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Full text of "Golden dreamer; or, dreams realized; containing the interpretation of a great variety of dreams, disclosing the secrets of futurity"

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To dream of the atmosphere, has a variety of 
interpretations, and depends entirely on the dif- 
ferent appearances it b is. If you dream the sky 
is ciearj of a fine blue, calm and serene, then it 
is a good omen; you will be successful in your 
enterprises ; if you are soliciting any place of pre^ 
ferment^ you will obtain it— if you are in love, 
you will marry the object of your affections — 
hare you a lawsuit ? you will gain it — -are you 
in trade? it will flourish and be profitable — are you 
a farmer? good crops will attend you, your cat- 
tle will i crease, your pigs and poultry will be 
abuiidant your commodities will fetch a good 
price at r irket — are you married ? you will have 
mmj chi dren, and they will be dutiful and do 
well — an you about to undertake a journey ? it 
will ans^ r your utmost expectations — are you 
going to f ea ? you will have a pleasant and pros- 
perous vo/'ige — are you in debt? you will spfcedily 
be eiiablec! to extricate yourself from it—are you 
in prison r you will shortly be set at liberty. To 
dream th; t it is full of thick, dark, and heavy 
clouds, it lis an unfavourable token — you will fall 
sick, and perhaps die — disappointments will at- 
tend your business. 

Adultery. — To dresm of the commission of this 
sin, forebodes great troubles and misfortunes^ — if 


yott are in love, you will certainly faH in marrying 
the object of your wishes — if you have a lawsuit, 
it will certainly go against you, by the treachery of 
those who pretended to be your friends~if you are 
in business, some heavy loss will happen to you, — 
Such a dream announces, that you are in great 
danger of losing your liberty-— and if you are about 
to undertake a voyage at sea, omit it for the pre- 
sent, for you will never reach the destined port. 

I To dre&m you were tempted to commit this crime, 
and that you resisted it, is a happy omen— every 
thing will flourish with you — be sure it is a good 
time to begin trade after such a dream— if you 
have a lawsuit, all will go on in your favour, with 
credit to yourselfjand confusion toyour opponents 
— if you are about to undertake a long journey, it 
will be pleasant and successful to your object — if 

\ you are going to sea, you will have an agreeable 
voyage, fine weatuer, and a quick arrival at the port 
of destination — if you are in love, press the object 
of your wishes, for they will be gratified. 
^jop«r^/.— Nothing more dt-monstrates theevents 
that are about to happen you, than dreaming of 
wearing ;^pparel, but almost every colour has a 
different interpretation, and much depends on its 
appearing new or old, its fitting you, or being too 
big or too little. We shall here explain them ac- 
cording to their different signiScations. To dream 
you are dressed in isoJiite^ is a sure token of success 
in the first object you undertake, and that you will 
be successful in love, and that your sweetheart is of 
a good temper, an i amiable disposi don. To dream 
you are dressed in green^ denote . that you are 
about to undertake a journey to your advantage, 
and th'dt your sweetheart prefers you to ail other 
lovers. To dream vou are dressed in blacky is an 


unlucky omen 5 some quarrel is about to happen 
between you and a friend or relation ; sickness is 
about to attend you and your family : death will 
deprive you of some near friend or relation ; law- 
suits will perplex and harass you — if you undertake 
a journey, it will be unsuccs^ful, and contribute 
much to injure your health and fortune — if you are 
in love it denotes that your sweetheart is very un- 
happy, and that sickness will attend her, — if you are 
a farmer, you will be cheated by some knave, and 
your crops will turn out indifferent ; the murrain 
will attack your cattle, and some dreadful accident 
will happen by the overturn of one of your wag- 
gons, — if you are in business, some one will arrest 
you, and you will have great difficulty in settling 
the matter. To dream you are dressed in blue^ de- 
notes happiness, you will shortly be invited to some 
banquet or merry-making, when you will make 
some fifiends and be very happy> if you only avoid 
qttarteling, which son^e enemy to your welfare will 
endeavour to exciteyou to do,— ^your sweetheart is 
by this colour denoted to be very faithful to you, 
and will make you very happy and comfortable j 
you will have many children, chiefly boys, who 
will turn out honest and good, — if you are in 
trade you will prosper. If you dream you are 
dressed in scarlet^ you are thereby warned of some 
heavy calamity, and a severe fit of illness — your 
sweetheart is by it announced to be of a turbulent 
disposition, mucK inclined to dispute about trifles, 
and liable to make you unhappy,— -your children 
will be short-lived, and of unhappy tempers, much 
inclined to be sickly. — it surely denotes a quarrel 
and loss of friends. To drejun you are dressed 
in yelloWy is rather lucky thai! otherwise; your 
swe^rheart by it appears to be very jealous 

