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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2015 

Senior Library 
Elmwoocf School 
261 Bmm Vista Roaci 
Ottawa, Ontario 
(613) 740-6761 

Editors Note 

Being the editor of the yearbook 
this year has been a great 
experience and there are so many 
people I would like to thank. First 
and foremost, to the Samara team 
thank you so much for all you 
tireless hard work, this yearbook 
would not have been possible 
without each and every one of you. 
A very big thank you goes to Ms. 
Bartlett for being a constant source 
of guidance and support over the 
entire year, thank you for pulling 
me back from the brink of stress overload. On a more personal note, I 
would like to thank all of the teachers who are leaving or retiring, you 
have all taught me so much. Thank you to my parents for waiting for me 
after school every Monday while I tied up loose ends in yearbook 
meetings, I really do appreciate it. Last but certainly not least, I need to 
thank my friends for one of the best years I have ever had at Elmwood. I 
will miss the couple of you who are leaving terribly and hope that you use 
this yearbook as way to remember all of the fun times we've had together. 
Also good luck to all of the grads on what I am sure will be some 
amazingly bright futures and seeing as this is your last Elmwood 
yearbook I hope that it is everything you would wish for. However my 
biggest hope for this yearbook by far, is that everyone who reads it is 
reminded of times they look back upon fondly and that it brings a smile to 
each and every one of your faces. 

Merrin Lalonde 




Zoe Wallace, Carlotta Cellini, Zakiya Abdula, Lauren 
Lambert, Katya Brookes, Valerie Molnar, Daisy 
Wang, Wei Wei, Helen Hume, Sophia Gayowsky, 
Hannah Keough, Carine Ladki, Keiren McClelland, 
Faith Labarre, Sian Bryson, Samphe Ballamingie, 
Kelly Zhang, Cally McConnell, Julia Crystal 

Elmwood has a phenomenal tradition: one that 
extends far beyond the walls of our classrooms. 
Middle and senior girls travel to the beautiful Camp 
Kandalore on the shores of Kabakwa Lake. For three 
days we celebrate Camp Elmwood, a relaxed, 
amusing experience among the gigantic pines and 
rocky landscape of the Algonquin Highlands. Being 
tossed up into the air on the Inuit Blanket, games of 
rugby, mountain biking, canoeing, ropes courses, 
rock climbing and of course house spirit activities 
keep us busy to the point of exhilarating exhaustion. 
The most ridiculously comical and popular event is 
the water regatta! As head girl I was especially proud 
of how both new and returning students bonded, 
threw themselves into house competitions, took on 
challenging experiences and supported each other. 
The evenings around the camp fire have always been 
my favourite and this year the weather cooperated 
with not only stunning days, but ideal nights as well. 
For those returning next year enjoy; Camp Elmwood 
will always remain a favourite for me! 

Emmie Page, Head Girl, 2012-2013 






Five years ago, <n hopes of being admitted to this school, I wrote a page long essay illustrating 
why JD Salinger's Catcher In The Rye was my all-time favorite novel; and here we are, having 
come full circle. That seventh grader and I are different in almost every sense of the word. I 
evolved into this complex and indecisive high school graduate. My mind has been assaulted with 
knowledge and facts, and yet I still feel like I understand just as little about the world and my 
place in it as I did back then. Throughout all this so-called personal growth, though, my feelings 
about Catcher In the Rye have remained untouched. How typical of me as a sheltered upper 
middle class teenage girl to identify with the internally troubled, reflective and maladjusted 
Holden Caulfield. I have always found a sort of kinship with his passive aggressive conviction, 
with his hatred of "phonies," and his strife with the world; so, if you really want to hear about it, 
I'd have to say that my adolescence has been one mixed up and convoluted road down which I 
never want to return. The funny thing about all that is, though, that I've been fortunate enough to 
find some people who feel the same way, some insightful, and sometimes slightly unhinged 
people, to whom I could blurt out fragmented sentences in between mangled sobs. To all those 
wonderful friends of mine who have withstood my nineteenth nervous breakdown, I am forever in 
awe of your patience. Holden had Phoebe, and, since I'm an only child, I guess in some weird 
way, I have you guys. Finally, to turn from the words of J.D. Salinger, as Bret Easton Ellis wrote, 
"I feel I'm moving toward as well as away from something, and anything is possible." 

It's unbelievable to think that it has already been fourteen years since I entered these 
doors, and I finally get to wear the white dress and accept the diploma which is 
going to change my life. It was never boring at Elmwood, and I thank you for 
everything you have done for me. I know I wouldn't be where I am today, proud of 
all my accomplishments, without your undying support. Thank you to Ms. Kindree 
for helping me so much along the way. I promised you that you would be thanked 
because I could not have succeeded without your humour, support and 
kindness. Emmie, you are my other half, and I am so glad I met you sporting your 
pants that day in Grade 9; you're going to change the world one stem cell at a time. 
Julia, you are amazing, and don't let anyone let you think differently. You're going 
to rock F.I.T. - 1 just know it! Grads, you were great. We started it together and now 
we're going to finish it together. Good luck in everything, and I can't wait to see 
what you've accomplished at the first reunion of the graduating class of 2013. 
Love always, the ginger, Rebecca 

I can't believe that my three years at Elmwood are already over! On my first 
day, I remember feeling like I still had an eternity left of high school, but, 
looking back, it went by far too quickly. To my friends: JS, GL, GM, MD, 
MG, and my Sandpaper Sister SB, whether it was giving me a ride home, 
staying up late with me to finish a project, or laughing our heads off in the 
common room, you are all exceptional people and my closest friends. I love 
you all, and you made the past three years the most fun they could possibly 
be. Teachers, for the three years of horrible jokes and late assignments, I am 
sorry. Mom and Dad, I love you both; thanks for being my rocks through the 
past 18 years! University is going to be my next big adventure, and I am so 
excited! Stay green, Elmwood. Stay green. 


Though I'm not proficient at rhyme, 
I'll try just this one time. 
Here it goes. 

I arrived at Elmwood one bright day, 

And that turned into a 6-year stay. 

With too man>' words waiting to be written, 

I suppose, "Thank you" would fit like a 


To express just how much 
Teachers, friends, and everyone helped me 
when I depended on them like a crutch. 
To the teachers, you've handled us 
At our times of anxious fuss. 
Thank you for the support and care. 
And for nurturing us even when we're 
Too much to bear. 

To my wonderful gals, whose names start 
with As 

And also Ms and many Cs and Js, 
You've helped me become the person I am 
Thank you for your love and support from 
the a.m. through the p.m. 

To my Ma and Pa and the rest of the fam, 

It's because of you that I'm here, rockin my jams, 

Thank you, thank you, for all you've done, 

And in case you forget: 

I love you more than a ton. 

And finally to my Nighty crew, 

Of course I didn't forget you! 

Your enthusiasm made me ever so proud 

Thanks to your spirit, we sure wowed! 

I suppose this is, as they say, 

Where I spread my wings and fly away. 

My runway was constructed wonderfully sturdy, 

And as a plane I'll sure fly as high as a birdy. 

Now ON goes my engine, 

And OFF I (and the rhyme) go! 

P.S. Always remember to take pride, 

In your navy blue and silver stride. 

Tannya Cai 

I would like to thank my parents who supported me in my decision to come to 

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. 
We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." 
- Barak Obama 

I wish the best of luck to everyone. 

Elisabeth Charest 


Never give up. There is always a way. 

Looking back on all the memories formed during my four years at Elmwood, 
it is hard to believe that it is finally time to say goodbye and enter into the rest 
of our lives. Through all the ups and downs, we have finally made it to 
graduation! To the grads of 2013, 1 will never forget all of the good times 
and I wish you all the best. I have grown as a person in so many ways these 
last four years, and I feel very lucky to have been able to do so surrounded by 
so many amazing people. Thank you to all of my friends for making my time 
in the wood so special. I will never forget all of the fun times we had 
together! To my parents, thank you for always supporting me no matter how 
many times I changed my mind about things; you are amazing! Thank you, 
Julia, for always being a fantastic sister. I'm going to miss you more than you 
know next year! 

Looking back at my time at Elmwood, I couldn't have asked for a better 7 years. To my family, 
thank you for all of your love and support through the ups and downs. I couldn't have done it 
without you. Thank you to all my teachers. I thank each and every one of you for all of your help 
and support. Mrs. Neale, thank you for always putting a smile on my face every morning. Ms. 
Kindree, I'll miss our everyday chats about life and Timothy. Mrs. Marquis, thank you for our 
funny conversations and teaching me everything I need to know about English; and. Mr. G, I 
definitely won't forget our crazy music classes. To my house council, you girls have all blown me 
away this year. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with you. To the rest of the student 
body, I'll miss the friendly smiles and hugs; school life would not have been the same without 
you. To the Prefects, I have had a blast working with you; it was a year I'll never forget. To my 
amazing friends Julia, Rebecca, and Emmie, who have been there every step of the way, thanks 
for making these years so memorable and unforgettable! I love you to the moon and back. Claire, 
Dianna, Ellie & Charita: Mary Lou, Arlene, and Betty will always be there for us. Paige, what 
would I have done without you these past 2 years? Thanks for all the crazy fun memories and 
inside jokes, and I can't wait for more to come with you and Justine. To the Grads, we finally 
made it and it's been an insane year. From all our laughs and tears in the common room, it's been 
one crazy ride. We've accomplished so much here! Good luck in everything you do. It's just 
getting started. Love always. 


Elmwood has been my home for the past six years and I can't believe I'm finally 
graduating. Elmwood is the place where I lived through my awkward phase with 
braces, grew eight inches, shed a few tears, and laughed excessively, but the most 
distinct memories which I will take with me are the people whom I met along the 
way. To the girls in the Wood, Rebecca, Emmie and Sarah, thank you for being the 
best of friends. To my second mothers at the school, Mrs. Neale and Derbs, thank 
you for constantly looking out for me. To my Athletic Council, thank you for going 
above and beyond all year. To my sisters, Emily and Meagan, thank you for keeping 
me on my toes and giving me endless support. Thank you to Wiggles for bringing 
me immense joy everyday. To Max, thank you for giving me happiness 
and love. I thank my Dad for his encouragement in school and life; and, lastly, I 
thank my Mom, for being my rock, best friend and the strongest woman I know. I 
am so thankful to Elmwood for making me the person I am today and allowing me to 
chase my dreams. 

Julia Cork 

"Everything you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picasso 

I would like to thank my parents for their utmost dedication and commitment. 
Thank you to Elmwood for it's remarkable role in shaping the person I am 

Noor Darwish 


Meghan Demerchant 

Kattiy Fung 


Melanie Greenley 

It's hard to believe that it has been 6 years already. I have had unique 
experiences at this school, from the Classics Club and all the time that it has 
taken up in my 4 years of Senior School, to the privilege of tutoring grade 4 
students, and helping with the Middle School Readers Council. 
Thank you to Ms. Ellison for teaching me to sew, regardless of how many 
times I cursed those machines for existing. Thank you to GM, JTS, GHL, and 
AB for being amazing friends over the years, regardless of for how long or 
short a time; you guys are amazing, artistic, and drive me up a wall, but you're 
great friends. Thank you, Ms. Claman, for being an amazing SLG Teacher. For 
those I have not mentioned, thank you to my classmates and teachers from the 
bottom of my heart; you have all had an impact on my life. P.S. I apologize to 
those I have given eye strain to over the years through my small writing, which 
has gotten progressively smaller over the years. 

First of all, thanks to all the teachers who have taught me. You are the best 
teachers I've had in my life! ! ! Thanks to my host parents for making me feel 
at home these past two years; thank you, Kelly, for your jokes, which always 
cheer me up when I'm down; thank you, Elizabeth, for your attempts at cooking 
Chinese food and your hugs when I feel miserable. Thank you, Cynthia, for 
being someone I can always talk to and share my happy days and bad days with. 
I'm lucky to have you as my best friend. Most of all, I thank my parents who 
gave me the opportunity to come to Canada and study at Elmwood. I have really 
opened my eyes during these two years, and done a lot of things which I never 
would have had a chance to do in Hong Kong: dog sledding, skiing, jazz band I 
wouldn't have made it this far without you both, Mom and Dad. I'm blessed to 
have been born into this family. 

"Not all who wander are lost." 

I want to thank my friends and family for helping me in becoming the person I am 
today. I definitely wandered a lot through high school, discovering different attributes 
and interests, and, through all that change, you supported me. I am especially thankful 
for my little group of friends; you are the craziest group of people I have ever met and 
I love you for it. To my sister, I want to thank you for being the best little sis I could 
ask for. Good luck in the next four years of high school; you're going to rock it! I 
love you so much, and I'm going to miss you like crazy next year. To all my friends 
in younger grades, I want to thank you for loving me despite my quirkiness which I 
brought to play and drama class. You had all better keep in touch or I'm coming after 
you! I'll see you all next year I expect the play to be over-the-top amazing! "The way 
I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don't 
always soften the bad things; but, vice versa, the bad things don't necessarily spoil the 
good things or make them unimportant." 



"Now the trouble about trying to make yourself look stupider than you really are is 
that you very often succeed." High school is where you make mistakes, live, and 
create who you want to be. It won't be easy; sometimes it's hard and not fun, but 
when you get through to your last year you know you're going to miss all the 
memories you've made. One thing I have learned is that you can never have too 
much fun in high school - do everything you want and don't hold back; you will 
most likely regret holding back more than you regret doing something. I made some 
weird friends who are perfect in everyway. We made memories, happy and sad, 
which will not be forgotten. To my friends whom I will be leaving behind at 
Elmwood, I wish you the best of luck. You had better keep in touch with me! I love 
your face! "I wish that, for once, fairy tales real fairy tales, not Disney fairy tales 
would have a happy ending." 




