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[The more important books in this list will be reviewed at length.] 

Alexander, S. Space, Time, and Deity (Gifford Lectures, 1916-18). Vol. II. 

London: Macmillan, 1920. xiii-f-437 pages. 36s. 

A closely reasoned and fundamental discussion of the metaphysics of the concept 
of God. 

Athearn, Walter S. The Maiden Survey. New York: Doran, 1920. 213 

pages. $2.50. 

A survey of seventeen church and religious education buildings so as to exhibit 
concretely the relation between religious needs and physical equipment. The volume 
should be studied by every pastor contemplating a building enterprise. 

Babson, Roger W. Religion and Business. New York: Macmillan, 1920. 

221 pages. $2.75. 

Suggestive reflections of an eminent business man on the kind of religion which 
he would like to see in operation. 

Bakewell, Charles M. The Story of the American Red Cross in Italy. New 
York: Macmillan,, 1920. xi+253 pages. $2.00. 
An effective presentation of the human service rendered by this great organization. 

Beth, Karl. Einfiihrung in die vergleichende Religionsgeschichte. Leipzig: 
Teubner, 1920. 125 pages. 
A convenient elementary survey of the main factors in religion. 

Bergstrasser, G. Hebrdische LesestUcke aus dem Alien Testament. Leipzig: 
Vogel, 1920. viii+43 pages. 
A Hebrew reader consisting of brief narrative selections from the Old Testament. 

Burton, Ernest DeWitt. A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the 
Epistle to the Galatians. (International Critical Commentary.) New 
York: Scribner, 1920. lxxxix+ 541 pages. $4.50. 
An exhaustive study of the epistle, including all sources of information contributing 

to its interpretation. 

Cadoux, C. John. The Early Christian Attitude to War. (Christian Revolu- 
tion Series.) London: Headley Bros., 1919. xxxii+ 272 pages. 10s. 6d. 
A careful survey of Christian sentiment on the question of war from the teaching 

of Jesus to the time of Constantine. 

Charles, R. H. A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Revelation of 
St. John. (International Critical Commentary.) 2 vols. New York: 
Scribner, 1920. cxcii+373 and viii+497 pages. $9.00. 
An exhaustive study of a much-discussed book by a scholar exceptionally equipped 

to utilize the entire field of apocalyptic literature in his interpretation. 



Clemen, Carl. Die grieckiscken und lateinischen Nachrichten ilber die 
Persische Religion. Giessen: Topelmann, 1920. 232 pages. M.40. 
A critical examination of Greek and Latin sources of information concerning 

Persian religion in the light of present-day knowledge. 

Deanesly, Margaret. The Lollard Bible and Other Medieval Biblical 
Versions. (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought.) Cam- 
bridge: University Press, 1920. xx+483 pages. 31s. 6d. 
A study of translations from the Vulgate, illuminated by a survey of the general 

conditions of learning and education in the Middle Ages. 

Doumergue, E. Moise et La Genese. Paris: Editions de Foi et Vie, 1920. 

xv+121 pages. 

An exposition of the views of Edouard Naville concerning the Pentateuch, which 
is accounted for as having been written by Moses who based his work on (a) Babylonian 
tablets brought west by Abraham, (6) a record made by Abraham himself, (c) an 
autobiography of Joseph, all of which, as well as Moses' own contribution, were 
written in Babylonian cuneiform signs. 

Eberhardt, Paul. Religionskunde. Gotha: Perthes, 1920. xii+ 242 pages. 
A well-organized textbook, giving in brief outline a survey of the great religions 
of the world. 

Edwards, Lyford Paterson. The Transformation of Early Christianity from 
an Eschatological to a Socialized Movement. Menasha, Wis: Banta, 1919. 
94 pages. 
A doctor's thesis, tracing the development by which Christianity came to be 

conscious of itself as a society with a definite mission in the world. 

Enelow, H. G. A Jewish View of Jesus. New York: Macmillan, 1920. 
181 pages. 
A sympathetic interpretation from an unusual point of view. 

Faulkner, John Alfred. On the Value of Church History. New York: 
Methodist Book Concern, 1920. 50 pages. $0.30. 
A lecture by one who has given years to the teaching of church history. 

Fife, George Buchanan. The Passing Legions. New York: Macmillan, 
1920. 369 pages. $2 . 00. 
A well-told story of the service rendered by the American Red Cross to the soldiers 

in transit and in training in Great Britain. 

Fitch, Albert Parker. Can the Church Survive the Changing Order? New 

York: Macmillan, 1920. 79 pages. $1.00. 

A stirring challenge to religious thinking. The church in the past interpreted 
and promoted great dominant social ideals. The social ideals of today are too largely 
neglected or suspected by the church. What will be the outcome ? 