of you, an4 great pains will be requisite to prevent 
your sep^i ating — if you are married, keep a good 
look out, or some one is about to alienate the 
affections uf your partner — in trade it promises 
prosperit? ; but some one will cheat you of a trifle 
not of much consequence — if you are a farmer, 
you will htrve an abundant crop — if you undertake 
a voyage by ^ea, you will be greatly the gainer by 
it; and if \ ou expect any place of preferment, after 
much trouble you will attain it. To dream you 
are dress i in crimson^ denotes that the dreamer 
will live ' 0 a good old age, aad will be neither 
fortunate or unfortunate through life : you are 
about to r xperience some very pleasant news from 
a distant quarter, and from those you thought 
dead. Y our sweetheart will be obliged to leave 
you, but v"'ill continue fahhful to you — if you are 
in trade, • ou will experience some loss by a person 
that yo j: hKi great confidence in, but you will, at 
nearly tl e same time, get a job that will aQiply 
make yoa amends — it denotes a small dispute 
between i landlord and his tenant, which will be 
settled amicably to the advantage of the latter. 
To dreaii you are dressed in a variety/ of colours^ 
denotes variety of fortunes are about to attend 
you ; old friends will desert you, new ones will 
supply t>ieir place — if you are in love, a quarrel 
will takot place between you and your sweetheart, 
which V ill ultimately be adjusted by friends — be 
cautiouj? in what you do for some time, for many 
traps will be Jaid to ensnare you, but on no ac- 
count trast yourself on the water: relations wil 
shortly i ie, and if you have any children, sick- 
ness will attend them — if you are sick at the 
time of the dream, it denotes a happy and speedy 
recovery. To dream you are fasliionahly dressed. 

6 !i 

Md in good company, is very good for the dream- t 
er ; he will ri^e above his present condition — your 
sweetheart will prefer you abc\^e others, and be 
very good tempered ; whatever you undertake will 
have a prosperous issue, and some unexpected ; 
news of an agreeable nature will reach you — 
expect to S28 a long absent friend return in good 
circumstances*, but avoid having a dispute with 
any one,, for it will go against you and do harm, 
particularly if it be with your sweetheart. To 
dream you are dressed shabbily, that your clothes 
are ragged and torn, is a bad omen, ' 

Asses*~To dream you are riding on an ass, is 
the forerunner of some foolish quarrel in which 
you will be much in the wrong, and condemned 
by your friends— if you are in love, it denotes 
that some misunderstanding will happen between 
you and your sweetheart, in which you will be 
much in fault — -if you are in business, it foretels 
tJhat you will make some foolish bargain. To' 
dream you are driving an ass, denotes that you 
wiii fall into some trouble, of which you will get 
the better, and that you will be relieved from 
present embarrassments — if you are in love, it 
denotes chat some quarrel will take place betwixt 
your sweetheart and yourself, which will soon be 
made up again to your advantage. To dream an 
ass runs after you denotes that some slander will 
be raised agaii st you by some foolish person, 
who will become themselves the victims of the 
scandal raised against you. 

Acquaintance — Fo dream you quarral or fight 
with an acqua ntance, is an unlucky omen, it 
forebodes a divij on among your own family, much | 
to the Injury ai I prejudice of the dreamer— if | 
you are in love, your mistrest will prove unfaith- 


ful, and marry some other man that she has told 
you shf^ most hates,— if you are in business, some 
heavy loss will befall you ; you will disagree with 
some of your best friends on the most trivial mat- 
ters, which will end in an open rupture^ — if you 
are a farmer, expect a bad crop, the murrain 
amongst your cattle ; that your pigs and pouhry 
will fail and not fetch good prices, — if you have 
a lawsuit, depend that you! attorney will neglect 
you, that .yoor witnesses wiU be tardy and back- 
ward, and that finally you will lose your cause. 
Do not for sometime undertake a journey by land 
or a voyage by sea ; enter for the present into no 
new undextaking, for you will be unsuccessful; 
quit; if you can, your present place of residence; 
and, above ^llj avoid lending money, for you will 
surely lose it? together with the friendship of those 
to whom you lend it. If you dream that you are 
with an acquaintance at some place of public 
amusement, you may expect soon to be called 
from home on business of importance. 