Let me tell you a story. I was in grade three back in the good old days, before live 
pause and Tumblr. My parents told me I was going to visit this school for the day. I 
was nervous, but instantly students and my third grade teachers Mrs. G. (entertaining 
to say the least) and Mr. Adams welcomed me warmly. No matter how comfortable 
my stay was, though, at the end of the day, I cleaned out my cubby. I remember as I 
left, they remarked, "See you tomorrow!" Baffled, I answered, "I'm not coming 
back." This was my first and definitely not my last day at Elmwood; excluding my 
brief return to my homeland (a.k.a. England), I have been here for a whopping seven 
years. Since then several teachers have influenced and guided me. Mrs. Boychuk got 
me bitten by the drama bug, so now my life revolves around Captain Hook and 
stage-managing. Additionally, Mrs. Bradley somehow dealt with my lack of focus 
and helped keep my grades up. In conclusion, as much as my time here has been 
fun, I leave you with my last words of wisdom: "C-ya! Wouldn't want to be ya!" 

Gabriella Holden-Latfilin 

□eanor James-Beswick 



It is hard to believe that 4 years have passed by without notice. It feels like 
just yesterday that I was walking through the halls for the first time, and in 
just a few short months, it will be my last. Time here really flies by so 
quickly. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself 
as a leader. Everything I have participated in has shaped my character over 
the last 4 years, and there are countless memories I will treasure forever. To 
my loving parents, thank you for all that you have done and for always 
having the highest of hopes for me. To my teachers and friends, I have had 
the best of times with you and, honestly, Elmwood would not have been the 
same without you. I am graduating with the confidence to face any challenge 
which the future may throw at me. We have definitely had our ups and 
downs, but, when it comes down to it, my experience here has been 
absolutely amazing. 

It's crazy that it's over. I still can't believe it. I've grown a lot while being 
among my classmates. I genuinely hope that you all have good lives and 
that everything works out. You all truly deserve it. 

Ornella Kuate Konga 

Janan Lewars 

It's funny, how we all think about this moment, but, when it comes, it 
becomes hard to compress four years of memories into a few words. I would 
like to thank my friends, family and teachers for their commitment to my 
success and for their guidance throughout high school. I am grateful for 
everything which I have learned, the people I have met and also the numerous 
challenges I've encountered and overcome. 

To the Grads, as this chapter in our book closes, another one starts. Good 
luck to everyone in this new chapter. I hope that we all manage to achieve 
our dreams, make a few mistakes along the way, and learn from them. 



My first memory of Grade 6 is crying. Everything was big and new and scary and 
my parents had DEFINITELY tricked me: this wasn't Hogwarts. The four houses 
were a lie. I stood there in the middle of the new student welcome in my too-big 
blazer with my tie actively trying to choke me and I was trying very hard not to run 
away. Things got better - the head mistress calmed my distress; I decided Wilson 
was an acceptable sorting; and I finally grew into the blazer in Grade 9. More 
importantly, I made friends. I've been through a lot of those through the years, and 
when it comes right down to it, my friends are the exact reason I'd come to 
Elmwood all over again. I offer a BIG thank you to friends no longer at Elmwood, 
like AM, SV, PG, LW, and IM, and to friends with me today like MD, JS, GL, AB, 
SB, VB, KG, and MW. You guys rock. Finally, a thank you to my teachers: you've 
done a marvelous job putting up with my doodling and general lack of mathematical 
prowess. I'm university's problem now. 

Gillian McCracken 

At the beginning of my senior year, I was scared to think that next September I 
would not be putting on my uniform, getting ready for the first day of school, and 
that I would not be getting the pep talk from my parents in the car as we drove up the 
"big hill." What I kept telling myself is that this is not the end; it is just the 
beginning. Although I have now graduated, Elmwood will still be remembered as 
some of the best times of my life. This school has been my second home since junior 
kindergarten, for fourteen years. It has been a place where I have made 
mistakes and learned from them, taken risks, and learned that, with hard work and 
support from my teachers and friends, anything would be possible. Elmwood is the 
place where I grew up into the young adult I am today. Grads, even though we are 
each going down different paths in starting the next chapter of our lives, one thing 
which will keep us all together is the memories we have all created; we will carry 
them with us for years to come. Elmwood is the building blocks, and I could not 
have asked for a better foundation. It is because of the endless commitment and 
dedication of my teachers and the support of my friends that I am ready for whatever 
the future has to bring. Whatever obstacles and challenges I face, I can confidently 
say that I am ready for the next chapter. 

Ameera Moledina 



My first visit to Elmwood was at Halloween. I had never seen such a crazy 
event as the cake auction, and I felt completely out of place! On that day, I 
would never have imagined that four years later, as the Junior School prefect, 
I would be organizing a Halloween party. These past four years have been 
incredible. Adventurous Duke of Ed trips, fun-filled grade trips and school 
events have made my high school experience unforgettable. Thank you to my 
amazing teachers who have provided me with inspiration and guidance. To 
my friends, thank you for all the laughs and memories which I will cherish 
forever. A special thank you goes to my incredible parents for their 
unconditional support and love; I love you both loads! Although I know I'll 
be far away, Elmwood will always be a cherished part of my life. 

Four years at Elmwood have brought numerous adventures, discoveries and people which 
couldn't have been matched anywhere but here! My teachers taught me never to stop asking 
why, and encouraged me to take on anything. I have made friends whom I am honored to have; 
they will remain my friends for life. I loved the Quebec City and Washington trips; DOE 
expeditions (dogsledding and white water canoeing); France/Belgium and hilarious times in 
Lille; Model UN and CAIS conferences! I have loved music and especially Elmwood Theatre, 
Cappies and the Galas, Field Hockey, the alpine ski team and my beloved CREW! I loved 
rowing at the Ontario Champs, Saratoga, Philly, Boston! A million thanks go to my rowing 
coaches. Nothing beats sunrises with my rowing team (past and present). Our last 5 a.m. 
practice on the Ottawa River will be my saddest moment at Elmwood. Always remember: 
#IBProblems, common room sessions, creating assembly videos and event prep. My biggest 
honour was being Head Girl of Elmwood! To the prefects: we have shared some amazing 
accomplishments this year! Thanks Mommy, Daddy and Ethan for pushing me... and catching 
me... and giving the love to make anything seem possible! JL- Merci pour tout! Jules, Janan, 
Jordy - your support and laughs got me through it all. CG - we will get back to the sea again. 
Becca, my boobear: 4 irreplaceable years with you are only the base for a lifetime of 
friendship. Thank you Elmwood. I am so proud of my incredible school. 

For the past 14 years, Elmwood has been more than just a school to me. I 
could fill a book with all the lessons and memories I've gained from my years 
at Elmwood but still never do them justice. To my friends, thank you for 
being the best support system a girl could ask for. Whether it's a much-needed 
laugh or just an honest opinion, I can always count on you girls. I can't wait 
for the many more years of memories which are to come. To my parents and 
sis, thank you for all your love and support through all my 
endeavours. Finally, to the entire Elmwood community, thank you for 
teaching me to aim for the stars but providing a safe net to fall back on. 
Although it's my time to move on to new adventures, there will forever be a 
place for Elmwood in my heart. 


Over the past five years, Elmwood School has been a place of inspiration and 

encouragement for me to reach my full potential, and I believe I am well on 

my way. Looking back on my time here, I have only fond memories of the 

teachers and students I was privileged enough to spend my days with. 

My time at Elmwood taught me that you don't always have to 

experience the world in the way you have been told to. 

"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside 

you that is greater than any obstacle." 


Sarah Rack 

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." 
I would like to thank Elmwood 's teachers and staff for preparing me for the 
academic challenges to come, and for instilling in me the passion and 
confidence to excel as a student. Also, thank you to my parents for inspiring 
me to work hard and for always supporting me. Lastly, congrats grads! Good 
luck creating the wonderful lives I know you will all have! 

Megan Skippen 


Jessica Thompson-Spence 

Courtney Townsend 

"I'm on Asian's side even if there isn't any Asian to lead it. I'm going to live 
as like a Narnian as I can even if there isn't any Narnia." 
High school hasn't been easy for me, but, above all, I am glad that I endured. 
Many people will not face hardship in high school (and the better for them) 
but the people who do will grow up more quickly than ever expected. 
Elm wood is by far the place to do it. Make mistakes; have fun; go crazy; live 
a little. I know it seems hard, but it is possible to have the maturity of an adult 
with the wonderfulness of a kid, because that's who we are. Let me count the 
times that I have fallen and gotten back up most notably through the absolute 
absurdity of my very good friends and their perfect oddities. Don't change 
yourself because, " To gild refined gold, To paint the lily, To throw perfume 
on the violet is just freking silly or something like that." 

Six years I've spent getting to know so many wonderful people. Six years 
I've spent discovering myself. I've spent six years in a school which has 
shaped me to be who I am today. Although not everyone has spent twelve, 
six, or even three years at Elmwood, the friendships made in these hallways 
will last a lifetime. I would like to thank all my amazing teachers who have 
helped me along this journey and put in their extra time to go over those 
tricky tests with me. To my classmates, as we end our plaid skirt & hunter 
green days and begin those of picking out our clothes every morning, may 
good fortune come your way! At the beginning of senior year, we begged for 
the year to go by quickly. Towards the middle, we begged for it to slow 
down, and at the end, we wished it would never stop. 

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, "Wherever we are, it is but a stage on the way 

to somewhere else, and whatever we do, however well we do it, it is only a 

preparation to do something else that shall be different." 

Elmwood School has been a great stage to prepare me for the 

something different Stevenson writes about. I'm forever grateful for all the 

wonderful members of the Elmwood community, and will truly miss this 

amazing school. 

Noor Turki 



This year at Elmwood I have created so many memories. I had a lot of new 
experiences. Now, I am more independent. Thanks to my parents for giving 
me the opportunity and support to studying abroad; to my teachers for 
helping me with patience. Finally, to my friends, who have always been there 
for me. 

It has been a wonderful year at Elmwood, a year which was filled with joy 
and new experiences. I would like to thank my parents for supporting me all 
the time and giving me whatever I want. I would also like to thank all my 
teachers at Elmwood who have always been patient and helpful; this is the 
best part I like about this school. It is just the beginning of my life's journey; 
I hope things go well in the future. 



Junior Kindergarten 

Alyazia Al Shehhi Mia Bettolli-Remonda Rose Fox Amelia Frauley Clarissa Lauzon Sarah Legault Hera Lu- Yang 

This year's Junior Kindergarten class was a small, but spirited 
group of -young girls! Lasting friendships were made, as the girls 
experienced their first year of school together at Elmwood. 
Highlights from this year included a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, 
the Teddy Bears' picnic and many outdoor adventures, including 
a winter skating trip. Some special learning projects included the 
paper airplane project, an inquiry project about worms and 
caring for our class pet, a much beloved betta fish. The girls very 
much look forward to more fun and learning together in Senior 

Senior Kindergarten 



Sara Acharya 

Emma Beaudoin 

Penelope Beever 

Alys-Mia Benloulou 

Diya Bhan 

Elizabeth Chen-Baker 

Lilith Fox 

Isobel Frauley 





E ' •» 

H^"*' * Acs 


Jenna Hathaway 

Reese Hathaway 

Annabel Hay 

Rowan Parkinson 

Lucy Reilly-King 

Khaliya Thawer 

Christina Varty 

Quinn Varty 



share everything. 
Play fair. 

Warm cookies and cold milk are good for 

Learn some and think some 

And draw and paint and sing and dance 

And play and work everyday some. 

Hannah Vermeij Ellena Waddington Hold hands and Stick together. 

Be aware of wonder. 

We wish the Senior Kindergarten students the 
very best as they move up to Grade 1 . 


Grade i 

Jayne Acharya Cleo Carney Avery Conrad Emma Fay Ceili Halloran Francesca James-Brennan Naila Moloo Maddy Moule 

Eleonora Nadon 

Elsa Saltel 

Zara Tucker Saisha Vaidya Audrey Villeneuve Clara White 

2-4-6-8! We think Grade One is really great! 
Here are the reasons why: 

We are so lucky to have a Smart board and iPods. 
We play lots of exciting Math games. Some are on our iPods. 
We are building our own numbers scrolls. Some of us are past 
1000! We do lots of writing! We love to read books and we became 
much better readers this year. We love the characters Nate the Great, 
Chester, Scaredy Squirrel, Skippy Jon Jones, Mr. Putter, and Fancy 
Nancy. We do fun activities and crafts.We have people from all 
around the world in our class.We love playing dodgeball and lots of 
other games in gym class. Sometimes during indoor recess we build 
forts. Ms. Strachan is a really good teacher and she is really sweet. 
We have so much fun. 

We go to Grade One at a great school ELMWOOD! 



Grade 2 

Zafreen Abdullah Betty Escher Emma Farquhar Alicia Gombos Olivia Howe Hailey Kay Cissy Kuang Genevieve Laplante 


Gigi Lombardi Shelby McMahon Jacqueline Reilly-King Miriam Rida Samantha Rossi Jemima Saravanamuttoo Igone Schotman Bianca Sugunasiri 




Sonja Swettenham Lucy Tucker 

Great art projects 
Respectful, reflective, risk-takers 
Awesome math materials 
Different subjects to learn 
Exciting every step of the way! 

