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[The more important books in this list will be reviewed at length.] 

Berkowitz, Henry. Intimate Glimpses of the Rabbi's Career. Cincinnati: 

The Hebrew Union College Press, 1921. 178 pages. 

An admirable statement of the spirit and method desirable in the rabbinate 
written by a leading rabbi who greatly enriches his lectures by citations from his 
own experience. 

Boyer, Charles. Christianisme et nio-platonisme dans la formation de Saint 
Augustin. Paris: Gabriel Beauchesne, 1920. 225 pages. Fr. 12. 

. L'idie de viriti dans la philosophie de Saint Augustin. Paris: Gabriel 

Beauchesne, 1921. 266 pages. Fr. 16. 

These two examples of Catholic scholarship seek to defend the originality of 
Augustine, particularly on the question of his relation to neo-Platonism, and to 
show that he was sound also upon the question of the authority of the church. 

Brtjn, L., and Frtdrichsen, A. Paulus und die Urgemeinde. Giessen: 

Alfred T5pelmann, 1921. 76 pages. M. 3.30. 

Two essays dealing with the much discussed problem of the apostolic decrees 
and Paul's relations with the Christians of Jerusalem. 

Bruyne, Donatlen de (ed.). Les fragments de Freising (tpitres de S. Paul 
et ipttres catholiques). (Collectanea Biblica Latina Cura et Studio Mona- 
chorum S. Benedicti, Vol. V.) Rome: Bibliotheque Vaticane, 1921. 
68 pages. 
A critical edition of the fragments of a Latin manuscript of portions of Paul's 

letters and of the Catholic epistles. 

Butler, Sir Geoffrey. Studies in Statecraft. New York: The Macmillan 

Co., 1920. vi+138 pages. 

A series of scholarly essays with fine bibliographies dealing with sixteenth- 
century political ideas of world-power and internationalism, based on studies of 
Bishop Roderick, Postell, Sully, and Crucfi. 

Cavert, Samuel McCrea (ed.). The Churches Allied for Common Tasks. 

New York: Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, 192 1. 

419 pages. 

The official report of the notable Quadrennial Meeting of the Federal Council 
held in Boston in December, 1920. 

Duddy, Frank E. A New Way to Solve Old Problems. New York: Charles 

Scribner's Sons, 1921. x+ 50 pages. 

A write-up of a six months' experiment with a school of about 800 members 
by which its efficiency has been increased. It is a helpful contribution to the litera- 
ture upon concrete projects. 



Faulkner, John Alfred. Modernism and the Christian Faith. New York: 

The Methodist Book Concern, 1921. 306 pages. 

A discussion of some of the crucial questions on which modernists diverge from 
the orthodox position, with a vigorous defense of the old faith on historical and theo- 
logical grounds. 

Frayser, Nannie Lee. Followers of the Marked Trail. New York: The 

Abingdon Press, 1 92 1. 231 pages. $1.25. 

A book of stories for week-day religious instruction, most of them from the 
Bible, and adapted to the eleven-year-old pupil. 

Ftinfundzwanzig Jahre. Berlin: Martin Warneck, 1920. 209 pages. 
A survey of the publications of this firm during the past quarter-century. 

Gabarrow, Francois. Arnobe, son ozuvre. Paris: Librairie Ancienne 

Honor6 Champion, 192 1. 77 pages. Fr. 5. 

A brief introduction to the life and writings of Arnobius. 
Hartshorne, Hugh. Stories for Worship and How to Follow Them Up. 

New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 192 1. viii+ 127 pages. 

Those who have used the first manual published six years ago will welcome this 
contribution from the same author. The material has been wrought out by experi- 
mentation. The whole scheme centers about training for the City of God. 

Halper, B. Post-Biblical Hebrew Literature — An Anthology. {English trans- 
lation.) Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1921. 
251 pages. $2.50. 
A careful selection from the writings of Hebrew authors ranging from the second 

century B.C. to the nineteenth century a.d. 

Hume, Robert Ernest. The Thirteen Principal Upanishads. (Translated 
from the Sanskrit.) London: Oxford University Press, 192 1. 
A new translation of source materials of early Hindu philosophic thinking. The 
author introduces his translation with an interpretation of the development of the 
philosophy of the Upanishads and adds a valuable annotated bibliography. 

Hurlbut, Jesse L. The Story of Chautauqua. New York: G. P. Putnam's 

Sons, 192 1. xxv+429 pages. $2.50. 

An interesting and valuable account of this great movement for popular educa- 
tion. Photographs and personal reminiscences lend vividness to the narrative. 

Kittel, Rudolf. Die Religion des Volkes Israel. Leipzig: Quelle & Meyer, 
1921. 210 pages. M. 12.60. 

A popular sketch of the religion of Israel, from a historical but cautiously con- 
servative point of view. 

Knight, G. A. Frank. Nile and Jordan. London: James- Clarke & Co., 

1921. jri+572 pages. 365. 

A study of the relations between Israel and Egypt from a thoroughly traditional 

Knudson, Albert C. The Prophetic Movement in Israel. New York: The 

Methodist Book Concern, 192 1. 174 pages. $1.00. 

A very good introduction to the study of the prophets suited to the use of adult 
classes and preparatory schools. 


Landrieux, Mgr. EveotiE de Dijon. Le Diinn Meconnu. Paris: Gabriel 
Beauchesne, 1921. 208 pages. 
A religious exposition of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, the "forgotten" God. 

Mains, George Preston. United States Citizenship. New York: The 

Abingdon Press, 1921. 296 pages. $2.00. 

A popular discussion of various forms and ideals in United States social and 
political life by an ardent patriot. The interpretations are not especially profound, 
but the spirit of the book is wholesome. 

Oman, John. The Paradox of the World. (Sermons.) New York: The 

Macmillan Co., 1921. viii+292 pages. 

A book of sermons whose source material is mainly biblical, of general rather 
than of special interest. 
Sanday, W., and Emmett, C. W. Tracts on Common Prayer. No. 4: New 

Testament Background. New York: Oxford University Press, 1920. 

59 pages. 

Brief and very elementary information about the early history of Christianity 
and the New Testament books. 

Theological Study Today. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1921. 

xii+ 2 1 s pages. $1 . 50. 

Nine addresses on the various fields of theological study, delivered by distin- 
guished scholars at the celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Meadville 
Theological School, June 1-3, 1920. 

Webb, Robert L. The Romance of American Life and Progress. Phila- 
delphia: The Judson Press, 1921. 80 pages. 
A bright, brief study of America's territorial expansion, population, wealth, 

political ideals, religious liberty, and probable destiny.