Daiicing — To dream you are dancing at a ball, 
wake, or entertainment, forerels that you will 
shortly receive some joyful nes^s from an absent 
friend, and that you are about to inherit some 
unexpected legacy \ it foretels success and happi- 
ness in love; that your sweetheart is kind and 
true, and will make you very happy in marriage: 
to the sailor^ it denotes a pleasant and successful 
voyage; increase of childrefi to married persons, 
and of business to those in trade. 

Devil. — To dream of this professed enemy to 
the human race, denotes that many dangers will 
threaten ynu^ ail of which you will overcome; it 
foreteis of a lawsuiti in which your adversary will 
endeavour secretly to undermine you, nevertheless 


you will get the better of him, and put him to 
shame ; if you are in love, it forebodes that some 
i$ endeavouring to alienate the affections of your 
sweetheart, but will be unsuccessful: to the trades- 
man it denotes a good deal of business, attended 
with many troubles ; to the poor it denotes good 
employment ; and to the sailor, a wife with a 
great sum of money. 

Death. — To dream you s?e this grim looking 
bundle of bones, denotes happiness and long life ; 
that you will be either speedily married yourself, 
or else assist at a wedding. To dream that you 
are dead, also denotes a speedy marriage, and that 
you will be successful in all your undertakings ; 
to those that are married it foretels young chil- 
dren, aad that they will be dutiful, and give you 
great comfort. To dream you see another person 
dead, denotes ill usage from friends ; if you are | 
in love, your sweetheart will prove false ; if you j 
are a farmer, you will lose money by horses, and ji 
* be way-laid as you return from market. -i 
Dogs. — To dream of these domestic and faith- \\ 
ful animals, has very different significations, ac- |j 
cording to the manner in which you see them, — |i 
if they fawn and fondle upon you, then it is a | 
lucky omen; if you have lisd a quarrel with a i 
friend or s\¥eeiheart> it will be reconciled to your ] 
advantage: if you are in love, your sweetheart 
will marry you, and render you very happy : it 
denotes heskh, riches, and h^^nour; if tlhey are i 
barking and snarling at you. then depend that ! 
enemies are secretly endeavounng to destroy your \\ 
reputation a d happiness; if you are in i)ve, be i 
careful of yt r present sweetb art; if you marry j 
him or her, y m will be unhappy and poor ; if you ! 
dream they b te you, then it is a certain prognostic 

that you will experience some loss ; if you are i»i 
lovej your sweetheart will deceive you, and make 
you very unhappy. 

Dfcmning — Vo dream you are drowning, or 
that you see another drowned or drowning, por- 
tends good to the dreamer, and denotes that he 
will escape many difficulties, settle near his native 
place, marry, have children^ and become happy 
and rich : to the lover it denotes that your sweet- 
heart is good tempered and inclined to marry )0u. 
If you are a sailor, it foretels a favourable and a 
pleasing voyage. 

Eating -^Vo dream you are eating, is a very 
unfavourable omen: it portends dissuasion among 
your family, losres in trade, and disappointment 
in love — storms and shipwreck by sea. To dream 
you see others eating is of a contrary tendency, 
and foretels success in all your present enterprises; 
if you marry the present object of your affections, 
that you will grow rich, be happy, and have du- 
tiful children. 

Eyes. — To dream you lose your eyes is a very 
unfavourable omen : it denotes decay of circum- 
stancesi loss of friends, death of relations, and 
miscarriage in love. — If a woman with child 
dreams of it, it denotes that the child in her 
womb will be very unhappy, and before it arrives 
at years of maturity lose its liberty. 

Feastmg. — To dream you are at a feast, denotes 
that you will meet with many disappointments, 
particularly in the thing which you are most 
anxious about- — in love it forebodes much uneasi- 
ness between sweethearts ; and to them who are 
married, it foretels undutiful children, with many 
heavy losses. 

Fall, — To dream you fall from any high place, 


or from a tree, denotes \o9S of place and goods — 
if you are in love, it surely indicates that you will 
never marry the present object of your affectiops. 
To the tradesman it denotes decline of business; 
and to the sailor storms and ship'A'reck. 

Fighting, — To dream you are fighting, denotes 
to the lover that yau will lose the object of your 
affections through a foolish quarrel: it also fore- 
bodes much opposition to your wishei?^ with loss 
of character and property. After such a dream I 
would advise the dreamer to quit his present situ- 
atioHj because such a dream indicates that you 
will not prosper in it ; to the sailor it denotes 
6t» ms and shipwreck, with disappointment in love. 