Fitch, Albert Parker. Preaching and Paganism. New Haven: Yale 

University Press, 1920. 229 pages. 

The Lyman Beecher Lectures on Preaching, delivered at Yale University last 


Flewelling, Ralph Tyler. Bergson and Personal Realism. New York: 

Abingdon Press, 1920. 304 pages. $2 . 00. 

A criticism of Bergson's conception of the creative source of reality, and an 
exposition of the author's own philosophy of "personal realism." 

Floeenz, Karl. Die historischen Quellen der Shinto-Religion. GSttingen: 

Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1010. xii+470 pages. 

A valuable source book, consisting of German translations of excerpts from 
Chinese and Japanese original sources. 

Graham, John W. The Faith of a Quaker. Cambridge: University Press, 

1920. xvi-f-444 pages. 215. 

A comprehensive history of the religious ideals and achievements of the Society 
of Friends, written by an ardent believer in his own type of mysticism. 

Hastings, James (editor). The Children's Great Texts of the Bible. Vols. 
I-III. New York: Scribner, 1920. xi+327, vii+332, vii+324 pages. 
$3.25 per volume, $15.00 set of 6 volumes. 
Three volumes of children's sermons based on appropriate texts. 

Hill, Owen A. Ethics, General and Special. New York: Macmillan, 1920. 

xiv+414 pages. 

A textbook on ethical theory and on specific ethical problems, bearing the 
imprimatur of the Roman Catholic Archbishop Hayes. 

Hungerford, Edward. With the Doughboy in France. New York: 

Macmillan, 1920. 291 pages. $2.00. 

An informing account of the work of the American Red Cross in France during 
the war. 

Jackson, A. V. Williams. Early Persian Poetry. New York: Macmillan, 
1920. xxii+125 pages. $2.25. 
A valuable presentation of literary fragments from ancient and medieval Persia, 
rendered into exquisite English by an eminent authority in the field of Indo-Iranian 

Jastrow, Morris. The Book of Job. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1920. 369 

pages. $4.00. 

An interpretation and a new translation by a well-known Semitic scholar. 
Jones, Ruftjs M. A Service of Love in War Time. New York: Macmillan, 

1920. xv+ 284 pages. $2.50. 

An account of the remarkable undertaking of the Society of Friends for the 
reconstruction of the devastated area in France. 

Kennedy, H. A. A. The Theology of the Epistles. New York: Scribner, 

1920. xii+ 267 pages. $1.35. 

Another volume in the excellent series, "Studies in Theology." It interprets the 
theological messages of the epistles in the New Testament. 

King, Henry Churchill. A New Mind for the New Age. New York: 

Revell, 1920. 192 pages. $1 . 50. 

The Cole Lectures for 1920 delivered before Vanderbilt University. It interprets 
the spiritual upheaval caused by the war with a view to discerning fundamental 
values to which men must now devote themselves. 


Lattey, Cuthbert, Keating, Joseph, and Keogh, Alexander. The New 
Testament. Vol. III., The Second Epistle to the Corinthians, The Epistle 
to the Gaiatians, The Epistle to the Romans. (The Westminster Version 
of the Sacred Scriptures.) New York: Longmans, Green, 1920. xviii+85 
pages. $1 . 20. 
Translations, with brief notes, and brief introductions bearing the imprimatur 

of Roman Catholic authority. 

McLachlan, H. St. Luke, the Man and His Work. London: Longmans, 

Green, 1920. xii+324 pages. 75. 6d. 

A series of studies designed to discuss all important problems connected with the 
Third Gospel so as to interpret the character and message of Luke. 

Maxson, Charles Hartshorn. The Great Awakening in the Middle Colonies. 

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1920. vii+158 pages. $1.25. 

A doctor's thesis which has gathered from contemporary sources information 
concerning the course of the great revival in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

Mercer, Samuel A. B. Ethiopic Grammar. New York: Oxford University 

Press, 1920. 116 pages, js. 6d. 

An elementary introduction to the study of Ethiopic, supplying a needed textbook 
in English. 

Oxdenberg, Hermann. Vorwissenschaftliche Wissenschaft. Die Weltan- 
schauung der Brahmana-Texte. GSttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 

1919. vi+249 pages. 

An attempt, by a study of the Brahmana texts to reconstruct pre-scientific 
philosophical concepts. 

Parry, R. St. John. The Pastoral Epistles. Cambridge: University Press, 

1920. clxv+104 pages. 20s. 

An extensive critical introduction followed by a commentary on the Greek text. 
The Pauline authorship of the epistles is elaborately defended. 

