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Full text of "A Collation of Sinker's Texts of the Testaments of Reuben and Simeon with the Old Armenian Version"

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In restoring the archetype of the Armenian Version the 
following MSS. have been used : 

B = Armenian MS. Bible belonging to the London Bible 
Society, c. Saecl. XVI. 

V = Venice Codex of Armenian Testaments, c. Saecl. XH. 

Z = Zouche Codex of the Armenian Bible, c. Saecl. 

Vat. = the Vatican Armenian Codex of the Bible con- 
taining the Testamenta. Saec. XVII. 

Note. — Where V omits Greek words, which however 
appear in B Z or vice versa, it is certain that the Armenian 
Archetype had the words so omitted. Such lacunae I there- 
fore often ignore, as mere accidents of certain of the 
Armenian Texts. 

An asterisk affixed to an Armenian reading indicates 
that the Armenian MS. is corrupt. 

R, P, and Ox. are the Greek Codd. collated by R. Sinker. 

" All " signifies the consensus of the Armenian MSS. 

The figures give the page and line to Sinker's edition. 

Page 129. Title in Arm. Z = Liber Paralipomenon. Sermo 
Rubeni. Testamentum Primi; in V=Testamentum et 
Sermo Rubeni ex paralipomen6n libro ; in B simply: Testa- 
mentum Reuben Primi. Both families omit ttepi hvoi&v. 

Line i. 'Povpiv. 6Va] &>s V: 6 BZ. 

3. irplv airoOaveiv . . . £(arj$ avrov] om. all. 

4. 01 vloC\ + avrov all. Kal 'Pwifikv elirev V. 


7. &be\<poi fiou all. 

10. abeXcpot p.ov BZ : vloi V. 

11. tr. <rrin€pov rdv 6. t. ovp. ZB: om. o-fjp.€pov V. tov 
/attj it.] ? O7nos /xt) TTOpevOrJTt all. 

12. om. Kai tiopviia all. 

13. A^yco y. v. on] Aid Kai \eyw i. and om. on all. 

P. 130. I. kven\r\£aiir\v irKrjycis pey&Kas all. om. eirC all. 

2. 6 it. /txou all. om. on all. 

4, 5. «al (j,€tA toJto &/. all. So R. 

5- Iimi I1-T7 after Kvpiov all. Kai o!z>oj> all. So R. 

7. eyevo-^/x^z/] <-<payov all. So R. 

8. ov /xrj yefjjrai. . .] ov ttotc ez> t$ 'I<r. yiyovev otfnos all. 

10. iireiW) lurd" or kiTTa oSc (with R) all. 

11. K€<pa\al all. So R. 

12. Kai Irepa (or a80ts) ford all. om. avr<a and read 
em Tjwr/s KnVews all. 

13. /x€0' ^s . . . KTi'Cerai] = in quo stabilitae sunt omnes 
creaturae (or omnis creatio) all. 

14. /xe0' ^s] h $ and om. yivtTai all. 

15. a$' r\s *a.Kov€Tai oiSao-KaAia all. om. iiv€vp.a and 
read oar<ppi)<n$ a<|>' all. 

16. ? read oAk»/i> all. om. irvtvp-a all. 

17. pr. /*e0' ijs] a<j>' i?s all. alt. n<-0' ijs] a<p' fc BZ: 

18. j3p&<ris PpoTwr Kai mSi-or all. Iz> afi-nS all. So R. 
18, 19. iv fip.~\ /3/3M(ris or /3p(&p.aTa all. 

22. veairepurixov all. With Ox. 

24. M it. »a t. all. With R. 

25. iKorao-is] * " establishment " all. ? viro'orains. tois 
lirra i:v. all. 

26. iropvcias irceujji.a all. With Ox. and R. 
27« lyKeirai] iart or ivecrrt all. 

28. ttj x°^j)] * v T V yA.<0T7rj all. 

P. 131. 1. om. tva bia irep. (?per homoiotel. of Greek) all. 

2. Kavxarai all. With Ox. and R. 

3. \/rev5ot;s] ankripoXoyias all. The Arm. word is chsta- 


banoutfiean, but the sense yjievboXoylas would remain, if 
eh were dropped and stabanouthean read instead. 

3. after \6yovs add kcu KpvnTeiv epya all. Cp. Ox. 

