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*D''p!'N, Cp ■'33 Berlin, pp. 61, 71, 104. Tribal name. 

riaXp^N NHD Oxford 2522, 2523. i*-ail\ H. 

nN3"l NDD Oxford 2498. ia-b, H. 

U^J?1^N Brit. Mus. Orient. 2365. ^^^j 1 

nonys:' Oxford 2328. 

DyJD Oxford 2338; Brit. Mus. Orient. 1482. ^Li H. 

^DyJD^N Brit. Mus. Orient. 2212. Id. 

•aini'N Berlin, p. 73. 



Since the year 1887 new evidence has come to light 
for the history of the Yosippon-text. In that year the 
Bodleian Library acquired, from the late R. N. Rabinowitz, 
a manuscript (now MS. Heb. d. 11) consisting of 388 leaves 
on vellum, quarto, written in an old German Rabbinical 
character, {The general number will be found in the 
Supplement to my Catalogue, which will shortly be com- 
pleted.) I have already spoken of this MS., and given 
some quotations from it in Gratz's Monatsschrift for 1887, 
p. 504 sqq. According to the fragment of a calendar at 
the beginning of the volume it appears to have been written 
in the year 1325 a.d. by Eleazar b. Asher hal-levi. Among 
the various treatises which it contains is the greater 
part of the text of Yosippon, in which the name of the 
compiler, Yerahmeel, frequently occurs, and a bmn ps'DV 
is also mentioned '. The writer is sometimes called in full, 
Yerahmeel ben Shelomoh vNcm\T, and sometimes simply 
i'NCm\ Thus on fol. 26 the copyist says ITJJ^N ''3''y3 iB'" 

p3''DVn iQD n?''nn . Then follows a short passage of Yosippon, 
agreeing in the main with the ed. princeps, from "lolJ na'' '•m 

' Oa ff. 152* and 153 are marginal references, in an Italian cursive hand, 
to a 'isi: ps'Dv (see my Med. Jew. Chron., I, p. ix, note 5). 


to jyiiyi ''izb D'Dn''nD, after which the copyist continues ij; 
i)SN 3\r\2H ^'' fQni '>m b^nnon v-inx^'B' ainani ps'Dvn nay fsa 
■"ijNDm' nyi'Di' nirro tonx ^ai^Di iB'y p'-jj?. This would seem 
to imply that the long introductory passage beginning 
(fol. 22) D''33 nE'i'E' T^n DHN, which differs altogether from 
Yosippon, is also by Yerahmeel. On the next page (fol. 27) 
the compiler again introduces his name, ^Nom'' '2N TINSDI 
painD "isoa, a passage to which we shall have to refer 
again. On fol. 29 we read DIN^pj iSDa 'HNSD ^ndhi^ ''3N1 
^Jl nn^n nns nJiac '•a pt^'D^D, and on the same page v^N '1 N->'l 
Si) pijNa at?" QiaN ^a din pa'DVl • n^dd ■"Ji^xa. Thus the early 
history is a compilation made by Yerahmeel from various 
sources, including Yosippon. On fol. 35 Yosippon is re- 
sumed : nnijina ^nronc Dii?Da ps^ov -\Sich iirn^ "j'-jja ic« ns dj 
ui E'UN n^ mx USD ^■•nnn pa^DVn O • nj •'ja, and the writer 
then fulfils his promise of continuing the Yosippon text 
from the passage pana 'n'l. On fol. 36'' he breaks off again 
with the words niai'DD pa''Diin ana innxi • paiDvn \'\^b fsa ^y 
paiDvn nana aina NSDjn i^aa iha iiya iDipoa innnasi . . . wn 
iai \nNVO nr niyi :QDin ny. The passage, which contains 
a very short account of the seven kings of Rome, has at 
the end the name i'NDm"'. He next appears (fol. 68) as the 
translator of the Aramaic parts of Daniel into Hebrew. 
The heading is ]'\^b ^raoD nay pK*^ bR D'^'-aD noafi nan )y^ 
ji'iaB'n ''bv '•''' ^'a ^jn^jt nao nay pK'^i' n'-Dns pK'^D invnyN rr-DiN, 
and at the end vniJinn in^i ^N''jn!' iB'N DiJinn lan fjio na ny 
ph min'i' HB'N bm'^it naoa nay pK>i>a D^aina on vhn nrn ib'n 
inpTiynK' loa hnjn paiDvn nao riN ainai^ TiisNin nj njn nnTiain 
: ii'Ncm\n . Instead of going on with the Yosippon, however, 
the copyist gives on the next page (fol. y^) the song of the 
three children in Aramaic (see Dr. Gaster, Proceedings of 
the Society of Biblical Archaeology, 1894 and 1895), preceded 
by an introduction, bearing the acrostic of Yerahmeel, 
which is given below in full. At the end of the song he 
says lib'it) fsao jNrT'nin' laoa Nna^na vh n xni'DT xaiD na ny 


htrw^i pa^DVi Dninc 'ptmn-c pinyn, after which follows the 
story of Bel and the Dragon. On fol. 113, ^y*y3 iB'''^ nnyi 
b^ '3 DIN noi'B' T3 ^NDn->i iJN "'3 HnnN ICyj IB'N Q''E'ycn -iBoi' 
bl anion , continuing as in the editions (Breithaupt, p. 309 ^). 
He then explains his own method: nD^t? p ^Nomi 'JN1 
lana ■»{?« onnN dnaiD nsoDi pnu p sidv -odd D^an inep'^ 
iji nsDa.pnij p vpy -i3tii tnnx n^j^joa onix ^mixi u^nax nrjra 
(Breithaupt, p. 311, chap. xvii). The text of Yosippon ends 
thus (fol. 197): \T • in^nji '•''' Qjn cnipn -vy a'?w\'' yp n:n ny 
\hyn b]n in''3 ijjn n^y by dwi hDnic o^ccn \n^S ^Jai'5 nDn jiyi 
:jDN ires mnD3 )T\bn: bv^ idj? ijin impo ijyi. Then follows 
a curious addition, probably by Yerahmeel, of which I have 
given a part in my Med. Jew. Chron., I, p. 190. 

Quite distinct from the additions to Yosippon are the 
poetical pieces at the beginning of the volume, and an ex- 
tract (fol. 257) on the Day of Judgment, ijNDnT nSDO, which 
are given below in full. Beyond what is to be found in this 
volume, little is known of this author except a few poetical 
pieces in MS. 0pp. 697, fol. 53 sqq. (no. 2079 in my Cata- 
logue), some of which also occur in MS. d. 11, and two 
liturgical compositions mentioned by Zunz (Literuturge- 
schickte, p. 486), though the indication of his original source 
is not very clear (A. f. ?= Ancien fonds). In my Mediaeval 
Jewish Chronicles, I, p. xxi, I gave a brief summary of what 
could be gathered as to Yerahmeel. At that time I had 
only read the MS. cursorily for the purpose of roughly 
estimating its contents. Since then I have seen the essay 
of the late Dr. J. Perles {Gratz-Jubelschrift, 1887, p. 2a sq.), 
and Dr. Gaster's article on Theodotion's additions to the 
Book of Daniel (quoted above), both of whom call attention 
to Yerahmeel. I have, besides, been able to make a very 
careful examination of the MS., which has confiimed me 
in my original conclusion that Yerahmeel must have lived 
about the eleventh century in South Italy (Magna Graecia). 

' References are given to Breithaupt's edition as being more accessible 
than the ed. princeps. 


