gold Safety Pm, with 1 

amethyst and 4 whole pearls 4.50 

Sl-82415. 14k. Gold Safety Pin, with Crescent 

’and Star of pearls 2.25 

Sl-824171. 14k. Gold Safety Pin, with Fleur- 

de-lis of pearls 2.25 

S1-S2417. 14k. Gold Safety Pin, with Bird 

set with pearls 2.35 

Sl-82409. 14k. Solid Gold Maple Leaf .. .. 2.25 
Sl-82419. 14k. Gold Stick Pin 1.90 

Sl-82421. 14k. Shamrock Stick Pin 2.25 

Sl-82423. 14k. Fleur-de-lis Stick Pin 2.50 

Sl-82425. 14k. Real Opal Stick Pin 2.75 

SI 824271. 14k. Single Pearl Stick Pin ... 3.75 
Sl-82427. 14k. Solid Gold Stick Pin, set with 
first quality Diamond (guaranteed)... 67.75 

Smaller Stone 28.25 

Smaller Setting 15.00 

Sl-82431. 14k. Gold Stick Pin, bird design, 

set with pearls 2.10 

Sl-82433. 14k Solid Gold Stick Pin 4.25 

Sl-82435. 14k Gold Stick Pin, set with 3 real 

rubies and 1 diamond 12.00 

Sl-824371. Gold Signet Stick Pin, with any 

two initials engraved 1 .25 

Sl-82437. 14k. Fancy Stick Pin, set with 

two rubies and 1 pearl 4.75 

Sl-82439. 14k. Pearl Crescent Stick Pin ... 1.25 
Sl-82441. 14k. Plain Gold Stick Pin, set-with 

ruby and pearl 4.25 

Sl-82443. 14k. Gold Stirrup Stick Pin 2.00 

Sl-824151. 14 k. Solid Gold Coil Stick Pin, set 

with one pearl 2.25 

SI -82445. Real Moonstone 14k. Stick Pin, 

in gypsy setting 3.26 

Sl-82447. Real Garnet 14k. Stick Pin, in 

gvpsy setting 3.50 

Sl-82449. 14k. Real Garnet Cut Stone 6.25 

St-82157. 14k. Gold Stick Pin, Grape design, 
set with 9 whole pearls 7.75 

1-82351. 14k. Real Amethyst and Peo.rl 
Pendant Brooch, as shown in cut.... 35.00 

L-82353. 14k. Sunburst Brooch, raised 

centre, set with fine quality pearls 15.00 

L-82355. 14k.SmallStarSunburst, as cut 0.25 
L-82157. 14k. Four-leaf Clover Centre, set 
with amethysts surrounded by pearls 24.25 
1-32359. 14k. Large Amethyst Brooch. 

with fancy edge of pearls 32.75 

1-82361. 14k. Wreath design, set with real 

amethysts and pearls, as cut 16.75 

1-82363. 14k. Real Amethyst Brooch, with 

fancy scroll edge of gold 7.75 

1-82305. 14k. Amethyst and Pearl Pendant, 

with amethyst drop 14.75 

1-82367. 14k. Real Amethyst Brooch, with 

fancy edge of pearls, as cut 10.25 

1-82369. 14k. Star Sunburst, as cut 10.25 

1-82371. 14k. Heavy Coil Brooch, centre set 

with 3 small diamonds 7.25 

1-82373. 14k. Large Sunburst, 8 prongs, each set 
with whole pearl, whole pearl in centre 39.75 
1-82375. 14k. Pearl Sunburst, with raised 

centre, as cut - 11.50 

1-82377. 14k. Scroll design, set with 7 real ame- 
thysts, with fancy edge of pearls 15.75 

1-82379. 14k. Gold Coil Brooch, set with 1 

whole pearl in centre 6.00 

1-82383. 14k. Small Harvest Moon, Crescent 
and Star, set with pearls 3-50 

! Sl-82963. Gold billed Mesh Bracelet, with fancy 
buckle set with turquoise™...™. ...... 1 .50 

81-82965. Gold Filled Extension Bracelet, 3.75 

Same style with signet 5.50 

Same style with round signet top, ascut_ 5.00 

Same style with round locket ™. 6.00 

Same style with heartlocket 6.50 | 

Same style with 1 large amethyst setting. 4, 50 1 

Sl-82961. Ladies’ Gold Filled Bracelet, Nether- 
sole style, with fancy carving or plain, opens 
with clasp, as cut 3,00 

Fyeglass Chains 

S1-82E1. Gold Filled Eyeglass Chain, ear attach 
meet, as cut..... .75 Heavier. 1.00 

any pattern, as shown in cut_ 2.50 

SI-82903. Same styles in 15 year Vest Chains 4.. 00 
Sl-82905. Same patterns as cut, 25 year..... 6 00 
S 1-82907. Gents’ 10 year double Chains, 

any pattern, as shown in cut 3.50 

Sl-82909. Same styles in 15 year 5,00 

Sl-82911. Same styles in 25 year, double 

Chains. 7.50 

Sl-82913. Gents’ Graduated Curb Vest Chain, in 

10 k solid gold 14 50 

Sl-82915. Gents'Close Curb Vest Chain, in 

14k - 13.75 

Sl-82917. Gents’ 10k Solid Gold Vest Chain, 

medium curb pattern. 16.50 

Same style, in 14k 21 .00 

81-82919. Gents’ 10k Solid Gold Vest Chain, Odd- 
fellows link, as cut 16 75 

81-82921. Gents’ 10k Solid Gold Vest Chain, in 

graduated open curb link, as shown 15.50 

81-82923. Gents’ 10k Large Open Curb Vest 
Chain... — 15.50 

Sl-82925. 10 k Rope Vest Chain, as cut 10.00 

Same style in 14k 13.00 

Sl-82927. Gents’ Dickens or Double Style Chain, 
in graduated curb pattern, 10 k solid gold 24.00 
Sl-82929. 10k Solid Gold Close Curb Dickens 

Chain 16.25 Same style in 14k 21,00 

Sl-82931. Gents’ 10k Solid Gold Medium Curb 

Dickens Chain ... 24.00 

S 1-82933. 10k Solid Gold Dickens Chain, in Odd- 

fellowsllnk 24.00 

81-82935. Graduated Open Curb Link Dickens 

style in 14k. 30.00 

Sl-82937. 10k Solid Gold Rope Pattern Dickens 

Chain 15.50 

Sl-829371. Solid Gold Dickens Chain, open 

curb link, 14k 31.00 

8 1 -83973. Men’s or Boys’ Cold Plate 

Vest Chains, assorted patterns 1.00 

81-829375. Men’s or Boys’ White Metal vest 

Chains, assorted patterns .15 

With metal charm ,25 




Sl-82941. Ladies’ Curb Watch Guard, 15 year guar- 

antee 5.50 

Samestyle in lighter weight 4.25 

10 k solid gold, without slide.™ 15.00 

14k solid gold, without slide 18.75 

81-82943. Ladies’ 10 Year Rope Watch Guard, 

with gold slide, as cut 4.50 

Same style, in 15 year 5.75 25 year 7.50 

10 k solid gold, without slide 12.23 

heavier ... 17.50 

Same style, 14k 15.00 Heavier... 21.25 

Sl-82945. Gold Filled 15 Year Watch Guard, in 

dcuble link style 5.00 Heavier 6.00 

lCk solid gold, without slide 22.00 

14k solid gold, without slide 29.75 

Sl-82839. Ladies’ 15 Year Go d Filled Chain, in 

cable link pattern, as cut__ ... 3,75 

Heavier chain 5.00 

10 k solid gold, without slide 13.25 


Sl-82947. Gold Filled Rope Pattern Neck Chain, 
16 inches long, ascut... 1.75 Heavier.™ 2.25 

Same style, in 14k solid gold 6 ".00 

10 k solid gold, lighter weight 4i25 

/ — . . .. . 

Sl-82949. Gold Filled 

link pattern 1 

Same style, in 10k 

Sl-82973. Pearl Necklace, as cut .50 

Better Quality, filled pearl 1.00 

S1-S2967. Gold Filled Bead Necklet, in graduated 

style, as cut 1 .60 

81-82969. Graduated Bead Necklace, in turquoise 

and amethyst 1 .00 

Sl-82971. Black Jet Bead Necklace, graduated 
style 1.00 

Sl-82951. Gold 
pattern, as cut™. 1 
Same style, in 14k 

Chain, in cable linl 
10 k solid gold™ 3 of 
gold 4.0< 

S1-82E2. Solid Gold Eyeglass Chain, hair pin 
attachment, as cut 2.00 Heavier™ 2.50 
Gold filled 75 

S1-82E3. Black Silk Eyeglass Cord .05 

Heavier™. .10 



81-92E4. Eyeglass Hooks (as suiii 

cut below) solid gold .75 

Gold filled, plain or fancy 
chased.™ , .25 

Sl-7776. Automatic Eye Glass 
Holder, gold plated, with Sis; 
gold plated chain, fancy top M 
ascut 1.50 Plain 1.25 

81-7778. Gun Metal eye-glass fi 
Holder with gold plated chain 
1.00 Cheaper... .50 .76 

S1-"2E5. Gold Filled Bar or Swivel, ascut, good 

quality, each .25 Smaller size .15 SUv 

S1-82E6. Necklet Clasps, gold filled, each _ .16 c. 
Cheaper quality, each Q5 | 


S 1-82611 

1-82611. Tinted Pearl 
fine enamelled leav< 
Fine Pearl 

fancy claws. 

1-82629. Gold Filled 


Shell with 

es.._ 35 

Ball with 

----- .10 

Sl-82615 ai-o»i / 

S1-S2615. Roman Gold Filled Signet 
Hat Pin, w r ith any initial en- 
graved free 1.25 

SI 82617. Pearl Ball with Six 
brilliant set claws. fin 

Sl-82619. Fancy 

Cut Crystal 

Hat Pin i o 

SI-8z62l. Sterling Silver Rose with 
newest French grey finish 
solid back .35 

Ball with 

1 s 

filled double heart 
HatPin, engraving fiee .75 


-82627. Sterling Silver Carna- 
— newest French grey 


Hat Pin, engraving free... 

Sl-82631. Latest Japanese Hat Pin, 
gun metal and -gold plated 

trimmings, jewel settings 

SI-82033. Gold Plated Coil Hat 




31-82675. Gold Filled Baby Pin 
with raised letters, *as cat .50 
Similar style, solid gold... 2.00 

>1-82677. Gold Filled Baby Brooch 
with any name engraved .65 

51-82679. Solid Gold Baby Brooch, 
suitable for engraving 1 .00 

31-82665. Plain, best gold filled 
Beauty Pin, 3 on card .60 




S2-82635. French Pearl Ball Hat 

Pin .05 

Sl-82637. Large Pearl with claws „'j Q 
Note.— H at Pins are shown one-third 
their actual size. 

Sl-82639 Sl-82641 Sl-82613 

Sl-82639. Solid Gold Enamelled 

A.O.U.W. Pin 1.00 

Gold plate .35 

Sl-82641. Solid Gold Three Link 

Pin 1.00 

Rolled plate .35 

Sl-82643. Solid Gold Enamelled 
Masonic or Oddfellows’ Button .75 


Sl-82681. Best Gold Filled 
Pin, set with 5 rubies, very 

neat 1 .00 

Sl-82683. Gold Filled Bar Pin, rose 
gold finish, set with 2 pearls 
and 1 large emerald, as cut .65 
Sl-82685. Best Gold Filled Pin, 
Roman sold finish, 5 well 
matched pearls 50 


Sl-82653. Fine Gold 
Filled Cross, set with 
well matched, 
pearls 1 .50 

Sl-82uio. Sl-82647 Sl-82649 

SI -82645. Solid Gold Enamelled A.O.F., C.O.F. 

or I.O.F 1.00 

Rolled plate 35 

Sl-82647. Solid Gold Enamelled I.O.F., L.B.C. Pin 1 .00 
Gold plate .35 

Sl-82649. Solid Gold Enamelled Orangeman’s Pin 1,00 
Rolled Plate _..., 35 

S1-82665A B C. Same qual- 
ity. 3 on card 60 

When ordering state definitely 
which style of pin desired. 

1-82667. Best 
Beauty Pins, 
3 on card 

Gold Filled 
as cut, 


Sl-82669. Best gold filled, 
set with three pearls, 
beaded edge, 3 on 
card 75 

SI *85(671. Gold filled one 
piece Beauty Pin, set 
with one pearl, 3 

on card 35 

SI -82673. Fine Gold Filled 
Beauty Pin with a pol- 
ished amethyst in 
centre, 3 on card... 75 

Sl-82687. The “Clutch” Tic 
Pin Fastener, can never 
lose your pin, each ,1 5 

SI- 82655. Gold Filled Cross, 


14k. Solid Gold Cross 


10k. Solid Gold Cross 


Smaller size, gold 

filled 75 1.00 

14k. solid gold... 3.25 
10k. solid gold... 2.50 

SI -82651. Solid Gold 

Masonic Pin 1 .00 

Gold plate — .33 

Sl-82689. Gold Filled Tie 
Cl'p, raised floral 
design 50 

Sl-82657. Men's or Women’s Gold Filled Fob, 
woven wire, with signet charm and safety 
fastener, % inch wide x 4 inches long, 

as cut ■--- 3.25 

Sl-82061. Fine Black Silk Fob, best gold filled 
locket and mounts, sizes 1% x 5% in., any 
one letter, as cut, engraved free 3.75 
Fob without locket 1.75 






ji-82453. Sterling Silver Crescent, gold plated, set 
with fine brilliants and enamelled, gold filled 
and pearl set clover leaf in centre, as 

cut „ I.75 

Sl-82459. Best Quality Gold Filled Brooch, set 
with four pearls and large amethyst as 

cut — - — .75 

Sl-82461. Fancy Crescent of Brilliants, 

rolled plate, as cut .35 

81-82465. Gold Filled Horse Shoe Brooch, 

Roman finish, as cut ~ — .50 

Sl-82467. Best Quality Gold Filled Fancy Scroll 
Designed Brooch, set with single ameth- 
yst as cut .75 

Sl-82469. Best Quality Gold Filled Brooch. Asiatic 
design, set with two brilliants and one 
amethyst .. \ .00 

81-82471 . Brooch of Hearts, gold filled, 

pearl and ruby setting, as cut .75 

Sl-82473. Hand Painted Brooch, well 

mounted, as cut — ..50 

Sl-82475. Best Gold Filled Flower Brooch, hand 
frosted finish, pearl set in centre, as 

cut 1 .25 

Sl-82477. Bright Finish Chatelaine Brooch, 

as cut 1.00 

81-82479. Brilliant Set Horse Shoe Brooch, with 

enamelled and pearl leaf in centre, as 

cut .35 

Sl-82481. Bright finish Open Coil Brooch, 

as cut 1.00 

Sl-82483. Best Quality Gold Filled Brooch, 

set with a Baroque pearl, as cut 1.60 

SI-82485. Rolled Gold Plate Sunburst, set 

Willi brilliants, as i ui 50 

Sl-8248/. tour Leaf Clover Hard Enamelled 
Brooch, gold edging and one pearl 

setting, as cut 1 .00 

Sl-82489. Solid Gold Front Signet Fleur-de- 

lis Chatelaine Brooch, as cut 60 

Sl-82491. Rolled Plate Brooch, set with 6 

brilliants and ore amethyst, as cut 25 

Sl-82493. Gold Filled Brooch, Egyptian de- 
sign, set with 3 pearls, as cut 60 

Sl-82495. Chaste Rolled Plated Brooch. 

brilliant centre, as cut _ . .-25 

Sl-82497. Latest Parisian Designed Brooch, set 
with two polished and one cut ruby, as 

cut... 1.26 

Sl-82499. Pearl Set Crescent with Horse* 
shoe, best quality gpld filled, as cut 1.00 

81-82501. Gold Filled Cuff Link, half em- 

VifiQQPH do put 1 nn 

Sl-82503.’ Gold Filled ^Cu¥nnk7arc’iitV“'.V l!sO 
Sl-82505. 10k Solid Gold Cuff Link, in fiat style, 
engraved Oddfellows or Masonic emblem 4.25 

Same style in 14k _ 5.00 

“ “ in 14k plain 4 50 

•• •• in 10k 3.75 

01-82507. 10k Solid Gold Cuff Link, with Masonic 
or Oddfellows’ Emblem in raised gold_. 5.00 

Same style in 14k 6.00 

81-82509. Gold Filled Cuff Link, as cut .50 

91-82511. Best Quality Cuff Link, set with 

Pearl - 1 .50 

Same style in good quality, set with pearl .75 
10k solid gold._ 4 .OO 14k solid gold.. 5.00 

Sl-82513. Best Quality Cuff Link, in beaded 

pattern, as cut... 1 .25 

Sl-82515. Best Quality Plain Cuff Link, en- 
graved, any initial, as cut _ 1.25 

Same style in good quality .50 

“ “ in 10k solid gold 3,50 

“ “ in 14k “ “ -4.25 

Sl-82517. Plain Gold-plate Cuff Buttons, as cut . 5 0 

Better quality 1 .50 

Same style in pearl 25 

“ “ in 10k solid gold 3.00 

81-82519, Gold-plated Collar Button, lever 
top pearl back, lor front of collar, each., .1 0 

Better quality, each 15 or2for .25 

Celluloid back, each .05 

ittonc and Liuks ennrraved in ScriDt Free of 

81-82521. Gold-plate Pearl-back Collar 

Button, for back of collar, ascut,._ .1 0 

Sl-82523. Gold filled Onr-pece Collar 

Button, for back of collar, each. ,25 

Sl-82525. Gold-plate Pearl-back Pointer 

Collar Button, for back, each .1 0 

Better quality, each 15 or 2 for. 25 

Celluloid back, each ,05 

SI-82527. Krementz One-piece Flat-top 

Collar Button, gold filled, each .20 

81-82529. Krementz One-piece Ball-top 
Collar Button, gold filled as cut, each.,...:. .1 5 
81-82531. Gold Filled Shirt Stud, pearl set, ea. .25 

Plain One-piece Stud, each .20 

10k solid gold, each .65 14k, each .85 


Sl-82575 Sl-82577 Sl-82579 Sl-82581 Sl-82583 Sl-82585 Sl-82587 Sl-82589 Sl-82581 

Sl-82593 Sl-82595 Sl-82597 Sl-82599 Sl-82601 SI -82603 - SI -82605 Sl-82607 Sl-82609 

Sl-82575. Gold Filled Stick Pin, with 
one whole pearl on pinical and 
three fine brilliants in centre .75 
Sl-82577. Stick Pin, set with 9 

fine French brilliants 35 

Sl-82579. Gold Filled Crescents with 
a three peurl set flower in 

centre 35 

Sl-82581. Gold Filled Double 
Horseshoe with pearl setting., .75 

Sl-82583. Fancy Designed Stick 
Pin set with French brilliants .35 
Sl-82585. Sterling Silver Oyster 

Shell Stick Pin .25 

31-82587. Sterling Silver Double 

Horseshoe 25 

Sl-82589. Gold Filled Open Coil 

Stick Pin, pearl set centre 50 

SI -82591. Gold Filled Chased 
Heart with a ruby set dart 50 

Sl-82593. Large Gold Filled Horse- 
shoe, head in centre, Roman 

finish 50 

31-82595. Gold Filled with a 

pearl and sapphire setting 50 

Sl-82597. Rose Gold Filled Heart with 
a burnished star and one 

brilliant in centre 35 

Sl-82599. Gold Filled Horseshoe with 
a single pearl set four leaf 
clover in centre 50 l 

SI 82601. Fancy Designed Gold 
Filled Stick Pin, sapphire set .50 
Sl-82603 Gold filled, close coil, 

pearl centre 35 

Sl-82605. Rolled Plate Anchor .25 
Sl-82607. Gold Filled Wishbone, pearl 
setting with a ruby set enam- 
elled leaf 1.00 

Sl-82609. Burnish Gold Filled 
Stick Pin with one pearl .35 

Sl-82535. 1/10 Quality Gold 

Filled Locket, with 
monogram 1.25 

Sl-82537. 1/20 Quality Locket, 

with monogram 1.50 

1/10 quality gold filled 2.00 

10k. solid gold 4.00 

14k. solid gold 5.00 

S 1-82539. 10k. 

Solid Gold 
Heart Pend- 
ant with one 
pearl. 1.50 

10k. Solid Gold 
Heart Pend- 
ant, without 
pearl... 1.25 

Sl-82541. Fancy Chased Gold 
Front Locket, bright 

finish 2.50 

S 1 - 8 2 543. 
Gold Filled 
Charm, very 
neat .50 

Sl-82545. 1/20 Quality Gold 

Filled Locket, any 

monogram 1.50 

1/10 Quality gold filled2.00 

10k. solid gold 4.00 

14k. solid gold 6.00 

Best quality with a pearl set 
crescent and flower 4.00 

Sl-82551. 1/20 Quality Gold 

Filled Locket, with 

any monogram ._ 1.50 

1/10 quality gold filled 2.00 

10k. solid gold 5.00 

14k. “ “ 9.50 

The above Locket can be sup- 
plied with a raised solid gold 
Masonic or Oddfellows’ 
emblem extra, 81.00. 

Sl-82565. 1/20 Quality Gold 

Filled Locket, with 

monogram 2.25 

10k. solid gold 5.00 

14k 8.75 

Sl-82567. Rolled Gold 
Plate Horseshoe Charm .35 

Sl-82553. 1/20 Quality Gold 

Filled Locket, with a raised 
solid gold Oddfellows’ 
or Masonic emblem... 3.00 

SI-82555. 1/10 Quality Gold 

Filled Locket, with one 

pearl 2.25 

Same style without pearl, 
1/20 quality gold filled 1 .50 
Same style without pearl 

10k. solid gold 4.00 

14k solid gold 6.50 

Smaller, 1/20 quality locket 
without filled. 75 

Sl-82557. 1/20 Quality Gold Fil- 
led, any monogram.... 1 .00 

10k. solid gold 4.00 

14k “ " 6.00 

S 1-82561. 1/10 Quality Gold 

Filled, set with opal.. 3.00 

Without opal 2.75 

With pearl, crescent 
and star 4.00 

Sl-82563. 1/1 Quality Gold 

Filled Locket, set with 

pearls 4.25 

10k. solid gold, plain, 

without pears 5-50 

14k. 7.00 

Sl-82559. Fancy Chased Rolled 
Gold Plate Locket .75 

Sl-82761. 18k Ameri- 
can Wedding Ring, 
3 dwt 3.75 

Sl-82759. 18k Ameri- 
can Wedding Ring, 
5 dwt 6.25 

S 1-82757. 18k English 
Wedding Ring, 3 

dwt 3.75 

Sl-82755. 18k English 
Wedding King, 4 
dwt 5.00 

Sl-82753. 18k English 
Wedding Ring, 6 

dwt 7.50 

Sl-82751. 18k Tifiany 
Wedding Ring, 7 

dwt 6.75 

NOTE — All Wedding Rings engraved free of charge 

Sl-82773. Fine Dia- 
mond.... ... 90.00 

Smaller 50.75 

Smaller... 31.00 
Smaller... 22.50 
Smaller... 18.00 

61-82771. Fine Dia- 
mond.... ... 31.50 
Smaller... 25.00 
Smaller... 22.50 

Smaller 18.00 

Smaller... 15.00 
Smaller... 7.50 

SI -82769. 2 Fine Dia- 
monds 58.75 

Smaller... 42.50 
Smaller... 36.00 
Smaller... 28.25 
Smaller... 15.50 

Sl-82767. 3 Fine Dia- 
monds... - 53.00 
Smaller... 40.00 
Smaller... 29.75 
Smaller... 21.00 

Sl-82765. 5 Fine Dia- 
monds... ~ 62.75 
Smaller... 4 5.85 
Smaller... 31.75 

Sl-82763. Fine Dia- 
mond... ... 91.00 

Smaller... 56.00 
Smaller... 31.50 
Smaller... 23.50 

Sl-82787. 10k Signet 
Ring, chased 


Sl-82785. 10k Signet 

Ring- 1.50 

Sl-82783. 14k Signet 
Ring, clover leaf 
design — 4.25 

Sl-82781. 14k Signet 
Ring. — 5.00 

Sl-82779. l4kPierced 
Signet Ring 


Larger™ 7.50 

Sl-82777. 14k Ma- 

sonic or Oddfel- 
lows’ Emblem 
Ring, s&t with dia- 
monds... 12.25 
Plain emblem 

Sl-82775. 10k Large 
Chased Signet 
Ring 5.50 


Sl-82801. 10k Babies’ Sl-82799. lOkChild’s Sl-82797. lOkChild’s Sl-82795. 10k Child’s Sl-82793. lOkChild’s SI -82791. lOkChild’s S 1-82789. 10k Birth- 
GemRing,2rubies KeeperRing, sizes PlainSignetRing Whole Pearl Ring Gem Ring set Signet Ring, set ^ay ^Wrth^stone 

and 1 pearl .50 1 to 4 only 1.00 - .90 1.25 with 3 pearls with ruby.. .75 except diamond 

- 1.25 1.50 

NOTE— Child’s Rings come in sizes 1 to 4 only 

Sl-82815. 10k Gem 
Ring set with 2 
garnets and 4 
pearls 1.75 

61-82813. 10k Gem 
Ring set with 3 
Garnets... 1.00 

Sl-82811. 10k Gem 

Ring 1.25 

Sl-82809. 14k Single 
Stone Real Tur- - 3.50 

Sl-82807. 14k Twin 
Turquoise 5.00 

S 1-82805. 141c 3 Real 
Turquoise 4.00 

S1-S2803. 14k 3 Real 
Turquoise or 
opals and 4 Dia- 
monds™ 11.75 

Sl-82829. 10k 3 ruby, 
emerald or sap- 
pliire Doublets 

61-82827. 10k Ruby, 
Emerald or Sap- 
phire Doublet and 
PearlCl uster3 .00 
Opal and Pearl 
Cluster.... 3.35 

81-82825. 10k Single 
Stone Opal 2.25 
14k Single Stone 
Opal, best quality 
opal 6-00 

Sl-82823. 10k Twin 

Opal 3.00 

14k Twin Opal, 
best quality onals 

— 4.35 

NOTE— See Ring Scale on opposite page 

Sl-82821. 14k set 

with 3 opals and 8 
diamonds 9.50 

Sl-82819. 10k 3 Stone 

Opal 2.50 

14k best quality 
opals.... 4.25 
14k larger setting 

61-82817. 14k Five 

Stone Opal, best 
quality opal 


10k 5 Stone 

Opal„... 3.26 

Whole Peails 


Twin Setting, 
smaller 5.00 

Sl-82833.14k3 Whole 

Pearls 6.35 

Larger™ 9.00 

61-82831. 14k5 whole 
Pearls.... 20-00 
Smaller.. 11.50 
Smaller setting 


81 -828S7. 1 Fine Dia- 

mond with ruby, sap- 
phire, emerald or ame- 
thyst 10.75 

I-arger 16.75 

Larger 34.75 

SI-82855. 10k3 Stone 
Ruby Doublet 
Ring. — 2.75 

S1-82S5 3 - Gents’ Plain gl-82849. 10 k Gents’ Sl-82851. 10k Gents’ 

Hk5.7 n 5'i«K k i:25 ^“* ing 7 50 Bloodstone Ring 

Raised initials 85o per Rmniw a 3.75 

letterextra. smaller! ! i ! ! ! Smaller.™. 3.00 

Sl-82847. Gents' Buckle 
Ring set with 2 real 
garnets 5 .00 

Sl-82845. 14k Ge 

Band Ring, set 
real garnet.. 6,75 

10k Band 4.50 

Smaller 3.00 

Sl-82843. 2FmeDia- 
rronds, 1 tur- 
quoise, sapphire, 
ruby or emerald, 

- 27.50 

Smaller 20.75 
Smaller 15.00 

Sl-82841. 2 Fine Dia- 
monds, 3 Pearls 


Smaller 22.75 
Smaller 16.50 

si-ozoity. nine dia- 
mond and Pearl, 
Opal or Tur- 
quoise™ 11.00 
Larger™ 17.00 

31-OZO Ol. _ 

Larger — 7.25 




Every Novelty as illustrated on this page is made of Sterling Silver, just the thing for a gift and nothing is more appropriate. 


1-822001. Brush 
and Comb Set, 
best bristle, 
etched patt- 
ern, in a fancy 
case, as cut 

•ther designs, 

6.75 7.50 

Sl-822005. Writing Set, 6 pieces, primrose 
pattern, cut glass ink well, as cut . 

Sl-822003. Manicure Set, 8 most useful pieces, 

festoon design, cut glass jars, as cut 6.00 

Another pattern 8-00 

1-822007. Shav- 
ing Set, cut 
glass mug, fine 
bristle brush, 
etc bed pat- 
tern... 4.50 

Sl-822011. Shoe Horn, Button Hook and 

File, grape pattern, as cut, each... 35 

Also, we can supply any of the following 
articles, viz : Tooth Brush, Nail Brush, Cuticle 
Knife, Corn Knife, Seal, Bell, Ink Eraser, Paper 
Knife, in grape pattern ,35 each Primrose 
.25 each Heavier designs, Peony, each .50 
Evangeline .75 

Sl-822009. Manicure Set, 3 pieces, primrose pat- 
tern, comprising file, cuticle knife, and 
nail brush, as cut._ -j QO 


Measure the finger with strip of 
paper ; place same on ring scale 
and send us the number. Measure 
from end of cut at left hand side. 

11-822013. Daisy Pattern Mirror, 

heavy bevel glass, as cut 7.50 

Other designs 9.25 12.00 

11-822015. Pocket 
Nail File, as { 
cut, each .75 


Sl-822017. Bon- 
net Brush, 
daisy pattern, 
as cut... 1.25 
Other designs 

- 1.50 2.00 

il-822019. Lady’s or Gentleman’s 
Comb, good strong teeth, daisy 

pattern, as cut — 1.00 

Other designs 1.25 2.00 

31-822021. Hat Pin Holder, 
very neat, daisy pattern 


Sl-822023. Em- 
broidery Scis- 
sois, fine pol- 
ished steel, 
heavy silver 
handle, Evan- 
geline pattern, as cut 1 .50 

Other patterns 75 1.00 

Manicure Scissors, same patterns 
and prices 

Sl-822025. Cloth Brush, real bristle, 

daisy pattern, as cut 4.00 

Aurora pattern 5.00 

Other designs, smaller— 2.50 

Thimbles, plain 


Ladv’s size 

- 25 

S 1-8 2 2 0 2 9 . 

Thimbles, fancy patterns 
all sizes, each .25 .35 

.50 .75 

Li iilii 1 

SI -822031. Strawberry 
Designed Emfry 
Bag, as cut .25 



Sl-822033. Thimble Case 

as cut 1.00 

Emery Case, same 
style 1.00 

Sl-822035. Umbrella 
Clasp, as cut 


Sl-822037. Whisk, best material, daisy 

pattern, as cut 1 .50 

Other designs 1.75 2.00 



Sl-822039. Pencil, bright finish, 
as cut 50 

SI -822041. Poc- 
ket Comb, 
silver case- 
ment, as cut 


Sl-822043. Match Safe, 
grey finish, Dominion 
coat of arms, with 
beaver, as cut... 2 . 00 

Sl-822046. Match Safe, 
grape design. 

as cut.... 1.50 

Other patterns 

1.00 1.75 

Sl-822047. Hat 
Brush finest 

cut-.'. T. 2 5 
Other designs 1.50 2.00 

SI-822049. Baby’s Brush and Comb, 
the brush is made of finest camel’s 
hair, daisy pattern, as cut 1.50 

Sl-822051. Pencil, adjustable, iewe 

set. as cut • 7 £ 

Other prices 35 .50 1 . 0 C 

Tooth Picks, same design, each 

.35 -50 . 7 £ 

Sl-822053. Pocket Stamp 
Case, daisy pattern, 
as cut 1.25 

Sl-822055. ’Pearl Handle 
Child’s Rattle, 
as cut 1.00 

Sl-822057. Baby ’s Spool 1 . 
bright bowl, French 
grey finish, fancy han- 
dle-- 1.25 Gilt Bowl. 1.50 

Sl-822059. Shaving 
Brush, badgercj 
hair, daisy pat- 
tern 1 .00 

Other designs 1-25 1.50 

C4-080. Child’s Beaded Bag, in fancy 
colors and gold beads. New, nifty, 
and a delight to every child. 

Each 25 

C4-081. “Boy and Girl” Child’s Purse 
or Handbag. Comes in numbers 
of different hand-painted designs 
and colors. Each .25 

C4-082. Small Silver-plated 
Mesh Purse, with ring for 
chain. Made in Paris by 
best manufacturer in 
the world. Each... - .25 

C4-083. " Paragon ” Shopping Bag. Large, 
roomy and strong. Will carryall of the 
above articles in and more. Each .25 

81-6. Hand Painted China 
Vases in styles exactly like or 
very similar to cut, beautiful 
goods about 5 inches high 
with hall marked ster- 
ling silver rim, each...;... .25 

Sl-11. Photo frame, sterling 
sil ver, oval or oblong designs. 
Cut shows oval one. 

Has velvet back, eaeh 2 5 

Sl-4. Three Style Gold-filled 
Cuff Links with lever end, 2 
embossed designs and 1 bead 
edge. Roman gold finish, 
splendid goods and 
well made, per pair... ,25 

Sl-7. A 3 Leaf Sil- 
ver Brooch, set 
with 3 large deep 
colored imitation 
amethyst ; very 
neat and entfrely 
new, each .25 

Sl-5. Pair Pearl Collar Supports, screw 
ends set with garnet, ruby or pearl. The 
best idea for ladies’ collars on the 
market. Pair... 2 5 

Sl-2. Hide Watch Wristlet. The proper 
thing for ladies and gentlemen when 
bicycling, golfing or driving. Fits 
0 or 6 size watches. Each 25 

Sl-3. Boy’s White Metal Chain, Keeps 
color extremely well, has charm at- 
tached, just the thing for the lad 
or for a saver to a gold one, each .25 

Cut Glass Salt and 
pepper Shaker, sterling 
silver top, as cut, 
per pair 75 


Finest Austrian 
Cut Glass Salt and 
Pepper Shaker, ster- 
ling silver top, 
per pair 1 .00 


Silver Plated Napkin 
Ring, similar styles, 
other design .75 and 1.00 


and Pepper Shaker, 
sterling silver 
top. as cut„ .50 


Best Quality 
Cut Glass Salt 
and Pepper 
Shakers, sterling 
silver top, as cut, 
per pair.... 1 . 50 | 

1. Smelling salts bottle or 
perfume bottle, either one 
filled, beautiful clear Bohem- 
ian glass, and having hall 
marked sterling silver 
caps, each 25 



We Guarantee every Clock we 
sell. Make your selection from 
this page. 


The movements 5n our Clocks 
are of a high standard, and every 
one a good time-keeper. 

S2-822. Daisy— Handsome Mantel 
Clock, fitted with best American 

movement, 14% inches long, 11 
inches high, with fancy metal trim- 
mings, eight day movement with 
standard gong strike, grooved mar- 
bleized columns, half-hour 
strikes on bell 5.25 

S2-824. Orator — Medium size, 10% 
xll%, black marble imitation, 8-day, 
hour and half-hour standard gong, 
fancy figured dial, marbleized 
columns, a neat mantel clock 4-. 75 

S2-826. Marvel— An Exquisite Man- 
tel Clock, fitted with finest 8-day 
American movement, hour and half- 
hour strike, ornamented with bronze 
cast metal trimmings and 
marbleized columns 5.50 

S2-828. Eight-day Mantel Clock. In 
natural wood, golden oak, magnifi- 
cently finished frame, standard gong 
strike. Movements have polished 
nickel plates, celluloid dial. For 
beauty and utility we commend 
these clocks 6.75 

S2-8210. Rejane— An Elegant 8-day 
Mantel Clock, 12 inches high, 14% 
inches long, has hour and half-hour 
strike, standard cathedral gong, 
rounded top. plain or fancy dial, 
gib Egyptian columns 6.75 

S2-8212. Conqueror— Handsome Imi- 
tation Black Marble Mantel Clock, 
heavy Egyptian pillars, with gilt 
centre, has standard cathedral gong, 
half-hour strike on bell, 8-day, 
will grace any mantel or side- 
board • 5.75 

S2-8214. The Boston Extra — Solid 
Iron Mantel Clock, 11% inches high, 
15 inches wide, 4 Grecian pillars, gilt 
trimmings, fitted with Ansonia 8- 
day movement, enamel porcelain 
dial, visible escapement, hour and 
half-hour strike, and fine 
cathedral gong 10.00 

S2-8216. Kitchen Clocks— Durable pol- 
ished oak frame, splendid 8-da.v 
American movement, hour and half- 
hour strike, ornamented glass door, 
visible pendulum, easy to regulate, 
a very reliable kitchen clock 2.50 
S2-80820A. Alarm attachment 3.00 

S2-80822. Gongstrike only 3.00 

S2-80824. With gong strike and 
alarm 3.25 

S2-8218. Canadian Time— Regulator 
style, nearly 3 feet high, 15% inches 
wide, full glass door, large pendu- 
lum, solid golden oak frame, 12 inch 
dial; 8-day, makes a splendid 
regulator 6.00 

S2-8220. Drop Octagon— In walnut or 
oak finish frame, stained and pol- 
ished, 8-day American movement, 
large plain dial, very strong and re- 
liable, pendulum always in full 
view, especially reoommended for 

store, office or factory, with 
calendar and strike..... 6.75 

S2-80826A. Same with calendar 

only 6-00 

S2-80826B. Same with strike 
only 6 .50 

S2-80826C. With time only 5.75 

S2-8222. Octagon Office Clocks, 11 - 
inch frame, 8-inch dial, golden oak 
finish, good movement, specially 

suitable for office or store 3.25 

Same style, with 6-inch dial 2.75 

S2-8224. New Style Mission Clock, 
suitable for eilher dining room or 
kitchen, 22 inches high, 12% inches 
at base, made in either golden or 
Flemish oak, 8-day American move- 
ment, hour and half-honr 
strike 2.75 

S2-8226. The Tattoo 
Alarm , rings inter- 
mittently like a 
fire alarm every 
twenty seconds for 
fifteen minutes 


Same clock, lu- 
minousdial 2.00 

S2-8228. The Globe 
Alarm, 4-inch dial, 
bell on top, lever to 
shut off alarm 


S2-8230. Alarm 
Clock, as cut, 
movement guar- 
anteed, 4-inch 
nickel case 1 .00 

Same, with Re- 
peater alarm 


S2-8232. Ormo- 
lu Gold Clock, 
8 inches high, 
hand finished, 
and plated 
with 24 
karat gold, 
w i t h Cupid 
on top 


S2-8234. Su- 
perior Or- 
molu Gold 
Clock, larg. 
sized Cv pit- 
standing- on 
bas- 4.00 



Silver Plated Hollow Ware 

We guarantee every Piece of Silverware. At our Prices nothing better can be bought. 

M ANY of the patterns as illustrated this year are brand new designs, very attractive and the very best quality 
of silver plated ware on the market at the price. We do not handle any quality that we cannot recom- 
mend. Every piece is dependable ware, yet on account of our only adding our small per cent, of profit to 
the cost we are able to sell at prices that come within the reach of all. 

Remember you have a double object in dealing with Eaton’s. First, our prices on every thing are always 
low. Second, you are always sure of getting first class merchandise. 



S2-8236. This Handsome Five-piece Tea Set, with bright burnished edge, 
and fancy decorated feet, cream and sugar, gold lined. If you want to 
own a serviceable, heavy and exquisite tea set, one that you can be 
proud to own, we can suggest no better than the one shown 
above. Five pieces, as cut IT. 75 


S2-8238. Tea Set engraved, showing bright floral design, decorated feet and 
handles. This set combines the effect of satin and bright finish. 

Cream and spoon holder, gold lined, as cut 9.00 

Different styles at other prices 

7 50 lOlsO 11.90 

* j 3,c 

12.75 «P to 32.00 ‘ 

Handsome Bread Tray 2.50 

82-8240. Bread Tray, bright burnished and satin 
finished, with heavy embossed rim, with 

word “ Bread ” engraved in centre 2.50 

Other designs — 2.25 2.50 5.00 

S2-8246. Baker or Pudding Dish, bright burn- 
ished finish, fancy feet and handles, beaded 
edge, extra rim and inner dish, as cut 5.00 
Different styles, othei prices 

- 4.50 6.50 7.00 

S2-8242. Waiter, beaded edge, embossed handles, 
engraved floral centre, length 17 inches, 
as cut 8.75 

Three-piece Berry Set, 5.50 

S2-8248. Three-piece Berry Set, gold lined, 
bright burnished, beaded edge, as cut... 5.50 

Spoon Tray 2.95 

S2-8244. Spoon Tray, bright burnished, orna- 
mented with beautiful designs, gold lined, 
fancy handles and feet, length 10 inches, 

as cut 2.95 

With handle. 3.20 | ff f; 

Ornamented Bread Tray 7.50 

S2-8250. Waiter, combined bright satin and 
bright burnished finish, ornamented scroll 
centre, with lancy handles, length 15 

inches, as cut 7.50 

Other prices, in different designs 

- 5.50 5.75 6.00 



Silver Plated Hollow Ware 

S2-8252. Berry Dish, fancy silver plated 
stand with tinted fluted glass bowl, as cut 3.50 
Other styles in different 

prices 3.00 4.50 5.00 8.25 

S2-8254. Bright Burnished Cake Basket, embossed 

edge, fancy feet and handle, as cut 4.50 

Different styles, 

other prices.... 3.75 4.25 5.75 6.50 

S2-8258. Fancy 
Glass Biscuit 
Jar, decorat- 
ed with a 
beauti f ul 
white scroll 
design with 
silver plated 
top and 
handle, as 
cut... 2.50 

Other designs 

3.50 4.00 

S2-S266. Fern Pot, 
bright finish with 
fancy edge and 
feet, fitted with a 
inner earthen 
pot, as cut \ .50 


bright and 
satin finish- 
ed with 
fancy edge, 

6 inches in 
as cut 


Same style, 8 inches.. 

S2-8260. Fancy 
White Glass 
Pickle Cruet, 
set in bright 
heavy plated 
stand with 
rococo rim on 
base and the 
handle has 
lip for hold- 
ing tongs, as 

cut 1.Q5 

Other designs 
1.25 2.00 
2.50 3.00 

S2-8262. Fancy Biscuit Jar, silver 
plated satin finish, burnished 
cover and rim, as cut 3.50 

S2-8268. Drink- 
i n g Cup, 
Dright finish, 
gold lined, 
fancy handle, 
em bosse d 
edge, as 
cut .75 

Other designs 

at... .60 .85 1.00 .1.25 1.75 

S2-8276. Napkin 
Ring, satin 
engraved with 
“best wishes.” 
The ring is 
orna men ted 
with small 
bird perched 
on wish bone, 
as cut 1.00 
Other designs at.. 

.50 1.25 


S2-8282. Fern Pot with bright burn- 
ished base supported by embossed 
feet and fitted with an inner 

earthen pot 1.75 

Other designs, different prices. 

2.25 2.75 4.40 5.00 

S2-8256. Berry Dish, gilt decorated ruby 

glass with fancy silver plated stand 4.65 

Similar design 4.25 

S2-8264. Crumb Tray and Scraper, bright 
finish with fancy edge, as cut... 2.50 
Other designs 3.75 

S2-8270. Drinking Cup. combina- 
tion of satin and bright burnished 
finish with floral engraving, 
fancy handles, gold lined, 
as cut.. 1.75 

S2-8280. Salt Boats with spoons, 
bright finish, filigree pattern 
with separate blue glasses 1 .75 
Smaller design 1.50 

S2-8284. Butter Dish, satin engraved 
finish with glass drainer, as 

cut 2.60 

Other designs, different 
prices 3.50 4.25 5.00 

S2-8286. Fern Pot, combined, 
bright burnished and satin 
finish, ornamented edge, embos- 
sed feet, fitted with separate 
inner pot, as cut 2.75 

S2-8272. Silver 
Lined Bon- 
bon Dish, 
bright finish, 
as cut 1.75 

With gold 
liuing 2.00 

S2-8278. Bon-bon Dish, raised Grape 
design, bright or French grey 

finish, as cut 2.50 

Other designs 

at 1.75 2.00 3.00 5.00 

S2-8288. Gold Lined Nut Bowl with squirrel 
handle; howl is decorated with cluster 
of fruit and leaves, embossed 

bright finish, as cut- 4.50 

Other designs 6.00 8.00 







All goods bearing the 
World Brand Trade Mark 
are guaranteed by the 
manufacturer, to be 
plated on the highest 
grade nickel base. We 
have been carrying this 
brand for some time, 
and have always found 
it to be as represented, 
and have no hesitation 
in recommending it to 
our customers. 














Spoons or 

Sp' ons or 



Gilt Bowl 



Gilt Bowl 






S2-8290. Moselle ... 












S2-8202. Tours 












S2-8294. Shell 



5 00 

S2-8296. Windsor 




S2-8298. Tipped 




S2-82100. Beaded 




Tours Pattern 

S 2 - 8 . 2102 : Tours Pattern, Hollow Handle Knives, 16 dwt. Silver Plated, on 
Finest Steel Blades 

Table size, per doz 11.00 Dessert size, per doz.. 

10 00 

82-82104. Tipped Plain Pattern, World Brand, Hollow Handle Knives, 12 dwt 
Silver Plated, on Finest Steel Blades 
Table size, per doz. 

6.00 Dessert size, per doz 5.50 

Moselle Pattern 

S2-82106. Moselle Pattern, Hollow Handle, World Brand, 16 dwt. Silver 
Plated on Finest Steel Blades, in French Grey or Bright Finish. 

Table size, per doz 11.00 Dessert size, per doz 10.00 

S2-82108 Shell Pattern, World Brand, 16 dwt. plated on fine steel 

blade. Dessert size 4. 50- Dinner size 5.00 

S2-82110. Tours Pattern, solid handle, World Brand, 16 dwt. knives. 

Desert 5.00- Dinner 5.50 

S2-82112. Plain 16 dwt. knife, World Brand. Dessert4.00- Dinner4.50 5.00 

S2-82114. Cat shows Tours Pattern Pie Knife, Silver Plated 1. 75 Gilt 2.25 

S 2 - 82116 . Similar Style in Moselle Pattern, Silver 1.75 Gilt 2.25 

S2-82118. Pie or Cake Server, Tours or Moselle Pattern 1.75 

S2-82120. Cut shows Moselle Pattern Berry Spoon, Silver 1.25 Gilt 1.75 

82-82122. Similar Style in Tours Pattern, Silver 1.25 Gilt 1.75 

S2-8122A. Tomato or Poached Egg Server, in Tours or Moselle Pattern 
Silver 1.25 Gilt 1.50 

S2-82124. Cut shows Tours Pattern Gravy 

Ladle, Silver 1 00 Gilt 

82-82126. Similar Style, Moselle Pattern 

Silver.. 1.00 Gilt 

S2-82128. Cream Ladle, Tours Pattern 

Silver 75 Gilt 

S2-82130. Cream Ladle, Moselle Pattern 

8 ilver_ 75 Gilt 

82-82132. Oyster Ladle, Tours or Moselle 

Pattern „.... 

82-82134. Soup Ladle, Tours ojr Moselle 







S2-82136. (iut shows Tours Pattern Oyster 

Forks, per doz 4.00 

S2-82138. Similar Style, Moselle Pattern, 

per doz 4.00 

NOTE— Moselle Pattern comes in Grey or Bright (Finish. When ordering 1 state whether you want Grey or Bright, 
when ordering tea spoons state whether you want large or small size. 

S2-82140. Orange Spoons, Tours or Moselle 

Pattern, per doz 3.50 

82-82142, Butter Spreaders, Tours or Moselle 

Patterns, per doz 5.50 

S2-82144. Cut shows Moselle Pattern Cold 

Meat Fork, Silver 85 Gilt 

S2-82146. Cold Meat Fork, Tours Pattern 

Silver 85 Gilt 

S2-82148. Oyster Ladle, Tours or Moselle 

Pattern 2.60 



1.26 «: 






: otl 


Be sure your order is 
correct before 
ing, we cannot make 
changes after order 
is received. 


Sterling Silver Tableware 

Warranted 925/1000 Fine. 

Always state on 
order the exact 
amount enclosed. 

Note. — The stamp 925/1000 means that '925 parts out of every 1,000 parts are pure 
silver; the remaining 75 parts are of harder metals, giving strength to the silver. 

We buy the best direct from the makers, 
paying 1 cash, this allows us to sell at 




Louis XV. 




Tea SDOons, 6 oz. . . 





l ea Spoons, 8 oz 





Tea Spoons, 10 oz 





Tea Spoons, 12 oz . 





Dessert Spoons, 16 oz. 




S2 82244. 

Dessert Spoons, 18 oz. ... 





Dessert Forks, 16 oz 





Dessert Forks, 18 oz 





Table Spoons, 22 oz 





Table Spoons, 24 oz. 





Dinner Forks, 22 oz..__ 





Dinner Forks, 24 oz 





Dinner Knives 





Dessert Knives 





Coffee Spoons, Silver.. 





Coffee Spoons, Gilt 





Berry Spoon, Silver, large 





Berry Spoon Gilt, large_ 





Berry Spoon, Silver, small 





Berry Spoon, Gilt, small™. 





Pie Knife, Silver 




Pie Knife, Gilt.. 




Cold Meat Fork, Silver.™ 





Cold Meat Fork, Gilt. 





Gravy Ladle, Silver. 




If goods are to be sent through the 
mails, allow plenty of postage, any 
over will be returned. 

Louis XV. King Chester 

S2-82284. Gravy Ladle, Gilt 3.50 

S2-82285. Cream Ladle, Silver 1.35 

S2-82286. Cream Ladle, Gilt 1.75 

S2-82287. Sugar Sifters, Silver 1.75 

S2-82288, Sugar Sifters, Gilt. 2.00 

S2-82289. Pie Servers — 2.25 

S2-82290. Butter Knife.. 2.00 

S2-82291. Sugar Spoons, Silver 1.25 

S2-82292. Sugar Spoons, Gilt 1.25 

S2-82293. Pickle Forks, Silver 1.00 

S2-82294. Pickle Forks, Gilt 1.00 

S2-82295. Bon Bon Spoons, Silver... .85 

S2-82296. Bon Bon Spoons, Gilt .85 

S2-82297. Mustard Spoons 1.00 

S2-82298. Salt Spoons. Silver, large_ .50 

S2-82299. Salt Spoons, Gift, large .50 

S2-82300. Salt Spoons, Silver, small .25 

S2-82301. Salt Spoons, Gilt, small . .j .35 

S2-82302. Cheese Scoops, 8ilver_ 1.25 

S2-82303. Cheese Scoops, Gilt._ 1.50 

S2-82304. Tomato Server, Silver 3.25 

82-82 05. Oyster Ladle 7.50 

S2-82306. Orange Spoons, Silver. 1.00 

S2-82307. Sugar Tongs.._ 1.35 

S2-82308. Bread Knives_„_ 2.75 


















;S2-82310. Tomatoe Server, Chester Pattern 
Gold Bowl ; in silk lined box, price each 3.60 

S2-82312. Gravy Ladle, Louis XV. Pattern, 

Gold Bowl, in silk lined box, price each 3„60 

S2-82314. Sugar Spoon, King Pattern, Gold 
Bowl, in silk lined box, price each 1 , 9 £ 

Wm. Regers’ “Eagle Brand” Silverware 

BUY ROGERS’ SViAKE SILVERWARE and you have the best manufactured. Wm. Rogers is one of 
the oldest^ established makers. The quality of their product is beyond question, and positively 
their line as one of the most enduring and highest grade made, and “Berwick” is their newest 

and best pattern. 

Berwick Berry Spoon. 1.50 

Berwick Pie Knife. 1.75 

Berwick Cold Meat Fork. 1.00 

S2-82316. Berwick Pattern Tea Spoons, small 

size, per doz 2.85 

82-82318. Berwick Pattern Tea Spoons, large 

! size, per doz 3.00 

32-82320. Berwick Pattern Dessert Spoons or 

Forks, per doz 5.00 

82-82322. Berwick Pattern Table Spoons or 

Forks, per doz 6.00 

62-82324. Berwick Pattern Soup Spoons-.. 6.00 

82-82326. Berwick Pattern Sugar Shell, Sil- 
ver Bowl, each 50 Gilt Bowl 75 

S2-82328. Berwick Pattern Pickle Fork 50 

S2-82330. Berwick Pattern Salt Spoon, ea. .25 
S2-82332. Berwick Pattern Cream Lad'e, 

Silver Bowl_ — 1.00 Gilt Bowl 1.25 

S2-82334. Berwick Pattern Butter Knife, ea. . 50 
S2-82336. Berwick Pnttern Soup Ladle, ea. 3.25 
S2-82338. Berwick Pattern Berry Spoon, Sil-’ 
ver Bowl, each 1 .50 Gold Bowl_ 2.00 

S2-82340. Berwick Pattern Pie Knife, Silver 

Blade, each 1 .75 Gold Blade 2«50 

82-82342. Berwick Pattern Oyster Ladlc.ea 2.50 
S2-82344. Berwick Pattern Individual Butter 

Spreader, per doz... 5-50 

S2-82346. Berwick Pattern Gravy Ladle, 

Fancy Silver BowL 1 .25 Gold Bowl 1 .50 

S2-82348. Berwick Pattern Cold Meat Fork, 

Silver Prongs I.OO. Gold Prongs 1.5 0 

S2-82350. Berwick Pattern Fish Server, ea. 2.25 

if to be sent by Mail f 
allow sufficient 

Pearl Handle Table Cutlery 

Read our Guarantee 
Offer on Colored 

S2-82350. Carving Set, 3 pieces, iu plush-lined 
case, with selected mother-of-pearl handles ; 
made of finest English steel as cut 7.00 

S2-82352. Fish Carvers, mother-of-pearl handles, 
English electro silver-plated blade and 
prongs, engraved similar to cut ; in case 5 . 00 

S2-8254. Fruit 
Knives, mother- 
of-pearl handles, 
English electro- 
plated blade, ster- 
ling silver ferrule, 
set of six in satin- 
lined leather 
case, as cut 3.75 

S2 82356. Cabinet as cut, containing 12 pairs Des- 
sert Knives and Forks, finest selected mother- 
of-pearl handles, sterling silver ferrules, English 
electro silver-plated blades and prongs; case is 

polished oak, plush lined, having brass 
name-plate and key _ 18.00 

S2-82358. Cabinet same as above, contain- 
ing 6 pairs, only 10.00 

S2-S2360. Cabinet containing 12 Dessert Knives 
only, mother-of-pearl handles and English elec- 
tro sil ver-Dlated blades. For style of knife 

see above cut 1 1 .50 Dinner size 14.25 

S2-823G2. Cabinet containing 6 pairs Dessert 
Knives and Forks, heavy mother-of-pearl han- 
dles, Waterloo bolster, English electro silver- 
plated blades and prongs, put up in a plush- 
lined oak case, brass name-plate and key 13.25 
S2-82164. Cabinet containing 12 Dessert Knives 
only, mother-of-pearl handles, Waterloo 
bolster, English electro-plated blades.... 16.50 

S2-82368. Case con' 
taining 3 pieces, 
Pickle Fork, 
Butter Knife, 
and Fish Fork ; 
handles, Eng- 
lish electro- 
phi ted prongs, 
set of three m satin-imcii leather case... 2.60 

82-82370. Pie or Cake Server, mother-of-pearl 
handle, long, narrow silver-plated blade, 
“ World ” Brand quality ; is also used aB 

ice-cream slicer ; as cut - — 3.25 

S2-82372. Child’s Knife and Fork, pearl handle. 
With English electro silver-plated blade 
and prongs, each - 50 or 1 .00 PW* 

S2-82374. Salad or Cold Meat Fork, selected 
mother-of-pearl handle, warranted famous 
1 ‘World” brand, silver plating, price 3.00 

S2-82376. Cake Knife, mother-of-pearl handle, 
with raised pattern of maple leaf ; blade is Eng- 
lish electro silver-plated, and engraved similar 
to cut, medium f .qq Larger size _ 1 0 76 

S2-82366 Pickle Fork, grooved mother-of- 

pearl handle, electro-plated, each 1.00 

Similar styles 35 .50 .75 

S2-8278. Butter Knives, mother-of-pearl 

handle, English electro-plated blade 1.00 

Similar styles 35 .50 ,75 

S 2-82414 

S S 2-82410 f O 


S 2-82400 


S2-82380. Ladies’ Pearl Handle Pocket 
Knife, twofi n esteel blades, as cut .40 
S2-82382. Similar style, different 

make 25 

02-82384. Ladies’ Ivory Handle Pen 
Knife, one blade and manicure 

blade 25 

S2-82386. Ladies’ Pearl Handle Knife, 
double bolster, twoblades as cut .25 
S2-82388. Larger gentleman’s size 40 
82-82390. Stag or Buff Handle 
Pocket Knife, two blades as cut .25 
S2-82392. Same style, two blades, 

pearl handle 50 

S2-82394. Two Blade Nickel Handle 
Pen Knife, thin model with ring, 

as cut.. - 25 

S2-82396. Small Buff or Ivory Handle 
Pocket Knife, two b'ades.'with 
bolsters, as cut .25 

S2-82398. Similar style in same size, 
without bolsters, twoblades..., .....25 
S2-82400. Geutleman’s two fine steel 
blades Pocket Knife, stag or buff 
handle, double bolster, a strong 

and serviceable knife, as cut .50 

S2-82402. Same style, boys’ size.. .25 
32-82404. Gentleman’s Pocket Knife, 
buff or ivory handle, two blades and 
manicure blade, double bolsters, 

as cut 50 

S2-82406. Same, with pearl handle .75 
S2-82408. Gentleman’s Ivory Handle 
Pen Knife, three blades and mani- 
cure blade, nice light knife, as 

cut 50 

S2-82410. Gentleman’s Pearl Handle 
Pen Knife, light bolsters, two fine 
blades, as cut. 

