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Full text of "Hastings Chronicle June 1859"

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Themastingse bronicte, 


fA rioan axn Lirenvny Waeexty Jovan iepub : 
Wished avery Wodnoaday, by & MILKS, Vitoria | 
Buildie : 

Vita: —To Mall Subsertbers, Losin adver | 
(Fhot paid until the end of the year, 120 0d — = 
Whoa dolivored by Carrier, 26 Ot extra will be | 
eharged, ‘ | a y, 

—Six lines and under, 

Blanks Por Sate. 

nb of Commitment; Warrant of Wha 
i letions, ete, ete. 
LAW Y Ici vias 3 
be and C. C, Summonses, with and withovs 
[ peeial Endorsumany; Notices of Trial, to 
Examine, to Prodnes, to Adult, ete. ; 
Affidavits of Disbursement; QeB. 
+ moter ttl: B. Subornass Orday 
of Roferenne in Claucery; Afiidavita: 
of all hind. i 
DEEDS, MONTOAG ES & Maxontans, all Rinds 
Ge ir Vrotests & Notioos; Promissory Notes, ’ 
above are printed 
ni Genel at Tkonte Proce Palate 8 
Alvo, Fine Enumelled Avuntes Canny, for Le- 

Rates or Anyxnriixe: 
2a Al for the feat ant Thal for cach aubacquont | 
insertion, Brom aix to (eb il for the 
Brat, ani tod for each aubsequent insertion 
e Ten'tinos anit opwards Ail per line for the fir 

aud 1 per ling for each anbsequontingertion, 

, §, M, PETISNGILL & co's 
Fe Me irks NO 10, State-Ste Doalon. 
H AM PRETENGLLE & Oo. are Agents for the 
um and the moat influential 
1 i ny iM the Uni 



NO. di. 



JUNE 1, 

dies and Ge 

but without 1» 
dutios, sho lacked an important acquisition, 
So wo nsk’of tho richly uttired ond necom: 
plished young woman, who can read French 
Uhumb the piano, and move bewitchingly in 
fashionable company, can she do house. 


Wo have noticed that some young Indios 
are vever found ongaged in domestic labor, 
Onll at their homes at-any time of day, and 
you do not find thom performing house- 
work, ‘They are frequently found.e broid- 

Port's Corner. 

nu AND Avsiniay Inviunxem 1» 

Ira Vho following front the Floren: 

correspondence of the Providence Journal 

throws soine light on a question which be 
ns to be agitated ;— 

nal, spond 

© ee Sieoetaany Phonix Fire Insurance Co 
B ISUICSS Divector 4. | henix Fire mast CONN. A 
@. W. JONES aud ED, BOGART, Cash Capital, all pald up, $200,000, 


¥—The Huron Sig 
Wot ; ining distross and of Pompoe sine die, 
6 desire prevalent in some places to leaval, / He Bank of France lost 25,000,000 francs 
HO NDISOY for other parts, ai os Many)" specle during tho apnea aes fs 

lave gone and ara going now, and apenke!y, Tho Foueea lay been notive and Migher, 
ing from personal knowledge, we hesitate atc” Ined § ou to 15th, closing at 61-16, 

tion on the corn laws is 

Consider the Lilies, how thoy Grow, 
Drs, io 

Tho lilios fale are found | 
On the shadowy ground, 

sonderaigned having boon duly appoint- 
TEVLE undersigned having beon duly appoin! Tho sliady hnants of sunny lime, 

“Tf forcign domibation is atill to be mai 
od and regularly constituted Agents hero ia pation is still to be main. 

| = iy And broathe the balm of aummer times cring, making a lave collar, praatising. on | yoy, , . tained in aly, we have no doubt the Itali ssert hat t The projected misdon of Pri 
BE. STEVENSON, M.D., | for the above Company, aro nov prepared tO! pee rea ena dea mud. voilod trom. {} By er aaa te Prony OM} work? If sho cunnot, sho is not w model | would profur subjection to French rathe: Hana }not to assert that fully one-half of our fire| gratz, Psi lye 1 of Prince Windisels- 
8 and their contents, ry, a 3 ' the pinno, or doing nothing. © infer lady, "ANia tilat Heats ee Ather thant ining acquaintances, as well as mechani sratz, as beon abandoned, 
noontlde glow, vasters, as there would be more hope, p is Mechanics! Tho German Dict adopted the proposition 

that they scldom or never attend to do- 
mestic lubors, or else tat they suddenly 
‘quit the kitchen when the deor bell rings, 
leat they should be cauglit with a broom or 
a rollingspin in their hands... It is well 
{known that many young Indies detain 

OMEOPATHIE Physician, Surgeon, and accept Risks on Burile 

H Accovehetn Belleville, Cc. Wo at the usual rates: for first class Companies. 

i Orrik—Over Blacklock’s Grocery Store, They aro also authorized under tho namo and 
Front St. Office hours, from 84 to 10 A.M, seal of the Company, te issue Policies and to 

} From 1fto 8, and from 9, P.M. J accept xocvice of all fawiul processes that inay 
(o> Partionlar attention to diseases of wo-| bo made for claims against thom. 
men and children, This Company is conducted on the same 

and.tradesmen, are lietd in “the country 
mercly by their unsalenble property.” And 
possibly, it is quite as well that they re 
held ; for thongh serious difliculties have 
beon experienced, they have not beon of a 
more urgent kind than those which have 

at lonst, of some advantage to come through 
future French revolutions. ‘Lhe people are so 
much like the French, also, in vaco and lan- 
guage. Not one Italian thousand loarns 
Gorman, while every one, with any pretensions 
to education, is acquainted with French. ‘They 

‘Thy taste the woftest light and air, and thi is 

© Thora ig a spot of carth supromoly bloat, 
how they grow: 

A denvor, aWeotor spot than all the rest; 

Tore woman reigna; the mother daughter, wifo, 
Strowo with fresh flowers tha narrow way of lire, 
Around her knees domestic dutign 
And fireside pleanives gambol at her 

to-put the Federal garrison on ® war footing 
Tho Vrossinn Chambers both atanimous- 
ly Authorized the yarloan asked by tho 
Advices from Turkey report increasing 
animation in the Provinces. 

Updrawn from verdant sod 
By look from God, 
Thore holy, happy flowers pervade 

pave eee i BY aire, go Yong and! favor The sleeping lawn, tho forest glade : The True W call thé Franc 5 h 
5 principle as tho * <Titna,” so Tongs And charmed by xophyr’s wing, aud lulled. by visit f i ar sfore nr’ he True Woman, {eal the French the sistor language, which, like] beew felt | J : ‘ The t ‘ 
A. JAMES, ably knovn in Canada, And ¢ berate by, ike ‘8 Bi «1 by visitors n half-hour in the: parlor, before heels = a the Spanish, it in; but every sound of the ate been felt in the Western States, while the} The following is Napoloon's order of th 

tive to the samo they emerge from their chamber, arrayed 

man is repuleive to their ears. day 7— 

AGUERRIAN, Ambretypist, and Photos} All furth or information ro ae ‘ 9 Bi doa aS au ” ‘ fo) KE 1 7 nN mth, prospects of coming abunda Ove 

Sqmplions a tasmne aver Vate¥ Store, Front] may. ba bad. on application 10, ots Pag GAlnh ye THUAN SUSE brightly dream, and jig Paris dolls, No person: out of their POLES a PARDEE anelbusterhGohfoilfrtor-Ittasoe, iad vaert brighter Ai goodratoh aa wisatat eal Sonprens—L come to placo my 

Street, Belleville, All likenesses taken by the CURRY & MCANDLISH, families ever saw them innkitchen gatb.|.4 Slave Kills his Master—The Slave) ‘sts their habits of thinking, and thoir aspi-|'@ $1.75, and we shall hear very littls about | Your lend, to conduct bn ie ones 
J iy Dab. ° 

Thy bloom fn sheltered nook, 
By curling brook ; 

And Karth how firmly, fondly loves 
Those troasures of hor streams and groves ; 
The dark mold cherishes their petals white like ! 
With heaven apportioned nutriment, and that | 

is how thoy grow. | 

deavor to be: 

ration are inspired by the same country 
while everything Austrian they bate. German 
influence in Italy for two or threo hundred 
years has not suegecded in changing, in the 
slightest degree, the language or the feclings 
of the Masi What stronger proof could} 
there be that Avatrian rule in Mealy is im- 

mis cheap. 36 M 

Tho principal reason is, they think it is not 

Buyned to Death, 
Says Mr. Arthurs bie seipialir ett 

Tho Galveston ews of the 10th May, 
coatains tho following correspondence ;— 

Grab Cann, May 2.—A dreadful mar 
der was committed lust Sunday week, by a 
negro on lis master. Mr. James Ropor 

Latest and most perfeot plans, 


\ HOLESALE & Retail Dealer in Groceries 
and Provisions, Shingles and Cordwood, 

Lata Potash [napection OMe, one door 
fGrant's Hotel, Front-at, Belleville, o. w. 

blo Building, opposite Upper Bridge. 
Fob. 1, 1859 


At all events, we should en- 
\ “ir Up Against the difficulties. 
Ana not to give way to ondue repining.” 

Are about tosocond the ster, peo- 
to second the gg les of m 

ple now vindicating heir independence, and 

i rescue thom from foreign oppression, — 

— ~ N18 18 4 sacred cause Which has : 

_ bee” Mr, Speaker Smith has gone to} pathies of the whole civilized aa Pk 

England to present tho Address of Parlia- {need not stimulate your ardor, e ‘ 

Bolle lndy-like. 
A friend of ours, romarkablo for Jis 
strong good senso, married a very ac 
complistied and fishionable young Indy, ate 
tracted more by her beauty and accomplish 

} r ; . ' tat fi } P natural, and Onto ° "=! the Queen, requestin is} wil remind? ¢ very atop 
GEO. W. JONES, M. D. vl Inontethanbyinbything els! Th thiedtlnaedéd: hero’ with his Wegroon his way {4 , and must cone to an ond?” May it! “a 1, requesting A visit from | will remind you of w victory. 7 

\ TORNTIATE of the College of Physicinns | apjtal,......+-- £500,000 Sterling, vie Manemonee must be ere the his strong gooul sense Fens to Poach Trea Village. “they anne Phoveey ib a ‘ind de ett the win ie Sau Majenty at the opening of} Secra of Aucient Nome, Heal Se 

Lyin htdetareatas in In Si Mink One Pe gat with Five The blossoma ponding aleily did not scom very apparent. THis ‘wife,}od out a mile aud a half above Smithfield ; oe ee a ne itor ‘Bridga: he snddrosas will } were onigraved apontlie marbloy reminding 

CH Residence & Oltico nt: Wi, Martin 4 Hotel. | Jn Shares of ee rth is A aaa __Bonoath thei leafy ennopy, however, proved to be a very excellent] the stago driver in the evening saw THe oo Prornenic a Gacibie 7 SaaS Sa a the effect of showing the loyalty and}the people of their exalted deeda + it isthe 

ai ma PomMunoy, Shillings on ae at MPs ed Thoir witehing fragenuce, spotloss hue, and thus ‘companion, and was deeply attached to|sitting togotlcr; half an HadeeAlvacteiteal| waite tie ote aie ol y aibnastin sate) Boe vil of Canadians towards their in-| fame to-day; in passing Mondovi, Marengo, 

J of 80 hareholders, 1 feel and know, him, though sho stil ovat ig ie salons, A friend estimable Sovereign ; but there is in our| Lodi, yon will, in the midst of thes glorious 

company, and] the nogro dastied out his master’s brains 

was speaking to Lim about an article on 
spent more time abroad than he exactly ap-) with an axe while he was asleep, and then o 

ant CORONER, for th 

That God imparts their loveliness, and thig is 

opinion very “ vouri ecollecti rrr. 
Ged oeaniash pinion very little prospect of securing the} recollections be marching in another Via 

County of Hastings, 


Tuxannronp. 25 

27 Restoexon—TW FE 

Chairman, —The Right Ion. Lord Kean, 

—Dublin University M 


proved. But, us his income was good, and} burned his body; ho then proceaded to- 
his house furaished with a good supply of} ward home and stated to some of the citi- 

his genius. % You are forever speaking 
about my poctic genins,” said the author of 
tho. Meditations ;” “J aspire to be consi- 

thing asked, a visit from the Queen to her Seora, Preserve that trict d'scipline whieh 
British possessions. Was Europe tranquil,|i8 the honor of the army. — Here forget it 
stich a visit would be almost too fortunate to] not. 4 

Colonel James Adair, 
Tho Rev. W. Bear, 
Potér Cartinirs, Ee 

domestics, he was not aware of any abridge-|zens that ho did not know what had be- 

i dered also a politician, ‘Thus you y 
ment of comfort on this account, and ho|comes of lis master. Suspicious were ex- ; i 

be expected : butwith war raging, thoi ay i 
tic u : , idea here are otl er 
speak of my political sngacity, For. in- ena annina ulema 

Batraordinar, + ri e ” 
Apes could not for a moment be entertained,—| Who: fight against us in battle; remain 

BeARystes, Attorney at Lay, Solicitor, 
ta" OFFIGE=In the Vics 

and Master FE in Chancery, 

Select Reading. 

Notary Public, &e, tT =~ _— |therefore made no objection to it. clted ‘and ‘he was taken to the s here | st Tyredi a Fi | a 

. wh tn ry ie Hon. B. Boothby, , n sf as taken to the spot Where] stance, T predicted a revolution long before) Whether the advantages io. will 1c ce aant 
toria Buildings Belleville. 20 Taha datos Unwin Olneke, Baq., NONE STAND ALONE. One day, some few months aftor his} they camped ; the ashes of the firo|it came about, from the general Hobie, t compensate for the nates na gpl tread foi svbandon Not your ranks to 
DR. COLEMAN, 1L B, Sheriden Esq. MPP, — marriage, our friend, on coming home to] were examined ard pieces of bones, but-| for Louis Philippe. I predicted the 2d Pe I ‘ip, i Pee SNE i Ret forward; beware of too great en- 
* L ’ Henty Clarké, Enq. M.D. Itty in th idenéo’of God tl li Pay ee np 8, ppe- I predicted the 2d of pleasure trip, isn question. The expedition | thusiasm, which is the only thing I : 
HYSICTAN, SURGEON, nid Onsretarcos Henry Clarke, & oy tis in the providence of God that none} dinner, saw no appearance of his’ usual]tons, and rags found. ‘fhe negro said the| December. To-day I venture on another |of the four ministe ib | i he only thing L fear; 
OFFIOR—At his Deng Store, where he may Nicholas Denuys, Bed s xtand alone. We touch cach other; man} meal, but found his wife in great trouble in-| Indians had killed him, bit te’ avilloded'of| proplisey, and-you willl naa th-1 tn Dns ae ae andl Iist/y ent, ose, arms ile precision, are dangerous on- 
1 be consulved front § o'clock, A.M, until 8 William S. Potter, Eeqy actson man; heart on heart; we aro bound } stead J B ai y d_you will see it Lam a false|cost the country about $5,093, being an|ly ata distance; they will not prevent the 

rs rACIC, 7” 

h the stage driver was against hiin, and he 
* What is thormatter?” he asked, owned tho whicle. On Saturday the 30th 
“Nancy went off at ton o'clock this] April, the negro was burned alive on the 
morning,” replied tie wile, “and the)/spot whero he had killed his muster, Ho 
chambermaid knows no more about cook-| acknowledged lie had a good master. Lis 

» The empire will full within the|avernge for ench of $1,273. We need bayonet from wha i 

next fifteen months.” ‘The ancients called panes that the Speaker's oxpenses will fall terrible weapon of the Brendh infenty “3 

their bards vates, which means propbet as} much below this mark; and we question] SoLomns—Let us all do our dutyyand 

well as, poet, very much whether Lis mission will benefit} Put our confidence in God, Oureountry ex- 
the country to that extent, The passage| pects muclifrom you. From one end of 

nry Rough, eq, MAY up with each other; hand is joined in hand ; 
x allen eer ni tnaten wheel sets wheel in motion; we are spiritu- 
Lares A Miter Bing “tally linked together, arm within arin; we can- 

se not live alone, nor die alone; Awe cannot say, 

—Meeara, Ransom & Companys carey o 
Villian, esq. Twill only run ‘risks with my own soul; I 

o'clock, PLM. 

RESIDE Near Mr. Muruey’s Hill. and 

short distance from the Lower Bridyo, West F 

yy 24 BANK 


Avytu—Mr, Wiittam Lyox Macknn: 

x so3 3020 , ; F ; F ” . yan Aye 
DR. WALTON SOLLOITORS— Messrs. Miller & Howe, am prepared to disoboy the Lord in such a | ng a: dinner than the man in the moon.” | back was examined and uo indication ap- f the addre: 5 i od i rance . = 
AY resamed the praetice of his Profession, / SECRETARY — William Canwell, E: pssst un nisin, but Te nt want to ; * Couldn't she have done it under your Renal of lis ever having been Waippanes z1u.—This celebrated Canadian Radical by all manent ae eFb ei ees F etnatieeens bonsai will brid 
r ket q fend: — implicate others; I only want to be sver= | directi ” enqui yor’ Rta og Mi a PUREY ? i ew 7 wil 
i ent cakes ey Saal CANADA BR ANOIL ane for myself.” Thigvovonot be. Tels ball Uae Y enquired the husband, very) Mr. Roper was a new comer, and the negro |(says the Dundee Advertiser,) has sont a|of devotion to our Gracious Sovereign, the worthy of her elder sister, y 
se he a on t é vi , Ying soul has its influence on others in some el Waa oh direct) x Gupnldeadt ET ie ty a fue Hoetha i eames of | letter ey Benilpmana in town, in which he unanmityithat prevailedwasas commendable Signed, Naro.rox. 
ral as + 3 Sth gi jjer—ers pale sig 4 : ASTORPY CongciICUAlY - de ution. ess! r. Roper's fatnily wished to return to|says: “Tam sixty-four years old, but beal- it was: deserved ; but since ith Given at G May 5 
e HEAD OFFICE—Masonic¢ Watt, Tonoyto. | VY and to somo extent, consciously or tn - Lah iek eit r yea , ben leserved ; bnt since it, has, been ven at Genoa, May 12th, 1899. 
DR. See WALES ON, I 8 , consciously ; ench his some power, more or pial to see a dinner ‘cooked under my) Alabama, but Mr, Roper was ero to it, |thy and active asever. I intended to come innounced. that the Virst Commoner of} Official bulletins have been pnblished b: 
HYSICIAN, SURGEON, &€ ACCOUCHER, TRUSTEES: less, direct or indirect; one mind colors ano- [oh sara 4 but promised thenegro to purchase his wife | to Alyth last year, and resigned my seat as | Canada has been deputed to lay the address | the Sardinian Government, of the followi ZA 
1 STIRLING, way Tionorable John Ross, ther; a child acts on children; servants on) W hy 50 v asked tle husband:in sur-!next vear, if money could buy her, as he|a member of the Legislature ; but work 1} at the foot of the throne, it ha: been a ques: iit tote nt ASA alata 
“ESF Residence in Mr. Kelrols Brick Builing, John-Crawford, Esq. their fellow-servants ; masters on those they | pri *Youreertainly do not mean that} ad to return and collect some money, but |had to do hindered me from coming. _ You|tion in our, mind whether under the sem-) rea Tintaél 
in Charlotte St, near the Wesleyan Church. aes employ; parents on their children; friends | you cannot co-k a dinner.” ‘ ‘ * iB ; ue sem. ‘uriy, May 11th.—Some Austrian seigo 
Ailsice to Ute poor gratis 20 x "7 on friends. Even when we do. not design to you r ae nN o {this the negro thought was too"long to wait, |ean yourself dream of the pleasure I haye| blance. of Joyal devotion, the scheme was] trains are cut off. Infantry and a detach- 
uy Asi Met y BOARD OF DIRECTORS 4 saHabate ethers netiad wa are noe CARING ta cettuinly do, then,” replied bis wife.Jand he thought that if his master was pat|in contemplating such a journey. Lintend not concocted for Mr. Smith's especial be-} ment of Chiasseurs have re-crossed at Gra- 
CURRY & M’CANDLISH, TO SNL REN ANE + ar pap, [itv the least degree, of the effect of what wool men should Tknow anything aboutvcook |out of the way the rest of the family would |once more to visit the old world and make nefit—Hvening Courier. vellona, and directed their course towards 
. V HOLFSALE GROCERS st. PRODUCE Winiew Resa Eq, + Howlnnds Se’) doy when weare unconscious that we have ma feat PTO 4 go back to Alabama at once. s one more comparison between it and the ‘ SRST toa ep Cassal and Vasterleage, In Lombardy 
a Muncusxts. Higgins’ Marble Buildings | yiyiam Henderson, Feq-, influence at all; when we donot wish our ie husband was silent, but his look of] "YYe did not believe they were going to|new before I die. ‘Times. are dull here ;| a There iano new feature in the Wool |1uany of the enemy's troops are concentrat- 

opposite the Upper Bridge, Belleville,.C. W. ‘te U0. of York and conduct or way of life to affect -any but onr- | *stonisliment perplexed. And wortied his} burn hin even after the fire was kindled — 

FW. Suvels, Ee money is dear; trade is depressed. ‘he | market. We extract from the Wool Cir-}ing between Mortara, Palestro and Kobbio. 

SORTS EDIT . Pools selves, —our manner of life, ou conversation, | Wife. : fe made an speech t 7 «| Gov. t 1 : at ‘ 7 
NOB COMPANY of LIVE nse OMe MK Ie, DCN aa ae . F 6 made a speech to'some negroes asem-| Government is extravagaut aud improvi-|cular of Coates & Brown of to-day the fol-| The hea? quarters of the A 
ROYAL LNSURANDE, COMPANY of LIVERPOOL, Sa. ep Is, ay Sra rae hile Nasibye x ight © You! look very mh surprised,” she} bled on the occasion, warning them against||dent; but the country is young.” Although |lowing: * Various causes have re opera-| are at Nese Ecomiat te 
Great Western Insorance & Trust Company of my i) N KE SS fang: On viiegete ay a Vode wentad said after a Moment or two liad elapsed. |(he crime. Ie did not struggle any until | the number alive are few who knew Mr.| ting caloulated: eventually to depress’ the} ‘Tuni, May 13th.—The enemy are in- 
acckn¥ LOU aS aE seins THE BANK OF MONTREAL. |e the mark. y ¥ ene so Tam, sits iewerety Y: . Much | ho was involved with the Bames, In his| Mackenzie when living here, where lie was|market for fine Wool. ‘The prominent) creasing their forces near Castale St. Giorra, 
ae eet eto a EASES pols 3G fs surprised as T should ba ut finding the cap-| boot was found $95 which he liad taken | born, we are sure he will receive that k nd | cause of depression-will be seen in the dis- hi if 7 d 
SOLIC Si: } , i at kod je P' en jn the dis-|on the road from Piacenza to Straddela 

titi of one of ny ships unacquainted with 
navigation. Don’t know how to cook, and 
the inistress of a family! Jano, if there is 
a cooling school anywhere in the city, go 

ly welcome his public services and charac- 
ter demand.—Scotch Paper. 

from his master. turbance of the commercial and manufac;| They have constructed bridges near Viger- 
turing interests in the great markets of Eu-) ano and Motto Vizarconte. To protect eir 
rope by the impending war. The demand} retreat of to-day, our soldiers have pushed 

for fine Australian, Cape, and South Ame-] forward a strong reconnoitering party, as far 

Messrs, Ross, Crawford & Crombie. 

Barrister and Attorney at Law. 
Office, Bridge St, next door to Empire Mote’, 

Never say of one who is absent what you 

The engagements of the State Fire Insurance f 
Sas would be afraid or ashamed to say if he were 

Conipiriyrare guarauteed bya responsible Pros 

The North Maas Tragedy. 

BELLEFILLE, C, W. TuREY: present. “Ile of whom you delight t k i Wpletey our i for it is Phe i igation i ir = . . «di 5 
StS a BEAU eased will be settled promptly without veil,” says a rite rmoraline ‘may Thean af it eae oe cn ae as ene te ” 5 erat aN Akay aa In Michigan, the United States ©. reat Wools frome: rar taeturers yall bee bes Gassinedisers,:near Vercelli; and/our ar- 
SAC Roe ea tly Ronis AarchvanisGaGas eam aROGENG one ficient ina very important particular, i BLS: MOD IgAN) nited States Court}some extent, cnt off, and as the United|Ttillery began cannonading the enemy, which 
. ry We need not speik of the result, except | Butler of North Adams has been progress- sentenced a man to a fine of oxe dollar, and) States will offer the most relinble market, | however was not replied to by them. 

The business of the Zines having been pmr- | will have to reproach yourself with the mean- 
chased, Policy holders are now guaranteed by | ness of attacking one who had no opportunity 

to say that it was goo’. But we ask the ing for a week past, and has been very tho-|one month’s imprisonment, for a cowardly | it-is probable that large shipments will be} troops, however, have retaken their former 

WEISEL ae i to defend himself, Never listen to those who {reader if this young wife was more of a rough and searching. ‘The developments | murder, committed Ly a Government offi-| made to this country, But manufueturers} position. 
4 ALEXANDER STEWART, deal in scandal; he who slanders one to you, ,!ady fer not knowing how to cook a din-}are of the most remarkable character, and |cial, while attempting to.discharge an ille-| have failed to realize the advance on goods TURKEY . 

Advices from Constantinople to the Sth, 
report increasing agitation in the ‘Turkish 
Provinces. An increased nnmber of troops 
‘Nad been placed on wateh. — . 

if anything could deepen the gloom which 
surrounds this sad affair, it is the knowledge 
of the fact that the reputation of the unfor- 
tanate and erring girl was needlessly com- 

gal act. 3 5 which the high price of Wool and the re- 

Tn Ohio, the United States Court fines 1} vival of trade led them to expect, and they 
man six hundred dollars with costs.|.1re reluctant ‘to pay present nuling rates, 
amounting to fifteen hundred more, aud sia} \nd_ will continue to purchase sparingly, 

ner? Would it not have been far more 
commendable in her to have been able to 
cook at suehéa time of necessity? If it is 
& woman's mission to be mistress of the 

rere st ae will slander you to another.” Tale-hearers 
ROBERT. NEWRERG, orth America. | make tale-bearers; and hence Dr. Sonth said, 

sal Aga County of Tastinges “the tale-bearors and tale-hearers should be 
Belleville, Doo, 2ist, 1858 20 hanged together, the one by the ear, the other 

2065 cHyW | 

DY BS &c} 
DERI) fl The Liverpool and Lond 


19 Agent, Belleville. 


§Staatisyen 1820 

—— cing a great. deeds 
FIRE. |NNSURANCH COMPA Y, {sists in boing greatin 
JOHN LEWIS; APITAD, £500,000 sterling. ‘Mie under R 


the above Compa 1 
(oxcepting the Village of Trebton,) is now pre: | vy 
pared to take risks in the same. 





co . 
Mu. Vatn's Stone. | JOUN P, ROBLIN, President. 
. 1853. 48) Joun Moxney, | Wuron’waxren, 
F. W. ALPORT, Aapon D. DouGart,! N. B. Conver, 

Agent, Orvick—Over Mr. Lewis’ Mord: 
Ware Store, Front St, Belleville. 88 

DAntey MeMuiren, General Avent 

Barrister and Attorney at Law, 
OFKICE—In Ham's Buildings, over Glas 

Street, (Inte Cadwell’s,) where wll kinds of 
Confectionery, Soda’ Biscuit, Fruit, Crackers | o 
tte. are furnished’ to order on the shortest no- 

«| ties. 

DR. CHARLES R. POTTS, | Piicon which will enable them to sell at whole: |), 

sale, and mnko a fair profit. idee of all 
SHANNONVILLE, Tyendinagi. | kinds taken in exch ; JOHN WILSON, 

ignelhnving been appointed Agent for | afte; 
y forthe County of Instings; | dro 


31 PHIL(P £ ROBLIN, Agent for Hastings | in, 

Porchasera by the qnartity! furnished at} oo 

by the tongue.” 


Dr. Johnson wisely mid) He who 

a Breat deal of good at once, he will never do lage a large mercantile establishment, if he 
any thing. 

Life is made up of all 
but once in an age that occasio 

in being greatin little things. 
vis built? Bs one shovel 
nother, one shovel-full at a ti 


s make the ocean. 
ling to do a little good at a time, 

wait to doa great deal of good at once. If 
we would do much good in the world, we must |i )\j5 inexcusable ignorance. 
be nel te do Good in little things,—little | " 

’ acts, one after another,—speaking 4 
FARMER’S MUTUAL INSUR ANGE d'n word there, and setting a good example 
all the time,—N, Y, Independent. 


1. It is mean, 

2. Itis vulgar, Altogether too 

&e,, FRONT | decent man. 

3. Itis cowardly. Implying a 
f not being belioved or obeyed, 

4. It is ungentlemanly, A gen 
rding to Webster, is a genteel 
red, refined. 

RESIDENCE & OFFICE—Direotly opposite} _Bellevi 5. 14 | # clod hoppers 
use 86 er Se —|. 5, It is indecent. Offensive t 
N.McARTUUR, HATS THAT ARE and extremely unfit for human ea 

Trunks, Whips, Bridtes, Sc Se, 
Front St. Belleville, oppoxite Nathan Jones's 

Dry Goods Store. 26 

\ ATCHMAKER and Jeweller, two doors 
above M. Nulty’s Auetion Room, Front 
Street, Belleville. 4 

BrvraTrs 209). 

as adopted by the Board of Trade. 



Barrister and Atioruirs-at-Law, &¢.K¢.X¢. | of my own manufacture, for $4.50 cach. 
Office, Bridge Street. two dooun Weat of the Tele-\ (9 Constantly on hand, and manufieturing, 
graph. Office, | all kinds of Silk, Fur, Brush, and Wool Hats, 
4 and Cloth Caps. fc 

© P. Sinrsox, W.W. Drax 
Chancery, Conveyancer ant Notary Pub: 
ie,—Office, Victoria Buildings, Be Mle. (45) 

tal Broker, Belluville, (46 

Solieiturin Chancery wud Bankenpte, 
¥ yaucer de.—(,) Wlacklock’s ( 
; M 

. Telleville. 


Morehanta, Hasting vintordial Build 

inga, No, 1, Balleville. (14) 

at Shop wear the Upper Bridge. 
Belleville, March 29, 1869. 

Near Patterson's Foundr orth Belleville. | ( 

LI, parties desirous of bi furnished with 
Masters or Servants trom snid office, will 

_and Ge 

Cone | 

and Timer o'clock P.M. 

Lands and Houses rented or sold no mode- 
rate Lorms. 
Office hours from 11 4, a, to 3 r. My 


Telleville, December, 1857 

TO BRIDGEWATSR, (late Troy.) Sed me R SALE, 
‘ NKOM Fifieen 

inoants Hotel for BRIDG 
hingo’ TURSDAY Stones, from 34 to 4 inches thick, 
so, a quantity of xawed Lumber, consis: 

TRIDGRWATHIE at & ou ting of Timber 646, aud Joists from 16 to 
‘DAYS, WEDNESDAYS, and F 18 Ieet long, 
Hanning thrue eneh way, 6) Voure, Alsoanumberol Dining and Side Tables, | 
1) : Stands, of various fashions, and Boreaus. 


| Also waplondid new one-horse Chiter. 
fp All ol the best wakmuanship. 

please attend there between the hours of TWO} },; 

light of pow 

» (werity Cords of Coursing | quent, a mild ey 

f sense.”—[ Pope. 

no Oath, to the tongue which ut 

to the person at whom itis aimed, 

or 8, Itis ve s; showing a man’s hear! 
SPRING AND SUMMER STYLE,|00 to a nest ot vipers, and ever Mtiane hg | mother.” 

sieare, one of them sticks out his head. 

9, It is contemptible; forfeiting 
f tho wise and good. i 
10. It is wicked; violating the 
nd provoking the displeasure of 

will not hold him guiltless who takes his name 
in Vain, 

ollowing, gave utterance in fow 

a8 ever moved a heart or 

A nation’s b 

tet ready to be nfraid of the man 

‘ cd, that to the society. v 
slid iin Once, he is itterly tn 

When he rine 

E@™ A bonutiful eye makes 

his little momber gives life to 
part about ux; and ! believe the 
gus implies no moro than. that, t 
every part; that is to say, every 
bemutilated were not its foreo 
more by the eye than even by it 

rofuse to aceopt a favor from th 
person to whom you have had 
of rendering one: 

AAV HS, Nolfevilt overy work Belleville, August 30, 1858, 2 
oe Manrriving ii Mu 
“s Hote y t 

fe TY e eee atta WM. RENNY, 

MOINS NOW sy Gecicen sta ype AUCTIONEER 
Di debs \ ii 

NYquinlry Confaltowra MOM pheote! COMMISSION AGENT | 
A 149 eile at thie Ollice : Vront-Bt, Bolloville, 

cemullion and your own ability; 
the object is doubtful, rather re 
than let a bee perish 

‘True greatness con 

Hence we should be (of a family, without knowing how the 

We can conceive ‘of no reason why he 
S. Mennier, Secretary. | should, but of ten reasons why he should not. 
A mah of high moral stand- 
would almost as soon steal a sheep, as 

Such a one will no more swear 
than go into the street and throw mud with 

6. Itis foolish, “Want of decency is want the parade of changing my dress.” 

7. Itis abusiye—to the mind that conceives 

Sexsinte,—Whioever is the author of the 

ast deal of truth; — A honseful of « 
Practical Hatter, | ’e 28¥% “composes as powerful 
7 i 
g| the secret of many a struggle and triumph in | 
the world’s batde may be found throned in 
ite mother’s home, or done up in a bun 
dle of white flannel, 
ow, has been found ina basket of bulre 

Iren are afraid of, and be auro that he who 
rates them is not himself worth loving: 

mo ong says:—He that hay lost "Me 
in, in the world’s eye, so complete: | Work, 

isibleé and un | knitting stockings for her husband.” Noble 
and renown, his features will 

re-araithe thelr once-known aspect, and men'| 
will find out that they are his dearest friends. 

makes contradiction an aa- 
sont, an enraged eyo makes beauty deformed 

2" Tho wornt form of ingratitude i# 0] st ainments. 

Proportidn your charity to other'w noe 

promised | ‘The investigation goes to show 
that her death was qaused by inflammation 
of the bowels, or, as it is medically called, 
puerperal peritonis—that she was not preg: 
nant, and that the doctors who attended 
her, mistaking her symptoms, formed an 
erroneous diagnosis, which was strengthen- 
ed by the admission of the unfortunate girl 
that there had been an improper intimacy 
with Littlefield. ‘he operation which was 
porformed upon Miss Butler just previous 
to her death, only aggravated her sufferings 
needlessly, and Ler dying words were, Gal 
cannot believe I atn in the family way, al- 
though the doctors say so—there Lins been 
no chance.” 

Littlefield, also, before he fled, persistent- 
ly stated that his intimacy with Miss Butler 
could not have produced this result. - ‘The 
jost mortem eximination developed the 
{that the case lias been mistaken, but 
rather than acknowledge a blunder which, 
under the peculiar circumstances, and with 
the symptoms which manifested them 
was miterial, the attending phys 
thinking to save their own Teputation, pre- 
cated, and told the family of the de- 

family, then it is her business to know how 
to wash, aud cook, and sew. 1s a captain 
qualified to guide « ship, if he is ignorant 

waits to do of navigation ? Is a man prepared te man- 

nis 0! 

Iiis not leartied the merchant's business ?— 
ed | Would a college faculty welcome a man to 
|the professorship of Grovk, who had never 
How are | ater q \ 
studied it? Then what shall we say of a 

full of dirt ,* F ; 
me, 'Lhug female who oveupies the place of mistress 

work thereof should be done? We say itis 
a dislionor to her. She is less. a lady for 

, tnd never 

Madame Rowland could prepare her 
husband's meals with hér own hands, and 
at night delight the most literary company 
of France with her brilliant powers. Mrs, 
Washington, the mother of the General, al- 
ways attended to’ her domestic affairs, even | I 
in the presence of the tmost dis nguished 
guésts, Lafayette puid ‘her a visit before 
this departnre for Murope, in the fall of 
1774. Ile was’ conducted'to her mansion 
by one of her grandsons. ‘Lhere, sir, is 
my grandmother,” said he as they approach 
fear cither ‘ed the house. Lafayette looked up and | ve y 
saw, at work ir the garden, clad in domes. | cer ed that they had found things “ as they 
tleman, ac! tig-made clothes, and her gray head cover expected |” ‘The case, in all its aspects, is 

man well! a with a plain straw lat, the mother of| probably without a parallel in’ the records 
his hero, She gave: Lafayettor a cordial of medical science. : 
woleome, observing —" Ah, Marquis! you The jury have not yet returned their ver 
see an old womnan—but come, [ can make dict, but there is little doubt. that it will be, 
that death wae caused by inflammation of 
the bowels. 

a word here 


mean for a 

0 delicacy, 7 1 
v8. {you welcome to my poor dwelling, without 
Martha Washington, the wile of the Gene- 
ral, was no less distinguished for her man- 
agement of houschold affnirs, She was a 
“ood seanistress, a good cook, and a good 
She understood every depart. 

ar Although Canada cannot bé called 
A wool-growing country, yet the aggregate 
yield of wool must be considerable, uspecial- 
ly in some districts 5 and the season is: at 

fi f vhen it is 8 7 0 y om 
ment of domestic labor, and was ever ready en me Se Meats. ne vel 
ati cr ‘ol sove i 7 

to do what circumstances required, Mrs.) °° faqehteWenvebeltevoste:Letoeat 
Troupe, the accomplished wife of n captain Fe het Md WY it » vt. cate fathe aha Hct 
in the British navy, once visited ber, and is’ tho conrsest, and that ofthe’ common 
, “ i sheep of the country the most plentiful.— 
she gave the following account of Mra), : 
Washington's appearance’ he fine kinds of wool are not, we under- 
“Well, L will honestly tell you I never stand, produced to any considerable extent 
. Pk uly he 
was so ashamed in all my life. You see]! Canada, thongh this isa topic upon 
word’ (oa | Madame mada Chink which we wish to obtain information from: 
i y \) f ul a inte: i H 
ildren,” | golf, thought wwe would visit: Lndy Wash. | ny one acquaint d with tho quantity and 
A group Of jnoton: and as she was said to be 80 grand quality of wool produced in his country or 
hand; and |78°0ns . ve cs '{district, Wool may be sent to market 
a lady, wo thought we must put on cur) , : 
best. bibs nnd banda, So we «dressed: our- either washed or unwashed; in the former 
selves in our most clogant ruffles and silks, caso it should be thoroughly cleaned of 

* . | ¥ or foreig’ re 
Fae, before nnd were introduced to her Indyship, And, | duel greases tame mi at 

new. [don’t you think, we found her knidling.and |i oe barf Thc AUR NANCE Oo OD ey 
that’ chil=| anf pow cee twobty per cent is made for the shrinking 

hat chil-| with a check apron on{ She recvived we} ‘i i ; 
vory graciously and easily, but atten, com: | 2 weight that tale ese in washing. 
pliments were over, she Poaumed Lor knite| Wooler tho akarnge quulity, prodneed in 
Thora, we br ro, without a stiteh’ of Lower Canada, ling been worth 874 cents 

ere ore, out i 

and pies Pe etntas bat: General | Boston at 6 HRC As our pu 
hich cher- | Washington's Indy with her own lands wis fauturera have bought Mi PUTO on “tlyoad 
\ 7 terms, they could obviously afford to give 
tho’ sume price here if no fall taken places 
As, however, they have to pay cash here, 

ters it, and 

the respect 

divine law, 
Him who 

to the upper | example for a woman of high position to 

net ! uch circumstances, her checked bn 
| r fn, phot , Tuna {hone the and-as they are afriid of a fall on account 
n on Waa more ornane U ¢ 1) ' 

aay peethverny ; of tho war, it might not bo safe to expect 
“yuftles” and “silks” of her fair visitors, and 

moro than ts 6d to 1s 8d per Ib, according 
to quality, Wool should bo packed tight 
in bigs, und may ‘be forwarded either in 
arall or large parcels, for sale, to Montreal, 
where it will, we think, yield quite as good 
A price as ifit wero sont to Boston or Now 
York,—Montreal’ Witness. 

silence clo-| lier knitling-necdles more becoming decora:, 
tions than n profusion of jewelry, 

No girl can become a trio Indy without 
atory of Ar- knowledge of honsehold duties, Whatever 
ho eyo is in| ay bo her literary proficiency, and ber 

part would |sootal qualities, without tho ability to do 
sntod | housework, if necessity demand, her eduen Py a 
Addi-| tion, in defective. A young gitl was pre pay- ‘Tha number of volunteors. toutho 
rented todames 1, ax a prodigy in literary! pritish Navy, at Woolwich, in 860 dullys 

Tho person who introduced 
ther, boasted that she understood the ancient ‘ ‘ 
\languages. “J can assure your Majesty,” | Clubs that immediately on tho meoting of 
\enid he, that she can both speak antiwrite] Parliament, Palmerston will move, and 
Latin, Greok, and Lobyew." Russell will second, a voto of consuré on 

“These are vnre attainments for «dum ra for having disgolved Lr 

ci said. Jame Shut can she spin 2" efroumetaneet 

evory other 


© hands of a 

tho pleasu Ra It is stated confidentially in London 
10 pleasure 

and whore 
lieve A dfone | 

\nder eritical 

months’ imprisonment, for aiding to rescu: 
an alleged fugitive, who had been arrested 
without authority. Is there any wonder 
(bat the Federal Courts are fast falling in 
to contempt, as the mere tools of a tyran 
nical slave oligarchy 1— Detroit Advertiser 

Tne Fire Av Osnkosn, Wixconstx.— 
The Milwaukee News of Friday bas th: 
following explanation of the recent great fire 
at Oshkosh, by which $500,000 in property 
was destroyed :— 

Tt will be remembered that last Tebruary 
we published an account of the burning of two 
houses of prostitution, in Oshkosh, by tho in- 
dignant citizens, and the conveying of tho in- 
mates, twelve girls and a man, to jail. ‘The 
houges were burned to the Tamth and the. 
clothing, trunks, and jewelry longing fo the 
inmates, were also destroyed. As before sta- 
tod by us, the girls were liberated after trial. 
‘The ext move was a convention of this class 
of “artists,” which convention was attended 
Ly pro-titutes and their pimps from the neigh- 
boring cities and villages. At this conyention, 
it is said, a solemn oath was made to burn 
the city from end to end hefare the summer 
was oyer, in revenge for the burning of the; 
two honses aforementioned, 

Whe city is now in ashes, evidently fired by 
an incendiary, but who the incendiary is wi 
cannot yet tell. i 

‘There is not a store or busi- 
ness house left, One hotel remains out of} 
five, Four printing offices, all the place had, 
are in ruins, and the total loss cannot full 
short of $500,000. For some weeks, the city, 
Jearning the threat, kopt a vigilant night watch, 
but as the spring advanced; and the wooden 
Huildings became dry as powder, the watehy 
was discharged on account of tho expen-0.—! 
‘The buildings were close together, wn built of 
wood, ‘This made insurance so high, ranging 
from 44 to 8,per cent, that but yery few were 
insured, and the loss local. 

JAPAN EXCLUstVENE! Lieut, Whiting, 
U.S.N,, ina letter to the Episcopal Board 
of Missions, says of Japan = 

Tn 1660 the Roman Catholic religion was 
introduced: there, but extirpated in 1640 by 
the massacre in Fironda of all tho remaining 
Christians existing inthat Empire, and a mon- 
ument was crected by the Japanese at that 
place, bearing this inscription : 

«Ag long as the earth endures, let no 
Christian presume to set foot within the Em- 
pire of ‘pal {and be it known, that should 
any dare’ disobey this law, thoogh it were the 

King of Spain in person, or even the Chriss 
tinn's Gad, or the great God of all himself he 
shall immediately have his head cul off! 

Avorn ‘Tenpration.— An asylum for the 
reception and cure of inebriates is nbout to 
bo establighod at Binghamtown, in the state 
ot New York. ‘Tho trustees, disappointed 
in not obtaining an yee at trom the 
legislature, lave issue 

Aimerigat) public, for assistunce. From the 
Now York papers wo gather sone fad an 
startling, fucts showing the need of such At 
institnuion, and the good it hy do if es 
tablishyd. Moro than twenty-cight hundred 
applications lave already beon made, it ir 
anid, fr aduiiasion to thie iistitation ; anid 
among them are three judges, iwelve editors, 
twontyseight clergymen, thirty-six physi- 
cinns, forty wo lawyers, and, strangest and 
siddest of all, four hundred and ton wonrer 
These, We fear, aro Ti sorog degree what 
may be énlled representative facts, reventing 
a condition of things existing to agreatet 
or Jess dogreo {1 all pritts Of the country 
Boston Courter, 

2@™ Rabbeluis, tha colubrated Freneli 
man, made the following will boforo’ hile 

death Lowe much; T possess nothing 
1 pivé the reut to the poor, 

sued a stir ing address to 


ceded by Connt Reohberg 

cordial, vel at Hl i i 
an appeal to the/nrmy, enjoining Ug a annid stating: 18) oUF tains 

Hurches’ of ‘the United’ States and the] only feats were that t 

aceil to the army on fie 1th, 

dlatined stelot nentrality, aod warned it3 8UD-) tomplating the 

=} oqual in Jioighit'to that of tho Oplinean Wary 

over, tho rasnlt ns Jast roportot, 

be ia I ' The Austrian government bad stopped tho 
and this of itself would ultimately influence cimamteibn of political news east 2 
the market.” sas pleby telegraph,and the Enropean inhabitants 
? lind requested that the telegraph at Jassy 
Fracext or A Leaper—Our devil be-| inight be joitied to tle Russian lines. 
ing anxious fo write a Leader, we gave hin FRANOE 
PRET sage following is a part of one Dilest om Paris are eae ote The 
Max + ss had already t ot ness, 
BE Whats, HS. Node: wllether |Austrin | eowrees eethora weakeimeriapeatotaiherNA: 
knocks Italy into. a cocked hat, or France] tionalGuand. The gunboats are not to be 
mangles Austria—so that te price of wheat} employed, bnt five frigates were to be iinmo- 
goes up. Who’cares two shakes of a dead] diately prepared for sea, 
lamb’s tail whether Russia takes off her i AUSTEN s eg? 
coat, fizuratively speaking, and piles on to Vienna, Friday evening 18th. 
Germany, or aethd Ligland swabs up Count Buol quitted the offices at 11 o'clock 
Spain and liks all tle other pations—so| this morning. 

2 «ot Frankfort on the Maino, Friday 18th. 
that printers’ wages goes up, and provisions} 7, ane vectra iiey sitting of he Fede- 
goes down, 

Vots the hods, we say again.” aj piet to-day, the proposition of the mili- 
— Grumbler, tary commission to put the garrisons of the 
7 Fodera) fortresses og%a war footing, was 
Runroan AccroeNt—We have just] agreod to. 
bowen inforined tha, the train coming East GREAT BRITAIN. 
last night at 0 o'clock ran over an-elderly| 4 highly, important notice Tad. been ome 
woman, between this’ phive’ and Grafton, | cue by: tho Secretary of War, Abita ails 
cutting eff both her legs and killing ber| dressed to tho Lord Lieutenants of the 
instantly. A bottle of whiskey having been] various counties A oN kingdom, sanctioning 
i v, it is a i volunteer corps, and ox- 
found neay the boly, it is supposed the the ormation of volun teal 
death must be cliarged to the same account mu Le ee ake Re 
a i ener <x }Ject is y 
which Confnins so many entries already. Ania other things, that the volunteers 
Colborne Transcript will he called ont in ease of ace 
Se Se en tual invasion or the appearance of any enc- 
ARRIVAL OF TIE ASLA. iny’s force ou the coast, or in caso of rebel- 
lion arising ont of either of those ermergen- 
cles, and that while thas ity Bip tho 
Voluntecrs will bo subject to military law. 
‘Arrangenients had beon made in London 
Be , 
for holding a publio meeting, to_be presided 
over by tho Lord Mayor, to momorialise tho 
Government in. favor of the nou-interven- 
tion of England in the continontal straggle. 
M. Kossuth was oxpected to address: the 
ting, and speak in supportof the course 
meoting, i PP 
proposed, ee 
} ‘A war supplimont to the Offigial London 
PE 4 
Gazette of May the 18th, contains & Royal 
Proclamation which declares Her Majesty 
at peace with all foreign powers, and States, 
and firmly determined to abstain alt other 
from taking any part directly ov indirectly 
and 914 @ 91} for account ; Jin the war between Austria, Sardinia, and 
The steamships. Livenpoot and City of| France, and Hor Majesty's. subjects aro 
Mancheatornrvivod out on the 18th, and (8) commanded: to observe a stniot neutrality. 
Mane comy : a striot | i 
Arabia on the th, Tho London Limes in its city article 
No fighting lind yet fuken Pisce zo ks has the following remarks upon tho poss» 
pipe UNL re bi Ch He 1ST Hilo effects of commercs on England in tho 
England had formally proclalined hor neue] event any Powor boing involved in hostili- 
ties with us. ey 
Jnol had resigned hig position In] The most important qrastion in connee= 
listry, avd hud beon stic-] tion with the possibility of England Uinding 
a horsolf involved in war, is, what ‘offgot will 
Napoleon's. departure from Franco W891 +} ayo upon our cominarce, Inthe old war 
paris ovation, andl HM healt oy Gangns with Franoe, the suspension ofour mantime, 

where tip Te fonied wativeing ndings to: tlia | SxpreMay Ny ould at nny period hava sealed 

Now York, May 26th. 
The Asia, Capt. Lott, trom Live pool on 
the [4th, arrived off Sandy Ilook ut 7 lis 
morning. : 
Liverpool brendstafts had advanced: slight- 
ice Thess y. Flour was held at Od 

‘The prices hud a Fecauay to check business, 
vance of 2d @ 8d 
for mixed and yellow. 
LATEST.—Liverpool, Saturday Pp, st. 
Broadstufty firm, | 
Provisions steady, with rather more doing. 
London, Saturday 1M 
The money market is ensier. 
Consols closed at 1G @ OE for monoy, 

tho Austrian 1 

rand effort of Napoleon was to 

He Was expooted to pro*/sechro Enropean combinations, ah as 

4 would exclude us from every port, So long 
Tho King of Sardinia visited the Emperor) ns tho profits of our enormous trado vomain 

Pe ntaet wndistar ro sure to beat our Oppo= 
Onolal Sardinian bolleting eoutfnnted-to vee eral st we aan pash.ont Sens 
sant rotrogemdo movements by the Autstlans, nonts in every ; 

Ws i ( with certainty upon being able now, as hore- 

Wwhago head qiartens were at Rovio. t Q : 
Nhe Sardivlunstind, rostaker tieh! fornver} Cofore, to secure that result! Many look 

ing at the faot, that the French fleet in aly 
Governmont had formally pe} most equal in numbers to one own, and con: 
ossibility of its being aided 
by that of Russia, are disposed to ontortain 
misgivings. But those persons omit lo re 
cognize the altoration eftoatod hy i lien 
b ok yards was oneration in the intornationnl sys! 
Activity In the English dock yards wa weganeralios eS ers 
olrcumstances of tomporary: oF even pro- 
longed disastor, could one sake oom: 
Tho army of Lyons was under orders for] mores ever be intorfered with, we by uM 
(tuly. This wonld raiso tho puniber OF for A titno loss our carrying trade, a i 
Krone troopa in Ttaly to about two Hinndred |ie tho utmost inlucy Hat could bo intliot 

(howedutl, Ni 

ioy would sliow too The 
wich onthiusigsin, 

tant notloes, 
voliintoer eorpa throughout Biiglaod. 

‘Tho Parliamentary elections was nearly all 

rent nee 

rE " - 
FLT a 


ate ¢ 


ly on Sta 

Now r 
rtisemonts a - 
r To.Da: 

th as 
e Officl 
cial De 
v clara ¢ : 
‘ Mui following ration of N - 
he Z waa podli ry ‘eu 
fee a nal tn trality. P 
( \\ me anette mr tha Supple — © 
pa Hehe is rk 
Nt TORTA H ‘of May Sune her OE PAI = 
al eS pe a ate on ntto cm us 10 I 
ation: on AMAT Er row tl AAT! = 
And pow ro happi 108. ¥ on TY the Li ATILE 
mont aN ask a ut ont hk urin, 0s verpoot C\ a 
all th exerti ens, UO ad alate 5 peace wi ne eo © sorp aco Oourie Na 
he jones otwe th oH with fant pentit nitro, riers) poleo 
War, sovervl to pre hetand h thon eso 1 yO ray:  radinte n to 
Pain heatiliti ‘sn Teta ing ov : ee tou rls ofa fl fivo ral re KF 
P eon bh ios hay ers A peace ti we ul Nov i, th ches upon atre jamin, vile]. Auatel Gee 
t is Ty ‘o wabs nds role \ ara, 0 b upon etching ir ator, Rees untrin of and - 
Mie A ae Raiey ae aiacnt Mogi “pat ern A the ial oi th satin of Europe. Gul 
eh g of S on njealy maienco ho Si » at Ul Asap tek tp ng fort 1, declare u yh 3 olu 
ajoaty of S no pa y tho B ene N tpl ho 0 Aro! cit of viol Jeol Me ie ° = 
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oa vane sitibu fo oure easend lat jo of ight of affairs shor've f our 4 then yisad the & Wiikey place ory fe veo N 
bg we Wout 1 ROU! of D, Mpowe publi tad aro L » it, r daty awh aw rail sos il ihe Ww kp 8 
a a vuy ry Ly radi alblo, ‘0. fe Liven, Loin, To'bhive aack. hill a phn a ext nee 
aply’ of No | in ical she A wing Msg roaes trivo t 2 onth nd er morn 
ly of thin Here sharac han, the io th acluot wh > Th ho bu Kacto the A= 
ti ote) go of thi Mo noted ho ho aa ty pith 
hb vol rie r ing prose! | be wore eon ‘oust onk 
iow of patie ne! mara bo emt eo SUE Aye ‘ 
the tw may dey eee y | M impri OA A ead bes ae, 
0 Pr ¢ fo ousar’ and Moor one hic th wwiete ad Xi 
ny bere ihak yeand ee in ong Oe tn ite 1 een MeDera 
y by whi Pod Fa ie cr ure Pr tence enbn not, 
hole then bee mur of  Penitent aes ‘ 
Uf? aay w Av but of wy ary t instter P 
may e mA nT th oth the for Ut al 
y ro 00! tro) hey e Mal thet life 
yal sh nivic NE, anger hail iri ante * 
ols, nedowan tie erty carrie pl ea 
¢ U, was whas Most nn 
ues Nec 
man evil sitive! 
a Who ence ole 
© fa~ 




That a 

sp a 

—* of them, ani 


Wat a love 
Vorsary 0 
Not a rip 

ly morutng was that last ann 
f the Biethday of our good Queer 
ple could be observed on the surfac 
tor, as tho Bellovillo Cricketers foun 
Os (after sundry appeals tothe Kin 

Ny") fhirly started for the capital « 

48 all Crickotors shioulil be, and almost conti 

dent of winning back some of the lost laurel 
Of last season, 
Seenory for the greater part of the w ay, al 
though familiar is very beautiful, and 
intensely admired by allon beard, No 
Portand Milspoiht ave the onl 

ed on tho ways Mn. Morde beautiful res 
“cnee fortis the chief ohjcet of observation at 
the former place; it ix nicely situated ona 
Etcen sloping hill, Which takes its rise front 
the hogom of the I On remarking that it 
looked rather #1 we W 

ho front of hix residence, on the theory that 
fine Honses are not worth haying if they can- 
Hotboseon! The * Indian woods" with their 
Hictiresqie litte Church, cannot well escape 
observation. Nuithor can the natural beaus 
tlos of that part of the Bay callod tho * 
Reach fail to attract tho attention of the tra: 
vellon, The shoveson either side 
aod bold, beautifally wooded, and form a 
pleasing contrast (0 the generally speaking 
Hat and monotonols scenery of Upper Canada. 

On arriving at ou 
Welcomed at the whanf t 
Opponents, who Accor, dus al once to the 
“ told of strife.” " Picton, reputed to be one 
of tho most beaudfal and fertile litte spots of 
Upper Canada, has of Into yours forced the 
attention of the Cricketloving people to that 


A Humber of our 

quarter, from the stride there mado in the} real or imaginary, will justify aby man’s 

manly and noble art. Much of this is no 
donb owing to the patronage of the inhabit- 
ants, who, besides being excellent play 

Aro proverbially liberal in everything pertain. | Of this cleverly written | ¢ 
ing to Cricket Abnost nt the back of tho | last week, ‘Tho work is fast rising in tho es 
ituated a beautifully wooded moun | timation of the pudlic. 

town is 
tain, its frees just now clad in all Ue splen= 1 
dors of Spring, and tobe yet’ more gloriously 
gartnented ander the breath of summer. 

fied harbour, — Tinmediately facing this is the | “ 
ground, where, on our good Queen's last birth. | ® 
day, right be heard the booming of artillery, | *' 
the sharp report of rifles, and last though not 
least, tlio concussion of Bat and Ball, This |“ 
ix the ground where, on Tucsilay, 24th, the | I 
mnatel as specified by thy heading hereof, took 

From the seemingly sequestered locality, « 
visitor would naturally wontler where the hun- 
dreds of pooply who attended the mecting, 
came from. Vehicles of diferent patte 
with dashing horses, formed a cheertul look- 
i barricade, while the light and flippant | ch 
moving figures, contrasting with the array of | B 


bright-eyed” and gaily dressed spectators, 
seated coolly and comfortabl. 
velvet turf, formed a scene which the most 
asoctic person could not Wut admire. 

and Phillips. —Wantof space prevents givi 
# correct analysis of tlie play ; suffiecit to 
that‘on ‘both sides i¢ was very cre 
The bowlitig’ of Messrs: Worswick and Mills | ao 
Was very steaily and well dircetod; the latter 
secmed to have lis eye particularly straight, 
for with « few exceptions every ball was on 
the wicket. -Theticlding on both sides, ow- 
ing chiefly to the aneven nature of the ground, 
Was not'so good aS it generally is, but taking 
everything into consideration, the play was 
spirited, and the garuc interesting and even! 
contestei!,— Picton claiwing the conquest with 
only 16 runs in their favor, The Score ap- 
pended hereto will sufficiently characterize 
the play:— 

Tar Testxcn, 2xp Iynixos, 

W. Milly ron ont 2 1b Wodges .. 2. 16) ~ rom 5 
Brown, ¢ Ridley 2. V run ont 5 SECRETARY'S Orion, 
Worewitk. ¢ Rob'rison 20 run ort ©, .. 28 Toronto, 28th May, 1859. 
w ante Petes a i ts tees Trang is Tlis Excellency the Governor General lias 
Jones, b Reewes.. 1. Ob Reeves .. 1. g| been plensed to make the following appoint 
Smith, mosout.. 9.2 Le Rubert on 2. 16 | ments, vizt 

Kempy b Reaves 
Redmond, h Reeves. 
Wallnew,.c Reeves .- 
Merti!l.s Hodes». 
Liyes 12, wides IT 

a on O 

11 © Despard .. 
Soran ont 
1b Reeves 
6 not ont 
-- 25 Byes 4, wides 1, 
no balls 1. 


100 a Preventive Officer in Ter Majesty’s Cus- 
‘ toms. 
teeTewotae se LE axe Tx Lis Excellency the Governor General has| of thom. 

Jellet, oC. Mills 
Henryye Wilson) 4. 1b Worswick.. 
Despard, o W, Mills 3.0 Milla... 
Phillips, by Warswick 1) b Mills.. 9... 
Hodges b Worgwick 7 b Mills... 
Roberttonge © Mille 2% @ Kemp 
Tiveves co C. Mille 2. 2 U Worawick 
Benjamin, ¢ Walince & « Worewie 
Crombie, b Worswick 13° b ©, Mills 
Ridley? not ont O novout.. .. 
ras oW. Mills Le Worewick.. ., 
byes 1s, wiles $,no Byes i 9} Me 
balls Levgeuatee Aine aoe ete 2 [Ae 

5 bi Worewick 



rll a tou 


Picton, Ist, 100; 2d, 92=108 

Lelleville, Ist, 86; 2nd, 91-177 be 

Favor of Picton, 16 
We must not omit to mention the kindness Be 
and attention shown us by our Picton friends, | ©." 
both ontOur arrival and throughout the day, ie 
and also when the hour arrived when we bad 
to carry out the old adage, “ Happy to mect, 
sorry to part, and happy to mect again.” We } 
were long and Justily. cheored,—when. those a 
warm expressions of friendship and good feel. | 
ing were heartily responded to by the “van- 
quished’eley who, on their return, noth- 
ing disheartened by their defeat, sang songs 
syn yarns, and went through some graceful 
ceolutions on deck in the shape of dancing, 
aided by the delightful: strains of the violin. 
and assisted by some rather gun-burnt but 
ardent /ady adinirers of the noble game. One 
Indy, “ Mise Ry the Taller} could not posni- 
Dly join in the dance; the burning, mys 
of the stin had 5 sinpletly stripped her pro- 
Loscis of its outer karment, causing it to shine 
even undor the soft starlight, that her vanity | par 
amd thodésty compollul fer to remaln in the} S 
saloonyw hereshenmused herself readingover at 
some trealize on eun-burns and freekles, the | py 
the apecdics 
effectual way of getting rid of Wael acuies of 
J: Tre” Kecnied to wulfer very much also + her | 20 
vie (hough natarallya ry ‘ 
on this oecasion that-ripe and row oar<] ) 
ance peculiar to Indien Who. never-we ec V 
beauty ever uniler the seorehin, 
Sol The other two fair dues, 
“ Miss U1. the an: 
cl Tei trop 
did not Titerfy 
mounts, nor voeal powers. 



748 of “old | ol 
Y Mik IL)" and. 
were alxo “by 
al complexion 

ly burn. | 

And“ thigs. we}! 
passed a merry tinge, until we were tafely | ¢ 
Janded'on the green stores of the City of the | ( 
Bay, whenowe all separated and adjourned tof a 
our ctive homes, well satinfled with our 
pleasant excursion’ —Communicated, 1 


NCL. .: 

The County Counell Held a special session 
on) Wediesday last, upon purely financint 
milters. {t appears that according to the ! 
Inw’ ymnated duvitig the last. seasion, Muni-| | 

cipm ities invorrears to the Government nt the| Stier the sleet is an inte 
lose | Will undoubtedly meut with 

time the Municipalities Fand is, divid.d, 
thelr proportion; as the fulid ix, now, only to la 
he divided amionget such of the munteipalition | ; 
as afé notin wrreors att ¢ time the division 
tikes plige annually. This division will he 
mdi in’ Jane tiext, antl owing to the negli- 
gence of nome Of the Moanicipalities, the 
monies hye not heer paid in to the County 
‘Treasurer, 16 enable tint to meet the demand 
agminit the County, The Sesion wae to 
videstho menos, nnd a By-Law wax rans ie 
ailing the Warden and Tressurer to soise the 
monuy reqifred for the” emergency. The 
Munioipulition wore undor tho improesion that 
the Cle gy Iteseeve Fund would atill be ro 
tained by the O yernmentand applied to their 
credit; they were not aware that the money 
would be forte’ Jlowever, the timely pre- 
eaution taken will place the County right, and 
the m ney will be received on usual, 

Mesers, Corby and Brown moved to toke 

ai of the Bay of Quinte to walt nlite 

Mivard County, fallof bright hopes, 

Afor leaving tho harbor, the 

villages: pass 

entertained, and declared the 
in his hands out of order, 
1. | Council sustained the Warden, 

a | business on the 28th of June, 
a . 
of Zi ’ 

This unfortunate man not satisflod wit! 
* | having poisoned his wife fn the moat deliver 
S/ato and horrible mannor, has tn his onfes 

sion endo: 

of his vengeance, Ie has but a poor oplaton 
of luman nature, if he fancles that he ean 
galo sympathy, by -ondeavoring to make 
it appear that ho had any oxtennating canses 
for the brutal nct for which hols to dio, 

esolution placed 
From this decision 
Messrs. Corby and Rrown appealed. 'The 

It is sold the Cvnneil will meet fur general 

La ia} 


on tho ground of his boing stod in the t 
dead, and beyond the reach of the Ashburto: 
or any other treaty, Boasides, ho waa t 
i} rested in tho U. Statos territory by a Queen 
. | office, but roturned to Canada of his own mer 
motion, with a pistol at his car—ort Hop 

od Lo fix Dame npon the viotin 


Bolloville Grammar School, O, Ty 

taken at thia Station by the undoralgned, for 

Unfortunately tho wrotel is legally 

Abstract of Meteorvlogtonl observations 

“Shakespe: ss Art,” b: 
Tt} ton; *) 

overlooks the surrounding country, as, sell | fon Cour 
as the Bay, the Town, and its strongly forti- | W 




George V 

21 Mc 

) Upper Cauda. 

[377 Col. Playfair, 


tier, on the Sabbath. 
before he was aware of it; he retired to an 
room, not liking to leave abruptly 
He believed him- 
self to be justified in what ho did, 

lieve that they would be Justi 
granting him, at the present time, license a8 
a local preacher.” 



WIUN Atieie gracefil moves | MP PEar tw 

ween Colli 

The Globe says s— 

vife by 
able to lw 

Je is tilled 


ist of the contents of the 

to Cuba,” b, 
Winthrop S 

Smnollett,” | 
d: Boars,” b 

is now 


) ines, 


advanced another step.” 

LL.D.—Hon, Dr. Rolph. 


id Jawes N. M’Creas 

ic in Upper Canada, 

yn of 


thodist Conf 
during this w 

vk, commien: 


in attendance. 

Mr. Attorney Ge 

Globe, “No evic 

fear of giving offence, 

his statement of these fu 

8 printed. on the * Dane 

ein different 
id others of which advert 

nd for tenc 

Ath day ¢ 

ea trout fisheries in. L 

o relata—=the pupor cont 
imn of Ingersoll advertise 

passing we inay re 
Jectora ¢ 

Present them in Virliime: 
tant day, when We supy 
will fi 

vided between Tngeraol) ane 
itis hard to predic 
him en pormune 
evor of Ulu two Ie 

Mitiew he 
will be likely to be eonnic 


(27 The London Daily 

ul the question of the separation of he Town 
from the County, but the Worden declared, as 
the Council wae aesembled fi special meeting, 

business of a general nature could not be! 

for the British H 

beyal majority, 83, 

The following is a 
number for June: 
W. Peck, of Bos- 

“ Joy. Monthy” ly Rev. D. A. 

Mrs, Howe; 
ent: “ Bulls 
Mr, Underwood—this capital 
“A Charge with 

Tho Stercoscope and the Stercograph,” by 
is given, and the “ Minister's Wooing” 

University of Victoria College. 
Deenens Coyrnnnep.—B. A.—Ashton Flet- 

M.D.—Prof, Geikie (ad eundem), Prof. Can- 

The wickets were pitched about 17 o'clock, | niff (ad eundem), Augustus A. Yeomans, Da- 
and play commenced by Pieton taking the | vid 
Bat, opposed (o the bowling of Messrs. Reeves | athan W. Marlatt, John A. Mullin, Geo, W. 
Metherell, Goorge D), W. 
s Abner M. 
blé.— | Fitzsimons, 

Caw, James Johnson, John Burtch, Jon- 

‘Ison, Edww'd I. Gates, 
win H, Tegart, Geo. 
Poter Davidson, John W. Walden, 

aranthe, Organdie, & Printed Muslin 
ED Be oS 5 Bo SS5 

Moire Antique, and Glace Silk Mantles 
PARASOLS in great variety. 

Crorus, TWEEDs, AND SuMME 

Calvin Dona dso TTolmes, of London, 
nire, Attorney at Law, to be a Notary 

ashington Well, of the’ Seign- 
6|iory of Suint Armand, Gentleman, to boa 

£2" The annual assembly of the Wesley: 
tice Will be held in Haw 
z on Wed- 
nesdsy. Already a large number of min 
@ arrived, and it is expected that several 
hundreds, from al) parts of the Province, will 

-P.P. for South Lan- 
, Who was charged with attending a dan- 
& party in Toronto ona Sunday bvening 
‘al Cartior’s, hins been 
arraigned for this offence before a court of the 
sleyan Charch, of whicli he was an official 
1g (0 a correspondent of 
ence was brought against 
n. He acknowledged that he was at adin- 
given by his friend the Hon. G. BE. Car- 
Dancing commenced 


fied in again 

RE Tho Unionist is the tive of a new 
Per, published by the son of Mr, Robert 
ence, iit Ingersoll, A plentiful supply 
Pap bas enubled the bantling to get on 
0 weeks Dle Dundas Banner speuking 
it sayx:—Jolin L. Spence, of Warder 
toriety, is stated to be the proprietor. 
hddy of¢,) sported | Lhe sheet is a large one, and consit 


ey City Steam Power” Biotting Ma- 
ine, its typographical appoarmes is vot 
» very bad, Its columns are brimfull of 
nment vdyvertisehents, Konto ofwhich 


AIK One entire eol- 


sting one, and 


A South Oxford necd not be nt all 
surprised if Robert Spence, the fithor of 
inaster Jolin, should seo fit to fapiro t 
DY at no very din 
ae, the young sein 
! iC valiantly for lis parient, ‘Tie 
son's allections ara nt present, howeve r, di: 
1 Dundis, and | ¢ 
t which town will secure 
t resident, but in which 
y abide, he 
" nat An of the 
first magnitinte, both ns regards the briglite 
neas of liis intellect and the lustre of his 


News gives the 
following na the result of the recent oloctions 
‘onse of Commoni;—Total, 
Lib rats, 405; Conservatives, 242; Lie 


toring it 

‘Imon and 
lower Canndn 
stom, tugs to ply between Ballo Lait 
Anticosti in Lower Canada, 

“Wo have recolved by mall from Cobourg 
informed the | a long communication purporting to be the 
Hwner cut down ome fine trees that decorated | full confession of the unhappy man now wn 
dor sontonce of death for the murder of his 
Anything more abomin- 
by a person on the 
brink of the grave, and profeasing 10. bo 
‘eoply repentent for his erie, we could not 
with brave charges 

inst Tis wletin and her relations, and 1 
are high | mawkish sentimentality fn palliation of the 2 
fourfil nnd cokleblodded aved for whieh he is} 5 
about to soft We can have no land in 4 
Y giving suo edoeunient to the public, and 5 
SUnation, we were | eardestly hope for to: sake of humanity, 7 
that no publisher will bo found todo so. IT 8 
this ronolies the eye of the unhappy man, 0 
We would mrgo hin to east aside the flimsy | 19 
cobwob with which ho xeeks to cloak bits rh ea | 
crite, and to prepare seriously for appearing | 4g 
at that bar where no misconduct of others, 74 
transgression 16 
Tae “ Atbaxtic Monty Tie Jane No. ne 

the month of Maroh, 1899, 




Max | 



799.4382 < | 


Highest 80.201 at 7 A. M, on 2nd, 

Lowest 28,270 at-7 A.M. on 19th, 

Monthly range 1.981. 

Great ranges within 24 hours : 

ver, Donald G, Sutherland, and Nathanael | pongo, “Day, Tour ie Mend 

arwash, : Ie ae tat oth \ 

M.A.—Tugh J. Borthwie, Rev. @. Wilson, qth hata yes TUT: Sed 
n the warm | London, (Eng,) Prof. Kingston (ad eundem). “738 Srd 7 AM 4th 72 a \ 

Tlighest temperature 51,°0 on 19th. 
Lowest temperature ‘Don 2d, 
Monthly range 47.95. 
Freatest daily range 26.°9 on 19th. 
Least daily range 7.76 on Bth, 

Tota! n and melted suow during the 

inouth 8.528 inches, 
Belleville, April, 1859. 

TloLtoway’s Oixtwext axp Pints.—Prior to 
the introduction of Holloway’s Ointment, can 
cers were supposed to. be iherndicable except 
hy the scalpel, but this doctrine is now explod 
ed. The most deplorable cases—cases that 
could ENaruatled UY he knife or by enuist’e 

ave recently Leen cured by thix wonderful 
disinfectant, mh h acts as an iresistable coun 
tor blast to the virus of the disease, arrests its 
progress, and relieves the empoisoned flesh of 
its terrible and offensive burden. Scrofulous 
sores, tumors, carbuncles, glandular swellings, 
sore leg. ete., are no longer the bugbenrs they 
were in former times. The Ointment, aided in 
its action by the Pills, inevitably cures them, 

(37 No remedy ever invented has been so 
snecessful as the great worm medicine of Dr M'- 
Lane, prepared by Fleming Bros. of Pitisburyh, 
All who have used it have been equally aston- 
ished and delighted at its eodeetal energy aud 

eMficney To publish all the testimonials in its da, at 75 cents a bottle. 


@ court, 
not be 


plucesin the paper, | 
I" for tendurs for 
hw purchas« of salmon fisheries in. Lowor 
Janndis until the 15th day of March 1859} 
lors for carrying the muile bebe 
ood ani Rod River, untilthe 
fay. 1859 ! f wile others ra 
for to regulations in reganl to 9 



tliat the 

O Tue 

favor would fill volumes; we must therefor 
content ourselves with a brief abstract of a few 
John C. Allen, of Amboy, gave n 

ey, {also been plenked to grant Licenses to | ose to-a child 6 years old, and it brought away 
7| Augustus A, Yeomins, of the town of 
leville, Esquire, M. D; James Nelson 
Crea, of the township of Ain 
is | Esquire MoT, and James Jolinson, of the 
Esquire, to enuble them to 
Surgery and Midwifery in 

88 worms. Ile soontafter gave another dose to 
the same child, which brought away 50 more, 
making 183 worms in about 1¢ hours, 
Andrew Downing, of Cranbury towns'p, Ven 
Ingo county, gave his child one teaspoontul, and 
she pussed 147 woriis, Next morning, on rep: 
tition of the dose, she passed 113 more, 
Jonathan Houghmnan, of West Union, Park 
county. Ii. Writes that he is unable to supply 
the dena d asthe people in his neighborhood 
say, aft ra trial of the others, that none is equal 
to Dr. M'Lane's Vermifuge. Messrs D&S W, 
Colton, of Winchester, huppened lust spring t 
got some of thie Vermifuge, After selling a few 
bottles, the demmnd became so grent for it that 
their stotk was soon exhausted, 
thatit las prodnced the beet effect wherever 
used, and js very popular among the people. 
C377 Purchasers will be careful to nak for 
Dr, MLANE’S, 0} 
All other Vermifu 
lees. Dr. M*Lanws genuine V ermifage, nlao 
his celebrated Liver Pills, can now be had at all 
respectable drug stores. None gennine without 
the signature of [30] | FLEMING BROs, 

Sufferers from Sorofula and Sorofalous af 
ny, clean up! Why wear your Pimples, Ul 
ra, Blotches, Sores?’ Why have the life twist 
ed out of you by Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, ond 
Gontt Why suffer Syphilitie and Mereurial 
diseases to vot the bonés in your Vody, or the 
flesh off bones? Why let your sliggish 
blool and «eAtter ita distempers through 
your veins? Ayen's Comvouns Exraacriof Sar 
euparilla cures these complaints, and cleanses 
them ovit of the system, Uke it faithfully and 
you bring to society n healthier, cleanlier, and 
fur more acceptable member[Balt. Demoorat, 


We havo bot little confidence i 
fongued stutements of the propr 

1 the trumpet 
‘tora of adver. 
nerally, but we are forced to 
pinion, wniformly. expressed by 
all who have weed Perry Davis' Pain Killer, that 
itis a very valuable ‘article, and one that it 

Liged medicines 
conour in the 

would be well for every householder to have at 
hand, in ense of bruises, soulda, dinvrhen, dyson: 
tery, cholera, and agno, and the host of 
diseases, external and internal, which itis adapt 
ed to curo or allavinte, N 

aver attained to auch unhouy 

article of medicine 
popularity and 
extonsive diffusion, Tiventod only aixtoon years 
since, its curative powers have ben oxperiouced 


by many, many thotisands in eyory section o 
f J States and Cangda, hetra 

of the 

oncos more potent than those ¢ 

raby the blessed’? Wo ar our 
principal dinggieta, that. th this 
» for exportation than of any or all others, 
that the demand is constantly increasing. 
—[Salein Observer, 


Propared by Oornolina L. Chocsoman, M. D,, N.Y. Olty 
T ry ri le I Pilla are 

ey pa mititiow OF the lent, Whitesy 
hystericg, Catigue, pain in the 
Ted aleep, Which arise from Lit 

* Hille are invatiables ne the 
Wy perlod with vegalart 
inthe uve of « 

ent by moll on ene sl 
HL, Post Ollew, Now York 
Cin avery Town in the 


ILL8 OF COMPLAINT,—nlso Arripavir 

I Ov SERVICE THERKOR,—also Orpen or 

Rerenexce,—just Printed on good paper, and 
for Sale at the Cayonicle OMce, 




{ if r on, ne is ATUDY AND EXPRICENCE 
An application, it fs sald, has boon made) y, ,ocjniiy devoted to. DISBABUS OF WOMBN, by 
by the Foderal Government of the U. States COMUNKLIUD Le CHIBINGLAN, Mle Day Nw unre 
for the oxtradition of Dr. King, the murderer, Oulde, anda Phy 

J Hand ehnate 

° oun of elek De 
ro bey (ou Bt 

gives who 
oxolumive tnt 



w York City, 


Allo fe mere initiations, anil shoul be aval. 

eal iy: erilicalé, Gray, Red, dr Rune 
y Habe Dyed tw 

fF Diaek, without the 
wil D) 


{air Dye produc 
nature, and In Wart 
ver boing it 

a) at the Wig 
» Mold in alleltiog 

cinta nil Raney Goods Do 
Hiulirows upon 
ch Box, of 

WIG8—W1G 8— 

PCIE LO RUS Wits & sh 

WIGS. « 
Airpase all, They 

| Conainaationar, Cnunen, on 


Congregational Singing. 
RK, ORME will give an introductory Lec- 
ture on tho History of Muale, from ite 
lost poriod up to the prevent time, in the 


Chair to bo taken at Eran o'clock, Ad- 
tinsion 12) conts, 
A course of 1 

nu for tho improve 
ment of Chureh T will be commence 
ed on Tuesday Bvoning, 7th June. 

Tickets for the whole course, 
Lecture, 53. 


Commercial Bank of Canada, 
Divinenp No, 62. 

OTICE is hereby given that a Dividend of 

N Four per cent on the Capital Steck of 
this Institution, for the half year ending 30th 
June next, hae been this* day declared, and 
the same will be payable, at the Bank and its 
offices, on and after Friday, the It day of 
July next, ‘The I'ransfor Books will be clowed 
on the 16th of June, aud re-opened on the Ist 
of July, 
The annual general meeting of Sharehold- 
ers, for the election of Direetors, will be held 
at the Bank on Saturday, the 26th day of 
June, in conformity with tie Charter, when a 
general statement of the affairs of the Bank | p 
will be submitted. Tho Chair will be taken 
at noon, 

By order of the Bonrd, 
C.8. ROSS, 

ial Bank of Canada, ) 
_King-ton, 26th May, 1859. § Ow-41 
Opposite Dr, Stewart's, on the East Hill. 
4 Nite purchaser can also have possession of 
the Cottage and groundy attached. For 
terms apply to Joux O'Donxocuvr, Commer- 
cial House, 
Belleville, May, 1859. 

In all diseasesintlamrggtion more or less predom- 
inatos—now to allay iiflammation strikes at the 
root of disenso—t an immodinte cure, Dat 
Lav's Maatoar, Pars Extractor and nothing else, 
vill allayivfammation at onco, and make acer: 
inoure, Dalley's Magical Pain L#tractor will 
ure the follow: among a great catalogue of 
ixensos: Burns, Scala, Cuts, Chafes, Sore Nip. 

ples, Corns, Bunions, Bruises, Strains, Bite 
Poison, Chilblaing, Bil vofula, Ulcora, Fover 
Sores, Felons, Ear Ache, Piles, Sore Hyon Gout, 

gs, Rhenmatisn, Seald Hond, Salt Rhoum, 
Baldness, Eryaipelas, Ringworm, Barber's Itch, 
Small Pox, Measles, Rash, &e. To some it may 
edulous that so many diseases should 
d by one article; such an idea will van- 
ish when ref) nm points to the fact, that the 
salve is a combination of ingredients, ench and 
every one applying 4 porfect antidote to its ap- 
petite disordered, Dalley's Magical Pain Kz 
tractor in its offecta is magical, because the time 
is xo short Letween diseases and a permanent 
cresant ils extractor, as it draws diseases out 
of thea ffected part, leaving nature as peérfectas 
before the injury, It is scarcely necessary to 
say that no house, workshop, ot manufactory 
should be one moment without it. 
No Pain Extractor ia genuine unless the box 
has upon jt steel plate engraving, with the name 
of Henry Dalley, manufactu or eate by all 
the Drogyists and patent medicine dealers 
throughout the United States and Canndas. 
Principal Depot, 165 Chambers St, N. Y 
Forante hy R, Holden & Co,, Belleville. Lyman 
Bros, & Go, Toronto. 43 

Hundreds of our citizens complain of debility 
and languor of the system, derangment of the 
liver or stomach, want of appetite, c&c.; they 
are freqneutly the result of too close application, 
and a thousand other causes we cavnot here 
name; but we would say to all so afflicted, do 
as we hnye done—get a bottle or two of Dr 
Hoofland’s German Bitters, prepared by Dr, 
Jackson, and our word forit, you will be cured. 
We recommend this medicine, knowing from 
experience that it is much superior to the gen- 
ernlity of patent mrdicines, We would say to 
our readers, purchige none, unless prepared by 
Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia, 

Principal Offlee, 418 Arch St., Philadelphia 
Pa, Sold by druggists ov storekeepors in every 

town nod yillaye in the United States and Cana- 
See that the signature 

of OM, Juckson is on the wrapper of each 

bottle, 02 

In West Belloville, on the 22nd May, the 

wife of Mr, James Ross, of a Son. 


In Belleville, on Tuesday, the 24th ult, by 
the Rey, B, B. Harper, Mr. Wat, Wuire, to Miss 
Ayn Tayton, ail of Belleville 

4@™ a= A BR ERBe 


ESIGNS his situation as Police Constables 
and wishes to do:so st returning hig sin- 

They stute} cere thanks to His Wor-hip the Mayor, and 

members of the Council, and to the inhabitants 
of the Town of Bell ville in gencral. 
ville, May 31, 1859, 


tar If you want » good article of 


(Ifyou wish some choice Sugar-cured 
Hams, Shoulders, or other Meats, 
Call at 
If you wish the Dest of 
Call at 


Corn-Meal, Oat-Meal, Beans, 

Dried Apples, Coarse- 
Grains, &c, &c, 

ta” As well as every deseription of 
Can be had at 
Cull at 

Bellevitle, May 23, 1859. 41 





MOI 5 
T IS OF LARGER SIZE than the maps in- 
suud by the Illustrated London papers, and 
ia clearer and more distinet, 
Notwithstanding the hoavy exponno of pro- 
ourlng this map, the price of the paper con- 
taining it fs the same on wsuil—threo pence. 
Vor Sule by B. HARRISON, Bollevillo. 
Price $2 " your, Six coplos for $10; ton 
coplew for $10 kwonly five copiem for $30 eighty 
copies for $100, 
Toronto, June 1, 1800. 

I EORKEES in Chancery, Release of Mortage, 
Avsignments of Mortgage, aud Memorials, 
just printed and for ealo al the GAron'e/e office, 




Ak now receiving from New York a gen- 
eral assortment of 

"2 co Seo 
0? 100 POUNDS 


And have also on hand, 

Various Qualities of Flour. 


A fow tons Fresh Ground Corn Meal, 


They are always in the Potash 
Market, and will pay the high- 
est price in cash for it. 
Belleville, Muy 28, 1859. Bwio 

J. L. REED, 

EELS thankful to the public for past pat- 
ronage, and informs them that he will 
deal in 
We’ 4D 4D HU 
the coming season, in any way to snit cus- 
tomers, such as Custom Carding, Cloth 
Dressing, aud manufacturing SATINEDTS,, 
TWEEDS, CASSIMERES, Franxens, &c., 
and guarantees to furnish the several articles 
at prices to suit the times. His object is to 
make the Farmers satisfied. Instead of sell- 
ing for Foreign Goods, support your own Ma-~ 
OE aud not take the trade from Belle- 
(= Wool sent by FERRY will be carded 
and returned. Cloth on hand to Exchaage, 
Belleville, May 15, 1859, 


Stove & Tin Ware Depot 

Opposite Commercial Louse, Front St. 


| HOLESALE and RETAIL Dealer in 

STOVES of every class, comprising 
American Ranges, Wood and Coal Cooking, 
Parlor, Cylinder, Halland Box 


which for beauty of design, symmetrical ap- 

pearance, and economy of fuel, cannot 
be surpassed. 

Baths, Refrigerators, Water Coolers, 

Filterers, and the justly appreciated Fire- 

proof Stove-pipe Rim, always ou hand. 

Bell Hanging, and General Copper Work, 
Tin Roofing, Pave Troughing, 
Conductor Piping, in a new and superior 

style, and 
eeuted on the most approved principles, 
—From his experieuce in this business, he 
feels confident of giving entire satisfaction. 
Tin Ware, of every description, 

always in Stock, and particular attention is 
directed to the 


which is fast superceding all othor kinds in 
use, and which only needs a trial to recom- 
mend it in preference to any other, 

ta” Houses fitted up with every descrip- 
tion of Stoves, Grates, and Furnaces, on the 
shortest notice. Very careful attention pait 
to all Job work. All orders executed with 
the utmost duspatel. 

He fears no Competition. Terms Liberal, 
te Tho highest price paid for old copper, 

Rags, and Sheepakius, 



Belleville, May, 1859. 



TILL be received till the ELEVENTH 
W day of JUNE next, at the Office of B. 
F. Davy, Exq,, from parties willing fo under 
take tho erection of a Stone Wall round the 
Chorch of Englaud Grounds in this Town. §. 
Lhe Wall fo bo good coursal Rubble Ma- 
sonry, extonding 258 feet on Churéh St, and 
281 leet 6 inches on Bridge St, to bo 2 feat 
6 inchos above the presout leval of tha Straets, 
and foundations takon out for 3 feat in depth, 
Specifications ant Plan may be-seon at 

the Office of 
Oinil Be 
The Committee do not bind themselves to 
teawpt the lowest, or any tender 
Belleville, May 28, 1859, 


nee and Boston, 

Steamors St, Law 

LL partios are horeby notified that the whe 

dersigned will not be reaponniblo for debts 
contracted on necount of the Steam St. 
Lawrence and Boston, after thia date, without 
his written order, 

Kingaton, April 21th, 1850, 38 
aD Bee Meme 
W a site for o Market Garden, and Nursery 
for Fruit Troos. Torms roasonublo, and’ to 
suit the applicant, Apply at this office, 22 

rectly opposite 1%. Holden's Drug Store, where 

Tin, Copper, Sheet tron Ware 

favor with whicli his endenvors have heretofore 
been ree 
this ‘Town, 
hew establishment. 


Wourr respectfully announce to his frienda 
V and the pu that he haa taken the pre 
misen litely: ocenpied as a Crok 

ory Store, di- | 

he ih prepared to execute all ordeys in 

He will keop constantly on hand: everything 
connected with . 

> DD WAT FIX Sis og 

ind lis line of Business, Ie trusts thot the | 



since commencing business in 
will be extended to him in dis 

Belleville, May 2nd, 1859. 37 



1 Moira will commence her regular 

trips between BELLEVILLE & OSWEGO 

on Monday next, April 4th, at 1 o'clock, P.M. 
calling at Mill Point, Picton, arid Stone Mills, 
and be in Oswego in time for! the 
Cars for New York and Buffalo. 
or passage apply to the Captsin on board. 

For freight 

(7 Cabin Pissage, including 0, emeal, from 

Belleville, $3; from Mill Point, $2.60; Picton 
and Stone Mills, $2, 

fay” Every attention will be given to the 

conyeying of Live Stock and Merchandize, 
between the above poris 

Belleville, March 28th, 1859, 
And River St. Lawrence. 



ILL, diring the present season, make 
regular weekly trips from the Head of 
the Bay to Montreal, as follows :— 
Downuwards, will leave 
Trenton every Monday at 6 o'clock A.M 
Belleville « G 10, A.M 
Kingston 9s PM, 
For Montreal and intermediate Ports, arriving 
at Montreal by Day Licurt on Tuesday, 
thereby giving passengers the benefit of the 
delightful scenery on the River St. Lawrence, 
Upwards, will leave 
Montreal every Thursday, at 4 o’clock P.M. 
Kingston every Saturday, at 8 o’clock A.M. 
for Picton, Belleville, Trenton, aud interme- 
diate ports, arriving at Trenton same eveuin, 
The St. Lawrence being a well known fa- 
vorite boat, having every convenience for the 
comfort and safety of Passengers, wall carry 
passengers and freight at reasonable terms. 
For Freight or Passage apply to the Cap- 
tain on board; Joscph Doyle, Wharfinger, 
Kingston; Capt. Maxwell, Montreal; or to 
John Meagher, Produce Merchant, Kingston. 
March, 1859. 30 



HE Subscriber having recently erected « 
new building on the site of the promises 
ately destroyed by fire, begs fo aunounce to 
his friends aud the public genera'ly, that he 
has put in it perfuctly new Machiuery of the 
most improved kid, and is now prepared to 


and begs to say that all those favoring him 
with their patronage can depend upon their 
orders being promptly executed in the most 
satisfactory manner, He will, as usual, keep 
a large and extensive assortwwentof Chorus, 
consisting of 

Broadcloths, Cassimeres, Satinetts, Doe- 

skins, Twceds, Full-cloth and 

which he will be p.eased to exchange for 
WOOL, on the most reasonable and advan- 
tageous’terms: ORES Oe 
The Highest Price in CASH 

will also be ‘paid for WOOL to thoxe not 
Wishing to.excharge forCloih. He hopes to 
receive a Jiberal share of public patronage, 
being fully convince 
to vive eutire satisfaebon to those lay 
him with a call; and be would respectlully 
request those haying Wool to «lispose of, to 
call and see him before selling elsewlie 

The highest price in cash will also be paid 
for HIDE perp and Cane Skixs, 

He woukdat this time ‘endur his sieerd 
thanka for the very liberal patronage lie has 
received during the past years ia which he 
has been engaged in business, and for the 
many kind expressions of sympathy tendered 
to him on the occasion of the Bactory bewy 
destroyed by fire. 5 

N. B.—Particular attention will be paid to 
Costom Carding and Cloth dressing, whieh 
will be done in the best manoer, aud war- 

ted to gi tire satisfaction. 
ranted to give entire S WIIEADON. 

Belleville, April, 1859. a 

Forwarding & Commission: 
Bnwus x oP ness. 

TPMIE Subscriber having lensed the Store 

House and Wharf owned by Billa I int, 
Psq., for the purpose of doing « Forwarding 
and Commiasion busingss, would respectfully, 
solicit a sh of tho public patronage. By a 
long acquaintance with, and a strict attention 
to tho businoss, ho hopes to be able to give 
as full satisfaction and for as cheap rates as 
any of his conipetitors. 

Tho Subscriber will constantly Keep on 
hand, for Sale, Coat, Cenuxr, Warne Lite, 
Moun, &e,, at the cheapest rater, 


Bollayillo, April 5, 1809. 3 


MPMAAT well known and long ostablishod 

Hotel on the Enat side of Kront Street, 
fn the Town of Belleyille, and Canty of 
Hostings, with immediate possvanion ; Nays 
ing attachud largo ont-buildings, and a coms 
modious yard. Rent moderate, 

Apply te 

Bollovillo, March 12th, £559. 80. 

or | 

Harness, Saddles, 

and Uie phiire Stovk In Trade of 
my Shop, the whole to bo Sold-hy tie 
Wrrnevr or csoN ae, 
na the undursigned tw going into other busito 
Thie'le a rare chance to buy Harness chuaps 
Bolleville, April 10th) 1850 34-8 

that he will be able ‘ 


r I he Subscribers 1 

having advertised to exchange for WOOS/ 
a large assortmént of 




Belleville, May 14, 1859. 


LEDS, &(., AND 


to those who do not wish to exchange, for 


-& J, BOOTE, , 

‘fap HATS! HATS! Pe i 
ER AA Seo 
—_ SE > Ss dD— 




é Celebrated Pémate Pille tt 
“repared from a Prescription of Bit J, Clarke! 
M.D.; Physician Kat Rodlnced tothe nb 
This invalunble medicine te untal 
Cire of al) thom paiufal and sett and 
to which the female conetitutlon i wulfiet. It 
ioilérated all exepss (atid Féino¥eReal! obstrud’ 
(iUnd, and o apecdy cure may be relied ons 
itis pecntinely euited. It will, in short time? 
bring on thewonthily period with regularity. 
Ench bottle, price One Dollar. Letra the Go- 
vernment Stamp of Great Britain, to pteyent 
Ce a 
In ail cases of Nervous anid Sjinal Affection 
Poin in the Baok and Libs, Vilteus vn alent 
exertion, Palpitation of the Heart, Hysterics, 
and Whites, these Villa will effect a cure when nl 
other means have failed, and although a pows 
erful remedy, do not contain iron, calomel, ante 
mony, or any thing hurtfil to the constitution, 
Fill directions in the pamphlet arourid: nele 
Packnge. which should Le carefully preseryad: 
Sole Agent for the United States and Canada, 
JOB MOSES, (Late 1. ©. Valdwin & Co.) 
Rochester, N.Y, 
NORTHRUP & MOSES. Neweaetle, Whole- 
sale Agents for Cannda West. 
For sale by E. Chandlery M, Saviyer, R 
den & Co., and Dr. Volefnan: 4 



BELLEVILLE, 1859. 21 


HONOGRAPHY was inverted by ISAAC 

PITMAN, of Bath, England, in the yenr 
1837. It is the most sinple, most natural, most 
rapid, and most easily learned system of Writing 
which has ever beer, or ever can be invented. 

thousands of persons, in Enyland and Amerien, 
both in pabhe and private life, have learned to 
write Phonography, and thousands of social and 
business letters annually pass throngh the post 

Nor is its great popnlavity to be wondered at, 
The present system of writing is excéed 
cumbersome, and totally unworthy these days 
of progress and juyention, Vhonography is 
equally us legible, ea be tearned in one twen- 
tieth the time, and can be written siz times as 
fast! In other words, the Jabor of six days can 
be performed im one-one man ean do the work 
cf six! So simple is the system, too, that » 
person may learn to write it slowly, ina couple 
of hours. “Au lour’s duily practico fur a few 
weeks will enable any person to write Phonog- 
raphy with certainty, aud with some degree of 
freedom. The same amount of practice will 
enable a person to take reports of speeches, leo- 
ures, sermons, or conversation, aud to rea 
them with accuracy, 

Dri J W. Stone, of Boston, says 
Phonography an, inyaluable wdjunet | 
tion, and one which, when vcquired in youth, 
would not be parted with in mauhood for thous- 
ands of dollars.” ‘The Jate Hon. T, H Bexrox, 
tipon being presented with m verbatim report of 
one of his masterly speeches, taken by a little 
boy only twelve years of ngo, said: “Had this 
art been known 40 years ago it would haye sny- 

tor spoke but m portion of the truth What 
long hand requires six years to accomplish, 
graphy will perforny in one. 
zyinen, Kilitora, Physicians, Lawyers, 
Conveyancers, Law and Medical 
i { Printers, School Teachers, 
choo) Bays and Girls, a knowledge 
shy isof vast utility. Ip faot there 
Vor calling in which it is not use 
ation ean be con 

Students, Lecturers Pr 


fal, and no young M 
sidered completo wiht it 

Durtug the pasta ive months handrede of por- 
sonwin Canna, of every pursuit in life, have 
nequired the Art, from many of whom the eabe 
sczilog hus received nenthy written phonograph 
io letters, expressive of their dalight with a 
Attainment, abd the st are ease with 
vhich they have ne it ah 
2 ¥en siurruP RES aiding it the dissemination 
of go important reform an his own eoontey, the 
subscriber ia now! prepared to supply allywho 
apaly, wiih the: AL#aL ov Puwxoawarny, ani 


sont by ninil to 

the Puoxounwuw Govy Boo D 
any panto the Pro: Joe pre paid, for 

everybody, Who can learn any+ 
i Puosounavny fom the Masvau 
without other nasivtince. a 

rato of from 100 to!250 words 

to papor at the y 
aay Id wend for the above-mentioned 

per minute, shou 
works nt ulicee ( 
The iustructions geven’ by the Manual is ne 
plain as A.B, ©. and ten imys na oney to une 

Ia a Monthly Journal, devoted to the adv jency 
of the Reform. Priga 25 cents per annunk 
‘Addrees, (postepuidl) 


39 Ostiaway ©. WE 


T a meeting of the Medival Faculty of the 
County of Hastiogs, heli at Belleville, on 
the 1th inst, the following Preamble and 
Resolutions were passa ly nnd ordured! tobe 
published in the /Aestings Chrontele wad the 
nfelligencer t= r 7 
ha the custom hitherto followed by 
Physivians in this Coutity, of lowing ae~ 
cotints for professional services to remit tne 
dofinitely ungettledy hus been alike rjbrions 
to themselves, ry F 

to It therefore Revo'verk ‘ 
beat all accounts for Medical Services 
bo rond 

During thy past fifteen years, hundreds of 

not onl 
» | Liver wo 

ed ine 20 years hurd labor.” ‘The learned sena- | 2 

‘Those whowieh tobe ableto puttheirthoughts | 

The Canadian Phonetic Pioneer, ; 

Grocery & Feed Store, 

AVING been ao Tong time in the Grocery 
Dusiness, begs to return thianke for post fax 
yors, nud deqnaikt lis eristomers and it ATES 
generally, that Ne has removed fo the premises 

Lately Ocenpied by F. TAYLOR, Jr, 

Where lie i# prepared to keep on hand all atti 
cles confiteted with a” 


He Lopes to merit n share of publié patronage 
and stipport : ri 

IF Govds delivered Lo any part of the Town 

Bellovil’e, April 12th, 1859. Ay 

HE undersicned caper informus the 
public that he has bought J. H. Rector’ 
Rifle Factory, and hopes to salish 
by making good aud durable work? 
ders for ée ‘ 
~ Denble or Single Gain Twist Rifles, 
Top anil bottom, or any other kiad of GUNy 
as well as repairing, will be execated with 
despatch, and the work warranted. ~ as 
Belleville, May 24, 1859. 6m40 
N. B,—All persons having left Rifles &ey 
with Mr. Rector for repairs, are requested to 

call forthe same forthwith, 

PREPABRD BY Pit 6 ten 

Compounded entirely from GUMS, . 

nd more effectual than wry vilier: 

uthartie, vat. kiver remely,, wetiy 

lis morbid matter, then On the stomach ani Lawela 

That matter, thus Accomplishing two pai 

ful Feelin danced bs tbe 

Teatrengiieas ie aystom at thd pany 
Hy fu tanderate dives, 

ally, without any of (he pai 
UHoits 0 moat Gushaytd 

Lime that Ie purges 1 

will strengthen and, it up with uimusunl rayhditys 
9. pelngionl 
torn I 

& lully devel ocd 

are at fnlt, 
‘of 008 organ 
Por the diseases 

That rs 

tas wade i up tiety; fi La 
tice of more than twenty nd some repu 
therewith to counteruet tbe a teint RD we BLED 

Ite Table, 
‘o prove 
bled wits 
bas bat to. tr: 
Thess Guru 

. ay 
Invigoratlox tbe 

yt vealvhy Now of bila, 

"a ued to alireat Welly 
Rivinge one ail Health to tha 
jf enune of te diserse— 

ing Ua thelr 

ing m radical enre, 


toured, ond, what fe 

uRiprac tented pe Sinton Ut 
' tor. f 
vO ve tons aRet cating t ae] PSK Aken to rollers the towne 


wernt the. food. fro ng. 5 
and prevent tha food from ae gLite 

‘Ouly one Hoss tween 




aint Yoostny te bowel 

‘One| OW eRe : 

oO ose taken afer each meal Wh) yapensiy 

BAM One dase of two Leas|K. lepoonl Ta HyA relier 
Sick Headaches 

Que bottle taken Tor fe low rernoyen tie 
ous does inmecately 
‘Only ave Hous tmimeaiiately 
P dom often repoatert Co RIB | pre 
Deus sd m preventive | | 
ig one battle 

Jelnw alterna long elckiw'a. 6 
[Sa arycligg reeves all pal 

Que dam iaken 
10 the appet te, wh 
ie dose of 

taler, ur-appedtay) etoedy” tn 
Dropayy iy esekting the 

preventive lor Feve: 
nod all Bevors of 
with certainty, wii thy 
wonder itl virives, 

All who nae Tt a 
totthinuny Hates in . ; 
ga Mix Water ty oh , honth with tie Tee 


Dr. BANFOID, Propet 
Wotatiedy by’ all Drngalsis So" 
Holden & Co., sole ag bn 
Sheriff's Sale of Lands, 
County of Hastings, ? BY Virttio, of a Writ 
To Wit, 5 of Pieri F HOTS 18 
sned out of Hor Majesty's County Court of 
the County of Hastings and to ino ireete ty 
ngninst tho lands and tunenrents of Martin 
Halloran, at the anitel Gootye Punnjner t 
have acizid wad tuken id’) Exooutlan’ the tole 
lowing Jandé and! tendments, Vins All tliat! 
corluiit that’ or pared! of Tuntraral remisos 
aitnuto in the Township ot Tyetdbing, tn 
the County of Tihatings) Leihg composed 0 
the South ball of Lor number, Nine 
the-soventt concession of said. Township of 
Tyendinagn, containing ond Kuudred AvrOS! 
Avo part of Lot iui bar Twenty, 10 the Sé=" 
gonth concessibr aforeenis, atid’ amy be bets! 
tor known andideaorbod ih Mot page front 
anid Holloran to the Trostarit Lon Compas, 
ny datod MY Bh day of Fubrowey 1953, ond 
Rogistored the sumo day in the Re 

onts, Boltevitlo. 

GW JONIS, Canilion, 
KL HOLDEN, Chatvnaa, 
Bollovillo, Tih Oot, 1898. 


ioe of the County of Flostingw: All of whit 

lands ant Tartatoats Telit! oer Toraate ak 
ony office mn Relloville, on Saunt y the ohh 

toy of July A\D. L830, al the howe of iwelvd’ 

o'clock, noon, “ ces 

es ms ley Cutt 


Hor. OORBRMA 5 ik 

IST PRINTED, on good paper, and for 
Meats abtho CAaonicte Offioe, 

Shoriff's Office Ballevillo, ? 
\ April thy 1857 s 






The want ofa atcoling medicinal to meet th 
and pecessition of the aulfering portfon of humar 
ty, andsone entirely free from mineral and ol 
deletortous particles, 
powerful medicine was u 
10 PREVENT (hs Wes 

‘inte have decor 
Woations. The 

the How 

was eyerely felt tith this al 
bh red into the world j | 

sto cune} they 


Tho following very clover and Intorostin, 
| ral Kditor’ io taken froma poem delivore: 

rial convention 

| Ho vou indulgent, dull though I may seem, 
Ava be the Roral Editor my themo, 

J | Unhappy wight! iuslon tills his daya 
Who thinks the ocoupation ever pays, 

And thrice uohappy, who, in quest of fame, 
From “rage and [tapbiack” thinks to earn 
R name, . ; 

«| He hopes, perhaps, illustrious to shine, 

fy tho editorial line 


| Now themes to broach, new pi | 
| And lead the startled world a dizy daveo; 

iE |» 
akotoh of tho’charnster and carcor of a Rie | = 

by Mn. Dumars, at the late Ohio State cdito~ 

ota to advance, 



20 cheats Young Hyson 
a} 15 ohosts Twankay 

20 cuttiog Gonpowder L 
12 catties Old Hyson 
10 outties Young Hyaon ‘* 
5 cheats Souchong 

Ly B chests Oolong 
Parshanee to Wako, and find Nimeoie tolataken, | yy Ghosts Ohl Hywon ..« 
PE en eee atte bato.aoe hy JAMES BLACKLOCK, 
| 2is last great * leader’? w ‘s bacon, 

Or folded round hia fay 

Ne | Pamél iho seeka it, let him yolunteor, 

ir) Jolin Brigham’s Sainte, or Walkor's ragged 
Op, what la purer, suo for a divorce, 

attack the RADIX or KooT offte complalut, and) And run the gauntlet of a gazoteer, 

by removing the h . 
invigorate anu restore the drooply 
system, assisting nature io her tas! 


ig eneraion ofth 

‘The great scourge of this continent ylelds quiek- 

f there antiseptic Pills, and the di 

ly to a cours 
gestive o 
no matter in Ww 
case exhibits [troll thi hing and wnerrin 

remedy disperses {t from the patient's system, 
Ganoral Debility and Weakness. 
From whatever cauac, 
and all other signs of diseased liver, and othe: 
disorganization of tho ayatem, vaniah under th 
eradicating inflaence of this all powerful antisepti 
and detergent remedy, 


vaxtom and right condition of the | 
Helps sioportaceh to the health of | 

jini ANTEMILIOUS medicine exe 
cds of the complaint, and renders 

dite ws of momen 
the human fra) 
pels the hidd 
all the Quids ani 

secrotious pure and fluent, cleans: 

ing and resusitating the vital (functions of the body: 


hidden cacse ef Uiseaso re~ 

of viTan and 

eared nati frie ot die | W lieu: printers dined on una 


Ho’ atand a chanoe at least of notoriety, 
Ne | In all the circles of our beat docioty A 
Kind a bad lif aceved up quite newspaporial, 
With a worse picture, in the next plotorial, 
Once ona time—so run all tale prefaces 

(1 make nognontion hero of datos or places) 
‘twas long ago, 
steam or Hoo, 

I knew an ed 

ie | 
| Hefore the art 

| Atid nursed thois notes on whi 

8) Grew rich on poverty, and stull’d thoit clay 

| On airy nothfoge—promiaes to pay, 

| Woll, as I said, I know him—a raro fellow, 
Who kept his own and othore’ natures mellow ; 

¥) One of those tooinl souls wo all enjoy, 

©! Who hold in age tho fieshuess of the boy. 

