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.li 2000 

^ij 2001 

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Royal St. George's College 

The Georgian 

The Yearbook of 

Royal St. George's College 


1 20 How and Ave 

Toronto Ontario 

M5R 3B5 

The Year Book Class; 

Mr. John Kerr - Staff Advisor 

Jim Morrison 

Ross Fraser 

Kazuo Oishi 

Dan Green 

Chris Reineck 

Jeremy Gross 

John Seitz 

Adam Harris 

Fergal Warde 

Cover Art; Alex Quick 

'^he. Qeon(f4an 2000-200 f 


Students 5 

Graduates 22 

Staff 39 

House League 45 

School Teams 59 

Outward Bound 76 

Jungle Book 77 

International Public Speaking 78 

Art 81 

Chronic 88 

Music 89 

Mistletoe Market 98 

Relic Ball 99 

Trips 100 

Bow Down Productions 102 

Lip Sync 103 

Spring Semi 104 

Rashomon 105 

Literature 106 

Awards 119 


lite Qeotif^a*!. 2000-200/ 

The Headmaster 

June 14, 2001 

Kazuo Oishi... quite a puy. And actu- 
ally when you get right down to it. 
the class of 2001 is quite a class. 
And here we are together in the 
Chapel. In fact, it was just a couple 
of weeks ago when we all met in this 
very chapel, although as I recall, the 
timing and circumstances were a lit- 
tle different. Now, that was one for 
the memories. ..wasn't it, guys? I did 
try to get City TV to cover this grad- 
uation but they said they have 
already seen enough of you guys. 

Regardless, here I am facing 
another graduating class. What 
does it all mean... and what does one 
say? How is gratitude properly 
expressed? I ask this final question 
with sincerity because you see, gen- 
tlemen, with all of the usual closing 
accolades, you arc llu' diu-s who 
need to be thanked. 

It is true. ..we can't forget those 
who have made it all ijossible. 
RSGC is blessed with a supportive 
and effective Board led liy Andy 
Jones. They concern themselves 
with the next generation of stu- 
dents, and in that way the strengths 

ol KSCiC are allowed to devel- 
op. Thank you. The Georgian 
Parent's Guild has done so 
much and will continue to 
make our school lietter. and 
oin- alumni group is contiini- 
iiii; llieir development and 
prejjaring the way lor the 
entry of 43 new illustrious 

The "thank you's" can con- 
tnuu'. hut rememiier, Class of 
2001. it is you that should be 
thanked. So in the midst of a 
hot .Jiuie day. let me offer my 
thanks by reinforcing the six 
memories I think you should 
keep. This is rather presump- 
tuous of me so let me offer it 
simply as a suggestion. But please 
do remember, a little bit. it just may 
help you later on. 

Remember The Georgian Code, 
pretty simple stuff. Respect, 
Responsiblity (that's responsibility) 
and Voice. Write it down, bring it 
with you. and every now and then 
look at. Believe me. it will help. 
Respect. ..Responsibility. .Voice. 

Remember your parents. As 1 
have said to many of you before, just 
realize that your parents will always 
be ... your parents. No use fighting 
it. deal with it. imderstand it. and 
thank xour lucky stars you have 
them. Through all of the hassles 
and grief and unwanted advice, 
remember, no one loves you and 
cares for you as much. That's nice to 

Remember to be kind. This 
comes from my wife Susan, who for 
three years has told me to remind 
the graduating class to be kind. 

Rememl)er the staff. No. 1 mean 
remember your staff. Jeff Parker 
gave us the big thiunbs up (which of 
course may be the antithesis of a 
compliment), but I'll tell you. he is 
right. They challenged you, they 
caused you grief, they hassled, bat- 

tled, frustrated, annoyed, irritated 
and berated you. They tried to be 
funny and weren't: they tried to be 
serious and strict, and were funny: 
they were at times, lazy, moody, 
unreasonable and stubborn: but 
gentlemen, they are so proud of you. 
They worked so hard for you. and I 
can tell you they are the best you 
will find'. The RSGC staff is very 
special, with wonderful families 
who support them to no end and 
allow them to get the job done. 
Remember how lucky you are. 

Remember your prayers. Once a 
week I have the fortunate pleasure 
of meeting with the Grade 3 class. 
VjAch week I pick a story and read it 
to them. Children's literature can be 
so powerful, and there was a won- 
derful book that was truly memo- 
rable. It is the story of the relation- 
ship a young boy has with his grand- 
father. Through the story the dis- 
cussion centres around prayer, and 
makes the point that the act of 
prayer changes and charges the 
individual. So remember your 
prayers and remember the value of 
changing yourself. 

And finally, yes one last bit of 
advice, before you enter the world of 
apres high school. Gentlemen, 
remember each other. You have 
gone through a great deal during 
these past five years of high school, 
and the unity of this class cannot be 
challenged. Wlien all else was down 
you had each other, and I hope you 
will work hard to maintain these 
relationships, these friendships. 
Don't underestimate how important 
they are. 

So that's it. Can you believe it? 
As I have said to each graduating 
class before you. your task now is to 
go out and make us look good. I 
know you'll do it. and remember, 
you leave with our blessings and 
warm wishes. Thank you. Class of 
2001, and God bless. 


Ike Qe&n<fMtt 2000-200 f 

Junior School 

Nancy Steinhauer, Head of the 
Junior School 

From the Academic Centre 

Four years ago, when I arrived at 
Royal St. George's College, the 
Grade 8's were in Grade 5, the 
Grade 3 classroom was the 
Academic Centre, I was the only 
female teacher in the Junior School, 
and there were ten class periods in a 
day. What a distance we have all 
come since then! The Grade 8 class 
has grown, and so have the boys; all 
grades are in the Junior School 
Building; we have fewer longer peri- 
ods each day; and there are many 
new fabulous women (as well as all 
the wonderful men!) teaching at the 

Throughout this era of change. 
Royal St. George's has managed to 
hold onto the essentials - a commit- 
ment to music, the importance of 
manners, and those values outlined 
in the Georgian Code: respect, 
responsibility, and voice. Still, we 
are always trying to get better. Each 
year we have done so, by working 
collaboratively to challenge our- 

selves, continually striving for 

Now, more than ever, we are a com- 
munity. All our classrooms can be 
found in one building, a thriving 
learning organization. Teachers, 
students, and parents come togeth- 
er to engage in meaningful learning 
experiences and to further personal 
growth. The structure of our day 
has changed, the structure of our 
staff has changed, and we continue 
to evolve into the best school we can 

When I first got here, the Grade 5 
class was housed in the portable: 
David (x2), Anthony, Diederik, Max, 

year's leaders leave, next year's 
leaders will take their place. And so 
the cycle continues. 

Just as the Grade 8's will be 
embarking on a new journey next 
year, so will I. With me, I will take 
the many things that Royal St. 
George's has taught me. These 

• Men are from Mars and women 
are from Venus; 

• With some persistence and cre- 
ativity, just about anything can hap- 

• We are all capable of much more 
than we know. 

Jonathan (x2), Argus, Derek, 
James, Paul, and Brandon. I am 
astonished at the young men they 
have become. Each year, this group 
has been augmented and improved 
by the new members of their class. 
What a fine group of gentlemen they 
are. Like Royal St. George's, they 
have managed to hold onto the 
essentials, while growing and 
demanding more and more of them- 
selves. So too the rest of the student 
body has grown and evolved. As this 

I hope that as the Grade 8's go off on 
their journeys, they will keep these 
lessons in mind. And I hope they 
will remembei- their days in the 
Junior School with fondness, just as 
I will remember my days with all of 

Here's to a balanced, purposeful, 
and happy life! 

Nancy Steinhauer 
Junior Sciiool Head 

Ike. QeMqian 2000-200/ 


'^ke QeM<^ 2000-200 f 



Patrich Allen 


Anders Berggrcn 

■Jack Keiltv 

■Jaipal Singh 


Tiago Vieira 






nke Qe<yuficui 2000-2001 



Sephchr Banai 

Elliott Boake 

Adam Raponi 


Haren Renaiid 

Curtis Tsv 

Brendan Lee 


Absent: David Axivorthy, 
Alexander Samworth 

Evan Morgan 


Vke Qean(fi(m 2000-200 f 




Ross Golding 


Edward Beqaj 

David Clark 

Irfan Hajee 

Thomas Moore 

Hunter Blair 

Dash wood 

■Joh n 
Hare wood 




Alex Last 

Colin Noble 


Daniel Geneen 

Colin MacNicol 


Adam I'liillips 

Andrei Vi/rt'ci 

Ike Qetyuficm 2000-200 1 


will Had gcr Andrru Aiidrrn liilah Stephen Mitth.u Ch,. 

liiildaiuu Bradeen 

Muliucl Dieter Sheldon H>. Christopher Pair 

Clayton Fishbein Jaeknon Luekhursi 

Erie Sii Shaun I'adiilo Jonathan Erih Heed Philip ftnf'f'nl,: 


Chiranjeei Miehael Warren Cu/irev /;„,./„ Jamcso, 

Singh SonoKky Squihh Townley Thnur 


Andreie Harris and 

Joseph Lalner 


^ke Qetyufian 2000-200 f 


Patrick Hamer- 

Andrew Quick 



Mac Lean 

Ben Razii/is 



Jason Kirsch 

Alex Mather 

Ross Curtner 

Zachar\ Korn 

Kerim Melniik 

Max Sherman 

Pierre Eiras 

Carl Noel 

David Sterlinii 


Jeremy \\oii,i; 


lite Q&yuf4a*t 2000-200 f 


R\>tn ///.s7c.i' •'^'""' -Jiihii^iin ■Jlmolhy W'llhiiiii 

Knowtes Lovicvro 

Bciuicll Craifi Milnc l-'jau Minakcr ChnsUiplur 

Mcliridi- NicolofI 

Moltainincil Al Sicliolus KcrinDrury Kyle (ii>l(lini; -lahn Hnrrii I:- 

h'dili i'dirarctld 

Adam Roebuck Neville Sadry j^f^^^. ^.,^,„„, „,,, ,^/ .,.,„^,,. Andrcu 


■Jesse Sulliran Taylm Jiisaii )< 


'Ihe Qe(>n<ficui, 2000-2001 


Tt\Qn Gozlan 

McCain us 


'Jonalluin l\il; 




Alex MD 



Taylor Im rie 

Bryan Melnuk 

■Jonathan Rae 




Anthony Field 

Max Marshall 

Adam Optican 

Junue Smith 

Teddy \Vri!;hl 

Absent: Jacob Kadar Penner 

lite Qeottfian 2000-2001 


1(1/1 lii'sl Dtiiiil lilfiiahy Mithcul HiniUlw .-Iryi/.s DiTi'I: Ch, 


Cody Kilts Alexander Jeremy 'flu/mas Philip I.ara 

Furber Grynpas Harlocker 

Gaelan Love A.'.v'(' Mersky Miehael .James Oliorn ^^attheu 

Millu-ard Parh 

■John Elliot Perl Samuel Alexander Pfuff E.-l. Smith Sean Sydn, 


Paul lyehiiss lirandon ,\'alhaniel 

Wallana Whlfson 

Vke Qeo^ufioK 2000-2001 


Charles Crawford 

Scott Ackley Sam uel Bailey 

Matthew Davis 

Simon Chernin Jonathan Cliff Llam Cohl 

Wtltaim Gtinlnn lain Hall 

Aaron Bongard Todd Boxer 


Adam Branston Jeffrey Broum Matthew Burns Mark Camhatl Miehacl Cassels Gavin Chan 

Ian Colierjohn Corcoran Conn-Grant Drew Copeland 

Zachary De Guerre Taylor Drury Kyle Fearon Bryan Feheley 

Derek Hephiirn 

■loufiilutu Hiilthy (ireii -Johnson 


Ihe Qean(f4aH 2000-2001 


KiiKiipihi:, Slri)hrii KiiM /V/crArc I'ntil Kui ,ii Miihilfl lAlinhirl linn hut 

/),,„„,//,,,. .Iiinne Iaiw Wilham I..., I..'II Sloivn Tmuur .Matkiaii Ian Malhlmun 

M(uchtiin> ltu^^i-11 

Dnrtd MrCirlln Mullluu I'iu'i" Kvrvin Hrna Cnlin l{i,h,-^ -Insim Siihmai: Sl,ph,n S,nil>r^ 

Somcrrillc Sirinanirr I'uilluiiw 

n ^ n E! n ,111 

Owen Wlllidms MaKrit Yrnni: Itrnsrn Yu Erich /.\mm htn /.<ttuirrran .('a .»<—■■*, ^ p- 


Vke Qe&n<fkui. 2000-200/ 


Marlon Chambers Dick Chow 

Cameron Algiiire Graham Atkinson Adam Beresford Bradley Bolton 

Zacharv Bush 

Graham Dickhoiit Edward Chritopher Fisher Kevin Fouler Andrew Gordon 


Scoll Hall 

Hamlin- Douf^las 

Matthew Havles 


TYoy Cadogan 

Timothy Clark Ryan Cookson Nolan Davies Sean Davies 

David Jones John Josepheson 


'John Karantonis 


Albert Kong 


David Howe Winston Hugh 

Javson Lvnn Bradlev McKinnon 

Ike Qeonifian 2000-2001 




.SVianc Milne Haddon Murray 

Jed Ridgeway Michael Rieger 

Colm Schlosser Taylor Sharpc 

Adrian Ihrchet 

Hoherl I'arlier Vmolhy Parltir "I'm.v Pvnn Alrmndrr yuir* 

Gregory Hobinaon 


Michael Roebuck 

Alexander Rounthwaite Cody Sauer 

Jonathan Tarn Jeffrey Thompson Chmtophfr Todd 

Alexander 'IhnuT l-^'v Vyncr 'i\son Wavhtcr Aduni Wmstuii IkiU Wiseman 

Ahst-nt: Adam Shnr, .\tjlhantt'l 
Johnson. Daiid Zelikoxitz 


Vke. Qem(f4a*i 2000-200/ 

1\rotu- Bcnvman Matthew Rumshho Robert Cimicala 


1/1 •" 

Michael Algiiire James Appel 

Aurelc Debosset Mark Fox 

■Jnnafhan Haurvliih Justin Hi> 

■James Kapches Darid Kcrr-Xhynr -/i>r</<in hlrin 

Khrcu l.iiison -^^'/vT tore 


Jonathan Lucas I'rtrr Midrath Alrx .\f( .\(thh 



'^i^e Qeat^fioH 2000-200 1 

11 11 11 

Aarun Milthell James Palaua Inn I'nliUn Andrew Policlmyj Uuiiuld J\per Chrttlophrr Heintrk 

.. .^^ 

Joshua HcL-^man Morgan Hubes John Scit^ Kevin Smith Uantcl Su-ivriji Palruk Suain 

Linton Taylor Francis Teofiloiici Jesse Todrcs Mitchell Tomulka Mattheu Wilson Lkind WmUrhotlum 


^^l I. 

Gary Wong 'I}mothy Won/i Stephen Wifodiuifi^ 

Missinfj from these pictures are: Sandy Norton. Thomas 
Smith, Jesse Wachter. Ferjial Warde. Jeffrey Warjiaila. and 
Timothy Wong. 

Vke. Q&Mfian 2000-2001 


Ivan Chin 

Bruce Curtis 


Anur I'dntshishrh 

Jonathan Abraham Geoffrey Bo/ton Praaer ISurhan Ah-ja„der Carter 

Michael Chan 

Ronson Chan 

Philip Chou Drew Clark 

Cale Cook 

Victor Cotic Nicholas CratJg 

Adam Donald Gordon Dunlop 

Graham Durraut-Tayhr Alexander Edmison Timothy Enfield 

■Jamie Ferguson -Woods Andrew Ford 

Matthew French Stephen Gable Chnshipher Godfrey 

Mirheal Ilat/ghton Andreir Hepburn l-ltlmn Hoddes Clynn Hsiung Christopher rjohnson 

Ike QeanifiOK 2000-2001 




Michael Kennedy Matthew King 

Ostap Prokipchuk Andrew Rains 


Michael Kitchen 

Bradley Milne John Muluihill Kevin Ng 

Shahrooz ^'ikouei 

Geoffrey Renihan 

Andre u 

Jonathan Stethem Patrick Taylor Paul Teniamian 7)-c!W*r Thompson liruiii Ttni 

Mark bongo Spike Macrae Mario Maruzzo 

h'rancut Powell 

Christopher Roscoe \^de Sahnt TomotLZ Sidurvuu^ 

A/it./i4ir*' i tJier-Jt>nes 

Ahst'nt: (M-o/jfri'v Keating. Jcrrmy Pi^iott 

Conor Waufih-Mucken^u- Marl; W'llktns Stthulaa Wonfi 


Ike Qeo^u^ian 2000-200) 

I remember standing outside the fence to UCC when I was younger and 
being told that it was one of the best schools around (and if I worked hard 
enough, maybe I'd even get in!). After ten years at RSGC, I'm glad to say 
that I didn't go to another school. I came to RSGC in Grade Four, and every 
year has been incredible. I can still remember my first day of school, meet- 
ing my homeroom teacher, Mr. Morgan. So much has happened since then, 
all of which has contributed to my development. I wish to thank all of my 
teachers - your influence on me will see me through University. To my 
friends and, in fact, everyone that I have met while at RSGC - thank you; 
thanks also go to my Dad. Mom. and my brother. Ken. These past ten years 
have shaped who I am today, and for that, I am grateful. I leave with the 
knowledge that what I have learned at RSGC, both inside and outside of the 
classroom, will be with me for years to come. So. what else is there to say 
except thanks so much. 

Peter Adams 

Sd)-astuviiti ( "hello" in Russian;-) 

Well what can I say on this grad quote, probably not much, except that I 
had a lot of fun at RSGC. It was really good three years of my life, and I 
don't feel sorry for coming to this particular school. Although it was a very 
strange and new experience for me I have learned to appreciate it and 
maybe even like it;-). This last year was probably the best year, since this is 
the graduating year, it was also the best because of the grad trip. And I 
guess the only thing left to say is SHIN! 

Alex Arkanov 

I can't believe it has been five years already. Time just flies by. When 
I first came to RSGC in Grade 9 I was a little apprehensive about 
attending private school, but I definitely made the right choice. I've 
had a great time at RSGC and have made a lot of great friends. I will 
have very fond memories of RSGC to take with me. I'd like to thank all 
of my teachers: Mr. Love, Ms Miller, Mr. Lee. Di\ Leatch, my advisor 
Ms McPhedran, and Mr. Van Herk for helping me with all the university 
applications. I'd also like to thank my parents for their support. 
Finally, I'd like to thank all of the graduating class for making my 
time at RSGC such an enjoyable experience. 

Kris Arnohl 

lite Qeot^dOH. 2000-200/ 

"All I know is that I know nothing" 

Thanks to Mr. Van Herk. Mr. Hannaford, Dr. Leatch. Dr. Ryall. Mr.s. Miller. 
Ms Hill. Ms DeBlois. Mrs. Mustard. Mr. Wade West. Mr. Hutchison. Mr. 
Birkett. Dr. Newton. Mr. Reid. Mr. Sarellas. Mr. Evens, and Mr. Schreiner. 

Very special thanks to Mr. D'Arcy, Dr. Ska. Mr. \m\l'. and .Mr. V. 

Above all. thanks to my parents for the support as well as the opportunity 
and privilege of attending this great school. 

Eraser Baldrx 

Well, here we are. A million miles and a thousand smiles, and finally the 
light at the end of the tunnel is becoming so bright it's burning my retinas. 
While its impossible to sum up 8 years of memories in 200 words or less. 
there are a few things I can say will remain with me forever. I grew up with- 
in the walls of RSGC, and I've come a long way from that shy little grade 6 
I once was. Looking back on things. I'm sure I'll eventually forget all the 
math and gi-ammar I learned, but I'll never forget the little things I learned 
about being a friend, an enemy, a son, and a brother, the little life lessons 
that are worth more than any degi-ee or diploma. This is my thank you to 
everyone along the way. the friends and enemies who made me who I am. 
You're all a part of me now. A special thank you to my parents for their end- 
less support and understanding, also a big shout out to Jimmy. Sancho. 
Mutes and everyone at the Dog. 'Till we meet again, keep your stick on the 

Love, Peace, Empathy, Desire, Mischief and Gladness 

Daniel Bennett 

Don't ask me nuthin. like hey man. what do I know about High Schoor.' I 
guess after 5 years there should be something, but it might actually take con- 
centration to think of it. I guess the best I can say is that it's been there and 
now it's a part of me. How that will hold up my future has yet to be seen. But 
it's been good, actually the best, even some of the classes :). and I hope the 
school will survive after I leave even if I don't. Ha ha. Anyway. I guess 1 should 
thank all my teachers over the years. Paulin. Keenan. Coopie. Pengelly. 
Father Hill. *Timm* (no comment). Those guys aren't here, but I'm sure 
they're having fun. As well, all my teachers from previous years (You know 
who you are. sorry for the Hell). And my OAC's: Miller (The open-minded 
npiMoach). D'.Vrcy (Comp .sci is hard). Hannaford (Ixne the jokes). DeBlois 
(1)1). LOVE the dresses). Leatch (10 things 111 never forget). Rankin 
(Hurricanes are GOOD). Ryall (Math is fun. if it makes you money). 
.'-^onifrvilK' (I never knew how nuuh I liked writing). Then theiv's my hvids. 
-JJ's Crew. Corner Crew. Unos. Duos and Trios crew, and anyone else who ma> 
not be included in those groups. Have a blast guys. I know I will. 