-.75 with ivory handle, .50 

S2-82412. Same style, three blades and 
manicure blade, pearl handle 1.25 
S2 82114. Gentleman’s Three Blade 
Pearl Handle Pocket Knife, heavy 
bolsters, a strong knife, as cut.. .75 
S2-82416. Same style, pearl handle, 
three blades and manicure..— 1 .00 
32-82418. Corn Knife, ivory handle, 

one blade of finest steel 35 

S2-82420. Horn Handle Jack Knife, 
two strong blades of finest steel, 

as cut 50 

S2-82422. Smaller size. .25 

S2-82422B. Medium size Horn Handle 
Jack Knife, heavy double bol- 
sters, two blades .40 

S2-82424. Fisherman’s Knife, oue 
6trong blade, can opener and sail 
awl, copper ring on handle for 
chain, as cut 75 

S2.- 82.420 

S2-82426. Gentleman’s Horn Handle 

Pocket Knife, two blades and 
cork screw, as cut 


S2-82428. Combination Jack Knife, 
horn handle, containing two blades, 
hoof hook, corkscrew, reamer, tooth 
pick, tweezers and screw driver, 

as cut .75 

S2-82428A. Larger size, with more 
attachmen ts and better finish 1.50 
S2-82430. Cattleman’s Knife, stag 
handle, brass lined, two fine 
blades, and cattle blade, as cut 1 .00 

S2-82432. Boys’ Jack Knife 05.15 

82-82434. Pruning Knife, stag handle, 
one strong finest steel blade made 
especially for pruning work, as 
cut .65 





Razors, Scissors, and Barbers’ Supplies 


















S2-82472. Eaton’s Barbers’ Peerless 

or Diamond edge, % and % in., 

ivory handle 1 .75 

Same in black handle — 1.25 

S2-82474. Eaton’s Barbers' Special, 

extra hollow ground, well tem- 
pered blade, black handle, 

%, 34 in - 1.00 

S2-82480. Self Stropping Razor 
Outfit, works automatically, 
gives razor a good keen edge. 
Outfit saves the ordinary 
stropping troubles 1 .50 

S2-82482. Barber’s Shears, 

Wiss make, finest 

steel, fully nickel plated, as cut, '7J4 inch .70 

8 inch .85 Solid steel, 8 inch 1.40 

0 1 ym p ia 
Brand Hair Clipper, 
fine steel plates, 

% inch cut. 1 .50 
S2-80494. The OO 
Shaver Clip- 
per is espec- 
i ially adapted 
for clip- 
ping around the neck, 1/32 in. cut. Price 2.85 
S2-80496. The Standard Clipper No. 2 cuts %in-, 
iB nickel plated and has finest steel plates 3.25 

S2-82438. Butler Keen Edge Razor, 
half hollow ground, specially made 
for stiff beards, ivory haft and 
handle, %, % 2.00 

S2-82438. K.B. Extra German, hollow 
ground, fine steel, black handle 

%,% — 75 


S2-82470. The greatest value we have ever 
offered in a high-class Razor. Note the 
trademark, only found on Butler’s 
highest grade of steel. 
Shakespeare’s quotation : 
“Keen as is 
this razor’s 
edge invis- 

82-82476. The Gillette Safety Razor complete 
with 12 double edge blades, is easily manipu- 
lated, requires no honing or stropping, the frame 
is triple silver plated to prevent rusting, the 
blades are of finest steel and can be 

adjusted to shave as close as desired S .00 

Extra blades, each .05 

S2-82498. Gem Safety Razor put up in neat tin 
box, very compact, for traveller’s uses, silver 
plated holder, with one blade extra, 
finely ground, razor complete 1 .50 

S2-82478. Combination Razor Strop, four sides, 
which can be adjusted to any tension 
by simply turning the handle ,25 .50 

S2-82484. Triple Razor Strop, buff horsehide, 

two leathers and a canvas swivel top 75 

S2-82486. Self Honing Razor strop, two pieces 
finest select horsehide, one piece prepared 

to take place of hone, swivel top 1 .25 

Same strop, with one piece more leather 1,50 
S2-82488. Eaton Razor Strop, single swing strop 
of finest select horsehide, well tanned to give 
razor full benefit, dressed with Eaton’s 

dressing... .38 

Same quality, with canvas to absorb all 

grease after shaving 53 

S2-82490. Finely 
Prepared Aus- 
trian Imported 
Hone. Eaton’s 

with each hone 1.00 

S2-82440. Tailors’ Cutters. Wiss make, 
Size No. 4*4, length 13-in., is fitted 
with WissPatentSimplex Bolt, which 
is easily adjusted by a screw 
driver, japanned handle, as cut5. 75 
Larger size, No. 7n., length 

| 14 in 9.50 

jS2-82442. Paperhangers’ Shears, ja- 
panned handles, finest steel- laid 

blades, as cut, 10 in 95 

12 in 1.25 14 in -1.50 

S2-82444. Tailors’ or Dressmakers’ 
Bent Trimmers, Wiss make, japanned 
handles, 9 in., as cut .95 10 

in. 1.10 12 in 1.40 

S2-82444a. Tailors’ Straight Trim- 
mers, 10 in. 100 12 in 1.40 

S2-82446. Dressmakers’ or Household 
Shears, Wiss make, finest steel laid 
blades, japanned handles as cut. 
6 in. .45 7 in. .55 8 in. .65 

9 in 85 

S2-82446a. Dressmakers’ or Household 
Shears, Wiss make, iully nickel 
plated, same style as above, 6 in . 

.50 7 in. .60 8 in. .75 9 in. .95 
S2-82448. Dressmakers’ or Household 
Shears, fully nickel plated, as 

cut, 6 or 7 in --- .25 

S2-82450, Buttonhole Scissor, patent 
ratchet adjustment, finest steel, 

as cut .55 

S2-82450a. Different make, fully nickel 
plated, 4)4 in., fitted with pa- 
ten t screw ad j uster . 2 5 

S2-82451. Ladies’ Embroidery Scissors, 
nickel plated, fancy handles, 

as cut, 334 in. .25 434,in 35 

S2-62456. Ladies’ Embroidery or Work 
Scissors, fully nickel plated, as 
cut, 3 in. .10 4 in. .15 5 in .... .20 
S2-82456a. Same style, fully nickel 
plated, solid diamond steel 
blades, 3 in. ,35 4 in. .45 5 in .55 
S2-82458. Ladies’ Embroidery and 
Work' Scissors, fancy gilt handles, 
nickel plated diamond steel blades, 
as cut, 3 in .35 4 in. .45 5 in. .55 
S2-S2460. Ladies' Embroidery and 
Work Scissors, fancy gilt handles, 
nickel plated Dlades, as cut, 3 
and 4 in. .20 5 in .25 

S2-82462. Nickel Plated Nail Scissors 
curved or straight blades, with 

file back. 3J4 in ,25 

S2-82462a. Nail Scissors, finest steel 
curved or straight blades with file 
back, fully nicael plated, 3 

in 55 4 in...: .65 

S2-82464. Finest Steel Manicure Scis- 
sors. curved blades, specially adapted 
for cutting aronud the cuticle, 

as cut, 3 in. .55 4 in 65 

S2-82466. Pocket Scissors, fully nickel 
plated, finest quality steel, 4 in., 
as cut .50 different makes, 4 

in .20 4)4 in — 25 

S2-82468. Neat Folding Pocket Scissors, 
in leatherette case, easily carried in 
pocket or shopping bag ,25 .35 






( / — -1 

Forks are not made to match these celluloid and 
ivory handle knives and we would recommend the 
silver plated forks. 

S2-82500. Celluloid Handle Dessert Knives, round 
or square handles, fine Sheffield steel blades, 

as cut, per doz 2.00 

Dinner size 2.50 

S2-82502. Celluloid Handle Dessert Knives, square 
handles only, good quality steel, similar 

to above cut, per doz 1 .50 

Dinner size, per doz 2.00 

S2-82504. Celluloid Handle Dessert Knives, round 
or square handles, fine steel blades, doz 2.90 

Dinner size, per doz 3.4-0 

S2-82506. Ivory Grained Celluloid Handle Dessert 
Knives, finest hand forged steel blades, 

round or square handles, per doz 4.50 

Dinner size, per doz 5.00 

S2-82508. Ivory handles, rivetted, squareonly, well 
finished steel blades, dessert size, per doz 5.00 • 

Dinner size, per doz 7.50 

S2-82510. Ivory handles, square or round, best 
quality hand forged steel blades, finest finish, 

dessert size, per doz 9.50 

Dinner size, per doz 11 .00 

S2-82512. Genuine Stag Horn Handle Knives and 
Forks, finest hand forged steel blades; forks 
are high grade steel, as cut, dessert size, 

12 pairs — 4.00 

Dinner size, 12 pairs 4.50 

S2-82514. Stag Horn Handles, Fine Sheffield 
Steel Knives only, dinner size, per doz. 3.00 

Dessert size, per doz 2-50 

S2-82516. Polished Black Wood Handle Knives 
and Forks, double bolster, good steel blades 
andprongs, strong and durable, dessert and 

dinner size, 12 pairs 1,80 

S2-82518. Same as above, without bolster handle, 
with cast forks, dessert or dinner size, 

12 pairs — 1,00 

S2-82520. Same, without bolster handle knives 
only, dessert or dinner size, per doz_ 75 

S2-82564. Polished black wood handle, good 
steel, for a child, as cut, per pair .10 

S2-82566. Nickel Silver Tea Spoons, warranted to 
wear well and keep their coior, as cut, 

per doz .50 

Larger 65 .75 

Dessert Spoons and Forks, per doz 1 . 25 

Table Spoons and Forks, per doz 1.50 

S2-825‘)8 Same stvle as above, made from pure 
white metal, will not discolor, excellent for 

kitchen use. Tea Spoons, per doz .35 

Dessert Spoons and Forks, per doz 55 

Table Spoons and Forks, per doz — . .65 

, S2-82570. Silver 
Plated Nut Set, in 
maple wood case, 
neatly lined, 6 
picks and 1 crack- 
er, as cut .75 

Same in card- 
board case ,50 
Same, nickel 

E lated, in card- 
oard case. .25 


S2-82522. Handsome Two-piece Carving Set, gen- 
uine stag horn handles, finest hand forged 
steel blade, fork with automatic guard, put 
up in a handsome leather case, as cut 3.50 

S2-82524. A Good Pair of Genuine Stag Horn 
Handle Carvers, fine Sheffield steel, hand forged 

blade, as cut 1.25 

Steel to match above carvers 40 

S2-82526. Three-piece Carving Set, genuine stag 
horn handle, knob end for engraving, hand 
forged steel blades, in handsome leather case, 

as cut 5.35 

S2-82528. Same out of case, two piece 2.25 

S2-82530. A Handsome Carving Set in a neatly 
lined case, genuine stag horn handle, good 

steel, well finished, as cut — 2.75 

S2-82532. Similar design, different make, out 
of case, better quality steel, two piece.... 2.50 

With steel. - 3.50 

Different make, sime style, two piece ... 2.00 
Three-piece - - 2.85 



[ ^ ZZZZ? 

S2-82536. French Cook’s Knives, heavy blade, best 
steel, as cut, 7 in. .25 8 in. .35 10 in. .50 

12 in. 70 

S2-82538. Cook’s Boning Knife, narrow blade, 
highly tempered, aB cut, 

6 in. .45 8 in. .65 10 in. .85 
S2-82510. Paring Knives, good steel 

blades- .05 .10 

a n 00 * 4 ? 

S2-82542. Finest Hand Forged Steel Blade Butcher 
Knives, strong and durable, as cut, 5J4 in. .25 
7 in. .35 9 in. .50 loin. .60 12 in. 1.00 

S2-82544. Butcher's Sticking Knife, best steel 
pointed blade, as cut .25 

S2-82546. Bread Knife, solid black handle, 

serrated edge, as cut .25 

S2-82548. Bread Knife, nickel plated, steel 

blade, saw edge, wire handle .50 

S2-S2550. Same Bread Knife as above, with 

cake and paring kniie, set complete 75 

S2-82552. Bread Knife, finest steel blade cocoabola 
handle, saw edge, ground on both sides, 
can be used for bread or cake , .75 

“ "S J '' 

S2-82554. Bread Knife, saw edge, wire handle .1 0 



52-82556. Ham Knife, solid black handle, can be 
used for bread as well as small meat bone, 
useful in every kitchen .25 

S2-82558. Butcher Steels, finest quality steel, 
solid wood handle with ring in end, 12 in.1 .00 

Small size for table use .35 .40 

Emery Steel, with Guard 10 







S2-82560. Genuine Stag Horn Handle Carving Set, 
fancy knob ends for engraving initial, 

fine steel bladt, 2-piece 1 .50 

Same, with Steel 2.25 


S2-82534. Three-piece White Celluloid Handled 
Carving Set, knife, fork and steel, in 
good case..... — — 2.50 

S'2-82562. Carving Knife and Fork, square cellu- 
loid handle, good steel, per pair, as cut.. 1 .25 
Similar style, better quality, per pair 2.50 




When ordering: 'from samples be 
jure to enclose same, marking each 
sample 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice. 


34-8250. Black only, Silk Belt, shirred taffeta, 
as cut 25 

with small silk covered buttons, as cut... .25 

trimmed with rows of small buttons, as cut .50 

C4-8253. Black only, Taffeta Silk Belt, with 
back and front oxidized buckles, as cut 

C4-8254. Dipped Front Taffetta Silk Belt, trimmed 
with small straps and buttons, as cut... .50 

C4-8255. Pleated, shaped Taffeta Silk, 
semi-tailored effect, as cut.. 


C4-8256 Taffeta Tucked Girdle, Princess 
effect, fits perfectly to the figure, as cut.. ,75 

NOTE.— Stock Sizes In Belts come 24 to 28. 

C4-8257. Very Neat Taffeta Silk Belt, orna- 
mented with straps and small buttons, 
as cut 1.00 

C4-8258. Tailor-made Belt, finest silk, with 
handsome gilt buckle, as cut..... 1 .00 

C4-8259. A very neat Taffeta Silk Mourning 
Belt, ornamented with back and front 
^buckles and buttons, as cut 1.25 

C4-8269. A perfect fitting Belt in taffeta silk, 
pleated fro' tand back, fine shirring at 
sides, finished with small buttons, as cut 1.25 

C4-8261. Handsomely shaped taffeta 
Girdle, pleated and shirred, as cut 1 .50 

C4-82G9. Shaped Embroidered Wash Belt, 
white only, with penrl buckle, as cut.. 


Be sure your order is correct 
before mailing, we cannot make 
changes after order is received. 

C4-82G2. Child’s Teddy-bear Belt, patent leather, 
in black, red, brown, and white, 

- - .25 

as cut 

C4-8263. Graduated Shape Leather Belt, 
with neat buckle, as cut - .25 

Cl-8264. Graduated Kid Belt, with Swastika 
design in cut steel at the back, 6teel 
buckle in front, as cut .60 

C4-8265. Very neat fitting Leather Belt with gilt 
ornamented kid covered buckle, 

as cut _ 50 

C4-8265A. Similar style in finest Crush 
Kid with gilt buckle, width 3% inches-.. 1.00 

C4-8266. A very neat fitting Belt, fine kid, with 
strap and button ornamentations, 
as cut 50 

C4-8267. Handsome appearing Belt, with pearl 
buttons and fasteners, made of fine kid 
leather with shaped front, as cut 1 ,25 

C4-82G8. A handsome Paris designed Belt, fine 
Swede with kid strappings and neat 
dome clasp buttons, as cut 2.00 

Also Stock Colors, black and white. For out sizes and odd colors, allow Two Days to procure. 




C4-8231. Parisian Siik Elastic, genuine cut steel 
studding, black and white, in fancy 
designs, per yard... 1.25 

C4-8232. Silk Elastic, cut steel studding, black 
and white, per yard... 75 

C4-8233. Linen Elastic Belt Lengths, cut 
steel studding, black only, as cut. .50 

C4-8234. Parisian Silk Elastic Belt Length, cut 
steel studding, in very handsome designs, 
black only .75 

C4-8270. This coat girdle is entirely new, has a 
very pretty effect, made of silk cord, has a 
double buckle in front, large ornament on back, 

cut steel trimming, as cut 2.00 

C4-8271. Silk Cord coat girdle, 50 in. long, 

has pure silk tassels in front 1.25 

C4-8272. Narrow Straight Silk Cord Girdle, fancy 
ornament on back andfront, cord tassels 1.00 
NOTE. Coat Girdles, come in colors black, 
brown or grey. 

C4-820. Genuine Parisian (lut 
Steel front dip buckle, 

as cut 50 

C4-821. Genuine Parisian Fin- 
er Cut Steel, front dip 
buckle, as cut 75 

C4-8235. A very handsome Wide Silk Elastic Belt 
Length, genuine cut steel studding, in scroll 
design, black only, as cut 1.25 

C4-8236. Very Neat Parisian Silk Elastic Belt, 
genuine cut steel studding, and steel 
buckle, black only 1.00 

C4-8237. Parisian Silk Elastic Belt, genuine cut 
steel studding, in pretty design, large round 
cut steel front buckle, as cut 2.50 

C4-8238. A Very Handsome Belt, in the most 
wanted width. Parisian Silk Elastic, genuine 
cut steel studding, newest clasp in French 
grey on black velvet 3.26 


C4-823. Genuine Parisian Cut 
Steel back buckle, as cut .50 

04-829. The Swastika, emblem of 
good luck, enamelled on small 
gilt buckle, as cut 25 

01-824. Genuine Parisian Cut Steel Set, small! 
neat dip front, fancy oval back buckle, . 75 $ 


C4-825. Genuine Parisian Cut Steel Set, deep dip 
front, square back buckle, as cut... 1.50 


C4-827. A very handsome buckle set in gilt 
enamelled floral design, cut steel trim- 
mings A 75 ! 

coin pn 


with b 


C4-824 ; 

C4-830. A very 
French Belt 
C asp, in gilt, 
enamelled in itapgg 
small rose de- 
sign, cut steel 
trimmings, as 

:€|Loe?Cl-822. Genuine Parisian,! 
very fine cut steel buckle ' 1 
handsomely shaped, 

1 . 0 ( 


C4-8240. Neat Pressed Steel Dip 
Front Buckle, as cut .25 



C4-826. One of this season's 
Novelty Buckles, fancy 
shape, in pretty tints, as cut. 




C4-82130. Child’s Teddy 
Bear Strap Purse, seal 
grain leather, strap 
handle on the back, and 
strongly made, as 
cut 50 

C4-82131. Child’s 
Hand Bag, real 
Alligator, leather 
handle and gilt 
frame, as cut 

C4-82132. Child’s Grain Seal Hand Bag, gilt 
frame, leather handle and inside purse.... .50 
C4-82133. Ladies’ Black Combination Purse, 
strong frame, well sewn throughout .25 

C4-S2134. Genuine 
Seal Combina- 
tion Purse, black 
only, well made 
and finished, ex- 
tra value at 
at 50 

C4-82135. Ladies’ 
Black Combination 
Purse, high grade 
grain walrus, 
double fiame, 
pockets and dome 
clasp, strap fasten- 
ers, black only, 

as cut 75 

C4-82136. Genuine 
Alligator, combined and card case, 
securely sewn and 
well nude, as 

cut 1.00 

Different grad p, 
similar style .50 

C4-82137. Ladies’ Combination Purse, black or 
brown, real Morocco, calf skin lined, close 
fitting frame 1 .00 

C4-82139. Ladies’ 
Swede Safety 
Jewel Pocket, 
to wear under 
the blouse, 

as cut 50 

C4-82140. Ladies’ 
Safety Skirt 
Pocket, for 
money, jewels 
and valuables, 
very handy 
when travel- 

ling, as cut.. 11.00 

C4-82141. Ladies’ Mor- 
occo Card case, neat- 
ly lined, with fancy 
ticket pockets 1.00 
B eal Seal 1,50 

feftg- ‘ 

. . .'v'-” .M- *•*»?*. 

C4-82138. Combination 
Purse of very fine 
quality, genuine black 
or brown Walrus, calf 
, skin lined, close fit- 
I ting frame, as cut, 

1 .50 

Other leathers 2.00 
2 50 

C4-82143. Real Morocco Bag 
Purse, rivetted frame, 
leather lined, black or 
browu as cut 16 

C4-82144. Ladies’ Bag Purse 
fine leather, close fitting 
frame, three inside apart- 
ments, as cut .25 

f ALL AND WINTER CATALOGUE, (No. 82), 1907-8 


i comparing prices on aJ l Leather Goods always consider quality. This is one of the lines that a very large profit can be realised on by retail dealers- 
w We buy airect from the manufacturer at the very lowest factory cost, and to which we only add our small per cent of profit. Hence we can 
sell these handsome, stylish Hand Bags, Purses, Pocket Books and Card Cases direct to the user at wholesale prices, 
emember every article is shipped subject to approval, and if not satisfactory return to us at our expense and we will exchange or refund your money. 

. - ■■* m **^^ C4-82U0. A neat , 

little Chain 

Bag, size 4% Vik §S 

by 5 in. steel 

having an extra 
secure clasp mounted 
with newest design 
leather handle and 
metal trimmings, leath- 
er lined, and fitted with 
genuine seal change 
purse of same quality. 
One of the greatest 
values obtainable, 
price only 2.39 


1-82111. Neat seal grain Hand Bag’ 
black only, strong 8-inch pinched 
frame and leather handle, moire 
lining, and contains a large 
coin purse to match 1 .00 

1-82113. Black grain seal Hand Bag, 
fiAe quality, having an 8-in. frame, 
with strong clasp and leather han- 
dle, moire lining and inside 





C4-82124. Real morocco leather Hand 
Bag, large square shape, moire lin- 
ing, card case with mirror, and 
purse, black only, as cut 3.00 

handle on bL:k, as cut.^ ... 1.00 

C4-82102. Avenue Bag, grain see lion 
leather, colors black, brown, blue 
and green, neat narrow style, 
moire lined, top strap handle 1 .50 

strep on 

back, sewn throughout,, choice of 
brown or green as cut 2 00 
C4-821o5. Dam- 
ty -walr us 

clasp, top finger strop, moire lined, 
sewn throughout, and fitted with a 
sma.l mirror, choice of black, 
brown or green 2 00 

4-82122. Hand Bag, narrow shape, 
grain seal, strong clasp and han- 
dle, leather lining, small change 

purse, black only, as cut 2.25 

4-82123. Narrow style grain walrus 


C4-S212L Real Seal Hand Bag, rivetted 
covered frame, gilt or gun metal 
mountings, pig skin lining, coin 
purse inside, a neat and durable 
bag, in black only, as cut. 2.00 

Hand Bag, 9 in. rivetted frame, 
strong durable handle, firm clasp, 
leather lined, inside change 
purse, black, brown or tan._ 2.50 

4-82118. Hand Bag, neat square 
shape, black sealion grain, with 8-in. 
rivetted frame of same color fasten- 
ing with a gun metal finished clasp, 
the leather handle being secured to 
mountings of same material. This 
dainty bag is leather lined and has 
change purse to match, as 
cut 2.00 

C4-82125. Small grain Leather Bag. 
as cut, with 7-in. rivetted frame and 
leather handle, small inside 
purse, black only 58 

C4-82116. Double leather handle Hand 
Bag, black and brown grain seal, 
leather lined, having change purse 
to match, rivetted covered 8-in. frame, 
mounted with metal trimmings, 

and patent clasp, r s cut 1 .50 

C 1-82119. Similar style, sea lion 
grain 2.00 

C4-82126. Small Walrus Grain Bag, 
with 7-in, gilt pinched frame, leather 
handle and inside purse, as 
cut, black or brown .49 

, _ through- 

wihiP Ml out, fitted with 

mirror, strong inside frame and top 
finger strop, choice of brown, tan, 
green and blue, a handsome 

bag, as cut 3.00 

C4-82103. Com- , * 

bined Card ^pMUBSoSfl®^ 

Caseand' 7 ^ 

Avenue Bag, 

with ontsidcraSS^SaT 
h a n d k e r - IlSffigpMsBg/ §X| 
chief pocket. jiys 

4-82115. Hand Bag, narrow style, in 
black and brown seal grain leather, 
with inside purse tomatch. The9-in. 
frame and handle are of the same 
color, and all are mounted 
with metal trimmings, as cut 1 ,50 

4-82117. Narrow style Hand Bag, 
of fine soft dolphin grain, strong 
leather handle securely fastened to 
metal mountings. This Deat hag 
has a rivetted covered 9-in. frame, is 
leather lined, and has inside purse 
to match, choice of black, 
brown or tan leathers 2.00 

4-82114. Black large pebble grain 
leather Hand Bag, square shape, 
with rivetted 8-inch frame, mounted 
with a leather handle, and gilt or 
gun metal trimmings. It is lined 
with leather and has inside 
purse, as cut._ * 1.60 

fine black {fi? 

grain lea- 
tber, having 

a strong handle, moire lined and 
wmn throuBcmt. fl« ent >. 1.SO 

(14-82112. Small double leather strop 
handle Black Hand Bag, fine grain 
seal, leather inside purse to match, 
two outside pockets, moiie 

lined, ascut, 



Leather Novelties 

C4-82153. Lady’s or Gent’s Travelling Case, real 
seal, leather lined, containing ebony back hair 
brush, clothes brush, tooth and nail brush, 
perfume bottle and soap box, as cut. @.00 

C4-82162. Gentleman’s Travelling Case of fine 
grain seal, leather lined, containing soap box, 
hair brush, powder box, comb, tooth and shav- 
ing brush in holder, razor, strop and sev- 
eral other useful pieces, as cut 4.50 

4-82151. 'Travelling Case of fine grain seal, cor 
taining hair brush, comb, soap box, tooth an 
nail brush in holder, and several other 
useful pieces, as cut 6 . 6 < 

Grain Seal Colla !p» 

C4-82163. <_ 

Bag, black only, with sill 
draw cords, moire 
lining, as cut 1 . 5 ( 

C4-82169. Black Music Case, fine grain walrus, 
double fold and clasp, suitable for sheet music 
or hardback book, strong handle with 
steel bar, as cut 2.7S 

C4-82164. Gent’s Collar Bag, 
fine grain leather, with 
silk draw cords, as 

cut 1.00 

C4-82160. Four Piece Travelling Case, containing 
j a military hair brush, celluloid soap box, comb 
I and tooth brush. Case is of fine seal grain, 

1 leather lined, as cut 3.00 

04-82172. The Handy Travel- 
ling Case, seal grain leather, 
containing comb, ebony 
back nail. is 
tooth and 


C4-82154. The Handy Travelling Case, con- 
tains 4 collapsible skirt or coat holders, 

in neat seal grain case, 1 .75 

Same containing 6 holders 2.00 

C4-82155. Same as ^ above with three 
holders in soft lea- ther case, with silk 

draw cords as cut... 1.50 

Same with 6 holders 1 ,75 

C4-82156. Fine Pig Skin Pocket, contain- 
ing folding trou- ser holders, very 

handy for travel- lers, as cut 1.00 

fold, moire lined, solid leather handle at 
outside pocket, lady’s or gent’s, as cut— 1.5 
4-82168. Similar style, different grade 

of leather, black or brown 1.0 

C4-82158. Whisk Holder, real alligator handle, 
holder is of heavy metal, nickel plated, and 
suspended with ornamented alligator 
strap, as cut „ 3.50 


IC4-82157. Grain Seal Mili- 
tary Hair Brush Case, con- 
j taining 1 pair of fine 11 
1 row brushes, as cut 3-50 
\ Case, without brushes .75 

C4-82165. Writing 


sorted grain 
leathers, with 

C 4-8 2 1 6 0. Collapsible 
Drinking Cup, with han- 
dle, in a neat real alliga- 
tor case, as cut ..._ .75 

C4-82159. Gentleman’s flat cuff case, very useful 
when travelling, nice soft leather, as cut 1 .50 

Same in Swede leather 1.75 

C4-82162. Flat Collar and Cuff Cases, grain walrus 
leather lined, very convenient „ 1.75 

C4-82161. Case con- 
taining! small trav- 
elling drinking 
glasses. The case is 
made of saffian 
leather, as cut .50 

C4-82166. Same 

in better 

grades.. 2.00 

2.50 3.00 

C4-82170. Music Rolls, black or br«wn 
grain leather, as cut .50 better quality 1 .00 



NOTE. — We do not sell the articles 
llustrated here. We sell the Wool for 
(taking- them only. 

We desire to call your special attention to the 
ngering yarn made. It is made by the celebrated ‘ 
ualities— Try it. 

C4-8201. Child’s Overdrawers 
are made of white “Bald- 
win’s Beehive Fingering,” 
4-ply. Just the thing for 
children, as they are warm, 
neat, serviceable. Quantity 
of wool required, 5 oz. 

Fine Wools 

our Special Catalogue 

NOTE— Ask for 

with instructions for making shawls, 
cinators, baby’s bonnets, afghano, etc. 
brand of yarn we call “ Our Best Scotch Fingering.” As its name implies, there is no better 
Baldwin manufacturers, and is a pure Scotch wool of soft, even texture and splendid wearing 


4-8203. Tea Cosy, made of our “ Double Ber 
lin,” in any combination of colors, easily made 
and very dainty. Quantity of. wool required, 
6 oz. of color, 2 oz. of white, with Va oz. of each 
color, forruchingat top of zephir. 


O&ar Best" Scotch Fingering, 3 and 4 ply, in 
black, white, grey, pink, sky, cardinal, 

per lb t .25 

4-8205. Baldwin’s “ Beehive ” Scotch Finger- 
ing, 3 ply (20 skeins equal 16 oz.), in 

black, white, or grey, per skein.... e 07 

'Sf 4-8206. In cardinal, sky, pink, or tan, 

per skein. .08 

4-8207. 1 lb., black, white, or grey '5,40 

8|2-8208. 1 lb., colors as above 1.50 

4-8209. Baldwin’s “ Beehive ” Scotch Finger- 
,5( ing, 4 ply (16 skeins equal 16 oz.), colors 

black, white, or grey, per skein ,09 

4-8210. Heather mixtures and colors .10 

4-8211. lib, b'ack, white, or grey 3.40 

4-8212. Heather mixtures or colors 1.50 

4-8213. Baldwin’s “ Beehive” Scotch Finger- 

ing, 5 piy (13 skeins equal 16 oz.), black, 

[white, or grey, per skein .11 

4-8214. Cardinal, per skein ,13 

4-8215. 11b., black, white, or greys 1.40 

114-8216. lib., cardinal 1.50 

14-8217. “ Diamond Saxony,” in black or 

white only, in 2 oz. hanks, per hank .14 

or per lb 1 .12 

j!4-8218. “ Queen Diamond Saxony," in 

black or white only, in 2oz. hanks, per 

hank .16- or per lb 1.28 

|!4-8219. “Diamond Kniteae,” in black, 
white, grey, or fawn, per skein .06, 
per lb. (16 skeins) ©5 

C4-S902. Ladies’ Kiniona is made of Shetland 
Floss, the body being of white, with border of 
any color desired. Very comfortable and 
pretty for house wear. Quantity of fios3 re- 
quired, 16 oz. of white and 5 oz. of colored. 

Eaton's Scotch Fingering, very strong and 
durable, a splendid yarn for men’s or boys’ 

C4-8220. In black, white, or greys, per lb... 

C4-8221. In cardinal, scarlet, royal, navy, 
or brown, per lb , I 

Canadian Wheeling Yam, in two or 

three ply. 

C4-8222. Black, white, or grey, per lb 

C4-8223. Navy or cardinal, per lb. 


Lady Betty Vesting Wool, a very superior 


C4-8224. In white only, 2 or 4 ply, per skein .12% 

C4-8225. Or per lb 2.00 

C4-8226. Diamond Ice Wool, for making 
shawls or fascinators, in white, black, 
pink, sky, cardinal, .or mauve, per ball... .13 

C4-8227. Diamond Pompadour Wool, for 
edging shawls or fascinators, baby bonnets or 
bootees, in black, white, pink, sky, or 
cardinal, per ball. ,12 





Cl 8200 

or Gent’s Slippers, of double 


C4-8204. Ladies’ 

Berlin, with narrow turnover "baiid at top of 
white single Berlin, finished with black ermine 
stitch. Quantity of wool required 5 oz. 

C4-8200. Child’s Jacket is made of white Anda- 
lusian wool, with border of any color desired. 
Very pretty. Quantity of wool required, 6 oz. 

C4-8228. Diamond Angora Wool, in white. 

or grey, for making baby’s bonnets, 
bootees or mitts.ex tra fine quality, per ball .1 0 
C4-8229. Wave Crest Shetland Floss, very 
fine and fluffy, for making shawls or 
fascinators, black and white only, per sk’n .08 
C4-S230. Ecslma Shetland Floss, 

white or black, per skein _ ,07 

C4 8231. Pink, sky, cardinal, grey, or 

mauve, per skein (full ounce). ..... .08 

C4-8232. Two-Fold Zephyr Wool, in 

black or white, per skein .07 

C4-8233. Full range of colors at, per skein. .08 
C4-8234. Andalusian Wool, in black or 

white, per skein 07 

C4-8235. Full range of colors at, per skein. .08 
C4-8236. Four and Eight Fold Ber- 
lins, in black or white, per skein 06 

C4-8237. A complete range of colors at, 

per skein .07 

C4-8238. Variegated Berlin Wool, in 

four or eight fold, at per skein *08 

N.B.— Our Berlin Wools are all from the best 
German makers, and are unsurpassed in bril- 
liancy of color, softness and evenness of tex- 
ture and weight per skein. 


C4-8239. Ball Mending Wool, fine and 

strong, in black only, 2 balls for. .05 

C4-8240. Diamond Cashmere Mend- 
ing, black only, per ball .04 

C4-8241. Baldwin’s Three-Fold Mending, card 
(27 yards per card), in black, white, grey, 
natural shade, or scarlet, 3 cards for. 05 

Order by the num- 
ber, when goods are 
catalogued that way 

Men’s Wallets and Purses 

34-82175. Men’s Bill Book of roan 
leather and sheep lining ,50 1.00 
Morocco 1 .50 

82176. Same style, real Morocco 
and Calf lined, with plaoe for ’cards 
and tickets, 2.00 2.75 

In seal 3.75 

C4-82177. Men’s Morocco letter book, 
With places for tickets, cards 

and bills 1.75 2.25 

In seal 2.00 2.60 

Similar style, with calendar and 
more apartments, in Morocco 2.50 
In Seal. 2.75 

C 4-82178. 
tion Strap 
Purse, for 
bills and 
change, seal 

1.00 1.50 Morocco 1.25 

Plain leather .50 

C 4 - 8 2 1 7 9. 

Tray Coin 
for change 
a lid quite safe 
In pig skin 


U 1-82181. 

C4-82180. Genth men's Fine 
Leather Coin Purse, as cut..... .25 

C4-S2181. Bill folds, in Morocco leather, 
sheep skin lined, is very small and 

Always state on 
Order the exact 
amount enclosed. 

can be carried in either vest or hip 
pocket. For bills only ,50 Seal 
1.00 Seal with calf lining 
and secret pocket 1.50 

C4-82182. Men’s Railroad Pass Book 
of fine grain leather, with 
apartments for cards, as cut.. 1 .00 

04-82183. Men’s 
Combined Rail- 
road Pass Book, 
Bill Fold andCard 
Case, real seal, ca If 

lining. 1.50 

01-82184. Men’s 
Combined Card 
and Ticket Case, 
real seal 1.00 
and 1.25 
Morocco .50 







Carefully selected and reliable makes of cotton are the only kind you can buy in this department, and 
although prices have gone very high, our large ordering direct from the manufacturer still enables us to give 
unequalled value in this section. Our cottons are made from selected yarns carefully spun and not filled with 
starch or sizing. 





G -3i6. Fine English Bleached Long Cloth, a 
peculiarly soft, bright finished cotton, for gen- 
eral purposes. 36 inch, per yard .07 .08 

.10 .I2K -15 -17 

G2-317. India Long Cloth, a soft very line cotton, 
pleasant to work on, and will make dainty, 
attractive and long wearing garments, 36 inch, 

per yard \?.A -15 .20 .25 

G2-3I8. Horrockses’ Medium Fine Bleached Shirt- 
ing Cottons, made of round, even yarns, very 
clear and smooth in finish, 36 inch, per 

yard 12 .15 .57 

G2-319. English Bleached Wide Shirting Cottons. 

fine makes, 42 inch, per yard 14 .16 

G2-320. Crewdson’s Fine Twill Cotton, soft pure 
makes, 36 inch, per yard 15 .20 .23 


G2-32I. Horrockses’ and Crewdson’s Fine 
Bleached Cambrics, soft pure finished cottons, 

36 inch, per yard 12K .15 .18 .20 .25 

G2-322. English Bleached Wide Cambrics special 
soft make, 42 inch, per yard. . . A2A 16 .18 
G2-323. English Bleached Nainsooks, very fine 
makes, especially desirable for infants’ skirts 
and slips and ladies’ underwear, 40 inch, per 
yard 15 .17 .19 .25 .30 .35 .40 


G2-324. Unbleached Cottons, selected pure cloths, 
made from round even yarns — 

34 inch, per yard .06 .07!^ 

36 “ “ .08 K .10 .1! 

G2-325. Wide Unbleached Cottons, free from siz- 

ing. 40 inch, per yard. 








G2-326. Unbleached Cheese Cloths, 40 inch 


G2-327. Bleached Butter Cloth, 33 inch, 


G2-328. Colored Cheese Cloth or Bunting, 
light blue, orange, yellow, white, dark green 
royal blue and pink, 25 inch, per yard. .05 
G2-329. American Extra Fine Cotton Bunting, 
pink, green, canary, apple, cream, white, yel- 
low: black, rose pink, purple, red, royal blue 
and sky blue, 36 inch, per yard 10 



well napped, soft 

G2-330. Unbleached Cantons, 
pure finished cloths — 

27 inch, per yard 08 yZ 

28 “ “ 11 

30 “ *' 12 A .15 .18 

G2-33I. Full Bleached Cantons, pure cloth, soft 
nap — 

24 inch, per yard JO 

25 “ “ J2K .15 

26 A" “ 18 

G2-332. Dyed Cantons, scarlet, cardinal, garnet, 
fawn, brown, slate, myrtle, royal, navy, old 
gold, and black, per yard. . \2A 


Special qualities of full bleached English Sheet- 
ings, plain weave, made from long staple 
yarns — 

63 inch, per yard 

72 “ “ 27 .33 

80 “ .30 .37 

90 “ 35 .43 

Full Bleached English Twilled Sheeting, 
weight, entirely free from dressing, 
per yard . 

72 inch, 

Heavy Qualities Full Bleached English Sheetings, 
twilled weave, made from extra choice stock 
of cotton yarns — 

63 inch, per yard .30 

72 '* “ 32 .35 .40 

80 “ “ 37 .40 .45 

90 “ « 40 .45 .50 

Horrockses’ and Crewdson’s Fine English 
Bleached Sheetings, linen finished, plain or 
twilled weave- 

63 inch, per yard 

72 » “ 

80 “ 

90 “ •• 






Plain Grey or Unbleached Sheeting, plain weave, 
English manufacture — 

63 inch, per yard .22 

72 “ 20 .25 

80 “ “ 23 .27 

90 “ “ 30 

Heavy Twilled Weave of Grey or Unbleached 
Sheeting, free from all dressing, English manu- 
facture — 

63 inch, per yard 

72 “ “ 

80 “ •* 

90 «* “ 






45 54 inches 

.2 ! .25 per yd 

Cotton, pure 

Heavy Bleached Plain Pillow Cotton, round even 
thread, soft pure finish— 

Width 40 42 44 46 inches 

Price 13 .14 .15 .16 per yd 

Horrockses’ English Bleached Plain Pillow Cot- 
ton, fine linen finish — 

Width 40 42 

Price. . .19 .20 

Fine Bleached Circular Pillow 
finish — 

Width 40 42 

Price ! 6 .17 

Heavy Circular Pillow Cotton, firm weave, soft, 
pure finish — - % 

Width 40 42 44 46 inches 

Price 18 .19 .20 .22 per yd 

Extra Fine English Bleached Circular Cotton, 
linen finished, heavy cloth — 

Width 40 42 54 48 inches 

Price .22 .24 .26 .28 per yd 



46 inches 
. 1 9 per yd 


1 - 348 , 


>• 347 , 

29 in, 

32 im 


Full Bleached Ready-to-use Sheets, made from 
best standard makes of sheeting, torn sizes, 9C 
inches long and made with one inch hem ot 
one end and 1 A inch hem on the other end. 

Plain Bleached Sheets, made from standard 

1 A x 2 A yards, per pair 1.35 

2 x 2A “ “ M3 1.75 

2% x 2A “ “ 1.58 1.95 

Twilled Bleached Sheets, made from best makes— 
1^x2 A yards, per pair 1.55 

2 x 2 K “ “ 1-68 1.85 

2Kx2M “ “ i .93 2.05 


G2-I00. Full Bleached Cotton Pillow Cases, fin 
ished with 2 inch plain hem, sizes 42 x 33 ant 

45 x 33 inches, per pair .2! 

G2-150. Full Bleached Hemstitched Pillow Cases 
made from pure finished cotton, sizes 42 x 3,' 

and 45 x 33 inches, per pair .2! 

G2-200. Full Bleached Extra Heavy Pillow Cases 
finished with plain hem, good durable case DP 01 
sizes 42 x 33 and 45 x 33 inches, per pair .31 
G2-205. Spoke Hemstitched Pillow Cases, madi 
from heavy quality of cotton, extra well fin^jf 
ished, sizes 42 x 33 and 45 x 33 inches, pe 

pair A 

G2-2I0. Extra Heavy Quality of Hemstitchei 
Pillow Cases, English manufacture, spoki 
hemstitched, made from selected quality O 
cotton, sizes 42 x 33 and 45 x 33 inches, pe 
pair 61 


Full Bleached Hemstitched Sheets, made 


superior quality of English sheeting with plail 1.225 

spoke hemstitch — 

G2-2I5. Size 72 x 90, per pair I 

G2-220. Size 80 x 99. per pair 2.2lj>. 


G2-333. Soft Finish Flannelette Sheeting, 
even nap, white or grey, 72 inches, yd 3 


G2-334 White Union Sheeting, special quality 

72 inch, per yard .7 

Grey Union Sheeting — 

G2-335. 36 inch, per yard .3 



I'd ' 


an d s 






fits 1 



G2-336. White All Wool Sheeting, clean make 
72 inch, per yard .8 


Washable Quilted Sanitary Mattress ProtectoriK 
composed of pure white carded cotton, covere i^j' 
on both sides with white cotton cloth, quilte 1 ^ 35 ' ■ 
together and bound all round. The protecto j^' 
is used to cover the mattress, protecting sam 
from dust or soiled sheets and moisture, thereb 
adding to the good appearance, cleanliness an 
life of the mattress, as well as affording 

protecting cover that may be easily removed 

1 - 233 . > 

dried, washed, or sterilized. 

Size 40 x 76 inches IA 

Size 50 x 76 inches 1 .7® 3 ;' 

Size 60 x 76 inches 2.0 

h-ni ' 

1 1-236,. 


with 0 
and si: 

Jtra I 






Our Aprons, Ginghams, Oxford and Harvard shirtings and Galateas are selected from the world’s best 
makers; only perfect washing ‘cloths are passed over our counters. There may be cheaper lines offered for nd va 
sale, hut we do not handle inferior lines, which are always dear at any price. Our motto in this section ai 
all others, best honest value for the money. 


G2-337. Apron Gingham, with or without fancy 
borders, medium and small check patterns in 
white and navy, all fast, colors, 36 inch, per 
yard 09 

G2-338. Apron Gingham, heavier qualities, with 
or without borders, assorted checks in navy 

and white, 36 inch, per yard II 

G2-339. Fine Plain Colored English Apron Cloth 
iu light and dark blue, pink or fawn, with deep 

stripe border, 38 inch, per yard. 15 

G2-340. Fine English Dress Check or Apron 
Cloth, medium aud small patterns, in pink, 
light and dark blue, brown or red, guaranteed 

fast color, 36 inch, per yard 18 

G2-34 1 . Wide Apron Ginghafn, with or without 

border, assorted patterns in small and mediur 
checks, dark blue, 40 inch, per yard 12 V 


(Price subject to change without notice.) 
G2-342. Unbleached Cotton Duck, for sails am 
awnings, best quality, per yard — 

7 oz. 8 oz. 10 oz. 12 oz. 

.14 .16 .19 .23 





-343. Special Heavy Quality Canadian Shirtings 
in stripes, dark navy grounds, guaranteed fast 

colors, 30 inch, per yard 16 

>344. Fine English Galatea, in navy blue 
grounds, with fancy white stripes, strong 
quality, as used in small boys’ suits and blouses 
and men’s working shirts, fast colors, 27 inch, 

per yard 12 'A ,i5 .17 

>345. English Harvard Shirtings, linen finish, 
in medium and light stripes, 28 inch, per 

yard \ZA .15 

>346. English Oxford Shirtings, stripe and check 
patterns, dark colorings, 28 inch, per 

yard 10 .1254 

-347. English Oxford Shirtings, extra fine 
qualities, new stripe patterns, light colorings, 

29 inch, per yard .15 

32 inch, per yard 17 

>348. Fine English .Shirting Cambrics, neat 

striped patterns, 32 inch, per yard 25 

>349. Extra Fine English Satin Finished Skirt- 
heavy quality, choice range of medium 

’ ing 

and wide stripe patterns, navy blue grounds, 

30 inch, per yard. 20 

G2-350. Fine Satin Finished Cotton Drill, white, 
navy, red, light and dark blue or fawn, 28 inch, 
per yard 15 


G2-35 i . Cottonades, carefully selected qualities, 
medium and small stripes, plain mixtures, etc. 

28 inch, per yard. 16 .20 .23 

G2-352. Denims, sometimes called Derry, in plain 

blue, 28 inch, per yard 1254 .15 .20 

Plain brown, 28 inch, per yard .15 .20 

G2-353. Extra Heavy Denim, double and twisted 
warps, blue with white, red or gold back, 28 
inch, per yard. .25 


(Prices subject to change without notice). 
Carpet Warps, best standard makes, in light and 
dark reds, green or orange, sold only in 5-Ib. 

bundles, 5-tbs. for. . ....... 1 .65 

White Carpet Warp, 5-lbs. for. 1,38 


Pure White Cotton Batting, put up in 16-oz. rolls 
only, three qualities, each.... .1254 .15 .17 
Waddings, glazed finish, in sheets 32 x 36 inches, 

cream or dark slate, sheet .03 

Fine American Bleached Wadding, special for 

fancy work, per sheet .05 

American Colored Wadding, in four colors, sky, 
pink, nile or yellow, per sheet .07 


20 x 40 inches, holds 90 tbs., each .08 «!0 


(Prices subject to change without notice) 
Best Hochelaga make — 

2 Bushel Bags, No. W, per dozen 2.55 

2 “ S.G.B. “ ....... 2.95 

2 “ A. « ...... 3.48 

254 “ H. “ 3.59 


i Our prices are right on blankets. In addition to placing large orders with the best Canadian mills, we handle 
j le entire output of one of the best and most up-to-date equipped mills in America. Low, inferior or shoddy 
j lankets is something we have no room for and will not handle. Strictly reliable and dependable qualities are 
ae only kind you can purchase in this department. “ Inferior grades never made satisfied customers.” In 
electing blankets we are careful to see that they are not over- napped, also that they are thoroughly scoured, 
hese are the kind that, in the after day, give entire satisfaction in washing and wearing. 


Unshrinkable Wool Blankets contain a small per- 
centage of cotton, which increases the washing 
and wearing qualities very much irx lower and 
medium-priced blankets.” 

ishrinkable White Wool Blankets, thoroughly 
scoured, close nap, in pink or blue borders — 
-225. 60 x 80 inches, per pair 2.48 

I hite Unshrinkable Wool Blankets, good wash- 
ing and wearing blanket, in pink or blue border 
>226. 60 x 80 inches, per pair 2.93 

Extra fine quality of Large Size White Eine 
Unshrinkable Wool Blanket, made from 
selected stock with pink or blue borders, 
thoroughly scoured, entirely free from 
grease, close, even nap, beautiful washing 
blanket — - 

, B2-227. 68 x 88 inches, per pair 3.19 

| 1 1 — ■ 

ishrinkable White Wool Blankets, special 
quality, entirely free fx-om grease, close uap, 
with colored borders, in the following weights 
and sizes — 

-228. 5-lb., 56 x 74 inch, per pair. ..... 2.60 

-229. 6-lb., 60 x 80 “ “ 3.12 

-230. 7-lb., 64 x82 “ “ 3.64 

-231. 8-lb., 68 x 86 “ ” 4.16 

<tra Fine Quality of Unshrinkable Wool 
Blankets, made from selected wool, with a 
small percentage of cotton to improve their 
washing quality, with pink or blue borders — 

232. 5-lb., 56 x 74 inch, per pair 2.80 

>233. 6-lb. , 60 x 80 “ “ 3.36 

>234. 7-lb., 64 x 84 “ “ 3.92 

235. 8-lb., 68 x 88 “ “ 4.48 

236.10- !b., 72 x 92 “ “ 5.60 


Fine Pure All Wool White Blankets, an excel- 
lent blanket, made from long staple wools, 
finely napped, fast colored borders — 

G2-237. 5 lb., 56 x 74 inch, per pair 3.40 

62-233. 6 lb., 60 x 80 “ “ 4.08 

G2-239. 7- lb., 64 x84 33 “ 4.73 

G2-240. 8 lb., 68 x 88 “ " 5.44 

G2-24I. 10 lb., 72 x 90 “ “ 6.80 

Fine Saxony All Pure Wool White Blankets, 
made from selected wool, entirely free from 
grease, very clear make, in solid pink or blue 
borders, guaranteed fast colors — 

G2-242. 7 lb. , 64 x 84 inch, per pair 5.60 

G2-243. 8 lb., 68 x 88 “ “ 6.40 

G2-244. 10 lb., 72 x 90 “ “ 8.00 


White Wool Crib Blankets, soft finished and 
well napped, solid pink and blue borders — 

G2-245. 27 x 45 inch, per pair 1.25 

G2-246. 36 x 54 “ “ 1.60 

62-247.42 x 63 “ « 1.90 

Fine White Crib Blankets, all wool, soft and 
lofty in finish, fast colored borders — 

G2-248. 27 x 45 inch, per pair 2.00 

G2-249. 36 x 64 “ “ 2.75 

G2-250. 42 x 63 “ “ 3.35 


Fine All Wool Blankets, rich cardinal color, 
with black striped borders, very soft, pure 
finish — 

G2-25I. 6 lb., 58 x 78 inch, per pair 3.90 

G2-252. 7 lb., 62 x 82 “ “ 4.55 

G2-253. 8 lb., 66 x 86 “ “ 5.20 

Extra Heavy All Pure Wool Cardinal Blankets, 
with black borders, well napped, soft, lofty 
finish — 

G2-254. 10 pound weight, per pair 8.00 

G2-255 12 “ “ “ 9.60 


Dark Grey Wool Blankets, for camping or rough 
purposes, napped finish colored striped ends — 
G2-256. 5 lb. , 52 x 72 inch, per pair .... 1 .50 

G2-257. 6 lb.. 56 x 76 “ ‘ 1.80 

G2-258. 7 lb., 60 x 80 “ “ 2.10 

G2-259. 8 lb., 64 x 84 « .** 2.40 

Dark Grey Union Blankets, better quality, 
colored borders — 

G2-260. 6 lb., 56 x 76 inch, per pair 2.10 

G2-26I. 7 lb., 58 x 78 “ •• ..... 2.45 

G2-262. 8 lb., 62 x 82 " “ 2.80 

G2-263. 10 lb., 68 x 88 “ “ ..... 3.50 

Fine Medium Light Grey Union Blankets, made 
from good clear stock, with blue borders — 

G2-264. 6 lb., 60.x 80 inch, per pair 2.40 

G2-265. 7 lb.. 62 x 82 “ “ 2.80 

G2-266. 8 lb., 64 x84 " *' 3.20 

Extra Fine Quality of Silver Grey All Wool 
Blankets, close nap, very clear make — 
G2-267. 6 lb., 60 x 80 inch, per pair. .... 3.30 

G2-268. 7 lb.. 62x82 
G2-269. 8 lb.. 64x84 
G2-270. 9 lb., 68x86 
G2-27I. 10 lb.. 70 x 90 
G2-272. 12 lb.. 72 x 92 j 







Soft Finished Extra Well Napped Cotton or 
Flannelette Blankets, largely used for winter 
sheets, white or grey, with pink or blue bord- 
ers — 

G2-273. 56 x 76 inch, per pair 88 

62-274.66 x 78 “ “ 1.09 

G2-275. 70 x 84 *• ** 1.35 


The best range of Bed Quilts that English, American and Canadian mills produce are obtainable in our large 
nd varied stock of Spreads. Designs are all very carefully selected, and we are sure you will be more than 
leased with the wearing quality and appearance of any of our quilts after they are laundered. 


Inadian Soft Finished Full Bleached Crochet 
Bed Spreads, hemmed ready for use, various 
patterns — 

>270. 54 x 82 inch, each 

>271. 70 x 80. “ “ 


1 .00 

>272. 74 x 82 * “ 


1-273. 75 x 85 “ " 


nerican Full Bleached Crochet Bed Quilts, 
new designs, double bed size, hemmed ready 
for use, no dressing — 

G2-274. 80 x 90 inch, each, 1.60 

Full Bleached Fine American Crochet Bed 
Spreads, various patterns, made from soft 
fine finished cotton, hemmed ready to use — 

G2-275. 80 x 90 inch, each 1.79 

G2-276. 80 x 90 “ “ 2.00 


English Full Bleached Honeycomb Quilts, 
medium and fine qualities, fringed all round 
new designs, in single and double bed sizes, 
each — 

58 x 78 inch 




67 x 90 “ 



70 x 90 “ . . 

.... 1 .75 



80 x 100 « 



G2-277. English Honeycomb Quilts, in blue or 
pink, guaranteed fast colors, fringed all 
round, 72 x 90 inch 1.39 


English Colored Alhambra Quilts, assorted pat- 
terns in red and white and blue and white, 
fast colors — 



^ in 


Single bed sizes, each. 
Double bed sizes 

.68 .75 .85 

.85 1 .00 1 .25 

1.60 1.85 2.15 


Approximate sizes for 10/4 read 68 x 88 in. ; 
for 11/4 read 74 x 87 in.; for 12/4 read 
84 x 104 in. 

English Full Bleached Satin Quilts, new de- 
signs, for single and double beds, each — 

10/4 size 1.65 1.75 

11/4 “ 1.50 1.75 2.00 

Superior Quality of English Satin Damask 
Quilts, latest designs in scroll and floral pat- 
terns, for single and double beds, each — 

10/4 size 2.26 2.60 2.75 

and floral design- 

36 x 46 inch, each .50 .65 

45 x 54 “ '• .75 1.00 

54 x 63 “ “ 1.00 1.25 

11/4 “ 2.25 2.50 

12/4 “ 3.25 4.50 5.00 6.00 

Extra Fine White Satin Quilts, best English 
make, full bleached and very rich finish, 
each — 

11/4 size 3.00 3.50 4.00 


English White Satin Crib or Cot Quilts, scroll 


Full Bleached English Dimity Bed Spreads, 
very easily washed spread in choice pat- 
terns — 

62-278. 78 x 96 inch, each 1 .65 


We make our own Comforters. The cloths and designs for coverings are in many cases made and confined to 
us for Canada. Our Wadded Comforters, in the cheapest to the best, are extra well filled and stitched anc 
contain nothing but pure white odorless filling. All our Down Comforters are carefully selected, and w< 
guarantee the coverings to be perfectly downproof and the filling of a superior quality of down. 


