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Cabinet Meeting 

Now In Control {QUIS MIMSN. | oR LSet 

Viet Nam Army [FEARED DROWNED |) ee 

Oued a woe ae i ae (ota Hole Is Tom “| lection Annountement : 
In Norwegian Vessel 'Miade by Frost, Saturday 

ch New Drive on Sect 
.S. Endorses Premier 

the next provincial general elec 

tion a 
ro-| The announcement is expected to 

re Assistance 



Tee st: {CP)—Justice Min- , 
iste# {Garson Sunday night urged 
tohacdo ‘manufacturers to give or- 

ely Mr. Frost didn't set 
eUithit for this objective,” 
pé date, 1,666 units have 

wt and occupied; 100 are 
and tenders 

éfly put, is the govern- 

KENORA (CP) — Provincial po- 
lice planned to probe the deep wat- 
~ 2 - ers of the Lake of the Woods today QUEBEC (CP)—Repairs to the 
Ontario’s é ance of four Winnipeg youths. lightly-damaged liner Scythia were 
PARIS (Reuters) — Agence | pj-covery of an overturned cabin \Jto begin today while the ship she 
i saslght thatthe» Viets: cruiser floatjng in the lake Sunday 
Saigon at the Victna- fi 1 h | 
mese national army has seized jhaye been drowned. pace ae side = Pai Need 
all rebel resistance points in Cho Missing are“ Michael Maybank, Di Seue z Saree a gaping 
20-year-old son of Mr. Justice foot hole in"her side. 
SAIGON, Indochina (CP)—Units! Court of Queen's Bench and former ; follow a rare Monday meeting off? 
* aS ; ceeding under her own steam but 4 
. of Viet Nam's national army, DoW) parliamentary assistant to the min- . ™ the ee eoniaaton Josephine is| the provincial cabinet. iz 
(CP)—Ontario CCF | taken over by an anti-French revo-lister of mines and technical sur-| when the raft “Beht II” set out for Hawail from San Francisco | standing by her Premier Frost in a speech at 
t that the Ontario|attack against forces of tay tiaers Freestone, 20 and Philip Pratt, 21.! Plans were set for the Leli and crew to start on their ter of speculation that the election 
housing program has Binh muvee ye the 6 nesc| yorns SEARCH voyage to Hawail because winds a nd tides were just right. But the |a few lost plates, a long dent on will be held this year. He said he|® r 
ully inadequate” in pepe ei of mon Salgon’s|" 41) Justice Maybank drove to| 72! sot going before the arrival of Baker. at the dock. However, !the bow and some loosened rivets; Proposes to advise Lieutenant-Gow-. ee S heap 
: at sea. The Lehi is shown approaching the fishing ‘boat “Sea Bee" | legislature be dissolved and a gen-| oor) “opportunity as cha: 
ousing in Ontaria.. |ure of power Sunday by the junta, meee - ee and 1 Mf, | which was to tow-her thirty ‘miles west of the Farallones before jland Saturday off Trois-Pistoles. Sey election be held early in June. }/ to'buy cigarets at low prices. 
nald spp'c“ai «CCF |broke an uneasy truce which Ls Winnipeg ‘Sinda y siaiit Lap raetli cutting her adrift. (Central Press Canadian). ; iQue. about 150 miles’ down the| A provincial cabinet minister who 
SGterence’ here for|scttled on this gun-heavy city since @.recofded speech carried over 
qToronte jan | craves were Sbied. = Maybank and Freestone left Win- e Bes Draabp tie egonor kes corals | ueday ihe: election will be callédl winnipeg radio station CKRC in 
BS: SOF ue ; Pye | nipeg Friday by car. They took the { : - jfor June 9. +» bwhich 
ror Coie York-| Eyewitnesses said, two bata eee um pe ho ie enero ze | overeign es ermany pee soetsferies? He will go} Today's cabinet meeting was}, + he reviewed a report on loss- 
. oe @ } | ; Ss ¢ 
Hmnlet Frost of Ontario [oer rent con fell oa the Binn{eutie,208 Evatt bitcrhlked t «-| Becomes Official on Thursday ("7 DE" S85 pected tose" the Mir. Frost co tue report tabled in the Com- 
through a partnership |Xuyen forces ag .thcy.withdrew to blared Foxe were: toimeet) es y Ofticers of the ship, who asked Grnor about 3:30 p. m. and ao, BOT eatset aia zal ac- 
. EEN 8 SS pndéq a eral ac- 
waterways. eh tel ; pose | BONN, West Germany (Reuters) | their frontiers and has long been |was too slight to have the Scythiajjow probably between 4 and 4:30(9% 
Only minor units’ of the *Binh| Yrat ieee alen jake ress | West Germany will be trans-!a bone of contention between them. |dry-docked and she will probably |p, cP f : rf 4 inglude goods offered be- 
* °. i . formed this week from a defeated,| France and Germany will put to have only temporary repairs made} ‘The premier's announcement/ 6&8} a9 ‘attract custome away > 
ernment forces’ attack. The sects ; co's g stores. 
main force is drawn up Well out- eee aie san nd | nation and equal partner in the/ers of: a-high commissioner and!in Southampton. The liner will! annual meeting of the Western ort 
side ho Lon. r ae and a mile from the is-| West's most powerful alliances. |method of holding 2 plebiscite, leave as scheduled Wednesday, !tario Progressive Conservative pduld: not deny tobacco 
Se | Sovereignty becomes final Thurs-| which was drafted at a conference said a Cunard lines spokesman in! sociation, was welcomed by A sppportunity to par, : 
detachments guard strongpoin' iB a ¢ same price 
ing program—a tragic/the busiest streets of the city. crt ongeeee the | Maybank ret enter the West Ger-: French Foreign Minister Antoine} For the Scythia, a collision Is|iver and Ontario CCF leader Dop 
|They have not been attatked be-| comp but found no signs that any man chincellery as high commls-|Pinay ending at midnight Satur-/becoming an almost-annual event, | ald C. MacDonald. in large quanti- 
“ifs | = * Yl sioners, deposit the instriments |day night. tan officer recalled. He said the! : 
neecompletely realistic likely in fighting in the city tentre. i : |BOTH READY , 
E t least 10,000 low-/REBELS SPLIT. - wf 3: 4 STRONG SWIMMERS jtion, 2nd emerge as thelr coun-/ details of the Saar agreement the|off Father point, some 200 miles}. Mr. Oliver and Mr. MacDonal& 
es for cach of the next P ae Searchers dragged the 60-foot | tries’ ambassadors here. ‘two ministers settled the future of|downstream from Quebec City injboth said their parties are pre-{fasue 
- deep waters and searched =“ Saturday, Konrad Adenauer,|the Vocklingen steel works, owned |the summer of 1953, Last summer} pared for an election. a 

for clues leading to.the disappear 
France-Presse reported from collided with, the Norwegian 
led police-to fear the boys may 
Lon and fighting has ceased. 
. Ralph Maybank of the Manitoba The §8,000-ton Sunland is pi 
ald MacDonald said Ste-|lutionary junta, today launched an/veys: David Radcliffe, 20, - Dick) she inadvertentty-left Ie ipper, Devere Baker and crew behind. London Saturday corifirmed a wel 
t drifting | The 19,000-ton Scythia suffered 
'O! Captain and crew were later put aboard th ‘ i t the 
esa tae lowessat' coal The oes aahtlan: taiowing selz- Kenora Sunday to assist police in p' a rew were later put aboar e raft from another boat ‘when she collided with the Sun- ernor Louls O. Breithaupt tha 
“+H@ made the recommendation in 
a = St. Lawrence river from here. declined use of his name said Sat+ 
erence here for lt enting last week in which 500|* drive back to Kettre tei rday 
5 Sand 
fons of government forces, num. | horsepower motor with them. Rad- called for about 1:30 p. m. EDT, febtescoenine -by: the restrictive 
f ith the federal gov-|rice paddies and a,maze of nearby] “a+ noon Sunday provincial police not to’ be named, said damage|nouncement of the date would ‘0 raicoxtss the practice. Loss 
Xuyen force were hit-by the gov’ 4: Ad 3 ‘ 
the, overturned boat on the lake} ccunied country to a sovercign| the council a joint proposal on pow-jhere. Full repairs_will be made| an carly June election, made at hele eting 5! 
Ons "said tobacco manu- 
In addition, strong Rjnh X: lee} : 
camp owned by Mr. Justice) 4 SOMSWNE"Y Dict n and French|in Bonn between Adenauer and (Montreal. ifario Liberal Leader Farquhar @ pre 
totes providing the to- 
A bonald said the CCFicause of the heavy losk % 5 
gt person had been there. lratifying the end of the occupa-| Besides agrecing on most of the |Scythia collided with another ship 
(Reports in Paris said’ a, major 
chancellor of the six-year-old fed-|by the Rocchling family, “‘the|she smashed into the quay-herej Mr. Oliver, in Pembroké Satur] * 

- - re i get Thaker vol boring .istands without success. d 
: 5 rebels wantin as Yon fightin It was known"Maybank and Free-|¢ral republic, will leave for Paris| Krupps on the Saar.” while tying up. In both cases dam- day night for a nomination’ m te 9 ‘ 
4 and thos si a ty to reach 8! stone were strong swimmers and/to take his seat for the first time; The French and German gov-jage was negligible. ing, sald the party welcomes a L i 
. 3 reach alyotw the lake country well. The/on the council of the North At-jernments are jointly to buy up the| The Sunland and Scythia collided] test of Strength and will fight the eve es 

clection'/ right down to the wire. 

~ Road Accidents 
fe, Take Five Lives, 

© Three Drowned 

ay ater agli os government] two youths had left university earl-|lantic Treaty Organization. ” works, which produce 850,000 tons |during heavy fog. The channel at 
oe igo Dit iem, ler Jast. week. There talks will sce the estab-|of stecl a year, for about $45,000.-/at the place where they struck is “The Liberal party will be quite * 
em today Jaunched a new of- . lishment Sunday of the West Eu-'000, The Réechlings are understood |two miles across. confident of the outcome.” gainst er 

lropean Union councjl, with Britain,’ to have agreed. Es : Mr. MacDonald at home in Tor- 
|France, Italy, Belgium, Holland,| Adenauer and Pinay said they | RIVER PILOTS ON DUTY onto said recent popular opinion 

e i 
Atomic Test jLuxembourg—and West Germany | algo agreed on new European” in-| Both were being handled by! polls indicate that the ‘solid sup- 
. {tegration plans to embrace trans-/river pilots, who normally take} port for the Conservatives and Lib- 

fensive on chief of state Bao Dai. 
The premier’s office announced that 
a national assembly will meet 
here Wednesday to depose the ab- 
sentee ex-emperor who tried unsuc- 
cessfully to oust Diem last week. 
By THE CANADIAN PRESS Dim jssued the announcement 

after conferring with Gen. J. Law- 

Traffic accidents caused half of|),, Collins, President Eisenho®er's 

rs s . 
| Conservatives 
—as members. 
° | One of the council’s first duties | port, aircraft production, civil avia-jocean-going ships down the St.lerals is little more than’ one-half) . SN y 
am ostpone will be to consider a request by|tion and atomic development. on|Lawrence between here and|of what it was four years ago. VICTORIA (CP) — Fed 
| France and Germany that it take| increasing Franco - German trade} Father point. Names of ‘the pilots “Clearly the people of Ontario cet era) Pro- 
lover ‘responsibility for the ‘Saarjand on,their view of the world sit-'who handled the ships were not|are not. satisfied with either the gressive Conservative leaders have 
been charged with striking -the 

By KEN METHERAL industrial territory, which es on uation. given, lackadaisical government they have 
Canadian Press Staff Wriler | The Scythia was tound for Que-} been‘receiving or the apathetic Op-inames of leading members of the 

eastern Canada's 10 accidental special envoy who fet 800 ssen; w +) position the Lib nald 
tt kend. iy urned by 
deaths during the wee 2 plane from Washington © today. Vv ° i 
«| LAS VEGAS, Nev. (CP) — Ai bee City with ¢: yhiles| i 
y pa gers | said Mr. MacDonal B.C. Progressive Conservative As- 

A Canadian Press survey showS |chortly after the general's arrival i i . 

ed on highways be- i »|wave of disappointment swept over; e ithe Sunland, under charter to! fering,” 

aise perscss = a Ma de Avg Mpa States charge d'affaires Canadian troops here for their in-| mM u S cross ana a \Saguenay Termina?s, Ltd., of| ‘The election announcement came sociation from party records be- 

ween midnle : andolph Kidder told reporters at|doctrination in nuclear warfare| Montreal, was heading from Port|at a time of feverish peuten ac: pause thoy opp osed National 
in the province with nomin-|Leader eorge Drew. 

night Sunday. Three were drowned, the airport that Amezican backing] i 

4 lwhen the seventh straight post-) ; Alfred, . to Belgi the | tivity 
by tues idlled by a traln and 09 for the anti-Communist premier! ponement was ordered for Opera- M4 bd WUnited Ringdom. ‘She. was carry. tings held Mimo ay asc ctations oftela oad Sate 
yy fire. still stands, tion Cue Sunday’ night, 0 e a a on e 0 

United Kingdom, She was carry. ation mee 
ing general cargo and aluminium|The CCF has chosen candidates in|tive Association officials said Sat- 

youths w a 
Breet srl Kenora when The French were expected to op-| In a bricf announcement the ingots. about 60 of the 98 constituencies, |urday 2 meeting of the association 
- a cabin crulser overturned on Lake nose ee ye Hoh = oust}Atomic Energy Commission said) - co. ae ema ee i the Liberals about 45 and the Pro-|Friday passed a resolution charging _ 
of the Woods. . chief efrstate wd Serie im as ——— ehbame Rep ogee | =i Y A “ IN S ,, f B d gressive Conservatives about 40. homers footcoi Dr ies ime 
killed in On- . forced postponement of the -| Canadian Press Staff Writer Oli Call ; —_—— . a complete veil™of secrecy 
Five) persons were ARMY APPROVES joriginally acheduled for last Tues-} LAS VEGAS. Nev. (CP)—Flying ver S$ ew erjes 0 a ges (Continued on Page 9.) at national Conservative headquar- 
i ee ters.” 4 

tario; four in Quebec and one in 
New Brunswick. No deaths were 
reported in Nova Scotia, Newfound-' 
land or Prince Edward Island. 
Feared drowned in Lake of the 
*., *Woods were Michael Maybank, 20, 
eof Winnipeg, son of Mr. Justice 
Ralph* Maybank, David Radcliffe, 
20, and Dick Freestone, 21, both of 
“Winnipeg and Philip Pratt, 19, of 
Portage La Prairie, Man. 
In Ontario, 15-monthold Matha F “ = Pere Gees 
sar into a was ning In T di al M D Ob ance: Klachn of Ottawa cor taf the tri] Mf. Oliver Saturday : criticized) tion next year. 
oe ech Sears arerzed | ra tion ay ay serv ce service radiation detection team the Frost government on its, han- COMING EVE 
Arthur Bentley, 76, Harwich ——__—______— p page arte test, sald the|dling of the highways “scandal” x : Nice Se 
town: k By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ;modern society to achicve social|Canadian Army is also exploring| and for the =* ora (vested inthe A dP. R tl En | —. 
stuck ack tront af hi abaartd app realy? world| peace and delivered stern words) te ter of light planes to speed UP} nunicipal board He eased that ueen FiNncess ecen y Joy Goes pat Admission IS cents” 
home near Blenheim, ‘Antonia Lom-|™arched in traditional May Day | against communism, though ‘he did|radiation surveys in event of nu-}4,, Conservative campaiga in the : 7 ~ ATTENTION! ALL NEW AND ‘om 
holt, 26, of Kingston burned to celebrations Sunday. Religious and/not mention it my name, clear warfare. provincial selection expected: this ane. TENTIO ALL, NEI i, NEW. AND OLD 
death when trapped in his over- political leaders on both sides of]. The Pope concluded his 25-min- Plans for use of light planes as}y oo. would be largely ‘you've Thrilling Horse Race-at scot ra Teanis Club Ladies’ Auxillary, 
i a in a ditch three miles|the Inn Curtain took grim notejute specch by proclaiming the li tion monitors are beingl) ee had it ore ly ~¥ rponthly mee Ring tuesday, ay ary 
oth orth city. of Eag-West tensions. urgical feast of “St. Joseph the| worked out by the No, 1 radiation sph told tke et eae South Lik: : . é 3 at Clubhouse, 
Joseph William Clause JIr., %,| Viglence broke out in France.|Workman” to be celebrated each arvogertreg Mie arenes eral convention that since 1943, On- LONDON (AP)—A royal race— After walking their horses down sresng 2 Tex AT, oA LGEORGES 
was killed whvnile: walking acros Ae att depenience deme) Bes 1 i ineerin *for|tatio taxation has increased. with Queen Elizabeth riding one) to Ascot’s golden gate they turned| 3rd." auspices. of Ladies" Guld, 
rations were marred| year-old engineering expert fOr) y+ peants to municipalities) had|horse and Princess Margaret an-jand came back. Just as they Homme cooking and, variety table. 

hile walking acrom|Casion to stage independence dem-| British cele! 
pre prey onstrations and,wound up in scuf-|by the death of one of the nation’s Sydney-Mines, N.S. not yct kept pace with this in-|other—took place privately at the}reached the three-furlong mark, : 
. Ascot. track . at+Princess Margaret turned to the| BELLEVILLE © FIREFIGHTERS. 

Diem's office sald Bao Dal witl|day. for at Jeast 24 hours, clubs across Canada will shortly be| : ; : rs 
‘be deposed by a “'states genera "| The same reason has been: given) assigned a vital radiation monitor- Grants ‘Briber ’ | OTTAWA (CP)—Canada's 175,000 MUMPS,-NOT POLIO Conservatives with more than 
assembly to be made up of pro-|for cach postponement. ee AEC! ing role in the country's civil de- y Boy Scouts have a new tice of|) SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP)—An 40 years memkership in the party, 
vinclal councillors from South Viet | said ae held vests : a yr = setae. ig ive F.F, Worth-| proficiency badges to try for. They |cight-year-old boy who made news perro esa peer ey last 
- + = ngton discios ay. ” Y ae qi : . -s = h, o ve Asso 

{x are aimed at encouraging conser-|by becaming ill two days after ciation officers and official B. C. 

Nam's 39 provinces. | m . . = 
——s to see if the shot can be fired at| Worthington, here as{an official rid both \ fy ‘ 
(Continued on Page 10.) [dawn Tuesdays cutoghinson bere seen cele] | Rite Ray Qu lce)—Ontaci enon ot aataral seers i trved oak be a victn ot |cocete to. Ouame tne Ra ae 
Energy Commission's nuclear}, .* od sive Con-|Ganadian General Council of Boy |mumps. The boy, son. of a couple|"#mes stricken from records ofthe. 

: = tests, said the flying clubs plan will |42S gecused the Progressive Con-|c" ot. saturday created four|stationed at nearby Mather air party for daring to protest George 

W be inaugurated as soon as a num-|servative. governmént ofthe Prov-| badges, one each for forestry, wild-|force base, was placed in’ isola- Drew's lack of leadership,” the 

orkers Throughout orld Mar ch ber of technical details are ironed} ince qt “‘political bribery" in an) ite, water and soil conservation. |tion at the Sacramento county hos- resolution charged. — - 

: es They will be put up for competi-| pital jast week as a possitle polio heressty ae Heist munici- 

out. election ® year. we! 

a level crossing at Hagersville. d : y 
Mrs. Margaret Cavin, 60, of\fles with the “police. At least 41|top labor leaders, Arthur Deakin. INCREASE EFFICIENCY | crease famous — Royal r 
Brantford died in hospital from e-(tretrators we injured and 70 dem-'He died from a heart attack suf-] ‘Though full details have not been| Special grants from this year's nearby: Windsor. Princess Margaret / queen and said something. eee cana ar $30 ban. ‘Ade 
vere burns _ suffered, When nee cow. a fered while addressing a May Day] disclosed, the planes will be used| budget were no more than ‘‘politi-} won. Quickly the riding master was} mission 25c. At’ the Moose Hall. 

The race of the two Royal sis- left far behind as the royal sisters|_ Door prize. 517-20-et-m-te 

In Moscow, Defence Minister|rally. to determine quickly the areas of|cal bribery,” Mr. Oliver said. 
Grorgl Zhukov’ stood in drench-| Divided Berlin had its quictest}heaviest radiation - contamination shina LR Snr Eh ahh ters was run recently in compara- 

ing rain reviewing a parade of|May Day since the war. In West) following a nuclear attack. N.Y. BANS HORROR, BOOKS tive privacy, 40 workmen and a 
top-hatted riding master being the 

THE WEATHER Ruula’s military, might. The rain) Berlin 100,000 citizens marched to] “Present indications are¢that it ‘ a 
foréd cancélation of the usualjthe traditional rally at city hall| will allow us to increase our cf- ALBANY! N.Ye‘(AP) -— Gover-| only witness. One of the workmen, 
TORONTO. (CP) — Synopsis—|manmoth imarch; by ‘‘spontan-jand heard Mayor Otto Suhr de-|ficiency and speed of operations; Nor. Aver(l_ Harriman’ today ap-|engagcd in painting the stands, 
The fine, warm -weather of the/cous’ civilian’ demonstrators. The,clare Berlin must get ready to| by 75 to 100 per cent," said Klaehn. [proved ‘a jpill_designed'"to sweep summed up enough courage today 
past few days will continue across|custdnary air; forge fly-past also[h.-ome the capital of a unified! Worthington said the civil de-jHorror and sex-filléd comic books/to tell about it: d 

‘southern Ontario today, Bfolst alr)was Gncelled. ~ Geé.nany. About 350,000 East Ber-|fence flying club organization will|from the newslands‘anhd to remove) “We saw them enter by the gate 
from the Gulf of Mexico, how-| Pelpng radib said Red China’s)linet. marched along Unter Den|be patterned after that set up by lurid publications from .the hands/ that joins Windsor Castle ground to 
ever, is pushing up west of the|leader,Mao Tze-tung, observed the|Linde. to Marx-Engels Square past| the Kingston unit. ‘They are the|of' children, The+measure makes) the race course. They were in 
Great Lakes and is spreading|day w&cHing a “seemingly end-|a revlé-in¢ stand of Germfn and] experts and we will of course be|it a misdemeanor. to ‘publish or|riding clothes, wearing colored 
cloud and light rain across north-|less pahde't down Pelping’s cen-| Soviet offi, ‘als. guided by their findings," he sald. | distribute comic books devoted to|head scarves. The Queen had on a 
ern Ontario, Showers and occa-/|tra) boubvard. 

s | In Buenda Aires, organized work-| Wing Cmdr. A. L. Bocking of Ot-|rex or brutality or to sel or show yellowish one and the princess a 
slonaft thundershowers will con-! In Vatcan City, the Pope ad- 

galloped neck and neck down the ————— 
stretch. The dazzled workmen Mela atthe Monee Hall 52 Vitor 
downed tools and watched in utter yee eyez. Yih reday, evening ats { 
amazement. charity. 5 J6-em-tu-1¢ 

It was a ding dong battle for 

about 600 yards but with about 30 ONT Toihe K. of G. Reoma, Mon. 

yards to go Princess Margaret shot) day 830, 4 

yards t0 £0 ee and beat the| Mey Name. Society. Good prises, 

Queen by three lengths. Jackpot. Everyone; welcome. asose 
One of the aoe Fer hom rer = 

cess Margaret had a far larger) ¥ Dv— BAZAAR. _ 

foes. thaw her sister. He said they) Brlge, Street, Unies Nvednesday 

both rode beautifully. May 4, 3898: 23058 Pa eS 

clothing caught fire as. she brushed 
against a wood-burning stove. 


jers demonSt-ated against the Ro-|tawa. RCAF ground defence co-lany other’ literature featuring sex|darker colored scarf. The horses| “They were laughing . as they brovided.: é 
Unue in these regions today and dresséd, lundreds of thousands ofjman Catholf® Church and voiced! ordinator; Worthington, and Klachn]or crime to persons under 18, Vio-| were jet black, Following them on pulled up after the race, said the| coLLEGIATE HOME! AND’ SCROOL ~ 
| Muesday, but. are unlikely to workers “aisembled from all parts| support for Prtsident Peron in his|are giving close study to aircraft |lators will be*subject fo jail sent-| another horse Was the riding mas- workman, ‘“‘and then they trotted Ameciation, meeting. Monday; May 
| Preach southern Ontario until late/of Italy inSt. Peter’s Square. jrunning battle With the Argcntinc| participation in the current atomic|ences of up to a year, fines of up| ter from. Windsor. Castle in topjout the way they had come and . zaate. A 
; Tuceday. The 7Syear-old pontiff urged' church. < , _ tests here. : ~~ |to $500 or woth, SL hat.” ; - went back to the castle. ie 
Spee peter \ Ar) 

7 Frank Moore of Boyce’s Garage, 
ur roceeding along Front St. 
In his late model’car and was 
crossing the: four corners when 
the Calnan child 

- from East Bridge Street into the 
‘path of- the oncoming car, He wag 
thrown from the bike but appear- 

was Pp 

ed to 


a &. 


be unburt, 







Front and Bridge Streets at 

turned right 

on going on to 
school while Mr. Moore took the 
“bike to be repaired and assured 
the child that he would notify his 
parents. Charles is a grade five 
» stuflent at Queen Alexandra 
public school. ; 
IN (CP)—Diane |Com- 
meyne, 17, of Guelph: suffered a 
broken: arm Sunday when a canin 
which she was @ passenger crashed 
into the rear of a bus which 
stopped on the Queen ‘Elizabeth 
way because of a flat tire. 


MAY Ist to 10th 

> 24683) 
B-8, -G-54, B-4, N-42 i 
.0-69,. G-59, I-17, 1-26%, 
B-6, 0-74, B-13, 1-30' 
0-72, G-52, 1-29, 0-73: 
B-2, N-39, 1-20, N-36°. 
1-28, G-55, 0-62, B-15 © 





Diol WO 8-6791 



nant $944 Raised For. 


Montreal, dislocated the 

in Europe. * 

ation or’ a 

es at city hall, Saturday night. 

members of Belleville 

club's crippled children fund. © 

the Rotary fund’ with $944. 
familiar with 

#]|some way or another. 



On Your Seed Bill 
Plant Only 

NO. 1 PURITY & NO.1 


NO. 1 SEED produces pure, 

,° tations. 
—No weak plants from coll 




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AL WO 2-4551 


Talent Auction 

flights irom Toronte to 

of a CF-100 pilot in North Bay 
and killed off a -heap of bats mi- 
grating to catacombs somewhere 

However, there is nothing like 
a dame when it comes to framing 
rumors .and-this base canard can 
be ‘dismissed as.a slight exagger- 
low-down bourgeols 
smear on the hard-working class- 

_-For there, for just five hours, 
plus the musical artists and: sports 
of the community, plus CJBQ's 
Jack Deviné, whipped up a spon- 
taneous radio show to ald the 

the Rotary Talent Auc- 
tion, the show provided the radio 
listeners of the ‘city with hilar- 
fous entertainment, the jokers and 
the tipsied with horse laughs and 

By now most Bellevillians are 
the mechanics of 
the show, since most of them 
seemed to have a hand in it in 
The prin- 
ciple of the presentation was that 
anyone wishing to hear a broth- 
er, bosom pal or anyone entertain 
over the air had to pledge a sub- 
scription to the club for the 

Saree eT ay 

eeeete : : ees ecccnee sree : a Akg 
Crippled  |County Roads |. Obituary 
Prove Attractive 

nesday, following an illness of 
one year’s duration. Z 
Solemn Requiem Mass was sung 

council chambers was kept busy 
recelving requests’ and ‘pledges, 
while a motorized battalion of Ro- 

fishermen Saturday as the 1935 
Season: got under way. 
speaking the trout 

er attraction for district motor- 
ists over the week-end than did 
the main highways as Mr. and 

tarians was constantly on the lic took advantage |>Y. Rev. W. H. Carty of St. Pet-| were fairly numerous in this dis- 
move, picking’ up the lucky, or Sronctomestisaalls ine Sanday ers Churth at 9.00 a.m. noe trict with adverse 
luckless, artist named, and the | afternoon to enjoy nature. “ ment made made in Mount - Teports coming 

from oh, areas, “s 

The prize beauty fell to the lure 
of Larry Biron, 257 Station Street, 
who hooked a handsome brown 


The $944 was responsible for 
some unique entertainment. List- 
eners to the station heard an al- 
derman (Enos David) sing an 
Trish song, a gripping rendition 
of “The Face on the Barroom 
Floor” by Rotarian Art Francis 
and some flourishing violin solos 
by Barnett Taylor. : 

However, most dominant per- 
former of the evening was city 
police inspector Clair Hayes, 
whose deep basso betrayed an ac- 
quaintance with the bars of the 
music -scale almost as profound 
as that with the bars,of his city 
cell block, 

In this show -the unexpected 
happened every few minutes, but 
most off-heat feature probably 
was the appearance of a group 
of teenagers out on a party, who 
took over the microphone for 
nearly ten minutes. © One man 
sent in a request for a song from 
a friend who just had had his 
teeth extracted. But the victim 
proved a good sport and, though 
still awaiting his plate from the 
dentist, went on the air/and ful- 
filled the request. 

The show, which started 
promptly at 8.30 p.m. was signed 
off at 1.25 a.m. by Jack Devine 
who had tolled at the mike con- 
tinuously for five hours. Backing 
up the announcer was pianist 
Jimmy Corradi, who prob. 
ably has set up a record for plano 
—- in the Belleville dis- 

Most unexpected touch of the 
evening came towards the con- 
cluding few minutes of the hil- 
arity when a bat made a sudden 
appearance through the chamber 
windows. However, it left as fast 
- os antenna could find the 

vary cemetery. 
Mrs. St. Hilaire was the daugh- 

The hardwoods north of the 
city resounded to the shouts’ of 
flower hunting youngsters who 
returned to cars, arms laden 
with trilliums, snapdragons, vio- 
lets and other spring flowers. 
Tucker’s Woods, on the Belle- 
ville-Wallbridge road, was well 
populated during the. afternoon 
as were other hardwoods in the 
With motorists out pleasure 
driving not a serioas accident was 
reported in the Quinte district. 
No accidents were reported by the 
provincial police, while city po- 
Uce reported two minor mishaps. 
One of the mishaps was a rear- 
end collision occurring early Sun- 
day morning. John Hendo, 144 
Church Street, was westbound 
along Dundas St, when, as*he 
attempted to make a left hand 
turn onto Sidney Street his car 
was struck from behind by an- 
other vehicle driven by Don 
Quick of Brighton. $200 dam- 
age resulted to the Quick auto 
and about $150 to the other. 

Y’s Men’s Club 
[Told of Hospital’s 


St. Hilaire was a member of the 
Catholic Women’s League. 

Surviving are three. daughters: 
Mrs. Sanford (Mary) Bowers; 
Mrs. Charles (Teresa) Kurtz, and 
Mrs. Jerome (Margaret) Kurtz, 
London; two sons, Hugh of Kit- 
chener and Gerald of RR. 5, 
Trenton.-" A brother, Andrew 
Marsh of Californis, and five 
grandchildren also survive. 

Bearers were: Sanford Bowers, 
Jerome Stumpf, Everett and Har- 
old St. Hilaire, Alfred Desjard- 
ines and Vincent Long. | 

and Charles Ness of this city, all]} 
rallroad “buddies”. The trio used 
worms exclusively. They added 
eight fine ten-inch speckles to the 
bag before calling it a day., 
“They'll do it every time” 
moaned Clement and Neas. “Here 
we have been going back there for 
years _on opening day and this 
year we took Larry just for the 
ride. It was the first time he 
ever put a line in the water. “The 
trio caught thelr fish “somewhere 
north of Madoc.” 
Alderman Claude Tice and 
party of four tried Deer Lake 
and came out with four small 
lake trout and 10 speckles. Jack 
Fleming and party hooked 22 
speckles in a stream near Wes- 
lemkoon while the Wanamaker 
party of. Stirling got their count 
of, “lakers” fishing in Little Sal- 
mon- Lake. Ss 
It was different, however with 
Fred Croft, senior and Magistrate 
T. Y. Wills. These veterans of the 
rod and reel had to be satisfied 
with two speckles for two days’ 
fishing. They fished on Trout 
Lake where they sald the angling 
was anything but good. Numerous 
boats were in evidence and none 
got hauls to speak of. Messrs. 
Croft and Wills did not get a 
nibble on Saturday and had to 
wait till Sunday before they 
hooked the ‘pair. 



The funeral of Miss zabeth 
(Bessle) Hewitt, of Kingsford, and 
formerly of Belleville, was held 
Wednesday, April 20th, from the 
Wartman Funeral Home, Napenec. 
Rev. K. F. Blatchford conducted 
the service assisted by Rev. L. 
Arthur Page, of Belleville. 
Bearers were Fred Doyle, Walt- 
er Scott, Robert Tucker, Francis 
McCullough, Clifford Abbott and 
Bruce Kimmerley. 

Interment took place in River- 
side cemetery, Napanee. 

The deceased was born in Em- 
pey Hill, the daughter of the late 
Mr..and Mrs. James Hewilt, and 
had lMved in Belleville for 13 

On Thursday the Y’s Men's Club 
heard John Buchan of the Bake- 
lte Company, Belleville, describe|years prior to moving to King- 
the new Belleville Hospital. As) ford. She dled In Kingston General 
chairman of the property com-|4! Hospital on April 18th, after 
mittee, Mr, Buchan wag able .to| a2 !llness of two weeks’ duration. 
trace the development of the new; She was in her 62nd year. 
hospital from Its beginning in|. The beep eet been Sirssersott 
Grae Up eve PMNS WETE) Kingsford, and while in Belleville 

He explained that the new! attended St. Margaret’s-on-the- 
building would provide a modern | Hill when health cpermitted, 

She is survived by a sister-in- 

fireproof 250 bed hospital in place 1,4 Mrs. Eldon Hewitt, nephews 

of the old badly overcrowded 131) James and Delbert Hewitt and a 
bed potentlat firetrap. niece, Mrs. Lyman Aselstine. She 
The $3,200,000.00 structure fs, was predeceased by a brother, 
being fInanced half by public sub-| Eldon T. Hewitt, in 1949, 
scription, and half by government ——— 
grants, and will provide a much MISS NORMA WEDDEN 
The funeral of Miss Norma 

improved service to the commu- 
nity. Construction is well under- 
way, Mr. Buchan says and the ex-| Wedden was held Saturday, 
pected date of completion is Aug-|APril 30th, from the chapel of the 
ust 1956, Belleville Burial Company Fun- 
The speaker was introduced| eral Home, Rev. Ray Rowley con- 
by Maitland Duff and thanked by, ducted the service assisted by 
Doug. Bateman. Rev. L. K. Daniel. . 
5 The club recelved the financlal| - Bearers: were Harry Bailey, 
from the counter of Smith's Hard-| statement for the year and ex-| Vernon Weir, Merritt Hackett, 
ware. pressed Its appreciation to Carm! Frank: Hodgins, Cyril MacMullen 
A South Foster Ave, resident} Lowther for the-excellent work, #nd Lawrence Kells. 
found that someone had damaged! he performed as treasurer. Interment took place in Belle- 
his 14-foot skiff by using it for] After the meeting adjourned, | ville cemetery. 
target practice. Nine holes from)members prepared the ¥.M.C.A.| On Friday evening, Ap rie. 
elther a .22 rifle or a high-pow-| Gymnasium for the annual Y, M.| members of the Belleville Chapter} Plump . ralnbows, _ speckleds, 
ered B.B. rifle were found in the)C. A. father and son banquet, to| Order of the Eastern Star No. 55, 0 an browns -and Kamloops! 
skiff. be held the following evening. held a memorlal service at the! ore in season until Sept. 15. The 
funeral home. Taking part in the bag limit kled t th 15 
service were: Wor. Matron, Mrs.|D#& ‘mit on speckled trout is 
fAnne Davidson; | Wor. Patron,|{3h* one of any weight, and 14 
‘Morley Hancock;- and Mrs. SU bees oo exceeding 10 pounds 
\Slavin, John Good, Mrs. Phyliss) 02: "ei om on teaive, ta 
\Barry, Mrs. Dorlas, Stewart, Mra. |bOWs ne psa ype ty ee a eye 
|Olive Jones, Mrs. Oress Adams,| Ore tan seven ine 
IMrs. Edna Fox, Dave Hollinger,| NEAR THORNBURY 
| Mrs. Dorothy Durno, Mrs. Jeant A 5 1/4-pound rainbow was 
Adams, Mrs. Luella Brickman and| caught by Jack Armstrong near 
| Mra. Stella Ducette. Thornbury. 

Hl - vCharles Beatty of Grafton took 
|\MES. ALEXANDER LOCKHART|his quota of 15 speckleds, all 
2 (Deseronto) ? 

The funeral of Mrs. Alexander 
Lockhart, who died in Kingston |{he Full Gospel Tabernacle, in 
Gencral Hospital, after a short | The deceased is resting at the 
illness on Saturday, April 23, was| Rowe Funeral Home, Frankford. 
held on Tuesday, April 26, fromippe guneral announcement ap~ 

Ratz-Bechtel Funeral Home in 
Kitchener, OntarloyMrs. Lockhart | PCs elsewhere in this edition. 

was Inher 79th yar. 
The deceased rested at the 
White Funeral Home, Deseronto, 
until Monday, April 25, from 
where the body was transferred to) 
Ratz-Bechtel Funeral Home In} 
Kitchener. Rev. W. Bishop, Holy 
Saviour Anglican church, Water- 
loo, Was the officiating clergy- 
man ‘at the service at 3.30 p.m. 
Interment took place at the 
Woodland cemetery, Kitchener. 
The deceased, the daughter of 
the late Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. 
Howe, was born in Toronto. She 
was predeceased by her husband. 
Before -moving to Deseronto, Mrs. 
Lockhart resided in Forest and in 
Kitchener, , = 
She is survived by one son, 
Archibald Ross Lockhart, of Kit- 
chener, and two daughters, Mrs. 
C. F. (Dorothy Frances) Ritz, of 
Waterloo and Mrs. D. F. (Mar- 

will testify. Bob hooked twelve 
beautles after a five a.m. start 
while Jackie hauled in the same 

Police Blotter 

from an. unquoted . trout haunt 
while Cyril Gardner fishing “20 
miles north of Belleville” pulled] : 
in four nice ones over 15 inches 
in length and two smaller ones.}: 

Two well dressed men, one of 
whom kept the clerk busy while 
the other got in his dirty .work, 
were belleved responsible for the 
theft of a clock radio from a 
Front street jewellery store Sat- 
urday afternoon. 

Both men were said to be about 
40 years of age and six feet tall. 
One of the men kept the store 
clerk busy showing him some jew- 
ellery while the other secreted 
the clock radio under the topcoat 
he was wearing, 

In another instance of shop- 
ifting a mixmaster ‘disappeared 

party came home with seven 

quoted source. 
A Canadian Press survey show- 
ed trout generally were plentiful 

|women hopefully dangled lines 
throughout the ‘province. 

First known catch went to 14- 
year-old Roger Saunders of 
Guelph. who hooked an eight 
inch trout one minute after mid 
night. é : 

Shozo Mori of Toronto battled 
for half an hour to land a 30-inch, 
8 1/2-pound ralnbow in the Pine 
cil 20th, |tiver 15 miles southeast of Bar- 

_ Fine Perfumes, 
ia Colognes and 






o) °° youn Rk. Bus; Jorie Adele) Weber, of Deseronto. FOR THAT 
a - Also surviving are one brother, 
: sister; Mrs. B. A. Johnson, of! @- TONI 
_ REFRIGERATED — AIR CONDITIONED Chicago, Ilinois and a grandchild, @ PROM 

Jane Elizabeth Ritz, of Waterloo. 
Mrs. Lockhart was a member 
of the Anglican church and a for- 


Phone WO 8-5588 

OPERATED BY mee pees ot ~ LODE ee . ray QUICK 
4 , : ener “Prince of Wales Chapter”. NETTE 


Glen Denton Revoy, 17, only. 
son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Re- 
voy, of Frankford, died at his: 
home Sunday evening, May Ist, 
after a lengthy illness. 

The deceased is survived by his 
parents. He was a member of 



$1.75 Ff 2 
ef ad 
“Your ndly Store” 
WO 8-7928 We Deliver 




Bud Bateman sald he and his} 
speckles each, also from an une] 

and a host of men, boys and]: 

_ Obitua Four-Pound 12-Ounce Brown Trout 
pens, many ao sr. amas) Tons District Hauls On Opening Day 


bumper-to-bumper for miles. 
Fishing was reported excellent| ©¢™*!#?z- 
in the North Bay area. Many fish- 
ermen. headed up the 
Northland Railway -lMne north 
from North Bay. 

Clarence Antle 


tnicial new Mother's Day boxes 
es ure‘availdsle at_no extra charge 



“DIAL WO 2-3406 

Gay. who pessed/ cinnincs. — a and 
Giddings. 20 Moira 





Sponsored by the Bridge Street United Church Choir © 
Tickets available: At Quinte Book ‘Shop and Leslie's 

Z MONDAY; MAY 2; hgss 


DORAN, — Mr, Bnd. Mrs. 

a nine-year-ol: t 0 orist TRENTON, (Special) — The 

athe rs. Pe: . ; = T M ‘uneral - was Fri ay ig aS 

Baines 185° North John “Steeet, Dame Rumor has it that alr- through the gh ot s Mn Atory Ann St Hilaire #5, of| Ol Man Weather ind Dame IN MEMORIAM 
was Siered bts baoexed “out of Bell il sateetay Baties of phones pehint ine tie RR. 5, Trenton, who died in the |Nature came up with a-100 per 

. 5 ‘waves out 0 eville = ; > aE: - 

Trom his bicycle at the comer of|night caused grounding of all|provised studio set up in-city hall] Country roads proved a great= nton Memorial Hospital, Wed-|cent assist to hundreds of trout etree tmemory of 

hap to announce the bint 
son Robert Alsn. Frid Ab 
~ 3685 ‘at the ‘Ballevila 

~ - pgATHS = 

TICKELL, Hanzsh Loulsa (Ann 
At her residence, ‘Chi 

REVOY, Glen Denton, — At 
of his parents, Mr. and M 

Revoy, Yrankford, on $umd 
Pay sist, Gien Denton Regvo 
= his 18th year. > 
Resting at the Rowe Fune: 
Frankford, where the 

BROHM. — At the Belleville Gjen 
Hospital, Saturday, AprilB 3oth, 
baby girl-.Brohm. daugh@ of 
Mr. and Mrs, Howard J. Rigohm 

funeral was held fro 

00 p.m. 
eee took place in. Bell ; 


of the 

ANDERSON, Clara BE. — In XK! 
General Hospital. Saturds: 
30th, Clara £. Anderson, 
Street, Belleville, daughts 
late Mr. and Mrs. Alex JA 
son, in her 67th 


of Toronto] Resting at the Grant Fungeral 
caught the biggest speckled trout} 68 ere 

— 19 inthes — in a Georgian bay 
area ‘contest, with a minnow. He 
caught the fish at Eugenia Sun- 
day morning. 

N, Front S whi 
h Tuesda: 

230 pm. 
Interment Albury Cemgq 



— et 


MAY 12th - 8.30 pm. 

Shoe Store + 


funeral be 
Ath, at 3pm. J 

May 3rd, at 


i 30 TORONTO (CP) — Steers and 
fia Atos 20% heifers were steady today at the 
Ea uminum ° 92% J Ontario stockyards. Fed yearlings 



s Quotations feral PY pee CRAWFORD © 

Belleville Office — Dial WO 8-5581 
= Members Toronto Stock Exchange ~— 


met a narrow demand while bulls 
and cows were ‘active:-at fully 
steady prices. The general quality 
offered was good.  - é 
* Receipts: cattle 4,590 (including 
418 westerns, (mostly stockers); 
calves 335; hogs 155; sheep and 
lambs 90; holdover from last. week 
500 stockers.. .- ; 

Prices: choice steers, all weights 
20.50-21.50; good steers 19,50-20.50; 
mediums 16-19; commons 12-16; 
choice heifers 18.50-19; a few tops 

CPR 30% 
Cockshutt cet pe 
> Cdn. aegweries 264% 19.50; good heifers 17-18; mediums 

*: * Corby’s A) 173% 4-17; commons 12-14; boner stecrs 


and heifers 10-12; ‘choice fed year- 
lings 20.50-21; good .fed yearlings 
19-20; mediums 17-19; good cows 
14.50-15; good light heifery cows 

Dom: Stores 31% 16; canners and cutters 8;. good 
Dom. Tar 11% heavy bologna bulls 14-14.50; good 
Dom. Bridge 18% light butchers 16; common and me- 
Ford A 110 dium light bulls 10. 

Gen. cs 653% 
Grewal Olt 364 
Imperial ‘Tobacco 1112 
! Ind: Acceptance 58 
Inter: Petroleum 25% 
Inter. Nickel. 64 
Interpr. Ppl. 26% 
‘Inter. Paper 10034 
Massey: Harris 934 
McColl Frontenac 3634 
Powell River 49 
Steel of Canada 48 
Trans, Mt. Ppl. $142 
Traders Finance 44% 

Replacement cattle: good stock- 
ers 1920; mediums 17-19, 
* Calves 21-24 for good and choice 
yealers; a few extreme tops 25; 
mediums 15-21; commons 10-15. 

Hog prices were not established. 

Good Ontario feedlot lamts 22; 
common and medium lambs 14-20; 
good light sheep 8-10; common and 
heavy ‘sheep 4. 


cream and butter print prices were 

— Churning 

Walkers 67% . unchanged here today. 
MINES and OILS The cgg market was barely 
steady with offerings in excess of 
Algom 17% a quiet demand, 

Anacon Lead 340 
Anglo. Can. Oil 510 
Ascot Metals 60 

Quotations provided by the Do- 
minion department of agriculture: 
Eggs, graded, in fibre cases: A 

Baska Uran 78 large 4142; A medium 41; A small 
Broulan Reef 140 36-37; B 35; C 27. Wholesale to re- 
Bailey Sel. 975 tail: A large 4647; A medium 46; 

Calvan. Cons. 550 
Cent. Leduc 170 
Chimo 225 
Cons, Gillies 14% 
Cons. Howey 365 
Cons..Micmac 285 : 
» Calg. and Edm. 143% 
Can. Devonian 189 

A small 4142; B 40; C 32. 
Butter solids: Ont., first grade 
| 5644-58; western. 4844. 


dollar was. at a discount of 1 532 
etc bes 147 per cent the Bank of Canada re- 
Dome 16% ported at noon EDT, today. Fri- 
Donalda 36% day's noon rate was 98 29-32 cents. 

+ East’ Metals 120 Pound sterling $2.76 11-16, un- 
_ East Malartic 240 changed. ae 
Fast Sullivan 630 

.. Falconbridge 261% 

Salesman Climbs 
(TV Tower For 
‘Bet of $5_ 

WINNIPEG ‘(CP)-— Thousands; 

Lake 72 

3 ts 
Headway R.L. 217 
Hollinger 21% 

He il 960 F 
ead e M. and S. 583% of southern Manitoba television 
* Inspiration 240° ~ * |viewers missed part of their favor- 
“Jon 'Smith 90 - ite Saturday night program as the 
-. Kerr Addison 163% CBC's station CBWT went off the 
Labrador 13% air for 45 minutes while a dare- 
* Lk.’ Dufault 126° devil soft. drink salesman was 
‘Lake Shore 355 coaxed off the top of the station's 
“Lorado 400 }242-foot television broadcasting 

Liberal 340 tower in downtown Winnipeg. 

Mackeno 53 Norman Fennell of suburban 
“Mentor 165 Fort Garry, about-35, climbed the 
“Mcintyre 69 tower on a $5 bet he said he made 
+ Meta 67 carlfer in a bootlegger’s. But once 
New Calumet 71~, he reached the top of the spiny 
New Delhi 107 antenna he froze with fear and re- 

fused to come down, 
Finally 25-year-old George Smith 
of St. Paul, Minn. 

Nesbitt Labine 190 
New Thurbols 41 

4 .» a former 
ae steeplejack in town for the weck- 
New Bla 32 end, scaled the tower and talked 

. Okalta 130 Fennell into leaving his lofty- perch. 
iska 400 > Police immediately took Fennell 
Opem! 5 "Al into ‘custody. He was due to ap 
Lites aqiaaiies rways 365 pear in police court today. ‘ 
shoier ne 11 LADY WHO CAME TO DINNER . 
Quebec Copper 465 ST. LOUIS (AP)—Mrs, Eleanor 
Quemont 23 Elaine Lee Harris came to dinner 
Radlore 300° -~ at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fuller 

. Rix 163 ~ W. Fooshe 11 years ago. Friday 

Scurry Oils 190 she was evicted from their home. 

William Sleater, lawyer for Mrs. 
Fooshe, told Magistrate Donald 
: |Fisher: “She overstayed her wel- 

Silver Miller 100 
Sherritt Gordon 650 


Triad Ol 510 
Tombill 32 

Teck Hughes 310 
United Asbestos 575 
United Oils 137 
Ventures 31 1-4 
‘Walte Amulet 14 

TORONTO (CP) — Trading was with firm support on 
‘the stock market today with the 
= bulk of the action in some specu- 
lative issues. « ; 
Most industrials remained un- 
changed..A total of 45 gained, the 
highest rising $2. while 15 declined 
and 35 remained unchanged. 
Burne was highest in gains with 

42, while Weston gained $1 and/ +, 

Seagram Distillers moved 1,070 
shares at the last week's closing| & 
price. Other gains: and losses were} %) 
fractional. 3 
Uraniums were the ‘most active 
on the market, A total of 264,000|/ has been appointed assistant gen- 
‘shares were: traded in uranluri|eral manager of Servel (Canada) 
penny Issues, Detta rising 3 cents| Limited. ‘The announcement was 
ona trade of 67,000 shares. ~ {made by A. F, Scharer, vice- 
American’ Leduc led western oils} president and managing director. 
vith 11,000 shares traded, but also| Mr. Scott’ was’ formerly Western 
with & drop of six cents. Ninctecn| Division manager. He assumes his 
showed. gains-and 14 declines. {new post immediately at 
Base , metals. showed little, company’s head-office, 548. King 
change. ; Street West, Toronto. (Advt.) 


|28:Piece Band: . |New. 



Ron Wilcox, of Bird’s Creek, are 
busy staking claims in the area. 

Vers MacMurray, of Gilmour, 
is also understood to have staked 
claims in the immediate area and 
is reported to have ‘made new 
finds on his claim. : 

Bruce Robson, Belleville geolo- 
gist, who is believed to be handl- 
ing the deals on the new find, 
looked over showings last Monday 
and reported that the dikes found 
are of good. mining widths and 
show good radio-activity on gei- 
ger counter. : 

He reported that on first ap- 
pearance the dikes seemed to be 
very similar to dikes around Far- 
aday and Centre Lake uranium 

Samples are being assayed at 
present to determine the propor- 
tion of thorium and uranium in 
the ore. Chemical analysis of 
the ore is the clue to the signi- 
ticance of the strike. 

If assay results prove favor- 
able claim holders hope to inter- 
est large companies in develop- 
ment work on the property. 

This new strike is the sccond 
in two months for Harry ‘Quirk 
and Jesse Carr. , Last February 
uranium was discovered on-heir 
farms in the third and fourth 
concessions of Monteagle town- 

Bancroft Uranium Strik 
Of Sea‘Cad Reported by District Fa 
Sea'Cadets- |Reported by District 'armers 
EM York River valley near Bancroft 
; ',. |has-roused. fresh enthusiasm. for 
The 28-plece band of RCSCC! Hastings County's uranium, pos- 
Quinte was among units on parade, sibliities. 
Sunseyaet Coonee re naval The strike, made less than two 
A acde bh reunion; held ;’n weeks ago, was revealed today for 
sous the first time. 
Taking part in the parade wert!” ‘4 ‘second strike by Goldhawk 
oe po SS rca fa Porcupine mines on property ad- 
eMdoaad] piped te-| Jacent Faraday Uranium Mines 
= company of pag Se of was rumored this morning to be 
bea do Ottawas; the a d es the cause of a sharp Increase in 
= ae sie pitts of Can.|the stock's value just prior to 
pried rang. {rom al. Friday afternoon's closing of the 
Sea cadet units in the. parade php taaace rata redone aot 
were: the ‘band of RCSCC, Quins Bird’s Creek, made the strike in 
te", of Belleville; RCSCC Howe", the York River: valley: Ore’ sam= 
aes ane oa e ot ples taken from the site are gross- 
George's” of Lakefield. _"}ly stained with the light canary- 
Rear Admiral. H, Pullen, Chiet| Yellow sfalnings: typical of ura- 
oar Statt, took —. a| Gelger counter readings of the 
+ a Laat bs Peterborough radio-activity in the ore samples, 
yes © Meets church and a parade described as “most encouraging”, 
fro sat riiteh to the cenotaph. have started another uranium stak- 
eceatha were laid at the cena ing rush in North Hastings with 
taph, the HMCS Cornwallis band|$o™e 40 claims already register 
played “The Last Post” and “Re-| 
velile and the gun crew a ees MIXTURE 
HMCS York fired the salute. Veteran mining mer hate de- 
RCSCC Quinte band left Belle-| scribed ore samples taken from 
ville at 7.30 a.m. Sunday and re-/the new strike as “a typical mix- 
turned to the ay oa p.m.! ture oe Bote and renin 
In Peterborough ¢ band wasjabout the same order as Faradayi.,; ‘dioptl th 
under the command of Petty .Offi-) Uragjum Mines ore.” : sere taken by, Toronto taining ise 
cer Francis Shandraw. It Is understood that large min-| torests calling for four cash pay- 
Transportation was provided by| ing interests already have shown! ments of increasing amounts ex- 
Lt. R. Watson, commanding offi-| considerable interest in the prop-' tending over the next.18 months, 
cer; Capt. John Watson, Sub-Lt.jerty with one company official] ptus Substantial quantities of 

E. Richards, executive officer;} committed to an Inspection of the) stock. 
Sub-Lt. R. Fletcher, Midshipman! property this-week. | Fina 
Jack Donovan, Anthony Haldenby 

and A.-G. Bishop. Quirk, and a prospector of long’ are rumored to be $10,000 each. 

May Remove - /Canso Strait Say Hitchhikers 
Boulevard On _—‘(Ferry Burned ‘Robbed CNR Man 

Dundas Street “ PORT HAWKESBURY, N. S.| GODERICH (CP)—Three hitch- 

(CP)—A pre-dawn fire destroyed hikers were charged with robbery 
one of the two Canso strait car fer-| with violence Sunday after a 3- 
Removal of the boulevard on ries carly today and the Nova Sco-| vear-old CNR employee was found 
the north side of Dundas street!tia government debated whether to’ unconscious and bleeding on a high- 
from Pinnacle to Church street is|open the mainland causeway three} way near here. 

being considered-by the-city traf-|months ahead of clear} The three, all from Owen Sound, 
fic committee, the work being re-|a steadily worsening traffic jam.jare: James Stelfler and James} 
commended by police as a traffic] A hooting tangle of automobiles.|Noble, both 17, aid Vincent. Don-| 
measure. é produce trucks and other commer-|ald Flood, 16. | 
ses| cial vehicles multiplied hourly both} Police said W. J. Kennedy of 

Police Inspector. J. C, Hayes y 
noted that with the heavy traffic}at the mainland terminal of Mul-/ Kincardine, 
passing along Dundas street th ‘grave and this port on Cape Brelon|from a trai 
artery was too narrow and re.) istand where the $300,000 ferry! when he was attacked, and his car 
moval of the boulevard was sug-|John Cabot was burned at her pier} was stolen. 
gested as a safety. measure. in a seven-hour. blaze that for. 2 
Cost of removing the boulevard} time menaced a nest of fucl-oil ; 
rm in th ighborhood of tanks 130 fect away. | 
Saado peeeaine te a heooet by! Highways department officials at} 
~ \Halifax said no decision had yet 
City Engineer agers pean tjbeen reached on whether to divert| 
ier pelrotesmirg tage reat poh jthe hundreds of stalled cars bed 
: : “ithe 1%%-mile-long causeway which} 
mittee meeting. is not scheduled to be formally op-| 

The committee dealt sherbet et until Aug. 13. , 
al requests regarding parking, it} No-one was aboard the Cabot} 
being recommended that. three/when the fire broke out. She had{ 
parking meters be placed in front} just been returned to the water) 
of the Canadian Hotel. | from the refit slip at nearby Point) 
No action was taken with re-)Tupper. ; j 
spect to a request for parking on} No one was injured. Firemen 
the south side of Bridge street,!said damage to the Cabot’s picr 

west. j iwas negligible. 


For May Investment... 

More complete information on the shares listed below is contained in our May issue of © 
Ynveatment Suggestions” a copy of which is available upon request. 

Security Rate Maturily Carseat ila: 

Government of Canada 4G 1979 101.625-2" 3.15% ~ 
Province of New Brunswick 342% 19635 101.00 3.38% 
City of Montecal Guaranteed’ - ¢ : 
: Montreal Transportation Commission 34% 1960/74 97.00 3.979% 

Province of Ontario Guaranteed 
Hydro-Electric Power Commission 34% 975/77 WUO.BIS 3.44% 
Province of Quebec Guaranteed 
Quebec Hydro-Electric Commission 3439 1905 WOLIZS . 3.42% 
{Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto 31450 1975 a _ 99.50 3.53% 
Alaminum Company of Canada Limited 3199 1971 100.25 3.48% 
Crédit Foncier Franco-Canadien 3%.90 1966 100.00 3.75% 
” ¢Hudson Bay Oil and Gas Co. Limited 4 % 1975 100.00 + - 400% * |}: 
Winnipeg Electric Company 34% 1971 100.25 3.73% - 
x : : Approx, Market : 
Alaminium Limited - $2.20us. Common $93.00 2.36% 
Abitibi Power & Paper Company Lid. 1.20 Common 30.00 4.00% 
British Columbia Power Corporation Ltd. 1.00 Common 27.75 3.60% 
~ Building Prodact oe 1.80 Common 47.00 3.83% 
5 Canadian Pacific Rallway Company 150 . Common 30.25 4.96% 
!Domiziion Foundries & Steel, Limited _ _.60. / Common "19.50 3.08% 
Fraser Companies Limited oe 1.00+.20 Common © 29.125 4.12% 
International Nickel, Co. of Can, Ljd. _ 2.20+.900s,Common 64.25 4.82% 
MacMillart & Bloedel Limited , 20+4+.20. Clase“B”. 33.50 2.98% 
Moore Corporation Limited 120+.20us Common 40.25 348% 
Noranda Mines, Limited 4.00 Common 91.00 4.39% 
Page-Hersey Tubes, Limited _ 3.00 Common 70.00 4.28% 
The Southam Company Limited 1.80 Common 42.00 4.28% 
fIf, as end when issued 

Continuance of extra dividend payments as shown should not be hssumed. 

All bood prices are plus accrued interest, shares are subject to stock exchange commission. Bonde are 
offered by us a¢ principels, shares are offered by us as agents, all offerings are sabject to confirmatioa. 

~~ Ae E. Ames & Co. : 

m2 Limlted - 
x ie Business Established 1889 
266 John Street, Belleville—Telephone WO. 8-6206 
R. A. Sharratt, Resident Representative 




‘A new uranlum strike inthe standing in north Hastings, and ln 93rd Year ihe 

; i 1 payments on their op- | was in the work of the Sunday | 
James Quirk,father of Harry, tions, said to extend to June, 1956, | School. She was the superintend-' 

friendly nature, made many 

friends and her death will be sin-, ached x 

cerely regretted. Periumette Ensemble - 
Surviving are one niece, Miss! miniature Pp 

Josephine Tickell, who has lived! with motehing cologne 

with her aunt for many years, one} 3.75 the set 

Palo Alto, California. Miss Tic-! 

was returning home| 2nd was predeceased by one sister 
n run-to Owen Sound| and, four brothers. 

sident of. the eastern Canadian 

Annie Tickell _ [Explosion Rocks 
Dies at Home _—{Toronto Store 

TORONTO (P) — An explosion 

and fire hit a cigar store in west 

eee ‘|Toronto early today. 
A link with the early. history of uate one was talured by the Ye 
: ice sent the arson. squad an 

Belleville: was severed eariys this several detectives to the scene af- 
Monday morning when Miss Han-|ter three men were reportd to 
nah Louisa (Annie) Tickell, dled| have run away after the explosion. 
at her home, 254 Church Street, eS 
following a lengthy illness.-She 
had lived in the same house for 
65 years. 

Despite her advanced age, she 
retained a keen mind until about 
a week ago. The late Miss Tickell 
enjoyed conversing: with old 
friends about the early history 
of the city and her knowledge of 
early events and people in the 
community was notable. 

She was born in Belleville, 92 
years ago, being the daughter of 
the late Mr. and Mrs. George S. 
Tickell and resided in this city 
all of her life, where she was 
well known and highly respected 
among a wide circle of friends. 
Miss’Tickell was educated In the 
public and high schools of this} 
city, later graduating from-Whitby 
Ladies’ College. She also took a 
course and graduated from the 
Ontario Business College and for} 
many years was bookkeeper for) 


United Church she was best! 
known. The late Miss Tickell was! 
a lifelong member of the congre- 
gation. and her greatest interest! 

Faberge’s sunshiny 

ent of the Home department of! 
the schoo! for many years, divid-! 
ing her work with the Sunday! 
School library. When health per-; 
mitted she was a regular attend- 
ant at the services of her church} 
and her time was never so occu-! 
pied that she was unable to take! 
part in any project upon which! 
the church set forth. H 
The late Miss Tickell was of 2 


the nicest gift of all 

purse perfume 3.00 

Cologne extroordinare 

nephew, Frederick G. Tickell of 

kell was the last of her famfly 


MONTREAL (CP)—Max  Bern-| 
feld of Montreal was elected pre 


council of B'nai B'rith at its 3ist 
annual conference here. 

.DIAL WO 8-5549 

is an unfailing friend. 


havens, homes and hos 
To The Salvation Army 
lars are a sacred trust, 
wisely in relievin 
human need. ~- 

gs § 

Tickell and Sons, furniture manu-| ° \* * ° Q 
facturers, ‘retailers of furniture} every day 1s Sun-day \y, \ ~ 
and undertakers. » % y 

In the life of Bridge Street] when you wear \y 

young-at-heart fragrance 



™ gor those who suffer in body or 
spirit, The Salvation Army holds 
open the Door to Help and Hope. 
To the weak, the erring, the 
unfortunate, The Salvation Army 

heart and human touch 
can heal the scars of misfortune or 

YOUR dollars help keep the doors 
_of The Salvation Army's hostels, 

alvation Ar 




No Bettors : 

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP)—Stu- 
dents at the University. of 


_ Arizona may spend a lot of 

time reading—but one publica-. | 
tion they apparently miss is 
the Racing Form. , are 
Not one of the 36 who took 
the annual vocabulary test at 
the university could define the 
word ‘'parlay.”* a 4 



Its under- 

pitals open. 
, these dol- 
to be used 

my @ 


DIAL WO $-9546 



The Salvation Army’s annual Red Shield appeal is 
now under way and residents of Belleville and district are 
being asked to provide $3,000 to, make it. possible for the 

"Army to carry on its work during the coming year. 

Very few people need to be persuaded that the Sal- 

vation Arstty’s work is worthy of support and is almost 
; to the welfare of the community. 

Veterans of two wars have warm memories of the 

assistance which they received from the “Sally Ann” when 
‘4m uniform. The poor, who are always with us, know 
that charity is not cold when it is dispensed by the men 
and women clad in the Salvation Army's familiar uni- 

“form. Welfare workers have an intimate knowledge of 
the many ramifications of the Army’s work, one notable 
phase of which is providing unmarried mothers with the 
loving care in which they are in such need‘immediately 
before and after childbirth. 

The newspaper reporter who has had a “police beat” 
most frequently thinks of the Salvation Army in connec- 
tion with another phase of its work, helping those who 
have run afoul of the law. Not all of the men and wo- 

-%nen who break the law are criminals at heart and the 
Salvation Army is one of our most effective institu- 
tions for sifting the gold from the dross and restoring to 
uséful citizenship: those who can be salvaged. 

Even those with first-hand knowledge of this work 

. May not be aware that there was a time when Salvation 
_ Army members had an intimate knowledge of prison con- 
ditions by reason of their experience as prisoners. In 
nd and elsewhere violent exception was taken to the 
‘Salvation Army’s methods in the early years of that or- 
ganization’s history and many of General William Booth’s 
oliowers were given prison sentences or heavily fined 
for preaching in the streets. : 

“The day will come when, instead of sending my 
Officers to m, magistrates will turn to them for advice 

id help,” cried General Booth, founder-of the Army. 
o truer prediction could have been made. In the seventy 
since that prophecy, the Salvation Army has given 
many officers special training, to equip them to assist 
in solving many of the problems which confront police 
court officials. Sometimes an offender will be released 
in the custody of the Salvation Army officer. Even when 
the court finds it necessary to sentence the offender to 

‘prison, the Salvation Army often plays a vital role. In- 
side the prison walls it endeavors to influence the prisoner 
so that he will emerge with a desire to make a new start, 
to become a useful citizen instead of being bitter, resent- 

- ful and harboring a desire for revenge against society. 
Outside the walls, the Salvation Army tends to the needs 
of the prisoner's family. _ After the prisoner is released, 
the Salvation Army works to restore the family ties, often 
strained by the prisoner’s crime. _No.wonder this inter- 
pestonal movement has become known as “the prisoner's 

en bt re . 

When Dr. Salk developed a vaccine which would safe- 
guard children against polio, a whole continent cheered. 

What percentage of patient-days in hospitals are re-|* 

uired to treat polio victims? Get ready to string a long 
e of figures after a decimal point. ; 
Everybody dreads cancer. © But the fear of this dis- 

“ease would increase a hundred-fold if half the patients in|’ 

our hospitals weré suffering from cancer. 

Yet half the patients treated in Canadian hospitals 
xrypr ret were are from a type votre which most 
oO: disregard. ey were men b ; 

The Canadian Mental Health Association says that in 
1954 nearly 63,000 Canadians were treated in mental hos- 
pitals alone and there were another 12,000 men, women 
and children who received treatment outside of hospitals. 

Even these fi do not give us a true pictyre of 
the real magnitude of this problem, for it is a generally 

fact that many people who need the assistance 
of & psychiatrist never seek such aid: : 
stress the need for increased research to find more 
effective methods of treating and preventing mental ill- 
ness; to empbhasie the importance of establishing more 
mental health clinics to help those with minor mental ill- 
nesses before their condition becomes serious; to stimulate 
the training of more persons equip to care for the 
mentally ill; for all these reasons and more the Canadian 
Mental Health Association is this week sponsoring Men- 
tal Health Week throughout Canada. 

Much has already been accomplished. Today the 
blic knows that the person suffering from a mental 
eas can often be cured. But to improve the present 

reasons for a hopeful attitude it is imperative that past 
gains should be consolidated, not only by provision of the 
tes jengenees by past research but by continued 

respect to treatment of those already suf-|' 

research y 
fering from mental illness and by discovering methods of 
preventing such illnesses. 

An overdose of sleeping pills seems to be an occupa- 
‘onal hazard for owl actresses. If they 3 

them some of their own p' 

(Copyright 1955, Edgar A. Guest) 

‘When the pictiire is’t there, Why no ringside starting gong, 

Its the tube, ‘i 
otf aie They wali fel you what-is 
It's the tube. “It's the tube.” 
‘When the baseball game comes ' 

‘And with one bright flash {s gone, If the screen is marred by 
This you can depend upon: streaks, 

It’s the tube, It’s the tube.. ; 
: If the speaker never speaks, 
This {s ell repair men say:~ ~ It’s the tube. 
“Tt'a fhe tube.” . At mechanics I’m no prize, 
3f the best shote fade away, + I'm not television wise, 
“It’s the tube.” But I know whene'er it dies. 

Ask them why no dance or song, It’s the tube. 


Your Life Clock 

(International Science Press Service) 

Fiddler ‘crabs change colour 
with the changing tides. Their| appear to have a noon clock. 
demand for oxygen changes with-| Most, with mating periods set by] The author of the chapter on 
In a 24-hour and a 18-day period.|the seasons, react to the sun. Inj Diseases 
Those rhythmic patterns 

Few mammals other than man 

persist| all, “however, the sexual cycle is 
even whén the crabs are kept injinvolved in the workings of the 
captivity In constant darkness. 


bey eer ¢ orrhead I quoted Louis’ 1. Gross- 
and Specialties: says pyorrhea is red ‘4 E 

life clock and evidence !s ace rs 
‘ cumulating to show that the clock! 0%,0f,ine Parodontium. 
- Frult files normally emerge]is set before birth — ig set, in 
from the pupa shortly after dawn.| fact, at the moment 
When raised from an egg in dark-| is fertil! 
ness, they do not emerge at a 
specific time from the pupa stage. 
But, {f larvae are exposed 

when, the egg tium is “the 
ot be S| parodptium alveolar pro¥ 
: falniie ths tooth sac he ne 
A recent report, by Dr. Franz/ridental membrane (lining en 
to alJ. Kallmann of the’ Psychiatric] tooth socket) and gingiva (the 
single flash of light, days later at] Institute of New York City, sup-/ gum.) 
about that sam2 time they will/ports the idea that the individu< 
emerge from their pupas. Why? |al's clock is set and wound at con-| nized authorities have ascribed 
The.grunion, a small fish that|ception. Dr. Kallmann began his|pyorrhea alveolaris to hereditary 
the - California] researches in Germany some three| Predisposition; salivary calculus 
¢ now hag the| (stone in the duct of a salivary 
imately 7000 gland); infection with staphyl- 
coccus, streptococcus, - spirchete, 
entameba; trauma (injury) from 
uneven impact of the teeth dur-|or who for any reason doesn’t get 
ing mastication. 

{zs found along 
coast, comes swarming onto the] decades ago, and h 
beaches at high tide and permits|records of approx! 
itselg to be stranded on the sand/ pairs of twins, both fraternal and 
where ‘eggs are deposited and fer-| identical. 

tilized between succeeding waves. 

Why_do the sheep of Australia 

Identical twins are those born 
when a single fertilized egg di- 
Sdersee into sere and; products two 
and temperate South America| children who are “images” of each! jny¢, ll—bones. 
mate during what Is for thelr an-/other. Fraternal twins are those pear nea vide eccortancs ‘We erudite anthropologists call 

cestors and cousins on the north-/ born of two separate eggs that.are| active principle emet: ad-|it 1 degeneration: 
em hemisphere the summery/fertilized at the same time and raat ste us ast or’ eer rs t 

develop simultaneously. 

ldn't feel like digging one this year.” 



pyorrhea was due to entameba 

non-breeding season? 

scribed in dentifrices, but with- 
Why do women have} a four- 

, Dr. Kallmaon has found that/out benefit. . 
week periodicity? Why do identi-|identical twins not only suffer] There were formerly some ja reasonable amount of exercise 
cal twins,’ barring accidents, s0|similarly from the same diseases|“pyorrhea specialists,” dentists |every day—masticatiig food. - 
more frequently than fraternal phe centsived foe become 50 Be pat con wensee 
twins or other brothers and sis-/Xnown by the pa. customers. n? P Pop.: 

rg prowess), 826, They piled a lucrative trade. Like | An equally important contribu- 
the trick specialists that infest|ting cause of pyorrhea is malnu- 
American medicine today, these|trition — nutrional deficiency 
pyorrhea specialists readily nick-| through the years. from early 
ed the ever gullible Yankee wise. 
acres two or three times as much 
as an honest dentist would charge | yummi 
for.the same or very likely bet- 
ter treatment. 

also obtained 69 boxes of colored 
at-17 5-8 cents, and John Kerr 
secured 159. boxes of colored at 

Tenders will be challed short- 
ly for the construction of sew- 
ers in West Belleville. 

often dle at the 


say some scientists,| ters, they even seem to have the 
there Js one answer to all these 

same or similar accidents, Identi- 
cal twins tend to have much the 
There {s the case 
of two sisters whom he studied in 
thelr old age. One had married 
and stayed at home. 
had gone as 2 missionary to China. 
They lived apart for half a cen- 
tury, yet when they were reunit- 
ed in their old age, they were still 
look-alikes, They behaved, spoke 
and. appeared to think much alike. 
They also died within a few weeks 
of each other at the age of 86, 
Though this case was unusual 
it Is comparable to many. others 
in Dr, Kallmann’s files. The av- 
erage difference in the time of 
deaths for identical twins, he has 
computed, is only. 36 months. For 
fraternal twins, the difference Is 
72 months on the average—more 
Shortening ‘hours .of daylight) for twing that vary in sex, less for 
bring on the urge to mate. 

Daylight saving time will be 
observed in this city from-mid- 
night, June 1 to midnight Aug- 
ust 25. In clty council the reso- 
lution was passed by a vote of 

questions; because Ilfe appears to 

have built Into it a “clock” that 
governs behavior that is, or has 
been, important to its survival. In 
other words, life processes in all 
creatures seen to follow a definite 
rhythm, whoge tempo Is set by the 
age-old rhythm of motion In the 
unlverse. The cycles of the sun and 
the moon seem to be particularly 
important as the regulators of the 
biological “clocks” of man and anl- 

same life span. 

Belleville Boys Overseas. The 
following reference to Belle- 
ville boys is contained in a let- 
fropi Lieut. Richard 

Mr. S, Cherrie, Charles Street, 
C.N.R. engineer, has been trans- 
ferred to Windsor. 
will join him there in the. near 

D. Ponton from ove! 
the. two Yeomans boys this- 
morning; they are both looking 

splendid, and all the officers ssy 
that they are energetic, good 
soldiers and are well thought of. 
I also saw Harry Wiseman of 
the Canadian Field Artillery, 
formerly of Porter and Carnew’s 

the same category as arthritis spe- 
clalists. But people-with money 
to squander do just love the. old 

Mr. Harold Arbuckle has re- 
turned to Walkerville after vis- 
iting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. 
J. Arbuckle, in this city. 

Ray Covert has left to reside 
in Peterborough; he will play 
hockey with the Peterborough 
team next scason. 

Mr. Archie Boyd has arrived 
home from the College of Phar- 
macy, Toronto, to spend the long 

Mrs. T. H. Holland, president ~ 
of the local branch of the VON, 
and Miss B. Soutar, VON nurse 
here, are in Ottawa to attend 
the annual meeting of the Vic- 
torlan Order of Nurses. 
delegates will be recelved by 
the Governor General, 
Bessborough and the Countess 
of Bessborough at Rideau Hall. 


_/ MAY 2, 1925. 

e members of St. Andrew's 
‘Presbyterian Church.have not yt 
selected a permanent minister; 
several more candidates for the 
pastarate are yet to be heard 
and it ls expected that a decision 
will be made in the near future. 
Bank Bullding. 
Royal Bank of.Canada, owners 
of the property at the south west 
corner of Bridge and Front 
Streets, expect to commence 
shortly the construction of @ 
stone office building upon the 
property for the use of the 
bank’s local branch office. 

Miss Lillian Manley, 

friends in Deseronto, 
Mr. James F. Hill, M.P.P. for 
East Hastings, was a visitor in 

é MAY 2, 1915. 

At the meeting of the Belle- 
ville Cheese Board yesterday 
the price obtained was the high- 
est ever recorded In this city, 
if ot, in the province. Three 
hundred and sixty boxes of 
white cheese and 228 boxes of 
colored cheese were offered for 
sale. Thomas Watkin seCured 
136 boxes of white cheese at 
17 3-4 cents; Mark Sprague se- 
cured 178 boxes of white at 
17 11-16 cents; Mark Sprague 

Life clocks that are set to the 
24-hour cycle, as exemplified In 
the case of the fruit files, are sun 
clocks, Other sun clocks, but set 
by the year, are those of the ewes 
whose time of rut appears to be 
dependent on the ratio between 
ours of sunlight and darkness. 

law office; he Is looking fine and 
is a right good soldier all 
through. Charlie Gibson is 
sort of a “father” to the Belle- 
ville boys and would take the 
shirt off his back for any of us. 


_ Jesus maintained that the place,sun to rise on the evil. and the ~ 
to stop evil is at its source. Killing,| good, and sendeth rain on the just. 
he says, has its erigin in anger|and the unjust.’’ - 
which rung into name-calling and| The statement ‘“‘too late_with too: 
altercation. Adultery has its concep-|little’’ has described ruin often in ~ 
tion in evil thoughts and glances.|the ficld of military. We make a 
Untruthfulness stems from a tend-jgreat mistake in waiting to go aft- 
ency to exxaggerate and at last toler evil in our hearts and in the 
play fast and lose with facts. Ourjworld at large after it has grown 
Lord declared that, the old doctrine|to prodigious proporticns. The time 

of an eye for an eye and a tooth 
for a tooth is, under the KingdomjThe great aim of medicine'is to 
regime to be the policy/prevent disease rather than cure. 
_jof overcoming evil with good. Last/it. C 
The United States is to issue ajof all, the true Christian does not} Nostrums suggest cure; sound 
hate his enemy while he loves his|religion urges prevention,. Stop 
neighbor, but loves them both, sojevil while it is still in the mind. It. 
that he may be a son of that Fath-jmay be too late when it. becomes 
er in heaven who “maketh his|an overt act. : oe 

those of the same sex. 

Mr. A. A. McDonald, barrister, 
of Madoc was In town today. 

Mr. Wallace D, Embury and 
Mr> Fred Adams spent the 
week-end in Trenton. ; 
Mr, Edward Harrlson Is home 
from the School .of Practical 
Science, Toronto, to spend the 

Dr. Johnson 
Poor Guide 

(Hamilton Spectator) 

Stamp to Honor 
Col. Green? 

(Montreal Gasette) 

There {s no legal definition 

of obscenity when applied to in- 
decent publications; often when 
cases in which it is an issue are 
tried there are pleas of “art” and 
“truth” to counter the charge. 

Eggs are selling at-13 cents to 
fifteen, cents per dozen and but- 
ter is selling at 20 cents to 25 
cents per pound, 

Mr, Oscar Weese of Kingston 
was In town today. 7 

The Rev. W. Bertal Heeney, 
rector of Christ Church, will 
leave shortly on a two weeks’ 
vacation.. He will visit Mont- 
real, Boston and other places in 
the United States. : 

At the adjourned meeting of 
the vestry of St, Thomas’ Parish, 
Messrs. A. F. McQuaig and C. M. . 
Stork were appointed auditors. 
The following .were appointed 
sidesmen: Messrs. W. B. North- 
rup, M.P.; Henry Carre, W. H. 
Hamilton,"F. Charles Clarke, 
. Clarke, H. Corby, 
ex. MP.; E. F. Milburn, 
Mouck, James Johnston, S. J. 
Bull, S. R. Gorman, T. S, .Car- 
man, S. Wood, E. G. Sills; John 

stamp In honor, of stamps, or at 
least, in honor of stamp collecting. 
And from across the Atlantic a 
suggestion. for a design comes 
from the “Manchester Guardian.| {) 
The stamp, the Manchester Guar-j- 
dian recommends, should bear a 
portrait of Col. Z. H. R, Green, 
Who was Col. Green? He was 
the son of the celebrated Hetty 
Green, the terrifying miser of Wall: 

Learned judges in Canada and 
England usually apply a test laid 
down by Chief Justice Cockburn 
in the case Regina v. Hicklin to 

decide whether matter charged 
as obscene has a tendency to de- 
prave and corrupt those whose 
minds are open to such immoral 
influences and into whose hands 
a publication of the kind which 
is the subject of the charge might 

in her own right, would snatch at 

The other day, magistrates in an 
English city- found themselves 
faced with the task of deciding 
whether a huge heap of photo- 
graphs were obscene or not. The 
Bench decided that as there was 
no legal definition of obscenity 
they would turn to Doctor Sam- 
uel Johnson, compiler of the first 
dictionary in English, for assist- 

~To Col. Green, Hetty’s fortune 
was given. At first he did not know 
quite what to do with it. But one 
day he decided to take up stamp 
collecting. And he did it on a mag- 

His house was filled with a large 
staff employed in sorting, arrang- 

ing and cataloguing his specimens 

George Wallbridge. A. I. Bird, 
T. Ed.’Ketcheson, S. Kenney, J. 
D. Collip, Charles J. Bowell, A. 
F. McQuaig, W. A. Hungerford, 
S. A. Lockwood, Capt.-N. Allen, 
and Dr. Clinton. The following 
compose the advisory board: 
Messrs. H. Corby, F. Charles 
Clarke, C. M. Stork, E. G. Sills, 
S. Kenney and 

He once spent $20,000 on a magni- 

Johrson defines obscene as: 
“immodest, not agreeable to chas- 

fying glass four feet across, in ord- 
je might enjoy ‘his collec- 
tions, When he died, his collections 
were sold for $3 millions, 

It would seem that Col. Green 
has a rather substantial claim to 

honor philately’’, For though he 
may not have been the greatest of 
stamp collectors in every Tespe: 
he was probably the most lavish 

tity of mind, causing lewd ideas.” 
With this the magistrates were 
happy and ordered the destruc- 
tion of the photographs. 

It seems strange that anyone, 
magistrates, should 
turn to Dr. Johnson's dictionary 
Johnson's defin- 
Itlons, lively though most of them 
lored with violent po- 
litical opinion and personal pre- 
judices. According to Johnson, 

ir. Clinton, The 

for defnitions. 

as representative ¥o the Dioce- 
san Synod for a term of three 
The rector, the Rev. G, 
R. Beamish, presided. 



a pensioner is “a slave of state 

distances, with interstices between 
the intersections.” There 
scores more displaying Johnson's 
* This “greatest of 

claimed an authority, 

stamp, collector magnified, 


Eob Davis, who seemed to know 
the “Chief Justice of Ontario, was|@lmost every place in this world— 

have so much his 95th birthday. 
trouble getting to sleep it might be a good idea to show|te seve « wondestully, inpiring 

i beyond 
Sir Willlam Mulock, at pute that the idea had been gen- 

in a legal dispute, 

erally accepted. 
Just what may be the result 
_ [years hence gives cause 

where travelers were wont to have 
been, But the significant thing was 

the trail of friends left behind and 
talk but the corner-stone-could well|the memories awakened whenever 
be concentrated into these few|his name was mentioned. 

Britain Gives 
Help to Cupid 

(St, Catharines Standard) 

It is too late for this year but 
next year Canada might take a 
lesson from Britain if it would in- 

thought. Perhaps in the heat of 
one of] thetoibeides ay] charge 
one of these es e 
of att 4s|_ Ye%, ‘the best of all is friends,” . 
Better than fame or the tinsel of 
applause, better than vast propert- 
ies—better than gold! 

We can very well know a person 

words: “The best 
friends.” The great Justice lived to 
round out the century! 

“Imagine yourself without a single 
friend. You’ would hardly know|after having met and learned about 
what to do, where to go or how to 
live” out your Ufe—if you could!|chain of banks or hotels we have 
Friends are as essential as the air| branches of ourselves in the friends 
we breathe for without them the|We have made. : 
mind would grow cold and © the}, 

friend hubby with taking her for 
a price—the tax exemption. 

And there may be the wife who 
comes to believe that her husband 
married her only for the exemp- 
tion, in other words for 

that one’s friends, Our friends are 
largely our other selves, Like a 

The grooms—they probably feel 
that they received a bargain, a 
and a tax exemption both 

But humor aside, the exemption 
increase worked. In Canada, it is 
suggested, the 
married men might be increased 
from $2,000 to $2,500 or even 
$3,000. Here our standard of liv- 
ing is such that’ it would likely 
000 exemption to re- 

aoe fea glass of my office 
lesk are these words:. ‘When we 
heart would lose its resilience. Welleave Hawail we die ‘a little!” 
need friends and we need to be a Having once visited those beautiful 
friend. It's a give and take affair.|{slands I can grasp the significance 

1 kelieve it can be proved to be ajattached to those words. It's the 
fact that the one with friends is not|same with our friends, When one is 
_jonly the happiest of creatures but/fost we, toc, die a little. But when 
the most successful. 

exemption for married men. 
The results were far from what 

exemption for 

was expected in staid Britain. 
There was a tremendous response, 
with couples queued up at regis- 
try offices throughout the isles. 

It is possible that all had not 

Widely trav-|we meet: one unscen for many|heeded Tush 2 
elled reporters have told me most/ years, or contact a new one, ne isp ire reed aaah ool ax syd So arcietn 

about the latellive anewi marriage, but:the numbers ‘who 

Finance Minister Harris might 
advantage of the increase keep this in mind 

rey eanere re 

he ___ ‘MONDAY, MAY 2, 1945. 

Personal Health Service 



Jawbone Wastes Away . 


In_ the piece, about 

man, DDS. DMD, a -recogniz- .¢ 
suppurative inflamma-|ed authority, who said; (0; <% 
Pyorrhea alveo! ¥ 

laris denotes <<! 
that'll hold you until the au-| manifestations which arise’ prim- 
kindly explains that the |arily from a functional atrophy 
of the alveolar process. , 
Athrophy. of the. alveolar pro- 
cess. means the part of the jaw- 
bone containing the tooth-sockets - | 
wastes away, Coe 
The jawbone withers, shtinks | 
In size, becomes weaker and light-* — 
er in weight. : d 
So does the ‘skeleton, the 
frame, the -stature of a person 
as age advances. oe, 
So do the bones of a youth or 
a vigorous adult who is confined 
to bed or chair for many months, 


At one time or another recog- 

enough general exercise, such as 
a daily walk of from a hundred 
yards to several miles. * , 

It’s the way of a! 

Forty years ago the theory that 

t 1% 

cause of premature {jaw “bone 
atrophy Js failure to givé the Jaws 

in injections or pre- 

What do we feed oyr young 

childhood sup to and including 
this morning’s dish of yummy- 


T haven't sald a word about cal- 
cium so far. But I intend to tell 
in a later plece what caleium has . 
to do with pyorrhea, but the next 
article in this series should and 

will tell more about pap and pop. 

Strength for the Day 


Pyorrhea specialists belong in 


stop evil is before it gets started. 



Then Do It Yourself craze may,needed to buy any tools to take US 
street, who though a milllonairess|have passed its peak. On our|UP to the summer cottage this sea- 
street, we have formed a Don’t Do} 5°R* 

Our Don't Do It Yourself Club 

It Yourself Club, I was delighted| started, strangely enough, not by 
the other night to see an expert onjus men in our block, but by several 
TV showing how to Do a Coffcejof the ladies. They had an after- 
Table Yourself, and he got into|noon tea and discussed the prob- 
such a tangle he finally hit himself|lem that has developed. One wife © 
on the thumb with the ham-jdescribed how her husband had 
mer, and uttered a word that is|undertaken to apply a plastic tile 
definitely banned by the CBC. With-/ floor to her kitchen, in place of the 
in recent weeks, I have been pre-j old linoleum that had got sort of 
sented with more Do It Yourself; worn. It was a disaster. Not on- 
objects of art than in the entire|ly did the arithmetic come out 

year. Over the back) wrong, as figuring the tiles 

fence I got a magazine rack from|was concerned, but everybody had 
one of my neighbors, made of ply-| sticky fect for weeks, and tracked 
wood and stained a delightful, if} goo all over the house. Another 
slightly foggy, shade of green. A|wife asserted that there isn't a’! 
night or ‘two later, another old|door in her house that elther closes | 
friend called by in his motor car| or opens properly anymore. A third i 
and presented me with a  wall|described how their front door | 
bracket fgor nailing on the kitchen| bell, which has worked fine for ! 
wall to hold spices and other small|twenty years, now rings myster- | 
ct, bottled goods, Hei could oats a jously at all hours ae the day or | 
a few minutes, and when I walked | ni, and nibody there. 
The stamp collector who raids! out front with him to say goodbye, in 
waste paper baskets and squints at/T noticed his car was full of home| at supper that night broached. the 
his find through a vest-pocket mag-| made devices of every sort, from| subject to their husbands. And by 
far cry'from Col.| bedside tables to ash tray stands in|nine p.m., in general - assembly 
houseful of assist-|the shape of bellhops,. bright red| met, the husbands formed the new 
ants and his four-foot glass, Yet/cap and all. I gathered from my|club. One clause in the constitu- 
they are no doubt brothers under| friend that he was making the|tion is that we won't even help one 
the skin. Col. Green was only the|rounds of all his: friends, bearing| another. We'll rely on the yellow 
gifts. He wanted to know if I!pages of the telephone book. 

Frankly and candidly, the wives « 








‘CAMPBELLFORD _|steation of sewing machines an 

pared, Meare eamp cook, 

Sjeraeat ameomnrer era hed Peeegt zs entertainer, debater,| __° - [a draw tor an electrle porta 
‘ rs : rier Me rd tertainer, -pub= was won 
Re Ppething tea Hes ast, Dae|F @SHION Show, fuss Hamas 

* J¥Elils; camp cook, eo tamen 

eieanr, i woo 2'7=*"IT¢ Sponsored 

le the tables were being 

cleared to present the film, Cub- 

a Claire earl Merv, Sette 

vik alzpect Friday: after an| paralysing: maritine e traffic Be} 
tim sous Sy ek ehh Jom bse Se ee tata bean 4 

de Montreal, docked at Chicago's jeted 200 miles of flight | negotiation the harbor, board, if 
By Eastern Star _|navy pi “bundays ‘The cosasion|(2, New York. The Dames werelemployees demanding overtime: ° : 

A g_sing-son 
WELLINGTON — A newly-re-| Those at the head ‘able were: CAUPRELEORD.: — A fashion | — 
leased Boy Scout fim from Hol-|ME Millon Solder and Mr. SH |ahow and demontaton of hoe: 
land, entitled, “The Secret of Fal-| Geniyy;, Scoutmaster Tom Nash;| sonic Temple this week, sponsor- 
con Castle”, was shown at the Ist|"The Rev. A. Poulter and Mrs,jed by the Campbellford ar nes 
we father end son banquet Leet arta) ae See. > Mins Seen, Blanchard. home ea 
ellington 5 chairman o group 
committee, Don Mordeny | field| fashion consultant for the Domin- 
United Church hall last Friday, It}- missioner, Arthur L. Jackson;|ion Textile Co., presented a show- 
was an exciting mystery story en-! assistant Cubmaster Jean Hamel;)ing of cottons ranging from a “no 
acted quite professionally by,Mr. Barton Cronk; past president| {ron nightle, through the lounging 
Dutch Boy Scouts. of the Group Committee, Mr. Jim| Clothes and active sports clothes. 
~ Some 140 Cubs, Scouts, and Dads|Cleminson; Reeve of the Town,|* Models for the show were local 

airs, Mrs. Wayne Gunter, Mrs. 
enjoyed the program planned by/|the Rev. C. P. Heaven, and Carol bat James Heath But Onen 10 Loss! 
pee cotes ind Mrs, Harry Bi 

cellent dinner prepared’ by eee with lttle Miss Virginia Dawson,|_WHEN disaster temporar- 

food ladies of the Women’s Instl-)  ayyoy a.ENERGY FUNDS |who displayed cottons for rithe ily ed rahul of your income; it 
many 0 

The toast to the fathers was) PARIS (AP) — Premi younger set. 

por SH ek Pe SN epee ay Bc 

sen, and rep. by Dad, Everett! Plimlin ed a n =. ’ 

Robinson. to 100,000.000,000 fra Piab| _An added feature was a demon-|j,curance covers your pro- 

Scout ‘Tom Halloran moved al ($285,000,000) in the next race perty loss, you can still 

vote of thanks to the ladies for ajyears on development of nuclear plenty! 

most enjoyable banquet. energy. In line with Faure’s an- 

The Cubs entertained, with a} nounced policy the money will be Before YOU face such a 

short skit, followed by a display | devoted to peaceful and industrial 

of knotting by the Scouts. spelications bes atomic power by 

9 ES France, not to military uses. 

that now is a part of the Pemb’ Scoutmaster Tom Nash’ called 
Sapper a Bent mpi | thatjon the District Commissioner for 

of per- 

shown with a fellow-towns- 

: Thank You! 

We wish to thank the many, many good Tene 
@eople who helped us celebrate our First 
Anniversary in business by participating | 
in “The Silver Treasure Hunt”. Owing, 
"to the tremendous interest shown by you, 
we hope to make this an annual event _ 
andonalargerscale, ees 

21 BRIDGE ST. E DIAL WO 8-8535 


The Silver “Treasure Hunt” 

The Keys That Opened The Chest - 


L. Chest of Silver — Miss J. Ramsey, 19 Bridge St. E. 

%. Tea Service and Tray — M. Williams, 254 Coleman St. 

3. Cultured Pearl Ring — Mrs. G. McGaw, 27 Wallbridge Rd, 
. & Carving Set — Jacqueline Smith, 20 Henry St. 

5. Place Setting — Marilyn Logue, 160 Church St, 

6. Salud Set — MB, Eltson, 90 Gordon St, 

7. Demitasse Set — Roy J. Gatland, 15% Everett 8t. 

& Jewellery Set — Mrs. D. Button, 1 Everett St 


Diamond Ring — Mrs. H. J. Clancy, 156 Albert 8 
Gruen Witch — Mrs. E, Mason, 415 Dundas 8&t. EB. 


Scouts, Milton Snider, and Field 


| Rariners Reap 1p Rich Harvest 
Catering to Oil Field Crews 

By DAVID OANGIA? .  |hamber lumber were cut. Oil was their new 
Canadian Press Staff Writer [source of income. 
Flat broke, Henry T. Deby headed Deby 7 
for Drayton Walley ‘2 20 years ago say: 
“Many of the settlers have gone " 

tile amazed by it oa work ae the ol] companies. 

Naturalist, Pathfinders, Starman 
and first class to Ron Snider; 
first class, Debater, Entertainer, 



Spring COAT SETS. 

Bizes 1 to 12 Reg. to $15.75 SALE $1 O. 95 
Reg. to $12.95 .......ssceeees SUITS ; 


249% Front St. WO 2-3281 

look forward to the day 

| when Sono Valley will have de- 

© | veloped into a model town. They 

envisage modern schools, hos- 

tal,” spacious playground facill- 
the children — 

Sizes 4 to 6x 
Reg. to $14.95 2... ccceeceeee 

aie ater 6x SALE $6.95 
sea, veseeee SALE $8.50 

Sizes 7 to 11 : 
Reg. to $16.95 ....esssseee 

2,000 FLEE FIRE 

5% to 
folk in Edmonton. In the *| GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) — A} 
they work ed in logging camps abd windewent fire gutted a wooden 

te weed New “Merchandise At Sale Prices! 

The discavery of oil in the Pem- track Sunday, i : 
bina field and the resulting boom boom |Ectapsed ta minutes after more than ; 
transformed the “economy of the|3 999 stock car racing fans had ; ; 
area. It-came just in time. The|riched to safety. Four minor in- : 

farmers’ incomes had been getting |juries were reported. Twenty ca 21 BRIDGE STREET EAST DIAL WO 8-8535 

; and rs . ; a 
‘Sore aad more trees sultsbte Sor [Ded Seas ie grandetand lie a 30 BRIDGE ST. E. “See Our Window Display” : _. DIAL WO 8-7492 “THE STORE OF QUALITY AND DEPENDABILITY” 





NEW 1955 fe ronan SAVE 25% 




Only 25c daily by meter. - Spring Sale 

Outhourd Motors 

sae $19. 50} |: 239.50] |. $38.47 

STORE CUT | IN PRICE | Furiitune and Appliances , UP TO 50% OFF | 




Wallbridge. WL. Flower Talk 

Elects Officers Enjoyed At -: 
The annual meeting “of - the Holy Rosary P.T. 

Wallbridge W.I. was held at the 

‘Role of Womanin Modern World 
Theme of Talk at University W.C.} 

The ‘University - Women’s club Wor ot Woman in the Modern. 
of Belleville. and district, met at| Wor afd 
; ‘ ; * Throughout history, women|’ 
home of Mrs. E. Lane witha fair] on’ Monday evening, the regu-| ‘He home of Mrs. Robert Pringle, a 4 

; ‘ q gue have been quite prominent, to] ° 
attendance and opened in the us- lar meeting of the Parent-Teach-| 2tent Road, on Thursday evening.| mention a few, such as sess fos 3 
ual manner: with the president, Association of Sacred Heart}: Mrs..D. MacKinnon, the presi- 

Mrs, Murray ‘Reld, in the chair. School, Batawa, was held. The/dent, called’ upon Miss Muriel 
president; Mr. M. Valks, called| Gipson for the minutes of the 

“SOCIAL and |Collegiate’Glee Club 

Presents Fine Program 

Mr. and Mrs. William Henley, (By EUGENE LANG) S 

RR. 2, Frankford, announce the 
Friday evening the Glee Club ;her remarkable keyboard artistry 
engagement, of thelr daughter/o¢ the Belleville Collegiate and | that never fails to please. 
Vocational School presented its|STRING ENSEMBLE PLAYS 

son of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Craft, “a . 
Sr, RR. 5, Belleville. The -mar-| ist ,Production of "Music On| Douglas Aselstine gave “forth 

riage to take place Saturday, May ~|with a saxophone solo (‘Valse 
28, 1955, at 11 am. in Calvary sy gabe bed yhirsana phere ar Vanite”) und a new formed] Coffespondence was read. It | the meeting to order. Father Ga- 

: string ensemble of about a dozen |was agreed that 910 be sent to) borik gave the invocation. The| Previous meeting. 
een cerca e. Fe eT REL learning students Played two numbers | CARE. ; treasurer reported on the favor-| Mrs. MacArthur outlined sev- 
* Mrs. Holland, Madoc, was oF ven apable direce (“Minuet” of Handel and “Holl-| Sandra‘ Fisher sang a BS ac-} able returns from the social eve-| eral resolutions by the federation 

Under the very ” + 2 4 
cent -guest ‘of Misses: Mary: and| tion of Mr. Clifford Templer, mu- pa kct lee el Me tent eonnj companied by Shirley on the pi- ning spe se atly prahishynaord which ee seoceaaee te be 
presented at-the al con- 

Jean Mackintosh. {sical supervisor of the Collegiate, | show great promise in future ano. 
per- 2 those who had: hel to it 5 - 
: IY Bas a Program of varied musical fare formances. To be on the safe| Mrs. J. Chisholm took: charge | possible. edto make it) ference: in Edmonton, during TSE Tat eee | ee een eae 
‘ Mrs. W. D. Saunders, Crestview | 145 Fe ree an pdidaca side both the instrumentalist and|of the election of officers, and| ‘The: program opened with - al August. To trace the evolution of wom-| | Women’ have achieved much fis. ? 
tists, both solo and ensemble, in an’s place in the world today, one the intellectual, ticalenid’ 3 
Avenue, is visiting at the home of 0 rears da half string group should have tuned Mrs. E. Nichols read’ the slate of | Piano selection by Michael Shon-| The “Spri Fair”, featurin P ° poll ‘econ- 
her daughter, Mrs. W. G. Coulby| the course of a two and a half)uy right on. stage (no disgrace fker, which was followed by tw e ng Fair’, fea Z| must go back to the time Defore| omical spheres. as:'the! 
d ‘Mr. Coulby, Oshawa, Ont, |hour presentation. All. those tak |a¢ all to officers for 1955-56, as follows: : omowed DY tWOl the exhibit of pictures by Manly|the Industrial Revolution. There] Women have more :time -for' 
and Mr, by, | wa, i meyer fits ‘of the do so) instead of having selections on the accordion by ; suits home. ° Pore 
ae eek Tae ee eT. ronging (Gone, 5° Previously before mak-| Honorary president, Mrs. Mur-!Darko Medved. Rianne Rippens| Macdonald at the Kiwanis Centre,|was mo | competition | wit man.) 20° aueaay Leet ‘achi 
Ex-Mayor George'O. Tice {s alin age trom approximately thir- ing “their respective appearances, |ray ‘Reid; president, Mrs. Harold |told the story of the Indian chief, in 4 atay, was discussed a eet women did the homely tasks ai of great. levement 
patient in the Belleville General/teen to nineteen years of age. Lope hed Liat eee fe most | rnllips: first vice-president, Mrs.|Pontlac, after whom the Pontiac] @00 (ie convencss BPPO palntices 
ee tetont piper trea cishe por peal ewer) charming in her classic ballet |Att Carleton; second vice-presi- Lert Pepe er ibe te paslne arranged downstairs, the tea and| industrial upheaval, dehee oneat ots the}: have’ -been 
Mrs. Jack Smith, West Moiralcjearly demonstrated the many routine, cones mracetilly to the |dent, Mrs, Rae Shorey; Secretary~| 514 growth of the city of King- bake sale upstairs, as last year. sven red here a Tacare, cules oa equality with iman. and 
Street, is progressing favorably in] hours of arduous practice that | @mllar “Waltz of the Flowers” of |treasurer, Mrs.:Jim Sine; pianist, | ston, FASHION SHOW and}, he, home freedom hitherto 
+“ Belleville General Hospital, after|had unstintingly Dein devoted by | [schalkowsky, and proved her! Mrs. E. Lane; assistant pianist,| ‘The guest speaker of, the eve- : Education became essential, wom-| known. But/all this does not ge 
her recent operation. ,|them during the past months, at sul phot ead Second time in her |ns-3, E. Evans; press’ reporter, |ning, Mr. William Jardine pf agus tnnolarsonior te, see room = dost ther Roveeiold skills Seser 
52. noon hours and in after-four ses-| 20! shoe dance. A duet for pi- G + audi “Mrs. |Flower Lane, Belleville, was in- behalf tad sev-| recreation was no longer cen! 
” Tncluded in the cast-of “Variety|sions, under the careful guidance |2%°.2nd organ was ably projected |Mrs. G. Garrison; auditors, Mrs. |t ogucea by Mr. Farrel O'Neill.| Tal members modelling _ some|in the home. 
Night”, presented in — Christ/and tutorship of Mr. Templer. by Peter Smith at the plano with |C. Woods and Mrs. B. Hinchcliffe; | 7. Jardine gave a most interest- exclusive numbers from’ C The feminist movement was 
: church’ parish hall, last Friday|There was no lack of ability on Mr. Templer at the organ. As /sick and visiting committee, Mrs. !ing and instructive demonstration Elllott’s. launched, demanding equality and 
night, were Terry Salisbury, who| the part of any who participated |2°comPanists to the various other |H. Ketcheson, Mrs. E. Phillips, |q¢° gitterent arrangements of | 4,2 picture by Manly Mac-| liberation for women. They in- 
p recited; Mrs. Harry Stevens, who|in the choral aand solo selections, artists, Messrs. Smith and Tem-|Mrs. C. Woods and Mrs. R. Woods. | rowers, He proved it is not What|40"ald, to be raffled, will be dis-|sisted upon the same opportun- 
rendered a comedy song and Mrs.|and since the entire program was [Pier Were remarkably sensitive in| Program committee, Mrs. E. Ni- lowers are but how effectively | Played in the windows of Carson/itles as men and even tried |; to 
Tom Clark, member of the cast of| given by an amateur group (but their stylings, shadowing the fea-|cols, Mrs. F. Vermilyea and Mrs. they are displayed that brings Elliott and Leslie's Shoe Store,|imitate them. As the home was|is 
the one-act play. not smacking of amateurish pres- tured performers with taste and|£, Evans; social welfare commit- results. respectively. Tickets are on sale|no longer the focal point, recrea-|| Mrs. "MacKifinon iend the 
e es ae 

a wholehe precia 
P 3 4 entation), it is-not the intention Space forbids. evaluating the pi thee hear psi ea Ja Mr. O. Daicar. expressed the ap- ane may be bought from any of Seana eee ered: outside group ites coe aire 
¥ Mr. and Mrs. H. Varley, 15) of this writer to dissect each per-| Gitte Choral Ensemble ans the |rectors, Mrs. G. Garrison ie. A. preciation ahd gratitude of the) arise Mary. . Doyle’ intenduced To counteract this aggressive|for her splendid -address.’ 
5) Golfdale Road, have  returned|{ormance individually for the Choraleers in thelr numerous of- Fisher’ and ‘Mrs. M. Sine: execu- audience who had so thoroughly Dr. Edith Peistkines popular lo-|and undignified trend in women Refreshments were served and 
home after spending the past three/sake of any imperfections -orjeriogs but suffice it to say|tive, Mrs. H. Phillips, Mrs. A.|¢nioved Mr. Jardine’s talk and) -ay speaker who — is’ well-known| history reveals the dedicated lives|the social hour was, enjoyed by 
months in St. Petersburg, Florida.|flaws that might have crept in.|hoth ‘ensembles were excellent.|Carieton, Mrs. Rae Shorey, Mrs. | Work. In this community, Dr. Peterkin|of Florence. Nightingale, and) the large: turnout, not only: trom - 
Mee the alee et ects Cony |The eight part Madrigal that the |Jim Sing and Mrs. Mf. Reid. Refreshments and a social hour| graduated trom the Universties| Elizabeth Fry, whor elevated| Belleville, but ‘Trenton, Stirling, 
: . | |not destructive) criticism. pecan gehen beter carey Pamir committee conveners: | Were enjoyed by al of Manitoba and Pennsylvania| womanhood. Their humility and] and Wellington. sie 
griculture and Canadian Indus- PETIT and interned at the Hospital for| unselfishness, . and service to} The annual ‘Spring. F: will 
e Ings _.|GLEE CLUB SINGS smoothness. The girls were mu-|try, Mrs. Chas. Fair;~Citizenship MUST TREAT CATTLE Sick Children, Toronto. others have been an inspiration to| be the next important event at 
The Glee Club as a body, con- mew very adroit in their robust jand Education,-Mrs. F>\Tucker;/ TORONTO .(CP) — Cattle must] Dr. Peterkin spoke on “The|countless women ever since. the Kiwanis Centre in May. 
sisting of thitty-five well trained rend ion of the rhythmic pitfalls Historical Research and Current |noye their second treatment. in i : A) 
NOYES—BONTER voices, opened the “Parade” with {Of “Old MacDonald's Farm. Events, Mrs. D. Thompson; Home |mMay under the Warble Fly Control 
a group of five varied offerings |CHORALEERS A HIGHLIGHT |Economies and Health, Mrs. Artlact now in force in 244 Ontario 
Lovely spring flowers and ferns|ranging from the. contemporary | _ If any highlight in the ensemble |C@tleton; Public Relations and) oyaships, Ontario livestock com- 
formed an attractive backgtound| «no Man is an Island” to the six-|\work stood out above any other |Community Activities, Mrs. Rae | missioner W. P. W: i 
7 zi er W, P. Watson said Fri- 
in Holloway — Street. United/teenth century phrases of “We|it was the combined efforts that |Shorey; Resolutions, Mrs. W./a,y te said grubs start appeare 
church, on Saturday, April 16, for] Adore Thee” (“Adoremus Te”) of |were realized by the Choralcers | Wickson. ing in th Gels of cattle nls 
a pretty evening wedding, when|patestrina. Vocal diction wasjin their salty appraisals of the|, A hearty vote of thanks was March . 
‘ch and continue well into May. 
Lenora Moreen Bonter, of Belle-| clear and the curving of musical | medley of .sea songs that. fused | *endered to the hostess. 
ville, daughter of Mr. and Mrs./line was molded minus harshness, |into the entire Glee Club's sing-|, Refreshments were served by 
Harold Bonter, became the’ bride] leaving a hishway of well man-| jing of seven old Gilbert and Sul- the hostess and committee in 
of William Edward Noyes, of|nered tonalitices bordered by |livan favorites. Alternating be- | Ch@Tse- 
Carrying Place, R.R. 1, son of Mr.| shoulders of precision and fluen-|tween tutti and solo numbers the 
and Mrs. Bray Noyes. The Rev.!cy. |students did a superlative job on jstudents of B.C.I. will produce in 
Sidney E. Larman, pastor of the Vocal solos were admirably | ‘each selection. Mention must ale | future years: A fitting reward 
church, officiated. rendered by Don Cherry (‘Just |so be made of the colorful cos-|for the many hours of work pre- 
Mr. Clifford Templer, church} For Today" ), Willo Wilkes (“Lul- | tuming, enhancing lighting effects | paring for this production by all 
organist, provided the wedding} laby” of Brahms and “My Lad-|and artful stage -decorations that|who took: part in it was provided 
music. die") and Karl Kappas (“Who is!added so greatly to the overall|by the applause of the audience 
“The bride, who was given in|Sylvia?” and “The Nightingale’ | effect. as the final curtain came down, 
marriage by her father, Mr. Har-|of Schubert). - Plaudits go to all} “Music on Parade” in its first Mr. Templer and cast are to be 
old Bonter, wore a charming|three, but mention must be made | presentation was a decided suc-|congratulated for their efforts. 
bridal gown _of white Chantilly}of Mr. Kappas’ sincere feeling | jcess and it is to be hoped that this | Mr. Linton Reld acted as master 
Jace, net, and nylon ‘tulle. The|shown in his perception of the jis just the first in a long line of |ofeceremonies for the. evening's 
molded Lorena ee a td ice two Schubert songs, sung in Ger- | future shows of the like that the | jen inment. 
Was accent y a jacket lined| maz. 
with nylon tulle, and having long,| Two piano solos were given by 
sheath-like sleeves pointed over|the Misses Adrienne Campbell ; ; 
the wrists.- The full-length skirt}and Cara Butler, each young ar- B &é 9 
featured a pepluni of Chantilly] Ust attesting to her individgal ; 
lace over tiers of nylon tulle. She| prowess as a pianist. Miss Camp- : c 
wore a beaded coronet with im-| bell played a very commendable ‘ 
ported French veil, and carried a|Performance of “The Torch . 
shower bouquet of red roses. Dance” by Edward German from|| . 
FE Mrs. Wallace Doxtator, Miss his “Henry VIII" Suite: The dif- Is omin Oo own 
Betty McFarlane, and Miss Dor- ficult Greenfeld transcription of C T I 
othy Bonter, all of Belleville, the) the waltz from “Der Fledermaus 
attendants, were gowned alike in Hd Johann Strauss gave Miss But- 
a ees) TOMORROW, MAY 3rd 
bodices and scalloped peplums 
decorated with sequins. They 
wore matching stoles, gloves, and 
feather headdresses,- and carried 
nosegays of yellow Gloria. roses, come join the hustle, 
white pom ‘mums and peach-col- 
ored Picardy gladioli florets. ; bustle and fun on TUES- 
Mr. Wallace Doxtator, of Belle- 
ville, attended’ the bridegroom, DAY wise andiwatehithe 
and the ushers were Mr..Gerald “down Maine” shoe 
rorste and Mr, Ronald Terwilli craftsmen handsew* these 
The wedding reception * was|borough, Wooler, Trenton, Niag- le 1 Mees 
held in the church parlors. The| ara Falls, Ontario and Portsmouth, reese Reeroliecs SK 
bride’s mother, wearing a light|Nova Scotia. right In our window. . 
grey gabardine suit, with pink] Prior to the wedding, the bride 
accessories, received, assisted by|was feted with a shower given in 
the bridegroom’s mother, whol/her honor by Miss Betty McFar- 
was also attired in a suit of navy|lane and Mrs. Wallace Doxtator. 

ed th arching 
ie 8ei ques- 
io is it that can under- 


Ulin 1 Ft, wae | 


is Choose from 3 new styles. Button to waist, plain tailored with cutt 

on, cap sleeves. White pique collar with contrasting piping on sleeves 
‘and at waist line. Round neckline with embroidered front cap sleeve. 
Sizes 12 to 20 in colors of tan, coral, turquoise and-green. Just when 
you. want them for hot weather wear. 


speciaL . 3, 98 eh 

Welher Stoner ANKLE SOCKS| 
Hot just today but Evetyday-| | 


” Sturdy rayon and cotton infants’ ankle socks in both; oh) 

gabardine, with red. accessories. 
The bride chose a two-piece en- 
semble in red bengaline, with 
navy duster coat, grey hat, shoes 
and purse, with corsage of white 
carnations for travelling to Utica, 
Buffalo,.and Niagara’ Falls. Mr. 
and Mrs. Noyes are residing’ at 
R.R. 8, Belleville. 
Guests were present from Mon- 
treal, Stirling, Havelock, Peter- 


are Seacoast Fe cee 



Lestex TOPS 



turned cuff, and stand up rib cuff. Colors of white, 
pink, blue ‘and yellow, Nylon reinforced for extrai: 

Wear, Pale ..cccccecccccerscccccececrecsececssssces 

Suna , 


Children’s. Sizes 

6 to 842 
Plain colors in white, Se copen, light blue, 
yellow, and ‘navy. Colored stripes: in-.copen, 
navy, brown, beige, grey. Good variety of qual-. 
ities including nylon, cotton, and rayon and 
cotton. See our et rey ¥ | 

29: - 39: - 4 49: ni 


Children's Jn stripes of navy, red or brown. Plain shades of 
navy, red, pink, yellow or white. Women’s in plain colors of 
yellow, blue, red or white. Try a pair. You will love them. 