4. tr. avrov after oIkzmv all. d(j>' rjs all. 

6. boa-o\i]\jf(as all. With Ox. and R. eirl 7r. 8e r. all. 

7. 8. rw TTvcijxaTi t<S oyboat aXAo Ttvevp.a avvaiiTfTat. (art. 
TtXdvq Kal (pavTaalas all. Cp. R. and Ox. 

8. Arm. renders as if irao-a veorris had stood in the Greek, 
which is (?) a Hebraism. 

9. iv t. v."] rdv vop.ov all. 

10. eitaOov] i-nXdvatv, " I erred," all. 

11. T^Kva jtou all. With R. 

12. Kal jxjj all. 

13. yvvaiK&v or, more probably, yvvaiKeiav all. 

15. ovk av eViOToj; all. With R (probably). 

16. om. i(TcvS>aai all. 

17. ? airiovToi all. With R. j?/iw5z/] jixov all. 

18. Kal ovrmv all. 

19. om. otKov, and for BriOXeip, read Bez/ta/niv all. Kal ^ 
/coijti. Kal V iv tw all. 

32. ayyeXos Kvpiou all. With Ox. 

23. after joiou add i)i> inpa£a all. Kal eXflaw 'laK<o{3 all. 

for avrrjs read t»}s BaXAa all. 

26. If epyois + SiKaioo-Ji/rjs Kal a.'noifeipdtp.ivoi (or airepevv&VTes 
or similar) lz> ypdp.p.a<ri. (potius 8i8a<rKaXt'as) all. Perhaps 
fxo\6ovT€ . . . Kal e%i<TK£y\ra<rQe iv should be read, if we cp. R. 

27. 0&y all. 

P. 132. 1. Sri a\pC all. With Ox. and R. rjn&v] 

e/xoi> all. WithR. 

2. 'IaKO)/3 Trarpos p.ov all. tivi t. a8.] Trapprjiria tois 
aSeX^ots pou all. 

3. oi>. e/xous all. 

4. Ka£ ye iroXXdKis all. Cp. R. on eii£] Kal tlnev 0T4 
ev£airo all. ir. e/otoO] ir. <roo all. 

5. om. it. KTupiov all. a?r' ip.ov\ diro <rov all. 

6. ow] p.eTavolq all, and cp. Ox. 

7. om. irdVra all. 


8. oX. yap *<f>dd<rei, tyvxfjs i<xnv f] it. fj x<«ty>. &U. 

9. icrnv ifj irX. all. With Ox. and R. 

12. om. avTov all. 

13. ydp] ovv all. iraa-Qv yvvaiK&v all. 

14. enadapicrev all. 

15. ? -npoo-eicaKeo-e all. With R " besought." V adds a gloss 
= to *^ AlyvTiHa Ttepl 'Ift)<r?]^>. 

16. dXX& ovk all. 

19. Tropica] irovqpia all. evvotav r)\i&v BZ, cp. R. 
(But V adds avhp5>v instead of ^/*<3j>.) 

20. Ka0' \\]t.S)v all. 

21. kcu on /XT) exouo-if all. 

22. avrofc B Z, but V 3v8pas. ou8« hivapiv evl rmv 
avdptonw all. 

23. 24. ? to-xvoixri . . . KaTaya>vi(ovTai all (and cp. R). 

24. on Kaiye it. avr&vj om. all. After ewre /*ot add 
jcal ire/91 tovtov all. 

25. V has itXiov for ^nwrcu. Cp. P. 

27. om. avT&v all. 

28. kch irpwToc 5to all. 

P. 133. 3. avTwi> (cai ras otyeis irpds a7rarrji' 8taroias all. 
With Ox. 

4. After Kokacriv add Kcado-Triv V only. 

6. om. airas all. eyeVcwro] suscitabantur, or prouoea- 
bantur, all. ? rjpedi&vTo in the Greek. aXXTjXtou] avr<3i> all. 

9. ? tjJs (pavracrlas all. 

10. Ia>s k.t.X.] wcrei <\>6avovTes eh ovpavov all. 

12. cuV0?jo-eis fi/iwf BZ. With Ox. and R. But V alone 
has ras \jrv)(as vjx&v /cat ras at<rfl?j(r€ty. 