Tbphcr Bennett 

Ike Qeon^fian 2000-200/ 

So many Thanks and Praises: my beloved Parents for making both my hfe 
and my career at St. George's possible; my many brothers for making life 
more lively, my extended family; the departed: Le Coopes, Monsieur. P., 
Monsieur. D., Fr Hill, Mr. Timm "The Door's on the wall man", and more. 
Those who are still here: Mr. Siewert - for linguistic refuge every year - Dr. 
Skalinski- for laughs and problem solving - Dr. Leatch - for being bald - Mr. 
Rankin- for, well, you know - Dr. Newton - for being a cool dude- Mrs. Miller 
- Oy! Ms. McPhedran, Mr. Jamieson - for your wit -, Mr. Love, Fr. Dave, all 
teachers everywhere. Our unsung support staff: Rudy and Richard - for all 
kinds of things-. Dale- you're a nice guy you ****head J-, Kevin, Norman, 
Mr. Carter AKA Errand Boy, Lisa who worked in the back of the lab before 
E.B.: thanks for keeping me awake in Gr. 11 bio (no offence A-i-:). Those on 
the 3rd floor: Mrs. Hall, Mr. White, and Mr. Hutton. Girls of Loretto. 
Students: elders (you know), youngers (Elliott!, too many) and my peers - 
those with whom I was a crazy partyer, those with whom I have wined and 
dined many times, and those with whom I shared conversation. 

Nicholas Boake 

Six years have come and gone, and what have I done? I've toured Northern 
Europe with the Choir and my friends. I went on all those little trips to 
places like Quebec. Ottawa, Bolton. I've been able to compose music for the 
school play. I took up three new instruments. I already have a life's worth 
of experience, and I feel as though things have just started. Most impor- 
tantly, though, is that I've made friends that I hope to stay in touch with for 
the rest of my life. 

Every day we come closer to discovering who we are. or what we want to 
become. This school brought me closer to that realization than I could ever 
have imagined. 

Cheers to everyone for everything, 

Soren Brothers 

"Carpe Diem", not taken too seriously (MT) that is exactly what I have done 
since I started here four years ago. I can't think of a better place to have 
spent my high school years. I've learned a lot from my experiences; the 
BF's, Quebec City (802 styles - don't forget Oxeden and Coventry Crew GW- 
Oxford) Cardy-gras, JJ's, SE and infatuation. I would like to thank my fam- 
ily: my mother, Margaret, for always keeping me on track and knowing 
what to say, my father, Roland for being a best friend, my sister, Baye for 
advice and a buffer zone and my grandparents. Bill and Marion McCormick, 
for all they have provided. I would also like to thank Mr. Gage Love, if uni- 
versity is as interesting as your class I will have a blast. Guys, I didn't for- 
get you. I know you were here for this one MT. Thank-you SSx2. MH. KO. 
DB, DL, DH, and AE you were all amazing. MT, you've always kept me hon- and rivaled my sarcasm, AM, off to a great start, thanks! AL, what can 
1 say'? Bitterness is comedy. And a special thanks to GW (JJ Hong), you're 
my reality check. 

I can't believe it's over... 


Gcnff Curdy 

lite Qeotqion 2000-200 f 

Thanks to : Alley 1. 2. and '^ (Kirl's names, I swear). Ms Hill, you have been 
most kind. Most of the grade lO's of this year (especially Jed for letting us 
chill at his house all those times, hehe). To all the teachers who were patient 
and kind (and to hell with who weren't). The B.F (yeahl). free.<tyling. 
all my buddies. St. Donat 1999 and everyone who was there. We had a blast. 
I had a lot of fun in general, got into a lot of trouble, surprised that I lasted 
long enough to write this. I wish all the grads the best, with whatever 
they're getting up to. .Ml right. I got writer's block, I'm outta here! 

To those who gave me a hard time: 

"no ones ever gonna tell me what I have to do 

I live my life the way I want I don't care about your little world 

.\nd I can't believe you're telling me 

Wiiat's good for me. how do you know what's good? 

And I can't believe you're telling me 

What to believe, get away from me. my right" Screeching Weasel 

Oliver Carmichacl 

There are many different ways of looking at my journey through RSGC. 
From Latimer to Hannaford. my man Coops to DeBlois. or Gorecki to Conn- 
(Irant. a lot of people have come and gone. There are. of course, the few guys 
that have stuck with me the whole way: Benny, lord knows how many times 
you've made me laugh, if you end up being a business man I'll kill you. 
Wallace. BIG GUY. don't worry about it. Donny Bwai. remind me to never 
take any classes with you. ..ever.. .sin. Nubv. my man. how much gas money 
do I owe you"? Dylan, I don't how we made it. ..but we fS#kin did! Coops. 
Orlando. C-Newt, V.H.. E.T., you guys run (ran) the school. Senior Hockey, 
Kennedy. Gale. Bruce, and of course TITO, keep up the tradition. My fellow 
prefects: it was an absolute blast for me. I hope it was for you tool 
(Initiation: you're under arrest. ..twice!). T-bone's field party, Ruta . Jagasia 
ridin' shotty of course. Finally. I would like to thank my Mom. Dad and my 
Bro for being there during all the good times and the bad times. If it weren't 
for you guys. I'd be lost! You're the BEST. 
"It was all a dream" -Christopher Wallace (B.I.G). 

D'Arcv Cook 

Siiin! It's finally over and I couldn't have made it without some help. Mom 
and Mario, thanks for being cool parents (thanks for the Birthday beers). 
Thanks to Mr. D'Arcy. Ms Somerville. Dr. Leatch and Mr. .Jamieson. You 
guys helped a lot - but my boyz made it fun. What up to RSGC crew; D'Arcy. 
Don. Ben. Nubby, Cam and Tha Rutabegga (00-Ruta). Ben. you owe me 
rent: Nubby. keep cruisin" in da cadd\ - Geno's and Snoop Dogg: Cam. you da 
masta of that chair game; OO-Ruta. chill on da buddah • stcKjps and Ixjst 
Boyz; D'Arcy. La Familiar; Don, see you in Montreal - Rupe Randi - we 
gonna win some Oscars. Much love to the hood rats: .leremy. Oliver. 
Morgan. IJttle Willis. BUur aTui the rest of the rats at Yonge and St. Clair • 
Parkwood. Special thanks to the girl who got me through the toughest 
times, staying with mi' through the family proiilems. love you. Sofia. 
"It's not the pace of life that 1 nund; it's the sudden stop at the end." 
Cai\in (.^ Hobbes 

Dylan Ellis 

^Ite QeoA.(fian 2000-200/ 

So this is the end of the fast times at St. George's High. There are a few 
peeps at this school who kept me out of the gutters through friendships and 
other reasons unnamed. Big Up to J.J.'s Crew- Nubby Dinker, Sirrah Nod, 
Coffer, Da Prez and other random regulars. Barracks Crew- Sutherlands, 
Fat Slow Dave, C, Jar Jar Binks, Shieny with the B and C. All the boys to 
party with- Ben, Paul Chione, Dan from Inglewood, Fat C, Serone, Dylan, 
D'Arcy, Fat Russian, Ollie and all the others. To the teachers who helped me 
through those rough times, you know who you are. Only one word can 
describe this feeling- SiiiN! 
- Peace out Rude Bwaiis 

Sean Ewing 

Thanks a freakin' lot: Mom, Dad, Family. Gee whiz you guys are swell. All 
the fine folks I've met here - thanks. Teachers who went ahead and made 
my day: Mr. Wade West, Mr. Martin - thanks for all the music, Mr. Love, Dr. 
Leatch, Dr. Newton. Mr. Timm. Mr. Van Herk. Friends are for suckers: 
Jesse is straight edge - thanks for all the grand old times and all the laughs 
in your basement (BSE, As One, Bored of Education. The Eunuch Boys, The 
Stinkbombs). Fartin Martin Farkas - the only person I know who could 
make me trace my.. ...self on a cd in Jesse's car (No blade, no thrash), Jonny 
the punk - Til see you on ebay, buddy. Max, our friendship can be summed 
up in two words: Chicken Wings. Dan 'n' Paul 'n' Jim 'n' Kazuo 'n' Austin. 
Grad Ti-ip 2001-1 think I'll retire early. The Free Times Cafe. Thanks to 
Murrays's Superior Pomade, Dax Wave and Groom, and pocket combs. 
"These days are going fast so don't look back cause before you know it you're 
bald and fat. Fear of crow's feet and spare tires spawned this tide of youth 
that's surging in me cuz I don't wanna be 30. So **** your maturity. As 
adult oblivion beckons, now's the time for a YOUTH ATTACK!" 

Jonah Falco 

"It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine" 


Thank you to all staff and students who helped me get through these cru- 
cial years- you know who you are. 

To all the guys still in the music program, understand that your facilities 
and teachers are like no other in the city. You have many great things at 
your fingertips such as a beautiful new music room complete with a record- 
ing studio, plus amazing trips to uiiiciuc places in the world. Don't let it 
slip away. 


'. I'm outta here. 

Elliot Ficnbcvi' 

Ike Qeo'UfdaM. 2000-200 1 

When I first came to St. George's. Mr. Latimer was the Headmaster and I 
was a Httle fat kid with glasses. Alter eight years. I changed: so did RSGC. 
Hut we're both still the same at heart: I'm still a little fat kid with glasses. 
I List in a hairier, skinnier body. And for school'.' Mr. Hannaford is now the 
Headmaster, but 1 still get stories read to me in class by Ms. Somerville. just 
like Mr. McElroy used to do when I was in Grade 4. 

Sometimes people fear the future, worry and wonder about what's wait- 
ing ahead of them. I have to admit. I don't know where I'll be in two years. 
But I do know who I'll be in two years, so I know wherever I will be. I'll be 
happy. With one last step. I'll have left RSGC. the place that's nurtured me 
through eight years of my life, and the place that's stood by me during the 
darkest days and hardest moments. No matter where I go. I'll know this 
school won't leave me. because it was in these halls and on that dark. 
rugged tarmac that I learned how to be who I am and who I want to be. 

I could never ask for anything more than what you've all already given. 
Tiiank you. 

Sandy Gibson 

Thanks for accepting me back after m\- brief visit to Ridley. To all of those 
who have given me drives or let me 'crash' at their house - I owe you. To all 
of my teachers, coaches, and anyone who helped me become better- 
THANKS for everything. I am sorry for the problems I may have caused (if 
any). Ms Cook your class was my favourite, next to Bushy's Gr. 11 Comp Sci. 
Ms Hill thanks for everything. 

To the '01 grads-I love most of you guys. 

I'.S. to those of you in my math class in gr.ll "Suck My Conduct" 

Jason George 

Well, it's finally over and it tdok n\v nearly five years to figure out why they 
(all it high school. To Mom. Dad. Adam and Emily, this never would have 
\)L'vn possible without your love, friendship, guidance and support. Thanx to 
the people who stuck by me through the best and the worst of times. The 
S.T.U. for Bobs Lake and always having my back: to the gangsta and tha 
kiila. for makin' 14th precinct bow down to us: Jim. for ski trips, cottage 
runs and pool shed fiascos: Professor John, our adventures begin summer 
2001: Jonah J. Cancun 2001. thanx buddy: Linda: Hopewell, for .ALW-A^S 
being there: .Austin. Ill see you at your bar: Heather and .Mexis: and all the 
prefects 2001. midnight basketball anyone'.' Those not mentioned are not 
forgotten. Thanks to the teachers who went above and beyond for me: Mr. 
I)'.\rcy, Mr. Van Herk. Dr. Leatch(for your 10 rules to get through life). .Mr. 
Kerr (thanks for senior beer ball and ski team). Mr. Latimer for teaching me 
that manners maketh men. Mr. Jamieson. and Ms Dublois. Finally to all the 
L:rails that have shared part or all of the past 7 years with me. Thanks for 
all the laughs. I wish you all well -"See you on the other side" 

I^anicl Green 

'^Ue Qmn<fian 2000-200 f 

The past 5 years have been the best of my Hfe. T-Bu"s "inspiring" Art 
class, Quebec city's Lady Maryanne Gr. 10, BYOB Bolton trips, TTC bus 
parties for semis. Cancun and Cardi Gras, B-Team rendzvous. grad prank 
2001 with city pulse and the 14 div. Shout-outz 2 my boyz (<i' "St. G" 
BASKIT.CARDY(sorry "bout the door) and the rest of you fine upstanding 
students. "DAVE1SMESSINUP".JJ'S CRU To my B-boyz-LU-SlIIN, 
CLYNN .(IF I FORGOT YOU. SORRY IM DRUNK) 2 my beaches click: 
jungle). MY FAM: PETE. PENNY, ANNA, ELLEN = you guys mean every- 
thing 2 me! B.F YASEMIN EMORY - you've always been there for me don't 
forget 35. And last but not least to DEVON, my gorgeous sweetheart - 1 will 
never forget you. you mean the world to me. 



Donald Harris 

First I would like to thanks my whole family for putting up with me for all 
those years. I'd like to thank the little man in the PE dept. If it wasn't for 
him I would not be writing this. To JT. AT, and PS for putting up with me 
for all those games and practices. To the 'sauga crew: GO TRAIN!!. To the 
boys from the beginning GC.GW, MT thanks for the beds those many nights 
and the 802 styles. TO JAG: "Suck My Conduct", best math class ever. To 
the soccer boys, big hole to fill but I know it will be done. To all the teach- 
ers I had thanks for making me the way that I am now you were all a big 
help. To the grads of '01, you boys have been awsome and thanks for a great 
year. I came here a boy , but I'm leaving this place a man, with the help of 
everyone around me and I am very grateful. I can't forget the one person 
who has been there for me. for a long time, that's you MD. To all the boys 
who know me all I have to say is "SPORTS"! 

Mathew Hudson 

Mad amounts of respect to all the original LP crew, and all the lovely 

ladies that reside on Chatsworth. 

Big up RSGC posse, these last 2 years have been absolutely relaxing to the 

maxing. Ms Hill I owe you big time. 

Mom and Dad, I owe everything to you, Ravi. Jay. Stefanie, I love you too. 

Big up all the late night crew (Graham Husler. The Proffesor, MC Cakes. 

Princess LeLe) Honourary member Autistic Emily. 

One love to all my hometown crew (Wong. Slut Master Flex, Tony, Bobby 

Steeles, Salivatore, Steve, Schmack. T-Bone. Ryan "I need an oriental" 

Brody. Carl. Tintin. Shamless) 

To all our memories, late night missions, early morning sessions, weekday 

files, there's more to come. I love you all. sec you when we're nil livin 

the life, (out of the fast lane). 

Kris Jagasia 

Ike Qe^ttfian 2000-200/ 

It's been a long, but quick 7 years that I've been at RSGC. I must say. I've 
enjoyed everyone. I'd like to pive my most sincere thanks to all the staff who 
helped me through, especially Mr. D'Arcy, Mr. Love and Mr. Rankin. I can- 
not thank my Dad enough. Dad, I did it all for you... and you know who else. 
To the grads. thanks for a great year and one very memorable night. Thanks 
everyone- it's been great. 

Aaron Latner 

1 have definitely seen my fair share of highs and lows during my seven year 
trial here at St. George's, thankfully more highs than lows, all attributable 
to the friends I've made and those men and women who have drilled me for 
not doing my homework or for skipping chapel to go for coffee and dough- 
nuts. ACooper, ETimm, Keenan, JKerr (you and I both know the ski team 
never needed a manager, thanks). EMiller. DLeatch (you know too muchi). 
Ska (well, there goes the dream of being a physicist). RHoldsworth(do you 
know I'm graduating?). Ms Hill (how many infractions do I have?) and a 
special thank you to everyone else who was essential to my gradual accep- 
tance to a post-secondary institution. Of course, to me. the most integral 
part of my high school career has been the friends that I've made, and I'd 
just like to thank a few of them, Colin. SS2. Nuby. Sean, El Prez, Rob, 
Sirrah Nod, D'.Arcy, Cardy, plus everyone else I ever hung out with, Jar-Jar, 
DG. PM, EUisD, TB. 

"We're jammin' - To think that jammin' was a thing of the past: We're 
jammin , And I hope this jam is gonna last." Bob .Marley 

David Lindermere 

Its been 3000 hours commuting, hut it's been worth it. Thanks to my par- 
ents, teachers and staff, especially Mr. D'Arcy, Mr. Van Herk and Mr. 
Hirkett. To all the boys that I've spent up to 7 years with, I can't think of a 
iietter bunch of guys. Special mention to those who made the years espe- 
cially amusing. Mentions go to Tiemblant I & II, "Its just water". Prefect 
Initiation 00. Grad Room Full Contact British Bulldog (admit it-it was 
tun).CardyGras, 9 Guys in a bathroom, Thompy's Dad's, Dan's "gatherings". 
The HC Tennis net fiasco, all the Semis. Chronic 2000 (bling bling). Paul: 
$500,000 = Peanuts we'll compare in 10 years. No thx to traffic enforcement 
m ON or NY. To everyone on Grad Trip who made it better than anyone 
imagined. Thanks to Jonah, and no thanks to Mexican bus drivers & 
Captain Jose Juan. Table & Chairs on the beach. RSGC Hardcore crew 
(14/23) I" 0:30 am. New Years 2000 at Paul's (sorry, bud). New Years 2001 (a; 
J.W's. Special thanks to the Missi.ssauga Connection (JAG. Hudson & Sarah 
who made life in the burbs almost tolerable). Ill see you all at my bar - 
\ou're all free. Remember: Don't (Question Me. I'm out. 

Austin Ixickc 

Ike Qeon<jMm 2000-200/ 

Ten years of service successfully completed with an honourable discharge. 
Thanks to the following: my parents and family; Friendly & Harry; my best 
friend and constant ally; the gang that doesn't need no permit to parlay. The 
Prefects; all my friends in all the grades, Kazuo-san, Jesse sXe, Joner, 
Aaron, Adam, Li'l Rewa, Norman, Fartin Martin, Chriscipline & Season, 
PBvD & C.P.Smythe (Dante & Jaime), Toby & Moon, tattoos by Civ; the 
staff, Messrs. Latimer, Hannaford, Morgan, Lee, Bryant, Jamieson, 
Holdsworth, Newton, Denis, Padres Hill & Donkin; the ladies, Madame 
Moutarde, Ms. Hill, Mrs. Miller; special thanks to Herr Doktor Hauptmann 
James Leatch, the finest teacher I ever had; U.S. Thugs. HSC OG's, Rancid, 
Mods 'n Rockers crew. Full Blast, NYC skins, TO punx. Finally all this is 
dedicated to the loving memory of my lost friend David Reeser, R.LP. 
"And no one said it was going to be easy, but I'm not afraid to try, and with 
the odds stacked up against me I will have to fight, one life, one chance, 
gotta do it right!" - H20 

Jonathan Lofft 

Firstly, I must thank my family and my parents especially. Your support 
was crucial to my surviving the last 7 years. Secondly, to all the friends that 
have come and gone. Dan and Rob - the world belongs to us. Austin - have 
your underlings call my underlings. Jim - you see the game last night? To 
all my White Panthers, we set records and we will be remembered for a long 
time to come. To those who have passed on - EM. VM, JD, DR - I miss you 
all so much. To the teachers that have changed me: Mr. Darcy, Mr. Orlando, 
Mr. McMaster, and Mr. Love. To Jeannie - you have been my foundation. 
Mav - negative ghostrider. the pattern is full. DP - rouge squadron's all-time 
leader. JB - craziness. Carly - knockin'... Thanks to all the SE gang and 
TEMC, WWF, 90210, food in general, and all professional sports. To the 
Softball teams, house league football, and for all the trips including Cancun. 
Thank you RSGC, for the fantastic opportunity I have been given. I cannot 
and will not disappoint. "Where do we go now?" - Axl Rose 

Paul Macchione 

Everyone gets pushed down at some point in their life. Remember, the ones 
who make it to the top are the ones who can get back up. Living life to the 
fullest is a constant battle. My success is as a result of the people I love. Dad 
and Susan - I'm grateful for the 7 years we got to spend together, we should 
have done this sooner!!! Lindsay - thank you for keeping me on track and 
being beside me all the way. I've been so fortunate to have such a close fam- 
ily- your love and support is a blessing - you are all the reason I'm here 
today. To my friends, you have all been a huge part of my life - good luck in 
the road ahead and God bless you all. A.J., Rob and Sean - despite our dis- 
tance, you're still close to me - I'll never forget our times at S.G.P.P. and S.I. 
(working Hi hrs/day with Rob - Party 25 hrs/day with A.J. & Sean) Brendan, 
Scott and Daniel, thank you for the inspiration - Mr. Viljoen. thank you for 
making that inspiration look good! M.R.M. - you are with me forever. 
"Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there, with open anus and opiMi eyes" 


liohrii Macdonald 

Ike Qe»'Uf4a*t 2000-200 1 

Its about f'u*&$«'g timel It's been an awesome 4 years and I wanna thank 
some peeps who made it that way. Mom, Dad. Omama: thanks for all the 
love and working so hard to keep me here. D'Arcy. Dylan. Cam. Don. Chris. 
Al. Andrew. TSrone. Peter, Chuckles: you guys are the best group of friends 
anybody could ask for - especially D.C. & D.E.: Lord knows how much rent 
I owe youz guyz. Naiomi: always have time for you. Nadya: you kick so 
much ass. UCC; thanks for lettin" me go - I couldn't stand you. Mr. O & Mr. 
H: thanks for the chance. Dr. Newton, Mrs. Miller. Mr. Kerr, Mr. 
Holdsworth. Mr. Siewert: it takes a real teacher to be friend - much appre- 
ciated. Ms Hill; 12 years is not a big deal. Mr.Keenan: what the hell was 
your problem? Mr. & Mrs. Bury: you've been great to me. Erica (AKA Jerica); 
love you too much - you made it oh so sweet. Thanks to everyone who under- 
stood me - I know it was hard sometimes. Everybody; good luck with your 
futures (if you have one). 