He also used the Greek Josephus, or at least must have 
known Greek. Dr. Perles, who saw the MS, while it was 
still in the possession of Rabinowitz, points out (op. cit., 
p. 33) the reference to Nicolaus of Damascus (see above) 
and to Strabo. The latter runs as follows (MS. fol. 37): 
■•a rfn qe> p nnoj '«3 (so) ninisan p-ino "ibd3 bnom'' ^3n tinxdi 
iDK* riN Nip'i iD^vai (so) inimoa p ib nhii nm nxD p m n\T -\vfni 
D< ly na rns-i jn^s ptta iniN ni'B'''i nunn v2n m "ib \m • omS'' 
wnba nn '«3 vniMnD nioi'i' on^Ji'' i'S yenn inw ^^'«1 • «i^3w5n 
np^^i iit^n inoj visN n3 '•a (so) N<jih"itD''N3 omV n"i''1 • uipa 
r.yaiN it^a ns i^ ins^i n3''1 • -["bob b)y r\^n ^N^^ • mdd nx<» 

mt^Ni D^^y Dty '•331 JK* DB' ''33 DHi • ni'''nn. As far as I can 
judge, it is unlikely that at the time Yerahmeel wrote 
(probably in the eleventh century), there was any Latin 
version of either Nicolaus or Strabo in existence. More- 
over, the text published by Dr. Gaster (from the Bodleian 
MS. ?) tends to show that Yerahmeel knew Greek, and the 
same appears to be the case from the forms of some of the 
geographical names. The following passage is selected as 
an instance (fol. 26'') : • NJT'K'S 11B>N • f:>t?''T?b'<y Q^'V DK> '331 
3VX IB'N pp Q-lN ''331 n'E' DIN * HNn^b t)b ' HN^S? 1D3B1N 

jDw^piN D'' ny Dia in3D i3n n^Ni • e^yo • '«3N3-!P nna • a^ "ibii 
onsD • nN''3'i''nN nNnp3 2^3 • |p3i Diai onvDi tyu on ''331 
Nn3Di ni'''ini n3d Bn3 '•331 ♦ •ie'^ pN }j;33 • n^''2.''b tais ♦ Noa^s^N 

• Nns-'NI • N^3-iy • D^N3D N3D ' H"''' ''3B' HCyi ^331 • N3n3D1 HDyni 

j^riNStD N^J noyii Nn3D • nnnw Nn3D • ''^in^3 n^'iin. It has 
already been rightly observed by Dr. Trieber (op. cit., 
pp. 386 sqq.) that the text of Yosippon, or, at any rate, 
part of it, is based on Greek sources ; and with this view 
Prof. S. Fraenkel also agrees (loc. cit., p. 421). It is certain 
that in Magna Graecia, as in Constantinople, Greek was 
the vernacular language, and would therefore be used by 
the Jews. We thus arrive at the twofold conclusion that 
both the compiler of Yosippon' and Yerahmeel used Greek 


authorities, and must have lived in Magna Gra«cia. The 
date of Yerahmeel, however, is as ohscure as his own com- 
positions. In his poetry he uses the metre irn^N (see my 
Wlechet ha Schir, p. 7, Breslau, 1865), and most of the 
pieces in the two Bodleian MSS. deal with mathematical 
puzzles. He is also quoted as the author of a grammatical 
work in the DK'an nany of Abraham b. Azriel, who lived 
in the thirteenth century (see Monatsschrift, 1877, p. ^6^, 
and 1882, p. 364). He was, moreover, a liturgist (see the 
pieces below, p. 385 sq.), and according to a note in MS. d. 1 1, 
fol. 377 (li'NDmM omoK' 1D3 ni^r»n -non) he wrote on 
astronomy, but there is no evidence that the treatise which 
follows on fol. 378 is by him. A heading to one of the pieces 
refers to ''in, and probably also the beginning of another 
(noi't? m ClTiSja). If ^:''blp, in the heading of the first piece 
given below, means Cologne, then no doubt ''Cn is the famous 
Rashi, and the R. Shemuel mentioned in the commentary 
(p. 3 73, below) would be his grandson, who lived in the twelfth 
century. On the relations existing between the Jews of the 
Rhine and of Italy, see Prof. Chwolson in the Sanimelhand 
of the Mekize Nirdamim,, loc. cit., p. 4. It is possible, 
therefore, that Yerahmeel paid a visit to his brethren in 
the Rhine-land either in the eleventh or twelfth century. 
He cannot well be later than that date, but he may be 
contemporary with the author of Yosippon, if he is not 
himself the author of part of Yosippon. It may be added 
that the fact of his not being mentioned by Mosconi in 
the preface to Yosippon is no real objection to this view. 
A Jew writing in Spain in the fourteenth century might 
well be ignorant of the literary activity of South Italy 
two or perhaps three centuries previously. 

In order to give the reader an opportunity of judging 
of this curious and almost unknown author, I subjoin all 
the compositions of his at present known (except the 
additions to Yosippon) from the Bodleian MSS. no. 2079 
and d. II. Perhaps some other scholar may find in them 
further indications of place and date. 


I have much pleasure in expressing here my thanks to 
my friend Mr. Cowley for copying the Hebrew and Arabic 
passages (some of which are very difficult to read), and for 
his help throughout this article, wherever my failing sight 
required. I am also indebted to my friend Dr. M. Fried- 
lander for reading the Hebrew texts of Yerabmeel. 

B^j''hp D''t3''B'a atrnc nna rapi any in D'-niN noa nN''So' 

• Dnana'' rai in ntana • ni bi? i^ ^i'-dini nynx vn 

• DTiiND nnNi? D3 HjpM ' D'>y''3-)n np'-i li? ^b'»1 

• D^na vijy iNtrj no ija^ • d3 n:\>^ 'sriixn ddieo 

• onini D-Nn j'-y^ ntyy pi • i^ njpn nt^on njn jni 

pND -itry D''35J' npi^jn nx'-xo^ 

• npi^na on pNO nt^y d'-jc • ipi^'n^ Dp^na D''y-) '•jk' 

• npnno nnx^ nyatr nao • maS D'-i'D ••jb' onoyi 

• np^va nr pi^n^ nj iicn • i'^an'' Nin wnb '•JB'ni 

♦ npino trana loyo i>a icx • i'NDm'' b»n ^jn na^ nr pS^nij 

• npioy inoana nivy ••^a • npiijnn pi^ni? ^^ ny^i 

• np^-^i^ B>on ^B'a inpn* • 1^ nyacD '•^'an sijo'- 

• npTiE^a p riET?'' K^n^ * an ^i^a ^n inasK'ii -iirnM 

• np'iya trona nj Dpn'' • d^jc nyat? nina niy inb^i 

• npiaa inpn^i n^je^ • n^o'' p''tnD nyaty '•^ai 

• np^ntt ly ia nan* ntr^t? • d'jb' pnd latr E'en iina 

♦ npii'n^ 1^ t^ona ns nisK«i • nyaiN my ine« nyac'a 

• npina 1^ n^d'' my KTsna ♦ pnrr" nyansi hna iina 

• np''3ya ia nxE^ ntytyl • {yona ^^5D^ mn^i nyaty^ 

* nprna Nin hkd oy t^om • *rN nNt^j nyatra ntw nn 


n6 ^'atrn^ ^ac* an n a'-E'n^ ;nS nnnso D'"'n nn n'o'^ 
yo3^ iDia ^DJ3 D«n }t?d '•a ]"]}'? now nni ^n ^y Dyj 

' MS. Opp. 697 (Heb. MSS. Catal. no. 2079), fol. 53, and = d. 11, fol. i". 
'd.addsw. 'd.nnwn. * = d. 1 1, fol. a. »d.'iH. • =d. 11, fol.i". 



"•i^JK Dmaan "max non D^"ij?n iid» ^pn 'h^r:) D^yj 
nr nnN^j 'nr i% noai onn^in nsd: dtnnai 

• "injc !?» r'K Diinhna 

• "iriTb CD" li^i D^nJB' 

• "inonp iiyDE> N^n d^o" 'i 

• Mnxsa D^D" ycni CB'nn 
(?)inDnD p mi.T nac '•c 

• injc Dy naipni dv aa 

• imi''' njE'i D^D" t^3 

• invn natytr"^ li tnn lii 

• inns DV 33 "vm njcs 

• '*invn B'nn y3nNi dv '31 
' inun cnn 'ixi dv ny3B>3 

• "ini03 D'<D'' ^-ii w^v ytrn 

• in3i apy "n nje' mcT? 