Children's to 8% Women's to IL 

Special. . . 59c pr. Special 9c to 79¢ or. \° 

SIZES 9 to 11 
An pps of rayon and cottons, rayons, nylons ‘or cottons, 
iricluding triple roll and pineapple cuff, ned colors of white, 
yellow, pink, copen, navy and red. Sizes 9 to 11, Check the 
value, in our sock bar. 

FEATURED . 25c-29c-3Q9c-59c-GMc fr. 



Sizes syed lum large and extra - 
large. Cotton, nylon or stretchy 
fon, to fit size 9 to 31. 


| 25e-35e-39e pr. |] 286 FRONT ST. 

Our 51st. Year in Belleville 

Colors of 
Brown, Red, 
Carmel, Black, 
Wild Oats, 




for only’ 

of fair Da value 

: MINIMUM FUR COAT $2.00, CLOTH $1.00 
DIAL WO. 2-4911 

Insurance Starts at Your Door 


£72 Front Street 

Unique Display of 


Being Hand Sewn in Our 

All Day Tues., 


AT $14.95 

Fy fe 

“Better Shoes Eropesty, Fitted- Mean Better Value and Extra Comfort” 


255 FRONT SB; Af oke eo eo DIAL WO 8-6251 


Vee E * 


Stream-Lined Company Dinner 

eon wie wo < ; 



them. ‘Thanks for such sound 
practical help. 


outbreak of World War I.” 

Do please send the meat and 
salad recipes too Kae. They are 
a “must” with me and I am sure 
you have whetted the appetites 
re Longe hes readers. I will giv 

prio: “over everything and 
print them as soon as I recelve 

= 2 





By Mary Moore 



“To a greater extent than some 
mathers realize, the happiness of 
*| even a very little girl depends upon 
is ever con- 

A letter from. Kae B. begins two card tables and may say the 
with a charming personal note and| compliments almost turned my 
“| goes on to give a “super company. foolish old head!” et 



: iders her daughter as 

having married beneath her soclal 

position,’ especially since my job 

does not pay much and a man of 

d age can’t get much in the 

mh Tog tobe I can expect to go in 

» servick tefore too long, and 

Ast is-why I have not yet gone out 
‘and bought our own house. 

S weren't so bad while my 
‘wife worked. But after she became 
pregnant and stayed home, and 
now that the baby is .here, there 
re always hidden meanings in re- 
marks made by my mother-in-law, 

two years. Most of all, she'thought 
‘we specially should have waited for 

“My wife's mother continually 
tells both what to do, where 
to go, when to go, how to go, what 
4s best—well, just everything. It's 
easy to see ‘that she hax always 
dominated her husband. -The worst 
of it ig that since my wife has been 

at home, she is begifning 
to act just like her mother. : 
to move into just 

“the best—or, Ta’ 
anyone else. Of course 
to have the best, too, 
things take time."* 
own personal opinion on this 
that the young husband 
assert himself and, as gent- 
1s possible, but still firmly, 
ectly clear to both 
er-in-law that he and 
child are:a-separate 
and independent‘of any 


It goes without saying, 4 
‘course, that it would: be extremely |real initiatif and the wish to take| music, champagne or other bever- PRETTILY GIFT-BOXED, Sires 814 to 11 
ldiffieyit to carryout such a pro- care of his family himself. ages, service, fees). Since you : (owen to 11 
igram‘if 5 If he were to go into service leav-|have, apparently, talked with the “ ‘ ‘ r up 2 2, 
‘under the ing his wife under her mother’s|bride’s mother about these ex- WITH RIBBON AND BOW 60 gauge 15 deni) . 
consequen domination, it will certainly be|penses and plans, I wonder why ; rf 
Tithink’ that|even harder, perhaps wholly impos-j you.did not at that time explain : ; ae BUY A SRAMD ses 
should be done sible, to make the break when he|stralghtforwardly to her that you r eng AND O8T THE BET <A < 
4o try and get is home for good. The time to act] just couldn’t afford to pay the ex- PHANTO-GENIC PRANTOM, , 
urgency of moving out is now. penses she “demands” you pay. I ' t i 
rnother’s house and into a place of aA 
“eget however modest it might : WITH THE EXCLUSIVE, ~  ¥ \ 
~ . o 
“When he goes into service, CONTRASTING 
me Dap crgerted Bivemene 4 GRACIOUS sere 
green hae elon he aa fin a 5 HEEL PANEL 
base - C. sent in . 
this country. So I would suggest 
eran gor ae Si | 
ea of going along Ww! 4 . 
him after he is drafted. Let him 
tell her it can be a real opportunity |} TIME TO 60 GAUGE 15 DENIER 
fer thoes whare abe has always tv. STORE 1"; 
where she has always liv- ° . : 
ed, to make friends with wives of per palr wien 
other pen ta soiree to entoy YOUR : 3 00 aes 
new ces. e goes al * at bs Y 
aeilltully, he may gether so that|| WJ I N TER = _ 2-pair gift box : 
Bn agin of sscompangiag BIE, : 
of accompanying him, st 
and be quite ready to go when the 6 A R M E N T § At no extra charge! ed 
time Crenanstive he is = overseas, : ; 2-pair Mother's Day gift box | 
Sere for bis jen mee els own WITH fe single-pair gift envelope. ee 

In the meantime, he might sug- 

her appearance. She 
scious of how she looks, ever fear- 
/ful that she will be dre 

tremendousy im 
‘with little girls, but 
tnys as well. 

The head of a children’s wear 
rtment assures your reporter 
at the boys are even harder to 

plqase than 

consider any 
unless the “other guys" are wear- 

clothes that they don’t like and in 
which ‘ they are unhappy. 
mother knows how ‘she hates to 
put on ‘a dress that sh. knows is 
not becaming. She is not at her 
best when she wears it. 

‘A mother should create in the 
child’s mind a desire to be fastid- 
fously clean and dainty and to take 
care of 
stepping out of them, leaving them 
on the floor, as some spoiled chil- 
dren do. 

She must direct her along the 
right beauty path so that she will 
develop into a lovely, well-groom- 
ed woman. < 

uses them she will learn to be 
quick and practical 
grooming, which is the secret of 
women who always look attractive. 
Even little girls can brush their 
hair. When washing their hands 
they should Iearn to use a nail 
white pencil as well. Brushing the 
teeth at bedtime is a “must. and 
the child should be taught to do it 

jections, and. appears to be !n- 
fluencing her daughter against his 
proposals, then I believe he should 

I want! bitterly, 
but|as he can, 
has thought everything over care- 
fully and come to the conclusion 
that he and his wife must be free 
to work out their own life together. 
Unless his wife is already so com- 
pletely dominated by her mother 
that she bas no will of her own 
left, she should, if she is normal, 
and as she thinks things over, be 
of|glad she has a husband who has 


Dear Mrs, Beeckman: 
I need a helping hand like yours. 
Our son is to be married in June 
to a lovely girl. it will be a formal 
wedding. My husband and I are]. 
faced with such a difficult problem 

dinner” that may be prepared the 
night before without the added 
help of an automatic oven. This 
we want to hear don’t we?’ It is 
certainly on my agenda for the 
next dinner guests to arrive. 

«. . .I was wondering whether 
any of. your readers who are, 
perhaps, Working gals and haven't 
an automatic oven, would be in- 
terested in a menu I have work- 
ed. out that is a super company 
dinner, but can be prepared the 

dressed differ- 

t. Not only 
with small 

thing that he threatens not to at- 
tend the wedding, and says if I go, 
I must go alone. I am so unhappy 
about my husband's decision not to 
attend our son's wi Our 

the girls, refusing to 

item of the wardrobe Jot of time. Have you thought 

of ‘using {inexpensive gift- 
- ‘wrap-ribbon that can be. 

posed to pay for any of the wedding 
expenses, that: we are guests of 
honor. However, the bride's mother 
insists we must pay for the dinners 
and beverages (champagne, and so 
forth) for members of our fam- 
lly, relatives, friends, about 38, 
Also that I must pay for the invite- 
tions for these 38 guests; and must 
also pay for half of the expense for 
the church flowers (flowers for the 
altar and for the pews), bridal 
table flowers, flowers for the par- 
ents’ table; for the soloist; for the 
music at the reception and dinner; 
for the wedding cakes (bride's and 
groom’s) and for the boxes ‘of 

Copyright, 1988, HT. Bered Tripane tas. 


salad recipe if you want them 
“Menu—Frenched Pork Ten- 
derloin done in the oven with 
mushrooms and mushroom soup, 
minute rice, frozen mixed veg- 
etables (carrots, peas, corn, 
green beans, lima beans) cook- 
ed of course, rolls. Jellled Sal- 
ad (cranberry, pineapple, apple, 
walnuts, celery molded \ in 
cherry jello and lemon juice), 
and the German: Cream le 
Cake (see below) and coffee: 
“The meat casserole can be 
cooked the night before and re- 
frigerated and ready to re-heat 


wonder too why your son can’t do 
something about explaining to his 
fiancee’s family your financlal sit- 
uation, and your inability to as- 
sume the expenses which aren't at 
all your responsibility. 

If the bride's mother won't listen 
to reason and absolutely refuses to 
back down on her demands, and if 
you and your husband simply can- 
not meet her demands, then the on- 
ly thing is for you not to invite 
any guests whose dinners 
you would have to pay for, since 

her clothes instead of 

and chocolate syrup for whipped 
cream and the salad too which 
I make in individual molds. 
“while meat is heating in oven 
cook rice and vegetables, un- 
mold salads on flat plate, gar- 
nish with Iettuce hearts or en- 
dive; whip cream, fold in choco- 
late syrup and assemble cake, 
butter rolls, and start the coffee. 
“] serve this menu buffet 
style as we have no dining- 
room. Guests serve themselves 
from table in breakfast nook 
and eat it at card tables in liv- 
ing-room. This way I car ace 
commodate eight guests at the 

——— ae 

to the dinner, you will probably 
avold many trying and embarr 
sing situations. F5 ; 

to-the-church-ceremony for your 
38 gucsts (this won't be very 
much), and don't-evert meation the 
expenses for church flowers and 
music. I’m hoping that if your hus- 
band doesn’t have to assume the 
responsibility of paying for the din- 
ners and other reception-expenses 
for 38 guests (which would indeed 
be a very considerable sum), he 
will be willing to muke the effort 
to cooperate as best he can, for 
the sake of your son. After all, the 
marriage ceremony is the im- 
portant clement... and if you in- 
vite your relatives and friends to 
the ceremony only, not to the re 
ception-and-dinner, I'm sure they 
will understand you are doing the 
very best you can under the diffi- 
cult circumstances. As a matter of 
fact, if you don't invite'any guests 

large income, but. we have to de- 
pend on my husband's small sal- 
ary. I don't know how I am going 
to pay these expenses the bride's 
mother insists on, for my husband 
won't give me any money toward 
the expenses. Don't you think I 
should have something to sey about 
the dinner menu, if I have to pay 
for our guests? And don't you 
think I should have receipted bills 
to show I’ve paid these bills? The 
bride’s mother says she will get 
only one bill, but will show it to 
me. Please help me, for I am s0 
very unhappy about my husband's 
not attending our son's wedding. 
— Bridegroom's mother 

What a tremendous problem you 
have on your hands, dear lady! 
The bride's family are the hosts of 
the wedding, they make all plans 
and they should, of course, pay all 
the expenses of the wedding. They 
should pay all the expenses con- 
nected with the church (flowers, 
music, fee to organist): and alljj , 
expenses connected with the re-|]/ 4 
ception and dinner (food, flowers, 

about her 

foot down, not angrily or 
but in as friendly a way 
simply saying that he 

(Courtesy Kae.) 

Two level tablespoons butter, 
1-2 cup granulated sugar, 1 egg, 
7-8 cup sifted flour, 
spoons baking powder, 1-2 tea- 
spoon vanilla, 
Bake in two layers in moderate 

Whip 1 cup cream and fold 

St. : 

wise mother will, give heed|0n does not want to be unhappy thrown away when wrinkled? night erect inparttneaenenysees in desired amount of following 

to litile daughter's wishes when sel-|@"d says we have been good par-| And, for a changv, she'll Uke —_/ guests are in the living-room. I'll syrup—2 squares unsweetened 

ecting clothes for the youngster. It/¢nts. h - small flowers—real or fako=m — |Snclose recipe for dessert and| chocolate, .1-2 cup granulated : 

just fan't fair to make kids wear| My husband says we are No OP | gucked Inher tresses. “* will gladly send you the meat and| SUsar, 5 tablespoons bolling wa- : hE 

gredients over low heat until 
on Cool; add:1 teaspoon van- 

whipped cream and spread be- 
tween layers and cover top and 
sides of cakes.. Decorate with 
chocolate shot. “This recipe was 
brought back from Berlin at the 

insinuating {that we. should have shoul wedding cake. this would be the largest item of| in oven (rolls can be heated 
walted to marry until I got out of inp erp the k Seamed oe We just can't afford to pay for all| expense, Then you could explain there too). The cakes can be ¥. het hitel ecw mre ciAnd iy a ag FUR CLEANING 
service, which would have been)... but undenjably her own. If she this. The bride's family have a| that you will pay for the invitations-|_ made then also (night before) our 158 ASS been ise; Mall’or Blats 00 4 FUR REPAIRS 


Dis! WO 8:7277 55 Everett Bt. 

1 1-2 tei 

1-3 cup milk. 


Cook those-last three in- 

| Phone 

WoOodland 2-4375 
Woodland 8-8422 


Add this when’ cold to 





294 Front St. 323 Coleman St. 

33 NEWEST Solid Colors. Tone-on-Tone. 

rom mECEMTON WO) 2-46.56 





gest that, in preparation for ~ the : ti ¢ : 3 
new are eal = coming. they should : Mother wilt y: 
ae eke Shela Give something “extra special” for your particularly appreciate nS 
er « EDS SD iden tos ieee Darel | meters | 
ei The way to start attacking the antom Penci m nylons. Theres no ni *Fully-Proportioned’} 
oblem is with such constructive Dial wad 8-57 3 1 of showing you really care. Phantom are the more stitches 
thi oe antes Bowe vers pet beta stockings every woman knows are best, to the inch mean } 
other steps in with vehement ob- : Y i : ‘ 
¢ 5 = and they come in avery attractive black better wear, Fat 
and gold 2-pair gift box, tied with - better fit, r 
the prettiest ribbon and bow. Or (for single better stretch. : 

226 FRONT ST.. DIAL WO 8-6338 

pairs) ina special Mother's Day gift Other Phentomn styles! 




envelope. You can choose just the sort she ” i 

i ; = likes from the big Phantom range, too; 51 gauge 30 denier ; 

; ; there are afternoon sheers or beautiful 1:50 per pair 

j 2 Eee evening sheers that Mother-will love SI 15 denier’ i 

oS arrange a loan for special occasions, Whichever you psa 1 35 per sie : 

. j OTHER ‘ou can rely on famous Phantom” : : ry 

: p by telephone one quailty nylons... they say, beautifully, 66 gauge 12 denier i 
: | ‘THE GIFT ~ all you want to say on Mother's Day. 1.75 per pair 

mans enn) ane = 

" at LS AL. FOR HERSELF ike : i 

5 Ses and. she'll treasure 3 ; et 

’ NO J ; always the exquisite ‘ 

W 2 Anew, casy way to es of a match-mated ‘ C : : At 

borrow the cash you need, sigestelet by SUITE : ‘i 

bin TE ‘DIAL WO 8-5706 | 

from $50 to $2,500. - ‘| a couplets ensemble ...° 20) SR ONE Eee 

1 ¥ é K yb fece today, 4 ; $ 

Up to 2 years to repay. and aga Lot Ae her e ay. 2 i 

. ay and & e: - A -, wat) 

Seen Se jan Mike ped: would ith 6, Z 254 FRONT STREET a 

Just phone WO ? 3 493 AY epee beret Ce | BELLEVILLE, ONTARIO. # 

this number ~ : ih é / . : "&. S i 

199 BELLEVILLE. e Lyeogia aon | AZIZ SPECIALTY. SHOP |: 

- ES oe F rect tN ae : 7 - “For the Smartest in Women's Sportswear” rc 3 5 fe 

: greens. + Queen—Bocca, 
final course—a fresh, crisp ending; were $14. phy 
after sweets. Mrs. Johnston gave a report of ee bs of the Duchess of 
THREE RULES the district rally at Ameliasburg| Journey to the Pathans—Mayne. 

~The Experts Say- > 

‘Salads Can Be Exciting 
- And Appetizing Dishes 

' By THE ’ yee 
By THE CANADIAN PRESS | Womens Activities 
has spent her iif cog suede : 
as spent her life conve: sa) 
from the “limp-lettuce-leaf’ stage BOWE! 5 WA. 
into exciting, appetizing dishes. Mrs. Arthur Morden of Well- 
Now she has written a. book| ington, kindly entertained the 
Salad| Bowerman’s W.A., at her home 

; Corner 
(By O. D.) 


Thirty and Three—MacLennan. 
A collection of essays. ; 

Flamingo Feather—Van der Post. 

_ A novel of Africa. 

A Stranger in Spain.~-H. V. Mor- 

New travclogue by a popular 

“called “Marye Dahnke's 
Book” outlining steps in successful last Wednesday afternoon. MYrs.| writer,  — 
salad making. Warner McFaul, being one of the) Scientific Encyclopedia — Van 

director of| guests, played the piano for the 
the Kraft Foods Company says|hymns, The president, Mrs. H. 
salads were used before Caesar's} Johnston presided and opened the 
time although the word originated| meeting and took charge of the 
with the Romans. They used to] devotional period. 
e greens with salt. Mrs. K. Wood read a thank-you 
“Long before the Romans the an-|card from Mrs. E. Bird and 
cient “Egyptians were skilled inj family. 
_ mixing oils, vinegar and Oriental) There were 17 members and 
spices, which’ they poured over|several guests present. ° 
Greeks used salads as Collection and birthday | dues 

A reference book covering aero- 
nautics, civil engineering, geol- 
ogy, meteorology and many other 
subjects. 2 
The Workshop Book—Lincoln. 

Plans are given for toys, pup- 
pets, furniture and many other 
things which are easy to make. 
The Woman Who Would Be 

United Church. 

Mrs. Bruce Wilson was appoint- 
ed to act as a delegate at the Ma- 
doe convention. 23 

A “happy birthday” was sung 
to Mrs, George Hendry and Mrs. 

Adventures with the wild trib- 
es along the northern frontier of 

The Metal and the Flower—Pace. 

A book of poctry—winner of 
the Governor General's award for 

Miss Dahnke’s three rules for 
salad making are: Choose: crisp, 
fresh and dry ingredients and 
don’t use leftovers. Be imaginative. 
There are nuts, eggs, cheese, sca- 
foods, poultry, meats and macaroni 
products to buttress any salad.| Warner McFaul. : 

_ > Salds are a casual dish, they should] Mrs. J. Fox thanked the W.A. 
not look worked over. for the plant and card she had 
To Miss Dahnke dressing is the|Tecelved while ill. 
backbone of a salad. The two main|_ A program was enjoyed. Mrs. 
onessare French dressing which is| Bruce Wilson gave a monologue; 
basically a combination of oil and} Mrs. Ferguson a reading; Mrs. S. 
vinegar or lemon juice, and mayon- Weir conducted a contest, the 
naise, a rich mixture of oil and| winner being Mrs. Ferguson. 
eggs. ; . Sunday School convention will 
Among Miss Dahnke’s favorites be held May 11, in the evening, 
are two meat-based salads, one!at Bowerman’s church. 
with spinach and bacon and the] Refreshments ‘were served by 
other with chicken liver. Mrs. Morden and her assistants. 
TWO SALADS Mrs, Johnston tendered Mrs. 
Spinach and bacon salad: 2 ats. Morden a vote of thanks for open- 
“yaw spinach, 3 hard-boiled eggs|!>s her home. 
chopped, 8 slices cooked bacon e¢ May meeting will be held 
caepPeed. Break the. spinach in|at the home of Mrs, Albert 
bite-sized pieces into a salad bowl. | Lewis. 4 : 
Sprinkle with chopped eggs and Bowerman’s church will de 
bacon, toss lightly with yogurt 

1 cup yogurt, 1) being made. 

Yogurt aecesing 
teaspoon lemon juice, % teaspoon 
1 ed chives, % tea TO BUILD HOTEL 
finely minced chives, Ya teaspoc,| OTTAWA (CP)—A $1,000,000, 10- 
storey apartment hotel will be 

paprika, % Meera pon ar oustars 

teaspoon salt, Combine the in- 
choral and mix until blended. erected in downtown Ottawa by 
Chill. the Glenby Company, it was an- 
Chicken liver salad: 14 Ib,|nounced Wednesday. The building 
chicken livers, 44 cup margarine | “ill contain 100 executive suites 
or butter, 1 head lettuce, 4 heads 
bibb lettuce, % bunch endive, 4 
onions sliced, 4% cup crum- 
bled Roquefort or blue cheese, 2 
hard boiled eggs chopped, salt and 


LONDON (Reuters)—A record 
number of Canadian and Ameri- 
can visitors came to Britain last 
year, the Board of Trade Journal 
says, About 200,000.Americans and 
50,000 Canadians helped to make 

Britain—82,000 more than the year 

in 36 m0. 
Get 154.19 | $29.59 
erst, 1 $12 1 $28 1 $40 

* pepper. Saute the chicken livers in * yee 
Chill, Drain smal lreducing be cs 
fu . ng f ¥ - Abere parments covee everything! 

* pieces. Tear the lettuce and endive 
into bite-sized pleces. Add chicken 
livers, onions, cheese and _ eggs. 
Season to taste and toss with caper 
French dressing. 

‘Caper French dressing: To one 

2 cup of basic french dressing add 13 
' cup finely minced capers. Basic 

dressing is made with % cup salad 
oil, % cup vinegar, 1 teaspoon each 
of sali and sugar, % teaspoon 
paprika, % teaspoon dry mustard 
and dash of pepper. Shake up. _ 

PARIS (AP)—Torrential rains in 
the Atlas mountains of Algeria in 
North Africa have left some 1,000 
persons homeless and the situation 
is worsening, Agence France 
Presse reported today. 

Crea | Payments fer in-betwoos 

with oR foan! | Ami ern 

> Get a Fresh Start with « and women weicams. Phone—get 
Pruonaf-tzEp loan Aand-tailored loan on first visit. Write for toan 

to your needs. All employed men by mail Or come in, 
Loans $50 te $1200 on Signature, Fernitvre, er Auto 

twat te ns 


Phone: 6582 « Eugene Drumm, YES MANager 
Phonet 4920 ¢ Ask for the YES MANager 
Loess mode 19 residents of oll surreveding tewes * Persenc! Fiseace Compeny of Carede 


seeee meee 

4 Vaselin 

Don’t just shampoo your hair, 
““Wonder-foam”’ it to new beauty 
with ‘Vaseline’ Wonder-foam Shampoo. 
} ~. It makes your hair 
e Brighter than ever 
{: e Cleaner than ever 

: ' _ e Easier than ever to set 
Foams instantaneously—cleans almost 
as quickly. A ’non-drying, one appli- 
cation shampoo for all types of hair. 

Vaseline’ Is the regtstered trode mark of the Chesebrough Mfg. Co., Cons’d. 


up a -total of 901,000 visitors to} 

|| List First Female Indian Chief 
Among Women in Public Life 

of the Key Indian reserve at York- 
ton, Sask., runs the ‘affairs of her 
people as the first woman Indian 
chief in Canada. 

N.B., runs that city’s welgh scales. 

eration’s survey agd reseagch com- 
mittee under Elsie Gregory Mac- 
Gill of Toronto, lists women cur- 
rently holding, elected to, or ap- 
ponies to responsible public of- 


ridings in the House of Commons, 
and three Alberta women sit in the 

women named in an unique report 
released today by Mrs. G. R. D, 
Laycock, national president of the 
Canadian Federation of Business 
and Professional Women's Clubs. 


survey work with a view to mak- 
ing the list the authoritative one 
for Canada. 

public life is not impressive for a 
group representing 51 per cent of 
the total population over 19 years 
‘of age, the report reveals that 
women are penetrating into every 
phase of-the country’s economic, 
political and cultural life," sald 
Mrs. Laycock. 

ae eae ee E 

tion as well as field inspection. 
The seed. drill” 

Junior Farmers, 
Junior. Institute 
down shows Canadian ‘women are Hold Meeting 

holding their own. For instance,| - 
Huguette Plamondon of Montreal 
heads the 25,000-member Montreal 
Labor Council. 

Margaret Jean Gee of Vancouver 
is British Columbia’s first Chinése 
woman lawyer. Commander Isabel 
Janet Macneill of Galt, Ont., was 
appointed to the staff of the chief of 
naval! personnel. x 
Paulette Anevodluk of Copper- 
mine, N.W.T., ‘became the first 
Eskimo civil servant on her re- 
cent appointment to the welfare di- 
vision of the department of north- 
ern affairs. 

The report showed that in B.C. 
last year there were a total of 74 
women school trustees. Fifty of the 
80 organized school districts had 
at least one woman trustee on the 
board. «.- : 

Five Ontario women are mayors 
and eight are reeves or deputy 
reeves. Ontario also has a large 
number of women aldermen; coun- 
cillors and school trustees. 

There’s only one woman repre- 
sentative in the Saskatchewan leg- 

islature. Mrs. Edythe Brown is the 
only mayoralty incumbent in Man-]™um of disease. These additional 

ifoba but this province has Mrs, |Safeguards in registered sceds are 
Jean Whiteford of Virden as a maintained’ by field crop Inspec- 
member of a liquor inquiry com- 

Quebec has two women mayors. 
Charlottetown has two women trus- 
tees and St. John's, Nfld., has two 
council members. 

quirements for No. 1 seed répott- 

ed as No. 1. All seed poorer than 

j minimum for No. 3 seed is re- 
jected and cannot legally be sold 

as seed. e tall. 


Mr. Fallis named some weeds 
that were found in 1954 seed dri 
survey such as; prohibited dod- 
deg; primary, couchgrass, bladder 
campion mustard and daisy; sec- 
ondary, wild oats, ragweed, dock, 
yellow rocket, wild carrot, chic- 
ory; other weed seeds, wild buck- 
wheat, foxtail, chess, pigweed 
and Jamb’s quarters. * 

Mr. Fallis stated that 2-4-D 
is the main chemical as yet for 
killing these weeds, but to not 
depend upon it alone. Putting 
crops. in early from ten days to 
two weeks with lots of cultivation 
helps to control the weed seeds, 
also a finger weeder after the 
grain comes up, even a light drag 
harrow will lower weeds from 60 
to 70 per cent at this time. 

An early cultivation after har- 
vest but not too much summer 
fallow as St lowers the vitality of 
the soil. In hay fields use a til- 
ler on plow shallow to get rid of 
twitch grass. Do not leave hill- 
sides open to erosion, use- a 
cover crop such as oats or rye. 

WINNIPEG (CP)—Gwen O'Soup 

Thurlow Junior Farmers enjoy- 
ed a talk at Cannifton Orange 
Hall, Wednesday, on Chemical 
Weed control given by Mr. Ken 
Fallls, figidman for Onfario De- 
partment of Agriculture, Field 
Crops Branch, Toronto, for the 
counties of York on the west to 
Lennox and Addington on the east. 

Mr. Fallis stated what is intend- 
ed for sowing should be examined 
since weeds rob the soil of two to 
four times ‘the amount of food that 
crops use, then he explained by 
means of a. chart the maximum 
weed seeds that are allowed in 
their survey in a pound of oats, a 
bushel and an acre. 


Mr. Fallis said, seed grades 
are based on freedom from 
weed seeds, freedom from other 
crop seeds, and germination, in 
addition - to these requirements 
registered seed must be true to 
variety and carry only a mini- 

Shirley Mackay of Fredericton, 

Four women represent Ontario 

the guidance of two of the mem= ~ 
a Muriel Swan and Doreen 

During the joint session, a dis=_ 
cussion on the heating system 

and caretaking of the hall was” 
held also considerable: discussion 

on plans for starting a community. 

centre at Plainfield. : 

The Thurlow Newsy Times was 
read by Getha Joslin, while the 
tong leader for the- evening was 
Ruth Cole, after which refresh- 
ments were served with Muriel 
Swan as hostess. 

These are among the list of 500 

The report, compiled by the fed- 

DENVER (AP)—Mrs. ‘Ida Pas- 
now, who charged that her health ~ 

The committee’ {s continuing its 

“While the number of women fn 

» of thelr 
apartment, has settled her. $10; 
damage suit out of court, Mrs. Pas- 
now is 107 years old. 1 


A province-by - province break- 






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“Open Wednesday and Saturday All Day” 

"| MONDAY, MAY 2, 1055 
“(Continued from Page 1.) 
y, The\ Progressive | Conservative| gram by the 

ber, 1951, for a five-year term. It| sidlari 
captured 79 of the 90 legislature] culture 

Among those mentioned were the 
St. Lawrence seaway and power 

he made one promise, that the Pro- 
gressive Conservative party would 
—- "give good ent. “I come 

here tonight to say that we have.” 

| 500 delegates at the banquet, the 
t premier launched on a campaign 

preview.’ . 
He asked that Cibo inter- 


Se lished SEES a ere kOON 

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a GUARD Fi ur Loveliness. =; 

ppeeyte yet yey eres 

Peper eee reer tit tt 

Gace erc enact mes anemeemans tenses 



DIAL WO 8-6407 


Mr, Hamilton said the provincial, AP CORRESPONDENT DIES 
ent is proud to give an 

ting of its accomp! 
tes that] Alex H. Singleton, 42, Associated 

Mr. Allan told delega 

tion in|tled Friday night. He. was flown) ¢,74 
longer |from Yugoslavia for emergeDCY] ete recenf marriage. _- _|draw by Marg. Colden...The ag- 

from top> ~ 

eee Ss O sleek apuipias were 

told to produce a new idea in low-priced car 
styling — and here’s the result | It’s 1955 
Chevrolet — the low-priced car that’s stealing 
the thunder from the high-priced field. 

‘The “eager-to-go” lines indicate Chevrolet's new outlook. 
It's power-styled to house the newest, most responsive 


@. A ~ oe ai 
e tables playing. Prizes were won |and Mrs. George Shorey and/ Belleville. 5 
WIESBADEN, Germany (AP)— Cannifton by Ladies, Annie DeMille, Mrs.| MC: sas. anen Soble and|, oi 804 Bre Arnol@ Dilts and 

CANNIFTON —. Congratula-|Men, Mary Palmer, Ralph Stew- ing with Mr. and Mrs, Charles 
CCC8S| Dress correspondent in Belgrade.|sons to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Latch-|art and Gertle McKay. The | B Beteree pag mar eet Ee oa ‘ x 
hand by May Palmer, and the lake Bed Sorry to report Mr. Walter Tre= 

. ome verton has been on the sick lst. 
both|medical treatmen ednes- 

_|gregate was won by Eda Jones. 4 . A’ potluck dinner and quilting / 
in| Mrs. George Sharpe is con- seth DeMille bed an executive 6th Tyendinaga bre cy ny at the home 
ar sat ing yearvet the Women's Institute 6th TYENDINAGA — "Mr. and|° wr. and Men Jack Skelly and 
ie Zu. ae Lou Lemmon’ and family | Mrs. Lorne McKenrle, Gary and|Dayid were supper guests .on 

Toronto, were Sunday visitors | Bobby spent Saturday Wednesday ‘at the home of Mr, 
Lena Shorey and Mr.|with Mr. and Mrs, P. Ashbury, and Mrs. Charles Treverton: 



A General Motors Valvé 

..5O low —A lower centre of gravity 
is the foundation of Chevrolet’s new, low look. And it’s 
also one of the big reasons for Chevrolet’s new sports 

car roadability, 

..So eager to go 

engines — your choice of a V8 or 6 in all models 
and all series — in the ai iets field. 

Trs IMPOSSIBLE to talk about Chevrolet’s 
styling without mentioning its new perform- 
ance. For the same engincering advances that 
create Chevrolet’s amazing roadability, bril- 
liant response, floating ride, and feather-light 

handling make possible Chevrolet's entirely 
new concept of compact, lively automotive 
. ‘atyling. 

So, when you admire the look of a Chevro- 
let, remember;. such beauty is achieved 
only because Chevrolet is completely new, 
thropgh, and through. Why not try this 

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newest of all new cars soon? 

TED . 

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Windsor and Jessie Burchill.|cnidsen of Port Hope, were the|{#mily visited on Monday evan- ~~ 

MONDAY, MAY 2, 1955 

¢ Driver Johnnes Overdyk told | a few Sat hence infu Bo Dl bsnl ca ih agen Fl ha OF, he Ontario eneral | tr: 
police he could not find the brake ANTI FPF Hl loyalty back to Diem.- + | chief of sta’ | Sea sent the private troops scram- Section next month. s tat 0 a yi backaa tbs onsdian 
pedal when he looked up and Diem’s z tt announced| ‘The Seana congress: of 18) bing for safety. inions In. the council have been conareag of Labor policy of sup: 
realized he was faced with an em- today that Hao’ Dal, who had tried] poitical parties and 35 Vietnamese State Sepenanent oes ‘in asked to put aside all but the!porting the CCF in Political cam: 
were no skid (Continued from Page 1.) to clip the premler’s power by re-|leaders, bitterly denounced Bao Dai Washington said Sunday the U.S.|most pressing business to concen-|paigns. 

mote control from hig villa on the| Saturday French puppet and | Was ag urging French leaders “to re- 
Diem’s office sald the premier’s| French Riviera; had annulled his}said he ood be. deposed. The verse , ‘their pesition and support 

cabinet and the national army had|decree naming Vy army com-| group apparently: has only advis- 
ane French army meanwhile 


F As r approved th eassembly call. mander. ory ‘powers, however, and it was 
ormer S€SSO mgoved th casey cals | ay naching down n't | ac cw woe Diem, woul EY ald owe me| $73 LIKE PUSHING A WHEELBARROW UPHILL 
With | tility to Diem and continued Am ce of Diem’s successes against|join in the. movement to get rid cades it had thrown ° WHEN YOU LACK A 

ican backing for. him sant aden both Vy and the Binh Xuyen pri-| of the ex-emperor. French residential area when tent. 

fean backing for him was under-[vate!ermy, the former emperer| After, weathering” Sundhy's, a: & tnow af force, however, wih HIGH SCHOOL : 
Si Co portet Gait Paul Ely, eran alr-| hurriedly cabled assurance he was| tempted coup, ‘Diem fired off a ued a show of force, however, with pean : 

uit in urt pomintssloner ves general: for rviet not hostile to Diem. Bao Dai ‘said| message to ‘Bao Dal Sonanding tanks and armored cars patrolling > DIPLO f 
S he had not been fully informed of| that he approve formation of a| thelr section of the city despite|~ 

Byrne, All, ul i nese ;Calins was ros preted by Foe the real situation in South Viet| national assembly: with full power general quiet in the sunny cap- 
TRENTON (Special) — The |turn to their hom Vietnamese - and American offi-|"2™- : to decide the fate of the chlef 
case of edi ae easel Charles |. . Trenton police per nvestigaied: clals. hastened back Ban Del's Sime {ee Ce of siste: fighting brbke tin Galgoa 
peat vs. ie ‘own of Tren- Collins asten ck from con- '° ou 
ferences in Washingtoh when a cusiage the premier of stirring up|iast week between the nati ison Group Backs CCE 

You con get one ot HOME in your time. If = 
ore 17 7 of over and have Toft School, write 

Interesting Free booklet—tulls you rebaped 

Crodvstes wil receive the High Schoo! Diplone of the Americen School. 

<< AMERICAN SCHOOL, Deot. B-1 eee 8% o2 


wed to re- 

ton’ is proceeding before Judge 
‘Wilfred Lane at the County court Q brief civil war broke out last week. |furmoll and- summoning him tojarmy and the Binh Xuyen forces. 165 Colborne 8t., Kingston, Ontario. 
house in Belleville today. as an An uneasy quiet prevailed in France at once. ° + |French Premier Edgar Faure told] TORONTO cP) — The Toronto| e** 

Saigon but Diem’s most recent op- © Dal sent word to Diem Sun-|a press conference Diem appeared | Lakeshore Labor Council made] ¢ & Send me your Free 44-page High School Book. 

“Yn the morning session, L. Stu- 
Nguyen Van Vy, scur- se “hat he was interested only|.unequal to the task of governing.|plans during the weekend to swing| e NAME. 


art Willoughby, lawyer for the LJ e ponent, Gen.” 
laintiff, argued that Rogerson trip ‘to ast, tied back to Dalat, 240 miles north-|in avoiding civil war and getting ‘Almost simultaneously the army)the 60,000 unfon members repre-| @  ADORESS xvwowwe a eteer mmr 
Pad been “ east of the capital. a government with widen epulae| by the national revoluntary com-|sented by councll delegates behind ecceeoeeceeoereeeeeerereeee eee eee 

Vy, acting onsorders from chief | backing. : 

ct) orwo0n Han of state Bao Dai, had proclaimed| A Diem spokesman had warned 
himself in “supreme power’ Sun-| Sunday that if Bao Dal ‘‘doesn’t 
day. However, the Vietnamese|come to his senses,” the premier 
army took orders from vy for only! would seriously consider demands 

discharged improperly 
and illegally. He suggested that 
the Trenton council should have 

The Biggest Cleaner Value Ever Offered 


+!masked bandits, stripped to the 
waist, Saturday tied up an eld- 

eg a just and pro- Le peaccarond and Gag acetsh ge] from 
Rogerson seeks damages to the jarm home near Norwood, B MV Z 
amount of $1500. “nied Gallaher, $6 sat RAND EW. . FLOOR POLISHER 
: Soa vollas eid © Brond-new . . . mode in Cenede 
Power Cut Off 2 Hours (Sct? ¢, 3a. Seuss, “Cans in «Ser, emeit, et-meta 
P. mi i rope ceecern ioe tte AcUUM instr « Long-wecring breshes » «“« 
To Permit Repair Job "3.2 %asaits scooped up rolls of ae ° Peweral SA iA opproved 

Aer +10, $20, $50 and -100 bills but 
TRENTON. (Special) — Early | missed another +1,000 also hidden 
risers on Sunday found they were|in the hous 
on “double standard time,” mean-)} Gallaher, me lives alone, sald 
ane that their electric clocks were} he answered a knock after 10 p.m. 
two hours slow due to an offic-}saturday and admitted three men 
fal cut-off for Public Utilities | without shirts and. wearing masks 
linesmen to work on essential) and blue overall pants. He said 
transmission repairs. two-of the men grabbed him and 
A number of residents were|tied him up. 

e Full-iength extension 



startled when they er rep fate 
* Soma were dressing, f ATTACHMENTS 
ea me were one: ‘or ACH, 5 
morning church’ service as the $ ores 
‘town clock was striking swelve] 75, 000 re 
neTbe shut-off sca pasagaag at 7) ‘Lo King gor : S Gs 
am., and ended at 9 2 SS at ston GUAR ANT EED AF CHOICE 4 
: : THs = ais 
; i KINGSTON (CP)—An explosion = 12 AAON i 
ee Injured and fire of undetermined origin 4 
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1954 CHEVROLET .'< 1951 PONTIAC | ; : 
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1953 STUDEBAKER ‘row $1395, 1220 DODGE 8 ow 9099. 

CHAMPION. WAS $1595. ......... ccoeveceueccescoecneveccesoe NOW DELUXE SEDAN. WAS $1095. .....-scccsevcccvecnccrcscconess NOW 

1952 CHRYSLER : 7 905, 1950 CHEVROLET $895. MANY GOOD 

SEDAN. WAS $1095, sesacgeenacecseseeserecscesccsccecess eeeee NOW 

DELUXE SEDAN. WAS $2095. ...-+-sececsectees arenes 
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931-45 Station Si. — At New Car Depot FOXBORO. ROAD, AT A" STREET FOUNDRY AT eHURCH—Formerl Bateman's 
Dial WO 8-6769 3 LOTS * pial WO 8-6760_ « SLOTS “pial wo s- 6769 

~" Second 
- Section 


the hardest-fought issuer _of>the 
3955 Session—President Eisenhow- 
er’s foreign trade bill, ~~ 

mittee’s reworking of the measure 
_ had taken much of the fire out 
of the fight. 

came out of the committee. 

However, majority leader Lyn- 
gon B, Johnson (Dem, Tex.) said 

” getting it into conference with. the 
House of Representatives. 

amendments offered. 

and contained in the bill which the 
House passed Feb. 18. This would 
extend the 2l-yearold reciprocal 
trade agreements law three years 
~ to June 30, 1958, and give’ the 
president additional power to cut 
by five per cent in each! 
of the three years. “| 
The president has described the 
‘measure as vital to the economi¢s 
of the free world nations, A freer 
5 change of products between 
Hese nations is one of the best 
ys to increase their strength, 
7 he contends, 

However, many industries 
Mooded Congress with claims of 
damage already suffered because 
of imports or fears of harm which 

- might result from lower duties, 
To counter this opposition, the 
finance ‘committee wrote into the 
bill the new discretionary powers 
for the president to curb imports, 
and took away some of the lesser 
new authority he asked. Eisen- 
hower hailed the committee's 13- 
to-2 vote to approve his bill as a 
“tremendous victory.” 

Scouts of World 

or First Time 

OTTAWA (CP)—More than 8,- 
400 scouts from 34 countries have 
registered for the 8th world jam- 

Scouting officials sald yesterday 
they expect @ total of 10,000 to at- 
tend the amborce, first world 
scouting me¢t-to be held In Can- 

ada. } 

The jamboree committee told a 
meeting of provincial «executive 
commissioners at scout headquar- 
ters Thursday night that present 
registrations include 3,500 Cana- 
dian scouts, 1,500 from the United 
States, and 3,400 from Europe, 

* South America and Asia, includ- 
ing seven from Formosa. 
Between 300,000 and 400,000 
meals will] be served during the 
10-day jamboree which starts Aug. 
18, officials said. 
\20A three<lay mecting of scout of- 
Gcials concluded Friday with the 
nual mecting of the Canadian 
éncral council. 
Labor Minister Milton Gregg was 
the giest speaker at the annual 
dinner last night, replacing Citizen- 

unable to attend. 

Ross Thatcher. 
Will NotBe 
Asked to Resign 

MOOSE JAW, Sask. (CP)—Ross 
Thatcher will not» be asked by his 
constituency'’s CCF executive to 
resign his seat in Parliament. 

— The decision was reached Satur- 
day by the exccutive of the Moose 
Jaw-Lake Centré Federal CCF 
7 ociation in a four-hour closed 
geting called to debate possible 
“executive action on Mr. Thatcher's 
Sresignation from the party. 

The 37-year-old rancher-business 
man, who has trampled frequently 
on CCF doctrines, surprised the 
Commons at the April 22 sitting 
by announcing his break from the; 
Socialist party. | 
In. a prepared statement, the 
association executive said follow-| 
ing the meeting that Mr. Thatcher's! 
resignation will not be demanded/ 
because there is no way the con- 
stitucney executive can force him 
eto resign. 


|_On Eisenhower’s Trade Bill 

PAfter Committee Revises It 

i ‘GI —The Sen-| e 
; at fea davate ease = one ot} L WO Railways 
—_Mivanee indications however: ver-All Deficit 

Leaders on both sides predicted] 4, ‘$926,488 in January compared 
that it will te passed by the Sen-|with $5,644,000 a year ago as 
ate in about the same form as it freight haulage increased and ex- 
No| Penses were snipped. 

votes are expected before mid-icpR and 15 other smaller - rail- 
— k, i ways totalled $82,833,000-in Jan- 
uary, a rise of six per cent from 
‘$78,283,000 last year, the bureau 
of statistics reported Friday. Oper-jof labor and the union. 
expenses dropped by two per 

there was a good chance of finish- ating 
ing With the bill this week and) cent to $80,247,000 from $81,877,800. 

This left a net operating reve-|fired 
nue of $2,585,900, compared with 
Before the finance .committee|a net operating loss of $3,594,300 

did its retouching job, it had been|Jast year, but a pile up of taxes 
B. the rods debate might|reduced the accounts to an over- 

dr; f eeks with: doz ft} all deficit of $826,488, & 
ag on for wi ens 0! Expenses were snipped partly Bill A d Coo 

The committee retained the key 7,118,800 - 
authority sought by Eisenhower Defy dees pe ee 

Court Annuls - 
Sale of Insane 

‘Mare to Farmer 

to return Laplante‘s $207. 
Laplante said he bought the mare 

bearings, couldn't control her 
movements and refused to back up, 
he found she wasn't sound of head.!enticing them away, 

A veterinarian examined her 4 


COLOMBO, Ceylon (AP)—Prime 
Minister Sir John Kotelawala was 
given a gold medal Friday for 
“success at Bandung” by Gover- 
nor-general Sir Oliver Goonetilleke 
on behalf of a social service 
league. Another society is plan- 
ning fo make a similar presenta- 
tion shortly. . s 

\Evict Housemaid 
From Favorite 
Room in Palace 

called in the 23,000-member 


her to move to 

ting reventes for the CNR, 

Homing Pigeons 

RETAINS KEY CLAUSE -~1a reduction in rail workers to 177,- 

m. 185,386 which reduced the 

Her troubles began when she 

OTTAWA (CP) — Canada’s rail-| protested against moving from the 
ways reduced their over-all deficit}room she had occupied for six 
years. She liked it because of the 
view of the lawns. Officials wanted 

When she was threatened with 
being fired, Polly, took her case to 
the union and three days ago the 
the royal household, the ministry 

When the talks ended Friday, the 
palace officials had won. Polly was 

With Commoners 

LONDON (Reuters)—Housemald 
Polly Stuart Friday lost her fight 
to keep her tiny bedroom over- 
looking the green Jawns of Buck- 
| ; ingham Palace and walked sadly 

Sh | Reduce out the palace gates. 
"| arply | To back her claims, Polly, 40 
Service Union to which 100 palace 
servants belong. They couldn’t 


the commoners, 

may be worth £5, 

Superior Court held the sale this." 
valid because Roy hadn't Saran) Fs a 
teed the mare's sanity, but Satur- | that on foe ines torte.) Swept right throug! e craft. The} Harbour) 
day Appeals Court ruled insanity |tocratic"™ Ficus aenate with: the ights fused and we all thought the 
“a hidden defect’ and annulled th 

Meet in Canada = [°° 

(Walkerton Man 

Policy Criticized j,045 O.R.A. 

Fane at Niagara-on-the-Lake, next By D elegates : 


with a switching mechanism. 

on their sides, The other thr 

there were no injurics. 

Commissioner of Works 

APPLICATIONS will be received by the under- 
signed up to 12.00 noon. 

WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 1955 ‘ 

For the position of Commissioner of Works for 
the CITY OF BELLEVILLE. Applicants to state 
age, qualifications, experience, marital status,.sat- 
ary expected and when available. Applicant must 
be a qualified Registered Engincer. ; 


City Hall, 
Bellevilie, Ontario. 

: The common pigeons—who live, | lost. 
Quobec Appeals Court ‘during the|ironically, in a castle here—are| They had not scen land for 33} 40-004 
weekend annulled the sale of an|thought to be the descendants of/ days. They left Lord Howe island 
insane mare to farmer Edgar La-|the ‘‘cockney’ 
plante of Beauceville, Que., and/serted London's Trafalgar square, March. bound fdr New Zealand, 
ordered horse-trader. Valerin Roy |during wartime German bombing.| Lord Howe island fs roughly mid- 
Frank Hann, spokesman for Col-|Way Letween Australia and New 
chester racing pigeon owners, said) 2¢aland. pa) ee 
on: Roy’s assurance that she #asitoday: ‘A single racing bird may! 
re aeg ner He Ay eg orl edb li lactate lage ety |p teady 10 or 12-4 
when the mare consistently lost her | youngster makin i i cen a steady 10 or lay voyage 
| eae ae Aight) ot about 500 miles turned out to} was destroyed when-we were hit 

“The castle pigeons fly around jbe a nightmare, 1,500-mile fight} by 

pigcons who de-|in a 31-foot cutt 

Other pigeon fanciers complained | 

©\commoners and scttle down to a/ 

. ; life of idleness, 
Insanity, the court said, is not an! toe pe instead of training} 

obvious defect like swayback or | « 
lamencss. = 

SUDBURY (CP)—G, A, Kaye of, 

TORONTO (CP)—The policy of, Walkerton was elected president of| 
the federal government and of the the Ontario Recreation Association) 
Queen's Printer—Edmond Cloutier/at the close of its annual confer- 
—toward printing employees was/ence Sunday.” 
criticized Sunday by delegates to| 
the annual convention of the On-)Brewster, Oshawa, Mrs. E, Haw-! 
tario Federation of Printing Trades'Iey, Atherly, R. McKnight, New 
Unions, . |Liskeard, W. C. Garrett, Sudbury, 
Bert Groves of the Toronto Book.|E. R. Higgins, Oshawa, Miss 
binders Union said the government |Colley, Simcoe. ’ 
has refused to sign collective bar-| 
gaining agreements with its print-| 

Elected to the board were W.! 

The association, was invited ta| 
hold its 1956 conference in Strat- 
ie jford. It adopted a resolution that 
The federation passed.a resolu-jdefence department recreational! 
tion asking the parent Trades and)sroups be assimilated i 
Labor Congress to obtain for the) association, 

Council of Union Employees the 
right to certification as the ¢x-/ pre ° 
clusive bargaining agent for print-| Five Car Ss Derailed 
ing bureau employees. ° | 

Mr, Groves was elected presi-| 
dent of the federation, Other ex-; 
CI ecutive members include Frank) 
ship Minister Pickersgill who was!Ball of Oshawa. 

the | 

Five cars of an Erie Railroad 
freight train jumped the tracks not 
far from: tha downtown area Satur-| 
day, and 2 railroad official said| 
evidence pointed to hans. | 

Two of the cars flipped over 

mained upright but were smash 
Rail spokesmen said the 27-car 
freight’ was moving slowly and 

imen and a woman, all half 
jafter having been §' 

iven up for 

er, the Bounty, in 

a! patri 

‘\for su 

;end had come. 3 

“Hardly daring to hope that we 
could do any good, we bailed fran- 
tically with our hands and with 
janything we could lay our hands 
on, and slowly the Bounty righted 

Miss Kilpatrick said the broken 

heavy that the crew could not sct 
it in place, after drifting for six 


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101 Church St, * Belleville’ 

We are located ov Church St— 
Just South of Dundas St 

mast was retrieved but it was “| 
days they decided to cut the mast, 
into lengths and rigged short! 

masts and booms big enough to 
carry sail. 
“We headed for Norfolk island,” 
said Miss Kilpatrick, 
were only about 20 miles from 
‘Colchester councillors will con. starved, turned up in a storm-bat-| Norfolk when we ran into another 
sider a large scale trapping cam-|tered yacht at Coff's Harbor, | tropical storm. 

QUEBEC (CP)—If you buy a'paign against the low-born in-/new South Wales codstal town, 
crazy horse, you may not have to /truders, 

keep it. hearts. 

This picture, symbolizing the courageous work “of 
everywhere, shows a fireman carrying a frightened man to safety 
from a Chicago apartment hotel where one woman was killed and 
twenty other persons, including six firemen, were injured. Flames 
spread rapldly up the hotel stairwell and soon .engulfed all four 
floors. Firemen rescued some 30 residents. 
spectacular fires on Chicago's north side in which at least seven 
were killed. (Central Press Canadian). 

Stormi=Battered Yacht Lost 
|For 33 Days Makes Aussie Port 

COLCHESTER, Eng. (Reuters)— 
Aristocratic homing pigtons here 
are being seduced in alarming By LOUIS LECK 
numbers, by a vulgar crowd of] Canadian Press Correspondent 

common pigeons, so the local coun- 
cil fs to consider all-out, war on! SYDNEY = (CP)=—Three bearded 

“Our jury rig was carried away 
again and it almost broke our 
“For six days we were 
about helplessly 
cyclone. I'll never forget it. 

“When the weather cleared, we 
took a bearing and found we were 
about 80 miles west of Lord Howe 
island. A strong northeasterly was 
<The woman, Miss Joan Kil-] blowing and we decided to make 

, said that what was to have] for Australia. 
“All-but-our-rationed tinned food 

made it.”* 


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y the wave earlier. . 
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“It is heartbreaki “Eigh ays out from Lord|and got it up again, and sct a 
and said a brain tumor was driv-jto have spent Saar ie’ brcann| Howe a freak wave hit us at{ course for Coff's Harbor. ‘We got 
ing the animal crazy. \champion homers to lose them like! Might.” she said. “We seemed to! weaker as the days went by. You 
; jgo’ right over with the sca. The | have no idea. 

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Teachers Attack |U:S. Labor Leaders Start 
Camps Run By | |Drafting New Constitution 
. Racing Stables For. Amalgamated Federation 

New Zealand schoolmasters have 
been attacking the ‘“‘slave labor 
camps” of boy jockeys run by 
some of the big horse racing 

io ee Anion ak ~ education, 
0: ie, who has promised} A joint unity committee of AFL|urda 
to make an investigation. and CIO chiefs planned to act on} . yc 

failing “to benefit from their edu- 
cation as a result of the practice. 



imposed following discussions with 
the governmént, he added. Since Teamsters, the largest union in the 

apprenticeships are usually ended 
between the ages of 17 and 18) 
because of increased: weight, he| 
maintained that delay of appren-| 

at school until the age of 1S.) forehand. It was not made public 
Teachers say the stables employ | but was said to follow closely the 
boys as young as 12, Working them} general merger principles agreed 
from 4 a.m. until 8:30 a.m. and Y 

school in Auckland, F.M. Garner, 
says that he has 15 jockey appren- 
tices in his charge. One of them 
recently went to sleep In class 
three times in one week. ‘'I just 
let him slecp it off,” he sald. “No 

headmaster can help a boy who/Gcorse Meany and CIO president PRINGE EDWARD ISLAND. 

is tired out before school.” 

in summer in heavy overcoats and 
rubber boots to keep thelr weight 
down, Garner added. ( 

Avondale College, Auckland, said 
boys ask for time off to go to 
country race meetings. Their 
homework is usually neglected. 
Many refuse to go to high school 
and stay around the primary 
schools until they are 15, making 


land racing conference, H. R. 
Chalmers, said no boy is allowed 
to start a racing career until he is 
14 and he can not get a licence to 
ride until he is °5. 

AUCKLAND, N.Z.. (Reuters) — 


Military bands from Britain, the ~ 

afd CIO leaders today tackle the 

* United 5! . Fri 
biggest problem still in the way Gernie ieee mir bards west 
of merging their union organiza-|[val of the nations’ which won en- 
tlons—a constitution for the pro-jthuslastic applause from a sellout 
posed combined federation. crowd of 5,000 Germans here Sat- 


They Have carried their. attack 

New Zealand law keeps children}a draft carefully worked out be- FIND SERUM FAULTY | 

STOCKHOLM, Sweden °(AP)— 
Sweden abruptly called off the 
anti-polio vaccination of 120,000 
school children today. The board 
of health announced live virus had 
been found in some of. the Swed- 
ish-made vaccine. The board also 
confiscated a third of the whole 
store of the Swedish serum, The 
announcement made no mention 
of plans for resuming the vaccina- 
tion program, : 

upon last February. 

Approval of the constitution by 
separate AFL and CIO conven- 
tions and then a joint AFL-CIO 
convention will be required later, 
but this was considered a formal- 
ity once leaders of the two organ- 
izations agree. . 

It was learned the AFL and CIO 
may move their separate conven- 
tions so as to meet simultaneously 
in the same city. Under a plan ad- 
vanced today by AFL president 

The headmaster of Takanini 

Wolter neuter the two principal 
{architects of merger, the AFL and 
Some of these boys walk around! cig yould hold separate but sim- 
ultaneous conventions {n New York 
City in December and then go 
right into the joint convention, 

One reason for holding all the 
conventions in one place was said 
to be that it would give many AFL 
and CIO union leaders—some of 
them bitter rivals for two decades 
—a chance to get together and 
start the new 15,000,000-member 
orpaiclese off in a spirit of friend- 

° p. 
The president of the New Zea- "Beginning Tuesday, the AFL 
executive council will meet all 
week to consider, among other 
things, a code of ethics proposed 
by .Meany to safeguard union 
health-welfare funds. 

Dave Beck, president of the 

L. E. Titheridge, principal of 

nuisance of themselves. 

These. restrictions had been 

| AFL with more than 1,000,000 mem- 
bers, served notice he will ask the 
council for jurisdiction over the | 
longshoremen's industry. Beck| 

ticeship until the age of 15 woul rice pe $0 taker ores: ie lone: IRISH COBBLERS 
be impracticable. AFL in 1953 but Meany. has indi- SEBAGOES 
CHIANG CUTS SERVICE | °*!¢d strong opposition. KATAHDINS 
sie nda cutting down draftces|, ANRARA, Turkey (Resters)—A1 BISHOP SEEDS |, 
length of service -in the armed! a9 Fesne si'siciseg at: 

how we felt when we|forces. The term. of service will 
nd (just off Coff's|be 16 months‘instead of two years 
d we hadiin the army and three years in 
the navy and air force, 

For MOTHER sun 




Gl /fontinental | 


dian military academy arrived 
Sunday on a visit to Turkey. | 

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~ Expected to Be Huge Success 

By JACQUES POUTEAU  |“Macbeth” by Glen Byam. Shaw, 

5 co-director of the theatre with An-j* ” 

STRATFORD -ON- AVON, Ené.|thony Quayle, opening June 7. 
"© (Reuters) —- This year's Shake-| The last of the plays in which 
Ss spearean Festival, with Sir Laur-jthey will appear fs “Titus Andro- 

py ; micus,"" a gruesome Roman trag- 
ence Olivier and Vivien Lelgh. is\ 4 in which many scholars have] 

far expected to be one of the most suC-|refused to see the hand of Shake-| ” 
= cessful. Y speare. This play has never: been 
; “Before the festival opened at the!acted at Stratford before and‘ has 
ae Theatre :bere on April te ecttan Peiariinep eight 
13, 135,000 tickets worth £30,000 had Olivier is to play the title role 
been sold. ‘This ‘means that, except|and much_curiosity is aroused by 
for a°small nbmber of unreserved|the fact that Miss’ Leigh will act 
seats, the theatre is booked to ca-jthe horror part of his. daughter, 
pacity for the first 14 weeks of the Lavinia, a beroine who is not only 
33-week season. ravished but bas her ‘tongue cut 
About 10 per cent of seats ‘have}out and her hands cut off. The 
been bought up abroad, so that/play, to open Aug. 16, will be di- 
soon this Warwickshire town where rected by Peter Brook. 
Shakespeare was born 391 years 
ago willbe teemiig with overseas : 
Ne peepee when the theatre gave Three Negro Porters 
a ner hes roune actors pie p 
augurating a no-star season, 360, 
debets were sold. ‘This year, with| Are Promoted by CPR 
the “draw” of the Oliviers, that A 
‘total is expected to be topped by 
) several thousand. TORONTO (CP)—The Canadian 
OPENING NIGHT GLITTERED [Pacific Railway has promoted 
., |thres Negro porters to sleeping car 
ane Sint aight. ros sates conductors for the first time in 
Olivier. and Leigh played the’ parts|Canada’s railway history, it was 
of Malvolio and Viola in Sir John|reported Friday. 
Glelgud's new production of} The men are George Garraway, 
“Twelfth Night.’ .|Roy Hall and William Lowe, 29, all 
‘Miss Leigh} in her page's cos-|of Toronto. 
tume of pink doublet and black Sydney Blum, secretary of the 
breeches, looked as elegant andjhuman rights committee sponsored 


subtle reading of the part of the|the Trades and Labor Congress of 
pompous steward brought low by Canada, said Friday the appoint- 
the merry members of his mis-jments were a result of the Canada 
tress’ household. His performance|Fair Employment “Practices Act 
wag deeply thoughtful. and brill-)passed in 1953, 

jantly humorous. CPR officials at Montreal said 
“The Oliviers will be seen again|there is nothing new in the promo- 
together as Macbeth and Ladyjtions as Negroes often held ‘‘su- 
Macbeth in a new production of|pervisory positions.’” . 

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= By Gro. H. Canver, Sports Editor 

“THEY'LL DO IT...” Me 
"rhe trout-hungry members of that great fraternity, -the 
Knights of the Rod and Reel, were cut in full force over s 
perfect fishing week-end, and what few garbled Feports this 
} eorner managed to garner revealed the fish were plentifal, 
the anglers more so—with some good hauls in the bag. 

" The speckles were biting well, we are informed, and the 
beautiful dinners were hungry.. So hungry, one fishing party in- 
formed us, they were gofng for the common or garden worm 
with all the abandon of a hungry fox for a julcy fat rabbit. 
The ordinary speckle or brooker usually filps a delicate snout in 
disgust at the’ worm offering, preferring a wet fly and later a 
dry one. 

But worms or no worms it remained <or a pure tyro, novice, 
or in plainer English, a guy who néver fished in his life, to 
come home with one of the'best piscatorial prizes—if not the 
best. s 

He {is Larry Biron. 247 Station Street, » member of the 
CNR fraternity, and vice-president of the CNRAA. Larry, 

péts, had the thrill of a lifetime when he hooked a handsome 

brown trout which tipped the scales at four pounds twelve 
:} @unces. Where did he xet 11? Somewhere north of Madoc. 
'} =Detween that thriving villsge and its Hastings counter- 
! part, Bancroft. 

But that was not all. Along with two veteran fishing 
pals, Jerry Clement and Charlie Ness, Larry brought home 
eight fine specimens of brook treut, none of which was un- 
der ten inehes. These, like their big brown brother, fell 
* viethms te the worm diet offered them by the hooks of the 

The big brownie gave Larry quite a battle before say- 
ing “uncle.” The pair duelled for nearly eight minutes and 
then Birorf had to clobber the fish three times over the head 
1 with some sort of s weapon before he could boat him. The 
» hook was almost straight when extracted from the fish. 

Larry had the fish officially welghed in Madoc in the pres- 
_° ence of witnesses. Later he had it photographed and will en- 
= > ter it in a fishing contest. 

$e ren 

rar a 

4 The brookies were handsome specimens and according to 
“ the fishermen were hungry as all get out They went for 
* 4he worm bait avidly. In fact this corner saw some of them 

which had the remnants of their “death-feast” hanging from 
their mouths, 

In the particular spot where they caught the big brownie, 
they sald-other fine specimens were to be had. They saw a 
lady in a nearby best, who was fishing with her. hasband, 
and operating = hand line, hook # big one which rolled off 
tbe hook after 2 fight. This occurred on another occasion, 
‘ ‘Whether any more were caught in that spot was not ascer- 
tained. - ? ee : ; 
Charlie‘and Jerry shook their heads in well-feigned disap- 
pointment. “They'll do it every time,” Jerry said, looking long- 
_ingly at the brown beauty. “Here, Charlie and I have been 
going after the. big trout for years—and this guy Larry comes 
- along for the ride—and what happens? It ain’t fair.” 

But big-hearted Larry dust smiled. “If that’s the woy 
you feel sbout It.” he ssld, joining in the fun. “Here,” and 
he tossed the near-flve pounder to his fishing buddies. It 
was on ‘of the best-one-handed catches we have sever 

s r : e 

(Following the. Dedger’s Clem Labine’s victory over the Chicubs) 
(With apelogies te the author of “Clementine”) 

Oh me darlin’... Ob me darling’, 
Oh me darlin’ Clem Labine— 

- How you made dose Cubs surrender 
Trewin’ sinkers down da lind. 

Oiskin hoiled a neat t'ree hitter. 
‘they were missin’ eight in nine. 
Den you colved ‘em wit your splitter, 
Mighty. goin’, Clem Labine. 

Hit’dosa joiks across the river, 
Make dem Jints all stand in line. 
Feed 'em dusters till dey quiver, 
Flatbush darjin’, Clem Labine. 

Den you stood before dat holler, 

Dared him tryn {it nice and fine, 

And you plunked dat lazy coller a 
Hit it down dat thoid-base line. : 

How dat fielder, mighty clever, 
- Dove to olth, but not, in time. 
Now dat bal} is gone forever, 
Tanks to darlin’ Clem Labine, 

Oh me Darlin’, Oh me darlin’,’ ' 
Oh me darlin’ Clem Labine, 

Dat ole fisg_ will come to Flatbush 
If your pitchin’ still stays fine. 




DIAL WO 2-3112 


vo N 

‘lold Herbie Score, who didn’t join 

-|pitching exhibitions back to back|Kiner -for 

*|up with a one-hitter. 

MONDAY, MAY 2, 1955 

Fuzz-Faced Rookie Put Indians Top Of Heap Big Heap — 

Brilliant Pitching Chores , [Havana Gains 

By Bob Feller, Herbie Score Virtual Tie = | 
Hang Losses on Red Sox - Wet lop eae | 

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS pines /on Baneres Jackscns tae: A full slate of Sunday double- 
om Aneta Longin Ghar ioe run single in the nin of the |headers jarred the International 

opener and led 42 with the Phil- 
Indians were_back in|ies at bat in the ninth when the|/eamue standings from - stem to 
with Toronto's Maple Leafs 

first Jobe ine and who do youlgame was halted because of the) Stern, 
think put them ‘there? Pennsylvania Sunday curfew law.|managing to hold on to first place 
Garcia: No, none of the fabulous ber seme oie Pl by the grace of a curfew suspen- 

Bob Lemon, Early. Wynn? Mike 
tonight. Gene Baker's seventh-in- 

Big Three had anything to do with hi bro! , | sion. 

It ees as ning homer broke a 2-2 tle in the) “6 Columbus Jets, making their|. 
ie two tchers responsible Me 

were 36-year-old Bob Feller, who|F!GUBED IN BOTH first stop in Toronto, Benes the 

wasn't even trusted to pitch in the]. Larry Doby figured 
world series last fall, and 2l-year- 

the Indians until this spring. scored what turned out to 
The grizled veteran and the|deciding run on Jim Hegan’ pleted 
fuzz-faced rookie put two brilliant|fleld out. Megan tripled home . 
the other run. In the In a ee xeyens 
Bs the indians twice conquered the| second game, Doby's firstinning | losed pecan re 
Boston Red Sox 2-0 and 2-1 to forge} double scored Bobby Avila and Vic Tete ei weeteek wert Ay a 
into a half-game lead over the rest | Wertz. “.\swept a pate from Richmond and 
of the field. Score, whose 40 strikeouts in 32/2 chester whacked Syracuse twice 
Innings leads both majorg, sald he ya sixth 
WITHIN 8 PUTOUTS “wasn’t conscious of afy record 
Feller, only pitcher since 1900 to} although I knew I'd gotten those 
turn in three no-hitters, camejfirst nine and had a pretty good 
within eight outputs .of becoming] total.” : < 
the only pitcher to get his fourth} Feller, whose record of 12 one- 
as he won his first game of the 

hitters probably never will be 
season and 263rd of his career in| equalled, said he ‘‘felt the pressure 
the opener. The former fireballer ; 

more than any of the other times 
permitted only one hit—a one-hit/that I had no-hitters going. In the 
seventh inning single by Sammy/jaid days, I was confident that I 

Tuesday night. 

Havana gained a virtual first- 
place tle with the Leafs with a 15- 
hit attack. in the nightcap, scoring 
eight runs in the fourth for a 10-3 
triumph. Rocky Nelson’s bases- 
loaded shot in the sixth inning 
broke up a 55 tie and sent Mont- 

League.Leaders |Cataracts Defeat Edmonton Flyers 
Take 3-2 Lead In Edinburgh Series 


White—to mark the 12th time In|could rare back and throw it past|real winging to a 10-5 decision in Malfonsl | Lasgee By GERRY LA FONTAINE {foot backhander after faking Hall 
his 16-year career that he wound|’em. Now I have to be careful with} the opener. AB KR HPct.| Canadian Press Staff Writer out of position. 

Score, who was only four years pap a gyri "Speclanist, De Se ey pasting the Vitelniass TS ee St. me @8 10 26 82 MONTREAL (CP) —Shawinigan pi fa al brea eg oat 
old when Feller set the American|Yankees’ Bob Turley, fanned six|and 65 as the veteran Charlie|Mucller, New York 64 10 24.375) rats Cataracts, who seem to have|11 near the halfway mark in the 
League strikeout record of 18, came|Tigers, yielded four hits as he|Kress took off on a hitting spree.|Repulski, St, Louls 68 9 24 .364;taken a postseason liking to the) game. With defenceman Bob Tur- 
within two of Bob's mark, striking|chalked up his fourth victory with-} Rochester battered a pair of|Logan, Milwaukee $9 12 21 .356|Forum have won their third Edin-| ner watching from the penalty box, 
out 16'in the second game. Last|out a defeat. Joe Collins, subbing] starting lefthanders to beat Syra-iciemente, Pgh 51-5 18 .353|butgh Trophy game on Montreal Gerry drove home a 30- 
season with the Cleveland farm|at first base for the ailing Billjcuse ?-4 and &2. Runs—Bruton, Milwaukee, 18 |!¢e to compensate for their inabil-|foot ‘scfeened shot. : 
club at Indianapolis,-Score set an|Skowron, drove in three runs with| The Jets, who could have claimed] puns Batted In—Thomson, Mil-|!t¥. to win before a Shawinigan! Gilles Dube won the game at 
American Assn. record of 339 strike!a home run and single. first place with a sweep, had tolwautee, 22 : Falls crowd, the fotir-minute mark of the third” 
outs, won 22 games, lost only five.| A bases-loaded single by pinch|settle for a one-notch jump in the) peubies—Hodges, Brooklyn, 6 The Quebec Hockey League en neriod when he picked off a perfect 
Feller set the major league record| hitter Jim Pyburn, a bonus rookie, | standings to third. Columbus got its! triptes—Aaron, Milwaukee, 4 |t¥, scored single goals in the first/nass\ from Jean-Paul Denis and. 
with 348 in 1946. scored two Oriole runs in the top| big boost in the fourth from Hee-| Home Rune—Furillo, Brooklyn, 7/204 third periods to edge Edmon-|pipped a backhand shot in froma ~~ 
The young southpaw fanned nine /jof the 11th in their first game vic-|tor Lopez’ grand-slammer. Btolen Bases—Gilliam, Brooklyn, |'22 Flyers 2-1 Sunday and take al difficult angle near the crease. \ 
us 2 = first cece innings with | tow ier ark scatered 3 KitsionE AT A TIME = 3 i? . "13-2 lead in the best-of-three series. : 
Et after seven frames. to win his second game of the sea- *, Edmonton copped both games 
Toronto scored ‘em one at a| Pitebing—Erskine, Brooklyn, and P| & 
bap ad pe images Eber apie son for the Sox in the nightcap. |i.6 wa Stevens drove in two of|Hearn, New York, 3-0, 000 played in Shawinigan Falls. The 
Oe eee ne clon “ the Leafs runs with a second- _birmenute—Antonelll, New York, two clubs square off again in Mont- 
M e inning triple and a home run 
Baseball Standings are 
By THE CANADIAN PRESS in Montreal to. w: 
helm’s triple scored two of three 

teal Tuesday. | 
ninth to fall two short. the sixth. A crowd of 9,004 shirt-sleeved) 
SECOND PLACE TIE The Jets led 40 In the nightcap 
_. ABR HPet.iragged game. Play 
National League fourth-inning runs. Three singles, 2 Ea ron, New York St 14 23 .451/the 
Pet. GBL' walk and an error gave Toronto, 

TORONTO (CP) — Funeral ser- 
vices will be held today for Charlle 
Henry Stanyon, 67, Toronto horse-__ - 
best who died at his home Fri- 
day. Mr, Stanyon was well known ~ 
atch a rather/as a horse breeder in and around 
was spotty aS|Toronto. He bred show horses and 

heavy ice slowed both offen-|race horses for more than 20 years. 
5. : 

American League 

and Chicago — found themselves 
locked in a second-place tie, a half 
game vehind Cleveland. The Yan- 

fans deserted.balmy temperatures 
Three teams—New York, Detroit before Toronto.started. Spider Wil- 
aline, Detroit 60 15 25 A17 sive: 


ower, Kansas City . $8 17 24°.414; - ~ 

kees snapped Detroit's seven-game Brooklyne Bw 2 4 three in the fifth. Kuenn, Detroit 67 11 25 373, G00D PERFORMANCE E 

winning streak with a 6-1 triumph !St. Louis 8 6 .S71 5%| Kress brought the Bisons the x 

and Baltimore held the White Sox | Milwaukee 9 7 S63 5% /nightcap over Virginia with a = measccaneinn chicago 19 Sas uined' ib by Shapinigens net: DOG. HARNESS 

even in a doubleheader. The Orl-|Chicago 8 8 .500 6% {three-run homer in the seventh in-}* bon. Batted In—Nieman, Chi-;minder Bob Perreault, who kicked 

oles took the opener 98 in 11 in-|Philadelphia 8 8 .500 634 [ning after getting four-forfour inj.) 19 ~~ "lout 30 shots. Glen Hail, Edmonton|# DIAL WO 2-2854 

nings ‘end the White Sox won the! New. York 7 8 ..467 7 |the opener. -| Donbles—Finigan and- Wilson,| goalie, turned aside 27 Cataract 

second game 63. Pittsburgh 4 11 ,26710 |ADDED SINGLES H Kansas City, 6 drives but few of them appeared BRAM HUMPHREYS 
Kansas City’s surprising Ath-/Cincinnati 4 13 2511 Chick King added. four singles in|: Triples—Fox, Chicago, 3 ; 

dangerous. . 
Heme Runs—Lollar, Chicago, 6 | Erwin Gros. unas: 
bining with Kress for eight of Buf-| Stolen Bases—Minoso, Chicago, 5) sisted al sei tha opening: pened 
falo's 14 hits, and some brilliant) Pitehtng—Lemon, Cleveland, $-0,/ after stickhandling around both Ed- 
saves in the outfield to protect/1.000 monton déféhcemen and hitting the 
a Bob Hanley’s triumph in re-| Strikeouts—Score, Cleveland, .40\far corner of the net with a five- 

letics moved into fifth place, past Today’s Games 

the Red Sox, taking a 1610:slug- Chicago at Philadelphia (N) 
fest from: Washington witha six-/nijwaukee at Brooklyn (N) 
run seventh inning. Jim Finigan/st. Louis at Pittsburgh . 
paced 8 16-nit attack with a double Tuesday's Games 
and triple, scored four times abd'Chicago at New York 
drove in three runs. 

five trips in the first game, com\| 


19 Campbell St 
Dial WO 2-254 for appeintasent 

: Cincinnati at Philadelphia (N) The Rochester Red Wings got to - : 
Brooklyn's jet-propelied Dodgers |Milwaukee at Pittsburgh (N} Marv, Williams for four runs on as \%@ 
made it 15 victories in 17 starts, many hits to overcome a 2-1 defi- vw 

defcating the Milwaukee Braves 

American League 
54 on pinclrhitter George’ Shuba’s 

cit in the sixth inning of the opener, 
WL Pet. GBL! and smacked Gene Snyder with a 

run-scoring single in the eighth. | ceveland IL. 6 6 five-run first in the nightcap. 
The St. Louls Cardinals were held 6 65 Jack Faszholz gave up 13 hits, 
to a split in their doubleheader 10 @ (625 % | but didn't need help until the ninth 
10 6 1625 1% {when rellefer Tony Jacobs came on 
fy 7 8 467 ito save game victory. 

Milwaukee, The Cards won B 10 “444 a Rookie Bill Smith 

Oe open 2 aes cee an dint Washington 5 11° 1313 5% |Chlets In the second game while 
major league victory a shutout, {Baltimore S 13.278 6% |Jay Van Moy drove in four Roch- 

Today's Games ester runs with a home run and 
PLAY 16 INNINGS Washington at Kansas City (N) 
The New York Giants and Cin-|New York at Detroit 

cinnatl Reds pleked the 35th anni-|Boston at Cleveland 
* International League 

© The secret of Robin Roberts‘fcontrolt 

@ Why Richie, best 
bunter? * 

@ How Phil Rizzuto slides? : 

You'll find outhow big league stars play; | 

a Havana 
Pinch-hitter Bill Taylor's lJong!Columbus 
single seored Whitey Lockman|Montreal 
from third with the winning run.}Rochester 

Lockman had singled, moved to|Buffalo 
second on a sacrifice and to third| Richmond 



when Don Mueller singled as Bob|Syracuse > am, 4% « 
Hooper was trying to give him an Today's Games fl 
forint weston nee 3 ata |eManbe foe (th th 1 ee |! 
in a 1-1 te at Boston. Richmond at Butfale (N) ,mne game-—and how you should do f— |: 
Chicago’s Cubs edged Philadel-|Havyana at Montreal i : RTT oe 
PROMISE YOUR BOY by Mickey McConnell 5 
FOR PASSING ae scout = 
Seay and Instructor 


299 Front st, 


“A Complete Bicycle Shop” 
142 Front st. Dial WO £-9579 


Dial WO @-s0e2 | 901 Pinnacle St, Dial WO 2-2008 

New Ruling May [Selmar Notes 

But Bears Get Ti-Cat Boodle © End North-South 
= 5 : 
ie 7 
opae amis ae : Softball Finals Ry JOHN ALDEN KNIGHT 
MIAMI (CP) — Hamilton Tiger- ; eg 
Sel cuicage Bears have a bundle Baseball Scores KIRKLAND LAKE (CP) — The vein a sa ee ee 
a rarer oy nner inna SUNDAY 5 pbs whiter Association said) 51 is it, I wonder, thet s0 
Lape cree date pepe tional rebate ent of a replace-|_sny people seem to find: pleasure 
vee ale ae si tdiecute wren oo First be seco ment clause by the Ontario Ama-|in the defacement of the outdoors? 
SN at ee ae University. ot| Cincinnati is teur Softball Association would| To most folks, a sign is a 
Florida graduate. ; G00 000 O10 600 000 O— 1 6 1|spell an end fo north-eouth final] useful thing, giving needed inorit: 
‘A dgeree signed by judge John|New York playoffs from juvenile ranks up. _ | 7) Fy Seer ter eile oF 
W: Holland in federal court Fri- ; Nuxhall (8) Collum|” 15 gaia there was an attempt by| meres, * 
| day said the Bears had won a $150,-|(3) Hooper (15) Ridzlk (16) the On Anata ° shotgun. ‘ 
000 judgment against the Tiger-|Burgess; Antonelli and Katt, tari Softball Asso- 
Cats for s Dempsey, who ran|Grasso, ciation annual meeting recently in 
“out on/ his Chicago contract two) LP: Hooper. Peterborough to ban replacements, 
years ago and signed with Hamil-| Second game-postponed ... ...) The NFA said at its annual 
toba year Milwaukee _ 002 000 020— 4 : 

7 2]meeting Sunday the majority ct 

agreed by the two parti¢s}: Buhl, Johnson (7) Burdette (8) northern teams can’t continue un- 
in an court ent wasland Crandall; Loes, Roebuck (8)/les they're granted replacemerits| jam 
ee elena ee aac ee, nee eee eres Be | : 

es ie 3 : ec 
Forte Union lub said the Tiger-| HR: Milw au ke e—Matthews,|V"™W» hockey and other sports in) waite the defacement of road 
Cats allowed inclusion of the $150,- der, Hodges. the fi signs is not, under any conditions. 
000 figure in the judgment “in or- An amendment to the NTA con |to be condoned, it being destruc- 
der that the Bears’ cases against /Chi 010 012. 202— 8 10 o| stitution said the essociation will and, as such, l- 

tion of property 
Philadelphia 010 400 200— 7 11 1/t#ke @ percentage of the gate atiiegal, road signs can be replaced 
Cohen, Pollet (4) Hitman (5)/*l games between teams 
Jeffcoat (7) Davis (9) Church (9)|i2€ to the NFA and outside teams, of our outdoors, But what 
and Cooper, E. Tappe (8); Sim-|Starting this season. Previously! about the bark of a tree or the 
mons, Lovenguth (6) Miler (9) and eal the southern group took a per-/broad face of an unusual rock? 

ta, . These, once spoiled by the inscrip- 
ur: "Yettcoat, LP: Lovenguth, |, Delegates from Cachrane, Kapus-|tion of initials or names, stay 
HR: Chicago — Sauer, Coopér. kasing, Tim mins, Schumacher,| spoiled by the inscription of initials 
Philadeiphia—Greengrass, Lopata, |Rouya, Kirkland Lake, North Bay,)or names, stay spolled for many 
: ededithe angen Bd esac 952, friend and I 

court} Chi 000:020 100-4 7 1 le meeting. In June, 1952, a 
officials Philadelphia 100 100°00x— 2 5-1]. The NFA. upheld a suspension! spent ten days or so on the trout 
settling| (Game called, curfew; to be com. |Mnded. out to Gus Gustafson of waters of the northwest corner of 
disputes ~be-|pleted tonight) the Timmins Mercantile loop. Gus-|Laurentide Park, Quebec. While 

Andre, Jeffcoat (5) ahd Chitl; 

ape Ata ft out Md opted Preeti there, we left Lea! lox camp, por 
, Kipper (8) and Seminick. for striking an umpire during the|taged over six miles of mountains, 
Short, Eias pone erat Chicago—Baker, Philadel-|7™mins playotts last year. and then journeyed several’ — 

“4 . yy canoe b-UtUe © 

the Bears, said it 1 eluded a “‘per-| phis—Hamner. - head of Lake Metascouac. 
112 000 0O0— 4 7 0 e e 

Pious wo 090 000-3 8 3/Clippers, Bosiaks | -0s a» uo 
to] Wooldridge, Tiefenauer (5) Mo- ? | ‘The first day at that camp, 8 
ford (9).and Rice;- Bowman, Pep- Wi C ~ ial guide and I paddled an additional 
Hrd (3) Grunwald (3) Face (8) and Mm ommerci six miles down to the outlet of the 

lake. This is a spectacular affair, 

federal court had decided on the] WP: Tiefenauer. LP: Bowman. a jumble of ledges and waterfalls, 
validity of an NFL contract or of| HR: Pittsburgh—Montemayor, \League Playoffs flanked by two enormous rocks 
the option or reserve clause, which} Second | = which command a‘view of the lake. 
binds a ‘player to his club beyond/st Louis - 000 000 000-0 7 0 On one of these huge rocks was 

contract.| Pittsburgh 010 002 x— 710 2] pai's Clippers led the way in: 

Jones, Moford (7) and Rice,/ the men's Comsnerclal Bowling! a man and the date of his visit. 
Sarni; Kline and Shepard, Lefgue at the Bowl-O-Drome on} this fellow would carry paint 

ae te Eottlenen Cee ee Friday night with a total pinfall,that far into the wilderness I’m 
said that ie. settem HRs: Pittsburgh —Montemayor,|o¢ 3348 to capture first place in, sure I can't say, but there it was 
to respect each iG. Freese, the “A” Group Playofts, followed| for all to see who came that way, 
by’Stephens-Adamson, Barrett's had gone to considerable 

painted in large letters the name of 

‘Voylep toek a different view. He 

“American League 

First trouble, expense and effort to fish 
option clause. < Jewellers and Welding Gases.) 5. rans pool. Somehow that crude 
Max Swann, counsel for Demp- backer on renga 4 : The Bosisks entry rolled 3132 to lettering marred not only the rock 

take the “B” Group playoffs from) +. also the. pleasure of 

Sullivan and White; Feller andthe atemite. bask i ae 

the sult, said the court tackle 
rule on’ the validity of Dempsey’s|ese2. The thdlvidued scoring honors] “eS asd ought other waters. 
contract but “merely | Bosto 10 000 000-1 4 0} Were turned In by Max Peoples| AIO 
the settlement of thé dispute.” | mneten 300 000 O0r— 2 6 0| With a 728 triple and Mel Garlepy 
None the patties gave the; Dower and White; Score and| With a 324 single, 
actus! afhount of the outof-court} _ 101! . e Other good scores were rolled 
settlement, described by Voyles a8 New York o10 o10 31 6 10 1)>¥ — Maurice Callaghan 701, Joe 
“nz very sum," Meaeored Detroit 010 000000 1 4 4 Valchar 604, Geo. Bell 686, Russ 
which the Bears agreed ag: th- “Turley and Berra; Garver,|Jones 675, Jiramy Barrlage 675, 
Cra tae ae eee paid|Fletcher (9) and House, "land Ken Peoples 672. 
reported that the Tig paid | Lp: Garver. f The league's annual banquet 

$2,500 and a portion ef the Bears’ 

owner George 
Halas said the agreement included 

HR: New York—Co 

Baltimore 020 002 120 002-915 0 
Chicago 100 202 011 01—815 1 

will be held on Thursday, May 
19th. So many people consider out- 
eer: scenic locations to be 

places on which to leave perman- 

j a proms the Tiger ats ret cc| Coleman, McDonald (4) Jobnson| Second \ent records of their visits, Certain- 
until his.class graduates from col-|(1) Moore (8) Ferrarese (10) Alex. Havana 000 820 0—10 15 1) ly nobody is intereested in the fact 


‘on the green you and I get only 

ander (10) Byrd (11) and Smith, | Montreal 021 000 0~ 3 7 3! that Joe Doaks had been there at 
Raffensberger, Sanchez (5) and|some previous time. Yet there is 
Noble; Stanek, Hoffman (4) Brows-! his name, carved in wood or paint- 
ing (4) Craig (4) Cox (6) Mickens|ed on rock, until such time as 
(6) Forisz (7) and Teed. natural erosion can eradicate the 
American Association desecration. 
Minneapolls 8 Cearleston 2 
{Denver 2-1 Louisville 7-3 
\St. Paul 1 Toledo 3 
Omaha 8&0 Indianapolis 73 

ruje. There was no cop-|Gray, Martin (4) Chakales (6) 
firmation of this from Hamilton fikong ie) Fesean 9) and Lollar,| 

SoM COE git Caney PASE WP: Alexander, LP: Keegan. 
APPROVES SUPEE TEACK HR: Baltimore—Triandos; Chi- 

cago—Dropo, Lollar, Jok, Kell. 

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP)—Governor} Second : ee 
Averell Harriman signed bills Sun-| Baltimore 101 000 001— 3.12 2 
day that clear thé way for con-|Chicago 000 002 40x—- 6 S 2 
struction’ of a super racing -plant| Wilson, Palica (7) Ferrarese (8) 
at Belmont Park. They permit the)and Moss; Plerce and Courtney, 

New York Jockey Club to organize/Lollar (9). 
thor-| LP: Wilson, 


lege, conforming with the NFL's 

things most unpleasant for those 
who Ijtter camp sites and roadsides 


_ for, Little Leaguers. 

Maser Leave Beout ’ 
tsa taskreator 

(4) Pascual (7) Hyde (7) Ramos 

Sam Snead’s 
Golf School 

: Washington 
(2) Host,. Busby; 
International League 

Kansas City— 

First i 
Columbus 000 600 0K0KO— 6 8 2 

Mackinson, Hasg (8) and 
Roarke; C, Johnson, Spore (6) and 

a c First j 
Gite Syracuse’ 010 100 002 4 13 2 
1: Well, the score card says thit}Rochester — 000 104 1lx— 7 9:2 
Willams, Hartley (6) Zinker (7) 
two tries ta.cup that ball. How) Mason (7) and Parks;. Faszholz, 
shall we-go about it? First, study| Jacobs (8) ‘and Burbrink, 
the path the ball must take to the cond 
cup. Next take a long look at the| Syracuse 000 0002— 2 4 6 
grass and estimate the resistance Rochester 512 000 x— 8 7 2 
it will make to the rolling ball. I} Snyder, Casagrande (1) Zinker 
believe in having both toes on aj (2) Hartley (3) Tully (5) and Hey- 
Hne parallel ¢ the path the ball! man, Erautt (4); Smith and Rand. 
-is to travel to the hole, Place thel, First 

H cee an Toronto 010 001 101— 410 1 
=] 8 Van Brabant, Romberger (8) and 

t BALL Lakeman; Blake, Shore (4) Lan- 

e deck (5) Stulfel (9) and Berberet. 

; re Second 

H Columbus 000 3100— 4 5 1 

r) Toronto 000 030 —3 5 0 

H (Game called, curfew—to be 

r completed May 3) 





- Richmond 011 201 00CO— § & 0 ae eee —,) 4. : 
net Zour putter, 2st on rht|Buttalo. 320 030 Olx— 714 0] ./ Hitters’ help themselves by taking @ abort stride whin swinging 
‘angles to the path you want the Starr, Volselle (8) and St..Claire;|  &t # pitch. The shorter the stride the longer they can follow the, 
ball to follow. Now you're set s0 Stump, Hamley (4) Hahn (9) Bun-| all before committing themselves. s ies ; 
you can stroke the ball firmly ning (9) and“ Treuli, McWhorter seldom moved his front foot forward more ‘than 
~erisply, in the middle of the put-| (2. ‘an inch or two as he pivoted his hips to put power into his swing. 
br ea ci yedinhoulalon becsing Second DiMaggio’s foot-spread was so wide that it might not be comfort, 
everithe ball gs, plesured ‘so; that} 014 0000— 5 7 0 capgdits Heaps lagnoar I rsorin researc Gd harech pr are nd sea capa 
your eyés are looking perpendicu- . Conn 001/200 3— 6 7 4 his swine, hassel stance he can take and still remain bale, 
larly down at the ball, Keep your! son POR PTT HS eed prea beers Lancy Detr Pras Thomas and Monte 
ti . . an 
Ba clone: Ad Lasatse beschter Donovan (3) March (4) Erickson the successful hitters who have an unusually wide stesee 
: bit af géneral al movement — orate erat onstaad preheated emer Duke Snider, Irv Noren, Al Rosen, Bobby 
the blsde back close to the Havens toe trotagnad: and many other leading batsmen have an svery, 
angles Ripa Ned bie calatnens “ Sospiag the fost Sette cuts down oa the length of the stride an: 
preven moet serions wepakneenes & baler 
ali adhe Habre ner (8) and Noble; Browning, ihe cxscatcigey, ae halter oso Bu 
TERS Baer ees we oar og aay ae 

Exterior. Decorators 

delong-|and are in no sense permanent) like this 

Sports Calendar |OMHA Suspends : 

sOrTeALL \Peewee Coach - 
Tuesday—Belleville Bobcats prac- le g t 
For Five Years — 

+ tiee, CNRAA Field at 6.30 p.m. 
; Thursday — Bobcats practice, 
i s ri ’ CNR Field at 6.30 p.m. ears 

been given too much attention] LAS VEGAS, Nev, (AP)—Light] BASEBALL TORONTO (CP) — Francis Hols 
gsworth, coach of the Newmar 

Valdes, !> and: District Baseball League atiket peewee hockey team has been 

by. tate ree: heavyweight champion Archfe| Tuesday: Initial meeting Belleville 
there is a natural 
each yearning for a crack at} Radio Station CJBQ, 8.00 p.m. led for five years and seven 

In the N Branch of th 
De neretraes ote Moore and Cuba’s Nino 

heavyweight ruler Rocky Marciano, | HOOKEY players have been suspended indef-. 

which stands upright, its smaller!ciesh here tonight in a non-title 15-| Saturday, 7—Annual Belle-| nity following ‘an investigation 

end embedded in the river bottom.| round bout, ville Hockey Association] into the use of over-age players in 

The rock is about 40 feet high.) Both put up a loud holler when| P&rty, Capitol Theatre at 9.15), recent’ Ontario hockey tourna. 
feet Wwide and not more than|Marciano by-passed them in favor Loess ment, y yee 

pda nei ck, Jooks as though of England's Don Cockell. The two| TRACK AND FIELD The decision of a sub-committee 

could be upset by a gen erred then agreed to battle it out so that| May 11—11th annual Ken Colling|of the Ontario Minor Hockey Asso- 

cuslaughts the winner could, put the pressure Memorial 5 1-4 mile cross-/ciation was announced Sunday fol-" 

on the marryeles: champion for} country race. Begins at BCI,/lowing the hearing of evidence Sat- 

a September title bout, 4.40 p.m. \~ - lurday that the Newmarket Peewee 

maak The 38-year-old Moore, winner of| May 14—Annual Bay of Quinte/team used over-age players in the 

rit ty : 19 straight fights over a three-year} COSSA meet. Albert College at| Young Canada Week tournament at 

span, is a 2-1 favorite to beat the 
30-year-old Cuban, now the No, 1 
heavyweight contender, for the sec- 
time. Archie, a 6-footer out- 
pointed the 63 Cuban giant in a 

St. Louls 10-rounder, March ll, sere . 
Valdes has won 11 consecutive|Slsons farm team in the Interna-|ment. The peewee age Imit is 

fights himself, including a 10-round|Hona: League. 12 years. if 
Ezzard Charlies, the : 9 { 

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1.00 p.m. 

Goderich last month. 
The Newmarket team was 

thoughtless people. ond 
There is a couplet, much older 

than I am, whose first line is this: 

the illegal players to win the 

Tonight's bout: will not 
cast or telecast, 

Soccer Results 

Holland 0 Treland * 
Austria 3 Switzerland 2 

Additional Sport || - 


youth that the beauties of nature 
must not be marred; if adults ‘are 
shown that disfigurement of nature 
is as serious a fault -as personal 
uncleanliness or untidy housekeep- 
ing; then, possibly, at Jong last the 


exterior decorators may be dis- P 
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ed only through punitive legislation. REAL HELP FOR Remember, it will be the wise person wi has tn- 
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“Sageertte (AP)—Alan Thirlwell, our g complete details. ‘ F 
who failed to get a place on Brit- 
ain's Walker Cup team, Saturday OR NO cost ze ‘cats ‘ \ 4 ! 
gave his own reply to the selectors} quickly Hebbog The l M D ll | A 
by winning the English amateur} Sorssoc sed busing pele of your plas ome mc ouga nsurance Zencies 
golf championship for the second} ee ee aL Hees Reid, at = : : 
straight year. Thirlwell, a 26-year-| drug store and we as directed. You a Limited ; 
on aaepp oe es a ress peel oar aleredy Onty 4 3b tee Ge DIAL WO 8-5728 150 FRONT STREET 
chael Burgess, 26-year-old Sus-| sig 60 tablet package. I =e Largest Insurance Office” 
sex farmer, 7 and 6 in the 36- Tote, pane et og Hom Bald 3 ee aA WE: 
hole final. t Deck, Refund agreement by ali drag stores. : . 

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7:00—-Face on the Stamp 945—Guide to Good 

.8:15—The Great Gild- 
ersleeve . 

,720—Take a chance 
McGee ana 

330—Ray Bloch 

00—"Let George Do 
9:30—National News 
f Summery-- 


11 1:05—lStork Club 

11:10—Worth Knowing 
11:15—Music ey a Time 
of Man- 



:is—News W ths 


10:00-—Music Mid 

1030—P. News 
10:00—Musie "Til, Mid- 

6:30—In the 8 

S:40—in Town ‘Tonien} 

Tos News Roundup 

8:30—The London Con 

9:00-~-Horatlo Horn- 

9:30—Natlonal News 

9:45—Music Mid- 


10:30—) s 

10:40—Music Til Mid 

11:00—S, Review 

11:05-— tse “Til Mid- - 

o night 
12:06—News. Weather 


10:30—War of. pad World 4 

20:45—Sheila G: 


” 43:30—Feather Your Nest 

6:30—Cartoon Theatre 
6:40—Weather Aitmanaée Lennapectia Montgom- 
6:45—Noews and 
7:00—De It Yourself 



T30—Big ie Playback 
BS eNews Caravan 

8:00—Caesar’s Hour 

230—Ladles Fair 
3:00-—-Ted Mack's 

“| 8 :40-—Weather 


9:00—The Medic 

8:00—Siiltor. Berle 
9:00—Fireside Theatre 

40:00—Truth or Conse- 

ow . 
. 11:00—Eleventh Hour 
6:00—Hopaiong Cassidy TiiterAimanss Weather 
1123—Speaking of Sports 
45—News and Bports 1130—Tonight 


Parade Moll: 
20y-CBt. Intern og es Godfrey 
<al Talent Scouts 
@40—CFRE, Wes Me- 820—CTRS. Double of 
ea 9:00—CFRB, Lux The- 
ti8—CFRB. Songs of atre 
Our mimes: 



tached to television sects. 

The Federal Communications 
Commission in early June begins 
formal consideration of whether it 

\ oad authorize occasional or even 

unsive use of present free TV 

~inels for subscription television. 
Jere, in brief, {s how subscrip- 

ea TV. would work: 

.\.station authorized to use it 
would be able, for certain hours a 
veeek, to scramble its signals while 
presenting subscription programs. 
With an ordinary set you'd get un- 
usable signals from that station. 


But if you were a subscriber, 

00—WGR. Tele; 
i, wer, merica 
930—CI SC, Jazz Un- 

‘ITV. Radio Column 
Scrambled Pictures Coming 
If Board OK’s Subscription TV 


NEW YORK (AP)—A great de- 
bate is on in the United States over 
whether a coin box should be at- 


you'd have a decoding attachment tions. 

| 224 FRONT ST. 

- on your set. that would clear up 
the signals and. give you normal 
reception. There are two principal 
types of decoders proposed. One 
‘would operate upon insertion of the 
proper coins. The other would func- 
tion upon insertion of a punched 
code veard you'd either subscribe 
to through the mail or buy at the 
counter of a nearby store. 

Most Vocal:and active opponent 
fs an organization of movie theatre 
owners and operators. They regard 
subscription TV, possibly offering 


++ + 

Going Dancing? © 

.»» No need to be a blooming 

eo. Nip it in the bud right now 
by taking dancing 
lessons with 



. Simple-easy-to-learn dance Insfruction in all phases of modern 
ballroom dancing. Phone, write or call personally to studio. 

Those favoring subscription TV 
inclade ‘sports promoters, 
stage actors and producers, 
Joining the movie theatres in op- 
position have been the National As- 
sociation of Radio and Television 
Broadcasters; a number of —{ndil- 
vidual telecasters and some adver- 
tising interests. 
All arguments as to the potential 
good or evil of subscription TV re- 
main academic until the FCC 
makes a decision. Toll TV is pro- 
hibited under its present regula- 

10:30—WEEN.” Bruce 

the same films they'd be showing 
at the same time, 
greater threat than free TV with 
its variety shows, situation com-|Pe 
live dramds—and ancient 


Three children hunting. for turtles 
were trapped in, the mud of a dry 
lake near here for nearly an hour 
Saturday. before being rescued. 
Cathy Hagen, 8,.a brother, Carl, 
10, and John Fenley, 
above their knees. A passing mo- 
torist heard their cries for help 
and nctified police, in this town 
north of Toronto, 

DIAL WO 2-2245 

usic “Til] Mid- 
12:00—News. Weather — 

as a much 


10, sank 

Sanders are shown as they a 
Scope and WarnerColor p 

Movie Column 


HOLLYWOOD (AP) — “I don’t 
think you can beat the life out 
here — most of the time,”* said 
Lauren Bacall, sitting down to a 
tray on the dining room table and 
looking at a bacon and tomato 
sandwich without enthusiasm. 