"It's mind over matter, and what matters most is the mind isn't guard- 
ed by a Ion of shade." -De La Soul 

Ben McPhee 

This place is made of bricks and mortar, but inside it is filled with people 
and chances. I hope that I have made the most of the chances those people 
have afforded me. Seven years of my life have been given to St. George's. In 
return. I have received a box full of memories; From the good times, to the 
Free Times, I'll always remember the BF. The Shieny Jamboree. Cardygras. 
or even one night spent with nine guys in a bathroom. Wondering who's 
Ezra?. I recall New Year's Eve and the Gangsta. the Killa. and the DD. The 
Crazy Canucks. Hep!I Sir!! Hip!!, or our travels around the world. To an 
awesome class and a dedicated staff. I give thanks. Thanks to my family 
that has given me so many opportunities in life, and thanks to the friends 
who have always stuck by me. I've reached highs and lows on this roller 
coaster gone awry, discovering life with my body and soul. Now it's time to 
jump trains and find a new track. St. George's has taught me how to suc- 
ceed: now its time to excel! "1 was taught a month ago to bide my time and 
take it slow, but then I learned just yesterday to rush and never waste the 
day." Go Leafs Go! Rip Ram Razzle Scram. 

Jim Morrison 

What's up now?! It has been quite a ride over the past 7 years at St. 
George's. I can hardly believe how much things have changed over my edu- 
cation career: from Mosh Pits in grade 8 to Crock Hunter in the Grad room. 
I would not have made it without all the support: Mom and Dad. 1 made the 
right choice. Jen you're the best, thanks for being there. .\I1 the teacher's 
thanks for the knowledge, esp. Mr. Rankin and the Thornbury's. keep on 
rollin". I can't forget my boys: Daw-C did what's his name done get at ya? 
Wallace, you'll always he my roomy, lates. Dylan, hope they find that snake. 
McPhee. Chin Nuts? And Sirrah Nod. Chewy chu pokalush!! To the rest of 
my bredrin 111 miss you all and I'll never forget the memories; the dances. 
semi's and parties (Brew-ha-ha, cardigras. 'IVrone's). all the Ladies 
(Charlotte and B.H.. Havergal), Senior Soccer. School trips. JJs Crew (Dana 
and grandma). Rooster. Corner. Stan's. Phil D.. the Barracks. Halifax. 
Cancun 2001 (cerveza porfavor? We got right randied). Peace I'm outta 
here.. .SIN!!! 
"To try and change the world. I will plot and .scheme." - Beastie Boys 

Andrew Ncuhiirv 

^ke Qeoncfian 2000-200 f 

i was Fortunate enough to have a whole speech to do my last thank yous 
and some of those "rememBer the times." so, what i will do now is saY this: 

to all those i have Met over the past eighteen years of my life; to the 
ones who have left the greatest impressions Upon my life; to the ones who 
i have met in passing; to the ones who mean the most to me; to the ones that 
i have forgotten but have not forgotten me; to the ones with whom i have 
shared my most preCious moments; to tHe ones that i wiLl never see again; 
and tO all those who will be close to me throughout the rest of my life, you 
will always be a part of who i am and i will never forget that. 

people have called me many things, here are some of them: 

- kazuo. kauzo, kaz, kazoo, kuzo, kiazo, kazou, keVin, kozo, kaschEw, 
brew, brew miester, k-brew. special k, kazaow, kimosabe, k-man, r-b, cosmo, 
cosmic, fozzy, cazzwell, oishi, oish. oishi san, kazuski, kazuki, kazlov, joe, 
bob, and whatever ever else you want to call me. 

Kazuo Oishi 

"Management of many is the same as management of few.It is a matter of 
organization"- Sun Tzu 

Well, nine years and about 130 000 dollars later I'm graduating from RSGC. 
Although it has been a fun but tough nine years at RSGC, I couldn't have 
picked a better school to attend for both my elementary and high school 
education. First, I'd like to thank my parents for their financial support 
($$$$) and for their time support. I would like to give a special thanks to 
Mr. V.H., science department (Dr. Ska), Mr. Raid and Mile. DeBlois, Dr. 
Newton, and Ms. Miller, Mr. J. Lee, and most importantly Mr. D'Arcy. 
Third, I thank my friends Seiior Brandon Vasquezo, John Roman, Jeff the 
"pious one" Parker, Kris "Delaware" Arnold (because there is nothing spe- 
cial about Delaware). Alex "the RED EXPRESS" Arkanov and the AMF 
(Amir Fardshisheh). Also I'd like to thank the ASIAN TRIAD: Kevin "nitro 
boy" Ng, Kung-Fu Master Clynn Hsuing, and to Ronson Chan for repre- 
sentin" and keepin' it real. Lastly. I'd like to congratulate the rest of the 
graduating class and wish them success and happiness in the future. 

Michael Pang 

What can I do except say thank you? It's been great. I owe so much 
to so many people. Most importantly, thank you. Mom and Dad. You have 
always been there, supporting me, encouraging me and kicking my butt 
when necessary. I also have to acknowledge the whole staff of R.S.G.C, and 
specifically: Mr. Love (Winch forever!), Mr. Rankin (Horatio is good), Mr. 
Doerksen (Mmmm... doughnuts), Mr. Martin (WATCH THE STICK!), Mrs. 
Miller (thanks for debating), Mr. Siewert (keep up the Latin), Rev. Donkin 
(no incense!) Mr. D'Arcy and Mr. Van Herk (getting me into university) and 
Dr. Leatch (sir, you're incredible). Finally, thanks to the grad class 
(it's been a learning experience) and my friends: AH and PM (see you 
at WM 18); BV, SB and MP (Kirby's revenge); EH and NB (my little 
socialist buddies); CR (we stole the show); SG (thanks); the 
Server's Guild (we're #1) and JR (I'm in your debt). 
Good luck guys. 

Non ego sum stultus ut ante 

Jeffrey Parher 

Ike QeMCfdon 2000-200/ 

I Kt'iit'i'iilly considLT myself to be a pretty articulate guy. but to sum up all 
that R.S.G.C. means to me in 200 words is impossible. So. I will take this 
opportunity to offer my sincere thanks to those who have helped along the 
way. 'lb my family: Bama and Dana. Dedo. Mom and Dad. Robert. Jim and 
Sue. and of course. Miss Daisy. Without your love and guidance, nothing 
that 1 have accomplished would have been possible. Thank you. To my love- 
ly Tatiana, who has taught me so much. I will cherish your constancy, love 
and support forever. "If you live to be a hundred..." To all my friends, thank 
you for being there. Prefects "OO-'Ol (it's been fun). Jonah, thanks for three 
hands, good advice, and more laughs than I can count. It is a privilege to 
call you my friend. To xJamesx and P'artin" Martin, thanks for all the fun 
in the basement. Without the guidance of numerous members of the facul- 
ty, lets just say I'd probably be in trouble. Special thanks to Fr. David, who 
has lent an open ear whenever I was in need, and in the process has become 
a valued friend. Well. I guess that's just about it. "I'll be back". 

Jesse Parker 

St. Ci's was a mystery when I first arrived, but 1 became wise to its work- 
ings shortly after. I always found it to be comfortable and I will always look 
hack on these years here as being time well spent and wasted at the same 
time. From JJ"s to the barracks, the times were never rough, always a clear 
path ahead. ..chillin with the D-Girls and the rest of the peeps in Cancun 
and drinking tequila (oh yeah). ..all the fun in one year felt like a week. ..To 
all my buddies at R.S.G.C. I have to say one thing. ..SIN. all know 
what I mean. Ill never forget the original JJ's crew, the time well wasted 
in class when 1 should have been learning something, and the fun I had 
chilling with all the peeps. With all that out of the wav there's onlv one 
thing left to say.. .Ms Hill, you're the BEST!!! SIN!!! 

David Presnail 

My time at R.S.G.C. has most often been trying, so I thank my family and 
friends for their support. We all have a long road ahead, and we will find 
out where it all leads to soon but. until then, remember to stop and enjoy 
the scenerv. 

Nee rege, nee populo. sed utroque 

John Roman 

^he. Qeon^fum 2000-2001 

To all those that supported me over the years I give my thanks. 

To all those that did not, bah to you I say! 

All the parties, all the peeps, and all the good times were fun. The Porch 

Pals, B. Crew, the barracks, cottage sessions, grad trip (tequila anyone?), 

pump the bronco, softball for ever, the shieny mobile, da boyz, da girlz, and 

everyone else. 

There are also the teachers that must get the thanks: Rankin (spanks), 

Leatch (Dr. Bald). Kerr (the Captain, yaaaar). Love (Love gage. Dr. Love, 

glove), Ms Hill (foxy lady), Mrs. Miller (lights out!!), Viljoen (...). 

Take it with ease - shieny 

Steven Shienfield 

Time to move on. yeah! Move out, travel the world and experience life. 
Never forget to appreciate what you have: Your health, a mind, loved ones. 
These are the things that wealth is made up of. Time spent with friends, 
learning about new things, memories, and having a good time. Follow your 
own path. Life is an adventure, don't be too serious. It's worth trying to 
make a difference. A special thanks to: My parents who have blessed me 
with life, loved and taught me, Mr. V for teaching me how to look at the 
world. Father D for being a best friend. Thanks to all my teachers and men- 
tors and to the RSGC community. Thanks to all my friends and all the 
adventures we have shared. I wish 1 could write them all down. DR. DL, 

Colin Simpson 

Five years and thousands of dollars, and the only thing I can think of is how 
many Twix bars I could have bought instead (75000). But seriously, I would 
like to thank my family, especially my mom. Dr. Leatch (aka Dr. Bald, my 
evil nemisis). Mr. Love. Mr. Rankin. Ms Hill, and Mr. Kerr (arrr...the 
Captain) for making RSGC the place to be. In the future 1 will still listen to 
great tunes, appreciate a sunny day, and always party hard. In addition, 1 
will follow my dreams and start my own businesses - a head shop, and an 
outfitting company. I will always remember the BF, Quebec City (the Lady 
Maryanne), Ottawa, the Barracks and the Porch Pals (you know who you 
are), Basketball, and Siiiiiin. The past 5 years have not been perfect - 
Reeser's untimely death, for one,, but this experience, and other negatives, 
have only made me stronger and helped to transform me into the man I am 
today. I wish everyone good luck and happiness. Take it with ease from the 
Keg Man. 

PS. "Pump the Bronco" 


Simon Sutherland 

Ihe Qe0'Uf4a*t 2000-2001 

Over the past seven years at RS(!C' I have many good and bad memories. 
But there is no sense in dwelling on the bad stuff. The main reason I went 
to school was to go to class, so because of that I want to thank my good 
teachers (and coaches) over the years: Mr. Pengelly. Dr I>eatch. Mr. 
McMaster, Mr. Rankin. Everyone who has been a friend to me over the last 
seven years I will miss you guys (I don't want to forget anyone, but you 
know who you are). But the one thing that keeps high school great is the 
memories you share with everybody. Trips to Quebec, Venus DeLight. 
Tivmblant 00/01. Too many Brick Factories. We own the Barn 2000-01!!!. All 
the crazy semi's and parties. 4;2(). skipping pointless classes (refer to the 
last comment). Cancun was Nutz! All praise the monkey cat! ... SiN. 
"Lead vour own life, don't let it be led for you." 

Michael Thompson 

Well. I've been at the school for seven years and it's hard to believe that time 
has gone by so quickly. I still remember feeling old in grade eight. I have 
really enjoyed my years at R.S.G.C. and I will probably never forget the 
many nicknames that have been created for me (no need to mention them 
all). I guess no one will ever know the true secrets behind the banana plan- 
tation. Anyway. I would like to thank all the people that made the learning 
process not entirely boring. Yes. I'm including the teachers as well. My 
Polish classes have been particularly interesting. I've learned many things 
that I didn't expect to. and had a lot of fun too. One thing I'll never forget 
is "Kanu". So did I really have a memorable experience at R.S.G.C? Hai. 
hai. hai. ...bye. 


Brandon Vasquez 

Seven years of wearing a uniform hasn't been bad at all. It wouldn't have 
been possible without the support of my parents and the help of Mr. 
Jamieson. Dr. Newton. Dr. Leatch. Mr. Love. Ms. Miller. Mr. \'an Herk and 
Mr. D'Arcy. So many memories and good times. Lady Marion hasn't had bet- 
ter customers since St. G boyz (" Got any movies" FB "98). "99 New Years was 
clutch. Cardy Gras "00 was a true bender. Semis and formals were key. BF 
was all right in Grade 10. Daleman and Schlifer science were the nutz. Snr. 
ball had some good times off the court. Cancim was pure partying. Never 
forget tables and chairs on the beach. Corona familiar, rope suckers. La 
Bdoiii and the ladies. Dylan, chick advice sucks, but I still love ya". D'Arcy 
just give "er bud. Don you're a true playa'. Ben keep making "em laugh. Kris 
live it up boss. Newbs best roomy ever. YE helluva' a bender. Fli " Don't 
worry about." It's been a blast boyz ! 
" Its not what you acheive in this life, but what you overcome." Paul Azinger 

Cam Wallace 


'Ihe- Qewtfian 2000-200 f 

I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn't become a 
Georgian. These past five years of my life have been incredible. Grade's 9, 
10 and 11 went by way too fast. ..Quebec City trip (802 styles), brick facto- 
ry, and the Halifax soccer trip, have I missed anything? I'll always remem- 
ber these past two years... my keggers, semis (loved those limo rides). RSGC 
dances, Cardy Gras, Senior soccer, and last but not least Grad trip (I never 
want to hear that three letter word again... SiN!) Thanks KO, GC, and MT 
for the parties. I had a blast. Mr. Sarellas, thanks for being an awesome 
advisor and friend. Thanks also to one of the most intelligent persons I've 
ever met. Dr. Leatch. You made classes meaningful and enjoyable. Mum, 
Dad, and bro, thanks for putting up with the parties, late night arrivals, 
and all the love you've given me. Laura, thanks for always being there for 
me, I love ya for it. And final thanks to my boys: MH, MT (yes), and espe- 
cially GC. I'm going to miss RSGC. 
"Si sic omnes." 

Gavin Wiggins 



Ike Qeonqum 2000-200 1 

The RSC.C -Junior School in 1991 
was a very different place: the head- 
master was John (Chief) Latimer. 
Dr. Barlow was head of the Junior 
School, the starting year at RSCiC 
was grade four, the second floor of 
the Junior School consisted of a 

Little Kazzy 

Big Kazzy 

mere two class room and the "hot 
room," and kids were still listening 
to legitimate tunes of Milli Vanilli. 
It was at this time that ten grade 
four students entered the hallways 
of the newly designated "Royal" St. 
George's College. That year was a 
year of many highs and lows, hut in 
the end, seven young Georgians 
made it through to the next year. 

Little -Jonnv 

Big Jonny 

The years since then were just 
as good as the first. To the three of 
us that remain, these ten monu- 
mentous years at RSGC will always 
be remembered as an essential part 
of our childhood, our growing up. 
our basic education, our spirituality 
and our friendships. Thank you to 
all those who have guided us 
through all our success and all our 
failures since that very first day. 

Little Petaw 

Big Pctau 

"Ike Qeoncfian 2000-200 f 


The Prefects are: 
Kazuo Oishi 
Peter Adams 
Nick Boake 
D'Arcy Cook 
Jonah Falco 
Dan Green 

Head Prefect 
Junior School 
Student Life 
Sports Prefect 
Arts Prefect 
Social Prefect 

Sandy Gibson - 
Austin Locke - 
Jonathan Lofft - 

Paul Macchione- 
Rob Macdonald- 
Jesse Parker 

Ambassador Prefect 
University affairs 
Community Service 
Social/Sports Prefect 
Social Prefect 
Arts Prefect 



Hlewards are: rJcff Parker. Simon Sutherland, Steven Sheinfeld. Jim Morrison, Geoff Cardy, Colin Simpson 

The Stewards are OAC students who have been appoint- 
ed by the Headmaster because of their commitment and 
dedication to a leadership role in the school. This year, the 
Stewards led the way in the community service program. 

the school newspaper, house league, communications, the 
archivist club and the Servei's Guild. Their work is a shin- 
ing example of the opportunities and leadership roles that 
can be undertaken by all students. KJOb. 

7/ie Qeonqiatt 2000-200 1 

1li& Qemcfiim 2000-200/ 


nU Qeatifiati. 2000-200/ 

Ike Qm'Ufian. 2000-2001 


Ike Qeonef*an 2000-200 1 


'Ihe Qemfian 2000-200/ 

lite Qe(*^(f*aH 2000-200 1 

^lie Q&in<f,ian 2000-200/ 


Yet again. Winch has won the J.L 
Wright House Trophy... Five years 
running! To all of you who came out 
to all of the Spirit Day 
events... thanks so much! Winch 
wouldn't be anywhere without your 
participation in these events. This 

is the first year (as far as I can 
remember) that we won the Swim 
Meet and all of you did a great job at 
the High Park run. Thanks also go 
to Mr. Love (the greatest Winch sup- 
porter) and to the other Winch pre- 
fects, Paul Macchione and Austin 

V...V-I-C...V-LC-T-0-R-Y... Victory 
is our battle cry... Are we in it? No 
were not! We're not in it... We're on 
top! Ooh...Ungawa... Winch has got 
the power! 

-Peter Adams 


^he QeMcfdOH 2000-200 1 


Canterbury had another great 
year under the leadership of 
Prefects Rob Macdonald. Jonah 
Falco and Dan Green. The students 
and staff both showed the greatest 
enthusiasm as we competed with all 
our hearts and house spirit for the 

many house events. It is needless to 
say that Canterbury will reign 
supreme for many years to come 
with the amount of involvement our 
students have shown. Soon, every 
student and staff niemi)er will be 
begging to join our house and wear 

our famous colourl 

Congratulations to all the Grads 
in Canterbury- Best of luck in your 
future endeavours! 

-Rob Macdonald 

^ke. Qeon<fkut 2000-200! 


It has been a year filled with suc- 
cesses and upsets. York has made 
massive gains in house standings, 
altering the history of this house, 
which is second only to 
Westminister. York pride has leaped 
to new levels never before seen at St. 

George's. In the past, York had the 
lowest participation rate of the 
houses. Suddenly, a new generation 
of Yorkians have become rededicated 
to their house, and to the school. Out 
with the old (such as the lazy Jesse 
Parker), in with the new. York made 

great gains this year, and although 
not claiming victory, the house 
championship is within our grasp! 

-Jim Morrison (not from York, but 
Jesse Parker can't write 100 words) 

Ike QetyufiMt 2000-:200f 


All my life at Royal St. George's 
College, I've been a proud member of 
Westminster. Over tho past ten 
years there have been many high.s 
and lows. Glory Years filled the early 
nineties as West had great success: 
however, since those days of tri- 
umph a dark shadow has lowered 
over the house that is the best. 

Although West has had victories in 
many of the recent years' spirit day 
events, ultimately higher participa- 
tion from houses (such as the inferi- 
or Winchester) in smaller events 
have beaten us. This year was dif- 
ferent. The larger events were lost, 
nevertheless, it was participation 
that kept us in the running. This 

provides a glimmer of hope for the 
future. If Westminster can keep our 
participation as high as it was this 
year, and then win the key spirit day 
events, victory will once more grace 
the house Jim Morrison graced in 
decades past. "West is the best." 

-Kazuo Oishi 



Ike. QeM<fiaK 2000-2001 

Terry Fox Run 

September 20, 2000 - 

The 2000 High Park Run was 
one to remember. Darell Fox, Terry's 
brother, addressed the school in 
chapel the week before the run. His 
talk reminded St. George's of the 
real reason behind this annual event 
- to help people with cancel*. 

After the steady build up of Dr. 
Ryall by the Phys. Ed. Staff, the 
good doctor appeared to contract an 

ailment, not allowing him to com- 
pete. There were many other uncon- 
firmed reports of cheating in the 
run. Austin Locke managed to 'get 
lost' through some trees, cutting half 
a kilometer off of the B-run. 

