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[The more important books in this list will be reviewed at length.] 

Ames, Fisher. American Red Cross Work among the French People. New 

York: Macmillan, 1921. xviii+178 pages. $2.00. 

A well-written account of this great humanitarian enterprise, marked by a keen 
appreciation of concrete details, showing the essentially human emphasis of the work- 

Appel, Heinrich. Kurzgefassie Kirchengeschichte. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 

1915. xx+712 pages. M. 10. 

A textbook for students and classroom purposes, with elaborate classification, 
annotations, chronological tables, and bibliographical apparatus. 
Bachmann, Ph. Von Innen nach Aussen. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1919. 70 


An informing discussion of the crisis confronting the church in Germany since 
the revolution which destroyed the support of the imperial government and made 
imperative a democratic reorganization of the church. 

Holy Bible. The Newberry Edition. New York: Hodder & Stoughton, 1921. 

xii+728 and xi+214 pages. 

A reprinting of the Authorized Version of King James, accompanied by certain 
orthographic signs indicative of Hebrew and Greek characteristics of language which 
cannot be reproduced in English translation. 

Cadman, S. Parkes. Ambassadors of God. New York: Macmillan, 1921. 

353 pages. $2.50. 

Nine essays and lectures on aspects of modern preaching dominated by the con- 
ception of the preacher as the ambassador of God to men. It is rich in material, 
stimulating to independent thought, displaying wide reading and clear thinking. 
Cadman, S. Parkes, and Others. The Problem of Christian Unity. New 

York: Macmillan, 192 1. x+ 127 pages. $1.75. 

Seven lectures by eminent religious leaders, setting forth the desirability of 
Christian unity, but frankly recognizing and discussing the practical obstacles, and 
suggesting possible next steps toward the realization of the ideal. 

Cadoux, Cecil John. The Guidance of Jesus for To-Day. London: Allen & 

Un win, 1920. 178 pages, js. 6d. 

A study of the teachings of Jesus, organized so as to define and illuminate the 
problems of modern life. The outline is almost exclusively devoted to personal 

Comstock, William C. A Word for Help from the Wider World. Boston: 

Richard G. Badger, 1920. 153 pages. $1.50. 

Messages from the "other world" recorded by the writer as an "amanuensis," 
accompanied by the author's own enthusiastic exposition of his philosophy of the 
"freed life." 



Davis, Ozora S. Evangelistic Preaching. New York: Revell, 1921. 240 


In two sections, a survey of the principles of evangelistic preaching and the 
suggestion of a series of sermons designed to present the Christian message to the 
modern mind. A manual for the working preacher. 

Deissner, Kurt. Die Einzigartigkeit der Person Jesu. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 

1919. 19 pages. 

An analysis of the content of Jesus' religious consciousness, with the purpose of 
showing that the belief in the uniqueness of Jesus can appeal confidently to historical 

Feine, Paul. Die Gegenwart und das Ende der Dinge. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 

1919. 40 pages. M.i. 

The writer recognizes that the first Christians looked for the end of the world in 
their own day, yet he holds that the Parousia is still to be expected. 

Feine, Paul. Das Leben nach dem Tode. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1918. 68 
pages. M. 2. 
A summary of biblical teaching in support of belief in immortality. 

Fox, G. George. Judaism, Christianity and the Modern Social Ideals. Fort 
Worth, Texas: Monitor Publishing Co., 1919. 284 pages. 
A sketch of biblical teachings as to social morality, with the express purpose of 

stressing the debt of Christianity to Judaism in this sphere and of indicating the 

essentially Jewish stamp upon most of our modern social ideals. 

Frank, Fr. H. R. v. Vademecum filr Angehende Theologen. Zweite Auflage 
bearbeitet und gekiirzt von R. H. Griitzmacher. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 
1918. xi+254 pages. M. 5. 

A revision and abridgement of a book published in 1892 by the Erlangen theologian 
Frank. It contains excellent suggestions to students both during their general 
university career and in connection with the specific study of theology. 

Fullerton, W. Y. C. H. Spurgeon, A Biography. London: Williams & 

Norgate, 1920. xv+358 pages. 15s. 