Reversible Comforters, made of art printed 
cambric, assorted colorings and designs, white 
fillings, fancy stitched patterns — 

G2-300. 60 x 70 inch, each 1.25 

62-305. 72 x 72 inch, each 1.35 

English Printed Turkey Red Chintz Top Com- 
forters, with plain red lining, fancy stitching, 
best white filling — 

62-310. 72 x 78 inch, each 1.63 

Reversible Fancy Stitched Turkey Red Chintz 
Comforters, pure white filling — 

G2-3I5. 72 x 78 inch, each 1.75 

English Silkoline Reversible Comforters, filled 
with carded white wadding, new designs and 
colorings, fancy stitched — 

G2-320. 72 x 78 inch, each 1.75 

Reversible Comforters of printed American sateen, 
white filling, fancy stitched patterns — 

G2-325. 72 x 78 inch, each 2.10 

English Art Sateen Comforters, reversible, large 

range of new colorings and designs — 

G2-330. 60 x 72 inch, each 2.00 

G2-335. 72 x 72 “ “ 2.39 

G2-340. 72 x 78 “ " 2.50 

Superior Quality of Reversible Sateen Comforters, 
choice range of colorings and designs — 

G2-345. 60 x 72 inch each. 2.40 

G2-350. 72 x 72 “ “ 2.85 

G2-355. 72 x 78 « “ 3.00 


English Printed Sateen Reversible Comforters, 
entirely new designs, guaranteed down-proof — 

G2-350. 60 x 72 inch, each 4.50 

G2-365. 72 x 72 “ " 5.29 

G2-370. 72 x 78 “ 6.00 

Reversible Eiderdown Comforters of fine English 
printed sateen, entirely new designs and color- 
ings, down-proof, pure filling, finished with cord 
edge and eyelets — - 

G2-375. 60 x 72 inch, each 5.65 

G2-380. ’2x72 " " 6.71 

G2-385. 72 x 78 “ " . 7.5< 

Reversible Down Comforters, of English printec 
sateen, with framed border of plain to match 
new designs and colorings, cord edgi 

G2-390. 60 x 72 inch, each 

G2-395. 72 x 72 “ “ 

G4-400. 72 x 78 “ “ 


8 . 2 ! 



Reversible Sateen Covered Crib Comforters, pur 
white cotton filling — 

G2-405. 48 x 60 inch, each • 1.3! 

Reversible Down Comforters, plain, well filled 
good quality of down — 

G2-410. 36 x 48 inch, each 2.5! 

62-415.48 x 60 “ “ 3.5f 

Reversible Down Comforter of English printe< 
sateen, with cord edge and eyelets — 

G2-420. 36 x 48 inch, each 3.51 

G2-425. 48 x 60 “ “ 5.0i 








Nowhere in Canada can you find as large and varied a stock of Household Linens. Our stock of Table Cloths 
Napkins and Damasks, are selected only from the world’s most reliable manufacturers. We carry onl) 
dependable qualities, from the most inexpensive to the very finest, many of the designs being confined t( 
us exclusively for Canada. Our better qualities of bleached linens are all grass or dew bleached, may bi 
“the old fashioned way,” but years have proved the only reliable. 

per yard 



Semi-Bleached Table Linen, Irish manufacture, 
various patterns, good wearing qualities — 
Gi-100. 58 inch, per yard 

GI-I0I. 60 “ “ 

GI-102. 64 '• 

Gt-103. 66 ** “ 

Three-quarter Bleached Table Damask, 
bleach easily, warranted every thread 







linen, splendid range of patterns, heavy 
qualities — 

61-104. 60 inch, per yard 43 

GI-105. 64 ** “ 48 

Gl-106. 64 " '* 55 

Heavy Quality of Semi-Bleached Table Linen, 
extra heavy quality, well-assorted range of 
patterns, guaranteed every thread pure linen— 

Gl-107. 70 inch, per yard 50 

G! -108. 72 “ “ 63 

Double Damask Table Linen, three-quarter 
bleached, entirely free from all dressing, war- 
ranted strictly all linen, choice patterns — 

Gl-1 09. 66 inch, per yard 68 

<51-110.72 " *' 85 

Gl-ill. 72 " *• 1.00 


Full Bleached Union Table Damasks, assorted 

designs — 

Gl-1 12. 56 inch, per yard 25 

GI-II3. 60 “ " 35 

Bleached All-Linen Table Damask, Irish manu- 
facture, nothing but pure linen, designs very 
neat — 

GI-II4. 61 inch, per yard 43 

GI-115. 65 « “ 48 

Gl-1 16. 68 “ '* 60 

Heavy Quality of Full Bleached Irish Satin 
Damask Table Linen, various designs, all care- 
fully selected, all linen — 

GI-II7. 72 inch, per yard .65 

Gl-1 18. 72 11 “ 75 

Gl-1 19. 72 “ ■' 85 

Rich Satin Double Damask Table Linen, grass 
or dew bleached, handsome designs, strictly 
all linen — 

Gl-1 20. 72 inch, per yard 1.00 

GI-I2I. 72 “ •• 1.25 

Gl-1 22. 72 • “ 1.40 


Grass Bleached Table Linen, beautiful range of 
patterns, warranted every thread linen, super- 
ior qualities, with Napkins to match — 

Gl-1 23. 70 inch, per yard 65 

Gl-1 24. 22 x 22 inch, per dozen 1.48 

Gl-1 25 . 72 inch, per yard 85 

Gl-1 26. 24 x 24 inch, per dozen 2.50 

Gl-1 27. 72 inch, per yard 1.00 

G I -128. 25 x 25 inch, per dozen 3.25 

Gl-1 29. 72 inch, per yard 1.25 

Gl-1 30- 25 x 25 inch, per dozen 4.25 



V . ; 
h ! 

8 si; 
15 :: 1 ! 
18 :: lj 

120 1 20 


Full Bleached Narrow Width Damasks and 
Scarfing, neat designs — 

GI-I3I. 17 inch, per yard 20 

Gl-1 32. 20 “ “ 25 

G 1-133. 36 “ « 50 

Gl-1 34. 54 “ “ 60 


Napkins are sold in dozens or half-dozens only. 
Bleached Union Table Napkins, assorted designs 

G I -135. 16 x 16 inch, per dozen .55 

Gl-1 36. 17 x 17 “ *■ 85 

Full Bleached, all pure linen Table Napkins, 
various designs— 

Gl-1 37. 18 x 18 inch, per dozen Id) 

G I -138. 19 x 19 “ “ 1.1 

GI-139. 19 x 19 “ “ 1.3 

Rich Satin Damask Table Napkins, full bleached 
very choice range of designs, warranted ever' 
thread linen— 

Gl-1 40. 20 x 20 inch, per dozen 1 .€ 

GI-I4I. 20 x 20 •* “ 1.7 

GI-142. 21x21 “ “ 2.0 

Double Satin Damask Table Napkins, superio 
in quality and finish, all pure linen — 

G!-I43. 22 x 22 inch, per dozen. .... . 2.2 

GI-144. 22 x 22 " “ 2.5 

G 1-145. 22 x 22 « “ 3.5 

GI-146. 22K x 22K “ “ 4.0 i 

Gl-1 47. 22'A x 22f4 “ “ 4.5 

All Linen Damask Table Napkins, full bleached 
splendid range of designs — - 

G I * 1 48 . 23 x 23 inch , per dozen 

G I -149. 23 x 23 “ “ 

61-150. 24 x 24 “ « 

GI-151. 25 x 25 •* •• 

61-152.25 x 25 “ “ 

Extra Heavy Quality of Full Bleached Tabic |j‘. 
Napkins, grass or dew bleached, very handsom j 
designs, made from finished pure linen yarns- 

G I - 1 53. 26 x 26 inch, per dozen 3.5 

GI-151. 26 x 26 “ ' 

G I -155. 26 x 26 “ •• 

61-156.26 x26 •' « 

Gl-1 57. 26 x 26 “ « 

Gl-1 58. 27 x 27 “ “ 

61-159. 27 x27 “ “ 

1.4 u 






h 1 

X 9 

x 18 
x 20 




of m. 





9*® 12 

8 *20 


Full Bleached Linen Damask Table Clothl 
finished with neat all-round borders, extra welli 1-254 
selected patterns — 

Gl-1 60. 70 x 70 inch, each 1.0 

61-161. 72 x 72 " ** 1.4 

61-162. 68x72 “ " 1.8 


»i 35 



lj 9 


8 ms 




G 1-163. 68x72 » " 2.00 

G 1-164. 72 x 72 » •• 2.50 

GI-165. 72 x 72 « “ 3.00 

Satin Damask Table Cloths, extra large variety 
of designs, finished with borders all round — 

GM66. 70 x 88 inch, each 1.43 

G I -167. 72 x 90 “ “ 1.75 

G I -168. 68x90 ** '• 2.29 

SPECIAL TABLE SET, with one Table Cloth 2 x 2 
yards, and one dozen Table Napkins to match, 
size 24 x 24 inches, grass bleached, elegant 
designs, every thread linen — - 

GI-169. Complete set for 4.09 

Rich Satin Damask Table Cloths, finished with 
border all round and napkins to match, vari- 
ous designs — 

GI-170. 70 x 70 inch each 1.48 

GI-I7I. 70 x 88 “ “ 1.89 

GM72. 70 x 106 «• “ 2.39 

SI-173. 24 x 24 inch, napkins, dozen.. . . 2:19 

SI-174. 72 x 72 " each 1.85 

GI-175. 72 x 90 “ “ 2.29 

SI -178. 72 x 108 ** " 2.79 

GI-177. 20 x 20 inch napkins, dozen ... . 1.68 

SI -178. 24 x 24 “ “ “ ... 2.75 

SI - 1 79. 72 x 90 “ each 2.65 

SI-180. 72 x 108 “ “ 3.00 

SI-181. 26 x 26 inch napkins, dozen 3.25 

Pull Bleached Double Damask Table Cloths, 
finished with elaborate all-round borders, 
with table napkins to match, exclusive de- 

S I - 1 82. 72 x 90 inch, each 3.00 

SI-183. 72 x 108 “ “ 3.50 

31-184. 26 x 26 inch napkins, dozen 3.50 

SI-185. 72 x 90 “ each..., ..... 3.50 

SI-186. 72 x 108 “ “ 4.25 

SI-187. 90 x 108 “ “ 5.50 

31-188. 90 x 126 “ “ 6.00 

31-189. 90 x 144 “ “ 6.50 

31-190. 26 x 26 inch, napkins, dozen. . . . 4.25 

Rich Double Satin Damask Table Cloths, grass 
or dew bleached, nothing but pure linen, 
manufactured from finely spun yarns, with 
napkins to match — 

GI-I9I. 72 x 90 inch, each 4.00 

GI-192. 72 x 108 “ “ 5.00 

G I -1 93. 90 x 90 “ “ 5.00 

GI-194. 22 x 22 inch napkins, dozen 4.00 

GI-195. 26 x 26 “ “ “ 5.50 

GI-198. 72 x 90 “ each 4.50 

G 1-897. 72 x 108 “ “ 5.50 

G I -1 93. 72 x 126 “ “ 6.25 

GI-199. 90 x 108 “ “ 6.75 

G I -200. 90 x 126 ** “ 7.75 

GI-201. 90 x 144 “ “ 9.00 

GI-202. 26 x 26 inch napkins, dozen 5.75 

G I -203. 72 x 90 “ each 5.25 

GI-204. 72 x 108 “ “ 6.00 

GI-205. 72 x 126 " “ 7.00 

GI-206. 90 x 108 “ “ 7.75 

GI-207. 90 x 126 “ « 9.00 

GI-208. 26 x 26 inch napkins, dozen 7.25 


Turkey on White, also Turkey on Green, Table 
Damasks, guaranted fast colors, new designs — - 
GI-209. 52 inch, per yard .35 

G I -210. 58 “ “ 40 

GI-2II.62 “ “ 50 

G I -24 2. 72 “ 65 


(Fringe included in size of cloth) 
Three-quarter Bleached Union Damask Cloths, 
finished with red border and fringe all round — 

Gl-2i3c 50 x 60 inch, each .50 

GI-214. 50 x 78 “ “ 60 

G|-2l5. 50 x 85 “ '* 65 

Heavy Quality of Red Bordered Cloths, fringed 
all round, assorted patterns — 

GI-216. 66 x 84 inch, each .85 

Gl-217. 66 x 94 “ “ 1.00 

GI-218. 66 x 104 “ “ . 1.15 


(Fringe included in size of cloth) 

Turkey on Green and Turkey on White Table 
Cloths, fringed and bordered all round, guar- 
anteed fast colors — 

G I -2 1 9. 58 x 68 inch, each ,75 

G I -220. 58 x 84 “ “ 90 

G I -22 1 . 58 x 102 “ “ 1,10 

Superior Quality of Turkey on White and Tur- 
key on Green Table Covers, assorted pat- 
terns, fringed all round, heavy quality — 

GI-222. 66 x 70 inch, each ,90 

G I -223. 66 x 84 “ “ 1,10 

G I -224. 66 x 102 “ “ 1.35 

G I -225. 67 x 69 “ 11 1,15 

G I -226. 67 x 85 «« “ 1.35 

GI-227. 67 x 102 “ L65 



Silence Cloth, for using under Damask Cloth 
heavy weight, soft finish — 

GI-228. 56 inch, per yard ,65 

G I -229. 64 “ “ .80 

Quilted Padding, for tables, tape bound edges, 
extra heavy and washable — 

GI-230. 50 inch, per yard .80 

GI-231. 60 “ “ 90 

GI-232. 68 “ “ 1.00 

If you do not find in the above list what 
you are requiring, or if there is anything 
special, such as Hemstitched Table Cloths 
or Napkins, or any special patterns, write 
us and we will forward you prices and any 
information you may want concerning same. 


Our Fancy Linen department is stocked with all the newest novelties in Irish Hand drawn Linens. 
Battenberg Linens, Cluny Laces, Hemstitched Damask Linens, Appliques. Space will only permit cs to give 
i partial list. We will give you prices on application of any Fancy Linens you may require. For some 
illustrated specials in Fancy Linens see page No. 46. 


31-250. Plain Hemstitched Irish Linens, made 
from special quality of linen, plain hem- 
stitched, suitable for drawn work or em- 
broidering on, in the following sizes — 



7 in 

, each. . 



x 27 in. 









x 30 









x 36 









x 54 






i 4 



x 72 









x 31 



36 x 36 in., each 65 

1-251. Irish Hemstitched and Drawn Plain 
Irish Linen Covers, splendid quality of linen, 
in the following sizes — 

7 x 7 in. , each . . 


17 x 27 in., each. 


9 x 9 


20 x 30 


12 x 12 


17 x 36 “ 


5 x 15 “ 


17 x 54 “ 


18 x 18 


17x72 « 


10x20 “ 




36 x 36 in. , each. . . . .75 

1-252. Extra Fine Quality of Plain Irish Hem- 
stitched and Drawn Covers, special quality 
of meadow bleached linen — 

17 x 27 in., each. . 


17 x 72 in., each. 






!7 x 36 


36 x36 “ 


17 x 54 


45 x 45 “ 


31-253. Superior Quality of Hemstitched Plain 
Irish Linen, with hand-drawn work, good 
design in following sizes — 

7x7 in., each 
>12 x 12 
15 x 15 
IS x 18 
>0 x20 







17 x 27 in., each. 
20 x 30 
17 x 36 *• 

17x54 “ 

17 x 72 
31 x 31 







36 x 36 in. , each .... S .00 
31-254. Spoke Hemstitched Plain Irish Linen 
Covers, for drawn work or embroidery work, 
made from very superior quality of linen — 
7x 7 in,, each.. .08 20 x 30 in., each. .50 

9 x 9 “ .. ,10 17x36 •• .60 

12 x 12 





15 x 15 



17 x 72 



18 x 18 



31 x 3 1 



20 x 20 


. # 


36 x35 


17 x27 



45 x 45 





Quality of 



Five o’clock Tea Cloths, beautiful designs — 

31 x 31 in., each 1.00 1.50 1.75 2.00 

36x36 “ 1.35 1.65 2.00 2.25 

Gi -255. Hemstitched Hand-drawn and Em- 
broidered Tray and Carving Cloths, various 

17 x 27 in., each 17 .23 .29 .33 

.48 .60 .75 

Hand-drawn and Embroidered Hemstitched 
Pillow Shams, beautiful range of designs, also 
Five o’clock Tea Cloths in various patterns — 
G I -253. 32 x 32 in. , each. . .33 .39 .48 .75 

G I -257. 36 x36 “ 48 .75 1.00 1.25 


Full Bleached Hemstitched Satin Damask Tray 
or Carving Cloths, warranted all linen — 

18 x 27 inch, each .35 

20 x 30 '< “ 45 .68 

Bleached Hemstitched Damask Five o’clock 
Tea Covers, rich satin finish, selected pat- 
terns — 

36 x 36 inch, each. .75 1 .25 

45 x 45 “ “ 9.15 2.00 

54 x 54 " “ 1.65 

Hemstitched Satin Damask Sideboard or Dresser 
Covers, full bleached, superior quality- 

16 x 54 inch, each .60 

16 x 72 “ ‘ .75 


Fine Swiss Applique Pillow Shams, neatly em- 
broidered openwork designs, scalloped edges, 
sold in pairs or singly— 

32 x32 inch, per pair .65 .78 .96 1.35 9.50 

Extra Well- finished ^Hemstitched Applique Pil- 
low Shams, very neatly embroidered, open- 
work patterns, in pairs or singly, 32 x 32 inch, 

per pair 1 .05 1 .35 1 .50 

Fine Swiss Applique Washstand, Dresser or 
Sideboard Scarfs, new openwork designs — 

18x36 inch, each 29 .40 .48 .65 

18 x 54 “ *• 39 .53 .60 .85 

18x72 '« “ .48 ,65 .75 1 .10 


Knotted Fringed Plain White Honeycomb Toilet 
Covers — - 

26 x 40 inch, each 98 .25 

27 x 45 “ “ .23 .30 


Full Bleached Tied Fringed Damask Round or 
Square Pattern Doylies or Napkins, various 
designs — 

GI-258. 7 x 7 inch, each 05 

G I -259. 9 x 9 “ “ 07 

G I -260. 12 x 12 “ “ 10 

G I -26 1 . 1 6 x 1 6 inch, per dozen 60 

GI-262. 20 x 20 “ “ .75 

G I -263. 14 x 14 “ “ 85 

GI-264. 18 x 18 « 1.20 

GI -265. 20 x 20 « “ 1.50 

Full Bleached Damask Doylies, tied fringed, 
round or oval designs — 

G i -266. 7 inch, each .05 

GI -267. 9 “ “ 07 

GI -268. 12 “ “ 10 

G I -239. 9 x 12 inch, each 08 

G! -270. 12 x 15 “ “ 10 

Gi-271. 14 x 18 ■' “ 15 

Cream Damask Napkins, fringed with red borders 

GI-272, 13 x 13 inch, per dozen 50 

G I -273. 15 x 15 ** << 60 

GI -274. 17 x 17 •• •• .75 

Fringed Turkey or White Table Napkins — 

GI-275, 12 x 12 inch, per dozen .40 

GI-276. 14 x 14 “ V .50 

GI-277. 17 x 17 •* « .65 

GI-278. 20 x20 “ •• 1.00 







la selecting Towels, we always secure Towels that will give excellent wear, and weaves that give satisfaction 
in drying. Nothing but dependable qualities are handled in our towel section. Our Bath Towels are noted 
for their close, even pile, which makes them a splendid friction towel. Better Towels cost a little more but 
are the cheapest and most satisfactory. The constant use that a Towel has to endure, it will always pay you 
to order a good quality. 


Three-Quarter Bleached Fringed Huck Towels, 
with plain or red borders, good quality — 

G 1-280. 18 x 35 inch, per pair 

G1.23I. 19x37 “ “ 

G2-282. 20 v 40 “ “ 

GI -283. 22 x 41 “ " 






Bleached All Pure Linen Huck Towels, made from 
pure selected yarns, splendid drying towel, 
plain white or red borders — - 

QI-284. 18 x 36 inch, per pair .25 

Gl-285. 18 x38 “ “ 27 

GI-286. 20x40 “ ‘ 30 

Extra Heavy All Linen Huck Towels, fringed, 
full bleached, plain white borders, dependable 

GI-287. 20 x 40 inch, per pair 

GI-288. 22 x42 “ “ 

G I -289. 22 x45 •• '■ 

G I -290. 24 x47 “ “ 






Three-Quarter Bleached Hemmed Union Towels, 
assorted in plain or red borders — 

GI-291. 17 x 32 inch, per pair 

GI-292. 18 x 35 “ “ 

Gi -293. 20 x 40 “ “ 

Heavy Quality of Bleached Hemmed 
Towels, splendid drying towels, plain 
borders — 

Gi-294. 18 x 36 inch, per pair 

GI-295. 19 x 37 “ “ 

GS-29S. 19 x41 “ “ 










Bleached All Pure Linen Huck Towels, hemmed 
ends, plain white or colored borders— 

GI-297. 18 x 33 inch, per pair .25 

G 1-293. 18x36 “ “ 27 

G 1-299. 19x38 '• " 30 

All Linen Hemmed Huck Towel, superior quality, 
from only pure flax are these made — 

GI-300. 19 x 39 inch, per pair .35 

G I -30 1.20x40 “ <■ 40 

GI-302. 20 x40 “ “ 45 

Extra Fine Quality of Devonshire Bleached Linen 
Huck Towel, hemmed ends, plain white borders 


Full Bleached Hemstitched Linen Huck Towels, 
well finished — 

Gl -303. 20 x 40 inch, per pair .38 

G 1-307.22 x42 “ “ 55 

All Pure Linen Hemstitched Huck Towels, made 
from pure flax, heavy qualities — 

GI-308. 20 x 38 inch, per pair 50 

01.309.22 x40 “ “ 60 

Gl-310. 22x40 “ “ .75 


Fringed Damask Towels, with fancy woven centre 
designs, white or colored borders — 

Gl -31 1. 

15 x 29 inch, per pair 



16x32 “ / “ 


G 1-3 13. 

18x38 “ “ 



20 x 42 “ “ 


G 1-3 15. 

22 x 44 “ ** 


Full Bleached All Linen Damask Towels, 


fancy openwork and knotted fringed ends — 

Gl-310. 19 x 40 inch, i^er pair .45 

GI-317. 20 x 43 “ “ ..7 .65 

GI-318. 21K x 47 “ •• 85 

Hemstitched Full Bleached Damask Towels, 
warranted all pure linen — 

GI-319. 20 x39 inch, per pair 

SI -320. 20 x 39 “ “ 

Gl -321 . 22 x 41 “ “ 





Pure White English Turkish Bath Towels, pure 
finish, no sizing, splendid drying towels, fringed 
ends — 

G 1-322. 

18 x 

30 inch, per pair 


G 1-323. 

18 x 

39 » •• 


G 1-324. 

20 x 

43 “ “ 


G 1-325. 

23 x 

43 " “ 


G 1-326. 

24 x 

50 “ «* 


G 1-327. 

26 x 

48 “ •* 


G 1-328. 

28 x 

50 “ <• ^ 


G 1-329. 

32 x 

53 “ “ 


G 1-330. 

27 x 

56 “ “ 



32 x 

53 “ “ 



White Turkish Bath Towels, 


heavy quality, no dressing, pure finished 

G 1-332. 23 x 45 inch, per pair 
G I -333. 27 x 54 “ 

G I -334. 28 x56 “ 

Gl -335. 30 x 60 





Grey Striped English Turkish Bath Towels, linen 
finished, fringed ends— 


G 1-303. 

22 x 42 inch, per pair 


G 1-336. 
G 1-337. 

16 x 30 inch, per pair 

17 x 40 “ “ 



G 1-304. 

24x41 “ ' “ 


G 1-338. 
G 1-339. 

20 x 38 “ 


G 1-305. 

24 x 46 “ “ 


22 x44 “ “ 


G I -340. 22 x48 “ 40 

G I -34 1 . 25 x 50 “ “ 50 

G I -342. 26 x 56 “ “ 60 

G I -343. 25 x 52 “ “ 75 

Red and White Striped Plain Brown Linen Bath 
Towels, fringed ends — 

GI-344. 2 1 x 42 inch, per pair .50 

G I -345. 23 x46 “ “ 65 

G I -346. 24 x49 “ “ 85 

Heavy Plain Brown Linen Turkish Bath Towels, » 

splendid friction towels, close even pile — 

GI-347. 21 x 39 inch, per pair 

G I -348. 23 x47 “ “ 

G I -349. 24 x 52 “ “ 

G I -350. 27 x 56 “ ‘ 

GI-351. 30 x 54 “ “ 

1 .00 



■ 313 . 


This towel, while only on the market a very 
short time, has grown very popular. ’ It is 
snow white, hemmed ends, made only from 
selected stock. Great absorbent towel, does 
not get wet and soggy in a short time. If you 
have not as yet given this towel a trial, order 
one in your next order. We are sure you will 
be delighted with Sur-Dry — 

GI-352. 23 x 48 inch, single Towel, each .43 

■ 313 . 

m ,'. 1 

■ 376 . 
■ 37 1 


■ 376 , 


• 380 , 



Rub-dry Towels are made from Fine Egyptiai 
Cotton, excellent friction towels — 

GI-353. 23 x 46 inch, each 

G I -354. 24 x48 “ “ 

G I -355. 25 x50 “ " 



Ready to use Roller Towels— 

GI-356. 17 inch x 2 yi yards, each 

G I -357. 17 “ 3 

G I -358. 17 “ 3 “ “ 


Red or Blufe Checked Glass Towels, firm, cvei 
weave, hemmed ready for use — 

Gl -359. 20 x 36 inch, each 

Plain White Glass or Tea Towels, with red borde 
and word “Glass Cloth” on edge, hemme 
ready to use — 

GI-359>2. 22 x 27 inch, each .1 

G I -360. 22 x3" “ “ 12} [ 

G I -36 1 . 24 x33 “ “ I 

Knitted Dish or Sponge Cloths, for washing dishc ■ 

GI-362. 22 x 20 inches, per dozen 3, 

Coarse Woven Scourers or Glass Cloths, hemmer 
ready for use — gl CHI 

G I -363. 22 x 22 inch, per dozen ^(wicsn 


We carry every make of Plain Linens, suitable for any purpose ; fine, medium and coarse weaves. Oh 
lines of Towellings are the best that Ireland and Scotland produce, many lines in this section being made for 
specially. You can rely on getting the very best values obtainable. 




Full Bleached All Linen Pillow Linen, round even 
thread, very evenly woven — 

40 inch, per yard 45 .50 .75 

45 “ “ .50 .60 

54 ■■ “ 75 

Special Qualities of Full Bleached All Linen 
Sheetings, Irish manufacture, superior qualities 

72 inch, per yard 90 1.10 

80 ” “ 1.00 1.20 

90 ” “ 1 .10 1.35 

Full Bleached Plain Irish Fronting Linens, close 
even weave — 

36 inch, per yard . . .25 .30 .40 .50 .60 .75 
Soft Needle Finished Embroidery Linens, full 
bleached — 

36 inch per yard .40 .45 .50 .60 

Fine Quality of Sheer Linen, for handkerchiefs — 

36 inch, per yard .50 .60 .75 

Extra Fine Quality of Sheer Linen — 

30 inch, per yard 

36 “ “ 

1 .00 1 .25 




Full Bleached Union Waisting for Blouses and 
Shirt Waists, soft pure finish — 

GI-364. 35 inch, per yard .20 

Gl -385. 36 “ “ 25 

All Linen S'/irt Waist Linens, full bleached, Irish 
manufacture, superior qualities — 

G 1-366. 35 inch, per yard .28 

Gl -367. 36 “ 35 

G ! -368. 36 “ “ 50 


Bleached Butcher Linens, superior quality — 

36 inch, per yard. 25 .30 .35 .40 

Unbleached Butcher Linens, pure even weave 

36 inch, per yard 20 

40 “ “ 22 .27 

Unbleached Dowlas Linen, as used for aprons- 

38 inch, per yard 

48 “ “ 20 

Bordered Apron Linens, red and blue borders — 

38 inch, per yard 

Rough Brown Hollands — 

31 inch, per yard 15 .17 .20 

40 “ • 19 .23 




Stair Damask, black and grey or brown and ETC 
with or without red border — 

14 inch, per yard 

16 “ “ 

15 *‘ “ 

20 “ « 

;«r of 


v Uniot 




■ to tine 
? from 
it and 



iir Drill, brown linen color, with red border- 

16 inch, per yard 15 

18 “ “ 18 

!0 “ “ 20 


If Bleached Huckaback Towelling, superior 
juality and finish — 

•369. 17 inch, per<yard .10 

11 Bleached Huckaback Towelling, extra heavy 

■370. 18 inch, per yard .15 

■371. 21 “ “ 18 

372. 25 “ “ 20 

11 Bleached All- Pure Linen Huckaback Towel- 
ings, firm even weave, Irish manufacture — 

18 inch, per yard !8 .22 

!0 " “ .25 

!4 “ “ 25 .30 

17 « 30 .40 


avy All Linen, herring bone mangle linen, extra 
leavy quality — 

373. 22 inch, per yard ,25 


rdered Crash Roller Towelling, even weave — 
•374. 16.J4 inch, per yard 06 54 

375. 17 " “ 0754 

m, close even weave, of bordered Crash Roller 
towelling, splendid drying qualities — 

376. 1.7 inch, per yard 09 

i 377. 17 “ “ 10 

avy Quality of Bordered Crash Roller Towel- 
ing, made from pure flax, firm, even weave — 

1 378. 18 inch, per yard 1254 

§379. 18 “ “ !5 

feSO. 18 “ “ 17 

B in Crash Roller Towelling, without any border, 
Ijiood absorbent towelling— 

1 381. 17 inch, per yard 0854 

382. 19>4 “ “ 12 

Lite and Brown Mixed Crash Roller Towelling, 
m excellent drying towelling, evenly woven — 

383. 18 inch, per yard II 

I 384. 18 “ “ 1254 


All Linen Plain Crash Towelling, made from pure 
flax, will take up the water well— 

Gi-385. 21 inch, per yard .12 

GI-38S. 23>4 “ “ 15 

Homespun or Rough Kitchen Towelling, without 
border, excellent drying, warranted all linen— 

GI-387. 24 inch, per yard 1254 

G I -388. 24 “ “ 15 

Heavy All Linen White and Brown Kitchen 
Towelling, excellent absorbent quality, unequal- 
led for dishes and general kitchen use — 

G 1=389. 25 inch, per yard .16 


Superior quality of red or blue checked Glass 
Towelling — 

G 1-390. 16 inch, per yard .05 

GI-391. 19 . “ “ 07 

Heavier Qualities of Checked Glass Towelling, 
assorted in red or blue checks, fast colors — 

GI-392. 21 inch, per yard 0854 

G 1-393. 23 “ “ 10 

Extra fine quality of red or blue checked Glass 
Towelling, superior in quality and finish, very 
even weave — 

GI-394. 26 inch, per yard ,1254 

G 1-395. 26 " “ 15 

Superior quality of Plain Tea Towelling, firm 
even weave — 

GI-396. 20 inch, per yard 0854 

G I -397. 22 “ “ JO 

GI-398. 25 “ “ 1254 

Red Border Plain Tea Towelling, superior quality 

GI-399. 23 inch, per yard .1254 

All Linen Plain Glass or Tea Towelling, special 
fine quality — 

61-400. 24 inch, per yard .17 


Striped Turkish Towelling, with rough finish — - 

16 inch, per yard 0854 .10 .1254 15 

Linen Turkish Towelling, with red striped border, 

16 inch, per yard .30 

White Turkish Towelling, superior quality, soft, 
pure finish — 

GI-40I. 16 inch, per yard 1254 

G I -402. 18 “ “ 15 

G I -403. 22 " •• 20 

G 1-404. 27 “ “ .25 

G I -405. 27 “ “ .30 

Honeycomb Cloth, white — 

GI-406. 25 inch, per yard .20 

GI-407. 22 “ “ .26 


(Prices subject to change without notice). 
Antiseptic Bleached Cloth, made of specials 
selected bleached cotton, guaranteed chemical- 
ly pure and absorbent, soft finish, in sealed 
packages of 10 yards each— 

18 inch, per piece .70 

20 “ “ SO 

22 - •• 85 

26 “ •• 65 


(Prices subject to change without notice). 

1 54 yards wide, plain white or marble, per yd. .22 

1 54 yards wide, fancy, per yard .22 

1 54 yards wide, plain white or marble, per yd. .30 

1 54 yards wide, fancy, per yard .30 

Shelf Oilcloth, plain, with colored border, pinked 

edge, 11 inches wide, per yard .06 

American Leather, in black, maroon, dark green, 
russet and brown, with muslin back, 154 yards 

wide per yard .30 

American Leather, in black, maroon, dark green, 
russet and brown, with drill back, 1 54 yards 
wide, per yard 40 


Hospital or Rubber Sheeting — 
GI-270. 1 yard wide, per yard. 
1 54 yards wide, per yard .... 
154 ■ • ■ • 





Special care is always taken in selecting covers, not only to get correct weaves, as well as good color com- 
aation, but patterns that will harmonize with any room. Our stock of Steamer Rugs or Carriage Rugs are the 
ry newest, checked and plaid designs, in beautiful range of colorings, made from choice stock of wool. 


In quoting size, fringe is always included), 
glish and German Tapestry Table Covers, 
LSsorted designs, with heavy knotted fringe, in 
rimson, green, or blue grounds, with rich 
:ombination of colorings to blend with ground 
cork — 

54 x 1 54 yards, each 1 . 1 0 

x 2 “ “ 1.38 1.59 1.75 

x 254 “ “ .. 1.75 2.00 2.50 3.25 

x 3 " •• 4.00 


I terican Chenille Table Covers, new patterns in 

rich combinations of crimson, green, blue and 
fawn grounds, knotted fringe all round — 

1 x 1 yards, each 50 .75 

154 x 154 “ “ J.00 1.25 1.65 

2 x 2 “ “ 1.85 2.75 3.25 

2 x 254 “ “ 2.75 3.50 


Shawl Rug, fringed ends. Steamer Rugs, or 
Travelling Shawls, or Carriage Knee Rugs, 
also very suitable for Couch Rugs, of which we 
show a large range of the latest designs, in 
plain plaids and clan tartan checks, in a large 

variety of colors,' in navy blue, brown, fawn, 
green, grey and black, each. . 2.75 4.00 5.00 

6.00 7.00 9.00 

Rubber Rugs, unlined, good quality of rubber, 

45 x 72 inches, each 1 .60 

Rubber Lap Rugs, fine quality of rubber, fancy 

check lining, assorted colors, each 1 .60 

Heavy English Rubber Lap Rugs, with plain 
heavy lining, in dark green, brown, blue, 

each 3.50 

Seal or Printed Rugs, large range of choice designs 
and shades, with plain black, back tape bound, 
each. 2.50 3.00 3.75 4.50 


Dependable Qualities is what has built up our Flannel Department. We take no chance on doubtful 
annels. Our Flannels are always bought with a view to their washing and wearing quality. It costs 
st as much to make up a cheap Flannel as a good Flannel. Why not buy a better quality and save in the 
;ar of the garment ? 


fin and Twilled Weave of Grey Union Flannel, 
nanufactured from good, clean stock, in light 
>r dark shades — 

!5 inch, per yard 1254 

• 7 “ “ 15 

;y Union Shirting Elannel, fine pressed finish, 
lnshrinkable, in light and dark shades, plain 
>r twilled weave, 28 inch, per yard .19 


tra fine quality of All-Wool Grey Elannel, 
nade from selected stock, thoroughly cleansed, 
Tee from grease, in plain or twilled weave, in 
ight and dark shades — 

26 inch, per yard 22 

27 “ “ 25 

28 “ “ 30 

Light and Dark, plain only, 28 inch, yer yd. .35 

Special width of Grey Wool Flannel, warranted 
all wool, thoroughly scoured, light and dark 
shades, plain or twilled weave, 32 inch, per 

yard 30 .35 

Light and Dark, plain only. 32 inch, per 
yard .40 


Navy Blue Union Flannel, fast indigo dye, in 
plain or twilled weave, 25 inch, per yard . .20 

Fine Quality of All-Wool Navy Blue Flannel, fast 
indigo dye, in plain or twilled weave — 

27 inch, per yard .25 

28 “ “ 30 .35 

32 “ “ -30 A0 


Fine Cream Ceylon Flannel, guaranteed unshrink- 
able, soft, pure finish, plain weave, 28 inch, per 

yard 25 .30 .35 

Fine French Cream Flannel, plain weave, all wool 
and unshrinkable, made of extra fine yarn — 

27 inch, per yard .25 

31 " “ 35 A0 .46 

36 “ “ 50 




French Cream Twill Flannel, all pure wool, un- 
shrinkable, good clear color, 31 inch, per 
yard 35 .40 .50 .60 

Fine English Saxony Flannel, cream shade, soft 
pure finish, all wool — 

25 inch, per yard .25 

wool, good clear color, soft finish — 

23 )4 inch, per yard 20 

26 M “ 25 

27 “ “ 33 

28 “ 30 

23 “ “ 37 

30 X A ‘ ” ... 40 

Empress Flannel, a fine French cream flannel, 

30 « *• 50 

plain weave, unshrinkable, specially manu- 
factured for children’s and infants’ wear, or 
flannel requiring a lot of washing, 31 inch, per 
yard 40 .50 


Plain Color Fine Twilled Opera Flannels, fine soft 
wool, thoroughly fast in colors, in black, garnet, 
cardinal, navy, pink and sky, 27 inch, per 

yard 30 .35 

Silk Embroidered Extra Fine Quality of French 
Flannel, for blouses and shirt waists, neat em- 
broidered designs, on cream, navy, sky, black 
and cardinal grounds, 27 inch, per yard. . .40 

Fancy Printed French Flannel, for blouses, shirt 
waists and house gowns, splendid collection of 
newest Parisian designs, 27 inch, per yard. .46 
Printed French Flannels, in spot designs, on sky, 
navy, black and cardinal grounds, choice qual- 
ity of flannel, 27 inch, per yard .40 


Scarlet Yorkshire Flannel, warranted all pure 


Fine All-Wool Natural Color Flannel, sanitary 
manufacture, soft finish, warranted un- 

27fd inch, per yard .35 

36 " “ . . . r 50 


Heavy Kersey Shirting Flannels, assorted in grey 
or white, also black and white, 28 inch, per 

yard 26 .30 

Grey Army Flannel, for men’s heavy working 

shirts, 28 inch, per yard 35 

Canadian Military Shirting Flannel, unshrink- 
able, made from selected stock, smooth finish, 
in black and white or grey and white mixed — 

27 inch, per yard 30 

28 “ “ 40 

Heavy Wool-mixed Shirting Flannel, Scotch 
manufacture, very strong and serviceable, 
thoroughly shrunk, medium grey or fawn com- 
binations, choice dark patterns, all fast colors, 

29 inch, per yard 25 .30 .35 .40 

Scotch Ceylon Flannel, unshrinkable, pure finish, 
in blue, grey or fawn grounds, with combina- 
tion stripes, 28 inch, per yard I2K 

Fine Scotch Ceylon Flannels, guaranteed un- 
shrinkable, soft, pure finish, cream and blue 
grounds, wjth pretty combination stripes of 
blue, pink or fawn, 28 inch, per yard .15 .20 .25 



Plain Wool Eiderdown Flannels for children’s 
cloaks, ladies’ house sacques and slumber robes, 
etc. ; extra soft finish, plain colors of cream, 
pink, sky, dark cardinal, silver grey, and navy, 

54 inch, per yard .73 

Special Quality of Ripple Eiderdown Flannels, 
soft finish, made in rich colors of cream, pink, 
sky, dark cardinal and silver grey, 54 inch, per 
yard 4)5 


Extra Heavy Double Fleeced Blanket Cloth, 
manufactured for children’s cloaks, ladies’ 
slumber robes, etc., in plain colors of rich 
cardinal, navy arid silver grey, 54 inch, per 
yard 1.00 



Our striped and plain Flannelettes are all guaranteed perfect washing cloths. They contain no dressing or 
sizing, all pure finished. Surprising the excellent range of printed Wrapperettes we have collected together 
suitable for any purpose. Undoubtedly the finest showing we ever had. 


Canadian Striped Flannelettes, assorted in light 
and medium dark colorings — 

G I -4 1 0. 30 inch, per yard 06)4 

GI-4II.32 “ “ 07)4 

Striped Canadian Flannelette, soft pure finished 
cloth, no dressing, light and medium, dark 
colorings, good washing cloth — 

GI-412. 34 inch, per yard 08)4 

Extra Special, made from special quality of 
Cotton, extra wide width, in colors of light 
and meidum dark colorings, Canadian 
Striped Flannelettes, excellent range of 
neat striped patterns, perfectly fast color — ■ 
GI-4I4. 36 inch, per yard 09 

Heavy English Striped Flannelettes, superior 
quality, first-class washing cloth, in light and 
medium dark colorings — 

Gl-415. 32 inch, per yard . 12)4 

“Horrockses”’ Fine English Striped Flannelettes, 
excellent range of striped designs, absolutely 
fast colors — 

GI-416. 36 inch, per yard .16 

English Double Warp Flanelette, heavy quality 
suitable for men’s heavy night gowns, pyjamas, 
etc. — 

GI-417. 36 inch, per yard .18 


Angola Shirting Flannelette, assorted designs of 
checked patterns in dark colorings — 

GI-418. 28 inch, per yard 10 

GI-419. 28 “ “ 12 'A 


Silk Striped Flannelette, cream ground, with neat 
pink or blue stripes, 28 inch, per yard. . . .12 'A 

Scotch and English Silk Striped Flannelettes, 
cream grounds, with neat white, pink or light 
blue stripes, specially suited for neglige shirts 
and ladies’ and children’s wear, fast colors, 28 
inch, per yard 15 .20 


Superior Quality of Canadian Dyed Saxony 
Flannelettes, soft pure finished cloths, entirely 
void of any dressing, in perfectly plain colrso 
of pink, blue or white — 

GI-420. 30 inch, per yard 08 id 

GI-421. 32 “ “ 10 

G 1-422. 34 “ “ 12 '/* 

‘ ‘ Horrockses’ ” Special Quality of English Dyed 
Saxony Flannelette, beautiful finished cloth, 
gives perfect satisfaction in washing, in plain 
colors of pink, blue or white — 

GI-423. 36 inch, per yard .16 

Heavy Quality of Plain White English Flannel- 
ette, well napped, no dressing — 

GI-424. 36 inch, per yard .20 

Plain Grey Flannelette, clear color, well napped — 
GI-425. 36 inch, per yard .123d 


Canadian Printed Wrapperette, in a choice range 
of designs and colorings, suitable for ladies’ and 
children’s wear, in colors of red and black, pale 
blue and white, royal blue, garnet, black and 
white, navy and white, red and white, green 
and white, also cream ground — 

G I -430. 28 inch, per yard 09 

Twilled Cashmere Finished Wrapper Flannelettes, 
choice range of printed designs, suitable for 
waists, kimonas, house wrappers, and children’s 
wear, in colors of cream and black, navy blue 
and white, red and white, pale blue and white, 
black and white, green and white, cream and 
blue — 

GI-431. 28 inch, per yard .12 

Heavy Printed Velour Cloth, for kimonas oi 
slumber gowns, very soft, in colors of navy, red.j 
pale blue, pearl grey and fawn — 

G 1-432. 28 inch, per yard 14 

English Reversible Printed Flannelettes, neal 
checked designs or floral patterns, in black anclj 
white, also red and black — 


G I -433. 28 inch, per yard 

English Printed Flannelettes, in a large range o! 

tartan plaid designs, in large variety of coloring: 
G I -434. 28 inch, per yard 12)4 

Heavy Cotton Eiderdown Soft Finished Cloth l 
napped on both sides, assorted in pink anq 
white, blue and white, or red and white — 

G I -435. 27 inch, per yard It 

Extra Heavy Quality of Reversible German Pli 
Printed Flannelettes, large range of coloring)] 
suitable for kimonas and house gowns, etc.-— 
GI-436. 28 inch, per yard *29 

Heavy German Velours, soft finished cloth, priatji 
ed in the latest Parisian designs, in color 
of red, navy, black, brown, green, also blac 
and white — 

GI-374. 31 inch, per yard 





The Eaton Dress Goods Store is known from coast to coast for its magnificent display of everything that 
new and stylish in dress fabrics. Every quarter of the globe is drawn on for the supply, from the British Isles 
i France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Japan. Only the most worthy goods and best that can be person- 
ly procured is allowed to enter their store. 

The immense strides made in the dress goods section has given us the biggest department and greatest 
isplay of staple and novelty fabrics in the country. From time to time during the season new ideas in dress 
shions fast as they appear find their way here for you. 

Every mail order shopper has the privilege of a selection from such a stock. We invite your approba- 
on — many lines in stock we do not catalogue. If you do not see what you want in our list submit a request 
id we will cheerfully furnish samples. 

FI -A. Shepherd Checks, 
assorted sizes, 

40 in 25 .35 

42 in.., .50 .75 

Fl-B. Striped Tweed, new- 
est colorings, 52 in., 

yard 1.50 

Fl-C. Fancy Striped Suiting, 
fall colorings, 44 in., 

yard 1.25 

Fl-D. Fancy Worsted Suit- 
ing, dark shades, 58 in., 7 
yd. costume lengths, 

each 22.50 

Fl-E. Fancy Worsted 
Mixed Shadow Check, 

58 in. , 7 yd. costume 

lengths, each 22.50 

Fl-F. Fancy Two and Three 
Tone Shadow Striped 
Worsteds, 58 in., 

yard.... 1.25 

Fl-G. 42nd Clan Tartan, 
all wool, good suiting 
weight, 40 in. , yard .50 

, 46 in., yard 75 

Fl-H. Tweed Suiting, dark 
colorings, with white hair 
lines effect, 44 in., 

yard 1.00 

Fl-I. Fancy Check Tweed, 
light weight, novelty 
colorings, 44 in. , 9 yd. 
costume lengths, ea. 13.50 
Fl-J. Striped Worsteds,, 
dark colorings, two and 
three toned, 45 in., 8 
yd. costume lengths 

each. 12.50 

Fl-K. Self Colored Shad- 
dow Stripe Effects, new 
fall colorings, 45 in., S 
yd. costume lengths, 

each.— 15.00 

Fl-L. Fancy Wool Melrose, 
handsome novelty in 
medium weight, very 
attractive dress fabric, 
swell new fall colorings, 
rich silky pebhle weave 
in self-colored wavy effect, 
beautiful style, 44 
in., yard — 1.00 

We do not sample cost- 
ume length suitings. 

timates, Styles and Order Forms for Dresses, Waists, Coats, Suits, eto., on application to Dressmaking Dept. 




Mourning Dress Hints 

The Mourning Dress Mater- 
ials are not limited to one or 
two dress -fabrics. There are 
many pretty weaves that can 
be worn -for such occasions — 
Wool Crepe Cloth, Crepe-de- 
Chine, Voiles, Albatross, Hen- 
riettas, Armures, San Toy, Pop- 
lins. For tailoring— Panamas, 
Serges, Llama, Cheviots and 
Venetians are the c o r r e c t 

Fl-821. Black Wool Voile, still retains its 
wonderful popularity as one of the leading 
fabrics of the times, made of pure hard twisted 
fine spun yarn in fine and medium mesh, 
plain effects, the greatest vogue for stylish 
handsome street costumes and separate dressy 
skirt, width 44 inch, 

yard. — 60 .75 1.00 1.25 

Chiffon weight, yard. 1 .00 

Fl-822. Black Etamine Voile, a heavier 
coarse weave and mesh, this material accordion 
plaits beautifully and readily adapts itself to 
braid trimmings, width 44 inch, yard 

- .85 1.00 

Fl-823. Black French Eolienne, a fine 
lustrous high silk finished wool and silk fabric 
with poplinette cord effect, firm material in 
light pleasant weight, delightful for 
draping, width 43 inches, yard..... .75 1.00 

Fl-824. Black Wool Crcpc-de-CHinc, this 
material is a dull and distinct crepe weave that 
makes it a very desirable mourning dress fabric 
though not used exclusively for that pur- 
pose, 44 inch, yard .75 1.00 

With fancy silk embroidered design, yard .75 

Fl-825. Black Crepe-de-Par is, a double 
width silk and wool fabric, distinct crepe 
weave with elegant soft and lustrous finish, 
suitable cloth for evening gown or street 
costume, 44 inch, yard .75 1.00 1.25 

Fl-826. BtacP Silk Crepe-de-Chine, a pure 
soft indistinct crepe weave, all silk, light 
chiffon weight, one of the most stylish fabrics 
for fancy evening or dinner gown, 
width 44 inch, yard 1 .50 2.00 

Fl-827. Black San Toy, a novelty dress fashion 
with fine close, firm cord effect, made of silk 
and wool, and in a weight heavy enough for 
shirt waist suits or separate stylish skirts, 

width 42 inch, yard - .75 

Superior quality in softer, lighter weight, 

44 inch, yard — 1.25 

Fl-828. Black Sublime, frequently called 
Gloria Silk, a silk and wool material with 
lustrous finish that is soft and clinging and 
very popular for sunburst skirts, shirt 

waists or linings, width 42 inch, yard 75 

44 inch, yard 1 .00 

Fl-829. Black Henrietta, in all wool- also 
silk and wool, a medium weight fabric with 
soft lustrous finish, very popular for handsome 
mourning costumes, all wool, jet or blue 
black, width 43 inch, yard. - .50 

44 inch, yard 75 1.00 

Silk and wool, jet black, width 42 inch, 
yard — 1 .00 

45 inch, yard 1.25 1.50 

Fl-830. Black Wool Cashmere, soft 

all wool material, width 37 inch, yard 

42 inch, yard 



Fl-831. Black Serge Cashmere, slightly 
heavier than cashmere, with fine even twill, 

width 42 inch, yard 35 

Fl-832. Black Nun’s Veiling, a dull finished 
material, very desirable for mourning wear, 
light texture, plain surface, width 39 

inch, yard j. 25 

41 inch, yard 35 

Fl-833. Black Albatross, an all wool soft 
clinging fine crepe weave fabric, adapted 

for any season, width 44 inch, yard .50 

Fl-834. Black Brilliantine Lustre, highly 
finished, hard firm weave, bright sheen, and 
made of pure mohair yarn, excellent shirt waist 
suiting or blouse material, width 42 inch, 

yard .25 .35 .50 

Superior quality and finish, width 48 

inch, yard 75 

Fl-835. Black Wool Crepe Cloth, dull fin- 
ished fabric, medium weight indistinct crepe 
weave, rich black mourning material, 

width 44 inch, yard 1 .00 

Fl-836. Bl ack Popl i n, a medium weight fabric 
all wool, with cross cord weave, making a firm 
and durable cloth for a costume, width 

43 inch, yard 50 

Extra weight and quality, 45 inch, yard 

— 75 1.00 

Fl-837. Black Poplina, a handsome novelty 
all wool soft corded weave, medium in weight 
with silk finish, a deep black dressy cos- 
tume cloth, width 45 inch, yard .75 

46 inch, yard _ 1 .00 

Fl-838. Black Poplinette, an all wool ex- 
ceedingly fine cross cord, rich black, close even 
weave, medium weight, ideal shirt waist 

suiting, width 45 inch yard .75 

46 inch, yard 1 .00 

Fl-839. Black French Redfern, a diagonal 
cord with silk finish in soft weave, medium 
weight, one of the best wearing dress 
fabrics, very popular, width 45 inch, yard .75 
Fl-839%. Black Mohair Cord, a strong wiry 
dress suiting, splendid black, with a curious 
cord effect, good weight and gives 

splendid wear, width 44 inch, yard 75 

Fl-840. Black Armure, all wool dress fabric, 
in fine fancy pebble effect, silk finish, beautiful 
black, firm weave, stylish street material, 

width 44 inch, yard 75 .85 1.00 

Fl-841. Black Fancy Armure, pretty pebble 
weaves with small figure effects, medium 
weight, smart materials for Eton or shirt waist 
suits, rich superior blacks, width 44 inch, 

yard — 85 

Fl-842. Black Prunella Cloth, all wool with 
high lustrous finish, remarkable for its great 
wearing qualities, a fabric for shirt waist 
suits or separate skirts, width 42 inch, 

yard — - .50 

45 inch, yard, — 75 1.00 

Fl-843. Black Panama Cloth, medium 

weight, all wool, soft finished, close twisted 
yarn, small interwoven canvas weave, a fabric 
much sought after for general utility dresses or 
shirt waist and Eton suits, width 45 

inch, yard 75 

47 inch, yard 1.00 

Medium hard finish, 42 inch, yard .50 



ilk Ct 

Fl-844. Black French Coating. Serge, a 

fine even smooth twill, made of soft yarn, 

good black, width 40 inch, yard. 35 

42 inch, yard .50 

Fl-845. Black Coating Serge, English make, 
from pure worsted yarn, medium twill, good 
suiting weight, one of the most staple fabrics 
for travelling or business costumes, width 

44 inch, yard .75 

48 inch, yard .... .85 52 inch, yard_. 1.00 

Fl-846. Black Etamine Serge, fine wooly 

finished cloth, gives the best of wear, 
strong firm weave, width 41 inch, yard.. .35 
42 inch, yard .60 

Fl-847. Black Campbell Twill Serge, good 

weight, hard smooth finish, coarse twill, 

width 40 inch, yard .35 

45 inch, yard 50 



i- 848 . Black Admiralty Storm Serge, 

heavy weight rough material, for all round 
good hard wear in tailored gowns and 
separate skirts, width 54 iuch, yard 1.00 


Fl-849. Black Cravenette, fine twilled sur- 
face for tailored suits or rain coats, mediumL 
weight, width 60 inch, yard 1.00 1.25 


Vea" ■ 

Fl-850. Black Llama Cheviot, made of fineijl inti 

soft wool with dull finish, excellent material 
for tailoiing, width 52 inch, yard 1.00 1 .25 

Fl-851. Black Chiffon Broadcloth, fine 

light weight cloth, soft suede finish, suitable 
for handsome tailored costumes for fall 
and winter wear, width 52 inch, yard.... 1 .25 

Fl-852. Black Boxcloth or Ladies’ Cloth, 

medium weight suiting with bright finish, 
made from fine pure soft wool, superior dye, 
popular tailor cloth, width 52 inch, 

- 1.00 1.25 

153, I 
nd me 


it, w 

Fl-853. Black Broadcloth! good weight for 1 ^ 
tailored suits or skirts, fashionable fall and;, 
winter material, rich velour finish, rich deep' 
black, width 52 inch, yard 

... 1.50 1.75 2.00 


F1-S54. Black Austrian Broadcloths, mag- lew s 

nifieent black, in soft pure wool, superior finish, ^ 

either for suits or separate coats, 

width 54 inch, yard 2.50 3.00 

Fl-855. Black Wool Venetians, soft pure all 
wool suitings, smooth finish, with indistinct 
twill, medium weight, rich black, good 

tailoring fabric, width 42 inch, yard 50 

Heavier weight and superior quality, 
width 52 inch, yard 1 .00 

Fl-856. Black Vicuna Cloth, plain all wool 

weave, good suitable weight for men’s 
suits or ladies’ coats, width 56 inch, yard 2.50 


F1-S57. Black Suiting Serge, men’s suiting 

or ladies’ coating, fine twill, smooth 
finish, width 66 inch, yard 2.00 2.25 

Fl-853. Black Silk Crepe, for trimming 

purposes, width 28 inch, yd .75 1.00 1.50 

Colored Panama Suiting 

FI-659. “OUR LEADER,” made of ail pure worsted yarn, 
hard finish, fine canvas weave, ideal fabric for shirt 
waist suit, splendid assortment of best color- 
ings, magnificent wearing material, width 
42 inch, yard _ 


In ordering samples state as nearly as possible style, color anti* price required. 



Colored Dress Materials and Suitings 

Broadcloths and Venetians are again the leading vogue for tailored gowns, other very popular weaves are anamas, 
heviots and Worsteds for fashionable suits. 

Medium Weight Fabrics this season are greatly in demand for the Eton and shirt waist suits, etc., such as Wool Poplins, 
runella Cloths, Wool Armures, Kharantha and Poplina suitings, Melrose and Henriettas. 

The High Class Fancy Evening, receptions, wedding or street costume is shown mostly in lovely Silk and Wool Crepes, all 
lk Crepe-de-Chine, Silk and Wool Eoliennes, San Toys, Sublimes and Voiles. 

Creams again have a strong chum to leadership. Made in all the silk and wool effects, also in Serges, Brilliantines, 
Ibatross, Panamas, Bedford Cords and Cashmeres. 