Mr. Hannaford had a disap- 
pointing fifteenth place finish. 
Luckily for him, the "Fabulous 
Fifteen" replaced the Dirty Dozen 
this year. Don Pyper made the most 
of the depleted competition and 

brought home the gold for York. 
Maybe next year, Ryall! 

The post-run activities ranged 
from ball hockey to tennis and led to 
some intense competition. The foot- 
ball, biking, and soccer events made 
the morning fun for all. 

The day ended with a barbeque, 
run by the Prefects and Student 
Council. In total, St. George's raised 
over $14,000 for cancer research! 

It should be Illegal to cover hair like that. Yes sir, 51st IS better 

than 1st. 

Jesse squeezes. Sandy smiles. 


Ike. QeottfioM. 2000-200/ 

Senders unleashes. 

RSGC Gangsta. 

Early practice for the Fashion Show. 

Boseball....c(>lcl shoucrs M(iri>arct Thatcher naked on a cold day.'.' \\c ;/s((/ in cin mis nn, /. in ifu i<"s 

■Wallace. Wallace.'!' 

Boahe - nilli hi.t cult of the seltiiifi s(//). Ihin d re.'t.-ie.-i for the parade. 


'Hhe. Qeo^UfioK 2000-200 f 

Winter Spirit Day 

The last hero suits up to battle the 

Paintball Awards 

Best Dressed Participant Prior 

to War - Geoff "Tuxedo" Cardy 

Bulls-Eye Award (for the target on 
his back) - Graham Durrant-Taylor 

Camouflage Award - Bryan 
Fehely for wearing all white (Prize: 
black shirt, black shorts, and black 

Practice before holding up the 7/11. 
March 7, 2001 - 

For the second year running, 
students at St. George's were given 
an alternative to the much loved 
swim meet - paintball. Some 
believed Dr. Leatch was seeking 
revenge for a year spent in the 
portable, but Mr. Evans assured us 
it was all in the name of school spir- 
it good times. 

Thanks to the teachers that 

The hero admits defeat. 

accompanied the Georgian militia to 
Sergeant Splatter's, including 
"Rambo" Evans, "Sideshow" 
Sarellas, and "Two Finger" 

Once the shooting started, some 
showed their war readiness, some 
showed their war cowardice, but 
everyone had a good time. Loaded 
with 300 paintballs, the students 
relished the opportunity to shoot 
their teachers, and each other! 

Karantonis...the Greek action star 

The new recruits realized they were in trouble. Their rifles were filled with 


Swim Meet 

nke Qe»t^4aH 2000-200/ 

Working out inlli Ixicluircl Sniiiuons. 
March 7. 2001 - 

Much to the chagrin of over half 
the Senior School, Paintball filled up 
before being properly advertised b\- 
the Phys. Ed. Staff. Those who could 
not afford Mr. Evans' price were left 
to enjoy the Winter vSpirit Da>- in the 
pool at U of T. Although half the 
school was painting their favourite 
teachers all the colours of the rain- 
bow, attendance at the Swim Meet 
was higher than normal! There were 

Polka dancers come swimming. 

the basic relay races of the racing 
strokes as well as a wet t-shirt race, 
inner tube race, and for the grand 
finale, a relay that involved flutter 
boards, inner tubes, t-shirts and 
whatever else Mr. i)'.\i'cy could 
throw in the pool. 

Winch managed to win the day. 
upsetting the favourites. West, who 
had a six year winning streak! Some 
chalked this to the absence of Jim 
Morrison, a ki'v member of the West 

Wish I uas at Painthall. 

House Placinqs 

1) Winch 

2) Cant 

3) York 

4) West 

'D-youls for the Victoria Secret catalu}. 

h'irsi time tincrs clinic. 

Ike. QeonqMui- 2000-2001 

Bock Day! 


Ed. Staff - eating. 

Mr. Lee cherishing his dryness. 
June 2, 2001 - 

This year's spring spirit day was 
a return to ages long past. The usual 
track meet at Varsity Stadium was 
scrapped for 'Bock Day", a phenome- 
non few students could remember 
before the day. but few will forget 

For a day the tarmac became a 
fairground, filled with water dunk- 
ing contraption, slam dunk basket- 
ball net, a sumo wrestling arena. 

DeBlois hating her wetness. 

and a huge air room. 

Highlights of the day included 
Mr. Lee's taunts as he was drenched 
in the dunk tank, Mr. Hannaford 
taking on Jason George in the air 
room. and. of course, the free bar-b- 

Thanks to next year's prefects 
who helped out all day, running the 
various events and to all the teach- 
ers who had fun with the students. 
This years Bock Day has started a 
new, long lasting tradition! 

Dr. Lealch wondering, "i/ yau .shal a nuin in an air house, wouhl it pop?" Reaching a candy mountain high. 

nke Qetyuf4an 2000-. 

House League Football 

Regular Season Standings 







vs. MacAttack 

vs. Giants 

vs. Riot 

The Giants 




















The Riot 










Fall. 2000 - 

A rejuvenatt'd House Football League emerged IVoni 
the ashes of the old house system. A draft was held to 
create three teams of only the most intense players. This 
made the competition tighter than ever! 

Alex Edmisons (Hants won the Regular Season, and 
made a great run in the playoffs! The MacAttack (with 

Captain Paul Macchione) faced Morgan Rubes' Riot in 
the first roiuid of the playoffs. The Riot miraculously 
upset Macchiones powerhouse and went on to face 7Vit' 
Giants in the Superbowl. 

The Giants cajjtured the first jjost-bouse champi- 
onship. Ben McPhee. The (i/a/i/.s' quarterback was voted 
the league's MVP. 

Regular Season Stats 









Ben McPhee 







D'Arcy Cook 







Cam Wallace 






Tyrone Berryman 







Alex McNabb 






Paul Macchione 







Jason George 







Steve Senders 






Jordan Klein 







Linton Taylor 





^ke. Qe<yufi(m. 2000-200 1 

House League Ball Hockey 

Regular Season Standings 







vs. Canucks 

VS. Grinch 

vs. Lemieuxs 


Les Castors 











The Lemieuxs 










The Grinch 










Crazy Canucks 








^T-A 1 




Winter 2001- 

House League Ball Hockey tookTJTT a new format 
this year. Only the hardcore ball hockey fans were draft- 
ed to four teams captained by the premier players. 

Les Castors, led by Rob Macdonald, had a slow start 
to the regular season but did not lose a game in the New 
Year, cruising to a first place finish. Paul Ternamians 
Lemieuxs had a season filled with intrigue as their lead- 
ing scorer, John Mulvihill. was booted from the league 

over a dispute with head referee Love. 

In the first round of the playoffs. The Crazy Canucks 
and the Dr. Seuz inspired Grinch (captained by Jim 
Morrison and Peter Adams respectively) were eliminat- 
ed. This paved the way for an exciting tarmac clash of 
The Lemieuxs and Les Castors. Both teams played 
valiantly with this year's Love Cup going to Les Castors\ 
Paul Ternamian was voted the MVP of the League and 
Josh Reisman won goalie honours. 


lar Season Sts 









Paul Ternamian 






Jim Morrison 






Peter Adams 






Dave Kerr-Vayne 






Colin Rubes 






Terence Ho 






James Appel 






Andrew Potichnyj 






Steve Senders 






Scott Ackley 





liie Cje»n(f4cui, 2000-2001 

Again? Why can 't I score like that. Holy Mackinaw!! DeBlois scores!! Hey guys, you got any movies? 

Sorrv about the dent, Mr. Lee. 

.and the men contiiuied to huhi tlictr sticks umi /'"O " ''^' ''''i " "i;//s. 

11 Nt^ 

Cement doesn't leave a mark, SIR// Morgan scored? Wait. ..Never mind. 

I'd rather have a lyeer. 

"Ike. Qeon(f,ia4i- 2000-2001 

Speaking Union 

Its been quite a year for debat- 
ing at RSGC. We hosted the IISP- 
SC, the organizing of which 
required a truly gargantuan effort 
by Mrs. Miller. It. of course, went 
off without a hitch. 

Plenty of other things went on 
in the Speaking Union this year. 
The most notable achievement was 
that of Ben McPhee. who, after plac- 
ing 2nd overall at the IISPSC went 
on to place first in After Dinner 
Speaking at the World's in England. 

At home Jeff Parker and Ethan 
Hoddes competed at the Metro 
Regional finals and both advanced 
to the OSDU provincials. 

Of course, the greatest thing 
that happens in the Speaking Union 
is House League Debating, with its 
hardened crew of die-hard debaters. 
West won, 'cause we're the best, and 
Winch was second, 'cause they're 
Winch. But Cant was close behind 
thanks to the dedication of Will 
Gunton. who never failed to chal- 
lenge the most experienced of us. 

Others who made a notable con- 
tribution were Andrew Hepburn, 
Graham Durrant-Taylor. and the 

younguns, Kyle Fearon, Ryan 
Cookson, Liam Cohl. Jamie Lino, 
and, lest we forget, Rob Macdonald! 
It's been a great year, and the 
Speaking Union is alive and well 
(and not living in Paris, eithei'). I 
trust that next year, things will only 
get better, as I have heard that my 
successor is planning to introduce 
Full Contact Co-ed Extemporaneous 
Speaking! Thank you. Mrs. Miller, 
for it is you who makes this all pos- 

- Nick Boake 


House Standings 

West 114 
Winch 67 

Cant 54 

York 16 

liie Q&yKfiOtt. 2000-200 f 

'liie. Qmn<f4an 2000-2001 

Cross Country Teams 

Snr. X-Country 

A he cross country team enjoyed a 

unique season comprised of only two 
meets. Our first meet was the 
OFSAA course in Boyd 
Conservation Ai'ea. where the 8.3 
km senior run was accompanied by 
warm weather and more than 25 
other schools. Although the race was 
long, we were comforted by the fact 
that this race was just the begin- 
ning of our pain, and not even close 
to the amount of anguish we would 
have to endure the following week. 
Our next run took place at Trinity 
College, in Port Hope, where we 
were greeted by corn fields and cold 
weather. But the vast emptiness of 

Front: Greg Stark, Mme DcBlois, Adam Shier, Zack Bush, Ivan 
James Appel. Back: Mark Longo, Francis Powell, Mr VanHerk, 
Alga ire 


Junior Cross Country 

Front: Hayden Phillips, James Dashw 
O'SuUivan, Adam Phillips. Back: Alex 

the landscape or the cold climate 
was not what diminished our spir- 
its. Instead, the dreadful Mount 
Trinity was the only thing which 
was on our mind. ..twice. The midget 
runners (under 15) were spared the 
pain of scaling Mount Trinity twice, 
but the juniors and seniors were 
not. Congratulations goes out to all 
members, Greg Stark, Zak Bush, 

ood. Haven Renaud. Patrick 
Last. Thomas Moore, Andrew Bilak 

Adam Shier, James Appel, Michael 
Alguire, Ivan Chin, Francis Powell, 
Wade Sahni and Mark Longo - 
though it was a small team, they 
managed to make it out to all the 
practices. ..can't say the same for our 
coaches! :) With jokes aside, special 
thank you's to our coaches for their 
dedication and for accompanying us 
to our meets and cheering us on. 

^ ^ 

i \ 

» MA 

Soccer Teams 

lite Qe^iqioH 2000-2001 

Front: Geoff Squibb, Chris Jucksun. Brodic Tuuiilcy. Pat Liickhurat, Kevin 
Marthinsen, Kevin Baldanza, Michael Clayton Back: Stephen Bradeen, 
James Bradeen. Jon Hareuood. Michael-Warren Sonosky, Michael Badali, 
Robbie Clanter Audreu' Rclad. Jitmie Turner 

U12 Soccer 

his 3'ear the under 12 soccer team 

had a stupendous year. The team 
ended the season with a winninfi 
record, and in the final tournament 
of the season, we went as far as the 
quarter finals. The scoring this year 
was well dispersed throughout the 
team. Our goalie. Patrick 
Luckhurst. made some spectacular 
saves this year and without ques- 
tion kept us in many of the games 
that we played. Our home field, 
which was we the Trinity Field at 
the University of Toronto, was close 
to where many parents could get to 
from work or home, and we thank 
them for coming out and supporting 
us throughout the season. Head 
coach, Mr. Steve Murray, and assis- 
tant coach. Miss Michelle Barchuck 
thoroughly enjoyed each of those 
extended bus rides to the city's out- 
skirts, but much more so when our 
team was able to win 

Front: Kevin Drury. Alex Mather, Taylor Tounley. Ixoss (.iiildui,i:. Sum 
Perlmutar, Kyle Golding: Back: Andrew Phillips, Bennett McBride, 
Andrew Spears. Pierre P^iros, Ross Ctirtner. Will Ranscomhe, Kevin 
Melnitk, John Elliot Pearl 

Vke Qe&'Ufifm 2000-2001 

Soccer Teams 

Front: Jason Salzman. l\ler Kec. Scott Acklcy. Bryan Fehcley. Jon Bell, 
Ian Wilkington, Taylor Drury, Jon Holtby Back: Kyle Fearon, Jayson Lin, 
Haddon Murray. Graham Atkinson, Dale Wiseman, David Jones, Ryan 
Cookson, Taylor Sharpe, Mr. Evans 

Senior Soccer 

Front: Teddy I hirronl Taylor. Paul Silny. Mutt llud.^on. Oslap 
Frokipchuk, Paul Ternamian, John Josephson, Fraser Buchan; Back: 
Coach: Steve Hudson, David Winterbottom, Don Pyper. Ale.x Carter, 
Andrew Newbury, Jay Jolliffe, David Kerr-Vayne, Rob Cimicata. Mike 
Kennedy, John Mulvihill. I]. Milne. Gavin Wiggins. Jon Abraham. Spike 


Volleyball Teams 

Ike Q&yufioM 2000-:X)0l 

Front: (iucin Chan. /Jc/v/, lliiihuni. Max Sisaiu. Cameron MacNicol. 
Nicholas Carravctta Back: Chris Hoad, Rafiq Kanji, Jeff Brown, Galen 
Love, Andrew Bolton. Thomas Harlocker. -Jamie Smith. Teddic Wright 

Senior Volleyball 

U14 Volleyball 

1 his year was definitely a building 

year. The team had three veterans 
returning from the senior school 
and nine brand new guys from the 
junior school. We had great poten- 
tial, and the under- 14 team will def- 
initely be the team to watch next 
year. Watch out for Nick 

Carravetta, the one guy who we 
trusted to be at practice every day. 
and Max Sisam. another great play- 
er from grade seven. The team 
would like to thank our coaches. Mr. 
Schreiner and Ms. McPhedran. and 
the other members of the athletic 
department for making the season 

Snr Volleyball 

1 his year was a rebuilding year for 

our young senior volleyball team. 
However, we worked very hard 
throughout the entire year and 
showed signs of becoming a true 
contender next year, with the entire 
team returning. Our team lacked in 
experience this year, but we made it 
up with heart and hustle. We didn't 
make the playoffs this year but we 
did gain the vital experience that 
will be needed for next year when 
the team will be another year older, 
more experienced and talented, and 
will be looking to make a deep run 
through the playoffs. 
See all vou guvs next vear! 

"1U Qect'UjMn 2000-200 f 

Basketball Teams 

Front: Jaipal Singh, Brodie Townley, Alex Woolaver, Will Badger, Mike 
Badali, James Bradeen, Kevin Marthinsen, Eddie Beqaj: Back: Jamie 
Turner, Pat Luckhurst, Stephen Bradeen, Max Sherman. David Stirling, 
Mr Armstrong 

U12 Basketball 

1 he under- 12 basketball team 

enjoyed a very successful season in 
2000/2001. The winter was book- 
marked by the opening tournament 
hosted by Selwyn House School, and 
the final C.I.S.A.A. tournament at 
Country Day School, and the teams 
improvement was remarkable. 
There were many highlights from 
the season; who could forget the 
exciting overtime victory over the 
home team to reach the final of the 
16-team tournament at Upper 
Canada, or the hard-fought games 
in Montreal? I wish the leaving 
players the best of luck next season 
in Under-13. 

Front: Will Ranscumbe, Jasun Kirsch, John Hareivood. Cam McNicol, 
Ross Curtner, Sam Perlmutar, Nick Carravetta Back: Carl Noel. Ben 
Biizulis, Jesse Sullivan, Kevin Melnuk, Josh Ban: David Liang John 
Elliot Perl 

lite Qeo'uf4aH 2000-200 f 

Basketball Teams 

Under 15 Basketball 

Under 1 6 Basketball 

U15 Basketball 

1 his year's under 15 basketball 

team was a younger, smaller team 
than usual, but nonetheless were a 
talented group of players. The high- 
light of the year was the trip to 
Montreal and Lennowille. The 
final game we played at the tourna- 
ment was an exciting one. however 
we lost when the opposing team got 
a basket to take the lead by 2 with 3 
seconds left. The team had a great 
season and improved tremendously 
by the end of the season. The team 
would like to extend its thanks to all 
people involved in helping with the 
U15 team and for making it such an 
enjoyable year. 

Front: Aaron Mitchell. Brad Bolton. .Ulnan I'unlut. Cameron Alguire, 
Rob Cimieata Back: Mr. Orlando. Diek Chow, Jordan Klein, Brad 

^ke QeM^fia^ 2000-2001 

Basketball & Ski Team 

Senior Basketball 

^^^^^^^^vl^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^l^ft ^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^l 

r ■ 


Front: Don Pypcr. David Wuitcrbottom. Matt Hudson, Cam Wallace; 
Back: Fraser Biichan. T\Tone Berry man, Kevin Smith, Simon Sutherland, 
Ron. son Chan, Mr Sarellas 

Front: Chris Ro.scoe, Kazuo Oishi; Back: Austin Locke, Dan Green, David 
Howe, Ian Colter John, Jean Killy, Cameron Tudhope, Morgan Rubes, 
Tyler Kee, Zach Dr Cucrre, Mr Kerr Missing: Chris Fisher,Mike Cossets 

Ski Team 

J. here was cause for rejoicing on 

three fronts this season: first, the 
weather was fantastic. We will all 
remember the year it stai'ted snow- 
ing in mid-December and didn't stop 
or thaw substantially until mid- 
March. I had a snow drift on the roof 
of my house that lasted from Dec. 21 
until Easter. The second cause for 
happiness is the talent that has 
shown up in grades nine and ten. 
Taylor Drury, Ian Colterjohn, Mike 
Cassels, Cam Tudhope. Tv'ler Kee. 
and Chris Fisher will be a team 
impossible to catch next year or the 
year after next. And third is that 
there is even more talent coming in 
the Junior School, particularly 
Kevin Drury and Ian Best. This sea- 
son, all these juniors were forced to 
ski against much older competitors 
and did not fare so well. Our B 
squad, however, did ski well and 
placed third on the season. We 
await the return of the snow and the 
speed next season. 

Ike Qayuf4<ut. 2000-200 f 

Hockey Teams 

Under 1 4 Hockey 

Clockwise: Mr. J Lee, Kyan Illsley, Nathaniel Morris. Mr D Lee, Jonathan 
Perry, Adam Roebuck, Cameron MacNichol, Taylor Imrie, Eraser 
MacLean, Chris Jackson. Jamie Smith. EJ Smith. Taylor Townlee. 

Andrew Spears 

Under 16 Hockey 

In No Particular Order: Jon Bell. Adam Branston, Tim Clark, Tom 
Hi/tchi.^on. Greg Johnson, Dave Jones, Stephen Kaye. Haddon Murray, 
Mike Roebuck, Cody Sauer, Gregg Vertes, Dale Wiseman. Dace Zelikovitz, 
Graham Atkinson, Christopher Todd, Kevin Fowler, Coaches: Dr. Ryall & 
Mr Murray, Manager: Tim Wong 

U16 Hockey 

When I arrived ;it for my first 

practice as the manager. Dr. Ryall 
tt)ld me his goal for the team: to 
make the playoffs. Success is built 
on a unit's accomplishments and in 
this term, the team was very suc- 
cessful. We went to the playoffs and 
although we did not win we accom- 
plished what Dr. Ryall aimed for. 
The team's trip to Bishop's for a 
tournament resulted in the team 
finishing first and winning the tour- 
nament. From a stranger's perspec- 
tive, which I had to both the game 
and the team. I learned many 
things. I saw immense dedication 
between the players, and coaches to 
the game and team. I experienced 

the teamwork that the players 
shared on and off the ice. I felt the 
fun everyone had for the game. 
There were a number of memorable 
occasions, one occurring close to the 
end of the season. During a practice, 
the players had the rare chance of 
playing with Eric Lindros. When I 
was told about the experience, it 
was described to be "like a dream." 
it was a great season and the team 
was exceptional. On behalf of the 
team, we would like to thank the 
two coaches: Dr. Ryall and Mr. 
Murray for leading the team with 
their experienci- and skill. 
Congratulations to everyone for a 
season to lie proud of. 

"Ike Qeoncficu^ 2000-200! 