Perkins, Jeanette Eloise, and Danielson, Frances Weld. The Mayflower 
Program Book. Boston: Pilgrim Press, 1920. vii+229 pages. $2.00. 
A suggestive book of educational programs to be used in Sunday schools for 

developing neighborly interest in people the world over. Designed for children of 

six to eight years. 

Pratt, James Bissett. The Religious Consciousness. New York: Macmillan, 
1920. ix+486 pages. 

A comprehensive and searching examination of the characteristics of religious 

Rall, Harris Franklin. Modern Premillennialism and the Christian Hope. 

New York: Abingdon Press, 1920. 256 pages. $1.50. 

A well-written critical discussion of a current theological emphasis, based on a 
careful objective historical study, and embodying constructive suggestions as to a 
sane interpretation of the Christian Hope. 


Religion among American Men, as Revealed by a Study of Conditions in the Army. 

New York: Association Press, 1920. xvi+155 pages. 

An informing survey of what was learned during the war concerning the religious 
ideas and ideals of the soldiers, and concerning methods of promoting religious and 
moral welfare. 

Robertson, A. T. Luke the Historian in the Light of Research. New York: 

Scribner, 1920. ix+ 257 pages. $2.50. 

A readable survey of the main critical problems connected with the authorship 
of the Third Gospel, being an enlargement of lectures given at the Northfield Christian 
Workers' Conference. 

Schmidt, Hans, and Kahle, Paul. VolkserzUhlungen aus Pal&stina. 

Gottingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1918. 96+303 pages. 

A very interesting and valuable collection of folk-lore current in modern Palestine. 
As a source book for the study of the folk-psychology of this region it will serve a 
useful purpose. 

Schoff, Wilfred H. The Ship "Tyre." New York: Longmans, Green, 
1920. 157 pages. $2.00. 
An attempt to show that the "Tyre" of Ezekiel really refers to Babylon. 

Slattery, Margaret. The Highway to Leadership. Boston: Pilgrim Press, 
1920. 143 pages. $1.50. 
Some essentials of personal influence popularly expounded. 

Smith, C. Henry. The Mennonites. Berne, Ind: Mennonite Book Concern, 

1920. 340 pages. $2 . 25. 

A history prepared under denominational approval, and intended for a textbook 
in Mennonite schools. 

Smith, Charles Ryder. The Bible Doctrine of Society in Its Historical 
Evolution. Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 1920. xviii+400 pages. 
A survey of the history of biblical religion from the point of view of social 


Snowden, James H. The Personality of God. New York: Macmillan, 1920. 

xii+148 pages. $1.75. 

An argument based on the principles of philosophical idealism supplemented by 
an appeal to the value of personality as an ultimate interpretative concept. 

Snowden, James H. The Truth about Christian Science. Philadelphia: 

Westminster Press, 1920. xiii-t-313 pages. $2.40. 

An account of the rise and the teachings of Christian Science with conscientious 
regard for the sources, but embodying an adverse judgment. The real values of 
Christian Science, the author contends, can be more wholesomely expressed in the 
commonly accepted Christian doctrines. 

Swisher, Walter Samuel. Religion and the New Psychology. Boston: 

Marshall Jones, 1920. xv+261 pages. $2.00. 

An examination of various phases of consciousness in which religious or occult 
experiences occur. The author applies the Freudian methods of psychoanalysis to 
his problems. 


Torrey, Charles C. The Annual of the American School of Oriental Research 
in Jerusalem. Vol. I. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1920. xiii+ 
92 pages. 
Four studies by men who have been directors of the School in Jerusalem, giving 

valuable reports of investigations and explorations in Palestine. 

Webb, Clement C. J. Divine Personality and Human Life. (Gifford 
Lectures.) New York: Macmillan, 1920. 291 pages. 
The second series of the Gifford Lectures, in which Dr. Webb suggestively shows 

the implications of a belief in a personal God for various realms of individual and 

social life. 

Weber, Valentin. Des Paulus Reiserouten bei der Zweimaligen Durchquerung 

Kleinasiens. Wurzburg: Becker, 1920. 41 pages. 

A brief popular discussion of the missionary journeys of the apostle Paul with the 
purpose of clearing up some of the problems raised by Acts 16:6. 

Woodbtjrne, Angus Stewart. The Relation between Religion and Science: 
A Biological Approach. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1920. 
vii-f-103 pages. $0.75. 

A careful analysis of human instincts, to discover the precise impulses satisfied 
by science and by religion. The conclusion is that an entirely cordial co-operation 
between religion and science is possible when both are understood as means of satisfying 
native instincts. Both science and religion are seen to be more complex in their 
genesis than is often assumed.