• imi''' itl^b DIN na3 

• iniNi ivb i3r Dyin 

♦ WWD cnn3 •i'3 
"in"iD3 icsj nsxa sin cyom 

♦ im^in n3t33 N3i 

• imp'' }D":3 nnN dvi 

• iny3 1^3 nx sin hf'N3 

♦ inyS'' fVD3 DV 103 

• in«n3 D^it? liiJi p p noi 

• 'MmnD liai p j3 noi 

♦ in'"'n 331 p }3 noi 

• inocj nxyi p }3 nci 

• mm D''-ixo3 no 'p3 

♦ in''33 iM p p nci 

• inivp ynu sh 

• ppns ni3K nnhn njrT 

• }iy»B'^ Dnp "ii33n pint 

• "i^^ D'-WB' p D^nri 

• VDn3 "1^ pS Dip oyD 
• nysKn cm nycn p ncS 

• mi.T Dip N^n "^jna:^ 

• ^'<bnsib ^b Dnpn na n33 

• nc^En DnE'y3 d^c ni3T 

• 13E^ ntTN^ no3 ^N^ 

• njoty -itTN Dnpn sjovb 

• \bt2.6 Dipa eiDV niD 

• f^i3t jcn!? Dnp N^n 

• wn^n n^i:3 nr mun 

• nn"iaN3 ni'i:3 dhd n^yT 

• T*y DnnNsj' 3py'< amp 
1^033 nbt^ abn '"Nin pixnT 

• Dnryi HNO p3 n^n ""tS 
pyoK'i' Dn Dncyi njB' nab 

' '•li'i' D"3cj' t^i p Nin mix 

• nil nxD p3 Nin p ncS 

• min"^ cwni nat? nxD 

• 13 E'Dn3 nB'n3 "^nsJ 

• 13 P |iB'mD3 '^b^: "Ml 

• ny3B'3 '^b^: 3N3 laK'B^i 

• 13 n3 nh: 03^3 hcj'ni 

• n»n3 13 N3 Nin ejOVI 

• ny3E'3 13 nE'n3 Nin i!ji3t 

• ibti }11B'mD3 if'b 1D'»331 

' d. om. " d. adds i:cn. ' d. n")!: m. *d. ffiiom. "d. inss'i. 
'd. '7nE3. 'd. 31. »d. inrn. • d. 3<i. '"d. om. " d. w. " d. imno. 


bv 131'' lE'N QJT'b]} niBDU D'B" 1133n ^i'D1 

nap 'jaity '•jidn nwQi^ ' pa'' vjai? Djnn np''j;n 
:Dii'B'3 inu' 


• D'l^ya n^t? '•jniN Dm 
• ^ij'ina '•Din moo D3 diid 

♦ D''^'j?Dn nvsa m ''-laoo 

• D''^''D3 naOD '^3 'n3''33 

• tyhiDi m iDwa d"p3sn 

• D''b''2ii2 E>Dini j)3SN 'xm 

• n'^bm miDO E>^B' 0113 

• D^hb HON bh D'mao 

• ^hnn D^^n niBV b^^ 

• '"hiirh pK nQt2i ynsN '•xn 
' D''^33 p^n ^3^ N3'' mtyy 

• D'^^yi 3D on ^WlfN '•E'Dim 

♦ D''i'aD3 ntwn^ npbnm 

• D''i'E'n^ ''vm nsD Tt^ih pi 

• D''^'3D p^n b:h hndh 'sn 

• D'^D tycin '•ifm D'-B'iDin 

• D^hsr i'h HB'n on d^k'^b' 

• a<b\vo t''Jii' i^3 E>Din '•vn 
• O'lhsD nsD ncin on wiih^ 

' D''^nj on naoi 3nn e'en 

• D'^i^D 13 nat33 \<:)b Sb\ 
' D^^''J3 p Nvoni N3 B'ann 

• D'-hriB' on i' Dn3 nao ■'by 
' W'bx) lyiy pN"! nt2N3 p''tn^ 

• D^^ii»3 on y 0113 d"jj3Vn 

• D^^D'' on Dno^ uii' nT3n 

• wbp^iD •'JtNM niD nD''''S* 

* D''B'3K TiDtJ' •'^y nn qijuj 

♦ i>NDm^ B^xn noan nyn" 

• D''y3x nopn jnsn ''^''D' 

• Bnax N3 miynn n''y3T 

• D''3133 on DN 1N-I' Dn3n 

• ''bv D''''y3XN D'136 

♦ 0113 D"y3SN '3 ncS 

• nyiE>D HON ''^y sin n^nb 
' on mB'y hjdb' on ^b\i>2 
' Dpbnn N3 'nao hb'B' hnt 

• p^m pbn ^3 NSDD ycK* 

• mh pbn hnd D''y3nN^ 

• ^''an' '•xni pso TiK'a djd 
33 •<bv B'oin '•sn ^I'Din abn 

' D'lroin ny3nNi B'Din ^)tn 
' lypbm B'on^ dj ^iipl 

• j' nn3 HDN 'hv HON >i53 

• pjib nan hnd ''sm hkd 

• Q''B'Din y on 'bn nsdji 
• i3nni in»n '•i'sn tiini 

■ -ntab D''^ niyin b'B' pbm 

' D'-natD i^ 3ni-ii tun p3i 

• Ji^J i^3 p''rnD mbn nao 'b 

• nat:^ p''tnD '•bn nxdji 

• Jiiji? t^Din 'sm D'E>Din 

• ■>bv w^vyat s^ni 

• pnnn» m>)n ^m B'Din 

' fol. 53* ; this and the following pieces are not in d. 
VOL. XI. D d 


mm b^ rcy^m nidh ai 6n • ^pswsai cmna m:>b\i> ^m <dd 

jTni N^jma i?3vn tycini yasN '•sm <i?3vn onn d"i?3xn ^y D^'iynsN 
ncN an hddi ♦ pa nhy lau be' nipD ■'ca ♦ tib'3 i>3 nx D''on 

• "HND D''y3nN nipD 'D D'Mn niriEn ♦ niDK n^ty di-q hon b 

"IDp HND"! HND i>D1 * HND 6 p^HD TIIDN i Dna HDN ^y HDN 

(so)^i nya ^t? nnBiaty hind fi hnd 'yaiN^ nn nva ^c nnaiDty 
1'^ Dp^n D''naD li^ jna b'- nioN i lona nbnn inpiini • niiaiaE' 
03 i'D ins pnnoi ♦ yaxN ••^fm nao p^ni pbn ba Nvoni Dvi'n 
lyaxN '•BToin noa ynvN '•xm nan • hnd -vm }^nd 3 on hddi • hnd 
pt^oin 3 yavK 'snm ♦ pa'Oin 5 neon • btdot '•xm pcwin 55 fn 
Nxen v^n n^ '•sm pt^Din ii p^jn ♦ 'sm ftwin ai nn ^sm 

• D-p^n HB'Dnb HND ''Sm pND 3 pi^n ♦ ^sni pK^Din "i piin ^33 

• 'mo 'vn pnno E>o"in ""im D-twin ii hnd "^fn p^jh ^3 Nvon 
^vm HND p-rno Ensin -sm bin i^ Dn3 nos ^y noN ^^jd nscj 
'vm HND 15^3 • pii) i^ Nson • pji^^ mo 'sm hnd 3iB'n • hnd 
noN >^33 pji^ ^^ nn ^yh i 3pn"i • nNDij p3p nt^t? p3p 6 hnd 

• D^nata^ 3mi3i iniN3 ^b^n pii^n ♦ twin 'sni win i< 0113 hdn isy 
D''nBO i ncNHB' nao bv naD3 cnao i^ n»N b ^T:>i<^ NS»n 
b niyi^n ^ 13 Nv»n nata ni3m jne' niyin3 i3-iiNi> upijnncsi 
Nxon • 6 nsniN^ nyisn b pi^n ♦ 1 iniNi bd n3m nnxi nns 
NinB* ^^3 NV03 • pji^ sb pnnoi nats bv naD3 <naD sb iyinn mfz 
pi^n ♦ niy3VN i naoi • Ji^ pnno 'sni 'win j' 0113 nao bv nao 
D'y3XN nT3-i b NVD3 * ny3iN5' 3nyi mty niy3VN i i'y niyaxs i 
B^in "sni ptTDin i' 0113 D^y3SN ^y D''y3SN ^^3 nvoj • D^y3VN bv 
y3SN ^sni D^y3SN fn3 Nxcn '•sni *E>cin i' 3iB'n ♦ Jii'n ^y^3"i pnn» 

pl^n DN ^3 ^NIDB' bl <a IN3 m3n3 i'NDm'' ''3N1 ' y3»« B>Dim 

mm ♦ cnpi pND j Nine' <p^nn }d tnn nxini <pi'n 3b hnd on 
mm ♦ jiiji 3p S^n p nnx pijn Nimni 'pijn ib p^n iniN^ inpi>ni 
nT3"i NXD3 * n''y^3T pi>n b3 N^ni D^'^^n ontyyi* pi^n iniN pi^ni 
D31 ♦ mpMB* ne'y D^Jt^o ins Nine? • ne'y ntJ'B' p^n3 ontyyo inx 

' The beginning is on fol. 53. 