Hockey & Squash Team 

Front: John Mulvihill, Mario Maruzzo, Pat Taylor, Cale Cook, Mitch 
Tumulka, Sam Bennett, Chris Johnson; Back: Mr. Lee, Drew Clark, Bruce 
Curtis. D'Arcy Cook, Dan Bennett, Michael Thompson, Michael Kennedy, 
Dr Leatch 

Snr Hockey 

1 he senior hockey team repeated 

as ISAA Champions this year!!! 
With a record of 17-0, the team has 
now won 34 strait games and has 
completed back to back undefeated 
season's. However, the season did 
not go without it's struggles. The 
team lost several players to suspen- 
sion in a hard "fought" semi-final 
match against their rival Pickering 
College. In the final, with the 
Leadership and physical presence of 
Captain D'Arcy Cook, centerman 
Jason George, and the deadly com- 
bination of Cale Cook and Bruce 
Curtis on defense, the team demol- 
ished Rosseau Lake to take their 
second consecutive tittle. A special 
thanks goes out to their coach Mr. 
James Lee, and assistant coach Dr. 
Jim Leatch. Congratulations on a 
great seasoni 


1 he Senior squash team had a rel- 
atively solid year, despite the lack of 
wins during the regular season. 
Everyone played their hearts out 
and we could always count on at 
least one win in our competitions 
with Alex Carter leading the team 
in the number 1 spot and taking the 
A flight in the final tournament. 
Honorable mentions should go to 
the Captain, Andrew Newbury, who 
in his last year at the school, gave 
good results during the entire year, 
Andrew Ford, who came second in 
the B flight at the final tournament, 
and finally. Brad Milne, who picked 
the game up at the beginning of the 
year, and moved to 7 spot on the 
team by the end. In the very end, 
with a .strong showing at the final 
tournament, St. George's came 
third, just a few points out of first. 

Ike Qeo'Ufian 2000-200/ 

Rugby Teams 

Front: Dr. Lcatch. Colin Rubes. Michael Milltvarc!. Adam Branston, 
Matthew Piggot. Matthew Bradeen. Taylor Driiry, Zachary Horn, Teddy 
Wright. Timothy Knowles. Derek Hepburn, Taylor Imrie, Eraser MacLean, 
Kevin Drury Mr. Ried. Back: Stephen Kaye, Gaelan Love. Bryan Melnuk. 
Jeff Brown, Simon McCamus, Ben Razulis, Derek Chan, Jamie Smith, 
John Harricks. Tommoy Harlocker. Jonathan Pak. Kevin Melnuk, Alex 

Front: Matt Criffin. Jeff Thompson. Jon Bell. ll7/).s/o;) Hugh. Paul Km en. 
Haddon Murray. Mike Rieger. Jamie Spear.-i: Middle: Mr. Thornbury, 
Bryan Peheley, Taylor Shurpe, Dave Zhang, Stephen Scndcr.-i. Terence Ho, 
Jon Holthy, Mr. Sarellas; Back: Sean Davies, Lee Vyner, Ian Marthinsen, 
Tim Clark. Peter McGrath, Owen Williams 

Ike. Qeon^^ 2000-200 1 

Rugby & Badminton 

Francis Powell, Tim Enfield, Spike Macrae, Andrew Ford, Michael Usher- 
Jones, Brian Tod, Alex Edmison, Jonathan Stethem, Chris Johnson, 
Jeremy Pigott, Cale Cook, Austin Lock, Geoff Keating, Eraser Baldry, 
Nicholas Cragg 




Mutt Chun, Sam Bailey. Eric Ng. Werner Schrcincr. Bennett McBride. Cam 
Tudhope, Ian Colterjohn 


Vhe Q&yufioH 2000-200! 

Badminton Teams 

(Jary Docrkaen. Simon Chernii}. Todd Boxer. Jason Lin. Jon Tarn. Alex 
Quick. Marco Yeinii^. Dick Choic Graham Dickhnut 


Snr Badminton 

llaving won the final tournament 

last year, the senior team is the 
rt'tiirninf; favourite for this year's 
tournament. The team has a sohd 
core of returning players, with some 
great new talent to fill in the holes 
left by last years graduating class. 
Our team is mainly grade 12's. with 
the exception of two players. Kyle 
Golding and Jason Salzman. a 
grade 7 and 9 respectively, have 
done a wonderful job of stepping up 
and playing with the older players. 
1 would like to thank Mr. Evans for 
being a great coach and devoting his 
time to this team. Thanks for a 
great sea.son. and I hope to see 
evervone return next vear. 

Back: Ivan Chin. Jon .\hnihiim. .Mario .\hirii::(i. .Mex (\irter. Keiin .V;,'. 
Ronson Chan; Front: Jason Sahmaii. Paul Ternamian. Kyle Goldinfj 


Ike Qem^fian 2000-2001 

Softball Teams 

Under 1 2 Softball 

U12 Softball 

ack and forth we ran from 

Christie Pits every afternoon, and 
during each of these practices the 
under- 12 softball team showed its 
strong competitive spirt. We 
achieved a winning record during 
the regular season, boasting impres- 
sive victories over Upper Canada, 
Sterhng Hall, and Ridley College. 
These players earned themselves an 
enjoyable and successful season 
with their consistent effort and 


Front: Max SI sum. Cam McNic-oll. David Edininh. Paul lYchuss. 
Anthony Field; Back: E.J. Smith, Cody Ellis. Taylor Townlcy. Nalhauivl 
Wolfson, Raifiq Kanji, Andrew Bolton 

liie Q&yufian 2000-200 1 

Softball & Judo Teams 

Senior Softball 


^£^ . >^C^ 

Front: Steve Shienfield. Matt Hudson. Natasha, Dave Kerr-Vayne, -Jason 
George; Back: Mr. Kerr. Mike Kitchen. Phil Chow, Aaron Mitchell. Geoff 
Renihan, Alex McNabb, Paul Macchione, Jonah Falco, Jesse Parker. Dan 
Green, Adam Harris 

Front: Adam Raponi, Sepehr Banai, Matt Hayles, Matt Ycun:^. Eric Zimm, 
Chris Roscoe, Harrison Howlett-Ben, Zander Strathearn: Back: Mr. Judo 
(David Miller), Ale.x Turner, John Joseph.^ion. Troy Cadogan, Brian Tod, 
Andrew Ford 

Snr Softball 

/tl.-^ the saying goes, there's always 

next year. Our season started out 
with promise as we finished the reg- 
ular season with a record of 4-1. 
This gave us the second seed for our 
division in the tournament. We won 
the first two games of the tourna- 
ment but succumbed to a superior 
Hillfieid team in the championship 
game. This year will be most mem- 
orable for the crazy bus antics and 
especially for the loose style of play 
that we employed throughout the 
season. This is the end of an era for 
Softball at St. George's as much of 
the team's nucleus is graduating. 
Fortunately, the Georgian faithful 
can look forward to a new crop of 
slick fielding-power hitters led by 
Geoff Renihan. Once again. Mr. 
Kerr did a sensational job as coach. 
He is reportedly seeking a player 
who can teach a parrot to talk. 


J. his year's Judo Team, led by their 

coach/sensei David Miller, consisted 
of captain/sempei Chris Roscoe. 
Andrew Ford. Erich Zimm. Brian 
Tod, Matthew Hayles. .Vlex IXirner, 
Jesse Wachter, and .Anders 
Berggren-OYoung. We competed 
many times over the year to train 
and ready ourselves for our final 
tournament on May 12. .At this tour- 
nament, the Ontario School 
Championships, we all acquitted 
ourselves expertly and captured the 
Cup for HSGC as top school. In the 
various divisions Brian Tod got 
bron/.e: Chris Roscoe, .Andrew Ford. 
.Matthew Hayles. ,\lex Turner, and 
Jesse Wachter got silver: and 
.Anders Berggren-OYoung and Erich 
Zimm got gold. .A great end to a 
great year for all members of the 

'lk& Qeo^Ufian 2000-200/ 

Track & Lacrosse Teams 

Front: Kyrylo Reiva. Mike Alguire, -Jason George. Don Pyper. Jay JoUiffe. 
Mark Longo; Back: Mine DeBlois, Zack Bush. Dave Howe, John 
Karantonis. Ian Walkington, Benson Yu, Mr Thornbury 


Front: Troy Cudogun. Zuchary Dc Guerre. Morgan Rubes, David 
Zelikovitz, Drew Copeland. Chris Fisher. Graham Atkinson; Back: Codv 
Saver. Brad Milne. Mike Roebuck. Pat Taylor. 'Hm Clark. Rob Macdonald. 
David Jones, Ostap Prukipchuk, Rob Cimicata. Mitch Tomulka. Mr Lee 

Track & Field 

ilivery year, as new athletes take 
their place in the blocks, sporting the 
yellow and blue RSGC tops, one thing 
continues to remain: the breaking of 
personal records. Under the guid- 
ance, dedication and leadership of 
Mme. DeBlois and the Olympic style 
coaching of Mr. J. Thornbury, the 
track and field team pushed them- 
selves to achieve better individually 
and as a whole and we thank them 
very much! Scott Ackley, Michael 
Alguire, Jay Jolliffe, Don Pyper, 
Jason George, John Karantonis, Zak 
Bush. Benson Yu, Matthew Yeung. 
Kyrylo Rewa. Ian Walkington. Adrian 
Turchet and David Howe contributed 
each of their own personal strengths 
to the team making every practice 
worthwhile. Though we will eventu- 
ally go our separate ways, the bonds 
which have been made, we hope, will 
remain unbroken. Mr. Thornbury. 
Mme. DeBlois, thank you for every- 
thing and we wish you the best for 
your future - remember, the best, is 
yet to come. 


X he 2001 Lacrosse team was a 

showcase of talent with Rob 
Cimicata and Mitch Tomulka lead- 
ing the scoring race. A relentless 
defensive core made a huge physical 
presence on the field with the con- 
tributions of D'Arcy Cook. Rob 
Macdonald. Ostap Prokipchuk and 
rookie David Jones. With big hits, 
great goals, blood and sweat the 
team prevailed and won the 2001 
R.S.Ct.C. invitational Final 
Tournament. Congratulations!!!!! 
Our many thanks to our two grads. 
D'Arcy Cook and Rob Mcdonald, for 
their many contributions to the 
team as captains and role models. 

Ike Qeottfion 2000-200 f 

Golf Teams 

Dr. Ryall. Jordan Klein, Ccile Cool;, Cam Wallace, Rob Gainer. Rob Parker, 
Dale Weit^man, T\ler Kee. Scott Hall 

Snr Golf 

rljxpectations were high for this 

year's golf team, following a strong 
showinfj in the junior division last 
spring. We got off to a bit of a rocky 
start, but finished the season strong 
both in the junior and senior divi- 
sions. The finals were where we 
really shined as the junior team of 
"ixjng-John" Hawryluk and Jordan 
"Monty" Klein placed second with 
scores of 74 and 77 respectively. 
Newcomer Scott Hall also provided 
a lift for the junior team early in the 
year. Cale Cook threw in a couple 
good rounds, and Rob dainer settled 
down after a rough first few tourna- 
ments with rounds of 76 and 78 for 
the senior team. The RSGC senior 
golf team will certainly be a power- 
house next year as both John and 
Jordan will be forced to move up. 
Rookie Tyler Kee improved his tour- 
nament play as the year went on, 
and will likely be our top junior 
player next year. Thanks very much 
the Dr. Mark Ryall for coaching us 
this year, and anyone else who 
played an event. 


Ike QemcjMn 2000-2001 

Outward Bound 

"I swear there was a bear outside 
last night! He walked right by the 
tent as I was going to the bath- 
room!" The voices of my fellow stu- 
dents seemed to be in my head as I 
woke. Both other tents had been 
awake for quite some time, as the 
person beside soon explained. After 
a half-hour of chit-chat on dreams or 
noises in the night, we could hear 
the far off footsteps. "No more chat- 
ting! Get up. get dressed, and start 
to pack!" The voice of my counselor, 
Christy, echoed in my head. 

After twenty minutes of confu- 
sion, all nine of us started to look at 
our jobs for the day. Outward Bound 
relies on a system, which told us 
what we were to do for the day. For 
example, two people would cook, 
two would do dishes, two would nav- 
igate, two would be fire builders, 
and one lonely guy would supervise. 

We were all wearing our gloves, 
hats, and at least three layers of 
clothing. All the packs had been 
packed, and the fire was on its way. 
"Hey! I'm on cooking!" shouted one 
of my boundmates. For this day's 

"I jusl pitched Lhia Lviit!" 

"Excuse me sir but there is u cunoe 
on your head" 

breakfast. Apple Crisp was on the 
menu. We ate, and watched the dish 
dogs do their work. Once all the jobs 
had been complete, the Wannagin, 
or Winnabego as I would call it, had 
been filled with all the pots and 
pans, and the canoes were in the 
water, we set off. 

"This will be a pretty tough 
day," said Meg, the other of the two 
counselors. Soon, we had arrived at 
our first portage. After an easy 100 
metres, we started paddling again. 
An hour later, we arrived at our new 

We set up, and prepared for 
whatever Meg and Christy had in 
store. We subsequently ate lunch, 
and cleaned up. We played a few 
games, and relaxed while the cooks 
started to make dinner. We soon 
realized how much care for the envi- 
ronment this program was trying to 
teach us. We never once did some- 
thing bad for it. We always washed 
our hands with environmentally 
friendly soap, and never left any 
garbage anywhere. 

Dinner was a great spaghetti. I 
was surprised at the amazing cook- 
ing ability of my friends. If there 
was one thing that Outward Bound 
had taught us, besides how to 
respect the environment, it was how 
to be very independent. Whenever 
there was anything done, the coun- 
selors hadn't, and wouldn't help us 
with it. 

Our counselors taught us many 
things, as I have tried to convey to 
you, and I think that we all got 
along well. I wasn't on good terms 
with some of the group, but by the 
end of the trip, we were all "good" 
friends. Although the weather was 
good, the temperature wasn't the 
same. I think that I've learned that 
with fun, also comes a lot of work. 

The trip was an amazing experi- 
ence. It's nice, once in a while, to get 
out, and enjoy the wilderness. It can 
be just as exciting as a week in the 

Jon Rae 

'We are just hanging out" 

Ike QeMtfian 2000-200/ 

The Junior School Presents 

The Jungle Book 

Ranu - Daniel Geneeii. 
I can't fly! 

i)nv of the highlights of the 
2()()()/2()()l school year was the pre- 
sentation of a full-length play by 
Joseph Robinette. based on the 
Mowgli stories by Rudyard Kii^ling. 
directed by our own Ms. Heidi 

For three evenings, Wednesday 
February 28th. Thursday March 
Lst. and Friday March 2nd. parents, 
students and teachers/staff mem- 
bers were treated to an absolutel> 
outstanding performance by an 
extremely talented The cos- 
tumes were magnificent and bril- 
liantly designed. The set was per- 
fectly decorated with much effort 
put into the design and construction 
of props. The sound and lights 
added the final touch, not to men- 
tion the gifted acting skills of all the 
cast, wolves and monkeys. The per- 
cussion Ensemble was excelk'ntlv 
done with a highlight of a drum- 
ming performance by our Principal. 
Mr. Hannaford. Great drumming 
Sirl The monkeys performed a 
Recorder Ensemble that was very 
entertaining as well. 

Much hard work and effort went 
into this school play by many, many 
])eople. it was one of the best experi- 
ences of my life, one I was fortunate 
rnough to have and I, personally 
will never ever forget it. It was just 
amazing! Thank-vou to everyone. 


By Christopher Nicoloff 

Lead Role of 

Mowgli/ Rudyard Kiplinf 

Joe Latner (left) ■ Young Woman s 
translator: Jamie Turner (right) ■ 
Old Woman's transslator 

Excuse me, clu yuu speak wolf^ 
Young Mowgli ■ Daniel O'Kelly 

Mowgli /Rudyard Kipling 
Christopher Nicoloff 

^he QeMcjdon 2000-2001 

IISPC-The International 
Independent Schools 
Public Speaking 

,he IISPSC is an annual event that dates back to 
- 1982, and Royal St. George's College proved an 
excellent host for the 2000 tournament. On Wednesday, 
October 18th one hundred and forty-seven independent 
school students from forty-nine came to RSGC and spent 
the next four days competing. When the tournament 
ended with a banquet and awards on Sunday, October 
22nd, each student had competed in at least two rounds 
of three different speech categories: Persuasive 
Speaking, After-Dinner Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, 
Interpretive Reading, Extemporaneous Speaking, Radio 
Newscast, Parliamentary Debate, Cross-Examination 
Debate, and Dramatic interpretation. Some events 
required extensive preparation over several months, 
others tested competitors' skill in creating articulate 
speeches "off the cuff." Scotland, Argentina, England, 
Cyprus, the United States, and eight of Canada's 
provinces were represented. As well as providing an 
opportunity for young people to develop public speaking 
skills and confidence, the tournament clearly fostered 



Yon taUdni; t^m^i 


©ktobcrfest (in Canada) 

Hal's dancin' up a storm 

This years much anticipated 
Oktoberfest event was a fantas- 
tic celebration of games, music, 
sausage and sauerkraut and the 
spirit of the harvest. Not only 
was the usual strudel eating, 
and polka playing in full swing, 

It s not going to stay in there for very long 

but there was also a revival of the long 
forgotten events such as the pie throw 
and the beer stein slide. Special thanks 
to the Prefects for their efforts in orga- 
nizing this very successful event. Also 
much thanks to certain members of stu- 
dent council and the German class for 
making Oktoberfest an even more fan- 
tastic festival. 

1% ^-. '^ 




■ "m 



.J.-- — 


Pay back time 

lite. QeMtfiati. 2000-200 f 

Senior School Art Prize Winner 

Agenda Cover Prize Winner 

Peter Adams 

Still Life 
Sanguine Chalk on Paper 

Ike. QeM<fki^ 2000-200/ 

Mark Longo 

still Life 
Oil on Canvas 

Senior Art Prize Winner 
IVIark Longo 

Oil on Board 

Ike Qea'Uf4<iH 2000-200/ 

Peter Adams: Nude, Oil on Canvas 

Mark Longo: 'jjde, Oil on Canvas 

Rob MacDonald: Nude, Oil on Canvas 

Colin Simpson: Nude, Oil on Canvas 


Vk& Qemfian 2000-2001 

Peter Adams: Portrait, Charcoal & Conte on 

Peter Adams: Portrait, Charcoal & Conte on 

Mark Longo: Portrait, 
Charcoal & Conte on 


lite Qea-uf^OH. 2000-200t 

Andrew Potts- 
Robinson: Still Life. Oil 
on Canvas 

Jeremy Pigott: Still 
Life, Oil on Canvas 


'lUe Qeon<fia^ 2000-200/ 

left: Zachary Bush: 

Cast Drawing, 
Charcoal & Conte on 

right: Troy Cadogan: 

Cast Drawing, 
Charcoal & Conte on 

left: Alex Quick - 
Intermediate Art 
Prize: Cast Drawing, 
Charcoal & Conte on 

right: Mark Wilkins: 

Cast Drawing, 
Charcoal & Conte on 

nke QeaVfiOft. 2000-^001 

Stephen Kaye: Junior 
Art Prize: Interior 
Perspective. Gouache on 

Greg Stark: Junior Art 
Prize: Interior 
Perspective, Gouache on 

' 87 ■ 

7^ Qeo4<fi<m 2000-2001 


800 teenage girls came, saw and danced walking incentive for birth control in the 

to the Chronic tunes of our first Dance, picture above. 

The only problem was that no guys both- Hint: He's the only one dancing like an 

ered to show up. See if you can find the organ grinders monkey to this slow song. 



'Ike QayufioH 2000-200/ 

"^he Qemcficm 2000-200/ 

Ike Cl&yuf4a*t 2000-200 f 

A Band & C Band 


All the old boys from A Band gasped 

and held our breath, when what 

seemed to be thousands of new faces 

and old C Banders came swarming 

into the newly furnished A Band 

room. Mr Wade-West smiled in his 

usual fashion while we were all 

turning blue. A long. slow, forty-five 

minute period passed. I quickly put 

my sax away and ran to the front. 

"Mr. Wade-West. 

how could you 

scrap B Band? 

We sound ten-i- 

ble!" He smiled 

down at mo, 

"Nathaniel, by 

May, after nine 

months of my 

severe teaching, 

they'll be just as 

good as or better 

than last year's 

A Band!" I rolled 

my eyes, 

"Whatever you 

say, sir." But he 

was right. 

Winter left and 

May arrived and 

we improved tremendously. The 
main event was our May Concert - 
"An Evening With A Band" . but 
there were so many more. Mr. 
Wade- West must have wormed the 
hand into every school event not to 
mention the sax ensembles, flute 
ensembles, clarinet ensembles and 
tnunpet ensembles. We played in 
the Remembrance Day assembly, 
the term concerts, the guild moth- 

ers' volunteer breakfast, the open 
house, and the January student 
recital, and CISMF. But. the more 
practice the better we got. We must 
have played "Sing. Sing, Sing" at 
every concert, but I don't think a 
song as exciting as "Sing. Sing. 
Sing" could ever get old. And that 
was a great part of A-band; we did 
pieces that were musically educa- 
tional to us, but also pieces that we 

We had about 
one hundred and 
fifts band class- 
es, and we u.sed 
the WHOLE 
hand class. But 
MS Mr. Wade- 
West said, "band 
class should be 
the most impor- 
tant time of our 
day ■ .\fter about 
tliirty-two wei-ks 
of school, we had 
an entirely dif- 
ferent hand. It 
was a great year. 