© | Lis bright philosophy could brook no tears, 

For he was cheerful as a lad attaw, Tiaeears 

And would bo, though the world were drowned 

(Olor a mint jwip) happy with a" atraw. 

He was ambitious to can’t say wise; 

And though not prudent, fall of enterprise ; 

For ‘twas no show of wisdom, you'll confess, 

- | In those sad days, to caleulate anocess 

From doubtful profits of a country preas, 

But thon he purchased ono, with types and casos, 

Some anciont racks and stands, apd rules and 

Should lose no time in trying « few doves of this “ 

regulating and: renovating remedy, whatever may 

be thelercomplainty it ean be talon with sofely 5 tn 
rlodieat and other Wisorgoanizations its effve' {And vaishTibte OUEBUSsUl& HERD ONE 

jeall but miraculous, 
_The testimony of Nations: it uanimousy borne 
yo the health giving virtues of this noblo remedy 
. and certificates in every living language bear wit: 
ness to the undeniableness of their intrinsic worth. 

Holloteay's Pills are the beat remedy known in 

the world for the following diseases: 

Lowaess ofspitite 

Frinaly Cowpi'ateStone nad Gravel, 
Headach Secondary Symp- 
Inuminiton, temas 
Inward Weakness Wortiis ull Kinda, 
Liver Complaiatse 

HB CAUTION !=None are gennine unless thr 
wards “ /ANoamu, New York and London,” ar 
discernable as a \Vater-watk iw eyery leaf of the 
book of directions around eneh ot or box; the 
same may be plainly seen by Moldiug the leaf to 
the light. A handsome reward will be given to 
any off rendering such informotion as may tead tc 
the detection of any party or parties counterfeiting 
the medicine or vending the same, knowing them 
to be spurious, 

#,* Sold at the Manufactories of Professor Hor 
LoWwaY, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, ani by all 
respectable Druggista and Dealers in Medicine 
Ibroughout the hited States and the civilized 
¥arld, in boxes al 29 cents, 63 cents, and SI each 

BS? her 

Venerral Affvcr 


eis considerable saving by taking the 
larger sizes. P 3 

“ B.—Directions for the guitance of paticnts 
on every dhorder are affixed fo ench box 4 



Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, 
Ahronioor Nervous Debility, Diseases of the Kid: 
neys and all diseases arising Sram a diwmdeged 

Liven or Stomach, 

SBlood\to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Naw: 
ae8, Heartburn, Disgnst for Food, Fullness or 
Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink 
“wag. or Plultering’ at the Pit of the Stomach, Swim: 
smog of the Head, Hfurried aud Difficult Breath 
ing, Wluttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffoca 
“ting Sensations when in s lying posture, Dimness 
of ¥ision, Dots or Webs before the Sight, Fever 
aod Dull Pain in the Head, Deficieney of Persp 

Of Puxca 

(Thoy were ull second hand, 'tis well to mention, 
| And had seen servies worthy of a pension, ) 

To life's atern toll ho bravely settled down. 


And when it caine the village was clated; 

Ignoring panty, in a party senses 

Avoiding all that might excite offence, 

It praised the town, its prospects, its advances, 

Its enterprise, resources, and finnnees; 

It praised the schools, the tunchers so profound, 

Until their fame was kyown for miles around, 

It praised the village parton’s cloguonae, 

His modest bearing, Inck of all pretonas, 

But most his learning and his sold sense > 

So it fell out, between the spring and fall, 

That worthy from the city had a call, 

With such an offer for his prench-ed word, 

That ho folt suro that call was from the Lord;? 

[t praised tho doctors aa uncommon skill'd, 
ding, with great suaviter and grace, 

‘Their treatment cured more people than it kill'd» 

Tt spoke—and of its truth some doubt will 


Of honest Jawyers—Aan uncommon {hing— 

Who had o conscience—an uncommon case, 

In short, it praised so well, that people grew 

To think that praise was merited and due ; 

Tt was his fault, and grew from an excess 

Of aim to please und profit—nothing less, 

And had he been to self but half the friend 

Ife was to othors, he had met an end 

That you might ey ‘aim at and commend, 
Ilis influence was felt—the town’s fair fame, 

With ail who read his paper, found a name ; 

‘The city pleasurists resorted there, 

Enjoyed its quiet and its healthy air;, [scenes, 

The artists came, and sketched such charming 

‘That they were sought to grace the magazines, 

And thither, too, came men of enterprise— 

Blocks rose on blocks, and milla and factorice, 

Hote), palatial, and stores that vied 

With those on Broadway, or slong Cheapside, 

In brief, tho town that oro the printer came, 

Had scarce ‘a local habitation or a uame,” 

As though 'twere touched by magic, grew to be 

An island city—but how flourished het 

Come with me, up three flights of stairs, and 


{n dingy daylight and lead poisoned air, 

Boside his desk he sits; his hair has grown 

Gray with the flecks that time and care have 

Ics es excl el 

Around him lies exchanges, seraps and clippin: 

Unlf written leaders, local pulls and oth reas 

humar; manuscripts paeaaa 
From geniuses who think themselves neglected ; 

Oban veraes full of gloom, 

‘And doleful voi efal tomb; "= Constipation, Inward Piles, Fulness or | Lines to.a lay PAS RHE 

from a Mister Dash, 

Who’s desperately in love with his—moustache; 

A sentimental song about sea shells, 

Writ by a melancholy Mie 
Who would be married tho’ her face yet amells 
Of bread and butter, and the nursery ; 

An eulogy on General Blank's oration, 
And which suggests, bx way of mere reflection, 

off hand at the late ovation; 

. He should be honored witha re election, 

vation, Yellowness of the Skin and Byes, Pain in 
the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, &e “Sudden fishes 
of Heat, Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imogin 
ings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits. 

Phe proprietors, in calling the attention of the 
psblie to this preparation, do so with a fecling of 
the utmost coufidence in its virtues and adaptation 
to the diseases for which it is recommended. 

Nia no new and untried arti 
has staod the lest of a ten years’ \ 
American people, and its reputation and sale are 
Oe simil 

estimony in its favor rominent eud well 
koown Physicians +h) individeals in all parts of 

Modest requests, which hope he'll not refuse 
To notice this or that in next week's ““Nows ;” 
A bunch of bad segars that some one sends, 

Expecting thrice théir value ina "local ;” 

Unopened invitations from his friends, 

Asking his presence at a concert yooal 

Or at 9 lecture, party hop or ball, 
1 party hop or ball, 
icle, but one that | At such a date, (please mention) and such Hallis, 
V before the | Novel# and books not worth a decent ratin; 

Sent out--they send few othera but for eash— 

reparation extant. The | BY Enstern firnis who take that way of baiting 

The country press to advertise their trash ; 
Tn short, un Hundred things by men devised 

the country is immense, aod a careful perusal of To get their baubles cheaply adyertised, 

the Almanac, published annually by the proprietor, 
and to be had gratis of any of his ferred 
but satisfy the most skeptical that this remedy is 
really deserving the great celebril ined. 


Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Croup, Hoarseness, | 

erartsing from Coli, fucipiant Conminption, |’ 

and for Oe ral and (if at all possible) cure 

Mus country 

dently that they | 
ater complicity and morta 

A further proof of the terrible fatality of discases 
resulting from a “ common cold,” may be seen by 
& glance at the following statistics, take 
Hah? of the Board of Health of Phi jadelphia,con 
es of the most healthy focalitles in the | 
1852, Total deaths in Philadelphia, 

Died of Consumption, 
“all other diseases (250 
$a number), 

1854. Total deaths, 
Died of Consumption, 
‘* all other diseases, 


1851, 1 


‘alll other dis 

— =H 814 | 
From these figures, it will be scen (hat nearly | 
one fourth of the {oral deaths in the country are | 
enused by sonaumption, to way nothing of the nu: | 
we Other diveases springing from a alight 
7 Do not irifle wi reer health; but, if suff cing 
rom # cough, or cold on the lungs, buy a bottle of 
You may safely countonacure, Thousands have 
done s0, aid have certibed to bis wonderful effects, 

Coughs sometimes proceed from a disordered or 
dyspeptic sate of the stomach, in whiely onge the 
German Billers should be used. In euses of weak: 
pets, or goneral debility of the system, resuliing 
from ® protracted cough, the German Bitters will 
bet ny t Bread benest. 

Tepared outy by Dr. C, M, Jackson, 418 Areli 
pen Philadelphia, and forsale by Druggists and 
Horekeepers throughout tho United States and Ca 

nada. Vriee 75 cents per bottle, 

areld by I. HoLoxn and M, Sawren, Bale 


on Front Street, in one of the [hes T BUSL 
NEAS parts of the Town, 
_ Several Lata on Pinnnole Street. f; oui the 
Court Note 1 Commercial Nauk 
eae lentions to be made hy letter (poet paid) 

here, mitient toiler! over at hia work, 

Himself lis foreman, publisher, and clork, 

He labored hard—few men lind labored harder, 
Grew lean in person, leaner in his larder; 
And still ho toiled, from dawn to twilight gray, 
The first of men to court—rux Last to vay! 
Some snid that he was rich—it might be true, 
Provided that you reckoned what was due; 
But this his dearest friends both said and knew-— 
is wants were many, but his dimes were few, 

In short, fkwanydhing they had to pay, 

hing bones 


_ It is rumored that apartments are being | 
fitted upin the RC. Palace for the recep- 
tion of his Holiness the Lope, | 
It is rumored that Dr, Ryerson endorses 
notes for the Exlitor-in-chiel of the Globe, 
It is rumored that John Hogan docs 
bay that Austria must evacuate Tualy, 

It is rumored that the Lon. Mr. Kierz- 

| koweki lias gone over to raise the Poles, 

It is rumored that the Yankees have con- 
cluded that thoy will not aunex Canada— 



You never seo a man pass behind a load 
of Nay without taking out a wisp. 

You fever seo a lady emerge from a 
store without looking Loth up and down 
the street, 

Y 4 never see A MAD chasing bis hat on 
a windy day without gripning, ns if ho ra- 
ther liked it. 

You never seo s pig under a gato with- 
ont hearing a great grunting. 

You never seo a man light his cigar with 
a hundred dollar vill. 

You never seo anything sonsiblo in Old 

You never Keo n joko in the Globe. 

You never seo ogotism in the Leader, 

You nover BO W policeman noar a row. 

$25" Mr. J. Smart of St. Paul, Min, was 
recently prosecuted by a young widow for 
brenoh of promise, Eo settled the difficnl- 
ty by marrying her, Ho mado her Smart 
leat she shoult Aim. 

0B" Tio Globe wayn it in reported on 

# KEY, JOUN CARKOL “Gannnoe 

or tf ALEXANDER MENZIbS, ESQ J ville. 

Mette ty on 


fool authority that Colonel Princo in nbout 
j!0 resign lis Seat in the Council, nnd nee 
heopt the Judgeship at Sault Sto, Marie, 

[foreo, | AT TH EC 

Forth eame his paper, neatly lawnolied and }, 

ym Coflee, 

15 bags Java ( 
5 bags LaGi 
5 bags Mo 
10 bays Pl 

60 dozen assorted Tumblers, 

20 dozen Decanters, 

10 dozen Water Bottles 


Coylon Coffee, 



50 boxes Montreal. Soap, 
80 boxes Toronto Soup, 
5 boxes Castile Soap, 

50 boxes Stearine Candles, 
50 boxes Tallow Candles, 

5 boxes 

Sperm Candles, 


10 boxes Hooey and Brown Windsor Soap, 

15 boxes Belmont Sperm Candles, 


15 cases (Green) Gin, 

10 enses (Red) Giny 

3 hhds. Martell’s Bran ly, 
5 hhds, Holland Gin, 

1 hhd. Old Tom, 

10 casks Port Winey 

15 casks Sherry Wino, 

6 casks L 

Vermouth Bitters, 
Absinthe Suisse, 

5 cases Schiedam Sehnapps, 
1 bbl. Stoughton Bitters, 

1 case Raspberry Vinegar, 

1 hhd. Scotch Whiskey, 

8 cusea Milk Punch, 

5 causes Pepper Sauce, 

10 bbls. Bottled Ale, 

15 baskets Champagne, 

1 cavk Batty’s Pickles, 

3 bags Allspice, 

5-bags Pepper, 

3 bbls. Pot Barley, 

15 bbls. Oatmeal, 

1 hhd. Carolina Rice, 

10 bags Rice, 
50 boxes MRL Raisins, 
25 boxes MR Raisins, 

5 drums Sultana Raisins, 
5 boxes Shelled Almouds, 
Button Blue, 
10 boxes Pudding Starch, 
les Cotton Wick, 
js. Twine, 
20 boxes Pipes, 
50 Jars Colinan’s Mustard, 
1 case Santines, 

1 case Preserved Lobsters, 
5 bbls, Bordeaux Vin 
1 box Blacklead, 
50 Gross Shoe Blacking, 


Nelson’s Gelatine, 
Russian Isinglass, 
5 cases Salad Oil, 
Taylor's Chocolate, 
French Capers, 

Burgess’ Essences, Anchovies, 

50 dozen assorted English Save 

Bengal Chutnee, 

Sago, Arrowroot, and Tapioca, 

Macearoni and Vermicelli, 

Nutmegs, Cloy 


Leslio’s Ginger Wine, 
Leslie's Stomachic Bitters, 

10 bbls, London and Dublin Porter, 





5 doz. Lea & Perriu’s Worcester Sauce, 


es, and Cinnamon, 

25 dozen Shoe Brushes, 

20 dozen Stove Brushes, 
2 cases Clothes Broshes, 

5 bbls. Grourd Loaf Sugar, 
5 bbls. Granulated Sugar, 
20 bbls. Crushed Loaf Sugar, 
15 bbls. Y. C. Sugar, 

10 hhds. Muscovado Sugar, 
5 bbls. Sugar House Syrup, 
5 bbls. Molasses, 






25 box®s Tobacco, 5s, 7s, 10s, 
20 } boxes Tobacco, 
1 case Fig Tobacco, 


100 boxes Scaled Herritgs, 

26 bbls. Herrings, 

Whitefish and Lake Herrings, 

Belleville, Nov. 15th, 1858, 



1 case Virginia Twist Tobaceo, 




Wit promptudss and dispatch. If 

very lo: 

Ie of 

This wt 


warranted to be good timekeope 
Tho beat kinds of American Clog 
on hand. 

Baal in 
lavora nnd 
herenftey pre 
the beat watiefi 

Wl, hig sincere thanks 

mate to order, 

Longht for Cash. 
Bolleville, Marchath , 1858, 

begs to inform his fiends and ¢ 


ronting the Market, where he ho 
his long standing and well known # 

public patronage, All orders in t 

and warranted, 

and warranted, 

Front, St. Tolleville, 1857, 

| ter ELC) first of May next 
residence of Hon. 

in ing 

Rent moilerate. Apply t 


T his stand, two doors above 
n Mr. Nulty’s Auction “Room, 
Front Street, in prepared tu moet 

all ordors in hits line of business 

© attend, 

petually to the Jobbing department, aud bis 

» nieely arranged and 

1, will give satisfaction to the moat 
A large assortment of 

Swiss, a 

ad Freuch Gold 


akew this opportunity to express to the 

for past 

te an equal share of patronnge, 
Nising to endeavor alwi 

ys to give 


Ovo Gov on Siiven taken in exchange, or 



IE Subscriber, gratefil for past favors, 

hie publi 

generally, that he hay opened shop in My, 

pr, from 
vility, by 

punctoality and de pitch, to morit a share of 

hie nbove 

line executed in the latest style of Fashion 

N, B,—Cutting done on the shortest notice 



, near the 

y nond Murnay. It 
{oondition, with a small garden at 



AN ately to Examine De 
WD to Examine Judgment Debtor 
} ed, and for pale at this office, 

| RELA ta Chon 


Just priuted and for 

ndant, Order 

just print 






SAYS the St. Louls (Mo.) Domoerat:—Below 
S'wo publich alottor to Dr. Wood, of thin oity, 
from a gentleman in Maine, whieh aponks glow 
ingly of the auperior merita of his hair tonto, 
Sushi evidonde inuet nwo’ Ste » when com: 
ing from a reliable source. rtifleaton are 
quarantocs of trath, the Den «No oncomlumas, 
Hor usoless puffery from the p 

Bath, Maine, Jao, 20, 1854, 
Professor O, J. Wood & Co. ; 

Gevriemes saving 
fow montha since to t lly beneficial offeots 
of your hair restorath was Induced to make 
Application of it apon my own hale, Which had 
Lwcomo quite gray, probably. one third white; 
my whiskers were of tho same character, Some 
threo months since Ieprocured a bottle of your 
hair restorative, and t. I eoon found it 
woe proving what had w d. Lused itabout 
twieo a week. I have since procured anothor 
bottle, of which I havo wed come, I ean now 
certify to the world that the gray or white hair 
totally disappeared, both on my head and 
. and my hair has resummed its patiral color, 
and I ballove moro soft and glossy than it has 
been bofore f nty-five yours. Lam. now 
sixty years ol food wifo at the age of fifty 
two, lias ored it with the sano effect. 

Lhe above notice I duem due to you for your 
valuable discovery. Tam nusured that whoover 
will rightly tag, a9 por di 1, will not havo 
occasion towontradiot my atatemonts, Tam a 
citizen of this city and a resident hero for the 
Inat fiftoon yonre, and am known to nearly av 
one here avd ndjoining towns, Any uso 
may make ot thé above, with iy name attached, 
in at your net wish to presorve the 
beauties of nature in others as wall oamyrolf, 

Tam, truly, yours, A. 0, RAYMOND. 

Professor Wood = Dear Si 
tiefortune to lose the best my hair, 
from the effects of the yollow fe in Now Or- 
Jenna in 1804, 1 was indicod to mako a trial of 
your preparation, and found it to answer as the 
vory thing needed, My hair is now thick and 
glossy, and no words can exprass my obligations 
to you in giving to Uhe afflicted such a trensure. 


Tho undersignod, Rov.wJ. K. Beagg, is «min 
ister in regular standing, and pastor of the Or- 
thodox Church at Brookiield, Mass. He ia oa 



tion enlled a 


gentleman of great fntluence and unive 


ve, itgives me pleasure to 
eny, that its effect hog been excellent in remoying 
inflammation, daudrull, and a constant tendeney 
to itching with Which T have been troubled 
from my childliood ; and hag slao restored my 
hair, which was becoming gray, to its original 
color. Ihave used no other article with any- 
thing like the eame pleasure or profit, 
Youra tuiily, Suk. BRAGG, 

The Restorative is put up in bottles of three 
sizes, viz: large, medium, and smal; the small 
holds 4 a pint, and retails for one dollar per 
bottle; the medium holds at least twenty per 
cent more in proportion than the small, retails 
for two dollars per bottle; the large holds a 
quart, 40 per cont more in proportion, and re- 
toils for $3. 
0. J. Woon & Co,, Proprictors, 312 Broad- 
way, New York, (in the great N. Y. Wire 
Railing Establishment,) and 114 Market St, 
St. Louis, Mo, 

And sold by a!l good Druggists and Fancy 
Goods Dealers, 29-3m. 


Buffalo Medical Dispensary, 

Established for the Gure of 

Dysrresia, Genraar Desitivy, PevRR AND 
Acue, AsTHMA, Incipient Consuyrtion, 


DR. AMOS & -5ON, 
Corner of Main and Quay Sts, Buffalo, N.'¥., 
RE the uly Physicinns in the State who are 
members of the Royal College of Surgeons, 
London, Mny be consulted from 8 in the mora- 
ing, until 9 at night, in every state and symp 
tom of Disease. The tréatment they adopt is 
the result of upwards of 80 years’ extensive and 
euccessful practice in Europe and Americv. 

An instrament for the cure of genital Debili 
ty, or Nocturnal Emissions, more properly 
Known as Seminal Weakness, ito., can be per- 
manently cured in from fifteen days to two 
inonths, by the use ef this instrument, when used 
conjointly with medicines 
DR. AMOS & SON take pleasure ins an 
nouncing that they have invented aiost impor 
tant’instrument for the core of the above dis- 
cases, It has been subjected to a test by the 
most eminent physicians in London, Paris, Phi- 
IndeJphia, and New York: it has been declared 
the only, useful instrument ever invented for the 
curé of Seminal Weakness or any diseaso of the 
genital organs, caused by the secret habits of 

Price TEN DOLLARS, by Mail or Express, 

For all complaints—strictures, seminal we 
ness, pains in thé loins, affection of the kidneys, 
tlisenses of head, throat, nose aud skin, and all 
thoxe drendful affections arising from a secret 
habit of youth, which produce constitutional 
debility, render marziage impossible, and in the 
end destroy bath body and mind. 


DR. AMOS & SON have devoted their atten 
tion exclusively to this peculiar class of mala- 
lies, and the relief they have consequently, been 
enabled to render to their fellow-creatures is 
fully testified and greatly acknowl dged by cou 
valescont pationts and others daily arriving in 
town from all parts of the country, fon therex 

press purpose only. of consultations, while their 

exertions have been crowned with the must sig: 
nul advantages from what they hive ex 
perienced in aa} i into the entges of these 
Infectious complaints (from their most sinyple 
condition to that of the most dangerous and in- 
veterate) they have alwnys entertained the pos: 
sibility of their prevention and removal, and 
likewiso fnvaninuiy found thav the most horvible 
and malignant forms of disease could almost al 
ways be traced to ono of the following causes: 
—Ignorance, neglect, or the ill effects of un- 
htt and improper treatment; therefore, Dr. 
AMOS & SON have sneceeded in discovering, in 
the selection of their i fe , 
and cautious course; omitting all combination 
of romodies which bear an equivoen! charactor, 
4 well ns those whose premature or injudigions 
Application might be productive of bi 
quences in the hands of private Indiy 
thot the landable end of their remedies is the 
lessening of a great mass of human migery by 
the allovintion, relief, and prevention of those 
gricvous afflictions that are in reality ¢ 
foe Of life, and which, while they so exte y 
anrrovod us, call aloud for our #kill and inter 
ference for their extermination. 

Persons in any part ef the world tay be sue 
ocastully tweated hy forwording 9 correct detail 
of their cane, with a remittanoe for medicines, 

Address De. AMOS & SON, corner Main and 

Buffalo, N, Y 21 

Ba Aa OD a 


Front Street, Belleville, one Door below Mr, 
C, Bricks Jewelry Extablishment, 

y informs the Ladies of 

sivity, that she keeps on 

hand constantly a © assortmont of the 

floest and best Ladiex’ Boots and Shoes, 

‘The Goods offered for sale are all nev 
the latest styles always ou hand at F 

The best business connections with Mon- 
froul, Toronto and New York Firms, will 
enable her to sell is low as any other estab- 
lishment in ‘Town. 

Her Jato friends and customers particular. 
y, nud such of the Ladios who like to be 
waited on by her, will do well to get their 
wants supplied, 

A large assortment of Ladies, Misses & C 
dren's Fall and Winter Wear on hand 

Belleville, Novyrnibor 6, 1858, 

| great variety, and of different colors, 
itible for printing: upon. Also, fine 
tmollod Address Curd, for! Ladiea: and 
Gontlamon, just recoived & for wale CHLEAP 
ut the Chrontele Officn, 
Novuriber 24, [oda, 




Assignments of Mortgaie for gate 

' Ayer’s Cathartic Pills. | 



Che Farm. 
Quantity of Gardon Seeds to Plant. ¥ 

z18—Ono ounce produces 1,000 | 
wires a sood-bed of about 12 

aquare feat. 
Asparagus Roots—Ono thousand, a bed 
4 foot wide and 226 foot long. 

Beans, English Dwarf—Oue quart plants 
from 100 to 150 fect of row, 

Beans, Polo (larger) Ono, quart plants 
100 hills, 

Beans, Polo (amaller) 
300 hills or § 
Beetk—Ten pound to the acre; one ounod 
plants 160 foet of row, 

Brocooli—One ounce plants 2,500 or 3,- 
000 plants, requiring 40 square fect of 

Brussels Sprouta—Same as Broccoli. 
Cabbage — Karly sorts the same as Broo 
coli; the Inter require 60 feet of ground. 

Oolery—One ounce gives 7,000 or 8,000 
plants, requiring 80 feet of ground, 

Cucu ¥-One ounce for 160 hills. 

Cress—Ono ounce sows a bed 16 feet 

Egg Platt—-Ono ounco gives 2,000 

Endivo—One ounce gives 3,600 planta, 
requiring 80 feet of ground, 

KKalo—Sanions Broccoli, 

Leck—Ono otince gives 2,000 plants, re- 
quiring 60 feet of ground, 

Lottuce—One ounce gives 7,000 plants, 
requiring a seed bed of 120 feet, 

Melon—Ono ounce for 720 hills, 

Nas(urtions—One otince sows 25 feet 

Onion—Four or five pounds to the ncro 
of bulb, One otince of seed sows 200 feet 
of row, 

Okra—Ono ounce sows 200 feet of row. 

Pursley—One ounce sows 200 feet of 

Parsnip—One oungy sows 250 feet of 

Peppers—One ounco gives 2,500 plants, 

Poas—One quart of smaller sorts sows 
120 feet of row; larger, 200 fect of row. 

Pumpkin—One quart of field sorts sows 
550 hills; of garden sorts, ove ounce to 50 

Radish —One ounce to 100 feet, 

Salsify—One ounce to 150 fect of row. 

Spinage—One ounce to 200 feet of row, 

Squash—Ono ounce to 75 hi 

Tomato—One ounce ives 2,500 plants, 
pauititg a seed bed of 80 feet. 

‘Turnip—One and a half pounds to the 
acre; one ounce to 2,000 feet. 

Watermelon—One ounce to 60 hills. 


One quart plants 
50 foot of row. 


We have long and often suggested to the 
breeders of cattle the necessity of attending 
to the quality of the dam, and we have 
told our horse-breeders that they must, if 
possible, secure quality in the dam, if they 
would be sure of haying the right kind of 
avimal in their produce. We have tre- 
quently called attention to the fact that in 
the Morgan and Biack Hawk families there 
never has been a first-rate performer at 
long distances, or at a hig's rate of speed, 
without the dam was of high quulity and 
well bred. Asanillustration of this principle, 
we notice in this connection that a writer 
on the bréeding of hunters, (a first rate class 
of horses, which are extremely scarce in 
England just now,) in a standard foreign 
journal, observes: 

“Tt is now, I believe, an established 
physiological fact that a horse inherits his 
muke, shape and outward appearance, such 
as speed, courage and endurince, from his 
dam. ‘Ike idea las long since been ex- 
ploded that what is termed a large roomy 
mare will produce a big powerful foul, on 
the contrary, some of the finest horses we 
possess have been the produce of mere 
ponies ; but these were ponies only in sizef, 
und a monstrous animal, nearly twenty 
hands high, is now going the rounds of 
every fair in the kingdom, whose mother, 
if we are to believe the man who exhibits 
him, was little more than two-thirds his 
height. The mare, however, from which 
we propose to breed, should be a thorough- 
ly good one, and still retain the whole 
freshness and vigor of her constituti 
She should also be extremely well bred ; for 
if her inner qualities are to descend to lier 
offspring it is indispensable that she should 
possess those lasting properties of wind and 
endurance, without which a horse is the 
most cumbersome possession on the face’ of 
the earth, | We sliould much prefer a 
thorough bred mare to a lialfbred horse, 
than vice versa, though the latter is by far 
the commoner practice, and. that among 
our intelligent aud scientific farmers—men 
who make but few mistakes in the breeding 
of any other kind of stock, We believe 
there is yet much to be discovered as to the 
influence of ‘blood’ upon future generations, 
Several curious experiments have been tried 
h cattle, sheep and pigs, and most breed- 
ers will, we think, bear-us out in affirming 
that, to use their own terms as regards qua- 
lity, the influence of the female is para- 

Wo liope our breeders will note these re- 
marks, and add them to the precepts and 
examples we haye so often quoted, ‘ 
‘Phe samo writer observes, “ that vothing 
improves a young horse so much as trotting 
him across ridge and furrow; it supples 
his neck, tenches ‘him to use his shoulders, 
makes him quick upon his logs, wnd be ats 
all the circling and langing in ule world, 
__ Michigan Farmer. 

ta Make up your beds early in the 
morning ; sow buttons on your husband’s 
shirts; do not rake up any grievances ; 
protect the young and tonder branches of 
your family 5 plant a smilo of good temper 
in your face, and carefully. root out all 
angry feeling, and. expect a good crop of 


tu or Joun Paxtox, St, AN OLD 
KrncsYontAN, aptain Jolin Paxton, § 
died at the residence of his son, in this city, 
on the Oth inst. ih the GOul year of hie 
ago.— Monroe Press; May V1. 

Tho deceased was born in Kingston, C. 
W,, in 1790, and was the oldest son of 
Capt. Thomas Paxton, who was lost while 
in command of the Goyerument schooner 
conveying the Judges and Gount from ‘Vor 
ronto to Presqu’' Isley in 1704) the Ves] 
and crew nover being heard of after leaving 

Toronto. , ¥ 

Vnwanra Down Anttany !—Spocie 

spended in Pigdmont 
National Bank are 

pay monts haye bee 
Fi Royal decree, 

to Jond the Government £1,200,000, 

02r The Italians ves ding in Richorond, 
Virginia, are forming an association to raise 
funda for transmission (o their brothers in 
Italy now about fo ongage i a war for free 

WM. IMWoons, 

LLEVILLE sora to tnforth the Inliabe 
tants of the County Honptings gonerally, that 
ho eontinnes practioing the above Ant and hopes 
by atriot attention ty all caegs introsted to hun, 
combined with reasonable, charges, to merit a 
pimilar eharo of apport Co Cited Hberatly be 
stowed npon him Heretofore. 

A communientiony,” elthav by Tettiror tole 

graph, rtrictly attended to, | 
N, B.—Loreo & Castle Modboine of overy de | 
cription, supplied 
Bollaville, Jan, 17, 1850, 2a) 

Ayer’s Ague Cure. | 



MIE SUBSCRIBER bogato announce to the 
prepared to execute with 


varioty of plain and ornam 

If required, ready for flooring or other 

A full supply of the above Articles kept constantly on hand for ano,’ 
{the Pam pany the Stockholders authorized (he 




| at Toronto on the 26th September Inst, 

all orders for WINDOW SASH and BLINDS of all descriptions; DOOKS, and every 


adjoining Colomans Flovring Mills, and former! 

Customers would do well to call before purchasing elsewhere. 

DOORS, %«C. 

public of Bellevillo and vicinity, that nem), 

| Provincial 
| Uh jt ANNUAL MEETING aad cera 

Insurance Comp'y 

Insurance Company of Cavada, 

t app 

red from the Annual Mepore ther 

| whil through # year of peeugi 
\Parree monte without procedent fr Can te 
AND DESPATCH, | Company lind suffered from the depresion o 

nontal MOULDINGS. 
uses, for Joiness and, Carpenters, 



| 50) 


known ay “PRINGLE & BRO'S | be 

The year’s business showed a balance AB ery 

the fae Capital, which amounts to $1488. 

sion of Parliame 

despite this disadvantage 

The Jinbilities of the Company were $5110, 
belong 847,424 less (han the amount dus om the 
80th June, 1807. 
the Jast call, which amounted to $94,264 and 
| since 20th June $8,846 had been paid ‘pi a 
| ditign K 
the « 

$63,960 had been paid y 

centage on the call, whey 
jon is taken into necount, 

pia of the Company for Pre. 
N90. To pay of te dage 

Ling ¢ 
The total r 
ums wore $149,480. 

ve of Debentures based upon the security of 

0. For the protection of the public, the f 

ifectors, ju 1Bi7, by My Law, prohibited the 
transfer of the tock of the Company, except to 

lvent parties, on the consent of the President 
ing obtained tn writing. And during last sex 
the Company obtained ag 

Act which prohibits all transfer of stock, with 

A. DIAMOND, Sen’r. 

AMM ECU er. 


? Qi 
p= TUB, and HALF BUSHEL Manufac- 
turor, js now prepared to folfil any order, 

for the above articles, With which he “ma 
favored. His work is superior to any “oflered 
in the market, 
T'aile delivered at the Railroad Station or 
Whiarves, at 185. per dozen. 

T rom 3a, Od. to 5a, ench by the dozen. 
8 to call particular attention to the 


He b 

7 all whom it may concern : 
We, tho undersigned, Merchants of Belleville, 
have for soveral years been selling Mr, Dame's 
Pails and ‘Tubs, and nleo using them in our own 
familios, we therefore hositate not to say, that 
we beliaya they aren cheaper article than any 
other Pail offered for anle in our market, iL 
though sold for a much lower price; -we also 
any that we have never known Mr. Dame to 
offer a bad article in our market. 
K. W. Monroy, Joun Lewis, 
N. Jones, B, ¥. Davy, 
Man, Avamaon. M. Nuury, 

N the Villnge of Hastmgs, late Ma- 


4h. doc, consisting of at acre Lot on 
Front Spree*, witha Hotel, and Bakery 

and Grocery Store, all in good repair, at pre- 
sent renting at $200 perannum. Price, $1500. 
Reasonable time will be given for most of the 
payments, Title indisputable, Also, 200 neres 
of land, being Lot N: in the Bth con. Madoe, | « 
Also, 50 acres, part of Lot No, 2 in the 12th 
con. Huntingdon. Apply to the proprietor in 
the Village of Hastings, if by letter, post-pai 


_Madoo, April 1st, 1860, 8.13 

Furniture. Furniture, 

rectors, the 

ont the consent of the Board of Directors, alt 
calla runde being firet. paid. 

The following gentlemen were elected Direo 

tors for the year: 

Hox, J, Mitevany Camnnox, 
How. G. Cnawronn, 
Gro, Deac J 

¥. F, Warrrenony, 
Sous Castenox, MP 

Hon. James Mounts, 

A. M. Cranx, SM, D, 
Ata subsequent meeting of the Board of Di- 
Hon. J, Hinuvany Camxnon wi 
looted President, and E. F, Wusrimmonx Vice- 
President. The list of stockholders, which Je 

printed with the Annual Report, speaks for it, 
id, \*elf ns Lo tho character of the proprietary of 

the Compan 

and may be inspected nt the of- 
fice of the 


Belleville, Nov. 3, 1858. 2 



I AS now on hind an assortment of WELL 

Mair, Moss, and other Mattrass 

Mr, A. Das, 

Sins—I wish to state that I linve sold your 
work for three years, therefore I can folly ro- 
commend your Tubs and Pails to the public, as 
they are dupérior to any offered ig this section 
of (he country, for which I find ready sale. 

Yours, ke, 
_Napance, April 2, 1869. a 



scorTr & Co, New York, continue to 
L. publish the following leading British 

Periodicals, viz: 

The Loxpox Quautenty (Conservative). 

Tur Eoixpurci Review (Whig). 

Tue Norra Buitisn Rverew, (Free Church.) 

Tux Westsusster Review (Liberal), 

Buackwoon's Eorsnuncn Macazixe (Tory,) 
These Periodicals ably represent the three 
great political parties of Great Britain—Whig, 
‘Tory, and Kad cal—but politics forms only 
one feature of their character. 
the most profound writers on Science, Litera- 
ture, Morality, and Religion, they stand, as 
they ever have stood, unrivalled in the world 
of Tetters, being considered indispensable to 
the scholar and the professional man, while 
to the intelligent reader of every class they 
furnish a more correct and satisfactory record 
of the current literature of the day, through- 
ont the world, than can be possibly obtained 
from any other source. 

The receipt of Advance Sheets from the 
British publishers gives additional value to 
these Reprints, inasmuch as they can now be 
placed in the hands of subscribers as soon as 
the original editions. 


For ang ane of the four Reviews $3 00 
For any two of the four Reviews 6 0v 
hree of the 700 

wr ofthe Re’ 800 

woo 3 00 

aekwoo 600 

For Blackwood tnd wo Reviews To 
For Blackwood antl three Reviews 900 
For Blackwood xnil the four Reviews 10 00 

Money current in the State where issued 
will be received at par. ba 
A discount of twenty-five per cent from the 
above price will be allowed to Ciuns ordering 
four or more copies of any one or more of the 
aboye works. ‘Phas: Four copies of Black- 
wood, or of one Reyiew, will be sent fo one 
address for $9; four copies of the four Re- 
views and Blackwood for $80; and so on, 
Subscribers iu the British Provinces will 
recive the Reprints free of U. S. Postage. 
N.13.—The price in Grent Britain of the five 
Periodicals above named js $31 per annum. 
hould be addressed, post-paid, 

28 No, 5+ Gold Street, New York, 


PPYUE Weekly is again enlarged, and contains 
3000 square inches of reading matter m 
than any ether Newspaper published in 

Amevien (Whe Patriot excopted), and Subscribers 
can obtain itat half the price of most weeslies | 
printed in Canada, being av the unprecedented 

whon paid strictly 


in ndvance; otherwise, ‘Two | 
Dollavs, It will be published every Friday, 

A largo slivet containing tho reading matter 
of the Morning and Evening issues of The Lead- 
ér, will bo published every Tuesday and Friday 

A Weokly Paper, tho largest publiehed in 
Ghonda (oxcen? vs Weekly Leader), by 800) 
square inches, is published every Weduesday. 
Subscribers by remitting, strictly in advance, | 
wlifeh is ha'fthe price of many weeklies, will 
have it sent to them for one year; if not paid as 
above; Two Dollars 

don(nining the Tntest Eng J 
morloan news togabhor with every: inter 
dating to Canadian Renters, that can be obtained 
to the Intort moment either by Telegraph or Exe 
HoasemPublio Mvotings Law, Courts, Municipal | 
Councila Police Proceedings, fully ro 
ortdd. Either Kdltiea, the lorgestsbeet s ieued | 
in Gonnda, forwarded by Post to all parts, or 
delivered in the City every day (Sundays ox- 
gopted) at tha reaidenes of Sabsoribers, at the 
when paid in advance, otherwise Six Dollare. 
Mounoy ean bo safely tranpmitted by mail| 
When onoloscd inn fetter, addressed JAMES 
BIONTY, “Leader,” ov "Patriot" Olle, Toronto, 
UW, [ne the cate tory ba)” Togisterod,” 
“Postpaid,” and placed in. the handa of any 
Pootmaster, it will be at the risk of the I’ro 
Pp i 

n and A- 

iglieh, Fore 

As Organs of 

| to supply such a remedy as shall rescue the 
{ namo from tho load of obloquy which rests 

which he is enabled to offer at 


Upholstery & Cabinet Work 


yer's Sarsaparilla 
A compound remedy, in which we have la- 
to produce the most effectual ulterative 
that can be made. Itis a concentrated extract 
of Para Sarsaparilla, 0 combined with other 
substances of still’ greater alterative power as 
to afford an effective antidote for the diseases 
Sarsaparilla is reputed to cure. It is believed 
that suth a remedy is wanted by those who 
suffer from Strumous complaints, and that one 
which will accomplish their cure must ‘prove 
of immense service to this large class of our 
afflicted fellow-citizons. How completely this 
compound will do it has been proven by exper- 
iment on many of the worst cases to be found 
of the following complaints: — 

Scroruta Axp Scnorurous Compr.arnts, 
Envrtions anv Envrtiye Diseases, Uncens, 
Purirres, Broreves, Tumors, Sarr Ruevs, 
Scarp Heap, Syrmtmis ann Sypormric Ar- 
rections, Mencontar Diseasr, Dropsy, Nev- 
RATA on Tic Doutourgux, Demuary, Dys- 
PEPSIA AND INpiorstiox, Enysiretas, Rose 
and indeed the whole 
nts arising from Larunity or 

class of complai 
tun Bioop. 

This compound will be found a great pro- 
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to 
expel the foul humors which fester in the 
blood at that season of the year. By the time- 
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders 
are nipped in the bud. Multitudes cay, by 
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from 
the endurance of foul cruptions and ulcerous 
sores, through which the system will strive to 
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do 
this through the natural channels of the body 
by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out the 
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities 
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, 
or Sores; cleanse it when you find it is ab- 
structed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it 
whenever it is foul, and your feclings will tell 
you when. . Even where vo particular ditorder 
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live 
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep .the 
blood healthy, and all is well; but with this 

bulum of life disordered, there can be no 
asting health. Sooner or later something 
must go wrong, and the great machinery of 
life is disordered oy overthrown. 

Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the 
reputation, of accomplishing these ends. But 
the world has boen egregiously deceived by 
preparations of it, partly because the Ace, 
alone has not all the virtue that is claime 
for it, but more because many preparations, 
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it, 
| contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla, 
or any thing else, 

During late years the public haye been mis- 
Jed by large bottles, pretending to give a quart” 
of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar, Most 
| of these have been frauds upon the’ sick, for 
they not only contain litte, if any, Sarsapa~ 
rilla, but often no curative propertics whatey- 
er. Hence, bitter and paluhil disappointment 
has followed the uso of the various extracts of 
Sarsaparilla which flood the market, until the 
namo itself is justly despised, and has become 
Synonymous with imposition and cheat. Stil 

| we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend 

upon it, And we think we have ground for 
believing it has virtues: which are irresistible 
by the ordinary run of the diseases it is intend- 
ed to cure. In order to secure their complete 
cradication from the system, the romedy should 
be judiciously taken aecording to directions on 

the bottle. 
DR. J. C. AYER & CO, 
Price, $1 per Bottles Six Bottles for $5. 

Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral, 

has won for itself such m renown for the cure of 
every varity of Throat and Lung Complaint, that 
it it entirely mpnocessary for v¥ to recount the 
evidence of its virtues, wherever it has been em- 
ployed, As it has long been in constant use 
throughout this section, we need not do more than 
nasure the people its quality is kept up to the best 
it over how been, and that it may be relied on to 
do for their relief all it has ever been found to do, 

Ayer’s Cathartic Pills, 

Costiveness, Janniice, Dyspepsia, Indepestion, | 
Dysentery, Foul Stomach, Brysipelas, Headache, 
Tiles, Rhewmatism, Eruptions und Skin Diseases, | 
Liver Complaint, Dropry, Totter, Twnors and | 
Salt Khenm, Worms, Gort, Neuralgia, as a 
Dinner Dit, and for Thvifying tho Blood. 
They nro sugar-conted, so that the niost sens 
tive can tako them ploasantly, and they are the | 
Heat aperiont in the world for all the purposes of a 

Railroad Celebration 


Belleville, will take place on the 



I" will be conducted on a most magnificent seale, 

It is calculated to eclipse that of the City of 
Montreal, and thereby place the Capitol of Lower 
Canada inthe shade. ; 


expected to arrive in Belleville, by s Special 
Train from Quebec, in thirteen hos Therefore, 
under these auspicious circumsiances, the 

whieh will be required for the occasion, must be 
very considerable; and in consideration tbereof, 
the committee of the BeLievinte Raltaoap 
CELEBRATION and the poblic Generally, are most 
respectfully invited to eall at the 



where they will find a genuine and comp! 


M. G. flatiers himself with the idea tbat, fr 
his knowledge anid experience in the above line 

goods Just Axriven. that he occupi posit 
which will enable him to please the fa Ben J 
|point of style and quality, not excepting Her I 
jesty, should che feel graciously epee 10 favor 
him with a call, during her sojourn here. ¢ 
'There’s no Time to be Lost.’ 
IF Look into his Store in the Victoria Bui 
a8 you are passing by, and Judge for Yourselves. 
“* God Save the Queen.” 
———— ae 
jhe persons Indebted to the abor. 
G.. are respectfully requested to settler 
accounts for the years 1855-6. 2 
Belleville, Dec. 13, 1856. 



7E beg leave to call the atten- 
tion of the Trade, and more 
especially the Physicians of the 
country, to two of the most popu- 
lar remedies now before the public. 

We refer to 

Dr. Chas. M*hane’s Celebrated 

Vermifuge and Liver Pills. : 

We do not recommend them as 
universal Cure-alls, but simply for 
what their name purports, viz.: 

For expelling Worms from the 
human system. It has also been 

administered with the most satis- 

factory results to various Animals 
subject to Worms. 

For thecure of Liver Compiaints, 
all Binrous DeRANGEMENTS, Sick 
Heap-Acue, &e. In cases of 

Fever AND AGuk, 

preparatory to or after taking Qui- 
nine, they almost invariably make 
a speedy and permanent cure. 

tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled, 
and never known to fail when ad- 
ministered in accordance with the 

Their unprecedented popularity 

has induced the proprictors, 

FiLeminc Broruers, ¥ 
Pirrssurcn, Pa. 

to dispose of their Drug business 
in which they haye been success 
fully engaged for the last Twenty 
Years, and they will now give their 
undivided time and attention to 
their manufacture. And being de 
termined that Dr. M’Lane’s Cele 

family physic. 
Prigo 25 cents per Pox; Fivo boxes for $1.00, 

Great numbora of Clergymen, Physleieng, Statoa- 
mien, avid ominent pertonages, hare lent their 
yiumies to Cortify the unparalleled nsefilness of there 
remedies, but our space. here will not permit the 
insertion of them. The Agents belove named fur 
vileh gratis OUr AMEIUOAN Anan Ac in whieh they 
are givon; with atv fill descriptions of the above 
complaints, and tho treatment that should be fol 
Towed for thelr cure, 

Do not bo puit olf by unprineipled dealers with 
other preparations they make more profit on. 
Demand Kynn's, and tako no other, The lek 
warit the best ald there is for thon, and they should 


case of The Teaderand Phe | 
Patriot vowapajere ld wstontehing, and all ads 
vovtiwors should avail thomaclye the advan+ 
ayo of thelr colons, AD ndwerbizomenta for 
the Morning: Euition will) Ge! inverted in tho 

The continuous 

charred for One. 
Leaven DUmniNuay 
No, 63, King Street Eos} 2) 

Boning! Bal Gen -withoid atta obhrge, anil wee Coie Agents for CW. 
| versa, thus Fooolving two ineertions at the rate 

| Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral. 

have ity | 
‘All our Remedies axe for sale by 

fall the Draggists in Belloville, and by all 
Deoalora in medicines everywhere 

Noorinur’ & Moses, Neweadtlo 

bratc! Vermifuge and Liver Pills 
shall continue to occupy the high 
position cor now hold among 
grest remedies of the day, they 
will continue to spare neither time 
nor expense in procuring the Best 
and Purest material, and com 
pound them in the most thoroug! 
manner. Address all orders to 
FLEMING BROS. Pittsburghy Pa 

S Deslers atal Thyelcdane ordering from 
Flemlag Neos, will ado well co weite Usetr 
ve tube "nome brt Dey M 


Woe acoumapeuied Uy teey cenks SuUhe r 

Wheleaaledgents, Newcuatle, @ 

BA Piteg coe Bea Boral yd Bf — 

business, and the large and pecutiar selection of 


Dr. M’Lane’s | 

As specifics for the above men=_ 



Ty hhainmamanige eT Ae 


Se rsemengeenre 


Livenany WeeKiY JOCRNAL ja pur 

ry Wodnosday, by 1 MILKS, Victoria 

(not paid 
When y) 


Witil the end of the yoar, Las dd 
ivorod by Oareter, de Od extra will 

ae al 

flest, any 

aud 1d per tine 

M.PEPTENGILL & Co, aro Agents for th 

“ THasrixas Cinonsot «,"and the most influential 

bray yeat ofrau 

Business Directory, Phoni 

Drs. GW. JONES and 1, D, BOGART 

I OMEOPATUIC Physician, Surgeon, and 

Accoucheur, Belleville, C. W. 
Orrree—Over Blacklock’s ¢ 

From 141 and trom 8 to 9, P.M. 
} Varticular attention to diseases of wo- 

men and chil 39 

7 A. 
I AGUEBRRIAN, Anibretypist, and Photo- 
grapher. Rooms over V Store, Front 
Street, [tle All likenesses taken by the 
latest and most perfect plans. Terms choap: 36 

2. Rotail Donlerin Groceries 
sions, Shingles and Cord wood: 


aid Pro 


Saor—Lato Potash Inspection OMiee, one door 

h of Grant's Hotel, Pront-at,, Belleville, o w. 

GEO, W. JONES, M. D., 
TIATE of the Colloge of Physicians, 

Upper Canada, ROSLIN, 
CB Residence & Office at W, Martiu’s Hotel. 



R, for the County of Hastings. 
—TLuxcrkaronp, 25 

Bess Attorney at Law, Solicitor, 
and Master Extraordinary, in Chancery, 
Notary Public, €o. gy" OF FICE—In the Vic-| 2 
toria Buildings, Belleville, 20 pi 


At his Drnye Store, where ho may 
he consulzed from § o'clock, A.M, until 8 
o'clock, P.M. . 
RESI CE—Near Mr, Murney’s Hill, and 
ashort distance from the Lowor Bridge, West 
Febranry Ist, 1859, : 
ASS resnmed the practicoof hix Profession, 
and asks the patronage of his old friends, 
and the public generally, é 



Belleville, Jan, 1859 20) | Williant Ross Eeq.; 
Willinm Henderson, Exq., 
Aik ste De WEELEON, BAW Jorvig tq y Sheriff Ur. Gvef! York and 

CH Residence in. Mr. Kelso's Brick Buil ling: 
in Charlotte St., near the Wesleyan Ghureh. 
Advice to the poor gratia 20 


~Mencuayts. Higgins’ Marble Buildings, 

opposite the Upper Bridge, Belleville, 0, W, 




Barrister and Attorney at Law, 
Office, Bridge St, next door to Empire Mote), 

“To Mail Subscribors, 10sIn advance, 

STH OF Ad vanrintna:—She Hhes and ufder, 

for the firat, and Ted for onoh subsequent 

From eix to ton [nes 34 dd for the 

1 10d for ench subsequent Insertion, — 

*o Toes and apwarda dil per line for tho first, 
s. onoh eubsequentingortion, 

AUDITOR—Ainbrose Miller, FE. 
BANKERS—Mesars. Rai 

HEAD OFFICE—Masonre Harr, Toronto. 

Chiniyman— William McMaster, Esq. 


Company aregiiarantecd by a responsible Pro- 

7 SSE efore th ed in England. 
Great Western Iusnrancr & Trust Company of| ype estes erat ny England 

the State. 

Belleville, Dees 21st, 1558. 20 




4 RRS 




» Cash Capital, all pald up, $200,000, 

NUE undersigned ha 

he abi 

bo made for claims against thom. 

This Company is conducted on tho samo 
princtplo as Ue * 7Btia,” so long and fayor- 

ably known fn Onnada. 

All further information re. tive to the samo 

ay be had on application to 







Capital,......... £500,000 Sterling, 
In Shares of One Pound each, with Five 
Shillings on each paid up. Upwards 
of 800 Shareholders, 


Chairman,—The Right Hon Lord Koane, 
Colonel Janios Adair, 
The Rev. W, Bean, 
Potor Carstairs, xq 
Tho Hon. B. Boothby, 
Jolin James Unwin Clarke, Exq, 
H. B, Shoriden, Esq, MP. P, 
Henry, Clarke, Esq., M.D, 
Nicliolus Donnys, Seq 
Williawy S. Potter, Esq, 
Wm. Henry Rough, Esq,, M.A, 
F.M. Wells, Esq, 
Peter Movrison, Esq , Managing Director. 

» ny? 
Williams, Eeq. 


SOLICITORS— Messrs. Miller & Howe. : 

ECRETARY—William Canwell, Eeq. 


Honoralile John Ross, 
John Crawford, Esq. 


ico Chairman—W, DP, Howland, Esq., M P.P. 


Messrs. Ross, Orawford & Crombie. 

The engagements of the State Fire Insurance 

All lossea will bo settled promptly without 

been pur 
sed, Policy holders are now guaranteed by 

British North America, 

Avent County of Hastiigs, 

65, crews, 


Mie Vair's Stone. 

July 27, 1858. 48 

7 Agent, Orvice—Ovor Mr. Lewis’ Hard- 
F St., Belleville, 88 

Barrister and Attorney at. Lawy 
OFFIOR—In Ham's Buildings, over Glass’ 

Hardware Shop, 36 





the above Company forthe County of Hnstings, 7 
(excepting the Village of Trenton,) is now pre- |*ny difference, for mamma helped me.” 
pared to take risks in the same, 
~ (52) 


AAROND, DouGatt, 

Oaniru McMotten, Gene 
31 PHILIP { ROBLIN, Agent for Ha-tings 

Bellaville, Oot. 27,.1 

The Liverpool and London — 

Avent, Belleville. 


APITAL, £500,000 sterling, 
signel having been appointed Agent for 



JOHN P. ROBLIN,. President. 
Witson Bent vy, 

N. B. Conurn, 

S. Menntuy, Secretary. 

ral Agent 

Street, (late Cadwall’s,) where all kinds of 
afectionery, Soda Biscuit, Fruit, Crackers, 

o., are furnished to order on the shortest no-|t0 cach other, 
prices which will enable 

Purchasers by the quartity farnished at 
Kent to sell at whole. 
le, and inako a fair profit, Produce of all 
ndetaken inexchnngo, JOHN WILSON, 

SHANNONVILLE, Tyen aang. | kin 
RESIDENCE & IFFICE—Directly opposite 
the Scliool Lov . a6 



Trunks, Whips, Brides, $c Se 
Front St. Belleville, opposite Nathan Jones's 

Dry Goods Store. 28 § 


\ ATCHMAKER and Jeweller, two daors 
above M. Nulty’s Auction Room, Front! 
Street, Belleville. | 

Warrister and Atfornivs-at-Liaw, he. Xe. ke, 

Ofiice, Bridge Street. twa doone Weat of (he Tele| (-9= Constantly on hand, and manoficturi 
all Khuda of Sill a manoficturing, 

graph Ojfice. 

© P. Snasoy, 

W.W. Draw ja 


4 Ch 
fe, OM 

ry, Conveyancor and. Notary Pub: | 
Vioturta Tailings, Bellavitt | 



£% ant Genoral Broker, Dellevilla. 


Y Solieitorin Chaneory aud Bankrnpy 20n 
¥ vane —Oillee over Blacklovk’s Grogery 
Bey in Street, Bellaville, (6) 


VV OLvsace arocers & COMMISSION | 
Merehiante, Hustloga Cot 

Ings, No.1, Selleville, 

TO BRIDGEWATSER, (late Troy.) 
RAVES Papineau 
1 " vies ant ea . on TOURSDAYS, 
ing, Jeaves BREDOUWATER at Piette t 
DAY Nunning tne each way, 6} loure 
i, 4 


eek day nt 8 
noe ol 2h oe. wh 
ng, Ot Bdlock aw, 
Fah fe, ay 



eotionor's MOTTO Shiota) 




Near Patterson's Foundry, North Belleville. 

please attond there between the 
andl ane o’olock ¥, M, 

18 loot Jon. 

Stands, of various fashions, and Bureaus, 



as adopted by the Board of Trade. 

of my own manufécture; for $4,560 eoch, 

» Fur, Bi yond W, 

nd Cloth Cape ry Brush, and Wool Hats, 

¥ Practical Hatter, 

Shop neor the’ Upper Bridge. 

Belleville, March 20, 1859, r 6 




Ae parties desirous of being furnished with 
Masters or Servants from naid office, will 

Lande and Houses rented or sold no modes 
ate terms, 
Office hours from 11 4. 1, to.3.r, a, 
G, McADI£, 
Bolloville, Deconsher, 1867, 

Ra Fiftcen to twenty Cords af Coursing 
Stones, from 84 10 4 inshes:thick, 
Also, a quantity of sawed Lumber, connise 
ing of Tinber 646, and Joists from 16 to 


Also anomber of Dining and Side Tablen, 

Alao # splendid naw.onastoreo. Cuttor, 
Oy Alhof the beat workmanship. 
C, 1, GOULD, 

Belleville, August 40, 1858, Q 


ing boon daly appoint- 

: cd and regularly constituted Agonts hero 

| yo Company, aro now prepared to 
accopt Risks on Buildings and their contents, 
Jat tho usual rates for first class Companics. 
ery Store, | Mhey are also authorized under the name and 

Front St. Office hours, {rom 84 to TO A.M. | sealof tho Company, to issue Policies and to 
, | accept service ofall lawtul processes (hat may 

Marble Building, opposite Upper Bride 

joyous, and I saw that he had forgotten my 

sual kindness, I went with him, and sure 
enough, on the roof of the woodhouse was 

ing and gentle, 

a great sorrow darkened our dwelling. 
joyous laugh and noisy glee were hushed, and 
our merry boy lay ina darkened room with 
anxious faces around him, his cheeks flushed, 
ROBERT NEWBERRY, and his eyes unnaturally bright, 
his temples would moisten and his muscles 
relax, and then hope would come into our 
hearts, and our eyes would fill with thankful 

FIRE INSU RANGE COMPANY, |in his disease that he heard tho noise of his 
little wheel and said, “I bear my windmill.” 
‘Shall we take itidown 2” 

out of doors, and it makes me feel better.” 

The under |YOU remember, Mary, that T wanted you to 

and what bitter memories they awakened.— 

hours of mwo h 

AND ans 

Tho Mountain Meadows Magsacre--A Tale 

of Horror. 

(From the New York Tribus.) 

Ono of the dread mysteries of Mormon 
dom which the United States Judges in 
Utah aro endeavouring to unravel, greatly 
to the consternation of the “Saints,” iv the 
horrible massacre, at Mountain Meadows, 
of one hundred emigrants, on their way 
from Arkansas to California, At the time, 
wo wero told that the unfortunate victims 
fell under the weapons of the Canosh band 
of Paravant Indians; but various subsequent 
developments bavo established the convic- 
tion that these wero moroly tools in the 
, hands of the Mormons themselves, Ap 
eye-witness of the trausaction has been 
found, at last, and we have recoived, from 
un official source at Salt Lake, a statement 
of his account of the affair, LHe says tho 
massacre was designed and carried into ex- 
ecution for mere purposes of plunder, to get 
possession of tho thirty waggons and seven 
or cight hundred head of cattle belonging 
to the emigrants, It will be remembered 
that our Salt Lake Correspondent, last 
Summer, presented some Rane sustain- 
ing this view—but still the subject was loft 
partially in doubt. Now the whole fenrful 
trath stands revealed, presenting one of the 
most shocking cases of cruelty and crimu 
that has ever stained the records of a civil- 



It had floated away from bench and bay, 
Out of sight of tower and town, 

An empty and ao battered boat, 
But tho boat would not go down. 

Tho morning rose on tho waters wide, 
And tho night fell cold and dank, 

Yot aver on with the wind and tide, 
Drifted that shattered bark. 

Tho sail Lnd passed from its broken mast, 
And its painted pride was dim, 

Tho salt sou-wood clung round its bow, 
Which had been so sharp and trin 

Whoro were the merry matex and fr 
Who'had gono in it afloat! , 

We novor learned; but the world’s wide son 
Hath lives like that drifting boat, 

Livos that in early storms have lost 
Anchor, and sail, and oar, 

And novor, except on Lethe's const, 
Can come to moorings more; 

Out of whose Joveloss, trun/loss days 
The hope and heart have gone; 

Good ships go down in the stormy seas, 
But thoxe empty barks drift on! 

Select Reading. — 


“Please help me a minute, sister.” 7 a 
‘0, don’t disturb me, I'm reading,” was] i#ed community, ‘The witness says ;— 
tho answer. “While I was residing at Cedar City, I 

“ But just hold this stick, won't you, while] was called upon by Messrs. Isaac Hight, 
Idrive this pin through?” Jobu D. Lee, and John Higbee—all three 
“T can?t now, T want to finish this story,”! Yormon military officers—to go a few 
said I, emphatically; ang iM) atl urathar tiles out south of the city, which I did.— 
gurase away, Toth am eri ioe I Phero T feund 80 or 40 others, selected 
Howas a bright boy of ten years, and my from diffurent acttlemonts. We were ad- 
only brother, To had beon visitinga young’ ‘lressed by the above officers, who told me 
friend, and had seen.a windmill, and ag soon} that they had sent Canosh, the Parayant 
ashe came home, his energies were allem-| Chief, with his warriors, to destroy the 
ployed in making a small one; for howas al-) Arkansas company, and that if he had not 
Ways tying, to mak ie 4 done it we must; and that if any of us re- 
hie ma a of esha BS cd, or btraged tm Co he Area 
morning with say and jack-knife, and now it they would take good care of him here- 
only needed putting together to finish it; and] ter. Hera we were all ordered on thé 
quick march to the Mountain Meadows, 

his only sister had ref ised to assist him, and i M 8 
ho had gone away with his young heart sad-| where we found tha emigrants, with their 
waggons formed into two circles, with their 


I thought of this fifteen minutes after he} faynilics in the midst, trying to defend them- 
left mpi Aue aM Boalage ve Bie ng, Dleps ites tt selves against the merciless and .blood- 
was notintentional unkindness, only thought thirsty. 5) S 
lessness, for I loved my brother, and was ge- ne savages mibadey ais getbuaty 

“Hight and Lee formed their men into 

A Wate: 

pout on the Pr 

Correspondonce of the N, Y, Tribune. 
Towa Crry, Iowa, May 25, 1859. 

ITastily, and by the first mail, I inform 
you of one of tho most fearful calamities 
that has over happened hereabouts, Last 
evening, Whilo yet it was light, thero arose 
suddenly a violent wind, accompaniad by 
strong indications, of rain. In a few mo- 
ments, the whole horizon becume pitely 
black, and the most yivid lightning darted 
athwart tho sky. A terrible thunder-storm 
burst upon us, While yet it was raging 
fearfully, the sky suddenly appeared un- 
clouded in the enat for n space severil de- 
g in width. Many of our citizons, who 
were watching from their windows the rag- 
ing of the storm, discovered, indistinctly nt 
first, the rapid approach of an immense 
water-spout, ‘The phenomenda was so unu 
sual (hat thealtention of hundreds was drawn 
to it, The appearance of the huge volune 
of water as it reached from earth to sky— 
swaying to and fro like a rope bung in the 
wird—was exceedingly grand, ‘I'he water- 
spout remained in sight nearly fitteen min- 
utes, when thd sky Lecoming obscured, it 
was lost sight of, ‘The storm soon passed 
over, and all waited anxiously for news from 
the prairie, distant about six miles from this 
city, over which the water-spout passed, — 
Scarcely,an hour elapsed before nows was 
brought that Jesse Berry, a member of our 
Common Council, had beet killed in a barn 
which was thrown down by the violence of 
the wind and water. ‘The next express 
from the country brought us infortaation 
that a family, by the name of Morgan, 
three ins number, liad been! struck, two of 
its members killed instantly, and the mother 
so seriously injured that it is thought im- 
possible for her to rocwwer, “Mr. Jolin’ rick, 
who was in a brick house, which was"en- 
tirely demolished, by som providential cir- 
cumstance, escaped with but slight injury. 
Two men, whose vanes I vould not learn, 
were killed instantly. “Many have had 
their legs or arms broken, and others have 
suffered from contusions and fractures, oc- 
éasioned by the fal of houses, which liad 
been blown down upon'them, But itis 
impossible for me to give you correct de- 
tails in the midst of the confusion and 
rumors incident to so distressing an event, 

nerally kind to him; still I had refused to 

help him, I would have gone after him and \ an 

afforded him the assistance be necd:d, but I] two companies, and made a precipitant 

Know he had found some one else. But Lhad|rush at the poor defenseless victims. Tlie 
men inside of tho circles rose up, but in: 
stantly fell dead or mortally wounded, 

neglected un opportunity of gladdening a 
under the fire of the wretches wlio so cruel 

childish heart. 
In half an hour he came bounding into the 
ly sought theirlives. Nothing remained to 
be done, except to kill the frightened 

house, exclaiming, “Come Many, I’ve got it 
females and their innocent children clasped 

up, just see how it goes!” ITlis tones were 

in their arms. Others clung with despera: 
tion to their bleeding, dying husbands, 
pleading in vain for merey at the hands of 
the ‘Christians’ wh. controlled the no more 
savage Indian assailants. 
“John D. Lee now sent to the Indian 
chief and his men in ambush to come out 
and finish the survivors, directing him to 
spare only the Jittle children, who could 
not talk, The savages came instantly, with 
Knives drawn, and speedily finished the 
bloody work. Tlie scene beggars descrip- 
tion. The demoniac yells of the savage 
monsters, mingled with the shrieks and 
prayers of lielpless mothers and daughters, 
winle the scalps were’ torn from» heads 
which bloomed with beauty ahd innocence 
but a few hours before. Now the work of 
butchering ended. ‘Tlie murderers threw 
the dead into two heaps, covered then: 
slightly with earth, and ieft them ‘to feed 
the wolves and birds of prey,’ and returned 
home with their booty of cattle, and wag 
gons, and a great quantity of goods, etu.” 

petulance, so I determined to atone by unu- 

fastened a miniature windmill, and the arms 
were whirling round fast enough to suit any 
boy. I praised the windmill andiny brother's 
ingenuity, and he seemed happy and entirely 
forgetful of my unkindness, and I resolved, as 
T had so many times before, to be alivays lov 

A few days passed by, and the shadow of 


Tt was in one of these deceilful calms 

‘Does it make your head acho?” I asked, 
“O, no,” replied he, “it seems as if I were 
He mused a moment and then added “ Don’t 

help me to fix it, and you were reading and 
told me you could not? But it didn’t. make 


Correapandenco of he Nv Y, Tribine, 
Crstrevitte, R. 1, May 28, 1859. 
I write to inform you that a dreadful 
murder was perpetrated here last night, 
nbout 8} o’clo Mr. Burrill Arnold, a 
well-known storekeeper in this village, was 
sitting in his store, on a settee that stood 
against the Window, and was leaning back 
so that his shoulder almost touched the 
window panes, when he was shot dead 
(rough the window by some person stand- 
ing outside, the balls—the weapon haying 
two barrels—entering his back and passing 
through the lungs aod hwart. He exclaim- 
ed, *My God! Tam a dead man? and 
slid down upon the floor, Ilis wife, who 
had just gono up stairs, came down in time 
to see him expire, Mr, Cady, who was sit- 
Ung near to and conversing with him, 
caught him as he foll and asked hiin where 
he was hurt. but be never spoke again— 
Two girls of my acquaintance passed the 
murderer, standing opposite the window on 
the pavement, just as they entered the 
store, lie having his back toward them as 
they passed between him and the window, 
and they had not more than crossed the 
threshold and closed the door when he 
fired, We heard the report of the pistol, 
while sitting at home, nearly a quarter of 
mile distant, and in afew minutes after, tlie 
terrible news came. A few weeks ago, a 
horse belonging to Mr. Jonathan Taylor, 
our sheriff, was poisoned while ho left it 
standing for a short timo in the street, and 
the harness cut. The animal died as soon 
asit reached hoine, In bis offivial eapacity, 
Mr, Taylor, who belongs to the Sons of 
Temperance, had taken an active part in 
arresting persons charged with violating 
the liquor Jaw, and the pumsellors revenged 
themselves upon him in that way. It is 
supposed that Mr. Arnold was murdered 
by tho simo outlaws, as he had beon the 
Most actively engaged in prosocuting the 
ramsellers, of any one about hero. In fact, 
he was the leading man in the temperance 
movement, abd jt wis mainly Uirough his 
moans that so Many of tho “rum-shopa in 
tho adjoining village of Campton bave been 
broken up. His Fre had been threatened 
before, but as he was a very courngeous 
man, that did not deter him from doing his 
duty. On the contrary, he said that he 
would fight for the temperance cause if he 
died for it, a8 be has at lust. Strict search 
has been ins ituted for the murderer, but 
thus fir, ho has not been discovered, The 
docensed was a roan of fine presence and ro- 
tmarkable attainments, and greatly reapect 
ed by the Jaw and order portion of tho com 
munity, Ho loaves one son, a promising 
oung man, pow preparing for the law, at 
‘alo College, and an eatimable wife, who 
{a nearly frantic at bis Joss, Sho has the 
Wannest sympathies of our citizens in har 
Grout bereavement, 

O how sadly those words fell upon my ear, 

Howl repented, asT kissed little Frank's fore~ 
head, that [ had everispoken unkindly to hit. 
Hours of sorrow. went by, arid we watched 
his couch, hope growing fainter, and anguish 
deeper, until one week froin the morning on 
which he spoke of his childish sports, we 
closed the eyes once so sparkling, and folded 
his hands over his pulseless heart: He sleeps 
now in the grave, and our home is desolate; 
but the little windmill, the worl of his busy 
hands, is sti}] swinging in the breeze, just 
where he placed if, upon the roof of the old 
woodshed; and every time] see the tiny arins 
revolving I remember the Jost litue Brank, 
and I remember also the thoughtless and un- 
kind words. Brothers and sisters, be kind 
Be gentle, considerate, and 
loving.—New York Mxaminer. 


Tow beautiful is Spring! Every one hails 
it with joy, as it comes decked with lovely 
flowers, and with green robes for all the ve- 
getabie world. All Nature, animate and in- 
animate, is subject to its influence, Birds re- 
turn from Souther n enliven the scene 
with their cheerful melody. The various an- 
imal tribes express their delight, each in its 
own peculiar manner, Man, too, partakes of, 
this universal joyousness, Tho young aro 
jubilant, the old are electrified, and in 1 moa- 
sure rejuvenated, anda grand chorus of ad- 
tiration ascends from every valley and every 
hill-top, ‘Lhis is the season of prosase 
Suter succeeds. Dhe seed has been com- 
mitted to the earth, the tender blade is shoot- 
ing forth, and careful cultare and training 
are needed to insure a crop, Anxiety oft 
takes possession of the mind, producing n sal- 
ulary effect by inducing a greator degree of 
watchfulness, Occurrences beyond our con- 
trol may sometimes blight our prospects, yot 
upon our own exertions, mainly, depends a 
remnnerating harvest. A little neglectis often 
highly detrimental. This is the season of norm, 
Autumn follows, when the promise of 
Spring, and the hopes of Suminer, are to be 
realized. If we have sown in good soll, and 
have cultivated thy tender plants with proper 
care, imploring, the while, with grateful and 
prayerful hearts, the blessing of benignant 
heaven, we shall now receive an abundant 
har Thia is the season of rauinion. 

W inter, tho season for CONTEMPLATION, #00n. 
arrives, with its ley blasts and howling storing, 
but he who has actod well his part in the pre- 
ceding seasons, will be prepared. for this,— 
Plenty bas crowned. bis Iubora; his garnera 
are full, and he may ait quietly and comfort- 
ably by his own fireside, undisturbed by wind 
or Ktorm, nnd‘unseathed by the pinching hand 
of want. He reflects upon the past, antici- 
patea tho future, cultivates his intellect, and, 
With the oye of one who has done his duty, 

“Looks through Nature up to Nature's God,” 

Tn contemplating tho vicisnitudes of tho sone 
Hono, ho can exclaim with the poot of Nature, 
“Theso, as thoy change, Almighty Fathor, those x 

Are but the varied God, ‘Tho rolling your 

Is full of Thee.” 

L, Varney, Bloomfleld, CW, 

CH" It triith bo onoe doserted, onity and sie 
fouod Will nob last Jonge ar Tlie clock nat Woatminiator, Fe 

CH Try to lot ovory body’afaulte be forgot. | CO $110,000, Tt is a atrong oxempli 


TronteBt, Belloyillo, 

ten, a8 you would wish yours to be tion of the homely truth, ! Tims ix monoy.’ 

engaged in the work ; and the progre: 

[ have only given such facts as L know (o 
be correct. If I were toituke the many 
stories that are being told by those who 
are arriving every hour from ve scene, the 
account of killed and wounded would be 
swelled to ten times the number T ‘lave 

The water-spout seems to have been 
from thirty to forty feet in diameter, and to 
have destroyed a large amount of property. 
(ts extent was from seven to ten yoiles, aud 
it is said to have traveled with great rapid: 
ity. -In one instance; # barn of Mr. Berry's, 
lately built at a cost of $1,200, was taken 
from its foundation, carried some tiree 
hundred yards, thrown down and crushed 
into a thousand fragments. A child of Mr, 
Walsh was taken up and carried neatly 500 
yards, thrown jnto a slough, but, strangeto 
say, escaped with its life, The spout ap: 
peared like an immense’ funnel, and it 
seemed very near, for the whirl and sparkle 
of the water could be plainly seens But 
the mail is Already beiig made up, and you 
will probably learn from other sources more 
concerning this great phenomenon, 2 

P.S. As [ani closing this letter Iv lear 
hat eight are thus far Known to have been 
cilled ; but I have been unable to acertain 
“woy. more names. 

The Progress of the (Great Eastern Steam. 

The leviathan steamer haviig dow defi- 
nitely passed into the bands of the Great 
Ship, Company, active steps ara. taken in 
order to bave the vessul ready for soa by 
the latter end of July: or the beginning of 
August. Several liundred: workmen are 
rapid. ‘Tho great shaft, weighing upwards 
of thirty tons, was soine time since placed 
on board. Since that time the fitting of 
the machinery has progressed rapidly, and 
one of tho masts will be set up, in the 
course of a few days, ‘The must 1s now ly- 
ing along side the ship, and tho shears are 
prepared for hojsting it into its pince— 
There will be six musts to the ship, three 
of iron and three of wood. Those in the 
neighborhood of the funnels will be of iron, 
the foremasts of wood, The necossily of 
having iron masts will be readily ander 
stood, when it is remembered tliat the far- 
naces, burning some 250 tors of coal per 
day, will seod enormous heat through the 
monster funnels. It happens at times that 
it is necessary to cut away the masts, and 
when they are of timber there is an obvious 
mode of navcomplishingg this object. Masts 
of iron do not, liowever, afford the ticilities, 
but this difficulty is to be overeome by a 
screw of enormous power, which, plived on 
the deck, and attached to the masts, will, 
When set in motion, crush the iron sides, 
and Jet the towering iron column fall over- 
board, A very ingenious arrangement for 
fastoning the masts is to be adopted, which, 
in tho event of its being necessary to send 
the masts overboard, will afford facilities 
for immediately latting go all the ropas.— 
The shrouds and stays will bo secured to 
iron rings so constructed a8 readily to open 
when required, but on other ovoisions 
holving with a flemness which deties any 
amount of strain which might be browght to 
bear on them, “The whole of the rigging 
will bo of iron, The main and topmast 
yards of the square rigged musts will be of 
iron, and the rin of the main yard 120 
feet, or vory nyarly forty feet longer, And 
several times As strong ua the nmin yard of 
the largest line-of-battle ship aflout. It bas 
been finally decided that Portland, in. the 
Stato of Muing, shall bo tle port to whieh 
the Groat Eastern shall make its fret voy 

Tre Worr asp Wirt Srony.—The Tas 
colo Pionoer relates the following "A 
fuan, a fow days since, while chopping in 
tho woods some six miles weat of Lexington, 
Leni'ac County, noar his own dwelling, wa 
Attacked by a ferocious wolf, which, at the 
first signal grasped his victim by the throat. 
Tho wife, standing in tho door of the house, 
saw the position of her Lusband,and rans 
Hing Up, seized hia axe, and blow 
upon the back of the wolf, so disabled hint 
as to mako him relenso hia hold, A fow 
more blows’ fnishod him entirely, bat not 
ind! the wolf liad succeeded in cutting tlie 


HE WHE, Tho Forces of the Coming Con 

Our accounts, by letter and otherwise, 
from tho. wheat growing sections of the 
Union, Generally speak in tho most encour 
aging terms of the appearance and pros 
peots of the crop. Correspondents in Ohio, 
Michigan, Illinois, and other parts of the 
Wort, report vory favorable, and conowr in 
thy opinion tat, extraordinazies and von: 
“ngencles excepted, the whent crop of 1859 
will P 0 the best hatvestod for years. must ensues, z 
We rejoice with them in the prospect, and | At the commenoument of the. war, 
trust that the crop will eseape injury or| Present. the following statistics showin 
destruction by the enemies and contingéh: | several important elements, which mast 
cies fo which it is liable.” A jooil wheat|rciso a controllin, 
crop, now, will tel? upon the jndividuyl|4nd the extent of 
Prospects of the growers, and minetisely | Ul 
venctlt the couutry,—Rural New Yorker, 


__ ‘Thero ean now by no doubt thst Kuropa | 
is tovba the scene of # tremendous conflict 
the result of which io human ken can fore. 
see, The Binporors and the Kitigs, tho 4) 
Courts snd the Cubinets of the Jeading nae 4} 
ions of the continent are yielding them: |, 
svlycs to tho’ conttol of the worst passions 7 
of our nature, and the*peoplo will become t 
equally involved in the death atru slo thine 4) 

jnilunce in the nature | ¢ 
the contest. They ara! 

vinl docu |"p 
Were isaued in 1654; | 
Army in 

ions, and are durived from of 
ments, most of which 

24 Xuiions,  Repulation, «Shiv Gung, | 
“The lite Marshall Bugeaud,” saya the ert eet meee 4H ical 
Emancipation of Brussels, “when only n} Austria. 1,614,456 400,000 ios 142 
ain, during the Spanish campaiyo under | Russia, 699,000 207 © 9,000 
upol¢on L., found a manuseript whieh by renal WNT ok 188 
chance fell into his hands, that from cbser- ‘Papi States ge tee ae bs ipa) 

vations made in Kogland aud Florenue dur- Gorman do. 2691,668 803,493 ; 
A 5 v7 

ing ® period of fifty yeurs, the following Dediper 
Jaw respecting’ the weather bad been proved | Gt Britain $286,081.49 asouervante siénos 
to hold true.‘ luven times out of (welve| France... 200,074,842 1.108 140,045 ee 

tle weather remains the same during the) A 119,825,755 174,409,608 a4 12 | 
whole moon as it is on the fifth day, if it P 10,474,078 609,816,068 8 $5 
continues unchanged over tho sixth day ; Sardinia, pS (ee be Ay ie 
and nine times out of twelve like the fourth Papal States 11,924818 82/8294600 ait 

day, if the sixth resembles the fourth !— 
From 1815 to 1830, M. Bugeaud duvowd 
his attention to‘agricultire 5 and, guided by 
Ure law just mentioned, avoided the losses 
in hay time and vintage, which many of his’ 
Heighbours experienced, When Governor 
of Algiers, lie never entered on a campuign 

‘The figures for the army and navy show 
ouly the “peace estiblishment” of the 
several nations, We have nodata to show 
what they would be in time of war, but we 
Helieve w safe estimate would be! about as 


* *, Army. 
until after the sixth day of the moon, His “ 25,000 
neighbours at Excideuvil and his lieutenants | ® 725,000 


in Algiers would often exclaim “How lncky 
lie is in the weather !" What they regatd- 
ed As mere chance was’ the result of obser. 
vation.” In counting’ the fourth and’ sixth | Papal States 
days, he was particular in beginning from Gernianio Stat 
the exact time of new moon, ‘and added ihe ( 
three quarters ofan Jiour for each day for Wo arg ens Wale 164 Pabst) 
the greuter length of tholunarynsconipared |..." ("te snlishtd, that at Toast rouk sit 
witht (he solu day ® ; {10N8 OF MEN must soon become in one 
way or another involved in the fearful con: 
TUE BOOT ON THE OTHER LEG, |tes!. The war has commenced with Aus- 
ei tria on the one side, against Sardinia wud 
Pike's Pewk letters have taken a different |France on the other; but ull’ the leading 
turn, A short time since all letters told|great powers will ‘doubtless become full 
of great gold discoveries and wonderful }eagaged Within the next few months.” Tile 
good Iuck.on all sides. Now. the tune is|pbysical forces which will be hurled figainst, 
‘lestitution and suffering. A_letter, dated }eich other will be treméndous, aod thé 
Fort Kearney, 8th inst, says thatthe Pike's | world may well stand in awe at the coming 
Pewk emigrauts are returoing in’ droves,— | strife, i niet: Ss eat 
Nine. hundred waggons had passed the} —Fearfulas are the numbers of the arniies 
Fort in'a week.) The emigrants were in an }'o be engaged, the effect of the dvath-denl- 
extremely, destitute. condition and selling |ing Wstruments which modern science has 
thetr wagons, horses, and outfi's almost for|given to the art of war must be tried in 
hothing, The St, Joseph correspondent of|order_to be appreciated.  Ariillery will 
the St. Louis, Democrat notices the atriya]|/now do éxecution for miles, and Minie 
at that place of 100, Pike's Peakers, who|tifles and self-adjusting percussion caps 
give deplorable, accounts of mining pros-}have taken the place of muskets sud 
peots and suffering on the Plains, It is es-|match-locks, Railways can*transport and 
timated that 20,000 men are now on their} Concentrate hundreds of thousands of men 
way, all or most of whom are destitute. of jin half-a-dozen days, sliere it would haye 

~ 160,000 
«» 100,000 


foney and the necessaries of life, and are| taken as. many months in the days of Nu- 
perfectly reckless. Desperate threats are |poleon I. to place them, and the telegraph 
made of burning Omaha, St. Joseph, Leav-]in ss many minutes may onder thero when, 
worth and other, towns in consequence of} Where and how to use the engines of death. 
the deception used to induea emigration—] In every aspect of the case, therefore, the 
‘Tyo thonsand men are reported to be with-| world is likely to witness a more awful con- 
in filly nyiles west of Oiaba in a starying | test than. is recorded ie all the history of 
condition. Some of the residents of Plattes-|the past, If Miuie batls and. round: shot 
mouth have closed up. their business and | can sweep away the old rotten dynasties of 
Hed, fearing violence at the hands of the |urope and give liberty to the people, an 
enraged emigrants. say Godspeed them in their work. We 
er eee look with hops upon the coming conflict, 
Bay--A western ‘coirespondent of the} hoody and awful though it be.— American 
Boston Journal says that « few montlis ago paper. 

a wealthy and prominciit citizen in Kansas 
an office’ lislder—hid a wife to whom] Tie War, as ax Epvcator——Peoplo 

he seemed much devoted. — [er lealth was} are going to study geography, during the 
feeble + and (prevented by the demands of| prevalence of the war, if nothing sits comes 
his business from accompanying her) he of it; aud this will be a good result eed, 
sent her to a Southern city to recruit. He] Lhe New York Herald remarks to the 
received from her freqnent and) affectionate same effvct. It SAYS ¢ 

letters, dated at that city; and he intended] “The immediate effect of the catasts of, 
as soon affairs would permit, to join her,— | war in ta has been 4 set aay one ah ait 
But recently while on a tip ts St. Louis, Wa ma) pe Nureve rere nie dhuneatats a 
as he was sitting for a few idle moments in} Semany 1° " 

* * have all been publishing charts of the theatre 
the parlor of his hotel, lie picked up aniob-| rine approaching eampaign, Thus milhons 
scura country newspaper, pitblished in #0} \it! become acquainted with the geographical 
interiortown of Indiana. Giacing listleéssly | features and peculiarities of countries upon 
over the advertisements, one, which caught 

his eye, riveted it to the paper, Tt was a 
legul notification to lim that his wife bud 
applied for n° divoree, and that’ the case 
would be trigd thé next day, in the court 
of the Go, where the paper was publisled: 
He was thunderstruck; the truth flashed up 
on hitn atouce; his wife while dating ber let- 
ters from the Southern vity spoken of, and 
omploying some ona to mail thetn there, had 
veén all the time id Indiana—long enowgh 
to claim’ a residence uber the peculiar 
matrimonial laws of that State (which we 
believe have sinee been modified by the 
Legisluture,) As usual in soli cases, she 
had notified lint by pablication, relying on 
the olseurity and limited circulation of the 
country paper as a guarauby thatat would 
not come within his Notice, and expecting 
to got a divoree nee is suspivions wero 
‘The lialf distracted husband rush- 
ed upon a train of cars just leaving for the 
Bast, ‘Aree at a junction in Indiana 
where no train would enable him to reach 
tle county seat by the hour set apart for 
the trial, he churlered a special locomotive, 
proceeded there nt once, confronted: iis 
guilty partner, and puta stop to tho pro 
Tite Exp or 11 Aw Duapeny 
Case — Mrs, Cunningham having appeal 
from thy decision of the Sorrogute, which 
was adverse ty hi Jui ns the widow of 
Burdull, the Superior Courton Priday of 
last. wook considered the appeal, nid Mrs. 
Cunningham haying filed to appear, dis 
missed the case, "Thus closes one of thy imost 
remarkubls chapters in the history of eriiucs, 
Tho porputrator of one of the most. brutal 
inurders-on record in tlie heart of tht city 
ocs undiscovered, The heroiny of Wat dy 
tected fraud, tho Bogis Baby, goes unpin 
ished, Woe think waver bas official stolid 
ty and imbeuility, Leod anore apparent than 
in tho conduct of this case ‘Trig, the 
oriminala have reaped no benefit from the 
orimed thoy aichivved or medituteds 'Dhe 
baby fraud did not make Mre Cooninghant 
heir of the Burdall property, nor did the 
murderer, whether & man or wourdn, pain 
anything by that damming crime, YoU) qoterminod foo." \ 
theso arg ouly negative results, ‘Lhe deep] yr Dineorion rok Suurnisis Panties.) 
inystery that hange’ over that murder aay |p,9 village of Catindtotn has originated a new: 
bo revealed at somo futuro day, and: the! idea, and n good one ‘he editor of the # 
law may yot cluim it own, gle, published in said village, a seed 
star You may insert 4 thousand excel) | party not long ogo, and the good and. eng! 

more than’a passing glance. It was the same 
with our peoplo'during the Mexican war. No 
soonor was our army fairly embarked in it 
than every one commenced tracing the map 
of that country, and:in this way an nequaint- 

was obtained, which has proved of the greatest | 
use in the discussion of the questions that arg 
continually’ avising in, connection with it— 
War, then, has its uses as well as Us eplsenee, | 
Ivis philosophically wrong to contend that it 
retards human progress.” 


Dratn From Ovenso 
scraps of English nows by Jas 
learn that an iiiquest bas been held at R 
cliff Highway, on the body of Mrs, Vane) 
derstein, aged forty-eix years, who, it xp: 
roared, was the wife of Captain. Vanderstuin, 1 
the Commander of the Zatie. “He had beou 
abroad, for seven. years, aud on. Tuesday | 
morning Jast, while on the way to the Pool, 
off Gravesend, he tolegrapled up to London 
to inform bis wife that sho was to meet 
him in the London docks. Sho aceording-! 
ly repaired thither, and found that the ves: 
sel bad just arrived in the busin of the 
docks, The deceased went on beard the 
ship, where she etbraced lim, suddenly 
Hecame niuch excited, and tien fell Thsensi- | 
ble upon tho deck and fainted, Medical 
assistance, was procured, Wher Dr, Lamimer- 
inoor, of St. George's street, proinptly AL 
tended, but the deceased had expired from 
an atiyole of apopley y, produced by over 
exeiteient, Verdict, “Natural death from 
excitement,” | 

Qa" Tho Inst words of Robort Bimet ax 
to tie reliability of France in promoting Con: 
stitudional Liborty, bave a new interest at this 
day, Ho said: 
“Tstand h 
of France, "Lit rarse! [ant no omlisary, 
would not doliver ap my country’ to any for: 
clu power, ind lodst ofall'to Prana, Whatt 
ylold to her? Heaven forbid it=not Look 


e accused of being an emissary 


Innd—to over country through which sho 
has pushed hor viotorivw Oty 
man attaint my momory by bolioving that t 
could haye hoped for freodom throveh tho 
ald of Franco, or puey tho cause of Liberty 
by committing ft t the power of the most, 

throat of hor husbaud, #0 that he expired 
almont immodintely,” 

Rea 1 Wn folly to-wait for the iinprove 
mont of fools, 

} } vor pre Als 
lont Uhings in a Howspaper find novor bear Humabors that bia Uitte domioll could not hold d 
a word. of approbation from the readers, but 

fee i thom, but thoy surrounded ty 
just lot a paragraph slip in (by megident) OF] catabloy and drinkaSlos, gay 
ono or two lines not suited to their tastos, any valuable articles, and 
and you will bo sure to lear of it. with a good sum in cosh, 

Speolal Radorsenent 

We oj 
3 troversy 
OX | Unbidssed 

a from Elihu Burreti's Year Bool of whieh 

S264) for Sardinia and France, 

fin the ofditinry Inanner, 

to Holland—Look to Italy—Look to Switkor Hi i 
Let not thon, any ge 

linory, r 
‘ous inhabitants of tho village camo in such brilliantly 

iin bottor hilt diose 
Himmel ea ruten! (How grande these tm t 
ccs es | thoy Ty to beckon Karth to Heaven!) 

EPA kien libel 

Blanks For Sate: 



Suinmwone to Defendant; Burnin i 
Warrant of Conm{tanen vara oe 

tress; Convictions, ats, aa gt 2 
J, and 0, G,Summonses, with and withovd 
; Notices of Trial, to 
Exuping, to Vroduce, to Adinit, 16-4 
AMdavite of Dinburnement ; Qe. 5. 
40d QB. Sobpanas; Order 

Teeferange in Cli ; Al\Mnyitas Bi, Fge 

ES & Mewoniacs, all kinds, 
Vrombssory No! 
good payer, at 

What the Germans in the United Stated 

‘Think of the War, 
(Prim the Chteago Tribune) 

Tt isnot to be doubted that the tond of 
'@ Atnurican Proas, and the sentiment of 
1d Atnerican people, ate decidedly fdverte 
» Austrin, in the war in which she is ube ut 
engige Lut few of the editors, even o: 
We lending journals, wnd but w coinpira. 
vely “einiall” nowbér of-tha best inforrwud 
Mividunls of the reading pnblic, wre suffi 
the merits of thé con, 
to enable them to form a fiir and 
| judgment upon the facts as they 
xinty but they arg led hy (hele sympathies 
espouse that. side inthe teil Gpont 

eh tiberty and. progress seer to Veset 
hoir distrust of the motives of Louis Na- 
poleon, whom they know to be a traitor 

ently posted up in 

Navy. and wlyrant, are counterbalanced by their 
admiration. of Victor Emmanuel, of Sar 

11,778 dina, whom they regard os au enlightened 
jand sigacious Prince, 

And who, whatever 

[his aniwus, ts contonding in qgood fhith for” 
jttie liberation, of Luly from the grievous — 

of Austrian role, “Bue white 

Atmericans, almost without exception, guid- 
ed, perliaps, 

by the tore of the Euglisté 
prets, are atteritiy words of eficouragernent™ 
, most Of the Ger- 
tans ib the country are ranging themselves 
on, thy otlier side, “Austria is a member of 
Wie Gerinan Coifederation. She iv the 
inost powerful representative of the Germart 
name, Within her area is the seat.of Ger: 
man philosopliy, wrt aod 1 ization 5 anc 
though the “youthfal Nero” the Em: 
Peror,.lins no chiima tipon the good will or 
gratitude of die German rade, by reason of 
wliat le has done, or any dithg that he ine 
tends; though bis misyovernment is acknow- 
ledyrd; and though throughout his do- 
minions, the Peorle Wait and hope for a re 
volution that will shorten his staitro by jaxt 
the length of bis head, in this quarrely 
which threatens the dismembertnent of hix 
Eropire, if not the destraction of his house, 
he has the support und'sympathy of néarly 
or quite all the Gernins, not only on the” 
Continent but in the United States, “They 
do uot. believe in Napoleon's professions, 
and they regard thé King of Sardinia asa 
puppet io his hands, obedient to his des- 
potic will. The remembrance of what their 
country suffered by Napoleon the Great, ” 
and (he long vears which were required to 
repair the ravages Whicli We’ committed 7 © 
their fear that Franté now intends to com- 
plete the vast project, which brought iim ~ 
to defeat, override teir wishes for the frea- | 
dom"of Itals, aud, through that, the partial _ 
or complete emancipation of all the Con- 
tinedtal States, pee 3 

Watt Pkerakatioxs—The Times gives 
a long account of the immensely-increased— 
activity going om in the production of wea + 
pous and swatlike! preparations : 
at Woolwich, which is said tobe as great 
as at the height of the Crimean war. The 
resources of the arsenal are‘éqnal to fitting » 
out and issuing, in case of emergeney, 500." 
guns persweek of the best and: largest ord-~ 
nance. There are now, 12,000 pieces of 
iron ordnncein store at Woolwich, of which - 
7,000 ure of the best make and modern 
calibre, At each of the great dockyards 
there are slores of from 1,000 to 1,509. 
heary cannon. With regard to sinall arms,. 
it is stated that there ave about 90,000,000, 
rounds of Minie ammunition in store, and » 
{he production of conical bullets is going 
on at the rate of 2,000,00) rounds a week, 


During the woek the Toriesshave made 
greater way in the counties than most peo- 
ple expected. “The Liberal party have lost 
two of the most uscful of their number in 
the persons of Mr, Chatham and Mr, Hey-” 
wood, who are no longer members for Sonth 
Lancashire, simply, hdwevér, because they 
‘werd over-confident, The two Liberals hava 
{also been obliged to give place to two 
[Conservatives in West Kent; and South’ 
) Essex, which, it wus hoped, would repeat ite 
jverdict for progress, and emphatically 
| aginst Puseyism, bas failed to do either. 
‘The West Riding of Yorkshire election, 

whish they had probably, never bestowed | ciwever, lias resulted in the return of two 

Liberals, Mr, Fravk Crossley, a dissenter 
and manufacturer, and Sir John Ramsden, | 
over a trimming politician, Mr. Smart 
Wortley, who hs devoted lis undoubted 

ance with the southern portion of our conunent| talents to the pushing of his owa fortune 

rather than to tbe interests of the nation, al- 
though he was backed by great wealth and 
aristocratic influence, This great contest 
was watched the ihtense interest, and was 
very keenly conducted. More than 40,000 
yotes were recorded, the largest that was 
ever Known ip the county, On returning 
To Halifax, itive plice, at the close of 

~/the day Mr Opossloy was received by 20,- 

000 people, who mate the air ring with 
Wioir plandits, Mr. Crossley is greatly bo- 
loved by the peapld uniongst whom he lias 
made his fortune, and whomele labors to 
Lotefit in every possible Way. Upon the 
whole, the ministry have obtained an att- 
yantage of Uwouty seats, whigh, a8 compur- 
cil with their position in the last Parlia- 
ment, will, it is cileulated, be equivalent 
to forty votes upon o division, But this 
will not give-thom a working majority, and 
it is not doubted that Lord Derby will liave 
to retire vory speedily. 
Scrampurse ron Paws —The pews in 
the Broadway Tabernacle were pot up by 
auction this week, und a spirited compett« 
tion nrose for a chiolie. A Mr L, M. Butea 
bid $50 for the fire pick, wld sclected # 

powe ata rontal of $125, Sixty-four pows 

were Uios disposud Of dt premiums, whieh 

av last turned jn the handsome bonus of 

8639.800, ‘Tho rents of the pews thus dis 

posed of amounted (85,400, leaving over 
two bundéedt nud twenty five to be reuted 

The Tabo.nicla 
«one Of tho fastionable cities in New York, 

where te clurgyman is Ae to wear n 

Jintiond ring, to wone his Hair parted a ta 
Nueavine, aud to uso nv scouted hanidker- 

Tho pews are of curved oak, the 
awnd ergs of red daronsk, with ine 
a carpeting, aid average from sit to 

Cebetect in length, Phe aisle ta lad wish 
Tsrissele carpet, 
jinn qniet, Sabdied “tanner —so muoh ao 
‘that godlinees ts scaredly “to be Abtocted 

Everything ts conducted 

mong the glancing eyes and profiise tmil- 

Tvhotpr's Last WonpsThe sun shone 
into the room whore Humboldt 
ivisreportod Chat his last wonta, 

tod, and 

(lod TEAM of addremwod to bis niece wore," Wie horrliet 

sie soheinen die Rede sum 

Tahlen : 




Arrival of the America. 

Topee Hanged The Austrians Retreat 

ing. —aAustrian Ports Blockaded by the 

French. Sackvillo, N, B, Juno 2od, 

Tho Royal 

arrived at Halifax yesterday afternoon, 
Lor adyices aro threo dove later than 
roviously reported, aud are ol considerable 
importance, more especially in a commer 
cia point of view. ten 5 
Tho news from the seat of war is without 
any feature of great importance, No bat- 
tlo bad yet occurred). 7 
Tho Austrians had removed their head 
wirters to .Garlaseo, and had also with: 
arin from Vercelli, which place had been 
occupied by. the Fronel and Sardimans, 
An action was looked for at any mo- 
ma the Austrian ports had been block- 
aded by tho Freneli squadron, and many of 
thoir vessels had been taken. 
Thoro wore reports that the Emperor of 
Austria and Gen, Hoss had arrived at Milan, 
and left for Pavia. sa 
Lator nows kad been received from India, 
Tantio Topeo had boon tried by a drom- 
fiend court martial, nnd hanged. 
Breavsrerrs—Prices kad a declining 
tendency, and all descriptions were slightly 
lower, ‘ 
Tho Provision market was steady with 
the exception of Beef, which was heavy 
and slightly lower. : 
The London money market waa slightly 

Tho Liverpool Post publishes what is 
called relinbla information, that the passage 
of the Ticino’by the French will be a signal 
for a European alliance with France, and 
that Austrian troops will march on Paris. 
All channels leading to the Venitian 
capital are blockaded up. 
The English elections were concluded, 
and the final result is a ministerial gain of 
Yeh, the late Tnperial Commissioner at 
Canton, bad died in India, where hu was 4 

Among the passengers in the America is 
General Williams, of Kars, Commander-in- 
chief of the forces in Cnnada. 2 

The French Government, it was said, had 
received information tliat four Russian 
corpsd'armee had moved towards the Aus- 
trian frontier. —_ : 

20,000 Iandsmen have been evrolled in 
the British Navy within a few weeks, 

The French fleet before Venice bad al- 
ready taken 20 vessels, Fifteon French 
men-of-war had been seen near Cuttarona, 
coast of Dulmatia 

The London Zimes' correspordent in the | 
Austrian camp says that a naval attack on |, 
Venice would i 
every channel has either been quite block- 
aded by sunken ships, or vessels Inden with 

small remaining passages at a few minutes’ 
notice, Guns of larg calibre command all 
these obstacles. 

The Paris parresppniient of the Fimes, | oy, 

however, snys that the French squadron is 
not to attack Venice, but merely: to block: 
ade that port for the present. 

The shipping trado was greatly agitated | 
as to the conveyance of goods contraband 
of war. . 

Tnclinations were manifested by Ttalian 
refugees on the Swiss frontier to stir up a 
revolution jn Lombardy, but they were put 
down by Swiss troops, who seized a quanti- 
ty of guns and powder. 



Commercial news Tinportant = Tantie 

Mail Steamship America, 
from Liverpool on Saturtay the 21st ult, 

the 21st, 

trians 15,000 strong under General Stradon, 
attacked the advance posts of Marshal 
+ Baraguay d'EHillior, and were driven back 
prisoner in tho hands of the English. by General Morris’ division, after a fierce 


cavalry, carried Montebella, but did not 
pursue the Austrians, 


Colonel, were taken prisoners. 
General Staddon 

nisance by force 

ave tio chance to sucess. *8 | Hehind the Po in perfect order, 
strength of the French not stated, reports e 
say they numbered from 6,000 to 7,000,|the Zrue Witness denounces Messrs. Do- 
stones are moored close by ready to close | brides a regiment of. Sardinian cavalry, 



force had arrived at Leghorn. 

Arrival of tho " City of Washington.” 



DE tD. 


St, Jolin , Tune 4th. 
The verow steainship “Clty of Washing: 
ton,” from Liverpool on Wednesday, 26th 
alt, tie Queenstown, Qdth, passed Cape) 
Race at 9 o'clock on Thursday ovening, 
routa to Now York. 

Richardson, Spenco & Co, report the 
weather favorable for crops. - 

Flour doll, with a Iiinited enquiry, and} 
prices wouk ; American Ils @ lday Wheat 
steady, an average business dono without 
quotable change in prives; Ted Wostern 8s 
@ 10s 6A; White ditto, and Philadelphia 
11s 2d; Southern 103 0d @ 188, ni 
Gorn dull, but prices unchanged; mixod 
6s 8d @ 6s 10d; Yellow 6s 10d @ Ts 8d; 
White 8s Sa Od. 
ee onerally quiet, Deof stendy. 
Pork firm, at 85s @ 80a for primo moss. 
Lard dull, but firm. Shyar was doll. 
Aahos quiets old Tots Bla 6d; 


At Marklane Wheat had declined 3s @ 43. 
. ond y. 
yas A seer Con dla closed on Tues- 
day at 914 @ 01f for money, and 814. @ 
91} for account. 
Loxpox, May 25th, noon—Consols are 
quoted at 01$ @ 92 for both money and ace 
The Washington's news was obtained by 
tho ‘News Yacht of tho associated: Press, 
but could not be forwarded until to day, 
owing to tho non-working of the wires, 
Tho Royal Mail Steamer Africa, from 
New York, arrived at Liverpool on tho 23rd. 
The first battle had been fought at Mon- 
tebella. 5 

The battle of Montebella took place on 

The French accounts say that the Aus- 

ombat of fonr hours duration. 
The Allies, including some Piedmontese 

The loss of the latter is stated by the 
rench, at 1,500 to 2,000, and that of the 
rench, at 600 to 700, many of whom 
ere oflicers. 

Tavo hundred Austrians, including 1» 
The Austrian account simply states that 
nushed forward a recon- 
march towards Liglis 
nd Montebello, but afier a hot fight with 
French force of superior strength, setired 

ada Seétions of tho Reform party are just 

Tt Was roported that Kossuth was Prosi- 
dont of n Mungarian Committoo, jude os 
tablished at Genoa, Tho object of this 
Committee boing to oncourage desertion in 
the Austrian ra 5 

The Cunard Company hind sold four of 
thoirscrow steamers to the Spanish Govorn- 
iment, and they are to be replaced by vessola 
of grostor powor and sizo , 

Tho Vienna corrospondent of the Zimes 
says, itis currently reported that Prussia 
would soon place six corps d'armes on the 
lower line aud two on hor Eastern frontior, 


A Constantinoplo lottor asserts positively, 
that gonoral insurrectionary movements 
wore Bata organized throughout all the 
Scluvonca Provinces of Turkey, supposed 
to be favored by Foreign influence, 

Tho Turkish Government was doing all 
in its power to prevent the danger, 




Tho Ministerial press are just now dis- 
playing n yast amount of solicitude for the 
fate of tho Reform party, ‘The Leader and 
Pilot tke the lend in this movement, and 
tho amall fry throughout the country ro- 
echo their lucubrations. Scarcely a num- 
ber of the two mentioned journals apponrs 
without an article announcing dissension in 
tho Reform ranks, First we have « stan- 
pedo of tho Lower Canada section of tho 
Reform party, which, the Ministerialists 
will have it, have cut themselves free from 
all connexion with the Upper © 1 Re- 
formers, and aro starting a political busi- 
ness on their own hook, Then wo have an 
announcement that the Reform Press are 
all “rating” and are coming out in support 
of tho Cartier-Macdonald Qoalition, Again, 
it is gravely asserted that tha Reformers as 
a body have deposed George Brown from 
the leadorship of the party, and cut all po- 
litienl connexion with him. ‘These various 
rumors of dissension and disubion in the 
Reform ranks, coming from the quarter 
they do, might be met simply with a sinile 
of derision, or treated with silent contempt, 
were it not that they are got up for the 
purpose of drawing olf attention from Min- 
isterial delinquencies; and itis alinost a 
pity to dispel the illusion under which the 
Ministerial organs are laboring. Tlio an 
nouncement that the Reform party is broken 
up must be altogether new to the great 
body of Reformers, who are more united 
flow in defence of their principles than they 
have been since the defeat of the Hinck's 
Ministry. The alleged defection of the 
Lower Canada Reformers is without the 






On Wednerday last tho Annnal Conyo- 
cation of tho University of Victoria Collogo 
was hold in the Wesleyan Methodist Church 
At 2p ma tho Rev, S. 8, Nulles, A, M,, 
President of the Ocllege, occupying the 

Tho platform displayed no unusual 
amount of loarning nnd talent, the Medion! 
Department of the Qollego being very 
largely ropresentod, the venerable Doan of 
tho Faoully—=the Hon, John Rolph, M. Dy, 
&e, occupying a prominent position, 

After tho usual devotional preliminaries, 
the following essays were delivered by the 
throe young gentlemen who had completed 
tho usual collegiate curriculum, and were 
thon waiting with mingled feolir the 
public bestowal of their well-earned do- 

The Future, Ashton Fletcher, Woodstook 
Vhe Poetry of Life. D.G. Suthorland, Hanilton, 
Valedictory. Nuthauiel Burwarh, Baltinora, 

‘The essays were, to speak generally, 
very creditable to their respective authors, 
and contained sume very just ideas and 
sentiments very liappily expressed, and 
were especially valuable us indicating the 
presenea of rich lodes of mental treasure to 
be worked out for the benefit of the public 
and of their possessors at some point of 
that “ Future” so eloquently descanted on 
by Mr, Fletcher. 