“When both Bogey and I are 
working, it’s great. It's fine when 
he's working and I'm not, It gets 
a little’ grim, though, when I'm 
working and Bogey isn't. He gets 

Times, however, when Humphrey 
Bogart isn’t working have become 
increasingly rare in recent years, 

Success, professional and pri- 
vate, was late in arriving. Bogey 
was 35 and had becn an actor 
for 15 years before he caught pop- 
ular fancy as killer Duke Mantee 
in “The Petrified Forest’? on 
Broadway. He hadn’t made much 
of a dent ip Hollywood until he 
played Duke in the movie version 
later on. 

He was 45 (maybe 46—there’s 
little confusion about his birth 
year) when he married his fourth 
and, from the look of things, final 
wife, Miss Bacall, rather pointedly 
called Betty, never Baby. He was 
close to 50 when his first child, 
Stephen, was born. He was 52 when 
he won: his first Oscar, for his 
liquor-loving vagabond in ‘‘African 
Queen.” : 

Today Bogey, around .55 and 
tty,” 29, are among Holly- 
wood's first film families, with 
two handsome children, a beauti- 
ful home, and—as free lance star 
—a bountiful selection of roles 
among which to pick and choose. 

Bogart, lest this homy scene ap- 
pears too saccharine, conscien- 
tiously cultivates his reputation 
for four-letter Anglo-Saxon words 
and brutal frankness in the course 
of intelligent conversation. Other- 
wise he conforms pretty rigidly 
to the Hollywood success code: 
A fashionable address, backyard 
swimming pool and- pool house, 
twin Jaguars, a yacht, 

“If you're living in Hollywood.” 
said Betty, “you're got to Ive in 
a house. You haven't got to have 
a swimming pool, but if you can 
afford one, get it. Once you've 
made the initial investment, it only’ 
costs $30 a month to keep it clean,” 

“Why the Hell shouldn't actors 
make a lot of money?’ growled 
Bogart suddenly. “I .don’t know 
why we should be defensive about 
it. We work hard, we've acquired 
: lot of skills, we put up with a 

“T wish,” mused Betty, “that 
these guys who are critics would 
spend some time watching the 
making of a picture, could realize 
all the effort and thought and guts 
that go into making every one. 
Maybe they wouldn't be so quic 
to condemn. When I'm working I’: 
up at six, and I'm ready, in 
makeup, to start shooting at nine,” 

He Left Hollywood for Fame! 

The accepted principle that you 
have to go-to Hollywood for 
screen fame and fortune, has been 

Studios discovered this young ac- 
tor and tested him for the leading 
role opposite Audrey Hepburn In 
“Sabrina Fair’, tled him to @ 
seven-year contract, then left 
him to idle on the film fence, His 
role was handed to WIlllam Hold- 
en who previously had been chos- 
en, but was unsuitable. When: he 
became free to make the film, 
David Knight was out. The disap- 
pointed actor waited around: the 
studio for months, When his op- 
tlon came up after six months, he 
asked for a release, Before bis; 

Crusaders”, from Sir. Walter Scott's zoe ¢ adventure classic, 
“The Talisman”, The’ film debuts locally today at the Belle 
Theatre. Matinee daily at 2.00 p.m. 

Life With ‘Bogey’ Is Grand 
Except: When He Is Jobless 

first week of freedom was up, & 
cable reached him chp ar 
offering him a “starring ro} 

at the Odeon McCarthy Theatre. 
David Knight's fate now hangs 
with picturegoers the world over. 
He has put everything into this 
demanding role and can now only 
hope for a favorable verdict of the/ thing the moment north responds 

movie-golng millions, There is kind of id. This he 
every chance in the world that with aby. Kind of: a 0 ef 

thig talented newcomer will be 

much of their partner. Without 

want partner to know their hold- 
ing. As in the letter that shows 

“Chance Meeting’ ‘starting 

Ne NSE. 

The Kibitser 

Some bridge players expect too 

disclosing what they have they 

this deal: 


‘The bidding, as reported by 
north, went like this: 

South North 
1 Heart 1 No-trump 
2 Spades Pass 

There was blood all over the 
place, they tell me. South did not 
even wait to play the hand out, 
He started cutting up e before 
north had a chance to spread the 

be in hearts; 


out Reservations”, 

was the north pass of his et 
spade bid. He kept yelling that a 

reverse bid showed so much 
power that only a partner with 
water in his veins would pass it, 

‘Showing his temper did not 

Y| make south any righter. The fault 
was ail his in more than one way, 
The least he could have done is 
make a second round jump bid of 
some kind. 


South can see game in some- 

can reveal with a jump bid that 
signals partner not to let the bid- 
ding stop short of game, at least. 
Furthermore, his jump should 
a rebid of three 
hearts. Because when one suit is 
at least two cards longer than the 
other. a player should rebid it 
before naming the other. 

He should then bid spades on} 

the third round, if necessary. This 
is how a player shows his partner 
six cards and four cards in two 
How else could partner 
know this if not told? 
Did south expect north to guess 
the kind of hand he held? Or read 
it in the stars on a stormy night? 
A bridge player may be good. 
But he is seldom that good. 



— also — 


MAY 5-6-7 



Children Under 12 Free 

AT THE CAPITOL — Law of the knife, Cornel Wilde and Lon 
Chaney battle to-the death in “Passion”, RKO Radio's story of 
the early California terrorists. Yvonne "DeCarlo co-stars with 
Cornel Wilde in this Beneditt Bogeaus production, in Techni- 
color opening tonight at the Gapitol Theatre for its first Belle- 
ville showing. On the same program the romantic comedy “With- 
starring John Wayne and Claudette Colbert... 

Between ogre -peed and Trenton 



+} PARIS (Reuters)—Field Marsha} 
_|Viscount Montgomery told a press at leony. - 
he supplied] | : Re, 
to NATO “of-|.° 0 isan . 
“paper war’’ ex: 

assembled military}: “Passion” \— ‘Comme! 
DeCarlo. — TMAeTE —wwithoes Res Reo) 
x 130 il sreren ee tre : 
jayne — oe 
SHARE / ATOMIC | |At TEE THY—"C Lin tee 
MOSCOW (AP)— i — 
)—The otficlal So-| iagtan oat Nera, Dayia sane 
atte Goddard — per or oT 
“Jack Slade” — Adult iuntertaiament, 
Hor for feefiorerg.— vives Linater, 
announcement said that scientists : 
of Communist China, Poland, Rom.| aT THE UNTE-B aNTE DRIVE-IN —TPan; 

ania, Czechoslovakia and East Ger- Comes Marek 
many ‘met. > | Eng Moran nay nd Taga ot he ~ 


here’s the roa! ctory of 


“Movie of the Month!’ —LIBERTY 
“Best Bet!’—MACLEAN’S 
“Tense Manhunt!”—STAR WEEKLY 


and different 

[rs at3 

Un holy 

) Swett ee 


- t's the 
“hilarious : 

She wrote 
the book 

«.- but he . history. of : 
had the ja wopesed y 


ee coimseT JOHN. WAYRE 

 Sythove le shout LeROYS wrotection a, fi 
oy wi DeFORE - anne tRsoLA ‘vee Miss LOUELLA Pande 

COMPLETE SHOWS senece T.00'° ‘$45 
.) STARTS . 

dummy hand, 
What made south go berserk) 



= 2.0u3 4.002) 9.10 




te RIK KK 


‘Pick up our best girl and take her to the Belleville: Drive-In: 
Theatre for an evening of entertainm 



A blazing gun was his badge Jack Slade lived.and loved, 

.. vin the West’s most turbulent era... it's a seari ofa 

Mg ee erase ioe teh: des 
ny. ‘ 




A revealing glimpse of life behind the Iron, Curtain . cnaie 
_ men and women must look for love in the shadows... where 
there's no time for, stolen kisses ... no time for, flowers. 


_way to stop coughing} ar THE caPiToL = tm Ta, Technicolor. Bata 


" Octaber 24 to November 28 


Your Horoscope | scone) —seoeas paseo 
‘ . ‘y- 

You may encounter some 

personal disappointments at un- 
expected times. Handle them 
calmly, diplomatically. Ro- 

Look in ‘the’ section in which! ance, social interests can be im- 
your: birthday comes and find | Troved. 3 

what your outlook is, according | 
to the stars. 
Mareh 21 to Aprif.20 (Aries)—: 

November 23 to December 22 
(Sagittarius) — Don’t act too sud- 

denly, or smugly. Aspects mod- 

Advantageous for you ambitious, | erately good but they call for as- 
enterprising individuals. Deal-.|tuteness, forethought. The basis imports, trading, merchan-‘| 
dizing highly favored. Don’t rest 
your case till you have. fought 
the good fight... . : 

April 21 to May 20 (Taurus)— 

Resist any proposal to “skip 
class,” or be Jaxed during this 
stimulating period. Assume firm 
control of your duties, carry on 
resolutely and you will be re- 
‘warded. Romance favored. 

May 21 to June 21 {Gemin!)— | 
You should be happy in heart and | 
have a desire to accomplish fine 
things now. Stars indicate many 
openings “that particularly fit 

5 case. _ Use them to reap 

vane 22 to July 23 (Cancer)— 
Planets in excellent position for 

for making gains is in inner pow~ 
er and the grit to win. 

December 23 to January 21 (Ca- 
pricorn) — To register real pro- 
gress on this planetarily negative 
day you must chart your course 
wisely, be efficient, revamp where 
needed, and avold waste. 

January 22 to February 20 
(Aquarius) — Configurations in 
good line-up for general activi- 
tles. Keep on the beam; seek 
worthwhile goals, and you should 
advance, ; 

February 21 to March 20 (Pis- 
ces) — Fair-to-middling outlook. 
But with proper discrimination, 
forthright action and wise strat- 
egy you can make top grades. 
Recognize true qualities, true fig- 

Most worthy personal and bust-] 

ness matters. rite an bs welt 
fn ion and other ine 
fesraste,’ tooo Go after things 

cheerfully and with .a will to 
win. , 

) July 24to August 22 (Leo)— 
‘You may have to pay for prev- 

planetary ‘outlook is very favor- 
able to your carnest, intelligent 
endeavors for the balance of '55. 
You have inner power, strong 
characteristics, and are capable 
in all-‘round manner. You are 
respected highly. when you act 

ious neglectfulness, work herders and think reasonably and are not 

ite set over rouse spots. ‘en 

calm, don't rush, keep a steady 

galt and you will*climinate mis- 
and increase gains. 

August 23 to’ September 23 
(Virgo) — Strong influences for 
fine progress if you follow. your 
better impulses. Small perplex- 
ities should not be difficult to 
handle if you are true to the bet- 
ter you. : 

Seplember 24 to October 23 
(Libra) —-Don't expect too much 

out-Some expenditure of time 
effort. ° Screen each ‘situa- 

m’ thoroughly, avoid foolish 

ngles with friends, associates, 
superiors. «Then proceed with 
confidence; nS 


LUMBAGO (Lime Back) 

back fs stiff and very painful 

d it’s an effort for you to stoop or bend, 
take the remedy that has brought ewilt, 
spats Templeton’s 
-R-C. Don't suffer from the nagging 
ia benign anys 

P “R-C'e  19¢, $1.50 
t drug Gcanters, Bete 33 


domineering. Properly educat- 
ed, you can go far. You grasp 
opportunities but should always 

recheck their worth: You are 

innately generous, friendly; fond 
of comfort, pleasure. Control 
temper; sacrificing personal en- 
joyment occasionally will furth- 
er your many talents. 

Birthdate of: Eugene. Delacroix, 
French historical painter. 




1 A shade of red 
6 Divan 
10 Small bey 
14 Addis ——, 
capital of 

16 One-cyed ruler . 

of Valhalle 

16 Central 

17 Silk having 
watered look 

18 Remainder” ~ 

19 The “T’ in TV 

20 Objective of 
some aspirants 
to Congress : 

33 Old Sal 

<4 Actor Grant 

25 Said inadver- 

27 Viennese 

30 Paper that is 

32 Remaln 

32.In right mind 

33 Quick snack 

36 12-point type 

37 Swings about 

38 Heroic poetry 

39 Native of Nis 

40 Girl 

41 A polnter’s 


‘orte - 
42 A billion people 
ilve here 

: 7 
60 Famous fer . 



48 Cheer corrections 
49 Having too 21 Winner of No» 
many occu- bel Peace Prize, 
pants 1949 
54 College fn 32 Kind of paws 
‘< Peding Hg a “eolloq. 
nd of a 2 t 
yanrold tag 2¢,Tamed Brush 
57 Gaucho's tariat 77 Svlashes gently 

58 Ball team 
50 Spanish baby 78 Anne Nichols? 
bo 2) Part of « 

trader walkie-talkte 

, 61 Made o bare 

living (with 
63 Mardi —— 

63 es 
WN - 
1 Parts of the $4 tesaiee ee . 

mechanism jn 
; trame lights 41 Leciee from 
43 World-wide 
Instrument labor organizs- 
bf muower. tion 
ord charm or 4) 
seoly dlngie of rH pce packs 
ords fp i 
5 Fourth Sunday ae Srlenatere a“ 
& Regrettut Ps opioaragny iret” 
$ Regra ‘ul toblography of 
Mafra a a Curmudgeon” 
ritings &0 Frog genus 
§ Shore dinner gy Part of a courte 
i Razards ship ’ 
bere Sat 53 Town on 

32 Backbiter 
* 24 Sound 
36 Ancestor of the 

44 Court order 10 Tabby -Thamnes 

45 Plerced 

11 Ensign ta | -B3 Tiny arrow 
47 One of the 12 Worth, wer, 
43 Make editorial 

55 “Old Uncle 

a ati 
a a 





DANE, 1, My 
r\ y 



e Qr-ZXrd>B 


art ATTA 


vK ee 


“¢ Tobe’s County Gardens, 

tor. Must be 

other its, 45. 
$1.61 to $1.66 per hour. Reply giving 
full details, age, lence, refer- 

. to Box, 65, ‘Ontario 

Meck poe 


__ Wo 42-1910 Satter? bam. eT 


Give Size, Condition 
and Price to 

BOX70,.  -> 

Office Appliance 

$1.20 AN HOUR 



Apply Immediately on forms ob- 
tainable at Post Office or National 
Employment Office, to the 

Quote No. 55-438 



& Tretional Food - procsering 
pg gg nae ee 
Baas experience, : 
x Reply in Friting. ning are, 
Saveiremnin at ear salary. 

. Personnel Department, 

Canadian Canners Ltd, 

44 Hughson Street South, 

HAMILTON, Ontario. 
‘ A2T-12t 


Belmont Restauran’ 

Et EOR bab age FOR _ HOUSE- 

'O 23-2023 before 
305 pm. 

sonality? If awe meeting pe foe 
ou. ‘ou em people 
Write tous and we will send Rid 
free catalogue. FAMILEX, 
Delorimier, Montreal. 

bey ot led; ST cokiecpl 3% 

jowledge of ng, ay 
week, Benefits. Apply The Ontario 
Intelligencer. . 


poal Cong 
tions 5!¢-day week. Blue Cross and 
P.S.1. Group plans. Apply, stating 
experience, etc. in first letter, to 
Box 103, Ontario Inte! 


cde} 5 
finishing, repairs 
' an Se ovatione: asonab’ 
WO 2-3926, M2-6t 


> WO 8-9575. M2-3t 

* ment. Office work. Sales clerk 
Knowledge of typing. WO 8-8912. 
~ Ad0-3t 

WO 2-3902. A29-22 

soolerm plenty of tools, req 

yment. Phone wo, sist 



Fira Suitable for. purchase under 
the Veterans’ Land Act. Maximum 

_— i 
St Belleville Pete WO eee, 
: A30-2t |" 



Seer mien cea 

sefvice business, ih:Govts indu: uetey 

how jou, can wen quailty. it be fas 
mulded thousands to better pay and 
security — why not you? Send for 
your copy now. No obligation — 
no experience needed nave age ant 
att sade of nigh sc! Write 
lo College of Canadet 86 Baths 
cy St., Toronto, Est'd. 



vate, vate separ mule tee es, ies. in “ mat ae give 7G FRarties conditions: oer, 
wo le can reni assur. sons! be 
that house will be maintained} RA. R, f corns pace, Ca (is mile 
CRIBS PEE SERS LURE EN Se AS, in I condition, Cail manager, west ana Amelias. 
HAVE CUSTOMERS FOR REASON- peon-Sears, Phone WO 8-SS91. | burg.) -243 
able  Briced houses, 3 you have one A20-3t 
contact fanover Realty, 
Wo 3-42 home, Meals preferred. Retail sore 1806. WO &. Ma-3t 
A QU. 4 Apply Box 

cher for 8, S. No. 10 fungerfor’. 
Dutles ‘Gate esaey crper tember 3: 

pacino eh 
condition, Stirling 623. M2-3t 

Apply in person Belmont Rextaue 


vate, Phone WO 8-8206. Az9-4t 

of newly constructed mill, or will 
sell same. Phone Mt. View Sn 


Ti Ontatio tl Tatelligencer, 

and ll-year-old daughter, or will 

Apply 53 Grier, WO 2-3696, a 

accommodation. Write Box 6. 
Ontario Intelligencer. M3-3t FOUR-SUENER ELECTRIC BEACH 
NFURN! and table {Spo Good. "condition: $65, 
TO RENT: SMA! Ul Tae a a fe 
apartment by Mile oatg by a 54-R-14 Mt. View, 5 
married couple, Hox S ‘One E wy M2-3t 

tario Intelllgencerss.: 

high, $6.93 per 100 delivered. Nur- 
Nursery, m ton Ont Dial 5367 

C nton, 
Trenton, or call, Ma-2t 

referably in 
eville, Box 104, Ontario Intelll- 
gencer, of Phone WO 2-2073. | 

three or four unfurnished rooms 
or apartment in city, Box 82, On- 

cleaned and treated, $135 per 
bushel, . Timoth: per 

seed, $9. 

TO BUY: BACKWARD AND CLOSE| . tario Intelligencer. bushel, Apply Lloyd Cooney, Phone 
Br Siton “ Meclelland, yet TO RENT: 2 OR 3 BEDROOM HOUSE ‘777 Burling. wast 
Hote! A21-2w| or — self-contaln is Goce: 

ae Bell a apartment. Heavy Sat ROSE BROADLOOM RUG 9 x 10585 

PLEASANT AND iG veniences, By reilatte coupl Couple, reversible. 15° PetethorOngs ou 
kitchen and counter help, Male or one child. Apply Box 59, Ontatio board motor boat. Seaflea, 715 Evin 
‘female, Also teen-are ‘ rs Ini . A23-6t zude outpoard motor. Perfect. oe 
Eyes Remore * tf] TO BENT. 3-BEDROOM HOUSE, F 4 : 

or near Belleville. Phone 
7 4f| BOAT AND MOTOR, 38 FT. “VIC- 
MALE OR FEMALE - lat) Por” runabout with 25 bp. Johne 

BOOKKEEPER AND GENERAL son, complete with con steer- 
office routine for local store. Please ing wheel, icebox, running lights, 
apply in own handwriting and state TO LET etc. $950. Boathouse available for 

and wages expected. Al this boat on yearly rental. 

answers strictly confiden' Farrar WO 2-3112. M2-3t 
Furniture, P.O, Box 173. Believe FOUR-ROOM. HEATED APART-| 3-PIECE CHESTERFIELD, WO 2.2324. 
ment. ware ve water Fe ued. = M2-3t 


Oe 32-1152, Hoe ae * Azores rage ate Te M3-3t with white markings, A real show 

Cub tractor. 
vondale Road. Phone “wo '2-1535. 

vate. Ford tractor. A. Miller, N. 
Park St. Phone we 23-2895. * 


Atfention Farmers! 

est Cash Prices Paid for 
. Old or Cri Stock 
iota Seivice 
We 23-2787 Bell 70T Mirting 



DIAL WO 2-0460 
. . A28-12t 


Wills Marina 

Is Not Listed 
In the New 
Phone Directory 


Keep This: Notice 


‘| of colors. Order early for Mother’s| SINGLE HOOMS, $150 DAILY: $750 

gifta, Phone WO 8-943. 

Sees ein: ARE EFFEC- 

RC MER’ and’ a 


to Orlitt Lioyd WO 2-0454, 

urday afternoon, Bridge, Front or 
stores. Phone WO 23-0410. 



wheel, Finder Lease hone 
WO 2-4036. bs be M2 
‘cinity Front Street, Friday or 
Saturday. Reward. Box 29, Ontario 
Intelligencer. “3k 



Tenders for interior painting and 
decorating of Shannonville” United 
Church, Walls, 2 coats; floor, one coat; 
varnish seats and chairs. 

ate ae closing date May 14th, 
Lowest tender not necessarily 


nair, paceesee Picton 924-W-3 after 
630 pm, George Atkinson, Bloom- 
field, M2-2t 

hydraulic, plow, serpin 

ized. Available May ist. $23 
monthly. Phone WO 2-1413, ust 


ENTLEMEN.| tiler. Al condition, 7 id ee 

Close to downtown. At bus stop.| West, WO 8-6025. ‘Ma-2t 
Use of telephone, WO 8-0709. |. | STALLION HACKNEY ony. 
: Broken, saddle or buggy. Ply 18 

ARAGE ON EVERETT GTREET.| West College 8t -2t 


floor, wired, Suit storage. Close to 
Loblaws new store, $10. weekly. 
Box 57, Ontario Intelligencer 54 

Real good condition. Apply 
Nough, Holloway R. R. 2. 

tires, delivery carrier, $320. Apply 
31 Crestview Ave. Parkwood 

COTTAGE, FURNISHED. 2, “BED-| > Helghts 
Realise Seg atte | MME ae Lae eco 
nome mes 128. Gntario Anteul- peer es stove. Heater. Like new. 
d. A. Rice, Marmora, Ontario, 
month, week. ke Mrs. re, piece. 

Baalim, Msdos, Ont. Phone 

“et bot WO Rar 3es-3t| People erder aluminum 
windows before first petting 
Rises, Much lower. DI 
last month giving ef, 
pers ust fo e444 | a at door 
hi mene BOs pote Te varieties. Appl Ny 08 Octavia Street. 
WO 8-4012. ‘Ma-3t| Phone WO 2-134. 


board Sptionst, for gentleman. 
WO 6-9565, or apply 65 a 
. A30-3t 

age lady. Central. Suitable Sorin nurse 
or business girl Meals be 
arranged. Phone WO rxcrrty Between 
SandSpm - A29-3t 


tricycle and trailer. 
Apply 31 North Park Street. 

Theatre. WO 32-4152. Ma2-tf 

-| condition. $12. MRS, W, SHORT, 

Reed anhnunede rooms | RK. R. 5, WO 8-5940, 
one bedroom. Phone WO ui st|2HREE, BLACK PONIES. ONE TO 
foal in’ July. One Western pony 
SPACE, 35 x 75 FEET. SUITABLE| saddle; also one Western horse 

saddie, new condition, New show 
buggy with 26" chrome wheels on 
rubber. Apply to Morris Parks. 
R. HR. 7, Belleville. Phone Mt. View 
6-R-32. A30-3t 

new. Also Toledo scales, Reasonable. 
Dial WO 2-0235, A30-2t 

re pawoea te or warehouse, Apply 
¢ St. Az9-3t 

vate home. All conveniences. East 
Hill. Phone WO 8&-7696, A29-3t 

STORE, 21 x 100, CENTRE OF 
retall section Front Street. Four 

Hundred r month, Box 77. On- 7 
a] A23- FRAME HOUSE, 24 x 18 FEZT. TWO- 
geri idateliigencer. ace stories. Reasonable. J. Hanley. Read, 
FOUR-ROOM, HEATED APART-| Ontario. Phone Lonsdale 6-R-2. 
ment. Private entrance. Central. AJ0-3t 


Yast Hill. Newly decorated, $85. 
monthly, Adults, Phone WO Cyr 

Central location. Zast Hill, Phone 
* WO 2-4983. AlO-tf 

sistant Lanark oats. Or ey, wale 
for.feed Lfrala. Apply. cart W. 
bridge, WO 2-2462. 

Used only one year. Half price. Two 
inside doors, one with glass (fifteen 

x hts) and glass knobs, good con- 
dition WO 2-4956 A29-3t 


room, furnished or unfurnished, 
80 Moira East, Phone WO Aiea 

LARGE FURNISHED BEDROOM.| $<, APP¥ 22 Octavia St. Front 
Highland Ave, Suitable for 1 or 2. _ 

Near 2 bus stopa, Phone WO 2-0719/ TROPICAL FISH: AQUARIUMS: 
AG-tf] “plants and snails of all kinds, Week- 
end specials: Blue Guoraml, 43c: 
oa ae a al 

1 us iy 
weekly Y¥.M.C.A, 20 Campbell! St Wo 8-9308. Az9-3t 


ing rooms. Adults, inets.} WO 8-5783. otf 
WO 2-492}, All-tf 

= 13 nr uly new. Ab iy bene RD. 

FURNISHED COTTAGE. THREE prectically new. Apply le-Trent 

rooms and bath, Apply Belle-Trent pede Bar, R. 3."Bell ievilve, rent 

Snack Bar, R, R. 3, Belleville, Trent 


tor with power reverse. Saves hours 
of back-breaking tugging and pull- 
ing. 21 different attachments. 

Woodson Mills Limited, Phone 
WO &-8293. “is 8. Johns 


$67. down, buys the world's finest 

COMPLETELY small tractor | with ree reverse. 
EQUIPPED WO 6-6203. 105 8. Jonna. Toe 
: : A23-Im 
- oats. Buffed, cleared and graded 
. No. 1 commercial. 98% germination. 
o Ciifford Barber, Phone 23-R-3. Mt. 
Apply: View. A22-10t 
. ¢@ 
Clare's — Oak-Lake FREE! 
3 or aed OVER 


Tickets Remote in Box After 


¥ it Mature 
counsellors. Sys feat” meals All CARSON ELLIOTT’S 
tivities. Brochi roctor, 
26 Glenora Ave, Willowdale, Ont. LADIES’ WEAR 
Ald-im  Al-em-wef-te 

yanthas and cimbing: roses; shrubs; 

Ww. M. 
Adams, 96 Stanley Bt. AZ}-1lm 


panel ( ly a Brewer's W: 
jouse truck.) 

offer refused, WO 2-3162 evenings. 

offer. Avi condition. WO aoa 


good th throughout $175, cash, Phone 

order. $39. WO 8-65 


and upholitering. Like| new. 
Small ‘malleage, $475, oF or zu 
100. down. Apply Box . Onkare 

Excellent condition, Cash or trade. 
Supertest Station, Foster and 

Dundas, M2-3 


fon. 2-tone. Custom 
mileage. $1600, Phone WO 9 S000. 

Jent condition. Ve: low mileage. 
Apply Fred Burd, Foxboro, 


Dod: lst $16.40. 

mufflers. Regular 
Bpec: 46.35, Canadian Tire. 
$e. S Uptown Tire and Battery; 
'O 32-2608, 

1954 DODGE 
Mayfair = Hardtop 


A, W. Jones = Tweed 






WEEK-END — WO 8-5330 
gtk: rales WO 2-4501 



1953 Convertible 



HOME — MT. VIEW 41-R-5 

BUSINESS, — WO 2-4501 




350 FRONT ST. FOXBO! oe RD. 
WO 8-5545 - WO 6-7152 — wo ple 


lunch bar including 
Jocation. $3,500 down. ee on 
terms. Apply Box 40, Ontario In- 
telligencer. A28-4t 


Belleville. $2,000 down. Bala 
may arranged. Phone ae, 
Mt. View. A26-t2 

with two acres of land. three miles 
north of Belleville, for farm or 
small business outside of city. 
WO 2-1492. A26-6t 


Phone 'O B-TT11 evenings. 



a oenship ft Thurlow, 
ing of 100 aches, mostly 
from Belleville, Apply to Clarence 
Hall, Plainvield, 
siding. Twelve rooms. Hydro and 
. path Double Tot with fruit trees and 
bushes, On Centre Street, 

Immediate possession, 
Apply Oscoe Maines, Demorest- 


Pete's Point, Bay of Quinte. 22 x 40 
feet. 2 bedrooms. Plumbing, hot and 
cold water, heavy duty ng e. 
yen Ww. Stet. Apply E. kite, 




A29-3t | $7,300: — 2-BEDROOM BUNGALOW 
sory garage. In new East Hill low 
tax area (taxes approximately $75.) 
¢ Large lot. t. Oll floor furnace heated. 
economical home, $2,000 

might handle, : 

97,000. — 3-BEDHOOM, 114-STOREY 

ype Safy tas edb pg ter tepy 4 

On Resa teut lot, Also has 

dining ares, Living room and good 
size kitchen, . 

$8.500. -—- 4BEDROOM, 11:- “norey. 
Large living room. Located only 3 
minutes from downtown on u 
Street. Good size lot, Oil floor fure 
nace 1.Well insulated. $2,000 will 

416200. — HERE IS A HOME TO 
sult the ery discriminating person. 
aiieatorey % bedrooms, large living 
room and dining room, large kitch- 
en with kitchen nook. Hot alr and 
hot water heated, With garage. And 
along with this a ve valuable 
- corner lot. Situated on Hill at 
270 Bleecker Ave, See this 
make offer, 




Real Estate Broker 

(Zast Robertson Block) 
PRONE WO 8-3260 

Seleanan J. ACNEW — WO 8-0729 | INSURANCE end REAL ESTATE 

Broker ¥. B. KRUSON — WO 3-0229 

D. J. 



A real bargain, $3,700, Completely 
s furnished and with stove and 
refrigerator: also boat. Very fine 

garage, Two bedrooms, diving 
Toom, modern kitchen. The 
nds are lovely, completly. 

enced. This fs not far from the 
eity, See it now, . 


WE HA tractor who 

eat to * pulid one of us 
populsr esplit-tevel designs. Con. 
struction Is to start at once — 
East Hill. We would be happ: 
to show you the plans. This wi 
be in the $16,000.- price range. 
$4,000. cash and one mortgage, 

$2900. DOWN 

Bireet. Brick Bungalow in perfect 
state of repair with new double 
garage, paved drive. Three bed- 
iving room, open fire- 
place, dining room kitchen. sun 

fh, full Basement, ofl furnace. 

Real Estate Broker 

403 FRONT ST. WO 2-1504 

WO 2-4072 — WO 2-1696 
WO 8-0335 — WO rine! 

Real Estate Broker 

eM esidential area, Full basement 
Sith completely finished recreation 
room. Nicely Jandscaped lot. This 
bungalow has many extra features 
and: may bought easy 

bar years old. Full basement 
with “oi heating. iow taxes 

Victoria Ave, Let us show you this 
house. It has many possibiiiiles ase 
Tevenue property. 

-from which a good income may be 


“laure McCormick 

224 FRONY ST. 

Phone WO 2-2884 — Eves. WO. 8-9997 

' . 
| The Belleville. Insurance 

“Call me when you've finished the alterations ond if a 

man answers, hang up. 

West Hill. Low payment. Zasy 

terms Phons WO 2-2034. _ferme Enons WO 22004. A550 Union to Back CCF 


| TORONTO (P) — John Duncan 
Some happiness must come, YOU 

president of the Ontario Eederatio; 
of, Printing’ Trades Unions, Satuz 
day urged delegates attending th 
annual convention of the group | 
“do everything possible to getic 
members to vote for the 

ean start yours here at 63 Mc 
Donald Gardens. Just the same 
as a brand new home, Five well 
decorated rooms, full basement 
with cold room. Extra toilet and 
Gar Wood heating with oil. 

“Garage and beautifully land. |party."” . 
scaped lot. This is a much better He called for the 11,000, mem 
shee hbitri tet jbers to swingtheirsuppor-t~behin 

vincial election, 
Mr. Duncan sald: 
“Tf we are to protect our ver 

A Li ° existence we must not only. vote fo 
gencies imited the CF candidates but must 4 
more than pay mere lip servic 

PHONE WO #1110 tithes eines) z arene 

Dutch Pastry Shop 
Try Our Delicious 


BOL -Vimyl 

247% Front St. WO 8-6023 Flooring 
IT's Sgr teat aU KNEW You've seen interesting 
CE, Goodyear all-Viny! floors in 
And on HER_DAY it's not ze ur favorite magazine. 
ee eeerent é i sgh ped Pe bs 
. you plan yours, an On 
MAPLE INN | more abowt this modern Sey, 
Country Fresh Atmosphere! to new, eas stoscare:tor 
Delicious Home-Cooked Meals! beauty . . . through Good- 
BLOOMFIELD year, the finest © all-vinyl 
: M2-6t flooring. 3 
GIVE MOTHER |e, guage, att fs 
BEAUTIFULLY POTTED ee gavering, ives Lumber sacle 


Weese's Green House 

3 Miles South on Picton Highway 5 
“Drive Out and Save’ 

ee non ag 

63% Front St. 8. Dist Wo 

FOR MOTHER! Exterlor:and Interlor. Smooth 

easy brushing, Durable and 
attractive. Has been giving 
satisfaction for over 20 years. 



* Flowering Shrubs + Roses Ir 
x Evergreens -« Trees, etc. | 
Drive Out Any Day to the ! 
or Phone WO S211. 

eT 1 Gal. — $6.25 
“gestae” | CV. NAVY SPAR 

Extremely durable. Will 
fade. One coat covers for 
trim work. — 

$2.65. — 


314 Front St. Dial WO 2-3078 

Now Newly Remodeled 

289 Front Street ~~ M2-6t 


LONDON (AP)—American actor 
Orson Welles disclosed Sunday 
night he is engaged to marry 
Pula Mori, 24-year-old Italian 
actress. In private life she is the 
Countess di Girfalco. Welles, '40, 
was divorced from actress Rita 
Hayworth in 1947, 


a Le Se OSS SP at Ce ae 

roret is : : . : j 





wer, 19 

Ten Years Ago Nazi Germany |; “= _ |Cypriots Look Like Britons 

GaspeditsLast OffcialBreath jy.a4, (But Want ThemDriven Out 

By TOM REEDY .-_|trourered, Biack bosted body ttl] tong C] - By WILLIAM L. RY 
and Terrarso 3B (AP) A nm fence, was burr einen fins}, Bestar : Betish money brought in for the 
Specialty ERLIN —A woode: +] ceremony garden was tha cies: elegantly ‘tailored’ gen’! mill 
TOR FREE ESTIMATES | painted. muddy brown, runs downjot the fuehrer, CAMPBELLFORD. a bristling Britah-Ope moustache ¢oastuceet ot foto 
nae-tt| Wilhelmstrasse in the Soviet sector] They contend that Propaganda | nonald Ferg of Camp Llon:!| waved his cane and shouted-a}- The eta 
; Minister Paul. Joseplr Goebbels erguson of Campbzllford, /cheery. greeting.” ares ores 
a ROOFING. INSULATION. STREET —— er of Berlin. ; : : was guest, speaker this week at| «+ at”? ‘ 
UMBER. ; ATION, = It's just high enough to dis-|Rever would haverkilled his wife,| ihe Lions Club meeting. Hi Whb was that’ I asked the 
sida wal noe sonia 32-4363 FOOT SPECIALIST . |°: st e (six. children and himself unless eeting. He spoke| British officer with whom I was 
: , , ; silts J courage climbers; Jow enovgh tolrsitier himself were dead. {on schools for the blind, and sald ; 
: ‘ H. W. ROBESON be more a symtol than a safe-]’ The Russians have never: said there are. five such schools,- in| «That chap’ is a {yprict,” he 
gli Canada, but the only one if On- pi dreds of workérs to go to the area 
. FOOT AND APPLIAN guard. one word about what they: found replied, “but he spcaks like a 
an ee maa the ea lat the walker tarlo is located in Brantford, and|Biiton, dresses tike one’ and acts|2ro Dut 7 & day of labor without . 
e fence lies the tom * was founded in 1872. ‘The school|like one. He loves the British, ° |D2¥:,,ne order was obeyed without 

oe im 



3 : literates are found ofly among the 
NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — An ag Business- is- fattening -on 

island's trade unions ordered bun- 

BELLEVILL: of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. Here, To the German today Hitler was/is operated. by the ~ Dominion question. Z 
(Stoble Building) Theumatism. knee “ the The only force in Cyprus which 
WO 2-2988 244 Pinnacle St |"Ublt 1 ong. 9 to 18-2 to B of the Today junds, : ret 45 might successfully contend with 

: wall 3 book. The}: One hundred and elght pup! Cyprus. The Communists is the Greek Or — 

» Evenings oy Anpolntment 
Apes thodox Church, which could wiel 

the split personality of this sunny] th threat 
pleats e powerful at of excommuni- 

in grades one to twelve are taught 
Braille as well as handicrafts. The 
blind persons at the school, com- 
prising all religions, are particu.| 

ficial breath, the name of Hiller. Eva Braun's 
The existence of this vacant/family is submerged in Bavaria, 
To se ee maicincnaneet | Cates Geeomn look 
5 ie chance The German looking back 10 
3 lory April 30, 1945, and they leave] Sears has a-clearer view of: his 
187 GEORGE ST. its rubble as a durable reminder.|former fuchrer than ever- before. 
SKILLED OPERATORS £N.| The roof of the bunker where/Hitler’s generals that still live, the 
BORE 7 ROU PE Ne ert eee iehhartrarrtpy warts middle = bracket’ officialdom that 
of years a le days, | survived, 2 in it 
Phone WO /2-4186 for Aopen it are presumed to have perished !s/— few praia crte! berhbeachaced 
——————————— iuped bei rans ae the noite These includes, 
*< cells where the fuebret’s entourage} He possessed 2 fantastic memory 
pete China INSURANCE awaited doom. : for anything he had ever read or 
Antique Weapons The rubble on Wilhelmstrasse {s|scen. Thus, he constantly bewil- 
Indian Artifacts only one reminder to Germans of|dered military experts with un- 
T. G, WRIGHTMEYER the former paper hanger wholexpected knowledge, convincing| paign on May 4th. 
’ Period Furniture — Orientals started a war which left 22,000,000] many that he was a genius. - It was decided, too, that the s 
383 Dundas St W. — Belleville 278 TR 

and persuasion,” and not by the 
use of any stronger medicine, ‘ 

are Greek—want to be tied to/Greece, but from ancient times 
Greece. Practically, many of them|Greeks settled here. Turkey held 

dead and 34,000,000 wounded. Hit-] Blissfully unafraid of conse-| club 

azo pode Fd hed beketetet nd bo quences, he rushed pell mell into gut ie etranice: aTeactes cell bprcsscrsrd were forced to leave. 
na arent 500,000) dangerous ventures In the early| partment of Agriculture, - will ypriots. now are doing fairly|joined the Germans in the First 
wounded and missing among mill-|days of the war. Success convinced] {each a class of boys from Sey- well, They have a literacy rate|World War, Britain annexed Cy- 
tary personnel alone. him that everyone else was too|mour township how to properly |"ose ‘ 95 ver cent, and the il- 
One simply does not flod 2. Ger-| cautious or too ignorant to make] operate tractors. soe : 
pea who believes Hitler survived) decisions, however small. Officers for the coming term . 
“53|Berlin’s collapse in flames, Aj - The victim of pathological ‘rages, | were announced as follows—presi- of collyflower and parsnips,- pop] and I’d start in at one end and 
ae rhe Wipaahh af ine bizarre/he vented such cruel punishment} gent Bruce Wallace: Ist vice- said, and ma sald, Why Willlam,| werk my way to the other end, I 
inish e er maintain now|that none dared tell him the truth. | oresident, Pete Wilson: 2nd vice-|70U now they are your 2 pet} said. and pop said, Yee gods, we're 

| ———oooOooooooOOOO 




: MIMEOGRAPHING that the fuchrer was already dying:| hence he was still moving mythical Id i abominations. all so full now, there's no use even 

ke ——————————— SS OLDS—POSTER COLORS ked dru °, president, Bruce Co + 3rd vice- ° 

HARRY SMITH, ICE. COAL, FUEL.| y RUBBER STAMPS wracked by drugs, and with his|armles over maps as Stalin's tanks) Lesident, Harold npeters: gecre.| That's only the preparation, pop| going into the dining room.- 

Pinnacle 8t. ¥°O 8-7919, MATERIALS __ RUBBER SSA... {nervous system shattered by thejchewed up his Berlin fortress. tary, Jim Viarke; treasurer, Arn-|S2id After a week of terning my Which we did anyways,.and the 
tomb blast of July 20, 144, an} For years, Germans argued) o1q ‘woife: tail twister, Les Ba-|n0se up and my thumbs down at|lam stew couldn’t of taisted swel- 

LIMITED i his te? Ee ee roaipnece s .: ‘heck toales peppered ker; lion tamer, Don Pollock; 1 collyflower and parsnips.- I'd be} ler. : 9 
Fast, efficient work covering al} His valet, his al year directors: William Allen, and reddy for a giant size platter of} Proving if somebody in your 
: covers valet, his personal guard and|and Eva Braun, as alleged, in the)‘, 4 wattace: 2 directors: Bob |liver and onions and a 2nd giant family is a perfect cook, you ought 
. Reeds: Reports, Circular Latiers. | Hitler Youth troop leader Arthur|open alr of the chancellory garden, | Ren nett wiles. Ones size platter of mash potatoes so| to be sattisfied. i 
Statements, Clubs. Lodges. Cour layman all have testified that Eva|using several hundred gallons of] “rns club plans i Nicholas. flufty and lite that I'd have to k 
all types of Ruboer Sumpe. | Bra ‘The club plans to hold a carni- ve to keep - 
Numbering ‘Machines end. 8 un swallowed cyanide, that Hit-|gasoline on a big funeral pyre. th them down out of the alr. 
- nd. Bud- lier shot himself through the mouth,| I¢ the Russians salvaged even val in the town on July 1 and 2, Not that I'd get really. ruff with 
ie “i709 - 183 Front Street amd that though the head was|Hiller’s teeth from the bunker, and the feature attraction for the thi dai alicia h . MPs INSPECT BASE 
‘PHONE WO 8-6715 covered by a blanket, the grey-lthey're not saying. *| first day will be the Peterborough | *nything so delicately ih 
Omamental Swimmers. sald. FORT CHURCHILL, Man. (CP) 
models, for 

“ye ata ee Tecbamton’ or cren| commons arrived Sunday to lnapect 
er ee | eee [Piling to House New Rt 
.|At Chalk River Nearly Ready 

any 5 minutes, I sald. I’d order aj military installations at this north- 
Fis: SOOT a SNE DO AROS Chrome Platin; 
83 Po. Box 1 
(Next to YMCA, Campbell ar rin 


(i Ne ae ae 

Little Benny’s 
3 Note Book 

We were in the living room wait- 
{ng for the lam stew to get done, 
ane I eal to may Bay seit ye 

ches leeking with mustard, separat-|turned to Ottawa by. RCAF Sun- ey, 
ed by 15 chocklit ice creem cones,! day. 


big tray with 15 hot dog santwit-|ern Manitoba port base. They re- 
Phone WO 8-3183 

. By JOHN E. BIRD special heatexchangers after it 

Canadian ss Staff Writer has passed through the reactor. 

Phone} Tamber and Builders’ Supplies 
J3#-t¢] 370 FRONT ST... WO 8-6428 SLIPCOVERS CHALK RIVER, Ont. (CP)—A|SPECIAL CONCRETE SHIELD |crder just whet you wanted to eat, 
SLIPCOVERS huge brick and steel structure as what would it be, exactly? That you arrange NOW about 
complex as a battleship is nearing|_ Protect scientists disclosed that) "on ay I'v td your Building © requirements 
: JEANNE JACKSON =| Completion on the banks of the Ot-| 2 special type of concrete has been| ata easy, Ive 908 ee eel aot Daatis 
CARPENTRY Phone Trenton 7019 tan sivas here, developed to shleld the reactor,|menu all reddy, Oe teak Itt or Spring. Dwelling, Mercan- 
Kitchen Cabinets, Trim, Alterations, Custom-Tailored The bullding will house the new|28e reactor must be surrounded ee ee ea rend “ot the big gtiled: Farm Vor: refinancing jan 
Dry-Wall, Construction. NRU atomic energy reactor at this| With a six-foot-wall of concrete to| os mushrooms, and especially if - old loan. Large or Small, Also 

stop deadly gamma rays. 

The new-type concrete is about 
@-per-cent denser than ordinary 
concrete, Slate grey in color, it 
consists of portland cement, gra- 
vel, iron oxide and iron-titanium 

I could start in with 2 or 3 helpings 
of imported caviar, if I felt Uke 
having that many,I could die 
happy, I dont meen permanently, 
touch wood, she said. 

Just give me a whole week's diet 


bedi at er Te | ana ESTIMA + |sprawling multi - million + dollar 
Free Estimates ; atomic energy plant 125 miles 

- J. W. ELLIS northwest of Ottawa. 
PHONE ‘Wo 29-0945 The 145-foot-high research centre 
will dwarf most of the other 150 
April 15-1 |__| buildings on the project operated 
; by Atomlc Energy of Canada Ltd., 
PAINT AND WALLPAPER [a crown company. However, the 
TO RENT — BY DAY OR WeEzK. | building and reactor—a $40,000,000 
YLOOH SANDERS undertoking — are being put to- 

check up your mene 


163 Front St 

Thick concrete walls are one of 
the most notable features of the 
building. Under the reactor, one 


change-over : Ss! ther with all th that|room which will contaimequipment 
3 For Courteous gether all the accuracy tha ’ : : 
MOVING sRevice iM EXTEN: goes into the construction of a|to monitor the activity of the pile é - 
24, 30, 36 and 40 ft. naval vessel. has a ceiling five feet thick, The : id 
D,, CAIRNS. | an 18 McANNANY. ST. 5 ,WO, 885011 ong WORLD'S B walls of laboratories adjacent to ; 
efficient work. WO 2-314. CARTAGE. . NG WOR EST the reactor are four feet thick to : 
; 3 WO 8-9711 = Essentially a research tool, NRU| prevent experiments from being af- aan : 
ART BRIDGE DELIVERY TYPEWRITER REPAIRS will be more powerful and modern| fected by radioactivity from the re- 4 i 
Fully Insured eee | than Canada's famed NRX reac} actor, - ; f 
= Mi0-1y tor which has been in operation] Six laboratories, including the i 
———————————— here since 1947. When it goes into|twp adjacent to the reactor, are ‘i ' 
2 = 

built to enable scientists to 

operation in June, 1956, Canada’s] being 

Hy abd Ritictens Repairs, co facilities for atomic energy re-| conduct research within easy reach 

Typewriters and Adding Machines | search’ will be among the finest in of the reactor. The building is be- 

Cind 5 : 
Phone Me) - 
ROBERT D. KNOX, D.C, for Rent the world. ing equipped with 12 cranes and six : 
pocTor oF cHiRoPRactic |. 2 ,ades Howse INRU. will enable scientists to|monoralls to facilitate the handl- j 
pis ee; X-RAY . Bit] conduct new research into methods| ing of heavy equipment. 
tng. ONT pe ie Z - 
IN ; 

i to use atomic energy for peacefull The largest crane is in the re- 
= purposes, especially in the field of} actor room and is capable of Lft- 
UPHOLSTERING industrial power. Production of plu-| ing 75 tons. > 

tonium—energy source of atomic] Scientists sald control equipment 

BE PUP ESTELLE NSS i BSE HOLLANDIA bombs and a future fuel for elec-| being installed will make it almost 
R. A. WYATT, Ph.c. UPHOLSTERING tricity + producing atomic power] {impossible for the reactor to break Ph on e : o 

Furniture and Automobile plants,—will be boosted along with|down. The design of much of this 

CHIROPRACTOR 8 ‘& DRUGLESS tt oltiting output of isotopes, including cobalt-| equipment has benefitted from the 

Rebuilt - Remodelled - Repaired} 60 for beam-therapy units for project’s experience arising out of 
the NRX breakdown. 
4. 'TOMERS — OR FOR US. ‘- 

eet a _ eres a ebekecee pees 

i Free mates, Reasonable Prices e ng esigned 80 ace 

Opposite Hospits! — For Appointment 

WO 8-9121 — Lady Attenda WO 68-7503 281-N, Front St.jcurately that special survey equip- 
mp Mar.'i4] ent is being used to ensure con-| NEWSPAPER MAN DIES 

R. RIEDEL, D.C. struction to tolerances of a few) wWinDSOR MILLS, Que. (CP)— 
Doctor of Chiropractic aE enc uar will be| Hector Dutour, 35-year-old chief ot 
Connalaioea ts: Appointment Phone Mt, View 44-R-12 kept constant to prevent variatl ppd bith peek a re 

New and Re-cover. Work ah 

218 CHURCH ST. —~ Furniture and Automobile |! instrument readings, Tribune, died here in-hospital Sun- 
Office T wo 
‘elephone 32-3776 ” 

: 00-foot building has 
Free Estimates—Samples Supplied The 125- by 1 day shortly after a:motorcycle ac- 
Alr-Foam Rubber a Specialty anres breif saat! Pasements areed eldent, Police said he was return- 
HOWARD LOCKWOOD [{B¢ Train ete located. ‘The base- ing from Montreal with two, come 
R. R. 7, BELLEVILLE panions, also on motorcycles, w' 
Sire mentg are divided into a number|ne struck a hole in the road and 
was pitched to the ground. 



results. ———————————————————— | of "with three- to four-foot 

experience. with’ g Her- —WoDANFORD and EON 
bert Fox, 1915 Isabel Street, Belle- . DANFORD and 8&0) concrete walls for storage of ura- 
SRY Ry iH Gai rar fp becaidl Aa tn arabia VETERINARIAN cam: 


Footings and Foundations ———ne KETH EO 
caspentering 2) cabinet Miaeie DE REISON ‘ The main-floor room which will 
house the reactor towers 90 fect 

Phone WO 8-5622 HARRISON 
: oe Offices 1 Mile South of Roslin jand is surrounded by offices and 
EAVESTROUGH ROOFING SUL eM laboratories for research. The lay- CHARGE 600 FOR. 
-lout is so complicated that a spe- 

? oR-14 - 
And at Tweed Feed Mi 

4 PHONE :D : cial tube system is being installed (Not Over 20 Words) 

J18-tt/to transport communications and|| two consEcuTIvs 



_~ Sa DAT ROSTER [even materials being tested from INSERTIONS ...-.- $1.00 

4 Cc A L L - 30C PER FOOT AND UP ripe eet ake Meg office to office and from labdra- THREE COXSECUTIVE ; , 
4 Budget terms ean be arranged, with bg tory to laboratory. INBERTIONS —...... $1.20 \ 

s “. _@ or without down pment required Office at: . Many of the construction details = i ; eine 

ecker. i0X1 GEORGE BAILEY = |.- 28 COLLEGE ST E. of the reactor are secret. _|[ EACB_ ADDITIONAL WORD OVEK 7 

3 < POINT ANNE WO 85005 B LLE NRU will be cooled with heavy|| 2 WORDS WILL COST se FIRS) | : 
! ga-t1| Water. Cooling is necessary be-|| sive iwaznTiON AND 10 FOR | , ; ; 
: : cause temperatures in the reactor] gveny INSERTION THEREAFTER : 

FLOOR FINISHING might meltsthe dranium rods or 

IF YOUR ONTARIO INTELLI- “Ithe aluminum walls. Heavy water PLEASE NOTE is % : ve 

SELIVERED BY Sf Pores EARLE DARRAH|___ VENETIAN BLINDS ___|is denser than ordinary water, used|] ALL CLASSIFIED ADS + 7 + 

PENDS CED eas) Pot — |} Dial WO 8-6076—S6 Bridge St. E VENETIAN BLIND __ |‘, 00! the NRX reactor, and willl] “ARE PAYABLE THE J 1 T jt 4 tt: 

Ca WO. Beeler - SANDING MACHINES and FLOOR SERVICE not absorb as many neutrons, re- : 

sacar VAL ELAN da a POLISHERS FOR RENT leased by the fission process. As a FIRST DAY- OF : : ‘ ’ 
2 ake one to you ag }! expert instalation on Mastic Rubber Blinds Cleaned, Retaped, -/ result, NRU will be more efficient PUBLICATION . : 

secnias jresslbie. eZ ilejands Mexpoleurn et eer Recorded and Repaired —_| than NRX. , JOB PRINTING DEPARTMENT © 3 
m eeree applies onigsmitnin tae ll A, Near Aa Your Phone VELLEVILLE .  asq|_ However, the heavy water-itselt}] O'M*"TIN Oh irteg s : : 


=i S13-t 

- APRIL 28-1y: Will be cooled by river water in 

Marilyn Smith of Wichita, ‘Kan, ' ' 
~ At the end of the front ning, Miss} 


\OHA Moves To Protect-Referees ~ 
Coaches Will Have To Watch Step. 

Top Money In’ 
Rich Tourney — 

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP)—Shoot- 
ing ‘steadily through wind and a 
. shower of rain, Gene Littler of Cal- 
ffornia ran off with the $10,000 top 
money Sunday in the $37,500 golf 
Tournament ,of Champions with a 
‘total score of 280. 
Touring the Desert Inn Country 
Club course in a safe 72, the 25- 
year-old former national Amateur 
champion finished ‘the 72 holes 
_ eight strokes under par and 13 
whopping shots’ ahead of his near- 
est rivals. 

There was a three-way tie for 
second place between’ Bob Toski, 
Jerry Barber and Pete Cooper. 
~ Likeable Littler, a professional 
for “little more than a year but 
now the winner of three major 1955 
events, had the tournament in his 
pocket before he started out this 

chilly’ afternoon. 

His previous rounds of 69-71-68 
sent him out in front by 10 strokes 
going into the final 18 holes. Scores 
generally were high and Littler was 
the only one in the select field of 

20 finishers to finish under par. 

Jockey Gets 
Murder Threat — 

ALBANY, Calif. (AP)—A threat 
to, kill millionaire jockey Johnny 
“Longdon was received by Golden 
Gate’ Fields officials Thursday, 
they revealed Sunday. 

Chief: steward Gcorge Schilling 
said he received an anonymous 
telephone call at 10 a.m, Thurs- 

* day: “We're going to shoot Long- 
den.” The. caller hung up before 
he could be traced. 

‘Longdon, 45, who grew up in 
Taber, Alta., and has a record of 
more than 4,500 wins, rode his 
three assigned mounts Thursday 
while armed patrols employed by 
the Thoroughbred Racing Assn. 
garded the jockeys’ dressing room 
and the paddock and roamed 
through the grandstand and club- 


‘Track official believe the call 
wag a hoax-or perhaps the threat 
of a disgruntled bettor who ater 

cooled off. 

Babe Zaharias 

an Marks 

Babe Zaharias was $1,000 richer 
today thanks to a comeback vic- 

Miss Smi < : 

Fia.,} VANCOUVER (CP)—Helen Stew-| wonren’s competition. 

us|3-Player Deal 

delphia Phillies and Cincinnati Red- 
legs swung a three - for - three 
straight player deal Saturday and 
general manager Roy Hamey said 
happily that in Jim Greengrass, the 
Phils got “‘the long-hitting out- 
fielder we had to have.” 

Hamey called the 27-year-old 
Greengrass the key man in the 
deal. Along with him came vet- 
eran catcher Andy Seminick and 
24-year-old Glen Gorbous, also an 
outfielder, who hails from Vulcan, 
Alta. : 

To get these three, the Phillles 
gave up pitcher Steve Ridzik, 
catcher Smoky Burgess, and young 
outfielder Stan Palys. Any one of 
them could turn out to be just the: 
medicine, the lagging Redlegs need. 

Ridzik, for instance, has been in 
the “promising youngster’ class 
for several seasons since coming 

Blossom-Betsy Rawls women’s golf) for 
tournament, 3 ot 

Mrs. Zaharias, who elther led or|Smith coll 
shared the lead during the 72 holes|place 295. 
of play, went‘ into-Sunday’s final|tonio, Tex., had 
18-hole round over the Spartanburg!place money of, 

boosted her chances for a spot on/shi: 
Canada’s ©1956. Olympic team by 
> Canadian records ‘in 

rule infraction. Howevef, he would 
be relieved of bench duties. 

At the same time, the associa- 
tion - announced its intention to 
crack down on players who molest 
referees. Incoming president Frank 
Buckland of Peterborough sald such 
“nonsense cannot and will not be 
tolerated by the OHA and we have 
to take drastic steps to stop it.” 

A player who molests referees or 
linesmén will be suspended and re- 
main so until his case has been 
dealt with by the OHA's executive 
committee, the usual penalty to be 
a suspension of not less than a 
Hap Emms, coach of Barrie Fly- 
ers in the Junior A League, sald 
that suspending a coach “in a way 
which would almost forbid him to 
enter the rink,"” was too severe @ 
penalty for a first offence. 

“There is no reason to penalize 
the entire team and community by 
taking: away the team's chances of 
winning because the coach got a 

Pre-Season Sale! 

Summer Halter 


Haif Price - Cantlies 



little excited and disobeyed @)up from Toronto, 
rule,” Emms said., ‘However, if a|" “He's a grand kid, with good]. SPEEIAL Deor- Opening Special 69 aba Bes ovate meer, “sae 

stuff, but never turned out to be 
quite what we hoped,” Hamey 
said. “The move may help him.” 
A righthander, Ridzik has pitched 
11 innings, has an 01 record. 

coach disobeys a rule for the sec- 
ond time, he should be more se 
verely penalized and then throw 
the book at him for a third infrac- 
tion.’” . 

Any player who touches or holds 
a referee or any minor official 
with his hand or stick or inten- 
tionally trips or bodychecks any|system whereby the two players 
such official will be given an auto-| facing off would"have to stand be- 
matic match penalty and will be|hind a line or in a box drawn on 
suspended until his case goes be-/the ice surface was approved. 
fore the league president or execu-} Four new members were named 
tive cemmitteé. The team will bej|to the executive committee:. They 
allowed a replacement for the) are T. A. M. Hulse of Aurora, Herb 
penalized player. ; ‘ Parker of Stratford, C. G. Patte-r 

Seven rule changes were pro-|son of Brampton and Lloyd Pol- 
posed and these amendments will/lock of Windsor. 
go before the Canadian Amateur 
Hockey Association at its annual 







Price, ea0h ...ccescccecsess 

Take advantage of this low price in summer hal- 
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‘Her times in the’ 100-yard ‘free-|and became 

style -and  220-yard breaststroke} Canadian 

were ‘also new marks for senior] cover the distance in 

the 16-year-old darling of Van-| The marks were chalked up dur-} Only ‘other 
swim. fans, Saturdayl|ing the B.C. swimming champion- during the evening was 

Time for the 220-yard breast-jover th 


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cc. Ube Ontarin lotellinencer 



O* Moet 


as Second Clase Stzit 
Department Ottawa. 


Taken shortly before the outbreak of the bloodiest battle in| 


Government Asked 
To Reverse Decision’ 

OTTAWA (CP) — The govern 
ment hears growing demands from 

* |the Commons floor that it give re- 

bates to auto dealers caught with 
new cars in stock when the April 
5 budget sliced the automobile ex- 
cise, tax. 

Former CCF Member Accuses 

Party of Comforting Reds 

OTTAWA (CP)—A former Social- casions. 

ist has accused the Commons’ 23- 
man CCF group of giving comfort 
to Communist nations by voicing 
a foreign affairs policy instigated 
by left-wing elements in the party. 

Ross Thatcher, 37-year-old Inde- 
pendent member for. Moose Jaw- 
Lake Centre, told ‘the Commons 
Monday in the budget debate that 
the CCF party’s views on foreign 
policy are fraught with danger for 
all Canadians. They failed to rec- 
ognize the necessity for survival. 

Mr. Thatcher, who resigned from 
the CCF party April 22 because he 
disagreed with his former col- 
leagues on major public policy, 
made the charge as he explained 
his reasons for resigning. 

A member of the Commons since 
1945, he said he will ‘sit in the 
House for the remainder of the 

Five members, representing all! present Parliament as an Inde- 

partics in Monday's budget debate, 
asked the government to reverse 
its decision against rebating the | 
tax reduction_from'15 to 10 per| 
cent. - 

Their common point of view was 
expressed by Henry Hosking (L— 
Wellington South). He sald it is; 
unfair that car dealers, forced by 
competition to cut prices after the 
tax change, should take a loss on 
taxes paid at the former rate on 
cars in stock, 

Mr. Hosking, a former auto 
dealer, said many dealers will go 
broke if they don’t get a rebate. 
Those ..who stayed in © business} 
would hold off their factory orders} 
before the next budget so they! 
wouldn’t be caught again, Factory) 
shutdowns ant unemployment 
would result. 


Support for the rebate also came 

pendeht. He would run again only 
if there was a genuine and wide- 
spread belicf among his constitu- 
ents that he is needed to serve 
their interests, 
. “For some time, I have been 
fearful, of, and in” disagreement 
with what appeared to me to be 
a growing left-wing tendency within 
the (CCF) party,” he said. 
“The keader of the CCF (M. J. 
Coldwell) and most of his col- 

leagues have no more use for com-|m 

munism and its viclous methods 
than I have. They have publicly 

emphasized this fact on many oce! 

Toss Bombing 

“Nevertheless, despite the well- 
meaning sincerity of most CCF ad- 
herents, I personally feel that Icft- 
wing elements have gained danger- 
ous and unwarranted recognition 
within the counsels of the party. 

“Here in Parliament with in- 
creasing frequency the CCF party 
has taken a line on foreign affairs 
that, in my opinion, no matter how 
honestly it has been taken, can 
only give comfort to Communist 

CCF members followed Mr. 
Thatcher in the debate but made 
no reference to his speech. Present 
indications are that CCF members 
do not plan any comment in the 
House on the charges. 

Mr. Thatcher also sald he op- 
poses CCF demands for higher so- 
cial welfare benefits regardless of 
the country’s ability to pay, the 
“unrealistic” policy of the CCF for 
material increases in corporation 
ineofme taxes and proposals by the 
party for socialization of key in- 
dustries and nationalization of the 
banks. He had found that his efforts 
to obtain government economy 
were greeted with apathy and 
sometimes hostility by CCF mem- 
bers. . , 

There {s very rea} danger to the 
country, he said, ‘‘when any politi- 
cal party,-using the taxpayers’ own 
ey; reckbagly endeavors to buy 
political favor by outbidding the 
pec tapeaces: in the social benefits 


Threat to Canadian Air Bases 

Canadian Press Staff Writer 

“A of tan a ax TRE Fee EE SPOIL EO Bar se 
be “e - 
2 ass 
Max. Min, 
Todsy 65 St, 
One Year Ago »- 70 42 

Rainfall — .22 eae g 
A Bay temperature — 56." 3 

PFPMAN PROBLEM House Dissolved — 

_ 5e Per Copy, 25¢ Per Week 

- [RNESCANMDA | With Election Date 


Russia's Offer May |Hon. G.H. Challies Retires, | 
Change Whole sve WE. Hamilton To Hydro 

OTTAWA (CP)—Canada, plagued 
by the German question ever since] TORONTO (CP) — Ontario resi- 
the government has had an ex-|dents, who returned the Progres- 

Viet Nam Premier 

ternal affairs dzpartment, is wor-|sive Conservative government of 

ried about it again. 

Premier Frost with q sweeping 

There is “grave concern” here,| majority four years ago, vote in 
informants said Monday, about] another general election June 9. 

ramifications of Russia’s. offer to 

end the occupation\of Austria pro-|P 

viding Austria remgins, neutral. 

Mr. Frost, seeking to lead his 
rty to its fifth straight election 
victory, Monday announced dissolu- 
tion of the 24th legislature and set 

The possibility that West Ger-|the date when more than 2,000,000 
many might favor a Russian pro-| persons may go to the polls. 

posal of German reunification in 
exchange for German neutrality in 
the Cold War {fs forescen by offi- 
cials, = 

This may be the dominant sub- 

‘The date—Thursday, June $—was 
not surprising. It had been rumored 
for wecks. The announcement was 
made at Queen's Park after the 
premier had met with Lieutenant- 

ject for discussion when forcign|Governor Louis O, Breithaupt for 

ministers of the North Atlantic 

15 mintites. Nominations will be 

Treaty Organization mect at Paris|held Thursday, May 26. 

May 9, External Affairs Minister 
Pearson will leave here Friday by 
air for P§ris. 

For the last few years, the West 
has worked to bring a rearmed 
West Germany into NATO and on 
May 9, the day after the 10th anni- 
versary of Germany's surrender, 
the republic is scheduled to be 
taken officially into the Western 

Though .West Germany has been 

Mr. Frost also announced the re- 
tirement of Hon. George H, Challies 
as a cabinet minister and vice- 
chairman of the Ontario Hydro- 
Electric Power Commission. The 
7i-year-old Mr. Challies, second 
oldest member of the cabinet, was 
appointed chairman of the Ontario- 
St. Lawrence Parks commission. 

Hon. William E,. Hamilton suc- 
ceeds: Mr. Challies as vice-chair- 
man of Hydro. Mr. Challies, mem- 

Receives Backing — 

FromU.S., France 


SAIGON (AP) — Premier Ngo 
Dinh Diem's triumphant South Vict 
Nam nationalist forces today 
pushed their mop-up of battered 
remnants of the rebel Binh Xuyen 
army. On the political front, Diem 
moved to consolidate his advantage 
over the absentce chicf of this 
Indochina state, Bao Dai. 

The premier formally convoked 
a ‘‘states-general’’—an assembly of 
political party representatives and 
municipal and provincial officials 
—to puss judgment on the national 
revolutionary committee's weekend 
recommendation to depose. Bao 
Dai. The assembly was called to 
meet in Saigon Wednesday. 

In a broadcast, Diem said the 
national army also will have a 
voice in the. final decision on ; 
the committee's recommendations, ! 

Free Viet-Nam’s growing civil war, these scenes show government | any event, use of an atomic bomb 
and insurgent forces preparing for the bitter Saigon clash. At| 

top, one of hundreds of alerted government soldiers guards a stra- 

Both the states-general and the 
army are expected to approve the 
ousting of Bao Dai, the playboy 

from Dr, Owen C. Trainor (PC— 

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (CP)—Toss 
Winnipeg South), G. H. Castleden 

'would make pinpoint accurac un-| given the right to limited rearma-)ber for Grenville-Dundas, and Mr. 
Receaeaey poe Ccuracy Un-| ient—12 army divisions and a|Hamilton, member for Wellington 

| bombing, a new low-level bombing { Song 
tele point in the Indo-Chinese city as American-backed Premier | (CCF—Yorkton), A. B, Patterson! technique, may render .obsolcte} Canadian defence officials, eel engage Le neces aie Pieter Brest sald bash exemperor who has been living on 

Ngo Dinh Diem clamped down on movements of the rebellious | (SC—Fraser Valley) and Georges! conventional radar defences guard-j feel RCAF air, bases in Germany : : 
Binh Xuyen sect’s commando troops. At bottom, rebel army mem- | Villeneuve (L -Roberval). jing Canada’s air bases in Europe.|and France would be particularly | 5ary © raise these forces. jeontest their seats in the election. the sea Riviera for the last 13. 
bers camp on a Saigon bridge ‘As a lookout keeps watch while they | The same request has been made} The technique, devzloped bythe} susceptible to such an attack, are Informants said the talks among} The Liberals will be led by/™' * Ss: 
rest. The latest outbreak, in which hundreds were killed, was | on both sides of the House in earlier) United States Air Force and still] keeping a close watch on the ex-| the foreign ministers are likely to| Farquhar Oliver, a Grey county FOLLOWED ORDER 5 
touched off when a Binh Xuyen police chief was ousted. Premier {budget debate, though Revenue/in the experimental stage,-makes| periments now under way. They be broad in scope and take in Far| farmer and veteran of 23 years in|” The demands for Bao Dai’s dee 
Diem appears to have consolidated his control with the defeat, |Minister McCann had said no re-!use of the well-known weakness of} point out that some of Canada’s|Eastern affairs and the progress, | provincial politics. Donald C., Mac-| position followed his cabled orde# \— 

if any, of East-West disarmament| Donald, former newspaper MaN/jast week for Gen. Nguyen Van 

even though perhaps temporary, of the rebels and the removal of |bates will be given. It would leadiradar ‘warning systems te detect} fighter bases in Germany are onl 
Bzo Dai as chief of state. (Central Press Canadian.) 'to other demands for rebates when-| low-flying aiseatt First qetails of} five minutes’ flying tine from Red. talks in London. and school teacher, will be enter-| vy, ‘a supporter of his, to. supplant 
Gala  RL Le ~ lever an excise tax was reduced, he|the hush-hush: project were dis-| controlled territory. And with the| | Mr. Pearson, accompanied by! ing his first election as CCF pro-|piem. The army refused to follow 
: ' said. : : \Glosed at a recent meeting of U.S.|RCAT fighter. wing rated NATO's;John A. Holmes, assistant under-/vincial leader. He was chosen! yy, who then scurricé-back to the 
Mr. Hosking argued that when! senators and civil defence. officials| most potent air arm in Europe, the |sccretary for. Far Eastern affairs ‘leader in 1953. \hill resort of Dalat. : 
the auto excise tax was increased! in Washington. Canadian, bases would be primary | 4nd disarmament, will return to} Although the 24th legislature! Reports of new French support 
in 1940 government inspectors were} The new method allows a high-' targets in the event of war, Ottawa about May 18 after a brief) could have run until 1956, announce-| and renewed United States backing! 
sent ovt to collect the extra tax| speed plane literally-to throw an; Not only would ‘the new tech-/Stop-over in London. + ment that a general election would | have bolstered the premier. French, 
from dealers on cars purchased at| atomic weapon or other missile at} nique allow. enemy bomb-carrying be held this summer was expected | officials in Paris Monday night said! 
the lower rate. The same principle|an enemy target from a distance fighter pjanes to sneak in below! K re 5 for some time. . that their government and the U.S,. 
Ishould apply now. that conditions|of more than four miles with little | the rade detection net _until a-| Fy D k In the 1951 gencral election, the}are prepared to “sacrifice” Bao 
TORONTO (CP)—Poli id to- {ate reversed, he said. jor no advance warning. The tech-;:most on top of the bascs, but the! igure in IC Progressive Conservatives were Te| Dai if his removal would promote 
Pe apaaea | Mr. Hosking sald the govern-'nique calls ‘for the attacking air- { elected with the greatest legislature | stability. 


Gang Attacks-Toronto Boy, ~ 
Beating Him Until Insensible 

mente nw te we tw ne nee ee meee te 

planes could release their bombs 

Allan Announces | 

sible for a scries of attacks on! 

ae suey are —oe anes up a! ment should review the whole autc!craft to approach the target at a‘ and head homewards without en- 
gang youths believed respon-| industry and try to work out some{height of less than 590 fect anditering the airficld's anti-aircraft 

majority in the province’s-history. 
They captured 79 of the 9% seats 
then at stake. Liberals won seven, 

Torso Slaying, 

In Washington, Henry Suydam, 
chief state department press officer 
told reporters that the U.S. “‘con- 

method 'to stop layoffs. Reports:speed in excess of 500 mies an/defence ring. 
trict jwere that the industry was going; hour. ; 
. |to produce fo 122 per cent of the) While still 

D: Roads Research 
‘ Project Planned 

* HAMILTON (CP) — Highways} 
Minister Allan of Ontario today an-} 
-nounced the launching of a re-) 
search project aimed at improving 

Pea almost five mikes|equal success against Canadian} yunist Labor-Progressive one.! ment of Free Vict Nam" headed 
saoneey Tega eg Penny. 14; Canadian consumer capacity this/from the target, the pilot pulls|scaports. Howrver, they are sit- Five by-elections have been held! py Diem. He refused to say 
Pe eee diate oa etoun, poline|(Zcar- That would mean factorics/his plane into a 45-degree climb|uated so far from: any possible since then with Progressive Con-|whether Washington still regards 
ae 8 Fs bala as a4 2 CC! would have to stop production in| and reieases the bomb. The mis-}cnemy that this form of attack is]. }1AMILTON (CP)—Donald Mac- servatives winning all of them. Bao Dai as chief of state. 
Said, Hie Oy in ine iad him ang(tte fall anid there would be winter,sile's trajectory carries it in a/not considered likely. ofa, {2F | Lean, 73, father of: Mrs.” Evelyn HOUSE STANDING 

i junemployment in the industry, parabolic curve onto the target. [centres like Montreal, Ottawa or pj Jae i -| Tonday's dissolution, the gov-|" i 
peter a Atatied Onl PE F No details of the accuracy of|Toronto, the enemy planes woutd | Dik and. a. figuro ini one of (Cyn-|-_ At Mou bs? s scais; Liberals six]: Once Tews STRAUSS 

(Continued! on) age 3) and two were vacant. Others were} BRUSSELS, Belgium (Reuters) 

Doctors said the boy suffered ada’s most sensational murder 
: D unchanged. Redistribution will}|_Lewis Strauss, chairman of the 
‘Policeman Shot 

. the system have been disclosed,|have to fly over such tremendous | 4,; ; 
concussion sed aldomiel lnieies: but results -have been sufficiently |distances that they would be airs ptgpueae PPA Noes BTS 
y raise the number of 98 in! United States Atomic Energy Com- 
the June election, mission, was awarded Belgium’ 
rr NT 
I ‘Witch’, |CCF C 
3 |With Own Gun Shot as ‘Witch’, annot 

London Woman’s ‘Hope to Form 

boys inthe west-end'Parkdale:dis:) Toss bombin ’ ith | ad F two, Liberal-Labor one and ere ck 
ig could be-used with T) M D CCF two, r tinues to support the legal govern- 
| iV. acLean y VICES |comn 

pany, for which he worked, and 

TORONTO (CP) — A suburban 
Toronto township police detective 
twas shot in the leg with his own 
frevol vee early today during a scuf-! 
fle with two men in ‘a truck they | 
had stopped on Lake Shore road,; 

continuous and which will cover; 4 
both ln tern and svortseem! How He Picked 
Mr. Allan's remarks were in- ayy eas: 
Election Date 

joy we an injury to a girl with whom he Force to continye development. In| server -posts. ton penitentiary for manslaughter | 
; here -Saturday night. The bronze _ 
oe ye 
May Ban Building 
university foundation, 
was sentenced to five years i 
— Victori TORONTO (CP)—Provincial Sec-| 3 
cluded in a text releascd to the Lt pene Tet SA a y cessory after the fact in the slay- metropolitan Toronto increases the 4th, 2 p.m. 

‘Addressing the spring consistory | Keeps company. She was struck in lin the slaying of her infant son. 
and silver medal, bearing the head 
TORONTO (CP). — Suburban 
Kingston penitentiary, 
Hospital attendants reported little retary W. M. Nickle sald Monday |ing of John Dick, his son-in-law.|townsbip’s water supply by 1956. 

highways and increasing traffic between the attack on Penny and satisfactory to cause the U.S. Air) spotted in advance by ground ob-| atarch, 1947 to a life term in Kings- 
n ; a ee rer 9.) ¢  |fational scientific research medal 
of Ancient and Accepted Scottish {he face with a stone in a school Now 35, she still is in penitentiary. (Continued on Page 9.) 
of King Alvert of the Belgians, 
ceremony organized by Belgium's 
Condition ‘Fair’ Govt. Says Nickle, a 
j North York township said Monday COMING <cvE 
on ion ‘ ovt. ; ays Ic € He. also was given a, concurrent} ¢ . = 
sentence of five years as an ac-} ONT Oe GEE Wetnesday, May 
change in the condition of Mrs. night he cannot hope to form; SERIES OF TRIALS Reeve McMahon of North York| EUCHRE, THURSDAY, MAY #5, ST. 

press prior to delivery. 
“I may say that whatever our 
joint department of highways and ree police said. 
university research may bring to} BRAMPTON (CP) — Premier! Det. Melvin Simmons was taken 
light will be published for use -of!Frost Monday night disclosed his’ to hospital where his condition was 
; goad’ sono throughout nt eg of choosing an election! later described as satisfactory. He 
world,” he said. date. : al {f 
Objectives would be the study of| He said that Monday, especially pedigree rete re 
soils and materials, location and/in his own riding, is wash day and| Police said Simmons and Det. 
design, construction and mainten-/even politicians cannot interfere in} Bernard Greenficld stopped a truck 
ance, traffic contro] and safety, that. The trend for Canadians,| contaihing Clarence Smith, 48, and 

at . 1 an hi lf pl a iit: 
Rite Masons, he said Qucen's Uni- yard Sunday: in April, 1047, to eral pom! 
versity in Kingston and the Uni- was presented to Strauss at a 
lit will ban construction unless},5.-- yoRGET CARD PARTY, 
Bute egaarag ttl dormdion Slceegel government in the June 9 general! ‘The sentencing of Maclean told council the township is more Sehool sea Oe eas 
vite who was 8 0" E 

} s 3 id h f 
versity of Toronto ara providing; 'D bs S uffl ing streetcar tickets and cash from 
personncl and facilities for partic React Reveals | uring C e 
Ps | Ps 4 b ree pees Door prize. Refresh- 
calibre bullet Monday morning |clection betause its leaders woutd| Prousht to a close the scries of | willing to introduce a building ban 

the Hamilton Strect Railway Com- 
pation in the project, which is to) 
ments. Admission 35c. Everyone 
itrials resulting from discovery ofjthan face more water shortages. MSS. 

while hanging the washing at the|have to raise taxes to carry Out! the torso of, Dick on the brow of|He said there are enough building) roLLOW THE CROWDS TO THE 
rear of her home, |thir promises. | Hamilton mountain March 16, 1946,| plans to add 95,000 persons to the| First Pentecostal Pie = perth 
The woman's condition was de-) With Mines Minister Kelly, Mr.) and of the finding later of the body | present North York population of| Front, Suset, Ste th enariotte Mond 
scribed as only “fair’’ following an| Nickle spoke at a Toronto Dover-/of a baby. 131,000. ~ ; Nilah Rutledge at 7.30 p.m, Capacity 
lemergency operation, The bullet}court nomination meeting which} s 
penctrated her chest near the Ieft}chose Rev. David M, Kerr as its} 

crowds. Come carly for a scat. 
; d admi A ; arm, ripped through her left lung) candidate in the next election. Mr. e Site : 4 ELLEVIULE en Wednesday eve> 
and ecenomics, finance and admin- especially city dwellers, to be away|his son John, 17, prior to the fight.|and emerged out the back. : | Kerr represented the. constituency] Vaccine Fro Polio V 5 
istration. weekends ruled out Friday and| Officers said’ they have been| Police, meanwhile, are holding in}for the Progressive Conservatives |" m Living Ir 
MAY BE FELLOWSHIPS Saturday, watching the truck since a warrant | custody 75-year-old Angclo Pinto, alin the Jast legislature. 

ning, May 4th, Pine Street School 
a0 workshop play, directed by 
Cisire Kelso. Outline of plans for 
coming year. 4 

It was expected fellowships would 
be established at both universities 
and that the project might make 
good use of outstanding undergrad- 
uates for vacation work or other 

woutlined for consideration include 
widening of investigation of fraffic 
volume; speed and its relation to 
vehicle weight along with the effect 
of traffic lane width on vehicle 
placement; spacing of spced con- 
trol signs; design of asphalt pav- 


\would bring out the greatest num- 

ition history on Thursday, Nov. 21,] custody. No charges were laid im- 

ing mixtures; and the study of} 

frost action'on subgrade soils. 


TORONTO. (CP) — Synopsis: 
The showers and thundershowers 
which occurred over southern On- 
fario during the night had ended 
in most regions» by early this, 
morning and skies are now be- 
ginning to clear, Mainly sunny 
and very warm weather will pre- 
vail across the lower lakes re- 
gions today and Wednesday, but 
in northern regions considerable 
cloud will persist with fog form- 
ing again in many areas tonight, 

Thursday, in this case June 9, 

r of persons to vote. Mr, Frost 

did’‘not mention he received his|been shot. 4 - 

greatest majority in Ontario's clec- 

Mr. Allan said fields of inquiry |1951. 


NEW. YORK (AP) — The New 
York Times says the United States 
has agreed to train selected British 
bomber \crews to use American 
atomic weapons. 

“This agreement clearly envis- 
ages the delivery—in a war emer- 
gency—of United States atomic 
weapons to units of the Royal Air 
Force,” The Times, dispatch from 
London says. It adds that the ac- 
tual weapons would only be turned 
over to Britain from U. S. stocks 
in Europe on the order of the pres: 
ident, as required by U. S. law. 



US. to Train Selected.British Bomber 
Crews to Use American A-Weapons 

was issued against the father on a|next door neighbor of the Haldancs. 
charge of threatening following a|who has been charged with wound- 
report Saturday that a man had|ing. Pinto appeared before magis-; 
trate Donald B. Mctalogetoday and: 
The two Smiths were taken into] was remanded to May 1. H 
Pinto, one-time candidate for| 
mayor, was arrested shortly after) 
.|the shooting while. walking along! 
the street, : a | 
The woman’s husband, James, 
told police he was called Monday’ 
on the telephone in-his restaurant 
half a block from his home and 
told there was trouble at home. 
He said he raced home and found 
his wife lying on the floor blecding 


The Times says a. “qualified 
source’’ in London gave this ex- 
planation for the new . British- 
American co-operation, toe 

“There are only two {mportant 
offensive air forces in the Western 
world—the USAF and the RAF. 
Until_now the United States has not 
meeded to exchange nuclear infor- 
mation with Britain. That has 
changed. Britain now has her own 
atomic capability and an increas- 
ing delivery capability. The inter- 
change of nuclear knowledge will 
strengthen both countries as part 
of NATO defence." 

from the wound, She was beside 
the phone. , 

Mr, Haldane said his wife was 
conscious and told him a-neighbor 
had shot her. Police kicked in the 
door to Pinto's house and scized 
a .22-calibre rifle. 4 

Mr. Haldane told police Pinto had 
lived by himself for the Jast few 
years, and added: : 

“Yesterday afternoon Pinto told 
a neighbor that my wife was a 
witch and haunting him at night 
and that he. was going to scll his 
house because of it.”* 

Predict Mercury 
Will Reach 85 
On Wednesday. 

TORONTO (CP) — The word 
“hot appeared today for the first 
time this year in the official wea- 
ther forécast. With a high of 80 
degrees expected today in some 
parts of Ontario, forecasters called 
for a rise to. 85 degrees Wednesday 
in Windsor and Hamilton, 80 at 
London and 75 at Toronto. 

Temperatures of 80 degrees were 
forecast today for Windsor, St. 
Thomas, St. Catharines and Hamil- 
ton, with a Toronto high of 70. 

OWEN SOUND (CP)—An armed 
man held up a drive-in theatre 
Monday night and got away with 
the dgy"s take of $200. 

‘Seen Eventual Answer To Disease 

SAN FRANCISCO (AP)—A vac-jit may remain lively. enough to 
cine made from living polio virus, | Cause the disease in its recipients. 
as distinguished from the ‘‘killed”’ 

= ° vi 
virus of the Salk vaccine, prob-| drawback of weak protective pow- 

ably will be the eventual answer|ers, but unless carefully handicd 
to ‘the infantile paralysis prob-|it might involve the fisk of causing 

lem, a group of experts agre?. 

A live virus vaccine should be]in the living state to make it in- 
the ultimate goal, they say; be-|capable of causing the disease b>- 
cause it offers the best chance of|fore being uscd as vaccine ma- 
conferring long-lasting immunity. | terial. ; 

But most agree that the Salk vac- 

A vaccine made from a live 
irus would not have the potential 

disease. So it has to be altered 

Two kinds of vaccine made from 

cine meanwhile is the best avail-|ljving virus now are under trial 
able weapon against the discase.:and may reach the practical stag> 
The Salk vaccine, these experts|in a few years, said Dr. Edwin 
have told the California Medical|H. Lennette, who headed the pancl 
Association, depends upon a care-| discussion. 
fully-drawn balance between its} Dr. Lennette, of the California 
ability to cause the disease and|health department, was one of a 
its ability to produce immunity. | group which in Washington. last 
Rapidity with which the virus Is] weck decided the Salk vaccine pro- 
killed: during the vaccine-making|duced by five drug houses is safe. 
process is an important factor. If|The vaccine made by a sixth man- 
it is killed too speedily it may lose] ufacturer, Cutter laboratories of 
‘some of its power to produce im-|Berkelcy, Calif., was withdrawn 
munity in the injected person. Ifjafter several cases of polio ap- 
killed too slowly in the production] peared among children vaccinat 
process some individual viruses in with its product. 


nual meeting next Tuesday, Ma 
ia auatate, Hust, Sado 
MacDonal ve. 3.15 p.m. 

Pierre Casgrain, Topic: “Quebec,” 
Coffee served, Plan to renew mem- ~ 
bership at this meeting. Ms-3 

Friday, May 6th, Madoc Music 
Makers. Refreshment booth, Admis- | 
sion 75¢. M3-5-6 

Homebake Sale st Salvation Army. 
Station Street, Wednesday, May 4th; 
2.30-5.p.m. Admission 25 cents, 
Everyone welcome. ; 

00 1A f 
ana the Moose Hall. 52 Victoria 



SURS: . 

NUiage Street United Church Sun- 
day School Auditorium, Wednesday 
May 4, 1955, 230-6 p.m. Nurse 
provided. M12*A13-30-M2. 



at ear Evenina at Elks Hall, 239 © 

+ Front Street, ¥. 830 p.m. 
20 {ree games. Jackpot. Door foc desis 
Everyone welcome. ion 25c. 

’ Did-etu-t? . 

day, Orange Hall, Church» Street, 
8.30 p.m. Sponsored by Juvenile 
Orange Lasse: Large heen 
sion 25c. Everyone welcome. ¢ 

had Al3etu-w-té 


Aye. exety. uescay, evening Ao! ' 
830. Admission . Proceeds fo6' 

©: Add spetkle hauls: Ken Lewls, 
|= -Wellington Crescent and party of, 

e 4 HA 
Kinsmen Club 
‘four came home with a haul of 13 : 

ispeckled beauties, four of which Playing with the Kinsmen Boys’ 

tipped ‘the scales over three; pand must be the goal of most 
‘pounds. The boys made the catch! youthful band players in the city. trict, today commences canvassing 

in the vicinity north of Buckshot|”: the tocal service club band now| tS congregation in a fund-raising 
| Lake. - |has a membership of 49 players}campaign, which, it is hoped, will 
: Eight Peterborough fishermen.) ang there-is’aswalting lst of '40/ralse for the church $150,000 In 
ie aE esc on pe ee anxious young players clamoring! threg years. 
w 3 for their turn to play with thé ‘The campaign goal, which will 

laa band. be subscribed to by voluntary 

This was the happy state of af- 
pledges from the congregation of 
fairs described by Kinsmen Orliff over 900, is providing its commit- 

“ ud 
bestia pieacde? are bend tee members: with a new adven- 
fea ks 4 © bates 3 c with| ‘ure in church work: For, they 
ne Tem eras woo stress, availability of the needed 
bandleader Alf Cooper as guests funds will provide for proper 
$457.95. The money will be used|%t the regular club dinner meet- space and facilities for the de- 
for educational and welfare work.| ing at the Shrine Club, velopment of its‘young people's 
The committee wishes to thank) Band members Dave Brans-| shysical mental and spiritual 
all the taggers and the public for|combe, Paul Watson, Kenneth). ai6. ‘they also feel that the 
their generous support. Adams, Randall Evans and Russ} Campaign will stimulate interest 
== ——— __, _ [Soule played a medley of tunes to) in the church, not only'financlally 

BAN ‘UNTOUCHABILITY the plano accompaniment of Kin but spiritually 
~~. . NEW DELHI (AP)—A bill set-;Jim Corradi with such snappy hea maittaliicralaa® to the can- 
sting up strict penaltics for thejold time favorites as “Sleepy vass, some 600 members of the 
practice of untouchability went to) Time Gal”, “Five Foot Two, Eyes congregation last night learned at 
India’s President Rajendra Prasad/ of Blue” and “I'm Sitting on Top a loyalty banquet in Tobe's Coun- 
today for his formal assent. He 18!of the World” rolling from thelr ty Gareena that just under $20,- 
_ expected to ‘sign the measure into/instruments with professional alr.| 999 hag been pledged by some of 
law later this week. The group also turned Up & VO-i the. campaign workers and well- 
ae calist in the person of bandsman| wishers of the church. 

a Russ Soule, who demonstrated 8! The canvass has been organized 

very fine voice in his rendition of by the worldwide Well's fund rais- 

Ries QUISHAVES “Serenade of the Bells.” 
Details of the forthcoming mass 
ANY LATHER:OR X-ray survey to be conducted in 

centre of Christian worship for.82 
years in the city’s West Hill d 

“RECEIPTS $457.95 

The recent IODE Tag Day re- 
ceipts for St. Julien Chapter were 


ing organization and personally 
supervised and managed on fhe 
local level by William Harding. | 

sociation were outlined by Mc- EXPLAINED IN DETAIL 
Kinley Rankin. Survey dates for| At last night’s banquet the can- 
Belleville will be May 30 to June; Vass was explained In detail to 
10th at the Belleville arena, Hours| the congregation by key workers 
will be 10-12 in the morning, 2-5,!n the campaign. Among the 
in the afternoon and from 7-10 in| speakers were J. D. Robertson, 
the evening, jclerk of the sessions; J. Fred Wil- 
Business discussion at the meet-;50n, general chairman of the cam- 
ing Included plans for initfation! paign; Dr. Harold Craig and Les 
night and ladies’ night. President; Digby, teams’ chairmen. 
Don Thomas noted that club of-} Special messages also were cfr 
ficers for the year ahead would be tied to the assembly through 2 
elected at the next meeting. | booklet on the campaign. 
Explaining the plan of the cam- 
paign, Mr. Wilson said that $150,- 
000 -was “a lot of money” but the 
work of achieving that goal was 
greatly reduced when spread over 
three years among 900 parishion- 

the city by the Tuberculosis As- 


Spore Sept i cata 

Fie iipien 



: McKEOWN'S DIAL WO 8-5511 

“Dial WO 8-6773 We Deliver 



MAY st to 10th. 

0-68, G-47, N-45, G-53 
0-64, B-9, 0-71, G-60 

- 0-65, G-48, B-14, N-41 - 
0-63, B-12, I-19, O-70 
N-35, I-22, 0-66, 0-67 

Cards and Gifts 




Spear vlan reer ee 

TAD lors, 

| -“With the help and support of 
‘the entire congregation it can be 
accomplished without any great 
hardship to anyone,” he said. 

“We will have obligations to 

meet just so long as we have a 
church,” he told the assembly. The 
funds would help the church it- 
self expand and also its attendant 
“There are so many things that 
could be accomplished in the 
church if we had the finances to 
do them,” he sald. 

The canvass is being carried out 
“not altogether for the finances 
of the church. We feel it Is going 
to stimulate an interest in the 
church both spiritually and finan- 

Coming together is a beginning; 
keeping together is progress; 
thinking together is unity and 
working together is success,” he 
concluded.” ; 


In his address. Ted Poste, monl- 
toring chairman, noted that of 
jsome 440 sets of duplex offering 
jenvelopes now in circulation in 
j the parish, only one-third are be- 

ing used consistently.. 
“We need the contribution the 
whole 52 Sundays of the year.” 

There will be no extra donations 
ito the church from parishioners, 
‘outside of the pledged amount for 
ithe next three years. Mr. Poste 
wondered {f salary Increases in the 
| past several years had also meant 
jan increase In church offerings. 

Speaking for the church's mlis- 

will be 

Sree a la eee bee tenese ene eieg ees” 

oe ne eee ee are Seer a eee ey The re hatweenaene ye 

wae seveasri wp 

popopererereer srry iiet er tert oats 

ire Reeth Sih tat it 

“We are not asking for another 
You can have sparkling, long wearing floors || pledge. The pledge you are being 
in every room in your house at a minimum || asked to make during this canvass 
of expense. Naims tile are standard gauge, ||Is 2 combined funds pledge.” 
triple press Marboleum, 9"x9” available in He hoped the congregation 

ae | would seriously consider contrib- 
19 beautiful colors marbelized and jaspe. luting some of the weekly pledge 

i | to Missionary and Maintenance. 
c each 


. . Wallpaper and Paints 

56 BRIDGE ST. E. ,, DIAL WO 8-6078 

Mother's Day 


They're New... 
They're Different ... 
Choose your Mother's Day 

Cari from our large selec 

PIPTrvorrire i ee 
989 Or wer ewt ere rE ee Tee wre He 

Where he’s never afrald of our 
“pulling one over”. 
t : 

5: » $1.00 

ae is 




-GI& USTRICT NEWS [Band Members (Holloway Street 
 setontss ome, (Entertain At (Opens Campaign for $150,00 

Holloway Street United Church,| Dr. Harold Craig, spectal gifts/o¢ Arthur Flindall, was held on 
chairman, called on the congrega-| Monday, May Ist; from the Weav- |: 

}slonary and maintenance commit- 

ANS { ;tec, Les Digby outlined details of 
wal \ that committee's use of Sunday 
. = | offerings. ! 

"+1 1008, ; 

| United Church 

(R.B, 4, Trenton)! 

The funeral of Mrs. Edith M. 
Flindall, R.R. 4, Trenton, widow 

tion to treat the church more as/er Funeral Home, Trenton. Rev. 
a community centre. “{R. H. Finley, of-Smithfield Un- 
“It is my sincere bellef that wejited Church, conducted the ser- 
have drifted away from the church | vice. : (Mix: 
as a community centre,” he sald,| Bearers were: Cecil. Fitchett, 
adding it was “high time” that}Ross Crosby, Frank Powers, 
time spent: on-service ‘clubs andj Lloyd Bigford, Howard May and 
such. organizations was diverted) Richard Haggerty. 
more into making the church | Interment took place in St. 
a centre, George’s cemetery. 

‘ The.deceased was born in Stir- 
A primary need to this end was 
more facilities and it was desir- ling, the daughter of the late Mr. 

and Mrs, Thomas Weese, and liv- 
able to have oT Loree — ed in Stirling prior to moving to 
community activities within the/the English settlement, R.R. 4, 
ehurch group. Trenton, 46 years ago, 

Scqtt Denton explained that the} She died in Trenton Memorial 
pledge made to the fund was not} Hospital on Friday, April 29th, 
binding, nor a promissory note, | after being in poor health for the 
“It is up to you what fou would! past six months. She was in 
like to pledge.” her 72nd year, 
“Ten years ago,” he said, “the| She {fs survived by three daugh- 
dollar was worth more than at| ters: Miss Jennie Flindall, of Ro- 
present, and if we have not revised! chester, N.Y.; Mrs. Wilbert (Ag- 
our contribution to the church in|n¢s) Marols, R.R. 4, Trenton; and 
sei yeu ten we > el Hea Geet et 
aire much as we did. ‘ten She was predeceased by her hus- 
In making the pledge “one band, Arthur Flindall in 1946. 

The deceased was a member of 
thing we are dolng is giving back 
what was given to us.” It also was Smithfield United ' Church, \the 

We "s I 
an investment for future genera- ayahethss estihine peivere Ease 
tions. - = *| Mount Carmel. 

on the lengthy ‘schedule. He com-j| Funeral services for Edward 
mended Mr. Harding and the Clarke, Frankford, who died at 
| Well’s organization for its work the Cain Nursing Home, Foxboro, 
jand said that wherever the Well's April 29, were held Sunday from 
| organizatlon.has operated not only|the Rowe Funcral Home, Frank- 
jwere church finanées raised but/ ford, to the village cémetery. 
ithere also was a’ “tremendous pee tiie C. Secker, Stirling, 
” . 
rurge of Interest” in the church, |°lScamers were: Ross_ Turley, 
o P | Harry Turley, Reginald Simmons, 
‘a.rod that will be held over you; 
+Jack Finnegan, George Mentgom- 
but rather something that will re-/ ery and William Pollard 
{fresh the church”, he said. | A life resident of the district, 
Ret Ea aaah held basal tg Clarke's death culminated an 
obs, Ws. » Wi jillness of about three weeks. A 
,called the pioneering days of the; bachelor, he was born in Frank- 
tehurch and said like the ploneers| ford, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ches- 
i“we must think of the men and/ter Clarke. He was a member 
women of tomorrow”. lof aoe peaiiees church. : 
| J. D, Robertson, who said that urviving are two cousins, Mrs. 
‘the greatest need today Is “to. be, Gladys Ketcheson and Mrs. Hattie 
a Christian in every sense of the! MacRostie, both of Frankford. 
| word” and “. .. bury our self-| - 

|Ishness in service to others.” * 

Leonard Reld reminded the au- Thi Tak 
lanes that “we also have a moral eves € 
jobligation to contribute to the 
ae $40 From Bo 

Head table guests at the ban-| rom x 

t were: Mr, and Mrs, Scott 
ss ‘on; Mrs. Grant Coulter, WMS lh Break-In 

president; Mr, and Mrs. Garn) 
; Dobbs; Mr. Robertson; Rev. and ea LO 
|Mrs. Sidney Larman; Ted Poste ae peut ; 
land Les Digby. City and provincial police and 
The Women's Auxiliary of Cen-| Belleville firemen reported a 
jtenary United Church catered for quiet time during the past 24 
the dinner. + |hours with little more than rou- 
’ tine’ matters being brought to 
eir attention. * x 
e City police said a break-in. at 
{ Dp. armer. the Hollywood-Maxwell Co. Ltd. 
' on Water street, had netted thiev- 
B ° es about $40, the contents of a 
ut 2ss am .jcash box. The thieves had appar- 

ently gained entrance to the fac- 

tory through a window, 
Than Last Year oe Windows at St. Michael's Acad- 

emy took a beating from young 
i —— stone-throwing mfarksmen. Par- 
Rural weather prognosticators) 
claim signs point to a warm dry) 
spell ahead and if weather. statis-| 
jtics for the past month can 

broken windows. 
Provincial police were called 

train fell as compared with 3.44! for the summer and had gone 
{inches a year ago. through the fence. 

A’ high of 74 degrees was regis-| Firemen-reported only one run, 
tered at the city pump house west] that being for a chimney blaze. 
of the city while the lowest the| 
| thermometer sank was 25 degrees. | 
| A year ago the highest was 72 de- Mrs L G Willi 
| grees with a chilly seven degrees. ekieWJe ams 

The mean temperature for the , { rs 

month was 48 degrees as compar- N Pp d 
‘ed with 44 a year ahs r ew resi ent 

| Fifty Knights [H&S Assoc. 
Take Degrees The annual meeting of the 

B.C.1LV.S. Home and School As- 

. e sociation was held at the colleg- 
| At Ceremonial jate on Monday evening, 

Reports were presented by Miss 

Naismith, recording — secretary; 

Mrs. Poste, corresponding secre- 

Exemplification of second. and} tary; Mrs. Huddleston, convener 
third degrees for 50 Knights of| of the room mothers and Mr. All- 
lumbus from Belleville, Tren-| corn, treasurer. — Special mention 
ton and Tweed, took place In the| was, made of Mrs. Gander and 
Knights of Columbus rooms, 399) Mrs. Williams, who jointly direct- 
Front St., on Sunday, May Ist. ted the affairs of the club dur- 
Upwards of 300 Knights from ag, 08 the year. Mn Musgrove was 
far west as Oshawa and as far thanked for the excellent work 

jhe had donc in editing the month- 
east as Renfrew, attended the yy. bulletins. The co-operation 

ceremonies which marked another) u 
event in the 50th anniversary | of rR aaah targa eho 
celebrations of Belleville Council) ‘The chairman of the nominat- 
s - ing committee, Mrs. Joan Gan- 
The degree team, from Belle-| der, presented the nominees for 
ville Council, which, put on the office for the new school year, 
second degree was composed of:| which were: president, Mrs. L. G. 
Robertson Collins, Bernard Hur-| Williams; — recording — secretary, 
ley, Edward Buckley, Thomas! Mr. C. .Kelso; treasurer, Mr. E. 
Clancy, R. E. Barrett and Thomas| Whitfield; corresponding secre- 
Morrison. tary, Mrs. F. Davidson; for exe- 
The third degree team from} cutive members, Mesdames_ P. 
Renfrew was headed by James’ Huddlestone, E, Simmons, N. Ca- 
Maloney, Q. Cc. jthers and A, Wilson and Mr. A. 
rene the exemplification EThean ane slate was clected 
of degrees, candidates and guests é 
were treated to a. butfet turkey | 2nd Mrs, Morden then installed 

them into office. 
dinner, which was arranged by| , ? 
Lectures Frank Dewenico, ¥| Exhibits of students’ work were 

Knights attended from Oshawa,| meetin: TI - 
Peterborough, Cobaurg, Belleville, | tery, ae ances cOml pane 
Trenton, Tweed, Kingston, Brock- painting and a ‘ 
ville, Renfrew and Gananoque. ren’s clothes. 

display of child- 

= ‘ Siiey 

on display and Inspected after the’ 

weather a juplor-sized residential 
building boom has resumed in the 
city with. nineteen permits for 
residential construction having 
been issued during April by the 
elty building inspector. 

new dwelling units, while nine) 
were for additions or alterations 
to existing structures. Total value 

of Belleville, retired today from 
The Bell Telephone Company of 
Canada after 42 years’ service. 
Mr. Shappee, who Is with the 
plant department, received a cita- 
tion for bravery last year after 
diving into deep canal waters to 
rescue a drowning man., 

Building Boom - 

Pastor of.the church, Rev. Sid-| .. EDWARD CLARKE R “v8 Ci 
ney Larman was the last speaker (Frankford) | esumes m ity 


With the return of spring 

‘Ten of the permits were for! 

of the residential construction for 
the month is $127,700. 

One of the permits for residen- Employer Plan 

tial construction calls for a five- 
unit apartment on Charlotte street 
costing an estimated $20,000. 

ing installed, one at Booth Radio 
costing $1,500, and the other at 
Burke's canteen on West “Bridge 
street costing $2,000. 

District Students 

Two new store fronts are be- 

Get High Marks 

At Kemptville 

; Upon to double as cow jockeys,|from the Belleville area included 
jtaken as a sample, they are only) Monday when a number of cattle | Ross Moorcroft, Madoc, 76.3; Vin- 
ee right. ' strayed from a Marysville pasture|cent Auger, Trenton, 71.3; and 

The mean temperature for April' tot onto the highway and aj Harold Harris, Madoc, 59.3. Jun- 
{was four points above that of a! neighbor's farm.’ .The cattle had|ior students in agriculture in- 
; year ago while only 1.91 Inches of been placed on the pasture lot|¢luded Kenneth Keénington, ' Pic- 

the Kemptville. Agricultural 
School will be June 4th, it has 
been announced by school offic- 
ials. A number of Bay of 
Quinte district students attend- 
ing the school have now gone 
ents of the kiddies were notificd| home for. the summer and mark- 
jand they agreed to replace.the|ing of examination papers, has 
: been completed. 

Graduation day for students of 

Sentor agriculture students 

ton, 78.8; Archie Kerr, Picton, 
67.4; Edward Tobin, Madoc, 63.3, 

Senior me economics stud- 
ents inclyfied Betty Chamber- 
lain, Norwood, 83.4; Joan’ Little, 
Campbellford, 79.5. Rebecca 
Platz, Cloyne, as a jonior stud- 
ent, received 83.3 per cent. - 

Walter Clark, Norwood, receiv- 
ed 79.8 per cent in an advanced 
course of agricultural mechanics, | 
. Special prizes were won by 
Betty Chamberlain, Norwood, -for 
highest general proficiency, and 
for highest in nutrition. Miss 
Piatz was awarded a special prize 
for general proficiency in junior | 
home economics. 





Dial WO 8-6791 


1 |Cost Accountants |} 
IToBeRepeseted EEE 
1 |At Annual Meet ~ |cesre: = 5,4 2c 

Mrs. sm 
are ha. to the 
Birth of thelr’ Gaughter,, Catherine 

Representatives of the Bay of 
Quinte Chapter of The Soctety of SCOTT. — Mr, and Mrs. Gerald Scott | 
Industrial and Cost’ Accountants| ofa daughter, Poder April 29th, 
|witl attend the 14th ‘annual meet-| fiir X iiter er Beverion 
ing of the group in Niagara Falls 
this month, The three-day ses- 
sion will be held at the Sheraton 
Brock Hotel, May 26 to May 28 
and more than 300 Society mem- 
bers will be in attendance. 

Bay: of Quinte Chapter presl- 
dent, Mr. J. Bennett, announced 
today that delegates from this 
community Include: L. G. Lennox, 
Stewart-Warner Corp. of Canada; 
A. W. Lockley, Belleville Lock 
Company, Ltd.; 
Belleville Lock Company, Ltd.; W. 
Breach, Belleville Lock Company, 
Ltd; R. J. A. Taylor, Mead John- 
son & Company of Canada, Ltd.; 
F. R. Huff, Mead Johnson & Com- 
pany of Carfada, Ltd.; J. Bennet 4 
Northern Electric Company, Ltd. 
The coe of the center ence a 
‘Design for Cost Control”, speci-| ross. — In loving of my 
fically related to the accounting] dear, sister, Carte, Louise, who 
problems in today’s industrial de-| near sister, you are not forgotten 
velopment. The meeting will make} Though on earth you are no more; 

undertakings and members anti-| wi 
clpate a valuable exchange of ma- 

Rotarians Hear 
Talk on Worker, |»?arize' S655; Sc" 

The Rotary Club yesterday were} —Loved to dearly and missed so 

Biggest item of construction on! recipients of some advice on em- 
the month’s list is the new addi- 
tion at the Sir Winston Churchill 
School costing $83,000. 


LATCHFORD. — Carl and 

Friday, April 

~Jene. on Monday, 4 
@ Belleville eneral 
A sister for Christine, 


"28th, 1953, 

‘B, A. McRae, 


passed away May 3rd, 1954. 