Ihe. Qeo^Uficui. 2000-2001 


Grade 9 & 1 Music 

Grade 9 Band 

Over the entire year our entire band has 
improved tremendously. We worked on 
progressively harder pieces including 
Encomium, Maelstrom, and the Poet and 
Peasant Overture. We learned how to 
play ten of twelve major scales in fifty 
seconds. Finally we learned how to play 
with all types of articulations and time 
signatures. After practicing many pieces 
for the first and second terms, we went to 
Musicfest where we fin- 
ished third, just behind 
the grade ten band. 
This year has been an 
eventful one for everyone 
in the class. Everyone 
improved their playing 
no matter how many 
years they have been 

Grade 10 Band 

This year was generally a successful one for 
the grade 10 band. We started the year with a 
mix of players, some with years of playing 
experience and some who had just started 
their instruments recently. But by the end of 
the year the band became an excellent group, 
and we had a chance to perform at our annu- 
al Showcase Concert in the spring. However 
the highlight of our year had to be our partic- 
ipation in the Musicfest competition, when we 
teamed up with the rest of 
the Senior Band. At the 
ri'gional competition the 
band won the Silver Award 
and a chance to compete at 
the Musicfest National 
Competition in Ottawa. 
We await(>(i the results 
from that, and we came in 
with a Silver Medal. 

7A? Qayuficui 2000-200! 

Grade 1 1 Band 

Front: Mitch Tomulku. Jon Lticcis. Ross Fruscr. (IMiii: 
Back: Matt Wilson, Chris Reincch. Morgan Rubes 

Grade 11 Band 

With introductory jazz, the name of music takes a whole 
new twist. Suddenly, its less written music and more 
memorization and basic knowledge. At the beginning of 
the year, the grade lis were up to the challenge. The 
hand progressed through the year under the guidance of 
Mr. Martin and they progressed very well. From picking 
up new songs every day, to playing Bye Bye Blackiiird 
over and over again, the band had a lot of fun. One of the 
high points of the year was the Jazz Camp in October. 
The ensemble consisted of Ross Fraser on the Alto Sax. 
Jonathan Lucas on the Tenor Saxophone, Morgan Rubes 
on 'IVumpet/Barit<me, Matt Wilscm on the Clarinet, 
Mitch Tonuilka on the Bass and Chris Reineck on the 
Driuns. We look forward to continuing with Jazz next 


"Ike QeMCfian 2000-200/ 

Grade 1 2/OAC Band 

Jesse Parker 
The OAC/Grade 12 Band has been 
an important contribution to the 
RSGC community. Led by Mr. 
Martin, they have played at many 
important functions, such as the 
athletic banquet, the Guild Lunch, 
Octoberfest, and many more. They 
are a talented group of musicians 
that have been playing together for 
several years, and we look forward 
to hearing the remaining players 
next year. To those who graduated, 
we wish the best of luck. 

Jonah Falco 

Mr. Marl in. and inanx man 

Chris Roscoc 

Ike Qe»\(fia*t 2000-200! 







1st Alto Sax: Trevor Tompson 


1st Tenor Sax: Jon Lucas 

2nd Alto Sax: Gar\' Martin 

Sax Quintet 

This >ear marked the forming of one 
of the greatest small ensembles ever 
to grace the halls of this school, the 
Sax Quintet. This outstanding 
group of musicians performed at 
several school events including the 
Talent Show and the Showcase 
Concert with resounding, thunder- 
ous applause every time. The group 
looks forward to next year when 
they expand their repertoire. pla>- 
at more events, and gain many, 
more adoring fans. Saxes Rule! 


()t/r hififivst Ian! 






2nd Tenor Sax: Jamie Spears 


Baritone Sax: Ross Fraser 

Ilie Qeon^fian 2000-200 f 

The Choir in itaiy 

Choir Tour 
June 17-28, 2001 

The Italian Campaign 

Rome-Siena-San Gimigano- 

Under the patient and able 
musical direction of Mi*. Douglas 
Jamieson and the instrumental 
accompaniment of Dr. Giles Bryant, 
the RSGC choir began its tour of 
Italy in Rome on June 18th. 

To evade jetlag we trod in 
Caesar's footsteps through the 
Colosseum and marvelled at the 
original engineering genius as the 
ruin is being restored to its former 
glory. A few plodding steps past 
Constantine's Arch led us through 
the Forum by the via Antiqua — the 
gathering place during Roman 
times for commerce, worship and 

After enjoying an audience in 
the scorching sun and number one 
dress at St. Peter's Square with 
thousands of others at mass under 
the care of Pope John Paul II, there 
was a guided tour of the Vatican 
Museum, Sistine Chapel and St. 
Peter's where we discovered that all 
of the "paintings" were actually fine- 
ly-cut glass mosaic copies of the 
originals housed in the museum. 

Our first performance occurred 
at Santa Maria del Popolo in the 
city centre where, framed by 
Caravaggio canvases, pieces includ- 
ing "Ave Maria," "A Maiden Most 
Gentle," "The Lord is My Shepherd" 
and "Stanford in G"" were received 
by a delighted audience of locals and 
members of the extended Georgian 
community. Subsequent perform- 
ances at St. Paul's Within the Walls 
in Rome and St. James in Florence 
garnered equal praise. 

Touring highlights included 


^^ ^A^* 


til' -^ 

hi^'U % 

tossing coins into the Trevi 
Fountain in Rome; a sighting of 
"Baywatch" star David Hasselhof at 
the Catacombs of San Callisto; see- 
ing the Pallio in Siena where the 
annual horserace thunders through 
in July: cycling up and down the 
lYiscan hills near the medieval tow- 
ered town of San Gimigano; wit- 
nessing the fireworks on the 24tli in 

honour of John-the-Baptist, the 
patron saint of Florence: surviving 
the twisted bus ride through the 
Apenines en route to Venice. 

Most memorable, perhaps, was 
the daily cabaret of the "Banco 
Bryante del Roma. Firenze e 
PoggiBonzi" where each transaction 
was part of a stand-up comedy rou- 


Ihe Qeo'Uf^an 2000-200! 

Ilie. Qemffian 2000-2001 

Mistletoe Market 

Are you guys buying or selling^ 


^^^B "VrFS^^il 

^M '^"tt 

■ '^^ifc. 

^ Tl^H^^HuF 





Is that you or me? 

This year's Mistletoe market was 
a huge brought stu- 
dents of all ages together to look 
at and buy a wide variety of gifts. 
Through the vast efforts of staff, 
students and parents the 
Mistletoe market was fun for all. 
No matter where you looked you 

The infamous Mistletoe Market I can't find the Tr'ainspotting 

vouchers. poster? 






Jason contemplates a major 

could see people laughing, talking, 
and generally having a good time. 
Mr.Orlando's movie posters were 
some of the most popular items 
there! Most people left with a pic- 
ture of Densel Washington under 
their arm. Many people had a ball 
at the HMV music stand and 

Sales people on duty. 

found a cd that they had been 
looking for. The Guild had a good 
time selling the various items 
that were being sold all day. The 
students had an even better time 
buying tiie amazing things for 
sale. All and all a great day at St. 

Ike Q&yufian 2000-200/ 


Ike. Q eon<fiaK 2000-2001 

St. Donat 

The Grade 11 French class, under 
the supervision of Mile DeBlois and 
Mile McDowell, travelled to St. Donat. 
Quebec for five days of immersion in 
the French language. The French 
class, which was paired with students 
from St. Clement's School, also experi- 
enced skiing and snowboarding. as 
well as snowshoeing, campfires, and 
cross-country skiing. Conversational 
French-speaking was encouraged and 
students who spoke in French for most 
of the trip were rewarded by being 
entered in draws for prizes. Gary Wong 
was quoted as saying, " I love the 
French, I really do." 

Gary est plus vite que I'autobus! 
Quelle virtesse. Quelle finesse. 

Voila tout le gang a Mont Garceau. "Oki-dou-excellent!' 

Dumb, Dumber, ct M. Frangais. 

Oil sont les gardens? 

Ike. Q&yufiati 2000-200/ 



This year, the tree-spinted grade 
ten class ventured to our nation's 
capital to see this country's true 
colours and to do some campaigning 
for some of Canada's fringe parties. 
Their enlightening path led them to 
such potent places as the Royal 
Canadian Mint, the War Museum, 
the Museum of Civilization, the 
Supreme Court, and the parliament 
buildings. Taylor Sharpe. a Grade 
10, thought the trip was "all right", 
but he would have preferred spend- 
ing more time at each place even if 
it meant visiting fewer places. The 
Ottawa trip was certainly a great 
opportunity for the Grade lO's to 
expand their horizons outside the 


New York state 

The Regional Geography class took 
a trip to New York state. They vis- 
ited Rochester. Ithica. Corning and 
Naples. They saw the Widmer wine 
factory, as well as the glass factory. 
We also saw an old hotel. house, and 
school. They saw the Kodak film 
factory and museum. They viewed 
the many aspects of New York state 
that affect its economy and develop- 


lite. Qewuficui 2000-200 f 


Ike Qeoncfian. 2000-2001 


Ihe. Qe<yufUm 2000-2001 


Ihe Qeo/ufiiut 2000-2001 

The Production of Rashomon offered 
unique opportunities for cast and 
crew to deal with a mix of Western 
and Non-Western styles and 
themes. The production began with 
Japanese movement training and 
judo. Designers and technicians had 
the challenge of turning Ketchum 
Hall into a Samurai dreamscape 
with temple gates, courtroom dock- 
ets, and projections of original stu- 
dent art in Japanese watercolour 
style. Original music, kabuki make- 
up, and a great deal of fog added to 
the atmosphere, but the highlight 
was the vigorous samurai sword 
battle that ended on closing night 
with sparks and a completely van- 
quished villain. 

John Lofft as Tajamaru 

"I'll hiiv xoii ten Kimonos!" 

Jesse Todres as the Judge 

Matt Burns as the woodcutter 

Directed by the WurlU class aireclor 
Dr. Seuton 

'^he QeMificM 2000-200! 

Junior School Literature 

Police Document 

My name is Sergeant M.W. 
Sonosky from the T.P.D. (Toronto 
Police Department). I got a call last 
night to investigate a murder/break 
in from a elderly lady, who thought 
the house beside hers had been bro- 
ken into. We went to the scene of the 
crime. When we (police) arrived the 
lady who called us told us that she 
had heard a terrible sound and a 
crash coming from the house 
besides hers. We entered the house 
with caution not knowing what to 
expect. When we entered we found a 
dead female body lying on the 
ground. I immediately turned the 
house into a crime scene and closed 
off the front yard and blocked off 
half the street. Now I went into the 
house to try to find out what the 
noise was that the elderly lady 
heard and why there was a dead 
body lying on the floor in the house. 

First I had to find any written 
evidence because it usually helps 
me find out what happened or at 
least gives me a clue to what hap- 
pened. The only written evidence 
that I found was a letter supposedly 
to the dead girl. The letter read: 
"Dear Elizabeth. I must see you. 
Don't say 'no' again. I'll be around 
Thursday on my night off. Richard." 
I think that "Richard" might be the 
girl's boy friend. He sounds very 
annoyed with her. Something must 
have happened between them. 
Right now "Richard" is our prime 

The picture evidence was some 
film in a camera. The camera was 
found on a table inside the house. 
We sent the film to the crime lab to 
be analyzed. When we got it back, 
the pictures revealed a man with 
the dead girl. We think that the man 
might possibly be the man who 
wrote the letter to the girl. 

The dating evidence that we 
found was a calendar on the wall 
and a clock inside the house. The 
calendar had the date of the 26 of 
April on it. The clock in the house 
read 7:30. We know that it was dur- 
ing the night because that is when 
the witness heard the crashing 
sound coming from the house. So 
therefore the crime happened on 
April 26th at 7:30 pm. 

One of the objects that we found 
at the scene of the crime was a cam- 
era on a table. That is the same 
camera that had the film in it of 
Richard. The other objects we found 
were a poker beside a broken win- 
dow, a purse on a cabinet and empty 
liquor glasses inside the cabinet. We 
determined later that the object 
that killed the girl was a straight 
hard object, according to the 
Coroner's autopsy. So, obviously the 
only weapon that could match this 
description is, the poker. I also 
found fingerprints on the poker. 
Wlien we sent them to the crime lab 
and got them back they turned out 
to be Richard's fingerprints. The tell 
tale marks that I found at the scene 
of the crime were a foot print, some 
empty liquor bottles, two cigarette 

butts and a broken window which 
was broken from the inside because 
the glass was on the outside of the 

In conclusion, this is what I 
have come up with for what might 
have happened on the night of April 
the 26th at 7:30pm. Richard arrived 
at the house and Elizabeth (dead 
girl) was expecting him. He came in 
with dirty shoes. They sat down had 
a cigarette each then had some 
liquor. This is where the real trouble 
began! Instead of having one or two 
glasses of liquor, Richard had a lot 
more than that. Now Elizabeth was 
tired of his drunkenness, so she 
kicked Richard out. But instead of 
Richard leaving, in his drunken 
rage, he picked up the poker lunged 
at Elizabeth missed and hit the win- 
dow. Then, he lunged at her 
(Elizabeth) again and this time 
struck her almost dead! Then not 
knowing what he did, he walked out 
of the house leaving her to die! So 
we arrested Richard Hatch for the 
murder of Elizabeth Parker. He's 
waiting for his trial. This case is 
now closed. 

Michael Warren Sonosky 
Grade 6 

Sounds of the Forest 

The bee's buzzing like it's sawing 
the snake hissing like the rain, 
the noise from the nature of yip 

yip. yip- 

Cui-tis Tse, Grade 4 

nUe Qea'uf4cut 2000-200/ 
Son John 

"You are bold. Son John." the father .said 

"And you stayed out too late last ni^jht; 

Why do you constantly want to damage your head 

Do you think, at you age, it is right?" 

"I am young." said the young man. standing his ground 

"And full of vigour and life: 

I intend to play hard as long as I can 

Before I get trapped by a wife!" 

"In m_\- youth. " the father told his son. 
"I drank and caroused like that; 
If you insist on continuing to live this way 
You'll become stupid, unemployed and fat." 

"I play hard." said the young man. but work hard too 

".\nd still have energy to burn; 

I won't become stupid, unemployed or fat 

If I keep growing and continuing to learn." 

"In my youth." said the father, as he wagged his finger. 

"I kept most sensible hours: 

I stayed alert throughout all the days 

And maximized all of my powers." 

"Regardless of what j'ou say," the young man replied 
"I think your youth was more fiery 
You played harder and longer and more often than me 
It told me so in your diaiyl" 

Michael Boultbee 
Grade 8 

The First Word 

Paper touched pen 

words created. 


has begun 


is alive 

will it be 

a story 

or a poem 

a blank sheet 


for better 

or for worse 

Nathan Morris, Grade 8 

1U Qem<fian 2000-2001 

The Night Of Love 

As the light breeze from the sea swept the open land, 

The mist filled the sky at midnight. 

As the peaceful air filled the plain land there was the feeling of love. 

As both the man and the woman 

stood together, watching the full moon 

Which lay bright in the sky at midnight, before the man could say anything 

The woman had said, "This night feels so magical." 

Then as the man tried to find the words he said, " Diana I love you so very much 

And I want to spend the rest of my 

life with you. 

Diana will you marry me?" 

As she slowly turned her head. 

She spoke, " Andy. 1 thought you'd never ask!' 

At that very moment both Diana and Andy 

saw a falling star. 

There was nothing to say as both Diana and Andy watched the star fall. 

Rafiq Kanji, Grade 8 

Poem On Life 

If in a single 


we see, 

the wonders 

of life's 


how wonderful 

this world can be 

how filled with possibility. 

Jonathan Pak, Grade 8 

The Crucifixion of St. Peter 

(The painting on which this poem is based is "The Crucifixion of St. Peter") 

My name is St. Peter, hate is what I smell 

I am being crucified, while my soul is damned to hell 

I asked of one thing, before my death 

But they would not fulfill, my sincere request 

I have nails, bolted in my feet and hands 
and I have run out of wishes and demands 

This is it now, it looks like the end 

I don't think there's one person out thei-c I vaw call a frii'nd 

They gather around, and shout and scream 
I feel pain, but it feels like a dream 

lite QwufiOH 2000-200 f 

The peasants drag the cross, 

and they love my suffering and agony 

I try to be brave as they seal my fate 
hut it"s hopi'li'ss now. soon I'll be dead 

They have taki-ii in\ pridi' and my dignity. 
As I Ho. on m\' cold, wooden bed 

Simon McCamus, Grade 8 
Nature Poem 

I listen to leaves drop from trees and rain 
heavy rain that falls from trees and 
a giant bear's roar. 

1 wateh the deer peel tin- baik off 
a tree 

like a human jjeeiinji an ajjpie 
and a giant bear's cubs climb 
the tree. 

Stratton Townley, Grade 4 


(after the poetry of William Carlos Williams) 

Paper touched pen 

words created, 


has begun 


is alive 

will it be 

a story 

or a poem 

a blank sheet 


for better 

or for worse 

Nathan Morris, Grade 8 

Bugs by the River 

I was walking by the river. 

I heard a sound. 

I heard it again and again. 

Finally I saw a bug 

Then I saw hundreds. 

I kept on walking when I 

saw a bee hive. 

The river was making a hissing sound 

like a snake. 

It was like the Sun was 

making the water boil. 

David Axworthy, Grade 4 


Framed in azure light, the flaming orb sinks low 

As the clouds in fiery flight glow 

The leaves reflect the bin-ning light as day sinks into night 

And the sky becomes with gracefid flame alight 

.\nd in tlii' distance many a silhouette stand. 

framed in bright sky and glowing land 

Philip lAing, Grade S 


Ike Qeon<fia*i .''000-200/ 

Kingsley's Deadly Decision 

"Tears began to roll down many men's faces as me, my 
ship, and my crew eased out of the dock in England to 
head to war. As the white handkerchief of our families 
became little white specks in the distance I began shout- 
ing orders." 

It was only an hour into the trip when the ship met 
some visitors. "Enemy ships!" the captain yelled. The 
cannons blew loudly and the muskets fired. Kingsley's 
ship had no chance as it was cornered by three Italian 
ships. Kingsley took his only chance to survive by grab- 
bing a lifejacket and jumping overboard. He was so far 
offshore that this could turn out to be a deadly decision. 
He swam like fury straight out into the Atlantic Ocean. 
The captain was exhausted looking for land and fell flat 
faced on a piece of driftwood floating near him. He drift- 
ed for hours and hours as the waves tossed him around. 
Captain James Kingsley had tried to find land and help 
for forty-eight hours without success as he drifted on a 
piece of wood in the Atlantic Ocean. He recognized a 
narrow canal and knew that he was drifting from the 
Atlantic into the Strait of Gibraltar which flows into the 
Mediterranean Sea. 

He knew the only Europeans who were his friends 
were the French who could help him all the way over to 
Egypt if he ever found them. At this time in the 1800s 
the Europeans thought the Egyptians were weak people 
and so they decided to travel there to steal their oil. The 
rest of the Europeans were fighting with Italy so they 
couldn't help him. So, Kingsley knew he had to drift 
along the shore and get food when he could. He was 
afraid to travel walking on foot along the shore of North 
Africa because he knew there were diseases. If even a 
mosquito bit him he could get malaria. 

He first came ashore in Morocco by some palm trees. 
He pigged out on the fruit and berries that he found in 
the tall trees. Little did he know that a fierce tribe was 
watching him closely from the bushes. They were the 
tribe of the black fang people. Everyone thought they 
were cannibals. 

Captain Kingsley sensed movement behind him and 
thought that help had arrived but when he turned to 

talk the natives charged at him with knives. He dodged 
the attack by running into the water where they did not 
follow. At first he swam as quickly as he could but when 
he saw they were not following he slowed down. He 
couldn't help himself as he drifted out to sea on the tide. 
After many exhausting hours in the water, Kingsley saw 
a peculiar sight ahead of him. As he swam closer he 
could tell it was definitely a rowboat. He tried to climb 
aboard but the wood was wet and soggy. As he climbed 
over the gunwale he dropped exhausted into the boat. 
Eventually he got sunstroke. Some fishermen had set 
their nets in the sea and Kingsley's boat became tangled 
in them. When the fishermen returned to pick up their 
catch they dragged Kingsley and the soggy wooden boat 
in to shore. 