13. avdp<ii>T:ot.s auiw all. 

15. dnaros] /xeyaArj all. v/xiu all. With Ox. and P. 
om. tov B. aldviov all. 

16. ov re <rvve<nv\ om. all. 08 ti ev.rifi. all. 

17. avrjjs] avr&v all. 8ta toCto + ical vjxeis {rjXcao-aTe and 
om. row vloi/s Aevi all. 

18. aXX' ov 5w.] aXXa KSf JrjT^<rnT€, ov Swrjowfle uirep 
aurous all. 


19. iiroirjcrev all. ttjv Ik8. air.] = " his choice among 

them," all. koi aitoO. 0. ir.~\ om. all. r<3 y. A.] r<S 

8^ A. all. 

ao. ro> 'I. ptcT' avrcbv] /xer' awroy r<2' I. all. So Ox. 

21. tow etv. €ttC] kcli /zer' avTovs all. 

22. <kaorcA.€t] diareA^im all. So P. 

23. eis K/)£<nv] +Kal Sikos all. /cal flvouacrei all. Cp. R 
and P. 

24. <zpx- X/3.] "to be priest of the lot of Christ" is the 
sense of V and B, as if the Greek ran Updreveiv n\rjp<a Xpiorov. 
The other MSS., e. g. Z, have for Xpiorov a word x a P°£ l = 
KrjpvKos, which is probably due to a corruption of text; 
for the Vatican Codex has x av Ch which makes nonsense. 

25* iroiT/o-ai a\rj0eiav\ iropcvo-ai a\r)6(lq all. after avrov 

add kclI ayattriv %X €lv ^P^ T0VS abeXtpoiis vp\&v all. Cp. Ox. 
and R and P. 

25- V alone has npbs tovs views Atvl. 

27. avrov] miT&v V only. 

28. iravrds rod \aov all, as in R. 

P. 134. 1 . vitep vptai' airoOavovvrai all, except V, which has 
v-nep fin&v artodavtirai. 

2. lowrai all. /3ao-iA€is aldviot, all. B V &c. 

3. ZvTei\ap.evos TauTa all. 

4. 5. om. h Xefipdv all. 

6. B Z agree with Greek title, but V has " Testament of 
Simeon son of Jacob son of Isaak son of Abraham." 

7. Xoyu>v\ + bia$rJKtis BZ : V has biaO. without Xoyow* 

7. 8. Ttpb . . . avrov] so BZ : V = " when he was near to 
die," a paraphrase. 

8. eK. ei'/o] "in his 127th year," all. 

9. yap om. all : V adds 01 viol avrov before kitio-K. Cp. Ox. 

10. Kai 2vfA€0)i> kviax. all. 

11. aKOTuaari fxov V only. rinva pou all. So R and P. 

1 2. Kapb. fxov &yayyik\etv V only. Cp. R. 

13. 1/caAeo-e t6 ocopd pou V only. 

17. -nam rols av6p. all. 

1 8. icai lyh kv all. 


19. f)n&v BZ: pov V with R. 

20. fi.px<*>v] #yyeAos all. ottoot. . . . f^Aou] V para- 
phrases Kivrjo-as p.€ els (rjkov nal t6 Ttvevpa (ji\ov. But note 
that R and P omit airoa-TeiKas. 

21. >r) SoDs (or a<peh) irpoaixeiv all, but perhaps we have 
here a paraphrase. 

22. p.ov\ V alone adds yrjpcurKovros. avrov bis] avr&v 
BZ : avrov V. 

23. kcu eppuo-. all. With R. 

24. yap] %ovv all. V alone paraphrases "to bring 
the drug (or medicine) of sheep to our flocks." 

25. cnr6d€(ris]+riix&v BZ only. 
P. 135. I. avro'i.'] 'Ioxttj^ V only. 

2. 'Poi;^3&/] + 6 d8e\<(>6s r\\i.G>v V only. §ia<r<3o-ai] + nal 
Karayayeiv V only. Cp. R. 

3. irpds t. 'I.] kiii avrov V: eiri Aai> BZ. 

3. 4. lirotTjo-a . . . av7-(3] icai liro^cra (or tJi») o-i>j> airw ju. tt. 
dpy. B : but V = nal ovrut &pyl<r6y)v avrai p.. tt. 