Terrific and talented students 
We love learning with Ms. Huggins 
Our class is fantastic and full of 


Grade 3 

1 1 4 

Eleanor Aycock Celia Batchelor Alexandra Boushey Kaylah Carruthers Ryleigh Case Madison Conrad Sophie Defelice Omniaiia Fevner-Prcsideni 


Lauren Jane Hudson Lydia James-Brennan Alexa Karpfinger Zoe Lang Keira Lawson Charlotte McLaughlin Sophia Moloo Avery Parkinson 

Victoria Ramirez Melody Reynolds Madighan Ryan Paige Saravanamuttoo Xela Smith Victoria Werdnik Ally Wilson 

Imagine a class. A class that has so many great Units of Inquiry! 
Power of One, Strong and Stable, and so much more! This is 
Elmwoods grade 3 class. In the unit Power of One we did amazing 
slideshow presentations of people who made a difference in the 
world, such as, Muhammad Ali and in Whale of a Tale we wrote 
our own fairytales. Grade 3 is flying by, but the memories will last 

By: Avery Parkinson, Alex Boushey and Chantalia Fevrier-President 

Marissa Wu 


Grade 4 

Sarah Allam 

Lily Bond 

Didi Bredberg Grace Brunner Grace Charness Claire Goldberg Ainsley Hathaway Lauren Ho 

Katherine Howarth Lily Martin Fiona McCallum Mila Mierins Claire Murray Katy Norton Lim-AngcUque Potter DWeux Lola Sembrat 

Grade 4 has had so many wonderful events, its so hard to pick only a 
few. But one of our favourites was when we wrote a book about Canada 
called "I Am Canada" and sent a copy to the Prime Minister of Canada, 
the Premiere of Ontario and the Mayor of Ottawa. They even wrote us 
back and told us how much they enjoyed our book. But the best part of 
Grade 4 was creating memories with such a fun group of friends and 
teachers. We have come to realize that it doesn't matter where you are, 
it matters who you are with. 

Ava Todd Kailey Walker Caitlin Walsh 

By: Sarah Allam & Grace Brunner 

Grade 5 


Alisha Abdul Rahman Caitlin Baxter Isabella Bruinsma Amelia Carney Emmaleigh Case Haleigh Case 

Kira Cheer Hayley Conrad 

3 $ 9 

Andrea Douglas Rutaaba Fasih Hannah Goldstein Maya Ladki Natalia Morris Rika Ochiai 

Ayah Sadiki Allison Sedlezky 

Isabel Smith Kelly Wang Patricia Werdnik 

Grade 5 has been the best time we have had at Elmwood. From meeting new 
classmates, to Y-Camp, to Exhibition, this year has been a blast. Meeting new 
people was so exciting, getting to know them and creating new friends is 
amazing. In Grade 5, we all work together as a team. We are artists, researchers, 
hard workers, and most of all we are friends. Y-Camp was full of adventures. 
We had a wonderful time climbing all sorts of amazing structures. We enjoyed 
learning how to use a compass and working together. Our PYP Exhibition is one ' 
of the biggest activities we conduct, it is where we research, make amazing 
projects, and learn how to present to an audience. Grade 5 has been special and 
we will remember all of our memories together. We have learned so much from 
our teachers and our friends. We will miss the Junior School and never forget 
Grade 5. 

Alisha and Hannah 


Grade 6 

Charlotte Amannt 

Rosalind Aycock 

Ava Batchelor 

Camille Beaule 

Emma Birchall Emma Boushey 

Grace Bradstock 

Anna Defelice 

™v A s si ■ 

Jft > . jit 

■%■« - 

■m 1 

B , 

Bethany Fitch 

Grace Goldberg 

Saskia Griffiths 

Addison Hathaway 

Ayila Houngbo 

Karen Jarvlepp Sophie Lamonlagne Bothwell 

Veronika Lassl 

Leah LeBlanc Erica Leighton Makayla Levitt Keiren McClelland Kennedy Reid Tara Rida Spruha Sanghavi Dalia Sawaya 

Leah Smith Stephanie Townsend Avery Want Marlene Wassermann Jaida Wilson 

Grade six was an incredible start to entering the middle 
school! Our teachers are amazing, whether they are our 
homeroom teachers, or teachers for different classes. We 
dont know what we would do without them. Some of the 
new adventures such as Camp Elmwood and the Montreal 
trip were really fun! At Camp Elmwood, we did many quiet 
and adventurous activities such as the Inuit Blanket and 
Worry Doll Making. The cabins were very comfortable and 
we got to know each other well. It has been a great year 
and we look forward to grade seven. 

Lisa Xing 

Ashton Yau 

By: Kieren McClelland 


Grade 7 

Lyanna Abdul Rahman Ina Arora Bronte Assadzadeh Katharina Auster Sophia Avisar Charlotte Bascombe Caroline Capehart Hannah Chamess 


Carolina Chavez Pierce Leane Gaussorgues Jackie Goldstein Molly Harmon Shannon Howarth Hannah Keough Katherine Keough Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien 

• Carine Ladki 

Jacqueline Law 

Hannah Libovicz-Kilgore 

Kyra Ling-Jay 

Jenny McCracken Brigitte McEUigott Ava Mierins 

Sarah Murray 

ff ; fm ^ '" f 

Hope Rikhtegar 

Eva Sabine 

Devon Sweeney Brianna Toscano 

Ava Vandenbelt 

Caelyn Want 

Aya Yoshizawa 

Emma Young 

Leen Zaghloul 

This year the Grade 7 students learned a lot, had fun and made lots of new 
friends. It started with Camp Elmwood, where we bonded over spirit day and 
campfires. Early in December, we enjoyed the amazing acting skills of the MS 
musical of Alice in Wonderland. Over Christmas break, we all traveled far and 
wide, but eventually had to come back. A noteworthy event of 20 1 3 for the 
Grade 7's was the amazing Quebec trip, coordinated by Ms. Laflamme where 
we went to a carnival, had delicious beavertails and learned about Quebec's 
amazing history. Later on, three Grade 7 students travelled to Ecuador for the 
Me to We trip, and came back with new eyes to see the world. But sadly, this 
amazing year passed by so quickly before our eyes, and we all return next year 
with amazing memories that we can hold next to our hearts. - Hannah Keough 



Grade 8 

1 ^ 




Vera Abd El Malek 

Monica Alicea 

Samphe Ballamingie 

Emily Bangsboll 

Chloe Bonnet 

Julia Brazeau 

Kylie Brownlee 

Sian Bryson 







Cailin Craigen Bronwen Crystal Julia Crystal Hoda Darwish Dora Deng Dana El-Ramahi Sijyl Fasih Claudia Finak-Foumier 

Mallory Fung Kee Fung Erica Giustiniani Sydney Greenley Ciara Halloran Emily Hartvich Helen Hume Sarah Jackson Katya Jansen Poulin 

Faith Labarre Heather Lounder Eryn Lundrigan Sheetza McGarry Victoria Radburn Allegra Richter Emma-Rose Robinson Sydney Saikali 


Cynthia Sedlezky Britney Smith Sophia Smith 

This has been an amazing year for the grade eight class. Over the 
year, we have shared many inside jokes and made tons of 
memories. Camp Elmwood and our trip to Toronto gave us the 
opportunity to get to know each other a lot better and to catch up 
with old friends. As a group, we have had so much fun together. 
All together, we make an unbreakable family, and we will always 
remember our grade eight year. Every obsession, every dance and 
every test we have been through has made this a year to remember. 

-Cailin Craigen 



Grade 9 

Alexandra Angell Sophie Barnes Vicky Bolitho Hannah Dolhai Quinn Fincham Mizuki Fukui Sophia Gayowsky Ava Hambleton 





k mm 

Alexandra Heyes Tennyson Kainz-Potter Sreenija Koya Melissa Kuhlen Genevieve Laberge Avery Laurin Jordyn Leighton Sally Liu 


Chloe Lucas Brooke Mierins Aiyanna Morris Laura Morrison Poppy Ndaba Margaret Pateman Dania Rida Fumi Shibutani 

Safa Siddiqui Meera Singla Megan Sweeney Monica Taing Samantha Thompson-Spence Estelle Tremblay Anne-Marie Tremble Tessa Van Haastrecht 

From venturing the great outdoors to achieve our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze to visiting 
the Big Apple for our annual trip, the ninth grade collaborated and stuck together 
throughout the whole year. Additional highlights of our fantastic year include becoming 
certified in first aid and self-defence, attending professional theatre (such as Pride and 
Prejudice by Jane Austen) and visiting several museums to expand and support our 
knowledge in an interactive manner. So many academic and extracurricular activities have 
helped us students to excel in our accomplishments. On the first day of high school, we 
were anxious, and excited, to finally become freshmen. Numerous months later, we will 
now be entering sophomore year with all of the fascinating information we have learned, 
long-lasting friendships we have made, and joyful laughter that we have had. This 
experience has been genuinely remarkable, and we are truly proud of our achievements. 
We are eager for the future, and ready to face the last three years of school as a collective. 
Dania Rida 

Farrah Yuan 

Grade 10 

Zakiya Abdullah Sophie Ackert Maria Aho-Merlo Valentine Alaimo Claire Avisar Justine Beaule Katya Brooks Sophia Caragianis 

Christine Ding Erin Dzioba Audrey Giroux Nicola Goldsmith Louisa James-Beswick Michaela Kainz-Potter Lauren Lambert Erin Lounder 

Cally McConnell Rachel McGinn Sarah Miller Jenna Moledina Valerie Molnar Victoria Murray Ras-Jeevan Obhi Megan Russell 

Upkeerut Saran Maitland Shaheen Shea Timmins Paige Tremblay Wei Wei Gabriella Yankowich Zein Zaghloul 

Elmwood's graduates, the sophomore year of 2013, have been through thick and thin, the good and 
the unforeseen. From bonding at Camp Elmwood, to riding dog sleds in the harsh Canadian winter 
for Duke of Edinburgh Silver (coincidentally scheduling the trip for the coldest day of the winter), 
we have seen what grade ten has to offer us future juniors. The year's events have helped us 
discover who we are, and through these discoveries, they've guided us into places where we had 
never previously gone. The curve balls and unexpected events keeping us on our toes, we have 
trudged on like soldiers and in the words of Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus we have 
"taken chances, made mistakes and gotten messy." We truly cannot wait to find out more about 
ourselves and to dive deeper into education and everything that Elmwood has to offer us as 
-Katya Brooks 


Katherine Alvarenga 

Melani Ananthurajamuthaly Eleanor Berks Olivia Casarramona Carlotta Cellini Erica Coady Alexa Colbert Daphnee Duboucta-owieski Justine Frame 

A A 


Marissa Frodsharn Celina Gilligan Mckenzie Gowie Kelley Gu Brynley Hanson- Wright Joa Hoshizaki Alexandra Houllon Nasrallah Rachael Hunter 

Natascha Jansen Poulin Manahil Jawad Merrin Lalonde Alycia Mcintosh Sarah Melloul Ashley Moore Sarah Morrison Alexandra Pipe 


Lauren Rapp Aurelie Richter Valerie Sedlezky Sonia Siddiqui Meredith Smallwood Jordan Smith Katherine Snelling Cynthia Taing 

Amanda Thoo Aashna Uppal Mackenzie Walker Zoe Wallace Chu Wang Vivian Wang Alex Watson Elaine Zhang 

Grade 1 1 has been quite an emotional roller coaster. 
We've all become such good friends this year, and I know 
that these girls will become amazing leaders next year. 
We had a lot of fun leading our groups at Camp 
Elmwood House Spirit Regatta, and going to 
Washington, D.C. in the fall. You could see many of us 
on sports teams like field hockey, volleyball and rugby. 
We performed airbands, got up in assembly, and made 
people laugh. Most of all, we became a family. Grade 1 1 
Elmsies forever! 

Zoe Wallace 



















JS House Council 

Kira Cheer, Caitlin Baxter, Alisha Abdul 
Rahman, Hannah Goldstein, Ayah 
Sadiki, Emmaleigh Case, Rika Ochiai, 
Rutaaba Fasih 

Mia Bettolli-Remonda, Amelia Frauley, 
Clarissa Lauzon, Hera Lu-Yang, Sarah 
Legault, Emma Beaudoin, Penelope 
Beever, Diya Bhan, Elizabeth Chen- 
Baker, Reese Hathaway, Jenna Hathaway, 
Rowan Parkinson, Khaliya Thawer, Quinn 
Varty, Christina Varty, Hannah Vermeij, 
Ellena Waddington, Clara White, 
Genevieve Laplante, Gigi Lombardi, 
Igone Schotman, Sonja Swettenham 

Sophia Moloo, Madighan Ryan, Xela 

Smith, Alex Boushey, Victoria 
Werdnik, Lily Martin, Lola Sembra, 
Lilli-Angelique Potter Dhieux, Ainsley 
Hathaway, Fiona McCallum, Kelly 
Wang, Didi Bredberg 

Ava Todd, Grace Brunner, Ainsley 

Hathaway, Lauren Ho, Grace 
Charness, Fiona McCallum, Kailey 
Walker, Lilli-Angelique Potter 
Dhieux, Caitlin Walsh, Lola Sembrat, 
Katherine Howarth, Lily Martin, 
Caitlin Baxter 



Fiona McCallum, Lily Bond, Katy 
Norton, Claire Murray, Didi Bredberg, 

Ava Todd, Alisha Abdul Rahman, 
Natalia Morris, Rika Ochiai, Rutaaba 
Fasih, Andrea Douglas 

Victoria Ramirez, Ryleigh Case, Avery 

Parkinson, Kaylah Carruthers, 
Chantalia Fevrier-President, Charlotte 
McLaughlin, Madighan Ryan, Lauren 
Jane Hudson, Ally Wilson, Celia 
Batchelor, Melody Reynolds, Xela 
Smith, Sophia Moloo 

£3 * . r 
- A. r, 

Patricia Werdnik, Natalia Morris, Amelia 
Carney, Emmaleigh Case, Haieigh Case, 

Ayah Sadiki, Rika Ochiai, Isabella 
Bruinsma, Andrea Douglas, Maya Ladki, 
Allison Sedlezky 


Chime Choir 

Paige Saravanamuttoo, Lauren Jane 
Hudson, Ally Wilson, Keira Lawson, 
Charlotte McLaughlin, Ryleigh Case, 

Sophie DeFelice, Madighan Ryan, 
Sophia Moloo, Sarah Allam 

Alisha Abdul Rahman, Maya Ladki, 
Isabella Bruinsma, Hayley Conrad, 
Natalia Morris, Amelia Carney, Claire 


Natalia Morris, Emmaleigh Case, Kelly 
Wang, Kira Cheer, Rutaaba Fasih, Ayah 
Sadiki, Caitlin Baxter, Haleigh Case, 
Rika Ochiai 