Still in memory you 

extensive use of work shops, ‘always were 

members panels and case histor- AS ever remembered William 
les to y ADustrate tents in the ac-| Fawley, 200 

egunting profession, TAYLOB. — In loving ofa 
The local group is particularly Gear mothers, Bara. George 
interested in the chapter officers Ist, 1954, 
meetings at which ideas and a sa 

problems of chapter activity will] our ‘ni. 

be discussed. Full study will be 
given to community and chapter| But when we saw 

So cefully, free 
S aiaree sist 
Te aos snelner again. 
Pec aera ete 
Rr. nd Mss. Nicholscn of 
Stirling. P 
ea ema 
TAYLOR, — In loving 

of Frankford, who passed 

morn ‘ " 

‘The sorrow the day would bring 
For the call was sudden, the 

We wonder why, dear grandmother, 
youhad to die ‘ 
Without a chance to say goodbye. 

By grandchildren 

Douglas, vid and Gary Ni 

ployee-employer relationship in! o¢ stirling, Ont. 
industry, when Ross Ogilvie, Im- 
perial Oll Company, Toronto of- 
fice, addressed the club's weekly 
meeting In the Hotel Quinte. 

Mr. Ogilvie gave the club_a de- 
tailed description of his, company’s 
work and achievements in that; 
the various pension and benefit) 
plans inaugurated by the com- 

He also stressed thé need for} 
good communications between 
employee and the company. 

MF) Ogilvie was introduced' by 
AD. McLean and thanked by 
Joe Demeza. \ * 

During the meeting an appeal 
from Capt. Cy Fisher, Salvation !/-—— 
Army, was read to‘the club. The) 
lettér appealed for volunteers to 
ald in the Red Shield campaign. 

DIAL WO 8-5735 


@ Victoria Ave. at Chureh Street 

dwelling particularly on | 


. we = 




DIAL WO 8-8100 

1234 POUNDS: 
Laura Secord 


Mother’s Day 

BOK see Ee ie caeerre $2.40 

1 POUND scesenennenonoonacennenenernenneueunennent $1.20 
MARASCHINO CHERRIES ...........-:sssesees $1.50 

SALTO NUT MEATS ...-..-sescssssesssseusseneceesseees T5C_ 


ndmotser, Maar Georne 


To part with one we loved so dear. \. 


Ppa 4 


SEO ee aY 

‘TUESDAY, MAY 3,1955 ~~ : : 2 


Quotations furnished by BIGGAR é& CRAWFORD 
John D. Ryan, Branch Manager 

Belleville Office — Dial WO 8-5581 
Members Toronto Stock Exchange 


Abitibi 30% 

Algoma 57% 
Aluminium 90 

Atlas Steel 17% 
Bell Telephone 46% 
Brazilian Tract. 73% 
B.A, Oll 26% 

Can. Celanese 21% 
Canada Cement 37% 
Canada Steamship 26 
Can. Canners 34 
Can, Car and F. 21 
Can. Oil 19% 

CPR. 30% ' 
Cockshutt Plow 73s 
Cons. M. and S. 313% 
Cdn. Breweries 26% 
Corby’s A 17% 
Cons, Paper 69% 
Seagrams 31% 

Dom, Foundries 19% 
Dom. Steel 15% 

Dom, Bridge 18% 
Ford A 112 ° 
Gen. Dynamics 62% 
Great Lakes 36 - 
Imperial Oil 36% 
Imperial Tobacco. 114% 
Ind. Acceptance 565% 
Inter. Petroleum 25% 
Inter. Nickel 637% 
Inter, Ppl. 26% 

Inter. Paper 104 
Massey Harris 934 
McColl Frontenac: 36% 
Powell River’ 48% 
Steel of Canada 48 
Trans. Mt. Ppl. 31% 
Traders Finance 4432 . 
Walkers 6634 

" US. Steel 87% 


Algom 17% 
Anacon Lead 340. 
Anglo. Can, Oil 510 
Ascot Metals 56% . 
. Baska Uran 70 
Broulan Reef 140 
Bailey Sel. 10% 
Calvan. Cons. 535 
Cent. Leduc 175 
Chimo 242 

Cons. Gillies 16 
Cons. Howey 365 
Cons; Micmac 280 
Calg. and Edm. 14% 
Can. Devonian 189 
Del Rio 130 
Devon Leduc 143 
Dome 16% 
Donalda 31 

East Metals 118 
East Malartic 235 
East Sullivan 640 
Falconbridge 26% 
Faraday 230. 
Fargo 240 
Frobisher 425 

. Giant Yellowknife 660 
* God’s Lake 68. - 

Geco 12% 

Gulch 131 

Gunnar 15 
Headway RL. 215 
Hollinger 21 5-8 
Home Oil 950 
Hudson Bay M. and S, 59% 
Inspiration 230 

Jon Smith 85 : 
Kerr Addison 16% * 
Labrador 15 

Lk. Dufault 126 
Lake Shore 565 
Lorado 410 

Liberal 340 
Mackeno 55 

Mentor 156 
McIntyre 69 

Meta 63 

New Calumet 70 
New Delhi 104 
Nesbitt Labine 190 
New Thurbois 41 
Normetal 425 
Noranda 92 1-2 
New Bid 32 

Okalta 132 
Opemiska 395 
Prospector Alrways 365 
Peruvian 290 
Pacific Pet. 10 5-8 
Preston 820 * 
Quebec Copper 445 
Quemont 23 1-8 
Radlore 295 

Rix 155 

Scurry Oils 192 
Silver Miller 98 
Sherritt Gordon 680 
Steep Rock 935 
Sullivan 740 

Trans Era 39 

Trend 27 

Triad Oil 500 
Tombill 30 ‘ 
Teck Hughes 310 
United Asbestos 575 

—~ United Oils 126 

Ventures 30 1-4 
Waite Amulet 14 

Support the 




TORONTO (CP)—All grades: of 
steers, heifers and fed yearlings 

at the Ontario stockyards. 

mand at strong prices. 
Receipts: Cattle 1,350; 


20.50-21.50; one lot 21.60; 
steers 19.50-20.50; mediums 16-19; 
commons 12-16; choice heifers 
18.50-19;. good helfers 17-18; me- 

yearlings, 20.50-21; good fed yearl- 
ings 19-20; mediums 17-19; good 
cows 14,50-15; good light heifery 
cows 16; canners and cutters 8; 
good heavy bologna bulls 14-14.50; 
good light butchers 16; common 
and medium light bulls 10. 

Replacement cattle: good stock- 
ers 19-20; a few extreme tops 21; 
mediums 17-19. 

Calves 21-24; a few extreme tops 
25 for good and choice vealers; 
medium 15-20; common 10-15, 

Hog prices were not established. 

Good. spring lambs 21.530; good 
light sheep. 810; common and 
sheep 4. 


TORONTO (CP) — Churning 
cream and butter print prices were 
unchanged here today. 

The-egg market was barely 
steady with offerings sufficient for 
a quict demand, 

Quotations provided by the Do- 
minion department of agriculture; 
Eggs, graded, in fibre cases: A 
large 41; A medium 40; A small 
36-37; B 35; C 27. Wholesale to re- 
tail; A large 46; A medium 46; 

A small 41-42; B 40; C 32. 

‘| Butter solids: Ont., first grade 
4%. * 


MONTREAL (CP) — The ‘U.S. 
dollar was at of 1% 
per cent the Bank of Canada re- 
ported at noon EDT, today, Mon- 
day’s noon rate was 98 27-32 cents. 
Pound sterling $2.76 9-16 against 
$2.76 11-16. * 


TORONTO (CP) — The stock 
market forged strongly ahead in 
early afternoon trading today. 

Trading dropped to the slowest 
pace in more than a month with 
3,584,000 shares changing hands by 

1p. m. 

Papers led industrials up as all 
major sections moved ahead. In- 
ternational Paper jumped $3, Anglo 
Canadian Pulp and Paper 1%, 
Consolidated Paper $1 and Great 
Lakes Paper 34. Howard Smith and 
Abitibi had smaller gains, 

Among losing issues, General Dy- 
namics dropped 4%, Ogilvie 24% 
and Aluminium %4. 

Base metals also climbed 
sharply. United Keno jumped 35 to 
37.40, a 1955 high. Quebee Lithium 
gained % and Falconbridge, and 
Quebec Nickel hadssmaller gains. 

Bailey Selburn A jumped $1.02% 
to $10.62% among western oils but 
Canadian Collieries and Sapphire 
showed small losses. 

Golds were generally strong with 
gains going to East Malartic, Pres- 
ton East Dome, San Antonio and 
Lamaque. Sullivan dropped 25 to 


Consolidted Denison jumped 25 
to $7.75 among a mixed speculative 

Arts And Crafts 
Club Enjoys 
Colored Films 

The regular monthly meeting 
of the Belleville Arts and Crafts 
Club was held Monday . evening 
in their club rooms in King 
George School, with the presi- 
dent, Mrs. Dolly Cain, presiding. 

In the bulletin, the members 
had been asked to bring a cup 
and saucer, for an occasional cof- 
fee party, and the response was 

/j wonderful, so that all enjoyed 
the refreshments served by the 
hostesses of the evening, the Art 
group, convened by Mrs. Whal- 

Mr. Tindale’s class in ceramics 

was in progress in the south 
room, while the business meet- 

,|ing was conducted, a showing of 

a weaving film, “Warp and 

Weft,” procured through — the 

Belleville and District Film Coun- 

cil, and also. some beautiful col- 
ored slides of scenic views across 

Canada, shown by Mr. R. Wil- 

‘}Mamson, were the pursuits of the 

balance of the members present. 

Altogether a most enjoyable and 

profitable evening. 


Registered Optometrist 

27 BRIDGE ST. E.. 
Office WO 2-220 Hes, WO 85-7283 

sold sluwly at steady prices today 

Cows and bulls met a broad de- 
350; hogs 385; sheep and lambs 
240; holdover from Monday 1,750 

Prices: choice steers, all weights 

diums 14-16> commons 12-14; boner 
steers and heifers 10-12; choice fed 

“All of this work started under 
a hat—and I wore that hat!” 

William Booth, founder of The 
Salvation Army, made this state- 
ment many times during his life, 
in referring to the world wide 
movement that he started, and 
which today operates in 85 coun- 
tries of the globe. 

Ninety years ago, in 1865, 
young William Booth was a 
Methodist minister preaching 
near London. His church disap- 
proved of the evangelical meth- 
‘ods that young. Booth wished to 
use, to take the Gospel to the 
“man in the street.” In protest 
against his church's restraint and 
criticism, William Booth gave up 
his pulpit and went out into Lon- 
don’s East End to take the bene- 
fits of religion to those without a 

William preached on street cor- 
ners, and—when he could find 
onc—in a tent. Rocks and mud 
were thrown at him, and his 
tents were cut down. Still he 
persisted, wishing to be able to 
rehabilitate and reclaim the 
thousands of destitute around him 
in whom no man but himself 
seemed interested. | 

William Booth’s high spiritual 
resolve and courage quickly won 
him friends and followers; and fi- 
nancial support came from quar- 
ters where it was least expected: 
from royalty and from the nobil- 
ity. Greatest support of the Sal- 
vation Army came from the start, 
however, from those whose plight 
Booth determined to relieve: the 

With Booth an interest in men’s 
spiritual welfare was ~ coupled 
with an interest in their physical 
well-being, and William Booth 
was the first to establish food kit- 
chens for the hungry, and to pro- 
vide shelter for those who were 
then sleeping on the bridges and 
streets of London. 

William Booth's wife, Cathe- 
rine, was perhaps the first social 
worker as modern socicty- under 
stands the term, for she pioneer- 
ed in visiting the poor, and in 
administering to them. 

After only fourteen years of 
existence, the Salvation Army be- 
gan to spread to other countries. 
Once committed to a policy of ex- 
pansion beyond Great ain, 
General Booth lost no time in 
sending pioneer parties to other 
lands. The work was established 
in 1881 in Australia and France; 
in 1882 in Switzerland, Sweden, 
India and Canada; and in 1883, in 
South Africa, Ceylon and New 
Zealand. .In- every succeeding 
year, the Salvation Army entered 
other countries. Work in Canada 
was begun by two youthful Sal- 
vationist emigrants -from Eng- 
land—Jack Addie and Joe Lud- 
gate, They met accidentally in 
London, Ont., and together decid- 
ed to establish the Army's work. 

Today, 108 languages and dia- 
lects are needdd by the almost 
18,000 Salvation Army corps and 
joutposts around the world for 
their work of evangelism, relief 
and education. There is no cor- 
ner of the globe. in civilized or 
primitive society, where the Sal- 
vation Army does not operate, 
catering to peate-time needs as 
well as to those resulting from 
wars, disasters and emergencies. 

iThe Salvation Army's annual 
Red Shicld appeal is now under- 
| way, with $8,000 being sought in 
the Belleville district. 


(Continued trom Poge 1.)~ 

The government should study 
means “‘to stop this rat race in 
summer months," His | solution 
would be to have manuiegturers 
change to new models in .August 
instead of the year-end so that 
there would be full production dur- 
ing winter months. . 

Mr, Hosking suggested the On- 
tario government cauld help reduce 
motoring costs in the province by 
reviewing the “huge” licence, gas- 
Oline and oil taxes it charged mo- 

“Who's going to feevthe high- 
ways?" interjected G, K, Fraser 
(PC—Peterborough). , 

Monday's debate also brought 
forward a variety of suggestions on 
development of natural resources. 

Frank Enfield’ (L — York-Scar- 
borough) said tax policies should 
recognize the importance of en- 
couraging those who take risks to 
develop Canada’s natural wealth. 


Carl Nickle (PC—Calgary South) 
said income tax provisions on de- 
pletion allowances for Canadian 
gas and oil coinpanies put them on 
unequal terms with United States 
firms operating in Canada. The re- 
sult was a decrease in Canadian off 
Investment and an increased flow 
of U.S. capital, A 

Dr, Trainor charged the govern- 
ment with following a ‘‘vacillating, 
unrealistic policy’? on natural re- 
sources, Eastern cities lke Mont- 
real and Toronto were getting 
natural gas-before Winnipeg be- 
cause of a policy apparently de- 
signed to keep natural resources in 
the ground if they can’t be sold. 


~ . 

Young Methodist |CNR And Bethlehem Steel Co. 
Minister Started |Plan Opening Ceremonies 

* TS ea et A a dha che > pao Ae eee ean A as, 2) od Nyaa Date Lt eee gar 


Salvation Army’ | At MarmoraMine, Picton Dock 

Official opening of the Bethle- 
hem Steel Company’s {ron mine 
at Marmora and first shipment of 
concentrate from the company’s 
dock at Picton will take place, 
Wednesday, May 11. 

Bethlehem Steel Company pre- 
sident A..B. Homer, Donald Gor- 
don, president of the CNR, and 
Rt. Hon. C. D. Howe, Minister of 
Trade and Commerce, will head 
the official party of company, 
railway and government leaders 
taking part in day-long ceremon- 
fes marking the commencement 
of production, 

The largest contingent of in- 
dustrial and government leaders 
ever assembled in Hastings 
County will travel by special 
train to the company property at 
Marmora and to the ore loading 
site at Picton. 

Top management of the world’s 
second largest steel company will 
attend the ‘opening ceremonies as 
well as the chief executives of 
Marmoraton Iron Mines Ltd., the 
company's Marmora subsidiary. 

In addition to Bethlehem’s pres- 
ident, the parent company will be 
represented by 21 top executives 
ineluding/ vice-presidents, 
three_division managers, and all 
the top assistants to the vice- 
presidents and managers. 


Mr. Howe will head the feder- 
al government delegation of five 
cabinet ministers including Hon, 
J. J. McCann, Minister of Na- 
tional*Revenue; Hon. Walter E. 
Harris, Minister of Finance; Hon. 

Ralph Campney, Minister of 
National Defence; and Hon. 
George Prudham, Minister of 
Mines, : 2 

The Senate will be represented 
by Senators W. A. Fraser and A. 
N. McLean.. ~ ; 

The Ontario “government will 
be represented by Premier Leslle 
Frost, Hon. Philip Kelly, Minister 
of Mines; Harold Rickaby, Dep- 
uty Minister of Mines; Hon. H. 
R. Scott, Elmef Sandercock, MPP; 
Norris Whitney, MPP; and W. E, 
Bawden, chief inspector of Mines. 

S. J. Shale, manager of the 
Marmoraton Mining Co. .Ltd., and 
H, O. Olsen, general superintend- 
ent, will head the list of Marmor- 
aton executives in the official 


CNR officials attending the 
opening ceremonies, in addition 
to president Donald Gordon, will 
include four vice-presidents, the 
general and regional superintend- 
ents, traffic manager and execu- 
tive assistants in a 22-member 

Special guests will include 
Hugh Hilton, president of’ the 
Steel Company of Canada Ltd., 
H. M. Griffith, vice-president of 
Stelco; J, T. Chisholm, of Stelco; 
J. C. Udd, president of National 
Management Ltd, and R. G, 
Walsh, manager of the Deloro 

Smelting and Refining Co. 

Local government officials will 
include: H. J, McFarland, mayor 
of Picton; C,. Wilson, reeve of 
Hallowell; J. Welsh, reeve of So- 
phlasburg; R. Wells, reeve of Mar- 
mora, and I. McCoy, reeve of 
Marmora township. 


The official party will board a fe ad opal btn aes f. rem 
special train’ at Trenton Wednes- irate SASS 
day morning and will arrive at tas 

Marmora at 10.20 am. 

Following a tour of: the prop- 
erty .and the pellet plant, the 
train will leave Marmora at 12.20 
p.m. It will travel over the re- 
conditioned railway used by ore 
trains to the loading docks on 
Picton Reach, 

A. B. Homer, president of Beth- 
Ichem Steel, is scheduled to give 
the signal that starts the first ore 
carrier on its trip to the cam- 
pany’s blast furnaces at Lacka- 
wanna, New York. 5 

Donald Gordon ‘will release the 
pellets from an ote car into the 
loading bins to signal the official 
openine of the mining company’s 

Mr. Gordon, Rt. Hon. C. D, 
Howe, and Hon. Leslie Frost are 
scheduled to make brief addresses 
during the official ceremonies. 

The party is scheduled to re- 
turn to Trenton at 6.43 p.m. 

Lambton County 
Provides Winning 

Team of Debaters 

GUELPH (CP) — The Ontario! 

iJunior Farmer provincial debating] 

championships were held Monday 
night in conjunction with the Junior 
Farmers annual meeting and pro- 
vinclal conference. 

The wihning team of Ralph Fer- 
guson and Lorne Edgar is from| 
Lambton county while the losers} 
were from Peel county, Lorna Hill- 
yard and Evelyn Thomas, 

The topic was “Resolved that the 
encroachment of housing develop- 
present practice of urban expan- 
‘sion at the expense of productive 
farm land {s detrimental to On- 
tario’s welfare."’ > 

The first affirmative speaker, 
Lorna Hillyard, said that after the 



beacy (devble-ply fer extra strength). And 
aly Delsey Ie “cleon-cut” te feet evenhy—= 
20 shredding, ne werte with Delsey, 

2 fr 37 

Soft like KLEENEX trode Marts 


“Bellevilie’s Only Faberge Centre” 
WE DELIVER — WO 8-5549 


Most of Canada can look forward to normal 
or near normal temperatures for the next 25 
days, according to the long-range weather fore- 

east by the 


abe) Ges 


Sewlork. 3% 

chilly area is a stripe of the western provinces 
just north of the U.S. border. (Central Press 

The one 

ments and new industries have! the Niagara area is simply dumpea] He explained that one industry im 
choked out the Niagara fruit belt,/in the lakes because of over-pro-/his own locality was known to pay 
they will spread to destroy other|duction for a limited market, then|36 per cent of the municipalities 

agriculturally-rich land. 
Nonsense, retorted the first neg-|mitted to make better use of the 
ative speaker. If surplus fruit from land? ‘ 

why should not industry be per-/assessment. He asked the affirma- 
tive to cite any similar example in 
the instance of a farm, 

DIAL WO 2-4636 

For Summer Far Storage 


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: put to work for-you. It doesn’t matter how much you need. If it’s 
for a good purpose, come to Bellvue. 

« You'll find all of Bellvue’s Branch Offices ready and able to 

serve you with good practical advice and any type of special loan 

‘you may require. Call Bellvue for prompt, courteous and special 



- 203 FRONT ST. DIAL WO 2-4501 | 

DIAL WO 8-8535 : 


Ontario Established 1841 —, Intelligencer 1837 
: by ; 

lewepenar Association: Member of 7h 



Decay of Democracy.” 

What has come about has been| well-trained and a well-filled 
too largely and widely just a}mind.” 

For years I have been harping. 
What else? Harping on a num- 

Personal Health Service 



MAY 3; 1955 

© pubscription rates: : f 3 : ; a2 
rs ‘eatrier in Belleville: 25 cents per week ~ from an Address by Charlotte Whitten, Mayor of Ottawa, ' z mean 
& 3 mail tn Conese + 98 Per eat 94.75 for 6 months; $2.50 for 3 months On Prince of Wales College, Charlottetown; PEL, on “The At Last A Faint Yap Ah AEE 

smoking, I have never heard 
from a parent, grandparent, guar - 

transfer of power to an increas- : i & 
*|ingly diffuse and indifferent and] It is so easy to swim with the 

uninformed body—the  people.|tide and the tide is afloat with so 

dian or anyone else” who admits ; 
he or she shares my belief in the 
temperance pledge. Especially: not 

ber of things pestaining to health 

aie “No student attending Queeri’s ever paid more. than and happiness—happiness being 

ica education cost.” ~4 
, half,of what his or her goes the Queen’ < 

‘ And fgnorance and error have|many swimming the same/sway contingenf upon healtf, One of|/from a pastor,, a doctor—I tell 
That statement, See seat hein every Canadian been rampant, since, as John|. . -living so uniformly the samej these things is drinking. , . - you, Sonuphiligis: it hurts. 
» Alumni Association, could apply &« Morley says: “It is an idea that|way, eating so: many different) I have incessantly urged par-|| But I’m not giving up. I still, 
» university. ; ; : error somehow in certain stages,|brands of almost the same foods,/ents, guardians, uncles, aunts,| believe the Lord is my Shepherd. 
5 The greater percentage of university costs is met Schere there is enough of it, actu-| wearing clothes styled to stand-| grandparents, big brothers or sis-|Today camo a postal card from a 
_ through endowment and by gifts from mee ye aoe ally does food, Uke vaccination” ards, changing | aust enous tol ters, ere eee doctors, | New: Enataid | peadeswha eas: 
; we have come e.| stimulate pr ors ‘fo pledge» grow ar rT: ERE 
~ the major proportion of alumni gifts rang m This democratic way ot life,"| but not too great departure from children under thelr Career safle ted like your stand on sicohol- 
i ‘i ihe - é that we have so° glori. have|a common norm; in ng in the} ence otal abstinence. m.- Keep it up. Today. the at- ; 
University financing has never met more than imme- we not held ayer: spall: vox|same recreation, driving cars of} My mother, an active member] titude of poe people towards: 
diate needs. male ae omtver{ lermeetere date volce of the people is Laps yeaa eprastersp models; Petite Cenenaetais W.C.T.U., oe iu ery nape “ 
alt und-raising ves, volce 0: ? — and which ing to the halr-do’s, cosme-/ an recollect, an officer or] thi it. is “real gone’ g 
- from:philanthropists. Building programs are rarely Jaunch- wag designed to assure the exer-|tics, sport shirts, fishing Aercgrec a delegate or something, pledged| what we used to call “soused”. 
ed or sustained by 0 ting revenue because, as the else of their direct power over|or what have you—even the|her four sons to total abstinence,| They actually work at getting: 
‘ ’, anes tio ints out, less than half of their own lives by the people|diapers and baby formulae—of/and no conceivable temptation or) used to the taste and the habit. , 
- Queen’s al n po ° . themselves), has become so dif-jchanging mass dictates. — - circumstance could have made] I know. “1 have-~ a © teen-age 
_ the cost of educating students is met by fees. th fused over great masses with any-| In a material discontent we are/any of us break such a pledge.| granddaughter... 9° - |’ - 
Hig’ income taxes are bound to reduce the) 2 thing but common interests, so/off with the old just because it is) Yes, we promised not to use al- f :  Mys. ¢ 
* average gifts of alumni. Because alumni gifts repre- | «Pop, can you let me have a dollar? ... All my ready essh fs tled | blurred In outline, so much a form the old, not because it is worn'cohol or tobacco before we were] No doubt some doctors, pastors, ~~ 
~ sent a very real source of revenue, and because the uni- up in piggy banks.” of speech indeed rather than alor useless, and on with the new,/21. x : teachers or guardians would ‘write * 
tg be to what extent gifts will be forth- : way of life, that {t threatens |whether it be new garments, or} The jemptations or  circum-|and wish me well if they were not “4 
versity can never be sure 8 “In bogs and sands” to perish,| gadgets, or manners, or morals, al stances ‘growing. children knew| afraid that (1) I'll reveal their ~ 47 
coming, year-to-year financing is precarious. and “to evil. and to good be|new wife, a new ‘husband, or alin our time were indeed diminu-|identity and/or (2) thelr ‘pa- % 
Canada’s population, growing rapidly because of im- LOOKING BACKWARDS lost forever.” new falth—change merely for|tive compared with what grow-|rishioners, patients, employers or 
migration and a high birthrate, will place an increasingly . e change’s\ sake, as publicity and|ing children must cope with to-j business associates wouldn't lke - 

heavy burden on existing university facilities in the very 
seats future. The mushrooming problems-of providing 
- accommodation for elementary and secondary school 


The first and greatest corrod- 
ing force in this internal decay of 
democracy is the lessening or loss 
of any deep sense of responsibil- 

the tune, and 

propaganda call 
mi mind 

never with rest to body, 

or spirit, 

that the temperance or total ab- 
stinence pledge is a greater beon 
to health and happiness than ever 

Therefore it seems~ to me|it. 

i e J 
I’d be the last to blame ’em for 
that—I learned by bitter experi- 

‘ ence how one can suffer for just 

- students throughout the country will, in a few years, be- 20-YEARS AGO the court house Late handy fly on the part of elector and| Lelsure, so long sought for the, before. : felling the truth. Ours is not en 
- come @ problem for universities’as well. : ses Mr. Fred Duesberry aa elected alike. There is lttle|recreation of mind and body, has| In this, I am ‘sorry to say, John-| {deal world to live in. But by now 

~~ Jt isnot sufficient for the velo of this country May 3, precy eiiy Be aed spending & j thought Bes series study, of hon- pees euaee ve to : the| ny = ut of ie: Aside a ov-| they some sare Miake pay 
maintain ir present levels. ey mus’ “Miss Mystery Shopper”, who . est searching to know and espouse] greater num: ° @ people, to}casional applause no’ rom| never revealed | entity of a 
be ferpae erro Tacit es increased. The tidal} has beea Visiting dere in this Mr. Jack Herlty “was home wnat is the cause of the common|be used in commercial entertain-| W.C.T.U. members who offer faint| correspondent without his or her 

towards universities from the 

city during the past week as a 

from Ottawa to spend the week- 

j good, of seeking for itself, of a re- 

ment, “sports” instead of games, 

> ‘wave of students moving end. — / 
“ »- th the | ¢ ~~ _/]gard for freedom in and of itself,| passive exposure to amusements, 
' Mementary and high schools must find-the universities} “stunt” "In connection with Te | "Mr. Harold Harns was home j with all that such a precious right| organized and marketed for whil- 
able to train them. Their training will require more teach-| 310 staged by the Belleville | 0 spend the week-end. implies. ing away the hours, or capitallz- 

ers and more accommodation than are available at present. 
“The training of university professors is a long and 

here. for their government ig the sheer|this blend make  legitimat 
Dae ee oak ‘of training ne ppbbebentas eee, pA este paccadrte Soe Bis 40 RS AGO indifference and inertia of the| otherwise inteaitinstes undertakes By GEORGE et L ADAMS 
wis in the public interest to insure that today’s universi-| busy on the trall of the mysterl- SEA Fer oe eercot ob coacast| i bough: to be fest: these is, toe IE GREATEST HOBBY 
\, ties will be prepared for tomorrew’s student population, ous person, made the capture In | / May 3, 1915 with ideas (and democracy is aj widely evident an anxlous desire At 

Government support of universities is only part of 

“the answer. Ind and individuals must come to the 

universities’ rescue. It will be only half a rescue if pubig 

and industrial support is channelled into the provision of 

_ physical assets. Teachers must be encouraged to remain 

Yeaching and the temptation of. higher incomes in busi- 
ness and the professions thwarted by higher. salaries. 

The Ford Foundation in the United States, recog- 

Retail Merchants” Association, | 
has at last been caught after 

McIntosh Bros.’ Store, and 
thereby wins $10; she Is Edna 
Caverly, a young girl who lives 
on Bleecker Avenue. 

Adjutant Martin of the local 
Salvation Army Corps, is spend- 
ing a few days in Toronto. 

At the annual meeting of the 
Women’s Lawn Bowling Club, 

Mr. and Mrs, Ralph McGulre 
of Tweed spent the week-end 

Queen Mary School Cadets 
paraded seventy-seven strong at 
the annual inspection which was 
conducted by Major Gillesple of 
Kingston. Following the inspec- 
tion the cadets were highly 
commended -by the inspecting 
officer upon thelr efficiency and 
smart appearance. Following are 

Related and allied to the lack 
of much sense of responsibility 

concept of the mind) but with ma- 
terial things. 
This evil preference js bred 
in part in our educational tenets. 
[One school of so-called education- 
alists argues that the pupil should 
be taught “not to Jearn facts but 
to think.” 
-“O thinking,” exclaims my old 

ing the ‘love of risk in the affairs 
“of skills and’ chance” that in 

to be of value and service in their 
day in the unprecedented extent 
of fraternal, religious, charitable, 
service and general community 
enterprises in which so much of 
humane, individual endeavor is 
generously outpoured. 

But to greater and greater de- 
gree mass organization, routine 

praise and then chide me for my written permission. 


I have always been a booster for 
hobbies, outside one’s daily occu- 
pations, but I got a new vjewpoint 
in listening to an interview with 
Dr. Salk, the man wha appears to 
be one of the immortals because of 
his discovery of a preventive vac- 
cine for polio. They asked him 
what his hobbies were, if any. His 
reply was that he had.only one 

ved he dreamed of the millions of 
kiddies whose lives would be, sav- 
ed tnrough his will, courage and 
faith. What a dream to come true! 
I. have never known of anyone 
who devoted himself or herself to. 
his or her work with ‘enthusiasm 
who wasn't a success. Work is the 
key that unlocks thousands of doors 
to inner treasures. It's. over-worry 

nizing that the crisis in education is primarily the im-| which was held at the YMCA | the officers: Captain R. Wood Professor of ED glia, Wa inte ee a atLicity « tend. to, ebacure|Rovby—bls work! that kills, not over-work. is both 
balance between the number of students and the number] yesterday afternoon the follow- | ley; Lieut, K. Roberts and Lieut. jin name! How can a man think|and to obsorb much of the orig- Thai same hobby was Edison's,|food and ‘stimulant. It's normal 
of teachers, has announced a gift of $50,000,000 to be used] ing officers were elected for |. Max, Herlty; Sergeants, H. Hec- |i¢ he doesn't know?. . .You can-|inal spontaneity and individual Ford's and an endless number alee happy life itself. We must al! 

- to raise university professors’ salaries. This is far-sighted 

* generosity that should be matched, on an appropriate 
> scale, in Canada.: ; : : 

Canadian universities need help now. If they do not 

= get it Canada will need help in the future. : 


Has the standard of living improved in the past de- 

_ For an urban resident, the chances are that it 

has, immensely. ; - 
This conclusion appears inescapable when wé study 

this season: president, Miss An- 

tor, J. Woodley, -H. Woodley, 

na Hurley; first vice president, | W. Warham, ,K. Hay and R. 
Mrs. J. F. Houston; second vice | Buck, KN 

president, Mrs. D, O. Walker; 
secretary, Mrs. C. L, Hyde; 
treasurer, Mrs. FE. V. Robson; 
games committee, — Mrs. M. P. 
Duff, (captain), Mrs. H, Thomp- 
son, Mrs..C, Lent and Mrs..G. 
J. Forster; house and tea com- 
(convener), Mrs. Watkin, Mrs. 
Scott, Mrs. Vanner and Mrs. 
Shaw. The members are look- 

The Rev. A. R. Sanderson, 
pastor of Holloway Street Meth- 
odist Church, will preach in Co- 
bourg next Sunday at a service 
to be attended by members of 
the Independent Order of Odd 
Fellows, The Rev. John Gar- 

Mrs. C, McBride, | butt, president of the Bay of 

Quinte Conference, will con- 
duct the services at Holloway 
Street Church, 

not. think with hopes and fears 

service of the citizen in the pub- 

and ignorance, but only with alicized “cause.” 

Death Is Not 
A Sideshow 

(Hamilton Spectator) 

We are not particularly squeam- 
ish, but we cannot accept death 
as the proper stuff ‘of a» side- 
show. * 

Reason For 


(Christian Sclence Monitor) ~ 
The General Services Adminis- 
tration has set out to educate gov- 
ernment offices out of “gobble- 

great men and women who have 
enriched mankind through some 
special contribution. Work—the 
greatest hobby of all—if it is turn- 
ed to a useful purpose. 

To make work one’s greatest 
hobby, that work must be interest- 
ing and ever-increasing 
purpose behind it. It was interest- 
ing to note that Dr. Salk’ 
limit to his day’s hours of work. He 
just suved a few hours for sleep 
and rest. His enthusiasm, however, 
never grew cold.-I have an idea 

put no; 

have our work and be devoted to 
it, Sie 
| What a glory it‘is to be: devoted 
je some work-hobby that has to 

do with the health and happifess of - - 

millions. Pasteur had such a work~- 
hobby, though he ‘was - spurned 
and reviled, but he held on to his - 
faith and Jearned the heart-warmth 
of final triumph. ‘This has been the 
story down the ages. Work solves 
so many things, too, It solves lone- 
liness, drives out many antimagin- 
ed disease, and plants gardens, in 

c : ‘that as this great benefactor. work~ the heart! 
figures compiled by the Dominion Bureau of Statistics. Ing forward with enthusiasm Two days of watching the bal- ” “ | 
For pa eral 1945 the average hourly wage rate for| to an enjoyable season, Mr. 50 YEARS AGO lyhoo p ist fa rie: Sleieeteee3 ates oa Tet aoe a 
those employed in manufacturing establishments was | Peck, president of the men’s May 3, 1905 exptosion in Nevada have left us| "= > * : : Ts 
Jess than 6942 cents. Last year this rate was over $1.40. | club, was present and told the . ; with a feeling that we might at| Will be quite a job—not because : THE PA ee 
Of course that does not-mean that the average fac- meeting of the activities expect~ Mrs, W. J, Campbell, Dunbar |any moment be physically sick, |government administrators are . . v 
tory worker's standard of living had doubled in ten years.| 04 to be arranged for the come Street, is spending a few days |. The hucksters and the barkers stupid people. Far from that. Be- By GREGORY CLARK 
There were two factors preventing such a result. One| '"® **50"- Be el ee tactec ick MIG set 2a rocrre (FL Ste | catee they enliaes sat cee) eee & 
“4 Ay ie F 4 rs. J,:M. Forester 0; - eir exclamation mar. urTy: ad A 4 3 
was higher prices. ‘The other was a decline in the aver- Te VEARS AGO. | ‘ett oi Te oe ee ee gae oes (EP Pere ena caer aa ca eae Seba ee UTI a galery, reporters fons kat: 
age number of hours worked, from 44.3 hours a week May 3, 1925 J. G. Terrill of the ‘O.S.D. In j folks, and see the most spectacu-|of many other big and long- ers cant fathom, there appears ‘0/ tie covers of the waterfront, took 
to 40.6 hours. This decline, however, was less than ten _, Mars this city. -}lar show on earth! established organizations. be a general indifference or. per-jt. walking sticks and derby hats 
per cent. : pplications for the position Dr. Thomas Coleman {s here Pig hei pattee Bares : prebuiecenoes comes into be-| haps aversion to walking sticks. No/ to set premaenee SL Ape apart 
Treov: restin | of tax collector for the City of | from Montreal on a short visit ¢ = ing first because governments—|doubt the motor car age, which) from the commonalty of scriveners.’ 
Mo er, it is inte: & to note that, while the av Belleville will be recelved by | to his mother, ‘ lunction—Doom Town, they cute-| national, state, and local—have |has altered so much, has pretty|. But there are others who, to this 
erage wage rates iff the construction industry also doubled ly christened the community that 
erage wage rates is the construction industry also dowbsed,) iy’ cerg’ J. wired Holmes | afr. Stanley Vandervoort, /%a5 setup to be destroyed. |widr ine nv, the ieter ay well a] walking Usk. au far as mena Suvi give yous, jaunty. feeling 
‘ ’ . "| up to five o'clock May 7. former reeve of Sidney town- | 1 ao w ¢ Jaw, the letter as well as| walking stick, as far as men~are}Sticks give you a jaunty, fee! ing. 
hours to 40.3 hours. In -mining, where average wage| rs. Agnes Aauley Ob Madoc | ship, has been elected cel acclae ae ere ipa esadpesslh the intent. A. “bureaucrat” who in| concerned. The ladies still _carry|There isn’t the slightest doubt that 
‘rates increased from 85 cents to over $1.50, the work] is visiting her sister, Mrs. A. | mation to fill the vacancy in. |ond thelr high-pressure commen- his correspondence departs too far| umbrellas, and you can see almost) they are a great aid and comfort in 
week was cut little more than an hour, from 43.8 hours to| Stratton, George Street. the Hastings County Council,’ |entes sucking cat the last drop of [rom “what. the law says” may) as many. elderly ladies carrying | walking. I had an English engincer, 
426 hours. So that Canadians did not offset much of|° A number of Belleville Odd-| caused by the resignation of ama. Hes himself in more trouble than ees ae goa can men. ae the aay 2 the Late Sok vad ae Bata 
the increase in hourly rates by working for a shorter| Fellows will go to Stirling to- | Mr. B. F. Mallory, who has been | And all this to promote what? the average businessman or/is not far past when a walking stick} for me. lac oe toe nat a stick 
period morrow and join fellaw Odd | appointed county treasurer. A tight-rope walk across Ni- aa Paar - this ' Horial. i aes pant of a gentleman's costume, protensions Boots oa) at a ase 
2 : *}law" is fram y legislators, and| To distinguish themselves from the 
"This is clearly shown by the fact that average weekly ote frat penint§ ered Ration baad oe azara Falls? ne flash's pow. |Most legislators are lawyers, and|small shopkeepers, the gents, who weight with each stride. 
* earnings for those employed in manufacturing plants rose| \ijtage with regards to'the closing of |er of instant slaughter; the subt- | /¢gal language, although it has| described themselves as merchants| If you take to a stick, you must 
from $32.46 in 1945 to $65.34 in 1954. What prevented F the |ler h slaughter; the subt~ |come quite a way toward simpll-|carried walking sticks on weck-|be prepared, 10 tie te aot 
these kers f al § cs Pp His Honor Judge McLean of | the deal for the purchase of the |/¢r ab ° ye i a ide city, has still quite a way to go.{days as well as Sundays. ‘And on{quences of the old association of ** 
workers from almost doubling their standard of liv-! Picton held Division Court at © site for the new drill hall. ise seeevinevel racial suicice,| Another reason for mouthfilling| Sundays, the shoopkeepers, con-|sticks with the idea of pretension 
ing was rising prices. The consumers’ price index, based = a is pias cattle “bomb prose is precedent. “How was it}sclous of the democracy that _ the] and affectation. And if you buy a 
on 1949 prices equalling 100, was only 75 in 1945 and| , , *tpomb ikise da Ady ay ee faid last time?” Safer not to get|Sabbath inspired in  Chris-|stick, choose a homely one, rather 7%) — 
rose to over 116 in 1954. In other w cifixion, the Gospel of Mat-/D0M9S, 80 ¥ ¥ too original. Saves time- “| tian breasts, used to add a walking|than a slick, fancy-headed one. »\*4 
needed $116 a week in 1954 to pas sear a ixing ate thew says: equivalent’ In destructive: power | one ht, too. That's why busi. {stick to their Sunday best when|At the famous stick ‘shops in “vq. 
vont enjoythe same: standard, “Now from the sixth hour there|°f 40,000 tons of TNT (the hydro- | UE Tea. kept on ying. going to church. Most professional | Britain, a perfectly straight, clean. «*- 

of living he could have maintained on $75 a week in Of Crucifixion 


Of course the figures are averages. There will be 
individual exceptions, including some cases in which un- 
employment ‘or higher prices without commensurate in- 
creases in wages have resulted in sharply decreased 
standards of living. 
in aaioet of us, though, are better off today than we were 
: ae It may perhaps surprise many to learn that most of this 


vernent has occurred during the past three-years, a 
rd of it in 1954. Figuring the purchasing. power of 
average weekly wages in manufacturing at/ 1949, 

_ the worker in that yéar was only slightly better off than 
in 1945, when the index would have been. 98.3. . It had 

er dip to 92.4 in 1946, risen to-96.5 in 1947 and drop that Jesus died on a Friday that| Palestine to attract particular. at- DR. EARL L. DOUGLASS 
:: to 95.2 in 1948." Since 1949 the index has climbed" Ohow 2” suf ite Base “A more plausible explanation} : 
ly, but was only 102.9 by 1951. In 1952it jumped | "S hanrorey” cone tne can be found in_a passage of the CALL TO RELIGIOUS WORK 

to 110.4, we eteee another gain to 116.4 in, 1953 and 
then jeapse 125.7 in 1954. 

(Copyright 1955, Edgar A. Guest), 
~ Yes, the car is bullt for speed. Get along and pass me by, 
Horse-power I can boast of— But I should remind you 

'_ More than I shall ever need Safer I will be if I - 
Or employ the most of. Drive a bit behind you, 

~ Come on, er! Pass me by Jesus was baptized in the spring|}phenomenon that caused the] appointed us to be his witnesses, it} The *‘call’’ to Christian ke un- y 

mt youre: calf ansit Nat: es aon clear on atte] you, of aii It hice true, it Is hast Peres ch te the land," no- would seem natural that. we would dcultedty. eee in any number of 1S Formosa ; ware. ; 
ce it out with you () *Willingly and gladly. 0 eve that the numerous trips| body knows. @ can well ima-| pick out if y tha fa SUPPLY 

~ Also I won't worry. That I’m quite content to do aid the tremendsus work Jesus| gine, however the terrific’ effect pick out people adapted to that kind] different ways, but the Lord always ASLE 49 Su : £0 JENNER, AN EX 

Than start driving madly. 
Unembarrassed I will let 

You become the winner, 
And ll even hope you get 

Safely home for dinner, 

aT could beat you, mile for mile. 
_ » That we both are knowing, 

» But I'd rather sit and smile 

As ae you're going, 
x 4 

(Milwaukee Journal) 

Is it possible to deterntine the 
date of Jesus’ crucifixion? Some 
hayienente and theologians think 

Countless inquiries into .this 
problem ,haye led to the conclu- 
sion that the crucffixion occurred 
sometime during or between the 
years 29 and 33, Consequently, 
only these five years need be t 
en into further consideration. 

It is known from the Scriptures 

first full moon of the spring. 

Astronomers have calculated 
that only two of the five years 
mentioned had the Passover on 
Saturday. They were 30 and 33 
AD. The crucifixion, therefore, 
could have taken place elther on 
Friday, April 3, 33 A.D. No other 
dates are possible. 

Which is the right one? 

There are at least two good 
reasons in support of the year 33. 

It is generally agreed that 

did thereafter were accomplished 
during the. short period from the 
spring of 29 to April 7, 30 A.D. 
The second reason is astronomi- 
cal In the description of Jesus’ 

‘|was darkness over all the land 

unto the ninth- hour,’ 

Was it an eclipse of the sun? 
a supernatural phenomenon. 

the must must be new. But on th 

ak-| sandstorm, as some theologians 

bave suggested. Sandstorms were 
too common an’ occurrence in 

“Gospel of Jerusalem” — a k 
not accepted as part of the Bible. 
It reads: i 
moon hid - its light, 
and the - stars fell.” 

Astronomical calculations con- 
firm that a partfal eclipse of the 
moon occurred on the evening of 
April 3, 33 A.D. The moon rose, 
already eclipsed, at 6.03 p.m., and 


upon Jesus’ disciples and follow- 
ers when, toward the conclusion 
of the gloomy day of the cruci- 

A similar passage can also be 
found in the Gospel of Mark and 

The answer is no, unless it was 
cover the bright disk of the sun, 

evening before the Passover its 
phase Duscensely full. 

It is also hard to imagine that 
the darkness was caused by a 

gen bomb can match 4,000,000 
tons); only twice as powerful a 
bomb as wiped the heart of Hiro- 
shima off the map and sniffed out 
nearly 100,000 lives. 

It may be right that the, pub- 
Me should thus be given’a glimpse 
of the ultimate fact of this gen- 

But it should have been done 
quietly; revently, almost. z 

And with ‘a deep humility. 


- Our Lord on one occasion made 
an interesting reference to the mat- 
ter.of sending forth laborers into 
the harvest. He sald, ‘Pray ye 
therefore the Lord of the harvest, 
that he will send laborers into his 
harvest’? (Matt, 9:38). 

It would seem. at first thought 
that the: matter of sending forth 

regained its full light 34 minutes|laborers into the harvest is our 
- .{§ob, We see the necessity for Chris- 
Whether this ‘eclipse was the|tian work and, since the Lord has 

of endeavor and send them forth. 
But Jesus made it plain that it is 
not done that way. He picks the 
laborers who are to go into the 

fixion, a darkened moon appeared| harvest and sends them forth. 

above the horizon of Calvary, This is just another way of say- 

. housewife imagines, And 

“Your favor of the 13th received 
and contents noted. . .” and 
things like that long after no one 
spoke that way. 

It takes courage to break away 
from tradition, effort to phrase 
thoughts simply. So, In order to 
“facilitate” printing of this page 
and to “ameliorate” the labor of 
the reader we shall “proceed to” 

men also used the stick as a mark 
of their superiority to the com- 
mon run of men: lawyers, judges, 
and to some extent doctors and 
editors. When a reporter rose to 
the rank of editor, he ‘asserted 
his rank by adopting a cane. Ger- 
tain old reporters who, failing to 
achieve editorial dignity, none the 


Strength for the Day. 

ing that Christian work is never 
done according to the Lord's will 
until it is dane by people whom the 
Lord to do it, If we believe 
Yn the providences of God, we must 
believe that everyone is called to 
do a work specifically his own. And 
this becomes particularly true in 
the case of reigious work. The idea 
of man being called to the ministry 
may appear old-fashioned to some 
people, but it has behind It. the 
authority of the Bible. 

Caoco?! Le(s Ate WORLD KX 

leads those who want to be led. 
Young people often worry as to 

whether or not they are‘“‘called"’ to 

religious work. They will find-out 

if they wait long enough and pray 
hard en 

Fete Wt A 




ype SS 

oak or ash stick costs ten shillings. “: ~ 

But one with a little crook or jag 
in it, some imperfection or devia- 
tion from perfection, costs twenty 
shillings. Jt is known as a stick 
with character. ke 

As in so many, other things than 

sticks, perfection is without char- van 








a aye VictoriaDay. _|Prince Edward Bowling League Holds|Six Team Loop Young Mother Leaves Wheel Chair |Will Sell Building _ 
Resi sis OF Will Be May 23 |Annual Banquet, Cups Presentations |For CNR After Being Imprisoned 4 Years |, 77484 (Pts 4 stems 

< f en oo OTTAWA ereweee Day.| WELLINGTON — (Special) —!the ladies auxiliary for the excel- Morning Bowlers eS wiih ea Resor ual Gee 2 
Music Teacher : : 

c o 
this year on Tuesday, May 24, wili| The ‘ Prince. Edward: Industrial|lence of. the dinner. ; § B Aagais sc Dissoeals Compration? te 
be celebrated on Monday, May 23,|Bowling League may not win any| Lengthy discussion took place ee creenings ring sa}. Works Minister Winters gave 
kegling champlonships, but they regarding the “upping” of alley Renewed efforts will be made : joie 
will take a back seat from none|dues In Picton, with some mem- to bring the CNR Morning Bowl- 


deepiy religious young mother, 
said to have been imprisoned in a 
wheel chalr= four years, says 
“something told me to get up and 


officials the d 

of the ‘state secretary's $150 245 To - -]the information in the Commons _ 
J 1 -ing league up to its former status| walk,” and she did. ym Monday in reply to a question 

pool Board “accepted: the resig: |tatutes that provides ‘ter. Victoria when alming for ‘strikes’ on Ole|bers demanding better service if This was 

i department said Monday. 
4 STIRLING — Stirling Public} This is in ‘accordance with the 
Mak nurkey. the dues were to be Increased. | of six teams next year. She and her husband call it aj yte asked last week: by Gordon K. 
mation of Mrs. Lorne Watson, |Day to be celebrated on the Mon-| rye Seceuk composed of four| Mr. Carver in his address out decided at’ the annual banquet) miracle. y F ard Fraser (PC—Peterborough). 
Bate c $$ $$$ — + 

day immediately preceding May 24. i f and presentation ceremonies held} Mrs: Anna Williams, 22, said she 
Heil meeting. By: order-in-council the birthday eam roe eke Hoy ane ons enter bes rea shistory in the Army, Navy, and Air Force|was strangely compelled-to rise 

‘accepted a position as teacher lof Queen Elizabeth—April 2i—also|AU™ber from Wel ngton, gorg 9 ea club auditorium yesterday at 1.30]from her wheel chair while watch-|- 
atthe ¢Allan School. ext: Sep=| cli bersbemnca oa te inde. | t8 collective’ seit over. a banquet/ the anclent Germens'who always ing a TV religious service Sunda 
tember. ; royal at the Canadian Legion halljcarried a stick for general pur- eave were all agin <8 y: 

The board is asking the village here last night. It was the sixth|poses which was called a “kegel.” thing told me to get wD and walk. 
council for $7,000 to help defray Attacks Poli annual get-together and a full] Hence the modern term “kegler” I hada strange feeling from. the 
the cost of education. ceman membership was on hand. for bowler. bottom of my fect right to the top 
ea rie re = $16,- The turkey dinner served by “ad ; He sald come originated of my head.” * 

H 400; plant oper- : ladies auxillary of the Legloh}from an early religious ceremony oved 
ation $3,500; maintenance $1,000,| SIMCOE, Ont. (CP) — An axe“|branch here under the supervis-|in which the’ priests of that day eee ner tchale Side, pert few 
and administration $500. wielding Windham township resi-lion of president Mrs. Dorothy forced: the male of the species to steps and fell crying into her hus- 
pre date the teachers have, not pga berserk Monday and at-| preston was a masterpiece of culi-|stand his kegel on end and roll band’s arms. “I just avalked and 

salted ee arp aot Te- far odin policeman, narrowly miss-inary art, And the boys did fullja pebble at it. If he struck the walked," she added. “Then I 
hiring pal rae aiked for] “He came at me with the: justice to It. kegel he was living a chaste life.(fjons next year. Team captains|danced. I didn’t get weak at all. 

Prine e ie axe|" president Ron Sayers, of Well-| Later, Mr. Carver pointed out,!named were, Trainmen, Frank 

+ I was surprised that my legs 
several ‘supplies, which included and we grappled,” said Cpl. Allan|in zion chairmaned the dinner|the priests stood their kegels in|Sunderland; Bats, Frank Bate-|seemed strong and didn’t get 

OTTAWA (CP) — The National + SI 
ou Slee, 
Film 19S received rev- While ¥ bs Lahde shy 
enues of $150,245 from the screent-| Fvery night while you “saw-it- 
ing of its film productjons in Can-) gf jn a*good, restful bed—so 
adavand:1¢ other): countries’ soft, so comfortable—3 more <- 
return tabled Monday in the dl start 1 

Commons for Gordon K. Frascr| Ontario citizens av long, 
(PC—Peterborough) said the sums| hard journey. as: 
were received from firms acting - 
as distributors for the fllm board.|- THe Art part of he tip tte 
Revenues from commercia) 35-| ‘We Sand ene Rave 
millimetre films amounted to $33,-| Period of 442 consecutive days, 5» 
516 and from 16-millimetre films| they try to recover their health >): 
to $116,729. ; —to regain their loss—to travel <- 

* In addition to the Engineers, 
Trainmen, Bats and Firemen it is 
expected two new teams the Pen- 
sioners and Shops will be added 
to the league roster next season. 
Chairman George Clapper and 
various members urged for the 
addition of the new teams and it 
was the géneral consensus that a 
ix-team loop will start opera- 

a mep of Hastings County. Barker. “The axe missed me‘ but . 
Cross, ., ‘i while George H. Carver, sports|rows and rolled pebbles at them.|man; Engineers, M. Petty; Fire- tired. 7 
Sertiget yes high fm Sentra pe many Ot pehcache en aat editor of the Ontario Intelligencer!The one knocking over. the ma- men. J. Lazenby; Pensioners, C.| Mrs. Williams, an attractive g Commie in which films were] back here to their homes and 
; : jority won the game. This was the| Henley and Shops, Fred Parry. | brunette, said she had been con-|distributed were South Africa, the) families. we 

United Kingdom, Brazi), Belgium, 

Holland, the United States, Portu-] Ten people every day start this '-? 

oe. eae Hee pane journey in our province—3 > 
lew aland, Norway, Germany, j a 

Switzerland, Australia and Japan. oehire She Sime you tes 

COLLECTORS ITEM Don't let it happen to you. =" |. ; 

MELBOURNE (CP) — Stamp re HES’ 
collectors have placed orders for CHECK YOUR C x 
$60.000 copies of a decp blue 3%-| Get an X-ray when mobile 

penny stamp to be issued by Aus- g 
tralia Thursday to commemorate unit visits Belleville May 30, 

Australian-American friendship, it to June 10. 

was announced today. The releasc ° 

date will coincide with the 13th an-| Tuberculosis Assoc. 
niversary of the Second World War S 

Battle of the Coral Sea. Hastings County 

fined to a wheel chair since June 
19, 1951, when ‘she suffered 2 
broken leg as a car she was In 
collided wilh a-train at Houston. 
Twenty months !ater, she added, 
she got polio, and in 1953 was 
lszed from the waist down by 
myelifis—an inflamma‘{:n of the 
spinal column which o.\n follows 

take over the seedin; Barker. t was the guest speaker. 
4 calaing beiensd bra i ppt emetlared earliest game of bowls on record.} Ron Hebden of the Bellevue 

polio. ri 

Mrs. Williams, who attended her 
Baptist church Sunday morning in 
wheel chair, came for services 
again Sunday night. Everybody 
there saw her walk down the aisle 

to her seat. * 

ous choice for vice-president. 
Mr. Ross in “a brief address 
urged the Jeague to keep up its 
good work. “It is not a wise thing 
to fail to keep schedules. This 
league has always been a going 
concern. Let’s keep it that way,” 
he said. 
Brief addresses were also giv- 
en by Mestrs. Parry, Carver, Jack 
Clarke and Mr. Bateman. Ap- 
preciation of the fine dinner 
served by the ANAF Ladies’ Aux- 
iliary was” voiced to president, 
Mrs. Lundberg. 
iirifi deeM ,ytYt.A oeay 


 lawn as a special project. |man was subdued. He was taken to| PICTON CHAMPIONS 
Several minor items were - 28 In later years the game became] Finance Company, presented that 
dis- | the Ontario Hospital at St Thomas} oi. Quinte Milk- Products Tro-| popular all over Germany and con-|organization’s new trophy “in 
> championship was won by the CNR/ barons and landowners installed|and miniatures were not yet 
* e team of Picton.. The handsome} “alleys” on their properties. ready and would be presented at 
ounces 2- oint bauble was presented to CNR! The Dutch introduced the gameja later date. He used the former 
, team captain Al. Stonebridge by)to.the United States in 1812 when trophy for the ceremony. 
Paco is Mr. Don Chun of-the Quinte Milk|nine pins were used. It Immedi-|_ Tt was presented to Frank 
Platform For Coming Election Company. Miniatures went tojately caught on and swept over Bateman, of the Bats, the new 
sie : : Leonard, E. Thompson, Johnisters of the day took over and bers include Doug Wanamaker; 
a Booth, W. Strahan, John Harrison| huge bets were made. The situa-|L2"ry Meagher, Henry Maracle, 
TORONTO (CP)—Text of the 12-| 10. Human rights: the CCF will|and William Potts. - tion grew so bad that legislation] Lorne Buonett pipe nned ion 
point election platform announced| strengthen the present laws on dis- The “Nalaco” Trophy donated by| was passed banning the game. 1 Cu eae Cc anny to the 
Monday night by Eamon Park,! crimination, which have proved to|the North American Life Assur- However some anc punners-up vraionen: by Geo. ,H. 
tary, of the Ontario CCF party: | comprehensive: legislation dealing | runners-up Quinte Milk Products|ized and formed a ten-pin-game.| 
“1, Jobs for all: democratic plan-} with discriminatory practices in all|team and was presented to team| As the “nine-pin” law did not afe[creooe Prank: cepted Ny ae 
ning will keep everybody at work| fields. This legislation will be ad-|captaln Chun by Mr. Carver, as/fect the new game It was allowed S E cial rises cers resented 
making the things we need—j ministered by an Ontario commis-| were the minlatures..Mr. Carver) to carry on, Several organizations! ;, individual winners Pe M 
houses, raaeony Leoea ep one. the} sion for human rights, which will] also presented individual prizes to’ pooled their resources and this! wiitred (Wicky) ose inal 
materials us uilding them. |be provided with the means for|R, Moore, high single, 398; . S.|was the,origin of the present Am-! yardmaster. ‘These went to Larry 
ance: the CCF proposes the -im-! mainly on persuasion and negoti- i = 
mediate introduction of a province-jation but will have authority to ie arb aera yen Johnny! igen Revco denne | fasta ne triples Bie: oa 
wide hospital insurance program | prosecute as a last resort. ‘Booth and Jimmy Burton for their; No election of officers was held} ingle =D, Wanamaker, 333: 3ie- 
as the first step towards complete] ,_, 7 =8 y | eS “ iden scores, George Clapper, Andy 
Health insurance. There is no need PUBLIC AUTO INSURANCE Sie thetatee: Proton te pert bs this poe beds vigtieprneae! Wilson, A. Fullman, Al Bunnett, 
or the great industrial province of| “11, Au : uring the season. Joe voiced} at an autumn mi of the lea-'p, Fairborn. The special prizes 
So. ie 11, Auto insurance: 2 CCF pub-ithe appreciation of the league to gue. |donated by Mr. Walter Allore of 
action on this vital need of our) premiums by at least one third and 
Ie. give better protection to the public. by Johnny Knott and E. McQuaid. 
“S, Sickness benefits:: we pro-| “12. Honest government: the A number of doubles prizes were 
pose a plan under which those who|}CCF proposes a complete review . }also presented. “Appreciation” 
Jose income because of: sickness|by independent experts of the! prizes were given president, Fred 
will- receive compensation in the|methods of government spending, partie and secretary Herb Batch- 
pensation is now paid. ficiency. Being the only political 
MORE HOUSES , |party in Ontario that does not re- for another term at the election of 
“4, Good houses: a public hous-|ceive contributions from govern- 
ing program .will provide decent] ment contractors, the CCF is the} 
homes for all families at prices or] only party that is in a position to} 
rents they can afford, regardless | clean up the mess revealed by the; 

officers with a 

GUELPH (CP)—G. F., Perkins, york involv@dathis last fee is the | returned as rinse viaseres Ese 
Ontario Marketing Commissioner,|same for one animal as it is for) Frank Bateman was the caunente= 
said Monday he thinks the cheese/a carload. 
industry in Canada is on the way “Other fees such as transit insur- 
out, as far as exporting is con-|ance vary, depending on the dis- 
cerned. tance to market.” 

“But there will always be a! Mr. Perkins said he knew no 
cheese market in Canada,” he told/reason for continuing the Ontario 
the Ontario. Junior Farmers’ con-|Hog Producers Association as an 
vention here. Jorganized group. It had served a 
“The yearly cheese consumption | purpose in organizing the pro- 
per capita has gone up a quarter|ducers, but its value had dimin- 
of a pound,” he said. ished. . 

Mr, Perkins led a discussion te-} 
fore a panel which raised several 
issues on farming. On the board 
were Donald McKellar of Lamb- 
‘ton county, Joe Whitty of Lincoln 
county, Carl Boynton of York 

‘cussed and accounts id. for obs tion, 
: pa gp Rese betas phy emblematic of the leagueltinental Europe. Wealthy men,|absentia”. He sald the trophy 
team members Stonebridge, Bill| the edstern states. Then the gang- champions of the league. Mem- 
president, and Ken Bryden, secre-| be ineffective in practice, through| ance ‘Association was won by the; bowlers seeking an “out'\ reorgan-| ho ver of the Ontario Intelligen- 
“2. Hospital. and health insur-|tensive educational work, will rely! Benstead, high average, 216 and: erican Bowling Congress. | Meagher, high average, 234; D. 
‘Ontario to wait for Ottawa to take) lic auto insurance program will cut 
jthe Belvedere Hotel were won 
« e E 
‘Cheese Industry in Canada 
same manner as workmen's com-jto eliminate corruption and inef- M tD pe d H M k t 
P 54 us e n on ome ar. € President Parry was re-elected 
of their -means. Specifically, the! highways scandal.” 
CCF ‘proposes the construction of 
40,000 low cost, low rent. hames 

over the next four years {as com- ‘PICTON © 
pared with slightly more than 1,000: =). th 

such homes constructed by the’ 
present government over the mt Odd Fellows 
five years). i 

we pre ensuite rece And Rebekahs 

. families from losing their homes E 
Attend Service 

t ‘ 

“er farms in cases where they are 
mable to keep up their mortgage 
ew payments because of sickness, un-; 
"= emplcyment or other similar inis-| 


". + CLEANERS - 


fortun . } — 

“6. Grants for education: the! PICTON.—Marking one hun-|county, president of the Junior ‘ ! e ee > s ve : 
CCi* will relieve the tax burden on|dred years of Odd Fellowship in|Farmers, Harold Shiry of Water- this year—Know Ontario Better! ve 
homes and farms, and at the same| Ontario and 136 years in America|loo county and Ross,Moorcroft of There are fascinating sections of a. 

Here's the slogan for your holidays 


Effective in Belleville, Only. 


2 piece Men's Suits, La- 
dies’ Suits, Dresses, Top- 

time provide the means for meet-| +}, Hastings county. 
ing the increasing demands of our of. Rae ee eee tartpe| CHEESE SNUBBED 
educational system, by increasing! Rebekah’ lodge on Sunday was Mr. Perkins expressed regret a A $ y] F 

Ontario you've probably never seen: 
Plan now to visit some of these with 
your family: You can make a “circle” aS 
tour arranging to stop in a resort iS 
area “‘where family fun is king”. 
Side trips off the main highways 

will lead you to historic sites, quaint 

countryside, excellent fishing spots. 

provincial grants for education to ked ~|that naturally - matured cheeses 
in pence ct athe: vere ost bers pes ae ee cera were snubbed in favor of the “‘vari- 
sash ert hier about itodgés. Bright warm sunshine booed dl gad ai 
ee Set ‘avor' e parade from the Odd}?",. ty ‘ 
vats Pap ster the COF pro Plows haf te Unied eure ght er SUalW, Ru aeays Mae 
Ps e Asteblish stable farm prices.|, Canton members were present i. ee e tett § A cea nia "3 h 4 
on te ett this will be nat only | 0" Kingston-Frontenac, Tren-lSo/ Tan“eet naturally cured. ched- 
that the farmers will enjoy a se- ton,,, Belleville’: and Picton.” Six- ger chet RTM Ta 
cure standard of living. but in ad-| tee? members of the Ladies’ Aux- a iaaewi r to a question wh: 
dition they will be able to buy in- iliary Patriarchs Militant added aj), me Fi iS aeeait a 28 eH ts id 
Gustrial products and thus help to| "ote of color in white and mauve 5° ty in fee pate h ie t 
snaintain employment. uniforms. Representatives of sub-|°2 Cents in fees. for each bee tht 
RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT | Ordinate lodges were present from Live rasa th re 4 ki id: 
“g. Natural resources: official|Picton district, Trenton, Belle- oh, basi a te rit nee 20 
government documents reveal that] Ville, Stirling, Gananoque, Napa-| ont Shor that t septa a 
‘our forest and mineral resources|"¢¢,-Brighton, Tweed, Kingston CEO eee eee e eikeiiceraccke 
- for the support of the hog market-| . 

And, all along your way you'll 
find hospitable hosts who a8 
offer splendid accommodation at : 
reasonable rates; 

: . Your old worn out watch band, strap or 
cord is worthup to $2 in trade for the latest, fashion-styled J-B 

re brutally depleted, and|2"d other points. “. + a2 : 5 oy 90 . iS 
- pene but ly ae ed: an Participating in the parade Was ing board, another two cents went watch band attached FREE to your watch while you woit? Avoid disappointment by making 
J roralties. The CCF will undertake|the Picton Odd Fellows band, eighties Dic wai bee comasiunatien , reservations now if you plan a 
a planned program of development | Which with flags, added further] £ota5 WATCH BANDS * resort holiday. ‘ 
of our natural resources, in which color to the parade. CLERICAL WORK 5: ore nationally odver- / ise 
our great heritage will be used for} The service was conducted bY| “Arter these fees heen tel fised on the J-8 Ontoria's Proviaciol 
the benefit of all our citizens and|the Rev. F. J, Whiteley, pastor] yo, sOcent te is evelled to an PLAYHOUSE. .". one 
the interests of future generations ;f the church, who delivered alii. cost of tavel on ‘neal Cseerithotige ss ‘ ride, 
will be protected. timely sermon on the  subject,| © = Ing (a0e, Cheese erevision: . e 
“9, Protection of consumers: we|“Revolution”. The Scripture was i 2 GOLDEN WISP — Slender telescopic, ‘ : 
advocate the establishment ‘of ajread by Russell Gardiner DDGM. full qppension for ladies”. watches: Trousers, Skirts. (plain) *. ° 
consumers’ bureau as a public ae eee. under the direction of The New 1955 Model rotten oc. cote see m™$ Qs \ Sport ‘Shirts, Blo : KNOW 
service, to give consumers inde- nvie, organist, gave an ’ Slacks/7 Swes USES, { A 

pendent expert information on the|anthem and John Kerr contrib- 
quality of goods placed on the mar- uted a fine tenor solo, “Bless This 
ket in Ontario, to control mislead-| House.’ 

ing advertising and to recommend| Parade route. from the church 
a te action for reducing un-|to the hall was via Ferguson, 

- ‘WAVERLY—Fouit fon thet 
KiennacrE® costomsized to, Mit ‘ony nas 

InERLURY | "sy 


WO 8-61951 

reasonable price spreads. Mary and Main streets. OUTB O ARD ata sey ats i 398 : pane 
Re . y J i 5 z 
FERTILIZER | "TCSS,.| gemse= sana | NBR) FREES 
ARENDW 8 fae 1 Simemodet, staialers steel TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ; 1 
g f > Be throvghout’. . . $7.95 $1350 QUE — ‘ 
— Z e- & CARRY ONTARIO TRAVEL, ROOM ‘165, , 4 
Agrico and. A.A. Quality PRICES 87 COLLEGE ST., TORONTO, ONTARIO, H 
Fertilizers 57 GRAHAM ST. 




2 piece Men's Suits, 
Cc Ladies’ Suits, Dres- 
ses, Topeoats. 

Pe a hheheteteaheheheed 

SEE US FOR YOUR REQUIREMENTS = fs : a oe ne eee 
Mackenzie Feeps Ltp. 7 " Jeweller || 1 AN), gre Se ee aa 
DIAL WO 2-4826 : LD dey Ve ; t i | : Parte post OFFICE... Dla Ce sence i 

eee ne eee eeeeee nea neee sees saat anaaaneenen 

47 Front St. S. Belleville 

Onterte Department of Travel & Publichy ton, Louis P, Cecile, O.C, Minister, 



he and vata ne now NA Sreacing avs 
otably in the Belleville General 
» Hospital. 

Mrs. J. = Buchan and Mée.|lis first. mee at the home, of 
‘W. C. Mikel left today, for To-| Mrs. Archie "Ore 

*: ronto, where they will attend the 

Ontario Hospital Auxiliary meet- took charge ofthe election of of- 

+ ing which is being held at the 
SA Royal York Hotel. - 

“Our Heritage’ 
H-S Assoc. 

/ The regular monthly meeting of 
the Queen Elizabeth Home and 
School Association was held re- 


2 cently. Mra. Knudsen conducted | sreshm: 

« a brief business session. 

° A room ¢ount of parents was 

+> taken and Mr. ‘ Carswell’s room 

i received the attendance shield. 

. The first part of the program 
was presented by the boys of 
Christ church, under the leader-; 
ship of Mr. J. C. Withers. The 
choir sang “Brother James’ Air”; 
“Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring”; 
“Drop Down Ye. Heavens From 
Above”; “Sing Hallelujah Forth 

in Duteous Praise”, and “Flocks 

in Pastures Green”, 


Mr. W. G. Anderson introduced 
the Rev. L. A. Page, rector of St. 
Margaret’s-on-the-Hill, and rell- 

lous instructor at the Queen 

beth school. . Page's 
topic was “Our Heritage” which 
be discussed under three headings. 

Under the heading of “Our 
Country”: Mr. Page said “that 
perhaps John Fisher is right when 
he says that we do not talk 
enough of ourjcountry’s potential 
wealth and greatness, Your chil- 
dren are taught about their 
country as they progress through 
the halls of this school, and now 
with modern transportation fa- 
cilities, radio and-television, Can- 
ada becomes smalfer, Encourage 
your children to see ag much of 
Canada as possible. Reading is im- 
portant, but, seeing the country 
with one’s own eyes is also. im- 

portant. The two complement | Connell, 

each other. 

. “Secondly, 
wealth is “Our People”, said Mr. 

Page. “We are creating today what/j¢ 

Honallty or ethnic group has Sts 
distinctive contribution to make 
to our national pattern. There has 
always’ been a number of‘ central 
Europeans in the larger indus- 
trial areas of Ontario, but now we 
find them in thé smaller centres 
and in agricultural life. It is our 
Christian duty to teach our chil- 
dren the spirit of tolefance. No 
one race has the ‘monopoly on 
goodness or badness, Snobbery is 
close to intolerance. Teachers, 
parents and parsons have a tre- 
mendous task before them—they 
do their best teaching by eaample. 
“Lastly, “Our People”. It is the 
people who give the country its 
character. No parent can give a 
guarantee that his child be either 
* g@ success or a failure. It was John 

Henry Newman who wrote, “Fear 

not that life shall come to an end, 
but rather fear that it shall not 
have a beginning.” 

“The beginning of your child's 
character depends on those who 
come in contact with him. What 
sort of picture of God are you 

We have the 

= PERSONAL Garden Club 

Ee Me Jim Aner, ee Elects Officers 

dent, Elizabeth Craig; secretary, 
Lola . Emerson; presa reporter, 

Canada’s greatest 


Anniversary Services 

The leader, Mrs. .Clifford Reid, 

ficers, which are ag follows: presi- 

June Reid. 

Plans were made for the second 

meeting which will be. on May 

A general outline of the work 
and requirements of members was 
given by the leader and her as- 

Pamphlets and instructions 
were given on why, where 
how to plant bo flower and| Were 
vegetable seeds. 

~~ home assignments were 

Mrs. Greatrix then «served re- 

Holy Rosary 
CW.L. Holds 
Membership Tea 

The first annual membership 

Women’s League was held on 
Sunday afternoon in the hall. F 
Mrs. A. Eves, president, was on 
hand at the door and graciously 
welcomed the old and prospective 


Mrs. E. Schrieder and Mrs. P. 
Brennan were busily engaged 
taking fees and marking regis- 

The tea room was gay with its 

ver candelabra holding two tall 
yellow candles, centred by a 
shorter white one, at_ either end 
were the silver services. 

way to make’ the event such a 


dition of Frank Gannett, 78, pres- 
ident of Gannett Newspapers, Mon- 
day was reported improved some- 
what at hospital. Gannett suffered 
a spinal fracture in a fall at his 
home. April 15. : 

presenting to him? Have you ever 

manness. Your child’s belief in 
God depends upon how you act. 
You have a great deal to say 
about your child’s character by 
your actions, and never forget that 
children are the world's best imi- 

. Mr. ¥, E. Moore thanked the 
speaker for his interesting talk. 
The parents . visited the class- 
rooms of Grades 4'to 7 and then 
returned to. the main hall for light 

opectat — 

school art by the pupils of Queen 
Vietoria school has Been on exhi-| ship. 
the| bition for the past the 

McCarthy Theatre, and wil! con- 
tinue on view until Saturday of 
this week. 

The display as a whole, is col- 
orful and «nicely arranged, and 
portrays the careful handiwork of 
the students in spatter-work de- 
sign, crayon and pencil. The 
spatter- work is a medium which 
needs extreme care to provide an 
attractive result. 
were of ponies and children on a 
soft green background, which was 
most pleasing. 


The floral studies in vases done 
and in a iaeron on black backgrounds 

the landscapes showing trees bar- 
ren of leaves, and a tree-bordered 
river, reflecting the prismatic 
beams of the setting sun, depicted 
a sense of perspective, especially 
the latter. The studies of colored 
birds were interesting, and show- 
ed a love of nature. 

Abstract designs done from 
pleces of colored paper in geome- 
trical shapes; the little, woolly 
lambs with green, blue and red 
collars were cute’.and realistic; 

Your cholee of famed 
“Third Dimension Beauty” 
Wollace Patterns 

NG” to 156% 
18-Piece service for 4 - 
a ey 
29-Piece service for 6 
Lh1G9 8 ee 
46.Piece service for 8 
1235" ,c12, 

Come in and see this beautiful 
silver yourself. 


208 FRONT ST. DIAL 8-7637 

Queen Victoria School Displays . 
Colorful Art at McCarthy 

Another attractive display of,several, showed (a versatility of 
design and most careful workman- 

There we: 

horses, and 

action and 

in varying 
jugs, all in 

Those shown 
were also 
pom tails; 
robin atop 
also’ carefully drawn,, and 

Grade 2 
scene with 
along the 

in the red 

forth in bi 


erty FOR 4 

ton CGP 

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_4 Forks; 4 °Knives, 4 Solod 
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Spoon. : 


» “JUNE 30, 1955 

ed silhouettes with metallic back- 
grounds In silver and green, depic- 
ting a bucking bronco, prancing 
tentive mood 

The collection of Mexican hats 

colorful and attractive. There 
bits showing thelr white ,pom- 
rakishly on a brickwall, and a 
literally bursting his throat with 

praise to the spring; all showing 

ing an indigo sky, a blazing sun, 
and a maroon auto travelling 
Betty's”, imagination was evident 
topped tree, and a smiling little 
girl enjoying a holiday. 

Pussy willows ‘again blossomed 

most realistic and nicely arranged. 



crepe paper. There were blue 
hats with long streamers, others 

with a cluster of Ilac flowers on 

Other drawings showed “Wha 
I Want to Be”: a teacher i tn ine 
rethree ion tout Irae: classroom; a driver of a large 
port driver, 

Some decorative plaques were 

Peter Rabbit’ tn on Ste loon rhenee 

; these were full of 

centres; others 11 
carefully done. 0 sire ie) 

and geometric designs. 

designs; the Mexican 
cutout work, oe tall, all denoting March’s windy 

cute little white rab- fulness. will be held 

Humpty-Dumpty sat 
a green mound WaSlin blue and red on black. An| Minute skit. 
Easter card or book cover was 

had a * quick wash 
plenty of color show- 
country side. “At Aunt/so shown in blue and red, these 
were in cut-out mediums, Indian 
brick house, @ green=|scenes of teepees; a reindeer in 
“Hiawatha”, “The Lumber Camp” 

ts of down on stems;|and logs floating down-the river 




ov po WA 056% 




Se en ecs tutelie plates ® au Bridge St WA. 
in yellow and mauve, and one Enjoys Slides, 
‘mat iware7o ae \Talk on Yukon 

The eae monthly meeting of 
yellow bus, and another a trans-| ine Women's Auxillary of Bridge 

brated with color; some had rose leans in the chair, 

aa sod bers 5 

Windy March had its quota. of |S#@ngers and mem who had 
Duteh windmills; two ainprete [been away. Monthly reports were 
las; a sailing vessel, and a pret- recelved — arid 
teeta Pa et 
gusts and rain, as well as play- meeting of hubs teehee erties 
The Indian pots were nicely | United church, on May 26. | The 
drawn, and pleasingly Mr ooed group, under the leadership of 
with their conventional designs | Mrs J. Marsh Js providing a 20- 

Mrs. W..Burgoyne announced 
attractively executed in mauve |that the church choir was bring- 
and yellow lattice work, with |ing the ‘Schneider Orpheus Male 
white cross and Easter lilfes sup- |choir’ here for a concert on May 
erlmposed. 12. This cholr comes Well recom- 
mended and proceeds will go to 
Various clock designs were al-|the ‘new organ fund’. 

Miss Sulman’s and Mrs. Eas- 

the frozen north; the hunter, and eri by means of cutout 

with irs forest, men sawing trees, ae whole the collection was 
VAs a whol showing a great 
was also full of detail, and show- | deal of oman and love of 
the masks of which there were| More handwork was shown in ed much observation. This was |color. 
cm ss re hn had aR tS te ee ae ae RAS AEE SES OY 

a : TUESDAY, MAY 3, 1955 

F oe 
ti ie iprigerenreteces 
ting. ty “Of late t efi! 
Mrs. Easton Jed in the devotion-|er and Ventures Mining Compat- *] 
te ies have stated that they are 
‘Mrs. Morden told of-how John} planning on spending three quem = 
revealed the relationship between| ters of a billlon dollars in the next — 
Jesus and His followers, as that|few years on harnessing the ‘tiv- 
of the loving Shepherd: and His ers here in the Arctic for smelting 
sheep. 4 minerals on the spot. (4 cf 
Massey led in prayer. 
Mrs. William Burgoyne sang|colored slides which.she and: 
touchingly the solo ‘’'The Stranger| Adsett had taken last June 
of Galilee”. She was accompanied| they flew Byiale into this part of % 

the country*and made the trip by 

Miss Helen Sulman, leader of|steamer down the picturesque 
the group, introduced the speaker| Yukon’ river. >» 
of the afternoon, Mrs. Fred ‘Ad-| MIDNIGHT SCENE m4 

sett, whose subject was “The| One view, shown, was taken at. 
Land of the Midnight Sun’’. midnight, proving that this was — 
THE YUKON truly the Land of the “Midnight my 
Mra. Adsett in speaking of this| 5¥"- 

‘ Mrs. Adsett also showed slides fe 
‘Land of the Yukon’ sald that few 
but prospectors ahd geologists had leer rere cette eA 

gone there, but these few have thers. ~ 
found gold and other metals and solcradey Sere cenea the ©! 
some have studied the Eskimo] spanks of all the Indies for Mrs. °°: 
and the travels of the reindecr,/ Adsatt's most interesting talk on’ 
and have gone through the diffl-) her trip and the wonderful slides 

cult mountain passes and down] shown, 

summers short, but intense with] 554 a social halr-hour. 

lupins growing wild, and dehlias 

three main cities: White Horse,|ator of restaurants and food con- 
hotel. in Alexandria, Va. . 

the turbulent Yukon river. Mrs. Fairman, president, invit- ° 
vines growing a foot a day, pan- 

really huge. PROVIDENCE, R. I. Ca | 
Dawson City and Circle City,|cessions at various race tracks, ~ 

The winters are severe, the! eq all to stay for a cup for tea 
sies as big as saucers, wonderful 
Mra. Adsett also told of the] John Gifford Carruthers, 62; oper-*> 
with hot springs inside its main pela yore mec ar 3 


ear ereereros 

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Pair ccccccccccees ssecencccane 

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Readers’ Bonus Colurin 

‘As Conducted by Mary Moore 

is no reason whatever why they 
shoukin't be, Using them would not 
be at all incorrect... and indeed, 
under. many circumstances, 
it might be a very good idea, 

rt ESDA’ , MAY 3, 1955 : 


DVICE io te 




tin condensed tomato soup, 1 large 
tin tomatoes, 1 cup chili sauce, 1 
cup tomato sauce, 1 tablespoon 
chill powder, 1 clove garlle (place 
garlic clove in large spoon with 
1-2 teaspoon salt and crush with 
preferable to leave the fish as|smaller spoon), 1-2 teaspoon pep- 
whole as possible.) Cook together| per, 1 tablespoon Worcestershire 

for 10 minutes 4 cups of the fish 
stock (in which fish was cooked),| uct 2 medium onlon chopped, 

around home, If I refuse to go with 
her because we've been out five)” 
nights that week already she goes 

alone, : : 

“She won't visit any of my rela- 
tives, or even her own, and she's 
mad if I do, She'doesn’t like any 
of my friends and is actually rude 
to them, but I must be ready to go 
to hers if that’s what she happens 




Baldness is an affilcation that is| QUESTION: 

confined mostly pecial-| . Sometime ago you printed a rec- 
fo en ipe for . Pineapple. Bavarian Pie 




to feel like doing. She doesn’t ea 4 
QUARRELS Sag eee TOR Brink St agsint=-|1 cup vineges, ‘1 teaspoon salt, :1|2_ tablespoons, fat. Fry, onion 
Rs: say through life, anything teaspoon pepper, 1-2 teaspoon all-|and meat together until meat is) Dear Sirs. Beeckman: A 
fs whien we muman beings or rl ee re or seen a eer eo ea eta eel pend 
i . over er 1 1-2 hours, or better still Q mother” a4 
become involved, fall cooked fish and cover. Let stand = rs mother) and I would lke to give 
pressure-cook 20 minutes at 15}he. 9 shower. (There would be 

eneral, but distinct,|don’t know, bu overnight, or preferably longer, 

= can go on this way much ; : in cold place before using. This Pe Vache ans i! eos for! mostly 

Well, there they are—those fwo|and dandruff Have ready and baked a 9-inch| will keep for several days it Saly Tenet, tour Acts ose been tofd that it is 

oa kinds of quarrels, And the troub- prt retesbe ti aie ple shell. Bring to a boll 1 1-4}kept cold. If desired 1 tablespoon] 0°07. “rie : ot aunite members:of the family. 

fre le people find in dealing with them) ar Arie gh We to TOW] cing crushed -plneapple, canned,| grated horseradish may be added, «this vena sis} Spee shower; tha 

are those which arise out ofjusually arises from their inability | tely. A new shaft will grOW| cir into it until dissolved 1 pack-jor of course, fish may be cut into batt th tes n vary friends should give showers for 

age Iemon jelly dessert and 1-2jone or two-inch lengths crosswise w h e jerks 3 of families—| her, —Aunt. 
owth is preceptibly| “TD sugar, Cool this until it is|before pickle is poured over. | Anarene. rom I tor4 1b.) What you arere told is:right— 
very slightly set. Have ready 1|LETTER: Kw 

“In the case of the first young Ban to seven years, then it is gone bal iaeeanig chilled evaporated| a while ago you were transla-|,, Thank you Alexandra, T.went to|for a member of the bride’s (or 

man, he sees clearly. that Hevand pe - add a new one milk and to it add 1 tablespoon| ing English measurements into the kitchen and followed your di-|groom’s} family to give a show- 

his girl quarreled over nothing. place. lemon juice’ and beat them togeth-| canadian for a reader but you did rections for measuring equiva-|¢t- 

family invited.) 

re, for example, are two let- 
which clearly illustrate what 

s first of the two is typical of might le in whether] | Since the hair. like every cell Off e- until stitt. Fold into partially lents and they made exact sense. - 
t she can lize this, forjthe body , recelves its sustenance not mention spoon measurements * PLACE CARDS FOR ALL, 
former sort of quarrel. Itjor not she can also rea’ pes Pa from the blood, {ts vitality is de- congealed pineapple mixture. Pour! "in today’s you write of Eur- For ‘the Boston Cream Pie make GUESTS 

a 3-egg hot water sponge cake. 
Scoop out centre and fill with 


In top of double boller mix 1-4 
cup sugar, 1 tablespoon corn- 
starch, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1 cup 
rich milk or cream. Stir. over 
boiling water until thick. Pour a|the head table. Pedse advise. J.M. 
little, over» four slightly beaten] It is customary, really neces- 
egg yolks, then.return to hot mix-|sary, to have place cards on the 
‘Gre and stir two minutes. Re-|bride’s table. (Also they are. so 
move from heat and add 1 1-2/charmingly decorative.) And if 
jteaspodns vanilla. Usually chilled| there is also a parents’ table (or if} ° 
until very cold. When added to/the bride’s table and the parents’ 
sponge cake, this is. often|table are combined), place. cards 
sprinkled with . icing sugar  orjare used on this table also. And al- 
could be spread with chocolate|/though placecards are generally 
icing. , not used at the other tables, there 


hose}all too many qua’ ; 
over a trifle and then, because one|pendent upon nutrition and the 
or the other does not see it that general seonditoat ct the physical 
way, grow into permanent bitter-|system. It selects ime, manganese, 
pene, oces: nese. But if both are basically in-/sulphur and} iron from the blood 
ecently’my girl and'I had a telligent and reasonable young peo-|streams. So, if you would have an 
sJ/in which we both got mad|ple, it should be easy to make up|abundant growth of hair, be sure 
ended by breaking off with|this type of quarrel. All the young}to eat a varied diet. 
mor. The worst of it is, that}man n question should need t do} Every day there will be. some 
now that what we quarrel-| Would be ‘to send his girl some|lose halr in your comb and brush 
bout was completely unimport-|flowers and a note of apology. He|but don't let that. worry you. It is 
But because We each got on a|Might also add—what he has told Nature's way of disposing of dead 
horse and our pride wouldn't/me—that the quarrel opened his|shafts. New hair will appear with- 
is get off, neither of us would/eyes to how much he really loved|in a few weeks to take the place of 
in. - ner, If the girl, on her side, really|every silky thread that has fallen. 
am very upset about it all, loves him, the outcome is obvious,| If the sheddng is excessive, how- 
something else I now en it comes to quarrels over|ever, you must make an effort to 
re—Y am really in love with|principles and standards, -however, stimulate the scalp so that circula- 
sir] and want to marry her, IjIt's not so simple. There is far too)tion will speed up. The best way 
dike to try and straighten|much involved for such differences|of doing this is to have a_ brisk 
ts out, but I don't quite know|to be settled by mere apology from sculp friction once a day. Spread 
to gc about it, Maybe you can either side. Unless the.two concern-|out fingers and thumbs, press and 
me.” ‘ ed can get down to the basic rea- gs he — ger glows. 
d typical of the quarrels over |50ns for their quarrels, and in some| HSrushing helps. not cconoe 
mentals =i ine abe way reach a mutual understanding,|mize when buying a brush, If the) mer 
young man who finds him-|theve is little or no hope for their bristles bend and are weak, the 
nd his wife so inharmonious|{uture relationship. grooming is ineffective. Slap the 
only a year cf. marriage| And that, I am afraid. is ho w|bristles on the scalp, pass them 
separation or divorce seems|things stand with the young mar- through the hair, strand by strand 
around the corner. ried couple, What they quarrel|With a rolling motion. And don't 
wife and 1 have been mar-|about is not, actually, the specific] forset that a rousing shampoo with ; } : } 
only a year and have already| thing that immediately precipitates plenty of friction is in itself a scalp | | yy, s \, Ves a its subtle fragrance in any wr 
hd’ ourselves in constant dis-|the battle, but’ deep, underlying) reatment of sorts, . fr ‘ oA, : a sat hin i} rm —\4 one of four captivating 
pment,”” he begins, Then hejdifferences of attitude, of philos- d Rad : | = creations, Delightfully gift- 
on to enumerate: ophy of life. Whether or not they ie me \\ 1 Zk wrapped in floral-em 
wants to spend anjcan-ever adjust these differences £4 5 pale pink .. _ be-ribboned 
and sprayed with exquisite 

into ple shell. Chill until set and 
very cold. This is a prize-winning 
pie. : 

Would you be kind enough to 
give me a recipe for pickled 
(grayling). As you know this is 
a type of fish like lake trout only 
it has scales. . . must say I have 
had success with all of your rec- 
ipes I have tried—Mrs. A. F. P. 

I am not familtar with grayling, 
but will give you the recipe for 
pickling fish, and you will doubt- 
less know how to skin or scale 
it and what shape to leave it in. 


bg from:a young man wi 
nce broker’ up—only tem- 
ly, I hope—for no real rea- 

pean spoons. . .do you know 
that English spoons are different 
from Canadian. .-.English recipes 
always mean silver spoons which 
are two silver teaspoons to what 
you call a tablespoon. A table- 
spoon in Canada is 'dessertspoon 
in England and two dessertspoons 
(tabs. here) equal 1 tablespoons 
(Eng.).. Does that read sensible? 
and help at all? In Saskatche- 
wan; where my husband comes 
from, I had a Boston Cream_Pie, 
but no recipe I have seen matches 
it. . . sponge cake with middle 
scooped out like a thick pie shell, 
and filled with cream, no top or 
anything else. Have you heard of 
it? Would you like my recipe for 

Dear Mrs. Beeckman: 

I am being married shortly, and 
had planned on putting place cards 
for each of the guests, as well as at 
the head table. Now I have been 

One and ope-half Ibs, fish,| SPAGHETTI SAUCE 

weighed after cleaning, skinning] (Courtesy Alexandra B.)" 

or scaling and poaching in sim« . 

ing water until cooked. -(it-is/\One Ib. ground meat (beef), <1 

Cool... refreshing Blue 
Grass, Elizabeth Arden’s 
most beloved of scents for. 
Mother on her day! Choose 

t home and nags at mejdepends on two things—how much} MARTIN’ SH E REPAIR ; 
ee a cena es te| rman rion ur SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY SERVICES J | "=" 
the movies, ganeing’ pai definite showeown that will reveal AND DELIVERY Save you $1455 to +56” “ so ppedyiant —, 
‘ ist—lightand gay ag ~ 

a new Mother's 

that’s loud and noisy—just)the truth on these two points, the| Dial WO 8-7277 55 Everett St. 
| ’ 

here at all se long as it isn't/better. this laughter, 82, 
a offer is for Pi . jsughter. $2.00 
ort plied = .18 rises a hoe $ & 50 j 
se@ these speciol 
GOING DANCING? Z fericesnows Here, | Fegularly won 104% a oeantaa ioe 
f > are savings you 7 childhood memory 
. ‘ennot afford # . 
. 3 “—. .. worn by the most comfort-conscious : “Walloce efor a ball. 96.00 

women in America . patterns with 

miss Walloce Pi rf 
Setgate ct fee rom AGGIE 

RR “Third Dimension regularly tos 17575 Blue Grass 
oom Sub: — You step into x new world of fashionable comfort ee = eee dainty oukes of 
with Dr. Locke shoes! Scientifically constructed, AnretarnisH nous ff 46-Piece services °00 Gina box, $295 
they feature built-in arch supports, contour-shaped be ahsei oe : from : 
. ¥ x baa 
soles,.come in the softest, most supple leathers pearance: Bleek Sorta fy Pula 

.«.in fresh, 'smare styles! ; 

. . ) _ wy 
Go blithely, * confidently, in your L E S L \ E. S ' 

th dress—your Elfin B 
- with its tapered low back stays in SHOE STORE LTD. 

place however you whith and twirl! 

treasure—in a novel 
plastic bottle. $1.00 



Lal iseee 

DIAL 8:8535 

And Elfin’s exclusive Cordtex® inserts “Better Shoes Properly Fitted Mean Better Value 21 BRIDGE ST. E. DRUG STORE ~ 
as oF A A and Extra Comfo . ite’ berge af 
shaped like butterfly wings — life 255 FRONT STREET. ‘DIAL WO 8-6251 “The Store of Quality and Depéndability”’ |Dial WO $559. Wo Dellver 

your bosom naturally for the new 
rounded look. 

At the {4{mous 
amous Chase & Sanborn 


OTEK! < they serve 
ees 5 . ; Je 
; pitt 
_ SO carerree 
Each year thousands of distinguished guests from every 
clime seek the gracious hospitality of the Chateau 
Frontenac in Quebec—sense its association with world- 

historic occasions — savor its delectable cuisine. 

Here enchanting dishes, prepared with true Gallic 
flair, are served with the benediction of a great coffee 
—Chase & Sanborn, 

At your table— as at Canada’s most famous hotels 
— Chase & Sanborn brings to meals the tempting accom- 
paniment of a truly fine coffee. Enjoy its superb quality 
every day —all the flavor your cup can hold. ‘ 

_ Go with the long, slim lines of youth 
—your tummy under control, your 
hips slimmed, by. Sarqng’s amazing, 
criss-cross front! Dance the night‘ 
away—lightweight, ,action-free Sarong 
dances with you, never cides up! 

<o pomp | 

Oar mo. aeg.ver 


ANSWER’ TO A MORE BEAUTIFUL FIGURE! - @ Dinner in the baronial Main Dining Room of the Cha- 
Cet teau Frontenac is a memorable occasion, with its stately 

appointments, fau tess Gate and unexcelled cuisine. ‘Also in the economical bag. ‘ ec 

ae 4 

OR eee 

j Peles 

‘At Ameliasburg | 

- Drought by Mrs. Morley Davidson. 

Crotton. M | W. Sets Record 
Croton. ae with Me*, was) MONTES oman etfs Kecor Ut” See ee ee aant ate Gael Ot yom Oe 
given by gta Morley Dave 2 ‘ ROR ETE Ke A a, 2 This i y sive high-torque 
owes, of Massassaga ees a peqcealstaiemcstiasiyl J a ame 
and Mss. Howes, *'In Breeding Champion Pugs |<“ eet Se rates oaiaanies 
Mrs. W..D, ‘Grant, the guest ra = Y-8 engines of the most advanced desiga— 
speaker, was. introduced by Mr. : 188-Hp. and 198-Hp.—bringing you ies 
Farrow. MONTREAL (CP) — Winifredjpleted the deal without disclosing BCHELITU COUPE ‘ : completely new safety and security wT a 
Mrs. Grant took for her sub-|Steggall, president of the Ladiesthis name. Then he handed her his 5 oj ety =) ; ii 
ject “Faith”. Faith through pray-| Kennel Club of Canada set a world | business card which showed he was in every traffic situation! = 
er; faith in ourselves; faith in bur) dog-brceding record with six gener-|J. L. Isley, at that time Canada’s 2 : : ; 
fellowman, and faith in God. ations of international champion | finance minister and now chief ; 5 . ; 
The Rev. H. H. Hillis | took| pugs. justice of Nova Scotia. ball | 
charge of the “Memorial”, for| Miss Stegall, who has lost count The 55-year-old woman sald that . : : 2 
deceased members. The hymn We of the number of pugs she has!pugs have reached their first peak @ } 
Cannot Think of Them as Dead”,| raised in the last quarter century.|in popularity since theif heyday : , 
was sung. Deceased members|has cupboards full of ribbons andjin the Victorian cra. They are ; to look at and to { 
were, Mrs. S, A. Vancott, Mrs.| trophies. leasy to keep in apartments and eee ae ie 
Frank Burkitt, Mrs. L. R. Brick-| Her dogs have been sold as far|/the small homes of today because eee : . z i XS 
man, Mrs. D. Snider, Mrs. Edith) away as Europe and. Hawaii but/of their size—they welgh only 14 : : 
Jose_.and Mrs. James Haliday.|/she had to turn down a purchase|to 18 pounds and measure 12 : 2 ; 
One minute of silent prayer was|offer from the Duchess of Windsor. | inches from the shoulder—and, be- - The dramatic new beauty of the 1955 Monarch, with its entirely new body and v oS 



— eee 
District. W.A. 
Rally Held 

ss oe TUESDAY; MAY 8, 
"ATTENDED 1,00 BIRTHS retirement last fall, died @ 

wv g tae ed prayer followed. ; 
Women S Activities Mrs. C, Campbell gave the CLINTON, Ont. (CP)—Dr. John| night at the age of 93. He dally 
: ‘Watch Tower" with brief: items ing! n-|W. Shaw, one of Canada’s’ oldest|some 1,800 babies in his $ 
from several flelds of missionary ta | eretisins is physiclans js until his}as a general pra 
endeavor. £ r z : 


The April meeting of the 
Women's Mission Circle of Vice 
torla’ Avenue Baptist church was 
held in the church on Tuesday 
evening, with 85 members pres- 

The Woman's Association, dis- 
drict rally was held recently in 
Amellasburg United church. Mrs. ent. 

Harold Wood, president of the : r § ee The president, Miss E. Nurse, 
‘Ameliasburg W.A., and Mrs. Nor- ; : “ ‘ presided. by 
An E, Whitney, recelved the la- f 

The morning session opened 
with registration, the opening 
hymn “Jesus Savior Pilot Me”, 
followed by theme song and 

dles to represent the light which] The next meeting will be held 
they brought into the darkness of/at the home of Mrs. George Post, 
ignorance and superstition, each| Molra, for many years a valued 
Mrs. H. Hales read a portion of prea: pecans . sore a the ber of the Circle, 
Seripture, and Mrs. A. G. Fox|1rge central candle, w sym~- e meeting was closed by Mrs. 
cate ai soln accsoinanled Tat (tha [etre creec ee ences after which refresh-|' 
.|plano by Mrs, T, Hetherington. Mrs. HL social 
A lovely meditation was given peepee Scare? told of Chris- 
; fal re- 
tional iven b; by Mrs. H. Welbanks, continuing] ’* con on to 
Ronerstile WA. reading, “Eas- 4 gh 7 BAM on the topics of “Windows"—the| oreinuiion’ to eduettion; and 
tertide” "by Mrs. Ralph Stafford;| ii te, Le : windows of spiritual hope. These| Mrs. A. Orr, Christian ‘contribu- 3 BEAUTIFUL 

scripture reading by Mrs. C. Hill- thoughts were made more impres- NEW RU C S . 

man; duet by Mrs. Ward and sive by the worship centre which 
Modern BROADLOOM Made From 

Mrs, Adams. Had been pared by Mrs. K. 
Your Old Rugs and Clothing st SAVINGS UP TO 44. 

Mrs. Townsend. gave a talk on 
the “Risen Christ”. Daniel, sho the windows of 
“faith” and “hope”, with Christ 
Opes . , QSUSPOM-MADE in Any Room-size, Hall or Stair Runners, 
« , 3% NEWEST Solld Colors. xeae-6e Fone 

The address of welcome was —the Light of the World—as the ST 
larger central window, BUDGET TERMS NOW A’ 
_ + — DIAL‘ 2 = 4 6 6 

given by Mrs. Clinton: Sager, of 
Amellasburg W.A. The president Mrs.. Welbanks finished by 
quoting “Our hope is bullt on 

= gaog 

283 Coleman St, Dial Wo 

“Dida, response from twoigreat new V-8 engines. 

of Crofton W.A., Mrs. Grey, re- 
plied to the welcome. Greetings 
from Belleville Presbytery were 

nothing less than Jesus’ blood and 
righteousness.” That hymn was 
then sung and a season of direct- 

representative, reported 55 sub- 
scriptions sent in, an increase of 
tive over last yerr. 


Winifred Steggai of Montreal has bred six generations of inter- 
national champion pugs, a world dog-brecding record, Miss Steggal 
president of the Ladies’ Kennel Club of Canada, says pugs are be- 
coming increasingly popular because of their small size, The two 
year’s rally. was_ given’ by. Mrs. pugs she is holding are, -Wina Sweet Clover and Wina Lady Juliet 
Harold Caldwell and reports of named after Juliet, Canada’s singing star of television and radio. (CP 
associations, Albury, Ameliasburg, | Photo). . : . 3 

Bowerman's, Burr’s, Carrying 
Place, Centre, Consecon and 

Mrs. Harold Wood read a letter 
from Mrs. Kingerly, regretting 
her inability to attend. 

The secretary’s xeport of last 


rit ti yy A Uh ht aS CEE Wherever you drive, Monarch’s huge reserves “ 

followed by the benediction by 

The two met at a dog show in|cause of their short coats which 
New York where the duchess had/shed no hair. “ 
her heart set on buying one ‘of| ‘Besides, a, pug’s not a yapper 
Miss Steggall's champion pugs)like most small dogs and he loves 
named, strangely enough, “Winajto be cuddled,” Miss Steggall said. 
Prince Charmer.” “| Lady Juliet is one of three pugs 
FORCED TO REFUSE Miss Steggall will pregent_at the 
“I had to refuse,’ Miss Sieggall] annual dog show sponsored by the 
said. “It took me seven years to|Ladies Kennel Club of Canada, 
produce the dog and I wanted to| April 24. 
enter him in more shows.” Proceeds of the show are used 
Miss Steggall sold one of her|to buy a secing-cye dog for a blind 
pugs to a famous Canadian before! person in Quebec. So far, the club 
she discovered his identity. \has purchased 30 of the trained 
He visited her home and com- dogs valued at $550 each. 

completely new styling, is matched by dramatic new performance on the road, In fact, - 
there’s a revealing experience awaiting you when’ you first take the wheel of a Monarch 

arid put this fine car through its paces. Longer, lower, wider and roomier than ever 

before, the new Monarch brings you riding qualities that are absolutely unsurpassed 

for smoothness, steadiness and ease of steering—the result of Monarch’s new, 
improved ball-joint front suspension and newly designed chassis, And matching 
‘this new smoothness and comfort are the beauty and luxury of Monarch’s 
stunning new interiors with their distinctive modern upholsteries 

aiid fascinating new colour combinations. Every : 

Monarch model in all three magnificent 

r. Hillis. , 
Dinner was served in the town 

‘The’ afternoon session opened 
with music by Mrs. T. F. Towns- 
end. The Victoria” W.A. took 
charge of the afternoon devotion- 
al. Mrs. H.. Townsend. read the 
Scripture; Mrs. Fox gave a tead- 
ing and prayer; a musical number 
by Mrs, H. Townsend, Miss Audra 
Brickman and Mrs. Morley Wood, 
accompanied * by Mrs. Faulkner 

ag reading by Mrs. M. G, Pul- series—the Custom, the Lucerne 
Reports of associations, Hilller, Giecity sour ard ote aa and the entirely new and 
Massassaga, Rednersville, Ross- sa ha and Property with tne _ luxurious Richelieu—is dramatic 

Tore, Salem and Victorla were 
heard. : 

A solo was given by Mrs. W. 
D. Grant. 
Mrs. Davidson introduced the) 
guest speaker, Mrs. Arthur Pycar, 
who spoke on Presbytery work, 
snd the obligations of the ‘local |} 
WA's. Music by Hillier W.A.| 
Mrs. Walter Forsythe, Mrs. Rus- 
sell Forsythe, Mrs. Gordon Lloyd, 
accompanied by Mrs. Clarke} 

Clapp. | 
Mrs. Harold Wood, president of} 
Ameliasburg W.A. was the leader, 
for the day; Mrs. O. T. Sills, sec~ 
retary; Mrs. Harry Gibson, treas~| 
urer, and was in charge of the H 
registration; Mrs. T. A. Sills, | 
pianist. \ 
Thanks and appreciation go to; 
Mrs. Sager and her committee and 
all the ladies who so willingly 
helped with preparing the deli-! 
cious dinner. | 
The 1956 rally will be held at} 
Centre. | 



Beautiful Living Fence at Am: 
Sot FT} 

azing Low Cost! 

to look at... and to drive! 

POETS C 53S k 
a i el e Blooms with Thousands of White 
POOR eS Woah  ae K Out D - 
a phates © egies teat 
¢ Growsfast — Yet needs Little Care. 
eauty, protection, low-cost and almost 
- 7 ze no maintenance all in one. Actual 
wns at te tests prove mature Iifetime Multifiora 
. Rose Fences will 6 ® car at full 
SO STRONG IT WILL STOP Reap Rg Ey corp yer 
: far beauty to your yard. al 
‘A CAR GOING 60 MILES ilfetine of beauty White ani 
. pring, een 0) 
PER HOUR Serseepright red berries 1n Fail and 
, RS ite ean ise 
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dolivery~ "e 
50 Plants (75 ft.) .. $4.95 delivery snes: 100% satiefied, return for 
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) | ear nIncitancRong Foronte & oatasle 
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Just Reach for 


Put a little in the water,-cleans 
cleaner, faster; disinfects, de- 
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fragrance of the pine woods. |} 
Never harms your skin. 
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_ Belleville,’ Ont, 

“Didutlic new styling 

and a completely new body... 

‘| REQUEST. Ri a 

Monarch is completely new in styling, from headlights to 
tail-lights! The new wrep-sround windshield achieves added 
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(Cortata features ore" Sanéot” 2 MNES 

. aie or mentionns 
ze (Cortate Lestat Sccenth al eee eee 08 ets} . 




<7 . . * 
ad c mu str ‘ ae 

| Wtablefs......19%  * 

24 tablets....., 29¢ 
100 tablets ......79 



, dents and wives of Trenton, Belle- 

- and was in charge of President 

. selections, 
T George Noble proposed . the 

— Attack Cripples 

: TUESDAY, MAY 8, 1955 
125 Attend . 
Rotary Club 
Turkey Dinner 

STIRLING — esi inataly 
25 members of Stirling Rotary 
Club gnd their wives enjoyed a 
turkey dinner and dance Tuesday 
evening at the Queensway Hotel, 
Trenton, on the occasion of the 

gnnual Iadies’ night. 
“Several were in attend- 

ernor C. F. Basil Tippett and Mrs. 
Tippett, of *Toronts: the presi- 

ville and Cam 

was the regular Rotary * meeting 

Ralph Vandervoort, with Robert 
Patterson in charge of the sing- 

The program consisted of two 
vocal solos by Miss Heather Rod- 
gers, with Mr. X. P. Mayhew 
ding the guitar accompant- 

Bud Shane and his group of 
girls from Picton sang several 

toast to the ladies and Ed. War- 
ren introduced the head table. 

