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[The more important books in this list will be reviewed at length] 

Pettazoni, Raffaele. Dio: Formazione e Sviluppo del Monoteismo Nelle 
Storia Delle Rdigioni. Vol. I. L'Essere Celeste. Rome: Athenaeum, 
1922. xxii+396 pages. L. 35. 
This first volume of a series on the historical evolution of monotheism deals in a 

comprehensive way with the gods of primitive peoples. 


Baumstark, Anton. Geschichte der syrischen Literatur mil Ausschluss der 

christlichpaldstinensischen Texte. Bonn: A. Marcus und E. Webers Verlag, 

1922. xvi+378 pages. M. 190. 

This is the work for which Syriac scholars have long waited. Its comprehensive, 
encyclopedic character makes it a vade mecum of Syrian literature from the frag- 
mentary begiimings in the second century, down through the schism of the fifth and 
sixth centuries, thence along the streams of the Nestorian and Monophysite branches 
to the Arab invasion. Thereafter the Nestorian and Jacobite Syrian Uterature is 
followed down to the seventeenth century — ^an ecclesiastical, biographical survey. 
SouTER, A. Tertullian Concerning the Resurrection oj the Flesh. London: 

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; New York: Macmillan, 

1922. xxiv+2os pages. 

To this excellent new translation there is appended a collation of a hitherto 
unknown manuscript recently brought to light by Dom Andr6 Wilmart, of St. Michael's 
Abbey, Farmborough. 


Causse, a. Les "Pauvres" d'Israel. Strasbourg: Librarie Istra, 1922. 173 

pages. Fr. 8. 

The common people are coming to their own. For ancient Israel that class of 
citizens now has an advocate of no mean ability in this little essay. The most strik- 
ing part of the treatment is his picture of the poor as it is displayed in the Psalter. 
The faith of Israel was exemplified and perpetuated by those who were not wealthy 
and aristocratic. A useful presentation. 
Potts, Cyrus A. Dictionary of Bible Proper Names. New York: Abingdon 

Press, 1922. 279 pages. I2.00. 

Bible proper names are a fascinating study. But Potts's book is a compilation of 
authorities, good, bad, and nondescript. On three pages selected at random we find 
five mistakes in references, six errors in translation of the plain Hebrew word, five 
misspeUings of names, four pairs of names that should have been consohdated, and 
definitions that no modem scholar can find in the original word. The Latin defini- 
tions are useless in a would-be popular work. Not a dependable dictionary. 




MiCKLEM, Nathaniel. The Galilean. London: Clarke, 1920. 157 pages. 

Sketches of various aspects of the life and teachings of Jesus, designed to set forth 
his spiritual authority in non-theological terms. 

Roberts, Richard. The Untried Door. Second edition. New York: 

Doran, 1921. xii+174 pages. $1.50. 

Forty short inquiries into the mind of Jesus for today, each one based on his definite 
words; germinal enough for a session's discussion of a study group "that in a fellow- 
ship of thought we may discover the truth that shall make us free." 

Schmidt, Karl Ludwig. Der Rahtnen der Geschichte Jesu. Berlin: Tro- 

witzsch & Sohn, 1919. xviii+322 pages. M. 80. 

An important critical investigation of the first three gospels as sources of informa- 
tion for the life of Jesus. The author is Privatdozent in the University of Berlin and 
his book augurs well for the new generation of German New Testament scholarship. 


Bellwald, a. M. Christian Science and the Catholic Faith. New York: 

Macmillan, 1922. xvi+269 pages. I2.50. 

A carefully written account of Mrs. Eddy's life and an exposition of the main 
tenets of Christian Science. The book is frankly intended to vindicate the Catholic 
faith over against the antisupematuralism and the pragmatism which the author finds 
in Christian Science. An unusually complete bibliography is a valuable feature of 
the volume. 

Cadotjx, a. T. Essays in Christian Thinking. New York: Doran; London: 

Swarthmore Press, 1922. $1.60. 

Courageous, candid discussions of some of the crucial questions in modem religious 
thinking, with the purpose of relating religious beliefs vitally to the life of our day. 


Baker, Edna Dean. Parenthood and Child Nurture. New York: Macmillan, 

1922. xvii-Fi78 pages. $1.50. 

A book for parents presenting the major findings of modem child study covering 
the period from birth to eleven years. 

Hamlin, Mary P. The Rock. Boston: The Pilgrim Press, 1921. 37 pages. 


A biblical drama showing the character development of Simon Peter. 

Weigle, Luther A. The Training of Children in the Christian Family. 

Boston: Pilgrim Press, 1922. ix-F224 pages. $1.50. 

A textbook and syllabus for parents' classes. It is based upon the belief that the 
development of the parents is the assured way of developing Christian behavior in 
children. The book gives suggestive material on the child in his relations — physique, 
habits, play, work, study, reading, friends, devotional life, etc. One of the best features 
of the book is its bibliographies on each subject with questions to stimulate first-hand 
investigation and reports. 



Glover, T. R. The Nature and Purpose of a Christian Society. New York: 

Doran, 1922. 85 pages. $1.00. 

A lecture delivered at the yearly meeting of the Society of Friends in which the 
ideals of Jesus are set forth as the basis for a modem Christian society. 
Hough, Lynn Harold. A Little Book of Sermons. New York: Abingdon 

Press, 1922. 173 pages. $1.25. 

A baker's dozen of sermons, dedicated to the author's church in Detroit, for 
which a majority of them were prepared. One turns to "The Ministry of the Mystic" 
for the keynote — and finds these sentences: "There is a mystic who is a robust evan- 
gelical Christian And the Christian mystic keeps us aware of our citizenship 

in eternity." 


Brunner, Edmund de S., and Mary V. Irrigation and Religion. New 

York: Doran, 1922. 128 pages. 

One of the twenty-six intensive rural surveys by the Committee on Social and 
Religious Surveys, which attempts to show by two typical California counties the 
effect of prosperity upon the life of the church. 

1. Page, Kkby. Industrial Facts. New York: Doran, 1921. 32 pages. 


2. Page, KiRBY. Collective Bargaining. New York: Doran, 1921. 30 pages. 

3. Mathews, Basil, and Bisseker, Harry. Fellowship. New York: 

Doran, 192 1. 31 pages. $0.10. 

4. Page, Kjrby. The Sword or the Cross. New York: Doran, 1921. 61 

pages. $0.15. 

5. Page, Kirby. The United States Steel Corporation. New York: Doran, 

1922. 26 pages. $0.10. 

6. Eddy, Sherwood. America: Its Problems and Perils: New York. Doran, 

1922. 30 pages. $0.10. 

7. Page, Kirby. Incentives in Modern Life. New York: Doran, 1922. 

31 pages. $0.10. 

These seven pamphlets deal with various phases of the industrial situation and 
the responsibility of Christianity for the same. 


Bailey, Elmer James. Religious Thought in the Greater American Poets. 

Boston: Pilgrim Press, 1922. 258 pages. $1.50. 

Suggestive studies of the religious ideals of Bryant, Poe, Emerson, Whittier, 
Longfellow, Holmes, Lowell, and Whitman. Brief citations from poems serve to 
illumine the exposition. 
Bloch, Louis. The Coal Miners' Insecurity. New York: Russell Sage 

Foundation, 1922. 50 pages. $0.50. 

An investigation made under the auspices of the Sage Foundation, containing 
statistics and facts which must be known in order to appreciate the complexity of 
the present crisis.