An nblo address, replete with the most 
judivious counsels was then delivered to the 
young merical graduates by Professor Bor: 
ryman, M. D,, of Toronto, It will befound 
in full upon our first page, and will well re- 
pay an attentive perusal, 

Tho President afterwards called upon the 
Hon. Dr. Rolph, to address the assembly, 
observing that he did so without obtaining 
his consent, but he knew the venerable 
Dean of the Medical Fuculty was a safe 
person to draw upon—-a literary bank 
which never failed to honor all demands 
upon it. 

Tlie Hon, John Rolph then rose and ina 
fow, telling, eloquent words fully justified 
the eulogy of the Jearned Prosident. One 
of the figures he made use of in referring 
to the rhetorical effusions of the now 
Bachelors of Arts struck us as being par 
Ucularly beautiful; and we find that many 
others remarked tho aptness, force and 
beauty of the illustration. The idea was 
this: That the flowers of rhetoric used by, 
the young essayists, were as natural to 
youth ns flowers in spring, and like the 
blossoms which now adorn our fruit trees, 
afford a bright promise of much valuable 

shadow of a foundation in fact, beyond the, 
correspondence that recently took place be- 
tween Mr, Brown on one side and Messrs, 
Drummond and Luberge on the other, 
which resulted in nothing in the shape of 
a disruption. Tho Pays, the organ of the 
Lower Canada Rouges, directly contradicts 
the announcement of a disruption, and 
maintains that the Upper and Lower Can- 

as much united as ever they were; while 

tion and McGee for not coming out openly 

A Sardinian Bulletin also announces 

that the oxtreme left of the Sardinian army, | disruption actually taken place, there would 
under General Cialdine, forced a passage | have been no cause for the denunciations of 
er the Seisa, putting the Austrians to| the Zine Witness, whose tulminations as 
flight. Other trifling engagements are re-| usual are likely to fall still-born, The 
; Rouges are but a small party, and itis only] enjoyed theinselves greatly, many of them 
General Garibaldi had entered Gaveau| by uniting themselves with Upper Canada| speaking most happiy of the past; Messrs. 
ith 6,000 men, his object being revolu-| Reformers that they can ever hope to ob:| W. W. Dean, and 1B. M. Briton, of Belle 
in political weight and influence in the] ville, the Rey. W. Rk, Parker, and our 
Princa Napoleon and a small French }country. They know this, and as they | esteemed townsman, Mr, Wm. Kerr, being 
cannot join the Coalitionists, and are too | of the number, the distinguished President 
Tt was rumored that six English men-of-| weak to set up as a third party, their politi-| himself lending the way most happily, his 
cal existence depends upon their remaining | words sparkling every now and then with 
With re-| characteristic humor. 
Spect to the announced defection of the Re-| D., and Dr. Canniff also spoke in harmony 
form press, it is quite true that the London | with the occasion. 

ar had entered the Adriatic, 

Terr, 24.—General Gynlia had remor- 

The following Official Bulletins have 
been issued by the Sardinian Govern- 
ment :— 

Turin 17th—The Austrians occupy the 
right bank of the Po as fur as Castel San 
Giovanni, and are 12,000 strong, 
fortification of the Bridge of Stella had 
been completed for the purpose of protect- 
ing the retreat of the Austrians, 

beon published mentioning tho names. of 
those who signalized themselves in the first 
military operations. 

Terms, May 19th.—Yostenlay several 

cétachments of Anstrisns advanced to | Francis IL, had assumed 

Capnisco, near San Germano, driving off | G 
cattle and firing at the peasants, Our 

ed his headiquarters to Garlaseo, and has 
every where ordered the people to give up | so 
their arms, under pain of being shot for! jj 
disobedience. ¢ P 

The prisoners, 

General Garibaldi has made 47 more 

The King of Naples is dead, and 
the reins of 

troops desiring to Pk Awaited the enemy | representatives to Naples, 

at San Germano, but they willidrew to 
Vercelli, which place they, this morning, 
evacuated, after blowing hp two arches of 
the Brilgo of Sesia, Our troops oceupied 
Vercelli this P.M. - 

Political differences have arrisen between 

Lord Palmerston and Lord John Russell. 

A defeat of the Derby Ministry is 

The Austrians with their artillery are si The Aah ablbe sineeting ob Marlidmhents 

on the left bank of the river. > 

Tho Admiralty has formaily invited ten- 

The following official Bulletins npheared tee fora monthly Australian servico via 
3 F i 

in the Moniteur ;— 
Avessanpnra, May 17th,—The Emperor 

went yesterday to Vallenzea to view the th 

Position of our aesard aug he sane of Government, and the issue of preference 
P sit to the King of| shares of £600,000, new capital, 

the Po. He 
Sardinia this morning at Accimiano. 
‘The weather has becoma better, 
Avessaxputa, May 18th.—The oraani- 
zation of the army is going on actively. 

enemy to bridges, roads and railways, are |“ 
Approaching completion, 

The Austrians continued their exactions 
upon the people of Vercelli, who wore fille 
ed with consternation and quite out of co 
dition, To satisfy tlcir demands ditting 
the night of the 17th, a body of Austrans 
100 strong scaled the bridge of Valenza 
through a breach, and made a fruitless at- 
tempt to take Pavia on the 18th, 

Tho head quarters of the Austrian army 
has been removed to Gaolasco. 

Movements of troops have taken place, 
ane A collision in expected to-day or tormor- 



Th Liverpool breadstutfs market atthe 
clos ‘there was a decliving tendency, and 
all descriptions were slizhtly lower. 

The weather had been favorable for 
Rrowing crops, 

Mysteniove Avrasin.—On the 24rd of 
May, a young man named O, G, Olson, 
went from ‘Toronto ty Buffilo, and return: 
ed to the Falls on the Qucen's Birthday 
where he met with some friends wlio ad. 
vised him to go Lome with them in the 
evening. This le declined to do, and re 
mained at the Falls until the next day and 
was last seen at 10 P, M., on the 25th, in 
the PoBDADY of another young maa named 
Reid. son's body was found on Sunday 
morning, near Bender's Cave; whether he 
had fallen or been tho victim. of foul play 
doen not appear. It scoms that Olson and 
Reid bad exchanged clothes and had some 
angry words tovether before they left the 
tavern whore they were last seen, — V, Corn 
wall Inq, Coroner, is now evgaged in in- 
Neatigating the circumstances of the case, 
The inquest war adjourned from Sunday 

Wight until Tuesday, to give ti 
u i ive time acl 
falercinlorn ete celle 

* No Wondér—Bo many worble, 
ara adver'izod for the euro of verter net 
40d when tried “found wanting! that the inva 
Vid loses all faith in *pecifion, we haye yot to 
Sra enue first failure of Wistar's 
o ild Cherry, t 
onary HN aakth 7 oure conghs, colds, 
ay none unless ith h igs 
fature of L BUTT Bion the a ee ‘ 


ion the head of the agreement with the 

Tho Moniteur announces that France 

¢ is adverse to the abolition of privateering, 
The repairs of the damage done by the | 9 the principle that a neutral flag often} Brown from the leadership of the party, the 

overs an enemy's goods, 
The Bourse was firm: threes 614 @ 65 

Arrival of the “Indian,” 






River Da Lonp, 8th Jano. 
Liverroot 25th. 
Broadstuff.—The general line of trade 

since Friday has been quiet. 

Flour restricted and moderate. West 

orn canal 118 412s 3d; Mil. and Bal. 12 a 

12-3, Wheat in siinilay inactivity ; white 
06 Oda 11s 3d; Red aud mixed 89 n Ith 
Corn—Searcely any inguiry; white 8s 
4d a 8s 6d; Yellow 65 11d n 75 2d; mix 
ed 6s Bd a 11s, Ashes= Pots 31s n 318 
6d. Sugar quiet. Consol 9 IR ao'd, 
Quernxo, 9.90 P.M, 

The Jndian has arrived here with 03 
Passengers. Sle passed the North Briton 
on Wednosday, May 25th, within about 
three hours sail of Liverpool. She ex- 
perienced much detention from ice. The 
mails and passongers go by the morning 

The London Times on tho affairs of 
Mexico, gives n decided opinion that the 
Aympathies aro due to the same party 
which has secured tio friendship of tho 
United States, It saya it makas the avow- 
al with more omphasis, because its corres 
pondont Apparently intimates that their 
representatives have inclined to the oppo- 
sito vido, It regards with tho grentuat 
satisfaction the alleged proceedings of tho 
Kovsuth had addressed anothor large 
meoting, in favor of the neutrality of Eng- 
Jand, at Manchoster, Iu intimates that he 
‘should be.seen in bis native country. 


steadfast to Reform principles. 


England and France are about to send | i 

A general meeting of the Atlantic Tele: | 4 
graph Company, as been called, to sanc- 

Journals as the free Press and Hamilton 

in opposition to George Brown. Tad a 

autumnal fruit. ‘ 

The Convocation closed with the bene- 
diction, pronounced by the Rey. Dr. Green. 
The exercises of the day were pleasantly 


Now Advortisomonts for To-Day, 
Valuablo Farm for Salo—Jolin Allon. 
Cosh! Cash t—Willion 
‘ronh Ground 
Pocket Book Found—John M'Carty. 
School Trusteen—¥, Tf, Tous, 

‘To Liquor Denlora—Jan, Geon & Jon. Todd 
Hungerford Account fur 1868 

Bruce's New York ‘Type Fouydry, 

Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative, 

The Weekly Globe of Friday, June 10, 

Pastings Chronicle, 

Relleville, Wednesday, June 8, 1859. 


Thasmuch as Up 

or Canadian Ministerial- 
ists are fully aware that the removal of the 
Government to Quebee has materially injured 
thelr position with thelr supporters, they are 
forced to tnx their ingenuily and thefr finpus 
dence to the utmost to explain away or justify 
the act. Neither they nor their organs haye 
eithor the courage or the candor to come out 
boldly and give the trua reason of their con- 
duct in this particular, which would bo sim- 
ply neither more nor Joss than this declara- 
tion, that it was necossary to bribe the Que- 
bec members in order to keep tho Ministry 
in power, and it was dono accordingly, To 
justify the act on the ground of political ex- 
pedioncy—for such is the true state of the 
ease,—would be an evidence of manliness, 
whatever one might think of the morality in- 
yolved in such avowal. 

The Ministerialists are not guilty of any 
such honesty. Althoug\i in practice the end 
with them always justifics the means, they 
out-Jesuit the Jesuits in tho art of dissimu- 
lation, by repudiating so indefensible a doc- 
trine in theory. Ib preaching they are the 
most strait of the puritanical Pharisees, in the 
practico of their lives thoy are tho most lax 
of latitudinarians. 

concluded with the nsual farewell supper at 
the College—a feto at which there is al- 
ways mingled so much of the joyous greet- 
ings ot the old alwnni who take this op 
portunity of meeting old friends and cliss- 
mates under thoshadow of their alma mater, 
that the tone of sadness which might other- 
wise prevail on an occasi n. when. old 
chums who have studied together for 
months are parting, it may be, for ever, is 
neutralized, and the last night is to most 
present the pleasantest of the season. It 

Frée Press and Hainilton Times have de- 

he party. Tn this they have been disap- 
pointed ; and seeing no prospect of getting 

to come, they have joined 
who will no doubt reward them for the 

tory, forgetting that George Brown con- 
tends for principles, and until these princi- 
ples are victorious, the Reform party can- 
not be victorious. The Reform party could 
very soon get into office were they to 
abandon their principles and yield every- 
thing to the French Canadian Ministerial- 
ists, but this they will never do if they have 
to remain opposition till dooms-day. Such 
isinterestod adherence t> princip's is to- 
tally beyond the comprehension of mere 
flice-seckers, hence the defection of such 


Times. Beyond these two, however, we 
fre not aware of any Reform journals hay- 
ing deserted their party. With respect to 
tho Reformers haying deposed George 

assertion is first untrue in fact, and second 
impossible to be true, Since the defeat of 
the Hineks Ministry the Reforin party have 
had no acknowledged leader, George 
Srown has never been nominated as leader 
of the party, consequently cannot be de- 
prived of shat which was never conferred 
upon him, Should a Reform Ministry bo 
formed, Georgo Brown may be Premier, 
and in that positionsthe leader of the Min 

istry ; but to designute him now as the 
lender of the Reform party ig a doworight 
absurdity, sore I3rown contends for 
certain principles and oppeses the corrup- 
tion nnd extravagance of the present Min- 
istry—the principles he advocates aze those 
of the Retorm party, and Reformers can- 
not cut him adrift until cither he deserts 
his principles or they desert theirs. As 
there has been no desertion of principle on 
cither side, there enn be no severanca of the 
connexion, Mr. Brown is an ablo politi: 
Gian and Parliamentary debater, and his 
talents will always give him a leading po- 
sition both in the Louse and out of it, 
Whether tho Ministerialists like it or not,-— 

Pitt, the great English statesman, was 
twenty yenrs in opposition before hu brought 
his party to victory ; and if the Reformers 
of Camda will but adhere steadfustly to 
their principles they must in the end tri- 
umph, as truth and right invariably tri 

tunph over wrong and corruption, It may 
be next year, or it may be halfa-dozen 
yours; but let principle and not love of 
officn guide them, and ultimate victory is 
corltine=Perth Courier, 

Woman Kitten on tae Grayp Tarun 
RAILWAY. —Yesterday night, just below the 
Grafton Station, a woman, named Rafferty, 
was killed by the down train, A passenger 
informs us that it was not going fast at the 
time, and that no blame cout be attached to 
tho conducter or engine-drivor, as neither 
could hove acen her, It appeared, from an 
examination of the place, that the unfortunate 
woman was sitting on one of the rails, with hor 
feot betweon the ties, She had a whiskey-bot- 
tle with her, the cork of which was off; and 
she had apparently boon drinking. It iv sup- 
posed she was inn state of wtupelnotion, She 
wan mangled to pieces. The train was stop- 

certainly was a pleasant time last Wednes- 
day to fle graduates and ex-students, who 

Prof. Berryman, M. 

We were glad to observe Dr, Iarris up- 

rted their principles and joined the Coa-|on the platform, who has lately arrived 
tionists; but the cause of their“ratting”is| from Europe. He will take his pl 
erfectly apparent, They joined the re-| the College next August as Professor of 
form parly, not from love of Reform prin-| Modern Languages. Ile has just graduat 
ples, but because they expected, a year or|ed as “ Doctor in Philosophy” in thie Uni- 
Attessaxprta, May 24.—Tho wounded | wo ago, that the Ministry would be de 
at Montebello have been brought here. 
MAAC, May beer Austrian p 
3 ro risoners have arrived hero, . 
An Order of the King of Sardinia has |? Bens, May 25—Revolutionary move: : 
ments are reported in Lombardy, 

NAPLES. a sop from the Reformers for 4 year or two 
the Coalition, |) 

ace in 

versity of Gottingen ; and we have no 

fented and the Reformers would get into} doubt will prove a most effic ent reinforce- 
ower, in which evert they expccted to get| ment to (he Collegiate staff of Professors.— 
ome fut offices as pay for their support of | Siar, 1st, 

From the Toronto Correspondence of the Ottara 

The city taxes have been reduced this year 

from 28 11d to 2s in the pound. However, 

ir] qs the wiseacres of the corporation have man- 
recreaney. ~The plea urged for their deser- | nged financial affairs, payitig off one part of 
on of Reform principles was, that George | the city debt with the money set npart to li- 
Brown would naver-lead his party to vic quidate another. part, there is every reason to 

believe that the reduction is one only in name. 
A’ young man from Toronto, named Oliff 
Olisson, respectably connected here, was found 
lying dead at the bottom of the precipice be- 
tween the Suspension Bridge and the Ningaia 
Fall. From the circumstances that have come 
to light, there is every on to believe that 
he was murdered and thrown over, or murder- 
ed by being thrown over. ‘The Globe thought 
the matter worth sending a speclal reporter to 
investigate. It is well to know that there is a 
gang of most determined scoundrels and cut- 
throats living at the Falls, whose business is 
to rob all the visitors whom they can get into 
their clutches. ‘They have head-quarters at a 
certain tavern where, not unfrequently, poison 
is mixed with the drink given to those who 
are green enough to call for it. 

The story that John A. is about to resign 
has been renewed. John H. Cameron has 
been named as his successor, The latter gen- 
tloman to succeed Col. Prince in the Upper 
House, the Colonel being about to be raised 
to the bonch asa ieee, Judge. All the pa- 
ye are speaking ofa change. The Globe is 
ierce for a repeal of the Union, and a written 
constitution, against both of which necessarios 
every man of common sense in Upper Canada 
is opposed, ‘The Leader is vague, and full of 
strange hints. The Colonist is uncertain, It 
is said hore thot it will shortly perform that in- 
teresting act known as * bursting up.” Just 
now it is whining that certain members of 
Parliament—Goyernment supporters—have an 
ugly habit of banding tugether and saying to 
the Ministry,—“ Now, if you do not give us 
the plunder wa desire; or if you do not make 
one of our number a Cabinet Minister, we will 
0 into Opposition and break down your Min- 
istry.” ‘This is a pretty confession from n 
vernment organ, There ore many Members 
of Parliament ond some Ministers hero just 

The Government Depnrtménts will soon 
The Clerks 

colored man Byers suffered an ignomin: 
ious, but just death on the scaffold, at Mer- 
rittsville, last Tuesday, in expiation of his 
guilt for tho murder of an inoffending fel- 
low mortal; and within the next woek five 
or six othere will undergo the same ponalty. 
On Tuesday next, for the first timo in little 
less than twenty years, tho spectacle of a 
public execution will be witnessed in Ham- 
ilton, aod within « stone's throw of where 
we write, Jolin Mitchell, the murderer, will 
suffor the extreme penalty of the law, before 
the gazo of aroha? the largest assemblage 
of people over seen within the precincts of 
our Court House Square, On tha same 
day, threo colored mon at Brantford will 
aflord a liko spectacle; but it is said by 
somo that Armatrong will have his sentonce 
commuted. How that may be, we cannot 
say, yot it would seom that tho Jaw should 
take its course in his caso as well asin tho 
others. Dr, King will bo executed on 
Thursday next, at Cobourg; and Monday 
following tho lart of the Np tis Rock, will 
suffor death at Bolloville, provided tho ate 

pet by tho interruption, nnd it roturned to 
Jzifion with the body.—Gazxcte, May 1 

tempt to prove tint ho is insane should 
{nil — Spectators 

dantly worse, 

To hear them talk, one 
would suppose that with them the simple ralo 
of duty and honor was the only guide; to sce 
them aet, it would be inferred that selfishness 
of purpose and dishonesty ofintention formed 
the main-spring of their whole machinery.— 
Ilypocrisy is thus interwoven in their whole 
history, and makes them objects of execration 
as well as censure and reproach. ‘To act the 
villain is bad enough in all conscience, but to 
profess the saint at the same time is abun- 
It is, however, sometimes as 
instructive as it is amusing to study the in- 
genious and more frequently awkward con- 
trivances of logic by which ’they attempt to 
reconcile their conduct with their ayowed 


find virtuous economy that maz be practised 

in redueing its surn total, will in no wise alter 
the charactor of tho expenditure, or make it 
proper or justifiable, 

mt fr 
“Tho Protestant Ascendancy Jury Bill.” 
“Tho Toronto Mirror,” as it styles itself |» 
not of tolerance or liberality, but of fanatical |", 
hos been again reflecting those images 
of intolerance, the exhibition of which it seems 
40 eapecially adapted fur, Not long sinee we 
deomed {t our duty to rebuke our contempora- 


zenl in tho discussion of what he termed “I'he 
Protestant Ascendancy Jury Bill” ‘This re- 
proof, instead of haying a (unduncy to improve 
his manners, has only made bim more abusive 
Wo had, however, no rea- 
fon to expect ony other results, as the wise 
are only benefitted by merited reproof and 
prudent counsel. ‘he conceited airs and havgh- 
ty swagger of our contemporary is only o 
source of amusement, not of annoyance, If 
ho is desirous of not appearing supremely ri- 
diculous, he had better become more complat- 
sant and less obtrusive in his demeanor. 
With these observations we will notice the 
point in dispute between us. The Mirror ns- 
sorte that the effort by Mr. Mowatt to intro- 
duce the majority principle in the Jury box 
was an insidious attempt to place the Roman 
Catholic minority at the mercy of the Protes- 
tant majority. T’or this attempt, Mr. Mowatt 
and all his coadjutors were dbused “in round 
set terms,” and the whole Protestant popula- 
tion of Western Canada were grossly insulted 
and impudently defied. Now we ask whether 
this Ianguage wan just, or liberal, or temper- 
ate? And what journal in the Province lauds 
60 bighly or professes so loudly justice, liberal- 
ity, and temperance in religion and politics as 
does the Roinan Catholic Mirror, of Toronto? 
It ill becomes that journal then to berate his 
neighbors, as is its wont, for a deficiency in 
tho very qualities which it hax betrayed such 
® lamentable deficiency in itself, “But like 
many others, the Mirror finds it much easier 
to preach than practice, It is not unusual for 
his satanic majesty to quote scripture, nor for 
intolerauce to descant on liberality. 
_ if the logic of the Mirror on the Jury ques- 
tion is worth anything, it proves quite too 
much for the Ejlitor’s own purpose, If it is 
just and proper when 4 Roman Catholic is tried 
for 0 crime, that he should have oe or more 
of his own persua-ion on the Jury, wouldit not 
be more just and proper that he should be 
tried by a Jury exclusively composed of Cath- 

and importinont. 

his nonsensical raving about nothing. 



except in well 

thot Rye will be fit to cut early in July, and 
Fall Wheat soon after, 

Fly makes its appearance ; thot it in still lurk 
ing about we haye evidence. 
fr taken from fields where Wheat was grown last 
ry for an intemperate exhibition of his peculiar yor, in Which immense numbers of the living 

cn this little destroyer will be prepared for its 
so much on Fall Wheat this year; ond the 
expectation is, that Spring Wheat will ripen 
after the dauger is ie 

The affirmative conclusion cannot be 
avoided. Does the Editor of the Mirror ad- 
yocate any such doctrine? If he does, argu- 
ment cannot reach him); if not, let him cea-e 

Again, our insapient neighbor draws the in- 
evitable (!) conclusion that Catholics will have 
no influence on Juries were the wajority prin- 
ciple to prevail. By the majority is meant a 
three-fourth Majority, 18 we have heard it 
Ys it. impossible for a criminal, 
with all his power of challenge, not to get 
more than ¢/iree of his religious persuasion on 
adury of twelve? The contrary tupposition is 

TET eR byterli ship admiu of bene 
2 J byterian worship admits of being the 
COMMERCIAL REFOBT iomn and improsive of ony, coula sume 

The weather han been very changeable and 

the vegetable crops, 
protected places. Votaioes, 
Beans, Tomatoes, &c., are generally 
ted. The grain cropsare looking healthy, 
orward, ‘Ihe indications are, 

‘ont, Which has out o} 

It inn mutter of doubt os to the time the 

Earth hos been 

yellow maggots were visible, ‘The danger to 
© apprehended in, that ns vegetation proxzress- 

Fortunately, we are not depending 

The markets for Brendstuffs are not settled, 
which is no unusual thing at this season of the 
year. At present there are uncominon causes 
for uncariness, It is not certoin that we have 
sufficient until the new crop matures; and if 
it docs not prove a good average, high prices 
must Prva especially as the war in Europe 
is but just commencing. The large quantity 
of unsound Flour in the Ea: tern marke.s tends 
to check high prices for medium grades, but 
extras are worth $84 to $10 per bbl, in New 
York. The price of Flour in Toronto iy full 
60 cents over the quotations from Montreal, 
and briskness prevails in Toronto and dullness 
in Montrenl. French Flour has been sent 
from the latter city to Toronto, and unless 
there is a decline in the one, or an advance in 
the other market before long, Flour can be 
sent at a profit from Montreal to ‘Toronto. 
We have no alteration of moment to make 
in quotations here; 9s was paid to » Farmer 
the other day for 300 bushels prime Fall 
Wheat, in one Jot. Flour sells at $7 to $9 
per barrel, according to quality, 
Pot Ashes come in freely at 28s 9d per cwt. 
Several lots of Potatoes have been imported 
from Oswego, which have been sold at 3s 6d 
per bushel, retail. 

Railway Accident—Three Men Killed. 

A serious accident occurred on the Grand 
Trunk Railway, a little below the Grafton 
Station, on Saturday night last, by which 
three men were killed, and another very much 
injured, It appears that, contrary to the 
rules of the Company, John Sheen, an em- 
ployee on the Road, that evening took a hand- 
car and proceeded to Cobourg, for the purpose 
of meeting his father-in-law, who had arrived 
from England. After returning with him to 
Grafton, and remaining the 8.53 night 
train had passed downwards, they, supp 

the track was clear for the night, started in 
the band car for home, a few miles below 
Grafton, accompanied by James Adams and 
David Cranan, who belonged to that section. 

track being supposed 
car was struck with 
killing Sheen and his father-in-law, and throw 

80 yards distant! Adams, though terribl 

principles. Not an act do they perform, not rary. 

4 measure do they propose, howeyer base, 
corrupt, or injurious to the public interests 
it may be, but they have always at hand some 
reason or excuse wherewith to justify or make 
In no case is this better 

it appear necessary. 
illustrated than in the removal to Quebec. 

No one whio looks at matters in the ordi- 
nary common sense light, would suppose that 
the Ministry were induced to take this step perialey? If we were as ungenerous and 
by motives of honor and good faith; but such 
is the case, as the organs of the Ministry al- 
They assert that when Government 
was remoyed from Quebec to Toronto, the 
Quebec members were induced to yote for the 
removal on the distinct pledge that it should 


return at the expiration of four years, 

terial conduct. If the Seat of 

nent, But since that timo Parliament sol 

one place. 

cise of 
assert,) chose tlie city of Ottawa, 

account of thei 
ment and their 

rectly as possible from ‘Toronto to Ottawa. 

thing, it meant that they should go and re- 
main there for foxr years. 
be to act directly in contravention of the Re- 
solution of Parliament and the Queen's deci- 
to disobzy, but clearly theirduty to obey such 
behests. If then the arguments of Ministers 
be correct, they wore under obligation to pur 
sue two courses diametrically opposed to cach 
other. ‘heir Aonor (!) was pledged to go to 
Quebee for a term of four years; their daty 
to their Queen and country was, a8 we have 
seen, noé to return, In such a dilemma, the 
only course open to such honorable mon was 
to resign. ‘They might have said “our duty 
to the public and our loyalty to our Sove- 
reign will not allow us to keep our promise, 
whilo our rogard for veracity will not allow 
us to brenk it; therefore wo shall resign, and 
thereby prescrye our consecicnco, and sub- 
sorvo the public interest at the samo time,” 

Docs anybody suppose thot our Mini 
are troubled with any such nice notions of 
honor and trath? and if they are, doos any 
one boliove that they wero still bound by a 
pledge which circuimstances had entirely re~ 
yoked? ‘The thing is utterly preposterous, 
and our wonder is that any sane persons will 
Urge apologies #o trivial and absurd, ‘These 
apologists, however, are not quite satisfied 
with their own efforts; they aro unwilling to 
lot the matter rest upon such a basis; they 
assert that tho coat of removal will not be half 
ko great as was first supposed, ‘Choy have 
discovered that Quebeo was to have $60,000 
for tho erection of Post ollico buildings, and 
by adding something to thig sum, buildings: 
may bo mado to answor for a Parliament 
House In the first instance, and afterwards 
for their moro legitimate purpose, ‘They also 
say that great economy 14 to bo used in tho 
cost of transportation,—for all of which wo 
aro to bo vory grateful to the Minister; This 
is, wo must confoss, altogether a no) 1 avgue 
mont in favor of a voto of confidence in our 
rulors. Itin go strong and cogent, that it is 
noxt to impossible to resist concurrence, It 
is this in plata English: For tho wake of pro- 
curing the support of tho Queboo mombera, 
tho Ministry bribed them by making Quobeo 
tho Capital of Canada, tontrary to common 
senso and common justice. Mor this thoy 
might have taxed tho country half # million 
of dollars, whereas our good, kind, consider 
ate ruloré havo only bled us to the tung of 
one quarter of a million? 'Vhin ts vory like 
a highwayman, aftor rolioving the traveller 
of hia watch, purse, and othor valuabloa, ro~ 
quiring his etim to bo dooply grateful for 
loaving him with his life, whon he might bayo 
takon that alvo, ‘The cost of fmoving to 
Quoboo, whatover it may bo, Is noodlossly and 
corruptly incurred, and it iv xo much rank 
robbery of tho public, and all the frugality 

emnly declared by a Resolution duly passed 
and recorded, that the perambulating system 
should cease, and that the Seat of Govern- 
ment should be permanently fixed at some 
They also referred the selection 
of this place to the Queen, who “in the exer- 

Hee prerogative” (as they themselves 
The action 
of Parliament and of the Queen took the mat- 
ter out of the hands of the Ministry, and-en- 
tirely revoked their pledge; they were there- 
fore under no obligation to go to Quebee on 
previous promiso, az Paylin: 
vereign had relieved them 
from it. Tndeed it bepame their duty not to 
go to Quebec, but td go as soon and as di- 

If the promise to go to Quebec meant any- 

To do this would 

It is clearly not the duty of Ministers 


Mr. Mowatt’s Bill. 

we condemn one who is guilty of using it. 

eries of the victories of Sepoy cruelty and re 

Loyalty! Preposterous! 



Tho political articlo of this number—* For- 
eign Affaira— War in Italy’: =will be rend with 
unosual iuterest at the preacnt titre, as it dis- 
cusses the views and position of Austria. Ina 
review of Carlyle's Frederick tha Great, the con- 
clusion i# arrived at that the work “may be 
more fairly regarded ns n vehicle for the expres: 
sion of the author's opinions on men aud thing 
than asa valuable contribution to a history 
which has been so often written, and which 
thus far he leaves much in the same condition 
as hie found it.” Tho most important ’and best 
worked out papers that on Bunsen's Kgypt and 
the Chronology of the Bible, in which the vonclu 

ordgnl of the strictest cavions of historical eviti- 
cism, and be is conchisively shown to have ad- 
mittot jn many instances ns historicnl fots 
atatemontsresting solely on traditionury sources, 
We ato not, however, prepared to affirm that 
the general nceurncy of so accomplished a acho 
Jar as Bunsen Js siicvessfully impenched ; aud it 
is bo disparagemout to his critiont acumen to be 
found ocousionally natray in’ paths where the 
lights ave so unovrtain und dim, 
The romaining articles, The Afinstrelay of Scot: 
land, National Gatlery, Devonshire, @sorge HL 
and Charles James Koz, nnd Lord Brougham and 
Law Reform, tough riot marked by and peculiar 
attraction, afford a welcome variety to the num 
ber, Tho paper on Devonshire, in partioular, 

Rpaluncle chapter to those local historivs 
which have forined 40 plonsing.a fenture in some 
of tho recent quarterly publicativns 

ry meritto the other 

Is at lonat equal in liter 
publications of the qua A reviow of the 
first volumo of Masson's Ailton and hia Times, 
wives us tho little that is known of the poot's 
life, in connection with the political, eculesiaati- 
cal, and titorary hietory of his nie, and more 
especially dwelling upon thy prose writings — 
With oortain objemions to Mr, Masson's work, 
the reviwor still pronounces it to ba a produe 
tion whioh is sure to seotre wide and reapect(ul 
Attontion and vn sound reputation, A raph, 

foal sketch of the late Douglas Jerrold is plea. 
sontly illustrative of modern literary life, filled 
out with much perdonal detail nnd nnoodote= 
Mra Schimmo)penninok’s Selcet Memoirs of 
Port Royal focins tho text of a popular nacount 
of the Port Royal and its inmates, the story of 
which has already bogn -mauy vines told, and 
still cominanda ronewed spropithy ond admita 

tion, Tho pure and noble charactor of that re 

markable woman, Mere Avgeliqne, Kor trials 
and hor tiamphs bor ploty and her benevo 

Jonao, aro hove briefly and tonchingly partrayed, 
Pwo othor articles meviting onreful perusal aro 
n Sketoh of the History and Development of Sook: 
tianiam, and a review of Sir W. Hamilton's 
Lectures on Metaphysio and Logie, avticlos which 
wo havo only space to indicate by name, Mins 
Prootor’a Legends and Lyrics avo favonably ra: 
viewed. ‘The papor on Lindy lng some instruc 

tive oba rvations on the relative alzes and geo 

graphical distribution of the fonthered race, as 
Well na on ornithia anatomy. Zhe Leith Press 
its Crowth, Liberty, and Pow r, Indian Coloni 

cation, aultho Public Life of Lord dieoghane 
aro all troated at considerable length, and wo'd 
seom to deserve more than tho hasty pornsal 
which Wo havo aa yot been unable to give thom, 
Wo fool justified {n hourtity commending the 
wholo nuinber to the attention of our roadora, 

Ropublishod by Leonard Soott & Co., 64 Gold 
Stroot, New York, who alvo eprint tho Novth: 
British, Woatminater,aod Edinburgh R 

and Blackwood's Mogagine; nt 88 4 yoar singly, 

quite worthy of our cantankerous contempo- 

igotted as this, we might fin’, in such foul 
suspicions, arguments for their total exclusion 
from the Jury box, which arguments would be 
just as cogent and unanswerable as those 
which the Mirror adduces in opposition to 
We, however, scorn to 
employ any such argumentation, as much as 

One thing more, and we will leave the Mirror 
making this solemn promise they aver that of such notions to continue its distorted 7 eflec- 
the Ministry would be wanting in honor and 
good faith not to adhere to it and go to Que- 
bec “ coute qui coute,” as the Attorney Gen'l 
West empliatically expressed himself when 
interrogated in the House upon the subject. 
Now although it has been frequently denied 
that any such pledge was publicly given, we 
will for the sake of argument admit that tho 
whole story as told by themselves is true in 
all its details, and after making this adinission 
we cannot sce how there can be found in it 
any real justification or Halliation for Minis- 

questiah were in the samo position now that 
it was when the alleged promise was made, 
then there would be some force in the argu- 

tions. That journal boasts of being the only 
one in Upper Canada that publishes the letters | Stations in this County: 
of Dy. Cahill; and complains that the learned 
Doctor should be called a rebel to British su-| Johnson, superannuated. 
premacy. Our contemporary is welcome to 
all the honor contained in the boast. It isno| one to be sent. 
news to us that no other paperin Canada, be- 
sides the Mirror, would disgrace its columns| J. R. Phillips. 
with such libellous and incendiary productions, 
Deep and imbittered must be the hate of that 
man to Britain who could gloat oyer the mis- 

Yet Dr. Cahill found occasion for sat- 
isfaction in the Indian Mutiny, and openly ex- 
pressed his sympathy for the rebel cause, 
which the Mirror approvingly published. — 
And yet, after this, he unblushingly holds up 
his head, and with cool effrontery prates about 

sions of that eminent writor are submitted to the | 

more life into it; and we 
On Saturday night thore was a sharp | congregation, quite enough of rousieal tal 

ff which ought, with practice, be turned yy 
best account. 
movement will receivo the support froyn is 
different congregations that {ts importanee A® 
mands,—a movement. in the right direst 

and characterized alike by sound genau 
Jodgment sod:right musicul texte, uenamme 
Yours, &c., J, L OlMp. 

ree of persona! 
in a great ty ways. 

Unfortunately they had not noticed the lights 
in the rear of the train as it passed, denoting 
that another was coming down, and an engine 
and tender which had been employed on the 
road above, coming along soon after, and the 
to be clear, the hand- 

fic force, instantly 

ing their bodies, onc about 50 and the other 

ave, Within mt 

I trust, therefore, that 

Beileyille, th Juric, 1859, 
For the Hastings Chrontela, 
Wamitton, June Ist, 1899 
Mr. Editor,—I have thought thatg ¢ 
charvon) akotches of members of the Weg, 
Methodist Conferencs now in session, rtp 
beguile the Jeisure moments of my oj our tn 
this city, and perhaps interest some of 
readers, and I trust hurt nobody; for nai bt 
at least shall be set down in malice. And {1 
take moro liberty in this matter than sog 
modest men would like, (ley must try to pe 
member that much similar to what I Write, ig j 
said about them every day, and that publig 
men are public Property alko, the considers. 
characteriatica may be ure u} 

‘ours considerately, 

Tlaving resolved to try ond hit off, in aq 
easy manner, a few of the move promineny 
members of the Canadian Wesleyan Confg. 
rence, I begin with one of the oldest, Oe who 
was superannuated last year, but who stil 
thinks himself effective, as he lias opplied fig 
restoration to the active work. We have heard 
somewhere, thut British soldiers never know 
when they are beaten. In this respect, ax in 
all others, Fariten Corson is a true Briton, 
He thinks he is as capable of Circuit work ay 
ever he was; ond physically, I think he i 
neorly so, But, alas for the dear old man! he 
is behind the times,—though, like most others 
in a similar predicament, he does not kaow jt 
He never was distinguished for intellectual 
power, and bis early education was very de« 
fective, a defect he never greatly remedied 
private study, although he has been one of the 
most voluminous readers in the Conference 
Even yet, he reads more books through fon 
year than almost any man we wot of, Pur- 
thermore, he has an excellent memory for the 
historical parts of what he reads. “He is g 
sort of standing table of reference for fucs and 
dates relating to American Methodism, Not. 
withstanding the drawbacks above mentioned, 
he has done good service for the Lord jn the. 
woods and wilds of Canada, daring the last 35 
or 40 years, We remember our first sight of 
him at n enmp-me-ting thirty-three years 
when his word was like electric fire among thy 
people. And if he isnot highly educated hiny- 
self, he has raised up a family of educated 
who are an honor to lim, while they bear 
traces of the intellectual sup*riority of a 
and dignified mother. “Our hero Babi i 
a City appointment, but he has traversed and 
re-trayersed nearly all the rural parts of the 
Province from Kingston to Sarnia, aud from 
Lakes Ontario and Erie to Huron and Simeog, 
For Preaching often and visiting, he has no 
equal, He has been known to preach for 
times in the month, and to visit a dozen fame 
lies before breakfast. He has never filled any 
office in the connexion than that of Superin= 

mangled, lingered till next day, when he died. tendent of a circuit, and has never received any 
Crunan was living at Inst accounts, and may 


with’a view to bis removal, which was granted. 

year has been 192. 

waited upon the Conference and read an Ad 

Sterling and Marmora. —J. P. Sparrow 

Belleville,—To be supplied. 

Hungerford.—P. Empey, J. Goldsmith. 

on Wednesday June 29th, 


Henry, of this town. 

found ‘was of quite i livid:color, and swollen 

examination of the body was made 
Power, of Belleville. who found deceas 



is about opening a juvenile Singing Class in 
town, which is cortainly a very praiseworthy 
object, and should, Anse donbt will bo, en- 
couraged, From previous notices in our ex- 
changes, we should suppose that Mr. Y. is 
celebrated as a Teacher; at all events, he 
comes well recommended, 

[2™ Tho attention of School Trustees is 
directed to the advertisement of the Local 
Superintendent, in another column, 

Amaranthe, Organdie, & Printed Muslin 
BD ERE Ss 35 Pos 
Moire Antique, and Glace Silk Mantles 
PARASOLS in great variety, 


Sin,—Itis not withouta foollng of diMdence 
that L offer to make a few remarks on «a sub- 
Ject of great importance, whioli is, at the pre~ 
sent timo, in agitation hore, I nean the im- 
provement of Congregational Singing, 
That there is great need of reformation, few 
will be prepared to deny. «The grent defect of 
our slnging, in its want of elevation, refinement, 
and dignity. It is not ona Jovel with other 
kinds of music, nor with the requirements of 
the age. It is rudg, tame, ancl full of Iifeloss. 
ness, and proventa ono from deriving any plen- 
Sure or profit from it. In short, ic is tho want 
of taste; thatas the great want, and this toate 
must, in this matter as in all othera, be pros 
duced by special oultivation, But not only in 
tho furmation of taste required. The art ite 
self of Musio niust be cultivated. ‘There ts an 
artistio olomont in evory thingy in religion no 
Joan than in other departments. 

The interost which several Clorgymon\ 
along with somo gentlemen of influence, are 
taking in thls matter, will, T trust, cause a 
doop and general desire to improve this part 
of divine worship, and be in keeping with the 
spirit of the age, which is ono o! progress, It 
demands a higher stato of Panlmody, so ax to 
touch the foolings of the human heart, and 
muko all join in one simultanoous burst of 

. € We understand that all wero mar- 
The Mirror also more than insinuates in its | 7i¢d men, temperate and industrious. An In- brother's heart, We know nut that he ever 
arguments that a Protestant Jury would neces- | quest has been held on the bodies, the result | published anything beyond a letter in a news 
sarily convict a Catholic unjustly, and contrary | Of which we havo not learned. 
to the evidence and the oatlis which they had’ 
taken, just through pure sectarian hatred. Is | EPISCOPAL METHODIST CONFERENCE. 
it not just as probable that a Roman Catholic 
Jury, or one which they could control, would 
render a perverse verdict and clear a criminal, 
whom tlie Inw and evidence had fully. convict- 
ed, just through pure sectarian prejudice and 

Amongst the published proceedings of this r 
body we find that the Conference respectfully | position. Humor is his forte, Hi 
solicited Bishop Richardson to reply to a com- | most broad and grotesque, yet genial and pions 
munication in the Montreal MWitness, relating 
to the alleged sale of the Belleville Seminary. 
Also that the Rev. J. Il. Johnson requested a 
certificate of his standing with the Conference, 

‘The increase in the membership during the 

Just before the close of the Session (which 
was held at Ottawa,) a committce of Ladies 

dress, after which they presented to each of 
the Bishops, and the Secretary, a gold pencil. 
The following Ministers were appointed to 

Sidney—Geo. Jones, Wn. Bird; H. H. 

Huntingdon and Hustings—S, Young, 
Tyendinage.—B, W. Blanchard, N. H. 

A special general Conference “to take into 
consideration the Belloville Seminary Trust, 
and also the condition of the Book room, with 
a view to its relief,” is to be held in Belleville 

An Inquest was held at Trenton, on the 5th 
inst., by Dr. P. G. Fergus, Coroner, on yiew 
of the body of Matthew Kennedy, who was 
found dead in his bed, on the raft of Mr, Wm. 
The decea-ed was aman 
of very intemperate habits; his: face when ‘ 

which, with somé scratches on the neck, caused 4 E 
some suspicion of foul play. A post mortem y no means parsimonious of his own, Nor 
y Dr. 
c come 
to his death by Apoplexy, or Water on the 
Brain. Verdict—" Died by the visitation of 

We understand that Mr, J. W. Youmans 

GEO. RITCHIE & CO, | dent and cautious aliost to timidity, whieh 

" sometimes leads him, [have thought, (though 
Chorus, Tweeps, AND SUMMER Vestrxos, | | may be mistaken,) to loso the most favors: 
41 GEO. RITCHIE & CO. ble opportunity for effecting some important 

particular mark of his brethren’s appreciati 
alth ugh he lives in the nictcea of ae 

paper, but we once knew him to have written 
what we wish he had published. ke 
No person ever bore toil and the lack of. 
onor better. He has sometimes made hue 
morous allusion to his great abilities and high 
is of tha 

character, How he has “brought down the — 
house” (for be it known, he isn celebrated Con 
ference debatcr,) all nequainted with the del 
beratious of Conference yerv well know. In 
. | this respcet he has answered a valuable pur- 
pose in our ecclesiastical discussions, often dike 
sipating the acrimonious feelings engendered 
by a stormy debate, by one of his irresistibly” 
ludicrous speeches. “But though Judierous, 
. | they are not trifling; he is often most langh- 
able when most in earnest. Father GC, hoide r 
very decided opinions on all questions, and is 
not afraid to express them either. Heoften 
does the latter by very sound arguments, which 
would be really weighty and convincing, if it 
were not for the odd and humorous wayin 
which they are put, To see him rise in Con. { 
ference (we have not yet had the pleasure of 
th , 50 far, during the present Sc-sion,) to see 
him tise, we say, is the signal for a titer of de 
light to run through the assembly, while sige 
nificant nods, and winks, and smil: ) AMOounE 
to saying, “now forsome innocent amusement.” 
‘The make of his tawny, good-natured face,is 
comical; and his nod, when he addresses “ Mr. 
President,” is formed on the most approved 
school-boy model of other days, when the ur- 
chin was expected to bring down his heail to 
every passing stranger,ia the use of the strict- 
ly enjoined “bow,” with a jerk that was a seri- 
ous endangerment of the vertebra: of the neck. 
But if our hero's So haneale Bre not telling in 
the ordinary sense, he often makes very lucky 
hits, which do good without hurting much.— 
We have two of these in our remembrance, 
which were decidedly rich, but hesitate a little 
for the present in ;ublishing them. 
Lit must. not be forgotten, that though 
Father Corson often provokes n laugh, he fre- 
quently bewiles the people of their tears, as 

are they crocodile tears either; he has a waral, * 
tender, and pious heart, 
This old-fashicned itinerant, by an odd jaxta- 
position, has settled himself at Cobourg, wiera 
our rising Ministry are receiving the polish of 
8 liberal education. ‘They may wry profitably, 
take some leaves out of his book. 

May God in mercy give him a serene old 
age, and the happy death of “a good soldier 
of Jesus Christ,” stich as he is! Aven. 


Iam about to try my hand on a very aif 
forent sabj-ct from the ast. Itis said, [be 
Vieve, that an artist finds it harder to paiot 
the face of a model beauty, than ono who has 
some features a little out of proportion. Itis 
true, L refer not in this to the persunul ap- 
pearance of my subject. Ho igno beauty, 
yet 4 personable, conifortable looking mam 

ealthy, florid, and bulky, without obesitt. 
An old Scottish gontloman said he liked t 
sce him on tho platform, as ono felt, from his 
appearance, “that there was no dangerof his 
breaking down,” 4 : 
Our sbjoct has a well balanced mind, He 
uniles 4 very emotional nature, with a very 
sound and sqgacious judgment. Ie is pruy 

object. Uo is not forward to tnke on himsslé 
responsibility which he thinks belongs to oth= 
ers} and yet wo haye sometimes known him 
to shoulder a good deal. 

Ho uiust be & man of vory successful mans 
agement, or ho would not hare enjoyed she 
uninterrupted confidence of British and Ca 
nadian Conferences go. long continuously as 
he lina) having been Chairman ofa District 
in New Brungwick for Sevoral yeara,—Supor= 
intondent of Missions in Canada, ever sineo 
tho re-canstruction of the “ Union,'=arid 
President of the Confrence no less than seven 
yoars in succession, 

Ho bogan his itinerant Inbors in tho West 
Tndies, where he published an interesting lit: 
tle work, embracing some affvcting matter’ 
of pastoral experince. Since thon, we hare 
not heard of his publishing anything, 1e 
sooms to have had a thorough business edie 
cation, As to matters of learning, it would 
bo harder to tell what he don't know, than 
whatho doos Ho has boon offered, and de 
clined, the degroe af Dootorin Divinity. His 
genoral information is extensive: he has seen 
a great Heal of what tho world calls wrod 
soclety,” but xeoms to prefor tho company 
tho i ous to all others Ho can be punetil= 
jously polite when required, or very Bee and 
familiay among his friends; he can indulge in 
or take g joke, whon jt ig not out ofeharnctely — 
As to public engagermouts, he rathershirink® 
from notorioty than courts it, Ie is retiring 
And domostic almost to a Miu ty yet capi ble 
of tho Most siiocossful publio elfdrt whon he 

wong to the prnive of God ; for there is pa. in« 

Jor 10 n yenr for the who!é five Poilodicali. ~ 

stroment like the human voice, and no choir! 
Tike she mows of the congregation, Our Pres! 

blo prachws, and an 
se 4 ie r eh 


eth and education, but 


Consorvative at = —e — ——— _—— = —- = = 
rie Alive, yet progressive, In a word “1 , 1. , : : } 
Peat, rook 7 ¥ . ord, a f@ Tho foll x, if true, f som MISCELLANEOUS, 
rouse 1, kind, wise man iy the Roy, Exocn aignttfennooc Wo flu it arate tine CASH ! CASH ! MUNIUIRALITY og MALLE Paid for Blanks for sistpanats 
May he long hold his mary of in tlle New York GC erolal —_ IN ACCOUNT WIT . z 
y present b nows in tle New York Commeroia oy a . Liconnes, 0 110 
fad Useful position! HETADICY dvertiver, ‘That journal discredits tho|/J412. Subscribers will pay the Highoat FRED. J. OSBORNE UDI AcGre eaieataylng back 4 
ae Post's information, und with a few cogent , J, D from J,'Thompson to G 
; ORAYON PHIRD, arguments shows tts inconsistency. Mowe] WOOL, IN CASH TREASURER, Towolliei.. © 07% 6 
noes wy At to Baathah tan of port and | &¥er We will lot our readers form their own OR EXCHANGE FOR , “J. MeCamon, _roputring 
ene, Who, if a good physique bo a mat. |Judgment as to ita reliability. ay ne = hi 

te phe J 4 J wr) r chimnoy, &o,, 114 0 

fulnesaand astiey arog payer amt a The Liverpool Post profemca to havo Cloithy, ete Tweeds, Flannels,| = OF the Year 1858.) , W. rated  lteoves ordor,2 100 $e er 

tain, ought to be the greatest ina Sts mains | rolable information, explanatory of Auatrin’s ‘o., delivered at their Katablishment in “ KR. McCamon, for extra sor- MMuE s ‘ . 

renee s fo he it lange, strong ant ate Cons | raysterious. proceedingse Tt anya. the mo- Frankford, RECEIPTS. nlbabeaes ciaame I HE Subscribers having advertised to exchange for WOOL 

Hortionvas and all who know him must ooo. | Mewe the French troops cross tho Ticino, the] WILLIAMS & ROBLIN. a “ 0. Ward, over chargo on a large assortment of 

ie that ho fa no mean man. Austrinn troops will mareb direct on Paris, | Frankford, June 3, 1859, 42 Welt Bob ys License, Toon BROADOL 

Pirst of all, ho has evidently a vory goog | ussia will then join Austria, and. the rex AAT . PND TTC Tc! | Received from lato Treasurer, 187 15 1 “ G, MeCamon, for li 0 OT 
epinion oF Hrnvel bug always vary nue | ward of what Hooks tke tanchery i 10 be| SCHOOL TRUSTEES |" Dito, oruor of tho ay a eRe ees alte ant HS, SATINETTS, DOESKINS, 

10 hero of his own storys and thi 4 Fallnoht y ‘sal A ; ee SASSIMERES. TWER : 
A LIC ue ry gang iis eal relis WOE a iW allnc Ms 7 ho crossing of ( F. School Sootions in tho ‘Townships of Council & School fund 6 6 94] “ W. 1H, Harris, for building T LINKLATER CASSIMERES, TWEEDS, &C. AND 
CYiraliwaya supposing algo traene Rarer: [tho Ticino. will bo regarded as au invasion |()SiDAKY, THURLOW&TYENDINAGA| “from M.Kerr, Colleo- chimney, 210 0 , » ,,|READY-MADE CLOT 
RT, ; 8 bad | of Anstriaa territory, and. on tht conviction | aro requested to call at tho Post Ofticu 1M- tor, 1857, 20 9 5h} “ A, Fulford, for drawing \ OULD respectfully announce toxhis friends HING, OF THEIR OWN MANUFACTURE 

Hlotan Bay of Quinto m Prussin and Germany will act, The Post] MEDIATELY, ior the Now CORY of the “ for Tavern Liconsos, 8713 4 lime and sand, 076 ¥ and the public, that ho hns taken the pro- coos Et 5 
Converted in early life, and faithful to the ae then proceeds to show tho incentive for a Bakioal Act, and the Blank Forma for Hulf- “from land improve- * wee a lately Goats ann Crokery Store, di- OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, 
Senta poriod of over thirty yoars,—a European longue against Napoleon, and} Yearly Returns, " : foanbfund! 411 0 1 rectly opposite R, Holden's Drug Store, where WA 
Fire oe which has been spent ti the Wealtyant] 8ay'8 that itis disposed to placo ttmplioit fuith RUBS ROUS, from J, Carleton, Col- fib hint , beds prepared to execute all orders in il. ALSO PAY CASEI 
Ministry, Ho wont out in 1839, in its information. ; yee Sree lector, 1858. oat % 0 | RECAPITULATION ] C Sh ts . 4 
and hs ena pac tutent business education, _ Tho Aussrians were expected to remain Belleville, Lune 6th, 1809. ~ ene Wy tant Clergy Resorve, 231 14 10 |,, ae en In Opper, eet lron Ware, to those who. do not wish to exchange, for 
tatters This may account for his bole] eee? ll tho Emperor ‘rencbed the VALUABLE Balanco duo Treasurer, 38° 9 44] Total recoipte, £1,202 14 11 AND BELL-HANGING ANY QUANTITY OF MERCHANTABLE Wwoor 
chosen to act so often on financial committecs | ee a Ho will kee ae avecrii Ma ; Ms 
yoann ‘ t in nom. E 7 o will keep constantly on Mand everyth TERED A’ pvernnT J 
Nor Tas any man in th connexion earalikae “ ; Ems Avcctareuistantheenden Daily FA R Mi FO R SA LE. £1,202 14 IL XPEN OITU RE caer iahae mith ything DELIVERED AT THEIR STORE ON FRONT STREET, 

prests © Church's temporalitios | News, writing from Turin, says that British | p HIS Fy ; "i : = ——— | County purposes, £582 0 7 "a" ap Ya * 7 - 

more than ho, He seoms to haven pench Enginee ail tn tho Auatrt Farm consists of about 180 acres, in — Towns! ers z ‘ EX 2 o - J 7 OO a fy we 

for holping every one in the ESehnacinenst oh ithe that they are:t Deorder of the Batic | 2 20d con, of tho ‘Township of Rawdon, in] EXPENDITURE. eta Reiser, ae Bt apt ond his line of Business, He trusts that the | Billeville, May 14, 1859, & J. BOOT H. 

his business. I'don't mean. to say this dis- | Government. ¢ the County of Hastings. nad Charitable purposes, 85. 9. «6 ids with which his endeavors huve heretofore | > = ——$—— aN) 

paragingly; itis not done with offenaiey ct | = HW Pe: , sh y a bvon received since commencing business { AT Euaiian nemeno 

trusiven » Vathohiora Patetatea ee A PUBLIC SINGER CURED OF BRON- uM pcrea Cleared aplvell Meng a SOO ERECT shes Pree Bridge 8, . this Town, will be extended to him in ri HATS! HATSI1 THE GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY, 
ogg drudgery -f eed i : aes we tae, ; am 2 Well watered, and in the highest stato of cul- D p new cstablishment. = ¥S CLARKE’ 

hag Ethie ‘but sometimes ho CHITIS: OF LONG’ STANDING. tivation, It ‘18 ploasantly situated on the| Paid balance of Local Grant School Soctions, 0 “Belleville, May Bnd; 1859, a Calabnilied es Ae atte A 

EERE EATERS Te speat gretltade Philadelphia, May 17, 1898. ma rate bet zaan Stirlin, and Aeyonn for 1857, 211 Of Miscollancous, 1h —- DAY OF Guinn Pee, —. Prepored froma Prescription of Sir at 

¥ s thus F » 1858. |) Fast, being two Farms, 2 ; d 9 + = Prats UK a , Clark 

Ho is ng pathetic preacher, with a] D&O, M.Jaoxsox—Dear $ anks to your ocd Framcctogken oa Rice Bathe, att “error of Local Super'dent, 1 13 114 £1,202 14 11 A d i t SPRING STYLE I OR op a Mjnieian Letraordinary to the Queen. 

et vory ae as 2A eR ea and [think | Hoofland’s Balsamic Cordial,” I am now, 1] other out houses. Also a Store and Store- s Manicipat Assossmnent A 1010 0 > a u i Iyer St, L awrence, ATA aBE Brea unfniling in the 

Is vo rhon he makes others feels] believe, thoroughly eared of that sorenoss in the | house kept by the present proprietor, 2 , F, J, OSBORNE Ts —B_ERLe sD to whi  fotaiale coy ab dan gerons ticeascs 

Se eneake rae t , 2 ° ‘ a ide ORNE, rm , , san 7 — hich th athe 

Dye onbernie Re ease: His} throat‘whteli has dlatvessed me for’m ony years. BlackemitWe shops, PY ‘stores and a School| “ Municipal Assessment for rates Tveasurer, | THROUGH PASSAGK & FREIGHT BOAT 2 Saret oh Sia female Stallone ssl ect, It 

‘ > 5 Sota hes I aT L : re + 7 2 emo 

lage dsr voleeundulates wre naeslal meets | yy may tot know that I'am mainly dependent House, within halfa mile of the Dwo:ling 1858, 1:0 1 ; Audited and found correct, on produc THE STEAMER JUST OPENED Hious, und n eperdy cure may bu ile 

Ho does not make so much a prossion in | UPon my salary nw leader‘of'a choir for aaubsla. Bone This is a pre aliahce toobiain a} To rae Tronsurer, 125 0 O /tion of vouchers, this twenty-ninth day of OUT : TO MARRIED LADIES 

his Conference speeches, as he eT if he} tence. About eight years ago, I first felt a gent eee bot mlNeted Form, “ To do, Clergy Reserve,231 14 10 March, 1859. AT ne 1 eM suited. It will, inn ehort time, 

H " ' he »' i. aed ro ring ont 7 " A 
cid ota Seu 50 much when he speaks, | weakness in the throat, which, as I supposed it] (<j Fer further particulars apply (if by |- £682 0 7 JOUN JONNSTON, } Auditors, 4 Beach Votdley pelea ate eee 
a ile more lucid in his argu=| was but temporary, gave me no uneasiness — | letter, pre-paid, Seymour East P. 0.) to NOBLE BARRY. CEO. H. HAYMES’ rernment Stamp of Great Bataien ne ae 
Hee has had bis share of honor and respon-| But it 0m became 40 painiul as to incapacitate | yung 7, pagg, LN AUEAN» Proprietor, TOWNSHIP OFFICERS JaHunger fords May 2a AabP ee carsell (ST aT. SAGE TORN GHB} : ea binemora (sige eat 
sibility has been Secretary of Conference; | 2% for a timo, from filling my situation, 1] 222% 1859. Paid TownshipeClerk, salary THE ST Woe OF LIFE CART, TALKOY, 2 BIGN OF THM Pain in eer Sp nvAod low, 
wie shpat AGI ; + * , r re SS wn eli 
peaked oF Mount, Rigin Industrial School neers eae ys alt seat exerelses, fora! TO LIQUOR DEALERS. and othor services, | 99.12 1} 4 £ “ J ILL, dining the present season, make A A paten pr Sia A eaksy Hysterion 
Hcinastaront 85 is now the | month, when my throat beeame better, Ree ‘ “ Tavern Inspectors, 410 0 4 y regular weekly trips from the Head of Or Cae eee Cell effect. «cura when ail 
ard: ne Gee Raruaplsataw: suming again, the soreness returned with in OTICE is hereby given, that in accord-| « W. Sayers Fond Surveyor, 710 9 |& Tf you want » good article of the Bay to Montreal, as follows :— tyke Poet bee UT T Cie 
ereaxed violence. I now had recourse to medi ance with an Act of Parliament passed « J. Thom On do, 23 9 6 DRIED BERF Dowuwards, will leave mony, or any thing hurtful to the PaNoINs sn tle 
CRAYON FOURTH, cal advice, and afleewards to soveral advertised | 0" the 26th Murch, 1859, (being 22nd Vic.) 4 Wan Trotter, PEC ar ar) / Trenton every Monday at 6 o'clock A.M Full directions in the pamphlee nH oath 
T now sketclia twin-spirit of the last, Ho | f™dies with but slight effect, Despairing of BA Pata ae Rico len aera 4 Assossors, G. Stokes and Ny MEAGHER‘ ea it 10 «A.M Mao gt phsald bd Sarelclly preserted, 
is not so stout, but he makes in length what |" cre T relinquished my situation, and had | g) yee varnise T D.M MEAG * ingston * 2 9 es PM 0B MORES Coen aettes aud Cunads, 

. 4 ny " a clock on Saturday tights, and 8 o'clock T. D, Mulroney, and for ‘ntl! anita fei a JOB MOSES, (Late L. Jdwi 5 
ho wants in breadth, Tall, straight, strong, | turaed my attention to other business, when one Sunday monings, vill 2 p roeeshted if hice selectin, anes £13 I Is! hoice Sugar-cured se Sealey Parlajarriving ? ee acne eee 
petit Spry ee so) contin, A fing person | of your ciroulars fell into my hands I deter. | cordance therewith, 10s. cal : 27:0 0 rete yeupeishveomeceholee,Bugacceute Nomen Bae Psi oh ht the NORTHRUP & MOSES, Newenstle, Whole 
ofaman is hoy anda mar ri i . ¢ 2 . b pre ing passengers the benefit of the i lor\Canéda Wee . 3 
Sie acl ater een mined to try the Cordial, and bought a bottle et GEEN, “ ‘Treasurer's salary, 15 0 0 Hams, Shoulders, or other Meats, | delighttui scenery on the River St. Lawrence. ° TORI eRe Sa <, 
sion. of a softer metal, to modify tHo stern nei un view. I could not Keo that T was any JOSEPH Tneeione “ Local Superintendent, Dr, Call at Upwards, will leave den & Co,, avd Dr, Coleman. Pay uals 
ted of which he is composed, it would have rh os, a taking it, yet determined to persist. | Roljeville, May 28, 1859. awd Willson, 20 0 0 MEAGHER'S, | Montreal every Thursday, at 4 o'clock P.M. > ooo 

mn better. sae nn i aa ingly bought a second, and soon afer a B 6 N York T i 1 “J.T. for Logan, 3 days, 4 15 0 Kingston avery Saturday, at 8 o'clock A.M. R E fi (8) y A L ! 

© has oxtra confidence in his own judg-| third botte, by which time felt so much better, | Bruce’s New York Type Foundr “J. Youngs 10 0 i for Picton, Bellevdle, Treat qi A 

i is li y ’ " tar If you wish the Lest of ) Bellevdle, oton, and interme: - rag 

mee ae ‘ine sacrers ay minis Aas This that, though I could sarcely afford it, I deter: AS now now on hand an immense ne “Win. Ray, 010 0 | diate ports, arriving at Trenton same evening. E > 
ans panies a rae esepinith some! mined to purchase a half dozen. When I had oti “ II. Pree, 015 0 FLOUR, ane SG pT being a well is fa- rocery Feed Store. 

: ho is re- * : : - > k 06 0 vorite boat, having every convenience for the 
ally a kind hearted as well as honorable man, | *¢® the sixth bottle, I felt that L was eured, | Roman Type, Copperplate Script, “?P. Woodeoe! J Call at comfort and rafety of P = 
_ Pretension aside, he is really a very versa- and Ihave taken 10 mora since, Six months pani Pe, tal Ri tae oleeker TxP6, roel Leah MEAGHER'’S, _ | passengers tin iightatenetilrtee HSC: ELAT, RR. ELV INS, 
tile, capable, yea, wonderful man. Few men | have passed away, and Ihave felt no return of| Brice and Blectro Circles and Eclipses erie oe = For Freight or Passage apply to the Cap- EVERY VARIETY OF Aare een a oak flee tate Grocery 
crane clever in so many things ashe. | the disense-_I haye resumed my old situation, | Labor Saying Rules, Metal RAGhatises Gy «J. Bowell, 100 C Meal, Oat-Meal, B tain on board; Joseph Doyle, Wharfinger, business, begs to return thanks for past fa- 
i I isa Now Englander by birth—a New | and the future looks bright before me, Kuhiuk | Faney Type Gore ane e, &e. “ Robertson and Clarke, 016 0 orn-iviea 1 at-Mea, 4 eas, Kingstou; Capt. Maxwell, Montreal; or to CAPS, AND orn ana gan his customers and the publia 
Feeney cditcation and a. Canadian | yoy arg entitled to this certifente~it in at your | Ornaments, Borders, Leads, Comer Quade,| _ J+ Harrigan, 110 0) Dried Apples, Coarse- — [21 Msazher, Produce Merchant, Kingston, : Lath Oecd ei 

5 Sy a5 ado) | 2 F 5 of if 

Gaile country acd va Have adopted he Review, Truly yours, ©; 8. GARRETT. The types are allcast by steam power from] “ J-Graham, 250 a s LAE ANID o SOFT HATS is oy Occupied by F. TAYLOR, Try 
Huibousohitho tvat (roiGbenchtact cur cee}, Prenaradionls by Dr. OM, Jackeon, No, 418 the hard metal peculiar to this Foundry.—| “ J. Bowell, 19126 Grains, &e, &e, a Where he is Prepared to keep on hand all arti 
union with the British Conference. He has | rch St, Philadelphia, and for anle by druggists | he Unegalled rapidity in the process ofcast-|_ “ Wm, Ray, oll 8 UE MWA ly FOR MEN, sles consectedig tig 
done us'good servico—au City Rees: a ante: storekeepors througlout tie U yal Sled ing enab! te mn to sel these more durable} Auditors, J. Youngs, 1 0 © |S As well as every description of 5 FLOUR & FEED STORE: 
Superintendent—Chairman—Chareh builder | Cada. Price 75 cents per bottle, 42.2 | !yPes at tle lowest prices ox ordinary types,| —“ do, J. Johnston, lt 0 0 GROCERIES WOOL CARDING “4 He ho i i 

aks k 2 pes to merit. a share of public patronage 
—and Treasurer and Moral Goyernor of Vic-| either or oredit. m — tt 7 YOUTHS AND aadeiiee - Pi B 
toria:Colleres ANOTIHEG RESIDENTER oF NEW youx erry Testiriss| Presses, Wood Type, Ink, Cases, Sticks, Can be had at AN ‘ eee deli : 

Ido ot Lrane that he is ambitions, I ragher TO THE GOOD EFFECTS OF ete,, furnished at the manufacturer's lowest EG MEAGUER'S, ADEE OLE UREESAN CHILDREN. FREE OF CHARGE be Oe 
think not, but he is so buoyant, he will al-| DS SSLANE’S CELEBRAT'D LIVER PILLS Pages a“ hal pamphlet of Fonts of COUNCILLORS ' pie . P HE Subscriber having recently erected . | BELLEVILLE, 1839. 81} — Belloyil'e, April 12th, 1859. 36 
ways keep on top. There is nothing in tha Prepared by Fleming Bros, ee pn 7 and Fer mailed to printing | east 2 (ay- NO CHARGE FOR INSPECTION. new building on the site of the premises | eo 
way of effort in connexion with the Church's _ _ New York, August $0, 1852. eee rae recetae of seven cents to pre- | Paid F. Gabourie, 42 6 Pee lately destroyed by fire, begs to announce to PH Oo NOG RAPH Y i e ~ F 
operation, he would not, if ealled to do it, une] | EW This isto certiy that Thave hed the P Rar Printess of RNa speiiareawint glen “ J. M, Detlor, 426 DES=--CASEZ: his triends and the ublic generally, Het he Son BS : 
dertake to do—even if she should confide to| Liver Complaint for five years, during which hs - | O00) 1 Clare, ee Di. Call at as put in it perfectly new Machinery of the i 7. NI 
hin the task of auputating a leg orarm. He| time T have tried almost all known rame Hews) £22 publish this advertisement, including this} W. Burle PW i . most improved kind, and is now prepared to WRITING BY SOUND ! . Ee 
has any amount of physical nerve or courage, but to no purpose. Hearing of Dr. M'Lana’s | "oles three times before the first of August, i ‘ : SMSINEL NDS: CARD WOOL, FULL and MANU. eee 
and has performed in his time prodigies of aa. | Celebrated Liver Pils Tecate ierah try a box, | 2559, and forward me one of the papers, will ~~~ | Belleville, May 23, 1859. 41 - LR * | PHONOGRAPAY was invented by ISAAC RIFLE PF ACTORY. 
venture—such as floating several imiles on a I a 40, and Reni almost cured, T think | D8 allsyred AN bills at the time of making £16 10 0 FACTURE CLOTH, * ee of Bath, Eeglands ue ui year 4 0) t I. 

i M on s; Baw YY " 7 a purcha: i — H 3 . 1837. Itis Ul t Kimple, most natural, most se 
aon orrented rier two. nch board, | gn eheerfulyrecnmmend thee Pigs mae [oF my Manuacares Nee" | Cora RTTABEE PURPOSES Commercial Bank of Canadas —/sni east sy tha all hws aorng hsp a tcl Warnednytne Write | AH apr dna pei aust 
ter through four fect of water ; anlapriaaias perantes ae ieae complaints atbave:alto, he > Paid R. Honston, 417 6 Diyipenn No, 52. + orders being promptly executed in the moet oes Terr ae enaieeeetts ETS T pablion tia tibe: has Bengt  HeRectors 
e@rivenholdinz’on’toihia horee’s bridle i oe pee area he cnt happy resulta GEORGE BRUCE, E i D. Ate , Ak worse satisfactory manner. He will, as usual, keep Tae Cae in Enciand: a ioctien ite Factory, and hopes to satisfy every one 
olde is ctearsheaded, logical, debates. well, MRSSWIET Well 6cactsyay Be | eee Carma! New. Yorks] si) iwviaow Orr 110,401] Nicene nereby: piven thaeiasDividen dot pUstgaiand|extenstvaimsegmaient eu GroTiy, | Bou inpoul sane private life, haye Tearned 1o| y) aking good and durable work. Any or- 
keeps his temper, and exerts a greatinfluence.} {97 Purch eill Is . sk for D b Sy ‘o4r per cent on the Capital Stock of} consisting of ytite Phonography, and thousands of social aud _ : t 
He will, however, be euctated for all he is WLANES | OF! k BRATED. ioe eee THE “ WEEKLY. GI OBE” “J, Patterson, 4 0 0) this Institution, for the half year ending 80th) Broudcloths, Cassimeres, Satinetts, Doe- Did ie Hatters SICA pass through the post] Double or Single Gain Twist Rifles, 
worth, Without the grace of God, he would | manufactured hy Fleming Bros, Pittsburgh, Pa OF FRIDAY, JUNE oe Do, 4 12 6} June next, has’ been this day declared, ond skins, Tweeds, Full-cloth and office. Bi . . Top and bottom, or any other kitid of GUN, 
not have been so athiable and interesting as| There are other Pills purporting to be Liver ’ E Oth, “RB, ILouston, 4 17  6| the same will be payable, at the Bank and its Flannels. Nor is its great popularity tobe wondered at, | as well as repairing, will be executed with 
he is—a beautiful example of sancti‘icd man | Pillk now bofore the public. Dr. M'Dane’s gen- CONTAINS ¢ 4 P, Akey, 2 10 | Offices, on and after Friday, the 1-t day of hich he will 'b d t b ke The present system of writing is exceedingly | despatch, and the work warranted: — 
liness. He is powerful in prayer, and a real | “in* ee Pills, also his celebrated Vermifuge, AN) Be BROWN’S second letter to Mr. Hope,| * Widow Jas, Carleton, 10 0 of July next. Whe Transfer Books will be closed Woot aly faeces once crul iris siusiuereosne? ead BY Ar gest. day" HES abot 

i 2 ca raat . 2 we , FE ion, Phonography i» ; : 

Hal wove dom lle binm, naw [eegenentce hon esieatcare oe pu pete Re nvenl ans Somme paion of] Du key 210. 0\ Sida ot eee tl ageons forma eel ny el cf leo in ore | Al parocy avg lf lap 
+ wit- ign 8 ince, Increase of the public debt. “ crt fo a " 1 0 fi i ‘itten siz ti » De, rsous having te! « 
tingty—a great deal of good, on the whole— COLI SS ee ee FLEMING BROS. |The government of Upper by Laver Canada, Be arenes 417 8) The annual general meeting of Sharehol |- The thghest Price uu CA SH pe nein ee tielebacoces dayncen with Mr. Rector for pepainty ara requested to 
and will, there is little doubt, get to heaven | — Proxoanarny. Some of them, [former stu, Opinions of the press on the position ofthe} a ts 17 O Jers, for the election of Directors, will be held} will also be paid for WOOL to those not te arforiealie ane nae man cau do ihe ware call forthe same forthwith, C.P. 
at last. We want to get ready to meet him | dents in the Phil. Hish School) not yat steal Reform Party, a P. Akey, 2 10 OJat the Bank.on Saturday, the 25th day of wishing to excharge forCloth. He hopes to} o¢ Fa So sifiple is the rystero, too, that u 
there.” }Auen: ahuswaniatiredtions saan ree ont The first battle in Italy. The Austrians lt. Houston, 417 6) June, in conformity with the Charter, when a reveive a liberal share of public patronage, person may learn to write it slowly, in a couple THE LIVER 
TR A Phonographic reporting, than the Principal of | lefeated. Strategetical “movements of the} ©“ J. Watterson, 417 6} xeneral statement of the affairs of the Bank | being fully convinced that he will be able} (fours. An hour's daily practice for a few 
ARMSTRONG REPRIEVED, the High School, after having given himself for | allies. r Do, 4.17 6| Will be submitted. The Chair will be pa to vive entire satisfaction to those favoring } weeks will enable any pereon to write Phonog I N y I G |) R A T 0 R Mf 
= more than twenty yeara to his profession —| The executions at Brantford and Cobourg.| “ Widow Orr, 1 10 Q| at noon, him with a call; and he would respectlully } raphy with certuinty, and with eome degree of ~ . 

Tatelligence, says the Brant Expositor of | Thoxe who have not entirely mastered the art GENERAL NEWS, MARKE D y 10 0 By order of the Board, request those huving Wool to dispose of, to freon: The same amount of practice will TREPARED BY PR SANFORD, 

Friday, was received jn town last uight, by still using ns far na itis at their command, take Kor Sal ae 1 MA KETS, &e, “« UP, ° 2 1 C. S. ROSS, call and see him belore selling elsewhere. | evable n person to take reports of speeches. lee- Compounded entirely from GUMS, 

telegraph from Toronto, that Armstrong | .0% dotes Pytly in phonography and partly in scone bY BcHARRISON, aellayillay > ect ‘ae Cashier. The highest price in cash will also be paid | urea, sermons, or couyersation, aud to re § ONR OF THE BRST POROATIVE AND LIVER MR 
haditgantren (atte ant Iiieweh torte. c 8 |longhand. Thore ix not an hourin the day, nor| Price $2 9 year, Six copies for $10y ten | “ I’. Akey, ~ 2 10 0}Commercial Bank of Canada, for HIDES, Suerr and Carr Sxiss. them with accuracy, vat “J deem! sssley lider; tnd mors etectinl Gan any iter medicise howe: 
nae eed Me . itence com Jn elas in the rchool, ont of Division I, ia which | copies for $155 twenty five copies for $35 eighty] “ Widow Carleton, 210 0} King-ton, 26th May, 1859, 6w-41] He would at this time ‘ender his sincere| Dr. J Ws Stone, of Boston, Bice pes Tia not only Cathar, bit & Leer teed. acting Seater the 
it 4 A agate Pir nue per een Matar a ——-| "FoR SALA FOR GASH, |'Satte he en imal urnaze he ins] Sosurnhy wn vans ed on, | ee eamie eaten ae 

F enite y: ie result has not 4M ean RSs. VOnNOS TART ria 9 Q £35 U received during the past years in which he | 108: aus o cp atari | tly, withoat any of the palbful feelings ex 1.16 operss 

a BTNARRU uO) ny, Novarey| SMALLS HPAI Ps nam Oster Anrieoe eS aie TIE COMPLE fa teen ngage it sien an fog th |wulapaseaa th sath ni | eae ag Bano 
'ty he may be, and we are convinced 1 , = a ayn w > q : " many kind expressions of sympathy tendered . 3 oi 7 f lat 

tht be is the Tost consummate eine AT ae eaeke CintineraeWWahenattay UNRIVALLED IN MARKET, 5%. Noes AND OTE FURNITURE OF A COTTAGE to nie on theteemictt of that raaany being aT arab OHTA staan dy el he s Peseta lunge 

of the three, still'in a politic’ point of view, | hibition of thia execllent. medicine ta crcsa at WITH IMMENSE Paid Andrew Keitly, 12 10 0) Opposite Dr. Stewart's, on the East Hill. | destroyed by fire. ; _ | boy only twelve years of ago, anid: * {lad this | i alta satel zat | ft fon laity wn he 

the executive have exercised a wiso. dise ,| | dropsy, Acting immediately vpon the blood. it | [J df wylieee Win. Adams, 3.0 M Rote purchaser can also have possession of] N. B.—Particular attention will be paid 10 aré been known 40 years axo it would hava say: | Aes, Oiths poker taser, —) Inre et fault. and the whol 

tion in commuting Armstrong's sentence, | Prevents the effusion of serum in greater quan ome, AN uropean Demand! 3) « John Martin, 5 the Cottage and grounds attached: For} Custom Carling and Cloth dressing, which | eq me 20 years bard lator.” sche Jeane od saa re ea ene eat Beal Porthediceuser ot Sas-ore 

Tie eto cata TB aie ie qysne €. nities than the absorbenta enn take up, and by| ‘The reason why, ie, that by Nature'sown pros| “ Joun Freebearn, 6 Sn apply to Jonny O'Doxocuur, Commer-} will be doue in the best manner, and war-| tor spoke but a portion of aa. troth What a, Bon te Brora Pritebr ahalLs a 

. 2 an, a Me OF his | equalizing and regulating the flow of the sed cess it restores the natural col i cial House. ranted to give entire satisfaction, long hand requires #ix years’ to accomplish, | brsctice of more thie tent eet okie 
prison, will now have ample tite to repent | tions and the circulation of the vital uid, effee aftor the hair becomes gray SHH Pe eta # Teano WV o¢dGock, 2 Belleville, May, 1859. 40 4 S. WHEADON. Phonegenyby will perform in one. Te ee ‘| =| epee aa 
of lis heinous crimes, and it is to be hoped | tally stops the progress of the distemper. Hol- | ral fluids, and thas makes it grow on bald heads, A, D, Vardy, 31 Bellevillo, April, 1859, 33] To Clergymen, Editors, Physicians, Tawy ors. | 7 Pie ter Cora © pis eri toca, 
that by his future course of conduct, fhe | OAY's Ointment is nlso used with grent effect | removes all dandruff, itchiow, and heatfrom the | ‘ Jolin Carleton, 4 CURRY & Mc ANDLI SH Secretaries, Conveyancers Law) and’ Medical | bar ae tie met’ ail ae | 
will display a deep contrition, and a just |c2.8 mans of discharging by evaporation and scalp, quote and tones.up the nerves, ond thus) ‘Taos, Carleton, 1 BELLEVILLE . Students, Lecturer Krintar e ae alates ug ata] [ce Healy ow 
Appreciation of the executive cl absorption the water-already collected in the | cures all nervous hendache, and may be rélied] « J. Coulston, 31 RE now receiving from New Yorka gen- - Morchanta, Sobool Boys and Gita 6 crow i Ure blood. | a gir Ink tone ana lienlih to 18s 

SGremency, —_Jcellularatinnes Really there seems to bo no|Upon to cure all diseases of tho tenlp and hnir;] « W, Blood; 18 | eral assortment of ‘ of Plignography taok vase aA ert hsruae tS |S ty laren 
' PIT 9 disease which cnn resist th H i it will at id keep it fi H : 7 : ’ tt & | W ) t is no profession or’ealling 1a which it Js nob us ‘a are! ed. and, what te 
Tho Setume A, Bopy.—Tho } these two prararationt: Sen wec ee oniey it Toft ii healthy, ec altlne om; pels * W, Alexander, at oll FRESH G ROCERIKS, ove In ale eno 1} ful, ant no young nN Sducatign can be con 4 ze Gormivedi oe er Uk, 
«ttle says, in speaking of Byers, Stats eek ne a “ =" | Jered Jeto without i 
who was executed at Welland on Tuesday : PAIN KILLER. rage tts ea Cire an n week, | » fe Bron. M41 COMPRISING Opposite Commercial Honse, Front St, o During thee an: pine months hundreds of per- | ant rhe 
Db ee informed that n few days previous ravdliLeTella@ssgiiwalsuaantec pon en ten eee oa GUNPOWDER, HYSON & YOUNG HYSON ——— 1 |sona in Canada, of every pursuit io life, haye| 100 fa 
Saiblatla Seamed Jka eb dete kat “A, Elliott, 10 ED 2S A = © DoW. TT BRN ESB] teguited the en from sany of whom che au fs 

to his exéeution, Byres y sici 

or gear Merritsville, he aac 

hia body after his death for the gum of g10 

The offer was accepted. The money he re- 

maitted to bis wife, but the poor woman E 

fused to receive it.” ake 

The Partiament burtoisas AtQvenxe, 
—The Qourrier du Canada says it ap. 
pears from the plans of the building to be 
erected at Quebee for the use of the two 
Houses of Parliament that it will ba con- 
atructed of red brick, with cut-stone facin 
at the corners, doora, and windows, Its fd 
tal length, divided in three sections, n 
centre and two aisles, will be 274 fect,— 
The centre of the building will Project 136 
feet at right angles to the editice, with a 
front of BO feet. Tho aisles will be each 
107 feet in length, with a breadth of 44 

We havo but little confidence in the trumpet 
Congued statements of the Proprietors of adver: 
tised medicines generally, but we are forced to 
concur tn the opinion, uniformly expressed by 
all who have used Perry Davis' Pain Killer, that 
itis a vesy valuable “article, and one that it 
wend be well for every Lonseholder to have at 
hand, in case of Uruises, sealds, diarrhea, dysen- 
Hits cholera, Gover and agne, and the host of 
pat a di and internal, which itis adapt 
ed to ciure or alleviate, No arti fai 
; ‘ 5 ticle of medicine 
“ver attained to euch untounded popularity and 
extensive diffusion, Invented only sixteen years 
‘ Nee, Its auretive powers have been oxperionced 
by Many, Many thousands in ever A 

iany, many 1 rection of 
the United States and Cannda, Ifas panalen 
a to ovary part, even tle most remote of the 
Hown world, bearing with it its healing influ 
ences more potent than thoes of the spives of 
“Araby the blessed.” Wo are informed hy our 
Principal dinggists, that they sell more of this 

New York, Jan. 8, 1858, 
Mersra. O. J, WOOD & CO, 

Gentlemen: Having lieard a good den) about 
Professor Wood's Hair Restorative, and my hair 
being quite gray, I made up my mind to lay 
aside the prejudices which I, in common with 
© great many persons, had against oll manner 
of patent medicines, and a short time ago leom- 
menced using your article, to test it for myself. 
The result has been «0 very tatisfactory that 
Tam very glad I did so, and in justice to you, 
an well nafor the encouragement of othors who 
may be as gray ns I was, but who, having my, 
prejudice without my reasons for setting it aside 
are unwilling to give your Restorative a trial 
till they have further proof, and the best proof 
being ocular demonstration, I write you this 
letter, which you may show to any such, and 
also direct them to me for farther proof, who 
am in and out of the N. ¥. Wire Railing Butab 
lishment every day, My hair is now its natural 
color, and much improved in appearance overy 
way, boing glossier and thicker and much more 

J. Wilson, 
“ R. Coulston, 
R, Gabouric, 
Thomas Coo, 
A. Thompson, 
A. Sinclair, 
A, Dafoe, 
Richard Taylor, 
P. Philips, 
«OW, Martin, 
G, McCay, 
R. Waterhouse, 
‘T. Tracy, 
R. Carleton, 
T. Carleton, Son., 
J. McGrath, 




= = 


W STOVES of every class, comprising 
American Ranges, Wood and Coal Cooking, 
Parlor, Cylinder, Halland Box 

which for beauty of design, symmetrical ap- 
pearance, and economy of fuel, cannot 
be surpassed. 

Baths, Rofrigerators, Water Coolers, 
Filterers, and the justly appreciated Fire- 
proof Stove-pipe Rim, always on hand. 
Bell Hanging, and General Copper Work, 
Tin Roofing, Lave Troughing, 
Conductor Piping, in a new and superior 
style, anc 
Executed on the most approved principles. 



And have also on hand, 

Various Qualities of Flour. 


A fow (ons Fresh Ground Corn Meal, 

sortber has received peat rere hovograph- 
io lettora, expressive of their delight with the 
attainment, and the extraordiiary ease with 
which they have auld it eee 

For the purpose o! aiding inthe dissemination 
of so important reform in his own country, the 
subscriber is now prepared to supply all who 
apply, wih the Manuat or Puoxoekaruy, and 
the Puonoararmto Cory Boor, sent by mail to 
any part of the Province, postage pre paid, for 
the small sum of S-ONE DOLLAK, 

'& long Mieke ns 
Tenors all sale 

Hts worrt forTms 

ainta yield 
Anybody and everybody, wha can Tearn any- eet haat 
thing, can learn Puoxoorarny from the Manvat | g eater, O84 
without other nasistance, Re Dropay, dy exelting the 

Those who wish to be able to put theirthoughta | 
to paper at tho rate of from 100 to 250 words | 
per minute, should send forthe aboyemyntioned 
works at 0000. ; 

‘The instructions gaven by the Manual ie ae 
plain as A, B, C., ond ton timos as ensy to Une 

The Canadian Phonetic Pionecr, 

Tan Monthly Journal, devoted to the adv cacy 

‘We take pleasure [p recom 
preventive for Fever and 
and all Fevers of « Mil~ 
with certaluty, and thousands * 
Wonderful virtues 

All Who ne IC are giving thelr nuantmons 


ending thie maiticlve wea 
Aue, Chil Vever, 
4 Dye. Te epermies 
iiiicgeus’ testify te Me 

es ry oq 

testiouny tn tie fay 
ba Mix Water ti thos south with the Tuyte 
gorator, and swallow both fogetier, 


workig cures, almost tie great 
A The Arad tose 

feet, Tlio centre will linve'a breaded of 44 | article f i healthy looki 
ave a bren 4] article for expor J kiog. ; capeo nn 1 
fect, ‘lhe centre will, liave three storeys, | 14 thet the daraand tb eenctan ne ecoert rig ae Taare a eaeetel ; “J. Wilson, 1 3] ALL OF WHIGH THEY OFFER To |—From his experience in this business, he | of the Reform, Price 25 cents per annum. i At 
the third of which will be an atic: the | ~LSalem Observer, ee Cor. Columbia and Carroll Sta rrooklyn, “J, M, Detlor, 0 THE. TRADE. WER nC feels confident of giving entire satisfaction. Addreas, (poatspaid) 
nisles will have two storvys. Tho halls of = == ona Pree an aM zip 14, 1858, Do. 1 1 A LARGO ASSORTMENT OF WILLIAM I, On, aN 
egivlati y i i Ws pedal AE ir Reator . awa, O Wh 
tlie Legislative Council and Assembly will Rioavirsen ay ehan) Y tyabaivaoneinumn. oe BRR ire “J. Black, 10 0/They are always in the Potash} Tin Ware, of every description, ee 
eeeupy the main body of the building in} stay, by Tees, Mee greet C* Won the 25h | country. My hair has been slightly diminishing| ‘J+ Wilson, 0| Market, and will pay the high: | 14.4 i Stock, and partivnlar attention is THE S MER 
ak fa “ “; . . ty 0 ans, Mr, DI < or i = 4 > 4 ¥ 
Ais en alate being, “ parated from Mave, of Wardwell, Jefferson Go, N.Y. to Cee L SA Epoeet for aslight| & at Menthe 9 est price in cash for it. directed to the 1859 1950 
eeatant Wn Bat leanle 5 : Miss Lacnite F. Mevpent, of Bridgewater, Vt. fae eatcraye for alx arth ond eek ve Oo. Ward’ 1 ; Bollovillo, Muy 23, 1869. bio] “OLD DOMINION OOrree PUT, ou. . Sed 
ay a OTS SIBUY WOK ving Hong Kong, |__| tint I havo a fine head of hai awl, i er te ht as : a f 
Brive Yee soe Few FRESH GROUND F tr having urd ll thervamadia Snows oyo|.  D-Varder, ail 3 J. L. REED, trond which nly needs arial to rocome | INVA > TE TER, ZR. | Conypot tastings, YBN sidan ot a 
y is. Large pirate force destroyed. effect. I think §¢ the moat valunblo race: “ ¥. Bonedivt 2 0 4 eT nee athe ‘o Wit, o Pr nee 
Short supplies of tea c nfirmed, and obstacles LOUR. now extant, and advise MlinOaran Ester, « p Cunha 3 ie 0 EELS thankful to the public for past pat- mend it in prelarangy to any olbery eens THOS. MINTOSH, Masten. snod ont ot Her Majesty's County Court of 
thrown in the way of next year’s supply, EXTRA FAMIZI why to uso your remedy. : “ M O'N ‘ll, 0 ronage, and inforwis them that he will] ta” Houses Alte! nUR vi : exety aa pe HE Moira vill. commonce her regular the County of Hastiags wil to ine directa ty 
FI The greatest activity prevails in the na 7 . LY FLOUR, | You can publish th'sif you think propor. i PAID Eroe Pdi bo tion of Stove vary. enroful attontion paid} A trips botween BELLEVILLE & OSWEGO |against tho Tands aun tenementiot Martin 
val und dockyard civil departments at Sheer From Canada Pall Wheat, oe fe i) ei W. MIDDLETON, ft TK nee eds we GP aD = sheet is otk All orders executed Pith on Monday next, April 4th, at Lo’clock, P.M, | Halloran, at the suit of George a 
nex, Olficers/ seamen, and mariners are en- Raney jar dd. Prof. Wood—Dere si APY Het: 9,-18574 a ve ye Wel OneO tig coming season, in any way to suit cus- i MIHRLU URAC HE calling at Mill Point, Picton, and Stone Mills, /have seized and inken in by MCR ds 
aged conveying stores from the various floors Bnnerioy No, Lslo, tive fa Tag Ioult hemo tersnlt Restora » Doonan, 9 13 tomers, such ua Cuatom Carding, Cloth| yr) vonre no Competition. Terms Lnberal. | and bein Oswego in time for the morning | lowing lands and tenements, vies 0" © 
5 dic) age nperfing No, 2 da, @ proving itself henoticial to me. The pt ‘ SATIN mere. | 42d Seara no yredittons . h: A sight! cortain tet or parcel of lant andl premisos 
in the storehouses, for rigging and equipping| * front, and also the baak —————= | Dressing, aud manufacturing SATINETTS, Tho highvst prico paid for old copper, | Cara for Now York and Buffalo. For freight) eortain dt K 
thie now being brought forward, Mechanics} BRAN AND §SH lont [ka Gov optima (a ek ceniy hua almnoet £309 11. 8| TWEEDS, CASSIMERES, Kuawseus, &04| pee pei Shoopskinns DPE, | Care for Nor oto the Captain on board. |eituato in the Township ol Tyeudinoga, wn 
Are coming from the nortliern and soushern manufactured at ey RTS hut two halt plat bottles of day Rae Ens and guarantees to turuish the soveral articlon ig py pee J. W. TURNER. : - Cabin TDrinsage, including onemeal, from |the Cotinty of Hastinirs, mine slicn af 
ports Ly join the dockyard, while seamen,| ey 7 a> WE We and now the top of my head is well studded with PRINTING, at prices to suit the times. His object is to} po}jeviliay May, 185% Boy ngmine $3; from Mill Point, $2.60; Picton | tho Soutl halt of Lot nara va Sh i 
andemen, nnd boys are arriving from g)i parts {if I FS MIS, | promising crop of young hair, nod the front je Paid M. Bowell Ay mako the Farmers satisfied. Instead of sell: | ———- and Stone Mills, $2. . the foventh Gd ih hk a t fa 
of England and Scotland to join the navy. anil for = ein Barrels and Bags, in lots to| leo receiving ita bonofit. I have tried other] 4 yy owell, for 1857, 14 2 3) jng for Foroign Goods, support your own Ma-| py, 4 li o & (6) i , tam Every attention will be given to the | Tyondinaga, conta’ Hig vk : Buy erste 
EB™ Five millions of conlow of the Britteh sult pore) am W , preppratlons without any bonofit whatever, 1 1. Miles, do, 2.13 4) nufactory, and not take the trade from Belle- I Or wart Ing Q JOMMISSION conveying of Livé Stock and Merchandise, | Alea part ot rt te Ras nO Ie ne 
J £ i 4 f 1" vink from n a ia mass = aay ‘ , : rdatrovnedsals paalily 
ean abd: Band of Hope. Review were : W, ALPORT, aulfadueslmany olere ta lee te eae APRA e on aNay by FERRY willibe cadet | ee ee ee eee ee ete te oe ee OMBATH MGSO 89] tor known and desoribed int a Mortgage from 
' 1%, ko,, FTMIE Subscriber having longed the Store| J said Halloran to the ‘Trust and Loan Compa- 

Ovot Mr Lewiw’ Hardware Store, 

ny, dated the 24th day of Febroary 1808, and 

Rogisterod tho samo tay in the Registry of- 
Allof which 

and returned, Cloth on hand to Exchange. 

D. R. THOMAS, M. dD, 

isdued last year, ‘These Jitt!e periodicals are 
‘Tho Restorative {n 

sent to all parts of the world. A missionary 

No. 464 Vino Su 
put up in bottles of three 


Hotise and Wharf owned by Billa Flint, 
for the purpose of doing a Forwarding 

Ralleville, June, 1850, WILD LAND TAX TO SCHOOL ri 
- oy 

in Africa writer, that the Boers and Lotten« s: Aw42 | nizes, viz: large, medium, and M15 th See 
tots recelve these pictorial monthiica with tha! POCKET BOOK POUNT) | Holds 4 «pint, and rotalle for ono Nolte SECTION Bolleville, May 15, 1859, in 
) ‘ 300K FC y pint, and retails for ono dollar per ECTIONS. and Commission businoss, would respectfully » » | fee of tho County of Hastings — 
ase aa 7 ‘a i ; “ me ds IUND, fap ed Ree La ee twonty vee Paid to School Aection No. 8, 7 0 2h P solicit n share of the public patronage. By a TO LEASE FOR A TERM OF ine duh nace shall offer, aga 
Zvery farnily should Wa eipplind with Perry OUNS) between Smithvill : porbon than tho small, retails} do, i 28 5 long acqualotance with, and a strict attention HAT well known and long established | my office in Rollovillo, on s 4) 
Davis’ Vegetable Pain Keillor, Ite magio offect | M' ville about 2 monthe 040, a Pooket Heck, pa Ai bottles the 24 holds a] do, is} i 3.9 1h Piet Yung and Boston. | 1, tho businoss, ho hopes to bo ablo to give T Hotel. on tho, East sido of Front Strout, | tay of July A\D. 1859 at the hour ol twelte 
in removing pain from all parts of the body, hae | contaiuing mouay and notes. Tho owner can taile for #3, PN aa GER bal do, do, 10, 114 7 LL parties aro herby notified that tho un-| a8 ae Bru And for, ns choapirateyas yin. the Town ich Doliarilie, aa aunty yal pee W, DUNBAR MOODIK, 
‘ { dd whe vutetio L th i H “s » 8 f { ig compotitora, : i ith immodiate possession; hav- JW ] Dik, 
given Ite ida HW Je palpi Ms Bt tala prorlng prensa ey oie fi is Kort i Co, Proprietors, 414 Brond- i Oe doy.14, 5 0 8 Peet alt rey cee STS ESE iho Subaer bor will constantly koop on tread large out-bailt ings, and & com- ; Sheriff, CUT. 
baring onesie Lessee went Ingly | at hos, (Fallagbor's, ard cone Tyandinazs, |\Verie Mo, ene 11 Moret Street, St,| |, ae a ue } ui ra Lawrence and Boston, after this date, without | hand, for Balt COAL, Oenert, Waterline, | modious yard. Rent malerato, por D, takai et 
pasteai das baladadl 1S BO BAiS HO ses Puy Orley 61) JOUN ANALY, Tailor y i % do, 1, his written order, Frovy, de, at the choapest rates, , Apply to a Shan % 
Pain Killer. Mf youdinaga, Syne 4 1859," pIWAS| Gente Declc gee 8204 Drupsists and Fancy —— JOHN MEAGHER, ; JAMES SISK. ile, QOANH: WALURIDGE, | sherifty mew ey n 
425m £22 10 0 |} Kingaton, April 24th, 1999, 38!  Helloville, April 8, 1859, 58! Rolleville, Mareh 1th, 1859, a April 9h, 1887, 





<3 \ 

‘The free almisaions of all Nationa, as wol 
the verdict of the tending Hospitals of the Old 

well as the New World stamp this powerful rem 
preparation ey 


a a to er io peveraarive | toring before tho coflve-room door the othor 
avat vee aavecious, through |day discussing tho affairs of state, whon the 

QUALITIES are more thar 
the external orifices of the kin 

a great ally. 

ommon and vieulent disor: 

Are two of the inorte 
ders prevalent on this conti: 
ment in especially antagonistic 
di is firat (o eradicate 
the cure. 

ntivent, to there the Oin! 


Cares of many years standing that have pertina+ 
Jo yield to any other remedy oF 
invariably suceuinbod to a few ap 

cioualy refuse 
plications of this powerful unguent. 


Arising from a bad state of the blood oF ehronle 

a clear and (raneparen! 

Gisease ace eradicated, 1 f 
torative action of the 

surface regained b 
Ointment. Ttsarpas: 
othor toilet appliances in its power to disper ¢ 
and other diehgarements of the frees 
Piles and Pistula. 

Every form and feat 
stubborn disordera is era 
ly by the use of this envolien 
should’ preceu plications Me be 
Ves willbe (ound to be thorough and in 
Both the Ointment and Pills should 

the following cases : 
Rheumatiain, — Sore Throats, 

Ring worn, 
Maude, Salt Ricum, 
%, Seal 

dicated locally and entire 

Si Joints, 
SkiwDisonses, Tellers 

Swelled Giaala, Ulocrss 
Bore Le Venereal Sores, 

Sore Brew Wounds of all 
Sore Heads, kinds, 

5 CAUTION !—Nono are gennine unless thr 
wards “ Holloway, New York and Lonilon,)” ar 
Giscernable ag a Waler-mark in every leaf of the 
book of dijections around each pot or box} the 
same may be plainly scen by Avlding the leaf to 
thelight. A handsome reward will bo g'ven'to 
any one rendering such tnformotton as may leall 
the detection of uny party or parties counterfeiting 
the medicine or vending the same, knowing thom 
Sold at the Mannfictorica of Professor Hor. 
Lowa¥, 50 Maiden Lane, New York, ani by all 
respeclable Druggista’ and Dealers in Medicine 
Throughout the United States alia: the civilized 
world, inboxes at 25 cents, 63 cents, and $I cach. 

3" There is considerable saving by taking the 
larger sizes. 

N, B.—Directions for the guidance of patients 
Go every disorder art affixed to exch box 4 

Mercurial Erupt’ 



Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, 
Ghronicor Nervous Devility, Diseases of the Kid. 
neys, and all diseases arising from a disordered 
Liver or 
Such as Constipation, Inward Piles, Fulocss or 
Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau- 
sea, Heartburn, Disgnst for Food, Fullness or 


f, luvisible to the nae 
T the Internal divease 5 
etiona its antl inflammatory 
‘irpars anytbing else On re> 

its modus operan- 
the venom and then completo 


ure of these prevalent and 

ent; wararfomentations 
sling: quali« 

be used in 

Sores of all Kinda, 


“Old how, or animal, or boas 
Toll me, did not nature Wee Up all her youat, 
In causiojg you torino to enol a height, 
Whoreby you easily observe daylight 
About two hours and a half belore the roo 
tore crow! 
‘And are you thorough bred or low! 
Unpack thy carpet baygortrunk auiltot ua ob 
nerve Whether you ure or no; 
Aod thon for wonder Lbo more will pant, 
For [ can trnly say, I'vi exes rue Kuen,” 




A knot of our local politicians were loi 


of the party on tho wer question of tl 
prosont day :—" War,” said he, * there il) 
bo nao war, Far's tho bawboes to earry it 
on, of the fouls to by fund that'll leu’ them t 
Iv’s a? a more Lick, the best dodge 
kent to got up a penny.marriage: 
penny marriage t inquired all the listeners 
atonoy “Aye, a penny marrage. Yo 
see, the French bucticlor boy Hasna at pluck, 
an’ it canna be expecktet the Sardinian dal- 
lie o’ a creature, jist frae the sebulo, can be 
expecktet to ba’e mucklo ; sot Was just a 
made-up plot amang the fiends to kick up 
a Hallo-bulloo about war to fireliton bodies 
that had their bawbees out at rentes an 
consols to gi’e then nwa’ at half nacthing, 
nnd tho furce was just keepit up. tit the 
poor things had made as mac! ilo oF the 
rumor as wid pit ower the weddin’ aud 
ablins to got a sark or two ti ( backs. 
That's tho war panic, ns yo ca’ it—v mere 
dodge—a complete talse-the wind for featli- 
er beds an’ boulsters,. christmas-box for 
Louis Napoleon aud tho Italian Tassie, wi" 
a’ tho clan jamphory tit wage up to the 
scoret, to buy silk stackins for the *ension, 
au’ to hu’e somothing to spend at the feet 
washin\"—Dundee sldvertiser. 

