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The Revelation of John 


Professor of Early Church History and New Testament 
Interpretation in the University of Chicago 

The central idea of the book is to explain 
the meaning of Revelation as its author 
intended it to be understood by those to 
whom it was first addressed. Few people 
know when or why it was written, and its 
specific reference to a millennium has 
made it much quoted in support of 
strange theories about the imminent end 
of the world. 

The volume has been prepared especially 
to meet the needs of the preacher and 
the layman who desire a popular rather 
than a highly technical treatment of the 
subject. Especial attention is given to 
the explanation of such items as the 
' 'Beast, ' ' the anticipated end of the world, 
the millennium, and the new Jerusalem. 

xii-\-UQ pages, i2mo, cloth; $2.75, postpaid $2.90 

The University of Chicago Press 

Chicago - - Illinois 

Revised Edition 

Christian Faith for 
Men of Today 


Professor of Systematic Theology in Howard 

University, Washington, D. C. 

This volume contains a clear and reason- 
able interpretation of life from the Christian 
point of view, and some definite formulation 
of those beliefs that have proved most 
effectual in the development of individual 
character and in the promotion of the welfare 
of society. Professor Cook believes that 
Christianity is the religion which best meets 
the needs of all races and classes. The con- 
venient arrangement of the material in num- 
bered paragraphs, the valuable appendixes, 
and the general systematic treatment of the 
subject commend the book as a popular text 
for college men and women and for adult 
classes and clubs as well as for general reading. 

$1.50, postpaid $1.65 
The University of Chicago Press 

Chicago .... Illinois 

Handbooks of Ethics and Religion 

for College Classes and Adult Study-Groups 

The Spread of Christianity in the Modern World, by Edward Caldwell Moore. $2.25, 

postpaid $2.40. 

A survey of the history of missions since the beginning of the modern era. Depicts the missionary move- 
ment against the background of general history. 

How the Bible Grew, by Frank G. Lewis. $1.50, postpaid $1.65. 

The first single work to record the growth of the Bible from its beginning up to the present time. 

The Life of Paul, by Benjamin W. Robinson. $1.75, postpaid $1.90. 

This narrative moves rapidly through the apostle's successive difficult conflicts and powerful triumphs and 
furnishes a reliable guide to a study of Paul's career. 

The Religions of the World, by George E. Barton. $2.25, postpaid $2.40. 

The author gives a keen and sympathetic interpretation of all the great religions of the world, and a summary 
of the chief facts regarding their origin and history. Popular presentation and scholarly accuracy combined. 

The Psychology of Religion, by George A. Coe. $2.25, postpaid $2.40. 

There are few books which arc adapted for use as college texts and are at the same time interesting reading 
for those outside of scholastic circles. But this book is one of that few. 

The Story of the New Testament, by Edgar Johnson Goodspeed. $1.50, postpaid $1.65. 

A clear exposition of the development of the New Testament based upon the definite thesis that "Christianity 
did not spring from the New Testament but the New Testament from Christianity." 

The Origin and Growth of the Hebrew Religion, by Henry T. Fowler. $1.50, postpaid $1 .60. 

A remarkable exposition of religious phenomena from a fresh psychological standpoint, combining both 
structural and functional methods of approach. 


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Evolution, Genetics, and Eugenics 


Professor of Zoology 
The University of Chicago 

Most thinking people today are more or less interested in evolution and 
eugenics. You want to speak authoritatively on these subjects. This volume 
by Professor Newman will be found of unusual significance as it is written in an 
easy reading style and contains excerpts from such well-known writers as Darwin, 
Wallace, Romanes, DeVries, LeConte, Weismann, Morgan, Castle, Lull, Guyer, 
Popenoe, Johnson, Babcock, Clausen, Walter, Saleeby, Shull, Tayler, Downing, 
and Thomson. 

This book has been prepared to meet a specific demand for an account of 
the various phases of evolutionary biology condensed within the scope of one 
volume of moderate size. 

The value of the book is enhanced by a wise use of illustrations. 

550 pages. $3.75, postpaid $3.90