An intimate biography in the form of sketches rather than annals. Patently 
eulogistic but not blind to personal or professional values. Leaves a clear picture of 
Spurgeon as preacher and human comrade. 

Garvie, Alfred Ernest. The Christian Preacher. New York: Scribner, 

1921. xxvii+490 pages. $3.50. 

A volume in the International Theological Library, long expected and not dis- 
appointing. Divided into two sections, "History of Preaching" and "The Sermon." 
Former section best concise survey to be had; second section filled with discerning, 
practical counsel for preachers. 

Grutzmacher, R. H. Alt- und Neuprotestantismus. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 

1920. xii+119 pages. 

An attempt to indicate and to criticize the factors which have modified Protestant 
orthodoxy so as to create a "new" type of Protestantism. The author regards this 
new type as a superficial syncretism without abiding spiritual power. 


Grutzmacher, R. H. Konfuzius, Buddha, Zarathustra, Muhammed. Zweite 
vermehrte Auflage. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1921. 92 pages. 
A brief study of typical ideals of life based upon four great personalities as 

representative of China, India, Persia, Arabia. 

Grutzmacher, R. H. Nietzsche. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1919. 152 pages. 


An exposition of the leading ideas of Nietzsche with the purpose of showing his 
criticism of various aspects of German culture. 

Grutzmacher, R. H. Textbuch zur systematischen Theologie und ihrer Ge- 
schichte. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1919. viii+208 pages. 
A remarkably full and well-organized survey of the main theological movements 

and leading theologians in Germany during the nineteenth century. 

Harnack, Adolf von. Marcion: Das Evangelium vomfremden Gott. Leipzig: 

J. C. Hinrichs, 1921. xv+358 pages. M. 80. 

A thoroughgoing exposition of Marcion's life and work in relation to the con- 
temporary history of Christianity. 

Heim, Karl. Die Weltanschauung der Bibel. Zweite auflage. Leipzig: A. 

Deichert, 1921. 87 pages. 

A popular and homiletical exposition of the biblical thought about creation, the 
fall, inherited sin, the function of the Cross, and the hope of a messianic age. 

Hilbert, Gerhard. Ecclesiola in ecclesia. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1920. 

96 pages. 

A brief study of Luther's ideas concerning the church, election, free will, and the 
value of these ideas for the present age. 

Hilbert, Gerhard. Ersatz fur das Christentum! Zweite Auflage. Leipzig: 

A. Deichert, 1919. 80 pages. 

Popular discussions, indicating reasons why neither art, nor science, nor morality, 
nor "religiosity" can take the place of Christianity. 

Hilbert, Gerhard. Moderne Willensziele. Zweite Auflage. Leipzig: A. 

Deichert, 1919. 64 pages. M. 2. 25. 

Popular essays describing Schopenhauer's "Will to Annihilation"; Nietzsche's 
"Will to Power"; and Hamlet's "Will to Faith." 

Hoyt, Arthur S. The Pulpit and American Life. New York: Macmillan, 

192 1 . xii+ 286 pages. 

Chiefly biographical studies, showing the influence of the pulpit in determining 
the ideals of America. An encouraging verdict for both pulpit and pew, rendered in a 
judicious and pleasing manner. 

Ihmels, Ltjdwig. Centralfragen der Dogmatik in der Gegenwart. Vierte 
durchgesehene Auflage. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1921. viii+ 193 pages. 
A new edition of a work first published in 1910, and dealing with crucial questions 

of current theology. Ihmels advocates a conservative point of view. 

Jain, Champat Rai. The Key of Knowledge. Arrah, India: Central Jaina 

Publishing House, 1919. 1096+cxxiv. 

A survey of the answers given by the great religions and philosophies to the 
problems of human destiny and a presentation of Jainism as the key to the knowledge 
of the way of life by a true understanding of man's own soul. The book sets a good 
example by providing a glossary of non-English words. 


