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in 2015 

If you can dream— and not make dreams your 

If you can think— and not make thoughts your 

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew 
to serve your turn long after they are gone, and so 
hold on when there is nothing in you except the 
Will which says to them: "Hold on!" 
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, 
or walk with Kings— nor lose the common touch, 
If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty 
seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the 
Earth and everything that's in it. 

Rudyard Kipling 

Within the Graphic Arts field there are many career 
choices. This field is continually growing due to the 
rapid technological advances taking place. There is 
indeed a challenging opportunity for those who 
choose any of the many rewarding professions in this 
vast industry. 

At Niagara College our program is divided into four 
separate courses: Art and Camera Copy Preparation, 
Typesetting, Process Photography, Offset Printing 
and related subjects such as Copywriting, 
Proofreading and Bindery. The two semesters in first 
year include four main courses which provide the 
students with a basic working knowledge of each of 
these skills. 

The students will learn the many different 
processes used in the production of printed material, 
from the development of the original idea, to the art, 
copy and assembly stages. This includes 
type'setting, camera film assembly, platemaking and 
printed reproduction. 

In second year, the students will devote their 
studies to only two of the four skill areas. 
Concentration in only two of the four 
courses, combined with the knowledge acquired in 
first year, enables thegraduates to be moreflexible in 
obtaining employment in this complex and 
competitive market. , 

Term I 

Basic Process Photography I 3 

Typography I and Reproduction 3 

Basic Offset Printing 3 

Preparation of Camera Copy I 3 

English I 3 

Mathematics I 3 

Typing I 3 

Credits 21 

Term III 

Students will choose any two of the following: 

Process Photography I 8 

Offset Printing I 8 

Art and Camera Copy 8 
Reproduction I 

Typography lil and 8 

Plus the following compulsory subjects: 

Proofreading and Advertising I 
Copywriting I 

English Elective 3 

One General Elective 3 

Credits 23 

Term II 

Basic Process Photography II 3 

Typography II and Reproduction 3 

Basic Offset Printing II 3 

Preparation of Camera Copy II 3 

English II 3 

Mathematics II 3 

Typing II 3 

Credits 21 

Term IV 

Process Photography II 8 

Offset Printing II 8 

Art and Camera Copy 8 
Reproduction II 

Typography IV and 8 
Reproduction II 

Proofreading and Advertising I 
Copywriting II 

Bindery 2 
Field Practice 

English Elective 3 
One General Elective 3 

Credits 25 


Preparation of Camera Copy 


Mr. Larry Brooks 

Lincoln Graphics Limited 

Mr. William Godfrey 

Service Letter Shop 
Mr. Jack Laminman 
Pakfold Business Forms 
Mr. Lawrence Moyer 

Commercial Photo Copy Ltd. 
Mr. Arnel W. Pattemore 

Lincoln County Board of Education 

Mr. lain Purves 

Superior Engravers 

J.P. Robarts 

I.J. Giancarlo 

Dean of Applied Arts 
J.M. Cuthbertson 


What can we say about the first year Graphic 
Arts students? These little simpletons thought 
that with a snap of the camera the instructors 
here could make them into Graphic Arts 
Technicians. What they did realize was that the 
"Almighty Alex" could make you feel like Crayola 
Crayons were your speed, and that typesetters 
were machines for learning and could not be 
programed for Pac Man. You would think they 
could keep their hair and fingers from the 
machinery that is in operation, and that film 
develops far better in the dark. 

Their only constructive ideas were how to 
cheat in cards without getting caught.and 
commenting about the latest dancing steps of 
ladies at the local saloon at lunch time. 

But all in all, considering what they had to work 
with, when they were there, they did a damn good 


Stock One 

Laura Wilson, Kerenna Gunn, Vince Lavigne, Barb Begy Michel Belleville, Doreen Lee, Anna D'Alessandr 
Patrick Smyth, Janice Clattenburg, Ann Breznik, Elaine Ratte. Louise Howe, Luciano Riganelli, Brenda Won 

Steve Ross, Luciano D'lntino, Aime Paquette, Danny Carson, 
Rick Lepp, Julia Zybura, Christine Kaldy, Alice Heikoop, 
Nancy Bonato, Marina Agostino. 

Mike Heltner, Carole McLean, Harry Toews, Doris Cavasin, 
Kathi Male, Colleen Gullion, Karen Bradt, Margaret Beatty. 

In the beginning, forty-eight innocents 
gathered together in hopes of obtaining a 
rewarding education at Niagara College. Only 
fifteen of us remain to tell the tale of life as a 
Graphic Arts Student. This yearbook is a 
reflection of the two years we endured together. 

Time well spent? Well, after two years of trial 
and tribulation, Mr. Merzanis has concluded that 
we will all be "out standing in the field!" 

In any case, here's to good life, good luck, 
good times and happiness. 


from the second year Graphic Arts Students. 

"I never make mistakes, 
I'm just surrounded with 
defective equipment!" 

Preparation of Camera Copy 

"Staying in school 
keeps me out of work!" 

Preparation of Camera Copy 

It's never too long, you 

can always fold it in half, 

"My favowite gwoup is WUSHI' 

"Just call me FFEJ, 
and don't forget to tell 
everybody I'm a nice guy!" 

Preparation of Camera Copy 

(fatoHeWcneau HennieVnotAena 

Don't you dare put anything 
in the yearbook about Harry 
calling me Kimwipes!" 


"@*#§©*@— # 

Preparation of Camera Copy 

"If we ever manage to get 
this yearbook into print, 
the cocktails are on me. 
Here's to Smirnoff Vodka, 
duMaurier Cigarettes and 
Black Coffee; without them 
I don't think we would have 
made it! 

Good Luck everybody 
and Cin Cin!" 

Preparation of Camera Copy 

"While I was sitting in the 
loo enjoying a fag, my cat 
got knocked down by a 
dead fast car." 


Henry Dirks arrived on the scene at Niagara 
College in November 1976; after completing a 
ten year stint in Africa, where he was involved in 
setting up Graphic Arts facilities in Zaire. This 
was a missionary project initiated by his church. 
After six years of teaching here at Niagara, he 
has decided to return to Africa and undertake a 
new missionary venture, related to his vocation. 

We at Niagara are grateful for what Henry has 
achieved during his six yeartenure. He has taken 
us into the computer age of typesetting and has 
provided the program with a certain positive 
invigoration. His smiling face and helping hand 
wHI be missed around the Black Walnut building. 

We wish him every success in his new venture 

Harry has been a familiar smiling face around 
the halls and rooms in the Black Walnut Building 
since the program first got underway in 1970. 
Besides being the program technician he has 
also served as student confidant, story teller and 
itinerant girl watcher. No well turned ankle or 
pretty girl has escaped his keen eye. Always first 
one there in the morning and last one to leave at 
night, never missing a day except for the time he 
fell on the ice in the parking lot and broke his leg. 
The silence in the halls for six weeks was 
deafening. Who will we go to now, when we need 
material, repairs, or advice? 

So long Harry, we'll miss you! Keep in touch. 

Cover and Book Design Angela 


Produced By Second Year 

Graphic Arts Students 

Colour Separation Courtesy of 

Superior Engravers Ltd. 
Hamilton, Ontario 

Paper Stock Courtesy of 

Moss Printing 
Port Colborne, Ontario 

Cover Stock 

Courtesy of 

Bindery Services, 
Hamilton, Ontario