Fire —-To drearn of the subtile elements, de- 
notes health and happiness to the lover, marriage 
with the object of your affections, and many chil- 
dren ; it also denotes that you will be very angry 
with some one on a trifling occasion. To dream 
yoa see burning lights descending, as it were from 
heaven, is a very bad sign indeed ; it portends 
some dreadful accident to the dreamer, such as 
being hanged, losing your head, having your 
brains dashed out, breaking your legs, gettine^ 
into prison, or other strange accidents. 

Flying — To dream you are flying is a very 
exceilenc omen, it foretels elevation of fortune : 
that you will arrive at dignity in the state, and be 
happy. If you are in love, your sweetheart will 
be true to you, and if you marry you will have 
many chiidren. 

Fortune, — To dream you make a sudden for- 
tune, is a very bad omen ; to the tradesman it de- 
notes losses in trade ; to the lover it denotes 
that your sweetheart does not return your love ; 
to the sailor it indicates storms and shipwrecks. 


Friend.— To dream you see a friend dead, be. 
tokens hasty news of a joyous nature : if you are 
in love it foretels a speedy marriage with the 
object of your affections. 

Fruit* — To dream of fruit, has a different in-^ 
terpretation, ac<?ording to what the frmt is that 
you dream of- Apples betoken long life and suc- 
cess ; a boy to a woman with child ; cheerfulness 
in your sweetheart, and riches by trade. — Cher- 
ries indicate disappointment in love^ vexation in 
the marriage state, and slight in ' love. — Figs are 
the forerunners of prosperity and happiness, — to 
the lover they denote the accomplishment of your 
wishes,— -to the tradesman, increase of trade^ — 
they are siso indicative of a legacy. — Gooseber- 
ries indicate many children, chiefly sons, and an 
accomplishment of your present pursuits to the 
sailor they declare dangers in his next voyage^ — 
to the maiden a roving hufeband ; and to the man 
a rakish wife. — Nuts, if you see clusters of them, 
denote riches and happiness, to the lover success 
and a good tempered sweetheart — if you are 
gathering of them, it is not a good omen, for you 
will pursue some matter that will not turn out to 
your advantage, if you crack them, the persori 
who courts you, or to whom you pay your addres- 
ses, will treat you with indifference, and be very 
unfaithful- — Oranges are very bad omens ; they 
forebode loss of goods and reputation, attacks 
from thieves, wounds* and fickleness in the object 
of your affections. — Pears prefigure elevation in 
life, accumulation of riches and honour, success 
in undertakings, and constancy in love. If a wo^ 
man with child dreams of them, she will have a 
girl who will marry one far above her rank, be« 


fore she h seventeen. Strawberries denote to 

women with child a good time, and a boy ; to a 
maiden speedy marriage with a man who will \ 
become rich, and make her happy ; to a youth, \ 
they denote that his wife will be sweet tempered, ' 
and brin^him many children, all boys ; they fore- i 
tel riches to the tradesman and the sailor, I 

Gallows.— To dream of the gallows is a most i 
fortunate omen ; it shews that the dreamer will I 
become rich, and arrive at great honours ; to the j 
lover it shews fhe consummation of his most san- \ 
guine wishes ; for a woman with child to dream ' 
of the gallows, signifies that she is pregnant of a | 
soHj will have a good time, and that the fruit of \ 
her womb will become very rich. 

Gifts. — To dream you have any thing given to j 
you, is a sign that some good is about to happen } 
to you ; it also denotes that a speedy marriage 
will take place betwixt you and your sweetheart. 

Grave.~To dream you see a grave, foretels 
sickness and disappointment, — if you are in love, 
depend you will never marry your present sweet- 
heart; if you go into the grave, it shews you will 
experience loss of property, and that false friends 
will defame you, — if you come out of the grave, 
it denotes success in your undertakings; that you ! 
will rise in the world and become very rich; and 
if you are in love, that you will speedily marry 
your sweetheart, — if you take another out of the 
grave, yen will be the means of saving the life of j 
a per'K.>n, who will be a very great friend to you, | 
and receive some unexpected legacy. \ 

Hanged. — To dream you see people hanged, | 
or that you are going to be hanged yourself, de- | 
notes that you will rise above your present cpn- ' 
dition by marriage. 


Hills.~To dream of travelling over gtcep hills, 
shews that you \yill encounter many difficulties^., 
and enter upon some arduous undertaking; if 
you descend the hill hastily, you will get the bet- 
ter of all your difficulties and enemies, and become 
rich; to the lover it shews rivak, who will give 
great uneasiness. 

House»~To dream of building a house is a 
very favourable omen ; if you are in trade, it de- 
notes success — if in love; that your sweetheart is 
good tempered and faithful, and will make you 
very happy. To dream your house is burned 
down, denotes much trouble and many difficul- 
ties, with the loss of goods and reputation. To 
dream you see your house on fire, foretels hasty 
news, and that you will lose a near relation. 