The district governor brought 

greetings from Rotary Interna- 


Miss Carol Lane gave an in- 
formative address on “How to 
Plan Your Trip and Pack a Suit- 
case.” She told of various scen- 
-ic spots in Hastings County, that 
would be of interest. She also 
demonstrated a basic.costume for 
a holiday trip of at least two 
weeks. rs 

Mrs. Douglas Patterson was the 
lucky winner in a draw ‘and re- 
ceived a “lazy Susan” tray. 

At the close of the program 
Jack Keane's orchestra supplied 
dance music, 

One hundred and twenty-five 
people were in attendance and 
all the groups in District 247 were 

Sudden Heart 
Young Father 

Gets 3150 a Month 
And Free Insurance! 

In 1949, 2 young Montreal sales 
manager suffered a severe heart 
attack. He has been totally disabled 
ever since. He has a $15,000 
Confederation Life policy that car- 
ries’a Total Disability Benefit. As a 
result, he receives a regular monthly 
cheque for $150 while totally dis- 
-abled, until he reaches age 65—hjs 
$15,000 life insurance policy 
continues in full force and 
Confederation pays the premiums! 
If he: is still disa led at age 65 he 
will receive $15,000 in cash or as 

‘At any age, for any number of 
causes, you may suddenly find your- 
self totally disabled. That's why you 
would be wise to include a Total 
Disability Benefit in your life in- 
surance, wherever possible. Ask your. 
Confederation Man ab about it today! 

Lif ees 

For Free Booklet, 
"What About Disability?” eall: 

294 Front Street 

meron aS 

TORN STOW NS Mr, and Mr. 

Queen’s University, haying fin-|verely injured Saturday when 7 
EMbceusion canis eel “the the provip 
8. m Curtis spen' Webber sires da aioeee ce, 
week-end’ with her frie a car driven by Albert We of] There will be ys 
bees Mrs. George Higgs, of Brook- 

ia i} 
Miss Sheila Kirby, of Belleville, Ing the scene of an accident, Candidates lost net time. starting by providing jobs through develop-| cludes a plants preuide jobs fot] : ‘e TOTALLY AEW e JOTALLY new veee 
spent a recent week-end with her| Police’ said Nashkawa was talk-)their campaigns. Frost, who| ment. all, a hospital and health insur- © TOTALLY NEW Ride 

parents, Mr, and Mrs, 


The sympathy of the nejghbor- pele away, Nashkawa leaped on| to 
hood is extended to the family/to the running board. The car went 
of Mrs. M. St. Hilaire who passed) sbout 100 yards then swerved into 
away this week. 

Mr. and Mrs, Alec Vandervoort Tider against a fence. 
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. By-~}- : A 
ron Harder on Sunday evening 
ay | supper, 

Miss Donna Lee Patrick, 
on | Batawe, and He FA Danes nesday evening. a eanaie 
spent e tea hour with Miss; Mrs, Don rpe and cl n "4 
Giese Stlekle on Sunday even-|called on her father and. broth- asephadl dallas Heed 

Mr. and Mrs. Junior Brooks|Roy Harry, 
spent the Sunday supper hour 
and evening with Mr. and Mrs. W.|ren, of Stockdale, spent Wednes~ 
Black, of York Rd., Trenton. 

Mr, and Mrs. Earl Stickle andj McLean. 
Thelma were Sunday evening} Mr. and Mrs, Cecil Harry, of/to compete with glittering prom- 
supper guests of Mr. and Mrs.|Foxboro, called on his Dad onjises, Pursuing the theme at Lon- 
Ernest Bush, 

* Some of the Sidney Junior) Harry.) 



meee 2 THE ons RIO INTELLIGENCER = : : : 9 
IVEl sald that bundles of promises, it|as claiming’ that the OCF is con-|:. 5 
cost money, Opposi- 
Seema dk one again that be wil tion in the Ontario legislature,” he ¢ ) 
e government’s rec-|told a Brantford riding nomination), 4 
“KINCARDINE, Ont. (CP)—Police ; 
ON) said Clarence Nashkawa, 25, of the} Nd estimate can yet be de Ki ment has accomplished things} “It is very kind of Mr. Oliver to| " 
have! be setting ou our objegtives for. os but, us byt,| : 
09 names on the 1951 voting lists|#t Jength on. employment .2ndlabroad, let me make: this ite 7 TA ILEATS Tire {HATS TOTALLY NEW! 
knocked from the running board of] and of these 1,776,618 cast ballots. education, two of the, ‘musts’ 4n equivocal statement at the satan “ in i 
BY ‘DEVELOPMENT ing this ca to win th 1 Y < Teva ew es 
of the mpaign to w ie gov- NY de wayW ” e 

Severely Injured ee carried out, tent ‘to aim for the 
<o Ee gees eerie B Dominion Royal ¢ 
Saigeen’ Indien reserve wae 2-/ tie to votes There were 21- been headline eels He: speks| oe ene any 
the campaign: The CCF is fight- 
@ TOTALLY NEW A oilily el eae 

Mr, Owen Sound. Webber was charged|for advance polls. Mi 

with erimjnal negligence and leav- Seaperrag armed 

services will vote aot ingeested the the way to meet] ernment of Ontario. . . .” 
ploymeést’ problem was| The CCF election p 

took over the party ay landershis in| Meanwhile, in Brantford, Mr.| ance scheme me low-cost housing. 
1949 when George Drew resigned| MacDonald launched the CCF cam-| He said bis party's program has 
become national leader of the|paign with a \idectaration that the] been available tr es form for 
party, started his campaign injparty is out to nearly a year. CCF ‘has 60 
nearby Brampton Monday night, “The Liberal Tader haz been re-| candidates already in the field, he|* 
He «said the matter of employ-| ported a number of times recently | added. 
ment and unemployment is one on % 
-| which the federal-provincial confer- 
: sce et have been held at an 

Farmers attended the Madoc Ju- pitas 

+ premier spoke at a Peel 
ofjnlor Farmers’ banquet on Wed-| ot." nomination meeting which 

chose’ Hon. Thomas L. Kennedy, a 

two female eom- 

ebber started to © TOTALLY NEW Stloace Bh ae moor S 

Dominion€Royal & 

Svy eae or more for your preseat car — 
Seecify thea: for your sew cor 

ing to Webber 
panions, When 

@ shallow ditch. brushing’ off the 


348 Front (Near the Upper Bridge) Dial WO 8-6596) 


Madeo Road Disl WO 8-888% 

er on tube sheen evening (Mr-/x9r, Kennedy's 20th election cam- 

Warning his audience against 
candidates who come bearing 
bundles of promises, the premier 
gave assurance he will not attempt 

Mrs. od * McKlInnon and child- 


* DIAL WO 2-0852 

day afternoon-with Mrs, George 

(Mr. Roy|don, Ont., Saturday when he first|] UN LIFE. ASSURANCE COMPANY OF CANADA ‘ 

Wednesday evening 
announced the election, Mr, Frost 

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and Producers’ 

“Check your paper for 
focal achedules. 



* Don't look now, but two members of “rassledom's” famous 
“Blot Squad” will be on hand at Memorial Arena Friday night 
‘when professional wrestling: opens another season in the city. 

Two members of the famous, or infamous—it depends 
on how you like your wrestling garnished—Dusek brothers 
foursome are scheduled to put in an appearance—and that 

“means the 1955 ‘mat season will be ushered in with at least 

S a rE 2 ; AS , ; r ey ’ = 
hicago Black Hawks Sign Dick Irvin As Coach; Rangers Watsoi 
es fy ; ; : re , i Sick 
1cago acR FiaweRs Sign VICR roin AS Coach; nNangers Get Watson. 
Back After Quarter Century; 
( sat A ) 
42 . k 2 
There is a pessimistic note out of Peterborough—and let's 
Canadian Press Staff Writer will go to Vancouver for Canada's 
ir; that it Is just pessimism—end bared on rune: needlework and a bilingual rhu- spectacle. ‘ 
t couple of also-ran National Hockey 
“next season's operations may not come into being for another 
signed Dick Irvin, and New York 
‘ etals of city clubs. He adds that rumors of s similar na- 
hope that the two men know how 
Hive months if any quantity may be expected. Another hitch Jgon'’s penchant for stirring pois here Pane : 
lare rece(ved, the Municipal Board cannot approve the project— ‘The 62-year-old Irvin has price includes a $7.50 ticket to the 
: to the Hawks, who have finished R FLOATS FOR PARADE 
: t he has had in the Stanley Cup : s : ra : : 
" guditorium isn't ready this winter. They need to at least finals for. the last five seasons. B ; ) a 
ball Scores. (Moore Earns-Shot at Rocky’s Titl 
= : oore Karns Shot at s litle 
can point to the building committee nor the contractor for ® {he last coached 25 years ago, vow-|statistics in the number of goals, By THE CANADIAN PRESS e* . 
ses =e bt wmaion oo nmin [ne tence ree nce ast ge Whips Valdes In Action-Packed Bout 
” before next month. record of 18 his ‘}}|Pittsburgh 200 001 20x— 5 14 2 
suare, wilbeet founteties: Witton dd who has coached| us, OP recor ot ae cir ifetime|st2P at all western Interproyincial| | Haddix, Smith (0) Atvor> S80 Wed neavyweight cham pion Archie|!est ins cancer bn Ue ring )that 
“e M4 “4 Moore may well have ‘enraed ta stretches back 18 years. Valdes 
a _ at leet Lope oes | 
-place team that hasn't made dicap Moore. When the going was y 
¥ ver, Philadelphia 100 100 000—2 6 1 ‘Archi th | 
ety box : record of 471 in the The primary idea is to,se) enit- (Completion of game suspended Ageless Archie Monday night met] toughest, e was the faster, 
nee one tie tack and is 
“bard work, a little luck a fight that was action-packed from|old-time former champion of th 
pending upon the point of view of intend. to stop at various points|Meyer, Kipper (8) and Seminick. | start to finish. ‘ heavies, gave Archie elght Sn 
pending upon the Point the vola-(#028,,the route and put.on a} WE: Jellcoit LP: Meyer. 
Hawks and. Watson’s Rangers are = 
likely to operate in a livelier at- 

3 , 
< 5 an : 
ies TORONTO (CP)—Eastern fans, 
ho’ or , d for. senlor “B” 's sake, or what- 
pe for Petes’ sake—an' hockey’: e, football classic this year and add 
It seems that Dame Rumor insists that the long-awaited barb cultivator were hired Mon- The Toronto Junior Board of 
League clubs. 
“gear., Seribe Cee Perdue, of the Liftlock City, sald the bad 
Rangers, the new employers of 
“gure have ‘been circulated lately “here and there.” 
to coach a hockey team. But Ir 
7 up ‘ . 
9 early-action for the Centre is that the promised federal grant trouble are expected to be a strong : is open to anybody and will be a 
land no ‘tart can be made. the playoffs only once ‘in his 25 game, through the courtesy of the 
rs Canadian Fi f 
waited this long so we can walt another winter or part there- in the cellar for the last two years, : - “We hope tg have 10 or 12 floats 
"break-even financially to carry on, and the past season saw TARGET SET ‘ 
t, and strings pulled re steel supply, could help. third place.” The Canadiens said|earned during his career. National League 
Moore weighed 196%, the heav- 
Ranger junior farm clubs to the; Ranger total of 233 & atts [Football Union cities — Wirinipeg, Rice, Sarni (1); Purkey and Shep- 
i ighed 209%. 
261. And only hard-rock defence-|. Fans will live on the train dur-| LP: Haddix. shot at Rocky Marciano and his vere ve 
the playoffs in five years. More 
the No. tender, | hi hes the harder. 
As a coach, Watson's popularity |°™™ enthusiasm and to further East-|May 1 after 8% innings) papi ONO CO er orcas dima as 
of praying.” 
show.” HRs: Chie Baker, Philadel: Sitting at ringside was Truman] Valdes five and he called two even. 
-|mosphere than their predecessors. 

i f e i : x . 3 
Colorful Habitants’ Mentor | cyl Do Ir Bvery Time == By Jimmy Hatlo| 
ee ; 7} ° f 5) Sea j o—?% WATCHED 
D NEWS? nes 
By ED SIMON ‘ ae familiar with Grey Cup madness, 
brand they will play in this neck of the woods next wine | new YORK (CP)—An expert at their style of whoop-dedoo to the 
; da: to do ething 
“Memorial Centre which was reported to have been ready for y/t0.ty acmielhing tosis the color: 
, Chicago Black Hawks, who 
Dews, was mentioned at hockey dinners, be attended by ef- 
Phil Watson, also have reason to 
© te-tearned, he sald, that orders for steel should be in for jj. ability as a needler and Wat- 
thas ‘not:yet been forthcoming. Untiljt and the Ontario grant {factor in attracting the customers. : ; gesture of East-West goodwill. The 
: 2 .  |years as an NHL coach. He moves Union, 
© > GCP. goes on: “While some people will feel that we've 
“of, stil it's rather crim for the hockey clubs here, if the new fron Montreal Canadiens,” wacen for the Grey “Cup parade,” said] _\- 
both ‘elnbs go in the red in Civic Arena. Evidently, no one Irvin returns fo the Hawks, whom|rates in the top 10 in the club 
Yt could be that this is just pessimistic talk and such rumors they will not appoint his successor} Never an outstanding goal-scorer, re-|St. Louis 000 010 COO— 1 7 1 Lae Na ONS 
LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP)—Light 
Memorial Cup finals three times in| second only to Frank Boucher’s|®egina, Calgary and Edmonton, ard. 
4 The added poundage didn't han- 
man Ching Johnson's 798 minutes |ing the trip and while ‘in Vancou-|Chicago 000 020 101— 4 7 1) Varig heavyweight fitle. 
conservative than Irvin, he says he 
- 7 _|Nino Valdes of Cuba, in a 1S-round} Referee Jimmy Braddock, the 
har continued to vary sharply, de-| Wert £ooewill,”: Chipman sald. “We Andre, Jeffcoat (5) and Chiti; 
In or out of the playoffs, Irvin's 
phia—Hamner. Gibson, secretary of the Interna-|One round was taken away from 

tional Boxing Club, who said“thejeach fighter for -hitting low. 
Chicago O11 000 000— 2 5 Ose year-old Moore deserved a Valdes fought the last two rounds 9 a 

le bd 0: a 
St Eien nae gue Gea wr encarta eeee's| Baseball Standings Puss, ht? Mrs leh? Sr Seen woul ure we See 
The popular Whipper Billy Watson headlines the card ONCE WITHDREW CTT ITY Lopata. probably be scheduled for Sep-|just before the 13th ended it went 
and his opponent is Ernie Dusek, one of the brawnler of the in 1926-27, and His stormiest days were spent By THE CANADIAN PRESS Hacker and Chiti; Roberts and|tember in New York, provided, of] completely shut. 
‘quartet of beef on the hoof, while towering Tex McKenrie, enal 35 goals for Portland Rosebuds/as coach of Quebec Citadelles, National League Lopata. course, that Rocky disposes of Eng-| Valdes was furious at the @e-, 
De skyscraper that walks like's mean, will tatile Ernie's, | <f the old Pacific Coust Tanene D0) whom he ence ie mate with WE. Pet, GBL| HRs: Chicago—Banks. Philadel-|iand's Don’ Cockell in San Fran-|cision. He tied » fein in his cor- 
. Emil, himself 2 hunk of wrestling dynamite years earlier, runs his clubs with-|playoff series in a dispute with é phia—Ennis. cisco’ May 16: : er, sprawling out on the canvas. 
little brother, i Bs out noticeable fanfare. league officials. On another oc- Brooklyn , 16 2 889 Milwaukee : It was a repeat victory for Moore |His manager, Bobby Gleason, 
‘who was never » matinee fdeol ner 3 swoon-causer of the == | THOSE QUOTES! casion, he charged into 2 Montreal |c™/ca6° 10 8 5S 6 000 000 000 000—0 6 lover Valdes. \ yelled “burglary.” : 
distaff side. But ever since he and Canadien|crowd in defence of his. players ahineaeee : : = Mn Brooklyn 000 000 000 002-2 4 1 
Opening the affair will be the perennial Pat Flanagan, general manager Frank Selke left] and was-tagued witl © osceune 1 8 487 1% land Cempane ercecrs eee ; i i 
. icicles ther ring |te,Toronto Maple Leats for Mont- suspensioa_and a $300 good-be- ie ry Sos Ha Entec stapes Le e Leaders |Peomt Kansas City ru Be 
bo will match his flying tackles, drop and other ring |real in 1940, Irvin has treated) havior bond. 5. an 31340 HR: Brooklyn—Furillo. agi Kuenn, Detroit 70 14 27 386 
lery against the equally well-known Jan Gotch. sports writers to a series of tan-| His last two years with Quebec 4 13 zs1%l ‘AutticantLaaxes — Lollar, Chicago ¢ 53 13.19 358 
: : : SL ig she . talizing quotes that have brought] Frontenacs have been quieter—but Today's Games z By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | Runs—Carrasquel, Chicago. 19. 
’ his NHL rivals to the verge ofjonly by Watson standards. Newichiesgo at New York (N) - [Washington 010 411 050—12 13. 0 National League Runs batted in—Nieman, Chicago 
BLAME ’EM : - <a apoplexy. Most of his best shafts] York fens, particularly those with| cincinnati at Philadelphia (N) Kansas City’ 000 000 010-112 1 Fi : 19. 2 
: : have been aimed at the sensitive|a working knowledge of the French |stiiwaukee at Pittsburgh (N) - Schmitz and Fitzgerald; Boyer, AB E HPet.| © poubles—Wilson, Kansas City, 7 
Point tit ‘over the first OHA’ champion. |3kin of his old boss, Toronto man- language, are likely to notice a ce edule Trice (4) Dixon (8) Sleater (9) and|Moom, St. Louis 72 10 27.375] Triples—Fox, Chicago, 3. 
Anners are still agog' over ne aging director Conn ‘Smythe. marked difference from the milder Say genes sch — 5 Mueller, New York 64 10 24.375] Home rans—Lollar, 6.. \ 
hip to come their way since they entered organized hockey The outraged roars of Irvin's|Muzz Patrick, whose elevation to|cyicg egrrsacat fd k mee LP: Boyer. Repulski, St, Louis 70 9 25.357) Stolen bases— , Chicago, 5 
apart from the Trent Valley League. And it seems the Ox target, invariably timed to coincide] the general manager's post brought Lig r HRs: Washington—Busby (2) Sie.|Loxan, Milwaukee 63 12 22 19] Pitching—Lemon eland, 5-0, 
Point crew established some sort of a record in district hockey |with a Canadien tilt with the rival] Watson his opportunity. Cincinnat! at Philadelphia (N) — |verg (2), Kansas City—Zernial, -: |Mays, NewsZork, | S813 3) 350) 1.000 ; see 
= especially the Trent Valley loop, for they are the proud _|¢club, have resulted in some of the] Watson's mixed French-Scottish apie ureh CN) Boston 000 001 O1— 2 6 0| Runs—Bruton, Milwaukee, 18. Strikeoute—Score, Cleveland, 40. 
es, yf St. Louls at Brooklyn (N) Runs batted in—Th il- : . 
Ipossessors of three handsome trophies won in the same ‘season. ner a Loa Ppteod ne ancestry bad a determining effect Cleveland 310 000 tne a a Sobel rey jomson, Mil. . i 
hat shoul: : ° es * on his hockey future. Ranger-re- American Lea ‘emmerer, ‘Brown (5) Hurd (7) * 
t id go down in the archives as a record achievement” [135 ‘brought in three Stanley Cup| search traced the Scots strain flaw- tes and White; Wynn and Hegan. Doubles—Hodges, Brooklyn, 8. 7G 
Hor any team in the district. winners. eight first-place clubs and/jessly through several generations WL Pet. GBL] Lp. Kemmerer. Triples—Aaron, Milwaukee, 4. ZIPPERS la 

Cleveland ‘12.6 667 
Detroit 1 86 47 UK 


eight more in second place. 
The silver-haired pigeon-fancier, 

of his ancestry but found a few 
gaps in his French lineage, thus 

HRs: Boston—Jensen. Cleveland 

First they captured the Frank Follwell trophy, emblem- oe Fe el eee, cla ~ DIAL WO 2-2854 . 

atic of the champlonsbip of the southern division of the Trent who moved his off-season home jChicago - 10 66 1 ay Pitehing—Erskine, Brooklyn, 40 ; , 
Valley League. They went on to defeat Marmors for the TVL and his stable of racing birds from wa et His 2 een New York 10° 7 (588 1 bes on bp : : : 1.000, : mn BRAM HUMPHREYS 
title which gained them the Thomas Bats trophy and last Regina to .Montreal some years] ali French-Canadian talent in Que- 7 9 438 4: | Wiesler, Konstanty (3) Grim (6)|_ Strikeouts—Antonelli, New York, 

Friday they elimaxed brilliant OHA playdown drive. by ago, pleas to remela in Montreal) pee. : i: = pt Sain (8) and Berra; Gromek and|*- pane ARCH SUPPORT AND 
' defeating the Electric Hurricanes to win the Intermediate At Shicago ‘season. as Frank| , Ranger president Brig.-Gen. Jobn| Baltimore Sh coe 7 | Wilson. ; if : merican League SHOE REPAIR CENTRE 
- ug” championship. For. this feat they were awarded the Eddolls,-who has been offered the Reed Kilpatrick, introducing Wat- Today's Games - LP: Wiesler. AB R HPct. 19 Campbell St. 

son to the New York press Monday, Iwew -york' at Cleveland (N) HR: Detroit—Delwing. 
sounded a note for the future @8/poston at Detroit International Lea 
Te eee ane ustie paving’ days | Wasnington at Chicago (N) Columbus 000 000 1001'S 1 . 
WAS STAR PLAYER ¥5/ Baltimore at Kansas City (N) 

but had never been known to win Wednesday's G Toronto + 000 100 0O2x— 3 7 Oj, ; ‘ 
Watson, whose 12-year record asjone. The president sald he hoped| washington at cus, er Kume and Lakeman; Fahr. and 
a Ranger centre includes 547 games|that either Watson had managed|poitimore at Kanse ee Berberet. g _ 
in a New York uniform, second|to curb his spirit of belligerence/po sion at Detroit as City Hebe bone pee ‘ az 1 WANAYAYL 
New York at Cleveland seit reels : 

only to defenceman Ott Heller's 647,'or that his aim had improved. X\ 
Marrero, Moreno (2) Cueche (4) 

: and Noble; Lehman, Mickens (9) NAAN = 
Canadian Olympic Association Has 

International ‘League pert he ea Fy i} Pa 
| , esa os aad oS New, low-price IN 
$10,000 of $206,504 Estimated Cast 

* Ken McMillan trophy, the third of the bauble trio which was 
| presented to them following the game by Mr. Frank Mabey, 
manager of the Wallaceburg arena. 

coaching job with Buffalo Bisons, 
the Hawks’ American Hockey 
-|League farm club. 

Skowrom, New York 51 14 23 .451 . tment 
Kaline, Detroit -. 62 16 26 .419 ee Ri EE eal 


Trout fishermen seeking the elusive speckles and whatnot 
over the week-end report large flocks of wild geese on their 
‘way to their northern haunts where they will take up summer 
residence. ; 

One party, who was fishing in, Monk Lake, sald the 
big birds were seen In larger flocks than usual, bucking » 
stiff north wind on their way to their, summer feeding 
grounds, “There were literally hundreds of them,” sald one 
“fisherman. “The noise of their honking must have seared 
the trout for the speckles refused to bite after the goose 
parade had disappeared into the ‘wild blue yonder’.” 

Which reminds us of the story that came out of Enterprise 
a few years ago. It seems a hunter visited hig favorite lake 
for ducks when to his surprise where the lake was -supposed to 
be was nothing but a dark mass. No water was visible. He 
nated strange movements, and just for fun emptied both bar- 
rels into the centre of the mass. 

%] Picone and St. Clair; Birger and 
1 |Streult, 

: s 

1%4"|Syracuse 000 001 0K00— 1 5 2 N ; 
3. |Rochester 000 020 100-3 9 0 rac or ir 

4 Morehead, Lipetri (8) and Parks; ; IN es | 

2 4% |Deal and Burbrink. 
Syracuse y 5% — 
Today’s Games American Association é 
Columbus at Toronto (2N) Omaha 3 Indianapolis 2 . N- 
Havana at Montreal St; Paul 4 Toledo 0 4 Ls N. 



TORONTO (CP) — Canada w 



Then he stared in amazement as the entire mass rose 
\ strafght.up from the waters of the lake. .As it drifted in the 
© alr, four objects were scen to fall into the water. What had 
. happened was the ducks were so thick they covered the en- 
© {ire:nurface of the lake. The hunter’s chance shots had killed 
four ducks, but they were clustered so thickly they were 
“taken aloft with the maln body, only, to fall when the flock 
“separated. Chick (Stratford Beacon Herald) Appel won't 

$206,504, president Ken Farmer of Syracuse at Rochester (N) Minneapolis 6 Charleston 3 
the Canadian Olympic Association I Richmond at Buffalo (N) - IDenver 2 Louisville 3 9.00-x 24 An 
“We are budgeting for $212, ey ere 

and I'have every reason to be- NEWMARKET, Ont. (CP)—The ; 

and television appeals for money 

with top government officials, ath- 

send 155 athletes ‘and officials to S) . 
the winter’ and summer Olympics Resignation Of 
said in an interview Monday night. 
To date the COA has collected \ 
Here mi foe or one eames raceme | DA You Own An Outboard G00D, YEAR a 
i bon Agere ni prbeametger eed was refused Monday inight by the 4” 0a 5 . 
- unity’s recreation commls- : : : : 
611 for a general campaign for|°om™ ; M eS 9 Dp 15 Su Gri 
3 -15 Sure-Grip 
otor or Boat... ! | 
Ietes and sports writers on the 

in 1956 at an. estimated cost of Suspended Coach 
$10,000 c 
The drive. will start with radio “th 
Also, new low-price 

If you do, or planning buying one, we have a very 

gree with the knowledge your marine equipment is 
properly insured. 

such statistics—only the’ consecu- accept Mr, Hollingsworth’s formal 
tive’ victories from the start, The|federal government; $92,250. from |resignation tut did not condone his 

‘story—but that’ . dition, i 
belleve that. story: on t's the way it was told. peceramece in] ioe tion, Sieh. COR thu Nowniarket pectree tearn\io the broad coverage of insurance for a very low pre- front tractor tire 
vate donors across the country. |recent Young Canada. WeeR at ; Goodyear $ 65 size 
“2 . club in mfodern times. ‘The association has set its sights |Goderich, Ont. You'll reall . * 13: 4.00 x13 
No ] e Set- The record books do not carry : ‘ou'll really enjoy your boating’to = greater de- Marathon 

z Come in soon! . 

Commission members refused ; 

lew Record See area thatt |G ote recone one Hevtmanyeaked ta. sécoasiéer pe R it will be th ho ha 
ark when y ca $23,400 fromy sports - e was a: to reconsider his emember, it will be the wise person who has in- f ” , 
wd 2 aot at. eT chek elt ape bodies. : Le resignation. acre — starting st for his ogee fishing : LOOK FOR THIS “HIGH SIGN” OF QUALITY 
ZS ———_—_ jorough cl e box} The ince of Onta: spot or a sailing trip. Phone or see us for : ‘r4on2 . 
BROOKLYN (AP) = The Brook-|scores since 1900 disclosed the bestlasked for $10,000; quences ‘33.000; bourne, Australia, and 35 com- complete! details. ¥ S——_— 

Bh Dodgers,’ still playing as if it|/previous getaway gait.through the|British Columbla % 
000; Mani- 
praia crime to lose, own another|first 18 games belonged to the 1907|toba, Alberta, Saskatchewan a Cortina 
if . . ind| Winter Game: . 
Bey: anette is doubtful if!New York Giants and’ the 1946/Nova Scotia $3,000 each; New| Travelling Carnaes are tailmated 
re of it, Boston Red Sox. posted| Brunswick $2,500; Newfoundlandjat $142,164; board and lodging, 

petitors* and 12 officials to the 

The Lorne McDougall Insurance Agencies CLIFF BARAGA 

+ ee elidel ceed ee Eira ieee enka beer bey Gone ad ene Le mites Me ners: care eee | 
Ber orrcacee ons starts is Dodgers. ox. Reaves. could recall any zarmer said tts planned 9 : Freight, general contingency andl] DIAL WO 8-5728 150 FRONT STREET EXPERT TIRE SERVICE 

y anything rs 8 - consum: Sad v Insurance Office” : * 

never attained by any other approaching this dizzy start, clals to the summer games at Mel- elaine 928.3000 sume. the| Belteville'e Larges ‘ : | -. REPAIR—RETREADING 

Wee fsa 

ae a a a nue owpanao-tnsaciznomn a E - i woo 
Brooks Maintain Fantastic Pace In National; Indians Cling TS lead 

" Stretch Lead To SixGames. [BobFeller [Quebec Member of Parliament Wants Selke Won't [Claims Hockey [Doug Harvey - 

As Furillo Homers In 12th; Faster. Than [Hockey Controlled by Commissioner salt Load Big Business - [Awarded Norris 2 

ryan Wins First Over Boston Turley; Seo ‘Score. frre oa eae For Other Clubs [Not Sport + Memorial Cup 

ey Mary rte ep ne MONTREAL (CEy-The relatioe-| QUEBEC {CP),— A member of] MONTREAL (CP) — Doog ar 
By THE ASSOCIATED ‘PRESS much," he said.“I know there are|Ship. between junior hockey devel-|Quebee’s upper. house, and former| vey, Montreal Canadiens’ 
It Ted Williams were ‘casting 

vt copes: 
“base. hits around’ the. American 



fat cheques.’ involved” and: large|opment. and the famous Maurice|owner of a Quebec City hockey|defenceman, is the winner of the, 1, 

- ; 
‘Sain ‘Snend $s. foe] Pierre Gauthier ({—Portneu!), « smounts of ake I ksiow that|(Rocket) Richard suspension may)clib ‘sald Monday night profes-|James Norris Memorial Trophy, 4; i 
ake ght .. viet Bt | medical doctor, expressed concern| Wi Possibly few exceptiois’ wel seem: tar fetched but it's there, sionat hockey has become more of|the"National Hockey League an- 


League instead-of* reeling ‘in the "j “pos ; - pe : 
big eae night be 2 it ‘Golf School ese are confident’ they. now: ha¥e| considered sor the’ health of ds eons anecing a plain enter: Sy busipess than spect Abe tene eee also re 
Boston bei ep Bo ot llctgaeesayheoa ine the “‘stopper’’, who will Keep’-them| young hockey players. : director of Mon Popoghesipman tear pte pe xd from the NHL. 9 151489. 
in the American League. race all “{ would propose that’ our na- are, the inevitable seal’ Canadiens sald he thought| ‘the Quebec bee Frontenacs of-the| .2e trophy goes to the defence-?++/ 

Swat chars suspension was’ too se-| Quebec Junior Hockey League un-|™an who showed greatest all-round’!*4% 

the way. +~-| onal game bé handled in the way 
vere, that there was no support/til he sold his interest this s¢ason| ability in’ that position’ througtiout! /** 

better off. 
“Yout remember Willlams. ated 
t- “In addition tothe blinding speed {baseball is handled in the United] ps 

the guy with the:.68 lifetime 

happens.” : 
ting average who. some ‘tolks daily he exhibited for - Baltimore « last] States,’ he said. “A commitsioner} py. Gauthier said he is’sure that from other National Hockey League & ae Coutare," said hockey’s|the season. aarsit 
claimed. was die. to show-up -at year, the powerful young righthan-|or judge should be appointed bY|-i¢ these players were not so com- clubs in' the unfortunate and|>2 ying public has no! * protection Harvey had 147‘points of a pos- 472F 

Boston's training camp this spring. 
But Williams spent the training 
season fishing.- 

Without Williams, the ‘Sox are in 

der -has. developed..a curve and|the federal government, or the pro- 
change-up under-the patient coach-|vinclal governments working in 
ing rn ed read in the plow-| unison, in order that our national 
boy's palmiest day: “-},]game may be protected.” 

pletely exhausted: many of the in‘!+-uplesome situation and that he| “Baseball has cleaned itself up, | sible 180 in, the yoting by hocksy.ii - 
hockey’ season’ would not have doesn’t therefore feel he should|/but I am sorry I cannot say ‘the| Writers, broadcasters and telecast+;+*=+/ 
_ 74 f -l carry the load for the other .clubs|48me for hockey,” he said in anjers in the six NHL citles. He wagii;4 ns 

sixth place. After a fast start, they ; Also, while ‘his YSatrol has im.|;: Dr. Gauthler’s suggestion brought interview. ser 
have lost 10 of last 12, includ- . proved markedly over applause from all sides of the F ; Ee in redone new deal in junior ’ “ts no longer run for the sp ae. ahead of ner a fetta " 
‘ Turley has retained just’. ouse ; : hockey, or or for Rlha uss, swine runner up 
of his “wildness” to keep'the bat- }iA8 “GONE TOO FAR” ights Last Night jc]2As a -move toward rebuilding|case of a big syndicate making bad coerce tt nit BE 
iiamé’ ab in}: : ters loose up: there and prevent : 5 RES \ \yantor hockey in Quebec province} money. Fern .Flaman of. Boston 
mat A! eieeite sip. butl their taking a toebold. That always] He said he would likely be told| By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS \ jana’ at the same’ time providing! yonprs INTERESTS placed thipd with 32 points. coahens) Fee 
the 7 hetiragt his last has been one of the secrets of} that it is none of his business ‘‘but] yo, Vegas—Archie-Moore, 196 fertile farms for young players other defencemen received points.” 
ar bad dust joe 2. Look at the picture.’ Why|Feller’s success, ‘There never was|I think this thing has gone to], ‘surica wine Valdes [Se spnounced early last season| Martineau said that in the Na-[on a 531 basis for first, “second’> -'* | 
18 at-bats. trlelders | follow through 30 carefully? Well, time that Bobby couldn't throw|far.” Seventy-game schedules, ih hese ard so 5, \that all NHL clubs had agreed to/tional Hockey Leagué Jim Norris|and- third choices. pile i 
ree oon atthe, plate, too oo. |of course, nothing you do after|2 through a -knothole when! lowed by playoff games, were just] 209%, Cuba, 15. : sponsor and enter teams next sea-|of Detroit owns the ‘Detroit Red FeauN spe 
Saeko ys shag hth Sioa ‘Pelrsal vouihaye ‘hie the ball-has any ef« he wanted to. | too much. Providence, R. I.—Bob Bolton,|son in the Quebec Junlor Hockey} Wings, and the Chicago ~ Black|— jee 
r Rees : fect on its Might. But if on have] JOHNSON TOO PERFECT “'T think this is too much to ask! 36134, Providence, stopped Jose|League. Hawks and has a-major share in| promoting nearly all sports in Que-, 5 
Sods Monda: ith ¥ hing necessa pro- of the hearts of our athletes,” he) cooteras, 164%, Taunton, Mass. 8, How it's work out now!Madison Square Garden, the New|bec City, said he told the Quebec. “ 2 
ensen homered dette bradley said. “I am afraid that in the long ered oe sane [is another question. York ‘Rangers: home, In Quebec|Frontenacs because he could not!" 

duce a good shot before sibhend Players who hit against Walter 
meets on, then you'll finish In|Johnson say there is no Hmit to 
the position shown. Your hands|the records the Big Train might 
will be high, club shaft between|have left behind if he had been 

our left shoulder and your head. willing to let a ball:“‘get away’’ 
You'll have finished with your|M0w ahd then. The batters knew 

that Johnson’s control was almost 
weight mainly on your left leg} 
but. you still have support from perfect, and that he was deathly 

your right foot. ° Here's golfing afraid he might hit a man and 

him, so they were atie to take 
formi to strive for. If you look at| i N 
this picture In a mirror you'll see their cuts with some’ assurance. 

that the finish of the swing Is a| cat Sevoted the ngrine we vente 
fell off to fourth. The White Sox, good deal like the start of the | ing Turley two thipgs, fo snap a 
idle, at third. downswing. The lesson seems to/curve across the plate and to com 

none on while the Red Sox ran 

» afoul of a healthy Early Wynn as 
Cleveland kept first place by win- 
ning 42. 

Wynn grabbed his first victory 
of the season, having recovered 
— an attack of bronchial pneu- 

Detroit stayed a half game back 
by whipping. New York Yankees 
1. The Yanks, who were tied for 

second .with the Tigers and Chi- 
cago, White Sox atthe day's start, 

run hockey will be Killed because} Montreal—Pat Marcune,' 130%%,) ‘*The others seem to have taken|province, he sald, the Montreal|afford to keep a junior team, © ‘*+~2 
it Ls too eaparent that the almighty| Brooklyn, outpointed Charlie Ti-|the stand that ‘It’s Selke's baby so|Canadlens own‘all three teams in| “It must have cost the Canadian=. »+ 
dollar has taken. first position while) tone. 127, Brooklyn, 10. let him go ahead and look after/the Quebec Junior Hockey League] Arena Company—owners of Monte «.4 
the heelth of our young a is| Stellarton, N.S. — Giry Simon, jeverything,’ ’ he said. ‘Well, since|and ‘two of the five in the Quebec|rea! Canadiens—at least $100,000 to 
being ignored.” 160, New bey eh N. S., stopped|the Richard case I can't say I'd! Hockey League. keep up the QJHL this year,” he 
He suggested that the managers | Billy Mays, 150, Boston, 1. feel like doing all that.’ - ’ Martineau, who has a hand in|said. ‘That is not sport.” 


Cue fot te ig fshioebadey 
new'55 PLYMOUTH | 

_ Washington blasted Kansas City|be that the last half of a golf | cea} his pitches, He also emphas-|.- 
42-1 in the other American League swing duplicates the first half. ized. to the young: man that he 

would not need to try to pitch a 
[acheive —- game - gh a as 
altimore, where he a 1: 

ia sci | Sports Calendar [== 

wp its fantastic pace, widening its P Already the a ent has be, 
rgum gun 
Yead to six games as Carl Furillo See over the relative speed of Turley 
ed out his eighth home run| sorrTBALL and Herb Score, Cleveland's great 
“to ‘deat Milwaukee Braves 20 ini ronight—Belleville Bobeats prac-|rookle southpaw who fanned 16 
innings. That pushed the Braves)" tice. CNRAA Field at 6.30 p.m.|Boston Sunday. Most of the players 
into fourth. Chicago Cubs leaped) weancsday — Belleville Orfuns|and managers we have seen quoted 
into second on a 21 victory at! practice CNRAA field at 6.30,|in the debate’ give Turley a slight 

after wrapping up a — Bobcats ctice, |edge in the smoke department, All] “— ote 
42 se by. ae asus, TIGNE Field a 630 pm “ = sacea Feller when he really © ; ia 
ALL ad it before the war agree that Se BS Lane 
Pa with "eB Pus tung the eae Initial meeting Belleville Bobby's fast one ‘had them both 7 ‘ A zi 
Cardinals $4 in the ofher National] -and District Baseball League at pel iy see ee ~ Long and-fow... rakishly angled fore and aft... 
Leper ene: : Radio Station CJBQ, 8.00 p.m. te 
ee Wicing ot veteran Steve TOCnee Yesterday’s Stars Motion-Designed for The Forward Look..: = 
Saturday— The Annual Belle- pS dae : A 
rr rece eight hits inciuded Jim| Ville Minor Hockey Association | By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS smartly tailored with new (high-style fabrics and two-tone colours ak 
t Soable b Ferri SF sg eae om” sais nk 4 “Pitehing:’ Bob Purkey, Pirates, sa iiveat 
jou! ry ‘ain. y yen hits and an un- 
Until Furillo whacked his shot,| TRACK AND FIELD |easned oun. as .Piitesarah clubbed You see Plymouth everywhere, for more and more fasbion- 
Gene Conley looked as invincible] Wednesday, May 11—11th annual | three St, Louls pitchers for 14 ag minded motorists are selecting this long, low beauty that 
w.. as ever against the Brooks. He} . Ken Colling Memorial -5 1-4) and defeated the- Cardinals measures more than seventeen feet from bumper to bumper 
Shad allowed but three hits in a mile cross-country race. Begins Batting: Carl Furillo, ideas: ~ - barely five feet from roof to road! 
duel’ with Carl Erskine. The at BCI, 4.40 p.m. slammed his eighth ‘home run of . ¥ Sees, onl fides th «thi 1088 Plociouth cacdcle 
Dodger ace won his fourth with-| Saturday, May 14—Annual Bay of} the season with a man on base in ‘ou, too, e glamour of the ym 2 
out defeat, leaving five men| Quinte COSSA meet. Albert/the 12th inning to break up a bril- —completely new, inside and out! You'll enjoy new high-style : sn R88 
stranded in the last two innings.| College at 1.00 p.m. Want scoreless pitching duel be- interi new easier riding, new easier steering. You'll see waite 
—<$<$—$_$_ tween Brooklyn's Carl Erskine and more gh the new swept-back windshield that really wraps ; a ostteg 
Lag icer mer yarns ave around at your eye level, as well as at the bottom. : ~ bree 
INSIDE BASEBALL By MICKEY McCONNELLY ite : "- You'll thrill to the lively power of the new Plymouth engines. A salem 
f Littl L c Masor League Beout * Everybody likes the quick, smooth getaway of these higher “ul 
or Little eaguers Aes entotie powered engines . . . as well as their thriftiness. Rae 
ABILITY TO EXEC i : , Power¥lite automatic transmission is available, too, at extra j Ese 
few PLAYS As AS COWRA cost. So are all the Intest power assista to make your driving ie 
FURST GASH 1 Aes wonderfully easy and convenient. 
OirCNee AND ie OME ; You'll be money ahead because the new '65 Plymouth is not i 
OF THe. only economical to run, but also priced with the lowest! Smart _ Ment | 
ral : buyers all over Canada say it’s the dig value of the year’ ne 
45. i 
Posirioh as We as Manufactured in Canada by Chrysler Corporation of Canada, Limited Re 




{ RUBEN \ 

oF - 



3 o 

§ a} 
Bey 2s = ater 

ar 5 

‘Deluxe Champion 


, Pitchers must learn to cover first base on‘ bas hit to the first 
jbaseman. Thpy should break, for the bag any time the ball Is hit 
‘to the first-base aide of the infield. 

‘With no one on base, the diagram above MMustrates what various 

_tplayers should do when the ball is hit toward the first baseman, @ SOFTER RIDE 

: ~The pitcher races to cover the base, running go that he will be paral- ]. 8 SILENT TREAD 
ee ‘lel to the base line and out of the path of the base runner as he @ SKID PROTECTION 
“lreaches the base. When the first baseman fields the ball, he steps LOW 
* toward first and tosses the ball (if he is fairly close to the base) @ BLOWOUT AND 
or throws it overhand (if he has to make a longer throw) so that PUNCTURE SAFETY 
_ the pitcher can catch it chest high about two steps before he reaches : 
the base. When, the pitcher catches the ball, it is advisable for him Pe @ Haase es s ee 

to step on the base with his right foot so he will stay out of 
the path of the base-runner and to circle toward second base. It is 
good to get into the habit of making a quick turn in case there are TIRE TREAD CO, 
runners on other bases as these runners might try te advance if the “TTR! ; TALI Pe 
Pitcher isn't in position to throw quickly. © E SPEC ¢ tS 

If the first’ baseman can’t get off his throw before the pitcher 2 Dundas St. E. Disl WO 2-3059 
Teaches first base, the pitcher must stop at the bag and atretch : 
for the throw. 

Note where the other players should be heading in case someone 
makes an cryo7. Backing up pleys properly often keeps a runner 
from advancing another “base. 



No Special Rims Needed 







OF THE BAY OF QUINTE T.V., Radio ‘Column. 

(CIBQ — 1240 Ke) 

ee ee Nelson Eddy Given Lead Role. 

x <3) See gutate Lexende gener tional News 
ans the pe on W: ‘2:0S—News Roundup ~ 66 th 
{emer mira | $25 ime | se Mue “fi ae pecta ar esert. ong 
"Weather" “" Mament Hil 10:30—News 
$06—Penthouse Party | 8:00—Fibber McGee /10:40—Music Til Biid- 
5 sna By WAYNE OLIVER _ Se aR 

S:4s—Supper, Music °| 8:15—The Grest Gild- |11:00—Sport: Review 
° 11:05— Muse Til Mid- ducer thinks, and whether the TV : 
6:30—In-the Sportlight | 8:30—-The Londom Con- NEW YORK (AP) — Casting of} Stic 
"7 a eett ' Nelson Eddy in the lead role of] PUNE, Thee This ss television has By. SAM GORDON 
> appearances, Meanwhile, for the) Where nature is deficient, man 


2k BOOW = sounds like a natural, in view -of 
10:40 Whispering S—News | Weather ns |his starring performances in last two years he has been. aspires to’ invent alds. So it is 
with a good bridge system. It is 

12:00—News, Weather 

30—In the Spariisght the country act 
40—In Town Tonight pearly fo. score Hight opers OW with prety Gale Sherwood who co 

s , $a tS 
Taorus With the Gan |iio—Worth Knowing | 7:00—Face on the Stamp |J¢3 Ree eee ee ee cence| stata cw th him in ‘The Desert|/founded.on natural meanings of 
? fewa & Weather |11:15—) in % Time up and ncerts. But the tall singer) coy ; 1 These 
aware 7a0—Keybosrd Kapers |and actor, still handsome at 53, is Cee ee bids.s are . supplemented 
b 30- News, Weatber = Afbum me as nervous as a novice, Ever notice. that between _pro- with special signals by the archi- ~t 
320—up Wits the Sun 12 Music from }-00—| = McGee d “I’ve never done a major show grams, no matter which TV station ¢ The language of bids is = 3 BELLE acre Calttornis. Yvonne DeCarlo ‘ 
51s : as Mae Music emer earch al petiner dite otein you tune in, there's a:time signal! ined to a mere 15 words, Seldom t ; | 
H D With the Sun | 2:00—News * 8:30—Show Piece . pictures: are:.en erent in| comm: by. one. of, the big)/a¢ work is-some of this -limited : 

technique,” -he explains. “And 00] wa coropanies? © They're 

the concert stage 1 was out there! chronized apene mre nee 
all alone this is something for/that- when you tune from one sta- 
which my background hasn't pre-|tion to another, you seldom miss 
pared me.” a beat. They're on 296 stations and 
“I always wanted to start small|require 40,000 strips of film. 
in television, on some local station fidea, of course, is to reach 
or with a 15-minute program, until|matter to which _ station you’ 
I learned it. But my agents balked, |tuned. * 

with fees in mind no doubt. They — 

said it had to be in an important; Screen’Gems, TV. subsidiary of 
_| spot. 

vocabulary. Because-of this they} Crusad : arnerColer 
are known to bridge’ players as coring today and Wednesday at 
the Belle Cee 

Trophy Will 

System welders lke to put a 
Honor Memory 

Best Wax 1030—News. Weather 
445—Kiddles’ Karnival tae BERL Til Mid- 

lazy bid to work; to turn It into 
a. busy bid. They abandon its 
natural meaning and, as a substi- 
tute, give it a meaning for which 
it was not originally intended. 

This substitute meaning Is arbl- 
trarlly artificial, When it §$ well 

3100 Sparte 
bebe pe ry ‘Til Mid- 


: Learu M-hour: basis. 
AT THE-MeCARTHY shies Seeeine 



Now here I am in the biggest|Columbla Pictures, is doing a new 

TUESDAY x known or In common usage !t be- 66 99 
“|spot of all.”” video film series, “You Can't Take 5 Of Bi Tr Ap 
45_News and Spars joso-—cein ot Cone | “1 have a feeling now that fe[It With You", based on-the- play pier ig preteen its feauete ig ain FULLY FRENCH! QUINTE 
Or thot 1030—Frankle Laine might open up a whole new field/by George S. ‘Kaufman and Moss veal interpretation. <i She is young, she is lovely. She “ 

7230—Dinsh Shore 
TF 343--Camel News Cara- 31:00 Eleventh Sour 

8:00—Miltor. Berle LEE 17i-Almanae Weather 
3 Fireside Theatre n3s—Spen ig of Sports 

for me. ive first I have to see!Hart. The original purpose of the 

word double is to tell partner 
you can defeat the opponent bid 
and reap extra points. Since the 
double is for penalty it became 

TORONTO “{CPI—A trophy injis enchantingly French., She is 
memory of the late Lionel Con-j exciting Odile Versois. It was to 
acher, Canada’s greatest athlete of star in “Into the Blue” that this 

the half-century, is to i 
e half-century, is be given honey blonde actress first left the Between lpi tiresd ne and Trenton 

“Movie Column ; - annually to the Ontario Senior La- 

Sas tadis ee ear ttn el Great ls ; =soen asa penalty, brett crosse Association champions. French film studios. ‘The critics 
s Ry eb apeeng in one particular ne! rhood,} The trophy honoring the former] hail . i “4 
330—Greatest Git” | 145—News Caravan Donald 0 Connor Bi g Crosb however, too seldom can You se¢|tcereese great Is to be donated Uy| qe ses cine’ come cere vooren Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 
34S—Conterning ~ Miss (NBC) 3 defeat of opponents. Or, if youlnis brother, Charlie,-former Tor-|.°, “™%» Se PI lucers forgo’ , DAN DAILEY 2 
preted ease oe ad freee do, It would be futile to announcelonto MaplesLeaf hockey star and| ‘heir bubbling new personality— 

400—Hawkins Falis 
4:15—First Love as0—My. Little Marste 
art weeney's 9:00—Kraft Tv Theatre 

‘or! (NBC) 
443—Modern Romances |1 0:00—This is sour Lite 

it because they would change to 
something safer. 
This situation is when oppon- 

one of the family of Conachers who 
carved a name in Canadian sport. 
Merv McKenzie, Ontario athletic 

Will Do Musical Together” : 

forgot that is, until the search “WHEN WILLIE COMES 

was on for an actress to portray 
Donald Sinden’s girl friend in “A 

5:00—Pinky Lee Show .|1030—Fabian of the ent has opened the bidding and| commissioner and commissioner of « — also — 
Rae es Bud miccox 11:00—Soee By BOB THOMAS, unsettled, ‘Donald's professional| your side has not yet spoken. Alt. OLA’s lor series“ made|the Day to Remember”. Then casting 
630—Cartoon Theatre |11: Pe —Westher Almanac HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Donala|c#zeer {3 in high gear. For the) lazy bid it is, there in its natural] sonouncement Monday. directors began to remember DORIS DAY 

state. So, nearly all systems have 
switched {t to a convention. 
Its convention (or . commonly 

6:40—Weather 11:23—Speaking Sports 
6:43—News and Sports i1o—Tonient 



first time within his mem: h 

O'Connor and Bing rosby are|is free of ‘all commitments abd 

together in a musical after 18/can call his own shots. First on by I ing yale 
° % the age is a lelsdrely tour] accept unnatural meaning 

preter dlyomytneneyesis é that it implores partner to show 

“ through E) 
In the 1937 film, “Sing You Sin- He fiamte to leave in September| what he has. As when south opens 

Lionel died May 26, 1954, while 
playing in the annua] softball game 
between members of Parliament 
and the parliamentary press gal- 
lery in Ottawa, 4 

In 1950 he was selected Canada’s 

Odile. Later so did the critics, ; 
and producers began to sit up “BY. THE LIGHT OF fi! 
snd take, notice. When Anthony THE SILVERY Mon” 

Havelock-Allan started pre-bro- TECHNICOLOR 
duction planning on “Chance 

ners," Donald was 12, with anland may be gone six months, It's) with a diamond and west doubles i Meeting,” < : 
Ml cond g,"" now at the Odeon Me. 
. $90—CBL. News. Sports) 8:00- WBEN. Suspense | McGee oe ang {fish face and a soprano singing|the first real vacation he has ever|in the deal shown here: Serhe Canscien Pose: conducted Carthy Theatre, it seemed to him ip MAYS-6-7 . ‘ 
S:00—CTAB. Volce af | 8:00—CFRB, The 10:00—CFRB, -Grable and |yoice,. In 1955's “Anything Goes,"|hag. But he'll combine it with that the part of the tragic Anna DISTANT. DRUMS - 
+ @1S—CFRB dime Out +00 ttBE rioes an and |10:13—WGR. Great Gil- |he is nearing 30, handsomer and|some business. He has a backlog 1. NORTH _ could fit no one but Odile. The = Also 
CSO CEI IBIETREOOO| ag MON pragnet _ |1090—<5BE Music in |* Deritone.. ; of TV shows and he'll scout pos- oi 8 FEAT URE TIMES script was written with her I RAINBOW 'ROUND — 
€:40_CIBC, Ea. Fitkin | 8:30—CFAB, Fun Perade| | Out Time ‘Donald remembers “Sing You|sibilities of releasing them. Ih vs 104 ‘ mind. As director Anthony As- MY SHOULDER” 
643—CJBC, Bing 9p0-Lex Zhes catre 10:30—-CBL. Leicester Sinners" vividly. He also remem-| Europe, @Q9 82 THEATRE quith said: “Of course we tested| 
1:00—CBL. Rawhide Colemburrtor, ” |11:00~CBL; Anthology | bers his salary:5350 a week, He's) What else is in his future? Hel’ a3 1095 Odile, but it wasn’t necessar7—1] Children Under 12 Free 
715—CERB, Songs of | 9:30—CIBC, Concert 11;15—CFRB- Merry-Go- es orere $200,000 -for ‘“‘Any-| direct movies. He got al’ oe ee knew:” 
Meg re) gorce ier neem Ameer as: Mee Sennteg ety ? oe as let of pictures at nthe sia ne Sere oe Qs aK 9 642 “yar eiueaere — ert Hr 
Sreey hee res [ro WGK ribber — |1190—CBL, Rais Paramount,” he “said. “I was] “We, had. some duds in rb eee ee LE TTT 
. : ary Cooper as a boy in ‘Beau|series,"’ id, “but 1 think we; : . peek 
- Gtate’ and Fred Mocheetses, a3 a hit a pretty high average. At least 643 #8 7 AT THE CAPITOL — tn Technicolor FULS THE SCREEN WITH x LOVE : AND : ADVENTURE! 
‘ Division: II] (Northern) poy. an. Men Will ings.’ But}we tried to a lot of different won” \ Cornel Wilde. Xroane 
Soccer Results Bradford C 2 Tranmere R 1 Sing You Sinners’ was the only|things. Now I think I'm ready to SOUTH ae eations™ oo Claudette Colbert, Zona 
. Chesterficld 3 ‘Rochdale 1 musical I ever did in those days.""|tackle a full-size movie. I've got 4103 Wayne — 245, Eee 
LONDON (Reuters). —Results of} Ojdham A-t-Halifax T 2 -Although his personal life is still several properties In mind." rey “ 2 ue AT THE McCARTHY—“Chance Meet-| _ 
soccer games played Monday in wore 1 Hartlepools U 0 _ ea Q2 Tres Mi “Unnety "rout" Paul . 
the United Kingdom: York C % ee oa = < 2 ; ette Goddard — 2.06-7.00-10.08, ~ 
* ENGLISH LEAGUE ° het SCOTTISH LEAG W htlift Wit Ordinarily, the double would} ar BELLEVILLE « DRIVE-IN’ — 
Division B é€ ers e an tarrmg “ Tyatk Slade” — Adult Entertainment 
. Dt say: “Partner, we can defeat their ac e ne 
First Division Albion R 3 Dundee U 2 Ig bid.” In this spot, however, It has Mark Stsvens. Dorothy eee Linares 

Hudderstield T 2 Cardiff C 0 Queens P 1 Stenhousemuir 1 
Sheffield U5 Portsmouth 2 

[Edge Kingston For Montreal; this unnatural meaning: “Show Paul Christan. 

——__ me your best undid sult, partner,/ ay rye QuINTE NTE DRIVE-IN — Dan 
Second Division SOX SIGN STEPHENS preferably a major.” Dailer—-When, Willie Comes Mare ucis 
Nottingham F 1 West Ham U 1 ——— T Wi A double can be brutal with a ome” and my The Lich Licht of the u is ye 
Rotherham U 6 Liverpool 1 CHICAGO (AP)—Chicago White| The Belleville weightitting LOFONtO WINS partner who is futile. Ss eson, NS Dette Bag ieee | Poe oe HLAIRE ae 
Division MIX (Southern) . |Sox announced Monday the sign-iteam won the team trophy from 1 4 in , i x 
Beenord 1 Newport @ 0), of Veron Siebert ts 6 ui Kington, Saturday evesing i) py am SBOCINTED Pass sternite ee ees 
et P 
Millwall 2 ‘Exeter C2 hitter. ‘Stephens, a fice agente ues front of a good crowd, the YMCA) Veteran Ken Lehman of the nnn GFA BUF RAae@Ey._|(lore-Academy-Award Winner “Mec! ical Age” — Ni 
Shrewsbury T 1 Gillingham 1 released about a week ago by|Welghtlifters edged in front by} Montreal Royals is one of the main 
Wallsall 4 Southend U 1 Baltimore. . one point, to take the annual Greg M uae: Fey Puivel 2) : 1 
aay from its home. The follow- ee poe aor ic ; Complete Shows .. 7 8.45 IH on oA s 
ing is a summary of the lifts and] ononces with the me (CA WAYNE FIRST SHOWING! “MGM's OANcoc, ROMANCING MUSICAL THAT OAZZLED BROAGWAY! ~ TODAY 
jscores by the point system. Five/ nia | = 
gers, gained his fourth victo: £ 
THE Calvert SPORTS COLE [eer pene ores ae fee 
oyals nip; the Havana Sugar . 
Bantam 123 1b, Class aie $4 and moved into second/} | Pea HE oe REVENGE! 
iy Belleville eoeinthe wild = 7 
4 lps Pergusen *| PS Chey Total®, s3me6 at night, Toront CES u CINEMASCOPE. 
ARivest 100 115, 150 365 |Maple Leafs ,remained on top of ed days, \ GENE KELL ; 
: ie Hengne by defeating Colabes Taras of Early Califordia! 7D Y VAN JOHNSON 
It is axiomatic that no player, how- |/B. Addis 135 130 160 425 |broke a five-game losing rire CLAUDETTE COLBERT : CYD CHARISSE Bane STEWART 
ever brilliant, can be greater than the Feathetwelght 132 Ib. Class blanking BuffaJo Bisons 20 and i / 
game. The volcanic Rocket Richard had ae Rectnetes Red Wines hantdare, JOHN WAYNE FAMOUS strace 
become embrolled in a stick-swinging me- ne 7 {fecti te BS, Eli 4 PLAYERS 
lee at Boston. When Mnesman Thompson ||5- McMurter 130 125 120 375 Deli ve pitching ‘of (Cot) THEATRE o Fantasy 
as interfered in the course of his duty, the Lightweight 148 Ib. Class Br Bry they gres ares es : & Color 
enrag chard, cut and bleeding, dealt the Iinesman what is Belleville cust ° 5 LOG In CinemaScope 
y known as a sock in-the eye. R. Ralph 120 110 140.370.| Lehman, who had an “1810 . SMOKING ES All Technicolor’, . Show 
Le 145 150 200 495 |record last year for the second- ‘4 
N.H.L. President Campbell ‘felt it was high time a firm SCORN place Royals, gave up 11 hits and . 
stand was taken in the matter of protecting officials, and main- ||5. Wesley 150 150 210 510 |nog to be relieved in the ninth j “< 
taining dignity in the ranks. He nded Richard, created in Kingston - linning by Glenn Mickens. Claude|| 22 #6 i MUL Kes (Sn nesas > 
Montreal a furore that reached civic heights and depths, and ||J. Martin 160 140 100-400 |parrit hit a threerun homer andi 
even got the floor of Federal Parliament. Middleweight 165 1b. class b Addis a tworun homer to 
In the final analysis, the question wasn’t entirely whether Belleville account for the Montreal runs. 
President Clarence Campbell was right or wrong in barring the |/L- Yanke 140 145 185 470 | Timely hitting by Mike Goliat 
great Rocket Richard from the last three league games and the Kingston. and five-hit pitching by Red Fabr 
entire Stanley Cup Series. The much more Important question |}D. Gostlin 185 165 225 575 |kept Toronto a halfgame ahead BRITISH ACADEMY 
was whether he should have attended the Detroit-Canadien: /) J. Lilly 180 175 240 895 jof Royals, Gollat, who had two 3 
sume in Montreal 2 few eee after he had Issued the Richard Lightheavy 181 Ib. Class ~ jhits, knocked in all the Leaf runs. | 
Belleville The pied run was on Lou Lim- : 
This was the most papain situation to develop in all }]D. Cherry — 180 290 250 620 |mer’s er. . 
the stormy history of hockey, that game which fitlemes tte ade Ein aking his first pitching “Movie of the Month!”—LIBERTY 
herents, tufns normal people temporarily into madmen. J. Backell. 155 190 240 585 ee ate og outath inter _ “Best Bet!”—MACLEAN’S MONDAY ‘and TUESDAY - 
Campbell, veteran of World War II, who had faced shells serra Lee Ib, Class | number while going. the dutanee! “Tense: Manhunt!”—STAR WEEKLY Pick up your best girl and take ber: her to pe Belleville Drive-In 
and shrapnel, warcaught between two extremes. If he avolded 1c. stotman 165° 15 185 506 [Mike ume, first pitcher to go TURES: Fol Poeperenttenen tare net ririewerr 
e game, played the day after he ruled out Richard, he wou! tance’ : — 
be listed as a coward by his detractors. If he went, he might be Kingston pos took the loss pest? an La TODAY re _ * 66 u LB 
inviting trouble, He went. He took his chances and he came |/C. Robertson 210 185 245 40 |" are-i, Picone, former New ¥ + i 5 LErTE 
through in & fashion you couldn't help but admire. Heavy Weight ; repel Bt 
Perhaps his judgment in attending could be questioned. He Belleville NMENT 
re teen PRN in See er ae etn sry pat Meh ra R Se Eee 
ing in the Montreal Foru rew huni of the je -runs 
100): owe inte} mae Seep rigeste the vex Loree D. McIlroy 170 165 220 555 |the two Richmond runs. .~ 3 MARK STEVENS and DOR MALONE - 
of play a orfeiture e visiting team. An > Deal and Wright- bi 
a cea eet ede cra a oe ; og fe hs te septa germane ammpcmeamttes | 
n ction roam ‘ontreal's main business ; GY raw : 
thoroughfare, smashing windows and looting to, the extent of SLASH, DERBY ‘ODDS tiny. with a reeey ee ae Co ow Secemes Load ce z 
$100,000: There ,were|4l arrests. : LONDON (AP) —Britain's top|scored’ two of Rochester's runs FEATUR . 
To the credit of Richard it must be sald that he played an j|bookies slashed the odds on fa-|while Tommy Burgess, who eA DDED ie 

vored Acropolis from 11-to-2 to 7-|cracked two singles and a double, 
to2 ata rechars 3 call-over on the 

wale ater Ss accounted, for the third Wing run. “nO TIME. FOR FLOWERS” 

It now looks as though the hand- PARNELL CAN PLAY a . 

some chestnut colt will start’ as| “BALTIMORE (AP)—Mel Parnell; : H VIVECA LINDFORS and: PAUL: CHRISTIAN 

one of the best backed and short-jhard luck pitcher of Boston Red : : : A revealing glimpse of life behind the Iron Curtain ... where 

important part in quelling the dangerous anti-Campbell hos- 
ia tility that blossomed overnight. He went on the alr, urged with 
obvious sincerity in two languages that no further trouble be 
fence and this pemcoauienly, alded in toning down the bitter 


men and women must look for love in the shadows... where 
there’ sno time for stolen kisses ... no fime for flowers,” 


general election. 
The colt is owned by 93-year-old|was injured’ in. a- spring: training 
Lady Alice Derby. at game March 28, 

oS MAY 3 


can be helpful. in preventing 

needless errors and assisting you 

to revamp what may be outmoded 

methods, etc. Keep cyes and ears 

By FRANCES DRAKE - open now for such constructive ad. 

* Look in the section in which 
your birthday . comes and find| December 23 to January 21 — 
what your outlook {s, according; (Capricorn) — It is part of success 
to the stars. . to wish for it. Wish hard enough 
‘ and you will follow up with the 
For Wednesday, May'4, 1955 | ying of effort that will attaln it. 
March 21 to April 20 (Aries) —} Today may not be an easy one but 
jhaving to strive harder-for gains 
Sensible caution urged in all ac-j makes life more interesting. ° 
tivities, business, work and gener- 
‘ai matters. There are some splen-|° J#nuary 22 to February 20 — 
did rays fo. affairs connected! (Aquarius) — “The Indispensable 
with water, shipping,-dealing in requisite to happiness is a clear 
liquids, confidential matters. conscience." This is a helpful 
April 21 to-May 20 (Taurus) — thought for today. Heed the de- 

ds of chedu’ 
Not so auspicious for personal ae Denaiite ’ tree a 

terests or extensive gains in bus!-| - 
ness but the day can be produc-| February 21 to March -20° — 
tive of much good If thoughtful,| (Pisces) — A period for trying and 
conscientious action prevails. You!trying and not begoming discour- 
can , 4 aged if things do not show imme- 
uo May 21 to June 21 (Geminl)—, diate returns. Cheerfully push 
nay be necessary to hold emo-|#head — perhaps with new meth- 
and judgments under ton-|0ds. Seek God’s help in all you 
61 now, Mistakes can be made if|Plan and do, 
you are not alert and willing to 
follow sensible rules. Talk things NGeatiee today are dependable, 
over ‘with those who have helped! able, sturdy. folks; to ‘whom 
in'the past, * Seldom-it evel: de you fall ata 
s 5 er, 

June 22 to July 23 (Cancer) —) task, You have Bhatt oaturel ain 
Heed advice to Taurus today.'ent and a general know-how of 
More can. be* realized In famillar|mechanics, building, gardening, 
activities, work for which youjnursing, handling machinery, 
have training than in untried ven-| though you may not like. such 
tures. . work. Saat are ee in what- 

July 24 to August 22 (Leo) — ever you do and invariably do a 

, skilled job. Guard against want- 
Small, seemingly unimportant de- ing to live too luxuriously’ or tak-/ 
tails are very necessary in order} ;/, things at a too letsure!: 
to produce satisfactorily. ‘Finish be a 00 CUES PACE: 
carefully. And be patient Never-waste your God-given as- 
Sagres Pee. pa sets. You would be happy if you 
& 50. pte do. Cultivate intelligent, high - 

August 23 to September 23 —| principled associates. Birthdate: 
(Virgo) — Relish this type of day! Thos. H. Huxley, noted . English 
since it can give you time for ser-| scientist; | Horace Mann, famous 
ene study, for action, planning for| educator. , 
the days ahead: Don’t try too 
ch; even-small accomplishment 

ne. Paes 
~weptember 24 te October 23 — 
(Libra) — The slogari for today, 
regardiess of whether tasks are 
heavy or Wght, is: everyone: must 
row with the oars he has. And 
how often we go farther, better, 
when wholly on our own. 

October 24 to November 22 — 
(Scorpio) — “The noblest mind]. 
the best’ contentment! has.” ° You 
can create newlleads; advantages, 
push good ‘possibilities, Here’s a 
day to truly show your talents, 

November 23 to December 22—' 

(Sagittarius) — Kindly criticism 


_Ansicer to Previous Puzzle 

[BAI SIA BiOlo HG a siRia 


[E(KIE(O icin} 



“There's noth- 

aaa id 


Bulle tty 

pertaining to 

ing Nkea——" 48 This goes with 

Blvds., Aves., 


Substance used 
in jewolry 
Very: French 
Rey. Bob Rich- 
ards’ specially 
Metal bar 
Single thing 
Consumed with 

!3 Snakes. 
Work by Keats 
Like a snake in 
the water . 
Didn't care for 
The eyelashes, 
Lyric poems 
—— League 
French port 
in Africa 
Naval device 
for clearing 
Kind of gin 
86.400 seconds 

2 Pain 

Mr. Porter and 

46 Close 

47 Kind of ology 



a white te: 

3 wads. 

Member of a 


“The Ballad of 



Track meet 



62,Man’s name 



een ate Wher 



15 Not bright:. Fr. 


Book of Old 
Highway sign 

Last stop 
All by oneself 
Races at 
Franklin Field 
Compass point 
Measures and 
A being 


Pierrot” | 
Classic faby<, 
list: Var, — 



22 Team In the 

26 Pull up a horse 

27 Obsolescent 

29 Lovea exces- 

30 Advice from 
the bleachers: 
2 wds, 
Wigwag system 
Mature starred 
fq it’ > 
be. to nula”* 
Chemical suMx 
Harp string 
Becomes in- 
volved In 
Market place In 
ancient Athens 
Knight's garb 
A little drunk 

61 Hudson River 

52 Main Street 

63 Sen. Johnston 

of Spartanburg 
55 Pull ’ 
58 Behold 
60 James: Abbr. 

i BARR 3 re || 













rarer ev & 



val Ft | 

cape eer rence ho en ete ee ne eee mm ne re nem Gen am re em tee hn ene a Bee TO" OI OTRTET TE ONY eee AO: 

See ie 


[Betta nic ae ectoens 

TT Ae ee ae as 


Rap En oat eek 

TUESDAY, MAY 3, 1955 


$e i 


*ounte, Feceivable,,_ payable, ae for 2088 sa ‘Apply Box #4. O3- COUPEE WEE 2 CEO ea bed, springs and Marshall sp Power cleaned and treated. 3123] _at #90. Wp B-5433. pda : : \ 
Span, Highest wanes in city. ‘ane: = - apartment WO 22130: M3-2t| Mhatiress. Large walnut bed and| View 26-R-23. Azs-1at ag pe} feet tent 3. 

ks Le tsi Sai a neniks 
wer in. own handwriting stating} PLAYPEN IN GOOD CONDITION. 
wages, expected... axe. experience,| Fee oS 

springs. WO 32-4930, M338 | ——_—_____— Special tires. 

copho di t HQUSE_AND GOOD GARDEN SFOT.| Exceptionally clean. Apply Ted 
Scero, ireen, Rednersville Road, 

CONGOLEUM RUG, 9 = 7144 Phone|  Symecss ey a "se 

WO 2-2796. $ *° 3-2t we 1 yss-st 4 

Belleville and district. Write Box| house or duplex. Approzimately —_—— 7 
USED CAR 33, Ontario Intelligencer, May 15. WO 86-5584. M3-3t ——$—$ i ______/ 1952 CHEVROLET DELUXE COACH. 
and commission. Apply Snoddon- ‘ 33-1m| ——— ES _ BOAT AND MOTOR, 16 FT, “VIC-|SINCER PORTABLE ELECTRIC Powerguce: Apply Ted Green, Red-j . 
Miro Motors Ltd. TO RENT: HOUSE WITH 4 BED- tory” zunebout ann 23 h.p. John- only are New msehines $69. We n Road. M3-5 
ATTENTION FARMERS! WE WILL in good district. Will give son, complete controls, steer- uy, sell and repair makes 

JANITOR AND HANDYMAN. APPLY| be pleased to pick up dead or 

ing’ wheel, icebox, running’ LUghts,| sewing machines. Mitchell's Sewing 
‘Tobe's County Gardens, Rossmore. ripped farm animals for sanitary . Phoae 

lease, Owner can rent with assur] etc. Boathouse available for this} Machine Repair Service. 

ance that house will be maintained B Ss 

A2?-tf sposal, For immediate service boat on yearly rental. WO 2-3112. WO 2-2862. 
Ar] Periae elec ores, oune| Soni Sos, at paaer Hise BEST 
( - tor, Must [besnzos producer, Write,| Stirling 553 35-etu-th-s-tf * McCORMICK W-4 TOR, TWO! complete with fittings. = 
4 giving experience, qualifications Sears old. Perfect! condition. Rea-| Wo 8-9349, ssi] USED CARS — TRUCKS 
and salary ted. to the Onjarie GARDENS TO PLOW AND CULTI-| ROOM AND BOARD FOR MOTHER] sonable. Apply Ralph Henuw A 
Intelligencer, eville tf vate: tiydraullc stem used. Also] and 11-year-old daughter, or will face: 

5S WO 80S eee eS 
UARGE TRANSPORT COMPANY one WO 3.t77i| _ share accommodation. Write Box $. Meat Victoria Church, and Amseiag:| aiden, Picion $3501 MOT J. B.-BOYCE & SONS 

peal deer Bence oun 4 Ontario Intelligencer. burg.) A21-M2 a VINATOR FICE 
pena > | ——— : LATE MODEL KEL 
for garage in Oshawa. Ontarlo.|HAVE CUSTOMERS FOR REASON:| To RENT: 2 OR 3 BEDROOM HOUSE. |1o7 100" x 200° AT we} cteam cabinet, fourehole model. 
ist*be squalified to service four| able priced houses, If you have one{ 70 Riera sy One ee or near 100) x POINT. A few condition, Wilt trade for best|350 FRONT ST. — FOXBORO RD. ; 
and tive ton gasoline trucks. Steady| © sell contact “Yanover Realty.| Beiisviiie, Box 104, Ontario inteull-| | Lane, WO #-6578. BM2-3t] Used ear offered. WO 2-1012, WO 8-345 - WO 8-7153 — WO, 8-3154 pF 
employment. Hospitalization and| WO 2-4246. M2-6t|  gencer, of Phone WO 2-2075 reek Hehe otis e S . 3-2 ¥ pen 
: other benefits. 45-hour week, Rate sedi. * ye2-4t]} FOUR-BURNER ELECTRIC BEACH | ———————_______- : : 
= $1.61 to $1.66 per hour. Reply giving) DISHWASHER, MALE OR FEMALE.|___"______________|_ range. Large oven. Storage drawers| ENGLISH TYPE  LAWNMOWER,|~—— — ; = = 
: fuil details, age, experience. refer-| Apply in person Belmont Restaucl) ao RENT: 3-BEDROOM HOUSE IN| snd table top. Good condition. $65.]" Used one summer. | Reasonable. 
ences etc. to Box, 63; Ontario/ an M2-3t| “"Gr near Belleville. Pheze WO 2-4150| 54-R-14 Mt. View, Rossmore. WO 8-0244. \ M3-2t QUALIT Y 
IntelligenceroicS M23t) GARDENS TO PLOW AND CULTI. Al2-4f 3f2-3t 
re : $208, nat $$ —————__§_i i —|OLIvER TRACTOR, 60. ID CON- 1s 
: SALESMA a ~ —~_*"* =| cHINESE ELM HEDGE TREES, 18°|“dition, Equip with \ snowplow. PRICELESS 
TO BUY: BACKWARD AND CLOSE TO LET high. $6.93 per 100 delivered. Nur-| Quantity -of | acy bemlocy.5 35.10 
- ringer cows and heifers. Apply ~ seryman for 25 years. Hillcrest} 2 4- ty, *  Ses-2t PRICE 
MAN TO SELL DIRECT TO} %F, , Elton | McCle sta Nursery, Trenton, Ont. Dial $367) 0 
FARMERS Letasetesatinn Se eee eT Ou Mead. Ayetie| eee M2-2t}SMALL OVAL SHAPED TABLE. “IS SECONDARY 
x ~ Hs c . Four kitehen - chairs. 
For old established company now | PLEASANT AND NEAT APPEARING) _able June Ist. WO 8-0538.__ M3 crinron “AND VANGUARD, OATS, WO 14036. M3-3t 3 my te 
I eapand os eo Eastern aos ia female, | Also teen-age car hops. ROOM AND BOARD, GENTLEMEN. cleaned andi” treated, #135 per BLUE NYLON DRESS WITH SLIP. WE INVITE YOU TO— = Fi “day! Now don’ 
eo aekond Re ee eee oe aaastl | cee erecta ee _pushel. « Timothy vd camer Phone} Beige gabardine trench coat. Cotton | TEST DRIVE and COMPARE had 8 perfectly wonderful day! Now don't you 
Have Farm Background ; Tit stirlih Mz-3t} dress. Cotton skirts. All size 14x. il it.’ . 
Good Coramissh ——— 3-ROOM. GROUND FLOOR, HEATED, . t] dress. Cotte WO 8-3249 . spo 
WO ran ao, |CARBENS TO, LOVE AND CUNrini| bade Continuous not water. See 16 oan non GOOD GON. OnE OF OUR 
| ail emir WO 2-152. "a20-Im| appreciate. WO 8-6839, : Mevespible, 1d peterborough 1elst| 1968 FORD. TRACTOR. On rade tor Quality Used. C : 
. , M356 USED CAMERAS NICELY FURNISHED DED-SrrTING| ostd molor/boal. Searles, 7is Zvin-| cattle. Clare, Carter, , Fhomasrsrs, Y terete AUTOMOTIVE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 
’ rrr ——— room. All conveniences, Close to "0 20 est one Twe ase) es ee hu 
be eae a Oe LD tne following | downtown, WO 2-4611. Ma-1w| "dillon. WO 2-1828. __¥23t| ES BATHROOM BASIN, AND| FOR REAL SOLID VALUE | 27 STAR Can. 4 CYLINDER. APPLY |15-ACRE FARM, 3 MILES | FRO 
t SHEET META Manufacturers: Atgus. Balda. Bol-| COMFORTABLE FURNISHED BED-|3-PIECE CHESTERFIELD, WO 2-232¢.| bath tub on leet eandition, - ieedion — ot! Ray ‘be arranged. Phone 37-8: 
aes re leet mcoh exe Faxette, sitting room. On bus line, Fnone | MM2-at| Phone WO 2-4636. . ~ _|'47 PONTIAC SEDAN, NEW TIRES.| Mt. View. Ax. 
: Bellandhowell, a Cononvetc,  For| — WO _8-£981- M3-6t ———___—~ 55 OLDS. .......... $3495.| body, and upholstering. Like new, HILLCRES 
SHOP EQUIPMENT the highest trade-in allowance sce] FURNISHED, 2-ROOM, SELF-CON- ad prbeees ace LARGE COAL AND owe 8 ae - Sedan. Super “88™, $300. - Toe downe poly Box 3a ontario Fe oe nutes Good repair, Lar 
Rolofy Camara centre. 16 Vistorin| tainea agariment) Semarate, cn;| ain Phone icton 22 Wate on OF GOOD VEED| <0 a — intllencer sa as ee 
* nd ra Rae ee xa as ance. roun: oor. = p.m. George Insen, Bloom- CTION OF GOO! Sg an NTTe ee 
Give Size, Conditlon GARDEN PLOWING AND cuLti-! _ Siter 6 M3-3t] field. m Dstaat| Peavy duty, electric ranges sultable|'54 BUICK ......... $2850, | 30 CHEV, RADIO. SLIP. COVERS.) Phone WO 80-7711 evenings. | 4 
* 3. anearTaT AM ISET for home or cottage. All guaranteed. ‘Sed ipped Exce! condition, Cash . 
and Price t vating. Cub tractor. W. C. Sills,|3-RooM | HEATED. APARTMENT.| MASSEY HARRIS PONY TRACTO! : Century Sedan. Fully equipped.| Supertest Station. Foster and 
cone Avondale Roud. Phone WO 2-1535-/""Bathroom. Huilt-in cupboards. Self:|" hydraulic, plow, | cultivator. RR] Avaliable on OM ee ait Front — Dundas. M2.3t| FRAME HOUSE WITH INSUL BRI 

2 Front. 

a ig Mecnins Fist £E 2) 2 UDC contained. Furnished OF unfurnfn-| tiller. Al condition, 7 Donald St. Riwors ou 53 FORD .......... $1695. Je STUDEDAKER COACH. CHAMP- siding Twelve rooms. “Hyer 

ee BOE en| See ee Se tet No Ft oo | S000 UR, SEM BNGS [ogg Corn om suege| leet Mion Pot WO"e0| Benton nnriuie tea 
be '. = 7 eel fo). HA NEY Po 2 . ~ age. le one mn le Deseronto, ite 

= * G be R| Park St. Phone WO 2-2093. | | FURNISHED BED-SITTING | ROOM| Broken, saddle or Dusky. Apply, 18 aplece. Apply391 MacDonald Ave. /'53 FORD .......... $1599. M2-3t| “Apply Oacoe 

34S- = iz rim) West itil, Near bua stop, $6) West College St M2-2t Sedan. le. 3M2-3-7-9-10- 


Attention Farmers! 


—_— —_____—_ 

M3-4t! TRAILER, TWENTY FEET, 2 ROOMS, ry der, Motor installed in|», Jent condition. Ve low mileage.| LOT. 28, SEVENTH CONCESSION 
slee: four. Electric refrigerator, See ee: put back in cabinet. 53 AUSTIN ........ $895. Apply Yred Burd, ‘oxboro. ‘AS the Township of. urlow, consi 

am nee. 



5 | Price: 2 OR 3 ROOM APARTMENT, HEAT- bottled gas stove. Heater, Like new. d ummer home. “A 30” Sedan. : 0-3t] ing of 100 acres, workla! 
| : | Bueur ois or Crocled, Stock ed, furnished. newly | decoeat’ |, 5a: alee, ‘starmora, Catan, at wova-ro0g. TN wep ‘| iare MODEL PLYMOUTA AND| ‘Sutera thet farm. Eleven Tl 
Ar ath. arden. orkin. coup.¢, ; 2-' —_—_—_—_—_————— nn fF, 

SALESMAN _ 34 HOUR SERVICE adults, — Protectants... Abstainers. - iu; HORSE POWER EVINRUDE OUT- 52 CADILLAC ..... $2795. Dodie mufflers, Regular iist $16.40.| from Belleville, Apply to Clarer 
Et wo 2.2727 Bullevilie or 767 Stirling} WO 8-6303. Mi-2i| STRAWBERRY PLANTS, DUNLOPS.|*'2°2" motor. Good. running condl- Fleetwood Sedan, 5 96.39. Canadian Tice, im| —Hialls Plaintleld. : Ma 
rR «|. NICK PECONI TIMEE UNFURNISHED ROOMS IN|~ Quantity “or Gedst posts. Sebago] ton. 266 Coleman St. WO 8-958%../, CK 1... | On RENT: FURNISHED COTTAC 
‘ PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY | 22 Re Ue nits] THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS IN). Quanly pirey DeMille WO Bayes, | teat 52 BUICK ......... $1695.| teem ines, ALL SIZES, $2. AND| Pete's Point, Bay of Quinte. 22 x 
NE Ore eeueiae ee Write Box 25, Ontario Intelligencer. M2-3tl Sipps LARGE CRIB WITH Sedans Automatic, Loaded with up. Opows A aa and Battery, feet. 3% bedrooms. | Plumbing. hot i 

- a . rs i le M26- A . le 
AND NORTH TO BANCROFT TO BUY: CORY CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY| ‘spring-filled, mattress. Good’, sone — | serial, garage. Apply 2. D. Ying 
. : Ps THREE ROOMS. HEATED: Sartnis people order: sjumingen doors. dition. 1269 152 PONTIAC ...... $1450. CA ILLAC 122 W. Moira, Az 

A Natlonal Food- processing or- OE a Ere e eee EOS, windows before first xetting hit) iyaRip Pp. AND HYBRID T. POL- D 
See res eee Sc ALL | YPES | POULTRY | foom! Adults" only.” WO" 2.0109, 2) prices.” Much lower. Rubber, set. HYBRID F. AND Wye snr Coach. Many. extras. 38 QUEEN ST 

years of age with previous grocery fay last month giving eight dollar perennials © and . willows: 

Ww. M. : 
F = griil with door free. Zighty st 23: 4 Seek . * 
ict “experience “uc” possibie: | BROILERS, ROOSTERS |FOURROOM, CAPE cop nouse.| Bridge street. MiSt| Adame 06 stanley St.” Ads-im|’52 PLYMOUTH... $1250.) 1953. Convertible Sa a SN 
ride ; AND HENS > Eimer, street apply 19 Wo sUaiiites-| AFRICAN VIOLETS, SEVERAL NEW model, : , TION, 3 Mninutes? walk fron 
} = » . Regent Gas Stati 4G i rieties. Apply 66 Octavia rt. epee Front’ 8 now bein offered 
: Reply, in writing. stating age sinnest Paces PAID | Reece sme? "SSR Fase wo bibe smart MOTHER'S DAY |'52 CHEV. --.---++ $1195. ALL EXTRAS House is t-bedroom brick ‘iu 
requirements, to: ABOUT. 730 SQ. FT. HEATED| USE OUR ZASY PAYMENT PLAN : Conch: Very cleans a5 A CENTIPEDE TIRES heatfiwith oll. ideal for profes 
ri 7 JOHN H. SI I S «tound floor space, suitable for] for men's, women's and children's 124: } : si man or income propert) 
b Personnel Department, office - or , store, aittendg® Front] clothing. Sher's Family  Quttitters SPECI ALS 51 PONTIAC ...... $1395: STRONG VE ee by appointment onl; 
‘ . FON reet, °C) pt they Sedan. Automatic, Ps ,000, 
1 DIAL WO 2-0460 house and = garaxe. about 800) Theatre. WO 2-4152. M2-1£ . preciosa ¥ —— 
ry . ft. heated. Available 30 days* | ———_———______———_———- sd 
i Canadian Canners Ltd Aaeizt] Souce: Lome McDougall Inrutance THREE, BLACK PONIES. ONE TO WE HAVE A LARGE '51 METEOR ........$1095. POWER STEERING HED 4 
encies. ron! ec! ‘Aone « ~ (On este! - Leve’ oo 
- 44 Hughson Street South, WO 8-3228. spys-at seaaier also one. Western Morse SELECTION OF GIFTS ° sabe raby: £85 POWER SEATS\ ya f SUMMER COTTAGi | 
HAMILTON, Ontario. PETS FOR SALE TROOM APARTMENT, HOUSE: Bueny’ with 26° ehronie wheels on FOR MOM '50 CHEV. ........+. > $895. \_/ | oN Bay Shore. 8 way to Tren 
. 1 ec %, objection ©! sma’ i . 3 ‘ ECTRI INDO’ ‘o 
ae arin DIDDS' NICE ASSORTMENT chil, Firnianed. i fares tront room. RoR KA aoferiute. Phowe At View 2 et — EL Cw! WS 
DGIE BIRDS. WN ASSORTMENT I jousekeeping, furn' . One 6-R-32. A33-3t - 
PRBS Ge ee Mamers| shale, topes tah howneketge eax a FREE ave. |* TY: LAMPS $40 STUDEBAKER 619000 | eis AVAILABLE © | coc Pamee elm 
f WANTED - FEMALE ee % “ neaeat| Apartment 4. ies M3-tf stories. Reasonable, J. Hanley. ead. * TOASTERS , —_— AV. AB ; 
f : SRL OR WOMAN FOR GROCERY | —————S | OOM, HEATED. APARTMENT, | Ontario: Phone Lonsdale 6-Re 4, ‘40 PLYMOUTH .... $295. H. PHILLIPS 
wee Apply in person 191 Dundas PERSONAL upataite, Sink. built-in, eupbosrds.| co USED BRICK. APPLY st. LRONS . : Sedan. HOME — MT- VIEW 41-R-5 
Street Bart. Maat Qq : Sow. Dil WO B-7666. ; Real Estate Broker 



M3-2t Wo sais, Contractor, Phore * RADIOS ‘ BUSINESS — WO 2-4501 

Permanent position. Night work.|SLENDOR TABLETS ARE. EFFEC-| ment. Hydro and water supplied./15 H.P. EVINRUDE ARD. f A30-3t 7640 
Permanent position. Night work.|SLENDOR TABLETS Any "ae  8| ments cers Shomer Avaliable | pricticaly news moply euervent| © MIX MASTERS PAST ite acest tt 
. M weeks $5. At Duff's and ell) say ist. Phone WO 2-1413. Snack Bar, R, BR. 3. Belleville, Trent SS ae ae 

druggists. M2-3t} Road. 'a27-4:| * FLOOR POLISHERS 



work or practical nursing, 9 to 5. 

counts. receivable. payable, also = E£E-ROOM ITAGE, WINTER- 7 P. TRAC- 
general journal..5%; day week, 5- bry Reatlabie May Ist. $25 bara art4 eawer scotia aaves hours * VACUUM CLEANERS Tenders for interior painting and 3a 
6 pm. Highest waxes in city. Ans- LOST monthly. Phone WO 2-1413. of Uack-breaking tugaing and pull- GUARANTEE Hecorating of | Shannonville pate REAL ESTATE i 
: med, in own bandwriting sisting _moniny: Bases MO RIMS sane] ing Seat gitterent aiichments,| NEW TYPE CARPET Church. Walls, 2 soets; oor. one cout 
: lo * pokes 2 E-2s 5 HI imited, 
{ Box 62, Ontario Intelligencer, TURQUOISE BLUZ BUDGIE BIRN| GARAGE ON EVERETT STREET.| WoO 3.3293. 103. s. Sohn, sa SWEEPERS f THEIR FUTURE Tender closing. date May 14th 
-tt| “with band on leg. Phone WO 2-1643.| _WO 2-4970. M2-2t A23-1m 2 1935. $11,400. 
one Noe Pesaran HE Canoe BuRLDING, x ae GEE| SAAD , TEACTOR gna, CUSHIONS : nn eee serra) Pore poe a 
elp. XPec' le S oor, red. Suit storage. jose to $67. di » bi a < . 
Apply Box 67, Ontario Intelligencer reel pict as pot ae a ph Loblawa new store. $10. weekly. small Setar rile pomee: ple SNODDON-MIRO Apply: bungalow on East pete 
zi to Orliff Lioyd WO 2-0454. Box 57, Ontario Intelligencer. Woodson — Mills = Limited. Phone % C, N. CLARKE,'R. R. 6, BELLEVILLE iving room pes had bed- 
WAITRESSES. APPLY IN PERSON, abst BCS RS eae pie pea EL A23+1 $1.00 Down Motors Ltd re Fours. Cantre hail pies se 
. Belmont Restaurant. M2-3t|] WiRE-SPOKED RIM FOR CAR|?-ROOM TURNISHED APARTMENT | ——————4—— aids : ized dinette. ecard apace 
—_——_— 1 hi on Wes! . 5 . RU; CLINTON SEED ager 
ARE YOU OWNER OF NICE PER:| WoZaoss PURE = aiz-at| "oats, atieay cleaned “and. staged $100 Weekly FOXBORO ROAD - | REAL ESTATE FOR SALE | = Full duement with of Tien 
you. If you lke meeting people HEATED, UNFURNISHED, APART-| Ciiford-Barber. Phone 23-R-3,, Mt PHONE WO 2-1134° Pr ead creemeniey “ed 
te to us and we will send you : ment. 3 rooms pius kitchen and] View. A22-10t . S H Wil Ri | Est t m ~ 
Siete owes neat cence cnt eta PERCIVAL ANNEX dasona| 3 aie ace a | 
CTroaledae of bookkeeping sty day thom Woes nto, en mh phe i Used Gurney ; aranagtaoes Cie cay teayihiate $38 Down 
4 i. 2 ome. jose jus stop. jone an| > _ - 
week, ‘Benciite Spply The Ontarie LAWN MOWING Le tes ey Canbinahon eal 333 ie St. wo Boece 1954 DODGE warts service station, lunch] Brick Duplex in very B ages 
4 —- SINGLE, FURNISHED BEDROOM, . , counter, ery. store, "5 room unit nas two bedrooms. Large 
BOOKKEEPER FOR PERMANENT board E : A ns ° F ° ving room with dining ares 
position, Congenial working condl- REASONABLE RATES eee ie teers Wood & Electric Range Mayfair — Hardtop dwelling, 3-plece bath, full base-|  Sir"®xitenen.” Convenient te 
tlons 5! -day week. Blue Cross and A30-3t SPECIAL! ment, large lot, this property schools, churches and bus ser~ 
{ P.SI, Group plans. Apply, statin: WE’ SUPPLY OUR opr . ! “ : vice. Good return on investment! 
} experience, etc., in first letter, to STORE, 21 x 100, CENTRE OF| y ptigh Speed Elements CANYON RED AND BEIGE .|presents many opportunities. ‘This duplex is new and require: 
; Box 103, Ontario Intelligencer. EQUIPMENT retall section Front Sireet. Fout * White Porcelain Finish | Price $10,500;, this offers real fu-| 7° *Aditienal outlay, 
. 4 tu r 0} le Ox . n- 
! : tario ‘Intelligencer. ‘A23-10t % Automatle Oven Control BRAND NEW — 2 ONLY CHOICE CONDITION fae: i 
i . - : : : 
ee EMPLOYMENT WANTED WO 8-6316 FOR OOM a tAreAAa| A BARGAIN AT $84.50 Goan cence AW ones: clweed | 6 FEWileon = Real Estee $3,800. Full. Price 
. : s' |. Newly decorated, . CS —, 
| (Clip Me anc Keep Me). monthly, Adults, Phone WO 8-9017 ; : ery Will buy this attractive com 
Z ze) f - # ‘ tf M2-3t pletely furnished cottage 
RELIABLE “MAY. 40. tae ae M3-2t az-tt/R E KUNTZE& SONS| . 11 cu. ft. 83 East Moira St. WO.2-4288) . cated OF Maynooth. “This 
Real estate preferred. Apply Box 4 HEATED HT. HOUSEKEEPING Ra eee SS 
Ontario Intelligencer. + M3-3t AUTHORIZED GE, SERVICE Pegg eg Oo a rT a path tii dt yore’ REFRIGERATORS PRIVATE SALE THIS IS THE S hiea lot with wooded ‘ares. ¢ 
. joira one a = .. *- | EASC YN pine, poplar and birch. Goo 
ch for swimming. Trout ani 
Dass fishing. 

PHONE WO 8-6403 Als-tf Ris Z D 

Li S Box 99, Ontarii LARGE FURNISHED OON. . ; A 
Inteigencete 33-3t} . ALL MAKES . | AlGMiana’ Ave, Suitable for 1. or. 2. TO FALL IN LOVE 
ALL XINDS. PAINTING, PAPER Washers, Refrigerators Oe eet rena or CET HARDWARE sari epee See COUNTRY 
es ’ p * fs “Sliding Shelves “ 
: . repairs] * J } 
Ss Banging. novation. Heasonable, Ranges, Radio and T.V. SINGLE HOOMS. $150 DAILY: $750 % Shelves on Door Convertible WITH A NEW HOME 
WO 32-3020 ne eS MASE PROMPT SERVICE oweenly YILCA. 20 Campbell St DIAL WO 2-4928  Automatle Defrost : CH BEL-AIR HOME, ¢ 
a i # puReme® GRE SORgrunts| LAWN AND FARM FENCING Galea | oe 
Wo 8.9575. mzaelR E KUNTZE & SONS| = ¥o 2402. Alt! 1 AWN AND GARDEN SEEDS : OWNER DRIVEN -| Zoom: the’ convenient stsyaaving | home ints been compleiag, 3 
ddd Bttiee ork Sales ork. SG CERGHE ; STE pate apply Bellactrent| FERTILIZERS AND TOOLS R. E. KUNTZE & SONS 2 PERFECT CONDITION the two wepaclous, beatooma and gut: hare znocern kitchen wi 
STREET sern' S. a 
¢, Mnbwledge of typing. WO Soot Misetu-tn-ate | Aaage Bar. RR. 3. Belleville. Covet PLUMBING (FIXTURES |217 Front St. WO 8-6403|SAFETY TIRES—LOW MILEAGE the tan tension, | iiving foom. og modern bat 
i AN P i : : WASHER lusive Agents 2 car garage. Pull 
ere BABY CHI OF ECs BF ACE BUILDERS AND SHELF ez Ae DERCOATED The il - ti stip Terme may be. Sree 
'_ TOURI TS AB CKS WO MOD HARDWARE OTICE - ce ‘The Belleville Insurance | * #- 
Atanas eae, HS| Locate asove Pitsburgh Paints lemsiemtenctmteernata mt] emacs avarzasie | Agencies Limited |W. J. “McCORMY 
CAMP SHARBOT FOR BOYS 5-19.| mixed chicks, Variety breeds and| Gan URGH 8 : Hillerest Bchools in September will : Avy Real Ests 
Sharbot Lake. Private, Mature] crosses. Signs point 9 some scarcity CANADIAN PITTSB ve tedore onthe afternoon of May 11.1 WEEK-END — WO 8-5330 DIAL WO 2-110 nsurance — 
Sogeratcrys, Eecelens erie. nn | aauust peels acai: Ao Getae INDUSTRIES 111 Norih Front Street | Bepianere mets Sr te, eee] WEER-END — 10 pr [Evening iO S008 — We, aovzal Bening Phone WO 2-61 
86 Glenora A wowdale, Ont. | 219 N. St. Belleville. pis WO 8-8477 FREE DELIVER’ ore st tise . ‘BUSINESS — c. D, CROSBY W..0 venings Phone 
selene) ‘sibeim| Woodiand a910, °  "A26-33 929 CHURCH. St-—PHONTja5-etu-till Aaa-etuctett Fsistration, (at te aes + ASO-St Sales Representatives = ; 
- . é 


7 ches pik cy ea > 
Ree tees 2b 


TUESDAY, MAY. 3, 1955 ; 




SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Hos-]. NICE, France. (Reuters) — A 
pitalg here were belng evacuated/trackless trolley car, swerving to 
today by all the sick who could] avoid -a~ bicyclist, mounted © the 
after most of the employees|pavement here Thursday night, - 


| Little Benny’s 
Note Book 

= ' | went on strike for back wages and|crushing five sisters against a 

. Svaee9 PUBLIO ACCOUNTANT TILE d TERRAZZO CO. K economie benefits. The hos-| storefront, One-of the little girls 

WHO CAN D0 IT? 8&4 East Moira Street e._ others: were 


WO 23-1624 

BUILDING SUPPLIES. jo IF] Coment Finishing a, Speciaity 

; ; 
hone WO 32-3124 Station St. Rd. ‘ANT : ) { 
: 33 Ia ; FOR - g 


their ited. Bt Paul Bt WO 8-428. Ct ie 2 tA fan el aha re op GeO ie : OF B LEVILLE 
the bea one. - ts fry hamme: toes and case. aris- I SENTIMENT - 
‘ aidings wallboards, masonite, ply- (Stoble Building) tics, rheumatiem and knee] THAN A THOUSAND WORDS here reed APPLICATIONS will be recelved by the dndere 
—_— sash, doors, ‘moulding. hard: | WO 2-2088 244 Pinnacle St. | rouble. . 2nd ? signed up to 12.00 noon. 
OLD jeer. 5 2. Mott. 370 Free: Street. zs Ottawa — Cornwall a brenings by Appointment = BAY we going - 
is te , iis s B21] 144 FRONT ST. — FEONE WO 20788 “Happy Mother's Day” volumes, ise WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 1955 
House and 2 acres BRICK WORK KENNETH J. SODEN : bthed set contains the fable about For the. position of Commissioner of Works for . 


the CITY OF BELLEVILLE. Applicants to state 
age, qualifications, experience, marital status, sal- 
ary expected and when avallable. Applicant must 
be a qualified Registered Engineer. 

Bi lo z 

Le TWO 2-299 - HAIR DRES 

fperutone tine Sample polnting: BT os AR DEORE BARBER & SONS | for & pe 
Se Rte WO Rene in | |LEEMAN’S HAIRDRESSING | cur AND POTTED FLO peoceed Gone. 

WERS | hy ’ u 

ANTIQUES oun, SRLS Ree Stns ax.| FERNS — FLORAL DESIGNS |r joog as the lived, which was|| Het EY | 

B G SURE SaROUEE LEAT PERFECTLY We Telegraph Flowers rr s rrergyd pop sald. City Hal 

ULLDOZIN' at - 2% McAnnany St — WO 8-8448|" If you didn’t interrupt every min- Ontario, 
BOUGHT — SOLD Phone WO 2-4184 fore Appointment y Sie lac year iaave’ teas Sant tonne 

Primitives, Prints, Manuscripts, 
Gold, bor Copper, Pewter, S33 

a Aste Wome ENSCEANCE And on HER DAY it's not —_| with brite red dyed hair. Now why STIRK a 
See ea EE es bees a 
3 sul a ie 
T. G. WRIGHTMEYER icra Beatie Sole: Ownes) _ MAPLE INN sald, and pop said, For Peet sake N IP NT 
Country Fresh Atmosphere! p 

CLEANERS AND DYERS.| Perjod Furniture.— Orientals |General Insurance Fire. Automobile buy 
WO 85731, Refrigerated | 133 Dundas St. W.  —  Belleville|278 FRONT ST. PHONE WO 6-T714| Delicious Home-Cooked Mealst ¢ them 


ment backsi . etc. Berton Fits- 
gibbon. Phone 32-3906, 



do you meen you didn’: 
after all? 
3a2-et| Of course not, you would of found 

For Cattle, Horses. and Sheep. Govern- 

—— SSS 

ment registration No. 3972. Manufactur- 
st that out long ago if you had only ; 
ARTISTS’ SUPPLIES ee ae _ | tistened, ma said. What 1 really ed by 
- secures | = =GIVE MOTHER _[bousht was s genutne anteck, | all Ss 
m - Fr an £. Bi . ie we: A 
pat Em [NE ee maninurromo [ieaceeatiasel STIRK FARM SUPPLIES 



ALL KINDS WOO AL. ALSO eee See 8 ° f A 
and Coal. Dial WQ 32-2219, 18 MeANNANY ST, WO 8-8504 eese NDON (AP)—The admira - mt ; 
Als im (On the Market Square) LIMITED : = ee LO IN CAP)— B ret ~~ That you arrange NOW about 
3 E Fast. efficient work covering al) | 3 Miles South on Picton Highway |Monday night said Bri ous Bullding = requirements 
ae—<3NeoMoaeawasaaaassss | needs: Reports, Circular Letters, PHONE MT. VIEW 6-R-4 Russia now exchange the shipping y 
INVISIBLE MENDING ARCIITECT Shea eles Taree dup Service's |» “Drive Out and Save~ warnings that each country sends for Spring. Dwelling, Mercan- 

of Rubber Stamps. 32-6t | out to its own vessels. The admir- 

pes acess | WATSON and WIEGAND | Sights Macnee’ snd "Sic 

tile, Farm or refinancing an 
weaving. New 

old loan, Large or Small,. Also 

alty said it hopes the exchange 

address 260 Dundas 
East. Phone WO 8-6092. L BUY A will lead fo a more complete inter- 
- 183 Front S Trance 
- Ot a roe ck seeevmse, ont| PHONE WO ears GROWING GIFT change of nautieal information. vee bel es 
ar seul pet FOR MOTHER! aS t0 
MPa areh > ae aenoe nena ee ’ PLATING ZVERY DAY OF THE YEAR ¢ St 
HARRY SMITH. oF MUEL BUILDERS’ SUPPLIES @peceacr aioe s 163, Fron 
LUMBER BeLLEVIEL® ee * Evergreens « Trees, etc. 
F — pe n Copper, Drive Out Any Day to the 
fh NITE — PLYWOOD — SASH} Phone WO 8-5i83 P.O. Box 142 
| decorated “in beautiful] Eawis fertilised. tp dtesed. Free ED. MOTT 2. | Phone WO eC 
ne > . —————————— 
“color tones, Aluminum| ‘mates Phone 8013 Trenten, | pumber and Bullders’ Supplies ————— the issue until the men return to 
screens and storms and : 370 FRONT ST, WO 8-6428 SLIPCOVERS BRING YOUR MOTHER. | ork. 3 
doors, And this home is - a SLIPCOVERS TO THE SMARTEST AND TINEST 
——K_=—— SSS REST ~ 
1m] xitches Cabinets, Trim, - Alterations, Custom-Tailored Now Newly Remodeled ‘ 
Ee PuMP.| Fully’ a preaticed ang Experienced, SOSuRTERIACS SopeLieD BELMONT RESTAURANT Watch & Clock 
g a o'JG e 
‘call and see St today. Ay food Free Estivates a BOT REPAIRS 4 : 
PHONE WO 2-0 : 0 y | (ni 
ea 'O 2-0945 ees 
), F. E HUSON . April 15-17 

Real Estate Broker 




“row 2 om | FOR LADIES | zor 
PAINT AND WALLPAPER Pick-up and Belivery 
5 SH 

Ca ar Ba wo mr gor iis H. A. GLEN 
PHONE Wo: 5 
AYTER 6 Pat. PLEASE PHONE AMDaWee salto “ONG tetwlene Banoee: Fo ovina. SERVICR 0: NV ¢ 6 Carmen Ave, Dial WO 2-006 
Salesman J, AGNEW — WO 8-729 | ing. repairs. Pick-up and deliver. : a 6. 30. 36 and 40 ft. ay a per ate See 
Broker F. £. HUSON — Wo 2-0229| Dial WO e-0075: Al9-1m an 18 MeANNANY ST. 5 WO. Wy a | i 
“BUILDING. LOTS | Snare sass Se]. gp woemmt MMOL | HEARING AID 




change-overs; chactrio rear eee ea |  yppeweiters and fading Mechines 

Tor prices Pe WO 52200] ROBERT D. KNOX, D.C. 179 - 103 Front Street 
DOCTOR OF re telat aa : PHON™ WO 8-6775 



ENI TH _¢ 


Prompt and Efficient Repairs on 

=e | 
A ' 

ots FRONT ST. 
(Over Stroud’s Gif: Shop) 

J Chops up leaves, tool 
Sprays the fine particles evenly over wide 
area, providing mulch for a better lawn. No 


Office WO 8-9902 — Rse. WO 8-7293 

R. A. WYATT, Pi:c “D It Th mselves” ' BATTERIES : Re extra-cost, time-wasting attachments needed, 
OATS LC, 2 $ iB xa . mes ; 
ANCHORAGE FOR BOATS cmt WYATD, Phic Furniture ahd Automobie Q e For All Types of Aids AS a 

* Pp. SS Pe EX ' 

i E oO KEELER SAND FILL| , *neral Ag pels Massage | Rebuilt - Remodelied - Repaired - : 

“ é ‘and Cl Reduction of Tonsils and Hemorrholds and Refinished — Alrfoam Suri rf M HITCHON RAD 
Office and Residence: 117 Dufferin | Free Estimates, Reasonable Prices r prise om 
Real Estate Br oker Barriag 3 a Oppante tospital + For Appointment | wo 97393 281 N, Front St.| = ‘ 4 Bridge Bt. DIAL WO 8-6112 
st me8) Sunday Morning With 

Phone Mt. View 41-R-15 
wev-at| “Gravel. — Bang — “Pitt Back R. RIEDEL, D.C. 
Bennet 8 ung! — Doctor of Chiropractic 

Nom rt 
. Cats right upvy fom tming 1 Py 

* |. Breakfast’in Bed M U { R’ S BV afd other obstacles, pat * 
cones oe ena: New and Re-cover Work AND : : : : ~ 
218.CHURCH ST. Furniture and- Automobile THE SEWING MACHINE 

xt No more “Y.Turns'’! 
Estimate: ed vi ; Fa % = i “4 
Red etched tabed 2826 ott PrieFoamn Raboen Denn eeeciee SHE'S: BEEN F ONGING sss ROOFING and P| Reversible handle saves time. To re 

Phone Mt. View 44-R-12 

. 4-Bedroom Brick 

jon, si ndle! 
HOWARD LOCKWOOD 4 ' 1 verse direction, simply reverse ha: 

Concrete Walks, Driveways, . VETERINARIAN 

Footings and Foundations DR: KEITH B. “FOR ALL YEAR ROUND! 99 WALLBRIDGE ROAD : 
Carpentering & Cabinet Making ISON re a : DIAL WO 8-5645 1p, Doe 
ick One Up at 5 01 Mower 

Snack Bar and Mie Atos bers Phone WO 8-5622 

Offices 1 Mile South of Roslin 


—_.---~ —____ 

Located in a small town eek 
_ Belleville, oe aniving Dairy. EAVESTROUGH ROOFING 

P Have Ghee home demonsrraiion 

: . pec terse one ureteral as And at Tweed Feed Mil i , im Power 
fede cn ar eet Roofing of All Kinds, Shingled, PHONE TWEED 8 |e Front St WO 3S New Comfort ot tte reTargpand smalllawns, 
g00d building with reason- ullt-up, Metal, etc. Saath scaasnJe pase Pt4cpeet yar cek wie d EES 2 . i : 
th ee ; nd 21-inch .size, rotary oF 
Rei sweenaricre wave Youn waren Locateo | "AVESTROUGHS INSTALLED |" DR. PAUT FOSTER | | earn How to Make ~ FA LSE feel Sensational values! |” 
experience with good results.” He get & VETERINARIAN ; 

Your Own Clothes 

by Taking a Singer Home Dress- 7 E ETH 

: ‘67 Cannifton Road 


'O 2-3184, 

Call Us For A Demonstration Today! 