Kirn, Otto. Grundriss der Evangelischen Dogmatik. Sechste Auflage. Leip- 
zig: A. Deichert, 1919. x+ 140 pages. 
Kirn's outline of Christian theology is an exceptionally clear and sympathetic 

presentation from the Ritschlian point of view. This new edition, appearing eight 

years after the author's death, is evidence of its usefulness. 

Kirn, Otto. Grundriss der Theologischen Ethik. Vierte Auflage. Leipzig: 
A. Deichert, 1919. vii+76 pages. 
Another edition of a well-arranged, brief outline of Christian ethics. 

Leipoldt, Johannes. Die mUnnliche Art Jesu. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1920. 

38 pages. 

A popular monograph stressing the virility of Jesus' character and conduct. 
Lugan, A. L'Enseignement social de J (sus. VI: "La Loi sociale du travail." 

Paris: Procure Generate, 1920. 116 pages. 

An elementary exposition, from a Roman Catholic point of view, of Jesus' 
attitude toward labor. 

Mellone, Sydney H. The New Testament and Modern Life. London: 

Lindsey Press, 1921. vi+280 pages. 6s. 

A modest attempt to apply the ethical principles of the New Testament to 
present-day problems. 

Mergner, Friedrich. Paulus Gerhardts geistliche Lieder. Leipzig: A. 

Deichert, 1918. x+ 136 pages. M. 6. 

A second edition, beautifully printed, of remarkably dignified and sympathetic 
musical settings for Gerhardt's hymns. The composer was a pastor in French 

Omikron. Letters from Paulos, A Leader in Wisdom, to His Pupils in Korinthos. 

New York: E. P. Dutton, 1920. xii+276 pages. $3.00. 

A fanciful attempt to interpret Paul's epistles to Corinth as documents of esoteric 

Ottley, Richard R. A Handbook to the Septuagint. New York: E. P. 

Dutton, 1920. xv+ 296 pages. $3.00. 

A valuable introduction to the study of the Greek Bible. It is less technical than 
Swete's standard work, but contains much material not treated by Swete. 
Pechmann, Wilh. Fretherrn v. Zur neuen Kirchenverfassung. Leipzig: 

A. Deichert, 1920. 62 pages. 

A discussion of present-day problems of the church in Germany — revolution, 
land endowments, government, and relation to church. 

Putt, Gustav, and Schultze, Victor. Grundriss der Symbolik. Sechste 
vermehrte Auflage. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1919. vi+192 pages. 
Plitt's convenient and well-documented little compendium has long enjoyed wide 

usage. Schultee has added a carefully prepared section on the Old Catholic Church, 

besides making slight additions elsewhere. 

Preuss, Hans. Diirer, Michelangelo, Rembrandt. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1918. 

82 pages. 

Bach, Mozart, Wagner. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1919. 104 pages. 

Popular sketches of the ideals of life which found expression in these great 
artists and musicians. 


Preuss, Hans. Luthers Frdmmigkeit. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1917. iv+91 

pages. M. 2.50. 

A short study of Luther's home-life, friendships, and disposition, with their 
historical significance. 

Rudwin, Maximilian J. The Origin of the German Carnival Comedy. New 

York: G. E. Stechert, 1920. xii+ 85 pages. $1.75. 

An interesting attempt to trace the rise of the Fastnachisspiel from primitive 
seasonal fertility rites. The book has a noteworthy bibliography. 

Seeberg, Reinhold. Ewiges Leben. Vierte u. f unite Auflage. Leipzig: 

A. Deichert, 1920. viii+112 pages. 

A discussion of the grounds for belief in life after death originally written to 
comfort the sorrowing in the Great War. It undertakes to face squarely the problems 
arising out of our modern world-view. 

Seeberg, Reinhold. Grundriss der Dogmengeschichte. Vierte, vielverbesserte 
Auflage. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1919. viii+162 pages. M. 6. 
A revised edition of a very useful outline of the history of dogma. 

Seeberg, Reinhold. DieGrundwahrheiten der christlichen Religion. Siebente 
Auflage. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1921. viii+182 pages. M. 6. 
Another edition of the well-known series of lectures delivered in 1001-2, designed 

to set forth the nature of Christianity in more "positive" form than Harnack had 

presented it the previous year. 