Hunting. — To dream you are hunting a fox, 
and that he is killed, shews much trouble through 
the pretensions of false friends, but that you will 
discover them, and overcome all their mathina- 
tions~if you are hunting a hare, it is indicative 
of bad success *, you will be disappointed in your 
favourite objectj be what it may — hunting a stag, 
if he is caught alive, denotes good to the dream- 
er, and that he will be successful in all his present 

Keys, — To dream of keys, is favourable to a 
person in trade — and to a sailor they denote some 
gift, and the dreamer will become rich. To 
dream you lose a key, foreshews anger, and that 
you will lose a friend. To dream of finding a 
key, denotes an addition to your estate. If you 
are married, it also foretels the birth of a child ; 
if you give another the key, you will be, speedily . 
married : in love, keys betoken faithfulness, and 
a good tempered sweetheart. 

Knives. — To dream of knives is a very unpro- 
pitious omen ; it betokens law.suit3, poverty, dis- 
grace, strife, and a general failure in the pursuit 
of your projects : in love it denotes a happy mar- 
riage with the object of your affections, and th*t 
you will become, by industry, rich, and settle 
your children happy. 

Letters. — To dream of receiving letters* is de- 
monstrative of your being beloved by a person of 
the opposite sex, who is very much your friend, 
and will do all in their power to render you hap- 
py, l o dream of writing letters, shews success 
in enterprises, and that you will receive some 
very pleasant news. 

Light, — To dream you see a great light is a 
happy presage; it denotes that you will attain to 
great honours and become very rich, — in love, it I 
shews a sweetheart of an amiable disposition ; | 
that you will marry well, have children, and be i 
very happj — if the light disappears all of a sudden, 
it betokens a change in your present situation, \ 
much for the worse; it portends im.prisonment, i 
and loss of goods, with unexpected misfortunes, i 

Linen. — To dream you are dresfed in clean i 
linen, denotes that you will shortly receive some | 
glad tidings, — that your sweetheart is faithfu), and I 
will marry you, — that you will be successful in | 
all your undertakings, and that you will receive ^ 
a handsome present from an agreeable youth, — i 
if your linen is chequered, you will get a legacy i 
from some friend, and mairy a very industrious | 
person, — if it is dirty, then it denotes poverty, a 
prison, and disappointment in love, with the loss ; 
©f something valuable. * i 

Marriage. — I o dream you are married, is om- 
inous of death, and very unfavourable to the | 



(dreamer; it denotes poverty, a prison^ and mis- 
fortunes. Fo dream you assist at a wedding, is 
the forerunner of great success. To dream of 
lying with your newly married husband or wife, 
threatens danger or misfortunes, and also that 
you v/ill lose a part of your property. To the 
sailor it argues storms and shipwrecks, with a 
narrow escape from death. 

Milk,— Vo dream you are selling milkj denotes 
that you will be crossed in love, and unsuccessful 
in trade. To dream you are drinking of milk, is 
the forerunner of joyful news and great success: 
if yoii are giving milk away, it shews you will be 
successful in love, and marry happily, have chil- 
dren, and do very well. To see milk flowing 
from the breast of a woman, denotes success in 
trade ; and in love that you will have many chil- 
dren, and that they will become rich by the in- 
dustry of their parents. 

Mother, — To dream you see your mother, is a 
certain prognostic of some agreeable adventure 
being about to happen to you, and that you will 
hear from a friend at a distance. To dream you 
see your mother dead, forebodes trouble and ad- 
versity, and that you will become very poor. 

Music. — To dream you hear delicious music, 
is a very favourable omen, it denotes joyful news 
from a long absent friend, — to married people, it 
denotes sweet tempered children^- — in love it 
shews that your sweetheart is Tery fond of you, 
is good tempered, sincere and constant. Rough 
and discordant music fortels trouble, vexation, 
and disappomtment. 

Nails, — To dream your nails are growing long 
is very good, and denotes riches, prosperity, and 
happiness, great success in love, a good indus- 


trious husband or wife, with dutiful children,-»«r 
it also fortela that you will suddeBly receive a 
sum of money that will be of great use to you. 

Nightingale. — To dre?.m of this pretty warbler, 
is the forerunner of joyful newSi great success in 
business, of plentiful crops, and of a sweet tem- 
pered lover. For a married woman to dream of 
a nightingale, shews that she will have children 
who will be great singers. 