We lay special stress on the quality and perfection of the dye attained in the deep rich tones of the new colorings. 

gilt Weight Wool and Silk and 
Wool Dress Fabric 

■860. Colored French Wool Voile, pretty 
wine weave, hard twisted yarn, medium mesh, 
xtremely stylish for handsome evening or 
treet costumes, leading colorings, width 
4 inch, yard .50 .75 

: 861. Colored Eoliertne, silk and wool 
ress fabric, a fine poplinette cord, firm and 
ght, sheer, clinging, lustrous finish, pretty 
ariety of street and evening shades, width 

1 inch, yard : 75 \ .00 

862. Colored Sublime, also known as 
loria, highly finished plain silk and wool, 
•eave, light weight dress or lining material, 
nart and stylish, all leading shades, width 

2 inch, yard .75 

863. Colored Sink Crepe de Chine, a 

onble width fabric with indistinct crepe weave 
.dium finish, soft texture, light weight, light 
id medium colorings in dainty shade effects, 
slightful and pleasing fancy costume 
brie, 44 inch, yard 1.50 

i64. Colored Fancy Wool Crepe de 

hine, all .wool with stylish embroidered 
k, novelty effect, pretty colorings, width 
inches, yard .75 

65. Colored Silk and Wool San Toy, 

silk and wool dress cord, nice weigh t forshirt- 
rist suits, close crisp weave, complete range of 
:W season’s colorings, width 42 inch, 
rd .75 

Dream Materials 

Fl-866. Cream Mims’ Veiling’, all wool, good 
to wash, for dresses, blouses, etc., 

39 inch, yard 25 41 inch, yard... .35 

Fl-867. Cream Albatross. Little heavier 
than a veiling, similar finish, all pure wool, 
popular for dresses and shirtwaists, width 
43 inch, yard 50 

Fl-868. Cream Lustre or Brilliantme, 

bright, lustrous finish, made of mohair yarns, 
washes nicely. A favourite fabric for shirt- 
waist suits, blouses, etc., width 38 inch, 
yard... —.25 41 inch 35 

42 inch .50 

Superior qualities, 46 inch 75 1 .00 

Fl-869. Cream Sicilians, good weight fabric, 
coarse, lustrous sheen mohair yarns, 
strong, durable, 42 inch, yard.. 50 .65 

Fl-870. Fancy Cream Waistings, made of 
wool and silk in small, neat designs, used either 
for dresses or shirtwaists, width 38 inch, 
yard .50 

43 inch.,... 75 

Fl-871. Cream Silk Crepe de Cbine, in- 
distinct crepe weave, very light weight, beauti- 
ful brilliant finish, superb fabric for fancy even- 
ing, reception or wedding costumes, width 

44 inch, yard 1.50 

Fl-872. Cream Fancy Crepe de Chine, 

all wool dress or blouse fabric, with embroider- 
ed silk design, fetching for evening or 
wedding gown, width 42 inch, yard .75 

Fl-873. Cream Wool Voile, a handsome inter- 
locked canvas weave, sheer open mesh, all wool, 
favorite evening dress fabric, width 44 
inch, yard . 50. 75 

FI -874. Cream Sublime or Gloria, a rich, 
brilliant satin finished silk and wool fabric, 
will not cut easily elegant and dressy in cost- 
umes, shirtwaists ; also a serviceable 
lining material, width 42 inch, yard 75 

Fl-876. Cream San Toy, silk and wool cord 
effect, good shirtwaist suit weights, 

width '42 inch, yard .75 

Fl-877. Cream Eolienne, light-weight, lust- 
rous cord in silk and wool, rich elegant 
finish, semi-sheerweave, width 40 in., yard .50 

43 inch, yard 75 1 .OO 

Fl-878. Cream Poplin, all wool, hard corded 
weave, medium weight dress fabric, width 

42 inch, yard .50 

F1-S79. Cream Bedford Cord, all wool, 
heavy straight cord, useful for infant# 
cloaks, blouses, etc., width 42 inch, 

yard .50 .76 

Fl-880. Cream Panama, all wool dress 
fabric, canvas mesh, hard finish. 42 inch, 

yard 50 

Soft finish, 45 inch, yard 75 

Fl-881. Cream Wool Serge, fine Australian 
wools, wash well, fine and medium coating 

twills, width 40 inches, yard .35 

42 inch, yard 50 

Heavier make, 44 inch, yard .75 

48 inch, yard 85 52 inch, yard 1.00 

Fl-882. Cream Serge, Campbell twill, hard 
wiry weave, durable dress fabric, width 

40 inch, yard .35 

45 inch, yard .50 

Fl-883. Cream Etamirse Serge ? rough, 
woolly finish, all wool dress serge, width 

41 inches, yard .35 

42 inch, yard .50 

I Fl-884. Cream Ladies’ Cloth, all wool, good 

medium weight, chiffon finish, 51 inch, 
yard 1.S0 

Colored Dress Fabrics 

Medium Weight Materials 

Fl-885. Colored French Poplin, a medium 

sized cross cord in close twisted yarns, all pure 
wool, particularly nice fabric for dresses or 
skirts, good colorings for fall and winter, 
width 42 inch, yard 50 

Fl-886. Colored Armure, a soft finished all 
wool fancy cord, made in the new fall color- 
ings, a weight that commends the material 
for street costumes, width 42 inch, yard... .50 

Fl-887. Colored Ondulene, a stylish dress 
fabric for street gowns, medium weight with 
crisp finish in small fine pebble weave, made of 
Australian wool, beautiful range of best 
and leading shades, width.44 inch, yard.. .75 

Fl-888. Colored Kharantha Suiting, soft 
wool weave with fancy corded effect, medium 
weight fabric, ideal cloth for shirt waist suit, 
leading desirable colorings, width 43 
inch, yard 75 

Fl-889. Colored Prunella Cloth, an all wool 

fabric with bright satin finish, medium weight, 
undoubted good wear, most approved shades 
for dresses or shirt waist suits, width 42 
inch, yard £0 

Fl-890. Colored Panama Suitings, made 
of hard twisted worsted yarn, tough and dur- 
able fabric, wears exceptionally well, popular 
for all seasons, colors are in the most 
rviceable shades, widths 42 inch, yard .53 

Crepe de Chine Special 

FI-375. Colored Wool Crepe de Chine, the vogue this 
season for fancy street or evening costumes. A pure 
wool crepe weave in medium weight cloth. All leading, 
dark, medium, and light shades, black and cream in- 
cluded, 42 inches wide. We have sold thousands of 
yards of this beautiful fabric for more money notwith- 
standing the sharp advance in the cost of this 
line. Outof town shoppers benefit equally with 
the city people. At wonderful price, per yard 


In ordering samples state as nearly as possibae style, color and price required. 



Dress Goods Department. 

Fl-M. Black Fancy Silk and Wool 

Novelty, 44 inch, yard 2.00 

Fl-P. Wool Tweed Suiting, assorted 
colorings, 52 inch, yard... .85 1.00 1.25 

Fl-S. Scotch Tartan, all wool, assorted 
dans, 40 inch, yard.... .50 
45 inch, yard 75 

Fl-N. Fancy Black and White Wool 
Overcheck, 43 inch, yard .75 

Fl-0. Black Fancy Silk and Wool 

Novelty, 44 inch, yard 1.75 i 

Fl-Q. Stripe Tweed Suiting, assorted 
shades for tall, 52 inch, yard .85 1.00 1.25 

Fl-R. Fancy Tweed, stylish new fall 
colorings, 52 inch, yard 85 1 .O fthm 

> -S* ■ ■£* & ■ & 


Fl-T. Colored French Wool Delaines 

handsome new designs, assorted color- 
ings, washable, width 30 inches, yard .35 

With satin stripe 60 

Fl-V. Fancy Check Suiting, assorted 
efiects, 52 inch, yard 1.00 1.25 

Fl-W. Fancy Self Colored Stripe 
Tweeds, all wool. 44 inch, yard .... .75 

Fl-X. Wool Delaine, assorted spots, nav testt 

7d Ns, 

black, etc., grounds, 30 inch, yard ...... .3 1 * Col 

In ordering samples state as nearly as possible style, color and price required. 

Estimates. Styles and Order Forms for Dresses, Waists, Coats. Suits, etc., on application to Dressmakina D®0 

P. ■. 



Colored Dress Fabrics 


-891. Colored Panama, a soft weave, 
made of fine Australian wool, medium weight 
and greatly in demand for general utility dress, 
suit or skirt, bestshades of navy, brown, green, 
red, cream and black, width 45 inch, 

fard - 75 

heavier weight, 47 inch, yard 1 .00 

-892. Colored Cashmere, all wool, soft 
finish, dark, medium and evening shades, 

width 37 inch, yard 28 

12 inch, yard _ 35 

-893. Colored Henrietta, an all wool 
nedium weight fabric, soft velour finish, very 
aopular for dresses, house gowns, or shirt 
.vaists, leading dark, medium, and light 

ivening shades, width 43 inch, yard 50 

Jolors navy, brown, red, green, cream, 

mly, width 44 inch, yard .75 

-894. Colored Cashmere Serge, an all 
vool material with fine smooth twill, service- 
iblefor misses’ and children’s dresses, colors 
lavy, brown, green, red, width 42 inch, 

'ard , 35 

-895. Colored Nun’s Veiling, a dull fin- 
shed light weight all wool fabric, useful for 
torm veils or dresses, colors navy, red, brown, 
reen, also light evening shades, width 

9 nch, yard . 25 

5vening shades and navy only, width 

1 inch, yard 35 

896. Colored Brilliantine Lustres, made 
f English mohair yarns, high lustrous finish, 
ast staple colorings, including evening shades 
f sky, pink, pearl grey, light green, 

ream, width 42 inch, yard .35 

fid and dark colorings only, cream in- 

— .50 


luded, yard _ 

lavy and cream only, yard...'... 



Ft-902. We cannot say enough about 
this line of Dress Tweeds, made in 
colorings and patterns that you see 
in the highest priced materials of 
their kind— strong, sturdy weaves 
they are— unequalled for a 
stylish business or street 
costume, width 42 inch. Yard 




Mannings, Coatings, Sealettes and 

Fl-903. Covert Coating, a two toned fawn 
twilled effect for coats, width 56 inch, 

yard 1.50 

Fl-904. Beaver Cloth, plain weave, good 
heavy weight, in colors navy, red, brown, 
myrtle, fawn, black, width 54 inch, yard 

85 1.00 1.25 

Fl-905. Beaver Cloth, superior finished mantle 
fabric, heavy weight, colors brown, myrtle, 
navy, fawn, black, width 54 inch, yard_ 1 .50 

Black only, width 54 inch, yard 2.00 

Fl-906. Fancy Tweed Coatings, swell new 
stylish colored effects, plaids, etc., in brownish, 
green and other pretty mixtures, stunning 
materials for coats, mantles, etc., width 

54 inch, yard, 1.25— 1.50 

Fl-907. Cream Bear Cloth, heavy wavy curl, 
rich silky pile, for children’s or infants’ coats, 
caps, muffs and trimmings, width 48 inch, yard 

1.75 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 

F1-9Q8. Black Astrachan Cloth, perfect 
imitation of Persian lamb, width 48 inch, 
yard 2.50 3.50 

Grey, width 48 inch, yard 2-50 

Fl-909. Brown Sealette, a handsome soft 
silk pile for mantles or trimmings, width 

48 inch, yard .. 3.00 5.00 8.00 

Fl-910. Wool Frieze, coarse heavy all wool 
material for mantles or overcoats, grey or 
black, width 54 inch, yard 1.00 1.25 


1-897. COLORED VENETIAN CLOTH. This splendid All-Wool I 
Tailor Suiting Measures 52 inches in width, made of* pure 
wool and yarn dyed by the noted French process. Rich [ 
Velvety finish ; plaits and tailors easily. Exact 
weight, and comes in the newest Fall and Winter 
Colorings, including black. Biggest kind of value 
when you consider the good qualify. Per yard 


tored Broadcloths and Venetians 

398. Broadcloths, a medium weight 
liting. made of fine, pure wool, dyes that are 
rerlasting, rich, soft, silky pile ; shown in 
laple colorings for fall and winter suits, 

idth 52 inch, yard 1.00 1.25 

bavier weight in dark stapl.e shades for 

>ats or suits, width 52 inches, yard 1 .50 

399. Chiffon Broadcloth, a beautiful, 
>ft, light weight tailored suiting, finest quality 
ool in best French dye and comes in a swell 
mge of latest colorings ; great favorite 

>r stunning costumes, width 51 in., yard "3.25 
’ith self-colored shadow stripe effects, 

idth 46 in 1.25 

>90. Colored Venetian Cloth. A fabric 
ir tailored or shirtwaist suits and skirts, some- 
hat similar to broadcloth in appearance and 
eight, but with fine; almost invisible, twill ; 
ears splendidly ; good range of stylish 

ilorings, width 44 inch, yard ,50 

>01. Colored Venetian, good suiting 
eight, pure wool, superior dyes, rich color- 
igs, swell range of new and popular 
lades, width 52 inch - 1.00 

Colored Serges, Cheviots, 
Cravenettes, Etc, 

Fl-911. Colored Coating’ Serge, all wool, 

fine smooth twill, excellent .to wear, 

staple colorings, width 40 inch, yard 35 

42 inch, yard 50 

Fl-912. Navy Estamine Serge, rough, 
woolly finish, all wool dress fabric, 
grand material to wear, width 41 in., yd. .35 

42 inches, yard ! 50 

Fl-913. Navy Campbell Twill Serge, wide 
hard wale, smooth finish, strong ana 

durable, width 40 inch, yard 35 

45 inch, yard „ 50 

Fl-913%. English Coating Serge, made from 
the very best botany wool, firmly twisted, 
medium twill, splendid suiting for fall 
and winter, colors navy, green, red, width 

44 inch, yard 75 

Navy and red, 48 inch, yard .... .85 

Navy, green and red 52 inch, yard, 1.00 

Ira ordering: samples, state as nearly as possible style. 


Fl-914. Admiralty Serge, heavy weight, 
coarse finished homespun effect, won’t wear 
glossy, stands rough usage, smart tailoring 
material, unequalled for tailored suits or separ- 
ate slrirts, navy and black, width 54 inch, 
yard 1.00 1.25 

Fl-915. Cheviot Suiting, all wool, good suit- 
ing weights, coarse indistinct woolly twill, 
navy and black, width 52 inch, 

yard 85 1.00 1.25 

Fl-916. Llama Cheviot, a finetwilled, all wool, 
soft finished suiting, navy and black, 

width, 52 inch, yard 00 1 .25 

Fl-917. Plain Cravenette, fine cashmere 
twill, all wool, splendid suiting fabric or rain 
coat cloth, navy and black, width 60 

inch, yard 1.25 

Fl-918. Two Toned Cravenette, close, fine 
weave, smooth finish, in tones of grey, green, 
fawn and bronze, showerproof, for dresses 

or raincoats, width 60inch, yard 1.25 

Fl-919. . Men’s Waterproofing, good heavy- 
weight fabric for coats, Oxford grey, 
width 60 inch, yard 2.50 

Plaids, Shepherds’ Checks, Moreens 

and Tweeds 

Fl-920. Shepherds’ Checks, assorted sizes, 
black and white, dress or blouse fabric, 

width 40 inch, yard. 25 .35 

42 inches, yard 50 .75 

Fl-921. Clan Shepherds’ Checks, soft, all 

wool fabrics, widths 40 inches, yard .SO 

45 inch, yard .75 

Fl-922. Fancy Colored Plaids for school 
dresses, etc., assorted c'olorings, width 37 

inch, yard _... .25 

Fl-923. Fancy Tartans, pretty stylish color- 
ings for dresses, etc., width 40 inch, 

yard .... .35 

Fl-924. Wool Clan Tartans, all leading clans, 

very popular shirt waist suitings or for 

dressy skirts, widths 40 inch, yard 50 

45 inch, yard .75 

Fl-925. Biack Moreen, for underskirts, water- 
ed effect, hard wiry finish, width 38 inch, 

yard 50 

Fl-926. Moriette, navy, red, green, black, 
bright lustrous finish for underskirts, 

width 40 inch, yard 50 

Fl-9‘27. Black Moriette, fine superior 

quality, width 40 inch, yard 1.00 

Fl-928. Fancy Fall Tweeds. Special cloth, 
made in a wide range of smart effects and color- 
ings, wear guaranteed, look very pretty in 
becoming tailored suits, width 39 inch, yd. .28 
width 42 inch, yard 48 

Men’s and Boys’ Suitings 

F 1-929. Halifax Tweed, all wool, plain grey 
and brown twilled material, strong, durable, 
the thing for boys’ or for men’s working 

trousers, width 27 inch, yard. .35 

Fl-930. Navy Serge, all wool, splendid wear- 
ing material for boys' wear, width 27 inch, 

yard Z. .40 

Fl-931. Suiting Serge, pure worsted coat- 

ing twill, makes grand men’s euits, 

in black, width 56 inch, yard 2.00 

Navy and black, yard 2.50 

Fl-932. Black Vicuna Cloth, plain weave, 

soft pure wool, ideal suitiug, width 66 

inch, yard 2.50 

color and price required. 




Silks, Satins and Velvets 

you would appreciate a visit to Our Famous Silk Section. Stacks of silks where every novelty find; 

a full representation. Piles upon piles of beautiful staple and fancy weaves brought from the world’; 
greatest silk centres, France, Italy, Switzerland and Japan, and bought in such immense quantities that will 
enable you to understand the phenomenally low prices prominently displayed all over the Silk Section. 

Colored Silks 

F2-501. Colored Taffeta, superior quality and 
heavy weight, rich finish and a splendid 
wearer, all leading colors, 20 inch, yard... .75 
F2-502. Shot and Two Toned Taffeta, 
very popular for dresses, waists, linings and 
underskirts, 17 color combinations, heavy 
weight with rich lustrous finish, 20 inch, 

yard.... 75 

F2-503. Colored Paillette, soft, clinging, 
dressy, bright finish silk, mat weave, very suit- 
able for street, evening or bridal costumes, 

all the latest shades, 20 inch, yard .75 

F2-504. Colored Louisene, same weave as 
above, but with a rich crisp finish and deep 
lustre, durable and stylish for dresses and 
waists, 20 inch, yard .75 

F2-505. Colored Sappho Silk, has rich lustrous 
satin finish, nice medium weight, very fine 
weave, every new and wanted shade, especially 
suitable for party dresses and waists, 20 

inch, yard 75 

F2-507. Fancy Colored Taffeta, soft finish, 
ensuring good wear, handsome designs and 
colorings, in plain stripes, brocades and rich 
satin barred effects, superior quality and dye, 
for waists and dresses, width 20 inches, 

- 1 .00 

F2-508. Fancy Colored Taffetas, good 
wearers, fine weaves and guaranteed dyes, a 
splendid range of new designs and two-toned 
colored efEects in stripes and conventional pat- 
terns, extraordinary value, lovely for 
dresses and waists, width 20 inches, yard .75 
F2-509. Novelty Plaid Silks, the correct 
waisting fabric for fall and winter, comes in 
soft taffeta weaves and delightful color harm- 
ony, all popular clans in both lines, 19 

inch, yard 50 

Special quality, 20 inch, yard .75 

F2-510. Checked Taffetas, in black and 

white and navy and white. This ever popular 
novelty silk is again to the fore, we offer you a 
big range to select from and in qualities 

you’ll be glad to have, yard 50 .75 

F2-511. Fancy Colored Tamoline, in plain 
stripes and checks, washable and good wear- 
ing qualities, all good shades, 20 inch, 
yard .39 

Fancy and Plain Cream and White 


F2-512. White Satin Broches, new and 

pretty designs, width 20 in., yard 1.00 1.25 
F2-513. Silk Poplin and Bengraline, corded 
weave, waist or dress silk, cream and 
white, width 21 inch, yard .75 .85 1.00 
F2-514. Taffeta Silk, cream, ivory and 
white, superior quality, heavy weight, 

20 inch, yard .75 

F2-515. Louisene Silk, a dull finished silk, 

makes pretty dresses or waists, cream, 
ivory and white, width 20 inches, yard... .75 
F2-516. Paillette soft dressy silk, beautiful 
finish, cream, ivory and white, width 20 

inch, yard 75 

F2-517. Liberty Silk, a bright lustrous satin 
finished dress silk, cream, ivory and 

white, width 20 inch, yard 75 1 .00 

F2-518. Merveilleux Silk, twilled satin fin- 
ished dress silk, cream and white, width 

21 inch, yard .65 


F2-506. At 50c a yard we will furnish you with a grade of Taffeta and 
Tamoline Silk that for fineness of weave, heavy weight, perfect colorings, 
soft mellow finish, combined with excellent wearing qualities, are “peers 
in their class.” These are made specially for us and cannot be 
equalled at the price elsewhere. Come in black, white, cream 
and every good and wanted shade, suitable for dresses, waists, 
skirts and coat linings, width 20 inches, yard 


Black Silk Fabrics 

F2-520. Black Tamoline, finest quality, made 
specially for us, soft finish, good weight and 
fine weave, excellent for dresses, waists 

and linings, 20 inch, yard ,50 

F2-521. Black Taffeta, a silk that leads for 
general wear and always in great de- 
mand, width 20 inch, yard .50 

High qualities and finish, 21 inch, yard 

65 .75 

F2-522. Black Chiffon Taffeta, beautiful 
soft oil finished dress silk, delightful silk 

for costumes, width 20 inch, yard 75 

22 inch, yard 1.00 1.25 

F2-523. Black Paillette, lustrous finished 
dress silk, mat weave, width 20 inch, 

yard 75 

Heavier weight, 21 inch, yard. 1.00 

F2-524. Black Louisene, a dull lustrous fin- 
ished silk fabric, popular for gowns, 

width 20 inch, yard .75 

Heavier weight, width 21 inch, yard 1.00 

F2-525. Black Satin Merve, soft twilled dress 
silk, makes pretty shirt waists or costumes, 

width 20 inch, yard .50 .65 .75 

F2-526. Black Sappho, rich brilliant satin 
finish, favorite silk for street or evening 

gowns, width 20 inch, yard 75 

F2-527- Fane/ Brocaded Black Taffeta, 
beautiful soft chiffon finish, neat and attract- 
ive patterns for dresses and waists, 20 

inch, yard — 1 .00 

F2-528. Black Imperial Luxor, soft double 
faced dress silk, rich blacks, width 22 inch, 
wear guaranteed, yard... 1.00 1.25 1.50 

F2-529. Black Royal Arrrsure, small indis- 
tinct pebble effect, good blacks, width 

22 inch, yard 1.00 1.25 

F2-530. Black Peau de Sole, double face 
good weight dress silk, width 20 inch, 

wear guaranteed, yard .75 

F2-531. Black Bengaline Silk, corded weave, 
rich lustrous black, width 22 inch, 

yard 1.00 1.25 

F2-532. Black Gros Grain, plain fine cord 
dress silk, highest quality dye, 22 inch, 
yard 1.00 1.25 

Colored and Black Safins 

F2-533. Colored Satin, all leading 

shades, width 23 inch, yard 50 

F2-534. Colored Victoria Satin, good quality 
for dresses or linings, popular shades, 

width 21 inch, yard 65 

F2-535. Colored Victoria Duchesse Satin, 
an extra heavy, long wearing, bright finished 
quality, makes an ideal coat lining, all 
shades, width 21 inch, yard ■■ 1 .00 

F2-536. Colored Victoria Satin, cream, white 
and ivory, width 21 inch, vard 

35 .50 .65 .75 

Superior qualities, width 22 inch, yard 1 .00 


F2-537. Imperial Satin Duchesse, 

cream, white and ivory, width 21 inch, yd 1 .25 

Width 22 inch, yard 1.50 1.75 2.00 

F2-538. Biack Victoria Satin, rich finish 

for linings, etc., width 23 inch, yard 50 

Width 24 inch, yard 65 -75 1.00 

F2-539. Black Victoria Satin',' a beautiful 
heavy quality for fur linings, etc., superior 
black, width 25 inch, yard 1 .25 

Japanese Wash Silks 

F2-540. Colored Japanese Silk, all leading 

shades, including black, cream, ivory and 

white, width 20 inch, yard 22 

F2-541. Colored Washable Habutai, choice 
colorings, including cream, ivory, white 

and black, width 23 inch, yard 25 

F2-542. Colored Japanese Habutai, taffeta 
finish, all wanted shades, including cream, 
ivory, white and black, width 23 inch, 

French dyed, yard 35 

F2-543. Colored Japanese Habutai, taffeta 
. finish, French dyed, all leading shades, also 
cream, ivory, white and black, width 

27 inch, yard 45 

F2-544. Japanese Washable Habutai. 
soft taffeta finish, cream, ivory, white and; 
black, superior quality, French dyed, 

width 27 inch, yard .65 

F2-515. Japanese Habutai, extra heavy 
quality, French dye, with soft taffeta finish, 
in black, ivory and white, width 27 inch, 

yard — 85 

F2-546. Japanese Habutai, heavy quality, 
in black, ivory and white, 36 inch, 
yard .75 

Velveteens, Silk Velvets and Plush 

F2-547. Black Velveteen, width 23 inch, 

yard .35 

Superior quality dye and finish, 24 inch, 
yard - .50 .76 

F2-548. Colored Velveteen, all desir- 
able colorings, width 23 inch, yard .35; 

F2-549. Colored Velveteen, rich silk pile, in 1 
all the leading colors, width 24 inch, 
i 50 .75 

F2-550. Colored Silk Velvet, elegant rich! 
finish, prettiest and most popular shades, 
width 18 inches, yard 75 1 .00 

F2-551. Black Silk Velvet, width 18 inch, j 

yard .50 .65 .75 

Superior dye and quality, 18 inch, yard 

1.00 1.25 1.50 

F2-552. Panne Velvet, leading shades, |: 
including black, white and cream, width .J 

F2-553. Plush, for children’s coats, trimmings, 
etc., extra heavy deep pile, all leading shades,; 

shades, 17% inch, yard — .75' 


■ yai 






F . 

25 inch, yard. 




In ordering Samples state as nearly as possible style, color, catalogue No. and price required. 
Estimates, styles and order forms for dresses, waists, coats, suits, etc., on application to 

Dressmaking Department. 






Our Wash Goods Section is a 
good sized store of itself - th© 
finest weaves in lawns, nain- 
sooks, muslins, linens, Scotch 
ginghams, ehambraysy ducks, 
prints, etc., are on the counters, 
the product of the best mills 
the wo rid over — reiiabSeth rough 
and through. (Use our mail 
order system freely for your 
wash fabrics). 

F3-600. White Victoria Lawn, fine weave, 
width 45 inch, yard... .10 .12% .15 .20 
F3-601. White India Linen Lawn, a fabric 
well adapted for infants’ Wear, width 32 

inch, yard 15 .20 

36 inch .25 -30 .35 .40 

F3-602. White Irish Linen Lawn, handker- 
chief or fancy work fabric, width 36 

inch, yard .50 .75 1.00 1-25 

F3-603. White Irish Linen Lawn, fine sheer 

quality, 36 inch, yard 1.25 1.50 1.75 

F3-604. White Embroidery Cambric, soft 
finish, width 42 inch, yard 

- 12% .15 .20 .25 

F3-605. White Scotch Nainsook, free from 
dressing, 36 inch, yard. 12% .15 .20 .25 
F3-606. White Jaconette Muslin, for frills 
or underskirts, 36 inch, yard .12% .15 .20 
F3-607. White Haircord Muslin, for infants’ 
gowns, fine even weave, width 36 inch, 

yard 12% .15 .20 .25 

F3-608. White Swiss Batiste, for ladies’ 
dresses, width 48 inch, yard 

. — 30 .35 .40 .45 .50 

F3-609. White Dimity, fine even weave, 

without filling, width 28 inch, yard..._ 15 

30 inch 20 .25 

F3-610. White Brilliant, for children’s 

wear, neat patterns, 30 inch, yard 15 

F3-611. White Swiss Book Muslin, even 
weave, width 36 inch, yard 

12% .15 .20 .25 .35 

F3-612. White Lappet Spot Muslin, 
assorted effects, width <5 inch, yard 06 

35 inch, yard .10 .12% 

36 inch, yd .15 45 inch, yd 18 

F3-613. White Mercerized Vestings, new 

patterns, in latest stylish effects, width 

27 inch, yard 25 

F3-614. White Tarltan, width 54 inch, yard 
.12% .15 .20 .25 .30 .35 .40 

F3-615. White Toilet Dimity, for bed 

hangings, width 30 inch, yard .. 15 

54 inch, yard .30 

F3-616. White Fancy Stripe and Check 
Muslins, different sized stripes and checks 
for aprons, etc., width 27 inch, per 

yard 10 .12% 

F3-617. Colored Tarltan, colors cardinal, 
sky. nile, maize, rose, width 64 inch, 

yard 12% .15 

F3-618. Black Tarltan, width 54 inch, 
yard — 12% .15 .20 .26 

Nainsooks and Lawns, Hemmed and 

F3-619. White Nainsook, hemmed and tucked 
with one row insertion, width 36 inch. 

yard .25 30 

F3-4520. White Nainsook, hemmed and tucked 
with tu o rows insertion, width 36 inch, 

yard 35 .40 .50 

F3-621. White Nainsook, plain hemmed 

and tucked, width 36 inch, yd .25 .30 

F3-622. White Lawn, plain hemmed and 

tucked, width 40 inch, yard 20 .25 

F3-623. White Lawn, hemmed and tucked with 
one row insertion, width 36 inch, per 

vard .25 .30 .35 

F3-624. White Lawn, hemmed and tucked 
with two rows insertion, width 36 inch, 
yard .40 .50 




^3-629. This cloth is a fine twill 
weave and washes beautifully, 
made in all the staple colorings 
and 36 inches wide. More 
being used every season for 
waists, dresses or linings, 
aprons, etc. Colors — navys, 
sky, pinks, reds, greys, browns, 
greens, purples, royal, 
cream, black, etc. Yard ■ 



F3-631J. The good old English 
Cloth, noted for their fastness 
and splendid wear. Light, 
medium, and dark grounds 
with spots, figures, sprays, 
floral, stripes, checks, etc.,* 
28 inches wide. 

Ducks, Prints and Ginghams 

F3-625. Plain Cham bray, colors sky, pink, 
oxblood, grey, fawn, navy, width 27 inch, 

yard . 12 % .15 

F3-626. Scotch Cham brays, stripes and 
checks, wash perfectly, width 27 inch, 

yard 1 . 12 % .15 

F3-627. Dress Ducks, indigo blue, spots 
and stripes, fast colors, width 27 inch, yd .12% 
F3-628. White Dress Duck, specially for 

dresses, width 28 inch, yard 12 % .15 

F3-631. Print, assortment of new patterns 

and colorings, width 25 inch, yard . 07 % 

F3-632. English Print, good heavy cloth, new 
designs in spots, figures, stripes, etc.., light 
medium and dark grounds, width 32 

inch, yard 12 % 

F3-633. Quilting Prints, assorted de- 
signs and colorings, width 28 inch, yard.. .1 0 


Sateens, Linings and Tailors' 

The foundation of a dress should be carefully 
selected, if not the result is sometimes disap- 
pointing. Strength and dye are features that 
should be reliable. Our linings are all supplied 
by the best makers. 

F3-634. Mercerized Dress Sateen, 

full range of shades, width 27 inch, yard 12 % 

31 inch, yard 15 .20 

F3-635. Mercerized Roman Satin, fine close 
weave, rich glossy finish, strong, durable, 
all leading shades, width 38 inch, yard_.. .25 

54 inch, yard 50 

F3-636. Colored Mercerized Italian, for 
coat linings, colors red, navy, brown, fawn, 
rose, slate, cream, white, width 54 inch, 

yard 50 

F3-637. Black Italian Cloth, fine cloth, 

good black, width 54 inch, yard .35 

F3-638. Black Italian Coat Lining, plain 
weave, width 54 inch, yard 

— 50 .65 .75 1.00 

Twilled, 54 inch, yard 

75 1.00 1.25 

F2-639. Black Mercerized Italian Coat 

Lining, highly finished, width 54 inch, 

yard .50 

F3-640. Black Mercerized Dress 

Sateen, width 27 inch, yard 1 2 % 

31 inch, yard .15 .20 

F3-641. Fancy Sleeve and Vest Lining, 
assorted stripes, width 38 inch, vard 

12 % .15 .20 .25 

F3-642. Fancy Mohair Sleeve Lining, 

assorted stripes, width 44 inch, yard .60 

F3-643. Linen Holland, black and slate, 

width 34 inch, yard 20 

F3-644. Jean Pocketing, drab and 

white, width 34 inch, yard 20 

F3-645. Corset Jean, white and dove, 

width 30 inch, yard. 15 .20 

F3-646. White Satin Jean, extra fine 

quality, width 36 inch, yard 50 

F3-647. Silesia Lining, black, brown, slate, 
fawn, navy, pink, blue, red, cream, white, 

width 38 inch, yard 1 0 

F3-648. Silesia Lining, staple shades, 

width 38 inch, yard 12 % 

F3-849. Colored Silesia Lining, staple 
shades, extra quality, width 36 inch, yard .15 
F3-650. Colored Cambric Lining, 

staple shades, width 25 inch, yard .07 

F3-651. Colored Crown Perea! ine Waist 
Lining, leading shades, width 36 inch, 

yard . 12 % .15 

F3-652. Spun Class, highly finished dress 
lining material, leading shades, includ- 
ing blacK. width 36 inch, yard .25 

F3-653. Black Reversible Waist Lining, 
fancy black, fast dye, width 36 inch, 

yard .25 

F3-654. Black Nubian Percai ine, width 

35 inch, yard ,.. 1 0 

F3-655. Black Nubian Slcirt and Waist 
Lining, fast dye, width 36 inch, yard 

. 12 % .15 .20 

F3-656. Black Linenette, width 44 inch, 

vard .1 0 

F3-657. French Elastic Coat Canvas, for 
tailors' use, black and natural, width 27 

inch, vard 20 

F3-658. French Elastic Canvas, black, 

white and natural, width 25 inch, yard 

- .10 . 12 % .15 

F3-659. American Collar Stiffening, 

white, width 25 inch, yard. .1 0 

F3-660. Haircloth, grey and black, width 

18 inch, vard - 35 

F3-661. Book Muslin, black and white, 

30 inch, vard * 06 

F3-661%. Grass Cloth, black and white, 

27 inch, yard 03 

F3-662. Turkey Red, plain and twilled, 

width 29 inch, yard 10 . 12 % .15 

F3-663. Quilted Farmers’ Satin, staple 

shades, width 27 inch, vard .50 

F3-664. Quilted Satin, for linings, staple 
shades, width 24 inch, yard .75 

In ordering^ samples state as nearly as possible style and color, also price and Cat. No. required 

TO Write for our Monthly Stvl© Book, sent free of charge, showing all the latest designs. 



Everyman’s Library— Many Subjects for any Age 

There’ a nothing like a good book to make use of the moments. Instruction, inspiration, romance, history 
science — you’ll find them all in this library. Let the boys and girls read ! It develops the mental capacity 
instils high ideals, gives a broader view of life’s possibilities, and fortifies against failures. 

We list two hundred and twenty volumes, new titles being added all the time. Write for lists. There are 
two styles of binding. One in cloth with full gilt back, the other in paste grain leather. 

Price per volume, cloth, .25 : leather, .45. Postage 8c extra each. 


1. Boswell’s Life of Johnson, 2 vols. Vol. I. 

2. Boswell's Life of Johnson. Vol. II. 

• 3. Lockhart’s Life of Napoleon. 

51. Benvenuto Cellini’s Autobiography. 

52. Southey’s Life of Nelson. 

53. Pepys’ Diary. Lord Bray brooke’S 1854 edition 

Introduction by Dr. Garnett, 2 vols. Vol. I. 

54. Do. Do. Do. Vol, II. 

55. Lockhart’s abridged Life of Sir Walter Scott 
100. Strickland’s Life of Queen Elizabeth, 

105. Wesley’s Journal, I. Introduction by Rev. 

F. W. Macdonald. 

106. Wesley’s Journal. II. 

107. “ •• III. 

108. “ “ IV. 

158. Lockhart’s Life of Robert Burns. Introduc- 
tion by E. Rhys. 

163. De Quincey's Reminiscences of the Lake 
Poets. Introduction by E. Rhys. 


4. Andersen’s Fairy Tales. Illustrated by Bros. 


5. Hawthorne’s wonder Book and Tanglewood 

6. Kingston’s Peter the Whaler. 

7. Kingston’s Three Midshipmen. 

8. Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare. Illustrated 

by A. Rackham. 

56. Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Illustrated by R. An- 

ning Bell. 

57. Froissart's Chronicles. 

58. Hughes’ Tom Brown’s School Days, Illus 

trated by T. Robinson. 

59. Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. Illustrated by J. 

A. Symington. 

60. Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. Illustrated by A. 


61. Canton’s A Child’s Book of Saints. Illustrated 

by T. H. Robinson. 

109. Clarke’s The Girlhood of Shakespeare’s Hero- 

ines I. 

110. “ •• •* " II. 

111. “ “ “ •• III. 

112 Granny’s Wonderful Chair. Introduction by 
Dollie Radford, 

113. Kingsley’s Heroes. Illustrated by Grace 

157. Fairy Gold. Illustrated by Herbert Cole. 

158. Gatty’s Parables from Nature. Introduction 

by Grace Rhys. 

169. Marryat’s Little Savage. Introduction by 
R. Brimley Johnson. 

160. Marryat’s Masterman Ready, Introduction 

by R. Brimley Johnson. 


9. Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations. Introduction 
by W. H. D. Rouse. 

62. JEschylus’ Lyrical Dramas. Translated by 

Prof. J. S. Blackie. 

63. Euripides’ Plays in 2 vols. Vol. I. Introduc- 

tion by Ernest Rhys. 

64. Plato’s Republic, Spens' Translation, Intro- 

duction by Dr. Garnett. 

114. Young’s Sophocles. 

161. Virgil’s yEneid. Trans, by E. Fairfax Taylor. 

Introduction and notes by J. P. Maine. 


10. Bacon’s Essays. Introduction by Oliphant 


11. Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria. Introduc- 

tion by Arthur Symons. 

12. Emerson’s Essays. First and Second Series. 

13. Froude’s Essays in Literature and History. 

Introduction by Hilaire Belloc, M.P. 

14. Lamb’s Essays of Elia. Introduction by 

Augustine Birrell. 

65. Hazlitt’s Shakespeare’s Characters. 

66. Holmes’ Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. 

67. Holmes’ Professor at the Breakfast Table. 

68. Holmes’ Poet at the Breakfast Table. 

69. Lady Montagu's Letters. Introduction by R. 

Brimley Johnson. 

70. Walton’s Complete Angler. Introduction by 

Andrew Lang. 

115. Matthew Arnold’s Essays. Introduction by 

G. K. Chesterton. 

116. Brown’s Rab and his Friends, etc. 

117. Irving’s Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayton. 

118. Reynolds’ Discourses. Introduction by L. 

March Phillips. 

162. Coleridge’s Essays and Lectures on Shake- 
speare, etc. 

164. The Spectator. Vol. I, Introduction by 
G. Gregory Smith. 

165. The Spectator. Vol. II. 

166. The Spectator. Vol. III. 

167. The Spectator. Vol. IV. 

168. Tytler’s Essay on the Principles of Trans- 


207. Ruskin’s Seven Lamps of Architecture. 
Introduction by Selwyn Image. 


An Historical Library— Twelve Volumes. 

15. Lytton’s Harold. Introduction by Ernest 


16. Scott’s Ivanhoe. Introduction by Ernest 


17. Edgar’s Cressy and Poictiers. Introduc- 

tion by Ernest Rhys. 

18. Lytton’s Last of the Barons. Introduc- 

tion by R. G. Watkin. 

19. Manning’s Sir Thomas More. Intro- 

duction by Ernest Rhys. 

20. Kingsley’s Westward Ho l Introduction 

by A. J. Grieve. 

71. Scott’s Fortunes of Nigel. 

72. Scott’s Woodstock. Introduction by Ed- 

ward Garnett. 

73. Thackeray’s Esmond. Introduction by 

Walter Jeriold. 

74. Defoe’s Captain Singleton. Introduction 

by Edward Garnett. 

75. Scott’s Waverley. 

76. Dickens’ Burnaby Rudge. Introduction 

by W. Jerrold. 

21. Austen’s (Jane) Sense and Sensibility. Intro- 

duction by R. B. Johnson. 

22. Austen’s ( Jane) Pride and Prejudice. Intro- 

duction by R. B. Johnson. 

23. Austen’s (Jane) Mansfield Park. Introduc- 

tion by R. B. Johnson. 

24. Austen’s (Jane) Emma. Introduction byR. 

B. Johnson. 

25. Austen’s (Jane) Northanger Abbey and Per- 

suasion. Introduction by R. B. Johnson. 

26. Balzac’s Wild Ass’s Skin. Introduction by 

Prof. Saintsbury. 

27. Eliot’s Adam Bede. 

28. Kingsley’s (H.) Ravenshoe. 

29. Reade’s (C.)The Cloister and the Hearth. In- 

troduction by A. C. Swinburne. 

30. Trollope’s Barchester Towers. 

77. Cooper’s The Deerslayer, • 

78. “ The Pathfinder. 

79. “ The Last of the Mohicans. 

80. Lytton’s Last Days of Pompeii. 

81. Dumas’ The Three Musketeers. 

82. Marryatt’sMr. Midshipman Easy. Introduc- 

tion by R. B. Johnson. 

83. Gaskell’s Cranford . 

84. Wood’s The Channings. 

102. Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities. Introduction 
by Walter Jerrold. 

119. Borrow’ s Lavengro. Introduction by Thomas 



World’s Best Literature. — Everyman’s Library, 

THESE ARE ALL BOOKS OF GREAT MERIT. Books by the most Famous Writers the world has 
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FICTION —Continued. 

120, Borrow’s Romany Rye. 

121 Eliot’s Silas Marner. Introduction by Annie 

122. Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter. 

123. MtliOck’s John Halifax, Gentleman. Intro- 

duction by J. Shaylor. 

124. Scott’s The Abbot. 

125. “ Anne of Geierstein. 

126. " The Antiquary. 

127. " Highland Widow and Betrothed. 

128. “■ Black; Dwarf and Legend .of Montrose. 

129. “ Bride of Lammermoor. 

130. “ Castle Dangerous and Surgeon’s 


131. “ Count Robert of Paris. 

132. “ Fair Maid of Perth. 

133. " Guy Mannering. 

134. *' Heart of Midlothian. 

135. “ Kenilworth. 

136. *• The Monastery. 

137. “ Old Mortality. 

138. " Peveril of the Peak. 

139. “ The Pirate. 

140. “ Quentin Durward. 

141. “ Redgauntlet. 

142. “ Rob Roy. 

143. “ St. Ronan’s Well. 

144. “ The Talisman. 

169. Balzac’s Eugenie Grandet. Introduction by 

Prof. Saintsbury. 

170. Balsac’s Old Goriot. Introduction by Prof. 


171. Fenimore Cooper’s Pioneers. 

172. Fenimore Cooper’s Prairie. 

173. Dickens’ Old Curiosity Shop. Introduction 

by G. K Chesterton. 

174. Dumas’ Black Tulip. Introduction b> Ernest 


175. Dumas' Twenty Years After. Introduction 

by Ernest Khys. 

176. Hawthorne’s House of Seven Gables. Intro- 

duction by Ernest Rhys. 

177. Lever’s Harry Lorrequer. Introduction by 

Lewis Melville. 

178. Lover’s Handy Andy. Introduction by 

Ernest Rhys. 

179. Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. Introduction 

by Ernest Rhys. 

180. Herman Melville’s Typee. Introduction by 

Ernest Rhys. 

181. Trollope’s Framley Parsonage. Introduction 

by Ernest Rhys. 

182. Trollope’s Warden. Introduction by Ernest 



31. Carlyle’s French Revolution. Introduction 

by H. Belloc Vol. 1. 

32. “ “ “ “ Vol. II. 

33. Finlay’s Byzantine Empire. 

34. Macaulay’s History of England, 3 vols, Vol. I. 

35. “ “ “ “ Vol. II, 

36 . " “ •• Vol. III. 

85. Burnet’s History of His Own Times. 

86. Motley's Dutch Republic, 3 vols. Vol. I. 

87. Motley’s Dutch Republic, 3 vols. Vol. II. 

88. “ “ “ Vol. III. 

89 Stanley’s Memorials of Canterbury. 

185. Finlays Greece under the Romans. 

186. Grote’s History of Greece. Vol. I. Intro- 

duction by A. D. Lindsay, M.A., Fellow of 
Balliol College, Oxford. 

187. Grote’s History of Greece. Vol. II, 



















198. Thierry’s Norman Conquest. Vol, I. Intro- 

duction by J. A. Price, M.A. 

199. Thierry’s Norman Conquest. Vol. II. 


145. Pitt’s Orations on the War with France. 

206. Lincoln’s Speeches, etc. Introduction by Rt. 
Hon. James Bryce. 


37. Robertson’s (F. W.) Sermons on Religion and 

Life. Introduction by Canon Barnett. 

38. Do. Do. Sermons on Bible Subjects. 

39. Do. Do. Sermons on Christian Doctrine. 

40. Latimer’s Sermons. Introduction by Canon 


90. Butler’s Analogy of Religion. Introduction 

by Rev. Ronald Bayne. 

91. Law’s Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life. 

92. Browne’s Religio Medici, etc. Introduction 

by Prof. C. H. Herford. 

93. The Books of the New Testament of our Lord 

and Saviour Jesus Christ. Arranged in the 
order in which they came to the Christians 
of the First Century. By Principal Lindsay. 

146. Maurice’s Kingdom of Christ. Vol. I. 

147. “ “ “ II. 

200. S. Augustine’s Confessions. Dr. Pusey’s 

Trans, and Intro. 

201. Hooker’s Ecclesiastical Polity. Vol. I. 

Introduction by Rev. R. Bayne. 

202. Hooker’s Ecclesiastical Polity. Vol. If. 


41. Browning’s Poems, 1833-1844. Introduction 

by Arthur Waugh 

42. Browning’s Poems, 1844-1864. 

43. Golden Book of Coleridge. Edited by Stop- 

ford A. Brooke. 

44. Tennyson’s Poems, 1830-1863. Introduction 

by Ernest Rhys. 

94. Burns’ Poems and Songs. Introduction by J. 


95. Sheridan’s Plays. 

96. Palgrnve’s Golden Treasury. 

101, Kep.t’8 Poems. 







Percy’s Reliques of Ancient English Poetry. ^1. 

Proctor’s Legends and Lyrics. 

Shakespeare’s Comedies. 

Shakespeare’s Historical Plays, Poems and 

Shakespeare’s Tragedies. 

Wordsworth’s Shorter Poems. Introduction 
by Ernest Rhys. 


Le Morte d’ Arthur. Introduction by Prof. 
Rhys. Vol. I. 

Le Morte d’ Arthur. Vol. II. 

Lady Guest’s Mabinogion. Introduction by 
Rev. R. Williams. 

Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. Introduction 
by Rev. H. E. Lewis. 


Huxley’s Essays. Introduction by Sir Oliver 

White’s Natural History of Selbourn In- 
troduction by Principal Windle. 

Tyndall’s Glaciers of the Alps and Mountain- 
eering in 1861. Introduction by Lord Ave- 

Miller’s Old Red Sandstone. 

Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle. 


Borrow’s Wild Wales. Introduction by Theo- 
dore Watts-Dunton. 

Speke’s Discovery of the Source of the Nile. 
Cook’s Voyages of Discovery. 

Borrow’s The Bible in Spain. Introduction 
by Edward Thomas. 

Ford’s Gatherings from Spain. Introduction 
by Thomas Okey. 

Dennis’ Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria 
Vol. I.. Introduction by Prof. Lindsay, of 
St. Andrew’s. 

Dennis’ Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria. 

Vol. II. „ 

Travels of Mungo Park. Introduction by 
Ernest Rhys. 

New Volumes of Ruskin 

Ruskin’s Modern Painters. In 5 vols, Vol. I. 

Introduction by Lionel Cust. 

Ruskin’s Modern Painters. In 5 vols. Vol. II. 
“ " •• III 

.. •• IV 

.. » v 

“ Stones of Venice. In 3- vols. Vol. I. 
Introduction by L. March Pliillipps. 

» •• •• III! 

•• Unto This Last, A Joy for Ever, and 
The Two Paths. Introduction by 
Sir Oliver Lodge. 

217. Elements of Drawing. 

218. “ Pre-Raphaelitism. 

Laurence Binyon. 

219. " Sesame and Lilies. 

220. Atlas of Classical Geography. 

















210 . 
211 . 
212 . 





Introduction by 



L I A/1 ITE D 

Postage Extra 

Books* Music and Stationery 

Postage Extra 

The newest publications are promptly added to our stock as issued. To avoid disappointments kindly give second and even third choice if possible. 
Postage extra on Books one cent for two ounces. All orders must be accompanied by postage. Allow 16c for each book to go by mail, we will return any 

balance. Any Book in Catalogue, if not satisfactory, returned to us in good condition, we will refund money and PAY 
CHARGES. Prices will be given on books not in this list at shortest notice. When ordering books give name of Author and Publisher. 



Family and Pulpit Bibles shipped by express, 
charges extra. 

When ordering Bibles note different sizes of types 
and of books given here 

Different Sizes of Types 

Vcar) typo Is Ibis 5lM. 

Ruby type is this size. 

Nonpareil type is this size. 

Emerald type is this size. 

Minion type is this size. 

Brevier type i3 this size. 

Bourgeois type is this size. 

Long Primer type is this size 
Small Pica type is thi? size 

Pica type is this size. 


Different Sizes of 
Bibles, etc. 

Diamond, 32mo., is 4%x2% in. 
Pearl, 24mo., is 5 34 x 3/4 in. 
Pearl, 16mo., is 7x4% in. 

Pearl*, 32mo., is 5x3% in. 

Ruby, 32mo. , is 534x3% in. 
Ruby, 24mo., is 5%x4 in. 

Ruby, 16mo., is 6%x434 in. 
Emerald, 16mo., is 7x4% in. 
Minion, 24mo., is 5%x3% in. 
Minion, 8vo., is 7%x5 in. 
Brevier, 16mo., is 6%x4% in. 
Bourgeois, 8vo., is 8x5 in. 

Long Primer, 8vo., is7%x5% in. 
Small Pica, 8vo., is 9% x 6 in. 
Pica, 16mo., is 7%x6x234 in. 

®yforb Btbles 








Without References 

Ruby type, 32mo„ cloth, gilt edges ......... 

Minion type, 24mo., cloth, red edges 

Ruby type, 32mo., morocco, yapped 

Diamond type, 32mo., morocco, yapped, pocket size 

Minion type, 24mo. , morocco, yapped, linen lined 

Long primer type, 16mo., cloth, red edges. 

Small pica type, 8vo., cloth, red edges 

Diamond type, 32mo.. morocco, yapped, kid lined, pocket size_ LOO 

Long primer type, 16mo., morocco, gilt edges 1 .00 

Pearl type, 32mo,, morocco, yapped, leather lined, India Paper 1 .00 

Small pica type, morocco, gilt edges 1.25 


©yforb IRefevence Bibles 

Ruby type, 16mo., morocco, yapped Pnen lined 75 

Ruby type, 24mo., morocco, yapped, leather lined 1.00 

Minion type, 16mo., morocco, yapped, linen lined 1.00 

Ruby type, 24mo., morocco, yapped, leather lined, India paper 1 .25 

Minion type, 16mo., morocco, yapped, leather lined 1.25 

Brilliant type, 48mo., Persian grained, yapped, leather lined, silk sewn, 

pocket size 1.25 

Minion type, 16mo., morocco, yapped, leather lined, Inda paper 1 .50 

Minion type, 16mo., Persian grained, yapped, India paper, silk sewn„ 2.00 
Ruby type, 24mo., Rutland, yapped, leather lined, silk sewn, India paper 

Ruby type, 24mo., Levant, morocco, calf lined, silk sewn, India paper 2.50 
Minion type, 16mo., Rutland, yapped, kid lined, silk sewn, India paper 2.50 
Long Primer type, 8vo., Persian grained, yapped, kid lined, silk sewn, India 

paper — 3.00 

Long Primer type, 8vo., Rutland, yapped, leather lined, silk sewn, India 

paper 3.25 

Emerald type,16mo., Levant morocco, calf lined, silk sewn, India paper 3.50 
Minion type, 16mo., sealskin, yapped, calf lined, silksewn, India paper 4.00 
Long primer type, 8vo, Levant morocco, yapped, calf lined, silk sewn, India 

paper 4.50 

Minion type, 8vo., sealskin, yapped, calf lined, silk sewn, India paper 5.00 


©yforb IRevlseb Bibles 

Pearl type, 16mo., cloth, red edges .25 

Pearl type, lfimo.. miroceo, yapped 75 

Nonpareil type, 16mo., morocco, yapped, with revised marginal refs... 1.50 


©yfovb teachers’ Btbles 

Minion type, 16mo., French morocco, yapped, linen lined 1.25 

Minion type, 16mo., morocco, yapped, leather lined 1.50 

Minion type, 16mo„ morocco, yapped, leather lined, India paper 2.00 

Emerald type, 16mo., Alaska seal, yapped, silk sewn, India paper 2.50 

Minion type, 8vo., Persian seal, yapped, silk sewn, India paper 3.25 

Long primer type, 8vo., morocco, leather lined, silksewn, India paper 3.50 
Minion type, 8vo., Levant morocco, calf lined, India paper, silk sewn 3.50 
Long primer type, 8vo., Levant morocco, yapped, calf lined, silk sewn, 

India paper 4.50 

07-204 Baxter Bibles 

Minion type, 8vo., Erench morocco, yapped, teachers’ edition, containing 32 

full page illustrations 90 

Long primer type, 8vo., French morocco, yapped, seif-pronouncing, teachers’ 
edition, containing 32 full page illustrations... 1.25 





' ■ 


igff $ 1: 


* • |>° 






$@$1 i 1 . 




family Bibles 

Containing History of the Translation of the 
Bible ; Temple Library at Nippur ; History of the 
Books of the Bible, with 48 full-page illustrations ; 
Harmony of the Gospels, etc. ; Self-Pronouncing 
Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names, Apocrypha, 
Marriage Certificate, Family Record and Tem- 
perance Pledge ; Concordance, Psalms in Metre, 
and many beautiful full-page pictures in colors, 
etc., etc. 

Grained American Calf, padded covers, gold 

edges... 3.25 

French morocco, padded covers, gilt edges, gold titles 4.25 

French Morocco, padded covers, gilt edges, silk head band, as cut... 5.00 
German Morocco, padded sides, round corners, red under gold edges 6.00 

D, -“ 6 pulpit ®ibles 

French Morocco, raised panel, antique, gilt edges, large pica type, marginal 

references, size 12% x 10% inches 5.25 

French Morocco, antique, plain line pattern, extra large type, without re- 
ferences, size 1334 x 11 inches 8.25 

D7-207 Testaments 

Ruby type, 32mo. 

Leather, gilt edges 

Morocco, yapped, kid lined 






- 10 

- — .20 


Cloth, red edges .1 0 

Morocco, yapped, gilt edges 25 .... 

Pictorial Edition, colored illustrations, brevier type, cloth cover, 

Pica type, cloth, red edges 

Twentieth Century Testament, cloth 

° 7 ' 208 flftarfceb Testaments 

Minion type, cloth, red edges 

Minion type, cloth, boards, in neat cloth case .. 

Minion type, leather, yapped 

D, -“ 9 5unba\> School Ibelps 

Notes on the International Sunday School Lessons by Peloubet 1 .00 

Teachers’ Guide to the International Sunday School Lessons by Martha 

Tarbell, Ph. D 1.00 

Arnold’s Commentary on the International Sunday School Lessons — .50 

The Gist of the Lessons by R. A. Torrey 25 

Cruden’s Complete Concordance 75 

Commentary on the Bible, by Matthew Henry, 6 vols 7.50 

Commentary on the Bible, by Clarke, 6 vols. — 7 .50 

D7 - 21 ° Cburcb of £nglanb prater Boofts 



Bourgeois type, 32mo., cloth, red edges — .. 

Rubytype, 48mo., French morocco, padded, gilt edges 

Bourgeois type, 3‘2mo , French morocco, limp, gilt edges 

Long primer type, 24mo., cloth, red edges 

Minion type, 32mo., French padded, gilt edges 

Long primer type, 24mo., French limp, gilt edges. 

Pica type, 16mo., cloth, red edges 

Bourgeois type, 32mo., Persian, smooth, padded, gilt edges 

Pica type, 12mo., French limp, gilt edges - 

Pica type, 12mo., paste grain, limp, gilt edges 

Pica type, 12mo., Rutland limp, gilt edges 

07-211 1b\>mns Bndent anb flDobern 

Ruby type, leather, gilt edges 

Long primer type, cloth.... 

Nonpareil type, leather, gilt edges 

Long primer type, leather, gilt edges - 

Small pica type, cloth. 