' MS. adds nm vpti iiro and continues on fol. sa*. 

* MS. adds riHO 'sni, but it seems to be crossed through. 


anna D''nDt3 i Nsoni it^y tym^ n^nn mpi'n • yavN cDini yaxN 
irn ncTjriB'ai • nata annai nam cnat: -ii ]nv n< nawa nata 
Q^vavN bv D^yaxN anna ^nsD lin nnau hnsoj D''"'yai nyivnn 
inp^m mm • ••vm oa ^n b& nyin jn yaiN^ pi • nau ij ont? 
C'lyavN bv D"'''yavN onu^ ^^N^ p^jn nxidji • onE^ya p^n iniN^ 
nijnn lai i^c nsp * yass {?JDini yavN "'vm o^yasN ana ann 
be n'-yaii' ^I'-i''' n'-soi hnd 6 nipD '•d • ns tonryai i'ai a^a 
rf u"m niDN i nipo be loni nipo be nbnno inpbn nv^a • mm 
HON anna nau yavN '•tfni nata pbni pbn baa nvdhi • i^b opbn qd 
•■xni nao • hnd ••sm pNo a u''"'m nxo oa vd nns p'-rnoi ncs by 
pewn (so) a naono j''eDin '•vni aa |n niyaxN "eoin nca yavN 
cpbn iib ■'vm recin 'aa '•jnb opbn • "vni pewn a yaxN 'xnnoi 

D'pbn ''peDin o-ijen ono ^ben • '•vni peoin n pbn baa N^noni 
ij-i^m '•ban on be '•sni peoin j< ine o^'^bn in ^^'a aayi peoin 
D''pbn a '•ban nnyo leNai • yaxN eoim yasN '•sni o^yaxs on 
»» uno nxeje ppeon ns tsyon ia cpbn i nseji neonno 
Dvbn in aayi <pbn an ^ben pso '•Nvn n U"m '•xni psD a nsD 
'sni D'-^yavN ona ann nos by noN be •'ba nvoj • "'xm nso pe 
ib ia e'' noN by noN lannb inpbn • '•vni nND pnno eoini yaxN 
be '•ba nvoj ♦ pjib ib on '•vni nNoni • nan by nao be nia''nn 
ir''m Jib p'-rno yasN eoini yavN '•xni o^yavN ona nan by nan 
D''''yasN coya i ia Nsoni • aiyi '•ne iamb iiy inpbn • nvyai 
ona D-'yaxN by o^yaxN be '•ba nxdj • nvyan i ^33^ ^'•yaw by 

jnsnoi 'ifa ^'•''m n''y"'a"i p'^tno yavs eoini yaxN '•sni D'''yasN 
i na''N • bxf ■>p'' na lai '•an bsioe 'an yoe nr isp peb Na 
• nvyai "i 13''^^^ • wv^ t Jib • ]''Jib i ap • pap i hnd * pNO 
Nin 'ai • '•es an dn ^y bba ^dij Nb ia fb^JC sapn NeiTia 
D''nan ib na e'' noN by nosn • pNJ '•N^1^'' no be mbnj niabno 
}ne niyivna piisb opbnneai • o'-nan i ncsn ^x''^ • nan by nana 

1 naniNi nan nam nnsi nnN ba niyivi i ia Nvnn nan mam 
D'^oya i na Nsnn o^'sbn ib namsb nyin ba pbn ansi • D''nan 

' fol. 54. ^ Seems to be crossed through in the MS. 

D d a 


mm b^ n^ai ns : n'-nacs i^ nn nijnann 1^ pi nstD by nao 
noN bv ncN nipo ^X1 • yxm iwini yaxN '•xni Q"'"'y3XN by d^jj^vn 
Dnn rann ion • omaiD n' nn omao i noN ^ai niDN B'!jb' ana 
bno i>io '••yaxN "ij nn ^''yavN i nacD bi • "'^^m D''naiD i' i? inb"i 
WVN '•xm "yaxN ^y ^''yaxN nn • yaxN coin '•-in nt? ontryn ^^N 
li> -iNE'''i nsD DD ymn ion ^''iyn nn hnd d piijni • yavN {?Dini 
rjii* i^ im ''vm HND nn i^^n pNo iJae' ont^yo ihn ^itDi • hnd ^ 

• pji^ i nn nu' a^D nns' ptb i^o ^jid • pji^ t 3pi • pip i moi 
bv rriym i^ nni ''V2 i jih nxnoi nra nn lat? i' p3i^ io hoi 

• n"yasN i't? na^nn by <a mNSD S^ndht' ••jni • i^Smv • min 
■■ban pii>n • ni»N B'i>K' ana noN i>y noN sine' "liiaa nno o-'ya-iN 
D am • ^^ nna noN '•xn i^y nm '•sn Nint? pso ' *in D''p!'n "ib 
nfn ^jy moN ■•xn pap » ■•e^ pbn nn 'piin i^ inaua ••bn piS^n pap 
nataa pjii* ' '•m ^p^n ni? my "ibn pii>n • pjii> n oni noN ••xn nna 
nn nxnoi? main ••bn pii'n • noN "ivn inaui nvnoi nao by inoi 

• niN'-piN 6 nni nxnoi nao inaui nvnoi nata by nxnoi ana pji^ ri 
*D''p!'n "ia yiaia inpi>n • niN''p3i« 6 nn c^b^n nam inp^n 
6 <Dya n aaiiDxnK'ai i ijy i anni niyaxN i naua nis'-pJiN ' nn 
j lN''p3iN a' i't? \^b\iKr\ a' niyaxK ^^ i'ty t^i'K'ni niyaxN i^ ini> iin 
"•^b^ ' INI • NipjiN vb^ i |niN ^'?i'n <^ opi'nnE'a • <p3iN c^Sje^ 
ya^^N 'P31N ^b^ ijai* nn • etdihi yaxN 'pi'n -isj'y^ <p3iN 3<i N-ipJiN 
mm i'B' nT2i N^^1 pBwm ii niyavN < ^p:)ii ib pv • e^mi 
niyaxN .i naua niyavN a nn <''yavN by ''•yaxs ann ''bsTKO 
nn anna niyavN ■'Nxn n Nine' naua yaxN '•xn my f|"'DiD • anna 
■ii niyavN ' nn pB«in i aym yaxN {«2in my si''D1di niyaxN < 
yavN "^n ona D''"'yaxN ona <iyaxN iiy "yaxN ''-\i2in w«ni • ptwin 

.yaxN tWDin ona 

.•onina xan '•yo '•nt nai>nn tnai> m^Nin 
• nnmb ba nmia iij''3B'nb v° ^""^oi nty mj 

• nnni nnn bb lyi'i niN|) • ;d''d|) nyi? \nj;i mo^en 

• nntra noan naia pan^j • ^ab nya K^n ana mm 

' Added in the margin. 


• nnisDi )"3»2 nyta ityx 
' r\)-\2b tanan iina *i?oiv ntyx 

• npc3En pta^ai' ani3 ntyn 

• nn^pna D'ni'N n'3 pi33^ 

• nniDD i»bn '^y Viv dib 
' niiK'y a ei''Dini mB>y twn 

• nnna jib' p'3»i> ibid -icn 

• nnioj iNO ymx^ ibid bb^ 

' nnin nnxi one^y ^■^rh 

' niT'DH i«3''i i'sr' H:nh 

' nnwD ^-i Njni' i^ b'i dsi 

• nnnj ppn nBioij n wnij 

• nlTT)'' nn» in^ n^jyoi? 