Old Women. — For a man to dream he is court- 
ing an old woman, and that she returns his love, 
is a very fortunate omen ; it prefigures success 
m worldly affairs ; that you will have lovely chil- 
dren, and be very happy. 

Onions — -To dream of this useful vegetable, 
denotes a mixture of good and bad luck, — if you 
are eating them, you will receive some money, 
recover some lost or stolen things, or discover 
some hidden treasure; your sweetheart will be 
faithful, but of a cross temper, — it also denotes 
attack from thieves, and a failure of crops, — it 
shews that you will be engaged in some disagree- 
able quarrel, perhaps with your own family^ — if 
you are furrowing onions away, it is the forerun- 
ner of mischief and quarrels, if you are in love, 
you will fall out with your sweetheart, — if you 
are in trade, you will quarrel with your custom- 
ers and servants, — if you are gathering onions, it 
betokens the recovery of some sick person of 
your family, — the receipt of some unexpected 
news of a joyful kind, and a speedy removal from 
your present situation. 

Oz?w.-^To dream you see an oven, fortels 
that you are about to be separated from your 
family by changing your present residence, — It 


shews you ?n attack by thieves in some bye place, 
and a^so that your sweetheart is of a roving dis- 
position, little likely to make you happy. 

Oysters. — To dream you are eating oysters, is 
a very favourable omen. — If you are in trade, 
your business will increase very fast, and you will 
become rich^, if you are a farmer, you will have 
plentiful crops ; if you are married, your wife or 
riusband will be very fond of you, and you will 
have many fine children. For a maid to dream 
of eating oysters, shews that she will be quickly 
married to a young man who will thrive much 
by industry \ and have many children by her ; to 
a man, it denotes that he will marry a real virgin, 
who will be very fond of him, and br\ng him 
many fine children. 

Palm^ — To dieam you are gathering of palm ; 
denotes plenty, riches, and success in undertak- 
ings! is a very good omen indeed ; to a mar- 
ried woman, it is a certain token of her bearing 
children ; to a maid it fortels a sudden marriage 
with the youth she loves ; that she wHl have 
many children by him, and that she will li>e very 
happy in the married state. 

Pit* — To dream of falling into a deep pit, ^ 
shews that some misfortune is about to attend 
you ; that your sweetheart is false, and prefers 
another ; to a sailor it forebodes some sad disaster 
at the next port you touch at. To dream you 
are in a pit^ and that you cUrab out of it without 
much trouble, foreshews that you will have many 
enemies, and experience much trouble, but that 
you will overcome them, and surmount your dif- 
ficulties, marry well, and become rich ; to a 
sailor, it denotes that he will experience ship- 
wreck, and be cast on a foreign shore, where he 


will be hospitably received, fall in love, t>\arry a 
rich and handsome wife, quit the sea, and live at 
(ease on the shore. 

Piefures.— To dream you are looking at beau- 
tiful pictures, foreshews that you will be allured 
by false appearances into some unprofitable con- 
cern j that you will was^e your time on seme idle 
project; and that you will always be in pursuit of 
happiness without attaining it ; in lovf it denote' 
great pleasure in the enjoyment of the beloved 
object; it promises a handsome wife, a good bus* 
band, and beautiful children. 

Paper^ — To dream of paper, is a good omen ; 
if it is quite clean, you will be very successful in 
your undertakings, marry the person you love; 
have good and dutiful children, and be very hap- 
py ; if it is dirty and scribbled upon, then it 
shews temporary want, and some unpleasant 
altercation ; if it is plainly written, you will 
receive hasty news of a good nature, make an 
advantageous bargain, and obtain some money by 
a legacy; if it appears rumpled and carelessly 
folded up, it shews that some difficulties will oc- 
cur which will give you pain ; if it is neatly folded, 
you ^ill obtain your favourite wish, be whatitmay- 
. Peacoclc.~ Vo dream of seeing this beautiful 
bird is a very good omen ; it denotes great suc- 
cess in trade; to a man a very beautiful wife, 
much riches, ?nd a good place ; to a maid a good 
and rich husband : to a widow, that she will be 
courted by one who will tell her many fine tales, 
without being sincere; it also denotes it^reat pros- 
perity by sea, and a handsome wife in a distant 

Pigeons^ — To dream you see pigeons flying, 
imports hasty news of a pleasant nature, and 


great success in undertakings ; they are very fa- 
vourable to lovers, as they announce constancy in 
your sweetheart^ but also that the person yoa love 
wilJ be absent from you a long time on a journey ; 
if your lover is at sea, they denote that he has a 
pleasant voykjge, continues faithful, and u ill re- 
turn rich. 