Small pica type, French morocco, gilt edges 

....^ 1.25 





Cloth, small size ...... .65 

French morocco, gilt edges, small size 1 _ 1 .00 

Paste grain, red under gilt edges, small size - 1 .25 

Cloth, large type 1.25 

French morocco, gilt edges, larges type -1.85 

Church of England Chant Books 30 

The Cathedral Psalter, with chants 90 


MODERN, Combined 

Ruby type, 32mo., leather — .25 

Ruby type, 32mo., padded leather, gilt edges 35 .50 .75 

Ruby type, 32mo., morocco, silk lined 1.25 

Ruby type, 32mo., Russia leather, padded - 1.25 

Ruby type, 32mo., Persian morocco, solid edges 1 .00 

Bourgeois type, 82mo., French morocco, gilt edges 65 

Bourgeois type, 24mo., French morocco, gilt edges - 75 

Long Primer type, 24mo., smooth leather, gilt edges 1 .25 

Long primer type, 24mo., Rutland leather, gilt edges 1 .50 

Bourgeois type, 32mo., Levant morocco, gilt edges, India paper 2-50 

Small pica type, 24mo., 2mo., Turkey morocco, limp, India paper, with Ox- 
ford helps to the use of the hymns 2.75 

Pica type, 12mo., paste grain, limp, gilt edges, India paper, with Oxford 

helps to the use of the hymns 3.00 



Pearl type, bound in leather, according to binding .75 1 .00 1 .25 1 .50 


IRoman Catholic prater Booka 

Children’s Edition, large clear type, 36 full-page illustrations .10 .25 .35 

Key of Heaven 

Large Type Edition, with Epistles and Gospels, leather, gilt edges .25 

French Calf, limp, gilt edges .. .35 

Lambskin, padded, fancy design on cover .50 

French Calf, padded, celluloid crucifix and indulgent prayer inside of cover 

German morocco, padded, mother of pearl crucifix inside cover. 1 .00 

German Calf, padded, fancy gold dotted corners, mother of pearl crucifix 
inside cover 1o25 

.. Old People’s Edition 

Morocco, limp, gilt edges .50 

Venetian seai, padded, gilt edges 1 .00 

Persian Calf, padded, gold title and cross, gold edges 1 .25 

German Calf, padded, fancy design on cover, gilt edges 1 .75 


Presbyterian Book of praise 

Ruby Type 

Size 5%x334xl34 inches 

S. S. Edition, red .08 

Cloth, red edges ".10 

Cloth, gilt edges .20 

Paste Grain, gilt edges .35 

Venetian Rutland, gilt edges 50 

French Turkey Grain, padded... .60 

Paste Grain, padded .75 

Morocco, yapped, leather lined 1.00 

Alaska Seal, limp, silk sewn 1 ,50 

Levant Morocco, yapped, calf lined, 

silk sewn 2.00 


Long Primer Type 

Size f>x3%x.% inches 

Cloth red edges 30 

French morocco, gilt edges .50 

Paste Grain, gilt edges 75 

French Seal, yapped, giltedges 1.25 

Pica Type 

Size 7%x4%xl inch 

Cloth, red edges .60 

Paste grain , gilt edges 1.25 

French Seal, yapped, gilt edges 2 .25 



Emerald Type Edition 

Cloth, red edges 60 

Maroon Cloth, leatherback. go 

Paste grain, gilt edges 1 .25 

Morocco, yapped, gilt edges 2.25 

Alaska Seal, silk sewn, India paper 

- 4.00 

Alaska seal, yapped, silk sewn, 

India paper 4.50 




Large Type Edition 

Cloth, red edges .90 

Maroon Cloth, leather back._ 1.25 
Alaska Seal, leather lined, silk sewn, 
India paper. — 5.00 



Pearl type, 32mo., French Rutlaud, yapped, linen lined.. 70 

Ruby type, 32mo., French morocco, yapped, lineu lined |qO 

Ruby type, 10mo., French Rutland, yapped 1.'©Q 

Ruby type, 24mo., French Rutland, yapped, linen lined, references.... 1 .25 

Ruby type, 24mo., Aleutian seal, yapped, leather lined, references 1 '75 

Diamond type, 32mo., Egyptian seal, yapped, leather lined, India pa'per, 

pocket size 1 ,75 

Difimond type, 32mo., Rutland yapped, kid lined silk sewn, India paper, 

pocket size 2.50 

Emerald type, 16mo., Egyptian seal, yapped, leather lined, references 2.25 
Ruby type, 24mo , Alaska seal, yapped, leather lined, silk sewn, India 

A ND God sp&kc &11 ttioso words ? 

2 I am the Lord thy God, which 
have brought thee outof the land of 
Egypt, outof thehouseof 2 bondage, 

3 Thou shalt have no other gods 
before me. 

4 Thou shalt not make unto thee 
any graven image, or any likeness 
of anything that is in heaven above, 
or that is in the earth beneath, 01 . 

Above shows size of type in book. 

D7-500. Special Oxford Bible, long primer type ; French 
yapped, references; Concordance; Harmony of the Gospel, 
etc. A splendid Book for Bible Students. Size 8 x 534 x i/4 
inches^ - 


fSDetbobiet Ibvmn Books 

Pearl Type 

Size 6x434 x 4/4 inches 

Cloth, plain edges 25 

Paste Grain, limp, gilt edges. ..1... .45 
French Morocco, yapped, gilt edges 

Brevier Type 

Size 754x53 4 X % inches 

Cloth, plain edges 55 

French Morocco, yapped 1.35 

Small Pica Type 

Old People’s Size, 

Pica Type 

Size 734x534x134 inches 

Cloth, sprinckled edges 1 .35 

Morocco, yapped, India paper 2.75 
Morocco, yapped, silk sewn, India 
paper - 3.25 

Brevier Type 

Size 534x3%x% inches 
Paste Grain, limp, gilt edges, India 

paper 1.10 

Egyptian Seal, yapped, India paper 

......... — 1.35 

Persian Morocco, yapped, silk sewn, 
India paper 1 .60 



Cloth, plain edges «©0 

Freuch morocco, yapped, gilt edges 

Egyptian Seal, yapped, leather lined, India paper — 2. # 5 


750 Pieces with Music 

Size 634x434x134 inches 
Cloth, Sprinckled edges.... 


French Morocco, yapped 1.35 

Egyptian Seal, yapped, leather lined, 
India paper 2.00 

HH1. Cloth Limp, music 55 

HH2. Cloth Boards 65 

FF1. Cloth Limp, large size .85 

FF2. Cloth Boards, large size... 1.00 

AA2. Words only, per doz 90 

888 Pieces with Music 

HNl. Cloth Limp 75 

HN2. Cloth Boards 85 

FN1. Cloth Limp, music -1.15 

FN2. Cloth Board, large type 1 .35 

AN1. Words only, each .10 

per doz„... 1.00 

1200 Pieces 

H2. Cloth Limp, with music 1 .00 I Words only, each .08 dozen .90 
H3. Cloth Boards 1.25 1 



With Music 

Canadian Hymnal Music, revised edition — .65 

Finest of the Wheat, Nos. I, 2 and 3, each - - .30 

“ “ Nos. 1 and 2, combined — .50 

Sacred Songs No, 1 .35 No. 11 — • 30 

Songs of Salvation .25 

Songs of the Century - 30 

Pentecostal Hymns, Nos. 1, 2 and 3, each - .35 

“ “ 1 and 2, combined 50 

Make His Praise Glorious 35 

'International Praise - — *35 

Gospel Hymns, Nos. 1 to 6 — 90 

Alexander’s New Revival Hymns, paper cover 25 

Alexander’s New Revival Hymns, cloth boards 40 

The Voice of Praise , — 35 

Song Praises by Chas. H. Gabriel..... - — .25 

Canadian Hymnal, words only, revised edition — I 2 

Gospel Hymns, words only, Nos 1 to 6 — .1 O 


Cloth Bound, Price 25c each 

Prevailing Praver 
Thoughts for the Quiet Hew* 
Sovereign Grace 
Bible Characters 

The Red Library, 

Weighed and Wanting 
Men of the Bible 
Way to God 
Latest Sermons, 

To the Work 



Cloth Bound, Price 65c each 

Quiet Talks on Power Qmet Talks on Prayer 

Quiet Talks on Service Quiet Talks on Personal Problems 

Quiet Talks About Jesus 








Cloth Bound 

Tho Bible and Its Christ 

How to Bring Men to Christ 

How to Study the Bible 

How to Pray 

How to Obtain Fullness of Power 

How to Succeed in the Christian Life 

A Vest Pocket Companion for Christian Workers 

Anecdotes and Illustrations - 












Maroon, silk cloth binding, gilt line and title, neatly 
boxed. Price 75c each 

Dr. Miller’s Year Book The Joy of Service 

Making the Most of Life The Building of Character 

Things to Live For The Golden Gate of Prayer 

The Every Day of Life Personal Friendships of Jesus 

A Heart Garden 



The Sovereignty of Character, by A. D. Watson, D.D., cloth.. ,75 

The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life, by Smith, cloth .25 

Daily Strength for Daily Needs, cloth "75 

Daily Strength for Daily Needs, white and gold binding, neatly boxed 1 .00 

The Kingdom of God. A book of sermons by Rev. W. R. Forster \ .’OO 

The Heart of Christianity by Rev. T. S. Linscott, D,D. .'90 



Cloth Binding 65c each 


Abraham or the Obedience of Faith 
Elijah and the Secret of His Power 
David : Shepherd, Psalmist, King 
Israel, a Prince with God 
Joseph : Beloved, Hated and Exalted 
Joshua and the Land of Promise 

Jeremiah : Priest and Prophet 
John the Baptist 
Moses, the Servant of God 
Paul, a Servant of Jesus Christ 
Samuel, the Prophet 


Christ in Isaiah. Expositions of Isaiah XL-LV. 

Love to the Uttermost. Exposition of John XIII-XXI. 

The Life and Light of Men. Expositions of John I-XII. 

Tried by Fire. Expositions in the First Epistle of Peter. 

The Way into the Holiest, Expositions of the Epistle to the Hebrews. 

D7 b 229 


The Greatest Thing Ever Known, fancy white binding .25 

What All The World’s A Seeking, cloth 1 .00 

In Tune With The Infinite, cloth 1.00 

In the Fire of the Heart, decorated cloth 1 .00 

Character Building, Thought Power, fancy white binding .25 



Friendship, cloth 65 

Friendship, silk cloth, decorated page 1.10 

Work, cloth binding 65 Cloth, decorated pages -1.20 


Library Edition bound in half calf 
leather, printed on fine paper from 
large type with illustrations. 

Charles Dickens’, complete in 

15 vols 17.50 

Scott’s Waverly Novels, com- 
plete in 12 vols 15.00 

Charles Dickens’, complete in 17 vols., 
printed on Oxford India paper with 
illustrations by Cruikshank, Phiz, 
etc., bound in limp lambskin cover, 
large clear type, pocket size, 
price 15.00 

Cloth Binding 

Dickens’ Works, library edition, bound 
in silk cloth, etching frontispiece, 
fully illustrated, gilt titles and 
decorations, complete in 16 

vols 11.00 

Dickens’ Works, bound in silk cloth, 
gilt titles, illustrated, com- 
plete In 15 vols 6.50 

Scott’s Waverly Novels, library edition, 
bound in silk cloth, etching frontis- 
piece, fully illustrated, gilt 
titles, etc. .complete in 12 vols. 9.00 
Scott’s Novels, bound in silk cloth, 
gilt titles, complete in 12 vols. 


Thackeray’s Novels, bound in silk 
cloth, illustrated edition, 

complete in 10 vols 5.25 

Thackeray's Novels, bound in 

cloth, complete in 10 vols 2.50 

Victor Hugo’s Works, library edition, 
tastefully bound in cloth, printed in 
clear type 01 good paper, 

illustrated, 8 vols 7.50 

Bulwer Lytton, library edition, taste- 
fully bound in silk cloth, with head- 
bands, printed in clear type 
on good paper, 13 vols 11 .00 


Green’s History of England, 4 

vols., cloth 2.25 

Gibbon’sRome, 5 vols., cloth.... 2.50 
History of Peru, Prescott, 2 

vols, cloth 75 

History of Mexico, Prescott, 2 

vols., cloth 75 

Macaulay’s History of England, 

5 vols., cloth 2.50 

Carlyle’s Works, library edition, taste- 
fully bound in silk cloth, printed in 
clear type on good paper, and 

illustrated. 10 vols 7.50 

Chambers’ Ericyelopiedia, a Dictionary 
of Universal Knowledge, new edi- 
tion, complete in 10 vols., best ma- 
roon cloth, each vol. size 
7%xll inches, per set 25.00 

Macaulay's Essays, 3 Vols., 



Temple Edition of Shakespeare, con- 
taining notes, each play bound in 
separate vol., complete in 40 vols., 

leather cover, vol 4.5 

Set 16.50 

Shakespeare’s Complete plays and 
Poems, in 3 vols. with glossary, 
photo frontispiece, and title page to 
each vol., limp lambskin, ea. 


Shakespeare, bound in best smooth 
calf leather, 6 vols. boxed, illustrated 
with pictures from the scenes of the 
great actors, Bijou edition, 

large clear type 6.50 

Same as above, cloth 4.50 

Complete Works of Shakespeare in one 
vol., beautifully illustrated with 20 
colored pictures and 69 photo engrav- 
ings of celebrated actors and 
actresses, cloth, gilt top 1-10 

Same edition, bound in crushed mo- 
rocco, padded round corners, 
red under gold edges. 2.00 

Cloth, price $1.50 Per Set 

Macaulay’s England. 

Cooper’s Sea Tales. 

Cooper’s Leather Stocking Tales. 

Conan Doyle. Marie Corelli. 

Rosa Carey. Hawthorne. 

2 vol- Sets, Cloth, 75c Set 

The Wandering Jew. Eugene Sue. 
The Life of Christ. Dean Farrar. 

The French Revolution. T. Carlyle. 
History of Our Own Times. McCarthy 
Les Miserables. Victor Hugo. 
Emerson’s Essays. 

Robert Browning’s Works 

Camberwell Edition, edited by C. Por- 
ter and H. A. Clark, the only fully 
annotated, line numbered edition, 
complete in 12 vols., cloth, 

gilt top, boxed 7.50 

R. Browning, complete in 1 
vol., maroon cloth 2.75 

Cloth 40c 

Burns Longfellow 

Byron Milton 

Browning, Mrs. Moore 

Browning, Rbt. Shelley 

Cowper Scott 

Coleridge Shakespeare 

Hemans, Mrs. Whittier 
Keats Wordsworth 


Padded Leather Edition, full 

gilt edges, Price $1 00 

Burns Lowell 

Byron Milton 

Browning, Mrs. Moore 

Browning, R. Scott 

Cowper Shakespeare 

Coleridge Shelley 

Goldsmith Whittier 

Hemans, Mrs. Wordsworth 


Padded Morocco Edition, 
red under gold edges, 

Ulus., price $1 .25 

Burns Scott 

Byron Shelley 

Browning, Mrs. Shakespeare 

Longfellow Whittier 

Milton Wordsworth 


Padded Nubian, Price $2.00 

Large clear type edition, red under 
gold edges. 

Burns Moore 

Byron Scott 

Browning, Mrs. Shakespeare 

Longfellow Whittier 

Milton Wordsworth 

Poems by Whitcombe Riley 
Cloth, price $1.10 ea. 
Riley’s Love Lyrics. 

Rhymes of Childhood. 

A Child World. Armazindy, 

Neighborly Poems Afterwhiles 
Green Fields and Running Brooks. 

Poems by Eugene Field 

With Trumpet and Drum, cloth .85 
Love Songs of Childhood, cloth .85 
A Little Book of Western Verse, 

cloth (.9 O 

Second Book of Western Verse, 

cloth — 1 .1 0 

Lullaby Land, cloth 1.25 

E. W. Wilcox’s Poems 
Cloth 25c, Leather 50o ea- 

Poems of Pleasure. 

Poems of Passion. 

Maurine . 

Three Women. 

Poems of Power. 

Kingdom of Love. 

Archibald Lampman's 

Poems „ 

lvol., cloth cover 1-85 






Temn son’s 

Cloth, gilt 1.00 

Paste grain, limp leather. 1.25 

Padded, grain leather 1.35 

Padded, morocco leather 2.00 

Limp paste grain leather, 

complete works 2.60 

Padded, paste grain, complete 

works - 2.75 

Free calf edition, complete 4.00 

Havergal’s Poems 

Three vols., cloth cover, box to 

match, price 1.26 

Three vols., boxed, roan leather 

cover — 2.00 

Birthday Text Books 
Birthday Text Books, cloth, ea. .1 0 
Birthday Text Books, cloth, 

gilt top, fancy design 

Birthday Text Books, Paste 

grain leather.. 

Birthday Text Books, padded 


Tennyson Birthday Book, fancy 
cloth o 50 Leather 


Dr. Chase’s Recipes or Information 
for Everybody, an invaluable col- 
lection of over 1000 practical recipes, 
illustrated, revised and enlarged in 
1900, good cloth binding. Our 

price 85 

Dr. Chase’s Recipes, old edition.. .50 
Dr. Chavasse, advice to a wife and 
advice to a mother in one 

volume, cloth go 

The Physical Life of Woman, by * 

Napheys 50 

The Transmission of Life by 

Napheys 50 

Tokology, the famous work by 
Alice B. Stockham. 0urprice2.25 

Nursing, by S. V. Levis, cloth 4.0 

The Doctor a t Home and Nurses’ Guide 
Book, by George Black, M.B. 

Cloth cover, illustrated 85 

Cloth Cover. Our Price. 

90c each 

What a Young 
Girl Ought 
to Know. 
What a Young 
Ought to 

What a Young 
Wife Ought 
to Know. 
What a Woman 
of 45 Ought 
to Know. 
What a Young 
Boy Ought to 

What a Young Man Ought to Know. 
What a Young Husband Ought to 

What a Man of 45 Ought to Know. 
Husband, Wife and Home. 




Postage extra. 

The Drake Series of Home 
Study Books 

Never before has such an opportunity been given to men 
and boys the world over to make themse'ives thorough 
masters of all the leading mechanical and scientific trades 
and professions, and the avidity and eagerness with which 
so many are availing themselves of this unique chance to 
obtain, by so direct and easy a method, this practical and 
invaluable knowledge is the most potent testimonial to the 
high merit of the works that public sentiment can accord. 
The prices for these valuable works have been marked at a 
phenomenally low figure with a view to place them within 
the reach of everybody— ambitious men and boys of the nar- 
rowest means as well as their more prosperous co-workers. 

They are Practical, Omitting Nothing 
Essential and Containing 
Nothing Irrelevant 

From the Home Study Series of books has been elimin- 
ated everything which can in the remotest degree divert the 
student’s mind from the essentials of the subjects treated ; 
thereby providing him with the necessary and useful know- 
ledge by the most direct route and shortest cut and saving 
him many hours of mis-spent study. 

Note Our Special Prices 


Each volume is a complete modern treatise — written so you can understand it. 

Practical Treatise on the Use of the Steel 

Square. By Fred T. Hodgson. Two large volumes. 
660 pages. 600 illustrations. Cloth. Price 1.50 

Modern Estimator and Contractors’ Guide 

For pricing all builders’ work. By Fred T. Hodgson. 

300 pages. Fully illustrated. Cloth. Price 1.15 

Modern Carpentry and Joinery, a practical 

manual. By Fred T. Hodgson. 250 pages. 200 illus- 
trations. Cloth. Price .75 

Easy Lessons In the Art of Practical Wood 

Carving,, By Fred T. Hodgson. 320pages. 300 
illustrations. Cloth. Price 1.15 

The Up-to-Date 

Fred T. Hodgson. 

Cloth. Price. 

_ Hardwood Finisher. By 

320 pages. 117 illustrations. 


Common Sense Stair Building and Hand 
Railing. By Fred T. Hodgson. 200 pages. 200 
illustrations. Cloth. Price .75 

Twentieth Century Stonemason’s 
Bricklayer’s Assistant. By FredT. Hodg- 
son. 32u pages. 400 illustrations. Cloth. Price... | 



Builders’ Architectural Drawing Self- 

Taught. By Fred T. Hodgson. 300 pages. 300 illustra- 
tions. 18 large double folding plates. Cloth 1 . 50 

Modern Carpentry. No. 2-Advanced Series 

By Fred T. Hodgson. This is a continuation of Mr. Hodg- 
son's first volume on Modern Carpentry and Is intended to 
carry the student to a higher plane than is reached by 
the first volume. 12mo. Cloth. 300 pages. Over 300 
illustrations 1.15 

Concretes, Cements, Mortars, Plasters, 
Stuccos. How to make and howto use them. By 
Fred T. Hodgson, Architect. This Is another of Mr. Hodg- 
son’s practical works that appeal directly to the Workman 
whose business it is to make and apply the materials named 
in the title. 12mo. Cloth. 300 pages. Fully illus- 
trated. Price 1.15 

The Builder and Contractors* Guide. To 

correct measurements of area and cubic contents in all 
matters relating to buildings of an y kind. By Fred T. 
Hodgson, Architect, and W. M. Brown. C.E., and Quality 
Surveyor. 12mo. Cloth. 200 pages. Illustrated.. |.I5 

Practical Bungalows and Cottages for 

Town and Country. Arranged and Edited bv 
Fred T. Hodgson. Tho book contains perspective wash 
drawings and floor plans of one hundred and twenty-five 
choice homes, ranging in price from $500 to $2,000. 

12mo. Cloth. 260 pages. 300 illustrations. Price.. .76 

The Amateur Artist or Oil and Water Color 
Painting Without the Aid of a Teacher. 

By F. Delamotte. Large 12mo. Cloth. 160 pages, 

fully illustrated. Price .75 

The Signist’s Book of Modern Alphabets. 

Collected and engraved by F. Delamotte. Plain and orna- 
mental, ancient and mediaeval, from the Eighth to the 
Twentieth Century, large oblong octavo. 208 pages. 

100 designs. Price 1.15 

Modern Locomotive Engineering, with ques- 
tions and answers. Twentieth Century Edition, By Calvin 
F. Swingle, M.E. 650 pages. 400 illustrations, 

Full leather. Gold edges. Pocketbook style. Price 2.50 
The Twentieth Century Hand-Book for 
Steam Engineers and Electricians. Second 
revised and enlarged edition. By Calvin F. Swingle. M.E. 
650 pages. 300 illustrations. Full leather. Pocket- 

book style. Gold edges. Price 2.00 

Steam Boilers: Their Construction, Care 
and Operation. With Questions and Answers. By 
C. F. Swingle, M.E. 200 pages. Fully illustrated. 

Price 1.15 

Complete Examination, Questions and 
Answersfor Marine and Stationary En- 
gineers- By Calvin F. Swingle, M.E. Full 

leather. Price I. 15 

The Calcu lation of Horse Power Made Easy. 

Tells how to calculate the power of steam engines, gas and 
oil engines and electric motors. By L. E. Brookes, M.E. 

80 pages. Fully illustrated. Cloth. Price .50 

Modern Air Brake Practice: its Use and Abuse. 
With questions and answers. Treats on both Westinghouse 
and New York systems. By Frank H. Dukesmith. 400 pages. 
150 illustrations, with five large folding plates. Cloth. 

Price 1.15 

The Practical Cas and Oil Engine Hand- 

Book. A manual on the care, maintenance and repair of 

f as and oil engines. ByL. E. Brookes, M.E. 160 pages. 

'ully illustrated. Cloth. Price .7S 

Full Leather. Price I . 15 

The Automobile Hand-Book. Giving the care, 
construction and operation of gasoline and electric auto- 
mobiles. By L. E. Brookes, M.E. 320 pages. 118 illus- 
trations. Full leather. Price 1.15 

Twentieth Century Machine Shop Prac- 
tice. The best and latest and most practical work pub- 
lished On modern machine shop practice. By L. Elliott 
Brookes. M.H. Large 12mo. Cloth. 660 pages. 400 

illustrations. Price 1.65 

Practical Up-to-date Plumbing. A practical 
up-to-date work on Sanitary Plumbing. By George B. Clow. 
Over 160 Illustrations. Largo 12mo. Cloth. 280 pages. 

Price 1.15 

Hot Water Heating Steam and Gas Fitting. 

A modern treatise on Hot Water, Steam and Furnace Heating 
and Steam and Gas Fitting. By Wm. Donaldson. Large 
12mo. 270 pages. Over 100 illustrations. Cloth binding. 
Price | . I 5 

Farm Engines and How to Run Them. The 

Young Engineer’s Guide. By James H. Stephenson. This 
hook is used as a text hook in nearly every Agricultural 
College in the United States and Canada. 230 pages. 

76 illustrations. Cloth. Price .75 

Sheet Metal Workers’ Instructor. This work 

consists of useful information for Sheet Metal Workers in all 
branches of the industry. By Joseph H. Rose. Pro- 
fusely illustrated. Large 12mo. 300 pages. Cloth. . . 1.50 

Practical Telephone Hand-Book and Guide to 
Telephonic Exchange. How to construct and maintain 
Telephone Lines. By T. S. Baldwin. 12mo. Cloth. 

Price 75 

Brookes’ 20th Century Machine Shop 

Practice. Over 400 illustrations. By L. E. Brookes. 

Cloth 8 .50 

Telegraphy Self-Taught.' A complete manual of 
instruction. By Tlieo. A. Edison. 160 pages. Fully 

illustrated. Cloth. Price 75 

Handy Eleotrical Dictionary. Vest Pocket Edition. 

4,800 words, terms, phrases. By W. L. Weber. 224 pages. 

Illustrated. Cloth Indexed. Price .25 

Fullleather. Price .' .45 

The Painters’ Encyclopaedia, illustrated. Book 

contains graining, staining, varnishing, polishing, stenciling, 
and many other different works connected with paint- 
ing. Our price 15 

Modern Wiring Diagrams and Descrip- 
tions. By V. H. Tousley and H. C. Horstman. The stan- 
dard authority on electric wiring of nil kinds. 160 pages. 

200 illustrations. Full leather. Price 1.15 

Electricity Made Sim pie. By C. O. Haskins. Just 
tho book for beginners. 233 pages. 108 illustrations. 

Cloth. Price 75 

Dynamo Tending for Engineers or Electricity 
for Steam Engineers. Ily Horstman and Tousloy. 200 

pages. 116 illustrations. Cloth. Prieo 1.16 

Modern Electrical Construction. By Horstman 
and Tousley. Treats entirely on Practical Electrical 
Work. 250 pages. 100 illustrations. Fullleather. Price | , 15 
Easy Electrical Experiments and How to Make 
Thom. A book for heginnora. By L. P. Dickinson. 220 
pages. Fully illustrated. Cloth. Price .75 

The Up-to-date ElectroplatingHand-Book. 

A complete treatise on Electroplating in all its branches. 
By Jas. II. Woston. 192 pages. 50 illustrations. Cloth 
Price 75 

18 ft 




Nature Study, Elocution, Standard Works 



Bright Ideas for 
Entertaining, by 
Mrs. H. B. Lins- 
cott, neatly and 
subs tan tiall y 
bound, contains 
about 200 forms 
of amusement or 
for social gather- 
ings of all kinds, 


Musson’s Ready Reckoner, cloth ,20 
Practical Palmistv, by Henry Frith, 

Cloth 40 

Dancing, by Marguerite Wilson, 

cloth 40 

Dick’s Quadrille Call Book, paper .45 
Things Worth Knowing by J. H. 

Bechtel 40 

Quotations by Agnes H. Morton .40 
Slips of Speech, by J. H. Bechtel .40 
Practical Synonyms, by J. H. Bechtel 


Conversation by J. H. Mahaffy...„ 4 Q 

Modern Hoyle, cloth 25 

Musson’s Ready Reckoner and Lum- 
ber and Log Book 20 

Conundrums, by Rives 40 

■Proverbs, by Bechtel 40 

Bridge Manual .85 

Nut tail's Encyclopaedia, cloth 75 


Manners for Men. by Mrs. 

Humphrey .25 

Manners for Women, by Mrs. 

Humphrey 25 

Etiquette, an up-to-date book by 

Agnes H. Morton, cloth 40 

Letter Writing, by Agnes H. Morton... 


Encyclopaedia of Etiquette, a book of 
manners for every day use, by Emily 
Holt. Cloth cover, half tone illus- 
trations, price 1.85 

The Up-to-date Practical Letter 
Writer, price. 35 


Haunters of the Silences. A Book of 
Animal Life, by Charles D. Roberts, 
with many illustrations, cloth 


Young Folk’s Cyclopaedia of Natural 
History, by C, C. Abbott, with 
over 500 illustrations. Cloth.. .65 
The Popular Natural History by Rev. 
J. G. Wood, with 600 illustrations 
and colored plates. Cloth cover, 

gilt edges 1.25 

A Guide to the Wild Flowers, by A. 
Lounsberry, with 64 colored and 100 
black and white plates, and 44 dia- 
grams, by Mrs. E. Rowan, with an 
introduction by Dr. N. L. 
Britton. Cloth._ 1.75 



A Guide to the Trees, by Alice Louns- 
berry. With 64 colored and 164 
black and white plates and 55 dia- 
grams, by Mrs. E. Rowan, with in- 
troduction by Dr. N. L. Britton. 

Cloth I .75 

Birds in Natural Colors, 60 illustra- 
tions by color photography. A guide 
to the study of bird life, 

cloth 1.25 

Familiar Trees and their Leaves, by 
F. S. Matthews, with 12 pictures of 
representative trees in colors and 
over 200 drawings from Nature by 
the author ; with the botanical 
name of each tree and record of 
precise character and color of 

its leafage 1.65 

Birds of Eastern North America, by 
F. M. Chapman, with keys to the 
species and descriptions of their 
plumages, nests and eggs, and a 
brief account of their haunts and 
habits. With full page plates in 
colors and black and white. 

vth edition, Cloth 2-50 

How to Know the Butterflies, by J. 
H. Comstock. A manual of the 
Butterflies of Eastern United States, 
with 45 full page plates from life 
reproducing the insects in 
natural colors. Cloth 2. 00 


(Not Exchanged) 

Young Folk’s Recitations 15 

Shoemaker’s Best Selections, Nos. 

1 to 26, each 25 

Wilson’s Recitations and Dialogues. 


Dick’s Comic Dialogues .25 

Choice Dialogues .25 

Young Folk’s Dialogues 25 

McBride’s Choice Dialogues.. .25 

Kavanagh’s New Speeches and 

Dialogues for Children .25 

Young Folk’s Entertainments .25 

Humorous Dialogues and Dramas .25 

Holiday Selections 25 

Temperance Selections .. .25 

Young People’s Speaker. 15 

Entertainments for Young People .25 

Good Humor ,'25 

Choice Humor Readings and Recita- 
tions 25 

Classic Dialogues and Dramas 25 

School-day Dialogues .25 

Ideal Drills, by M. Morton '25 


Mrs. Beeton’s 

Cookery Book, 

320 pages, 21 
full page 
plates. Our 

price 25 

Mrs. Beeton’s 
Book of House 
hold Manage- 
men t, com- 
pletely revised 
and up-to-date 
with new col- 
ored plates, 
large edition, 

bound in % leather 2.00 

Famous White 
House Cook 
Book, bound 
in white oil 
cloth cover 
Our price 
— ... — .75 
Mrs. Rorer’s 
Cook Book, 
Special 1.10 

The Home Cook Book. 

The New Home Cook Book, a volume 
of tried, tested and proven receipts 
by prominent ladies of Canada, 
edited by G. E. Denison. Our 
special price 75 

The Century Cook Book, clo. 
illus 1-90 

Luncheons: A Cook’s Picture Book 
A supplement to the Century Cook 
Book, by Mary Ronald 1 .40 

Mrs. Rorer’s Cook Book, the new 
edition revised and enlarged, a com- 
plete manual of housekeeping. 

The Complete Housekeeper. A very 
useful Book, by E. Holt, author of 
Ency, of Etiquette. Cloth cover, 
illustrated 1.50 

Canning Preserving, Mrs. Rorer .45 
Hot Weather Dishes “ .45 

Home Candy Making “ ,45 

New Salads “ .45 

Bread and Breadmaking" .45 

How to Use a Chafing Dish .25 
365 Breakfasts “ .35 

365 Luncheons “ .35 

365 Linners “ .35 

365 Desserts " .35 

Cloth Illustrated, each 65c 

Ikeys Letters to His 

Beat It (New). 

Get Next. 

You Can Search Me 
I’m from Missouri. 

I Need the Money. 
Out For the Coin. 
Back to the Woods 
It’s up to You. 
Down the Linewith 
John Henry. 

John Henry. 

Charles Wagner’s Works 

The Simple Life, cloth .75 

The Better Way, cloth .90 

On Life’s Threshold, cloth .90 

Henry Van Dyke’s Works 

Ruling Passion, cloth, decorated 1 .20 
Blue Flower, cloth, decorated... 1 .20 
Little Rivers, cloth, decorated... i .20 

Works by Dr. Drummond 

Johnnie Courteau, cloth 1 .00 

Fancy Vellum, gilt top, fully illus- 
trated _... 2.00 

The Habitant, cloth 1 .00 

Cloth, gilt topped, fully illustrated 

— 2.00 

The Voyageur, cloth 1 .00 

Cloth, gilt top, fully illustrated2. 00 

Ralph Connor’s Works 

The Black Rock, cloth .85 

The Sky Pilot 85 

The Man from Glengarry 1.00 

Glengarry School Days, cloth. 1 .00 

The Prospector, cloth 1 .1 0 

The Doctor, cloth 1 .1 0 


Our Price 22c each 

1. The Great Mogul. Louis Tracy. 

2. Karl Grier. Louis Tracy. 

3. The Wiugs of the Morning. Louis 

4. The Pillar of Light. Louis Tracy. 
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom 

Come. John Fox, Junr 
6. The House of a Thousand Candles. 
Meredith Nicholson. 


Long Labrador Trail. D. Wallace 1.20 
lan of the Orcades. Wm. A. Camp- 
bell 1.20 

Joseph Vance. Wm. De Morgan 1 ,10 
The Cruise of the Shining Light. 

N. Duncan 1.10 

The Lone Furrow. W. A. Fraser 1.10 
The Lodestar. Max Pemberton 1.10 
The Night Riders (Canadian 

Tale). Ridge well Cullen 1 .1 0 

The Woman. A. Fogazzaro 1 .1 0 

C. D. Roberts (Complete Poems) 1.85 

Coniston. W. Churchill 1.20 

St. Cuthberts. Knowles 1.20 

Undertow 1.10 

Lure of the Labrador Wild. D. 

Wallace 1.20 

Dr. Grenfell’s Parish. N. Duncan .90 
Harvest of the Sea. N. Duncan .90 

Duncan Polite. M. Keith 1.10 

The Silver Maple; M. Keith 1 .10 

Secret of Heroism, W. L. Mac- 

Kenzie King QO 

A Victor of Salarius. W. Stearns 

Davis, cloth .1 •20 

The Long Road. JohnOxenham, 

cloth 1 .20 

Phantom Wires. Arthur Stringer, 

cloth. 1.10 

Mr. Barnes. American. Gunter.. 1.10 
The Impostor. Harold Bindlass 1 .10 
The Mayor’s Wife. Anna Green 1.10 
The Brass Bowl , Joseph Vance . 1 .1 0 
The Lady of the Blue Motor. 

G. Sidney Paternoster. 1 .10 

The Mystery. Stewart Edward 

White 1 .20 

Growth. Graham Travers l’.1 0 

Truthful Jane. F. M. Kingsley _ 1 .1 0 

Before Adam. Jack Loudon 1 ,20 

St. Judes. Ian MacLaren -1.10 

Nimrod's Wife. Grace G. 

Thompson-Seton 1.60 

The Mystics. Katherine C. Thurs- 
ton 1.10 

Little Esson. Crockett, cloth 1 .1 0 

Paper (55 

Short Cruises. Jacobs..- 1.10 

A Strong Man’s Vow. Hocking, 1 .1 0 
The Captain of the Kansas. L. 

Tracy 1.10 

The Cruise of the Shining Light. 

Duncan 1.10 

The New Chronicles of Rebecca. 

Wiggin 1.10 

The Princess Virginia. William- 
son 1.10 

The Second Generation. David 

G. Phillips 1.10 

The Secret. Oppenheim. 1 .1 0 

The Port of Missing Men. Mere- 
dith Nicholson -1.10 

The Great Plot. Le Queux 1,10 

The Veiled Lady. Hopkinson 

Smith 1 .10 

The Diamond Ship. Max Pem- 
berton 1.10 

The Man Who Was Dead. A. W. 

Marchmont 1.10 

In the Cause of Freeoom. A. W. 

Marchmont 1.10 

The Scarlet Car Richard 

Harding Davis 1 .1 0 

The Younger Set, Robert 

Chambers, ready Sept., 1 .10 

The Fruit of the Tree. Edith 

Wharton, ready Oct.. _ 1.10 

The Broken Rose. A. E. W. 

Mason, ready Oct -1.10 

Romance of an Old Fasioned 
Gentleman. Hopkinson Smith, 
ready Oct.. HP 




D7-X1. A unique thoroughly up-to-date series 
of books by the most popular authors. 
Undoubtedly the most startling, attractive 
series of 12 mos. ever made to sell for 19c., 
bound in ribbed cloth, highly artistic 
lithographed covers as cut. 

Our special price 19c. 

Please give second or third choice. 

Ardath. Marie Corelli. 

Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. 

0. W. Holmes. 

Bailiff’s Maid. E. Marlitt. 

The Bondman. Hall Caine. 

The Bride’s Fate. Mrs. Southworth. 
Changed Brides. Mrs. Southworth. 
Children of the Abbey. R. M. Roche. 
TheCloister and theHearth. C.'Reade 
Count of Monte Christo. Dumas. 
Cousin Maude. M. J. Holmes. 

Cruel as the Grave. Mrs. Southworth. 
Darkness and Daylight. Mary J. 

Deemster. Hall Caine. 

Donovan. Edna Lyall. 

Dora Deane. Mary J. Holmes. 

Dora Thorne. C. M. Braeme. 

The Duke’s Secret. “ 

The Earl’s Heir. “ 

East Lynne. Mrs. H. Wood, 

Edith Lyle’s Secret M. J. Holmes. 
Edmund Dantes. Alex. Dumas. 
Elsie Venner. M. J. Holmes. 

English Orphans. M. J. Holmes. 
Evelyn’s Mistake. M. J. Holmes. 
Family Doom. Mrs. Southworth. 
Felix Holt. Geo. Eliott. 

First Violin. Jessie Fothergill. 

Foul Play. Chas. Reade. 

Gold Elsie. E. Marlitt. 

Handy Andy. Samuel Lover. 

Hardy Norseman. Edna Lyall. 
Hidden Hand. Mrs. Southworth. 
The Homestead on the Hillside. 
M. J. Holmes. 

How He Won Her. Mrs. Southworth. 
In the Golden Days. Edna Lyall. 
Ishmael. Mrs. Southworth. 
Ivanhoe. Sir Walter Scott. 

Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte. 
Jeanne. Chas. Garvice. 

John Halifax. Miss Mulock. 
Kenilworth. Sir Walter Scott. 
Knight Errant. Edna Lyall. 

The Lady of the Rubies. E. Marlitt. 
Lamplighter. Maria Cummings. 
Last Days of Pompeii. Lytton. 

The Last of the Mohicans. J. F. 

Leighton Homestead. M. J. Holmes. 
Lena Rivers. M. J. Holmes. 

Leola Dale’s Fortune. Chas. Garvice. 
Little Minister. J. M. Barrie. 

Lorrie. Chas. Garvice. 

The Lost Heir of Linlithgow. Mrs. 


Maggie Miller. M. J. Holmes. 
Marble Faun. Hawthorne. 

Marian Grey. M. J. Holmes. 
Marquis. Chas. Garvice. 

Martyred Love. Chas. Garvice. 
Meadow Brook Farm. M. J. Holmes. 
Micah Clark. A. Conan Doyle. 
Mildred. M. J. Holmes. 

Mil bank. M. J. Holmes. 

Noble Lord. Mrs. Southworth. 

Not Like Other Girls. R. N. Carey. 
Old Mam’selle’s Secret. E. Marlitt. 
Oliver Twist. Chas. Dickens. 

Only a Governess. Rosa N. Carey. 
Our Mutual Friend. Chas. Dickens. 
Princess of the Moor, E. Marlitt. 
Put Yourself in His Place. C. Reade. 
Quo Vadis. Henrik Sienkiewicz. 
Robinson Crusoe. Daniel De Foe. 
Romance of Two Worlds. M. Corelli 
Rosamond. Mary J. Holmes. 

Rose Mather. Hawthorne. 

Scarlet Letter. Hawthorne. 

Scottish Chiefs. Jane Porter. 

Second Wife. E. Marlitt. 

Self-raised. Mrs. Southworth. 

She Loved Him. Chas. Garvice. 

Sign of the Four. Conan Doyle. 
Silas Marner. Geo. Eliot. 

Sketch Book. Washington Irving. 
Story of a Wedding Ring. C. Braeme. 
Study in Scarlet. A Conan Doyle. 
Sunshine and Roses. C. Braeme 
Tale of Two Cities. Chas. Dickens. 
Tempest and Sunshine. M. J. 

Ten Nights in a Bar Room. 

T. S. Arthur. 

Terrible Temptation. Chas. Reade. 
Thaddeus of Warsaw. Porter. 
Thelma. Marie Corelli. 

Three Guardsmen. Dumas. 
Treasure Island. Stevenson. 

Tried for Her Life. Mrs. South- 

Two Orphans. A. D’Ennery. 

Uncle Tom’s Cabin. H. B. Stowe. 
Under Two Flags. Ouida. 

Vendetta. Marie Corelli. 

Very Hard Cash. Chas. Reade. 
Victor’s Triumph. Mrs. Southworth. 
We Two. Enda Lyall. 

White Company. A. Conan Doyle. 
Won by Waiting. Edna Lyall. 
Wormwood. Marie Corelli. 


Comprising titles secured from the 
world’s best literature, printed from 
large type, on good paper, and bound 
in uniform cloth. 

Price 45c per Vol. 

Alhambra. W. Irving. 

Antiquary. Scott. 

Bleak House. Charles Dickens. 

Bride of Lammermoor. Scott. 

Cloister and the Hearth. C. Reade. 
Conspiracy of Pontiac. F. Parkman, jr. 
Daniel Deronda. Eliot. 

David Copperfield. Charles Dickens. 
Descent of Man. Charles Darwin. 
Divine Comedy. Dante. 

Dombey and Son. Charles Dickens. 
Donal Grant. Geo. MacDonald. 

Dove in Eagle’s Nest. C. M. Young. 
Early Days of Christianity. F.W. Farrar 
Education. H. Spencer. 

Elsie Venner. O. W. Holmes. 
Emerson’s Essays. 

Fair Maid of Perth. Scott. 

First Principles. H. Spencer. 

For Faith and Freedom. W. Besant. 
Fortunes of Nigel. Scott. 

French Revolution. Thos. Carlyle. 
Guy Mannering. Scott. 

Harold. Lytton. 

Henry Esmond. Thackeray. 
Hereward. Chas. Kingsley. 

History of Civilization in Europe. 
Ivanhoe. Scott. 

Jane Eyre. C. Bronte. 

John Halifax, Gentleman. Mulock. 
Last Days of Pompeii. Lytton. 
life of Christ. Farrar. 

Life of Jesus. E. Renan. 

Little Dorrit. Charles Dickens. 

Little Minister. J. M. Barrie. 

Lorna Doone. Blackmore. 

Macaulay’s Literary Essays. 

Makers of Florence. Mrs. Oliphant. 
Makers of Venice. Mrs. Oliphant. 
Marquis of Lossie. Geo. Macdonald. 
Martin Chuzzlewit. Chas. Dickens. 
Middlemarch. Eliot. 

Newcomes (The). Thackeray. 
Nicholas Nickleby. Chas. Dickens. 
Old Curiosity Shop. “ “ 

Oliver Twist. Charles Dickens. 

Our Mutual Friend. Chas. Dickens. 
Pendennis (History of). Thackeray. 
Peveril of the Peak. Scott. 

Pickwick Papers. Chas. Dickens. 

Red Gauntlet. Scott. 

Royal Edinburgh. Mrs. Oliphant. 
Scottish Chiefs. J. Porter. 

Seven Lamps of Architecture. Ruskin. 
Sir Gibbie. Geo. MacDonald. 

Story of Jno. Paton. 

Tale of Two Cities. Chas. Dickens. 
Talisman. Scott. 

Thelma. Marie Corelli. 

Tom Burke of Ours. Charles Lever. 
Virginians. Thackeray. 

Waverley. Scott. 

What’s Mine’s Mine. Geo. MacDonald 

Cloth, Price 25c each 

Across Her Path. 



Doris Cheyne. 

Dorothea Kirk. 

Divided House, A 
Hazel & Sons. 

Sundered Hearts. 

Shadowed Lives. 

Secret Panel. 

Twice Tried. 

The Bonnie Jean. 

Ursula Vivian. 

Vexed Inheritance, A, 

Wrongs Righted. 

Price 75C each 

Silk Cloth, Decorated. 

Briar and Palm. 

The Gates of Eden. 

The Guinea Stamp. 

A Lost Ideal. 

Maitland of Laurieston. 

St. Veda’s. 

Who Shall Serve. 



This Is a splendid series of popular 
and standard works, printed on pure 
white paper from new plates, extra 
well bound in dark cloth. 

Price 25 cents 

JEsop’s Fables. Alhambra. Irving, 
Adam Bede. Geo. Eliot. 

Alice. Bulwer Lytton. 

An American Girl in London. Duncan 
Anderson’s Fairy Tales. 

Antiquary. Scott. Ardath. Corelli, 
Arabian Nights’ Entertainments. 
Baron Munchausen. 

Betrothed. Scott. 

Bondman. Hall Caine. 

Cast up by the Sea. Sir S. Baker. 
Caxtons, The. Bulwer Lytton. 
Charles O’Malley. Lever. 

Child’s History of England. Dickens. 
Cleopatra. Haggard. 

Conquest of Peru. Prescott. 

Daniel Deronda. Eliot. 

Data of Ethics. H. Spencer. 

David Copperfield. Dickens. 

Descent of Man. Chas. Darwin. 
Devereux. Bulwer Lytton. 

Disowned. Bulwer Lytton. 

Dombey and Son. Dickens. 

Donovan . Lyall. 

Don Quixote. Cervantes. 

Elsie Venner. Emerson’s Essays, 
Ernest Maltravers. Lytton. 

Fair Maid of Perth. Scott. 

Far from the Madding Crowd. Hardy. 
First Principles. H. Spencer. 
Fortunes of Nigel. Scott. 

French Revolution. Carlyle. 

Green Mountain Boys, D. P. Thompson 
Guy Mannering. Scott. 

Handy Andy. Lover. 

Harold. Lytton. 

Heir of Redcliffe. C. M. Young. 
Henry Esmond. Thackeray. 
Hunchback of Notre Dame. Hugo. 
It’s Never Too Late to Mend. Reade. 
Ivanhoe. Scott. 

John Halifax, Gentleman. Mulock. 
Joseph Balsamo. A. Dumas. 
Kenilworth. Scott. 

Koran of Mohammed. 

Les MiBerables. Hugo. 

Life of Christ. Geikie. 

Lamplighter. Cummins. 

Last Days of Pompeii. Lytton. 

Last of the Mohicans. Cooper. 

Lorna Doone. Blackmore. 

Memoirs of a Physician. Dumas. 
Micah Clarke. Doyle. 

Middlemarch. Eliot. 

Mill on the Floss. Eliot. 

Monastery. Scott. 

Newcomes. Thackeray. 

Nicholas Nickleby. Chas. Dickens. 
Night and Morning. Lytton. 

Origin of Species. Chas. Darwin. 

Old Curiosity Shop. Chas. Dickens. 
Oliver Twist. Charles Dickens. 

Our Mutual Friend. Chas. Dickens. 
Paul Clifford. Lytton. 

Pelham. Lytton. 

Peveril of the Peak. Scott. 

Pickwick Papers. Chas. Dickens. 
Pioneers. Cooper. 

Prairie, The. Cooper. 

Quentin Durwnrd. Scott. 

Red Gauiulet. Scott. 

Reproach of Annesley. M. Gray. 
Keturn of the Native. Hardy. 

Rienzi. Lytton. 

Robinson Crusoe. Defoe. 

Rob Roy . Scott. Romola. Eliot. 
Scottish Chiefs. J. Porter. 

Silas Marner. Eliot. 

Son of Hagar. Hull Caine. 

Tale of Two Cities. Dickens. 
Talisman. Scott. 

Thelma. Marie Corelli. 

Three Musketeers. Dumas. 

Toilers of the Sea. Hugo. 

Tom Brown’s School Days. Hughes. 
Tom Brown at Oxford. Hughes. 
Uncle Tom’s Cabin. IJ. B. Stowe. 
Vanity Fair. Thackeray. 

Waverley. Scott. 

Westward Ho. Kingsley. 

We Two. Lyall. 

What's Bred in the Bone. (?. Allen. 
Woodlanders. Thos. Hardy. 
Woodstock. Scott. 



* LI 













This popular line is bound in pretty 
silk cloth cover, size 16 mo., neatly 
boxed. p P i ce 23 c. 

Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. 

Abide in Christ. Murray. 

Beecher’s Addresses. 

Best Thoughts. Drummond. 

Bacon’s Essays. 

Brook’s Addresses. 

Courtship of Miles Standish. Long- 

Christie’s Old Organ. Walton. 
Changed Cross. 

Child’s Garden of Verses. Stevenson. 
Christmas Carol. Dickens. 

Coming to Christ. Murrry. 

Cranford. Mrs. Gaskell. 

Crown of Wild Olives. Buskin. 
Drummond’s Addresses, 

Discourses of Epictetus. 

Dream Life. Mitchell. 

Emerson’s Essays. 1st Series. 
Emerson’s Essays. 2nd Series. 

Essays of Elia. Lamb. 

Ethics of the Dust. Ruskin, 
Evangeline. Longfellow. 

Elizabeth and Her German Garden. 
Fairy Land of Science. Buckley. 
Greek Heroes. Kingsley. 

Gold Dust. 

Heroes and Hero Worship. Carlyle. 
Hiawatha. Longfellow. 

House of Seven Gables. Hawthorne. 
Imitation of Christ. Thos. A’Kempis 
Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow. 

Idylls of the King, Tennyson. 

In Memoriam. Tennyson. 

Jessica’s First Prayer. Stretton. 

John Ploughman’s Pictures. Spurgeon 
John Ploughman’s Talks. Spurgeon. 
Kept for Master’s Use. Havergal. 
Lady of the Lake. Scott. 

Lalla Rookh. Moore. 

Lays of Ancient Rome. Macaulay. 
Lucile. Meredith. Line upon Line. 
Light of Asia. Arnold. 

Light that Failed. Kipling. 


My King and His Service. Havergal. 
Master of Ballantrae. Stevenson. 
Morning Thoughts. Havergal. 

Mosses from an Old Manse. Hawthorne 
Natural Law in the Spiritual World. 

Nature Addresses. Peep of Day. 
Precept upon Precept. 

Paradise Lost. Milton. 

Paradise Regained. Milton. 

Paul and Virginia. 

Pleasures of Life. Lubbock. 

Prince of the House of David. In- 

Prue and I. Curtis. 

Queen of the Air. Ruskin. 

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. 

Rab and his Friends. Brown. 
Representative Men. Emerson, 
Reveries of a Bachelor. Mitchell. 
Shepherd Psalm. Meyer. 

Sartor Resartus. Carlyle. 

Scarlet Letter. Hawthorne. 
Shakespeare’s Heroines. 

Steps into the Blessed Life. Meyer. 
Tales from Shakespeare. Lamb. 
Tanglewood Tales. Hawthorne. 

Ten Nights in a Bar-room. Arthur. 
Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius. 

Twice Told Tales. Hawthorne. 

Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Stowe. 

Vicar of Wakefield. Goldsmith. 
Walden. Thoreau. 

Water Babies, Kingsley. 

Window in Thrums. Barrie. 

Wonder Book. Hawthorne. 

Splendid Assortment of Titles 

Specially selected for Beys’ and Girls’ Reading , Sunday School Libraries, etc. 


The Popular Writer of Boys’ School 

Cloth, Ulus., 65c each 

The Fifth Form of St. Dominic’s 
My Friend Smith 

Adventures of a Three Guinea Watch 

Tom, Dick and Harry 

The Master of the Shell 

The Cock House at Fellsgarth 

Reginald Cruden 

A Dog with a Bad Name 

Parkhurst Boys 

Roger Ingleton, Minor 

Sir Ludar 

Cloth, lllus., 45c each 

Across Texas. 

Brave Men and Brave Deeds. 

Chums at Last. 

Diamond Rock. 

Jacobite Fair, A 

Famous Sisters of Great Men. 

Gordon Highlander, A 
Father, M.P. 

Mobsley’s Mohicans. 

The Phantom Spy. 

The Pirate’s Hoard. 

Ralph Wynward. 

The Silver Skates. 

Squib and His Friends. 

The Twin Castaways. 

Under Which King. 

Up Among the Ice Floes. 

The Vanished Yacht. 

Won in Warfare. 

Hudson Bay. 

The Sign of the Red Cross. 

The Unchartered Island. 

The Triple Alliance. 

The Young Huguenots. 

Blue Lights. 

The Big Otter. 

Battery and the Boiler. 

Buffalo Runners. 

Charlie to the Rescue. 

Deep Down. 

Erling the Bold. 

Floating Light of the Goodwin Sands. 
Fighting the Flames. 

The Giant of the North. 

The Hot Swamp. 

The Iron Horse. 

The Lighthouse. 

Norseman in the West. 

Post Haste. 

Rovers of the Andes. 

Rivers of Ice. 

Red Rooney. 

The Settler and the Savage. 

Wanderer and King. 

West Point Colors. 

Wild Man of the West. 


Bound in cloth, with design in colors. 

Price 35c each 

An Author’s Adventures 

Battles with the Sea 

Coxswain’s Bride, A 

Crew of the Water Wagtail, The 

Garret and the Garden, The 

Hunted and Harried 

Island Queen 

Life in the Red Brigade 

Middy and the Moors, The 

Madman and the Pirate, The 

My Doggie and I 

Philosopher Jack 

Prairie Chief, The 

Red Man’s Revenge, The 

Six Months at the Cape 

The New Series of Henty 
Books, bound In best cloth, 
illustrated. Price 45c 

By Pike and Dyke. 

By England’s Aid. 

By Right of Conquest. 

By Sheer Pluck. 

Bonnie Prince Charlie. 

Bravest of Brave. 

Cat of Bubastes. 

Chapter of Adventures. 

Capt. Bayley’s Heir. 

Dragon and the Raven. 

Facing Death. 

For Name and Fame. 

For the Temple. 

Lion of St. Mark. 

Final Reckoning. 

In the Reign of Terror. 

In Freedom’s Cause. 

Lion of the North. 

Maori and Settler. 

Orange and Green. 

St. George for England. 

One of the 28th. 

Through the Fray. 

True to the Old Flag. 

Under Drake’s Flag. 

With Wolfe in Canada. 

With Lee in Virginia. 

Young Carthaginian. - 
With Clive in India. 

The Young Colonists. 


Bound in neat cloth ; every story is 
recommended for boys’ reading. 

Price 25o 

Adrift in New 
York. H. Alger. 
Boris the Bear 
Hunter. F. Wi- 

Bound to Rise. H. 

Brave and Bold. 
H, Alger. 

Congo Rovers. II. 

Colling wood. 
Dick Sand. Jules 

Do and Dare. H. 

Eight Hundred Leagues in the Ama- 
zon. Verne. 

Erling the Bold. Ballantyne. 

Every Inch a Sailor. Gordon Stables. 
Facing the World. H. Alger. 
Gascoyne, The Sandalwood Trader. 

Golden Galleon. H. Leighton. 
Herbert Carter’s Legacy. H. Alger. 
How Jack Mackenzie Won His Epaul- 
ettes. G. Stables. 

Jackanapes. Ewing. 

Log of the Flying Fish. Collingwood 
Luke Walton, the Chicago Newsboy. 
H. Alger. 

Mother Carey’s Chicken. G. M. Fenn. 
Nat, The Naturalist. G. M. Fenn. 
Olaf, The Glorious. G. M. Fenn. 

Only an Irish Boy. H. Alger. 

Paul, The Pedlar. H. Alger. 

Red Eric. Ballantyne. 

Risen from the Ranks. H. Alger. 
Rough Shaking, A. Geo. Maodonald. 
Sam’s Chance. H. Alger. 

Slow and Sure. H. Alger. 

Store Boy, The. H. Alger. 

Story of Jno. G. Patou. Rev. Jas. Paton 
Strong and Steady. H. Alger. 

To Greenland and the Pole. Stables. 
Tom, The Bootblack. H. Alger. 

Wreck of the Golden Fleece. R. 

Young Outlaw, The. H. Alger. 

Young Salesman. H. Alger. 

Young Rajah. Kingston. 

Cloth, Price 19c 

Among Malay Pirates. 

The Cornet of Horse. 

Jack Archer. 

Rujub the Jugg ler. 

The Boy Knight. 

Colonel Thorndyke’s Secret. 

The Golden Canon. 

The Young Midshipman. 