~ GO.D. - 

From the New York Mercury. 
An Irish storekeeper having ordered x 
jnantity of liaddock fish, ty Adams and 
Co's express, Was somowhat indignant upon 
the delivory of the fish to find on the out- 
side of the packuge the letters “C, OD.” 
“Au sure,” says Dat, * [didn’t order 
codfish} at tr 
“The expressman examined the fish, and 
pronounced ther-baddock. , 
“Woll’ says Pat, “ cod won't spell 
“Oh, no,” the expressman replied, “e-o-d 
spells cod.” 
© An'\” says Pat, trimupbantly 
‘o the fish, * them’s fish,”, 
“Yes —you are right there.” 
“Well, that makes codfish, don’t it, yo 
palpeen 1” 
“But where do you get the cod froin 2” 




lowing sage Opinion was dolivorod by one | 

20 cbesta Young Hyson 
15 cheats Twankay 

20 vuttion Gunpowder 
Old Hyson 
Young Hysou 
sheath Souchong 
chests Oolong 
chests Old Hyson 

15 bagw Javh © dad, 
b bags LaGr yra, Coffea, 
6 bags Mo a do, 
10 bugw Pl. itation Caylon Coffee, 



60 doxen assorted Tumblora, 
20 dozen Dequaters, 

10 dozen Water Bottles, ‘ 

50 boxes Montreal Soap, 

80 boxes Toronto, Soup, 

5 boxes Custile Soup, 5, 

10 boxes Honey and Brown Wiudsor Soap, 
50 boxes Steatine Candles, 

50 boxes ‘Tallow Candles, 

15 boxes Belmont Sperm Candles, 

5 boxes Sporm Caudles, 

15 cases (Green) Gin, 
10 cages (Red) Gin, 
3 bhds. Mactell's, Branly, 
hhds, Holland Gia, 
hhd. Old Tom, 
casks Port Wine, 
casks Sherry Wine, 
casks Luslie’s Ginger Wine, 
casts Leslie's Stomachic Bitters, 
cases Vermouth Bitters, 
cases Absiithe Suisse, 
cases Schiodam Schnapps, 
bbl, Stoughton Bitters, 
case Raspberry Vinegar, 
hhd, Seotch Whiskey, 
& Milk Punch, 
s Pepper. Sauce, 
bbls. Bottled Ate, 
10 bbls. London and Dublin Porter, 
15 baskets Champagne,” 

1 cask Butty’s Pickles, 
8 bags Allspice, 

5 bags Pepper, * 
8 bbls. Pot Barleyy 

15 bbls. Oatmeal, 

1 hhd. Carolina Rice, 

10 bags Rice, 

50 boxes MRL Raising, 

25 boxes MR Raisins, 

5 drams Sultapa sins, 

5 boxes Shelled: Aluionda, 

rethrns the expressman, 
“Look there,” says D’at, pointing at the a boros Potton Blue; 
rc ea Starch, 
Portentous GC. 0, D, “that’s cod to be} 49 boxes Pudding Starch, 
sure. i = 5 bales Cotton Wick, fg 
“Ob, no,” replies express,” “that’s 5 bdls. Twine, 
G.0, D., which means ‘collect on deli-{ 20 boxes Pipys, 
very |!” 50 Jars Colman’s Mustard, 
% Ah, bedad, [didn’t think o’that" cries}. 1 case Sardines, - 
Pat, scratching his bead with one hand, q bbls Rieetyey ee Qe 
and fveling for his purse with the other; 1 te Riebiont Soda 
“but young man, ket me give ye abit of) 50 Gross Shoe Blacking, 
advice, When yez bring any more bun- By JAMES BLACKLOCK. 

dles for me, don’t put on anything so mys- 
terious again ; but joost reverse the big let- 
ters, D. O. C,, and then yez can deliver on 
collection, which any fool can understand.” 
‘The expressman walked off, much pleas: 

Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eruetations, Sink 
ing or Fluttering at the Pit ofthe Stomach, Swim 
ting of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breath 
jog, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffuca 
og Bensaliona when ina lying posture, Dimness 
of Vision, Do or Webs before the Sight, Fever 
aud Dall Pain io the Head, Deliciency of Perspt 
ration, Yellowness of the Skin aud Eyes, Pain in 
the Side, Back, Cheat, Limbs, &c., Sudden flushes 
of Heat, Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imagin- 




Coughs Colds, Influenza, Croup, Hoarsenees, 

ronchitis, Pneuinonia, Discuses of the Bow 
es arising froma Cold, Incipient Doeimniate 
and for thé alt and (if al all’ possible) cure 
of Patientsin advanced stages of the latter dis 
mpas tolebrated preparation, like the Bitters, 
may be confidently telied on. Ii fs desigued 
for a class of diseases more general and more futal 
thao any other to which the people of this country 
are subject—those springing from light cold,” 
That eminent authority, Dr, Vell, tT wilt 
not say that Colds’are to our inhubstuuts what the 

Plague and Yellow Fever are to thos 

i we of other 
countries; b 

total t pens Aver coofidently (hat they 

Brealer complicity aud morta 



1852. Total deaths in Philadelphia, 

Died of Consumption, 1,912 
“all other diseases (250 
ia number), 8,31 
1854. Total deaths, zit 
Died of Consumption, 1n95* 
© alother diseascs, 7.854 
1851. Total deaths, hae 
9 636 
—-) 1,814 

From these figures, it will be 
one fourth of the total deaths in the country af 
caused by consumption, to say nothing ofthe ee 
paras other diseases springing from a ‘alight 
Do not trifle with your health; but, if sufferi 
from a cough, or cold on tha lunge, buy a bonle 
Ns 5 bottle 
you my safely count ona care. “Thous 
dove so, and have certified to ite wonderful effects, 
Coughs sometimes proceed from a t 
dyspeptic state of the stomach, in y 

German Bitters should be used. Iv 

seen that nearly 

ae 418 Arch 
fo by Diuggiatn and 
rs throughout the United Stat + 

nada. Vries 79 cents per Boitla, SIAR GE 

dice by R, Horpen und M. Sawren 


on Front Street, in one of the I 
NESS parts of the Town, 
Several Lots on Pi 
TE ie and Commercial Bank, 
pplitations to be made by letter (p i 
to the REV, JOHN CANKOLL Geen eae 
Belleville, March 8, 1859, 




JST PRINTED, on gout pape 

fy and fc 
hale at the Ghaonicle Oftice, rte 

BE Addrors Cards for snlo at this Oflice |! 

Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral. | 

inbacle Street. fronting tho 

1, Gapanonua, 

iS, ESQ, Bulle: 

SAI, csc B tl 
LAND LwAsas, 

ed, and promised to lay Pat's suggestion 
before the superintendent. 


The Pique (S. C,) Register, lias the fol- 
lowing in a recent issue, describing an inci- 
dent among the slaves:— — — 

“Quite a revival is now in progress at 
he African Church in this city. We were 

ig Of present a few evenings since, and witnessed, | AT THE CANTON TEA STORE, 

with much gratification, their earnest deyo- 

‘Who dat praying ober dar? 

The response was—! Dat’s brudder Mose.’ 
‘Hold on dar, bradder Mose !’ was the 
tictuun of the former,. * you let brudder 
Ryan pray, he’s better quainted wid de Lord 
dan you am! Bradder Mose stopped, and 
brudder Ryan prayed,” 

Very Ungartant.—au ol fushioned 
naval captam stood up to go through 
country dance with a very fine lady, who 
was sliocked to observe that his huge and 
warm hands were not covered according to 
etiquette. “ Captain,” said his fair partner, 
“you are perhaps not aware that you baye 
not your gloves on,” “Oh, never mind, 
my dear ma'am,” auswered the command: 
ér, “never mitid, 1 oan wash my bands 
when we've done!” i 

ta A renowned clergyman lately 
preached rather a long sermon from the 
text, “Thou art waisted ino the balance 
and found wanting.” After the congrepa- 
tion bad listened about an hour, some be 
gan to get Weary aud went out; others soon 
followed, grently to the snnoyance of the 
Minister. Another person started, where: 
pon the parson stopped in his sermon and 
jatid: “Thatis right, gentlenicn; as fist as 
you are we'yhed, pars out!’ Hucoutinued 
{his sermon without interraption. 

1" The 

J It is i 
mare toule, nineteen and a half hands high, 
nnd weighs eighteen hundred wid thirty. 

| five pounds, This extraordinary: animal ix 

jthe property of Charles Frost, of Wayne 

| County, Ind., recently purchased near Lex 
ington, Kentucky, 

| PB Susan wak destious of purchasing o 

watch, ‘The maker showed her, among 
others, a beautiful one, remarking that it 
went thirty-six hours, ‘5 
ed poor Susnn, 

Puxagxt.—Two Irishmen ware in pie 
Son, one for atenling a cow, and’ tho® other 
for stealing m watch. | Mike,” said the 
jcow-stealer one day, “what o'clock « ir?” 
“Och, Pat, I haven't my wate handy, but 
L think it is about milking time,” f 

Kat Most truly did Theodore Sedgwick 
say that itis the man of robust Andenduring 
constitution, of olastic nerve, of compre 
hensive digestion, who does the great work 
of life. Ty is 
It is Brougimm with his Superhuman pow 
ora of endurance, It is Franklin, at the 

-|Age of 70 camping outon his way to aroun 

the Canadas, ax our hardest boys of twenty 
now camp out in the Adirondacks or or 

) Washington, with bis eplended feimo ani 

pliysical strength, 

Bors, Reap rnit,—It ie at) thin season o 
the ydar that sovore colda aro cauglit by boys, 
who nro so reckless of hoalth aw to "go fn 
bathing.”* To all nuchy we 'nubmit the follow 
ing old way ing, in which Mere ja roore trath 
than poetry; 



whio Hathe to Map, 

n000 be lab in oliy ; 
who bathe lo June 
eiog ® merry Lune,” 

“In one day #" ask- | 

cout with his nianly form, 

tho Miramiclis Itia Nupolvon, sludptuy 
four hours and on horseback twenty, It is 


Nelson’s Gelatine, 
Russian Isinglass, 
5 cases Salad Oil, 
Taylor's Chocolate, 
French Capers, 
5 doz. Lea & Perrin’s Worcester Sauce, 
Burgess’ Essences, Anchovies, 
50 dozen assorted English Sauces, 
Bengal Chutnee, 
Sago, Arrowroot, and Tapioca, 
Maccayoni and Vermicelli, 
Natmegs, Cloves, and Cinnamon, 

25 dozen Shoe Brushes, 
20 dozen Stove Brushes, 
2 cases Clothes Brushes, 
5 bbls. Ground Loaf Sogar, 
5 bbls. Granulated Sugar, 
20 bbls. Crushed Loaf Sugar, 
15 bbls, Y. C, Sugar, 
10 hhds, Muscovado Sugar, 
ugar House Syrup, 




1 casé Virginia Twist Tobacco, 


100 boxes Scaled Herrings, 

26 bbls. Herrings, 

Whitefish and Lake Herrings, . 

Belleville, Nov. 18th, 1858, 1 


A is stand, two doors above 
Mr, Nulty's Auction Room, 
Front Street, ie prepared to meet 

& all orders in his line of business 
with promptness and dispatch, 



He attends 

pneetually co the Jobbing department, and hiv 
charges are very low, 

His stook of Jewelry, nicely arranged and 
well selected, will give satisfaction to the most 
A large aesortment of 


h Gold 

nude to order, 

OLo Gorn on Si.ven taken in oxchange, or 
bought for Cash, 

Bollovillo, Mareh8th , 1868. 


NAVE Subscriber, gratefal for past fhvors, 
begs to inform his friends and the public 
generally, that ho has opensd shop in Mr, 

We Voi . 

ronting the Market, where he hopes, from 
his long standing and well known abitity, by 
punotuality and despatoh, to merit a share of 
public patronage. All orders in the above 
line executed in the latest tyle of Fashion 
and warranted, 

N.B,—COatting douse onthe shortest notice 
nnd warranted, 



Front, St. Bollovillo, 1857. (18) 

pOS J ION first of May next, near the 
A residence of Hon, Edinund Murney. 1 
is in good condition, with a small gardea at 
|tached, Rent moderate, Apply to 

pe Ae ee tl 

\UMMONS to Eximing Defendant, Order 
»D to Examine Judgment Dobtor—just print- 
od, aod for nile at this office, 







“The Farmer'a own Paper." 


(Koravuyunn tN 161s) 
» of the finost whent and frutt « ne 
an uorivalled eirou 

Jation, ond Tas ab perionded dortop 
dlonts in avery State of the Union, and in the 
Britioh Provinces. 

Knoh volume oontaine Trttre Hoyonkn any 
Riaury-vour Paan, and is pro’ ly iWdetrated 
with expensive wood outs, Iv fe sont to any 

wddread for 

Tn order ta introduce the Marmer into diatricts 
whore it has fow readers, we will tub 
tions to the coming half volume(du 

t tho followlny raten! 
conta; five copies for § A gop: 
of Our beautiful 26 it book the ural Annual 
s‘Tortionliural Direvtory, prepaid by mail, to 
orson getting up the dab; eightiedplos'for 
$1.00, and a Ruyal Annual, prevald by mail, 
to the peraon getting up tho olab; sixteen copies 
for $8, and a Aural Annual nud un eetra copy 
of the Harmer for w your or two for the huif 
volume, to the person getting up the clab. 

Wo also offer n liboral list of CASH PREMI- 
UMS aon n atill gryatur inducenort form clubs. 
Full particulars willbe found in the paper, and 
every one interested in the oulture of the soil 
in invited to sond for a copy, and if ploadod with 
tho paper, te aot ns agent. recimen copies 
sont free to ull applioante, Addrons, 

Pop.isien ayy Phovareron, 

[s9) Rochester, N.Y 


T a meeting of the Medical Faculty of the 

County of Hastings, held at Belfeville, on 
the 14th inst, the following Preamble and 
Resolutions were passe!l, and omfered to be 
pubiished ip the Hastings Chronicle and the 
Intelligencer; — 

Whereas, the custom hitherto followed by 
Physicians in this County, of allowing’ ac- 
counts for professional services to remain in- 
definitely unsettled, hus been alike injurious 
to themselves, : 

Beit therefore Resolved, 

1st, —That all necounts for Medical Services 
bo rendered Quartarly, 

2nd,—That all accounts made diring the year 


May 2) 1859. 

be closed on Slat Decomber, 
[Signed] Dus. B. WALTON, 




G W. JONIS, Canifton, 


1858. wt i 

eleville, 14th Oct, 



Buffalo Medical Dispensary, 

i Established for the Core of z 
Dysrersia, Gengral Denitiry, FRYER AND 
Acue, AstHMma, INCrriknT CONSUMPTION, 
Invinmitizs oF YourH AND Otp AGE, &e 


Corner of ‘Main and Quay Sta, Bigfalo, No X,, 
A RE the only Physicians in the State who are 
metnbers of the Royal College of Surgeons, 
London, May be consulted from 8 in the morn: 
ing, until night, in every state and symp 
tom of Disease. The treatment they adopt is 
the result of opwards of 80 Years’ éxtelisive atid 
tuccessful-practice in Europe and Americu, 
An instrument for the cure of genital Debili- 
ty, or Nocturodl Entissions more properly 
Known as Seminal Weakness, &c., can be per- 

Ghe Farin. 



against the attacks of Uo turnip Hy, bubao 
absolute specific apponrs as yet to have 
boon disgoversd, Mry Poppy's scheme for 
it consists in sowing, Allernate 

rows, of occasional patohes of common tur 
hips in the midst of the Swedes, in the be- 
lief, to which Mis experience had Jed litt, 
Unat the fly would confine jwlf to the for- 
mer. To has slice found Wat tnustard at- 
tracts the fly from both common tind Swed- 
ish Curnips. 
Mr. Grey, of Dilston, lias for soino years 
past planted fild potatoes in rows Wternately 
with Swedish turnips, on land which bad 
been worked, manured ond drilled up in 
tho proyious autumn, oF very Girly in the 
spring, the potato keod being pat in with 
he spade. ‘Tits Ne'did to preserve the po: 
tatoos from tha prevalent disease; and the 
turnips wero ulwiys the best in the field, 
Lord Grey states his experience of the 
homo pragticd thus : "158 weurions thing 
that in ono field, where I have tried your 
experiment of sowing two, drills of turnips 
togethor between the drills of potatées, the 
turnips liave entirely escaped the fly, though 
in all the rest of tho field, sown at the same 
tina, they ara completely destroyed,” Tt 
would seem that the potato top i 80 dis: 
tasteful to the fly, 18 to alford protection to 
plants of avothyr kind growing in imme- 
diate proximity. 
We wero told by a Canadian farmer 
who has had, considerable experience in 
raising turnips, that ho Jas never wholly 
lost his crop by the attacks of the fy—and 
seldom indeed much injured. His practice 
is to sow very thickly, and as the 
smooth leaves begin to appear, to scatter 
over drills a quantity of quickie, dry 
Wood ashes and sobt, intimately mixed 5 the 
proportion of lime buing equal to tlie other 
two ingredients, —Agriculturist, 
As this is, the season, for, planting pota- 
toes, next to haying good seed, it is impor- 
tavt (© know how to plant them, ‘The 
following is Prof. Mapes’s method. Plow 
the field deep.’ Next harrow. Then make 
furrows six inches deep and about three 
fect aparty Drop iwhole potatoes once io 
two fuet, and cover them with # plow with 
aboutothree inches of earth, » When the 
tops muké their appearance pretty gener- 


prepared to execute with 





Many. devices have Loon recommended | VE SUBSORIBER boys to atinounce to the public of Bulloville and vicinity, that noi)" 


all drdvta for WINDOW SASH and BLINDS of all descriptions; DOOKS, and every 
varioty of plait ahd ordamental MOULDINGS, 

If réquired, roudy for flooring or other uses, for Joiners and Carpentors. 
A full supply of the above Articles kept constantly on hand for sale, 


adjoining Coleman.» Flovring Mills, aud formerly known as “ PRINGLE & BRO'S 

tarCnstomers would do well to call before purchasing elsewhere, 


S, «C. 


t Tore 


tho In 






A. DIAMOND, Sxn’r. /|tors 

=A s EO ToS 

- » Op 

ps DUB, ond HALF BUSHIBL Manufac- 

turer, ia iow, proparod to fulfil any-order, 
for the above articles, With which be ty be 
favored. Lis work is superior to any offered 
in the market, 
Vaile delivered at the Railroad Station or 
Whiarves, at 185, per dozon. 
«from 34. 9d: to Be. each by the dozen. 
§ td call particular attention to the 


Thi all whom it may concern : 
We, the undersignéd, Merchants of Belleville, 
hinve for several years’ buen selling Mr. Dame's 
Paile and Tubs, and alvo using therm in our own 
famitics, we thoreforo heallate not to say, that 
we believe they are a cheaper article thao an 
otlier Pail offered for sale in or market, iit 
though sold for m much lower prico; we also. 
any that we havo never known Mr, Danie to 
offer a bad article in our market. 
¥. W. Horo, Joun Lewis, 
N. Jones,; B. F. Davy, 
Maux Adamson. M. Nutty. 

Mn. A. Damn, 
Sit:-—I wich to.atnte that I have sold youn 
work for three yents, therefore T can fully re 
commend your Tuba and Pails to the public, ns 
they are siperior to any olfered in this section 


and Grocery Store, all in good repair, at pre- 
sont renting at $200 perannum, 
Reasonable time will be given for most of the 
Also, 50 acres, part of Lot No, 2 in the 12th 
con. Huntingdon, ‘Apply to the proprietor 1 
the Village of Hastings, if byletter, post-paid. 

N the Village of Hastings, late Ma- 
doc, consisting of a} acre Lot on 
Front Street, with a Hotel, and Bakery 

Price, 81600. 

yments. ‘Title indisputable. Also, 200 acres 
tind, bethg Lot No. 32 in the 8th con. Madoc, 

printed with the Atnnual Report, epenke for it 

Madoc, April 1st, 1859. 43 13 



i AS now on hand on nssortment of WELL 

Hair, Moss, and other Mattrasses, 
which he is enabled to offer at 

Upholstery & C.ubinet Work 

| Furniture. 

80h Sune, 1687 

the existing deproasion Is taken i 

out the 

Ata anuequent o 

Belleville, Noy. 3, 1868. 

aly, plow over them three inches more of 
eatth. © Ifmecessary to hoe them after this, 
doit, batikeep the grouad level. Six in- 
ches issabout the right depth to, plant po- 
tatoes, butyhalf thd earth at a time is better 
than the whole at once. New ;potatoes 
grow frometlie sprouts above the seed po- 
tatoes,but never under it. Prequent bil- 
ling makes small potatoes. A potatoe vine 
will yield potatoes-to itsvery top if hilled 
as high, but the greater the number the 
smaller-the average size 


The prospect of better prices for farm 
produce should lead every one'to gét in’all 
the crops possible the present year: ‘It is 
by no méins too late to plant corn doring 
the first week in June. Someguod farmers 
purposely"delay their principal corn plant- 
ing until te last of May or the first of 
June, Their experience has taught them 
that, asa genersl-rale, corn plaotdd) Junie 
lst is!as forward by the end ofjJulyy as 
that ‘planted May 10th. ‘They say, that 

pioubn ys cured in: from fifteen days tortwo 
months, by the use ef this instrument, when used 
conjointly with medicines art 


DR. AMOS & SON take pleasure in on 
pouncing that they, have invented a iuost impor 
tant instrament for the cure of the above dis- 
oases. It has been subjected to a test by the 
most eminent physicians ia London, Paris, Phi- 
ladulphia, aud New York; it has been declared 
the only useful instrumontever invented for the 
eure of Sentinal Wenkness or any disease of the 
genitul organs, caused by the secret habits*of 
youth, f 
ice TEN DOLLARS, by Mail or Tepress. 

For all complaints—stnictures, seminal weak- 
ness, pains in the loins, affection of the kidneys, 
diseasés of head, throat, nose and skin, and all 
those dreadful affections arising from a seeret, 
habit of youth, which produce” coustitutional 
debility, render marriage inpowsible, and ii the 
end destroy both body,and mind. 


DR. AMOS & SON haye devoted their atten 
tion exclusively to this peculiar elass of mala- 
dies, nud the relief they haye consequently been 
enabled to render to their fellow-creatures is 
fully testified and greatly acknow?cdged by cou: 
yalescent patients and othera daily arriving fn 
town from all parts of the country, for the ex- 
press purpose only of consultations, while their 
exertions haye been crowned with the most sig 
nal advantages; yet from what they have ex- 
verigiced in ing iving into the causes of these 
infectious complaints (from tlieir most simplé 
condition to that of (he most dangerous and in- 
yetvrate) they have always entortained the pos: 
sibility of their proyention and remayal, and 
likewise invariably found thav the mogthiorible 
aud malignant forma of disease could almost al 
ways bo traced to one of tho following causes: 
norance, neglect, or the ill effecta of un- 
skilful and improper treatment; therefore, Dr, 
AMOS & SON have succeeded in digcoyeriogyiv 
tho aclection of their remedivs, a siife, offectunt, 
and cautious cotirse; omitting all combination 
of vermedies which bear an equivocal character, 
As well ng those whose premature or injudicious 
Application might be productive!of bad conats 

ences in the hands of private individuals Tu 
ihort the Iaudable end of their remedios is tho 
lessening of n great. mass of, human mixery by 
the alleviation, relief, and prevention of those 
grievous afllictions that are in ity the seera 
foe of life, atid which, while they Ko extremely 
surround ue, call aloud for our skill and inter 
ference for their extermination, 


Persons in any partef the world way be sue 
conmfully treated by forwarding 1 go) tail 
of thoiy case, with a remittance fovmedicines, 

Add: AMOS & SON, corner Main and 
Quay streets, Balfulo, N, ¥ 21 




Front Street, Belleville; one Door below Mri 
C, Bricks Jewelry Lstablishment, 

I ESPECTFULLY informs, the Ladies of 
Belleville and vicinity, that slie keeps of 

hand constantly a largo assoriment of the 

finest and best Ladies’ Boots and Shoos, 

‘Lhe Goode offered for sale arg all new, and 
the latest styles always on hand at FIXED 

The best business connections with Mon- 
treul, Torsnto aod” New York Virirts, will 
enable her to self as low ag any other estab- 
lishinent ja Town, 

Her late friends and customers particular 
ly, and #uch of the Ladiew who like to be 
waited on by her, will do well to get theit 
winits supplied, 

A large assortment of Lailte'n, Missen Chile 
dren's Fall and Winter Wear on hat, 

Belleville; Novémbor 6, 1858, 


cc =S—- = oo on, 

N great varivty, and of difleront ‘célors, 

suitable for printing upd. Also, fine 
onimellod Address Cards, for Ladies and 
Gentlemen, just received & for silo CHEAP, 
wt tha Chronicle Oficu, 

Novembor 2, 1568, 

Assignments of Mortgaye. for nalo, 

ap Bee Be ee 
4 bite for o Market Garden, und Nurvery) 
for Fruit Trees. Torms reavonwhld nnd to 
suit the applicant. Apply at this office, 22 

| Ayer’s Cathartic Pills, 

Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. 

_| and for filling up vacant spots ip that alren 
dy above the ground, Of course, It will | the original editions. 

when platted late, the gronnd is warm aud 
quickly germinates the seed, and starts it at 
once ititolvigorous growth, and that it will 
soon overtake and go ahead’ of the early 
planted. They also argue that-one hoeing 
is saved by the late working: of:the soil pre- 
vious. to planting, as a large-number of 
weeds which have started,are tli¢n killed. 
This yearit is safe-to act upon this theory, 
where there is a spare lot thatmay bejused. 
The quick growing varieties, like the King 
Philip,‘are most desirable for Inte. planting, 

not dU to mix in the different varieties 
wheré pure seed is to be gathered, 

of the country, for whieh I find ready sale. 


Periodicals, vizt— 

one fea 
thé most profound writers on Science, 
ture; Morality, and Religion, they stand, as 
they ever have stood, unrivalled ib the worl 
of Yetlers, being considered indispensable to 
the scholar and the professional’ man, while 
to the intelligent reader of every class they 
furnish a more correct and satisfacto) 
of the current literature of the day, 
out the world, than can be possibly obtained 
from any, other source. 

Yours, &e, 
Napansev-April. 2. 2869) 34 



‘Tne Loxpon Quarrenty (Conservative). 

Tro: Eorseuren Review (Whig). 

‘fue Nortn Burnisu Ryeww, (Free Church.) 

‘Tne Westausster Review (Liberal). 
lo iB 

‘ese Periodicals ably represent the thre: 

great political parties of Great Britain— Whig, 
Tory, and Rad‘cal—but politics forms only 
‘As Organs of 

ture of their character. 



Lhe receipt of Advance Sheets from th 

British publishers’ gives! additional value to 
these Reprints, inasmuch as they can now be 

It js some time forgotten that the last 
gill of milk drawn from. the cow's udder is 
the best part of every milking. Careful 
experiments made in England show, (ac: 

Money current in the! State where issucd 
will be received at par. 

COTT & Co., New York, continue: to 
publish the following leading British} A compound remedy, in which we haye la- 

Brackwoon's Eprsnurncn Macazine (Tory,) 


vording to a report lately published) that 
“the quantity of cream obtained from the 

that of the first in the proportion of twelve 
to one.” ‘The diflererice in the quality also 
is considerable, Tence, a person who care- 
lessly Jeatves but halt a pint of -milk un- 
drawn, loses in reality bout as much éream 
as would ba afferded by six or eight pints 
at the beginning ; and loses, too, that part 
of the crenm Which gives the richness and 
high flavor to his butter— American’ Agrt 


This blight isa species of minute parasite 
plant, forming a fungus growth on the 
stalk, and drawing its nourislinent from 
the juices of the plant. Nopreveotive that 
we now of has been discovered, Its pre- 
valence scems to depend mainly upon the 
weather favorable to its’ growth; long-con- 
tinued héat and dampness are oftéa fol- 
lowed by ‘its development. 

Wo Jearn from a southern paper that 
tho most extensive plantation in, Louisiana 
is. managed by a womun—Mrs, A. Flint, 
During the last year slo raised 1,800 hogs- 
hends of molasses, und 400 bales of cotton 
hia largest crop pro lused on any plan 
tation in that State. 

SoWs Anp rin Pias.—let iswellenough 
to know at this season, that a liboral diet 
of roofé, such as turnips, beets, cavrolsy, pate 
snips, fed) to sows with their other food, 
will aid in preventing them frou’ liaving 
af appetite for fooding upon their young. 
Cor bran, or meal is very, drying, and 
{ends to constipation, # Give tho sowa suc- 
culont | foot, that will promote a flow ol 
milk, and they will not have to torn round 
and shorten the demand Ly cutdng off the 

Srieer Evucation.—A city missionary vi- 
sited an unhappy man in gaol, awaiting his 
trial for’® State prison crime, Sir," said 
the prisoner, toara running down his cheeks, 
“Thad a good home education, 1 was iny 
Atroot education Uhitereingd ine, TL used to 
slip out of the hodsg-and go off w ith the boys 
in thestreot. In thestrect Learned to lounge, 
int the atrect [learned to won fn’ the Btroot 
Llearnod to amoke, in the streot Tloarned to 
amble; in tho stroot I learned to es oh 

Nir, iUa in the street the devil lurks to catch 
the young” 
wm. Woonrsz, 

BMLLEVI LYE, bogs to inform the Inhab: 
Itonte of the Uouiphy it Hnotings gonerally, that 
he oontinued pradtioing the above Att, anc hopes 
by wtridtattentidd to alle to hin 
ponibindd With Rdasonable charyoa to morit a 
sinilarmhare of Mpportsto that soliborally bo: 
htowedeupon hin heretofore, 
‘All communidatfond, olthor by létter or tele 
prapli, prVolly, attended to, 

N, Bik & Cattle Modivine of every do | 
eoription, +p) ied. | 

Belleville, Jan, 17, 195%, 

last drawn cup from most colws, excecds 


aboye price will be allowed to CLuns ordering 
four or mofe copies of any one or more of the 
above works. ‘Thug: Bour copies of Black- 
wood, or of one Review, will be sent to one 
address for $9 ; four copies of the four Re- 
yieWs and Blackwood for $80; and so on. 


Subscribers in the British Proyinces will 
recviye the Reprints free of U. S. Postage. 

N.G.—'the price in Great Britain of the five 

icals above named is $31) per annum. 

to the Publishers, 
28 No. 64 Gold Street, New York. | 


HE Weekly is again enlarged, and contains 

9000 kquaré inclios Of reading mattor more 
than any other Newspaper published in Britich 
America (Zhe Patriot excepted), aud Subscribers 
cat obtain it at haltithe price of most weeklies 
printed in Canada, boing nt the unprecedented 
when paid striotly in advance; othorwise, Two 
Dollars, It will be published every Friday. | 

A largo shect containing the vending mutter) 
of tho Morning and Byeuing issues of The Leak 
or, will be publishyd.avery ‘Tuceday and 


A Weekly Paper, tho Tnrgest publishod in 
Cuprda (oxoopt The. Weekly Leader) by, 800 
squire tuchvs Js published avery Wednesday, 
Subscribers by remitting, atvictly In adyaues, , 

which is half the priee of many weeklics, will 
Haya itnent to them for ong yenrs if not paid as 
nbove, Lwo Dollars, 

coufaluing the Intest Eng i 
morloan hows, togethor with every bing inter: 
osting to Canndian Renders, that gan be obtained | 
to the Tatost moment either by Telograph or Ex. | 
préas.—Publio Mectinga, Law Courts Minteipal 
Couneils, Polloo Prooowlings es Mithfully rae! 
norted,  BitharKditlon, thelarieathi cote leted 
frOnnnda, forwarded by Port toall parts, or 
dolivared! In thu City every day [Sundays ox! 
opted) at thie Fontdoned of Subsoribors rat the 

6 Six Dollava 
by mall! 
sed JAMES 

hy Poreln and Ay 



(ee Mor alg: Walton’ vill sho TMbortaiE Th tho 
Evoning Edition withoyt oxtra obang, and ulee* 
viFhns Hye eecelsTig Wee TFRs aC Pe FAY 
tharded for one. 
wnapen Thornpras, , 
No, 68, King Street Euct, of 21 


*A discount of twenty-five per cent from the | 



Ayer’s Sarsaparilla 

bored to produce the most effectual alterative’ 
that can be made. It is a concentrated extract 
of Pora Sarsaparilla, so combined with other 
substances of still greater alterative power as 
to afford an effective antidote for the discases 
Sarsaparilla is reputed to cure. It is believed 
that Such a remedy is wanted by those who 
suffer from Strumous complaints, and that one 
which will accomplish their cure must prove 
of immense Bervice to this large class of our 
afflicted fellow-citizens. How completely this 
compound will do it has been proven by exper- 
iment on many of the worst cases to be found 
of the following complaint 

Scroruta axp Sonorucovs Comprarts, 
Envrrioxs anp Envetive Diseases, Uncers, 
Prirres, Brorcuzs, Tumors, Sarr Ruzus, 
Scaup Heap, Syruium ann Sypamitic Ar- 
vections, Mencuntav Disnasz, Dnorsy, Nev- 
RAvora on Tic Dovrouneux, Denmrry, Dys- 
Persia AND InpiGestion, Exystretas, Rose 
or Sr, Antnony’s Fine, and indeed the whole 
class of complaints arising from Iueunsmy or 
tHe Broop. 

This compound will be found a great pro- 
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to 
expel the foul humors which fester in the 
blood at that scason ofthe year. By the time- 
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders 
are nipped in the bud. “Multitudcs can, by 
the aid of this remedy, spare themsclyes from 
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulccrous 





longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the 
blood healthy, and all is well; but with this 
abulum of life disordered, there can be no 
jasting health. Sooner or Jater something 
must go wrong, and the great machinery of 
life is rdcred or overthrown. 

Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the 
reputation, of accomplishing these ends. But 
the world has been egregiously deceived by 
preparations of it, partly because the drug 
lone has not nll the virtue that is claimed 
for it, but more because many preparations, 
pretending to be concentrated extraets, of it, 
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla, 
or any thing else. 

During late years the public have been mis- 
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart 

Remittances should be addressed, post-paid, | of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. Moet 

of these hay: o frauds upon thé sick, for 
they not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa- 
rilla, but often no curative propertics w hatev~ 
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment 
has followed the use of the various extracts of 
Sarsapurilla which flood the market, until the 

‘yiday Pate, 91 per Bi 

Gen. Agoiit 

name itself is justly despised, and bas become 
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still 
we call this compound Sareaparilia, and intend 
to supply such a remedy as shall resene the 

‘name from the load of obloguy which rests And we think we have ground for 
believing it has virtues which are irresistible 
by the ordinary run of the diseases it is intend- 
ed to cure. In order to secure their complete 
crndication from the system, theremedy should 
bo judiciously taken according to directions on 

| tho bottle. 


YER & CO. 

otto; Six Bottles for $5, 

Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral, 

hasewon for itself such a renown for the eure of | 
evory variety of Throat and Lung Complatut, that. | 
it is entirely non 
byidence of its virtu 

ployed. Aw it h 
throughont this » We need not do more than 
assure the peopl quality is kept up to the best 

itever has been, and iat tt may be relied on to 
do for thelr rellef all it hos ever been found to do, 

Ayer’s Cathartie Pills, 


Costiveness, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Inudtyeation, 
Dysentery, Foul Stomach, sipelas, Headache, | 
Piles Rheumution, Bruptions and Skin Diveoses, 
Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Tetter, Tumors and 
Sall Rheum, Worms, Gout, Nevralola, oa a 
Dinner Dill, ana for Pirifying the Bloor. 

Thoy are sugar-coated, 86 that the most sonal 
1 take them pleasantly, and they are t 
ont Sn the world for all the purposes 0! 
fomily physic. 4 
Prico 25 conts por Hox; Fivo boxes for $1,00, 

Great numbers of Clergymen, Phiysiclant, States~ 
men) aid eminent persondgesy have: lent their 
names to certify the Unparalleled usefulness of these 
yomedion but our space here will not permit the 
insertion of thom. The Agebts below nomed fare 
piah grotis our AMMNIOAN At ANAC Ia which they 
Are given; With olro full descriptions of the above 
complaints, and the treatment that should be l- 
lowed for their cure. 

Do pot be put off by unprineipled dealers with 
other preparations they niake more profit’ on. 
Demand Ke a's, and take no others. The sick 
want the beat ald thore is for Chom, and they should 



The gqntinudys {horenwo of Lhe Lender ana dhe Pars ban feebbalea’are fobidalerts | 
Pairiot nowapapore is astoliehing, amb all ads, ‘ 

voruaore should. avail thensohyue of tagadvan- all the Dirigelsta ii Belloyille, and hy oll ¢ 
tage of Uieir coliione. , All dVortieonrenta for Dealers tii modieinos every whore. 

eNoornnun & Moses, Noweuslle 
4 for ¢ W, 

eee eee Y 

Ayer’s Ague Cure. 


xx 20 

Ns seat te 
‘Provincial Insurance Comply, 

Pu A 

NNUAL MEETING of the Provingat 
naurance Company of Canadas, Was belg 
0.06 the 24th Soptember lant, 

red from the Annual Report Uiet 
ng through m year of jeounlary em, 
ent, without pre 

| The year’s business showed » balaney of 624,02), 

lompany were $81,707, 
unt dus on the 
paid open 
304, and 
aid up Stunde 
vo call, wheg 
nto account, 

pany for Pree 

Jinbilities of the 
$47,824 Lees than che av 
$65,000 had be 
at call, which minounted to 
80th Jone £3,646 had | 
=n large pe 


@ total r 

eipta of ; 

nium were $149,480, To pay off tho dot of 

the Company the Stockholders authorized the 

inde of Debentures based upon the seevrity of 

the unpaid Capital, fy nmounte to §1A8B,« 
f. of the yublia, the 

prohibited the 

sion of Parliament the Company obtained an 

which prohibits all trangler of stock, with: 
nsent of the Bourd of Directors, all 

made boing firet paid. 

‘he following gentleman were elected Direoe 

for the year: 

Now. J. Hineranp Camenom, 

How. G. Crawronn, 

Geo, Doooaw, Jn, 

How, W. TB. Rommson, 

3.8, HowAnn, 

Carn, P. Wattacr, 

Lewis Moveart, 

E. ¥. Wiirrewoer, 

Joux Camenom, M. P, P., 

Hon, Janes Momnis, 

A. M. Crank, M.D. 
seting of the-Board of Di- 
ra, the Hon. Hicuxand Camenon was 
ed President, and EF. Wirrremone Vice~ 
esident. The list of stockholders, which fs 

{ ns to the character of the proprietary of 

the Company, and tnay be inspected at the of- 

foe of the Agent, 


Railroad Celebration 

—f Ma 

Belleville, will take place on the 




T will be conducted on amos magnificent scale, 

It is calculated to eclipse that of the City of 

Montreal, andthereby place the Capilol of Lower 
Canada in the shade, 


expected to arrive in Belleville, by a Spreial 
Train from thirteen hours. Therefure, 
jicious circumstances, the 

which willbe required for the occasion, must be 
very considerable; and in consideration thereof, 
the committee of the BELLevIzLE Ratinoap 
CELEBRATION and the public Generally, are most 
respeetfully invited to call at the 




where they will find a genuine and complete _ 

G3 warpwarn, 

if not superior, certainly nol surpassed by any oth= 
erin Town. comprising every article in the trade. 

M. G. flatiers himself with the ides tbat, from 
his knowledge and experience in the ibove line of 
business, nnd the large and pecutiar selection of 
goods JusT ARRIVED. thal he occupies i 
which will enable him to please the fa: 
point of style and qualily, not excepting Her Man 
jesty, should he feel graciously pleased to favor 
with a call, during her sojourn here, 

‘‘There’s no Time to be Lost,” 
TF Look into his Store in the Victoria Buildings, 
as you are passing by, and Judge for Yourselves, 

“God Save the Queen.” 
AES persons Indebted to the above named M- 
G.. are respectfully requested tosettlet 

accounts for the years 1855-6. 
Belleville, Dec. 13, 1856. 


Dr. M’LANE’s 

placed in the hands of subscribers 2S S0ONAS| sores, through which the system will strive:to CELEBRATED 
rid itself of corruptions, it not assisted to do 
TERMS, this through the natural channels of the body 7 
Terann,| by an. alterative medicine. Cleanse out the 
Forany one arine faite pret iowa $3 Yitiated blood whenever you find its impuritics Fes 
r eviews . eee tu, . 
LL a heir nie ier 700. | bursting through the skin in pimples, cruptio: 
For nll four of the Reviews 800. | or sores; cleanse it when you find it is ob- LI E 
For Blackwood’s Mugazine _ 3/00- | structed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it e 
For Blackwood and oud Review £00 | whenoyef it is foul, and your feelings will tell 
For Bluckwood and 1we Reviews =1.00.. | SRY Rook echere “en's Selah = 
For Blackwood anil three Reviews 900 ou when. Eyen where no particular disorder 
For Binck wood andthe four Reviews 1000 | is folt, people enjoy better health, and live 

7E beg leave to call the atten- 
tion of the Trade, and more 
especially the Physicians of the 
country, to two of the most popu- 
lar remedies now before the public. 
We refer to 
Dr. Chas. M*Lane's Celebrated 
Vermifuge and Liver Pills. 

We do not recommend them as 
universal Cure-alls, but simply for 
what their name purports, viz. : 

For expelling Worms from the 
human-system. It has also been 
administered’ with the most satis- 
factory results to various Animals 
subject to Worms. 

Forthecure of Liver CompLain'rs, 
all Bivious DeRANGEMENTS, SicK 
Heap-Acue, &c. In cases of 
eo Fever anp Acur, 
preparatory to or after taking Qui- 
nine, they almost invariably make 
a speedy and permanent cure. 

As specifics for the above men- 
tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled, 
and never known to fail when ad- 
ministered in accordance with the 

Their unprecedented popularity 
has induced the proprietors, 
Firemine Brorners, 

Pirrsnuron, Pa. 
to dispose of their Drug business, 
in which they have been sticcess~ 
fully engaged for the last Twenty 
Years, and they will now give their 
undivided time and attention to 
their manufacture. _ And being de- 
termined that Dr, M’Lane’s Cele 
brate! Vermifuge and Liver Pills 
shall continue ‘to occupy the high 
position they now hold among the 
Breat remedies of the day, they 
will contitiue to spare ‘neither time 
nor expense in procuring the Best 
and. Purest. material, and come 
pound them in the most thorough 
manner. . Address. all orders to 
KLEMING BROS, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

TS. Deslery ont Myysiclana o “ 
ai ing The, weil a oma Co eithe) aale ab 
PAY aid fate Howe bat Dr. Memes neepe' 
i fire, INttabwroh, Dp. T fey whale 
theme Orta), We will fewhit per tails mak 
part Of the ‘United Statea, sn, ba ht wr 
ee Cent POWTAES tampa, GF ond vial of Vebnitfiie Nir 
fourteen throeeent stampa. ATL orders from Oupade ine & 
be accompanied ly twouly Gents eatin 
Wholesateatyenty New watt, CN, 








nflammation more or leas prodoms 
inates—: to allay Inflammation arikea atthe 
root of disoaso—henoe an iinmediate supe. Dat 
Lxv’s Magioat Pain Exraacron and nothing else, 
Will allay inflammation at once, ap 
tainoure. Dalley's Magical F 
cure the following among @ gre 
dincasos: Burns, Sealds, Cuts, Chal 
Buviang Broiggs, Str 
rofwla, U 
iloa, Sora. 
cal He Mi 

ng worn, 


For the Hastings Chponiole, 
HAMiLpoN, June Let, 1880, 
Mr, Ruitor,—I have thought that a few 
charcoal sketches of mombers of the Wesleyan 
Methodist Conferenes ‘now in agssion, might 
boguile tho leisure moments of my sojoyrn in 
this city, and perbaps interost sowie of your 
readers, and [trust hurt nobody; for nayght 
at least shall bo set down in malice. And if I 
take more liberty ip this matter than some 
modest men would like, they must try to re- 
member thet much similar & what I write, is 
said about them ey Jay, and that public 
men are public proper ys also, the Sanwa : 
) ArQcloristios ma, wful | salvo ian : 4 
ae ney ae ntss may Deweelul)Gyery one applying a perfect antitata to ite ap. 
Yours conaiderately, potite disor ered. Daley's Magiegl Pain Hy- 

Ss as | seta, Lal ten dloetson hidea poerabent 

> arin t between disease nd permanen 
CRAYON FIFTH, wore Pane iy extractor, na it draws, Ai einen out 
If we are to haye a pleture gallery of Cana- | of thea fected past, leaving nature as porfeotas 
dian Wesleyan Ministers, this one shoyld bavo | before tho injury. If is scarcely necessary to 
stood first in order,—not only by virtue of his | say that no honk, workshop, or tinnufadtory | 
office, but also by virtue of the lout ensemble | should be eno moment without it, I 
which make up his well balanced charactor, { No Pain Extrnotor is genuine unless the box | j, 

infater, “Bi ric | has upon it steel plate engraying, with te name 
Bochias/a ean end a Minister. “Hot the wets) of Henry Dalley, manufacturer, Waraate by all h 

nd make a oor 

Salt f 

arbors Itoh, 
To eome it may 

Baldness, Bryeipolas, 
Moualos, Rash, &o. 
credulous that so many diseases should 

appoar in 
be rene 

iah whon rellection pointa to the fact, that the 
combination of ingredients, each and 



hed by one articles such an iden will ¥an- | That well known, beautiful, and extensive 
vate residence (y/f Church Stroet, Bellevitle) 
with the grounds and G 

Acomfortable Cottage and Garden on George 
Street, noxt the residence of Honry Corby, Eeq.5 

of the residence of Dr, Henry; and a Store 


two largo and oon 


fitted up complete; two Dwellings, and several 
Oiliices, in the " 


lately oreeted on the Roynolda Tlook, Town of 
Hollevillo, opposite the Upper Bridge. 


don thoroty appached, 
Reyualdy Esq. and 



formerly ow 
japoly oeoupied by L 


Dr. V 

Rough payt Cottage god Lot in Weat Melle: 
iMep near tho Lowor Fridge; m Dwelling 
Touse and Lot on Yeomans’ Hill; n House and 
alfan aore of Land in Samson Ward, in rear 

ouse & Wharf in front of the residence of 

=< the 


ta Kesey 

tor, for that very reasoa, as in anotbor cage al- 
ready mentioned, has felt that ditidence to 
begin, which an artist woulil feel in attempting 
to sketch a faultless subject. But, as we aro 
now in for it, we must make a venture. 

Ho de a native of Kngland,—fair and florid 
in complexion, —medium sized, but symmetri- 
cal, compact and heavy, He has the orator's 
full chest, We judge him posqossed of great 
muscular strength, There are traditions of 
youthful feats of agility and stxength, some of 
which he gave up at a very early age, as incom: 

atible with his religious profession. Jud, ing 

ig “summer's hoat and wivter's cold,” by sea - 

and Jand, for thirty-five years, at least, he 
would easily i 
thirty-five. Ho is the son, we are told, of an 
old Methodist Class-Jeader (a good parentage), 
was made a Igcal preacher when a mere boy,— 
nd, as we have already hinted, began to labor 
in the full Ministry at the early age of nine- 
teen. Tis first appointment was to the new 
settlements of Lower Canada,—then Upper 
Canida,—then England, then Gibraltar, and 
Malta, I believe—then called home to Eng- 
Jand again. * From England he came opt’ to 
Canada as “Superintendent of Missions” on 
the formation of the first “ Union” with the 
Canada Conference. That office he filled to 
satisfaction, and that also of President of Con- 
ference, for several years, performing some of 
ost toilsome fouraeyes on yynners and 
heels when he coultl, and on horseback when 
gud do it no other way, After the “ dis- 
jon” he was called home, where he still] 
himeelf the feiend of Canada, and ex- 
GEOR? small influence jn bringing about a! 
~ xe-union,” when overtures were made for that 
purpose. In England he received offices and} 
Atauons corresponding in importance to his 
\previous position and usefulness—receiving in 
the meantime, the houorable degree of Doctor 

nd Cl 

in Divinity fom Victoria College, which he | remedies, with but slight effect. Despairing of 

well deserves, although le says he has * 
petrated” but ope piece af. authorship, 
Years ago he was the Representative Fo 

British to the Cangdian’ Conference, and one} 

Year ago Was appointed its President. He’) mlued to try the Cordial, nnd bought a bottle 

resijled in its last Session—hns labored most!| with that View. J could not seo that I was any 
indefatigably to advance ats objects during the | better, after taking it, yot determined to persist, 
I accordingly Qoyght a second, and sdon after a 
third bottle, by which time J felt so, much better, 
pated: serious, yet pleasant,—good tempered | ‘bat, though I could guarcely affaud it, I deter- 
mined to purchgse ajhalf dozen. Wihgn I had 
He was originally well educated, and has ac-} taken the sixth bottle, I felt that I was 

year—and is now conducting the business of| 
Conference with great “propriety. He proves 
to be a much better Pre-sdent than we antici- 

and patient to a degree, fair aod honorable, 

sgtited a ge Tee led eas since 
— inclu the Frenchan ish Janguages, 
which he aes as well as cpa Harahan 
ds no subject ip which he is more complete 
(though perbaps he may not be callea’ pro-; 
Jfound,) than Theology.” He is satis 
of his Bible, the wards of which he quotes with | 
beautiful propriety. His style in speaking! 
wand writing is chaste and elegant, but there| 
areno prominencesinit. Jvis* lke the words) 
of a pleasant song, of one who hath a pleasan' | 
voice, aid can play skilfully upon the harp.”) 
To listen,to him, is like a jaunt through a beay- 
ful, flowery, odoriferous prairie, so lightly on 
dulating that you cannot fix on any particular 
locality as beautifyl above the rest, or as par- 
ticularly memorable, —or even as a way-mark 
by which you may tece your way ayer the 
same ground again. 

Dk. StiNson’s manners are those of a sim- 
»le, humble, dignified Chnstian gentleman,—t 

Tis brisk, Hritish-officer-like appearance and 
fieryy restless eye, would make you think him 
a little haughty at first sight, but all that fades 
Qway on acquaintance. fre is a true Metho- 
dist minister, and God is giving him a son “Jo- 
ph Stinson 26d,” to succeed him in the work. 

_ [* Crayon Sketches,” continued by our Ham- 
ilton correspondent, although in type, are un- 
avoidably deferred till next peek. —Ep] 

Hoxtowar's Ousruger AyD Pitts—A Penrecr 
Serencpep.—-No one who takes the troyple to 
-fxamine je pamphlets used as wrappers {or| 
thete preparations can be the victim Hi impos-, 
tare, If genuine, the watermark, Holloway, 
New York hd London,” will be found on each 
leaf of the pamphlet ‘Tito test ia simple, and 
should not be neglected. \We learn that the 
“mothers of America” are almost up|vereally 
adopting these wonderfal medicines—the Oint- 

fas, teaioon eapfann sony brnse ete A re ots 
rashos, scaly ptions, sores, bru in - i 6 Bwa2 
Ait Pils wasnt aol setlotemedy er COLEMAN'S HALL, pnt 
,sutomer complaint, 1048 worms, gtd all |S ~ ’ VALUABLE 

Aaternal complaints incident to“ chjlagen. 


2" The Rey. Wim. Roolatt, n well known 
Blethodiat clorgymen, residing at Naplos, draws 
Abe following ajnnsing but apt comparison be- 
tween Dr. M'Lane’s celebrated Vermifuge, pre- 
yared by Fleming Bros, of Pittsburgh, Pa.,and 
& ferret:—'* A ferret, when placed at the on- 
Arance of a rat hole, enters the Aperture, travels 
slong the Patsnge, seizes upon thé rat, éxtormi: 
Dates his existence, and draws the animal's de- 
funct carcass to the light. And ip like manner 
have L found Dr. M’Lan.'s American Vermi 
Suge to operate upon wonys, those dreadful and 
dangerous tormentors of children, This remedy: 
“ike, the ferret, enters the aperture atthe ee 
travels down tha gullet, innts,round the stom’ 
#* hold of the worms, shakes the life oul 
of the reptiles, oweepa clean, thelr Aon, and cars 
ries their carcagscs clear out of the system,— 
This, at least, has heen thie effect of the-Verau 
fugo Lech ty children? 
“A neighbor of Mr. Roolatt, Mr. Joh i 
adopt the simile of the reverend Pa Wa vi 
-both giving their most unequivocal approval of 
this great specific. after baving witnessed the 
operation qi the wh children, Let othera 
try it, and be satiate 
_. 027 Purchasers 

I be earefal to ask for 
manufactured by Fleming Bre ittisburgh, Vo. 
All other Vermifczes'in comparison aro worth: 
lees. Dr. M'Lane’s genuine Vermifuge, also 
his celebrated Liver Pills, can now be had at all 
respectable deug stores. None genuine without 

the signature of [22] FLEMING BROS. 


Travelers are always liable to,euddén attacks 

of Dysentery and Cholera Morbus, and these oo 
centring when absent from:home are very Yn 
Pleasant, Peony Davi Veoeranun Pain Kitten 
thay alwaye bo relied. poo jn ageh cases, 
soon aa you feel the rymptoms, toke one tea 
spoonfal in a gill of new milk and molasses anc 
a gill of hot water, er well together and d 
Wot, Repoat the dose every hour until relieved. 
If the ipaine be se bathe the bowels an¢ 
back with tho medicine, clear, 

In cases of Asthma ood Phthisio, take a tea 
spoonfol ina gill of hot water sweetened well 
with molasses: dleo, bathe the throat aod ptom 
ach with the medicing olear, a 

Dr. Swoet boys (t takes out the sorenens i 
oars of bone setting {rater than anything b 
ever applied, Fishermen, #o often exposed t 
Hurta by having their okin pierced with hook 
and fine of fish, ean be much relieved by bathin 
with a little of the Pain Killer aoa # th: 
accident occurs; 10 thia way the anga' 

abated; Lathe as often na onde li five minutes, 

say three or fonr times, and you will seldon 
“have any trouble. 
The bites and seratols 
oored by bathing with the Pain ; 
Gront success bas been realized by applyin; 
thie medicine as soon na the acoldent geours. 

pass for one whose ago was only | gi 

therofare dosiated from all vocal exercises, for a 
month, when my tluggat became better, Re 

and [have takep 49 more singe. Six months 
have passed away, apd Ihave felt po: return of 
the disense. Ihave resumed my old situation, 
and the futare looks bright before me, J think 
Jou are entitled to this certificnte—it is ptyour 

Soruta, eldest 

Black, Jane 2 
Maurna Keronrsoy, boi 



of dogs or cata are 
iller, ofear— 

tho Druggista and patont modioige dealors 

throng)ifut the United States and Canadas. 

Pringipal Depot, 105 Chambers St, N. ¥, 
©. F. CHA 

jollen & CO., Beitevi 

Porsateby KR. i Ne, Le 
Drow, & Co. T 



tubers, are Were iwitations, and sho we avold~ 
edit Wishtoenerpe rivjoyle. Gray or Russ 
(yur Dyed Tn atayaly yon hepuslyul ge Neturel Brown 

or Binck, WAANOUE he loqat injury togaeor akin, 
16 Medals 4) Dink have been Awanled ty Wm, 
an Buchelar ates Td aver 80,000 agticauope 
e Ns PALODR. vi a SPOOR 

iheea calor 


pain ihe 

anil Fancy Goo 
the dame am adilteas upon e steel 
Ea trad 

sides ofeach Box, of 


Philadelphia, May 17, 1858. 


“ Hoofland’s Balsamic Cordial.” I am now, I 
believe, thoroughly cured of that soreness in the 

throat which has digtvessed mo for niany years, 

You may pot know tliat J am mainly dependent | Iq 
opon my salary as lcador of a choir for a subsis. | 6u! 

tence, About eight yoars ago, I -first felt a i 

weakness in the throat, whieh, aa f supposed it ) Rj 

was byt temporary, gave mo nop jnapniness— 
But it son became so painsul as to incapacitate 
me, for a time, from filling my situation. J 



Tpuly yours, @.S..GARRETT. 
Prepared only by Dr, OC M, Jackson, No, 418 

Areh St, Philadelphia, and for sale by druggists 
and storekeepers throughout the U 
Gaugda. Price 75 cents per bottle. 

States and 
oles 2 
MR, SWIFT, No. 116 Attorne Syt, 

Maccrlep, x 

At St. Thomas’ Charch, Belleville, on the 8th 
inst, by the Rey. John Grier, Joux Stewart 
Merchant, of Whitby, to Macy 
laughter of B, F. Davy, Esq., of 

eof the bride by the Rey. J. 
Mn. dasa Banaoan, to Mrs, 
h of Sidney. 

At the resideng: 
i lene 

MR. WLENRY FALKEL, able and distinguished Pro- 
fessor of Music, take i 
sto the inhabitants of 

papects in apnouncin 
elleville that they jyill 
give their first 


this season, on 

Monday Evening, June 20th |* 

Consisting, as it docs, of-both 
Vocal and Instrumental Music, 

and hope those who attend will derive full 

satisfaction. ‘The Brass and Quadrille Bands 
ill each play 4ix favourite pieces, selected 
with great care and taste, which will be fol- 
lowed by Mr. Falkel playing two! favourite 
pieces,on the Guitar apa iol. After which 
will make their appearange ;jp.a “bran new 
Coat,” and play a few of .the slatest negro 
melodies, i 
Doors open at-Th ololpek. Performance,to 
commence at eight precisely. 

Tickets 26 centacach. Frontseatsreseryed 

Music for dancing after performs 
Quedrille Band. Regs pectormuse BY 


: Oo SAL 
AT 15s. PER 100 POUNDS, 


AD Enquire of Charles Martin, . 

1B. . 
Foundry, Belleville, ae 
J uno 9, 1859. i As 

COA TI, ! 

Elint’s Wharf. 



tho. Store, louse and hart of Billa Flint, 
Esq., for tho purpose of doing « Forwarding 
ant Commindion business, for the sake of being 
morn conyoniont to pis place of business, 
would Sell or Rent, the House and premises 
he now occupies. The house, which Ri been 

, | Belleville, May 14, 1859, 




the conerete material, is pleanantly pituated 
within a short distange from the Ftallway Sta- 
tion, nnd within a fow yauds from the Naw 
Wesleyan Methodist Church, 
all complete, 


# |,and balance in eight years, 

‘Belleville, June 14th, 1859, 

Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral. 

sh tculars apply to 


jo do busivers in. Kingston, and are desirous of 
saving time, can, by taking the Steamer * Bay of 
, Quinte,” have two houre in Kingston, and return 
Dn. G. M. Jacksoy—Dear Sir: Thanks to your | 7, 


Kingston and Belleville, 

Inspection 4 
Ibs, freight to Belleville. 


Onsh Prices 3" A fair propqrtian of Gro- 

Bridgewater, (late Troy,) 


PRSCRRPANGS of the Free Church of 

Wesleyan Methodist Conference. 



Price $2 a year, Six copies for $10; ten 
copies for $15; twenty five copies for $3 cighty) 
copies for $100, , 


are requested to call at the Post Ofice 1M- 


recently built in the most medern style and of 

Outhouses, &o., 

Parties wishing to purchase can do fo on 
most reasonable Terme—one-fourth down, 


A. O, Potrio, Kay. Rent mydoreto, For parr 


June 10th, 1859, 48 

Bollevitie, Picton, Kingston, Cape Vincent, Ko, 

Tue Rovac Mat, Sreawen 

BAY OF .ostimes QUINTE, 

ING (Sundays excepted) ‘at half-past SIX 
‘clock, for Picton, Kingston, and intermediate 
ports, arriving in Kingston about 1 o'clock, p. 
Roturning, leaves Kingston every afternoon 
undaya oxcopted) at FOUR oolock 
Will alko make occasional tripa to CAPE 
INCENT, Rerths and State Rooms fro for 
Passengers to or from Holleyille who desire to 
sleep on board at night 
C377 Belleville Merchants and others, who wish 

the same dey to Belleville by 8 o'clock afternoon 

CB Belleville Return Tickets (from Kingaton) 
me day, half fares. 

(7 Excursion and Pic-Nio parties to the 
ke on the Mountain, and other favorite plea 
rofregonts, arranged at accommodating rates 
Freights gn. passagos to and from Montreal 
connection with Royal Mail Line Lake and 
ver Steamera, 

Omnibuses and Carringes always in waiting pt 


June, in conformity with 

(ar If you want » good article of 

Call ot 

te Tf you wish some ohoico Sugar-cured 
Hams, Shoulgers, oy other Meats, 
, Call at 
ta" If you wish the Deat of 

Call at 

Corn-Meai, Qat-Meal, Beans, 
Dried Apples, Coarse- 
Grains, &c, &¢,, 

te Ap well os every description of 

Belleville, May 23, 1859. 
Compercial Bank of Canada, 


Divipexd No, 62. 

T is hereby given that n Dividend of 
g a per obat On the Capital wine of 
this Institution, for the half year life 30) 
June next, has been this day declared, an 
the same will he paygble, at the Bank and its 
offices, on and after ffyiday, the Ist day of 
July next. The Drsnofer Books will be closed 
on the 15th of June, and xe-opened on the Ist 
of July, 

The annual general meeting of Sharehold- 
ers, for the elecuon of Directors, wih be held 
at the Bank pn Saturday, the 26th day of 

ie Chartex, when a 
goneral statement of the affairs of the Bank 
will he submitted. The Chair will be taken 

at noon, 
Ry order of the Board, 
: C. 8. ROSS, 

June, 14, 1859, 43) 


suming again, the goroneas returned with in- | potash Kettles, (warranted) 168 8d per 100 Iba 
creased violence, I now had xgaguras to medi- | Oswego Superfine eae 19 0 do, 
cal adyjgo, and aflerwards to savarnl advertised | Canada Sup, Flour 21s 2dtg22 6 “ do. 
Superfine Rye Flour, 156 O° do. 
~, “ 
pee acure I solinquished my situation, and had Seopa 64 per jqund. 6 4 do 
ns turned my attention to other business, when one Smoked Shoulders 6d per pound. 
bak, i,of your circulars fell into my handa, I deter do Hama, #44 per pound, 
y Hay Rakes, 74d to 10d each. 

Grain Cradles, 8s to 103 6d each, 
Soythes, Snaiths, Forks, &e., do, 
Salt, 98 6d per bbl. 


The Highest Belleville Price PAID for 
the Barrel or otherwise, less 
per 100 Ra, nd Is 6d per 100 

t 7T¢d per Ib. payable in Goods at Lowest 

ies given in payment. 
eries given in p ym TELA FLE ! 
dune 9, 1859, i 43 

comPuns : 

Scotland, and of the United Presbyterian 
Also, of the Congregational Union, and the 

ull details of the War in Lombardy, 
For Sale by E. HARRISON, Belleville. 

Toronto, June 13, 1859. 


F School Sections in the Townships of 
LEDIA@E LY, tor the New Copy of the 
School aMeeey the Blank Forms hor Halt- 

Yearly Returns, 
fF, H. ROUS, 


HIS Farm consists of about 180 acres, in 
2nd con, of the Township of Rawdon, in 
jhe County of Hastings. 

140 Acres Cleared and well Fenced, 

well watered, and in,the highest state of cul- 
tivation. Jt is pleasant sated on ‘the 
mail route bet* een fie ing aud Seymour 
East, being two Farms. There is on it 2 
good Frame Houses; 2 Frame Barns, ‘and 
pther out houses. Also a Store and Bipre- 
hopse kept by the Died Propsjgipr. 2 
Blackgmith’s shops, 2 stores and a $uhool 
House, within halfa mile of the Dwe.ling 
Hopse. This is a rare chance to obtain a 
lendj@ and beautifally situated Farm, 
heap. Price £1,000, cash. 
Oey Fer further particulars apply to Alex. 
Lonzies, Belleville, or {il by letter, pre-paid, 
ayrour East P.O.) to 
JOHN ALLAN, Proprietor, 

June 7, 1859, of 42 

KH Weekly Globe, Chronicle ds News, and 
Montreal Weekly dranseript, copy 4,times, aud 
send account to this Oftied, ‘ 


From Canada Ball Wheat, 
Panay do, 
Superfine No.1 do, 
Superfine No, 2 do. 

manulactyred 4t,tha 


and for «ale in Barrels and Bags, in lots to 

suit purchasers. 


Over Mr: Lewis’ Hardware Store, 

Bollaville, June, 1659. Awa 


OUND between Smithville. and Bolle- 
ville about 2 months ago, a Pagket Book, 
containing money and notes, ‘The ownercin 
have,the same. by paying for thia notice and 
proving property. Apply tothe undersigned 
at Thos, Gallagher's, ard con. Tyendinaga. 

JOHN M'CARTY, Tailor. 

Tyondinaga, June 3, 1859, pwa2 

§tcamers 8t, Lawrence and Boston, 
LL parties are, hereby notified that the un- 
A dorsignod will not be,reaponsible for debts 

contracted on account of the Steamors S¢, 
Lawrence ond Boston, after this date, without 

ommercial Bank of Ganada, 
Kingston, 26th May, 1859, Gw-4l 




Opposite Dr. Stewart's, on the East Hill. 
HE purchasey can also have possession of 
the Cottage and grounds attached. For 
terms apply to Joux Y’Doxocuve, Commer- 

cial House, 
Belleville, May, 1859, 40 


Ae now receiving from New Yorka gen- 
eral assaziment of 

2S Eo © Se 





Antbhave also on hand, 

Various Qualities of Flour. 


A fow fons Fresh Ground Corn Meal, 


They are always in the Potash 
‘Market, and will pay the high- 

est price in oash for it. 
Bellayille, Muy 23, 1859. 

J. L. REED, 
N EELS thankful to the public for.past pat-| 
rpnage, and informs them that he will 
We’ aD aD HU 
the coming season, in any way to suit cus- 
tomers, such as Cusfom Carding, Cloth 
Dréssing, and manufacturing SATINETTS, 
TWEEDS, CASSIMERES, Fiannens, &c., 
and guarantees,.to {yrnish the several articles 
at prices to suit the umes. His object is to 
make the Farmers satisfied. Instead of sell- 
ing fgr Foreign Goods, support your own Ma- 
HntaRtonys ane’ nats ake from Belle- 
(<> Wool sent by FERRY will,bo carded 
and returned, Cloth on hand to Rxchange. 
Belleville, May 15, 1859, 4 

Bruce’s New York Type Foundry, 

Wy now nay gn hand Ap immense,Stoqk) 
of s— 

Roman Type, Qo pla 

Music ype Cesind 

Brass and Metal Rules, 

Brass and Electro Qircles and Eclipses, 

Labor Saving Rules, Mgtal Fprajture, &o,| 

ancy Type, German Type, 

sQsnaments, Borders, Leads, Corner Quads, 

Rate p all cast by steam power trom 

ithe bard met suliar to this Fonodry,— 

The hneqalled rapidity in the process of cna) 

ing epables me to sell these more «jurable| 

types at, tle lowest prices pf ordinary types, 

cither {gr cash or ctedlit. 




‘0 Script 
kona Type, 



EO Printers of Newspapers who ,q}ooro 
to publish this advertisement, inoludyi this 
note,three times before the first of Aug, 

rety apvarite KR Holden's Drng Store, whore 


PW OULD repeetflly gnnounce to hi friend 
pnd the public, that he has taken thy pro» 
prises Jately oconpied asa Crokery Storp, (i. 

ho is ppopased to execute all orders in 

Tin, Goppet, Sheet lon Ware, 

He will keep constantly on 
conngoted wi 

pone oyerything 

GROCERIES, _ (ona — Nao BS = ° 
Ness. 2 trust aL 
Gan be hades | A vith which hit endeavors have herctots 
MEAGHER'S. | been received since gommencing business in 
Coad this aun: will be extended to him in his 
f@™ NQ CHARGE FOR INSPECTION. | poy ext bahment, 
PBAMS--CAgxI! _ Hellevifle, May 2nd, 1859, 87 
allt connate BAY OF QUINTE 
meagyer’s. | And Riyep St. Lawrence, 


aa . > 7 
ILL, dining the present season, make 
yegular weekly trips from the Head of 
the Bay to Mgntreal, as follows :— 
Downyyards, will leave 
Trenton every Mgnday at 6 o'clock A.M 
Belleville “« WY 1 « A.M 
paton « 9. ¢° PM 
KorMfontreal and intermediate Ports, arriving 
at Montreal by Day Licur on Tuvsday,— 
fharbhg? giviog passengers the benefit of the 
delightful scondry gn the River St. Lawysence. 
Upwards, will leave 
Montreal every Thursday, at 4 o’clock P.M. 
Kingston inva Saturday, at 8 o'clock A.M. 
for Picton, Belleville, Trenton, aud interme- 
iate parts, arriving at Trenton same evening, 
eng . Lawrence being a well known fa- 
vorite boat, having every convenience for the 
comfort and 5; faty of Passengers, will carry 
passengers ee freight at reaggnable terms, 
For Freight or Passage app! do athe, Gap- 
tain on bogrd; Joseph Doyle, Whartinger, 
ZanGMoR eat Lieto } fais ae or to 
John Meagher, Produge {flexchant, Kingston. 
March, 1859. tae 



JHE Subscriber hay, 
T new buikng gaahe ayte af the 
lately destroyed by fire, begs to sudnpnce to 
his iriends andthe public genesaily, that he 
has pat in it perfectly new Machinery of the 
most improved kind, and is now prepared to 


and begs to say that all those favoring him 
with their patronage ego depend upon their 
orders being promptly exgaited in the most 
satisfactory manuer, He wi sBbainial, keep 
a large and extensive assortment 0 Cyotus, 
consisting of 
Proadcloths, Cassimeres, Satinetts, Doe- 
skins, Tweeds, Full-cloth and 

joh he will be p.eased to exchange for 

WAQL, gnthe most reasonable and advan- 

tageoys terms. > * 
the ighest Price in CASH 
will also he pais for WOOL to those not 
wishing to exchange for Cloth. He hopes to 
receive a liberal share of public putronage, 
being fully convigged that he will be able 
to give entire satisfaguion to those lavoring 
him with a call; and v would respecttully 
request those having Wool to dispose of, to 
call and see him before s¢lling elsewhere. _ 

The highest price in cash jill also be paid 
for HIDES, Suerr and Canr Spins. 

He would at this time ‘ender his sincere 
thanks for the very liberal patronage he has 
received during the past years in which he 
jas been engaged in business, and jlgr the 
many kind expressions of sympathy tendered 
4p,\im on the occasion of the Factory being 

in, ! 

ing recently erected « 

ved by fire. . 
}.—Particular attention will be paid to 
Custom Carding and Cloth dressing, which 
will be dene in the best manner, aud war- 
ranted .to give entire satisfaction, 



Siove & Tin sae Ware Dept 

Opposite Cammersial Hapse, Front St, 

s iS of every class, comprising 
Wogil,and Coal Cooking, 

American Ranges, 

| Parlor, Cylinder, Halland Box © 

shih for beanty of design, symmetrical ap- 
pymrance,and economy o! {yol, gannot 

hw bu surpassed. 

Baths, Refrigerators, Water Coolers, 
Filterers, and ,the jostly appreciated fire~ 
proal Stave-nipe Rim, always on hand. 
Bell Hanging, and General Copper Work, 
Tin Roofing, Lave Troughing, 
Conductor Piping, in a ypw and superior 

alyle, ang 
Hxejyted on the most approves pri 
—From his experience in this Auetne 

1559, and forward me one of the papers, will 
be allowed their bills at the time of makin, 
A pyrchase, {tgp me of five times the amount 
of my manpfactyres, 

hampers St. New York. 
MNUAT well known and long established 
on, the East side of Front Stregt 
in the Town of Belleville, and County ° 
Hastings, with immediate possanaionty v= 
ing attached Jarge optebuildings, and a com 
modious yard. Rent moderate, 

Apply to 
Bolloville, March 2th, 18} 30 


OTICE is, horehy given, that in acoord+ 

ancy with an Xe of Parliament Faasod 
on the 26th Miirgh, 1859, (boing 22nd Vio., 
cap. 6,) any Tavorn, Groogry or Shop Keeper, 
found selling liquor, between, the hours of 7 
o'clock on Saturday yights, and 8 o’clook on 
Monday monings, will be proscoyted in mo- 

cordance thorewith. 


his written order, 

Bingeton, April 24th, 1869, 36 


Aelloville, May 28,1859, BwA2 

feels, confident of giving entire saj\jfaction, r pep rey ete 4 
oh her overt Mes pie fo Mcvcaahed Sleefflee County of Mastings, a Y virtue oe Wat 
. 7 ’ (Ohne Piet alts \ 
Ware, of every description * ' to Wit. of Fieri Favinsip 
ie nes a 7 ic : loait er aned outol Her Majesty's County Court at 
Alwaysin Stook, and particular attention is Me ey of itnnllogs a la he Airsel, 
an oe cee iy } CTOR Y one ose tak wight | lone Againel ; * lanile ail tenements of Marti © 
wopp nommniow corres Pury |RIFLE FAC «| Paige ae ait it faint to Ga Pama 
io ist auporoasing a anki eae ; ve solved and takensdn ‘Rxngutign torte 
eee a eyny heals tit to Fecora:| FTV: undersigned rexpeot(ylly tnforwm the ak ine ands ng een ie ATR ; 
frente W Veteroncs to nay other, pubic that he has bought JH. Rectgrs Gerlaie te GF} atest of lun tabi premibas 
bie Wourde fitted np. with, qvery descrip. | Riflo Fagigry, and lopos to oaiiely every,pne Jommedlaiey srtuqto inthe Township of, ‘Tye diingay ti 
tion of Stoves, Gratas, und Fyragces, on the | by making pod and durable woyk. ny or o reerag TS tho County of Hastings, being , Jtjpased of 
shortest notice. «Vary, careful attention paid | ders for ‘ the South half ot Lot plimber Ningtoon) if 
to all Job work. All gitar executed with| Double orSingle Gain Twist Rifies, N tho sevenci’conpessioa. ol eu anni 
the utmost despafohs 4 Tihaeal Top and bottom, oF ayy ate islachofi uN FR ee et Ee ateahly , ie Se. 
He feara nn Competition. Merms Liperal. voll ppalringg, Will be executed Ww: Also part of La ar jy y inth . 
tthe highost price pajd fpr old, copper, despatots; And the work wi ranted. venth concession aforsait, an hy t 
Raja, and Sheepskins. ; {WAS. PAULI. * Hror known ant detonbey ina Mortgage from 
} J. W. TURNER, Bal]qyille, May 24,1859. 6m40 said Hallofnil t0,\h Most and Loan Cott i 
Belleville, May, 1859. 39Y! Ny B.—All persons having loft Ri ny, dated the pet fund i 
—— —— my 4 iia tis ver, | Registered tho,same (lay Tn jyo Registty, of 
1 © with M F Rector for repair, are rosy sang te" wattty to he fissatihe Connty.of Hastings. eth 
i orwarding & Commission jes! forthe sama forthih. ruete wontons [Ante alenishikC shal fi, fr sa 
ae ER RRR CETL Dit i my office in Belleville, on Sajurde: 
muousknuss. ri \ my An 
or ‘ne| GASH! CASH! Afaeroa aye cence tert [day of July AD. 1859, at th our ies 
NUE Subscriber, having jloased the Store 3 RATOR o'clock, noon, ¥ ODIE: 
House and Wharf owned by Billa Flint, J. W. DUNBAR MOC By. a 

Enq. for the purposo of doing a Forwarding 
and Commlaston Dualneas: would respectfully 
solicit, a-ahare Of tho public patronage. By a 
long Argiaintance with, and a strict attonfion 
to the ‘businoss, ho hopes to be ablo,to give 
na foll sativfaction and.for as cheap rates as 

any of his competitors, 
Tho Subscriber will constant) 
neers ye Roly Goat, Crue 
‘Loun, &o., at the choapost r 

Bolloville, April.5, 1859. 




‘OONOFT 10}240M M0) 


{aay agayudu munodoy Bu 
wiunoooM ajay) Jo iuoM dd Hy 
‘mioyy Woay po4yovea oy oFvaodd purgqy| 440K on 
Iwq wy Ganj 2] wag ‘WGOUIYSI Mey doSay 

{any Houod Lay 

Min G1 MY OF pay 

“o98l ‘Mel oung 

squany hud 40) wor HYUANy ogyojd 
pay fyent foun WAS O11) C4ojOq ‘ 
OP HL OHO [Iu '£q'Posiqo 199y {a puw 
40) wOWO WN & fol9ua wy OF MAAN 
1PAP somos Orly Opyay vrIT or HAON(09 oy 
Of) Duisyyay gi Yoquonqng ou, ex 


pote exe — 

rae ae ay 4 

“The Farmers own Pager." 




[Eerappauep po 


VAT isnoN vIowNWOQ BeeF “ey ae) Ponte Retin Saatsod eae 
"TTIGIN.O ‘ef iation, wud the 



93avj on HM OY yw food ay poonpay Aiqusopysno9 uooq Wy o4nn 


SPo9H Ou, 


and slorticnliural Di 

; yf = ‘owas =) OF TIM SUABY NOUN 
SHAT OMY, 24 VINO WP Tes oiv8 on HY YAH 40) posyyoand o4. app) | | Each voltint cou Y 
T T psu ne Mn Old SHA a 1WH ‘hes WY spoog ny ogem um Yonge | EMAL De Pausn ond i rofnely Motrated 
e LINKLA ER, oyep OAQAB ony WuOdy SUsv Pound Hsva Ie yo PaAoljn aq Ta Bet ood cute, ent to any 

18 A YEAR 

the Farmer into 

To order to introd 

Where it hoa fow readers, wo WII fake aul 
tiohh® i 

2 the coming half volume (it 
eyineu following rates 
riers, 28 outa; BY doops 

our beautiful 9 She poo! 



e |ATAL 40 AVG LsuUls 



‘ANOS §9 Wel AVANOM He 440 7113S 


rw liberal liet of O48, 
inducement to 



ie W EE Sw S 2 

Scott Bray & Co’s 
Misses and Children’s Sizes, for sale at the 

“"* 3w43 | 


LJAVING been » Jony Umein the G: 
i business, begs to Hata eter pot 
vors, and acqnaint his customers gnd the Public 
4enerally, Unt he bat removed t the prenuizos 

Lately Occupied by F, TAYLOR, Jr,, 

Where he te prepared to crite 
4° Tatohaiads signet sy en 

. U . iG 

Ife fiopes to merit a ehare of pablic Patronage 
and slipport 

93> Goods delivered to ony part of the T 
yhe eC) TA RGE. mo PS foeree 

bane ‘yr Vinh, 1859. 


Belleville, 18th Tune, 1859. 

callihg at 
ani be in 


== == a 
he Subscribers having advertised to exchange for WOOL! 

a large assortment of q PHONOGRAPHY! 

PITMAN, of Bath, Enyland, in the year 
OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, : ng the , an a RE: 
to those wha do not wish to exchange, for 


J. & J. BOOTH. 

2 AE Sse 

Celebrated Female Pills 

Prepared from a Prescription of Sir J. Clarke, 



Belleville, May 14, 1859. 

wee! uC 
raphy with Q 
freedom. The 8a! wi 
enable a perxon to take re apa 
‘This invalyable medicine is unfailing in the} ures. sermons, oF conversation, aud to. rea 
cure Basie paint Sed dangerous diseases thee yith accora 
te which the female canatitution is subject, It tr. 
moderates all excess and } IL obstr 
tions, and a speedy cure may be re! 
it fe peculiarly suited. It will, in ashort 

|, Physician Extraordinary to the Queen. 

AW. Sto joaton, say: 
Phonogréphy aluable ndjunct to edven- 
tion, and one which, when acquired in y: 
would not be parted vith in manhood for thotts- 




package, whi 
: Sole atl 




Compounded entiraly te 

BwWwxric EX AT, ty 6 Seri TIVE AND 1 
> mt 

abe nbleto.put their thoughts 
of from 100. to 250° word 


BELLAVILLE, 1B59. " 81 

al is as 
Ao un 


nadian Phonetic Pioneer, 
ily Journal, devoted to the adv seat 
8 conte per annum, 


ls “Cuias Oo 

Sheriff's Sale of Lands, ” 

‘em gavga by the Mano 
Ean ma len times pa easy 

dora ts (0 wie 

| of the 
at 1a wand tn 

ny pervon trod || 

an ( 

There ‘ye 
the aystent, Hipp! 

fying ¢ 

ery, removing 


TPE Suhgoribers will poy tho Highest 201 

por D. OOK ERMA. we Shei 

‘VShorill's Ofive,, altar | 

Price Tor ies 
Cloths, Satinetts, Tweeds, Flanyels, 
&o., delivered at thele Relabiish ener} fo 

Frapkford, June 3,.1859, . a 

fe he result of sbibe ‘i 
Dr. BANFORD, Propdeten, 244 Hroad way, New York 
Retailed by all Drogeisin Sob ober Ay 

Holdon\& Co.,,s0]6 agents, Belleville. 
ORBES in Obancory, 

D Avignments of Moi 
Juet pristed and for aale at the 

April 9th, 1857, 

good paper, and 
oo . 

~ a 





The want ofa sterling Medicinal to meet the 
and neceasition of the puilycing portion of hum 
ty, and one entirely (re 

powerful medicine wawu 

the HOVSEITOLD REMRDY o «Hh qations, 
witribute fe lO PREVENT os we: slo CURR 

thus by removing the hid 
Tnvigoente and resture the d 
system, assisting warure 



The great ecourge of this. continent 

gestive organ aro 

exibita, {teoll, thin nearching amd ungering | 

remedy disperses (t from the pation\s aysterns 

General Debility and Weakness. 
Frain whatever eau: 
and all other signe of v 

aud detergent remedy. 


7 antum and right condition of tho | 
te Me tits to the healih of | 
the hunin (ramey this ante ut cogs medicne exe | 
pels the hidden nude of the complaint, and renders 

all the Muids andsecketious pacar oe 

bile is of momentous import 

jng and resusitating (hie vita 


tt id remedy, what 

hati od renorming fem i re 

Dathelegeaplatnty it cat be taken with safely 

all pertodicul anu other disorgvanizationa its 
Ts all but miraculous, 


i { Natl Hanimousy borne | pF veel ite. aa ieee nee 
cite einen st Salona waningon An ng rl pari, as expen 
and certificates in every living language bear wits errentire 
ness Lo the urenialleness of their, lntrinsle worlts | 

Holloway'e Pills. are the beat. remedy known in 

the world for the following diseares : 

Asthma, ; Devinys Low 
owelComplalut,Fevee nail Aguey *( 

t Pree semate Compl /itaS 

Hoaslachey Se 

Jinligestiow HOriy 
atl Tunings, s — Veuoreal Affece 
Des via Tnilammaian, = ons, 
Denke, _ Tinwund Weakneas Words ull kiads, 

Dewey, ~— Liver Complaints 


same may be plainly’ 

tha detection of anylparty or partivs counterferting 
the medivine orvending the ame, knosing therm 

spurious...» / 
Sold at the Mavufsclorios of Professor Hox~ 

rowa¥, $0 Maiden Lane, New York, aut by all 
respectable Druggists acd Dealers in Medicine t 

Throughout the United States and the civilized 
sworld, in hoxes at 29 cents, 63'cents, atid SI each, 

larger siz 

ieeetions far the: aulgnce of patients 

rYdicarderaré affixed iobaeh bow 8 4 



Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, 

Chronic or Nervous Debility, Diseases of the Kid- 

neys, and all diseases ayising from adisvrdered 

Liver or Stomach. 

Such as Constipation, Inward Piles, Pulacss or 
Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau- 
sea, Heartburn, Disgnet for Food, Fulluess or 
Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink 
ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swim 
ming of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breath 
ing, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffoca 
tlug Sensations when iva lying posture, Dimness 
of Vision, Dols of Webs before the Sight, Fever 
and Doll Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perkpt 
ration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in 
the Side, BackyChest, Limbs, &e.. Sudden flushes 
of eat, Burning inthe Flesh, Constant Im 
ings of Evil, and great Depression of Spi 

‘The proprietor calling the attention 

tion, da sowith a fee 

is recommended. 

Ibis/Ho new and untied article, but one that 
has stood the feat of w ten years? trial before the 
American people, and its reputation and sale are 
unrivalled by any similar preparwtion extant. The 
Yestimony in ils favor given by promivent end well 
known Phys 
the country 
the Almanac, published 
and to be had gr 
bat ratisfy the most skeptical that this remedy is 
really deserving the great celebrily it has obtained. 



Couglis, “olils. Lulusnza, Croup, Honrsenicer, 
roncNitis. Priuonia, Dixeaser of the Bow 
eearixing from Cold, Ticipient Consumption, 
and for the rellef aiid (if at all poxsibley eure 
of Vatientsin adoancéd stages of rhe talter dia 

4 PLS telebrafed preparation, like the Bitters, 
may be confidently relied on. It fy designed 

for a class of discuses niore general and more tu 
thio-mny olher to which the people of tis coun 

ualier In diseases of greater eunipl 
lity tharcthesalluttero? en 2 ane mortar 

A further proof of the terrible fatality of disenses 
way b by | 
® glance at the following stutisties, Valen frotathe } 
records of the Board of Health of Philadelphia, con: 
Seesedly ote of the most healthy loculitles in the | ki 

resulting from 4 common cold,” 

Union im 
1552. Total deaths in Philadelphia, 

Died of Consuinp 9 
sal other diseases (250 ” 
fu number), 8,319 
1853./Tiotal deaths, 10.748 
Died of Consumption, 1295) 
© allotherdisouses, 7,854 
1951, ‘Total denthe, nity 
Died of Consumption 2.178 
“all other diseuses, 6 

Prom these figures. it will be seen 

th ¥ ‘ 
aratoontch Mensou dake eee nearly Dubyished in the Hastings Chronicle and the|  — — Tie 
MU ENCET jm— " ) 
; Whe reas, the custom hitherto followed by r A I L O R 1 N G ° 
We ager \e | Physicians in this County, of allowing ar! 
A rif_e with your health; but, if suff counts for protessional #¢ ini 
from 9 cough, or cold on the lungs, Buenete dt te i a boon-alike injarto 
Thousands have 
done. 80, and have certified 10 its wonderful effects. 
Conghs somotimes proceed from a disordered of 
speptic state af the stoniach, in which case the 

caused by cons 
merous other ditea 

You muy safely count on a cur 

Corman Bi 
Ness, OF gor 

Prepared only by Dr. 
Bireet, Phitadelyhta. 
Brorekeepers throughout the United § 
nada, rice 75 cents per Woe see 


on Frout Street, 
NESS parts of th 


Several Lote on Pinnacle Streot, fronting the 

Court House an Commercial) Bank. 

Applicationwte he made by letter (post paid 
to the REV, JOUN CARNOLL, Gankte i) 

Bolherille, March 4, 1289, no 



from rulieral an at 
loterious particles, was » veraty fole Cit this a 

fant ‘ ‘ hired hito the words 

TopLoway’s INVARUADER “ILLS have ae 

yihey pment “grenter than he could ‘bear ;” but} 
| , 

Kttack’the RADIX or ROOT OF tre complain’, and | sti}} io toiled on, expecting every moment 

ow enuse of dinewre rar 

Jeooping energies of the 

fife task of VETAL and 

Jelde quick 

optic Pills, aud the di- 
Vy toa course of these antiseptic Pills, ‘ 
y reatored to thele proper (00% | room, was Soon fast asleep, Joo labored 
ng njatien inwhat hideuus shape this hydra of diss | A Giifully till|enr three olclock, When, hun 

ger golting Uo better of duty, lo resolved | AL THE CANTON TEA STORE, 

eased liver, and othe 
disorganization of the sysiem, vaulah uuder thas ing thetback dcor noUecrsoe, Rivocutl in 
eradicating influence of this all power fulantiseptic 

fe # of thi ty oe a ‘, 
afovime a’ eying «Tow oven aN] pabiking of sonie way to escape detection, |, 

Hhis meditations were disturbed by some- 
}thing coming-in contact -withel 

On perceiving her, le thought of w plain 

Grasping her fore legs, he duubed Ter fore 
Lowness ofepitits | fot teabout ip tho remnaiyingspant of tho. pie, jes 


‘one and Gravel, 

‘oueare gennine unless thr | Lite)and wis Soon di 
wards “Holloway, New York and London,” ar 
discernable as a Waler-mark fv every leaf of the 

irecti Wh pot or Udxy the N p anne 
yee ced atat er Uy honing the leap fo} up, and saw the old“man coming with Txb- 

ie light: “Nchendsonto reward will be giten to} by under one arn and Ins gun over his 
any one rendering auch iuformotion usmay lead | shoulder. Neithor spokes, the old, man} 
passing by, ahd procegding round-bebind a} 
knoll which bid him from Joe's view. 
Joe leaned on his hoe for a moment, lis | ~ 
tening, when the silence was suddenly dis- 
urbed by the report of a gun, mingled 
witlfthe screéelies of-the cat, plainly inti- 
YP There is considerable saving bytaking the mating what had been the fate ofpoor 


peared with his gun in handy the smoke 


boiling after the grease is added) for it will 
become soap at once. Muke your soap 
salve instead of 4 jelly, and never use it 
while new. A 

Herdld youches for the following:—A 
young man by the name of Tisdale, from 
‘Toronto, Canada, returned to this city on 
Wednesday, after an Absence of about six 
nrontlis, and deposited in the baukin 
of Davidson & Co. gold dust to the amount 
of $36,000, whicli lie obtained in the viein- 
ity of Marysville, Tt appears that he pur 
Chased a smatl claim at “ Pinch-em-tight 


Us leaves by thie’ puxt steniner for Lome, 

Quarterly Communication of the Grand 
Lodge of Scotland, held in Edinburg, on the 
2nd of May inst. a resolution was proposed | N 
and unanimously adopted, recogniziny the 
Grind Jodge of Canada; and ordering all 
|subordipata Lodges, holding under the G V 
vit L., of Scotland, to extend the night hand of 

bre subject—thore springing froin a “sli; 1 pte 
Thal'awinent auihority DP. elt, AS ert b 
wot say that Colds are to our inhabitants what ine | 
Plague and Yellow Fever are to those of other 
countei but lean aver confidently that they | si 

_, | ntti last Sunday, 
910/26! happy during ihe 
net of shouting, foll dead in hor seat, A sud- 

den henorrhage of the lungs produced { 
7 iced inst 
atrangtilation, Cat a 

J e iteeid the 14th inst, the following Preambld aid 

‘ountry are | 

¥ nothing of the nus} 
spcloging from a * slight | 

| 10 themselves, 

be rondured Quartorly, 

Sold by K. WorveNn and M, Sawryen, Bell 


in one of the BEST BUSL 


Joo Braco waa a farmer's son in the town 
of We — and by hia Gicks, and games, 
andl wilt pranks, caused hin watehiful * pa 
HWiont no Httle trouble sometimes. Tt hap: | 
| pened, on one occasion, that Master Joo was | 
cauglit in como misdemennor, xnd ws wm pun 
ishrmont for the same, lyek been compelled 
lio hoo in the cornfield until shel time as 
said“ parient” should judo proper,tliat he 
should bo relensed, Joe, liko a dinifulson, 
took bis hoo, and ‘steaightway commenced 
sad Lavoe among the weeds which obstrict- 
ed tho growthof) the corn. Dinnertime 
carne nod passod by, mud still’ no Gx'l for 
poor Joe, who bygan to think bis puniabs 



20 chosts Yoong Myson 

to hear the summons) Which would release 
Thin, ut lonat for a tine, from Vis tik 
But there was po such good tick for him, 
Pho old’ man Was determined that ho 
“ghould swent it ous,” us he termed it aud | 
stretching himself on thy lounge in the buck 

to obtain something “to stay, Lis stomach” 
at nll Dagards. So, dropping his boo, he 
steered cnutionslyfor the house j and onter 

renoliing the pantry without detection—the 
old man being asleep, and the other portion 
of the housoliold being engaged with some 
company in the froutpirt of ihe house, who 
had arrived a few minutes before, On en: 

pig, Uiat had been set before the window to 
caol, being just from tho oyen., When he 
had nbout half demolistied the pie, nnd was 

On looking down, lo suv the favorite pussy, 
who had stolen ip atthe door, and was cubs 

itisfaction at the proceeding, — 

which le inunedintély, putsinto execution. 

gently al work, 
Ty Hind been hocing but ashort time, 
hen, hearing # noisetin the rear, lie looked 

‘Th W moment more, the’ ohl man re-ap- 

aud as he 

t been a little bard of hearing, he might 
ve heurd : Ee d 

There goes another victim to circum- 
antiallevidence,” ‘ 


Ty Goon Luck,—The San Francisco 

Varieties. \Just Received 
214 ag lage 



wr herp the halt, Felt the paytry, |e) 4 
loty Syaip-} the cat jumpirg to the fluor, and following 
Nig, leaving her uycks, of Course, oop the 
shelf and floor, Joo now made Inimediate 
haste for the field, much refreshed by. his 


20 boxes Pipes; 

cheats Twankay 
20 cuties Gunpowder 

12 catties Old Uyson 
10 oattiwa Young Hysou 
6 chests Souchong “ 


8 chests Oolove 
10 chosts Olt Hyson 

15 bagw Java © tee, 
LaGr jra Colleo, 
Mo do, 
Pip. auioig Cayton, Coftéay 



60. dozen assorted Tumblers, 
20 lozen Decunters, 
10 dozen Water Bottles, 


50 boxes Montreal Soap, 

30. boxes Toronto 

5 boxes Castile 

10 boxes’ Houey and 

50 boxes Stearine Candles, 

50 boxes fallow Canillys, 

15 boxes Belmont Sperm Candles, 

6 boxes Sperm: Carles, a 

tering, he commenced an altuch on veminee AD ‘TIE CANTON TRA STORE, 

15 cases (Green) Giv, 

10 ouses (Red) Gin, 

8 bhds. Martell’s Branly, 
6 lihds. Holland Gin, 

T bhi. Old ‘Vom, 

10 casks Port Winey 

15 Sherry Wine, ¢ 
5 casks Luslie’s Ginger Wine, 
6 cases lie'’s Stomachic Bitters, 

2 cases Vermouth Bitters, 

5 oases Absinthe Suisse, 

5 cases Schiedam Schuapps, 



bbl. Stoughton Bitters, 

case Ruspberry Vinegitr, 

hha. Seotehs Whiskey, 
13 cages MIK Punch, 
Gheds Pepper Sauce, 
10, bbls, Bottled Ale, 

“10 Libis. London atid Dablin Porter, 

15 baskets Champagne, 

1 cask Katty’s Prokles, j 

3.bags. Allspice, ‘ ee 
6 bags Popper, 

3. bbis..Pot Barley, 

15. bbls. Oatineal, 

1 hhd, Carolina Rice, i : 
10 b Rice, “ 

50. boxes MRL Raisins, 
25 boxes MR Ruising; 

“6 drums Sultaua Rising, 
5 boxes Shelled Almonds, 

™ 25 boxes Button Blue, 
15 boxes Starch, 
10 boxes Pudding Starch, 

5 bales Cotton Wick, 
5 bdls. Twine, 

50 Jars Colman’s Mustard, - OH 

1 case Sardines, . 
1 cise Preserved Lobsters, 
5 bbls. Bordeaux Vinegar, 

1 bok Blacklead, 
50 Gross Shoe Blacking, 

One of the things that always bothers AT THE CANTON TEA STORE, 

néw beginuvers in livusekeeping is the mak: 
ing of scup; yet it is ad easy to inake it as 
itis fo use it, Put good aslies in a Teach, 
With a fowssticks, @ little straw and lime in 
the bolton; moisten the ashes as put in, 
nd Jet them stand’so a day or two} ‘or else 
saturate them with water and stand without, 
dripping, atUeast avo days. Lf tho first 
rou is weak, pour it on again. Boil your 
lyecuntil itis very strong: If salts form, 
tike them out; they are not tlie salis! of 
potash, or at least not in stich a state as 
vil make sonp. ‘To: the pure, strong: lye, 
as much grease as it will take; you VE v 
cannot get in on much.» You need at A Ta PAREN TEA STORE, 
fear to. put bones, skins and lean meat in- 
to good lye, You can skim out all that is 
not dissolved, Your lyo needs but’ little 

Nelson’s Gelatine, . 
Russian’ Isinglass, : 

5 cases Salad Oil, 

Taylor's Chocolate, 

French Capers, 

5 doz. Lea-& Perrin’s Worcester Sauce. 
50 dozen assorted English Sauces, 
Bengal Chutnee, { 
Sugo,-Arrowroot, and Tapioca, 
Macearoni-and Vermivelli, 
Natmegs, Cloves, and Cinnamon, 

Essences, Anchoyies, 


25 ilozén Shoe’ Brushes, . 
20 dozen Stovo Brushes, x 

2 cases Clothes Brushes, 


5 bbls. Grourd Loaf Sugar, a 
5 bbls. Granulated Sugar, 

20 bbls, Crushed Loaf Sugar, 
15 bbls, Y. C, Sugar, 
10 hihds. Muscoyado Sbgar, 

5 bbls. Sugar House Syrup, 
5 bbls. Molasses, ’ 

re 4 
gings,” struck a rich“ pocket,” and by 

Masoxic.—Wo learn thateat. the: last 

Howship to their Canadian Brethren.— | 

(27™ Not a trillion of seconds has elapsed 

! For in'a trillion | 
dirs, 82 days, 1 | 

ba, died in the African @harch at Cincin- 
6 became exceedingly 
vico, and, while in the 

Ta meoting of the Medical Faculty of the | 
County of Hastiigs, held at Belleville, on 

Resolutions were passed, and ordered to be 

finitely unsettled, lias been alike injurious 
Boit therefore Reralved, 
Jety-That nll xccounts for Medioal Sorvicos 

2nd | 


Tint all 
on Slat Docomber, 
[Signed) Dis. B. WALT 

J. MeLE 


GW. Cunifton. | 
Th HOLD} Chairiian, 
Belleville, 14th Ovt,, 1858, 9 

eceD WES Wome 
a. site for a Market Garden, and Nursery 
for Fruit Treos. Terma reasonable, and to 
suit the applicant. Apply at this office. 22 

20°} boxes Tobacco, 

ligent labor, in the short space of half a | A’ 
year, accumu'ated An independent fortune, 

Belleville, Nov. 1Sth, 1858, 15 
ee ee eet 


public in-go 
favors and a¢ 

TO TH E PUBL 1 Cc ! | herent n promia paso endeavor always to give 

public patronage, 

Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. 


xes Tobacco, 5s, 7s, 10s, 

1 ase Fig Tobacco, j 
1 vase Virginia Twist Tobacco, 


100 boxes Sealed Hoerrings, 

26 ‘bbls. Herrings, 
Whitefish and Lake Herrings, 




T iis stand, twor doors above 

Djs: cL Mr, Nulty's Auction Room, 

( Front Street, iepreparedoto meot 

all orders in his tite of business 

nce the creation of Adam! nor will that | Vi! Pramptness ond dispatehs Io attends 
number have elapsed until February 1st in | 
the year of our Lord 26,825 
of seconds there are 
hour, 45 minutes and 40 seconds, 

wally to the Jobbing departinent, aud hia 
ges are very low, 
His stock of Jewelry, nicely arranged and 

well aclectwd, will give satisfaction to the most 

(™ A colored woninn, named Flora Haw- Cuglis 

A large assortment of 

Swiss, and French Gold 
nud silver Watches, 

warranted to be good tin»koepers, on hand, 

Tho beet kinds of American Clocks constantly 

on hand. 

Ho takes this opportunity ‘to exproxs to the 
1, his sincere thanks for part 
cite an equal shave of patronage, 


| made to order, 

Viv Gotw ou Siven taken in exchange, or 

| banght for Cash, 


. March 8th , 1858, 1 

HE Subseribor, grateful for past favors, 
begs to inform his friends and the public 
generally, that ho has opensd shop in Mr. 


ronting the Market, whore he. hopes, from 
‘ounts made during the year | hid long itanding and well known. abil 


Front, St. Bellévillo, 1857, (18) 

SION first of May noxt, n 

Ayer’s Cathartic Pills. 

pe old i ba 


Brown Windsor Soap, 

London, May he con 
ing. until 9 at night, in every state and symp 
tom of Pisense, ‘Ie treatment they adopt be 
the result of ups i 
euccessful practi 

ty, or Noct 
known as Ser 
manently cured in frony fifteen days to two 
months, by-the use ef this instrament, when uged 
conjoinuy, with medicines 


tion exclasi 
dies and thy 

exertions have been crowned with the mostsig 

y, by 
Punotunlity and doipatch, to merit a share of 
if All orders in the above 
line executed in the latest styleof Fashion 
jan warranted, 

‘ N. B.-Cutting done on the shortest notice 
1H BOULDER, | 804 Warranted, 

L Us y ar tho 
A residence of Hon. Edmund Morey. 
is in good gondition, with a small gardea at 
Inchod, Rent moderate. 


Steen apt nih So ehemeipie—eeebapene 
‘SUMMONS to Examine Defendant, Order 
to Examine Judgment Dobtor—Jjust print- 
od, and for sale at this office, 


Home and Kuropean Demand}! 

Tho Penson whyyie tnt hy Nature's own pro: | 
it voatoves the tral) culor Rabiantontly 
the hate heaot + anppliea th i 

pW on bald 

‘wnnoven ull dp 
acily, quiets nnd t 
outew all nervous he: 

iy Ap the nerve 

ve, ANd My be policed} 
nto oure nll aon (H0 vaalp nnd lake; | 

d kegy it fWllinge oll; make 
 houlihy, avd benutifal, ands if 
tised by the young tWo or threo tines n week, 
it SVU never tall oF Uecunte grag; thevsreader, 
road the follawloyg nod flee for yourself 

Dow, York, Jaoe#y 1868. 

Menara, O, J, WOOD & CO, 

Gentlemen: Having heard a good deal about 
es Tair Rosorauive, and my hair 
dy, Yada op any tind: (olay 
he projaitloet’ which Ty fir domuion with 
tomsuty Pereoney had agoinee all nape 

em, and aahort vb wo Laon 
Woneed vein ¥ Artoly, Co test vel, 

The voowt hing beeu 
Lam vory, glad T did #0, y 
ty Well ay for thy enoonragement of ofherd who 
may bean geny Ae Twaa bot who, baying tay 
Prajidicn WIN OUL THY nomNone Wiske CO ip it meld 
ave unwilling to give your Restorative atrial 
Lill Uhey have further proof, ald the Bort proof 
Huinge oqufiir dotionrtration, L write you the 
Jett, whieh you mny slow to iiny sueli, nod 
allo diteot them toonve for fovther proof, 
am in and out of the N. YoWhe Railing F 
lishinent evory day. My lnitie now tla ne 
Golovy And Niveh nproved in appear 
Way, being glowlor mit Uniekor and wu 
heulthydooking! Tp 

aPOMO hte 
Cor, Colymbid iid Curroll Ste, 
Livingeton, Alm, Keb 1 

Prof. Wood = Doar Sirs Your Unir Restoran 
tive has dotie much food in this part of the 
country, My hair hus bear THO YI tal bg 
for aovernl yonts, cause, Lauppoge, from nalight 
bore when Twas on infant i have been using 
your Hair Restorative for sik weeks nud T tind 
that L havea fine head of hair now growing, af 
ter haying used all other émedies kuown, to no 
effect. I think it, thesmost valuable vomedy 
now extant, and advise all Who ave afflicted thit 
Wry to vee your reniedy. 

You cnn pulilish thls if you think proper. 