Plays > — To dream you are at a piay. is the 
forerunner of great good luck, it betokens great 
happiness in the marriage state, and very great 
success in business : to a maid, it shews speedy 
marriage with a young man, who will be very 
successful in business, and acquire riches and 
honours to make her very happy. 

Purse — To dream cf finding a purse, is a very 
favourable omen, it denotes great batppiness and 
unlooked-for prosperity in love it is the sure 
token of a speedy marriage, and the being dearly 
beloved by the object of your affections. To dream 
you lose your purse, shews the loss of a friend ; 
in other respects it denotes some pleasant adven- 
ture is* about to happen to you, by which you 
will be the gainer ; to the sailor it denotes the 
loss of his sweetheart, while at sea. 

Racing. — To dream you are running a race, is 
a token of good ; presages much success in life, 
and that you will speedily hear some very joyful 
news : in love it denotes that you will conquer 
all your rivals, and be happily united with the 
object of your affections. To dream yoa are 
ridmg a race^ shews disappointment and ^nger, 
bad success in trade and in love; to a m-iried 
woman, it denotes the los^v of her husband's affec- 
tions, and her children w J be in trouble. 

Rainbow*— To dream you see a rainbo%^ ^ de- 
notes great travelling, and change of fortuna ; it 

also foretels so/deii Dews of a very agreeable na- j 
ture i it anno^races that your sweetheart is of a | 
very good temper^ and constant, and that you will ; 
be very happy in marriage: have great success in \ 
business through the means of trading with for- 1 
eign parts. | 

Ravens. — To dream you see a raven, is a very i 
unfavourable token, it denotes mischief and ad- 
versity ; in love^ it shews falsehood ; and to the \ 
married they forebode much mischief through the | 
adultery of your conjugal partner ; to the sailor, j 
they betoken shipwreck, and much distress on a | 
foreign shore. 

Riding, — To dream you are riding, if it be vtrith 
a horse, is very unfortunate ; expect to be crossed 
in love : if you zfe in trade, business will decay, 
and you will be v ry near bankruptcy ; if fou are 
a sailor, it denotes perfidy in your sweetheart, 
and loose conduc t with one of your shijuaates^ 
but if it be with men, then expect the reverse of 
these things will happen, and that you wili obtain 
a sum of money by some speculation o which 
you have but an iiidifFerent opinion. 

Mods* — To dream you are whipt with m is, de- 
notes that you will meet with a perfidiou;; friend, 
who will go very near to ruin you : it ah > beto- 
kens your being shortly at a merry-making, where 
you must be careful of quarreling ; if yo i do, it 
will turn out to your disadvantage. — In love, it 
denotes your sweetheart to be of a fickle disposi- ; 
tion, and little calculated to make you happy. \ 

River. — To dream you see a flowing livcr, and • 
that the waters are smooth and clear, presages j 
happiness and success in life to the lover it j 
shews constancy i nd affection in the object of \ 
your love, and that if you marry, you wiil pass a j 


very happy and contented life, have fine children, 
mostly girls, who will be very beautiful; to the 
tradesman and farmer » it shews prosperity and 
g^in ; t ^ the sailor, that his sweetheart will be 
kind ami constant, and that his next voyage will 
be lucranve and pleasant. If the water appe;*rs 
disturbed and muddy, or has a yellow tinge, then 
it denotes that you will acquire considerable 
riches ; if you have a lawsuit, such a dream surely 
foretels that you will gain your cause. 

Sheep, -^To dream you see a flock of sheep 
feeding, is a very favourable omen \ it denotes 
success in life; to the lover, it indicates your 
sweetheart to be faithful, of an amiable temper^ 
and inclined to marry you; in the married state, 
it denotes children, who will be very happy, 
become rich, and be great cor iforts in the evening 
of life; to the tradesman, it foretels increase of 
business, and accumulation of wealth, but also 
forewarns him that he has a £;ervant unworthy of 
his confidence ; to the sailor nothing can be a 
greater sign of good luck, his next voyage will be 
pleasant and lucrative, and his^ sweetheart kind and 
true. To dream you see them dispersing and 
running away from you, shews that pretended 
friends are endeavouring to do you an injury, 
and that your children will meet with persecution 
and great trouble : in love, such a dream shews 
your sweetheart to be fickle, and little calculated 
to make you happy. To dream you are sheep- 
shearing, is indicative of loss of property, and the 
affections of the person you love, also your liberty. 
To dream you are shearing them yourself, shews 
that you will gain an advantage over some person 
who meant to harm you, and that you will get the 


better of difficulties, and marry the object of 
your affections. 

