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Full text of "Books Received from March 15 to May 15, 1896"

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Ansiaux, Maurice, Heures de Travail et Salaires. Paris: Alcan. %fr. 

Avery, Elizabeth H., Influence of French Immigration on the Political History of 

the United States. Redfield, S. D.: Journal Observer Press. $0.50. 
Bain, F. W., The Bullion Report and the Foundation of the Gold Standard. 

Oxford: Jas. Parker & Co. 
Bassett, John S., Slavery and Servitude in the Colony of North Carolina. Balti- 
more: Johns Hopkins Press. $0.50. 
Bastian, A., Die Denkschopfung umgebender Welt aus kosmogonischen Vors- 

tellungen in Cultur und Uncultur. Berlin: Fred Dummlers. 
Benedetti, Count, Studies in Diplomacy. Macmillan. $3.00. 
Bondy, William, The Separation of Governmental Powers in History, in Theory 

and in the Constitutions. Columbia College. $1.00. 
Booth, Charles, Lite and Labour of the People of London. Vol. VII. Macmillan. 

Broglie, Duke de, An Ambassador of the Vanquished. Macmillan. $3.00. 
Channing, Edward, The United States of America, 1765-1865. Macmillan. $1.50. 
Civic Club Digest of the Educational and Charitable Institutions and Societies in 

Philadelphia. With an Introduction on Social Aspects of Philadelphia Relief 

Work, by Samuel McCune Lindsay. Philadelphia: Civic Club. 
Del Mar, Alexander, The Science of Money. 2d ed., revised. Macmillan. $2.25. 
Del Mar, Alexander, History of Monetary Systems. Chicago: Kerr. $2.00. 
Dickinson, G. Lowes, Development of Parliament during the Nineteenth Cen- 
tury. Longmans. $2.50. 
Diehl, Karl, P. J. Proudhon. Seine Lehre und sein Leben. Jena: Fischer. 

4.50 m. 
Dixon, Frank H. , State Railroad Control with a History of its Development in 

Iowa. Crowell. $1.75. 
Giddings, Franklin H., The Principles of Sociology. Macmillan. $3.00. 
Gloner. Prosper, Les Finances des Etats- Unis Mexicains. Berlin: Puttkammer & 

Miihlbrecht. 26 m. 
Gratnmont, Maurice, La Dissimilation consonantique dans les langues Indo-Euro- 

peenes et dans les languages Romanes. Dijon: Impritnerie Darantiere. 4/r. 
Hake, A. Egmont, and Wesslau, O. E., The Coining Individualism. London: 

Constable & Co. $4.00. 
Halleux, Jean, Les Principles du Positivisme contemporain. Louvain: Institut 

Supeneur. zfr. 50. 
Hassell, Arthur, The Balance of Power 1715-89. Macmillan. $1.60. 
Hollander, J. H., Letters of David Ricardo to John Ramsay McCulloch, 1816-23. 

Pub. American Economic Association. Macmillan. $1.25. 
Howe, Frederic C, Taxation and Taxes in the United States under the Internal 

Revenue System 1791-1895. Crowell. $1.75. 
Jeyes, S. H., Right Honorable Joseph Chamberlain. Warne & Co. $1.25. 
Kinsley, William W., Old Faiths and New Facts. Appleton. $1.50. 
Knaufif, Theo. C, A Dissatisfied Farmer. Philadelphia : By the League. 
Lecky, William E. H., Democracy and Liberty. Longmans. 
Mackey, Thomas, Methods of Social Reform. London: John Murray. 7s. 6d. 
Mallock, W. H., Classes and Masses. Macmillan. $1.25. 


Books Received. 2:1 

Marliire, H., Etude sur l'heredite. Universite de Louvain. 

Meixell, Granville H., John J. Ingalls, his Life, Services and Characteristics. 

Atchison, Kan.i Home Printing Company. $0.25. 
Norway, Arthur H.. History of the Post Office Packet Service between the Years 

1793-1S15. Macmillan. $3.50. 
Nouveau Dictionnaire de Geographie Universelle. Paris: Hachette. 205 Jr. 
Official History of the Discussion between Venezuela and Great Britain on their 

Guiana Boundary. Washington: Venezuelan Legation. 
Price, L. L., Money in its Relation to Prices. Scribner. 
Kaulich, Italo, Storia di Carlo Emanuele I., Duca di Savoia. Vol. I. Milano: 

Hoepli. 5/. 
Reid, G. Archdall, Present Evolution of Man. London: Chapman & Hall. 
Reid, William, A Treatise on the Law Pertaining to Corporate Finance. Albany: 

H. B. Parsons. $12.00. Vols. I and II. 
Reno. Conrad, A Treatise on the Law of Employers' Liability Acts. Boston : 

Houghton, Mifflin. 
Riley, F.L., Colonial Origins of New England Senates. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins 

Press. $0.50. 
Rota, Giovanni, Ragioneria delle Cooperative di Consumo. Milan: Hoepli. 
Stephen, Leslie, Social Rights and Duties. Macmillan. fo.oo. 
Tandy, Francis D., Voluntary Socialism. Denver: Crusade Publishing Company. 

Cloth, $1.00; paper, $0.50. 
Taylor, F. M., Do We Want an Elastic Currency ? Pub. Political Science Associ- 
ation. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan. $0.25. 
Thorpe, T. May, What is Money ? or Popular Remedies for Popular Ills. Ogilvie 

& Co. $0.25. 
Tuttie, Herbert, History of Prussia under Frederick the Great, 1756-57. Vol. iv. 

Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co. $1.50. •■ 

Upton, J. K., Money in Politics. 2d ed., revised. Boston: Lothrop. Cloth, $1.25; 

paper, $0.50. 
Van den Berg, N. P., The Financial and Economical Condition of Netherlands 

India, since 1870, and the effect of the Present Currency System. 3d. ed., re- 
vised. Hague : Netherlands Economical and Statistical Association. 
Weeks, Stephen B., Southern Quakers and Slavery. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins 

Press. • 
Wernicke, Johannes, Der Objektive Wert und Preis. Jena: Fischer. 2.40 m. 
Wicksell, Knut, Finanztheoretische Untersuchungen uebst Darstellung und 

Kritik des Steurwesens Schwedens. Jena: Fischer. 8 »;. 
Willoughby, W. W., An Examination of the Nature of the State. Macmillan. $3.00.