The public and popular verdict for 
many years has approved of the Alger 
series of books as among the most 
wholesome of all stories for boys. To 
meet the continued demand for these 
books in the most attractive style of 
the binder’s art, we have made this 
special edition in ornamental designs 
in three colors, stamped on side and 
back. Clear, large type. 

Our Prica, 15o 

1 Adrift in New York. 

2 Andy Gordon. 

3 Andy Grant’s Pluck. 

4 Bound to Rise. 

5 Brave and Bold. 

6 Cash Boy, The 

7 Chester Rand. 

8 Do and Dare. 

9 Driven from Home. 

10 Erie Train Boy 

11 Facing the World, 

12 Herbert Carter’s Legacy. 

13 Hector's Inheritance. 

14 Helping Himself. 

15 In a New World. 

16 Jack’s Ward. 

17 Jed, the Poor House Boy. 

18 Julius, the Street Boy 

19 Luke Walton. 

20 Making His W’ay. 

21 Only an Irish Boy 

22 Paul, the Peddler. 

23 Phil, the Fiddler. 

24 Ralph Raymond's Heir. 

25 Risen from the Ranks. 

26 Sam’s Chance. 

27 Shifting for Himself. 

28 Slow and Sure. 

29 Store Boy, The 

30 Strive and Succeed. 

3L Strong and Steady. 

32 Tom, the Boot Black. 

33 Try and Trust. 

34 Young Acrobat. 

35 Young Outlaw. 

36 Young Salesman. 


Popular Edition, lllus. in Colors. 

Each 50c 

Buster Brown and His Resolutions. 
Buster Brown and His Dog Tige. 

Buster Brown’s Pranks. 

Buster Brown’s Antics on the Farm. 
Foxy Grandpa’s Surprises. 

Foxy Grandpa Up-to-Date. 

Foxy Grandpa’s Frolics. 

Qutcault's Buster 
Brown & Co. 

Foxy Grandpa’s Triumphs 
Cruise of the Katzenjammer Kids. 
Maud the Matchless. 

Happy Hooligan Home Again. 

Tricks of the Katzenjammer Kids. 




Cloth, 45c each 

Better Part. 

Mark Des borough’s Vow. 

The Straight Gate. 

Ayers of Studleierh. 


Cloth, Gilt, Price 60c each 

“ Miss Ethel 
Turner isMiss 
Alcott’s true 

The same 
absence o f 
primness and 
the same love 
of adven- 

The Camp at 
Illustr a t e d 
by Harold 


The Little Larrikin. Illustrated 
by A. J. Johnson. 

Seven Little Australians. Illustrated 
by A. J. Johnson. 

The Family ot Missrule (sequel to 
above). Illustrated by A. J. Johnson 
The Three Little Maids. 

Betty & Co. 

Little Mother Meg. 

Mother’s Little Girl. 

A White Roof Tree. 

Miss Bobbie. 

Story of a Baby. 

In the Mist of the Mountains. 

Stolen Voyage. 


Cloth, bevelled edges 

Price 45c each 

Nobly Born. 

The Heirs of Errington. 

House of Bondage. 

Millicent Kendrick. 

Violet Vaughan. 

Thornycroft Hall. 

Joan Carisbroke. 

His Next of Kin, 

The Fortunes of Cyril Denham. 


Father Fabian. 

Fortune's Favorite. 

Mr. Montmorency’s Money 

Grey and Gold. 


St. Beetba’s 
Lady Clarissa. 


Story of Penelope. 

Emilia’s Inheritance. 

A Woman's Patience. 


Popular Writer for Girls 

Cloth, each 40c 

An Old Fashioned Girl. 

Aunt Jo’s Scrap Bag. 

Comic Tragedies. 

Eight Cousins. . 

Jack and Jill. 

Little Men. 

Little Women and Little Women 

Lulu’s Library. 

Shawl Straps. 

Spinning Wheel Stories. 

Silver Pitchers. 

Rose in Bloom. 

Under the Lilacs. 

Work and Beginning Again. 



Cloth, Ulus. 

Heather’s Mistress .65 

Odd Made Even .©5 

On the Edge of the Moor„ ©5 

Carved Cupboard .40 

Dwell Deep 40 

Jill’s Red Bag .40 

Legend Led 40 

Little Maid 40 

Odd 40 

A Puzzling Pair .40 



Bird’s Christmas Carol, The ... .30 

The Story of Patsy .30 

Timothy’s Quest „. .50 


Dainty volumes 
bound in cloth, gilt 
printed on pure rag 
paper in beautiful 
antique type. Each 
volume is illus- 
trated with 8 pic- 
tures in color, by 
well known artists, 
including B y a m 
Shaw, A. S. For- 
rest, and others. 

Price 25c each 

Stories of Robin Hood, by H. C. Mar- 

Stories of King Arthur’s Knight, by 
M. MacGregor. 

Stories from Chaucer, by J. H. Kelman. 
Stories from the Faerie Queene, by J. 

Robinson Crusoe Re-told, by J. Lang. 
Old Testament Stories, by E. Chisho.m. 
The Heroes, Re-told, by M. MacGregor. 
The Water Babies, Retold, by Amy 

Stories from the Life of Christ, by 
J. K. Kelman. 

Nursery Rhymes, selected, by L. Chis- 

Fairy Tales from Grimm, told by Amy 

Fairy Tales : Hans Anderson, told by 
M. MacGregor. 

Stories from the Iliad, told by J. Jeffrey . 
Stories from Don Quixote, told by Jno. 

Gulliver’s Travels, told by J. Lang. 
Tanglewood Tales, abridged by C. E. 

The Rose and the Ring, abridged by 
Amy Steedman. 

Stories of William Tell, told by H. E. 

Nursery Tales, told by A. Steedman. 
Stories from the Odyssey, told by J. 

Stories from the Arabian Nights, by A. 

Stories of Guy of Warwick, told by H. 
E. Marshall. 

Little Plays, by L. Dalkeith, adapted 
from Anderson’s Fairy Tales, Robin 
Hood, etc. 


Cloth, itlus.g 50c each 

Golden. Blue. 

Red. Yellow. 

Green. Silver 

Black Beauty, by A. Sewell. 

Cloth .25 

Black Beauty, by A. Sewell. 

Cloth, illus 45 

Beautiful Joe, by M. Saunders. 

Cloth ,30 

Beautiful Joe, by M. Saunders. 

Cloth, illus._ ,45 

Little Lord Fauntleroy, by F. H. 

Burnett. Cloth, illus 75 

Beautiful Joe’s Paradise, cloth... .45 
Jo’s Boys, by L. M. Alcott. 

Cloth, illus 85 


Ornamental Cloth Binding, illustrated, a series of carefully selected books 
for girls, written by popular authors. These are charming stories for 
young girls, well told and full of interest. 

Our Price, each 25c. 

Aunt Diana. Carey. 

Averil. Carey. 

Bad Little Hannah. Meade 
Bubbles. Newberry. 

Bunch of Cherries. Meade. 

Children’s Kingdom, •• 

Cuckoo Clock. Molesworth. 

Daddy’s Girl. Meade. 

Fifteen. Jennie M. Drinkwater. 

Girl of To-Day. E. D. Adams. 

Helen Beaton. A. L. Rouse. 

Jan of the Windmill. Ewing. 

Joyce’s Investments. F. E. Newberry. 
Light O’the Morning. Meade. 

Miss Ashton’s Pupil. Robbins. 

Odd One. Newberry. 

One Girl’s Way Out. H. Benning. 
Only a Girl. C. A. Jones. 

Palace Beautiful. Meade. 

Polly. Meade. 

Princess and the Goblin. Macdonald. 
Robin Redbreast. Molesworth. 

Sara— A Princess. Newberry. 
Schonberg Cotta Family. Charles. 
Six to Sixteen. Ewing. 

Story of a Short Life. Ewing. 

Sweet Girl Graduate. Meade. 

Three Bright Girls. A. E. Armstrong. 
Very Naughty Girl. Meade. 

Very Odd Girl. Armstrong. 

Wild Kitty. Meade. 

World of Girls. “ 


A series 
of choice 
for child- 
ren, sel- 
from the 
best and 
most pop- 
and pro- 
ed by the 
most fam- 
ous artists, making attractive series 
of juvenile classics. 

Uniform Size, Square, 16mo 
Our Price, 25c each 

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. 
70 illustrations. 

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. 
42 illustrations. 

Arabian Nights’ Enter. 130 illus. 
iEsop’s Fables. 62 illustrations. 

Aunt Martha’s Corner Cupboard. By 
Mary and Elizabeth Kirby. 54 illus. 
Andersen’s Fairy Tales. 75 illus. 
Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. 46 illus. 
A Child’s Story of the Bible. 72 illus. 
A Child’s Life of Christ. 49 illus. 
Christopher Columbus and the Dis- 
covery of America. 70 illustrations. 
Dicken’s Child’s History of England. 
80 illustrations. 

Exploration and Adventure in Africa. 
Flower Fables. By Alcott. 50 illus. 
Grimm’s Fairy Tales. 50 illustrations. 
Gulliver’s Travels. 50 illustrations. 
Mother Goose’s Rhymes, Jingles and 
Fairy Tales. 234 illustrations. 

Story of Frozen Seas. 

Swiss Family Robinson. 50 illus. 
Through the Looking Glass and What 
Alice Found There. 50 illustrations. 
Uncle Tom’s Cabin. 90 illustrations. 
Water Babies. By Kingsley. 84 illus 
Wood’s Natural History. 80 illus. 


Limp Covers, each . 

.02 .05 .08 .10 .20 

Linen Cover, each 

.05 .10 .20 .25 .35 

Board Covers, each - 

.10 .15 .25 .35 .5,0 

For more complete list, also annuals, 
see Xmas. Catalogue, to be issued later. 



By J. Abbot. 

Uniform with Young People’s 
Library, Price 25c each 

Josephine, Empress of France. 
Romolus, the Founder of Rome. 4 

Alexander the Great, King of Mace- 
don. 51 illustrations, 

Hannibal, the Carthaginian. 37 illus- 

julius Csesar, the Roman Conqueror. 
44 illustrations. 

Alfred the Great of England. 40 

William the Conqueror of England. 
43 illustrations, 

Mary, Queen of Scots. 45 illustrations. 
Queen Elizabeth of England. 49 

King Charles the First of England. 
41 illustrations. 

King Charles the Second of England. 
38 illustrations. 

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, 
Madame Roland, a Heroine of the 
French Revolution. 42 illustratsons. 


his is a very 
popular series 
o f children's 
Books, printed 
on plate paper 
and beautifully 
illustrated i n 

Each 25c. 

The Tale of Peter Rabbit. 

The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin. 

The Tailor of Gloucester. 

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny. 

The Tale of Two Bad Mice. 

Tiggy Winkle. 

Old Nursery Rhymes. 

Pie and the Patty Pan. 

Four Little Sailors. 

Mr. Jeremy Fisher. 

Tale of Tom Kitten. 

Four Little Sabots. 



Price 17c each 

Aunt Jane’s Hero. Ben Hur. 
Basket of Flowers. 

Chatauqua Girls at Home. 

Chrissie’s Endeavor. 

Christie’s Christmas. Daisy. 

Daisy in the Field. Divers Women. 
Endless Chain, An. Esther Reid. 

Esther Reid Yet Speaking. 
Eighty-Seven. Fair God, The. 

Four Girls at Chatauqua. 

From Different Standpoints. 

Flower of the Family. 

The Fair God. 

Good Wives. Hall in the Grove. 
Household Puzzles Julia Reid 

King’s Daughters. Lamplighter 

Links in Rebecca’s Life. 

Little Fishers and their Nets. 

Little Women. Melbourne House. 
Mabel Wynn or Those Boys. 

Mabel Vaughan. Modern Prophets. 
Mrs. Solomon Smith Looking On. 

Man of the House. • Naomi. 

Old Helmet. One Commonplace Day. 
Prince of the House of David. 

Pillar of Fire. Profiles. 

Pocket Measure. Queechy. 

Ruth Erskine’s Crosses. Randolphs. 
Sydney Martin’s Christmas. 

Stepping Heavenward. 

Spun from Fact. Throne of David. 

That Lass o’ Lowrie’s. 

Tip Lewis and His Lamp. 

Three People. What Katie Did. 

What Katie Did at School. 

Wide Wide World. 

Wise and Otherwise. 


Price 17c each 

fnfelice. Vashti. Beulah. 

Inez. St. Elmo. Macaria. 

At the Mercy of Tiberius. 

Price 17o each 

Elsie Dinsmore. 

Elsie’s Winter Trip. 

Elsie’s Holidays at Roselands. 

Elsie’s Girlhood. Elsie’s Womanhood. 
Elsie’s Motherhood. 

Elsie’s Children. 

Elsie’s Widowhood. 

Grandmother Elsie. 

Elsie’s New Relations. 

Elsie at Nantucket. 

The Two Elsies. 

Elsie’s Kith and Kin. 

Elsie’s Friends at Woodburn. 
Christmas with Grandma Elsie. 

Elsie and the Raymonds. 

Elsie Yachting. Elsie’s Vacation 

Elsie at Viamede. Elsie at Ion. 

Elsie at the World’s Fair. 

Elsie’s Journey on Inland Waters. 
Elsie at Home. 

Elsie on the Hudson. 

Elsie in the South. 

Elsie’s Young Folks. 

Elsie and her Loved Ones, 

Elsie and her Namesakes. 

Price 17c each 

Mildred Keith. 

Mildred and Elsie. 

Mildred at Roselands. 

Mildred’s Married Life. 

Mildred at Home. 

Mildred’s Boys and Girls. 

Mildred’s New Daughter. 

Price 17c each 

An Unexpected Result. 

An Original Belle. 

Barriers Burned Away. 

Day of Fate. 

Driven Back to Eden. 

Earth Trembled, The. 

From Jest to Earnest. 

Face Illumined. Found Yet Lost. 
His Sombre Rivals. 

He Fell in Love with His Wife. 
Knight of the Nineteenth Century. 
Miss Lou. 

Near to Nature’s Heart. 

E. P. ROE— Continued. 
Opening a Chestnut Burr. 

Taken Alive. What Can She Do. 
Without a Home. 

Young Girl’s Wooing. 

Price 17c each 

Bessie at the Seas de. 

Bessie in the City. 

Bessie and Her Friends. 

Bessie Among the Mountains. 

Bessie at School. 

Bessie on her travels. 


Price 17c each 

Alison's Ambition. Mary Hampden. 
Audrey, or Children of Light. Walton 
Arthur Ranyard’s Training. E. Leslie 
As Many as Touched Him. 

Annie Deloraine’s Aunt. E. A. Bland 
Aunt Selina’s Legacy. 

Bravely Borne or Archie’s Cross, Silke 
Boys of Highfield, The ; or the Hero 
of Chancery House. 

Boys Will be Boys. Geo. E. Sargent. 
Boy Who Never Lost a Chance, The 
Annette Lyster. 

Ben Froggett or Little Lonesome. Mrs. 
Henry Keary. 

Ben Hadden, or Do Right Whatever 
Comes of it. W. H. G. Kingston. 
Bunny’s Friends. Amy Le Feuvre. 
Brydees, The ; A Story of Three Homes 
Christie’s Old Organ ; or Home Sweet 
Home. Mrs. O. F. Walton. 

Christie, the King’s Servant. Walton. 
Cousin Olga, or a Summer in Germany. 
KateT. S zer. 

Cottage by the Lynn. Eg. Thorne. 
Caroline Street, or Little Homes and 
Big Hearts. Mary E. Ropes. 

Captain ot the Eleven, The. K. S.Plant 
Dandy Blue or Robin’s Knight-Errant 
Emily Brodie. 

Donald and his Friends. Sarah Gibson 
Debs, a Story of Young London Life. 

Rev. Joseph Johnson. 

Daybreak in Britain. A. L. O. E. 
Dad’s Dorothy, the Story of a Tues- 
day’s Bairn. M. B. Maxwell. 

Dora. A Tale of influence. 

Dolly, Mrs. M. F. Wilson. 

Daisy’s Knight. M. B. Maxwell. 

Dick Whistler’s Tramp. E. Everett- 

Daughters of the Flower Market. G. 
Holden Pike. 

Eric’s Good News. Amy Le Feuvre. 
Edgar’s Trust or a Boy’s Influence. 
Jenkin Jones. 

Effie’s Temptation. Annette Whymper 
Elder Brother, An. Eglanton Thorne 
Farmer Bluff's Dog Blazer, or at the 
Eleventh Hour. Florence B. Bird. 
Footfall in the Snow 
Fortunate Exile, A. Lily Watson. 
Granny’s Hero. Salome Hocking 
God’s Gifts to Two, or Margaret Red- 
fern’s Discipline. E. F. Brooke. 
Gipsey Jan. Nellie Hellis. 

Harry’s Trip to India. W. J. Wilkins. 
How Little Bessie Kept the Wolf from 
the Door. Mrs. Coates. 

Humpty Dumpty’sSilver Bells. A Story 
Illustrating the Lood’s Prayer. 

Harry Lester’s Revenge. Alice Lang. 
It’s all Real True. Eglanton Thorne. 
Jessica’s First Prayer. Hesba Stretton. 
Jessica’s Mother, a sequel to Jessica’s 
First Prayer. Hesba Stretton. 
Joseph’s Little Coat. Mrs. F. Marshall. 
James Sanderson’s Wife. A. Strahen. 
Jasper's Old Shed and How the Light 
Shone In. A. M. Coker. 

Kittie and Toddles, or Two Little 
Tramps. Mrs. Philip Barnes. 

Little Faith or A Child of the Toy 
Stall. Mrs. O. F. Walton. 

Little Ben the Messenger. Maud Mad- 

Little Foxes and How They Were 
Caught. E. Florence Benskin. 

Little Peter the Ship Boy. W. Kingston 
Lance Hernley’s Holidays. H. Wilson 
Lights of Upton Point. Mrs. H. Kelly 
Lost, Stolen, or Strayed. A Story of 
London Bife. Jessie Armstrong. 

BOVS’ AND GIRLS’— Continued 
Little Captives and Other Stories. D. 

Lila’s Choice. Mrs Hampden. 

Led Into Light. Lucy Taylor. 

Left Alone and Other Stories. Hesba 

Mysterious House. O. F. Walton. 
MissCyntha’s Experiment.Mrs. Barnes 
Maggie’s Message. Emma Leslie. 
Making of Teddy, The. E. Jameson. 
Mrs. Burton’s Best Bedroom. Hesba 

Myra Sherwood’s Cross and How She 
Bore It. 

More Than Conqueror, or a Boy’s 
Temptation. H. E. Burch. 

Nobody Cares. Crona Temple. 
Noboiy Loves Me. Mrs O. F. Walton. 
Next Door Neighbors. Agnes Giberne 
No Place Like Home. Heslba Stretton. 
Old Worcester Jug, or John Griffin’ - 
Little Maid. Eglanton Thorne. 

Out of the Cabbage Court, a story of 
Three Waifs. Mary E. Ropes. 

Our Story. C. A. Burnaby. 

Pretty Miss Hathaway. Emma Leslie 
Paul Harvard's Campaign. Evelyn 

Phil’s Mother. Eglanton Thorne. 
Poppy’s Presents. Mrs. O. F. Walton. 
Pansy, a Story for Little Girls. Author 
of “ Will Russell’s Temptation.” 
Prisoners of Hope. D. Alcock, 
Probable Sons. Amy L. Feuvre. 

Ralph Trulock '8 Christmas Roses. An- 
nette Lyster. 

Sunshine at Last. Mrs. Henry Keary. 
Sea Larks, a Tale of the Hebrides. C. 
Temps. . 

Strange Christmas Angel, A. Rev. W. 
Senior, M.A. 

Sundy Jim, or the Message of a Rose. 
Saved at Sea. Mrs. O. F. Walton. 
School-Life at Bartram’s. L. C. Sillce 
Sailor Jack, a Tale of the Southern 
Seas. Constance Cross. 

Taken or Left. O. F. Walton. 

Two Secrets, or a Man of His Word. 
Hesba Stretton. 

Tale of Two Stowaways. A. C. Ellis. 
Tom Larkin, the Boy Who Was No 
Good. C. A. Burnaby. 

Thoughtle s Seven, A. Amy Le Feuvre 
Teddy’s Button. AmyLeBeuvre 
That Scholarship Boy. Emma Leslie. 
Three Little Great Ladies. W. P. Smith 
Three Months Under the Snow, a story 
of Switzerland. 

Two Little Maidens. 

Unwilling Hero. An. A. M. Fairey. 
Unde r the Old Roof. Hesba Stretton. 
Visit to Dalby Hall and What Came of 

Vera’s Christmas Guest. K. T. Sizer. 
Well in the Orchard, The D. Alcock. 
When Daddie's Ship Comes in. B. M. 

Wallaby Hall. M. Bradford- Whiting. 

Price 17c each 

Away in the Wilderness. 

The Battle and the Breeze. 

Chasing the Sun. 

The Cannibal Islands. 

The Coral Islands. 

The Pioneers. Sunk at Sea. 
Digging for Gold. 

Fast in the Ice. 

Hunting the Lions. 

Lost in the Forest. 

Martin Rattler. 

Saved by the Life Boat. 

Wrecked but Not Ruined. 

Over the Rocky Mountains. 

Ungava. The Young Fur Traders. 
Fighting the Whales. 

World of Ice. 


• Price 17c each 

Gulliver’s Travels. Robinson Crusoe. 
World of Ice. General Gordon 

Five Weeks in a Balloon. 

Round the World in Eighty Days. 
Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare. 
Adventures in Africa. Privateersman. 
Field of Ice. 

EVERY BOY’S— Continued. 
Nansen and the Frozen North. 

Swiss Family Robinson. 

Walter’s Friend. Vicar of Wakefield. 
Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Life on a Whaler. 
Mission Scenes in Africa. 

Adventures in India. Friend or Foe. 
The Pirates of Mississippi. 

BYom Log Cabin to White House, 

Ernie Elton, the Lazy Boy. 

Ernie Elton at School. 

Settlers in Canada. 

Two Years before the Mast, 

Boy’s Life Aboard Ship. 

Sandford and Merton. Poor Jack 
Adventures of Three Englishmen. 
Adventures in the Far West. 

Willis the Pilot. Life of Nelson. 

Masterman Ready. Archie Blake. 

Roger Kyffin’s Ward. Crofton Boys. 
Australian Adventures, 

Kidnapping in the Pacific. 

Arctic Adventure. Dog Crusoe. 

John Halifax. Westward Ho, 


Webster’s New Unabridged Dictionary, 
greatly enlarged and thoroughly 
revised up to date, 
vocabulary and pronunciation of 
modern geographical names, etc., 
printed on first-class paper from clear 
jype, and handsomely bound in 
sheep leather, fully illustrated 

and thumb index 2.25 

Chamber’s English Dictionary. 

new edition, cloth, price 3.50 

Funk& Wagnall’s Standard Dictionary 
of the English Language, full sheep 
binding, thumb index, com- 
plete In one volume 11 .50 

Webster’s International Dictionary, 
sheep binding, thumb index 11.50 
Concise English Dictionary, by Charles 
Annandale, cloth edition .... .85 

Half Morocco. 1 .75 

Student’s Standard 2.25 

Nuttall’s Pronouncing, with ap- 
pendix. 75 

Chamber's Etymological 90 

Webster’s English 

10 .20 .45 .65 

Clear Type Pronouncing Diction- 
ary .10 

Blackie’s Standard Dictionary... .23 
Walker’s Pronouncing Diction- 
ary, cloth .20 

Vest Pocket Dictionary, leather 

20 Cloth .13 

French English, leather .35 

German English, leather 35 

Cassell’s French, German, Latin, 

each .95 

Routledge’s French, German, Latin. 

Italian, Spanish, each . 4.0 

Liddell and Scott’s Greek 

Lexicon 1.25 


Pocket Atlas of the World, Historical, 
Political. Commercial, containing 
maps of every State, Continent, 
Canadian Province, etc., paper 

edition 25 


Globe, 6 in. plain, on wire stand .25' 
Globe, 6 in. plain, height 10 in., wood 

stand .90 

Globe, 9 in., plain, height i .6 in., 

bronze stand 3-75 

Globe, 9 in., meridian, heigh t 

17 ins.,. 4-75 

Globe, 12 ins., plain, height 

20 in 5-00 

Globe, 12 ins., meridian, height 

21 ins 6.25 

Globe, 12 ins. plain, height 23 in., in 
bronzed plain iron stand, with 

incline axis 7.50 

Globe. 9 ms., complete stand, with 
nickel meridian divided into half 
degrees, horizon and hour circle, 

height 19 in 9.00 

Globe, 12 in., com., height 13 in. 3.75 


New Map of Dominion of Canada and 
Newfoundland, size 84 x 60.... 4-50 
New Map of Ontario, including 

New Ontario, 74 x 54 in 4.50 

Numeral Frames, 8 x 11, 100 balls .25 
Size 9 x 12, 144 balls .35 



Prices on ail School Books are subject 
tochange. Sendusyourorderwewill 
give you the lowest possible price. 

School Books 1907-8 

Send us your order for School 
Books, we will give you the advantage 
of any reduction in price. 


New Public School 20 

Companion to Public School Arithmetic by Scott 

& Barnes 

High School 

Key to High School 

Kirkland & Scott’s (revised) 

Hamblin Smith’s 

McLean’s Hints on Teaching Arithmetic 

Arithmetic for High Schools, byA.T.DeLury 


High School, Part 1 60 Part II 

High School, Parti., revised edition 

McLellan’s Elements 

C. Smith’s Elementary 

Hall & Knight’s Elementary 

Hatl & Knight’s Higher 

An Intermediate Algebra, by A. T. DeLury.. 


Public School, by C. C. James 

















High School Text Book, McLean’s .50 

Public School Bookkeeping and Business Forms. 

Anger’s Summary of Commercial Law .65 

Copp-Clark Bookkeeping Blank, No. 14 20 

Commercial Course in Bookkeeping by Dickinson 
& Young 35 


Spotton’s High School 80 Part 2 .48 


Repasen Advanced 3.25 

Remsen Briefer 1.25 

Remsen College 2.00 

High School (old edition) .40 

High School Chemistry, new revised edition, by 

w, s. Ellis 45 

Advanced 40 

Chemical Note Book .30 


Composition from Models 60 

Practical English and Composition 40 

Sykes’ Elementary English Composition 32 


Public School Medial Slant, Nos. 1, 2, 3. 4, 5, 6 , 

each .06 

Business Forms Medial Slant, No. 7 .08 


High School Drawing, Nos. 1, 2, each 08 

Public School Drawing, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ea. .04 


Select Poems from Tennyson and Browning, 

Notes by Alexander, paper edition 

cloth edition 


High School French Grammar, and Reader .80 
L’Ete de la Saint Martin, par Henri Meilhac 

et Ludovic Halevy .23 

Chateaubriand, Memoires d’ Outre-Tombe... .55 


High School German Grammar and Reader .80 

Leander, Traumerein 45 

Baumbach, Der Schwiegersohn 50 

Elz, Er ist Nicht Eifersuchtig, Wichert Post, 

Festum .50 


Elementary Greek Prose Composition (Fletcher 

and Nicholson)... . 

Goodwin’s Greek Grammar 



White’s Beginner’s Greek 1.20 

Homer’s Odyssey, Books 19 to 24 .*85 

White’s First Greek Book 1.10 

Lucian Timon .75 

Lysias Pro Mantitheo and de Invalido | .00 

Herodotus Tales, Book I, by Farnell 30 


Public School Geography 60 

High School Geography, new edition 80 

Cornell’s First Steps 35 

Our Home and Its Surroundings. A first book of 

modern geography 32 

Our Earth as a Whole 48 

Combined in one volume .65 

Rose’s Public School Geography, Part I, the Earth 

Part "ii, the World .60 


High School 60 Public School .20 

Modern English Grammar, by Buehler [35 


High School Euclid, Books I, II, III, by Mackay 

and Thompson .40 

Elements of Euclid, by John Sturgeon Mackay — 

Books I to III 40 

Books I to VI 60 

Public School Euclid and Algebra 20 

Practical and Theoretical Geometry, Part I, by A. 

H. McDougall .'45 

Practical and Theoretical Geometry, Part II, 

by A. H. McDougall 50 

Elements of Euclid, by Hall and Stevens ... .85 
Elementary Plane Geometry, by A. Baker... .40 
Theoretical Geometry for Schools, by A. Baker.... 


Analytical Geometry, by Alfred Baker 80 


Public School Physiology .20 

Introductory Physiology and Hygiene, by Dr. A. 
P. Knight 55 


Green’s Short History of the English People 1.20 
High School Ancient History of Greece and Rome, 

by Myers 60 

High School History of England and Canada .52 
Public School “ “ “ “ .24 

New School History of Canada, by W. H. P. 

Clement’s 40 

Weaver’s Canadian History 40 

Little Arthur’s History of England 40 

A History of Canada, by G.D. Roberts, cloth ,90 

History of Greece, by G. W. Botsford 1 .00 

Pelham’s Outlines of Roman History 1.20 

Brief Biographies Supplementing Canadian His- 
tory ,30 

Romance of Canadian History, by Pelham Edgar. 

The British Nation, by G. M. Wrong .'85 

Ancient History for Beginners, by G. W. Botsford. 


The Story of the Canadian People, by D. M. Dun- 

History of Western Europe, by James Harvey 

Robinson 1.50 

Mediaeval and Modem History, by G. B. 
Adams _ 1 .00 


Latin Prose Composition, by Henderson & Flet- 
cher 1.00 

First Latin, with Reader .80 

Primary LatiD Book and Reader, by Robertson & 

Carruthers, new edition 80 

Primary Latin Reader, by Robertson and Car- 
ruthers .40 

Introductory Latin Grammar, by E. W. Hagarty... 

Caesar and Virgil, by E. W. Hagarty. 45 

New First Latin Book, Henderson & Little.. .75 
New First Eatin Reader, by Henderson 

& Little 45 

Kelly’s Key to Caesar, Books I to IV, orV to VII, 

each 40 

Dr. Giles’ Key to Caesar, Books I to IV, or V to VII 

each 72 

Latin Prose Composition, by R. A. Little 60 

Cicero in Catilinam, Books I, III, IV .45 

Virgil’s iEneid, Book II, by Henderson and 

Hagarty 30 

Kelly’s Key to Virgil 40 

Dr. Giles’ Key to Virgil 72 

Horace Odes, I, II, each 28 

Horace Odes, Books III, IV, each 28 

Kelly’s Key to Horace Odes 40 

Dr. Giles’ Key to Horace Odes 72 


Modern Phonic Primer .1 0 

Modern Phonic Primer, Part II 1 5 

Modern Reader, First Book 20 

Modern Reader, Second Book 23 

A Phonic Manual 40 

Public School Phonic Primer, Part 1 1 O 

Part II .1 5 

Public School Second Reader, new edition.. .23 

Ontario First Primer 05 

Ontario Second Primer.. 07 

Ontario Second Reader 09 

Ontario Third Reader 1 2 

Ontario Fourth Reader 1 5 

Companion to Fourth Reader .40 

High School Reader 48 

Canadian Catholic Reader, Part I .08 

Part II 1 2 

Second Book 1 6 

Third Book 24 

Fourth Book 32 


Educational Music Course, Books I and II, each... 

.08 Books III and IV, each .1 2 

Teacher’s Hand-Book of Tonic Solfa System of 
Music, by A. T, Cringan .40 


Bullfinch’s Age of Fable, or Beauties of 

Mythology— Klapp 85 

Murray Manual of Mythology, revised— 

W. H. Klapp .85 


High School Physical Science, Part I, (old edition) 

Part II, old edition .60 

High School Physical Science, Parti, New’ Re- 
vised Edition , by Merchant and Fessenden . 5 5 
Part II (new revised edition) by Merchant .55 
Supplement to High School Physical Science .28 

Introduction to Physical Science- 90 

Elementary Science Note Book— Physical Science 

No. 15, by Merchant ,45 

Elementary Science Note Book— Biology 
No. 16 , by Merchant .45 


The Phonographic Teacher 1 5 

Key Phonographic Teacher .1 5 

Manu al of Phonography 40 

Key to Manual of Phonography 1 5 

Phonographic Reader 1 5 

Phonographic Reporter 48 

Key to Phonographic Reporter .1 5 

Phonographic Dictionary 1.20 

Phonographic Dictionary, pocket edition... .65 

Complete Phono. Instructor 1.20 

Key to Complete Phono. Instructor .40 

Short Course in Shorthand 1.00 

Key to same 40 


Public School Word Book 24 

Practical Speller 20 


Hamblin-Smith’s- .60 

Locke’s Trigonometry 85 

Hall & Knight's Elementary 85 

High School Trigonometry 1 .10 


Colton’s Practical Zoology .72 

Colton’s Practical and Descriptive Zoology 1.50 
High School Zoology 60 

Rolfe’s Edition of Shakespeare’s 

In cloth edition, each, .55 
Julius Caesar; Midsummer Night’s Dream ; King 
Henry IV, part II; King Lear; The Tempest; 
As You Like It ; Macbeth. 

In paper edition, each, .45 
As You Like It; Macbeth. 

Clarendon Press Edition, eac h .30 
As You Like It ; Macbeth. 


Minerals and How They Occur, cloth edition .90 

Leather edition 1.35 

How Canada is Governed, Bourinot .90 

Manual of the Constitutional History of 

Canada, Bourinot 1.35 

Education of Teachers, by W. H. Payne 1 .35 

The Foundations of Education, by L. Seeley .85 

Horace Mann, by Hinsdale .85 

Fitch’s Lessons on Teaching .80 

McLellan’s Applied Psychology 80 

Steps in the Phonic Svstem 40 

Miller’s School Management 80 

Quick’s Educational Reformers 1.35 

Psychology, Baldwin 1.35 

Parker’s How to Study Geography 1 .35 

Education of the Greek People, Davidson. .85 

Guide to Nature Study, Crawford .75 

Public School Nature Study, Crawford .35 

Modern Nature Study, Silcox & St.evenson. .65 
How to Teach the Nature Study Course, by 

John Dearness .55 

Gordy’sNew Psychology 1 .10 

Mottoes and Commentaries. Frcebel's 

Mother Play. Susan A. Blow 1 .35 

Songs and Music of Frcebel’s Mother Play.. 1 .35 

Winners in Life’s Race, Buckley — 1.35 

Life and Her Children. Buckley . 1.35 

Methods in Teaching, by J.J. Tilley 1.35 

Plant Structure, by J. M, Coulter 1.10 

Plants by J. M. Coulter 1.65 



Write for complete illustrated 
Catalogues of Talking: Machines 
and Reeords. 

Talking Machines 

Read our instructions re Buying 
by Mail, in front of Catalogue. 

In presenting to our customers the machines as described below, we are, in our opinion, offering the best cylinder types made and the best disc types made. 


Type B I. 

New Aluminum 
tone arm, double 
spring motor, 
quarter-cut oak 
cabinet, piano 
finish, analyzing 
re-p roducer, 
nickel finish, 
floral design 
horn 17% 
inches long 
and 21 in. 
bell ; plays 
records of 
any size. A 
grand ma- 
chine for 
home or 
music hall. 

Records— Columbia 10 inch discs, each.. .. 
Records sent as ordered not exchanged. 


A complete, perfect, 
up-to-date Columbia 
Graphophone, quar- 
tered oak cabinet, 
large handsome 
flower horn, patent 
aluminum tone-arm, 
very best repro- 
ducer with im- 
proved needle- 
clasp and noise- 


less running motor which will play any sized 
record with one winding and may be wound 
while running. Our price 25.00 


A Great Machine 

at |5.00 

The Eatonia Leader has a cabinet of solid oak 
12 ins. by 12 ins. square, 6 inches high. Black 
and gold horn, 21% inches long, with 13% 
inch brass bell. Noiseless motor, latest im- 
proved analyzing sound 
boxes and will play any 
sized record. The largest 
and best machine sold in 
Canada at the price 



Our Own Special Needle, the best to use on any 
make of disc record. .05 per 100 or 600 
for .25 


The Gem. Those who cannot afford to buy an 
expensive talking machine will find this a re- 
liable and satisfactory instrument and worthy 
of a place in any home. Has Iron body on 
polished oak base, antique oak cover, model 
C, reproducer same as used on all 
Edison phonographs 10.00 

The Gem equipped with one of our large 2.00 
floral design horns complete with special Gem 
horn stand, is indeed a “ Gem” and will give 
best satisfaction. 

Gem and large horn complete 12.00 



The Standard. Plays 
four records with 
one winding. High - 
ly polished cabinet 
and cover ; noiseless 
motor and model C 
reproducer 20.00 

With this machine you can make your 
own records by buying a recorder. 
Price 3.00 


The Home plays 6 records with one winding. ’ Its 
construction and workmanship are the best. 
It reproduces perfectly. Model C reproducer, 
antique oak cabinet and cover. A recorder for 
making your own records is included 
with this machine. Price 30.00 


We carry a complete stock of Edison Gold 
Moulded Records, each 40 


No. 10. Newest flower design, 22 inches long, 
with 17 inch bell 2.00 

NO. 15. Same as No. 10 red or blue, but 31 inches 

long with 22 inch bell 2.50 

A short rubber tube for connecting horn to 

machine is included with each of the above horns. 


No. 20. Improved Horn Crane, well nickel plated, 
attaches to cabinet. Our price 1.90 

No. 25. Horn Stand, stands on floor 75 


3 -in-l Oil. An oil especially suitable for all kinds 
of talking machines, or any machinery or 
bearing where a very fine oil is required. 

Per bottle 10 


Owing to the New Canadian Postal Regulations the Postage has been advanced on all American Magazines 
Please note carefully revised prices. English Magazines are now supplied to our customers within 10 days 

When ordering Magazines by mail, 
always state with what month you 
wish your subscriptions to begin. 

English Magazines do not take effect 
for five weeks after ordering. 

Prices quoted on application for 
any of the English or American Maga- 
zines not mentioned here. 

The prices are subject to change. 

5c Magazines Per Year 

Black Cat 1 OO 

Nickell l".00 

Ladies’ World 1.10 

Per Year 


M iscellaneous 

Youth | > 

Pearson, American Edition ]'.50 

Munsey’s 1*50 

Argosy l ]50 

McClure’s 1.50 

Ladies’ Home Journal 2.00 

Cosmopolitan 150 

Strand 1.15 

Canadian Magazine 2.25 

Pall Mall 2.00 

Weldon's Home Dressmaker. . . .75 

Scribner’s 3.50 

Weldon’s Illus. Dressmaker 75 

North American Review 4.85 

Lady’s Realm •. 2.00 

Our Home (weekly) 2.50 

Pearson’s English Edition 2.00 

Chambers’ 2.25 

Cassell’s 1 .85 

Outlook 3.40 

The Young Man 1.50 

The Young Woman 1 50 

The Smart Set 3.00 

The Lady, English 5.00 

The Sketch, English 8.50 

The Sunday at Home 1.20 

Boys’ Own Paper 1 .20 

Girls’ Own Paper 1.20 

Answers 1.50 

Windsor 2.00 

Trained Nurse 2.50 

Woman at Home 1.35 

Forum (quarterly) 2.50 

Wide World 1.15 

Success - 1.50 

St. Nicholas 3.25 

Outing 3.50 

Nineteenth Century 4.85 

Harper’s Monthly 4.25 

Etude 2.00 

Literary Digest, new subs 3.25 

Literary Digest, renewals 3.50 

Sunday Strand. 1.76 

Weldon’s Bazaar of Children’s 

Fashions ~ .75 

Family Herald 1.65 

Review of Reviews, English ..... 1 .80 
Review of Reviews, American.. 2.75 
Illustrated London News, re- 
print, weekly 6.50 

Illustrated London News, Eng- 
lish edition 9.50 

Young Ladies’ Journal 3.50 

Harper’s Bazaar 1.50 

Gentlewoman, weekly 8.50 

Queen, weekly 9.00 

London 1.25 

Graphic 9.25 

Ladies’ Pictorial (weekly) 8.75 

coming into Canada, 
of issue. 

Girls’ Realm 


Black and White, American 



British Weekly 


Penny Illustrated Paper 


Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal 

One Xmas Supplement. 

Royal English 

Woman’s Home Com panion... 

Elite Styles 

Pictorial Review 

C. B. Fry’s Magazine 

Chums (English) 

Junior Toilettes 

Novel Magazine (English) 

Family Journal 

Saturday Evening Post 

The Studio (English) 

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- 1.75 











Always Send 
Sufficient Postage. 


Order by the num- 
ber, when goods 
are cataogued 
that way. 

All Musical Instruments bear the usual Eaton guarantee— <£ If not satisfactory money refunded and we pay charges,” unless 
goods are marked not exchanged. You take no risk. We will be pleased to quote prices on any instruments not listed here. 


Buy a violin outfit complete and save money. The 
violin alone would be worth the price paid for 
the whole outfit. 

No. 1. Consisting of $4.00 Violin, 50c. Bow, $1.25 
Wood or Canvas Case, 10c Resin .complete 5.00 
No. 2. Consisting of $10.00 Violin, $1.50 Wood 
Case, with loclc (or Canvas Case if preferred ), 

$1.00 Bow, 15c Resin, complete 11.00 

No. 3. Consisting of $15.00 Violin, $1.50 Wood 
Case, with lock (or Canvas Case if preferred), 
$1.50 Bow , 15c Resin, complete 16.50 


Prices on Violins do not include bows. 

4)7-18. Red or brown shaded 1.25 

D7-10. Hopf, brown varnish, polished, better 

quality 2.00 

D7-33. Conservatory model, amber color, nicely 
shaded, fine finish, best violin on the market 

for the money 3.00 

D7-100. Stradivarius model, dark amber shaded, 

good tone, ebony trimmings 4.00 

D7-178. Stainer model, bright reddish brown, 
highly flamed and polished, very fine finish and 

trimmings 5.00 

D7-886. Paganini Concert Violin, amber shaded, 

highly polished, fine tone and finish 7 .00 

D7-313. Conservatory Stradivarius, brown and 
amber shaded, fine trimmings, well made and 

good tone, a splendid instrument 10.00 

D7-893. Wieniawski Violin D’ Artist, dark shaded, 
engraved on head, elegantly finished and fine 

tone .. 12.00 

D7.206. Celebrated Duerer Violin, Stradivarius 
model, brown amber varnish, fine tone and 

finish 15.00 

D7-126. Duerer Violin, Amati model, selected one 
piece back, orange amber varnish, fine tone and 

finish 18.00 

We can supply %-in. violin same as D7-33, D7-100 
D7886, D7313, at same prices as full size. 


D7-127. Brown, varnished, black frog, bone but- 
ton .25 

D7-129. Brown, ebony frog with pearl slide .50 
D7-203. Imitation snakewood, German silver but- 
ton 75 

D7-206. Imitation pernambuco, Gerijian silver 

trimmings, octagon stock 1 .00 

D7-208. Imitation pernambuco, German silver 
trimmings, frog inlaid with pearl flowers 1.25 
D7-209. Imitation pernambuco, German silver 

trimmings, frog of white bone 1 .75 

D7-14. Genuine pernambuco wood bows, octagon 

stick, a fine bow 2.25 

D7-15. Genuine pernambuco, octagon or round 

stick, well haired 3.00 

D7-16. Professional bow, genuine pernambuco, 

extra value 4.00 

D7-17. Pernambuco bow, round or octagon, very 
finely finished, silver mounted 5.00 


Bridges, 5c, 7c, 10c. 

Tail Pieces, 8 c, 15c, 25o, 40c. 

Violin Strings, E, A and D steel, 2 for 5c ; 5c each. 
“ “ D and G Steel Centre, wire wound 

10 c each. 

Resin, 5c, 10c, 15c each. 

Mutes, Metal, 10c each. 

Tuning Forks, A or C, 15c each. 

Combination Pitch Pipes, A and C, 20c each. 
Single Pitch Pipes, A or C, 10c each. 

Chin Rests, 25c, 35, 05c, $1.00 each. 

No. 2 Case, wood, black, hooks, $1,35. 

No. 3 Case, same as No. 2, with lock, $1.60. 

No. 9 Case, canvas, leather bound, $1.50. 

No. 15 Case, leather, plush lined, $6.00. 


Music Stands, “ Ideal,” umbrella, Japanned .60 

Nickel-plated Music Stands 1 , 25 

Imperial Music Stand, no thumb screws, very 
compact, is quickly set up and adjusted 1 .75 


Maezel Metronome Best 
French Make 

1 . Mahogany case with- 
out bell, special.. 1 .95 

2. Same with bell, special 

- 2.50 

These are the genuine 
Maezel Metronomes, as 
used in all musical 
schools. We will refund 
money if not satisfactory 
in every way. 


Ideal Mandolins are of Canadian manufacture 
and will, of course, stand our climatic changes 
much better than foreign importations. 

They are fretted correctly, therefore tone is true 
D7-1. Seven ribs, walnut and 
maple, rosewood fingerboard, 
pearl position dots, inlaid 
guard -plate, nickel- plated 

tailpiece. 3.50 

D7-2. Nine ribs, mahogany 
and walnut, rosewood finger- 
board. pearl position dots, 
inlaid guard-plate, nickel 

plated tail-piece 6.00 

D7-3. Nine ribs, mahogany 
rosewood finger-board, pearl 
position dots, inlaid around 
sound hole, celluloid guard- 
plate, ni c k el - plated tail- 
piece 7.50 

D 7 - 21 . Twenty-one rosewood 
and silver maple ribs. Pearl 
inlaing around sound hole 
and edges, pearl butterfly 
on guard plate. A beautiful 
instrument, with good, full 
tone. 9.75 


The Genuine Washburn instruments are too well 
known to need any recommendation. Their tone 
and finish are the best. A written guarantee with 
every instrument. 

No. D7-215. Solid rosewood, 15 ribs, top is of 
choice selected white spruce, sound hole and 
edges inlaid and bound with celluloid, mahog- 
any neck, ebony finger board bound with 
celluloid, 20 German silver frets, nickle plated 
patent head and tail piece, complete with 

leather bound canvas case 20 .00 

We will be pleased to give prices and descrip- 
tions on higher priced Washburn mandolins, on 

Mandolin Strings, per set .20 

Mandolin Picks, 2 for 05 each.. 05 

No. 3. Mandolin Case, made of canvas, leather 
bound, flannel lined.. 1.50 


D7-309. Standard size, imita- 
tion mahogany sides and 
back, imitation ebony finger 
board and bridge, pearl 
position dots, imitation 
cherry neck, American ma- 
chine head 4.00 

D7-104. Small concert size, im- 
itation rosewood sides and 
back, French polished finger 
board and bridge, position 
dots, imitation mahogany 
neck, American make patent 

head 5.00 

D7-1 11%. Standard size, fine 
imitation rosewood back and 
sides, highly polished, fancy 
strip aown back, celluloid 
bound edges, front and 
colored, fancy ornamental 
sound hole, rosewood finger 
board and bridge, position 
dot, imitation mahogany 
neck, American paten t ma- 
chine head... 6.00 , 

D7-38. Rosewood finish, celluloid edges around 
front and back, inlaid around sound hole and 
down centre of back, pearl position dots, 
German silver frets 11.00 


Every Washburn Guitar bears the makers 
guarantee, and we will refund money and pay 
charges if not satisfactory in every way. They 
are undoubtedly the best guitars in every way on 
the market to-day. 

D7-115. Standard size, solid rosewood back and 
sides, top choice selected white spruce sound 
hole, front and edges inlaid with fancy colored 
woods, front and back, edges bound with 
celluloid, 3 lines of colored wood in back, 
mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, German 
silver frets, pearl position dots, nickel plated 
patent head, complete with strong leather 

bound canvas case 20.00 

D7-217- Same as D7-115, but concert size, com- 
plete with canvas case 22.00 

We will be pleased to give prices and descrip- 
tions of higher priced Washburn guitars on 


D7-3. Canvas Covered Guitar Case, leather bind- 
ing. Standard size 1.50 Concert size 1.75 


10c each, 50c set ; with 1st, 2nd and 3rd gut 
imperial strings, 75c set ; wire strings, 40c set. 


D7-8. 38 Nickel-plated professional brackets, 

nickel-plated rim, 11 in. calf skin head. 7 .50 
D7-20. Fairbank’s special German silver-covered 
maple rim, 20 brackets, inlaid positions, white 
keys, patent tail piece, 19 inch neck, 10% inch 

calf head 14.00 

D7-401. S. S. Stewart’s Amateur eleven inch 
nickel-plated rim, double wired edge, 24 brac- 
kets. 19 inch cherry neck, ebony fingerboard, 
pearl inlaid, improved tailpiece 1 9.50 


Steel, each .05 Sets ,25 

G ut , “ .05 “ ."25 

ut, best quality, each .10 “ .50 


Autoharps come in neat cardboard case, and 
include book of instructions and music, shell 
pick, spiral pick and tuning key. 

No. 3. 3 bars producing 3 chords 2.50 

No. 4. 4 bars producing 4 chords 2.75 

No. 5. 5 bars producing 5 chords 3.00 

No. 6 . 6 bars producing 6 chords 4.00 

No. 10. 10 stops producing 10 chords, new covered 
bar system n most beautiful instrument 5 00 
Autoharf Strings, plain wire. 5c each : covered 
strings, 10c each. When ordering give octave 
arid number of strings required. 

Complete Sets for Nos. 3, 4 and 5, 60c each ; for 
Nos. 6 and 10, 75c each 


No. 5. 2% inch frame tinned, steel tongue, 

each 05 

No. 15. 1% inch frame, bronzed, fancy pattern 

steel tongue ] 1 0 

1 No. 20 3 inch frame, strong fancy pattern, 

laquered, deep tone, each ,, .15 





We handle only the M. Hohner accordions. 
The best sold at any price. They are absolutely 
airtight and tuned correctly. 

No. 0. A small instrument with powerful tone, 




No. 1. Top 5% x 10% inches, double bellows, 2 
set reeds 2.50 

No. 2. Top 5%xl0% inches, double bellows, 2 sets 
reeds, 2 stops 3.00 

No. 3. Top 6 x 11 inches, mahogany moulding, 

ebonized tops, double bellows, 2 sets reeds, 

2 stops, 10 keys. Price 4.00 

No. 4. Top 6 % x 11% inches, same as No. 3, but 

3 sets reeds and 3 stops. A powerful tone 5.00 


No. 5. Top 5% x 9% inches. Italian model, 
ebonized frames and key boards, imitation, 
oak panels with fine open fretwork, leatherette 
covered bellowswith ten folds and brass cor- 
nice protectors, open keyboard, colored metal 
trimmings and leather clasps, 10 pearl keys, 4 
pearl bass keys, 2 sets reeds 5.00 

No. 6 . Top 6 x 11 % inches, mahogany frames, 
keyboard and panels with fancy open fretwork, 
fine leatherette bellows with 14 folds and brass 
protectors, open keyboard, colored metal trim- 
mings and leather clasps, 19 pearl keys, 8 pearl 
bass keys. 4 sets of reeds 8 .50 

No. 7. Top, 6x11% inches, ebonized woodwork 
with white bird’s-eye maple panels, fancy open 
fretwork, the finest leatherette bellows, with 
14 folds and brass protectors, open keyboard, 
double rows of keys, fancy colored metal trim- 
mings and leather clasps, 21 pearl keys, 12 pearl 
brass keys, 4 sets of reeds tO.OO 


D75. 8 inch Genuine Calf Head, red rim, gilt 
decorated, 4 sets jingles, a very pretty tam- 
bourine, each .25 



10 different ways to use the New Trumpet Kazoo 
with a few minutes practice anyone can 

play it 10 

. No. 1. In cardboard case 10 

No. 2. In cardboard case, good tone .15 

We carry a full stock of Hohner mouth Organs 
from 20 c up to $ 1 . 00 . 

When ordering give key and number. 

D7-80. 10 single holes, small size, hinged case .20 
D7-842. 10 Single Holes, 20 Reeds, Brass Plates, 

Nickel Covers, in neat hinged box 25 

D7-1900. Second to none ; 10 single holes. Latest 

improved nickel-plated covers 25 

D7-61. Up-to-date Surprise, 10 single holes. 

Heavy, novel covers, finely nickel plated .25 
D7-20. 10 Double Holes, 20 Reeds, Brass Plates, 
Nickel Covers, Fancy Stamped Extension Ends 

with two Improved Patent Bells 35 

D7-375. Chincwood. Hohner’s latest invention. 
10 single holes, has wooden cover open at ends. 

The only organ with violin tone. 35 

D7-1865, The Queen Alexandra Harp, 16 double 
holes, fancy lithographed covers, separate reed 

channels. Our price .35 

D7-1896%- 10 double holes, 20 reeds, satin lined, 
leatherette hinged case. The Up-to-date. .35 


D75. A guaranteed B 
flat cornet, very easy 
to blow, well in tune, 
good model and 
strongly made. A 
splendid instrument 
for beginners. Com- 
plete with canvas 
case and self in- 

book... 12.00 

D7-80. Same as D75, 
but quadruple silver 
plated 18.00 


D7-4. Imitation rosewood, 20 keys, fancy bellows 


The next three numbers given are M. Hohner’s 
Concertinas, and need no further recommenda- 

D7-930. Regal, large size, 20 bone keys, real wal- 
nut case, 8 folds, quite plain, anglo style, organ 

tone 2.50 

No. D7-925. Mahogany case, 6 fold bellows 

genuinesteel reeds. 20 bone keys 12.00 

No. D7-30. Mahogany case, 6 fold bellows, 
genuine steel reeds, 30 keys...... 15.00 

D7-3500. 10 Single Holes, 20 Reeds, Nickel Plated 
Covers, with highly-polished detachable brass 
horn 5% inches long. The grandest tone effects 
can be attained by keeping a slight movement 
of the hand over the mouth of the horn... .35 

D7-3600. 10 Double Holes, 40 Reeds, Nickel Plated 
Covers, full Concert with Horn Attachment .60 

D7-3800. 24 Double Holes, 48 Reeds, Nickel plated 
Covers, Grand Concert Brass Born Attachment, 
size 10 inches long. Our price 1.00 

D7-35/48. 40 Double Holes, 48 Reeds, Brass Plates, 
Nickel Covers, Extension Ends, Double Sides, 
2 different keys. Our price 50 

D7-100. The Auto Valve Harp. The easiest blow- 
ing double reed mouth organ ever made. . 5 © 

D7-37/80. 40 double Holes, 80 Reeds, Brass Plates, 
Nickel Covers, Extension Ends, Double Sides, 2 
different keys. Our price _ .75 

D7-48%. 48 Double Holes, 96 Reeds, Brass Plates, 
Nickel Covers, Fancy Silver Stamped Extension 
Ends, Double Sides, 2 different keys. In neat 
silk lined leatherette case, with gilt lettering, 
will make a handsome gift. Our price. 1 .00 

D7-1896. Full Concert, 10 double holes, nickel 

plated, in blue hinged, box «60 

The above is one of Hohner’s best organs. 


Or a high-class Blow Ac- 
cordion. Easy to play. 
These instruments are 
made by the well-known 
firm of M. Hohner and 
are perfection in finish 
and tone. 

No. 2B. 10 keys, 20 steel 
bronze reeds, 2 basses, 
cornet mouthpiece. Has 
large detachable horn, 
which increases 
tone.. 2.00 


D77. Key of D, 8 keys, grenadilla or cocoa wood 
with slide, German silver tipped cork 
joints... 6.00 


D71. Black imitation ebony, set of 4..... .15 


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in on to 

5c per 



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i stage Extra 


Postage Extra 

POSTAGE on Sheet Music, single copies, each 2c ; additional copies 1c each. 

We carry a complete stock of Music and can supply any Music or Music Book which can be sold in Canada, 
price and that the lowest. These are bulletins of music at present in demand, in their respective editions 
n on these lists, please write for our prices. (Vlusic serst as ordered not exchanged. 

We have only 
Anything not 


Sc per copy J 6 for 25c 

:r the War is Over, 
utiful Isle of Somewhere, 
me Banks of Loch Lomond, 
adians to the Front. 

’t You Take My Word, 
ir Boy. 

ryone’s in Slumberland, 
rybody Works but Father, 
est Rose in June. 

,ver of the Maple Tree, 
rts and Flowers Song, 
a lo Central, 
watha— Song. 

[ MeetYou When the Roses Bloom. 

[ Wearing My Heart Away for You. 
[the House of Too Much Trouble. 

[| he Shadow of the Pines. 

[ihe Evening by the Moonlight, 
rtaita Duet, 

,er Edged in Black 
>le Leaf for Ever, 
lama’s Boy. 

her of the Girl I Love. 

Old Kentucky Home. 

Old New Hampshire Home. 

1 the Green Fields of Virginia, 
sus Saviour. 

•omise Me. 

Folks at Home. 

School Chums, 
ure No Artist Can Paint, 
ure from Life’s Other Side. 

Ter I Learned at Mother’s Knee, 
ing Home to Bonnie Scotland, 
et Genevieve, 
of the East. 

; Again that Sweet Refrain, 
ply to Thy Cross I Cling, 

Mother I’ll be There. 

