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[The more important books in this list will be reviewed at length.] 

Baketel, Oliver S. (ed.). The Methodist Year Book. 1921. New York: 
Methodist Book Concern, 1921. 340 pages. $0.50. 

Baeing-Gouid, S. The Evangelical Revival. London: Methuen, 1920. 

xvi+360 pages. $6.00. 

An extended study of the evangelical elements in the message of Wesley, White- 
field, and the evangelicals, with considerable emphasis upon the fruits of the Revival. 

Battjtol, Pierre. Le Catholicisme de saint Augustin. Paris: Gabalda, 

1920. 2 vols., viii+276 and iv+278 pages. Fr. 14. 

These volunes constitute the third part of this scholar's studies in the early 
history of Catholicism. They are worthy successors to the two previous volumes on 
primitive Catholicism and the peace of Constantine. 

Beckh, Hermann. Buddhismus, II. Berlin: Grunter, 1920. 142 pages. 

M. 40. 

The second of two handbooks on original Buddhism, this volume dealing 
critically with the fundamentals of the teaching. 

Bridgman, Howard A. New England in the Life of the World. Boston: 

Pilgrim Press, 1920. xvii+395 pages. $4.00. 

Popularly written essays setting forth the contribution of New England to the 
several states of the American Union and to the Orient. 

Brown, Charles Reynolds. Living Again ("Ingersoll Lecture," 1920). 

Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1920. 58 pages. $1.00. 

An eloquent exposition of the reasonableness of our instinctive longing for immor- 
tality, reinforced by the argument drawn from trust in God's care for persons. The 
phenomena of spiritualism are discredited. 

Browne, G. F. King Alfred's Books. New York: Macmillan, 1920. xxxii 

+390 pages. 305. 

A translation without introduction or annotations of six of Alfred's productions 
— Soliloquies of Augustine, Dialogues, Orosius, Bede, and Boethius. Extremely handy 
for investigation purposes. 

Browne, Laurence E. Early Judaism. Cambridge: University Press, 
1920. xiv+234 pages. 

A scholarly study of the Old Testament literature of the Persian period with some 
new interpretations. 

Burton, Ernest DeWitt, and Goodspeed, Edgar Johnson. A Harmony 
of the Synoptic Gospels in Greek. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 
1920. xxx+ 186 pages. $3.00. 
A minutely worked-out arrangement of the texts of the gospels designed to show 

their literary relations to each other. It is based on the Westcott and Hort text. 


Chapin, Lucy Stock. The Cradle Roll of the Church School. Boston : Pilgrim 

Press, 1920. xii+ 106 pages. $1.25. 

Suggestions for developing the religious organization and education of the babies 
belonging to a congregation. 

Cluett, Robert. Day by Day with the Master. New York: Association 
Press, 1920. 199 pages. $1.50. 
Daily devotional studies based on incidents and teachings in the gospels. 

Cohu, J. R. The Bible and Modern Thought. New York: Dutton, 1920. 

xi+341 pages. $6.00. 

A new edition, thoroughly revised, giving a general survey of the literature, 
history, and religion of the Old Testament. 

Colson, Elizabeth. A First Primary Book in Religion. New York: Abing- 
don Press, 1920. 260 pages. $1.75. 
A very usable series of lessons, each lesson a full program for the day, based on 

the child's relations to his world. Partly biblical with many other suggested stories 

of nature, etc. Thoroughly wholesome. 

Cowley, A. E. The Hitlites ("Schweich Lectures," 1918). New York: 
Oxford University Press, 1920. viii+94 pages. 6s. 
A technical study of the Hittite inscriptions, largely concerned with decipherment. 

Crawford, Leootdas W. Vocations within the Church. New York: Abing- 
don Press, 1920. 211 pages. $1.25. 

The author first analyzes good vocational choice, showing how every young 
man and woman should approach the choice of a life-work. He then presents tha 
wide variety of vocations — preaching, teaching, college presidencies, editors, executive 
secretaries, doctors, publicity agents, etc., etc., open in the church. It is a strongly 
written book which places church vocations on the same plane as other vocations. 

Danielson, Frances Weld, and Stooker, Wilhelmina. The Good American. 

Vacation Lessons. Boston: Pilgrim Press, 1920. 105 pages. $1 .00. 

Eleven lessons, or rather programs, for primary and junior children, based on 
Hutchins' Children's Code Morals. Splendid for summer sessions or a short-term 
course in Christian citizenship. 

Dolger, Franz Joseph. Sol Salutis. Gebet und Gesang im christlichen 
Altertum. Munster: Aschendorfl'scheVerlagsbuchhandlung,i92o. xi+342 
pages. M. 25. Die Sonne der Gerechtigkeit und der Schwarze. Munster: 
Aschendorff'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1919. xii+151 pages. M. 10. 
The author is one of the best known Roman Catholic authorities in early Christian 
archaeology. The present volumes make a valuable contribution to the study of 
the conceptions of "light" and "sun" in the liturgy of early Christianity. 

Farquhar, J. N. An Outline of the Religious Literature of India ("Religious 
Quest of India Series"). New York: Oxford University Press, 1920. 
xxviii+451 pages. 