Seeberg, Reinhold. Lehrbuch der Dogmengeschichte. Band IV, 2 Halfte. 

Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1920. xvi+395-986 pages. M. 54. 

The concluding portion of Seeberg's extensive and detailed history of dogma, 
four volumes having already appeared in 1908, 1910, 1913, and 1917. The present 
volume deals with the development of Lutheran and Calvinistic doctrine, and with the 
development of Roman Catholic dogma since the Reformation. 

Seeberg, Reinhold, Die Lehre Luthers. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 191 7. xii+393 

pages. M. 10.50. 

The first portion of the fourth volume of Seeberg's Lehrbuch der Dogmengeschichte, 
devoted mainly to Luther's theology, with a brief treatment of the controversy between 
Zwingli and Luther. 

Seeberg, Reinhold. System der Ethik. Zweite neubearbeitete Auflage, 

Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1920. xi+295 pages. 

A well-organized textbook on Christian ethics, containing a brief history of the 
conceptions of ethics in Christendom, an analysis and definition of important concepts, 
and a discussion of practical problems. 

Simon, Theodor. Grundriss der Geschichte der neueren Philosophic in ihren 

Beziehungen zur Religion. Leipzig: A. Deichert, 1920. x+196 pages. 

Beginning with Descartes and coming down to the end of the nineteenth century, 
over seventy-five men are discussed. The interpretations are objectively given, and 
the book serves as a useful elementary outline. 
Sommerlath, Ernst. Kants Lehre vom intelligiblen Charakter. Leipzig: 

A. Deichert, 1917. vi+110 pages. M. 3.60. 

An intensive study of the relation between certain aspects of Kant's metaphysics 
and his conception of freedom. 


Stanton, Vincent Henry. The Gospels as Historical Documents. Part III. 

The Fourth Gospel. Cambridge: University Press, 1920. x+293 pages. 

A critical discussion of the form and character of the Gospel of John. 
Stevenson, Mrs. Sinclair. The Rites of the Twice-Born. ("The Religious 

Quest of India.") New York: Oxford University Press, 1920. xxiv+474 


A study of the rites and ceremonies connected with the daily life, life-history, 
and worship of the Brahman. A remarkably interesting treatment of the infinite 
detail of Hindu ceremonial custom. Careful, sympathetic, and painstaking, it is a 
model of exact scholarship in the field of history of religions. 

Stockdale, F. B. The Future Life: Fact and Fancies. New York: Abingdon 

Press, 192 1. in pages. $1.00. 

Popular, picturesque expositions to show that the implications of sane living 
here and now are the best security against the future. 

Swain, Richard Larue. What and Where Is God? New York: Macmillan, 

1920. xii+255 pages. $1.50. 

A popular and picturesque discussion of typical modern religious problems, with 
a warm mystical sense of the divine immanence as the background. 

Tdceront, J. Milangesdepatrologieetd'histoiredesdogmes. Paris: Gabalda, 

1921. 278 pages. Fr. 7. 

A collection of lectures and essays by a Roman Catholic scholar already favorably 
known for his studies in the history of Christian doctrine. 

Webb, Clement C. J. Philosophy and the Christian Religion. Oxford: 
Clarendon Press, 1920. 23 pages. 

An inaugural lecture delivered at the University of Oxford, in which appreciative 
reference is made to Butler, John Henry Newman, and Matthew Arnold as religious 
philosophers, and certain relations between Christian faith and philosophy are pointed 

White, Hugh G. Evelyn. The Sayings of Jesus from Oxyrhynchus. Cam- 
bridge: University Press, 1920. Ixxvi+48 pages. 
A new critical edition, including an elaborate introduction, translation, and 

commentary, of these well-known papyrus fragments. 

Zwemer, Samuel M. A Moslem Seeker after God. New York: Revell, 1920. 

302 pages. $2.25. 

Nine lectures delivered before the Theological Seminary, New Brunswick, N.J., 
and the College of Missions, Indianapolis, showing Islam at its best in the life and 
teaching of Al-Ghazali, mystic and theologian of the eleventh century.