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Masterkey to All Languages 

PRIMERS, edited or selected by Robert Morris Pierce, 16 languages, $1.94 postpaid, each 
language: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Scotch English, French, German, Italian, 
Japanese, Panjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. 

rlcsibc o UdsAhI 

Spanish Alphagam 

Robert Morris Pierce 

iotoji. r h\>i- .^uAa t 


Professor of Romance Languages m Harvard University 

La Maison 
Pierre a batie 

U»c««cr S CeM 

CHARTS, by Robert Morris Pierce: four, each measuring (paper-size) 24 by 15 inches, and 
entitled respectively: Chart of the Universal Alphagam, Chart of the Organs of Speech, Chart of 
the French Alphagam, Chart of the Spanish Alphagam: folded and bound in paper 6§ by 4J inches, 
37 cents each, postpaid; mounted on cloth and rollers, for use as wall-charts, $3.88 each, postpaid. 

DICTIONARIES, with pronunciations in World-Romic, edited or selected by Robert Morris 
Pierce: (unilingual) English, French, or German; (bilingual) French-English and English-French: 
$4.86 each, postpaid. 

PRONUNCIATION-TABLES, special alphagams, showing, in World Romic, the elementary 
sounds of 89 languages, edited by Robert Morris Pierce, 30 cents postpaid, each language: 
Afghan, Albanian, Old Armenian, Bearnese (Arrens), Bearnese (Garlin), Bohemian, Bragancian, 
Brahui, Burgundian, Cantonese, Catalan, Charentese, Cumbrian, Dauphinese, Dubian (Bournois), 
Dubian (Pontarlier), Dutch, Emilian (Badi), Emilian (Bologna), Emilian (Novellara), Tuscan 
Emilian (Carrara), Tuscan Emilian (Gombitelli), Tuscan Emilian (Sassalbo), English, American 
English, British English, Scotch English, Middle English (Orm), Middle English (southern dialect, 
12th century), Middle English (East Midland, time of Chaucer), Old English, Finnish, French, West 
Frisian, Galician, German, Modern Greek, Aeginian Modern Greek, Cycladic Modern Greek, Lesbic 
Modern Greek (Ajasso), Lesbic Modern Greek (Mitilini), Lesbic Modern Greek (Plomari), 
Macedonian Modern Greek, Thracian Modern Greek, Old Greek, Hungarian, Old Icelandic, 
Italian, Japanese, Kanara, Kanauri, Kui, Kurdish, Lahuli, Languedoc, Latin, Laz, Ligurian, 
Lombard, Lorrainese, Marchesian, Mingrelian, Molisian, Norman, Norwegian, Pahari, Picard, 
Portuguese, Provencal, Old Provencal, Rhetian, Rumanian, Sanskrit, Scotch, Spanish, Andalusian 
Spanish, Bosnian Judeo-Spanish, Bulgarian Judeo-Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Tridentan, Umbrian 
(Gubbio), Umbrian (Rieti), Venetian (Grado), Venetian (Murano), Venetian (Triest), Walloon 
(Liege), Walloon (Stavelot), Welsh, Yorkshire. 


Publishers of PIERCE'S LIBRARY: A Miscellany op Literature and Works of Reference in All Languages 

8 West 40th Street, New York City 

A Living Monument to 


A Joy and Benefit to Students 
and Lovers of Nature 

Please co-operate in the great work of 


Forty-seven years of effective service 
Science, Education and Humanity 

The Guide to Nature 

Monthly Illustrated Magazine 

Subscription, $i .50 per year; singlecopy, iscenls; 
three months' trial, 2$ cents 

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Remington Portable 


Fits in case only four inches high and can 
be carried and used anywhere. Has the 
standard keyboard, with four rows of keys 
and no shifting for figures. Has the auto- 
matic ribbon reverse. Has every feature you 
associate with typewriting at its best. 

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The Great Questions now, more than ever are moral questions. The future of the 
state, nationalism and internationalism, family, class divisions, the just management of 
business and industry, compel thoughtful persons to look for principles. To study the 
principles involved in all lines of action is the aim of 

The International Journal of Ethics 


The Hindu Dharma - 

Absolute Standards in Ethics - - - 

The Genesis of the Moral Judgment in Plato 

Sanctioning International Peace 

Hamlet ...... 

The Relation of Ethics to Social Science 

S. Radhakrishnan 

R. K. Pemberton 

R. C. Lodge 

C. F. Taeusch 

C. C. H. Williamson 

O. Fred Boucke 

Published for the Editors by THE RUMFORD PRESS, Concord, N.H. 

Chicago: JAMES H. TUFTS, University of Chicago, Manager 
London: GEORGE ALLEN & UNWIN, Ltd., 40 Museum Street, W.C. 

Entered as second-class matter October 16, 1014, at the post-office at Concord, New Hampshire, 
under the Act of March 3, 1879 


$3.00 a year 

75 cents a number