• nnK^a ci'B'n^ moan ny 


♦ -niB'Dn i'NDm'' e^nh "liS 

♦ Diena hc'y naDin mn'p 
' nD33 pnin nnx q^jb'S 

• niN»3 m« nyta'' n^ hnt 

• i^ PjiD^ p' ni'taa n3ii>o 

• DDia^D 6 f\)o'? ^'nnn nn 

• rm -iBioi' i'NB'"' Njnni 

• "hb^ hv "iBiob B'l ON i6r\ 

' iD"iB3 ii^ HM'' wrh 
' jjiaa XD' "it^K patyn Diao 

• pmnij 3 wn^ dn nvoji 

• 1C3-IB3 nSID^ nnS DN1 

• itD"iB3. nytDJ iBiom 

• ni>yDi> -1DN3 TCNa ntj^a 

• -lETn mxD mn -iBioh 

• Q^B^N ;!«>{? wm N3ni 

• ^siiNa mm '<y& inin i3b> 

• n33i m itw i3*3iy 
1^ njD m inoi) idnii dni' 

nnwj ro ny dindi • Qionp nnn nuK' n^ kj ait^n 

• nnnx na* ny mm 

• nnnaa nae^a isnj onij 

• nnw DtwD riNDi rui? 
• nnnna Qitwm tw '^y 

• nniDtJ' ninn npi ^bn pnr 

• nnioy noso tini jihh nn 

• ni"iDD3 1ND3 iiirn nn 

• nnira tJB'n nn nyaiNi 

• ntj>En on D''E'»ni fipua 

nB'[D] Nin D''3E' niKD BTSn 

• on apn njB' rxh br\i om 
• T'Dini *i{?3a-iNi' iha ny 

• wiJD fi^JKi tijiji Nini 

• ni'E'i' !i^ on iK'sansDi 
♦ n''^^ nay ny ni>iwi 

• D''B^B' j^a >^v nayoi 

' fol. 54"- 



• niinn iatj'n '•ini a>^\if 
' ninoM on pi o^jin ''•\n 

' nimna on oscDa tbohn nn 

• niT'JDa "iBnj3 (so) nynn nn 

• nnnra f\bi<^ nbpm nn 

• nnux '•si'N '•Jen lio nn 
• nnEHca ncpj loa hind yais 

• nn''j?K' ciN ni^ina Q''b>b' pa 

♦ nnpo f-p nn bp p 

• nnira hoJi nn onxoa 

• nn''y'D lioni D''a^to 

• nnma ncy -ie'n K'sjn nxi 

• nnij» sii>N nopnji bv njn 

• nnn33 f''3D3 on inini> 

• nn^ny nu p-nn^ inN iyp 

♦ nnoNj 3n303 D3''''Jdi 

• nnsiD DNS ny qije/ non 

• nnnn xxon hipnh D\ni'N 

• nnifD B'nni' y3-iN tiindi 

• nnnp lih ^33T cwk' tod 

• nnicp mn liinn In '•by 

• nnics on c-iud d^3e> 3i?p 

• on ijn nhj ny jijaoi 

• •iEn"'3 3^ on iti^b lynoi 

• -iirai> ny o^E'i'E' on antwi 

• D'>3B>a 03 Hini* iimDi 

• D'>y3E'3 Qir\2t6 mnm 

• nND3 pny ''ID Dn-13ND1 

• 103 m \r\Kh pnyoi 

• n'«B'3 TJN 1JN on ns'im 

• nyns •<:sb )'n:>v:i Nin 3pyii 

• vn3 pyo inn ^nie^i 

• m jinj ny Nn3D ni> nn 

• mim Ci'<sht6 p ib njo 

• 33 [33 ns n-in Dn-i3Ni 

• O'shti '•Jcn iot't?3 nam 

• pn3 nBT; it^e dnd njo 

♦ D''ai'N ny3-iNi> d3 Q-h^n 

' nn3 ncy ^E'N nijoi 
n"'3 nm ny i^n mo ns-'S^Di 

♦ -iE'y3 noy nN pcNi nui 

• on nb^ Disi'N i nn 

♦ rui \m noy -1713 ijb' nui 

• csi'N ny3-iNi> ion nN 

<Bn <B i'y Ni>iyT }i'''NO n3i'nn tna^j i>NiNi 

• onso i>y }i'''N3 T'K' •niB's • Dn-nETD3 ^Nonr B«Nn ys 
• Dn33» JD N"'3n^ }i>» Nini • p3V3 noN n-iK'y k^ ^^n3 

• onnN nnB' ^ln3 Nin hai • i5nN3 on D-i'nj ps '•3 i>i53 

• oniran niyi33 ncy jon • N^yi* 1^ j^jd n nam 

• Dn3y b i3n-ii»i ^2•^i6 ' }nND3 mcs nipjv ^5i'n 

• omcN p DTSt^n 3"iy3 • ii>tt3 enro nso n''3 Tin oni 

• nniai* N\n 'con b D''B«n ♦ 3nni tun nso nu mi3t 

• Dnyt^j <En3n ijy nxDi • n^nxD '•nps ptM3 nxn 


• onsDn runa rhvf pi * ip nson npni *sna eino 

• ciBDoa ii>jr HDHi • njnyin hdnd ami ^•Tl 

• Dnyt^a itpyi) oniN pi^n • niosa dind btditi one'va 

♦ onna on CE^n DTioNa • tn fli inp'>3"' fi''>N b:h 
onaia nnisD na-in ne's • n^vt P'-jd xb on c'ljo 

♦ Dmj3 umi>i ttiNi' • pjV3 mg'y E'B'a iidn dw 

• onin }3 annh 'p'^iih ' cnen D''K'i'E' i^jd odd 

♦ onpra ^i' ni'jj'> noNa • namn yin po ne^ 
DnK'yi niND yaiNi sii'Ni> ♦ nT3 n^'y ntw nvdi nina 

• on-Tii on Nhyij nt "nycn • d'tib'i o^K'i'K' on '•3 nax 
D'np'>i D"'^nj HND nn ^1n3 • nc'i'B' r\):h^iih Nin win 

• Dnpji f^-'N mt? paiDxoi • on xbn ms "ino nci'B' 

♦ Dn3jD niyDJDi um dji • unsi' niB' Ni>n }np''3n 
oniDJ vnioNi) on niN03 ♦ twoni a>ehto mo nn \"ri 

♦ onnn on hjob' dind ids • f?''i6 Vi"^ p '•a ^to 
' an&s: noN3 B«i>E'3 dji ♦ nci'Bi *B'i>E' my '•3 nipn 
ont^yi nioN y3iNi fii>N3 • sSyn }^^n xi'n n3nn ind 

• Dniom ci'ps nt -i3i3 ♦ -iyB'D3 N^y pi^ i6 bx 

• Dn3n P3 y*3-i in* Nim • dnjd yisii* sh hyyij 

• oniBD fji'NDi D^B^oi ♦ y3-iNi> }D y3nn nnpii>3 

♦ DnsK'j DJ "ie^ n3DB> • D''BTDrri nN»3 on "-s nxn 

♦ O'nw: njDK' ioN dji • CE'Kn ^nd y3B' ink'j inb' 

• onpra TV issij hdn '•xn • xhyij ns-r* nSt nt "wy^ 
DnTi''i jiJnns rn''jnoi • liDtJ'ris Nin sSyi "iiy^B' nan 

• Dnn33 0^131 Ni>iy "hy • iio id3 pnyncn dtiin abn 

' Dnooj CB'i'B'i nnob • nsm^ p nyimn i? pbn 
' cina j^ omh paxi> • DTiBn Dvi'K' tipn fivt 

• D"nDN3 im 16 -iNE'Ji • nx ^ai* nos ixn3 ejoins 

• onyK' yi3i3 eipio Nini • 3iyoS mtoi* D"'''xn jni 

ni«'xo • niNi33i nn"'n • niN''M3 "hti 
• mi'pBnsn 


• D^aoa D^ya-isi' i»ipB« oai • ahp^ pans i^b ^h px nt^N' 

• CBiivi n^noN DniK'ph • D^ptro nne'n^ nx^n iion 
• D-ienn pi'a^s 3ni» in mytih • ijpETsa ona hpETi ^N^^1 

