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Full text of "Bruce’s address; to which is added, My love is like a red, red rose; The ploughman; Robin Adair; Away with this sadness; Highland whisky"

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To which is added, 

'My Love is like a red y red rose* 


Away with this sadness, 

Published and Sold, Wholesale and Retail* 
by R. Hutchison, Bookseller., 
19. Salt market. 


Near Rannockbtirn Kinj; E Twnrd lay# 
Ti e Sc ts they wei*e m>t;f:u away; 
Each eye bent on the break of day, 
■ GtiuiniVtng frae t lie c ast. 

iit last the sun shone o\*r the heath, 
which Jiiihtcd up the fieJcJ of dcaia! 
While Bruce, with sou'-u ^ojr.i'g breath: 
His heroes thus addrc^s'd: 

Scots* wha ha'e wi' Wailace bled; 
Scots, wham Bruce has alien led; 
We I co toe to your *>ory bed, 
Or to victory] 

Jiow's the day, an' row's the hour; 
See the front of battle lour; 
#ee approach proud Edward's power- 
Chains and slavery! 

Wha will be a traitor kn*ver* 
Wha can fill a coward's ^lavt? 
Wha sae base as be a 4a ve? 
Coward ! turn an' flee! 

Wha For Scotland's king an? law, 
FredoB)^ swcrd will strongly draw? 


Freman «>ta!id or f rem an fa? 
Caledonian ! on wi' me! 

By oppression's woes aii! pains; 
By your MMis in servile chains; 
We will tl^dfn <mr dearest veins, 
Bat they shad be free! 

Lay the prtwrol u-»irpe r s low! 
Tyrant* I ail in ev'ry roe! 
Liberty's »n eveiy blow! 
Ln us do or die!" 

Now fury kindled every eye, 
Forward, forward, wa* the cry! 
Forward, Scotland do or die! 

And where's the knave *hall turn? 

At la*t they all ran to the fray* 
Which gave to Scotland liberty! 
And in tig did Edward rne t tie day 
Me cam \o Bonnockburn. 


O, MY love i« like a red, red rose, 
Tnat'* newly sprung in June: 

Q f njv love is like the melody, 
That's sweetly play'd in tune. 

As fair art tlx u, rpy bonnie lass, 

So deep in love am I; 
And I will love the still, my dear, 

Tho' a* the seas gang dry* 
Tho f a' the seas, &c. 

Til! a' the seas gang dry, my dear, 
And the rocks. melt wi, the sun; 

And I will J^e the still, my dear, 
While the saruis of life shall run. 

But fare the well, ray only love! 

Anc} fare the well a-while! 
And I will curaie again, my lore, 

Tho* 'twere ten thousand mile. 
TW 'twere, &c. 


The Ploughman wakes from transient dream, 
And blythe renews his useful toil ; 
He sings, to cheer his patient tearn^ 
As they unwearied turn the soil. 

His song is answered from yon tree, 
By blackbird's note or mellow tjirusjj; 
And spiigftiry linnets sing with glee, 
In flowr'y glen and hawthorn bush, 

His health is sound, his heart is gay f 
He neither envies lords nor kings; 
The chearliil day glides swift away, 
A>s thus he labours and he sings. 

He snuffs the fragrant gale of morn, 
While Pl»ce!)us lifts his fervent eye; 
All nature welcome* his return, 
His brightened blaze illumes the sky. 

The Ploughman, happy in his lot, 
Ambition never tempts his view; 
You, who have sweet content forgot, 
Game learn of him that holds the plough. 


WhaVs this dull town to me? 

Robin's not hear: 
What was't 1 wish'd to see? 

What v\ish*d to hear? 
Where's all the joy and mirth, 
Made this town a hea\en on earik? 
Oh ! ftty'rfc all tied' with thee, 

Robin Adair. 

What a>ade the assembly shine? 

Robin Ada'.r. 
What made the ball so fine? 

H'ibin was Cher e: 


What when the play was o'er. 
What made tny heart so sore? 
Oli! it was parting with 
Robin Adair. 

Rut row $hou'it c< I > to n p 

R< bin Adair, 
But n^w thon'rt .cold to me 

Katin Adair: 
Y»i In iij I [ov'd se well, 
Sli'l! in tpy heart shall dwell; 
Oii! I can r e'ei forget 

liubin Adair. 


Away with this pouting and sadness— 

6*tet jjirl! will ion ntver iiive o'er? 
I love yon by heaven ! !o madness, 

And what can 1 «wear to joti morel 
B ii ye i ot >he old women'* table, 

That oath* are as short as a kiss; 
I'll love a* ion** as .I'm able, 

And swear (or do longer than this* 

Then waste not the time with ptofessu 
For not to he bles>'d when we can 

Is one* of the darkest tran*<> regions, 
That happen 'twixt woman and inai 

M.V ».'i!iv..t l jkViv tluu l HM>tnnin»r 


Heaven knows thnt I never lovM sinning—- 
Except little sinking's in love! 

If sweringi however, will do it, 

Co hie, bring me the Caiirmier, pray— 
I vow, by that lip, I'll go through it, 

And not rni<s a saint on my way. 
The angel's shift! i help me t i whedie, 

rii fwear upon every one 
That e'er dane'd on the point of a neddle, 

Or rode on a bea'ii of the sun! 

Ol why should Ptantonic control, love, 

Enchain an emotion so free? 
Your soul, though a very sweet soul, k>ve, 

Will ne'er be sufficient for me. 
If you think, by this coldness ami scorning. 

To seecu more angelic .an' 1 bright, 
Be an angel, my love, in the morning, 

But, oh! be a woman to-night! 


Air — Green grow the rashes, O. 

Gte me but Highland WhUky, Q 9 
Gie tne but Highland Whisky, O, 
I never fash mysel' wp care, 
Gin I get routh o* whisky, O. 


It fcfeeers the spirit, warms the blind, 
And maks us skei<;h and va untie, O, 

The very look o't docs me guid; 
The .though t o't maks me canty, O. 

O, for Highland Whisky, O, 
(X f >r Highland Whisky, O, 
Friends it create*, and sou the rs strife: 
Auld Gilead'.s Bdm was Whisky, O. 

This life is but a tiresome road, 

To gang alane is eerie, O; 
What, when we meet in Friendship awe?!, / 

Bui Whisky, maks us eheerie, O. 

A. waught o' Highlaad Whisky, O, 
A waught o' Highland Whisky, O, 
When ower Life's brae we baud our waj 
There'** naethirg cheers like Whisky, v 

A^d sic its power, it maks ane brave, 
And firm, and r^ukl, and frisky, O; 

Ae waught gies freedom to the slave, 
And Poortith's drowr/d in Whisky, Q, 

Just routh o 9 Highland Whisky, O, 
Just rnuth oV Highland Whisky, Q$ 
Yd Face a h miner Deils or mae, 
Weel primed wi* Highland Whisky O.