Yours, &o., S.W. MIDDLETON, 
Philadelphia, Sept 9, 1857, 

Prof. Wood—Dear Si ¢ Unir Restorn 
tive ia prowing itedlf hereticial to sie, The 
frouf, and aléo the back part of hy head nlijiost 
Jost its covering —wae in faot ward, Tintve dked 
hot two hall pint bottles of "Your ‘Restorative, 
and now the top of my Iewd i¢ Well emdded with 
A promising crop of young bnir, oud the front is 

alaor ving its benefit, Ihave tried over 
preparations without any beowlit, whatever, 1 
think from wy own personal recommendations L 

can induee niany others to trey it,’ Yours &e., 
D R.PHOMAS, MD, No. 444 Vine Su 

The Rastorative is put up in bo'tles of threa 
sizes) Viz: Inrge, meditm, and sma 1; Us xmall 
holds 4a pint, ond! retails for one dolar per 
bottles the medium holds'nt least twenty per 
cent more in proportion than (he small, retails 
for two dollars pur*hutties the large hold a 
quart, 40 per cent more in proportion, ad rey 
tails for $3. : 

O. J, Woop & Co., Proprietors, 444 Byoad- 
way, New York, and 114 Murket Street, St. 
Lovin, Mo. 

And sold by all good Druggists and TPancy 

Gooils Dealers, 423m 


|Buffalo Medical Dispensary, 

Established*for the Cure of 
Dysrersta, Genexat Diptiipy. PryeR AND 
AGcue Aspuma, IxcipmatT Consumprion, 

inodunita, and prices tend 
‘Tho inipending European Waris beginnin 

Au trdin, wid oven 
diverted to this aparket, and alrenc 
od by sampleat very low ryes. 
ton dmporters Gye ire offering samples, 
aul we live Tour possession unples of 
fine Mestizo, feo from “bis,” which enn be 
r bought av 26.0. and this Compares favorably 

with common domestic Ile 
Hol iteprosent-bertoudhed within 10¢, it 
Pho luidened tendeney 
the European, movey markeus accounts 
for sending supplics to Ubis Market, butthe 
outward movanent of the precious metals 
wWrendy wffeots the rate of intérests here 
ind his will check any-extensive pure 
Ob Che puto spac atorsand munufictuns. 
TH o.sbenuing las now commenced in Penn- 
aylvanin, Olio nod this Suite, bat very litle 
hus coined forwardaw yet, nor is this excite= 
Went prevalent in the growing which gen- 
erally marks the opening “of ther seasons 
owjng to the extremy price demanded, 
ston ‘County, Lai, to really choice 
Saxony can be vouched short of 
buyers are shy putchisers at these figures, 
The genewd merges we think, will be from 
40c¢ to 60 for hall or full biood Merino and 
Saxony, more ov dees auconding to quality. 
With regard to the prospect of thecrop, | 
we are not fully ndvised, but will apy 
the anjexed, from the letter of an ibelli. 
gent wool-prower in Coshocton, Olio, Who 
previous lo April 26 shenved 26 of This flock, 
wn. sont the wool wo washed wil wis ton res 
spectable house in: thi 
qualityy indeed, was very superior, and, if 
fnud-Wwaished and: properlyssorted, would 
fondily command: 63 
Wits ‘too cold to wish the Sheep then; and 
Me carly sheering. would not Iiive taken 
y Were intended 
for exhjbition at rhe State Farr, 
has been sold ata good youtidisir 
Wdeman no ddubt dias the proc 
Tis pocketein hiwed-casheere ath iss ded 
1 pier cent comunssion ang 
chuirges, TG aver W 
call sheep f Uint to? Wiel point! lie figs :— 
Our genenilesbearmgeio Ohio willl tike 
plage this: year between she ZOuh of May 
dod June Wats and aldrough the sheep 
tly reduced jn nun 
years, yet the sheep have wintercd remark- 
ubly well, the Wool will be of much sound 
fey henthier aude better quality alana ever 
The Uransactions in old fleece 
consprises 80,000 Ibs at 440 -to,d5e for } to 
full Llood, and in pulleds80,000 at 856 to 
ATA as) tor quality, besides whielt some 
450° Viles “Lexus has been sold on private 
t, fo sales of momect 

Teast of Lliw nites 

InFinmities oF Your anp OLD AGE, &c 


Cornerof Main and Quay Sta, Bujfalo. N. ¥,, 
AN RE the only Pliysichins hi the Suite who aie 
YX membersioftic Royal College of Surgeons. 

ited from 8 in the morn 

1s of 80 years’ extensive and 

bin Europe ind Americd. — | 

An inatnument for the cure of genital T 
al Bnilssiong, more. properl 
hal Wenkness, es onn be pea 


DR AMOS & SON tuke plensuvejin av 

nonnelig that they have ilivented A iiost impor 
tant instrument for tie enve of the above dis: 
eases, It has been snbje 
moat emi 

ladelphia, and: New 
the only usefal instrument ever 
cure of Seminal Weaknessor any disease of the 

ijected tora tese by the 
inent physicians in London, Paris, Phi- 
rk; ithus been declare 
nited for the 

{al orgaus, caused by the secret habits of 

Price TEN DOLLARS, by Mail or Express, 
For all complaints—strictiivés, seminal weak, 

ness, pains in the loins alfeetion of the kidneys 
diseasew of head, thvoat, nose and skin, and all 
those drendful aff 
dobility, render manringe impossible, and in the 
ond destroy both body and mind. 

ising: from a) secret 
dluce constitutional 

of youth, wh 

DR. AMOS & SON have devoted their atteh 
to this peonlian cliss of mala- 
io? they have consequently been 
enabled to ¢ to their fellow-creatures is 
fully testified und greatly acknowh dgediby eon 
valescunt-pationts and others dy anriving it 
town from all parts of the country, for t 
press purpose oly of consultations, while t 

tial advantages; yet from wha they Inve ox 
peviencud in ing iring into the causes of these 
infectious complaints (from, their most simple 
condition to tint of the thost dangerous ond in 
Votorate) they ha: ways ontertnined the pos! 
sihility’ of their prevention aud removal, and 
likewise sifeartnOlY found that Uie most horrible 
And malignant forms of disease could niinost al 
ways He traced to one of the following euueds : 
—Tenorancs, neglect, or vhe ill effects of un- 
skilfal and improper trentment; therefore, Dr, 
AMOS & SON-hn 1indiscovering,in 
the selection of their rem 2, nsufe, effectual, 
find cautious couse; omitting all combination 
of vending whivh Venwan equivycal character, 
ns woll na those whose premature o: injudicious 
appligition inight/ba productive ef badseome: 
quences in the hands of private individdats To 
sliovt the landablé end of their remedioais the 
Jeesoning of a inoss Of oman mieery by 
the alleviation, relief, and ition of thos 
grievous affictions (hat ave in roulity hy 
foe of life, aud which, while They ko extveme 
aurronnd us, call aloud for our skull.and inter 
forence for their extermination, 

Persons in any part ef the world may be sue 
coasfilly treated hy forwarding a conreot detail 
five, With a reinitianee formedioiies. 
De AMOS & SON, cortiuy Main and 
Quialy streets, Buffalo, N.Y. 21 

BO DP Eos 



Front Street, Belleville, one Door below Mr. 
O. Br wiry Extablishment, 
Belleville and vicinity, that she keeps ot 
hand coustantly a Jorge: assortm f the 
finest and best Ladies’ Boots and Wa « 
‘The Goods offered forsale are all news and 
the latest styles always on hand at LX 

trenl, Vormuto and New York Firma, will 
Unable her to soll as low ay any other estab: 
lishment in ‘Lown, 

wants supplied, 

dren's Fall and Winter Wearron hand 

co —= = coco ;, 

onamolled Address 

Gentlemen, just rec 

ut tha Chronicle Olive. 
Novembor 24, 1658. 

nate at the Chdoniele Oflide, 

litve™ transpired 
May 27th, 

Tn the history o 
wariably ip 
fiuancial dill 

large crop whieh ¢ 
at ood! prices, 
Again, many persons; in seasons of com- 
mercial reverses, fly to the farm, kuowing | these Reprin 
it to be the safust-vinl most profitable busi- | placed in the hi 
yess, and Vis by the multionde, who with | the oviginal edi 
fittle means Commence farining, everything 
Of produce is reduced in price, 
st sell tO Get Money necessary to 
warry on the farm, said ‘suclif a shite oF 
Unis Will without doubt reduce the profit 
of the fier, dnd tend to poverty. 
when gopd Uies. retarn, such. will be} 
drawn, through the desire to make * lage Pe Money vurrent in the Slate where tsstled 
fortunes in a day” by some lucky stroke, ius 
w the vortex of ity business, leaving their 
farms for others to tll, while tie man cof |* 
sense, whois content to do well, and nuke 
a fortuid by the slower, but more ce! 
process, remains where he is, and when the 
woldén days of huryest come, finds that lie 
HAs acted wisely and well, 
Another reason is, that many farmers 
lave hada little of their instability remoy- 
Tt cs a lamentable fet, that some fire 
mers are always on the wing, roving about 
from’ place tw place in the vain hope of 
finding w better location, 
1 idea floats In a tnfn’s brain, how is 
lie likely to succeed a man who is think 
yg about selling out” is Wot likely to cul 
to his land as he who intends to remain, 
lence the following query; * What is the 
nse of doing this or that, wien, perliips, 
before another y cur 1 shall sell ould” Now 
trouble, 1 man sees 

in season of commer 
no prospeetol sullingy iunil for this renson 
cultivates his soil:Wath,aawilly the result is, 
he will receive qw greater: return, gnd even 
the farm itself will ‘ierensa@in cusly value. 
We hive seen i grant deal of selling: and 
‘Johanging, and dissatishiction among furs 
buu‘we have very seldom known 
man to prosper until he bad learned to set> 
de down, and! thoroughly cultivate his 


this questions 
Ohester Coy 

FULLY informs the Ladies of 

tho pig vt two om 

ED] the animal we 

The best business conneetions with Mon- ptulit of #42. 
but thitavas reduced to th 

rr Alt 
and counted as above, aVe Ye Zré 

Her late friguts and customers partionlir 
ly, and edeh of the Tadiea who like sto be 
wajted oniby her, will do welltopetstheir 

A large assortment of Ladie's, Misses a Ohil- eh the, | 
jtnnts of the Countyrot Hnstings yonersily, hat 
lie continnua practulig Hiv iboye Avg ane hiopoe 
ton ty nll odyes inteustod 
combined with reaganable charger, to merit 
pport to Jiberatly bor 

Belleville, November 6, 1858. 12 

by atriot att 

N wreat variety, oud of diflerent colors, 
suitable for printing upou. Also, fine 
ts, for Ludid® sand 
& for sale OQHEAP, 

sliniian share wh ait 
towed upon hin 
aa corbmunigationns vithge. by. letterer: tales 
ih, ntrictly attended to, 

B errors & Cuttle Modi 
soription, supplied. 

Bollovillé, Jan, 1%, 1859. 

UST PRINTED, on good. paper, and for 


@yje Havin. 


Tho demand for all descriptions ta very MME SUNRSCRIBIMR begs toyannouned to the public of Belleville and vicinity, that noi 
4 preparedto execute with” 


all orders for WINDOW SASH nnd BLINDS of all descriptions; DOOKS, and every)" 
varivty ot plain and orumental, MOU LVINGS. 


If required, ready) for flooring or otier uses; for Joindrs and Carpenters, 

» watchword among dealers 
for the Hing beting. 
the lnirdihood to operate extensively Ul he 
loarns whether there is to be a war or noly 
Dot the poner 
linion, and consequently shipments fro « 
Ainerien, Mexico, France, Spain, 
gland, aro being 


rit not that the 

In Fo 


Stick, then, to: te firm: 
Panning is) Wealthifi  Thot- 
ough faring 18 profitable, If one half of 
ihe mechanics Who now stirye 1 OUP Cree, 
would. go on to a fim, it would ba bettas 
for tele tunities, far bevy 
Western Journal. 

Pont—Tlow Mucu to, A Busiiey ov 
Conx?—-We continue to receive aniwers to 
i Je J. Cyrter, of Hornvill , 
Penn, says that B, Ps Kink 
1 debt and. credit wecount with his 
Ile fed 49 1-10 busliels off corn ay 60 
bushel, and added Ure fire cost of 
onthe’ ald, B5— mnlsinge a 
46. At seventoen months’ old 
Jed GAD Ibe. nud sold for 
jound, inking $48 67, giving 9 
A titty bran was fed, 
o uquivilent. of 


Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral. 


WH wits, 

No one at pp 
impression fayors a cole 

A full supply of the above Articles kept. constantly on hand for sale, 

adjoining) Colemans Flotring Mills, and’ formerly known as “PRINGLE & BRO'S be 

tayrCustomers would do well to call before purchasing elsewhere. 

tiie exiebing dep 
The total ¢ 
miune wore IAG, AKU,) Vo ymy off the debt of 
jrave 6 
the on 
ree or 
solvent py 


‘A, DIAMOND, SeEn’p. [tors fer the year: 

erod nt the Railroad Staion or 

con, Huntingdon, Apply to the proprietor in 

eavh by uhe dozen, 
Hiebeys, to call particular attention to the 

ony Ba, 9d to 5. the Village of Hastings, if by letter, post-paid, 


. AMch 
TUS, Aid HALE BUSTEL Mnnttac: 
iv now prepared fAIAl any order, | 
forthe above articles with whieh he inéy be} 
His work is superior t any. offered | 

Madoe, April Ist, 1859. 8313) 


Ty all whom it may concern : y 

We, Ue undersigned, Merchants of Belleville, 
He for several years Veen selling Mt. Dame's 
Paile nid ‘Thibs, and aled using them'in Oh own 
we therefore henitite not to wy, that 
«thay are a cheaper article thin no: 
other Pail offered for sale in ovr market, a! 
though sold for a inuch lower price; we also 
hint we have neyer known Mr. Dame to 
AV artiéle Jit our warket 


ty fon sule. 

sau tals ep tlied PAS roy entont anassortment of IHELL 

Mak AvAMsoN. 

Sm:—1 wish to state that I have sold your 
years, therefore Ica fully ree 
Tubs and Pails tothe ube, 
theyeare superior toany offered inetlis section 
Of (Ue country, for which I find ready sala, 


about 4e1 
Year Tbs to 
Napanee. Apeil 



COTT & Co., Ne: 


) York, continue to 

publish the following Ieading British 

Periodicals, vi 
ier B.S 

QUAnrenry (Conseryitive), 
ey : 

New! York Tribune, Tue Epinouran Reva (Whig). 

‘Yur Noxtm Biurisa Ryerew, (Free Church.) 
dow as 

“Te Westausster Review (Lid 

Brackwoop"s Borshuron MacAzise(Tory,) 

f the world it will in- J 
; ent the three 

© that seasons of panic und 
wiy linve been *fullowed 
seasons of grout prosperity for the farm’ 
Do trace the wauses of this would be an in|) 
teresting aud profitable emp oyment, and to 
draw Jessons ot instiocion therefrom, would 
show some wisdom, 
Perhaps these commercin! troubles show 
the necessity of making the most of every 
thing, and induce the tiller, of the go1! to 
+ nike every aere tell) and this when the 
better Gays come, he finds Unit he has a 
omMmands a ready sale, 

the most profound, w 
ture, Morality, and Re! 
they ever haye stood, norivalled jp the world 

on, they stand, as 

being considered indispensable to 
nd the professional ni 
to the intelligent re: 
furnish a more correc! 
of the current Jiterature of thé day, through- 
out the world, than can be possibly obtained 
from any other source, 

t of Advance Sheets from the} 
British publishers gives additional, valnerto 
. inasmuch as they can now be 
Hands of subscribers as soon as 

nd satisfactory record 


Far any one of tle four Reviews 

Fornny three of the four Reviews 

will be recearved al par, 

‘A discount of twenty-five per ¢ 
aboye price will be allowed, to CLM®s ordering 
four or more copies of any one or more of the 
Four copies of Black- 
will be sent to one 
of the four Re: 

Mastin gehealth, 

above works. u 
wood, or of one Revie 
address for $9; four copies 
views and Blackwood for $30; and so on. 

Subscribers in the British Provinces «will 
iye the Reprints free 
N.1s.—The price in Gri 
Periodicals above named is $41 per annums 
jould be addressed, post-paid, “of Extract of Sarsapurilla for one dollar Most 
to the Publishers, 

No, 54 Gold Strect, New York, \rilla,but often no curative properties whatey- 


ia ngoin enlarged,,and gontains 
8000 square inchys of reading mattyr more 
than any ether Nowspape 
onion (The Patriot ex: 

1 it at half the price li 
printed m Canada, Ueing at the uuprevedented 
when paid strictly in advance; otherwise, Lwo 
Dollars, It will be published every Fuiday, 

‘A lunge sleet contuining the reading mutter 
of the Morning and Evening testes of ke Lead 
er, Will be published every Tugsday and Friday 


A Weekly Paper, the largest publiehed 
Chanda (oxenpt. Zhe Weekly Leader). Uy 8 
rquare juchos is published avery Wesdueediy:  laypa, 
Shbseribera by vemiitelipe etriotly i AdvANCY throughout this section, wo need not do more than 
i nadure the people ite quality iy kept up to the best 
ftover hos beon, and thot it may be relied dn to 
do for their relicf all it hos ever been found to do. 

f U, S. Postnge:— 
at Britain of the five 

Now while this 

published in British 


for the nation. 

which js half the price of many weeklies, will 
have it sent to them for bbe year; 
above, Lwo Dollars. 

containing Uhe Jutext 1 { 
imovigun ews Logother with everythin 
eating to Canadian Reng 
to the Intest moment eithe 
presse Pablic Meetings Ly 
66 Procowd ing 

liv. Poveiia ahd. my 
fora, Uinteantwobtainud 44 
hys'Pulegeaph oe Ex 
y Courta, Municipal 
o, WI fully res 
ryrost sheets lesued 
1 hy Port to all party, or 

Dinner Pith, aud for Pu 

ih Canada, forwat 
dolivervd in the Gily avery dny [S 
cepted) nl tie voaliteneg of Subsovibe 
othurwiee Six Dollie 
vo pafely Granemitted bs 
When dveloadd in,n Totter, 

Tees TET AT 
wit. IWoonre, 

Postpnidy” nnd 
Postmustery it w 

tion t ult oe 
Grnfatd Aevavay td take no others, The sick 
want the best aid Mors fy for thom, and they should 

Thawontinvoneineronsa of Te Leader nnd dhe AT Our Teembdies are for sale by | 
! ' 
all tho, Drugpists in Bellovillo, and by, all 
Dealers in, medicines evory Where, 

Patriot nowapapors in astoniehing, and all ads 
vortidore aloutd avail Chomaulver of the advan 
tngidiof tholvcolumone Alt ndventizements Tor 

Kdition will be insertedsin the 
jon without extea charge, and nlce 
insertions at the cate 

olie of evory da 

Jolt 6 ir GW. 
versa, thus receiving two Goitt Agents fo - 

‘No. O8, King Stroct Enat 


| Furniture, 




Provincial Insurance Comp'y, 
| pe ANNUAL MERTING of the Provinetat 

at Toronto on the 2600 - 
It appeared from she Anniial Weport that 
while pareing hough o year of jeounlury em. 

| Company | 
The yuar's lusiiess showed « bplanew of 624,621, 
Hoapile Uihin died y anton 

Wie dint 
\ being 847 
{30th Juae, 

out the 
nite 1 ving fleet yn 

President Phe list of stockholders, which is 
printed with the Annual Report, speaks for it 
nelf ag to the cliarncter of the proprietary of 
the Company, and may be inspected at the of- 
fico of the Ayent, 



f Canad 4 Woe held 

Listrande Compan 
jreniber Inst 

without precedent i Conadn, the 
1 suffered from 10. dept enston m 

pany were $81,707, 
nu dhe aviount due on tha 
Ohad beet paid Upon 

Kes of the 

sh Jone 6,846 Wi 
maw lure percent 

wipte of she € “ny for Vrae 

omymny the Stockholders anthoriaed the 
Debontores Uaaed A jon the seettrity of 
wild Capital, whieh amopnte to $1488 « 
0, Vir she protwetion of the public, He Die 
Ty Law, prohibited the 
cept to 

70 President 
And during arbres. 
Parliament the Company obtained ag 
which prohibite al] trenater of stock, with: 
wot of the Board of Directors, al} 
The following youuemun were olected Direee 

» ox J, Uinevany Camenom, 
Jiow. G. Cnawronv, 

Gro. Diacax, dn, 

Hox, W..B, omxsox, 

J. 8, HWowasnn, 

1 Move srr, 
} Woirtr atone, 

Joun Camtnon, MP. P., 

Hon. Jaen Minis, 

A.M. Cian, M.D, 
Atia subsequent meeting of the Board of Di- 
eqtura, The Hon, J. Hituvann Camenow was 
‘ident, and E F, Wurrremone Viee- 

F. McgnNANY, 
os Belleville. 
Belloville, Nov. 8, 1858: t 

5 te Taahan) Oe ee or 

Railroad Celebration 

Belleville, will take place on the 


Hain, Noss, and other Hattrasses, 
‘which he is enabled to offer at 

LOW PRICES FOR CASIL| {7 min ve consid nn mont goiter 
Upholstery &C. binet Work 



Ayer’s Sarsaparilla 

A compound remedy, in which we haye Ja- 
bored to produce the most effectual alterative 
that can be made. Itis a concentrated extract 
of Pura Sarsaparilla, so combined with other 
Substarices of still greater alterative power as 
tomfford an eifective antidote for the diseases 
Snrsaparilla is reputed to cure. It is believed 
that such a remedy is wanted by those who 
suffer from Strumous complaints, and that one 
which will accomplish their cure must prove 
of immense service to this large class or our 

afflicted fellow-citizens., How completely this 

éompound will do it has been proven by exper- 
iment on many of the worst cases to be fouid 
of the following complaints; — 

Scroruta anp Scroryviovs Comrrarsts, 
Envrrioxs axp Er) ve Diseases, Uncens, 
Popes, Brorenys, Lunous, Sirt Rueun, 
Scvcd Heap, Sxruitis AND Sxvuincric 
“Muncurtar Diszase, Drorsy, 
» Denturry, Drs- 
Persia’ AND Inpiorstiox, Enrsireras, Rose 
or Sr. Axritony’s Fie, and indeed the whole 

class of.complaints arising from Ispunrry oF 

uz, Bioop. 

This compound will be found a great pro- 
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to 
expel the foul humors which fester in the 
blood at that season ofthe year. By the time- 
Jy expulsion of them many rankling disorders 
are nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by 

-the aid.of this remedy, -spare themselyes- from. 

the endurance of foul cruptions and. ulcerous 
seres, through which the system will strive to 

rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do 

this through the natural channels of the body 

by ‘an, alteratiye medicine.’ Cleanse out the 
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities 

bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, 
or sores; cleanse it when you find it is ob- 
structed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it 

whenever itis foul, and your feelings will tell 
you when. Even where no particular disorder 
is felt) people enjoy better Health, and live 
Jonger, for cleansing the blood. Keep the 
blood*healthy, avid all is Well} but with this 
pabulum of life disordered, there can be no 
Sooner ors later something 
‘must go wrong, and the great machinery “of 

life is disordered or overthrow 

Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, ‘the 
reptitation, of agcomplishing these ends, But 
the world has been egregiously deceived by 
preparations of it, partly because the drug : . * 

j Mone lus uot all ‘te virtue that is clauned | Wermifuge and Liver Pills. 

| for it, but more because many. preparations, 

pretending to be concentrated extracts of it, 
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla, 

or any thing else. 

During Jate years the public haye been mis- 
led bY large bottles, pretending to give n quart 

of these-have beet frauds upon the sick, for 
they yiotvonly contnin little, if any, Sarsapa- 

er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment 
has-followed the use of the various cxtvacts of 

i Sarsaparilla w ich flood the market, wntil the 
} name itself is justly despised, and has become 

fynonymous with imposition and) cheat.” ‘Still 
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend 
to supply such a remedy os shall rescue the 
name from the load of obloquy which rests 
upon it. And we think we have ground for 
believing it has virtues which are irresistible 
by the ordinary run of the diseases it is intend- 
ed to cure. Tn order to secure their complete 
eradication from the system, the renicdy should 
bo judiciously taken according to ditections on 
tho bottle. 

“y PRECARED. ny 

DR. J.C. AYER & CO. 


Price, $1 per Hottios Six Bottles for $5. 

Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral, 

hos yon for itself such a yenown for the cure of 
ari varioty of 'T 

r at ond Lung Complaint, that 
irely unngceesary for us to recount the 
e¢ of its virtues, wherever it has Leen ems 

Aw it has long b 

16 in constant use 

’ no 2 . 
Ayer’s Gathartic Pills, 
Costiveness, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Indegestion, 
ateitety Lut Stomuch, Brysipelas, Headache, 
les, Rheumatism, Eruptions and Skin Diseases, 
umplaint, Dropsy, Totter, Tumors aud 
Neuralgia, as a 

fying the Bloo 
Mhoy are sugnr-conted, so Wat tho most sonsi- 

Salt heum, Worms, 

tive enn tke them pleasantly, ond they are the 
Hest aperiont inthe world for all the purposes of a 
family physic. 

Prico 25 cents por Tox; Five ‘boxes for $1.00, 
ny Physicians, Staton- 

Great numbers of Clore: 

men, and eminent perronnges have lent their 
sianieg to cortfy the unparniieled usefultions of theso 
youiedios, Dut our space here will not pornit the 
jusortion of then. The Agents below nomed fur- 
nigh qratic our AMBRICAN ALMANAG In which they 
nro given with also full descriptions of the above 

Sconplaints, ond the treatment that should be fol- 
Jowod for thelr eure, 

Do not Wo put off by unprincipled dealers with 
hey make more profit on. 

Norrmmor & Mosesy Neweastle 



int Ayer’s Ague Cure. | 


1 ts ealenlated to ip 
Montreal, and thereby place the Capitol 
Cavadain the shade, 


expreted fo.acrive in Belleville, by = Sprelal 
Crain froin Quebec. in thirteen hours. Therefore, 
under these suspicious cireumalances. the 


whic willbe requirvd for the oevasion, must be 
very considerable; und in consideration thereof, 
the ecomuttee of the BELLMVIXLE HAILKOAD 
CELEBRATION andthe public Generally, are most 
respectfully invited Jo cal e 




where they will find a genuine and complete 
assortment of ‘= 


if norsuperfor. certainly not surpaased by any oth= 
er in Town comprising ever 
M. G. flitiers hinsel 
his knowledge and exy 
business, abd the large aud pecutiar selection of 
gnods JusT ARRIVED thal lie oceupies & position 
which wiltenable hin to please the Castidivusyin 
point of style and quality, not Her Ma- 
jesty.should che feel graciously pleased Lo favor 
him with » call, during ber sojourn here. 
‘‘Thare’s no Time to be Lost.’ 
IF Look into his Store in the Victoria Buildings, 
ms you are pas: by Judge for Yourselves, 

* Go. ve the Queen.” 


LL persons Iidebied to the above named Df 
G.. ace respeci fully requested to setiler 
accounts for the years 1855-6. 
Belleville. Dee. 13.1856, (17) 

Dr. M’LaANneE’s 




7E beg leave fo call the atten- 
tion of the Trade, and more 
especially the Physicians of the 
country, to two of the most popu- 
lar remedies now before the public. 
We refer to 
Dr. Chas. M'Lane's Celebrated 

We do not recommend them as 
universal Cure-alls, but simply for 
what their name purports, viz. 

For expelling Worms from the 
human ‘system. It has also been 
administered with the most satis- 
factory results to various Ani 
subject to Worms. 

Forthe cure of Lrver ComPLaints, 
all Brrious DeRANGEMENTS, Sick 
Heap-Acne, &c. © In cases of 

Frver AND AGUE, 
preparatory to or after taking Qui- 
nine, they almost invariablmake 
a speedy and permanent cure. ~ 

As specifics for the above men- 
tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled, 
and never known to fail when ad- 
ministered in accordance with the 

Their unprecedented popularity 

has induced the proprictors, 

FLeminc BrorHeErs, 
Pirrspurcu, Pa. 
to dispose of their Drug business, 
in which they have been success- 
fully engaged for the last Twenty 
Years, and they will now give their 
undivided time and attention to 
their manufacture. And being de- 
termined that Dr. M'Lane’s Cele~ 
brate! Vermifuge and Liver Pills 
shall continue to occupy the high 
position they now hold among the 
reat’ remedies of the day, they 
Wilf continue to spare neither time 
nor expense’in procuring the Best 
and Purest material, and com- 
pound them in the most thorough 
manner. _ Address all orders to 
RLEMING BROS. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

re ond Mhyelcians ordering from eters 

HOt Will do well to write Uhelt Orders 
iatinotly abe mone bet Dey M Lames, porepeiredt 
Planing ttebieryh, 21. Ty those wishing to 
hain trial, we wl Woman per: mall, st yah to. buy 
PACE BC Ue Valted Rtatew, ce tn of Stewie twrtre 
hreecent portage stampa, or one vial of Vermifuge tor 
fourteen threocent etainps” Atl crlers from Canale aus 
‘be accompanied by twenty cents extra. 

) Waorsate deans, Neweoatl, OMe 

TheMagtingsCvronicte, Blanks sor sal 
Hiied avery Wednesday, by Bs MILES, Victoria MAGISTRATES eye” OFFIOR- 
dings, 7 
Teuvn:-—Ty Mail Subsoribers 10atn advance, PTR ot axrennt + Bum mons to Witaees 
{Prot paid uotil tho end of tho yoar, 128 Gd,— trees: Donslallane, pha Dis 7 

Whon dolivorgd by Carrion, 28 dd oxtra willbe 

Rates ov Anvenrisnva?—Six lines and under, 
8641 for the firat, and 74a for each subsequent 
insertion, From six to toa Ines, 9 dd forthe 
firet, and 101 for cach subsequent insertion, — 
Ton Tod and upwants, 411 porline for the first, 
and Id per ling for each eubsequont insertion, 

19 Naussa-Si, New York &No.10, State-St, Noston, 
M, PRYUTENGILE & Oo., aro Agonta for tho | 
"Hoasrevas Ouaon tot and the moat fnfluential 
and largest cironlating Newspapers in tho Unix 
ted Statonand tha Canadas, 

usiness Directory, 

LA we Viz: 
Q. B. and ©. C. Sommonses, with ond Withous 
Special Yadorsemont; Notices of ‘Lrial, tu 
Examine, to Prodnee, to Admit, ete; 
AMfidavite of Disbursement: Qe. 8. 
bce _ i Hubpornok; Order 
Watra nee io Chatieory; Atidavita: Fi, Kor 
Beilin of all kinda, : 
., GAGES dé Mure Hl kinds. 
nN Poa 3 Protests & Notions Prothlatory Not 3 
he above are printed. o: M0 r 
will We wold at Voronts Pricer ae Brians 
Alto, Fino Enameled’ Apvsiss Canve. 
| diet and G 

| Color: 

fam and neighborhoods, 
Would you know her name! 


on the Anw 

Jans nt Verona, and that the 

town Waa aghin free of the enemy, nd Alto, 


TH relying on theLord Jesuu Clisfat, yt mT a 
inner one wlio dled for mankind. btaoiiet 

re Insurance Co, Worts Corwer. 

: , OF HARTFORD, CON. rs * - DY ¥. ti. PINNER, It is Madam Scandal. When sho died EAT Of that Garibaldi 5 Year aaiury your, th 
we . a Sciundil. A on aribaldi 16-entored Cor the nj thee NA Si TA te Ha 
Drs. QW, JONES and I. D, BOGART, - POP GOES THE RIFLE! 4 a " hor childron, tho young Scandalizors, wore WAR, of the 2ud Inst, ome on the night) rough my penance and supplieationto the 
PHYSICIANS and SURGEONS, | *Sh Capital, all_paldup, $209,000.) Soa td Tipebeanee aerate wb, loft orphans, but the Devil, i consideration 2 General Neil éntored Novara on the Ta(|(od. will Noe tore reall Mie woe dns 
» ‘J — i a Mr oh, v9) r-ti 0, 4 oslo! ; = 4 No! Ava 7 avo werey On ine, the Beaten 
ONices at ROSEIY § THCEE D. | rire undersigned having beon duly appoint- eset nn le 5 sh yun ae lived pas reneee ot past.servioos done by the mottor, atopt- MARKETS DULL, Hostant, afler x slight encounter with the| blessing that tho sinner can. gain theonuh 
mip N : cd and regularly constituted Agonts hore| With nows of War the papers teom, part of King he ' noir Ha a Baar "Bi ‘ied them, and 0, you seo, ho is the father = Austrian out-posts, wlio shortly fled. the atouing blood of tho Lord Jowus Clirist. 
E. STEVENSON, M. D., fe Ha absvieiornny) acevo prepared’ to Tho Funds aro downward gol wlroto» ting) had’ pavsed) away, sinco-enrly| oF tint respectable class of peoplo callad Sackville, N. B, 14th. Tho Emperor arrived there the same|,, 2"¢ death tat) am: about to siffor, for 

ho Company, prey i \ ith Tatas fae Sotitarnie life peop . ? 1, i i AME] Hh ut hb , 
accopt Risks on Buildings and their contonts, | A thirat for blood tho Englos ser youth, in tho every-day round of farm Iife, Scandalinongera, Tho Royal mail steamship Zuropa,|evening, amidat acclamations of the poople, 19 shoutliz “of poor Dickuy, is” fust and 

and who had never been known to have 
tho loast ill feoling towards each other 
sinco tho time that old Parson Horiot had 
united them in the holy bond of wedlock 
twonty five years before, So well was the 
fact of their conjugal happiness known, that 
they were spoken of, far and near, as the 
happiest pair kaown, Now, the Devil (ex- 
cuse the abrupt mention of his name) had 
been trying for twenty years to Create what 
is sv commonly called ‘a fussin the family,” 
between these two companions. But much 
to his mortification, he had not been able 
toJinduce the old gentleman to grumble 
about breakfast’ being Inte, once, or the old 
a single curtain lecture, After 

Jat tho usual rates for first class Companios. 
They aro also autho 1 undor the name and 
|scal'of the Company, to issue Policies and to 
accept sorvico of all lawlul processes that may 
bo made for claims against thom. 

This Company is conducted on the samo 
principle as tho  Agtna,” so long and fayor- 
ably Known in Canada, « 

All farther information ro! tive to the same 
may be had on application to 

Marble Building, opposite Upper Bridgo. 
Bolleville, Fob, 1, 1859. 24 


ls abroad aro blowing; 
England would fain from atrifo refrain, 
Nor join the battlo storm in; 
And ‘tis that she at poncd may bos 
Our rifle clubs wore forming! 
Chorus—Up and down tho Funds may go, 
Our pence ery nono shall atifle ; 
Bo randy nyo to meot thy fool 

Pop gova the Rifle! 

Acooucheur, Belleville, 
Orvice—Over Blacklock’s Grocery Sto 
Front St. Office hours, from 84 to 10 A, 
From 1} to 3, and from 8 to 9, P.M. 
(> Particular attention to diseases of wo- 
men and children. 89 


aN Ambretypist, and Photo- 

grapher, Rooms over Vair’s Store, Front 

Street, Petlevillo, All likenesses taken by the 

Intest and most perfect plans. ‘Terms cheap. 36 


\ HOLESALE & Retail Dealer in Grooeries 


MEOPATUIC Physician, Surg | 
e 0m, on Fightoots, and I can asmnre you, flint L did jt 
s ; f M1 alone, myaelf, Jirbea ad 
Po at Brasiqur, but the inhabitants Oppored | hand or pee i Sateen es allo 

them, firing upon them atid déstroying fn | borning of Dic key"a honse, on the 10th of 
Austrian. bark, tio ieaeio in te opening of his chest 

Ciupt. Leitch, from Liverpool, on Saturday} The Austrians endeavored to cross the 
the 4th inst, has arrived at Halifax, 
Livenroot Mankxrs. 

Liverpool Breadstuff market was tond- 
ing downwards, and all descriptions were 
slightly lower, 

The Bank of England Wiad reduced its 
rate of discount to 34 por cent. Its bullion 
had increased £357,000, sinco last weekly 

Consola closed on Friday at 93 @ 934, 
for both money and account. 

_ Advices are three days later, and are 

The steamship Jungaroo, from New 


(From the Memphis (Tinn.) Apprat) 

About thirty years ago, Mr. Joseph St. 
Olair built a cabin in Arkansis, fir up to- 
ward the hoad waters of White River, It 
was then all a wilderness country for many 
miles around, ard game was very absn- 
dant. ‘Thore was no lack of bears, cata- 
mounts, wolvesand panthers. Tu fact, that 
country Was, at that date, s perfect paradise 
for the practiced hunter, 

Mr. St. Clair had no family other than a 
young wife and one infant. He was fond 

Tho Vultelline was in insurrection, and] 1195s as innocent of it ns the olild onborn ; 
the town of Sandia lind proclaimed. for| Ould liwve said wo'tn my éontooson: hack 
Victor Emmanuel, tought by anaking jt 

The Duke of Parma lad arrived at 
Switzerland, with » namerous Suits 

The French Officers of Engineers had 
arrived at Intta, and were collecting vesscls 
to cross the Lago Maggiore with 509 men. 

The French squadron in the Adriati 
had captured 25 Austrian vessels, the-csti- 
mated value of which were 4,000,000 francs. 

ppieas that Barbeau 
was not the only 

assisted me, ond tint 
guilty one, the Go Ment inight commntye 
wy sentence, for iin wisonmenv fh the Prox 
vinoial Penitentiary for life, but 1 failed in 
thisy and other plane; as. onin to die, I 
give my life frecly for the one I have tuken, 
. 1 do not know how the shanty got on fire, 
it must lave been by acaidént. 1 did all £ 
could to save lis chings, °F worked ng tard 
ni aby ian conld, and so did Byrbesu, Jt 

Englishmen in days of old 

Were world-renowned as bowmon, 
Cresay and Piootiera haye told 

How thoy fought their foomen ; 
By practice thoy their prowess gained, 

'y practice so may we too; 

And till that prowoss bo attained, 

Our rifle sighta we'll seo tol 
Chorus—Up then! down the gauntlet throw! 

and Provisions, Shingles and Cord wood, 
n Office, one door 
Ile, OW. 

outh of 

TCENTIATE of tho College of Physicians, 
Upper Canada, ROSLIN, 
CH Residence & Oflice at W, 


and CORONER, for the County of Hastings. 
ta Resioescr—TWEED—Hoxornronp, 25 

ARRISTER, Attorneys at Law, Solicitor, 
and Master Extraordinary, in Chane 
Notary Public, &c. [377 OF FICE—In the V 
toria Buildings, Belleville, 20 


Capital,......... £500,000 Sterling. 

Tn Shares of One Pound cach, with Five 

Shillings on each paid up, Upwards 
of 800 Shareholders, 


Chairman,—The Right Mon. Lord Keane, 
Colonol Janios Aduiry 
The Rey, W. Bean, 
Poter Carstains, Eeq., 
Tho Hon. B. Boothby, 
Jolin James Unwin Clarke, Exq,, 
H, B. Shoviden. Esq., M. P. P., 
Henry Clarko, Bag M.D, - 
Nicholas Donnys, 
William S, Potter, Esq., 
Wm, Henry Rough, Esq., M. A., 
F. M. Wells, Esq, 

Petor Morrison, Esq , Managing Director. 

. | AUDITOR—Ambrose Miller, Req, 

BANKERS—Messrs. Ransom «& Company. 
SURVEYOR—Williom B. Williams, Esq. 
SOLICITORS —Messre. Millen & Howe, 

Let none with England trifle; 
Here, whore once twang went the bow, 
Pop grooa tho Rifle! 

Somo may say they can't afford 
To spare their precions lelanro: 
Some may fonr thoy may be bored, 
‘That practice won't be pleasure: 
Willing handa there aro enow, 
Brave hearts— who can doubt themt 
Form then, and the skulkora show 
We can do without them! 
Chorus—Up in arms the conntry throw, 
The cost is but a trifle: 
Bo ready aye to meet the foo 
Pop goes tho Rifle! 

Wo are no alarmists, scared 
By fear of Freneh invasion ; 
Yet 'tis well to be prepared 
’Gainst War's dread occasion. 
Touch us not, we'll touch not you; 
Wo own no wish for fighting ; 
But lest a War you drive ua to, 
Our practice butts wo're sighting. 
Chorus—Up! then, up! ye Rifle Gfeens! 
Let none your ardor stifle : 

Tangere me noli means , 

Indy to giv 
repeated efforts, tha Devil became discour- 
aged, and had he not been a person of 
great determination, would have doubtless 
given up tho workin despair. Ono day, as 
he was walking along, in a surly mood, 
after another attempt to get into the yard, 
he met an old woman, a near neighbor of 
the couple. As Mr. Devil and the neigh- 
bor were very particular friends, they must 
needs stop on the way to chat a little. 
“Good morning, sir,” said she, “ and 
pray what on earth makes you look so 
badly this beautiful morning?—isnt the 
controversy between the churches doing 
good service yet” 

ae Yes.” 

“Tsnt Deacon W. making plenty of bad 
whiskey ?” 


“Well, what is the matter, my higlily 
hovored master?” 

“Everything is yoing on well enough,” 

of hunting, but he cultivated & few acres in 
corn and vegetables, At first it was fully 
ton miles to his neurest neighbor's, but 
during the ensuing Spring a man named 
Williams mado a settlement, within a half 
mile of St. Clair’s and the two fumilies be- 
came neighbors and quite intimate, 

Mr. Williams was a man in humble cfr 
cumstances and had a large family, mostly 
of grown dangbters, and no small children. 
Ono day in the month of July, 1829 (the 
first Suumer that Mr, St. Clair lived there,) 
his wife was at home with the child, and 
Mr, St, Clair was offwith bis gun. About 
10 ofolock in the morning slic left her 
baby asleep in the cradle, and went to the 
field to gather beans for dinner, On her 
return the child was gone. She, Wowever, 
felt no alarm, beeduse she Supposed that 
her husband had come home during her 
absence and had hidden somewhere about 
the house with the child merely for a little 
fin; so she busied herself in preparing din- 

York, May 21st, arrived at Liverpool on 
the 2nd inst. Tho steamship Ocean Queen, 

Southan.pton onthe 2nd inst. The steam. 

quite inte ig 
The Audtrians liad twice endeavoured to 
re-take the Village of Palestro, but on 

guinary encounter. 

person and exhibited great gallantry. 

that the Anstniavs were in full retreat 
across the Ticino, 

from New York, May 21st, arrived at|Vews had w special despatch, dated Tavin, 
on Friday night, saying the Austrians were | 
ship Persia, from New York, 21st ultimo, |in full retreat, and were recrossing the Ti- 
arrived at Liverpool on the 4th inst. cino, and that Garibaldi had 

The advices from the seat of war are victory ovet the eneiny, and that tho insur- 
ing. rection in Lombardy was spreading, 

each occasion were repulsed, after a san-|members, but no business would be trans-| 
acted until the delivery of the Queen's 
The King of Sardinia commanded in|speech on the 7th. 

‘The Sardinians’ report says, tliat they Joseph Hawley’s * Musted ;” value off the 
took a thousand: prisoners and eight guns,|stakes neatly 7,000. It was reported that 
Tho latest dispatches from Turin, state}Mr. Hawley had won about £100,000, 

moving of an amendment to the address of 

General Garibal:ti had been driven back|the Queen bad been abandoned, and. that 
by the Austrians. from his advanced posi-|Another mode of ‘assault will doubtless be 
“ion; but liad sueceeded in re-entering Como, | tried. 

Veny Latest, 
London, Saturday, a.m.—The Daily 

fained a new 
Great Brrrar. 
Parliament had met daily to swear in 

The rave for the Derby was won by Sir 

The London Ministerialists learn that the 

Large purchases of English horses were 

ight Ive caught trom the fire, wiiidh was 
kept up during the'night, as it was vory colds 
Tnever lad ally inteition of robbing Lim 
In my Iife, until’ Allan Maitland and 1 
thought to getinto Where the whiaky was 
Kept; but we could not got fy thore witliout 
leaving macks on the floor boards, — I got 
sone whiskey I had inthe cellar, when Maite 
Jand went away, and commenced drinking it, 
until J got high over it, ‘Then I robbed hi 
of twenty-five dollars and eighty cents, — 
When Barbeao nnd Dickey came, I did not 
wont to kill either of them; ord could have 
shot Barbeau when he camein; but whiy did 
Dickey. rush into the room where T Wis, 
where thero wefe three Aonble barrelled guns, 
and all I had to do, was te seize one aud 
shoot bine? but he did rush in, and I took 
Up the first one that I could get, and shot 
T did not hunt for any. more money after 
he was shots J tried to shoot inyselt. Idid 
not try to shoot Barbeau, but went. away to 
Jelley’stavern, where T was taken, 
Twish torreturn my thinks to’ Mr, Gorri- 
gan, Coroner of Madde; he is w kindeman, 

replied the Devil, “but”—and here he look-| ner, In an hour or two her husband tes FURTHER BY THE EUROPA, alleged being in progress for ‘the Rrench|and saved mo from Leinghung when «taken, 

SECRETARY—William Canwell, Esq. Pop goes the Rifle! 

HYSIGIAN, SURGEON, and Onsrerntcran. 

ed as sour as a movkey up a crab-apple 
tree—"old Blueford and his wife are in- 

turned from the woods bearing his gun aud 

The Sardinian Government had issued the 
following Official Bulletins :— 

army ; many thotisand were required. 

Ivis state: 

before I lad time'to repent of my side, fort * 
he had not, the people of my own conntry 

i that the prospectus Of a com- 
‘ Turin, May 31st. | nany wonld be issued in a fow days, for Iny- 

A fresh vietory was gained by onr troops ing a telegraph cable from” Cornwall, Eng- 
at7 this morning. Twenty-five thousand tang, to Gonna, direct, and that the propos-| 
Austrians endeavonred to retake Palestro,| oq capital of the Company was half a jnil- 
the King commanding in person. General 

HEAD OFFICE—Masonio Hatt, Toronto. 

a young deer that he had killed, and onin- 
quiry declured that he knew nothing of the 

They now supposed that one of Mr. 

OFFICE—At his Drug Store, where he may 

be consulted from § o'clock, A.M, until & 
Yelock, P.M. 

$3 TESIDENCE—Neae Mr. Murney’s Hill, and 

a short distance from the Lower Bridge, Weet 

ané the Scotstnen on the road, would have 
bung me on the spot, nnd Eslionldliave been 
cut olf in my sins, without time to repent, * 
which Thave now done, and armas pore as” 

juring the cause terribly by their bad’ ex- 
ample, ani, after trying for years to induce 
them to do better, I must sav I consider 
them hopeless.” 

Select Reading. 



alleville OUS EFFROTS OF SLEEPING TWO IN A Williams's daughters had: come in while lion sterling. any of you now before me, and perhaps 
4 as Lat, 1859. 24 Honorable John! Ross, BED. . The old hag stood for a moment in deep} Mrs, St, Clair ae out, and finding the |Qidini nt the head of the 8rd regiment of] Jt was vaca rimored that the Duke of| Pater thin many. I hope he may live long, 
y - = Joho Crawford, Esq. = « |thought. baby, of which she was Nae fond islievcars Zouaves, resisted the attack for a considera- Cambridge was likely to retire from the| 4d may God Almighty have mercy on his 
. DR. WALTON — , em, (From Hall's Journal of Mealih.) “Are you sure you have tried every| ried it homo, This theors to. them | 2° tine, and then after laying successfully | Command-in-Olilef of the army, on account |SUl. BS diel er 
AAS reguined the practice of his se Si BOARD OF DIREOTORS ; If a man were to seo a quarter of an inch way t” 4 Hed it homoy, tiis-theory, was-to.them)| qsiimed thé offensive, Purate the ene-|of some disclosures or reflections in an in-| To the-peoplo of this Town, I aman entire © p. 
and asks the patronage of his old friends, | Ghairman— William MeMaster, Esq. worm put in his cup of coffee, he would not| YY quite satisfactory, for there were no other my, taking one thonsand prisoners, and 8 vestigating committee report on'the sale ot| stranger, but I feel thankful for their kind- 

and the public generally. Vico Ohairman—W. P. Howland, Esq.,'M P.P. |drink it, because he knows that the whole|. “very one I can think of,” neighbors, and the child could not go away, |cannon,. five of which were tuken by the army commissions: ness to me, particularly lawyer Sisson, who 

Belleville, Jan., 1859. 20. William Rosa, Esq. cup.w i ; “Are yon certain ?” fed é ‘| i ‘ ‘ j a did all f he could ri : ; 
: ~ ay i p would be impregnated. If avery small y unless carried, How else could it. have | Zouaves, The Princess Frederick William of Prus-| “id all for me he conld, 1 wish Mr. Hell to 
DR. B. S. WILLSON, ates pel auhe ave U. ©. of York and |*mount of some virulent poison be introduced} “ Yes." ‘ ke happened ¢ e Four hnndred Austrians were drowned in sia, had quitted England for Berlin. uecept iny sincere thanks also, fur the elo~ 
(LATE OF ROSLIN,) erode a Us O; of York and into a glass of water, the drinking ofit might} “Well,” replied she, “if you will pro-| Dinner being over, Mr, St. Clair walked | canal ducing the combat at Calestro. Sir Jolm Lawrence had been formally pre-| {ent speech be made in my betialf, at mi 
pastas, Sia . AUCOUBEED Peel. not ie He instant death, but that would not|mise to make mea present of a new pair| over to the neighbor's, to bring back his Another fight took placa at Confluensa,|sented with the freedom of the’ Qity of Lon- ae eee ahd Nis wife used me well 
RLIN G. = i f “i . s t Nf . . G ache . 4 ae dso ¢ ie Sheri z 
: mde ee aie TER: prove that it was not hurtful, only that there |of shoes, in case 1 succeed, 1 will make the t fa baby that Mi had bor- |i the Province of Servelline, in which the|don, ina gold box, and a proposition was] cals a SGA sa aed 
TH Residence in Mr. Kelro's Brick Bailing, BANKERS: “ rene pee ners, chit 5 make reasure of a baby that Miss Lucy had bor- vA , ich rs a "|" I forgive all nen, hoping that God ia his - i 
in Charlotte St, near the Wesleyan eigen THE BANK OF MONTREAL, |" Leeihaee hey perp eae aia self, aud see if I can’t raise 8) rowed that morning. Miss Luvy said that ener ee repulger Dy the 40th division, ree io, Pay Lory) eite teas prec merey will furgive fatpab ay 3 
Advice to the poor gratis. 2 —— We sicken at the thought of taking tho| @artel between them. she had not borrowed the baby—sho had | “ter two hours conilict. 5 fi don} ask you all to beware of giving way to” 3 
- 7 CURRY & M’CANDLISH. SOLICITORS: breath of another the ERE it Teas re To this reasonable request the Devil glad-| not seen it that day. Mr. s Clair was] , Last.night the pickets of the enemy en- Ml phil ee Laat tat your, evil passions; take i esaie of ae! 
4 Mesérs. Ross, Orawford & Crombie. mouth, but that breath mingles with the air} ly assented. The old bag went her way| hard b vinaed sth f the | (eavored to pass the Po, at Corresend, but| >" Hi 1 Spithead, she| this day, and what was witnessed in Ov- 
TIOLESALE GROOERS & PRODUCE outh, ‘eath mingles with the air = i hard to be convinced that no one of the : * 2 Razzachel, while at anchor at Spithead, she)“ : ands 5 “94 
Ty iggins’ Marble Build es ee - about the bed in which two persons lay; and |to neighbor Blueford’s honse, and found old | fami} had taken the child, but all oq | Vere. repulsed by the inhabitants. had 50 soldiers and their wives on board, re-|boUrg a few days ago, and do not be over- “& 
Menciayrs. Higgins’ Murble’ Buildings, |. m9 engagements of the State Fire Tnenrance {12° pues 7 5 , amily “bad taken the child, but all assure 1 3 ad tot . . Jtily }come by the temptations of the evil one, 
opposite the Upper Bridge, Belleville, OW. | Goninanyare uarantecd ‘i nsiblo Pro. | ¢ 18 *¢-breathed, but not the less offensive is} Mrs, Blueford very busily engaged in get-!him that they know nothing of it, The Austrians haye evacuated Varso, in| tnrning from India. The ship was spotlily | Some uy EISg rein, God's book, the’ Biblee 
AGENTS Fou THR velar nre Buarantecd by a responsible Pro- lit in reality, on account of the dilution, except} ting things ready for her husband's com- . = rm the Province of Bobbio. enveloped in flames, but by prompt action }{0F 118 written in God's book, the Bible. 
TOTS thd 1, | Prectary: thatiit iavace'taken ja its trated fk s S' 'Y Tt was now time to be alarmed. “What > including | that the devil tempted curLord Jesus Christ ; 
ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY of LIVERPOOL, |” Ary iosses will be sottlod promptly without vach breath makeot concentrated form, | fort on bis return’ from work. Alter the has become of the poor child!” was his Turtx, June 4, _Jall were saved but seven persons, snoluding on the top of a high pinnacle, saying “cast 
axn ferences to the Board in England. but each breath makes it concentrated. One he A § had passed, th , Ex . P goin The vict ined yesterday has been|five children, who were killed by the explo eB} ppc ae a ‘ 
} & Trnst Company of /*; the Board in Englands ; usual compliments had passed, the following! exclamation, and heran. back homain great ie wotory ;BAned. yesterday. tas 4 2 thyself down, for itis written, that the an- * 
Groat Western Insurance & Trust Company ‘The business of the Times having been pnr-| Sleeper corrupts the atmosphere of the room dialogue took place : ny. Thy in like 8 followed by a second victorious combat, |Sion- its} gels will’ bear the np, Teast thom dash thy % 
= PHILADELP HAL sneaxpusn, | chased, Policy holders are now guaranteed by | by his own breathing, but when two persons “Well, fri i B Pes a Mr. B. } Agony, The mother, in like manner, was Moh toaeat tsix o'clock this even.| The Bank ‘of England ‘had reduced: its Eourideednht a cEdn os PSY OG RETR PARR SRE 
ps, cvany, Us) = DMCA me lthe State: ~ |are breathing at the same time, twelve or four-| ol), friend B., you and Nit, 2. ave | almost frantic! They could’ not conceive} Yh IRC Rg RAL OCG, Teavor, | Tite of discount from-¥ to 3$ percent The) 'cr a Lit eE Gals EMME GE 
T. A. LAZIER, ALEXANDER STEWART, _ -|teen tines in cach minute, each minute ex- lived together a long time. who had tiken away their child. ing, at Palestro, when the enemy endeay Ol) vent was fully anticipated/and produced no sat it ete aa earn de Lebalyeetedael ie 
Barrister and Attorney at Law, HatoancEny tracting all the nutriment froma gallon of-air, |“ Fivo-and-twenty, years, come next No Mr. Williams's family joined in the grief, Sif re-enter ibaa Fepllead again by’ oftect on the market. ite bnoyant: |Your keeping a litle while, awhew it will bo: 
: arr au UaNy «arp titish North America, | the deterioration must be rapid indeed, espe- vember,” replied Mrs. B. . but could afford no aid, no consolation— | te division of General Craldien’s, composed] ~The Stock Exchange was quite buoyant: feriandatltrolhetyouractincandetanaeti 
Office, Bridge St, next doorto Empire Hote’, ROBERT BE ree of Tastings: cially in a'small and closeiroom. Abirdcan-} “And in all this time, you live never! ‘Pay could invent. no theory nor devise {of Zouayes and Piedmontese cavalry. Consols reaching 98} to 934 a als eranbny happlnpsatte you bave kept your stewardship 
- eet y he . “1 ir. Py Ls q iat { 4 - - 
BELLEVILLE, ©. W. Belleville; Deo! 21st,-1868. > ey eae a N he Lire supply of. bh au Thad thé least quarrel.” any plan by which the child had, with any | The King, pressed forward, where the/after some fluctuations, they cl bee OrAsNE™ faright. Yes, take tne exaniple placed before 
— Ss Gedeclineeta ee dn Bicurfained aber: | ar Not one? degree of probubility, disappeared, Who | ight was most furious, the Zonayes vainly | decline. The Daily News city article ot{ You this day, and renounce the devil and all 7. 
| The Liverpool and London | [iar Were two persons slept, ibd salons etter truly glad to hear it,” continued | was | Neate wih ont trying to restrain him. Gistest. The ‘dos ‘i Shah induced | His Works and pomps, for had Tattended:to oe 
‘ FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. : ‘Many infants are found dead in bed, and it|the hag. “I consider it my duty to warn oe Monat nite Oy y Ea On Tnadiioy.sthe- A netrians: altnoked ti Racin nad a partial 6 action i | the teachings Treceived wlengesghild eT 4 
*}. D f i 2008 one wish to-have i hey were utterly a ag eee oh 1 eMOt torr. q is diserac n ‘ 
CAPITAL, TEN MILLION DOLLARS. is attributed to having been overlaid ‘by the|you, though this is the case, yet you must Re lGes! 2 'Y Sav inlay Vangiiant tater ee, nid the Okt Consols on Friday sustained an extreme ieopldanch Tana lo ctierieccceenine 4 
E. CHANDLER, parents} but the iden that any person could } Lave observed that, of late, Mr. B. has Finally, it was’ remembered: that ‘oc: Ie GINO aE of’ the erat full of nearly 8, but became steadier, and 4°} There jissanother. thing which T wish to ~ 
ea Asan Becenilte. ee erie EE eau i" ties pray reayisi aod eallensat times casionally thero were partics of Cherokees | A nimiersus Austrian Corps d Armee ap-| cloze were only § lenge mb ey galletas sala de ‘ned Ofte 
DEALERSIN «Sy L f ) yor eat was) ' A very sittlé so,” said Mrs. Blueford : |) yntine u hth Tt w. S red before Varese, but Garibaldi ordered] are still falling. First class bills are nego } the town, in reference to a ian named Gib- 
, Rig op EQUITABLE caused by the want of pure air. FO SS aa rt hunting through that country, It was now | peared before Varese, i ab att aiivoetens eon awhiasiboerd patel sw Tp eleoheee te RIIRLGEE 
\ SUG 8, cHEMSYE” FIRE INSURANCE CON iy-\) Beside ‘ . I Know it,” continued the hag, “and surmised that they had happened to come |the national guard not to resist, and fell back | tiable at 24 a 2} percent. And in excep |son, ys pris . : 
\ , | 2) NCE MPANY. ‘esides, emanations, serial, and moro or less 5 ce Fe ty :! = Ppens coms - fect that we had béen fighting, aud to that 
| PAINTS, OILS, | APITAL, £500,000 storling. ‘The under Solid, are-thrown ont from every person—| et Me Warn you, in time, to be on your} to the house while Mr. St, C, was in the }on Lago Magyoire. tional cases, as low as 2} per cent, the dis ents Hak re Had: bea Seb ina hades na 
|DYE STUPFS &c} signed haying been appointed Agent for | thrown out by the process of natiire, because |SUATd™ field, and had stolen the child and carried | Anattack was attempted by our troops} count houses, now, only allow 2 por cent eet in Justice to the living, Luwst say, that 
<—_ FRONT SE the above Company forthe County of Hastings, |no longer fit for life purposes; they: are d Mis, B. did think she had better do so,} i away. This was at once received as{#gainst Laveno on Lago Maggoite, but} money ‘on deinand, and’ 2 per cent for adtuing bi-tha kind. vewtoactirral: have 
=| Cexcepting the Village of Trenton,) is now pre-/and corrupt—but if breathed into another li-{and asked advice as to how. she should plansible and quite probable. withont result. 5 day's notice. é ._} never received anything but “kindness from 
BELLEVILLE,C.W.) pare tuke risks in the area gi [VINE body, it bs just as abhorrent as if we took |manage tho case, . Early next morning Mr. St. Clairand Mr.|. Additional dstails of the battle of Pales-}” pie Times*city article of Friday evening hin; he always ased)ne well, aud when he 
S<STAGLIsyeD 897 zi : =~ into our mouths the matter of a sore, or any | Have Jou not noticed,” said the hag.) Williams sot out to seck for the Tudian | to state that the Sardinian right wing was says: The account of the active progress | received anything that could’in any ale 
PRINCE EDWARD. Sther excretion, ree ef . {that your husband bas a bunch of long, | ¢ 1 Mrs, St. G Saite yal at one tine overflanked by the Austrians, (fF tho intrigne to stir up an insurrection in| tribute to my comfort in iny lonely cell, ho 
The most destructive typh: fide ayycimp, and Mrs, St. was left alone at ‘ g' A a ei dis- 
, je most destructive typhoid and putrid |, 1 : I iin ehareeae ee 5 vho threatemed the bridge of boats across|:p, tribnted to adepression in| freely gave it to me, His kindness was 
FARMER’S MUTUAL INSURANCE fevers aro known to arise directly froma num- | O'S? HA, growing on Aa to) h under his} home. She was sitting in silence, weeping |” eu Bransar bg 1 ih ‘Cavicabrbae ito f. Parke; » has gu er t Mm - shows | Plased in every action, and thongh ho haa 
G. FPF. A. RIDL zB x, COMPANY. ber of persons living in the same small room, chin, 20. the side of his throat t tears of bitter anguish, such as none but the § heptlandae ec EULA SN Mis a funds. The foreign Exchange today had tho misfortune to bo arrested, Tie isa y 
URGEON DENTIST, ¢7 OFFICE, Over JOHN RI RES ye By Lie Those who can afford it should therefore} * Y oD mothers ever shed, nad wondering inher fect a JenStop with the King A ee none, i P Gari credit to tlie father and mother who bore € % 
Ar. \V stn's Stone. . 4slJ Murry, ah ronan 4 arrange to have cach member of the family | “‘ These are the causes of the trouble, and, heart whathad become of her darling babe. | ture. The Zouayes came to the rescue and) "The commerciil aidvices: from Germany| itiy, When others were taunting moe, and 
Belleville, July 23, 1858. Si hey, BACHELAUSSOOXHARD! sxe jin a separate bed. If persons must |as long as they remain, you had better look | 1¢ wa abi Reshourotthatuay turned the tide against tlie Austrians. contintie to shew great anxiety and distrnst.| cutting ine a vcoldeblooded: murderer, and I 
— Ansatom Geeety, | Witson BENTLY, 1 i twas now about the hour of the ¢ ay ou WP ie % 4 < | noti- lie at tookem: 
F.W.APORT, AARON Ds Dovaxre,') NvB.ConuER; alee in the same a they should be about | out, Now, as a triend, [ would advise you] which she, the day previous, had gone out The Zonaves lost 10 officers and 20 men The Moniteur publishes the official noti-| acknowledge Tain ui ni bys 5 ny 
Copuses MERCHANT, and General ‘ a4 8. Tab, Secretary. Heal GARBER nt tnt ee to cut them off the first time you get a Ere she was aware, a large punther, with n|silled, and 200 wounded, including 10) potion of the blockade shot ve atest parts eG Pe Ne : rae i “o 
, - 2 7 ‘ Seneral A b suber, bu ni S , ” ficor' Rrenc jers on 1eay Ny 
ent. Ovvice—Over Mr. Lewis’ Hard- eda MoMunuen, GeneralAgent _ the healthier one the most—the invalid suifer chance, and thus end the trouble. stealthy tread, came to the door and look-|flicers. The re-call of Rreneh so! *aral belt df. 
, . H F L F ae : s ore x ‘ i 4 L . he Sardin} 4 tae y P rater fans} bel It E i 
ware Store, Front St,, Belleville, 38, | 31, PHIDIP'T ROBLIN; Agent CN ing for want of entirely pure nir, saan after, the bag SEG (os Harty and ed in toward the cradle, Mrs, St. Clair ; ae Ser at a iP: HATS een pci aback yt veteran soldier Another thing I mkt pater seelee iaok 
q ‘Ss WILSON'S SALOON, So many causes\aro mentioned in'standard |ade it Convenient to.mect Mr..B. on the} soreamed: and he ran away.» ‘Nhe fearful [Aorrely p : to tho French ary. . .} another prisoner, Many of my friends who 
JONATHAN SIss e i % AKERY, CONFECTIONERY, &e., FRONT | medical works where healthy, robust infants | Wav. Mnebh the sume, tulle in relation to} cuith was now apparent, mel no new light TT ua Goneral is reported killed. Flat bottomed gun boats were ial eka visited ino iu the vel, said thoy would hae 
Bartislersinnds Attorney, eta bay, ‘Street, (late Cadwell’s,) where ull! kinds of ae bnfesrclicen Akys Bipinde away, and } bis domestic happiness, passed between him! jas ever been cast upon the subject. = Napulen anbsoquently visited the battle-|structing in eas & tlie navigation o! revenge on W iam Pringle, for achanla d 
LRA Jo aat| Gonfectionery, Soda Biscuit, Fruit, Crackers, |dicd ina few months, from sleeping with | and the old woman, es er EE 7 luted the Sardinians on the} the Po, Ticino, aud other rivers, itt recommended them. to let 
OPFIOE—In Ham's Buildings, over Glnas') &c,, are furnishod to. order on the shortest no. grand-parent, or other old person, that itis} 6] i gai flelivan doen araailaren : peri ont had prevailed in} and do him no hari, though he did turn in- 
. oped 8 4 * a 3ut, friend Blueford,” said she, “1 ‘ ee rt ol NSE 1 Extraordipary exeitemen T ‘an i A 
Hardware Shop. 86" |tice. Purchasers by the quartity furnished at| uscless to cite special instances in proof, raya se2 antl L Art oF Fretino ww Exar Tost ae 9 . he! Part nntof rnmors that a general! formor and endeavor toswese away-the life 
CH ARLES R. POTTS Prices which will enable them to ell at whole-| It would bea constitutional and Hi good AUMtTes it my uty ae christian, fo warn! lowing is an extract from a p os TAB cpvataly oh ae and saya eae See prneteeslni cil Along tie line, Wat) of one who wasn total stranger to Him, and 
So ‘ di fa, | Easy aud make a fair profit. Produce of all! for. married persons to sleep in adjoining yout {o be op your guard, for Ditell you that} reg ed: from a gentleman in Liverpool. SANT Prt 1 te ranete Oe oaat bat Gyulal was killed, &o., all of which proved} pover did him any harm, but [ forgive lim 
BEE a pan ah ets Byes Hien in exchange. | JOHN WILSON. rooms, as a general habit. It would be a cer |20ur Wife intends your ruin, ri Tt shows, at least, that tho fueling in one Habntee vier alma? fight. © THe inovement|to be unfounded, for swearlng against. mo ran Fria for bo 
;BERIDENO Ed y Li levi Jot. 27, 1855. 14} tain means of physical invigoration, and of| Old Mr. B, was very much astonished, circle is not very much in favor of the ene ‘ado to concen! tlie retront of the Ans- Preparations were even mado for a grand} was always kind ty ine int oe b = 
fhe SehooliELausd ATS THAT ARE advantages in other directions, which will |yet he could not wholly diser dit her-word §| Pench aliance, We fancy that the samo ee who bad begin to evacnate Bobbio, |jnmination iu honour of the expected vie-) 1 feel itimy doty at tds aplenovianh, 
Meise EX ATs Pe etree eer i en be rch hy ren nye goa od tnt Sig uit NEE Ts STS a wn tent 
MANUFACTURER OF and Queens, and the highest personages of upon a bed in great perplexity, feigned ay. eats , Twenty-two additional batallio y Y y Hite BAUMABRS 
= say anneate * & saint's ed ‘4 which Zhe Limes has appealed in its recent | wounded. ie Ey Se OU eee tae the eyesot the svorld. She has been 
if ahead pel Mila Thy the he ere en eRe ta US 1 {Sleeps aud studied over the matter in Lis lence s Mh On the Brd it was telographed. from. Tu-| Chassenrs wore belie oreanlkgl, ie Tare : The ipa, wlio porpabrated. . 
Pat st Balleriter on Bette wathan vonie TRADE FASHION FOR 1859, trating under the same cover, which are riche Ben) mines etne wile, tliinking thie good) “People here are busy, as you will}geo,from fitin, that tho Austtinns ua RA aha Tho Tlon, Il, Eliott had been gent Vy te} this rnalicions falsehood, is Chauey Weese. 
ront St. Be Or hon eotte 28 — destructive to health—more destructive than | hPOrtunity for cutting off the obnoxious] the papers, in forming Rille Corps. Tho mat-| the Eastern bank of the Po, and had aban- ritish Government onan oficial mission to} Sho isa virtuous aad pure woinan, ts now 
RS : E SPRING AND SUMMER STYLE the simple contamination of an atinosphere | airy took her hueband’s razor, and crept} Conapp: to be taken Quin est. Every |doned ‘Terre Billie and the neigliboving Naples, supposed to have refereiice to the ro-l and always wis, Tho only stalnon prenaery 
CHARLES BRICK, as adopted’by the Board’of Trade, 3 breathed in common, sofily to his side, Now the old lady was] body believes that Napoleons intends to pple countrys ‘ h ; eeaaniene of diplomatio relations, AwLer, is the guiafostate abbas pluses 
» fy ‘ “le of ithe eo ly Or Pas ; + ag | ostublis annie: > HTearabath. 
cp ewellor, two d aes ——- very much frightened at holding a razor go} ®M attack upon I gland—olther sepiritely or The Pavis Moniteur publishes dospatches MANY. fe 7 ok bh TAH HO pS ERT 
\ pie Le ay beta Mon, Front NOW READY, A SUPERIOR A WORD FOR THE BIRDS, Albee taba busband’s neck, rye baud thar he na Ny ict 4 nney pH Acie from Varcolli, whivlv tte Wmporor had mide) Tho feoling an pins i thapies sta i pear! oh Sin MG nese ne 
M.D ; rt : . ; . (3 . ho purposes to annoy us, re! : ; eso despatches are con-| many against the French is so st a J TUROOP, a NY Ti 
Street, Belleville. fer 14 Z 5 Moe. was not so stendy as it was once: so be-| © ie ateeaaeclll Ce rive peo= | bis hend quarters, Thesa despatches. TMAGY 08 5 eae Tesso Cassel, m=} shew hii tho ercor of lis ways betore Le e 
veenu,eameesowe Dean, = | MOLESKIN HAT, |, Mech nts tis lag mn] incon they aho wont towne ar] gate tala eft wel Gy te Songs nna au Een pameas t ean Gie}aaom hin ig a Hs a 
Do vs } trad sf ie ‘Sardi iuntly ying J r iv o)= 
Barelater and *Aitorales-ateLaw; Ses Wor ke, of my own manufacture, for $4.00 exch, ys poten cee peek ere deja awkwardly, and pulled the hairs, instead of} tion, and people will perhaps begin to be sat-| tat the Sardinians behaved most valiantly Aiteatnes mi TOnnULHE of the excitoment pres}. Bue one thing wore, I would nive a - 
Office, Bridge Street, two dooos West of the Tele) (= Constantly on hand, and manufacturing, | their living by destroying millions of vines cutting them off, Mr, 33, opened his eyes,| istiod with their own duar Rngland.. Our va-| at Palestro, y yailing, : om word of aul foo to Bins a oF Jha 
: graph Office. all kinds of Silk, For, Brush, and Wool Hats, and worma, which, if permitted to live, ound And there stood his wife, with a razor at}lers and statesmen do, not seemable to grap-|. Tn regard tothe part taken by the Zou TURKEY. non 2 dependent Pett: i ony Rhee In 
©. P. Srarsoy, 4 W.W. Dean | and Cloth Caps, ruin our gardens, and tree . his throat! After what ho had been told,| ple with events a sey ei ce ae Uay Nee ayes, they say that they performed Bat Pio gatrison of Belgrade hail boon tiie Gun ae i AUN ee Te 
a a MENRY PEARSON Watch the gay, bold, bright-eyed robj and seeing this, he could Joubt that} seem as it were lost in confusion, oie) lespatch says although unsupported, ‘ fPwas reported thatit would be] roterr aa IN ATU #0 y 
SON, , ‘yed robins, & this, ho could not doubt that} § MONS oe caéele will be we dare|20e despatch, say iB! ‘forced, and if was reports K at SoeRanal onvanecy remarking 
f L. Renee SUE eon INI’ Practical Hatter, | grubbing up the wormsin your corn or flower} she intended to murder him. He sprang beta a Da aiaiensultke toithink and in front of tho Anstrian battery’ of tabled Tt was also said that the Porte Ape Are bia tp “ih inns tho 
"ustbtry/odavadatine ‘and Notary Pub Bareien ra atric, Bridge, | gardens 5 ate eohlakong, always i she. from the bed in horror, ind no explanation tpoh rf te Wie suffering and loss of life will | ight guns, the Zouaves rama a canal, vas about (o sond a strong naval foree to) GM) wee created us ally nadedt Ard who 
=A La FOL ; elleville, March 29, 1859, B | uly re ale Bracerul blackbird, or the beau sntreaty could convinée him to the con: fondfule? ‘ ascended ‘the heights, which wero yory inth iy fo, that tia sots Himself pis a critic on 
fe,—OMidé, Victoria Balldingsy Belleville, (45)) ———______-____ =p ss” olde TYE Plas ae A heh entreaty could convince him to the ¢ be so drendful. nacende M gts, 4 4 tho Adriatio. A ia Tio, that uh * 
fe, —OMice, Vietoria Buildings, Belleville. (45) EMIGRATION, sta gol sy ea Row iliey ars always trary. $0, from that timo forth, there was eee ee _ steep, and charged the Austrians with the Tho Ugo Govina was ra sorted’ being the works of God. . Lo sliould. have bey 
ae A MNULTY, ee =| —— frult (recs and plirubs oy Sour youn oUF! no more peace for that house. It was jaw, Pravens vor PEACE. ni Pope has ade bayonat, and more than 400 Austrians in open fosurrection, anid tho latest itelli- Present whon the Alinighty Pacha ti 
bie teal PES PTE SERVANT'S REGIS TRY, den plants. Have ou hoard the aioli tna jaw, quatrels and w ranging, all the time, oa UOharolio poe nu i ie roa Gath, wore thrown into the canal, and ax Diaues once Bays that the whole of Baropean xivon ifm SSB ae tor Paton bee + 
rere ~ AND GENERAL AGENGY OFFICE, | notes of tho Red Arcevia) or listened tothe) Wath delight the Devil heard of tho suc] oie Bishops Of Montreal and Quebes have ise of cannon taken by tho. Zounves, Tholoss Durkoy was borderibg on revolution, IBY erent suaaty se Why dit 
CHARLES L. COLEMAN, w,| Neat Patterson's Foundry, North Belloville, | merry chatter of tho little fairy yellow bird, | cess of the faithful emissary, and sent her) eyed mandates, ordering the commandments | of tho Franch awas considornble. vyand |. Paussts.—Torms of tho now Joan aro roe nre ata critlolsd. tho: works of God t= 
Mt AMD AT eh, SG LL parties desirous of being furnished with | Or tHe dainty humming bird? ‘Go out into} word that if sho would moot him at tho foot} of His Holiness, conveyed ‘in an encyclical] Tho Emperor has oSnferrad igs Grand Announced; it boara 5 por cont interest} oo iy help how Twas mado? A qvorl 
’ aceateo lion over Blacklook’s Grocery HK Masters or Sorvants from said office, will| {he Woods und hearken to the awect kong of | of the lawn, ata cortain time, ho would pay | letter, tobe carried foto effect. ‘Tho Bishop Cross. of tlio” Leglunyor “Holtur’on! Storrar vind is to bo issuod by publio aubsoriptton s/s okon in kindnoss and ayinpatly, would yro 


Btore, Main Street, Belleville. 


Morehants, Iustinga Commereial Build- 

please attend there between the hours of rwo 
and Tinkes o'clock ”, M. 
Lands and Houses rented or sold no mode- 
rate terms. 
Office hours from 11 A, M, to 3 P.o, 

the handsome brown thrasher; sit down on 
the green moss under some old oak, and you 
may bo an honored listener to a thousand 
sweet songa—to molodies of whose existence 
you never dreamed, 

Welcome tho birds, then; they “ pay their 

hor tho shoes, 

At tho appointel time, sho repaired to 
the spot, and found the Devil at tho place, 
He put the shoes on the end of along pole, 
and standing on the opposite side of the 

of Montreal recites in bis mandate tho 
lical Jotter of the Pope, and the Archbishop 
of Quebco an extract from it. Tho ordering 
of prayers for Pence appears to bo duo chivtly 
to tho fact that tho powers engaged in the 

Porey. ¥ 
Tho French troops were concontrating at} tl 

Ousnule, Valontyo, and Voroolli, — p 

Tho Austrian aecounts of the Valostra af] 6 

fair ja not pablished. 

A Vienna despatch of tho 1st anys, that 

10 rodémption to commence in’ 1808, ty 
ayniont of L per cont annually. 80,000, 
00 thalors is tho nmounts 

f mocks 

lar to. cheer tho Tonely oulpret in his dark 
coll, It would bo more brotherly, than at 
torpting to prejudioe tho minds of the pubs 
Hiongainat ing, and as it wore, closing the 
uatus ot hope forever in this world. (Uo 
wis hobo interrupted by the Ree, Mr, Bron- 

ince. Sallaville, ) G, McADIR, ay war are Roman Catholic, , 
nits, MBE ogllays 2 vere 8) Delloville, December) 1807, 18| *4y7" if you cnn be emall xouled enough to) fence, handed them over to hor, Sho was) thoinlitoxhnd.atindkod the vanguard.of tel) wenn girs ON NIE GALLOWS.” © | no weanostad lin Hol tole any tig 4 
TRI-WHEKLY STAGE <a bring that into question, ‘hey will sing to very much pleased with them, thoy were} gay" Tho two loading Canadian Ratlways| Auateian Conpad'Armea, hut that thoir fre My Duan Fares appoar before you! carthly exoite him at tii¢moment) 0 nS 4 

TO BRIDGEWATER, (late Troy.) 

FrOnR se SrA Ey 

you from the time of the first apring flower 

Thoir returns are 

ther advange was stopped by tho Corps un 

suid he, motloning the Priest tron hin, 

really tho thing, soom to be doing poorly. hall over behold the ha 
‘ 18 iftee! 5 . Yoursing | Hil tho autumn astors are in bloom: and if A y A r ; fall Tho’ followlheed dor Gonoral Sobel, for tho last timo T shall ever beho P 1 1 sponsible for 
ZAVES Papineno’s Hotel for KRIDC KOM Fifteen to twenty Corts of Coursing s ; y “But there is ono thing, Mr. Devil, tat} rathor slim, ho following ix taken from ! Li H ‘ kK . F must speak, an glonio respons 
: 1 WATER, a Ho'elock, on TUESDAYS, Stonon, from 34}t0 4 inches thick, ple M N givo Hida muclonee they will mako I would Jike to nya ox plained ; this is,| Jobn Dougall’s Circular of late data: G eee ASS MN at fon you, to part with) what I say hore to-day, Then advancing to 
‘ PHURSDAYS, and SATURDAYS,—Retarn.| . Also, a quantity of enwad Lumber, consis. | YoU bettor, and so happior, Y , ; rafio returns of Grand Trunk Railway} Garibaldi Nad mot with rovorsos. rm anid ‘of Hn and rmisory; but whol tho font ofthe scattuld ho deolired, In a 

ing, Leaves BILDORWATER nt 8 u'slook 

ting of Timber 6A6, and Joists from 16 to 

(7 A farthing put at Compound interest 

why do you hand them to mo on a atick !” 
pay 1 i 
“Very ensy to explain,” replied he— 

hw and a half ending 1th May, ave 

A Vionna telegraph of tho Tat inet, ane) ¢), 

nounces on official authority, that Garibaldi} would not give up this 

wicked world, and all} firm and loud tone, 1 

ania Brithih subjoot, 
but fora worm that crawls 

MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, and FRI | 18 lot Janie 7 painat $2,088,018 for the wane po uo ! Rt Id not aN cTowenatitlit] gut atau? 
DAYS. Munning time onolt way, 64 lours—|  Alson number of Dining and Side Tnblos,| nt our Saviour's birth would tow are coene| any ono who has the cunving avd mean: | {uo year, “For tho weak nding at tha} was devon. bnoke from Sondria intaectlig ee el Boye ee onfay | upon the earth. to attonpt, to seltfali tho : 
: £1.95 ‘ H ; ars 44,09 i ‘| ne 4 ; » «0 date, rotut c 5 ia your} Mountaing, an ynor rbans, KK c oD, bi & rod, te hiilea 
Pore, $125. Stands, of various fashions, and Bureaus, tho cnormous sum of 144,085 quintillions of | ¢88 to do a’ you have dono, don't get} above date, tho roturns aro § re goats troops, wit pricsuing him, ‘Tho only iasue Golfo over’ andovor? works of God, ix indeed lamentable, 1 have 



] HAVES Bolleville every weok dny at 8} 

J colock a. sti, arriving 3h Madoont 44 ¥, x 
’ Moon's Hotel, Madoo, nt 8 ddelock a. 
Fark t 

reaohing Belleville at 2) tM. 


Alo a xplendid new onte-horse Cultor, 
(> Allol the best workmanship. 
Belleville, Auguat 80, 1858, 




pounds; but of the magnitude of this sum we 
cat form no Juat Idea, When, however, wo 
find, that to cofn such a wat is g of money 
in soveroigns of the presont weight aud finc= 
ness, it would require the number of 60,08,- 
170 solid globes of gold, all ax largo as our 
earth, we are enabled to entertain a moro nd- 

nhoaror than twenty fect of me,” 
ho fled in terror. 

Aftor a while the old woman died, and, 
when sho applied for admittance to the 
Jowor regions, tho devil would not let her 
in, for fonr sho might dethrone him, as she 

So saying, 

ngoinat 846,197 Inet year, sho 
oreato both on wook and yonr, 
ber of emigrants arriving, doubtless, ooonalone 
the chief part of these deficiencies, Lho Great 
Wontorn Railways shewa for the waek onding 
2Qlet May, 1850, an Income of 888,485, ngainat 
847,471 for corrospondi , 

The omall num 

(or Tho Uppor Canada 

open to Garibaldi was the Stolvio, 

tho legal authorities, and lat contribations | o¢ 
ob tho oltys - 


To mo this haa beon a life of doop trouble 

An offloial tologram from Milan states that] and sorrow, caused by thot attonding ae Min 
Vorose was cannonaded on tha 1st of Jno} duties I owed to God, for Iils apTrtcata ‘he 
and taken by tho Auatelin, who rolnstited | tomporal kindiess, tn boarhig with my wivk: 

Hroas 80 long a8 ho did. 
Hut I have reagon to be thankt), that Goc 

avo Wo strangth to seo the dayton that | 

to his wife the fol 

HO More to say.’ 

Lerran row A pYINd oFricen. Colonel 

Morelli, after belt: seriously wounded, wrote 

Mowing Tinos" Lam cor= 

aod with glory and with wounds; I have, t 
vol, only a feir mintites to tive, bat T wis! 

2 ANSON f. ORS, 10 ane equato conception of tho immonolty of the a-| 8% 80 Much puperior, So tho old woman uuttomo the way of ob: | hat my Tast thought should be for you an é 
¥ quunifty Confoctionor’e MOTTO Sheets COMMISSION AGENT | mount, The namo amount at Stmpto interest | k Yat compolled to wandor over tho world, | tca-will take plnco at, Kingaton on the goth | — Tuwas teloarp hed tro Tu 00 he aA a aa ara cin by, baleslag-onel| my cette . f 
tity Confectionor’s Shee , f yt vr . dake of Sap . June, int Gurl urprised aud . ‘ ' 
A Smale ds The Dies, : Froni-Bt, Dollevilto, | Would como to about two shillings. crenting quarrels nud strifés in poacefull of Septoniber noxt. Junie, Uiat Gurlbald hedveury “ ia , 
. 5 a 
. vo t ee mn > a ne iene a EN 






rho following messngo fron Vienna bac 
Ey Wy the Frankford papenewith 
out any guarantes ag to tho aut onticlty o 
the nows 4 

Vienna, Moxpay— hrough tha oppor 
tuno arrival of corps d’armee of Told Mar 

Auatriang wore victorious afer a hot fight 


ADA, | morning publishes o summary of officla 

Quango, Jue 18th. Monday. 

renoon, and news despatol obtained, reinforced, 

A great battle had occurred near Milan, | day 
The French clain a decisive victory. tion, 

N ii ki Thore was very hard fighting at Buifalorn, 
‘Twenty thousand Austrians Killed any i the advantage of tho. French, 

wounded, ‘ - and sometimes to that of the Anstrians. 
Twelve thousand Fronch killed and |" py 6 ya¢tto lasted tilt Jato at night, and on 

wound. ‘ the bth was continued at Magenta. Tho Al. 
Milan ovacuated by the Austrians, Hes tnade no progress on this day. Two fresh 

Anstrian corps were engaged in the afters 
hoon of the same day. ae 
Tho Austrians took up aflank position, bo- 
tween Abbiategrasso aml Vonasoo. | The 
Austrians lave tiken many prisoners, toss on 
loth sides very great. 4 
Tho Austrians had 4 Generals, and 05 stait 
officors wounded, Ono Major was killed, 
Tho Tinresin its cditortal remarks on tho 
snbjoct says it now sceins probable tat this 
hard fight is even yet ungecttal but sine on 
A jans had re-| the whole the French lave tho bost of if 
ees he ti in taster esrood Absonco of telegrainy by way of Paris is 
pe dria 4 w rriatto At Bute not considered jndigations of French suc- 
Tho French crossed the ‘Ticino at Butta Peles 
lora,asds Turbiges Tho London Adcertiser says it was rumor- 
Considerable fighting took place on tho ed Inst night tat the Government had re- 
ath, 7 ceived a tolegrain from the British Minister 
Groat battle at Magenta, 12 miles from | nt Vieunn, announcing the Austrians vio- 
es cone t i nt in London 
Tai sikive | Opinion was becoming current in. 
arpclen® ven IieaTants a ll thatthe victory of Magenta was a victory in 
eelorre aud SA igunatel * which the Frenoli had beon defeated, nnd 
a A AA spatacelpcaiNtn theit failare to occupy Milan, only 13 niles 
and placed 20,000 hors de combat, an 

P| from Magenta, strengtliened this view. 
u threo cannon and two standards, Tho movemonts which preceded the battle 

The French loss stated at 3,000, and) of Magenta were not clearly stated, butit was 
Austrians took one cannon, General Bs-|previonsly anounced tint tie Allies were 

i ki Janrobert mortally |avout to’ cross tho Ticino, to the uumber 
eed Ce : ‘of about 100,000 inen. 


Iuernsat Panntamext, — Tho Queen 
has delivered her speech. : 

A motion of want of oonfidenco in 
the ministry is pending in the House of 

Breadstuifs slightly lower. Cotton dull. 

Provisions dull 

Consols 934 @ 03}. 

wounded. ; 
. Tt is presumed that tho rapid movement of 
ue) Bryne Marshals and! Generals tho ‘Alto’ anny arareitea at eratnan 
ANTS. from completing that retreat which they ha 
MeMahon made Marshall and Duke of omaha aid compelled them to accept 
Magenta, . ,, | battle on tho Lanks of the river. 
Baraguny Dillilliers superseded in his} ‘Pho London Post'says, General MeMa- 

command by Forey. 3 hon was raised in the battlefield, to the 
Milan was insurgent and declared in fa-] rank of a Marshall. 

vor of the King of Sandinia. The Paris correspondent of the London 
Tho Austrians rotired from Milan, but} Post says that the Emperor Napoleon was 

the Frencli had not ovcupied it, present at ths battle of Magenta, but did 
Rumors in Paris represent the French | not command in. person. 

Josses at from 9 to 12,000, ‘here is a report that General Canrobert 
Forees engaged reported to bo from 150 to | was mortally wounded, and that S French 

180,000 Austrians, and from 100 to 180,000} \farshalls or Generals were wounded, 

French. The Patrie says Marshall Baraguay 

mesa Gah ath an ice @Hiliiers was sopra from his command, 

Unt still undecided up to the night of the} and replaced b 

6th inst. Great Tamoukia Scie on both} MarshaliVailantis superseded by Randon, 

tides, ; and the master of War is to be confided 
Tho Anstrians admit four Generals and provisionally to Genl. Lerana. 

fire staff officers wounded. There were romors in Paris on the Sth, 
Tt was reported that General Tess com-| that the French loss was 9,000 to 12,000 men 

manded; it was also said that Nupoleon par) hors de coinbat, Genls. Neil and McMahon 

Nally commanded. are suid to be wounded. r 

shall Count Clair on tho battlefield, tho 

Tho French wero thrown back over the 

#Loxpon WV ainedl dyno Thal Zneiaf at ing on tho Anstrian army, and rondor the 

nowa, recelyed at Vienna up to midnight on 
Tt is ns follows:—Thoro was o 
: florco battle at Turbigo and Baflalora on the 
Tho stoamer Anglo Saxon, from Liver} iin + ge first only two brignies of the first 
J, Time 8th, passed Farther Point this) corps wera ongaged, but were subsoquontly 
n In tho afternoon of the sano 
three Austrian corps took part in the ac- 

Latest rumonrs detracted from alleged 

French victory, and! believed proposals for 
= would be made if the French entered 

Gaged | 
Anstriang at 130,000 to 180,000, 

Paris papers variously estimate forces en- 
‘ed of Fronch at 100,000 to 120,000, and 

Genl. Garibaldi quitted Lecco, and Genl. 

: GREAT BRITAIN. D'Urban had retreated to Monsea. It is sup- 
Tho Queen delivered the opening speech of | pose that Garibaldi was directing his march 

Parliament on the 7th inst, She laments the | #gainst D' Urban, a 

ont-break of war, and says ple didallin her} The Paris corresporlent of the London 

1} commercial circles, wud Dusiiess was more 

~J animated, 

{) Tho Paris four market was firm, and 

rather dearors 
Wheat alto firm. 

Tt was fonred that the 

1 e aris Brouse wos buoyant. 

proclaimed, and prayora took placo at Vionnin 
Tho object Velng to Inplore heaven's bloga 
t , 

victorious, All mombors of tho Imperial 
family, and the ministers were prosent. Mass 
was read by the Pope's Nuneio, 

Tnportant despatches f Prinos Gorta« 
ohokol!’ to the Envoy of Russia, ot sovoral 
courts of Germany, doolaros thatif Germany 
goos to tho nid of Austria, tho politionl equi» 
librum resulting from Treaties by whiol the 
German confedoration is constitued will be 


A despatol from Drarmptadt says that nt 
tho opening of the Qhambora there, the 
Presidents of both Sranohes of tho Legisla- 
turo declared in fayor of war agalist Loals 


Bombay nows of little importance. 
The Motiey market had experienced a sud- 
don and nnprevidented panic. 
Discount was nominally selling at 24 
por cent, but money in toy quantity was 
not obtaitiable upon any terms, 
Export markets were depressed by a moni- 
tary crisis. 
The Vessels ongaged in laying down the 
Red Sea Telegraph Cablo, were within 30 
iniles of Aden, and the working of the line 
was most satisfactory. 

Melbourne news is of no importance, 
The gold shipments since the departure 
of the previous mail reached nearly one 
million sterling. 

The Derby eRe cs cccsioe Mo. 

(Zrom the Morning Advertiser, Juno 3.) 

Matters are now definitively arranged 
among the Liberal party, as to the coarse 
they ought to pursue in reference to tho 
Derby Government. We believe we are 
right in saying that the Marquis of Har 
tington, eldest son of tho Duke of Devon- 
shire, will move the vote of No-Confidence 
in Ministers; and we feel assured the event 
will equally justify our anticipation when 
we add, tliat Sir Morton Peto, the newly- 
elected member for Finsbury, will second 
the motion, There is a perfect accord 
amobg the Liberals with regard to this 
and other questions, From this encourag- 
ing unanimity, we confidently expect the 
happiest resulls. ‘The first and greatest ro- 
sult will be, that of getting rid, before a 
fortnight is over, of the present incompetent 
and anti-Rnglish Cabinet, Of course, wo 
are aware that a handful of erratic Inde 
endent Liberals will unite on this occasion 
with the Ultramontane Romanists, with a 
view to keep in the pro-Austrian and pro 
Popish Cabinet; but this will only be a 
pew illustration of the maxim, that extremes 
meet, and that unnatural alliances, where 
there is no principle or honour on. either 
side, will continue to be formed till the end 
of the chapter, But it will be passing 
strange if, notwithstanding these monstrous 
combina’ ions, there be not enough of patriot- 
ism, and principle, and talent, on the 

power to prevent it, and proclaims strict im- | Port, deliaarh that McMahon has been cre- 

partial neutrality; se nlsosays that the Navy | ated Duke of Mayenta, 

bat Beer yee Meron Parliamentary GREAT BRITAIN, 

authority, ani ‘arliament to sanction] ty : H 

it, Pandan intercourse with Naples,| The, real business of Parliament com- 

and hopes that the reform question will be mienced on the 7th, when the Queen in 
person delivered the following speech :— 

settled this or next session. 4 
In the House the Liberals moved an| My Lonvs anp Gryriruen,—I avail my- 
self with satisfaction, in the present anxious 

amendinent to the address from the throne, state of public afhire, of the advice of my 

declaring that Ministers do not possess 4 ; fj 
the confidence of Parliainent ; debate pond- pane teat sap oa 

yO ‘ ’ A T have directed that papers sliall bo Jaid 
aris Bourse active and lighter, closing | before you, from which you will learn how 
ce y 

63,30 ox devidend, earnest and unceasing have been ny endcea- 
Bombay mail of the 12th of May liad | vors to preserve the peace of Europe, Those 
arrived. oneyars Me paahiapaly failed aa pele 
HY H on deolared bi ecn France and ardinia 

A mee eecaet RSwe prevailed. on the one side, and Adstria on the oth 

ILL FURTHER, Receiving the asstirance of friendship fr 
Anas arie’ battle had been fought bonisitiecontenting parties, Lintend to main- 
on the 4th. tain between them a strict and impartial 
The following is the first annonncement pe wg mers vat Rina, patie 
. Seb eRe LA r my people the blessing of con- 
Ly telegraph from pee er Fa tinued pence, Consileiing, however, the 
Athalf erin aa Palos eae Present state of Europe 1 linve deemed it 

4 necessary for the security of my domini 
won at the bridge of Magenta, 5,000 pris- and eee of my Scie Ae censciiag 

oners were taken, 15,000 of the enemy | aval forces to au armament exceeding thit 
were killed and wounded. Details will be | Which has been sanctioned by Parliament. 1 
despatched by telegraph. rely with colfidence on your dordial concur- 
z Larest—Tho atave was published in a this pectuiary measure of defensive 
Fie i pigaee the 5th, and in the evens|' TK6 King of the Two Sicilies having an- 
4 ¥ a AY, the cannon’ at the Hotel | nounced to me the death of the King, his fia. 
es Inva iades announced the victory,and the | thor, and his accession, Lhave thoughtin con- 
City was brilliantly illuminated. cert with the Emperor of the Freneh to ro 
Onthe following day, Monday, the Moni- new sy diplomatic relations with the Court 
fevr publishes the following despatches of Naples which liad been suspended during 
from the Emperor to tho Empress :— eae Fela slimy ae foreign rela. 
erfo : 
pal Fee: 5th.—Yesterday onr ar- fecling. ~ are th tah 
Ae ais IN pees he anes of the speech is devoted to mattors 
- icin of local interest. Attention is directe 
1 : f n is directed to a 
Ret pe eg Maa, ell executed, | Bill to carry ont the recommendation of the 
Mieing with pres a, an na Tepassed the | Commissioner in regard to the best iodo of 
aimed pealstoes The mt aiinost detor- manning the na and in respect to the re- 
row, and during two hotine the Ten gegty | (orm question. The Queen simply anys, that 
Gniard auatatned La ni rd the Iinperiat sho shall have pleasnre in giving her sane 
leteaetiveate lee De , the attack of on to any well coniadered inensnre, and that 
bitoat Pratl a me ine McMahon made | should iatters of muro Urgency relating to 
avinary othfllctaive se eet After san-}the defeuco and ‘tinauclal condition of the 
retry pointy with feels ba mba oratact pale Neccssitato a postponement, she 
2,000 tne hopes that the question will have attuntic 
TD000 hiled weg ecmMes, low cstinnted at | at the commencement of the next selon 
itodesraranen ce oe i cf Austrian! The speech concludes by expressing a hope 
Tame Ce es es aw that the deliberations of Varliament will4 
Kaiiineldonaretworsae Teak ROGER ts tend to secre to the country the continuance 
Ansteians placed hora de comboc 3,000, 5 of pence abroad, and a progressive iinprove- 

loces of c1 c : inet at home, 
Uigadbmyenneane career fiken from) In tho House of Lords nn nditvess fx reply 
, : 
PUrporo of re-organizing itselt. Our Ines ts to the Queen's speech was inoved by Earl 

Powis, and seconded by Lord Gifford? ro 

abont 8,000 kill ¢ 
led and wounded, and one can- conduct of the Govornment, both in. their 

non taken by the enemy. 

_ Heap Qvarrens, Monda: y8 A. M—Mil 
is insurgent. The A cistetnny havo Sie 
tho town and custle, leaving in thelr procip- 
itation, the cannon and treasure behind thom, 

Wo are encumbered with Prisoners, and 
Inve taken 12,000 Austrian muskets, 

Dospatclies dated Paris, Monday night, to 
Tandon Port, says, tho Municipality of Milan 
proclaimed Victor Emmannal, and presented 
an nddrens to hin in preserico of the Emperor, 
UNDE tho King will make entry tito 
_ The Anstrinn account by way of View 
is meagro and nealltuotuay, Sree 
trian correspondence. of Sunday the bth, cons 
tained the following authentic cominunicn- 
Non of details and result of the battle, 

Magenta is still expected to form tho Aus 
trian head quarters. Tho Austrian army 
Nad been trausferred daring the night of thie 
4th and Gth inst, to Abbiatograsso, Tlie 
*91No News states, that the combst was un: 
decided, nnd that further figliting was uxpect- 
ed the next day. 

The following official Bullotin was lanued : 

Vinwwa, Monday, Jano bth, 1,30 A. M.—A 
Agapernte combat wok Place on Saturday be- 
fweon tho Ist and 3rd (Count Clalra and 
Prince litemsticl) corms d'armee and the 
enomy wlio lial passed the Ticino, jn vory 
considorable force, Tho result of the contest 
war undecided. The combat was continned 
On Sanday, Our troops throw theniselyos 
Upon the enemy's ranks with firdor, and 
thewod a valor and perseverance worthy of 
Ms tnost glorious foto of arms of the linpe- 
rinl ariny, 

Milan tx perfectly tranquil. 

domestio and foreign relations, was do- 
nounced by Lord Granville asd’ others, but 
ter the speeches in defence by Malmesbury 
and Derby, tle addroxs was agreed to, 

In the House of Commons an adilress to 
the Crown was moved by Mr, Evorton 
secouged by Sir J. Elphiusiuns, 

Tho Marquis of Darlington moved an 
amendinent to the effect that the present 
Ministry doos not possess the confidence of 
the house. Ho depricated the conduct of 
the Government on the reform question, 
Mr. Unubury seconded tho amendment, 

D'Ioraeli defended the course of the Go- 
vernment, and stated that tho reforin ques 
tion would be postponed until next session 
and that tho foreign policy of the Govern. 
mont would be for peace. "He called for an 
immediate division, The question was 
about to be put, but the opposition were 
not prepared to vote, and aftor speeches by 
Palniorton and others, D'Isracli consented 
to adjourn the debate to the 11th inst. 

A conference of tho liboral party wna 
held in London on the 6th inst, pursuiant 
fo a call issued by Lords Palinerston, Rus- 
sol, and otlior prominont men, Upwards 
of 250 mombers of Varlinment aro stated 
to have beon present, and the proceedings 
wore on tho whole harmonious, 

Kossuth was to hayo eft England for 
Italy on tho Tt inst. Mo bad had an in 
terviow with the French ambassador in 
London, Some 300 Hungarians who had 
roturned from Anierica, were to follow him 

Tho head-yuartors of the Avstrign army 
wero still at Abbintogrnuso, 
An Austrian tolograin from Vionna givos n 
similar view, bat adds, the aathoritios and 
tlie weak alate of the garrison of Milan, with 
the oxplovion of the Cantle, the garrison liave 

Withdrawn ot the commaud of & aulys, 
The town la quiet, i 

to Italy, 

A Dublin correspondent of the London 
Iferald montions » rumor that Sir Kdward 
Grogan is to sueveod tho provont Governor 
Genoral of Canada, 

Liberal side of the Housé to carry the No- 
Confidence motion. Even, however, in the 
event of there being a small majority in 


provailing wet weathor would damage tho | 

On thodth, great religions solomnities were | 


or Tilt HeAVY FrowT ! 


| It becomes our painful duty this evening 

jto chronicle ono of the most melan holy 
events that has happened in this vicinity 
for a gront length of time, Aa all our 
reudera nro well aware, a heavy frost oc- 
cured in this county, as well as closowhere, 
jon Friday morning Jast; also ono on the 
preceding Sunday morning. It Appoars, 
from what information wo have receive 
that a well-to-do farmer in [arwigl the 
name of John MeCoiy, owner of a farm 
consisting of some 200 ncres, bad, Inst fall, 
a largo quantity of wheat, This 
spring the wheat catne forward finoly, and 
presented every appearance of affording to 
tho industrious hugbandman a good yield ; 
| wifortunately, Lowever, tho heavy frost cf 
Uio Sth instant, soriourly injured the wheat, 
Which fiet greatly depressed Mr, MeCoig's 
epirits, Nothing though of a serious na- 
turo was apprehended by his friends, But 
on Friday morning the second frost hap 
pened, and Mr, McCoig, upon visiting his 
fivlds, deolared all his erop to bo ruined, 
and expressed himself as if ho saw nothing 
|but starvation staring him in the face. 
This he declared he could not endure, so, 
while his wife was out of the house milking 



Now Advortisomonts for To.Day, ablo inpredsion upon the crowd by dyin, 
Auction of Dry Goods, Ready Mado Clothing, | “game,” and seoming sure of Heaven nt the 
&o.—P, O'Neill, ‘| samo time, These were the impressions be 
Notico to Lonchors—Wm, Blonsdell, M. A, | left upon many, and we axk in what way was |°? 
The Grent Battle of Magenta—Tho Grong, | bik execution salutary upon community te 
Grammar School—Alexander Bardon, {lis ca cortainly 1K pot a Hole exception 

Tako NoticomNRobt, M. Roy. | How many dio the same ignominous death, |! 
Notico—'Thomas Kerr, filled with tho samo yaitl desire—-boing |” 
Hat Found—Jolin 8, Fuller. more pollcitous of the Jast applause of a xcof. 

fing mob, than of making peace with their 
.|Maker? “Wo aro not desirous of speaking 
unnecessarily harsh about even tho culprit 
dead, aud wo only do go far ns may benefit 
tho interosts of the living. When thoir death, 
therefore, is to be an example to community 
Jot it bo for good. As now witnessed we are 
confident that the effects aro deplorably evil, 
find if soit behoves the guardians of public 
morality to devise some inproyement, 


Pastings Chronicle, 

Rolloville, Wednesday, June 22, 1859. 
(™ We present ourSubscribors this week 

with a Map of Northern and Central Italy, 

showing the seat of the War, position of the 


Among other Reforms, the Globe {s advo- | ! 
cating tho exclusion of the Hoads of Depart- 

was opened in the Court House in this towr. 

on ‘Tuosday 14th instant—his Honor Judge | iast—tho Canadians winning by 2 runs any 
mart presiding. The following aréthe names \g wiekots, The 


Owen T. Warde, Yoreman | P, 8.—Wo have just heard that the retary 
Match between the Belleville and Picton Claty 

is to be played in Bolleville on Thursday next 

Sessions follow the usual Sprin, 
- and civil, which is highly unchorneteristio of 

also is remarkable for its * Horse o 

Quarter Sessio 

‘Phe General Quarter Sessions of the Pence 
d County Court for the County of Iostings | ¢, 

tho Grand Jurors :— 
Isaac Brondworth, 
Paul Beckett, 

Wan. Chapman, 
Wan. Elliott, 
Thomas Kerr, 
Jolin A. MeConnell, 
Niehard Marshall, 
Thorns Phillips, 
oC, robull, 

Owing to the closenoss with which these 
Axsizes, the 
oth criminal 

John Byson, 
David 0. Brown, 
Mo Chisholm, 
John Horrigan, 
Menry K. Ly 
Geotge Meredith, 
Jarmen Outerkork, 
Hough Stewart, 
Kobt, Wallbridge, 


Jocket shows a senrcity of cases 

Belleville dockets in general. Thia Co. Court | m 
no lo 

We seldom recollect to have seen #0 


The conquer 
‘ountry and ( 
ville Cricket Club, was played on Saturday 

uate of Queen's College, K 
to Brockville, and tak 

| had a 
as wel) 


ng Match between the 
Bian Elovons of ikepae 

Score came 10 100 late fop 

, (> We find the following notice ofa young 

ntletnan who formerly resided in Uhis town, 
the Jast Brockville Recorder. We wish 
m success in his present location, and fy 

ho will fally sustain the high expectations 
formed of him by his numerous friends; — 

ir, ¥ 
ondson'’s Bolldings, Main Streot. We ha 
personal acqunintance with Dr. Mord 
Pas with the respectable family to w 

Armies, &c., which is worth proserving for | ments from seats in the Houso, thereby di- | many actions brought to recover damages for | he belongs, and it affords us much plensure ty 

roferenco, Non-subscribers furniahod with 

viding the Legislative from the Executive |i 
tho same, at a roasonable rate, at this office, 

funetions now unitedly posseaséd by Minis |" 
tera of the Crown. 

Against the present gystem are stich as will | “ 
be recognized as strong by evory man of 
common sense, 

Morality of Public Executions, 

Canada is becoming almost as noted for the 

number of its executions, a8 was old ‘Tyburn Heads of Departments are 

The objections urged | the 

sin of most of the cases 
posed of. ‘Ihe four immediately following 

injuries doye to horses, or in which horses have 
igured xo conspicuously, as they have done in 
many cases at the present sittings. Hueneo 
ivil cases are divided by the jurymen into 
* Horse cases” and otherwise. 
Helow we present our readers with n synop-| 
which haye been dis- 



munity, believing that he will Le a valanlle ad. 

remed by tho Town 

nee of the eon. 

J bim to the eonfi 

ition to the excellent medical staff now pos. 
Te comes with a vey 

lattering Testimonial from the Koard of Gove. 
ors of the Kingston Hospital, of whieh Lnsti 

tion he was for some time “ Resident Medical 

in its palmicst days, when men were hanged 
for stealing a loaf of bread or a yard of cloth. 
Wo can, as a country, oven begin to vie with 
our American cbusins, if not in the commis- 
Sion, at least io the panishment, of capital 

the cows, the unfortunate man, with a ra 
zor in lis hand proceeded up stairs to the 
loft of his dwelling. Were he found his 
}litle daughter, aged about eleven years, 
nursing an infant child. Making an effort 
to seize the eldest child, ho declared he was 
foing to kill her, and then the babe, “ for,” 
suid be, “it is better that I should kill you 
than that you should starve to death,” 
But before ho could lay his hands upon the 
daughter, se rushed down stairs, screaming 
at the top of hor vo ce, for the purposo of 
alarming her mother, Mrs. MeOoig heard 
the alarm, and at once ran into the house, 
and up stairs, but sho was a moment too 
Jate. The unhappy man, seeing that his 

crimes. Punishment with us has been nel- 
ther “Jame of foot” nor uncertain in its stepe, 
but it has alighted with swift and certain 
yengeance, like an inevitable fatality, upon all 
aggressors, No mattor whethor the deed of 
blood was perpetrated by tho subtle agency 
of an insidious poison, adtninistered by scien- 
tiflo skill, as an affectionate antidote to some 
inevitable disease; or by the knife, or blud- 
geon, or the swift winged bullet, under the 
cover of night's secret darkness ; still the deed 
has beon traced to its author, whom the 
strong arm of the Jaw las made to expiate 
his offence upon the scaffold. Whilocyery one 

child had gone to give the alarm, al once 
knew that did he not burry in his project 
he would bo frustrated in the attempt. 
Therefore, a8 soon as his daughter went out 
of the louse, he abandoned the idea of 
murdering his children, and at once closed 
tho horrid scene by drawing tho glittering 
razor across his own neck, cutting his own 
throat from ear to ear. Mrs. McCoig en- 
tered the room in time to seo her husband 
fall to the floor, from a projection he bad 
grasped immedintely after committing the 
act, covered with blood from head to foot, 
a ghastly dying man. On the following 
day, Dr. Pegley held an inquest, and a yer- 
dict was rendered in accordance with the 
facts.— Chatham Planet, 


A habit of observation in small matters 
is a most valuable thing toa farmer. It 
was this habit of observation which led to 
the discovery of the “Fife Wheat” which 
lias proved “rust proof,” and which, this 
last harvest, saved so many familics from 
destitution. ‘ 

There is no doubt that similar observa- 
tion would lead to similar results ia Fall 
Wheat, Let ail who have a field or patch 
of rusted wheat, examine it closely, and see 
if some stems and heads of tlio wheat bave 
not escaped the rust, if so, save and propa- 
gate the yariely, and you will do more good 

favour of Ministers, that would not justify 
tlieir remaining in oflice, No Constitution 
al Minister, or any Premier haying that 
self respect which all Premiers are expected 
to cherish, would remain in power with a 
majority on such « motion, of less than 
from 20 to 25, at the least. 