Igone Schotman, Betty Escher, Sonja 
Swettenham, Zafreen Abdullah, Emma 

Farquhar, Bianca Sugunasiri, Jemima 
Saravanamuttoo, Samantha Rossi, Cissy 

Kuang, Olivia Howe, Shelby 
McMahon, Alicia Gombos, Hailey Kay 

Alex Boushey, Avery Parkinson, 
Victoria Ramirez, Madison Conrad, 
Chantalia Fevrier-President, Grace 
Charness, Katherine Howarth, Caitlin 

Walsh, Lola Sembrat, Lauren Ho, 
Lilli-Angelique Potter Dhieux, Hayley 
Conrad, Isabella Bruinsma, Emmaleigh 
Case, Isabel Smith, Patricia Werdnik, 
Amelia Carney, Haleigh Case 

r \ s 

tt i 


Hannah Goldstein, Caitlin Baxter, Maya 
Ladki, Amelia Carney, Kelly Wang, 
Emmaleigh Case, Kira Cheer, Ayah 
Sadiki, Allison Sedlezky, Natalia 
Morris, Alisha Abdul Rahman 


Sophie Gayowski, Mackenzie Walker, 
Katherine Alvarenga, Solene 
Houngbo, Kelley Gu, Gillian 
McCracken, Joa Hoshizaki 

Melissa Kuhlen, Christine Ding, 
Mizuki Fukiu, Farrah Yuan, Wei wei, 
Cally McConnell, Kelley Gu, 
Mackenzie Walker, Genevieve 
Laberge, Hannah Dolhai, Sally Liu, 
Ava Hamblenton 

Alex Colbert, Aurelie Richter, Alexandra 
Pipe, Brooke Mierins, Dania Rida, Fumi 
Shibutani, Sabine Eva, Laura Morrison, 
Marlene Wassermann, Olivia Casarramona, 
Ras Jeevan Obhi, Upkeerut Saran, Meera 
Singla, Zakiya Abdullah, Laura Lambert, 
Emma Young, Megan Sweeney, Victoria 
Radburn, Mallory Fung Kee Fung, Carine 
Ladki, Hope Wingert, Sydney Greenley , 
Sreenija Koya, Student Leaders: Amanda 
Thoo, Ameera Moledina, Aashna Uppal 


Ina Arora, Bronte Assadzadeh, sophia 

Avisoar, Isabella Bruinsma, Cailin 
Craigen, Bethany Fitch, Karen Jarvlepp, 
Katherine Keough, Madeleine Klebanoff 
OBrien, Kyra Ling-Jay, Ava Mierens, 
Spruha Sanghavi, Devon Sweeney, 
Marelene Wasserman Hope Wingert, 
Leen Zahloul, Lyanna Abdul Raham 

Sarah Rack, Megan Skippen, 
Noor Turki, Melanie Greenley,Charita 
Koya, Tannya Cai, Kathy Fung, Ms. 

Glee Club 

Kelley Gu, Ely Charest, Daphnee 
Debouchet-Olsheski, Leane 
Gaussorgues,Hannah Keough, 
Marlene Wassermann, Jaida Wilson, 
Charlotte Amannt, Vivian Wang, Sam 


/^s t 


it J 

International Club 

Carlotta Cellini, Sonia Siddiqui, Aashna 
Uppal, Cynthia Taing, Kathy Fung, Emily 
Zhao, Brynley Hanson- Wright, Joa 
Hoshizaki, Justine Frame, Valerie 
Sedlezky, Aurelie Richter, Alexandra 
Pipe, Alexa Colbert, Melani Anan, Vivian 
Wang, Erica Cody, Amanda Thoo, Serena 
Zhou, Daisy Wang, Mizuki Fukui, Hoda 
Darwish, Caroline Capehart, Safa 
Siddiqui, Zoe Wallace 

Devon Sweeney, Ava Batchelor, Jenny 
McCracken, Stephanie Townsend, 
Jacqueline Law, Katherine Keough, 
Carolina Chavez, Ina Arora, 
Leen Zaghloul 

Improv Club 

Sophie Gayowski, Katherine Snelling, 
Daphnee Dubouchet-Olsheski, Vivian 

Wang, Farrah Yuan, Melani 
Anantharajamuthaly, Solene Houngbo, 
Aashna Uppal, Joa Hoshizaki, Kelley 
Gu, Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien, 

Alex Watson, Sarah Melloul, Eleanor 
Berks, Dahphee Dubouchet-Olsheski, 
Audrey Giroux, Lauren Lambert, 
Claire Avisar, Zakiya Abdullah, 
Sarah Miller 

Sophie Bothwell. Bethany Fitch. Kieren McClelland, Rosalind Aycock. 
Leah Smith. Camille Beaule, Anna DeFelice. Grace Goldberg, Ava 
Mierins, Katharina Auster, Hannah Charness, Leen Zaghloul, Bronte 
Assadzadeh, Hope Rikhtegar. Lyanna Abdul-Rahman, Katherine 
Keough, Sarah Murray. Kyra Ling-Jay. Leane Gaussorgues, Eva Sabine, 
Devon Sweeney, Hoda Darw ish, Ciara Halloran, Emma Rose Robinson, 
Sophia Suettenham. Dania Rida, Meera Singla, Margaret Pateman, Laura 
Morrison, Megan Sweeney, Fumi Shibutani, Monica Taing, Brooke 
Mieruis. Tennyson Kainz-Potter. Chloe Lucas, Sophie Ackert, Claire 
Avisar, Sarah Miller. Upkeerut Saran. Maitland Shaheen, Michaela 
Kainz-Potter, Audrey Giroux. Sophia Caragianis. Louisa James-Beswick, 

Jenna Moledina, Justine Beaule, Ras-Jeevan Ohbi, Nicola Goldsmith, 
Eleanor Berks, Victoria Murray, Katherine Alvarenga. Valerie Sedlezky, 
Justine Frame. Alexandra Pipe. Olivia Casarramona, Merrin Lalonde. 
Cynthis Taing. Joa Hoshizaki, Sarah Morrison, Elain Zhang, Aurelie 
Richter, Brynley Hanson- Wright. Jordan Smith, Melani 
Anantharajamuthaly. Aashna Uppal, Natashcha Jansen-Poulin 

Janan Lewars, Ornella Kuate, Noor 
Darwish, Lauren Rapp, Elaine Zhang, 
Alexandra Pipe, Alexa Colbert, Sarah 
Morrison, Celina Gilligan, Maitland 

Shaheen, Paige Tremblay, Jenna 
Modelina, Zakiya Abdullah, Sophia 
Caragianis, Eleonor Berks, Daphnee 
Duboutet-Olsheski, Katherine Alvarenga, 
Sarah Melland, Amanda Thoo, Valerie 
Sedlezky, Megan Skippen, 
Solene Houngbo, Ariella Burton 

Emmie Page, Katya Brooks, Hannah 
Dolhai, Mckenzie Gowie, Melanie 
Greenley, Merrin Lalonde, Janan 
Lewars, Brooke Mierens, Upkeerut 
Saran, Megan Sweeney 

Meghan Demerchant, Gillian McCracken, 
Jessica Thompson Spence, Kelley Gu, 
Alycia Mcintosh, Mackenzie Walker, 
Samantha Thompson Spence, Vicky 
Bolitho, Ras-Jeevan Obhi, Dania Rida, 
Brooke Mierins, Fumi Shibutani, Sophie 
Gayowski, Gabby Holden-Lathlin, Sophia 
Smith, Hannah Keough, Dora Deng, Jenny 
McCracken, Keiren McClelland, 
Madeleine Kelbanoff OBrien. Hannah 
Libovicz, Camille Beaule, Leane 
Gaussorgues, Carine Ladki 


Daphnee Debouchet Olsheski 

Bethany Fitch, Emma Boushey, Marlen Wassermann, 
Karen Jarvlepp, Stephanie Townsend, Rosalind, 
Aycock, Keiren McClelland, Addison Hathaway, 
Camille Beaule, Sophie Bothwel, Hannah Charness, 
Katharina Auster, Lyanna Abdul-Rahman, Ava 
Mieriens, Hope Riktegar, Leen Zaghloul, Brigitte 
McElligott, Mollly Harmon, Emma Rose-Robinson, 
Bronwen Crystal, Lucy Whichelo, Monica Alicea, 
Ciara Halloran, Sreenija Koya, Fumi Shibutani, Tessa 

Van-Haastrecht, Alex Heyes, Brooke Meirins, 
Samantha Thompson-Spence, Aiyanna Morris, Megan 
Sweeney, Laura Morrison, Tennysone Kainz-Potter, 
Margaret Pateman, Hannah Dolhai, Valerie Molnar, 
{Catherine Alvarenga, Valerie Sedlezky, Alexandra 

Pipe Aurelie Richter, Alexa Colbert, Olivia 
Casarramona, Erica Coady, Eleanor Berks, Merrin 
Lalonde, Daisy Wang, Alycia Mclntoch, Kelley Gu, 
Charlotte Murfin, Sarah Rack, Sarah Clarke, Noor 
Turki, Claire-Churchill-Smith, Tannya Cai, Charita 
Koya, Emmie Page, Jordana Polisuk, Julia Cork, 
Rebecca Boucher, Sarah Beltrame, Dianna Chen 

Sophia Smith, Sijyl Fasih, Hoda Darwish, 
Emily Bangsboll, Dana El-Ramahi, Julia 
Crystal, Hannah Sykes, Emily Harwich, 
Sydney Saikali, Heather Lounder, Samphe 
Bellamingie, Sian Bryson, Faith Labarre, 
Katya Jansen-Poulin, Kelly Zhang, Victoria 
Radburn, Vera Ab Del Malek, Emma Trudel, 
Ava Batchelor, Grace Bradstock, Leah Smith, 

Dalia S away a, Caroline Capehart, Bronte 
Assadzadeh, Anna DeFelice, Kennedy Reid, 
Ashton Yau, Tara Rida, Madeleine Klebanoff 
O'Brien, Hanna Charness, Karen Jarvlepp, 
Shannon Howarth, Camille Beaule, Hannah 
Libovicz-Kilgore, Ava Vandenbelt, Sophie 
Lamontagne Bothwell, Bethany Fitch, 
Rosalind Aycock, 
Emma Birchall, Marlene Wassermann, Avery 
Want, Kierin McClelland, Leen Zaghloul 


Vera Abd El Malek, Lyanna Abdul 
Rahman, Charlotte Amannt, Justine Beaule, 

Tannya Cai, Caroline Capehart, Erica 
Coady, Cailin Craigen, Hoda Darwish, Sijyl 
Fasih, Leane Gaussorgues, Sophia 
Gayowsky, Mckenzie Gowie, Brynley 
Hanson-Wright, Joa Hoshizaki, Hannah 
Keough, Katherine Keough, Charita Koya, 
Sreenija Koya, Merrin Lalonde, Veronika 

Lassl, Jenny McCracken, Gillian 
McCracken, Ava Mierins, Brooke Meirins, 
Jenna Moledina, Valerie Molnar, 
Victoria Murray, Sophia Smith 

Julia Brazeau, Anna DeFelice, Erica 
Giustiniani, Grace Goldberg, Sydney 
Greenley, Emily Hartvich, Veronika 
Lassl, Erica Leighton, Sheetza McGarry, 
Brianna Toscano, Hope Wingert, Leen 
Zaghloul, Lisa Xing 

Emily Bangsboll, Justine Beaule, 
Michaela Kainz-Potter, Aashna Uppal, 
Lyanna Abdul Rahman, Ina Arora, Bronte 

Assadzadeh, Sophia Avisar, Isabella 
Bruinsma, Cailin Craigen, Bethany Fitch, 
Karen Jarvlepp, Katherin Keough, 
Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien, Kyra 
ling- Jay, Ava Mierins, Spruha Sanghavi, 
Devon Sweeney, Marlene Wassermann, 
Hope Wingert, Leen Zaghloul 

Ina Arora, Katharina Auster, Ava 
Batchelor, Grace Bradstock, Caroline 
Capehart, Julia Crystal, Saskia Griffiths, 
Shannon Howarth, Madeleine Klebanoff 
O'Brien, Faith Labarre, Leah LeBlanc, 
Eryn Lundrigan, Ava Mierins, Kennedy 

Reid, Cynthia Sedlezky, Devon 
Sweeney, Sophia Swettenham, Hannah 
Sykes, Ava Vandenbelt, Ashton Yau 

Sarah Beltrame, Sophia Gayowsky, 
Zein Zaghoul, Mackenzie Walker, 
Cynthia Taing, Melanie Greenley, 
Ras-Jeevan Obhi, Lauren Lambert, 
Fumi Shibutani, Zakiya Abdullah, 
Ariella Burton, Maitland Shaheen, 
Monica Taing, Carlotta Cellini, Erin 
Dzioba, Sonia Siddiqui, Kelley Gu 
Alexa Colbert, Megan Russell 

Karen Garvlepp, Dalia Sawaya, Tara 
Rida, Marlene Wisserman, Molly 
Harmon, Kyra Ling- Jay, Brigitte 
McElligott, Jackie Goldstein, Hope 
Rikhtegar, Sarah Murray, Sophia Avisar, 
Bronwen Crystal, Emily Bangsboll, Helen 
Hume, Britney Smith, Allegra Richter, 
Claudia Finak-Fournier, Sarah Jackson, 
Chloe Bonnet, Lucy Whichelo, 
Victoria Raddburn 


Erica Coady, Justine Frame, Nicola 
Goldsmith, Brynley Hanson- Wright, 
Joa Hoshizaki, Jordan Smith, Jordyn 
Leighton, Elaine Zhang, Lauren Rapp, 
Alexandra Houlton Nasrallah, 
Alex Watson, Amanda Thoo 