• cs^i on ccyj v^d -ik« ♦ ^ndh-i'' 'yti i? npnn n^ dni 

• Q''aiyD iBTTD ''i'3 inoana • nhp^^ nx ni* ly Nini 

♦ D"'aiaa v^jn noan lyivi • nnba 1^ noan b^ nt^N 

• D'-any on rre>h\ff '•Jcni • pipta S''^''' i6n pcwi nm 
• cai^JD -h ns2W one'p loa ♦ yam nycna sin '•B^^Je' 

♦ D"'a''i'nD oi'iai' tn nnxa • D^oya "-a lai* hpK^n sh 

• D"'ai'ND iha ^y ct^i'B'a • p'>d'? nrh njn niNn nn 

"h iNE^ noa naK'non ns'^so* 

• iniBnyi' no maT nan • inaK'noa oan {?13n aiK'm 

• iriN NXDja tjnai rrro • ini'NB'a ^XB'i' ■•n"' wan 

• iiY'sno^ jnu ^T' h^ • iruoi' nyo e'ca fi''DiS 

♦ inijan^ nyo r'i'B' ike^ • inNiiv>ni) w d^'b^ nny 

• nuif poij m«it }"'''3y ijai^ aeri noa ns^vn 

i? minx }n i'NDm'' b^nh '•jk ♦ noa Di) nca '•bv na^a aiB'nn "-ja 

• noan ana 
vxn ny ni? b" ibvo T'i'E'ni • nD''E'ni) D«^aa incto ^3 i'y jni 

• T\iy>'?^ 
nxno nij -iKB'3 DNH 1^ n-ani • noianni iTa ■inb'3 ib'n nx ynni 

♦ HD-im '•b 
WN siri -iDNn DN1 • DID pxa nnx aiB>n Nin p riDN nosn dki 

• Dnni* {T'-inD •<nr\ 
T'i>B'ni i^j B« ba NJ ynnY • hd-'B' w nNB*: '•i'y D''i'aaa li* r|"'Dini 

• nD ly •'snn 
DDNa DNi iT>3 nNB>3 "iBW ' HDa nxHD "iNB'jn ii> Hi'-JB' oya i'NB' 

• nDiBnn^ 

» fol. 55. " = d. II, fol. I*. 


nn nha"" nvyrn noa aiE'n • nonyni> onyn pi i? D''nK'3 abn 

♦ NDic '•nK>3 n*''JB' BIB'S "hv ' ncpn^j hjie'nii yanx ™d yeri ija^j 
DJ1 ntsa iJ?2 "hv aiuTin '•n • nono^i inaeriDij pan qji Tinn tsi 

• noa 

pj-in njDK'^ nphm dn^xo* 

• njDB' pj-in irtno ''bai> • pbnb Dnb icn O'lnN ^jb> 

• njina iw:n p'tno ihni • q'jk' Q'b lai? qh^ pNi 

• NJ iini impn T^* i^-ii ' ^^^iT" pn nt^^c' '•JB'ni 

♦ mum noana inp^nx ♦ n-iiB«n ^NDm^ tr-iNn 'jn 

• njua 6wn "liiaa pnsi • n^dn &b^ pnnon "ib 

• njoNi p3\n TiB'a n^dn ♦ myx ^b^ ninij n^Jt? iiyi 
• njwj E'en Tina nx mj?n • ]''n incj hjj'^e' la pnnoa 

• njjnn B'^K'a nxB'j pni • hjde' pj\T pnnD "hsb 

• njiaj twn ima inp^in • N^jcn K'i'E'ni twn ima 

• njD^ np njOK'a yaiNi • trona pj'-n yaiN njni 

The next three pieces (in MS. 2079 only) also appear to 
be by Yeratimeel : — 

|D nph iiaan pn Nai nam hbt; xh cm i TV3rr\ no r-N nan ^ 
i»aN isana vaN •'oajD nph •'JB'n pn Na dji • wsa niNna Q'-oajn 
VHN iT'-'B'B' no nph (1. '<^b^h) ■'jcn ]2n xai • pt^Nnn -iijT'B'a ab 
Mpbn nb mn Tiaai> '•^b^im \2r\ dni ♦ 'JK'n lyr'K'a npi) n^" i>aK 
i'sia xnn qmb> rr-nai ^i> ioinc no ne^y pi? • mc'a irax ■'oaa 
nnxi ♦ iJ'JiDn nN ''b^ ii> innx hBa"- 'i^n dji irjioo b 'h •'JB'n '•nNi' 
i»a npi> noa ^Ntrai • dmk' n\n3 rxi Da:iDc b /Jch i^ haax •'Jn p 

♦ nsnoi ^B^B ^ npb ^JE'ni • nxn»i ^o'ca 6' np^J iE'Nin '•naB'm ♦ inn 

» = d. II, fol. 2. 

' A paraphrase of the puzzle of the three sons as given below (p. 381) 
from HS. d. 


••03 lai • D^iB* nnjn ^B'a a* liNi nnx bsb ^^ nsdji • ■'jE'i'i pe'sni' 
i ■'E'^^cni 'B'a f '•JB'ni 'E'a i' vas ^0333 pt^Nin npi'B' ena^ {?' 
NS1 Qiin <D''B'a li nnxi nnN b^h nwE> Nxon lib'as nnsh ^B'a 

p in^i n^o Ditra ijn ^3^? ^^ ?i'dini pannt? nan no3 aic^n 
IN mijn '{^B i^NO njpi li? ^nnJB' tibdih ie'n nsDinn i'3 npn 
'B3 nnun dhd njpi lab n3E'nE> njnn b npn p "insi ♦ ins ^'an 
:^3i' bo nnun j' li? i-iNtr'E' N^roni njiB'Nin n''3pE' ">wn 

• ninN HTin 

• DnB3S D''3n"'yi'i '^\in&b np^nni nn33 3 i^ np pan i? icn'' on ' 
3 vni D^i3 pai • n33 ^n nB3i'"i lis ->33 \\•\'>vb^ n'n33 'nB* tnai' 
'rvi'h ii33 3< D-icna ii» np • npiijnn pi ♦ npi'nn ix\n nn33 5^ ce^jn 
: n'n33 3i d'b'jk 3 i? vm n"n33 1 D"'nB3 a^S • nn33 "•jk' o^jn-'y 

• DTian nT'n 

1D1B' ^3h • nnDity j li" n''n oms "inwh • E'^Ni' n\n oma'' 
fie'Nin iDiE'^ inji • nn^a t3ph lomai' e^nh i^ni • nnx nay n^n 
^xn •'3'B'n -\12wb }n3 13 into • nnx na jna nayi'i vniTia '•xn 
^xnn DJ }nj ^^b^n idicS ♦ nnx [nayi'i ^b iine'je'] vnn^B 
ait^n • nnt< ^-ib' n^'n i^j nNE'j ab "h) • nnx nayh "b nsB'Jty 
«)''D"in a li* nNE^E' n>nn dni • niiia Ni op'^ si^n • op'-i) ni-fa noa 

JSIID fN ny pi orv'bv nn^B t my 

' A paraphrase of the puzzle of the twenty nn33 as given below (p. 383) 
from MS. d. 
^ = d. II, fol. I*. Marg. Dno. 
' In MS. d. the rest is cut off. 