© Beven-room, -storey brick house; _ PHONE WO 84542, : 

ie i dagen, Sey cay HUGE AMPHITHEATRE . Be ONO, NAT Onan oe | DENTUR-EZE plestl On Display At 
: x! NEW YORK (AP)—A “group of : FINISHING ——SSS SSS y 4 p.m. scape ery = nara bevee 5 3 ‘ 
bs : J industrialists, artists and. civic FLOOR ALSO TEEN-AGE CLASSES | Pusttstisht,Oneapalice: @ iS a 
re E J S AUNDERS leaders Sunday announced plans EARLE DARRAH VENETIAN BLINDS SATURDAY MORNINGS ~ leading drug counters 

=a rte : for the construction at Allentown,| Dial WO 8-6078—56 Bridge St. E. VENETIAN BLIND ENTER YOUR DAUGHTER NOW ; 2 

tax RealEstate Broker = | the”. worta’s -largest-open-air cul-| “ANOING, MACHINES 900, 7LO0R SERVICE FOR OUR BiG COMPETITION! peti 
KRESGE BLDG, — DIAL wo s-r1e4|tural amphitheatre. The announce-| €*Pert Installation, on Mastic Rubber] Blinds Cleaned, Retaped, ai oC Seenablars stz1Bsiesvere | | 282. COLEMAN ST. DIAL WO 2-3483 
© INSURANCE — MORTGAGES _|ment said a $1,500,000 structure,| "FREE ESTIMATES ee ee Singer Sewing Centre Lattimer's and Doyle's, Drag “Where Prices Are Lower” see : 
© Salesman: GERALD W. JOYCE seating 35,000 persons, will As Near As Your Phone BELLEVILLE : WO 5-268 Phone WO 2-0885 Store. 

nings — WO 2-2923 — WoO 32-1126 opened in 1956, 815-12 APRIL 28-1y M3-5 em ee ee 

? . : : ~ $ ! ¥ 
® ‘a . 

TT Ta ra 

(Now Living in Bright, Hopeful 
* Dawn of Radioactive Age 


LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP)—We are| The key to the radioactive rev- 
living in the bright and: hopeful) olution is in putting this energy or 
dawn of the radioactive revolution. |radiation to work, in useful but 
is springing up from radio-|often fantastic ways. 
active atoms. a ok attest For REACTORS NEW SOURCE 

le powerfully, for the good. For] put first, where do these atoms 
itis bringing: a oe eur of alse come from? Some have always ex: 

< wethpde Peer cetha me Uel-listed in nature. There is radioac- 
ame Sues es, perhaps 4CSSCD/ tive uranium, radium, carbon, po- 

Contrelacc ware t tassium, in the ground, in the air, 
aoe perhape ta tone: bry hand a in the foods we cat. Our bodies 
conquest of cancer and other di- pave relays been slightly radlo- 
seases, in lengthening the span of] The ‘great new source of atoms 

for the constructive revolution 

healthy human life. 
Be naae taten nignerestelane comes from atomic reactors, or 
Some foodstuffs that won't s Sil power plants. The controlled chain 
and dozens of hundreds of new jobs|"e2ction, makes some as by-prod- 
ucts, Others are intentionally cre- 
ated by expostg natural elements 

to aid industry and improve the 
products you use. to neutrons whipping around within 

costs can 
time, that 

able only 


mora Youth for Christ rally was 
sheld in the town hall on Satur- 
i@ay evening with over 100 in at- 
tendance, chiefly. from outside 
The Rev. Robert Jones of the 
ZYocal Pentecostal Assembly, made 
:introductory remarks after which 
3Archie Campbell of the Oshawa 
youth for Christ, took over as 
pong leader. 

A young ladies’ trio from 

toomfield, made two appearan- 
Sex on the program and Mrs. 


wWennamaker also sang a solo at|}DISCONTENTED ATOMS ‘Ithe reactor. 
‘ ctor. 
two different parts, A redioactive eye to discover] Atomic power {s already here to 

i@ Kenneth Edwards offered pray- “coffins” 
‘Sr, followed by more remarks by 
e7, R. Jones. 
7 Archie Campbell next sang 
What Think Ye of Christ?” to 
this own accompaniment. 
«ihe special speaker was Jim 
S@=ckwood, director of the ‘Bow- 
2nville Youth for Christ, who 
ced his remarks on | “What 
“Shtll I Do Then With Jesus, 
s;Which is Called Christ?” 
:}*A collection was taken in fur- 
atherance of the movement. 
+ | A second rally is being arrang- 
jed for Saturday evening, May 18. 


STIRLING.—St. Andrew's Pres- 

byterian church was the scene of 

‘the annual church service, of 

‘Scouts, Guides, Brownies and 

‘Cubs. The various leaders with 

* the executive committse, under 

the leadership of Mr. and Mrs, 

b Joe Irish, marched to the church 

from the public school, headed by 

the color party of Cubs, Scouts 
gnd Guides, 

The Rev. W. H. V. Walker de- 
livered an address on the theme 
“St, George’s Day”, and gave the 
young people some helpful ad- 
Vice. * 

John Ray and Douglas McIn- 

a slight degree and developing 
speedily, The United States sub- 
marine Nautilus runs on atomic 
power; atomic-powered planes are 
coming. .So are power plants’ to 
produce electricity for homes and 
industry. |, 

Britain is launched on a 10-year 
program to_substitute radioactfve 
power for dwindling coal. Russia 
has an announced head start with 
a working pilot plant, 

The country which can first offer 
practical power plants to have-not 
countries scores a triumph, wins 
Uratitude. Radioactive power can 
lift living standards in hard- 
pressed areas. Some authorities 
declare North America must have 
it, too, in coming years, to offset 
diminishing supplics of coal and 
oil as power needs expand. 

some of nature's tightest secrets. 
Just what are these radioactiv 
atoms? They are essentially, 
atoms which are discontented, rest- 
less. They break down, emitting 
rays or atomic particles, 

Some, like Uranium-235 and plu- 
tonium, shoot out neutrons, atomic 
particles which can hit other atoms 
and explode them to carry on a 
chain reaction, An instantaneous 
chain reaction produces bombs. 

A controlled chain reaction gen- 
erates heat to turn water into 
steam to produce electricity. 

Other atoms. emit x-rays, or 
electrons, or alpha particles (cores 
of helium atoms). When they give 
of their rays they change into 
something else. Radioactive carbon 
becomes nitrogen; familiar radium 
turns eventually into lead. 

H, of Ed 



For free booklet see your JM dealer, 

The choir rendered an anthem, 
or write Canodion Johns-Monville, 

, aad Mr. William Reynolds, sang 

-tendance. The evening was spent 
playing. Court Whist. 

The local Red Cross coilected 
6579.15 in their recent ganvass 

Oey, Fs 

week with Mr. and Mrs. M. Sut- 

fon, at Oshawa. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Conley 

attended the funeral of the late 
rs. M. Pigden, at Madoc, on 
jesday. eee 


DIAL WO 8-6428 75 St. Paul St. 


Sole Distributor. 


—_———_ —_---— 


Husbands! Wives! 


of couples pane van 
ssmed polly bese ee ee 98 Pine St. / DIAL WO 8.5645 
you, tno, may need for pep, sepplemen- Applicators of Johns Manville Products for the past 25 Years 

Canada’s Most Popular 
Power Mower 


Deluxe 18” 89 95 
s . 

e Each 





Costs are tremendous, and mean 
the radioactive revolution cannot 
arrive overnight. The general sci- 
entific and business belief is that 

areas where normal fucls are avail- 

the experts, that an atomic power 
plant could get out of hand and 
flare up to spray dangerous ra- 
dioactivity over the neighborhood. 
safeguards are needed. 
These have been provided success- 

eae eS all Saas reactors] Mrs, Frank Dafoe has returned yy | morning. ~ N M = 

in the pas' home after spending -the winter Of H ‘ e minister, . M. - : ' 
Radioactive wastes forming in|in St. Petersburg, Florida. angover re ee H eee ppl oot L Weer, . 
the power plant can poison or slow} Mrs. Dick Wellman and grand- FALSE TEETH 
down the chain reaction. They|son, of Peterborough, spent the Four New England doctors found 

must ke. removed periodically, or| week-end with Misses Ethel and NEW YORK (AP )—Fill'em up} that the main cause of hangover is With Little Worry 
automatically. They consist of} Sylvia Richmond. again bartender, and don’t bruiscjnot alcohol, but pwerful, micr- eat, talk, Jatign ‘Of sneeze without - 
highly radioactive atoms, some of| Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hough, of |the alcohol. The purer the alcohol,|scopfe impurities in bodze. The dipping ce “wobbling. “P 1 
which stay potent or dangerous for|Stirling, spent Sunday with|the lighter the hangover. higher .the pure alcoholic content, sipping. tes firmer and es come 

30 years or. more. 
They. can’t just be dumped into 
a river or buried nakedly under- 
ground for fear they would be car- 
tied to arcas to do harm to hu- 
mans, At present, most such waste 
is stored in tanks unt! most. of it 
decays, or is enclosed in concrete 
and burled at sea. 
The more powcr plants there are, 
the bigger the disposal problem. 

OTTAWA (CP)—C, P. McEvoy, 

day when a plane he was flying 
crashed at nearby Johnson's Corner 
while circling to Jand at Uplands| - 

PLANT A HEOGE Order Now — : family reunion, a holiday dinner, a big date — 
Deeper pleating Uma it’s faster, more exciting to telephonel 

FREE ~° 


‘tesh received “Religion and Life” TT tee. oe be softened by a sympathetic voice, Next to ‘ 
Ades ** Ratpreet, weerproet,' weatherprot igor tednch aise, 100) er seeing the people you care about is hearing 

*“O Wonderful Love”. Dept. N-54, 565 lokeshore Ad, E, or 315 oo ue 160; ft. z ne a 
“Mrs. Grant Stopley was hostess Port Credit, Ont. PRIVET— .ssteese wartety, . * y 

to a pantry shower in honor of wikerthe only meray . 

‘Miss Joan Green, a May bride, Bre dtenygs ot S88 ot THE BELL TELEPHONE 

and several friends were In at- ROSA MULTIFLORAR. 

, F SIL.95 per 
RED BARBERRY—- Maroon ret 

for $12.05: 
Zor funds. i203 23 tor $8.98 er $22.00 
Mrs. .M. “Palmer spent last PAEONY ROOTS— 

: - 


MADOC — Mr. and Mrs, Harry 
Tufts are spending a few days 
with relatives in Cornwall and 
plan on spending a few days at St. 
John, P.Q, 

Mrs. W. Nugent and Mrs, Ab-| 4 
bott, of Lindsay, spent Thursday 

Tete enpuites fi 
rs. Johnson, of Pa und, i ° . in 
Booze Cause 

TUESDAY, MAY 3,'1955 

lp, was in charge of ‘the service 
snig chose as his subject, “Friend- 


Special music was rendered by 

the cholr, who sang an a 

“Anywhere With’ Jesus.” 

junlos choir sang a chorus, “chia 
ft Nazareth.” 

Brethren from Havelock, Stir 
ling, Campbellford and Peterbor: 
ough, and the D.D.G.M., Mr. Poul 
ton, Jr., of Campbeliford, : 
in attendance. 

bl Mr. and Mrs. Percy Hol- 

Mrs; James Irwin, of . Peter- 
borough, spent the week-end with 
Mr, and Mrs..W. McCoy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Armstrong 
of Kingston, visited the former’s 
mother, :Mrs. John Armstrong, 
during the week-end. 


Lodges Attend 
‘(Church Service 

MADOC —.A fine turnout ‘of 
Odd Fellows of Madoc Lodge, 
179, and. the Oakdale Rebekahs, 
along with many. visiting breth- 
ren and sisters, attended the an- 
nual church service at St. Peter’s 
Presbyterian Church on Sunday 

be made competitive -in 
a good first start is in 

at high cost. 

a remote chance, says 

is spending a few days with her 
mother, Mrs. Robert McGhee. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Conley, 
of Stirling, spent Sunday with 
relatives in Madoc. 




fortably. This piesa power Bae 

“gooey, pasty taste or eeling. 
Boca. cause * Bausea. It’s alkaline 
(pea acid). Checks late — odor” 
denture breath). Get FASTEBTH at 
any drug counter, 


That's the latest word from med-|they contend, the less danger of 
{cal science, released today in ajhanover or permanent bodily harm. 
report published in the American} Also, they say, the purer the al- 
Journal of Proctology. cohol the slower it intoxicates. 

friends in Madoc. . 
Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson 
and daughters, Phyllis and Edna, 
of,Kingston, spent the week-end 


as killed Mon- 


A CASUAL phone call, and “this Sunday” 
suddenly becomes dn extra special Sunday! 

_ Whether the call comes from miles away or just 
around the corner, the invitation seems so 
much more personal, more inviting, when you 
hear it over the telephone. 

Old and young alike turn to the phone when 
they're in a hurry. A round-up of the gang, 

Pink Batterfly 
for EARLY orders, 

Ser ra aai qeatits Oar And even the blow of bad news can usually 

their warm, familiar. voices. ‘ 


Taseplantee, 13 fs rivry 

B . 3 for $2.98, 
Wilh retry Order 
aada's Finest Colored 
Gorden Golde 

ure : BAATLI ¥ Aw. 
What have you in mind for MOTHER S$ DAY ? 
‘f Md 
Your neighborhood druggist has‘a ss x wondstfol 
variety of suggestions for or Mother’ s Day. Likely 
as not he knows your mother—your entire 

family in fact—and can be quite helpful in- 
choosing the right gift 

Some very personal gift. . +<perfume, or some- 
thing else in cosmetics. Or a special box of, 
chocolates, a little out of the ordinary. Or al 
vanity set, imported soap, or a thousand things’: ; 
‘e's « any one of which will deliglit the femi- 
nine heart, 

So see him soon. Depend onit.«« YOUCAN 
DRUGGIST for everything, whether it’s for 
Mother’s Day, for the sick room, or simply. 
for daily use. Remember your neighborhood 
druggist is an important merchant+in your 
community—the only one who must have a 
university degree. He makes it his business to 
know what’s best for you and‘your family. 


Your pharmacist has a university degree and he is the 
only merchant in your community who must have one. - _ 
Your druggist shares with your doctor a personal and 
professional interest in your life. 




. ; Min. 
-Today. 15 53° 
One Year Ago. 47 . 36 

Tuesday’s mean temp.—61. 
AuMitice Denarament Ottawa : BELLEVILLE, ONTARIO, WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 1955. ae - Se Per Copy, 25¢ Per Week. 




Dispute Over Oil _|DRENGHING RAN 
‘May Block Accord POSING SERIOUS | 
OnAustrian Treaty |[HREAT 10 CROPS 

West Objects To Provision. |saskatchewan Heavily 
- Against Foreign Control Hit by Raging Storm 


VIENNA (AP)—A possible West- 
ern-Russian split over oil proper- 
ties lost by American and Dutch|katchewan's rich crop land early 

companies 17 years ago loomed as|today, posing a serious threat to Lge 
the Big Four ambassadors turned |the-ycar's grain crops. tas ; 
tions clauses of the 5 ee 

peacteepaon cae oenca treaty An accurate estimate of dam- 
is between the United|@ge caused by the raging storm 
Negotlations :between oe t| which slashed telegraph and power 

States, British, French and Sovie 
ambassadors and Austria’s For- lines, flooded roads and hundreds 

eign Minister Leopold Figl went|of bascments and isolated several 

GOVT. SUPPORTED Daring Thieves 
BV NOEPENENTS Obtain Big Haul 
Of Payroll Cash — 


Motions Are Lost — [T'o Police Headquarters 

REGINA (CP)—Torrential rains 
and sleet continued to drench Sa: 

OTTAWA (CP) — The govern-| wETTAND (CP)—Daring thieves | ¥7e 
ment has received unexpected sup-| striking: next door to the police Viet Nam Rebel 
port from the Commons’ four inde-| station at dawn today stole a steel » 

pendent members on two opposi- company’s payroll funds from a ° ; 
tion motions of non-confidence in oset cabinet in the Welland post Resistance Ends 

budget policies. Police chief Orval Rounds, di- 
The independents sided with the|recting the Investigation of the As Parle 0 S 
Liberal majority Tuesday night as| biggest robbery in Welland’s his- : y pen 
tory, said the loot amounted to be- es 
the House voted 131 to 65 against t $75,000 and 1 
CCF motion condemning the gov- ween: $75,000, and; $80,000. Tei wae 
ar the weekly pay for the 1,250 em-| SAIGON (Reuters) — The South 
ernment for not easing the “‘crush-| ployees of the Atlas Steel Com-| viet Nam national army ane 
ing load" of municipal taxation. |Pany, due to be paid Friday. nounced at a press conference to- 
The chief said $3,000 of the) 4.) that all organized resistance of - 

Raoul Poulin (Ind—Beauce) said 
money was in United States cur- 
the independents also will support piseisi $ cur! the Binh Xuyen rebel private army 

- Toronto Arson 
Squad Probing 
"$150,000 Fire 

“TORONTO (CP) — Offiters of 
city police arson squad and the 
Ontario fire marshal's department!to be reviewed. : 
today began investigation of an} The five representatives are-try- 53,000, was reported Isolated. Com- 
early-morning blaze which caused |ing to agree on a revised’ treaty munications to’ the cliy were ot 

for the Big Four foreign ministers off and a Canadian Pacific Rail- H 
eet id ac pp nee Pieper to sign. Three months after it is} Way. passenger train bound’ for} | roth seererne priate eA Daal pap ry neta el RPT 

Saskatoon fro! Edmonton was} |: ay 5 : 
school. : — al rok must be | raed at Wille, Sask. Because | oe i “Progressive Conservative motion of|ilons of $1, $2, $10 and $20, Local and provincial leaders 
‘The top floor of the three-storey | WNCre% . \ RG sated hs non-confidence. ordinarily reaches Welland every| mocked to ‘this capital today for 

The Western Allies this morning| telegraph lines were down, train] j Tu is kept in 
senior-grade building was_gutted di Id not be relayed ine ;. Progressive Conservati esday evening, ep the 

were reported planning to resist ajorders cou: 0! y' t gressive ervative and So- t offi and js trans-| special congress called by, 

by the fire which started In the Stal Credit pasabere up Sites sex ere overnight, and {s trans- r.pouth 

Russian demand that Austria guar- structing the train to continue oa : nk =r er Ngo Dint 

and spread rapidly as blaz- antee to, keep her oll industry—op- its trip. fie Prcts taht is ; i . R |CCF motion. It sald the government Hapa ed omen ree Bh Mea tel. oe ti Ly peer 

ing embers fell into the classrooms). ateq by the U. S. Standard-| Twelve amateur radio operators AS Act ih ati , Seid had “failed to provide assistance tovact on. 8 Fev UConn, te 

below. Water, heat and smoke‘ 200m Oi1 Co, and Royal Dutch| worked through the night to maine RIN SOS Shi tat Cie os tothe: provinelal. governntents :to| USED FO= SAFETY tee’s demand for the ouster of Bao 

ng peter its sree ae the lower Shell before the war—out of foreign | tain communication with areas cut enable them to plan their financing} The scene of the robbery Is the|Dai, nominal chief of state. 

? “- hands. The industry now p' : to relieve Canadians of the crush- Latrreks Radars post se ctiee The United States—which exerts 
f crude | flooded highways. ing load of municipal taxation.” | 2d customs Iding opened four) 7 eat influence here because of its 

Saskatoon, a city of more than 

Peter the Otter gives a cool once-over*to neighbors moving in- 
to an adjoining pen at Stanley Park zoo in Vancouver. Leaning 
on the fence he watches a family%of tiny Humboldt penguins which 
were brought in. (CP Photo). eras 



Consumer Price‘Index Up 

KINGSTON (CP)—Relieved from 
duty a week ago Monday, Lt.-Col. 
Lindsay H..Brown, eastern Ontario 
army area engineer in Kingston, 
will face @-general court martial 

resulted in 75 per cent of Saskat-lbicveles and spectaclés. The shelter column, covering; ‘The: four-point motion charges 

learned today that the court mar- o 
chewan farmers receiving more| m,. March increase is the first;both rents and home-ownership|the government has “failed” to 

tial will be held at the Royal Ca- 
nadian Signals’ .school in Vimy 
barracks. - 

Brig. J, V.~Allard, commanding 
officer of the 3rd Infantry rig- 

Canada Has No Intention 
Of Leaving Viet Nam Body 

~ OTTAWA (CP)—Canada has no There had been suggestions that 

present intention of withdrawing Cansdesnlsht befcordale test 
from the isin In We SUPCT-| about the way the commission’s 

ized gang of shopbreakers.” 
They expressed belief the gang|°St in them privately. 
hid near ‘the post office and 

visory Commission in Yiet Nam be-| work on movement of refugees has 
cause this might create new Far pee hampered by the Commun- 
East tensions and endanger re-|!5'S- 
i. Canada’s representatives on the 

maining refugee movement from commission ane t! government 
Communist North Viet Nam to non-| are not satisfied that the freedom 
Communist South Viet Nam. of movement provisions of the 
External Affairs Minister -Pear-| armistice ate being carried out, 

Mr. Pearson sald. 
son, in making this policy stat= However, Canada’s withdrawal 

ment in the Commons Tuesday, | would prejudice fulfilment of the 

home. Ten minutes later the couple 
appeared at an upstair’s window. 
of justice of the peace Manuel Miller crawled through the window 
5 onto a porch roof and threw his 

Miller, 47, who stood off federal] rifle to the ground. State troopers 
and Vermont authorities at gun-|swarmed on the roof and hand- 
point for 12 hours Tuesday in ajcuffed him. oat 
futile attempt to keep his wife out} Mrs. Miller started through th 
of a mental hospital. window. She collapsed across the 
Miller and his wife, Lucille, 44,| sill, overcome by gas. She was car- 

* BETHEL; Vt. (AP)—A barrage 
of tear gas has ended the holdout 

Cc eal charity. J1l4-cwets 
Norman Cousins, editor of theSat- ocl - NING EVERY WEDNES 

urday Review, Mount Sinai Hos- § sre EVENING VERS Street. 
Bite ond Andkiyoshi Togasaki, 3.30 Bess Sponsored byes Juvenile 
president of Nippon Times of nge Los be wel ‘Admie 
Tokyo. aion Auber) ety: 4 

gentic and happily they acted dur- 
ing the long selection process,’’ 

A school: official sald 500 pupils 4 
an estimated 3,000,000 tons o years ago on a downtown business 
Indochina aid program—mcanwhile 
structed to accommodate them as high winds, rain and snow. The 
the CCF party April 22, voted with ing several thousand dollars. Since) Fyom his luxurious villa on the 
piece of equipment was called to|orevious treaty draft which gave|the city’s history. > T » f P e 'o M other, independents, Lae Poulin, eaney ag illegal, (There seemed no 
: Paul Gagnon (Chicoutimi) and Fer- : grou! repo : 
Qne- enth 0 ont m ar ch nand Girard (Lapointe), in the past| ~ Constable George Dooly discov- Sat he pistes to i ao Saige 
‘roof collapsed sending flames 40|° yh.. Austrians were reported) yypECIDED ON EFFECT 
Although h ds of acres oflrose in March for the first fime|the index rose by four-fifths of ‘| Ms. .Poulin, following the vote,|{ng. He saw a nail keg below a 
jn the next 10 years. ‘ 
ad to eiussid opinions as to the storm's effectitenth of a point to 116.1 from 116.\lowing month, remained um| (sions the Progressive Conser- 
. To Face General one spokesman said, and the prov+|rice, the bureau of statistics re-jmonths, broken by the March | ont budget.” ‘A narrow laneway separates the 
had come up with a-surprise pro- 
per cent of their wheat planted by} Prices rose during March for,1951. ‘The lowest point of the in-i7 am entitled to declare that my|from the police office. _ WASHINGTON (AP) — The 
era envoys gave no immediate re-|, Early today the storm, described | “Those offset declincs for coffce,|the main power Dehind changes in'tion is. expected Thursday, bring-|NQ PRECAUTIONS direct talks with Communist China 
Last year's unfavorable weather some street-car and bus fares,|continuoys five-month drop. | CHARGES FAILURE jjand releasing the window catch State Secretary Dulles’ announce 
than $25,000,000 in federal aid for} s-. in the consumer price in-|costs, increased. by one-tenth of give effective stimulus to Canadian) oy cosh, 
ease In the meantime, three countries 
ade, Valcartier, Que., will be pres- KARLSRUHE, West Germany.|;ain in. southern Alberta before ances, to curb government extrav- 
*, Oty, 4 
dently the work of a “well-organ-|i-' wGorstood to be showing intere 
ficer and a defence officer. In| S245 agreement Is constitutional, | North Dakota by winds up to 60 a ’ 
Opposition Leader Drew will en | watched the constable make his COMING EVENTS 
and the defence officer will be i parties’ chief critics attacked the Friday, May 6th, McAvoy's Orches- 
Tear Gas Ends Vermont Man’s Fight 
Col. Brown is charged with : 8 “observed a conspiracy of silence” cabinets instead of being placed! an ex-nun speak. Charlotte and. 
Stecl, said the money was on,th¢|- a seat. 
sion of publicly-owned goods. (Continued on Page 3.) 
E S 
cents, Everyone welcome, PrP 
at eastern Ontario area headquar- g 
said ‘“‘terrible things’ are being} main military provisions of the = 
Beh Se aa ace lieved Blast Fly to New York For Surgery |: oxe-sct riars: sax or ounce 
th i 1 \- pascal A ia 
parents of three children, surren-| ried unconscious from the roof e commission, especially In south-| neighboring Laos and Cambodia. By. GENE KRAMER ‘We explained to all the girls| 230 and 7.30 pm. 
.-@a major, Was commanding an en- 
face as-yet-undetermined charges. |her on the lawn. She smiled at her}under the July, 1954, Geneva ar- leave, York physician said. who would benefit most from the| May, 14th. Auspices Women's Unie 
Winnipeg Tuesday were elected to| admittance to a federal. marshal|peatedly told besiegers: were given until May 18 this year anguish at having to leave some byterian Church. kay 
x believably good spirits. Club, Kiwanis Centre, Wednesday, 
fchairman of central council and ographed anti-Communist leaflet} the Miller children, David, 11, and|of North Viet Nam and only a few] OTTAWA (CP) — The govern- figured by the atomic bomb 10 freshe 
normal social activities. One wears Columbus Club Rooms Ba zont 
18 as’ the outgrowth of an indict-| When school was through for the] vising the truce but has no power} Tuesday in the Commons, Dr. Willlam M. Hitzig, a New , 
. “ TORONTO.. (CP) — Synopsis: pital. New York, is.being financed Te-emrth ths 
armed with a rifle, deficd all ef-| Miller, a justice of the peace for|}man for the Progtessive Conscr-|pay for women made by Marion|for the first and most important 
rizes. , Proceed: 
ing the night while most of On- The project was organized by g a =e cwett 
mate began .and after threats,|tion. We're not going to give our-junless the May 18 cut-off'date is| this indicated a change in govern- “It {js hard to believe how 
posh into northern Ontario 
Hitzig said. 

of Grades'7 and 8 today were on 

h: xtensive re-| The storm, which swept up from é 

an enforced holiday and tempor- oe ween, ane Sa ection the United States Tuesday, lashed THATCHER VOTE ctawets ae pnhacnpEa PTI 

ary buildings may have to be con- as PROVISIONS this grain-growing province with Ross Thatcher, member for|~ T¥° eo sees thieves carted Fae euticnal: soonarehy {Be estabe 
AIVE a awa ie st office safe con! 
other beets schools already are an exchange for Sid Prepare downpour sent cay and nee, Moose Taw ake Cente, wc bolted a tev Pt repeetegs caer pare lished in this strifetorn state. 
overcrowded. : on foreign ownership, the Russians|spilling over their banks. Flood- the other independent: inst the | then the steel ca’ , rather than 
Every available fireman and| offered to walve provisions of the|ing in Regina was the worst in stand ‘of hie former’ aay: The Erp have pera used for iota Hbeaelarins eee ne snes 
. ght storage of large amoun' ess-~0f 5S no 
‘answer a second alarm. Firemen | them drilling and extraction rights} Hundreds of head of cattle were 

_ ‘extinguished the blaze after more|in some fields for 30 years and|drowned at Meadow Lake in the 

than four hours, during which the} for 28 years in others. northwest, usually have voted against the gov-|¢red the robbery. He made bis 
——_— . Ww * 

>. f4et into the air. Six firemen were | ready to agree to the Soviet con- OTTAWA (CP): — Living costs!ing 100, ‘since August, 1954, when beara cn satesontidencs Saeed Lan atiica aenployag left. the bald: . ; 

| hppa dition, which also includes Austrian! iuable crop layd were soaked.|in eight months, pushing up the!point to 117 from 116.2. ° ; Think U § Waits 

a feiss as “4 delivery of 10,000,000 tons of crude , : eight months, } 2. said that although the budget did|Window, found the window broken oe 

: 7 at oll to Russia in the next 10 years agricultural experts held varied/ consumer price index ‘by one-| It dropped slightly in the fol-) 1 o¢ try to remedy some urgent and discovered the inside ial) 3 M SPP titans 

5 4 al mi i forced. F 

R Lt.- 1. L. Brown alifion government want to nation‘) grain crops., It hel | Higher prices for some sichanged in the next three, and) vative motion “forgot to acknowl- Four storage cabinets had been or ediation 
y alize the oil industry. A rays pte’ Sop oll Siting and rents as well as higher fhome-|then began a steady decline that) .Gee the partial effort accom-|pried open before the large amount 5 

Baoan ok wade zeccties elds bac shape for planting.!owncrship costs caused the small|continued for four consecutive) ‘ished in some fields by the pres-|of cath was found. In Forniosa Issue 
escny ince’s in omy rests with! ; Ln . tu 

s A ipce i -— ie bane iat qature: ported today. They outweighed rise. The March standing of 116.1) 33. said he will support the gov-|post office building from the police| 

Cate C urt Marti posal that all uccupation troops be Farmers who normally have 25 minor declines in clothing and, Is 2.1 points below the record high! ociament in the vote on the PC|station. The window was forced on 

U0 Srulled one, Georg ee itera Beapetend operhioes: jot 1182 reached in December,| motion and added: “May I say that|the side of the building farthest} | By WARREN ROGERS Jr. 
; even e ‘ 

: a signed by then. There was no offi- od 1 ee oe Peg sinree per | flour, tea, eggs, fresh frults, po-/dex in recent years has been 1144) s,inion is also shared by my inde-| Police sald the thieves took the United States may have decided 
tial confirmation of the report, but | Cent SPOR ih Cle Minis spring, |soes and chicken, gasotine, shel-|in April, 1953. pendent colleagues."  |nail keg from a nearby hardware|to give mediation efforts a chance 
diplomatic sources said th: west- rs :|ter, and doctors’ and dentists’ fees.| Changing food prices have been}” the vote on the opposition mo-| firm. before taking further steps toward 

by weather office officials af ‘'tre- A ei . os 
to the Russian move. r |margarine, most fruits and vege-jthe’ over-all index? In March the} b 
dor poege a ender -Man*|tables, pork, men's suits, electri- food sub-group increased by three-| one tleen aay ate to a close) Standing on the keg, the bur- boraach nts tees baer hat 
Saar eement a amost€9 -_leal appliances, household supplics,| tenths of a point to 111, breaking aj glars had no difficulty reaching in| 5s sigent Eisenhower backed up 
: Agr ; and crawling in. 
: Investigators said no precautions | Per" th re ae to. a US8 
Is Ruled Legal crop ldsses. had been faken to guard the pay-| cease tire RRS 
; : . dex, based on 1949 prices equall-'a point to a new high of 128.7. - 2 
DUST: IN WINNIPEG : Pp eq po igh enterprise for creation of empley. The post office statf worked until 
—— The storm left about an inch of meat baertfii pecker fe reduce 4:45 a. m <r have stepped, sup with mediation 
es oe eer _joffers, “And Washington, while not 
ident of the court. (Reuters) — The West German) moving east. Visibility was cut to Police said the robtery was evi-| iiicty encouraging such offers, 
fn military courts, as in clyil|/constitutional court here today). half-mile in Winnipeg Tuesday agancg and Inefficiency, and to| 
courts, there {s:a prosecuting of- ruled that the Franco-German|py clouds of dust blown up from recognize the serious position of) 
# ; farmers and other producers. 
"s court thus removing the final obstacle hour. 
Poe will EB Peay, to West Germany regaining her ately ter the cléing stages of the de- 
cutor Cap’ + Fay, routine check. 
legal officer at central command, sovereignty Thursday, (Continued on Page 3.) bate. Nov attempty ae Thadektovcpen Autre 
Tuesday. some of the. opposition th i" : le PED) ANCE, READ .PARISH HALL, 
Col. R. B. McDougall, director of ¢ safe, police said, This indicated 
organization, army headquarters government's budget policy. to them that the thieves knew the] tra, sponsored by Read ; Baseball 
Otay 2 : Donald Fleming (PC — Toronto|Moncy, stacked in neat bundles. Clup. Everyone welcome. 
patie Eglinton) said the government has |S soing to be locked in the steel) sony THE HUNDREDS AND HEAR 
“conduct prejudicial to good order T K Wif 0 ; f M al H ied al in th Nilah Rutledge continue tonight at 
afi ee on .uncmployment and is running }'7 che safe. . thi Pentecostal Church. Doors 
andy i rca Ach 0 eep ire ut 0 ent ospit away from the problem, hoping to| FJ. Shipton, treasurer of Atlas the Firs 330 pam, Come early for 
which relates to improper posses- pres way to the Toronto +-Dominion| yon, ANNUAL SPRING TEA, WED= - 
Few details of the case have me eae re er ag Rae 
been made: public, either at de- F:, 
fence headquarters in Ottawa or i Fs Sie sf 
aged ge 25 Japanese Girls Scarred by Atomic: |"22:., fie gasmudtens, 
of the investigation was published. Shan, r Pura. caivary Fembie 
April 28. done in North Viet Nam, The Com-| agreement. This would crane ne 
¢ nsions and possibly jeopardize " te" 
techate trey tren sven oF eet Gis somsatcties pecs insult Ratan tn See ean ene Se i ean 
; x ” 5 
years ago, while Col. Brown, then dered .Tuesd ight in their ke +t ward movement of refugees, “Nor would our withdrawal be of i k 
since. company, here filled home—she to face confine: wid her: Modcatted * bustend Viet Nam was split into Com-| any assistance whatsoever to those night Matopes thesehelooey waver wer cocaia panko inase ie ANNUAL SE RING (ATE ates 189, 
: ment in i. mental hospital, he to|stood by silently, doctors revived|munist and non-Communist states in ier oes Ate) aetht nounced the girls prayed," the New| could best stand the long trip and] stanly Macdonald, Kiwanis Centre, 
ELECT RED CROSS HEADS The mild-mannered Miller, aljhusband. He smiled back. ° mistice terms until elections for| eliminate any remaining hope that! «We were told they prayed not|surgery—and that we yould do} versity) Club. LAR 
TORONTO (CP)—Leslie G. Mills|former town councillor, began the] Although no shots were fired dur-|the combined state in July, 1956.| ‘heir lot might be alleviated. that they would be the ones pickgd| our best to make a wise selection.”|| SEE FOR THE LAST TIME, "GOOD 
of Toronto and George Aitken of|siege at 10 a. m. when he refused|ing the 12-hour siege, Miller re-]| Under the -armistice -civillans ~ put that we doctors would not feel] The girls were told they may Gracious Grandma” in Roslin Prese 
‘ ° be gone a year. They may face up] 3°39 followed by Ple eee 
° Sey 0" je} 
© the top voluntary administrative | who had an order for Mrs, Miller’s} “I will prevent any intruder from|to move from one side of the de- No Policy Adopted of them home.” to a dozen operations. Yet all are Kamission 30 and ose. M4-28 
> “positions .of the Canadian Red| commitment. crossing my threshhold."’ . marcation line to the other. To That js the little story behind] filled with hope and are in Un-| Cy.1oR crrizENS OF Bi 

“Cross Soctety. Mr. Mills was named| Mrs. Miller, publisher ofamime-| Two hours after the siege began|date some 700,000-have moved out the story of 25 Japanese girls, dis- : 

. The scars left after the atomic] May 4th, 7.30. Euchre And re! 
‘Mr: Aitken as chairman of the na-|called the Green Mountain Rifle-/the twins, Helen and Josephine, 10, thousand out of South Vict Nam.| ment hasn't adopted a labor policy | years ago, who were selected for wrath came out of the skies in|. ™ents. Good prizes. Come early. 
tional executive. committee. man, was adjudged insane in fed-|came home from school, ate lunch| A three-nation commission — Can-jof equal pay for equal work for |fraz plastic surgery in the United|1945 have shut them .off from|soctAL EVENING. KNIGHTS OF 

‘ eral court at Burlington, Vt., April] and went back. ada, India and Poland—is super-| women, Labor Minister Gregg said | States. 1 Columbus, Club} Front 
THE WEATHER a mask. Sl orizes, Fun for all. Admis- 
: “ed ment charging her with influencing|day, however, authorities sent the|/to enforce its recommendations. Mrs. Ellen ¥alrclough (PC—| York physician who helped to The “trip to Mount. Sinai Hos- Roser oe Brensbedy welcome. 
young men to evade the draft. youngsters to nearby homes, where} Mr. Pearson, replying to John| Hamilton West) had drawn his at-| make the selections, told the story f 
Here doneedecr Cai tor Throughout the day Miller,|they remained for the night. Diefenbaker, foreign affairs spokes-| tention to a recent speech on equal|as the 25 excited girls prepared] by ceeivate contetnees-- Paniies WOMEN OF THE MOUSE SOCIAL 
1 southern ate in New Yor! ve agi ige| evening tonight a ogee 
chewan with rain and snow dur-| forts to remove his wife from their|20 years, defied efforts to talk him|vatives, said a “substantial num-|V, Royce, head of the women's | airplane trip of their lives. The|the girls. * Victoria Ave as, ems 
two-storey frame home. into surrender, saying: ber’ of persons in the north will] branch of the labor department. girls, all in their 20s, leave Thurs- 
fario basked in near tropical] Some 12 hours after the stale-| ‘We are upholding the Constitu-|be prevented from moving south] Mrs. Fairclough asked whether) day. 
weather. As this storm moves to- 
wards Hudson Bay cooler alr will| pleas and cajoling failed, author-|selves up. If a man comes into’ my |extended. This would require con-| ment policy. Mr. Gregg said Miss 
ities fired tear gas shells through|home and says ‘I'm going to take|currence of both th: Communist] Royce was simply expressing her 
Thursday, downstairs windows of the Milleryour wife’ I won't let him.” and non-Communist sides. own opinion, 





: {f more than two months. Volume| Monday morning. In the afternoon 

~ $74, a 1955 high, among paper ; 
’ in the foods section. St. ee . 

~ trend with Consolidated Smelting 

_ noon trading today but price 

» pers showing moderate strength. 



~~ SSECURITY MARKETS. = Political Pot : Canadian — ‘Three Red Boats {Two Arrested Clergyman, Wife |Pope Recognizes 
“ quotations furnished by BIGGAR &crawrorD  ||In | lastings West Papers Mor ) oo Are Damaged _|After Long Chase (Killed i in Crash [Heroic Virtues" 
Re Utes teeter, came te Says Executiv | | DAIPET Formosa (AP) -— Na- For Car Theft. ST. THOMAS (CP)—A clergy- Of Canadian Nun. 

Hes Belleville Office — Dial WO 8-5581 tionalist China today produced man and his wife were killed Tues- 
Members Toronto ick Exchange ys fresh reports of a Red buildup near day when their car collided with 
the off-shore islands and sald its a truck on the main intersection 
planes. damaged three Communist of the tiny community of Shedden, 
gunboats in’ the Quemoy area. 10 miles west of here. The truck 

The air force reported two gun- driver was taken to hospital. 
boats damaged and four armed 

OTTAWA (CP)—The Pope ba 
signed a deerce 
“heroic virtues" of Mother Yous e 
ville, first Canadian nun to found 
a church order, the Canadian Cath- 

Rev. M. W, Goodrich, 69, of the oie Conterente here ‘sald Tuesday 

SUDBURY (CP) A police chase 
at speeds up to 90 miles an hour 
over country roads ended near here 
early today with the arrest of two 
youths on charges of car theft. A 


: ‘With June’ 9, announced as the] MONTREAL. (cP) ~~ Canadian 
INDUSTRIALS were under 10 cents. Pronto and ate for the provincial general 

5 and . American ‘ newspapers are 
Nationa] Explorations each fell 10 
~ Abitibi ‘30% cents to $160 and $2.05 respec-|° election, the political pot in Hast-| more forthright and blunt in their 
ings West has commenced to boll 
vely. in earnest and nomination meet-|!@nguage than’ their British coun- 
Western oils were mixed and ings for the different parties are|terparts, says a British newspaper 

, i Ps 
seer i golds essedsseeceaes expected to be called shortly. executive. peed a einer ito eel third yours eluded police in the] vnited Church of Canada and his| ‘The decree, a move toward be- 
Brazilian Tract. 743 TORONTO LIVESTOCK Poa pita haart Lert esa James Chambers, production] me Communist bulldup threat-| Arrested were Alan Cole, 20, of beactil mee Pokercast cas acme alifiation of the founder of pes 

* BAS Oil 27 manager for Tillotson’s newspapers| ening the islands continues both|Otillia and Gilbert Poukkula, 21, pa ei CarEy! rey Sisters, was voted 
Can a1 TORONTO (CP) Slaughter] his ‘intention of again seeking the ? 12 tons of fecd. The truck carried| by the Congregation of Rites over 
Canada Cement 37 teers, heif nd fed lings|nomination. ~ Dr. J. Russell Scott,|0f Bolton, England, Monday told| near Quemoy and in the area op-|°f Capreol. i the car 200 fect after caving in onc “hi hn th ° _ fded in -Vat- 
Casa Steamahip 26 ° sold at steady prices today at the| resident of the. Progressive Gon: saparlers here tn an taterview tints] Coie  Matsu group 115 miles| othe of stealing the car mate end of Shedden’s Odd Fellows’ Hall,/fean city. 0 
Gar ame 2a Hea Ce ae Ae Ee gare eae ene Fa Si cae oan pik | ee he le, Me 
Can. Oil 19% at steady to slow prices. The qual-| nouncement but it is expected the that wes don't say just cas jnasty headed for Orillia, police learned, paties reported in Ontario Tucs-| was born'in Varennes, Que., Oct.155— 
CPR. 31% . ity did not compare with Tues-|Conservative nomination will be “I but was forced to return when un.|@2¥- Two were believed drowned.|1701. She founded the Roman Cath- 
“ Cockshutt Plow 74 day's offering. held in Stirling. things, mind you, but we sugar- able to remove a locking gas tank|# child was killed by a truck and/ olic Order of the Grey Sisters Dec. 

another child was smothered to 

31, 1737, She died in Montreal Dec. 

‘Blossom Sunday’ 

Receipts: Cattle 565; calves 195:| The Liberals. are also expected /toat them more" 

Cons. M. and S. 32 
hogs 455; sheep and lambs 15;|t0 hold their nomination in the) yr, Chambers is accompanying 

Cdn. Brewerles 26% cap to refuel, About 15 miles from 

Capreol two constables in 2 patrol- 23, 11. 

‘eorby A ITH holdover ‘from Tuesday 1,200 cat- oeae ziutare an - aoe of Marcus ‘Tillotson on a tour. of This Week-End ling cruiser recognized the stolen| DROWNED IN RIVER n | 
pr coe Capes Prices: Choice steers, all weights | Possible candidates. Among these Say scaking i can raons cenucllon 2 Face Saves baae: .Drowned was Aaron Hesscl, 8, MAKE THIS | 
Dom. Foundries 20% 20.50-21; good steers 19.50-20.50; | are Robert Temple, Belleville} yo, 9 new plant. P a in the Maitland river at Seaforth} MOTHER'S DAY 
Dom. Stores 31 mediums 16-19; commons 14-16;|Jawyer and ex-alderman who al-| «uy, gettin, plenty*of ideas,” . e and police started dragging opera-! 
Dom. Tar 11% good heifers 17-1850; mediums 14-|™most definitely will be a conven-|ne said. “'Y, ene faais|.,ST- CATHARINES (CP) — It’s Foulkes Received tions today ‘in the Detroit river ati} 66 +] 
Dom. Bridge 18% 17; commons 12-14; boner steers| tion candidate; Mayor Jack Both| s> ar h uae am othe bivesom) time in (this “southern On: Windsor for Edward Summerville,| A Happy Event 
Ford A 111 and heifers 10-12; choice fed year-|of Belleville; Alderman Mrs. Effie thing Your printing isn't up to, our| 27 frult belt area, the time when B Juli e, believed drowned while fishing. 
6 ; good McCabe of eville and ex- © and pea' 8 a’ loned car was found 
Coeur rakes 30% 10a); mediums:1ei9; good bulcher| Mayor Kenneth Couch ’of Tren- dime: about t then we take more |¢o,c00-acre pattern of pretty whites y Queen QMNA | ihe river, bank. " ttn onthe! 
~ Imperial Oil 35% ‘ cows 14.50-15; good light ead ton, . and pinks. isis: \ | Twoyedr-old Terry Gridzak was 
Imperial Tobacco 11 cows 16; canners and cutters Come the weekend it will be traf-} THe HAGUE (Reuters) — Gen. | crushed by a truck near his home 

fic headache time for police, and| Charles Foulkes, chairman of the|at Kippen, 30 miles northwest of 
big business for gasoline station} Canadian chiefs of staff, today was |Stratford. At Kettleby, 14 miles 
operators. It's Blossom Sunday. | received in audience by Queen Jul-|west of Aurora, three - year-old 
An. estimated 500,000 car§ aréliana of the Netherlands and Prince ; Harry Jansna.was found smothered 
expected to crowd the highways of] Bernhard at their country home‘of |in a feed bin on his parents’ chicken 
the province's biggest free sbow.| Soestdijk. farm. 
The Canadian menerat ee here to 
‘|attend Holland’s 10th-anniversary 
DETAINED AS sry liberation celebrations, He took the 
. BERLIN (Reuters)—West Berlin} surrender of the German forces |* 
police Tuesday detained an uniden-|in the Netherlands May 5, 1945, 

_ Ind. Acceptance 56% 
Inter. Petroleum 25 
Inter. Nickel 63% 
Interpr. Ppl. 27 
Inter. Paper 101% . 
Massey Harris 9% 
“McColl Frontenac 37 
Powell River 49 

a Steel of Canada 48 
Trans Mt. Ppl. 30. 
Traders Finance 44% 

good heavy bologna bulls 14-14! a 
good light butchers 16; common 
and medium light bulls 10. 

Replacement cattle: Good stoce| 

Dutch Canadian: 
sigma ow = "© Plan Celebration 

Calves 21-24 for good and choice}.° 
vealers;, mediums 15-20; commons 

Hogs 25.25-25.90 for grade. A; 
sows: 18, dressed. 


OPP Canes | 
ill Continue 
In 45 Villages — 

TORONTO (CP)—About 1,500 Ca- 
nadians of Dutch origin are- ex- 
pected to meet here Thursday to 


Walkers 67 \ observe the 10th anniversary of the| TORONTO (CP) — Ontario Pro-! spec! at Wageningen, Arnhem. 
US. Steel 86 Medium lambs 18, liberation of their home country] vincial Police will continue in ria eb fraim eda Sore bes He ae eeeezacmaled today by 
PRODUCE MARKET ~* |>¥ Canadian forces. policing 45 villages with popula-/jocal bureau of the British Broad-|his wife, Canadian Ambassador 1-Ib. bo 1 35 
MINES and OILS The ceremonies and a dance will) tions over 2,000. casting Corporation. Police sald|Thomas Stone and Mrs. Stone. Ls le coe oacanc 
Algom 17% TORONTO (CP) — Churning also mark the official birthday of} Commissiéner-E_/ W MeNeill said|the man was detained in front of] Thursday he returns to Wagen- Sb box ees 2 .10 
a bd cream and butter print prices were | Queen Juliana. Tuesday that “Attorney = General) the bureau but gave no further|ingen for a liberation celebration 

Anacon Lead 340 
Anglo. Can. Oil 500 
Ascot Metals 55 
Baska Uran 82 
Broulan Reef 135 
Bailey Sel. 10° 
-Calvan. Cons. 525 
Chimo 230 

Cons. Gillies 15 
Cons. Howey 360 
Cons, Micmac 250 
Calg. and Edm. 14% 
Can. Devonian 189 

unchanged here. today. Dutch immigrants from Oshawa,|Dana Porter has reversed his de-| 4, He will be questioned b: 
The \egg market was barely Midiand, St.’ Catharines, Bradford} cision to terminate OPP contracts 1% authorities. 2 cf 
steady With offerings in excess of| 2nd other Ontario centres are ex-|with the 45 municipalities this 

a quiet demand. pected to attend. year. : 

in which troops of seven countrics 
will take part. 


“ellevilie’s, Only Fabergevtentre”* 
WO 8-5549 We Deliver 



“‘DAY’ WITH A * 

Quotations provided by the Do- Commissioner McNeill said that! 
Eggs, graded, in fibre cases: A on the advice of the attorney-! 
minion department of agriculture: general, he forwarded letters last 
large 41; A medium 40; A small} weekend to the municipalitics stat- 
36-37; B 35; C 27, Wholesale to| ing they would *be sent 1956 OPP | 
retail: A large 46; A medium 4s-| egntracts, 
A gmall 4142; B 40; C 32. | (Continued ued from Page 1.) Barrie is expected to form its| 
utter solids: Ont., first grade, own force and do its own policing! 
Del Rio 139 non-tenderable 58%4-5644; destet-| Jon eetadiaut a. oaning le ron in 1956, but if not, the town will| 
Dome 1644 able 58. dents of the northern area. One| >¢, offered .a 1956 contract: 
Donalda 35 SS family refused to move and the| , Seventy -four Ontario municipall- | 
East Metals 112 DOLLAR RATE r considered declaring mar-| "es are policed by the OPP. | 
East Malartic 236 . tial law in the area. TGS 

Hollinger 22 

Home Oil 940 

Hud. Bay M. and S. Sot 
3 _Inspiration 227 

rise at the rate of an inch an hour. | judgment the appeal of Mrs. 
Up to four feet of water covered Don er Chawietad es | 
land. in the area, to upset a ring of an Owen Sound; 

Federal government offi. eeutt in Deen eo tctine 

Dorothy M. Crawford, who secks; 

East Sullivan 635 MONTREAL (CP) — The U. S.| Reports from Saskatoon said & fa E *) 

Falconbridge 264% dollar-was-a~discount- of 144~ per] transportation -in—andout-of- the Woman Seeks ue , ise ti 

- Faraday 230 cent the Bank of Canada reported| city was at a standstill. e «fe 

Fargo 236 at noon EDT, today. Tuesday's In Weyburn, in southeastern Sas- L e@veitre Ca @ ‘ 

Frobisher 420 noon rate was 983% cents, Pound|katchewan, flood waters 12 inches To U set Ruli ; 

God's Lake 69 |sterling $2.76% against $2.76 9-16,|dcep a tesougs one gente foe’ p ; LADIES WEAR. 

- Geco 12% | o-oo many sements were | 

Guich 128 Tuesday. and MILLINERY | 

Gunnar 1448 GM P. The Assiniboine river ros eight] TORONTO (CP) — GP) — The Ontario | from : 

Headways RL. 199 roduces inches at Kamsack and continue to|Court of Appeal Tuesday ‘reserved | DIAL Wo 2-484 |. 


66,282 Cars 

$5.00-$10.00-$15.00. " 

eerie wn (In Four Months .. |sts"meest <Ptnce celebs Sate le ies 2 
Ki 16 ‘ { 
iene - [Empey foes The Coman| hele tee Cees wae | A SRLSRER FAIR OF SLMS SHORE | 
Lk, Dufault 128 National Railways line at Fort/nection with the death of her hus-| EVERY CERTIFICATE ' 
‘Lake Shore °570 ‘OSHAWA (CP)—A record 66,282 sa precte was blocked by a mud band, Frederick M. Crawford, 32,! | . . : ' 1 
-Lorado 435 Passenger cars were produced ied slide, who was electroctited April 23, 1953, | - ~ 
Liberal 325 General Motors of Canada in th while assisting in the removal of-a/ e ND TE Crean sees: DoLOne 
Mackeno 56 . i ‘ pump from the well on his Arran i . 

\ first four months of this year, setie | ET 
cae 152. ident W: A; Wecker said Tuesday. |’ Dhara p ae ched- high , 
MelIntyre’69 ce id rod,on the pump tou’ hig é : 
eth e4 “Mr, Wecker said passenger car/ doltses wines above die tale. Bae-| (+ @ LESLIE'S GIFT CERTIFICATES WILL BE 


(Goalinaed trea from ie 1.) oa a father of two jatar) 
He referred to Prime Minister | Mrs, Crawford claimed the Hy- 
|St. Laurent's statement last week dro inspector was negligent in al-; 
| that the government does not con- | lowing current to te passed through! 

output during the period was 15! 
per cent above the same. period, 
last year and 4,316 units ahead of 
the previous record set in 1953. 

New Calumet 81 
New Delhi 103 
Nesbitt Labine 193 
‘New Thurbols 42 
Normetal 425 

Noranda 94 The high level of demand indi-| sider itself bound by its 1943 pro-jthe wires, located 23 fcet above |- at A 

New Bld 32 cated that 1955 could be “‘the big-| posals to the provinces, including|the pump. Mr. Crawford's father) LESLIE S SHOE STORE . 
Okalta‘130 kest passenger car year in the;one for agsumption of full respon- had the wires put in by a private, i ‘ : 

Opemiska 400 history of the’ Canadian automo-| sibility for able-bodied unemployrd. | contractor and the Hydro inspector : 
Prospector Airways 360 bile industry, with production and} ‘Those promises, those under-|passcd them in 1948. , LTD. 

Peruvian 200 sales excceding 1953 by between| takings were most indecently in-}| Mrs. Crawford brought her ac- . . ; 3 

Pacific Pet, 10 1-2 1S and 20 per cent," Mr. Wecker|terréd here last Friday,” Mr.|tion under the Katal Accidents Act “Better Shoes Property. Fitted Mean Better Value 
rae 820 said, ‘Fleming said. and appealed the judgment of Mr.; and Extra Comfort 

He said that in the first quarter; The budget was a product of 
of this year, 55 per cent of al} new! muddicd. thinking, indecision, con- 
passenger cars registered in Can-|fusion and fear of admitting the|} 
ada were General Motors products, | ¢xistguce of major. problems. 
“but despite our record rate of} Stanley Knowles (CCF—Winnipeg 
production, stocks of cars in the} North Centre) said the statement) 
hands of GM dealers continue to} that income tax cuts ranged as! 
te abnormally low in relation to) high ar 13.3 per cent was “factual: 
the rate of sales. but deceiving.” 

“Provided we continue to enjoy} A marricd man with two chil-| 
labor peace,” Mr, Wecker sald,| dren carning $2,500 a ycar got that} 

Justice John L.. Wilson, who dis-' 
missed the rita at Owen Sound, | 

~~ - NOTICE! 

. Is Pleased to Announce That He Has Purchased 



Mike Sheehy hopes to have the pleasure of serving all the. former cus- 
tomers and welcomes all new ones. { 
bird" farmers to be 

t 1 . Was 3,287,000, the light-| h choo, , Dr. R. D. : 
est since March'2 when 2,915,000 ed tne dlaliked Hccocpebestirns Bird. } Bscrepcre mipmap aaa @ FISH AND CHIP ORDERS 
shares were traded up to the same} The family moved to Oshawa! mological office here, said Monday ; “Extra Coffee at No Extra Charge” 

ner SSS SS ck | ‘rom Peterborough two weeks ago. ‘that it-{s a pelican. _ 
OPENING Thursday, May 5th 

mixed: with foods, liquors and pa- 

Se ea ecies or aears ~ MIKE’S. FISH & CHIPS 

‘ Prompt efficient courteous service at all times. 

part Time Nursing Care fer the Aged and Chronical- 
ty IL Visits'daily of less often as needed, nn aes the 

OPEN 8.30 AM, 

“Quebec, Copper 455 
Quemont 23 1-4 
Radiore 285 

Rix 156 : J 
Scurry Oils 180 
Silver Miller 98 
Sherritt Gordon 670 
Steep Rock 935 
Sullivan 715 
Trans‘Era:39 3-4 

255 FRONT STREET — f DIAL WO 8-6251 



Trend 26° “unit sales of General Motors pas-| Percentage reduction — but it | 
Triad Oil 500 senger cars will be the highest in amounted to only $& a ytar. The 
Tombill 32 - history this year. father of two childreh who tarned 

$400,000 a year would save $7,954. 

Tec hes’ 310 
ac; Hughes Mr. Knowles said the reduction 

United Asbestos 575 ove 
ted. . W: M 10 in the tax take should have been 
uae Oe Osha a Boy 188 g spread more widely by increasing | 

basic ‘income. tax exemptions and | 

Walte Amulet 13 3-4 reducing or eliminating -the a 


TORONTO (CP) .— The stock) 
market edged lower in early after- 

OSHAWA. (CP)—An iLyeatyld 
toy who “hated school like poisan’’ 
was the object of a search by po- ——_— 
lice here Tuesday night. He has BIRD IS PELICAN 

been missing since Monday after-} BRANDON, Man. (AP)—An orni- 
noon, thologist has apparently end 
Mrs. Alexander Clements said | mild controversy in’ the farming 
her son,-Anthony, attended school] area west of here over a ‘‘mystery 


changes were mostly small. 

Trading was at the slowest pace 

Crown Zellerbach jumped 2% to 
stocks but Weston’s dropped 3 
Corporation fell $1, and most other 
changes were fractional. 

Base metals. developed little 

vaining \%, Hudson Bay 1%. and direction of the family physician, 
Bast Sullivan 15 to $050, Interna-| 

tionut Nickel dropped 1%, United! A MEMBER ‘OF THE COMMUNITY .CHEST 
Seuo {-lt 15 to $7.20 and Mari} Ask Your Doctor—or Call the V.O.N.—WO 8-7210 
Area served, Belleville and 3 Mile Radius of City 

Algoin: dropped 36° among uran- 
“am issues but most other changes 

‘ 4 Lots SSiteaeraniet thatet at acer aaa f= none Gj 
cane . - 45 N 

y= ne<| Nightly Exile. |Preposition. 
Saye Keeps Us Sane Proposition 

.| Personal Health Service 


Canada — _—_-_ - 
' ard $ (Winnipeg Tribune) Nes . 
By mall in Gannae’ 980 pe Pear 9039 for 0 month; #220 for 3 months ; i op eon So You Need A Stimulant ? g 
Monber of The Canadian Dally Newspeper Association: Member ef The] ¢ | : : : 3 _[Steel has been investigating : = a a 
"Canadian Press; Member of the A Cireulation. : ‘ people's sleeping habits. He finds teachers times, explained a perlodic’ surgical or-traumatic shock and 

that most of us are pretty slug- 
gish about getting out of bed in 
the morning, C y 
His chief explanation is that In 
this time of trouble we're reluct- 
ant to face all the uncertainties 
ahead on any particular day, - 
as isi Aan rues matter what 
cling. to that hel Siitiocbns to leasily, .. |with numerous drugs, including}lowing operations. 5 
what we're actually doing ie sls ether, chloroform, strychnine, ar-| The. perfodle drinker who sald 
treating from civilization. 

It’s understandable. From that 
warm, soft haven of warm blan- 
kets and pillows we can't see the 
wicked Kremlin (though admit» 

“~ During 1954 Belleville had one of the best motor ac- 
in Ontario. 
sedent recone oe = a Pepe 
locket Departament of Highways show that there was 
"- onty one'traffic death in this city last year and only 44 
: ‘were injured. In the death column there was no 
‘change from 1953, when theré was also one death. The 
number of persons injured declined by almost 20 per cent. |: 
to 7 - 

be * elt a Falls, North Bay, Sudbury and 
3 Woodstock e finishes the’ year with no deaths to’ mar their 
‘records. Six other. cities, Chatham, Galt, Fort William, 

of a stimulant, or rather I] Remember, children, alcohol 
want to feel better’... depressant and narcotle from f! 

heart, circulation, nerve eentres. 

my time as medica} student| That's why it Is never used to pre- 

shops au ptlepceryey fa he. just wanted to sent better 
Tops) an canna ndicajreally meant the desire for a nara 
shocking, to the eye but hard on the (hasheesh). Fortunately for me,|cotic, which benumbs! all the 

We fares of the exist of unfortunately fo? you poor sours,|senses. Alcohol is the’ most avall- 

‘ tedly a few do imagine that « ++ experienced only unpleasant ef-!able of all the narcotics that be- 

. Seq Khrushchev and his gang are un- bikes usage makes it  proper”"| ‘cis from all of these drugs, par-;numb the senses. 
‘St. Thomas, Stratford and Welland, had one fatality 2 j : bo Ba hared nates sd Sither! Then aoente ponte on ticularly “from cannabis indica. I] The habitual drinker “feels bet~ 
; flece. : ‘ ttered : don't flow petite} straits |ise double negatives, but no one|Temember my interest in hash-|simply because the _nareotic ef- 
< In the number injured, Belleville’s record was be Reep : fallout we hav rig bout fe would attempt to defend thts prac-j®¢#h was aroused by a statement! fect of alcoho! makes him or her 
by only one city, Owen Sound, with 33 hurt. | . . p | maderup lot dust psn ieathors: tice on the basis that usage makes|!" Hare that In hasheesh poison-|less aware, how weak, tired, sel- 
ie. At the other end of the scale, Toronto had 67 deaths -*It belongs to a big shot hat manufacturer.” The pressures of the market |!t Proper. Some people say: “J)ing “the two hemispheres of the/fish, unfaithful or rotten he or 

have wert’, and “ber and me”,|brain seem to think differently;she really {s. 

but if everyone in the country fol-jon the/same subject.” All I have! On the other hand, a person 
say about that Is yahbut. who has good falth, good nutri- 
There may be a stimulant that/tion and vite feels just fine and 

d 4 persons injured. High though this toll may. 
; ar it does not seem to compare unfavorably with.the 
». record of some smaller centres when Toronto's population 

place and the strident. tones of 

angry men debati lic issu 
seem nightmarish fantasies: The — suit, that wouldn't make it|to 

tax collector is am fuzzy only 


e Hingston : oar ight traffic deaths and 195 persons OF BYGONE YEARS aly, f oe amage aati te haverhcecaee pr fill aacerhacds It bes eluded me. better” nor to resort to any nar. 
x e SLEANIN' FYLES a sea of so an ce. jona’ % tod 
were injured. ahs compared with two deaths, but 243 be GS FROM OUR F Is_it any wonder wevenaet at jendings to sen . Sir Winston} In nineteerith century novels/cotic which even slightly dulls 
Hjured, in Kitchener and three deaths and only 90 in- fhe alarm clock which sharply |Churchill is reputed to have made|and even in some twentieth cen-jbis or her sense of well being. 
ialorens Peterbo: h. : 20 YEARS AGO and Mrs. David Fleming wilt [S27mons us away from. this/# a manuscriptitury sickrooms and doctors’ of-| The solace of alcohol «or other 
j roug, {4 represent St. Andrew's Presby- trouble-free island we call our corrected by alfices hard Mquor has been min-j narcotic drug is for the defective, 
> May 4, 1935 terlan Church, and Mrs. S. Hod- |°C9? ike a phrase|cingly called “stimulant” since|the delinquent, the moron, the 

This nightly exile trom reality 

tion, as|Laura Jean Libby's day. In the 
reserves our sanity as well as 

of arrant/ movies that separate the commer- 
a ich I shall not/cials on TV the injured or dying 
- |character {fs revived with brandy. 
Then there is the story of the/in reaf“life, in the slckroom, in 
fect bef el ad I want to be/the operating room or ‘in emer- 
id ° gencies, such as shock from in- 
Pat at mene to be eo jury, exposure togextreme cold, 
“ “Little B agit rents €! fainting, heart failure or snake-| If you have vite you neither 
bbe le Boy Blue". The child| site, alcohol is not only useless|fecl the need of » stimulant nor 

parle aid heather t for me| but in serious depression, such as do you want to feel better. 

to be read from for?” 


In an emergency one or another 
real stimulant may be of vita] im- 
portance. But any one who in- 
duiges in alcohol or other drug 
whenever he or she “feels the 
need of a stimulant’ or just 
“wants to feel better” is an addict. 

SCOUTS AND THEIR BADGES - Tia’ GesGaes SEG baal aula’ | Rleoon willccepeeseet Joba BC |: 
2 -Boy Scouts will certainly never be seen slouching | Rotary-Club elected to assume | Presbyterian bites Ghtistic of (Our ph§sical being. And the way 
ae with draped outside their pants: . Thus| office on July Ist, are as fol- Mr. and Mrs. W. J. le of ithings are going, we'll probably 
"there will be no solution fora problem which will be| lows: president, J, B. Boyce; | Foxboro have arrived home |be grabbing more time between 
techie them in then near‘future. Where will they wear] vice president, | past president, sromneore where they spent | the covers than ever before. 
> Jamieson Bone; secretary, R. oe 
all their badges? Not, we may rest assured, On some] ye). assistant secretary, Fred Miss Ella “Anderson, Trent é 
>. ‘ newly-exposed portion of their present shirts, sas; tr 7, A. R. Cam-,| Road, has arrived home after a 
yore Cansiian General Counell of Boy Scouts last Deseie eeeuret A ee Cate gears aati vancouver, Printed Page 
b Sateen oll eongety mast tty willbe wae up for Fievcateridges red Deacon and | "Miss Minnie Kane ‘has return Has Its P erils 
» competition next year and it will not be long after that % 

Mr. and Mrs. I, Millard and | ed to Montreal after visiting her 

You can see how complicated [t “ { 
Canadians will be entitled to| daughter, residents of Oshawa ; parents here. ? axe j : S h f h 
are tory badges az proof of their knowledge of these Soe-eerne Sine: nave cette fe ths 40 YEARS AGO cottewa: Citises) Wit may be stuffy to stick pretty tr engt or the Day 

closely to the rules of grammar, 
but unless we do our language 
will get. aloppler. and sloppier. 
Others may do as they choose, but 
as jong as we live we shall never 
end another sentence with with! 

Few craftsmen suffer from as 
grave an occupational hazard as 

The residents on Forin Street {thé journallst who must™slways 
want a permanent pavement {face the danger that his copy will 
laid on that street and they are ter te K fpanreloeces error ons 
prepared to ‘pay ‘thelr! share ot 1) 5+: the publie:-will “make sport 
of it; at worst, it may be action= 
able in law. Down in Los An- 
geles where Mr. Sam Schulman, 
a candidate for city council,’ is 
suing the Wilshire Press, the edi- 

subjects. : 
: rot many weeks :ago one of the Boy Scout organiz- 
ations in Belleville held a ‘Father and Son” banquet and 
there were several Scouts jee Cubs whose uniforms were 
literally plastered-with badges. 

: Finding room for four more is going to be quite a 

Mr. Stewart Aman of this city o- May 4, 1915 
has passed the final examina- | * 
tions in electrical engineering 
at Queen’s University, Kingston, 
and Js receiving the congratula- 
tlons of many oe : ihaicoat : 

Mrs. A. J. Crowhurst of Glen x3 ' 

a The celty council will join 
Ridge, Nt. is visiting her. sis | ther cities ina petition to the Lampreys May 
liam Harvey and Mrs. A. E. Ontario Legislature to jatroduce 
Randje, in this city. daylight saving in the “province. Help Doctors 
Miss Amy Wallbridge of this Ry sabgepac trea awe tors of anae eweeses peaist now : : ‘ 
5 nm - |recognize with s; al sharpness : 
Fi oa ieee Poe iia : , Gp week In this city. - the perils that lurk behing the} (Washington Post Times-Herald) 

Sheriff John D. O'Flynn and | , The Harbor Commissioners | printed word. * Eels, the bane of Great Lakes* 
Mrs. O'Flynn will spend the | have no money at present with | Mr. Schulman has placed an ad- 
week-end in Toronto and Ham- | Which to pay for the cost of re- | vertisement in the newspaper 



From the ot he was born until; Damascus fantee a barry pales 
h I y ~| blindness, thus forcefully demon- 

e died, St, Paul's life appeared al strating to him that he had 
ways to have been characterized spiritually blind-to that moment. 
by intense confidence. When he! After Damascus, Paul's fe was 
became an aposile, he was.confid-|to be surrendered to a new kinthof 
ent of the power of his new faith.|religion—the inward, spiritual re- 
Before, that he had been a confid-|ligion—the inward, spiritual re~ 
ent risee. Paul had never|ligion of Christ, which stood in 

chore. a 
ie Of course 2 solution could be reached by ripping off 
. insignia which are not official badges, but merely record 
_ the fact that the Scout has attended this camp and that 
_ jamboree. It seems a shame, though, to require Scouts 
_ to thus delete from their shirts the reminders of the high- 
~lghts of their activity in the organization. 
Seriously, though, these badge-dotted shirts amaze 
many citizens. Scout badges are not awarded lightly. 

who experienced conversion and] ward, - legalistic religion of the 
Pharisees, : 

they possess an 
ful anticoagulant material 
prevents blood-clotting that oan be 

R. J. E. Graham, Major Pratt 
and Mr. Hubert Jones have left 50 YEARS AGO Schulman’s irritation is under. 

Le spend ett week-end at Wes- May 4, 1905 standable. However, the editors 
emkoon Lake. also déserve sympathy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Bailey jin Felon gte Actinon. | Misspellings are, of course, the 
of Mount Pleasant, Rawdon . 

. Mra. G. Stayner of Bancroft 
township,’ are. observing today {is the guest of Mrs. H. Rose, 
the 50th. or golden anniversary Forin street = ae * 
of thelr wedding. Many friends < 
will be pleased to extend to Mr. Fred S. Deacon has re- 

home. But Paul’s confidence in the | Damascus road. he was a heretic 
days of his youth.had been in out-|in the sight of God. 

ward things. He was filled with im-] « Religion, Iet us never forget, is 
extracted, -. 2 measurable pride regarding race,|a matter of the inner heart and not 
- The-eels, of course, use this religion, birth, breeding, and’ re-|of the outer form. Emphasis on 

stance to keep their victims’ blood oa 
Carta a sete, "Sia at (tom citing ater they Talc nl “Sat aietion go the smad tol SH Sea Eee ee 


mentable consequences. But an suck St bloodless. ° 

" .and study is widely believed to be lacking. among -the 
' members of the young generation, but the Scout badges 
- give the le to this assertion. 
: What is the secret? How do Scout leaders persuade 
their charges ta devote s6 much time and energy to in- 
| Cc their knowledge about some particular subjett? 
» Is it the product of the competitive spirit, the desire to 
surpass the record of some friend or rival? Or is the badge 
itself the key to the secret, does the right to publicly 
display evidence of one’s achievement explain why Scouts, 
> of their own free will, study so hard? If the latter is the 
case, perhaps our Department of Education ought to issue 
5 es for achievement in Grade, 7 arithme’ ,, Grade 9 
algebra, Grade 1) Latin and Grade 13 Greek. ‘ 

rd power- 
a fiend In the city council.” Mr. which 

equally unhappy result may be 
; attained by switching the captions ioeccaeene meee ae 
them congratulations and good turned home after a trip to New |on pletures or on articles. A 'S pa gy departmen’ 
Pishes. York City. New York newspaper once ran |?! isolated the substance and 
ig It is gratifying to note that Ja report on a speech by Congress- | W2ntS -to try Its powers for bene- 
30 YEARS AGO--. the eity counclt will take steps |man Hamilton Fish, and an ar- |{icial ends. He ts testing it now tol 
to have the walks improved In ticle on troplcal fish, on the same |e ‘f it has any uses in treating 
: May $, 1925 - | the outlying parts of the city. page. Unfortunately, the head- |e many human conditions due to} Up until now, no real lunatic has 
\ Mr, and Mrs. B.S. Lake have | — The rails used by the late el |lines were wrongly placed. The oe ee ete een od clots|D¢eR discovered among’ the high 
returned to their home in Des- | ectric street rallway, from the fenohone nll Gane hae pried in heart arteries, an overgrowth 
eronto after spending the winter | wharf to the station, are to be [iP tothe enor, which hy d of OF Ted blood cells called polycy- 
here taken up and sold. 4 ae tog |themia vera, and the riotous 

. ° ,|Course been quickly corrected . 

Following re the delegates | The picnic season Is just around*| when Mr. Hamilton Fish had first |Stowth of immature white cells 
from this city to the annual | the corner and: we certainly |telephone, somewhat testily, Fin | Called luckemi 
provincial meeting of the Wom- | have many beautiful spots near |ally, the phone rang again, and a|,_Dt. Shinowara reported his find-| alarm apd suspicion by their fellow | power than In the hands of e scien: 
ens’ Missionary Society of the | here at which to hold the ple- |voice introduced Itself to the |ings to the American Cancer So-|countrymen. Sometimes I have|tist who makes the next great slep 
Presbyterian Church, which | nics, weary editor as “Mr. Fish.” The |Clety, which has been supporting} been a little disturbed when I.sec|in the realm of-atomie fission? 
will meet in London, Ontario, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cam- |editor spluttered that he was fed |the research. The substance, found| the pictures in the papers'and mag-|What delusions of grandeur might 
on May 5, 6 and 7: Mrs. George | plon of Marmora are visiting |up, that the mistake.had been |i quantity in the mouth glands of} azines of eminent scientists of the| such a aan not be subjectto? 
A. Reid, Mrs. W. Si. MacTavish “, friends here. rectified, and would the caller, |blood-sucking lampreys (eels), is|various contries. Some of them| In various directions, the public 

’ presumably Mr. Hamilton Fish, |Uke a concentrated heparin, the| certainly look a liffle daft to me.|is beginning to demand that it be 
hot phone again. ' liver extract which prevents blood-/But then, I was never any good| more fully informed about the state 
. The voice at the other end an- |¢! . at arithmetic, let alone mathemat-|of the world as regards hydrogen 
swered with dignity, “Sir, this [s| So far, he , the active|ics, so I may be prejudiced. bombs and other novelties. One 
Mr. Tropical Fish calling, and I |ingredent has not n purified or] But we dopes, we masses of man-| point that ought to be cleared up 
demand the same courteous ap- |isolated from the gland secretions.| kind who can't fission a candy bar|{s—who is keeping an eye on the 
ology that you have extended to| Dr. Shinowara’s group is also|to the satisfaction of our children,| scientists? Who is taking them out 
Mr. Hamilton Fish” He then what factors make the|must be excused if we sometimes} to lunch? Who is calling around in 
hung up. - blood thickens and clot. They have|feel a little creepy at the thought] the evenings’ on them to see how 

When a newspaper makes a mis- |isolated several substances from|of some real screwball emerging | they behave in the family circle? 
Walter Lippman is not always|t#ke the public has fun, but {natural sources which seem to} amongst those thousands of men,|Do any of them wear their hats 
a model of directness, but there |20Mewhere an editor is suffer-|make broken blood-vessels self-|in:the several countries, engaged crossways, stick their hands in the 
can be no doubt whatever about |{D&- It is to be hoped that this /healing, according to their latest|in atomic fission, If we can find|bosom of their coats and cock one 
his meaning when he tackles |Piece goes through without mis- report to the American Cancer So-|traitors to their country, among] knee out, like Napoleon? 
the subject of success in poll- | 5aP- clety. them, how about’a traltor to the! The politicians and chiefs of staff 
- do so. Perhaps there is no more reason to compare |i.7s have been rented at $25 a| ics in his latest book. human race? I imagine you find] are probably a safe bet. But one 
_ 1055 to 1928 than there is to liken it to 1925, or 1935. |month each, by those who seppie|,, He $87% “Successful democra- stalligteuleier eek 

7 intelligentsia as anywhere else. A|yonder of the mind, could play a 
4, ~ Dll, it ds true that the end of the Second Great War |mushrooms to a restaurant in Que-| 5, Politicians are insecure and O S A K h intensi : 
/ is now ten years ‘in the past. On one point most of us |bec City, Workers wearing miners? ie iealin outers iiwid phe T } DAY T L ; carat emcee eee 

~ who can remember the celebration of the November 11|hemets, equipped with . electric| appease, bribe, seduce, bamboozle, By GEORGE MATTHEW ADAMS 

armistice will . seemed lamps, move about in the vast therwise manipulate the de- TTS SCRAP BOOK’ (By R J, SCOTT: 
tween 1918 and 1028 nan has glapsedi batwesn Bley at darkness, growing and plucking the| manding and” threatening  cle- i ns 

educated in one narrow sphere of 
science is often not only: ignorant 

even misinformed in other fields of 
Power corrupts, is the old saying. 


Have you a good memory? Are you old enough to 
recall Hfe .irf 1828? / 
5 If you can you have an excellent opportunity to judge 
» today’s world by a useful yardstick: ~ _ 
4 In November of 1928 ten years had elapsed since 
the end of the First Great War. . : 
This is May, 1955, and ten years have now passed 
since Nazi Germany was defeated. . 

How does 1955 compare with 1928? 

A reference to history books will suggest severat sim- 
| ilarities and many differences. Individual judgments, 
| however, are likely to vary greatly. Some of us were too 
a young in 1928 to gain an accurate picture of the world of 

tday. Others of us have vivid memories of the world 

a i bebe of a century and more ago, but are out of touch 
with the spirit of today's world, regarding its life more 
) from the standpoint of bystandets than participants. Per- 
| haps that is why the world never seems to learn from his- 
» tory—or perhaps it is because, contrary to the popular 
» saying, history does not repeat itself but only appears to 

fission of the atom and the produc- 
tion of hydrogen bombs. Traitors to 
their country have been found, and| Absolute power corrupts absolute- 
some others have been viewed with|ly. Can we imagine any greater 

Grown in Forts 

On Politics 

(8t. Paul Pioneer Press) _ 

(Montreal Gazette) 

A story from The Canadian Press 
tells that mushrooms are now being 
grown in the great cellars under- 
neath the forts at Levis. The cel- 

. hrooms. ts in their constituencies. : HIP, MPO S 9 
| 1045 and May of 1955. Yet, checking our history books, |""this use made of the cellars is ieThe decal ideration ts LOST PEOPLE. < Moca inate 224 
| We should probably discover that the fast decade has been |reminder how-completely the pur-|not. whether “the proposition {s| How many times I have seen an the people who come fo hear-him \\ TAL airfeins 

crammed with more events of importance than was that |pose for which these forts at Levis 


sookabyt—whether it Is popular—| animal wandering about, with nol are lonely, disillusioned and in need 

* immediately following the First Great War. The world |Were bullt has ‘passed away. They|not whether {t will work well and j ideas prompting it to a safe placejof something around which to HIP, 

' geems to have been rushing forward to meet its fate. 1¢|¥ere built to protect the elity of|prove itself but whether the ac-|or to the spot it may know. as/| build their Lives.’ They are lost sion! 

i is iy 1928 again we are just five years away from Quebec from the possibility of|tive talking, constituents like it|home. We human beings have alpeople trying sours r 
f oy of & new-Hitler, eleven years from another Poland. invasion from the United States. immediately. . similar experience every now and , Mews 
s rise > . 

; them. It's a case of being Jost. 

> Many years ago I visited the fam 

the defence of Montreal. Not only|ous Edward Book Tower.and sanc- We travel 

could it protect the river, but it|tuary at Lake Wales, Florida. It is| when we convinced that we are 
could be particularly effective/a beautiful memorial to the high-| not Igst! - 
against any ships trying to mount] minded editor who bullt one of the] Unless we have. some sort of 
orities about a century ago, were|the St. Mary's Current, ~_ - .|most notable of magazines, The} guidance we can be in a very bad 
aimed to prevent the Levis shore} Even Mount Royal itself was to| Ladies’ Home Journal. But what I] way. Lost people get confused. 
_ |from being usei-by the American|be fortified for the defence of the} can't forget is seelng a signin the They worry. They do not always 
; perp! us, army of invasion for sending shells|city against the Americans.Plans| sanctuary, among the flowers,| think of the obvious thing ‘to do, 
“There is a difference of opinion, And trials various that vex us. jover the river, were drawn up, and about 125}which said: “I come here often to| which varies according to the’ cir- 
WA lady trets SASH IRA een But I don’t worry or repine Today the purpose is almost for-/ years ago work was actually begun find myself. It is so_easy to get| cumstances. Lots of people get lost 
‘ y when é ‘When somesfriend buys a suit {gotten and the massive cellars|to clear away trees, : lost in the wor! ."*| The one who} {inside of themselves. If they. would 
‘Another in a dress like hers. like mine. ‘ have been put to the most peaceful] But this work was never carried/ wrote this beautiful sentiment was| get out in the open and look 
: of uses. But there are many old|to completion. And today, in clear} John Burroughs, the naturalist, Aj about them, they might immediate- 
fortifications that today are the|weather, the green mountans of] reader sent this to me, neatly paint- ly wake up to e 

(Copyright 1955, Edgar A. Guest) 
“"'s and woman's vast Life has grave problems to 
© dorninion = 

“a 2 
Rost BUsM. 

“Ghe'll frown (you can depend When ae appear -black-tled 

find that they were 
© upon it) and coated, very picture of peace and tran-|Vermont may be seen without/ed ona leather design. It hangs really in the midst of their friends! 
"Should some one buy the They're dressed alike, as can be |quillity and which were once built}fearing the coming of an enemy.|over the log fireplace at my Nova|Not lost at all. More and more as 
~ | zelf-same bonnet. ‘ noted. anxiously. Perhaps the use now made of|Scotia island retreat. we wend our way through life, we 
But as\for:me, I wouldn't care But .women suffer real distress 
Should" hats like mine a million When two select the self-same 

I read an interesting comment on| need the guidance of Heavenly 1, - / ; 
e Hilly Graham.-meetings by| Father satis a0 easy to get lost inj ; MPGARF A ELOCK oF GEESE WIRE MOLOGRAPLED 
“Thousands of! the world. peste : 29.000 Peet! 

St. Helen's Island has many|the old cellars at Levis is perfectly i 
Ernie Hill He saidy i 

fortifications left standing. It was|symbolic. It marks the transition 
fo be an ideal spot cannooball4 %Q mushrooms, 

wean, ns Sees seers ie ae dress, aa si ete Ba cs coh cane the bs ee oe 
: paw nt rrr Cr rstanky - . “/ 


ways of saying the samejto Jast, and never a stimulant to” 
experimented (upon mayself)|vent og relieve surgical shock fol- 

senic, alcohol, morphine, cocaine,|/he felt the need.of a stimutant . 

level scientists concerned with the but extraordinarily prejudiced and © 

nut, away up there In pale blue” 

er in a sober interval, 1{snakebite, this narcotic ‘may be om 
fo excess because I feel the|the straw that prevents recovery? 

kes one: feel better, but if so!dandy-and, doesn't want to weal 

a dissolute, evil-living man] such striking contrast to the out- ~ 

Paul was found blameless by his 
+ They have to be earned. Each badge has behind it a} titon. pairing the rip-rapping about on wer eupposed to have read, ae thadeaiecnlem norarlets But catit’s 
_ story of considerable work and study. A desire to. work] Dr. V. Blakslee, Lieut, Col, | VictoriRark. SSAnAIL It cate ont eves neey [University scientist has found that] oride of a strlet and picus Jewish|he encuntenad the blinding on the | 



hii); “Fil Bid My Heart Be StiI"| MARMORA 

TaD ape (Bach 
See Birthday Party, 
Siete (saber — Marks 

_ FARRAR'S for your 
Baby Carriages. 
Eines: ms Cribs and 

y Longwell yder—The Choralians. Vansickl 3 ; 

and. Mrs. Ed. Richardson, busy); in ee Ss t Hl 
face ary ae, mal Goa oem. LE ie rollers 
since 1953, and moved last Thurs-| 05 week- | Terry Helmer of Toronto, Paul is Allegro—in 

thg sty: 
; . 16 and plays the piano extremely|o ¢ nard, terborough, eg 
ip Say fo tele: pa bone ot aoe tayner.” well for bis age, and Terry, 14, elmer. A CRIBS 
teher master * plays the violin equally well. ceful Night” (German), 5 
i evenaeeraad spoke briefly. (C2 Friday : . The two were introduced | “My Curly-headed Baby” (Clut-| 
Mrs. Marguerite McMullen led Burrows, Bethel. |by Mrs. Vice at the open-/nam); “Skip to My Lou” (Ameri- 8 WE HAVE AN EXCELLENT LINE OF 
the sing-song with Mrs. Carle-|, Several of the ladies of the vil-|ing of the program and after|can Folk Song) arr. Leslie Bell— Peggy aaa ‘ 
ton Potts as accompanist. lage are transplanting tomato |many selections they were called| The Choralians. freshmen ,, 4 QUALITY MADE CRIBS ALL ON ba 
| "Piano solos. were given by |Plantd at Bethel. back for encore numbers, “ Those who attended the concert t period. — 5 
Mr. and Mrs, Fred Young spent/ Much deserved credit was given| expressed the it a REIS Pp DISPLAY FOR XOUR SHOPPING 
Connél, and humorous selections |* couple of days with Mrs, Nina ito Mrs. A. G. Watson, who di- - 
Thompson, rects the group of Chorallans, magnificent concert. | DENVER (AP) t— Gale -force 

were wa ter Ld brprmee tert s| Mrs. Frank Hardman, of Tor-|to Mrs. George Nicholls for her Se winds kicked up of dust and 

“Still Az the ea), "carmen (Bohm) 

indies eae 

auditorium of St. John’s United 
church was filled on Friday eve- 

onto, spent a week with Mr. and/capable accompaniment on the G reduced visibility to ‘ost zero 
Docs s‘sine. Sali Ne dunes Mrs. Roy Covert. Mr. Hardman peas’ Singin paris. of four western states 
maaan? ‘ joined them for the week-end. | PROGRAM Pius today received in private au-| Monday. Highways were closed be- 

Mr. and Mrs, J. Ross and fam- 
fly spent an evening with Mr. 
ang Mrs. Bill Williams. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Huffman 
and family were Sunday visitors 

The concert was sponsored by|dience Gen. Alfred M. Gruenther,| cause of fying dirt, and at least 
the Woman’s Association of the]supreme commander of Allied] one traffic fatality was blamed on 
church and the program was as|forces in Europe. Gruenther was|the storm. 
follows: received in the pontiff's studio. 


The ‘boys’ Sunday School class 
algo rend a chorus and at the 

“My Dwelt in a Northern|The two spoke for nearly 20 min 

close of Raeburn Scott read ‘with Mr. and Mrs. Shell Wile Love Dw 

an address to the teacher, Ed. jjiams. pela Land (Eiger); (ale Away” (Dun-| utes. PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 
Richardson and David Potts made}, Mr. and Mrs. T. Trumble call- . : 

the Deesentation of a religious 
book, “The Living Falth, by 
SiR pore 4 Raye David 
an ye David sang, | v7: Lou of Picton, spent a few 
with Mrs.- Will Jeffs playing the ee with Mr. and Mrs. Wallace 
Bowers. -- 


The Richardson family were 
given seats of honor and Mrs,| TORONTO (cP) — 

5 x fe os é = : \ eA E P y : ; 
Stanley Williams read an appro- : form: ool 4 ‘i - ar 2 Ly 
principal here who died Thursday. z Wee ess 4 P \ 
A teacher for 44 years, Mr, An-|]° SES iays : 5 ot — od : Ez nm Oe LE; Base 

priate address on behalf of Mt 
derson was born in Rothsay, Ont. j = 

* Pleasant community,-. eulogizi 
_ work in ~ oo and 
upholstered platiorm chair with |He was principal at Atwood public 
a) cokino board f = | se lor séveral years a 
r y a see ones 1907 to 1917 he directed the pub- 
ae] red. and Merle voiced thanks for | le schools in’St. Marys, Ont. 
feleads to yeit they. in thelr Dew 
ern. new 
home at Norwood. 
Refreshments - were “served at 
the close. 

z sa CTTAWA (CP)—Denys Pare, Ot- 
lent of L’Action 

ec amen 
gallery has an 

EASY TO PUSH. eae | 



spocet new Mother's Day boxes 
are available at no extra charge 



172 Front St, 81 Station St. 36 BRIDGE ST. E. 2 _ DIAL WO 8-5547 








rg te en ne eh ee Ck 

We're Remodelling Our Entire 
Store and EVERYTHING Must Be 
Cleared Regardless of Cost! 


. PHONE - Sales: WO 8-5785 - Service: WO 8-6791 


a SS ~ 

Women’s. Institute tisurance on 

“MELROSE Wi. of well’answerediand ve 

" ‘The April meeting - of Melrose| ods of raising ~ funds 

W.E. took the formiof a quilting] gested and discussed in. 
and sewing bee which) was held 

New. ae 

The anniial« esting’ ie Sachos: 


% Mrs. Ruby Brant, Deseronto, 
is wishes to announce the engage- 
/- ~ ment/of her ‘daughter, Barbara 

Gane WI. The sequlié 
Mrs, Arnold Mitchell opened 
her home on Tuesday for the 
business meeting of the Quinte 
Institute. The president, Mrs. 

‘monthly meeting 

A. delicious potluck dinner 

was served at noon, and a quilt 
brook Women’s Institute was held was completed and -several ine 

at the home’ of: - Mrs. Wallace] rants garments were cut out, and 
MclInroy, Bonarlaw. Twenty-one] sewn during the aay 5 
members pald their. fees. _ 

After opening exercises and a 

short business - session, Mrs. C. : 

It was decided to hold a “Lilac] Mrs. 0. Stratton; 
Gordanler conducted the -election| Tea” on May 26th, in the evening| search and: Current Events, Mrs. 
3 of ~ officers — president, /. Mrs.|with several neighboring Insti-|T. Leslie; Public Relations and 
ment of thelr daughter, Tenaa| Miss Anna P. Lewis, who is to|inspiring report of her three days|C- Gordanfer; Ist vice-ptesident,|tutes as guests. Renewal’of the!Community Activities,. Mrs. .C. 

Marie, to Mr. Donald James De be married soon « and is Jeaving|spent at this convention. She| Mrs. Campney;,. 2nd vice-presi- 
MAY eee 

Genova, son. of Mr. and Mrs.| the staff. brought the convention to each|dent, Mrs. Clarence McKeown; 

James De Genova, Belleville. Mar.|. The motto “The woman who| one, giving some of the highlights| secretary-treasuter, Mrs. W. J. 

u 5 takes an active part in the com-/of the talks which she had heard| Barlow; district director, Mrs. J. 
sage betes erates ee munity is happier than the onejand of the beautiful music listen- 
ms misery at 10 om : who does not,” was given by Mrs.|ed to. She told about the demon- 
urday, M. Weese, who said, “Our talents|strations of plano class work.and 
2 \ 
We are offering, tremendous savings on 
‘ \ 
our complete stotk of Spring Coats. We 
bought too many, and in order to make 
Toom for our summer stock; we are offer- 

are God's gift to us and our use|/plans for the future of the 
of them is our gift to God.” ORMTA, 
ing you these wonderful values. ‘Many 
coats below cost price. 

Sunday afternoon, at the home of 

Mrs. Leonard, Dandeneau, the 

president, who presided. 

After a short business session, 

the meeting was turned over to 

| Sandercock, thanked Mrs. Mitch-|Sister Mary Germaine, who had 
been sent as a delegate to the 

ell for the use of her home. 
Mrs. Tuft spoke on the Pert convention in Niagara 

3 .|Tweedsmuir History book. A! Sister Germaine brought to th 
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Brennan, t e 4 
salted arintaoer the see beautiful letter was received from} teachers a most interesting 

. Joan, to Francis’ Philip Caul, son 
of Mrs. Florence Caul, of Belle- 
ville. The marriage to take 
place, Saturday, May, 28 1955, in 
All Saints’: Church, Tyendinaga 
at3 p.m. 

sum to boost 

dent called the meeting to order|conveners, ‘namely, 
early in the afternoon and con-jand Canadian Industries, Mrs. E. 


‘ Sister Germaine was thanked 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Clancy of] OFFICERS ELECTED 
for her inspiring report by Miss 
Harold, RR. 2, wish to announce} 400. Bunnett was called on to 

engagem Bessie Handley. 

acehter eet takes Seo erred conduct the election of officers} Mrs. Dandeneau, the second 

James Sheldon Mclntosh, son of| Which was as follows: president,| delegate, also brought some high- 

s Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon McIntosh of| Mrs. Clifford Reid; 1st vice-presi-| lights of the convention, mention-|old Stiles; Community Activities, 
Si to take|dent, Mrs, K. Vivian; 2nd vice-|ing the raising of the fees and the| Mrs. G. Webb; Public Relations, 

sce on the 2ist day of May at|President, Mrs. R. Atkins 

P ~ Rens Pope suniect of closex perieention: S Mrs. Saree Mumby; — Health, 
ary-treasurer, Mrs. Arno! er Rosario was Mrs, J. A. McKeown; Educatii 
the_ home tee wares pereas chell; district director, Mrs. J.Jread a review of Sister Bibiana’s| Mrs. Wallace Mcinroy; Citizen? 
f th Parrott; alternate director, . Mrs.Jinspiring address of last month,|ship, Mrs. T. McKeown; Resolu- 
Constable G. K. bert Police | Sandercock; branch “ directors,/so that all teachers would have tons, Mrs. L. Cassidy, 
Royal Canadian mer ting Mrs. C. Reid, Mrs. K. Vivian, Mrs.}the opportunity of hearing Branch directors, Mrs. A. Bur- 
‘Prince Rupert, B.C., pa pe E/R. Atkins, Mrs. A. Mitchell and|splendid address, } Mrs. Fred McKeown and 
his annual leave with Lepiory Mrs. C. Grass; auditors,—Mrs.] The teachers were pleased to| Mrs. Percy Mumby. 
Mr, and Mrs, C. S. Martin, "|Gray, Mrs. F. Mitchell; pianist,] welcome a new member, Mr. John| The -lunch committee and con-||- 
ham. Street. Ee 53 Mrs. ~ Pasotts sseiaten ania beg heey aie ee ea veners will meet at the home of 
js »)| Mrs. L. Roluf; press reporter, Mrs. ans for a picnic at the close/Mrs. F. Cosbey for program 
Friends of Mrs. Harry ( pana A. Greatrix; assistant, Mrs. F.jof the season were discussed and| planning next:Tuesday, p 
Nickle will regret to learn Sie, | Bedell; flower committee, Mrs.|Miss Evelyn Moore, of Cherry 
il, and a patient in the Belle-)n a eown, Mrs. D. Leeming, Mrs.| Valley, kindly offered her home. 
_xille General Hospital. K, Vivian, Mrs. J. Parrott and| At the conclusion of the meet- 
ox /0:5 9 ing, tea was served by the host- 
Mrs, Charles Burkitt, who has : 

Mrs. A. Greatrix. 

Conveners of Standing Commit-| ess. 
been a patient in Belleville Gen-| tees — Agriculture and Canadian 
eral Hospital, is now conVales-| Industries, Mrs. F. Bedell . and 
cing at her home, 17A Turnbull/ Mrs, Woods; Citizenship and |. S 
street. Education, Mrs, F.. Doxtator and iss quires 

Mrs. W. D. Robertson; Historical]: A 
Great Books | 

Club Discusses OF Y.P. Plays 

Mrs. Insley and Mrs. W. J. Tutts; 
ire ‘ . ft “ 2 
Disobedience On Saturday Miss Isobel Squires 


On Salefrom $14.98 » 



Home Economics and Health, 
Mrs. C. Howard and Mrs. Roluf; 
Public Relations and Community 
Activities, Mrs. -D. Leeming and 
Mrs. H. Grills; Resolutions, Mrs. 
D. Atkins, 

Mrs. Reld took the chair as| executive secretary of the Chris- 
president. She spoke briefly hop-| tian Drama ‘Council of Canada, 
ing they could work together and] will be in Belleville at the Quinte 

Secondary school both afternoon 
and evening, when she will adju- 
dicate the seven winning Young 
People’s plays from the Presby- 
teries of the United church in the 
Bay of Quinte conference. 

have a good year ahead. 
These are one-act comedy plays. 
One to be presented is by the 

Mrs. J. Parrott gave a travel- 
ogue of her.trip to Miami 

Bridge Street-Tabernacle Union, 
who were last year’s cup winners. 

Cuba which was interesting. Part 

‘this week Thoreau’s “Civil 
Disobedience”, and “A Plea for 

Great Books club. Dr. Martin 
presided. and Mr. Ron Longwell 
guided the discussion with ten 
members present. 

The subject of “Liberty” was 
continued from the previous eve- 
ning of John Stuart Mills’ essay 
on that subject. 

“It's Pleasant Shopping” ate 

of the trip was by plane. The 
yiews and tokens of her trip were 
of great interest. 

Mrs. Sandercock thanked all 
who had helped to make her two- 
year office a success. A 
special thank-you and gift was 

; aoe WO 8-5060 LADIES’. WEAR 

The group tested its musical 
ability on “John Brown's Body”.|Siven to the  secretary-treasurer, W. BYERS AND MILLINERY 
It was voted to send a note of Mrs. Arnold Mitchell. ~ . St ‘ - $ 
congratulation to Mr. Marius Ris- cee a is on May 10) + NEOLITE Lome — || 267 FRONT ST. DIAL WO 2-4884, 
rece! recentl+hi 2 e . : 
dey.coy yeceiving } recent-his doc 51's salichell “and . the fund SOLES — 

torate in education. Mr. Risley or- 
ganized the original group three 
years ago and has visited the club 
‘several: times and ‘taken part on 
those occasions at the group 
meetings in Corby library. 

committee served refreshments 

and a’ social. time was enjoyed. 55 Everett St. Dial WO 8-7277 


duchess’ Kataline ‘von Hapsburg- 
Lorraine renounced her title Tues- 
day and legally became Mrs. Cath- 
erine Lorraine, American citizen. 
~The divorced wife of Archduke Al- 
brecht von Hapsburg - Lorraine, 
once backed as a pretender to Hun- 
gary’s throne, now works as a 
clerk in the Warner Bras. film dis- 
tribution office-here. | ; 

*% : Although ever 

‘i * week is baby wee 
30 far as you mothers are concerned, 
this is the time when all sweet pink 
and precious ones are being calered 
to with special em; y not 
check your favorite grocer and se the 
many, many specia! ry a 

featured now ae the year around? 


Geek planning. The “Basic 7” Plan 
veloped by nutritionists to 

we ae a nutritionally-sound diet ted ° 

adults, To adapt this simpic;ipla 

for infants, calls for the daily use of 

foods rane in the following groups; 

Zz. Secial baby cereals C 
3. Orange Juice 

4. Green and yellow vegetables 
S$. Other fruits and venation 
6. Meats and roa pn 

7. Vitamin A 

saeciees Poe od to — Moca Suber 
from $ 
ert the 7 soups ea 

Token of affection, invitation fo flirtation m oll” 
of France, here is the very essence, translated 
into o series of frogrant Toiletries 

For suecesnt coal 
3 Baby Cereals 
niched with 

New Casual Sproy 

Ses : ye important B-vita- Perfume Mist 3,00 
In order to be well-dressed, the oe women mins; provide the # Toilet Water with 
= nothing to chance. That i is why they choose Dusting Powder 2.50 
ra that will give them the utmost in appearance Perfume 1.25 10 6.00 
sad couletes -‘PETAL BURST’ i Toilet Water with Ae 
Let us show you the lete line of ‘PETA \' For sound nd gums and and bod tissues, sore coca 
BURST” bras by Wonder-Bra . . . in bandeau, ‘| .-| Gesber Strained Orange Joie has 
longline or cinch 4°s's salt bir choice of fabrics, = | sees bh nian sonic. Try Casuel Spray Perfume Mist in 
oe nylon, satin or broadcloth. There's’ astyle- | sol bottle. Sprays to the touch 
and fabric to suit every figure and any occasion, ede pub hie bed beer 
An exciting new addition to New “Creamy Skin" 
; VEE A WIN: Mugvet des Bois Toiletries. - Perfume 1.25 
Ee By, a 9 ’ > * Toilet Water with 

: —~ Here's a coat that offers a .wel- Atomizer © 3.00 

fhe usual run 

There's love in the air 
Time for Muguet des Boils 


“Your Friendly Store” 

WO 8-7928 

~the,~ folding: chairs Hagerman 
owned -by the Institute was ap- Revers: 
proeein ee eel, “New Ideas} "The 
or ‘ s was » were 
gram s| Homemaker" " eSlexplained andl 
*-were> sug: vealed the , 
detail. wiches for al 
An executive metting * ‘at the| “Program 
In the township hall with a large) home of Mrs, C .Weese was plan-|cholce. 
ned to make‘out the schedule for 
next year. Slips, 1 plants and candy | fees. 
‘were on sale netted a goodly BRANTFORD IN E | 
‘Favorable Teports of the past 
The presf-| year’s- work“ were given by all 


Jarvis, new director of the National 

Gallery, took over"his duties Mon- 
from retiring 

ducted a lengthy business session. | Pascoe; Citizenship and Education, | M@ 
Historical Re- 

* lar Shrug pont in a variety oe 

Soap (3 cakes in 
+ “plastic box) 1.50 
*Twistick” Solid . 
Cologne 1.50 
Talc with Toilet Water 1.75 

an; Home Economics) anid 
N. Demill. 

fon Services for the| 


paid their membership : 


OTTAWA (CP) —-Alin 

director Dr. H.0. 

Of Course, Mother will be 
Pleased with: a gift from’, 

oF corgia Se. 

on the Special Day- Sunday, 
May 8th . 



Pyjamas and Gowns 

In cotton, rayqn, dacron, acetate, $ 
satin, nylon. From ....-ceccccacs 2.98 

From fi ROO 

Famous names in cotton, crepe, $ 
satin, nylon. From ..,....... 33. 98 


Choose from a gorgeous selection in newe 
est stylings. Short and full length. Cottons, 
Baby Cords, Cotton/orlon, pongee and nye 
lon, Washable. Sizes 12-20. 


Always an appreciated~gift. The finest 
in French kids and suedes. Imported 
English kids. Nylon and corns aims 
plex. All sizez. ~ 

from 1 98. 

An Exciting Gift - A HANDBAG 

From the Georgia Salon. Wide‘choice in leathers —.some, of 
famous Davis calf — Summer bags in a gay ‘assortment of ny- 
lons, straws, plastic coils. ~~ 

from 298 to 3295 



695 © 9.95 

Beaded Orlons 
Several shite eed 2.95 

In The Classic Styles _ 

Pullover and Cardigan Wools 33.98 

and orlons. From ...........- 
See our choice ‘of three styles in the popu- 


Trate oy 


¥ pa vees anes 


oor cra’ 13.98 (5.00. : 

From s.s. of Horrockses at ..... eeacvececceverece™ 2. 98 to" 
La Dear — a name to remember — in alluracel 13 95 
pure silk, secret: ete. Priced to Recoeseucses 
Z We. Have th Choice 

“Shop eee quailty is the True Eco my” 

he eorgia Se 

Dial WO '8-6338 

“cote ttey Bhyenes 

226 Front Street 

Som wewwerwbenoe irs 


Striving For the Impossible 


" REST AND RELAXATION Lene By Mary Moore . 
rrybouy constantly on te gallop, 
every’ ntly on the gal 
women seem to have forgotten how hee pees 
to relax. Glimpse the passing! cyirey M. was cut off 
throngs, notice the tense faces and|5° eo.” Golden Crust 
the shadows of fatigue on'faces|"SOhr ire suggested for Menu 
te wit Ste Aa oho ret is abet the beanty |= 2, 
wi els why rest is w e beau! 7 
fitth Wedding|doctor orders in many cases of : ot eve sh plleeater nel Sex: 
ZT have brothers in col-| wrinkles, drawn-down mouth ¢orn-| Fetus re PS 
ae ie | racaull'cyes and drooping figares.| Seetec 10 Menus. New a. ior & 
earning} Many women are suffering from} 5044 Pudding recipe Shirley 
asked for specifically. 