Addison Hathaway, Sophie Lamontage- 
Bothwell, Camille Beaule, Stephanie 
Townsend, Lyanna Abdul-Rahman, 
Bronte Assadzadeh, Carolina Chavez- 
Pierce, Katherine Keough, Kylie 
Brownlie, Ciara Halloran, Emma-Rose 
Robinson, Mallory Fung Kee Fung 

Dania Rida, Brooke Mierens, Poppy 

Nbada, Laura Morrison, Jenna 
Moledina, Paige Tremblay, Sophia 
Carigianis, Michaela Kainz-Potter, 
Valerie Sedlezky, Katherine 
Alveranga, Olivia Casarramona, Celina 







\ \ VA V X \ 

The Orchestra of Nature 
The orchestra of nature is an extraordinary group 
of natures musicians 
Their pieces are the most beautiful hymns 
Achieved day after day 
Little birds chirp - a chorus. 
Beautiful, alive 
Happiness flowing through every cord 
Loons cry over the farmer's lakes and lands 
like French horns, 
humming with delight 
The wind wuthers loud and soft, 
severe and delicate 
like the drumming of a small percussion 
The calm after a storm is similar 

To the crescendo 
of a together blending orchestra, 
Humongous paws pound the ground, 
In its big, low tones, 
a bass-drum pounding 
The rippling and lapping 
Of a nearby stream, 
Characterizing skilled hands 
Gliding over treble clef keys of a piano, 
When the sun rises over a lake, its light makes 
The water's surface seem like a glittery mirror, 
If tiny sparkling tips of soft waves pop up 
They have the appearance of a Xylophone 

The rain hailing down during a storm 
over a normally, stunningly beautiful place, 
sounding like drumsticks patting fast as if on a 
little drum, 
When mist covers deserted empty areas 
it feels like a cello is 
Stroking a sad piece over its strong, metal strings 
Mosquitoes buzz in their mysterious, yet 
annoying way 
Similar to a Violins 
Lovely striking over the thin 
Strings producing a lovely soprano harmony. 
Great wild beasts roar through 
Their caves in the deep, dark forest 
like the strong lungs that 
Must have supported bringing loud and low 
Tones out of a tuba, 
My worst and deepest fear of all of fears, 
Is that this most valuable yet vulnerable, 
Orchestra will soon be destroyed 
By none other than us 

Veronika Lassl 



MAU 3RD-12TH, 2813 







Junior School 



Middle School Musical: 
Alice vs. Wonderland 

1 f/i 


r. si 

This years was Alice Vs. Wonderland - the 
incredible, mysterious and quirky tale of one 
pre-teen girl (or perhaps six different persona of 
the same girl), and her journey of self-discovery 
and coming of age by taking a fantastical trip 
through daily teenage life - in other words, 
Wonderland! Students from Grades Six, Seven, 
and Eight rehearsed over the course of three 
months.The girls learned acting techniques from 
their Director, Ms. Noon, and Co-Director, Ms. 
Walsh, pop songs such as "Amnesia" and 
"Glycerine", thanks to Musical Director Mr. 
Gummeson, and new dance routines created by 
talented student choreographers, Emily 
Bangsboll and Dania Rida. 


Grade 8 Drama 

"For centuries, audiences have 
cherished these beloved fairly tales 
and characters as they listened to 
tales of bravery, magic, and love. 
Now, it is finally time to hear the 
real stories, from the characters 
themselves, to learn about their own 
perspectives on the classic tales told 
about them. Sit back, relax, and 
venture into a world of wonder." 
-Quote from Fairytales, shaken not 


Senior School Production 

Peter Pan 




by Doug Rand, adapted from rhe novel by j.M. Barrie 

As members of Elmwood Theatre's production of J.M. 
Barrie's Peter Pan & Wendy, (adapted by Doug Rand) 
we can say, most sincerely, that it was a very 
memorable experience. The most exciting time was the 
final month. With keen anticipation we busied 
ourselves memorizing lines; finalizing blocking; 
establishing scene transitions; mastering the puppetry; 
painting the sets and prop pieces; organizing the 
costumes and make-up; and fine-tuning all aspects of 
the production. Moving back and forth between two 
worlds - London and Neverland - was not without its 
many challenges. However, we had the magic of 
Barrie's original story to help us with our journey, not 
to mention the company's strong sense of camaraderie 
and of course, in the end, our wonderful audiences, who 
fuelled our seven performances with their warm and 
appreciative response. Never a night went by when the 
children did not save Tinker Bell with their sweet 
applause. What an exhilarating feeling! 


FEBRUARY 27 - MARCH 2 AT 7 P.M. |. MARCH 2 & 3 AT 2 P.M. 

Elm*ood Sdicol i 261 Buerra Vislo Rood 1 Ottowo KIM 0V9 I (613) 749-6761 , Exl 221 for more informolion 

Guess Who's Who? 






5/6 Soccer 

Stephanie Townsend, Hayley 
Conrad, Tara Rida, Isabella 
Bruinsma, Hannah Goldstein, 
Kennedy Reid, Maya Ladki, Karen 
Jarvlepp, Avery Want, Leah Smith, 
Sophie L-B, Natalia Morris, Andrea 
Douglas, Grace Goldberg 

Coaches: Ms. Tweedie & Mme 

7/8 Soccer 

Emily Bangsboll, Chloe Bonnet, 
Hannah Charness, Carolina Chavez 
Pierce, Bronwen Crystal, Claudia 
Finak-Fournier, Ciara Halloran, 
Helen Hume, Katherine Keough, 
Jacqueline Law, Brigitte McElligott, 

Ava Mierins, Victoria Radburn, 
Allegra Richter, Eva Sabine, Devon 
McSweeney, Caelyn Want 

Coaches: Ms. Walsh, Megan 
Sweeney & Ava Hambleton, 
Manager: Ms. Noon 


6/7/8 Cross-Country 

Andrea Douglas, Amelia Carney, 
Hayley Conrad, Erica Leighton, 
Karen Jarvlepp, Jaida Wilson, 
Mikayala Levitt, Sophie L-B, Eva 
Sabine, Bronte Assadzadeh, Lucy 
Wichelo, Emma-Rose Robinson, 
Allegra Richter, Emma Trudel, 
Claudia Finak-Fournier 

Coach: Ms. Mulcahy 

Sophia Smith, Mallory Fung-Kee 
Fung, Cailin Craigen, Katharina 
Auster, Hannah Keough, Sarah 
Murray, Faith Labarre, Erica 
Giustiniani, Bronte Assadadeh, 
Hope Rikhtegar, Leanne 
Gaussorgues, Vera Abd El Malek, 
Emma Young 

7/8 Flag Rugby 

Coach: Ms. Derbyshire 


5/6 Volleyball 

Emma Birchall, Grace Bradstock, 
Anna DeFilice, Andrea Douglas, 
Saskia Griffiths, Isabella Bruinsima, 
Natalia Morris, Karen Jarvlepp, 
Sophie Bothwell, Avery Want, 
Addison Hathway, Marlene 

Coach: Ms. Tweedie 

7/8 Volleyball 

Lyanna Abdul Rahman, Katharina 
Auster, Samphe Ballamingie, Emily 

Bangsboll, Chloe Bonnet, Hannah 
Charness, Bronwen Crystal, Claudia 

Finak-Fournier, Emily Hartvitch, 

Katya Jansen Poulin, Ava Mierins, 
Hope Rikhtegar, Emma Young 

Coaches: Mrs. Kilbertus & Julia 


8 Rowing 

Bronwen Crystal, Hope Wingert, 
Julia Brazeau, Kylie Brownlee, 
Hoda Darwish, Katya J-P, Sheetza 
McGarry, Sian Bryson, Emma 
Trudel, Emily Bangsboll 

Coaches: Andrew Harfield Lindsey 
Maguire, Derek OFarrell, Gabrielle 
Papineau, Derek Howe 

Senior Basketball 

Julia Cork, Janan Lewars, Sarah 
Clarke, Melani Anantharajamuthaly, 
Daphnee Dubouchet-Olsheski, Alex 
Watson, Lauren Rapp, Alycia 
Mcintosh, Sophia Caragianis, 
Ras-Jeevan Obhi, Sophie Barnes, 
Laura Morrison 

Coaches: Ms. Navarro and Mrs. 



Senior Cross-Country 

Hannah Dolhai, Ava Hambleton, 
Jordyn Leighton, Sally Liu, Dania 
Rida, Fumi Shibutani, Meera Singla, 
Anne-Marie Tremble, Maria Aho- 
Merlo, Nicola Goldsmith, Erin 
Lounder, Valerie Molnar, Zein 
Zaghloul, Celina Gilligan, Joa 
Hoshizaki, Elaine Zhang 

Coach: Ms. Claman 


Field Hockey 

Upkeerut Saran, Brynley H.W, Erica 

Cody, Paige Tremblay, Joa 
Hoshzaki, Sonia Siddiqui, Katherine 
Snelling, Zoe Wallace, Amanda 
Thoo, Victoria Murray, Alex 
Houlton, Carlotta Cellini, Zein 
Zaghoul, Emmie Page, Megan 
Russell, Quinn Fincham, Sarah 
Miller, Katya Brooks, Elaine Zhang 

Coaches: Ms. Barton and Ms. 

5/6 Basketball 

Tara Rida, Leah Smith, Avery Want, 
Bethany Fitch, Addison Hathaway, 
Emma Birchall, Karen Jarvlepp, 

Emma Boushey, Marlene 
Wassermann, Saskia Griffiths, 
Ashton Yau, Dalia Sawaya, Sophie 
L-B, Caitlin Baxter, Andrea Douglas 

Coaches: Mrs. Bradley, Paige 
Tremblay & Sarah Clarke 


7/8 Badminton 

Emma Trudel, Kelly Zhang, Sijyl 
Fashi, Ava Vandenbelt, Hannah 
Keough, Hope Rikhtegar, Ava 
Mierins, Katarina Auster 

Coaches: Ms. Mulcahy & Katya 

8 Ski/Snowboarding 

Alpine Ski: 
Kylie Brownlee, Cailin Craigen, Julia 
Crystal, Dora Deng, Claudia Finak- 
Fournier, Allegra Ritcher, 
Emma-Rose Robinson, Lucy 

Samphe Ballamingie, Sian Bryson, 
Katya Jansen Poulin, Heather 
Lounder, Kelly Zhang 

Coaches: Ms. Rubarth & Mr. 


7/8 Futsal 

Claudia Finak-Fournier, Bronwen 
Crystal, Emily Bangsboll, Ciara 
Halloran, Victoria Radburn, Cynthia 
Sedlezky, Allegra Richter, 
Katherine Keough, Leane 
Gaussorgues, Carolina Chavez 
Pierce, Caelyn Want, Hannah 

Coaches: Mr. Gummeson & Alex 

Junior Volleyball 

Sophie Ackert, Sophie Barnes, 
Katya Brooks, Sreenija Koya, 
Lauren Lambert, Brooke Mierins, 
Jenna Moledina, Valerie Molnar, 
Aiyanna Morris, Laura Morrison, 
Margaret Pateman, Paige Tremblay 

Coach: Ms. Stirling 


Senior Volleyball 

Julia Cork, Charita Koya, Jordan 
Smith, Joa Hoshizaki, Brynley 

Hanson- Wright, Natascha Jansen- 
Poulin, Alex Houlton, Erica Coady, 
Sarah Morrison, Justine Frame 

Coaches: Mrs. Neale and Ms. 

Nordic Skiing 

Nicola Goldsmith, Jordyn Leighton, 

Kat Snelling, Hannah Dolhai, 
Mckenzie Gowie, Ameera Moledina, 
Anne-Marie Tremble 

Coaches: Ms. Derbyshire and Nicola 


Alpine Skiing 

Sophie Ackert, Eleanor Berks, 
Olivia Casarramona, Alexa Colbert, 
Christine Ding, Quinn Fincham, 
Ava Hambleton, Chloe Lucas, 
Brooke Mierins, Emmie Page, 
Alexandra Pipe, Lauren Rapp, 
Allegra Ritcher, Aurelie Ritcher, 
Monica Taing, Gabriella Yankowich 

Coach: Ms. Rubarth 


Bronte Assadzadeh, Katharina 
Auster, Caroline Capehart, Hannah 
Charness, Shannon Howarth, 
Katherine Keough, Jenny 
McCracken, Brigitte McEUigott, 
Ava Mierins, Sarah Murray, Eva 
Sabine, Ava Vandenbelt, Sophia 


Middle School Athletic Assembly 

Sports Team 



5/6 Soccer 

1 <X1 <X I\ 1 Kiel 

Mya Ladki 

5/6 Vollevhall 

C/iTiiiid oirciidii 

Orace Bradstock 

5/6 Basketball 

1 aX <x IVlLla 

Avery Want 

5/6 Badminton 

A nnrp^ llr\ii <y 1 c\ c 

Grace Goldberg (MIP) 

6/7 Relav 

ivianene wasserman, Jvenneay K.eia, 

orace ooiuDerg, js.aren jarviepp 

J i V CI .->ct U 1 1 J V, 

7/8 Soccer 

i_ iduuia riiicuv-ruuiiiicr 

Lean Gaussorgues 

7/8 Rupbv 

v^alllll i^raigen 

Chloe Bonnet 

7/8 Vollevball 

EJIlliy DangSDOlI 

7/8 Basketball 

^around ^navez r lerce 

Catherine TCeonpb AvaVandenbett 

7/8 Badminton 

Ava lvlieriens Ava Vandenhelt 

Caroline Chavez Pierce 

7/8 Swim 

Sian Bryson, Katya Jansen-Poulin 

7/8 Ultimate Frisbee 

Helen Hume 

8 Rowing 

7/8 Futsal 

Claudia Finak-Fournier 

6-8 Cross-Country 

Erica Leighton 

Jaida Wilson 


Special Awards 

Grade 6 Athletic Award - Avery Want (5/6 Badminton, 5/6 Basketball, 5/6 Soccer, 5/6 Volleyball, 6/7 Relay) 

This award is given to students in Grade 6 who are well-rounded and exceptional athletes who display positive attitude and good 
sportsmanship. Recipients often participate in several sports, both inside and outside of school, and demonstrate outstanding skill 
and dedication to their sport. 