• niB'a inp^ xh inio -\ntih qh^n 'D3J3 • • • ^''n he^b' riTin * 

♦ D^iB> vni •nani' nnxi ins i^a i^sdi 
"i^'i'E'ni sno"! '•B'B » npi> '•J'E'ni • nsnoi d^c'k'Ej 6' np^ pcNin'^ 
>vsi i pB'NH^ tNCJi •'C^^ch •'J'B'^ pt?Nnn ^B3 p nnxi va i 
pcNiij 'j'-ti'n i)aD p nnw • a y ''^b^) • a si ''3''B'h 
p nnxi ♦ in a '<^b^i ' a i •'3''E'i'"i • a i pa'Nii' iNt^Ji ''B'''^B>i'"i 

• >K'a a^ "inNi nnx b^ b^b' nsdji 'j''B'i'"i ptwnij ■'E^i'B'n ijaa 

• a f '•rB'ni a i^ pB>Nin np^Jt? ena^ b*^ '•dj pi • q^ib* nssji 
^ca ri nnxi inx b^ n\TE' sson inijiaa liN^ • a "i •'B^i'B'ni 

np'' rwy ^D * on ij> nb"j nan ai> ^a • niT'n oa^ m minN' 
pasD ^B'Di • pj> "1^ B'' iij; no iin • Qina"' i6 niy in^DB* sin • nja 
• any na^a ny ba Nin in hdin ^a^JD b B«ai>» • om nj? 
:DnD "IP in»an ^nan • •'i>NDn-i\n nT'n w mn 

mio nyai • 'h inyon nyB' bs ini py i^ px naia no w nin* 

• i^DJ i^a iB'Nn DIN • iB'aj rr'n'- 
nbB' an i'j> inii>^nni • ■'^'NonTn nTn nj iin 

T'i'V nap iinai ♦ B'lan pt33 in ^^ao ♦ psa JT'a lapj no iin" 

• cna^D '•B'ai^ oSa ws' • £3^33 

• B'laa nm ui' naia '<2 • •'i'NDm\n nn-'n iTn 

TT'jna • HB'i'B' Dn^niB'J dp d-ibon nriB'Ni b'-'N mapn nN''SO 
Q''3B> IN i'^an^ ♦ N\n iNoi' naop n'jnni • ncNi b'^n i^a iiap^ 

• HBmpn iriB'si' iidb^ b'ijn • b^ -ib'n m^apn^ T'n un • nB^ana 
nn''a d^b'j tib' • nBnn Tn^B'a i? ninx ♦ -niB'on ^nditt' naan on 
"lupni ♦ nonij nax-an mnNi • nBnana nnNi> iNB^m • na-iiapn 
n • • • • nNBTi"! • ni>pai> x'-n n''B»i>B' "innn nipi • nB^aaa n''\i^b^n 
''JB' nap''i "inB'N"! b'''n iiap'"! * qidib'^ D.TniB'j tw^n ob' • nB^na 

• MS. Hebr. d. ii, fol. i* ; the remaining pieces are not in MS. 2079. 
' Marg. D':[3 5]. ' MS. Heb. d. 11, fol. 2, marg. lono. 

* Marg. obliterated. ' Marg. men. 


•■b naj? ' dhi • nir'i'B* mns^ inyn nij?i • n^i6 N\n n • • • na 

• nt^cn nain 

• 1JN1 2Nn m i»y b«i • miysi njtap nso^ N^ni • na Ti3j?i> 
nnN bi* nDc^ni? • )'? nao pnii snto nj • niDE'i'i luyn^ ii> nipT' 

Dig^N 1'33 nSD i>NB> • m3J?D DT'Sy IN^HI • Hf iJSD ni niDB^ 

• DTiin in niD3 f''3 i>p{?03 • mno in^Nt? inni sini • ^ndht' 
nr naE* nso na • \m idj? na T'3jr' nSt • mn3 ^ni'''NB' iNxon D3i 
iNE>''i • mm nan inn'' n3'ij?3 • 1^ 3wn 3iB'n^ nur mi • mme^ 
nv3 Tn'' iNB« nam * miB'3 nipnin T'3jr'i • jn 3Nrn nr naE'3 
nx n3j? ohai • nnyi i»j? nan ni3''i • mi3n3 on 3nh pT-i • nr 

:mna '•d 

3 enai' • Dinaah D'-anyh D'cna^ • a<^:ti ib nnaa 5 p^Jnn* 
npii>nn pi • Dpi>nn iN''n • 133 ■•xn naaiii inN n33 jnyiji • nn33 
nn33 i D''na3 3^h nn33 3 cany '•ac'bi • nn33 y oiena 6 np 

:nn33 3i D'c^aN 3 ii> vn'-i 

D''ia li 13 nnNi • nin'-i o'-ia n n^''nn3 • oniN 3''B'n i3i' 
niN n^inn i»3 Di>i3 pi • nin''i D^ia 3 p inNi • mmi 
♦ -laDon inn ni»3nn (?)B'm nn^n b\i^ naie'Nn 

• ini ♦ •'la • im • <ia • im • <ia • in'' • <ij * nin*' • D''ia 

a N 3 .i n 

• in» • *ia • in* • ^ia • in' • 'ia • in'' • *ia * in"! • 'ia 

a 3 K K K 

in'' • Ma • in'' ♦ 'ia 

3 K 

Marg. n«TO (?). ' Marg. rm33n . 

The beginning is evidently missing. 


YP PN DnsD niB^ niy nnrni> ijn^ n^ IK'S j?n5 n'ofi p=i wn"' 
fytws pta • Di?t^D3 N^ • DnsD nano • onoN '•sdnd nain yrh) 
nna Ni* "la • njiaj ona pN nonni • njiani nau psa • nj''j;E>Di 
nE>« • Di^an nam ps • D''b''0 iN'sin Dai>D '•a • njvijpn njriD 

• D'l^'Ni DTiny • D''b''''Ki D''Nav • n'hn^ w^im: • D'^KToa iI'b'dj 
■>3 |yi • Q'«^nin D'SDU men • D'-i'tw ■•» unjn • D'-i'-jnD pN ib'n 
pnai "laon ^y • DJvana nvm pvhn nd3oi • DJiK'i'a nayn psin 

• i>aj 1^3 nyn "•boi • bt^o jaxj Dai> "-a • D3ian Dai> nynts • Oiw 
nB« nnNc *'• 'ana djini • be'n '•i'a njian psa • ^an lan djib'^ 
i^B^ nniNi • V3SW by nm tan ne's y»iB' yno "•^'•aB'tsi min '•jud 
N^ ni^nnn nwpS npi) Pi'Dini) jnoB'i' Dnn''ni Dioan nan nyi>Di 
••jiatni • '•jiD'^am •'Jio''E'Nn bt^) • bn -isiu dn '•a oanp^n ^^^?a 
TT'i'JE' • "Jioa '•Di '•JN no ia oanoNa • '<:)bbpn ba) nmb ' 'junn but 
iDoa ninh nm^ "-a^ nx TinJ 'a • '•Jiya Dinni Dinoa • ijwn nii'ji' 
ne'ai jT'onsa • onoNi pK'i'i Noaoa • onaon ^ao Dinon bv^'H 
p-iDH pTiyN nnyi • nay \]vbb nB'ai jtio-in pe'i'D ininpnyni • onayi) 
Dnin NXDB' • Dninan tie'^b' inatjn liiivn ib'n • Dn''E>ni niNninn 

• • • dian naa onin nnT^oa -non nitd nih pni : onao "iaa tyNC 

naa ci'Dni ji5NDn[-i]* naoo • pnn ov '•aa^ niniN mcyy E>Dn* 
•<n riNDno isijonj p *a i>non 'oia onni? iiyoo nm niB'y enon 
tiiae'* pnn civa ''a • haoa nc^yj iB'sa pnn ovi) nc^y pi • onxn 
me'y twn ny c^Nn b'tvi asm ^ B'sa '•a je> • B'sa lo^y nN pn 
iniND 'a DiBD''biK Nipjn in wn onnn bo niaj -\nb i>yDO n»N 
ina D''i'iy vn cjb' nyaiNi) "la DiN''QD'5'iNn p'3» ns D'-JVn itry nn 
n''n i<b) DJinxj nx inn by nc^N (so) nip'-n laya pania vni Diae^fjiN 
'ot^n fjiy D31 vi'y cSe' n^n n^j (so) iKn '•a inau ijan vby ac^jo nn 
Ni>D jiao i''aa pw nNn si) dn vby nhy n\n Ni> e'ini visy nma n^j 
DTiaiD vn'' DV iE>y nt^on pnn dv ''isbi • TiiNn ijao VTiroai tro 
pNn ^y •'13 nvno nriNnj n^ nt^N nhna mif nn\ni • pxai Q'-DB'a 
mun pB« -itys D'ji'ai' p^on^ D'c pnbi onnn idd:i pixn c^ynni 

'■ d. ri, fol. 73 ; see above, p. 365. ' d. 11, fol, 257. 