The small hospital on the top of the cliff of the desert 
coastline treated him for a few days until he was ready 
to go back out on his journey. The fishermen gave him 
a survival pack and he began walking down the coast- 
line. Using his survival pack of dried foods, Kingsley 
hiked and camped along the shore for six days and seven 
nights. On the seventh day when he began his walk the 
cliffs dropped suddenly down to mounds of low, dry dirt. 
Kingsley was very hot and he did not want the experi- 
ence of sunstroke again so he went into the sea to cool 
off. Out in the sea he could see for miles down the coast. 
Off far, far away in the distance of the coastline that he 
thought was his destination in Egypt Captain Kingsley 
could just make out the blur of three sails. He recog- 
nized the ship as one he had trained on before he 
became a captain. As he neared the ship he realized it 
was leaving for the open sea. Thinking quickly, he 
grabbed the side of a lifeboat and was hoisted aboard. 
He surprised his friends aboard the ship and over a 
game of poker and a huge plate of food he explained his 
adventures as he drifted through the Mediterranean. 
(Who knows, it could happen again on the trip home to 
England.) Kingsley knew he had been very lucky this 
time as this could have been a deadly adventure. 

Thomas Moore. Grade 5 

Jocelyn, Marcus and Lance 


It all happened on Friday. The police haven't found out 
yet We hid the body pretty well. That day was hell, the 
definition. I felt like I was dead. It was like I was in a 
dream but I knew I wasn't. Marcus was on the floor, 
drooling, a combination of whiskey and marijuana. 
Lance was nowhere to be seen. And I was alone, the only 
one worried, the only who wasn't hammered or stoned. 

My head was in a whirl. I knew there was nothing that 
I could do. 

It was stupid: the murder was stupid. We had been 
planning to kill, thirty-four year-old Graham Carson for 
about four months. Marcus and Graham had a fight. It 
was in the winter and Graham didn't pay his bills for 
the apartment. It was rent day and there wasn't enough 
money. We were forced to lie on the sidewalk for a night. 

lite Qe<yuf*a*t 2000-200 1 

Marcus was furious. 'I'lu'ii he wt-nt ami stole Marcus's 
girlfrii-nd. It was Marcus who really pulled Lance and 
me into the Murder. 

Marcus is aggressive, a i)othead and dangerous. 
He's the type of guy that can be the biggest sweet heart 
hut he's also the type of guy that can entice, manipulate 
and Tnurder: not a great combination. He's a gentleman 
hut he has gets carried away and often doesn't even real- 
ize it. I don't know why I love him. hut I do. and that will 
never change. 

Lance is a different type of guy. You could rip his fin- 
gers off and he wouldn't scream. He'd just pace. He's a 
pacer. He's always been a troubled kid and had a bad 
childhood. The norm; learning disabilities, dyslexia, 
plus he had abusive parents. His life was a nightmare. 
And how Marcus tre;Us him didn't make it any better. 
Marcus beats him, swears at him and throws endless 
insults, one after the other. The sad thing is that I don't 
think Lance can do an>thing about it. It's not only that 
he can't physically do anything about it it's that Marcus 
is his hero. Hence, conniving Marcus takes advantage of 
him. After all of this murder mess, I'm sure Lance still 
loves Marcus. And that's sad. 

On Friday, early morning at around four, the three 
of us got into Graham's apartment. We sneaked into his 
room and killed him. It was Marcus who took the rope 
and strangled him. 1 remember Marcus' face, his eyes 
wide and shiny with a half smile. Even when Graham's 
Adam's apple dislodged out of place, Marcus still smiled. 
While it was still dark we took the body down to the San 
Francisco Bridge; and dropped it. The body sinking in 
the water was like sinking my heart. 1 had hardly 
known the guy and had a part in killing him. We went 
back to our apartment and stopped talking. Somewhere 
along the way Lance slipped away, alone, pacing in the 
big city. We drank and inhaled, drank and inhaled. I 
finally stopped while Marcus kept going on until dark. 
I don't know what Marcus is thinking. He takes the roll 
as our leader but he's not even thinking about what's 
going to happen. It's like he expects that we should stay 
here in our apartment as convicts forever. I guess all I 
can do now is wait. 


What now'.' What should 1 do'.' The body's gone and the 
police don't know yet. You know, it pisses me off what 
Jocelyn did. I'm not a murderer but I can still smell the 
murder. She got me into the whole mess. She's a tough 
one. Angry on the inside but doesn't show it. She drags 
Lance and me into the whole thing. She kept on whining 
about the apartment and then kept on telling me to get 
back at the guy Graham, for stealing my girl. I wanted 
to forget about it but she kept on pushing it into my face. 
Poor Lance, a good kid but he pretends to be stupider 
than he is. I don't fall for it. It's an attention act. 

Sometimes I get rough with him and it starts getting 
nasty but he needs to stop bloody pacing and learn how 
to defend himself. Some times I wish he didn't leach 
onto me. He thinks of me as his goddamn soul mate. And 
it's not like Jocelyn likes him any better. She just pre- 
tends to. to make me look like a jerk. 

I remember the murder so well. We got into 
Graham's apartment at around four thirty. We sneaked 
into his bedroom and Jocelyn took out some rope and 
just started to strangle him. He squealed like a kid and 
I wanted to stop her but I couldn't. I was too goddamn 
scared. Lance was pacing, as usual. We took the body to 
the San Francisco Bridge and dropped Graham into the 
water. I wanted to go back in time. It was a bad dream. 
that's what I wanted it to be. 

We got back and we all started to drink except for 
Lance somewhere on his own. pacing in space. It was a 
bloody nightmare. 


They all think I'm crazy. But I'm not crazy, they're the 
goddamn crazy ones. Murderl For God's sake there was 
no point. Everyone makes the assumption that just 
because I don't talk much means that I'm crazy. I'm not 
crazy! Marc's awesome but he pulled me into this thing. 
And Jocelyn she pulled me into it too. She's no better. 
She thinks she's perfect but she just sits there. She does- 
n't stop Marcus when he's hitting me or doesn't stop 
Marcus when he's going drink too much Vodka. I fall 
into the wrong crowd. That's what I do. 

On Friday, early morning we went to Graham's 
apartment. We got into his room and Marcus and 
Jocelyn gave me the rope. They forced me to do it. I felt 
like I was strangling Jesus. Jesus' eyes opened and then 
rolled back. He was dead. I wanted to die. I wanted to go 
to hell forever. But I wasn't allowed. Jesus was punish- 
ing me. 

We headed down to the San Francisco Bridge with 
the body in the car. We dropped it into the water and 
then drove home. Marcus and Jocelyn got into the apart- 
ment. They were in a stupor and were too dazed to real- 
ize that I was on my way to the subway. My fingers 
trembled as I held on to the pole of the subway. The pole 
was cold and it smelled like rusted metal. It reminded 
me of blood, red, thick, blood. I must have looked like 
crap because mothers were holding their children away 
from me. The subway kept on going for on for the 
longest time and then finally it my station. I got out the 
station and walk about a half a block. I started to make 
my way onto the San Francisco Bridge. I walked to the 
side of the bridge. Everyone started to scream. My gun 
was my only happiness, it meant death. I looked up to 
the sky and jiunped. My wish had come true, I was in 

Nathaniel Wolfson. Grade 8 

^ke Qeon<fian 2000-200 f 

Senior School Literature 

Sestina to Vincent 

The broad sweeping strokes left the image 
of a day illuminated by a dark night 
black crows flying over the wheat 
what roads could have been followed 
if he had taken to the bright colour 
that washes over the cold picture 

the surrounding scarcely explains the picture 
for his feelings produce the image 
the thousand words that paint the colour 
tell the hour of day when really it's night 
resting in the fields who knew what followed 
as the wind swayed the wheat 

harvest season means its time to cut the wheat 
the time to capture the moment in a picture 
the feeling describes what's to be followed 
his palette still wet, this last and final image 
still fresh in his mind as the air of the night 
no longer lets his eyes see the colour 

his strength was not replication it was colour 
every shade as beautiful as the yellow wheat 
the sky as picturesque as any starry night 
like a martyr dying for his picture 
his blessing on our earth, will leave an image 
that will always be followed 

but who will be the next to be followed 
no one will ever produce such vivid colour 
such was the work of a genius and an image 
put together like bread and wheat 
to give us the gift of a picture 
that will be left alone in the night 

each day comes after the quiet night 

that is sure to be continually followed 

but never still like the picture 

that freezes the colour 

of the golden wheat 

svirh a divine work in an image 

The stillness of the night colour 
the golden picture of the wheat 
his death followed: a horribly cold image 

Cnliii Simpson. OAC 



Hke QetyufioH 2000-200 f 

When m\ grandparents saw me for the first time, a few 
minutes alter my birth, my dad's mother fjave me a 
blanket she had sewn for me herself. The sides were a 
slightly off-white colour, with small flowers, ducks, and 
rabbits on it all blue and pink. I named it 'baby blanket", 
but the best effort of my small, chubliy lips merely pro- 
duced the garbled sounds "bubby binket'. The name 
stuck: I still have my bubby binket it my room, on a 
bookshelf under my enormous mound of stuffed ani- 
mals, serving as a pillow for my life-size Collie/St. 
Bernard stuffie. David (who is at the bottom). 

I have vague, dreamlike memories of my life as a 
two-year old: simple flashes of light, like lights passing 
overhead on a freeway late at night, or the moving 
beams of strobing, phantom light cast by cars passing by 
my house on the street below my bedroom window, slid- 
ing across my ceiling like wraiths. But these memories 
are less visual than auditory and tactile: I can clearly 
remember my mother singing "Clementine' and 'Puff the 
Magic Dragon' to me. lulling me to sleep with my two 
favourite songs. Or the comforting touch of my bubby 
binket above me, lying over me as I stretch out in bed. 
beneath the soft folds of my bubby binket. But beneath 
all of these fragmentary twinklings of the past, a deep 
sense of .... of being pervades. The sense of security, 
and safety, cast by my small blanket, like a protective 
barrier against all things evil, unsavoury, or scary. I can 
remember traveling to Disneyland at age four, with my 
family, and insisting that my bubby binket accompany 
us, keeping me company on the airplane and in the hotel 
room each night. Lucky, indeed, was my request, for on 
the return flight I slept in the ai.sle of the 727, a small 
curled lump in a soft, tiny blanket — something I could 
never have done without my velvety good luck charm 
and bedspread. 

My next memory of bubby binket is its slow, inex- 
orably decline into a state of utter disrepair and colossal 
deterioration. One side of it was in gcxjd condition, but 
the other had degenerated into a ragged, patchy state, 
hanging in strips. I was at my grandparents', some- 
where around age six or seven, and can clearly recall, to 
this day, my grandmother beckoning me into the den 
(also the TV room, where I spent much of my time) 
where the sewing machine was — many years ago, my 
grandmother was a seamstress. With my blanket in tow, 
dragging on the carpet, like a living, three-dimensional 
parody of Peanuts' Linus. I entered the room, and gave 
my prized blanket to my grandma. With her help, I 
chose a fabric (a soft, blue and green piece with sailboats 
on it), and a stitch (green thread — in a stitch that 
looked like a multi-zigged [or -zagged, depending on how 
you look at it] zig-zag. with multiple 'ups' and "downs' of 
varying sizes. My grandmother sewed on the new side of 
my bubby binket, and then attached a creamy yellow 
fabric around the sides as a border, holding it all togeth- 

After that, I took better care of my bubby binket. No 
more dragging on floors or sucking on corners — and, 
much to my surprise. I found that there wasn't nearly as 
much wear and tear on my blanket. Bubby Binket is in 
fine condition today, much as it was that afternoon, 
years ago. after my grandmother 'restored' it. the smell 
of waffies my grandfather was making for lunch wafting 
tantalizingly through the door of the den. As it rests on 
my bookcase, serving as a pillow to a very important 
friend of mine (the aforementioned David), my bubby 
binket is always fondly thought of, never forgotten for 
an instant. 

Corcoran Conn-Granl. Graded 

Three Poems 

Old Man Winter is 
Knocking on Your Door 

Cold, crisp autumn air 

rustles motley patches of leaves 

half the tress raise skeletal arms 

to their radiant god 

While their red and yellow sisters 

hide their praises under patchwork cloaks 

This is nature as it begins to fall into sleep 
When dreams and rushing thoughts take hold 
of nature's creativity 

and spark a show of fireworks as one last struggle 
before she falls asleep 

Ike Qea>Ufkin 2000-2001 

You and Yours 

To what can I compare 
your radiant beauty? 
Should I, as Shakespeare, 
compare thee to a summer's day? 

Perhaps you are the ray of sunhght 
that pierces through the window 
and shines down upon my face 
on a perfect Autumn morning. 

Are you the avatar of Aphrodite? 

Could you be the flower blossom 
that bursts with summer joy? 

Perhaps you are the snowflake 
that falls upon my waiting tongue: 
unique, crystalline, and beautiful. 
Perhaps you are just you 
and anything else 
is something less. 

Alphabetical Philosophizing 

Audacious aliens, 
barely breathing, 
carefully conniving 
diabolically dangerous doings 
endangering everything earthly 
for far Farkinor. 

Goodness gracious! 
Help! Humans hope help 
is incoming... I Icarius 
just jest! 

King-Z knows, 

losing life and love 

makes men mad. 

Not nothings, 

or Opium, or 

pimping Pandas pushing Pot! 

Place Paradises packed! 

Quitters quit 

retirees retire 

strippers strip, smokers smoke. 

Tokers toke, taking tarred, 

Utopia unto 

virgin vestries 

within. "Why water?" wonders 


Yonder! Youthful 

Sondx (lihfion. OAC 

7^e Qeo^ioM 2000-200/ 

I Think, Therefore I Am, A Teenager 

The chilly air blasted into my bare face, on this cold. 
January day. The weather forecaster on the radio dur- 
ing breakfast, said it was the coldest day in 7 years, that 
temperatures would hit a low at minus thirty-two 
degrees Celsius. The walk from my doorstep to the 
transit bus stop was about twelve city blocks and lasted 
around fifteen minutes, but, on days like this it felt like 
fifty. It had snowed ten inches the night before, it was 
the kind of snow that covered the shrubs and trees in a 
sparkling white blanket and danced around in the air 
sparkling. It would be pretty to wake up to, if you did- 
n't know in the back of your mind that you would have 
to shovel two neighbors" walkways of the stuff. Anyway. 
I'm trudging along in the ankle high snow when I start 
thinking to myself. I always try to avoid doing this. I 
sometimes purposely listen to a song on the radio at 
breakfast that I hate, but is real catchy, just so that 
instead of thinking, I can whistle that annoying song in 
my head and that tune is all I can think about. I also 
try solving all the world's great mysteries, like how the 
pyramids were constructed and where exactly is 
Atlantis. However, there was no annoying song today, 
and my teenage mind solved the mystery of life after the 
first block. So here I am stuck thinking. 

When you're my age. thinking to yourself when you 
are all alone is not a good thing. It usually happens 
when you are most vulnerable to getting depressed. 
Just before you're about to fall asleep in the dark or 
when you are going or coming from school. You don't 
think about happy things like the children in that 
Christmas story, with images of plums or something like 
that. Instead you think of that project that you prom- 
ised yourself that you would finish on the weekend but 
instead you couldn't get your lazy backside off of the 
couch until nine o'clock at night, or about that party last 
week at Tom's. 

I don't really like Tom much. He's the kind of guy 
who acts really buddy like when he's around you, but 
you know when he goes back to his groupies that he is 
talking bad about you behind your back. Still he invit- 
ed me to the party so I guess he can't be that bad a guy. 
Anyway. I'm at the party and it's going pretty well. I've 
had two beers and I'm out on the dance fioor just having 
a good time. I dance for about an hour and then take a 
seat in Tom's den where a couple of other people are 
whispering to each other. I sit there for a bit and then 
this girl walks, or should I say stumbles, into the don, 
comes over and sits down in my lap. I could tell that she 
had had a few too many: her hair was a mess and all I 
could smell was tequila. So she starts whispering to me. 
saying how she is having such a good time and how her 
friends brought her heri' and how she has never had 
tequila before and how it tastes bad but she loves it. 

She keeps on rambling on and then asks how I feel. I 
say I'm just fine: then, gel this, she asks me if I want to 
go upstairs. So many other guys in my school would 
have been raring to go and run up with her. She wasn't 
bad looking at all: but then I thought about what she 
was doing. She obviously does not drink very often and 
has drunk way too much, not knowing her limit. She 
didn't seem like a bad girl so I told her to sit down in the 
seat next to me and I went back to the party. I grabbed 
a glass of water from John who was acting as the bar- 
tender at the party. He asked me what the hell I was 
drinking water for and was about to put some gin in it 
when I snatched it from him and walked towards the 
dance floor. There were some leather sofas surrounding 
floor and I saw who I was looking for in one of them. I 
recognized her as one of the girls that my friend in the 
den had come to the party with. She was sitting alone 
so I walked up to her and told her how her friend was 
pretty plastered and didn't look like she was doing too 
good. She was sober, so she got up immediately and fol- 
lowed me to the den. We found her lying down on her 
side sprawled across the chair. I also noticed that the 
couple that was whispering to each other was no longer 
there, figured they had gone upstairs. I put down the 
glass of water on a nearby table and lifted her up so she 
was sitting normally. 1 then let her friend manage her 
and went back to the bar. I grabbed myself another beer 
and went and sat down on one of the sofas surrounding 
the dance floor. I spent fifteen minutes just sitting there 
and sipping my beer watching the people moving about 
on the dance floor. After that I got up and went to the 
fi-ont door to get my coat and head on home on the sub- 
way. When I got there the two girls were just about to 
go out the door. The girl's sober friend was propping her 
up because she was still pretty drunk and needed some- 
one to support her. She spotted me and leaned her 
friend up against the wall and walked over. The next 
thing she said kinda surprised me. She asked me why I 
did what I had done. I was caught off guard with this 
question and just said that her friend looked like a nice 
girl and I just didn't want her to get in trouble with 
some guy. All she said was thanks, and then walked out 
the door with her friend and into a cab that was waiting 
at the curb. I watched the cab pull away and then 
walked out the front door and headed towards the bus 

The next day at school was bad news. The guy who 
was whispering to that girl on the couch across from me 
tinned out to be the biggest ass in .school. Dan Marvel. 
He had (old everyone in my class how 1 had rejected this 
girl at the party and how I was gay and a prude and 
everything. And that day at school was a big "Make fun 
of me" dav. 


"^ke Qeo'ufian 2000-200 f 

The horn of the TTC bus woke me up from my daze and was all over me. She saw me at the back of the bus, 

I ran towards stop and just made it. I paid my fare and smiled at me and came back and sat down in front of me! 

sat down in the back right corner seat of the bus — in We start talking about this and that, she says thanks to 

my mind the best seat on it. The seat is on top of the me for taking care of her friend and just before she gets 

engine of the bus so it is usually extra warm and pleas- off she pulls out a pen and writes down her number on 

ant in the winter. Either that, or someone always sits in a piece of paper. She tells me to phone her and gets off 

it just before me and it's just my imagination. The bus the bus. I go three more stops and get off in front of 

turns up at the intersection of Inglewood and Mount school. 
Pleasant and stops at the bus stop there. I look toward 

the front of the bus and I can't believe who just got on. Peter McGrath, Grade 11 
It's the girl at the party who I got to help her friend who 

Three Poems 


Peacefully listing between 

Dream and reality. 

On a cruel Monday morning I lie. 

With the echoes of her cotton finger tips. 

Against my palm. 


Lying on that snowy hilltop, 
the mist in valley beneath us, 
gripping desperately to the landscape, 
dusted by a nocturnal lamp; 

We all looked out on our separate trains, 
sharing our last moments together. 


If there's one thing that I want to spare my wrinkles 

Is that I get a second chance or take any future ones now, 

And make them well So that I may return to Pokka Roos, 

Free of predators: imaginary fortresses blocking their way, 

Then may I face the tyrants with my tattered army. 

Or with that lazy-eyed Legionnaire who approaches me, 

Only two ways out of this foxhole one being to die in it 

If that does not happen, which it probably won't, 

Let me thoughtlessly drop the pen. 

Leaving me cringing in a dark cave 

Tucked far from the view of concrete torchbearers. 

While the world runs laps around my block. 

Though a cheap heaven it would be 

To smoke cigarettes and munch on Reef patties 

Kazuo Oishi, OAC 

Vhe Qea^^fioK 2000-200 1 

The Art of the 50-word Mini-Saga 


Born six pounds. Lovinfj mother, caring father. Childhood spent in inno- 
cent bliss. Bye mom. bye dad, I'm moving on. Sex, drugs, rock n" roll. 
Youth spent in hazed rapture. Late night discussions about the meaning 
of life. Paradise is found in the arms of needle-love at first pierce. Too 
much. Dies one-hundred-fifty pounds. 

All Good Things Come to an End 

She had this attitude that drove me wild. Spiky hair and a perfect smile. 
Knew how to sashay with style. Hips shifting, dancing, writhing. We'd 
lie in each other's arms and I'd run my fingertips across her body. Fresh 
lips and flashing teeth. 

We don't smile at each other anymore. 