Me Will My Dream Come True, 
re’s Nobody Just Like You. 
re’s No Flag Like the Red, White 
id Blue. 

ill Help the Maple Leaf to Live, 
fou is Born a Saviour. 

;n You Dream, Dream, Dream, 
ding of the Yarn, 
or No. 


5c per copy! 6 for 25c 

iama Camp Meeting, 
el Choir (Meditation), 
el Voices Ever Near, 
utiful Star of Heaven, 
nie Brier Bush— 2 Step, 
nenlied (Flower Song), 
n Hollow Capers. 

>le Belles. 

ce of the Butterflies, 
ihant’s Trot, 
ing Waters Caprice, 
hunter 2-Step, 
dolier 2-Step, 
chopper’s Hop. 
watha 2-Step, 
rts and Flowers, 
ry a Little. 

Minstrel 2-Step, 
wre Waltzes, 
ody of Love, 
nwinks 3-Step, 
gery 2-Step, 

;he War Path, 
ceful Henry, 
in’s Return, 
of the Sea. 



pie Confession. 

INSTRUMENTAL, S for 25c.— 



Turkey in the Straw 
Tickled to Death. 

Topsy’s in Town. 

Varsity Waltzes. 

When Knighthood was in Flower. 
Woodland Echoes. 

Weeping Willow 3-Step. 

Warblings at Eve. 


IQccopyj 3 for 25c 

City Eternal., 

Come With Me for a Roller Skate 

Did 'You See My Papa. 

Dreaming of the Golden Past and 
You (New). 

Dear Little Girl It’s You (New). 
Father on Thee We Call. 

How Could My Heart Say Farewell to 
You (New). 

Handful of Maple Leaves. 

He Died in San Francisco. 

I Wish They’d Play with Me (New). 
It’s Not the House that Makes the 

Just For a Little While (New Child 

Lead Thou O Kindly Light 
Molly Ann O’Shea— New Irish Song 
My Heart Longs To-night to be There 

My Little Northern Rose (New). 

O Happy Day. 

Organist’s Last Amen. 

Only a Picture Post Card (New). 
Outside the Gates of Paradise. 

Pearly Gates and Golden. 

Sweethearts Still. 

Song You Sang at Twilight. 

When the Harvest Gleaners Sang a 
Song of Home (New). 

Which Way Did the Angels Go ? 
Where the Shading Maples Grow. 
When the Frost has Turned the Maple 
Leaves to Gold. 

When the Maple Leaves are Budding 
in the Springtime (New). 

You Are the One (New). 


1 0c a copy 3 for 25c 

Arrival of the Bride 2-step. 

Celestine Waltzes. 

Dorothy 3-step.— (New) 

Dance of the Rosebuds Schottisehe 
Florentine Waltzes. — (New) 

Gibson Girl 2-step. 

In a Garden of Love Waltzes. 

Kamona Iutermezzo. 

Lilliputian Bazaar 2-step. 
Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. 
Nation’s Pride March,— (New) 

Out of the West March. 

Repasz Band March. 

Prayer and Passion. 

Starlight 3-step— (New) 

Valse Bleue. Verona. 

Violets 3-step. 

Whirl of Society Waltzes. 

15c Per Copy 

Arrah Wanna. 

Are You Coining Out To-Night, 
Mary Ann? 

Are You Coming Back to Old New 
Hampshire Molly ? 

Alice Where Art Thou Going? 

All For You. 


15c per copy. 

Bright Eyes Good-Bye. 

Bee that gets the Honey. 

Bull Frog and the Coon. 

Bessie and her Little Brown Bear. 

By the side of the Zuyder Zee. 

Cheer Up Mary. 


Crocodile Isle. 

College Life Song. 

Colleen Bawn. 

Camp Meeting Time (Coon Song) 
Coax Me. 

Can’t YouSee I’m Lonely? 

Captain Baby Bunting. 

Deutchland (New) 

Down on the Farm. 

Down where the cotton blossoms grow 
Down on the Brandywine. 

Daddy’s Little Girl. 

Dear Old Farm. (Comic) 

Every little bit added. 

Everybody gives me good advice. 

For thee I’d live or die. (New) 

Friend of Mine told a Friend of Mine. 
Galveston.— (New) 

Good Bye, Sis. 

Good Bye, Mamie. (New March 

He never even said Good Bye. 

Holding Hands. 

Have you seen my Henry Brown. 
Honey Boy. 

Home was never like this. 

Honey Lou. 

In the shade of the old apple tree. 
Irish Molly. 

I’d rather 2-step than Waltz, Bill. 

I’m glad I’ve fouud you.— (New) 

In a village by the sea. 

I’ll do anything in this world for you. 
I can’t think of anything but 
you. (New) 

Is everybody happy. 

I’m wise. 


If a girl like you loved a boy like me. 
I’ll be waiting in the gloaming, 

In dear old Georgia. 

I’ve said my last farewell, toot, toot. 

If the man in the moon were a coon. 
In the evening by the moonlight, 
dear Louise. 

I don’t know where I’m going, but 
I’m on my way, 

Just a little rocking chair and you. 
Keep on the sunny side. 

Keep a little cosy corner in your 
heart for me. 

Kiss me good night, dear love. 

Land of the Buffaloes.— (New) 

Little boy called Taps. 

Leader of the German Band. 

Little one, good bye. 

Loving Time. (New Coon) 

My Irish Molly O. 

Morning Cy. 


Moon has his eyes on you. 

My Mariuccia (Take a Steamboat! 

My Irish Rosie. 

My Guiding Star. 

No wedding bells tor me. 


Nobody's Little Girl. 

’Neath the old acorn tree Sweet 

Out in an automobile. 

Oh ! what a night to spoon. 

One called Mother, the other Home 
Sweet Home. 

Pal of Mine. 

Please come and play in my yard. 
Picnic lor two. 

Poor Old Man. 


Pool John. 

Rose (The) 

Stingy Moon .— (New) 

San Antonio 

Somebody’s waiting for you. 

Someone thinks of Someone. 

Sweetest Girl in Dixie. 

Silver Heels. 


She waits by the deep blue sea. 

Someday when dreams come true. 
Take me where there’s a big brass 
band. (New) 

Topeka.— (New) 

Teddy Bear. 

Tell me. 

Travelling.— (Comic) 


Tale the church bells tolled. 

That’s what the daisy said. 

Won’t you come over to my house? 
Why don’t you try ? 

Waiting at the church. 

When the Mocking Birds are singing 
in the Wildwood. 

Way Down East. 

Wait till the sun shines, Nellie. 

When Mose with his Nose leads the 
the band. 

When the girl you love loves you. 
When the Whippoorwill sings 

What the brass band played. 
Won’tyoucome overtoPhiliv, Willie? 
When you know you’re not forgotten. 
When the flowers bloom in the 

What you going to do when the rent 
comes round ? 

When the blue birds nest again, 
sweet Nellie Gray. 

You’re just the same. 

You can’t give your heart to some- 
body else. 

at 15c each 
The New Hits Are» 

v Since Arrnh Wanna married 
Barney Carney 

My Guiding Star. 

Land of the Buffaloes. 

Little Black Lamb. — (Compan- 
ion Song to Little Black Me) 
I’d Rather 2-step than Waltz. 

Poor John. 

Somebody’s Waiting for you. 

San Antonio. 

Won’t You be My Teddy Bear? 
My Irish Maid. 

Won’t you be ray honey. 

Jasper, don’t you near me 
calling. (Coon song) 

The Isle of Ding-a-ling. (Comic) 

50c Popular Instrumental 

OUR PRICE 15c per Copy 

Black Cat [Rag 3 Step). 

Blossom 2-Step. 

Chicken Chowder 2-Step. 

Cherry 2-Step. 

College Life 2-Step, 

Dream Girl Waltzes. 

Dixieland 2-Step. 

Fellowship 2-Step (New). 

Fascination 2-Step. 

Flying Arrow 2-Step. 

Golden Sunset Waltzes. 





50c Popular instrumental 
OUR PRICE 15c per Copy 

Gloriana Waltzes 
Happy Heine 2-Step. 
Iola 2-Step. 

Irish Hearts 2-Step. 

Keep on Smiling 2-Step. 
Lady Betty Waltzes 
Louisiana (Rag 2 Step). 
Last Kiss waltz (New). 
Love’s Garden Waltzes. 
Lady Laughter Waltzes. 
La Sorella 2-step. 
Loveland Waltzes. 

Miss Dixie 2 step. 

Mickey Finn 2-Step. 

The New Hits Are. 

In the Lead, 2 step. 

The Darkies Mardi Gras 
Rag Time 2 step. 
Kentucky Kut-Up 2 Step. 
Topeka, 2 Step. 

Weary Willie 2 Step. 
Eleanor Robson Waltzes 
Enchantress Waltz. 

Blue Eyes 3 Step. 

Noodles (German Rag). 
Poppies 2-Step, 

Sneaky Pete (New 2-Step). 
G6 Two Step (New). 

Shy Try 2-Step. 

Spirit of Love Waltz. 
Shoulder Straps. 

Topeka 2-Step. (New) 

Uncle Sammy 2-Step. 

Weary Willie (New 2-Step). 
Whispered Thought. 
Yankee Girl 2-Step. 

A Good Song ) 


A song after the style of “Lover 
me aud the world is mine.”? 
Published for Soprano or Tenor, ^ 
APo or Baritone. Words by, 
Richard Henry Buck. Music by 
Theodore Morse. 

Price .19 Post 2c. 

/ WWW ) 


After They Gather the Hay 
Always in the Way. 

All In Down and Out. 

Ain’t You Got Nothing to Say 
Asleep in the Deep (2 keys). 

By the Watermelon Vine 
Bird on Nellie’s Hat. 

Because I’m Married Now. 

Could I but tell. (New, 3 keys) 
Dreaming Love of You. 

Don't You Want a Paper, Dearie ? 
Forty-five Minutes from Broadway. 
Good Bye, Little Girl, Good Bye. 

Good Bye, Mr. Greenback. 

Good Bye, Sweetheart, Good Bye. 

Girl Who Cares for Me. 

Good Night, Beloved, Good Night. 

He Walked Right In. 

Hey, Mr. Joshua I 
Hello, Peaches 1 
He's a Cousin of Mine. 

He Handed Me a Lemon. 

I Love You All the Time. 

I’m Trying so Hard to Forget You. 

In My Merry Oldsmobile. 

I Wonder if You’ll Miss Me, 

Is Your Mother In, Molly Malone ? 
Isle of Bye and Bye. 
fn Golden Autumn Time, My Sweet 

Love Me, and the World is Mine (4 

Let it Alone. 

Mary’s a Grand Old Name. 

Mother, Pin a Rose on Me. 

My Dusky Rose. 

My Little Dutch Colleen. 

Not Because Your Hair is Curly. 


Preacher and the Bear. 

Sweetie Dear. 

Sweet Adeline. 

19c,— Continued. 

So Long, Mary. 

Tale of a Stroll. 

Under Southern Skies. 

Virginia Song. 

When the Evening Breeze is Sighing. 
Waltz Me Round Again, Willie. 

Will You Love Me in December ? 

When the Sunset Turns the Ocean's 
Blue to Gold. 

Will the Angels Let Me Play? 

Would You Care. 

When the Bees are in the Hive. 

When Tommy Atkins Marries Dolly 

Wouldn’t You Like to Flirt with Me ? 
VouTl Have to Wait Till My Ship 
Comes In. 

You’re a Grand Old Flag. 

You’re as Welcome as Flowers in May 

Popular 50c and 60c Instru- 

OUR PRICE 19c per Copy 

Burning of Rome. 

Chariot Race. 

Charge of the Light Brigade. 
Innocence Waltz. 

Mosquitoes’ Parade. 

Midnight Fire Alarm. 

Midnight Flyer. 

Murmuring Waters Waltzes. 

Polly Prim 2-Step. 

Peter Piper 2-Step, 

Popularity March. 

Wedding of the Winds Waltzes. 










Grand Patriotic March, (intro- 
ducing “The Maple Leaf for Ever,” 
(new and revised version.) 

The best arrangement of our 
National Anthem published. 

Ar anged by John Slatter, band- 
master 48th Highlanders. 

23c. Post 2c. 

Suitable for Public Schools, Col- 
leges and for all patriotic occasions 

50c Operatic and 50c Songs 
OUR PRICE 25c Each. 

Absinthe Frappe. 

All the Girls Love Me. 

Ain't it Funny What a Difference. 

An Revoir my Little Hyacinth. 
Beautiful Land of Bon Bon. 

Bill Simmons. 

25c.— Continued. 

Boys will be Boys. 

Blow the Smoke Away. 

Because You’re You. 

Cross your Heart. 

Cupid has Found my Heart. 

Come to St. George’s. 

Day Dreams. 

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do. 

Days of Old. 

Dearie (2 Keys). 

Eileen Asthore. 


Bor Love of Thee. 

Face to Face (3 Keys). 

Forgotten (3 Keys). 

How’d You Like to Spoon with Me 
Hottentot Love Song. 

I Can’t do the Sum. 

I want what I want when I Want 
I Like your Way. 

I Don’t Like Your Family. 

Isle of Our Dreams. 

I can’t Just Make my Eyes Behave 
John Dough. 

Just My Sfyle. 

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss. 

Lemon in a Garden of Love, 

Little Girl You’ll Do. 

Love Song (Sergt. Kitty). 

Let me go Back (Royal Chef). 

Little Chauffeur. 

Message of the Violets (2 Keys). 

Moon Song. 

Moon Dea~ 



My Alamo Love. 

Meet me at Twilight. 

Meet me Down at the Corner 

O’Reilly (Royal Chef). 

On a Crocodile. 

Oh Canada ! Our Fathers’ Land of 
Palms (3 Keys). 

Queen of my Dreams. 

Robinson Crusoe’s Isle. 

Somewhere In the World. 


Stein Song (2-Step). 

Streets of New York. 

San Francisco Bay. 

Tale of the Kangaroo. 

Tale of a Seashell. 


Thursday’s my Jonah Day. 

Waiting (Spring Chicken). 

What’s the Matter With my mai 
the Moon. 

What color eyes do you Love Best 
Waning Honeymoon. jk. - 

Why do They call me a Gibson Gil 
You look Awfully Good to Father 












It’: | 



When ordering from this list be sure to state 
the voice song is required for, to insure order 
being filled correctly. Postage extra. 

Publisher's Our 

Abide with Me (Liddle), 3 keys 75 

Ave Maria (Cavalleria Rusticana) 3 keys...60 

Asthore (Trotere), 5 keys 

Anchored ( Watson), 3 keys 

Better Land (Cowen), 2 keys 

Beauty’s Eyes (Tosti), 4 keys 60 

Because (D’Hardelot) 3 keys 

Beautiful Land of Nod, 4 keys 

Calvary (Rodney), 3 keys 

Come Back to Erin (key of C) 

Daddy (Behrend), 2 keys .. 50 

Deathless Army (Trotere), 3 keys.... 

Dream of Paradise (Gray), 4 keys 

Dream (Bartlett), 4 keys 50 

Fairies (Dolores) 

Forgotten (Cowles), 2 keys 

Gates of the West, 2 keys 

Guard While I Sleep 25 

Good Night, Little Girl, 2 keys 50 

Go to Sea, 4 keys 

Goodbye (Tosti), 4 keys 

Heroes and Gentlemen, 2 keys 

His Majesty the King (St. Quentin), 3 keys 60 

Holy City, 4 keys 75 

Heavenly Song, 4 keys 

Hold Thou My Hand, 3 keys 

Island of Dreams (Adams), 4 keys 75 

I’m a Pilgrim 

ce Price 













































r s 60 











Just for To-day, 2 keys _ 

Japanese Love Song (Clayton), 3 keys 

Last Night (Kjerulf), 4 keys 

Life’s Lullaby (Lane), 3 keys 

Little Irish Girl, 3 keys 

Lost Chord, F and A flat 

Love’s Old Sweet Song (Molloy), 3 keys.. 
Mona (Adams), in E flat 

Never Alone 

O Dry Those Tears, 4 keys 

Ora Pro Nobis (Piecolomini), key oE C.. 
Ora Pro Nobis, B flat, D, E flat 

Old Brigade (Barri), 5 keys 

0 Promise Me (De Koven), 2 keys 

Off to Philadelphia (Haynes), 2 keys .. 

Plains of Peace (Barnard), 3 keys 

Rosary (Nevin), 3 keys 

Rory Darlin’ (Temple), 2 keys 

Recessional (De Koven) 2 keys 

Sweet Thoughts of Home, 3 keys 

Sing Me to Sleep, 4 keys 

Star of Bethlehem (Adams) Key of F.. 

Sweetest Story Ever Told, 3 keys.. 
Shade of the Palm (Florodora) .... 

Three for Jack, 2 keys 

There Let Me Rest (Greene) 
Time’s Roses, 3 keys 

Voices of the Past, 4 keys . 









. 60 


































































111'! l; 

Postage extra 

Ave Maria (Cavalleria Rusticana) 60 

Amoureuse Waltz 60 

Adlyn Waltzes 60 

Bridal March (Lohengrin) 50 

Consolation (Mendelssohn) 20 

Come Back to Erin — Variations 60 

Cradle Song (Lohr) 60 

Dorothy (Seymour Smith) 50 

Dance of the Shadows 50 

Dream of Spring Waltzes 60 

Dead March in Saul 10 

Durand Valse, No. 1 —..76 

Fountain (Bohn) 25 

Godard Valse, No. 2 50 

Idilio (Lack)..., 35 

II Trovatore (Piano Selection) 75 

J’y Pense -60 

Minuet (Paderewski) No. 1 and 2, each ....60 

Marguerite Waltz 60 

Mazurk Godard 60 

O Dry Those Tears Waltz 60 

Pilgrim’s Chorus (Tannhauser) 50 

Prince of Pilsen, Selections from 1.00 

“ “ Waltzes from _76 

“ Lancers from 60 

*• Tale of Seasholl, 2-Step...50 

Red Mill Waltz, new — 75 

Simple Aven (Wood Edition; 35 

Sousa’s Marches, any of the latest ones.ea 60 

Traumeri 40 

Tannhauser March 50 

Whistler and His Dog March... 50 

Ilf ; 





1 tat: 


lies i 


If, Sc 



1: . . 

B. A. 




I hi 







of Regimental Marches of 
Famous British R e g i - 
ments, including patri- 
otic Marches of Canadian 

English, Irish, Scottish, 

Welsh, Canadian 
(Introducing the most cele- 
brated national martial 
iirs typical of each coun- 
try, together with a choice 
selection of patriotic songs 
and dance tunes.) 

Easily and effectively arranged for Piano, 
Organ and Voice, Compiled and arranged 
by John Slatter, bandmaster 48th High- 
landers. Price ........... . 4.5 

Postage 9 cents. 

The Monster Imperial 

Music. Instruction Books and Studies 


Royal Folio of Music, 86 selections .50 Post 11c. 
Royal Folio of Music No. 2 .50 Post 10c. 

Royal Folio of Music No, 3 .50 Post 10c. 

Royal Crown Folio .50 Post 10c. 

Coronet Folio of Music .60 Post 10. 

Royal March and Two-Step Folio .40 Post Sc. 
Royal Pearls, easy, piano or organ .33 Post 9c. 
Sunbeams, 100 easy melodies for pupils. 40 Post 9c 
Ruby Series, easy, 10 books, each .15 Post 3c. 

Star Series, sequel to Ruby, 6 books, ea .15 Post 3c. 
Violinist Album, country dances .35 Post 7c. 
Favorite Duets, for Violin and Piano .45 I ost 6 c 
Sacred Pianoforte Album .50 Post 8c. 

Superb Folios, Nos. 1 and 2, each .50 Post 10c. 
Melodies of Scotland .60 Post 8 e 
Melodies of Ireland .60 Post 8 e. 

Very Easy Piano Duets .45 Post 5c. 

Four Hand Recreations, 3rd grade .45 Post5c. 
Artists’ Repertoire, Piano Duets .65 Post 11c. 
Easy Pieces in Easy Keys, 2 vols. ea. .45 Post 5c. 
Mendelssohn’s Songs Without Words .45 Post 11c, 
Chopin’s Waltzes .30 Post 8 c. 

“ First Lessons in Music Room,” a collection Of 
very easy pieces for the beginner .15 Post 3c. 


Beliak’s New Method, just published, a new edi- 
tion of this popular method for the piano. It 
can also be used for the organ. This is the 
method which contains “ Star of the Sea.” Paper 
cover .26 Post 5c. Board cover .36 Post 7c. 

Beliak Improved Piano Method, No. 2, paper .25. 
Post 5c. Boards .35. Post 7c. 

Sydney Smith Piano Method, paper 60. Post 6 c. 
Boards .60 Post 10c. 

Gurlitt’s American or Foreign Fingering, paper 
.60 Post 9c, Boards .75 Post 13c. 

Richardson’s Piano Method, American Fingering 
1.20 Post 19c. 

Halle's Piano Method, American or Foreign Fin- 
gering .50 Post 5c. 

Kohler Practical Method .45 Post 7c. 

Beliak’s Ideal Method, for Piano or Organ, paper 
.25 Post 5c. Boards .35 Post 7. 

" Music Made Easy,” a new and concise method 
for young pupils, foreign fingering .40 Post 8 c. 


new and enlarged edition of the famous 
Imperial, contains its choicest numbers and 

15 pieces added. Price ,59 

Postage 19c extra. 

Send for list of contents. 

Star Dance Folio No. 7 

ranged from the most popular and latest 
uccesses of the day, as waltzes, marches, 
ancers, two-steps, schottisches, etc. 

ITice 30 Postage 8 c. 

"British Dances” Piano Folio 

magnificent arrangement of old country 
lances, including Scottish strathspeys, reels, 
word dance, shean trews, lilts ; English 
lornpipes, country dances ; Irish jigs, steps, 
eels, etc. Nicely arranged for piano or 
irgan by John Slatter, bandmaster 48th 
lighlanders. ■ Price .30 Postage 5c. 

A Good Dance Folio 

t/iland No. 2.— Arranged as 2-Steps, Waltzes, 
chottisches, 3-Steps, Lancers, and contains 
tarlight, Keep a Little Cosy Corner, Dad- 
ly’s Little Girl, What the Brass Band 
’layed, etc. 12 up-to-date dances. A 50c 

Ollection. Price 1 5 

Postage 3c extra. 

Haviland No. 3 

vorthy successor to the popular No. 2. Con- 
iine 13 dance numbers arranged from the 
atest popular songs and includes— Good Old 
I.S.A., Keep on the Sunny Side Waltz, 
irocodile Isle 2-Step, Kiss Me Good Night 

'ear Love Waltz, etc Price 15 

Postage 3c extra 


Haviland No- 4 

itents: Arrah Wanna Waltz, Nobody’s 

little Girl Waltz, Where the Southern 
loses Grow Waltz, Good-Bye Mamie Two- 
tep, The Elks Lancers, Loving Time Two- 
tep, Soldier Man Two-Step, Dainty Dorothy 
hree-Step, Isle of Ding-a-Ling Schottische 
’olicy Pete Cake Walk, Dance of the Chip- 
mnks Schottische. A 50c. collection. 

Price .15 Postage 3c. 


Violin and Mandolin Players 

I Published— A Collection for Violin or 
[andolin containing 15 numbers and in- 
ludes — College Life March, Good Old 
I. S. A., Keep on the Sunny Side Waltz, 
ust a Little Rocking Chair Schottische, 
'addy’s Little Girl Waltz, Starlight 2-Step, 
eader of the German Band 2-Step, What 
le Brass Band Played 2-Step, etc., etc. 

Price .20 Postage 4c extra. 

Accompaniment Part for this collection 
Price .40 Postage 6 c extra. 

Words and Musio 

Imperial Song Folio 

Successor to the famous Comet Song Folio 
Contains all its best numbers and new ones 
added, including ‘‘Everyone’s in Slumber- 
land,” “ Tommy Tell Me True,” ‘‘Winding 

of the Yarn,” etc., etc. Price .65 

Postage 15c extra. 

A New Sacred Song Folio 

Contains 46 standard sacred songs by best 
known composers. Send for list of contents. 

Price „55 

Postage 11c extra. 

_ , . The Globe Song Folio 

The biggest, best and cheapest collection of 
popular songs, duets, sacred solos. This is 
not a collection of the present day songs, 
but of songs that never grow old, such as 
Killarney, Death of Nelson, When Other 
Lips, Sweet Genevieve, Village Blacksmith, 
etc., 104 in the book. 

Paper cover 50 Postage 12c. 

Board ” 60 “ 16c. 

Cloth “ .75 “ 16c. 

University of Toronto College Song Book, paper 
.75 Post 7c. Cloth 1.00 Post 12c. 

58 Choice Irish Songs .55 Post 11c. 

Choice Irish Songs, Vol. 2— New Collection .65 
Post 11c. 

Prize Vocal Duets (26 duets) .55 Post 11c. 

110 Scotch Songs .43 Post 7c. 

215 Scotch Songs .90 Post 15c. 

Royal Song Folio (107 songs) .60 Post 10c. 
Canadian Patriotic Song Book .20 Post 3c. 
Superb Song Folio (54 songs) No. 1 .60 Post 10c. 
Superb Song Folio No. 2 .60 Post 10c. 

Mirthful Album of Comic Songs .50 Post 11c. 
Sacred Song Folio .50 Post 8 c. 

Francis & Day’s Comic Song Annual .35 Post 5c. 

Theoretical Works 

Stainer’s Harmony and Composition, each .50 
Post 5c. 

Text Book (Banister) 1.00 Post 8 c. 

Rudiments of Music (Cumming) .26 Post 3c. 
History of Music (Hunt) 1.00 Post 6 c. 

Jousse’s Catechism .08 Post 3c. 

Music Dictation Books, each .04 Post 2c. 


A New Instruction Book for the 

Can also be used for Organ. 


This is in foreign fingering. We can recom- 
mend it. Is being nsed by the leading 

schools and colleges in the country .50 

Postage 8 c. 

Wickins’ Rapid Method for Piano, complete edi- 
tion .50 Post5c. 

How to Vamp, showing how to accompany singers 
.35 Post 5c. 

Biehl, Op. 30. Elements of piano playing, foreign 
fingering .40 Post 4c. 

Matthew’s Graded Studies, 10 books, foreign fin- 
gering .60 Post5c. 

Franklin Taylor’s Studies, 33 books, each .30 
Post 5c. 

Wickins’ Rapid Tutor for Violin .50 Post 8 c. 
Langey’s Violin Method .75 Post 7c. 

Tour’s Violin Method .60 Post 6 c. 

Winner’s Methods for Violin, Guitar, Flute, Fife, 
Clarionette, Banjo, Accordion, Concertina, 
Cornet, each .25 Post 5c. 

Otto Langey’s celebrated methods for all brass, 
string and reed instruments, each .75 Post 10c. 
Bassini Method for Voice 1.00 Post 10c. 
Randegger Method for Voice 1.00 Post 15c. 
Concone Exercises for Voice .30 Post 5c. 

We carry a complete stock of Musical Class- 
ics in Schirmer Library, Our prices on these 
are 40 per cent. off publisher’s price. Postage 

Peters’ Edition— 40 per cent, off publisher’s 
price. Postage extra. 

Write for complete lists. 

Two New Collections for Young 

Which we would recommend to teachers 


A new collection of interesting pieces. First 
grade. Foreign fingering. A 50c book. 

Price 30 Postage 5c extra. 


A new collection of instrumental numbers 
Second grade— would follow “Dainty Fingers’’ 
Price 30 Postage 6 e extra. 

See pages, Nos. 180 and 181, for complete 
list of Everyman’s Library. We carry 
complete stock of up-to-date list. In 
case of any one title being sold out, 
kindly givesecond choice. Order them 
according to number. See heading of 
School Book, page 191, for information. 






Stationery, School and Office Supplies 


D3-B21. Made from best quality stock, moire finish, made in three sizes ; 


D3-C22. No. 7 Business Envelopes, white wove, for general 

D3-C23. No. 7 Business Envelopes, white wove, good quality, 

D3-C24. No. 7 Business Envelopes, white wove, extra quality 

D3-C25. No. 7 Business Envelopes, blue lined 

D3-C26. Linen Lined Official Envelopes, size 10x4, per pkg. .35 each. .02 
D3-C27. Official Envelopes, open side and end, three sizes, No. 10, 4%x9% ■ 

No. 9, 3%x8% ; No. 12, 10%x4%, per package of 25.. 10 

D3-C28. Envelopes, square shape, 250 in a box, white wove, per 

box 25 and .50 


Per pkg. 

- .40 

Per box 

of 25. 

of 500. 










(Allow two days for printing orders.) 

(Machine on which visiting cards are printed is the only one in Canada). 
D3-H29. 50 Ladies' or Gents’ Visiting Cards, printed in Script or Old English 

type including stock 35 

D3-E30. 1000 Envelopes, printed (not including envelopes) 1.00 

D3-E31. 1000 Letter- Heads, printed (including stock) .3.00 

P3-E32. 500 Letter Head, printed (including stock) 2.25 

D3E-33. 1000 Bill or Invoice Heads (including stock) 3.00 

D3-E34. 500 Bill or Invoice Heads )including stock) 2 .25 

D3-E35. Newspaper Wrappers, gummed, 50 in a book 1 Q 










Size 6% x 10 inches. Price, .05 each. 

House to Rent D3-E40. Unfurnished Rooms to. Let 

House For Sale D3-E41. Furnished or Unfurnished 

Office to Let. Rooms to Let 

Furnished Rooms to Let D3-E42. Board by Day or Week. 


Typewriting Paper, linen laid, size 8%xl3, quire .05 

Typewriting Paper, linen laid, size 8)4x13, per ream 1 .00 

Typewriting Paper, Berkshire Linen Wove, size 8)4x13, per 


D3-E46. Typewriting Paper, Extra Super Wove, size 8)4x11 or 8)4x13, 

per ream 60 

D3-E47. No. 1 Carbon Paper, blue, purple or black, per sheet .05 

per 100 sheets 4.00 

D3-E48. Typewriter Ribbon, each — 75 

(Give name of machine). 


D3 M49. Shelving Paper, with scalloped edge, in 
blue, white, pink, green and yellow, io yds. 

in piece, per piece .05 

D3-E50. Shelving Paper, with scalloped edge, in 
white, pink, green and yellow, very fine 

quality, 5 yards in piece, for 05 

D3-M61. Plain White Shelf Paper, per quire_ .08 


D3-M52. Ice Cream size, per doz... .05 .08 .10 
D3-K58. Larger sizes, per doz .1 5 ,20 .30 


D3-M54. Size 8x12, No. 1 Pure Parchment, per 



Foolscap Paper, full size, extra quality, legal or plain, per 


Per ream 

B3 C56. Blotting Paper, large sheets, 2 for 

B3-H57. Music Manuscript Paper, per quire 






Hurd’s Finest Quality Visiting Cards, pure white, Ladies’ 


size, 50 in box 

Gents’ size 

B3-H59. Black Bordered Cards, narrow, middle or broad, 50 in 

package. Ladies’ size 25 

Gents’ size 

B3-H60. Black Bordered Envelopes, to match cards, in narrow, middle 
and broad, price per package... .05 Better quality, per package 
_ „ .10 and 


.1 0 




113- E67. 


(Allow 3 days For engraving: card plate). 

Script type, nameonly, .50 Address extra, .25 Day extra, .25 
Old English “ 1.50 ‘ ” .75 “ .75 

“ shaded “ 2.25 “ “ 1.00 “ 1.00 

Roman “ 1.50 “ “ .75 “ .75 

Engraving 50 Ladies Cards, including plate, Script type. 1 .00 

Engraving 50 Gents’ Cards, including plate, Script type .95 

Engraving 50 Ladies’ Cards, from former plate .50 

Engraving 50 Gents’ Cards, from former plate 45 


D3-E1. Eaton’s Kara Linen Note Paper, a hij 

class paper at a popular price, size 5)4 x 6%, col 

white, blue and grey, 1 quire of paper... 

1 pound (3)4 quires), 84 sheets. 

Envelopes to match, per package .( 

D3-G2. Eaton’s Linen, a new line of pure Engl 
linen note paper made especially for us, superiorL. 
finish to any moderate priced paper made, the surfi" f 
particularly pleasing under the pen, Douglas s 
only,, color pure white, five quire package, 

120 sheets, per package 

Envelopes to match, wallet shaped, package... .( 

D3-E3. Royal Highland Linen, a genuine linen rag 
paper made by the celebrated Berkshire Mills, for 
society correspondence, in three popular colors, 
white, Swiss blue and pearl grey, and in three sizes, 
Winthrop (5)4x6%), Octavo (4)4 x 7), West End 
(4%x5%), every sheet perfect, one quire of paper and 

one package of envelopes to match 25 

One pound of paper and 2 pkgs. envelopes .75 

D3-E4. Berkshire Vellum, a new rough finished 
paper, made in three sizes, color pure white— 

Winthrop, size 5%x6%. per quire .1 8 

Envelopes, per package 1 8 

Oxford, size 6)4x4%, per quire 15 Envelopes, per pkg .it 

Lucile, size 4%x5%, per quire 1 5 Envelopes, per pkg. 

D3-H5, Crane’s Linen Lawn, finest linen paper made, pure white ' 


Astoria, size 4)4x5%, per quire 

Douglas, size 4%x6%, per quire... 



Envelopes, per pkg 

..... . Envelopes, per pkg 

Gladstone, size 5%x6%, per quire .25 Envelopes, per pkg 

Put up in 5-quire boxes. 

D3-E6. Eaton’s Hot Pressed Vellum, new paper, very much up 
date in size and style of envelopes. Comes in three sizes— 

Brerton size, per quire. 1 .1 5 Envelopes to match, pkg 

Blenheim size, per quire .1 Q Envelopes to match, pkg 

Brentwood size, per quire 20 Envelopes to match, pkg 

D3-H7. Hurd’s Irish Linen, 

White, Octavo size, per quire... 1 0 

White, Douglas size, per quire .15 

D3-H8. Hurd’s Satin Wove, 

White, Octavo size, per quire 10 

White, Douglas size, per quire... |l5 
White, small note size, per quire, j O 
D3-H9. Hurd’s Egyptian Linen, Octavo or large Octavo sizes, for fore 
correspondence, per quire 1 0 Envelopes, per pkg. 

ill, iri 

■ 315. ' 

Envelopes pkg... 
Envelopes pkg 

Envelopes, per pkg. 

Envelopes, per pkg. 
Envelopes, per pkg.. 

D3-M9. Eaton’s Foreign Note Paper, large Octavo size, in small ffi 

large check or single ruling, quire .. .05 per 5-quire package 

D3-B10. Sermon Paper, per quire ,08 5 quires. 

D3-G11. Eaton’s 303 Note Paper, one of our . 

known lines, good cream wove paper, smooth fin 
ruled or plain, Octavo size or Douglas, quire 

5-quire package, 120 sheets, per pkg 

Envelopes to match, square shape, pkg 

D3-G12. Eaton’s Keramic 
Parchment, a cream wove 
paper, slightly rough surface, 
plain only, square or octavo 

shape, quire 05 

5-quire package, 120 sheets. 25 
Envelopes to match, per 
package..... 05 

S3. I 

,i 29. E 

D3-G13. Eaton’s London Crey Paper, smooth 

finish, Octavo size per quire — 05 

5-quire package, 120 sheets 25 

Envelopes to match, per package .05 

D3-G14. Eaton’s Crey Silurian Paper, 

smooth finish, Douglas size, per quire 05 

5-quire package, 120 sheets 25 

Envelopes to match, per pkg 


D3-G15. Black Bordered Note Paper, linen surface, square shape. 

narrow, middle and broad, quire .1 Q Envelopes to match, pkg... 
D3-E16. Black Bordered Berkshire Linen Fabric, one of thebestli .; 
papers manufactured, made in pure white, Rossmoyne, size 5x6%, is 

borders narrow, middle and broad, price quire , , 

Envelopes, per package , jj/jj 


(Allow 3 days For wedding: orders.) 

Wedding Invitations or Announcements, printed in Script or Old Eng Sc 
type on the very finest paper made for this purpose, Hurd’s Kid Fin 
White, with inside and outside envelopes to match, complete,, 

the following quantities— 

D3-HL7. 25 sets, complete 1.75 D3-H18. 50 sets, complete. 2. 

D3-H19. 75 sets, complete 4.00 D3-H20. 100 sets, complete 4 - 

(Be sure your copy is written distinctly). 







J i« .Bmcot &lv stt, 





(Allow 2 days for embossing- orders. ) 

D3-300. Embossing Note Paper, with 
one initial, in script, per 

quire _ 10 

D3-301. Envelopes, per package ,1 0 
D3-302 Embossing in Old English, 

with one initial, per quire 1 Q 

D3-303. Envelopes, per pack- 
age .10 

D3-394. Embossing in gold or silver, 
with one initial, per quire ,15 
D3-305. Envelopes, per package ,15 
D3-306. Steel Dies, with address, 
monogram or crest, for embossing 
note paper, made to order. 

Addre-s dies 2.50 

up; Monograms 2.50 

up ; Crests 5.00 

Embossing Note Paper from above dies, per quire .1 0 


D3-308. Box of Fine Linen Note Paper and En- 
velopes to match, pure white, society 

shape, one quire in a box, special 25 

1)3-309. Box of Pure Linen Note Paper and Enve- 
lopes, extra high grade, pure white, in fancy 
box, society shape, one quire in a box, 
special ; 35 


D3-310. Plain At-Home Cards, 25 in box, 

per box ,1 5 

D3-311. Printed At-Home Cards, space for 
ame, day and date, 25 in box ,25 

312. Envelopes to match above, per package J05 


313. “Dancing Girl” Brand, Crepe Tissue Paper, 7 feet in each 

>11, white, red, blue, greens, pinks, yellows, etc., per roll .10 

314. Plain Tissue Paper, any shade, or a-sorted shades, large 

leets, per quire 20 

315. White Tissue Paper, per quire ".1 5 


D3-316. Dennison’s Perfumed Sealing Waxs, 

all shades, per stick 05 

D3-317. Per box of four sticks 20 

D3-318. Dennison’s Seals, one initial, each .15 
D3-319. Sealing Wax Cabinet, small sizes, 
containing 2 candles and 3 sticks of wax .25 
D3-320. Larger size, containing 5 sticks of 
wax, 2 caudles and one seal (any initial) .65 
WRITING TABLETS Postage lc per oz. 

“Eaton’s,” 80 sheets, ruled or plain, each .05 

“India Linen,” 100 sheets, ruled or plain, small size 07 

"India Linen.” 100 sheets, ruled or plain, large size . 1 2)4 

“Popular,” 100 sheets, ruled or plain, small size 10 

“Popular," 100 sheets, ruled or plain, large, each 15 

bfi|!26. Envelopes to match “Popular” pads, package of 25 .05 

127. “Vulcan Bond,” 100 sheets, blue or white, small each 1214 

128. “Vulcan Bond,” 100 sheets, blue or white, large each .25 

129. Envelopes to match “Vulcan Bond” pads, package of 25 .08 

130. “Oxford Linen,” 100 sheets, plain, large, each .20 

131. “Overland,” 80 sheets, very thin, large each .25 

132. “Old Parchment Bond,” 80 sheets, large, each 20 

133. “Silurian Grey,” 80 sheets, ladies’ note, each 15 

134. “Silurian” envelopes, package _ 05 

135. New York Linen Pads, 100 sheets, small size 12>2 

irge size 25 

|136. Highland Linen Pads, in white, grey or blue 15 

Highland Linen Pads, large size in white or blue .25 

Highland Linen Envelopes to match, package 12 34 

,al| 121. 


123 . 

524 . 

125 . 

Irish Linen Pad, 100 sheets small size.. 

Irish Linen Pad, 100 sheets, large size 

Envelopes to match Irish Linen pads, package 

Linen Letter Tablet, in blue, white, etc., containing 50 forms, 
) envelopes required for same, our price, each.. 


143. Exercise Books, 84 pages, 2 for .05 

144. Exercise Books, 84 pages, press board cover .05 

145. Exercise Books, 120 pages, leatherette cover .1 O 

146. Exercise Books, 200 pages, heavy board 

>ver, .1 o 

147. Exercise Books, 200 pages, oilcloth cover.. .1 5 

148. Students’ MSS. Book, canvas bound, 240 

iges, board cover 20 

[49. Exercise books, % leather bound, contain- 
g 176 pages .25 51L 


150. Scribblers, 200 pages, 3 for .'. 






D3-360. Hotel Register, bound half leather, and leather corners, 

containing 100 pages, 23 lines to each page, size 8%xl4, price.. 85 

D3-361. Day Books, Journals, Ledgers and Minute Books, 
bound in half rough sheep with cloth sides, 

6)4x13, 200 page 4-0 

300 page 60 

400 page .80 

500 pages 1,00 

600 pages 1 .20 

Ledgers, Journals and Records, 6)4 x 9)4, 

in )4 leather, 300 pages each .76 

D3-367. Russian Leather Records, Journals or 

Ledgers, 4)4 x 7, (pocket size) each gQ 

D3-368. Records, Ledgers and Journals, board cover, 
canvas bound leather corners, size 5x7%, each. 

D3-369. Account Books, each 







.1 5 

.. _ .90 

1000 Page Letter Copying Books, each 1 .35 





500 Page Letter Copying Books, each 

Duplicate or Triplicate Order Books, each. 
Refills for Order Books.. 

.1 5 

Duplicate or Triplicate Order Books, size 3% x 6%, each 1 O 

380. Weekly, Fortnightly, or Monthly Time Books, each 05 

381. Index Books, 4x13, each .1 O 

382. Broad Index Books, 8)4 x 13, each 1 5 

383. Broad Index Books 8)4 x 13%, flexible cover, 2 pages to one 

letter, each _ 

384. Blank Receipts, 50 in a book for 








Rent Receipt, 50 in a book, for.. 

Promissory Note Blanks, 50 notes to a book 

Statement Pads, 100 sheets 8vo 

Wedelstsed’s Expense Record with yearly recapitulation, 

servants accounts, and memorandum pages 

892. Housekeeper’s Expense Books, monthly and yearly expend- 

392a. Pass Books 2 for 05 Each 05 and 

■393. Midget Note Books, size 4 x 6%, open end, 144 pages 2 for 

.1 0 
.1 O 
.1 O 


.1 O 


D3-394. Vest Pocket Memos, open at side or end, each 

D3-395. Vest Pocket Memos, with or without index, 2% x 5)4 

D3-396. Memos, 3x5, open side or end 

D3-397. Memos, 4x6, open side or end 

D3-397. Russian leather, with clasp, open at end, size 3x5 and 3%x5% 1 






Refills for same each 

Memos, size 3x5, indexed 

Memos, size 4x6, indexed 

Russian Leather Memos, containing 144 leaves, with or 

without index size 3%x6 

D3-403. Larger size 4x7 

DS-404. Address Books, each 

J 5 
.1 5 








Manilla, size 2x4% per 100. price — — 

“ “ “ per 1,000 “ 


D3-408. Ladies’ Laundry List 

D3-409. Gents’ Laundry Lists 

D3.410. Family Laundry Eists 


— 1.00 


. 12 % 



:51. Scribbler, 300 pages, press board covers 05 

152. Reporter’s Note books, oblong, 152 pages, 2 for .05 

153. Reporter’s Note Book, 200 pages, press board cover, each .05 

154. National Separate Leaf Note Book, size 4% x 8%, open at 

id, cloth cover, complete with refill, each .35 

65. National Separate Leaf Note Book, size 5% x 8%, open at 

id, cloth cover, complete witii refill, each ,35 

156. Refills for above, either size 1 0 

67. Bmall Scribbling or Telephone Pads, 3 for 05 


D3-411. Ottawa Board 

File 25 

D3-412. Self-acting Board 

File - .40 

D3-413. Shannon Board Kile 
complete with perforator 
and index, each . 1.00 
D3-414. Shannon Binding 
Case No. 12, complete 

with index..._ 25 

D3-115. Falcon File, a box case, containing pockets indexed for filing 

invoices and letters, each 

D3-417. “ 303” Letter File, an indexed case for filing letters for, ready 


D3-117. Hoosier File, Boxed Case, indexed, price 

D3-418. Bill File Hooks, each 







D3-425. " “ 

D3,425a. Bill Clips, each 

D3-426. Pen Racks, each 

D3-427. Standing Pen Racks. 

Bill Stick Files, each 

Bill Clips, each 


.1 O 
.1 0 
12 % 
.1 6 
.1 O 
.1 5 







D3-428. Letter Scales, as cut, weigh up to 4 ozs., each. 26 
D3-429. Letter Scales, as per cut, weigh up to 8 ozs., 

each .35 

D3-430. Letter Scales, as per cut, 12 oz .50 

Ideal Letter Scale, 1 pound _ 1.50 

Reliance Letter Scale, 8 oz .90 











No. 1, gold bands, quarto 

No. 22%, Cap size, gold bands 

iDdexs for board files, each 

Copying Wells 

Letter Copying Brushes, felt 

Letter Copying Brushes, hair.. 

Oil Sheets, for letter book each.. 



For suspending anything, price per doz 




Pencil Boxes, made in wood, with places for pencil, p< 

points, pen holder, etc.. 

D3-442. Same as D3-441 

D3-443. Same as D3-441 

D3.444. Same as D3-441 

D3-445. Scholar’s Companion, in shape of large pencil, 




D 3-454. 

screw top, containing pen, pencil, etc... 

D'3-446. Scholar’s Companion, piain wood..... 

D3-447. Faber's Imitation Leather Pocket Pencil, Pouch, 

containing pen, pencil, etc., as cut 

D3-448 Slates, cloth bound, sizes 5x7 each 

“ “ “ 6x9 

'• “ 7x11 “ 

Slate Pencils, plain, 100 in a box .... 

Slates, unbound, 5x7.. 

108 ' 








Slates, nnbound, 6x9 G 

" " 7x11 0 


D3-69. Bevel, ea. .01 .02 .03 .05 


D3-70. Circular, each. 

D3-71. Circula Erasers, 

brush, each 

D3-72. Ink and Erasers, 




E. Farber’s Kneaded Eraser. 
Faber’s Ideal Erasers, each... 
Typewriter Erasers, each 










Rulers, 15-in., brass edge, each 

Rulers, 12-in., plain edge, each 

Rulers, 12-in., brass edge, each.. 

Rulers, 12-in., plain edge, each 


Farber’s Assorted Rubber Bands, in 

box, assorted sizes, per box 

D3-81. Thread Brand, 9, 12 and 15, or 











assorted, %. lb. in box, per box.. 
D3-82. Threads No. - -- -- 


9, 12, 15 per pkg. of 70 


D3-83. % inch, per doz., 0%... .08 

000 %. 12% oooo% 

D3-84. % inch, per doz., 0%.. .12% 00%„ 

000 % .20 000 % 

D3-85. 6 inch, bands, each 

D3-86. 7 inch bands, each 


D3-E87, Eaton’s 
Special Pencils, 3 
grades, H, HB.and 
HH, finest quality, 
compressed lead, 
hexagon shape, 








suitable for any purpose, our special, price 

per doz 

D3-A88. Autograph Pencils, medium grade, 
round, rubber tipped, very fine lead, per 


D4-89. Diagraph Pencils, round rubber 
necks, tipped, per doz. 










Faber’s Medium Grade .1 0 

Faber’s Hexagon Pencils, doz 1 Q 











Faber’s Pencils, H or HB, doz. 

Faber’s Pencils, all grades, doz 

Faber’s graded, hexagon, doz 

Rubber Tipped Pencils, doz 

.20 .25 .30 

D3-96. Koh-i-Noor British Graphite Drawing 
Pencils, compressed lead, in H.B.H., 2H, 

3H, or indelible, each 10 or 3 for... 

D3-97. Colored Pencils, doz .20 or 3 for 
D3-98. Colored Pencils, doz.. .60 each.. 

D3-99. Copying Pencils, in wood, for writ- 
ing on glass or metal, each. — 

D3-100. Indelible Copying Pencils, in 

wood 2 for 0 5 each 05 

D3-101. Carpenters’ Pencils, doz 60 

D3-102. Pencil Protectors, with inserted 

rubber tips, 2 for 

D3-103. School Regulation Strap 

D3-104. Memo Pencils, black only, doz 

D3-105. Perpetual Pencil, always sharpened 

for use, nickel holder, each 

D3-106. Extra box of leads for above 

D3-107. Faber’s Dermatograph Pencil, for 

writing on the skin, each .10 

D3-108. Slate Pencils, (in wood), doz .10 

1)3-109. Programme Pencils, assorted colors, 

with tassels, per doz .20 

1)3-110. Fancy Pocket Pencils, each 

10 .25 .50 1.00 

D3-111. Colored Pencils, in wood, 6 in box .05 

D3-112. Colored Pencils, 6 in box .10 

D3-113, Colored Oil Mapping Crayons, per 

box 05 .08 .10 .15 

D3-114. Thumb Tacks, doz .08 .10 .15 & .25 
D3-115. Paper Fasteners, No. 1, per gross... .1 O 

D3-116. Paper Fasteners No. 2 or 3 1 6 

D3-117. Pencil Sharpeners, E. Faber’s .08 






D3-118. Johann Faber’s Acme Pencil 

Sharpeners, reversible blade, each .1 5 

D3-119. Compasses withpencil attached j Q 

D3-120. Compass Sets, per set 

25 .35 .50 .75 1.00 

D3-121. Compass and Dividers, each .25 

D3-122. Compass Sets, complete, for tech- 
nical drawing, prices range from 1 .25 1.50 
2.25 3.00 3.50 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.50 
and 9.50 according to number of pieces. 


D3-123. Faber’s Reversible, hard rubber, 

each 20 

D3-124. Faber’s Hard Rubber Holders, ea. 

Cork handles, each 

Cork Holders, with wood handle, 

05 ..... 

D3-127. Pneumatic 
Easy Writer Pen 

Holder .05 

D3-128. Farber’s 




.1 5 


Enamelled Cedar Sticks, each., 

D3-129. Red and black Swell Holders, doz. 

Plain Cedar Swell Holders, doz 

Accommodation Pen Holders, doz- 








D3-1S2. Gold Pens, with pearl handles, 

each 1.00 1.25 

D3-133. Paper Cutter, for ordinary use, 

each 20 

D3-134. Paper Cutters, with sterling han- 
dles 35 .50 .75 1 













Eaton’s 292, per 


Eaton’s J, per 


Eaton’s G, per 







.3 Mi 




•15 . 


PEN NIBS.— Continued. 

Eaton’s Falcon per gross 

Bank of England “ 

Bank of Montreal “ 

Gillott’s 292 “ 

** 303 " 

“ 404 “ 

Myer’s Vertical “ .... 

Spencerian No. 1, “ 

Mitchell’s J Pens “ 

Myer’s Gold J “ 

Esterbrook’ s Falcon ‘ * 

“ Blackstone, per gross..... 

“ Relief “ 

“ Judge’s Quill “ 

“ Chancellor “ 

Ball Pointed Pens, per doz 

Grey Ball Pointed Pens (2% doz. 

in box, per box 

D3-168. Gilt Ball Pointed Pens, gross in box 1 ,J 

Waverley Pens, 1% doz. in box 1 jj”j 

Pickwick Pens, 1% doz. in box ^ 

Mapping Pens, 6 pens and 1 holder 
Gary, Ball Pointed Pens, 1 gross in 


















ler bo: 
j 4i. * 






■504. 1 
oil. ■ 
m i 
oil, eat 

j* ! 

•I asorlec 

i«e. I 


D3-135. Vest Pocket or Wrist Bag Stylo- 

graphic Pens, our price 

D3-136, Stylographic Pens, chased holder, 
platinum tipped point, same style as pen- 
cil, neatly boxed with instructions, price 1 .00 
D3-137. Nosack Self-filling Fountain Pen. with 
ink safe guard, 14 karat gold pens,, rubber 
holder, neatly boxed, with instructions how to 
use them, medium, fine and stub points, 

price 2.00 

D3-138. No I Fountain Pen Clip, price each .05 
D3-139. No. 2 Fountain Pen Clip, price each .05 
D3-140. Chamois Fountain Pen Wipers, 

price each 05 

D3-141. Eaton’s Special Fountain Pen, No. 2, 14k 
gold nib, guaranteed newest style cap and 

feed 1 .00 

D3-142. Eaton’s Special Fountain Pen, No. 

D3, 14k gold point, high grade 1.25 

D3 143. The Imperion,” No. 1, a fountain pen 
manufactured on latest improved pattern, every 
one perfect in construction, the barrel is made 
of host pure rubber and the nib is made of 14k 
gold. Every pen has two gold bands 

around the barrel, fully guaranteed 1 ,50 

3-144. No. 2. Same as above, only large 

size, gold point, price - 2.50 

D3-145. Paul E. Wirt’s No. 1, fine, medium 

or stub points, each 1.50 

D3-146, Waterman’s Ideal Fountain Pens, 

each 2.50 3.50 4.00 

D3-147, Waterman, Gold-mount 

3.50 4.50 

5 00 


Made to order, either written or printed, v®. 

name or name and address. 

D3 190. Midget No. 1, as cut, self-inking 

D4-191. P Midget No. 2, same style as No. 1, 

but larger 

D3-192. Hand Stamps, plain, made to order 
25 .30 .35 up, according to size. 

D3-193. Business Printing Outfit, with alphiftie 
and numbers, containing pad and holder, 

special, No. 205 

D3-194. Same as D3-193, No. 206, larger 

D3-195. Printing Outfits, containing rubber 

type, each, No. 21 

D3-196. Same as D3-195, No. 22 

D3-197. “ “ No. 23 

D3-198. Sign and Price Markers, with ink tg 
pad, ink rule and spacer complete, each... IAjj 

»,iii ol< 

. ft 

Jo. <, 

■Ho, 11 . 

. .15 
' 16 

D3-199. Same as D3-198.. 

D3-200. Single and capital letters 

D3-201. Daters, as cut, each 

D3-202. Same as D3-201, larger 

Fulton Self Inking Stamp Pad— 

D3-203. No. X. Size 2 x 3%, each 

No. 1. Size 2% x 4%, each 

No. 2. Size 3% x 6%, each 

No. 2. Size x 8, each 

Ink for Rubber Stamps, all colors.. 
Same as D3-207 — — 


' 0 60 - 25 , 

\ 60-50 








According to size and color. 


62 . 50 , 



I mg Caps, % bound, marble sides, 4% x 12%, 

3 days to page 45 

load, 4 to % bound, marble sides, 3 days 

'"to page, 7 x 8 % 45 

•oad, 4 to % bound, marble sides, 2 days to 

■page, 7 x 8% 65 

oad, 4 to cloth, one day to page, 7 x 8 %... 1 .1 0 
,p folio, 24 bound, marble sides, 3 days to 

i 3 page, 824 to 1324 — - — .90 

p folio, 24 bound, marble sides, 2 days to 

sage, 824 by - 1.10 

p folio, cloth, marble edges, 3 days to 
>age, 824 x 1324- 1 -00 

Scribbling Diaries 

|:th Sunday, showing week at an opening, 

!>ost 8 vo., 524 x 8 - cloth — .20 

st 8 vo., 524 x 8 , interleaved with blotting .25 

;'rge. 4 to 8 % x 10%, cloth ,35 

rge, 4 to 8% x 1024, interleaved with 

blotting .40 

olscap, 8% x I 3 . cloth, each 35 .40 

Pocket Diaries 

ese ready Dec. 1st .1 O 

,15 .20 .25 .35 .45 .50 .75 .1.00 


500. White Chalk, one gross in box, 

502. Colored Chalk, one gross in box..... 

503. Blackboard Erasers 

504. Transparent Adhesive Tape, per 

) 11 , 2 for 

505. Transparent Adhesive Tape, per 

Dll, each 

506. Linen Adhesive Tape, per roll.. 

507. Dennison’s Passe Partout Binding, 

Dsorted colors, 12 yards in roll 

1)508. In gold or silver, per roll 

.1 5 

- .05 



.1 O 


19 . Desk Pads, for office use, with blot- 
ng paper, cloth corners, size 19 x 24, each .50 

510. Same as D3-509, with leather corners .75 


rid one side, 19 x 24, each 1 .00 

512. Ladies’ Desk Pads, leather corners. 

|513. Same as D3-512, size 7% x 1024 .... .35 

514. “ “ size 10% x 14... _ 50 

515. •• “ size 12% x 17 .75 


epskin Bags, with long strap, each, according 
1 size- 

lie. Size 2 ...... ,25 

>17. Size 3 ...» — .30 

>18. Size 4 „ — — .35 

>19. Size 5 - 40 

>20. Size 6 45 

>21. Canvas Bags, leather seams 35 

522. “ ’• “ 45 

>23. Canvas Bag, waterproofed- .45 

>24. “ “ " .50 

>25. Solid Leather Bags, with strap or 

indie, in colors black, olive and brown, 

-in 75 

>26. Same as above, 13-in .85 


ie Royal Flexible Albums are made in all 
s, in cloth or leather covers. The leaves are 
ranteed not to warp or discolor the photo- 


Paper Cover* 

4, 16 leaves, size 4%x 5%, each .10 

3. 11, 16 “ ” 5%x 7 “ .12 

d. 44, 16 " - 7 xlO “ 15 

3 . 88 , 16 “ " 10 xl2 " .25 

Leather Covers 

D. 60-25, 25 leaves, size 5%x 7, each. 
D. 60-50, 50 “ “ 5%x 7 “ . 

D. 160-50, 50 " ** 5%x 7 •• . 

7 3 " 

61-25, 25 
o. 61-50, 50 
D. 161-50, 50 
D. 62-50, 50 
3. 162-60, 60 

•* 7 xlO 
“ 7 xlO 
'* 10 xl2 

„ " 10 xl 2 

Color of leaves carbon, black or steel grey, 
our photo-library paste, per bottle .05 .10 

. .65 


Cloth Covers 

No. 20-25,25 leaves, size 5%x 7, each.... 25 
No. 20-50, 50 «• •• 5%x 7 “ .... .35 

No. 21-25, 25 “ •• 7 xlO '• .... .35 

No. 21-50, 50 “ “ 7 xlO " 50 

No. 22-50,50 " " 10 xl2 " ....1.00 

New Book, Moire Cloth Binding 

No. 30-25, 25 leaves, size 5% x 7, each 35 

No. 30-50, 50 “ “ 5% x 7 “ .... 50 

No. 31-25, 25 “ “7 x 10 .... 5 Q 

No. 31-5C, 50 ** "7 xlO “ .... 75 

No. 32-50, 50 *'10 x 12 „ ....l!25 


D3-210. Banker’s Ink Wells, heavy glass .10 

D3-211. Ink Bottles, heavy glass, fancy metal * 


D3-212. Same as D3 211 

D3-213. Metal Fram’e Office Inkstand, one 


D3-2I4. Same as D3-213.... 