:" ^N 3iE>'"i lyen nnvj? nniBTia dn ••a itrn ^3 yBiv n^i 
nova nnNi -\nn b ni" ncj? nK'on3 mtry E'en niniNn n^Ni 
i^yoD D''on ^y\^^ vnna ^53 ^y ih3j pino n^n nx'' pE'sin dv3 
mmi uiB^ ^J'-cn DV3 ;nr:in3 "n^vi nos D''y3iN cnisjn nnn^ 
■iDino n^^ iina ie'n o'hnjn D'J'jnn iNin* '•B^^B'n mn : cyo^ ly 
1^3'' ■'yain dv3 jd'-de'^ ny Dhp3 D''yM Dm b^j^^i dhi con 
nonsni onNn nDiTii ncs^i nnn:3i d''djn3i w&^xif w^n h^ mn''i 
on "iB'CB' ny cd^ fiiyni nonsni mNn 133'' ••E'Dnn om tfiiyni 
nihp vn'' '•E'B'n dv3 ;dt la-'O'' n^NB'ini nuij^Nn bi nn^j^yo 
DV3 :iDD'"i D''J3Nn ^3 inn3^ T3K'n DV3 :ninni D'-oyii D''pi3i 
i^s'' ^y^BTin Dvs :}iMT' coB'n nnoioi ptcn tryani K'yin ••rDrn 
DV3 :QMi '•33 npyx3 D''J3Nni D''vyn ipyn nu-non i^s"! D"'n3n 
^3a» lay nii5''nD3i n"'y^Dn '•a-'yos msn •'33 in3^i idj3'' n''KT;n 
isbw) Dnn3pD mx ^33 niDvy ny:'' lu'y ins ova p''' nna 
nniNom n''33i3n li^a'' -itj'y d^jc dv3 jnixin ^3Q ^y unoM 
nnaicn lyprr"! nn3pn inna''i nbn n333 p^ni iddh D''OB'n i^jnimi 
ny3iN DV3 nn'' -ie>3 b ywi iniD'' ncj'y ncj'^E' dv3 :wp^ ouii 
icy nurn dv3 '.^by) nhnan b'nd ido-'I pw D''DB' idib'"' ne-y 
D''i'^3B'Dn nay ^331B' is'-pM nannn p^ni w^inm D'ocn |iNn3' 
T-y D"'i'B^T' iin3 iv3pM imnn roe'n nxwi y^pnn inira iiNnfi 
oniN taaE'i' Darw poy ^n iaDN''i ivx " 31^3 rw py nim ir\pn 
•<:?h iN3''i nenn n"'n3i ncnn B'a^i ^B'^^ nn3 D^tt pioy jni 
n^nsi nK>inn n33ni -iisn on^i nhyn p niN^03 ''m :'•''• ^iJD^ 
nN 3"'B'^ |n3Nni uin tin i'lNB'n 3"'E'''1 nonsn "'3''^''' ppNi dtidh ns 
i3PB'n3 niri • K'a:i ira p3 Diae-Ni v^i^yo na3 ycni? 3ik'Ni ip^n 
"■b pxn ^1y hnt n^ji ■T'a hn naon hxtn nv3^ nion ybi nhyn 
D'enn D"'Dn ^B'^^ pxi • d^dbk' hindd'' xh n''3E'v npy^ i6) nox 
n^jann • n^ani dhn nrpn lisi^n d^jvot "'3Bt:i :nhy n3i{5'''i' vn^ 
non Nin Dnxni • ncj'a i'3 nnc'i' h3D my hnt" Nijc • cnb non 
ijy"! jnn Dvi? mit" e'K31 • h3Dn sin d^03 wnj 133 ^3 biij e'n^ 
^'^ t3iDB'>K> jnn Dv '•JB^ njc? D'yaixi • py3 nK>pn nonj D^^n ^jk' 
n^iNH Din nic3' "'^ao py3 na'pn tmo: NiT" Ni> b'N3 ohyn nx 


dim vnpi n"i"'B' on T^njJJTTynyJ icnoa no jn'i i^n-b tdsj n>* 

DHDivn pon hp6 1NUJ T" ^p ninaD ind3 'doiid d^jbini nvn 
nin''3 nnuS idni nr ^jn nt sipi i«ro miB''' onai dhd icEnDa 
loijiya nn'^ nw3S « ppp dinj^ tte^^e^ '^n nnx nix'-ijac vrh''V2 
n'K'npn k'jj-i5 nua psn b sbo nyi^a p*< ^^ nnin nw 1^ na^ aatfj 
'•'V'OB'o prni inK ^na c^jn hpa rt? ijipy '•^ao nns bip2 btpWD n^cai 
nDyi> D\sE'3nD mitj''' anai ^sin pi nns' dj?u3 DNnuij o^'iri i>ip3 
d*c'VJo mnh npic ide'^ in3K« rae'i •\''V ncN'' ina onDiyb d''bib' 
IcipcD nnai' ysBTi inoni T^^m i^j;^ loipoo « nna nna "tDiyb 
fcn lyiD jrnnij ^i' ijhjn canoa w^jy ^1^on1 yain ira^D 
i^xn lyaina i^kti nyi oi'iyi' u»d'3 anpa ivxa iibon 'no 13^ cnn 
D'^m'' iina tynprim hann imx n^E'i u'iK'n nxn Tixai ^^^3 nya 
ini in^ D'nDB' vnii Dnanxa pan D'roNjn Qy nx oron }wn V''^ 
'jj'yi inCTyij xxcj npnsi mar inc'xo ^^n b lyT o'nsj n«h 
nrux nrj prxn "i^b^p inin aana pa iM'jn mip iniabo nj'xin 
Ipina nn^T wnix ncxi Tpna ci'i'K'ajn p6ST iny n'B'a nicxn lana 
IT "h ina u itrx dix inia^D pnn D'an ixt npns h'K'd in n'- i^y 

men • TEnpJTTxnyj • y^T'p nmb nnx' • ie'io'K' ^aa Tim 
■in * vl^p2 iDfj' DTHpon • C5'nip ■'bic h'e' nioa • E'nua niT'Ci 

T by ainaa • nxK'jb D't^'biK'D nnni on mian ICK* n^yrr 
nr i^x nr xipi • iojj naK> on'BC • iDXJn tb' aio n5 . isoaj 
" 'np 'np ♦ nixsion ninyb D'ni'x '•• • nix'-asc nicnp ncx • lExT 
'xn • maa pxn b^ xbo • non ana Vitr\'<b • niD ••n n^joi^ riixas 

' Prom the Paris MS., no. 646 (Ancien fonds 174), fol. 238 ; see Zunz, 
LitercUurgeschicfite, p. 486. The copy was kindly made for me by Mr. J. Broyde, 
editor of Les Reflexions sur I'Ame, par Bahya ben Joseph ibn Pakouda (Paris, 


D'^Nia' vmE'o nb)]} nha nua r\m b n^jin ntnoa asi? nsij t«?k 
DnDiyij nns Dipo iTn iiidew Tarn pis ncn ohpa uvax nt^ nt 
" ni33 ina iD'ya dtdbtdi onoiy icyin^ am^B'si it dj; pdn' yni 
onrTDn oy pmi D''Dm3 jy Nin idipdd n"- d'diw Q'-'n "W^ loipoo 
omiE'c TiDD Dv ba ipui CD1 onoij iOB>a D''DiBn coi'iyi' ide' 
nna '^a D'tnia niin^^ inaai myna )b'>i'' onoiN yDB> nansa coys 
Nin u'n^N xin ins jwn i3oy my non ins '•• wni's ''• i'sitj''' yoB* 
i3y'0K« Nini iTiyo isiy 'y^yo T'D"' wyno Nini wa^o xim iras 
ihpi Da'b ni^c na^ d^h^n^ n^b nmb 'n b ^j'y^ JTaty voma 

Da'nijN '''•' ^JN Da''3TNa yce^ 

For Feast-days as follows : — 

" itm irjnx ''' ijnnx inx xin ^a nay irn^s^ nsT-a nay " 
jcN psn i>a ^y i^'ob '•• n'm pxn i^aa loc nnx no m p»a 
im lOB'i inx ''• n^n' xinn Dn nniE' np' «^ « ••a irox"' in'a oha 
bii' -\mt6 aina ijjnp nanai iide'ji ntwj t^iw iio« o^ia joxi 
ini' p''V TTi^x D^y^j '•• '])bi2'> jf^yai nnna Q'n^S mate jon qp 

:n*ii>^n ini 

A. Neubauee.