4. 8e6s] Kvpios all. 

5. om. air' ep.ov all. , fy>dViz>] BZ = " stealing " ; V = 
"violence." \eip&v] x^pos kpov all. £ripos BZ "dried 
up " : but V paraphrases thus " and dried it up for thirty 
days," omitting the Greek from on . . . be£ia. 

6. eiiTa] sixty in BZ: thirty in V. Ox. has sixty. 
tr. <tvv. p.01 tovto BZ, but V om. tovto. 

7. xvplu) T&Z: 0e&Y. Cp. R. tva aiTOKaTaa-TaOrj fj x €l P 
p.. V, with R : but BZ = nal airoKareorTj ^ x- 

8. aTtevxoptfv all. aird $0. k. tt. juoA. V: ctaro tt. $0. k. 
/xoA. BZ. 

8. 9. kcu and tt. a<pp. om. all. 

9. Kvpiov] 8eov V only. 

10. om. bia. 'Ia)(T7j</) V only. <p66vT)o~as rdv ah. p.. and 
om. avriS in 1. 11, all. 

12. TeKva pov all. With Ox. ^>vA.]+ras \|™x as ¥"" 
V only. 

13. tt cut. r. biav. roii] Travros V only. 

14. om. avrdv . . . ttihv ovre all, Iper homoiotel. 


15. dXXct ttclvt. all. With Ox. 

16. TTavr. k.t.X.] V alone paraphrases "he indeed the 
blessed one is ever like unto a blossom, but I faded con- 
sumed with envy." om. rjiiep&v all. 

1 8. Oeov] Kvpiov all. kav ydp all. With Ox. and R. 

19. dirorjoe'xei • . . avrov] so V, but BZ paraphrases "he is 
relinquished by the bad spirit." Kal yiverai ... 1. 21 
ovtcds] V omits, but retains " and he ceases from envy," i.e. 
naverai tov (pOovov. On the other hand, Z omits these last 
three words, but retains the preceding words lost in V. 
B retains the entire passage according to the Greek, so no 
change is implied by the Version. 

22. om. irepi all. So R. 

22. 23. ko.1 eXeyov . . . ey&>] BZ = " and I made answer to 
him and related the pains of my liver": but V= "why 
mayest thou be exceeding sorrowful, and I told him by 
way of pretext (or cause) the pains of my liver." 

23. irdVray] + tovs abeXqbovs p.ov V only. 

24. ore ydp Y: ore BZ. 

25. Kal 'I(oot)<J> Zh-qcri p,e p.6vov V.only. Trdo-^ui touto all. 

27. om. km sec. all. So R. 

28. abeXcpobs avrov all. o$i>] +ujias d8e\<|)ol Kal Tetaa 
p,ov all. 

P. 136. 2. dyadff] KaOapq BZ: *V om. evvo&vres tov 

'Iaxrrjql) rbv db. vp,&v all. om. Kal all. 

4. ev avrSi] BZ amov: V kv 'Icoo-t)<|> TtpayjlivTa. Cp. R. 
Tr&o-as ydp fjpiepas farjs avrov all. it. t. Aoy.J so BZ : 

but V ovbe kiroii]o-ev rjpXv Kara, rbv Xoyov tovtov (or rot/s Xoyovs 
tovtovs). ?A Gloss. 

6. ? ttXovtov kttjv&v Kal napTT&v all. 

7. om. oZv all. With Ox. and R. om. dya-a^rd all. 
With Ox. and R. 

7. 8. * aya-nrio-are . . . Kapbtq om. V alone. 

8. ctaroo-rjjo-erai cup' 7\p,S>v BZ, with R P : but *a7TOOT7/re 
diro KaKov (pOovov on (j>66vos Y. 

9. dypiol t. to o-&p.a k. <p6. ri]v \frvx"rjv BZ : *dyjO. tov dvbpa 
ko.1 <f)0. tt}V y\rvyriv V. 


10. on opyr) k. i:6Xep,6s el<n rb biaftovXiov avrov BZ. 
*6pyrjv . . . irapogvvei om. V alone. eis afyxara] 6vp.ov ^Z, 

11-22. Kal ovk ea , . . avOpdircav om. V only. 
H,I2. Kal ovk ka . . . kvepyeiv oin. BZ. Cp. R and P. 