Kossuth, in © note to Zhe Times cor- 
recting misrepresentations, says :— 

“The purport of my a-gument is this: 
Tf England ubstains from taking a part in 
this war, the war will remain restricted to 
the Austrian dominions and to the Itatian 
peninsula; if, on the contrary, England in- 
terferes, the war will become a general 
European one, because Germany will not 
plunge into the war if told that she will not 
be supported by England; and in this case 
Rassin, too, will remain noutral; but if 
England should either directly support 
Austria or assist Germany in supporting 
her, then Russia too, will step in, but on 
the opposite side—she will support France, 
So tliat if the present war assumes general 
European proportions, it will be entirely the 
work of England's intervention.” 

Explosion on Board the Eastern Monarch, 

Porrsmourn, June 3. 
The troop-sbip astern Monarch an- 
chored at Spithead, from Kurrachee, bound 
to Gravesend, at halfpnst one this morning, 
Captain Morris having put in to obtain a 
supply of fresh provisions for the invalids 
and passengers on board, consisting of 11 
officers, 3 Judies, 450 men, women and} 
children, Abont half past threo all on 
board were awoke out of their sleep by a 
torrific explosion in the after-part of the 
ship. Cxptait Morris states that the eud- 
dy deck was blowa up, bulkheade, &e,, 
carried away, aod the cuddy filled with a 
thick, sulphurous vapour, On making his 
way on deck he found the ship bursting out 
into flame in the after-part. He instantly 
ordered the ship's boats to be lowered, and 
cominenced taking people out of the burn- 
ing ship, and placing them on board a} 
number of small craft anchored near, and 
others which bore down to the acene of dis- 
aster, ‘The bouts of the ships were in good 
order, snd Captain Morris felt confident of 
boing ablo to save the lives of all if he could 
ouly keep the people calm. He describes 
the cries of the women and children at this 
Moment as heart rending, Men flung 
themselves madly into the er, thus 
lengthoning the time occupied in saving 
the lives of all, ‘The boats of the Falcon 
and Flying Fish, mon-ot-war, at Spithend, 

both to yourself and others that you at first 
thought of —Zeader, 



The statistics of what is called “ natural 
deatlis” would’ astonished the world, if we 
could only ascertain and compile them. 
Naiuro is very much slandered, She is 
not the distinctive agent she is represented 
to be. She fights disease with Amazonian 
energy, and would conquer in millions of 
instances where she succumbs, wore it not 
for the fatal aid of deleterious medicines. 
When [Holloway’s remedies are called in 
as her allies, she generally achiuves a victory. 
‘These hygeian preparations seem to. rein- 
force the vital energies, and infuse ‘a sani- 
tary princip’s into the b'ood, against which 
no disorder can make head. Their success 
in our distant colonies, and especially Cana- 
da, hes been marvellous. Their celerbated 
inventor, with the world for bis arena, could 
not name any reign where the conflict of 
his remedies with the hydra of disease has 
been marked by more decided triumphs 
than in the British provinces of America. 
We are aware that they have done won- 
dors everywhere, but for the diseases pre 
valent in Canada they seem to be provi- 
dentially adapted, For the distressing ma- 
ladies so common on the low-lying shores 
of the Canadian lakes and Jarge rivers, they 
are in all eases, and under all contingencies, 
commanding vemecies, 

Boughette, in his largo work on British 
America, and Ferguson in his “ Practical 
Notes,” ullude to the insalubrity of many 
of the wet and swampy districts on the 
margins of the water courses, and along the 
shores of Lakes Erie, Ontario and Huron, 
These writers recommend that “ great care 
be given to the regularity of the digestive 
orguns by tho settlers on marshy soil.” 
Had Holloway's Pills been before the world 
when Ferguson wrote, he would probably 
have recommended them to every inhabitant 
of the low Jands of Canada, Asa meane of 
keeping the digestive and excretive system 
in perfect order, they have no equal (so we 
aro assured by persons who use Uhem as a 
family medicine) in the whole range of re 
medial preparations. In bronchitis, neural- 
gia, asthma and sore throat, which aro pro 
vailingcomplaintsin moist locations through- 
out Canada, the Ointinent is the only article 
used by tho inhabitants as an external ap- 

It is not our province to prescribe for 
our voaders; but whilo reviewing the won- 
derfal progress which Uolloway’s Pills aud 
Ointiwnent haye made in public confidence 
since their introduction into Canada, we 

Were promptly on the spot, and rendered 
evory assistance in taking tho people outof| 
the ship. In one hour from the first alarm | 

every one who could be found was got out | 
of tho ship, and ns the last boatload left | 
her {lio masts fell over her side, and the} 
ship burst into w Dody of flame fory and 

It is impossible at present to stato the 

number of lives Jost, Bit Captain Morris 
thinks it must be very small, and chiefly 
clildron, Had the ship continued her 
course up Channel, instead of calling at 
Spithead, tho loss of life must have been 
fenrful. The weather was fino and the 
Witer smooth, eo that the boats had overy 
chance of getting the people out of the 
__A larga quantity of saltpotro was stowed 
in the after-hold, and spontaneous combus 
tion must have taken hes) onusing the ex- 

The ship now (8,30) a mass of flame, 

Cireuxd.—Tho Rochester Union con 
veya tho plensing intelligence that the late 
frosts wore moro alarming than hurtful. It 
says the damage dove has been compara 
tively light, and that evorything touched 

Confidence was somewhat rostorod in the 

will soon recover, We hopo it may prove 
40, generally. = = 

Must necessarily arrive at one of two co! 
clusions; either that the remedios are of 

| unequalled efficacy, or that Canadians aro 

destitute of ordinary sagacity. Preferring 
to adopt tho former position a6 the most 
rational, wo heartily reccommend theso fa 
mous preparations to the sick and suffering 
throughout British A — Mucaulay's 
“ Colunial Statistics!” 

All who suffer from coughs, colds, bronchitis, 
oroiip, whooping cough, and the most to be 
dren of all, Consumption, enn Tind gure ro 
lief in Drv Wistar's Buleam of Wild Ohorry, 
which always ouros whore other remedios fail. 

2” Boy none unless it has the written slg: 
tative of “1, Butta’? on the wrappor. 

Joy to tHe INVALID.—Porsons afilioted with 
any of tho diseases ariaing from a disordered Ii 
yor or stomach, norvoun debility, dyspepsin, or 
liver complaint, should try Porry Davis’ Voge 
tablo Pain Killer, It seldom fails to effeot o 
ouro ina very short tino. Sold by all dealers 
in farnily modioinon, 


Puoxoonarny.—" Phonography furnishes a 
moans for noting the neourate proniinaiation of 
words, both of our own and othor langunges, 
and its ld ee loads the student to a moro 

rofal and eorroct style of sponking.”—=L'eople’s 
Journal, London. 

EY" The weather is foo for vegotation, 

must, in the consideration of these things, 
find strong reason to deplore tho necessity of 
the law's vindication, yet all must fecl proud 
of his country when in it thero is an assu- 
ranco that the wrongs inflicted upon society 
or individuals will be most amply and terribly 
avenged. We wish we could say as much as 
this of the much boasted Republic across our 
borders; but while they can exhibit such 
mockeries of Justice, as was lately seen in 
the State of Michigan, where one dollar fine 
was considered a sufficient penalty for the 
crime of Manelanghter (!) we fear the compa- 
rison we haye instituted must always be hu- 
miliating to Brother Jonathan, 

Although it might be interesting to specu- 
late upon the causes of this terrifying increase 
of crime in our Jand during the past twelve 
months, it is not our intention to indulge in 
such a line of thought at present, farther than 
to make this observation :—That hard times 
and crime are most frequently found together. 

Poyerty and Intemporance, especially where 

they are united, are prolific and well-obseryed 

not chosen, as they should be, for their fit- 
ness or adaptability for the offices they are 
destined to ti], but solely on account of their 
political influence, ‘Vhe office of Postmaster 
Gonoral was filled under the proxent Govern- 
tment, firat auctioneer and then by a Law- 
yor. Tho Bureau of Agriculture, by one who 
may haye studied Coke upon Lyttleton, but 
who understood nothing about either practi- 

were actions on promissory notes—no defenon: 

On our fest page we have ro-published 
Gass vs, Witte. —Lazier for Plv'ff, Sisson | ee Sacateuiees Rock's pas Upon 
for Defendant, . : the gallows, in conseqnence of the represen. 

Gitnenr vs, Joxgs.—Wallbridge for P'ff, | tations of a correspondent of that paper, that 
Bell for Defendant. | our former report contained “ gross inaccura- 
Maurin vs. Eventrt—Bell for Pivif, Wall- } cles,” the principal one of which is pointed 
bridge for Defendant. } out in a way implying that it was intentional, 

_Siinvets vs. Garnyrt.—O'Hare for Pit'ff, | Ax our report was entirely from memory, and 
Sinson for Defendant pe purported to be the “substance”. of Rock's 
_ MAIWHIALL 0s. McAULEY.—This was an a0- | address, the wonder is rather (on comparing 
tion to recover the amount of 4 merchant's ac- /it with the notes taken,) that so few inacen- 

cal or theoretical farming ; and so on to the |Count—a mere assessment. Verdict for plt'if. 

end of the chapter. The only one competent 

for the duties imposed upon him, is the At- 

torney Genoral West, whom no ono will deny 

is an able constitutional Lawyer. At> the 

ane time that this admission is made, it is} 
just as well known that Mr. McDonald has to 

thank his political more than his professional 

standing, for his official position. It is in his 

case a mere chance circumstance that both 

qualities have been combined. 

The tendencies of the present system are 
not to put “the right man in the right place,” 
but the very reverse, Men are appointed as 
our Ministers of Finance, as controllers of our 
Revenucy of the Public Works, of the Public 
Lands, of our Agricultural interests, &c., who 
know as much about their respective duties 
as a common blacksmith does about engincer- 
ing the Victoria Bridge. In tho most com- 
mon and unimportant affairs of life, men are 
ggverned by a very different sct of rules and 
considerations. Men do not go to a hatter 
for their boots and shoes, or to a shoe maker 
to get tlicir horses shod. If they are attack- 
ed with disease they do not consult the yil- 
lage schoolmaster for a prescription; they go 
to one whom they consider is best skilled in 
tho science of medicine, while the Jatter they 
would hardly employ to draw up a deed of 
trust, or to give advice on an intricate point 
of law. If the business concerns of individu- 
als are managed in this wise and discreet 
manner, why should not the more important 
affairs of the State be conducted on directly 
opposite principles? Disgrace and ruin wo'd 
most assuredly attend the individual who 

sources of every kind of depravity. 
financial crisis has contributed to the vast in- 
crease of both,» and we haye consequently 
witnessed the fearful and lamentable result. 
We do not pretend to say that this explana- 
tion will serve in all the cases which are pain- 
fully familiar to the public, but in the major- 
ity we think it will, and in so far the general 
rule Jaid down will be established. But, | facts would indicate and warrant. They have 
aside from these speculations, we purpose to | excluded the Heads of Departments from the 
make a few reflections more particularly upon | Legislature, and thereby relieved them of an 
the topic indicated by the heading we have | jnconsistentand duubleresponsibility. ‘They 
above chosen. 3 will now be considered only with regard to 
It has long ben a question with thoughtful | their integrity and fitness for office, and will 
persons, whicther or not capital punishment, | be maintained or discharged accordingly, as 
as conducted under British law, (which is our | thoy may happen to prove themselves worthy 
own in this respect) is benelicial to public] or unworthy, Of course old fogies’ there, as 
morals, Much bas been said, and well said, | here, loudly contended that such a course 
on both sides of this question, which we have | was inconsistent with Responsible Goyern- 
no desiragfow to repeatin argument. Of the| ment, and unconstitutional in practice, and 
nine executions that have taken place in the|qpon these grounds they appealed to the 
Province during the past few months, we| Home Government, The action of the Minis- 
havo witnessed one, and read tho reports as} ters, was, however, sustained, and Responsi- 
published of the others, and from the iin-|ble Government was interpreted to mean that 
pression thus received of their practical ef-| the people were to govern themselves as they 
fects we cannot but help thinking then: ex: | thought proper and expedient, ‘his decision 
tremely demoralizing. Whatis it that usu-} will of course silence any similar objections 
ally take such crowds of people to the scaf- | for the future. 
fold exhibitions? Ts it the terror and awe} In Australia, also, there is a similar agita- 
which itis intended to produce? ‘This can} tion on foot, and tho experience of the Ori- 
hardly be maintained, as very fow would be | ental Colony, tallying as it does with our own, 
impelled thither by a desire to be territied.-— | proves that the defect is radical—the result 
We rather think it is something of the same} of the system—and shows the necessity of 
feeling which has so often filled the amphi-}some such change as that adopted by the 
theatre of Madrid with thousands of delighted | people of Prince Rdward Colony. 
spectators to sco A Bull fight. If so, Nota day passes but shows more conclu- 
night for Government to foster and cultivate | sively the necessity for some radical reforms 
such baibarous and blood thirsty propensi=|in our constitution, which will certainly not 
ties? It is truly said that “familiarity | be the work of a day, ora session, Wetnay 
breeds contempt,” and it is to be feared that} not expect to get all that is asked for or de- 
a familiarity with the scenes of the gallows | manded at once, but that must not prevent 
will have a tendency in the mind naturally | agitation, or an acceptance at any timo of an 
depraved to beget contempt both for the | instalment which will operate as an additional 
crime and the fate of the culprits and this, | motive power whereby we will be better uble 
ns is generally tho case, we fear the punish-| {to achieve the residuc. One conviction all 
ment but increasc# the crime it is intended to | honest and thoughtful mon must come to; and 
lessen, that is, that the present system, after being 
Among theso recent exceutions, another | weighed in the balancos—after tho tost of 
attending circumstance must have been to all nearly twenty years—bas been’ found want- 
observers but too painfully evident. With bat| ing, and miserably defective. ‘To fully com- 
ono exception, all tle depraved felons who | prehend the evil, is to more than half discover 
have suffered the death penalty of the Jaw, | the romedy ; and to discover this and not to 
have been, not only the professed recipionts of | labor for its adoption, is pucrile and untoanly, 
God's love and merey, bat t became, like | ‘fhe country may not be prepared to agree 
the revered martyrs in thei t hour of upon all the details of any proposed change, 
suffering and trial, (he hallowed instruments } but it is evident that the people are all pre- 
of publishing God's grace, and teaching oth-| pared to listen calmly, and without prejudice, 
ers the ways of virtue and religion, ‘This ex- | to any amount of renyonablo discussion on 
altation of tho hardened criminal into a) these points, ‘This is all that can, ns yet, 
preacher of rightcousness—of the gallows to| be expected. It is all that is dosirable for, 
a lovel with tho sacred dosk,—seems to us a} from such a healthy state of the public mind, 
shocking perversion, and a most presumptu- | the most favorable results may be anticipated. 
fous profanation, Whilo this falso halo of 
glory surrounds tho culpri’s death, where 
are tho boasted terrors, the salutary example 
attending his punishment? With the gates 

would be governed by the precedents which 
our Executive furnish the public. Can the 
country escape similar consequences ? 

Tho people of Prince Edward Island, o 
stster Colony, have felt the evil of this sys- 
tem of Goverument, and have, we think, 
wisely and energetically abandoned it, and 
adopted the only reform which this state of 


Thix Conference closed its sittings on Pris 

—Bell for Plaintitf, 
Muyens vs, CLAnK.—This was an action to 
recover damages for injuries done to a horse, 
The defendant hired a horse from the plaintiff 
to go to Brighton, and on his return the latter 
complained that the animal had been founder- 
ed. The defendant pleaded that the beast was 
Jame when he hired her, but failed to fully sat- 
isfy the jury of the fact, Verdict for Plaintiff, 
and £6 damages.—Dougall for Plaintiff, Wali- 
bridgo for Deft. 
Hanty vs. McAppAM,—Action of Replevin 
to try the right to a Iforse claimed by both 
parties. The plaintiff claiined the animal as 
administrator of Timothy O'Brien deceased, 
and succeeded in proving a very satisfactory 
cece The defendant showed that he 
bought the horse from one Daniel O'Brien, a 
brother of the deceased ‘Timothy, by giving 
hifM a house and lot for said horse, and that 
shortly afterwards Daniel left the country; and 
as the defendant could have no recourse against 
the absconding Daniel, he thought that it was 
4 great hardship to lose the horse; and so the 
jury thought, forgetting the ownership proved 
bythe plaintiff. Verdict for defendant.—L. 1. 
Henderson Attorney for Plvif; Wullbridge 
Counsel ; O'Hare for Defendant. é 
McAppsx va. MOopiE ET AL.—This was an 
action of Tort arising out of proceedings in the 
case of Repleyin referred to aboye, in which 
the position of the litigants is reversed, and the 
same old horse the cause of action. The glo- 
rious uncertainty of the law was here exey)ipli- 
fied, the jury bringing in a verdict for all the 
defendants.—O' Hare fur Plv'ff, Bell and L. H. 
Henderson for Defendants. 4 
CLAnk vs, Reep.—Action of troyer brought 
to recover the value of a Horse wrongfully ta- 
ken, as alleged, b; lft. 
Wallbridge for Pl O'Hare for Defendait. 
Frercuer vs. CLements.—Action brought 
to recover an amount of borrowed money.— 
Verd ct for Plaintiff, £23 2s, 6d.—O'flare for 
Plvif, Jellett for Defendant, 
Rontyson ts. Patrenson.—A feigned issue 
to try the'rigkt to certain property, Verdict 

laintiff, Verdict for 

racics occurred. Is ‘Pair Play” satisfied? 

Tue “Sciextivic Axcntcax."—A Supple- 
ment to the Scientific American is before us, 
containing inter alia a history of the ori 
and progress of that paper, as well as a fall 
description of the American and Ei 

Patent Agency Office connected therewith, 
For every person the Scientific American jg 
a cheap and excellent journal; but for Inven- 
tors, Manufacturers, Engineers, Ohemists, Ag- 
riculturists &c., itis invaluable. - Every num- 
ber contains sixteen pagé® of reading Tater, 
beautifully illustrated with engravings pre- 
pared expressly for that publication, I is 
published weekly at New York—very neatly 
printed—and is really a most valuable work. 
Address Muxx & Co, New York, enclosing 
$2, and you will have the Journal for a year; 
or by clubbing together it may be obtained 
cheaper. bs 


Belleville, June 15th, 1859. 

Presext—His Worship the Mayor. 

Messrs. Brown, Blacklock, Clark, Gulo- 
man, Corby. Henderson, Hope, LeVosconte, 
McArthur, and O'Hare. 

Minntes of former tnecting read and ap- 


A petition from M. Sawyer, G. G. Gor- 
man, and others, praying to have the side- 
walk and road leading to Flint’s Wharf re- 

A petition from John Ronrke, asking, to 
have a fine imposed upon him for telling - 
liquor, remitted, lee 

A petition from Robert Sanderson, pray- 
ing to be ro appointed Police Constable. 

A petition from Wenry Jezert, applying - 
for the situation of Town Con-tadle, stating 

that he was in a similar sitnation in Eng- 
Jand, was 85 years of ago, and 6 feet 2 in- 
ches high. alk | 

The Clerk read other petitions, but we 

for plies —Wallbridge for Pl’, Dougall 
for Defendant. 

Witson vs. Nito —Action of Trover to re- 
cover the value of a yoke of oxen. Verdict 
for plaintifi—Fraser for Plt’ff. 

Kemrr cs, Hupbett—This was an action 
for money paid by plaintiff on account of the 
defendant. After the case had been gone into 
very fully, Mr. Wallbridge tok exception to 
his Honor’s ruling while addressing the Jury, 
and accepted @ non-suit, subject to the opmion 
of the Court—Wallbridge for Plv’ff, O'Hare 
for Defendant. 

PArrenson vs. SopeR.—Action brought to 
recover the value of a Iteaping Machine alleged 
by the plaintiff to have been sold to the defen- 
dant, ‘This very material point in tlie case the 

Inintiff failed to make the jury believe, Ver- 
diet for Defer dant—Bell for Plt’ 
for Defendant. 

Fo.ry vs. BOGART Er At.—This yas an ac- 
ion brought ngainst two partners to recover 
the’ amount of a promissory note made by one 
of them, who had never been in the habit of 
signing the name of the partnership to such a 
document, as alleged by the other partner in 
defence. The evidence failed to convince the 
jury of the fact. Verdict for Plaintiff against 

oth defendaits.—Wallbridge for Plrif, O- 
Hare for Defendants. 

Power es. NULTY ET Av.—This was an ac- 
lion to recover mbney had and reocived on 
account of a purchase of land at an auc'ion sale. 
Tt. was brought against the Auctioneer and the 
vender of the land, The defenc® was that the 
conditions of sale were not complied with; in 
the course of which the title of the land com-, 
ing in question, the Court refused to try the 
caso, and dismissed the jury —O'Hare for Plv'ff, 
Boil for Defendant, 
Grover vs. C\vERLEY kT AL.—Action to 
recover damages for a horse which defendants 
took without liberty and droyve,’and which 
shortly afterwards died. From the evidence, 
the jury would seem to have trared’a strong 
connection between the driving of the horse 
and his death. Verdict for pliintiff, and £20 
damages --O'Hare for Plvif, Wallbridge for 
Defendant. r 
‘The Criminal cases were exceedingly trivinl, 
and without any public interest, 


County of Hastings, }to present, that in the 

To Wit. performance of their du- 
tics, and in accordance with the Charge of Mis 
Honor tho Judge, they have visited the Gaol 
sod conversed will the prisoners oonfined thera 
in; that they find overything nent atid orderly, 
aid the prisoners well satistiod with the treat 
mont received nt the hands of the Gnoler, Mr. 
Dafoe. Jn union with other Grand Jurors, they 
deem it their duty to recommend the County 

Proviner or Cayapa ) The Grand Jury beg 

, Wallbridge | | 

of Hea open to receive his ascending s 
what one of tho Spectators would regre' 
dio the death of a triumphant murder 
What docs it signify, though ho sent his vic~ 
tim, without a moment's warning, whilo his 
blood was warm within him, out of this 
“breathing world,” “with all his sins upon 
his head,” into endless perdition, bis cold 
blooded and most atrocioug act but served a8 
the sure means whereby hoe secured his own 
salvation. Will not this be tho reasoning of 
tho vicious mob who behold the triumphant 
deaths which tho seaffold generally oxbibits ? 
Wo do not deny tho possibility of repentance 
to the most condemned murderer, (although 
wo confess our faith in such things iy rather 
woak) but we are confident that thik shameless 
parade, already alluded to, of siaored things 
whore erin and its punishment should only 
ho exhibited, has an incalculably demoralizing 
effect npon community, What is sull more 
scaudatous and painful, is tho thoughtless 
goal of tho Ministers of our holy religion in 
lending thomselves to the perpecuation and 
aggravation of the evil, No doubt thoy have 
been actuated by tho highest and best of 
motives; but (t only shows that persona may 
do vory injurious and improper aot with tho 
vory bost of intentions, It is highly proper 
for thom to labor for the conversion oven of 
the condemned felon, but thon it fs not no- 
soasary that they should either writo thelr | 
dying speeches or encournge them to make 
preachers of themselves upon the gallows. 
No one could havo listened to. tho dying 
speech of the murdorer Rock, without being 
shocked at the alranige admixture of penitence, 
oxhortational cant, aud sarcastic, if not pro- 
fano lovity, by which it was characterized. 
fo hoar tho light laugh from tho crowd as he 
avo uttorance to somo frivolous gallien of fats 
castio wit, was cnough to make the blood ran 
cold, or to forgot that it was a human boing 
that was about to bo launched into otornity, 
Tho ruling passion was oxbibited strong tn 
doath—vindictivoness to thoko who had dono 
him a fanclod wrong, but who were out of 
tho reach of all, savo his acrimonious tonguc, 

and a strong undying dosiro to make a favor- 

jay evening, 10th inst., at half past 11 o'clock. | Gouneil to provide for the erection of a suitable 
With the exception of a few particular cases, | wall around the yard of the Court House, ko 

all tho business of the Conference was open 
to the public. Dr. Stinson was re-elected 
Prosidont, and Rey, B. Wood, Superintendent 
of Missions, Rey, I. Jones was chosen to fill 
the office of Co-Delogate, The President of 
Conference, Revs. E. Wood and A. Hurlburt, 
wore appointed to attend the noxt General 
Conference of the M, B, Chureh inthe U hited 
States, Just before the close of the Con’ 
ence, Dr. Stinson was presented with a very 
fine portrait of himself, Thonoxt Conference 
is appointed to bo held at Kingston, The fol- 
Jowing Ministors aro stationed in the * Bello- 
villo District": 
Bollovillo, B, B. Harper, Charles Davell. 
Conaccon, Jolin Jackson, Robert Fowler} 0. 
%. Allison, Suporanntiated. Ameliasburg, 
James Greenor, Picton, J I. Bishop, Gil 
bort Miller; Dantol MoMullon, Siiperannuated. 
Millford, Jool Briggs RN. Adams, 
John W. German; John Black, Superannus 
ated. Stirl » English, Hugh MeLean, 
Frankford and Trenton, Edward Barrass, 

ton, Goo, I, Playtor, William Young, 8u pd. 
Hungerford, Wm, Coleman, 
Wm. J. Howitt Fiinton and Addington 
Road, Wm, Sanderso’ Madoc anddlast 
Road, Geo, Carr, Wm, Shannon. 
Erinant B. Hanegn, Chairman. 
J, H. Busnor, Financial Seo'y, 
Tho Rey. W. C, Henderson, who was tho 
colleague of the Rey. Mr. Harpor in Bellovillo 
during the last year, has gone to Brantlord, 
to romain until the opontug of the next Ses: 
sion of Victoria College, when ho intends to 
enter and complete 
dios. Woe are happy to learn, that at the Tt |" 
R. Station, as Mr, Honderson was loaving | 
‘Town, ho was waited upon M4 4 committed 
of young men and presented with 

dross, expressing thoir appreciation of hik toal 
and Integrity, and regrot at his departure, 
Tho address was accompanied by a purse con- 
taining $70. 

Richard Wilson, 

Sidney, | conduct, they are lot forth upon Koelety with 

Thomas Oleworth, who shall reside ot Tren-| Goonty Attorney thoie most sincere thanks for 

Domorcatvillo, Aaron Miller, Shannonville, | ever it was requ 

nga | Grand Jury Room, Juno, A.D, 1859, 

adyortisoment of Mr, G. G. Gorman, who has | 
his Collogo course of atu. | On hond, in addition to litx goneral stock, a 

ingorted to protect the tooo—the most vulner | 
va ahort Ad- | ablo part in tho caso of juronilos, 
this improvement shooa will Inst twice ay long | 
—~| ax 

tho prico of cach is noarly the kame, My. G, | 
is wolo agent for tho above in this County, 

that prisoners who may Uo incarcerated in the 
colle thereof, may be Ina position to perform 
somo bodily labour, which would conduce not 
only to the hiiterests of the County, but also to- 
wards the physical condition of the prisoners 
Thoy would aléo # ate thatin their opinion some 
nH should be made by whieh juvenile of 
rs would be separated from the more har 
doned and vicious criminoly—belioving as they 
do that.a clavsitiontion would bo of infinite fim 
portance to the morala of those unfortunate 
youtha who may be convicted of orimes and 
sentenced to imprisonment for the committal 
thereof, As the cella aro now arranged and 
construdted, young offenders who in au unlucky 
moment have devinted from the honest path 
life, and who may be awaiting, Uielr telal, or 
found guilty, aro compelled to tasioolnte with 
the eider and moro depraved criminals; and 
that natead of thoir incarceration tending asa 
eheek upon thelr morale and upon their future 

theie minds porverted and corrupted 
They cannot clove thie Presentment without 
tendering to His Honor the Judge and to the 

the advive and assistance rendered them, when: 

All of which is respeotfilly submitter, 

O, T. WARDE, Foneay, 


As coonomy isthe order of the day, and a 
ncoossary quality to be obsorved aw tins ave, 
we would direct the attention of those wish | 
ing to purchase Shoes &o, for childron, to tho | 

how article called * tho Patent Motalllo Gaps | , 

ped Shoo,” or khoos with a motal cap Wontly 

j yet and thatit was 

Chiancey Weoss, 

vote stool, Yous 8 Nay 

could not licar the purport of them. 

The Committee upon Market and Polico 
presented a Report, stating that they had en- 
qnired into the qualifications of those who 
had applied for the office ot Town Constable, 
and fonnd s large nomber well able to fill 
the office, aud had no donbt but that the 
Council could select one froin among them, 
who wonld do his duty. 

On notion for the adoption of the Report, 
the vote stood, : 

Yeas—Messrs, Hope, Clark, Coleman, 
McArthur, Henderson, and Browu.—é. 

Nays—Messrs, O'lare, Corby, and Black- 
lock,—3. “ 

Mr. O'lTare demanded the Yeas and Nays, 
as he wanted to know who was huinbogyin 
ate Yeas and Nays were recorded accord- 


The Finance Committee's report was read, 
recommending the payment of a number of 

Division oF Cormaas, Wann. 

Mr. Menderson gaye notiee, that at tho 
next meeting of thie Conneil, lie would move 
a resolution, providing for the division of 
Qoleman Ward, 


Mr. LeVesconte inpveil, seconeed by Mr. 
Clarke, That all nceonnts against the Cor- 
poration, be preseiited before the 28th of 
Juno, inst, 50 #s to enable the ‘Treasurer to 
make np lis Lalf yearly returns ; and that 
the Olerk give notice to that effect, 


The Conneil went into Committee ‘of the 
whole, Mr. MoArthurin the chair, and wse 
and recommended the payment of a number 
of accounts. 

Portce Coxsranun. 

Tho names of the applicants for Police 
Constable were then read, 

Mr. LeVesconte moved, seconded by Mr. 
Brown, That the Connell now proceed in 
accordance with the recommendation of the 
Pollog Committes, to appoint a Police con- 
vile in place of Robert Sanderson, rosign- 

Mr. O'Hare moved, scconded by Mr, 
Blacklock, That there is no necessity at 
present, for appointing an additional Con- 
stable, ns tho expenses of the Town are 
high enongh already. 

Mr, Henderson asked'the Mayor, if he had 
not said that two were necessary, e 
The Mayor said he thonght there was a 
necessity for two, a3 one constable could do 
very lite with a number of drunken men, 

* A discussion arose between Dr, Tope nnd 
Mr. O'lTare, as to the necessity of a second 
Police constable, whieh, as usual, onded Ina 
little personal altercation, as to tho probabil- 
ity of either of them ever belig Mayor of 
tho Town, whon the Mayor reminded them 
that the Conncil was in session, and if they 
wished: to indulge further, they had better 
wait until tho businoss was over, 

Tho amenduent being put, stood ; 
Yxas,—Mossrs. O'Mare and Blacklock,—9 
Mater Noes, arorh, Corby, LeVes- 
conte, Henderson, Coleman, Clark 

and MeArthur,—8. isi eo 
The original motion was then pnt, avd 
adopted, npon the sinie ¥oto, reversed, 

Mr, O'Llare moved, That tho resignation 
of Mr. Sanderson be not hooeptod, 

Mr Corby’sald that the gontion had 
been nocopted, and if the nayno was enter- 
talned at all, it most ho asa new applicant, 

Motion not seconded, 

Tho sclootion uf & Constable was proceed. 


ed with, when, 

Mr, Corhy 
Mr Tondérean ws 
Mr, Lo Veosoonte “ 
Mr, Blaoklook 
Mr. O'Hare 
Mr, Brown 
Mr. O'Lare 
Mr, Brown 
Me. O'llave 


Mr, Hondorson 
There tho 

proposed Robert Sanderson, 
“Pat. Campbell, 

Win, K 
Janes Wilvon, 
eter Finn, 
Win, Dogan, 
Win, Bilton, 
Thos, Ky 


Hominavions coased, noth the 
Ulidro Was ono name 
a pity nny slionld he holt, 

Meth he would Propose 

» taking the 
‘leclinet host, 
AS pit, Whon wie 

Mr, Bineklook the 

Tho vobng then commence 
MAIER OS Riipe\ All worg 
Wtil Me, Wilson's nano aw: 

That by 

those without it, will) be appaiont,—white | | 


Here doctoral Mr. Wilson eteoted 
O'TIare gald ny ie was bes 

Uitforont, butsald the wonld 

VoUng, After a niqjority: Nad deolaned in fie x 

S20 The Mayor 

but Sin 
Dotelootod uatil vie 
The Mayor Unonght 
ik Ureu all ty 
il the three of 

Wines Were all put, 

Howe hin, which he @id, at 

vor of Wilson, was proceeded with, and a 
had the ploasnre of being rejected, 
Mr, Wilson was thon doolared tho Pollo 

Coustable elovt, 

Mr Corby desired to lay before the Coun: 

oll tho necessity for catting down the stroo 
{hh front of St. Thomas’ Qhurch. A ston: 
Wall was about boing ballt along the churot 
Yard, and the committee of the chorel 
Wished to know tow far tho Stroot was tu be 
lowered, and whoneAyerred to Stree 
19 Con 

oll then adjourned, 


Por the Hastings Chi 

Tam now in tho midst of perhaps tho most 
interesting services scone all the prudential 
institutions of our wonderful Methodism, not 
excepting the Class meecting—tho Love-feast— 
the Watolienight; what is it? Te is the public 
reception of the young men into full connexion 
who have passed through their probation. — 
Four young men have spoken Hath great pro- 
riety and good feeling, relating their Chris- 
tian experience and call tothe Ministry, The 
Resolution for their reception has been moved 
by the Rev, Booch Wood in an impressive 
manner, That motion is now being seconded 
by one who. was nover called to perform the 
task before, although somo 32 yenrs in the itin- 
erant field; a man very different in appearance 
from tho preceding speaker, whom we might 
designate fat and sleok, 5 
Oursubjectis somewhat tall, slight, haggard, 






power. And if he wore now to take part in 

used to carry the day by a combination of ar 
Rument and—somorhi olso, I 
what to call it, 
Rood, (though we have known him selfeontra 


ing and sarcasm. 
stinct, seemed to oirry him to the right con- 
clusion, and when he could not frame an argue 
ment to convince others of the justnoxs of that 
conclusion, he often tried to frown or scare 
them into ita method in which he was often 
successful. If he were knocked down, ho was 
prerently on his logs again, evincing that dogs 
ped pluckiness which prevented him from 
nowing when he was baat. 

Though we have known him in the heat of 
debate say things that were unkind and cruel, 
being a little hasty and pugnacious, yet he was 
naturally kind hearted—ecasily forgave an in 
juryand never rom ed the hard things 
said against him in deb When it came to 
a serious matter of difficulty, no man could act 
more fair and honorable than he. He was 
justly popular a§ a preacher, when a younger 
niin The failing of a naturally small and 
feeb e voice, has been some drawback to his 
acceptability in the pulpit of late years. He 
has always been a hard worker, and in his 
latest pastoral charges, a very diligent visitor. 

periors in all but the governing 

ita proceedings, he would still exert that sway 
Which ix only gained by a auperior mind. He 

do not know 
The logical Moulty in hing wos 

dictory and foggy,) and what ho could not ef- 
feot by argument lie did by skilful mhnauvre- 
His natural angacity, or ins 

y| Wm. Smart, at the roridoneo of tho bride’s un 
ole, Judge Smart, Auexayoen Stewabr, Kao, 
Manager of the “Stato” Fire Theirance Con 
pany, Toronto, to Many Acarnna, elduet daughe 
ter of tho lato Israel I, Jones, Kaq., of Prescott, 
Barristor-at Law, 

Tn Belloyille, on Thu y ovening last, 16th 
fosts, Mr, Joun Baxen, aged 03 yoors: 

Th Thurlow, on Sunda, 
Marrnras Roag, aged 80 y 
est residonts of the Townrhip. 


wt, Mr. 


& D. a dD 

Wheat, Y 60 Iba, 8 0 @ 0 
Ryo, Y 66 lbs... 0 @ 6 
Barley, YW 48 Ibe. 0 @ 0 
Onte, YW 34 1b 6 @ 0 
Pods, YW OO 1b 9 @ 0 
Corn YW bushel... 6 @ 0 
B Whoat, Y bushel. 0 @ s 
K » Wholesale) PY bbI 6 @ 0 
Y 100 lbs... 09 @ a a 
rom Wintor Wheat, 4% 6 @ 42 6 
Spring, 35 0 @ 4 0 
Potash, YP owt, 0 @00 0 
Pork, YW owt 0 @s0 0 
Boof, Y ow 6 @ 30 0 
Bega, por dos 5 @ 00 
Buttor, per Ib. 6 @ 0 7 
Hay, Y ton... 0 @60 0 
Po 3 @ 6 

tatoes, 4 bushel. 

OUND, on Monday Iast, on tho Road near 
Smithville, a good Dress HAT. The 
owner can have it by proving properly and 

Apply to 

On the 16th inat, at Belloville, by, the Mev. 

and homely, whose limbs dangle: about as if 
they wero very slightly articulated. He has, 
notwithstanding, good health, and seems wiry 
and enduring, 
A man of a motaphysical cast of mind is ho, 
fuclined to receive nothing but on the severest 
soriitiny, aud therefore disposed to suspicion 
of strangers and now measures, This leads 
him tohiggle at almost everything. Ileis not, 
therefore, the man for prompt decision and en= 
ergetic measures, But he scems to act as if 
his vocation were to strip aud examine those 
offering for enlistment, to see whether a bill 
of health can be made out for them or not.— 
He is an excollont drag-chain, to change tlie 
metaphor, to prevent the Gospel car from be- 
ing dashed to pieces in Rloveua in the inclined 
Fees But then, he is more adapted to hold 
ack than Beare Yet while we say this, let 
no man think him cynionlor sour.” No man 

There is not a lazy bone in his body 

Tt need rearerly bo aided, that he has filled 
all the higher offices of Conference—Secretary, 
President, Co-Delegate, as well as having been 
4 Chairman a great number of years, Book- 
steward, Moral Governor of the College, Rep- 
resentative to Englind, &o &o, 

He is an instance that domentary defects 
Will be conntervailed if a man possnss a master 
geniuss for many ludicrous instances of blun- 

lers in minor matters might be given. 

May the evening of his life be blessed! is 
the prayer of many a heart for Jonun Ryerson, 
a household word in our Methodism, 

(Zo be continued ) 

Do rou rae Tonacco —At the Wes- 
layan Methodist Conference held at Hamil- 
ton last week, it was resolved, that in the 

is more full ofsmi’es than he, with sometimes | 2nnual oxamination of candidates for the 
a spico of humor; his attempts, however, in| ministry; it shal be the duty of chairmen 

that line on the platform are not very success- cts to include the disciplinary ques- 

fal, tion: “Do you take tobacco, &e.,” and 
He is wholly of Canadian growth—the son ‘adist} ‘ ar i aritive 
of a good old Methodist mata LPIHangH that a distinct answer in the negative shall 

9e required in every cnse, as a condition of 

yory plain and un pretending iitectesli raised . . 
continuance on trial from year (o year, 

a large family of talented sons—not brilliant, 
but substantial; fice Ministers and three Law- 
yers, one of whom is distinguished for scholar- 
ship being a Doctor of Laws. 
ur hero is a masterly preacher, of his class, 
but not popular in the ordinary sense of that 
term. For this reason, he occupied very re- 
tired stations at first, but has worked his way 

Tire Nontuernmost Parer,—A news 
Paper is about to be started undcr Canadian 
auspices, at the Selkirk settlement, on the 
Red» River of the North. Tho press and 
types are now on their way thither. Mr. 

paying for this notice, 
. 6th con, Huntingdon, Juno 21, 

man so aa we 


PARTIES desirous of getting SAND and 
EARTH from tho English Church 
Grounds, may obtain the same, after this 
date, by applying to the Contractor, 
Belleville, 2let June, 1859. 


of the Pupils attending the Belleville 
County Grammar School, will take place on 

Thursday and Friday, 23rd & 24th 

Inst., commencing on both days at half-past 

ouie o’clock, P. M 
All who fee] an interest in education are 

respectully invited to attenc, 

Head Master. 

Belleville, 16th June, 1859. 

pe all Accounts against the Corpora- 
tion of the Town of Belleville, up to the 
28th day cf June, 1859, be rendered on that 
date, to enable the Treasurer of the Town to 
make bis half yearly balauce up to the Ist 
of July next, in accordance with the By- 

Laurie, tate of The Owen Sound (C. W.) 
Times, is to be the editor, Sulkirk is some 
450 miles north of St. Paul, and has about 
10,000 inl. abitants, 


Witt Errxtvcatry Cure Liver Compratnay Drs: 
vevsta, Jausptcr, Cunoxto or Neavous Do- 
Biliry, Diseasea oF tux Kupnera, AND 
ALL Diseases anrstso. ynom A Diss 
oxpxnep Liven ot Stomacu. 

very family should have a bottle of these Bit- 
ters in the housa. 

ne Dose will instantly rolieve a sick stomach, 
ne Dose will cure the most distress'g heartburn, 
ine Dose will allay any ngitition of the nerves. 
ine Dose taken au hour before meals, will give 
a good appetite, 

ne Dose will, in many eases, cura the most ec- 
vere headache, when proceeding from o dis- 
ordered stomach. = 

up by dint of solidity and worth. Ho was once 
Scoretary of the Conference, the highest office 
now in the giftof his brethren; also he has 
heen « Chairman of District for several years, 
He must be a man highly esteemed, or he 
would not so Renerilly get the Presidint’s eye, 
when many others find a difficulty in catching 
it; and enjoy the patient attention cf the Con- 
ference, whieh he dies, to his frequent and pro- 
lix, and not very lively specclies. He is a much 
better writer even than speaker, having writ- 
ten some profound and elegant articles in for- 
mer days. 

Though sometimes n little dogzed, he is a | © 
modest, *pious, upright man, who might be 
trusted to any extent: ASsAMEL HuRLDURT is 
the man. ; 



Oar present subject isa native of Ireland, 
and came to Lower Canada young, in the 
woods of whicli he was converted when a youth, 
by reading (I thiuk I haye learned) Mr. Wos- 
Jey’s works, He is said to be a junior mem- 
her of some decayed family of respectability, Theee Bitters enn be obtained at any Drug- 
if not rank; this is a claim of which I have al-| gist's or seller of Patent Medicines in the United 
ways thought he was a little vain, _ But though | States and Canadas. ‘Price 75 cents per bottle, 


sombwhat aristocratic in his pretensions and | See that the signature of G. M. Juckson is on 
Berries de ce is st sant eecending and fa-| the wrapper of each bottle. 44-2 
m liar when he likes. Nor is there apy extra ‘LANES LIVER PIL 
refinement about him. He has eceeeiell SUSE EN UN A ALONE 
unlearned his broad Irish accent, A high-|Prxraneo sy Frewxo Bros, Pirresunan, Pa. 
minded, honorable man ix he. He! married |~ From the unsolicited testimony’ continually 
respectably, and obtained wealth with his wile. | offered from all quarters of the country, it is 
tis personal appearance is good! He is | impossible to resist a conviction of the grent ox- 
compact, strong, well proportioned and heal-| cellence of these Pills 1n all diseases of the Liver 
thy,—light complexioned and young looking, | and Stomach. ‘Tho following letter fron Toron 
Vis face is often writhed with smirkish smiles, | 1, Canada, is one of the many the proprietors 
frowns, or the aspect of weeping. He has all | have teceived : 4 
the advantages of physique which phrenolo- 
gists say should accompany a healthyand pow- 
erful mind, except that his head is proportion- 

Toronto, April 27th, 1854, 
Messrs. Fuanxa Bros.,—Sirs:—I take this op- 
portunity of informing yon of the benefits [ haye 

oi derived from Dr. M’Lane’s valuable Pills, I 
at polls a Ries esuaate auick Gnd | jaye for two years past been afflicted with 
ke bi 2 i & spice of wit and humors | severe pain over the eyes, accompanied with a 
make bim ready and good at repartee. His) nervousness and scute of dizziness; a malady 
natijrally gord powers have been tinproved by | beyond the power and skill of our physicians to 
a fair share of education and private study.— | relieve and cure, caused, ns fav asl myself could 
He is a man of extensive reading, and has a| judge, Ly a discasod state of tho livor and stom- 
retentive memory. Few persons have a larger | ach. Some of the doctors tried bleeding, ‘and 
amount and more accurate general information | various other remedies were tried, but all in 
than he. This, with his constitutional quick-| vain, for the deep-rooted disease all stuck fast. 
ness, makes Him both instructive and enter-| At !ast I procured n box of your valuable Liver 
taining ih private conversation; and he would | Pills from a Drogyist hero, and feel, after ene 

sensation over the eyes has alwoat entirely lett 


be even more so, if there were not sometimes | ® Portion of theur, that the disease and painfu 
a little appearance of assumption about him. = or Y 
ee voluble, ready, instructive, and pathetic a t RO ae acca tha ean bigied 
preache ; ary | 1 ? Pane 
eee Achy ie Ne ae Very | cine at once, and save much time and pain, with 
ini controversy, | +e Goes Nob hittle expen! With sincere gratitude and re- 
now, however, often take a part in Conference spect, I rew s, tespectfully. 
debates, or get a very ready hearing when he 20, W. KUSSELL, Toronto, 
(@™ Parchasors will Ue carefil to ask for Dr. 

does, Some Tevliiy or other must have 
Kept so clever a man from occupying better| M’LANES CELEBRATED LLYER PILLS, 
nanufactured by Fleming Broa, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

stations and higher offices than he has on the | m 
whole, He is more noticed of late, and has| There are other Pills purporting to be Liver 
been Chairman of a istrict for the last four | Pills, now before the public, Dr. M'Lane's gen- 
years, x vine Liver Pills, also hit celebrated Vermifuge, 

He is very sympathizing with the poor and | ¢a” now be hud at all rospectable drug stores. 
suffering, often giving them that material aid | None genaine without the signature of 
which Lis respectable resources enable him to| {*8] FLEMING BROS, 
xender,—a reliable friend,—and a weeping 

He is not very strict in matters of discipline. 
But, though not a general and plodding visitor, 
is usually much beloved by his flock. He has 
a peculiar knack of settling contentions, em- 

Horroway'’s Vitra. — It seoms ns if the phar 

macopein were eventually to be narrowed down 

to (wo specifics, Hollowny’s Pilla and Ointment, 

We have conversed wiih individuals who have 

witnessed the effect of the Pills in eaves of epi- 

lepay, ordinary convulsions, spneme, Vilious cho- 

ploying mingled authority and persuasion. | fic, panceaeien of the dyspepain, ete, and 
Me has high notions of ministerial dignity, | they all tell tho same s ory of their efficacy nud 
and the importance of the Ministerial office, | infallibility. So, too, of use Ointment.” The 

general opinion seems to bo that it nover. fails 
in ulesrons and eruptive eases: It is an indis- 
potable facet that those beat nequainted with 
the preparations have the most implicit confi- 
denes in them. 

the bearers of which he thinks ought to be dis- 
tinguished by appropriate sacerdotal robes. — 
He piques himavif on having introduced the 
gown into the Church in one of his appoint- 
mentsy—keeps a gown and bands for his own 
use, which he wears on marriage ond funeral 
occasions,—and thinks the Wesleyan Ministry 
ought to adopt the gown. A weakness and 
folly this, in our humble opinion, 

With some *peculiarities, he is really far a- 


of Dysentery and Cholera Morbus, and those oc- 

Travelers aro always liable to sudden attacks 

enrring when absent from home are vory un 

bove many that runk farabove him. James 
Brock has never tried his hand a; authorship. 

‘The person, history, and character of an in- 
dividual now rise up bofore my mind, who, but 
for a melancholy temporary cloud overshadow- 
fog bis fuir fume, would now have stood the 
patriarch (ns he long stood the Bunting) of 
the Conference,—being the oldest effective 
preacher in its a misfortune fallen into by the 
indiscrect use of stimulants and opiates to os- 
singe the pain attend int on the paroxysms of 
an agonizing chronic! wel complaint; acloud, 
which now, thank Gud, fa passing away, I trust 
forever. Ho is rapidly regaining the confi- 
dence of his brethren, and has been appointed 
to a Station, 

He is the ferst one, although not the eldest, 
of four talented brothers, who have long dis- 
tinghialed themselves in the doings of Cava- 
dian Methodism. He wns born either in Can- 
ada or New Brunswick; if the latter, ho camo 
from there with bis father’s family to Canada 
very young. Cannda claims him as one of her 

ified rons. He is the son of an old Un 
feespiro Loyalist, who bore a Commiasion in 
tho evolutionary war,—ond would naturally 
be more of n Tory than anything olse. Butin 
fis time he has done courageous battle in the 
cau-e of civil and religious liberty in this Pro- 

cal, buing therefore largor than he roally seoms. 
Hlis size is that which might be chosen for good 
handsome, his _appenranc 
gentlemanly. His face is rathe: 
Bquiline nose, and 

Iittle retreating. 

too tall nor too short, If no 
nce has always boer 
ir oval, with 

Ifix look fs statosman-like, 

In person he {sell formed and nymmotri- 

ne’, being neither too larye nor too 

plensont,~ Penny Dayr? Veorranux Pain Kiuugn 

may always be relied upon io such cases, As 
soon a8 you feel the symptoms, tke one ten 
spoonful in «gill of now milk and molasses and 
a gill of hot water, stir well together and drink 
hot. Repent the d ery hour until relieved. 
If tho pains be « Lathe the bowels and 
back with the m ine, r, 
In enses of Asthrna and Plithisio, take a tea 
spoonful in a gill of hot water sweetened well 
with molasses; also, bathe the throat and storm: 
ach with the medteine olear, 
Dr. Sweet snye it takes out tho dorencesin 
onses of bone wetting fnster than anything be 
ever applied. Fishermen, #o often expoacd to 
horta by baving their skin plérced with hooks 
and fing of fish, ean be much relievod by bathing 
with alittle of the Pain Killor os soon aa the 
aedlive in this Way tha angoish de noon 
abated; Lathe os often as once in five minutes, 
ny threo or four times, and you will seldom 
have any troublo, 
The bites and soratehes of doge or ents are 
onred by bathing with the Pain Killer, olear,— 
Gront success has beon realized by applying 
(his medicine as soon as the neoidont occurs. 

nt oceurs; 


©. Sr, Gronar Yanwoov, Eaq., of a Son. 


At the rasidonae of the brida's father, Eglin 
ton, Yonge Streot, on the 14th inet., by the Rov 
H, Wilkinson, JAstes Barportawn, Esq, of To: 
ronto, tu Manta Anx, socond daughter of Rov 
Mohard Jonds, Wesleyan Ministor. 


1) at the rasidence of the bride's fathar, Mn. Jou 
1| Goxoow Waraen, of the Golden Li Toron 

In Thurlow, on the 14th inet, the wifo of 

On tho Léth inst, by tho Rov. E. B. Harper, 

Laws of the Town. 
By order, 
; ROBT, M, ROY, 
Town Clerk. 
Belleville, Jane 16th, 1859. 

Notice to Teachers! 

HE next Quarterly Meeting of the Coun- 

ty Board of Education, for the examiiiu- 

tion of Teachers, is appointed to be held at 

Schoo! House No.3, (Mr. Steele's,) Pinnacle 

Street, Belleyille, near the Wesleyan Metho- 
dist Church, on 

Thursday, July 7th, 1859, 

at NINE o’clock, A. M., precisely. 

Candidates are requested to present satis- 
factory testimonials of moral character from 
Clerzymen or Superiatendents, 

Teachers please bear in mind that the 
examination will be conducted by printed 
questions and written answers. 

Candidates are require to send to the 
Secretary at Trenton, (pre-paid,) at least one 
week before the Exammation, the subjoined 
particulurs : 

_ Ast. Post Office Address, 

2ud. Certificate of Character.. 

3rd, Class of Certificate (if ay) obtained. 

Any Candidate not complying previously 
with these stipulations, will not be received 
on the day of Examination, 

By order of the Board, 

Trenton, June oth, 1859. 4 2 

The Great Battle of Magenta, 

OF MAGENTAgin which 20,000 Austrians 
and 12,000 of the Allies, were placed hors de 
combat. evncuntion of Milan, and retreat of 
the Austrians. I/lumination of Paris, and groat 
rejoicing in Italy, 

Reports of the proceedings of the Free Church 
and United Presbyterian Synods Presbyterian 

Nows from Fraser River—Succeasful Gold 

The effects of the Frost, and the prospects of 
the crops. 


For Sale by E, Harrison, Belleville. 

Prico $2 yoar, Six copies for $10; ten 
copies for $15; twenty five copies for $35; 
eighty copies for $100, 

Toronto, Juno 24, 1859. 


Potash Kottles, (warranted) 168 8d per 100 Iba 

Oswego Superfine Flony, 19.0 ** do, 
Canadn Sop, Flour 2le2dto22 6 do, 
Superfine Rye Flour, 50 " do. 
Corn Meal, 12) 6 dos 

Mees Pork, 6d 
Sinoked Siioulders 6d per pound, 
do Hams, 744 per ponnd. 

Hny Rakes, 74d to 10d each. 
Grain Cradles, 88 to 10s 
Scythes, Snaiths, Forks, 
Salt, 0s 6d per LbI, 


Ms Highest Belleville Prico PAID for 
POTASH, by the Barrel or otherwise, less 
Inspection 4d por 100 1bs, and Ix 6d per 100 
Iba. freight to Belleville, 

at 740 per Ib. payable in Goods at Lowest 
Cath Prices, ¢39" A fair proportion. of Gro- 
ceries given in payment. 
Bridgewater, (Iate Troy,) { 


ae June 9, 18 ‘Heed 3 
BOE S4L5, 

AT 15s. PER 100 POUNDS, 
Ka Enquire of Charles Martin. 
} 43 


the Store House and Wharf of Billa Flint, 
, for the purpose of doing a Forwarding 
and Commission businoss, for tho suke of boing 
more convenient to his place of busfness, 
would Sell or Rent the owe and premises 
he now occupies, The house, which ies been 
recontly built in the moat medorn style and of 
the concrete material, is pleasantly situated 
within a short distance from the Railway Sta- 
tion, and within a few yards from the New 
Wealoyan Methodist Church, Outhousea, &o,, 
all complete, 

Partios wishing to purdMase can do 90 on 
moat reasonable ‘Termé—one-fourth down, 
and balance in eight years, 


Der pound, 

Foundry, Belleville, 
June 9, 1859, 


Ja fine apacious forehoad, 4 | to, to Man, eldest daughtor of FW. Watkine, 

Belleville, June 14th, 1869, 43 



ZA two largo and commodioun 


fittod up complete; two Dwellings and several 
Offileesy in the 

lately ercoted ou the Re Ida Block, Town of 
Belleville, opposite the Upper Bridge. 

, . r 
That well known, beautiful, and extensive pri 
vate residence (off Chureh Strect, Bollovitle) 
with the grounde and Garden thereto attached, 
formerly owned by N. G, Roynolda, Esq, and 
intely ocoupled by’ Dr, Walton. 

A comfortable Cottago and Garden on Goorge 
Streot, noxt the residence of Henry Corby, Eaq.; 
a Rovghenpt Cottaye aud Lot in Weat Bolle 
ville, near the Lowor Bridge; a Dwelling 
House and Lot on Yoomans' Hill; nm House and 
halfan acre of Land in Sameon Ward, in rear 
of the residence of Dr. Honry; and a Store 
house & Wharf in front of the resic © of 
A. 0, Potrio, eq: Rent moderate. For par: 
Uoulars apply to 

June 10th, 1850, 



P. ON BILL, Commercial House, Bdleville, June 20, 1859. 










Ers sToOock oF 




25 to £100, 4 months ; over £100, 6 months, by furnishing approved endorsed notes. 

, cash ; from £ 




TERMS :—Under £ 

33" Sate ar 1 o’crocx, Suarp. 




Bellovitle, Picton, Kingston, Cape Vincent, &e. 

Tue Royan Mate Steamen 

BAY OF sasien QUINTE, 

ING (Sundays oxeepted) at half-past SIX 
o'clock, for Piston, Kingston, aud intermediute 
ing in Kingston about. o'clock, x. 

ning, loaves Kingston every afternoon 
(Sundays excoptod) at FOUR o'clock 

Will also make’ occasional trips to CAPE 
VINCENT. Borths freo for Passengers to or 

from Belleville who desire to sleep on board at 
CW Belleville M rchants and others, who wiah 
to do buxinera in Kingston, and are desirous of 
naving tina, can, by taking the Steamer * Bay of 
Quinte,” have two houra in Kingaton, and return 
the same day to Belleville by 3 o'clook afternoon 

C™ Belleville Return Tickets ( from Kingaton) 
same day. half fares. 
Ga" Excursion and PioeNio partion to the 
Inko on the Mountain, and other favorite plon 
sure resorts, arranged at accommodating rates, 

Frojghta nod passages to and from Montreal 
in oon jon with Royal Mail Line Lake and 
Rivor mers, 

Or and Carriages always in waiting at 
and Belleville, 
, 14, 1869, 


From Canada Fall Wheat, 
Fanoy do. 
Superfine No, 1 do. 
Superfine No, 2 do. 

manufactured at the 
and for salo in Barrela and Bags, in lots to 
suit purchasers. » - 

Ovor Mr Lowis’ Hardware Store, 


tar If you want » good article of 

Qj If you winh some choice Sugar-cured 

Corn-Meal, Oat-Meal, Beans, 

tar As well as every deseription of 



Call nt 

Hams, Shoulders, or other Meats, 

Call at 

ty" If you wish tho beat of 

Call at 


wor respectfully announce to hin friends 

¥ and the public, that he has taken the pre- 

mises lately oconpied. as. n Crokery Store, di- 

rectly opposite It. Holden's Drog Store, where 
he is prepared to oxccute all orders in 

Tin, Copper, Sheet*Iton Ware 

He will keep constantly on hand everything 
connected with 
Se "ER" GD WG BS Swe 
and his line of Business. He trusts that the 
favor with whicli his endeavors have herctofore 
been received since commencing business in 
this Town, will be extended to him in his 
new establishmont. 
Belleville, May 2nd, 1869, 



. Dried Apples, Coarse- 
Grains, &c, &c¢,, 

Can be had at 

Call at 


A ber Subscribers hay 

Belleville, May 23, 1859. 

~ Commercial Bank of Canada, 


Divipexd No, 62. 

OTICE is hereby given that a Dividend of 
Four per cent on the Capital Stock of 
this Institution, for the half your ending 80th 
June next, hos been this day declared, and 
the same will be payablo, at the Bank and its 
offices, on and after Briday, the 1-t day of 
July next. ‘The Transfer Books will be closed 
on the 15th of June, and re-opened on the Ist 
of July. 
The annual general meeting of Sharchold- 
ers, for the election of Directors, will be held 
at the Bank on Saturday, the 25th day of 
June, in conformity with the Charter, when a 
general statement of the affairs of the Bank 
will be submitted. The Chair will be taken 
at noon, 
By order of the Board, 
C, 8. ROSS, 

Commercial Bank of Canada, 
_Kingston; 26th May, 1859. _ Swed 


RE now receiving from New York a gen- 
eral assortment of 




ID Bo A. S80 




And River St. Lawrenee, 



\ ILL, during the present season, make 
regular weekly trips from the Head of 

the Bay to Montreal, as follows :— 
Downwar will leave 
Trenton every Mouday at 6 o'clock A.M 
Belleville « J 10 « A.M 
Kingston « 2° PM 
Kor Montreal and intermediate Ports, arriving 
at Montreal by Day Licut on Tuesday,— 
thereby giving passengers the benefit of the 
delightful scenery on the River St, Lawrence, 
Upwards, will leave 
Montreal every Thursday, at 4 o’clock P.M. 
Kingston every Saturday, at 8 o'clock A.M, 
for Pictou, Belleville, Trenton, and interme- 
diate ports, arriving at Trenton same evening, 
The St. Lawrence being a well known fa- 
vorite boat, liaviag every couvenience for the 
comfort and safety of Passengers, wall carry 
passeugers and (reight at reasonable terms, 
For Freight or Passage*apply to the Cap- 
fain on board; Joseph Doyle, Wharfinger, 


Scott Bray & Co’s 
Misses and Children’s Sizes, for gale at the 



(ig 0-2 2S ee eee 



Belleville, May 14, 1859. 

wy @ @ mM e& 

ing advertised to exchange for WOO 
a large assortment of 



to those who do not w 

ish to exchange, for 




Celebrated Female Pills! ! 
Prepared from a Prescription of Sir J. Clarke, 
M.D, Physician Fetraordinary to the Queen. 
‘This invaluable medicine ix unfailing in the 
cure of all those pninfal and dangerous diseases 
to which the female constitution is subject. Ii 
moderates nll excess and removes all obstrue- 
tions, and a speedy cure may be relied on. 
itis peculinely suited. It will, in a ehort time, 
bring on the monttily period with regularity. 

Each bottle, price One Dollar, bears the Go- 
vernment Stamp of Great Britain, to prevent 

In all cases of Nervous and Spinal Affections, 
Pain in the Back and Limbs, Fatigue on slight 
exertion, Palpitation of the Heart, Hysterics, 
and Whites, these Pills will effect a core when all 
otlier means have failed, and althongh a pow 
erful remedy, do not contnig iron, caloinel, nnti- 

Kingston ; 1, Maxwell, Montreal; or to 
John Meagher, Produce Merchant, Kingston. 
March, 1859. 30 




And have also on hand, 

Various Qualities of Flour. 


A fow fons Presh Ground Corn Meal, 


They are always in the Potash 
Market, and will pay the high- 

est price in cash for it. 
Belleville, Muy 28, 1859. 

J. L. REED, 

EELS thankful to the publie for past pat- 
tonage, and inforins them that he will 
deal in 
WW 4D 4P BU 
the coming season, in any way to shit cus- 
tomers, such as Custom Carding, Cloth 
Dressing, aud manufacturing SATINETTS, 
TWEEDS, CASSIMERES, Kranvevs, &e., 
nd guarantees to furdish the several articles 
at prices to suit the times. His object is to 
make the Furmers satisfied. Instead of sell- 
iug for Foreign Goods, support your own Ma- 
Aine and not take the trade from Belle- 
(<= Wool’sent by FERRY will be carded 
and returned, Cloth om hand to Exchange. 
Belleville, May 15, 1859, 40 


F School Sections in the Townships of 
are requested to call at the Post Office /M- 
MEDIATELY, tor the New Copy of the 
School Act, and the Blank Forms for taull- 
Yearly Returns, 


Local Supt, 

OTICE is hereby given, that in accor- 
ance with an Act of Parliament passed 
on the 26th Murch, 1859, (being 22nd Vic., 
cap. 6,) any Tavern, Grocery or Shop Keeper, 
fouad se’ iquor, between te hours of 7 
o'clock on Satuntay nights, and 8 o'clock on 
Monday monings, will be prosecuted in ac- 
cordance therewith. 


Bellevillo, May 28, 1859. 


NIUE Subscribers will pay the Highest 

Prive for 

2 | Jong acquaintance with, and a stri 


HE Subseriber hayiie recently erected « 
new building on the site of the premises 
lately destroyed by fire, begs to announce to 
his iriends and the public generally, that he 
has put in it perfectly naw Machinery of the 
most improved kind, and is now prepared to 


and begs tu say that all those favoring him 
with thei patronage can depend upon their 
orders being promptly executed in the most 
satisfactory manner, He will,as usval, keep 
a large aud extensive assortinent of Crotus, 
consisting of 

Broadcloths, Cassimeres, Satinetts, Doe- 

skins, T'weeds, Fall-cloth and 

which he will be p.eased to exchange for 
WOOL, on the most reasonable and adyan- 
tayeous terms. 

\ renee ry? 
The Highest Price in CASH 
will also be paid for WOOL to those not 
wishing to exchange for Cloth. He hopes to 
receive a liberal share of public patronage, 
being fully convinced that he will be able 
to. give etitire satisfaction to: those favoring 
him with a call; and he would respectlully 
request those having Wool to dispose of, to 
call and see him belore selling elsewhere. 

The highest price in cash will also be paid 
for HIDES, Snerr and Canr Sxixs. _ 

He would at this time ‘eniler his sincere 
thanks for thé’very liberal patronage be has 
received during the past years in which he 
has been engaged in business, and for the 
many kind expressions of sympathy tendered 
to him on the oceasion of the Factory being 
destroyed by fire. i 
» N. B.—Particular attention will be paid to 
Custom Carding and CToth dressing, which 
will be done in the best manner, and war- 
ranted to give entire satisfaction, 

Belleville, April, 1859. 5 
Forwarding & Commissio 

TPIT, Subseribor having leased the Store 
House and Wharf owned by Billa Flint, 
fisq., for the purpose of doing*a Forwarding 
and Commission business, would respectfully 
solicita share of the public patronage, By a 
ict attention 
to the business, he hopes to be able to give 
as full sati-fretion and for as cheap rates as 
any of his competitors. 
Tho Subscriber will constantly keep on 

Bounty &e., atthe cheapost rates, 8 
Bellevills, April 5, 1859, 

Grocery & Feed Store. 

PTAVING been a long time in tho Gr y 
E business, to return thin ka for paet fo 
vors, nnd noqianint his customers and the public 
wenorully, that he hay removed to. the promises 

Lately Occupied by I. TAYLOR, Jr 




Cloths, Satinetts, Tweeds, Mannels, 
&o., delivered at their Establishment in 

Frankford, Juno 8, 1859. 19 



MVHS Farm consists of about 180 neres, in 
Qnd con. of the Township of Rawdon, in 
thy County of Hastngs. 

140 Acres Cleared and well Renced, 

well watered, and in the highest state of cul- 
tivation, It i pleasantly situated on the 
mail ronte bet*een Stirling and Seymour 
East, being two Farms. ‘There in on it 2 
good Frame Houses, 2 Framo Barna, aid 
other ont houses. Also a Store and Store~ 
house kept by the present proprictor, 2 
Blackamith's shops, J stores and 1. Schoo! 
House, within halfa mile of tho Dwolling 
House, ‘Thia ia a rare chance to obtain a 
splendid and beavtifally situated Farm, 
Cheap. (cy Price £1,000, cash. 

Oc For further particulars apply to Alex. 
Monzios, Bollovillo, or (if by letter, pre-paid, 
Seymour East P.O.) to 
JOHN ALLAN, Proprietor, : 

Juno 7, 1859, 
LI" Woekly Globe, Chronicle ds News, avd 
Montreal Wookly Transcript, copy 4 times, nud 


Bollovillo, June, 1859, Awl? 

seni aocount to this Offloe. wk 
Wea Address Curds for salo at this Ofice, 

Whore ho ia propared to keep on hand all artis 
oles connected: with a 


He hope to merit a share of public patronage 

and pupport. 

‘la delivered to any part of she Town 

uth, 1859. 



NMVHE Moira will commence her regular 

trips between BELLEVILLE & OSWEGO 
on Monday next, April 4th, at 1 o’elook, P.M. 
calling at Mill Point, Picton, and Stone Mills, 
and be in-Oawego in time for the morning 
Cars for Now York and Buffalo, For freight 
or pasange apply to the Captain on board. 

0 Cabin Pilssogy, Mnoluding ove meal, from. 
Belleville, $3) from Mill Point, $2.60}; Picton 
and Stone Milla, $2. 

tyr Evory attention will be given to the 
conveying of Live Stock and Morchandizo, 
between the above ports. 

Bellovillo, March 28th, 1860. 



Flint’s Wharf. 

Belloyillo, Muy 14, 1899, 

hand, for Sale, Coan, Cement, Warer-Liare, |” 

ag Well as repairing, will be 

— od 

mony, or any thing hurtful to tlie constitution. 



HONOGRAPHY was invented by IS\AC 
PITMAN, of Bath, England, in ihe : 
1837. Itia the most simple, most nabwesl, | 
rapid, and most easily learned systena of Writ, 
web lalk lias ever been, or ever can be inyer’ 

During the past fifteen years, hand.) 
thonsands of persons, in England and Ai 
both ju public and private life, have Je 
write Phonograpliy, and thousands of social ar 
buriness letters anaually pass through the post 

Nor is its great popularity tobe wondered 
The present system of writing Is exoo’ 
niece ‘and totally unworthy three 
of progress’ and invention.” Phonograply i 
equully-as legible, can be learned in one tse 
tieth the time, and can he written alz limes oe 
fast! In other words, the labor of six days orn 
be performed in one-one man ean do the worl: 

Fall directions in the pamphlet around each 
package, which should be carefelly preseryed. 
Sole Agent for thé United States and Canada, 
JOB MOSES, (Late I. © Baldwin & Co.) 
Rochester, N.Y. 
NORTHRUP «& MOSES, Newcastle, Whole 
sale Agents for Canada West, 
For sale by E. Chandler, M, Sawyer, R. Hol: 
den & Co., nod Dr, Coleman. .  2i-6m 



EE A EC Sse 


. AT { 


Bic HAT, 




HE undersigned res 

pectfully: informs the 
public that he has i 

ought J. 1. Reotor’s 
Rifle Factory, and hopes to satisfy every one 
by maktig good and durable work. Any or 
ders for : ( 
Donblo or Single Gain Twist Rifles, 

i , or any other kit of GUN, 
Top and bottom, or any ree at 


k warranted, 

Belleville, May 24, 1859, ; Sino 
N. B.—All persons having left Rifles Ke, 

with Mr. Reotor for repairs, are requestadl to 
call for the same forthwith, : G r 
Sheriff's Sale of Lands, 
of y of Hastings, Y virtua of a Writ 
SN i Boeri Fancins is 
aned out of Hor Majesty’s County Court of 
the County of Hastings and to me dircote |, 
against the Jands and tenomoyts ot Martin 
Halloran, at the suit of George Fanning, | 

haye seized and taken in Execution Wa 
lowing lands and tenements, ViZie=4 ya 

despateh, ant the wor 

of six! So simple is the systema, too, that « 
person may Jearn to write it slowly, in a co 
of hours. An hour's dajly practice for a 
weeks will enable any person to write Phono 
raphy with certainty, and with some degree of 
freedom. The same amount of practige >) 
euable # person to take reports of speeches, lec- 
ures, Sermons, or conversation, aud to roa: 
them with acouracy. Se 

Dr. JW, Stone, of Boston, says: ‘* I deem 
Phonography an inyaluable adjinn’ 
tion, and one-which, when aeqnired 
would not be parted with in mayhiood 
ands of dollars.” The late Hon. TH. Biss 

ed me 20 years ba 
tor spoke but a portion of the ftra| 
long hand reqnires six years to” 
Phonography will perform in 
To Clergymen, Editors, Physi P 
Secretaries, Conveyancers, Law and Me 
Stodents, Lecturers Printers, School Teaehe=, 
Merchants, School’ Boys and Girls, wknowledso 
of Phonography is of vast utility- In {nettles 
is no profession or calling in which it is not 
‘fal, and no young man’s education can bocta 
sidered completa without it. tery. 
During the past nine months honirecs 
sons in Canada, of every parsuit in life, 
acquired the Art, from many of whom tjo «” 
seriber bas received neatly- written phonoz 
jc letters, expressive of their delight w 
attainment, and (he extraordinary €ase. 
which they lave aequired it. — ian. 
For the porpose of ailing in the dissemination 
of so important reform 19 his own Suey, th 
subscriber js paw prepared to supply all wbo 
apply, wiih the Maxtat or Pioxograrny, sot 
the Proxoarariic Cory Boor, sent by mail : 
any part of the Provines, postage pre paid, for 
the emal} sum of S3°ONF DOLLAL. 
Anybody aud everybody, who can learn ea5- 
thing, can learn Paoxoorarny fiom the Masyau 
without other nasistance. ha 
Those who.wish tobe ableto pnttheirthanglts 
to paper at the rate of from 100 to 250) .yeor'» 
per minute, should send for the above mentivne 
works at onces i 
The instructions geven by the Manual ise 
plain as A. B.C. and ten limes as cary to-un- 
derstand, 4 i 
The Canadian Phonetic Pioneor 
Ie» Monthly Journal, devoted to the adv cacy 
of the Reform, Price 25 cents per annut, 
‘Address, (post-paid) 
Osuawa, 0. W 

th. What 

3, Lawes 





Compounded entirely from GUMS;. 

a bi! VR D LIVER ™ 

T® QNFAGS fay tet te pute We asus eae Coa 
tnlidter, and mora elfectual aa ‘any ot 

x 1% 
the eaure of the dine 

ewel, and, wwhat te 
Use Gorantoual uae of Le 

fetent to relieve the 
Tate ated nouetP i. 
Talitugs preveuts Night 


ce } 
Unity one dose taken at 

ape palin 

Mitalgege roleve 
male obatraction remo. ene 
so Fp 

oy shih 
ie Cholera 

‘One lowe 
‘One ar b 


wo 0 
i eer 

A ‘Tow bottles cures 

Jeasure tn recom. 

certain tract or parcel of Jani and premises 
situato in the Jownship of Tyendinaga, Ms 
the County of Hastings, boing composid ol 
the South half of Lor number Nineteen, in 
the suventh concession of sad Township of 
Tyondinaga, containing one hundred Hct 
Also part of Lot number ‘Twonty, 10 tho Se- 
vonth concession aforesaid, and may be bet- 
tor known and described in a Mortgage from 
said Halloran to the Trost and Lonn € ye 
ny, dated the Qaih day of Pobroar y 1958, Bn 
Rogiaterod the same day in the Rogiatr, ol 
fioo of the County of Hastings. Allo which 
Jands and tenements T shall offer for wae 
my office in Holleville, on Saturday tho e 
tay, of July A,D. 1859, at the hour of twolve 
lock, noon, = 
MGUY Sheriff, OC. H. 
abe Deputy Sheriff. | 
Sheriff's Offico, Belleville, { 8 | 
April 9th, 1857. 

‘Asalgumonts of Mortgage, and Memoris!s, 

, , ae 
Just printed ane for sale at the Chyen ele office, ; 

TOREES In Chancery, Re'eare of Mortgayo, | Mb Dit\pss 

i erty, A 
herent Tilaghes 

tekep! a 


It are givlng Mhelr upontinons 
1s faves 

Cano we 

y They south with the Lhe 
Keenan swallow both toxetl 

FIG MEDICAL, Di soe nal \aoibaly 
Lineal tod groat to bell 

ret thane ge mup 

working: et 

from the 
all of #)! 


De. BANPORD, Proprietor, 24 tlhond way, New Vor. 
Retalled by all Drugglata, SoM odes hi 

Holden & Co. sole agents, Bellevi 


OUND botween Smithville aud Helle 
ie about 2anonths ago, a Pocket took, 
Containing money and notes, The ownerean 

by paying for this notice 
have the same by pay crite ae 
on, Trend iim, 
MCARTY, Tailor, 


Ty udinaga, June 8, 1859. 


| * 





wi tas 
he free admisalona of all Nations, 
nama of the leading Hospitals of stig 
wellag the Now World etary this powerful rent 
dial Agent an tha greatest heallo preparation ev 
made known to sulferisg man. 
QUALITHRS aro more thay Mat 
the external orifices of the akin, 
ked eye, it roaches (he sual of | 
and in all external affcetions is 

and healings vielues surpass Any 
cord, and ia nature's great ally. 

an wall 


and virulent disor: 

Are two ofthe mort common 
ders prevalent ou this continent, to these the Oin 

ment is especially antagoniatie 

the cure. 


Canes of many yours statiding that have portinay 
cloualy refused to yleld to any other remedy or | t 
treatment, have invariably cuccumbed toa fewap 

Hieations of thie powerful unguent. 
Arising fom a bad stato of the blood or ehroni 
ase ave cradicated, anda clear avid transparen 


other toilet appliances in its disper rashe 
and other dishgurements of the face. 
Piled and Pistula. 

Every form and feature of these provalent and 

atubborn disorders ti d 

ly by the use of thi licnt; warm 

should precede itsapplicattons Its healing 

ties will be found tobe thorough and invariable. 

Both the Ointment anid Pills should be used in 
the following cases! 

radicated Ipaully and entire 

Rhevavetiaany, BoreThrnatsy 
puahapss Rivew Soros ofall Kade, 
e i Hoods, Sate Rhewiy Sprains, 
Chilblainy; Sealds, Shit Joiniey 
Fiatalay Ski Diseases, © Terters 
Gouty Sweled Ghuniay: Utects, 
Lumbiazn, SoreLeasy Venereal Sores, 
Mercurial BruptaSore Drevsiny Wound of ale 

Sore Meads, kinda, 


© CAUTION !—Nonp are gennine unless thr 
wards © Holloway, New York and London,” ar 
discernable as a Water-mark in every feat of the 
book of directions around each pot or box; the 
same may ba plainly scen by /iolding the teas to 
the light. A handsome reward will be given to 
any one rendering such tnformotion as may lead te 
the detection of any party or partica counterfeiting 
the medicitie or vending the samo, knowing them 
to be spurious. 

#,° Sold at the Manafactories of Professor Hor: 
rowayY, 80 Maiden Lane, Now York, and by all 
respectable Drugsists and Dealers in Medicine 
Throughout the United States and the: civilized 
world, in boxes at 25 cents, 63 cents, and $1 each. 

IF" There. is considerable vaving by taking the 
largers . 

N. B.—Directions forthe guidance of patients 
en every disorder are affixed to each box 
lett LP A Ad ole lhl ae 



Liyer Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, 
Chronic or Nervous Debility, Diseases of the Kid- 
neys, and all diseases arising from a disyrdered 

Liver or Stomach. 

Such as Constipation, Inward Piles, Fulncss or 
Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau- 
sea, Heartburn, Disgnst for Food, Fullness or 
Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink 
ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swim: 
ming of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breath 
ing, Plutteriog at the Heart, Choking or Suffoca 
ting Sensations when in a lying posture, Dimness 
of Vision, Dots or Webs before the Sight, Fever 
and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Persp: 
ration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Poin in 
the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, &e.. Sudden flushes 
of Heat, Burning in the Flesh, Constant gins 
ings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits. 

The Proprietors, in calling the attention of the 
public to this preparation, do so with a feeling of 
the utmost ecnfidence in its virtues and adaptation 
lo the discases for which it is recommended. 

Itis no new and untried arficle, Wut one that 
hos stood the (est of a ten years’ trial before the 
American people, and its reputation and sale are 
utirivalled by any similar preparation extant. ‘The 
testimony in fF given by prominent end well 
known Physicians and individuals in all’ parts of 
the country is immense, anda careful perusal of 
the Almanac, published annually by the Proprietor, 
and to bevhad gratis of any of bis Agents, cannot 
Dut satisfy the most skeptical that this remedy is |) 
really deserving the great celebrity il has obtained. 



Congha, Colds, Influenza, Croup, Hoarseness, 
Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Diseases of the Bow 
els arising from Cold, Incipient Consuinption, 
and for the oy, and (if at all possible) cure 
ee in adoanced stages of the latter dis 
HIS celebrated preparation, like the Bi 
A tt 
A? may be confidently relied on. It (Parr 
for aclass of discases more general and more fatal 
than any other to which the people of this 
are subject—those springing from « slight cold, 
That eminent authority, Dr, Bell, snysz—"f wil! 
not say that Colds are to our inhabitants what the 
Plagae and Yellow Fever are to those of other 
conslleny but I ean aver confidently that they 
sher in diseases of great ici 
igibasition adi ‘er complicity and morta~. 
A farther proof of théderrib! i i 
resulting from a ** comet cold eenee pidighaase 
» glance at the following statistics 
Baw of the Board of Health of Philadelphia, eon: 
fesse of the most healthy localitles In the 
1852, Total deaths in Philadelphi, 
Died of Consumption. 2” 
«© all other diseases (250 



in number), 8319 
1853. Toal deaths, eH 
Died of Consumption, 1,895” 
“* all other diseases, 7,854 
a — 9,74; | 
1, Total deaths, 11816 
Died of Consumption, 78” 
all other diseases, - 9,636 

From these figures, it will be sec f 
5 fn that near 
one fourth of the (otal deaths in the country a 
caused by consumption, fo say nothing of the nue 
mocrous other ditesses springing from a * slight 
Do not trifle with your health ;, but, i i 
» if auffe 
from n cough,or cold ou the lungs, buy a bottle ci 
Jou muy safely count on 9 cure. Thousands have 
done so, and have certified to its wonderful effects, 
lometimes proceed from a disordered of 
dyspeptic sale of the stomach, in which ans 
German Bitters should be used; In Caves of wenk- 
f the system, reaulling 
the German Bitters will 

M. Inckaon, 418 
Street, Philadelphia, and for aslo by Driggs ne 

Hele by R. Honoxn and M, Baw Ten, Bello 
* 19 


on Front Street, in one o Sani 
NESS parts of the Tawar. (00 BEST BUSL 

z i ALKO, 
everal Lots on Pinnacles Stroot, frontt 
Court House nud Commeroinl Banke ns “9 

Applivations to be in 
to the KEV. JOHN CARICOLL, Gananoque 


Holleville, March 2, 1869, 4 


Y THEREON —olio Onnen ov 
Teepenence,—just Printed on good pager,and 
for Salo at the ChronfeteOthieo ; 

Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral. 


Vernous, through 
invisible to the tae 
ho Internal divcases | 
antl inflammatory 
thing ela on rev 

ts raodus: Opéerane | 
ai is firat to eradicate the venom and then complete | 

. " 1 
ce regained by the restorative action of this 
Oinument. «lt aurpasses many of the coametics and | ' 

fomentations | warrant upon the treasury of the Porte for 
quali= / 5000 francs. 

© by Totter (poat paid) | 



Tn a country. whore the roses hayo no fra 

grance, and the Women wear no petticoats 

where th ‘ 
strate no gonse of honour; 

whore old mon fly k 
points south, and the sign of being puzzloc 

hand, and tho sont of intellect in the stomach 
where to take off your hatis an insolont gos 

or ture, and to wear white garments is to put % chesta Oolong “a 
a. | yourself ffmourning—we ought not to be} 70 ohests Ul Hyson Taadas i 
er (aurprised to find o literature witout an al- By JAMES BLACKLOCK, 


| brows, unwieldy vohiclo of thought that over 

obtained among any people, 

Suntan.——Tho Turkish 
granted 4 pension 
iter of the Broneh 

Lingraniry or TH 
| Government las recent 
fof 5000 franes to tho daug : 
Consul murdored at Jeddah, (Mr. Kivoil ral) 
Who hagibeen recently married, Upon the 
morning of her marri sho was surprised 
by tho recolpt of a chatming missive from the 
an, Which rung a8 follows: 
“Abdul Medjidl Khanito the youthful daugh» 
of tho Inmonted Conant of Fiance at Jeddah, 
A fost man, the: fathor of a family, wna seri 
fieod by mirorablo madmen. The child of his 
} Wood and of his affection is an orphno. May 
fc | Ure all powerful God pormit his servant Abdul 
{| Medjid to be a father to the child, and may this 
wor of the Wost not rejeat tho hongficent dew 
od by one who would give lis power and 
his lifeto hoal the dreary wound in a daughter's 
heart Tt ie the prayer of an unworthysorvant 
of God, thajudye of innocent and guilty. 

Aopos Meoup Kian,” 

Accompanying the loster was a pension 

is tho art of making 
Whoever makes the 
is the best bredan 

(377 Good manner: 
those around us en 
fewest persons une: 
jin the company, ) 
+ Gar ho great comet of 1358 did portend 
| war, after all, 

(@7" Tho British Government has. given 
large orders for the manufacture of snallarms 
in tho United States. It is snid that the A- 
merican manufacturers of small aris have 
more orders than they can execute for some 
time to como, 

[3 There are. seventy thousand kernels 
of corn ina bushel; two hundred and fifty- 
four thousand apple sceds inn bushel; and 
over fourteen thousand seeds in an ounce of 

fr" A home without a girl in itis only 
half Wessed; it isan orchard without blos- 
soms, a bower without a bird, and a 
without.a song. A house, full of sons, is like 
Lebanon with its cedars; but daughters are 
like the rososin Sharon. 

(<= When did Moses sleep five ina bed? 
When hie slept with his fore-fithors. 
(They that laugh at everything, and they 
that fret at everything, are fools alike. 
("Archbishop Hughes is at Alexandria 
‘ay, rusticating and cnoying a fishing tour 
among the Thousand Tslands, On Thursday 
Jast he succeeded in capturing a Muscalonge 
weighing thirty-one pounds.—Ogd, Rep. 14. 
JSF When a ston was once thrown into 
the pulpit where John Murray was preaching, 
in Boston, he picked it up, and, holding it be- 
fore his congregation, said:— 

“This isa weighty argument, but neither 
rational nor cohyincing.” 

(2 Tho latest dog story is of two dogs 
whi fell to fighting in a saw mill. In the 


course of the tussle, one. of the dogs went}> 

plump against a saw in rapid motion, which 
cut him in two instanter. The hind legs ran 
away, but the fore legs continwod the fight 
and whipped the other dog. 

“My son, would you supposo that the 
Lord's prayer could be engraved in a spaco 
no larger than the area of a halfdime?” 
“Well, yes, father, if a half-dime is as 
large in everybody’s eye as it is in yours, I 
think there would be no difficulty inputting 
it on about four times,” 

Stove & Tin 

Opposite Commercial Uouso, Front St, 


r WW 
HOLESALE and RETAIL Dealer in 
STOVES of every class, comprising 
American Ranges, Wood aiid Coal Cooking, 
Parlor, Cylinder, Halland Box 



© labourer has no Sabbath, and the 
whore the 
Hoar no vohiclos, avd the abips no kool} 
whore the needle 20 

js to aeratch the antipodes of your. hoad ; 
whore tho place of honour is on your left 

fand a languago-without a grammar, | 
apd wo must not bo startled to find that this 
Ohinose language is the most intricate, cam- 

ae =) 

at the 




chosta Young Iyson Ten, 
5 chests Twankay « 

20 cuttios Gunpowder 
2 oatties Old Hyson 
0 catties Young Tyson «€ 
5 chests Sonchong “ 

5 5 

AT . 
15 hiiga Java ¢ h 
5 LaGr yra Cofleo, 

Bbags. Mo. «a. do, 
10 bags Pl..,tation Coyton Cofleo, 

60 dozen assorted Tumblere, 
20 iloxen Decanters, 
10 dozen Water Bottles, sche 

50 boxes. Montreal Soap, 

80 boxes ‘Toronto Soup, 

5 boxes Castilo Soap, 

10 boxes Honey and Brown Windsor Soap, 
50 boxes Stearino Candles, 

5O. boxes ‘Vallow Candles, 

15 boxes Belmont Sperm Candles, 

5 boxes Sperm Candles, 


5 cases (Green) Gin, 

10 oases (Red) Gin, 

3 hhds. Marteli’s Branly, 

hhds, Holland Gin, 

hhd. Old Tom, 

casks Port Wine, 

casks Sherry: Wino, 

casks Leslie’s Ginger Wine, 
cases Leslie's Slomachic Bitters, 
cases Vermouth Bitters, 

cases Absifthe Suisse, 

cases Schiedam Schnapps, 

bbl, Stoughton Bitters, 

case Raspberry Vinegar, 

hhd. Seotch Wohiske 
cases Milk Punch, 
cases Pepper Sauce, 

bbls, Bottled Ale, 

bbls. London and Dublin Porter, 
baskets Champagne, 


1 cask Batty’s Pickles, 

3 bags Allspaice, 

5ebags Peppery 

3 bbls, Pot Barley, 

15 bbls. Oatmeal, 

1 hhd. Garolina Rice, 

10 bags Rice, 

50 boxes MRL Raisins, 
25 boxes MR Raisins, 

5 dreams Sultaua Raisins, 
5 boxes Shelled Almonds, 
25 boxes Button’ Blue, 

15 boxes Starch, 

10 boxes Pudding Starch, 
5 bales Cotton Wick, 

5 bdls, ‘Twine, 
20 boxes Pipes, 
60 Jars Colman’s Mustard, 
1 case Sardines, 

1 case Preserved Lobsters, 
5 bbls. Bordeaux Vinegar, 
1 bow Blacklead, 
50 Gross Shoe Blacking, 



Nelson’s Gelatine, 
Russian Isinglass, 
5 cases Salad Oil, 
Taylor's Chocolate, 
French Capers, 
5 doz. Lea & Perrin’s Worcester Sauce. 
Burgess’ Essences, Anchovies, 
50 dozen assorted English Sauces, 
Bengal Chutnee, 
Sago, Arrowroot, and Tapioca, 
Maccaroni and Vermicelli, 
Nutmegs, Clovesyand Cinnamon, 


mem crne 






Home and European Demand! ! 
‘Tho ronson why, ie, that by Nature! 

it reate the natural color | Anontly 
the haly becomes gray ; sup; the nata 
rol fluids, nnd thun males it grow on bald heads, 

removes all dandruff, itching, and heat from the 
noalp, quiots and tones AR the nerves, and thus 
ouives all norvous headache, and way be rolicd 
Upon to oure all disednes of the roalp and hair; 
it will atop ond eal it from falling off; makes 
it voft, glossy, healthy, and beautiful, and if 
twod by the young two ov threo times a week, 
it will never fall or become gray ; thon, reader, 
rond tho following and Judge for yourself 
Now York, Jan. 8 1858, 

0. J, WOOD & CO 

Having heard a good deal about 
Professor Wood's Hair Rostorative, and my hain 
boing quite gray, 1 mado up. my mind. to Jay 

» tho prejadicer w I, in sonmon’ with 
many poreons, ind againat all mannor 
ont medicines, and a sliort time ago] com 
1 using your article, to tost it for myeolf, 

‘Tho veqult- bna boon eo, very eatisfnctory’ that 
Tam yory glad I did so, and in justice to you, 

na woll as for tho encouragement of otliera who 
may be as gray a8 L was, bub who, having my 
projudioe without my reasons for sotting it neide 
are unwilling to give your Restorative a trial 

Lill they, have farthor proof, and tho best proof 
heing deular demonstration, L write you this 
lotter, which you may show to any such, and 
aleo direct them to mo for farther proof, who 
am ti and out of the N. Viro Railing Estab 
lishmont every day. My hairis now ite natural 
color, aud much improvediin appoarance avory 
way, boing glossior and thicker and much more 
heallhiy Yooking. Tam, yours reapectfully, 
Cor, Columbia and Carro} Sta, Frooklyn, 
Livingaton, Aln, Feb: 14, 1858, 

Prof. Wood—Donr Sir: Your Hair Restora: 

tive has done mych good in this part of the 

My bair has beon olightly dimintihtng 
al yours, caused, Lauppoic, from a slight 
when I was an infant haye been using 
your Hnir Restorative for six weeks and I tind 
that I bayo a fino head of hair now growing, af- 
tov having used all other remedios known, to no 
afuct. I think it the most valuable remedy 
now extant, and advise all who are afflicted that 
way to uko your remedy. 

You cnn publish this i you think proper. 

Yours, &e., 8S. W. MIDDLETON, 
Philndelphin, Sept. 9, 1867, 

Prof, Wood—Doenr Sir: Your inte Reastora: 
tive ia proving itself beneticial to me: The 
front, and also the back.part.of my head almost 
Jost ite covering —wasin fret abn, 1 hove used 
but two half pint bottles of your Restorative, 
and now tho top of my head is well studded with 
‘A promising arop of young hair, and the front. ia 
also reociving ita benefit, I have tried other 
preparations without any benefit whatey 
think from my own personal recommenda 
can induce many others to try if. Yours, ke,, 

D, R. THOMAS, M, D., No. 464 Vine St» 

The Restorative is put up in bottles of three 
sizes, viz: large, medium, and small; tLé small 
holds 4 a pint, and retails for one dollar per 
bottle; the medium holds at least twenty per 
cent more in proportion than the small, retails 
for two dollars per bottle; the large holds o 
quart, 40 per cent more in proportion, and re- 
tails for $3. 

0. J. Woon & Co., Proprictors, 444 Broad- 
way, New York, and 114 Market Street, St. 
Louis, Mo, 

And sold by all good Druggists and Fancy 
Gooi!s Dealers, 42-3. 


» . 

Buffalo Medical Dispensary, 
Established for the Care of 
Dysrersta, Genenal Drsiiry, Fever AND 
Aaue, Astuma, INcipinnt Consumption, 


Corner of Main and’ Quay Sts, Bujfalo, N. ¥., 
A RE the only Physicians in the State who are 
members of the Royal College of Surgeons, 
London, ' May be consulted from 8 in the morn- 
ing, until.9 at night, in every state and symp- 
tom of Disense. The! treatment they adopt is 
tha resalt of apwards of 80 years’ extensive and 
euccessful practice in Europe and Americu. 

An instrament for the etre of genital Debili- 
ty, or Nocturnal Emissions, more properly 
Known as Seminal Weakness, &e., can be per- 
manently cured in from fifteen days to two 
months, by the use ef this instrument, when used 
conjointly with medicines 
DR, AMOS & SON take pleasure in an 
nouncing that they have invented a most impor 
tant instrument bor the cure of the above dis- 
eases. It has beon subjected to n test by the 
most eminent physicians in London, Paris, Phi- 

25 dozen Shoe Brushes, 
20 dozen Stove Brushes, 
2 cases Clothes Brushes, 

6 bbls. Ground Loaf Sugar, 

5 bbls. Granulated Sugar, 

Which for beauty of design; symmetrical ap- 
pearance, and economy of fuel, cannot 
be surpassed. . 

Baths, Refrigerators, Water €oolers, 
Filterers, and the justly appreciated Fire~ 
proof Stove-pipe Rim, always on hand. 

Bell Hanging, and General Copper Work, 
Tin Roofing, Bave Troughing, 
Conductor Piping, in a new and superior 
: style, and 
cuted on the most approved principles. 
rom his experience in this husiness, he 
feels confident of giving entire satisfaction. 

Tin Ware, of every deseripfion, 

always in Stock, and particular attention is 
directed to the | 

which is fast snperceding all other kinds in 
use, and which only needs a trinl to recom= 
merid it in preference to any other, 
_ ta Houses fitted up with evory descrip- 
tiomof Stoves, G and Furnaces, on the 
Shortest notice. Very careful attention paid 
toall Job work, All orders executed with 
the utmost despatch. 
Hees i Rua ite Terms Lyberal. 
The highest price paid k sopper, 
Rags, and Shaépskivs. ee ee 

_ Belleville, May, 1859. A ay 

limon ; 
Steamers St. Lawrence and Boston, 

LL Parties are hereby notified that the un- 
IB dorsignod will not be responsible for debts 
contracted on account of the Steamers St, 
Lawrence and Boston, after this date, without 
his written order. 


ms é ‘ MEAGUER. 
Kingston, April 24th, 1859, eee 


T a meeting of the Madical Faculty » 
A County of Hastings, beld at Bollovitenne 
tho Mth inst, the following Proamblo and 
Resolutions wore passed, and ordered to be 
published in the Hastings Chronicle and the 
d Whereas, the custom hitherto followed by 
Physicians in this County, of allowing nc- 
Counts for prolexsional services to rem: ta ine 
definitely unsottled, hus been alike injurious 
10 themselves, 
Bo it there: 
Tnth——Thint all 
bo rendered Quartor 

hat all noconnts made during the yenr 
bo closed on 81st Decambur, ee! 

wnts for Mudical Sorvices 

| [Signed] Dux. B. WALTON, 
: 9 W. JON SS, Cunifton. 
Dallavitie, 14th Gotu 1asa, 

Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. 

20 bbls. Crushed Loaf Sugar, 
15 bbls. ¥.C. Sugar, 
10 hhds. Maseovado Sugar, 
5 bbls. Sogar Youse Syrup, 
5 bbls. Molasses, 
5 Tobacco, 55, 73, 108, 
ig Tobacco, 
1 case Virginia Twist Tobacco, 


100 boxes«Scaled Herrings, : 
26 bbls. Herrings, 
Whitefish and Lake Herrings, 

Belleville, Noy. 15th, 1858, 15 


Front Street, is prepared to meot 

SS all orders in his lino of business 

With: protptnoss and dispatch. He nttenda 
panctually tothe Jobbing department, and his 
charges are very low. 

His stock of Jewelry, nicely arranged and 
well selected, will give aatisfaction to the most 
fastidious: A large assortment of 
Cnglish, Swiss, and F h Gold 
and Silver Watches, 

warranted to be. good timekeopera, on hand, 
‘The best kinda of American Clocks constantly 

on hand, 

He takes this opportunity to exprons. to the 

public in general, his sincere thanks for past 

favors and solicits an equal share of patronage, 

horontter promising Lo endeavor always to.give 

the best satiefaction, 


minde to orde 

Oty Gorp on Sryen taken in exchange, or 

bought for Carh. 

Bollovillo, March8th , 1858. 

T his stand, two doors above 
Mr, Nulty’s Auction Room, 



IMAM Subscriber, grateful for past favors, 
begs to inform hig friends and the public 
gonerally, that ho has opened shop in Mr, 


ronting the Market, whero ho hopes, from 
his long standing and well known abilty; by 
punctuality and despatch, to merit a shar 
public patronage. All ordera in the abo 
line executed in tho Intest style of Fashion 
and warranted, > 

s—-Outting done on tho shortest notice 
and warranted, 

Front, St. Bellevillo, 1857, 

POSSI ION first of May next, near tho 
residence of Hon, Edmund Morney. It 
is in good condition, with a small gardon at 
tnohed, Ront moderate. Apply to 

SUMMONS to Examino Defendant, Ordor 
)9 to Examine Judgment Debtor—junt print- 
ed, and for sale at this off 


ladalphia, aud New York; it has been declared 
the only useful ingtrument ever invented for the 
cure of Seminal Weakness or any disease of the 
genital organs, caused by the secret habits of 

Price TEN DOLLARS, by Mail or Express. 


Vor all complaints—strictures, seminal weal 
ness, pains in the loins, affection of the kidneys, 
diseases of head, throat, nose and skin, and all 
thoxe dreadful affections arising from a secret 
habit. of youth, which produce constitutional 
debility, yonder marriage impossible, and in the 
end destroy both body and mind, 


DR. AMOS & SON have devoted their atten 
tion exclusively his peeoliar class of mala- 
diea, and the relief they hive consequently been 
enabled to render to thoir fellow-crentures is 
fully testified!ind greatly acknow) deed by'cou: 
ynlescont patients and others daily arriving: in 
town from all parts of the country, for the ex- 
press purpose only of consultations, while their 
exertions have been crowned with the most sig- 
nal advantages; yet from what they hay ex- 
perienced in ing ng into the causes of these 
Infectious complaints (from their most simple 
condition to that of the most dangerous ond in- 
veterate) they have always entertained the pos- 
sibility of their prevention aud removal, and 
likewise: HORN, found that the most horrible 
and malignant forma of disease could almost al 
waya be traced to one of the following causes: 
—Ignoranco, neglect, or vhe ill ¢ 
skilful and improper trontment; th 
AMOS & SON have succeeded in discovering, in 
the solection of their remedies, a safe, effectual, 
nnd cautious course; omitting all combination 
of remedies which bear an equivocal ¢ 
ag well ns those whoso premature or in, 
application might bo productive of bid conse- 
quences In tho hands of private individuals In 
Mieke the landable end of th romedien is the 
lessening of a great mnss of human misery by 
tho allovintion, reliof, and prevention of those 
gricvous aflictions that are in reality the geovet 
foe of lifo, and which, while they so oxtreniely 
surround us, call alond for our skill and inter. 
forence for their extermination, 


Persons in any part of the world may be suc 
cousfully treated by forwarding a correct detail 
of their cnse, with nremittance for medicinas, 

Address Dr. AMOS & SON, corner Main and 
Quay streets, Buffulo, N, 21 

BL AE et So so 


Front Street, Belleville, one Door below Mr. 
Brich's Jewlry Eatablishment, 
R' SPECTRULLY informs the Ladies of 
Belleville end vicinily, that she keeps on 
hand constan. y » Je yo nasorimen of the 
finest and bos. Lodies! Boots and Shoes, 

‘The Goods offe: ov aale don sew, and 
the Jaieat siyles aysonis da FIXED 

The best business conrections with Mon- 
treal, Toronto und New York Birmna, will 
onuble her to so!l aa ow as any other estab- 

lishment in Town, 

Her late frieuds and customers particular 
ly, and such of the Ladies who ‘ike to be 
Waited on by ver, will do well to get. their 
watts supplied. 

A large assortment of Ladies, Misses & Chile 
dren's Fall and Winter Wear on hand, 

Belleville, November 6, 1858, 12 

eT  — -1 -— at — 
1 great variety, and of different colors, 
suitable for printing upon. — Alnoy fino 
enamollad Address Cards, for Ladies and 
Gontlomen, just received & for sala CHEAP, 
vt tho Chronicle Office, 
Novombor 24, 1558. 


Ayer’s Cathartic Pills. 

J JST PRINTED, on good paper, and for 
® sale at the Chaonicle Ollicu, 


“lon an avernge one-fourth of the valuo of 

Ghe Farm. 

Most farmers aro doubtleis aware that} 

All hay gathored, is lost by its exposuro to 
rain and heavy dows, To loss may be 
saved by simply being provided. with a 
supply of bay caps. These can be made of 
pivcos of coiton sheeting, say a yard and a 
half square, with the torn edges hemmed, 
and a loop of tape or airing sewed upon 
each corner, ‘They: would bo rendered 
more effectual if slightly coated with oil; 
on by dipping in water made quite milky 
with chalk, or whiting, and nfter drying, 
dipping them in altim water, If prepared 
in tho latter manner, they will shed water 
quito freely, 
Whien grass ia cut down and pit up in 
Small stacks of two or four handred pounds 
cach, it can then be protected by ona. of 
these cloth coverings, the corners being 
fastened down by thrusting little wooden 
pins through the loops in the sides of the 
stacks, Proteeted in this way, hay 
stand in the field unhaymed through + 
and dows till it is thoroughly cured. Let 
us estimate brietly the cost and prodts of 
this process, 
If wo allow one of these caps for 200 
pounds of hay,gten will be required for a 
tun, As tho Goth may be quite coarse, 
tho expense of cach will not exceed 10 to 
15 conts. Tho caps may be used two or 
three limes in a season, and if taken care 
of they will Jast for five or six ye 
longer, and then ule papersmakers will buy 
them at one-fifth of first Cost; so that every 
lwo caps, costing 25 cetits, at most, will 
serye for curing at least a tun of hay. 
No one will deny but that hay’ thus 
cured will, on an average, bo worth at least 
a ‘dollar more on the tui, than if subjected 
to the usual damages Of Yain and dew,— 
We advise every person raising hay to pre 
paro-a few dollars’ worth of these caps 
during this leisure month, and have them 
Inid away in readiness of the haying season. 
Tho same caps may bevused to protect 
shocks of wheat and other grain. » They 
wil! very often more than pay for them- 
selves ina single season, If not “quite 
satisfied as to their utility, prepare 20or 30, 
and try them one season, and see if they 
do not pay. — If they do not, the cloth will 
not be lost. 
There is no particular necessity for any 
Preparation added! to the cloth, as a picee 
of simple colton thrown over a rounded 
hay-cock will generally Conduct off even 
the heaviest slower of rain.—American 


A correspondent of the Agricnlturist de- 
scribing this process, says :—When your 
lund is tolerably free from obstrictions, not 






MIE SUBSCRIBER bega to announce to the 
prepared to execute with 

If required, ready for flooring or other 

A full supply of the above Articles kept constantly on hand for sale, 



arCustoniers would do well to ¢ 


all ordors for WINDOW SASH and BLINDS of all descriptions; DOORS, and every 
varioty of plain and ornamental MOULDINGS, 



adjoining Colemans Flovring Mills, and formerly known as # PRINGLE & BROS | bs 



faa Tree 
&C. [Provincial Insurance Comp'y, 


TING of the Provineial 
Insurance Company of Canada, was held 

at Toronto on the 26th September last, 

public of Belleville and vicinity, that he is 

It appeared from the Annual Teport that 
while passing through a year of 

pecuniary em 

barfatement, without precedent in Canada, the 

uses, for Joiners and Carpenters, ; 


being $47 
20th June, 1867. 

dition—n large percentage on t 

miums were 8149,480, 
|the Company tl 
insvie of Debentures based upon the security of 

Company lad suffered from the depression. 
The year’s business showed a balance of $24,621, 
despite this disadvantage. 

jen of the Company were 881,707, 
4 Less than Up amount due on the 
263,960 had been paid upon 
‘ast call, which amounted to $99,304, and 
20th June $8,846 had been lie “ in ad 
ie call, when 

¢ existing depression is taken into account, 
The total receipts of the Company for Pra« 
Yo pay olf the debt of 
Stockholders authorized the 

The liabi 

‘REDIT r the unpaid Capital, which amounts to 61,488,« 
CREDIT, AT 660, Por the protection of the public, the Di- 
rectors, in 1847, by By-Law, prob Lited the 

all before purchasing elsewhere. 