Grade 7 Jody McLaren Cup - Carolina Chavez-Pierce 

This award was donated to the school by Jody McLaren. Jody was a Middle School Health & Physical Education teacher at Elmwood 
for 25 years. She left Elmwood in 1998. The Jody McLaren Cup is given every year to a Grade 7 student who has shown excellence in 
athletics. The individual must demonstrate a high level of athletic skill and show dedication and commitment to their sports. 

Grade 8 Crowdy Weir Bantam Award - Emily Bangsboll 

This award is given each year to a Grade 8 student who demonstrates athletic excellence. This individual must demonstrate a high level o 
athletic skill and show dedication and commitment to their sports. 

Fauquier Junior Award - Bronwen Crystal 

This cup is awarded each year to a Middle School student who demonstrates a positive attitude and love for the game. This individual 
leads by example, encourages others and consistently exhibits sportsmanlike behaviour. 

Grade 8 Honour Athletic Award 

1. Bronwen Crystal (7/8 Basketball, 7/8 Volleyball, 7/8 Futsal, 7/8 Soccer, 7/8Ultimate, 8 Rowing) 

2. Emily Bangsboll (7/8 Basketball, 7/8 Volleyball, 7/8, Futsal7/8 Soccer, 7/8 Ultimate, 8 Rowing) 

3. Allegra Richter (6-8 X-Country, 7/8 Basketball, 7/8 Futsal, 7/8 Soccer, 7/8 Ultimate, 8 Ski) 

4. Claudia Finak-Fournier (6-8 X-Country, 7/8 Basketball, 7/8 Volleyball, 7/8 Futsal, 7/8 Soccer, 7/8 Ultimate, 8 Ski) 

This award is given to students in Grade 8 who are well-rounded and exceptional athletes. Recipients often participate in several sports, 
both inside and outside of school, and demonstrate outstanding skill and dedication to their sport. 


Senior School Sports Banquet 

Sports Team 

Senior Basketball 

Cross Country Running 
Field Hockey 
Junior Volleyball 
Senior Volleyball 
Nordic Skiing 
Alpine Skiing 


Janan Lewars 
Victoria Murray 
Nicola Goldsmith 
Erica Coady 
Sophie Ackert 
Julia Cork/Charita Koya 

Sophie Ackert 
Paige Tremblay 
Jenna Moledina/Joa Hoshizaki 
Emmie Page 


Alycia Mcintosh 

Valerie Molnar 
Paige Tremblay/Sonia Siddiqui 
Lauren Lambert 

Jordyn leighton 
Eleanor Berks 

Julia Cork 
Sarah Morrison/Olivia Casarramona 

Special Awards 

Green Form Drill Cup Grade 11 

Best 10/1 1 PE Class (most athletic, cooperative, attitude, sportsmanship,etc) 

Sports Captain Award Julia Cork 

Sports Captain, automatically given 

Physical Education Award Erica Coady 

Best PE Student (usually a Grade 10/11) athletically and attitude 

Elite Athlete Award Jordana Polisuk & Tannya Cai 

In recognition of involvement, dedication and high athletic achievement in a sport outside of school - Graduating Player (0-1-2 awarded 
per year) 

Maynard Sportsmanship Cup Joa Hoshizaki 

Good Sportsmanship and team player, always a positive attitude, good commitment to the team, coachable 

Dunlop Intermediate Sports Cup Jenna Moledina 

Athletic Excellence Best athlete 
Wilson Sports Cup Julia Cork 

Senior Sports Cup for Athletic Excellence Best Athlete - Grade 1 1/12 

5reat Yoi Honour Athletic Award Julia Cork and Emmie Page 

Dverall excellence in sport and involvement for their four years in high school and has participated in at least 3 sports throughout their 
ime at Elmwood. 

Neale Intermediate Sportsmanship Cup Sophie Ackert 

9/10 Good Sportsmanship and team player, always a positive attitude, good commitment to the team, coachable 





Created by Elmwood Theatre's Collective Company 
Poetry and prose used with permission of the authors 

Shoes have a colourful and controversial history. 
Curiously, they can reveal a lot about a person. A 
playful and, at times, absurd peek into the lives of an 
assortment of characters and the shoes they wear. 

33a Morningside Road, Edinburgh, Scotland 

Inquiries to Sarah Morris at: or 0791.382.1676 


Claire Avisar 
Olivia Casarramona 
Melanie Greenley 
Eleanor James-Beswick 
Louisa James-Beswick 
Chloe Lucas 
Brooke Mierins 
Katherine Snelling 
Sophia Swettenham 
Aashna Uppal 
Zein Zaghoul 

Mckenzie Gowie 
Megan Sweeney 

Quinn Fincham 

Angela Boychuk 

The word has been out for a little while now that Elmwood Theatre is scheduled to visit 
Scotland this summer, but perhaps there are some of you just tuning in for the first 
time. If so, allow us to share our exciting news. Elmwoods senior drama students 
have been invited by the American High School Theatre Festival (AHSTF) to perform a 
one-hour show at the Edinburgh Fringe Theatre Festival in early August. Every year, 
over 300 international theatre companies descend on Scotlands most beautiful city to 
showcase the fruits of their dramatic labour. On every winding street corner, down every 
cobblestone alleyway, under the magnificent archways of two majestic castles, actors 
from around the world congregate to share their work and to entertain the thousands of 
visitors that flock to this city for the event. The stone walls pulsate with an energy that 
is tangible and invigorating. Attending this prestigious festival is a once-in-a-lifetime 

opportunity for the students. 

The 60-minute production that we are taking to Edinburgh, entitled HEAD OVER 
HEELS, is a collective performance piece featuring original writing by the students 
as well as work by several prominent authors, including storyteller, Stuart McLean an 
poet, Roo Borson. We chose a particular prop SHOES upon which to base our show 
(after all, everyone wears them and actors are given to walking in the shoes of others). 
Our director, Angela Boychuk, initially introduced to the students a short script she had 
developed in class a few years ago. We took this earlier version and have been building 
on it since last October (taking a break in between to rehearse our main-stage show 
Peter Pan and Wendy). Here is how we describe our show 

Over the centuries, shoes have enjoyed a colourful and controversial history. 
How they were made and who wore the shoes can, curiously, reveal a lot about 

a person. Shoes have also been the subject of numerous childrens stories - 
Cinderella being the most famous and widely interpreted. Drawing on an array 
of scene and choral work, storytelling, poetry and movement, Elmwood Theatres 
all-female cast from Ottawa presents Head Over Heels - a playful and, at times, 
absurd peek into the lives of an assortment of characters and the shoes they wear. 

■ m> 

■ I! 





If you take a close look at my office door, there is a small brass doorknocker on it. If you look even more closely, 
you can make out the profile of a man and a quotation, "Not for an age, but for all time." 

I often pause and read this phrase and think about its meaning. These words of praise, probably the most famous ever 
written about Shakespeare, were penned by Shakespeare's good friend and fellow writer, Ben Jonson. The line 
appears in the Preface to the First Folio, along with other glorious elegiac poetry from Hugh Holland, Leonard 
Digges and James Mabbe. 

Time is the ultimate judge of all things, but I think this saying applies as much to Elmwood as it does to 
Shakespeare. We are all here together at school for a span of days, months, years. But each of us is also contributing 
to something that we expect will continue on long after we have left these halls and classrooms. Each one of us is 
part of the story of Elmwood. What will your part be in that story? 

The Class of 2013 has left behind a legacy, a gift, a permanent record of their gratitude to Elmwood which will grow 
over time, and will one day give other girls the opportunity to play a role here too. In turn, they were given a gift by 
Elmwood Alumna, Joanna Rozanski 03, as a permanent reminder of their lifelong connection to the school and to 
each other. We know that these beautiful rings will remind our graduates of their place in Elmwoods history their 
successes, relationships and legacy. 

Congratulations to our Class of 2013 and to our whole Elmwood community on your achievements it has been a 
truly excellent year! And congratulations to the Samara team, for what is a story if there is no one to tell it? Your 
hard work and creativity have expertly captured a moment in time on these pages. 

Shakespeare himself said, "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." I believe that each of us can 
make a mark here at Elmwood. One day in the future someone will flip the pages of this book and see all we have 

- Cheryl Boughton 


James Whitehouse, Francie Marchand and Christine Balckadar 

After having time to reflect on a year at Elmwood my overriding feeling is that I belong to such a special 1 

place filled with wonderful and talented young women. One year ago I remember thinking about starting 

here at Elmwood and what it would be like. I am sure that everyone reading this knows what I mean when I 

speak about the emotion involved when starting somewhere or something new. Excitement? Absolutely! 

Anticipation? Yes! Fear? Off course! It is only human. However, for me the thing that made the biggest 

difference this year is you. You are such genuinely interested, kind, intelligent and caring people that I felt 

no fear at all because I was welcomed and accepted into your community. In my mind it is the character of 

a person that defines who they are and the place they are in. Quite simply the character of this School is 

incredible and unique and that is because of you. 

Mary Angelou the inspiring black female author who went through so many challenges to be heard said 
when speaking about people "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you 
did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. This school is filled with people who recognize 
this. Young women who understand the importance of acceptance, connections and relationships. I would 
like to thank you for welcoming me to the "Elmwood Family" and wish you a fantastic summer. 

Dean of Student Life Jen Walsh 



Brendan MacGillivary, Mohammad Mahin, 
Nathan Harris, Danielle Kindree, Colin 


Shelley Barton, Malek Purran, Brenlee Claman, 
Claire Glazier, Erin Mulcahy 



Tracy Noon, Elizabeth Ellison, Angela 
Boychuk, Alyson Bartlett, Teresa Marquis 


Laila Abada, Nadine Kilbertus, Sanja 
Cvetanovic, Johanna Laflamme, Martha Torres, 
Pauline Rubarth, Elizabeth Ellison. 




Tracy Noon, Nicholas Gummeson, Heawon 
Chun, Angela Boychuk 


Cheryl Tweedie, Nadine Kilbertus, Gretta 
Badley, Colin Robertson, James Whitehouse, 
Jordan Small, Johane Laflamme, Elizaeth 



Samir Grbesic, Judy Kearly, Patrick Kelly, 
Pedro Serro 


Candice Butler, Chris Boland, Craig Brushett 



Matt Perreault, Christine Blackadar, Allison 
Holmes, Cheryl Brownlie, Sarah Hay, Gail Gavan, 
Cathy Wiley, , Evelyn Pike, Marc Ouimet, Ginny 
Strachan, Brenda Huggins, Nicola Powadiuk, Kate 
Meadowcroft, Carolyn Wakeham, Alii MacDougal 

Gretta Bradley, Donna Naufal Moffatt, Francie 
Marchand, James Whitehouse, Alyson Bartlett 
Jan Clarke 

Junior School 



Technology & Tech 



Carol Clubine, Jackie Comerton 

Christine Blackadar, Matt Pereault, Annette 
Rossiter, Stephane Dube, Tom Molnar 



Brenda Neal, Erin Derbyshire, Nadine 
Kilbertus, Cheryl Tweedie 

Physical Education 

Pat Adams, Jan Clark, Sarah Hay, 
Melanie D'Alessio 


r . Admissions/Advancement/ 
r inanC6 Communications 

Valerie Jean-Pierre, Tanja Mackin, Corey Sproule 

Russell Martin, Teresa Stirling, Lindsay 
Germano, Ellen Ewert, Blanche Talbot, Dana 

Board of Governors 









Dan Dominique Ella Mar Eric Yau Danielle James 

Goldberg Jacobson May- Skippen 


Patrick Cheryl 
Coady Boughton 

Junior School Closing Ceremonies 

Grade 4 

LB. Learner Profile Award Lauren Ho 

Overall Academic Excellence Award Grace Brunner 

Grade 5 

Core French AlishaAbdul Rahman 
Extended French Hayley Conrad 
Language Arts Patricia Werdnik 
Mathematics Andrea Douglas 
Music Maya Ladki 

Physical and Health Education Isabella Bruinsma 
Unit of Inquiry for Science Isabel Smith 

LB. Learner Profile Award Isabel Smith 

Overall Academic Excellence Award Caitlin Baxter 

Emerald 'E' Awards Alisha Abdul Rahman, Caitlin Baxter, Isabella Bruinsma, Amelia Carney, Emmaleigh Case. 
Haleigh Case, Kira Cheer, Hayley Conrad, Andrea Douglas, Rutaaba Fasih, Hannah Goldstein, Maya Ladki, Natali 
Morris, Rika Ochiai, Ayah Sadiki, Isabel Smith, Kelly Wang 

Parents and Friends Association Committee Award 


LB. Middle Years Programme internal Scholarship Alisha Abdul Rahman, Caitlin Baxter, Hayley Conrad, 
Andrea Douglas, Maya Ladki, Isabel Smith 

Middle School Closing Ceremonies 


Art Ashton Yau 

English Anna DeFelice 

Core French Veronika Lassl 

Extended French Charlotte Amannt 

Humanities Marlene Wasserman 

Humanites Leah LeBlanc 

Mathematics Veronika Lassl 

Music Veronika Lassl 

Physical and Health Education Tara Rida 

Science Bethany Fitch 

Spanish Dalia Sawaya 

Technology Bethany Fitch 

LB. Learner Profile Award Marlene Wasserman 


Art Caroline Capehart 

English Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien 

Core French Lyanna Abdul Rahman 

Extended French Leane Gaussorgues 

Humanities Caroline Capehart 

Humanites Shannon Howarth 

Mandarin Ava Mierins 

Mathematics Bronte Assadzadeh 

Music Katherine Keough 

Physical and Health Education Ava Mierins 

Science Hannah Charness 

Spanish Leane Gaussorgues 

Technology Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien. 