Sandy Gibson, OAC 

Antique Misery 

This morning I wake up 

I woke up with a burning 
In my stomach 

It lasts ail day 

And burns consistently 

It's a feeling that 

Reminds me of 

A long time ago 

The feeling of anxiety 
And nervousness 
Because .something bad 
Is around you 

Pushing up into my 
Heart — all the way 
From mv stomach 

I have to ignore its 

Instead of reminding 
Myself why it's there 

It's not guilt 

But frustration 

A memory of what went wrong 

To get it off my chest 

To get it out of my mind forever 

I need to grow 


Accept and 


Rob Macdonald. OAC 

Nothing can fight 
To make it go away 
My mind must forget it 
And push it away 

Vke Qe&n<fian 2000-200 f 

Daily Update 



It's 5:00 a.m., time to wake up 

We've got all the things you want to hear 

Right after this commercial break 

Good morning and welcome to "The Show" 
We've got what you want 
And we're gonna give it to you 

Tax increase to be announced by Feds 
This while the stock market continues to fall 
Experts predict recession 
That damn "R" word 

Ian Bryan 

Star of "Men Good. Women Bad" 

Arrested on drug charges 

Found high in a hotel room in Paris 

Young fans idolize him 

Car accident, 7 injured, 2 dead 
Corner of 34th and 7th 

That's all the updates we have for today 

Have a great one 


Woman attacked, raped, beaten and robbed 
2:00 a.m. this morning 
Suspect at large 
Likely armed 

Rob Macdonald, OAC 

^he QeM^ioH 2000-200/ 

Junior School Prize Day 

Grade 3 Award 
Grade 4 Award 
Grasley Award 

Grade 5 Award 
G.D. Hay Award 

Grade 6 Award 
Scott Kovas Award 

Grade 7 Award 
J.B.E. Garstanjj Award 

Mathematics Award 
French Award 
St. George's Society Award 

Social Studies 
Science Award 
Leigh McCarthy Gossage Award 

John R. Latimer Award 

Public Speaking 
Junior Music Award 
Leslie Taylor Award 

Most Improved Chorister 
Guild Most Improved 

Instrumentalist Award 
John D. Allen Award 

Religious Knowledge 
Guild Best Instrumentalist Prize 
Choir Ribbons Given to 

Senior Choir Members 

Anders Berrgren-OToung 

Evan Morgan 

Cohn Noble 

Philip Ruffolo 

Jiihn Harricks 

Nathaniel Wolfson 
Alex MD Delwar 
Jeremy Grynpas 

Philip Lang 
Moyvikh Chakrabarti 

Jonathan Rae 

Jonathan Pak 
Colin Noble 

Andrew Phillips & Sean Sydney 

Adam Optician 

Paul 'IVebuss 
Nathaniel Wolfson 

David Edwards. Anthony Field. 
Diederik Heisey. Jacob Kadar 
Penner, Jonathan Pak. Andrew 
Phillips, Jonathan Rae. David 
Bleasby. Ai-gus Chambers, Derek 
Chan, James O'Born, Sean Sydney 

A group of talented musicians per- 
form at the cfcnt 

James O'Born and Anthony Field 
receive their Choir Ribbons from 

Mr Jamicson 

John L. Bradley Award 

Best Chorister 

Argus Chambers & Diederik Heisey 

Art Award 

David Bleasby 

Max Denis 

Community Service Award 

Kyle Marsky 

Georgian Parents Guild Award 

Anthony Field 

Dr. Paul D. Steinhauer Memorial 

Award for Leadership by Example 

Jami's O'Born 

Rothwell Award 

Greatest Determination 

Simon McCamus 

Junior Georgian Award 

Top Student of Junior School 

David Edwards 


Jeremy Grynpas 


Congratulations from Mr MeHlroy 

Ike QeM(ficm 2000-2001 

Athletic Banquet 

Most Improved Soccer 
Most Improved Volleyball 
Most Improved Cross Country 
Most Improved Skier 
Most Improved Squash 
Most Improved Basketball 
Most Improved Hockey 
Most Improved Badminton 
Most Improved Golf 
Most Improved Softball 
Most Improved Lacrosse 
Most Improved Rugby 
Most Improved Judo 
Most Improved Track & Field 
Junior School Soccer Award 
Junior Volleyball Award 
Junior Basketball Award 
Junior Hockey Award 
Junior Softball Award 
Junior Track & Field Award 
Junior Rugby Award 
RSGC Volleyball MVP 
Edward Assaf Memorial Trophy 

Soccer MVP 
Ferguson Award 

Excellence in Country Running 
J.W. McMaster Trophy 

Snr Hockey MVP 
Bowlby Trophy 

Snr Basketball MVP 
RSGC Squash MVP 
David Reesor Badminton Trophy 

RSGC Lacrosse MVP 

Michael Badali 

Nicholas Caravetta 

Chris Compery 

Zack DeGuerre 

Brad Milne 

Kevin Marthinsen 

Colin Macnicol 

Alex Quick 

Tyler Kee 

Andrew Bolton 

David Zelikovitz & David Jones 

Kevin Melnuk 

Anders Bergren O'Young 

Andrew Harris 

Andrew Spears & Andrew Phillips 

Chris Hoad 

John-EUiot Pearl 

EJ Smith 

David Edwards 

Chris Jackson & Phillip Ruffolo 

Adam Branston 

Michael Kitchen 

Matt Hudson & Ostap Prokipchuk 

Michael Alguire 

D'Arcy Cook 

Matt Hudson 

Alex Carter 

Chris Roscoe 

John Hawryluk 

Ronson Chan & Mario Marruzzo 
D'Arcy Cook 

Michael Alguire wins MVP Cross- 
country from Codth DcBloifi 

2000 - 2001 

Ike Qeotqicui 2000-200 1 

W.E. Wilson Skmor Softball MVP 
Skmou Klchv MVP 
R.K.Fraser Trophy 

Ti-ack & Field MVP 
LoMAX Mi;mokl\l Trophy 

Basketball Award for 

Determination. Perseverance 

and Sportsmanship 
V.C.Pascoe Trophy 

Best Athlete Jr. School 

Best Athlete Grade Nine 


Best Athlete Grade 10 & 11 
J.S.HoussER Trophy 

Best Athlete Sr. School 
Athletic Directors Award 

Contribution to 

Athletic Programs 
Athletic Letter 

Outstanding contribution to 

Athletics over manv vears 

Steven Shienfeld 
Andrew Ford & Tim Clark 

Scott Ackley 

Simon Sutherland 

John- Elliot Pearl 

Jason Salzman 

David Zelikovitz 

Matt Hudson & Ronson Chan 

Mike Orlando 

Matt Hudson, Jason George, 
D'Arcv Cook 

I'm Ttiin ( 'rutsi 




1^"^ i 


Golf Ciiirii. Dr. Ryall. (jiniids -John 
Hauryluk the RSGC Gol/ MVP 


"Ike Qmn(fia4^ 2000-200 f 

Senior School Awards 

Math Contests 

Grade 9 Pascal Math Contest 
Grade 10 Cayley Math Contest 
Grade 11 Fermat Math Contest 
Grade 12 Euclid Math Contest 
OAC Descartes Math Contest 

Math Department 

Pythagorean Award 

Hardest Working Grade 9 
Grade 9 Math Award 
Grade 10 Math Award 

Grade 11 Math Award 
Grade 12 Math Award 
Jock Armitage Senior Math Prize 

Computer Science Department 

Intermediate Comp-Sci Award 
Senior Comp-Sci Award 

Science Department 

Grade 9 Science Award 
Grade 10 Science Award 
Chemistry Award 
Biology Award 
Physics Award 

Business Department 

Intermediate Business Award 
Senior Business Award 

Canadian & World Studies 

Canadian Geography Award 
Regional Geography Award 
Geomatics Award 
OAC World Issues Award 
AP Human Geography Award 
Canadian History Award 

American History Award 
OAC Canadian History Award 
OAC Modern World History Award 
AP European History Award 
OAC Politics Award 
OAC Philosophy Award 
Canadian History Essay Prize 


Michael Plewman 
Troy Cadogan 
Tim Wong 
Tim Wong 
Chris Roscoe 

Simon Chernin 

Gavin Chan 

Dick Chow & Matthew 


Timothy Wong 

Brad Milne 

James Morrison 


Ryan Cookson 
Timothy Wong 

Gavin Chan 
Dick Chow 
Chris Roscoe 
Kazuo Oishi 
James Morrison 

Timothy Wong 
Peter Adams 

Gavin Chan & Chris Hoad 

Francis Teofilovici 

Justin Ho & Timothy Wong 

Kevin Ng 

Jeffery Parker 

Matthew Hamlin-Douglas & Ryan 


Michael Alguire 

James Morrison 

PhiHp Chow 

Ethan Hoddes 

Jeffery Parker & Gavin Wiggins 

Elliot Feinberg & Benjamin McPhee 

Jonathan Lofft 

Jim Morrison and some of the Math 
department as Jim takes home the 
Jock Armitage Senior Math Prize 

Brandon Vasquez & Mike Usher 
Jones win the OAC Phvs-Ed Award 

Jon Loft, winner of the Canadian 
History Essay Prize, stands with 
the Canadian & World Studies 


Ike. Qea>Uf4a*t. 2000-200 1 

2000 - 2001 

English Department 

Junior English Award 
Intermediate Enp;lish Award 
Senior English Award 

Senior English Writing Award 

Modern Languages Department 

Junior Latin Award 
Senior Latin Award 
Junior German Award 
Senior German Award 
Junior Spanish Award 
Senior Spanish Award 
Junior French Language .Award 
Senior French Language Award 
Junior French Literature Award 
Senior French Literature Award 
AF French Language Award 

Art Department 

Junior Art Award 
Intermediate Art Award 
T-hu Grieve Senior Art Award 
Agenda Cover Design Frize 

Drama Department 

Junior Drama Award 
Senior Drama Award 
Most Improved Actor Award 
Ian Honnycastle Award for 

Technical Support 
Spotlight Award for 

Stage Managing 
Best Supporting Actor Award 
Best Actor Award 

Debating Department 

Intermediate Dehating Award 
The Artiiur Fegler Cup 

Senior Debating Award 
Special Award for a Significant 
Contribution to the Devi'lopment of 
Debating & Fublic Speaking at 

John R. Latimer 

i'uhiic Speaking Award 


Corcoran Conn-Grant 

Michael Alguire & Ethan Hoddes 

Ben McFhee & Andrew I'ott? 


Sandv Gibson 

Graham Dickhout 

Andrew Potts-Robinson 

Stephen Woodiwiss 

Alex Carter 

Michael Pang 

Michael Alguire 

Chris Hoad & Iain Hall 

Mark Longo 

Rj'an Cookson & Taylor Drury 

Francis Teofilovici 

Alex Carter 

Stephen Kaye & Greg Stark 
Alex Quick 

Peter Adams & Mark Longo 
Peter Adams 

Sam Bailey 

Brian Tod 

Peter McGrath 

Jonah Falco. Kazuo Oishi. 

Austin Locke 

Jesse Wachter 
Jonah Falco 
Jonathan Loft 

Hvn Ml Phcc says goodbye to Mrs. 
Miller after uinning the John R. 
Latimer Public Speahinti An arc! 

tieff Parker 

Nick Boake 

Ben MePhee 

.\/;-. D'Arey. Murl; /.(j/i^'o. and Mr 
Sehreiner pose for Mr Sieuerl 

'Ike. Qeo^uf^cm 2000-200! 

Senior School Awards 

Music Department 

Grade 9 Beginning Band Award 
Junior Music Award 
Intermediate Music Award 
Senior Music Award 
Junior Choral Music Award 
Senior Choral Music Award 

Religious Awards 

Acolyte Award 

Woi'ld Religions Award 

Physical Education Department 

Grade 9 Physical Education Award 

Grade 10 Physical Education Award 

Grade 11/12 Physical Education 


OAC Physical Education Award 

Community Service 

One Hundred Hour Pin 

Two Hundred Hour Pin 

Five Hundred Hour Pin 

til t 

Chris Roscoe dresses in his fitjest to 
accept the Chemistry Award (Above) 


T\'ler Kee 
Owen Williams 
Ross Eraser 
Jeff Parker 
Jonathan Holtby 
Robert Gleadow 

Jeff Parker 
Stephen Woodiwiss 

Ian Colterjohn & Sam Bailey 
Haddon Murray 
Mario Maruzzo 

Mike Usher Jones & Brandon 

Geoff Cardy, Marlon Chambers. 
Graham Durrant-Taylor, Pat Taylor 

Adam Donald, Tim Enfield, 
Austin Lock, Steve Shienfield 

Jason George, Paul Macchione 

Rob Gleadow wins the Setiior 
Choral Music Award (Above) 

Father Donkin congratulates Sieve 
Woodiwiss on his World Religions 
Awai'd (Above) 

Pang wins 
the Junior 



Ike. Q&yufiati 2000-200/ 

Kazuo's Words 

(Graduation Address) 

What 1 really should say 
On a day like today 
Is something' to tln' point 
Of hoorav. oh hooray. 

You'll start happening too. 



So I have somethinji unique I'or ail who are here 
For at St. George's we do different year after year. 

A story, a speech the title of wiiich you will know 
Is said to he "Oh. The Places You'll Co" 

And the author of this? 
Not Gerald, not Bruce 

But none other than H(> who wo call Dr. Seuss. 

Today is your day. 
You're off to Great Places! 
You're off and away! 

You have brains in your head. 

You have feet in your shoes. 

You can steer yourself 

Any direction you choose. 

You're on your own. And you know what you know. 

And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go. 

You'll look up and down streets. Look "em over with 


About some you will say, "I don't choose to go there." 
With vour head full of brains and vom- shoes full of 


You're too smart to go down any not-so-good street. 

And you may not find any 

You'll want to go down. 

In that case, of course. 

You'll head straight out of town. 

It's opener there 

In the wide open air. 

Out there things can happen 
And frequently do 
To people as brainy 
and footsy as you. 

And when things start to happen. 
Don't worry. Don't stew. 
Just go right along. 

You'll be on your way up! 
You'll be seeing great sights! 
You'll join the high fliers 
Who .soar to high heights. 

You won't lag behind, because you'll have the speed. 
You'll pass the whole gang and you'll soon take the 

Wherever you fly. you'll be best of the best. 
Wherever you go. you will top all the rest. 

Except when you don't. 
Because, sometimes you won't. 

I'm sorry to say so 
But sadly its true 
That bang-ups 
And Hang-ups 
Can happen to you. 
You can get all hung up 
In a prickle-ly perch. 
And your gang will fly on. 
You'll be left in a Liux-h. 

You'll come down from the Lurch 
With an unpleasant bump. 
And the chances are, then. 
That you'll be in a Slump. 

And when you're in a Slump, 
You're not in for much fun. 
Un-slumping yourself 
Is not easil\- done. 

You can get so confused 

That you'll start in to race 

Down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace 

And gi-ind on for miles across weirdish wild space. 

Headed, 1 fear, towards a most useless place. 

The Waiting Place... 

...for people just wailing. 

Waiting for a train to go 

Or a Inis to come, or a plane to go 

Or the mail to come, or the rain to go 

Or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow 

Ihe Qeo^u^ia*i 2000-200! 

Or waiting around for a Yes or No 
Everyone is just waiting. 

Waiting for fish to bite 

Or waiting for wind to fly a kite 

Or waiting around for Friday night 

Or waiting, perhaps, for their Uncle Jake 

Or a pot to boil, or a Better Break 

Or a string of pearls, or a pair of pants 

Or a wig with curls, or another chance. 

Everyone is just waiting. 


That's not for you! 

Somehow you'll escape 
All that waiting and staying. 
You'll find the bright places 
Where Boom Bands are playing 

On and on you will hike. 
And I know you'll hike far 
And face up to your problems 
Whatever they are. 

Being as fantastic as I am with time 
management, I sat down this morn- 
ing around 1 am to decide whether I 
truly wanted to read this poem as 
my last address. I looked at old 
speeches by past Head Prefects, and 
in the end I wrote four other speech- 
es in mediocre verse. Those speeches 
were very similar to those of the 
past heads. They talked of what St. 
George's means to me. However, I 
decided that I just couldn't say the 
same thing again. I couldn't because 
I know that everyone one of you is 
feeling the same thing I am. 
Everyone of you knows how all the 
good times and the bad times that 
we all experienced together as a 
class will always, always be a part of 
who we are. Every one of you knows 
what it means to be here at Royal St. 
George's College. Having said this, I 
will follow one traditional phase of 
the final address: 

The thank you's. Thank you first 
and foremost to all of you who have 
grown up with me over the past ten 
years. To all my friends not just the 

You'll get mixed up, of course, 

As you already know. 

You'll get mixed up 

With many strange birds as you go. 

So be sure when you step. 

Step with care and great tact 

And remember that Life's 

A Great Balancing Act. 

Just never forget to be dexterous and deft. 

And never mix up your right foot with your left. 

And will you succeed? 

Yes! You will, indeed! 

(98 and fl percent guaranteed.) 




Be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray 

Or Mordecai Ali 'Van Allen O'Shea, 

You're off to Great Places! 

Today is your day! 

Your mountain is waiting. 

So... get on your way! 

RSGC buddies, you've always been 
there for me, even when I was 
unpleasant to be around. For all 
those who have had to put up with 
those times of selfishness, arrogance 
and carelessness, I apologize. 
Thanks for putting up with me. I 
couldn't imagine growing up with 
anyone else. 

Thank you to everyone who has 
made my experience at RSGC possi- 
ble. The strength and commitment 
of the teaching staff, the administra- 
tive staff and support staff is like no 
other. We are all truly lucky to have 
you not only as our mentors but also 
as our greatest friends. 

Finally, and most importantly, to 
all the Moms, Dads and guardians, 
on behalf of the graduating class, 
thank you for giving us life, for send- 
ing us here, for helping us when we 
needed help, for scolding us when 
wc need scolding, and for being 
understanding when we needed to 
be understood. Mom, Dad, I will 
never find the words to thank you 
properly. However, with the help 

Doctor Seuss 

Shakespeare I will try. In the words 
of Cordelia, daughter of King Lear, 

"Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave 
My heart into my mouth. I love you 
According to my bond 
You have begot me, bred me, loved 

I return those duties back as are 

right fit. 
Obey you, love you, and most honour 


Now to the graduating class I say 

I will not say S-I-N 

That's my decision 

This year was eventful with 

The Semi's, Mexico, and the 14th 


There is, however, one thing, that I 

know you are dying to tell me 

And that of course is, Kazuo I know, 

I know "SLC" 

Tliank \ou verv much 

Ike Q&yuf*aH 2000-200/ 

Graduation Day Awards 

Guild Trophy 

To the boy who is outstanding in 
character, games, and scholarship 

M.ARION M('Do\VT':i.L Tkoi'HY 

To the li()>' who has demonstrated 
the greatest all-round contribution 
or improvement in scholarshi]), 
deportment and sports 

W.P. GiLBRiDt: Trophy 

Given to the boy with the largest 
amount of House Points accimiulat- 

RoBKRT Bradley 
Memorlvl Award 

Presented to the boy who continues, 
faithfully, to serve the church 

Wynn Butterworth Medal 

Donated by Mr. & Mrs. Eric 
Butterworth. parents of Wynn, first 
Head Prefect of RSGC and awarded 
annually to the Head Prefect of the 
current year 

Governor's Gener.\l Medal 

Awarded to the graduating student 
who has achieved the highest aca- 
demic standing 

Barry Pepper Memorl\l Award 
In memory of Barry Pepper who was 
a parent, long time Board member 
and ardent supporter of the school. 
It is given to a member of the grad- 
uating class to support his educa- 
tional ambitions. The recipient will 
excel academically, and through his 
achievements, will have enhanced 
the reputation of the College. 

Geor(;l\.\ Spirit Award 
To recognize and foster within the 
student body those tiualities such as 
concern, participation, accomplish- 
ment, pride, and leadership that are 
part of the Georgian Spirit 


Austin Locke 
Andrew Newbury 

Matt Hudson 

Jeffery Parker 

Jonathan Lofft 

Kazuo Oishi 

Peter Adams 

Jutiuh rccciies the J.L. Bi\u 
Award from Mr Martin 

Kazuo Oishi 

James Morrison 

I'artx on tlic I'utio 


'Hhe, Qeon^fian 2000-200/ 


In memory of David MacLennan 
and John "Robbie" Robinson. The 
recipient must meet current RSGC 
academic standards, be involved in 
a variety of extra-curricular activi- 
ties inside and outside the school 
and be judged to be well-liked and 
respected by his peers 

J.L. Bradley Award 

To the person who makes the great- 
est contribution to the RSGC music 

Chairman's Award 

To the boy in the Senior School who 
excels in integrity, dependability, 
resourcefulness and initiative 

J.L. Wright Medal 

To the boy who exemplifies the 

motto "Manners Maketh Men" 

The Von Teich\l\n Award 

To the member of the gi-aduating 
class who, throughout his career at 
RSGC, has achieved substantial aca- 
demic improvement while exempli- 
fying the Georgian spirit through 
leadership, participation and civility 

Michael Usher Jones 

Jonah Falco 

Jeff Parker 

Peter Adams 

Jesse Parker 

Andrew Jones gives Jeff Parker the 
Chairman 's Award 


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^ "TlllMiilTllf"^" 


Jim Morrison receives the Georgian 
Spirit Award from Mr Van Herk 

Mr. Love and the three happy recipients 

Mr. Van Herk and Mr DArcv wish Kacno good luck in ['nivcrsit\