A, DIAMOND, Sexn’r. 

"Dene OUT EES 

7 Qty 

pA TUL, and HALF BUSHEL Manufac- 

turer, is noW prepared to faltil-any order, 
for the above articles, with which he myy be 
favored, His work i» superior to any offered 
fo the market. 
Pails deliverod at the Railroad Station or 
Wharvos, nt 188. per dozen. 
Tubs froin Bs, Od. to 5s. each by the dozen, 
He begs to call particular attention to the 

To all whom it may. concern : 
We, the undersigned, Merchants of Belleville, 
have for elling Mr. Dame's 
Pails and Tubs, and also u them in our own 
families, we therefore hesitate not to say, that 
we bolieve they are a cheaper article than ab 
other Pail offered for sale in our market, ne 
thongh sold for a much lower price; we also 
say that we have never known Mr, Dame to 
offer a bad article in our market, 
ii. W. Morton, Joun Lewis, 
N, Jonys, B. FP: Davy, 
Matk Apamson. M, Novry. 

Mn. A. Dang, 
Sin:—I wish to state that Ihave sold your 

fa Vy the Village of Hastings, late Ma-| 

and Grocery Store, all in good repair, at pre- 
sentrenting at $200 perannum. Price, $1500, 
Reasonable time will 

PARR Title indisputable. Also, 200 acres 

oc, consisting of a} acre Lot on 
~ Front Street, with a Hotel, and Bakery 

Lhe given for most of the 

land, being Lot No. 32 in the 8th con. Mado, 
Also, 50 acres, part of Lot No. 2 in the 12th 
con, Huntingdon. Apply to the proprietor in 
the Village of Hastings, if hy letter, post-paid, 

Madoc, April Ist, 1859. 13 

transfer of the stock of the Company 
solvent parties, on the consent of th 
Leing obtai 

rectors, the 
printed with the Annual Report, epeake for it. 
self ns ito the character of the proprietary of 
the Company, and may be inspected ut the of- 
fies of the Agent, 


Furniture, Furniture, 


if AS now on hand an assortment of WELL 

Mair, Moss, and other Mattrasses, 
which he is enabled to offer at 

work for three years, therefore I can; fully re- 
commend your Tubs and Pails to the public, ns 
they are superior to any offered in this section 
of the country, for which I find ready sale, 

Yours, &c., 
Napanee, April 2, 1859. 34 




too hilly, and dry enough in spring for a 
wheel carriage to pass over it without dam- 
aging the clover, rise witli the sun, ora Jit- 
Ue beford it, on ‘a still morning; take-a 
cart, (as itis better to turn than a wagon,) 
put barrel of plaster in the forg end of it, 
and a shovel to fill with; fix a-box or tub 
close by the tail-bonrd Gf tho cart, about 
the height of your knees, and an old’ chair 
orseat in front of it. Fill your tub, take 
your seat, tell your boy to drive on, and 
commence sowing over'the tail of the cart 
with both hands, just as you would do if 
walking and carrying the article, the differ- 
ence being that, instead of walking into the 
dust, you are riding away from it, and by 
being elevated, can sow a wider cast; in- 
stead of having to go across an acre several 
times, while sowing it, to get your mouth, 
nose and. eyes filled.with dust, you may be 
as clean as when you began, except a little 
scattered upon your trousers; wien the 
wind rises, quit, and you will do more in 
ona morning than in half'a day by the old 
method, bi 


Saytya Soar-Grease anp Maxrxe@ mr 
up.—In order to keep soap-grense clean 
and sweet during Summer, ran off some 
lye and boil it down until it will cut a 
feather, 1f put into it, Then put it away 
in an iron or other vessel, and throw your 
meat-rinds and scraps therein, When you 
make your soap; boil down lye as before, 
put-it into an iron kettle, add this grease 
with other, if you have it, and let it boil, 
and stir occasionally. In order to test the 
proportions of grenso and lye, take some 
out into a dish, let it cool, and, if it dos 
not get hard, your soap needs mure boiling 
and more lye, If too mucli lye, it will Set- 
tle to the bottom, when add more grease 
and boiling. The experienced can testthe 
presence of too much lye by its keen bite, 
and its absence, vice versa, byn touch of 
tlie tongue. A half day is time enough 
ordinarily to make a kettle of soap, which, 
when done, should jut outlike gingerbread. 
—Ohio Cultivator, 

Dearn ro me Byos—The following re- 
medy is said to be infallible: Take two 
pounds of alum, bruise it, and) reduce it 
nearly powder dissolve it in three 
quarts of boiling water, letting it remain 
in a warm place tll the alum is dissolved, 
The alum water is to be applied hot, by 
means of a brush, to every joint and crevice. 
Brush the crevices in the floor of the skirt- 
ing-board if thy are suspected places ; 
whitewash the ciling, putting in plenty of 
alum, aud there will be an end to their 
dropping from thence, 

A Simvie Remepy ror Poor Seraiws.— 
Slide the fingers under the foot, avd having 
greased both thumbs, pass them successive- 
ly with increasing force over the painful 
parts for about a quarter of an hour, The 
app'ication should bo repeated several 
times, or until the patient is able to walk. 
This is a simple remedy for a very frequent 
accident, and can be performed by the 
most inexperienced. 

A Revisit.—If you want a dish for three 
or four, for an evening relish, take some 
eggs according to the number of persons to 
be served, break them into a tin pan, anda 
small pieco of butter, a Jittle salt and 
Cayenne pepper. Stir it ov the fire till it 
bogira to thicken, then stir in grated cheese, 
quantum suficit, Drop » teaspoonful on 
pieces of buttered toast and serve hot. 

To wasn Lar-urvsnes,—Never use 
soap, ‘Tako a piece of soda, issolve it in 
warm water, stand tho brush in it, taking 
caro that tho water covers only tho bristles: 

Cune vor Burns. —Tho French Gazetle 
Medical states that charcoal has been ag- 
cidentully discovered to bo A curo for barns, 
By laying a piece of charconl on the burn 
tho pain subsides at once; by leaving it on 
for an hour the wound will be ldaled. 

Wm. IWoong, 

BELLEVILLE, bogs to inform the Tit 
itante of tho County of Hastings gonorally, 
ho continues practicing the aboye Art, and he 
by atrlot attention to all onsen intrustod to him, 
combined with reasonable charges, to morit n 
olmoilar ghar of support tf that wo liberally bo: 
stowod upon him heretofore, 

All communigations, cithov by letter or telo- 

——— | weap, ntvitly attonded to, 

It will almost instantly become white and 
clean. Placo it in the air to dry, with tho 
bristles downward, and it will be as fiem as |] 
a now brush. 

versa, thus recalving two Insertions at the rate 
Torao & Cattle Modioine of avony do] charged for one. | 

‘ AND 
SCOPE & Co., New York, continue to 
L. publish the following leading: British 
Periodicals, yiz:— 

Tue Lonpox Quarrerty (Conservative). 
Tre Epixsurou Review (Whig). 

Yug Norta Britis si (Eree Church.) 
Toe WestTMisster Harm (Liberal). 

Buackwoon's Eprspuncm Maoazine (Tory,) 
These Periodicals ably represent the three 
great political parties of Great Britain—Whig, 
ory, and Rad:cal—but politics forms only 
one feature of their character. As Organs of 
the most profound writers on Science, Litera- 
ture, Morality, and Religion, they stand, as 
they ever have stood, unrivalled in the world 
of letters, being considered indispensable to 
the scholar and the professional man, while 
to the intelligent reader of every class they 
furnish a more correct and satisfactory record 
of the current literature of the day, through- 
out the world, than can be possibly obtained 
from any other source. 

The receipt of Advance Sheets from the 
British publishers gives additional value to 
these Reprints, inasmuch as they can now be 
placed in the hands of subscribers as soon as 
the original editions. 


For any one ofthe four Reviews $3 00 
For ny two of the fone Reviows 50 
For any three of the four Reviews 700 
For all four of the Reviews 8 00 
For Blackwoodl’s Mugazine 3.00 
For Blackwood aml one Review 6 00 

Blick wond and wo Reviews 700 

Blackwood anil three Reviews 9.00 
For Binokwood and the fur Reviews 10 00 

Money current in the Slate where issued 
will be received at par, 

above price will be allowed to Cruns ordering 
four or more copies of any one or more of the 
above works, ‘hus; Four copies of Black- 
wood, or of One Review, will be sent to one 
address for $9; four copies of the four Re- 
views and Blackwood for $80; and so on, 

Subscribers in the British Provinces will 
the Reprints free of U. S, Postage. 
—''he price in Great Britain of the five 
cals above named is $31 per annum. 
Remittances sliould be addressed, post-paid, 
to the Publishers, 

No. 64 Gold Street, New York. 



HE Weekly is again enlarged, and contains | 
3000 square inches of reading matter moro” 
than any ether Nowspaper published in British | 
Amerion (The Patriot excopted), nud Subeoribers , 
can obtain it at half the price of most weeklies | 
ptinted in Canada, being at the unprecedented 
when paid strictly in advance; otherwise, 
Dollars. It will be published every Fri 


A longo sheet containing the reuding matter 
of the Morning and Evoning issues of Phe Lead 
or, Will be published every Tuesday and Kriday 



A Weekly Paper, tho largest published in 
Oninda nt The Weekly Leader), Vy 800 
aquare inches, is published overy Wednesday. 
Subscribers by rowitting, etrictly in advance, | 

which is half tho price of many weeklies, will 
hayo it nont to them for ono your; if not paid ns 
above, Two Dollars, 

A discount of twenty-five per cent from the | 

Upholstery & Cabinet Work 



SS ill 

A compound remedy, in which we haye Ja- 
bored to produce the most effectual alterative 
that can be made. It is a concentrated extract 
of Para Sarsaparilla, 60 combined with other 
substances of still greater alterative power as 
to afford an effective antidote for the diseases 
Sarsaparilla is reputed tocure. It is believed 
that such a remedy is wanted by those who 
suffer from Strumous complaints, and that one 
which will accomplish their cure must prove 
of immense seryice to this large class of our 
afflicted fellow-citizens. How completely this 
compound will do it has been proven by exper- 
iment on many of the worst cases to be found 
of the following complaints: — 

Scnorvra ann Scrorutovs Comptarnts, 
Eruptions AND Envptiye Diszases, Uncrns, 
Portes, Brotcurs, Tumons, Sarr Ruevx, 
Scano Heap, Sypumis ann Sypnremic Ap- 
rections, Mencunrar Disgasr, Dropsy, Nev- 
RALGIA on Tic Dovtovrevx, Denirity, Dys- 
PEPSIA AND InpiGrstiox, EnystretAs, Rosz 
on Sr. Anriony’s Fine, and indeed the whole 
class of complaints arising from Impurity oP 
Tur Broop. 

This compound will be found a great pro- 
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to 
expel the foul humors which fester in. the 
blood at that season of the year. _By the time- 
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders 
fre nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by 
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from 
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous 
sores, through which the system will striye to 

Tid itself of corruptions, if not. assisted. to do 
this through the natural channels of the body 
by an altcrative medicine. Cleanse out tho 
vitiated blood wheneyer you find its impurities 
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, 
or sores; cleanse it when you find it is ob- 
structed and sluggish in the veins; clemuse it 
wheneyer it is foul, and your feclings will tell 
you when, Eyen where no particular disorder 
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live 
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the 
blood healthy, and all is well; but with this 
pabulum of life disordered, there can be no 
lasting health, Sooner or later something 

must go wrong, and the great machinery of 
| life is disordered or overthrown. 

Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the 
| reputation, of accomplishing these ends. But 
| tho world hos been egregiously deceived by 
preparations of it, partly because the dru, 

alone has not all the virtue that is claimed 

for it, but more because many preparations, 
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it, 
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla, 
or any thing else. 

During late years the public have been mis- 
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart 
of Extract of Sursaparilla for one dollar, Most 
of these haye been frauds upon the sick, for 
they not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa- 
rilla, but often no curative properties whatey- 
er, Hence, bitter and painful disappointment 
has followed the use of the various extracts of 
Sarsaparilla which flood the market, until the 
name itself is justly despised, and has become 
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still 
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend 
-to supply such a remedy as shall xeseno the 
name from the load of obloquy which rests 
upon it, And we think we have ground for 
believing it has virtues which are irresistible 
by the ordinary run of the diseases it is intend= 
ed to cure, In order to secure their complete 
eradication from the system, the remedy should 
be judiciously taken according to directions on 

the bottle, 
DR. J.C. AYER & 

Price, $1 per Bottles Six Bottles for §5. 

Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral, 

ins won for itself such a renown for the cure of 
every varioty of Throat and Ling Complaint, that 
it in entirely unnecessary for us to recount tho 
exidonce of its virtues, wherever it has been em- 
ployed. Ax it has long been in constant use 
throughout this section, we need not do more than 
nasure the people its quality is kept up to the best 
it over has beon, ant that it may be relied on to 
do for their relief all it hos ever been found to do. 

Ayer’s Cathartic Pills, 


containing the Jatest lich, Moreign and A-, 
morican news, tout th overything inter. | 
osting Lo Canadian that can be obtafned | 
to the latest momout either by ‘Telegraph ov Ex-} 
prots.—Public Muctings, Law Courts Muntoipal 
Councila, Polico Proceedings, wo, faithfully ros? 
norted, Wither Ndition, the largostsheotsissucd 
{n Canada, forwardedshy Post: ton)paety or 
delivered in the Gity every day [Sttudays ox-| 
coptod] at the residence of Subsoribers, at tho) 
whoo pald in adynneg, otherwise Six Dollars 
Money can bo safely transmitted by mail. 
When enclosed ina fo nddvessed JAMES 
BEATY, Leader," ov 
OW, [as tho caso may bo] " Regiatered,” 
* Poatpaid,” and placed in the hands of any 
Postimastor, it will bo at tho viak of the Pro 


Tho continous inorense of The Leader and The 

Patelot nawapapora iw astontehtng, atid onl ad 
Voruinern should ayil. thomaclven of the adynu 
tage of thate coturtha 

the "Morning. Edition will ho Inxorted Inetho 
Evening Edltion withoot axtra charges nm vlee 


He, Jan, 1%, 1869. Dy) 

No, 68, King Stroot Maat 

Leann BumLoinan, } 

/ men, and eminent peronages, have lent thelr 

Gen, Agents for 0. W 

Costivencss, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Indeyestion, 
Dysentery, Foul Stomach, Brysipelas, Headache, 
Dites, Rhcunatiom, Bruptionvond Skin Diseasos, 
Liver Complaints Dropsy, Tetter, Tumors and 
Salt Itheum, Worms, Gout, Neuralgia, as a 
Dinner Dit, and for Purifying Me Blood. 
They ore sugar-conted, so that the most aonsl- 
tivo enn take them ploasantly, and they aro the 
Host apertolit ih the world for all the purposes of a 
funily physic. 
Prico 25 conts por Dox; Fivo boxes for $1.00, 

Great numbora of Clorgymen, Physicians, Statos- | 

names to cortity the unparulloled usefulnoss of these 
remedics, but our apace here will not permit the 
Insertion of them. The Agents below named fur 
nieh gratis our AMMUOAN ALMANAC In which they | 
nro givens with also fall descriptions of the above 
complaints, Ond the treatment that should be fol- 
lowed! for thelr cure, 

Do not be put off by unprineipled dealers with 
other preparations they make more profit on. 
Demand Avnn's, and tako no others, The sick 
wont the beat ald there fs for hom, and they should 

Have it. 
All our Remodics are for sale by 

all tho Drugglats in Belleville, and by al 
All nalvertitements for Denlora in medicines overy where. f 

Noermnvy & Moxns, Noweastle 

Ayers Ague Cure, | 

excopt to 
¢ President 
ed in writing. And during last sone 
on of Par eot the Company obtained an 
ot which prohibits al) transfer of stock, with- 

out the consent of the Board of Dircctors, al 
calla made being firet paid. 

The following gentlemen were clected Dirces 

tors for the year: 

dow, J. Hrtnyann Cameron, 

Hox, G, Caawronn, 

Gro, Doaoax, In, 

How. W. B, Ronixsox, 

J. 8. Tlowanp, 

Carr. P. Wattace, 

Lew Movzart, 

E. F. Wurrresone, 

Joux Camenox, MP. P., 

Hon. James Monnts, 

A. M, Otanx, M.D. 
At a subsequent meeting of the Board of Di- 
fon, J, Hitwvanp Camenow was 
ted President, and E. F. Wurrremone Vieo- 
ident. The list of stockholders, which js 

Belleville, Nov. 8, 1868. 3 

Railroad Celebration 

Belleville, will take place on the 



LO Ww PRICES FOR CASH. 1 will be condacted on a most magnificentscale. 

is calculated to eclipse that of the City of 
Montreal, and thereby place the Capitol of Lower 
Canada in the shade. 


expected to arrive in Bellesille, by a Spreial 
Train fron Quebec, in thirteen hours. Therefore, 
under these auspicious circumstances, the 


which willbe required for the occasion, must be 
yery considerable; and in consideration thereof, 
the committee of the BELLEVILLE RaiLRoap 
CELEDRATION and the public Generally, are most 
respectfully invited to call at the 


—or— - 

Wire GE Ts 15 ee 

where they willfind a genuine and complete 
assorimentof x 


i€ not superior, certainly"nol surpassed by any oth- 
erin Town, comprising every article in the trade. 

M. G. flatters himself with the idea «bat, from 
his knowledge and experience in the above line of 
business, and the large and pecutiar selection of 
goods Just ARRIVED, that he occupi position 
which willenable him to plense the fast 
point of style and quality, not excepting 
jesty, should she feel graciously pleased to faror 
him with a call, during her sojourn here. 

‘'There’s to Time to be Lost.” 
3 Look into his Store in the Victoria Buildings, 
as you are passing by, and Judge for Yourselves. 

* God Save the Queen.” 

Aun persons Indebted to the above named M~ 
G,, are respectfully requested tosettlet 
accounts for the years 1855-6. 

Belleville, Dec, 13, 1856. 





Ww E beg leave to call the atten- 

tion of the Trade, and more 
especially the Physicians of the 
country, to two of the most popu- 
lar remedies now before the public. 
We refer to 

Dr Chas. M'Lane's Celebrated 
Vermifuge and Liver Pills. 

We do not recommend them as 
universal Cure-alls, but simply for 
what their name purports, viz.: 

For expelling Worms from the 
human system. It has also been 
administered with the most satis- 
factory results to various Animals 
subject to Worms. 

Forthecure of Liver Compiaints, 
all Brrtous DERANGEMENTS, Sick 
Heav-Acue, &c, In cases of 

Fever AND Acur, 
preparatory to or after taking Qui- 
nine, they almost invariably-make 
a speedy and permanent cure. 

As specifics for the above men- 
tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled, 
and never known to fail when ad- 
ministered in accordance with the 
directions, ; 

Their unprecedented popularity 
has induced the proprictors, 

Fieminc Broruers, 

Pirrspuron, Pa, : 
to dispose of their Drug business, 
in which they have been suecess- 
fully engaged for the last Twenty 
Years, and they will now give their 
undivided time and attention to 
their manufacture. And being de- 
termined that Dr, M'Lane’s Cele 
bratol Vermifuge and Liver Pills 
shall continue to occupy the high 
position they now hold among the 
Great remedies of the day, they 
will continue to spare neither time 
hor expense in procuring the Best 
and Purest material, and com- 
pound them in the most thorough 
manner. Address all orders to 
FLEMING BROS, Pittsburgh, Pas 

T.& Dealers anid Physidlans ordering Num odvere 
than Henin Trot, will do well Yo Write. Wee 
Mtinotly, and tae "rome tat De Nunes, prepared 
Flming Brox WNowburgr, Mr. 1 Unme wihing 0 
them f trial, we will formant per mail, pom poll, to any 
ew of tho United States, que bax of Ani hr twelve 


reeset patos Staminer cfs Sial of Wremituge bor 
é TOmOeNE of ys ALL oniers from, 
Wacompudty were 


Wholeaatectyents, Newcostl, & Wy. 

- ee eo 

TheMantings Cbronicte, 
TtOAL AND Lr ay Wrexty Joonyat, Ja pub: 
tuhed every Wedaoaday, by 1B MILES, Victoria 

a a 
Blanks Por seule, 

THI : 

nw ny Arai Subscribers, LOsin advan 
{uot paid quul the end of the your, 12a Gt 
Whon dalivered by Carcler 24 Gd extra will 
Raresor Anwxnriat 

Be Gil for the fleat, and Til foreach subsoguent 

indertion, Hines, Se dd fort 

tL & co's 



9 Naussa-dt, New York, & No, 10, State-St, Hoston. 
& Co, aro Agents for the 
and the moat influential 

if aa 01 of 

orain the Un 

Business Directory, 

Drs. GW. JONES and I, D, BOGART, 

Oftices al ROSLIN S THEE 



OMEOPATHIC Physician, Surgeon, and 

Acoouchour, Belleville, 0. W, 
Orrice—Over Blacklook’s Grooory Store, 

Front St. Olfice hours, from 84 to t0 A.M. 

From 14 to 3, and from 8 to 9, Polls 

Partioular attention to diseases of wo- 


men and obildren, 

AGUERRIAN, Ambretypist, and Photo- 
air's Store, Front 

Street, Belleville. nes: 
latest and most perfect plans. Te: 
W HOLESALE «& Rotail Dealer in Groceries 
‘and Provisions, Shingles anil Cordwood, 
Suor—Late Potash Inspection O'ice, one door 
euth of Grant’s Hotel, Frontat, Belleville, ow. 

GEO. W. JONES, M. D., 

JOENTIATE of the Colloge of Physicians, 

Upper Canada, ROSLIN 
CBF Residence & Office at Wy Martin's Hotel, 




nd CORONER, for the County of Hastings 

ta Restorvcr—TWEED—Hoxcrnronp. 25 


yoreSIx Hines and under, 





Summene to Defendant; Summooeto Witness 





for the above Company, aro now prepared 

at tho usual rates for firat class Companie 
, | They aro also authorized 
| sonl of the Company, to issue 
accept service of all lawtul processcs that ma; 
bo made for claims against them. 

principle as tho ‘ Agtna,” 
ably known in Canada, 
All further inforuation ro 
may be had on application to 
Marble Building, penal Upper Bridge 
1, 186! 


ve to the sam 

Capital, ...------ £500,000 Sterling. 

‘Shillings on each paid up. Upwards 
‘of 800 Shareholders. 


Chairman,—The Right Hon. Lord Keane. 
Colonel Jitnvs Adair, 
The Rev. W. Bean, 
Patar Oaretnirs, eq. 
The Hon, B. Boo Ai 
John James Unwin Clarke, Esq. 
H. B. Shoriden, Eq. M. P. P., 
Henry Clarke, ak M.D, 
Nicholus Denys, Eeq 
William S, Potter, Beq:, 
Wm. Henry Rovgb, Esq. M. A 
F. M, Wells, Esq, 

P&ter Mo=rison, Exq., Managing Director. 

ARRISTER,: Attorney at Law, Solicitor, | siprroR. u 
‘ rt i —=Ambroso Miller, Esq 
B and Master Extraordinary, in Chancerry| 5 Anke ERS—Mesars. Ransom & (ee any 

Notary Public, &e.  {gy7 OFFICE—Iu the Vio- 
toria Buildings, Belleville. 

PEIOLAN: SURGEON, and Onsrerrrctay, 
OFFICE—At his Deng Store, where ho may 
Be consulzed from § o'clock, A.M, until 8 
otclock, P. M. 

RESIDENCE—Near Mr, Murnoy’s Hill. and 
short distance from the Lower Bridge, West 

February Ist, 1859, 24 

AAS resumed the practice of his Profession, 
‘and aska the patronage of his 
and the public generally. 

Belleville, Jan, 1859. 20 



ta Residence in Mr. Kelso's Byick Bailing, 
in Charlotte St,, near the Wesleyan Church. 

Adyies to the poor gratis, : 20 

Mencuasts, Iligvins’ Marble Buildiogs 

opposite the Upper Bridge, Belleville, ©. W. 

Great Western Insurance & Trust Company of 

F, W. Jarvis, Esq., Sheriff U, 0. of York and 



old friends, | Chai:rman— William MoMaster, 
Vico Chairman—W. P, Howland, 
William Ross, Esq, 

William Hendersou, Esq., 

SURVEYOR—William E, Williams, Eeq. 
SECRETARY —William Canywell, Esq. 

Miller & Howe, 


Rees a A 
HEAD OFFICE—Masonic HAtt, Toronto. | divided into three orders: thoso of pleasure, 

Honorable John Ross, 
John Crawford, Esq. 


fia, MP.P. 


Messrs. Ross, Crawford & Crombie. 

The engagements of the State Fire Tnetirance 

All losses will be settled promptly without 

references to the Board in England. ¢ 
. The business of the Zimes having been pur- 

Phenix Fire Insurance Co, 

Cash Capital, all pald up, $200,000. 

HE undersigned having hoon duly appoint: 
ed and regularly constituted Agents hero 

accopt Risks on Buildings and their contents, 

andor the name and 
Policies and to 

Mis Company ia conducted on the same 
so long and fayor- 


In Shares of One Pound each, with Five 




My dear roader, I am about to tell, in 
my own way, how an old maid became 1 

Wort’s Corner. 

Se ————e 


T have n dosire to depart and be with Ghelat, which 
In fir bettor=[3\, Paul, 
“Far better ’—Oh, how siveot 
Tho glunce of morn, 
When thousand dew drops lie 

three yours, 
from muking public the method by which 
On bush and thoro; rT obtained a husband; but as T am sen- 
But ob, to open tha eyes upon that shore sible there are many in tho same condition 
Nis uatorn and darkness cometh never More, | that T was, I write the following for their 
afar, “far bettor.” benefit: 
_ Seth Harper was a young farmer, and an 
inhabitant of tho same place as myself,— 
ielevanKe galas Tadeed, his futher lived but a few steps 
But oh to erol our parching Mpa with fralt from my brother '3, for whom I kept house, 
That grows around tho Trou of Life's bloat root, The two families were quite intimate; and 
Is far, “far better.” it wasn’t strange that when Seth married I 
1 Soft aro the winds that make should have been one of the brides-maids, 
Tho lillies quiver [ remember bo remarked at tho time, that 
In their green simmer homo, if I would only waitlong enough, he would 
Bit aeiedat ts Oa ae Relfnnad’ take mo for his second wife, I retorted, 
By the fresh breezes fram Liamanuel’s land, {by sayings if [ should marry and becomo:a 
Ia tar, “far better,” widow, I would take bis proposal into con- 
e ideration 
Ww the che r'ul glow rine ‘ ' 
Of trieudshiprs tire, y Five years passed swiftly by, and brought 
But arms that fondly clasp, with them maoy changes. Tho small pox 
May fail or tire; had passed through tue neighborhood, car. 
Then oh, to cloxe tho wonry eyen and rest rying off some of our most esteemed 
Upon one loving and untiring broaat, - . 
Ts far, (fur beter” neighbors and friends, Among others, 
pelgpie 2 1b! Seth Harper's wife was taken down with 
ar Tee fa it, Sho lived but a few days, and left Seth 
Thoro’s musio in the waves inconsolable at her loss, However, as imo 
Kissing the shore; passed Seth regained a portion of his for- 
Bot ol, to hearth harmony, whose tone mer cheerfulness, and chatted with the 
Hath never Pileperea changed, orlosh or gone, girls as they passed him. at his work, on 
Ta far, far REAL their way home from school, just the same 
Earth has its homes of love, a8 when he was a school:boy himself, and 
te ia Te ed is went to the same o!d school-house. 
7 y 5 ae 
Ware and ‘commotion; Ss neo the death of Seth 's wife, I bad con 
Then, to atart forth nnd crots tho drenrs sea, {ceived tho idea of filling the place which 
Oh, to Gepart and with our Christ to be, her death had made vacant,—if by any 
Ia far, far better, management it could. be «flected. My. 
plans were hastened soimewbat by a cull, one 

Hamilton, June 15, 1559, Hannrer Avxre. 

ocoeEM aT Hj 
day, frora Mrs. Cutting, who was the most 
noiuble gossip in the place. As usual, she 

oa ss had plenty of news to communicate.— 
OUR TASTE. Among other things, she said she heard 

ty Seth Harper was paying attention to a 
ecable emotions and sensations may b 



Luscious aro fruits that grow 
Insin-oursed mould; 
Bright gleams tha purple vino, 


efyoung lady, and sho expected he'd be get 
ting married again soon. ‘Who is the 

aguin waving my al 
hind the hedge, through which TI peepid 
Mout. Soth was standing bolt upright, with 
Noyes distended, and mouth open. T took 

I don’t mind telling you that I am |ihis occasion to vanish, and mado tho best 
that old maid myself—or rather, was, for/of ny way home 

I've been a married woman now, these 
I might, perhaps, shrink 

Tho next evening 1 received a visit from 
Seth, We told moe had a remarkable 
dream the night before, in which bis wife 
appeared to him and advised him to marry 
Caroline Grover, I told him I had always 
intended to live single, (!) but that, under 
the circumstances, I should consider it my 
duty to change my determination, ‘Three 
weeks after wo were married; and T now 
have the pleasure of writing my name ‘Mrs, 
Harper." ; 

Seth doesn’t know, to this day, who the 
ghost was that appeared to him; and as T 
shell take care to keep this number of the 
miper out of his sight, it isn't probable that 
he ever will know. 



Sandy Took, June 2ist, 7 A. M. 
The Stonmship Kangaroo, from Liverpool 
Juno 8th, vin. Giecnetar Jiine 9th passed 
Sandy Hook at about 7A. M. Her advices 
from Liverpool and London by telegraph to 
Queenston, are one day later than those re- 
ovived by Anglo-Saxon on Saturday, Tho 
news from tho seat of war is not very impor- 
tant. There are no further detail of the great 
battle of 4th, and nonccount of any farther 
Napoleon and the King of Sardinia made a 
triumphant entrance into Milan on the 8th of 
June. They were both received with tho most 
extrayagant demonstrations of joy. 
The Austrians had evacuated Favin. 
A despatch from Vienna, of Jane 8th says 
eats Was evacuated by Austrians on Sun- 
Tho Imperial functionaries have with- 
drawn to Verona, but it is possible that they 
mnay résuino their posts and functions in Man- 
Ata meeting of the Avantic Telegrapl 
Company, on the 8th of June, it was decided 
to accept the offer of tlie English Govern- 

which refer to the senses; those of harmony, | !ady #" said T, somewhat anxiously, * Well, 
which refer to the mind; and those of happi-|they say its Nancy Allen, that used to live 
ness, which are the natural result between|with his mother. Mary Ray, tho dress- 
harmony and pleasure 5 the former being ex-| maker, {told me ha went home.with her 
pst i noche tary epee hel, tna Bunge sue, 
s ale, a 4 

wwho potsess what has been annlogically te mat Tused to think, she added, smiling, ‘that 
ed taste,—" that universal sense of beauty, you would suit lim pretty well, and con- 
which every man in some degree possesses, cluded you ‘d make a match of it’ ‘Lal’ 
rendered more exquisite by genius, and more said I, tossing my head, ‘I ain't nowise dis- 
correct by cultivation.” It is very singular, satisfied with my situation, I ain't going 
that the disposition of the moral power is al- |to sat my enp for anybody and everybody ; 
aaa eC ete eae gt CC Too 
gious and sublime objects in the natural world, paneses stahiglis Ata MN) Sh ah ie 
fro also most inclined to applaud examples | '¥e Mere oO! ers thanssome: (hat. do.. nar 
of fortitude and heroic virtue in the mortal ;]Y Part, T would not cross the street for a 

husband. ‘That's what I said for the sake 

whilo those who are charmed rather with the u i ul 
delicacy and sweetness of colors, forms, and | of making an impression ; though, at the 

sounds, never fail in like manner to yicld the/same time, I'd bave readily given all my 

Company are guaranteed by a responsible Pro-| >, ference to the softer scenes of virtué and old shoes for the chance of writing « Mrs. 

the sympathies of a domestic life, exciting 4) before m ‘ “a : 

love of glory and an admiration of every n0- AeaRE ase Pe nileat ibe Sunihg 

bler virtue. ‘Taste exalts the affections and bd nner RAPS ON sa AUS is, ae 
male was to cough slightly,—and pretty 

inent, And (o raise immediately the requisite 
new capital. : 

The Bank of, England, on the 9th of Jouve 
reduced its rate of discount to 8 per cent, 

There was a decline on the Paris Nourse of 
the 8th, oceasioned by a rumor, that the 
French and Sardinian troops had received a 
severé check in Italy. 

Tt was currently reported that the King of 
Sardinia had been defeated. 

The Steamship Vigo, hence 23thf*May, ar- 
ived at Livorpoolion she 8th of Junie. 

Advices from Paris show a decline of 1 per 
cent, This decline, Hopehiiet with the absence 
of any political news from Paris, coupled with 
various ramors of severe reverses sustained by 
the French iu Ituly, has kept ourstock exchange 
in a state of excitement, but nothing certain is 

‘he bullion in the Bank of England has in~' 
creased £160,000, since the Inst return. 

Liverpool Breadstaffs were dull, with very 
small sales» Provisions steady, 

Loxpox, Thursday 9th, noon—Consola 93} 
a 934, for both money and account, 

I dank down bo- 

Mahan, who loat 1500 men, but put 10,000 
hors do combat, nnd made 5,000 prisoners. 
Tho Austrian lad on their sido, four corps 

fult: Fivo daya after our departure from 
Allessandria, our army at three combats 
gained one battle and freed Piedmont from 
the Austrians, who since the battle of Mon- 
tebello have Jost 26,000 in killed and 
wounded ; 10,000 prisoners, and 17 can- 
non. « ‘The defent of Uy Austrians at Ma 
genta is said to have produced an immense 
sensation in Germany, 

_ Lhe correspondent of the Daily News, 
gives the following details — : 

Tn less than two hours tho allied Mon- 
archs lind deployed 60,000 men sate is 
Austrians, whose forces was 80,000, with 
powerful artillery. They. were compelled 
to move on to & most disadvantageous 
ground, as the left wing was turned by 
Canrobert’s corps, supported by Forey’s di- 
vision. Tho Austrians were obliged to fall 
on their centro, at Abbiote Grosso, the Aus- 
trian’s contre thus attacked by the united 
columns, their left wing was soon in disor- 
der, and thousands fall crushed Ly the 
French artillery, McMahon had now 
reached the scene, the moment had now 
come to break the disordered centre of the 
Austrians, He charged with an impetuous. 
ity reldom witnessed, supported by Dur- 
aud’s division, which stood in reserve mov- 
ing slowly*beside him, the shock was Lerri- 
blo, and the dead and wounded were fall- 
ing by thousands, ‘The Austrians were 
routed, and tho victory won. ‘The writer 
says 20 Austrian guns were taken, 

Tho Zouaves Wad 700 killed and wounded: 

A brigade of Oanrobert's corps were al- 
most destroyed in the Inst charge, 

Tho Emperor and the King were always 
ju tlio thickest of tio fight. 

Military men are unanimous in their praise 
of tle strategic plans of the Emperor. 

At Marignan, d'Hilliers was sent to dis- 
loge them. Ile took tho village with but 
little loss; no details are viven. 

Benedict commanded the Austrians, 1,200 
uf whom were made prisoners, 

D'Urban is said to liave effected a retreat 
by Onssimo, 

The Austrians lind evacnated Lavero, aban- 
doning’ their materials of war, aud, had 
taken shelter in Swiss waters. 

The Fost Paris correspondent says that 
over 4,000 of the prisoners are Italians, 
who took the earlicst opportunity to. give 
themselves up, They were always placed 
in front, and threatened by the Opontes in 
the rear, ‘Lhey did not fight well. Many 
have offered to join the allies, but they were 
not yet accepted. 

Three. Austrian armed transports with 
vessels in tow were stripped in Swiss waters, 
and surrendered, 

The Emperor of Austria has issued a pro- 
clamation to his subjects in Tyrol and So- 
relburg, calling them to arms to defend the 
most righteous cause fur which the sword 
was ever drawn, and confides to them the 
task of defending the frontiers against the 
enemy, who has made biiself the ally of 
revolt against the legitimate dominion es 
tablished by God. 

Warme, Tho Bullotins thus sum up the re: |! 

of Reference in eee A 

Warrant of Commitment 5 Wy, i 
treas; Conviotions, A sraptok Re 

Q. B, and OC, Summonses, with and withers 

Spocial Eodoracwent; Notices of Tri 
Exnrolno, to Prodnes, to preitirt os 
Affidavits of Disbursement; Qr.t. 

aod Q. By Sobpunas; 2 jer 
idavita; Fi, 
of nil kinds, i 
Proteata & 

dies and Gonth 
colora Prinwng 

The Wexford Independent gives tho fol 

digmal catastrophe + 

hold by tho diver on Monday. ‘Tho foot 
were upwards and head down; and the ex-, 
Act sum found if the pockets was £327, to 
one-half of which the diver becomes enti- 
lod, according to agreement... Bodies are 
washed ashore daily, but are now becoming | 
so disfigured that they can scarcely bo’ 
identified. Ono body of a young girl hud 
the scalp hanging over, like a hvod, and 
auother had both logs off at the knece. A 
body of an elder woman came ashora xt 
Bollyvaloo, with one leg off, and the next 
day, strange to say, the leg was washed in 
near the body, Two men wero lished in 
the mizen rigging, supposed to be the cap: 
tain and mate; and although tho diver 
tiade several attemps to clear them, be was 
unable to do so, On Wednesday Mr, 
Brownrigg held an inquest on the body of 
the man f und with the large sum of money 
on it, and also on another body; and both 
were identified by the brother and Lrother- 
in law, who fortunately arrived bere on the 
day the dead bodies were recovered. The 
former was identified as Mr, Henry, of the 
county Sligo, and the latter his uncle, Mr, 
Mardy, on whose person £124 was found. 
A silver speaking trumpet was found lying 
on the deck of the vessel, and bore an in- 
scription to the effect that it was presented 
to the captain in 1837 by the cabio pas- 
sengera, Such are. the additional details 
which have reached us within the last few 
days of this melancholy catastrophe,” 


Yesterday afiernoon it was the intention of 
Cupt. Prince, Chief of Police in this city, to 
have left for Quebec for the purpose of be- 
ing marnied to-morrow (Thursday,) to Miss 
Primrose, daughter of the late Hon, Mr, 
Primrese: On tho afternoon of Monday, 
Capt. Prince received a telegram inform- 
ing him that bis betrothed bad heen taken 
suddenly ill, and was not-expected to re- 
cover. Yesterday he reesived another 
message, stating that she had breathed her 
last on the previous évening. Capt. Prince 
left for Quebec yesterday for the purpose 
of assisting in paying the last sad rites to 
the remains of Miss Primrose. She will be 
interred on the aay which bad been fixed 
for her bridal.— Globe 22nd. 


The Cincinnati Gazette of Thursday 
says the second reports from the country 
regarding the crops are more favorable, 
and itis safe to couclude that people were 
more scared than hurt by the frost, ‘That 
much injury has been done, is uot to be 
questioned, but, notwithstanding, the pro- 
spects for very large crops are good, having 
been much improved by rains which have 
fallen within the last forty-eight- hours,— 

“| Synod last week advanced it a stages 

The Dubuque (lowa) Zimes tan the fol- 

lowing particulars in iad with this lowing story from Mr. Jones, m returned 

4 6 —“The body of the bo deecker : 
man, having £200 on it, mentioned in our OD his returo 
last number, was drawn up from the lower since. 

“Mr. Jones left Cherry Crack 
journey about four woeks 
6 Ho was not able to realize » farth- 
ing for wll! Wiis expenditure of time and 
Money, and his long continued exposure 
and fatigue. Many of the emigrants bad, 
Previous to Lis departure, suffered extrmely, 
wod there wore increasing manifestations of 
desperation among thei. About 500 of 
the tose reckless Fad organized themselves 
into company of “Lynchers,” and there 
was @ sworn purpote among them to vinit 
summary yengeauce upon all persons who 
had beca instrumental in cfreolating false 
reports of the existence of gold at Cherr 
Crock, Mason Clark, formerly of % 
Charles, Floyd’ county, Lown, was Suspect~ 
ed nid convicted of having been ona of tha 
fraudulent letter writers, and was put to 
death in’ a most horrible manner, Four 
mules Were hitelicd to the extremities of 
his linibs, made to draw in different ditvos 
tions, and he was literally torn to pieces— 
Ezra Allen, formerly of Chickasaw county? 
and two other persons, whose names our 
informant could not remember, were shot 
for the samo offence. Great indignation 
exists against the inhabitants of Omaha 
City and Conneil Bluffs, and the returning 
gold buntors threaten veogeance upon thesa 
towns. i 

Chossixo Niagara Patts of a Trane 
Rorz—The Ningara Falls Gazette Feet 

“The arrangements for the performanes 
of the grout fent of walking across Ningars 
River on a tight rope are nearly completed. 
There can be no doubt now that Mons 
Blondin will make the attempt, and thoss 
who know" hint’ best have no doubt of his 
ability to succeed, We learn that Messrs, 
Fassett & Saclilenou have ordered the ns- 
cessary ‘umount of rope—about one thou- 
sand feet of cable and twenty-six thousand 
feet of sinaller guy rope—which will pro 
bably be here from New York by Wedues- 
day oy Thursday of this week, It is to ba 
Manufactured expressly forthis purpo:e.— 
The cable will be put across about half 
way’ between the Falls and . Suspension 
Bridge—near “ White's Pleasure Grounds.” 
It will have guys extending to the banks'in 
various places to keepiit steady." b 


The question of ronal rineeatsatuiaed 
tory progress, The United Ecebs ang 
now we haye the pleasure of| reporting that 
the Presbyterian Church of Canada, after 
two days) debate, has taken a large stri 

inthe same direction, Many points remain 
to besettled, we know ; and some time must 
elapse before the junetions can be con 
mated, But the large. majority of yester- 
day substantially pledged the Synod to 
Union; and the expressions ‘of opinion 
which fell from members of the minority, 
after the vote on Dr. Bayne’s' motion, af- 

PHILADELPHIA, chased, Policy holders are now gaaranteed by | purifies our passions— clothes a private life in “eae, oe The Dutchess of Parma bas quitted the | From several points we learn that the frost 
BLE. CURRY. uy R.D.ANCANDLIBH: "| the State. white, and a public one in purple. Adding a woonehs went away, ARRIVAL OF THE “PERSIA.” | Duchy, leaving the Government to the | killed the fly which was injuring the wheat, ford ground for hoping that all parties 
Se Te ep new feature, as it were, to the pomp, the hen she had faisly gone, I began to i. but caused little damage to the Jatter. As Jabour cordially to bring about the desired 

., A. LAZIBR, 


Municipality, and releasing the troops from 

result. This action of the Church Court 

bloom, and the exuberance of nature, it ena- consider what I could do’to induce Seth te 
bles the mind to illumine what is dark, and|make me Mis. Marper. While I was de- 


British North America, regards corn, it will be all right again in a 

their oath of allegiance. The Municipality 
week or two, and with favorable weather 

Barrister and Attorney at Law. TOREE DAYS LATER. 

Office, Bridge St., next door to Empire Hote’, 


kG s ouE | 


— (e 

§Srastisues 82> 


Mr. Vain's Stone. 
Belleville, July 2i, 1858. 

. W. A PORT, 



48|Jonn Munney, 

Agent County cf Hastings. 
Bellevillo, Dec. 21st, 1858. 

The Liverpool and London 


Agent, Belleville. 


FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, |cclestial forms, qualifies the house of sorrow, 

APITAL, £500,000 sterling. The under 
signed having been appointed Agent for 
above Company forthe County of Hastings, 
xxeepting the Village of Trenton,) is now pre- 

pared to take risks in the same, 




JOHN P. ROBLIN, President. 


N. B. Concer, 

S. Menace, Secretary. 

ARON D. DouGaLt, 

Gig tea MERCHANT, and General) (y, int, McMunuen, General Agent 

Agent Orricr—Over Mr. Lewis’ Hard- 
ware Store, Front St., Belleville. 88 

oie Pe be ea 

Barrister and Attorney at Law, 
OFFICE—In Ham's Buildings, over 

Hardware Shop. 26 

ei i a a ee 

SHANNONVILLE, Tyendinaga. 
RESIDENCE & )FF{GE—Directly opposite 



31 PHILIP [ ROBLIN, Agent for Hastings 


Glnas’| &c., are furnished to order on the shortest no- 
pricef which will enable them to sell at whole- 
anlo, and mako a fair profit. 

Toi ee 

Street, (Inte Cadwell’s,) where all kinds of 
onfectionery, Soda Biscuit, Fruit, Crackers, 
Purchasers by the quartity furnished at 
n Produce of all 
indstnken in exchange. JOHN WILSON, 

Belleville, Ost. 27, 1855, 4 

the School Houre. 86 
Trunks, Whips, 
Front St. Belleville, opposite 
Dry Goods Store. 


ATCHMAKER and Jeweller, two doors 
Wave M. Nulty’s Auction Room, BPs 

Street, Belleville, x eR onlh | 


Barrister ani Attornics-al-Law, &e. ke, ke, 

Opfiee, Bridge Street, (wo dooos West of the Tele 
graph Office. 

4 W. W, Drax 

Nathan Jones’ 

©. P, Suursow, uf 
Chancery, Conyeyancer and Notary Pub 
f2,—Oilico, Vietorin Buildings, Beljgvitle. (45) 


noPGenoral Broker, Bel eville. 

Solicitor in Chancery and’ Bankrnptey, Con- 
* iyancer &c,—Oilice over Blacklock’s G 
Btore, Main Stree , Belle “ile, 
Mersha Hustiogs Commercial B iild- 
Inue, No, 1, Ie a (18) 
T0 BRIDGEWATER, (lato Troy.) 
FAVES Papinenv’s Hotel for BRIDC 
4 WATEI ok, i DAYS, 
ing, SATE at 8 o'clock 
on | ESDAYS, and Fit 
DAYS. [tanning time each way, 6} boure.— 
Pare, $1,25. | 
Bolleville every waok Ady at-8 
a mw, arriving in Madoo at 24 r. m.) 
Ath o'oluok a, mi 




Bridtes, se. Se. |TRADE FASHION FOR 1869. 


EATS ob 

to color what is faded; giving a lighter yel-|\iberating wha = 7 
low a the so faee age Get pie to tis fell upon a “following a a ally 
sapphire, and a deeper crimson to the ruby, alae 
it Tapa a higher Drillianey to the aaron Bea copied from’an English publication : 
and more transparent purple to the amethyst. | 1) vor aes ae abn yeaa foul 
Bearing a price which only the heartand|) ot) of his do. 01 Re ROMaayannean 
the imagination can estimate, and being the) 7) HAS Jay oe DB Ose 8, +4 it, the. ani- 
mother of a thousand chaste desires, and « eemee Bae his neine xerres iw del en hs 
thousand secret hopes, taste strows flowers} 10 inspecti ie AD Lhe f a mans 
in the paths of literature and science; and pier pay nit a ee Hee bel Me) 
breathing inexpressive sounds, and picturing hedge. ‘I Ra ieemectucnedtalteaat aan 
shook. ‘I,’ exclaimed the phanton, ‘am your 
*| deceased wife, come from the grave to warn 
you not marry Maria A—, to whom you are 
making love. The only woman to succecd 
me is Henrietta B— Marry her, else I will 
aunt you ull your dying day.’ This strange 
address from the goblin, instead of dismaying 
the farmer, restored his courage, He accord 
ingly rushed upon the ghostly visitor, and 
4 i stripping off its sheet, discovered the fair Hen- 
An energetic and truthful writer thus sums} rietta B—herself, looking extremely foolish.— 
up the case of fashionable women: “Fashion| It is said the farmer, admiring the girl’s trick. 
kills more women than toil and sorrow, O-)had the kanns published for his marriage with 
pealenes to fashion, isa greater transgression | her,” * 
of the Jaws of woman’s nature, a greater in “Ah? ‘ Ss jus 
jury ye esi Bhixpical ang ubsntal constitution, the AT nae 4 i ATL 
than the hardships of pove) glee rie ° ayn 
mhoneva ee a3 pppoe sha pastes perstitious, and, moreover, very fond of his 
grow old, and sce two or three generations of wife while living ; so that it would be an 
her mistress fade and pass away. ‘Lhe wash: | easy matter enough to cheat him into mar- 
erwoman, with scarce a ray of hope to cheer|ryiug me, provided I used caution. So 1 
her in her toils, will live to see her fashiona-|determined not to whisper a word about 
bioMhisters die allaround her. The kitchen}my plans. The next morning,—knowing 
maid is hearty and strong, when her lady has} ihat Seth would come from tho market quite 
to bo nursed like a sick baby. It is a sad] ‘gto yesolved to t Nicks nl 
trath that fashion-pampered womon are al-|_ > SOLOS HY SOO bee 
most worthless for all the good ends of human event ‘ 
life, They have but little force of character ; As tho time drew near, I began to foe) 
they have still less power of moral will, and rather ¢hicken-hearted, but the thought 
quite as litlls physical energy. ‘They live for that it was, in all probability, my Jast 
no great purpose in life—they accomplish no chance, gave me courage; and 1 began to 
greatends. ‘They are only doll forms ih the/muke my arrangements, I put up in a 
handlasof rallye a parents (2.08 dressed) hundle a few articles that would be neces- 
and fed to order, ‘They dress nobody; they |sury, and about ten o'clock I went spftly 
down stairs, and opening the outer door 

by inducing that secret sense of cheerfulness, 
which in its operation— 
Refines the soft and swells the strong; 
And joining nature’s general song. 
Through many a varying toné unfolds 
The harmony of huiann souls. 


as adopted by the Board of Trade. 


of my own manufacture, for $4.60 each. 
Canateat on hand, and manouficturing, 

ull kinds of Silk, Fur, Brush, and Wool Hats, | fashionable mother, 
and Cloth Caps. 

Practical Hatter, 
Rae Shop naar the Upper Bridge. 
Belleville, March 29, 1859, 
Nenr Patterson's Foundry, North Belleville. 



Masters or Servants from said office, wil 
and THREE o'clock ?. M. 

rate terms, 
Office hours from 11 A, M. to 3 p. M. 


ille, Decomber, 1857, 

Stones, from 84 to 4 inches thick, 

Stands, of various fashions, and Bureaus, 
Also a splondid new one-horse Cuttor, 
cy All of the best workmanship. 

Belleville, August 30, 1858, 


Tront-Gt, Rollerille, 

LL parties desirous of being furnished with 
please attend there between the hours of Two 

Lands and Houses rented or sold no mode- 


NOM Fifieen to twenty Cords of Coursing 

Aldo, & quantity of xawed Lumber, consis- 
ting of Timber 648, and Joists from 16 to 
118 leet lony. 

Also n numberof Dining and Side Tablos, 

Cc, 1, GOULD, 



fued nano they instruct nobody, and save 
hhe: i 
cautiously, I sallied forth. I went about 

nobody. ‘They write no books; thoy set no 

rich examples of virtue and womanly life, If 
half a nile ‘across lots) till I reached a 
place where, on one side of the road was a 

they rear children, servants and nurses do all, 
high bank, and upon the other a thick 

—and when reared what are they? what do 

they ever amount to, but weaker scions of the 
hedge, This, I thought, would be a good 
place for my operations ; so 1 went round 

old stock? Who ever heard of a fashionable 
woman's child ever exhibiting any virtue and 

behind the hedge, and opening my bundle, 
took from it a long white robe, which 1 

power of mind for which it becauio eminent? 

Read tho biographies of our great and good 
had prepared for the occasion. I slipped 
this over my dress; and unfastencd my 

men and women. Not ono of them hada 
hair, which was long and fell about my 

They nearly all sprung 
from atrang minded women, who had about 
shoulders. I then sat down on 1 stone be 
hind the hedge, and waited for Seth to 

as little to do with fashion as with the chang- 
comne on, 

ing clouds.” 

Protty soon I heard the sound of wheels, 
and, peeping out, I saw a white horse, and 
a figure beside him, which -was certainly 
the ono I was MWtlie look out for, As lie 
had nearly como up to the place where I 
was concealed, I called out, in as ghostly 
accents a8 I could command,—" Soth Har- 
ver” It was easy enough to sce that 
Seth was frightened, ‘The horse stopped, 
and so did Seth, I waited a minute to 
noo what hho would do or say; but he re 
wained perfectly still. So Tspoke again tn 
tho same tones as before,—* Seth, my dear 
husband !’ Ho turned toward tho place 
from which the sound proceeded, and J 
cortainly thought that ho was about to jump 


Girls aro carly taught deceit, and they no- 
ver forget the lesson, Boys are more out- 
spoken. This is because boys aro instructed 
that to be frank and open is to be manly and 
gencrous, while their sisters aro perpetually 
adindniahied that this “is not potty," or that 
1 | "not becoming,” until they have lcarncd+o 
control their natural impulses, and to ageu- 
late their conduct by precepts and example, 
‘She yesult of all this is, that while men retain 
much of their natural dispositions, women 
have made-up characters, 

Tain ov Catonen.—It is a great mistako 
to plait the hair of children under eleven or 
twelve years of ago. ‘The proces of plaiting 
more or leas strains the haira in their roots] 


New York, June 22nd. 

The Persin passed Sandy Wook at 15 
ininutes past 8 o'clock, list night. 

The Austrians were driven from Magenta, 
with the loss of 1,200 prisoners. 

The Austrians were retiring across the 
River Ad 

The British Ministry were defeated in 
the House of Commons by 13 majority, 
and was expected to resign on the 11th. 
stuffs sightly lower. 
Provisions dull. 
Consols 983 @ 94 on Friday,’and on 
Saturday, when the books for money closed, 
(2h @ 024 for account, ex. devidend ; clos- 
ing firm. 


Tho Austrians were drivon from Marignan 

with a Joss of 1,200 prisoners, 

‘Tho Austrians are retiring across the river 


Tho following is an extract from General 

Gynlai’s official report of the battle of Ma- 

genta: — 

Viewna, Jone 11th. 
“The Austrians havo lost from 4,000 to 
5,000 men, ‘The loss of tho enemy is atleast 
half as much again. 
* Every line of this report proves tho le- 
rojo power of the Austrians to withstand the 
attacks of the eneiny.” 

Dentin, June 6th, 

A combat has taken place in Bosvia, be- 
twoon the Turkish troops and the insurgents, 
near Hollengh and Trebigne. 

Goxsco has, it is guid, been destroyed by 
Dorvish Pacha, 

Tho ininistyy did not resign on Saturday. 

The Commons adjourned until Friday, 

It is rumored that the Prnasian army is to 
be mobilized, and that Prussia will soon take 
part in the conflict, 

It is said that Prassia was engaged in the 
passing of troops through Germany. 

Tho Austrians wero at Hadi, aud tho allies 
were ndvancltig. 

Garibaldi had beaten an Austrian forco at 
Bresco, 600 Zonaves were killed and wound- 
ed at Marignan, 

The Austrians Jost 1,500 men and 1,200 
more made prisoners, ‘Tho battle lasted nite 
hours, Tho “armies were preparing for 
another genornl engagement. 

Tio Persia passod tho Canada, for Liver. 
pou! on tho 12th, ‘Tho frigate Cumberland 
waa at Maderia on tho 1st of Jano, 

Goorgo Builoy, editor of the National Era, 
died on board the Arago, 

he Austrian correspondence of the 10th 
states that the Austrian Army was continu 
ing tho retreat beyond the Adda, and that 
their Mead quarters were at Cavaltogossesi 
before Crenionn fl 

Special despatches to the Timex says, 
that on the 8th, the second Austrian ariny 
had its Hend-quartors at Cadigra on th 

It turns out that Canrobert was not 
wounded at Magenta. 

All accounts give tho great glory of the 
day to MeMahon, He had no orders to 

by pulling them tight; tends to deprive thom 
of their requisite wapply of nutrimont, and 
checks their growth. ‘lho hair of girls should 
bo cut rather short, afl allowed to curl freoly. 
When they are about cloven or twolve, the 
hair should bo twisted Into a coil not too 
tight, nor tled at the end with thin. thread, 
but with a pivce of ribbon.—Scientific Amer 

right awer the Ledge ; but he didn't, He 
looked ,around, as if uncertain whether to 
run or not, and thon said in a terrified yoloo, 
“Whio is it? Who calla me? 

‘Now, thought I, ‘is my time! So ] 
rose slowly, und extending both arms, whit 
tho wind blow my hair from my fnse, ] 
said, in hollow tones,—= Soth Harper, fam 
the spirit of your dend wife, I advise you 
to marry Caroline Grover, who is the only 

Tue Ontarn or Scannat,—Tlhiove that have 
nothing clso to say must toll stories,  Foolu 
over wine, and Jadica over tea, must havo E It y 
ore ining thaveubarp to relish thult liquor,|°ne calculated to mako you happy. 27 you 
malico 1s the piquant sauce of such convoran-| Marry tht, odious Nancy Allon, I cannot 
tion, and without it their ontertainment would| rest In my grave, but shall haunt you to 
prove mighty iniipid. Farquhar, your dving doy.’ Aftor saying this, and 

proceed to Magenta,but hearing the roar of 
battle, rushed in and saved the army. 

The Paris Monitewr of the 10th, contains 
the following détails: The concentration 
of our troops on the Po, drove the enomy 
into the belicf th®& wo intended to cross 
the river on the morning of the 4th, and 
put 12,500 men in position at the river, 
ind the génoval division of the Imperial 
Guard was obliged to fight this dippropor 
tionate odds, All our Gonorala alias 
gront onorgy, particularly D'Man' lohort, 
Gommandor of tho Gronadiors. ‘The bullo- 
tips thon describe thie oporations of Mo 

despatched a deputation to the King: of 
Sardinia, requesting him to accept the go- 

A Hungarinn Jegation was organizing at 

Tha British sloop of war Hero was wreck 
ed on African coast ; 100 lives were lost, — 
The Captain and two men were saved. 


Sales of the week 88,000 bales, of which 1,000 
was to speculators, and 5,500 to exporters, with, 
‘fn decline of 11-6 of w penny, mostly on’ the 
middling quulities, while the higher qualities 
were difficult to sell at18 decline, The mar- 
ket closed dull. Salea on Friday 6,000 bale, 
closing with a declining tendency. The follow- 
ing aro the authorized quotations: Fair Orteas 
8,00, Middling do. 6,00 a 6,18. Unfair uplands 
704. Middling do 69 do, Stock in port was 
619,000 bales, of which 577,000 were American 

The Manchester Market was quiet, but prices 
were stendy and rather firmer. 

All qualities slightly higher, but the market 
closed dull, Sales of the week 8,000 bales.— 
The stock was 100,005 bales, e 


Richardson, Spence & Co, quote Flour very 
dull and nominal, and Moséra Bigland & Co, 
quote a deoline of 6d on the week. 

Richardson, Spence & Co, quote Wheat 2d a 
3d lower since Tuesday. Corn, all qualitios, 
considerably Tower. —Bighand & Go. say 6d a 8d 
on the week, and quote mixed 68 $d a 6s 64, 

Livenroot Provision Manker—'Beof heayy 
and nominal. Pork heavy and lower. Bacon 
dull. Lard dull at 608 “Tallow firm. Ashes 
dull; new Pots offered at 80s; old Pearls 8086 
bls. Sugar buoyant Rice stendy, Resin dull. 

Lonpox Manker Faas Bros, quote Bread: 
stuffs dull, Iron dn)l, Sugar buoyant ond 
lightly higher. ‘Tea firmor, Spirits of Ture 

entine heavy, and lower. Sales at42s, Coffee 
Buoyant und some oases 1s higher, 

American securities were in good demand, 
with an ndvanciog tendency. Conrola closed 
on Friday at 984 494 for money and account. 

Tho money market was slightly easier. The 
Bullion in the Bank of England inoreased £93,+ 

Liverpool, Snturday P.M.=-Cotton firm; ralos 
§,000 bales, Brealetutts dull Provisions dull. 

London, Saturday P. M.—Consola for monoy 
Books short for uecount, 924 a 92% ex dividend, 
Closing firntn. 

DS ee 

The London Field explains the mystery 
of an egg inn bottle, whioh has often pug 
zled people, ‘This is how it got there 

“Talo n good sound ogg, place it in strong 
vinogar, ine allow it to remain twelyo hours. 
It will then become soft and elastic. In this 
stato it can be squeezed into a tolerably wide- 
mouthed bottle; when in, it must be covered 
with water having somo soda init, Ina fow 
liours this preparation will restore the egg 
nearly to its original solidity, after which the 
liquid should: bo poured ol! and tho bottle 

You need not tell any ono that the hen 
Inid it there while in a soft state, Leave 
tho puzzled to uess thats 

pa" Somebody has’ predicted » great 
gathering of those mysterious musical in 
nects (Locusts) during the ensuing summer, 
In the Southern Stitos in 1833, tho yeur 

after the terrible cholera visitation, thoy 
appearod goberally aimultancously all over 
over tho country In countless millions, In 
1846 thero was another visitation, Whore 
they come from, and where thoy go to, is 
entirely beyond our ken, Some aly, thoy 
como up out of the ground, and, aflor 
fluttering for a brief space in tho sunshine 
of oxistence, return whonee they came, do- 
ponit their ova and dio, We hoar of thelr 
appearance in swaring in many parts of 
tho south, and in Indiana and Southern 
Illirols. Tho Blue Ridge region of Virginia 
in said to bo literally alive with them, and 
in Missinipp!, Alabama and Tennossce, the 
air in paid to. bo resonant with their peouliar 
| music, and tho oarth and trees in some 
places aro covered with them, 


hereafter, the Jargest crop ever grown in 
the west may be calculated upon with en- 
tire safety. r E 

The range of the first, where its effects 
show the most severe, appears to extend 
upon a line, cutting Auburo, N. Y., on the 
north-west, and Columbus, Obio, on the 
south-west. This includes the resion from 
which come the loudest complaints” of 
damage. On the shores of Lake Erie, and 
along tho Ohio Valley, it shades off, oF 
runs in sig zag lines. Tuking the whole 
region struck by frost, we don’t think that 
the damage done to tke wheat can be 
equal to a loss of one-third of an average 
crop. Tho injury to other crops, often 
vexntious, and i some cases serious, will 
be in a great measure recovered by the in- 
domitable perseverance that characterizes 
the American farmer. If bis wheat is kill- 
ed he plants corn, If bis'corn is killed, he 
sows buckwheat, If that io turn perishes, 
or does not get sown, ho is still in time for 
turnips, At any rato he will plow and pro- 
paro the ground for another crop, He 
“never gives up the ship.” 

The country is badly damaged—some 
particular farmers are great sufferers, but 

Wo shall not baye a famine this year, for, |i 

on the whole, and upon all our great 
breadth of cultivated acres, we shall bave a 
fruitful season. So let us take courage,— 


A remarkable exhibition’ of the unexpect: 
edness with which lightnin sometimes visits 
the earth, as woll as of its deadly power, oc- 
curred ton party of individuals grouped a- 
round a tree near Limeston, S. Gy between 
six and seven o'clock on tho are of the 
8rd instqpt. Tho following particulars are 
in a Spantansburg paper :— a 

« At this time the sun was serenely sotting 
with no indication of a storm. Sa denly @ 
discharge loud As a cannon’s roar, with sub: 
sequent sounds like tho falling to pleces of a 
gun carriage, were card, ‘The tree was riven 
by the bolt; and Villiam, son of Dr, Wm, 
Nott, leaning against tho tuink, was postiate 
ed, as were also somo Six oF eight others, 
while somo four or five wore stunned by the 
the electric discharge, Nott lived a fow mo» 
ments only ; Win. Long was supposed to be 
dond, but, though frightfully burnt on varie 
ous portions of his rporeant and his boots 
burated by tho subtle fluid, ho rocovered 5 
M. Millwood was also burnt anid scarred; 
Phomns Gallhey was severely shocked, but 
not otherwise injured, It may not be pecus 
liar to thoae cases, but those receiving the 
charge of olectricity, when consciousness re- 
turned, thought they had beon shot, and look: 
ed to Keo Whence the balls catne, no ono think= 
ing of lightuing. Wo hayo often heard of the 
photographic power of electricity, but this is 
the oy instance in which the phenomenon 
jag beon certified to us. Tt was on tho per- 
gon of young Nott. Omtho front surface of} 
the thigh was indelibly impressed tho per 
foct branch of a treo, loaves ‘and ally and this 
notwithstanding the part was protected by 
his pantaloons ‘and drawers, Tho figure was 
distinot in all ite parts, and of a reddish pur- 
ple hue.” pa x 

Newar ostvan.— As our readers 
are aware, by an Act passod last 


sossion, & 
duty was imposed ypon knowledgo by the 
re-imposition of nowspapor postage. This 
‘Act takes effeoton and aftor tho 1st of July. 
Tho Governor in Council haa decided te 
mako that charge 27 cents per annum on 
wockly newspapers; this amount oan be 
paid ih ono sum, or hallyearly, or quarterly, 
just as will best walt tho convenionca of 
nubacribors themselves, but untess pald ae 
above thoro will bo x dopper to be paid on 
each paper, Tho public should Boar thir 
in mind, F 

will, we are confident, receive the ea 
approval of the lay members of the chu 
throughout the proviuee— Globe 22nd, 

$10,000 Damaaes ror A Breacn or Pr 
aise of Mannsace.—A Miss Effiit Catheri 
Carztang has obtained a verdict of $10,000 
against a Mr. Henry Shaw, of St. Louis, U. &, 
for refusing to fulfil a married engagement. 
She is young and handsome, is the daughter 
of a clergyman, and of good name.and repu- 
tation; is well educated ond attractive. He 
js old and wealthy; his years number 60, and 
he is quite gallant. He made no secret of his 
intentions, and took her out frequently, and 
made her presents; but ceased his attentions 
abruptly without cause. Imagining him ill 
she called upon himywhen he made overtures. 
which no woman of ‘spirit or character could 
accede to. ‘The defence ect up was that she 
was not a person of good character, but it ut- 
torly broke down. ‘The old dissembler was 
well sorved—it was a righteous judgment— 
His great wealth, however, ma} have some 
effect in tho assessment of the damages. 


Tue New York Trimuye.—Tho Editor 
of the Oswego Commercial Dimes bas been 
on a visit to the mammoth establishuent of 
Horace Grecley  & Co, and) in an account 
of it furnishes the following 


figures ; The 
in the various branches of As office 
Folders and Mailers, $95; Pressmen, 
‘ 66; Proof-Roaders, 

&e., 31; Compositors, rool 
6; Wrapper V vitters, 6; Publishin, 
8; Bilitors, and Reporters, 83, 
189. ' , 
‘Phe amount of business transacted by 
this number will bo hata appreciated by 
iving afew figures: Consumption of pa- 
AiG a week, ‘818 reams, 0° about 53,000 
reams per year; Ink, per annum, 60,000 
Ibs 5 gine, 2,940 Ibs, and 11 bbls of Syrnp, 
for rollers, during same period ; type, per 
yenr, $10,000 ; presses on hand have cost 
70,000. weekly expenses, $7,800 5 apnnal 
salaries to Eqitors and Reporters. $44,000 ; 
printing per year costs about $62,000; 
there is paid for ailing alone, About $16,- 
000; the average expense of Telegraphing. 
is $19,000; aggregate circulation, Daily, 
mi:Weekly, and Veekly, 211,750 copies. 
The Tribune is a Joint Stock Associa 
tion, divided into 100 Shares; par value 
81000; market valuo $3,750; thoro are 
92 Sharcholders, ranging from 1 to 16 
shares each, Mr, Greeley being the heuvicst 

SS ——— 
Breacn i 7H WELLAND Caxau.—By 
telegraph from St. Catherines we leara that 
nv very serious broach occurred ot the Wel- 
Jacd Ganal yesterday evoning, the carry: 
ing away. of the gates of Lock No. 25, a 
Lhoro'd, by the schooner Quebec, of King- 
ston, which was passing. The country 
aronnd, is said to hayo been submerged to 
the dopth of several feet, cand tho grain “1 
havo been, considerably injured, It wi 
tuko w week to repair the damage Colon- 
pict) See eee RET 
That the French Government doos 
pee or jutond that the war in. Ttaly 
shall ba a short one, fs evidenoed by the 
fact that the contracts for army supplics are 
drawn. up to run for fwo years cortalnn= 
Thoy have also sent out orders for tho 10° 
call, of officers in Porsia, and other remote 
points, who could rot reach home in time 
if tho war terminate within ® tow 

EA Taw has boon passed in France’ 
tliat Protestant Churches shall receive po 
aid from abroud, aod Protestant ministers 
must not only bo natives, but educated in 
Franca. ‘They are two of the mort infa- 
moualy proseriptive fawa ever paeeed 
frocdiim in religion, 4 



- dinian Government’ does not consider Sea 

Bore A) y 



é 4 








\ PpELLrrmen To Take Cosa ND. 


aetna lanes FY 

. Now Tonks, Juno 26th, 1859. 
“Mhe Bremen arrived at 8 o'ylock P, M. 
“Tho Canada arrived out on the 1th. 

aid Bache Mistdry' igned 
Unglish Ministry haye rasigned— 
Lord Pinon isPromier, and Lord Jolin 
Russell Foreign Secretary. ; 

~ Tho Austrinns liave evacuated Piacenza, 
Payia, Lodi, Belogra, and Arcola, The 
citadel and fortifications af Piacenza, wore 

rst Ulow op. 
rere Tear is dead. 

The Times of the 13h says Lord Derly 

ig to receive the Order of tha Garter, — 

Lord Malmesbury and Sir John Packing: 
ton the Grand Gross of the Bath. 

+ Ta the House of Commons on Saturday 
the 11th, Lord Hartington bro up the 
roport upon the address as amend led, which 
was agreed to. On motion of Lord John 
Russol, Her Majesty's speech was ordered 
to be taken into consideration on Friday 
vext, The House then adjourned till Friday 
the 17. 

_ The Ties’ leading: article of the 13th 
has the followings— 

» Whe vote ow Saturday morning left no 
choice to the ministry of Lord Derby, how 
ever tenacious of place, except at the earli- 
est possible moment to place their resigna- 
Gons in the hands of Her Majesty. 

_ At an early hour on Saturday morning, 
the Cabinet assembled, and agreed to place 
their resignations in the hands of the Queen. 
This was done, -and tlie fact of the Ministe- 
tial resignation was formally announced by 
Lord Derby, at the banquet of the mer- 
chants, at which several’ of the . Ministers 
werd presetit. a8 ox 

On the afternoon of Saturday, Lord 
Granville received a summons from the 
Queen. We have room to believerthat af- 
ter listening to all objections which Lord 
Granville liad to offer, slie comimanded him 
fo fori an Adininistration, which should at 
ofiée be strong in ability and parliamentary 
influence, and should comprehend within 
itself, a fall and fair represention of all sec 
tions into which the liberal party lind nomi- 
hally been divided. Furnished with this 
cominission, Lord Granville waited upon 
Lord Palinerston, and coimmunicated to 
him the views of the Queen, In the hand- 

at Bourassa on the 13th, aud.the Van- 

hesitation, Lord Palmerston consented tt 
accept under Lord Granville as Primo 
Minister. In the first interview with Lord 
John Russell, be was disposed to insist upon 
conditions which would render any union 
or co-operation with Lord Pulmeiston im: 
possible, whether tha Government was 
presided over by Lord Granville or any 
other person. ‘The Queen, upon being sat- 
isfied by Lord Granville that Le would only 
bo an obstacle instead of a means of facili 
tating the union between Lord Palmerston, 
who had an audience of Her Majosty which 
lasted for an hour anda half, On Lord 
Palmerston’s return from the Palace, he 
immediately set out for Richmond, to con 
for with Lord John Russell. 
he LT Lord Palmerston, but not 
under any other person, and he aj to 
stand on the stag of his rea es 
The Times says the Submarine Telegraph 
Company are to submerge a cable from 
Meyerbrunne, on the Norwegian coast, 
Lavégén, on the shores of Denmark, 
The Times’ Paris correspondent says 
thero are rumors in military circles that 
the Emperor's return to Paris may be look- 

striking a 

the States of the Church, including even 

eoinest manner, and without the slightese Serara. The same paper states that the 

have evacuated Ancona, and are retiring 
by land in the direction of Ferrara. 

Elgin has been offered the Secretaryship of 
the Colonies. 
Trade. Millner Gibson will enter the Cab- 
inét; and Sidbayaeier uel’ probably will be 
Minister of war, 

Board, and Mr, Gladstone Chancellor of the 
of for the latter office. 
the Duke of Argyle, 

He consented | the new adininistration. 

quotations are unchanged. 

-Tho evacuation o 

Ton, Tusk 11th, 

} Pavia vod Lodi, hag tt 

having eroswd the river Ada, 
my destroyed the Bridgos. — 

“Por, Vows 12th. —Lastnight tho Aus 

trian loft Bolonga, taking tho direction 

of Modena. Aftor thelr departure, a pop 

tinal cause. ‘ - ie 
Deeavey, 10th,“Prussiffy Commision 

of Passion troops, 
Commissionere en started for Muriol 
with a similar objeet. 
Romo, Jano Oth. 
A great domonstration was mudo 

Toosday thoro was a gevorm Hliuniniton: 

R Tho Russian Government has conchided 

commorcial house of Raplire & Co, St 

Potorsbungh. The details are not known. 

Tho various statements in clroulation 
that Proasia will soon abandon ber position 
of nentrality caused 0 relapse in tho funds, 
although they rest on no definate or avow- 
ed authority, and aro perhaps merely en 
camped at Borlin to. meet the excitement 
in the German States. 

Doubts as to whether a steady and pow- 
erful Governmont at home can even, yot 
bo lioped for, looking at tho element of 
which tho Liberal party is ‘composed, iv 
tho face of a compact on position, of 310 
members bad considerable influence in 
clocking the disposition. to buoyancy, 
and it is also seen that any now ninistry 
will bo placed at a grunt disadvantage by 
linving “to meet financial requirements, 
Which should have been encountered A 
Mr D'Isracli, in March or April, and which 
the dissolution evabled him to avoid. 

There wore no bullion operations at the 
Bank on Saturday. 

Tho Daily Mews says' the infux of gold 
from Russia will continue in # cousiderable 
quantity, Tt is probable thut tho receipts 
from that uarter will reach £800,000 
within a fow days. Moro remittances will 
como forward by each succeeding steamer. 
Tho Zimes’ city article of the 16th says, « 
belief tliat the new Ministry is ip tlie course 
of formation by Lord Palmerston will in- 
spire respect abroad, and without pretend- 
ing to establish conilicting relations with 
Napoleon, will conduct its intonoourse with 
France in a consistent. and dignified man- 
ner, has given inoreased strength to the 
funds to-day. The closing quotation for 
Consols was 934, both for money...On.the 
8th of July, the French funds shew an imy 
provement of nearly | alf percent. 

The 2nd installment. of 25 per cent on 
the India loan of £5,000,000 fulls due to- 
morrow. : 

Little donbt is entertained that the con- 
vention entered into. between Russia, and 
the Rothschilds will result in Rothschilds 
being tho contractors for any future Joan 
the Russian Government may desire to raise 
in raise in London. 
Milan Juno 12th—A 

army has id the river 

Turin 12th.—A telograpli from Bologna 
announces that the Austrians have evacn- 
ated that Town, . 

Panis, Juve 13,—The Patrie says that 
the Austrians have coinpletely evacuated 

part of the French 
“Adda, without 

people of Parma haye asked thatthe-French 
troops may he sent into their country. 

Beoona, Jone 12th—The Austrians 
The Daily News of the 14th says, Lord 

Mr. Cobden the Board’ of 

SirJ. ©. Lewis. president of the Indian 

Exchequer. Sir H. Bethell is also spoken 

Sir Jas, Graham, Duke o} Ww Castle, and 

liaye declined to join 

Liverpool, Jnno 18th,—Breadstufty dull, 

The weather lias been favorable for crops. 
Provisions dal] and sales tinimportant, 
Tho Liverpool produce market was gou- 

to | orally slow of sale, but prices unaltered. 

Ashes were dull. 

Consols 984 @ 98}. 

Wheat doll, and best wamples of English 

ed for soon, and that Marshall Pellisior will| sold at pura quarter under last Mondays 

ct command of the anny of Italy, 
‘The Turin correspondent says tho Sar- 

‘Coal contraband of war. 
The Paris correspondent of the London 
‘Post, says: The news-from Vienna is 
Be Ped of the army himseff, and nct 
“on the defontive, (it is believed) tuki 
eo of the Ra. Poort 
enna, Tuesday Evening, June 12th.— 
The following official news bas been reéeiv- 
cil. Benedict's corps was again allacked at 
Miligan on the 9th, loss between 200 and 
300 men, ‘Tlio total loss at Palestro, on 
May 81st, was 15 officers, and 513 men, 
killed; 1 General, 23 officers and 878 men 
piel ; and'6 officers and 774 men miss 
Garibaldi’s co 8 (hroatens central Tyrol, 
from My ‘Aleonica, 4 Valttomia, to Bogolnia.— 
Tris reported that the French fleat in the 
Adristic received powerful ro-inforcements 
yesterday, and that a landing of troops will 
soon be attempted on the coast between 
V ite And ‘TTresti, 
tis not positively known where General 
Gyauli’s end quarters woro at, but . 
by at Monten, te oe 
arg, June Uth—.Be 
fulton by Guribatai, = 2"? DM boon 
Tho Austrians have ovacuated Lodi. 
Turin, June M1th—The Austrians eyac 

of "1 
aap ta age yesterday, having blown up 
Gen). Soramin has 
Perior Commander of tha camp de chalons 
whore 3 divisions of infantry, and 1 of cav- 
aliy will bo Assembled. ~ 5,000 prisoners 
hase arrived at Karseillo and Toulon, 
Marseilles 10th; 
Throe steam Frigates have Innded 2400 
Austrian prisoners hore. y 
- The remains of General 
been brought to 

Espinosse lave 
thie town by son, 
Turin, June 10th, 

Official Dotlotins state that the Austrians 
haya definately evacuated Payia, and are 
suid to be nt Lodi, 

The allied armios aro advancing, 

General Garibaldi Sccupied Bergamo on 
the mornitig of tho 8th, and then having 
Jearnt that 1,500 ‘Roadie Wore coming 
froin Brescow, sont a cotachment to moat 

53; Norfolk 823 @ B43: 

The Emperor Francis Josapd will | 84 

June, 658 @ 654 3d for July and Se ber, 
Pera i y 2nd Septomnber, 

been appointed Su- | 

Prices, and foreign in small lots at 2s per 
quarter lower, 

Flonr dull, Tho top price of town made 
Atnerican, best 
brands, 288; good, 26s per bbI, 

Barley unchanged. Sats 6d @ 1s lower. 
Oorn, white, 825 @ 33s, 

Tallow. steady 534 on the spot; Bis for 

Yellow 823 @ 

last tliree months. 


Farther Point, June 27th® 
The Nova Scotian passed this afternoon, 
A Turin despatch says: Aflur the re- 
troat.of the Austrians from Belogna, Cay 
dalage departed icipall 
fe departed, and the Tounicipality, de- 
clared Victor Emmanuel Dictator. : 

The King of Sardinia issued the orders 
of the day, praising Garibaldi's@leeds, and 
awarding him a gold medal, of the. mili- 
tary order, : 

An Official Zeitung, say that the Empe- 
ror of Austria will forthwith .assumo im 
mediate Command-in-chief, and has a new 
position for the army, which will be taken 
up in like manner, 

Tho Austrians wero evacuating Modena, 
and were in full retreat towards the river 

Largo French veinforcements were about 
to leave Franco, 

Lord Palmerston was making good pro- 
Grest with his new cubinet, ., 

The authentic list was expected the day 
tho steamer sailed, 

Orders wore issued for the mobilization 
of the Prossian army on the 12th. 

Napoloon had moyed his head quarters 
to Gergosoll, 

On the morning of June 15th, the daily 
News says; Lord Palmerston iMoaking 
satiafactory Progress in the formation of his 
Government, and that having filled up the 
moat important Appointments, is proceading 
to allot thoso of subordinate rank, r 

Che Herald in publishing the Borlin 

ular domonstration took place, oxpresing 
tho sons of tho paoploydin fwor of theta. 

ormwvere here yesterday. nogotiating for the 
trangport by railway, of considerable bodios 
A satisfactory rosult 
was without diffloulty arrived at, and tho 


Rome, on Monday Jaat, “ Long live: the 
French Government” was shouted, and on 

f financial convention with the Moxsrs. 
Rothschilds, through tho modinm of the 

comer operemtinns | 



—_ { 
Tho [preisurd Upon our *paco to day ‘of 
intgresting details of nows from Buropé!has 
oxclided from our columns a report on the 
Harvest Prospeots in Brant and Novfoll.— 
Ta both these countios, naturally fertile, and 
usually rich in produce, during the past 
weok a perfect panic has prevailed with yo- | 
foronge to tho grops, © Te passed fromm mouth | 
to mouths that tho entire crop was destroy 
ed} that starvation waa at hand, and the 
niin of tho country coneuamated. ‘The 
mlarm, flow liko wild-froamong tho farmers, 
ind min convinded themselves aguihat 
their wills: and against their judgments that 
there was no hope of. harvest. Influenced 
by these feelings, the prowing crops have 
beén sold at absurdly low prices, and till 
more frequently offered for sale, A few 
fadert blades inty wheat field was suflicient 
fo secure its uller condomnation and to 
thiow its owner into despair. — Serious, 
sensiblo mon were found declariny that 
every thing wns Killed; and preparations 
wero made by many, if not carried out, to 
mow down the wheat for fodder, But we 
havo ivod positive information that all 
(hese fears were unvecessary. Much of the 
crop which a few days ago was given up 
for lost has sinco recovered its color and 
lossomod. Tlossoms which were declared 
to bo positively dead Lave passed through 
their regular changes and given way to the 
gradually developed berry, ‘The sellers at 
three and four dollars an acre are begging 
off their bargains, and the reapers are re 
served for the grass crop, We have the 
assurance of many experienced farmers that 
their fills were never more fall of promise, 
anc their hopes never more bright than at 
present. Buteit is not remsonable to eup: 
pose that all this alarm should have arisen 
Without any cause. Tho frosts did injure 
the fippearanco of tho-erop, and actuully 
killed some: In: light soils, in low situa- 
tions, where it was yery forward, the des- 
truction bas been gomplete. In parts of 
South Dumfries, West Brantford, Wind- 
ham and Charlottyille, there will be partial 
fuilures; but, so mach that looked hapeless 
a few cays ngo has so completely recovered, 
that we are convinced no yery serious loss 
need be anticipated,— Banner. 

~} is Majesty porsonnlly suporintonded the 
1} throwing of two bricgos of boats across the 
-| Adda. E 

Tho operation which prosented a cries 
of obstnolos, was Lowever porfeotly affootwd, 
So soon ms thy bridges were comploted; the 
-| army beganils movement, which was to be 
condludod-yostorday.  Afler some heavy 
rains, the woathor again became fino, and 
the troops aro in good spirits, } 

Tho Daily News’ City articlo of Tues 
Tho finds recvived n 
freslv iropulso this morning, owlngto the 
progress mado towards the construction of 
a now Mibistty, coupled with an inctensed: 
hopo that the: wan in, Ttly, will not be of 
long duration. , 

In the other markets.a dooided buoyancy 
was agnin sbewn, On Olivnge this) wfvor- 
noon, there wasn fair demand for bills on 

Lho Times’ city avticlostatamont, rogard- 
ine tha progress of the formation of the 
now Ministry, that it had had a good effect 
this morning, aod consols opened with real 
buoyancy, and closing prices were 4 per 
cont above yesterday's quotations 

Livgrpool Broadstuffs were genorally low- 
or, Pehiardson Spence & Co,, report thon 
8d @ 4d lowor, but not without buyers, at a 
reduction, Atmorloan 108 6d @ 188 6d, 
Whent dull, aid Bs @ 49 lower, Western 
D1s @ 064, Ditto white, 109 @ 108 6d. 
Southern white, 108@ 12860, 

Jorn deolining, and wl descriptions slight- 
ly lower, Closing nixed, 64 @ 6a 4d. 
Provisions were genevally dull, but steady. 
Pork dull, nnd steady, 
Lard dull, 
Ashes dull at 288 for Pots, and 808 6d a 
81s for Pearls, 
London whent was tending dowawards, and 
all kinds 26 @ 9s lower, 
Tew atendy, 

Consols peraccon) t, e'osed on the 14th 938 

i] ilay ovening says: 

@ fh 
fide was no price for monoy, the books being 

A Basis for Peace’ Negotiations. 

The following is very important if it can 
be depended upon :— 
[Paris Ourrespondence of the London Times} 

Confidence is somewhat restored in com- 
mercial circles and business is more ani- 
mated. Tho declaration of neutrality so 
universally pronounced at the public meet- 
ings held in a has tended much to 
this favorable change. Tlie Inte successes 
of the allies in Italy, moreover, encoarage 
the hope that the war will not be of long 

Mrs. Partington and Ike. 

A new book by Mrs. Partington is one 
of the moet agreeable literary. announce 
ments which we can make to the thousands 
who baye laughed and grown fut over her 
unique sayings, The old Jady has been some- 
timg preparing a velume, which she has 
christened “ Kuitting-work, a Web of many 

Commercial Bank of Cann 
Sacks of Fronch Flour Curry & M’Candligh, 

Now Advortisomonts for To-Day, 
Lownwhip of Elaiver Account for 1868 
a—O, 8; Rosa, 

A Gold Bolt Ring Lout, | 
House to Ront=John Caracallen, 
Tho Wookly Globe, of Friday July 1st. | 
NoticoJohn Moran, 

Hastings CC pvoniele, 

Rellovillo, Wednesday, June 29, 1859, , 


Tho lost arrival from Burope brings moat 
interonting news, ‘Xho wor’ in Italy in pro- 
grescing most favorably for the cnuso of the 
allies. Tho Austrians are on tho full retreat 
out of Lombardy, and the Italions will soon 
bo free of Austrion tyranny. Whether they 
havo “jumped out of the frying pan into the 
fire” remains to be seen, For our own part 
we have not much faith fn thé liberty which 
such an unrolonting tyrant as Louis Napoleon 
can bestow. Circontstanoos or a deap Inid 
policy may, lowever, Ko nifect his conduct that 
the Italians will receive the advantage of his 

The inteligente that Lord Palinorston ik 
again Premier will be received wih mixed 
feelings in Canada, There is no doubt that 
Canada had good friends in the Derby Minis- 
try. They stood by us in the Hudson Bay 
matter, when our own Government betrayed 
us. We haye, however, no reason to supposs 
that Lord Palmerston will not be as fayorable 
as the Tory Government, 

We will be better able to give an opinion 
of the Cabinet when we ree the namea of the 
gentlemen composing thosame, With Lord 
John Russell as Foreign Secretary, and Lord 
Elgin as Scoretary of the Colonies, we cun 
have no reason to suppose that the interests of 
Gannda will be neglected, 

The change of Mini ry ‘will, no doubt, haye 
an effect upon the European War. Lord 
Derby's Austrion proclivities are well known, 
and his conduct and ‘tone well nigh precipi- 
tated England into the conflict in aid of Aus- 
tria., Lord Palmerston on the other hand ix 
known as the champion of Italian Liberty, and 
Fy his accession to power-erupture with the 
allies is no longer a possible contingency. 

Tf the Liberals remain united and do not 
allow themselves to be sensclessly divided into 
a number of factions, they will be able to form 
4 strong Government, as it was only by this 
disunion and through the sufferance of the 


| of the patron Saints of the Manonie fraternity, 
was not apart by tho motnbers of the Stirling 
| Lodgo for tho, Initiation: of Officers. 
nides the mombers of thelr own Lod) ° 
voro a goodly number of visiting Brothren 

ln Sermon that not only commanded marked 


Triday Inst, being the nnniversary of one 


from Madoc Lodge, and from other parts of 
the country, ‘hoy assembled in their bodge 
room, Whore the installation,of the W. M, and 
Otticors for the yerr took places About half 
pat two o'clock they formed {n procession, 
cach one clothed in full Masonic regalia, head 
od by an excellent Band of Music, who played 
several stirring and lively tunes, marching to 
the head of the village, where the Marshal 
ordered them toopen outand return, March. 
ing back they proceeded 16 the English 
Church, where there was already a large 
concourse of the inhabitants, Including n great 
mahy Dadies, By tho time tho Brothrem had 
all entered thé Churcli it proved full to over- | 
flowing. ‘Lhe Rey. Bro. Preston, the Chap- 
Jain of the Lodge, 'boing also tho. resident Min- 
r, conducted the Service, which included 

attention from all prevent, but must have 
mado a lasting impression upon their minds, 
whother they belonged to tha Masonic frater 
nity or otherwise, Suffice it to say, that the 
most skeptical of the uninitiated must have 
been convince that true Masonry is founded 
on holy Writ, and that pure Christianity must 
bo advanced by every good Obristian Mason, 
The Sorvico being concluded, the procession 
re-formed outside of the Church, the Band in 
adyance;—marched back to the Lodge room, 
and thon adjourned to Bro, Cherd’s, where a 
sumptuous dinner awaited them.  Withsome 
little difficulty «all seeured seats, although 
some had to accommodate themselves to a 
side-tablo, Thore, was just room enough for 
all but nono to spare, seating bout 69, Af- 
ter discussing tho substantials, which mine 
host,*Bro. Ohard, and his worthy wife had 
provided in abundance and variety,—green 
peas, strawberries, and other raritics were 
there, besides roast beef and n fat turkey 
which would not havo disgraced the table of 
a Lord Mayor's dinner at Guaildhall,—the 
clotliwaé removed, and the usual Loyal and 
Masonic “Ponsts, were neatly. introduced *by 
W. Bro. Dy. Boulter, the W. M. for the ensu- 
ing twelve months,—after which many yolun- 
tcer Toasts were happily introduced, About 
7 o'clock the Brethren separated, and doubt- 
loss will revert to the circumstances of the 
proceedings of this day frequently hereafter, 
With pleasurable feelings, 

§t. John's Day at Consecon. 

On Friday last, the ancient Free and Ac- 
copted Masons of the village of Oonsecon ce- 
lebrated the Festival of St. John the Baptist. 
Having kindly invited their'brethren from all 
tho neighboring Lodges, a large concourse of 
Masons assembled, A nunrber of the Belle- 

Liberal party that the Conservatives were able 
to continue in power and govern by @ minority 

duration, and’ that afterone general engage- x 
‘ant a belligerents will Ey more ice Textures,” and in a few weeks Messrs. Brown, 
to liston fo the advice of the neutral Powers, | !azgard & Chase, the fortunate publishers, 
It is said that two of the most influential of | Will issue it in a very attractive form, at 
the neutral Powers have agreed on propos will be handsomely illustrated by Hoppin, 
ing nn arrangement after tho first great| WhO has caught the spirit of the work and 
battle, and, if necessaryy insisting on tho a-| Tepresented both Mrs. Partington and Ike 
doption of it by tho Uirve belligerents, on the | #2 Many of their peculimities, 
following principles—-1. The fact, that is felicity, tary 

tlie territory gained by the victorious-party Though differing somewhat from Mr 
Shail “bo accepted by all the Enropean Shillaber’s previotis volume, published come 
Powers as Tho haits of a Congress. 2. ‘The five years ago, and of which 80,000 copies 
entrance of the French into Milan, sup | Were sold, it yet abounds in quaint and 
ported by a popular manifestation, shall*be | STotes Partingtoniansayings, fine poems, 
considered’ by the European Powers as a and suggest ve essays. The opening chap- 
convincing proof of tlie reprobation of the | ‘et on the choosing ofa “ Goardian for Ike” 
policy, pursued in Italy by the Austrian '8 tonning over with fun and philosophy. 
Cabinet. 8. The neutral Powers will in- The greater part of the book is original, 
sist.on an armistic while a Congress is as-| While scattered here and there through its 
sembled, 4. The extension of the kingdom | Pages may *be found selections from the 
of Sardinia will be deemed essential, and author's recent contributions to tle Gazette, 
the Duchies of Parma and Modina, with |°f jyhich he is one of the editors. At the 
the fortress of Piacenza, are to be added to tisk of being charged with teling tales out 
it. 5. It will be proposed to form the Lom- of school, we yenture to give publicity to 
bardo-Venetian kingdom into a State dis- the following: conversation about the vol- 
tinct from the Austrian empire hut.govern-| "™e, between the dam and a prying neigh- 
ed by an Austrian Archduke. Such are | 0% who is perhaps a little jealous of our 
the ideas afioatin the more elevated com- friend SS RUCKUES Try x 
mercial circles and which have tended to So you are coming before the public. 

allay the panic produced by the declaration again,” said’ the inquisitor, looking into 
of War against Austria. Mis. Partington’s litle low window, at 
~| which the dame was knitting. She pon- 

i dered his words a moment betore replying. 
ita An English paper says that the i ERE RIYING: 
Court went into aehee for King. Bom- ul ain nota publican,” ‘shesaid at lengths 
Ratinndicondamnanteaniantalnire Br! and though Heaven knows we are none 
2. ios 
ceeding, not to say a hypocritical one, con of us .too good, - the publiesne aes Desk, 
sidering what were the qualities of the in- fe an gospel ah oer, ead 
dividual thus lamented. Lhe nation cor- \ may | gers u PY APU ABEL Hen Ook <4) 
tainly is not disposed to put on sackcloth the carpet.” “Not on the carpet, exetly,”” 
andraalies : replied she, “but something thav’s cognac 
. L ieialy PY vole 1? 5 
The sane paper, in allusion to the Prin- |‘? ie aenitting prone a = neve) ees 
cess Frederick William's recent visit to her Reraated in ina yirings Pcie aK, wo te 
mother, says her radiant and joyous counte- Hoon Sejy tnorauan e nothing cruel tn Atl ke 
nance, during her stay, gave tho best evi-|* Satyr, to wrangle like a barbed arrow 5 it 
dencaiofis copfentednnindinad ob ils haps will be pleasant to take, like a Iucubration 
piness of her married state. All Englaud va 1 Perce Uae ant at apie Pes 
will hope that this isso. The Duchess of LG Mppy. But there's no Knowing who 
Kent is now nearly restored. to health. will be governor till afterelection, and whe- 
Her Majesty opened Parliament in person ier he ee ral a por nanyae apen 
on Tuesday, avd the number of peeresses ae atal ena Ne ie k ee Peet 
Present, with the splendor of their dresses, Kaiti bE sy be abl AUST 
was mtheme of gencral remark, The rage LUNG = HPO STV APT RE: 
for amplitude of skirt is as rampant as 
ever; the fair creatures could hardly 
squeeze into the galleries, which Sir Clarlés 
Barry plaowed before crinoliae was invent: 

Ra Everybody, says the Montreal 
Transcript, has hesrd of the absurdity of 
sending coals Lo Neweastle, but something 
of the samo kind 1s taking place in Canada 
now. A decidedly now feature in the Nour 
market is the shipment from Montreal of 
400 bbls. to Belleville and Picton, 100 bbls, 
to Toronto, and 40 bbls. to Lanark, A lot 
of which came down recently from Cobourg, 
went back also, wo understand, by the sawe 
boat. There miay be other parcels of which 
we have not heard, and it is likely that far: 
ther supplies may be required for the same 
quarter. The quantity of Hour in the mar 
ket last Friday, was found by actual count 
to be 118,000 barrels, of which at least one 
halfis “s.ump taii’” ‘This latter description 
either from tho contractors or tho Com-| of four lins been pouring in’ upon us from 
pany, brought his action against the latter, | New York al & great rate since the opening 
Having passed ‘through ‘the Canadian#of navigation, boing unsaleablo in the Amo- 
Courts, the caso finally came before the |tican market, It must, in the opinion of 
Lords of the Privy Council, who dismissed | New York and Boston merchants, bo all 
the appeal of the Ruilway Com woy, and | sent to the Canudians, the fisheries, or the 
gave judgment for the plaintiff, with all | pigs. are 
the costs incurred by him in the Court be- B&F Tho Colonist is inforined by an old 

CaxavtAn ArreaL bevore THe Tousr 
oy Lonvs.—The case of Quinn vs, the Que- 
sec and Kichmond Ruilway Conipany, an 
appeal by the Defendants, before the Judi- 
cial Committee of the Privy Council, has 
been decided in favor of the Plaintiff. A 
piece of land required by the Railway Com 
pany was taken from Quinn by the Con- 
tractors, Messrs. Jackson, Brassey, Peto & 
Co,, who agreed to submit the value to 
arbitration, The arbitrators awarded £3,- 
000, and Quinn failing to got payment, 

low, and on tho appenl, F, ‘And most respectable farmer that many 

years ago a frost occurred similar to that of 
the present month. Tho wheat crop was 
then despaired of in many places, and 
farmers proceeded to cut it down and 
plough up the ground, as wo aro aware has 
beon done lately. Others, however, who 
acted more cautiously, found that, although 
tho main stems of the wheat were killed, 
their place was fully supplicd afterwards by 
the side shoots, which came forward some- 
what Jater, but still in time to ave tho crop. 
Tho nutriment duo to tho first stems wae 
thrown back to their successors, which 
“stooled out” healthily in consequence, and 
more than an° average crop was obtained. 

Tix Ineauumie Crunou.—It will be 
seen by tho Jate news, that while the Pope 
professes neutrality in the present European 
contest and orders the faithful to implore 
Heaven for peace, lis Nuncio in Austria 
is saying mass, and offering up prayers for 
the success of tho Austrian Army’ while 
in France, we have a right to presume, the 
prayers of the church aro for the Frenche— 
So that wo find this infallible church, that 
cannot err, divided into throe parties, one 
praying for Austrian success, another for 
French, and a third, the Pope, for peace, 
Theo Iatter’s is coytainly the most politic in 
tho present state of affairs, But he should 
cull his refractory children to account and 
compel them to pray all alike, or it migl 
lead herutics to doubt the unity that is snid 
to oxist in all their religious oxorcises, or 

Tr Saveo acy Live—Such ts tho roponted 
oetimony of hundreds of persons of all ages, 
with regard to the magio affect of Perry Davia’ 
Pain Killer, When every divine falle, this 
sooms to possces a perfect obarm over the vari 

Tolegram, that six 1 russian corps d! armeo 
are mobil »Snys: Of course this means 
war, Thy advent of Palmerston to power 
hus evidently induced Prussia to take this 
decivive step, and join Austria in tho strug 
gle againat france. Tho English people 
will now porcelve tho truth of wliat wo have 

thom, which though in conaidorable num: 
Yers, beat the onomy. 

Tony, Juxz 11th—The OMvial Bul- 
lotins publislied to: day—The Austrians 
evnonated Piacenza, after having destroyed 
the Citadel and other fortifications, They 
abandoned to the allios a great quantity of 

Provisions, cannon and ammuoition, Our 
troops ontored the town {nvitel by the 
Municipality. The Austrians have been 
reluborowd at Drosedo, » Village in Modona, 

before assertod, that Lord Dorby’s Govern. 
ment alone, presorved Europe from a gon. 

ous disoason inoident to wankind, Sold by 
druggists gonorally. 

2&~ Tho last weekly return of the busi- 
ness dono by tho Grand Trunk Railway, 
shows an improvement on the corrospond- 
ing week of Inst yonr of $89,00j. Tho 
wook's carnings in 1858 wore $28,828 27, 
in 1859 $38,017 2 Tho total receipts |? 

confirm them in thoir beliof, thattho church 
is pliable and nccomodates itself to ciroum- 
stancet.eJntelligencer,  *« 

Cnosaixa re Fatts.—Somo of our co- 
temporaries aro incredulous to tho reliability 
of the reports of tho intention of Monsiour 
Blondin to walk across tho Falls of Niagara 
on a Ught rope; and wo confoss to have in 

oral war, 

The Advertiser says: Lord Palmerston 
stated Inst night £0 some private friends 
that his arrangomenta aro so far completed 
that he hopes to be ablo to fo down to 
Windsor Onatlo, this evening, to submit the 
list to Kor Mujesty, or if not to-night, to 
Morrow morning boforo Lor Mnjosty Jeavos 
for Atco] 

from July 1, 1858, fo the 17th Juno in 
stant, was $2,167,037 784, boing considor- 
ably Joss than tho recoipts of last yoar, 

dulged in the samo woaknows; but tho 
Colonist of Snturday bins loarned by tolo- 
graph from Clifton that Mons, Tilondin has 
40 far perfected his arrangements that he 
ia ablo to dosignate Thursday, tho 80th 
inet., between 4 and 5 p.m, a8 the time 

Why Londen avyren !—Thone who are so for 
tunato as to have esoaped Dyapopein, and ite ate 
tondant evils, can hardly conaolve tho aufforing 
that those diseases causo, Tho wonder in, that 

heartily to oppose his political viows. 

should not be thrown away upon the party 
now in tho ascendant. 


The accounts which we daily receive from 

our exchanges of the prospects of the com-| himself to the Belloyille Masons, 
with unusual | ing harvest, are very diverse and contradic- | all of them entire strangers in Consecon be- 

as Jong as they did, ‘Lhe lesson of experience 

ville brethren left town about 74 o'clo-k in the 
morning, with Fanning’s Omnibus and four, 
and arrived at Consecon shortly after 11. On 
entering the village, the signs of fostivity were 
manifest at once; all thowindows were lined 
with gaily dressed Ladics, and the streets 
crowded with Masons and spectators. While 
partaking of some luncheon, an Officer of the 
Consecon Lodge, Bro, Cadman, introduced 
and they, 

Phe oxarnination of the echolara of this our 
Academie institution took plncd on Thursday 
and Friday of last weuk, t 
chicly taken Gp with the examination of the 
classical department; the second with the 
English branches of education, 
of tho pupils were tested in the most wearchi- 
ing Tanner, 

the examination of each class, not an if to 
make a/dikplay on suchan occasion, but hon- 
cstly to show what the young people under 
their charge really knew of thepabjects and 
how much progross, they bad mado during 
the last six months. 
followed up their qu 
deeper, nt least more 
out the smart replies of the 
ed youth, and to see how thoroughly they 
were grounded, evon to tho minutest particu 
lara, M 
high state of ‘training at which tho several 
c \ 
with astonishment the Feat the quick 
and exact inanner in. Ww n 

given to the most diflicult questions. 
villo, at the present time, may well feel proud 
of lick Grammar School, 
ita scholars have justly merited the highest 
approbation of the public, and when they 
yassed on to the higher’ places of learning 
they there distinguished themselves, and 
xome carried off the highest honors. 
sure, from its last exhibition, that its present 
inmates are not behind their predecessors, 
but many, for acqnirements, are in advance, 
and for talents, as good. 

head master, and his able assistant, Mr. Til 
leon the excellent &tate of their Bchool; 
ie: aro very confident that their labora 
will produce the richest fruits—that the in- 
dastrions and intellectual youth onder their 
care will occupy some of the most important 

and honorable situations, and be an honor, 
not only to our Town, but to our native land. 

scholars, and complimented Mr. Burdon and 

he first day was 
Tho morits 

Tyo Mord Master, and bis Aswisennt, began 

Thic Clorgymen present 
tion with othors, if not 
icklish, in order to draw 
ger-dnd talent 

It was traly delightful to witness the 

lasses had arrived; and it rust have strack 

pith answers were 

During past years, 


We horrtily congratulato Mr. Burdon, the 

At the close of thie examination, Mr, Sisson, 

Mr, M’Lean, As Carman, Principal of Belle- 

ville Seminary, Rey. A. Walkor, and Rey, J. 
Grier made some suitable. remarks to the 

duly recelved. 
usually interesting. 
quostion are particalarly able and 
and will well repay perusal, 
ara the contents c— 

new Parliament and its work, 

Our rolations to the 

as we assemble in the last session of thy 


ane for Sung 
Its contents are yn 
Tes articles on 


Tteview. 8, Lincs t a political frien 
Sontinent, 40, 

1h 4 

For the Hastings Chcontela ‘6 
‘An affecting scene now presents itmelf tog : 

day of the Conference, It is the night 

‘Tho assembly is, greatly reduced fa numba t 

many of tho preachers having lelt wines « 

final reading of the Stations.” ‘The Jin sig 
their mellow light on the onger facey ‘Currey 
towards the platiorm, while ‘business ‘baka 
hurried to its completion. ‘The galleries ga 
much of the space bolow are full of res 

citizens, young ond old, listening to the 
bates, After the reading of sundry Rupes 
and the passing of sundry Resolutions, igi 
announced by the Chair that Father Wiig) 
wishes to address some remarks to the Com, 

had been “superannuated” soma y, 

and was ebued des ty returned ees 
that he might be sent toa partioular Indidy 
Mission, where they wanted their Mi. 
sionary to be removed, and Father Wright, ( 
old friend) to be re-appointed among hen 
Now, alter two years of sojourn among the 
with the capriciousness that sometimes charng- 
terizes even white people as well, they wan 
him removed,—they “would rather hws ase 
body.” The Stationing committee, fearin, 
consequences of the antagonism, Appointed g. 
nother} and supposing our subject Was uns. 
qual to-any other charge, and wishi the old 
man to be provided for, recommended the 

Mr. Tilley on the excellent condition of the 

The prizes were then awarded as follows, 
to the victors, after which there followed a 

the Summer holidays :— 
Augusta Ashley2nd Algebra Class. 
do Senior Olnas iu Meteorology - 
Catherine Rankin—General improvement in 
her eludios. * 

tory Class, 

Henrietta Bogart—Junior Class in 

Ellon Uorrigau—Janior Class in Meteorology. 
George Filliter—Latio and Ancient History. 