A much-needed historical survey of the religious literature of India from the 
Vedas to the eighteenth century. It is not a history of Indian religion but a history 
of the literature written by one who knows the religious development. 


Feldkeller, Paul. Die Idee der richtigen Religion. Gotha: Perthes, 1921. 

viii+147 pages. 

A detailed critical examination of various current explanations of religion, with a 
view to distinguishing clearly between explanations which virtually displace religion 
and an interpretation of religion itself. 

Garvie, Alfred E. Tutors unto Christ. New York: Oxford University 

Press, 1920. viii+242 pages. 

A general introduction to the study of the problems and psychology of religion 
written with an apologetic interest. 

Gunn, J. Alexander. Bergson and His Philosophy. New York: Dutton, 

1920. xxii+ 190 pages. $2.50. 

A discussion of Bergson's philosophy arranged, in the main, under captions 
drawn from Bergson's own definitions of problems, and concluding with a discussion 
of some social and political implications. 

Hase, Karl von. Dein Alter sei wie deine Jugend. Brief e an eine Freundin. 

Leipzig, Koehler, 1920. xii+116 pages. 

A compilation of letters written by Karl von Hase to his friends during the period 
1883-89, with a prefatory appreciation of the writer by the editor. 

House, Elwin Lincoln. The Glory of Going on. New York: Revell, 1920. 
256 pages. $1.75. 
Popular, short addresses on various themes. 

Jacquier, E. Etudes de critique el de philologie du Nouveau Testament. Paris: 

Gabalda, 1920. vi+515 pages. Fr. 10. 

A survey and estimate, from a Roman Catholic point of view, of books and 
articles that have appeared during approximately the last fifteen years in the various 

fields of New Testament study. 

KiNCAiD, C. A. Tales of the Saints of Pandharpur. New York: Oxford 

University Press, 1919. 120 pages. 

A translation of a collection of the devotional writings of Mahlpati, the eighteenth- 
century Marathi poet. 

Lambertson, Floyd W. The Rules of the Game. New York: Abingdon 

Press, 1920. 208 pages. $1.25. 

Thirty-two lessons seeking by use of hero stories and conduct-study to exalt 
the rules of the game of heroic living. Half the lessons are based on biblical material. 
The Rules of the Game {Teacher's Manual). New York: Abingdon Press, 1920. 
77 pages. $0.90. 

This manual states the aim together with a suggested development of each of the 
lessons in The Rules of the Game. 

Lawlor, H. J. St. Bernard of Clairvaux's Life of St. Malachy of Armagh 
("Translations of Christian Literature"). New York: Macmillan, 1920. 
lxvi-i-183 pages. 
Translations in Series V, "Lives of the Celtic Saints," of Malachy's Life by 

Bernard, also of letters and sermons, with a lengthy introduction, annotations, and 

additional notes. 


Lee, Frank T. Old Testament Heroes of the Faith. Boston: Stratford Co., 

1920. xiv+ 291 pages. $2.50. 

Popular sketches of the lives of the patriarchs, prophets, and heroes of the Old 
Testament from a practical and homiletical point of view. 

Leigh-Bennett, Ernest. Handbook of the Early Christian Fathers. London: 
Williams & Norgate, 1920. xii+340 pages. 21s. 
A biographical history of Christianity from Clement of Rome to Augustine. 

Ledpoldt, Johannes. Jesus und die Frauen. Leipzig: Quelle & Mener, 

1921. 170 pages. 

A critical and well-documented discussion of Jesus' views on women and marriage. 

Lockton, W. The Treatment of the Remains at the Eucharist after Holy Com- 
munion and the Time of the Ablutions. Cambridge: University Press, 
1920. viii+280 pages. 
A detailed historical investigation of regulations and practices with reference to 

the treatment of the unconsumed remains of the Eucharist. 

McConnell, Francis John. Church Finance and Social Ethics. New York: 

Macmillan, 1920. 130 pages. $1.50. 

A valuable and searching inquiry into the moral aspects of soliciting, handling, 
and expending money in the Christian church. 

Moody, Campbell N. The Mind of the Early Converts. London: Hodder & 

Stoughton, 1920. xiv+310 pages. 15s. 

A well-informed survey of the first two centuries of Christian doctrine biographi- 
cally approached. 

Paterson-Smyth, J. A People's Life of Christ. New York: Revell, 1920. 
505 pages. $3 . 50. 
An uncritical interpretation designed for the edification of the general reader. 

Reccord, Augustus P. Who Are the Unitarians? Boston: Beacon Press, 

1920. 134 pages. $1.50. 

The author answers his query in seven stimulating and scholarly sermons on 
what Unitarians believe about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, prayer, salvation, 
the future life. 

Saunders, Kenneth J. Gotama Buddha: A Biography. New York: Asso- 
ciation Press, 1920. xii+113 pages. $1.50. 
An attempt to give a lifelike picture of Buddha as a creative personality. 

Smith, W. Whately. The Foundations of Spiritualism. New York: Dutton, 

1920. v+ 1 23 pages. $2.00. 

A careful critical survey and estimate of the psychic phenomena on which spir- 
itualism bases its claims. The author acknowledges that there are real facts to be 
explained, but he strongly deprecates the sweeping claims made by spiritualism.