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Notes and Discussion. 341 

t6ii NnaoDto «yi owm '^yion D^Bixn *?3 oyi yin »jipn b oy 
T3N nam fii!?Nn jd snr6 wm hhd jjk xrapi noe'T »dsid3 
*n» "?a "?y Sri runo '"?apoo w 'k *?a man t 1 ? b"ir\ ry owenn 

HD1 , n»3 tOpD^ 1E>3T K3D3 1S1D nyi l^tOD Ht "IBBO BHBOI 3^31 

ns psb N"n T'od ps? iM> " t< dv orn o"ny iraea new rrnE> 
nvr^> Van nano ^apoo w K "?a vb uanai laonm laans n3io:o 
: D'pi m& *?ani mtoi mat nnjfc Dna »to T3i m 

: Vpm 'mao he'd vrmoaa no'ptj' nnn* 
: V'st "pNwanB Dn-ot< nrmoaa iry^s 

David Kaufmann. 


Testament of Leb Norden. 

This testament is interesting less from its intrinsic merits than from 
the fact that it was written by an ordinary London business man. Its 
date is Thursday, 4th of Iyar, 1741, and the MS. forms one page (fol. 
140) of No. 22 of Dr. Neubauer's Catalogue of the MSS. m the Lon- 
dou Beth Hammidrash. 

m^> W? jmto a^> 'no 'win maono nxux pnyn 

'a 'Hipoi minim niNiv nann T^y Dioyx tub v k> ;oV ip'n »aa 
nns • oyo Tram pi • mmn nipai nnntx D"pn dn ^ 3101 h 
i>yi n^y 'nnatrn noai myao 'anxxo -it?K nt6nn b nt< nyr 
iind nam is-iia na 133 • Ton ^ry naa war "m a-y • -|napn 
<nE»n 'ana ^ • nr6a mmoK nnWn pt<i -po< T I1N ' 1 T ,n K,n '3 
^30 tdvx pmn ' n^> nonnoi ny^n jo muyn jo iind pmnm 
»mtn D^iyoi • lVsn '^>n "an '3 V>3 ona piDyn ■?«! • pint? wo 
ny mna ona "pmet? "nam iWnai npyj pinsra "pDynon be 
not^a 1 iVbki • n-nnn ^c'l "o-nan ip^y Dn on nt nak>i • iidm 
piDyn ^>x ( 2 poyu jnipt?) monai • "-pirn D^nyi yisb 'to man bx 
pm u: T-t^yn^ isi ♦ poo iia'N bv yi tr on i^sn 'nan bi • ^3 
^jm ^>t?i • n'^yoa jm naenoa jn psam nit«n mso pmn • sman 
»3 nitonm wm '^3i nain nu niNvina in nisj 'cu^oa -psy 
H3 nsa '010 niET? 1 ? t?tnn ^»ia!?a a-omai bn «m poo nia^N nr b 
jn • "ioiU2> minn ^iou na^o pu h^ d'nud ^oys nanni mmn^ 

1 Lottery. 2 Betting. 


342 The Jewish Quarterly Review. 

tb>k viDro 'n wnv niyon naio nanon ^y D»yy yatsa nmari 

• npnx nrna jsop 'nn ^w • kd»j B»mno kov ^o 1*6 »a -tf> <nran 

• -nn.x ^>y nnK>n^> ts>pan ^>yi npi^non pi Dyon p hind hko pmn 
too • minn nrmxty i»a -p« n« iaa • 'mo moa nosy ^nn 
inv inpn ^y ww on »a Wjk »n« nsy!? yoe> • ■?»» ^>a naryn 
-ie^k nmon nnon ym Dtsri mina Tonn dki • mu 'n»n«o 
note nt *3boi • *n«n Nan oSy "n srrm t'.iya Dna ^nni ne>yn 

• tikiisd i3i die' ^taa 1 ? n^y dib> t>»pan !?ki • o!?ia u» nun nwm 

• piio a^> T3N »scd ps^> D'pn i"N 'i m nv piJib na 'nana nr ^d 
: »doi "ns ny "na jn^ d^ji wnt? 'onp '"»6 p'jn )n^ Tonni 

My dear son, I will not burden you with many injunctions, for it 
will suffice for thee to obey the laws contained in the Torah. Yet, 
thiuk of me always, for you know my love and my care for you. 
Honour thy Maker, walk in the ways of the upright, avoid both what 
is evil and what may seem so. Never gamble, for gambling has slain 
many victims ; it leads to loss of money and to the neglect of the 
Torah. Moreover, it is an attempt to acquire wealth against the will of 
God. Avoid ostentation and arrogance, whether in thought or deed ; 
dress simply, live simply, and be sparing in your household expendi- 
ture. Extravagance is the cause of worry, so be careful with the 
legacy I leave you, for miracles do not happen every day. But in 
giving alms be open-handed. Avoid quarrels, seek not to dominate 
others ; be slow to anger. Honour your mother, and strive to perfect 
your character. 


The Testament op Eleazar ben Samuel. 

Dr. Gudemann publishes this text on pp. 295-298 of his Quellen- 
schriften, etc. (1891), from a Mersbach MS. Another copy may be 
found in the Bodleian (Cat. Neubauer, No. 907, fol. 164a). This 
copy opens with the lines : — 

oyi3 on non "naisn nxw 
oyn bib ynm^ "namai nnxi 

and closes with the following passage : — 

to^iy 1 ? "]btf\ ]dx T'nn njoon ^bn ity^N Y'nn on no nanx n^Dn 
• njcn B>Kia w dio lapai ptytn ova h n'"p msjM B>«ia