They are imbued 

Dear Miss Fairfax: 

inch pleces. Other ingredi 
are flour for dredging, fat for 
salt’ and pepper, 2 


. of- 
‘One 1-lb. can pink salmon, 1 
of| chopped onion, 2 1-2 cups canned halyes. 
or stewed or fresh tomatoes, 1 flour and gently brown in about 
teaspoon salt, 1 teaspogn sugar, 2 tablespoons fat. Season well with 
1-4 {easpoon pepper, 3 cups] salt and pepper. Cook the onions 
in the hot fat with the meat if 

breadcrumbs, 2 tablespoons fat. 
Flake salmon. Simmer onion, to- desired. Add all other ingredients, 
except potatoes, and cover wi 

matoes, salt, sugar and pepper 
until onion is tender. Add 2 cups] water. Bring to bolling, reduce 
crumbs and salmon to the mix- heat, cover and simmer 3 hours 
Turn into greased baking|or until meat is tender. (If thls is 
dish. % with remaining crumbs. | cooked in pressure cooker 50 min- 
utes ‘at 10 Ibs.. pressure is time 

Dot with. fat. Bake at 350 deg. 
Fahr. for 15 to 20 minutes. Serves] required.) Add potatoes and cook 
six. : about 20 pee longer or until 
MAIN COURSE MEAT potatoes are tender. Season to 
taste if necessary. This is good 
AND VEGETABLE SOUP with \smalL.dumplings, when po- 
Gently a 2 epeyrand mat-|tatoes tSuld be omitted. 
garine or shortening in frying pan, °, 
See oe rund beet and stiel cece tre: 
and break up with a fork as it One and one-half’ cups stale 
browns. slightly, Add 3-4 cup bread crumbs, 3 cups hot milk, 
chopped onlon, 1-2 cup thinly 2 beaten eggs, 2-3 cup sugar, 1-4 
sliced celery, and fry until onion teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon mar- 
is limp. Stir in 1 20-0z, can to- garine, 1-2 teaspoon vanilla, 1-2 
mato juice, 2 cups water, 1 cup a eat sat or or dates or 
finely chopped raw potato, 1-2 ne ora aN crumbs, milk, 
cup finely chopped. raw carrot, eggs, sugar, salt and fat melted. 
1-2. teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon Mix well. Add vanilla and _-frult 
salt, 1-4 teaspoon pepper and cov~ ptheeavd eat Pedhaghn chem 
er tightly and simmer 1 hour,| ites cet leg-Fahr. 40 
stirring occasionally. Mix to a nutes or until firm, 
smooth paste 4 tablespoons flour VARIATIONS: 
and 1-2 cup milk (or 1-4 cup each Toast crumbs. (2) Use brown 
evaporated milk and water) and|sugar and 1-2 teaspoon nutmeg. 
stir this into soup until thick, P.S, TO SHIRLEY M.: 
then also stir in 3 cups milk (or| This fs my last instalment to 
equal parts evaporated milk andjyou. If, after you have tried out 
water). Heat through. Delicious| these ideas, you still feel you want 
with crusty French Bread and an? more help, write again. 



‘One must find out what it is that 
makes one jittery. Is it overwork, 
loss of sleep or wrong eating hab- 
its? Is it over-sensitiveness to small 
irritations? “ Reconstructing one's 
plan of living may be necessary. 
Sometimes one must overcome im- 
aginary and intagible worries. 

If a woman wotild only take onc 
hour a day for complete physical 
relaxation it would help her nerves 
immeasurably. If you are suffering 
4 from fatigue due fo nervous ten- 
companies” happen to hear) sion, the following routine perform- 
labout it; . . and they very welljed daily should be helpful: 

m . .« it will, of course, be Stand before an open and 
quite all right for them to make|take Jong deep breaths, inhaling 

y cs they wish to make,|through the nostrils, exhaling 

not step over the|through the mouth, Do this for 
; | of your father’s business several‘minutes. Then lie flat on 
life, without his knowledge a n dj your back in bed, hands at your 
consent. sides, every muscle limp. Con- 
tinue to breathe deeply and slowly, 
Rhythmic breathing has a wonder- 
fully soothing effect. Try to make 
your body feel “heavy.” Close the 
doors of your mind against every- 
thing that is troublesome or excit- 
ing. If you can fall asleep, that’s 
fine and dandy. But, even if you 
can't, the rest and relaxation will 
prove extremely efficacious. 

wrong? — Helen R. 
Dear Helen: 

Dear Mrs: Beeckman: 

-I am 2 widow, with children, and 
plan. > be married in ous. 

ust. a‘small wedding, in th 

tory. : 

(1) I have one married daughter. 

Would it be opened have her as 
a ai t 

2) I also have a son in his twen- 
k. Would it be proper to have 

these typewritten notes, and am I 
being silly about not answering. 
- I understand perfectly what your 
reaction must have been to these 
typewritten letters of sympathy... 
and I agree with you that a very) 
large part of the appeal of the; 
words of sympathy warm un-| 
derstanding is because they come) 
to us in the familiar and loved 
handwriting of a friend. The eti- 
quette is the same now a5 always 
. «that it is never correct to send 
a typewritten letter of sympathy. 
However, I'm sure these three} 
friends aren't aware of this rule, 
and certainly didn’t mean to do 
anything that would hurt you, par-/ 
ticularly, at’ this sorrowful time. 
So please do overlook it, and write 
your gracious notes of appreciation 
for the thought, disregarding the 
graceless ‘“‘packaging” of the let-j/r 

his bestman. It would 
, dignified and more suitable, 
t as his best man 



r Mrs, Beeckman: 
"A" ‘says it is nevef correct to 
use a semi-colon after the sajuta- 
tion. For example: Dear Miss Dav- 
is; “B” says a semi-colon is just 
as correct as a colon or a comma. 
Who is right — F.B. ; | 

“A is right... 
colon after the salutation, You may 
use a colon after the salutation 
(somewhat formal, or, more in- 
formally, a comma. 


Dear Mrs. Beeckman: 
Don't you agree with me (my 

bee: , by notes. 



* DIAL WO 8-5706 

My mother passed on ‘recently, 
and I've recelved many wonderful 
and comforting letters of sym- 
pathy. But I was really horrified 
to receive three typewritten letters 
of condolence. I had-always thought 
it was absolutely incorrect to send 
‘a typewritten letter of condolence. | sister doesn’t!} that a woman} 
Has this rule changed. The type-|should take olf her gloves before 
written: words seemed so imperson-|she starts smoking, or eating, or 
al and cold that, although I've an-|drinking (For example when she} 
~ swered all the other letters of sym-|is a guest at a wedding reception 

pathy I received, I just can't bring|— Patricia M. 
myself to answering these three.| Yes... 1 “most definitely do 
‘Am I wrong about the etiquette of agree with you. 

251 FRONT ST. 




Sizes Be M- 

Cotton, sleeveless 


’ White, colored ang figured. 
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Silk Mesh, Nylon, Fabric. Sizes 6-8. 
Two-way Stretch Elastic 


Our 5ist. Year in Belleville 

97c, s.27 
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ee -for only 

of. fair Dx value 

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ADVICE to the 



At 21, I have just become engeg- 
ed to a young man of 22, but my 
parents refuse to take our engage- 
ment seriously. The reason they 
take this attitude is because I have 
been brought up in a faith different 
from my fiance's, and they tell me 
they will not permit me to marry 

We are very much in love and! 
want to marry soon, so we are 
thinking of getting marricd secretly 
tH] and not telling our parents for 
awhile. Do you think this would be 

While a secret marriage between 
you and this young man might per- 
haps not be “‘wrong,”’ it would cer- 
tainly be very unwise for a great 
many reasons. If you were to take 
any such step, I‘ feel certain that 
you would quickly find . yourself 
with far more difficult problems on 
your hands than you have now. 

For one thing, I cannot help won- 
dering if you fully realize and have 

, GW ae 

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Several qualities in newest shades. 


1.25 to 1.50 or. 

Full fashioned Lisle 


must be worked out in 
riage between two people who have 
been brought up in different faiths. 
Unless young people in your situa- 
tion thoroughly discusss these mat- 
ters together, 
whatever church each belongs to, 

——— ee 








gulation allover patterns or dainty tea 

‘Yar colors. Suede fabrics, rayons, 

FROM ...-cececcees 


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Plain tailored or Ince trim stytea. Bizes 32 to 44. A 
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Day Gift. 


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to fit 12 to 52 in the ran 
Mother's Dey. Gift. Note 
floor Dress Department. 

1.50 ,. 

5. to 1 00 ‘each 

taken into detailed account the] and arrive, well in advance of mar-| your 
many complicated factors that) riage, gt some workable under-| meantime, 
any mar-| standing on the points on whith you| all angles.between 

acta eT your * 
you be sensible enough, |lomatic, loving and reasonable in 

and mature enough, to refrain from|any discuss! betw : 
‘and with the head of| impulsive action and wait awhile, ad a he 
things will undoubtedly work out to| time, take a different attitude. 

Last Three Days 

. TO 



“See Our Window Display” 

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National Institute for the Blind” 


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partment from which to ch . : 


own best interests. 
talk: things over 
serious risk of|try as tactfully as you 

parents over. If you 


there fa 

and your’parents, they may, - 


¥ “ 






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Most popular shades. 
Sizes 9 to 11. Pr. .... 


AQcw 1 250. 


her a dregs for a 
Visit our second 

Dial WO 8-5171 

286 Front St. 

_ Women of the Moose |Carmel-Foxboro [Pink Hair Looks Orange 
+ “The last meeting of the month iS e 

= Sultan Seat! tal Y-P-U. Makes But Still Eye-Popping 
Presentations |: — 

at evenings ert good attendance. A 
a e mee! ‘was opened by OTT. bed y 

Senior Regent Michaeline Calbury pac SA Aaa et ha Ladd Ete arned sale wien ree 
and the roll call of officers was here with pink hair, At least, she Medes pki enna 
called by Recorder Nellie Scrym-|'~ Twenty-two . members of Car-/and her hairdresser say its pink. do ane Job Inet Frid: nous tod 
geour. mel-Foxboro Young People’s! But seasoned observers in this|%0 Int Job las out: nie thac tee 
. Kathy Joan Keegan, daughter| Union held an enjoyable. social|chic capital, which glories in the “pastel pink’ dyed ine Gasencts 
of Mr. and Mrs. Keegan, RR. 2,l evening at the home of Reta|beauty amd’ numerical superiority would pay $85 to $75 for the tr. ‘i 
Belleville, who was born on of its women, eyed what happened Lea sata re 

$ Christie, Foxboro, The young}ig 21. J bY formation, Jean said, and need the 
Baby Village Day, March 20, was year-old Jean Martell's hair ts retouched ey: thr: ks. 
presenttd with a silver cup in-| People played progressive crokin-|last weekend and pronounced it a| Tots Te ETED Rath snc o Dhar D 
scribed with her name, and date| ole for two hours and then foined|glossy orange. pial et eat 
of birth from the Women of the! in a sing-song led by Joan Mc-| OT@Dge or pink, the effect was| She got the idea late last month 
Moose. This cup was presented Guns mpanicd i be a Carel eye-popping, in New York, where’ she modelled 
by Senior Regent Michaeline Cal- Faces y Carol) “A store secretary trying to break|for Leo at a beauty convention, 
bury. Stewart. + |into the modeling field, Jean was/saw the pastel pinks being in- 
CANDIDATES A pleasant surprise was in store|a brunette beauty who fell for this|troduced and decided to take the 

Three candidates -were ballot-| for three of the members. Marilyn 
Parks and Jim Reld. presented 

spring’s outburst of pink fashions| plunge, “ 
ed on with the ballot being fav- in a big way. She changed her| “I thought they would be tecom- 
rable: gifts on behalf of the union to 
Joan and Don McCurdy who are 

i hair to match, ing for summer styles, and for 
Thank-you cards were read 
moving to Belleville. Joan and 

from Nellie Scrymgeour and 
en uae wane! AWNINGS 

Michaeline Calbury,. 
Mary Sherry was brought to 
A gift was then presented by 

the altar by Guides Connie Prin- 
Kay Homan to Marilyn Parks, 

gle and Florence’ Carufel, to be 
president of the Union. Marilyn is 
ile: oofing 

presented by the Senfor Regent 
one of four young people who 
~ DIAL WO 2-3112 

} Michacline Calbury with her 
; will tour England and Scotland 
tid QU IN G. 

transfer from Chapter’ 60 to 
this summer representing the 

Chapter 435 . 
A banquet was held last Sun- 
Junior Farmers and Junior Insti- 
tute members of Ontario. 

day, corivened by Mary Peoples 
in the Moose Hall. Another ban- 
Members of the Union wish 
Marilyn all, the best on her trip 
—Lower Power Consumption 

quet will be held this month and 
will be convened. by the Senlor 

‘ and look forward to her return 

here in the fall. 

‘Mrs. Ollie Balyx was reported 
home from the hospital for which|. The Rev. R. F. Darke added his 
“the co-workers were glad. best wishes to those already ten- 
ACADEMY OF FRIENDSHIP dered to the. guests. of honor. 
Candidates for the Academy of| Refreshments were served. 
Friendship attended the Friend- . 
ship session in Brantford on Sun- 
day. . Gladys Ritch took part in 
the ritual work as representative YOUR 

from the chapter. 

Pauline Van Dusen, daughter 
the Junior ea ih King 
* Dusen, was repo: id 

ston’ General ees Me MAJES a 
Lena Connell members to 

bring refreshments for the next . 

on May 12, 

The chairman's metting will be 
held at Ida Lake’s, 100 Cedar St, 
on Thursday of this week. 

The closing prayer was sald by 
Chaplain Marg Mallette and the 


favor of it—for Jean, 

than ever, 


gist has in stock, 

Gifts by 

meeting. Initiation is to be held 

defending circle was formed. 

Euchre was played with prizes TELEVISION 4 @ DOMESTIC 
[eee poe usr |> FINKLE ELECTRIC 

329 CHURCH ST. 4% 
Service Phone WO 2-2314 
Residence WO 8-9617 


TORONTO (CP) — Noel Moore, | 
year-old railway yard worker, i 
died Monday night after a freight 
tar passed over his legs. 

CADIES! @& || SANDER and. 
STORE Ny 5 J D¢ | : 





Dial WO 8-5731 

334 PINNACLE ST. ~- DIAL ‘WO 2-2860 
Electriclans In Belleville Since 1919 { 

i rg x " a : 
340 PINNACLE ST, DIAL WO 2-0437 

The Biggest Cleaner Value Ever Offer “1 



© Brond-new , , , mode in Cenode 
© Sturdy, smart, all-metel 





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Fiease arrange immediate FARE HOME TRIAL 
without obligation to me. H HOME Tatac 

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Mother Will Appreciate 


You buy two 
bottles and get 
one freet A 

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Dial WO 8-8100 


year-round evening wear, and 1 

thought I’d introduce them to Can. 

ada. ” 
“We're trying to break the style|{<re3t- 

Into Ottawa initially,” she said,|DEPENDS ON THE LIGHT 

explaining that ‘we’ meant she 

and Leo, 

Glamorous \ 


A lovely gift on her day will remind Mother of your love and 
respect for many days to come. Listed here are just a few of the 
many gift Items suitable for this occasion that your L.D.A. drug- 

(illustrated) 4-o2. ., 

Lasting Nail Polish | CASUAL HAIR STYLES! 




Jean sald: 

While reporters pondered Ot-| ‘'That’s what it is In daylight— 
tawa’s latest advance over thejunder artificial Ught it changes 
rest of Canada, Helen Feeney, ajfrom pink to a light orange color, 
director of the Ottawa modeljand might be several different 
agency for which Jean works,|tints- in the space of 20 feet, 
declared herself emphatically in ead on the light and the 


Competitive Prices Plus Personal Service 

Spevial-Values and Reminders Effective All This Week 

“mice FRUIT-A-TIVES SAVE 28c on 

For Constipation, Indigestion, mks 23° 
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He: BB 


CHARMER SET — Containing miniature size tollet water, 

talcum, Body Sachet and ~ 

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“Friendship's Garden” TOILET WATER” 1 75 
accncovsdcesscecccsascccasee ‘a 

“Friendshin’s Garden” 

Slick Cologne .......... 125 Bath Salls M-oz. ....,. 1.65 
Body Sachet l-or. . ++ 1.50 Taleum 453 ..... soceees FC 
POND'S ANGEL FACEQin mirror case ...cccescescsccecess 1.50 
DEVILBISS PERFUME ATOMIZERS .......... 1.00, 1.50, 5.00 
GUERLAIN SHALIMAR PERFUME ....ccecnccesees 4.00, 6.00 
COMP. e Modernly styled ....ccscccccncceusscsecs 150 up 

GEMEY PERFUME ......cccccccccccccssecceess 1.00, 1.75, 3,75 

Milk Tray. 

2 ib. 0c ww... 1.50 

Other” delicious, fresh ‘assortments 
"by such famed can¢y makers as 
Nellson’s, Willard’s, Smiles 'n 
Chuckles, Rowntree's, Lowney’s, 
Molr's, etc, 

he Seectal 



e NO RE-SETTING $] 75 
e NO TIRESOME Compute 


“Tt's ‘certainly effective," she 
said, “startling and ‘very dig- M 

Insisting the color really is pink, 

ga Pend cen 59c 


= “ 
ONTREAL (CP)—The locomo- f poe 
tive ‘of a Canadian National Rail-|| - ; « es 
ways passenger train was over- \ ( 
turned Saturday when the train rise 
smashed into the rear of a sta- L . ch C al Co.. 
LYN 0 . 

tionary freight: train at Preyille 
Station, five miles south of here. 

“Dependable Fuels” 
DIAL WO 8-9217 

The line to Boston was closed to 
traffle for about eight hours. Two 
railway employees were brought 
to hospital here and released after 


Two Reg. 59¢ c 
tubes for only .... 89 

SET . 


= For fast relief of headache 
i ate A and general pain. 
Ware Set, a ties ‘ ALL 10's 
omb = plus. a ey rete 
fair styles book: for 25c 19c 49c 

ABS, & C, TABLETS teri. 19¢ 

AROMATIC CASCARA 32.‘z.......... 23c, 39¢ 
COLD CREAM = Fyanctyergreacit 69c 


- = paaauitty. whips Into a 
ic -softening ic 65c, 
lather 49 


FACE ELLE 23: = 45: 

_ MOTH | 

Pressurized Bombs 

FLY-TOX 20.2 .:0....25 : 149 
GREEN CROSS ..., 89¢, 1.39 
LARVEX ....... soacesee 1,50 
SAPHO ....... seceseecas 1.39 

Dr Chase's 
DICHLORICIDE .... 75¢, 3.25 


Dr. Chase's 

LARYVEX ...... 93e, 1.43, 2.00 ‘i NERVE FOOD 
MOTH BALLS or FLAKES Reg. Eegnomy 
1 Ib. 20c 2 for 39c 19¢ $1.98 

Protection for clothing, rugs 

Save 33, buy Ige. size 
and upholstery. : 

1.D.A, ENOS 


An effective, safe means of guarding 
fabrics against moth damage, 

LDA. Tooth Paste ...., soos Ste, Ste 
LDA. Health Salts cesccsccceee 590 
Idaphos Tonic ....... 

Cre-O-Tone Tonic 


98¢ : for = 98c 

Reg, 1.00 

fs 69c° ‘for only 69c d ik 


Dial WO 8-5549 Dial WQ 8-7928 


Dial WO 8-9128 : Dial WO 2-455.” : 


Ttection|to reed them. thoroughly 
and they, noteg with salisiectige|maka every et@rt to abide by| Freight Derailed 
ward improving the grounds sur them, ; “ 
rounding the courts. * RED SALESMEN DO WELL In Nova Scotia . crew members escaped 

ALBURY — Around 60 moth-|"It =e 
ers and .daughter attended the Tennis Courts: 

CGIT. banquet at Albury Church 

wa oc | Fhoroughly 

on a recent Tuesday 
Mrs. Morton, of Stirling, was the 

The spring work is now COM-| WASHINGTON (AP — Od 
pleted, with the exception of the} merce department says the United ae 15 
club house which Is reported tojstates bought $33,638,000 worth of 


cars in the centre section] were 148 Americans with incomes — 
left the tracks as the westbound|over $1,000,000 in © 19S2, internal 

guest speaker, be f ' 
Peport is in poor condition. Mi goods last year from Communist] TRURO ( : ; 
Sorry to Mor! CP) — A Canadian Na-|train “moved past the station at|revenue service records show. This " 
i Goodman in Datevine Feast Renovated ships at $4 per person and $1 for|countries. It sold products worth] tional Railways fast freight threw | Brookfleld, pes miles sete here.|was 23 fewer than the year be - 
: All wish him a recovery. children, are due in May. Rules} $5,958,000 behind the Iron Curtain./a wheel carriage while speeding The platform was crushed and thel fore.” : : 
7 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Clyes- : s and regulations were posted on/This represented trade with the - 
ae dale and ‘son, of Hastings, the club house beside the I[ght|/Soviet Union and its satellites inj. ~ 
|. MARMORA — The Sacrament |Sunday with ‘her sister and Bus-|was'c rea neti acy al the teunis| Twines and members were urged : 
Fs.0f Confirmation was administer-|band, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Weese. 2A 
SC ad ere ae Mice atone courts here, when a maximum of 

44 to 75 candidates at the Church work was accomplished in a short New Cream Deodorant 


Ne of.the Sacred Heart, Marmora, on | sna: Mrz j (time. Mr. Bill Rothwell, principal 
unday afternoon by Archbish-/Mrs. Roy tend jae ee the Public School, undertook s = SAFELY STOPS 
, A. O’Sulll of the Dio- ests home. ie supe: Ing and arranging the 
aie ree rae een |teetning of the court ines on PERSPIRATION 


 ‘cese of Kingston. 

Sy tn sat eee the club’s three courts beside the 


iteo3 DAYS 

3 : Mrs. bank of.the cana’ 
* ‘given to the newly confirmed* by | ton. At scone paced of from 20 to (e Times as Effective as 
* the Archbishop, who was accom-| A 25 public school children were other leadi deoderantl 
| jpanied’on his vist by Rev. Fath- taken to the’ courts and within Ing 
"er Spence; of Kingston. =. half an hour they had the lines Used dally, Arrid protects 5 wayst 
! rhe ‘candidates e presented t swept clean before returning to c.f =a 1. Safely oes perspiration 1 co 3 
Sore? the Rev. W. P. Healey, 3 ; school for the afternoon. rx ~ ee arm days... is 53% more effective. 
iby. on Weise » parish - ‘ four the children returned to the 4 Fa, 3 4 2, Saves your clothes from stains 

priest... The Rev. Father J. L. courts and, arming themselves), and clinging odor. 

*LaMarche, of Stirling, was also with paint brushes, they had the %, Deodorizes instanti oa tontéee 
presen San bewuitl ae Unes all re-painted. Mr. Rothwell «-» keeps you aowennal: fresh up to 
RY with snapdragons and car- beara Se hate part cate mp 

oughly enjoy: r p in the 4. Creamy! Contains Will 
nations ~- ; venture ‘on behalf of assisting the not ay on in the pitrres 
, local tennis club, 5. Antiseptic. Safe for skin. 

) Mr. Rothwell was praised for 

_ Hil¥er 

bine eekedy in arranging to have the More men and 
sick ren there and planning every- women vse ARRID 
, Serene pee toes thing so the work rolled along thar any ether 
: Hepes Cook, with maximum efficiency. deederunt. 

Later in the day club members 
t. the grass inside the fences 

at WRAY’S... 

you abies on ah... not ie at fr 
ae : 

> home. of Rev. 

~ ‘Consécon. Mrs. Monaghan, the 
* president, dealt with the general 
‘dusiness and Mrs, Minaker read 
the Scripture lesson. Mrs, W. 
Forsyth conducted the devotional 
exercises, the tople being “Eas- 

ter and the Resurrection.” 
Hillier township Sunday 

“Happy Birthday” was sung to 
are as it was her birthday an- 

for at 7.30 p.m. id 

seal om ns A eapendidle ypbind supper 

rach sag uratert time sith ber alee, 
well unday morning. Mes " ling. : ¢ 
. Mr, C. Clapp led the Bible, class somes, bts 
c termedia 8c. 

took part im the devotional exer- pH peo Rory grand 
elses, On Sunday morning, May| sry Monday returned an indict 
8, Mother’s Day services will be |.ent charging Dr. A. Arnold Axil- 

\. Mrs: A. Wanamaker gave a re- 
port of the W.M.S. convention 
eld in Picton. 

Readings were given by Mrs. 
‘B. Bishop, Mrs. W. Young and 
Mrs.,A. Wanmaker. Misses Is- 
tead and Hill rendered a duet, 
. Mrs. Wanamaker accompanying 
at the piano. . 

Mrs. K, Conley and Mrs. Wan- 
maker’ assisted the hostess in 
serving refreshments. 

Mrs. McCartney ‘thanked the 

* ‘held and the Rev. Mr. Robbins - : 
2elvclgtn, wil be the mente Macon sealing 
Tippin whose body was found in an alley 
~ ) Mrs. F. Jackson spent a re- 
= 4 cent: week-end with relatives in here April 23. 
Trenton. ; ¥ 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Tustin = 
ahd Stephen of Toronto, visited C.V. 
ens parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Picts 
Mrs. Trumpour entertain- 
ed seiatives Sunday last. ‘ ALUMINUM 
Mrs. A. Wanamaker spent a . 
recent day in Picton. PAI N 
Mr. and Mrs. C. McCartney at- i 
tended divine service at Hillier 
-on’ Sunday. afternoon. A first quality product. Full 
ROSE HALL W.A. » |] body and durable for metal 
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Poulter || roofs, metalwork and wood-. 
recently welcomed the members |} work. 
of Rose Hall W.A. at the parson- : 
age. The president, Mrs. W. 
{ Cunningham was absent and Mrs. |} 
IL McCartney conducted the bu- at 
Nsiness for the afternoon. © The Py ; 
Gevctionl ond piven by aise ¥. GAL — $6.25 CX : < 
levo' ven by - — 36. ' SAC: LY at OV. a O ae 
Istead. ; f yA 
Also %. pts. — 4 pts. . 
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RICTON — PHONE 888 .............. TWEED — PHONE 68 

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a / 

ae = 

"here provided splendid accommo-| bert College, Belleville. 

_Altustrations of Bible truths, 

‘ward points such as Perth and 

Appradnaly S. Hastings Educational hee 
300 Y.P: Attend |Sponsors Sidney Music Festival 
Annual: L Rally | * (ay MRS, PERCY MacMULLEN) 

CAMPBELLFORD — A capa-|ney Musical Festival, sponsored | Cli 00m 
; y¥S gave a two-part song, 
city crowd of nearly 300 Free/by the South Hastings Educa-|«p, you know?” and the girls 
Methodist Young People of East-|tlonal Association, was held last|a two-part song, “Land of Spain,” 
ern Ontario gathered for a week-| Tuesday evening in Stirling The- beg tinct wenn the pads song 

end rally at Campbellford over an isis a large ieicrpcrred Later in the program the jun- 
Saturday and Sunday. eae cmetans pak: the fors Ades walinidge = pre- 
Spector, - |Sented @ humorous musical_pan- 
i ‘The new Free Methodist Church] adjudicator was Mr. Both, of Al tomime, “The Three Little Pigs,” 
belek Miss. Pitman as accomp= 

The Glen Ross School, with 
Mrs. Joan Bush as teacher, and 
g | Miss Ruth Mumby as music sup- 
Song,” and the juniors, in|jervisor, presented three selec- 
Kingston, The latter, an accom-' salen oe sere ; ed inter- oe The a snlors ep pela 
chalk artist, ral} mediates, ing m You are| Young an,” the lors, 
plished ss aren sere Happy,” with the second verse |“Venice,” and the whole group 

The Wallbridge school, with 
dation for the event, and guest Mrs. Iva Rikley. as teacher, and 
speaker was the Rev. H, W. Hobbs! wriss Grace Pitman, music super- 
of Oshawa. Special singing was companied, = six selections, unac- 
provided by the Verona Ladies/°°™: 

trio and Mr, Dwight Jones of|upune school, in unison, san 

Visitors were present from east- 

Kingsto: rth to Orillia and as 
far as Port Credit. 

{ The week-end was planned by 
Youth president, Francis Case- 
ment, and entertainment supplied 
by the Rev, N. A. Bosko and his 

The entire rally was character: 
ized by a spiritual atmosphere and 
everyone enjoyed the. fellowship 
with other Young People of their 

For Mother's Day! 




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rendered _“Gliding Through the | gaye five selectfons. The school|and Fro,” and Playing Bail.” River Valley School — Mrs. Reg 
Meadows.” ” sang in unison “There Are Many |Girls’ two-part song, “The Echo.” |Coombes teacher, and Miss Grace 
Brookdale ‘school, with Mrs. .¥.|Flags’. The juniors, “When I|Senfor, two-part song, ‘“Spin, Pitman music supervisor, sang in 

Clare as teacher, and Mr. Wm.|Am Big",. and the junior girls |Malden Spin.” Senior’ three-part = ae 
J. Aylsworth, music: supervisor. |sang “Dreams.” A two-part song|son, “Spring. Song,” and the |unison, “Prayer.” The juniors 
The juniors sang “Boat Song,"|by the juniors, “Winter, Good-| whole school render “Easter |gave “The Robin’s Song.” The Dreaming. 
and the seniors gave three selec-|bye,", and the seniors sang in| Morning.” intermediates sang two selections,| As a eeioding number. the ser. 
tlons, “To a Lambkin,” “Isle of |twe part, “O Worship’ the King.”| Turner’s school, Mrs. M. Rose |“Freckles” and “Have You Seen |ior pupils’ of River «Valley ‘and 
pay and “O Worship the| Marsh Hill school, Mrs, J. L.|teacher, and Mr. Wm. J. Ayls- |My. Daffodils?” Senior. girls’ | Marsh” Hill schools sang “Now 
Good teacher, and Miss Grace} worth, music supervisor, gave |two part song “Fairies” and senior | the Day is Over,” with Miss Grace” 

Riverside School with Mrs. O.|Pitman, musical supervisor, gave} three. numbers. _ The juniors | pupils’ two-part “Were I a Bird.” | Pitman as accompanist. 
wien as teacher, and Miss six numbers Semi rere der sang a ps Rolind and \¥ele anete numbers ,were unaccomp- : x silver collection was taken to, 

Grace Pitman, music supervisor, |ior unison songs, “Children Go To | ow,” an lors." alry | a obese : lefray expenses, 

s Z Found a Farthing,” and “Were Ia} Eggleton’ school — Miss Mar-| Several. other festivals «will b 

Bird.” lene Armstrong teacher and Mr.!held during the pane of peo 
Bs : 
: Quick 



" WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 1955 1955. 

William J: Aylsworth music Be t 
pervisor, gave a “school Sari be 
“April, a Lovely Lady’ and ee 
seniors rendered “Now the’ Moon 

is Shining, and “Drifting and ~ 





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PETERS 8 eps Saye REET 


poe : ; : 

Che Ontaria Intelligencer 
Traffic Accidents Studied [Finance Minister |Fifty Canadians to Attend . 
By International Doctors _[Critical of Frost [International C of C Congress 
nownea, (cr -metie wat Givi ot vga, aes | GOVE. iM Talk ToBeConvenedin Tokyo 

dents, blight of the motor age,jthe list of opening-day speakers 

came under the medical micros- were qecote, pit : 

cope at an international conference|versity, Dr. .) i ter Harris in a June 9 provincial RBES RHUDE © |and must take cognizance of Asia’s 

here today. tham, Newcastle, England, and| general election campaign speech balk ts od Eaito problem in the expansion of that 
Doctors from three countries met|Dr. George M. Wheatley, U-S./Tyesday accused Premier Frostof} Canadian Press Business F [continent's world trade and intra- 

to study what medical scfentists|Academy of Paediatrics, “rewriting history.” MONTREAL (CP)—More than 50| Asian trade. 

can do to help curb the carnage) Dr. Allan Canty of Detroit will] addressing the Tuesday Lunch-| Canadians leave for Tokyo next/For FREER TRADE 

of traffic accidents, increasing in| Outline the experience gained dur-| eon Club, a women's group consid-| ‘Thursday to attend the world’s Canadian delegates would keep 

a frightening manner from year to ing jovera it mee psychopathic adic s re premier sb eee Latvaciny Std in mind Canada’s belief. in the es- 
ear. : . 5 in congress terna Cham- 

i Canadian, American and British| DF. F- Cyril James, principall day claimed credit for providing| ber of Commerce. ere 2 Siane bree 

delegates will exchange {deas on ae ans ootnped en ca a old-age security for persons past) They will be part of a gathering] “wwe ore keenly interested,” he - 

whother some persons are natur- E F, Strong of V: Wa hae of some 1,000 business people from) 34.4 “in ensuring that the basic ~ 

ally “‘accident prone- and also on] icn¢ ‘or the Canadian’ Medinet As: ee wonder ihe paoey te ean re; more teen 30 countries who in ia principles /of the, General; Agrees <1 

: ry. I was under the im-| wre sessions—May —w! $ 

rae Ate, conference vo keg tend tn{S2clation, will be special speaker-|Dression that it was the federal| try to establish policies and prac- gant bon Terie panacea 

the future to tests almed at wetd-|_,20® comference fs under the aus-| covernment that had granted this.’ tices which will smooth the opera- 

pices of McGill, University of|” yr, Harris said the Ontario Lib- tions of international commerce. scope, and generally in the adop- 
ing Out persons ‘who might el Montreal, the Canadian’ Medical eral party has not yet released its|, What they do may have. a far- ten of relics throughout the world 

Mi a dle Belper menace be-| association, Quebec divisions, L’- platform for the June 9 provincial! away sound and be couched in tech- Tov ieti grec amen paticns ie 
Much ‘of the two-d feconte Association des Medecins de Lan-| ceneral election, “but when it does| nical business language but its ef- Me. Berkinshaw will be chair 
Waa taibe Oa aleereaton: follow: kue Francaise du -Canada, you will find that it will prove/ fects may reach ultimately into] 21" rane Congress meeting on 
ing opening 1 addresses by Dr, Wil- per epee pete pearieag acceptable to. very band voters, pockes bose Bos eres “freer trade for world prosperity.”* 
. der es Pentela; poe! of the Moet Feal and the Royal Automobile "Ne prcalesd that ta the election it wil have this far-reaching ef- bien Canadian activities will in- 
nee , \ : 2 sa Deas Wilbred ‘Bonin of University fe Atsong (ite elite is “to indicate ne rreaiteny ye Chtics ee Secs ities is por Lethe Herbert H. Lank, Montreal, 
hn at vas 7 t ay held six o egisla-| an 8 endly ex- te 
: of Montreal's faculty of medicine.|clearly where the responsibility of thers 90 seats, will take ‘not just| change of goods and services barre teeta rE P| reer : 
Replying to the welcome was/the medical profession lies” re-ltha seats we normally have claim| among the world’s peoples is sec-| DY °0nh y:" G.€. Hammond, Mont- 
Dr. Fletcher Woodward of thel garding traffic accidents, to™but many more.” ond only to peace itsclf in assur-|"TOPerys, (3. "| 


TITS eee ~~ 
Hon. Earl Rowe, Progressive Conservative { cle at Montreal's Richelleu Park harness track. 

member of Parliament for the Ontario constituency | He had just driven his horse, Bertha Riddell, to 

of Dufferin Simcoe, is shown in the winner’s cir-! victory in a race. (CP Photo). 

| First Time Since Confederation |Man Is Charged 
Woman Ever Presided From ue ones 
Speaker’s Chair in Senate’ ones 

real, chairman of a meeting on * 
ing world prosperity. “Fair Competition; Thomas Oak- 
- wait HAVE INFLUENCE . ley, Toronto, co-chairman of one on 
T: 0 t 7 S Idi H W tched Lib ‘al Le d The congress has no power of}‘‘Distribution Statistics; and ohn 
: wo n arlo 0 ers ave a er a er legislation but its delegates, as re-| Jay Hopkins, of Montreal and New 

sponsible members of thelr various | York, co-chairman of‘ one on ‘‘Air 

Four Atomic Explosions in Nevada |Attacks Policy  jruc.cormgteg Be te cee eer emu and Rene Perrault 

to recomme! sten aul Bienvenu ai ne Perra 
S to. And among themselves they|of Montreal will speak on “‘pro- 
SORT H dr have the power, if they have the] ductivity in Distribution.”’ 
By KEN METHERAL” me = vee paaaedagren nd ae On Roads, yi 0 will, to iron vay many oreo STUDY MANY TOPICS 
Canadian Press Staff Writer escribing the first shot observ practices in day-to-day Ta) “After an opening plenary session 
4 ‘sueargpmemnennan OO 

CAMP DESERT ROCK, Nev.| {rom the camp here. ‘The ash) “WinGHAM, Ont. (CP) — Far-|Q3'_Aeateyie banned from mem-|May 16 the congress will break up 

(CP)—Atomic explosions are Be eile Ment aiid ie: oe eames | (har Oliver, Ontario Liberal party! nership but in practice membership | {nto @ bumbes-ot separate rp 

¢——_—___. NTO ae H hese viole ron mean Pe . dian 

2 ‘AWA (CP)—For ‘the second sieved ealuuas ate aie wars Noaieas diabetes arene ban a Be Froce ‘goveron catewitnsirniag ts rt legate anne tries. ieieg fwil, spread 
OTT. reabees 5 | W ’S| army veterans, : The second shot, which he wit- one delegate put it: : out among’ the various ‘gath 5 
time in 2S years Senator Cairine Stormy eather carries three loaded rifles to pro-|” Fuind the “atomic twins” by|nessed Easter Saturday from the make up for lack of accomplish-| “The chamber believes in free g erings, 
: tect himself was charged Tuesda ment with “‘super-sales talk’’ to! enterprise, which is not yet a part 

_ Wilson, 70-year-old mother of eight, e with attempted ate op in the] thelr comrades in the Canadian tri-| bservation ret was are atlthe people of Ontario. ba pokeinad yh doctrine.” delegation at morning get-togeth« 

g_bas made parliamentary history. Agam. Postpones shooting of a suburban Toronto|service radiation detection unit, mee ee, ese} On the eve of his promised un-|" the international chamber was ar C. Davis, Canadian ambassa- 

She did it in 1930 when she bel : township detective during a wild|Licut. A» M. (Mac) Gilbert of] The heat wave that followea| Vciling ped hay A ivabe per Pepe formed in 1919 and has met every | ace’ to Japan, will entertain the 

PEame: the first woman ever al At ° T t melee in the suburb of Long! kingston and Staff Sgt. A. Coughlin! “was like a sunburn on the back orted s Peeing tte e cabout | 17, years since, oe erie will Be Canadian delegates May 18 at an 

pointed to Canada’s 102-seat Sen-; omic ies Branch, : of Brewers Mills have witnessed! of my neck and I could feel my Laon gaan ity ot 2,100, | Periods: The Tokyo mee embassy gathering which will also 

ate, and again Tuesday night when ree roa ge A sare four atomic explosions at the! neck tingling hours later.” = Leen Saati: the "14 Hed remit eas iver eae onler be attended by representatives of 
, Spas manded 2 week. rema a oN third trom ir. & 
Fee eee oar eee ta vag gee ae tear aca chin | eek was his 17-year-old son, Jobn, pees Ce tee is fled was aac that Ps points"* of the present Ontarlo gov-| 1951 and Quebec in 1949, the only tasatess pariness men Wives wal ! 
to take the Speaker's chair in the, approaching Pacific storm Tuesday | charged with resisting arrest when|" “They certainly lived up to my! ploded high above ground and “left sraments seston ete congress so far held in Canada, |) SPOniRE reed again at the em- | 
ornate red chamber. night forced a ninth postponement} police tried to serve a warrant on! expectations,” said Gilbert as he!a perfect smoke ring in the sky|. SA eoteden ia nilomaration of| TEMES COMMENT bassy May 20 by Mrs. Davis. 
Called on to deputize for Speaker| in the ill-fated United States atomic | the father. and Coughlin_described ‘the shots) just as though smoker had blown |) 7 tements and no statements! Commenting after, the Quebec} Following the congress, nedien 
test in' which Canadian troops are} Taken to hospital was Det. Mel-| made in March and April. it! alf-statements and no meeting The Times of London safds delegates will go on a six tour ks 
Wishart Robertson, home with | participating, vin Simmons, 26. Police said he) Both on the staff of the No..1|. Gilbert, a veteran of 14 years inj #t all,” he said, 

' “International governmental to Nikko National Park, Kyoto, 
bs ihc prcrmncee bon ta the de: ies dealing with a host of financial,/Qsaka, Hakone National Park and 
partment of highways and in the comanercta} fa a nagiear ete pase Be AE 
Ontario Hydro-Electric Power Com-| Proliferate freely througho ey leave Tol y 
mission will defeat the Progres-| orld. But there is really still only | dian Pacific Air Lines May 27 and, 
sive Conservative party on June 9.)0¢ Major organization which) after a visit to Honolulu, are sched: - 

slight illness, the slim, quict-spoken|- And the U.S. Atomic Energy|was wounded in the left leg by a| radiation detection unit at Kingston! the army and former general con- 
Senator took on the task of pre-;Commission warned bluntly that aj bullet from his own gun. He was|they arrived here early in March| tractor at Stratford, said the fourth 
siding over the Senate's first sit- 10th postponement will probably be /released from hospital after treat-| to prepaxe_for the mid-April ar-|shot April 15 formed ‘“‘a perfect 

necessary for the shot now tenta-! ment. ival f the Cicnan tri-service de-| mushroom cloud that was a really 
ting following a month-long Easter|tively scheduled for dawn Thurs-| Police sald a fight broke out|tachment, first Conadians to pare( terrific sight." 
holiday. day. when they tried to serve a warrant 

\ : in a nuclear test. Following the shot, test officials , iews of commerce in arrive back in Vancouver, 
‘Then she went home and retired| Within minutes of the announce-jon the elder Smith on a charge ot They eet two from this! allowed the two Canadians to move| Hugh Hill, Colborne township olsen bayer deliberations, Mae _ ve . ? 
as if nothing had happened. ment, transportation companies | pointing a firearm at neighbors, Al American Army camp ‘some 35|within 1,000 yards of ground zero|farmer, was: nominated candidate] . 14 sot is, as it has been for many 
were flooded with calls as an esti-/mian had reported to police Satur-{ miles from the test site, the others | to examine blast damage. to contest the seat of Huron-Bruce years, the International Chaniber 
SIGNIFICANT. OCCASION mated 200 of the remaining 700 day he was shot at while walking! from sn official observation point] Both had high praise for the co-|in the election. The seat now isice conmerce:'* 

held by John W. ‘Hanna, Progres- 
sive Conservative, 

Union Councils 

WillDevelop Supreme Court "Be Caled 

| o : ‘ e 
‘Canada’s Finest Reserves Verdict DETROIT (P)—The union coun- 
He chose the Liberal womanjdesert test site and into inhabited|29@ bis two sons, John, and 12- OnHoly Day Law it Os Go Mabe Soe 

Park $ 
senator from’ suburban Rockcliffe| areas, year-old Gene, had lived since hil tion will be called into simultane- 

. —_—_ _—_— a rt- 
who was summoned to the Senate) Canadian ‘troops and others par-| Wife left him five years ago, TORONTO*(CP) — George Chal-|_ OTTAWA (CP)—The case- of a/Ous Session next Munday. repose 
ty the late prime minister Macken-|ticipating in or witnessing the test FINED FOR CLIMB lies, ohairman of the St, Lawrence, Montreal by-law that forces stores] ing strike votes among Ford's 140,- 
alec aR ipdnece sts deh had assembled for the two-hour| - Development Commission, Tuesday; ta close on six Roman Catholic/000 and GM's 350,000 employees. | Vancouver this week and will leave att thie na 

aadere, ¢ fete side $0 Whe text site when the post- WINNIPEG (CP) ~= Norman J.| disclosed part of a plan expected holy days rests with the Supreme UMMCT. 

A union spokesman said the|together by Canadian Pacific Air ; 
Leader Senator Walter Ascltine}ponement was announced. ena 4 prec ld ; f ° The strike against the state-op- 
seconded the motion and the sen-|" The long postponement still fs far| een ee Ole, Solt drink) 1) give Ontario's Seaway Valley|Court of Canada. councils; will'mect to:hear/aireport | Lincs) May :11 crated bus system caught most 

éntary histori aia|4merican civil defence observers/near Smith's trailer home. only"17 miles from the blasts. operation and thoughtfulness of 
bp soln ogee | “Each shot’ was different and/ United States Army and test offi- 

: decided to pull stakes and head}. Officers forced Smith's truék to 

it was an occasion of significance! oy home. ‘ the side of the road. They said the} brought its own thrill,” said Cough-| cials. 
in Canada’s parliamentary record) The 700 observers and some 150\father and the son refused to get! lin, 34-year-old father of three chil-| ‘‘Never in my life have I been 
| —the first time since Confedera-|press representatives are all that out. Then the son stepped out, they! dren. used better anywhere,” said Cough- 
= 4ion that a woman ever presided|Temain of the original official ob-;said, and as he did ‘so the father] “A sudden flash of Ught lit up|lin. Sty 

rom. the Speaker’s chair in the|S¢tver corps of 1,700 civil defence reached into the back of the truck 
nate, a _ — who ihe gris py oel bae snatched up a loaded ‘rifle. 
= Senators convening for their first|28 when the open test shot was t. Simmons tussled with the 
"sitting since taking an Easter hol-|0tiginally scheduled, elder Smith and during the struggle 
day April 6 found themselves with-| WIND CONDITIONS BAD the officer's revolver was dis- 
out a speaker. With no standing] AEC offitials said today’s dawn'¢%®teed. police sald. Later, in po- 
deputy. the rules called ‘for the/shot was called off because wing| lice, cells, Clarence Smith said he 
government leader, Solicitor-Gen-|conditions would have carried radi./K¢Pt the three rifles on hand be- 
eral Ross Macdonald, to nominate) ation fall-out more than 170 miles|CS¥S€ People had “bothered” him 
someone to deputize. outside. the 415,000-acre Nevada|i# all the trailer camps where he 

The chamber’s headquarters are 
in Paris, Cémille Gutt, Belgian fi- 
nancier, is furrent president, hav- 
ing been elected in Vienna. In or- 
dinary course a new president will 
be elected in Tokyo. Pierre Vas- 
seur is secretary-general at Paris 

Wildcat Strike : 
Halts rE 

London Buses 
C. Berkinshaw, Toronto indus- 

trialist, is president of the Cana-| LONDON (CP) — Thousands of 
dian Recent ee Snes ia Londoners stood with thumbs up ~* 
chamber, a rgithon 4S) iis morning, hitch-hiking their 
general manager With headquar- santa werk alles a wildcat strike 

ters in Montreal. 
PLAN BIG DELEGATION starting last midnight had halted 

Canadian’ delegation to ‘Tokyo, |half of the capital's 6,000 buses, 
headed by Mr. Berkinshaw, will be}; An estimated 14,000 drivers and 
the, largest to attend any congress|conductors walked out to protest 

fo date. a - 
o gainst the London transport ex: 
Delegates will.’ start _arciving ‘in ecutive’s plans to cut down the 

¢ salesman, who climbed to the to; on more than a month of negotia-; Theme of the congress will be 
ators passed it unanimously, from a record for the current) of a 242-foot television broadcasting | One of Canada’s finest park sys-| | The nine-member court Tuesday /|tions with both companies over the! “‘Asian Problems — World Pro- porter by, ‘Eo sien pnd 
LED IN PRAYERS spring test series. The first detona-| tower Saturday night, Tuesday was | tems. reserved judgment on an appealiquestion of a guprantecd annual| gress" and some of the delegates|Walted in line at tus stops 
tion of the 14-shot series scheduled] fined.$200 and costs after pleading 

will plunge almost immediately|S°me time before learning of the 
into a pre-congress mecting of the| Walkout. There was ; mare rush 
chamber’s commission for Asia and|for the already crowded subways. 
the Far East. Thousands were late to work. 


| The spokesman said the’ coun- 
leils, which represent. all United 
“| Automobile Workers (CIO) locals 

Ceremoniously escorted to the|for early February was postponed] guilty to a char, 
r ‘Ke of obstructi: 
chair, Senator Wilson’s first task,19 days before weather conditions| or interfering with lawful use, on 

was to lead the House in prayers. | allow it 3 
It happened to be an evening when ea it tote fired. joyment, or operation of property. 

the prayers were said in French—; 

i: 27 Eager Sportsmen GettingReady 

d her accent was flawless. 

‘a fees, Ante ed 3 For Salmon Fishing in Maritimes, 

Offices of the commission, to be) by seven Montreal stores from a 
established soon -in Morrisbutg, | decision of the Quebec Court of 
will be a clearing house for infor-| Appeals. That court ruled the by : 
mation on the rehabilitation pro-|law and the enabling provincial! at both companies, may authorize! Commenting on the conference] Another mpeinote work 4 pr 
gram. Later, when the ne statute constitutional, a strike vote in an effort to force|theme, Mr. Berkinshaw said Can-|in the coal mines around Doncas 

tr| has halted the flow of coal from 
.| Montreal Superior \Court earlier;the companies to reveal for the|ada, as a trading nation, is vitally | as ie ; 
vapsibse i ha ended th com called the by-law unconstitutional, |first time their stand on the GAW.|concerned in Asia's development] that Yorkshire | region, Britain's 

St. Lawrence Parks Commission. seat loctstativc Gectealeteae < Ch nD 0 t than 69,000, miners. are’ off thelr 
urchill’s Opponent Thinks 

; Z é 

Old Man’ Should Move Up 

Mr. Challies said the parks sys-|therefore should come under S jobs in'a piecework pay dispute 
By EDDY GILMORE longed to a volunteer fire depart- 

_ the numerous bité of legislation 

“passed by the Commons during the TAN z ; 
Renate’s holiday and now resching By GERALD FREEMAN was 12, and that was 30 years ago. 

the upper chamber for ratification. Jeet! ay hatin! of la “The best wet fly for this river 

; # a silver grey,” he says. “The 
Senator Wilson, who believes! swirling streams in the Atlantic|best fly rapt we pent our- 

‘women don't: take their politics! provinces will soon be dotted with|selves from uirrel hair."* 

malate fortieth pete pes ad-/eager sportsmen enjoying one of| Salmon ee born upstream in 
as ‘Dear after 25 years) the oldest of fishing activities. rivers or lakes and grow slowly 
the upper house. She had:a] Since the dawn of time fighting| there from two to seven years. 
major hand in the organization of} Atlantic salmon have been a chal-| They’ weigh only a few ounces and 
the National Federation of Liberal] jenge to fishermen. Craggy-browed| measure less: than seven inches 
‘omen in 1923, two years after cavemen in France honored salmon|when they answer their first call 
women wert granted the franchise|in bone carvings 12,000 years be-|to salt water. In the sea they grow 
in Canada. fore Christ. Modern millionaires!fast as they feed on smaller fish. 
‘HONORED BY FRANCE pay tribute by paying in expenses! After five years they may weigh 

y an equivalent of hundreds. of dol- 3 : 
A prominent social worker in a jareia pound for the panes hay be ens 

number of fields, she has beenjwrest from the leased waters of 
Canada’s ‘delegate to the United] northern New Brunswick nee: ‘ 
Eatons and in 1950 was honored| Yeteran guide Lou Freeman of 

Perjury Counts 
Against German 

Woman Dismissed 

BUFFALO (AP)—Four counts of 
Perjury against a 28-year-old Ger- 
man woman who tried to enter the 
United States illegally with an 
American. army major were dis- _ 
missed in federal court Tuesday 

: f e Hy 
tem will extend from Iroquois on/Criminal Code, as docs the Lord's which mushroomed from a sma 
the west to Barnhart island. The|Day Act governing Sundays. beginning more than two weeks, 
program will not be completed nn lntowics ARGUMENT ago. 
INDO! yy i ment and helped fight fires during 
iiss is ple rei ee the Germaa blitz on Coventry and 
Churchill in the May 26 general Birmingham. 

til some years after the engincer- " 
ing development is finished and|, Counsel for the stores has argued 
. In 193 he founded a trade union 
election, admits he hasn't got a 
chance of getting Churchill's seat an would take in electrical en- 

even then will .onl rovid, }that the by-law is a mask to en- 
featinworkioclinace a in east.|{OFCe religious observance of the 
ern Ontario, church feasts. Lawyers for the city 
He said finances for the ‘parks | Montreal and the Quebec gov- 
will come from water rentals paid|¢/™ment contend the by-law and 
by the Ontario Hydro - Electric the provincial statute that allows 

» H Cc sineers. Milner is a branch secre- 

nat Tea woryimurettnat I'm|{2ty of the union. When did he de- 

going to cut down his majority,|ide to run against Churchill? 

and that may make him think,”! ‘‘A few days ago a union as- 

Milner said. socidte in Woodford, Churchill's 

“Make him think what?" the re-, constituency, urged me to stand 

Poy, mission, it were adopted only to give store 
The“Gevelopment commission {s|*l¢rks a holiday. They said most 
preparing a folder which will show Guekee trade- unions have those 
the parks plans for the arca. They ae off. 

include plans for two stretches of me 20,000 Montreal stores are 
scenic highway ‘and three major pitected by the by-law, which pro- 
parks, In addition, islands on thej¥!des a $50 fine or two months in 
river also willbe parks, . |Jail for the store owner who fails 
fo close his business on New 
Year's, Epiphany, Ascension Day, 

Then they return to their birth 
places, leaping waterfalls and Tap- 
ids as they go, unaware that spawn- 
ing wil) weaken or even kill them 

porter asked. and I finally agreed,’’ he ex- 

¥F r ss : “That he ought to give up his|Plained. “I'l admit it was a big} when the woman pleaded guilty to 

ais cecoaion ot Rag of he Lx |e gad fahng guar pees ine der caeae” he Uh Killed by Guard - — - |immacuste Catton not Chaat te Howe of Commas, 3 fei a gsdemeanor charge 
poo * o 26 oe - S. . 
n of Honor. : even asi good as Last year which| coart trey scree feo i oh i if : y : mas. cept a peerage and move into the I decided that there were La: Mrs, Dennis W. Milam, the for. 

House of Lords. ¢ bor party people on Woodford who 
“If I get enough votes it mayjadmire Sir Winston's war leader- 
convince Sir Winston that he|ship, but disagree with his stand!of making false statements to an 
should move up. Actually, I don’t/on other matters. If they haven't] immigration officer, } 
think he'd really mind it very}got a candidate to vote for, they’re| Judge’ Harold P. Burke set sen- 
much.”” virtually disfranchised."" tencing-for Thursday. < 
Churchill is 80, Milner 44; Mil-| burchill got 40,000 votes in the, ‘fhe woman and Major Deanls W- 
ner is the son of the principal of/last general election and his Labor, Milam, 37, were arrested Feb. 2% 
a technical college and a graduate} opponent 22,000, Jas they.tried to cross the lorder 
of London University. lic considers} What did Milner's wife say when. from Canada at the Peace bridge. 
himsclf.on the left wing of the La-jhe came home ard told her be (ihe couple Was married in subur- 

giontreal-born, she is the daugh-| was “excellent,” : ; 

5 peat the cycle if they survive. —— ’ 

Mackay nt; ate Senator_Robert| “when it's dry in March and] In the Atlantic provinces the| KOMATIPOORT, S.A. (Reuters)| THEORY FOR CONTINENTS 

‘ae ied ne is oe of ue ve women April some years it’s wet in May, | usual bag limit is five or six salmon| Joseph Tramblay, 32, an Ontario-| WASHINGTON (AP)—A theory 
Only Gea cib ¢ Senate. oi and the high water brings a good|a day and about 20 a week by rod|born seaman from the 7,026-ton Li-| that the continents resulted from 

the heior se er woman can claimjrun of fish. This looks like one of|/and line. Length of the season|berian ship General Rivera, was}a collision between the earth and 

4 ever presiding over a/those years. Of course you can| varies according to the river. shot dead by South African fron-|q giant meteor was advanced 

parliamentary chamter. She 1s . ‘ 
parcamenta tes Wiksg's ihe is bate what the weather's golng| A few Nova Scotia rivers opened| tier guards Tuesday, attempting to} Tuesday by Dr. B, F. Howell of 

” 5 : April 15. In New Brunswick the}cross into South African territory| P ylvanta 
colleagues, Senator Nancy Hodges,} Lou lost his left arm during the] usual cpening day is June 5 andif: sl tobd Mo AMEACeR ee 
a. British Columbia Liberal, who|Second World War but ties his own| most ‘Newfoundland rivers aoe rap ien eels paper stata crt oe cape 

He did not stop when challenged] ion a meteor about 1-100th the sl: 
formerly wa: ' tases: 
2 atien pf a ae abel nc: Had DSi pate his punt ey 15. Prince Edward Island has|by. the guard. of the. earth, or a group of meteors, |bor party. was going fo run against Church-| ban Kenmore April 19. 
Ceramcomrealih hist Che te heal Ce ec emnmonsriea yay 3 nes : ne! fast Eversiand little salmon Tramblay came from Kapuskas-|may have struck near the North} He is an -engincer, and during}ill? The misdemcanor charge carrics 
eee . shat, bah pr ie home ne 3 Hes ng. Seasons last until Septem. ing, Ont.. He had shipped out of!Pole a couple of billion years ago,jthe war worked on some secret] “She thought I was a bloody | a maximum sentence of six months 
, ‘ T. ‘ancouver, «'and splattered southward. projects, including radar. He be-]fool,’* he said with a smile, imprisonment and a $500 fine, 

; * * 

mer Elizabeth Meta Goldbeck of 
Berlin pleaded guilty to a charge 



defence planners are working on a 

target area. 

into the myshroom cloud. 

to push it along.|plosion, the radiation dosage was 

of 100 miles anjabout 5,000 roentgens for the first 

‘so are fairly steady. So it}36 hours after the fall-out. Some 

fs possible to predict fairly accura-|100 miles from the point of detona- 

tion, the dosage was 2,300 roent- 

gens for 36 hours; at 110 miles, 

pov Papeete calles Wa 

: burea roentgens; at 160 miles, about 

Thus’ the weather wide: 500 roentgens; at 190 miles, 300 

The AEC added: 
“Thus, about 7,000 square miles 
of hated downwind from the 
point rst was so contamin- 
els for any given area in the coun-| oy wot survival might have de- 
pended on prompt evacuation af 
the area or upon taking shelter 
and other protective measures.” 

tely the area of fall-out. 

comes a key factor in civil de- 

From weather data compiled 
through the years [t is possible to 
predict wind directions at all lev- 

try and for any given season, 
Let's take an example: 
Winnipeg fs warned of an im- 

pending H-bomb’ attack and the 

Civil Defence Planners Working“ 
On Radiation Fall-Out Patterns - 
By DAVE McINTOSH - [explosion and covering an 
Canadian Press Staff Writer |#0Me 250 ‘square miles 
OTTAWA’ (CP)—Canada's civil It follows that every exposed 
within this area would be 

radiation fall-out’ pattern for every|dead in less than an hour or taken 
major Canadian city or possible be violently il] he could not sur 

: ve, : 
When a hydrogen burst] This represents one of the awe- 
near the ground, vast quantities of] some and terrifying factors in civil 
radioactive debris are sucked up/defence planning. 
The U.S, Atomic Energy Com- 
particles begin to fall out-rapidly,| missfon has made public figures on 
exposing “unprotected persons be-|fallout and roentgen dosage ‘from 
neath to a serious-to-lethal dose ofthe March 1, 1954, blast at Bikini 
radioactivity’ within. an area ‘of/of a bomb believed to have yielded 
r ‘ 20 megatons, the equivalent of 20,- 

Population is’ warned to evacuate/RASEMENT PROTECTION 

/*  Smmediately, In ‘what direction 
; should it evacuate? 

haps, that the stratosphere winds 
are blowing from the west. 

If a person were exposed to .120 
The meteorologist makes a fore-jroentgens an hour, it is estimated 

east for the next 36 hours, the most/that this could be reduced to 12 

£ deadly period of time for radioac-jroentgens by taking shelter in a 
=» — tive fall-out. He fits the day’s in-|basement, At that rate, a person 
formation into the wind pattern al-|could withstand radiation for $0 to 
ready drawn up for Winnipeg for/60 hours, or Jonger than required 

q that time of year. He sces, per-jfor the decay of the radioactivity. 
The U.S. Atomic Energy Com- 

mission has-said: ‘‘The' main ra- 
Therefore, the population would/divactivity of m bomb's fall-out 
be told to move west, north or/decreased very rapidly with time— 
south to avoid the fallout area./for the most part, within the first 

* People living in a belt: some 20/hours after the detonation.” 

miles wide and some 200 miles 
would be warned. 

_That means that a person with 
Jong immediately east of Winnipeg| good protection in a fall-out area 

However, it is likely that the fall- 
out area would still have to be 
But wait, The weather forecaster|2bandoned after it was safe for 

also sees that after the radioac-|Persons to leave shelter. 

ve debris falls thro ato.|. The ground, for instance, would 
one it vit b be rine prbtigl peti been ne, = full Rarer 
ower winds from active exposure. Cattle could ea 
. evel Longines the grass and thus transfer radio- 
south or southeast of the city and/@ctivity to humans through their 
; {milk or beef, 

In the Ottawa view this factor— 
forecasting could be disastrous. It}abandonment of ground subjected 
fs conceivable that evacuees could to fall-cut—has not been publicized 
ce told to head in a certain direc-|in the U.S. How long the area 
would be uninhabitable is regarded 
as secret information, But in. the 
they were moving into the actualjarea of the actual bomb blast, one 
fall-out seen end of considered a conservative 

Therefore, the fall-out area will’ be 

the populace is so warned. : 
The results of a mistake in wind 

tion to avold fall-out only to find 
that through a sudden wind change 



Fortunately, there is a generally 
constant wind pattern in Canada. 
Thug it is possible to chart the 
probable fall-out area for any lo- 

being done now for every major 
city and target area. 

Interest of civil defence planners 
in fallout danger is bringing into 
fairly common use the word “ro-' 
entgen"’—meaning a unit of radia- 
tion, : 2 

At Canada’s atomic energy plant 
at Chalk River, Ont,, workers are 
not subjected normally to more! 

than 15 roentgens a year. z 
~ It has been ‘estimated that a;hu- 

Man can survive a total dose of 

about 700 roentgens delivered in 
the space of one or two days. 


It has also been estimated that} 
radiation from a medium-sized hv-' 
drogen bomb one bour after the 

Gets the cold out 
Clears the heod 
Reduces. fever 
: "812 On sole everywhere 



cality at any time of year. That is} BUENOS. AIRES (AP) — The 
paint on a fender was scratched 
in an automobile accident on a 
Buenos Aires boulevard’ Monday 
and seven men wer taken to hos- 
pital, one with a bullet in his leg. 
Salvador Giorando and his brother; 
were driving down the boulevard 
when they grazed another car, The 
Giorandos and five men from the 
other car hopped out. Tire jacks, | 
hammers and other handy. weapons 
began flying. Then somebody 
pulled a gun and nicked Salvador 
{in the leg. 

Shine Silver 


'disappears quickly. Rinse 
thoroughly and dry with eof 


bet he a ts 

With soft cloth. 


Announce New Way To 
.. Shrink Painful Piles 

Science Finds Healing Substance That Does Both 

-~ Relieves Pain—Shrinks Hemorrhoids 

Toronto, Ont. (Special) — For 
the first time science has found a 
new healing substance with the 
astonishing ability toshrink hemorr- 
hoids and to relieve pain. Thousands 
have been relleved—without resort 

In one bemorrbold case after 


another, “very  striki improve- | substance 
pear ES mde ya pe der tes 

rar eign relieved tly. An 
: was | promptly, a 
iy relieving pais, 


7 And most amazing of 

cases where doctors” observations 
were continued ‘over a period of 
~) xpany months! , 

~ that sufferers were able to make such 
astonishing statements as ‘Piles 

improvement was maintained in 

In fact, resulta were po thorough’ 

Uses ceased (kee preea 28 
among these sufferers were a 

wide variety of hemorrhoid cond: 
tions, some of 10 to 20 year’ 

All this, without the use of nar 
anesthetics or astringents of 

ly, Blo-Dyne is in wide use 
for. healing Injured tissue on all 
parts of the bod. 

This new healing substance fs 
ne ip sv itory Sefer 
‘orm called Preparation H°®, 
for individually sealed convenient 
tion H suppositories or 
Pre; ion H ointment with special 
applicator. Preparation H is sold 
at all drug stores. Satisfaction 
guaranteed or money refunded. 
oTrade Mark Beg. 

area of 
is 2,500 

Maritime Farmer [Pulitzer Prizes 
First Man to See |Are Awarded 

professor says John Gaudio. aj0f a First World War. mutiny. 
Digby county farmer, may have 
been the: first man ever to see a 
meteorite land on earth: 

Pulitzer prize in 1948. 

him during the weekend and 
brought along three fragments of 
an object that crashed beside Mr. 
Gaudio on his Little river farm 
April 2. : 

Mr. Gaudio said he had beenjanother opera, ‘The Consul.” 
burning some grass when he heard 
“something like: a shell. passing 
overhead and turned «round in 
time to see the object smash into 

Major Credit 
a rock about 30 fect away.” 

Father Burke-Gaffmey verified Given Premier 

Mr. Gaudlo's erg mene Leta! hag 
nearly been hit by a meteorite. 

“The most extraordinary thing F H alth Plan 
about it,” he said, ‘is that Mr. or € 
Gaudio apparently saw the me- 

teorite land. T think he {s probably 
the first person ever to see one 

health insurance placed on 
agenda for the federal-provinci 

Teacher, Pupils 
Present 3 
Parting Gifts 

RAWDON.—Miss Audrey New- 
ell and the pupils of S.S. No. 3, 
Allan School were “at home”, re- 
cently to the mothers of the 
school section when a party was 
staged in honor of the Richard- 
son children. 

Raeburn Scott was chairman 
and the Grade VIII boys sang a 
selection. Mrs. Herbert Smith 
gave a delightful talk on her re- 
cent trip to Florida, and was 
thanked for her efforts. 

On behalf of the pupils of the 
Allan school, Kenneth Smith pre- 
sented Brock and Teddy Richard- 
son each with a story book and 
Karen Richardson with a cup and 
saucer for which the recipients 
voiced their thanks, 
The mothers provided refresh- 
ments of sandwiches, cookies and 
homemade candy. 

of Canada’s legislato 
Thomas sald. 

election June 9, 


Benjamin Moore's 



The rubber protected film of 
-Wall-Satin washestike no 
other decorative wall paint. 
Covers most surfaces with 
one coat. 



$2.10 $6.95 

° - Benjamin N 
‘USE ONLY THE BEST use Moores 




248 FRONT ST: ‘DIAL WO 2.2588 

ve . — 
Meteorite Land NEW YORK (AP)—Novellst Wil- 
liam Faulkner has been awarded 
5 pate iatetat the 1955 Pulitzer prize for fiction 
HALIFAX (CP) —‘A university] for ‘‘A Fable,’ an allegorical novel 

The year’s drama award went to 
Tennessee Williams’ “'Cat on a Hot 
Tin Roof,” a play dealing with the| government of being content. to 
dissolution of a Mississipp! deita 
Rev. M. W. Burke-Gattnsy, as-| family. Williams’ “A Streetcar| Prosperous years. 

tronomer at St. Mary's University, | Named Desire” won him his first 

said that Mr. Gaudio visited)” Giancarlo Menotti, Itallan-born 
composer and lyricist, recelved the 
music award for “The Saint of 
Bleecker Street,’ an opera based 
on religion and Greenwich Village 
life in New York. Menotti was the 
winner of the 1950 music prize for 

WINGHAM, Ont. (CP)—Agricul- 
tural Minister ‘Thomas Monday 

menene Mech night. gave Premier Frost major 

credit for having the aceson vative’ administration at Queen’s 

ai|Park and the Liberal govemment 

RAWDON conference in Ottawa next October. 

Mr. Frost insisted at the recent 
preliminary conference that health k 
insuratice “proposals be given aj ¥° 
thorough examination and that the; 
whole question be placed before oe 
rs, Mr. 

The provincial cabinct minister: 
addressed-a Progrésslvg Conserva-' 
tive nomination convention 
for Huron-Bruce at which John W. 
Hanna, present sitting member, 
was chosen again to contest the 
riding in the provincial general] 

CCF Leader Waites Distier Lord Tweedsmuir |Fined 10'Pounds — 
Says Wartime . |,27u7™s,2s7uct — 7»«\Heads Magazine's |For Cruelty 

Boom Is Over frreroomn ‘wit tse. pescest Editorial Board |To Live Bird 

afternoon with the president, 
LONDON (CP) — Lord Tweeds-| BROMLEY, England (Reuters) 
C, MacDonald, Ontario CCF leader, 

Sylvia Bilham read the Scrip- 
ture, Genesis'1: 1-12. ‘The’ of- 

Ronald Ferguson, presiding. 
muir, who has said that he owes|A bank clerk who fed'a live robia 

Tuesday night accused the Ontario| fering was taken by the treasur-| bls life to + Which pecked it "taawes 
leces, was accused of a 
er,7 AGdrey, Bowers, rand \the) ofp, Canada Weekly ooded cruelty” and fined £10 in, 

fertory prayer was given by Jo- heres 

anna’ Galntorth. Lord Tweedsmuir, now 44, went|. The clerk, John Parsons, was 

Addressing a CCF nominatin, Ronald Ferguson and Wayne 
convention for Northumberland re] Copeland read “Little Ducks,” and | othe, uactars siege nen seen by a nelghtor f a fut 

ding, he said in a June 9 incial| Iva. Droulllatd and’ Gail Goidle 
election campaign speach gave “Breakfast -Time,”. which 

“Admittedly they have been| showed what all good iittle child- 
rene of great prosperity, but a|7e? should eat. bts 

le more humility would help this| «arp, BRAIN UIBE: 

government to recognize that this te aS we 
prosperity is not the result of their} A‘temperance play, “Mr. Brain 
policies but rather of the great war| Inquires,” was given with Ronald 
and post-war needs. The govern-| Ferguson as Tom; Billy Arthur as 
ment has been carried slong.on a|the garage man; Wayne Copeland 
wave of prosperity. as Mr. Brain; Sheila Caves and 
“But the wartime boom fs over.|Sylvia Bilham as Sensory Nerves | completed a book of reminiscences 
We now are back to so-called nor-| and Muscles; Motor Nerves and |called “‘A Winter Bouquet.”’ She is 
mal times—which means growing] Muscles were. Gail Goldie and |in her early 70s. 
unemployment and falling farm in-| Iva Droulllard; Duncan Goldie Tweedsm 
comes. This is a time, therefore,jand Harry Richards as Heart 
not for contented gloating over the|Nerves and Muscles, and Larry 
past but for policies which will|Bilham as Sandy. This little play 
cope with the problems of the pres-|showed that no person should 
ent and future, It is precisely on|drink while driving. ay 
this score that the government's} “A Great Day,” from the study 
record during the past year or so|book was read by Mrs, Camp- 
has been a growing failure.” bell. 

He sald the Progressive \Conser- 

drift on the record of the last 12 

TORONTO (CP)—Archle McLel-] Fee 
land, 40, was severely injured early f atROway | COMES BACK 
today when struck by a car on a} | L rf 
bridge ever tbe Don ees : Fidoall AGAIN and AGAIN 
ce 2a e car did not stop 3M Wow BUFFING! 
and they conducted an intensive}. { WAR aa 
search of the city for the driver.| * 

aR ii 
through orderly~ marketing and 
minimum prices wi would at 
least cover costs of production had 
. Mr. MacDonald's remarks were. 
On the farm front, the old prob-lincluded in a text released to the 
lem of stabilizing farm security |press prior to delivery. 


OF - 

Ottawa are not maintaining 
“adequate economic expansion to 
keep our growing population at 


- More rooms are being painted with 
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other brand of latex-base paint.« 
proving its tremendois popularity. 
$785 GALLON 
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eRe aAeae oo ncnaroe | 


, Pr, 
a ; Get 

3 = a 
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of pte WV = - 
A GOOD COMMUNITY SPIRIT is the responsi- Rees 
bility of every one of us. Words and actions . 
go hand in hand to make Our Town a better 
place in which to live. : BRE i 

*- ‘WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 1955 BN Pact agar “THE ONTARIO INTELLIGENCER | S ens ere 
Cae WEDNESDAY, MAY.4, 1055 oe 
ASS Fae z rakes eee Fal Gann ETN -~ ead and Mrs.ty Sherman Me Gales and Mics: Bert aers sent 
: e e e spent a } Sunday at W . 
White’s District with friends in Tamworth. ae Mra. Lloyd Kellogg. ES 

Jones, and Mr. Jones. : for Montreal, “where he will sail) Mrs, Homer Walters and Sandra 
Mr.” and | Mra:. Franklin. Jones|for-England and Ireland and visit]and Mr, and-Mrs. Harold Walters 
and Deborah of Rossmore and Mr.| friends for a couple of months, He spent Sunday dinner hour with 

ieee = ‘May Theatre Diary 

"WHITE'S DISTRICT — Mrs.|and Mrs. William Hunter, of Belle-|will also visit different points in|Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Tayler. 28 rae ; eae Gu 
. ~ 5 By 7 William Linn spent a few days in| vijje, were Sunday guests of their) France before returning. Mr. and Mrs, Donald Kemsley al ft Pi | 
Riz aeyeaneas Robert Tanner. Kingston with her son, Sgt. Car-!perents. -Mr,.and.Mrs.- Walter) Mr. and Mrs. C, H. Maybee, Mr.jand children of Weston were ew as i¢ Ne 

man Linn, Mrs. Linn and family. 
Mr. ‘Linn: spent the. week-end’ 
there,*both ‘returning- home Sun- 
‘day ‘evening: This:was thelr first 
trip ‘alnce ‘Mira. Linn had been ill 
tive ‘nfénths before.. + 
‘Mrs. "Vera Sine was a last week- 
end guest‘of her niece, Mrs. Doris 

Jones. Lloyd Maybee, and Miss -Joan| week-end guests of her parents, 
“There was a|Relve, of Sydenham; were tea - Mr, and Mr. Joe MeCaw, 
tendance at. White's Church at the|hour guests of Mr. and’Mrs, Har- 

morning service and at ghe Sun-jold Walters, 

day School Service which follow-| Mr. and Mrs: Ross Piper were 

ed. Mr.iand: Mrs, Floyd Dudley,|Sunday. dinner guests of Mr. and 7] 
Mrs. Wilfred Unger, of Picton, ~ 
Mrs. Herbie McQuald spent}, 
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. - Ed. 

By ROBERT TANNEE together with her Continental ‘Re- 
probably the most interesting] tiog bat oe) differnt trent 

theatrical ‘event in the neighbor-| comes to Maple. Leaf Gardens‘on 
hood at”present fs the eighth an-| May 11, for one’ night only, when 

“edition of the George Formby his, Inter- 
Eas nurlcedition of the Canadian: Re-\ national : Varieties ef. 738. Tala 

Holds Plates Tighter 

| “Eases Sore Gums! | 

who have spent. the past four 
months ‘in Florida, were welcom- 

their tests. at Belleville Collegiate 
on Saturday. 

Miss Sylvia Bilham was a tea 
quest.on Sunday of Miss Audrey 
Bowers, . 

Master Karl Arthur has been 
quite il] with influenza the past 
week. His little friends hope that 
he will soon be well. 

Mrs. Edith Flindall, of Smith- 
field, passed away on Friday even- 
ing in Trenton Memorial Hospl- 
tal after an illness of four weeks. 
She is well known in this district 
being the aunt of Mrs: Walter 
Jones. The funeral service will 
be held from the Weaver Funeral 
Home on Monday afternoon, 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilson of 
O.S.D., Belleville, were last Sun- 
day evening callers of Mr. and 
Mrs, Frank Sandercock. 

Mr\and Mrs, Leonard Young 
called fends in Trenton on 

vue “Spring Thaw”, which thls} program "be presen' Patrick, of Belleville. ° ed back. Next Sunday, © being = 

fF year moves'trom the little Royal Prpkram if also to’be presented in| “A few from this district attend-| Mother's Day, it Is hoped that] Workman, Ridge Road. ry Cushions the mouth yet gri 
oa * oe .- Jed the Eastern Star tea in Belle-| th me Fy f MILK OF MAGNESIA yet grips 
7 Museum Theatre in Toronto to the]. Between May 23 and 28, Maple pgm hon ere will: be/a good attendance) __ saiiegpeits i 
“avenue Theatre, 2 converted] Leaf Gardens will resound’to mu- ville'on Wednesday.” t at the joint service at 10 o'clock. E T A 33 L E i S plates like Living Tissue! { 
~ “tnovie house at the corner of Ave-| sic of a different. calibre. from|, 20° students of grade VINT ook} Come and bring a friend. ATHLETE’S FOOT F . 5 

{ ¥ _ 

Now, quickly stop pain and trouble 
due to loose fitting plates with new 
SNUG Denture Cushions, soft 
plastic grips plate firm and tight yet 
feels soft and comfortable, like “Living 
Tissue.” Gums feel wonderful. You eat, 
talk, laugh in comfort. SNUG stays 
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“stickums.” Get Denture Cushions 
called SNUG and do away with your 
plate troubles. Money-back if not sate 
2 isfied. At all druggists, ‘ i 


nue Roed and Eglinton Avenue: |George’s ukelele, during’ the visit 

This.spring frolic, which is putjof the Metropolitan Opera Com- 
on by ‘the New Play Society, has| pany. The operas chosen for this 
become one of the most eagerly|fourth annual season are Madame 
awaited events of the theatrical] Butterfly, Cavalleria . Rusticana 
calendar, because here we havejand Pagllacci, La Traviata, Tosca, 
something we raat have aj Andrea Chenier and Carmen. ° 
chance of seelng. Canadians mak-| npawa w : 
ing funiof Canedian llfe and 2 WEEK 
finding lots ‘of uproariously funny} This might really be called To- 
things to laugh at. ronto drama week, because in ad- 

Everything <from culture tojdition to all the attractions al- 
apartments, in the ravine, from/ready mentioned, the Central On- 
politics to big business, comes un-|tario Drama League is organizing 
‘der the ‘gatirical examination of/a province-wide festival of one- 
the writers’ of.this show and not/act plays. From places as far 
even Stratford nor the Canadianjafield as Sault Ste. Marie, New 
Players escape. To judge from the Liskeard and Gore Bay, as well as 
packed: and enthusiastic audience] from others nearer in, a total of 19 
» on the third night, the proposed entries will be played in the Hart 
two and a half weeks’ run will House Theatre before adjudicator 
have to be considerably extended.| Robert Gill. 

Directors Robert Christie and| A recent bulletin. from the 
Wavor Moore handle thelr lively Stratford Festival box office re- 
and‘ talented cast with great ex-| Ports. business to brisk ‘That 
pertness . and make the, most of the mail order department can- 

: t keep up with the demand. 
quité limited: stage resources. Al-|?° ¢ 
together, this is a show well During the first three weeks of 

ticket sales, business never fell 

worth a trip to Toronto, | below $3,000 a day, with a peak 
REMIER of $7,000. 

‘bidet . Interest from the U.S, is as 

_- Meanwhile the Crest is present-| high as ever and may well excced 

ing yet another world premiere,|the 20 per cent proportion estab- 

“The Gitt. of the Serpent” by|lished® last year, though a large 

Stanley Mann,, successful Canadi-|number of Canadian excursions, 

TV and radlo playwright. Ca-|by universities, women’s clubs 

nadian authors seem to be quite in|and similar organizations, have 

the news at the moment, after the} been announced, Most of those 

successful opening on Broadway] buying tickets for the plays are 

of Patricia Joudrey’s first play|buying as well for the musical 

“Teach Me How’to Cry". The}programs, many wedging in up 

Crest production will run for this|to six cultural events in quick 
week and next; its successor has| Succession. 

not yet been announced. The programs are so arranged 

The Royal Alexandra appears that one can see all three’ plays| _ 

to have got over its pajama com- and hear three different  con- 

! plex, for the moment ° at least,|certs on any Tuesday to Thursday 

=>’ and is now presenting that popu-|stretch, provided one can last 
Jar French songstress, Edith Piaf,} that long. 

BI misery goes quick . 
oomfield | "MONEY BACK 

BLOOMFIELD — Mrs. E. B.} you do not have to fool around with 
Purtelle, who has been visiting 
her daughter, “Mrs. J. M. Bates,| Se 
and Mr. Bates, of Burlington, has 
réturned to her home in the vil- 

Miss Donna- Hogg and brother 
Robert, spent the recent hqjideys 
with their grandmother, Mrs. E.L. 
Hogg. 5 
Mr. Charles Killip left last week z 






cock entertained her brother, Mr. 
George Cunningham, Mrs. Cun- 
ningham and children, of Hillier, 
on Sunday evening for tea. 

Miss Jennie Flindall, of Roch- 
ester, and Mrs, Gordon Taylor of 
Toronto, were last Sunday tea oo —— 
guests of their cousin, Mrs. Walter / amg js 

i y dass fer? 

oe, f a 

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eee yer : oer : + - * 


$ 7-4 To Maintain Slim Lead; Bucs Start Win String 

Indians Whip Yankee 

0% Func oe ae |Win First Clash With Bombers 
aS CrilPS SPORTS. BLOCK As Tigers Claw Red Sox 4-2; 
So —|Giants Blanked, Brooks Idle 

“4 ————_ 
A few years ago we stood in Memorial Azena watching two By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 
teams of minor hockey moppets flit up and gown the ice. pie I Pittsburgh's 

i BN are now the “Nul- 

A Siete eaten aan ee ate ee eater aha "e ee of the National 
peck with good stickhan plus a e. 

chi nes eae ae ; While the haughty New York|miwaukee 000 

Aeadly sh Giants arid Milwaukee Braves are|Pittsburgh 711 000 00x— 4 8 1 

“There,” remarked Bob Wilson, chief eastern scout of - /trying to maintain complete calm] Spahn, Robinson (3) Crone (7) 

Black 3 ho was hock: in the fate of continuing reverses,| and Crandall: Litt! and Shep-|by virtu 
phaser « ickoes hoy mada id the beardless Pirates are kicking/ard_ een, si ice. Edmonton has won both games 

Cataracts Trim . 
Edmonton 4-2 
One Game Away 

up sawdust all over the place. LP: Spahn. played in Shawinigan Falls. 
t i and furthermo They now have won three games} HR: Pittsburgh—Cl te, The hustling Quebec Hockey 
xia that SP pisces” Tae me there i lin a row, They have won four of{cnieago S10 000 020-8  o|LeaBUe Neitb “eame’ from. Behind 
a kid | 

the last five. They are playing asinew York. 000 000 000— 0 4 3)twice to down the heavier western 
cia breed eb pent Rush‘ and Chiti; Beate; ape 5 coud 
ickey’s “five year plan,” which/(7} Corwin (9) and Westrum, periods 
had 1955 fixed as the date for the bee Pagel (9). fore the Cataracts took the decis- 
pennant, LP: Hearn, fon by. eas Edmonton 2-1 in 
BEASH AND WINNING 4 Cincinnati 000 290 200-7 11: 2] ee omea ue : 
Of course, nobody seriously ex-|Philadelphia 311 000 000— 5 WER’ ‘THAND 
pects a pennant from Pittsburgh} Valentine, Minarcin (1) Pearce Shawinigan’s-second and fourth 
this soon. But they expect sur-|(3) Podblelan (4) and Burgess) overs came with the Western 

Just in case his summing 
up should be right, Bob im- 
mediately grabbed the youns- 
ster for the Hawks—and at 
the moment Is looks that the 

The Pirates and|Wehmeler, Lovenguth (5) Spring 

The yesneres—he bepited Pritt ona tiene: e (6) Kipper (7) Cole (8) and Lo er League champions ‘short- ee = 
years of age now—tis y Tuesday night a 23-year-old Bal-/pata. orm Ullman and Gilles Dube of 
Hull, son of Mr. and Mrs, timore castoff, Dick Littlefield,| WP: Podbielan. LP: Spring. nee Cataracts traded first-period +. f 
Bop Holl of Folnt Anne. shut out the Milwaukee Braves on| HR: Cincinnati—Bell, Kluszewski while Lorne Davis of Ed- etes ames on. pgra e 
Right now Bobby tips the seven hits 40, . stretching the|2, Harmon; Philadelphia—Morgan. Shawinigan rookie 9. 
scales in the neighborhood of Braves’ string of scoreless innings American League scored in the sec-| wpe e S e : 
165 pounds and stands some to 22, : New York 000 013 000-4 8 Yond. ; al 3 
five feet ten Inches, with at | The setback was doubly bitter to|Cleveland 100 200 40x—7 10 |” A’ partisan ot 6408 saw : , ays heure ICl 
least three years to grow. Lets are because ous Pegged Lopat, Morgan sy att Fern Perrault nudge tare e ; ; 

a lefthander aga’ ie Garcia, Newhouser (8) Nar or the R In aT [Ai 

Bobby was not out of the |nandJoaded Milwaukee power. It|(9) and Foiles, Hegan (8). = rede ove! ant ace ception - By HAROLD CLAASSEN camera as one of the greatest t ad) 4 

ane Bela Segre e conegrs was, in fact, the fourth time a| WP: Garcia. LP: Lopat. = ditions to the equipment of coaches. | 

southpaw had stopped the Braves} HR: New York—Mantle. Cleve- 
scoreless since 1952. Philadelphia's |fand—Smith, Kiner. | 
Curt Simmons did it in 1953 and/ Baltimore 000 100 101-3 & 1 
the Giants’ Johnny Antonelli and|Kansas City 100 000 03x— 4 8 0 
Cincinnati's Joe Nuxhall in 1954. Palica, Kretlow (8) and Smith; 
The Braves dropped seven full| Ceccarelli, Burtschy (8) Gorman 
games back of the idle Brooklyn|(9) and W. Shantz, Astroth (8), 
Dodgers and their only comfort] wp: Burtschy. LP: Palica. 
was that the champion New York} pps: Baltimore—Evers, Diering; 
Giants were another full gamelKansas City—Wilson. 

farther back. Boston 002 000 200— 2 € 0} Chicago 
The Giants also were white-|netroit 000 120 Olx— 410 0/8t. 

ms P Point Anne team of the Trent 
* Vailey League. And somebody 
BOBBY HULL wisely put an end ‘to it. 
However, Wilson saw to it that he attended the Hawks’ 
hockey training session in Galt—and he immediately made 
g00@ He was assigned te the Hespeler Black Hawks, 2 
Chicege farm junior “B” squad, where he got some fine ex- 
perience. At the end of the season, or after the Hespeler 
Hawks were put out of contention, Bebby was brought up 
to the Galt junior “A” Black Hawks and performed in a 

NEW YORK (AP) — Today’s|neriveau THE BEST 
athletes and athletic contests are] 4. rates Jean Beliveau of Mont- 
better than they were a decade/rea} as the’ best player he hi 
ago, and thése 10 years from now] szen during his 16 years as a ref- 
will be even better. crete : 

“At 23, Beliveau has everything. 

Those are the opinions of Billy he gets to be a little more__ 
Chadwick, who at 39 resigned re- selfish and takes a: few more 
cently as senior referee of the poche he _ rant renyis rece 
National Hockey League to become | °8nilon as the tan lead 
the general manager of a suburban If I were coach ofa 

ning goal minutes later. 

Baseball Standings 


field for Saturday's running of the 
$125,000 added Kentucky Derby to- 
day stood at eight definite and two 
probable starters following Fiying 
Fury’s thrilling but unimpressive 

On the definite list, az they have 
been all week, are Nashuz, Suin- 

¥ Tan, Swaps, Racing Fool, Fly- could pick the one man of ail a 
washed by the Chicago Cubs’ Bob ( a Milwaukee Bone golf club. uring 16 years | 
couple of games for them af Galt and in Maple Leaf Gar- ane who fashioned 2 tidy four. Shin en coe eee > and New York ing, Fury, Jean's Joe, Blue Lem During his 16 years a3 2 vtec Ester eal a eld eric 24 
dens, hitter while Speake and Dee . Philadelphia tooter e THL, Chadw ig: i I would ~~" 
$ Fondy, with three triples between = ae Piucuren, ables are Nabesna and Trim Des-lures he officiated in more - than i See eee ating ne Canae 
* ‘However, the ones-in-the-know figured that Bobby was not |them’’ battered the Giants’ Jim Washington 002 wnroioe 311 2\Cincinnati tiny. ' 1,200 regular games and approxi- iene rr sd 
f yet ready for the rugged, boisterous junior “A” brand of hoc- ./Hearn. The final score was 60. |chicago 001 002 20x— 57.0 . Today’s Games Should all 10 start the race will| mately 125 playoff contests. He rates Milt Schmidt of Boston’s 
-* key and last season Marse Robert was sent to the Woodstock In the only other National League} “xr-Dermott, Pascual (7) ~and|St. Louis at Brooklyn (N) gross $152,500 with the winner tak-} “| saw some wonderful hockey famed Kraut line as the fiercest 
Warriors for further seasoning. : game, big Ted Kluszewski hit two/ sit ceraid; Fornieles, Donovan (3)|Chicago at New York ing down.a net of $108,400. Thanks! players during my carcer but the competitor. ‘ 
of Cincinnati's home runs to down) Consuegra (8) and Lollar. Cincinnati at Philadelphia (N)  |!0 20 Increase of $25,000 in added players of 1965 will be better, just 
He developed inte one of the most-feared forwards in the Philadelphia Phillies 7-5. WP: Donovan. LP: McDermott.|Milwaukee at Pittsburgh (N) money oy Sac: Eo pipet as ours. ot today ere better fos 
the Central Ontario junior “B” set-up. His shot added rip. | | TRIBE BEAT YANKS : HR: Washington—Vernon. Chi- Thursday’s Games Th thine in“the restltleccese Sas cer wats ; 
: - 3 : : ° St. Louis at Brooklyn Cre Was CHOUUnE e Fe ; 
It was deadly asid always on the net. His speed and tricki Over in the American League|cago—Lolla an inate at Bites of the trial Tuesday. to jar any/COACHED FROM JUVENILES || KEEPS FRESH § 
ness around the net had opposing defencemen in 2 tixzy. top sour — — es ite : = is caipiecg ea 4 3|Chicago at New York of the folloxers of Nashua and “Right now Toronto and Mont: 
“his bumps—p m—and prev . a . o00— : S 
But he hadhis Henty.o€ the: or saatbe dians whipped the New York. Yan-| Montreal 030 220 00x—7 9 2 American League rep ererinene officials predictea| real. for example, have juvenile 
had lots of Intestinal fortitude. — sae Moe ei clash of be Powell, Ladera (5) = ich) the big bay from William Wood-|t¢4ms Ler ap hat tt iecual 
a 5 in. ne as mana and Noble; ysdale and Bucha, rd’s Belair Stud will n at 4| children wi 
ae Whish made chief Hawk scout Wilson beam with joy when [1° hold thelr. slender’ half-gone geese : pn eM weet = o age eee at Al the style of play of the Canadiens} 
he saw him perform—and come up with another prediction, |jcad over the pressing Detroit Ti-|cstied by curfew) shorter odds, Nashua picked up|20d. the Leafs. When they reach 
“My boy, Bobby, will make the National League,” was the sec- _igers, who topped the Boston Red Columbus 000 3100—4 51 Sieh York additional supporters, both among maturity they should be letter per- 
ond Wilsonlan prophecy. : _ 42 on a tworun homer by| Toronto 000 4200-3 5 oO] panins ay ; 2 a HA horsemen and laymen, Tuesday | fect. k § het 
2 20-year-old rookie sensation, Al} arackinson, Haag (5) and ~ i {when he stepped a mile in one|: While Chadwick, one of the few 
Backing up this plece of crystsl-ball gazing is the state- Kaline,. . Roarke; C, Johnson, Shore (6) and| 7 2shington U.S, citizens to reachthe heights! 
5 * 7c. . minute, 37 3-5 seconds and worked 
ment of Jim McKay, sports editor of the Woodstock Sentinel The Kansas City Athletics beat! Grits. Baltimore out the full Derby distance of aj 10 hockey, spiced his opinions with | 
Review. “Bobby,” sald the genial Jim, “is the finest hoc- Baltimore Orioles 4-3 on a threc- Columbus 101 001 001— 410 ¢ Washingien ct Chosen mile and,a quarter in two-minutes, Suter the cusiact dearer 
er seen.” Toronto 200 000 100—3 102 5-3-5 seconds. The Derby record 
Rey. srosmers © bere’ ef r " Duser, Lively (9) and Westlake; Boston at Dette Of 2:01 25 i¢ held by Whirlaway. It eeathletes ‘ot cay) ‘benefit from “4 
‘ Young Hull compiled an ienvisble record in his secon Littlefield gave’ the Pirates thei K, Johnson, Shore (8) and Griffin. New York at Cleveland (N) was set in 1941, better coaching, organization, tech- < 
J {all-season with » junior “BY Club. He sparked the War- third straight top-flight pitching ae beg = He ; - : Thursday's Game = niques and equipment. That's why 
rlors, or helped spark them to the OHA junior “B” cham- performance in beating the Braves. . y Boston at Detroit : ? they are better than those of 
, Ploriship, defealing the powerful Woodbridge Dodgers after Pg Races ood Streull. Binstons Laasve Soccer Results decade ago.” a - 
: game series, The Warriors won four, lost :: Pet. GB —_—_— Chadwick rates the. movie 
Purneee alcae ta cootae the fneted Dedeced tate. hec- [on the St. Louls Cardinals easler/S774cuie, 10 O00 O28 3 Montreal 1 6. LONDON. (AP)—Results of s00- ae SHOE POLISH 
key oblivion. ig Nery not a player in the reg- ee “oe pie A Toroata 9 : C00 As DIAL Wo 2-2854 
The Warriors defeated Owen Sound and Burlington to win |ular Pittsburgh lineup = is 30) ond Burbrink. _ + eae Beveea : 7 .43 1% eet, nine ) 
ee to wallop Seaforth before |¥&4tS old or above. The elders are American Assectlation Rochester 6 500 2% vision rthern Kk , 
their group playoffs, then went on t P Dick Cole, 28,¢the second baseman: |<+ pat 4 Toledo 3 Buffalo S 8 ,385 4 |Barnsley 2 Rochdale 0 f 
mecting the Dodgers for the titje. : . ., |Dale Long,.29, at first base, and|O-30°9 Indianapolls 2 Richmond S 9 357 4% [Carlisle U 1 Gateshead 2 “ARCH SUPPORT AND 
as eta Junlor “B” schedule, Bobby-scored 26 goals George Freese, 28, at third. Denver 4 Louisville 3 Syracuse dca 3 10 231 6 ene Aetrend Cup SHOE REPAIR CENTRE 
; ENTE SHINES * | Mi 3's, Games —— 
and 20 assists, for 4€ points, 16 behind Heldman of Waterloo, [ISNTENTE BRUNO te, just | ummeapolis_ 6 Charlestoa 7 lputtato at Columbus (N) 19 Campbell St. 
who topped the league. He finished in'seventh spot. id Havana .at Toronto (N) Dial WO 2-2854 for’ Appointment 
, 20, represents the youth movement Richmond at Rochester (N) 
In 24 games of the playoffs, he was the team top scorer and does it well with a .’33 batting Fights Last Night Montreal ‘ 5 at be a 
with 22 rae and 24 assists. In nine games with Seaforth, average. which ces him among —— Taursday's Games 
: 1 and assisted on eight others, including two ~ |‘2C, league's leaders. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS |Butfalo at Columbus SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. 
he scored 13 goals assis’ e TB, ng It was young Clemente who! goats — Milo Savage, 159%,|Havana at Toronto (AP)—A five-year-old pacer who 
hat tricks. This, despite the fact the oppositien watched him opened up the fireworks on the Seattle, outpointed Tiger “Al Wil: , last year came within a whisker “A GOOD PLACE TO DEAL” 
i ee ig Richmond at Rochester 
lke 2 hawk (no pun intended.) Braves’ veteran Span with a lead-|11.115, 158, Los Angeles, 10, Montreal at Syracuse of equalling a world record Tues- 
puri , t the an- 
Bobby has been selected with six other players of the Black .| Bob Rush kept the Cubs on Setoic ticket poy lst aa] BRE SEs SWienee mond Sodkg vaatenesa sale. BELLEVILLE MOTOR CAR 
Hawk juntor “B” system for elevation to junior “A” ranks next [Brooklyn's neck, buf Si games} oi. “is4, Niagara Falls, Ont., 4 Clarence Franklin, an agent, bid 
year. He will likely be seen in a St. Catharines Teepees uni- [back in 5 Pace, eT hag| Richmond, ~ Calif.—J Gon-|. BURBANK, Calif. (AP) — Dis-| $13,000 for Frisco Rebel. The pacer|} | co. LTD. 
: terful pitching performance. Don johnny Gon- j 4 
form. F Mueller, .with a double and a single, |Salves, 143%, Oakland, Calif., out- tance swimmer Roy Sutter, 40,)was consigned by Michael Holowc- : 

Irvi : Alex ‘Ama: Tuesday challenged Tom Park of|zak of Red Hook. Last year, at \ ———— 
sad rn — m coun Pareetate Nes cere 08%, | Sar oronte. to a swimming’ race 31)Saratoga raceway as a four-year- \ “MERCURY - LINCOLN - METEOR” 
beta Su cal ri nl to| Silam! Beach, Fla.—Andy May- miles from Catalina island to Santa|old, Frisco Rebel paced the mile in SE TI 
- vf er was ad SAIN hie field, 15934, Miami, outpointed Gus|Mfomica, Calif., next fall. Park beat|2:02 45, four-fifths of a second off ss Se AND COLEMAN STS. 
eaciat tantke’ raiete Hearn, who|Rubicini, 158%, Toronto, 12. Sutter in a Salton Sea, Calif., swim|the world record on a half-mile DIAL WO 8-5071 

had won three in a row, was the, Boston—Beb Murphy, 145%, Bos-|ast year. |track for a four-year-old pacer. A 

Giants’ loser. ' ton, outpointed Me Cardell,’ \151, 

Bobby has developed a physique like a young Apollo. 
He {a a» softball player of more than passing ability, wield- 
ing s"powerful hiekory. He will remain in Woodstock un- 
tll “school closes,” then return to his home in Point Anne, 
where likely his softball services will be utilized. It Is re- 
ported he was made an offer to remain'in Woodstock to play 


i "s h .|Hartford, Conn., y 
-softball, but Marse Robert apparently wants to spend the — [ ppiuszewski's homers against the) "ET iy CN Richard (Kid) : ; it & 
summer down around ole Ox Point with the family. enth, Charley Harmon and Gus|Howard, 140, Halifax, outpointed 2 
4 f CPA ER A : « Bell alse Sacsered for the Redlegs, bate e ey Ysera tins D Yy A é 
N giving the decision to relief pitcher and, e.— i i fl lj Oar ELLEVILLE 
Goop sHOW Bud Podbielan and the loss to Her-|136, SpokaMewetopped Pere 0 oll Wi MEMORIAL ARENA — B 

cal ' Wehmeier of the Phils. Agulrra, 134, Los Angeles, 6, 
Whipper Billy Watson, one of the top men in wrestling, MCatcher ‘Yogi ‘Berra proved -the : : 

will collide with Ernie Dusck, whose rugged ring methods have |‘‘goat'’’ of the Yankees loss to|~ 
earned him the nickname of~The Nebraska Bearcat, in the fea- patho se bil _ —. es 44 satiny oe: Belrored Pitcher, Ed 
as je result o jomers by ieve- e . 

nt crag cath sd beserrir ares pha ae ey land's Al Smith and Ralph Kiner| Al Kaline's homer for Detrolt 
: . and the Yanks’ Mickey Mantle,|gave Billy Hoeft his third straight 
— travel singly—they go about in anything from pairs up. This Yogi muffed a throw-in which led 
occasion will be no exception, with brother Emil facing six- |to three unearned runs. Mike Gar- 

foot-nine, 270-pound Tex McKenzie in the semj-final.. Those y 
Duseks are a hardy crew, but neither one of them got any bar- 
gain in these matches, for in the Whipper and the towering 
Texan, the Brulsirig brothers are -in against a couple of front- 
|. xank, hard-hitting ring operators. Pat ‘Flanagan will meet 
, Jan Gotch in the first bout, which won’t have a Dusek in it. 


8.45 P.M. (Daylight Saving Time) ’ 


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Canadian lacrosse player of the|which presentations will be made 
half-century in a 1950 Canadian] by the city and township councils. 
: poll, was born in Cornwall| Highlight will be a sportsmen‘s 
> in’ 1887, eight years after the city|testimonial dinner in Lalonde's 
~ was founded, He went on to.fame/honor that evening, 

; SORNWALL {CP)—Preparations tonal same. sae e@ phates @. Fontan : e. ae 5 j : TED McKENZIE vs. ‘EMIL DUSEK 
i lewsy Lalonde Day’’ May lewsy’s day will begin at 11 a.m. ; ¥ y 
_ Mj sou coppice: 1° | EE iba, cve ceremony fat || ment for entle, horses and steep. The Lorne McDougall Insurance Agencies || PATFLANAGAN vs. JAN GoTCH 

Admission: Ringside $1.00 - Adults 75c 

limited =. 
.  - “Belleyille’s Largest Insurance Office” * 

: Ladies and Children 60c : 
: DIAL WO 8-7265 2 

Seen a 




after the budget April 19 whether 

sand/ league with a 100 per cent mem- pile 
bership in attendance. And the with 
boys showed their appreciation of| other, nes 
cover fi dministration| ishes. time they see a 
rithe fine executive adm that the Jeagues’ roles will’ be 
ersed, with the Dodgers pulling 
away from all pursuit while 


ith both 

rugby andithe new commercial TV network 
speedway racing, .among  othet|/pidding for the league fixture list, 
spectator sports, may follow sult.lothers may think it wise 
-“fouGH DECISION vage something for the pot, 

puree Co ate ha 
Minor Baseball 
Meeting Thur. 

tever the increase, the treasury 
Whatevetin, reaping as it does an 
estimated. one-fifth of all soccer 

The Belleville Minor Baseball 

Association will hold its annual 

mecting at the city hall council 

ate receipts and a third of the 
as pies takings at boxing promotions. 
chambers tomorrow (Thursday) 
night starting at elght o'clock, 

But soccer, whose second and 
third division teams are in the 

President Bill Gault annonneed 
last night. 

heaviest financial weather of the 
post-war period and which had 

All interested in minor base- 

ball are urged to attend so that 

preliminary business can be 
dealt with and important mat- 
ters discussed. 

Sports Calendar 


Tonight <~- Belleville Orfuns 
practice CNRAA field at 6.30. 
ursday — Bobcats practice, 
CNR Field at 6.30 p.m. 

‘ ursday — First meeting of the 

Belleville Minor Baseball Asso- 

ciation, City Hall at 8.00 p.m. 



Sam Snead’s . 
Golf School 

Saturday— The Annual Belle- 
ville Minor Hockey Association 
party, Capitol Theatre at 9.15 
a.m. fi 

3. Welcome, new golfers! And 
Jet me say beginners — and many 
others — are apt to grip the club 
as shown in the left»{llustration. 
That's wrong! To grip the right 
way, move the thumb over until 
it is opposite the tip of the fore- 
finger. Then, when the right hand 
closes over this left hand the two 
are properly locked and that left 
thumb provides important support 
dor the shaft by belng under the 
shaft at the top of the backswing. 

— You will find by experimenting 
+-.that there is actually a big differ- 
yence when you swing the club] pitching—Bob Rush, Cubs, lim- 
with the thumb In the wrong po-|jted the New York Giants to four 
sition ag compared to swinging Stihits as Chicago blanked the world 

in ‘the correct position. Try it. I)champlons 60. : 
am dwelling on the left hand work| SBatting—Ted Kluszewski, Red- 
in the grip because, while thellegs, hit two home runs and a 
grip of both hands is extremely|single to drive in three runs as 
importent, the left predominates. | Cincinnati defeated the Phillies 7.5 

for Little Leaguers_ 


Wednesday, May 11—1ith annual 
Ken Colling Memorial 5 1-4 
mile cross-country race. Begins 

at BCI, 4.40 p.m.- 

Yesterday’s Stars 

, ‘The bunt and fake bunt are valuable weapons which every player 
should use, Even slow-footed power hitters can bunt for a a iit 
to keep their opponentg “honest"—as Emile Lombardi, a power~ 
house slugger, did at Ebbets Field a few years ago when the Dodger 
inffélders were playing hack on the outfeld grass. ' x 
.. Slugging speedsters like Mickey Mantle and Duke Snider keep 
their opponents off balance by bunting quite frequently. They use 
the bunt to help them out of @ batting slump occasionally, and a 
well-placed burt has broken up more than one pitching duel. Such 
expert bunters au Peewee Reese, Jackie Robinson, Phil Rizsuto, 
Johnny Hopp, Richie Ashburn and Dom DiMaggio have been quick 
to take advantage of a third baseman or first baseman playing too 
deep, or pitchers and infielders who are weak fielders. 