Joseph Mills—Senior Geography Olass, 
Robert Perry—4th Arithmetical Class. 

do General improvement in bie studies 

George Bartlett—2nd Latin Clars, 
William E. Holton—English History. 
Ellis Benjamin —8rd Class in Arithmetic. 
Francis - 


tory. Upon the whole, however, we gather | fere, became by the Masonic charm in a very 


asa great drawback upon the Spring crops, 

worth the harvesting; while with the Fall 
crops, the midge and rust proved to be even 
morerelentless cnemies.- ‘This year, although 

no continuous period of dry weather to com- 
plain of. 
protracted and'unprecedented coldness which 


to corn, potatoes, fruit, and garden stuff of all 
kinds; but fortunately tho most of this could 

the other crops we think was comparatively 

has made its appearance in vast numbers, and 

depredations. Many were in hopes that the 
cold weather had so delayed the development 
of the fly (and it has done so for about a fort- 
night,) that the wheat weuld be advanced be- 
yond injury, Itis still thought by some that 
on this account the damage done to the wheat 
crop will bo rather slight. Wo are, however, 
afraid that iw this prediction our too sanguine 
farmers will find themselves at fault, It will 
be discovered, we think, that the same causes 
which kept back tho wheat fly, also delayed 
tho development of the growing crop; so that 
little comfort will be had from this reflection. 
We look upon the midge to be so peculiarly 
adapted to thé destruction of the wheat plant, 
that the same kind of weather which pro- 
motes or retards the growth and development 
of tho one, does so likewise of the other; so 
that the latter is seldom if ever cheated of its 
accustomed food, by any such want of coin: 
cideace in the two separate developments. 

Tho farmer has it in his power, however, 
to cheat the midge of its favorite pabulum by 
refusing to sow Fall wheat, and we think that 
this refusal has been quite gonoral among the 
farmers of the County. ‘Ihe principal crop 
in place of this staple of agriculture is Rye 
and Spring wheat, and those crops as a gene- 
ral rulo, seldom looked better, Peas, Oats, 
and Barley are also in oxcellent coniition, 
and promise an abundant J. ‘Tho Hay 
crop is, however, a failure, ‘1 pecially 
tho case with clover, which never recoyered 
the severity of the winter rains and frosts. 

We had tho pleasure Jast week of taking a 
trip fo Rochester, and through a portion of 
Munroe and Geneseo. Counties,—two of the 
host for farming purposes to of New 
York. We wore surp! " 
there more backward than on this side of the 
Lake, ‘Uhe frost has been much’ more severe 
thero than hero, while nt tho same tino very 
little rain has fallen, ‘The Corn crop was 
almost entirely destroyed, and had. to beire~ 
planted. We saw whole fields of Barley as 
white as it iain the month of August—frozen 
completely dead. Barley is, however, the 
most tender of all grain, and tho whoat and 
other cereals are expected to produce a décent 
yield, he prospects in this celebrated farm 
ing country are not nearly so good as in our 
own, oxcept in the hay crop, which is excel- 

Our Farthers could well ailord to tako a 
leaf out of the book of those living in the vi- 
cinity of Batavia, for we consider them in ma- 
ny respects model farmers, We intend giv- 
ing the result of our observations in this y 
ticular on some other occasion, hoping it may 
bo of intorest to those who may not them- 
solves have visited this very delightful section 
of the country. 

Y an: 


Tho imposition of postage on newspapers 
commences on tho 1st of July, at tho rate of 
half a cent cach, which on«n wockly papor 
will bo 26 cents per yar, and a be paid 
quarterly, halfyenrly, or yearly. In the ab- 
sence of halfcents, and to avold paying a cop: 
por instead, tho gum of dd, por quarter, or 1a. 
4d. per year, paid in advance, will be found 
tho bout way to arrange it. We havo offered 
to propay tho postage for all subsoribors sot: 
tling up to Int July and paylog a year in ad: 
yanco, and wo aro still willing to do 80, No 
paper discontinued, howovor, till @roars aro 
paid, ‘The above offer is open for a month, 

(> Tho Ottawa Citizen says: Mr. Bons 
jamin, inspiring the Hastings Chronicle, has 
pronounced against patch-work.” Our con- 
tomporary must moan somo othor journal, ns 
from our own personal knowledge wo can ni 
aurohim that Mr, Benjamin haa nover Inspired 
the Chronicle to do anything but most 

Caroxer.—The Match played on Thursday 

for attempting tho fout, Tho cablo fs al- 
ready stretched, and in now belng secured 
in position by guys. 

the affliated continue to suffer, when that in 

in tho reach of ovory ona, 

ib) ho O: J Dittors, fe witb: | resulted In favor of the former, Tho Score A 
Sport fie ee | woe not received in time for ingortion to-day, | nor is he likely to bo heard from again, 

Inat botwoon the Bellovilio and Picton olubs, 

considerable rain has fallen, except in low and 
undrained Iands there has not been enough 
to do any serious injury, while we*have had 

Tho only drawback has been the 

has proyailed throughout most of the present 
There is no doubt that the frost in 
the beginning of tlie month did a great deal 
of damage to the Agriculturalist—cspecially 

be retrieved by re-planting, and potatoes did 
not even require this. The injury done to 
slight in this locality, and+there is no doubt 
that the farmers were ‘more scared than hurt.’ 

Weare not surprised to learn thatthe midge 

that the wheat is again to be subject to its 

sweet music,” and proceeded to the front of 

—making them in many, instances scarcely | the Lodge room, where the brethren soon as- 

sembled. The Room, very chastely decorated 
and generally of ample proportions, prove 
too small on this occasion; however, all found 
standing if not sitting room, and the acting 
Master, W. Bro. Bailey, P. M., who by the way 
is, We are informed, not only a good fellow, 
but a good Mason, understanding his work to 
a demonstration,—opened the Lodge, after 
which the brethren formed in procession and 
marched, headed by the Band and a Bro. 
Marshal, whose name we are sorry we did not 
learn, for it deserves honorable mention, to 
the new English Church, which was immc- 
diately filled with the brethren, and a great 
number of the fair sex, Rey. Mr. Plecs, of 
Carrying Place, read the beautiful Service of 
the Church, followed by the 100th Psalm, 
sung ty the brethren, and a Sermon from the 
Rev. Wm. Bleasdell, M.A., Rector of Trenton, 
‘Loo much praise cannot be bestowed upon 
the Rey, Brother for his very appropriate dis- 
course; it was most instructive to all present, 
‘and still touched the heart of every Mason in 
particular, who fully understood the meanin, 
of every sentence as it fell upon his dulighted 
ear, Our pen being utterly inadequate to 
give extracts from this excellent Ser.uon, we 
have requested the Rey. Brother to favor us 
with a copy, which he has kindly promised us, 
and which will appear in a subsequent issue, 
The Sermon finished, the procession formed 
again and marched to Bro, Glute’s Hotel, to 
partake of a Dinner provided for the occasion. 
Probably two bundred sat down to dinner. 
We noticed thereat two unusual and pleasing 
innovations, viz,, first, the absenco of wines 
and spirits; second, the presence of the best, 
last gift of God, those good and pleasing spi- 
rits, the fair Amongst the guests we 
perceived volo old and yalued Masonic 
patriarchs, W. Bros. Morden and Povwer,— 
also prominent brethren from Picton, Bros. 
Dr. Evans, Dr. Macdonald, Barker, and Ram- 
say,—from Brighton, Bros. Wellington and 
Barker,—from ‘Trenton, Bros, Gordon, Ger- 
man, Cruikshank, Roblin, and Baker. Many 
other good members from those placts wore 
present, whoso names we did not ascertain. 
Belleville was represent:d by V. W. Brother 
Frantk, W. Bro. Campbell, Bros. Henderson, 
Dunlop, Evans, Geon, Moodid, Ellis, and Miles. 
The Toasts proposed in the beverage called 
“sparkling water,” were first by the acting 
fer,—"Tho Queen and the Oraft.* Dr. 
Evans, of Picton, was loudly called upon to 
respond to tho Oraft. LHe rose and saftl that 
he had been called upon to give a Masonic 
Lecture that afternoon—that he nover refused 
such o request, and was refidy to do so; but 
after the excellent discourse tho brethren*had 
heard from Rey. Bro. Bloasdell that morning, 
he thought it best to dofer his Lecture to some: 
future occasion, Ho continued by making 
somo very appropriate remarks concerning 
tho benefits of the Craft, and refuted success- 
fully the grounds taken by those opposed to 
the Order. Ho sat down amidst oud cheering. 
Tho next Voast was “The Army and Navy,” 
from the Chair. V. W. Bro. Franck followed 
by proposing thé Toast, The W, M, and the 
Consecon Lodge,” prefacing his 
some remarks in his usual happy and appro- 
priato style, 

Tho Brethren then rotired from thasDinner 
tablo, and a number of them met at Mr. Thu 
rosson’s ‘Tavern by tylod doors. Nothing very 
mysterious, howe occurred, An caves: 
dropper says he heard somo very amusing 
songs, some hearty cheers, many ‘Toasts, in~ 
cluding “The Grand Lodge of Canada,” “ The 
Grand yal Arch Chajter of Canada,” “ The 
Picton Mhdgo,” “The Moira Lodge of Belle- 
villo,” Masons’ Wives and Masons’ Bairns,"” 
and last, tho final Masonic Toast, “ Happy to. 
moot, a to part, happy to most again, — 
ppropriate responses were given. 
hron noxt returnod to Bro, Olute's, 
and parted at about 6 o'clock Ps M,, amidst 
rveeiprocal enthusiastic choers. 

Wo doubt not this sociable gathering will 
Wofas much benofit to tho fraternity of Pree- 
masons, a8 thoir excellent precopts so richly 
desorvo. ? 


Our Jail scems fatod to bo broken open. 
On ‘Thursday, two of tho prisoners occupying 
tho debtor's aparimont, broke opon tho lock 
which fastens tho door, and mado their oa: 
eapo in opon daylightbetwoon five and six 
o'clock in the aflornoon. Tho fugitives wero 
A, M. Ross and Anson Latta. Tho former, 
an old rosidont of tl.Town, hins lately beon 
astonishing tho Wostorn Yankoos with his 
miraculous skill as a physician, although, 
atrango to say, ho has never dovoted any 
particulamattontion to tho study of this diffl- 
cult profession. Ho was on a yisit to ome 
of his frionds hore, one of whom had such an 
attachment for hiv person that he could not 
think of lotting him roturn. Ife did not scom 
Jorolish such prossing attentions, and conso- 
quently, without a notios, ho took log bail, 
doing it proforablo to "spacial bail.” Late 

ta has since roturnod; the othor bird has not, 

or on busin 
Bufulo, will fy 
convenionco, and economy fo go by the way 
of Colborne or Cobourg, crossing the Lake on 
tho steamer Maple Leuf, and thgn taking the 
rail from Rochestor, if they wish to go fur- 
ther, The Maple Leaf is commodious avd 
fagt sailing, cheap in its rates, and Captain 
Schofield is a gontloman who fg never weary 
or unsuccessful in making the passengers} gusta Distrio 
happy and comfortable, 

ther Sunday morning about 2 o'clock,) a man 
by the name of McDonald, a foreman on ao 
ratt, was stabbed in tho bowels with a dirk 
knife during an affray, in which a number of 
other parties were engaged, 
man has since died of his wounds, and we 
learn that on inyostigation is now 
and we trust it may lead to the discovery. of 
the perpetrator ot thia foul and bloody deed. 

of Mr, P. O'Neill, of tho Commercial Houxe, 
pnnouncitig tho « 
marrow, of the whole of his remaining stock 
of Dry Gods, consisting of staple and faney 
articles, which aro all to ba d ‘ 
highest bidder. 
bargains may be expected, In order to secure 
them, an early attendance ia necossary, 

tisod in another column by Mosare. CG 
M'Candlish, i aun? 

publisher, Mr. Henry Prineo, of Mon 

shoot of Music sot to tho Patriotic ie "Bont 
Riflomon, Form," hy Tennyson, which 
ing the rounds of the press. It will 
bo in great demand Juat now, 
foro us hos a vory neat 

Matthew Thomson—2nd Class in Geometry, 
Jolin Mills—Is:, or Youugest Latin Class. 

that the prospect is much better this, than | few minutes aftorwatds, as much at ease in| George Henderson— 

year. The long and continuous cafly | Consccon as if they bad spent a life-time in| J#™¢3 Clarke—Junior Algebra Class. 
rains of last season, followed as they were im-] the place. he Picton Brass Band now com-| 
mediately by arather severe drought, operated | menced parading the streets, ‘ discoursing 


thunder of applause at the announcement of 

Amelin Todd—Female division of Roglish His- 
Helen Meyers—Goeneral improvement in her | circumstances of 


Senior Natural Philosophy Class. 

imlott—1st, or Youngest Geometry | native vivacity info religion, which 

Conference to place him on the su 
listy which ara ABs Our hero waa ae 
the time, but coming back this evening, hey 
what has been done—feels injared—and 
es to address the Conference. 

There he stands, his ample locks blanched 
to the whiteness of snow with the frost of 
and pleads his former toils— his present hea 
and ability to labor—and the success he] 
had on the Mission the last year,—with 8 pa 
thos that draws tears from the eyes of preach. 
ers and people. : 

Though our hero is thus introduced under 
tenderness,—and thou, 
himself knew how to be tender, and inthe 
palmy days of his Ministry to draw tears from ~ 
the eyes of his auditors, yet you are not to 
sociate the mournful mea the melancholy 
the name of jovial David Wright. “His soul 
was Maturally full of fun and frolic. Wiuy, 
homorous and mischievous, he was in boyhood, 
full of pranks and practical jokes; and bis 
youth before conversion was marked even 
more serious evils tlian these. Through merey 
he was converted young, and brought all his 
ve his 
iety an active, cheerfil, and inviting character. 

e soon began to exhort and preach; andak 
ter spending two years under the Presiding 
“Elder in what he calls himself “stop; 
holes,” he was received on trial in 1821, 

The early part of his Ministry was marked 
by great success. It was just of the character 
to suit the genius of most of the population of 

Since our last report the weather has been | Canada in that day. His preaching was des- 

all that could be desired for the growing crops. 
| Lhe reports are varied as to the probable 

ultory, slap-dash, and executive, though pow- 
erful. Hy was wonderfully great in exhorts: 

yield of winter wheat. A very respectable tion. Furthermore, he was exactly the man 

farmer informs us thar he took especial pains 
to ascertain if the “fly” is still extant, by. vi- 

siting his field véry carly inthe morning; he 
was soon convinced by witnessing it in clouds. 
We have heard: from many others that not 
only the “fly,” but the recent frost, has dam- 
aged both Wheat and Rye,—in fact it is said 
we need not expect half crop of Pall wheat, 
and Rye will be less than usual. 

Spring wheat, of which there 1s a tolerable 
crop in the ground, promises well. Barley, 
Peas, and other Spring grains, are looking re- 
markably well, 

A thunder-storm, accompanied with a fall 
of rain on Monday night, will doubtless be 

1s not plentiful, and the hay crop is not pro- 
mising, . 

Our quotations are, for Fall Wheat, 7s. 6d. 
to 8s Flour, $7 to $8 per bbl. Corn meal, 
11s 3d. per 100 lbs. Potatoes, 8s 3d to 8s 6d 
per bushel. Peas, 3s 9d to 4s. Oats,2s 9d. 
to 8s, -Rye, 4s 6d. Potash, 27s 6d per cwt. 
Eggs, 5d to 6d per doz Butter, Gd to 7d Ib. 
Hay, 45 to 50s per ton. 

S algumesipiaemeaas 

Through some inadyertence, there has been 

the above named steamer, yiz., the day and 
hour of leaving Oswego, That omission is 
now supplied. It will be seen that she leaves 
Oswego for Belleville every Wednesday eyon- 
ing at 8 o'clock, arriving here next day. We 
are pleased to learn that the Moira has, since 
the opeuing of navigation, been very fortunate, 
and that she has not made a trip without a 
full complement of freight and passengers,— 
As the route is the most direct as well os 
cheapest from this place to New York, she 
carries large quantities of live stock, for which 
she has good accommodations. We under- 
stand that in three lite trips she carried over 
a thousand hogs, which oa 

t is not necessary here to speak. The 
flattering testimonial of the leading business 
men of Oswego, last Fall, which we inserted, 
is conclusive on that score. Suffice it to say 
he has, as he deserves, the best wishes of 

‘troops of friends.” 


Parties wishing to travel, esther for pleasure 
s, to Roche&ter, Niagara, or 
it much to their comfort, 



At Trenton, on Saturday nizht last, (or ra- 

‘The unfortunate 

going on, 


Attention is directed to the advertisement 


ale by Auction, to day and to- 

isposed of to the 
It being a cee Salo, groat 


A novelty in Belleville will he found adi 


\ ah bbrabls extra Flour” from 
: ce. Whothor it is Superior or not to 
Canadian brands, we are not in a position to 

Wo havo received from tho composer and 

ik gor 
The copy ba. 

creditable to the printor, \ 

very beneficial, especially to meadows and 
grazing fields. It was much needed. Grass 

an important omission in the adyerti-ement of 

to forage in a new country, and would live well 
where most other men would starve; he would 
get his si by hook or by crook, and not 
offend the people either. “His beaming hand- 
some face, laughing eyes, and eoiabaaee 
hands, soon won his way to every heart. __ 

The day for much of what we have mention- 
ed has passed; yet, while public taste and 
manners have changed, brother W, remained 
the same. This occasioned a decline. in his 
popularity and influence, The honestold man, 
not perceiving the cause, first became some- 
what radical and contentious to the Conference, 
then disappointed and dissatisfied, which led 
a man naturally blunt and open to sayand do 
some things not quite consistent with his gen- 
ial nature and pious instincts. 

He was a great talker in Conference in his 
day. Of late, he has spoken but seldom, and 
has por more tranquil and happy in his 

His former colleagues have a lively gecollec- 
tion of the pleasant hours spent iu his company, 
He has stool by and comforted many a soul 
in “the swellings of Jordan.” It would atly 
deligtit a:l who know him to earn tliat bowie 
as happy in death as he has often been known 
to be in former years. So prays an OLD CoL- 


A little dark speck of humanity now crosses 
my iental vision, the original of which most 
Canadians haye often seen; for though born 
in England, Canada is proud to claim him. 
But how shall 1 portray what i& so unique? 
Ho stands some five feet six inches Ligh, with 
width to correspond; almost as dark as An 
Egyptian mummy, and nearly as hard—being 
little but a case of bones and sinews, His 
hair scems to have a decided objection to be- 
coming grey; for though he is now on the 
shady sidw of fifty, its original®Ayen gloss is 
not much impaired. I belieyo his eyes are 
black also, but I will not be sure; they are 
such a restless pair of little fiery orbs, that it 
is pretty hard to tell. To make some use of 
another man’s figure, he may be imagined to 
be composed of a piece of Canada’s toughest 
bluorclay, wet up with lightning, ‘Then, such 
an organization phrenologically! The dispro- 
portionate largeness of his combativencss, not 
to mention destructivenoss, would render him 
dangerous, were it not for the vory largo a- 
mount of the grace of God, which all give him 
credit for possessing. But, with this control- 
ling influence, those mental peculiarities only 
add to his executive energy. Energetic he ts. 

He entered tho itinerant ficld a married 
man, under many disadvantages, yct he sprang 
up into notice at once. ‘The testimony of Fa- 
ther Prindlo, his first Superintendent, Wns, 
that ho “nover knew a man who had so much 
preach in him.” What a ran of succoss and 
popularity he bad from-that time til] the tem- 
porary failure of his health a fow years ago! 
Long Point, Bolleville, Chairman of the Au- 
i Kingston, Loronto East, To- 
ronto District, Toronto West, and London. 
During this period, ho wns first President, 
and then Secretary of Conference. He is 
wonder of montal ability, scving ho is whol! 
solfeduented. His sernions are studied wit 
painful diligence, and every argument and 
phraso carefully elaborated, yet the matter 
comes ont as liquid as lava from a volcand, 
and nearly as hot, When he is thoroughly 
oxcited with his theme, we can think of no- 
thing but aman standing on red-hot coale 
His, hggvor, is not a creative genius; but 
an acquiring, adapting, appropriating one— 
To use his own account, lie # begs, borrows, 
and steals, from the living and the dead. 
But then, it ix all fused over again, and roa 
into one homogeneous mags, 

Thovgh ho is a man whom his brethren 
"delight to honor,” hoe doce not take a vory 
conspicuous part in tho deliberations, or do 
‘ngs, of Conference, besides serving on most 
of ita important cominittees, Lo ix better a& 
an Executive officer, than Legislator. Two 

things scom to prevent his being an effective ” 
obator: first, his unfeigned modesty; se 
ond, hin inability: torcommand himaell tn ee 

midst of so much confudon and exeltomentk 
He does ost at n sot speech, 

Soveral slight productions, such as sormonky 
Lectures, Roviows, &e., havo emanated front 
his pon; and, like overyth ing else about hity 
they aro all sui generis, With rowuroing 
Health, his activity and influence ane retarn* 

Bot his greatest praiso is that ho is 
Mansa faithful, Inborious pastor—aud- 
Y Sucoorsfal in promoting conversions ani 
revivals of religion, Who will not recognize 

in tho abovo sketch, the features of HENRY 

HH" The Corporation rate, in the Gity of 
Ottawa, for the present year, will bo on 
frightful iinposition, no less than vo able 

A earanGs, and ix 
r. John Lovell, 

lings aud) twosneucs halt y io. the 
peat: opeuce half penny 

ion is this:—This aged Minister MM 

ing hog- 









BP Woor is declining on account oft 

his celebrated Liver Pills, can now be had at all 
respeotable drag stores. None genuino without 
[34] FLEMING BRos, 

‘Witt Ervectvancy Cene Liver Comrise, Drs- 
rersts, Jauxpice, Cunosro on Nenvous De- 
mitity, Diseases or tur Kipners, axp 
ALL Disksers antstxa From a Dis- 
Onpenep Liven on Stosracn, 

Every family should have a bottle of these Bit- 

ters in the house. 

One Doso will instantly roligvo n sick stomach, 

One Dose will cure the mest distress'g hoartburn, 

One Dose will allay avy agitation of the nerves. 

One Dose taken an hour before meals, will give 
& good appetite. 

‘One Dose will, in many cases, cure the most se- 
vere headache, when proceeding from a dis- 
ordered stomach, 

Thee Bitters can bo obtained at any Drug- 
gist’s or seller of Patent Medicines in the United 
States and Canadas. Price 75 cents per bottle, 
Seo that the signature of C, M. Jackson ison 
the wrapper of each bottle 44-2 

the signature o| 


O% Satarday evening last, while riding, 
between the Lower Bridge and Reed’s 
Distille ngston Road,a GOLD BELT 
RING, Mark-Master’s Jewel enclosed. 
Any person finding the same and bringmg 
it to this Offite, will be snitably rewarded. 
Belleville, Jane 28, 1859. 45:2 



the Bank has, ‘however, the transactions have 
yielded sufficient profits to pay usual Divi- 
dends, meet losses, and to nad something to 
Profit and Loss Account, More than this, in 
such a year as tho past, conld not reasonably 
bo expected: but in the circumstances, it be- 
comes matter of congratulation, as showing 
that in the worst ef ‘times, with prudent 
management, the capital can be worked with 
safety, and so as to make a fair return to the 
In Jast Report allusion was mado to the 
then coming harvest. The expectations form- 
ed were not realised, for it fell far short of an 
average one. This made it necessary to ex- 
ercise oven increased caution in all money 
transactions. So far as the opinions of the 
Directors could be made to influence the cus- 
tomers of the Bank, that influence was used 
to induce all partics to coufine their business 
to the most moderate limits, and to use the 
Greatest cautibn in giving credits, Generally 
this course has been followed, and much of 
the result of the Bank's business may fairly 
‘bo attributed to its adoption. While the 
prospects of the approaching harvest are un+ 
derstood to be very good, yet as tho cropa 
have not been secured, it is only prudent to 
be prepared forthocontingency ofa deficiency 
should it unfortunately arise. Ifthe harvest 
Prove to be an average ono, it will do much 
to restore the country to the prosperity of 
former years, 

Since last Report, the lawa Togarding In- 
torest have been partially modified, The 
change ix a step in the right direction, and 
has undoubtedly tended to introduce foreign 
capital into the conntrys still it is but a par- 
tial improvement, and it is to bo hoped pub- 
lic opinion on the subject will cre long fav 
such an inflcence on the Legislature, as to 
cauee a total abrogation of the restrictions up- 
on loaning money. 

The setUed policy of the Bank, referred ¢o 
in former reports, has beon steadily followed 


Containing 280 lbs, Each, 



through the past year. The Bank has been 
kept in position, and all legitimate wants of 
customers have been promptly met, 

‘The Cashier reports his satisfaction with the 
attention to duty shown by the Managers and 
other officers of the Bank, 

JOHN HAMILTON, President. 

It wan then moved by Jonn Paron, Esq., 
seconded by Samu, Muckirstow, Etq., and 

Resoloed—That the General Statement of 

the affairs of the Bank and report of the Direc« 
tors now submitted, be received, adopted and 
printed. for the information of Sliarcholders, 
Passed unanimously, 





Cull ot 
Bellevitlo, May 23, 1859. 


4 ess Farm consists of about 180 acres, in 
2nd con. of the Township of Rawdon, in 
the County of Hastings. 

FA) Acres Cleared and well Fenced, 

well watered, and in the highest state of cul- 
tivation, It is pleasantly situeted on the 
mail ronte bet* een Stirling aud Seymour 
East, being two Farms. ‘There is on it 2 
good Frame Houses, 2 Frame Barns, and 
other out houses. Also a Store and Store- 
house kept by the present proprietor. 2 
Blacksmith's shops, Bi stores and a School 
House, within halfa mile of the Dwelling 




25, cash ; from £25 to £100, 4 months 

Sate at 1 o’crocx, Swarr. 



ai flouse. Thig is a rare chance to obtain a 
splendid and beautifully situated Farm, 
Cheap. (<$ Price £1,000, cash. 

(<7 Por further particulars apply to Alex, 

TERMS :—Under £ 


Seymour East P. 0.) to 
JOHN ALLAN, Proprietor, 
June Te 1859. 


Potash Kettles, (warranted) 168 8d por 100 Iba, 



DRY Goo vs AND FR 


givelte Superfine Flour, joo do. 
Canado Sup, Plour 218 2d toe22 6 d 

EBETRA FAMILY FLOUR, |Suporinolyotiou, is 9 
From Canada Fall Wheat, Corn Meal, ws " do, 

Fancy do, 
Superfine No, 1 do, 
SnperfinaNo. 2 do. 

manufactured at the 
and for sale in Barrels and Bags, in lots to 
suit purchasers. 
nl " 

Ovor Mr: Lewis' Hardware Store, 


Mess Pork, 6d per pound, 
Sinvked Shoulders 6d per pound, 
do Hamre, 74d por pound, 
Hay Rakes, 74d to 10d each, 
Grain Cradles, 88 to 108 6d ench. 
Soythos, Snaiths, Forks, to,, do, 
Salt, 98 6d por UbI. 

Tho Highest 

Belleville Price 

Ibs. freight to Belleville. 

Belleville, Jura, 1559, 


Menzies, Belleville, or (it by letter, pre-paid, 

PAID for 
; the Barrel or othorwiso, less 
Tnepection 4d ie 100 tbs, and 16 6d per 100 

Y Wife Mary, having left my bed and 

at 74d por Ib. payable in Goods at Lowent 


Tin Ware, of every description, 

Nalways in Stock, and particular attention is 
directed to tho é 


whith is fast snperceding all othet kinds in 
use, and which only noeds a trial to recom- 
mend it in preference to any other, 

7" Houses fitted up with every descrip- 
tion of Stoves, Grates, and Poruaces, on the 
shortest notice. Very careful attention paid 
toall Job work. All orders exectted with 
| the utmost despatch. 2 
He fears no Competition. Terms Taberal, 

te The highest price paid for old copper, 
Rags, and Sheepskins. 


Belleville, May, 1859. 39y 

We gclliy he COMMPNE —— : ee ee aes es ee = 
depression in the New York and Bo, ton mar On BRE TAL BA NK OF ¢ Sr 
. wl " LU i i . STHA EXq,, for his etfi- 
Rix AM Sombie tels aneled at da Aad. for Ger , “— olent pgp duet in the Chair, Bassed unani= Mi UNI CIPA LITY OF ELZI V ER 
{un extreme rate, Tho latest wales on tame ie] ——oreere ewe M8 18th Teme, 1859, |e" SIRANGI NGL 
iN eX The latest sales o vin} Ses ¥ E ; : : 
Montreal aro 186A. ‘The cash price ly about! FSS SPS rea OS Sei, [Inaccount with MICHAEL LANGLEY, Treasured, for the year 
As, Si — Titness, 23¢h, SRR 2 BEY, BEE | ————— = ending 31st December, 1858, 
oth TOMAMAWK FOUND INSIDE A SAWLoo,— BeRSs eRe a Nyigh INT Oo doll Bl LC kK. eo SS see! 
ho Messrs. Gibson, who own. a sawmill in ro EB oe BRE gas ES = ar a RemeOCoBIPT Ss. 
tho neighborhood of Caledonia, were engaged FHSS ARRA Re Px - et REET IEC py, | 1858. * 
© fow days ago, in sawing a pine log of about BPR eo ‘3 13 g et nt AX? IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVEN, Tnxow for 1858, £162 19 4 
two foot and a half in diameter, shen an uk B BCS RAG ee BE & two largo aud commodious Leas uncollocted, per list, £10 0 1 
Usual screenhing of the saw attracted their ate BBO Gn Bib a. FIRST CLASS STORES ‘And nbsonteo tux, 83 0 7 
tention. They examined the ‘cmtso of the 5 aS y | o> BA fitt eral —_—— 43.9 8 
Hoiko, and found in the centre of the lo an fy: a, jee wes ted up eomplotes two Dwellings, and several weaee £109 0 
Totisn tomahawk, in the eye of which was n & § £s Bre Tos | Pelican fa the : / wet : 
Piece of rotten wood, a part of its former hans Se Rae $ : F 3 i “HENDERSON BUILDINGS,’ AVE N. LICENSE ; 
le The log was otherwise perfectly sound, & i m . rea E Intely orected ov the Re ynolle Dlosk, Town of TAVERN) LICENSES, 
Tue Goversuent Guaxv ro Cov a fap mw + bob st Belleville, opposite the Upper Bridge. P at : 
Sootsrims.— Wo beg to remind tho Trea 5 RS! s 8 & gE a % . f July 18th, Charles B, Bogart, He 4 4 
Urers of County or Electoral Division Apri. | S Bs 3 3 Pia Re & ALSO, FoR SALE OR TO LET,} “27h, William Dimond, 5 2 ; 
culiural Societies, of the i Sy Sa (a fk BB SB. &lrhatywen known boantitah nad vetensive pri ——— (17150 
at a) © important fact that} @| SSBS sg S| =s Vato Yealdenco-(olf Church Strect, Bellovitle) ——- 
the affidavit stating the Amount Of subsanip.| 2° FEF Ta Pepa with the grounds and Garden thereto attachod £117 4 8 
ons in hee vais ne the yenr, must be ty % formerly Owned by N. G, Reynolds, Eeq, and 
Uansmitted’ to ‘the Board of Agriculture, | 2 ta | lately occupied by’ Dr. Walton, 
Toronto, on or beforo tho Ist day of July] | cE a B Bl. #8 Ser nai Be Bin Osh DISBURSEMENTS. 
ae they ull nF te entitled to re z Sees 3 S . Sa A comfui'table Cottaye nnd ‘Garden on Goorge TOWNSHIP OFFICERS, 
The doo, eats “ fre tle A ieee B/S Ss 3 s 5 Ss Riess ext thy residence of Houry Corby, Haast 1869, —_— 
eument to He adctressed to G. Bucks aes me] ie * 4 Rough cast Cottage and Lot in Weet Boller ‘1 \ “di £117 6 
Jand, Esq. Secretary of the Board of el POR SSO IES 5 3 eS villo, “neat, tuo! Lawer Bridgoy "a Bealiog di sees i nib batiay ales ately rt ay 6 
culture, Vorohto,—Agriculturist, SH NR a7 eee CF a Eee r a Febra’y 19, Anson 3B. Row, - « 11 6 
he Chioxersns.—Eloven English 2 Bs £ E 29 ef tho eeldonco of Dr. Henry 5 and Store| 19, Daniel Thompson, 117 6 
cricket players are coming to this countr Z f = a) honse & Wharf in front.of*tho residence o “ 15, William Leslie, Rond Surveyor, 6 6 0 
in September next, to play against erik Ree By a 2 2 See 2 Toke uae a tila April 18, James Mafrs, Clerk, Piped 
crs of América and Caunda. ‘They. will 1A Beugt ‘ moWeea ey GEO, E. HENDERSON, “18, " «expenses to Belleville, 117 6 
play two matches in Montreal, one here, gense2 gS “98 oF e Barrister. | January, J. N. Hick and W. Gray, audiors for 1858, 100 
and one in Philadelphia, ‘The particulars es Sem B. * Feces Ep Juno Wth, 1859, 43) Michael Lang)ey, Treasurer, 6 0 0 | 
of the matches are nat yet Arranged, but ® begs Ba Bo 3! 3 9 ——— 81128 
the wholo affair is onder the Supervision of Fen yy Fag & rg . . 
the St. George Club, who "re to pay all pas bs Fa xS ae S ¥ ” 3 ROADS, 
tho expenses of the English players, “Tho ps8 g watt 29 isan 4 a S 2 - 
ni Tee will como off in September, on FEE, 8 t E: RQ: a> Oo bey re § co | Febru'y 16, Jeremiah Kelly, rent‘of land for road, 0 15 0 
he St. Georgo Cricket Ground, which i 5 Db a re 
now being constructed for them im Hobo. Sia : 3 a ae oe ns SCHOOLS &SOHOOL SUPERINTENDENT, 
e0, at An expensa of about $2,000, The = 3 8 $3 a 3 ya . Ss (=) 4 2 len SB é : ae 2 
‘eleven English players, we learn, are to play | & $ 2 33 eB = (@) i= A . - &|April 18, Janes Mairs, Superintendent, 60 0 
against twenty-two American cricketers in| | 5 5 2 © 8 fal} | HB Z S {March 1, Robert Sharp, Teacher, 1 0 84 
their matches hero wd in Philadelphia, and S| = & SB a 3 os} B r= Ba Zz s vi 12, Mra. Wiggins, 8 1 Bt 
the same number of Canada men at Mon-|* * . us foel ea Bel oc St 14, Jobn Mclnerny, 2 610 
treal—Vew Fork Tribune, Sis wes g ao Ay 8 18, John A, Dickenson, sel Dea 
7 STARS a a AES eo es baleteay ha = } = 7. me] Aprit 14, John A. Dickensyn, 314 6 
FROM THE PRESS, Zils & $s 3-8 “14, Niey A, Davis, 2 7 Wy 
S own) aa, 
e/e 8 ss 2 FS ‘ — de gz mg] « 15, Robert Sharp, 01W 1 Ae 
ol ro o oS Sw rad 8 — : ied | = tae : 
elwaeae 49 65 ol x || 8 > 0 Bae S ASSESSORS & COLLECTORS, 
ot "3 
y 3 toy by} te 2 Sater j 
‘wervants, For many of these cases, Davis” Pai, r G, §. ROSS, Cashier, ws April 12, John Hailston, 80 0 
Killer is an indispensable article. “In diarrhen Seer UH is Tne a) af E 3 i 18, Martin Riggs, | Bulb 
tins been used and effected cures For cuts ingston, 18th Jane, 1800. J = oO. 8 = 16 0 0 
and bruises it is invaluable —N, ¥. Examiner, j , — o Ae Oo 
keay Davis? Paty Kitten—This tovdicine |, ho Annual general Mecting of the Share- AS § : = 
thas become an article of commerce—-n hing no holders of 'the 'Contmercial Bank of Cannda, = hie) MISCELLANEOUS, 
smedicisie ever became before. Pain Killer is ax | V8 held at Kingston’on Saturday the 25th fy 2 pecans 7 
much an item in every baleof goods sont to|Uay of Juno, 1859, in conformity with the i ==) le yaa April 18, Books, stationery, &0,, 215 44 
fountry merchants, as Ten, Coffey, or Sugar.— | Charter, ( ee a Ae Ss FJ] © 18) Corporation Seal ag i 
‘This fact speaks volumes in its fayor=-[Gleas | The meoting having been organized by the i=} — els ) 4 2 P i —— 315 4h 
Fulis Moesenger. f % apectatmen of His Worship. the Mayor of ) = pe) vn in} ry, 4118 3 
.. Davis Veorranie Pany Kicen—Notwith ingston, as ‘Chairman, the Hon. Jolin Ham-+ [a3] ‘a g 4 Balance in hands of Treasurer, 
mapsing tp mary imitations of this article, and | jlton, President of the Board of Directors for a aa = the RS 
i Maraeener piedilnes in the pany hebarelen dic’ the past year, submitted the General State: i= =| BO, =| : > #1 7 4 «8 
ry Davie’ Weqatable Wola lee sale of es ment of the affairs of the Bank as.on the 18th ep ifza) 3 eal We, the undersigned, have examined the foregoing accounts, comparing the several 
the whole of them put Nogeihecs sitio cheer June, 1859, and thereafter read the following a S af et charges With the vouchers produced, and find the same correct. c ae 
the fow articles that are, just whnt they pretend 3 REPORT. eo 7, The balance dus the Municipality from the Treasurer on the 1st June, 1859, being 
“tobe. Try it—Brunswick Metograph, 45 2 | Mr, Chairman and Gentlemen : . 2 Loar) 3 fo) = Forty-one Potinds Eighteen Shillings and Threo Pence, (£41 18s 3d). 
I beg to submit tothe meeting a copy of iva) @) ‘i JAMES N. HICKS, ) * 
Holloway's Oiritinenit anit Pills —A most er} the usual General Statement of the affuirs of = nel < i 4 [Signed] WILLIAM GRAY 4 f Auditors. 
roncous ster rerae in this country ir relation | the Bank as on the 18th inst. 68 2 7 . . 5 =o Ee } 
Fan or piles’ They are sutlered ty kbs profits, including balance of Profitand S) i) o = 4 0 Bridgewater, Ist June, 1859. 
¢ se erm ph tts ite blood, because, for. |Loss Acovunt, at 12th June, 1858, after de- Ee a = He LE 
‘wooth, i deemed dangerous to meddle with | quotion of expenses. of management, and om ies sl A Y P i 7 BELLEVILLE 
thom. Now we tndertake to say that every charging bad and doabtfal.debts,-have been |, # =) Bea 4 AH O z y 
form of the digense enn be expeditiously enred $B84109:57, (£96018 25 41a.) Oy = 1 
fapeesi ts mlstereatsi eer. atte z ee havetecamenn (Sle & TI ae Depot 
daxaye idan Oiseirats its ere cre hesuaparaiitvvallne/Dis FQ iS (S fy oS Ae ta" If you Want 9 good article 
the acrid irritating matter which produces the idend No, eo : i A 
hemorrhage wus te Gintmet etn 2a Streit j ee a wi aeiaiat 4 ce LZ = OPas DEED DERE, } Opposite Commercial Howto, Front St. 
lxamic styptic, closes ‘the mouths of the re- NDE i = y ‘ag 
tse Mos setae tear th termin of de onan a avin OAM ns “MH 08 <A MS 4 Q His EP MEAGHER. LJ, W. TORN ER 
e ee Na gent eae ies alreduclidn GORD eee te SE CO eh i @ choi Sain ea ie HOLESALE and RETAIL Dealer in 
Permanent cure is achieved. aocdl coat Ppl oY ral ornare s Zz “A 0 Zz A a 3 (> If you wish some choice Sugar-cured STOVES of ae clneeieontertsin 
A VALUABLE FAMILY MEDICINE. "$000,409 91. 2017 6 7 8 : 0 Re Aas Bans, Shoulders, or other Meats, | American Ranges, Wood and Coal Cooking, 
C2 So celebrated has Dr. M'Lane’s Vermi | leaviog'n balancesof $53,728:20 (£13,480 16 4) ye hi ss: ee Call at Parlor, Cylinder, Halland Box : 
foxe, prepared by Flemiug Bros,, of Pittsburgh, | at credit of Profit and Loss Account. _ jam Wr Zz S MEAGHER’S. SRrOVEsS 
Pa., becoing, that itisrogarded asthe only speci: | ‘The Reserve Fund remains as stated ip Jost =} tH} (e) aac} 3 re hich for beauty of design, sy tri Al 
fic cure for worms, Families should never be | Report, $600,000, . 5 See OR = tar Ifyou wish the Lest of Meee eae y COBIa IS, Taann LEA) oe 
without a supply of it. Atithis scnson particu] Meal Estnte Account (or Bank Premises) has “ =, pe hy pearauce, and ’economy of fuel, cannot 
Tarly, when worms are so troublesome and fre- | been increased by expenditure on buildings, op) FS ~t 4 Buns FLOU R35 _, _ Dewtrpassed: 
quently fatal among children, parents should bo | now iu: coursa of erection at Hamilton and O2rHH <a & Baths, Refrigerators, Water Coolers 
dj ‘ 5 ‘Call at - ’ 54 fi ’ 
watehfal; and on the first appearance of those | London, required forthe safe and convenient os = | OQ wo = : MEAGHER'S. Bilt athe Sastly a ited Fi 
distressing symptoms which warn us of their conducting of the business at these Branches. — —S <2 ie) i) 3 f ; oof aeeuebiee cies leave * Let 
‘Presence, at once apply this powerfil and effi. |The account will be materially reduced, when LL? fax) eal yeet) a proof Stove-pipe Rim, always ou hand. 
adie remedy. We are con! dent that it only | the premises now eccupied at Hamilton are AM i q a Corn-Meal, Oat-Meal, Beans, TANNERS! HEATERS, PLUMBING, 
quires a trial, to convince all that it richly | sold andsealized. Meantime the Directors have z Ras ee Bell Hangi Gonteral © Work 
‘merita’the praises that have been Javished up- | written off tho vsual amount in reduction of the | = ae Ej Dried Apples, Coarse- ell’ Hanging, and Gohéral Oopper Work, 
~om it, Tt is sofe and infullible. Volumes of | costiof all tho Bank’s property. i es) = e B a G . & Tin Roofing, Eave Troughing, 
certificates. can be produced, showing its great | In:nddition to the information contained in Ora Trains, &e, Cy ‘Conductor Piping, in a new and. superior 
med epee Tae Ae aig Statoments, the pisses HAG ie report ie ~ tay" As well as every description of : ] style, and 
‘ Y earelal sk for | that, in consequence mainly of the diminish- 3° x 
manent ae nae ed exports of the country for thepast twelve 5 GROCERIES, kgetctoren aha tana aeoren et eR 
"AN other Vermifuzes in compatiton aro worth: We Hae eal He Tce iS Can be had at —From his experience in this business, he 
Joss. Dr. M'Lane’a genuine Vermifuge, -also aa tia adad cs feels confidént of giving entire satisfaction. 

Commercial Bank of Canada, 

Divipend No. 52. & 

OTICE is hereby given that 4 Dividend of 
Four per ceit on the Capital Steck of 
this Institution, for the half year ¢nding 80th 
Juno next, has been this day declaréd, and 
the same will be payable, at the Bank and its 
offices, on and after Friday, the 1-t day ‘of 
July next. ‘Che Transfer Books will be closed 
on the 15th of June, and re-opened on the Ist 
of July. 

The annual general meeting of Sharehold- 
ers, for the ‘olecuion of Directors, will be held 
at tho Bank en Satorday, tho 26th day of 
June, in conformity with the Charter, when a 
general statement of the affairs of the Bauk 
will be submitted. The Chair will be takon 
at noon, 

By ordor of the Board, @ 
C, S. ROSS, 
Commercial Bank of Canada, } 
Kingston, 26th May, 1869, Swell 

Forwarding & Commission 
nT s rw Bs ss. 

NE Subscriber having leased tho Store 
Howse and Wharf owned by Billd Flint, 
Eisq., for the purpose of doing a Forwarding 
and Commission business, would respeotfully 
solicit a sharo of the public patronage. By a 
Jonts acquaintance with, and a strict attention 
to tho business, he hopes to be able to give 
as full satisfaction and for as cheap rates aa 
any of his compotitora, 


WOUL> rempeottollyatidontee to bis friends 
4nd the public, Hot hy'hna'tuken thé pre- 
thides lately oconpled nwh Crokery Store, di- | 

reetly opposite K, Holden's Drng Store, where {| 

iw Coes to exceuto all orders if 

Th, oppet, Sheet Iron Ware, 


He will Keop constantly on hand evorything 
connected with 

Sey a. YW = ep > 
and his line of Business. He trusts thot the 
favor with whicli his endeivors have heretofore 
been received wincd cOmrhtncing business in 
this Town, will be exteuded to him in his 
new establishment. { 
Bellevillo, May 2nd, 1859, a 

And River St. Lawrence, 


. 2 


\ ILL, diring thé present season, make 
regular weekly trips from the Head of 

the Bay to Montreal, as follows :— 
Downwitrds, will leave 
Trenton every Monday at 6 o'clock A.M 
Belleville * 4 10th AM 
Kingston « uo Dewsh PIM. 
for Montreal and iitermediate Ports, arriving 
at Montreal by Day Liciir ‘én Tuesday,— 
thereby givitiy passengers the benefit/of the 
| delighiful econvry on the River St, Lawrence. 
Upwards, will leave ~ 

eo a 
Scott Bray & Co's, 
Mis#es and Children's Sixes, for sale at the 


Bellavillo, 78th June, 1859, 

BWW S 2s 





Belleville, May 14, 1859: 

nn ee 

TE Subscribers lavingeadvertised to excWange. for WOOL 
a large assortment of 


PAY Cast 

to those who do not wish to exchange, for 


J.& J. BOOTH. , 

Celebrated Female Pilla! ! 
Prepared froma Prescription of Sir J. Clarke, 
M.D., Physician Bova, tothe Queen, 

This invaluable medicitic tp unfnilfhg in the 
cure of all tho¥e painfal and dangerous diseades 
to which the femalo constitution is enbject, It 
moderdtes all excess and removes all obstruc- 
Gions, brid b speedy ‘cure may be relied‘on, 


Montreal every Thursday, at 4o%lovk P.M, 
Kititston every Saturday, at 8 o'clock A.M. 
for Picton, Belleville, Trenton, and interme- 
diate ports, arriving at Trenton same evening, 
The St. Latorence being a well known fh: 
vorite boat, haying every convenience for the 
cotnfort and sifety of Passengers, will carr 
passengers and freight at reasonable terms, 
For Freight or Passage apply to the Cap- 
tain on boant; Joseph Doyle, Wharfinger, 
Kingston; Capt. Maxwell, Montreal3 or to 
John Meagher, Prodtce Merchailt, Kingston. 
March, 1859. 30 


HE Subscriber having receirtly éreéted . 
new building on the site of the premises 

| lately destroyed by fire, bezs ‘to avnounce to 
his iriends and the public geneta!ly, that he 
has pat in it derfuctly new Machinery of the 

“| most improved kind, and is noty prepared to 


and begs to say that all those fayoring him 
with their patronage can depend upon their 
orders being promptly executed in the most 
satisfactory manner- .He will, as usual, keep 
a large and extensive assottment of CLotus, 
consisting of 

Broadcloths, Cassimneves, Satinetls, Doe- 

skins, Tweeds, Full-cloth and 

which he willbe p.eased to exchange for 
WOOL, on the most reasonable and advan- 
lageous terms, 

5 mens 
‘The Highest Price in CASH 
will also. be paid for WOOL to those not 
wishing to excharge for Clott. He hopes to 
receive a liberal share of public: patronage, 
being’ fully conviiced that he will be able 

to give entire satisfaction to those favoring }~ 

him with a'call; and be would respectlully 
request those havin Wool 16 dispose of, to 
call ang see him beldte selling elsewhere. 

The highest price in cash Will%ilso be paid 
fer HIDES, Snerr and Carr Sxiss, 

Ho would at this time ‘ener his sincere 
thanks for the very liberal patronage he has 
receivéd during the past years in which he 
has been engaged in business, and for the 
many kind 6Xpressions of sympathy tendered 
to him on the occasion of the Factory being 
destroyed by fire. 7 

N. B,—Purticular attention will be paid to 
Custom Carling and Cloth dressing, which 
will be done in the best manner, and war- 
ranted to give entire satislaction. 


Belleville, Apyil, 1859. = uf 

Grocery & Feed Store. 

LT AY. been a long time in the Grocery 
H ugs LO return thanks for pnst fa 
yors, and acquaint his customers and tho public 
generally, that he has removed to the premises 

Lately Occupled by F. TAYLOR, Jr., 

Whore le is prepared to keep on hand all ayti- 
les connocted with a 


He hopes to merit a share of public patronage 
and support. 3 

Lea Caads Helivered to any part of he Town 

Bellevil'e, April Lath, 1859. 


1859. Ade is 1959. 



commence her regular 
h, at 1 o’clock, P.M, 

‘ars for New York and Buffalo. Returiing, 

touching at the above mentioned places, on 
WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, at 8 o'clock, 

or imme: intely after the arrival of the Cars 
trom the Lost, Ocy- Jor freight ov passage 
apply to the Captin on board. 

0? Cabin Passage, inoluding one ment, from 
Belloville, $3; from Mill Point, $2.50; Picton 
and Stond Mills, 82, 

tar Every attention will bo 

Riven to the 
conveying of Live Stock and 


it is peouligrly suited, It will, in a vhort tinte, 
bring on'the monthly period with regularity. 

Ench bottle, price Ono Dollar, beara the Go- 
vernment Stamp of Great Britain, to prevent 

In all cases of Nervous and Spinal Affections, 
Pain in the Back and Limbs, Vatiyue om slight 
exertion, Palpitation of the Henit, Hysteric, 
and Whites, theso Pills will effect a cure when all 
other méans haye foiled, and although A pow- 
erful remedy, do not contain iron, calomel, anti- 
mony, or any thing Wurtful tS the constitntion. 

Full directions ia the pamphlet around. each 
package, which should be carefelly preserved. 

Sole Agent for the United States and Canada, 

JOB MOSES, (Late I. C. Baldwin & Co.) 
____ Rochester, N.Y. 

NORTHRUP & MOSES, Newcastle, Whole 
sale Agents for Cannda West. 

For sale by 1. Chandler, M, Sawyer R. Hol: 
den & Go., nod Dr. Coleman. 7-Bio 

Notice to Teachers! 

We next Quarterly Meeting of the Coun- 

ty Board of Education, for the examina- 

‘tion of ‘Tedchers, 1s appointed to be held at 

‘School House No.3, (Me Steele’s,) Pinnaclo 

Street, Belleville, near the Wesleyan Metho- 
dist Church, ol 

Thursday, July 7th, 1859, 

at NEN o'clock, A. M., precisely, 
Candidates are requested to présent satis~ 
factory testimonials of moral character from 
Clergymen or Superintendents. : 
Teachgrs plete bear m ‘mitHa that the 
‘examination will ‘be ‘couduefed by printed 
‘questions and written ‘answers. 
Candidates are require! to send to tho 
Secretary at Trenton, (pre-paid,) at least one 
week before the Examination, the subjoine 
| particolars: wry A 
Ist. Post Office Address. 
2Qud. Certificate of Character, =. , 
3rd. Class ot Certificate (if azy) obtained. 
Any Candidate not complying previous! 
with these stipulations, will not be receive: 
ou the day of Examination. Seles 
By order ofthe Board, " - , 

Ny ot hee Secretary, 
Trenton, Jute Teh, 1859, 44.3 


LSE Sse 
A S23 




Bre HAT, 




D id i the 
TIE undersigned respectfully ihforuis the 
public that he has Fousht JH. Rector’s 

by making good and durable work, Any or, 
ders for 4 2 
Double or Single Gain Twist Rifles, : 
Top and bottom, or any, other kit of GUN; 
fis well a8 repairing, Will be naeNE NY wil i 
despatch, and the work Beta uth 
Belleville, May 24, 1859.  6i040 
N. B.—All persons having left Rifles &o, 
with Mr, Rector for Ts, are requested to 
call for the sume fort! h (emp 

"Sheriff's Sale of Lands, 

’ Y virtue of a Writ 
Coumys it. i | of Fieri Faoiis is- 
aued out of Her Mayesty’a County Court of 
the County of Hastings and to me direote t, 
against tho lands and tenements.ot Marita 
Halloran, ut the suit of George Fonntngs | 
have soized and hiken in Excoittion ho 1 - 
lowing lands and tenumbnts, viz:—All thnt 
cortain traet or parte! OF Tine and. premises 

of Hastings, 

Rifle Factory, and hopes to satisfy every one | ft 

eR a ed 
ia rae a eer Se 
T the Store Hoe and Whar Billa Flint, 
Esq., for the purpose 6f doing a ing 
an Coarsfenga Fetnene for trotAct bene 
more convenient to his place of business, 
would Sell or Rent the House and fe jises 
he now occupies. ‘Ihe house; which has been 
recently built in the niost medern style and of 
the concrete material, is pleasantly situated 
within @ short distance from the Railway Sta- 
tion, and witliin a few yards from the Retr 
Wesleyan Methodist Church. Outhouses, &., 
all complete. Bey ay a 
Parties wishing to purchase ean do so on 
pst reasonable ae downs 
‘ind balance in eight ye = 
Belleville, Tune 1th, 1859. 43 

Delleviite, Pitfow, Ningston, Cae Fincent, Ge, 
_ ne, Royab Maw SteaNer 

F cesta QUINTE, 

NG (Sundays excepted) at half-past SUC 
Solock, for Picton, Kingston, and intermediate 
ports, Arriving in Kipyaton about I o'plock,r. 
st. Retorning, ledves Kingston every arternoon 
[Sundays excepted} at FOUR o'clock 4. 
Will also’ make occasional trips to CAPE 
VINCENT. Berths freo for Passengers to or 
from Belleville who desire to sleep on board at 

ht. et Roy 
: “iy Belteiille A rohants and others, who toinh 
Yo do bisiness in Kingston, and are desirous of, 
saving tine, can, by taking the Steamers Bay of 
Quinte,” have two hours in Kingston, and retura 
the same day to Belleville by 3 o'clock a/ternvonh 
i ce | 
viii Beleifle Retiirn Tickels (from Kingston) 
lay half fares. 4 
ee iB ceiiiton nd PIENie patties to tho 
abe the Movutafo,.and thor favorite plet~ 
sure resorts, arranged at accominodating azalol 
Frojghts aud passages to and from Montroa 
lin vonnaetion with Royal Mail Line Lake and 
PRL mera, - ‘ 
sie tie it Carriages alwys fafwaiting db 
Kingston a Baevil 
June, Ui, 1 




‘votre the 
Wore eMfeMtual than Any ot 

cum plishiaue (WO parpotes 

foadliges ea perfouced in th 
hha aysrets 

hm nie 

T repiaiyy 

a of ay 
Hous wl 

Tbe soar 
Wellon oF the 
ban the 


MNeeat well, 
seth tothe 
ofthe ghee 

ered, nds What ti 
agora STR 
felent Yo pellews (he stomwend 

HO hate 
Talclig, preveus, Nights 
jour tn pe the bowel 
UViibans ‘ 

lineal wlilenveldyape nati 
Fysontuls will alaegh teller 

2 se - ~ 

male ‘obaireyl tn verbaver be 


between the abovd prrt vel 

Bollovilla, March 28th, 185%” sitvate in the ‘Township of Tyendinoga, 10 
élloville, March 28th, 1859 

i i sod of 
tho Coiinty of Hnsting®, being cammposed « 
the Soutti halt of Lot nuniber Nineteen, in 

M board without any just cause or provo- 
cation, I hereby forbid ‘all pervons trusting 
or harboring heron my account, as I will not 

It was then moved by George Baxter, Esq., 
seconded Bitte Davy, Feaq., and, 
Ltesoloed—That tho thanks of the Sharo- 

Cosh Prices gay” A fly proportion of Gro- 
covigs given in payment, 


rp oltre Tor 
of Cholera, 
bpaded to throw 

Tho Subscribor will constantly Keop on 82 
hand, for Sale, Coat, Cexexr, WAtER-Lis, 

Foun, &e., at the chonpost rates, 

eine ater a Ton 






INISTERIAL ARRANGEMENTS IN JosreIr Bavow. Lequire, houses attached. Rent moderato Wey 2 aD MW. fico of he County of Hastings. ise dhe 
: 7 eee SPCR 7 = ‘ shed, i . ) . rah . t f Hy aist 
CAN ACEAND—TUELE INFLUENOE ON A: H. Caurorit, Esquire, Apply to Potor Mayboo, FLIN T'S WHARE.\| the coming season, in ony way tonait vue]  &0 deliverad at tholt Ratabiishoent in Ian a Nanomonte shall fa, or ala Pihte sell naany et 
, 4 be fe 30. E ' ¥ ; Y r offic 4 Ol : oH oh 1 wh tare gieting th 
Reported Reoxll of Sir Edmund Head ! JAMS HEnDEnson. Kequiro, TH hain M&M Enquire of Charles Martin. tomors, sudh hs Custom Carding, Cloth WILLIAMS & ROBLIN: | ey af July A.D. 1859, at the hour of twelve | (ehtituny Metts avon 8 


holders be hereby given to the President, Vice- 
President, and Directors, for their attention to 
the interests of the Bank during the past year 
Passed unanimously. 
The Mecting then 

od Directors for the ensuing year, viz: 

Hon, L. Hl. Howton, 

pay any debts of her contracting. 



Bolloville, April 6, 1869; 



Bridgewater, (lato Troy,) 
Jin 1869, { 

roceeded to tho lection 
of Directors, when tho Scrutineers reported 
that the following Gentlomen were duly clect- i 

Big Island, Sophinsb'h, June 28, 1859, 

in West Bellovillo, near Shoriff Moodio’s, 
containiug 7 rooms, with kitchen and out« 

BeUeville, June 28, 1859, 


BOR sAmE, 
AT 16s, PER 100 POUNDS, 


J. L. REED, 

NEELS thankful to the publiv for past pat. 

4 ell 

ronage, and informe thom that he wil 
deal in 

Dressing, and wanulfketuring SATINET 

HY Subsoribors will pay tho Highest 


Cloths, Satinetts, Tweeds, Flannels, 

Frankf, June 9, 1859. AQ 

tho seventh woncession of said Tae ndhlD of 
Tyendinaga, contaluing one hundred chia 
mifi part of Lat numbor ‘Twenty, in the So- 
dedid, and may be bot 

vonth coricussion at \ l 
ter known and dexoribed in a Mortgage from 

said Hollorin to thy Trust and Loan Compa. 
ny, dated the 24th day of F abies Apc8 mpd 

og amo day in the Rogistry of- 
Rogistyred the a y AU ol 




Tania toe reproves aimed 
from tte wath 

Mine belore eattug eites vl: 

Dropay, by excliing the 

bi U ma 
wruee Unity Bevey 
Totis: Pepe. Te chem 

2257 4 

ae Mix WV er ty then ing th hd 
Dag a rere ret 

ire CDONALD, Be aaa " f y 
_ THY New LANDS, Fisnentes, AND THE pe: Ticpoms tease Seciseh Meandiy, alate, ) 43 | 20 guarantoos to torninh tho several artcleh | ey LA g NBAMSNrPi Colle | y PR Eto 
Bcane Davoren, gig, | Stoumars St Lawrence and Bano, | 10 1888 § a a ee Oe fon shim,| YD OCKERMAN., ayuig, | RANE aa ere 
TUR CONCUONION oF THE T W. lonison, uire, —_— eres 0 Fa isfied, fe ee BCEIVED, AND YOR S. oy ; Me, s + Tepe bo Aurea tos o a a 
ROMANCE OF A POOR YOUNG MAN; eae Ww. BruancE, Re LL parties aro hereby notified that the uns HAT FOUND. {ng for Foroign Goods, support your own Bide I Usf RECEIVED, AME, Sholitt’s Onde, Rellovitlos te |i te ea an wos ra 
A a 7" ‘nc. | Tho Chairman having beon requested. to dersignod will not bo responsible for debts | FYOUND, on Monday lant, on tho Road noar | SUfaotory, and not take tho trade from Bollo- ry 1 ROH COAL April 9th, 1887. OTM ie 
fd a new part of the MINISTERS WOOING, he Chairn account of the Steamors St. Smithville, a good Dress HAT, Tho| Ville: ¥ LEHI AND BLOSB L fi), HANFOR! sf aay, 
leave the Chair, and Gronor Davip6on, Esq.,| contracted on account , od Dreas ie ‘ai ——— Mek 
PADSPYTUAIAN UNION, haying been called thereto, Lawrence ind Boston, oftor this dato, without | ownor can have it by proving property and Ps aaa thee Bo tay JAS. SISK, | Dig e fo Chanoary, Bw sash ot bark AR Rotated by all Drorgils 8 ' 
A i | ‘ ‘ " wturned, O “ beaecpem | Mo an . 
Réports AMebate in FREE CHUROHSYNOD | Ty Neg moved by Tastes A. Hexbensom, aq. | bis written order. SonN weAoneR, [PME fr tle notice. | Ape to oR, CASH PAID FOR |WOOl, Flint PNR | Ae ee tale abthe Carona often | HoWUeh & Ee, sole agents Ballovilis 

Warkets, General Intelligence, &3,, &o. 

Vor fale by E. Warrison, Belleville. 

, | seconded by Coniw Mifien, Bad ood 
Resolced —Thut the thanks of the mootin, 

% | Kingston, April 24th, 1869, a8 

6th con. Huntingdon, June 21, 44 

Bolleville, May 15, 1859, 40 

43 4 

Teiloville; May 14, 1859 

larger sizes. - ; 
N, B.—Directions for the guidance of patients 
on every disorder are affixed 10 each box 

formed her, in no choice terms, that “ there 
were as good fish in thesea ns ever caught,” 
Judge of the exasperation of our worthy 
swaiv, when she coolly replied, * Yes, but 
they don't bite at toads /~ Jones has Jearn- 
ed a lesson. 

Epirixo. Parrrs—Everybody knows 
how newspapers should be edited, but it 
so happens that the number who succeed 
in editing is very small indeed. Robert 
Chambers, one of the most. successful of 

15 boxes Starch, 
10 boxes Paddin, 
5 bales Cotton 
5 bdls. Twine, 
20 boxes Pipes, 
50 Jars Colman’s Mustard, 

1 case Sardines, 

1 case Preserved Lobsters, 

5 bbls. Bordeaux Vinegar, 

1 box Blacklead, 
50 Gross Shoe Blacking, 



my ' 

Buffalo Medical Dispensary, 
Established for the Cure of 
Dysrersia, Genewat Dupiniry, Fever AND 


Corner of Main and Quay Sta; Buffalo, N. ¥., 
RE the ouly Physicians in the State who are 
members of the Royal College of Surgeons, 
London. May be consulted from 8 in the morn- 

specimens of what we are pleased to term 
the inferior orders of creation; sould so far 
disregard the feelings and claims which the 
latter haye on them, as to permit the ba; 

arities of by-gone days {o be enacted over 
again, for no earthly use than to harass and 
torinent a sick, and perhaps dying animal, 
For every intelligent man must be aware 
that cattle are as susceptible to pain as 
ourselves, and that the introduction of a 
spikergimlet, at tle base of the horn, low 

Periodicals, viz:— 
Tue Loxpon Quarrerty (Conservative). 
Tne Eprxsunou Review (Whig). 

Tur Norta Britisu Rverew, (Free Church.) 
Tne Westursster Revsew (Liberal), 
1 peers a Soh MAGAZINE (Tory,) 

These Periodicals bby represent the three 
great political parties of Great Britain— Whig, 

bored to produce the most effectual alteratiye 
that can be madé. Itis a concentrated extract 
of Para Sarsaparilla, so combined with other 
substances of still greater alterative power as 
to afford an effective antidote for the diseases 
Sarsaparilla is reputed to cure. It is believed 
that such a remedy is wanted by those who 
suffer from Strumous complaints, aud that one 
which will accomplish their cure must prove 
of immense service to this large class of our 
afflicted fellow-citizens. How completely this 
compound will do it has been proven by exper- 
iment on many of the worst cases to be found 
of the following complaints: — 


where they will fiod n genuine and complete 


if'not superior, certainly nol surpassed by any oth- 
er in Town, comprising every article in the trade. 
M. G, flatters himself with the idea that, from 
his knowledge and experience in the above line of 
business, and the large and pecutiar selection of 
goods JUST ARRIVED, that he occup! 
whieh will enable him to please the 

_— ————— Se oo sere — = ee s = i 
oS > ra = Po - ar THE ONLY ARTICLE Wi? be ie od . / 
. . \ sf * ‘ - 
THB-GREAT ANBANSADOR OF NBADTH Vavieties. Just Received at the) yyrvaiiep mw MaARKer, _ She Farm, SASH, BLINDS, DOORS, &C.__ [Provincial insurance Compy, 
TO ALL, Ms ¥ POET “cage it 2 BS 7 21 WITH IMMENSE SHORT HORNS. - (PUL ANNUAL MEETING of the Provincia 
: . NS, jonpany of Canada, w 
Brae ths Zoey Aue Aey 11: S |Home and Kuropeau Demand !!) jy, i, now genorally ndmittod that Mr . f eee Ree or lec ber dani ad : 
TH BW AR, — ee S| Tho romonw hy, fe; that by Nature's own pro-|Samnel Thorne, of New York, has the finest | Poe SUBSCRIBER begs to annourf¥e to the public of Belleville and vicinity, that now) fy appeared from the Anovel Keport that ‘ 
py ALYRED TRYNTAONS F i] conn it restores the natural color pam nobly Herd of short horny it ealiloa enon teal prupared to.oxecute with while passing Urough « yoor of pies ] 
saat =, we | aftor tho hair becomes gray} aupplion the natn-| ce dmnortations. of the best. anime) se pes =, : Darrassment, without precedent in Causda the | 
on it it Y i 0 s NES 5 pr fea { 
More iewrantaCibinienatn | |= FES | raliuide and chur maker Grom a al ene ead aL Orent itainyaal by skit and]. NESACENESS) , CHUGAMINESS,, AND, DESE ATOM,” tev at/atulamashewsd talaney oC 
Storme in the eouth that darken (ho day, Man anaitat l to ciuiamianys 1 th x { i AiWorbant — ‘ 4 hie d advantage 
Ste of battle and Cinder of war, 00 chee Tiyson Toa, sonl py quifcts/and:tonce tint veo, and thos} caro in management nod crossing, Mr.) all orders for WINDOW. SASH and BLINDS of all doscriptions; DOOKS, and ever LT Nal cbt panel tp cee 
> AS YS Wall, if ft da dot roll our Why i i create Teedkeye ic nnoet EEN Ta a elie Unread phere a ty a ry ay which ig varioty of plain and orowmental MOULDINGS. " " Gl ger aeed of tse orm pay 
St Stornrt storm! Riflemon, form Amc GC ate au OG be pul i 1 +] highly creditable to him. It is confident iy bnats Se do tad bak id i 
3 TIC k 20 cattios Gunpowder it will atop and keop it from falling off; maken | 1B?) . Hod Ae bf = 40h e071. $04,900 hed Leen paid upom | 
HOLLOWAY'S.PILLS| Bais, beresdy tester a PL Reishsreon, =. Perera ae a Tom tenttiat” aki {amerted hat no vingls bord in England | ALL KINDS OF» LUMBER PLANED AND MATCHED,|ine ici‘, wile, snosnea to 424304 tg 
yn TUAABAR RL GAmeb xi Genny tes 10 outties Young Hysou - used by the young tWo or throv times'n week, | How contains Ko many and so fine snimals winge 20th June $4,640 lind beon paid up in ade 
A BOON TO THE SICKt jy | Be not deat to the sound thut warnel 5 vhosts Souchong “ iL will nover fall or become gray ; then, reader, | Mr. Samuol Thorno's, In proof of this, {f required, roady for flooring or other uses, for Joinors and Carpenters. Jitlon—n Iarge percentage on the call, w 
of watering med Uta meet th le Bornot gull by wadospot's pleat 8 cheats Oolong « rond tho following aud Judge for, yoursel: lis 2nd! D ules Dhprhdale’atcamniehart . the existing dupresion is taken Into aeepunl 
ab ring portion 0! i. xa o! jatlos, or ge of th id Hyson se . ow York, «8, 1858, ; iH The oval ipts of the Compan: te 

ty, andcon antirelpatren, from aninecal and olfet A ae Ot Bee rR ranitkeaty 10 aie Ut JAMES BLACKLOCK, | Mevnrs. 0, J. WOOD GOK oe , Loca, a ees lus ie reputed {o| Afull supply of the above Articles kept constantly on hand for sale, ths tial $119,480, To pay olf te de of 

deleterious particles, DT Uae ", 1 Riflomen, fora! Gootlomon:s Having hoard a good doal about | 84nd unrivalled in size and beauty by any- the Company, the Stockholders authorized the 

powertil medicine War aebrred into the would § Rudy ieeedy rity: tha atormt T THE CAN‘ IN TEA STORE, | Profesor Wood 6 Hair Reatorative, and my hair| thing of the age in any country, and par WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AT THE LOWEST CASH PRICES, liia on abeoares Lased upon the security of 

Hontowav's INvaLAnta "ILts have become Riflomen, riflenion, riflomyn, formt AT 4 Oa = ) being quite gray, I made up my mind to lay] ties in England, it is said, bave asked M the unpaid Capital, which amounts to $1,488,. ; 

the HOUSKHOLD REMEDY 9 Il oations. T eA read ve 15 bags Java C deo, nvido the prejudices which A common with | Loranind inicenr odes toe (ut Hi OR APPROVED CREDIT, AT 660. Ter the protection of the public, the Dis 

viteibate lato raeveras ies st CURR: thy] Torvourireforme for A moment go, 5 haga LaGe jra Coflvo, Pre ean tir nvagete ten india eka lmtakawen te oles to naine his own prico for this ani- levaloraal lah, by By-Law, probibited the ) 

Aitack the RADIX of ROOT of (re complaint Look to your brtts and tako good aime 5 bays Mo a do, Of patent mediciten aud nxhorttime ngoteom | Wile TH ong stableyhahavsixteenimport-] TS PACTORY IN BLL LLU VIL LL, \tenvster of the rtock of the Company, excepto 

thos by removing. the hidden cause af dleeave t0> potter a rolton borongh oF #9. ; 10 bags Pl-.tation Coylon Coffoo, inenced using your article, to tent it for myself, |ed cows, which cost from $3,500 down to tolvent parties, on thie consent of the Prendent 

Tnvigoraie and restore the door e ree eA and | -Thawaotton fect ur olty fh Gari JAMES BLACKLOCK. The rosule haa been a0 very satisfactory that | $1,600 bofore they were removed from their| adjouning Coleman Flovring Mills, aud formerly known ax “PRINGLE & BRO'S |being obtained in writing, And during Inst se: 

aystarn, asslating mature ty ie Form! form! Riflemen, form —— —--———_--—— Tam very glad I did vo, and in fuatice to you, | «tubles in England. In another stable: are - SASH AND BLIND FACTORY.” tion of Parliament the Company obtwined ay 

TOF MAR ee Renily, ho randy to meek tho Worms AT TUE CANTON TEA STORE, | as well as for tho encouragement of others Who | fousteoh heiferr, one And. two. yentn old, ol : ‘Act which prohibite all transfer of stock, withs | 

DYSPEFPSIA, Ridomon, ciflemon, riflemen, form, I inay bo as was, but who, having my urteon " H8 ne © yours old, of C Wd il H bef has! Isewh ont the eourent of the Board of Dirootors, all 
t ‘The great seourge of this continent ylelds QUICK | Porm, to roady to do or diet 60 sloxen assortod Tumblers, prejudico without my rénsone for sctting it aside | SUFpassing size und bewuty, which Are -beld rayrCustomers wou o well to call before purchasing elsewhere.) cai, wade being firet paid $ 
1p to. course of theae antiseptic Pills, and the di ‘Eorm in Freedom's nme and the Queen's! 20 dozen Docunters, are unwilling Co give your Rostorative a trial] Mt prices tanying from $600 to many times c The following genllemon were clected Direoe 
I amare reatored to thele proper to " ; on faithvul all 10 dozen Water Boitles, tll they hays farther proof, and the best proof} that sum. Lis calves are valued at $25)) 45 LOND, SEN’R,  |tore for the year: 

gestive organs are True, that wo have nfaithiol ally, ' y i $25 “ y 4 

ho matter in what hideous shape this hydra of But only the devil knows what ho means. Ty JAMES BLACKLOCK. | icing ooular domovetration, I write you this} to. $1,000 ench as soon 4s dropped. ‘The - Low, J. Hruranp Camnrom, | 

cane exhidils itvelh iy ane shing ond jenecens Form! foro! Riflomen, formt AT THE CANTON TEA STORD, ep nn Yau ony, Ay LADY, auch, nod) geal price for the servico of a bull dn iat —? Oe Bi he ee 

asedy diepersce tt froin the pationt’s system. ‘) f o The t vn @} RA ST I, | also direct thom to mo for further proo o pid E> rp redty. A —naveres F 7 7 vo, Ducoas, In, 

y “Génbral Debility and Weakness. Ronde bareneyte Oe te re ees sas “ee Vin in and ont of the N, Y. Wire Railing I scotion in 826, and Mr. Thorne has paid ag] AME Te wCT mS | VALUABLE PROPERTY for SALY, Nox, W. B, Roniseoy, > A 

From whatever caused, LOWNRSS OF aes Li nen 30 boxos Torotito Sip, : Uarsepe evaryiBeyy recy lists einer ite natural high a8 $200, Mr. Thoroe\ hns his entire] AND HALF BUSHEL —_ peo ea Z 5. 
and all other signa of 4 id Bn A Practioat “Frour” Joxe.—-The 5 boxes Castile Soap color, and much inproved in appearance every | help, in and outdoor, fom England; has MANUFACTURER. = N the Villnge of Hastings, late Ma- Ger noo~) 

dlisdrrentzatlon, of tha & anish under tha ¥ D f 5 ways boing glousier.and thicker and much more] A py; od in building enathod 7 rik Jnwis Morrart, * 

ae ing ind of this all powerful antiseptic | Newoastlo (England) Chronicle tells an an+ 10 boxes Honey and Brown Windsor Soap, healthy look! Tamms yours rashactfilly Anglacised bis buildings and method ot — gees at # doo, consi-ting of a & acre Lot on BE. F. Wuurrewoan, > 

Tne eaat cated : ecdote of a party of women who went (o] 50 boxes Stearine Candles, HENRY JENKINS,” [fanning —mising roots atacost of fivecents! AARON DAME, SEN, |7 BP Ere vi agate Tos Camunoy, M. P. Pa \‘ 

2 H . ‘ 50 boxes Tallow, Candles, Cor, Columbia and Carroll St a bushel, and treating bisstock on the Eng- AIL, TUB, and HALF BUSHEL Manufac. | 224 Grocery Store, all in good repair, at pre- Hon. Jaues Monnts, 
ae SE ei a ihe Hou on Bhdlespencugy, 19 rt 15 boxes Belmont Sperm Candles, ee SARE ERAN lish plan, Be eee eel te fli any odes, | sentrenting at'$200 per annum. Price, $1600. AM. Cann, M.D 4 
FO Te eae ieee aoe eatin ofl cunetsty te the place ono se rked. "What| 9 boxes Sperm Candles, - ‘ Prof, Wood Duar Sit: Your Hair Reatora-| ‘The first importation of shor’ horns yas | fer the above articles, with which he may bp Rensonable time will be given for most of the| At aaubsequent meeting of the Board of Df. 
bile ts of momentor s importante Myletrie acai teas create, uty, OT COIN ENCES By JAMES BLACKLOCK, | | tive has done much good in this partof the| in 1817, und the demand has bee je {favored His work is superior to nny offered | Payments. Title indisputable. Also. 200 acres |rectors, tho Hon. J. Hituranp CAMERON was 
the Me a puiplatnt, and render a weight this’) bo.” Tho’ miller, in_reply, country, My hair has beon slightly diminiahtng 4H eb abe ees : vitt ranting Hh jo the market, of land, being Lot No, 32 in the 8th con. Madoc, plielad Erealdepe ina F. eat Vice 
pels the hidion seeds of the cov | said, Hoy, if yo can carry it home, I'll give ; rT No} & | fornoveral years, caused, Loupporerfrom n slight |creise ever since... Notwithstanding the|— paity deliverod@at the Iailroad Station or} Also, 50 acres, part of Lot No. 2in the 12th | President. The list of stockholders, which 
ele tae aa ae a rine bol: yer Tin Tristwornn tao him’ at ae ‘at saan CaN TON. TEA: STORE, Burs Pheu wos an infait. " have been Ants high prices mentioned above, and the large | Wharyes, at les-aiey dozen, con. Huntingdon. Apply to. the proprietor in [printed with the Anpual Report, spenks for it. 
Tngane cole Voe Rect: { 5 H i ALi AC your Hair Restorative for six weeks and T find | increase of the breed, those best acquainted | ‘Tubs from is, ad: to 5s, ench by the dozen. | the Village of Hastings, if by Jetter, post-paid. self a4 to the character of the proprietary of | 
FEMALES word; her companion gave hera lito her} 10 canes (Red) Gin , 4 ; 1 . fi ’ ~ the Company, and be d | 
SICKLY riht Pea ied tl 1 Shh a iknit that I have a fine head of hair now growing, af} with tho subject say that the present high |, He beya to og!l particular attention to the ; FRANKLIN. ¢ Company, and may be ioapected mt tbs ale 
eau Deelreast ah See etAUIAD ay bean ; ioe safely ho Pe vee is sips 5 hus: Noland Gin. td Hrhaying tae at one Se anEuh camer prices will not only -bo maintained but fallo wing: Mnilos, Aprilitst 1859. gsuipy eal Benes F. MoANNANY, 
regulating and renovatin » “| veyed the sack safely home, where she emp- U8 pot , offect, I think it the most valuable r eee ¢ ae) Be Fra "] . es Se eee , 2 
be thelr complaint, it ean be taken with aig: Wl Ged it, and returned the ompty nick tothe} 1 bhd. Old ‘Tom, how extant, and ndvise all who aro aMlicted that | Here will be an advance upon them, «Itis). RECOMMENDATIONS : FURNITURE! Belleville, | 
all acetal ep other disorgoanizatigns ts eve “duped” chaffer, Wwho-demanded tle flour, 10 casks: Port ven) way to use your renied. not probable that every oneiwho govs-into Wanaka anniecanee FEE CPA) bt Bellesiila J, HILLYARD CAMERON, | 
nS “ ANGE * 0 ‘ Wi ‘i . A > ink rh ar 47h a v7 ay Un le ed, Merch: , ‘ Z <3 
be a OOF She, of course, refused to give it up, and he 15 casks Sherry, Wino, ‘a Pollvenn UulIB BIEL yournink peener, the business. of raising stock will succeed |inve for several yenrs been selling Mr, Dame's Belleyill field 
UNREFUTED PROOF. Ateat adeioe® TakcatitelRhOhcee): Gn 5 casks Lesliv’s Ginger Winey Yourg do. 8. W. MIDDLETON. oven in a measurable degree ns has» Me.| Pails and Tabs, and ulvo using them in our own . > elleville, Noy. 3, 1858. at | 
The aoe of Ae echinimelhte oe Bk cn dha set ue haere cond not a oes en ioe lata Bitters, Prof, Wood SS uieel pea RAL e Thorne, but his example shows what may | families, we therefore hesitate not to aay, that Furniture, Furniture, THE 
Hubsgivi tues ol nol e e lL. eases Vermouth Bitters, rof, Wood—De! H el * ry - an ¢ halte { he ° > 
Lea eenitestee brary King language bear vets | clxim it.” 5 onses Absinthe Suisse, : Live is froving itself benoticial to me. ‘Tho | be accomplished by the judicious outlay of veers eed Tose ie Pah 4 
ness {0 the undeniableness of their lairinaie worth. ae ee eee 5 cases Schiedam. Schnapps, front, aud also the back part of my head almost|capital, when joined to genius and enter-|ii 04 sold for w much lower price; we alo Railroad Celebration LY 
Holloway's Pills are the beat rewiedy known in| tae The noat old lady in Virginia, who 1 bbi, Stoughton Bitters, Hh ania aa ht vayped prise, any that we have nover known Mr. Dame to GEORGE $, TICKELL, 5 SAVE 
; Mowing Wi > aly: b ‘0 hal nt bottles " patorative, . 5 f \. bee 8 j : 
the world for Be ey Since scrubbed through the floor and oN into the H ran Raspharrys}neutt, aadow the top otiny lend is'well studded with RS. seca Esq. arta the. most ex-| offer Abestarstale gRTone panels =a ‘AS wow on hall ertesorimentor VELL * eke } 
ArT, milatal Reve eed Agcy Baer, cellan, ig but.ono among many of tho very}. f Mhe Seora yt be keys A promising crop of young hair, nud the front ia tensive stock farmers in Olrio; recently sold inc Liaese a at MADE FURNITURE ; Also, Belleville, will take place on the | 
‘Onughs, Prmale Compltdiasione and Gravel, | nice females with which our country 6 Fes Poy oa Me lao receiving its benefit, I have tried other | his entire short horn herd, _/fwelve import eed aes i. Nee » Hair, Noss, and other Mattrass ANNIVERSARY OF THE / 
Cheri Meatachey Secondary S9™P*| bounds... We know.n good Iadyin New| 49 bhis Bouled Ale,” preparations without any benefit whatever, I} ed bulls were sold for $2,275 ; the highest { ¥ 9 1088, and ober TAUFASSES, |on eens VISIT TO THIS TOWN \ 
aheat Dinenvess- Lodigestio@y, 0 Om ae muBte ten aa | AeabAKa 1 is, Bottled Ale, think from my own personal recommendation, I] price of any one animal being ; which he is enabled to offer at j 
Costivel Jattunnaay Jersey, wh ed all the wood she} 49 bbls. London and Dublin Porter, idee arate thetes ave prat P y one ig $1,000, and |ate. A. Dawe, ED 1 
Bee Inward Weak burnt; and another in Connecticut, who] 15 baskets Champagno, : ved DR THOMAS, iY) Dc Ne. 484 Vite st the lowest $30. ‘I'wenty five cows sold for}. Sim:—I wish fo atate that Ihave sold your] LOW PRICES POR CASH. if will be conducted on a most magnificent scale. 4 
Drepayy Liver Cumplajntty used three times a-day to scour the nose of By JAMES BLACKLOCK. The Restorative is put up in boitles of three | $9,803, the highest for $700, and the low- | work for rie cbt ue I var wal ro more It is calculated (0 eclipse that of the City of v 
237 CAUTION !—None are geanjge unless thr | hor lap-doy, to keep him from soiling the sizes, viz: large, medium, and small; tLe small | ¢st for $50. The herd) sold for $1,000 sSUIn ISBN Ay UNL a DaIR At me rd HARPS shi Mbnires)vacd thersby pincebeiC NP SU on tees ‘ 
ds Holl New York and London,” ar| ,. tS 5 I u : 5 they are superior to any offered in this 'section oister me OPK |Caeadain the shade. 
ere ee ilaaark in crery leat of the {sh out of which he ate his meals. The} an pT CANTON TEA STORE, | holds 4 4 pint and retails for one dollar per} more than his estimate, and, brought. $2,-] of the country, for which I find ready sale. Al HER MAJESTY in 
' si , ~) bottle; the medium holds at Jeast twenty per | 000 more than the original cost. "Yours, & “ae MADE TO ORDE : 
book of directions around each pot or box; the|/same good lady took her-food through a 1 cask Batty’s Pickles bottle; the h y pe ore ours, &e., FE, | 
A may be plainly seen by Aolding the leaf to} napkin ring to keep it from’ coming in}, . d cent more in proportion than the small, retails =e W. McMULLEN. TES’ expected to arrise in Belleville, by a Special \ 
the lighe Ue ae Feird will be een to eae ait het tips 8 £ bags Papas: for two dollars per bottle; the large pales a DISEASES AMONG CATTLE, Napanee, April 2, 1859. 34 ONTTES EHORTEST NOTICE. Trait from Quebec, hilece Wout. Theretare, f 
if ‘hinformotion asm dt ‘ & t, 40. cent more in proportion, and re- ‘ H Se ‘i der th bi 2 
pee Se br paride EuunteeTol log fi + = 1 3 bis. Pot Barley, ile for 33 prop , Upon tho practice of boring the horns, LEONARD SCOTT & CO. MARK THE ADDRESS—IN HEARD'S under these auspicious circumialences, the " 
the medicine or vending the same, knowing them ir A Cyr TARA OBA RES; Tones resolved 15 bbls. Oatmeal, 0. J. Woop & Co., Proprietors, 444 Broad-| cutting off the tails,and similar remedies RE-PIUNT OF THE BUILDING, Y VARIETY AND ABUNDANCE OF HAKDWARB 
Uns edielae i “to screw his courage up to the sticking-| 1 hhd. Carolina Rice, a A ae Markers) for-discased animals, Dr. G..H.:Dapp, vete- a fe ING, NEXT GILLESPIE & Co’s, | which will be required for the occasion, must be 

Hot Ls fk inEvantimiakashteactesti » Ace] 10 bi R . way, New York, and 114 Market Street, St, | ' USE Sarl, te py BRITISH REVIEWS, very considerable; and in consideration thereof, 

a Suid stale Bfannietorien of Ba sie don: point, and mako his destiny secure.” Ac: 0 bags aera Louis, Mo. rinary surgeon, Boston, Mass., thus writes AND FRONT-STREET. Whe pommliteacotiihe Bec eva. Navcecnn 
Loway, 80 Maiden Lane, New Yor aa by all cordingly he fell on his knees before the 50. oxes aisins, And sold by all good Druggists and Fancy) to the Valley Farmer : : KWOOD'S MAGAZINE, 5 . CELEDRATION.and the public Generally, are most 1 
respeciable Druggists and Deelers in Medicina! mi wqulciena”’” and. made his passio 25 boxes MR Raisins, Dm aa ry ; BLAC * invi 
Throughout the Giited "States and’ the: civilized AD ae Bassloni|) Se canima Shltaliannavsiis! Gooils Dealers. 42-3m “1 wonder that intelligent men, chris- Ep Be ae er S arsa ari a respectfully invited to call at the ev 
world, in boxes at 25 cents, 63 cents, and $1 each. known. Much to his surprise, she refused] £05 Shelled Almonds, 4 é tians, and men who have been -for many SCOTT & Co:, New York, continue to HARDWARE ESTABLISHMENT , 

EP Theresis considerable saving by taking the | hiny out flat. Jumping to his feet, he in-| 95 hoxex Button Blue, NEW TREATMENT, years the owners of high priced and rare publish the following leading British] A compound Spin ahiciene ate Ta. SS oye s 


seEBSSSE wr = z ing, until® at night, in every state and symp- | down, must put tlie animal’ to an immense ithe . 5, 
= = — 4 ; . . y L , Rad cal—but politics forms onl Si 3 i MPLAINTS, ’ yi 
DOU . Tie alts eis SLL FNAL Ens COT: AT THE CANTON TEA’ STORE, | tom of Disease. - The treatment they adopt is} xmount of torment; for in the region in- a ea aothale are ‘As Organs of Bee RES oaRiAn, Brcaay,) | PBlatioCsirleaad duality yoke see nun a 
TOR ODD Ss aaa the renowned * sauitnal Sryich Nelson’s Gelatine, the celale of upwards of 80 Rist extensive and'| dicated the patts are highly organized: and | the most profound writers on Science, Litera-| Powrzes, Brorcurs, Toxons, Simenieoies Jeatyashauld aha teal sraciously Plsaats to favor 
TED ars his name, very justly remarks that| Russian Isinglass euccessful practice in Europe and Americu, ai tat ais Ke forali icion, they stand, as} Sce#up Heap, Syrumis axp Syrmrtc Ar- PUN RAED a SBE DEE AQOUIE ARIE 
(act very sensitive. It gives me plearsure to| ture, Morality, and Religion, they s! , al “There's uo Time to be Lost.” 


Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, 
Chronic or Nervous Debility, Diseases of the Kid- 
noeys, and all diseases arisirig from a disordered 

Liver or Stomach. 

Stch as Constipation, Inward Piles, Fulness or 
Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau- 
sea, Heartburn, Disgost for Food, Fullness on 
Weight in’ the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink 
ing or Fluttering at the Pitof the Stomach, Swim 
ming of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breath 

the editor, like the poct, must be born, not 
made. And that the chief duty of an able 
editor is not so much in putting things in- 
to his paper as in keeping thirgs out. There 
lies the grand secret, 

A Dark Quesmon.—Thoy tell a story of 
a Yankee ont in Arkansas, whose wife, a 
few weeks after: marriage, gave birth to a 
mulatto, The husband went at once to a 
lawyer for counsel. “IVs a plain case,” 

5 cases Salad Oil, 
Taylor's Chocolate, 
French Capers, 
5 doz. Lea & Perrin’s Worcester Sayce. 
Burgess’ Essences, Anchovies, 
50 dozen assorted English Sauces, 
Rengal Chutnee, 
Sago, Arrowroot, and Tapioca, 
Maccaroni and Vermicelli, 
Nutmegs, Cloves, and Cinnamon, 


An instrument for the cure of genital Debili- 
ty, or Nocturoal Emissions, more properly 
Known as Seminal Weakness, &e., ean be per- 
manently cured in from fifteen days to two 
months, by the use ef this instrument, when used 
conjointly with medicines 

DR. AMOS & SON take pleasure in an 
nonncing that they have invented aimuost impor 
tant instrument for the cure of the above dis- 
eases, It has been subjected to a test’by the 
most eminent physicians in London, Paris, Phi- 

find that you have a beart to feel for these 
much abused specimens of creative power, 
and also, that you have the manliness to 
denounce the'practice of cruelty to animals; 
although it attempts to shield itself under 
the garb of scienco; but you and: you 
readers may rest assured that all educated 
veterinary surgeons consider the practice 
of boring cow’s horns and cutting off their 
tails, both cruel and uanecessay.  Soine 

they ever haye stig unrivalled in the world 
of letters, being” Sonsidered indispensable to 
the scholar and the professional_man, while 
to the intelligent reader of every class they 
furnish a more correct and satisfactory record 
of the current literature of the day, through- 
out the world, than can be possibly obtained 
from any other source. 

The receipt of AdvanceSheefs from tho 
British publishers gives additional value to 
these Reprints, inasmuch as they can now be 

rections, Mercuniau Disease, Drorsy, Nrv- 
RALGIA on Tic Doviovkevx, Deninity, Dys- 
PEPSIA AND InpictstIoN, Erysirenas, Rose 
on Sr. Axtnony’s Fine, and indeed the whole 
class of complaints arising from Iareunrry or 
AEN rectaonnd lta ound 

is compound wil found a grent - 
moter of health, when taken in SheaDeLn pS 
expel the foul humors which festcr in the 
blood at that-season of the year. By the time- 
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders 
are nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by 
the nid of this remedy, spare themselves from 
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous 

I Look into his Store in the Victoria Buildings: 
as you are passing by, and Judge for Yourselves. 
“ God Sacre the Quecn.” 


LL persons Indebted to the above named Dt- 

G., are respectfully requested lo sentlet 
accounts for the years 185; 
Belleville, Dec. 13, 1856. 

Dr. M’LANE’sS 


ing, Flattering at the Heart, Choking or Suffoca | ssid the a “ ‘i A Ee cS ° ¥ of your readers may ask, how are we, who t Na 
ting. Stas tons mien is a lying powture, Dimness | papers at thd Hadise: + helen a aoe oa ON dae SHORE, Se anteren ee te far not studied wai the matter, to know plapesiin Cheah of subscribers as $000.48) sores, through which the system will strive to CELEBRATED 
a ae ary feet tse ee “That inn’t what I'm after,” said the Yan-| 20 dozen Stove Brushes, . cure of Seminal Weaknoss or any disense of the | that such operations are cruel aud wnneces- aeons in oe ig HE earth Geet aare aonb pale eee 3 “a R M IFUG E 
ration, Yellowness of the Skin.and Eyes Pain'io kee; “I want to know who is to own the 2 cases Clothes Brushes, Genital organs, caused by tho evcret habits of sary 2 I answer, appeal LO OU ONDE Ug : Terann,| by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out. the 
the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, No.. Sudden Gushes | nigger.” By JAMES BLACKLOCK, _|¥oU!h. § telligence ; would you suffer an ignorant $300 | vitiated blood wheneyer you find its impurities AND 
ef Heat, Burning in tbe Flesh, Conatant Imagin: ZR = ee NS, T THE CANTON TE Price TEN DOLLARS, by Mait or Express, | pretender, or a neighbor, having no more $9) | bursting through the skin in pimples, cruptions, 5 
Maly eat aeraalen of Solely: A Goon Itiusrration.—In a time o A ANTON TEA STORE,) yew REMEDIES AND QUICK CURES. | experience in the treatment of disease than pees oy ipo! | On sates cleanse it when you find it is ob- LI V ER Pil LS. 
; public to ihis preparation, He Soi Tealager much religious excitement, and consequent 5 bbls. Ground Loaf Sugar, For all samblalitas Auster seine) peas yourselves, to send a gimlet into the front Maa ite Review, 600 peice ae ea avant ee 
the ulmost confidence in its virluey and adaptation | seussion, an honest Dutch farmer on the a bbe. Granulated: Sogar, disen Saari EAH SRE ERR skin id lf | al sinuses of your sick friend, wife, or child, Be eT  teameelegs 3.00 | you when. Even See narigdlae disorder = 7 | 
10 the diseases for whieh it is reeommended. Mobayrk, was'zskgd his opibion as to wlifeh | 79 pre: YG. ai Sugar, hea dredfal atfeetions arising fron Miecret [for no otlur reson than that the region off For Biackwool nmi ihe fuur Reviews 1000 | is felt, peoplo enjoy Uetter health, sgn live WE beg leave to call the atten- 
Seo hee ary } cep the 

Wis no new and untried article, but one that 

devomination. pf Christians were on the 

10 hhds, Muscoyado Sugar, 

habit of youth, which produce. constitutional 

the same was hot and feverish? © Where is 

Money current in the Slate where issucd 

longer, for cleansing the blood. 
blood healthy, and all is well; but with this 

tion of the Trade, and more 

has stood the test of m ten years? trial before the |-ri ingell H i H i i 
right way to E S debility, render marria; ousible, and in the ’ itness | will be received al par. 8 ab) P 
eas: peor! aay esters ‘iad vale re 8" Villon eerie Wea ca adercut 4 Eales Suse Hole Syrup, Andideateanleattuoirananalnas ¢ Let aeeantd ? apa mort Gmncane pry ns Alte cma there can ze no especially the _Physicians of the i 
i « The » 5 Se, 2 . | “ NG. t : 
| reer t le vor given by prominent end well Wheat to Albany, some say dis road is de By JAMES BLACKLOCK, A, CURE WARRANTED: : sons may contend that aniials recover after] A discount of twenty-five per cent from the poe Se Pann eer mee country, to two of the most popu- 
ysicians and individuals in all parts of | best, and somo say dat—but it don't make DR. AMOS & SON have devoted theiratten | such operations have been performed, above price will be allowed to Cuuns ordering | }jf is disordered or overthrown. lar remedies now before the public. 

the country is immense, anda careful perusal 
the Almanac, published annually by the Le be had gratis of any of his Agents, cannot 
but satisfy the most skeptical that this remedy is 
really deserving the great celebrity it has obtained. 

cold?” alight 

much difference vich road we take, for ven 
we get dere dey never asks us vich vay we 
come—and it’s none of der bisness—if der 
wheat is goot” 

16 told the captain, with considerable ayi 

25 boxes Tobacco, 5s, 7s, 10s, 
20 | boxes Tobacco, 

1 case Fig Tobactéo, 

tion exclusively to this peels cluss of mala- 
dics, and tho relief they haye consequently been 
enabled to render to their fellow-creatures ie 
fully testified and greatly acknowlcdged by con: 
yalescont patients and others daily arriving in 

Granted, but that is no proof of the efficacy 
of the same}; the recuperative power of the 
syétem are often strong enough to bear the 
avimal safely through the disease andpthe 

four or more copies of any one or more of the 
above works, ‘Thus: Four copies of Black- 
wood, or of one Review, will be sent to one 
address for $9; four copies of the four Re- 
views and Blackwood for $80; and so on, 

containing tho Tntest 

Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the 
reputation, of accomplishing these ends. But 
the world has been cgregiously deceived by 
preparafions of it, partly because the drug 
alone has not all the virtue.that is claimed 

Piles, Rheumatiom, Bruptions and Skin Diseases, 

We refer to 
Dr. ChasPM’Lano's Celebrated 

Vermifuge and Liver Pills. 

| ee 1 case Virginia Twist Tobacco, : 
be FE > 3 nS vovard town from all parts of the country, for the ex-| \Widtehed treatment.” * 4 for it, but more because many preparations, 
f DR. HOOFLAND'S (" Az Newspaper patronage is a curious At eee A ORLOORS: Brest purpessianlyicl Sa a ic Rapa Sieeaaate. ey Provinces" will pretending to" bo concentrated extracts of it, Wwe eae sept aca 
(I BALSAMIC CORDERT, |itine othe crtsulo of sone peop | AT THE CANTON TEA STORE,| sien have bran aroyaed with emotee:| CANADIAN MANUFACTURES. |, Sits ne Rept eect U.S Boruge | n iepee, oe ee an oe pamore wee 
| FOR TUE SPEEDY CURE | man lives near you—never took your pa- ae boxes Scale Herrings, perienced in inqniring into the causes of these! We are gratified’ in being able to an- N.1.—Pho price in Great Britain of the five During late years the public*have been mis- what their name purports, ViZ.: q 
t Coughs, Colds, Tnluenza, Croup ssicreen per, it is too amall—don't like the editor— eae Herrings, 3 Infectious cominteka (from their most simple} pounce the conclusion of an arrangement | Periodicals above named is $31 per annum. | Jed by large bottles, pretending to give a quart THE VERMILUGE, " 
| Bronchitis, Pneinonia, Disearr of th Tai \son't like the politics—too Young Ameri- HLLG Fad aay alee Berrios condition torthnt of the most dangerous and in-} 46 ih yory highest importance to Toronto | Remittances should be addressed, post-paid, | of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. Most ell “f th 
} ee arising from Coli, fieiptent Conmarartin, | canish—too old togyish—or too somethic By JAMES BLACKLOCK, | voterata) they have always entertained the pos. Soreninee aeverally.. ‘The Grand | ¢© the Publishers, Of these havo been frauds upon the sick, for | For expelling Worms “from the 
| and for he elic and (if'at aH brie - i ae esas 4th E osomethicg| Belleville, Nov. 18th, 1859, 15 | ibility of their prevention and removal, and and to the Province generally. be GARG LEONARD SCOTT & CO. | they not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa- | human system. Tt has also been 
of Patients in rane ite of he i ) cure yet goes regularly to his neighbor, likewise invariably found:that the mosthorrible| Trunk Railway Company have entored in-| 9g No, Bi (iold Strect, New York. | rilla, but often no curative properties whatcy- san bs h se 
ae. a He latter dis | and reads er good fire—finds fwult wih|NEW JEWELRY § 10 P. | and malignant forme of disease could almost nl |to a contract with a new firm, to bo estab: |" ¢ _| er. Hence, Eicher and painful disappointment administered with t ie egy ae f 
HIS celebrated preparatfon, like tho Bi its contents, disputes with its positions, and ways be traced to one of the following causes: | }ighed in this city, for the re-manufacture has followed the uso of the various extracts of | f; Its to various Anum: 
ters, , yf — oon) ished in this city, for the rg-m ' 66 E 59 |b ) ¢ ‘ ‘actory results L 
may be confidently relied on. jon | quarrels with ite type. "cas 4 —Tynorance, neglect, or the ill effects of un- a ‘ *. PrP a3l els Sarsaparilla which flood the market, until the . * 
fora case ef isessen more generl avd more cry sees an. article that kar erties CHARLES BRICK, —~ |ititit and tinproper troatinent; therefore, Dr. (Or a term of yeirs, of se RARE T , name itkelf is justly despised, and has become | Subject to Worms. ! 
thin any other to which the people of this esuntey | dime and boo a—saves haf a) WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER,| AMOS & SON have suceceded in discovering, in| There is, we believe, only one esi TIE Weekly ie gain enlarged, and contains | AyHOn¥mous With Imposition and cheat. Still UE LIVER PILLS, 
are aubject—thore springing from a “alight ayntry e and begs a number, ‘This is newspa- T his stand, two doors nbove | the selection of their remedies, a safe, effectual, | ment of the kind in America; anc that 3000 equnre inches of cant at matter mora! We call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend h of Liver ComMpLarnts, 
That sminent authorly, Or. Bell, says: T will per patronage, : Mr, Nulty’s Auotion Roop, | 8nd cautious conrse; omitting all combination | which is to carry on its operations in this] shan any ether Nowepaper published in Britieh | supply oy a remedy a8 shall rb a the | Fort PHS S > 
sokaee iat Solis ae {0 our iobsbitants mhat ine | > The editor of the Dutchman, spenk- C1 AR Front Stroct, is prepared tu moot nixon tare an equivoenl characters | city. will probably expend im wages 0 larger | Amerion (Zhe Patriot yxcepted), aud Subscribers Se ee Unita rey h rete | al] Brstous DrraNoEMENTs, Sick t 
‘ever are to 1 i f f 7 P @ ; ore i i ineas | 48 Well na those Whoee premature or injudio ane 4 Swill ni f td t woexlies on ite ¢ nd 3 P 
H countries; bul T can aver rey teeta teres ng of a drink he once had occusion to io- ore scl alt sseetain iain of busines Appvantion might be ST erebndsonsed amount than any existing manufactory in oan ole Te EO ater tr Tnleving it has’ yirtups! which aro. relate Heap-Acut, &c. In.cases of 
| usher in diseases of greater complicity and morte | ulge in, said hecouldn’t tell whether it was a eedallviee che Jubb wnnts h. He attends) ciences in the hands of private individaata In| the Province. The capital necessary p «B DOLLAR PER NEAR, by the ordinary run of the diseagos it is intend- Fever AND AGUE 
Hity tha hen Tater oe po brandy or a torch-light procession going peer ane mah ing department, and hip nie the Jauduble end of thoir remedioa in sie start this new establishment will no 8 ON Ee on ON aeataet sree nas ry fa sine aordey " ae Oi f ki ? F . 
ir proof of the ter ; f y 4 r) one a iver: Y % . it ia cale’ vd | when olly yBHCO; Or Seika, eradication from the system, the remedy ei Q p= 
FEICIUORL Tern aee pete ay of diseases down his throat! Misstock of Jewelry, nicely arranged and tases Tee pad Brel end at le less than $400,000 ; aud it is ale ated Dollars. rewill-be publiehed every Friday. Piaictously taken ea Ore tions on preparatory to or after taking Qui { 
i Er Gey Mea Peete by | Meawnnes Exrnaonpixany-—Some years | Mill selected will give satiafaction to the most] risyony alliotions that are in renlity tho corat | thal it wil piven tesla spina tS — the bottle, ~ « nine, they almost invariably make 7 
Tecords of the Board of Health of Philadelphia, con. | 40 While Capt. Ward was sail Sa eben Att I MCE Te Fe xPlifa, and which, whilo they so extremely |400 or 500 hands, and pay from $800 to) MrT SEMI-WEEKLY LEADER, PREPARED DY , 
fessedly one of tho most healthy fecrude In the i the up al lak “ Y oa fall wg aaa Unglish, Swiss, and Fr h Gold hivrodnilitatoatl Ad TOE Penittt and fata $1,000 a day in wages, It will be tho first] “4 largo sheot containing the reading jnutier DR. J. Cc. AYER & CO. Ls speedy and pgtmanent cures 
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