LB. Learner Profile Award Katharine Auster 

Overall Academic Excellence Award Leah LeBlanc 


Comprehensive Arts Sophia Swettenham 

Nancy Chance Prize for English Sijyl Fasih 

Core French Emily Bangsboll 

Extended French Claudia Finak-Fournier 

Exploring Technology Sian Bryson 

Humanities Samphe Ballamingie 

Humanites Kelly Zhang 

Mandarin Emma-Rose Robinson 

Mathematics Samphe Ballamingie 

Physical and Health Education Emily Bangsboll 

Science Sian Bryson 

Spanish Victoria Radburn 

LB. Leaner Profile Award Emily Bangsboll 

Overall Academic Excellence Award 
Klebanoff O'Brien 



Emily Bangsboll, Sian Bryson, Ciara Halloran, 
Eryn Lundrigan, Sophia Swettenham, Lucy 

Overall Academic Excellence Award Emily Bangsboll 

Southam Cup Emily Bangsboll 

or the highest endeavour in all phases of school life in the Middle School. It is given to the girl who best lives up to the ideals of 
Elmwood, who shows leadership, friendliness and helpfulness to others in the school 

Parents & Friends Association Committee Award Ava Mierins 

o the student who has demonstrated through voluntary activity a sense of civic responsibility, a spirit of co-operation and a commitment 
o school life and the continued success of Elmwood 

Silver 'E Samphe Ballamingie, Emily Bangsboll, Bronwen Crystal, Helen Hume, Sophia Swettenham 


Senior School Closing Ceremonies 


Dramatic Arts Anne-Marie Tremble 

English Meera Singla 

Core French Quinn Fincham 

Extended French Anne-Marie Tremble 

Geography Dania Rida 

Healthy Active Living Fumi Shibutani 

Latin Meera Singla 

Learning Strategies Megan Sweeney 

Mathematics Fumi Shibutani 

Music Megan Sweeney 

Science Brooke Mierins 

Spanish Laura Morrison 

Technology Genevieve Laberge 

Visual Arts Sophie Gayowsky 

Grace E. Knowlton Prize for Progress Hannah Dolhai 
Fiona Nicolson Creativity Prize Fumi Shibutani 
LB. Learner Profile Award Brooke Mierins 
Overall Academic Excellence Award Fumi Shibutani 

Career Studies Katya Brooks 

Civics Valerie Molnar 

Dramatic Arts Louisa James-Beswick 

English Zakiya Abdula 

Core French Louisa James-Beswick 

Extended French Upkeerut Saran 

Healthy Active Living Megan Russell 

History Zakiya Abdula 

Learning Strategies Katya Brooks 

Mathematics Upkeerut Saran 

Music Claire Avisar 

Science Ras-Jeevan Obhi 

Technology Jenna Moledina 

Visual Art Ras-Jeevan Obhi 

LB. Learner Profile Award Ras-Jeevan Obhi 

Overall Academic Excellence Award Ras-Jeevan Obi 

Summa Summarum Scholarship Valerie Molnar 

Ras-Jeevan Obhi 
Upkeerut Saran 


Biology Joa Hoshizaki 
Chemistry Daisy Wang 

Communication Technology Natascha Jansen-Poulin 

Dramatic Arts Aashna Uppal 

Economics Amanda Thoo 

English Brynley Hanson- Wright 

Core French Justine Frame 

Extended French Carlotta Cellini 

Healthy Active Living Erica Coady 

History Sarah Morrison 

World Issues Erica Coady 

Math Functions Aashna Uppal 

Math Advanced Functions Daisy Wang 

Philosophy Katherine Snelling 

Physics Brynley Hanson- Wright 

Spanish Katherine Alvarenga 

World Issues Erica Coady 

Carolyn Strauss Poetry Award Vivian Wang 

Judy and Margot Toller Memorial Award Erica Coady 

Awarded to a student who best exemplifies the values and spirit of these alumnae - who lost 
their lives in a car accident caused by a drunk driver - with her warmth and caring, courtesy 
and respect, sense of humour, generosity in helping others, joy of life, determination to 
overcome obstacles, and acceptance of everyone, while demonstrating the ideals of leadership 
and friendship. 

Mabel Dunlop Memorial Award Aashna Uppal 

This endowed award was established in 2007 by Katherine Ellis in memory of 
her mother, Mabel Dunlop 29. It is awarded in recognition of exemplary work 
with a humanitarian initiative that fosters compassion and understanding of 
other cultures. 

Elmwood Theatre Award for Performance and Production Mckenzie Gowie 
Sandra Sharpe Sug Award Aashna Uppal 
Samara Editor's Award Merrin Lalonde 
LB. Learner Profile Award Aashna Uppal 

Overall Academic Excellence Award Brynley Hanson- Wright 

Senior School Closing Ceremonies 


Biology Tannya Cai 
Chemistry Charlotte Murfin 
Communication Technology Sarah Clarke 
Core French Charita Koya 
Extended French Tannya Cai 
Economics Janan Lewars 
English Sarah Beltrame 
Exercise Science Ameera Moledina 
Whitwill History Prize Janan Lewars 
Math Calculus & Vectors Charita Koya 
Math Data Management Kathy Fung 
Visual Art Julia Cork 

Linda McGregor Technology Award Gabrielle Holden-Lathlin 
Philpot Science Prize Tannya Cai 

LB. Learner Profile Janan Lewars 
Overall Academic Excellence Award Tannya Cai 
University of Toronto National Book Award Tannya Cai 
Governor General's Academic Medal Tannya Cai 

LB. Diploma Candidates Ariella Burton, Janan Lewars, Tannya Cai, Ameera Moledina, Dianna Chen, 
Charlotte Murfin, Charita Koya, Emmie Page, Jordana Polisuk 

Great Yoi Honour Athletic Award Julia Cork, Emmie Page 

Duke of Edinburgh Program Gold Award Rebecca Boucher, Julia Cork, Janan Lewars, Ameera Moledina, 
Charlotte Murfin, Emmie Page 

Lieutenant Governor Community Volunteer Award Rebecca Boucher 

Elmwood Award for Character Emmie Page Margaret White Award Janan Lewars 

Parents Association Committee Award Sarah Clarke 

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Deir-ez Zor 

V NO end in SIGHT In mid-201 1 , demonstrations stemming from the Arab 
'JJM Spring protest movement in parts of the Middle East began in Syria. Two 1 • 
years later, the conflict between government loyalists and those seeking the 
resignation of President Bashar al-Assad is on-going and has erupted into 
j a full-on civil war. In February 201 3, the United Nations estimated the death 
y 111 toll at 70,000, of which more than 7,500 were civilians; 28,000 people are 

said to be missing. (AP Photo/Sham News Network SNN) 

A MARINE DISASTER On January 13, 2012, Italian cruise ship Costa 
Concordia struck a rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the west coast of 
Italy. The accident left a gash in the port side of the ship, causing 
instant flooding in the engine room and loss of power to the electrical 
and propulsion systems. The boat should have been evacuated within 
half an hour, but due to the seemingly less emergent conditions of 
being in calm, shallow water, the evacuation took more than six hours. 
Of the 4000-plus people on board, including crew, thirty bodies were 
found, with two more people missing and presumed dead. 


In early 2013, France, 
backed by the United 
Nations Security Council, 
intervened in the West 
African country of Mali, 
when Islamist rebels 
began pushing south- 
wards. After on-going 
turmoil in Mali throughout 
201 2, the French stepped 
in to avoid "a terrorist 
state at the doorstep of 
France and Europe" and 
have maintained a 
presence since 
mid-January. As the 
majority of the conflict is 
now over, France looks to 
the UN to take over 
peacekeeping duties. 


ii i If AN If t K 


< MAKING STRIDES Former Burmese political 
prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi was finally 
llowed to take her seat in parliament in 
ay 201 2 after votes were cast in the 
ountry's first legitimate election since 
990, when she was placed under house 
arrest. And that's not all. Just three days 
after Aung San Suu Kyi's newly registered 
party took 43 of the 45 contested seats, the 
nited States suspended their sanctions 
gainst Burma and appointed an ambassa- 
dor, Derek Mitchell, for the first time in 22 

yearS. (Xinhua/ZumaPress/MCT) 

A MAJOR ADVANCEMENTS 2012 was a good news 
year in health-care: On January 13, 2013, the 
previous polio epicenter of the world - India - 
completed two years without a single case of polio; 

in April 201 2, the World Health Organization 
highlighted the progress made in combating malaria 
in malaria-endemic countries with their T3 (Test, 
Treat, Track) initiative; and, in December, the United 
Nations made an historic resolution on affordable 
universal health care. Add in the tremendous cancer 
research being conducted around the globe - new 
treatments, new genetic studies - and no can 
dispute it was a banner year. (Kentoh/Shutterstock) 

messages flocked in from around the world when 
the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi 
emerged the victor in Egypt's presidential 
election last June. Morsi picked up 51 % of the 
vote, approximately 13.2 million ballots of just 
over 26 million cast. The civilian president has 
declared his dedication to restoring the rights of 
his people after the Egyptian revolution in early 

2011 . (AP Photo/Fredrik Persson, File 


V A CRY FOR HELP Fifteen-year- 
old Amanda Todd, from Port 
Coquitlam, British Columbia, 
made international headlines for 
a video she created chronicling 
her life of being bulled online. 
The young woman held up 
flashcards telling her story and 
posted the video to YouTube just 
weeks before taking her own 
life. The video went viral after j 
Todd's death in October 2012, 
and anti-bullying advocates 
worldwide called for action. 
Todd's mother created the 
Amanda Todd Trust to collect 
donations for anti-bullying 
awareness programs and 
support for teenagers 
struggling with mental 
health issues. 

(THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward) i 

V ROBOGATE During the 201 1 federal election, reports of 
voter suppression - calls made to would-be voters to falsely 
inform them of a voting location change - surfaced in a 
number of communities across the country; the focus was 
mainly on Guelph, Ontario, where a primary inquiry 
determined that the majority of calls were made from 
computer in the Conservative party campaign office. The investigation by Election 
Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was eventually widened to include 
other areas of the country where robocall complaints were received, but protests 
resulted when the organizations were slow to move on the search expansion. 



Mom * 

< A FAMILY LOST On June 30, 2009, three sisters - Zainab, 
Sahar and G.eeti Shafia - were found dead in a car submerged 
in the Rideau Canal, not far from Kingston, Ontario. A fourth 
person, Rona Mohammad, the first wife of the girls' father 
Mohammad Shafia, was also in the vehicle. Mohammad, 
son Hamed and wife Tooba Yahya were all accused of honour 
killing; their trial began in October 201 1 . In January 201 2, the 
jury delivered a guilty verdict on four counts of first-degree 
murder for all three of the defendants, ithe Canadian PREss/Nati™ Denette) 


A hummer HERO In August 2012, Darrell 
Krushelnicki was just leaving the Bonnie Doon 
Shopping Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, when he 
noticed a Pontiac G5 speeding toward a group of 
kids crossing the street. The 46-year-old thought 
fast and drove his 2006 Hummer into the path of 
the offending vehicle, causing a collision but saving 
the lives of the teens. The driver of the Pontiac was 
talking on his cell phone; he was later charged with 
dangerous driving. Krushelnicki was honoured for 
his bravery by the Royal Canadian Humane 

Association in November. (Michael Shake/ShutterstocW 

V WALLETS IN transition Plain old paper bank notes have gone the way of the 
dodo bird: In November 2012, the Bank of Canada released new .$20, $50 and $100 
into circulation. The new bills are made of polymer, a highly durable substance with 
a plastic feel, and have a number of new security features. Shortly after the new 
bills were sent into the public, reports of issues began to surface: Canadians 
complained about cracks in the polymer, bills shriveling under heat and even 
that the wrong maple leaf was printed in the design (the new notes 
feature a Norwegian maple rather than the native Canadian sugar 
maple). Another major currency change followed in February 
2013, when the Royal Canadian Mint announced it 
would transition the penny out of 
existence. Nickel for your 
thoughts, anyone? 

UNCONVENTIONAL CROSSING On June 15,2012, American stuntman Nik 
Wallenda achieved something no one else had attempted in more than 100 

years: He crossed the 1800-foot gorge at Niagara Falls on a tightrope. 
The then- 33-year-old slowly conquered the gap by putting one foot in front of 
tiie^Mrer-^lQQga^-inch thick steel cable. To aid his balance, Wallenda 

carried a 40-footpoI^ — — - — ^jQ^^ (he also broke the cardinal rule of 
tightrope-walking / andlboRe^rtlewa^jTeinched from the Canadian 
to the American side of the Falls) and though he didTTTwariHeTiiadid wear a 
safety harness. The crossing took 25 minutes. 

(AP Photo/The Canadian Press. Frank Gunn. File) 

< pipeline protests The Keystone XL 
pipeline, which will, in theory, transport 
petroleum from the Alberta oil sands all the 
way to Texas, has met with resistance on both 
sides of the border: Aside from environmental 
concerns, property owners and First Nation 
groups are also seriously opposed to the 
pipeline disturbing their land. Both the 
Canadian and US governments have endorsed 
the project to date and construction moves 
forward towards completion. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh). 


June 23 at 2:30 pm, the 
upper parking level of the 
Algo Centre Mall in Elliot 
Lake, Ontario, collapsed into 
the mall's concourse. In the 
immediate aftermath, one 
person was confirmed dead 
and 22 injured. Four days 
later, Toronto's Heavy Urban 
Search and Rescue team 
removed two bodies from the 
rubble - Lucie Aylwin, 37, 
and Doloris Perizzolo, 74. 
Then-premier Dalton 
McGuinty announced in the 
days after that an indepen- 
dent public inquiry to 
investigate the structure's 
deficiency would be 
conducted. The Algo Centre 
Mall is in the process of 
being demolished. 

(THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Oenette) 

E. COLl RECALL The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued a recall notice in mid-September after 
outbreak of E. coli-related illnesses from purchases made at an Edmonton Costco store. The initial 
reported cases were all linked to beef processed at XL Foods in Brooks, Alberta, and many other 
incidences of sickness, ranging in severity, followed. The recall notice was eventually expanded to 
include all of Canada, 40 states in the US and Puerto Rico. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff Mcintosh) 

(^iliV'iMIl ttlsj h^lll*! 

;?tiJI5 r S1L JAKE OWEN , 

^ < DYNAMIC DUO When two incredibly popular headliners 
team up to tour together, you can bet they'll be playing 
packed venues. For Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney, the 
"Brothers of the Sun" tour was a no-brainer, and they have 
the sold-out shows to prove it. The country superstars 
began a 22-city US tour in Tampa, Flori 
wrapped up in Foxborough, Massai 
The tour grossed more than $96 million overall. h°' 
one of the top grossing summer tours of all time 



J'At Iff iftkfrtil i] 1 1 1 Wlwi [; < 


; < BUMP WATCH On December 30, musician 
[and producer Kanye West made a shocking 

announcement: At a concert in Atlantic City, 
I Kanye asked the crowd to "make some 
[noise for [his] baby-mama," girlfriend Kim 
sKardashian. Reality star and socialite 
[ Kardashian is best known for her family's 

television show, Keeping Up With the 
\ Kardashians, and follows sister Kourtney 
pinto motherhood. The baby, reportedly a girl, 
is due in July 201 3. 

5 Action Press |20O4) All rights reserved ) 



fniTTTfillT ifl] 




i. ^ 

For a mere S23.5 million, one 
lucky buyer will get to live in Madonna's Central Park 
flat. The original Material Girl bought the Harperley 
Hall apartment on West 64th St. in the mid-1 980s, 
followed by two other units which she opened up to 
create one massive duplex (6 bedrooms and 8 
bathrooms!). The mother of four moved out of the 
apartment and across town to even bigger digs (1 3 
bedrooms, 1 4 bathrooms and nine fireplaces!) on 

ie Upper East Side in 2009. {Courtesy Brown Harris Stevens) 



Everything old was new 
again (isn't that always 
the case?) on the 
runways and in the 
streets for 2012. 
Vintage-inspired peplum 
tops, dresses and skirts 
harkened back to the 
1 940s (and again to the 
'80s when they were 
paired with sky-high 
shoulder pads) for a hit 
of fashion in a girl's 
everyday wardrobe. 
Another throwback look, 
♦he wedge sneaker, is 
showing up in the 
collections of. everyone 
)m Nike to Jimmy Choo, 
' those trendsetters who 
want style and comfort. 

AO ABOUT FACE Perfectly-crafted cat eyes, whether 
precise and artistic or smudged and sultry, were the 
trend on red carpets and magazine covers this year. 
Everyone from Katy Perry to Emma Stone sported the 
Cleopatra-esque look, and a barrage of instructional 
videos popped up on YouTube over the course of the 
year for beauty junkies to try their hand. The look 
was paired with bold lips for extra punch (but the 
statement pucker showed up on its own over and 

OVer again, tOO). lOlgaEkalerincheva/Shullerstock) 

Angry Birds; YouTube; 

°raw Something; 

leather Network! 
WutfsApp; Songza 

A> APPLE KEEPS 'EM COMING Despite losing their illustrious 
leader, Steve Jobs, to cancer in 201 1 , Apple maintained its 
position as a technological superpower in 2012. When the 
iPhone 5 was released in September, the company received 
orders for over two million units in the first 24 hours and saw 
the product sell out twenty times faster than the iPhone 4 
and 4S. The release of the iPad Mini followed in October, 
with a screen 1 .8 inches smaller than the standard size and 
a price point to match. (Apple) 


When Facebook bought 
popular photo-sharing app 
Instagram for $1 billion 
USD in April 2012, users 
had mixed feelings: They 
weren't jazzed about their 
fave filters being swallowed 
up by the social media 
behemoth but they did like 
the prospect of easy 
interaction with their 
Facebook profile pages. 
As it turns out, their use of 
the app hasn't drastically 
changed, as the deal 
allowed Instagram to 
remain more-or-less 
independent but with 
access to Facebook's 
obviously top-line 

< PIN THIS Gone are the days of 
pinning pretty pictures, recipes or 
cards to a bulletin board. Instead, 
inspiration comes in the form of 
Pinterest, the hottest website of 
201 2, a pin board site and app that 
allows users to keep and update 
multiple boards simultaneously, 
with themes from design and 
technology, to wedding planning 
and home decor. If you'd rather just 
be an observer, you can follow 
boards on Pinterest, too, allowing 
others to curate collections of pins 
on just about anything. 


2012 TREh 




ittle ones with famo 

gust; reality star Kourtney Kard.ashian gav 
Jessica Simpson delivered daughter Maxwell in May (and followed up with a second 
pregnancy announcement on Christmas Day!); and Garner, with hubby Ben Affleck, added t 

their two adorable girls Violet and Seraphina 


atures (201 63960. Left: ctiris watts Ispi) 

| > ALL-AROUND BESTSELLER Suzanne Collins' trilogy The 
|/ . Hunger Games has earned its place on the bookshelves 
of kids around the world. Originally published in 2008, 
the series was very popular out of the gate but got a 
significant bump in 201 2 due to the release of the 
» chart-topping movie in March; in the same montM 
Amazon announced that Collins was the best-sellinl 
I Kindle author of all time. The Hunger Games and its^ 
i subsequent sequels, Catching Fire and Mockingjay, * 
have been translated into 26 different languages. 

lli fi l iWB BB 


It was only fitting that British girl 
group Spice Girls perform together at the 
close of the London 201 2 Olympic Games in 
August. (The only thing better would have been a Beatles 
reunion but that would have proved to be more challenging.) 
Sporty, Scary, Ginger, Baby and Posh Spice (otherwise known as 
Mrs. David Beckham) performed a mash up of "Wannabe" and 
"Spice Up Your Life" at the closing ceremonies, to the delight of 
loyal fans who have missed the '90s act responsible for the age of 

"Girl Power." (Rex Features [1815834ac]) 


I Land bid adieu 
I some blockbuster 
tows in 2012: Sunday 
lights will no longer feature 

ie wily Wisteria Lane gang from Desperate Housewives; the secret's 
ut on Gossip Girt, Dr. Gregory House, M.D. has solved his last medical 
anomaly; and the One Tree Hill posse has signed off forever. Between 
lem, these shows have an impressive 31 -year run, leaving an 
idelible mark on primetime history. 


< AWKWARD SUCCESS No one saw it coming ■ 
twenty-something drama Girls was the sleeper hit 
of the summer, following a close-knit group of 
self-involved New Yorkers as they muddle their way 
through their relationships and (lack of) careers. 
Creator Lena Dunham generated serious buzz by 
writing, directing and starring as principal character 
Hannah, a raw, tongue-in-cheek personality who 
makes the audience squirm with embarrassment 

for her. (Courtesy HBO) 




was a glee-ful night 
at the 201 2 Teen 
Choice Awards in 
July with hosts 
Kevin McHale, who 
plays songbird Artie 
Abrams on the hit 
musical series Glee, 
and artist and TheX 
Factor\u6qe Demi 
$Lq\ Lovato sporting a 
|By£ high, extra-long 
ponytail on the red 
carpet. Surprise, 
surprise - The 
Vampire Diaries 
3 stole the show for 
1 the third year in a 
p| row, taking home 
S awards in five 
1 categories (would 
^j! you expect less of 
J | Ian Somerhalder 
I and Nina Dobrev?). 

A CLOSING THE BOOK Spoiler alert: They all live happily ever after. Bella 
becomes a vampire, living with Edward for eternity; Jacob imprints on 
Bella and Edward's immortal daughter Renesmee (obviously); and the 
Volturi go back to Italy to mind their own business. Most viewers - even 
Twi-hards - agree that the movie was found lacking; the motion picture 
even captured the Razzie for Worst Picture of the Year. But that didn't stof 
the final installment of the wildly popular series from grossing more than 
$800 million worldwide - the best bottom line of any of the Twilight 

mOVieS. (Willi Schneider/Rex Features [1975236a]) 



A superhero appeal The sixth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers, premiered in 
April 201 2 to instant success. Scripted and directed by the multitalented Joss Whedon, the film - 
based on a team of superheroes bearing the same name - featured an all-star cast, and pulled in more 
than $1 .5 billion at the box office worldwide. The movie holds records for biggest North American 
opening and fastest film to gross $1 billion. Is it any wonder there's already a sequel in the works? 

< YOUNG TALENT It was a 

banner year for actress 
Jennifer Lawrence; first she 
enjoyed international 
recognition for playing Katniss 
Everdeen in Suzanne Collins' 
dystopian epic The Hunger 
Games. Then the 22-year-old 
captured the Oscar for Best 
Actress with her performance 
opposite Bradley Cooper 
in Silver Linings Playbook. 
Her fresh face and down-to- 
earth personality make her a 
pleasure to watch both on 
the silver screen and in 
interviews; her fan girl 
reaction to meeting Jack 
Nicholson at the Academy 
Awards will make you love 
her even more. 

(Murray Close/©Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett Collection) 


< SHUT OUT No one was sure who had it worse - 
the players or the fans - during the National 
Hockey League lockout in the fall of 2012. 
Beginning on September 1 5, just weeks before the 
season was scheduled to start, the labour dispute 
lasted 1 1 3 days. It ended in the wee hours of 
January 6, when a tentative deal was reached after 
1 6 hours of negotiation. It was then announced that 
the NHL would play a shortened season (48 games 
instead of 82) starting on January 19. Hockey 
die-hards across Canada and the US breathed a 
collective sigh of relief at the same time the 
collective bargaining agreement was signed. 

(AP Photo/Paul Sam 


n decorated Notre Dame 
ebacker Manti Teo announced that 
his grandmother and his girlfriend, 
Lennay Kekua, had both passed away on the 
same day - September 1 1 , 201 2 - the sports world took note. 
The 22-year-old did not miss a single game, stating that Kekua 
would have wanted him to play. In January 2013, two reporters 
for a popular sports blog called Deadspin received an anonymous 
tip that the girlfriend story was a lie. After investigating, Deadspin 
published a story outlining the alleged deception. Months later, it 
appears that Teo was the victim of a ruse perpetrated by an 
acquaintance named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, though the football 
player's story about maintaining an online-exclusive 
relationship with the woman is considered to be .-^ 
confusing and not entirely believable. Tuiasosopo 
admitted on the Dr. Phil show to being in love 
with Teo and using the fake identity as an 
escape from his feelings. 

(AP Photo/Joe Raymond, File) 


July 27 to August 12, 201 2, 204 
National Olympic Committees (NOCs) 
came together in London, England, to 
participate in events ranging from 
team sports like basketball and 
volleyball, to individual sports like 
diving and wrestling (and track, where 
Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt [left] 
shone). London was awarded the 
honour of hosting the games in July 
2005; their original budget for the 
event was 2.4 billion GBP, but it more 
than doubled in 2007 to 9.3 billion 
GBP. The events were held at a number 
of new and historic venues within 
Greater London, including Hyde Park 
and the Horse Guards Parade. 

(Wally SKah j/Los Angeles Times/MCT) 


San Francisco Giants (4) 
Detroit Tigers (0) 
NHL Stanley Cup 
Los Angeles Kings (4 games) 
New Jersey Devils (2 games) 
NBA Championship 

Miami Heat (4 games) 
Oklahoma City 
Thunder (1 game) 
CFL Grey Cup Game 
Toronto Argonauts (35) 
Calgary Stampeders (22) 

•a ( 

A NO more monkey business For decades it has been common practice, 
against the protests of animal rights activists, to use chimpanzees for medical 
research. While labs around the world have come away from this kind of 
animal testing in previous years, the United States still maintained experi- 
ments requiring research on these primates until 2012. But with cutting edge 
technologies, testing on our closest animal relatives is no longer necessary, 
and the National Institute of Health announced in September their plans to 
wind down their chimp-testing experiments. Most new experiments requiring 
chimps have been suspended, and current research chimps are slowly being 
retired to sanctuaries to live out the rest of their day 

A THE sweetest WORD Evie Small was born twice: first, in 201 0, when she 
was welcomed by parents David and Emily, and second, in June 2012, 
when the British toddler was given the gift of hearing. Evie was diagnosed 
at 16 months with a rare condition affecting her ears, eyes and spine, 
leaving her completely deaf; a brainstem auditory implant (or a bionic ear) 
was her only hope. A specialist in Verona, Italy, was able to perform the 
implant procedure, and Evie spoke her first word just two weeks after the 

surgery: "Mama." (Solent NewsrRex Features [1 795591 e]) 

MARS UNCOVERED If you had walked into the NASA Jet 
Propulsion Lab on August 6, you would have seen a]serious 
party: after an 8-month, 56-millioh-kilometre journey, the 
Curiosity, rover^a compact Voaming laboratory-survived 
a nerve-racking descent through the jed planet's 
atmosphere to land on Mars. "Curiosity] will spend 
the next two years exploring the planet: checking 
out the terrain, poking through the dirt and 
snapping pictures, hoping to 'determine if 
life ever existed on Earth's neighbour. 

(Image credit: NASA'JPL-Caltech) 



A THE GOD PARTICLE For nearly fifty years, physicists the world over * ' 

have been trying to prove what British scientist Peter Higgs hypothesized . ' ' 
in 1964: that there was one important unobserved particle in the 

Standard Model of Particle Physics to which the universe could be *i#>' i , 

credited, a field touching all other particles, giving them their mass. 

When scientists at the Large Hadron Collider near the French-Swiss 

border announced in July their discovery of a particle consistent with 
Higgs boson, the news made headlines; the breakthrough was confirmed 

in March 201 3, with the caveat that this may be only one of many 

partiCleS Under the HiggS bOSOn Umbrella. (European Center for Nuclear Research (CERNI/MCT) 

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