, In attempting to bunt for a base hit, the batter must not tip off 
the play in advance, and on the push or drag must push the ball 
hard enough to the right side of the infield to keep the pitcher from 
fielding it. These are much more difficult plays than the sacrifice 
bunt, because you must learn to bunt on the run, taking « step 
toward first as the ball meets dat but being careful not to'step 
put.of the battes’s box before the bunt is executed, eae 



Again Heads 
Major B League 

highly successful 1954-55 season, 
it was revealed at the annual ban- 

by returning the officials to of- 
fice without benefit of an elec- 

ficial capacity. Said Dave, “We 
have had a thoroughly enjoyable 
season, I had excellent co-opera- 
tion from team captains and 1 
hope the fellows will carry on 
next year in the same fine spirit 
that characterized their efforts in 
the season just finished.” 
With Art. Peever and Bobby 
McCann winning the food-con- 
sumption championships, the 
bowlers enjoyed a delectable chic- 
ken dinner, y 
The Bus Terminals, 


Joe Allen on the receiving en 

by president Batchelor. Micky) 


triple of 883 while the veteran 
kegler Joe Legault topped the 
singles with a phenomenal 435, the 
highest scored at Recreation Al-| 
leya. | 

Terminals are M. Storms, J. Calla-| 
ghan, J. Allen, M. Callaghan, A. 
Knott, W. Kiser and C, McKen- 
na. League teams include Champs, 
Bus Terminal, Ellis Printing, Sel- 
berling Tires, Comebacks and 

Recreation Alleys was a2 special 
guest and assuréd 
“Things won't be changed. I'll be 
back again next season.” 





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The popular president takes er 


Redner will again act in an‘ of-|to worry about it, espe 
the Brooks have proved that 
can manhandle the western clubs,sleep it off next day. 

Y Girls’ 
Gym Results 

| Hngton, Tt} 

Judges~were Ins) 
dj structors Eleanor Clarke, Sandra 
with the presentation being made; Winter and Di, Diamantides. 

— Elizabeth Linscott, 
nie Dahl, 46; Lin-| 
Pattle Bradford, | 

A novel lahour saving idca was Seen at an 
Ontario country fair last Fall. One of those 
while-you-wait artists was making silhouette 
drawings. But instead of working in the usual 
fashion with 
a system of his own: First he coated a piece 

of card with a quick drying glue. Then he had 
the customer sit in front of a lamp so thatthe * 
shadow of his profile fell on the glue-coated 
card. After a few minutes tht glue set and held 
the shadow firmly in place. 

Of course the customers had to grow new ‘i 
shadows for their profiles but this did not fake 
eng in the bright sunlight. 


one thriller righ 


Dave Batchelor No Reason For Brooks To. Decline 
__ |National-Loop Worried Says Talbot 

Argonauts Sign 

Tutsday night, 

farm club. 

\British Bookies 

on paper he worked out 

\yailing over patriotism, 

5 ‘Home Brews’ 

The annual girls gymnastics TORONTO (CP)—Toronto Argo- 
contest took the place of last Mon-|nauts have signed five Toronto 
day's der ee rare — oni players for the 1955 Big Four Foot- 
program a' e prep 
girls competed in tumbling and ball Union season, it was reported 
champlons were presented with| the junior girls in tumbling and 
their trophies with team captain! the pommel. The five are linemen Merve Col- 
lins and Ken Foster, who played 
with Argos last season, and line- 
The results of bee year’s girls’! nen Danny Nykoluk and Bud 
Moreau, captain of the Richard, gymnastic competition were as) 

Ellis Printing team, the runners-| follows: Peer and halfback Nayland Moll 
up recelved the prizes for his PREPS— 
In the Individual championship; 51 points; Stepha 
list, Mark Storms won the trophy, da Devereux, 44; 
for high average with a mark of/43 1/2. 
221. J, Callaghan had the high heck nega eb es sl 

Tum’ c—_ ne zzen, : 

Pat Miller 43; Judith Mott 42 1/2;| Back Rocky 
Marie-MecDonald 40. H 
Pommel —Lynne Furzzen 54 1/2; 

of Toronto Balmy Beaches, Argo 

Judith Mott 49 1/2, Patty Jenki pantalla ah es ener 
ui enkins 
Members of the champion Bus] 48 1/2; Marie Knowlton 47 1/2. — makers, business judgment pre- 
Crests will be awarded the win- 
ners at the Mother and Daughter, ™ade Rocky Marciano the favorite 
Banquet, to be held on May 13th.|to lick Britain’s Don Cockell in 
——— thelr heavyweight championship 
LIVED IN PETERBOROUGH fight in San Francisco on May 16. 
TORO! (CP)—James S. Wel- 
ve in church circles 
Tom ‘Pappas, manager of the) in Toronto for 40 years, died here 
|Monday. He Uved for a time in 
the boys| Peterborough where he helped pr- 


vailing against Cockell. None of the 
bookmakers was prepared to offer 
more than 64 against Rocky. knock- 
ganize the YMCA and Baptist'ing out the Briton before the sixth 
Young People's Union. round. 

The best of 





1 z 
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Six Entries 

\Expected In 

at the association's 

ball League, including a Belle- 
ville junior team, it was learned 
eel eee 

ing held at CJBQ last nigh! 

president Frank 





.79, KICK 

ter a club. Although no one was 
present from a city junior squad, 

Grandame ‘sald: 
“I was notified by Mr. Paul Hag 
gis, now out of the city on busi- 




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% I~, 

D. Hill 

—— = 



€15—Strength for the 


635—Up With the Sun 

700-—News,’ Weather . 

2:10—Up With the Sun’ 
; 3:30—News, Wéather 
I 7:45—Weather and 
' 230—Up With the Sun 

3B:00—N. Weather 

&820—Up ‘With the Sun 
32s— Morning Devo 
2: oo 
930--Hits for the 


” 1023—Tennessée Ernie 


8:00—Wild Bill Hickok 
€30—Cartoon Theatre 

T20—' (NBC. 
73S—Al Sisson 
835—-Thought for the 
3is—Movie Quick 
20: Dong 
20:30—Way of the World 
1045—Sheila Graham - 
1120-—Home z 
12:00—Tennessee Ernie 
33790 Feather, Your 
1200—Movie Theatre 

re es 

usual film ‘series, 



224 FRONT ST. 

“second successful season on 


“ (CIBQ — 1230 Ke) © 

| $49—I2 Town Tontent '830—Show Piece 

oa the Stamp] ,9:30—N. 

700—Face ‘ 5 
703—News 9:45—Music “TU Mid- 

720—Keyboard pers 
74S—United Nations 1030—News,: Westher : 
f 10: usie “Til Mid- 
800—Tibber McGee and _ night ; 
g:5—ThevGreat GUld- |il0s—Musie “Til Mid- 
ersleeve night 

‘Show $s 
10:40—Whispering Street) 5:05—Penthouse Party 

1100—Newa,. Weather 530—Eddy Arnold 
11;05—Stork Club €:00—Supper Music 
12:10—-Worth 6:15—Newa. . Weather 

11:15—Who Am i? 

11:30—Time Out With Soin tows. Tonight 
ie 3 
c 645—Quinte Legends 

wi ; 
11:45—Music from sereur Time 

12:00—Luncheon Musics dom 
12:30—News, Weather 7:05—News. Weather 
12:40—Music from Ire- 

4S— Room 
1243—R, R. 1230 8:00—Double or Nothing 

1:15—Make Mine Music] 8:30—Ray 

200-—News, Weather 9:00—-Scarlet Pimpernel 

205—Make BMine M 9:30—National News 
E ther Summary 
3:05—What's New? 0:45—Music Mid- 
$20=8 Weather n 
425—Your Favorite 10:30—Newe, Weather 
Hymns 10:40 -Musi: “Till Mid- 

4:15—Best on Wax 




= 14:00—New: & Weather |meaning. The special meaning is/ placed the actor on probation for a 


Could Write Book About Tour 
With Douglas in Deep Sth | 

, } 5 By: BOB- THO MAS- it for $3,000 a pertormance.” 
* - aps alee by elas! ac 5 
By SAM GORDON HOLLYWOOD (AP) :— :Wendell Seodgh sailing aboardy lie’ Caine. i 
The Kibitzer Corey’ could : write “a book about!From Jast July to February, he 
his tour. with “'Caine ‘Mutiny toured in the U.S. and Ganada.|. 
The bridge word double ~ ts|Martial."": Suggested: title:, “‘With|)white he found it a worthwhile 
.| truly some kind of double talk. It}Douglas in the Deep: South.” experience, he doesn’t plan to'xe-|_ 
means one thing in some situa-| You'll recall that'Paul Douglas,/peat it soon. ae 
tions and something different in]who played. Captain Queeg in the)” But he said the tour proved the 
other spots. The same tone of|troupe, was reported to have pop-/nealthy condition of the road for 
Voice is used. So you must know |ped in Greensboro, N.C., that ““the|jegitimate plays, He added: “You 
what where. South stinks. can’t tell about some places. In 


The original meaning of the) The casual remark to a Greens- ar é ; 
bidding world double is to advise|boro Dally News reporter started| res g0g peome, Im Tovonte, we —— Piper Laurle soft-soaps chi¢t automotive en- 
partner that opponents can be/a chain reaction. Producer Paullcouldn't draw flics. ‘Yet Montreal THE BELLE gineer Paul Kelly into supporting Tany Curtis’ at! f to, build Eee 
defeated for double penalty. In|Gregory cancelled the play's tour,|zave us big crowds, We played Dee Harvey. sehare a radical new sports car in‘this scerie from. Unlvereurtateraa= 
 oeeee has ears it is Knowo bere re Douelas: remark had $0/Detroit for a run that’we thought ‘hichata. an Crusad Seetaad od eth Bias Lautie nud Costis Yikes Chase see Sianey 
th that bu co-; jurie a: i \ 
penal fnfuria e siness| exhausted the possibilities. But we deren inne Blackmer join Kelly. in the top featured east. On-the same’ pro- 

‘In some special positions the} would be poor. Douglas denied he i fon and George Sanders. 
: , y came ba ree months later and 7 , 
double loses its “fundamental issyed the quotevand. sed. Gre-|stayed "a nearby univeraity, fled) fer'be Maxctatce ate Buc nee: | Ea" The Bon of Davy Crockett’, starring: Wild 

meaning and takes on a special/gory for $1,000,000. Actors equity! house with 9,000 people.” 

‘BUM Eliott, 

to ask partner to take the double i 

out; a takeout double, year because of his conduct on the} ay THE McCARTHY 
us, the wo ble may| How did the hassle Jook to an] Barbara Stan tehes Cruel- 

mean to partner: Do not disturb/innocent bystatder? Corey, mild- op Niort nee ee 

matured, for which I’m grateful, | first ‘turned .down: her. powerful 
because there's nothing-as good, |role in “Double Indemnity.” Now, 
for acting purposes, as a bad.wo-|she says, “whoever talked me in« 

tle empire, she casually drops 
words that lead to cold-blooded 
murder. She has an affair with 

MEOHESDAY the’ status quo; let me strict! ty jot SViolent Men’, ° p man. And this woman in ‘The |to playing it, did’ me and Holly- 
6::0-—Weather 9:00—Kraft TV Theatre| alone. Ore it may mean just the pierre but plain-spoken, af) Barbara Stanwyck’s film ca- che Sees ee pend Giceners Violent Men’ is about the ‘bad- woudl farce It changéd: my an a 
$ sNews 224. Soorte 10:00 eet, your Lire |OPPOsite: Do not Jet this double reer of bad women, which hegan |iove. Finally, when the ranch- | dest’ ever to emerge from a mov; |career and it broadened the type 77m 
<2 ile Fisher i0-30-—-Fablan of tbe stand; take me out of it. with “Double Indeninity,” has |house that is her pride. burns |ie script. . 3. “:Jof.roles.that many players have 
7 ews Caravan =| ¥ard The dividing line is very plain "happy ‘about his: re:| 20"? in all probability, descend-|down around her, she climaxes| The star confesses that she |since;been willing to do.” f 
8:00—Request Perform-|11;17—Weather Almanac |t0 an experienced player. He ed to the bottom rung of infamy. = : Za 

ance 11:23—Speaking Sports 
830—My Little Margiel1i30—Tonight™ kas 

2230—Ladies Fair 6:45—Speaking of 
300—Ted Mack's Sports 

Matinee tT 
330—Greatest Gift 7:2"-—Call the Play 
3:45—Concerning Miss | 7-6—Dinah Shore 

400—Hawkins Falls (NBC) 
4:15—First Love 8:00—You Bet Your 
430—Mr. Sweeney's Life 

World 830—Justice 
4:43—Modern Romarites] 9:00—1 

5:00—Pinky Lee Show | 930—F Theatre 
$:30—H 'y Doody 10:00—Lux . 
6:00—Range Rider 

630—Cartoon Theatre /11:17—Weather, Almanac 
6:40—Almanac, Weather/11-23—Speaking of Sporw 




8:00-—-WBEN. FBI 9:30—CJBC, Can. Music 

8:00—CFRB, Take a . 930—WBEN, Amos ‘N” 

p800-~ GEC. McGee and 10:00—CBL, National 

T.V Radio Column 

* Loretta Young Nearing End 
Of Second Successful Season 

By WANE OLIVER it will be entirely different. 
NEW YORK (AP) — Loretta] Fact is, some of Miss Young's 
i earing the end of a|Programs are over-sentimental and 
ane ee tele-| sticky sweet. But she has change try. 
ignoring form’ f the}/Of pace and frequently turns in 
exer she Sele 6t the challenging Le tivncee as in 
Other TV stars appearing on ajher recent “‘Dateline orea” in 
weekly basis stick to one role for|Which she played the role of a 
the star and the same basic situa-|hard-boiled woman newspaper cor- 
tion, Loretta plays a different role|espondent, 
and uses a different situation each} She also has played school 
Sunday night, with no effort atiteacher, nurse, woman exccutive, 
office girl, test pilot’s/wife and 
One result is that the viewer’ iz|many other roles. Inevitably there 
less apt to tire of the show, Hejhave been two or three strongly 
may not like this week's episode,|reminiscent of her Oscar-winnlo 
but -can tune in next week knowing part in the 17. movie, ‘Farmer’: 



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You can be popular and rate as a social hit if you cant. 



Where fun is combinéd with relaxation and instruction in all 
the latest phases of ballroom dancing. 

DIAL WO 2-2245 

her iniquity by snatching away 
her crippled husband's crutches 
in the @spectation that he will 
be burned alive, - 

According to Miss Stanwyck, 
“the woman I play is a lovely 
little monster. Ten years ago, I'd 
have refused to play her. Then, 

said Corey, “But I'm not 
at effect they had on busi. 
ness, There was a lite resentment 
in Greensboro before we left. But 
we went on to good business in 
places like Atlanta, Jackson and 
Birmingham—and ‘you’ can't get 
much deeper, south than that.” 
Corey explained that the com- 
pany had swung up td Pittsburgh 
when ,the cancellation came from 
Gregory, Other southern dates re- 
mained to“ be played. Then the 
producer was threatened with law 
suits by civic groups and others 
who were sponsoring the cancelléd 
dates. He whipped up a company 

In “The Violent Men,’ \also star- 
ring Glenn Ford and Edward G. 
Robinson, at the Odcon McCar- 
thy Theatre Thursday, in Cin- 
emascope and color by Techni- 
color, Miss Stanwyck has what 
she Carers to be the wicked- 
est role in history in motion pic-|1q¢ have been afraid le would 
tures. She portrays a beautiful | associate me with bla trieeveats 
frontier woman whose drive for|ing ‘ower. But times have 

power eyentually destroys’ her. ; 
In the process of building a cat- carried Audiences’ tates, have 

knows exactly how to distinguish 
between the two, He knows when 
it is for penalty and when it is 
only for takeout, 

The first requisite for.a takeout 
double is that partner of the 
doubler has not yet bid. Because 
jg a player has already bid, a 
double by his partner Js always 
for penalty. Always. 

Take the deal you see heret 


Davy Crockett 
; The Name en a Million Tongues! 
_"  Gun-blazin’. 

- 2 BIG HITS! 

fist- fling. 

headed by William Bendix to ful- BRITISH ACADEMY | versissen...20ctoue.. DANGEROUS! in'thrills.. 
WEST cage - |S iheictileations ‘ * AWARD WINNER The when this 
‘63 ak 10975 : ey asked me ff I would go battler goes 
_ id. “I p 
oxi o853 410. along,’ Corey said. said I'd do 
@aAQs 06 . > > 
&S @&K JI 1098 fon & os 
2 Ootee Ww eesoe iss 1 DAVY CROCKETT 
° a. 


The bidding starts off like this: 235-7.00-9.00, . 

. AT THE CAPITOL — In Technicolor— 
South West North '~ Eset “Passion” — el Wilde, 
l@ 29 3& Double P 

Is the east double for takeout/ar THE MeCARTHY—“Chance Meet- 
or penalty? Right quick you must] 182", Odile Versols, David Knight —- 
know it is for peel habs oe — 2.06-7.00-10.00. 
cause partner of the doubler ha ———— Z as 
bid before the double was used|“Tutiing My Baby Back Homer —| = : , 4 
by one of the pair. Technicotor—Donald O'Conner, Janet | . ~ a Pe sf 

Thus, if partner has already bid,| Leigh — pchina venture’ Ramone : : or 
you know fast when your double} at 1.30 ‘p.m. : emer. ef 
is for penalty. Because then it},) UINTE DRIVE-IN — ‘Dan 206 “hts 
could be no other. Not ever. hen Willie Comes March | D 7 cove uy 

i and “By The Light of the e z 

—$<—<—<$_—$—$—$—————————— aifvery Moon” with Doris Day (Tech- 

. nicolor), 
Daughter,"* in which she took the 
part of a maid of: Swedish ances- 

starTinc © ANOTHER BIG, BIG | 

TOMORROW. Stearate eae 

azgy The GREAT BROADWAY MUSICAL—=, i oe ASeLON alee 

_Singing, dancing, romancing across ae 

the big screen comes this lassje-laden 

love-and-kisses musical romance!” 

Miss Young Is one of the most 
successful former movie stars to 
come into television. Now 41 by her 
own biography, she started in 
movies first as a child actress and 
was a star by her ‘teens. She had 
featured or starring foles in 8 
films before changing to TV. 
Loretta’s show last Sunday com- 
pleted the new episodes filmed for 
the current season, which ends in 
early June, However, she will re- 
S!sume production in late June to 
accumulate a backlog for the new 
season, starting in late August. 



have noted a. ala. kee KKK ke KR 

htetda Maurov's Dutt fons te- a Theatre 

fore the closing commercial on his ne Pee ‘ = ae Ee sr 

By stig gine agen night os ¢ ‘ f ey! | ts = ri ‘ 

r Y z mira! f HK BRIDCE STREET © wate 6 PRONE OS a ee 
Wednesday and Thursday 

Men! ... got a family that's getting pesky? Make them happy 
—take them to a movie. Raate 

“Walking My Baby 
“ Back Home” 


It’s your favorile song-and-dance man ... Donald O'Connor 
... in the gayest laugh-filled musical funfest of his career... 
with eorasous Janet Leigh... and a wealth of toe-tingling 
song hits. ‘ 4 

black in a moment’ Instead of 
“back in a moment.”* 

What the audience didn’t hear 
was guest Rocky Graziano's com- 
ment to Murrow over a voice cir- 
cuit betwecn his apartment and the 
studio, still in eperathe from i 
proceding interview, y 
quipped over the Sesto 
“I’m sorry I tripped you, Ed. 
You must have picked up some of 
my diction.” 

Between Belleville asd Trenton 
. At Bayside 





Desperate men battle the jungle to keep allve an enemy. officer 
ACS to the sergeant she was just a woman too weak to make the - 
journey, but she proved to have a mars nerves ...: 
chief collects double indemnity with his double talk and double 

> dealing... even the marines found it hard to fight the jungle, 
the guerillas and the Japanese all at once. 


— also — 



Barry JONES- Albert SHARPE 

_ —— 

_ FIRST RUN ays 

: nm ec 5 | 
MAY5-6-7  * min " ; ae : 
ees Alegre » FAMOUS = ae See! FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 6th.. 
ee PLAYERS LAST Sie 5 Imported. from Holland 

Children Under 12 Free 9.18 - CRUSADERS” 


to the first 300“Mothers Attending, 




SO TLL Always iow V1 LAs SOON 
eee eres = 

Your Horoscope 


your birthday comes 


are sure you’ are right. 
twice today. 

November 23 to December 22 — 
(Sagittarius) — Nothing outstand- 
ing. in today’s configurations. But 

ook in the section in which: refuse to be Irritated, or stymied. 
and find| Review plans before starting your 

what your outlook is, accordingiday, then take charge and don't 

to the stars.. 
¥or Thursday, May 5, 1955 

stop until you have attained at 
least part of your goal. 

‘Think ; 

1 Tennessee 

® Rodeo equip- lane 



13 Large 

_ wardrobes 
14 Tools for turn- 
ment 47 Antitoxic agent ing boltheads - 
The upper or 48 Redskin 21 Radio character 
higher border 49 Black Shirt 34 Indian tribes- 
Saw wood with men of south- 

ACROSS 46 Inventor of a 
Senator 46 Lewis’ Timber- 

Steep slape 

grain , ern Alaska 

December 23 to January 21 —| 17 Sicknesses rm Deadly 

March 21 to April 20 (Aries) —! (Capricorn) — Even if some indi- 
Only falr aspects, but they can cations point 
help the ambitious ones among there Is always a way for the 

Don't treat assets, friend-| hopefully energetic, persistent 
ships, position or work lghtly.!one, Do not go to extremes or be 
You ‘need them all. tactless. Both could react against 

April.21 to May 20 (Taurus) —/¥°U- 
Taurus's inborn right thinking and; January 22 to February 20 —' 
just action should: bring top re-| (Aquarius) — Less benefic influ- 
turns. - Enjoy - life. . with good ences than you might suppose. Be 
friends, loved ones; take an Inter=| careful in what you undertake, 
est in the welfare of others in or-/ especially if it's new. But be en- 
der to insure cooperation. for your-| couraged by the fact that many 
self. . have achieved the “impossible.” 

May 21 to June 21 (Gemin!) —| February 21 to March 20 — 
Being roundly capable of main-| (Pisces) — Vibrations encourage 

ining a position where adapt-| personal matters rather than busi- 
i and soy | bbe bein ness, money of new. undertank- 
yee» SUCCESS. ings. Avold needless contention; 
préclable heights now. But don'tido not undertake responsibilities 
Horce matters. which you cannot possibly ful- 
“June 22 to July 23 (Cancer) —; fill. 
Curb any desire to “do it all” In} you born today are unusually 
too short a time. Results would! sturdy, dependable, and loyal - 
show rough edges, lack of accur-|minded. ‘Taureans can readily 
Sey UE quality is your first thought! grasp and utilize new methods, 
you will allocate your tasks|can take the ideas of others, and 

26 Inform 

Our: Lady oe 54 Come eariler Gather 

to unfriendliness! 

2 Mr. Chancy of 

Business 56 zenoee asa 
rey urden 
apace peers Inhabltant of & 
‘te Dallas” 
Island SE of 

Mentally -keen 
Trip |. 
Opposed tor 
Colloq. - 
Bottom of ship 


Flying’ maching 
What Durante 
is famed for: 
2 wds, 

She inherits 

Friends fn 
Mexico . 
Honey: Comb. 


Fish “lung” 
West Indlan 

Grass for pas 
ture or lawns 
“How I wonder 
what you 

‘mm tow 

Put back 

River flowing 
Into. Danube 

ee CORN aH 

Make manifest ~ 

Part of truck — 

Part of tree 

32 Prison room 

weights of = - 
movable bridge 
Lacking power 
Great actor la 

. Holmes plays 

Flon’s capital 
Unsulted for & 
role ~ 


Young mas 
with bouquet 
Be suspended 


Greek pilier 


Dancer Leroy 




smartly. Réctify errors cheerily. 

Iuiy 24 to August 22 (Leo) — 

Hold back a tendency to rush 
hrough activities without proper 
study, analyzing. This could be 
lan exciting, and probably interest- 

ig, day, Be philosophical, your 
genial self and you will win your 
battles more easily.. —~ . 

August 23 te September 23 — 
(Virgo) — You are on the favored 
side of the planetary fence. Your 
Mercury is generously aspected 
for routine work_and professiona 
ers. building, Pavking, mer- 


September 24 to October 23 — 
(Libra) — Your aspects now-are 
wimilar to Leo's, though maybe 
mot quite so forceful, Hold emo- 

ons in check rather than chance 
needless risks. Concentrate on 
quality rather than quantity... A 
genial disposition is a great aid. 

October 24 to November 22 — 
Scorpio) — Your big obstacle to- 
may le in wanting to “Jump 

® gun,” getting things done too 
ckly.. Speed is fine only if you 

improve upon them. You are fine 
mechanics, thorough, efficient in 
anything you undertake, and will} 
never qquit if there is a possible; 
chance of success. You should be 
a good student. Correct a ten- 
dency to brood or worry. <Avold 
overindulgence {n food, drink, 
anything. This could be a fine 
Taurus year, Keep your mind on 
wholesome things, and always 
pray for guidance. 

Ausner to Previous Pussie 

sits BIE] 
| aie Boe 
SOE tet 
me fal Brisicl IKI ED] 
gna Eis mm I |VivI 
cy (ClH| 

inlola[0| sO 


——_———— ————_$_ ee 
also}  anteed line of bene popreedy <t9 Toll- qual ‘ground floor space, : power cleaned and treated, $1.25 

pable wanan a Vi 1, , George Mt. 

rience rine previous IAL condition: $150, Apply Well-| HOUSE AND GOOD GARDEN = 
wages expected, age, expe ion, 0. Apply Well- SPOT, 
62, Ontario Intelligencer, 22, On ‘ YEARS. WILL PA’ notice. Lorn banks Auto Sales, 155 James. 2 sheds. Apply Mrs. Harrison Scerv, 
Boxter % oe 7% interest. “Roy i 2f50 Front Street. meat] Bhannonvilie. WO 8-8001- m 
COUNG? Ne h Permanent position. Night work. GARDENS TO PLOW AND CULTI-| LARGE, 3-ROOM, HEATED, GROUND Reeling, powered lawn mower, New.| CHESTERFIELD SUITE. GOOD CON- 
familiar aah the read Apply in person to Nick's Lunch. vate, Ais. farm: WHEN 2-turrow ficor. enter epee eateanees 'O 2-0296, Mé4-3t| dition. Picton 935-J-1, 43-2 
. . vena; A Ren! * iS 
prints, to assist preparing orcers M3-2t| Beltevilie, WO a-020d, *  hgem| _ WO 8-6839, MANURE, WELL ROTTED, TRUCK- 
WO 2-3411 for appointment, YOUNG ‘WOMAN. NURSZMAID AND : : TROoM APARTMENT, WITH ed, Phone WO 8-8387, M6-2t 
ee | Avo Box G, Salto Mualvesct!| EMPLOYMENT WANTED | Wo swe” TUS ‘gus; BUMDING LOTS FHONE Wo oft 
Apgly to, Leo Hebert, Bayside, next af Ww. 

——$—$————————— ————E———_——_—_—_——————— 

-contajned apartment.| 2 months old. Sell in small quan-| Used one summer, Reasonablc. 
BOOKKEEPER TO HANDLE AC- sear ee or] WO 18-0528. ask ior Mrs, McGee. titles { desired. John Hanley, Route] WO 8-0244. M3-at 
counts receivable. payable. | algo write to ay wood | selerences: ment aes 8S, Ontarts 13;| % Belleville, MA-3t| crIvER TRACTOR, 60, GOOD CON 
erat journal ay free catalogue, FAMILEX, 1600| RELIABLE MAN, 40, WITH LATE STRAL REFRIGERA’ ; pped i a 
eee ee AO SERIE | ee ra i MR prodel | Sari Geulres emplozment.| SELF-CONTAINED APARTMENT. | ¢ UEtew. units aval for collage, 8c0:| Quantity ot 3 emtock. Te 6: 
are, experience. GENERAL OFFICE CLERK WITH| Ontario Intelligencer. M3-3t] College of dial WO 86-4079, MS ETL eT ahaa er ttectoed og en 
crete snow ledge of Dogkkeeping. $i cay M4-3t] STRAWBERRY PLANTS, DUNLOPS, | ——————————_——_—— 
Intelligencer. ADett le each: Fairfax, 11g. Quantity of| SMALL OVAL SHAPED TABLE. 
Y : pics -]3-ROOM APARTMENT, UPSTAIRS.) cedar posts. Sebado-potatoes. Percy| -Antique. . Four xXitchen chairs, 
a aan hie 3-piece bath, continuous hot water.| DeMille. WO 8-8745, M4-3t]| WO 32-4936, M3-3t 
. Congenital working eondi- Suse Samen WO &- C6 been 1¢-FT. BOAT AND TRAILER. BEST 
ons S\y-day week. Blue Cross and| ALL KINDS P. . erat 3 é. B 3 kK H 
Z St Group. plans. Apply, stating h ‘ inish! aE + ead 53 Cathetine 7 Street New General Electric 
Bex 103, Ontarlo Intelligencer 2-3026. az-st]  AMOURIST RESORTS ADMIRAL T.V, COMBINATION 21” 

: Intelligencer. Belleville, Mae-tt AND COTTAGES TO LET | Zdle-pene, ‘and seriaty’ Beatty! Automatic Washer 

“ aa < 28 . 
req » mechanic % CAMP SHARBOT FOR BOYS 5-10.) "a nP HOLSTFIN by 
jor. garage ‘Oshawa, Ontario. WANTED Ma-3t| CAMP SHARBOT FOR BOvSuture| SEVEN HIGH GRADE HOLSTEIN and Automatic Dryer 
to service four YOUNG LADY DESIRES EMPLOY-| counsellors. Excellent mea heifers, 2 years old, due to freshen. 
and five ton gesoline trucks. Steady 79. BUY: BUILDING LOT IN CITY, ment. Office work. Sales clerk. gee eras Towdate, On Tyendinage. P hone “lonsaale z 
$iel tosiee per hour, Reply xiving ecrebneerere treaties shecem ded nc raanetonty Co - ipsa ERORS ees meee With 5-Year. Warranty 
‘ 5 —_— 
fuil details, age, experience. refer-| CARDENS TO PLOW AND CULTI- FULLY EQUIPPED COTTAGES, . JOHNSON MOTOR, | 's4 
ences ete. to Box, 63,  Ontario| “vate, Phone WO 88200,” MAat TY ech Belleville; Land O° Lake| with electric start.” Used $138.00 TRADE-IN 

Intelligencer. : JANTED District. Vacancies May, J only 30 hours. A 
100 HEAD OF CATTLE TO PASTURE ACCOM. .W. after Adgust ria sRines Fo on PEWS Si0is For Your Present Washer 

“When you were in the Seabees In World War II, did you 
ever run across a dump truck ndmed Emily?" 


= for 1935 season. Apply Box 84. On-|3 on 4 BEDROOM HOUSE, NEAR| WS. o¥!* 4 TO 6 INCH CEDAR POSTS. $35. 
TWO FULL-TIME tarlo Intelligencer. ¥a3-3t}" School, on East Hill, Best of refer-| = #\_~ . ¢ hundred. Apply Morley Exgle- on the Pair OR RENT, IN FOXBORO, 7-ROOM 7 
PLAYPEN IN GOOD CONDITION.| ences Phone WO 8-6245. Mé-3t : Foxboro, evenings. M4-2t house. Hot and cold water, heavy BUILDING LOTS 
PIANO TUNING AND REPAIRS ably unheated, by refined business 49 Ford tractor, plow .and culti- Apply. F. °E. 

Bellevilie. and district. Write Box lady~ Close to downtown, Apply vator, Phone WO 2-1152, Mé-3t 

Phone 2028, 


a 33, Ontario Intelligencer, Box 30, Ontario Intelligencer, i BLUE RASPBERRY CANES. EARL 
wanted to fill the following CS a ary : LUE RAST OER Ayes weet of Red |R, E, KUNTZE & SONS |7-200 HOUSE AND LOT Were| . ON SOUTH SHORE 
Pos! GARDENS TO PLOW AND CULTI.| quire self-contained, furnished parevilles = pes Sal Beedle ssa BAY OF UINTE 
PLUMBING and HEATING | Had cusrsul’, Bates eg. Also] _spariment, WO SS invE RUNABOUT BOAT, S-FT.| UG econ ee rene meus ia] Tee mente Siieviley | MSAGRE. FARM, 3) MILES STROM Q 
‘A basic knowledge of bulld- M2-3t| ROOM AND BOARD FOR MOTHER| beam, 2 years old. Less motor, with| good condition. Frank Reid, R. R. 3 Belleville. $2,000 down. — Balance : ; 
e and li-year-old daughter, or will} trailer. Real buy. Apply 38 West i 3t 217 Front St. WO 8-6403) may, be sed. Phone te 
ing construction desirable, HAVE CUSTOMERS FOR REASON-| share accommodation. Write Box s.) College Street. WO 2-1431, ee zest aid-2t| _ Mt. View. A26-f| 7 MILES FROM BELLEVILI © 
: . able Bair ra nance: TE od. Base: ene Ontarlo Intelligencer, M2-3t Mé-2t) 5° BATHTUB. igoop, CONDITION: PEPE Sor Per Te Ny er Tae cy 
if ee complete wl fittings. 5. pve 
Specialized sales training WO 2-4246. M2-8t| TO RENT: 2 OR 3 BEDROOM HOUSE. | CUT STONE TOR cheer Danas WO 80349, Be a5 30 28 QUEEN ST: | ? 
sien co ee Mate, Phone WO S-0000 > “Pasta Beilevilier Box f04,"Ontarlo iniell-| MER | IF YOU HAVENT ORDERED YOUR NOW ON DISPLAY THIS VERY DESIRABLE Loca- | BAY Ean 
FURNITURE, FLOOR t 8-8206. Az9-4t}  gencer, or Phone WO 2-2075. |) | WeanlInG PIGS. SOME OLDER| %¢¢ corn. you can still buy Pioneer. : TION, 5 minutes’ walk from | EXCELLENT SHELTERED 
COVERINGS and’ APPLIANCES |T0 BUY: BACKWARD AND CLOSE M241) "ones, Building 15 x 20% one 18 x1 Pioneer hybrids every year veeMBse | 42) 285 NEW. LOCATION Feo ae oom Brick with OR : 
- 5 w vi 
Fe Sse ates” AMY | TORENT, FBEDROOM HOUSE IN| Vincent Sickinney, ead” “TOY | of thee cutamnding, gush amy | FOXBORO ROAD bedronm aperinent ictwmer | ANCHORAGE FOR pours 
: Applicant should have back- Hotel, Belleville. Aatawe| i> or Heer Belleville: Pacne We SMES a MS Foxboro, Phone Is-Weiz. ALLIS CHALMERS W D TRAC. haat iwith oe eee ees prviess { 
ude ke a) = onal man 0! ct Tope: . ‘ 
Lyte of aoe Sse GARDENS TO PLOW AND CULTI- USED PIANOS, RECONDITIONED 6-033 -19-16-20-25-37 TOR—Hydraulic power shift] Seen. by appointment only. E2:©: KEELER 
this type of merchandise Wo arise ge = Stoliker. a and. guaranteed. Always ° good | Fira, size FOUR POSTER WALNUT wheels, live: PTO, lights, 916,000, : 
is Rha Toa ae ae er eh) TO LET bad aad get terms./" eq, springs and Marshall sprin . - Real Estate Broker 
UNUSUAL OP USED C. R. E. Kuntze & Sons, your Mason) mattress, 44 brown site! bed and| ALLIS CHALMERS MODEL 8B FURNISHED .BFOK 
EORSUNITE eas APARTMENT, | 9 | MILES and Bich dealer, 317 Sheer] mattress, Large walnut bed snd) TRACTOR — Lights, pulley, "| Phone Mt. View 41-R-15 
TO THE RIGHT MEN TRADE IN YOUR OLD CAMERA ON| Belleville. Outside WO 6660S springs. WO 2-4930. M2-3t PTO. New. SUMMER. COTTAGE 

ON Bey Shore, {3 way to Trenton. 
92,300. ‘¥. E. HUSON 


a@ new one by of the 
ianufacturers: “Argus, Balde. Bot-| WO S316s ‘aller 630. | RISED “PARTS eee ee eee eee ee tereaien 

WO.3:3786 g TRACTOR — Lights, pulley, 

Apply in person to the Store Manager 

ment Suitable for couple. TIRES — BATTERIES BOAT, AND MOTOR, 16 FT. *VIC-| Good condition. 

: d best trade-in allow bout with 25 hp. John: 
Simpson - Sears Ltd. Holufan Camas Centre Te eae | = eu Dial WO 81576, HAVE A LARGE bom, complete ‘with ‘con ALLIS CHALMERS WC TRAC- 

WE ALSO : PTO ‘ARMS oe or 
320 FRONT STREET ee ee een ORC NE en eee ee eeegEs SE. “Bosthouse “available te A ATE are a. : H PHILLIP #0. garege be new, East Bill iow 
ae GARDEN, PLOWING only t Oo sacs ; "| Boat on yearly rental. WO 2-3112. condition. . e. In n . 
+ “ext Door tp Mccarthy Theatea) | Patngy Cubs waste “We covpin,| , 7: Vacant May ain. WO 33405.) Mowers. Auto Wreckers oe bz-3t| MASSEY HARRIS 6-FT, CLIP aes Ss _Eitge got, Olt aber aeaace Besiad 
: : Ais-im|2 FURNISHED ROOMS. REFAIGERA- PHONE WO 32-2918 LOT 100" x 200° AT POINT ANNE PER COMBINE Bin Machine’ : Real Estate Broker Stent handle, : 

M6-2t] Lane. WO 8-6578. 42-3 with ‘motor, clover attach- 

ments, Good condition. 

Are ‘You Interested GARDENS TO PLOW AND CULTT. To PLOW AND CULT: hot and cold water, 
0 B77: 

vate, Ford tractor. A. Miller, N. i San : 
° : L Park St. Phone WO 23-4805. * poe BUILDING LOTS range, Large Sen naicees ‘BEACH ALLIS CHALMERS 60 ALL 214 Dumps nay 312) $7,000. — 3-BEDROOM, 11;-STOREY 
in Pleasant Al6-1m|100 ACRES PASTURE, PLENTY OF and table top. Good condition. $65.| _ CROP HARVESTER. - Com- t M3-5t| on West Hil, 5 minutes from doyn, 
ulside pa SS aa he 
: DEAD STOCK REMOVED | |——— oO 207%. wee 150’ DEEP SGR1¢ Mt View, Rossmore... 44] pletely overhauled. Like new dining crea Living recta andy 
i: APARTMENT. FURNISHED, HYDRO. ‘ - $1,000, DOWN, $85. MONTHLY, —| size kitchen, ees 
Contact Work? sug ttention Farmers! Cisse downtown Suilabie fr twe:| NAME YOUR FRONTAGE | CLINTON AND VANGUARD OATS. Three-bedroom house. Large living a | 
amo SS Bianert Cash Prices Paid for | East Hill. WO 8-0361, Mé-3t 3 cleaned ‘and treated 3138 pet TRI IMDEALL” AAQTORS room. Bathroom. Garage, Beep ‘io 
no previous experience. sue SERVICE 4-ROOM APARTMENT WITH BASE- LOW TAX AREA | Puunet: apply Lloyd Cooney. ‘Poe og beter three pete pre 
ment. Eas E ented. Avall- & a ree lv ¥ 
* Our taining program win teacn |WP 24721 Beuevile of 76T Surling|. fie dung te. WO .eese.. — SIS-t CITY WATER 1H Sirist_____*S| FOXBOROROAD quer ‘er. wopeny, mummz-| imine dorbiong, ne" 
ROHN. eee 20m SOF Deo na-ts| NICELY YURNISHED BED-SITTING RQevertibie, 1a" Peterborough out: WO 8-6760 eectvey tlandicised Tok Hot| pace, Well insulated. $2,000 wil 
3 a 
zoom, All gonneniences, Claes 31 Phone ‘WO 8-6412 | board maior bot earen reine @ 0 0 © © 6% $.g| water heating, Pree 2900 a‘ 

eo tye 

$14,500. — HERE IS A HOME TC 
LINGHAM ST. — SELF-CONTAINED sult the most discriminating person 
‘apartment for rent, Heated, Monthly} 1%s-storey, 2 bedrooms, large living 
343. . room and dining room, large kitch, 
en with kitchen nook. Hot alr and 

pet oman and Renard ined PART-TIME SALES COMFORTABLE FURNISHED ‘BED- seen) Lotee Oe ee 
sitting room. On bus line, Phone 

* Applicant must be 26 and under M3-6t 3-PIECE CHESTERFIELD, WO 2-2324. 

x Freientiy seg, STAFF syoon_saanes pause | New 1955, 81 cu. f us| ° | SPECIAL!” 


: Bathroom. Built-in cupboards. Self- . sleeps “four. Electric refrigerator, mn . anne hot water heated, With garage, And 
if ined. Fu \° . vith this valuable 
: Adarees Replies te SEVERAL VACANCIES EXIST | Si"€ina'te bus sep. wo'esse. | KELVINATOR boil ger ate, Hewitt P| Avy ew —2ontx. | YANOVERReal Estate | Sits StMatsied om Zant ails 
<> COMMERCIAL CRED FOR PART-TIME SALES STAFF — ; cee Bast OFFICE Wo 2-426 UR gr resent ee ed 
‘ RATION. . country home for elderly couple. * FULL WIDTH CRISPER i dition, $799, cash or will trade for General Electric = 
157 FRONT STREET SATURDAY SELLING Weite Box 25, Ontario Intelligencer. +* SHELVES ON DOOR cattle, Clare Carter, Thomasbure. ‘ r 
or call Penvanes WO 8-644 collect GooDlHO eas : M3-3t : Phone Tweed 335-R-13. M3-2} f it mG: D. J.° WE HAVE MANY MORE HOMES 

room. Adults only. WO 2-0405. 

DETAIL Applicants should have sell- eae) kOuly: she Belly by. Melee) : ——___—*|__ REFRIGERATORS 



ing experience in one or more | FOUR-ROOM, CAPE COD HOUSE. board motor, Good running condl- 
y of the following lin arage. and bath. $75. monthly. 13 IR ND" tion, 264 Coleman St. WO B-0542. - H 4 F. E HUSON 
I es er Street. Apply to W. J. Miller. M3-2t Large Across-top Freezer k 
SALESMAN HARDWARE, SPORTING Goons,| Eeksnt Gar sinuon and General) 5 POL ; Real Estate Broker 
- HOUS mA aes 2 »| Store, Glen Miller, | M3-31! 210 FRONT ST, wo a HYBRID P. AND HYBRID T. POL- * Silding Shelves 4 
; EW. or FLOO 4 tha. d climbing roses; shrubs: 18 9 NT STREET 
s CONVENIENCES 3-ROOM.” APARTMENT, . | HOUSE: perennials and willows. WM.) ~ * Shelves on Door = { mobertsonl Block) df 
Sarees LCOVER: : Keeping, no objection to, one amail Adams, 96 Stanley St. AZ3-Lin 4 Automatic Defrost ‘ 6 HONE WO. 6-5360 Zoo 
UNTY |. iw * ‘¢ front room, eS . 
FROM BELLEVILLE fenacceoune Ages preferred between light housekeeping, furnished. one] AAC)THER’'S DAY _ | cory cANNoT UNDERSTAND WHY| = x Full Gx, Warranty BOOMING AFTER 6 P.M. PLEASE PHONE 
- 4°") NORTH TO cRorr 25 and 45 gagie room, ght housekeeping, people order aluminum doors. x ‘ Saleaman J. AGNEW — WO 6 
< a BAN shed. Apply 2091; Front St.. windows before first. getting wo 2-022 
3 A National Food Apply in the — - ay SPECIALS Much low etag tight dolint The sales are Keeping vs rushing. Broke SS Lit tates 
: = processing -or- pply person to the Store Manager|>—_,. u.c:sem aoivurucuTD a: st mon ving eig lollar ur.jast lst o: jomes wa: j 
bs ganization ires a man 3-ROOM, HEATED APARTMENT, Hi} with d » Eighty, West bUished only a very short time PEI, ° 
/ years of ae with previous grocery WEDNESDAY, MAY 4 Upstales, Sink, ipullt-in, cupboards, : Bridge Street. . y wea R, E KUNTZE & SONS #0, Not‘iast month Bue ZONDY. 4-Bedroom Brick 
be e en r ‘ . 6 in 1 jays v 
; Preachers possibie; 7 to 9 p.m. in the evening now. Dial-yo E-7668. eM3-2t WE HAVE A LARGE USE OUR EASY PAYMENT PLAN | 217 Front St. WO 8-6403| established a new record. Those ted in a very desirable loca- 
: expenses. i) for’ men’s,, women's and children’s ey who listed their homes with us, Loca\ i ry 
fENT M3-2t large well planted lot, 
. Si Se L d » | LARGE BUILDING 36 x 24, CEM SELECTION OF GIFTS clothing. Sher's Family Outfitters. M3-2t} Be now on our SOLD list. You tion on s large well planted 
3 Reply in writing, sta pi IMpson- ears Ltd. Hogs wired. Bull storage. Close: te FOR MO 140 Front Street, opposite Capitol can be on the next one. Call this | Kworstorey tmme, oF is svite 
experience, type of car and salary 320 FRONT STREET Box 57, Ontario Intelligencer. Be PhentreWOiS:6153: “tl New 1955, 81 f Today — to SELL your property. the iaema duplex as it has 2 come 
Tequirements, to: b f 0 Intelligencer. cw , Ot CU, It vit. bath rooms end is hot water 
(Next: Door to McCarthy mea ATES ae * T.V., LAMPS ‘ aplcbede ee ATE, ae y $ SERN Bit neated, Full basement, garaxe, 
Personnel Department, _M4°2t/2-ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT +¥e 3 : : A2e1l i ; workshop, curbed drive, 
' * on West Hill. WO 8-8930, KELVINATOR n Y 16,500. verms arranged, Immede 
Gan ai Gs Li d SHEET METAL m2-3t) * TOASTERS GRAVELY 5.7 HP. GARDEN TRAC- : S O L D , te possession, 
lan Canners Ltd. c *| HEATED, UNFURNISHED, APART- OF ki beeakinn tuuaing and. pull | * ACROSS: TOP. FREEZER 222 Albert St comer) 
—~ pee nee ap read ed Prete aT iieeent™ Mackmenic | FULL WIDTH CRISPER Zepnt na, ove and 3 scree 
44 Hughson Street South, SHOP EQUIPMENT Teese ees tor M2-3t}* RADIOS wo $8293. 103 gon reer ths on n Piaintield House Snack Bar 

191 N. Front St. 


<=; | Spring Sale $239.50 

‘ — Cottage — Oak Lake 11 town near 
o home. bi top. Phone, * Xx MASTERS A Located in a sma 
‘Azr-12t Give Size, Condition Rie ve ar pee Of, down, bays, he. world’s finest (Only ase Dally ky Meter) ais Buia : ar E, Bellevlis, this nriving Dairy 
g WANTED ‘(and Price'to, STORE, 21 x 100, centre oFr|* FLOOR POLISHERS Woodson Mills. Limited, Phone 216 Dutfetin Ave. COME ANE Ca te en equips 
z' - FEMALE : Retail section i Front) Sirest4FOUr |i VACUUM CL WO 8-8203, 105 8. John. IRELAND'S N- Front St. Lot ment, food bullding with reasoB- 
Be - : BOX 70, tarlo Intelligencer. A23-10t % EANERS ee 38 Orchard Drive able rent. Price only $3,000. 
to R GROCERY J Mé4-3t| ment. Private entrance. Central. sw No. 2 relal. 98% germination. MCs : : 
Bireet Rese’ > Dereon. 101 Dundes East Hill. | Newly decorated, | $85 EEP. Eititord Barber. {Phone 23-R-3, Mt ton Roads 
M3-3t monthly, Adults, Phone WO 8-9017. View. } A22-10t WE. DESPERATELY NEED more 67 Canni ton Koa 
COOK GENERAL TO BUY: ms - aa-tt}* CUSHIONS GP REE ene REE! - OPPOR ES | homes for sale. tig} writ inspect [apepee 
‘ * HEATED LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING TUNTSI Capdih atta hed Seven-rogm, 2-storey Brick any 
é: R: ALL TYPES POULTRY | S8°itauf"Efnoss wo'srise ONE TICKET FOR MEN AND WOMEN : to Ssubslet.. $2100. foil’ prices 
FOR SMALL INSTITUTION folra East. Phone WO 8-734.) =, = $100 Down WITH EVERY PURCHASE D. J. $2,000. dowa_will handle, _ 
with beonthly Inereses OB AND HENS | Migtang’ Re atitae Tornoe CER Spemung serine cermin! ~=6§ WHALEN 
ir 2. vt. us! . 
ane VACATIONS WITH PAY mi AND HENS Nene a bus tops, Phone wo a-0m9 $1.00 Weekly $20. GIFT paced sefvice Business FraBo 'e book E J. SAUNDERS 
Apply JOHN H. SILLS SINGLE HOOMS, $130 DAILY: $730 Tickets Herat in Box. After, Fecugity = why not your Real Estate Broker Real Estate Broker 
. VELLEMAN betcheraed poet pi128-10 . Each Draw your’ copy now. No o oA ESGE BLDG, — DIAL WO 8-73 
BABIES’ CONVALESCENT HOME 5 — PERCIVAL ANNEX | . carson ELLIOTT’s} | fe.epedence needed, Give tey,ang| doa FRONT or. DIAL Wo 2504) IUNINSURANCE — MORTGAGES 
PLAINFIELD, ONTARIO DIAL WO 2-0460 2 FURNI“:HED LIGHT HOUSE: EE. |333 Front St. : 4 LADIES’ WEAR \ Radlo College of Canada, 86 Bath- M. ROY ANDERSON — SALES. Salesman: GERALD W. JOYCE 
: M4-3t Aceaatl WO xeon, Adu APA . Rv OG E388 ‘Al-em-w-f-tf urst St. Toronte, Eat 21 ea03: 39 Let Evenings — WO 2-2923 — WO 21 

oe rey On xpoR 



Tenders to close at 12:00 noon, 
EST, Thursday May 12th, 1955 
for a 2-storey frame house 28’ x 
30° located between Belleville sea 
Foxboro on Highway No. 14. 

Information for bidders and 
tender forms obtainable from: 

Room 2638, East Block 
Parliament Bulldings, Toronto 
or Division Engineer, 


08 Housz EVER’ D.H.O, Kingston. 
ews beau! . ae a@ setting MA. ON, 
ts pacious living room with - 4 ELS 4 
lectric fireplace, moder Deputy Minister of Highways 
three 4 ode era tied | Toronto, Ontario, 
bath, extra tollet on gre floor, 5 A20-Mi 
forced iat heating, condition. ‘ 
Gleaming’ white picket fence. 
Bh location. ‘Exclusive TENDER 



Sealed tenders clearly marked “Fi 
Tights — Mountain view Air 


- PHONE Wo 2-110 
Evenings: WO 8-6076 cr WO 8-3379 

The Belleville Insurance 

the the. Commanding Of Otticers 
Agencies, Limited . AFG Repair, Depots trenton. On: 
Taro wu jto and not later than 21st 
¢@0. W. OLIVER May 19 . a 
pee This t Ia ximatel 
H Bales Representatives 80 acres, sounded one the no! 
“a een 2 Bh Bhan Lig panores fouth the brow 
REAL ESTATE WANTED \ of lot 64 and on the east by 
ie 0! - 

‘enders are to indicate: yeanntial 

* Reasonably Priced 
Required in All Areas ° 


Call Us Today 


party Selth 30 days notice. 
The highest, or any tender will not 

Sesdquerters, Ottawa. 



The Liquor Licence Act, 1946 
Licensing _ STS No. se 



: BEBL. 
. te 

be held 

the Council ‘Chamber 

Real Estate Broker 

" WO 8-7166 


forthe following premises: Legion 

122 Pinnacle Street, Ptr Belleville. 
resident tn the licensing 

fast, Foron Ont., at least ten days 
=a eas 
before pees meeting &t which the appli- 
cation ts be heard. 
DATED st Bellerilie this 27th 4 
Branch 99, 

Wo 32-2919, 


iY FORD COACH. EXCEPTIONALLY April. 1955. Canadian terion. 
: condition. earns for cash. h al obs a president, 20 Russell Bt, 
et ne Bitkeona: re MAY 7t ‘ A-28, M4 
eee eS 


Registration of beginners who sil 
de entering the Prince of Wales a 
Hillcrest Schools. in. September = 



sr NA SEDAN; “49 AN 
_resvonable for aulek sale. 
Figdene” Garage, Front Street 
Paine Laie IR ots 
2-tone. Custom Low 
sotteage, #1880; Phone WO 8-8000, 
es tS et 

i p.m. 

be done on the sttarncon of May 
Beginners must six years 
before December 31, 

age walt: on required at the 

M2-3t time of 

1981. OLDSMOBILE - 98 A 
Losded swale clean. Apply “Tea 
Greene Reccaceyile Road, 

reen, Red- 

f_nareS ——_-=Go0n | CHARGES ‘FOR ONE ca 
condition. Mees : Sore 
369 MacDonald Ave. M32 MINIMUM 


ey gifts, Phone WO 8-9343. 


Saturday, May 7th. at 1:30, one mile 
oad: of Stirling Village, on Ridge 

quantity hay: 


Farm machinery; 
household effects. 
Mrs. Bessie Rodgers, owner, 



at” Auctioneer 

hd i A30-D4 
Bee ° 




Gere, Regular net Ust $16.40. 
THES, og-1m 

5 Tyags, Cans 



Used Cars & Trucks 





WO 8-6316 

(Clip Me and Keep Mc) 

Lees Iston: Thetaltation REP nin 
Ange! e 0 
footings, “ 

Davin 83 

. Durner service. 
and Coal. Dial WO 27-2219. 

‘ Duilding. Phone W' 


phone WO 32-3124 Station St, Rd. 
doors, mill wor! 
Gyproc, ‘sxpr0e lath insulation. 


displayed. Uwe | 





ed. All tenders ree 



pearing. New address 260 Dundas 
tr on! 

eet, East, Ph 

ment backfilling, ete: ete. Berton Fits- 
gibbon. Phone 2-3906. 

Fitzgibbon Wood 


cle St. ¥°O 86-7019, 


loam, fill, rockery 
Lawns fertilized, top dre: 
estimates Phone 3915 arenton.. 

models, for rent 30 c. per day, Berd 

WO 2-1274. 

or month. 
Singer Sewing 
WO 2-0885. 

— ———————— 

—_—————— et 

of colors. Order eerly for Mother's) auTHORIZED POWER AND HAND- 

mower sales and service. Sha: 
repairs as atte and 

ing, 2 
Dial W 

1d | ——__—_— 
1955. Proof or | SINGER PORTABLE 
sewing machine for 
Delivery, and pick-up 






and knives. 


Finkle Electric, W! 

ALL - 
for "prices. 

All work sone: by 
machine. 95 South John Str 


lation and 



Immediate delivery. Berton 

gibbon. Dial WO 2-3906, 

° ane Totten manure. Cinders, ci 

cement~ gr* 

Burtiage) WO 32-2189. 

Gravel — Sand 
loam, ete. 


AL 81 
Bulldozing and eine. 

Berton Fitzgibbon. Dial W 

seed. Free 


rena Expert 
efficient work. WO 2-2314. 

SAND ter 



k cement, eons, 
hardware. Houston Company Lim- 

of wor 

'G — BASE- 



= WO ga 



Primitives, Prints, Manuscripts, 
Gold, Silver, Copper, Pewter, L 
Brass ? 

Amigue Weapo 
Indian Artifacts, 

«Period Furniture — Orientals 
183 Dundas Belleville 


YY. — 





18 McANNANY 8T, 
(On the Market Square) 



344 FRONT ST. 


WO 68-8504 




- | 24745 FRONT ST. 

24715 FRONT ST. 

is displaying 

40c up 


+ Apple, Cherry, Raisin, 
Lemon Cream. 

Wo se8 

Phone WO 23-6184 for Appointment 


(Nora B, Earle, Sole Owner) 


234 ANN ST. 


PHONE WO 8-7716 
PHONE 3479 

“Happy Mother's Day” 


24 McAnnany St, — WO 8-8446 
‘ M3-4t 









We Telegraph Flowers 

Ané on HER DAY It's not 
in the kitchen! Fi 



by week 

dell er. 




“PRICED FOR QUICK SALE yeti. 29 weekt Dulgeoand’ all LOAM, gps ee 
: trucking. Morrison Bros. Ca‘ 



yeucuary. 15th, Rewa: Please con- 
Miss Florence ‘Allen, Napanee. 


business papers. WO 8-9075. Reward 

: ‘Wellbanks ‘Auto Sales 

155 James St. 



J. 8. BOYCE. & SONS 



SSS eee 
th band on leg. Phone WO 35188 i. 

YO-#5545 = WO 81182 — WO 8-314 wheel... Finder /- please... phens 
A WO. 8-28 


team of seven doctors reported 

31 - “ae Non tee Denne Tuesday that removal of the pitul- 

tary gland has produced marked 
improvement in 20 of 43 women 
with advanced cancer of the 

_ 1954 DODGE LoTs: 5 LoTs 
% Mayfair — Hardtop 



Phone WO &-7606. 



and eeular models. 
Sales, service and rentals. 
. land Ave, Phone WO 


370 FRONT ST. 


Eltchen Cabinets, wet 
rel es, and Dry-W: 

Free Estimates 
PHONE WO 2-0945 



and ' 
WO 8-9711 

Fully Insured 


Pe F Our ST. 
(Over Stroud’s Gif- Shop) 

R. A. WYATT, Ph.C. 

be} pont Hi ‘tals For Appointm 
e Hos; — 
PPO 8-01 1 — 4 




Phone WO 8-5622 


before drill! 

ville. Phone \ 

or neletOR: 40 years” 


th results. 
Isabel Street, Belle~ 
© 2-3184, 



SARNIA (CP)—A mass meeting 
of members of ‘the AFL Sarnia 
Bullding Trades Council has been 

called here for Thursday to pro- 
test against employment of labor- 

Budget terms can ed. 

ut down 

be arran; 
ayment, 1 



; (North of Sales Barn) breast. The doctors told the Asso-| 75 Pech a g: ti BANDING, MACHINES 
clation of American Physicians re-|°" & Sarnia sewer project. Duncan tt RENT 
aA. W. Jones — Tweed — ruts jodcate pituitary hormones | M&Eschern, council president, sald ex erle and. Marboleum Floors 
fp 5 perrreit : 
2-31} FOUNDRY AT CHURCH STS.'|may contribute to the growth “of | the unemployment aes in Sar- Ach As Wot oh 

(Formerly Bateman’s) some types of cancer. 


nia was serious. 


Lumber and Bullders’ Supplies 
WO 8-64238 

I" Gouctruction. 
April 15-ty 

For Courteous and Efficient 




Office WO 8-9902 — Rse. WO 8-7293 
‘M3-Im| . $20-tf 


Lady Attendant 

Doctor of Chiropractic 
prisoners na | by bh tert 

Office Telephone WO 2-3276 
4 82-tf 


Concrete Walks, Driveways, 

Footings and Foundations 
Carpentering & Cabinet Making 




'O 8-605 

Dial WO 8-6078—5S6 Bridge St. E. 



Yost, efficient work all 
needs: Reports, Circular 
Blatements, Clubs, Lodges, Chur- 


179 - 183 Front Street 

CocorteursTye LlaTrpo.: 
in Copper, Nickel, 

hrome Plating 


Phone WO 8-583 
YILCA, Camp! 

(Next to 

Phone‘Trenton 7019 
Custom-Tailored ; 
Slipcovers - Draperies - Bedspreads 



(On the 


Prompt and Efficient 
Typewriters ana pacing Machines 

types of © 

0. 36 and 40 ft. 

y service on 
ubber Stamps. 

'O 8-6773 



WO 68-8504 
Market Square! 

rs on 

178 - 16s Front Street 
PHON™ WO 8-6775 





Furniture and Automobile 
Rebuilt -« Remodelled - Repaired 
and Refinished — Airfoam 
zree Estimates, Reasonable F Prices 

'O 8-7593 

Front Sar 
Mar. 1 

Phone Mt. View 44-R-12 
New and Re-cover Work 
Furniture and Automobile 
Free Estimates—Samples Supplied 

Alr-Foam Rubber a Specialty 





Offices 1 Mile South of Roslin 

PHONE WO 8-6843 



Blinds Cleaned, Retaped, 
Recorded and Repaired 



Country Fresh Atmosphere’ 
palicious Home-Cooked bes Seals! 



Weese’s Green House 

2 Miles South on Pieton Highway 
“Drive Out and Save" 

BUY A = 

x Flowering Shrubs * Roses 
% Zvergreens “* Trees, etc. 
Drive Out Any Day to the 

or Phohe wo 8.5217 


Now Newly Remodelled 

280 Front Street 


builder of the Nautilus Tuesday de- 

clared the atom-propelledsubmar- 
ine has demonstrated the. technical 
feasibility of nuclear power for all 
types of transportation. John Jay 
Hopkins, president of the Gencral 
Dynamics Corporationn, told the 

United States Chamber of Com- 
merce, however, that the U.S. 
must hasten to keep ahead of the 
“intensive” atomic industrial. pro- 

grams of Europe. 


(Not Over 20 Words) 

“Two coxsrcurivE » 

INSERTIONS ....00ee- $1.00 || 
INSERTIONS <........ $1.20 |) 




Otherwise Rate and a Half 
will be charged 


mt It Themselves” 

Learn How to Make 
Your Own Clothes 

y Taking a Singer Home Dress- 
makjng Course Commencing 

MONDAY, MAY 9th, 7-9.30 p.m. 



Singer Sewing Centre 

Phone WO 2-0885 

Little Benny’s 
Note Book 

I was taking a walk with pop for 

the good of his appetite, and I said, 
Oh boy, look at that big red shiny 
-|/car. Everybody is terning around 
to look at it, I said. 

Everybody but me, pop said. If 

it was my car I would 

take pardonable pride in it as an 
indicationcof my thrift and good . 
taist; but I have no intrist in meer 
money or the peeple who have it or 
how they waist it, he said, and I 
said, Well G, pop, do you meen if 
a millionalr wanted to meet you, 
you wouldn't even meet him? 

Only if I thought his 

would be good for my moral or ins? 
tellectual education, rs sald, If r= 
was able to talk con’ oft 
the power of mind over matter, or 

if he knew the diffrence between a 
buntch of statistics and a pack of . 

ese English, I might agree to have 
an intelligent and informative chat 
with him. But otherwise, as ‘far az 
I'm concerned, he could just run 
along about his millions, pop said, 
and I said, But jimminies, pop, sup- 
pose he wanted to buy a lot of ine 
surants from you 

In that case I aT ope Prroutan't be 
unreasonable, pop sai make a 
thorough investigation into his | 
background and intentions, and if 1° 
found he had no ulterior motive I'd 
probably s2ll him a policy or 2, he 
said, and I said Well gosh, pop, 
eat do you ever expect to get 

I dont, pop said. - 

Being a good answer, and Tf 

changed the subject to whether 
peeple would be any happier if 
they could jump‘ like grasshop- 
pers, and whether it would make 
them bers, oe angels if they, had 


CLEVELAND (AP) — Iron ore 
cargoes brought down lakes topped 
the 2,000,000 ton mark in the week 
ended Monday—the first time the 
weekly total has been that high 
this year. The 2,044,959 tons which 
the Lake Superior Iron Ore Asso- 
ciation reported the fleet had 
hauled brought the season total 
to 4,116,371 tons.’ In 1954 up to 
May 2, the total tonnage of ore 
was not quite half that figure. 



4 CALL... 
Checker Taxi 
WO 8-6464 

DELIVERED ‘BY 6.30 P.M. — 

Call WO 8-6464 and Checker 
Taxi will take one te you as 
soon as possible. 

Tae a 

within the 


That you arrange ok about 
your Building requirement 
for Spring. Dwelling, Mercan- 
tile, Farm or refinancing an 
old loan. Large or Small. Also 
check up your Insurance. 


163 Front St. 

ed the annual 
RAWDO at St. George’s Cathedral, King- 
ston, on’ Saturday. 

“ : : iN “we 
Belleville Presbytery Convenes” sis Betentorine 2 OF. 

. 3 os = ; : R. Reynolds, and Mrs. Reynolds, 
At United Church, Trenton amen 
tion of the chairman, the Rev. ltenaing branch conference. 
vened and discussed in detail 2 BREAD Ireland’s 

over the 
Pent ie ert MARMORA — St. Paul's Girls’ 
G, J. Minielly. snip was con-|~ The Rev. T. F. Townsend, of 
== eee a | SPRING. SALE 
ine Bev. KJ. Ci 5 See it here— NOW! 

Suki Coat and | 
‘Lounging Pyjamas 

Combined plain and printed cotton acetate suki-coat and © 
lounging pyamas. Coat has rolled colJar and short sleeves - 
_ with turned back cuffs. Two large patch pockets, styled 
with wide contrasting sash belt. Pyjamas have buttoned 
front style jacket with round Peter Pan collar and one 

small breast pocket. Trousers have button waistband. 
Sizes small, medium or large in the group. 

x ‘RAWDON — The Belleville, A letter of greeting was read Auxillary, numbering 15, attend- 
‘Presbytery in the Bay of Quinte | by the secretary from Mrs. Lin- s \ 
Fresh & ~; | 
Se ta ee aE Davis [Remar rho bas seed he 
it. wv 
K. J. Crawford, of 
Marmora, presented his report] i 

‘Conference of the United Church jcoln Elliott, Tweed, president of 
ot. Bridge St. United Church, in| Piotr omen ¥ ; 

e. The’ afternoon devotions were} {ip i ; 
"An impressive memorial ser-|conducted by the Rev. R. F.| Aso pater aE MOTORS 
Shckdon Toroon. Hs obituary ppecial discussions ‘took place| AUR Y Up meeeee 

‘ AT +] 
as secretary. 4 4 
ce een “VACUUM CLEANS” LAWNS 1/// 2 
plea n td Lh It tal dg 

of Canada convened last Wed-|Belleville Woman's Missionary. 
nesday in King Street United |Soclety: The president was un- 
as appeared in local newspapers, | re evangelism and social service, 
also church extension: 
of Belleville Pres- 
. Frank MARK soyn 
1% WP: 

Church, Trenton, under the dircc- | able to be present as she was at- 
The various committees con- 

and Mr. H..C. |! Ss 
Martin, Stirling, re-appointed as Nea 

The representatives of the set- 
tlement committee are the Rev. 

C. D. McLellan and the Rev: G. REG. 289.50 
.J. Minielly. : }e . 

Mrs.  Acthur Pyear, Carmel, SAVE 50.00 

president of Hastings-Prince Ed- ? 
oo iret peepee SALE 50 
Mrs. ‘ambly, Napanee, presi- Ba Nel 

dent Lennox-Addington Women’s PRICE ...... fw \ 
Association, each voiced greet- 

: NEW 5 LP. 

| a &é 3 
iN ELTO” |, 
ARY OUTBOARD { American Printed 

SALE 199" Striped Cotton 

chops up grass clippings and 
— Houseccats 

leaves— makes them vanish 

Printed’ Nylon. 

into lawn as if swept away! -NEW 25 HELP. 

hy | Wrap around style housecoats with tallored col- Sry) 
° ee JOH NSON lar neckline, short moaves ae Setegs ae! ‘ Duster oats 
ly One Jarge patch et, full flare s olours - 
\ bonds, gathered cuts, Exdusive “Wind-Tunnel Only 9g V4 of ine, pelge and turquoise on white back- a 
Weshable, too! Vacuum Action" Does It! 2 ” OUTBO ARD ground, Printed nylon duster coats with 
satin binding. Full flare box style 

with short sleeves and turn back 
cuffs. Two large patch pockets. * 
Colours of powder blue or pink 
design. Sizes small, medium or 

Price / 
each ..:... a 8 

FREE to the first 25 people 
whe come In to see the New 
Due-Trim Power Mowers! 
Umited quantity. Act new! 


191 Front St. Dia! WO 8-5789 

18” Duo-Trim Rotary Mower“ | With Electric Starter * Prise 99 
‘Ends roking! Chops both clippings and leaves into < 
‘Bice taulch teak ixaveves Your 6m. | USED 30 HOURS CAC .eccccsscccccce 4. 
Ends hand trimming! Cuts right up to fences and other ] SAVE 1/3 OFF , 


obstacles, h 
Ends "U-Turns"! Reversible handle saves time. To 
reverse direction, just reverse handle! 
EASY We have the new Duo-Trim Power Mower FE! {SALE | 
jst right for your lawn. 18 or 2i-inch SA PRICE ...... 
STARTING size, rotary or ree]. Best ‘‘buys" made by 

¢ the makers of famous Duo-Therm Home A : 
e £ AT IRELAND'S ousecod S 
Read how Mrs. W. = SERVICE CENTRE 
m * ‘ Le ith rolled coll 
Beaucage found relief | . servline iniwrap around ‘style. 
~ “from constipation: 3 OB Short ieaves mit “tr — 
“After using a home remedy and | 49) FRONT ST. wo 1 _ cuffs, foll flare skirt and slas 
md ST. | ‘ Y ” kets. Pastel 

: eoeily medicines to keep regular, T 8-5789 | “AT THE FOUR CORNERS OER ea 

: tried: Kellogg's - : : with floral colour- 

. All-Bran.Haven’t j : ing. Sizes small, 
been bothered ‘ — medium or large in 
with Segue INSTALL AN- ) pane 

= ence From ; = . : . ° Price each 
of Sherbrooke, i ¢ ‘ 

£ Sirantage of Al sf , 

; of All- ‘ | 

_ svantare of Al- oUfe APORIZING TYPE | = 

corrects the couse of irregularity due : 5 r} 

to insufficient bulk. All-Bran, made 
from the whole wheat kernel, sup- 
piles natural food bulk. It is a good- 
tasting cereal that has helped mil- 
lions. All-Bran will give gentle, 
etectovesetiel Boas Sota ee 
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Fridsy—A little cooler. Low 45, 
High 65. : 

W. Germany Gains [DREW ASSAIS 
Sovereignty, Now [G0VI-POSITIONON 
Ally Of Free World UNEMPLOYMENT 

“Proclamation Signed Almost |S4vs Offer Made Only 
‘Decade To Day After Defeat To Catch Public's Eye 


OTTAWA (CP) — Opposition 
Leader Drew has termed ‘‘reck- 
less and irresponsible” the current 
federal offer to share unemploy- 
ment relief costs with the prov- 
inces and municipalities. 

BONN (AP) the Altea nigh] Girl Steps Out, 
_ commission today proclaimed an 2 z 
% fees eecmanys a new mili Of Panties But 

the {ree world. 7 He said in the Commons Wednes- 
Fhe official end the Makes Her Bus day. the offer was sprung at last 
“tion came at noon (7 2. m. week’s {fcderal-provinclal confer- 

shortly after the proclamation was 

The mation, almost a dec- 

ade to. the day after Germany's 

ence merely to catch the public’s 
eye and that the government ad- 
mittedly had no facts on which to 
base its proposal. 

“They did not have anything to 
put before that conference last| shoe Falls at 

week, not a thing,” he declared, | f visitors this year. 2 
Mr. Drew mace his statement in| Prostam. to maintain the natural beauty of Niagara is now under 

MIAMI, Fla. (AP)—A young 
woman ran across busy Flagler 
strect in downtown Miami Wed- 
jesdsy, waving toward a bus. 

Midway across the intersec- 
tion she stopped suddenly, and 
grabbed her waist with both 

As people at the busy corner 
watched to see whether it was 

stroke or maybe appendicitis, 
as indicated by her agonized 
expression, something slipped 
down her Icgs, < 

Then she stepped out of her 
panties, picked them up, and 
ran for the bus, She made it. 

Mobilizes Army 
Against Pakistan 

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP)—Af- 
ghanistan’s government pro 
claimed a state of emergency Wed-| 
nesday night and called its min- 
{ster to neighboring Pakistan home. 

Radio Kabul also announced mo- 
bilization of the army. All officers 

4 « . 
‘World-fa us Table Rock, overlooking the: Canadian Horse- 
iagara Falls, will present a new look for millions 
The vast conservation and remedial works 


(By coincidence, it came on the 
40th anniversary. of the surrender 
of the beaten German forces .in 
The Netherlands and part of north- 
west Germany to.the Canadians.) 
: Four simple ceremonies were ar- 
yanged to mark the end of the 
‘Allled occupation and the voluntary 
relinquishment by the Western Big 
Three of supreme power over 50,- 
000,000 former enemy citizens. 
‘The three Allied high commis- 
sioners—Dr. James B. Conant of 

the United States,-Sir Frederick 
‘Hoyer Millar of Britain and Andre 
Francols-Poncet of France—issued 
t their last’ mecting here this 

Wymorning the proclamation telling 
>the German people that the occu- 
pation was’ ended. 
Next, the British and French 
comm sited their rati- 
fied copies of the sovereignty treaty 
at Chancellor Konrad Adenaucr’s 
office. The U.S. and West Germany 
did this April 20. 
; Adenauer with his cabinet then 
_< went) before the Bundestag (lower 
“house of Parliament) to announce 
formally that the West German 
** Republic had become sovercign. 
“The occupation statute is re- 
yoked and the Allied high com-| 
mission and the offices of land 

(state) commissioners in the fed- 
' eral republic are ‘abolished,”” the 

* proclamation sald, Sixty Allied 
laws’ and 130 ordinances are re- 
pealed by the declaration. 


“Federal Getmany has re-en- 
tered into the circle of free na- 
ions,” said Francois-Poncet, who 

as chairman of the high commis- 
sion’s first meeting Sept. 21, 1X9, 
‘and’ of its 109th and final session 

“We wish to believe ... that 
the free nations will find Germany 
a loyal and efficient partner, ¢n- 
lightened by the memory of her 
past ordeals. We wish her good 
luck on the road she will follow, 
mistress from now on of her own 
A message: from Britain’s Prime 
* Minister. Eden said: “We welcome 
Germany on this historic day as 
she takes: her place as an equal 
partner among the Western na- 
tions. This happy outcome has 
called for much resolution. . .- 
Much remains to be done before 
the security of the free world is 
finally assured, but I know that 
_ “we shall travel on this road to- 
Conant said: , 
“All of us are gladly giving up 
our responsibilities and our au- 
thority, and we rejoice in the fact 
that the Federal Republic of Ger- 
"many is being welcomed into the 
family of sovereign nations.” 
Adenauer goes to Paris Friday 
for West Germany's admission to 
West European Union. In another 
ceremony in the French capital 
next week, the Bonn government 
will besome the 15th member of 
the North Atlantic Treaty Organi- 
zation. j 
Within five years West Germany 

wav and the flow of water over about 500 feet of the Horseshoe 

he iaegeerg ors pe a betes he crest, extending out from Table Rock, will be stilled within a few 

ota litical fi radied: ash weeks, Visitors will sce for the first time a large section of the 

oO ie r9te46 fede ighting grounds) 159.foot-high rock backdrop of the Canadian Falls, which for cen- 

—the 1945-46 federal-provincial con-| turies has been blocked from view by. the gigantic curtain of water. 

ference. M. T. Gray, general manager_of the Niagara am Comenission 

hy > ints out to Ontarié— ster arles Daley, commission 

FIGHTING chron ‘ Shairman, the beet erg! wotk from the Observation Plaza at 

The: Opposition Ieader, in his: the base of the Falls. (Central Press Canadian). 

most fighting speech since return- ‘ 

ing to the House Feb. 17 -after 2| ees 

= Pace of meee: ivs' Li d M al In eye 

cus! ie. government of having t t 

“scuttled”? that conference nearly; Iquor an en $ a 

a.decade ago. | itr > : - ae 

Health Minister Martin countered ; P 

wisinninier ere onic Chief Causes of Accidents 

then Ontario premier—was “‘one 

of the main factors why that con- ° 

ference did not succeed." MONTREAL (CP)—Traffic acci-, centage of “life-years” than any 

‘And Justice Minister Garson, who! dents have become “‘cpidemic"’ and| disease. 

attended the conference as Mani-| thelr chief causes. are liquor and 

Me eee Stee oeeeotl ant ieeereational” mecicat omer 
ist ause Quebee refused; an international medical conter- 
to enter a tax rental agreement) ence here. = 
and because Ontario demanded} The medical delegates, attacking 
hes Pog moocr ae aggro ha traffic Laas oS here 
r. Drew sai at facts on! manner, turn a study of cra: 
wie . base eae were lack-|yictim ‘care today after hearing 

g in the new federal offer of un-| several speakers declare in 16 
cfnployment relief aid and were; hours of Treetings Wednesday that 
and men were ordered to report] also lacking in the government’s|the highwa_menace has reached 
within 48 hours, historic “‘groen book” proposals in} *epiiemic proportions.” 

The radio said the steps were or-! 1945, ; Be. The epidemic was classed as 
dered to prepare the country to Ca 3 ‘e third test killer, alte: 
face aggression from outside, an HAD ADJOURNED h Hes ‘aise $s ead enneer oo Dr. 
obvious reference to Pakistan. That former conference failed to oF. Sie president of the 

The Afghans and Pakistanis have|reach agreement, he said, because | Canadian Medical Association. In 
been disputing for years over the|it was adjourned indefinitely and) 01. scnse it was the worst killer 
rights of Pathan tribesmen living|the federal government refused tol since, by frequently striking the 
in frontier areas of Pakistan along|meet the provinces again, = * voung, it destroyed a higher per-ing. ' 
the border between the two Indian| As premier of Ontario, he said, ? if . : 3 
states. Afghanistan backs the war-jhe sought to get agreement, sat = 
rior hill tribesmen’s demands for| through to the end of the confer- 

ence and “urged acceptance of the 

iene ev ate een ee ee =/Two Vietnamese ‘Congresses’. 
Voice Opposition to Bao Dai 

Anti-Pakistan rioting in which 47 . 

persons were hurt broke out in|. Wednesday's debate, apart from | 

Kabul in March after the Karachi} ™it- Drew's passing reference to} 
government consolidated West Pak- the new federal proposal, hinged 
istan’s half-dozen states—including mainly on the 195-46 conference 
the northwest frontier — into a|Where the federal government of- 

single province of West Pakistan, | fered its green book proposals—in-| SAIGON, Viet Nam (AP)—Two 

**\ cluding health and social service) yjetnamese ‘‘congresses” met in 

measures, public works planning Saigon today. One th underously des 

manded removal of chief of state 

Bao Dai, The other was expected 

to insist that'the ex-emperor keep 

his hands off the government of 

ithis Indochina state until a na- 

and’ employment measures, in re- 
turn for tax-rental. agreements. 
tional assembly can be elected. 
Bao-Dai’s ouster was demandzd 

Nine provinces—all except Que- 
at a “‘national pojitical congress” 

bec—now have tax agreements 

with the central government, giv- 
summoned by the “national revolu- 
tionary committee’ which last 

ing it inclusive rights to certain 
eek demanded that he be de- 

direct tax fields in return for an- 
nua! grants. , 

Mr. Martin said most of the 145 
offers, though put forward as an 
integrated plan dependent on fis- 
cal agrecment, had been imple- 
mented “‘to a degree much in ex- 
cess of the levels proposed in’ 

1345. posed. A crowd of 4,000 political 

(Continued on Page 5.) leaders, revolutionary commiltecs 

: and local and provincial officials 

jammed a theatre for the me ting. 

The executive committee of the 

other congress, & “states-general’”” 

of elected local and provineial 

councillors and tribal chiefs, con- 

tinued closed-door sessions begun 

Wednesday at Premier Ngo Dinh 

Diem's independence palace. 

German General Who Surrendered 
To Canadians Wrote Own Indictment 

The ‘“‘states-gencral’ was not 
expected to demand Bao Dai’s im- 

Canadian Press Staff Writer 
OTTAWA {CP)—Ten years ago 
mediate ouster, but to call for him 
to take only a figurehead rok. 
But the 4,000-man national pollti- 

ized age’? which took 44,000 li 
the three countries last year. 
F. A. Dewey, professor of 1a’ 

“limited” driving licences to 
sons suffering from cpilepsy 
not inconsistent with 

Given Shakes 
When Inspecting 
200 Rattlesnakes 

Grants to Queen’s 

OTTAWA {CP)—Grants totalling 
$14,250 to help medical research- 
ers study various aspects of dia- 
betes were announced today by 
the federal health department. 

Queen's University, Kingston, 
will receive $4,650 for a study to 
be conducted by Drs, S. 5, Laz- 
arus, R. H. More and S, A. Ben- 
cosme. Dr, Bencosme, working on 
another diabetic project with Drs. 
D. A. Rosen and D. L. Wilson, will 
tecelve an additional $4,400, 

‘BOISE, Idaho (AP) — As 
Idaho state veterinarian, Dr. 
A. P, Schneider gers kas of 
strange requests, But he got 
one Wednesday which gave 
him the shakes. 

He was asked to inspect a 
shipment of 200 rattlesnakes 
bound for Michigan. 

“I told them,” he said, ‘that 
T'd do it with a telescope—not 
a'microscope.”” So the request, 
by the Michigan state agricul- 
ture department, was waived. 

The rattlesnakes were going 
to a Michigan restaurant which 
specializes in exotic foods. 

“How were we able to do it?” 

Today the 10th annivergery of 
Holland's liberation by nadian 
soldiers will be marked here and 
in Wageningen. The Netherlands 
ambassador to Canada, A.H.J. 

Hoodlums Spread 
fete ig eely Caress ciara Reign of Terror 
120,000 men to the Ist Canadian 

is expected to field an army, navy|Corps, newly-arrived in Holland|Lovink, will place a wreath at the eal congress by voice vote ap- z 
and air force totalling 500,000 men/ from Italy. foot of the National War Memorial | Pro esolution to: Among Children 
=the largest Western armed force} More than a year later the Ger-|in Confederation square in remem- 1, Dtpose ex-emperor Bao Dai, 

who has been trying to oversee the 
government by remote control 
from the French Riviera. 

+ 2, Dissolve the Bao Dal-appointea 
government of Premicr Ngo Dinh 
Diem and empower .Diem himself 
to form a provisional regime which 
would hold national elections soon. 

The .assembly, nearest thing to 
a popular national congress’ Viet 
Nam has ever had, took the de- 
cision at the close of a tumultuous 
two-hour session. ~ ; 

A resounding “no” welled up 
from the gathering when it was 
asked ‘Shall we retain Bao Dai?” 

“Do you decree that Bao Dal is 
deposed?” came the second ques- 
tion. A roaring ‘yes’ rang out in 
the chamber. 3 

One of the congress’ leaders, 
Gen. Nguyen Thanh Phuong, com- 
mander of the Cao Dal religious 
army, promised the cheering group 
that not only would Bao Dai be 

man Ieader, Col,Gen. Johannes 
Blaskowitz, committed suicide at 
Nuernberg, Germany, where he 
was awaiting trial as a war crim- 
inal. He leaped over a gallery in 
the prison, crashed to the pave- 
ment below and fractured his skull 
and neck. . 
His surrender, in ‘the Hotel. de 
Aereld at Wageningen, Holland, 
was an cloquent moment in his- 
tory, yet apart from hearing his 
capitulation orders from then Lt.- 
Gen. Charles Foulkes, hardly a 
word was spoken. 
Blaskowitz was a Prussian, a 
hard-bitten professional soldier. 
And to correspondents gathered in 
the hotel lobby ‘to witness the 
ceremony, the staff officers 
grouped around him awaiting the 
Canadian commander’s ar- 
rival looked like uniformed thugs. 
esh-faced and youthful’ then, 
Gen. Foulkes’ staff, when they 
appeared with their commander, 
evoked the unspoken question: 

on the Iron Curtain frontier. 
Twelve divisions numbering 400,000 
men trained tn atomic warfare, 8 
jet air force of 80,000 men and 
1,300 planes and a coastal navy of 
20,000 men are to be serving in 
the Atlantic alliance. 

Such a force would outnumber 
the Soviet Union’s present armed 
strength in Red-ruled East Ger- 
pamany.~ Allied strategists claim it 

could tip the balance in_favor of 

the West should a third world war 


TORONTO. (CP) — Synopsis: 
Cooler air now covers all of On- 
tario. and a number of points 
northwest of Lake Superior have 
reported’ snow. Although this 

++ westerly flow of cooler air will 
_ continue through Friday the 
snow-producing air mass Is ex- 
Pected to remain over northern 
Ontario, 3 

brance of the 13,000 Canadians who 
died on his country's soil. Gen. 
Foulkes himself will be Canada’s 
senior representative at similar 
ceremonies in Wageningen. 

Time and the march of events 
have mellowed the memories of 
those bloody days. Already Ger- 
many is being welcomed back into 
the community of nations and 
being. armed for the defence of 
freedom. But only now is the full 
horror of what-Nazi Germany did 
to herself—let alone the rest of 
the world—becoming documented. 

“The Third Reich,” published in 
London last month and now 
appearing in Canada, is a compil- 
ation of studies by 27 European 
and American historians. A United 
Nations project, it was drawn up 
as a “report on the methods and 
procedure used to propagate fa- 
scism and nazism in the period 
preceding the Second World War.” 

(Continued on Page 5) - 

ronto's Parkdale public school. 


what they know, 

be abolished. 

fi , « 

Canadian, American and British 
experts—from surgeons to psychi- 
atrists—met for the two-day con- 
ference, ending today, to study the 
role of medical men in the fight 

against the “plague of the mechan- 
ves in| stables noticed a newstand at St. 

w|tampered with and they saw the 
at the University of Cincinnati, said| youth fleeing with about 20 comic 
Wednesday pight the granting of ~ 

“js| tention to three warning shots be- 

highway | fore being struck. 

Dr. Dewey said medical progress 
In the control of epileptic seizures C t 
justifies “complete revision’ of township police opened fire today 

laws banning epileptics from driv- 

TORONTO (P)—The Star says 
a gang of young hoodlums, beating 
up teen-agers for the thrill of it, 
is spreading a reign of terror 
among school children and their 
families in the area around To- 

Parents are so afraid of the 
hoodlums many are escorting their 
youngsters to and from school and 
will not let them play outside 
alone in the evenings, the paper 

Police say they are hampered 
in their efforts to gct to the bottom 
of the case because young boys 
and girls are afraid to tell officers 

Police are patrolling the are4 in 
an effort to break the gang which 
Is believed responsible for the beat- 
ing of two Eoys and ‘one girl. At|pating in the current tests at the 
least two other girls and one boy|Nevada proving grounds. 
deposed but the monarchy would pad teceived threatening phone 

Song 2 Max. Min, 
/ Today 72 58 
One Year Ago 53 38 i 
Mean Temp.—66 - i 
Bay Wafer—s9 

Se Per Copy, 25¢ Per Week 

POLICE BULLET |Canadian Troops 

KILLS INDIAN «= (Crouch In Trench — 
AT BRANTFORD ©=|As A-Bomb Tested — 
Man Positions Only 2 Miles _ 
From Awe-Inspring Blast 4 

Canadian Press Staff Writer 

YUCCA FLAT, Nev. (CP) — “T 
thoughts the world was coming to 
an end and pinched myself to make 
sure I was awake.” 

Those were the first words 
spoken by Chief Petty Officer Roy 
F, Currie of Halifax in a brief 
interview with The Canadian Press 
after witnessing the big atomic test 
shot here today from a slit trench 
only 3,500 yards from ground zero. 

The 29-year-old sailor, his face 
covered with dust and grit thrown 
up by the terrible blast, said it 
was “hard to realize anything so 
completely destructive could be so 
completely beautiful.” a 

The churning, vivid colors and 
the fury of the blast that shook the 
trench so hard that it was hard 
'to stand were the two predominant 
observations made by the 56 Can- 
adian soldiers and airmen who oc- .~ 
cupied the second most forward 

And watching the overpowering 
force of the atomic blast, which 
scientists consider ‘“‘puny'’ com- 
pared with the super hydrogen 
bombs now under development, I 
shuddered. ~ 


Lt.-Col. Robert Klachn of Ot-? 
tawa, officer commanding the ‘tri- 
service radiation detection team, 
said the explosion was “‘astound- 2 
ing.” ‘‘The intensity of the flash 
was beyond description and the 
parth began to rock after the 
at wave had~ passed: with a 
splitting crash. 

“I looked up to sce the fircball' 
and was amazed-to see a violet 
}glow as the nitrogen and oxygen 
in the air fonized."” 

Capt. H. E, R. Colyer of North 
Bay, said the expericnce was well 

Fleeing Suspect Hit 
When Shot Ricochets 

BRANTFORD (CP)~A ricochet-, 
ing bullet from a policeman’s gun 
early this morning killed Cameron 
Sydney Hill, 24, of Oshweken, sus- 
pected of having broken into’ a 
home here, 

The victim, an Indian, was mar- 
ried and the father of two child- 
John A. Hetherington telephoned 
to police at 4 a. m. to report that 
a man had forced his way through 
the front door. 

Canadian Press Staff Writer 
YUCCA FLAT, Nev. (CP) — A 

nuclear test weapon was hurled 
against Canadian troops for the 
ast time in history at dawn to- 
ys 3 
Canada’s tri-service radiation de- 
tection team was in the s2cond 
most forward manned position as 
th: much-postponed open test shot 
ral Harry Cordrey and con-|was triggered from atop a 500-foot 
stablé Sam Anderson, on patrol in! steel tower with an incredible burst 
a police cruiser only four blocks|of light at 5:10 a. m. PDT (8:10 
away, sped to the scene, saw a car'a, m. EDT). 
parked at the rear of the house,| Crouching head down in six-foot 
and saw a man jump from it, deep slit trenches, 56 Canadian 
They gave chase, calling to him|soldiers, sailors and airmen were 
to stop. When he kept running,!only 3,500 yards from the centre 
Cpl. Cordrey -fired two warning|of the terrible, awe-inspiring mael- 
shots, and constable Anderson One. | strom of fury that marked the 
One of the shots ricoeheted from!dctonution of one of man’s most 
a house wall gnd struck the fleeing} powerful instruments of destruc- 
man in the left shoulder. tion. . 
He continued running for 10) yigHTs UP DESERT 

yards, then dropped. An ambu- 
lance was pailed. bat he was dead Another. five Canadians manned 
on arrival at hospital. army vehicles standing in the open 
eens six miles from the atomic device 
YOUTH WOUNDED that exploded with a force equal 
{ONTREAL (CP)—A 19-year-old | 0 40,000 tons of TNT at the Unitéd 
Montreal youth was shot twice in States Atomic Energy Commis- 
the neck by Montreal police to- sion’s vast proving grounds in the 
day while attempting to flee with heart of Nevada desert 80 miles 
an armful of allegedly stolen comic north of the Las Vegas gambling 

f resort. 
Hospital authorities said both 

They are the first Canadians to 
bullets passed through the victim’s| have experienced the frightening 
neck but that he is out of danger. 

power of a nuclear eo and 
The youth was identified by the first troops from er coun: 
Wee: as Jean-Paul Paquette. They ee PS Mer Breet to 
said he was shot when twi = 
- SAAN Oy Approximately 25 minutes after 
the shot, Dr. Alvin Graves, test 
‘director, announced that the radio- 
active cloud was drifting duc north 
and at its present rate would reach 
Canada in about 24 hours. 
However, he emphasized that 
long before reaching Canada there 
would be rio appreciable amount of 
radiation left. 
‘The blinding flash lit up the sur- 
rounding cactus-covered desert as 
though four suns had suddenly ap- 

Denis and Liege streets had been 

books. ° = 
Police said the youth paid no at- 

TORONTO (CP)—Suburban York 

while chasing three youths whom 

they said had broken into a mar-|peared in the heavens, etching on}. 
keteria. 3 the vision Bol ogee goggled ob- ert Dh a poe ner the 
One of the youths was. captured; servers a th at the 2,500-yard rocking of a good-siztd ship. 

| mark manned’by 12 volunteer U.S.|°". 

; "| “The experience was not excit- 
easter tiors a civilian Ameri ing and proves that all. we have 
Almost level with the Canadians tren teld was valid. : 
were 20 American civil defence ob-| GENERAL IMPRESSED 
servers, including six women, and} Maj..Gen. F. F. Worthington, 
the front ranks of a U. S. armed! civil defence co-ordinator for Can- 
task force of 800 men. jada who witnessed the shot from 

The observers, lke the Cana-|the official observer hill seven 
dians, were in slit trenches. The|miles from ground zero, said the 
task force was above ground in/explosion was “the most impres- 
tanks and armored troop carriers. | sive experience” of his long mili- 


Single Clue In 
$80,000 Robbery 
Alongside the five Canadians at “I am more than ever convinced 
the six-mile mark were some 200 that it is absolutely. necessary we 

YELLAND (CP)—Police _today| American civil defence observers | Pursue our civil defence program 
started their second day without a! taking part in the test designed to to the utmost: and in full co-op- 
clue in the investigation of the post! point the way to® survival_in the |eration with tha United States."” 
office robbery here which Wednes-| atomic ‘age. Sgt. Roger Thomas of Barrie and 

day netted thieves between $750,000 g than 70 per|Toronto said he had ngver-. exper- 
and $80,000, Sehr packer ph oer Ni ienced anything like it before. 


colored movie “Souls in Conflict” 
filmed in London, England, Youth 
for Christ Rally, Belleville Collex- 
fate, B pm. Friday, May 13th. 
Picton, Palomar Hall. 8 p.m. Thurse 
day May 12th. Free admission. 
Offering. © M5-7-9-11 

after a warning shot had been 
fired. The others were ‘arrested 
later at their homes. 

Police Without 

id : Y jcent of.the original contingent of 
“W haven't a thing to go on."")2,200 American civil defence ob- 
said police chief oof Rounds, He} servers and press “representatives 

Adair of the| who had returned to their homes 

of following nine straight postpone- 

has! ments of the shot originally sched- 
juled for April 26. 

(Continued on Page 5.) 

said Inspector Dav; 
criminal investigation branch 
the Ontario Provincial Police 
been called in to assist. 
Theft of the moncy, a stec] com- 
pany payroll, was the biggest haul 
rs bat Reeth of ra Niagara dis- 

ict ustrial elty. EAD: g 

The cash was stolen from the WN B PONCE ree 
post office next door to the Welland} NEW ORLEANS (AP) —- A. A. 
police station. Thieves whd appar-| Weinberg of Chicago Wednesday 
ently knew the Atlas Stecl Com-|was reelected president of the 
pany’s cash was-to be kept over-| Municipal Finance Officers Asso- 
night in the post office forced open{ciation of the United States and 
a window. Canada, << 

Canada’s Radiation Detection Unit — 
Wins High Praise From U.S. Expert 

ested in the organization of the 
Canadian unit. 
“There an? organizations within 

Church Street, Saturday, May 7th, 

Wednesday, June 29. . 

offers special prayer for the sick 
tonight at 8.. Miss Jessie Wong 
speaks, Calvary Temple. - 

7th, 130 p.m. St. Andrew's Presq 
byterian Church, Church Street, 
Sponsored by Young Peoples. 


May Gth. 7 p.m., at Salvation Amy 
Station Street, MS*28 

‘Orange Hall, Church Street, 8.30. 

Canadian Press Staff Writer 

) LAS VEGAS, Nev. (CP)—Canada|the U.S. Army which have mis- Special izes.” Jackpot, Admis- 
has one of the world's finest radi-| sions similar to that of the Cana- jon 25¢ Best prizes in town. oe 

dian radiation detection unit, but 
not as inclusive as theirs. 

ation detection units, a radiological 

expert for the United States Army EUCHRE, THURSDAY, MAY 5. 8T. 

said Wednesday. “The Canadian army has one| 2oseph's, School Mall. | 813) pe 
Col. Fred Ludecke, chemical and|highly talented unit whereas the Se Admission; ea Everyone 
radiological safety officer for the} U.S. has divided responsibility} welcome. 3-3 
United States 6th Army, told The| among various agencies.” ELKS SOCIAL EVENINC_ EVERY 

Friday at Elks’ Hall, 219 Front St. 
830, Jackpot. Usual good prizes, 
Everyone welcome. Admission 25c. 

Formed in 1950, the No. 1 Radi- 
ation Intection Unit in late 1952 

Canadion Press In an interview 
that American military authorities 

are following ieee bree oe Fegains is February 1953 was J13-eth-te - 
the work and techniques of Can-|c to the Chalk. River atomic 7 Some 
ada’s “highly talented" tri-service| energy plant to assist in radiation Eda header hia TOWN SHALES 

control following a break in the| Makers. Refreshment booth, Admise 
big reactor. sion ‘76c. NEIOSS 
“Its operation task is to detect|sre FOR THE LAST TIME~*GOOD~_ 
areas of nuclear or radioactive} Gracious Grandma” in Roslin Prese 
contamination; earry out recon-| PurM2, SNAG by Me’ social 
naissance, el record ies ree Admission 50 and’25e,. .  M4-2t 
on a map the location a: tensity SOIT 
of all radiation, and to advise com- SOCIAL EVEN GA KNIGETS ret 

7 manders in the field-regarding] Street. ‘rursday, at 830 pm. 
Col. Ludecke said American au-|hazards involved in th€ use of cer- 

Special prizes, pe foes all. Aémile 
thorities were, particularly inter- | tain arcas. cee a cents. Everyhody, welcome, 

radiation detection team. 

The Canadian team, made up of 
the army's No. 1 radiation detec- 
tion unit of. the Royal Canadian 
Engineers, Kingston, Ont., aug- 
mented by key air force and navy 
radiation experts, is here particl- 


sl . 

Crepe as ~ ie AE TT PA OE or 

. Z Sk ae 


e- * City and District ‘News ‘|Technical Course 

THURSDAY, MAY 5, 1956 * 

Majority of Municipalities Obituary (Opening Dates |_—__°™*™* 

“vy Z MRS. JOHN GOOD: Ww Wednesday, hace Hout 
CLOTHES LINE TAKEN _| CHILDREN LOSING . Results at BC] Approve Development Assoc. pS See Announced By Joh Gsedigiow aft at years, 

Complaints of clothes lines be- BIKE LICENCES 

ing ralded are common. occur- sae elty police Sel rpbes cam~- 
rences at the police station but|paign checking on bicycle owners| ‘The results of the advanced 
without 1955 Mcences and with- 
this morni Belleville lice Y technical course offered as part of 
iy [out the required highways depart- the program of evening classes at 

really had one for the book. ul turned 
The complaint was that not the Fa cp eet pt tears poohons, B.C.LV.S. during recent, months 

the clothes line bad chsally; se gay withe follies obtained 
the ‘clothes line a - ccording to re from ollow! ve 
ba ° on Mis hall nee. hese the | Standing in the three units offered 
After some little time of gentle | young licence-less. riders \ were | this years English I, Mathematics 
, Urging on the part of the better sing no time in taking the po-|I and Mechanics I:— 
half a West Hill husband yester-|iice warning to get their licences} Aitken, J. H.; Asselstine,- Ray; 
day finally got around: to poring pronto. = Bazuk, Nick; | Blakely, Lorne; 
up the new clothes lines. But)” From mid-afternoon on the city|Burr, Rodney; Carter, Erle W.: 
he might as well have spared | treasurer's office was besieged by | Collins, M.; Dales, Merrill; Ellar- 


The Lake Ontario Regional De-jrectora will be elécted represen-| Wednesday afternoon, after °o 130 p.m. / 
velopment Association Wednesday|tatlves and six from the various|iliness of three days’ duration.| * ~ nea ance 
received the approval of a major- Reases or from interested elti- The deceased wastanis Mel-|_, The dates for the opening. games hat yetlsh ty Abie Ebene WL 
ity of municipalities within the| zens. rose, thé daughter of the late Mr. |°! the Belleville and District] Say Sth Edward eveph 
area as about 130 delegates rep-| From this group a chairmanjand Mrs. Lanslotte Dawson, and |Softball League were announced eva. Sea inanls Ae toy 
resenting 41 municipalities con-| and vice-chairman will be named, |lived in Tyendinaga township | this morning following a mecting |Home, Tweed, where the f 
vened at Campbellford. who with two others will repre-|prior to moving to Corbyville 45 of managers and coaches of the be ‘held Saturday, May 7th, to St. 

The Association takes in the|sent the zone on the regional/years ago. She had been living t with a reo acentreh, cn Tweed, for 
seven counties of Hastings, Prince|board. The regional ‘board will/at the home of herSuaughter,|‘€4™S with setretary-treasurer | Beiulem Mass at 1100 a.n Cemetery. 
Edward, Lennox and Addington,|consist of 12 directors and a/| Mrs.’ Clinton, Rutter. - [Ken Duesbury last -night. M3 
Durham and Northumberland, pirceneetatye ron ras ier Liew oe Clan eae = suiehier: Although the schedule was ex- 

1 Haliburton A - ‘us’ ran t+) e de - a utter, o neral Hospital, on Thursday, 
boson a is one Brapthtyrets ment of planning and develop-|Corbyville, and four stepsons: ee to open the week of May May Sth. Miss Eva May MeCoy. of 
gions which have been set up or|ment. Herbert and Ernest Goodfellow, th, as agreed at a previous Smiths Falls, ¢ daughter ofthe: date, 

dow of John Goodfellow, died in § ftball « foompant Finette :peleville | Buriht: 
Belleville ‘General Hospital on|WO. ague~ |i Chapel on Saturdere Mew atk ra 
j 4 E 

McCOY, Eva May. —'In the Belleville” 

{ Carruthers, Sask.; Frank, of | Mecting, R has been delayed for her 6gth ear. Me 
s are proposed for participation in] 79 sURE MANAGER va » Of one week Y 
eee the Sothen lies Place . ae eee. cer retest by _ eoree;, Fitzgerald, Howard;|the Ontario Government's: pro- Each region will hire a full - eines and Sohn x, ot! Shan- at the Belleville toane home field, Conspany Funeral. Home whace tans 
nd all, were missing. seeking 1955 mar 3 arris, P.W.; Johnson, C.R.; John-} gram of economic development fy I manager = whoiwilll| ene i the CNRAA grounds, from the |{uneral, will De held Saturday, May 
7  feyeles. - ston, John; Kaye, Dalton; Lepore in the different regions. time genera . and, John Ganetiee, Bt} 18th 10 the 20th 7Materment Belleville Cemetery, 
; But the police campaign re the | anthony; MacDonald, Harold; Me-| Government officials attending| #ctually be the key - _ organl- ort John Goodfellow, in| “70 Frankford: Merchacte ‘Gali Ms-2t 
MAGNOLIA TREES 2 deateat rycen york brie Cormick, W.; Moore, Richard;| the meeting included ‘The Honor-| 2ation corey hades? atts Ssna 1949. rent bth Le roid, in get the first home game on Mon-| EATON, Ross. — At Kingston. on | 
IN FULL BLOOM eexin ree at city hall be | Mountain, George; Olesen, Ron-| able W. K. Warrender, Q.C., Min-|stant con eT ; Alo enrviviag hoe are g-|4ay, May 23rd, With the Belle. pK imei eer) saees > hen) 
fore)the: week terete ald; Peters, Michael; Piperni,|ister of the Department of Plaft|!ndustry branch regarding loca-| | / Miss Margaret Jane Dawson, | Ville Orfuns providing the oppo-| 38, 0¢ddes,, Street. Belleville, 
The magnollas are in bloom in| - Michael; Rolston, R. S= Royle, W.;/ning and Development who|tlon of possible industry. of ‘Shapnonvilie. and 2 aim (sition in a night fixture. othe penidom of 9,36 Eaton oo oe, 
Belleville ‘ Settle, R.: Twiddy, C. H.; spoke at the conference. _ The work of the seecrao will Lanslotte Dawson, of Shanmene Point Anne Cementmen were | Company Funeral Home, Service in 
Magnolla trees, sometimes call-| COLLEGIATE BAND . The following have obtained| FIVE DELEGATES FROM CITY |"°t be confined alone AS i prt ville. entitled to the first game but they | !hs, chapel on Friday, May 6th, at 
ed tullp trees, are blooming in two| TQ ATTEND RALLY standing in the subjects indicated:| Five delegates from Belleville,|{ti#! Promotion but will include) V'oy- deceased was a member of |2%Mounced that their field would |~ Infetment Belleville Cemetery. 
different locations in the city at Allen, Victor (English); Dodge, including three city ald ermen‘ats such reper hates roads, tour- Carmel United Church. ¢ |not lien condition in time and : Mé-2t 
the moment. The band of the Belleville col-|John (Math. Mech.); Ellard, Joe| tended Wednesday's meeting at|#ts and agriculture. == | “The deceased is resting af the they wished to forfeit the priv- IN MEMO’ a, 
In full spring splendor is the|leglate cadet corps will take part! (English, Math.); Fatovie, Peter|Campbellford, which saw antine| Te finance vicmalite will ea{ Belleville Burial’ Company Fun- rae. 5 jane Second game will be : RIAM <i 
tree at 77 Highland Ave. It was/in an eastern Ontario cadet rally| (English); Ferworn, Kurt (Esg\! terim board of directors set up for participating municipality will be! orat Home. . The. funeral an-| Played on Tuesday, May 24, with | ———__ sh 

Bi is and} a3 the Belleville Bobcats going to | HANNA. — In loving memory of my 
1 Inally by the late tadi ,| sh, Mech); Hulsman, Frank) Enge| the vari Ithin th assessed on a population basis and/nouncement appears elsewhere in cats going x 
Germ Prpcered pas teacher on roar brs erptaieet ei ctn sh); Morrice, Erskine (English,| ton. Heading the interim baatd monies ralsed by the municipall- thig edition. Madoc, this also being an under- Sear iwite, ‘who passed away May 

f : hed wets Fee the-lights game. On Friday, the ften stand 
at the Ontarlo School for the Deaf} ‘The remainder of the corps will| Math.); Morry, Reginald (English,| @y zone 3 which ta