14. <pavTa£cov or (pavrafcrai kcl( BZ. biarapdao-ei] irapa- 
TTep.TTei BZ. 

15. btvirviCei BZ. So R. 

16. iyu>v h> eauT<5, otJro)S BZ. 

22. *K.a\ iaea-de . . . av8p<&Tmv om. BZ. ? per homoio- 
teleuton, for P also omits. 

25. j«0' ijuSs BZ, with Ox.: V om. with R. 

26. abiiajo-ovo-iv BZ: *" shall go" V. bvvrjtrovTai.] 
+ a-Trjvai, or similar, all, with R. 

27. eTToX4p.r}<rav or kiroXipovv all. om. Trao-a^ all. 

28. Kal ea-ovrai bo£a<rrol, fyxets 8£ oXiyooroi and om. kmp.ep. 
V only. Kal ouk eorai all. With R and P. 

P. 137. 1. p.ov\ f)pL&v all. 

2. eiiXoyiais au-rou all. 

3. tiprjKa all. oircoy . . . vp,&v] ra <rKai>8aAa r<3p vJSv 
vp.&v V only. 

4. om. t&v tyvy&v all. With R. rbv (p6. k. it. ovcA..] 
tovto V only. 

5. Td t4kvol upmv koi tcl dora fiov V only. 

6. 57 <r&p£ jitou om. V only. 

7. 7rA.?70iw0?ja-cw7-ai BZ, with Ox.: but V=*" shall be 
honoured " ri/^ijo-erai. avr&v] avrov BZ : * " of Judah " V . 

9. Kal'. . . Ka7nra8.] BZ omits: V has Kal iracn rols aXXo- 
yevi<n, and then omits as far as Tore in 1. 12. 

10. eKXetyei] k£oXo9pev<reTai all. 

12. af/*] Sjj'0 V only. 

13. 0eds tjjwwv <pavri<r€Tai. kitiy. V, omitting /i^yas rot) 'I. 
With R. <|>aii\ «rl y?}s] Sofaa-^Tja-eTai kvl yrjs Kal <pavrj- 
(rerai all. 

13. 14. Kal o-w^coi; . . . 'Abap.] om. BZ : but V = Kal 
ava<T(a(wv kavrov, omitting rbv 'Abap.. Cp. Ox. 

14. it\avt)s\+Tov BeXiap V only. 

15. «is oXedpov V only. Trdrrwe r5z> all. 


1 6. dvaoTTjtro/xefla . . . k. €vkoyrj<roii.ev all. iv rots Oavji,. 

om. V only. 

18. ia-axrev &v0.] *om. V. 

20. After \vrpa>6ri<r<-<rQe V alone adds the following gloss : 
*oti Ik yivovs airov yevvr\8ri<TtTai ivupios 6 6e6s- 8i/o 

dSeX^ous ToiJTOVS all. v/xty] Tfjtuv. 

2i. om. tou 0eo6 all. 

22. Kol 0eoV BZ only. ofrros BZ, with Ox. : /cat V. 

23. Trap to yivos Kal rci eOvrj avQp&Treav and om. tov 'Io\ BZ : 
V has iravra &vbpa Kal edvrj avOpwircov, also omitting tov 'I. 
alt. Travra om. all. 

24. om. ?vo BZ only. vp.&v] V only adds tva ko.1 
avToi rots tskvois air&v. 

2$. avra\ ras ivroXas all. 

27. Zkwtov eiKoo-i] BV have "in the 125th year": Z* "in 
the 127th year." ir&v Tfjs £«»is avroO all. 

28. ra 6<ttci avrov\ avrov V only. 

P. 138. 2. rafxeiois] so BZ : but V = " in the dwellings." 

3. oS Aiytfimoi Kal oi «r. all. 'Icoo - ^] + k£ Alyvirrov 
Z only. 

4. Aiy.] yf} all. So R, cp. Ox. 

4, 5. Kal nK. p,ey. <r. t. Aiy.] om. V only. 

5. om. eKaoTos V only. 

7. viol 2.] abekfol 2. *cai vloi BZ only. 

7, 8. Kara r. v. r. tt."] om. all. With R. 

8, 9. dir' AJy.] om. aU. With R. 


(To be continued.)