Spit, — l o dream you are in a kitchen turning 
a spit, is the forerunner of troubles and misfor- 
tunes : expect to be robbed, to lose your trade, 
to become very poor, and that your friends will 
desert you : if you are in love, it shews the object 
of your affections to be of a bad temper, lazy, and 
doomed to misfortunes and poverty, 

Starchiiig. — To dream you are starching of 
linen, shews you will be married to an industrious 
person, and that you will be successful in life, 
and save money i it also shews that you are about 
to receive a letter, containing some pleasant news. 

Squirrel — Fo dream of a squirrel, shews that 
enemks are endeavouring to slander your reputa- 
tion 5 to the lover, it shews your sweetheart is of 
a bad temper, and much given to drinking ; if 
you have a lawsuit, it will surely be decided 
against you : if in trade, sharpers will endeavour 
to defraud you and you will quarrel with your 
principal creditor. 

Simnming^ — • To dream you are swimming with 
your head above the water, denotes great success 
in your undertakings, whether they be love, trade, 
sea, or farming. To dream of swimming with 
your head under water, shews that you will ex- 
perience some great trouble, and hear some very 
unpleasant news from a person you thought dead. 
In trade it shews loss of business, and that you 
will perhaps be imprisoned for debt: in love it 
denotes disappointment in your wishes. 

Swans, — Vo dream of seeing swans, denotes 
content in the marriage strate., and many children, 
who will do well, and become rich, and fill your 
old age with joy and happiness j to the Iwer, Acy 


denote constancy and affection in your sweetheart 
— in trade they shew success, but much vexatioa 
from the disclosure of secrets. 

Tempests* — To dream you are in a storm ar a 
tempest, shews that you will, after many difficul- 
ties, arrive at being very happy, that you will be- 
come extremely rich, and marry exceedingly weiL 
For a lover to dream of being in a violent tem- 
pest, denotes that you will have many formidable 
rivals, who, after causing you a great deal of vex- 
ation and uneasiness, you will triumph over. It 
also forebodes you will receive good news from a 
long absent frit nd, who is abroad, and who will 
have overcome many hardships and extreme dif- 

Thunder and Lightning.-^lio dream you hear 
distinctly thunder, and see lightning, is a very 
good omen ; it denotes success in trade— good 
crops to the farmer— and a speedy and happy 
marriage to the lover. If you are soliciting a 
place, you will obtain it — if you have a lawsuit, 
it will go in your favour, it also indicates speedy 
news from a far distant country, intimating that 
a near relative has obtained a very lucrative situa- 
tion, in which he will have an opportunity of do- 
ing his friends a great deal of good. 

Trumpet, — To dream you hear the sound of a 
trumpet is a bad omen, and denotes troubles and 
misfortunes — to the tradesman it presages the 
loss of business — ^to the farmer bad crops — to the 
lover insincerity in the object of your affections. 

Trees* — lo dream you see trees in blogsom, 
denotes a happy marriage with the present object 
of your affections, and many children, who will 
do extremely well in life— to the tradesman it de- 
notes success in business, and to the sailor, plea- 


sant ftnd lucrative voyages. To dream you are 
climbing trees, denotes chat you will make a for- 
tune, and rise to honours and dignities in the 
state. To dream you are cutting down tree^, 
foretels heavy losses by trade and by sea j ^ind 
also the d^ath of a near relation, or dear friend. ; 

Water. — To dream you are drinkini^ water, « 
denotes great trouble and adv=i rsity— -in trade, loss I 
of business, and being arrested— to the lover it 
shews your sweetheart is fal; prefers another, 
and will never marry you. 

Wheat. — To dream you ser , or are walking in 
a field of wheat, is a very fa Durable omen, and i 
denotes gteat prosperity and riches— in love it i 
augurs a completion of your lost sanguine wish- I 
es, and foretels much happines , with fine children, j 
when you marry \ if you have a lawsuit, you v/ill ■ 
gain it, and you will be successful in all your 

Wood. — To dream you are utting or chopping \ 
of wood, shews that you will be happ * in your j 
family; ard become rich and respectalle in life, 1 
To dream you are carrying wood on your backj | 
shews that you will rise to irriluence by your in- j 
diistry, but that your partner will be of a bad 
temper, and your children ung rateful. If you j 
dream you are walking in an extensive wood, it 
denotes that you will be often married. | 

Wrens. — To dream of these pretty little birds, j 
denotes great happiness and content Through life; \ 
to the lover they are particularly favor^rable; they j 
shew your sweetheart to be of i kind and amiable 
temper, much attached to you, and one that will \ 
make you very happy in the marriage-state.