D3-215. Metal Frame Office Inkstand, 2 bot, 

D3 218. 






Same as D3-215 . ■( t QO 

Mucilage bottle, with brush. 

Glass Sponge Cup 

Safety Travelling Ink Wells, leather 
Same as D3-220- 


. purple, 

D3-223. Perfumed Irik, in black and 5 

crown top, price per bottle 

D3-224. Gold Ink, per bottle 

D3-225. Stephen’s Blue Black Writing Ink, 

per bottle 

D3-226. Stephen’s quart bottleWriting Fluid 
D3-227. “ pint “ “ 

D3-228. » %pint “ •• 

D3-229. « %pint •• •• 

D3-230. Staflord’s Ink, blue or jet black, 

green, purple and red, per 2 oz. bottle 

D3-231. Staflord’s Ink, black and blue 

black, per 4 oz. bottle 

D3232. Staflord’s blue or jet black, per 

% pint bottle 

D3-233. Same as D3-232, per pint bottle 

“ “ quart “ 

Copying Ink, per bottle Stephen’s- 

.1 O 









Red Ink, per hottle, Underwood.... 

.1 5 

.1 O 


.1 0 

.1 O 

" “ Underwood ... 

“ " . " — 1.00 

D3-242. David’s White Ink, per bottle 1 Q 

D3-243. Higgin’s Drawing Ink, per bottle.- .25 
D3-244. Pomeroy’s Indelible Marking Ink, 

per bottle . 12 % 

D3-245. Melanyl Marking Ink, requires no 

heating, per bottle 1 5 

D3-246. Same as D3-240 20 

D3-247. Payson’s Indelible Marking Ink, 

per bottle .20 

D3-248. Le Page’s Glue, bot. 


D3-250. Le Page’s Glue, in 

tubes, per tube 

D3-251. Le Page’s Glue in 

tins, per tin 

D3-252. Same as D3-246 








Prices vary according: *0 size. 

D3-260. Days’ White Photo Paste, with brush 
and water well combined, price, per 

bottle ...... 2 Q 

D3-261. Seccotine, for sticking, tube.. j 2% 

D3-262. Paste in tubes, per tube... .„ ’ 05 

D3-263. “ “ “ . „„ in 


For mailing photographs, corrugated paper, all 
ready to mail photo, cannot be broken or 
crushed — 

Paste, per bottle 

44 <1 

Mucilage, per bottle 





6%x 9% 

30c doz. 


7% x 10% 


7%x 9% 

• 1 


8% x 10% 



8% x 11% 

• a 


4% x 7 2 

20c doz. 


6 %x 7% 


5%x 9% 

• • 


5 'A x m 



D3-1833. The International Postage Stamp Album 
containing 11,082 spaces for stamps, illustrated 
with 4,606 engravings of stamps, 482 of arms, 
143 portraits, 2,641 watermarks and one map of 
the universal postal union. 

Our price — .75 

D3-2031N. International Postage Stamp Album, 
spaces for 15,200 stamps, engravings 4,600. 

Our special, price 1 .50 

D3-1959. The International Stamp Album, con- 
taining 8,200 spaces for all varieties of postage 
stamps, and giving date of issue, value and 
color of each stamp, illustrated with 13,100 
engravings, arms, watermarks, portraits 

of regents 60 

D3-1991N. International Postage Stamp Album, 
containing 13,000 spaces, 3,600 engravings 

and watermarks, 400 page book, price 1.00 

D3-2,000N. Illustrated Postage Stamp Album, 
containing 2,139 engravings of stamps, 70 

arms and 49 portraits, each - .35 

D3-1806N. International Postage Stamp Album, 
containing 15,720 spaces, 4,960 watermarks, 15 
arms, 62 ports, 33,000 quotations of rare 

stamps, price 1 .25 

D3-1807N. Illustrated Postage Stamp Album, con- 
taining 1,860 engravings of stamps, 57 water- 
marks, 69 arms and 24 portraits, each 26 

D3-1809N. Scott’s International Postage Stamp 
Album, containing spaces for all varieties of 
stamps issued in any country in the world 
during the 19th Century, also portraits of the 
rulers, flags and arms of every nation, together 
with valuable statistical information regarding 
their size, population, capitals, etc., illustrated 
with over 4,000 engravings, bound in 

boards, cloth back 1.60 

D3-1810N. Same as D3-1809N, bound in full cloth 

2.50 3.50 

D3-1811N. Scott’s Standard Postage Stamp 
Catalogue, 1907 edition, illustrated, price .60 
D3-1812N. Stamp Hinges, per 1,000 1 0 


Bound in cloth and celluloid binding, 
fancy floral decoration, 8x5, price... .25 .35 
Autograph Album, bound in leather, size 

5x8, our price .50 

Autograph Album, bound in leather, with 

floral decoration, size 5x8_ 75 

Autograph Album, fancy imitation leather bind- 
ing with floral decorations, size 5x8, our 

price 1 .00 

Scrap Albums, fancy cloth cover, floral 

designs .25 

Scrap Albums, fancy cloth cover, picture 

design 35 

Scrap Albums, cloth covers with pictures, 

floral design 50 

Scrap Albums, plain cover, white leaves. ,65 

Scrap Albums, cloth cover .75 

Scrap Albums, leather hack and corners..— .90 
Scrap Albums, ditto — 1 .25 


I! sent by mail will be about 30c extra for post- 
age. Any over will be returned. 

D0-303x4x5. Post Card Album, size 13x8, holding 
300 cards, cloth back, brightly decorated 

in colors, three designs, price each 25 

D7-402x3x6. Post Card Album, size Il%x9, holding 
r.OO cards, cloth bound, neat artistic cover in 
gilt and colors, three designs, price each 

D7-1898X2. Post Card Albums, sizell%x9, holding 
400 cards, cloth binding, very neat artistic 
design, fully guarded, will not bulge when 
filled with cards, two designs. Our price, 

D7-803xx. Post Card Albums, size 11x9, holding 
300 cards, neat design, stumped with white 

foil and green ink, special, our price .75 

D7-805x. Postcard Albums, Size Il%x9, holding 
400 cards, three designs, full cloth binding: 
black, brown, green and grey paper, each book 
contains one solid color. Our price, 

special — ..- 1 .00 

Half leather binding - 1.25 1.50 2.00 

According to size. 




Notions and Small Wares 



C3-300. Morrall’s Egg Eyed Sharps, 
unexcelled for quality and finish, in 
any size from 1 to 10 or assorted sizes, 
in paper, 3/7, 4/8, 5/9 or 6/10, 

per paper .05 

C3-301 Other Needles from the best 
English manufacturers. Diamond 
Sharps, Scientific Sharps, sizes 6 and 
7, also mixed sizes, 25 needles 

in paper 05 

C3-302. Sewing Needles, good quality, 
loose in paper, 25 assorted or 

all one size, 2 papers .05 

C3-30C. M i 1 wa r d ’ s Self-Threading 
Gold Eyed Needles, twelve in paper, 
assorted, sizes 3/7, 4/8, or 5/9, 

price per paper .05 

C3-304. Darning Needles, Morrall’s 
cast steel darners, 25 assorted, 

in paper .05 

C3-305. We keep the following Needles 

in best quality at per paper .05 

Betweens or Tailor’s, Straw or Mil- 
liner’s, Blunt Pointed or Rug, Glove 
or Furrier’s, Carpet, Embroidery 
needles 7/10. assorted. 

C3-306. Packing or Canvas Needles, 
small, medium or large sizes, 

2 for... .06 

C3-307. Upholstery or Mattress Nee- 
dles, pointed at each end .05 

C3-308. Bodkins, assorted, 3 on card, 
2 cards... .05 


All our needles are made by the 
cold swaging process, the most 
perfect method known for making 
high-grade needles. 

Note.— A lways send sample of needle 
and name of machine or we cannot 
fill order. 

C3-309. We keep the following makes 
of machine needles "Singer” Im- 
proved ; “Singer” Family ; “Singer” 
Medium; “Singer” Oscillating; 
“ Raymond” Flat or Round Shank, 


'• Wanzer " '• 

“Wheeler & Wilson,” No. 8 or 9 
machine, Flat or Round ; also "New 
Home,” “New Davis,” “New Stand- 
ard,” “New Domestic,” New Wil- 
liams," "Empress,” “ Osborne A," 
" Royal A,” and “ Seamstress, 
per doz. needles .20 


C3-310. The Princess Ribbon Leader, 
fills a long felt want, invaluable for 
drawing narrow ribbons when trim- 
ming lingeries, etc. ; set of 2, 
highly polished, per set .1 0 


03-311. Emery Bags 
for sharpening 
needles, in straw- 
berry design, tur- 
key red color 

.05. 08 .10 

Same covered 
with Dresden 
silk, each 

-.10 .15 .20 


C3-312. Little Peoples’ Work Box, 
containing thimble, mending cotton 
and full assortment of sewing and 
darning needles, see cut, 
price .15 

C3-314. Ladies’ Need! e Books in many 
of the newest designs containing a 
full assortment of needles, darners 
and bodkins, price 

..." — .25 .35 *40 

C3-315. Ladies’ Companion Cases in 
many new designs, containing full 
assortment of needles, etc., same as 
book with hair and toilet pins 
included, prices .25 .40 

C3-320. Crochet Hooks, 3 hooks, re- 
versible, made of wire, with sheath 

to cover hooks, see cut 2 for .05 

C3-321. Improved Crochet Hooks, with 
flat side, so that it will not turn 
in hand, of best steel, 2 for.... ... .05 
C3-323. Bone Crochet Hooks, new line, 
extra smooth finish, tapered or 
straight to hook, single or 

double, 3 for. .05 

C3-323. Crochet Hooks, in bone or 
wood, for crocheting shawls, 

or slippers, each .10 

C3-324. Steel Knitting Pins, all 

sizes, 9-inch, set of 5 for .04 

C3-325. Bone Knitting Needles, 

10-in. fine sizes, per pair 10 

10-inch, coarse sizes _. 1234 

12-inch, fine and medium sizes.. .15 

12-inch, coarse sizes .20 

16-inch, fine and medium sizes .20 

15 inch, coarse sizes .25 

C3-326. Wooden Knitting Needles, 11 
and 12 inches long, fine medium 

or coarse, per pair .05 

Very coarse for knitting shawls, etc. 
34.' % or % inch thick, highly 

polished, pair 15 

C3-327. Rubber Knitting Needles, 12 
in. long, fine medium and 

coarse, per pair .1234 

C3-328. Netting Needles, all sizes, 
polished steel, each 05 

C3-316. The Eone Needle Case, in 
pretty leatherette case, opens from 
centre each way, fitted with high 
grade gold-eyed needles for sewing 
or fancy work, also mending cot- 
ton, silk, etc., thimble and 
bodkin .50 

C3-317. Companion Case, richly 
covered and lined with plush and 
satin, gilt corners, contains needle 
holder, button hook, stiletto, thim- 
ble and scissors and sewing 
needles, excellent value, price 1 .00 


Abel Morrall’s oe'ebrated 


Larger size. — 

C3-S13. Ladies’ 
Needle Book, in 
pretty leather- 
ette case, em- 
bossed in gold, 
fitted with flan- 
nel leaves, 
stuck with full 
assortment o f 

C3-318. New Companion in strong 
neat case with velvet and silk 
lining, contains thimble, scissors and 
bodkin, also pearl handled pen 
knife, button hook and stiletto, 
price.— -1.50 

C3-319. Ladies’ Companion, lined as 
above with padded leather top, 
contains sewing and embroidery 
needles, bone handle button and 
crochet hook, pen knife and stiletto 
and thimble, and full assortment of 
needles with gold burnished 
eyes, price 2.25 


C3-336. D. F. Taylor’s “Ne Plus Ultra ,j ! 
finest quality Brass Pins, with need 

points, 3 6 0 3 ‘ , 

on sheet .ire 1 

C3-337. “ Pyramic 
PinCushion, co: J 
taining 3 6 5 
extra qualil, 
brass pins, putt 
in a useful for ( 
for office or toil I 
use, see cut, 
each 1 1 ? 


C3-338. English Brass Pins, mixed - 


C3-329. Bone Meshes, all sizes, from 
1/16 in. to y a in., 6 in. long, 

2 for 05 


C3-S30. “ Adamantine” Pins, 200 
on sheet, per doz. sheets 1 2 

C3-331. Bank of England extra 
large pins, strong and sharp 200 
on sheet, price 3 sheets .05 

Note. — The cost of the material for 
the manufacture of brass pins has 
greatly advanced, but we have in 
nearly every case, by buying direct, 
maintained our old price, thus we 
are able to give our customers 
better value. 

C3-332. Best Brass Pins, 200, in 

sheet, assorted, 2 papers for. .05 

C3-333. 400 in sheet, graduated 

per sheet 05 

C3-334. 150 extra large pins, longer 
than number 10, per sheet. 05 




t — 





r — 




r — 




fc=— 1 !<? - — 

C3-335. “Queen’s Own” Brass Pins, 
made by D. F. Taylor, pin makers 
by royal appointment to Queen 
Alexandra. These are well known 
pins and come all one size in paper, 
order by size, extra value, 
price per sheet — .05 

all large size, in box, 34-lb. box .1 

34-lb. box - 3 

C2-339. Steel Mourning Pin 
warranted to stay black, 34 _oz - 

box,. 05 l-° z - box .1 


C3-340. Toil, 
Pin Cushii ® 
Tablet co 
tains pinf“'i ( 
sizes asso 
ed in blac 
white, di 
o r color 

3 for ,1 

C3-341. Smi 
Berry Pir 
40 in pap 
black, whi 

colored or dull heads, 2 for C 

C3-342. A.B.R. Pin Sheet conta'66. 1: 
6 doz. pins, assorted sizes on sheet 
black, white, dull or colored 

heads, per sheet 

C3-343. Pin Cubes, 


<*T EATON C?. 


COO €> 0004)0000 

pins, all black, all 
white or assorted 
colors, or black, 
white and colors 
mixed, see cut 

each. .05 

Larger size cube 
with 200 Extra quality Pins, sa 
assortment as above, but longer 

pins, each "gi 

C3-344.ToiletPin Basl V-itii 


\ cm, ?.i 

•(elf, big 
* per 


M Tb 

id hi 

aids hi 
| teredo: 
d itprooi, 

containing 200 gli 
headed toilet pi 
black, or black, wh 
and blue mixed, 

see cut. each. I 

C3-345. Lace Pins, 
sorted colors, 12 f 1 w 
on card, 

2 cards for, 


© H Actureo txpa t % ro )- 

h>$to nc>& 

^ 4 ULyi 0 nmU SjLddxJtck, 

C3-346. Lace Pins, turquoise or pi 
tops, round heads, 1 doz. on 

card, see cut. ,i| 

C3-347. Lace Pins, with pearl or 
colored, unbreakable tops, doz. ,| 
Larger sizes, pearl heads, 4 for 

A "Cor 
lEyet, s 
ite, rut 

<** T.EATON C° 


C3-348. English Steel Hat Pins, g 
tops, 7, 8 or 9 inches long, black 

or white per doz.__ . 

C3-249. Better quality than ah 

with highly polished shanks in 

,, 4 for 

Pins, bl 
each , 

_ a t Pi 

with gold plated shanks, 

W 1 111 Ulgiil.V iojlicvx ouauao 

black, white or dull head, 4 for 
C3-350. Fancy headed Hat Pins, by 1 

.. .. J /.nl nnn nr./\ninl irnliin Art n Vl 

and colors, special value, each 

- ' " ’ ’ Hat PI ft 1 -; 

C3-351. Pearl Headed 






52- The “ London” the original 
en wire nickel plated Safety Pins, 
st proof, 3 sizes, 1 doz. on 
rd, 3 cards - 05 

fc spec/, 


C3-353. Our Special 
^Safety Pins, guar- 
^ded spring, 1 doz; 
assorted sizes o n 
card, see cut 
for _ 05 

C3-354. The " Clin- 
ton” extra strong 
wire black or 
white — 

size 0 to 1, small 

size, doz 05 

size 2, medium, 

doz .06 

sizes, large, 


e 4, extra large, doz.„ 

'll 15. The “ Capsheaf” the new 
ij illess Safety Pin, cannot catch in 
trie, extra nickel plated, or plain 
,ck Nos, 0, 1 and 2, per doz. 05 
. 2% doz. —.08 No. 3, doz... .10 



ntfi||6. The “Lox” Safety Pin, the 
v improved, that locks, as shown 
iut, and cannot come undone of 
j;lf, highly nickeled, 3 sizes, 6 on 
Id, per doz «1 0 


The “ Clinton” Blanket Pins, 

ill size. 3 inch., each 03 

id 5 inches long, each... .04 

indsay Blanket Pin, 3 inch, very 
>ng, per doz .25 


2 dozen on Card. 

Swan bill” Hooks and 
is, without spring, black only, 

irds for 05 

■ered or yellow, guaranteed 
proof, all sizes, 3 cards for_ .05 




Improved Safety Hooks and 
s, black or white. 4 cards for. 05 
ter quality, 2 cards for 05 







C3-362. "Brownie” Hooks and Eyes, 
rust proof, in sizes 00 to 4, black or 
white, 00 size is the smallest hook 
made for collars, etc., up to size 4, 
which is skirt size, every card 
has 1 doz. extra eyes, per card .07 
C3-363. Mantle Hooks and Eyes, 
large size, black or white, 4 

cards for _ .06 


C3-364. Black or white, doz ,03 

Better quality, blued steel, doz. .1 0 


C3-379. Single Skirt Belting, in 

black, white or grey, per yd .03 

Per dozen yards J30 

C3 380. Double Start Belting, in 
black, white or grey, per yd.. _ 04 
Per dozen yds _ .40 



C3-365. Black or silver, per doz. .05 


C8-866. “Premier” Garment Fasten- 
ers, silvered or Japanned, small 

or medium sizes 06 

Large size, per doz .08 

C3-367. Cling Socket Fasteners, the 
best quality nickel plated and 
japanned, small, medium and 
large size, per doz 


C3-367J4. Peet’s Invisible Eyes bet- 
ter than thread loops, 2 doz. in 
packet, all small or mixed sizes, 
black or white, per packet .05 


CS-368. Tape 
Bunched. 12 
pieces, assort- 
e d , in all 
white, all 
black 01 black 
and white, 

- .05 

per bunch 

C3-369. Same as above, only 

longer length per bunch .08 

C3-370. Twilled Cotton Tape, 12 yards 
in roll, black, white or drab, 

% in. 9/16 in. wide, per roll. 05 

% in., black or white roll .08 

C3-371. "Cortieelli” Twilled Tape, 
extra finish, black or white, % 

in., per doz. yds 06 

9/16, per doz. yds ,08 

% in. per doz. yds 1 0 

C3-372. White cotton Tape on blocks, 
assorted widths and lengths, 

two blocks for 05 

C3-373. Best Chinese or Linen Tape, 
assorted widths, narrow widths used 
largely for trimming, 3 pieces.. .05 



C3-381. Hat Wire, cotton covered, 
white or black, large rolls, ea. .05 
C3-382. Hat wire, satin covered, light, 

weight, black or white, roll 05 

As above, only heavier roll .07 

C3-383. Cotton Ribbon Wire, 
flat, black or white, 2 rolls for .05 


C3-384. For repairing rips and tears in 
gloves and clothing, per pack- 
age, with directions .05 


C3-385. Mending 
Cotton on cards, 
black, white and 

tan, 4 cards .05 

C3-386. Mending 
Cotton on spools, 
black or white, 
see cut, 2 
spools for... .05 
C3-387. Mending Silk on cards, 
black only, 2 cards.... 05 


C3-388. 3-ply Cotton Twine, full 

size, per ball .Q5 

4-ply Cotton Twine, per ball... .07 
C3-389. Colored Twine, all the best 
colors, free fro m knots, per ball .06 
C3-390. Hemp Twine, heavy quality, 
lb., .05 ^ lb., .10 1-lb., .20 

Linen finished Twine, fine and 
strong, 34 -lb ball .1 S 


C3-391. Piping Cord, light and me- 
dium weight, black and white, 

per doz. yds .10 

C3-392. Stay Cord, white only, 

per doz. yds .08 

Per ball of 100 yds .50 


C3-393. “Universal” Spring Tape 
Measures, 60 ins. long, with 

linen tape, see cut, each „ .10 

Better quality, same length, super- 
ior linen tape, solid brass case .35 

. “Corona” Hook with invis- 
Eyes, sizes 0, 1, 2, black or 
Ite, rust proof, per card 04 

l 1 ' 

The “ Imperial ” Hook and 
with improved bill, made of 
h grade material, will not rust, 
is, 0, 1, 2, black or white, 
cial value 3 cards .10 

— a. /v. f. 
Bibo Seam Tape 


•*a Pxetes 

C3-374. Bias Seem Tape, save time 
and use this for binding, faggotting, 
folds and collar foundations, made 
of fine lawn, in black &nd 
white, see cut, in 12yd. rolls 34* n -.10 

% in., 12>4 >4 in-. 15 

C3-375. Glace Mohair Binding for 
seams, in black, white or drab, 

per dozen yards .15 

C3-376. Prussian Silk Finished 
Binding, black or white, doz. yd .30 
C3-377. Silk Ferrets, used for flannel 
or seam binding, in white or 

black, per yd 04doz. yd... 40 

C3-378. Taffeta Silk Binding, % inch 
wide, in white, black or brown, 
per doz. yds ,30 


C3-394. Cotton Tape measure, 60 In. 
long, figured both sides, cor- 
rect, 2 for .05 

C3-394a. Bettor 
qualities lino- 
leum, double 
tipped, English 
standard meas- 
ures, will not stretch, see 

cut. — .05 .08 .10 

C3-395. Tailors’ Tape Measures, stitch- 
ed edge, 60 ins. long, % in. 
wide, best quality, fine sateen.. .10 


C3-396. Best quality Tailors’ 

Chalk, 4 cakes .05 

C3-397. Marking Chalk, for Dress 
Makers’ use, white or colors, 
per dozen .05 

C3-401. Best steel teeth, sharp 

and perfect, each.... 05 .10 

If to be sent by mail, add 6c extra 
for postage. 

C3-402. Mahogany handle, blued steel 
wheel, needle-pointed teeth, with 
finger rest, extra good value, 
see cut 


C3-403. Used largely for eyelet em- 
broidery work or for dressmakers or 

tailors, 2 for Q5 

Larger size .05 

C3-404. Tatting Shuttles, vul- 
canized rubber, each„„„ 

C3-398. Ironing 
Wax, with cam- 
bric cover and 
wooden handle, 
for keeping the 
iron from stick- 

2 for 05 

Or 3 in box .07 


03-399. Best qual- 
ity Beeswax, for 
waxing thread, 
per cake .05 



C3-405. Child’s Thimbles, elect- 
ro silver, 4 for .05 

C3-406. Thimbles, steel with enamel 
lining, or white metal with 

enamel lining, 2 for .05 

C3-407. “Celluloid” Thimbles, very 
popular with sewers, ail sizes, 

2 for 05 

C3-408. Tailors’ Steel Thimbles, 
open top, men’s sizes, lined .05 

C3-410. Our New Thim- 
ble, finest nickel steel, 
light, comfortable, 
durable, cannot pos- 
sibly rust, highly re- 
commended, see 
cut, each... 05 

C3-411. Celluloid Finger 
Shields, 2 for. ,05 

C3-412, The New 
Silver Chased 
Thimble, prettily 
carved, very brilliant, 
see cut, price... .15 


C3-413. Assorted sizes, each I a 

If to be sent by mail add 6c exi.a 
for postage. 


C3-414. Mat Hook with Wood 
handle, each.. 


C3-476. Made of strong; antiseptic 
rubber drill, steel frame, _ 
heater included 3.25 

C3-477. Same as above, double 
drill with best heater 6.75 






C3-415. The “Vic- 
toria” Pleaterfor 
hand use to do 
all kinds of plain 
or fancy pleating, 
size 8 in. by 13% 

in., each 10 

If sent by mail 
allow 17c extra 
for postage. 

- - 

Larger size 11% 
in. x 19% in. .20 

Cannot be sent by 


C3-416. Note to Dressmakers: By 
means of the “Ideal Hemmer” about 
one-half hour can be saved in the 
making of each skirt. In addition 
to this the hemming will be done 
properly and the skirts will hang 
correctly. In fact no seamstress can 
afford to be without one. Full di- 
rections with each hemmer. 




03-433. Splashers, floral design. 

18 x 30 inches, each 10 

If to be sent by mail add 11c. extra 
for postage. 


C3-434. The 

, Wash burn 

fo rrr— Cuff Hold- 


C3-417. Enamelled 
Stocking Darner, 
in assortedcolors 
as cut, 

each.. .. 05 

C3-418. Queen 
Stocking Darner, 
as cut. Holds 
article in place 
while being- 
mended, black 
only, each.. .1 0 
If to be sent by 
mail add 4c extra 
for postage. 


C3-419. Mohair Boot 
Lace, 40 inches 
long, per doz... .05 
For ladies, 45 ins. 

long, doz 07 

C3-420. Boot Laces 
fine quality mohair, 
wide, or narrow, 86 or 
45 inches long, 
see cut, per doz .10 
C3-421. Same as above 
in black, white or 
tan, 51 ins. long, for 
belts, shopping 
bags, etc., doz. .1 5 
, C3-422. Boot Laces, 
mohair, banded in 
pairs, with japanned 
tin or spiral tag, 
ladies’ or men’s, 

3 pairs for._ 05 

C3-423. Finest Mohair Boot Laces, 

for ladies, per pair .05 

C3-424. Children’s Boot Laces, 

27 in. long, per doz 07 

C3-425. Shoe Laces, mohair, flat, % in. 
wide, 27 in. long, fine quality, 

2 pair ,05 

45 in. long, for boots, 2 pair... .05 
C3-426. 8ilk Shoe Ties, 27 ins., 
black, well tagged, per pair 10 

f(VV L — 1/ er, see cut, 

patent ad- 
] ust* 

able swivel, per pair. 10 

C3-435. The “Tip,” our new cuff 
bolder, lever grip, easily adjusted, 
highly nickel plated, pair .... .10 

C3-427. Extra quality Shoe Ties, pure 
dye silk, l in. wide, 30 inches 

long, black or tan, pair, .20 

Other colors and white, pair... ^25 
C3-428. Round Leather Laces, 
well finished, single tag, per doz. .10 
Double Spiral Tag Laces, doz. .1 5 
C3-429. The “Argyle” Calfskin! Laces, 
each pair in neat box, per 

pair...., .05 

C3-430. Our Real Porpoise Laces, lull 
length and even cut, per pair .1 0 


If to be sent by mail add 6c. extra 
for postage. 

C3-431. Towel Rings, 6 ins. in diam- 
eter, colors, blue, white, pink, 
nile green, yellow and oak, ea. .05 
C3-432. Towel Rack, new style, two 
rings, with 
back to screw 
on to the wall 
(see cut), 
each set... .15 
If sent by mail 
allow 15c. extra 
for postage. 


C3-436. The Derby Cuff Holde r,- 
nickel plated, can be worn with f 
link or round cuffs, see cut, pair .1 0 
C3-437. The “Bird” Cuff Holder 
fastens your cuff to your coat 
sleeve, per pair 20 


03-438. The “Washburn” Tie Holders, 
for holding the tie in place on 
shirt or blouse front, 2 for. . . .. .05 


C3-439. The “ Wash- 
burn” Pen or Pencil 
Holder, very useful to 
everyone using pencil 

or pen, each .05 

C3-440. The “ Au Fait” 
Double Holder, see cut, each„ .08 


C3-441. Collar 
Spring, keeps 
collar in 
shape, two 
springs .05 


C3-442. Automatic Buttons, can in- 
stantly replace a missing button, 
per dozen .08 


C3-443. Chain Coat Hangers, made of 
extra strong wire, black or 
silvered, 3 chains for «..05 


C3-447. Ruff or Fur Chains, newest 
designs, heavily nickel plated 
or black, each 16 .25 


C3-444. Key Rings, in 

steel, each 03 

C3-445. The “Washburn” 
Key Chain, with patent 
Washburn fastener and 
key ring, strong nickel 
plated chain, extra 

value each .05 

C3-446. Steel Key chains, 
as above only with new 
wire link which cannot 
come apart, each.. .1 Q 


C3-448. Manicure Set — complete for 
gents or ladies — for manicuring fin- 
ger nails, nail cutter, cleaner and 
file— all in one, nickel plated, rever- 
sible, pocket size, see cut ......10 


C3-449. The Cleo Cuff or Sleeve Pro- 
tector, made for office or store use, 
of extra quality checked material, 
fastened with ball and socket, 

see cut, per pair 1 5 

Better quality, same style 25 

C3-451. Sateen Sleeve Protector, 
full size, black, per pair 15 


C3-452. Children’s Knee Protectors, 
stockinette or leather, per pair .25 


C2-453. Ankle Supports, made of 
heavy sateen, with leather trimming 
and featnerbone stiffening for weak 
ankles, or as a support while skating 
or other exercises. These are the 
best made: 

Children’s size, 2 to 10, per pair .50 


C3-456. Misses’ or Ladies’ Corset 
Steels, in drab or white, 4 or 5 
hooks, straight, per pair .05 
Better quality with sateen fronts 
and cork backs, per pair 10 

C3-457. Corset Clasps, spoon shape, 
made of heavy steel, covered with 
best quality jean, a special 
corset steel, per pair. .05 

Better quality than above, sateen 
faced, cork back, per pair |Q 


C3-458. Paris Front Cop 
set Steels, for the nety 
girdle corset, with fqui 
clasps, finest quality 
sateen, white or drab, 
as cut, per pair... .10 
C3-459. Our Military 
Form straight front 
steels, medium length; 
in white, drab or 
black, very strong .1( 

C3-460. The “Neverbreak,” our specia 
corset steel, for stout ladies, mad< 
with two pieces flexible steel 
fastened together, made of strongj ear 
in drab or white, 12 in. and 13 
inches long, per pair ,12)i 

C3-460. Side Steels, japanned 










10% ins. by % inch, 4 for.. 

C3-461. Best Covered Steels, rust proi 
short, medium and long, 2 for .01 

C3-462. Front Steels for “Ferris” 0: 
"Crompton’s” waists, 2 for -0£ 


03-463. Fancy Plaid Colored Gari 
Elastic, extra strong and durabli 

special, per yard .01 

% in. wide, plaid pattern, per 

C3-464. Mercerized Cotton Garte 
Elastic in black and white, 
extra strong web, % in. .05, % in 
.07 ; % in. .08 : % in- per - 
yard .1 

C3-465. Silk Garter Elastic, m blac 
white and colors. % in. wide... ,1( 
% in. 1 234 > 54 in- 1 5 ; % iu. .2(1 

C3-466. Elastic Web for belting, mad 
of colored silk, 1 in. wide, yard . 2i| 
1% in. black, per yard ,5(j 


11 to 2, 
3 to 8, 
2 to 5, 
6 toll, 



C3-454. Century Corset t 
Shields, made of<> 
platinum steel, will l 
prevent corset from 
breaking. Give size 
of corset when or- 
dering, pair .35 

C3-467. Garter, 
special. Ne 
French silk 
frilled elastic 
garter, length 
%yard extra 
width, best 

p e 1 id Pearl 



C3-455. Leather Heel Protector, 
greatly used to prevent the stocking 
from wearing, men’s and ladies’ 
sizes 2-11, per pair .20 


C3-463. Round, elastic, White. 

2% yards,, 2 for. 05 

C3-464. Corset Laces, round silk elas- 
tic, black or white, 2% yds., ea. .10 
C3-465. Rouud Cotton “Corset Laces, 

2% yards long, 4 for .05 

C3-466. The " Princess” linen finish, 
very strong, 2 for...., 05 

C3-468. Fancy 
tic, assorted 








. 21 ? 

C3-469. Fancy Frilled Elastic, 
pure silk, assorted colors 
Price per yd .25 .3' 

C3-470. Narrow Silk Hat Elastt 
in black or white, 6 cord, 2 varrr 

for .05 1 8 C01 'd, per yard 0 

or 3 yards .10; 10 cord or 
% in, wide, per yard — 0 

C3-471. Round 8ilk Elastic, 
and white , small, medium ar|jtt 
large sizes, 3 yards for... 0 


j »it 

> .20 .3 




blatlWr lor 

■ — 





. Ice— ' Y our choice of "fielding & 
y3s’’or “Corticelli.” 

ck comes in sizes A, B, C, D, E. 
iteand colors in size A only, 
sure and send samples of goods 

50 yards Machine Silk, in col- 
to match all shades of goods 
spool .05 perdoz. spools ....55 
, 100 yards Machine Silk, in 

j'llbk only, per spool .IQ per 

<|. spools 1.00 

%-oz. spool Machine Silk, black 
*#, per spool .1 Q per doz. 

“■sills 2.00 

1-oz. or about 1000 yds. Mach- 
Sllk, black and white, per 

il - - 75 

Buttonhole Twist, 10 yards on 
>1, black sizes C, D, E, F, white 

colors in D only, 2 for 05 

ided Twist, 6 strand, in fawns, 
y, greens, browns, greys 
black, per yard 0234 

Cotton Thread 

200 yard ‘‘Kerr’s’’ or "Coat’s” 

".tf; quality 6-cord cotton thread, in 
te, from 10 to 200, in black 10 to 


4- Colored Cotton, “Kerr’s” make 
ih t, in size 40, best shades kept 
i took, price per spool ,04 

12f doz._ .48 

1 mile Coat’s best 6 cord Cot- 
white only, No. 40, per 

>1 - - 40 

jkH) 1000 yard Basting Cotton on 
p|»ls white only, Nos. 36 and 

Shields, Featherbone 


(See cut) 

C3-014. Gem, double lined, best shield for 

those who perspire very freely 

C3-014A. "Gem,” single covered : 

C3-015. "Olympia” for summer wear, 

double Nainsook covered and rubber 

lined _ ,1 5 

C3-016. Featherweight 

C3-017. Silk Featherweight 

C3-018. Crescent, for evening wear 

C3-019. Black Shield covered with Panne 

Silk, guaranteed fast black 

The following come in Stockinette : 

C3-020. Williamson’s _ 

C3-021. Kleinert’s 

C3-022. Primrose 

C3-023. Special Shield. Our Nameless, a 
perfect fitting, double nainsook covered 
Shield, per pair 

Customers who perspire freely will 
find greater satisfaction in wearing 
large size shields. 

C3-013. “Onandoff” Self-adjustable 
without sewing. Made especially for 
Summer Blouses and Waists. Double 
NainsookCovered (see cut) 

Size_ 1 2 3 4 5 6 

.18 .20 .23 .25 .30 .40 

.1 5 

.1 5 
.1 5 


















. 1 2i 

.1 8 


.20 .23 
.25 .30 



. 121 - 


.1 O .1 21 .1 5 


{per «pool. 

Dress Steels 

lire are always 9 steels in set and 
:ome in black, white and drab. 
Dress Steels, sateen cov- 

l, set_ 05 

. Peerless Dress Steels, sateen 
Ured, in 6, 7 and 8 inch, per 


I set. .08 

Crompton’s Standard Dress 
(Ills, 6, 7, 8 in., per doz ,1 5 set .1 2 

Button Gauge 


Ball Pearl Buttons 

. Ball Pearl Buttons, with or 
tout shank- 

10 12 14 16 lines 

>z 10 .1 2%. 1234 .15 

id Pearl Buttons, small size, per 

* 15 

Pearl Buttons 

White Pearl Buttons, with 

80 36 40 

>z .30 .60 .75 

t. White and Smoked Pearl 
;ons, with four holes— 

24 30 36 40 45 

20 .30 .50 .75 1.00 doz. 

Flat Pearls 

C3-B35. Pearl But- 
tons, 2 and 4 hole, 
plain and fancy 
design, best qual- 
ity, highly finish- 
ed, see cut 
12-line, doz._ 1© 
14-line, doz. ,1234 
16-line, doz._ .15 
18-line, doz. .20 
C3-B36. White and Smoked Pearl 
Buttons, cheaper quality than above 
Size 18 20 22 24 

Prices .05 .08 .10 .10 

Pearl Vest Buttons 

C3-B37. Gent’s Pearl Vest Buttons, 
with fasteners, doz. .25 .35 .50 
C3-B37A. Fancy Pearl Vest Buttons, 
many designs for light or dark vests, 
per set of 6 buttons, ' .40 .50 .60 

Underwear Buttons 

C3-B38. Bone Corset or Tape Buttons 

2 and 4 hole, 3 doz. for .10 

C3-B39. Linen 
Unde rwear 
Buttons, in 
sets of assort- 
ed sizes, 7)4 
doz., see cut, 
per set.. .08 
C3-B40. Linen 
Buttons, in 
boxes, assort- 
ed sizes, 

8)4 doz., very superior quality .20 
C3-B41. Linen Underwear Buttons, 

Special Pearl Button 

134. Pearl Buttons, size 16, 
lies best quality, French pearl, 
itable for shirts and also used 
rgely for blouses, child- 
n’s clothing. Price 2 doz. .1 5 

best quality- 
Size 16 12 20 

Doz. .02% .03 

22 24 26 28 30 

.04 .05 .06 

Trouser Buttons 

C3-B42. Metal Trouser Buttons, im- 
proved quality, with bar to sew 

over, 2 sizes, price 3 doz 05 

C3-B43. Bone Trouser Buttons, black 
or white, 4 hole, 2 sizes, price 
3 doz — _ 10 

Clothing Buttons 

C3-B44. Bone Buttons, in black 
and colors, coat size, perdoz. .1234 

Vest size, per doz... 1 Q 

C3-B45. Overcoat Buttons, in black 
and colors, price according 

to size, per doz 20 .25 .30 

Covered Buttons 
C3-B46. Men’s Vest, Coat and Over- 
, coat Buttons, in mohair and 

satin finish, per doz. ,1Q .15 .20 

Crochet Buttons 

C3-B47. Crochet Buttons, black, 

per doz .20 to 1-00 

Prices according to sizes. 

Barrel Buttons 

C3-B48. Black Crocheted Barrel But- 
tons, best quality, size 134 inch, 

see cut, per doz .50 

Larger sizes 85 1.25 

C3-B49. Silk and mohair plain covered 
Barrel Button, per doz,... .20 .25 
C3-B50. Wooden Barrel Buttons, as 
used for heavy fur coats, per 
doz 20 

Cut Steel Buttons 

C3-B51. Cut Steel Buttons, per doz. — 
Size 10 14 18 22 30 36 45 

.35 -40 .50 -75 1-00 1-50 2°5Q 
Cut Steel Buttons, large sizes, better 
quality, very handsome designs, 
price per doz 3.00 6.00 

Fancy Buttons 

C3-B52. Fancy Metal Buttons, newest 
designs and shades for fall cos- 
tumes, small sizes, per 

doz IQ to .50 

Larger sizes, perdoz, .50 to 3 00 
C3-B53. Novelty Buttons in immense 
assortment, the newest importations. 
Large sizes suitable for ladies’ fur 
coats and evening and street 
costumes, prices ranging 
from, each .25 to 2.00 

Small Silk Buttons 

C3-B54. Silk Covered Trimming 
Buttons, superior quality, in black 
and colors, size 14. Special value 
2 doz._ 15 

Brass Buttons 

C3-B55. Anchor Buttons, for child- 
ren’s suits, size 20 to 24 line, 
doz 10 .12% 

Button Moulds 

C3-B56. Button Moulds, sizes 16, 

20, 22, 24-line, 3 doz, for .05 

Sizes 36 to 40-line, 2 doz. for™ .05 
Sizes 50 and 60-line, per doz .05 

Boot and Gaiter Buttons 

C3-B57. Boot Buttons, black only, 

superior quality, 4 doz .05 

C3-B58. Gaiter Buttons, black or 
tan color, price per doz, .10 

Linen Thread 

C3-024, Barbour’s or Dunbar & Mc- 
Master’s best Linen Thread, 200 yds. 
on spool, cream and white, Nos. 30 
to 100, black and drab Nos. 30 

to 70, per spool 09 

C3-025. 100 yd. “Union Jack” Linen 
Thread, in cream, black or 
drab. No. 35 only, 2 spools for .05 
C3-026. Linen Carpet Thread, Dunbar 
& McMaster’s best linen, in drab or 
black, per skein .04 7 skeins .25 
per pound 1.15 


In boning waists or coats with feath- 
erbone it greatly adds to style and fit 
of costume. It requires from 2 to 3 
yards. Comes in black, white and 
drab only. 

C2-027. Featherbone, cambric cov- 
ered, in lengths of 3 yards, enough 

to bone a waist, per length. .15 

C3-028. Featherbone, twill cover for 
waists, per yard .08 doz. yds. .85 
C3-029. H B Tape-Covered Waist, 
Featherbone, per yd. .1 0 doz 1 .00 
C3-030. Featherbone Cotton Ribbon, 

covered, for waists, per yd .12 

perdoz. yards 1 .26 

C3-031. Featherbone, washable, for 
waists, in white only, per yd_...12% 
C3-032. Featherbone, silk covered, for 

waists, per yd .15 doz. yds 1.75 

C3-033. Silk Covered Featherbone, for 
collars, %-in. in white and black 

only, per yd...1Q doz. yds 1 .00 

C3-034. Featherbone Duplex Skirt 
Bone, black and white, %-in. 

wide, per yd 05 

C3-035. Cotton Collar Featherbone, 
34-in. wide, black and white, yd. 05 

Silk Anchors, Stars and Bars 

C3-B59. Silk Stars, Anchors and 
Bars, colors, red, white and 

blue, each „ .05 

C3-B60. Eagles woven silk colors 

as above .10 

Larger size 15 

C3-B61. The Peter Thompson Set, 
consisting of double anchor 
and 4 stars, per set .1 5 

C3-470. The “ Moody ” Shirt 
Waist Holder and Skirt 
Supporter, see cut, each... .25 

C3-471. Extra Belt Tapes 
with buckle in grey, 
white or black, ea. .1 0 

C3-472. The " Rosalind” 
Waist and Belt Adjust- 
ers, Can be adjusted 
to any dip, each .25 

C3-473. The “ Queen ” 
Long Waist Adjuster 1 
with double pin to fit 
on corset clasp, see 
cut, each .10 

C3-474. Ladies’ Delight 
Waist Former, for giv- 
ing curved or long 
waist effect, each .05 



Hose Supporters, Garters and Shoulder Braces 

(See page 204 
for elastics.) 

C3-1. Our Spe- 
cial Pad Hose 
made with 
large satin 
pad, frilled 
or plain silk 
finished elas- 
tic webbing, 
rubber grip. 
This support- 
er is made 
specially for 
our mail 
order cus- 
tomers. See 

Price... .29 

C3-5. The New Foster Abdominal Hose 
Supporter. This popular hose sup- 
porter has the square pad shaped so 
as to give the wearer a correct stand- 
ing position, in black or white 

%in. lisle elastic 40 

in, elastic 50 

Colored frilled elastic .60 

Extra heavy and wide elastic 

1.00 1.26 



C3-6. C. M. C. Hose 
Supporter. It’s all 
in the clasp. No 
pins to tear the 
finest stocking; 
simply clasps to both 
corset and stocking. 

'* The Langtry” 

Pud Hose Supporter, 
with C. M. C. clasps, 
satin pad, new 
shape, and plain CLOSED 
mercerized elastic, assorted 

colors. See cut. Price 50 

C3 7. Our New C. M. C. Pad Hose 
Supporter, large satin pad. best 
quality silk finished elastic 1 % in. 
wide, thus making a strong support- 






C3-2. Our “ New 
Idea ” pad hose 
supporter with 
attachment i n 
centreof pad 
which fastens to 
corset front, thus 
removing strain 
from the back, 
made with sateen 
pad, silk finished 
frilled elastic, 4 
straps as cut, 
per pair.... ... .25 

C3-3. “ The Prin- 
cess Chic ” Hose 
Supporter, with 
front and hip pad ; 
the best kind for 
stout figures ; 
made with deep 
waist band, t o 
which 4 straps of 
1 -in. elastic web- 
bing are attached 
as cut, Price 
per pair 60 


er for stout ladies. Price 

C3-8.. Babies’ and Children’s, 

black or white, per pair 

Ladies’ and Misses’, per pair.. 
Ladies’ heavy 1 in. wide web 

elastic, black or colors 

Better quality, ir silk elastic, 

black or colors, per pair 

C3-9. “ Twin Anchor " 
Hose Supporter, 
simple and easy to ad- 
just, fastens on either 
side of corset clasp, 
assorted colors. 

See cut. Per pr. .25 
C3-10. The H o o k - O n 
Supporter keeps the 
corset from protruding 
in front, black, white 
or colors, per pr. .35 
Four straps, best lisle 
web, white or 
black, per pair .50 
Also silk frilled elastic, 
assorted colors. 

per pair.... 50 

Satin Pad, with heavy mercerized 
webbing, assorted colors, per 
pair. .75 

C3-13 Shoulder Brace ... 
and Hose Supporter 1 

combined, Lindsay fast- 
ener, black or white 
Ladies’ per pair... .35 

Misses’ .... - .30 

Children’s .25 


C3-11. 3ew-on Hose Supporters, which 
are stitched to corset, and require 
no adjusting, lisle elastic webb, 

assorted colors, per pair .35 

Better quality .50 

C3-36. Endorsed by leading 
men of the medical profes- 
sion for special weakness and 
disease of women. It is a 
natural uplifting support 
applied where it is needed. 
Write for pamphlet giving 
full description, also direc- 
tions for measurement. As 
they have to be made after 
order is received, it will take 
about ten days to fill order. 

Made in three qualities, special 
line at .... 6.00 

Better quality webbing and 
metal trimmings 7.50 

Fine silk webbing (see cut). 

- 10.00 

C3-14. The Flexo Sup- 
porter, pin-on style, 
black and white, best 
quality lisle elastic, 
babies’ double strap, 

cotton 15 

Children’s double strap, 

cotton._ .20 

Ladies’ double strap, 

cotton. ... 20 

C3-16. Ladies’ fancy frilled 
Garters, silk faced, assorted 

colors, per pair 25 

Better quality 35 

Pure silk elastic, finest quality, 

per pair - .65 


C3-16. ‘‘May per ’’the 
Newest Gents’ Im- 
proved Garter, see 
cut. Per pair .25 

C3-20. Flat mercerized elastic arm 

bands, assorted plain colors, 

per pair 10 .15 

C3-21. Fancy frilled elastic arm 

bands, per pair. 25 

Better quality, pure silk, 

assorted colors, per pair .35 

C3-22. Ladies’ 



C3-12. Babies’ single trap, cotton, 

perpr 12 % 

Babies’ double strap, cotton 1 5 

Silk 30 

Misses' double strap, cotton ?Q 

Bilk 35 

Ladies’ double strap, cotton, 20 

Silk 45 

C3-17. The Boston Gar- 
ter, improved ve 1 v e t 
grip, which prevents, 
friction, and will not 
tear, in plain mercer- 
ized elastic assorted 
colors, per pair... .30 
Better quality silk elastic, 

per pair .50 

C3-18. The “ Hoot Mon,” the C. M. C. 
Garter for Men, best lisle 

elastic used, all colors .25 

With pure silk elastic- 50 

C3-19. Silk covered round elastic arm 
bands, very easy to wear, 
assorted colors, per pair .05 

round frilled 
silk finished 
elastic gar- 
ters, assorted 
c ol o rs, 
per pair .25 
Better quali- 
ty, per 
pair... .35 
Pure silkela 

Stic, per pair 



C3-4. Large Fad Hose Supporter fi 
stout ladies, extra large pad shapt 
as cut, double stitched with 4 stra: 
of I y 8 in. lisle elastic, wood fifif 
buttons, a very durable sup- 
porter. Price.... 

small, medium‘s and’ large 
sizes, per pair (see cut) "j 

C3-26. Gents’ Supporting Shoulc 
Brace, supports the back from 1 
hips to the shoulder, sizes boy 
youths’, and men’s, Give waist 
measure, per pair (see cut) 1,1 


C3-27, Tom-boy Suspender Waist 

holds the clo 
ing together, a 
has buttons 
trousers or drt 
ers (see cu 
When order! 

years, each 

state age 
waist measip 
of child. Siza 
4, 6 , 8 and 10 




Is a 


8, Sew 

C3-23. Ideal Shoulder Brace, the 
newest in the market, very light, 
but gives required support without 
being clumsy. Give chest measure 
when ordering, sizes 24 to 42 inches, 
in drab only, see cut. Per 

pair .50 

C2-24. English Military Brace, 
strengthens and supports shoulders, 
back, sides, chest and stomach, and 
imparts to the wearer an appearance 
of ease and grace, Ladies’ 

or Gents'. Per pair.. 35 

Better quality, per pair. 50 

C3-28. Sterling Skeleton Waist, sot «vwv 
what the same style as above, vv 

hose supporters attached 


C3-29. “ E. Z.” Sanitary Belt, mala, 
of two pieces best quality nou-elai ft 
webbing, with loops at each e: a 1 
doing away with buttons or bucli 
around waist. ' Napkin-holder C'vwv 
sists of two heavy elastic coi m ( 
passing through loops at back t rty| or 
front of belt, corners of napkin L ‘- 
attached by running through pat 
fastener at each end of cord. 

Price complete .25 


C3-467. Belt Forms, made of l 
material, shaped with featherbc 
in black or white, 4 inches dee] 
back or front, round or pointed, 
price — j| 

C3-468. Belt Form, cheaper qual 
black or white, pointed with sli 
dip at front- 


C3-469. The ' ‘ Dressmakers’ Deligl 
invisible collar bone, washa 
transparent and flexible, made 
Sizes 1%, 2 y 8 2% inches, 6 in 


Hiked, p 

Sizes iy 8 , zy 8 incuea, u u 
enough for two collars, per set 




See Page 214 for 
Real Hair Goods 

Brilliant Mounted Set 

. New Brilliant Mounted Comb 
, consisting of pair side and back 
ab, made of heavy quality 
11, highly polished shell BJfft 
or only, price set vU 

Plain Side Combs 

Side Combs, shell or amber, 
1 finished, straight top, 

.15 .25 .35 .50 

style as cut C3-85, only better 
lity, superior finish, splendid 
lies, a pair.. .65 . 75 * 1.00 

■rill, Side 

is a 
y pop- 

' comb ; shaped to fit the 
d, shell only, pair 


Side Combs, shell, amber or 
ck, curved top, pair. .05 .10 

Special Side Comb 

7. New Waved Top Side Combs, 
:,®avy quality, highly polished, 
:tra smooth finish, in shell or 
aber, price per pair 25 

Side Combs in the new pearl 
color, a very pretty comb, suit- 
for ladies with grey hair, 
e per pair 25 .50 



Plain Back Combo 



^ 9. Back Combs, shell or amber 
® lor, extra heavy quality, well 
lished, popular shape, a 

‘ ecialat 25 

Special Comb Sets 

C3-81. Real 
Horn Sets, 
consisting of 
two side and 
back combs, 
shell color 
only, per 
set 50 

Note— We will sell pair side combs o r 
back comb separately at half price 
of set. 

C3-90. Chig- 
non ot Puff 
can b e 
front o r 

back, as cut 15 

Heavier quality 25 .35 

C3-91. Puff or Back Comb, new shapes, 
highly polished, good fitting combs, 
shell color only, .50 .75 1.00 
C3-92. "New 

Puff Comb, 
shell only, 
with turn- 
over back, as 
cut, comfortable fitting, price .25 

Gilt Trimmed Set 

C3-83. New Comb Set in black only, 
black combs are being worn very 
much at present, this is one of the 
most popular shapes and designs, a 
smoothly finished, good fitting 
set, price per set 1.00 

Trimmed Side Combs 

C3-93. The New Ball Trimmed Puff 
Comb, shell color only, very 
new and stylish, price 25 

C3-94. Same style as above, only hav- 
ing balls tapered down to a point, 
comb of heavier stocks, highly 
polished, price 50 

C3-95. The 
New Spike 
high back, 
as shown 
in cut, in 
shell and 
color ; this 
is the lat- 
est style 
. comb, and 

can be worn with the hair dressed 
high or low as desired, price. .50 

Pompadour Combs 

03-98. Side Combs, in black only, with 
imitation jet trimmings, as cut, 

pair .35 .40 

Side Comb, similar design, larger 

size 50 

C3-99. Side Combs, with best rhine- 
stone settings, Parisian designs, 

Pair 1 00 1.50 2.00 

Real Jet and Cut Steel 
Side Combs 

C3-100. Real J et Side Combs, newest 
French designs, pair, 1.00 1.50 
C3-101. Side Combs, with cut steel 
trimmings, small size, pair. . 1 .00 
Large curved top, finer cut steel, 

dainty designs 1 .50 2.25 

Trimmed Back Combs 

C3-102. Puff or Back Comb in 
shell color only, well finished, 
extra heavy stock, imitation cut 
steel trimming, new Oriental 

design as cut, price 25 

C3-103. Puff 
or Back 
shell or 

color, in 
design in- 
laid with 
brilliants, one of the newest, 
highly polished, price 50 

Pompadour Comb, half size around 
of above, price 

08-97. Bostonia Pompadour Combs 
with three bars, a substitute for hair 
rolls, the crimp on the comb holds 
the hair in place and prevents part- 
ing, light and flexible, very com- 
fortable, shell color only .25 

C3-104. Heavy Quality Shell Color 
Back Comb, with reinforced top, 
has thirty brilliant rhinestones 
set in the top. This comb is well 
made of good stock and highly 
polished, nice fitting shape, 
price each 39 

C3-82. Gilt Trimmed Comb Sets, shell 
color only, one puff and two side 
combs, the latest fancy design, 
trimmings that will not tarn- C A 

ish, 3 in set ( 3U 

C3-105. Back 
shell color 
only, with 
h e a v y 
square top 
set with 
in pretty 

this is a highly finished comb aDd 

special value, price 1.00 

C3-106. Bang or Puff Combs, witb 
brilliant settings, shell or 

amber .75 1.00 

C3-107. Puff or Back Combs in splen- 
did new assortment of shapes set 
with, rhinestones in latest Parisian 
design, prices 

... 1.50 2.00 2.50 to 8.00 

C3-108. Puff or Back Combs, real jet 
trimmings, direct from France and 
made in the latest Parisian designs, 
quality considered our prices are the 
lowest for these beautiful 
combs. Price..... 1.50 to 3.50 
C3-109. Puff or Back Combs, with cut 
steel trimming, handsome designs, 
highly finished comb, many styles, 

at... 1.50 2.50 3.60 

C3-110. Puff or Back Combs, in black 
only, with imitation jet trimmings, 

price .40. 50 

Note.— These are not same shape top 
as Side Comb C3-98, but have same 
trimmings, and make pretty set. 
C3-110A. Puff or Back Combs in new 
pearl grey color, suitable for grey 
hair, comfortable fitting shape, well 
finished, price. . . .25 .50 .75 

Stray Lock Retainers 

C3-111. Ever 
tidy Combs' 
the" latest and 
best for hold- 
ing stray hairs at back of head. You 
put this comb in differently from 
any other comb. You straighten 
comb, put into hair, teeth up, then 
let go and the points of the teeth 
come together so that it clasps the 
hair and cannot fall out, small 

size .15 

Medium size .20 L